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She did it! Or more accurately we did it. My wife reluctantly went down the road of no return. She is now a total slut! I encouraged her to be the slut she is today because of my own personal needs of perverse pleasure I derived from seeing people fuck in front of me. I figured my wife would be the best to watch since I lusted after her the most. Kim is a petite woman that married the only man she allowed to penetrate her young innocent body, me. She wanted her body penetrated so badly but wished to stay a virgin until her wedding night, so she presented her fine ass to me during a date one evening when parked in seclusion. Getting to fuck a girl and cum in her virgin ass is an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. Kim’s pussy stayed devoid of cock until only a few months before we married. That was then, now she admits to being a sex toy and fuck slut to nearly anyone who desires her succulent charms. I have allowed and helped many men seduced Kim over the years. I brought them home to fuck her and she’s had many, many loads of cum pumped deep into her orifices while moaning and begging for more. She just can’t help it. Her personality just wouldn’t allow her to cause a scene or hurt anyones feelings by rejecting them. Even if the price was getting sperm pumped between her legs.

Read the true account of Kim being seduced for the first time by me and friends in “Good Girl Gone Better” for the whole torrid seduction and remember to vote high.

Don’t get me wrong I love my wife more now than ever and she loves me unconditionally. That said, my fantasy for years has always been to watch her having sex with others while I watch. She has let strangers have their way with her young looking petite body using her for their own lustful desires. My wife has succumbed to men’s lust of using her as a fuck toy and she loves it when it happens. Kim has always been a submissive woman who deep inside yearns to be taken sexually. Rememer this when you think she is being an unwilling participant. She has her own kinks as well. It’s something inside of her that succumbs to a man’s touch even though she knows it’s wrong for a wife and mother to do so. She always says no in the beginning and begs never again afterwords but during the torrid act she turns into a wanton slut rolling her eyes into the back of her head while climaxing in orgasm after orgasm while cocks, fingers and tongues eat, lick, suck, penetrate and pound her sweet not so innocent body.

She’s been with guys 10 years younger and men 10 years older. She’s been fucked in the throat until made to swallow the full load of cum right after he pulls out of her snatch, tasting her own juices mingling with his. She’s been fucked in her pussy and ass and triple penetrated with a cock in her mouth, ass and cunt while getting filled with loads of cum at the same time and always begging for more during the affair.

To her a cock is a cock and she loves them all. To her size does matter. The small ones for her ass, the big ones for her pussy. It takes her a whole month to finally realize what she did was morally wrong while her hormones return to normal. All the while I’m reaping the benefits of her insatiable lust for another six months or so. She has learned to relax enough now that she can squirt when stimulated correctly. Just keep a lot of towels around.

I always loved watching sex in movies and porn but always knew that the actresses if you want to call them that had other things on their minds other than getting impaled again and again by a big cock that barely fits into their holes. If you look closely the cocks are not even wet from the sluts pussy, thats because she’s not even turned on. Are they hot looking? Of course. Thats their job.

I love to watch the true excitement and lust of real people going at it in real life like it should be with no pauses to take pictures or to wipe her privates with a baby wipe.

I finally did get my way when I watched Kim get seduced and fucked hard by friends and strangers. (read the other story)

The only thing that Kim had not done was taste another woman. Although she did end up sucking cock of another guy that had just come home from having sex with his girlfriend. A lover was allowed to take Kim to his place after a session of hot sex between the two so he could continue to have his way with her. His stunned room mate brother came home to find her naked in their kitchen. He had his girls pussy taste on his dick when big brother told her to suck his cock so he could join in. She did say years earlier in the heat of the moment that she would let a woman go down on her if the chance arose but would never eat a pussy. So having a taste was key to our success.

But of course thats not all I wanted to see. I wanted Kim to submit to a girl. Letting her eat her pussy for as long as it took to make her orgasm. To lick her cunt deep and long until she came and came so hard that she would do ANYTHING to get touched by anybody anywhere on her hot tender body. I wanted her eyes to roll into the top of her head while pulling another females face deeper into her wet pussy not releasing her until she was good and finished with her very wet orgasms.

In came Katie, the new wife of Danny, one of the men that actually fucked Kim in the first story. The man I am referring to is a former co-worker that I brought over so he could sample Kim’s incredible oral skills. She was having cyber sex with a total stranger while playing with herself when we arrived. She knew he was coming over and agreed ONLY to giving a blowjob. At the time Kim’s kink was rubbing cum into her nipples with cock. She agreed to letting him cum on her tits so she could rub his sperm into her succulent breasts and tender nipples. I was told that she would agree only to taking her shirt and bra off so he could cum on her chest but her pants had to stay on! But within a short period of time, Danny was between her spread legs penetrating her vagina with his freshly sucked cock fucking away at her open and naked body. She got laid by him several times after that encounter and she enjoyed many loads of his cum deposited straight into her mouth, onto her tongue and down her throat along with many creampies mostly in her ass but also inside her pussy. He had a smaller dick with large balls that spewed huge loads of jizz that turned her on to the point of being eager to swallow. I don’t recall her ever rubbing his cum into her nipples. I doubt it ever escaped her sucking mouth.

Everyone else around us all thought she was the perfect wife and mother. So innocent and pure that the even the thought of her having sexual thoughts would never have even been conceived. She would go to church Sunday morning having just been gangbanged the night before.

The fact was that most of the time when Kim was being fucking by Danny. His girlfriend at the time was usually waiting for him somewhere not knowing that her boyfriend was dipping into a married woman’s tunnel. A few times she was just 20 feet away in the house while Kim was milking his cock with her incredible mouth literally drinking from the manhood of another. Kim loved the idea that he shaved his balls so she could take them into her mouth and soak them with her hot tongue. She loved that he was the size that she could deepthroat or bend over and present her ass which she often did.

Girlfriend Katie was another petite girl with small tits and a small compact muscular ass. She was good in the sack but being only 19 lacked Kim’s experience.

After fucking my wife. Danny eventually had the nerve to actually tell his girlfriend that he was having sex with a married woman and that it was only for the sex and experience of it. He liked the idea of my sharing Kim with others and was wanting to bring up the subject of swapping and his fetish for group sex.

Katie was pissed at first. She went a bit overboard to get back at him, letting her male cousin and female cousin have a 3-way with her without him being present. She went out and got herself fucked and eaten just to spite Danny. Cousin or not, I’m sure the guy was just happy to get some pussy much less two at the same time.

Danny informed me that he told Katie about us but was not willing to give up a good thing. As long as I was okay with him having sex with my wife he wasn’t going to stop. He continued to come back more and more for my girls mouth and body until Kim put a stop to it, telling him that it was about time he got serious with his relationship with his own girl. But of course she waited to tell him until after he pumped her full of his cum in all three holes in one night. Oh to be that young again.

Katie eventually found out that the pussy taste on his cock was of my sweet wife’s. She knew of at least two separate occasions that she had licked the mixture of Kim’s juices and his cum off his dick without her realizing. Kim never new that Katie had found this out until…

Several years later after Kim and I decided to settle down, Danny called. He wanted to meet to get caught up on current events. We met at his place where he told me the whole story about him and Katie and what had transpired the previous few years. Danny told me how he had also succeeded in convincing his wife to take other lovers as long as he was the one who controlled the situation. (sidenote: do we really believe the girls are seduced by us or are they just happy to be sexually free?) Unlike me and Kim he shared in the fruits of other women separately while at the same time setting up dates for Katie to spread her legs for other men. One night about six months ago two guys were tag teaming her and having her suck her own juices off their wet cocks. She mentioned to Danny that she was curious about the taste of a woman first hand. Unlike Kim, Katie was a willing participant in the affairs. She was suggesting to him that he set up a lesbian encounter for her so she could go down on a beautiful woman and feel her lips touch and taste another girls pussy. After her cousin encounter she never engaged in any sex directly with another woman but the more she tasted different pussy off of Danny’s cock the more she was willing to try the real thing. He would come home after fucking some woman only to have Katie waiting to suck the sluts juice off his dick. I say the women were sluts because most of them were also married and the husbands usually didn’t know what Danny was doing with their wife. Katie herself was usually the one introducing the women to him. Danny got a liking for married women after Kim and couldn’t get enough. Married women are much more open and willing to do things that they wouldn’t usually do even with their own husbands.

Danny told me that he wanted Katie to lick some pussy and since Kim’s flavor was her first, he wanted to know if I was game to making it happen. I of course told him to set it up.

Danny finally asked Katie if she remembered her first pussy she tasted from his dick. He asked if she would be willing to let a married woman be her second lesbian encounter and asked if Kim could be that person. Katie had seen Kim and of course new that it was her that was screwing around with her then boyfriend but Kim had never met Katie. She smiled and said yes, admitting that it turned her on knowing that Kim did not know who Katie was.

The problem was again getting Kim to open up to the idea of her having sex with yet another. We decided on the more direct approach. Since we figured she was an easy lay anyway we set it up. We figured once a slut always a slut.

When the time was right and Kim was turned on by me being buried inside her snatch. I mentioned that Danny had called and wanted to get together with both of us so he could show off his wife. I asked her if she remembered when she was getting fucked by Danny that he had a girlfriend? I informed Kim that he had married the girl. While thrusting into her from behind I reminded her that Danny back then was having Katie suck Kim’s juice off his dick after they fucked.

I could tell that Kim was remembering the times when Danny had finished fucking her, he would go to his girlfriend right after and have sex with her.

Kim did know that she was helping him cheat on his girlfriend with her body just so he could get more pussy on the side. Kim also has real skills in the oral department and he didn’t want to give her mouth up.

Katie was no slacker either. A sexy blonde with just fuck me eyes and a strong sexual appetite. She was as hot as they come with lips to lust after.

Kim was by no means innocent either. She enjoyed every thrusting, gulping minute of his affair. But even at the time, Kim was tormented by the idea that she could be the cause of a break up.

Every time Danny would come over or she would see him, her common sense mind would close down and her sensual submissive side would open wide. Eventually her legs would follow.

One time when Danny and Katie had a date, Danny had the nerve to tell her that he needed to pick something up at my house. He asked her to stay in the car so he could run up to get it. He came into the house saying that he only had five minutes and wanted to last longer that night with Katie. I knew he was coming and told her to help him out. Kim fell to the her knees by a window and proceeded to suck his cock until he shot another sticky load down her throat. He thanked her, zipped up and ran out the door.

After telling Kim about Danny’s call. She was very unsure of my objective. I lied telling her that Katie did not know anything about their sexual escapades therefore did not know it was her pussy she had tasted.

I had told Kim years ago that Danny had been sharing their mixture of sexual juices with his girlfriend after they fucked. She also knew about Katie’s lesbian affair with her cousin.

My goal telling this was more to get sex on her mind and making her sexually nervous. The date was set for Saturday night.

She was a basket case for the next few days and I’m sure her affair with Danny never left her mind. Kim was scared that her slutty side would come out again if she saw him so she told me that this had better not be a trick to let someone get into her pants because she was done with that lifestyle.

The night before they came over I had two fingers inside Kim when I flat out told her that Danny had fantasized about Katie being with another woman again so he could watch her taste another pussy while he got behind her and fucked her pussy pushing her face into that girls box.

I looked into Kim’s eyes and told her that it would be so hot watching Katie go down on her while we watched.

Kim looked shocked and asked what I meant. The conversation didn’t go very far since I was about to give her a very wet squirting orgasm. For some reason she didn’t bring the subject up afterwords and neither did I.

When they arrived Saturday you could cut the tension with a knife. Danny walked up to Kim giving her a full body hug while kissing her on the cheek. Katie shook her hand and told her that Danny had talked about her so much when they were dating which made Kim all of a sudden look white as a sheet. She probably wondered if Katie knew that Kim was Danny’s fuck toy a few years back.

The conversation was pretty normal up until an hour later while we were showing the two around the outside property. Kim had relaxed and went inside to get a drink. Danny followed saying that he was thirsty also.

Once inside Danny told her that it was good to see her again and missed their time together. He asked if she missed it also. If Kim was nervous before, this certainly didn’t help. She was still hoping this was all a prank. Her mind was all mixed up and didn’t answer so he walked up giving her a kiss on her lips slipping his tongue inside her mouth making Kim’s knees buckle. She didn’t know what to do but came to her senses in time pushing her hand on his chest telling him that they were both married so there was no way anything like that was going to happen.

Danny let her go saying that he missed the feel of her lips and just wanted to experience them again. He told her that it would be a shame not to feel them wrapped around his cock again after so much time. He said that Katie developed into quite a cock sucker herself but there was no replacing having a woman that is married to another man in front of you on her knees willingly sucking your cock. Kim didn’t say a word but was shocked and wet at the same time. The drink in her hand was now shaking.

Outside Katie had ideas of her own. She told me that I had a hot wife and that she would love to get with her later.

She said that Danny told her everything about our relationship saying that she always wanted to meet the woman that Danny had been sleeping with back then. I told her that they did very little sleeping when they were together. Katie laughed asking if I thought Kim would be interested in visiting her wild side tonight with Danny and her? I certainly hoped so.

She asked me why I had not been with other women while my wife was whoring around fucking other girls men. So, Katie thought my wife was a whore after all. She sounded a little bitter but I couldn’t exactly defend the statement. My wife had been with so many other men sexually since she married. A couple men had, after all, paid for her services. I told her that I was a voyeur and my wish was to watch Kim in the heat of passion and that I was satisfied with our relationship.

Katie said that I was sweet but it was a shame that I didn’t get some pussy of my own. Now it was me who was shocked.

She took my hand walking around the corner of the house so we couldn’t be seen by the other two. She looked into my eyes while undoing her shirt to her waist asking if I saw anything I wanted. I didn’t say a word but knew what needed to happen. With her shirt open I could see her sexy tan line on her silky tits just above her lacy bra. She told me that we only had 5 minutes so we’d better hurry.

Remembering the time that Danny only had “five minutes” I told her that “I guess he really did tell you everything”. She proceeded to drop to her knees and take down my pants. stroking my now hard cock while telling me what I already knew. That I had a pretty well built sex toy and that she intended to use it just like Danny had used my wife.

I asked her if her skills were as good as Kim’s. She just smiled and took my cock into her mouth and started sucking like a starving woman. I was in heaven as this good looking fox knelt in front of me and sucked my cock, obviously wanting to work it to the finish. I reached into her bra rubbing her fine breasts and gently pinching her hard nipples while she brought me to the brink of no return. Five minutes wasn’t going to be a problem.

At that moment I understood why Danny loved blow jobs from Kim so much. It feels different when someone else’s wife has her lips wrapped around your cock. She just kept sucking and stroking until I told her I was going to cum. She pulled out and told me that it would only be fair if she swallowed my load since Kim was getting a drink of her own. With that she stuffed as much cock as she could down her throat while my cum blasted into her mouth forcing her to swallow every spurt. She licked up the last drop and I told her we had better get into the open. She informed me that we shouldn’t rush since Kim was likely doing the same thing if she is the slut that Danny portrayed.

I guess I should’ve known that Danny was trying to seduce Kim while inside the house. I guess Kim really was getting a drink.

Kim turned away from Danny and started walking outside when he grabbed her shoulders from the back. He gently pulled her closer to his chest, gently running his finger tips down her arms up her waist to her shoulders and down the nape of her neck until his finger tips were stroking her cleavage. Kim turned slightly and leaned forward loosing her balance as her emotions rushed through her body. Her head dropping towards the floor.

He told her not to worry, that Katie would keep her husband busy for a few minutes not realizing that he was telling her that Katie was probably sucking my cock by now.

Danny ran his hands around to her back giving her a slight massage on her sexually tense muscles. He walked into her making sure his now engorged prick touched between her ass cheeks. Danny pulled her shoulders back pushing his loins into the crack of her ass gently at first then grinding the two lovers together. His hands went down her back and towards the front under her blouse against her skin until his hands gripped her small but firm breasts and massaged them as if they were precious fruits.

He started kissing Kim’s neck and ears while telling her to touch his cock. She kept shaking her head no but did nothing to stop the assault on her betrothed body. He kept asking her questions like “do you remember when the first time you sucked my cock”. “Did you like it when I shoved my dick up your ass”. “Remember the time when my girlfriend almost caught us in the bathroom at your husbands work?” “You just kept sucking me until she left”

She would nod her head yes to each question and realized she was loosing the battle of what she had left of her virtue. He pushed her towards the floor to her knees and told her to open his zipper and take out his cock. When she refused he took it out himself and rubbed it against her cheeks. She had her eyes closed when she felt his hands on her head guiding her until his cock slid between her open lips. He was fucking Kim’s mouth with his wife right outside knowing that Katie at the moment must be getting ready to swallow a load herself.

He saw a shadow come from around the corner near a window. Looking out he saw his wife come into view. Danny and Katie looked at each other while she mouthed “where is Kim?”. He pointed down at his crotch while moving back and forth in a fucking motion. Katie smiled and brushed off her knees telling Danny that everything was going to plan so far.

Seconds later Kim felt the first spurt of cum hit the back of her throat. Every naughty thing that she had done in her past came back to her. Her eyes went into the back of her head as she grabbed his spurting cock, stroking out every last drop of the familiar flavor of a past lovers cum and swallowed it all down her throat sending it into her stomach. In her mind she was yelling at herself telling her what a slut she was and asking why could she not stop being an easy target.

When she was finished sucking him dry, she started crying saying that they should not have done this. Danny picked her up and told her that it was our little secret. He grabbed her firm ass with one hand and with the other aggressively cupped her pussy. He looked into her teared up eyes and told her that he wanted to fuck her later and said that he was glad that she was still a slut. He released her and walked out into the backyard smiling at his wife. He then came to me to ask how I was being treated by Katie.

I told him that she also had skills and thanked him for the present. Danny said I was going to get more than I anticipated for the rest of the night as long as Kim cooperated. Asking how it went with Kim, he suggested I don’t kiss her lips unless I wanted a taste of what she got.

Kim finally got herself together and came outside but looked and acted confused and turned on at the same time. I asked her if she got her drink. She looked at Danny then to the floor telling me yes she did. She had no idea that Katie had the same drink moments ago.

After some more small talk we all decided to watch a movie. Kim suggested we watch one from the DVR since we didn’t have any sexual movies recorded that she could be seduced to. I instead hit play on the blu-ray. Kim was embarrassed again when two girls started making out right in front of her on the screen. Katie asked her if she ever kissed another girl like they were doing for the camera. She just looked away and didn’t answer. Katie told her that it looks like the most sensual act a woman can do.

Kim, trying to escape the situation developing, suggested we play cards at the table. She thought anything would be better than this so we all went into the other room and played some games not turning off the movie that we had set to repeat. We could all clearly hear the sounds of sex in the other room. After a short time, Danny got up and said he wanted to see what was happening on the t.v screen. He grabbed Katie and took her to the other room with him. A minute later I took Kim’s hand leading her to the room with her slightly trying to pull away. Right in front of us, Katie and Danny were making out like teenagers, giving each other open mouth wet kisses. Kim just stood there in disbelief watching the site before her. We sat down across from them and I watched the act before us while Kim tried to look away but every direction she looked a couple was either making out on her couch or fucking on the t.v. and of course she couldn’t get away from the sounds of hardcore sex coming from the movie before her. When Danny started fondling Katie’s tits Kim couldn’t take anymore. She got up to go into a bedroom and would not come out.

I personally had only watched Kim have sex with others. Watching another attractive petite woman get played with was a huge treat and so was the bulge in my pants.

The scene on the couch was heating up more and more as he got under her skirt into her panties and fingered her sex for awhile until she was almost cumming giving her courage for the next step. I could literally smell the sex in the air and hear her wet pussy sloshing with his fingers.

Katie got up telling us to stay put. She was going to talk to Kim and would call us when the time was right. She knocked on the bedroom door asking if she could come inside. Since Kim didn’t think Katie knew anything, she let her in so she could spill the beans to her.

About 20 minutes later Dan and I started wondering what was taking so long and got up to check on them. After all, two guys watching a porno together was not the best situation to be in. We couldn’t hear anything coming from the room so we tried to enter. They had locked it!! How dare they. We knocked but got no response so we went outside to the window and could barely make them out.

Katie was standing behind Kim who was sitting in a chair. We couldn’t see everything but it looked as if Katie was rubbing Kim’s shoulders while giving little kisses behind her ear. Katie then took Kim’s hand and kissed down her arm until she was sucking into her mouth the wedding ring that I gave her. They stood up and walked the four feet to the bed and I noticed her top two buttons were undone. They were facing sideways to us now so we had a good view of the seduction that was obviously taking place.

Katie got behind Kim again and started rubbing her shoulders trying to relax her so she could take advantage of this slut that had fucked her boyfriend a few years earlier without any regard to her. Katie had tasted the mixture of Kim’s juices and her boyfriends cum before and now wanted the real thing. She wondered to herself if Kim had ever tasted the juices of another woman before and wondered what it would be like to have Kim between her open thighs licking at her vagina spreading her lips and feeling her tongue slide between her moistening slit. Kim looked so innocent but Katie knew better.

Katie reached around and down Kim’s blouse while kissing her neck and shoulders whispering words of seduction while undoing the rest of the buttons down to her waist pulling her shirt out of her tight pants that guarded the prize.

Kim let her head fall back, closing her eyes and letting her mouth fall open while Katie reached for and caressed her tender breasts through her bra, feeling them and checking the size and firmness to compare with her own. They were about the same size breasts so she wondered if Danny thought about Kim when they made love in their own bed.

Katie saw that Kim’s mouth had fallen open and took the opportunity to slide her wet tongue inside of the woman. Kim felt her lips being licked and was shaken out of her hypnosis slightly but soon realized that she was powerless to stop this perversion. Kim closed her eyes again and let this girl 9 years younger kiss her deeply. They started slow and became more aggressive as the kissing heated up. Eventually Katie encouraged Kim to lay down on the bed as they were kissing like girls in heat. Not just regular kissing and not pornstar kissing. They were kissing slow and passionately. Kim would lay there with her eyes closed trying to block out the passion that was taking place between her legs all the while wanting to be kissed more and more. The two lovers became hotter and more passionate as they continued. Shoving each others tongues as far down each others throat as they could sucking them like tiny wet cocks. Kim had her arms around Katie and was not realizing how much she was enjoying the sexual touching Katie was giving her, caressing her tits and ass as they kissed. Katie undid Kim’s shirt completely and now had her hands under her bra against her soft supple skin.

Danny and I must have looked like the biggest dorks alive. Both our mouths hanging open, eyes as big as saucers peeking inside a bedroom window while our girls were inside making love with their kisses. We finally came out of our own hypnosis and went inside to see if we could join in.

We knocked on the door and Katie came out saying that she had to talk to us. She told us that she could get Kim to do whatever we wanted but she wanted to be in charge. She told us that she wanted to see how Danny used to fuck his whore and wanted to eat Kim’s pussy before and after he shot his load inside of her.

Katie went into the bedroom bringing Kim out with her. Her eyes had glazed over and had the look of lust in her eyes. Everyone was still fully dressed at this point except for Kim’s open shirt and now missing bra.

Katie said she wanted to see Danny and Kim dance together. I put some soft music on so they could dance to a slow song but instead Katie grabbed her own husband and started to dance with him telling me to dance with Kim for a while.

Kim just put her head onto my shoulder and whispered that she was so turned on that no matter what I said, there was no way for her to stop what we had started and told me that whatever happened I should enjoy myself without guilt. I told her that I had no intention of stopping and started rubbing her bare chest pinching her hard nipples that always lead to a moist pussy.

Kim was moaning to my touch as she was then guided into Danny’s arms. Danny proceeded to pull Kim into his body as if she was his, knowing that soon she would be.

Neither Danny nor I could understand how this turned around to Katie being in charge but we were willing to go with it. After all, Katie was the one who got cheated on by this woman and she wanted her tasty revenge.

Katie was now pressed up into my body dancing and grinding her hips into mine while she watched the other two dance closely. She started giving direction by telling Danny to kiss Kim on the neck and up to her ear and telling Kim to do the same.

“Roam over her hips, kiss the nape of her neck, touch her ass.” “Does she still have a nice ass Danny?” “suck her tits”. Finally she told him to shove his entire tongue down Kim’s throat and “kiss her like the whore she was.” If Kim resented those words she didn’t show it. After all, she had only a little while ago sucked her husbands cock and swallowed his cum supposedly without her knowledge. She was also dancing intimately with Katie’s husband with her shirt being dropped to the floor. Anyone who didn’t know Kim would certainly call her a whore if they saw her.

Danny looked over at me with my arms around his wife and noticed Katie had her hand on my very stiff package rubbing my cock. His wife was feeling me up right in front of him. To catch up to the lovers I removed Katie’s shirt and sexy bra while the sound of sex was still coming from the television keeping Kim’s ears tuned to the sound of hardcore fucking and off her moral standards.

Katie broke off our embrace and walked over to Kim getting behind her with her bare chest against Kim’s back. She slid her hard supple nipples across my loves super soft skin while reaching around to cup her breasts for her husband. She egged him on telling him to lick them, suck them, make sure to give both equal attention. Kim loved her nipples sucked hard and was lost to the attention she was receiving.

Katie turned her around and aggressively started kissing her and feeling her up like she was a man fresh out of prison not caring who it was or how she got satisfaction. While Kim had been in several sexual situations with other people, she had never been so turned on.

Danny, while behind her, unclasped Kim’s pants pulling them down without any resistance along with her wet panties. Now she stood their naked to the world. I stripped Katie down so both girls were nude completely. Two feminine body’s touching and sliding over each other, mouths kissing and sucking, diamond hard nipples almost cutting into each others flesh. Kim was in a different world by now. I doubt if she even knew what was really happening.

Katie broke off and took Kim’s hand leading her to the bedroom. We all followed as they both fell into each other arms on the bed rolling around like long lost lovers. Kim not caring that she was with another woman with others watching. She just wanted it. Whatever “it” was.

Katie by now had two fingers sloshing around inside her preys velvety soft pussy and was licking, kissing and biting her way down Kim’s tits and stomach until she reached the pot of gold between her legs. She asked Kim if she remembered fucking her boyfriend and leaving him with her cum on his cock for Katie to clean off. Kim through half closed eyes nodded yes admitting to her affair with Danny. Katie asked her if she was ready to complete her transformation to a total slut by being tasted and eaten by another woman. Kim just looked in her eyes nodding slightly while Katie told her that this time “I’m going to get the real thing. Not just a taste off my husbands recently fucked cock”. Katie was not gentle as she dove for Kim’s pussy, tasting her flowing juices with the flat of her tongue fully for the first time. This time it was Katie rolling her eyes back as she was totally in the heat of the moment. Katie had also never been so turned on. She grabbed Kim’s hips pulling her into her mouth so she could devour this woman that had succumbed to the passion presented to her. Kim grabbed Katie’s hair and pulled her into her willing pussy until she burst with a toe curling orgasm moaning “eat my pussy” “don’t stop”. We thought she would bring in the neighbors with her screaming.

Danny and I were again zombies, watching in awe at what was happening before us. We had never seen so much passion between two women before and it was real. Then again we had never seen two women have lesbian sex in person before either. Katie got up onto the bed and had Kim straddle her head so she could feast on Kim’s pussy while she sucked Danny’s dick. Although the real reason was so Kim would be facing Katie’s womanhood for the next stage of her debauchery.

Katie ordered me between her legs telling Kim that I was going to eat her pussy since I had never indulged myself while Kim was out acting like a slut to the world fucking anybody that I presented to her. She asked Kim what she was.

“What do you mean”

“What is a woman called who fucks other women’s men”? She demanded.

“A slut”

“What are you”?

“I’m a slut, I’m a slut. Yes, I’m a slut. I want it.

“What do you want”?

“All of it”!

Since Kim had Katie’s husbands cock inside of her mouth she couldn’t have denied it anyway.

Kim looked at me and told me to eat Katie’s pussy. I didn’t argue and indulged in her aroma and flavor. Kim, while sucking Danny put her hand on the back of my head and pulled me to Katie’s pussy, encouraging her own husband to taste another woman’s juices while she ground her own cunt down onto her first woman’s mouth.

I went down on Katie’s throbbing cunt and ate for all I was worth. She tasted like she had eaten strawberries before she came over and both Danny and I were was going to supply the cream later on. Her pussy tasted great. Katie was so wet that I could see beads of pussy cum running down her ass out of her pussy. Katie told me to rub my face into her cunt so I could get nice and wet.

After a few minutes of this great dish and an intense orgasm by Katie. She pushed Kim forward so Kim was close to my pussy wet face. I reached for her and started kissing Kim hard shoving my tongue into her mouth giving her the first taste of a woman besides her own.

After Kim’s orgasm subsided she realized what was happening and pulled back away not sure if she wanted this or not. She was not a lesbian and had no urge to taste another pussy but neither was Katie a true lesbian. She hesitated for only a moment to take in the flavor of her first taste. She then kissed me back hard. She sucked my tongue and even licked my face, cleaning me of Katie’s juices. There was no turning back now. Moments ago she said she wanted it all and now she was going to get it.

I moved out of the way while the two women stayed in a 69 position with Kim on top and Katie still fingering and licking Kim’s pussy from below until Katie rolled them both over so Katie was now on top with her tight ass in the air telling her husband to fuck her.

Danny got on his knees behind his wife with Katie’s wet pussy only inches from Kim’s mouth and slid his hard cock into his wife’s freshly eaten pussy. Danny fucked his wife slowly so he wouldn’t cum for a few minutes then pretended to slip out and hit Kim in the face with his pussy soaked cock. Kim tried to escape the wetness but it landed against her mouth forcing her to taste even more of Katie’s pussy. Danny shoved it back inside Katie only for her to tell Kim to open her mouth so she could suck her cum off his cock like she did so many times after she fucked Danny.

Kim either didn’t know what was coming or didn’t care. Danny pulled out a very wet shaft and shoved it into Kim’s mouth. She didn’t miss a beat as she sucked him down without hesitation not caring what the flavor.

Kim suddenly shocked me and told me to fuck Katie so she could suck her off my dick. I wasn’t going to argue as I looked for approval from Danny. He told me to go for it and I sank a much bigger cock into his insatiable wife’s cunt.

Katie’s language was something else. She kept telling Kim what a slut she was and how much of a whore she must be to let this happen. Kim simply told Danny to fuck her and told us to do whatever we wanted to her.

Now both of us had the others wife’s pussy wrapped around our cocks milking us with their incredibly tight pussy muscles while the girls were eating each others well fucked pussy and sucking our wet pussy coated cocks between lunges.

Kim gave in completely and put her whole mouth on Katie’s cunt while grabbing her ass and hips while stroking my cock. She ate her pussy as if possessed. She sank her tongue into her and fingered her until Katie had an orgasm by Kim’s mouth then guiding my cock back into her pussy with her own hand.

Chapter One

The class read Sexology 344. The vague description followed as, “An in-depth study of past and present human sexual behaviors.” The class only offered 100 seats, of which 96 were already filled. If she wanted to graduate in May, Chloe needed a humanities course and this was the only one that fit into her current class schedule. No prerequisites were listed and the only requirement mentioned was an introductory lecture must be attended if students wished to continue with the course. Curious and desperate, Chloe decided to take the plunge and signed up for the 97th seat.

Two Weeks Later:

With her book bag hanging on her shoulder, Chloe entered the large lecture hall to find nearly every seat taken with the exception of a few near the front. “Great, I’ll be dead center and a target.” Chloe thought sarcastically. She made her way down the carpeted aisle way and gingerly tiptoed to the front middle seat. As she sat, Chloe glanced around with ocher eyes at her fellow classmates. Avoiding any real eye contact, she grazed the room before noticing the male peer sitting directly behind her. Clear, green eyes met Chloe’s and an exhale halted in her throat. Unable to look away, their breathless glance is broken by the tip tap of heeled shoes signaling the professor’s arrival. Chloe looked to the lecture podium to discover an incredibly beautiful man peering out at the new semester’s fresh meat. A deafening silence filled the hall as the professor remained quiet, penetrating each student with an unflinching stare. Chloe remained frozen in place, heart pounding, completely taken with her instructor’s presence. Appearing to be of Mediterranean descent, the professor wore his dark wavy hair barely above his shoulders and piercing dark eyes peer out of rimless glasses.

Finally, his accented, baritone voice cut through the muted room, “Hello class. I am Professor Angotti and welcome to Sexology 344. This course meets most humanity and a few science requirements. I realize the class description offered a less than clear idea of the nature of this course. This is my intention. The title and sketch of the class are to invoke a particular level of curiosity from interested students. This class requires all those involved to be curious and open-minded. The latter will be discovered today during this introductory lecture.”

Pausing, he reached into his tattered, leather briefcase to pull out a stack of papers before continuing, “I have here a non-disclosure agreement approved by the university. Let me assure and warn everyone wishing to remain, aside from those involved in this class, nothing is to be said about what goes on in this room. I have the full backing of the Dean as my research and lectures make this school a great deal of money. There will be swift and harsh discipline for any offenders.”

Dr. Angotti stepped up to the end of the first row to hand out the document and walked back to the podium. “I say this not to feed my ego, but to sidestep any misunderstanding of the nature of my lectures. I do caution each and everyone of you, my lessons can be quite graphic and even violent when the material demands.” He waited for this information to sink it. “Now, my credentials are comparable to your other instructors. I completed my undergrad at the University of Edinburgh in anthropology. I attended grad school at Stanford University, where I also obtained my pHD with a focus on the sexual behaviors of cultures throughout recordable history. Let me remind you, this is a real class despite the uncommon focus. We will explore in-depth, modern copulatory practices and their ancient origins. Also, please hold any questions for the next meeting time. This lecture is simply observational. In fact, after signing and handing back the non-disclosure agreement, please put away all materials for my first demonstration.”

There was a stirring of movement as students either packed up and left or passed the signed document to the front before putting their things away. Only five students left the building, leaving 95 students, including Chloe, eagerly awaiting their first Sexology lesson. There was silence once again as an air of uneasy curiosity occupied the room. Dr. Angotti moved to collect the signed agreements, shuffled through them and announced, “I have 95 papers. Allow me to once again stress the importance your discretion. I will not hesitate to act if I feel the integrity of my lessons are compromised.” Making his way to the back of the stage, the professor stepped out of sight and reappeared dragging a black folding table with him to the center. He adjusted his vest and continued, “My first demonstration is meant to thoroughly distance you from your comfort zone. I do not want you writing notes. I want your full attention and remember to hold your questions for the next session. Now, let’s begin. Class, meet Rae, my most dedicated TA.”

On cue, a tall, slim, honeyed haired woman stepped gracefully from backstage. Not a single student uttered a word as they took in her full appearance, but there was an evident shuffling, indicating their surprise. Rae was outfitted in only a royal blue torso corset and a pleated school-girl skirt that barely covered her perfectly round ass. Her perky, medium-sized breasts hung free and her small, pink nipples were trapped in silver clamps connected by a single chain. Rae wore her hair loose and long down her back and her feet were bound in 4-inch, blue stilettos. Proving to be the most shocking accessory, a black, studded collar surrounded Rae’s neck. She stood with her hands behind her back, her gaze downcast.

Chloe sat frozen in her seat, completely enthralled with the sight before her. She rides a rollercoaster of feelings from disgust to lascivious interest. Having only experienced basic sex with one man, Chloe never believed people like this actually exist. She thought it was made up by the filthy porn industry. Having a physical and sexual response only confused her more. Chloe’s private reverie was interrupted as the professor began his lesson.

“Being young adults, I’m sure many of you are familiar with BDSM in one way or another. As we establish the teacher/student relationship, I feel it is fitting to demonstrate a show of dominance on my part to avoid confusion as to who is in charge. While I am open to the majority of sexual acts and have a vague sexual identity, I find the Dom/Slave relationship to be the most exciting. Rae serves as my primary slave and will participate in today’s lesson.” Dr. Angotti walked over to his slave and leads her to center stage by tugging on the nipple clamps. He took a black, velvet bag from her clasped hands and faced the class while addressing his TA. “Slave Rae, display position.”

Without hesitation, the young woman dropped into a downward-facing position, arms in front with knees curled in. She had turned her back end towards the class so they had a clear view of her hairless labia and plugged, puckered hole. A few gasps were audible from the rows of students, but the professor paid no mind. “Slave Rae, rise and inform the new students of your training details.”

Rae rose from her submissive position and, eyes still downcast, verbalized her routine. “When I am to act as Master Angotti’s slave, I prepare both my holes by shaving off nearly all my pubic hair. I leave a small strip on my mons pubis as this is Master’s preference. I then shave any other unsightly hair followed by oiling my skin, my pussy, and my ass. Before placing my buttplug, I am to clean myself out several times with an enema and am not to remove the plug until I am told to do so. I am not allowed any panties and must keep the plug in with only my muscles. If I drop it, I am punished. I am also not allowed to cover my breast after I place the nipple clamps unless in the general public. I am only allowed to do this by wearing a thin jacket. Master likes strangers to see the outline of the clamps on my naughty nipples. I am to be ready at any time to be fucked.”

As the TA spoke, Chloe once again battled a feeling of both aversion and excitement. She felt a hot tingle low in her gut radiating down to her clitoris. She shifted uncomfortably in her chair, trying to stave off the growing ache.

After Rae finished, Dr. Angotti reached into the black bag and pulled out a red ball gag. He explained its function as he fit the gag to his lovely slave. “To heighten the experience of being filled, a slave must have all holes plugged to reach maximum satisfaction. A true submissive loves the feeling of being fucked completely and, commonly, against their will. The gag will act as a filler for the mouth and I will show you the rest as we go.” The professor paused and moved back to the table. He reaches into the bag again, pulls out handcuffs, a small bullet vibrator and turned back to his TA. “Slave Rae, over the table.”

The slave moved back towards the table to bend over at the waist, resting her elbows on the table’s top. The students could see her from the side and her ample breasts visibly pressed against the cool vinyl. Dr. Angotti moved to the other side, stretched Rae’s hands out in front and handcuffed them to a metal hook at the head of the table. He then reached underneath the table to retrieve a bar and kneeled down to latch it to the woman’s ankles, making any real movement impossible.

The professor continued his explanation as he stood up. “I’ve just restrained Slave Rae with a spreader bar, preventing her from closing her legs. Her wrist are bound and I intentionally left the clamps on because it is this slave’s preference. She reacts positively to the extra pain and stimulation the friction makes while clamped. Now, she is completely unable to move. Make no mistake, this type of relationship requires an enormous amount of trust for it to be truly effective. The next portion of this demonstration will be solely visible, with varied guttural sounds and phrases.”

With that, Dr. Angotti moved behind his TA and began to probe her pussy with his fingers. Rae moaned behind her gag and a distinct squishing noise accompanied the digital penetration only proving the slave was indeed ready to be fucked. The professor progressed to three fingers and the slave’s hips rose up to meet each forward thrust. Her face is turned towards the class, cheek pressed against the vinyl of the table, mouth agape and eyes open, Rae’s obvious state of arousal affected each student. The professor’s own excitement became evident as a visible, sizable tent grew in his pants. Rae’s hip thrusts became more and more frantic as the professor sped up the finger fucking. Her strangled moans echoed off the walls and the students, glued to this decadent scene, were unable to look away or at each other. Dr. Angotti suddenly halted his ministrations to prevent his slave from climaxing. Finally freeing his cock, the professor took no time in brutally penetrating the bound woman in one movement.

“OPHHMMM,” Rae screamed in surprise and slight pain. But the professor did not pause for adjustment, he pounded his slave without ceremony. Making slight grunting noises, he gripped her hips and pulled her back on his thick cock repeatedly. Once again, the slave’s breathing seemed to grow more haggard and Dr. Angotti stopped and pulled out of the wet pussy he owns. Taking a single step back, the professor began to lightly rub Rae’s ass cheeks. Turning his body slightly, Dr. Angotti suddenly and viciously slapped the protruding buttplug, driving it deeper into the beautiful woman’s depths. With each stroke of hand, the slave’s entire body shuddered and her small gasps accompanied each smacking noise. Rae’s punishment continued and the professor began to alternate between each well-rounded cheek, leaving bright red hand marks. Finally, the assault came to a close and Dr. Angotti gently touched the abused skin. The slave wiggled her ass in delight as the sensitive skin was soothed by delicate caressing. She sighed in protest when the professor ceased his administrations.

Chloe realized she was breathing heavily and tried to slow it down by breathing counting her inhales and exhales. A noticeable flush splashed across her cheeks and neck, Chloe grew aware of how warm she felt and the growing heat between her legs. She heard vigorous breathing from behind and looked to discover the same pair of green eyes staring back. Chloe looked downward at the large bulge straining behind zipped jeans and jumped as an electric jolt shot up her spine from her pelvis. Jerking her eyes back to the stage, Chloe’s flush deepened and the ache in her groin grew to a nearly unbearable wetness.

Reaching for the bullet vibrator, the professor spread his slave’s pussy lips and pushed the metal egg into her well-lubricated entrance with moist “pop”. “Oh yeah!” cried Rae, her whole body tensing as Dr. Angotti turned the dial to full blast. He rubbed the skin of her ass once again before pulling out the medium sized, black buttplug. This elicited a sharp inhalation from the bound woman and the professor repositioned his still hard cock at her back hole. He tested its readiness by gradually pressing his hips forward. As soon as his cock’s head broke through her anal barrier, Dr. Angotti began to slam into his slave with the same vigor as before, forcing his length deep into her channel.

“OH MY GOD! YES! FUCK MY ASS! FUCK YOUR SLAVE! FUCK YOUR DIRTY WHORE!” Screamed the willing slave. The professor groaned and leaned over to grip Rae’s hair, pulling her head sharply back and off the black table.

Speeding up to an almost impossible pace, Dr. Angotti breathlessly demanded, “Who do you belong to, Slave?”

“You Sir, you!” The bound woman responded.

“Tell me and the class what you want,” directed the professor.

“AH! I want you to fuck me like the slut I am! I want you to fuck me in front of all these people so they know who I belong to. I want you to fuck me anywhere at any time. OH please Master, may I come?”

With a satisfied smile, he replies “Look towards our audience and come slave!”

“AHHHHAA, YES, YES!!” Rae came hard as her body convulsed, pushing the bullet vibrator out to the stage floor. The professor smacked the side of her ass cheek for this transgression before abruptly stiffening and shuddering, signaling his own release. Dr. Angotti collapsed upon the bound woman beneath him, eyes closed while catching his breath.

Several minutes passed before the professor calmly moved to pull his pants up and addressed his student audience, “As you can see, my slave is prohibited from sexual gratification without permission. This also greatly increases the intensity of each release and much of an S&M relationship demands proper exploration.” He paused to unlock Rae from her handcuffs and she slid to the floor before assuming her submissive position once again.

“This concludes class for the day. If you intend to return to the next lecture, the merely suggested homework is to look up everything you can find on bondage and BDSM. While there is much to find on visual pornography sites, literotica and historical books are more informative. Also, please keep a diary of your emotional and physical response to each lecture. Your final grade will be based on this journal and a final exam. Remember not to disclose any information from today’s class, or I will be forced to…..punish you.”

Staring hard at the class one last time, Dr. Angotti stepped off the stage with Rae following closely behind.

Flustered, Chloe clumsily stood, grabbed her things and made for door as quickly as possible. Her thoughts racing with her feet, Chloe knew she had much to express in her newly required journal.

We were lying on his bed again. We were both over 18, but just barely. I was still very young.

A great big bed, so comfortable, so lovely. We were “hanging out” before a party. I mean, that’s what our parents thought.

He was playing the music loud so anyone around couldn’t hear my moans. A fast paced alternative rock. I was so used to hearing this when we hooked up, I got turned on just by hearing it.

We were in our typical positions. He had stripped off my black T-shirt and bra, which lay crumpled in the floor. My jeans followed soon after, and it was only until he deemed I was sufficiently naked that I was allowed to start taking off his clothes. My submission shines through, even in the beginning.

He was rough with me. He grabbed at my breasts, unforgiving, abrasive. I whimpered and moaned, both turned on and pained. He abused my cunt with his hands, thrusting his fingers in and out repeatedly, merciless against my cries. He tried to fit more and more fingers in, desperately tried to give me a taste of what his dick would feel like. He didn’t bother touching my clit. He was too good for that.

After he let me remove his shirt, he soon made me remove his pants. I struggled with his belt and button while he watched. After finally loosening them, I pulled them off. I moved my way back up to his face and kissed him lightly. He only tolerated this for a few seconds before pushing my face down to his hard dick, pushing through his boxers. I looked at him with big eyes, non-verbally asking if I could forgo pleasuring him like this, just this once. This was before I learned I loved to suck cock.

He simply put his hands behind his head with a malicious smile. It was almost like I was trained. When he made that gesture, I knew what to do. I pulled down his boxers, and in my inexperience, felt his dick slap against my face. I didn’t bother looking at it, I’ve seen it enough before. I put him in my mouth. I sucked as hard as I could, and bobbed my immature head up and down. I looked up at him, but his eyes were unfriendly. He was gone, lost in his way to attempt to orgasm.

I stifled my slurping and gagging noises, too young to know that he would enjoy the sound of my struggle. I tirelessly moved up and down, well attempting to fondle his balls lovingly with my right hand. I pushed his dick deep in my mouth. I felt it slide deep in my mouth, and after a bit of pushing, slip into my throat. I could breathe, but I held it there because I knew he liked it. After I couldn’t hold it anymore, I pulled it out of my mouth and took a few deep breathes. I licked at his balls while I jacked him off to give me time to catch my breathe. I took one into my mouth, sucked and licked like a child would on candy. I shifted to the other, and then moved on to try to do both. My small, innocent mouth couldn’t figure it out.

I gave up moved back to his cock, and licked and sucked at the head. But it wasn’t good enough for him. I would have to go deep, suck him hard. So rinse and repeat.

When I determined that he would be satisfied, I moved up to kiss him, but he refused. I forgot he wouldn’t kiss me after my dick was in my mouth. Oh well, he’d forget later.

And then it began. He layed me on my back and put himself on top of me. He spread my legs and aligned his dick to match up with my cunt. I still had my panties on- the thinnest pair I owned, a black peace of cotton not thick enough to hide any touching, so easy to move that he could have pushed them off to the side to fit his dick in.

But he didn’t. He pressed on my vag through the cotton. He simulated fucking me, pushing his hard cock through the cotton and into my slick hole. Just a tiny bit, just barely entering me. He stared at my eyes, beginning me to want it. He moved back, and fucked me with his fingers. My soft mewls from before grew into loud groans of desire. After he decided I was wet enough, he rotated to the previous position. He teased me. He continued this rotation, getting me wet enough to tease me with his dick.

After a while, I pulled him off me. We laid next to each other. We talked. He made some offhanded comment, I can’t remember, something like, “But we’ll never have sex, so it doesn’t matter.” I had been making him wait. I told him I didn’t want to have sex. Losing my virginity was too much. Too much of a change. I couldn’t stand that. But I was tired. I was tired of resisting. I was tired of denying myself. I was tired of his pouting and his pressure. I wanted to let go. I wanted to be spontaneous. So that’s what I did.

“Let’s do it.”

He asked me, “Seriously? For real?”

“Yes, come on.”

He scrambled up and searched his closet for a condom. I felt unsure and wanted to tell him I changed my mind. But I couldn’t. I had already agreed. I couldn’t back out on him again.

I was so young.

He slipped it on. He spread my legs and pressed his dick to my cunt. I was still wet from before, luckily. He entered me slowly, no surprises, and I let out a sound somewhere between a moan and a scream. I was louder than I had ever been before. I never felt so filled. The lubricant from the condom made me feel gross. I screamed, I moaned. It felt good, it felt weird.

He just kept thrusting, didn’t acknowledge my screams, didn’t care about my moans. He stared at his dick thrusting in and out of me.

I don’t know how loud it lasted, but eventually he must have cum, because he stopped. It was the first time he didn’t demand me to get on my knees so he could cum on my face. He slowly pulled his sheathed dick out of me. I immediately burst into tears. Everything I knew had changed. I had grown up. I was a slut. I was so young.

He got upset. He held me. He asked what he did wrong. He apologized. I just kept crying, saying it was OK, crying. I cried into his naked chest. Eventually, he held me, and realizing what to do, said, “Let it out.” I didn’t look at him, just cried into him. I felt him slip off his condom. I stopped crying. Everything felt weird. I had waves of emotion. But it was ok.

We had been dating for 8 months at that time. But I was so young. We continued to have more sex, I began to love it.

Do I regret it? Sometimes. Only when he held it over me when we broke up. But losing my virginity so young? Not a chance.

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