47. A Very One-Sided Battle.

Grigory stood in the turret of the Greyhound, holding the fifty-caliber machine gun. He was waiting for the first Humvee to reach the intersection of Appian Way. He could not believe his luck when he saw it stop for the traffic signal. He gave the go signal to the driver and his men and they converged on the small convoy.

His men had two problems: First, the left turn lane had an eighteen-wheeled food delivery truck blocking their approach. They had to go around it or under it to get to the limousine, from the southeast corner. Second, the right lane also had an eighteen-wheeled truck that posed the same problem for the attackers coming from the northeast corner. The six men in the two chase cars sat directly behind the last Humvee waiting for the go word. When they received it and started to open their doors, the cars on their left hand side crashed into them and continued pushing them until they were flush against the cars on their right. The men inside started firing their weapons and were cut down from three sides by the men and women of the FBI.

Grigory mistakenly took this as a good sign. He thought the attack from the rear had started, as the Greyhound took its position less than fifty feet in front of the first Humvee. He opened fire with the fifty-caliber machine gun, which cracked and then destroyed the bullet-resistant glass, in seconds.

The agents inside saw the fifty-caliber, and knew that the window was outclassed and dove for cover. The man and woman in the rear of the Humvee got out and used its armor plate as protection. They returned fire using the assault rifles, with the armor-piercing rounds the FBI had given them.

The FBI agents in the back of the two eighteen-wheelers exited the trucks and joined the fray, just as the group from the southeast corner started closing in on the limousine. The FBI showed them no mercy and cut them down in a hail of bullets before they reached the truck.

The men attacking from the northeast corner did not fare any better when the agents who killed the men in the car turned their attention toward them. They cut them down, en masse, as they lowered their heads to go under the truck. The men from the southwest corner had a longer distance to run to get to the point of attack. By the time they were halfway there, they realized that this was a trap. They turned around and rushed back to cover. As Gregory’s’ remaining men hurried through the bushes into the parking lot, they saw twenty-four assault rifles pointing at them. They stopped instantly.

Alana looked at them and said, “Fire.” Not one round missed. If this was a contest, twenty of the twenty-four rounds were in the ‘ten ring’. There was no arguing about who shot the other four rounds. Other agents ran north, to try to block the westbound escape route on Dorchester Road.

The men in the Greyhound were unaware of the devastation that had been wreaked upon their comrades. However, more and more armor piercing shells started hitting the RV and it was taking a beating. A dispassionate voice ordered the men in the vehicle to stop firing and surrender, or they would join their friends, who are already dead.

Grigory stopped firing and descended into the Greyhound. He told the driver, Yakov, to follow the escape plan to the Ashley River. Yakov put Greyhound into gear and pushed the throttle to the stops. For its purpose, the Greyhound was very fast. It had viewports that gave it a three hundred and sixty degree field of vision, without turning the turret. However, those inside it could not see what was going on above it. The Greyhound turned west on Dorchester Road heading towards Suwanee Way, at fifty-five miles an hour. If it had passed this way, a few minutes later, it would have been greeted by a hail of gunfire, which might have disabled it. Alana’s’ group was just out of range and they were pissed that they missed their chance to end this shit.

Gabby sat in the Jet Ranger helicopter, 500 feet above the fighting. She was advising FBI Agent Dick Gutting and Alana of every move the bad guys’ were making. When they took off to the west, on Dorchester Road, Gabby said, “Five will get you ten that they are going for a boat ride.”

Dick Gutting said, “No bet.” He called the Sheriff’s Department and told him to advise the people on the river that they were going to have heavily armed company, very soon, and backup was on the way. He issued orders to his troops, who got back into their trucks. One truck went west, while the other one went east. Many agents stayed along with the police to clean up the mess, secure the scene and to try to straighten out the traffic backlog, which now was over a mile long, in every direction.

Two cars did go through the intersection, undisturbed. The limousine pushed the disabled Hummer out of the way and proceeded to the Temples’ house, with the second Hummer following behind. Everything had gone according to plan and while they were talking about it, Marti said, “Everything went better than we had planned it. We were extremely lucky.”

Fiona replied, “It is amazing how ‘lucky’ you get when you have good intelligence, study hard, and put all the pieces in the right place. Then, you execute the plan, exactly as you practiced it a thousand times.”

Marti said, “Smart ass!”

The professionals in the car seemed at ease, or at least less tense than they were before. The passengers were still in a state of shock. Even Dycke could not find it in him to come up with a joke or something to lighten the mood. There had been so much shooting and noise around them, silence was wonderful.

When they arrived at the Temples’ house, Piker said, “Dycke, why don’t you stay with us tonight?”

Dycke said, “Thanks, dad, but I’ve had enough killing for one day. If I am in the same house with Steve, I may be the next one to die, and I would not want that to happen.”

Alletta said, “Dycke, you must remember, Joey will be here tonight. She can teach Steve another lesson, if you want?”

“Thank you, mom, but that is violence, also. I have seen and heard enough of that today. However, tomorrow is another day, and we will see what Steve is up to then.”

Steve said, “Do I have any say in this?”

Everyone in the car said, in unison, “No!”

Steve said, “Dycke, I swear one day I am going to get you.”

Dycke replied, “Steve that is exactly why you have no say in the matter. However, tomorrow I will be over to see Joey teach you a lesson.”

Joey said, “Yes! I did not get the fire my gun today, because my job was to protect Alletta. Tomorrow, I can take my frustrations out on you, Steve. Isn’t this a wonderful world we live in?”

Dycke said, jokingly, “Can I hear an ‘Amen’?”

Eleven out of the twelve people in the car raised their voices and said, “Amen!”

One voice said, “Oh shit!”

Eleven people laughed. Steve chewed on his tongue.

Payne asked, “Is it okay if I come over and stay with you?

Dycke said, “Do you remember the bet that you lost?”

Payne replied saying, “Marti, Fiona, Gracie, and whoever else is there will see me!”

Dycke said, “They are sworn to secrecy. They will only take pictures.”

“You are incorrigible. If I am naked, you will be, also. Then I will have them published.”

Dycke asked Piker, “Dad, I own a newspaper, right?”

“Yes Dycke, you do. It is a daily paper in Cannes, France. It is exceedingly profitable, and runs pictures like that all the time. It will not be a novelty at all.”

“I guess they can airbrush my face out if I want?”

“Dycke, you own the paper. If they do not do what you want them to do, just tell them that you will close the newspaper or hire new staff,” Piker said.

Payne said, “Daddy, are you ever going to take my side?”

Piker said, “When your mother starts paying all your bills, I will start taking your side again.”

Payne screamed, “Daddy, that’s not fair. She has the first penny her great grandparents gave her. She is so tight with her money she probably does not remember where all of it is. When you told her she was a millionaire, I bet she thought it was a one followed by nine zeros.”

Alletta looked at her daughter and said, “Do not be funny, Missy. Everyone knows that it is only eight zeros.” Everyone in the car started laughing.

Piker looked at his wife, who had a sly smile on her face and winked at him.

As they pulled up in front of the Temples’ home, Marti received a beep on her walkie-talkie. She put the earpiece in and listened to the conversation: Gabby was relaying a message that the men in the Greyhound were now in a twin-engine powerboat on the Ashley River, heading east towards the harbor. Units were being put in place behind them, if they turned around. The units in front of them were on high alert. The FBI had alerted the Coast Guard just in case the boat got through the defenses that were set up in front of them. Gabby announced that the boat had just entered the U-turn of the river and would be in sight in less than two minutes.

Her next announcement was, “Contact!” Two people in the boat were down. The boat was turning around, and the left engine was on fire. One man had jumped overboard and was swimming for the South shore. The man on board the boat was westbound. The engine was still on fire, but the boat was moving very fast; no one knew why that engine has not exploded, as it was burning like crazy. Dick Gutting cut in to say that the man who had jumped overboard was shot and killed, while attempting to escape.

Gabby called in and said, “Alana and company are lined up on the northern shore, waiting for the boat to pass. There is less than one minute, before they see the boat.” There was a short, tension filled, pause, and then, “Contact!”

Over the next thirty seconds, a thousand rounds of armor piercing shells riddled the boat from stem to stern. Both engines exploded, and the man driving the boat was torn to pieces. There was not enough left of him for a positive identification.

Marti took the earpiece out of her ear and said, “It is all over. They are all dead, except for the computer expert in Switzerland and the lookout across from the airport. They will be useful to the FBI to return money to those who were kidnapped. I hope that some of that money will be given to families of the people that died trying to protect them.”

The Temples stepped out of the limousine. They started walking towards the house and Alletta stopped, turned around, and said to Payne, “You have school tomorrow.”

Payne said, “Oh shit! I forgot. Can I leave from Dycke’s house?”

Alletta said, “You get to bed early. No, let me change that statement. You get to sleep early. Do you understand me, missy?”

Payne said, “Yes mother, I understand.”

Alletta looked at Fiona and said, “I cannot ask you to be a hall monitor, but if you hear her giggling after midnight, shoot him.”

Fiona responded saying, “I cannot shoot him. I am saving for a wedding dress and he signs my paychecks.”

Alletta nodded and said, “Then move her to a separate bedroom.”

Fiona replied, “I can only do that if he lets me, because he signs my paychecks.”

Steve laughed and said, “How do you like it, mom, when he has you on this short leash?”

Alletta said, “I do not like it, not one little bit.”

Payne said to her mother, “If you give me access to your money, I may come home.”

Alletta turned to Piker and said, “Do you see what you have created? You told her that I have a million dollars and she has become a money-grubbing woman.”

Piker looked at his wife and said, “I’m sorry, my dear. My tape recorder was not on. Would you, please say that again?”

Alletta reached down, picked up some loose stones by the side of the walkway, and threw them at her husband. Her aim was so good that every stone hit Steve in the chest.

Steve yelled, “What did I do?”

Alletta said, “It is not what you did, it is what you are.”

Steve asked, “What am I now?”

Alletta said, “You are a man, and you take after your father.”

Desiree went into a fit of laughter and Fiona had to hit her on her back to get her to stop. When they were able to look at each other, they both smiled at their ‘inside’ joke. After all, it was April Fools’ Day!

48. Time and Tide Wait for No Man…or Woman

Gary opened the door to Dycke’s house, after hearing the limousine drive up. It was going to be good to have company again. He loved his computers but sometimes one needed to talk to someone. He walked outside and greeted Marti as she exited the car and congratulated her on an excellent and well-executed plan. Marti told him that he was the reason for their success. The pats on the back for everyone continued throughout the day. Everyone involved in the shooting had to file a report. Even though this was under the aegis of the FBI, they had to take care of the paperwork, immediately, while everything was fresh in their minds. It would be gone over with a fine-tooth comb at the Bureau, to make sure some Civil Libertarian or someone from the ACLU could not come up with a complaint. It would not matter to them how many people had died at their hands, or how many more people would have died this time. The kidnappers had used deadly force to get money and death was the right way to end their reign of terror. It was served to them with the cooperation of the FBI, Interpol, and Dycke Schneider’s private army.

Dick Gutting and George Smith stopped by at 7 AM, Monday, to pick up the reports and to congratulate Marti on her group’s portion of the assault. Not one member of their FBI team had suffered an injury, and their superiors had given them high praise for their efforts. However, Dick said that he did not want to do this again, for a very long time.

Marti looked at them both and said, “Once in a lifetime is more than enough.”

Dycke thanked both men personally before he left, and reminded them to send the bill to Mr. Temple’s office.

Dick Gutting said, “It may be a long time in coming, because we have seized two very expensive jets at the executive airport. We have account numbers at banks all over the world. We will have to do some forensic accounting, and when you are talking about over seven hundred million dollars, and fifteen or more kidnapping cases to solve; you might not receive a bill for a year or two, if ever.”

Dycke said, “Thank you” once again and left to take Payne to school.

Payne arrived at Northwood Academy unobtrusively Monday morning. She entered through the front doors, which students rarely use, because the parking lot was in the rear of the school. She had Gabby assigned to her, now that she was back at school. Gabby was thirty-one years old, and could not pass for a teenager. She had short, red hair, and a muscular build. Anyone threatening Payne, and seeing Gabby nearby would back off very quickly, to avoid an altercation with her. When Payne and Gabby entered the administrative offices, the secretary asked how she might help them. Payne laughed and said, “Hello, Mrs. Wilson, I am Payne Temple… the newly transformed Payne Temple.”

The secretary looked at Payne with an open mouth and finally shouted, “Everyone, Payne Temple is back, and you will not believe how good she looks.” The office staff, including the principal and vice principal, stuck their heads out of their offices to see the new Payne. They gathered around her, as if she was a movie star. The questions came at her, fast and furious, until the principal put an end to it. He said, “Everyone, go back to work. Payne would you go to my office and sit down, please?” He looked at Gabby and said, “Who are you?”

Gabby replied, “I am Payne’s shadow. Where she goes, I am close behind. She is never out of my sight.”

The principal said, “I will not have that in my school.”

Gabby yelled, “Payne, we are leaving. Get your ass out here, now.”

Payne was standing by Gabby, almost before the sentence finished, with a frightened look on her face. Gabby took her by the arm, and started marching her out of the office. The principal asked Gabby to stop, and Gabby did. He said, “Would you both, please, come into my office?”

When everyone was seated in his office, he asked what was going on.

Gabby asked the principal, “Have you read today’s newspaper?”

The principal replied, “Who has not? That shootout at Appian Way is all over the newspapers and will be talked about for months. They said the kidnappers were after Dycke Schneider, the young man who had inherited millions of dollars.”

Gabby said, “Payne, show the principal your ring.”

Payne put her hand on the desk, and the principal’s face went white. He said, “Please tell me that is not real.”

Gabby replied, “Over thirteen million dollars’ worth of real. The kidnappers were not only after Dycke, they would have taken either Dycke or Payne, because they are engaged, or any family member that was in that car.”

“Oh my Lord, Payne, you were in that shootout yesterday?”

“Yes sir, right in the middle of it.”

“How the heck did you have the courage to come to school today?” The principal asked.

“I have Gabby with me.”

“Okay Payne, here is what I will do. I am going to write a note, for Gabby to carry around with her. I will talk to each of your teachers, the vice principal, and campus security to tell them that we have an armed security agent guarding you at all times. I am going to give you my cell phone number so you can contact me at any time. The vice principal’s cell phone number is here, also. You have a lot of work to catch up on but I will excuse all your absences because of extenuating circumstances. Good luck Payne, now go to class.”

Payne stood up and said, “Thank you, sir. This is going to be a very tough week. Everyone is going to want a piece of the new me, and I have to get back into study mode.” She took off her ring and gave it to Gabby. She proceeded, a little fearfully, down the hall to her first period class.

The principal picked up his phone, as soon as Payne and Gabby left his office. He called Payne’s first period teacher and everyone else involved, to let them know that she and her escort had his full, and unfettered approval to be together on school property, at all times. When Payne walked in to her first period class, the teacher did not introduce her to the class, she simply said, “Please take your seat.” Gabby walked to the back of the class and sat at an empty chair, by the wall. There were whispers around the entire room. The students were wondering whom was the beautiful newcomer who had entered their class, and why was there a woman sitting at the back of the classroom, watching them.

The teacher continued with the French lesson and the conjugation of verbs and nouns and asking students, at random, to say a sentence or two using the words they had just learned. Then, she pointed at Payne and said, “Payne would you use these words in a sentence, please.”

Payne stood up and used the three words on the board in a perfect sentence, and sat down. There was not a sound in the room.

The teacher looked around and asked, “Is there something wrong with this class, today? You have no nasty remarks to throw at Payne Temple today. No terrible remarks about how ugly her face is? You do not want to tell her to hide her head in a bag. You do not want to be mean to the ugliest girl in the school, any longer. How many of you boys entertained the thought that you wanted to date this girl — or something less respectful, even — as soon as she walked into the room? I hope she shoves all your faces into the dirt for the rest of the term, just like you shoved hers in the dirt, for all these years.”

As all good teachers seem to be able to do, when she finished chastising her students, the bell rang and she said, “Class dismissed.”

All her classmates surrounded Payne like a mob. They wanted to touch her, and talk to her, and Payne became afraid. It did not take fifteen seconds for Gabby to get to her. She was throwing students left and right to make room for Payne to breathe.

Gabby said to the Payne’s classmates, “If you ever mob her like that, again, I will not be as nice as I just was.”

The boys she had thrown two aisles away were wondering, “If this was nice, what would she do to us, if she were angry?”

Gabby took Payne by the arm and escorted her out of the room, and asked her if she was okay.

Payne said, “I am a little shaken, but otherwise, I am intact.”

A voice was yelling Payne’s name from down the corridor, but neither Payne nor Gabby could see who was calling out. Finally, a young woman charged through the crowd and ran towards Payne. Gabby was about to stand in front of her, but Payne put her arm out and stopped her. She opened her arms, as Cynthia Morgan reached out for and clutched Payne to her chest. They cried in each other’s arms, for a while, until they could look into each other’s eyes.

Payne looked at Cynthia and said, “How did you recognize me?”

Cynthia replied, “Steve told me to look for the most beautiful girl in school, and when I saw you, there was no doubt in my mind.”

“You sure do know how to make a girl feel wonderful!”

“So do you, girlfriend, so do you.”

Payne said to Cynthia, “You know I should be angry with you, but I cannot be.”

“Why should you be angry with me?”

“I wanted to kill Steve, but you told me he said something nice about me, so now I cannot kill him. Maybe I will just castrate him.”

Cynthia cried out, “Please do not do that.”

Payne asked her, “Why?”

Cynthia dropped her head and said, “He just asked me to go out with him, out on a date.”

“He did what? Do you know what his reputation is? All he is going to want to do is get into your pants and I will kill him if he does.”

Cynthia smiled and said, “I know, that is why we are going on a double date, with you and Dycke.”

Payne smiled, “You sneaky devil, you.”

“I am also putting pins in my underwear. So if he tries anything, you will hear a loud cry of pain coming from your brother’s mouth.”

“When are we doing this?”

“I want to go Saturday night, if it’s okay with you?”

“I will tell Dycke. It will be fine with him.”

“Okay, I have to run to class. I hope to see you after school. Goodbye, Payne.”

“Goodbye, Cynthia.”

Every class was a replication of Payne’s first class. By the time her lunch period came, the entire school knew to look for, and knew who she was. They also knew about Gabby and everyone kept a respectful distance when they talked to Payne, either in class or in the hallway. The best part of her day came after the last bell. Payne and Gabby walked into the parking lot, where the big black limousine, with Dycke holding the door open, waited for them.

Dycke was dressed in a dark suit, tie, and hat. The students stopped in their tracks, as Payne and Gabby got into the car. The limousine drove, slowly, through the parking lot and out onto the street. Dycke pushed the button that lowered the privacy window separating the front and back compartments. He crawled through, into the back, and asked Payne, “Did you enjoy my little surprise?”

Payne laughed and said, “It was the highlight of my day, and there were many of them.”

He asked her if she wanted a snack and she said, “I’d love a hamburger.”

Dycke turned around and said, “Milt, Wendy’s please.”

“Okay, Dycke. Wendy’s it is.”

Dycke made a few phone calls to see if anybody else wanted something, and it seemed that everybody wanted something. After everything was tallied up and put in the trunk of the limousine. Payne’s hamburger run cost Dycke a little more than eight hundred dollars. Of course, that included Payne’s medium Diet Coke, French fries, and a cookie.

Dycke’s parents returned from their ‘vacation’ in New Zealand extolling the beauty of that country. Their only regret was the loss of communication with the outside world. While they were on tour with their guides and agents, for some reason their computers and phones did not work. Therefore, when they walked in the door, the first thing that they wanted to do was to catch up on the news with Dycke and Fiona. However, the first thing they saw, when they walked into their house at 6 AM, was Payne walking around barefoot and in one of Dycke’s T-shirts, that barely covered her ass.

Payne was nonplussed. She ran to Chad and Bacillica and said, “Welcome back mom and dad. Did you have a great vacation?”

Bacillica said, “Yes we did, Payne, we had a wonderful time. Where is our son?”

Payne said, “That sleepy head is still in our bed. I will go wake him up and tell him you are home.” With that, Payne turned around and ran upstairs; her hips moving so Chad and Bacillica could clearly see she was not wearing panties. They looked at each other in wonderment. They knew there had been some changes while they were gone. However, they had not anticipated this one change.

Dycke came charging down stairs and grabbed his mother and said, “Welcome back mom.” He kissed her and then did the same to his father. He asked them where they had been, because no one would tell him.

His father said, “If it’s okay with you, Dycke, we would like to get out of the hallway and go sit down and talk in a more comfortable place. Apparently, many changes have taken place since we have been gone, and we would like to hear about them. After that, we will tell you all about our trip.”

“Absolutely, dad, anything you want is fine with me. Let me go upstairs and throw some clothes on, and I will meet you down here in a few minutes.”

Fiona came out of the den hearing all the talking in the hallway, and greeted Chad and Bacillica. She told them that they might want to take out pen and paper, because so much had happened since they were hurried out of the country, it would almost be too much to remember it all.

Chad looked at her and said, “Are we talking about good things or bad things?”

Fiona looked at him and said, “Right now, they are okay things.”

Chad looked at Bacillica and said, “Oh my!”

Payne came bounding down the stairs, twenty minutes later, dressed for school, and said that she was sorry she could not stay with them longer. However, she would be with them all evening, when she got home, to listen to the stories about their trip. Then she kissed Chad and Bacillica and said “Goodbye.”

Bacillica turned to Fiona and asked, “Did Payne just say to us ‘when she got home?’”

Fiona smiled and said, “Yes, she did.”

Bacillica asked, “Would you like to explain that to us?”

Fiona said, “No, I think I’ll let Dycke do that.”

Chad smiled and said, “Chicken!”

“I would like to live long enough to get married.”

Bacillica said, “Who am I going to kill for this?”

The voice behind her said, “Me!”

They turned around to see Dycke standing there, with a big grin on his face.

His mother said, “Alright wise ass, get into the den, you have a lot of explaining to do.”

For the next several hours, Chad and Bacillica listened to the stories Dycke and Fiona told. Most of the stories were factual; and not open to interpretation. Some were funny. The remainder was frightening. One of the more frightening ones included them. Their computers and phones were not broken. They were kept off the air, so that no one could trace their whereabouts. No one knew how good the kidnapper’s technology was. Marti did not want to take a chance and have the kidnappers find them, while they were in the wilds of New Zealand. The most frightening was Sunday’s altercation at Appian Way. Bacillica thanked God that children are so resilient, because if it were she, sitting in that car, she would have had a nervous breakdown. She looked at her son and asked him if he was truly all right.

Dycke replied, “Mom. Marti and Fiona let us watch and participate in the planning of the assault and the defense of the limousine. We watched how meticulously they put together their plan. They worked on it from every angle, including land, air, and sea. I have never seen anything like it. While we sat in the car, preparing for the worst, I never had one doubt that the kidnappers would get close enough to us to cause us any harm. None of them got past the trucks. That was the plan and that was how it worked. Marti told the FBI people the other day that we got lucky. Fiona told them that it is amazing how lucky you get, when you have good intelligence; you develop a good plan; everyone memorizes it down to the last detail and, everyone follows the plan.”

Chad and Bacillica laughed when Fiona slapped Dycke on the back of his head and told him never to quote her, out of context, again. She said, “You forgot to tell your parents that the bad guys did not know about the armored car.”

Dycke’s parents said in unison, “Armored car?”

“Yes dad. You saw the Mercedes parked down the block?”

“You mean that thing, by the swale, that takes half the area of the playground?”

“Yes dad, that is it, “Dycke said.

“That is yours,” his dad asked.

“Well, I have not paid for it yet, but I am going to, because it saved my life and the lives of everyone that was in it.”

“How much is that going to cost you, son?” his dad asked.

“It will cost me fifty thousand Euros dad.”

“Where are the papers? If you do not want it, I will buy it.”

“It is a little tough on gas mileage and my uncle demands prompt payment. If he does not get the money before April 15th, he will not be able to pay his US taxes and he will become destitute.”

Chad looked at his son and said, “Yeah, right.

“I will buy it, through one of the corporations, and lease it to your company, for one dollar per year, as long as I can use it, when I have the need.”

“You drive a hard bargain son, but I believe I can live with it.”

“Dad, I have to start getting ready to pick up Payne at school. I want to surprise her, when she comes out of the building. Unless there is something else you want to talk about now, I am going to run upstairs and shower.

“Yes Dycke, there is one more thing we need to talk about. The stadium at the school will be finished in about seven weeks. What dedication do you want on the scoreboard?”

“That is easy, dad. Name it “The Chad and Bacillica Schneider Sports Complex.” You can design the lettering and the configuration of the scoreboard; just make it big enough to contain the entire name.”

Bacillica said to her son, “Dycke, your name deserves to be up there.”

He said, “Mom, most of the people at that school hate me and I dislike most of them. I asked dad to build this complex because we made a deal, with the principal, who I like, and the teachers, who were very good to me. As far as I am concerned, I hope the students never remember I went to that school.”

After Payne had been taking classes for three weeks, her teachers gave her every test that she had missed. She surprised them all by getting grades no lower than ninety-five percent on any of them, and acing most of them When they asked her how she did it after missing seven weeks of school, she told them about the discs she listened to while she was in an induced coma. They all listened to her, in awe, not really believing that such a thing was possible. However, here Payne was, having missed seven weeks of school, scoring higher than ninety-nine percent of the students who had attended class daily. They told Payne, that it might be a good idea to put the other ninety-nine percent to sleep.

Payne replied, “My father’s insurance paid a lot of money towards my care. The part that was not covered by his insurance cost my fiancé a little bit less than half a million dollars.”

The teachers were stunned by the cost and started coughing. One said, “For that amount of money, I will take every test for a student, through his Master’s degree.” The other teachers laughed, but nodded in agreement.

May 23rd was both senior day and Prom night. Seniors would have half a day of school and go home to prepare for their big night of revelry at the Hilton Hotel and Spa. Payne had other ideas. She asked Dycke for permission to take a few ‘friends’ for a luxury weekend, to Bermuda. When she got back, she told him, she would own them. She was ready to get even with the people that gave her the worst time while she was in school.

Dycke smiled at her and said, “No more, ‘Miss Nice Girl’?”

Payne replied, “There are four weeks remaining until the end of school. I want to see how many hearts I can break between now and then. They had years to break my spirit, now it is my turn. The Reign of Payne is here, Let the games begin.”

“That is my girl. Go out there and get them, Payne. Give them no quarter. I will be at your side, whenever you need me.”

49. Trial by Fire

When they were getting into bed, on Friday evening, Dycke asked Payne if she was feeling okay. When Payne asked him, “Why,” he said that she was flushed and had a little perspiration on her upper lip and forehead.

Payne looked at Dycke and said, “I have just made my list of who I’m going to get even with first, and I am a little worked up over it.”

“Can I help you in any way?”

“Including us, how many people can the jet hold?”

“When you talk about us, you are talking about four people, you, Fiona, Gabby, and me. We can carry eight more people, including us.”

“Okay Dycke, here is what I want to do: I’m going to spread the word around school that after the Prom, I am going to take four of my friends and their dates for an all-expense paid weekend to Bermuda, by private jet. I will tell Cynthia and Steve they will not be coming in advance, so their feelings will not be hurt. I would like you to book a suite for us and Fiona and Gabby. I want you to book the smallest single rooms available for the eight others. When they are with us, we will pay for everything. If they go out on their own, they are on their own.”

“I know someone who is very good at doing that kind of stuff. She might be willing to help.”

Payne asked, “Who is it?”

“Your mother!”

Payne’s face lit up with a smile and she said, “You know, sometimes payback is a bitch.”

Dycke asked Payne, “Can I do anything to help calm you down?”

In her best southern accent Payne asked, “Why sir, are you making advances towards me?”

Dycke replied, “Miss, I am coming on to you, as Sherman took Atlanta and Grant took Richmond. However, I expect you will fight, like Lee at Gettysburg.”

Payne said in response, “Sir, I suspect at the end of the battle of Gettysburg, you anticipate being General Meade?”

“Indeed, you are a brilliant young woman.”

“In that case, sir, history is about to be rewritten: ‘The South shall rise again!’”

“Off with you clothes, woman, your mother wants you asleep by midnight. I must exhaust you by then.”

Payne took off her nightshirt, and surprised Dycke by being naked underneath. She grinned at him, lasciviously. She attacked him head on, instead of waiting for him to attack her. Payne did not mind hearing Dycke say that he was always on the giving end and she was on the receiving end. She knew it was always a good-natured ribbing. Tonight, she was going to give and he was going to receive the best she had ever given him.

Payne trapped Dycke under her body. She held his arms down with her hands and kissed him on his face, neck, and chest. Her left knee was between his legs, trapping his underwear, between his knees. He could not maneuver his body because he could not move his legs. Every time he tried to move one way, Payne moved her body in the opposite direction, as a counterbalance.

Realizing he was trapped, Dycke had two choices: He could use his arms and throw her off him, which would piss her off; or, he could let her do what she wanted to do and see where it led them. As he considered these two options, he decided that Payne was too close to his balls for any dramatic action. If she got angry with him, she could do him irreparable harm with one quick strike. He decided that discretion was the better part of valor, and let her continue leading the way.

Payne sucked on Dycke’s nipples, each in turn. She was happy to see that his rose just like hers, not as high or as hard, but it proved to her that she was turning him on. Another part of Dycke proved that he was turned on, and she had not even touched that, yet.

Payne continued kissing Dycke’s body along his rib cage down his flat stomach to his, adorable, belly button and down further to the unruly growth of hair that surrounded his penis. She decided at that moment that she was going to become a stylist, one of these nights, and clean up this area completely. She did mean completely. She realized that in order to get him to go along with her plan, she would have to go first. As she began looking around his balls, she thought she should make a little game out of it. She would have him shave her, and when he was finished with her, she could talk him into shaving him completely, or at least give him a military cut.

Payne’s head was moving rapidly up and down on Dycke’s dick. It was swollen to capacity, and her tongue and saliva was making it as slick as oil. Dycke wanted to grab Payne’s head and force it deeper and deeper onto his pride, but did not want to hurt her. She did not give him head as often as he would like, but their sex life was outstanding, by any measure that he knew. She was free with her body any time he wanted, and enjoyed what he did with her. When they were together, she always had multiple orgasms, and she always caused him to have several climaxes. As far as he was concerned, they were a perfect match.

Dycke’s penis swelled in Payne’s mouth and she knew he was getting ready to blow his load. She moved her head down, as far as she could take it in her mouth, and then she pushed a little harder and put another two inches of his prick into her throat. She started to withdraw, and continued the up-and-down motion, as she reached the top of his penis she stopped. She went back down and returned his back into her throat. Again, she heard Dycke moan. She wondered what he was feeling that was so different. She pulled back, did it again, and received the same sound. She pulled back once more, wanting him to come. With complete abandon, she drove her head down on Dycke’s penis and wound up with Dycke’s entire manhood in her throat. Her eyes opened wide, as her mouth touched his pubic hair. Had she really just done this? Was she crazy? She knew how big he was and she could not possibly have all that meat in her mouth and down her throat. If he swelled up, she would suffocate. She would not be able to breathe.

She heard Dycke moan loudly, he grabbed her head and yelled, “I’m coming!” She felt his sperm shot down her esophagus for what felt like minutes. He was in ‘fire hose’ mode again, but she knew, this time, she would not be a mess. When he finally finished, he released her head, and Payne — slowly — started to pull her head off Dycke’s prick. She started her up and down motions, to get every drop of fluid out of him. It felt as if it took her an hour to get all of his length out of her throat and mouth. When it finally popped out, she was able to breathe in huge gulps of air.

Dycke looked at Payne, and as her eyes met his, he said, “That was fantastic! How did you do that? What possessed you to try it? You told me that you would never even think about it?”

Payne looked at him and said, “I just wanted to go a little deeper, which I did. I went down an inch maybe a little more. The last time I was going down, I went down too fast. You were so wet, you just slid all the way down, and I wound up with my nose against your stomach. I did not move. I was too scared to move. Then, you came and I did not taste a thing, because you were past my taste buds, so everything just went down my esophagus and into my stomach. It was, really cool. The scary part was, when I had to take it out of my mouth. I never thought it would stop. It just kept coming and coming and coming. Finally, I felt the helmet pop past my lips and I was able to breathe. I did not even realize, while it was in my throat, that I was not breathing.

Dycke looked at Payne and said, “I can now say that the most beautiful lips, on the most beautiful face attached to the most beautiful woman at Northwood Academy has touched my belly while sucking my cock.”

Payne looked at him and said, “Are you going to say that in sky writing, on senior day?”

Dycke said, “Only if you bribe me.”

Payne said, “I will pass on that offer.”

“Is it my turn now?” Dycke asked.

“No, you do not get to it turn around tonight. I am in charge and you will do what I say.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Payne said, “Lick my pussy, while you get that thing to wake up. It is disappointing me. I may have to punish it.”

Dycke replied, “Yes, Mistress, it lives only to serve you.”

Payne decided to bite the tip of Dycke’s dick, just as he always nibbled at her nipples and clit to excite her. She wanted to see if it had the same effect. She smacked Dycke’s hands away from his precious organ, and lowered her head around it. She licked it with her tongue, which made him moan and then nipped it with her teeth. She got the reaction she expected: Dycke tried to push her away, in fright and pain, and his dick hardened like steel.

Payne pushed her dripping pussy onto his engorged prick before Dycke could start telling her how mean she was to bite his pride and joy. She was not making love to him, not exactly anyway. She was using him like the base of the trampoline. She would bounce down and he would spring her up, in the opposite direction. She was driving herself like a piston, moving up and down at multiple revolutions per minute. She was chasing her orgasm and exhaustion at the same time. Dycke was lying there, doing absolutely nothing, with his hands behind his head and a grin on his face.

Payne’s breathing started to labor and her movement became somewhat erratic, but she would not give up. She looked down at Dycke and saw him smiling up at her and she became furious. She hit him in the chest with both her fists and she pressed them down, holding him where he was. She refocused her eyes on his, rather than on the wall and continued her piston-like movements. She was so close she could taste it. She needed something to tip herself over the edge and she could not think of what to do to get there.

Dycke decided to help. He grabbed Payne’s left arm, and tried to move it. She fought him, but he was stronger. He dragged her arm down his body to the place where they were joined. He forced her hand open, and pushed her fingers into her vagina, alongside his dick. He did not have to force her to rub her fingers through her labia. He helped her move her fingers faster and faster, as she moved her hips up and down on his staff, quicker and quicker. When she reached her clit, she zeroed in on it and rubbed it, with total abandon.

Dycke removed his hand, as her mind coordinated both efforts. Payne’s head snapped back, her eyes closed and her mouth opened as she screamed silently and sweetly in her self-induced orgasm. As she was coming down from her high, her body lay down on top of Dycke’s and he stroked her hair gently. After a few minutes, he whispered in her ear, “I hope you do not think we are finished. It is only 11:15 PM and I have not made love to you yet.”

Payne looked at him and said, “What do you think we just finished doing?”

“I do not know what you just did, Mistress, but I just got used as a dildo.”

Payne looked him in the eye and said, “Dycke, you are so full of shit. While I was doing all the work, you were lying on the bed, with such a big grin on your face, watching my breasts bounce up and down. You were enjoying every minute of it.”

“I did not say I did not enjoy what you were doing. I said that we had not made love, yet.”

Payne said, “Dycke, sometimes you are pain in the ass.”

Dycke replied, “It is going to happen, sooner than you think.”

Payne looked at him and said, “What?”

“Would you like water before we start making love? Or are you too tired and want to go to sleep?”

“Dycke, am I missing something?”

“Payne, I asked you a very simple question, please follow along. Would you like water before we start making love? Or, are you too tired and want to go to sleep?”

“I think I must be tired because I think I’m missing something here. Could you get me some water, please? I want to go to sleep.”

“Okay, I’ll be right back.” Dycke grinned as he walked to the bathroom to get Payne her water. He knew he had slipped one by her again and it would gnaw at her for a few days, until she realized what she had missed, or until she forgot about it, completely.

The next day at school, Payne asked Cynthia for help with her project. When Cynthia found out what it was, she volunteered, immediately. She was not happy that she was not going to be there, but understood Payne needed to do this alone. After the police had confirmed Cynthia’s rape, her friends had apologized for their behavior and resumed their friendships with her. Cynthia had forgiven them, but not forgotten how they betrayed and abandoned her. She knew helping Payne was going to help her get back at the people who had abandoned her in her time of need.

Most of Cynthia and Payne’s childhood friends still went to the same high school. Cynthia saw them every day. She made a point of dropping the news of Payne’s largesse, not directly to these friends, but to seniors who would definitely talk to these girls. They would have to come to her for information. Within a few days, all five girls on the list had called her at home or on her cell to talk to her. She told each the same thing: At the prom, Payne was going to pick out four friends and their dates and take them on an all-expense paid trip to Bermuda for the weekend. There were no strings attached. This was a gift given to her, from her fiancé, Dycke Schneider.

When the girls asked Cynthia what the criteria was to be chosen, she calmly said, “I am not sure. I think Payne is going to put the prettiest girls at the prom around her, because she has been considered the ugliest at school for twelve years. I know she is not going to pick me because I do not qualify. I think you might have a chance, but you have been terrible to her over the years, She may hold that against you. I would love to go to Bermuda on a private jet. My date and I, plus ten of my best friends? That is the way to live. I am going to be so envious of those who are chosen.”

Cynthia left the little meeting and peered over her shoulder to see the girls deep in conversation. She took her cell phone out of her purse, and asked, “How did I do?”

Payne said to her, “You should have joined the acting club. You would have been their star performer. You were perfect Cynthia, absolutely perfect!”

“Thank you, Payne. Coming from you, that means a lot.”

“You’re welcome, Cynthia. Now go home and take your karate lesson. You are going out with Steve tomorrow and you will need all the help you can get.”

“I will have you there to protect me.”

“Yes, you will.”

Steve had been escorted to school and back home, every day that week. However, while he was at school, he had no one guarding him, or so he thought. Desiree was not constantly at his elbow, warding people away from him, so he was able to talk to his friends and even make a date for the weekend, with Cynthia. He had just finished telling his parents that he was going out for the evening with Cynthia and no one had insisted to escort him. He thought the good old days were back and he was a free man, once again. He opened the front door and saw Desiree standing there.

Desiree said, “Hi Steve, what movie are we going to see?”

“What are you doing here?”

“My job, of course.”


Steve sighed; obviously, his social captivity was not over. “Okay, let’s go. I do not want to be late to pick up Cynthia.”

“Is she supposed to be the next notch on your belt?”

“Please do not talk about her that way. She was raped by three men, late last year. This is the first time she is going out with anyone. I want it to be special for her, and show her that not all men are animals.”

Desiree said, “I am sorry, Steve, I am glad you told me about her circumstances. I will treat her with kid gloves. If you make any mistakes, I will cut you off at the knees.”

Steve asked, “Why the sudden change of heart?”

Desiree just stared at him, and did not answer his question. She said, “You wanted to get going, so let’s move out.”

Steve started walking to her car and then it dawned on him. He took her by the arm and said, “Desiree, you were raped?”

“Let’s go to pick up Cynthia.”

Steve said, “I am so sorry, Des, I really am.”

“It was not me, Steve. It was my sister. She was raped and murdered. The asshole was never caught. If he ever winds up in a database, his ass is mine.”

“If you need any help drawing him out, I am your man. I will do anything in my power to help you.”

“Thank you, Steve. Now get your ass in the car, so we can pick up Cynthia.”

Payne and Dycke were already at Cynthia’s house waiting for Steve’s arrival. When Steve knocked at the door, Payne answered it and said to her brother, “Let me see your hands.”

Steve stuck his hand out in front of him and Payne smacked him with a ruler, she had hidden behind her back.

Steve howled in pain. “What, on earth, did you do that for?”

Payne said, “That is just a hint of the pain you will feel, if you hurt her.”

Steve asked, “Can I talk to Cynthia alone, please?”

Payne had to acquiesce. “She is in her room, last door on the left, up the stairs.”

Steve took the stairs two by two, and ran to Cynthia’s door. He knocked on it and Cynthia said, “Come in.”

Steve looked at her and thought she was beautiful. She was wearing a nice spring dress, which complemented her hair and eyes. He walked over to her, and kissed her on the cheek. He said, “We need to talk for a moment.” Cynthia sat down on the edge of her bed and Steve sat in the chair across from her.

Steve said, “Cynthia, I like you very much. My sister thinks that I am after you just put another notch on my belt. I want you to know, nothing could be further from the truth. If I wanted sex, I could go to any of the girls I have been with before and have them in bed, in moments. I am not ashamed to say that I am able to accomplish that, because I have been sexually active for a very long time. Tonight, it is different. I genuinely want to go out with you, for a different reason. I would like to get to know you. I want to see if there is something between us, which we can build on. I found out at school, that you are going to UNC. That made me very happy, and is one of the reasons I approached you. If you were not going to the same school I am, I would have kept my feelings inside and not said anything. Long-distance relationships do not work, and ours would have been brand-new. Tonight and every night we go out, I promise that I will be the perfect gentleman. I know that you have heard that before, but this time it is true. The man, who defiled you, will be in prison for the next fifteen years and as far as I am concerned, that is not long enough. If, and when our relationship gets to the point, where we want to become physically intimate, you will have to make the first move. I will never force you to do anything against your will. I will not take you to a movie that you do not want to see, or a restaurant where you do not want to eat. This I promise you on my mother and father’s good name.”

Steve motioned to Cynthia to be quiet by putting his finger in front of his mouth as he kept talking. He walked over to her bedroom door and opened it, quickly. Payne fell into the room, because she was caught off balance. She landed flat on her face with her arms stretched straight ahead of her. Cynthia laughed at Payne. Her friend was caught ease dropping on their conversation. What made it even funnier was the way she was shamefully spread on the floor in her room.

Payne looked up at her brother and said, “You son of a bitch. How did you know I was there?”

Steve said, “Payne, you are like one of Pavlov’s predictable dogs. You could not wait for me to close the door, so you could put your ear to it. You could not wait to have Cynthia tell you what went on. You had to know firsthand. Where possibly could you have gotten that character trait from, I wonder?”

Payne got up from her prone position, and sat on the floor. She said, “Our mother. You are not smart enough to have thought of that, by yourself. Why do I have this gnawing feeling that you have been talking to that twerp of mine?”

Steve feigned a look of disgust and said, “I don’t even like him, much less want to talk to him.”

Payne looked at Steve and said, “You could not even say that with a straight face.”

Cynthia chimed in and said, “Are we going to sit here all night, and go over family problems or am I actually going to be able to go out on a date?”

Steve said, as he reached for Cynthia, “We should leave her on the floor and go by ourselves.”

Payne was on her feet in a flash, and said, “You have no chance at taking her out unescorted.”

Dycke met them as they walked down the stairs. He went to take Payne’s hand and she said to him, “You are a dead man.”

Dycke looked at them and said, “What did I do? I was down here.”

Steve smiled at him and said, “This may be my only way to get even with you.”

“That is it, Steve. You are getting a Yugo.”

The seating arrangement at the movie could be considered nothing less than hysterical. From left to right there were Desiree, Steve, Cynthia, and Dycke. In the row behind Steve and Cynthia were Payne and Fiona.

Every time Steve moved, Desiree and Payne hit him. It did not matter what he was doing, he was hit for doing it. If Cynthia moved, Payne and Fiona hit Steve. When the movie ended and they walked outside, Steve’s hair was a mess and his head hurt from being hit multiple times. As they approached the cars, he turned to his assailants and said, “This shit has to stop. If Cynthia wants to go out with me, it is none of your damned business. I want to be with her, but I do not want to be beat up for holding her hand. It has to be her decision, not yours, Payne. Cynthia you have to tell her what you want. If you want me to continue to take you out, tell her to back off. If you want me to back off, I will not call you again and we will still be friends.”

Cynthia smiled at Steve and said, “Steve tonight was a test. They made me do it, because they do not trust you. I did and I do want to go out with you. You can go out with me, and no one else. You are in for a long dry spell, if you can handle that; I would like us to continue. If you cannot, I understand. Payne, I could not have come this far without you. I love you like a sister, but even sisters fight over boyfriends. I want to go out with your brother, without your interference. Please say it is okay.”

“Cynthia he knows if he hurts you, I will kill him, with my bare hands. I am glad you are strong enough to make this decision on your own. You do not need my okay, but you have it anyway.”

Dycke jumped in to lighten the mood the group was encountering and said, “Who wants to go for pizza and egg creams?”

Simultaneously, Fiona and Desiree said, “Pizza and what?”

Payne laughed at them, and said, “It will take too long to explain. Let’s get into the car, you will love it.”

50. The Plan Begins To Unfold.

The prom was one week away, and Payne went to the lunchroom and asked, “Gail, Annabella, Jessica, and Savannah to join her for lunch. She said to them, “I was not going to do this until prom night, but my mother told me that you would need time to prepare. In addition, I need to get permission from your parents and the parents of the boys going with you. Each of you would need your passports to go to Bermuda with me.”

The girls were ecstatic that they had been chosen.

Payne continued, “I want you to know that this was a very hard decision for me. Once upon a time, you were my friends. Then as we grew older, you ostracized me, just like everyone else because of the way I looked. This is the way I should have looked all my life. I have lived twelve years with the stigma of being called ‘the ugliest girl in school.’ I am no longer the bearer of that title. I chose you four, because everyone else in the school has treated me as bad, or worse, than you have. At least with you four, I have some memories that are not so terrible. Tomorrow, at eleven o’clock, I need you and your date for the prom and one parent from each of you, at my house. I need them there to sign a release my father has drawn up. It will release Dycke, our parents, and me, from any liability, if anything were to happen to any of the eight of you while we are on vacation. These are the rules and they are very simple. Dycke and I are engaged. We have been sleeping together for a very long time, and both our parents know this, and approve. I do not wear my engagement ring to school, for obvious reasons. I will show it to you Saturday, when you are at my house. When we go to Bermuda, he and I will be staying in his suite. For obvious reasons, we have booked each of you a single room. They are not connected but they are on the same floor. We did this so that your parents would be at ease. What you do on your own, is none of our business. When we go out as a group, Dycke and I will cover all expenses. If you decide to go out by yourselves, you will cover your own expenses. The limousine will leave at eleven o’clock, to the Charleston airport. If you are late, we will leave without you Do you have any questions?”

Gail asked, “What if our parents will not sign the release?”

“The next person on my list is Tia. We will call her and her parents as soon as we know who will not be coming. It is very simple.”

The four girls looked at each other and knew what they had to do. They thanked Payne for inviting them, and apologized for any past insults and pain they caused her. The bell rang and everyone left the table to proceed to their next class. Payne grinned to herself. She had taken the first step in her plan to get even. Tomorrow, if the parents signed the release forms, step two would be accomplished.

Alletta Temple had a caterer set up the brunch for thirty people on the back patio. Dycke arrived early to see if he could help, but was brushed aside as a nuisance, rather than an aid. He went up to Payne’s room and found her primping for the morning’s event. He approached her and was about to kiss her, when she said, “You had better not mess up my makeup.”

“You do not need makeup. You are so radiant, and you are going to blind them, as soon as they walk in.”

“Normally, I would hug you for saying something that beautiful to me, but today I have to work, so behave yourself.”

“Yes, Mistress,” he said with a smile.

Payne looked over her shoulder at him and said, “One day it will be me holding the paddle.”

Dycke replied, “I cannot wait!”

Payne finished with her hair and makeup, and stood up and walked to her closet. She took out her dress and pumps and removed the dressing gown she was wearing. She was naked underneath and Dycke gasped. She put on a pair of sheer panties and a matching bra, which did nothing to abate Dycke’s ardor. Payne then put on a pair of thigh high stockings and Dycke feigned a faint on the floor.

Payne looked at him and said, “Very funny, Dycke. Get up and go take a cold shower, and make that thing behave.”

Dycke looked at her and said, “Mistress, you are the only one that can make it behave.”

She looked in the eye and said, “Today, you may carry on ‘by hand.’ I will make it up to you tonight.”

“Your day as my naked plaything is going to come sooner than you think. The abuse you have laid at my feet today is more than I can bear. Bermuda will be the perfect day for that activity.”

“You would not dare.”

“What better way to show those for four girls, how free you are, and not have to hide in the back seat of the car or steal a moment in a bedroom to make love. Think of them looking at your pussy, leaking my sperm and your fluids while answering the door to let them into our suite. Think how shocked the girls will be when they see you. Think about how hard the guys are going to get, just looking you. Let us give them a show they will never forget. “

Payne could not believe what he said and how brilliant an idea it was. It would startle her former friends, to see her in all her glory. She looked at Dycke and nodded her head. She approached him, and kissed him passionately, not worrying about her makeup.

Dycke said to her, “Now I need that cold shower.”

All their guests arrived within minutes of each other. Alletta greeted each of them warmly, and told them that food awaited them on the back patio. Alletta told the four girls that Payne would be down in a moment. When Payne walked out on the patio, the parents who had not seen her in many years were astonished at how marvelous she looked. She greeted each of them, then took her ‘friends’ and their boyfriends into the den. They talked and laughed for almost an hour, until her father called them out to the patio.

Piker asked each teenager to sit with his or her parents. He asked each of them to listen carefully to what he was about to say. He handed out a copy of the release form, to everyone in attendance. He advised them that this was very serious business and not to take it lightly. Piker said, “In the wake of things that had happened in recent years in the Caribbean, your signatures on this form are necessary, before your children would be allowed to accompany Payne and Dycke to Bermuda. This contract explains everything that Dycke and Payne are responsible for and nothing more. They are not there to babysit your children, but to enjoy each other while on this mini vacation.”

He explained each clause in the contract in detail. He recorded everything he said, so they could be no arguing later. When he finished, he asked each of them to take the time to reread the contract. He needed the contracts back, by Sunday evening, if their child was going. If not, their seats would be given to the next young person on the list. He ended by saying, “If you wish to stay, and read the contract, please feel free to do so. There is food, coffee, and soft drinks for everyone. Thank you for your attention.”

The backyard exploded into conversations. The eight teenagers were imploring their parents to sign the document immediately. The parents hesitated, because they wanted to make sure that everything Piker Temple said was in the contract. Teenagers can be very persuasive, especially the girls. Each girl looked into her father’s eyes, batted her eyelashes, put her head on his shoulder. They did everything possible to convince their fathers that this was a wonderful opportunity. He could send her on a vacation, which would cost him ‘next to nothing.’

The words ‘… next to nothing…’ was music to the fathers’ ears. Each of their daughters had cost them dearly during their high school years, for everything from designer shoes to one hundred dollar haircuts.

After an hour of conversation, the parents sent their children away. They wished to discuss this trip amongst themselves. They knew, even though the Temples had taken the precaution of getting single rooms for their children, the possibility of sex occurring, during the weekend, was more than just the possibility. The discussion did not last long. Each parent had to make a decision for his or her own child. In the end, the decision was unanimous. All eight teenagers were allowed to go to Bermuda.

They asked Piker to rejoin them on the patio, and told him of their decision. He replied saying, “If you are absolutely sure, I have pens in my office. You can sign your form in there and I can give you photocopies to take home with you.

After all the signing was done, Payne’s friends were ecstatic and could not wait for next Friday to come. It was going to be an experience of a lifetime, in more ways than one!

Payne’s dress for the prom was stunning. It was a gold strapless, ankle-length sheath, with a slit, in the back, running up just higher than her knee. She had a short, matching jacket that covered her shoulders, and wrapped around her bust. She wore her mother’s pearls around her neck and her engagement ring on her left hand. She looked stunning. Dycke wore a tuxedo made of the finest virgin mohair, tailored to perfection. He, also, had a trick up his sleeve that only those involved knew about.

Marti was uneasy about tonight’s affair, or so she said. It was decided that they would go in force. There would be two Humvees in front of the limousine, and two behind it. They arrived at the prom exactly at 7:30 PM, and Dycke and Payne were escorted in by four agents. Pictures were taken and the party, which was already underway, came to a halt for a moment to watch Payne’s entrance. Except for the music, you could have heard a pin drop. Immediately, she was surrounded by the four ‘friends’ she was taking to Bermuda. They wished to be in the spotlight with her. They were part of the “In-Crowd” and they all felt that tonight Payne would be crowned Prom Queen. Wherever she was, they were going to be there, with her. Dycke had to pry them away from Payne so he could dance with her. He took her in his arms and began to dance with her.

Payne looked at him and said, “You have been taking lessons.”

He said, “This is only the beginning. I have much more in store for you, as time goes by.”

“If it is as good as this, I cannot wait.”

As the evening wore down, the crowd around Payne got closer and closer. Dycke stuck both hands in the air, and shortly thereafter, Gabby showed up. Upon seeing Gabby standing at Payne’s side, the crowd backed off. Payne was very relieved. So was Dycke, who had tried to control the crowd, but could not do it.

The principal called the seniors to order. He went on to announce the name of the Prom King. He said to the seniors that the vote was not even close. Then he announced the name. “Steven Temple.” The male members of the school were shocked. The female members of the school cheered, as one. The head cheerleader was Cynthia Morgan.

The principal then announced the name of the Prom Queen. “Payne Temple.” The male members of the school applauded wildly. The female members of the school applauded politely, except for the four girls who surrounded Payne and going with her to Bermuda. They applauded with vigor. Steve, who was already on the platform, applauded as his sister approached. When she arrived, he kissed her on the cheek and congratulated her on her victory.

The brother and sister began their victory dance. They were soon joined by the remainder of the senior class. It was a nice, slow dance, and Payne put her head on her brother’s shoulder. She whispered to him, “Thank you bro, for trying to protect me all these years. I could not have survived without you.”

Steve had tears in his eyes when he looked at his sister’s beautiful face and said to her, “You have always been this beautiful, in my eyes.” He kissed her cheek softly.

As it neared eleven o’clock, the principal again took the microphone and said, “Those of you who need to know the time, it is five minutes before eleven o’clock. Eight people scurried to their tables, grabbed their belongings, and said goodbye to their friends. When asked where they were going, they said they were going to Bermuda with Payne. Jealousy could be seen on all of the faces they left behind.

The eight men and women walked outside. They were greeted at the limousine by agents who asked them to wait there. Ten minutes later, Dycke and Payne strolled out of the prom. Payne apologized for her lateness, explaining that people would just not let her go by without saying something to her. It would have been impolite for her not to answer. The men and women agreed with her. They were told the seating arrangements by one of the agents. The men would be split up: two were going in one Humvee and two in another. The women were all going in the limo with Dycke and Payne and her security team. No objections were heard. When they arrived at Charleston airport, and approached the hangar, everyone knew something was up, except Dycke. All eyes turned towards him.

He asked, “Why is everybody looking at me?”

Fiona responded saying, “You are the one with the checkbook, and that does not look like our Gulfstream.”

“Maybe the pilots fed it its Wheaties?’

“Boss, do not tell me you went out and bought another airplane.”

“Okay, Fiona, I did not go out and buy another airplane.”

Fiona looked at Payne and said, “Hit him, hard.”

Payne tried to raise her hand, but Dycke grabbed it before it could reach lethal level.

Payne’s friends sat there listening to the conversation, in awe. They never knew anyone that could go buy an airplane that big, and not even think about it. Their families were well off, but this kid was rich beyond their wildest imagination. How in the world had ‘Plain Jane Payne’ landed somebody this wealthy, when she looked like she had been run over by a truck? This guy must really love her. They were told to board the aircraft and look for their nametags on their seats.

The Boeing 717 was configured for thirty seats on this trip. The interior of the aircraft was gorgeously appointed and when they walked down the aisle. They found that their seats were towards the middle. The seats were luxurious and there was plenty of legroom. Other adult passengers, who they did not recognize, moved past them towards the rear of the aircraft.

Finally, it was Dycke and Payne’s turn to get on and they scurried up the walkway and into the aircraft. Fiona and Gabby stood by the front door waiting for the last four guests. They emerged from another limousine that had just driven up. Piker and Alletta Temple, along with Chad and Bacillica Schneider, started up the stairway and into the aircraft.

Payne looked at Dycke and said, “What have you done now?”

Dycke said, “We had four extra seats. I filled them.”

The engines started and one crewmember started the safety instructions, as well as, checking their seatbelts to make sure they were securely fastened. Fiona could not figure out why she was the only person on the aircraft sitting alone. She was in the very last row, in the back of the aircraft. Finally, a very short person, in a flight uniform, sat next to her as the lights in the aircraft dimmed for take-off. As the aircraft’s nose lifted off the ground, Fiona who was looking out the window heard the person next to her say, “Hello slave.”

Fiona hit her head against the window and said, “What the hell are you doing here?”

“I told you the world was not big enough for you to hide from me. Now, kiss me before I pinch your tits.”

She turned, smiled at him, and kissed him. Fiona said to him, “Bob, I cannot fool around this weekend, I am working.”

Bob short said to her, “That is funny. Your boss assured me that you were off this weekend. Do you want to check with her or are you going to believe me?”

“I believe you, but I have to find out what the security arrangements are for Dycke.”

Bob picked up the phone that was between the seats. He dialed the number, Dycke had given him, and Marti picked up. Bob said to her, “Marti, she will not take my word that Dycke is covered for the weekend. Can I spank her now, or do I have to wait until we get to Bermuda.”

Marti said, “Let me speak to her.”

Bob listened as Fiona received her orders for the weekend, as Marti dictated them to her. She kept saying, ‘Yes, ma’am,’ repeatedly. She then handed the phone back to Bob.

Marti said to him, “If she doesn’t walk on this aircraft, Sunday afternoon, bowed-legged and smiling, I am going to want to know the reason why. If she is not, one of your testicles will be mine.”

Bob said, “Yes, ma’am.” He hung up the phone, with a smile on his face

Fiona asked, “What did she threaten you with, your balls or your life?”

“My balls and I have become quite attached to them.”

Fiona leaned over and put her head on his shoulder, and rested peacefully for the remainder of the one hour and forty-five minute flight to Bermuda.

When they arrived, it seemed that every limousine on the island was there to greet the aircraft. Dycke and Payne went to the front of the aircraft, to speak with their parents. Dycke told them that they were going to a different hotel, with their agents. They would see them back at the aircraft at five o’clock, Sunday afternoon. Then they said goodbye to their parents, as the departed the aircraft.

Dycke then made an announcement to the remainder of the people in the aircraft. He asked them to feel under their seats for an envelope. “In it,” he said, “is the number of your limousine, and your room. Your bags will be delivered to your door within minutes of your arrival. Do not give a gratuity to any staff member. If staff accepts anything from any member of our group, and management finds out about it, they will be fired, on the spot. Charge all hotel items to your rooms. Everything has been taken care, in advance. Everyone there should greet you with the biggest grins you have ever seen. Now, all you have to do is go enjoy yourselves. We will see you here at the aircraft at 4:30 PM, Sunday, for a 5:30 PM departure.”

Dycke and Payne walked down the ladder to their limousine and waited until Bob and Fiona joined them, along with Gabby and Marti. They then drove off to the Elbow Beach Hotel and Spa, which was five minutes away from downtown Hamilton. All the others got into their designated cars and followed suit.

At 8 AM, Payne called all four of her ‘girlfriends,’ who were not appreciative of such an early wake-up call. Payne said, “What do you want to do, sleep your vacation away? I will be on the beach by nine o’clock working on my tan. If I am the only one with a suntan, you will have some explaining to do to your parents.”

The girls had made a big mistake, during the night. Arriving at the hotel at 2 AM, they should have gone straight to sleep, but they did not. Instead, they went straight to bed with their boyfriends, for some unhurried sex, in a very comfortable bed. They did not get to sleep until the wee hours of the morning, and if Payne’s plan worked out, they were going to pay for it, dearly.

Fiona on the other hand, knew what was going to happen to her. When she got to the hotel, she found herself in a suite of rooms, laid out for her and Bob’s entertainment. With the exception of one couch, and a plasma television, all the furniture in the living room had been removed. The floor was covered with heavy mats and a sign in the middle that said, “Arguing is limited to four hours. No clothes can be worn, during that time. If you cannot find something better to do, during those four hours on the mats, while you are naked, remember my final parting words. Have fun, Marti!”

Fiona looked at Bob and said, “I wonder what she left us in the bedroom?”

Bob said, “The things you find in there should be from me.”

Fiona walked into the bedroom and saw two cans of whipped cream, a bottle of chocolate sauce, cherries, and strawberries. She looked at Bob and said, “Not again?”

Bob grinned and walked over to a cabinet, and opened it. The freezer compartment of the refrigerator was filled with gelato and ice cream and sherbet, with enough flavors to keep them busy for a month. Bob asked Fiona, “Would you like your dessert on the bed now, or would you like it in you later?”

Fiona looked at him and said, “Bob, I have not gotten laid for more than a month. Would you stop fooling around and fuck me?”

Bob said to her, “Say please.” As soon as the words left his mouth, Bob ran out of the bedroom, with Fiona was hot on his heels. Before she reached him, he yelled, “Remember the sign.”

Fiona said, “Fuck her.”

“Shall I tell her you disobeyed orders, and insulted her?”

“Bob, why do I always get into arguments with you over the little things?”

“What I have waiting for you, is not little, so strip woman and come and get it.”

Fiona had fire in her eyes, and lust in her heart, as she ripped her clothes from her body. She said to Bob, “Do you want to cry uncle now, or do you want to wait, until you are in pain?” She did not wait for an answer. She charged at him, like a raging bull. Much to her surprise, Bob stood there, with open arms, until she hit him, and they fell to the floor.

Bob folded like an accordion. He knew she would be off balance, after she hit him, and they fell to the floor. Once they were down, his hands and mouth went into action. His right hand went straight for her pussy, forced two fingers in to her wet hole, and searched for that elusive spot on the top of her vagina. His mouth went to her right breast and bit her nipple, softly. His left forearm was around her neck, in a chokehold, to keep her in place until his attack started to take effect.

Fiona moaned as he attacked her body. She screamed at him, “You don’t fight fair.”

Bob said to her, “You should know that about me, by now.”

She kissed him passionately, as she grabbed his balls. She whispered to Bob, “You know the old saying, ‘When you have him by the balls, his heart and mind will follow.’”

Bob said, “Yes.”

“Let go of my neck, and I won’t rip them off.”

Bob, immediately, followed orders, but continued his attack on her pussy, with his thumb on her clit and two fingers inside her.

Fiona played with his balls, while his dick grew, in size and strength. When she was ready, she turned quickly and mashed her pussy on Bob’s mouth. Her mouth plunged down on his dick, and she swallowed him whole. She did not gag as he entered the top of her throat. She hummed, while she plunged up and down, while playing with his balls. Feeling him swell to his largest size, Fiona knew he was close to coming and withdrew a few inches of him from her mouth. Rotating her hands and mouth in opposite directions, and humming louder than before.

Bob removed his mouth from Fiona’s cunt. He arched his hips almost 18 inches above the mats, and screamed as he released a torrent of semen into her mouth.

Fiona did not miss one drop. She continued the up and down motion, with her hands, and sucked every drop of his essence from his long, thick pile driver. When he was completely emptied and cleaned, she sat up. She rotated her hips, back and forth, along his tongue and fingers. She was getting the tingling feeling in her stomach and her nipples were long and hard. She moved a hand to her clit, to help bring her over the top. It was her turn to scream as her body past the threshold, and she came and came again.

While she was sitting there regaining her senses, collapsed on Bob’s face, she was being tapped on her thighs.

When she realized what was happening, she said, “Oh my God, Bob!” She, quickly, lifted her body off his face.

Bob looked at her with a smile on his face and said, “If I am going to die, that is the way I want to go.”

Fiona pulled him up into her arms, kissed him, and made sure that he was all right. Bob looked at her and said, “You cannot get rid of me that easily. I have laid out a bunch of money, talking with your mother, hiring the hall and reserving the church. I will not allow you to walk down the aisle, and not have the groom waiting for you.”

Fiona looked at him, stunned. She said, “I never gave you my mother’s phone number or address. How did you find her?”

“Fiona, what was my former occupation?”

“You were a goddamned spy, you son of a bitch. What did you do, get one of your friends to find her?”

“No, I did not. If you kept in touch with your mother more often, you would know that she has a Facebook page.”

“Oh, fuck, mom!”

“Is that nice way to talk about your mother?”

“So, when am I getting married? Did you leave anything for me to do? Did you leave anything for my mother to do? You are not leaving these mats alive, to hell with your deposits.”

Bob said, “I would like to say something, before you kill me. Your mother picked out the church and the hall. I asked her to quit her job. She is coming to live with us, in an apartment in my building. She will be here July 1st, or sooner. She put the house up for sale, and only bringing her clothes with her. You can go shopping with your mother, to furnish her apartment, any way she likes. As far as, what you have to do, it is a very short list: You have to make up a list of the people you want to invite. You have to pick out the invitations. You have to set a theme, for the wedding. You have to pick out the flowers, arrange for the limousines, and a hotel for our guests. You have to buy a wedding dress…”

Bob continued going on and on, until she had enough. Fiona yelled at him, “Stop. I get the picture. I have a few things to do, but between now and…when?”

Bob looked at her and said, “Dycke did not tell you? I told him to tell you, before you guys went into hiding. I wanted you to have something happy to think about, while you were under all that stress.”

“I will kill that little bastard for not telling me. So, tell me, before I start beating you to a pulp.”

“September 2nd, Labor Day weekend.”

“You’re lucky you gave me three months to do all this. It still will be tight, but I will get it done.”

“Alletta and Bacillica said they could get it done two weeks.”

“They knew, also?”

“Yes, it was no secret. I told everyone.”

Fiona had had it. She was the only one he did not tell, and now, he was going to pay for it. She hit him with an open hand on the back of his head. She said to him, “Defend yourself, you are going to look like mincemeat in a moment.”

He looked at her and smiled, “I beat you two out of three before. I will do it again, if you want?”

For the next three hours, they made love, fought, made love, and fought again. In other words, they had a great time. Finally, they took a shower together. Bob started washing her, the way he did at home. When he was finished, he forced her against the wall and started playing with her pussy and ass, once again.

Fiona was tired and kept saying, “No.” However, the way her body was reacting to his attention, it was saying, ‘yes.’

Bob kissed her rear end and approached her pussy from behind. He spread her legs wider, to make access to her garden, easier. He fed her desires with his passion. He stroked her clit with his thumb and her vagina, with his tongue. Fiona moaned into the wall. She knew he had memorized her body, and its pleasure points. He did not miss one. He even found a few not even she knew about.

Bob put a hand on her breast and massaged it, gently. He twisted her nipple, to bring her out of her euphoria and back to the present. He wanted her so much; he could do this forever. She was breathtaking. Her body was long and lean, and every nerve responded to his titillation. As she approached her orgasm, she lowered her body and pushed back, her ass. Her little star was wide open to him now, and his tongue attacked it with vigor. It took time for her to relax the muscles around it, and his tongue slipped right in, when she did.

Groans came out of Fiona’s mouth, as she had an intense orgasm. Her pussy was leaking like a fountain, and Bob captured the fluids, in his hand. He rubbed it over and inside her sphincter. He slipped one, and then two fingers into her, and her knees buckled, from the heightening sensation. He stood up and placed his penis at the entrance to her back door. He asked her to relax and if penetration hurt, to tell him.

Fiona nodded her head, and waited for it to happen. She did not have to wait long. Bob pressed the head of his dick against her tiny opening, and pushed into her bowels. He heard her take in a sharp breath, and he stopped and waited. When she relaxed, he started to push in deeper. He drove in two inches, and pulled back one. He continued this rhythm, until his pubic hair met the cheeks of her ass. He stopped again, and waited for her to tell him she was okay.

Fiona felt full to capacity. He had not hurt her, as he so often promised her, and had proceeded with her pleasure in mind. She started moving her ass away from him, and then moved back, forcefully, to get him as deep as possible. As the minutes passed, Bob joined in her movements. He did not thrust into her. He pressed into her slowly, and let her set the pace. He started playing with her pleasure button, and a breast, at the same time. He waited for her to respond.

Fiona did respond to this stimulation and started moving faster. She demanded, “Fuck me hard.”

Bob moved both hands to her hips and drove into her, as deep and as hard as he could. He received a pleasure packed “YES” in response. He kept pummeling her straight in and out, for a few minutes, and then he changed his rhythm. Bob rotated his hips, to all corners of the wind, to keep Fiona guessing, which way he was coming at her next. He kept pounding and pounding into her, until he was nearly exhausted. He said to Fiona, “I am going to come.”

She yelled at him, “No, not yet, I am almost there.”

Bob redoubled his efforts, until moments later Fiona yelled, “Now!”

Bob blasted his semen deep into her at the very same moment Fiona came. He stood, frozen in his position, unable to move. When his mind cleared, and his body relaxed, he leaned over her exhausted body, and began kissing her back, and neck. He rubbed her breasts and pulled on her nipples. He pulled his shrunken organ from her, and it was followed by a rush of his seed. Fiona sank to the floor because she was so tired.

Delicately, he washed her, while holding her in his arms. He dried her, with the large fluffy towels and brought her to their bed. He kissed her lovingly and said, “Nothing and no one will bother you, while I’m here. Go to sleep and I will wake you, at ten o’clock. I love you, very much.”

Fiona never heard him. She was asleep.

51. Saturday is Fun Day!

Dycke and Payne were on the beach at nine o’clock in the morning, eating breakfast. Payne’s friends did not start showing up until nine forty-five. Each of them looked like they had a hangover. Payne acted as if nothing was wrong. She inquired about their health, because they all looked terrible. She started talking, nonstop, about the prom, the dresses and the girls that with there. She could tell, by the looks on their faces, that her talking was causing a deleterious effect. Her friends were facing the sun, and they had not taken their sunglasses with them. They were in more pain now, then when they came out to the beach. She loved it, and prattled on and on, until she ran out of things to say, about the prom, the flight to Bermuda and the wonderful hotel. If it was possible to make four gorgeous girls, in tiny bikinis, look like they were about to die, Payne had done it. She looked at them and asked, “What is wrong with you guys today?”

Annabella looked at her friends and said, “We all got laid last night and we didn’t get to sleep until around five or six o’clock this morning.”

Dycke laughed and said, “Too much information; I am going to find something to do. You girls can talk about what happened, by yourselves.” He then turned to Payne and said, “Steve would give his eyeteeth and one of his nuts to hear this conversation.” He kissed Payne goodbye and started walking towards the hotel. As he did, Marti got up from her lounge and followed him. Gabby was keeping a close eye on Payne.

As soon as Dycke was out of earshot, Payne said, “Okay girls, out with the dirt. I have waited years to get into this kind of conversation.”

Gail said to Payne, “You mean you didn’t get laid last night.”

“No. It was very late and we both went to sleep. We can screw any time we want in the privacy of his bedroom or mine. Our parents know about our relationship. As long as we do not walk around the house naked, they let us lead our lives like a married couple. We are not going to get married until after we graduate college, but that does not mean we have to be celibate until then.”

They looked at Payne with envy in their eyes. Gail said, “I would give anything to be able to live like you.”

Payne told them what a wonderful lover Dycke was, and that they had learned how to make love, together, by going to the U.S.C. Library. She told them that they had each taken the other’s virginity and it was a wonderful and loving experience. She explained that Dycke made love to her three more times, that morning, and then they fell asleep. It was not until Dycke’s mother walked into the room, saw them naked on the bed, together, and yelled his name that they knew they had been caught in the act.

Savannah said, “If my father walked in to my room and found me in bed with a boy, he would skin him alive, and he would beat me to within an inch of my life, for losing my virginity before marriage. I am tired of having sex on the sly. Last night was the first time we made love in a bed. It was an exhilarating feeling and if I could have woken him up this morning, I would have been much later getting here.” Gail, Annabella, and Jessica told Savannah that they faced the same problem. They always had to do ‘It,’ within a time limit. They had to be at home at a particular time. If not, their parents seemed to know what they had been doing, and the war was on.

Payne laughed and said, “Well, the cat is out of the bag, now. Your parents thanked mine, for getting every one of you your own room. However, they said to my dad that you would probably be having sex this weekend, even though they had taken this precaution. If your parents said that to mine, they know all of you are sexually active.”

The four girls looked at each other, in amazement. “Our parents let us come to Bermuda, knowing that we would be screwing around?”

Payne grinned and said, “You are here, aren’t you?”

Savannah said, “My God, I am free of that burden. I hated lying to them but I had no other way to get around their rules.”

Jessica agreed. “My parents are probably the most liberal, of the four of us. They still gave me ‘that look,’ when I would walk into the house a little late. I am not saying that they will let me have sex in my own bed, but maybe they will loosen the collar around my neck.”

Annabella did not want to be left out of the conversation. She jumped and with both feet and said, “My parents do not know that I am on the pill. I have to find clever spots to keep my mother from finding them. She is in my room every day cleaning it up.” The other girls agreed with her.

Payne looked at Annabella and said, “There is one way to keep your mother out of your room. Clean it yourself. Keep it spotless. Dust everything, including the walls, and she will look at your room, and think that you have changed. She will go through your room for a while, checking to see if you have thrown your things into a closet, instead of the hamper. If you clean your room at night, and make your bed before you go to school, she will think that her yelling and screaming at you, for not doing it, has finally paid off. My parents have not been in my room, without me being there, and more than five years.”

“How can you prove that they have not been in your room, if you are not in there? You cannot see what they are doing, or when they’re doing it.”

“I set up little traps that are hard to recognize. A tiny piece of paper placed under my door, when I leave for school, tells me someone has been there, or not. A paperclip in my underwear drawer or any other item I can think of can be proof that someone has been there. Steve knows better than to enter my room. If he does, that makes his room fair game, and believe me; he does not want that to happen.”

Savannah asked Payne how she knew all these tricks.

Payne said, “I did not have any friends, because of the way I looked. While I was at home, I read everything and anything that was there. When you read as much as I do, you learn many different things. The only person that can best me in that area is Dycke. I am learning not to bet with him anymore. He has paddles and they have met my rear end, many times. When my cheeks are red, he stops. Then, he kisses and licks them to make me feel better. We make love for hours, after he teaches me a lesson.”

The girls could not believe their ears. Jessica said, “He beats you and you are still with him?”

“It is a tradition, in my family, when you lose a wager; you pay up with your body. My mom uses the paddle on my dad, and he uses it on her, especially when they are feeling frisky. They are frisky almost every day, and I can hear them even though I am two bedrooms away. Dycke got the idea from them and I am learning not to take Dycke lightly. He is the smartest person I know, and he tells that to me every time I make a bet and lose. He hits me five times on each cheek. After that, it is all pleasure.”

Gail asked in a whisper, “How big is he?”

The other girls blushed, bright red, but Payne did not hesitate. “I have never measured him, but I can tell you this, He gets stuck so deep in my throat, that I cannot breathe. He is also wider than my wrist.”

Jessica laughed at her. She said, “That midget cannot be that big.”

Payne laughed and said, “When you lose this bet, are you willing to pay your debt with your bodies? Think hard before you answer that question. Your boyfriends are here, and they will be the beneficiaries of your doubt.”

“Have you ever won anything from Dycke?” Annabella asked.

“Yes, I have won his heart, and he has won mine. When we met, he did not have a dime to his name. The first time we saw each other, I was naked. I had fallen into his pool, and my mother told him he could go to his parents’ room and apologize. We looked at each other, and something special happened between us. His first words to me were, ‘My God you are beautiful!’ I asked him if he was blind. He said, ‘No.’ He said things to me that no one had said before, wanting nothing more than to hold me. We embraced, for the longest time, until my mother walked into the room. She turned around and left to get my clothes. I spent all night with him, first trying to kill him and then trying to kill him with kindness. Our love grows deeper, every day. He is so generous and thoughtful, that sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky.”

Annabella looked into Payne’s eyes and knew she was telling the truth. She asked, “Does he have any brothers?”

“I am sorry, but no he does not. He has two married sisters.”

Jessica wanted to get back to the bet. She asked Payne, “What do we get when we find out that you are not telling the truth?”

“If you want it from me, the only thing I have is my engagement ring and I will not part with that ever. If you want something from Dycke, all you have to do is ask him.”

Jessica replied, “I want to know from Dycke what I can have before I take that bet.”

Payne said to her, “Make sure to ask him what he wants when you lose. I still have one bet that I have to pay off. Regardless of where we are, one day he will ask me to pay up. I will be his naked slave for twenty-four hours. If someone rings the bell, at home, I have to answer the door. I have to make all the meals and serve them naked. If he has a marching band come to our backyard, I have to serve them their beverages. The only thing he will not let me do is share my body with anyone else. I do not know whether to be afraid, or aroused, but I know he would never hurt me.” She looked at Gail, Annabella, and Savannah and wanted to know if they thought she was lying and wanted to bet against her estimate of Dycke’s length and width.

Jessica answered for them saying, “Why not wait until we can find out from Dycke, what we can have, and what he wants us to put up if we lose?”

Payne said fine and she stood up. She looked towards Gabby and yelled the word, “Dycke.” Gabby nodded, and picked up her cell phone. Five minutes later, Dycke approached the girls.

When he sat down, he asked, “Are you ready to have some fun, or are you going to sit here all day?”

Payne explained the situation to Dycke and he broke out in a broad smile.

Jessica said, “He is bluffing.”

“Okay, Jessica. What would you like if you win the bet?”

“I want a Porsche, and an expensive one.”

Dycke looked at her and said, “Agreed. That will only cost me about three hundred thousand dollars. What do I get, when you lose?”

Payne asked, “Before you answer that, I want to know if the other girls are going to bet also.”

With the sound of the word, Porsche in their heads and the rest of their brains in reverse, Savannah, Annabella, and Gail said, “Yes.”

Dycke asked, “I suspect all three of you want Porsches, also?”

Savannah and Gail said yes, but Annabella asked if she could have cash equaling the amount of the most expensive Porsche.

Dycke agreed without hesitation and then said, “Girls, what do I get out of this?”

Jessica looked around at her mates and said, “Name your price.”

Dycke asked for a moment to think, even though he and Payne had already talked about this. He tapped his fingers and looked up into the sky, pretending to bide his time. He looked back down and said, “Since I know all four of you are not virgins and have had multiple boyfriends throughout high school, this is what your price will be: I want you and your boyfriends to come up to our suite and have an orgy, that lasts all night. I want you to switch partners as many times as you come. Payne and I will not participate, we will only watch. Do you agree?”

The girls knew he was correct about their sexual activity. However, they had never performed anything sexual, with anyone else around. Gail asked Dycke if they could have a moment to talk it over.

Dycke said, “You do not have to make a decision now. If you agree to my conditions, be in our suite, at seven o’clock. If you are not there by seven, I will know that you have backed out of the bet and Payne and I will go out for dinner and dancing. Shall we go out now and have some fun?”

Everyone, including Payne, yelled “Yes!”

Dycke led the girls into the hotel and told them that he had rented ten jet skis for the remainder of the day. He said, “Call your boyfriends and tell them we are leaving in fifteen minutes, with or without them.”

The girls said, “We have to go up to our room and change. We will get them out of the room in ten minutes and down here by fifteen.”

Payne looked at them and said, “Why go upstairs and change, when we have all these beautiful shops. We can buy some new and expensive things?”

The girls did not answer. They followed Payne as she raced to the nearest store. Dycke found it amazing how many things a woman could buy in fifteen minutes.

They approached him with bags in each arm, laughing and smiling. He said to them, “I think my hotel bill just ran up, by about ten thousand dollars.”

Payne giggled and said, “You are close.”

Dycke asked the girls, “Where are you boyfriends?”

The girls looked at each other and Savana said, “We forgot to call them.”

Dycke laughed and said, “I will have the front desk give them a message, telling them where we are, and what we are doing. If they want to join us, the hotel will provide transportation. If not, this is not a bad place to hang out all day. Leave your purchases with the bell captain, and he will have them delivered to your rooms.”

The group left the hotel in the limousine, and were on their jet skis twenty-five minutes later. By eleven o’clock, the girls felt that they were experts. They were, standing up, on their skis, doing tight turns, and bouncing high off each other’s wake. Dycke was the only one still sitting on his jet ski. Payne drove over to him, and asked him if he was having a good time. He said he was and was thinking about all the cameras and padding being installed in their suite.

Payne had a devilish look in her eyes, as she kissed him. She said to Dycke, “After tonight, their asses are mine for the rest of their lives.”

The four young men showed up, just before noon. They hopped on their jet skis and joined the fun. Sometime later, Annabella said to Dycke, “We are all hungry, and would like to get something to eat.”

Dycke said to her, “Round them up, and we will go to a restaurant.”

At the restaurant, the young men were informed about the wager. What the payment would be, and when it would take place. One of them asked, “What is in it for us?”

Dycke just stared at them, not believing their stupidity. He asked Todd, “Besides Gail, have you had the pleasure of fucking any of these other three fine ladies?”

Todd said, “No.”

“Michael, Brian, Wesley, what about you? Besides your girlfriends, have you ever fucked any of these other girls?”

They each shook their heads.

“If you don’t believe that is payment enough, I can find four young men, in the hotel, that will take your place, without hesitation.”

The girls giggled as the boys blushed.

Todd said, “We are in. Maybe they will let us drive their Porsches, once in a while.”

Annabella said, “Do not bet your life on it!”

Payne reminded them that the girls still had to win their bet, to get those cars.

Brian said, “I may get their crap beat out of me, for saying this, however, I hope they lose.”

Annabella and the rest of the girls screamed at him, calling him a prick and other uncomplimentary words, which caused the restaurants’ manager to come over to their table, and ask the young ladies for a little decorum. Dycke apologized to the young woman and handed her a few one hundred dollar bills to make amends. She thanked him, and said softly, “Keep it down.”

When they finished the meal, the guys wanted to go back to the jet skis and the girls wanted to be with them.

Payne said, “You folks have fun. Just remember, be at our suite, by 7 PM, or we will know that you have ‘wimped’ out of your bet.”

Jessica looked at Payne and said, “We will be there.”

When the group parted company, Dycke said to Payne, “There is nothing like challenging Jessica’s ego, to make her furious enough to want to put you back in your place, again.”

Payne grinned at him and said, “I hope you are not tired because you have a duty to perform this evening. I want to see their eyes light up, when I opened the door naked, and cum dripping out of my pussy. I have set them up for this show. When I bring you back up to full size and push you down my throat, I want the cameras to see the expression on their faces, and the microphones to hear them gasp. You have an evil mind, Dycke Schneider, and I love you for it.”

Dycke asked Payne, “Do you want your cheeks red, also?

She said, “Not really, but it would add an exciting visual as I am walking away from them. Did you bring the paddle?”

Grinning, he said, “I never leave home without it.”

Payne said, “Oh goody!”

As soon as Dycke and Payne entered their suite, Dycke called the front desk, and asked for a wake up call for 5:30 PM.

They went into the main bedroom, stripped and climbed into bed. As soon as Dycke’s head hit the pillow, Payne asked him to get a bottle of water, from the refrigerator.

Dycke walked out of the bedroom and towards the eating area, and he quickly realized he was not alone. Sitting on the chairs behind him, watching television, were Marti and Gabby. They both whistled at him and applauded his nakedness.

Stunned, Dycke thought quickly about how to react. He looked at the ladies, and bowed.

Payne was standing at the entrance to the bedroom, with a smile a mile wide.

She said to Marti and Gabby, “I told you I could get him out here naked.”

Dycke looked at her and said, “You set me up? You are finally getting a sense of humor. You pulled off a perfect practical joke. Congratulations, Payne, welcome to my world.”

“Oh fuck! I lose again.”

Dycke looked at her funny and said, “What did you lose and to whom did you lose it?”

“I lost to them, pointing at Marti and Gabby, but that is not the point. I was sure that you would get angry with me and chase me back into the bedroom. Am I that stupid or does everyone know you better than I do?”

Gabby walked over to Payne and cradled her in her arms. “Payne,” she said, “You have to think like a practical joker. When you do, you will realize that you are not always on the giving side. Another practical joker will sneak up behind you and bite you in the ass, when you least expect it. Dycke has been playing these jokes on his parents and friends, for many years. I can assure you that if his friends did not get him back, Chad or Bacillica, with their warped senses of humor, certainly did.”

Payne looked at Dycke and said, “You drive me crazy. Every time I think I have you, I lose another bet. I am never, ever going to bet you anything, ever again.”

Dycke said to her, “Babe look what you have accomplished today. You played a perfect practical joke on me. You have those four girls eating out of your hand. You even have their boyfriends hoping they lose, because they gain the most, when they lose. Those guys will want to go back to school and tell the tale of this orgy, for the rest of the term, if not their lives. The girls will deny it. They will come to you and beg you to back them up. Then you can show them the pictures and videos of tonight’s orgy, they will realize that you own them, body and soul. They will be so frightened of you, you can tell them to each shit, and they will. They have no choice. They will pay dearly for every year they abused you. You should be proud of yourself for developing and pulling off this plan. Now, let’s go to bed and take our nap.”

At 5:30 PM, they received the call, from the wake-up service. The evenings revelry was about to begin. Dycke went out of the bedroom, remembering to put his robe on, and took two bananas and four bottles of water from the refrigerator. He put the bottles on the dresser, and handed Payne a banana. They ate the bananas and went to take a shower. It was not a long romantic shower, even though certain areas, took longer to clean than others, but a utilitarian one, to get sand out of places it did not belong. They returned to the bedroom and Payne climbed up, onto the bed. She assumed a position that offered Dycke and unobstructed field of view. Her knees were spread apart. Her head rested on a pillow, and her rear end was high in the air. Dycke was behind her, with the paddle in his hand. He asked Payne if she was ready, and she nodded her head to answer.

Dycke loved the view, so much, that he knelt down and licked her, from clit to asshole. Payne shuddered upon his contact but said to him, “That is supposed to be for later.”

He replied saying, “You looked a little tense, and I wanted to help you relax.”

Payne said, “Okay, but keep an eye on the time.”

Dycke probed her pussy again with his tongue and his fingers played with her clit and a tit. He felt Payne loosen up and her fluids dripped from her pussy. The more rapidly his fingers and tongue moved, the more fluid flowed out of Payne’s body.

She began rocking her hips back and forth and side to side. She was close to her orgasm and knew it was going to be a big one. Her body tingled from her nose to her toes. Her stomach had butterflies. She spread her legs wider to give Dycke easier access to her pussy. Dycke pressed Payne’s body down, which raised her rear higher. He removed his fingers from her clit and replaced it with his tongue and teeth. He flattened out his tongue and slowly drew it back along her lips all the way to her anus, and tried to force it in. He expected Payne to move away. She surprised him by pushing back. His tongue inside her and he could hear Payne blow out a long breath. He lavished attention on this tiny opening and added fuel to the fire by forcing three fingers into her cunt.

That was it for Payne, she yelled out, “Oh God, oh God, I’m coming.” She squirted her fluids all over the bed, not once or twice but three times, in quick succession.

Dycke moved his attentions back to her pussy, where he lapped at her leaking fluids and enjoyed hearing Payne moan and speak his name.

Payne was in her own little world. Her eyes were closed and absentmindedly, she was still moving her hips. The next thing she knew was the searing pain on her right cheek. She tried to pick her head up, but Dycke had a hand placed firmly in the middle of her back. Then, he struck again and the pain moved to a higher level. She wanted to tell him to stop, but she did not because she was thinking about the look on her friends faces. She was concentrating so hard on their faces, that the third strike on her bottom felt less intense than the ones before it. She was hit twice more on that cheek, and there was pain. However, she bore it easily. She did not feel Dycke remove his hand from her back. She concentrated hard on those four faces and when the first strike hit her left cheek, she barely moaned. The next four were as an afterthought, to the first one.

Dycke put down the paddle, and started licking and kissing her flaming red cheeks. He knew Payne was visualizing her ‘friends,’ and cursing them, for what they had done to her. Her reactions to the paddling were minute compared to the last time and he was very happy, for her. She had learned to focus on the memory, so intensely, that no other sensation got through to her brain. She was growing out of her cloistered existence, and was facing the world, as it was, warts, and all.

He continued ministering aid, to her abused cheeks, until Payne rolled onto her side, and smiled at him. He went to her, pulled her into his arms, and kissed her, with all the love in his heart. He blocked out the future. He only thought about her and her victory tonight. Payne rubbed his chest, his arms, and his head. She said, “I hope you are not tired. I told you to keep an eye on the clock, and apparently, you were thinking with the little head instead of the big one. It is 6:30 PM and if you want them to see cum, flowing out of my pussy, you had better get to work.

Dycke smiled and kissed her again. He said, “Yes, Mistress.”

He was as hard as a steel pipe and knew that more foreplay was unnecessary. He grabbed her legs and threw them over his shoulders. He said to Payne, “Put me in.”

Payne grabbed his prong and moved it into position. She thrust her hips up and buried him deep inside her. She continued to move, waiting for him to join her and when he did, they looked like a pair of “Energizer Bunnies,” mating. They loved this position, because there was no wasted motion. Her body had to move, wherever his did, and he pounded into her, from every angle imaginable.

He came first, but he did not stop. He slowed down to catch his breath, but once he did, he was back at full speed. Payne told him, she wanted to be on top. Dycke said, “No, Mistress. Your obedient servant is off today, and your rogue of the boyfriend has no intention of playing dildo again.” Dycke moved his knees up closer to her ass, raising her pussy, so he could attack it at a new angle. Payne was dripping her essence, onto his balls and legs. She was also developed a huge wet spot beneath her, because of the fluids dripping down her ass.

Payne said that she was getting ready to come. Dycke told her to play with her clit. She attacked that little buzzer, with both hands. She pinched it, squeezed it, and folded her pussy lips around it, to cause more friction. Moments ticked on and on, until Payne yelled that she was coming.

Dycke waited and watched Payne’s eyes. When she was totally in the throes of her orgasm, and her body went rigid, he pulled his dick out of her vagina, moved it down a few inches. He waited for her body to relax, and pushed his prick past the little star into her bowels. Payne’s eyes opened wide, but she did not speak because she had not come down from her high. By the time she did, Dycke was firmly planted in her ass. She yelled at him, because there was nothing else, she could do.

“You dumb fuck. You could have warned me.”

Dycke said to her, “If I had told you, what I was planning to do, I would have hurt you. You would have been so tense, I would never have gotten this far. I hope this way it did not hurt you, too much.”

“Hurt me? You surprised the shit out of me. You did not hurt me at all, which I find quite amazing. I always considered that opening as an exit, and not an entrance. Since you are in there, however, we should find out if it is going to cause me pain, or give us pleasure.”

Dycke started to withdraw and then slipped back in to his root. His eyes never left Payne, waiting to see how she reacted. He started moving faster, pulling out further and driving in harder, until he heard Payne whimper. He stopped, immediately.

Payne looked at him and asked, “Why did you stop?”

“I thought I was hurting you and I never want to hurt you.”

“Dycke, you were not hurting me. It was starting to feel good and I was enjoying it.”

Dycke leaned down, kissed her, and moved his hips harder and faster. Soon, he felt Payne move with him. Slowly at first, and when she became more comfortable, she put her heart into it. She looked so happy and he was ecstatic. No one would be able to wipe that smile off her face, for days. He released her legs and moved his hand to her pussy. Although his hand was at an awkward angle, he managed to slip two fingers into her cunt, and mash her clit with his thumb.

Payne’s eyes opened wider, as he did this to her and she pressed her hands on her stomach, just above her pubic bone. She, wanted to put as much pressure there, as she could, to increase the feelings that were going on inside her. She felt that tingling sensation again as it moved from her fingers and toes up through her body. It felt as if power was being poured in her belly and the more she pressed the more power she could feel. She knew she was coming and the feeling set her free. She told Dycke that she was almost there and he replied, “Me too.”

He asked her to help him with her clit. They captured it between their two fingers, rubbed it, and pressed it between them. Dycke’s hips went into overdrive, as his orgasm neared.

Payne yelled, “Do it! Do it now! I am coming.”

Dycke followed suit, firing shot after shot of sperm deep into her bowels. When his penis stopped firing Dycke, put his arms on either side of Payne and dropped his head, in collapse. As he shriveled inside her, he pulled back and popped out of her back door.

“Dycke Schneider, you are a sneaky son of a bitch.”

Dycke kissed her and said “… but you love me anyway.”

“Dycke, I think I love you more, because of it, among many other of your wonderful attributes.”

“I keep trying to tell you, I am smarter than you are. I want to find as many ways to capture your heart, as I can. I will keep learning and trying to make you the happiest woman on this planet. If that means pouring ice water over your head, like you tried to do to me in the hospital, I will do it.”

“You bastard, you were awake. I believed you, and I fell for it again.”

Gabby knocked on the door to their bedroom and yelled, “Ten minutes before show-time. Marti and I will be in the second bedroom with the doors locked. Unless you yell the code word, we will not come out. There will be two men, outside your door. No one will bother you guys, after the food arrives.”

Payne yelled out, “Thank you Gabby. Make sure all the cameras are focused, the sound level is up, and everything is recording properly. I will see you in the morning.”

Gabby yelled, “Remember, keep your cool, and your head on straight. You do not want to hurt anyone physically. Make sure you stay in the areas we discussed, and speak in a low voice or not at all. The less you get involved, the better.”

Payne yelled, “Okay, later.”

At 6:59 PM, the doorbell rang. Payne walked to the door, as naked as the day she was born. She asked, “Who is it?”

The answer she received was short and to the point.

Jessica yelled, “If you do not let us in, right now, so these two guerrillas can take their guns out of our faces, I will review arrange your face permanently.”

Those words heightened Payne’s anticipation and raised her determination to go through with her entire plan. Payne opened the door, with herself in full view. She said, “Come on in, guys. Dycke and I are running a little late. It happens every time he fucks me in the ass.”

The look on the faces of those eight young people was priceless. They watched Payne walk away, and saw that her behind was as red as an apple. Jessica, always the instigator, said to Payne, “You are full of shit.”

Payne replied, with a smile on her face, “I do not think so. Dycke’s dick came out clean this time.”

Jessica said, “You say that Dycke is wider than your wrist. You say that Dycke is long enough to get into your throat. Now you say that he fucked you in the ass. There is no way anyone could get anything that big into an asshole.”

Payne asked, “Are you sure? Sure enough to raise your bet with me.”

Jessica immediately said, “Yes, because I am not going to lose.”

“You have not asked me what I want, as my prize, when you lose this bet. Ladies would you like to join Jessica and bet against me?”

Annabella, Savannah, and Gail all said, “No,” emphatically.

Jessica said, “As long as it happens in this room, before sunrise, you can have it.”

Payne smiled at the three girls that said no and said, “You should thank God, that you are not totally brain-dead.”

Payne looked at Jessica and said, “Before this night is over, you may have a totally different outlook on sex, and the many ways you can enjoy it.”

Jessica refused to take the brunt of Payne’s taunts and said, “Put up, or shut up.”

Payne bent over and exposed her ass. She pressed down on her muscles until she felt semen dripping out of her ass. She stayed in that position for a short time, then stood up and asked, “Any more questions about my sex life?”

Jessica stood there speechless. Gail, Annabella, and Savannah said to her, “What have you gotten us into this time? You told us that there was no way Dycke could be as big as Payne said. You come up here and Payne tells you that she was fucked up her ass. You call her a liar, and you are wrong. When we get back to Charleston, I am never going to trust, or listen to you, ever again.”

Dycke walked out of the bedroom, as naked as Payne, and said, “Hi, everybody. Food will be here shortly. Are we ready for a fun evening?”

The girls looked at Dycke’s limp member and shuddered. Three of them looked at Jessica, and wanted to kill her. The guys looked at Dycke and felt inconsequential. The doorbell rang again, signaling that the food had arrived. Dycke went to the door and opened it, allowing the trays to be brought in and set up. The teenagers had no clue that the servers were all agents, assigned by Dycke to perform the service.

The free and open atmosphere created by Payne and Dycke, while they walking around nude, was something the others had nothing to compare it with. There was a sense of shock at first, with the ease and informality they displayed. When that passed, a sense of envy passed through them, wishing that they could be that at ease and be disassociated with usual moral boundaries.

Annabella asked where all the furniture was for the living room. Dycke told her that he had it removed and had padding and cloth put in its place so that the eight of them would not get rug burn on their bodies while they were writhing around in pleasure.

Jessica jumped in with both feet again and said, “You still have to prove you are as big as Payne said you are.”

Dycke took his hand, wrapped it around his dick, and started to masturbate. Payne slapped him, on the back of his head, and said, “I did not say you could masturbate. That belongs to me, and I make all the decisions where it is concerned.”

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