The next day he was dressed in white as though ready for the ‘tropics’ and was taken by cab to the house he had visited before when dressed as a woman. The stern looking yet kindly woman with the jet black hair greeted him at the door and waved at Marcia who remained in the cab. Marcia leant from the cab window.

“Don’t you spoil him Jenny; you make sure he remembers his place amongst women!” Miss Jennifer Ledbetter-Jones gripped his hand as he ascended the steps and looked at him warmly.

“Oh, I intend that you shall spoil me, though I’m sure you’ll enjoy doing so.” She bustled through the hallway, tightly and primly dressed in white also, her pert breasts jutting forward from her bodice. She smelled wonderful too. There seemed no menace to this women, yet he was sure she was just as dominant as the others. She walked him through the house to a side door which was open. A closed cab carriage with two horses waited outside on the cobbled street. Several bags waited by the door and she held her head, then turned spontaneously to him and squeezed him close; looking at him with a wicked smile, exciting him down below; he had no cage or plug for this client.

“I can’t wait to get there and remove these clothes; I shall have you entertain me the moment we arrive.” He was dumbstruck; she put her hand between his legs and caressed his cock and balls through the soft white flannel trousers.

“My girls will so enjoy you too; help me with these things and we’ll be on our way – I’ll just get Charity; she’s upstairs, and Felicity our driver.” He loaded the bags into the compartment under the rear seats of the carriage and Jenny and Chastity climbed in. A delightful looking woman in white jodhpurs and tight velvet jacket and riding helmet smiled sweetly at him before climbing up to the driving seat, making sure to display her sumptuous and rounded bottom as she did so. He put his foot up to the step and got into the carriage. Jenny introduced him.

“This is Chastity; she has been in my household for the past seven years; she came originally from Nyasaland in Africa.” He was stunned by the beauty of this woman; her face had a gracefully sculpted look and her complexion was a deep velvety brown, though fully clothed he could see that she had a natural athleticism about her.

She also had a very proud and haughty presence. She looked at him with utter contempt at first, and then managed a rudimentary smile as she knew the sort of man he would be, having arrived with Marcia Rendlesham.

As a woman she had endured prejudices at the hands of men as had all Victorian women; as a black woman she had also endured racial prejudices at the hands of white men. She too could not wait to get her clothes off; she would take great pleasure from this white male. She knew they would both enjoy some of the role plays that Jenny liked them to indulge in; Jenny Ledbetter-Jones wrote romantic novels for a living, but also compiled risqué tales of erotica under the pen-name of ‘Madame Noir’ which were distributed by more covert means. They exchanged a few polite words and both wished they were at their destination.

Chastity stared blankly at him through dark brown eyes, occasionally drawing her tongue across her ample and very sexy lips. She wondered how obedient he would be, and how long his tongue was. He tried to picture her naked and wondered how she would taste; he looked away from her and out of the window to try to relieve his aching erection.

The streets rattled by and the population went about their business; street vendors selling newspapers, hats, chestnuts. Others offered services such as knife sharpening, boot repairs and polishing, and glazing repairs. He eyed the well-dressed women walking by with a completely different attitude now; he wondered how many of them were returning home to an eager male kneeling submissively by a bed, awaiting the whim of a Mistress. His world had been turned on its head. Though he had lost his independence he was more secure than he’d ever been and was thoroughly content with being owned. The carriage made its way through wooded country lanes now. He felt a hand glide between his legs; Jenny rubbed what was to be hers till tomorrow.

“Nearly there now; just the other side of this hill.” The carriage traversed the gentle slope as it passed the crest of the hill; there in the near distance was a large and charming house which looked to have very large greenhouses to the rear of it. They drew around to the side of the house and the carriage pulled into a covered area. He got out and helped the women from the carriage. Chastity suddenly gripped his hand tightly and smiled.

“You’re to come and help me undress; I’ll introduce you to Celia and we will prepare you for Mistress.” Jenny laughed.

“You are just going to love your time here, and it’s going to start as soon as I see you in about ten minute’s time.” She started to unbutton herself there and then as she walked off, and he was taken into a terra cotta coloured room with huge fans in the ceiling and crisp white bedding. Chastity looked haughtily at him.

“Take your clothes off; I want to see your little white excuse for manhood bob around whilst you undress your black mistress.” He did so and she sat on the bed in front of him, carefully folding his discarded apparel into a pile as he removed each item. She bore a vague but contemptuous smile as he removed his underwear, and beckoned him forward to begin the task of undressing her. He stepped eagerly forward and she hooked her little finger under the end of his semi-erect member.

“What a dear little man. Celia and I will have such fun with you.” She said in a humiliating tone. He was beginning to enjoy her company. He carefully unbuttoned her blouse and found that she wore no bra; he had expected to find a rigid support as her breasts jutted forward when buttoned into her top, but found that they projected firmly forward of their own accord. He marvelled at the soft silky warmth of her brown skin, which shimmered in the sunlight through the windows as she moved on the bed to accommodate his attention. She eyed him with some satisfaction as she noted he was captivated by her beauty.

“Kneel down now and remove my boots.” Having a white male kneeling naked before her, in the act of tending to her basic needs, gave her even more satisfaction. She tingled with pleasure as he gently handled her feet in unlacing her boots. She was so glad she had found Jenny; a like-minded women who encouraged her to indulge her fantasies, especially those where control of males was concerned. She had this one just where she wanted him, and intended to indulge all she could. Her boots now removed, she stood up. She commanded him to remove her skirts, whilst he remained kneeling. This provided as great a thrill for him; he fumbled with the broad buttons that retained her lower garment and she took this opportunity to chastise him.

“Don’t make me undo them myself, or I shall have to show you the flat side of my hairbrush!” The thought made him all the more excited and he was tempted to fail, but the buttons relinquished their abnormal complexity and the skirts fell to the floor. He knelt there, spellbound by the grace of the woman before him. If ever any human being was designed to go as nature intended; it was she. The body before him was the epitome of femininity in shape. Her sweet face and graceful head was supported by a slender neck, which joined shoulders and a chest from which those pert breasts, which looked as though they’d been sculpted, projected so sweetly. Her torso swept in at the middle to a waist which needed no corset, and curved out again exemplifying her most feminine trait; a beautifully rounded bottom and hips which blended into her luscious thighs.

He knelt transfixed, staring at the heart shape of her lower body, and wondered when he would be allowed to explore what lay at its central point.

As she stood there, bathing in his obvious admiration, someone came through a door behind him. Chastity smiled and closed her eyes as if to say ‘look what I have here’. He turned his head to see what could have been Chastity’s twin. His erection bobbed at the thought of what was to come. The woman was wearing a toga-like garment, resplendent in bright colours. She smiled at him and pulled the bow which supported it at the shoulder; the colourful dress dropped to the floor and she stepped from it, naked and every bit as shapely as Chastity.

“Hello Celia. You took your time! I was about to take him along to Mistress Jenny on my own.” Celia smiled back and picked a black leather bag from the table, in readiness to take along with her.

“I hope it wasn’t you who striped his bottom like that! I’d have hated to have missed him receiving those!” She knelt behind him for a moment, pressed her excited nipples into his back, and stroked his bottom as she put her chin over his shoulder and sniffed.

“Oh he smells so nice already! I can’t wait until we are all hot and sticky!” She opened the bag and took from it a studded collar which she gently and sensuously buckled around his neck. She then attached two leashes to it. She stood and passed one leash to Chastity, and they tugged together to let him know it was time to go to his Mistress for the evening, who had already shown her impatience.

They led him through several rooms and passages to the rear of the house. He could see greenery through tightly sealed French windows in the rear wall of the house. The windows were not too clear as condensation misted and ran in droplets down many of the panes. Chastity grinned and used a great deal of her strength in pulling one of the doors open; it was as though a vacuum kept it shut. He was immediately hit by a blast of hot and very humid air; the two girls seemed to revel in it. The door closed behind them somewhat easier than it had opened, and he found himself in a huge hothouse. Tiled pathways and steps curved between large beds of mature tropical plants, some fifteen or twenty feet tall. Colourful parakeets chattered and swooped through the foliage, oblivious to the fact that they were in Northern Europe.

Though the two beauties walked him very slowly, to allow him to take in the atmosphere and to indulge their own enjoyment of having a white male as a slave, the sweat began to drip down his brow and back. He noted that the two African women were beginning to glisten and glow nicely too; he watched excitedly as a bead of perspiration broke loose and ran down Celia’s exquisite brown back, to disappear between the cheeks of her shiny buttocks which wobbled delectably before him.

The temperature seemed to increase the further they went into the hothouse, and it seemed to go on forever. He could hear the sound of running water as they dropped down an ornate flight of steps and turned a corner. There lying naked on a wicker sofa bedecked with leather cushions was Jenny. The area around her was softly padded with mats and large cushions. Behind her was an artificial waterfall flowing into a large bathing pool; bright exotic flowers drooped down from the flower-beds which surrounded it. A small table was within her reach and on it stood a pitcher full of fruit juice, and a large glass object. This had pipes and nozzles protruding from midway up, and a ceramic bowl at the top in which something was gently smoking. Though he did not smoke, he recognised the smell of tobacco, though this had another strange aroma to it. She beamed with pleasure at seeing him.

“Bring him over and make yourselves comfortable. I shall want him to indulge me as soon as he’s prepared and taken in the mood of his surroundings, then I shall watch you girls play with him. I know you’ll inspire my imagination!” They led him over and he knelt close to her; the sweat dripping down his belly and around his balls. The two African beauties squatted close to him, each ensuring to retain a tight grip on his leash for the moment; they wanted him to know he was owned by them. Jenny took one of the pipes from the object and inserted the nozzle between her lips which were ruby red. She smiled wickedly at him through eyes which seemed huge for some strange reason, and she inhaled, making liquid in the glass object bubble. She then blew the smoke at him, smiling as she did so. Its scent was strange but was not a bad aroma. She passed one of the flexible pipes to him.

“This is called a ‘hookah’; I was introduced to it when in was in India. I used to be so innocent then; after a few puffs, I soon found myself at the mercy of my darkest urges – it helped allow me to be pleasured and violated in the most satisfying ways- I’ve never looked back. I demand that you try some.” He took the nozzle and inflated his lungs; the taste was a lot hotter and harsher than he had expected. He coughed and spluttered with first inhalation; the black girls giggled and stroked him as he recovered. Their touch seemed suddenly intense, and his desire for them and the shapely middle-aged siren increased dramatically. The girls took a pipe each and inhaled too; they had no problem in dealing with the substance gracefully. He and Jenny took another sample each, and his head swam a little. He felt warm inside as well as out and admired the surroundings momentarily before giving the women his full attention once more.

His cock pulsed at the thought of pleasuring Jenny now. She noted his stare and was satisfied that he was ready. Chastity giggled again and delicately fingered his erect and willing cock as Jenny pulled her thighs up to her belly. She allowed him a full view of her shaven sex which bulged beautifully, in need of his attention. Her whole body glistened invitingly. The mature woman was in need of his services and was not to be denied. She nodded at the girls and they pulled his leashes toward her.

“You’ll not need physical punishment tonight, but you shall be dominated just the same. You will give yourself up to womanhood in the most exquisite ways. I shall have you first and then you will taste mother Africa for the first time; these ladies will not be satisfied until they’ve made sure you given your all. You will know the most divine domination. I’ll have your tongue now!” He slid onto the couch as she spread her legs; the heat coming from her sex radiated up as he gratefully buried his face into the slippery wetness. His tongue seemed to vibrate as he teased and rubbed her clitoris; he had never tasted such sweetness and he found he had to concentrate hard on the task in hand.

His mind seemed to wander as he thought of fruit and came close to biting her. He had to ensure he kept his eyes wide open so as not to drift elsewhere. Jenny was oblivious to his thoughts but evidently enjoying his attention; as she started to moan, his cock sprang to life from its own partial slumber. As he writhed on the leather cushions he felt a hand squeeze under him and encapsulate his glans; Chastity was not going to let him waste himself on the couch. This action brought back the sweet erotic sense of being owned; he was brought back to the realisation that he was there primarily to please the women. His cock bulged in her hand and she squeezed it teasingly.

Jenny’s moans seemed to last an eternity, and then suddenly she grabbed his head and pressed her heels into the back of his shoulders; shuddering as she wailed with delight. His face was bathed in her slippery yet heavenly taste and scent as she attained the apex of satisfaction. She flopped back and laughed softly. Then she took another puff as she awaited the entertainment the girls would provide. Before he could rest he found himself being reeled in by the eager girls. Pulled onto the floor cushions, Chastity sat behind him and wrapped her arms athletically about him.

She squeezed her moist breasts into his back and licked his ears. Celia made sure she was comfortable in front of him, and put the nozzle to his lips once more. He willingly took several puffs, making his head spin. Celia bent down and put her gorgeous full lips about his member, making him buck in Chastity’s arms. Having taken his entire length into the warmth of her mouth and throat, she then drew teasingly back, squeezing her lips as tightly as she could around his aching cock. She slowed as her lips rode sweetly over the contours of his glans making him writhe with pleasure. She licked her lips.

“You’ll come many a time for us tonight, but not yet!” She took a leash and pulled it taut as she turned and bent before him, her glorious brown arse in his face. The beads of sweat glistened on her beautiful curves and dribbled down her thighs.

“Your first act of worship to black women will be to lick my arse; you shall know your place immediately.” He needed no further prompting. The scent of this ebony goddess was heavenly as he nuzzled between her soft moist cheeks, his tongue seeking the reward of her puckered brown anus. He eyed her sweet sex below, the brown lips swollen and ready for satisfaction. He relished being allowed to lick her there too, but would wait the command of the dominant African. The effect of whatever it was he had been smoking accentuated the delectably pungent taste and smell of her bottom. His tongue probed deep into her willing rectal passage which she relaxed superbly for him.

“Good boy! You know this is what you were made for don’t you? Chastity and Jenny are enjoying this as much as you and I. They’ll want their arses licking too!” Chastity watched impatiently as she held him there, her pussy tingling expectantly. Jenny was arranging an erotic novel in her head as she enjoyed watching his obedience to the two black girls. She toyed with her pussy in readiness for her second orgasm of the evening, and yes, she would let the girls watch him lick their Mistress’s arse later. She puffed again on the pipe as the remnants of the substance burned away.

When Celia was sure he had performed his duty to the full, and her pussy could not wait any longer given the stimulation of having her arse serviced, she made him flush his mouth with the fruit juice and pulled him down on the cushions. She looked dominantly down on him.

“Now you shall pleasure me, whilst Chastity milks you for the first time.” She seemed to take extra pleasure in telling him what was to happen. His cock throbbed as Chastity’s sleek hand wrapped itself about him. As he lay back, Celia smiled down and straddled him. She slowly squatted, showing him her athletic thighs and buttocks as she engulfed his face within her sweaty warmth. She sat astride his face and worked her pussy vigorously. He sucked and lapped at her sweet juices as brown slit slid back and forth, exposing the pink interior which contrasted with her almost jet black lips. Chastity pinned his legs down, and worked his eager cock. She stopped wickedly as Celia moaned in ecstasy and rocked back and forth in urgency. She screamed with delight and acute pleasure, splaying her legs and almost suffocating him under the soft folds of her arse. She giggled and lay to one side as Chastity flicked the end of his cock before turning and straddling his face herself.

“You’re going to come whilst licking my arse, and then I’ll allow you to show your appreciation by licking my pussy.” Though the girls were not sticking to the script he did not care in the slightest. Jenny watched with anticipation. She would require his services again when Chastity was fulfilled. Her eyes were like saucers now, and she was thoroughly enjoying her use of Marcia’s new slave.

Chastity arranged her sweet smelling bottom before him and he slipped his tongue into the deliciously tangy hole. She worked his cock once more. He was rigid and marvelled at the glorious sight of her rounded brown curves, as the sweat rolled down her crevice, adding a salty tang to his submissive pleasure.

Althea simply shouted ‘come in’ to whoever was at the door; she had me continue to ream her delicious anus as her pussy dripped. I was completely humbled when the guests who entered were two muscular males; one black one white, both already naked and toying with huge cocks, which stiffened as they watched me. Their looks of were of utter contempt as I knelt in nodding service of my feminine owner’s arse. Althea made sure the cameras had time to catch my full humiliation witnessed by two worthier males, before ordering me to stop. They chuckled as I was led to the centre of the room where althea had me kneel facing the bed. The gag was removed and Althea took pleasure in having me lick it clean after good use. As I sucked on the phallus Althea advised what was next.

“These boys will now show you how real men satisfy a woman. I want you to watch and see what you can never do for a woman and will never be asked to even try. You are such a puny-cocked wimp. I shall put you to further good use later.” The three had a good laugh at me as I finished sucking the phallus clean of Althea’s secretions, then the white male lay back on the bed and Althea lay face down on top of him. His hairy tanned body and huge pinkie-beige cock and balls, contrasting with Althea’s milky-white skin. He eased his stiff eager cock into her moist and well-aroused pussy, making her whimper with pleasure as his large length and girth squeezed into her sex. The black male whose cock was even bigger, then moved in over her rear. He smiled with pleasure as he forced his bulbous dark-brown bell end into Althea’s willing arsehole. She moaned with supreme pleasure as he slid his length into her tight rectum.

I could not help but be excited by the sight of Althea being pleasured in both holes at once; she moaned in a state of continuous pleasure as the two huge cocks slid in and out of her moist and willing havens. Both men wore smiles of deep satisfaction as their engorged bell-ends were nursed by the mature woman’s rectal and vaginal constrictions as they worked back and forth; she pointed her legs back as far at the restrictions of the male’s bodies would allow, her latex clad legs and feet honed to a point as she bathed in carnal pleasure. The white man watched the reflection of the three in the side mirrors as he humped as best he could with the chubby ginger woman fast losing all control. He watched her huge breasts rub his chest as he stroked. The black man had an easier task and watched the reflection of the three in the headboard mirror; his hips slapping Althea’s fat arse cheeks as his huge cock reamed the tight depths of her rectum. The balls of both men were nicely retracted now, they groaned with pleasure and listened to the tone of Althea’s blissful moaning’s; both anxious to hear that wail of ecstasy which would allow them to unleash their loads and indulge in satisfying orgasms.

With half-open eyes, her mouth agape as she indulged fully in the acute sexual pleasure rendered by the two huge pulsing cocks, Althea gained more pleasure by eying me as I remained on my knees. She knew I longed to have my cock in either hole, but would never be allowed that pleasure. No, she would gain further pleasure from me by other means. Her gape turned to a smile and her eyes closed as she gave the signal which sounded nothing short of divine to the two studs; her legs stiffened as she cried out with a high-pitched whimper, signalling the two cocks to be pumped in a fury. Owners of both black and white cock moaned heartily as long and hard as their cocks; my cock bobbed and pulsed as I watched the two cocks splutter and glisten in Althea’s invaded arse and pussy. The men roared as they bucked furiously and emptied their balls into the mature redhead; Althea squirmed in the most complete of ecstasies as creamy white semen dribbled and streaked along the length of the thrusting cocks, which flashed in and out as the two males spent and grunted in their own ecstatic spasms.

Finally, panting and sweating, the three collapsed on each other for a moment. Althea sighed as the black man eased his still rigid cock clear of her well-serviced anus. I watched with envy as cum dribbled from the end of his cock, and Althea’s dilated arsehole slowly closed, squeezing a wad of cum out, which dribbled down to her pussy. She giggled and lifted herself up, allowing the white man to slide his messy cock free also. Both men looked totally satisfied as their cocks drooped and dribbled. Althea rolled onto her back and eyed me as the men prepared to leave for a shower.

“Thank you once again boys; it was a real pleasure as usual.” The two gave me no more than a look of indifference as they left the room. Althea lifted her legs in the air and sneered at me, her head and shoulders propped up by a pillow.

“Get over here wimp and clean me up.” She smiled with wicked contentment as I sheepishly crawled upon the bed and viewed the abundant sticky globules of cum which dribbled from both holes.

“Arsehole first. If you do a good job I may allow you a treat.” She grinned at her enjoyment of complete control over me as I lay on the bed with my face up to her sex and anus; the smell of mingled juices and semen was very potent. My cock was stiffer than ever as I committed my latest act of humiliation. As I lapped at the salty mess, I saw the sheer pleasure in Althea’s eyes as she dominated me. My cock tingled as I rubbed it on the sheets below me; I was thoroughly enjoying my humiliation, increased tenfold in knowing the cameras were on me. I probed as deep as I could into her hot anus to reach the cream; when I withdrew, Althea squeezed her anus to allow me to reach some more. She delighted in repeating this several times; I was close to coming as I licked and swallowed another man’s semen from the anus of a mature and dominant woman who had complete control of me. Satisfied with my efforts with her lower hole in this position, she lifted my head with the leash and squeezed my face into her creamy cleft. She laughed as I spluttered and blew bubbles in the generous wad of semen, pulling my head back by my hair to laugh all the more at my semen covered nose and mouth. My cock was fit to burst as I wallowed in heavenly submission, lapping and gulping the salty mess from her beautiful flaps and fold as she teased.

“Did you enjoy watching me be fucked? Seeing you denied was as thrilling as either cock; did you hear them both grunt with pleasure when they provided your little snack?” I lapped up to her clitoris, noticing she was becoming increasingly aroused; her words had me close to coming in humiliated bliss. She noticed this; I was to be denied again.

“No you don’t! I’ll be the one who says when you’ll squirt you pathetic little cock. On your back; it’s time for desert.” I was close to whining and begging for relief, as I turned and Althea straddled me. She slapped my erect cock for good measure as I looked up at her anus hovering over my nose and mouth; she looked in the mirror and shuffled slightly to allow one of the cameras a good view. I watched in anticipation as she pulled her cheeks apart; her pucker flexed in and out, as it had done earlier when she’d shit. This time she sighed with pleasure as a creamy-brown string of semen, flavoured with her rectal secretions, dribbled down to my mouth. I lapped it up as though it were nectar; my humiliation sublime. Althea sneered wistfully as she viewed my eagerness to consume the mess in the mirror, as the last remnants dripped out.

“He certainly went a long, long way up me this time, such a magnificent cock. Your tongue will have to suffice now he’s gone.” With that she sank down and my face was enveloped by her sweaty cheeks. My nose was rubbed back and forth in her dribbling anus as she worked herself to a frenzy on my mouth and chin; her womanly juices and residual semen dripped and slid across and into my mouth and made the leather mask squelch as it ran between skin and leather. I felt totally used and worthless as she moaned in ecstasy once more. She allowed me down off the bed and had me sit looking at her ginger pussy while she toyed with my aching cock with her feet. The door opened and in walked Miranda and the Latex maid. I was crestfallen, crushed. I was to be denied again. Althea chuckled and looked at Miranda.

“You’re just in time to see him masturbate at my feet. Even after tonight’s torture, he’ll come so much better for a crowd.” Miranda and the maid laughed and stood closer. Althea teased.

“Think of the two men; I want to see just as much cream from you. Start milking!” I grabbed my cock and stroked for all I was worth; Althea lifted her foot under my cock, I would not last long. The latex maid ensured I wasted no-one’s time.

“Can I whip him before he goes downstairs? I think he could do with it.” Miranda smiled and replied as though the maid had asked if she could walk her dog.

“Yes of course dear.” The last words I heard as I covered Althea’s foot in the most cream I’d seen for 15 minutes or so.

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