Dear Diary,

I awoke this morning still wearing my stockings and heels from the night before. I was incredibly horny last night and as I, sadly, had no one here to fuck me, I had to fuck myself. I spent most of the evening in dirty chat rooms on the internet, looking for people to talk filth at me. I love to flirt and tease men online. I can be anything and anyone I want to be. I can let out all of my dirty secret fantasies, I love it when someone says dirty horny things to me, and it really gets me going. Last night was no different, within minutes I was soaking wet and desperate to get off.

I began thinking of my Dom and how He would make me feel next time I saw him. I found a chat room where I could use my cam and let strange and random men ogle at my tits. I didn’t take them out, just my cleavage and the odd flash of my bra. I was very popular in there and kept getting PM requests and messages telling me how amazing my tits looked and how sexy I was. Men were begging me to show more, to let my tits loose. They wanted me to show everything and take it all off.

All of the attention had me feeling really hot and made my imagination go crazy. What would these men think and say if they were in the same room as me. How many hands would I have pawing at my body, how many cocks thrust into my face for me to suck? How many men would be fighting to take a turn on me, to be able to use one of my holes to satisfy themselves? I let my hands wander around my body; pretty soon they were between my legs. I have to tell you Diary, I let out a gasp when I felt how hot and wet I was. I knew I was excited but my cunt was red hot and sticky with my juices running out of me.

I struggled to stop myself from playing with my clit and cumming there and then. To distract myself I got my love eggs out. Making sure I was out of sight of the webcam, I bent over the sofa, and hitched my dress up over my arse; I pulled my cheeks apart and began teasing my tight little arsehole with the first egg. For a while I simply enjoyed the feeling of the ice cold lube covering me and preparing me for what was to come, then gently nudging and twisting the first of the two big red love eggs until it began to slip inside. The first egg is the best one as there is a point where it goes far enough that your arse just sucks it in and it feels amazing, feeling your arse stretch out to take it in and then closing around it, sucking it deeper inside pulling the next egg with it. It took a few seconds to become accustomed to the intrusion into my dirty place; such a deep, satisfying and filling sensation. I pushed the second egg into my waiting hole and felt them both fill me up and invade me. I’m still pretty new to anal, but the more I try the more I like. I returned to the chat room and carried on chatting with these strange men; knowing that none of them knew that my arsehole was stuffed with the eggs just made me hotter.

After teasing and winding myself up till I could bear it no longer, I went and got into bed and that’s where the fun really started. I played with the eggs for a while pulling them out slowly and pushing them back in, always gasping as that first egg got sucked in again. I wanted to train myself to be the perfect fuckwhore for my amazing Master. I lay on my back and spread my legs as wide as they would go. I began to rub my six inch pink dildo across my dirty wet cunt, teasing myself still, knowing that He would never just give me what I want right away; He will always tease and make me beg for Him. I parted my lips with one hand and inch by inch force the dildo into my cunt. I could feel the eggs being nudged and jostled about as I pumped the dildo in and out of my eager pussy, slowly at first and then gathering speed as my breath quickened. I began to slant it downwards as I fucked myself so I could feel it hammering into the eggs. It creates the most amazing sensation, the eggs jiggling and jostling inside me as I stretch myself around my rubber cock.

All this teasing of my arse was making me feel pretty brave; I wanted more in my dirty hole. I wanted to stretch it up so it’ll be ready to take my Master’s big fat cock when He decides to give it to me. I pulled the eggs out of my arse, squealing as they pop out. Before I have chance to shrink back to size I replace them with the dildo. Even after the eggs it took a bit of working in – as I’m still so tight from lack of experience – and some more lube before I could get it in comfortably; slowly working it back and forth – not in and out, as putting it back in is where it gets sore – I took it just to the tip and pushed it back in, trying to take more each time. I got to the point where I had almost all six inches inside my tight throbbing hole. I know He wants to use and abuse me and fill me up to my bursting point, so I need to be ready for it; I don’t want to disappoint Him. With this in mind I held the dildo inside my arsehole, grabbed my inflatable seven-and-a-half-inch dildo and began to work it into my cunt.

I have always fantasized about having two men fuck me at the same time; truth be told, it’s always kind of scared me a little as I never thought I could take it. I am determined to work myself up to it and do it as I know it will please my Dom and that’s what I want to do. So with the dildo in my arse and the inflatable dildo in my cunt I began working them both ever so gently back and forth, in and out, at the same time and then alternate times. One in and then one out, giving me chance to get used to having both my holes abused. It felt amazing to be so full. I almost couldn’t believe that I was able to stuff and fuck both my holes so well first time. I kept thinking of how pleased and hard it would make His cock to see me doing this to myself, knowing that it was only in preparation for Him and to be the utter fuckslut He deserves. That thought made me feel braver still so I grabbed the pump for the dildo and began gently squeezing it, feeling it expand and push my cunt open even further. I had to hold onto the dildo in my arse pretty firmly as it was beginning to get pushed out as the dildo in my cunt got fatter and fatter , filling me up to the point of exploding.

Having both holes so totally stuffed with rubber cock made me almost cum at the thought. If my Dom was doing this to me, I’m pretty sure He would stop and let my ensuing orgasm ebb away slightly. He wouldn’t want me to cum until He had thoroughly abused me, until He was satisfied I had fulfilled my duties as His play thing and that I was completely punished for being such a wanton slut. I let go of the pink dildo in my tender throbbing arsehole and let it slide out by itself. Then after a few more thrusts in my stretched out cunt I took the inflatable dildo and began to press it against my already destroyed arse. I didn’t even have to use anymore lube to get this one in. My arse was so utterly fucked and slack by now that it began to suck in anything I threw at it. Tiny inch by tiny inch I forced as many of the seven-and-a half inches in that I could manage. I took it almost to the base and sighed with pleasure, knowing that this would earn me the right to cum if He was controlling it. Wanting to push myself as far as I could, I began to pump it up. I can’t describe how good it felt; every squeeze of the pump made me twitch as my arsehole stretched out to accommodate the ever-growing cock buried in it. Getting bigger and harder and wider with every pump, it left me gasping with pleasure that began to border on pain. I released the valve and my arse groaned with relief as the dildo retracted inside me, a few precious seconds of comfort before I pumped it up to breaking point again.

By this time I was so desperate to cum that I almost couldn’t take anymore. My legs were twitching and shaking as I tried to get on to all fours. I let the dildo fall out of my now gaping fuckhole and squealed when I felt myself gape for a second or two and then begin to retract back to normal. I hadn’t quite finished with my dirty hole yet; I pushed the eggs back into me. This time they almost fell into my destroyed and red raw hole. Even though it was getting to the point of pain it still felt amazing to take something in my forbidden hole. Both eggs were lodged deep in me, with just the tiniest bit of string still hanging loose. I wanted to make myself cum and right at the point of orgasm pull the eggs out but I was lacking enough hands. I needed one to rub and slap my swollen clit, to bring myself to the ultimate climax that all this play was leading to. The other needed to be able to pull on the string and free the eggs at just the right moment but my legs were shaking so much with anticipation of every wave of pleasure that was coursing through me by now that I had to support myself with a hand on the bed post. Only one thing for it: I hooked the string around the heel of my seriously high fuck me shoes and set about frigging myself off. With every stroke against my pulsating clit I thought of my Dom’s cock fucking and tearing at my red raw arsehole, His hand on my hips pulling me back deeper onto His cock. I couldn’t help imagining that every twitch of the eggs inside me was how it would feel with every twitch of His rock hard cock instead, hearing the dirty, kinky words He would be shouting at me as He came closer and closer to emptying Himself deep inside my most intimate place.

It didn’t take long at all for this idea to push me over the edge and I began to moan and shudder as the most intense orgasm ripped through me, setting my body on fire. I moved my foot and, of course, my heel away from me, pulling on the string and dragging the eggs out of my sodden and sore arsehole, and gasped as the first one popped out just as my orgasm reached its peak. I’m pretty sure I let out a scream; my head was swimming, my legs bucking and shaking as the second egg popped out and fell onto the bed. My clit was screaming at me for mercy as my last few strokes beat against it. Spent, sweating, soaking and exhausted, I collapsed onto the bed with a huge smile spread across my face. I was proud of myself for being such a dirty little fuckwhore and hoped He would soon be able to see me in this state after He had done all this and more to me for real.

Diary, I bought some new toys today. I will let you know what slutty fun I can get up to with those…………………….

July 2018
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