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In my last episode Jim, Alex and I had just had a wild three-some and was resting for the second round. Jim was just getting out of the shower and told Alex to follow him into the kitchen. While Alex was with Jim I jumped in the shower and washed up. I got to thinking about the fuck session and started jacking off as the water ran down my body. I leaned against the shower wall and closed my eyes thinking about the hot fuck session I had just had with the guys.

I heard the shower door and opened my eyes to see Alex’s naked body joining me in the shower. His cock was hard as a rock as he embraced me rubbing our hard dicks together against our stomachs. He looked in my eyes as he reached down between us grabbing both of our dicks together and began jacking us both off. I was already close to cumming when Alex walked in on me, and it didn’t take much until I blew my load.

“You are such a naughty one, playing without me” Alex said.

I told Alex I would make it up to him, as I took a wash cloth and began washing his body. I washed his chest and arms and dropped to my knees as I handed him the wash cloth. “I won’t be needing that anymore” I told him. Alex grabbed hold of my shoulders as I took one of his balls in my mouth, licking and sucking on it as I jacked him off with my hand. I would alternate between his balls all the while jacking him off. I slowly licked from the base of his shaft up to the head of his cock and went completely down on him, taking his entire 8 inches into my throat. Alex started producing a large amount of precum and I was savoring the taste of it as I bobbed up and down on his cock. I felt so nasty felling his cock slide in and out my throat. Alex grabbed my head and was really getting into fucking my face, slamming his cock in and out of my mouth. Alex lifted one leg and propped it on the shower and started thrusting his cock down my throat. Alex grabbed the back of my head and held me there while his cock was lodged in my throat. I slid a finger up to his ass and inserted it twisting it and punching in as deep as I could, he was pushing my head back and forward on his cock as I worked another 2 fingers into his ass. Alex started moaning very load as I could tell he was about to explode. I pulled my mouth off his cock, as he looked at me with a disappointed look in his eyes.

His eyes brightened though as I stood up and presented my ass to him. “Alex, I want you to put your load in my ass” I told him He spread my ass cheeks and didn’t waste anytime in shoving his entire cock in my man pussy. He grabbed my hips and began thrusting using long deep strokes rolling his hips with each thrust. He had pushed me up against the shower wall and was really hammering me as the water ran over us. I reached back pulling Alex against me as I twisted my head around to meet his lips. As our tongues danced he emptied his load into me. We kissed and kissed as I worked my ass trying to make him dump his load into me. Alex started spastic motions as I knew he was fixing to dump a load in me. I flexed my ass as I felt him begin shooting his seed in my ass. Alex was pumping every last drop of his man nectar into me as he collapsed against my back. We stayed like that till his limp cock slipped from my ass. I was spent and leaned against the wall as Alex took the wash cloth and washed me all over getting me nice and clean. He told me he had laid out some shorts and a robe for me on the bed, and that he was going to wash up and be right behind me.

I found the shorts and robe, a nice red silk outfit. I had laid on the bed waiting for Alex when I must have fallen asleep. For when Alex woke me he said that dinner was ready. Alex sat beside me as I rubbed my eyes, asking him how long I have been out, he replied with a few hours but you needed your rest for the night ahead. He ran his hands up the leg of the shorts he gave me and gave my cock a squeeze saying this lil solider has a lot more duty ahead of him. I laughed as he let go of my cock. I noticed that Alex had on a robe and shorts much like mine only his was green. He leaned down and gave me a quick kiss.

Alex explained that Jim had to leave for the evening, but that he did have some guests for dinner and didn’t need to keep them waiting much longer. I was wondering just what Alex had in store for me as he led me down the hall to the kitchen. There at the table sat two very sexy women. He introduced them as Jasmine and Misty. Jasmine was beautiful and black, she had a very slender body and looked to be quite tall. She was dressed in white garters and stockings and a matching thong and nipple less bra, her breast was exquisite I guess to be around a 30B and very dainty but pointy nipple. She smiled at me as I gazed into her smoldering brown eyes. Misty had some of the biggest tits I have seen in along time at least 38DD with some of the hardest nipples and biggest I ever recall seeing. You could tell the way they hung they were all natural. Misty was dressed in a pink silk camisole. She had a wicked little grin that just said fuck me.

I was wondering what Alex had in mind for the night as he told me I was to sit by Jasmine as he took the place by Misty. Jasmine patted the chair beside her with her hand.

Laughing as I sat down “I Don’t Bite” Jasmine said. Then putting her hand on me knee once I sat down and licking the edge of my ear “Unless you want me to bite” She whispered.

I was at a dilemma as I knew I would end up fucking one of these girls before the night was up. But wanted to remain loyal to Holly as I didn’t really count the man on man episodes as cheating. But I thought I was already to far to turn back now, and threw caution to the wind. We all made small talk as we ate and I discovered Alex was a bank manager and Jasmine and Misty worked as tellers in his branch.

After an excellent dinner the girls said they would clear the table if we would get some after dinner drinks ready and wait in the living room. Alex went into he kitchen and returned with some wine and 4 glasses, he winked at me as he grabbed Misty and gave her a long kiss before telling them not to be too long. Jasmine winked me at me as Alex and I went into the living room. Alex and I could hear the girls giggling in the other room as we lounged on the over sized sofa waiting on their return.

Misty was the first to return she sat between us on the couch her breast were magnificent and couldn’t help but gaze at them. She teasingly pinched a nipple pulling on it, making it hard instantly. She mentioned that Jasmine would be in shortly. Misty said that Alex told them about all the fun we had the night before and hope I liked to play as much with girls as I did the boys. I smiled at Alex and said I was game for anything they might want to play. Misty then put a hand in each of our laps stroking our soft cocks thru the silk shorts we had on. Alex leaned in and raised her camisole over her breasts and took a nipple in his mouth, sucking on it as if he was a nursing baby. I took his cue and took her other nipple in my mouth. I gently chewed on her nipple getting my first real look at her areola, they had to be the size of a small saucer and some very huge nipples. Misty just moaned as we sucked and licked on her breast. She was busy rubbing our cocks squeezing and pulling on them. When Jasmine cleared her throat saying we should all be ashamed for starting without her. Misty just laughed as I raised my head off her tit to look at Jasmine, Misty said he is all yours I was just warming him up, as she rolled on top of Alex and began passionately kissing him.

Jasmine stood there a statuesque beauty she had to be at least 5″10 her dark black skin was a very nice contrast to the white lingerie she was wearing. She reached out for my hand and pulled me up wrapping her arms around my waist and pulling me in for a kiss. Jasmines lips tasted sweet, I let my hands wrap around her tight lil ass and pulled her into me. Her breast crushing against my chest. She broke our kiss and sat on the sofa pulling her legs up and moving her thong to the side exposing a beautiful shaven slit. She dipped a finger into her pussy and ask me if I have ever eaten a black girl before.

As I knelt down in from of her I said not till right now. I spread her lips apart with my fingers and slide my tongue up her slit searching for her button. I put my hands under her ass and gathered the sides of her thongs pulling them off to allow me complete access to her honey pot. I buried my face in Jasmines pussy as she draped one of her legs over my back and put her hands in my hair pulling me into her as I sucked and licked at her clit. I slowly slide a finger in her pussy finger fucking her as I took her clit in my mouth and sucked and nibbled on it. Jasmine was getting very wet as her juices started to flow I wanted so bad to taste her I began working two fingers in her rapidly finger fucking her as I sucked on her clit even harder. She began pulling my head into her. I buried my tongue in her hot pussy as I rubbed her clit with my thumb and forefinger, grabbing it and gently pinching it as I darted my tongue in and out of her box. Jasmine was twisting and turning her body as continued eating her out. I pushed my finger deep into her along with my tongue getting it moist with her juices and slowly worked it into her ass twisting as I went deeper. She pulled my face even deeper into her pussy as she screamed and I was rewarded with her orgasm as she flooded my mouth.

I stood up and pulled Jasmine into my crotch. She pulled down my shorts and engulfed my semi hard cock in her mouth. I looked over to see Misty sitting in Alex’s lap riding his cock. Alex just smiled me up at as she rode him like a cowgirl. Jasmine was jacking me and sucking at the same time getting me hard and ready to fuck her. She would back her lips till just barley the tip was in her mouth and then go all the way down on me sticking her tongue out and licking my balls at the same time. She was an excellent cock sucker and was getting me hard as steel. I wrapped my hands in her long hair and began fucking her sweet face. She was really getting into the blow job she was giving me. Alex began moaning he was about to cum and Misty was really grinding down on him.

I pulled my dick from Jasmines mouth and told her to get on the floor on her knees. Once she was on the floor I got behind her and rubbed my cock up and down her slit. I put just the head in feeling her tight pussy wrap around my cock head. This was my first piece of black pussy and I was going to enjoy it. She was begging me to fuck her as I slowly slid my entire cock in her pussy. I could feel it squeeze and release as each inch went into her. Misty got off Alex after he finished cumming and stood over Jasmine facing me and offered me her cum filled pussy to eat. I started licking the cum up as it ran out of her well fucked pussy. Jasmine was backing up trying to get all my cock into her. I obliged her and drove it all in her as she squealed.

Grabbing the back of my head and pulling me into her dripping pussy “Eat his cum out of my pussy you fuck slut” Misty said.

The mixed juices tasted good as I lapped them up cleaning every last trace of cum from her snatch. I grabbed hold of Jasmines hips and long stroked her. She had one of the tightest pussy’s I think I have ever had and knew it wouldn’t be long before I dumped a load into her box. Misty got below me and Jasmine and I felt her tongue on my balls and cock as I was fucking Jasmine. I could tell Jasmine was loving the action Misty was giving her as well.As I would be pulling back. Misty would take my cock out of Jasmines pussy give it a good lick and put it back in guiding it back into her as she licked my balls. I could also feel the tip of Misty’s tongue graze over my cock when it was buried in Jasmine just knowing she was licking her button. Jasmine was really working her pussy on my cock doing her best to coax a load out of my cock. Then when Misty took my balls in her mouth and hummed and licked at the same time, that put me over the edge and I grabbed Jasmines hips hard and dove deep into her pussy and unloaded my balls into her. Totally spent I fell back on the floor and watched as Jasmine and Misty began eating each other out.

Watching the girls go at each other was hot, they seemed to really know each others bodies as they were going at it. Alex moved over by me as we watched them devour each other. I couldn’t help but notice that Alex’s cock was beginning to rise. I wrapped my hand around it and began to stroke it as he spread his legs giving me more room to play with him. My hand was slowly stroking Alex getting him hard as I continued to watch the girls getting closer and closer to bringing each other off. Alex reached for my neck and pulled my head into his lap. I eagerly took his cock in my mouth sucking in just the head, swirling my tongue around the crown and bobbing up and down just on the head with my mouth. I licked my way down to his balls and sucked and licked on each one, I was busy licking the base of his shaft and jacking him off when I heard Misty giggle.

I just looked up and smile as I took Alex’s entire cock in my mouth. I could feel movement behind me as I had gotten between Alex’s legs now to fully service his cock. I felt a tongue pushing inside my ass. I went to look to see who it was but Alex grabbed me and forced me back down on his cock. I went back to work swirling my tongue around his cock as I let it piston in and out of mouth. Who ever was eating my ass was really getting me hot. Who knew that this would turn me on so much. But it was And I was getting hornier as each moment passed.

“I will be right back, get the fuck slut ready” Jasmine said.

The tongue felt as if it was a small cock darting in and out of my ass. Alex was really bucking up into my mouth as I continued to suck him. I was trying to back into the tongue which I knew belonged to Misty now. As she was driving me insane with licking. Alex pulled and held my head in his pubes and said get ready. As I felt Misty’s move away from my ass, and the all to now familiar feeling of a cock touching my ass hole. I was wondering who it was as It slowly started pushing inside my ass. Alex started humping my face again as whoever was at my ass was still slowly pushing their cock into me. This seemed like a huge cock as I felt it stretching me out and it seemed to keep going inside me forever. I then felt it bottom out in me and then felt soft hand wrapping around my chest and under me grabbing my balls.

I then felt tits and nipples pressing into my back, as Jasmine whispered in my ear. That is was her turn to fuck me. She was slowly humping me with short strokes. As Alex started cumming in my mouth and down my throat. He held onto my head and keep his cock lodged in my throat as he continued to cum. Jasmine took hold of my hair as she began picking up her stroke speed. I felt Alex’s cock slipping from my mouth as he was now limp once more. Jasmine pulled me back into her and felt her nails clenching into my shoulders and back. She reached under me and jacked my cock which was hard as a rock. She forced me forward so I was half laying on the couch with my knees on the floor as she began pulling out of my ass and jamming the cock back into me.She must have fucked me for a good 15 minutes before pulling out of me completely and when I turned around I saw the cock she was wearing. It was huge it had to be at least 15 ” long and a good 5″ thick. She ripped the cock off her and straddled my face grinding her cunt into my face as she flooded me with her juices.

After she finished cumming she slid down into my arms and we held each other basking in the glow of the great sex we just had. I looked around for Alex and Misty but they were no where to be seen. Jasmine said that they had gone on to bed as she slipped her tongue in my mouth. We laid there and kissed and held each other for a short bit, Jasmine said she needed to get some rest as she had an early morning and invited me to share her bed with her. Who was I to say no to this beauty?

This is the third installment of the series, I really appreciate the feedback, so please keep it coming. Let me know what you think, or what you might like to see happen. I am open to any and all criticism and compliments.

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