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Just a warning, anal in this one as well and a DP!

Part 4 – Barbara

Chapter 1 — Introduction

Barbara looked at herself in the mirror. 51, she thought, not bad! The dress had been amongst the things he had given her as she left work on Friday. She was amazed at how well it suited her. It highlighted her voluptuous figure, particularly her bottom, without making her look ‘tartish’. It was cut far lower into her cleavage than anything she had worn for years but her modesty (however much he allowed her to keep after this night) was protected by the matching bolero top.

She was wearing one of the underwear sets that he had included in the clothes he had given her, pale lilac bra (amazingly the right size) and knickers with thigh length self supporting stockings. Finished off with matching 2 inch heeled shoes she looked, and felt, pretty good! Each underwear set had instructions and she wondered, with a shudder of apprehension, what was in store for her as she looked at the basque and the suspender set hanging in the wardrobe. She sighed and gave herself a resigned smile. It didn’t matter really for she knew she was his just as her friends were. That didn’t stop the flush of hot apprehension however.

Barbara, widowed years ago, had ceased to think of herself as sexy or attractive to men. Perhaps she carried a few pounds extra but most of it was in the right places – tits and bum she thought with a smile. Most of her pleasure came from the games her and her friends played at their monthly meetings.

Over the last week or so that had changed. Since Mike, the office manager and, by dint of the photographs and video, their master, had taken Stacey’s rear virginity, she had felt his eyes on her. She knew it was to be her turn next – he had told her the Friday morning after that she must be ready this evening. From what he had said to the others she knew he would demand much from her. In a way that cheered her: he wanted her! It had been a while since she had felt that a man wanted her. And he was pretty good looking, could have any of the others whenever he wanted, but he wanted her!

Often during the last week she had noticed him watching her. Whenever she glanced in his direction he was looking. Looking with interest! She was experienced enough to know when a man was interested. By Thursday she was taking more care, choosing smart clothes – she even bought some new things on Wednesday evening – and taking more trouble over make-up and hair. The others had noticed and gently teased her on Thursday evening when they met. Going over everything again excited her no end although she couldn’t help but feel apprehensive. She would be alone in her house with this man. Her three friends had reassured her however, all saying that he wasn’t nasty really: manipulative, stern sometimes, and definitely demanding, but not unkind. They had all enjoyed giving themselves to him – and his taking! She had left feeling more confident about herself than she had for a long time.

Friday had only increased that feeling. He had called her in the office in the afternoon. She trembled as she knocked on the door. “Come,” she heard and opened the door. He had stood to receive her. “Aahh Barbara. Do sit down,” he said with a fulsome smile as he indicated the couch. Her mind was in turmoil knowing what had happened to Sally and Stacey on it! She looked shyly into his eyes. He smiled softly, “Don’t worry Barbara,” he said, “nothing will happen today. I just wanted to give you some clothes for the weekend.”

Weekend? “Weekend?” she asked quizzically.

“I thought that we could spend Sunday together as well,” he said with a smile.

“I . . .” she stuttered in surprise. Again conflicting feelings. He actually wanted to spend more time with her! But what would he do to her? She flushed with both pleasure and embarrassment at these thoughts. Mind you, she thought to herself, it doesn’t really matter because I have to agree.

Mike continued to look at her awaiting her reply. Of course she knew she had no choice but he was enjoying making this lovely mature woman realise that she was extremely attractive. Her body had curves in all the right places and he was particularly fond of her, very shapely, bottom. She was quite pretty facially with nice, bedroomy, eyes and a mouth with lips he was looking forward to feeling around his cock. She needed to know all that however and to help that he had bought some things for her.

She took a deep breath, met his eyes, and smiled. “Sunday night as well?” she asked cheekily.

“If you can manage it,” he said smiling back. She shuddered. What did he have in store for her? “Now, some plans. Firstly – tomorrow evening we’ll go out for dinner. Wear these,” he gave her the first package. “These are for later,” he continued with a smile, giving her two more packages which she later found contained the other underwear. He smiled again, “This last package is for you to use,” he said, “just in case you don’t have the necessary items!” He opened the box and showed her the contents. She took a deep breath. Now she knew something of what she could expect. In the box were the necessary items for her to prepare herself for anal sex. The enema kit and lubricant – flavoured she noticed – together with several anal plugs and dildoes. She wasn’t really surprised. They all knew that his particular preference was their bottoms. Although he had only taken Stacey there [she smiled inwardly as she remembered an excited Stacey telling them all how good it was] he had told both Belinda and Sally that he would in the future. He had also hinted that he looked forward to taking Barbara by that route. All those toys though!? Another deep breath as she met his eyes again. He was smiling.

She smiled submissively back, took the packages and stood. She felt so . . . How did she feel? Ready? Scared? Excited? All of those feelings and many more! He stood with her and, placing his hands on her shoulders, kissed her cheek. “I shall look forward to tomorrow evening Barbara.” She blushed! Now she was looking up into his eyes through her eyelashes! Stop practising the coquette she told herself firmly – at your age! She couldn’t help it though as he stood so close. He is tall, she thought, and handsome. Finally she smiled again and hurriedly left.

Chapter 2 – Scene 1 – The Car

So here she was. It was 7:15 and she was ready as he had asked. She had worn the small butt plug for most of the day as instructed and had made herself ready for any type of sex. Her heart was beating and the blood rushing around her body. She felt flushed with anticipation and not a little apprehension as butterflies danced in her tummy. For all that she did feel a tingling in between her legs at the thought of the night ahead.

The doorbell startled her and she sped downstairs. Opening it she saw Mike standing there with a smile on his face. It took her a moment to realise that there was another man standing next to him. “Good evening Barbara,” he said with a big smile, “may we come in?” Confused, she stepped aside and motioned them into the hallway. “This is my son Craig.” Mike said, “He’ll be joining us for the weekend.”

Barbara was too stunned to say anything, just stood there glancing from one to the other. They simply stood and waited for her reaction. “I . . . didn’t . . . I can’t . . . I haven’t!”

“More for you to enjoy Barbara,” Mike said. “I’ve shown Craig the pictures and he was very impressed.” He’s reminding me that I have no choice, she thought. Barbara blushed right down to her cleavage as she met the young man’s appraising eyes. “He’s just come back from 12 months on the Antarctic research station,” he laughed, “Very lonely! I told him about you ladies so here he is!”

Barbara looked at him more closely. Just a little taller than his father, Craig was slimmer and, if anything, even better looking than his dad. Lovely deep blue eyes looked out on her as his mouth smiled. “Dad’s told me so much about you all,” he said as he brought her hand to his mouth and kissed the back, “especially the lovely Barbara!”

Oh my god, she thought gazing up at him coquettishly, he is lovely! Then – but he’s young enough [she figured early 20's] to be your son. That thought sent a quiver of excitement running through her body. This handsome young man ACTUALLY wanted her! But two men? Never in her wildest dreams had she imagined that would happen to her! Of course she’d seen threesomes with two men – and all that could happen – whilst surfing the net for their photos but two men with her? I’m 51, she thought, surely they don’t . . . But she became aware then: aware of their eyes on her body. She saw desire there, desire for her body and she knew that it would be a very exciting weekend!

Mike watched as Barbara accepted the situation then smiled, “Time for dinner,” he said, “you look ravishing,” he continued, “doesn’t she Craig?”

“Absolutely,” replied Craig as he took her bolero to from the coat rack and slipped it over her shoulders. She sat next to Mike in the front seat of the car trying to hide her nerves. Unlike the others, she was unattached so being seen in public with an escort wasn’t a problem but it had been an age since she had done anything like this with a man, let alone two!

The meal was a dream. They were perfect gentlemen treating her wonderfully the whole time. She noticed that they didn’t drink very much and, towards the end of the meal, both took an orange pill. “What’s that for?” she asked surprised that they should both take the same one.

Mike smiled as he whispered, “Vigour! It’s Cialis Barbara love.”

“Cialis?” she repeated, puzzled.

“It’s like Viagra,” he whispered, “only it lasts much longer!”

“Viagra?” she gasped, “Viagra!” She knew exactly what Viagra did – she’d read enough about. Now she thought about it she remembered Cialis. She looked from one to the other and contemplated the coming night. They were both looking at her, watching realisation dawn on her. They saw a degree of panic on her features as she considered what two men could do after taking these drugs.

Mike smiled. “Don’t worry Barbara,” he whispered, “you’ll enjoy every minute.” He looked at Craig, “Won’t she Craig?”

“Most certainly dad,” he said taking Barbara’s hand in his. “We will enjoy it as well Barbara. It’s an honour for me, a man young enough to be your son, to make love to such a lovely mature woman!”

Her heart fluttered at his smile which seemed to ignite a fire between her legs. She smiled shyly back as she realised that nothing mattered anyway. They would use her as they would. While Mike had the pictures and video she had no choice: but two men? She shivered, controlled her feelings and then continued with the meal.

At the car as they left Mike suggested that she sit in the back with Craig. She didn’t demur and sat in the back seat and watched Craig get in. She realised as she sat that she felt just a bit woozy. She remembered she had drunk most of the wine. When she’d asked Mike had laughed saying that he didn’t want to ‘blunt his sword’. She’d blushed and laughed with him.

In the back she felt Craig’s arm snake round her back and his hand rest upon her shoulder. She liked the feeling and moved closer, head resting on his shoulder. He was nice and warm and she felt comfy as she cuddled up to him. His hand, resting on her bare shoulder, was gently stroking. She didn’t mind as she turned her head to look up into his eyes. She wanted something, she didn’t know what, but when he bent his head to kiss her lips, she realised!

The kiss was warm and tender and sent shivers down her spine. It was repeated as she turned her body towards him, getting comfortable. His hand stroked her shoulder then wandered down onto her breast. She gasped as she felt his fingertips slide under the edge of her bra but then just enjoyed the feeling. She took a deep breath when she felt his other hand on her knee. Her dress had ridden up as she sat in the car and quite a bit of stocking was showing. What was happening to her? Here she was, a woman in her fifties, being seduced in the back of a car by a man young enough to be her son. In truth, she didn’t care! His hand felt warm on her knee, stroking her skin through the nylon. She kissed him again, this time he probed with his tongue — no slouch here she thought with an inner smile as she returned the favour and tasted his mouth.

Craig was in heaven. Never had he expected to have the pleasure of such a wonderful mature woman. Of course she was old enough to be his mother but she was bloody gorgeous. His first kiss had been rather tentative for, although his father had said she would do anything they told her to, he wasn’t really sure. He was pleased when she returned the kiss with interest. He felt her shiver as his hand explored her naked shoulder and down into her cleavage: and again when he put his hand on her knee. His cock was as hard as it had ever been then, caused, not only the situation — in the back of a car with his dad driving — but this lovely woman who was so willing. He had to squirm a bit on the seat to ease the pressure of his erection but that enabled him to caress her knee more easily.

Barbara’s breathing was deeper now, especially when he moved and her hand, inadvertently she was sure, landed at his groin. She couldn’t help but feel the enormous bulge there. Oh god, she thought, he’s hard! Bloody hard — and big!

She was still then as his hand began to move up her leg, stroking gently back and forth. “Ohhhhhh!” she moaned as her hand, seemingly of its own accord, stroked the bulge in his pants. For me, she thought, as she opened her legs for his hand. She was wet, very wet, and the heat between her legs was becoming overwhelming. Craig’s hand continued its upward path finally meeting the soft skin of her inner thigh.

“Oh god,” she cried as she felt him there, felt the heat of his hand. He continued to stroke her tender skin, drawing circles with the tips of his fingers. “Please,” she moaned into his kiss and slid her bottom forward on the seat. His hand touched the wet patch on her silk knickers then covered her pussy.

“Oh yes! Yes! Yes!” she cried as he began to stroke her cunt. She shuddered as pleasure surged through her body as his fingers played over her sex, pushing on lips and clit. “Oh my god!” With one hand stroking her cunt and the other squeezing her tit passion built and finally the dam burst. She was working her cunt on his hand, pushing against him when her orgasm hit taking her to heights she never thought to ascend again.

It took a few whirling moments for her to recover herself when she realised that, in her passion, her hand had grasped his cock through his pants. She looked up into his eyes. She felt wanton, sluttish, and capable of anything. This wonderful young man had brought her to orgasm, a wonderful orgasm. She must do the same for him – that’s what sluts do!

She shifted her position, almost lying on the back seat, so that her head was close to his groin. Her hands fumbled at his fly and finally managed to release his cock. She gasped in shock at its size and shape. She had to hold it! Both hands measured the cock as they gently stroked. She saw at least 2 inches above her hands. It must be 9 inches, she thought as she licked her lips and looked from this gorgeous muscle to his eyes. She could see desire in his eyes and a silent plea.

It had been a while since she’d last sucked a real cock – and certainly one as big as this but she was going to suck this one! He was so young, she thought, young enough to be her son. A deep breath then as fantasies flew through her mind. One hand left his cock and delved into his pants and caressed his balls dragging a low moan from Craig’s lips. This turned into a gasp as, first her tongue licked the oily precum from the tip of his cock, then her mouth closed over his cockhead and sucked.

“Oh fuck yes! Suck my cock!” She felt a hand on each side of her head as he thrust upwards into her mouth. She sucked him deep inside her mouth enjoying the flavour of him. This is it, she thought! Sucking cock in the back of a car! A mouth full of a young man’s cock. Knickers wet, pussy throbbing yet again. Wanton!

Craig was having trouble controlling his cock! Orgasm was close before he could really enjoy the warm wetness of her mature mouth. She sucked again and ran her tongue over the head. It was too much. “Oh shit! Fuck,” he shouted as his balls contracted and spunk flowed into her mouth.

She felt his cock swell between her lips as the first spurt of his man juice hit the back of her mouth. She managed to swallow quickly, hardly tasting his flavour, as several more pulses filed her mouth with the thick, creamy liquid. She raised her head to look at him, swirling his spunk around her mouth with her tongue. SLUT! She thought with a flash of pleasure, slut! Sucking this young man’s cock in the back of a car! It tasted quite nice though: thick, creamy, salty and slightly bitter. She smiled at him as she swallowed his spunk then leant forward and kissed his mouth.

“Oh Barbara,” he whispered softly as he felt her hands putting his softening cock away. She smiled quietly to herself as she settled back in the seat. Oh what a time I am going to have, she thought!

Chapter 3 – Scene 2 – The Hallway

They arrived back at her house soon after and Barbara led them to the front door. They both followed her in and, before she could even turn round, she felt Mike close behind. His arms wrapped around her body and his hands covered her tits pulling her back into him. “Slut,” he whispered, “sucking cock in the back of a car!” She shivered as his hands squeezed her tits through her dress. “Well,” he said, “what have you got to say for yourself?”

“I . . . I haven’t . . . I didn’t!” She could find nothing to say. She felt his erect cock pressing into her bottom and knew she was going to get fucked. His hands continued to massage her tits then stopped and, easing off the shoulder straps of her dress, lifted them out. The strapless bra quickly followed, ending up around her waist. Now his fingers tweaked, pulled, and twisted her nipples making her groan and push her bottom back at him.

“I know what you need,” he said planting a firm slap on her bottom, “Kneel on the stairs Barbara,” he said sternly.

“You can’t, not here, not in the hallway!”

He laughed and sapped her bottom again. “I can Barbara and I will. Anywhere in the house and anywhere in you! Now, kneel on the third step and stick your bum out!” She knew she had to and she couldn’t meet either pair of eyes as she meekly positioned herself as instructed.

“Craig, son, you come here and get her ready. Leave everything on. I need to get rid of these clothes.” He moved into her sight then and she watched as he began to undress. She soon forgot that however as she felt her dress lifted over her back and hands begin to caress her bottom cheeks.

“She’s got a lovely big arse dad,” Craig laughed squeezing her cheeks, “looks great from here!” His hands stretched her knickers tight across her bottom before gathering them up and pulling them tight against her pussy and anus. She felt his hot breath then between her arse cheeks and down onto her cunt. Then he bit her pussy through the material. She sobbed in humiliation and pleasure.

He moved her knickers aside after he’d finished and saw her cunt and anus for the first time. This time he used his tongue, tasting her juices, running it as far forward as he could reach, and back then to her tiny bottomhole. As he touched it she groaned. He lifted his head.

“She tastes nice dad,” Craig said, “and I think she likes her arse licked!” She gave out a quiet sigh. “Will we fuck her there?”

“Oh yes son” he replied, “many times!” She shuddered as she heard this, quivering with apprehension.

“I’ve never done that,” Craig said, “bet it’s tight!” It was strange. When she heard this she was happy that she would be his first.

Mike laughed, “Yes Craig, she will be tight,” he locked eyes with her, “in the beginning anyway!” He saw the worry, almost fear, in her eyes and smiled, enjoying his complete power over this attractive mature widow. “Now I need to fuck this lovely lady,” he said stroking his erection. “Why don’t you give her a cock to suck while I fuck her?” Mike took Craig’s place behind her and she began to watch as Craig undressed.

Behind Barbara Mike gazed down at her knickers stretched over her bottom. The delightful spread of her fulsome cheeks drew his hands. He stroked, squeezed, and caressed the soft mounds of malleable flesh and, in doing so, widened her knees on the stair so her bum jutted even more. His fingers cupped her cunt, stroking through the material bring low moans from Barbara’s mouth. She felt the knickers moved aside revealing her soaking lips in all their wanton splendour.

“Well Barbara?” he whispered as he gently fucked her with his fingers, “tell me Barbara!”

“I . . . I cant.! Oh please, please!” she sobbed the so softly it was difficult to hear, “Fuck me!”

“I didn’t hear!” he said.

“Please – don’t make me say it!” She felt so ashamed in front of these two men. Here she was, kneeling on the stairs in her hallway, bottom in the air. Her tits were hanging down with nipples swollen and throbbing and her skirt was up over her back! Her knickers, still on, were moved out of the way and she was about to be fucked. Rudely taken in her own hallway like a slut: and she wanted it! Wanted his cock deep inside – but to say it? To admit it to him would be the ultimate humiliation but she had to! “Fuck me,” she said clearly, “fuck me – please!”

“My pleasure!” he laughed as he eased the tip of his cock between her swollen cunt lips.

“Oooohhhh yes!” she moaned as she felt him push inside. ‘Fizzing’ just didn’t describe the feeling as more of his cock slipped inside her tight vagina – more like exploding! He began to move then, thrusting deep then back, fucking her! Yes, fucking her!

Mike looked down at the broad reach of her arse, his cock sliding back and forth between her swollen lips. Her tiny anus was flexing as he fucked her cunt hard and deep. He gripped her hips and worked her body on his cock, his thighs hitting her buttocks with a soft slap.

A tidal wave of pleasure crashed over her as she was fucked by his stiff cock. She moaned then, as her body ‘fizzed’ uncontrollably, and shouted, “Oh god! YES! Oh fuck meeeeee!” Her eyes had closed as she sank into pleasure and now she opened them to see another erect cock inches from her mouth. For a moment confusion reigned as she remembered that she had two cocks.

“Suck Barbara,” she heard, “suck his cock while I fuck you!” In no fit state to refuse, she drew the swollen head of her sons – no! – his sons cock into her mouth. The cock in her cunt kept moving – surely he must shoot soon she thought. Oh god! She was ‘fizzing’ again! Craig’s cock slipped from her mouth as she succumbed to Mike’s cock.

Mike was fucking her hard now, hands gripping hips tightly as he thrust deep into her. It was too much! “Take it Barbara! Take my spunk!” He held her tightly against his thighs as he shot pulse after pulse into her hot cunt: a cunt gripping his cock tightly as Barbara’s body tried to milk cum from his body.

Barbara shuddered as she felt cum shooting from his cock then nearly fainted as he pulled out. She saw Craig’s cock in front of her eyes but hadn’t the strength to cover it with her mouth. She felt hands on her body and, in a daze, was turned to face the man who owned her body.

“Kneel Barbara, wash my cock with your mouth. Clean me Barbara. On your knees and clean me!”

“I can’t do that!” she managed to stutter. How could she? Kneel at a man’s feet and suck his cock straight from her . . .! In her own hallway? “Please!”

He smiled, “Learn to OBEY Barbara. On your knees!”

She looked into his eyes and saw no turning back. Taking a deep breath she reached up and held his softening cock to her mouth. It was slick with her juices mixed with his spunk. Opening her mouth she surrendered and sucked the head inside. It’s not so bad, she thought as she tasted herself – not for the first time – mixed with his cum. I could grow to like this! After a while of sucking his cock she became aware of Craig – and his cock! The bulbous head of his cock was inches away from her cheek. I want to suck that, she thought – hussy! Turning her head she left Mike’s cock and turned to Craig’s massive prick, opened her mouth and sucked that cock inside.

Craig fucked her face as she gazed up into his eyes then Mike stepped in. “Enough son,” he said, “she needs a rest, to calm down.” His hands lifted her and then took her completely by surprise when he gently kissed her lips. “Come Barbara,” he whispered, “bathroom.” Then he turned to Craig, “Let’s help Barbara.” She stood, ashamed, bra and dress around her waist, tits hanging free. Knickers stretched and cum dripped from her pussy, running down her leg. She sobbed, resting her head on his shoulder.

He held her and whispered, “Sweet Barbara! Now you are mine,” and he kissed her cheek tenderly. Then, turning to Craig, said, “Let’s get the lovely Barbara upstairs to the bathroom Craig,” he smiled and nodded towards Craig’s stiff cock, “so she can tidy up and get ready to take care of that!”

Between them they helped a rather stunned Barbara up to the bathroom. “Take your time Barbara love. We’ll be in the lounge. Wear the suspenders!” Barbara sighed as they left her and gathered her thoughts. She looked something of a sight! Tits free, bra and dress round her waist, hair mussed, make-up messed, and knickers screwed tight. She took a deep breath – but I’ve been fucked, she sighed – well and truly fucked and, ashamed she may be, she had enjoyed it!

Chapter 4 – Scene 3 – The Lounge

Well, she thought, he’ll expect the best so I’ll give it to him! Stripping off her clothing she ‘disposed’ of his cum then quickly tidied herself. A little perfume between breasts an on inside of thigh: fresh make-up and lipstick. Hair brushed she donned the white stockings and suspenders. The bra held her tits up nicely and the silk knickers felt soft and sexy next to her skin: finally the 3 inch bedroom slippers.

She looked at herself in the full length mirror and smiled. Slut, she thought, you look like a slut about to be fucked. She laughed, well you are aren’t you! A few moments later, standing outside the lounge, she wasn’t quite so confident. Two men, two cocks! She opened the door and entered the room. Both men were naked, one sitting on the sofa, the other in an arm chair. She felt two pairs of eyes scanning her body and began to blush.

“Very nice,” said Mike with a smile. “Show us your body Barbara, just walk up and down.”

“I . . . Oh god,” she stuttered suddenly feeling completely naked. “I. . . Can’t. Please!”

“Come now Barbara, show yourself – your body! Now!”

She saw no possibility of refusing so began to self consciously parade for them. Mike stopped her occasionally, telling her to pose or hold her position.

Craig was overwhelmed by the sight of this voluptuous mature woman showing herself like this. Knowing she was his – or at least his father’s – to have in any way. To do anything!

Finally Mike stopped her. “Shoes off Barbara and up on the coffee table.”

“Oh please no! Not that!” She quailed at the thought of such a display of her almost naked body.

“No argument Barbara! You are mine!” he said quietly, “totally mine. Now – the table!”

Unable to meet their eyes, with head bowed in submission, she kicked off her shoes and stepped onto the table. “Turn Barbara,” Mike said as they both stood. She felt their hands on her hips, her bottom, stroking and caressing. She felt her cunt warm and clit tingle then she gasped as a hand stroked her sex through her knickers.

“Is that nice Barbara? Do you like Craig stroking your hot cunt?” She whimpered in reply as the hand pushed harder, fingers finding her pussy lips. Mike reached for a chair and placed it in front of her. “Lean forward Barbara, use the chair back.”

She looked at him in shock, “I can’t. No. Please!”

“Craig!” said Mike and Barbara felt two sharp slaps on her fulsome cheeks. “No more refusals Barbara. Remember the photos!” She met his eyes and leaned forward. Her smiled, “Stick that gorgeous arse out Barbara. I think you have captured Craig with it!”

Craig’s hands were all over her cheeks. Squeezing the globes hard, stroking her cunt. “Take them off Craig, feast your eyes!” Barbara felt his hands slide the knickers down as her eyes locked with Mike’s. Craig lifted them completely off then continued to caress her arse.

“She’s glorious dad!” he said breathlessly. “Can I fuck her there?”

Mike laughed, “Of course you can son,” he said, then, “can’t he Barbara?” Confused at what was happening, Barbara managed to mumble an incoherent reply. “Come, come Barbara. Can my son stick his cock up your arse!?”

“I haven’t . . . I can’t . . . Oh god!” Craig’s tongue has just brushed her anus. His thumbs were spreading her cheeks opening her completely and he was licking back and forth across pussy and anus.

“I think she likes that Craig!” he laughed, “but, Barbara, you haven’t answered my question! Do you want his stiff prick up your arse?”

Barbara was finding it difficult to focus on anything as Craig’s tongue and fingers pleasured her cunt and arsehole. Mike asked her again and the picture in her mind of Craig’s magnificent cock plugging her rectum sent her crashing to orgasm.

“Warm her Craig,” Mike said and four sharp slaps dragged her from her reverie. “Well?”

“Oh god,” she moaned, “anything! Anything!”

Mike smiled, “Good Barbara, very good: but not yet Craig. We’ll both take that route later, eh Barbara?” She shivered and nodded in submission. “Now come on Barbara, sit between us.” They helped her down and then sat her between them on the sofa.

Barbara’s heart was beating fast as she sat between these two handsome men. She thought about what Mike had said and shivered again. It had been a long while since she had had her bottom filled and the thought somehow thrilled her. Almost of their own accord her hands reached for, and found, their cocks and began to masturbate both slowly. Barbara couldn’t believe she was doing this and gasped as fingers fluttered over her naked cunt and a mouth fastened on her nipple, sucking hard.

She felt movement then as she lost one cock. Craig moved round to kneel in front of her. He lifted her legs, opening them wide, and lifted her feet to the edge of the seat. She was completely open, her pussy wide open and her tight bottomhole in full view. Suddenly she felt his hot breath on her thighs then groaned as his tongue found her wet cunt. He ran his tongue along her pussy several times then raised his head, “She tastes great dad,” he said smiling then bent his head again. Now he probed inside her lips, holding them open with his fingers, and licked inside.

“Oh god yes! Lick me – please!” Barbara moaned then groaned even louder as his tongue found her tight bottomhole and probed against the muscle. “Please, please! Oh that’s so good! Don’t stop!” Craig wasn’t about to stop and rimmed her arsehole until she fell into an orgasmic faint.

She was dragged again from her reverie when she felt a cock opening her pussy lips. Opening her eyes she saw Craig standing in front beginning to fill her cunt. He pushed slowly forward, filling her up. Mike eased her body sideways and offered his cock to her mouth. Barbara could hardly think, the cock in her pussy filling her and fucking her hard and deep. Hands grasped her ankles and widened her legs even more allowing Craig to fuck even deeper. She moaned, opened her mouth, and willingly sucked the cock inside.

Filled at both ends, she thought as the men fucked cunt and mouth. Too soon Craig felt his balls tighten as he began to shoot spunk deep into her body. His swelling and pulsing brought a groan from Barbara’s cock filled mouth. Her body shuddered as yet another orgasm crashed over her. In a daze she realised that she was being moved again. She found herself on her knees. Before her eyes was Craig’s softening cock, shining with a mixture of his cum and her juices.

She felt hands on her bottom squeezing, caressing. Fingers stroking her wet lips. “Suck him clean Barbara – you know how.”

“Must I?” she asked plaintively. “I . . .”

“Do it Barbara. Suck his cock while I fuck you,” he said sliding his erection between her already open cunt lips. As she sucked Craig’s limp cock into her mouth she felt Mike drive deep into her. His thighs slapped into her buttocks as he fucked her. Mike’s hands gripped her hips and worked her body on his cock. Barbara was enjoying this now. Sucking hard on Craig’s cock she tasted his cum for the second time. The taste of herself added spice. Her cunt was alive as Mike’s cock pounded hard.

Mike looked down at her gorgeous, fulsome bottom, cheeks wobbling as he fucked into her. Using his thumbs, he opened her cheeks and gazed at her lovely bottomhole: a sensual star with just the faintest trace of muscle. A taste of what’s to come, he thought, as he used his thumb to smooth some of her juice over this tempting back door. Barbara groaned as she felt the pressure on her bumhole. A 5 inch butt plug, 1 1/2 inches wide, had been lodged there for most of the day [as instructed, she thought] and his thumb reminded her of that. When she saw the assorted toys, she had guessed she would be required to do that after Stacey’s experience. She didn’t mind but it had been a long time since she had felt a cock there. Now his thumb circling her anus reminded her also of what she could expect later – or perhaps now she wondered? It wasn’t to be. Mike was saving that pleasure to be enjoyed later. Now he fucked her and teased her anus with his thumb.

Barbara moaned around Craig’s limp cock then gasped a Mike’s erection left her. It wasn’t for long as she was turned onto her back. One leg draped off the sofa to the floor, the other held up against the sofa back. She had never been so open, so completely available. Mike knelt between her legs, pointed his cock back at her dripping wet cunt, and drove forward filling her in one forceful thrust.

“Oh my god! Oh my god!” she shouted as he fucked her cunt. Slow and deep, then shallow just teasing her vagina, then hard. Barbara groaned constantly as she began to buck into him. Then pressure on her clit – his thumb. It was too much!

“Oh yes!” she moaned, “fuck me! Spunk inside me!” She was fast approaching yet another orgasm, how many she’d lost count, and it arrived as she felt Mike’s cock pulse and shoot yet more spunk inside her hot body. He fucked her throughout her orgasm then slowly withdrew and sat back on his haunches. Without anything being said Barbara swung round and sucked Mike’s cock deep inside her mouth. This was her fate now, to service these two men, and, despite being forced, she wanted to. Oh my god, she thought, I’m enjoying this! She fell back on the sofa, exhausted by their use of her but with a feeling of satisfaction.

It must have been a few minutes later that she heard Mike’s voice breaking her reverie. “Craig. I think we all need to ‘tidy up’” he said, “especially the lovely Barbara! Let’s help her upstairs. You shower Craig while I run her a bath then make us some drinks. The dressing gowns are in the case by the door.” So the two men helped Barbara upstairs again. She felt a bit light on her legs, her body not being used to such excesses, and she had to try and stop two loads of spunk from running down her leg!

They left her alone in the bathroom for a few minutes then followed her in. Barbara, sitting on the bathroom stool, watched as Craig began to shower. She was aware of Mike running the bath but she was enjoying the sight of the attractive, naked, young man. He was slim but not skinny. Not muscular but fit. She liked the taut shape of his bottom and the semi-hard length of his cock, balls hanging below.

“Your bath Barbara,” Mike smiled and, as she stood, took off her bra and undid the suspenders. She sat and unrolled the stockings, realising as she did, that both men were enjoying the sight. Hussy! she thought but that didn’t stop her ensuring they each got a good view of her swollen pussy lips. Craig had finished and was drying off as Mike helped her into the hot bath bubbly water. Barbara sank down into the soothing water and watched Mike in the shower. Much older than Craig, he was still a handsome man. As her eyes wandered over his body she found her hand drifting between her legs. Fingers found her pussy and began to stroke. Oh god, she thought. Slut! You’ve just been fucked by both of them now you’re masturbating while you watch one shower. She smiled. I suppose, she thought to herself, the more you get, the more you want and continued to stroke her cunt.

Mike finished his shower then came across to the bath with a sponge. “Now lovely Barbara, let me wash you.” She was so surprised, and not a little excited, that he would do this she just lay back and enjoyed his hands on her body. This had never happened to her before, probably to none of the others either, and it made her feel special. By the time he had finished she was ready for almost anything! They dried each other and slipped into the silk dressing gowns Craig had brought in.

“Come Barbara, some refreshment before . . .” She took a deep breath for she knew what would come next!

Chapter 5 – Scene 4 – The Bedroom

In the lounge Craig had made tea, coffee, and laid out soft drinks. They sat and enjoyed the drinks. Mike drove the conversation, talking about work, the other women – telling Craig about them, and getting Barbara to suggest what should happen next to them. Craig expressed his desire to meet them all. Barbara shuddered as she realised that their lives were in for a major change.

Some time passed and Mike finally stood and, turning to Barbara, said, “Barbara, darling. It’s time!” She looked at him in submission for she knew what was to happen. “Ready yourself then come to the bedroom – naked!” Barbara nodded meekly and went to the bathroom where she prepared her bottom for the coming intrusion. She wasn’t scared, apprehensive yes, but not frightened. She had taken a cock there before but it had been a while and they were both large, Craig especially — 9 inches! She stood outside her bedroom door, took a deep breath, and went inside.

Both men were naked, standing by the bed. Barbara’s eye was drawn to the two cocks displayed for her trial – or was it pleasure. Neither was hard but in a semi soft state. “Stay for a moment Barbara,” her master said with a smile, “turn and let us look at your fulsome bottom.” Meekly submissive, Barbara turned away feeling hot eyes on her arse. “Open those lovely legs Barbara and lean forward. You see Craig,” he continued, “how her bottom spreads invitingly. Watch. Very good Barbara now reach back and part those cheeks.”

Barbara felt completely humiliated standing there displaying herself for their pleasure. “Oh god, must I? Please . . .” she cried plaintively.

She felt Mike beside her. “Yes Barbara. You must! You are mine Barbara. Your tits are mine,” he said as he squeezed them. “Your cunt is mine,” he continued, running his fingers over her tingling pussy, “to use whenever I want. And your bottom!” His hand stroked her cheeks, “and this,” his finger pressed against her bum hole, “and this tempting route is also mine. Mine to use and mine to give! So Barbara, yes you must! Reach back and open those cheeks. I’m sure Craig would love to see your tight bottom hole!”

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