Stuart, wearing a diamante tiara, laid on his back and parted his legs, knees out breast-stroke style. He tossed the shiny rubber butt-plug onto the bed covers next to himself – for easy reach later.

Reaching down the left side of his naked length, his fingers sought around for the hose and eventually found it. The hose, secured to the bath tap 30 feet away through the open bathroom door, snaked over the tiles, then the bedroom carpet, then up onto the bed where he held it now in his fat hand. The hose was warm to the touch of his fingers from the water waiting inside of it.

The valve-head of the hose was connected to a short length of rubber tubing, open at the other end and forming a watertight seal around the plastic head of the hose. He pressed the trigger on the valve and a jet of warm water shot out through the end of the tube 2 feet away.

This was it.

His head and shoulders resting on two pillows, he arched over and reached down between his open thighs to his lubed anus, working his index and middle finger in and out as he relaxed and became aroused, feeling his limp cock ripple and twitch a little in response.

Then with the same two fingers he held open his twitching hole, while his other hand fed the end of the rubber tubing into his tight rectum. The tube, ribbed and half an inch in diameter, “tap tap tapped” as it moved inside and his rectum pulled tight around it. It caused a shallow erotic sensation to swim tenderly around his fat exposed balls.

His hole contracted into each groove, making him tense with sharp, delicious, aches every time the alien member was shoved further in, a fraction of an inch at a time, until it was three-or-so inches inside him and he could feel its stiff semi-hardness standing proud inside his ass.

He let go and relaxed his legs, letting them drop to the bed with a thud. His rectum cramped as the bounce reverberated over the mattress and reminded him with a stab of the pipe stretching the hole between his buttocks. His spine fuzzed with pleasure and he rubbed his puffy balls hard in delight.

The anal tube ran up between his thick thighs and over his flabby stomach. Stuart was overweight for his 5 feet 4 inches, almost obese, but not quite. His man-breasts – a good hand-full each – fit a c-cup bra, and he kept a pink lace one in his bathroom cupboard with his maternity panties and his breast pump.

He longed to be pregnant. Not to be a woman. Not at all. He liked lady-things; pretty lace shifts, tiaras, panties, bras. But he was a macho gay man’s gay man and a happy transvestite.

As a man, he wanted to be pregnant.

He wanted to grow round and heavy. Feel his flabby stomach grow hard and tight. Until he couldn’t disguise it any longer and he began to show.

- his cock grew harder at the thought. Moving his hands to cradle his stomach as a pregnant woman would. Rubbing himself -

He wanted to waddle around with his enormous impregnated belly, perfectly spherical out in front of him, forcing his straining hips apart,

- he reached for his cock and began to jerk it around -

he longed to feel his weighty abdomen push outward, growing huge, the skin tightening. Limping down the street with people pointing and staring, and bright purple-red stretch marks scarring his unbearably pregnant bump and he passed 7 months, 8 months, 9…

- he pulled at his member, then pushed his stiffening dick down into his ball-sack, grinding it around roughly, making shallow thrusts with his hips -

…9 months with triplets, quads, quints …octuplets! Too big to walk and still growing. Barely able to waddle to the bathroom, his back aching, and his cock throbbing under the pressure and cumming constantly. The lumpy, creamy mess rubbing into his engorged thighs. Stuart saw himself bedridden by his monster pregnancy, lying there naked with his stomach as high as his chin, and his legs pushed out and hurting beneath him. The whole ugly weight of it pushing down on his bladder making him piss himself in public, on the bus, at work, and the pressure on his groin making his fat dick constantly hard and sore.

- he pulled the trigger in the hose and the warm water began to fill up inside his anal chamber -

He would have to wear maternity clothes to go out. His pregnancy causing him to walk in pain clutching his pregnant belly with his legs apart as he dilated too soon. People pointing, jeering and taking pictures. His family disgusted and embarrassed at their heavily pregnant son. The mixture of erotic sexual satisfaction and abject shame. His breasts growing pendulous and milky, leaking through his bras, making big wet stains and causing people to look away, hurry by and avoid eye-contact with him, and pretend they hadn’t seen him laboriously waddling toward them, his massive breasts soaked, pendulous and drooping either side of his obscene impregnated belly, and cum streaming down his legs.

He was fully hard now and his anus was full. He kept the trigger down and the water pressure built steadily.

“Oh, oh, oh, o…”

With a ripping pain the water pressure broke through into his bowels and poured in. His Belly rising higher, he reached down, but he could no longer touch his dick. It ached for him to masturbate it but his abdomen now prevented him as he felt it swell up.

He looked 7 months gone.

The pressure was immense, and the ripping sensation made him cry out in distress at the same time as the pressure of his expanding lower abdomen pushed against his erection and down into his legs between his groin, bringing him toward orgasm. His legs were forced apart to relieve some of the pressure, he opened them wide like a woman going into labor and gyrated his hips as if he were being bred. He was clutching his knees tight as the pushing in his abdomen made his pelvis ache and strain under the increasing weight as the litres forced their way into him.

He swelled to over 9 months pregnant. He stopped bucking and lay propped up on his pillows and watched his view disappear behind his straining pregnancy. The weight of what felt like a bath-full of water pushed down on his lungs and organs so hard that Stuart thought he might pass out from the pain.

He turned the water off and lay there beneath his impregnated mass. He could feel his penis and testicles swollen and throbbing so hard that his groin jumped.

Stuart rolled onto his side and the weight of his perverse anti-natal mass dragged him over. His breasts wobbling around on top. Running his arm down his side and around his buttocks he reached for the tube and delicately pulled it out. Tensing his rectum so that only a little water came out with it, he braced himself, grabbed the rubber butt-plug and holding his breath with his eyes closed, he rammed it through his sphincter.

He SCREAMED out in agony as his anal wall rejected the plug’s indelicate advance, and his rectum pulled tight, causing his already horribly distended abdomen to violently contract. Pain shot through him and he shook like a leaf; his belly so heavy that his body could not find any other outlet for the agony. He thought he might vomit.

His cock, pushed down by his monster pregnancy, thudded into him again and again, and he began to climax. Although it brutally ripped at his distended pregnant belly, he uncontrollably thrust his pelvis back and forth repeatedly, with increasing violence. His thrusts causing him to writhe on the mattress like a man possessed, his hands clutching tight to his brutalised impregnated stomach. The sensation in his groin was beyond belief but only just outweighing the torturous aching contractions that the thrusting was causing in his self-made tumor.

it was too much, jerking around uncontrollably, he orgasmed in pure ecstasy, as he violently writhed about, screamed and cried out, tears in his red eyes from his the agonising convulsions in his distended impregnation. Cum spurting out and landing in a sticky mess all over himself and across the sheets. He rubbed his thighs around in it, unable to reach to caress himself.

The orgasm gone and his body still twicthing, Stuart lay there tenderly stroking his pregnancy for ages. Until the pain subsided enough for him to move. He tried to push himself up to sitting but he couldn’t bend at all. The pregnancy was too huge.

He slowly worked himself to the edge of the bed, feeling the cold damp cum-patch wet his backside. He dropped his chubby legs over the end, and after a few attempts, levered himself to his feet.

He waddled his way painfully to the bathroom, using the dresser and the chair to support him, quickly moving his hands back to support the incredible weight of his watery mass crushing down on his groin. He leaned back to counterbalance, and one step at a time, crying out in pain, manoeuvred himself painfully into the bathroom needing to piss, his semi-flaccid penis becoming once-more erect with the sight and feel of his distended impregnation.

He sat down on the toilet opposite the full-length mirror, his penis dangling in the space below, and admired himself, stroking his pregnancy harder and harder. Stuart reached with one hand into the cabinet and took out his bra, taking both hands and hurriedly putting it on before he climaxed again.

Caressing his breasts with one hand and his distended monster impregnation with the other he started to grind back and forth, pushing and bumping his throbbing, swelling cock on the edge of the toilet seat and down the side of the bowl. He drove himself like a locomotive, crying out in aching pains as his pregnant belly contracted and his sphincter stretched tight around the plug; all the while he caressed and rubbed on his tits and thrust his pulsating cock hard into the seat, bringing himself toward orgasm.

Then with one massive effort he screamed out, “Oh fucking Christ! Help, somebody! I’m going into labor!” as he grabbed hold of his knees, lifting his feet off the tiled floor, he gritted his teeth, took a deep breath and pushed down into his anal cavity with all his energy.


The pain was the most excruciating he had ever felt. Every part of him stabbed, ached, contracted and shook in agony as the pressure in his rectum fired the butt-plug out of him, and his whole torso contracted, exploding his cock in orgasmic rapture, the pain making him cry like a baby, as the river of water gushed out of his spasming anus.

Water and shit went everywhere, overflowing the bowl as Stuart jolted in fits of orgasm on the toilet, cumming all over himself in orgasm after violent orgasm, he grabbed his penis, leaned back and wanked it to the finish.

He looked ahead into the mirror, at the overweight, recently-pregnant transvestite staring back at him. He slouched there, one hand on his flabby abdomen, the other cradling his cock, his little tits drooping, still wearing his tiara and his bra.

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