The screen flashed as a message popped up on her screen. Curious Paige, perused the window looking for some indication of the user on the other side. Then she read the message, “Gather these items, 1) Large jar of petroleum jelly, 2) Large bottle of Tobasco Sauce, 3) a Large carrot or Cucumber (Peel the carrot), 4) a small hand mirror, 5) respond to this message when you have all the items!

Paige thought it was wierd but she had nothing better to do… as she gathered the items around her desk computer she noticed she was feeling rather warm in her private parts. Wondering what her cohort was trying to do she responded to the message with a Smiley face and waited for ‘his’ response.

Shortly, another message popped up on her screen, “Remove all your clothes!”, thinking it was some wierdo she responded “Who is this?” and another message popped up “REMOVE ALL YOUR CLOTHES!” Paige decided that she could follow along without consequence believing she could not be seen by her partner she responded “Done.” Then a message came up “DO AS I TELL YOU SLUT! REMOVE ‘ALL’ YOUR CLOTHES!” This time, taking her time, Paige removed her clothes and sat in front of her computer before responding “Done” again.

Now a new message came up “Spread your legs WIDE.” She responded quickly “OK” then received another “DO IT NOW SLUT!”, Starting to feel rather uneasy she spread her legs. Before she could type anything the message changed to “WIDER”, so Paige spread her legs wider. The message changed to “Good” then quickly to “Petroleum jelly on index finger”. When she had the jell on her finger the message changed to “Rub on Clit” then “Do NOT CUM”. Paige quickly dabbed the jelly on her clit and waited for another message. A new message said “RUB ON CLIT but do NOT CUM!”. Deciding she couldn’t be caught she acquiesed and started rubbing her clit. The screen changed to “Do NOT CUM” so Paige reduced the pressure against her clit. “Boing” and a new message popped to the screen. “More Jelly” quickly followed by “Rub into Anus”. Quickly Paige reached for the Jar and gathered a Large gob on her finger, as she started towards her ass the message came up “Two fingers”, quickly Paige dipped her first two fingers in the jar and got a large dollop of Jelly which she quickly started rubbing into her anus. The screen said again “Do NOT CUM”.

A new message popped “Dip the carrot in the Petroleum Jelly, Small end first.” Paige grabbed the peeled carrot and covered it with the jelly as requested. Waiting for the next message she noticed the leakage from her CUNT was starting to drip onto her chair. The next message went “Boing” and she saw “Rub carrot through cunt” then “without cumming”. As she started to rub the carrot across her cunt the message changed to “Push it in!” so she slid it into her cunt, watching the screen the message said “Deeper” so she pushed it in as far as she could, now her cunt was dripping steadily, wetting her chair seat.

Now the message changed to “Push big end into anus” so Paige pulled it from her cunt and pushed the large end against her rosebud until it relented and it almost vanished. The message said “Cum NOW!” so Paige rubbed her clit until her orgasm exploded

The message said “Cover carrot with hot sauce” Then “rub clit with carrot”, followed by “NO CUMMING”, Paige pulled the carrot from her ass, wiped the shit off, splashed hot sauce on the end and started rubbing her clit with it. The pain was intense but so enjoyable she quickly stopped to prevent orgasm.

The message changed to “GOOD!” then “leave the cap off bottle” And then “push into cunt”. Paige considered this for a second before the message changed to “NOW!”, so Paige took the opened bottle of hot sauce, pushed it into her cunt waiting for the burn to start. The message now said “Lay on back, feet in air!”

Holding the bottle in her cunt with one hand she quickly laid on her back, pulling her feet up she felt the sauce run out of the bottle into her dripping cunt, the pain was excruciating but also exciting! Watching the screen to verify his instructions she saw the message change to “Put bottle in ass”. As she pulled the bottle out she noticed that it was only half full now. The pain in her cunt was washing over her pushing her body into greater throes of orgasm she quickly shoved the bottle deep into her asshole. She felt the warming liquid splash into her colon and she started moaning in pleasure, quickly changing to screams of pleasure.

The message now said simply “WHORE” Then “Wait for me to arrive.”

Paige luxuriated in these new feelings as she waited, laying on her back, feet up with a bottle of hot sauce in her ass. After 10 minutes she heard the door open to her office and she saw the well shod feet of her tormenter. He strode to the edge of her desk looking over the edge she finally saw her tormenter was Wally the Tech Admin.

Wally walked around the desk, grabbed her feet pulling them, and her bottom up into the air where she felt the rest of the hot sauce drain into her colon causing another orgasm. As she recovered from the latest abuse Wally yanked the bottle from her ass, poured the last few drops of sauce onto her clit which he rubbed in with his thumb. After one last shudder he pulled her onto her feet and helped her into her juice soaked office chair.

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