Hello again, my pet. Have you missed your Master’s guidance? Are you ready to submit once more? I have another lesson for you, since you have been such a good girl and followed the previous instructions I have left for you. Today, I have decided I shall teach you how use your pretty lips and mouth to my pleasure, which in turn shall lead to your own ecstasy. This is a very important part of your training my pet. You can use your mouth to offer submission and adoring kisses to your Master, or it may earn you punishment if you use it to rebel.

Look at those lips in the mirror, focus in on them as you watch yourself pout and blow kisses. Run your tongue in a gentle circle around them, as if savouring an intoxicating taste. Would you like that taste to be of your Master? If you are diligent in obeying, you will earn that for yourself in due time. Now you are going to watch your reflection as you speak, spilling your innermost desires to your Master. Confess your love of submission, that deep-seated need to be controlled, the joy in the arousal that you feel when you are told what to do. Let this arousal grow in you as you watch yourself speak, hearing your own voice and all the slutty admissions you are making. Your Master understands these needs, so tell Me everything you want Me to do to your gorgeous body, and everything you would do given the chance. Feel how free you are when you trust your lusting thoughts to another. This is the power that your mouth has, but before long you will learn it can bring you more direct pleasure and submission.

Lick your lips again, and moisten them along their entire length. Then gently lick the tip of one finger and slide just the print around them. Think of nothing but how that feels, even closing your eyes and repeating the circles. Let the angle of your fingertip change slowly, ever so naturally moving to the inner edge and more sensitive areas of your mouth. Notice how good the movement feels against your mouth, the desire growing to have your finger deeper in. Close your plump lips around your fingertip and suck gently as you slowly pull your hand away. Do this ten times for Me, and each time you are going feel a greater sense of loss, that you must suck harder and prolong the time your mouth has something to contact. Does my pretty pet need something else to suckle on now? Bring out your favourite toy, and examine it in front of you. Think of it as your Master’s cock made ready for you to submissively please, and feel your desire growing, a hunger to kiss and lick and swallow its length between your lips. Gently tease yourself with your toy my pet, wiping it across your face and allowing the tip into your mouth. Watch in the mirror as you start to suck your Master’s stand in cock, fulfilling the hunger to submit and pleasure Me. I know just how wet and slick you will be when you see your pretty body in the mirror, poised before your toy and ready to devour it. Imagine how I would throb against your tongue and perhaps reward you with a taste of My cum if you learn to use your lovely mouth well. Relax and imagine me your Master running my hand through your hair, supporting you and feeling our intimacy as you start to elicit an orgasm from My shaft within you. Crave the warm cum as it flows into you, the satisfaction of a man’s body by your efforts. This is why you are my gorgeous pet, my submissive companion whom I care for deeply.

Now you may have time for your own release, to join in My relaxed bliss. Hold your toy inside your mouth and remove all your clothes. If you have removed any already without being told, you may not wear those items again for the next two weeks since you obviously don’t want to wear them. Kneel naked on the ground at the edge of a sofa or bed my pet, with your legs apart and toy in your mouth. If ever you want to have a toy used on you, this is how you must beg for it. I shall allow you to enjoy yourself now, but only if you kept all your clothes on until you were told. If not, you must put everything away and carry on with your day with no release, even if you had only loosened your top.

Now take your toy from your mouth, now warm and wet with saliva, place two fingers on your bottom lip. You may enjoy yourself any way you want my pet, but your mouth must be in contact with something as you orgasm. Let yourself associate a full mouth with sex, which I’m sure you will find interesting the next time you eat a certain piece of fruit or vegetable. After pleasing your Master I know you will be horny, and I can smell your slick pussy even from so far away. Let the saliva on your toy mix with your more intimate juices my pet. Enjoy your reward for obeying your Master and giving him pleasure. Once you are finished, you must listen to one final instruction.

How do you feel my pet? Did you enjoy your pretty body with a full mouth? Good, your Master is happy that his pet can enjoy herself. Now let the association of your mouth and sex fade to he background of your mind. You do not have to be constantly focused on your gorgeous mouth. However, remember this lesson when you want to show your desire to give joy to your Master, and it will serve you well.

A day went by since the last challenge. The girls (Terra and Cindy) decided to combine their challenge, just as Marte and Ryan had done. Terra called Marte and alerted her that they were on their way up the mountain and would arrive in 20 minutes. Terra informed Marte of the situation and told her it would involve Marte and Ryan. Marte asked for details, but Terra declined, stating she would fill them in when they arrived.

Terra hung up the phone and let out a long laugh. “They thought they got the best of us yesterday, they are in for one hell of a day.”

Cindy smiled, “We are ingenious. I cannot believe how well this worked out.”

“About yesterday…” Terra spoke after a few minutes of silence. “It was great. I was shocked when you grabbed me by the head and kissed me. That is not like you.”

Cindy looked over at Terra and winked. “You were breathing so heavy and turning me on so much. I couldn’t help myself. Your hand was driving me crazy as it sat on my lap. I needed more of you. I needed to taste those sweet lips of yours.”

“You and Marte are my best friends I could ever have. Thank you Cindy. To be honest, I needed that too. I am still so horny though. Today isn’t going to help.”

Cindy just laughed as she steered her SUV to the left and began driving down the stone drive way. She parked to the right side of the stone driveway and put the vehicle in park. They jumped out and headed up Marte’s wooden steps. Terra opened the screen door, handing it to Cindy and turned the knob to the storm door. The girls entered the living room where Ryan and Marte were cuddled on the couch, watching television.

Terra and Cindy walked across the living room and stopped at the hallway entrance. Marte saw a wide grin on the girls’ face and knew they had cooked up something good. She wrapped her arms around Ryan’s waist and prepared for the news.

Terra cleared her throat and set the stage for the challenge. “This challenge involves the two of you. Cindy and I are going to give you two instructions. The challenge is for you two to have sex the way we instruct you to.”

Marte felt her insides beginning to twist. Why did they always have to give her a challenge that pushed her to the limits. She had played in front of the two girls, had sex multiple times with Terra and done all sorts of playing with them, but she had never had sex with another person while they watched. Terra could see the look of shock on Marte and Ryan’s face. She knew this would be one for the ages.

Cindy finished the rules of the challenge. “We will tell you which positions to be in and tell you what actions to do. Neither of you are allowed to have an orgasm until we say you can.”

Marte spoke up. “I am not sure I am okay with this you two.”

Terra retorted, “You do have the right to refuse. You will not be able to refuse the second challenge though. You know how are minds work. Are you sure you want to take that chance?”

Ryan turned to Marte and said, “Whatever you want to do hon. I will do it if you okay it.”

Marte thought long and hard. She had visions of Terra demanding her to be whipped and tormented after the last challenge the two girls had endured in public. She thought of the alternative and knew the girls had devious minds. Not wanting to take the chance of something much worse, she reluctantly agree.

Terra instructed them to move to Marte’s bedroom and strip. Marte and Ryan stood up and headed for the bedroom, Marte holding Ryan’s hand. Ryan could feel Marte’s hands shaking. He put his arm around her and tried to console her briefly. Terra and Cindy were just steps behind them.

After a few moments, Marte and Ryan were naked. Terra instructed Ryan to get on the bed and lie on his back. His penis was already semi-hard. Terra instructed Marte to climb on the bed and get in the 69 position. Marte glared at Terra and slowly climbed onto the bed. She turned towards Terra and Cindy and straddled Ryan’s face. Marte could feel her pussy tingle with anticipation of the pleasure it was moments from receiving. Marte took a deep breath and leaned forward, placing her elbows on the bed on each side of Ryan’s knees.

Terra instructed them to begin orally pleasuring each other. Marte slowly lowered her hips and gasp as her labia were touched by Ryan’s wet, warm tongue. His tongue circled her outer lips, circling them twice before splitting her lips gently and sliding up her vagina. Marte grabbed the base of Ryan’s penis and slowly wrapped her lips around the tip of his meat. She began bobbing her head a few inches, taking the first couple inches of his penis into her mouth. She could feel the heat radiating off his manhood. She felt Ryan moan against her pussy. She rolled her hips and slid her clit toward his tongue.

Marte found herself enjoying his tongue and occasionally forgetting to participate. She ran her tongue up and down the length of his penis before wrapping her lips around him again and sliding her mouth as far down his manhood as she could handle. She felt his hips raise and push his penis a bit further down her throat. She released a whimper as he slowly teased her clit with his tongue.

Terra and Cindy had taken a seat on the love seat in the corner of the room and were enjoying this live display. Terra sat with her right arm around Cindy’s shoulder. She could not take her eyes off them. She loved seeing Ryan’s penis glisten with saliva as Marte slid her mouth up him. She glanced down to see Marte’s small breasts sway as she moved.

Ryan’s hips began to slowly move with the rhythm of Marte’s mouth. Marte placed her left hand around Ryan’s balls and slowly fondled them as her tongue circled his hot meat. Ryan slid his tongue slowly down her inner labia and pulled her hips to his face as he slid his tongue inside her. She released a short moan. He slid his tongue in and out of her pussy before sliding it back up to her swollen clit. He slowly circled the outside of her hood before flicking his tongue across the inside.

Ryan felt Marte begin to masturbate him with her right hand as he teased her clit. Her breathing increasing with each stroke. Marte could feel her wetness beginning to drip from her pussy as her clitoris throbbed with want. She loved the taste of his penis and began to match the speed of his tongue as she sucked his cock.

Ryan’s hips were gaining speed. Terra wondered how long Ryan would be able to last. She watched as his hips moved in a fluid motion. He let out a few grunts, joining Marte’s moans.

Terra knew they were getting close. She spoke up, ” Marte sit up. Ryan you are not going to last long at this pace. We don’t want you having an orgasm before Marte and leaving her without. Ryan keep licking until I tell you to stop.”

Marte sat up and readjusted her hips. Ryan now began to pussy fuck Marte with his tongue as the opening to her pussy was now positioned before him. Ryan felt her juices flowing and lapped up her wonderful tasting woman juices. As he held her hips to his mouth, he felt pressure against his penis. He felt something rolling over the tip and sliding down his penis as Terra placed a cock-ring on him.

“This should keep you from prematurely ejaculating.”

Cindy spoke up, “Marte, I want you to take the place of Ryan and lie on your back. Ryan get on top of her in the missionary position. She should be wet enough now for you to enter her.”

The two of them changed places and Ryan slowly slip his hard penis inside her awaiting walls. He moaned as he slowly slid inside her tight walls. He slid his body up and kissed her on the lips.

“I didn’t tell you to kiss!” Terra barked.

Cindy laughed. Ryan ceased kissing Marte. Marte groaned with displeasure as his warm lips pulled away from her mouth. Marte’s hips slid up to match Ryan as he pulled away. Her hips fell to the bed and his body fell on top of her. His penis sliding deep inside her. Marte threw her hands over her head and closed her eyes. She concentrated on the pleasure of his hot meat sliding deep inside her, hitting her womb. Marte wasn’t sure how long she could last. Her breathing was starting to get short and heavy. She could feel waves of joy washing over her body like ocean waves crashing onto the beach.

“Ryan kiss Marte. Let her taste herself.” Terra barked.

Ryan leaned in and passionately kissed Marte’s tender lips as he thrust his hips down. His hips slapped against her hips. Ryan could feel his orgasm beginning to build in his testicles. Their hips found a rhythm and danced in unison as they kissed full of passion. Marte could taste a hint of her juices on his lips. She sucked his tongue deep in her mouth and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. She pulled his upper body up against her chest.

Marte could feel her orgasm racing towards her vagina. She tried to restrain her reactions, knowing that she would be stopped if she showed the state she was in. She was unable to hold back her moan that escaped her lips however.

Terra smacked Ryan on the ass before saying, “Enough you two love birds. Ryan…slide to the end of the bed and lie on your back. I want to watch Marte engulf your manhood.”

Marte growled inside. She was getting close. Ryan felt so good inside her. She gasp as Ryan removed his penis from inside her pussy and adjusted himself on the bed. Marte lay motionless a few seconds before being prompted to move. She moved to the end of the bed and was guided to her knees as Ryan’s penis hung over the end. Marte was instructed to massage his balls and suck his cock like she meant it.

Marte placed her left hand at his base again and bent his hard dick to her mouth as she fondled his balls with her left hand. Ryan groaned as her hot mouth surrounded him and her fingers softly bounced his testicles around in her hand. He could feel his semen moving toward the base of his penis as her mouth slid up and down his length. His chest heaved up and down. He cursed Terra in his mind as he felt his semen become trapped at the base. His penis was aching and demanding a release. The cock ring created a logjam and prohibited him from reaching his primal goal. Marte adjusted her hands and placed them on his hips as Cindy instructed. She guided his gyrating hips as she slid his cock in and out of her mouth. She slurped the tip of it, paused and then enclosed her lips tight around his penis and slowly slid her mouth down the length of his penis. When she reached the base, she stopped a moment then slowly slid her lips back up his shaft. This drove Ryan insane.

Cindy and Terra let them continue this position for several minutes until they felt Marte had waned back from being on the verge of orgasm. As she had expected, Terra was feeling very horny. She felt her hand unconsciously drift to her throbbing clit as she watched the action. Her hand began to slowly move in circles as her other hand massaged her left breast and pinch her nipple. Cindy felt like she was in a trance or a dream as she watched intently. She was mesmerized by the movements of the male and female body.

Terra looked down at her watch then interrupted sound of heavy breathing that filled the room. “Time to change positions again. This last position then I will let you two give each other an orgasm you so desire. Marte, I want you to kneel at the edge of the bed. Ryan, I want you to take her doggy style. Drive that delicious penis of yours deep inside her.”

Marte felt another twinge in her stomach, realizing that she was now going to be exposing her soaked pussy to the girls. It would be in plain site as Ryan filled her. She reluctantly slip up onto the bed and placed her head in her hands on the bed. She felt Ryan’s hands on her hips and felt him pull her towards him. She felt pressure at the entrance of her pussy as his penis began to spread her apart. She felt her walls grab a hold of him as he slowly slid his dick inside her wanting walls. She was beginning to get heated again. She was so horny now and wanted him to thrust himself deep inside her over and over. She wanted to feel him fill her and smack against her womb. She moaned in between each breath as his speed began to increase. She felt her hips instinctively begin to sway back and forth, pressing him as deep inside her as he could go.

Cindy stood up and walked out of the room. Terra stood and readjusted herself. She stood at the side of the bed and could not help but fondle Marte’s breasts and squeeze her nipples, helping her move closer to an orgasm. Cindy returned to the room and pulled Terra back to the seat.

“It is time to switch once again.” Cindy spoke as she nodded to Terra. “Marte I want you to get on top of Ryan now and ride him. Ride him to an orgasm.”

Marte wanted to get her orgasm so bad. She reached back and practically pulled Ryan onto the bed. She spread her legs and straddled him before he was fully positioned on the bed. She was panting as she grabbed his penis and shoved it inside her sopping entrance. She leaned back and let out a long, soft moan as she slid her hips back, driving him deep inside her. She reached back and placed her hands on her hips, steadying herself. She raised her hips and slammed them back down on him. She could feel the sweat dripping down her face as she bounced on his hips, each time driving her once step closer to her orgasm. She was seconds away from her orgasm when she heard steps on the porch outside and the doorbell ring.

Marte froze with Ryan deep inside her. She wondered who in the hell that could be. Whoever it was had the worst timing in the world.

Cindy stood up and said, “Oh shit! Marte get dressed. I forgot to tell you your parents called yesterday and asked if you would be home. I told them you would. I will go get the door.”

Marte knew she had been set up. She wanted to slap her two friends right now. She slid off Ryan and ran into the bathroom. Terra looked at Ryan and told him to stay right there then chased Marte into the bathroom. Terra allowed Marte to briefly wipe the outside juices away then handed her a pair of slim fitting, tight booty shorts and a spaghetti-string top. Marte protested stating she needed underwear. Terra told her to get out there before her parents wondered what she was doing. Marte threw on the pair of shorts and the shirt and headed through the bedroom towards the living room.

Cindy had taken Marte’s parents to the porch and told them Marte was finishing her aerobics workout. Marte’s hair was sweaty and matted. She pulled it back and put it in a pony tail. She was embarrassed as she could feel her rock hard nipples pressing against her shirt. The pants rubbed against her swollen clit with every step. She was cursing the girls with every step she took towards the kitchen. She would have given anything to get a release right now. She didn’t even think about the fact she smelled like sex.

She walked out onto the porch and her dad gave her a big hug. He held her close to him longer than he normally did. When he pulled away he had a big smile on his face. She hugged her mom quickly and took a seat on one of the metal chairs in the corner of her deck. As she crossed her legs, she felt her shorts ride up inside her and lie tight against her still throbbing clit. The gentle breeze teased her nipples which were sticking out like erasers. She gave Cindy a death look as Cindy was telling her parents about this new workout program Marte was supposedly doing now.

Terra sat down in the middle of the bed, right next to Ryan and looked into his eyes. His face was flush. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead. His muscled chest floating up and down. Terra placed a hand on his stomach as she prepared to speak.

“As you know, Marte is one of my best friends in the world. She is someone I love to death and someone you love. You do not want to hurt her. Cindy has her occupied with her parents as her punishment for the hell you put Cindy and I through yesterday. I am horny as hell! I have been wanting your dick for days. Ever since you got here. I haven’t had dick in a long time. So, here is what is going to happen. You are going to lay there while I ride you until I get off…then you are going to eat me until I say stop.”

“No way Terra. You know how hurt Marte would be if she saw us and didn’t give us permission.”

“You are right. Which is why you are not going to say a word about this. If you do, I will turn it against you and you will see the worst side of me. Now lay there and be quiet.”

Terra made sure the bedroom door was shut and locked and removed her clothes. She ran her finger over her swollen, aching clit and slowly walked towards Ryan. She pounced on the bed and straddled Ryan. She ran her right finger over his lips, wiping her juices on him and then ran her finger slowly down the center of his chest.

“You don’t want to do this Terra. I know you are horny, but don’t do this.”

“Do not speak another word or else I will squeeze those blue balls as hard as I can.”

Terra slid her hips back and pressed his hard penis deep inside her. She leaned forward and began rocking her hips. She kissed him softly on the lips then put her mouth to his ear. She breathed hard into his ear as she rode his rock hard dick. She felt her walls grasping him. Milking him. She wanted this, no she needed this so bad.

She whispered into his ear, “I heard you don’t last long and I didn’t want you cumming inside me yet. That is why I put this cock ring on you. Don’t worry though sweetie. You will get yours tonight.”

Terra then lifted her head and smiled at Ryan as she grabbed his chest and slammed her hips against his. She tried to suppress her moans a much as she could as she violently rocked against his hips. She reached between her legs and violently rubbed her clit as she rocked up and down his pole. She threw her hair back and collapsed onto his body. She moaned deep into his mouth as she felt shocks of electricity run through her body as the orgasm swept over her. She lie there gasping for breath a few seconds before she slid off his aching cock and placed her dripping pussy on his face.

“Eat me until I tell you to stop. Your manhood wasn’t good enough. Show me how good you are at eating and I just may let you orgasm.”

She started grinding her pussy against his lips. The smell of her juices flowed into his nose. His penis was rock hard and aching so bad it hurt. He could feel his swollen back scream in pain. He stuck his tongue out and licked up as much of her juices as he could. He felt her juices running down his face. There was just too much to collect it all. He stuck his tongue inside her and tried to lick as she rode it. She was still so horny. She was not waiting for him to get her off. She wanted to drench him with her juices. She used two fingers and massaged her aching button as she slid his tongue up and down her pussy. Terra could feel another orgasm mounting. She ran her fingers in circles. Pressing hard against the inner hood. Feeling her clit slide around her fingers. His warm tongue darting inside. Her short, quiet whines escaping.

Terra felt him grab her hips and help her thrust. She knew he had given in. She knew she had him in her control from now on. She lifted her hips and shoved her fingers deep inside her pussy and finger fucked herself just inches from his mouth as her juices began gushing out of her pussy onto his mouth and nose. She bucked her hips and spread her lips as far as possible as she sat back down on his face and demanded he insert his tongue. She closed her eyes and whipped her head back. The world began spinning as her body convulsed.

Terra collapsed down on top of his body and lay there gasping for minutes before regaining her composure. She slowly slid her left hand down to his crotch and clumsily fondled his balls before slowly masturbating him.

“You want to get off? Do you want me to remove this cock ring so you can explode?”

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