TINY disclaimer before you read: The story is 100% fiction, any likeness’s to real persons living or dead is purely coincidental, all involved characters are 18 years of age or above. The story deals with Major non consent, forced Bisexual-ism (of sorts) forced pet play (dog) and minor bondage (in this issue at least hehe) If you cannot handle it, then do not comment and tell me how strange I am or whatever, just politely STFU and leave the page, nobody is FORCING you to read it.

On that lovely little legal note: This piece of writing it 100% Mine, original and owned by me, you must and I mean MUST ask my permission before using or editing it in any way.


Laura crawled slowly through the bush track that led though her favorite park, it could not be called a track insofar as it was a paved path that led in a relatively straight line through a wooded area and was lined with low shrubs. The shade from the canopy above kept the pavement cool and it sent shivers screaming through her entire body, emanating from her palms and smooth bare knees, a cool breeze flitted by, denoted only by a quiet whisper in the trees, the cool air’s caress caused her exposed nipples to stiffen and her entire body to shudder. She began to whimper like a dog, she had tried to speak only the day before and her pale, exposed back bore a single, bright welt, all it had taken, one powerful swing of her Mistress’s whip and she had stopped trying to speak, she couldn’t stand the pain, she was in fact fragile, a relatively good girl, even though she was eighteen years of age she had never had sex with a boy, nor even masturbated, she had been raised to believe masturbation was well and truly a sin and she certainly was not supposed to have sex before marriage, she was also completely straight, she had never even considered the possibility of being sexual with a woman, so her current situation, which had been thrust so violently and immediately upon her, felt very alien to her.

The blonde girl kept her head hung low, her long hair helped to hide her face from passers by, but it could not hide the spotted trail left on the pavement by the tears that were constantly streaming down her smooth cheeks. Her cheeks felt extremely hot, and were flushed a bright red with embarrassment at her current state of nakedness. She continued to whimper, her pitch and volume increasing as she heard the foot steps approaching, she wanted to call out, so desperately to cry for help, but her Mistress had made sure that Laura witnessed the placing of her riding crop in her sleeve, so it would always be there while they walked. Instead of crying out Laura shrunk back, her pace slowed and she tried to pull to the side of the path away from the passer by and shrink down against the ground, to make herself as small as possible in the hopes her naked form would not be noticed. Laura couldn’t help but cough violently as her collar jerked her head forward when her Mistress gave the leash a powerful tug, she lurched forward and whined quietly as she felt her knees and palms graze lightly, only irritating scratches really but to walk on them constantly hurt a lot which drew more tears from her. For a second she could have sworn the passer by was staring directly at her, she almost thought he would say something, but then he just kept walking, she did not actually know if he had looked at her for her eyes were still turned firmly to the ground.

The Mistress led her out of the park not long after and into the suburban sprawl of Densington city, she had grown up in these suburbs, she knew the streets like the back of her hand and yet, crawling through them on all fours, they felt so weird to her, like she didn’t even belong in the very place she had spent 18 years of life, her Mistress made a small sound, something akin to clicking the tongue and Laura turned her head to look up, she had learned within the first few minutes that this meant look, Her cool blue eyes met the piercing green stare of her Mistress, she couldn’t help but wince, her Mistress pointed to a house only a few steps down the road, Laura virtually screamed when she realized it was her parents house, she was so embarrassed already, was her Mistress really so cruel as to taunt her parents like that, to taunt HER like that? It certainly seemed that way, her Mistress just gave her a stern look and tapped her foot impatiently. Laura took the hint and began to crawl once more, the tears flowing more steadily down her face than they had since she had been captured only the day before.

Her eyes were red and puffy from all the crying, her throat ached from all the sobbing. Her eyes lifted hopefully as she passed her house, hoping her father would come rushing out to overpower her Mistress, something, anything to save her from this captivity she had been forced into. Laura could see her family in the window, watching her with tears in their eyes, Laura’s almost twin sister Rebecca turned away but reached out for the glass reassuringly, pressing her palm to the window. She couldn’t bear to see her younger sister treated in such a fashion, Laura’s mother turned also and pressed her face into her husbands chest, clearly heaving with violent sobs, Laura almost thought she could hear her mother wailing. Her father remained stoic, however the tears were evident in his eyes, the sadness clear across his face as he saw his daughter being paraded about like a common dog right in front of the family. Her Mistress even had the nerve to give the family a cheery smile and wave at them. The sighting of her family, the walk past her house, to Laura it seemed to stretch on forever, like long staircase that just never had an end, but it was in reality only a few steps before she lost sight of the family behind a large “For Sale” sign in the front lawn.

Laura’s Mistress made her endure her hell for what felt like forever, however half an hour later they walked into the fenced off front yard of her Mistress’s house. As much as Laura hated her Mistress, she was somewhat relieved to see the place in which she was held captive, her grazed hands and knees had begun to sting severely. The small suburban house, which was only several blocks away from her parents house, was made with a weatherboard outside, the house was a dark color and it made the house look somewhat imposing upon the poor girl on her hands and knees at the door, the door itself was a heavy oak door set into a recessed frame in the front of the house. Laura began to whimper quietly again, her body still wretching with the occasional sob and splutter even though her tears had dried up almost fifteen minutes ago. Her Mistress glared down at her with a somewhat disappointed look and clicked her tongue, as soon as Laura turned her face up and saw the look her whimpering ceased and she fell almost completely silent, although she could not hide the sobs in her breath which was erratic and patchy. As soon as they were in the door Laura was led across the soft red carpet of the entrance way and into the living room, where she was pointed into her dog bed.

Her Mistress removed her leather collar, she began to whine, well aware of what was coming next. Sure enough her Mistress lifted the heavy metal collar, which was much larger than her leather collar and attached to the wall by a thick chain. This made it very difficult for her to breathe unless she lay perfectly still on her side, this was the point of the collar she supposed, either way she still hated it. As her Mistress wrapped the cold metal about her slim neck the volume of her whining increased. She felt the collar strap on tightly and instantly began to wriggle as she had trouble breathing, her Mistress released her as soon as the lock had clicked shut and she fell to the bed, whimpering quietly now as she lay semi curled up in her bed and began to try to relax, given her situation it was of course futile, so she settled on fingering at the cold metal collar, her mind soon drifting off to a memory of the day before as her Mistress left her alone for awhile…

The sun was shining nice and high, there were very few clouds in the sky and it was a wonderful afternoon, Laura had been walking back home with her sister Rebecca, they both still lived with their parents, despite being old enough to move out they simply enjoyed the cheap board and the commute to college was only a few blocks into the edge of the city its self anyways. The two sisters had always gotten on well, in fact, they were almost like twins except that Laura had long blonde hair and Rebecca had slightly shorter raven black hair, both girls had cool blue eyes that sparkled when they looked at one another, they were all but inseparable and even at the worst of times, they had always been there for one another. Laura was distracted however as her friends came racing up to her, from behind and very nearly tackled her over, she squeaked and couldn’t help but giggle at their antics, soon she was caught up in a conversation with them and wound up telling Rebecca she was going to the park with her friends to sit and talk and such, and would be home shortly. Rebbecca, the older of the pair, simply gave her a knowing smile and a small nod before continuing home. Laura was soon sitting on the swings in the park with her friends having a wonderful conversation about just about anything, studies were mentioned, cute boys in the classes were giggled about, the trio really did seem much younger than they were, before any of the girls knew it dusk was upon them and it was beginning to get dark, the sunlight reflected beautifully off the windows of the high rise buildings that lay off in the distance and made up the center of the sprawling metropolis known as Densington.

Her friends said their goodbyes and took off together, they had a double date tonight and they did not want to be late. Laura decided to take a round about path home and began to follow the long looping pathway that led past the pond. She stopped briefly as she caught her shimmering reflection on the gently rippling surface of the pond. She couldn’t help but feel almost ashamed of how she looked, although in reality she certainly had nothing to be ashamed of. Her long blonde hair hung lightly about her shoulders and framed her face in a very cute fashion, her face itself was soft and caring, filled with compassion and a sort of youthful innocence that she had never fully lost. Her breasts were not huge, she liked her breasts all the same, she felt 28C was a modest size and she did not like to draw sexual attention to herself anyway. A result of this desire to remain unnoticed was her brown high necked sweater which was not at all flattering of her beauty but she chose to wear it as she liked to hide her beauty away. She wore a long skirt that was slightly more raunchy, for her at least, the skirt ended just above her knees, she felt like a slut when she wore it even though she knew she wasn’t, and so to compensate she had long black stockings on that ended at her thighs, and finally, she had a pair of black sneakers on, nothing special by any means.

Laura turned away from her own reflection and continued to walk home, she had no time to notice the shadowy figure stalking along behind her, she didn’t notice as they slipped a fence and then jumped several properties to get in front of her, it was not until she rounded the final bend onto her street, only a few meters from home that she became aware of her attacker, she barely saw anything at all, she thought she caught a glimpse of shining red hair in the twilight, she felt a blunt pain shoving at the back of her head all of a sudden but then everything went hazy, and she had no memory of what happened after, until the point where she awoke, naked and bound in what looked like a basement, the bruise on her head aching. Soon a tanned, red haired woman with cold, heartless green eyes had all but burst into the cellar and begun addressing her. The woman’s voice was sultry, smooth, and had the faintest hint of a Latino accent that seemed to roll off from certain words. She had been told she would now be serving the woman, and she would call the woman Mistress, she had then been told not to speak and had swiftly been taught a lesson when she did try to voice that it was an illogical statement “call me Mistress but do not speak” made very little sense to her. One large welt across her back and the fragile girl had broken down, sobbing with horror as she realized this woman was serious about keeping her, she was left alone in the basement after that and she began to will herself to wake up from an awfully vivid nightmare, no reprieve came however.

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