Just as soon as his apartment door opened, I immediately found myself snugly wrapped in his arms and my lips brushing against mine.

“Hey!” I giggled, surprised at the intensity of his greeting. He only wore boxers and a white shirt.

He held my hand and just the warmth, softness and rugged texture of it made a moan want to rise in my throat. I followed him to the kitchen where he gave me a glass of dark, red wine. I drank half of it and leaned against the counter.

“So Chef Raphael… You won the contest, didn’t you?”

“Yeah,” He gave me a naughty smile. “But tonight’s about you, sweetheart.”

“Oh?” I laughed and looked at him lovingly. It was almost two years ago when we first met at a tour of the Grand Canyons. He was alone as I was so we ended up sticking with each other for the day and then knowing we had a lot in common and then dating and then becoming official. Because he was half Italian he was really attractive with his jet black hair, tanned skin and deep brown eyes. He was lean but muscular. But that also meant he was Catholic. In fact, he only relented to fucking me when we were engaged and when he finished me up the first time he was so guilty that eventually I felt like I was the serpent in that creation story.

But I have to say and accept that he was as uncreative in bed as he was creative in the kitchen. But boy I do love him. Lust I can satisfy in other ways.

“Been doing pastries lately?” I motioned my eyes at a nearby counter where numerous tubes of varied-coloured icings lay.

“Yeah, I’ve been wanting to give someone a cream pie.” He smiled again and it was as if he was undressing me with his stare. My feminine drives were stirred and I felt my skin tingle with excitement. He cornered me and pressed me further against the counter with his weight and then began kissing me, which I should say he was very good at. We drank from each other’s mouths, still planting little kisses whenever we were in desperate need of air and then sucking again at the other’s lips or tongue.

“Tie your hair,” he said, panting. I took the blue handkerchief he offered but gave him a questioning look. He used to say my long wavy tress turned him on. Obediently I tried to tie my hair as best as I could because my hands were shaking with electrifying thrill as he unzipped and pulled down my pants. He did not remove my panties though but instead he put in a large hand of his and began stroking my soft flesh while sealing my lips with his mouth. I jolted a little when he tugged my pubic hairs. We like each other unshaved.

I released his mouth and threw back my head to moan as he entered his finger inside me. He went slowly first, pulling out a little and pushing in again but going deeper and deeper each time. There was a newness with him. He felt hungrier and more savage. I bloody liked it.

He removed his shirt and helped me unbutton mine. We were so clumsy with the buttons so that he simply tore the blouse open. Then he took a step back to examine me from head to feet.

“What are you up to Raph?” I gasped for air, my breast rising and falling.

“Eating you up.” Then he gathered up his icing tubes and headed for his prized mahogany dining table. His chest and abdominal muscles magnetized my nipples to stand and harden as rigid as they possibly can. He motioned me to come and I dashed into his arms and mouth.

His sure hands found their way to unhook my bra and I soon felt my pebble-hard nipples rubbing against his firm chest. I slip my hand into his ass and caressed its plumpness and smoothness. Soon his tongue was on my sternum, sliding down to my navel while his hands also slid down to my hips where he grabbed my panty. He went farther down, pulling my last piece of covering to the floor and then planting kisses on my hairy female organ in adoration.

He positioned me to sit on his kitchen table and spread my legs apart. He dragged a stool at sat right in front of my exposed vagina. Just the way he looked at it, or even just the way he looked, sent shivers down my spine. A wild current went rushing inside my body, exiting through my pussy as a river of fluids.

“Raph…” I spread my legs even wider, kicked my dangling legs in the air, threw my head back and rested my weight against my palms. Instead of warmth and moist, I sensed something cold and soft between and inside me. When I looked, I saw Raph squeezing a tube of white icing between my thighs.

It was crazy and wild, as what I was becoming.

He soon buried his face in his work, sucking at my private parts, licking the sweet icing off. I was wild with pleasure and I could not hold my hips still. My upper body collapsed on the table and I spread my legs even wider. His tongue fondled my clit and even twirled around and inside my vagina. His mouth sipped my organ fluids as his fingers slithered to my boobs and did a damn good squeezing. Pleasure erupted from various sensual points of my body and all I can do was helplessly moan and squirm.

Next thing I know his lips was on mine again and I eagerly kissed him back, feeding on left over icing and even my own juices. He lifted my head and helped me sit up then instructed me to lie down at the table’s full length. Then he proceeded to cover me with his icings, kissing every now and again random parts of my body. I behaved, subduing my wilder nature, letting him do his own course. The cold icing on my tits made me so juicy again between my thighs.

“You didn’t tell me…” He said.

My breathing was ragged as pleasure racked my senses.

“Tell you what?” I chewed on my lower lip to keep me from moaning and writhing.

“That you needed me to satisfy your wild appetite.”

I could not concentrate on what he was saying. I just loved the cold on my breasts. “Fuck me Raph. Fuck me hard.”

“Like I never had.” He bent down to my ear and told me I had to get up. He took my hand again and looked at me so crazily that I wanted to fall down right on the floor and splay my legs as wide as possible. But I knew he was the game master tonight and I will be his play thing.

In the bright light we both stood before a full-body mirror and I wanted to eat up myself with what I saw. It seemed that I wore a red tube top with ruffles and layers and flowers and a red net of icing panty at the bottom. When I was finished looking at myself in admiration, I turned to his reflection in the mirror. He wore a proud grin… and then I noticed that his hand was busy with his erect penis. I flashed him a mischievous smile in the mirror and he smiled back while I felt his free hand squeezing my bare ass. He caressed my back, traced my spine, and applied a light force so that I leaned forward. I felt sorry when the icing top was disfigured as my breasts dangled but soon enough I was lost in the sweet ecstasy of him entering me from behind. He always went gently at first then increasing his momentum, going harder, deeper and louder. I watched my reflection—faced contorted in expressions of pain and pleasure, pendulous breasts swaying frantically. Icing dropped onto the floor, some flying in the air as he violently shook me and pounded on my pussy as he would with his herbs with a pestle.

Then I was locked in his embrace and both our front bodies are covered with messy icing. He pushed me against a wall and ate me from neck to my breasts. He clumsily lifted me up and I instinctively wrapped my legs around his waist. He shakily and slowly headed back to the kitchen table again where he laid me on. He was soon on top of me, running his tongue all over my firm tits. He hungrily stuffed as much of my breast as he could into his mouth and sucked them clean. He went from one to the other, lingering on the nipples, sucking them and fondling them with his tongue. His face was messy with icing, some of which clung to his hair, and I thought I have never seen him more handsome. I was laughing and giggling and pleading and moaning the whole time.

I was very cooperative, letting him do his thing on me.

After he licked almost all my upper body clean, he proceeded with my genitalia. He placed some more icing on his palm and rubbed my organ using slow, soft strokes. He crawled over me, kissed my lips and helped me sit up. Then he squeezed a tube into my palms and casually placed them over his engorged organ. It sent me spinning.

I made him lean on the edge of the table while I massaged his hard penis with the cool, sticky icing. I squeezed his balls and he threw his head back. “Naughty. Very naughty.”

Then I spiralled his dick and excitedly moved my hand over and over the shaft, going from the tip to the base, retracting back some skin. I was so consumed with lewdness that I was gripping more than I should and I can tell from his moan the he was enjoying the pain. Then I swooped down to eat his fat, hard dick. I sucked it like a lollilop and did my blow job with so much energy.

When no sweet icing was left on his male hardness, he rubbed some icing on it again but this time, we exchanged positions. I leaned on the table’s edge and just as he was guiding his frosted organ to enter me, I sat myself on the table and spread my legs as much as I can. He laughed and shook his head and shot me eyes that were consumed with burning fire. I have never seen him that way before.

It must have been the consistency of the icing or my own copious juices but as he pounded me again, there was a funny squishing sound. It was weird at first but I decided that I liked it. I chuckled with amusement and we looked at each other lovingly and shared a wet kiss before he resumed his mighty pace.

“Oh Raph… Oh…” I could feel the insides of my organ sticking to his dick because of the icing. As he moved up and down, the soft flesh would cling and it produced a pleasurable stinging, painful sensation.

He exploded like fireworks inside me and I let out a loud, “Ooooohhh!” He was still inside me as we shared kisses, as he once more stuffed my breast into his warm mouth.

We lay at the table, my head on his chest, his hands tracing the length of my sides, catching our breaths. “You are so wonderful tonight sweetheart,” I said while running lines over his chest with my fingers.

“Like I never was?”

“You were always wonderful.”

He rolled over and turned to face me. His deep brown eyes were so intoxicating. I fell in love with him because he was enthusiastic about life, because he was vibrant and strong and because he possessed a danger in him that he himself did not seem to know. “Tell me about tonight.”

I stared back into his soft, clear eyes. He looked so intent. “Tonight is the best night… so far… because tomorrow who knows what you’ll come up with.”

He kissed me. Oh just his kisses electrified me! “You still up for more? Coz I’m just about to serve the main course.”

His words and voice sent my muscles into spasms.

“You got us the desert first!”

“Oh no. That was just the appetizer. Wait here.”

I lay on the table, one hand twirling a nipple, staring at the ceiling and wondering how we can share dinner again with his family or mine in this table and still keep with a straight face, wondering if fucking could get possibly get better than this… wondering if I woke this wild side of him and then end up feeling again that I was the serpent.

Suddenly he was on top of me, kissing my eyes and nose and licking my ears, whispering something in Italian that I couldn’t make out. I felt aware of his organ resting on my abdomen as it grew stiffer and harder. I raised and danced my waist in circles to rub my skin against his hardness. Then I felt his tip budge the entrance of my cave but as he inched just a little inside, he thrust his fully-engorged organ so suddenly that my vision went momentarily dark. He moaned, I wailed. He went about doing it a little longer, retreating and then sharply thrusting his hardness again. It was new to me and I was scared about its being alien… yet when I looked at my tamer, it was still the same man I loved so much and will love forever.

He resumed the accustomed fast pace as he was nearer to coming, and when he did erupt, it was a nuclear bomb.

After we caught our breaths, he helped me sit up at the edge of the table, this time putting my legs up with knees bent and thighs apart. He then stepped back into a counter with vegetables and went back holding an eggplant.

“May I?”

I panicked a little. Something about what he was proposing to do upset me but I was also feeling so perverted. And I knew this was important for him too. After all, I was his sex slave tonight. So I just bit my lower lip in reply, threw my head back and even further spread my legs apart.

The eggplant felt good but it could not go so fast. The cucumber was great. It had a rough texture that rubbed against my thighs and inner flesh that felt so pleasurably fine. Both vegetables stretched my vagina wider than it ever had and the unexercised membranes felt like they were about to be torn. But it did not prepare me for the corn.

It was big and golden and he attached it to a barbecue stick at the stubby end. He introduced the thing slowly until all of it was inside me. I writhed in pain as my pussy never encountered such stretch before. It was so wide and so deep that my vagina throbbed in pain. My hips were restless, silently crying out in agony. I could not stop moaning. Raph was on top of me again but the damned corn still lay rigidly inside me. He kissed my mouth, muffling my moans while his hands worked on my breasts. He produced a rolling pin and attempted to flatten my breasts over and over.

Then I began to sob and tears slid down my eyes without permission.

“Dear… sweet…” There was alarm in his voice and I felt my pussy relaxing as he was pulling the object out cautiously.

“Raph… Nooo…”

“I’m sorry I just wanted to make you happy…” And he massaged and tickled my delicate female flesh below.



“Put it back…hon”


“Please… Back in…”

Then slowly the pain came again and I writhed and moaned. I felt the hard and pebbled texture inside me go up and down gently. Then it began to speed up a little. I thought I’ll bleed my pussy.

“Ohhhhhhh fuck! Raph, it hurts… Ahhhh…”

Then it went faster and faster, not as fast as he does with his own organ because if it did, poor pussy will be shattered to pieces. Then the corn lay still again but something else hard went inside me. Raph has pushed a laddle’s handle down into my anus.

“Oh Raph… you damn fucker…”

He kissed me and then moved the corn up and down again, picking up its pace faster while at the same time, an odd pressure was inside my asshole.

Then they left me, the laddle first then the corn and I could not and did not want to protest because I was so sore. My head was spinning and my pussy was throbbing with pain. I felt so limp and tired but I still moaned from pleasure as his tongue coated my body with his saliva. He licked my pussy as a feral animal would lick its wound. Then shortly he rode me again with my legs over his shoulders and I revelled in the ecstasy of him being inside me. He was no golden corn but he was my Raph.

I felt myself being carried and then being laid on soft, cool sheets. He entered me again, both to my dismay and pleasure. He did not leave. He wrapped his arms around me, my chest against his, his dick growing bigger and smaller inside me, sometimes jerking with life. I never felt more abused and adored in my entire life.

“I read your diary… I just want to make you happy Hilary,” Something about the way he said it creeped me out but I was just as crazy for him as he was for me. “I love you so much sweetheart.” He pressed his thighs deeper into mine and his dick wriggled inside me.

Almost inaudibly he said, “I love you Hilary.”

My nipples hardened in reply.

I tried to tell him I loved him more but I was too weak to speak. I thought all I sounded was a low hiss.

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