I can feel your recovered arousal pressing against my leg as you stroke my newly sated body. The hazy bliss of pleasure fades as I feel your fingers thread through my pubic hair in search of my treasures. I jump when you touch me, still oversensitive from the best orgasm of my life. You nip at my lips, while your fingers dance in my juices.

“I want you,” you whisper.

Those three little words have my body humming for more. I turn into your embrace and kiss you with abandon; our tongues dueling for dominance. As my hand wraps around your erection, I hear you sigh. Then you are turning me over onto my stomach and pulling me up on my hands my knees. I feel my warm juices start to flow all over again.

I lean forward, giving you the access you desire. I can feel you kneeling behind me, studying me from this new angle. Your hands slide up and down my back, you erection nudges my entrance. I reach between my legs for you and rub your tip against me, wetting you with my essence. Your hands come to rest of my hips and I tilt back as you push into me. We both inhale sharply at the intense pleasure––physical and emotional. For a moment, we hang suspended in this time and space, holding onto the feeling of being one. And then, you start to move. I want to relish the emotional bliss a moment longer, but your body is driving me to new heights. The feel of you sliding in and out of me, of your fingers grasping my hips, the sounds of your groans, has me succumbing to my body’s insatiable desires.

I drop to my forearms and feel you slide even deeper inside of me, eliciting a moan out of both of us. I feel your fingers flex on my hips as you thrust into me harder. Squeezing you with my inner muscles heightens our pleasure and I feel you grow harder as I grow wetter. I arch my back into you, yearning to feel you as deeply as possible. That slight position change causes your testicles to bounce against my clitoris with each stroke. Soon I am trembling beneath you, my orgasm fast approaching. You move faster, your little guys bouncing off of me enticingly, and I soar higher. I feel you reach for my breast while thrusting into me, harder, faster, caressing me everywhere, until I am screaming out again and shaking against you, my orgasm pushing me to take you with me.

But as soon as I finish, you slip out of me and lay on your back.

“Ride me,” you say. “Ride me fast and hard. Make me come.”

Oh. Your words leave me breathless and make my stomach jump. I am amazed at how quickly you can turn me on. I reach down and hold your throbbing penis in my still trembling hands. Suddenly I feel like my last orgasm was just an appetizer, a prelude to more. I slip over your hard body and poise myself over your erection, your tip a whisper away from my entrance.

Slowly I move above you, just out of your reach, teasing you with my curves of my body. Your eyes are alight with approval and desire. I sway to a dance all my own, teasing you with what awaits you. I reach behind me and trail the tips of my fingers up your inner thighs, careful to tease but not touch. Slowly, I slide my hands over my own body before returning them to yours. I slide my hands up your abdomen, my fingers weaving through your chest hair to find your tight nipples. I roll them between my fingers, watching your eyes dilate with pleasure. I lean forward, peeking at your penis bobbing with desire but still out of reach. Capturing your nipple in my lips, I stroke it with my tongue before sucking it inside my mouth. I graze it lightly with my teeth and am rewarded by a sharp intake of your breath. Your hands move to my hips, urging them downward, your body seeking fulfillment in mine.

“Patience,” I whisper, a devilish gleam in my eye.

You lay back and let me torture you with my touch. My tongue teases your nipples while my hands explore your face, your muscled chest, your sides, your abdomen. My fingers weave in and out of your pubic hair and down to your package while my lips dance on your neck. Your hands squeeze my buttocks, lost in their own sensual adventure. When I can’t stand the mutual torture anymore, I position myself atop of you.

Our eyes meet and our gazes hold each others, enraptured, on the verge of something big. Your hands rest loosely on my hips, giving me free reign to take you when I’m ready. I close my eyes for just a moment, and when our gazes lock again, I drop, hard and fast, swallowing you whole. Your breath rushes out, and echo of my own. And then we are moving, together, as one.

The exquisiteness of feeling you fill me in all one stroke has us both reaching for each other, the mating of our tongues mirroring the mating of our bodies. Our kisses are frantic as your hands caress my back. I relish the feel of you moving inside of me, stroking my inner fires and desires. I feel us both getting closer, but I want the moment to last a little longer.

I ease myself upright so that we can see each other making love. I watch for a moment; me on top of you, moving, molding to you, you sliding in and out of me with liquid ease. You are watching too, and that thought has me squeezing and stroking you with my inner muscles. My eyes meet yours and you reach for my breasts. The feel of your hands there, measuring me, pinching my nipples has me rocking against you even faster. Your groans of pleasure light me on fire. You reach for my hips, seeking to increase our rhythm. I take my breasts in my own hands, picking up where you left off, caressing them and rolling my engorged nipples between my fingers for your pleasure as well as mine. I arch my back, reveling in the feeling of my clitoris rubbing against your public hair, arousing me more by the second. Your quickening breath echoes my cries of pleasure as we move together. I can feel you getting nearer as my nerves tremble on the verge of ecstasy. I shift our rhythm until I am the one in control, my hips rocking swiftly back and forth, riding you. Your hands on my hips push me harder, faster, until we are both screaming out, my walls milking you, your bursts of release inside of me sending me careening over the edge, both of us giving over to blissful oblivion.

Chapter 2: Angie Gets Reamed

Angie couldn’t believe how hot Tina’s tongue felt in her mouth, it was the first time she had ever frenched with another woman and she was really enjoying it. For a quick moment she wondered why she never had experimented with another woman before and felt a bit of sadness of the moments missed. She hungrily sucked in the other call girl’s wet tongue, as she continued she felt a hotness burning deep in her pussy. Without even realizing it Angie reached out and cupped Tina’s soft breast. She moved her hand all around the massive globe finally taking the harden nipple between her fingers. She had played with her own on many occasions but to feel another woman’s seemed much sexier.

Tina responded by letting out a loud moan. Tina then returned the favor by breaking their passionate kiss and taking Angie’s nipple into her mouth. The younger call girl responded in same. The two were so lost in their sexual embrace they almost forgot about the client that paid them to be there. John didn’t mind though he had the two hot hookers for the whole night and he was enjoying just sitting back watching the hot show before him. He sat back on the bed and slowly stroked at his thick cock as he watched the two girls change positions and engage in a splendid sixty nine. The moans that were piercing the air made him even hotter as he stroked. His prick was leaking precum and he used it as lubrication for his masturbation. The hot sticky solution helped him slide his hand up and down his shaft.

Tina was on the bottom of the sixty nine and she hungrily ate the novice’s cunt while she relished in the intense pleasures coming from her own snatch courtesy of Angie’s tongue. Soon both girls were panting heavily as they ate each other out.

“God yes eat my cunt…” Tina screamed as she felt her first orgasm sweep through her body. “YEEEESSSSSSS…. I AMMM CUMMMMMIIINNGGG!!!!” She felt her wetness release and was surprised at Angie’s eagerness to lick it all up. After she stopped shaking she put her attention back to her friend’s cunt. Licking the sweet hot pussy Tina moved to Angie’s clit and sucked it in between her crimson lips. Then she took two of her fingers and buried them deep in Angie’s burning quiff.

Angela forgot where she was and went with her natural instincts and gave into orgasm. “Shit… shit…YES… Fuck my pussy with your fingers! OOOHHH GGGODDDD I AAAMMM CUMMMMINNNGG!”

John watched the incredible action and sped up his strokes. His hand was a blur as he watched the hot call girls eating each other out, submitting to their orgasms. Their moans and screams set him off and he bucked his hips sending a rope of cum high in the air, it landed with a splat on his chest. He shot so hard he just missed spraying his own face by inches.

John went into the hotel bathroom and grabbed a couple of towels for the naked group and they all wiped themselves off. John poured three glasses of champagne and toasted the girls thanking them for the wonderful show. “That was the hottest thing I have ever seen, thank you so much for the show. Here is to the three of us and many more cums tonight!” He swallowed his drink down and poured another.

Angie was loving the event and in raising her glass said, “Here, here!” She had accomplished two firsts already in the night. It was the first time she had ever been paid to do sexual acts and her first experience with a woman was already more than memorable. She finished her drink quickly and handed her glass to John. He took her hand and lingered in the touch, the soft gentle feel sent shivers down Angie and felt her pussy heat up again. After getting her drink from John she put it on the nightstand then bent over his lap and took his flaccid member into her mouth. She sucked it in and felt it as it began to harden in her mouth. As she slid her mouth up and down the hardening shaft John lightly played with her hair, it felt like the touch of a long time lover, so tender and amorous. She cooed from the affection, she couldn’t believe a man that would pay for sex would be this gentle. She kept her mouth movement going and John started moving his hips in time with her head.

Tina stayed in the background and watched the two; a little smile crossed her lips as she thought how much of a natural Angie seemed to be. She sipped at her beverage and found herself slowly stroking her pussy with her free hand. The two on the bed could have been lovers, she just a member of a planned threesome. The way the evening was going Tina thought it had no feeling of a regular trick. John was being a total gentleman; he paid way over the going rate and treated the two girls with total respect. Tina enjoyed the change of pace from her regular calls. She was starting to get eager to join in the fun and decided to take a spot on the other side of John, grabbing his cock she pulled it out of Angie’s mouth and took a taste for herself.

The girls traded off on sucking John’s pole. Whenever one of them was sucking the other would lightly lick his clean shaven nut sack. John was in bliss getting the double blowjob from the two hot hookers. The different styles were amazing on his cock. Angie was all soft and slippery when she had control, Tina the perfect contrast as she swallowed and sucked with tight suction. He didn’t want to blow his load again so soon though, he had to fuck one of these two women so he asked them who wanted to have their ass fucked first. “What one of you wishes to have my cock in their ass first?”

Angie took her mouth off his cock and told him the truth about her not really being a call girl and she would really like to be first. She worried about his thickness but she was so turned on by the whole night she just had to know. She got on her knees and John went in behind her.

“We need to get this sweet ass lubed up.” He said as he stuck a couple fingers in her hot pussy coating them with her juices. He slowly inserted one finger into her rectum and pushed it in. He then worked a second finger deep in her ass, he loved the sucking feeling he felt from her ass. He could tell anal sex wasn’t a normal sexual activity for Angie and was turned on by that fact. She was going to feel so tight around his cock. He held his cock and aimed it at her pussy and slowly drove forward. He only took a couple of strokes, her pussy was so tight and he wanted to deposit his load in her ass so he pulled out quickly.

Aiming his hard throbbing member at her tight sphincter he gently pushed forward. It was difficult at first to break the tight barrier of her anal ring but with a thrust he burst through.

“Oh shit!” Angie said as he thrust through her tight ring. “Just stay there for a second and let me get used to your size.” She told John. He complied and stayed buried to the hilt in her ass. Soon Angie was sliding her ass back and forth over his cock. She was beginning to really enjoy the feeling of the thick cock up her tight backdoor entry. Then she almost went out of her mind when Tina climbed beneath her and started sucking on her pussy. The feeling of Tina’s hot tongue sliding all around her pussy and John’s hard cock plunging in and out of her hot ass sent her to the point of no return.

“Oh yes lick my pussy! Fuck my ass harder! You are turning me into such an anal slut. I love having your big cock in my ass! Yesssss fuck my ass hard! Oh god keep licking my cunt! Oh yes….yes….YES!” Angie howled.

Hearing Angie’s words flicked the switch in John’s nuts and he felt them tighten. “Oh God I am going to cum in your ass!”

“YES … YES … THAT’S IT BABY CUM DEEP IN MY TIGHT ASS! YYYYYESSSSSSS IIIIIII AMMM CCUMMMMINNNNGG TOOOOOOO!” She screamed as her cunt and ass spasmed at the same time, her orgasm shot out of her snatch like a jet, splashing all over Tina covering her face and chest.

John fell in a heap on the bed, exhausted from the unbelievable ass fuck he just gave the first time hooker. “That was amazing!” He said.

“Yes it was. I can’t wait for round three!” Angie replied.

To be continued…

“What the fuck!” Sandra exclaimed as she walked into the living room and saw her mother lying on top of Silvio.

The shock of finding her mother fucking another man was bad enough. But when the pretty 18-year old blond recognized her classmate, Silvio, beneath her mother she was even more appalled. She could not fathom the thought of her mother cheating on her father with this boy who she detested, no matter how handsome he looked.

Marina jumped to her feet. She could feel a mixture of Silvio’s cum and her own juices dripping down her inner thighs and began blushing.

“He blackmailed me, Sandra. I didn’t have a choice.”

Sandra stood there with her mouth agape as Silvio stood beside her mother. She could not help but notice the large size of his cock as it hung in a semi rigid state still glistening with her mother’s fluids.

“He has pictures of both of us having sex with other students,” Marina continued. “They’re fake, but they could still cause us both a lot of trouble. I had no choice but to submit to him in order to get him to destroy them.”

Sandra was incensed. She had heard about how Silvio had manipulated girls into having sex, even though many went willingly. And how he then cast them aside after getting what he wanted. She had always vowed never to give him the opportunity to add her to his growing list of conquest.

“What pictures?” She asked.

“There, on the desk by the computer.” Marina said, ignoring her nakedness as she pointed to the folder.

Sandra stomped to the desk and opened the folder. She looked at the pictures that were supposed to be her mother having sex with a student she remembered from last year. Then she was stunned to see pictures of her having sex with a boy and girl that she recognized. There she was going down on this boy, then going down on the girl while the boy was fucking her from behind.

Even in her anger Sandra was impressed by the quality of the forgeries. She knew that it was not her in the pictures. But they were very realistic. Silvio did indeed have a talent for adding faces to other bodies and not making them look obviously fake.

“I’m calling the police.” Sandra said.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Silvio replied. “I just fucked your mother. And she just changed my grades on the school computer. If you call the police I’m just going to tell them that your mother has been fucking me and rewarding me with grades. And even if they can prove those pictures are fake I’ll say she asked me to make them. No matter what, her career is ruined. I may be 18, but I am still her student.”

“And if the pictures aren’t proven fakes they could cost you your scholarship as well.” He added.

“Please don’t call anyone, Sandra.” Marina requested. “We can’t let anyone know that this happened. It will kill your father and ruin me too.”

Silvio liked the way this was going. His cock began to throb with desire as another idea came to mind. Not only had he fucked his teacher. But now he wanted to fuck Sandra as well. It would serve her right for being such an uptight bitch.

“You got what you wanted, Silvio. Just destroy the files with those pictures and leave. We’ll never say anything to anyone.” Marina said.

Silvio walked to the desk. But instead of taking the pictures he grabbed Sandra from behind, pulling her arms behind her back.

“I think I want to feel your tight pussy next.” He said.

Sandra tried to wrestle free, but she short girl was no match for the taller, stronger man.

“Please don’t hurt her.” Marina pleaded.

Silvio pushed Sandra face down on the floor. He grabbed Marina’s bra and used it to tie Sandra’s hands behind her back. Once her hands were secure he rolled her over and began tearing her t-shirt open.

“No, stop!” Sandra screamed.

Once her shirt was torn open Silvio pulled her bra up over her firm tits and began mauling them with his hands.

“Stop it!” Marina yelled.

Silvio jumped to his feet and grabbed Marina. Forcing her to sit in the chair. Then he grabbed the torn remnants of Sandra’s shirt and used them to tie Marina’s hands behind the chair.

He returned to Sandra, who was still yelling at him, demanding to be let go. He saw Marina’s cotton panties lying nearby and grabbed them.

“Maybe having your mouth stuffed with your mother’s panties will keep you quiet.”

He grabbed Sandra’s head and forced her mother’s panties into her mouth. Then used the last remaining shred of her t-shirt to tie it around her head, effectively gagging the pretty blond.

“Don’t hurt her.” Marina pleaded.

“Oh I have no intention of hurting her,” Silvio assured Marina. “I intend to pleasure her like I did you.”

Silvio pulled Sandra’s sneakers off then began to undo her jeans. The blond girl struggled relentlessly but was unable to prevent him from pulling them off. Then he pulled her panties down her shapely tanned legs.

Silvio grabbed her legs, pinning them to the floor and admired her shaved pussy.

“Let’s see if that tastes as sweet as it looks.”

Sandra screamed against her gag as her classmate began licking her exposed pussy. She was angry that Silvio was doing this too her. And humiliated beyond imagine at having it done in front of her mother. Her muffled protest were ignored thanks to her mother’s panties being wadded up and stuffed into her mouth.

Silvio reached up and began playing with each of Sandra’s now hard nipples as he continued to lick her clit.

Marina could not turn her eyes away from the sight of Silvio lapping away at her daughter’s pussy. She hated that this boy was raping her daughter. But there was a part of her that was more than a little jealous that he had turned his attention to Sandra instead of her.

In fact, as bad as it may be, Marina was somehow beginning to enjoy her daughter’s plight.

Sandra had a reputation for being bitchy at school. But she was also disruptive at home. Marina had found it difficult to deal with her daughter lately. She thought that maybe it would serve her right to be manhandled by this way. Especially in front of her mother.

She couldn’t believe she was thinking such thoughts. Perhaps it was the lingering lust after fucking Silvio only minutes ago. But whatever the reason, Marina could not deny that she was beginning to enjoy Sandra’s situation more than she should.

Sandra was unable to break free of the bonds that secured her wrist. Her pussy was wet, not only from Silvio’s spit from his tongue, but also from her own fluids as her body began to respond unwillingly to the stimulation he provided. Sandra fought to resist the carnal urges that were building up between her legs. But no matter how hard she fought them the sensations being inflicted upon her by his tongue between her legs and his fingers on her nipples were gradually winning out.

“I’m going to make you cum for me, just like your mother did.” Silvio said between licks.

Sandra could not let this boy make her cum. She had to hold out against him. He may enjoy forcing her to have sex. But she could not allow him to make her enjoy it.

Silvio knew that Sandra could not resist much longer. Like it or not this snobby girl was going to have an orgasm for him. He could feel her juices flowing as he continued to lick her snatch like a thirsty dog at a water bowl.

Marina could see that her daughter was beginning to lose the battle. Her own legs opened and closed as she tried to relieve the growing desire mounting once more in her own pussy.

Sandra’s eyes rolled back. She cursed herself for not being able to hold out longer. But Silvio was just too damn good at what he was doing. The sensations were shooting throughout her body. She was on the verge of climax and there was nothing she could do to stop it now.

Her juices spilled freely against Silvio’s chin as she began rocking back and forth. Her orgasm was strong and shook her to the core. Her face blushed and her legs spasmed as Silvio continued pleasuring her clit with his tongue.

Sandra wanted to cry. She had just orgasmed for this boy and he had yet to let up. It was obvious that he was going to force her to cum again. And she didn’t have the ability to resist.

Her pussy ached with desire to be filled. The stimulation being inflicted upon her right after cumming, without any break, was driving her mad. Then she began to orgasm again. This time she could not contain the moans even with her mother’s panties in her mouth.

Finally Silvio stopped licking her pussy.

He got up on his knees. Sandra could see his now fully erect cock and gasped at its size. She realized that her gag had worked free and she spat her mother’s panties out of her mouth.

Seeing Silvio begin to climb atop her she protested, “You’re not going to fuck me!”

“Oh yes I am.” Silvio replied.

“Please don’t. I’ll suck your dick.” She offered.

Oral sex was nothing new to Sandra. She loved giving blowjobs. She had given many over the years and found it a great way to satisfy her dates without having to give up her pussy. Sandra was no virgin, but she reserved her pussy for only special lovers.

“I’ve heard all about your cocksucking,” Silvio returned. “They say you’re pretty good at it. But I want that pussy that you don’t like to give away.”

Silvio rubbed the head of his long, thick cock against her wet pussy lips.

“For god’s sake, use a rubber!” Sandra insisted. “I never fuck someone without one.” The one thing she always insisted on was making sure her partners practiced safe sex.

“Then I’ll be the first to cum in that tight pussy of yours.”

Silvio began pushing his cock into Sandra’s pussy.

“No, stop.” She pleaded as his cock began to slowly fill her insides.

“Jesus what a tight little pussy you have.” Silvio said as he pushed his cock deeper inside her.

Marina watched as Silvio began fucking her daughter. Wishing that it was her beneath the big dicked young man, but enjoying Sandra’s look of frustration as the blond girl realized that for once she was totally out of control of a situation.

Sandra could not believe that she was being fucked by Silvio on the floor of her living room and in front of her mother, who had already been fucked by this same boy.

She gasped as his cock slammed into her cervix. Never before had Sandra’s pussy been so stuffed by a cock as it was now. She had seen big dicks in porn films, and often wondered how it would feel to be fucked by one. And now she was finding out first hand.

Had it not been Silvio, or the fact that he was forcing her, she would have enjoyed the opportunity. But Sandra always needed to be the one in control. Being fucked by Silvio was nothing compared to the humiliation she felt at being controlled by him.

Silvio slammed his cock into Sandra’s pussy over and over again. Having already cum twice he knew that his third orgasm would take a while, which was fine by him as it would give him that much longer to enjoy Sandra’s tight hole.

Sandra realized that she was bringing her hips up to meet Silvios thrust. The thought that her body was willingly fucking back wasn’t lost on her. She wanted him off of her but his well timed strokes combined with the size of his cock had her insides fluttering with desire. She lost all control and accepted that she was going to climax as he fucked her.

“Ohhhhh.” She moaned as she came beneath him.

Marina’s pussy was on fire as she watched her daughter cum while being fucked by the handsome young man. She wanted nothing more than to have him pull out of her daughter and fuck her. Having her hands bound only frustrated her more as she had no way to relieve her tingling cunt.

Sandra’s orgasm subsided and she lay still, catching her breath as Silvio continued to pound his cock into her. She could already feel her body responding again to his strokes.

“Oh shit, not again.” She said softly as her fourth orgasm raged through her. This one was stronger than the first three combined. Try as she might, Sandra could not deny how good this orgasm felt. She moaned loudly, rocking back and forth as a series of multiple orgasms took her over the edge.

Silvio was fucking her harder and faster. He could feel his orgasm approaching. Silvio’s pussy clenched his cock as her juices spilled out over his shaft soaking his balls.

“My turn!” He proclaimed as his orgasm began.

“No, don’t cum in me!” Sandra begged.

But Silvio was not going to be denied the pleasure of cumming inside Sandra’s cunt.

His hips thrust forward as his cum shot out into Sandra. Spurt after spurt of his hot seed spewed into Sandra’s waiting pussy as he pounded her over and over again.

“Goddamn that was so fucking good.” He told her as he pulled his cock out. Sandra’s pussy was gaping open. The carpet below her ass was soaked from her own orgasms.

Silvio looked at Marina. The teacher’s legs were still moving back and forth as she attempted to provide any stimulation possible to her burning cunt.

“I think you need to cum again, don’t you.” It wasn’t a question.

Marina didn’t say a word. But her eyes lingered on Silvio’s limp cock.

“You want this?” He asked, stroking his cock softly.

Marina couldn’t help bud nod softly.

Silvio smiled. “Well I think we can get you off. But not with this.” He said, dropping his cock.

He bent over and grabbed Sandra by the shoulders and lifted her up. “I think you need one final lesson in humility.” He told the blond girl.

Sandra was beaten. She had been raped by Silvio and had enjoyed several orgasms. There was no fight left in her.

Silvio pushed her down between her mother’s legs. “Lick your mom’s pussy until she cums.”

“No, not that.” Marina said.

Sandra objected as well. “I’m not a fucking lesbian.”

“You are now.” Silvio told her, pushing her face into Marina’s wet pussy. “I said lick her.”

Sandra slid her tongue out between her lips and slowly began licking her mother’s pussy.

Silvio spotted a digital camera on the shelf. He quickly retrieved it. Seeing that the batteries were good he powered it on and began taking pictures of the blond girl eating her mother’s cunt.

“No, don’t take pictures.” Marina pleaded.

“God don’t!” Sandra agreed.

Silvio continued snapping them. “Keep eating her pussy or I’ll make sure the whole town sees these.”

Sandra’s tongue found Marina’s clit.

The older woman jumped as her swollen clit responded to her daughter’s licking. This was feeling too fucking good to deny.

Sandra watched her daughter eating her pussy. She tried to hide her feelings but secretly was enjoying the fact that Sandra was being made to pleasure her in this way.

Silvio approached the side of her chair. He took her head and guided it in his direction. She saw his cock before her and opened her mouth to begin sucking it.

She sucked greedily on his thick pole as she enjoyed every moment of her pussy being licked.

Silvio took a picture of Marina sucking his cock, then another of Sandra with her tongue buried in her mother’s hairy pussy. His cock was hard again in the older woman’s mouth.

Sandra could not understand how her mother could be enjoying this. But it was obvious from the way she was responding that enjoyment was definitely what was going on now.

Marina was about to cum. She pulled her head away from Silvio’s cock. “Oh yes, make me cum, darling.”

“Ohhhhhh, goddddd!”

Sandra felt her mother’s juices flooding her face as she continued to lick, bringing Marina to a much needed orgasm.

Marina knew she should feel guilty cumming on her daughter’s face like this. But she couldn’t. It felt too good and she was enjoying it too much. Besides, Sandra would never be able to act like she was in charge after this.

When Marina finished climaxing Silvio pulled Sandra away and untied her mother.

“It looks like I’m hard again. I guess I need another fuck.”

Marina smiled.

“No, I have something else in mind.” The boy said, disappointing his teacher. “But you’re going to help me.”

He motioned for Marina to stand, and then pushed Sandra over the chair.

“I’m going to teach Sandra one final lesson. I’m going to fuck her ass and you’re going to stick my cock in her ass for me.”

“No, for god’s sake you can’t fuck my ass,” Sandra exclaimed. “I’ve never been fucked there, and you’re too goddamned big!”

Silvio held her down on the chair. “Take my cock and shove it in her ass.” He told Marina.

“No, Mom. Don’t do it!” Sandra begged.

Marina got on her knees and took Silvio’s cock in her hand. He nudged forward so she could touch it against Sandra’s butt. She guided it between her cheeks and up against her tight balloon knot opening.

Sandra was still begging to be spared this fate. But Silvio pressed forward as Marina held his cock in place against her daughter’s asshole.

Sandra’s own juices that had spilled out while being fucked provided the lubrication to help Silvio break through her tight virgin anal opening.

Sandra cried out in pain as Silvio’s cock entered her. Marina leaned back, watching as her daughter was assfucked for the first time.

Silvio began pumping Marina’s tight asshole, trying his best to get every inch of his cock inside her.

The blond girl writhed about on the chair, her hands still bound behind her back, as his cock impaled her.

At first it was sheer agony as he brutally fucked her ass. But as time passed and her body got used to it most of the pain died down. Sandra soon even found that her body was responding to the anal stimulation. She had heard of women having anal orgasms but never really believed it. But now she realized that she may very well have one.

Silvio’s cock pounded her ass. His balls slapped at her upturned bare cunt. The combination of the two sent waves of pleasure and pain throughout her body that made her lose all sense of anything but lust.

“Oh my god.” She thought aloud as her body began to climax.

She cried out loud as she had yet another orgasm. Silvio was fucking her ass like a man possessed. He felt his fifth orgasm approaching. And before Sandra’s had stopped he was shooting his cum deep into her asshole.

Silvio pulled his cock out of Sandra’s ass. She gasped as the vacuum the sudden withdraw made threatened to cause her to crap. At least that is what it felt like to her.

In the same motion as his cock pulling out of her Silvio grabbed it with his hand, lowered it and stabbed it into Sandra’s pussy, continuing to fuck her cunt.

Sandra cried out in surprise ecstasy. As soon as his cock was buried into her cunt she began to have yet another orgasm. This one stronger and more continuous than any other she had ever experienced.

Sandra was yelling, not in anger or frustration. But in sheer delight as she kept cumming on Silvio’s cock. She slammed her hips back against him as he fucked her.

Sandra thought her orgasm would never end. Silvio kept fucking her. Finally Sandra’s orgasm subsided. All the emotions and intensity of the orgasms and everything else was too much for Sandra and she passed out.

Seeing her daughter fall into a blissful sleep Marina grabbed Silvio. “For gods sake stop fucking her. She’s out cold. Give me that fucking cock.”

Silvio pulled free and grabbed Marina. He pulled her back on the floor on top of him. The older teacher mounted her student and shoved his cock inside her. She wanted, no needed, his cock inside her.

Marina fucked Silvio. He sucked her nipples and played with her tits as she fucked him.

“Oh yes!” Marina bellowed as she began to climax on his cock.

Long after that orgasm Marina was still fucking him. She came again and again on his fat cock.

“Cum in me damn it!” She told him. Not willing to stop fucking him until she felt his seed shooting inside her one more time.

Silvio marveled at the change in his teacher. She had gone from a reluctant participant to a willing slut who not only was enjoying fucking her student, but had enjoyed being part of her daughter’s rape.

September 2018
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