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Kyle is putting his books away in anticipation of the bell ringing. He’s a good student but…he’s just anxious. Even though he’s 18, he’s transfered to a new city where his dad had to move. New school, new people…the classwork is the easy part. He puts a mechanical pencil to his paper, just to pretend he’s working. The teacher takes notice that the classroom is preparing to depart, and a little perturbed, she says “alright, you’re all excited for the weekend I know. We’ll go ahead and end class a few minutes early.” The students begin to gather their materials.

Normally Kyle is the first out the door, but then he saw Morgan. It was nothing unseal for Kyle to get crushes. He wasn’t a bad looking kid; 5’9”, black hair, deep brown eyes, a pretty decent physique. He just didn’t stand out. He was smart, kind, and funny. It was just that first step that proved an impossible hurdle. Morgan was his crush of the month; a girl to fantasize about throughout boring classes and lonely nights. Morgan was 18, about 5’7” with long flowing dirty blonde hair, glasses, and a girl next door look.

She was at her desk as Kyle was trying to not stare and…he couldn’t believe what he saw. Morgan bent down to put her books in her backpack and Kyle could see right down her shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra! She didn’t have big breasts particularly, but they were big enough to justify wearing a bra. What were they, Kyle thought to himself, 34 Bs? He didn’t know, but he gasped, trying not to obviously stare. He was convinced she’d look up and see him staring at him, she would yell, he’d be expelled, and yet he could not look away. That 3 second span seemed to last a lifetime, as a movie that would play over and over again.

Kyle instantly had an erection, and there’s nothing he could do to placate it. Luckily this was the last class of the day. He hopped on the bus, found an empty seat, and sat by himself, waiting to get home. The 14 minute bus ride seemed an eternity, and as soon as he got home, he said hello to his Dad, ran to his room, locked the door, unzipped his pants, and furiously masturbated to the thought of Morgan’s small, perky nipples suspended in his view. Kyle started sweating a bit, grunted, and grabbed a towel from last night’s shower. He threw the towel over his computer chair and came hard, shooting load after load of hot cum on the towel. He stood for a minute with his cock in his hand, replaying the events of the day over in his head.

For once, it wasn’t enough for him to simply masturbate and be satisfied physically. Kyle was a virgin. A year or so ago, one of his female friends who he crushed for, Tiffany, decided without much cause that she would give him a blowjob, and Kyle’s mediocre crush on her, quite obviously, grew. She was the first to suck him off, and yet when she was done, she just said “I just wanted to make you cum, ya know, for fun!” Within a week she was dating another guy. He was happy to get the blowjob but he didn’t get the girl.

After dinner, Kyle goes into his room and gets on his favorite chatroom. He wishes he could be as outgoing to girls in his classes like he can on here. He signs on as KyleDriver. Fairly clever, even if a bit contrived. He would try and satisfy his social needs, and many times his lusts as well, on the Internet. He strolled through teen chatrooms, unsatisfied with the slutty kinds. He soon found himself a smart girl, MaybeImAmazed. A Beatles fan? Who knows, it doesn’t matter. She’s smart, funny, and seems to have a hidden wild side, Kyle thought. After the talked for awhile about interests, family, and other small talk, things got interesting.

KyleDriver: So whats on your mind tonight?

MaybeImAmazed: heh… not much good im sure.

KyleDriver: Meaning bad I hope?

MaybeImAmazed: …is that ok?

Kyle Driver: Of course. I mean, you’re not one of the completely slutty girls in here and I know that so its ok to have a bad side.

MaybeImAmazed: well, maybe deep down I have a little bit of a slutty side :-p

KyleDriver: Oh Yeah?

KyleDriver: Prove it.

MaybeImAmazed: hmmmmmmm.

*MaybeImAmazed is inviting you to view webcam*

Kyle is surprised and accepts the invitation to see a sexy, slender girl on cam. Unfortunately her face is off screen, probably by design, but Kyle is happy to check out her body. Just then, she lifts her shirt up to reveal no bra is on, only her supple, small but firm breasts. With one hand she holds her shirt up, and with the other, she tweaks her nipple a bit, then lowers her shirt back down.

KyleDriver: Wow

MaybeImAmazed: *giggles* you like that hmm

KyleDriver: Wow

MaybeImAmazed: heehee. Im not a slut!!! i dont do this often at all I just…you seem fun and sweet

KyleDriver: No its ok I mean, you’re just gorgeous.

MaybeImAmazed: thanks sweetie

KyleDriver: l’ll go on cam too.

Kyle quickly primps himself and makes sure he’s looking nice. He fixes his hair and puts on a nicer shirt. He sends his cam to the girl, who accepts.

KyleDriver: Ok, fair is fair.

Kyle playfully lifts his shirt up, tweaks his nipple, and rubs them.

MaybeImAmazed: lol!! nice chest though…yum

KyleDriver: Thanks…haha just being silly.

MaybeImAmazed: Take it off!!

KyleDriver: Really? Ok..

Kyle peels his shirt off and sits in front of the cam shirtless, runs over and locks his bedroom door, then sits back down.

MaybeImAmazed: Woo woo!!!

KyleDriver: Normally I’d get a few bucks for that.

MaybeImAmazed: too bad. All I have is this

The girl takes off her shirt again, revealing her bare breasts. This time she begins my covering them with her bare arm and just barely revealing her nipple, being coy and playful with Kyle.

KyleDriver: Mmmmm…that’s much better than a few bucks.

MaybeImAmazed: I thought youd like this better.

KyleDriver: Forgive me for staring

MaybeImAmazed: I didnt take my shirt off so you could look away

KyleDriver: Any chance I could see your face?

MaybeImAmazed: Im sorry hun I just don’t feel comfortable doing that right away, one time someone I knew was on and…yeh maybe later?

KyleDriver: Oh yeah, I mean no, no problem. That’s ok. 

MaybeImAmazed: Youre adorable. and sexy. You must have girls crawling all over you

KyleDriver: Hah, thanks but not exactly

MaybeImAmazed: can I ask a personal question

KyleDriver: Shoot.

MaybeImAmazed: Are you a virgin

KyleDriver: uhh..yeh

MaybeImAmazed: Heehee…thats ok! I like that..i am too.

KyleDriver: Oh ok…well good

MaybeImAmazed: but I might not be if you were here ;-)

KyleDriver: damn…youre turning me on so much

MaybeImAmazed: prove it. 

KyleDriver: Huh?

MaybeImAmazed: Show me.

KyleDriver: …oohhh. Ook.ok.

Kyle immediately gets a rush of adrenaline, and his heart starts pounding. He has nothing to be ashamed of in his pants, but he immediately gets nervous. His horniness wins over the nervousness though, and he stands up and unbuttons his pants.

MaybeImAmazed: Bow chicka wow wow…

KyleDriver: lol shush

Kyle unzips his pants and pulls them off, revealing his blue boxers. He steps out of his pants and kicks them to the side. His erection is visible through the cam, and the girl starts to rub her breasts as she watches him strip. Turned on by her, he grabs his cock through the boxers and rubs on it a bit, then grabbing his waistband and pulling them down slowly. The base of his dick comes out, and the boxers slide down his shaft. As it reaches the end his cock springs back as his boxers fall to the floor.

MaybeImAmazed: heehee bouncy…mmm that looks so good…

KyleDriver: is it big enough for ya?

MaybeImAmazed: I think its perfect sized for my mouth hehe

KyleDriver: oh yeh? Prove THAT!

The girl gets up and comes back with a pink vibrating dildo.

KyleDriver: wowie

MaybeImAmazed: Youre thicker than this guy here but I think it fits

The girl puts the dildo in her mouth and licks it, taking it further in her mouth. Kyle’s dick swells up even more, and he tries to rub it secretly. Kyle sits down on his chair and repositions the cam to where she can see his engorged member better.

MaybeImAmazed: oohhh im getting horny baby

KyleDriver: Me too…obviously.

MaybeImAmazed: I cant take it anymore

The girl stands up and unbuttons her pants and unzips them, pulling them off with her panties at the same time. She stood there naked for Kyle, who could have came just be looking at her. She shaved her pussy smooth, and Kyle could see the little slit as she turned her body around. A firm, small ass with just enough curves, a smooth, toned body…what more could he want? The girl sits down on the computer chair and repositions the camera to show her body, but still not her face. Kyle hoped to get a look, but he was more fixated on the pussy for now.

KyleDriver: omg what a body baby…unbelievable

MaybeImAmazed: I want you soo bad.

The girl begins to rub on her pussy as Kyle strokes his cock, the two just in sync with one another. She takes the dildo and licks it again, slowly sliding it in herself as she tickles her clit. Kyle gets his bottle of lube and moistens it, stroking his fully extended cock as he stifles his moans. At one point, the girl takes her cam and zooms it in further, giving Kyle the most up close view of a pussy he’s ever seen. That was enough for him…with a few more powerful strokes, he shoots a waterfall of cum as powerful as he ever has all over his body, even up to his chin and shoulder before the cum trickles down his body, pooling at the base of his cock. Watching that display clearly sends her into a tizzy, as she begins to fuck herself harder with the dildo, pulsing her body and writhing in pleasure from her own orgasm.

KyleDriver: that was the best orgasm ive ever had

KyleDriver: you ok?

MaybeImAmazed: yeehh…omg

KyleDriver: That was amazing

MaybeImAmazed: ooh yes we have to do that more often

KyleDriver: Its a date.

The two said their pleasantries, promised to do that again very soon, and signed off. Kyle still was exhilarated by it. Even though it was online, even though he’d received an actual blowjob before, this was by far the best sexual contact he’d ever had with another. In one way, it satisfied him like nothing ever had, but in another, it left him hungry for more.

The next day, he moved through his other four classes; the school features 4 classes one day and a different 4 another, and alternates. No Morgan today, which was a bummer, but Kyle didn’t really mind. He was focused on the webcam girl and wanted to race home to see if she’d get online. He ate dinner that night voraciously just to get to his computer faster. His parents asked him if he wanted to get ice cream with them, and he declined, even though he really did want some. He waited and waited…and waited and waited…and she never came online. He chatted with a few other girls but he just resented them for not being who he was looking for. His cock was throbbing while waiting but he never masturbated, he needed her. He went to bed pent up, not able to find her who pleased him so much.

He woke up a little less excited today, bummed about his missed encounter. After his first class, he remembered he at least got to see Morgan. That would be nice. On the way to class, Kyle spots his former crush Tiffany making out with some new guy down the hall. He decides to go a different way to his class to avoid that uncomfortable moment. As he’s approaching the stairs, he sees her, now separated from her lip wrestling partner. He tries to avoid eye contact with her, but she spots him and says hi. Sensing his uneasiness, she says “hey, what, are you mad at me?”

“ no. Sorry I just have a lot on my mind. How are you?” Kyle replies.

“I’m great.” she says matter-of-factly, as if to rub it in his face.

“That’s good Tiff, I just was…” Kyle started before Tiffany interrupted.

“Amber! Hey babe!” Tiffany exclaimed as she ran after her friend. Kyle was perturbed but had no reaction. His face was flushed, and he only wanted to finish this day. He sat down in class, almost forgetting about Morgan being there. Today, he almost didn’t want her to be, he was in no mood to act the part. Sure enough, when he entered the class, she was there. He sits two seats behind her as always, just out of chance. The guy in front of Kyle wasn’t there though, as the class started.

It’s a good thing Morgan was there after all, the class was boring. The teacher came in and sipped on her coffee mug in between long diatribes about the New Deal. Halfway through the class, the teacher changed things up.

“Okay, I can tell you’re all loving these lectures, but lets change things up a bit. I want to break you into groups and let you do the research. You’ll work in rows here, and I’ll assign you each a specific section.”

Kyle quickly realized that with the absent boy, he and Morgan were the only ones in their own row. He looked ahead and waited to see what would happen as the students begrudgingly converged. Finally Morgan stood with her backpack and moved back a seat. Kyle began a cacophony of thoughts, was she being shy? Did she not want to work with him? Did he do something? She half-smiled at him and showed him the paper.

“Umm. Okay, the Civilian Conservation Corps is ours,” Morgan said.

“…oh, Oh! Okay…sure no problem,” Kyle finally responded. That smile, was she into him? Was she just humoring him? What was going on? Why couldn’t she be more direct…like…the cam girl. Ahh, but this is real life, Kyle thought. “So..uhh…it was started in 1933…” Kyle began as the two worked on the information together. Time passed slowly as they did, and Kyle overanalyzed every move that she made. Sometime later, she looked up at him.

“So, I think we’re done then. I think we’re the first ones to finish,” Morgan stated.

“Thanks to you,” Kyle said.

“Heh, I don’t know about that,” Morgan replied, “you’re pretty good at this.”

The teacher chimed in right after that, saying “alright class, that’s enough for today, you can finish up next time.” Morgan gathered her books, as did Kyle, who was taking his time.

“So…” Kyle began, “weekend coming up, you have any plans?” Morgan coyly smiled, the shy girl brushing her hair behind her ear.

“Oh, I have a few things I want to do, but it depends,” Morgan said as she walked out of the room side by side with Kyle.

“Depends on what?” Kyle asked. Morgan didn’t answer right away, but walked down an old hallway of the school rarely used anymore. She grabbed his hand and pulled him along. Kyle had no idea why, but he wasn’t about to ask. He was just thinking about her soft hands as she led him into an empty classroom and…mmmphh…she kisses him and presses him against the wall hard, savoring his lips. Kyle is speechless after the kiss, so she speaks first.

“Depends on what my Kyle Driver is doing,” Morgan stated, biting her lip. Kyle’s face immediately turned to surprise.

“You’re a…you…Maybe I’m..” Kyle says.

“Amazed?” Morgan responds, smirking at him. “Yes…I have had my eye on you for a long time…I like you. I…hope you like me.”

“Are you kidding?” Kyle grabs her and kisses her again deeply, wrapping his arms around her.

“Lets get out of here,” Morgan suggests.

“What, just leave altogether?”

“Yeah…lets go to my house.” Morgan grabs his hand again, leading him out the back exit and to her car. “I live close.”

“Will we get in trouble?” Kyle asked.

Morgan walks up to her driver’s side door, opens it, and looks right at him. “I hope so.” Kyle gets in the car and has trouble coming up with words. Morgan quickly drives off the lot, heading into the residential area neighboring the school.

“How did you know that was me online?” Kyle asked.

Morgan makes a wide left turn into her driveway and parks. “I didn’t at first,” Morgan explains. “but when you gave me your e-mail address I googled it and there you were. I’ve had a crush on you for a long time.” Morgan gets out of the car, looks Kyle’s way and smiles. She leads him up to the front door and unlocks it. They enter the house, and Morgan tells Kyle to wait there. She walks in and throws her backpack over the couch. She walks down the hallway, shouting for potential family members. There’s no answer, and she comes back out to the front door, where Kyle was patiently waiting.

“So, uhh, all clear?” Kyle asks. Morgan walks up to him and kisses him deeply, running her hands down his body.

“Mhmm. Come with me.” Morgan grabs his hand yet again, leading him back to her room. She locks the door behind him, and grabs his shirt, pulling it up and over his head. “Nothing I haven’t seen, right?” She says, winking at him. She kisses his shoulder and pecs as he runs his hands through her hair, still in relative shock over the situation that has unfolded today. That amazing body was Morgan’s, those pert breasts, the smooth skin…oh, the smooth little pussy…all in front of him. “Mmmm…I want you Kyle,” Morgan chirps, snapping Kyle back into the moment. She kisses his lips deeply and unzips his pants, moaning deep.

She reaches into his pants and fishes for his cock, meanwhile Kyle begins to feel he can unleash his passion. He tugs on her shirt and kisses and sucks on her neck, eliciting moans as she finds his throbbing member. She squeezes his rock hard cock and he moans back, in pure heaven. She smirks at him and sinks to her knees. Kyle’s heart jumps to his throat as he knows what is coming.

Morgan licks the tip of his cock, seeing it jump and twitch. She unbuttons his pants and pulls them down. Her eagerness turning him on even more, he looks down and plays with her hair as she licks his shaft, looking up in his eyes. She bends his cock up to his bellybutton and licks at the base, moving to each one of his balls and licking, taking them in her mouth and lightly sucking. “Ohh baby…mmm,” Kyle moans, as the warm and wet feel of her mouth get him worked up.

She licks the tip again, and looking up into his eyes, takes the shaft into her mouth, going deep down to his balls. Kyle moans so loud it startles him, but Morgan just giggles and moves her head up and down on his cock. She begins to suck on it, feeling his cock pulse in her mouth. Just then, she pulls back and peels off her shirt and unhooks her bra, revealing her supple breasts. They’re bigger in person than they seemed, Kyle thinks, and he stares down at her firm breasts. He almost forgets about the blowjob until she inhales his dick once again, rubbing her right breast and squeezing her own nipple as she sucks him down.

He stares down his body at the lovely girl with his cock in her mouth as she sucks harder and faster now. He feels like if he allowed himself to, he could cum at any time. He brushes her cheek and says “baby, stand up.” He wasn’t ready to cum yet, he wanted to experience more of her. He kissed her deeply and moved his hands to her pants. She gasps as he unbuttons her pants and unzips them, kneeling down and sliding them off. Kneeled on the ground, he’s inches away from her smooth thighs and just a bit further up, her shaved pussy. He begins kissing her legs and she giggles, then walks over to the bed and sits down.

Smirking, Morgan gives him a come hither signal, and Kyle begins walking over. “Ahh ahh, no boxers,” Morgan states. Kyle smiles and removes his boxers and socks, standing there naked in front of this sexy young girl. He walks over to Morgan, who is now only in her cute pink panties, sitting on the edge of her bed. He kisses her deeply while rubbing her thighs, and he kisses down her body. He caresses her breasts as he’s been longing to do, softly nibbling her nipples. Morgan’s face becomes flushed as she moans; her nipples have been sensitive as long as she can remember. Kyle spends a few minutes kissing, nibbling, and sucking on her breasts before moving down past her tummy, her hips, and down to her thighs.

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