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So You Want To Share Me…

By JR Roark

Chapter Six

Once the decision was made, things began to fall into place. Kim found she could drop into autopilot mode while John sweated the details. She could sense John’s concern that she might renege on her reluctant agreement but as she watched John and witnessed his sincere efforts, she could not find it in herself to pull back now. While she had absolutely no idea where this may lead, she decided to jump into the river with both feet rather than just dip toes from the shore.

She marveled at John’s preparations. He took her shopping for new dresses, undergarments, stockings, hair styling, waxing, nails, massage…really everything. Over the course of weeks, she couldn’t deny that the prep made her feel, once again, rather special. And this translated into the bedroom as well. All the activity was now a giant aphrodisiac such that they were having more and better sex almost on a nightly basis. She felt that should they ultimately decide to not go through with it, the vigorousness of their entanglements had rekindled previous passions of younger days.

As they sat down to dinner in a rather nice restaurant across town, John offered, “So this is the place I was thinking…tomorrow night.”


“I was thinking tomorrow night here at the bar.” As he said this, he indicated with his eyes and a slight nod of his head towards a small but well set up bar further back in the restaurant. “We’ll get you ready and I’ll stay with the kids.”

She was almost thunderstruck as she contemplated this line of talking. Inwardly she had to admit they had both been plotting for this moment but now that it laid so close at hand, she was having severe butterflies in her tummy. She took his hand and held it close, “John, I ah…yes I guess so.” She looked at him. He took her hand and kissed the back of it and said as he looked up, “We’ll have the fresh fish special.” The waiter was now just slightly bent at the waist and leaning in. He had been busted for staring a bit too long at Kim’s sloping neckline. He could hardly be blamed since her outfit had been selected for just this reason. It was certainly working.

“An excellent choice sir. May I suggest a Rombauer Chardonnay as accompaniment?”


“Is there another?”

John smiled and said, “Perfect.”

They sat at the same side of the table in an oversized booth. As they settled in, John reached onto her lap, pulled up the skirt just high enough such that his fingers found her nylon encased thigh. By running his fingers up and down, they would roll across the slick, smooth nylon, bump over the several inches of lace, roll across a metal garter hook and finish on naked and very soft flesh. He could stretch the elastic garter strap anywhere along her naked thigh as well. In a mechanical up and down movement, his fingers settled into a strumming of her thigh sometimes allowing his fingers to dance inside the top of the nylon where he would sweep them around, push down and then retreat to the outside to finish his circumnavigation. For good measure, he would occasionally run his fingers up high enough to glance her panty using the backs of his fingernails to dally upon her crotch as more a suggestion than an outright affront. The effect was hypnotic to Kim as she came to wonder if these incursions would ever solidify into a metered under table massage.

“Tomorrow evening we get you ready and then you come back here to have a drink or two at the bar. Just a few drinks to see what happens…you game?”

Kim was falling under the spell of his ministrations. “Okay, tomorrow” she managed to say as she continued to anticipate his fingers and what they might achieve before dinner.

With her affirmation, he squeezed her thigh and moved his fingers in a sweep directly to her crotch where they moved up and down the long axis of her opening. Slipping his fingers inside the elastic leg of her panty, he applied a more focused attention to her wetting gash and would now and then encircle her clitty in the action. It was impossible for Kim to ignore as the tempo of his rubs had clicked into the carnal side of her brain. All she could do was move her legs apart in response.

The waiter had returned with the wine and stemware for two.

“Miss, would you care to taste the wine?”

“YES, I mean yes.”

The waiter poured a dollop into her glass.

John watched but rather than let up, he smiled and increased his tempo all the while watching Kim’s face as she closed her eyes, reddened but continued to control as much as she could, her outward appearance.

She used both hands to move the glass to her mouth. And when the glass touched her lips it remained there with her head slightly downward tilted. It appeared she was in a moment of prayer. The waiter assumed so and waited dutifully.

John was mesmerized by his wife’s control and took his rubbing up yet another notch. He focused more now on her bud. His fingers became sodden with juice. He knew her well and pushed now for completion.

In a sudden motion, Kim tilted her head back, mouth open and drained the glass. She swallowed feverishly knowing that she would be gasping for air in just a heartbeat. As her breathing convulsed into the upturned glass, her eyes closed, black rimmed glasses affixed. She tried her best to hide her convulsive and very public orgasm knowing that she would fail miserably.

As she crested and drew the glass away and settled it onto the table in a too forceful motion, she looked into the waiter’s eyes and said, “Yes this will do quite nicely.”

The waiter looked at John for confirmation. With an imperceptible nod received, he poured the wine for both and said, “Will there be anything else for the moment?”

John calmly stated, “I think we are good.” Kim added, “Ummm.”

The waiter withdrew after which Kim slugged John, “Oh you bastard” she whispered into his ear. Both could not help but giggle under the circumstances. John surveyed the room. None of the patrons seemed the wiser. He would leave a generous tip for the waiter.

Chapter Seven

The following day, both knew what lay ahead. Neither spoke of what was to come that evening, yet their actions indicted a collective effort was underway.

In the shower, Kim took extra time shaving her legs to perfection. As she toweled off, and with a silk scarf, she confirmed her pubes were non-existent except for the silver dollar tuft of bark bush just north of her pussy. The silk scarf bound to nothing as she tested the slickness of her skin. She thought about rubbing one out but decided to save her horniness for that evening. She might need it later. Part of her was alight with anticipation but far more of her was concerned for the unknown. John still seemed completely up for the event.

She loaded up the kids for Saturday soccer wearing khaki shorts, tank top and flip-flops. She wore prescription sunglasses now as the day was in full bloom.

As she sat in the bleachers somewhat watching the kids, her mind could not help but think about the upcoming evening.

“Is anyone sitting here?” He asked again, “Miss, may I sit down here?”

“Oh of course. I was somewhere else…so sorry.”

He scooted in next to her and surveyed the fields.

“Which is yours?”

“I’ve got two actually…number 6 in red there and number 10 in black there.” She indicated two different games underway.


“Just one. Looks like they are on opposing teams. My boy is green 01.” He nodded towards the field where all the boys were running in various directions. “We’re somewhat new here. I’m John”

“Oh, my husband is John too. I’m Kim.”

They shook hands in a very informal fashion as they settled in to watch the kids. Kim was thankful for the company as it caused her to focus on the present. John and she had a nice conversation of the kind found in soccer parent situations…all about kids, team stats, silly moves on the field and that sort of thing. It helped consume an hour or so.

At the conclusion, Kim’s son had racked up another win while her daughter lost by two goals. Still all had great fun.

All the parents said their good-byes with the kids doing the same. She shook John’s hand again and looked him in the eyes and said, “So nice to meet you John. I am sure I’ll see you again.” He simply smiled and held her hand even after the customary shake. It was nothing really.

She took the kids to In-and-Out before returning home. She actually felt pretty good now. The kids were playing with their friends from next door. John was mowing the lawn in back and had taken care of the pool too. When she drove in, she could see fresh mower lines on the front lawn. The place looked tiptop.

As she walked into the bedroom, on the bed was a complete outfit John had laid out for her evening. She had to admit he had great taste. Everything matched; classy yet sexy. The wrap dress was dark blue with white piping highlights. The skirt was pleated with tiny white polka-dots which allowed for a mesmerizing sway of the material as she walked while the upper was a simple sleeveless rayon blend with white buttons. It conveyed ‘expensive’ but with a quiet understatement.

Even her lingerie matched with a navy blue push up bra and matching garter. He had selected tap pants for tonight. She knew that with tap pants, she could wear these over her garter belt so that she would have the option to pull them off and leave the garter nicely in place. She was never quite sure if she should wear her panties inside or outside the garter hooks. Tap pants were a great solution as it left all options open as it were; something that she and John came to appreciate.

For the afternoon, the family played in the backyard, swam in the pool and generally hung out. But along about 4PM, Kim got up and simply stated to John, “I’m going to go get ready.”

“Mommy, where are you going?” the two little ones sounded in unison.

“Mommy has a dinner date.” She said as she looked at John and winked.

John remained with the kids outside and played with them for the entire afternoon.

Kim was no stranger at preparing herself for an evening out. She had now settled her internal turmoil by simply burying it and leaving it alone for now. She decided it was better to simply engage on the agreement and look ahead.

She showered more as a formality but wanted her hair washed and rinsed so she could do it just right. Over the course of an hour and a half, she emerged to the back yard in her completed ensemble. John was speechless.

She looked the part of a sexy sophisticate right down to her blue and white high heels. A single string of pearls with matching earrings adorned her neck. The dress and stockings clung sweetly to a body that was soaped, lotioned and ready for action. There was nothing more to be done except to go.

She swung open the sliding glass door, stepped into the sunlight and walked directly towards her babies. She squatted down to hug both kids. As she squeezed and they screamed in delight, her dress opened to reveal her thigh. It was covered in navy blue hose that ended half way up revealing an alabaster thigh that continued on. The garter dimpled her flesh and disappeared under a pleated tap pant.

Inwardly John sighed at her beauty and suppleness. Her hair came to two points and framed her blacked rimmed glasses to perfection. The glasses were even more sexy as they acted as a focus to all that laid below.

“Honey, don’t wait up for me. I may be late.”

She looked at him with raised eyes as she broke loose from her adoring children. As she moved his way, her dress fell into place and swayed seductively as she walked towards her husband. She bent and gave him just a quick nip on the lips. She mustn’t smear her lipstick. John got a whiff of his favorite perfume after which she spun ’round and was gone.

Chapter Eight

In her Volvo, Kim headed north back to the restaurant she and John had visited the previous evening. As she drove, she reflected on her romance with this man. For over a decade, she had only known John…John’s caresses, John’s touch, John’s penis, John’s preferences. And he knew her’s. Completely. She wondered how rusty she might be in acting single. But she wasn’t really to act single. John and she had agreed she would wear her wedding ring to simply convey her non-availability to any man she might meet. She could use this to turn away a man she did not care for or she could use it afterwards to insure a man would not assume something more. It was just sex. Still, she was about to see if she could find and attract a one-night stand. In her teens she always felt the notion to be slutty. Good girls weren’t one-night stand artists and now she was pursuing this with her husband as a co-conspirator and instigator. Was he leading them both into a pit?

It was 6:30-ish as Kim arrived. She was familiar enough with the place to park her own car and head in. The restaurant was already packed as she went through the doors. She had a short wait at the bathroom to empty her bladder and then look at her make-up for one last time.

As she emerged, she walked to the back where she knew the bar to be. It was small as she had noted the previous night but it was somewhat quieter that the rest of the restaurant as the dinner crowd was in full motion.

A couple was just leaving their seats at the bar. She made a b-line directly to one of the chairs and settled in. The female bar tender made quick work of the cleanup, set down a napkin and asked, “May I get you something?”

Kim thought for a moment. White wine. “Have you white wine by the glass?”

“Indeed we do. Have you a preference?”

“I don’t suppose you pour a Rombauer Chard by the glass by any chance?”

“I can arrange that.” She walked off and out of Kim’s visual range for a spell. This gave Kim a chance to survey the bar and to look into the mirror behind the bar to see the landscape behind.

It was definitely an upscale crowd. Fashion was evident. There were so many attractive people in this city. She felt so small by comparison.

The wine arrived in stemware she recognized from the previous evening. As she took her first sip, she looked at the bartender’s tag…Adrianna. “Thanks Adrianna. Just what I needed.” Adrianna nodded and left. The wine was noticeable as it glided down, coated her throat and ultimately fell into the pit of her belly. There it immediately warmed as she was empty of anything that might co-mingle to blunt the alcohol’s effect.

As she took another sip and was setting down the glass, she felt a bump to her elbow that sloshed a bit of her wine on the bar. In the mirror she saw an older gentleman with a graying beard looking over at her.

“I am so terribly sorry my dear.” His accent was hard to place. “I seem to have managed to disrupt your reverie and at a time when you seem to be thoroughly enjoying yourself.”

He was well dressed in evening attire and appeared to be in his late 50s, or so she thought. His clothes were well tailored, with expensive wool blends but with an Italian cut which gave him a dapper appearance. His graying beard tied to brilliant eyes and a lean physique told her he was a man of substance and refinement. She saw on his wrist a subdued Patek-Philippe gentleman’s watch. Everything about him exuded quality and content. Attracted to his smile and engaging manner, she felt immediately at ease.

“So are you a weekend refugee as well?” he inquired.

“Excuse me?”

“Are you laying over for the weekend as well?”

“Oh no. I needed an evening out. It’s an arrangement I have with my spouse. He is away all week while I’m with the kids. Sometimes I just need to have some quiet time all on my own and he enjoys his time with the kids. It works out well.

“Well then, may I buy you a glass of wine to replace the one I managed to spill.”

“That’s not necessary…er, ah..

“James. My name is James.”

“James then. It’s not necessary James. It was just a little splash after all.

“As you like…ah…


“As you like Kim. May I join you for a bit of conversation? Unlike you, I am holed up here for meetings next week then I am off.

“Oh I’d enjoy that.” She said simply and genuinely.

He looked at the bartender, “Oh hello Adrianna. How are you?

She nodded with a smile that consumed her face. It was genuine.

“I’ll have what she’s having…ah…what is it she’s having?”

They all chuckled. When Adrianna answered the gentleman’s question he said, “Oh excellent! Please bring a new bottle and put it on my tab if you would. And have you any of those excellent finger food samplers? Please bring us a few nibblers if you would.”

Kim acknowledged his gracious gesture by leaning into his shoulder and saying, “How sweet.”

And so they talked for quite some time. With a bit of rather excellent food in her tummy, she felt 110%. Kim realized that to seem at all normal she would need to be honest in her conversation. The only omissions were her last name and any references to where she lived. Beyond these few withholdings, she was completely open with James.

As it turned out, he was very well traveled. His business escapades took him around the globe on a regular basis. As an experienced person possessing great insight, James guessed why Kim was there so he took it upon himself to see Kim was fully engaged.

As the evening wore on and as the wine flowed, James seized the initiative in the following manner…

“Kim, I’m wondering if you’d like to continue our wonderful conversation in a place more private?”

She had opined over the last hour what she might do should he offer a proposal. She could not deny that James was intoxicating in his finesse. And while he was older than any man she had ever expected to bed, she wondered how a man of his experience would ravish her.

“I’d love to James.” She was completely taken aback as to how simple it was to have closed the deal.

“Adrianna, would you be a dear and close me out? Put 20% extra there for you…there’s a girl.”

“Sure thing Mr. Barrow. See you soon.”

And so she followed him. As they were leaving, several of the staff acknowledged James. One waiter in particular saw Mr. Barrow and while not unusual, he did a double take as he recognized the most interesting woman from the previous night. He wondered if they were together.

Once out of the restaurant, she took his arm as they covered the distance to the hotel. It was connected to the restaurant via a covered causeway. She recognized that she was going to have sex with a stranger…a gentleman stranger. What she did not know was that a gentleman on the outside often hides something quite contrary within.

Chapter Nine

In the elevator, James took a more aggressive posture. All alone when the elevator door closed, he firmly took Kim’s arm and pulled her to him. He looked into her eyes and dove into her mouth tongue first. Kim was taken by surprise but not overly concerned. She had been anticipating a passionate kiss. In that he chose to do so in an elevator was a novelty.

Once in the room, James took the lead as he sat down and pulled her to him. He undressed her piece by piece. The dress was the first to go. As it wrapped around her pert figure with a tie in the front, he tugged the knot free. It came loose easily. He spun her around hanging onto one end of the tie. When she completed the revolution and was again facing him, her dress opened up to his full gaze: bra, tap pant, garter, stockings and high heels. He nudged it from her shoulders and if spilled to the floor.

She felt a blush hit her face as she realized a man other than her husband was taking delight in manipulating her person.

He knelt down in front of her. Reaching his thumbs into the waist of the tap pant, he tugged them over her hips and down to join the dress that was piled around her heels. He sat back in the chair and admired her fully.

Author’s Note: This story is an original work of fiction, the second in a series of stories expected to include several parts; it is recommended the reader first reads Part 01. Future additional spin-off stories starring some or all of these characters might also be forthcoming based upon response and demand. Certain characters featured herein may also be found in other works by the authors. Feedback is desired and greatly appreciated. Email comments to the address in our profile. Thank you for reading.

Copyright 2011 by Jack and Josephine Cutter.

This story stars: Adam Cross, Holli Coverton, and Tiffany McCullough, and features Trent McCullough, Dave Cartwright, Benjamin Lane, Kelsey Cartwright, Heather James, Josie Haynes, Michelle Johnson, and Jessica Barnes.

This story contains: male-female erotic coupling, fellatio, cunnilingus, analingus, light bondage, trickery, infidelity, revenge fucking, male domination, public restrooms, a pseudo-threesome, arrogant pricks, pissed off wives, and significant decisions.

This story begins post-prologue on Monday, October 03.

* * * * *

One of his earliest memories of her was at the beach, just after they met. They were both young and frivolous, and her bikini had been small and bright and conspicuous, and she loved the attention she received. She was always one to own the spotlight, though never haughtily or with conceit; she loved to make people laugh and to entertain, and he loved her for that reason, and many others.

On that day, they lounged in the hot sun and splashed through cold ocean water, and laughed and enjoyed their togetherness, and later, much later, as the moon drifted overhead and blankets kept them warm from the chilly sea breeze, they made love so leisurely and tenderly that it took nearly an hour for him to climax, but the pleasurable interim would remain, looking back, one of the best instances of his life, the hour he spent inside her.

He would cherish that memory the rest of his days.

Chapter 03: Bait and Switch

It was a beautiful, sunny day at the beach.

The warm rays of the midday sun beat down upon her body in a delightfully sizzling way, further coloring her already golden brown skin. She lay on her back on an oversized towel spread out upon the sand, perhaps some thirty yards from the surf, close enough to feel the occasional wind-carried ocean spray and salty sea breeze, far enough to remain blissfully dry.

She had not moved in nearly an hour, but when the flesh of her bottom vibrated, Michelle Johnson sat up and reached down under to where her cell phone was hidden beneath her rump, and looked at the screen. Her girlfriend was calling, which cheered her greatly, and so she answered it with a playful, “Hey, sweetie.”

The responding voice was at once breathlessly excited and gravely serious. Michelle listened intently as the situation was explained, the details given, and the machinations described, and at the end, she found she had only one request.

“Fine, sweetie,” she said, with infinite patience and understanding, and more than a little surety of self, “you do what feels right. I’ll have some for myself, however, and very soon. Agreed?”

Satisfied with the response, Michelle gave her goodbye and returned to her leisurely position, this time rolling to her stomach. She reached back and plucked at the strings of her bikini, hoping to engender an all-over tan. The sun was out in force and she had the day off from work, and she planned to spend the whole of it sunning and surfing.

And being one of sweet disposition herself, she wished her girlfriend well on her little adventure.

* * *

In the months since Jocelyn died, Adam Cross had launched himself into his work with ridiculous fervor. He was currently in the process of writing four investigative news pieces for the paper, not to mention an active consultant for the “breaking news” desk. His work kept him busy and keeping busy kept his mind off Jocelyn.

He could now add another item to his short list of distractions: the memory of his weekend.

He still could not believe his incredible stroke of fortune in meeting the beautiful Holli. Not only was she gorgeous, sexually adventurous, and willing, she was also attached to another woman, which meant there would be no romantic entanglements. It was the perfect situation for them both: he got back into the saddle, felt connected to someone again sexually, and had a fun, no-strings-attached experience, while she got to enjoy the pleasures of a man again, something she very much wanted, but had not done in over two years.

And it would not be their last time.

In fact, Adam thought with a grin as he sat at his desk, he was in store for some special things in the coming weeks and months; Holli had intimated she would likely want to bring Adam back for Michelle, a novice when it came to live men, to sample. Holli and her lover, fortuitously and coincidentally, lived in Los Angeles, not Las Vegas.

Which is why Adam felt his hopes lift when his phone rang Monday afternoon. The two had exchanged numbers after their Saturday night rendezvous with promises to get in touch back in LA, and while it was a little sooner than he expected, he had not complaints at all; he was thrilled, actually.

“Hello?” Adam asked when he answered.

“Hi, Adam,” a sexy feminine voice chirped, with just the faintest touch of apprehension, “it’s Holli, from this weekend?”

Adam felt his spirits lift and a smile broke out over his face. “Hi, Holli,” he said, “I’m so glad you called. I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful night last weekend.”

The woman giggled. “Thank yourself, Adam, you were incredible. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so happy and relaxed with a man before.” She quieted for a moment, and when she spoke again, her voice was lower and very conspiratory. “In fact, I’d really like to see you again, if possible.”

He hoped she would say that, even expected it to some degree, but hearing her say the words still surprised him. Delighted him, but surprised him. “I’d love to, Holli. What did Michelle say?”

“She gave me the total thumbs up. Would you like to come over to my place for dinner tonight? I live in Marina Del Rey, not too far from the docks.”

Adam could feel the goofiness of the grin on his face, much like the cat getting the cream. “Love to,” he said, and fought to contain himself: the rest of the day was looking up, indeed.

* * *

Holli lived on the tenth floor of a luxurious condominium complex overlooking the marina. There was a valet at the circular drive-up and two guards seated behind a desk in the sleek entrance area.

“Good evening, sir,” the guard said. “Whom are you visiting this evening?”

“Holli Coverton,” Adam replied as he signed in at the desk. “Suite Ten-Forty-Two.”

The guards exchanged a skeptical glance, then turned back to appraise him. Adam wondered how many men came calling on a place shared by two long-term, romantically involved females, and by the guards’ reaction, it was likely not many.

“Wait here a moment,” the man on the left said, not with hostility, but not particularly warmly either. He picked up his phone, punched in four numbers, and waited. “Miss Holli? It’s Martin at the front desk. There’s a man here to . . . yes, ma’am.”

The man set the phone down and smiled, and this time there was warmth. “Sorry about that, sir. The elevator is around the corner.”

Adam chuckled. “I completely understand, my man. Have a good one.”

And so Adam found himself a short time later standing before the door of Holli Coverton’s condo, eager once more to see the beautiful brunette, forever-and-a-day away from anything he could have imagined when she first sauntered out into the penthouse living room in Vegas. He knocked, and after several moments, she answered.

Michelle was a very lucky woman: Holli was an absolute knock-out.

In her own element, without the stripper make-up, flashy clothes, and Vegas vibe, she was amazingly even more lovely than before, long and willowy with flowing chestnut hair that absolutely cascaded from her head. She wore a knee-high dress, simple and elegant, and colored to match her bright blue eyes. Her smile sparkled and those eyes flashed, and she stepped forward to embrace him warmly.

“Hello, Adam,” she breathed inside his arms. “It’s nice to see you again.”

“Likewise,” he replied with a smile of his own, inhaling the sweetness of her scent.

Holli took his hand gently and led him into the main room of the condo. He noticed a framed photograph on the wall featuring Holli and another woman, a gorgeous blonde, at the beach. “Is this Michelle?” he asked. “She’s stunning.”

“Thank you,” Holli said. “Stunning, yes, and the most wonderful person in the world, too. Would you like something to drink?”

It seemed like a wine kind of night and Holli was happy he suggested it, and soon after that they were sitting on her oversized couch, sipping their respective glasses, slipping once more into the easy sort of conversation they shared in Vegas.

“The rest of the trip was fine,” Adam was saying, “a little long, but decently enjoyable, although the night with you made it a weekend I’m unlikely to ever forget.”

Holli giggled. “Sorry, I totally feel the same way, but I laugh every time I think about the next morning.”

Adam chuckled himself at the memory: escorting her out of the suite that next morning, the morning after their night of unexpected passion, the two had discovered a veritable fraternity-esque scene of drunken debauchery. Five fully naked bodies had been passed out on the floor, as Dave, Trent, Ben, Mandy, and Kara were still sleeping off the effects of their own night of intense fucking. Holli had been the one, with girlish squeals, to point out the dried cum caking the skin of the girls in several places, and that barely scratched the surface of what they found; it had been one of the most remarkable scenes Adam had ever witnessed.

“Ridiculous,” was what he said then, and how he categorized it now.

They laughed, and then quieted, and Holli looked at him sidelong and asked, not unsurprisingly, “I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, or that I don’t overstep my bounds, but they don’t really seem like the kinds of men you would run around with.”

Adam met her gaze. “Honestly? I’m friendly with them, but I wouldn’t really call us friends.”

She nodded, and accepted his word.”Why do you think married men do those kinds of things? The other men were married, right? And one is getting married soon? Why do they act like that?”

They were getting into deep waters, but Adam did not mind. “I don’t know,” he said simply. “It was never my way, but many men act as they choose in the moment, regardless of others. The men I was with . . . well, let’s just say that despite some good qualities—and they do have some good qualities—in some areas they leave a lot to be desired.”

Holli probed further. “What would their wives do if they found out?”

Adam shrugged. “Who knows,” he said, and was ready to say more before he stopped himself.

He considered the women who were Jocelyn’s closest friends. He knew them, some more than others but all very well, from both personal experience and from all the little things Jocelyn had told him over the years, which was quite a bit, and he suddenly realized exactly what they would do if they knew how their men behaved.

Holli read the change on his face. “And?” she asked with a hint of amusement.

Adam grinned sheepishly. “Nothing, it’s just that, thinking about it, I know exactly what those women would do. I actually know some of their wives better than I know the men. They would not get mad, they’d get even. They’re good women and they’ve been very kind and good to me, and they’re all very sharp, very smart women, but they are also extremely uninhibited. They’d probably go out and screw five times as many men as the number of women they knew their husbands were sleeping with.”

Holli studied him then for a long moment. “You’re a good man, Adam Cross,” she said finally, “you know that? If Michelle weren’t around, my preference for ladies would be in serious jeopardy.” She blushed and glanced down at her drink. “And thank you for being so gentlemanly last weekend. It is a rare thing to find that kind of respect in that business.”

Adam felt his own cheeks go red at the compliment, which seemed so much more than some of the others she’d bestowed. “I was just acting the way I felt was right,” he admitted.

“That’s why I like you so much,” she replied, and then grinned. “And why I want to fuck your brains out again tonight!” His eyes bulged and she laughed. “Come on, dinner is almost ready.”

Holli proved herself a phenomenal chef: the food was delicious, an old family recipe for honeyed chicken passed down three generations. The conversation was equally thrilling, and over the course of the night Adam came to know beyond doubt that Holli would swiftly become a very good friend of his, whether sex was involved or not.

After dinner, they returned to the couch for more wine and relaxation, but the calm of the night would not last long; Adam could feel the heat of anticipation rising in the room. The memory of their last night together coupled with a stream of sassy commentary, combined again with the warmth created by the wine, and Adam found his ability to think straight severely compromised.

That is, he found he could think of little but for the memory of her exquisite breasts.

He looked up from his empty wine glass to find her gazing at him inquisitively, as a knowing grin crept onto her face. “Would you mind if I come a little closer?” she asked.

“Not at all,” he replied, and suddenly he was filled again with the sweet scent of the woman as she crawled into his lap. She leaned in, blue eyes twinkling, and pressed her lips to his.

She gasped as their tongues touched and his arms wrapped around her slender form, and her fingers came up through his hair to cup his head in her palms. The kissing session was long and leisurely as they licked and kissed and nuzzled one another, and held each other tight; they had both been so frenzied and nervous during their last encounter, it was nice to feel comfortable, go slow, and revel in the sensations. For Adam, it was nice to enjoy the unrushed feel of a woman again, while Holli enjoyed the strong arms of a man.

Adam’s hands slid down from her shoulder blades to curl under the cheeks of her rump, still above the dress. He squeezed gently and she giggled into his mouth.

She pulled back. “May I?” she asked, one eyebrow arched impishly, and he nodded despite not knowing what she was asking.

Which is why he groaned with surprise and anticipation when she pressed into him and slithered down, dragging her lusciously plump, still clothed breasts over the length of his body before settling between his legs with her knees on the floor. She grinned coyly up at him as she fished inside his jeans, unbuttoning and unzipping, to draw his very hard erection out of its confines.

“I did not get to do this long enough last time,” she told him, “and sucking cock is something I have greatly missed. You shall be the lucky beneficiary.”

His breath caught in his throat. Her words were gloriously naughty, and the way her lovely face hovered over his penis and her tongue slipped across her bottom lip—itching to taste him—were incredible sights to behold. He burned them into his memory.

Holli leaned in and drew the flat of her tongue from the base of his shaft to the tip, and he sighed heavily and shivered. Almost casually, the woman took him into her mouth and down her throat, descending further and further until the whole of him was down and his tip was tickling her tonsils—seven inches, one shot.

It was incredible and Adam very nearly came right there, and then again when the muscles of her tongue and throat massaged the invading meat. She was exceptionally good—which was a crime if he was the only one in a long time to have enjoyed it. Then she withdrew, one of her hands taking the place of her mouth, the other hand fondling his balls.

“Careful,” he moaned, letting her know that what she was doing, and doing well, was taking him very close to the edge.

Which was, apparently, exactly what she wanted: she closed her mouth over the head again and sucked with unbridled gusto as her hand jacked him up and down at a rapid pace. He grunted, his body twitched, and he felt himself sliding into the abyss.

He looked down and their eyes locked, and the eagerness, willingness, and wanting he saw in her sparkling blues finished him. He spasmed once and exploded, and ropes of sticky white cum flooded her mouth. He lost count after the first three pulses, his attention diverted by the suction just then applied to swallow the fluid down. Her efforts were not enough to capture everything, however; semen trickled from one corner of her mouth.

And then he finished, mind reeling, and Holli sat back on her heels. She was smiling contentedly, very proud of herself and how quickly her ministrations overtook him. She used her fingers to wipe the little bit of cum from her face, sucked them, grinned, and dipped her head again to lick away any vestiges of sperm upon his cock. It was gentle and thorough, and felt so good Adam never actually lost his erection.

Holli stared at his unflagging cock in amazement, then raised her head to look at him. She was ready to be fucked, and hard, and it was written all over her face. “Would you like to see the rest of our home?” she asked in a husky voice.

“Love to,” he replied, and they rose to their feet together.

The bedroom was at the end of the hall, past two broad double French doors with frosted glass. She glided into the center of the spacious room and turned to face him as she slipped the dress from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She was left in a matching bra and underwear, which she promptly removed as he stripped off his own clothes, too.

He took two steps when both were completely naked and brought her once more into his arms, and pressed his lips again to hers. He lifted her, burying his face into her magnificent breasts as he carried her bodily to the edge of the massive four-post bed, onto which they both fell in a heap of limbs and warm flesh.

Adam suckled on her breasts, tonguing around the pink aureole and shriveled nipple, and Holli gripped his head in her hands again to hold it firmly against her chest. She moaned happily and cried, “Fuck me, Adam, please. I want it now!”

“Sorry, love,” he replied, grinning, as he pushed her back onto the bed. “Turnabout is fair play.”

And with that, he slipped down and buried his head between her legs. He wasted no time with gentility; it was his mission to make her cum hard and fast, just as she had done to him, and to fuck her brains out as she had requested over dinner.

Her pussy was neatly trimmed and tasted wonderful, and as his tongue assaulted the sensitive hub of her clitoris by turns fast and slow, his fingers went exploring across all the hidden nooks and crannies along the rest of her body, caressing and squeezing softly. The barrage did exactly what it was supposed to: in short order, Holli squealed and dumped a gallon of her sweet nectar onto Adam’s face as her thighs clamped down upon his head.

And then she was tugging at his hair, begging for him to come up to her, and he stretched himself out over her body, his weight supported on his elbows, his hips resting on her supple thighs, the taut nipples of her breasts grazing his chest.

She kissed him, tilting her head up to his, and her hand slid between them and wrapped around his hard shaft, and guided it forward to the slick and swollen entrance at which his tongue had so recently been. She shuddered then and her head dropped back to the mattress, and she said, breathlessly, a benediction, “I’m yours.”

Adam pushed forward and sank his cock for the second time into the warm folds of beautiful Holli Coverton, part-time exotic dancer and bisexual sex kitten extraordinaire.

“Oh my . . .” she moaned, and he kissed her gently on the cheek as they lay there for a long moment, relishing the feeling and gentle palpitations of their union.

And then the muscles of her pussy twitched and Adam gasped, and suddenly they were moving frantically against one another.

He thrust into her, burying himself fully again and again, withdrawing until just the tip remained before plunging forward, his hips pounding into hers so violently that her body flopped around beneath him almost like a rag doll. Holli held on for dear life, her fingers clutching his ass, breasts jiggling lewdly, blue eyes bright and wanton, whimpering with pleasure.

“Fuck me . . . fuck me . . . fuck me . . .FUCK ME . . . FUCK ME!” she wailed, urging him on with her dirty words. “Harder . . . fuck me . . . HARDER!”

And so it went, faster and faster, harder and harder, with Holli screaming and Adam moaning, and the intensity of their coupling growing by leaps and bounds. Her hands rose to his thick biceps, holding there as her legs wrapped around his waist, feet crossed at the small of his back.

He ground his hips against her pelvis, working hard to take her over the edge—as much preservation as it was unselfishness, for he was uncertain how long he could maintain himself with such a gorgeous creature beneath him.

Which is why he was relieved to hear Holli gasp and then cry out again, back arched, breasts squished into his own chest as she crested over into orgasm, and so he erupted for the second time, this time into a place warmer and wetter than even her mouth. The river of cum flowed from his balls up through his shaft and out into her willing body, filling her womb with his seed.

Holli melted down into the mattress, breathing heavily, eyes closed, luxuriating in the post-orgasmic glow. Adam collapsed next to her, his cock slipping from the sweetness of her interiors, his arm draped across her body just below her breasts, and her fingers stroked it absently.

“Wow,” she whispered. “That was wonderful. I’ve forgotten just how manic good cock can be.”

“Just wait until we take our time,” he said as he snuggled closer to her. “That’s when it gets really interesting.”

Holli sighed. “I can’t wait,” she admitted, and closed her eyes to sleep.

Adam closed his eyes, too, and drifted off to join her.

* * *

When Adam was asleep, she rose from the bed carefully and quietly and went out into the main room of her apartment, where Tiffany McCullough was waiting. The woman was flushed and a slight sheen covered the skin of her face.

“That was amazing,” she said huskily as Holli entered.

“You watched the whole thing?” Holli asked.

Tiffany nodded. “From the door,” she replied. “Oh, so intense. He looks good in bed.”

Holli nodded vehemently. “He is,” she insisted. “And he eats pussy like a woman.”

Tiffany grinned devilishly. “Really?”

“Are you sure this is what you want to do?” Holli asked.

Tiffany nodded again. “I am sure. Are you sure you want to help? If it goes badly, he might not be available to you anymore.”

Holli smiled softly. “This is a good man. With him, nothing goes badly.”

“Very well,” Tiffany said. “Let’s get ready.”

* * *

Adam knew something was different before he opened his eyes.

He was still on the bed at Holli’s place, but something was changed, and when he opened his eyes he came to learn exactly what that something was: he was tied to the bed by silk sashes binding his hands and feet, naked and completely spread-eagled. He sighed, contemplating again how heavy a sleeper he was, particularly after sex; indeed, it had always amused Jocelyn.

“Holli?” he called out into the dimly lit room, not worried so much as curious.

“I’m here, Adam,” a voice said from the side of the bed, and suddenly Holli was next to him, planting soft little kisses to the side of his face. “I have a surprise for you.”

“Ok,” he said, and decided then and there to go with whatever it was she had planned.

She reached under the pillow and pulled out a black mask, the kind of mask they give you on airplanes to shut out the light, which she slipped over his head and fastened over his eyes, blindfolding him. His senses heightened immediately and his skin felt alive, almost like a light breeze had swept over it. It was an interesting sensation, and not unwelcomed.

Holli’s lips pressed softly into his and she kissed him lovingly, far more lovingly than anything she had done thus far. Then she asked with her face just inches from his, her breath hot and moist against the skin of his face, “Are you ready?”

And Adam, excited and still curious, answered, “Yes.”

He could feel her shifting around on the bed, felt her come over the top of him, and soon a sweet honeyed aroma was tickling his nose—her lovely scent—followed by the arousing feel of her luscious nether region as it descended upon his mouth. Adam tilted his head forward and buried his tongue between her swollen pussy lips, swirling it around the crevice and over her clit.

Holli moaned and leaned forward, her breasts rubbing up against his stomach as she wrapped her fingers lightly around his cock, opened her mouth and took the mushroom head inside. She suckled him gently, like a little girl suckling a tootsie pop.

Adam went wild, licking and sucking with reckless abandon as Holli ground her pussy back into his face. It was difficult to breathe, but he did not care; he cared about making her come hard and fast and good.

Which Holli did; the invigorating nature of the debauchery to come, mixed with the incredible oral talents of the man lapping at her pussy, swiftly did her in. Fire coursed through her veins and tickled every last nerve ending in her body, and she moaned around the cock filling her mouth.

She felt herself tremble violently as climax surged through her.

* * *

Tiffany McCullough emerged from her hiding place in the closet and watched the two writhing bodies on the bed.

She was more excited to fuck Adam Cross than she could ever remember being about a man before: he was extremely hot and extremely good in bed from what both Jocelyn and Holli had told her, not to mention he was a renewed connection to her deceased friend that she had been desperately needing since Jocelyn died.

Adam lay on the bed, eyes covered with limbs restrained, his mouth and tongue working Holli’s pussy at what looked to be a frenzied pace. Beautiful Holli, meanwhile, had her mouth stuffed full of Adam’s seven-inch meat—and looked to be loving it.

Tiffany herself was already naked, having disrobed in the closet, and her fingers drifted south to her own waxed and hairless pussy. She stroked herself gently, quietly.

When Holli’s orgasm receded, she slipped from her position on the bed to stand next to it, and beckoned Tiffany over. Adam licked his lips and turned his head from side to side, listening intently, wondering where Holli was and what she was doing.

Holli leaned down and whispered huskily in his ear, loud enough so Tiffany could hear, “Would you like to fuck me now, Adam? Would you like to fuck my tight little pussy?”

Adam grinned, the juice covering his chin glistening in the dim light. “Come and find out,” he replied in a deep, lust-filled voice.

Holli turned and her eyes widened when she saw that Tiffany had closed the distance between them, and those stunning blue eyes slowly rolled up and down her naked body. Holli was quite proudly bisexual with a preference for females (which meant for her to choose to be with Adam was a ringing endorsement for the man) and Tiffany knew Holli was checking her out. That was, she decided, a welcome side effect of her plan that she had not really considered. She would explore that avenue later; there were other fish to fry at the moment.

Tiffany moved forward, breasts jiggling, and climbed onto the bed to straddle the boyfriend of her deceased best friend. She leaned forward, brushing those jiggly tits against his face, and Adam’s tongue lashed out to taste them whenever he could, whenever they were close enough.

Her hands trailed gingerly down the muscles of his chest and abdomen, pushing, tickling, testing; she love the feel of him and could easily see why Holli was so enamored. She reached back, running a finger down his side and over his thigh, and wrapped her hand around his thick cock.

Her eyes fluttered shut as she felt it pulse in her hands; it was the first cock other than Trent’s she had had in a long time, and it felt glorious. Monogamy, she realized then and there, was over.

She scooted back and arched herself, sticking her ass out as she guided the engorged head right up to the sopping wet folds of her pussy. There she hovered, rubbing the tip of his cock against herself as if it were a sex toy, flicking it against her clitoris, teasing herself and him mercilessly.

“Please,” he begged after several minutes of her torture, “fuck me.”

Tiffany turned to Holli and grinned, and brought once more his cock to the entrance to her pussy, only this time she did not stop there. Inch by agonizing inch, Tiffany lowered herself onto Adam’s penis, embedding his meat inside her until she settled her ass on his hips, the whole of his shaft sheathed within.

She sighed deeply, filled to the brim.

And then she started to move. Tiffany was no slouch herself in the sex department, skilled and very experienced, and soon she found the right rhythm and was riding him with a smooth and sensual motion, rocking her hips back and forth and grinding them in little circles to give both her and her lover maximum pleasure.

Adam was a big one, which made things much easier and better for her, granting her lots of leeway in her movements without fear of falling off. She moaned as she changed her angle and her clit was caught against his shaft, and from that position she slid up and down, up and down, impaling herself again and again.

His wrists tugged against his restraints; she could tell how desperately he wanted to touch her, but this was her game and he would remain tied down for the time being.

Tiffany brought one of her hands up to squeeze her tits and her eyes fluttered shut, which is one reason she was incredibly surprised to feel someone’s hand touching her clit. Her eyes flew open and she looked down to find Holli’s fingers rubbing her between her legs.

At first, the shock of being touched when she had not expected it almost threw her off her rhythm. Beyond that initial surprise, however, the intense pleasure she suddenly felt did more to disrupt her than anything. Her eyes fluttered shut and she focused solely on fucking the man between her legs, the man’s whose cock was deep within her, and let Holli take over the task of her own pleasure.

Tiffany picked up the pace and fought hard to stifle her squeals; she was a very vocal lover and the silence was difficult to maintain. She lifted herself and crashed back down, the thick cock nearly splitting her in two, as Adam began to moan loudly. He thrust his hips upward into her, slamming their bodies together to work himself ever deeper. She knew he was getting close. Tiffany matched her rhythm to his, bouncing up and down on his shaft, breathing heavily and whimpering softly.

And then Adam cried, “Fuck! Here it comes!”

And as his cock erupted inside her, Tiffany came, too, spiraling down into the swirling seas of orgasm with one of the powerful climaxes of her life, made only more so by the feel of Adam’s cum spurting into her womanly chambers.

She sagged back and his cock popped from her pussy. She spent several seconds breathing heavily, regaining her strength, before she slithered down his body and bent forward to lap at his withering cock. She could taste herself on him, as well as the salty tang of his cum, and grinned up at Holli who was hovering over her.

Holli bent forward then and Tiffany drew back to let the other woman’s mouth worship the man’s cock for a bit. She was amazed to watch it come back to life once again.

Holli grinned and asked, “Ready for more already?”

And then Adam said with a grin, “Sure, I can’t satisfy two women with just one round of fucking, can I?”

And so the jig was up, and Holli swatted him playfully on the leg. “How did you know there were two of us?”

The grin of the man never faltered. “Every woman smells different, tastes different, and feels different, my sweet Holli. Am I to meet Michelle, then?”

And so Tiffany made her choice. “Not exactly,” she said aloud.

Adam frowned and was silent a long moment, and then said, “I know that voice. I do not know Michelle. Might I have the courtesy of the name of the woman I just fucked?”

“My name, Adam,” Tiffany said in a husky voice, coming very close to him, “is Tiffany.”

* * *

Adam did not move for a long moment after the woman said her name. He was not smiling, but nor was his expression unhappy in any way; the wheels of his mind were turning, however, and he was lost deep in thought.

Tiffany, she said her name was, which meant it could only be one person: Tiffany McCullough, close friend of Jocelyn and Trent McCullough’s wife.

“Holli, please remove my blindfold,” he said, and again his voice was neither happy nor upset.

After his eyes adjusted to the light again, he saw that Holli was seated next to him on the bed, looking down at him with wondering eyes. It was not difficult to make out the concern; he smiled reassuringly at her, and she smiled back, obviously relieved.

Then he turned to face Tiffany, who was standing at the edge of the bed with her hands on her hips. She was naked and gorgeous, and he could not help but drink in the sight of her. All of Jocelyn’s friends were beautiful, as Jocelyn herself had been; Tiffany was the first of them Adam had seen nude. She was smiling lazily at him, face flushed; the effects of her orgasm, which had been supplied via his cock.

“How?” he asked simply, and they explained. It was quite simple, it seemed: the two were good friends from work and had happened upon the knowledge of his and Holli’s sexual relationship by merest chance that very morning at the office.

Which led to the next question. “Why?” Adam asked, and for this, the answer was not so simple.

Tiffany replied, “Because Holli explained to me exactly what you found the morning after you made love, exactly what the scene was in the main room of the suite. Trent was not faithful, and I doubt it was the first time. Do you deny it?” Adam did not. “It is probably you know of more than just the women he fucked last weekend. Do you?”

Adam was no liar and Trent was already screwed, but neither was he comfortable spilling the secrets of another man. “That is not a question one man can answer about another man,” he responded, and Tiffany nodded acceptingly.

“Well, you don’t have to. He’s wonderful in many ways; fidelity, it seems, is not one of them. I do not want to leave him, however, nor divorce him, for many reasons not the least of which is love. I do, however, want to settle the score. I want to experience the pleasures others have to offer.”

Adam nodded. It was not his place to comment and the woman seemed to be on a roll.

“However,” she continued, “I am not some little slut willing to fuck any man that comes along. I am quite selective. In fact, there is only one man I want to fuck, and often, to get back at Trent and have a little fun myself.”

Adam suddenly felt very uncomfortable.

“That man,” she said, moving close to him, so close her shoulder was touching Holli’s and her warm breath tickled his face, “is you, Adam.”

“Unknowing is one thing,” he replied. “Approval is another.”

Tiffany smiled and stroked his hair. “There are others reasons to be with you, Adam,” she said, “instead of other men. You know my situation and will not look for more than sex; there will be no romantic entanglements. Also, you would rather you be the one to fuck me than have me go out looking for other, less savory men, which is what I will have to do if you spurn me; the gentleman in you will not allow that to happen. And lastly . . .”

Adam watched Tiffany’s eyes go distant and wondered what the last reason was, as it was obviously the most important just based upon her expression. And what it was floored him completely.

She looked at him and lay a gentle hand on his chest. “Being with you, Adam,” she said softly, almost lovingly, “will help keep me close to Jocelyn, whom I loved with all my heart, and who loved you with all her heart. Being with you is my way of remembering her.”

He thought about that for a long moment and when he finally did speak, his voice nearly caught in his throat. “Those seem to be excellent reasons, Tiffany,” he replied softly, “but still I cannot willingly be with another man’s wife.”

Tiffany smiled sweetly. “Which is why we all think so highly of you, Adam,” she said as she rose to her feet. “But I have a feeling—deep down here in the heart of me, a place very close to where my memories of Jocelyn are—that you might reconsider. Thank you for a wonderful orgasm, one of my best ever, and for listening.”

And with that she was gone, and Holli, sensing his tension and sudden melancholy, undid the bindings that held him and snuggled into his arms, and gently set about stroking his chest with her fingers, softly and sweetly, and very soothing, which was very appreciated.

He was, at that moment, very happy to have her with him.

Chapter 04: Decisions, Decisions

The words of Tiffany McCullough rattled around Adam’s head incessantly for days, just as she had predicted they would.

It was quite obvious she was very much determined to seek pleasure beyond her marital bed, and knowing Trent and his many conquests, he certainly could not blame her. Adam did not want her out prowling the bar circuit looking for men; that was a dangerous game for a woman to play when sex was the only thing on her mind. She was stunningly beautiful and he had no problem with the idea of being her sexual plaything; he also liked the idea of being intimate with one of Jocelyn’s oldest friends, sharing their love for her together.

Which meant the only thing holding him back was his sense of honor: he could not get past the idea of sleeping with another man’s wife.

He happened upon the solution quite suddenly—and totally out of the blue—and so he picked up the phone and set about resolving the issue, which is how he came to find himself at a little dive bar in downtown Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon, sitting at a table with Trent McCullough, Dave Cartwright, and Benjamin Lane.

It was under the auspices of gratitude for an enjoyable weekend in Vegas, and so it was not until after much regaling regarding the events of the bachelor party, further lurid details of which were revealed—more than he ever wanted to know, such as Kara’s triple penetration in the early hours of the morning—that Adam successfully changed the course of their conversation.

“I have a question for you guys,” he said thoughtfully. “A moral quandary, if you will.”

Trent grinned deviously. “Ah, yes! We love the moral quandaries around here, eh, Dave?”

Dave chuckled. “You know it,” he replied. “Morality is my specialty, Monsieur Cross.”

“What’s the story?” Ben asked.

Adam put forth his best sheepish smile. “The wife of a friend wants to have sex with me,” he revealed. “She’s told me this herself. She knows he’s been cheating on her and wants to get even, but doesn’t want to find some random guy. She wants me, and it sounds like she wants me a lot.”

Trent slapped Adam on the back. “Congratulations!” he said. “Hot married women always make the best fuck buddies.”

“Her husband is a friend of mine,” Adam began, but Dave cut him off.

“So?” he asked. “Your friend should thank you for helping his bitch out, you know? Keeping her away from other guys who might try to fuck up the marriage.”

Adam thought for a moment. “So you’d do it. You would fuck your friend’s wife?”

“Fuck yeah!” Dave said. “Look, if Trent’s bitch came to me and wanted to fuck, I’d do it. If my fucking wife went to Trent, I know he’d fuck her.”

“Kelsey?” Trent nodded enthusiastically. “Bitch is hot. I’d fuck her in a heartbeat.”

Adam was amazed. “You guys would fuck each others’ wives?”

Trent grinned again. “Fuck yeah, if they came looking for it.”

Dave continued, “A man needs to know how to keep his bitch in line.”

“In line,” Trent echoed.

“If he can’t,” Dave said, “he deserves to have some other guy planting his flag. Especially his best friend.”

Adam turned to Ben, who had been at one time a decent guy, before his association with Trent and Dave changed him. Ben was grinning. He said, “Fuck the bitch . . . and then tell us everything.”

Adam shook his head. “You guys definitely have a different perspective than most.”

Dave grinned devilishly. “You know it.”

* * *

“They. Did. What?”

The voice of Kelsey Cartwright was cold and hard, each word shot from her mouth like a bullet from a gun. She was a beautiful woman in her late twenties with long red hair and light bronze skin, a rare combination, and expressive light brown eyes—which were narrowed chillingly and flashing like the blade of a dagger in the midday sun.

Sitting to Kelsey’s left at their four-person table was Heather James, twenty-five, with shoulder-length blonde hair and deep blue eyes, which were also narrowed and staring with great interest and intensity at the person to her left, Tiffany McCullough. It was early Thursday evening and the girls had gotten together to gossip and chat over dinner and drinks at a nice little spot in Santa Monica called the Apple Dish.

Tiffany had just begun telling the girls—with Josie Haynes, she of long blonde hair and stunning grass-green eyes, the fourth member of their group and its youngest at twenty-four—of the events of the bachelor party weekend, having taken much information from Holli, as well as information received from the two other strippers, Mandy and Kara, whom Holli had called.

“Our men fucked two strippers silly while they were in Vegas,” Tiffany repeated in a cheerful tone, as if what she had said was the most light-hearted thing in the world.

The rest of the table was silent, until Josie, the only one of their party without a vested interest in the information, said, “You sound rather happy about it, Tiff.”

Tiffany grinned. “I am,” she said simply.

Kelsey and Heather looked at each other with incredulous expressions. “You’re happy about the fact that Trent fucked some skanky stripper?” Heather asked, surprise evident in her voice.

“He fucked not just one stripper, but two,” Tiffany replied as she bit from a piece of her bread. “And yes, I am.”

“Let’s come back to that bit of lunacy in a minute,” Kelsey said with a dismissive wave. “How do you know they did it?”

Tiffany shrugged. “Holli told me,” she replied.

“Holli?” Kelsey was silent a long moment before she realized what had happened. “The woman from your work. The stripper. She was there. Did they fuck her?”

“No, no, no,” Tiffany replied. “They fucked two sluts new to the business. But Holli was there, she worked the party, and she knows exactly what happened. She called the other two girls to find out some of the more sordid details.”

“Ben, too?” Heather asked, with hope in her voice that her fiancé was not involved.

“Sorry, sweetie,” Tiffany said, and her voice was soft for the first time. “Ben, too.”

“What about Adam?” Josie asked in a curious voice. “Wasn’t he there, too?”

Tiffany smiled. “Adam got lucky this weekend, but he did not fuck either of those two little whores. He was so cute and so sweet and so gentlemanly to Holli, she broke one of her cardinal rules and stayed to talk to him after her escort left. And then she broke her other cardinal rule and fucked his brains out.”

Kelsey frowned. “Wait, isn’t she a lesbian?”

Tiffany giggled. “Technically she’s bisexual, but she had not been with a man in more than two years. She’s in a committed relationship with another woman and very happy, but she was so touched by Adam and his story about Jocelyn that she desperately wanted to have some of his cock. So she called Michelle, her lover, and got the approval.”

“Why are you so happy about all of this?” Kelsey demanded. “Why are you so goddamn cheerful?”

“I got fucked real good last night,” Tiffany admitted.

Kelsey sat up in her chair. “You fucked Trent, knowing he’d cheated on you?”

Tiffany leveled her friend with a very serious stare. “I didn’t say I fucked Trent,” she told them, and in that moment all three girls were suddenly on the edge of their seats.

“You fucked another man?” Heather whispered. “Who?”

And so Tiffany responded. “That question must follow the first question,” she said, “which is WHY I fucked another man. And the answer to that is simple.”

“Tell us,” Josie demanded, riveted.

Tiffany smiled. “It does not surprise me that Trent cheated, nor does it surprise me that Dave and Ben cheated. The three of them are like peas in a pod. Machismo is everything. I do not want to leave Trent, but nor can I let things stand as they are. So I see this as a golden opportunity to spread my sexual wings and experience more than just my husband has to offer. I see this as an invitation to fuck another man without any feelings of guilt.”

Kelsey was letting the idea wash over her. “An interesting concept,” she admitted. “And you put it to work last night, obviously.”

Tiffany sighed and leaned back in her chair, very satisfied. “I did,” she admitted, “and it was incredible. It felt so good to have another cock in me again, you can’t imagine.”

“Oh, I think I can,” Heather said as her eyes fluttered shut. Her imagination was quite obviously in overdrive. “How did you find the guy?”

“I didn’t have to look very far,” Tiffany said, and suddenly her voice was very low. “I fucked Adam.”

Kelsey, Heather, and Josie all let out a collective gasp, but it was Josie who spoke first. “Adam? He would never do something like that!”

“He didn’t!” Tiffany said excitedly. “It’s a great story actually. Holli helped me out. She invited Adam over to her place, they had dinner, and she fucked him again. I watched the whole thing and it was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. I was so fucking horny! When Adam was asleep, Holli and I tied him spread-eagle to the bed—remember how Jocelyn always laughed about how hard he slept after sex—and when he woke up, Holli blindfolded him. She fooled around with him for a bit before I left my hiding place, straddled him, and rode him like there was no tomorrow. I gotta tell you, between what Holli has told me, what I remember Jocelyn telling me, and the amazing feel of that man’s cock between my legs, Adam Cross might just be one of the best ever in that department.”

“That’s devious, Tiffany,” Josie said in a scolding tone, but with a big smile on her face.

“I love it,” Kelsey admitted.

“Did Adam find out?” Heather asked.

Tiffany nodded. “He knew it wasn’t Holli fucking him. He could tell! He actually said he knew because every woman feels different, or something like that. And so we pulled the blindfold off and showed him who it was.”

“What did he say?” Kelsey asked, very much intrigued.

“He wasn’t upset, not really. I mean, it’s not like he could’ve done something and it’s not like he knew ahead of time it was me. He thought it was Michelle, Holli’s partner. He was concerned, though, and asked me why.”

At which point Tiffany proceeded to tell her friends exactly what she had told Adam about her reasoning and what she wanted from him, and exactly what he had said in response. And when she was done with the story, she leaned back and watched the wheels of her friends’ minds turning madly.

“What do you think he will say?” Josie asked breathlessly, a slight flush on her cheeks. “Do you think he’ll fuck you again?”

Tiffany shrugged. “I don’t know, but I hope so.”

“Do you think he’ll fuck me?” Kelsey asked in a low and lusty voice.

And Tiffany grinned. “I had a feeling you might ask that.”

* * *

It was Friday, six days after his extraordinary Saturday night in Vegas and four days from the night of his sexual encounter with Holli and Tiffany, and Adam still had no idea what to do.

Having already consulted Trent, Dave, and Ben, all of whom in essence without knowing so gave him the green light to fuck their wives, there were only two people left he trusted enough to seek guidance from.

The first of those was Jocelyn herself, which is how Adam found himself early that afternoon seated on the green, green grass of the cemetery, next to her grave. The stone at the head read, Jocelyn Barnes, Beloved Daughter and Sister, and Loving Friend. It was enough for Adam to sit there in silence for long minutes before saying what he wanted to say, which was to tell her he still loved her and missed her, and would always love and miss her no matter the circumstance, and also to ask her to send him a sign on his issue with Tiffany McCullough, one of Jocelyn’s oldest and dearest friends.

“Any kind of sign will do, love,” he whispered softly, passing a hand across his misty eyes. “There are too many layers in this to work through myself. I miss you.”

He drove straightaway from the cemetery the two hours necessary to take him to the University of California, Santa Barbara, where Jocelyn’s younger sister, Jessica Barnes, was currently a senior. Jessica was a smart, beautiful, and compassionate young woman, very much like Jocelyn herself had been, and the two sisters had been very close. Adam and Jessica had always been very good friends, but had not had much contact since her passing; remembrance brought too much pain.

And yet now, Adam very much needed the counsel of a trusted female friend, which brought him to the door of her apartment. He knocked and waited with anxious anticipation, wondering what she would think and say.

The light through the peephole winked out and a muffled voice on the other side of the door called, “Who is it?”

“It’s Adam,” he said simply.

The door opened and Jessica asked hesitantly, “Adam?” Several silent moments passed without an expression or reaction of any kind from her, and he wondered with a flash of concern if the girl was going to cry. She did not, however; in fact, quite the opposite happened.

Her beautiful young face, wholesome and innocent, broke into a wide grin as she stepped forward to embrace him. Her scent overtook him; she smelled just like Jocelyn used to, which was unexpected. But the moment passed and he hugged her back with a smile of his own, and he realized that they had finally moved past their need for solidarity.

“Jessica,” he said softly, “it is so good to see you.”

She pulled away. “It’s good to be seen,” she replied with a hint of her usual sass. “Come inside. We’ve got so much to catch up on.”

Which is why, nearly an hour later, they had been talking non-stop and yet Adam still had not broached the subject which brought him to her in the first place. He did not mind, however; they both realized how much they meant to each other, both as friends and as connections to the lost loved one they shared.

Adam learned the beautiful blonde with the dark blue eyes that reminded him so very much of Jocelyn was doing very well in school, had earned herself the captainship of the women’s volleyball team for her senior season—she was on scholarship and quite the athlete—and was dating a member of the UCSB baseball team.

But eventually the conversation wound down and Adam saw fit to tell her, in great detail, of his problem. He left nothing out: the bachelor party, the night with Holli, the aftermath, the cheating of the other men, the bait-and-switch by Holli and Tiffany, her subsequent offer, his conversation with the husbands, and finally his time spent with Jocelyn.

She asked simple questions here or there, but otherwise remained silent throughout, taking and considering everything he said, and at the end of the story she was silent longer still, thoughtful as ever as she studied him, until finally she said, “I think you should do it, Adam.”

Which surprised him greatly. “Do what?”

“Pleasure them, silly,” she said with a girlish giggle, showing a little of what the average twenty-two year-old was like. But Jessica was no average college co-ed and her next statement cut to the core of him. “Jocelyn would tell you do it. She would rather it be you than some other man. We shared everything, she and I, so I know how deeply she loved you, Adam, and I also know how her mind worked, perhaps better than anyone. She would want this to happen. She would tell you to do it.”

“What makes you so sure?” he asked quietly.

Jessica smiled. “There are six people Jocelyn cared about more than any others in the whole of the world. You and me, and her four friends. The more happiness we derive from each other the happier she will be from her place in the heavens.”

“So you’re saying I should sleep with Tiffany?”

Jessica giggled again. “I have a feeling there may be more than just that in store, Adam.”

“What do you mean?”

“Jocelyn, Tiffany, Kelsey, Heather, Josie. The five of them shared everything, everything and anything. There was nothing unknown to the group. I can guarantee Kelsey and Heather know of their husbands’ infidelity; it is logical to assume they also know the story of how Tiffany fucked you. They may come looking for their own little piece of the pie, especially if Tiffany explained her reasoning, which I guarantee she did.”

Adam was dumbfounded.

“I’m not saying it will happen for sure,” Jessica continued, “but it is certainly a possibility. Every woman is different, but those four are more alike than most. And one thing they all share, Jocelyn included as you well know, is a strong sexual appetite. That much I know from experience.”

Adam was still not sure. “Is it not an unethical thing to do, though?”

The blonde girl shrugged. “In the eyes of some, maybe. Certainly not in the eyes of the husbands. And not in my eyes, nor in Jocelyn’s. Which is, I suppose, what you really came here to find out.”

And so they talked for a few more minutes after she said that, both knowing their night was drawing to a close, and then she rose and walked him to the door, and placed a gentle kiss on his cheek before saying, “You were an important part of my sister’s life, Adam. Please be an important part of my life. Don’t be a stranger, okay?”

And Adam smiled and said, “Okay, Jess,” and kissed her back, and right around seven o’clock, headed down to his car for the drive home.

* * *

Tiffany and Trent were “dining out” people, which basically meant that they were exceedingly wealthy, that she could not cook, and that they had not yet discovered the pleasure and convenience of a personal chef for the home. On this night of nights, a Friday as it happened to be, their restaurant of choice was some fine little Italian place of his choosing in Century City.

“I never got to ask you how your trip was,” Tiffany said finally as the salads arrived.

Trent shrugged. “Good times,” he replied. “Can’t go wrong with Vegas, you know.”

“What did you guys do?” she asked sweetly, betraying none of her knowledge of the subject.

Another shrug, very non-committal. “Drank. Partied. Gambled. You know, guy stuff.”

Tiffany tried to recall all the times Trent had returned from work or trips and been vague about his activities, and the answer was easily more times than she could count. She was about to ask another question when his cell phone rang.

“Sorry, sweets,” he said, glancing down. “Gotta take this one. Might be a minute.”

“I’m going to the little ladies room,” Tiffany said. For all his charms and his sexual abilities, the man could often times be a complete ass.

The restaurant’s ladies room was a definite plus: ultra-clean and ultra-nice with marble tiling, ornate fixtures, couches for lounging, and large individual sound-proof compartments where the toilets were. It was very impressive and immediately thrust the restaurant high up Tiffany’s list.

She had only just been able to take the whole of the place in when she heard the door open behind her and she felt strong hands take hold of her, forcing her into one of the compartments. Fear overtook her and a rough hand over her mouth stifled her ability to scream, but when those rough hands spun her around to face her tormentor, she was suddenly very glad she had not.

The face of Adam Cross was inches away from her own, dark eyes blazing with an intensity that she had not seen in him before. Without warning, the strong hands holding her shoulders drew her to him and mashed his lips against hers; she was stunned and her legs nearly buckled as she swooned from the heat of the kiss, her first kiss with another man since meeting her husband.

And then they broke apart, and Tiffany realized how heavily she was breathing, and also how wet she was between her legs.

“I accept,” he said huskily. “Are you ready?”

“Here?” Uncertainty washed over her. Her husband was outside.

His eyes eviscerated her. “I am going to fuck you,” he said, “and I am going to fuck you HARD.”

Her eyes widened but she did not speak; she was, in truth, more turned on than she had been in a long, long time. He converged on her, taking her silence as affirmation, and his arms wrapped around her and drew her tightly against him as his mouth closed over hers again. Her luscious red lips parted and allowed his tongue to sweep inside, to taste and be tasted, and explore. After a long moment they broke to catch their breaths again, and as they did so Tiffany gazed deeply—and for the first real time—into the man’s eyes.

She had little time to revel in the lusty, smoldering fire she found there, however; he came upon her again and her thoughts dissolved into the warmth of his mouth as his wet tongue slipped in and curled around hers.

A moan escaped her lips as his strong hands groped at her body, strong and rough, and yet somehow maintaining an obvious gentility. He pressed against her body, grinding himself upon her, and as his hardening cock jutted into her thighs, the sensations nearly overwhelmed her.

Adam’s hands gripped her thighs and paused a moment, before they began to languorously slide up the sides of Tiffany’s lithe body. They glided over the expensively smooth material of her expensive evening dress, over the rounded curves of her hips and down into the gully of her tiny waist, before fanning out over her ribcage to close over the warm mountains of her breasts. Her nipples hardened as he touched her, and she could feel the liquid flowing from her pussy begin to overwhelm her silk panties and seep out onto the bare skin of her legs.

She growled and found her aggression again, never long misplaced, and lashed out to capture his lips in hers, needing to taste him, to probe every inch of his mouth. His hands continued to fondle her breasts, groping them roughly, all tenderness vanished.

They were now only slaves to their lust. She crumbled into the sexual being she so desperately loved becoming; she was an animal and thrilled by Adam like nothing ever had thrilled her before. She arched her back, pushing her ample bosom farther into his massaging palms.

Removing his lips from hers, he lapped at her cheeks and neck with quick butterfly strokes, mixing in little kisses and nibbles on her flesh. His nimble fingers darted up and deftly flicked the spaghetti straps from her shoulders, just far enough that her breasts tumbled free and into his awaiting hands. The firm melons plopped into his palms and his fingers immediately grazed over the tiny pink nipples. She shivered and whimpered, and her hands gripped his head.

Sandra stopped in the doorway and soaked in the cool, regulated air of her home. She had spent the entire day running errands — paying bills, meeting with event organizers, grocery shopping, and then just a few extra items that would make her husband Mark very happy. All of that activity combined with the summer heat had worn her out and her feet were almost numb from walking on heels all day. Soon she’d be able to kick them off and soak them in the hot tub, but first…

“Luke!” she called. Gorgeous Luke, with his black stallion hair and ocean blue eyes entered from the kitchen.

“Yes ma’am?”

“The groceries are in the car, see to them please.”

“Sure thing. Would you like me to get those bags first?” He pointed to the bags in her hands, the ones with the special surprises for Mark. Sandra felt her cheeks grow a bit warmer.

“No, thank you. I’ll take care of these.”

“Alright then, I’ll be in the kitchen after I get those groceries put away.”

“Ok, thank you.” She gave Luke a pleasant smile and headed upstairs to put away the presents. Luke was the perfect man-servant: always friendly, polite, even a bit on the charming side, and he seemed to know how to do everything flawlessly. Sandra playfully considered whether or not that extended to the bedroom. She imagined there must be dozens of lucky girls who knew, but she couldn’t recall seeing Luke with any girls. For that matter he might be gay and the idea of Luke in the arms of another gorgeous man was no less thrilling. Perhaps he and Mark even, while she watched from the comfort of the bedroom jacuzzi…

She forced herself to stop before the fantasy got too out of hand. The toys were for later and she wanted Mark to help her break them in. Besides, she realized she had already set the bags down and wandered down the stairs. She was standing stupidly in the middle of the room and Luke could come through with more groceries any minute.

With a sigh she fell onto the couch, kicked her heels off and let the day’s toll sink into every muscle of her body. In the couch’s soft embrace the weariness of her muscles felt delicious, all but the ache in the arches of her feet. She lifted a foot to her knee and began pressing it with her fingers, trying to wring the pain out.

“Miss Pellam?”

She jumped slightly and looked up to see Luke had snuck into the room. He didn’t have any groceries so he was probably trying to get her order for the evening meal. Still, she’d give him the benefit of asking, “Yes?”

“Would you like me to take care of that for you?”

Sandra was surprised. She had never gotten that request from Luke before and subconsciously she very much wanted him to and before she could even think about it she said, “Yes, please.”

Luke knelt in front of her as she stretched her stockinged leg out to rest on a stool he had pulled from somewhere. His large, strong hands engulfed the foot and methodically applied the right pressure to the right places. Sandra closed her eyes and reveled in the soreness yielding to each touch. He worked in a rhythm that traveled through her whole body until even her mind was just flowing in time with his fingers. It crossed her mind that Luke might be an angel sent from heaven to give her a taste for what it was like. She wished it would never end.

Nor did it end with her feet. Sandra’s mind followed Luke’s fingers to her tense calves. She sighed as the muscles melted in his strong, soft hands. It was several minutes before she realized that moving upward after the foot rub was not quite proper for this man who was not her husband.

“Luke, what are you doing?”

“I’m removing stress from your body.”

“Are you a masseuse, too?”

“Of course. I used to do it for a living.”

“I bet you made a good living.”

“I did. In fact, it’s how I met your husband.”

The fantasy of Luke and Mark together, Luke touching Mark’s oiled body, re-entered her head. A little tingle traveled through her and she had to push it aside for later. Interesting, she thought. Michael hired Luke knowing he was a skilled masseuse. Surely, then, he meant for Luke to use his talent on her as well. Besides, why should Michael be the only one to enjoy Luke’s touch?

“Oh, I see. I don’t suppose you have your table with you?”

“No, I left it at my old place and your husband hasn’t bought me a new one yet.”

“Ah, no full-body massage for me then. Too bad. Unless…you think you could do just as well on my bed?” She felt her pulse quicken with the suggestion and its implication and she wondered if she didn’t really hope for something to happen up there. Perhaps it would be for the best if he just declined.

“I think I could make it work,” he said with an easy smile that made her heart jump into her throat.

“Alright then, up we go,” she said as casually as she could.

They were silent on their way up the stairs. The whole thing felt inevitable and guilt was already setting in but Sandra pushed it out to the edge of her mind. As long as she could keep up the pretense, she thought, she would be safe.

When they got to the bedroom, however, she was immediately struck by the awkwardness of her pretense. It seemed too scandalous to take off her clothes but Luke wouldn’t be able to give much of a massage through them either. She shed her blazer first, dropping it on the back of the chair. Luke stared at her, waiting obediently to begin.

She decided the proper, if uncomfortable, thing to do would be to have him turn around. “Do you mind turning around, please?”

“Yes, of course.” Luke did not sound surprised, embarrassed, or taken aback in the slightest. It was as if they had done this a hundred times. Sandra felt more relaxed. Perhaps she was making too much of it all. She took her time then, unbuttoning her shirt slowly to reveal her bra. Luke did not so much as turn his head sideways. Sandra felt exposed but in control and the combination excited her. She slipped out of her slacks, revealing her silk panties. She could probably stop here and get a perfectly good massage. The material was thin, after all, and it wasn’t absolutely necessary for her buttocks to be massaged anyway. But she desperately wanted every inch of her skin to feel those large, smooth hands. So she chucked her bra aside first, then anxiously slipped out of her panties. Fortunately for her vanity she had just been waxed down there. She felt smooth, clean, and beautiful — ready for any man’s eyes, even Luke’s.

This was it. She bit her lip and spread herself face first onto one side of the king-size bed. “Alright,” she called, “I’m ready.”

Luke came over to the foot of the bed and started massaging Sandra’s feet again. For a second she was frustrated-he’d already done the feet!-but his hands, warm now from so much contact and friction soothed her back into the semi-trance she had experienced downstairs. Besides, he did not linger at her feet but moved quickly back up to her calves.

Then Sandra felt Luke’s hands sliding up the back of her thighs and a little tingle traveled in their wake. He gave the top of her thighs, just below her buttocks a gentle squeeze. Next he moved down a hand-span and gave another squeeze, working his way slowly down her legs.

Once Luke got to the bottom he slid his hands up her thighs again, this time stopping on her buttocks to give them a squeeze. Sandra imagined those hands, almost large enough to palm her cheeks, gripping her in a slightly different context and began to feel warm between her thighs. She felt exposed, given away. What if Luke noticed the warmness? She reassured herself that it couldn’t have been the first time in his career that a client had warmed to his touch, so no doubt he would take it in professional stride. But did she want him to?

Luke moved his hands in a swirling motion, lifting and separating the cheeks, then began pressing tensions points with the tips of his fingers. Then he balled his hands into fists and pressed them deeply into the center of each cheek before giving them a final soothing rub-down with the palms of his hands.

Sandra controlled the urge to touch herself. She couldn’t give in to him so easily, even if her body screamed for it. After all, she wasn’t a whore-just human, with a human’s needs and desires.

Luke moved slowly up her back, his palms turned inwards towards each other so his fingers trailed along her sides. Never in her life had she felt a man’s hands control her so thoroughly but that was what he was doing, even as the muscles relaxed beneath his touch. She wished Luke was naked too; that his hands would end at her shoulders so he could take her from behind. Wetness began to add to the heat and she feared for the spot it would leave on the bed. It was a clear sign of her desire, a sign she hoped Luke would accept. She went deeper into her desire, hoping to grow the spot so large he could not help but be flattered and encouraged.

Soon, however, she was aware of another sign—her scent. Luke would be able to smell her arousal before he could see it on the bed. She was infuriated by her lack of control.

Before Sandra could grow tense she was aware Luke’s hands had traveled to her hips and stopped. Something brushed against her labia—Luke’s nose! He was inhaling her scent straight from the source like an animal without verbal discussion or consent. Her mind was jumbled with outrage, embarrassment, desire, and none of it seemed real to her. She felt disconnected from the entire scene and therefore free to do as she pleased.

Luke did not stop at sniffing. He placed his lips to hers, worshiping her bare womanhood. Sandra turned over to give him better access and he buried his head between her thighs. She shoved her hands into his hair at once to feel its silky smoothness and indicate that she approved of what he was doing. He kissed and sucked her labia methodically before running his tongue along them. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the pleasure rolling through her body.

Before the longing radiating from her lips to her clitoris could turn into an ache he engulfed it in his mouth, sucking it into a wet, warm cavern. He paused to let the sensation flower in her brain before giving it a flick of his tongue. The tongue’s quick absence was felt more than the little jolt of pleasure as it collected the slick dew of her nether lips, leaving a glistening trail of saliva in its place.

This time Sandra could not hold her hand back; it rubbed furiously at her clit, ramping up the throbbing pressure taking over her brain. A large, strong hand pulled her away by the wrist, forcing a whimper from her. Luke’s mouth and tongue quickly went back to work on it, however, renewing the comforting sensation of pleasure marching steadily towards climax.

While his mouth worked furiously at the exposed bundle of nerves resting atop the flower Luke’s fingers began proving the inner secrets below it. First one finger, then two penetrated her in a slow but steady rhythm. They slid along the upper wall, probing for a sweet spot. Sandra’s body jerked when they found it and Luke responded with a steady, firm barrage. The sensations flowing off her clit and vaginal wall were overpowering. She screamed and writhed and clutched the bed sheets as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure shuddered through her body until she was left limp, wet, and dazed.

Author’s Note:

This is a story featuring Greg Maitland. The story is free standing so there is no need to read previous stories. However, if you would like to know more about our hero then I suggest you read “people can change parts 1 to 3.I am deeply indebted to JuicyStarchild for her critique and excellent editing and for making my story more readable.

I sat at the table in the corner of the Red Lion. In front of me were two pints of Hobgoblin, one for Eric and one for me. I knew from the start that something was wrong. I often met Eric for a drink on a Friday and we would go over the business of the week. It was just over a year since I had opened up the second branch of Drive In Auto Services and put Eric in charge of the first one. He had shown himself to be more than up to the job and everything was ticking over nicely. Fridays were the nights when we slapped each other on the back and toasted our good fortune. Had it been a Friday I wouldn’t be worried, but this was a Wednesday. For Eric to ring me on a Wednesday and suggest we met for a pint, something must be wrong.

Eric was more than an employee, he was a mate. He and his wife Janet had stood by me when everything went tits-up in my private life, in the five years between the divorce and me finding out that my wife Julie really was a deceitful tramp. It was Eric, Janet, my book-keeper Clare, and a couple of other friends who helped me through. Now I was back on top, with a new wife, Nicola, who was now six months pregnant, and a booming business. But, as any marine will tell you, mates are forever. They’ve watched your back so you can watch theirs.

I went through all the possibilities while I waited. If it was work related the only thing that couldn’t wait until Friday was that he wanted to fire someone or, far worse, he wanted to quit. I couldn’t see why he would want to leave–I paid him a damn good salary and I know he enjoyed the job. No, this had to be personal, in which case I might have some idea what it was all about. You see, my wife Nicola is a police woman in the traffic division and two nights previous she told me something I wished I didn’t know. Something that had happened when she and her partner John Blackman (Chalkie to his marine buddies) were patrolling the motorway.

“I couldn’t believe it,” she said. “The car got slower and slower, while moving from lane to lane. The driver seemed completely unaware that we were behind them. I switched the video on for a couple of minutes while we followed them, then gave them a quick burst of the lights and sirens. That’s when it all changed. We’d thought the driver was alone in the car, but as soon as the siren went off we saw there was a passenger. She must have had her head in the driver’s lap and when she heard the siren she shot back up to the sitting position. John went back to talk to them. He doesn’t allow me because of my condition, so I sat in the car watching in the mirror. Now, I know the mirror doesn’t give you the best view, but the more I looked at the female passenger the more I thought I recognised her. Greg … I think it was Janet, Eric’s wife.”

“Whoa, now just hold on a minute, Nicola. You were looking in the mirror and you were, what, ten metres away? I don’t think you could say for certain.”

“No, I didn’t say I was certain. It just looked like her. You haven’t heard about any problems have you?”

“No, but I can ask if you like?”

“No, don’t. I could get into trouble for just telling you about it.”

Eric walked in and sat down opposite me. I pointed to his beer and he picked it up and took a sip.

“What’s the problem, then, Eric?” I asked.

“Who says there’s a problem? Perhaps I just felt like a chat.”

“Come on, we both know that normally you can’t wait to get home to Janet on week days, so if you want to chat there has to be a reason for it.”

“Yeah, you’re right, I do have something gnawing away at me. You’ve been through it … how do you know if your wife is having an affair?”

I started to laugh and then I looked at Eric and could see he was upset. “Sorry, but you’ve got to see it from my perspective. You’re asking me, a man whose wife was having an affair with that arsehole Miles on and off for five years, but I didn’t see it. Besides, this isn’t Julie we’re talking about, this is Janet, and we both know she worships the ground you walk on.”

It was true–you only had to see them together. You never saw them out without them holding hands. At fifty-two Eric was a little over seven years older than me, and Janet was in her mid forties. They had been married almost twenty-five years and they still can’t pass without touching each other.

“You know that we, Janet and I, thought you and Julie were a match made in heaven. We thought it was only your reaction to that video that kept you apart. Then we find out she was screwing arsehole Miles, even when you were still married. I thought, if it could happen to you two, it could happen to any of us.”

“Whoa, don’t go blaming me for your suspicions. You’ve got to have more than that.”

“That’s the problem, Greg, mate. All I’ve got is suspicions, but her recent behaviour has made me think. Only a few months back she became extremely horny. I couldn’t keep up with her–she wanted sex any place and all the time. She even wanted to do it on my desk at work. I know a bloke ain’t supposed to complain that his wife wants a lot of sex. I mean, I’m a man, right? I’m supposed to be the one who always wants sex. Anyway, about two weeks ago all the demands stopped and I was back in charge of our sex life.”

“Oh, for gods sake, Eric. Janet’s at an age where her hormones are all over the place. Menopausal women frequently have swings in their sexual appetite. Think yourself lucky–many women go off sex altogether.”

“I know all that, but there’s more. Around the time the sex drive declined again, a face from the past came back to town.”

“Okay, you’ve got me interested. Tell me about this face from the past.”

“His name’s Gerry Rawlings. He was Janet’s boyfriend before she met me. Believe me, he is every bit as big an arsehole as Miles. I first met Janet when she was on the rebound from that bastard. He had taken her to a club and got her drunk. He spent the night flirting with another woman. On the way home with Janet he’d pulled into a lay by and fucked her. He took her virginity then took her home. After that she never heard from him again. She was really in love with him but she was just a piece of arse as far as he was concerned. Apparently he went back to the club for the other woman. He left town that night and moved in with the other woman. Janet was devastated. When I started to take her out it was months before I even got to first base. When we eventually slept together she fully expected me to dump her, as if I could ever do that. Anyway, a friend of mine ran into Gerry the other day. I said it was a pity he wasn’t driving a truck at the time–when he ran into Gerry, that is. So Gerry told my mate that when he got back to town he was able to pick up exactly where he left off. Well, you see, he left town with the other woman that night. Where he left off was fucking my Janet.”

“Okay, just what do you want from me?”

“Well, your Nicola’s a police woman … I thought perhaps she could help me find out what’s going on, or at least help me find that bastard Rawlings so I can warn him off.”

“Right, stop right there. There’s no way we’re involving Nicola in this. She loves her job and she’s not putting that at risk.”

Eric looked down at the floor and sat there shaking his head. “I know you’re right, but I’ve got to do something–I can’t lose her.” He was now on the verge of tears.

“Okay, I didn’t say I wouldn’t help. I know people who know people. Before we start, if your suspicions are correct, what do you intend to do?”

“I don’t know, what are the options?”

“Well, would you want to divorce Janet? What about Rawlings? Do you want him to disappear?”

“You can do that, make people disappear?”

“Not me personally, Eric, but I know people who can. For as little as a thousand pounds no one will ever hear of him again.”

Eric’s shudder was visible. “I’m not sure I want to go that far. Can’t we just find out what’s going on and decide what to do about it afterwards?”

“Tell you what, why don’t you leave it with me and let me see what I can find out. Give me a couple of weeks.”

We agreed to leave it at that and I finished my pint and went home. Over the next few days the problem laid heavy on my mind. I regarded both Eric and Janet as friends and if Eric’s suspicions were right, and it looked to me like they were, both of them were going to get hurt.

Sunday found me in a London hotel room with Nicola, getting ready for the march to the Cenotaph for the annual Remembrance Sunday service. This year it was the turn of the Royal Marines to lead the veterans march. I had been invited and Chalkie Blackman, with the help of Nicola, had persuaded me to go.

“You know, we’ll have to stop doing this soon,” Nicola said as she moved her pussy up and down on my prick.

“Yeah, I know, but not just yet, eh.” She had her knees either side of my waist and I was able to look at her gorgeous body as it rose and fell. I reached up to gently squeeze her enlarged breasts. “I hope these are staying after the baby is born.”

“Well, I’m sure they’ll stay for a while, but who knows how long? Oh, Greg, that’s it, right there, yes.”

She started to tilt her pelvis forward as she came down, with her pussy tightening on my dick. As I squeezed her left breast I teased the nipple with my thumb. With my left hand I stroked her very prominent bump. Her pace increased and she started to gasp. I felt my buttocks start to clench and everything below the waist seemed to want to push into her. Her pussy gripped my cock as she moved up and down.

“Ah … Greg, darling … ah, you’ve got me, ah. Ah. Ah. Give it to me. Oh god, yes! Arghh! Aaargh!”

As she came, I felt everything go. I went rigid, pushing myself up into her, my hips lifted off the bed and it felt like all of my body wanted to inject itself into her.

Slowly, she came down as I softened inside her. “You know I’m really going to miss this. That twelve weeks is going to feel like twelve months.”

“I’ll do the best I can, babe. I can still use my hands and mouth.”

She grinned down at me. “So can I, lover, so can I.”

We cleaned up and went down for breakfast, then returned to get ready for the march.

“You’ll need these,” she said, passing me the boxes I had brought with me. “It does say medals must be worn.”

“I knew I shouldn’t have come. I really don’t want to do this.”

“Oh, Greg, you must wear your medals. They show how proud your country is of you.”

“How proud would they be, if they knew what I did to get some of them?”

She held one up for me to look at. “I know what you did to get this one–John told me. That’s why he won’t have a word said against you.”

“Okay. I’ll wear them, but not those two.”

She pinned the medals to my chest and stood back and looked at me. “There, now go down there and let me be proud of you. It’s a pity that bitch Julie wouldn’t let your girls come.”

“It’s her turn to have them and, if I know Annabel and Grace, they’ll insist on watching it on TV.”

“Come on, hero. You’ve got a parade to go to.”

Downstairs we met John Blackman and I went with him to the muster point. We all lined up and waited to be sent on our way. As we stood there, I noticed a face I recognised–Captain James Wentworth. As I saw him, he noticed me and came over.

“Sar’nt Maitland, how are you, man?”

“Just fine, sir. How about you?”

“Oh, you know, sergeant–the usual life of a career soldier. I was quite surprised you never signed up for another tour of duty. You were always a damn fine soldier.”

“It was just my time to go, sir.”

Jim Wentworth looked at the medals on my chest. “Aren’t there a couple of gongs missing here, sergeant?”

“And what gongs would they be, sir?”

“I distinctly remember putting you up for two, for the last operation we were on together. I know they were awarded, but I don’t see them here.”

“Would that be the operation the high command denied all knowledge of, sir? The operation that never was? Well, sir, if there was no operation, I couldn’t have got any medals for it, could I?”

“A lot of good men are still alive because of that operation, sergeant.”

“Yes, sir, and a lot of civilians–innocent men, women and children–are dead because of it.”

“History will forgive us, sergeant.”

“You may be right, sir, but what if I can’t?”

He gave up and walked away. John Blackman looked puzzled. “When did you serve with him?”

“It was when you were in the hospital. I got drafted into a special unit he was running.”

“I just knew that, when I got back to the unit, you’d been transferred.”

“Can we talk about something else, John? Do you remember stopping a car because the driver was getting a blowjob while he was driving down the motorway?”

“Are you kidding? Of course I remember–they played the video of that in the station canteen for a week.”

“Did you file a report?”

“I certainly did. He should be charged with driving without due care and attention.”

“So you’ll have name and address, etcetera.”

“Yeah, but what do you want with him?”

“The woman concerned may be the wife of a friend. I just need to find out if it’s true.”

“You’re not planning to do him any harm are you? ‘Cos if you do, and it gets out that I gave you his details, my life won’t be worth living.”

“I promise you, John, no matter what happens, I won’t lay a finger on him.”

“Okay. I’ll text it to you tomorrow.”

We started our march from Trafalgar Square and down Whitehall, paying our respects to fallen comrades as we passed the Cenotaph. Most of the dignitaries had left by then and the monument was covered in poppy wreaths. At the end of Whitehall we stopped and disbanded. I went back to find Nicola and we went home on the train. I couldn’t pretend to be sorry to leave such a circus. I needed no special day to remind me of fallen comrades–I remembered them almost every day. I also remembered the ones who returned physically intact, but were never the same again. Everyday I woke up and was thankful for the life I had. I looked across at Nicola with her prominent bump. I know life hadn’t been a bed of roses since I left the service, but on the whole I was a very lucky man. Let the politicians and military commanders have their little services if it eased their consciences–I’ll be content to live in the here and now.

John Blackman was true to his word. On Monday morning I received a text with the name and address of the driver, along with the make, model and registration number of his car. In the last sentence John indicated his concern. “Remember–not a hair on his head.”

I sent one back. “Thanks John. Not a hair on his head, guaranteed.”

I called Eric and told him that my friends would need some idea of what Janet’s movements were likely to be.

Janet Porter left work on Tuesday afternoon and walked across the car park to her little white Mini. She was an attractive woman, carrying a little extra weight, maybe, but it looked good on her. Her brown hair danced on her shoulders as she walked and the trim waist and nicely curved arse moved in time. The sway of her hips was exaggerated by the high heels she wore today. In fact, most things about her appearance were a little different today. She wore slightly more make up, which drew attention to her sparkling green eyes. No trousers–today it was a tightly fitting skirt which stopped just above the knee, treating the observer to the sight of her legs, which were covered in stockings with a seam running up the back of her legs. Her white cotton blouse was tailored to pull in at the waist, showing off her ample bosom. It was easy to see what had attracted Eric all those years ago.

She got in the car and drove to the supermarket. She went inside without bothering to collect a trolley. Fifteen minutes later she came out, hand-in-hand with a man. They walked to his car, got in, and drove away. A cunning plan indeed–anyone seeing her car would assume she was shopping.

Gerry Rawlings had run into Janet quite by accident. He’d walked into the insurance office where she worked, trying to arrange insurance on his car. She hadn’t recognised him at first, but he had recognised her. It wasn’t until she’d read his name on the proposal form that bells started to ring and she’d looked at him again. The years had been good to him–with his slim build and salt-and-pepper hair he cut quite a dash. Janet remembered the last time she had seen him. The look on her face was decidedly frosty.

“Janet. Janet Ashley, is it really you? My, what a beauty you’ve turned into.”

“It’s Mrs Porter now, thank you.” Janet had said, coldly.

“Of course, I should have known. No man with any sense would have left you on the shelf for long. You know it’s really great to see you looking so good after all those years. Do you think we could share a coffee sometime and talk about the old days?”

Janet’s stance had softened. She’d remembered that he’d always had a way with words.

“I really don’t think we have anything to talk about and I don’t think my husband would appreciate me talking to you.”

“Oh, but we do, Janet. There hasn’t been a day go by when I haven’t regretted what I did to you. Please, let’s go somewhere more private and I can apologise properly.”

“But my husband–”

“Will understand, if he trusts you. It’s only a cup of coffee after all.”

He’s right, what harm could it do just to have a coffee and let him seek my forgiveness? These were the thoughts going through her head as Janet had accepted his invitation.

He had started off telling her how sorry he was for the way he had treated her all those years ago and how, despite everything that had happened in his life, he couldn’t get her out of his mind. Janet had lapped it up. She was just starting the menopause and it had made her horny as hell. It also made her question whether she was still attractive. Eric kept telling her she was beautiful, but he would, he loved her. Gerry was something else–he had cast her off and was now regretting it. She had listened as the compliments came thick and fast. Gradually she had started to open up to Gerry, telling him about how wonderful Eric was, about how the family had now left home and how lonely she felt during the day. After a couple of meetings he’d told her of his sexless marriage and how his wife had gone off sex almost as soon as their daughter was born some eighteen years ago. Janet had been very sympathetic and agreed that partners didn’t realise just how important sex was in a relationship.

Not once during the time they were meeting did Janet mention Gerry to Eric. She knew what Eric’s opinion of him was, and perhaps that was true once upon a time, but he had changed. Now he was pleasant, caring and sympathetic. He really cared about her problems and wanted to help her, even when she opened up about her constant desire for sex and Eric’s inability to keep up. He would suggest things she could try, websites she could visit with porn clips to help her get herself off. He had even bought her a vibrator as a present. If Eric could see him now he would see how much Gerry had changed, but no, once Eric made up his mind about someone, there was no changing it.

Their rendezvous had changed to the supermarket car park, where they would leave Janet’s Mini and head out to the pub by the river. With the alcohol, Janet’s talk got looser and it hadn’t been long before they were talking about sexual fantasies and things they wanted to try, but hadn’t got around to. Janet had told Gerry how she wanted to be tied up, to be totally powerless, while she was used by her partner.

“Have you asked Eric to do that?”

“What, dear dull old Eric? He wouldn’t even consider something like that.”

She had heard herself say it and couldn’t believe it. Eric wasn’t dull, he was kind and caring and loved her like there was no tomorrow. Eric would do anything she wanted, except hurt her. Had she not been so closely involved, she may have realised that Gerry was slowly and systematically driving a wedge between Janet and her husband.

“Then Eric’s a damn fool. If you were mine I’d give it to you whatever way you wanted.”

Janet had been plied with just enough wine to wreck her judgement, and let that one pass.

They had been on their way back to the supermarket when Gerry had started to talk about it being eighteen years since he’d had a blow job.

“Eighteen years … that’s terrible. My Eric gets them all the time, it’s part of our lovemaking. You mean, she hasn’t satisfied you in any way in all that time?”

“Not even a hand job.”

“Oh, you poor man, you must be really desperate.”

“I am, Janet–you don’t know how desperate. All this talking about your problems have made it worse, somehow. I don’t suppose you could … give me some relief?”

“Give you a blowjob? Oh no, I couldn’t. I’d never cheat on Eric.”

“No, of course you wouldn’t. Just forget I mentioned it. We really must stop talking about your sexual fantasies, though. It’s got me hard as a rock just thinking about it.”

He had known how to get to her. First the alcohol, then appealing to her sympathy, then making it sound like she was responsible for his frustration. In her alcoholic haze, Janet had found herself weakening and justifying it to herself. It wasn’t really sex, just a blowjob–he had been listening so sympathetically to all her sexual problems, no wonder he was hard as a rock.

“Well … maybe just a blowjob, but where and when?”

“What’s the matter with right now?”

“What, here on the motorway?”

“Well, now is when I need it.”

He had reached out, put his left hand around the back of her neck, and gently pulled her head down to his crotch. She had unzipped him and eased his dick out as he continued to drive. He had been right about one thing–it was certainly hard. She’d swirled her tongue around the tip, then licked up the pre cum that was oozing out, before wrapping her lips around the whole thing. She didn’t really know why she liked giving blowjobs–there was no real physical pleasure for her. No, the pleasure was in pleasing and, to an extent, controlling her partner. She hadn’t done it much lately for Eric–if he came in her mouth he wasn’t much good to her for some time after. If she’d thought about it she would have known she was being deceived. If it really had been eighteen years Gerry would have come almost as soon as she started sucking. However, she had found herself working up quite a rhythm before she felt him start to tighten up and it had been at that exact moment they’d heard the police siren.

At the time Janet had been very nervous, and somewhat relieved, when the police had only been interested in the driving and accepted that she was Gerry’s wife. When the police left they had laughed and giggled like a pair of naughty school children.

After the exchange of more emails, and sharing of links to bondage videos, they were now in his car again and headed for Gerry’s house. She trusted him, she felt safe with him, and he had offered her the chance to experience the feeling she longed for–to be powerless to resist, to be used by another whilst remaining perfectly safe with someone she trusted.

Once they arrived at Gerry’s house they went straight to the bedroom. Janet felt a mixture of nervousness, guilt, but most of all, excitement. She was so wound up she didn’t notice the change in Gerry. Gone was the softly, softly attitude today–things were more urgent. The first thing he did was to put a blindfold on her. Janet just stood there, waiting and listening. She heard him opening and closing cupboards, followed by a number of metallic clicks as if he were erecting something. He undressed her, held her hands behind her back and tied a silk strip to one wrist.

“We need a safe word,” she said, “so you know when to stop.”

“Of course we do. I know … ‘Eric’. The minute you say ‘Eric’ I’ll stop everything.”

Janet nodded her acceptance and he tied her hands together behind her back.

“Okay, down you go,” he said, pushing down on the top of her head. Janet dropped to her knees. “Now lets do it properly this time–open wide.”

Janet opened her mouth and waited for his cock. What she got was the ball of a gag which he quickly fastened behind her neck. He stepped behind her, took hold of her arms and lifted. Janet got to her feet and he guided her to the bed. He pushed her forward so she landed face down on the bed. She felt him tie ropes around her ankles and secure them to the legs of the bed. Gerry seemed to be getting rougher and for the first time she started to feel frightened. She realised there could be no safe word–she had a gag in her mouth and couldn’t say anything. She felt him strap something between her knees. She felt two fingers being thrust into her barely wet pussy. She tried to scream, but all that came out was a grunt. Using the two fingers in her pussy he lifted her into a kneeling position, with her head on the bed. Janet’s head was spinning–this was not what she was expecting. Why was he doing this? He must be aware he was hurting her.

“Well now, you say you’ve never felt a big dick inside you. See what you think about this?”

She felt something large replace his fingers in her pussy. He pushed it hard into her. It felt huge and it hurt. He slammed it hard into her and each time he did, it hit her cervix hard, causing her more pain. Tears ran from her eyes and she sobbed. It was a great relief when he stopped pounding her pussy. Even after he stopped he left it in place. With no movement at all she still found it extremely uncomfortable. She felt him kneel on the bed, between her legs.

“Many years ago I took your cherry. Now I’m going to take the brown one.”

She felt him line up the tip of his cock with her anus. She tried to scream, but once again the only noise she could make was a grunt. She felt pressure on her anus, then suddenly everything changed. She heard him cry out and suddenly he was no longer behind her. She heard him fall to the floor. Someone else was obviously in the room. Using the only sense she currently had, she tried to piece together what was happening.

“Don’t hurt me, please. Please, don’t hurt me,” Gerry pleaded. “What do you want? You want her? Take her. She’s just a whore–she can take both of us.”

That hurt Janet almost as much as the dildo in her pussy. How could he turn like this? Why would he do these things? And who was he talking to? She could hear them moving to the corner of the room. She could hear Gerry’s continued pleading. Someone came over to the bed and released whatever it was between her knees.

“What are you doing with that? What do you want with me? Just fuck her, take her arse–I was going to. You don’t need me, let me go, I won’t say anything.”

Again someone came back over to the bed and with some relief she felt them take the large object from her pussy.

“What are you doing with that? No, please, I can’t take that, it’s too big.” Gerry started to cry and his pleas were interspersed with sobs.

Janet could hear the intruder walking around the room. She heard him return to Gerry in the corner of the room and then the sound of an aerosol spray. Gerry cried out again. The intruder came back and she heard him pick up something from the dressing table.

“That’s my wife,” Gerry said. “Leave her out of this.”

Janet heard the spray again, but this time she heard a loud roaring noise and could feel heat coming from the corner. Gerry started to scream.

“No, please don’t. No, please. Alright, alright, you wanna fuck my wife, you can. She’ll be home in an hour, you can fuck her then. Just don’t hurt me.”

You despicable piece of shit, Janet thought. I hope he fucking kills you.

The intruder walked back and picked up something else, then returned to Gerry.

“That’s my daughter,” he sobbed. “No, please, you can’t ask me to do that. She’s my daughter, for gods sake, you can’t ask me to give her up to you.” The roaring noise started again and Gerry screamed out again. “Okay, okay, I’ll give her to you, just don’t hurt me, please!”

The noise stopped and the intruder came over to the bed. What felt like a knife slapped against the cheeks of Janet’s arse. Then she felt the rope on her left ankle being cut and her hands were untied. Her arms were stiff and difficult to move. Her hands moved up and removed the blindfold. Next she removed the gag and rolled over to untie her other ankle. Still sobbing she found her handbag, took out the phone, and went to the bathroom.

“Please don’t let it be Eric,” she said as she punched in the number. “Please don’t let it be Eric.” She heard the phone ringing. It rang for some time and then she heard it.

“Hello. Drive-in Auto Services,” Eric said. “Can I help you?”

“Oh, Eric, thank god. I’m so pleased to hear your voice.”

“Janet, is there something wrong? Are you alright?”

“I’m fine, I just fell asleep and had a horrible dream. Now I’ve heard your voice I know everything is fine.”

They said their goodbyes and she returned to the bedroom. For the first time she looked at Gerry. He was tied, with his hands above his head, to the door of the walk-in wardrobe. His legs were fastened to the spreader bar that had been between her knees. On the floor between his feet was a huge dildo. It must have been at least twelve inches long and very fat. She looked down at it. That’s what he fucked me with, she thought, as a shudder ran through her. Alongside the dildo was an aerosol deodorant can and a disposable cigarette lighter. The wardrobe door was scorched in the space between Gerry’s legs. The carpet between his feet was stained and wet where he had pissed and defecated. She looked up and saw his head hanging down with tears running from his eyes. She stood up and looked at him.

“You pathetic piece of shit,” she said and spat in his face.

She walked over to the bed, picked up the ball gag and returned to Gerry. She pinched his nostrils closed and as he opened his mouth to gasp for breath she pushed the ball hard into his mouth. She secured the gag behind his neck.

“It’s alright, Gerry, we can stop this at any time. Just say ‘Eric’.”

She brought her knee up swiftly into his testicles. She repeated that operation twice before picking up the dildo. She took it in both hands and swung it at his genitals. Gerry tried to scream, but nothing but nasal grunting came out.

“There, you bastard, how does that feel? I’ll bet you feel better than James Brown, you snivelling excuse for a man. To think I put my marriage at risk for this. My Eric’s worth a hundred of you and he’s even got a bigger dick. You disgust me.”

As she looked around the room she noticed a tripod set up on the other side of the bed. There was no camera on it but she knew that’s what it was for. She looked back at Gerry hanging from the door. “You were going to record what you did to me? You are one sick bastard.”

Having washed her hands, she dressed as quickly as she could then searched through Gerry’s pockets. She took his car keys and went back to look at him.

“Your car will be in the supermarket car park. Don’t ever try to contact me again. If you do, I’ll tell Eric you tried to rape me. I doubt you would survive the beating.”

Harriet Rawlings had been home for half an hour before she went up to the bedroom to get changed. That was when she found the unconscious Gerry, hanging from the door to their walk-in wardrobe.

She let out a scream before running downstairs and dialing 999 for the police and ambulance. Returning to the bedroom, she opened the wardrobe door and Gerry tumbled forward onto the carpet. Harriet, and their daughter Wendy, went with him to the hospital. Gerry was drifting in and out of consciousness and the police postponed any questioning until the following day. Harriet and Wendy went home, convinced he was in the best place.

The following morning, after Harriet had called her work to let them know she wouldn’t be coming in, she was just about to get ready to go to the hospital when she noticed Gerry’s video camera on the floor by the front door. Next to the camera was a DVD marked “PLAY ME”. She switched on the TV and put the disc in the player. The previous afternoons activities were quickly revealed to her. It was impossible to determine the woman’s identity, but it was obvious she didn’t want what Gerry was doing to her.

“The bastard raped her,” she said to herself.

Then came the entrance of the intruder with the ski mask and latex gloves. She had little sympathy for Gerry when the intruder pulled him off the woman but, when she heard him offering herself and Wendy in return for not being hurt, she felt nothing but contempt. She went up to Wendy and told her to pack a bag. When Wendy objected, Harriet told her all about the intruder and the aerosol gas torch. She told her how her father had offered her up for fucking.

“But, Mummy, they were hurting him. A man would say anything to make them stop.”

“I saw his body last night. There wasn’t a burn mark on it. The snivelling rapist bastard was just frightened they might hurt him, but it was fine for him to hurt that woman. If you want to stay with him I can’t stop you, but I’m going to stay with your grandma.”

Harriet went into the bedroom and started packing. Wendy went down to watch the video.

Harriet had just started packing the second case when Wendy came into the room. “I’m coming with you, Mum. Have we got another suitcase?”

“Yes, I think there’s one in the back of the wardrobe.”

Wendy went into the wardrobe and soon found the case. To her surprise, it wasn’t empty. She carried it out into the bedroom, threw it on the bed and opened it.

“Er, mum, I really think you should see this.”

Harriet looked at the contents of the case. There must have been a hundred DVDs, each in a jewel case with a woman’s name and address.

“Oh my god, I think we’ve just found out why your father was attacked.”

She called the police and told them what she had found. From that moment the investigation changed tack from an assault charge to a full blown blackmail inquiry. Gerry never applied for bail–with all his material in the hands of the police he realised he was safer in prison.

Our regular Friday business meeting was a very up-beat affair. Eric was already in the pub and got up to meet me as I walked into the bar. He shook my hand and ordered the beers. We sat down at our usual table in the corner.

“Eric, I’m sorry. I haven’t managed to contact my friend about checking up on Janet. He’s apparently out of the country on some security work.”

“Don’t worry about it, boss. I’ve got my Janet back. That’s all I really wanted.”

“So you don’t want to check up on her now? What’s brought this on?”

“She’s back to normal. Well … back to being the insatiable woman she became a few months ago. It’s how I start the day and it’s how I finish it. You’ve no idea how good it is to be woken up with a blowjob.” He looked at me and smiled. “On second thoughts, you probably do. After we talked last week I spoke to the doctor and he said what you said, that some menopausal women become rampant sex machines. He wouldn’t say that Janet was one of them, but he did give me some advice.”

“Which was?”

“Go with it and hang on for dear life.” We both laughed out loud.

“Eric, have you ever talked to Janet about what she wants and what her fantasies are?”

“She has told me some of the things she likes me to do. She wants to try anal.”

“Well, no, that’s not exactly what I meant. Some women develop a taste for things that you might think a bit strange. You know, like doing it in public places, or being tied up and blindfolded and stuff.”

“You think Janet might be into all that stuff.”

“Who knows, the more satisfaction she gets from each time, the longer it may be before she needs it again.”

“Looks like I’d better talk to her some more. That’s going to be difficult.”

“Come on, Eric, you’re man enough to handle it.”

“I’m not talking about being man enough, I’m talking about finding the time. Right now we seem to spend all our spare time fucking.”

“You’re a very lucky man, Eric. Now let’s get down to business.”

The following Wednesday I took Nicola in for her pre-natal exercise classes. On the way back to work I called in to see Eric at the Braunceston branch. I was somewhat surprised to find his office door locked and all the blinds closed. I could hear the clatter of items falling on the floor. Something was wrong. I went back to the Morgan and started the engine, ready to go in pursuit of whoever came out of the office door. When someone did emerge you could have knocked me down with a feather. That person was Janet. She was still adjusting her skirt as she came out of the door. Her face was flushed and she had several buttons undone on her blouse. Eric came out to wave her off and saw me in the Morgan with the engine running. I saw him bring his hands up to cover his face. What Eric couldn’t see was that I was killing myself laughing. I got out of the car and walked over to him.

“Just managed a grub screw then, Eric?” A grub screw is a screw without a head and is engineering parlance for sexual intercourse in the lunch hour.

Eric’s face was bright red. “I should have known I would get caught. What happens now?”

I struggled to keep a straight face as I replied. “Well, Eric, I’m sure an industrial tribunal would agree this constitutes serious misconduct and warrants instant dismissal.”

Eric’s face went from red to white. “Oh, shit. Well, I won’t take you to a tribunal. I’ll go and pack my things up.”

He turned to go back into his office and I put my hand on his shoulder to stop him. He turned back to see me in fits of laughter.

“So what’s so bloody funny?”

“I was calling the police. I thought we were being robbed and all the time it was you and Janet having a bit of hanky panky on your desk. It’s a good job I hesitated–you could have had half of Braunceston’s finest as an audience. I know Janet’s got a little kink, but I didn’t think exhibitionism was one of them.”

“It’s alright for you to laugh. You don’t have to keep up with her. Now am I sacked or not?”

“Of course not, Eric. Just keep it out of business hours in future.”

Eric started laughing. “Were you really calling the police?”

I nodded. “I only dropped by to ask how things were going. Looks like I got my answer.” I turned and left him, still laughing.

It was two months later that Eric and Janet celebrated their silver wedding anniversary. Their kids, with the assistance of Nicola, threw a big party with all their friends and relations. Rather than any of the usual silver cutlery or silver photo frames, I bought them a Caribbean cruise as a present. Like I said, you look after your mates. As the evening went by, Janet came over to us.

“Nicola, do you think I could have a dance with this lovely man of yours?”

As we danced Janet whispered her thanks in my ear.

“Are you and Eric alright, Janet?” I asked.

“Oh, Greg, you know we are. What makes you ask?”

“I saw a recording from a police car. They were tailing a car and it looked like the driver was getting a blowjob as he drove.”

Janet’s body suddenly went stiff.

“What worries me, Janet, is that the woman in that recording looked an awful lot like you.”

“I think we need to take this outside.” She took me by the hand and led me to the exit.

“How much do you know, Greg? And have you told Eric?”

Author’s Note: This is the third story in a series about step-mothers. I have received a couple of requests from readers asking that I write about step-mothers. Each story will be about a different step-mother and her sexual escapades. The first story was about a step-mother who hooked up with her step-son stationed in Italy. The second story is fictional but it is based on a reader suggested story line. The step-mother uses TLC to seduce her step-son. This third story is about a family who succumbs to their step-mother’s charms.


James Wilson married his college sweetheart Angela but they waited until they were in their thirties before they started a family. Roger Wilson was born when James was 32 years old and Angela was 31 years old. Their second son Barry was born three years after Roger and their daughter Lori was born three years after Barry. James and Angela thought they were done when Lori was born since Angela had the daughter she wanted. However one unprotected night changed all that and Angela delivered Chris when she was 47 and James 48.

The good thing about having four older children was that they helped out raising Chris. They were a good looking family as all the boys were handsome and well endowed. Lori was a striking brunette but she was very much the tom boy with two older brothers. James Wilson owned a financial management company and he had been very successful. The family lived in a plush home in Southern California complete with beautiful landscaping and large swimming pool.

Roger, James and Lori all graduated from college and began their own careers. Lori went on to law school. Chris the youngest was 18 when Angela lost her battle with cancer. He was a senior at the local high school at the time. Roger 34 years old was married and had two children; Barry 31 years old was also married with one child and Lori 28 years old had completed law school and she was working for a prominent law firm. Lori was not married as she was gay, a fact the family did not know at the time.

James Wilson continued to work at his company as there was no reason to retire. He took off whenever he wanted for personal time or travel. Roger and Barry had settled into Los Angeles suburbs as they both worked in the city. Lori lived and worked in San Francisco. Chris at 18 was able to take care of himself during the day and he still lived with his father in a San Diego suburb.

Although the siblings missed their mother the family was getting along just fine as they were occupied with their own lives. One day James shocked everyone when he returned from France and a month later he announced that he was married. He had taken one of his employees with him to France and proposed to her in Paris. They returned to the states and promptly got married. The biggest shock to the family was that she was only 26 years old. Her name was Sheila and she was a drop dead gorgeous blonde. Chris’s eyes nearly bugged out of his head when his father brought her home. That night Chris was on the phone with his brothers and sisters describing the blonde beauty who would now be their step-mother.


Sheila moved into the stately home with her 66 year old husband. Chris found her pleasant enough but he had a difficult time accepting her as his step-mother. She was only eight years older than him and she was a knockout. Sheila was clearly a trophy wife who had her sights set on the family fortune. The rest of the family was up in arms and angry with their father. They all questioned, how could a man who was so smart and had been so successful be that naïve?

Sheila had been sleeping with James before Angela passed away. She knew what she was doing and she was willing to do most anything to get her hands on the Wilson money. After all James had used his wealth to seduce her. He lavished her with expensive jewelry and clothing, took her to countless shows and events introducing her to high society. They traveled to exotic places and dined at the finest restaurants. After the exposure to that way of life, Sheila knew that she could never return to her previous one.

Sheila knew that she would have to deal with each of the siblings to get them to accept her and she was prepared to do that in her own way. Sheila was a stunning blonde with a 36-24-36 hour glass figure. She was 5’5″ tall and weighed less than 120 pounds. She expected Roger to be the most difficult so Sheila picked him to be last. After Chris she would tackle Lori and then Barry. Roger and Barry requested a meeting with their father in Los Angeles. James agreed to meet in L.A. and Lori would come down from San Francisco to participate. Chris had a hard time keeping his eyes off of her ever since she arrived so Sheila decided to start with him and win him over first. Sheila knew that she would be home alone with Chris while James was in L.A. and she decided to test the water with him. However the night before James would head to Los Angeles, Sheila gave him a fucking he would not soon forget.

Sheila had finally convinced her husband to use an erectile dysfunction drug which would keep him erect for hours. James reluctantly agreed and his doctor gave him a sample to try out. James had not believed in the drugs before that night but afterward he was sold on it. Sheila liked James staying hard longer as she could pleasure herself on his stiff cock. In the past James did not stay hard and often did not satisfy his new wife causing Sheila to resort to her dildo.

On his way to L.A. James reflected on the great night of sex. He didn’t care what his children thought of Sheila there was no way he was going to give her up. He would reconstruct his Will with Lori’s help so that every one would be satisfied. Of course Sheila had convinced him to redo the Will so that she received most of the inheritance. After the way she had performed in bed, James would do just that. He was infatuated with his sexy blonde bride.

That Saturday morning James left for L.A. leaving Chris alone with his step-mother. Chris a handsome young man was not totally inexperienced as he had had sex with a couple of 18 year old girls on dates. Still he was nowhere near Sheila’s expertise. Chris was 6’0″ tall and weighed 170 pounds. He was fit from swimming and surfing. He had light brown hair and light brown eyes. Sheila found him appealing and she would have no issue in bedding him.

Chris had been checking Sheila out since she arrived at the house. She was always wearing tight short shorts and a halter top without a bra. She also wore a thong panty under her tight shorts to show off her curvy ass. She had lovely legs and beautiful long blonde hair. Chris got many a hard-on from checking out his step mother. He also masturbated in bed at night thinking about her beautiful body.


Right after James left that Saturday morning, Sheila put her plan into action. Part of Chris’s weekend morning ritual he would take a morning swim before breakfast. That morning Sheila set her trap. She waited until she heard Chris in the bathroom and then she went outside, stripped and got in the hot tub naked. Chris arrived minutes later and he greeted Sheila just before his lithe body cut the poll water cleanly.

Sheila remained in the hot tub and watched Chris swim his laps in the pool. When Chris finished his swim Sheila called out to him. “Chris come and join me it the hot tub.”

Chris paused nervously as he had seen Sheila in her bikini before but he had never been in the hot tub with her. “Come on, keep me company for a few minutes,” she urged.

Chris felt his cock twitch and then he hurried to the hot tub and got in before the outline of his erection was visible in his Speedo. Chris settled in the hot tub and then he realized that Sheila was naked. “God, Sheila you’re naked!” he exclaimed.

“Yes, I love to be in the hot tub naked. I feel so sexy. I can move around and let the jets caress my body. You should try it,” Sheila replied.

By then Chris had a raging hard-on inside his Speedo. “I couldn’t,” he stammered.

“Of course you can, who is going to see us? It’s totally private back here. Come on try it,” Sheila pressed him.

Shyly Chris slipped off his Speedo under water and his stiff cock sprung free. He was thankful that his erection under water was not that visible to Sheila. However she didn’t have to see it to know that she had him turned on. Chris all of a sudden felt compromised in the Jacuzzi alone with the beautiful naked Sheila. Sheila sensed his discomfort and made some small talk to relax him a little. It didn’t take her long to shift the conversation to sex.

“So Chris, have you hooked up with any girls at school?” she inquired. And then added “Your father told me that he thought you were screwing a couple of school girls. So I assume that you have had some experience, is that right?” Sheila continued.

“Well yes but I can’t believe that my dad told you that,” Chris replied somewhat shocked.

Chris couldn’t believe that he was having this conversation with this naked blonde beauty in a Jacuzzi. There was no chance of his erection subsiding soon. Sheila slid over to him in the Jacuzzi and Chris jumped when their skin touched. Sheila slid her hand under the water and across his thigh and grabbed hold of his erect cock. Chris almost came on the spot when she touched him.

“Oh my, is this for me,” she teased as she stroked the erect cock.

“Please don’t,” Chris whimpered.

“Now you know you don’t mean that. I saw you checking me out ever since I arrived and now you have your chance to do something about it,” Sheila went on.

“But you’re my dad’s wife, my stepmother,” Chris protested weakly.

“Don’t worry this will be our secret. No one else has to know. Now let me pleasure you,” Sheila said sexily.

Chris gasped as she stroked his cock under the water. He felt like he would cum any minute if she didn’t stop. He tried to think of something else but that was impossible with the beautiful blonde stroking his cock. Sheila sensed that Chris was extremely turned on and she didn’t want him to shoot his load in the Jacuzzi. She was actually looking forward to tasting his young sperm.

“Chris sit on the edge of the Jacuzzi,” Sheila coaxed him.

Chris lifted his body up out of the water and sat on the edge on the Jacuzzi. His face was beet red but his erect cock gave away his desire. Sheila liked his cock it was a little bigger and thicker than his father’s. She smiled at him and held his cock lovingly. It was bigger than average but not too big, just the kind she liked

“You have a beautiful cock and I am going to enjoy every minute of sucking it,” Sheila said in a very sultry tone.

Chris was speechless as he watched his step mother lower her head and engulf his cock in her warm sensuous mouth. He gasped as she closed her lips around it and then began to bob up and down. Sheila deep throated him and he felt her lips touch his pubic hair as she swallowed his entire cock. No one had ever done that before and he almost lost it at that moment.

Sheila continued to suck his cock and she swirled her tongue around and nibbled the head driving Chris crazy. Sheila sensed that he was close to blowing his load and she cupped his tight balls and massaged them as she tightened her mouth around his cock. That did it and Chris could feel his cum travel from his balls through his scrotum as he started to cum.

“Oh shit, here it is. I’m cumming,” he warned but it was more of an announcement.

Sheila stayed glued to his cock and swallowed every drop of his seed as it rushed into her mouth. Chris came in droves and Sheila had to swallow quickly to keep his seed from running out of her mouth. Chris could not believe how Sheila worked his cock and swallowed every drop. None of the girls he had been with ever swallowed his cum. She was pleased with his youthful discharge and she knew that she could get him hard again in no time so that he could fuck her. Chris shot quite a load in her mouth more than she had had in awhile.

Sheila sucked and nibbled and teased Chris to no end. Finally he begged her to stop and he slid back into the Jacuzzi to rest and recover. Sheila slid next to him and turned his face toward hers. She kissed him deeply plunging her tongue into his mouth allowing him to sample the after taste of cum. Chris reached for her and took her in his arms. Chris fondled her tits, thighs and ass as they kissed. He could feel himself getting erect again as they cuddled, petted and kissed in the Jacuzzi.

Sheila felt him firming up again and reached for his cock under the water. She thought to herself that there was no substitute for youth. Sheila stood up and lifted Chris to his feet and smiled as she broke their kiss.

“Come on, let’s take this to your bed where we will be more comfortable,” she said sexily.

Chris followed Sheila into the house and upstairs to her bedroom. He never took his eyes off of her shapely legs and killer ass the entire time. They entered his bedroom and Sheila turned to face him.

“Have you ever eaten pussy before?” she asked.

“No I haven’t but I have fingered a few girls and played with their pussies,” Chris confessed.

“Well I will teach you and once the girls in your class learn that you eat pussy they will be lining up to date you,” Sheila stated and then asked, “Would you like to eat my pussy?”

“Oh yes, I will do anything with you. Anything that you want,” he replied excitedly.

“Good, just follow my directions and relax. It’s important that you learn how to pleasure a woman,” she said softly.

Sheila got in his bed on her back and spread her legs. Her hands went down to her blonde tufted pussy and she stroked her quim and opened it for Chris to see. Chris just stared at her in all her beauty lying on the bed. Her blonde hair spread across his bed, her firm tits and hard nipples sticking up in the air and her voluptuous tanned body splayed before him. Sheila held her arms open to him and then guided him to her body as he leaned in toward her. His cock was throbbing but he would have to wait to fuck her as he would first learn to eat pussy.

Sheila coached him through every move of his first oral experience. Chris impatiently buried his tongue in Sheila’s pussy shoving it in as if he was fucking her. However Sheila directed the action and taught him to nibble on her clit gently while he fingered her g-spot. Chris was really getting into the action particularly because of the way he had Sheila squirming and tossing on the bed. She moved her legs over Chris’s shoulders and pulled his head closer to her pussy. Chris held on to Sheila curvy firm buttocks and squeezed and fondled them as he ate her pussy.

“Oh, oh, yes right there. You’re doing great. That’s it you’ve got it, oh!” Sheila cried out.

Chris continued to eat her pussy as he held her ass tightly in his hands. He then moved his hands up to her tits and found her hard nipples. Chris massaged her boobs and twirled her nipples in his fingertips as he continued to munch on her pussy and clit. Sheila was tossing and thrusting her pussy into Chris’s face and calling for him to eat her.

“Wait a minute. Go get some lotion,” she told him.

Chris was confused but he did as he was told. He stopped eating Sheila and got the lotion from the bathroom.

“Now grease up my asshole and stick your finger in it while you eat my pussy,” demanded Sheila.

Chris had never even thought about fingering anyone’s asshole and he was taken back by the demand. He snuck one hand behind Sheila’s bottom and toyed with her asshole tickling the tight nether hole. He spread the lotion around the hole but he did not penetrate her.

“Come on Chris, lube me up and shove your finger in my ass,” Sheila ordered.

Chris lubricated his middle finger and then positioned it at Sheila’s asshole and shoved it in. Sheila gasped with the abrupt anal penetration but soon had Chris’s finger buried in her ass. Chris pumped his finger in and out of Sheila’s ass as he resumed mauling her pussy with his mouth. Chris loved the feel of his finger in the warm recess of Sheila’s ass.

Sheila stiffened and gasped aloud as she came on Chris’s face. Chris held on to her with his finger still buried in her ass and his mouth glued to her cunt. He felt the waves of orgasm rock Sheila’s body and his face was flooded with her cunt juice. Sheila kept humping his face until the last of her orgasms passed and she flopped back on the bed. He had never seen a female cum so hard.

Chris slipped his finger from her ass and his hands found her breasts again. He stroked her tits and nipples as he gently licked her pussy dry of all her juices. Chris finished eating her and then sat up kneeling between Sheila legs. Chris followed Sheila’s eyes to his cock and then he realized that he was rock hard again.

Sheila smiled at him and said, “Now get that beautiful cock in my pussy and fuck me!”

Chris leaned forward and aimed his cock at Sheila’s pussy. He slid in easily to the hilt and reveled in the warmth of her cunt. Chris began to pump his cock in and out of Sheila’s pussy as she wrapped her shapely legs around his back. Sheila pulled him in with her legs and positioned herself so that her clit was in constant contact with his cock. Chris began to pound Sheila’s pussy and Sheila humped her hips back at him just as hard. The two of them fucked each other frantically breathing heavy and grunting and moaning. Sheila had another orgasm but continued to fuck Chris toward his. Sheila lost count of her orgasms before Chris finally filled her pussy with his seed. Sheila was pleased with Chris’s performance and Chris loved fucking his stepmother.

Chris stiffened and then thrust into her each time he felt his cum ejaculate. Sheila rocked with him and she clenched her cunt muscles squeezing every drop of cum from his cock. Chris collapsed on her body as he felt the last surge of cum leave his cock. Sheila held him tight as he relaxed his body. Chris had never felt so good in his life. He had fucked other girls his age before but it was never like this. He couldn’t believe his good fortune in fucking his stepmother and now he would be able to fuck her all the time.

They talked for awhile as they held each other in Chris’s bed. Sheila asked about Chris’s brothers and sister. “What are they like? What can I do to get them to like me?” Sheila asked.

“They’re okay. They’re just mad because they think you are only after dad’s money. Roger’s and Barry’s wives are jealous because you are younger and prettier than them. They got fat too,” Chris revealed with a chuckle.

Sheila laughed, “Really your sisters-in-law are fat?”

“Yeah they used to look good but they let themselves go. Roger and Barry are always complaining about them,” Chris shared.

Sheila thought to herself, “This might be easier than I thought.”

“What about Lori?” she asked.

“Lori’s cool. She’s pretty and she’s very athletic. We think she likes girls,” Chris admitted.

“Why do you think that?” Sheila asked.

“I heard my dad and older brothers talking about her one time. They didn’t know that I was listening. She doesn’t date guys so they called her a lesbian,” Chris told her.

“Wow, that is a surprise,” she sighed and then she noticed that Chris had another erection, “Ah youth,” she thought.

“Chris you did so well that I am going to reward you. I guessing that you have never fucked a girl in the ass, am I right?

“You’re right I haven’t. I have fucked a girl doggy style and I enjoyed that. I liked looking at her ass while I fucked her,” Chris admitted.

“I like it in the ass with the right guy. Would you like to fuck me in the ass?” Sheila asked sexily.

“Sure, if you really want to. I would love to try that with you,” Chris replied but he was unsure of what to do, “You’ll have to show me what to do.”

Sheila smiled at him and then got off the bed. She retrieved the lubricant from the nightstand and handed it to Chris. Sheila then got on all fours and directed Chris to lube her ass again and put some on his cock too. Chris got turned on by putting the lube in her asshole. He enjoyed fingering her hole and caressing her curvy ass.

“Put another finger in there and get me ready for your cock,” she whispered passionately.

Sheila rotated her ass in arousal as Chris inserted a second finger into her bung hole. After a few minutes they were both more than ready for anal sex. “Okay I’m ready for your cock Chris, fuck me in the ass,” Sheila told him, her voice cracking noticeably.

Chris knelt behind her and eased his hard cock into her ass. He worked it in slowly and he was hypnotized by the methodical penetration of her luscious ass. Chris had never felt anything so arousing in his young life. Sheila’s ass was a warm tight sheath for his rock hard lance. Sheila used her sphincter muscles to perfection as she massaged Chris’s cock in her anal passage. Chris caressed both of Sheila’s gorgeous buttocks as he fucked her ass deeply. They both sensed he was about to cum quickly so Chris picked up his pace as Sheila squeezed his cock with more intensity.

“Cum in my ass, I want to feel your cum in my ass,” Sheila whispered excitedly.

Her words sent Chris over the edge and he fired his third load of the day into Sheila’s hot canal. Sheila felt the warm sperm coat her rectal passage, a feeling that she never tired of and one she had not felt for some time. She squeezed her anal muscles and milked Chris’s cock dry of every drop of cum. Chris continued to fuck her slowly until his cock softened and slipped from her ass. Chris rested his semi-hard cock on her buttocks and looked at her beautiful ass. He was fascinated as he watched trickles of his semen run out of her ass down her thighs and across the lips of her pussy.

Chris would never be the same after that day and it wasn’t even noon yet. “Come on let’s take a shower together and then I’ll make lunch for us. After lunch we’ll sunbathe in the nude together by the pool.” Sheila suggested.

After lunch Sheila and Chris sunbathed nude by the pool and they took turns applying sun screen to each other’s body. It didn’t take long for Chris to get hard and fuck his stepmother again. This time he fucked her for so long that Sheila’s clit was oversensitive. She had Chris finish her in the doggy style position. As it turned out Chris was able to fuck Sheila once more before the afternoon was over and he took her ass a second time. They showered, dressed and then Sheila made drinks for them as they waited for James to arrive home. All in all Chris ejaculated five times that day a feat he did not think that he was capable of. Sheila had no trouble winning Chris’s affection and his loyalty. Her next challenge would be Lori.


With Chris’s seduction behind her Sheila set her sights on Lori. Sheila arranged to meet with Lori in her office in San Francisco. Sheila arrived after lunch on a Wednesday and checked in with the receptionist. “Please be seated and I will let Ms. Wilson know that you are here,” a pretty girl told her.

Sheila sat in the waiting area briefly before Lori came out to get her. “Sheila, I’m Lori. It’s nice to meet you,” Lori said offering her hand to the beautiful blonde. Lori was taken with Sheila’s beauty.

Sheila took the pretty brunette’s hand and replied, “It’s nice to meet you too.”

“Come on back to my office and we can get better acquainted,” Lori offered.

“Lead the way,” Sheila accepted.

Sheila followed Lori back to her office and along the way she took in the brunette’s curves. “This could be very interesting and a lot of fun,” Sheila thought.

When they arrived at the office, Sheila went in and sat in one of the chairs opposite Lori’s desk. As she sat down she swung her leg wide assuring that her dress would expose her crotch and her bare pussy. Her move did not go unnoticed by Lori.

“My God she is not wearing any panties!” Lori thought to herself.

Sheila noticed the astonished look on Lori’s face and she wickedly crossed her legs again repeating the same gesture of exposing her bare pussy. Lori stared at the naked muff as Sheila lifted one leg to cross over the other as if she was trying to get comfortable in the chair.

“Sorry, just trying to get comfortable. Is something wrong?” Sheila asked.

“Well it’s just that I couldn’t help notice that you are not wearing any panties,” Lori stammered.

Oh that, yes you’re right I also don’t wear bras either. I like the free feel,” Sheila replied.

Lori’s face was beet red but she could also feel her own loins heating up from the exhibitionist display of this woman who by marriage was her stepmother. Sheila looked at her and asked if everything was okay. Lori saw her lips move but didn’t hear any words. Lori finally regrouped and heard Sheila speak.

“Are you alright?” Sheila said louder this time.

“Yes, yes I’m fine. You just caught me off guard when you crossed your legs,” Lori said with a crack in her voice.

Lori then noticed that Sheila’s skirt was just below her pussy and showing off her sexy thighs and shapely legs. Lori found herself staring at the beautiful blond as if she was hoping to get a glimpse of her pussy again.

“Lori, why don’t you come over here on this side of your desk and sit next to me? That way you won’t have to strain to see my legs or my bare pussy,” Sheila offered.

Lori couldn’t believe her ears but she like a zombie she stood up and walked around her desk toward Sheila. Lori was captivated by this blonde goddess and seemed to be under a spell.

“You probably should shut the door,” Sheila reminded her.

Lori quickly shut the door and locked it. Then she sat in the chair next to Sheila. Sheila smiled at her and then lifted her skirt up to her waist once again putting her luscious pussy on display. Lori just sat there in a stupor staring at the golden muff.

“Would you like to touch my pussy? It is okay if you want to touch it,” Sheila teased her.

“How did you know?” Lori stammered.

“How did I know that my new stepdaughter is a lesbian? It is pretty obvious to me.”

Unable to control her emotions any longer, Lori ran her hands up over the blonde’s beautiful legs and stroked her inner thighs. Sheila spread her legs a little wider so that Lori could see her labia. Lori was crazy with desire as she slipped a finger into Sheila’s twat. Sheila was very wet so Lori added a second finger. She fingered Sheila for awhile and then took her fingers out of the girl’s quim and licked them.

“You can eat my pussy if you would like to,” Sheila continued the seduction.

Lori sank to her knees and lifted Sheila’s legs up onto her shoulders. Then Lori put her mouth on Sheila’s cunt and began to lick her thoroughly. Lori knew what she was doing and Sheila recognized her as an accomplished cunt lapper. Sheila moaned with her first orgasm and coated Lori’s face with her juices. Lori kept right on eating Sheila’s pussy reveling in her stroke of good luck.

“I should probably just take off my dress,” Sheila said as she peeled the light green mini dress over her head and stood nude in front of her stepdaughter.

“My God but you are beautiful!” exclaimed Lori.

Sheila walked over and sat on the sofa in the office and beckoned Lori toward her. Lori was clearly under Sheila’s control at this point. Lori knelt between Sheila’s legs and picked up where she had left off eating her pussy. Sheila’s body stiffened slightly and she gasped into her own hand as she coated Lori’s face with her female nectar. Lori finished licking Sheila’s pussy and then moved up to kiss her.

Lori kissed Sheila and she was pleased when Sheila thrust her tongue into Lori’s mouth. Sheila tasted her own juices on Lori’s face as the two beauties kissed. Lori then turned her attention to Sheila’s tits and worked them just the way Sheila liked. Lori, testing the water, slid a pussy moistened finger into Sheila’s ass and she was pleased when Sheila wiggled her butt in response. Sheila fingered her pussy as Lori worked the young girl’s pert firm tits and fingered her ass. Sheila felt another orgasm and this time her hips came off the sofa with the intensity of it.

Lori was a mess as her pussy needed attention in the worst way. Just then her telephone buzzed and she was reminded that her next appointment was here. Sheila took her panties from her purse and put them on and said, “No use getting the staff all excited.”

Sheila put on her dress and she sensed Lori’s condition. “If you like I can stay in town and we can have dinner later,” she offered.

“I would like that very much,” a shaken Lori stammered.

Sheila left leaving a flustered Lori in her office. Lori thought silently, “Are you fucking crazy? You’re playing with dynamite.” Still Lori was incredibly turned on to her father’s new wife and she knew that she would meet her later.

That evening Lori and Sheila had dinner together and then they adjourned to the bar to continue their discussion. They both shared secrets and Sheila admitted to a couple a flings with girls. Afterward both of them were feeling sexy and Lori invited Sheila back to her place. Sheila willingly accepted the invitation. Lori was so turned on that she was tempted to stop the car and throw Sheila down on the seat and make passionate love to her. They finally arrived at Lori’s home.

As they entered Lori’s home Lori pushed Sheila back against the front door and pressed her knee into the young woman as she pinned her against the door. Lori’s hands were all over Sheila as she started kissing her passionately on the lips. Lori’s kisses were so wonderful and eager as her hands cupped Sheila’s face, Lori kissed her over and over. Sheila reveled in the thrill of all the emotions and adrenalin coursing through her body. Lori nibbled on Sheila’s lower lip gently and Sheila gushed with exhilaration as their tongues intertwined. Lori shoved her tongue deep into Sheila’s mouth causing her knees to almost buckle under her with the excitement of the moment. As Lori’s wet hot tongue explored Sheila’s mouth her hands roamed all over her body. Lori explored inside Sheila’s dress and stroked the exposed skin of her thighs. Sheila murmured into Lori’s mouth as her stepdaughter’s caresses sent shivers through her body. Sheila’s desire intensified as Lori stroked her pussy through her damp panties.

Lori dropped to her knees and raised Sheila’s skirt pushing it up to her waist. Then she hooked her fingers into Sheila’s panty and slowly peeled it down her thighs and off her legs. Lori then held the panty to her nose and inhaled the sweet smell of Sheila’s sex. Next Lori steered Sheila back against foyer table and helped raise her up until she was sitting on the table. Lori smiled wickedly at Sheila as she pushed up her skirt and then dropped slowly in front of her. As Lori spread her legs Sheila couldn’t conceal a moan and she had to stifle her gasps with the back of her hand. Sheila could feel Lori’s hot breath on her sopping wet pussy. Sheila then started to place delicate kisses upon Sheila’s naked thighs and the sensation of her wet lips on Sheila’s skin sent waves of excitement through her. Lori ran a fingertip down Sheila’s slit causing her to groan with pleasure as Lori’s fingers honed in on Sheila’s engorged clit.

As Lori inhaled the sweet odor of Sheila’s pussy her tongue darted out for an exploratory lick and then she lapped excitedly at Sheila’s quim. Lori began to lick her from her little puckered asshole to her clit. Lori then pulled Sheila’s pussy lips open and exposed her pink pussy as her tongue darted in and out of Sheila’s now dripping cunt. Sheila felt as if she were being fucked with a little cock as Lori stiffened her tongue. Using her thumb Lori rubbed Sheila’s clit and she also dipped her fingers into Sheila soaking wet pussy. Lori then took one very wet finger and slid it into Sheila’s tight asshole. Oh how good it felt to Sheila to have something in her ass again. Lori sucked Sheila’s clit into her hot mouth and slid her fingers into her pussy and one into her ass. Sheila groaned with the pleasure of the raw sex and her love of anal sex betrayed her. Soon the intensity in Sheila’s ass, pussy and clit built up to the boiling point and she came noisily with her juices spilling from her and into Lori’s waiting mouth.

Lori hurriedly took Sheila by the hand and led her to the bedroom. Once in the room they frantically removed the rest of their clothes. Sheila knew it was her turn to pleasure Lori. Lori stood by the bed as Sheila moved behind her and placed gentle kisses all over her body. She started at Lori’s shoulders and worked her way slowly down to her buttocks. Sheila was enthralled with Lori’s body with her firmness and smooth skin. Sheila began to lick and kiss Lori’s hips planting kisses all over her sensitive body. Sheila couldn’t resist sinking her teeth into Lori’s firm ass cheeks causing her to shiver and gasp in surprise. Sheila turned Lori toward her and then kissed the inside of her thighs and worked her way steadily toward her pussy. Sheila kissed the area around Lori’s pussy and inhaled the sweet aroma produced by her arousal.

Sheila loved the smell of Lori’s pussy and she was desperate to taste her. Sheila flicked out her tongue and for the second time in two days tasted another woman’s pussy. Sheila was pleased to find that Lori tasted as sweet as she smelled. Sheila began by probing Lori’s pussy gently with her tongue and then found herself diving into the luscious pussy. Lori fell back onto her bed and Sheila moved to a sitting position between her legs. Sheila then began to lick her clit and loved the way it swelled under her tender touch. Remembering her lesbian experiences, Sheila enveloped Lori’s clit with her mouth and swirled her tongue around it emitting squeals of delight from Lori letting Sheila know that she was driving her crazy. Sheila was gaining confidence with her tactics as she started to lick Lori’s pussy again tasting her sweetness. She ate her, licked her and probed Lori’s sweet hole with her tongue and then slipped a finger into Lori’s dripping pussy and finger fucked her while she sucked and nibbled her swollen clit.

Sheila felt Lori’s clit swell and stiffen a little more as she continued to hold the hard pearl in her mouth. Sheila lavished delicate kisses all over Lori’s pussy and then returned to lustily licking her clit again. Sheila’s tongue danced all over Lori’s clit before probing her quim, this time her tongue delved into every fold of Lori’s now soaking wet pussy. Lori reached down and took hold of Sheila’s hair and pulled her face tighter to her snatch forcing Sheila’s tongue deeper inside her pussy and she ground her clit against Sheila’s mouth. Sheila could feel Lori’s body quake as her orgasm rose within her and Lori continued to push back against Sheila’s face. Lori ground herself against Sheila as her breathing quickened and she moaned aloud and became uncontrollable. Sheila felt Lori’s body stiffen and then she was cumming all over her face and Sheila’s tongue hungrily searched out every drop of Lori’s sweet nectar. Lori collapsed across the bed on her back as Sheila licked her pussy clean of all female juices. Sheila then moved to the bed and lay next to Lori.

“You know when I ate you before I noticed that you enjoyed having my finger in your ass. Do you like anal?” Lori observed and asked Sheila.

Sheila smiled at the question and replied, “Yes I do. Your finger felt great but I wished it was something a little bigger.”

“Well it seems as if the lady would like a nice cock in her ass,” Lori says teasingly.

“Do you plan on growing a cock tonight?” Sheila laughed.

“Not really but I have just the thing for you but let’s get you ready first,” Lori replied.

Lori rolled Sheila over on her stomach and lifted her by her hips so that her ass was in the air. Then she wet one of her fingers with her own saliva and rubbed it gently against the opening in Sheila’s ass. Lori lubricated Sheila’s asshole with her spit before sliding one finger into her pressing it past her sphincter. Lori pushed it in up to her knuckle and stroked it in and out of Sheila’s nether hole causing her to groan loudly. Lori then slid a second finger into Sheila’s ass and gently started to pry Sheila’s asshole open. Lori pulled Sheila’s cheeks apart and spit on her bum allowing the saliva to dribble into Sheila’s gaping hot asshole and then she probed Sheila’s ass with her tongue. Sheila almost orgasmed then and there and she marveled in the technique of the wonderfully experienced Lori. Lori continued to eat Sheila’s ass for a while longer dipping and probing Sheila’s ass with her tongue. Then Lori stopped and went over to her nightstand and retrieved the strap-on dildo and a tube of lubricant. Lori slipped on the harness and then snapped the dildo in place. Lori approached Sheila again with the lube in her hands.

Sheila felt the cool soothing liquid enter her ass as it flowed slowly into her and coated her anal passage. Lori began to rub the tip of the dildo against Sheila’s ass, teasing her and causing her to push back against the fake cock in frustration before Lori finally pushed it deep into her. Lori stroked the thick rubber cock slowly and deeply into Sheila’s ass and soon they were both groaning in pleasure. As Lori thrust deeper and harder into Sheila’s ass, the strap-on base rubbed steadily against her already swollen red clit. Sheila was moaning loudly now and Lori’s fingers began to strum Sheila’s clit as she fucked her really deep and hard. Lori thrust the strap-on into Sheila harder and harder, stretching her tight curvy ass. The strap-on was rubbing Lori’s swollen clit making it tingle and throb. Lori knew she was close to her climax and she reached around Sheila and as she fucked her ass deep and hard and she teased Sheila’s pussy. Lori stroked and pinched Sheila’s clit and let her fingers slip into her wet cunt. With a few more thrusts of the strap-on Lori went over the edge and she came hard; her body trembled in orgasm and her juices ran down the shaft of the dildo and onto Sheila’s ass as well as down her silky thighs. Almost instantaneously, Sheila was cumming too, her body was quaking and her pussy was gushing. Sheila’s cum gushed all over Lori’s hand and Lori brought her hand to Sheila’s mouth allowing Sheila to taste herself.

“Do I have your approval as a new member of the family?” Sheila asked sexily.

“Yes, you passed with flying colors. You are more than welcome to spend the night here if you like,” Lori sighed.

“I would love to,” replied Sheila.

Excitedly Lori produced another toy, a double dildo. Lori and Sheila decided to try out the double dildo on each other. They got on the bed and kissed and caressed until they were aroused and ready to try the long dildo. Lori took the dildo and liberally coated the entire length with lubricant. Lori placed one end against her pussy and slid it into her sweet pussy about four or five inches. Next she placed the other end against Sheila and slid it into her hot pussy. It slid in some four inches inside her. They giggled as they worked their bodies toward each other and the dildo slid inside their pussies.

They made a fascinating sight as they moved together and the long dildo slid further inside them. Lori had measured it once and found it to be 17 inches long with a set of fake balls in the middle. That left 8 inches on either end. Sheila didn’t think she could get it all in and she was right. Sheila was the first to say that she could not take any more inside her but Lori already had her end in up to the fake balls. There was a portion still left on Sheila’s end.

They reached down and began to stroke their own clits as they fucked each other. They were soon were breathing heavily and Sheila was the first to cum. Her hips lifted off the bed and her fingers flew over her swollen clit. Lori was not far behind her and she too moaned, and her hips rotated and thrust as she too climaxed.

Lori was drained but Sheila was not ready to quit just yet. Sheila slipped the dildo harness on and then rolled Lori over on her stomach. Sheila then lubed Lori’s ass and shoved the fake cock all the way in. Sheila pulled Lori by her hips until Lori’s ass was in the air. Sheila caressed Lori’s shapely ass as she fucked it with long steady strokes. Lori put her head down on her bed and turned her head to one side. She moaned and cooed softly as Sheila had her way with her ass. Sheila picked up the pace and Lori knew that the dildo nub was getting to Sheila. Sheila felt the little nub rubbing against her clit and she fucked Lori harder and faster. Sheila then stiffened with the fake cock shoved all the way into Lori’s asshole and her entire body shook as it was rocked by another intense orgasm. Sheila leaned over Lori’s body as she slowly recovered and she instinctively reached around and cupped Lori’s tits. Then Sheila withdrew the dildo from Lori’s ass, unsnapped the harness and flopped down next to Lori.

“I am very pleased to have you as my stepmother,” an exhausted Lori whispered.

“I will look forward to more of our get togethers,” an equally exhausted Sheila replied.

They both agreed that that was enough sex for one night and they cuddled up in each other arms. The two beauties slept soundly through the night. When they woke up, Lori realized that she had not set the alarm and she dashed about getting ready. Lori apologized for rushing off and she told Sheila to let herself out. Sheila took her time and ran a warm bath in Lori’s tub. Sheila soaked in the tub and reflected on her two conquests. Two down and two to go, she thought. Barry was next and so far the sex had been fantastic. She tried to imagine what Barry would be like. Would he be as handsome as his younger brother Chris? Would he have a nice cock like Chris? Time would tell.


James was going to be tied up with a Board Retreat for a couple of days so Sheila decided to do some shopping in Beverly Hills. She called Barry and told him that she was going to staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel and shopping along Rodeo drive. He was surprised to hear from her but he was please as he wanted to meet her. Barry agreed to meet Sheila at the hotel restaurant for lunch. He would never know what hit him and he would never be the same afterward.

Barry arrived at the hotel restaurant but there was no one waiting for him. He was annoyed that he was stood up and he was about to leave when stunning blonde carrying shopping bags from upscale boutiques entered the hotel. Barry stared at her and he was sure or at least he hoped it was Sheila. She looked toward the restaurant and smiled as she recognized Barry from the family picture. Sheila walked toward him and every head turned to watch her.

“Barry, I recognize you from your picture. I’m Sheila and I am so sorry that I am late,” she apologized.

Barry responded, “Here let me help you with those packages. It’s nice to finally meet you Sheila.”

“Oh my feet are killing me. Would you mind if we dined on the terrace in my room? We can order room service,” she said almost pleading.

“Sure, that’s no problem. Here let me take these bags and you lead the way,” Barry accepted.

Sheila turned toward the elevator and Barry watched her shapely figure all the way. She was wearing a tight white cotton dress that showed off her narrow waist, shapely legs and curvy ass. Barry admired her ass even though he was not into anal sex. At that moment he envied his father who landed his trophy bride. Sheila got on the elevator and pushed the button for the suite level. After a quick ride the doors opened and as Sheila stepped out the light showed through her dress outlining the full length of her marvelous legs. Barry felt his cock stir at the sight and he tried to put her beauty out of his mind.

Once in the room Sheila ordered food and iced teas for both of them. “Barry there is something stronger in the mini-bar if you don’t want iced tea.”

“Maybe after lunch but iced tea is fine now,” he replied.

“I’m going to put on something more comfortable. Why don’t you take off your jacket and tie?”

Sheila disappeared in to the bedroom and Barry took off his suit jacket and tie. He rolled up his short sleeves and waited for Sheila to reappear. Minutes later she came out of the bedroom and Barry’s eyes bugged out of his head. She was wearing tight white shorts that looked like they were painted on and a tangerine colored halter top. It was obvious that she was not wearing a bra.

Room service was prompt and Sheila told the server to put the food out on the terrace. She signed the check and then invited Barry to join her for lunch. Barry asked to use the bathroom to wash his hands and Sheila gave him permission. It had worked out great as she used the time to add an erectile performance drug to Barry’s iced tea. She had taken on of her husband’s pills and ground it up earlier. She stirred the tea and then took her seat. Barry joined her minutes later and Sheila offered a toast with her iced tea. Barry toasted her back and took a big drink of the tea.

“I took the liberty of ordering Chicken Caesar Salads for both of us. I hope that is okay,” she stated.

“That’s fine,” Barry replied even though he would have preferred a steak.

They chatted amiably as they dined on the terrace and Barry discovered that he really liked Sheila. Although it would be difficult to accept her as his stepmother since she was one super fine piece of ass. Barry finished his iced tea and his salad and leaned back in the chair. He was incredibly turned on by Sheila and for some reason he could not control his cock. He got an erection just from looking at her and listening to her sexy voice. It had been quite some time since he had been this turned on in a woman’s presence.

“Oh I see that you glass is empty,” Sheila said and she stood up and picked up the pitcher.

Barry looked at her cleavage as she leaned over and he confirmed that she was not wearing a bra. He felt his cock throb in his pants as if it was seeking release. Sheila moved to the other side of the table and stood close to Barry with the pitcher in her hand. Barry felt the soft skin of her thigh press against his naked forearm and it was all he could do to keep from pulling her into his lap. His cock throbbed with urgency and pressed against the front of his pants. Sheila looked at his lap and smiled when she saw the outline of his erection. She poured the iced tea into his glass slowly as she continued to press her thigh against his forearm and Barry did not remove his arm. She then purposely dumped the remaining iced tea from the pitcher into Barry’s lap soaking his crotch.

Barry jumped up from his seat and Sheila cried out, “Oh my God, I’m so sorry. Here let me get that.”

Sheila grabbed the linen napkins from the table and began dabbing and blotting Barry’s crotch. “Sheila, it’s okay. Let me do that,” Barry stammered.

“Nonsense, it’s my fault, I’ll take care of it,” Sheila replied firmly.

Sheila continued to rub his crotch with the napkin and Barry groaned when her hand passed over his still erect cock. He would have thought that the cold liquid would have cooled his jets but for some reason he remained hard.

“Take off your pants, underwear and shirt and I’ll use the hair dryer on them,” she told him and added, “There is a hotel robe in the closet.”

Barry was at a loss and he just did what he was told. He went into the bathroom and stripped off his clothes and put on the terry cloth robe. He looked silly with his shoes and socks on so he removed them as well. Barry returned to the suite and handed his wet clothes to Sheila. She took them into the bathroom and began drying them with the hair dryer. Barry took the opportunity to call his office and tell his assistant that he probably would be late getting back to the office. She told him that his calendar was clear in case he wanted the afternoon off. Barry looked into the bathroom to see how Sheila was doing and he nearly gasped out loud.

Sheila had intentionally untied her halter top and he beautiful breasts were on display. She acted as if she didn’t know the top had fallen to her waist and Barry stared at her fantastic tits. His cock was as stiff as a board and pushed the robe out at his crotch. Sheila looked over and turned off the hair dryer, “Something wrong,” she asked.

“Your top,” was all he could manage to say in a shaky voice.

“Oh damn, this thing is always coming loose. I might as well take it off,” she said and she did just that.

Sheila turned to face Barry and present him with a full frontal of her magnificent tits. “You like,” she asked sexily.

“You’re beautiful!” Barry exclaimed.

“I’m glad you like me,” Sheila replied as she stood up and walked over to her stepson. She saw the bulge in the robe and she reached in and took his cock in her hand. “This confirms that you like me.”

Sheila dropped to her knees and parted the terry robe exposing Barry’s impressive cock. He was about the same size as his younger brother Chris just the size that Sheila loved. She too his cock in her mouth and fondled his balls. Barry was so turned on that he felt his balls tighten and without warning his cock spewed his load into Sheila’s mouth. He was embarrassed that he came so quickly but even more so because he didn’t warn her. Sheila was unmoved as she stayed glued to his cock and sucked it dry.

“Oh my God, Sheila, I didn’t want that to happen,” Barry apologized.

Sheila stroked his still stiff cock with her hand and replied, “Not to worry, I loved sucking your cock. Now I need it in my pussy.”

Sheila stood up and took off her shorts and thong panty and got in bed on her back. Barry stared at her beauty as she crawled in bed showing off her fantastic ass before rolling over and spreading her legs. His cock had remained hard which surprised him as he usually went soft after cumming. Barry decided that he wanted to taste her before he fucked her.

Barry knelt before Sheila at the end of her bed and kissed her from her knee up her soft thighs towards her womanhood. He took in the lovely smell of her as he kissed her smooth creamy white skin just beside her vagina. Sheila was in a state of ecstasy and her heart pounded as she watched her stepson lick her. Her cunt lips quivered as he teased them with his tongue and kissed her everywhere she desired. Barry’s tongue was long and it probed deep into the inner walls of her pussy.

Sheila ran her hands over her body cupping her breasts and rolling her nipples between her fingertips. Barry sucked her cunt lips into his mouth as his tongue snaked around in her snatch. Barry still had not made contact with her clit and Sheila desperately needed his tongue or his cock to touch her clit. She moaned in pleasure and frustration as Barry continued to tease her. He again wiggled his tongue deep within her pussy before finally nudging her clit. Sheila jumped as a spark of pleasure shot through her body. Barry slid his hands under her curvy ass and lovingly cupped her shapely ass cheeks. He sucked her clit into his mouth and held it between his lips as he ran his tongue over the hard little pearl. Sheila arched her back as she felt her orgasm approach.

“Oh yes, oh my,” she called out as the first wave rocked her body.

Sheila grabbed Barry’s head with both hands and pulled his face harder into her crotch. She vigorously humped his face as his tongue danced over her super sensitive cit. Her thighs clamped around his head and her entire body trembled as she came again almost violently. Sheila felt her pussy pulsating as she covered Barry’s face with her female juices. Finally she collapsed back on the bed releasing him in the process.

“Oh my God,” Sheila moaned.

Barry raised himself up and knelt between her legs. His huge cock looked menacing as it hovered above her hips.

“I’m going to fuck you,” he whispered now smiling confidently.

“Oh yes please, fuck me now,” Sheila pleaded.

Barry held his cock and lined up the swollen head with the entrance to her sex. He pushed forward slightly allowing her tight cunt lips to open up for his impressive cock. He was about half way in when he pulled out and then slowly eased back into her causing her to moan in pleasure. Barry would push in a little and then pull out a little slowly working his cock deeper and deeper into her vagina. Finally his entire cock was buried in her and Sheila sighed feeling completely full.

Barry held himself inside her waiting for Sheila to start fucking him. He looked down at her and smiled and then she pulled him down to her and they kissed deeply with their tongues playing with one another. Sheila was ready to be fucked and she needed his big dick to slide in and out of her and rub her clit. She began to move and then Barry fucked her using long slow hard strokes. Sheila locked her legs around Barry’s ass and pulled him into her. He began to fuck her harder and faster and she felt another orgasm on its way. She was at the mercy of his rigid organ as it pounded her pussy.

If Barry hadn’t just cum in her mouth he would not have been able to hold on as long. Sheila was so hot and squeezed him with her tight pussy; she was really a good fuck. Barry fucked her through one orgasm after another before he filled her pussy with cum. His orgasm was as intense as hers as their bodies ground together and they moaned and groaned loudly.

Sheila could feel his stiff cock as it still filled her cunt. Barry slowly lifted himself off of her body and in so doing his thick cock slipped from her pussy. He was still rock hard and he couldn’t believe his own endurance. Of course he had no idea that he had been slipped a magic pill. Sheila felt the void in her cunt as his cock left her body as gasped as the coolness of the air touched her vacant pussy. Sheila rolled over on her stomach so as to look at Barry who lay on his back.

Barry looked at Sheila’s ass and he could not resist running his hands over her shapely cheeks. Her ass was so amazing that he felt his loins stir with desire. Barry got to his knees behind Sheila and kneaded her gorgeous ass cheeks. He then began to kiss her cheeks and run his tongue lightly in the crack of her ass, something he had never done before. Sheila wiggled her ass feeling very wicked as he tongued and kissed her.

Barry grabbed a buttock in each of his hands as if they were melons and lifted her so that her ass was perched in the air. Sheila’s head was still on the bed and she turned it to one side and let out a gasp as Barry’s tongue licked close to her asshole. Barry ran his tongue from her pussy to her ass causing Sheila to tingle in anticipation of what might be next.

Barry spread her ass cheeks with his hands and dipped his tongue into the crack locating her nether hole. His tongue slowly circled her anus and she flinched at the contact. He then pushed his tongue as far as he could into her asshole and she found herself wanting him to fuck her up the ass. Barry surprised himself as he had never rimmed and asshole in his life. Sheila’s body seemed to command that attention. He continued to ass fuck her with his tongue and she was at his mercy. Her desire grew as he worked her ass to the point that she really wanted more in her ass.

“Barry, fuck me in the ass,” Sheila whispered sexily.

“I’m not into anal. Maybe some other time but not now,” he replied and with that he eased his cock back onto her pussy and fucked her from behind.

Barry fondled Sheila’s marvelous ass the entire time that he fucked her doggy style. He lasted a long time before he finally ejaculated a third time and then they both collapsed. Barry was thrilled with his performance as he had not cum three times in one session in years. Sheila was the hottest woman he ever fucked and he was sure that she brought out the best in him.

“Christ that was unbelievable!” Barry sighed.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. I did,” replied Sheila.

“Obviously my father and my wife never can know that this happened,” cautioned Barry.

“What we do is between us. Tell me why you don’t like anal,” Sheila inquired.

“I don’t know. It’s just something that I have never done and I have never gotten into it. Now my brother on the other hand would have been all over your ass,” Barry admitted.

“So Roger likes anal does he?” Sheila mused.

“Yeah he was a butt fucker in college but his wife doesn’t go for it. She’s obese now and they don’t have sex anymore. They have even gone to twin beds. I know he’s popping his administrative assistant at work and she apparently loves anal,” Barry shared.

Sheila listened and as she did she formulated her game plan to seduce Roger. It would be easier than she would have thought. Once he got a look at her hot ass and realized that he could fuck it, he would be putty in her hands.

“I better get going,” Barry said and then asked, “When can I see you again?”

“I’ll call you when I’m going to be in the area,” Sheila promised.

Barry got dressed and his pants were nearly dry. He left the room leaving Sheila naked in the bed. She rested in bed for awhile and then she drew a bath for herself. Things were going better than expected and she looked forward to her next conquest.


Roger had not experienced anal sex until a year ago when he began an affair with his secretary. His secretary Sherry was a cute chubby blonde in her early twenties and a free spirit. When the office affair started and for the past year every business day Roger had his cock either in Sherry’s mouth, pussy or ass. When Roger had a full day and little time in his office, Sherry would suck his cock. On some days when there was more time together he would fuck her on the small conference table in his office. When he had the most time he would fuck Sherry in the ass.

Sherry was a wonderful cock sucker and she drove Roger wild with her talented mouth. She would come into his office lock the door and have Roger stand up. Sherry would then drop to her knees, unbuckle his belt and unfasten his suit pants. By the time Sherry pulled Roger’s trousers and boxer shorts down, Roger’s cock was stiff. Sherry would lick around the mushroom head of his cock before taking it in her mouth. Sherry had no trouble deep throating the 7+” cock and Roger could feel her lips on his pubic hair. Sherry had a technique of swirling her tongue around the stiff shaft when it was in her mouth that sent chills through Roger. Because of her oral skills it never took Roger long to cum and he loved shooting in her mouth. Sherry would swallow every drop and then she continued to suck his cock until every drop had been drained from him. Roger could never imagine his wife performing an oral act like that. Beside she would rather be sucking on a box of chocolates.

On days when they had more time they would fuck on his small conference table. Once again Sherry would enter the office and lock the door, only this time she would take off her panties and get up on the small table. Roger would push Sherry’s skirt up over her waist so that her pussy was accessible to him. She always looked so vulnerable lying on the table with her skirt around her waist still wearing her garter belt and stockings. Roger would drop his trousers and boxer shorts and move in close to Sherry. She was always wet and Roger’s cock slid into her pussy easily. Roger would fuck Sherry until he came in her pussy and Sherry would work her body so that her clit got the desired attention. Sometimes Sherry would orgasm and other times she didn’t but she never seemed concerned if she didn’t. Sex in the office was all about keeping Roger happy.

Roger’s most desirous act was when he got to fuck Sherry in her fleshy round ass. With the office door locked, Sherry would lean over the small conference table. Roger stepped up behind her and lifted her skirt up over her waist and draped it on her back. Then Roger would pull her panties down slowly exposing her gorgeous buttocks. He only pulled the panties down to her knees because he felt she looked sexier that way. Roger stared at her hot ass framed between the skirt, panties, garter belt and nylons. He lowered his trousers and boxers and ran his cock around her ass cheeks. Then Roger stepped closer and eased his cock into her asshole. Sherry always lubricated her ass before she came into his office so she was prepared to receive Roger’s cock. Roger never lasted long in her ass but he enjoyed anal sex more than anything with Sherry. He watched his cock slide in and out of her nether hole as his thighs slapped against her buttocks. He loved the way her flesh jiggled when he slammed into her ass. Sherry would use her anal muscles to squeeze Roger’s cock driving him mad. Roger would always cum in her ass and he would hold still with his cock embedded in her rectum as Sherry milked it dry with her sphincter muscles.

After sex in the office they would clean up with the paper towels that Roger kept in his desk and then they would head to the restrooms. Each day Roger and Sherry would look over his calendar for the day and decide on which sex act was appropriate for the allotted time. As Sherry stood next to Roger looking over his desk calendar, Roger would run his hands under her skirt and fondle her panty covered ass. The arrangement was perfect for Roger as all the sex was conducted during the business day and Roger was always home as expected. Sherry liked the arrangement because Roger was very generous. Sherry was well paid and often received gifts from Roger.

Roger never knew about Sherry’s life outside the office and it was just as well. He had a good thing going and he wanted to keep it that way. He always loved it when Sherry walked into his office with that sultry look on her face and locked the door.

“I checked your schedule and we have a lot of time right now. I thought that you might like to fuck me in the ass so I went ahead and lubricated it for you,” she would say as she leaned over the small conference table.

Roger’s cock would be stiff before he lowered his boxer shorts and without any preliminaries he would shove his cock into her ass. Roger would fuck her hard and fast. Her ass cheeks jiggled as he slammed into her until he stiffened and shot his load into her rectum. In the year that they had been having sex, Roger had never seen Sherry totally naked. He had never seen her tits but he had no need to. He was just interested in her mouth, pussy and mostly her ass and he liked her being partially clothed. There was something very sexy about having sex with their clothes on.


On another trip to the L.A. area, Sheila arranged to meet Roger at his office. It was a busy day and Roger could only spend and hour with her but Sheila knew that she didn’t even need that long to set the trap. She waited in reception until Sherry came to get her and lead her back to Roger’s office. Sheila was wearing tight tan Capri pants with a salmon colored blouse. The pants were like a second skin and showed off her shapely legs and marvelous ass. Heads turned to watch Sheila’s ass as she followed Sherry to Roger’s office.

Roger greeted Sheila and invited her into his office. He let her walk in first and his eyes went right to her curvy buttocks. He gulped when he saw her bottom and immediately wondered if his dad was fucking her in the ass. Roger offered her something to drink but she declined. They talked briefly in the way of introductions and Roger was consumed with her beauty. Before the hour was up Sheila stood up to leave and Roger stood up to show her out.

“Roger I hear that you are a leg and ass man. I wanted you to know that I love it in the ass. I’m staying at the Ritz tonight if you would like to come over for a drink after work. Here are my room number and phone number,” Sheila whispered handing him the note.

Roger was speechless as he took the note. Sheila walked out of his office and he watched her walk down the hallway. He watched every undulating move of her fantastic ass until she was out of sight. He looked at the note and he knew what he should do. What he should do was to call his dad and tell him to dump his blonde slut wife. However Roger knew that what he would do was call her later and meet her for a drink. She had blatantly offered her ass to him just like that and he could not wait to see his stepmother naked.

Roger checked his calendar and his afternoon meeting from 3:00 PM on were with his staff. He called Sherry in and asked her to reschedule those meetings as something had come up and he had to leave early. Something had come up all right and his cock was twitching in his pants just thinking about Sheila’s ass. Roger left the office that day at 3:00 PM and called Sheila to tell her he was on his way over. Sheila received the call and then she smiled to herself and awaited the arrival of her older stepson.

Roger arrived and he was so anxious to get to her ass that they didn’t waste any time. Within minutes they were both naked with Sheila on all fours in the bed with Roger’s face buried in her ass cheeks. He molded her shapely ass in his hands as he rimmed and tongued her anus. Sheila went wild with the anal stimulation and she was ready for his cock.

Roger next sat on the back of her legs and she could feel his thick meat resting on her buttocks. Roger began a slow soothing massage starting at her shoulders and worked his way down her back. His strong hands mesmerized Sheila and she totally relaxed under his manipulations. Roger then massaged her legs working her calves first and gradually ascending to the back of her legs. Sheila had a mild orgasm as he started to massage her ass cheeks as she knew where this was heading.

Roger put a generous amount of lotion on her ass and lovingly kneaded her cheeks. He complimented Sheila on her beautiful ass. He slipped his hand between Sheila’s ass cheeks and brushed her vagina. Roger lifted Sheila by the hips so that her ass was elevated. He poured more lotion between the cheeks of Sheila’s ass and began to probe her asshole with his fingers. Soon he had two fingers sawing easily in and out of Sheila’s asshole and two others in her cunt. Sheila lay there with her head on the bed turned to the side and cooed as Roger simultaneously moved his fingers in and out of her rectum and vagina. He pushed down on the small of Sheila’s back causing her to accentuate her ass even more.

Roger removed his fingers from her ass and lined up the head of his cock with her pink rosebud. Roger eased his cock into Sheila’s lubricated asshole and it slid in easily all the way to the hilt. Roger stayed still for a second and then slowly pulled his cock out until only the head remained in Sheila’s ass. Then he pushed all the way back in again. Roger slowly fucked Sheila in the ass watching his cock slide in and out from between her gorgeous ass cheeks. He tried to prolong his ejaculation for as long as possible as he savored every moment of his cock in her ass.

Roger stiffened and pushed his cock all the way up Sheila’s ass and he held on to the globes of her ass as he fired a huge load of cum deep into her rectum. Sheila could feel the warm seed fill her ass and chills ran through her body. Roger stayed in her ass and remained hard as Sheila milked him with her sphincter muscle. Roger leaned over Sheila and they both flopped to the bed with Roger still buried in her bum. They lay still for awhile and Sheila realized that Roger was still hard in her ass.

Roger moved his arms up along side of Sheila’s and braced himself on his elbows. Then he gradually started to fuck her ass again. This time Roger picked up the pace and within minutes he was pounding Sheila’s ass. Sheila pushed her ass up to meet Roger’s cock every time he thrust into her. The two of them established a rhythm and soon they were fucking like animals in heat. Sheila grunted every time that Roger plunged his cock deep into her ass and she urged him to fuck her hard.

“Give it to me Roger. Pound it in there. Make me feel it. Yeah that’s it,” the words just rolled out of Sheila’s mouth.

Roger was really caught up with pounding her ass. His cock felt like it was bigger than ever and that it would explode at any moment. Sheila’s thrusting of her ass up at him was driving him wild. Roger felt his orgasm building and he fucked her even faster. Then he stiffened and shot a second load in her ass. He held himself in position as he emptied his balls in her rectum. Sheila felt the warm substance enter her ass and mix with his previous cum. She hadn’t felt this full since in quite some time.

The two of them fell forward on the bed with Roger’s cock still impaled in her ass. Roger rolled to his side and rolled Sheila with him so as not to crush her with his weight. As they lay there Sheila clenched and relaxed her anal muscles as she massaged Roger’s softening cock. She felt him finally go totally soft and slip from her asshole. Streams of cum tricked out of her ass and ran over her ass cheek onto the bed sheet. Roger and Sheila cuddled up in the spoon position with his cock pressed against her ass.

“Roger, eat my pussy now,” Sheila cooed.

Sheila got on back on her bed and spread her legs. Her hands went down to her pussy and she stroked her quim and opened it for Roger to see. Roger just stared at her in all her beauty lying on the bed. Her sexy smile, her firm tits and hard nipples stuck up in the air and her voluptuous body was splayed before him. Sheila held her arms open to him and then guided him to her body as he leaned in toward her.

Roger buried his tongue in Sheila’s pussy shoving it in as if he was fucking her. Sheila directed the action and she soon had him nibbling on her clit while he fingered her pussy. Roger was really getting into the action particularly because of the way he had Sheila squirming and tossing on the bed. Sheila moved her legs over Roger’s shoulders and pulled his head closer to her pussy. Roger held on to Sheila’s shapely buttocks and squeezed and fondled her firm ass cheeks as he ate her pussy.

“Oh, oh, yes right there. You got it. Suck it, chew on it eat me, oh!” Sheila cried out.

Roger continued to eat her pussy as he held her ass tightly in his hands. He then moved his hands up to her tits and found her hard nipples. Roger massaged her boobs and twirled her nipples in his fingertips as he continued to munch on her pussy and clit. Sheila was tossing and thrusting her pussy into Roger’s face and calling for him to eat her. Roger snuck one hand behind Sheila’s bottom and toyed with her asshole tickling the tight nether hole. Roger stuck his middle finger in Sheila’s pussy and got it good and wet with her juices. He then positioned it at Sheila’s asshole and shoved it in. Sheila gasped with the abrupt anal penetration but soon had Roger’s finger buried in her ass. Roger pumped his finger in and out of Sheila’s ass as he continued to maul her pussy with his mouth. Roger loved the feel of his finger in the warm recess of Sheila’s ass.

Sheila stiffened and gasped aloud as she came on Roger’s face. Roger held on to her with his finger still buried in her ass and his mouth glued to her cunt. He felt the waves of orgasm rock Sheila’s body and his face was flooded with her cunt juice. Sheila kept humping his face until the last of her orgasms passed and she flopped back on the bed. Roger slipped his finger from her ass and his hands found her breasts again. He stroked her tits and nipples as he gently licked her pussy dry of all her juices. Roger finished eating her and then sat up kneeling between Sheila legs. Roger was hard again.

“Are you ready to fuck my ass again?” Sheila asked sexily.

“I think that I will always be ready to fuck you in the ass,” Roger whispered.

“Okay I’m ready for your cock again. Roger, fuck me in the ass,” ordered Sheila.

Roger knelt behind her and eased his hard cock into her ass. He worked it in slowly and reveled in the methodical penetration of her luscious ass. Sheila’s ass was a warm tight receptacle. Sheila used her anal muscles to perfection as she massaged Roger’s cock in her anal sheath. Roger caressed both of Sheila’s gorgeous ass cheeks as he fucked her ass deeply. He fucked her ass for a long time before they both sensed he was about to cum again. Roger picked up his pace as Sheila squeezed his cock with more intensity.

“Cum in my ass again, I want to feel you cum in my ass,” Sheila cried out.

Her words sent Roger over the edge and he fired his third load of the day into Sheila’s hot ass. Sheila felt the warm sperm coat her rectal passage, a feeling that she never tired of. She squeezed her anal muscles and milked Roger’s cock dry of every drop of cum. Roger continued to fuck her slowly until his cock finally softened and slipped from her ass. Roger just looked at her beautiful ass and watched as trickles of cum ran out of her ass across the lips of her pussy and down her inner thighs. Roger and Sheila stayed in bed for another hour resting and Roger could not remember when he was able to cum three times in one day.

Hours later Roger was on his way home and Sheila was naked in the hotel bed. She was pleased with her seduction of Roger and she was pleased that he was a good anal lover. Sheila now knew that’s she had won over the siblings and there should be no further issues.


“Sheila, I have heard very positive comments about from my children. They all like you. It looks like your visits paid off and they are now happy that you are part of the family,” James said one evening while they were having cocktails.

“I’m so glad to hear that. Of course I don’t believe that they would ever look at me as their stepmother,” Sheila replied thinking, “If you only knew the real reason.”

“Well that’s not important. What is important is that they accept you as part of the family even if you are young enough to be their sister. I was thinking about having everyone here for a long weekend.”

“I think that is a wonderful idea.”

“Yes it’s been awhile since the boys and I played golf together. I’m sure that you girls can drum up something to do.”

“Oh yes, I’m sure we can,” Sheila agreed and she was already thinking about time alone with Lori.

“Good let’s shoot for mid-June before July 4th. Roger’s and Barry’s family like to stay home for the 4th and watch the local fireworks.”

Sheila nodded her approval, “I’ll call everyone and set it up.”

That week Sheila contacted the siblings and set up the weekend. As it turned out James was playing in his normal golf outing at the club on Thursday which was men’s day. On Friday he would play golf with his sons and on Saturday and Sunday they would socialize by the swimming pool and go to dinner at the club.

As it turned out Barry said that he would come down early Thursday and let his wife ride down with Roger’s family. Lori would arrive Thursday evening as well. Barry had his mind set on spending some time alone with Sheila. The arrangements were set and everyone looked forward to the family gathering.

That Thursday in June, Barry arrived in the morning. Sheila was home alone and they wasted no time getting in the sack in Barry’s old bedroom. Barry was on his back with Sheila riding his cock when Roger arrived without notice. He entered the house and looked for his brother and Sheila. He left his bags in the foyer and walked all around and checked the pool. Then he wandered upstairs and heard the grunts coming from his brother’s former bedroom.

Roger opened the door and saw the naked Sheila riding his equally naked brother. “I’ll be damned,” Roger blurted.

“Oh shit its Roger,” Barry said in a panic.

“Hey lover boy, your favorite hole is still available,” Sheila said sexily.

Roger wasted no time stripping off his clothes. Then he grabbed some lotion from the bathroom and in minutes he was greasing up Sheila’s asshole. “Oh yes, yes, ah,” Sheila gasped and Roger had to hold his finger firmly in Sheila’s bottom as she bucked furiously up and down on Barry’s penetrating cock in her cunt.

“Come on Sheila, you want it, you want two cocks in your body, fucking you hard, going right up inside you together. Come on Sheila say it, say what you want,” Roger said enticing her.

“Yes, yes, go on, please, fuck me, both of you, fuck me in my ass,” Sheila cried out.

Sheila felt Roger’s finger gradually slide out of her ass although it didn’t stop her from continuing to enjoy the big cock thrusting up into her as Barry held her hips and brought her down on him every other second. The solid hardness of Roger’s wonderful rampant cock was prodding between her ass cheeks and Sheila felt it touch her anus. Roger put his hands around her waist to steady himself as his cock at her rear pushed hard against her ass. It opened her anus beautifully and slowly moved into Sheila’s body. She felt so wicked and so erotic as if she were high on a sexual drug. She was in heaven, just pure heaven. Slowly and surely, Roger held Sheila’s waist and pushed in and out, each time going in a little further until his penis was deep inside Sheila’s bottom. His pubic hairs brushed against her shapely bottom as his cock filled her asshole. No sounds were audible from Sheila as she held her breath with the two big cocks implanted deeply within her. Barry and Roger moved steadfastly and surely up and down, in and out, back and forth. They held to her hips and waist to keep her in place and allowed their cocks to grind away. She was pushing hard down onto Barry as he pounded up into her cunt and she tried to hold herself firmly so that she could get the full benefit of Roger’s ass fucking.

“Sheila, you love it up your ass, don’t you?” Roger asked her.

“Yes, yes, fuck me up my ass,” She screamed.

The brothers were controlling their movements very well but Sheila was out of control as she raced toward a shattering orgasm. Roger and Barry were determined to go on and on, enjoying their stepmother who was now at their mercy.

“Harder, harder, please just fuck me harder,” she was screaming now as two brothers just smiled and carried on their rhythmic fucking of her hot body.

Unbeknown to the threesome, Chris had come home and heard all the yelling. He went to Barry’s old room where the sounds were coming from and stopped in his tracks. There his two older brothers were fucking the life out of Sheila. Chris was hard in an instant and he thought only of one thing, get in on the action. He stripped off his clothes and walked naked into the bedroom.

Chris was thoroughly entranced by the whole episode going on in front of his eyes, and it hadn’t taken long for his youthful body to come alive. He watched the attractive Sheila being fucked up her ass and at the same time up her gloriously ripe cunt by his two brothers. Sheila was totally out of control and Chris wanted to enjoy her some more himself. Chris could hear her gasping and whimpering at the same time as his two brothers still fucked her with all their energy. Chris could also see that Sheila was experiencing a magnificent orgasm which she obviously had no control over. Sheila couldn’t stop herself. It was stupendous as waves of ecstasy rolled over her causing her body to shake with tremors. Sheila’s nails dug into Barry’s shoulders as she went through her magnificent orgasm, the feelings were unstoppable. Chris was suddenly at the head of her bed in front of her face.

“Come on Sheila, suck me like the last time,” Chris directed.

“Hey there little brother, so you’ve been there too,” Roger acknowledged.

Sheila saw the rock hard cock being offered to her mouth. Barry held her arms at her side and Sheila had no option but to part her lips and allow Chris to once more fill her mouth with his throbbing pecker. Chris didn’t wait for Sheila to start sucking his cock but instead he held her head and started to fuck her wet mouth as though it was her ass or her cunt. Sheila did not object and she took the cock in and out of her mouth, enjoying the thrill of a third cock thrusting into another one of her orifices. Sheila heard their voices although she was unsure what each one was saying.

“This is it, Sheila just what you wanted. Three cocks inside you at once, three Wilson cocks fucking you at once. What’s it like, Sheila, is it good? Go on Sheila, fuck us all, fuck three cocks at once, Sheila, feel our hot spunk spurt into your body at once,” Roger chided.

Sheila knew that they wouldn’t stop until they had shot three loads of cum inside her. It didn’t matter though, it wasn’t about them now; it was about her. She got those squirmy feelings in her belly again and she knew she was on course for another wonderful orgasm. The three brothers were pounding her hard again and she could only grunt as Chris’s cock fully occupied her mouth. The other two brothers were humping her body up and down onto their cocks that were hitting her holes with such force. Sheila had never been so erotically abused with three mighty cocks deep in her body.


I’m not exactly sure why this client came to see me because he didn’t ask questions and nor did he seem to be seeking advice. I think that perhaps he simply wanted to unload to someone and if that is the case it is very understandable because the tale he told was unpleasant to say the least. Starting with bullying and forced oral gay activity, it deteriorated further to include infidelity, both gay and lesbian sex, blackmail, group sex and prostitution.

[This is another occasion when I have been unable to absorb the details and write the story in the first person. Once again I have resorted to giving what informative information I can and then transcribing details from the tape as spoken in the persons own words. Even this needs clarification because at times while recording, this subject was unable to adequately formulate his own feelings. On a later occasion I gently explored his emotions at these parts of the story, using the answers to fill out the gaps and admittedly paraphrasing to replace his rather limited vocabulary.]


For any readers have missed this detail in other case histories, I will briefly describe my method of operation. The person being interviewed is sedated and I also administer a mildly hypnotic drug before tape recording the session. I never record anything without permission but I operate a dual recording system – one recorder is on open display with the other working secretly. Having obtained permission to record I then omit to switch on the visible recorder and find that this small deceit often encourages greater confidentiality.]

My first impression of Peter Firth was that he had a pleasant but unprepossessing face. Aged 22, at 5′ 6″ (or less) he was slightly built and had virtually no ‘presence’ – in a crowd your eye would pass over him without seeing. There is an attribute known as ‘streetwise’ and Peter was singularly deficient in this respect. His upbringing goes a long way to explain him.

His mother was in her late forties when he was born and his father died within the first two years of his life. Brought up single-handedly by an over protective mother in a house where money was sparse, he had little contact with other children and his early memories are all of being bullied rather than making friends. When he was sixteen his mother started to suffer from Alzheimer’s and he devoted the next three years to repaying the attention that she had lavished on him when he badly needed to develop his character relative to the outside world. Inevitably, she had to go into a nursing home and the costs since then have taken what little inheritance he might have expected. Peter does not seem particularly intelligent but I gather that his mother was not an educated woman so maybe I am being unfair to him. Completely unsuited for manual work he managed to secure a poorly paid position as a clerk.

Peter’s first stoke of luck seems to have been his wife. The bulk of her life was spent being shuffled from care to foster homes and back but from fourteen to seventeen she was dumped in a convent. At this point Emily was expelled for sneaking out to be with boys. Shortly afterwards she met Peter and provided his first sexual experience. It is perhaps not surprising that she soon fell pregnant, upon which they got married, clinging together likes waifs in the storm. For good or for ill, they lost the child to a miscarriage at the three-month stage.

I have only seen photographs of Emily, but they show the extent of his good fortune in finding her because she is a singularly attractive girl. Dark curly hair, surrounding a vivacious face with big expressive eyes and a full sensuous mouth. The odd shots of her in a bikini impressed me even more because they show a small very shapely but compact figure that radiates an earthy sexuality. Like her husband, Emily also seems to have missed out on education and her career opportunities seem limited to cleaning jobs and shop work.

For six months after the marriage they lived in a one room bed-sit at which point they went to put down their names on the Council housing waiting list but in the expectation that it would take two or three years to reach the head of the queue. At this point they had an apparent stroke of good luck. The official handling their application rang up to ask that Emily should return alone to answer a few supplementary questions. She returned two hours after the appointment time in an elated mood to announce that they had been allocated somewhere to live. It was only a flat in a maisonette complex but located on one of the better housing estates in the city.

Due to the relevance in the story I will quickly describe the layout out the flats. They were three stories with one flat on each level faced towards the centre and these backed onto another three facing outwards. Communal areas on each level separated this first set of six flats, from a half a dozen mirror image dwellings. The communal area on the ground floor had an area for storing bicycles with the remainder fitted with lockers and benches to allow the residents to engage in DIY and handicrafts. Sadly these had been vandalised and not used for the original purpose since shortly after the flats were opened. The equivalent enclosed area on the second floor was intended for drying clothes but the women preferred to use the top floor for this purpose because, although roofed, it was open sided allowing fresh air to blow through. It will be seen that each maisonette was comprised of twelve individual flats. There were four such buildings situated on each side of a central area containing a children’s playground and council maintained flower beds.

When my subject was seated comfortable, I prompted him to begin upon which his words came flooding out. “Right from the start we were desperately short of money, with rent, paying for all the new furniture, food and my bus fares. Our only luxury was one twenty packet of cigarettes to last us both for the week. Even so it could have been so nice because we loved the flat and most of the neighbours were very pleasant,” Peter told me. “The trouble was a family that lived on the top floor but not immediately above us. It was a single mother with two teenage sons, aged eighteen and nineteen, called Chuck and Wayne. Both of them were unemployed and they started hassling us from the first day that we moved in.”

Up until this point, Peter had related his story, although haltingly, in a fairly straightforward manner but having mentioned his obvious tormentors by name he seized up and sat introspective and trembling with tears in his eyes. Having come across this behaviour before, I called a halt, chatted lightly about general subjects and administered a sedative in the guise of refreshments. When seemed sufficiently relaxed, I gently prompted, “You say these two started ‘hassling’ you – can you tell me about it?”

The following section is taken from the tape with no intervention from me:-

They were never around in the morning but during the afternoon they always seemed to be hanging about on or around the stairs, sometimes outside and at others lounging about near to our bit of landing. To start with it was minor stuff like blocking our way, not moving until the last moment and then laughing nastily when they did. Then they starting making clicking noises and sticking out their tongues but not in the way that kids do. Right from the very start, it upset me the way that they looked at Emily.

[There was a fairly long pause here while he took a drink of 'orange juice'.]

My wife finished work at three o’clock and had to face them on her own. She said it was worse then because they said crude things or made gestures. ‘It’s a pity that Wayne is so nasty because he is quite a nice looking lad,” she said. Emily also mentioned that she was afraid they were going to touch her but they never did – at least not really. When I got home it was different because they would barge into me very roughly. It got so bad that I started always standing to one side to let them past. That made them smirk and even then they managed to dig an elbow or something into me on the way. I could have put up with that because I am fairly used to being picked on but they said “How can a wimp like you hope to satisfy a tart like Emily?” and then they told me what they would like to do to her. Every day getting home I was all choked up, partly from wondering how to get past them but mainly worrying that they might have done what they said.

This went on for several weeks, sometimes they were not waiting when I got home from work but most nights they were. Then one night they blocked the bottom of the stairs and Chuck said, “Be a mate and lend us a fiver for some fags.”

I said that I was sorry but that I hadn’t got any money on me. This was actually a lie because I was cutting out lunches at work and had saved half of the £10 I needed to buy Emily a present. As if my refusal was a pre-arranged signal, I was grabbed and bundled into the ground floor communal area, to the far end where the two benches were. While Wayne held my arms, his brother took my wallet and removed the single bank note to stick in his own pocket. Handing the wallet back he warned, “In future don’t try to lie to us or we might get very annoyed with you.”

Immediately I got into the flat, Emily told me that Chuck had frightened her as she returned home from work. “He was standing at the top of the steps thrusting his hips at me and saying, ‘You know that you want it – that wanker you’re married to can’t be doing much for you’. Just then Wayne ran up the stairs behind me and put his hand on my bum but shouted at Chuck, ‘Leave her alone – she’s a nice girl’. He escorted me right to the door – but he didn’t need to leave his hand there all the time. All the same, he’s much nicer than his brother.’

After they had taken my money, I was given a few days grace without much aggravation but the following week they again blocked the stairs telling me that it was ‘pay up’ time again. They did not believe that I had only bus fare for the following day so I was taken back to the benches and searched. The fifty pence piece and other silver was duly confiscated and I got a punch in the stomach (but not too hard) as a punishment for not having more to give them.

The next week I did have five pounds, (from missing more lunches) but I had taken care to hide it down my sock before setting out for home. The two brothers were not at all pleased when their search found nothing and Chuck said, “If you can’t pay then you will have to entertain us.”

I thought that this meant that they were going to rough me up so I tried to run but Wayne caught me and bent one arm up behind my back. My eyes closed automatically and I cringed, thinking that I was going to be hit but instead fingers gripped the nerves on the back of my neck and forced me to my knees. Then a hand grabbed my hair and Chuck said, “Get this in your mouth and if you bite I will break your fucking nose.”

Opening my eyes I found that he was poking his cock towards my face. Part of the shock was that I couldn’t believe that a cock could be so big. I tried clamping my lips together but the pain made me open my mouth. Even when it was in my mouth they didn’t stop hurting me until I actually started sucking. It was so dirty and humiliating but I didn’t have any choice. Chuck said, “Now you are getting the hang of it but don’t forget to use your tongue as well.”

I just kept sucking and sucking and hoping it would stop. Then Chuck said, “Hold him Wayne – it’s on its way,” and the next second my mouth was full of thick gooey stuff with a weird taste. I gulped some down my throat and a lot ran out of my mouth but more kept coming. I started to heave so Wayne released my arm and I bent over retching and crying in a corner. I heard Wayne say, “I think I will keep my turn until tomorrow,” and then they were gone. I stayed in that corner for a long time feeling so ashamed. My shirt was in a terrible mess with the stuff out of my mouth all over it and I knew that I couldn’t let Emily see it.

In the flat I pushed quickly past my wife and ran to the bathroom. I swilled my shirt and hung it up and then cleaned my teeth several times. When I came out I told Emily that I had been a bit sick on the way home to explain why I had washed the shirt. She had made me a cup of tea and I smoked the cigarette that I had been saving for suppertime. Coming home the next night I knew that they would make me do it again so I made a long detour and approached from a different direction. I went quietly up the steps from the outside but once on my landing I had to get across the top of the usual stairs with the brothers standing at the bottom. It was just bad luck that one of them looked up and saw me. They couldn’t catch me and actually seemed amused with one calling out “Crafty little pillock.” If I hadn’t been spotted I might have sneaked in that way again but now I knew I had to think of something else.

The next night I approached from the usual direction but crept round from the side and hid behind a rubbish bin. Chuck was walking about at the bottom of the stairs, drinking from a can and smoking with Wayne standing where he could stop me using the other stairs. There seemed to be no way to get past but then I had a stroke of luck. While Wayne was looking the wrong way, someone called to Chuck and while his attention was distracted I broke cover and ran for the stairs. I was half way up before they saw me. They didn’t chase after me, just shouted “We know where you live.”

All too soon I was faced with the same problem and decided to try the successful tactic of the night before. It seemed even more promising because Wayne was nowhere to be seen and Chuck was looking away from me, just leaning against the wall as if he already had too much to drink. Feeling rather confident, I sprinted past Chuck and was half way up the stairs when I saw Wayne standing at the top waiting for me – then turning to double back I found Chuck at the bottom, not drunk at all. They took me to the same place as before, laughing and saying, “Naughty, naughty.”

This time it was Chuck twisting my arm and applying the neck hold. He hurt a damn sight more than his brother did. “I’ll do it, I’ll do it – you don’t have to make me,” I managed to say and fairly reluctantly my arm and neck were released. I am not saying that I liked doing it but it was a lot better than the first time. Having my head free made a big difference and I suppose that I was starting to get the knack. Wayne’s cock was every bit as his brothers but he didn’t keep jabbing it into the back of my throat all the time. Wayne kept muttering, “Oh that is nice” and this helped a lot because that bit of appreciation seemed to make it a completely different thing from having my mouth forcibly raped. This time I did not get any vocal warning when he was going to cum but I think I knew because I was prepared when it happened. Thankfully my attack of nausea was not repeated.

Thinking that I had paid my due I started to stand up only to find Chuck in front of me with his prick out. “You don’t get away with it that easily after the way that you have pissed us about.” Having no alternative I started again, even though my jaw was beginning to ache. Perhaps due to watching his brother, Chuck was less aggressive with his thrusting and this made it a lot better. “He’s learning,” he said above my head – and then to me, “Feel free to use your hands. Remember – the more you put into it, the quicker it will be over.”

I tried to do what he suggested and it did seem to work. He did not call out this time but already I was learning to recognise the signs. With both of them I was concerned not to get my shirt messed up again and managed to prevent any escaping from my mouth. Although the taste of spunk was unusual it was not too unpleasant and as long as I did not think too closely what it was, I could swallow it without any difficulty. When I had finished sucking Chuck off he surprised me by offering me a cigarette but balanced this kindness with a warning. “Like it or not, you have a job every night from now on. Any more of the hide and seek crap and I’ll beat the shit out of you when I catch you.” I stayed smoking after they had gone, trying to resign myself to the future that they had mapped out for me. As long as Emily never found out, I thought that I could live with it.

For the next three weeks that became the routine. Thankfully they took turns and did not make me suck both of them on the same night again. I got so that it did not bother me doing it, particularly with Wayne. Unlike his brother he kept still and left it all up to me and there was some pleasure from feeling in control, if only in that way. They always gave me a cigarette afterwards, sometimes a packet containing two or three and occasionally a can of lager with the words, ‘Have this to wash it down’. A bad side was that they constantly talked about what they would like to do to Emily with remarks such as, ‘You can tell that she has got a real hot juicy cunt’, ‘One day I am going to slide my dick inside that tight twat’ and ‘She has got to be up for it because hubby here certainly can’t be giving her enough’. I hated hearing her spoken about in that way and some random nights I got a small measure of revenge by working an hour over-time. My wife in always knew in advance but I told them that it was always sudden and got satisfaction from causing them to hang about waiting for me. At the end of this period, Wayne disappeared soon after I had taken his brother’s prick in my mouth. It was not until I got into the flat that I found out where he had been.

As soon as I stepped inside the door, Emily ran at me and almost knocked me over with the enthusiasm of her greeting. She smothered my face with kisses but strangely turned her head away when I attempted to kiss her mouth. “I love you so much,” she said. “To think that you would do that for me – I think you are the most wonderful husband in the world.”

Rather bemused, I got her seated and asked happily what all that was in aid of. “Wayne knocked on the door and asked where I thought you were,” she said. “I told him that you were on your way back from work but he said you were down in the workroom with Chuck’s prick down your throat. He said that his brother wanted to rape me but had promised that he wouldn’t as long as you sucked his thing every night. Wayne said that you have been doing it for weeks and I don’t think many husbands would do that to save their wives. Wayne can’t be such a bad type because he was upset about it and thought that I ought to know.”

“They are as bad each other,” I said. “I had to suck both of them.”

Emily was not listening. “Wayne had an idea. He said that if I was nice to his brother just the once, it would get it out of Chuck’s system and then he would leave you alone. I think it’s worth trying because I can’t bear the thought of you having to do that night after night for me. Please let me do this for you.”

“No,” I said, “Once you start it will never stop.”

“I trust Wayne and he said it would only be the once. I can do it if it will stop them picking on you. I have had sex with boys before and it has nothing to do with making love like we do. It means nothing to me. Anyway, I told Wayne that I would think about it.”

“You are not doing it and that’s final,” I told her.

“OK – but I won’t start cooking your tea tomorrow night. Instead I’ll get myself ready in case you change your mind.”

The next evening, returning from work I walked straight into the ground floor communal area as I now did every night. They were both waiting for me with expectant looks on their faces. I think that one of them said, ‘Well?’ but I ignored this and knowing it was Chuck’s turn, I crouched down in front of him and reached for his zip. Evading my outstretched fingers he said, “Oh no Pete old pal – that isn’t good enough any more. I’ve got myself all psyched up to screw the lovely Emily so if I can’t fuck her then I am going to fuck you instead.”

“I don’t understand,” I said.

“Wayne had a little chat with her last night and he says that she more or less agreed to come across but wanted to talk to you first,” Chuck explained. “We’ve been getting all exited waiting for the good news.”

“She changed her mind. Do what you want with me but leave my wife out of it,” I said bravely.

“Right squire, your choice. Pants off and let’s have you bent over that bench,” he ordered.

Trembling with fear, I did as he ordered. Chuck increased the tension by walking behind and making me move until I was in the position that he wanted. Satisfied he said, “You brought the lube Wayne?”

“I thought you were bringing it,” his brother replied.

Chuck just patted my behind and said, “Pity – I’m afraid that this is going to hurt. It can’t be helped but you can blame my cretin of a brother.”

I was terrified and this was made worse when Wayne said, “You can’t do it Chuck. If it’s his first time and you don’t use lube it is going to knacker his arsehole for weeks.”

Chuck placed a hand of either side of my hips and said coldly, “That’s his tough luck.”

My nerve broke. “No stop. She’ll do it, she’ll do it – she said she would. She’s waiting now,” I babbled.

The elder brother gave me an almost friendly pat. “That’s what I hoped you would say.”

“Get yourself dressed,” Wayne said in a sympathetic voice. “You did the right thing because Chuck can be a real bastard.” I did as he suggested and then found an open packet of cigarettes waiting for me and a beer can rolling slowly across the bench towards me. We stood drinking and smoking. Wayne seemed to have a compulsive need to give a running commentary on what he thought would be happening. “He’ll be talking to her now and copping a feel. They go into the bedroom. She starts taking her clothes off – though possibly she was undressed before he got there – depends on how keen she was. He gets on top of her – or he might be sucking her tits first. He has got to be fucking her by now. Oh God.”

Wayne had got his very stiff penis out and started pushing me down towards his groin. I resisted saying, “I thought that cancelled this.”

“Maybe it does” he gasped, “- but thinking of Chuck humping away between your wife’s creamy soft thighs had given me a terrible hard on and somebody has got to do something about it.” I did what he wanted if only to fight the mental images that he had placed in my head. For the same reason I made it last and Wayne appreciated that, stroking my hair and murmuring “That’s nice.” Afterwards I had two more cigarettes and another can of lager.

Soon after that Chuck swaggered in grinning all over his face. “Fantastic – absolutely fucking fantastic. She loved it – didn’t I tell you.”

Pushing past him I ran upstairs. Going in the door I found Emily waking slowly towards me. Although her hair was all messed up she was wearing a dress but when she put her arms around me I could tell that she had not had time to put on a bra. Holding her close I felt her sobbing quietly, “He hurt me,” she said.

“I’ll kill him,” I said meaning it, rage having given me a moment of uncharacteristic heroism.

“No, he didn’t mean to. His cock is so big and I just wasn’t used to it.”

I took her to the kitchen and made us a cup of tea then set to and made beans on toast for two. We ate in silence and when we were drinking a second cup of tea, Emily pushed a twenty packet of cigarettes towards me with five remaining. Knowing they were Chuck’s I shook my head. “It’s all right, he gave them to me – as he was leaving he tossed them on the bed and said ‘Here.’”

“You did it on our bed?”

“Yes,” she said as if asking ‘Where else?’

I tried gently probing for details but she told me flatly that she didn’t want to talk about it. My conscience made me want to explain how my cowardice had made me send him up to her when the previous night I had been so determined that I wouldn’t but I couldn’t find the right words to start. As we moved to sit down and read or listen to the radio, trying to make my voice very optimistic, I said, “At least it is all over now”, but she didn’t reply. For two hours I stared at my book without taking in a damn thing, then with a cup of tea we had a cigarette each and went to bed. Emily kissed me and rolled over straight away.

I couldn’t sleep. I had been numb all evening but now knowing that another man had fucked her gave me a painful erection. No matter how I tried, I could not dispel the image of that large cock I knew so well up inside her lovely body. Need overcoming kindness, I tried getting my wife on to her back but she said, “Please love, not tonight – I’m very bruised.”

“Will you suck me instead?” I begged.

“Peter – you know that I don’t like doing that – but I will help you with my hand if you like,” she said and I settled for what I could get.”

Next day I set off for work alternating between feeling light-hearted and completely despondent however at night I was definitely encouraged to find neither of the brothers in wait for me. Emily was certainly cheerful as she bustled about in the kitchen preparing a meal that seemed to be running late. My suspicions were aroused by the almost full twenty pack of cigarettes lying on the kitchen table. My wife turned to see me staring at them and immediately explained. “Wayne called soon after I got home from work. He said it was unfair that after trying to help he had finished up with nothing when his unpleasant brother had been to bed with me. I rather like Wayne and could see that it was unfair, so I let him do it to me as well. His cock is as big his brother’s but he didn’t hurt a bit. He was very gentle though so that probably explains it.” Emily gave a little laugh and added, “- or perhaps I am just getting used to big cocks.”

“I don’t know how you could,” I said, “There was no need any more.”

“Come on don’t be silly,” she said. “It has only made your tea a little bit late and we have got a packet of cigarettes out of it. I won’t put you off tonight, I promise – in fact I was wondering if you want to go to bed a bit earlier.” In one way I was pleased that she was showing such resilience after having suffered the attentions of both brothers but would have preferred that she seemed less happy about it.

The following two nights the stairs were deserted when I got home but early Saturday afternoon there was a knock on the door. It was the brothers and they barged past me into the house. “We’ve come to talk to Emily. You can take a hike and don’t come back before half past four,” Chuck announced and then he said, “Why don’t you go down to the park and find a little girl to molest – that’s about your size.”

They were both at least six feet tall and heavily built so there was little I could do; hell I couldn’t have put up much resistance even if there had only been one of them. I went, smarting more at the inferred pervert jibe rather than the fact that I had been unceremoniously ejected from my home. I was also screwed up inside because I felt sure that Emily would have sex with at least one of the brothers while I was out. When I agreed to her going with Chuck it was meant to be a one time thing and Emily said she only gave Wayne the same because he had tried to help but deep down I think that I always knew that they wouldn’t leave her alone.

My time in the park was terrible and never seemed to end, no matter how often I looked hopefully at my watch. It was a dull overcast day and rather cold so there were few people around that I could watch to occupy my mind and my brain was filled with vivid moving pictures of what was probably happening in the flat. I had seen my wife’s pussy countless times and with close up acquaintance with the huge organs of both the brothers there was no shortage of graphic images to fuel the mental movie.

Eventually four thirty did arrive and I headed home, my steps slowing as I approached the flat, increasingly fearful of what I would find. When I opened the door, Emily almost bowled me over in her excitement, smothering my face with small kisses and gabbling something about a television.

Grabbing her arms, I held her away from me and asked calmly, “What’s this about a TV?”

“Isn’t it wonderful, Chuck and Wayne are giving us a TV, a great big 27 inch one. They’re going to bring it down tomorrow.”

For a moment, I seized upon this to hope that it was the TV they had wanted to talk to Emily about, not sex, but one glance at my wife told me that this was a futile wish. “What made them so generous?” I asked, trying to hide the despair in my voice.

Still bubbling and without restraint, she said, “I knew immediately what they’d come for so as soon as you left I took off my panties because I didn’t want them to get ripped like last time. Anyway Chuck went first but when Wayne was getting ready for his turn, Chuck suddenly asked, ‘Where’s the fucking TV? I want something to watch instead of my brother’s fat arse humping up and down between your legs.’ I told him that we didn’t have a TV but at first he didn’t believe me, he said everybody in the world has got one.”

“And then they left?”

“Not exactly,” Emily said. “When Wayne had finished we sat round drinking the beer they’d brought with them. Chuck asked his brother how many TVs they’ve got upstairs and when Wayne told him three; Chuck said we could have the biggest.”

“And then they left?”

My wife shook her head, “By that time they were both ready for a second turn. Chuck said I should show my gratitude for the big present, so I did. They just left, less than ten minutes ago.”

Everything seemed to have a dreadful inevitability. “I just don’t understand how you could do it,” I told her sadly. “Immediately after watching them throw me out of my own home, you went out of your way to make them welcome and that was before you knew about the TV. Didn’t you think at all about me, stuck down in that miserable park?”

“But I did think about you,” Emily protested, I thought about how I was going to make it up to you when you got home, don’t you remember how passionate I was when we made love after I’d been with Wayne.”

“I’m beginning to think that you don’t really mind going to bed with them,” I accused. “I could almost believe that you even enjoy it.”

“I do – now that I have got used to them,” she said honestly, “They really have got lovely cocks, I’m not at all sure which one I like best. It doesn’t do any harm, Peter – and how else do you think we could get a television like that?”

The next afternoon at about the same time, they were at the door carrying the promised TV between them. They took it through to the place that Emily had cleared for it and Chuck plugged it before starting a demonstration. Catching my eye, Wayne indicated that I should go into the kitchen with him and once there he said, “There’s a video recorder upstairs if you would like that as well.”

Pleased that we were to have an additional gift, I followed Wayne up to his mothers flat, where he removed the promised item from a pile of sundry other electrical equipment in a cupboard. I took it from him and turned to go but he told me to wait and went on to extract a square plastic box containing videocassettes. “Here – grab this as well,” he said. “They came with the recorder but we haven’t bothered to look at them so you might as well have them. I thanked him, balanced the recorder on top and again set off to return downstairs. “Hang about,” Wayne told me. “Emily will be saying thank you to my brother and you don’t want to burst in while they are still humping, do you?”

I felt rather foolish because I had not thought of this possibility and not having my mind right caused my face to show reluctance when Wayne said, “I rather hoped that you would want to show a bit of gratitude to me.” He laughed at my expression. “Come on – you can’t pretend that you don’t like doing it. I know you hated it at the start but lately you could have got it over with much quicker if you had wanted to.”

“I do like sucking you – but not Chuck,” I admitted. “He keeps nearly choking me all the time.”

“That’s because Chuck thinks you should be able to take it in your throat by now,” Wayne explained. “It’s a knack – instead of choking you should swallow and keep on swallowing until its all down. We will make ourselves comfortable and you can practice on me if you want. While you are at it, I do like having my balls sucked but for God’s sake, don’t try to get both of them into your mouth at the same time.”

He took me to a bedroom containing two single beds and with the walls plastered with pornographic pictures. I was bothered that his mother might burst in on us until he explained that she had gone to look after her sick sister for six months. We both undressed completely and lay down on his bed. It turned out to be the most relaxed and enjoyable of all the times that I had done this thing. Feeling so good about it encouraged me to try what he had suggested so I pushed my head forward, swallowing like mad and was amazed to feel his cock sliding further and further down my throat. But when it was completely in I relaxed and stopped swallowing only to have the worst choking fit of my life. When my eyes had finally finished watering, Wayne patted me and said, “That was bloody good for a first try but you need to take a rest for a bit.”

Wayne gave me a drink of whiskey and we sat side by side smoking. “Chuck and I used to muck about with each other for years,” he confided. “I was usually on the receiving end so I know what it’s like. It’s never really stopped but there’s been a lot less of it since we got into girls.”

Up until just before you and Emily moved in we had a regular thing with a couple of tarts who live in the block opposite. Sheila’s old man was inside and Sue is an unmarried mother.”

“Which one was yours?”

“It wasn’t like that – we shared both of them. But then Sheila’s hubby was let out on license and Sue got a live in boyfriend more or less at the same time. Fortunately that was when you two turned up.”

While we talked I had been idly playing with his penis and it soon became ready for further attention. I started by sucking his testicles as he had requested and after that he came very quickly after that. We dressed and had just gone through to the kitchen when Chuck came in. He looked pointedly at the video and cassettes so Wayne quickly explained, “I thought we might want to watch a tape sometimes when we are downstairs – that stuff is doing us no good stuck in the cupboard.” Chuck nodded what could be taken as his assent and went to get a lager from the fridge.

I found my wife looking more dishevelled than when I had left her but she made no reference to Chuck or ask why I had been so long. Instead she couldn’t stop talking about the marvellous television and was positively ecstatic when I showed her what I had brought downstairs. “It’s really paying us to be nice to them – don’t you agree?” she said happily.

“It would have taken a lot to save up for a TV like that,” I admitted reluctantly.

“Well we’re going to get a lot of good stuff,” Emily gushed, ignoring my lack of enthusiasm, “Chuck has said they are going to look after us if I promise to be nice to them once a week. Chuck’s turn will be on Wednesdays with Wayne on Fridays. It’s going to happen in the afternoon so it shouldn’t bother you at all because it will be over by the time you get home from work.”

That night and the following two we were very content to watch the different programs and never got round to investigating the box of videos. Arriving home on the Wednesday night I had forgotten all about my wife’s arrangement with the brothers and even if I had, I would have expected it to be over by then. However, Wayne was waiting at the bottom of the stairs. He took my arm and urged me into the workroom saying, “Chuck is still at it up there – I’d give him another twenty minutes if I were you.”

It was obvious how Wayne wanted us to spend the time and I was not averse to the idea. This time he undid his zip and seated himself on one of the benches saying, “It will be better like this without the kneeling down crap.” It was and I quickly decided to try the swallowing trick. Having got his prick fully embedded in my throat, I remained still breathing through my nose and controlling myself then slowly slid it out again. I felt this to be a real accomplishment and his words of encouragement made me glow with pleasure.

On the Friday night it was Chuck waiting for me. With no reference to his brother he strong-armed me into the workroom saying that I knew what I had to do. With no show of reluctance I complied and, using little tricks I had learned, got it over with very quickly. “You’re a real eager little punk now,” was all he could say. The following two weeks the routine with Wayne was the same and improving all the time but Chuck dispensed with the use of my mouth as if the pleasure had gone for him with the element of coercion removed. Instead he had me carrying stuff from his flat to a lock-up garage, warning, “Mention this place to anybody and I’ll kill you.” It was crammed with goods almost certainly illegally obtained so I could understand his desire to keep it secret but I wondered why he had let me know about it at all.

[Up until this point Peter had told me his story with remarkable composure considering the nature of what he was relating but now he began to show definite signs of distress. Therefore I called a short break, provided further doctored refreshment and talked soothingly to him until he was once more in a relaxed frame of mind.]

Early that Saturday afternoon, both the brothers turned up with Chuck saying that they had just had a big score and that they had come to celebrate. Peeling two twenties off a roll of notes he pushed them into my hand telling me to go down to the off-license. He wanted a bottle of Bacardi, some Coke, two four-packs of lager and a couple of packs of cigarettes. I purchased his order and unhappily set off home anticipated another miserable tortured afternoon in the park. As I expected, Chuck took the stuff, checked his change and then told me to ‘Piss -off’ and don’t come back until its dark.’ “Why not let him hang about and watch,” Wayne intervened. “It’s pissing down out there and he can’t do any harm.”

The older brother considered this for a minute and then he gave a nasty grin saying, “Why not – it might be fun at that.”

I was not at all sure that I wanted to hang about and watch but the alternative was even less attractive. The two males had stripped down to boxer shorts and Emily was wearing only her bra and pants. Despite the partial state of undress I was pretty sure that nothing had happened while I was at the shop. My wife came over smiling and extracted two cans of lager, tossing one each to the brothers. She then pushed one of the cigarette packets towards me saying, “Light me one when you do yours,” and then proceeded to pour a generous measure of the rum into each of two glasses before topping up with coke. My wife had just placed one of the glasses into my hand when Chuck called, “Em – come here and sit yourself on this.”

Looking over towards the settee I saw that Chuck had removed his shorts and was sitting sprawled on the settee with his massive erection pointing obscenely towards the ceiling. Eagerly Emily trotted towards him, adroitly stepping out of her knickers half way across the floor then, in a completely familiar manner, with a cigarette in one hand and drink in the other; she wriggled and squirmed until his big prick was completely embedded inside her. Chuck still had to have the last word, calling out, “Wayne – if that jerk is here to watch then you make bloody sure that he watches everything.”

I suspected that Emily was acting in such a casual fashion to make me think that it all meant nothing. Perhaps the thug underneath her had the same impression because looking past her directly at me he asked, “So punk – what does it feel like to see a real man’s cock up your lovely wife’s twat?”

It felt terrible. I was well aware they had been fucking her for weeks but actually see it happening tore me apart inside. It was impossible to say anything but, putting on a brave face, I raised my glass to them in a mock toast. It was a mistake because it seemed to provoke him. First he removed the bra, allowing him to maul her tits with hands and mouth, then with hands underneath her thighs he began sliding her up and down on his thick shaft.

The sight of that glistening penis moving in and out of her dear cunt affected me so much that the only way that I could prevent myself retching was to take great gulps from my glass. Although his action hurt me it actually assisted my wife’s ploy because, as he moved her up and down, she continued nonchalantly smoking and drinking as if it had nothing to do with her.

Chuck was too smart not to see through her tactic. Getting annoyed he shouted, “Hey punk – get some cushions on the floor – I’m going to show you a real fuck.”

Before I had quite finished obeying, clutching Emily to him with his prick still inside her, Chuck pushed himself off the settee to fall on top of her on the floor – I was just in time to grab the glass from her hand before it spilled. Moments later I had to retrieve her still burning cigarette from the carpet where she dropped it as her arms moved involuntarily around him. Chuck began to thrust into her unmercifully. I could see no reason for such roughness and at that the start believed it was purely for my benefit. Emily began a loud moan that I took to be one of pain and instinct made me stir in my chair as if intending to go to her aid. Then I realised that it was a moan of sheer pleasure. Emily’s fingers were dug deep into the muscles of his back, she had arched and opened herself to take his thrusts and her mouth was repetitively mouthing the word ‘Yes’ although I could not hear her voice. Then when she really started to cum it was a revelation. For the whole of the sexual relationship that I had enjoyed with my wife, I had believed that her slight shiver and sigh of contentment whenever we made love was her orgasm but now I realised that I knew nothing at all about women.

After a final flurry of urgent activity Chuck abruptly rolled off. Wayne must have been poised waiting because within ten seconds the older brother’s now flaccid penis was replaced by a stiff and rampant one. Even though the time interval was so short I caught a glimpse of my wife’s cunt dilating eagerly to welcome the new cock. It was immediately apparent that Wayne was by far the better lover of the pair mainly because h seemed intent on giving pleasure rather than receiving it. She may have already been warmed up for him but Wayne quickly raised her to a plateau of sensation. The climax that he gave her may have been less intense than that of his older sibling but it was many times longer in duration. Every time that she began to come down from a peak Wayne seemed able to take her up again. Emily lay eyes closed, her open mouth issuing a long keening wail and an expression on her face showing delirious pleasure,as he finally let her drift down a final time,

Chuck immediately leapt to his feet. I could tell from his face that he was well aware that he had been outclassed as a lover by his younger sibling and feared that he intended to reclaim his seniority with a display of brutal fucking but he had another plan. Taking out a roll of banknotes, he pulled off a ten and rolled it into a tube before pushing it inside my wife’s disgusting looking vagina. Then turning to me he said tauntingly, “If you can get that it’s yours, the only rule is no hands. If you are so fucking poor, where it is shouldn’t bother you much.”

I stepped forward quickly and crouched. Using my thumbs I pulled back the lips of her cunt and, as expected, there was at least a centimetre of note protruding, this making it a relatively easy matter to grip with my teeth and pull out after making only the slightest contact with her cum coated skin. Standing, I unrolled the note and folded it, said ‘Thanks’ to Chuck and stuffed it in my pocket.

My tormentor looked almost apoplectic, his piggy eyes glinting with undisguised malevolency. Back on his feet in an instant, he repeated the procedure, this time choosing a £20 and ramming the cash as far up inside her as his fingers could reach, before wiping his slimy fingers on his shirt and returning to his seat. “Same deal wimp,” he challenged, “If you’ve got the stomach for it.”

All that I could think of was the money, so without any hesitation I crouched between my wife’s spread thighs, thrusting my face into her obscenely gaping cunt and plunging my tongue as far as it would go inside her. This had the effect of sending a lot of cum into my mouth but I didn’t care because my tongue kept brushing the end of the rolled note. I don’t honestly know why Chuck had expected me to balk at the task – if I could swallow semen from both men direct from the source then the same stuff mixed with my wife’s vaginal juices should be a damn sight more palatable. As a husband and wife combined effort, I successfully managed to retrieve the currency but finished up with a face liberally coated with the earlier sexual deposits. Chuck muttered ungraciously about the things some men will do money, but I felt that the victory was mine. Taking advantage of the following pause I topped up Emily’s glass and refilled my own then lit two cigarettes. She still lay on the floor probably feeling that it was not worth getting up so I took her glass and smoke over to her.

Obviously aware that he had lost the initiative, Chuck said aggressively, “Come on Wayne – let’s screw her in tandem this time. I’ll take the bottom and you have the top.” As he spoke he got Emily on all fours then kneeling behind her once more slammed his prick into her quim. As an act of defiance I had not bothered to wipe my face but before he obeyed his brother, Wayne dropped a box of tissues on my lap and hissed, “Don’t try to wind him up – it will only be worse for the pair of you if you do.”

I took heed of his warning, took a large gulp of my drink and sat back to watch my wife being fucked simultaneously at both ends. My mind was already becoming blurred but she did not seem to find this any hardship. I must have deteriorated very quickly after that because, although I think that things carried on for a long time I can only remember snatches of different acts and positions which all seem to merge into one.

I woke up in bed with a splitting headache in the early hours of the morning with Emily naked beside me. There seemed to be a damp patch under my thigh. Further investigation with an exploring hand discovered that this was an extension of the large wet patch under my wife. I must have disturbed her because she opened clear sparkling eyes with no sign of a hangover and asked excitedly. “Do you know how much we made yesterday? There is well over a half bottle of Bacardi left and an unopened packet of cigarettes on top of the £30 that you got out of me. We can do so much with the money and I had a whole lot of fun getting it.” I said nothing – it would have been churlish to mention that I would have preferred to stay broke with her chastity to console me.

On the Sunday morning the following we were having a lazy morning in bed. Emily was chattering happily about how much better life was now and what good fun Chuck and Wayne were to be with, as if hearing of her activities with them would not bother me. She still seemed to believe that as long as she kept assuring me of her love, both verbally and physically, then taking sexual pleasure with other men had no meaning. When I made a mild objection she said, “You seem to forget that I am doing it to save you – they don’t bother you any more do they?”

“Don’t bother me?” I said, “I still have to suck them off almost as much as I did before you got involved.” I rather hoped that hearing of the brother’s duplicity in this matter might jaundice her opinion of them.

Emily thought about this for a moment and then she laughed, “That’s not so terrible is it – I really love doing it. They say that swallowing cum makes breasts grow larger. Do you think that my tits are any bigger – they damn well ought to be.”

“I doubt it you have swallowed enough,” I said doing a quick calculation in my head.

“I don’t know,” she informed. “They only come round for a fuck on Wednesdays and Fridays as agreed but they also pop in for a quick blow-job other days before you get home.”

I had exaggerated to her a bit because I was no longer actually bothered by Chuck making oral demands on me. He always made a meal of his sessions with Emily on Wednesdays giving me time with Wayne but on Fridays Wayne left Emily before I got home – I suspect to protect me from his brother. It was actually on a Wednesday after I had eaten my evening meal that she said casually, “Chuck is bringing someone round to see me on Saturday afternoon so we mustn’t plan to go anywhere.”

“Bringing someone to see you,” I repeated, “What for?”

“For sex silly,” she said. “Chuck has promised to pay me half of what the guy gives him and it could be as much as fifty pounds. We really could do with the money, I need to buy some new clothes and so do you. It shouldn’t take very long anyway.”

My mind was shattered by this new development so all that I could say was, “A guy – what kind of guy?”

“I’ve absolutely no idea,” she told me blithely.

On the Saturday I grew more and more tense but Emily was excited and constantly checking herself in front of a mirror. So when a tall well built and smartly dressed black guy, apparently lost, arrived on our landing asking if I knew someone called Chuck, I made no connection and politely directed him to the correct top floor flat. However, a few minutes later Chuck knocked on the door with the coloured gentleman in tow. “Emily wants to be alone,” he told me, “You can up and have a drink with us.”

Although I did get a proper drink, you are correct in surmising that more than alcohol passed my lips. Quite a lot as it happened because my wife’s paying companion seemed intent on getting his monies worth. Before I returned downstairs, Chuck gave me £40 for Emily and a good food mixer to make up the deficit in her expected fee. We were actually doing quite well with bounty from the lock-up and our house eventually became quite well stocked with electrical goods and other items. “How was it?” I asked when I saw Emily – this was the first time I had ever queried after she had been with another man.

“Dreamy,” she said and then gleefully held up a twenty pound note, explaining, “He enjoyed it so much that he gave me this as a bonus.”

“What was he like – physically I mean?” I honestly don’t know why I sought this information.

“He wasn’t quite as big as those two upstairs but he certainly knew how to use it – even better than Wayne,” she told me happily.

It was three days later that my wife became ill and I immediately wondered if she had caught something from her customer on the Saturday. She gradually got worse, rolling about in pain clutching her stomach. Just before midnight I got the emergency doctor and he sent for an ambulance. It turned out to be food poisoning and she was kept in hospital for three days. Returning home that first night, I rang my work and was given time off. I slept all morning then visited Emily, returning again to see her during evening visiting. I had put a note to through the door of the upstairs flat telling Chuck that there was no point him calling so I was surprised to find Wayne hanging about outside my door. I looked round dreading the sight of his brother but Wayne grinned and said “Don’t worry, he’s otherwise engaged. Somebody grassed up Sheila’s husband and his license has been revoked so Chuck is over there consoling her.”

I did myself a coffee, gave him a can and we sat chatting with me updating him on Emily. I knew that I was going to end up sucking him off but there was no hurry. Wayne was unusually quiet and I assumed that like me he was concerned about my wife but suddenly he asked, “Do you remember how you came to let Emily get involved with us.”

“Because your brother was going to bugger me if I didn’t,” I said ruefully.

“He still hasn’t given up on that idea,” Wayne said. “He keeps on mentioning it – for some reason you irritate him and he’ll do it to make you feel bad rather than for his own pleasure.”

This was bad news because it was a danger that I thought my wife’s ‘sacrifice’ had saved me from. There was a long silence as I contemplated the fate in store for me. Then Wayne said insidiously, “If you let me break you in gently before then, it won’t hurt half as much when he does – and if he knows I have already had you then he probably won’t bother.”

I was curious, I would try anything to escape the attentions of Chuck – and I have to admit that I was not averse to getting closer to Wayne. “OK,” I said simply, giving my permission to be seduced.

He jumped up smiling and headed towards the door, saying that he would be back in five minutes and not to go away.” I just sat contemplating the enormity of what I had agreed to. Wayne quickly returned carrying a small shopping bag. From it he immediately removed a bottle of whiskey, told me to bring some glasses and set off for the bedroom, very obviously knowing the way. When I joined him with the glasses, he was already removing his clothes so rather nervously followed suit. Wane poured out two generous measures then sat down, patting the bed beside him to indicate that I should join him. I took a big gulp and let my hand go automatically to his groin. Despite the spirit burning down my throat I found that I was trembling. “You can suck it a bit if it will calm you down,” Wayne told me, “You’ve got to relax – that’s the main secret of making this easy – relaxation.”

I suddenly had big reservations about what I had agreed to so I deliberately tried to make him cum quickly, hoping that would let me off the hook. Wayne was too smart for this because he quickly stopped the fellatio and got me lying face down on the bed with my legs hanging over the edge. He sat beside me stroking my back and gradually getting lower until I knew he was putting lubrication on my anus. Next I felt something slip inside me. It felt strange but not unpleasant and there was not the least pain. I asked if it was his cock not really believing that it was. Wayne said that he was using a candle to get me used to have something up me and to get me nice and slippery inside.

He began moving it in and out. It felt nice and tickled a bit but there was no great sensation. After a minute or two it slipped out to be replaced by something much more substantial. Wayne quickly spoke to correct any misconception, “It’s a dildo – a lot bigger than the candle but smaller than what you’re going to get.”

That really was nice. I began to glow inside and little tremors of pleasure seemed to radiate in all directions. Instead of diminishing as with the candle these sensations seemed to grow the more that he moved the imitation dick inside me. Judging his moment, my male seducer pushed the dildo in a long way and jammed it in place with his knee. Leaning forward until he was almost lying on top of me, he slid his hands under my chest to begin playing with my nipples. The effect was amazing as sensations from all sources combined to drive me almost crazy with pleasure. I could have stood that but when he leaned further to push his tongue in my ear it was too much. “Fuck me properly Wayne,” I begged. “Please put your cock inside me and let me feel the real thing.”

He was eager to oblige. Now there was pain as my anal passage stretched to accommodate his bulk but it was a pain that was very much part of the pleasure. Having put it into me he remained perfectly still and yet the feeling was wonderful. Suddenly I knew exactly why Emily wanted to go with the brothers so much. I knew that my own prick was not a lot bigger than that candle and yet there was no comparison to this. I now knew what my wife had found out before me – size most certainly did matter. When he began to thrust his cock into me my whole body became possessed with ecstatic tremors and I wanted it to go on forever but it was not to be. Perhaps the build up had been too much for me because Wayne lost control. Feeling his cum jetting against the walls of my rectum was a delicious sensation but I was left feeling bitterly disappointed.

My friend did say ‘Sorry’ but he did not appear distressed by the premature ending. Instead he dipped into his bag and removed a tin from which he extracted a large loosely rolled joint. Lighting it he took a big drag and rolled towards me indicating that I should open my mouth. I did so and allowed him to blow in the intoxicating smoke. Perhaps my reactions had already been heightened because I had an overwhelming feeling of well being immediately. Wayne repeated the procedure once and then kept handing me the spliff to puff myself. “How was it?” he asked.

“Wonderful, really wonderful – I never dreamed that anything could feel as good as that,” I told him without reserve.

“I’m glad,” he said obviously pleased by my words. “You are in for a treat Pete because that was only the start.”

Drawing premature conclusion from his words I reached for his cock. Although very sticky it was still rather limp. I had just decided to try and hurry events with my mouth when Wayne, having reached the end of the joint took an extra large drag. As his head moved towards me, I parted my lips wide but in addition to the expected smoke, he put his tongue in my mouth as well. A shudder passed right through me but it was the opposite of revulsion. I loved it. I desperately sucked it further in and sent my own tongue dancing happily around it. We continued kissing and Wayne managed to get his cock into me while we were face to face. My testicles conveniently tucked themselves somewhere and only got slightly crushed twice, both times near to the start. He fucked me like that for a very long time and all that I can say that it was one continuous blur of pleasure. Even after he had cum, we did not break apart and eventually fell asleep lying as we were.

The next morning we woke just before eight o’clock and Wayne went quickly back to his own flat lest his brother return to find him missing. With six hours to kill I started going through the box of videos sorting the ones that I knew I would like to watch. At the bottom there were two tapes with indecipherable hand written labels, so intrigued, I set one running on the machine. To my pleasant surprise it turned out to be an amateur recording of two couples enjoying a wife swapping party. I watched it through then tried the other. On this the scene was the same but there was a different second couple. Both recordings featured a section in which the wives engaged in lesbian activity, it was very obvious that they were not pretending and I enjoyed those parts immensely.

This viewing left me with just enough time to have something to eat and make myself look respectable for visiting my wife. I felt terribly guilty about how I had spent the night. The strange thing was that, despite all that Emily had done, I felt that I was the one who had been unfaithful. She picked up on this and asked it there was something bothering me but I passed it off by saying that I was still worrying about her being in hospital. Before my wife was released, in spite of my troubled conscience, I spent another night with my male lover while his brother was safely out of the way. Apart from that and time spent visiting, I just watched the two videos over and over again – they fascinated me. I did not tell Wayne about the porn and actually hid the two cassettes in case Chuck decided that he wanted the box of tapes back.

Emily was released for the weekend and I had booked the following week as holiday so that gave eleven days before either of us had to return to work. I showed her the two videos and was surprised at how excited they made her because I had always believed that women were not turned on by pornography – they certainly got her in the mood for sex with me far quicker than I expected after her illness. Strangely we did not have sight of either brother until the Wednesday following her release and then Chuck turned up alone. My heart sank assuming that he had come to claim his ration but I was mistaken. He was actually the nicest I had ever seen him, giving her some presents he had brought and chatting in a civilised manner. Then just before leaving he said slightly awkwardly, “Em, I’ve got someone who would like to see you on Saturday but I can get Sheila to look after him if you’re not up to it.”

My wife’s face lit up as she said, “Don’t you dare – I’ll be raring to go by Saturday.”

From then on she did a trick every week but the new departure was that they stopped all night – (actually she twice did two, slipping the extra ones in on the Saturday afternoon). All of the punters were black. These overnighters displaced me upstairs to the brothers flat and with Chuck away shafting Sheila, it gave me welcome time alone with Wayne. One lazy Sunday afternoon a few weeks later, Emily and I were just lounging about when she said thoughtfully, “You know how the sprint finalists at the Olympics are all black?”

When I nodded confirmation she said happily, “Well if they had a sexual Olympics it would be just the same because these black guys certainly know how to fuck a girl.”

I felt a bit put out by this remark and to hide my annoyance decided to play the sex tapes which I hadn’t watched for several days. I could not find them and when I mentioned this, Emily told me that Chuck had borrowed them. “I thought they would amuse him on Wednesday when he was round but he took them away with him.”

When I entered the house after Chuck had gone a couple of Wednesdays later, Emily was sitting gleefully in the kitchen with a pile of notes in front of her. “Chuck sold those videos back to the original owners for £500 each and we get half,” she told me happily. I closed my mind to the obviously dubious ethics involved because that money could get us a holiday or even a small car.

Life became a routine containing all the elements mentioned above. Compared to how we had been in the beginning, Emily and I became relatively prosperous, largely helped by her part time earnings from Saturdays. In addition, on those weekend afternoons when my wife was busy entertaining, Chuck gave me money for helping him re-arrange the lock-up – I worked, he gave instructions.

It was possibly two months after we had received that surprise £500 bonus that Emily told me, “I’m not seeing anybody on Saturday. Instead you and me have both got to go upstairs. Chuck has thought of a way for us all to make lots of money.”

We went up at the appointed time to find that, in addition to the brothers, Sheila was sitting there smoking. The other unusual feature was that the furniture had been pulled back and the centre of the floor was occupied by a large mattress. “Those tapes you found have given me an idea,” Chuck announced. “I’ve decided that we are going to make our own and then we are going to sell them. The guys who star in them may want to buy them themselves and if not I know a shop in London that will give us a good price – either way we can’t lose.”

Everybody then went into another room to be shown a row of four small television sets with each of them connected to a separate video recorder. All four screens all focussed on the mattress in the living room but from different angles. The final part of the demonstration involved me sitting on the mattress trying to spot the cameras and I had to admit that they were extremely well hidden. This was to be a dress rehearsal starring both girls and the brothers – my job being to check the camera angles and keep the booze flowing.

After what I had heard about her, I was not initially particularly impressed with Sheila. Approaching thirty she had long straight hair and a striking rather than pretty face but looking at the full length skirt and baggy jumper which effectively concealed what lay beneath, I found it hard to understand what attracted both the brothers to her bed. However after Chuck had given the order to strip and both girls had removed their clothes without any trace of self-consciousness, it was a different story. Sheila had a narrow waist but wide hips and heavy but shapely thighs. Her breasts were big with large dark coloured unusually protruding nipples and her thick black pubic hair was confined to a narrow strip down the centre. Dwelling on those gorgeous tits I must point out that they had a ripe fullness, as if bursting with milk, and the mere thought brought saliva to my mouth. In short, Sheila was an almost fantasy example of the mature sexual woman.

The two females were placed kneeling and facing each other on the mattress and told to mess about with each other. Sheila immediately started to object saying, ‘I’m not into w…’ but Chuck cut her off, snapping, “Go through the motions then, just pretend – it’s only so we can check the cameras for God’s sake. Just don’t start pissing me about.”

Obediently Sheila tentatively reached and began to stroke Emily’s breast in a very stylised manner. My wife had no such inhibitions. From the moment that they were revealed, Emily had been staring at the other woman’s tits and she now pounced forward to take one of the spectacularly big nipples into her mouth to suck and bite as if she had not eaten for a week. Sheila’s initial reaction was shock but a moment later, as if a switch had been thrown, I saw the passion light up in her eyes. She clasped Emily’s head to her allowing it to happen, breathing deeply and with her eyes tightly closed. Both of the brothers seemed as transfixed by the sight as I was. After some minutes, Emily released the wet and purple nipple from her mouth, (it had to be as big as the top joint of my thumb), then moved up to insert her tongue between the other woman’s open lips. They kissed passionately until Emily remembered the other untouched breast and moved down to take it in her mouth. This time she put her hand between Sheila’s legs. They made an erotic tableau with Emily sucking that swollen tit as if really drawing nourishment from it while Sheila humped herself to orgasm on the fingers stuck up her.

Having climaxed, Sheila seemed to momentarily come back to reality, opening her eyes for the first time since it started. At that moment Emily removed her dripping fingers from her friend’s hot snatch and raising them to her lips, slowly and sensuously licked each one, before cramming them into her mouth to suck off every drop of goodness. With that action the mattress was enveloped in an atmosphere of pure lust and the whole room was pervaded by the overwhelming smell of cunt. Sheila threw herself onto her back with legs spread and my wife scrambled urgently into the sixty-nine position to latch her mouth like a limpet onto the proffered twat. For her part Sheila only glanced briefly at the quivering cunt above her face before pulling it down to her mouth.

They remained locked in that position for ages, not moving but visibly giving each other orgasm after orgasm. I say ‘ not moving’ but after one or the other had cum they squirmed round to lick others faces and kiss before returning to the mutual vaginal feast. Eventually Chuck lost patience or maybe, like me, he had reached a state of arousal almost past endurance. He moved in and told them to break it up and then, almost before Emily had rolled clear of her female lover, his throbbing cock inside her well-chewed cunt. Wayne was only seconds behind in slotting himself into Sheila’s willing embrace. Previously while watching my wife being fucked I had become aroused but never quite as painfully so and for the first time I considered breaking a private rule by masturbating to relieve the distress. If I had bet, which of the brothers would shoot his load first, my money, would have been on Chuck but it was Wayne who suddenly pulled out and sat back to send several jets of spunk splattering over Sheila’s glorious tits.

I think that Sheila must have gone sex crazy because she sat up, looked round and beckoned to me. I shook my head. There was a combination of reasons for my reticence. I did not want to be caught on camera and strangely I still did not want to betray Emily by going with another woman – but mainly I was afraid how Chuck would react if I stepped outside my defined role of spectator. Sheila was not in the mood for rejection. Coming over to me, she physically pulled down my trousers, pushed me back on the settee and impaled herself on me. Despite the discrepancy between my prick and the oversized organ that had so recently vacated her super heated vaginal orifice, she somehow tightened up inside so that my dick seemed to be held in a vice. I can’t describe that moment but you must remember that this was only the second woman that I had ever had. I didn’t last long but the memory of that couple of minutes with her moving on me with those glorious cum smeared tits in my face, will remain with me for the rest of my life. Shortly after she had left me in a post coital glow, Chuck brought his fuck to conclusion. Unusually, like Wayne, he too withdrew at the last moment to send jets of cream mainly over Emily’s nose and mouth.

A fairly natural intermission followed with drinking and smoking but Emily and Sheila stayed close together still unable to keep their hands off each other. Chuck had disappeared to play back some of the video that had been recorded only to return a few minutes later to say that the footage filmed was sod all use and that that we were going to start again. Then turning his attention to the girls he said, “You two may have had great fun eating each other out but from a film point of view that is no fucking good. You have got to remember where the cameras are and consider the angles, keep moving so that your tits don’t get lost and keep your legs wide at all times because we want plenty of cunt on film. Give me some nice open crotch shots especially when you have got spunk inside you. Oh yes – and when you kiss, keep your faces further apart so that your tongues are shown touching. Look – I’m not blaming you because I would have forgotten myself if Wayne hadn’t reminded me. I know that you girls like to feel a man’s hot juice shooting up inside you but you’ll have to do without – porn films always have lots of nice messy cum shots, so that’s what we are going to go for.”

It started again but this time with the girls under direction. They undoubtedly still got a load of pleasure from this but it lacked the uninhibited natural passion of before. Then the brothers joined in to go through a sequence of different positions and combinations. It took several hours to make the tape. Afterwards Emily and I went back to our flat and later I thought that it was the first time for several weeks that we had spent Saturday night in bed together. My mind full of what I had seen, I said, “I didn’t know that you liked other women.”

“I did a lot of that before I was ever fucked by a boy,” she said. “I was still young when I first went into the convent and almost immediately one of the older nuns started doing it with me. At first I had no choice and then I started to like it. After about a year I discovered that some of the nights that she was not with me she was with another novice called Helen. So Helen and me started doing it with each other and that was far nicer. After a long time, Helen started sneaking out to go with boys – and of course I soon started doing it too. I found that I enjoyed being fucked but I still liked Helen better – I’ve realised since that none of the boys I went with had particularly big cocks, so that was probably the difference. Anyway, I eventually got caught with a boy but Helen didn’t and I got expelled. That wasn’t long before you met me.”

I felt relaxed and warm, the feeling of Sylvia was still on me and this unknown part of my wife’s past titillated me. “Tell me the whole story from the beginning, how it first started,” I prompted.

“At the start Sister Benigna was more of a mother figure,” Emily started, as if she had only needed the invitation. “She was about fifty and plump but not fat. We spent a lot of time together and she started casually kissing me but only on the lips and quickly. I don’t know quite how it started but she began stroking my breasts and I liked it. Then one day when I was expecting a normal kiss she put her tongue in my mouth and I liked that too but when she got round to putting her mouth between my legs, that was the best of all and I loved it. The trouble was I had to start doing it back to her and I hated that. I used to sit there dreading the moment that she would open her legs and push my head down. She also had large dildo over twelve inches long that I had to push all of it into her and then lick it clean when she had finished. Then suddenly everything changed and I found that I liked doing it to her even better than being on the receiving end – even seeing her walk down a corridor during the day I got her taste in my mouth and felt very horny.”

Emily paused to snuggle closer and went on, “After a year Benigna stopped acting as my novice’s mentor and instead of being with her all the time I started only going to see her on Thursday evenings, officially to learn theological theory. As part of the change I started sharing a room with Helen who was nearly a year older than me. Early on she confessed that unlike me she was not a virgin. A foster father had started to rape her on a regular basis (pretty quickly it wasn’t rape anymore because she got to like it), but after six months the foster mother caught them at it and that is when Helen was sent to the convent. My new friend went for her instruction from Benigna on Tuesdays and one day when we were a bit giggly I told her that Benigna taught me a whole load of stuff that had nothing to do with religion. Helen just looked at me and said, ‘You too?’ So of course we started doing it together as well and because we shared a room there was all the time in the world. Helen’s breasts were not very big but she was slim, lithe, kind of fresh and she tasted so good – I used to imagine that there was this pool of nectar somewhere up inside her. After a few months, Helen broke my hymen with her finger. We started imagining that we were in love and neither of us wanted to do it with Benigna any more – so we applied to switch to a different tutor.”

My wife’s hand crept to find my dick and this was such a relief because the sights and events combined with her continuing narrative had made it very stiff. “After about six months Helen and I started getting irritable with each other and I realised that our sex life had got very bland. Right from the start I had felt we had treated Benigna rather badly but now I had to admit how much I had enjoyed sucking her twat. Her slit tasted a lot stronger than Helen’s and when she came, so much juice gushed in my face that I sometimes thought she was pissing on me. Benigna also gave me bigger orgasms and I think made me cum a lot more. She had nipples very like Sheila’s although her tits were a lot larger – but I think that’s why I took to Sheila so quickly today. Oh yes – and her clitoris was even bigger than her nipples. I must have spent hours sucking and chewing on it – that was real heaven. Today really took me back to doing it with her.”

“Well you certainly enjoyed yourself with Sheila tonight,” I said.

“There is more to tell,” Emily replied. One evening Helen disappeared and then crept into bed with me in the early hours of the morning. She confessed that she had just been fucked by a boy from the village and explained, ‘I like messing with you a lot but recently there has been something missing and I suddenly realised that I needed cock as well.’ A couple of nights later she did it again so I had to start sneaking out as well. We each went on different nights with the other staying as cover. Word got around so there was always one or two lads hanging around on the off chance. It was really funny the way that getting screwed a couple of times a week sparked things up for us when we were together – I think telling each other everything about the boys we shagged made us more passionate for each other. I told you that I didn’t get any boys with big cocks but Helen was luckier – though it wasn’t really a boy.

We used to go into a barn to screw and one day the farmer caught her at it. Well he scared the lad away and then he fucked her instead – she said he had a real whopper. So the next night I pick up a boy and went straight to the barn hoping that the farmer will turn up again. I heard a noise and smiled to myself but it wasn’t the farmer at all – it was bloody Benigna with a camera. I offered to start sucking her again if she gave me the film and when that failed I threatened to tell the head nun how Benigna had made me suck her cunt and all the other stuff but she said that nobody would believe me. I had a pretty good idea that Helen wouldn’t back me up and that when I was out of the way she would both go back to Benigna and keep on opening her legs for the village youths – so I gave up and admitted everything.”

I was not sure whether to be disapproving or impressed. “You have certainly put yourself about,” I said.

“I’m just a very sexy girl,” she said modestly. “Do you want to suck me?”

The following Saturday the two guinea pigs turned up for what they believed to be a simple sex party. Subsequently they paid a lot more money to retain the video for their own use rather than have it put on general distribution – or have it sent gratuitously to their wives. They were followed by other mugs who reacted in exactly the same way and made it into a very lucrative business for us. Sue the unmarried mother having dumped her boyfriend soon got in on the act and she had Emily got on particularly well. There were many nights when Chuck spent the night with either Sheila or Sue and Emily slept with the other. This left me with Wayne. I think that everybody knew about my relationship with the younger brother but it was never referred to.

When Chuck and Wayne very suddenly decided to go abroad on holiday I had no premonition that everything was about to go terribly wrong. It was Chuck who came down to say, “We’re off to Spain for a fortnight but we might decide to stay longer.” He then tossed me the key to the lockup saying that I was in charge until they got back and that I could help myself to anything that I fancied. Curiosity and the simple desire to root round by myself took me down there the next evening. I was surprised to find it a lot less full – about a third of the previous content had disappeared and that included all of the better stuff. A boxed cutlery set was all that I thought worth taking home with me.

Very early the next morning the police came. It was before seven o’clock when I got out of bed to answer the door to be told that they had a warrant to search the premises. Two plain-clothes officers and three in uniform pushed past me while outside another similar party clattered up to the top floor. I was annoyed rather than worried because I thought I had nothing to hide and that this was a dreadful mistake. Emily and I were allowed to huddle in the kitchen and make ourselves a cup of tea while four of the invading party meticulously tore the house apart. After about an hour someone came down from the brothers flat to report that it was clean upstairs, adding, “There’s a stack of video equipment but it all seems kosher.”

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——- There are no actual sex acts in this story. ——-

I am touched that tranceh liked my work so much he saved 55 of my stories, and forwarded them to me and Chilley! It is readers like him that I wrote for. Some of the nicest people are active on LE. They more than balance out the haters on the other end of the scale.

Carol At Work is my favorite story, hope you like it. The grammar’s not perfect, the punctuation is rough, but to me the story’s the important thing.


Carol and I have been married 15 years and we have a 14-year-old girl, Patty. Carol is 36 and I’m 39. My name is Ken. We got married when she was 20 and we were planning for her to be a stay at home mom, because I make good money at my job. I run a research laboratory for a large electronics firm. We decided that there are too many single parent families, and we wanted to help our girl out as much as we could.

We belong to a gym and we both spend a lot of time there, so Carol is in very good shape. She does volunteer work to help pass the time. Most of it is with the school, but not all of it. She only went to a two-year school, as she knew she would get married and didn’t think she needed a lot of education. Why should she spend a lot of the parent’s money when she would get married and be home much of the time?

We have a nice home in the burbs and party with some of the neighbors all the time. There are two parties going on just about each month and it saves on driving while drinking. We only have a couple of blocks to go to get home, so it is still safe to drive.

We were at one of the parties and Jake, who runs a couple of bar’s in town, was spending a lot of time with my wife. He was new in the neighborhood. He runs a high-class lounge and a strip bar that does a super business. He took over the strip bar from his father, and opened up the high-class lounge as a venture he wanted to try, and it was doing very well.

I walked over to see what was going on in their group. Jake said, “Ken, I’m trying to hire your wife at my restaurant, but I think she is just holding out for more money. Hell, she is so pretty, all she has to do is walk around with that perfect ass and I will pay her a lot of money.

“Well, Carol doesn’t strip at all, unless it’s in my bedroom.”

“It’s not for the strip club, it’s the Star Dust Lounge, tend bar, seat people, and just look pretty. And I will pay her good.”

Carol walked over to us and said,

“I have to be home to get Ken’s slippers and paper when he comes home from work,”

And she laughed as she grabbed me and we walked away.

You could hear Jake saying, “Hell, we can arrange any hours that you want,” as we were walking away from the group. We went over to the snack table that they had set up and made a sandwich. We were seated at a table with Ben and Jill, when Jill said, “You should take him up on his offer. That is a nice place to work. And I know he will pay you well.”

Carol changed the subject, and we all got some fresh drinks and started to

Dance. There is a lot of grab assing with the women at the parties. I guess it cheers them up and makes them feel wanted to have someone other than their husband paying attention to them. As far as I know, nothing has gotten out of hand at any of the parties, so I guess no harm, no foul.

Even I like to play around with the women, and have kissed a few over the years at the parties. In fact, it has gotten awful hot some times with them. I now make sure I switch and don’t fool with the same girl twice in a row, just so she doesn’t think I’m out to get in her pants. A few of the times when we were at a party that had a pool and the girls had swim suits on, my fingers found their way to a few pussies. And I even got my cocked rubbed inside my swim trunks one or twice.

I could see Jake dancing with Carol. He was around Carol most of the night as they talked in different groups during the party. He was bound and determined to get her to work for him. I knew there was no way she would, and I knew I would never let her work in a lounge at all.

Not much was said about the party when we got home. We had our normal sex that night and thing went on as scheduled for the next two weeks. When the next party came up, I was going on a fishing trip and Carol had a hard week with Patty. I told her, “Go to the party and unwind, you will feel a lot better than just sitting home.”

She said, “No, but I’ll think it over as I hate to go to one without you.”

I came home late on Sunday night and we hit the hay early. I was very tired from fishing all weekend and getting up early, plus all the drinking and being in the sun so much. Monday night we went out for dinner with Patty. Carol told me she went to the party and had fun. She gave me a mild rundown on things that happened there. With Patty listening, it sure was mild the way she told it.

We did not have sex Sunday night, so we made up for it Monday night after Patty went to bed. We watched a tape from eight to ten and then she put a porn tape in as we lay on the couch. She has never put a porn tape in before. I always had to do it before, so this surprised me. She had her pj’s on and I was feeling her up pretty good as the movie played.

She even made the first play and got my cock out. Carol rubbed it in her hand and played with it. Finally she went down on it and took it into her mouth. As she was sucking on it, I took her top off and played with her tits. I finally got her tits in my mouth and sucked them for all I was worth.

Once I got them good and wet, I put my cock in between them and fucked her tits. From there I went down and sucked on her pussy for about five minutes. Then the tape ended and a loud sound came on the TV. I jumped up to turn the TV down so it wouldn’t wake Patty. Carol laughed at me because I was moving so fast.

We lay on the couch hugging and playing with different body parts on each other. She was playing with my cock with both hands and then she started to talk to me.

“Ken, don’t you think that with me working at the lounge for Jake it would be fun? I think it would be nice for me, and it would give me a chance to get out of the house and meet people instead of being boxed in here all day. This way you could ask me how my day went instead of me wanting to know everything that happened to you all day long. It would help with Patty’s education too, as we could save more in the bank then we do now.”

“Carol, you know I make good money and I don’t need help with saving money. In fact, we have enough saved right now without saving anymore for her college. Everything is fine just the way it is, we don’t need change.”

“Damn, you and change. You never want any change in anything in our life. Why the hell are you so afraid of change? Shit, we changed our ways when we got married. You sure the hell liked that, didn’t you?”

She was pumping my cock faster now. I hate it when we have a discussion when she has hold of my cock. Fucking women do it all the time; they have us wrapped around their finger.

“Ken, we could try it, and if it didn’t work out I could always quit. I would really like to try it and it sounds like it would be so much fun. Plus, I would be home all the time for Patty and you when you come home.”

Then she went down on me and was sucking my cock. What the hell could I say? Except “Faster baby.”

Carol was taking my whole cock into her mouth. As a rule, she would only take the head of it in. She was gagging some of the time, but she still took more of it into her mouth.

I yelled out that, “I’m cumming Carol, I’m cumming,” and she never stopped just kept sucking more and harder. She has never let me shoot in her mouth before.

Then I finally shot my load into her mouth and waited for her to yell at me. She kept sucking it for a good three minutes after I shot. Then she looked up at me and said,

“Have you got any more in there, big guy? I want some more.”

Finally she let go of my cock and came up, and we hugged and rested on the couch.

“I think work will rejuvenate me and I’ll be a better lover,” she said. We went to bed and screwed once more that night. During the week, we talked about the job, and I gave her all my bad points about working there. We don’t need the money, guys will flirt with her, they will end up wanting her to work strange hours, guys could put something in her drink, and we went back and forth.

Of course, she came back with all her good points about working. The extra money, we could get a boat, or go on a vacation out of the USA, we could buy some new things that are extras, she loves me and would not fool around, and she wouldn’t drink at the club.

“At some time you have to drink at the club, so don’t say I didn’t warn you when you end up on the short end of a gang-bang.”

“Where do you get all this shit from, your porn site stories? This isn’t New York City you know. Nothing like that will happen here. You’re just jealous that I will talk to some important guys and some cute ones.”

We talked for two hours or more, and she would come up with something each time I would mention that it was a bad idea.

She said, “It all boils down to the fact that you don’t trust me,” and then she got

mad at me. It was more fun when we talked and she had my cock in her mouth.

But I knew I would lose, so I might just as well get a blowjob out of it.

Well, it was settled, she would work Tuesday to Friday from 11 AM to 3 PM and still be home when Patty came home from school. Jake had promised her she would get at least a hundred a day or he would make up the difference out of his pocket. He would give her a base pay and the rest are tip’s that she would get from the guys that came into the lounge. Carol would handle the lunch crowd that went there, and would have her nights free so she was happier than hell.

As a few months went by, and we would go out some place, different guys would come up to us and talk to Carol. They would hug her and give her a kiss. They were guys that went to the lounge to eat, and knew her from there.

They all ignored me. They would stand next to her with their hand on her ass and would rub it as they talked to her. She felt important that so many important business guys knew her and paid attention. She would introduce me to them, but you could see they didn’t want to know me and I didn’t care for them. We all were interested in Carol only. I hated to say it, but Carol was eating this entire shit right up, big time.

A few months later at one of our parties, I found out from some guys and gals that Jake was all over Carol at the party when I went fishing. He kept after her about working. He told her she would do a good job at the lounge, make good money, and bring in a good business for his place. He told her it was a win, win situation and both would come out looking good.

I could see that Jake was spending a lot of time with Carol at the party, and I could see her head shaking no a lot of the time. I sure would have liked to know what it was about, but knew she would never tell me. As far as I knew, everything was going good with her job. She opened a bank account for the money to use on a vacation or what ever it was needed for. She bought some nice black cocktail dresses for work and she sure looked good in them.

Also, she got some bra’s that showed off her dresses. From talking to her, I knew she was making a bundle on her tips and it was better than she expected. This way Jake didn’t have to take money out of his pocket to pay her to make sure she hit the hundred a day they were shooting for. I talked to a bunch of the girls to see if I could pick up anything that was gossip, but no one said anything. Well it has only been a couple months so I guess I should give it more time.

Back at home, Carol talked about the lounge like she was part owner in the

establishment. She told me how the whole place ran and how many people came in, what they did for a living, who they all where. What bosses she thought were cheating with what secretaries, and the whole nine yards. I didn’t know many of the people but a lot of the names she talked about I have heard before.

The lounge had a good crowd at night and was picking up all the time. Jake was making money hand over fist, and his strip club was doing a bang up job too.

At night when I answered the phone, there were a lot of hang-ups, and it

started to piss me off big time. Carol said it was calls for Patty, and that the boys didn’t want to talk to me at all. I would have believed her, but she and Jake had too many talks at the parties that I could not hear so I decided to put a tape recorder on the line.

I had thought about it for a long time, but if she or Patty found out, it would be my balls on a platter served up to me. I said fuck it, and bought a recorder and hooked it up to the phone lines. After two weeks of monitoring the phone lines on Carol, I found out a lot of guys who went to the club were calling Carol asking to go out for dinner.

They said they wanted to repay her for being such a good hostess. She would tell them it would not be right because I would get mad, and not at this time. They said it was business because she worked there and did such a good job. She never said just plain “No”. She was very polite about it. I think she liked them to call and enjoyed the limelight, as it were. I never checked on Patty’s calls, I would fast forward through them.

Jake would call her every morning just to talk to her. He was laying the

groundwork for some sex, I think. He kept after her to work one night a week in the strip club to relieve him, and close up at night. He said he didn’t trust anyone else to do this except her. He also asked her to come to the lounge at night by herself for a drink of appreciation for doing such a good job. As days

went by, he would tell her to bring a girl friend when he saw she would not come by herself. But never did he say come with your husband. She never mentioned me at all to Jake.

She was being sneaky about the whole thing with me, but she hadn’t tried to go out to the lounge by herself or with her girlfriends until Jill’s birthday party.

She got the banquet room at the lounge for her party. There were twelve of girls going to it. Jill was turning forty, and they wanted to surprise her.

I heard Jake saying the room was free to her, and he would even throw in a male stripper if he didn’t do it himself. He said, “I’m afraid that if I stripped for you and showed you my big joint, you would leave Ken for me.”

Of course, she laughed at this, but she also led him on more by saying, “Well, I would have to see that sucker before I can comment on it.” Then she told him,

“Twelve girls will be at the party.”

Jake told them that there were rest rooms right in the banquet hall for them, so they didn’t have to travel into the lounge or dinning room at all. There was a lot more kidding going on and I’m not sure if any of it was kidding or not.

Carol was all set to go to the party; she was all dressed up and looked great.

She had set the place up after she got done with work. It was now almost six and she was leaving to finish organizing things. They would eat there, having prime rib at seven thirty. The stripper was to dance at eight thirty or nine. The party was scheduled from seven to eleven that night.

When she left, I took Patty and her girl friend Nancy; out to eat and then took them home. I told them I had to go into work and then would check on mom, as I didn’t want her to drive drunk. Patty kissed me goodbye and I headed for the lounge. I got there at eight. As you walk in through the doors, there is a hatcheck cubical, then another set of doors leading into the bar. The bar is in front of you and is about 50 ft long and three bartenders work it. At the far end, a door leads to the kitchen. Off to the side is a small game room they use for cards.

In the bar, there are twelve booths for drinking and dining. Between the booths and the bar are eight tables with four chairs each. As I was standing there looking at the bar, on my left were two booths with a space between the next group of booths for doors leading to the banquet room. The dinning room was behind the booths and could seat 125 people. I would say the place was half full already.

I walked over to the end of the bar, and looked into the card game room. There were four older guys playing gin rummy and two watching. I got a drink and moved into the room and into a position where I was directly across from the doors going to the banquet room, but on the opposite wall. From there, I could see the whole bar area, tables and booths. It was dark in there except for the

small overhead light on the table and light from the TV. I remembered when I was standing at the entrance; I could not make out who was in the game room as it was too dark in there.

In the card room on the TV, they had a soccer game between Italy and Spain and the guys’ playing cards were all mostly older Italians. I talked to a few and they seemed friendly and cordial. Two of the older guys talked very loud, I think they were hard of hearing. They laughed at every thing and had a grand old time.

They all had nick names for each other like Fish, Wolf, Gimp, Gippy

and Mony. I looked at the clock on the wall and it was almost eight thirty. I could see the cart from the kitchen being moved to the banquet hall with the prime ribs.

I heard Wolf say, “Carol is having a party in the banquet room and you should see the tits and body on her.”

He also said, “No wife of mine would work around that horny Jake,” and everyone broke out in laughter.

It was nine twenty, and I saw Carol come into the bar from the banquet room. She had her bright red cocktail dress on and looked so hot in it.

Gippy spotted her and said, “Carol will come down and see me as she has the hots for me,” as everyone laughed.

I said to myself, “Holy shit, how do I get out of this room?” I spotted a couple booths that were empty and figured if I sat in them she might just not see me.

As I watched Carol get a drink from the bar, I saw a guy come up to her and throw his arms around her, giving her a big hug and kiss on the lips. She talked to him for ten minutes and another guy came and did the same thing for another ten minutes. Then Sally came out the door and said they were ready to start the strip show.

When Wolf heard that he said, “Jake got them that six foot six black dude with a 10 inch cock,” and all the guys laughed.

They said, “He is good and he likes to fuck the white girls. The guys had some more remarks and then went back to the game.

About half an hour later, someone came out of the room, and through the door, you could hear the women screaming at the top of their lungs. This broke up the guys at the card table. I then saw Jake come in and sit in a booth near the door.

I said to myself, “Damn, I don’t want him to see me.”

Wolf said, “There is Jake, but he won’t come over here, I embarrassed him in front of his girl friend and he is pissed at me.”

I was glad to hear that. Just then, Carol came out again and she spotted Jake.

They kissed and hugged and she sat in his booth. I had a good view from where I was, and I could see them holding hands.

Wolf said, “I bet Jake nails her tonight. She looks hotter than hell in that outfit.

He has been after her for over three months, now This is the longest he has chased one without getting in her pants.”

Carol went back in after getting a hug and kiss from another guy in the bar.

Another daytime customer I guess. You could see her begging off to leave, pointing to the room and then leaving. Carol did this most of the night. Come out after being in there for twenty minutes and sit with Jake, or get mauled by a customer in the bar area. The guys would stand next to her with their arm around her and on her ass, rubbing it. Every time she went to see Jake, he would stand and kiss her and hug her, feeling her ass.

At midnight, the party broke up as girls drifted out and only four were left in there. The doors to the room were open and you could see right in. Jake and three single guys went into the room to dance with the girls to a jukebox that was in there. Zeke, the black stripper, was still there dancing with the girls but he was dressed.

From what I saw, Carol had a drink every time she came out and took it back to the room with her. She sure had to be loaded by now. All the women were dancing close and getting dry humped by the guys, because every one was quite drunk, I guess.

The bar closed at two and it was ten to now, so I made my way out to my car without being seen. I waited in my car till twenty after and almost everyone had left. A cab pulled up and out walked the four girls and Jake. The three girls got in and the cab pulled away, leaving Carol standing there. Jake went back

to lock the door as I pulled up and beeped the horn, and Carol staggered over to my car.

I said, “I figured you would be pretty drunk, so I came down to see that you got home safety.”

“Good, Jake was just going to take me to the diner for breakfast so we can follow him over there. Just a minute and I will tell him.”

She walked over to Jake as he finished locking up. They talked there for awhile, and then came up to my car.

Jake said to me, “So you don’t even trust your wife out at night and you have to come and check on her. A girl can’t even go out by herself without her hubby right up her ass. You afraid someone’s going to have a bigger cock than you?”

“I don’t want her being killed driving drunk, or hit by some drunk driver.”

Carol said, “We’re not drunk, we will be ok, Ken. Don’t worry about us, I will be home in a little while, honey.”

I put the fucking car in gear, and drove home pissed off at her big time. I had about four beers at the house as I was changing. I went to bed at four AM, and she was not home yet. I didn’t think I could go to sleep, but I don’t even remember hitting the bed. I woke up at ten in the morning with a slight hangover, and she was not in bed. I took a shower and was getting pissed off as I headed for the kitchen, but saw Carol sleeping on the couch with a pail by her side to throw up in. The girls were already in the kitchen and asked why mom was sleeping on the couch. She had a blanket from the couch over her and was still in her red dress.

I cooked eggs for the girls and then cleaned the kitchen up. Carol came in with a shit-eating grin on her face, and the kids asked why she slept on the couch.

She sat down at my coffee cup and drank some out of it.

“I got sick at the diner and threw up all over the john. Eggs, bacon, home fries, and toast all down the toilet.”

The girls were laughing at her as I poured her a cup of coffee and took mine back. I walked out of the room still pissed off. I was reading the Sunday paper as she came and sat at my feet on the floor.

“I’m sorry, I guess I was too drunk and not thinking at all, I should have come home with you. We went to the diner and I ordered the trucker special, but it’s more than I eat in a month. I got it down, but twenty minutes later it came up and I had to go to the john to throw it up. We stayed there until I felt better. Then he drove me here. I slept on the couch so I could throw up some more if I had to.”

The phone rang, and I got up and walked out the door to wash the car. I stayed outside all day doing things in the yard and garden.

I decided to walk over to Jake’s house and give him a piece of my mind. He was at his pool when I got there. “Jake, who the fuck do you think you are, talking to me that way last night.”

Jake said, “I’m sorry Ken, guess I had too much to drink. You see one of the waitresses is having trouble with her ex stalking her and she got an order of protection against him. He was in the club last night giving her some shit. I had to step in and separate them, and I guess I was just taking my frustration out on you. I’m very sorry Ken, you are a nice guy and Carol is a very likeable woman. Sorry again if I blew up, but now you know why.”

We talked some more and I left to go back home.

Jill came by at six and drove Carol to the lounge to get her car. She came home at seven and I had a sandwich while I watched TV. She came in and told me she was going to bed. I never talked to her and she left for the bedroom. When I went to bed at eleven, she was sound a sleep. I woke up early and never woke her up. I went to work.

I couldn’t wait until I heard the recording of the phone calls, to see what Jake and she said. That night when I got home, I played the tape.

Jake started right off with, “Who the hell does he think he is following you

around and checking your every move. I saw him sitting in the parking lot all night just waiting to see if you left with anybody. I should have called the cops on him. This is 2004, not the 30′s. That is called stalking women, what he is doing. Women have rights and work for a living and control their own bodies.

Shit, if you wanted to work for me full time, I would pay you around 60 thousand and that’s more than a lot of guys earn. Don’t know why some guys try to badger their wives and try to control them so much.”

Carol began standing up for me, but then Jake told her a lot mote shit and then she soon started agreeing with him. I don’t know if she did that to smooth things with her boss or she believed him. I guess I would find out when I talked to her. But I wasn’t talking to her. Shit what a mess I got myself into.

I went upstairs, and Patty and Carol came in from school. I said hi to Patty, but nothing to Carol. She just ignored me while I ignored her. I got a beer, and went in and watched TV. She called out supper was ready and we ate and we both talked only to Patty, never saying a word to each other. Patty did the dishes as Carol cleaned up the kitchen, and then Patty went over to her girl friends house.

I turned on the computer and checked email and the news. After a half-hour, I was on a cam site checking the girl’s out when I saw Carol sitting on the couch,

watching me. I looked over, but didn’t say anything, and after awhile she started talking.

“Maybe that’s what you need, a hooker who you can order around and control. Can you get one on your porn sites?” She knew how to piss a guy off big time.

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

Carol said, “I think we need some time away from each other for a while, I’m going over to my sister’s for a few days. I don’t know when I will be back, or if I will be back.”

I turned and stared at her. Then I shut the computer off and went for a walk. I had to get out of the house or I would rip her head off. What I should do is go to Jake’s house, and tear his head off and shove it up his ass. When I got home an hour later, her car was gone and a note for Patty to call Mom at Aunt Alice’s house. When Patty called, her mom said she would pick her up for school and she was staying with her sister for a few days.

Patty went to bed and I got a beer. I sat there thinking. I wouldn’t have the phone to check on her if she was at Alice’s house so what would I do? I thought, I had seven weeks vacation left on the books and I could use them if I needed to. I figured she would come home to take Patty to school and for more clothes tomorrow. That would be the last call from here.

Monday I went to work, and told them that I wanted some vacation. And they said ok. I spoke to my buddy Rick, and asked if I could use his cycle for awhile.

He said,

“No sweat, use it as long as you want. It is in my side yard, here’s the key.”

I drove to the local gas station, then walked the rest of the way to Rick’s house, and then rode to the diner for coffee.

At home, I pulled the tape recorder out and played it. She told Jake,

“He is mad at me and won’t talk to me at all. I got pissed, and decided that we need space from each other for awhile, so I’m staying at my sister’s house. Maybe he needs a hooker he can control and tell what to do.”

Jake said,

“Being in the bar business, I can tell an asshole a mile away, and Ken is one. They like to dominate their wives, and control every move they make. They abuse their wives and think nothing of it. I was sorry it had to be you. How did you put up with it for all theses years?”

“I don’t know. I don’t think he was like this all the time.”

“Oh yes he was, you were just too much in love to see it. Guys are like this from the start. I think its best you found out now. I have an apartment, and you can stay there. Your sister might just give him information on what you’re doing all the time, and this way you could have Patty come and stay with you at different times.”

“Oh by the way, I need someone to work the strip club for me. The manager is taking a vacation and I need some one I can trust to collect the receipts and put them in the bank so nobody robs me too much. I don’t have anyone I can trust and I will pay you a good salary for it too. In fact, if you want a full time job it’s yours.

“I don’t know Jake, things are going too fast right now.”

“Well, we’ll talk about it when you come into work on Tuesday. How’s that.”

They each said good bye, with Jake saying, “I love you.”

I went over to her work on Tuesday and watched as she left at three and

picked Patty up at school. I followed them home, and then they both went in the house. About two hours later, she went to her sisters. I returned to the house and fed Patty. Patty still didn’t know anything was wrong. I told her,

“I will be busy with work and will see you tomorrow morning,” so she kissed me good night.

Then I checked the recording to see if Carol had talked to Jake. I heard them make arrangements to meet at the lounge at nine. He would then take her to the strip club to show her what had to be done there. He talked about the apartment again, and how nice it would be for her to relax and have Patty with her instead of living with the sister. Carol told him no, but she would think it over.

I remembered we had all watched a baseball game at his apartment after

getting rained out at a ball game in town once. He told us it was his fuck nest at the time, to get away from his wife. It was a nice two-bedroom apartment and he knocked down a wall to have a large game room or den instead of a living room and dining room. The game room had a large 52 in TV and three couches and some big soft chairs in it.

Tuesday I pulled into the fast-food parking lot across from the lounge. I saw Jake’s car, and a while later Carol parked and went in. About an hour later they came out, and drove to the strip club and parked, then went in. At midnight they came out, and drove to his apartment and sat in the driveway of it. They sat there a good hour and didn’t go in, then finally he took her to the sisters at

one AM.

The next day I parked in the fast-food place again. I had a good view of the

parking lot, and could see both their cars in the lot. At nine thirty they went to the strip club and went inside. At both places, he has a parking place right in front of the clubs so he doesn’t have to walk at all. I liked this, because I could keep an eye on him. It made it easy for me.

I called her sister at ten, and asked for Carol. She said she was out, and that’s all she said. I called back at eleven and at twelve. Both times I got the answering machine and didn’t leave a message, except for the last time when I asked her to call me before one and that I was going to bed.

At a few minutes after twelve, they came out of the club and she looked drunk. He was helping her when she staggered. They drove to his apartment a few blocks away. I could see him helping her up the stairs and saw the lights come on. About thirty minutes later, the light went off and a bedroom light came on for ten minutes. Then all the lights went out.

At four AM, I saw a small light come on in the den room, and few minutes later a light came on in the bedroom. Another ten minutes and the lights went off.

They came down the stairs and drove off in his car. This time he didn’t have to hold her up. They headed towards her sister house, so I got my car and headed for home and to get some sleep. I pulled into the garage, and shut and locked the door so she could not open the garage.

Patty woke me up at seven and I took a shower. Carol called and said she was sick and asked Patty if she would take the bus or get a ride from me. I drove her to school and went to the park to sleep in the car. I was hoping Carol would go to the house to get something and use the phone. She didn’t do either.

I had Rick covering my phone at work if Carol called me. He was to call me and I would call her on my cell phone. At eleven I went back to the house to sleep but drove by the lounge and her car was not there. Guess she called in sick.

Then I heard from Patty that mom was going to be working nights.

Friday Patty had a school play at seven. Carol told her she would try to be there for it. I listened to the phone recording at the house Friday when Carol cleaned out more of her stuff. Jake was saying she must have had drank the drinks too fast as she passed out on the couch as soon as they got to the apartment. She said she was so sick the next day and would have to pace herself from now on. I think the son-of-a-bitch put something in her drink. She said she wanted to see the place again in the future.

That night Carol went to work at four PM, and at seven, I went to the school for the play. I saw Carol come in and sit with some friends. She saw me and waved. I waved back, why not? After the play, I found Patty and asked if she wanted to go for ice cream, and she said yes. Just then, up walked Carol and she told Patty what a good job she did, and that she had to go back to work and would call her Saturday.

I turned my back on her and told Patty I would meet her in the car. We went out for the ice cream and then I took her to her girlfriend Nancy’s house, where she was staying overnight.

I got to the strip club at twelve and saw Carol’s and Jake’s cars there. It was three before they came out with four other guys and two strippers. Jake walked her to her car and opened the door for her. Then he kissed her. They all took off and went to the diner for breakfast. About five, Carol drove to her sister’s.

At one on Saturday, Carol came over to see Patty and took her shopping. She waved at me in the yard and said hi but I ignored her totally. They came back and she dropped her off and then went to work at the strip club.

Patty asked, “What is going on with you two?”

I told her, “Mom is a little mixed up right now and is working for the wrong guy, and is listening to his bull-shit too much for her own good.”

Because she was working nights I went back to work, but I kept the cycle. When I got out of work, I would sleep after making supper for Patty and me and then go check on Carol early in the morning. Carol moved into the apartment and Patty paid her a visit.

I stopped at the lounge one day when Jake and Carol were not there. I went

into the rooms where the old guys hang out. I heard Gippy talking about Jake’s failure to fuck Carol. Wolf went behind the bar and came back with some Polaroid pictures of Carol with her tits hanging out, sound asleep on the couch.

Wolf laughed said, “The son of a bitch gave her too much powder in her drink and she passed out instead of turning into a sex bomb. Look, she didn’t even have a bra on, I bet she was ready to fuck without the drug.” All the guys laughed, and I left a little later.

At the stake out of the strip joint, it was same thing going on. They ate, then got in their cars and went home. I could see Jake trying to talk her into something, but she shook her head no. When Jake wasn’t there, some of the other guys tried to take her home, but she didn’t go.

Then one night, I saw her come out with the group. But she drove to the

apartment, instead of the diner. I then saw Jake pull up behind me so I turned off and circled the block as they both went into the apartment house. The light came on in the den and ten minutes later a light came on in her bedroom for about five minutes as she changed clothes. Then it went off. A light came on in

her kitchen, and I guess she was making eggs or getting a drink. Half-hour later the light went off and just the den light was on. A while later I saw Jake come down the stairs and go to his car, take out a camera and go back to the apartment. An hour later he came back down after shutting the lights off and headed for home.

I followed to our neighborhood to see if he would leave the camera in the car. Just my luck he did, so I went to my house for a Slim Jim.

At four thirty in the morning I walked over to Jake’s house and saw his car

sitting there. I opened the door with a Slim Jim, and pulled out the camera. I went back to my house and downloaded them into the computer. When I finished, I returned the camera to his car.

Back home I checked the photos out. She was drugged, and he took pictures of her. The first one she was curled up with her long nightshirt on and showing her throng panties. The second picture with her panties off. Next was a shot with the shirt up over her tits. Then came one with shirt off and naked. Then he moved her around and posed her completely naked in different poses, about

twenty. Half looked like she was asleep but the other half you could not tell for sure. But I knew she was, from the first one.

In none of them did she have her eyes open. He got in a few of them, naked. It looked like she was going to blow him or she was playing with his cock. I guess I should have been upset, but it was all her doing instead of listening to me. But I knew I had to fuck with Jake some how. Any bastard that would take advantage of someone like that had it coming.

For some reason, I knew Jake like to party and fuck on a Friday night. Guess it got him ready for the Saturday night parties we had in the neighborhood. Well, it was Friday and he pulled up at the strip bar at two, and people started to leave. They don’t usually close till after three but he was having them leave now. At about two twenty, he and Carol came out and took both cars over to her apartment.

As I watched them in the apartment, I saw the den light first, then the kitchen light, and then her bedroom light. It was twenty to three right now. For about half-hour all the lights stayed on and I could see them moving around through the curtains. Then all the lights went off except the bedroom light and I saw them moving around in there. I could see both their figures going by the

curtains. I don’t know what they were doing, but it looked like they were both naked.

I had been carrying my digital camera around with me since I caught Jake using his to take naked pictures. There was no movement for fifteen minutes. I figured they had to be fucking by now. Boy, was my blood boiling now. I wished I had a fucking gun with me instead of the fucking camera. I grabbed the camera and headed for the house. As I crossed the street, I saw rubbish on the curb to go out. There was a piece of channel iron four foot long and six inches thick. This would be good to break the fucking door down with, I thought to myself. When I opened the door, I saw three alarm panels numbered 01 to 03. Oh shit, the house is wired to an alarm system. I went up the stairs, taking them two at a time. I was playing the layout of the room in my mind for when I broke in the fucking door. I told myself I wanted a shot of her fucking face so I could cherish the look for the rest of my life.

At the landing, I stopped at the door and listened for any sound at all, but

didn’t hear a damn thing. I think I listened for at least five minutes. I wanted to catch them fucking and her screaming at the top of her lungs, “Fuck me you bastard.”

What I didn’t know, was they knew someone was coming up the stairs when I hit the first step. Jake was dialing 911, and was talking to them as I was listening on the top landing for sounds of fucking. The police were on their way.

I hit the door twice with the piece of channel iron, and it flew open like a truck hit it. I headed in the direction of the bedroom and saw a light coming from under the door. As I opened it, Jake was standing there in a pair of shorts, and on his cell with the 911 operator. She was standing there in her one-piece swimsuit and holding a paint roller. They were painting the fucking apartment

together. There was a paint roller, and two paintbrushes in a container on the floor. I snapped the picture, but I should have taken my own fucking face instead of hers.

Can you guess who looked stupid now? I started for Jake and he dropped the phone with his left hand and in his right hand was a three-cell flashlight that he swung at me. It hit my left wrist as I put it up to protect myself. It broke my wrist, but I didn’t know it at the time. I grabbed him with my left hand and forced him down on the bed as I pounded him in the face with my right hand. I hit him three good shots when the lights went out for me.

The police came in and jumped on me from the back. They had me in cuffs in seconds. They had hit me with their clubs, so I don’t remember too much, except the doctor saying it was broke and they would set it and put a cast on it while I was handcuffed to the bed with my right hand. They checked my head out and said I was fine, and the cops could take me back to jail. They said I had a call if I wanted it. Who the hell would I have called, my fourteen-year-old daughter? I stayed in jail, thinking what a fucking mess I made of things.

Jake’s attorney came to my cell to talk to me. He informed me Carol had gotten an order of protection against me, and not to go near her. I had to be 300 yards from her. He informed me that if I wanted this thing to disappear, I had to sign a legal document that I would not contest a divorce from Carol. They had me for assault and breaking and entering. I signed it, and was out with the cast on in a half-hour. I found the bike where I left it and saw Jake’s car still there. Bet he was repairing that cheap ass door he had. I got on the bike and went to Rick’s house. He drove me to my car, and I headed home. But Carol’s car was in the driveway.

I parked at Jack’s house up the street from my house and waited for her to

leave so I could get drunk. Sue saw me and said, “What happened to you?”

“I ran into a door, and that is the truth. But I bet no one will believe me.”

They fed me and we talked. I told them I was having trouble with Carol. I didn’t tell them the whole story, just some of it. We sat around and talked in general terms, nothing important. They said they were eating at five if Patty and I wanted to come over. It was their turn to hold the party if I wanted to stay. I told them thanks, I would come back for dinner and to the party. I was fed up with fast food, and I knew Patty was too. I looked over at my house and Carol’s car was gone, so I went home.

I pulled into the driveway and went into the house, as it was open. Patty was with her girlfriend Nancy, sitting at the kitchen table.

Patty said,

“Dad what the hell is going on? Mom said you are loosing it and she is filing for a separation from you. Mom wants me to come and live with her. She said you have abused her, and you are too controlling and dominate her too much. You broke into her apartment, smashed the door down and almost killed her boss. The police had to subdue you and take you to jail.”

I laughed. “Do you want to talk in front of Nancy?”

“Of course, she is my best friend. I share everything with her. Dad, I know you couldn’t do the things Mom is saying about you. I want to hear your side of the story.” They sat down and I told them my side.

“I went to pick up your mom after the party because I didn’t want her driving drunk. Then out of nowhere, her boss lays into me about domineering her. He was saying all kinds of shit about me, none of which was true. I told her I didn’t

want her driving drunk or with some one else that is drunk. She pops out saying they’re not drunk and they will be ok, so I get pissed and take off. That’s why mom slept on the couch after throwing up. She couldn’t even walk straight that

night. Then the next day she said we need space and moved out. Now she is working for him in a strip club. Next thing you know, she will be stripping for him.”

“Hey Patty, I’ll be honest with you, if she has sex with one of the guys, it’s all over. I told her about working in a place like that, but she said I was old

fashioned and wouldn’t listen to me at all. I make good money and she doesn’t have to work any place. All your college money is in the bank already.”

“What should I do about moving in with Mommy?”

“Well, normally I would say you should go with your mother, but she is hanging around with a bad crowd of people, so I don’t know. And I shouldn’t tell you to do anything. You’re a big girl now and should know right from wrong. You will

have to make your own decision on what to do with no help from mom or dad.

We both love you. Think about it, I don’t think she needs an answer right now.”

“Ok Dad, I’ll think about it, and talk to Mom. She is picking me up tomorrow,

and Nancy is staying overnight with us.”

I went out of the house at two AM to check where Carol went after work. She and Jake went to her apartment, and he left after a half-hour. I went home and to bed.

In the morning, I got up and made breakfast for the kids and they did the dishes. Patty said, “Mom is picking me up, and I’m going to her place to give her my decision on who I’m going to stay with. And Nancy is going with us.”

Then both of them quizzed me about the whole thing and I felt like I was on trial. Kids are a lot smarter now than when I was that age.

They asked, “Why didn’t you just throw her in the car the first night?”

I said, “The guy was calling me abusive, that would have looked great, throwing her in the car.”

“Do you still love mom?” Patty asked.

“Of course I do, I don’t think I will ever stop loving her”

Then a beep in the driveway from Carol, and off went the kids and their

suitcases. That was at eleven. I laid down for some more rest, wondering if she would stay with her mother. In a way, I hoped she would. This would protect Carol from Jake, as Patty would be there all the time. Oh well, I guessed I would just have wait until I heard from her.

At seven, I got a call from Patty and she was crying. “Mom is all mixed up, for sure. That Jake is feeding her a line and she’s eating it up. I’m going to stay with Mom for a month. If she doesn’t straighten out, I’ll come back and live with you.”

We said our goodbye and ‘love you’ bit. At nine, Nancy called me. She explained in depth what Patty was going to do.

Nancy said,

“I agree that Carol is not her normal self. We talked to her for three hours and then Jake showed up. Carol wanted Jake to leave so we could talk. But we wanted to feel him out, so we had him stay. I don’t think he would have left anyway. What did you ever do to him to make him so mad at you?

Well, it didn’t take Patty or I long to find out what a jerk he is. Jake would say some dumb thing and Carol would agree with him. If it weren’t so funny, we would have been in tears. Finally, Patty and I went into the bedroom to plan

our strategy. She figured the best way to come in between them was to stay at her mom’s place to make life miserable for Jake. She is going to give it a month with her mom. Mom comes home at four am and has to get up at seven to drive Patty to school and then go home to sleep some more. She will have to pick her up at three from school and then go directly to work. We’ll see how long she likes those apples.”

Then she busted out laughing. “Wait till they have to cart us all around town and we just sleep over at her place. We will see how it goes. Jake will go crazy about then.”

I said, “I think a week will do it, at the most two weeks. Ok, you girls keep me up to date then.”

On Friday when I came home from work, there was a tape of a family talk between Nancy, Patty, and Carol. Patty had taped it and her Mom didn’t know anything about it.

Nancy said, “Damn, Mrs. Ryan, do you go to work looking like that? Your eyes looked like they are swelling up. Do you get enough sleep? Your face doesn’t look too good, it has a lot of wrinkles on it.”

“Well, I didn’t get all my makeup on yet.”

“Mom, when dad was at the lounge, why didn’t you ride home with him instead of going with Jake?”

“Well, he sped away before I had a chance to ask him to go with us.”

“Didn’t you tell Dad that you weren’t drunk, and you would be alright going with Jake.”

“Yes, but we weren’t drunk.”

“Why did you throw up so much then, and sleep on the couch.”

“I guess the food was bad,” the kids laughed like hell at this.

“Why the hell did you go in the first place, you were drunk and Jake was drunk and you rode with him. Why didn’t you just go with Dad for Christ’s sake.”

She got pissed then and said, “Well, he followed me like I can’t take care of myself, he is abusive. He waited in the parking lot until we came out to embarrass me.”

“Mom, Dad was home with us all night. He left at two to go pick you up. He didn’t want you driving drunk. Don’t give me that shit he is abusive. I have lived in that house with you for 14 years. It sounds like Jake talking, not you Mom.

Don’t lie to me Mom, not if you want me to tell you the truth all the time.”

“I’ve got to go to work, see you guys in the morning.”

Patty and Nancy stayed at my house Sunday all day because Carol was going to catch up on her sleep. They told me,

“We harass the shit out of Jake and he doesn’t know the difference. Old people are funny. We set the alarm at night so one of us will be awake when she comes home with Jake for breakfast, and then we complain that Jake’s loud voice woke us up. Then the once we are up, we will stay with them until Jake leaves, before going back to bed. Jake keeps telling us to go to bed, but we don’t and then he leaves.”

Patty said, “I know you can’t put up with what’s going on and I’m going to tell Mom next Saturday night to shove it. I’m coming home Dad,” and she gave me a big hug along with Nancy.

Patty said, “I will tape it and give you a copy.”

The following Saturday the kids set the plan into effect. When Carol and Jake came in at three AM, they listened and gave them time to eat and do the dishes. Then Jake put on soft music on the CD player as they sat on the couch. The kids crept down the hall until they could see them on the couch necking. They waited until it got hot and heavy and Jake had her shirt and bra off. They didn’t know how far it went because couldn’t see them very well because the lights were off, with just street light coming in.

Jake was sucking on her tits with one hand between her legs. He would move from one to the other. He was telling her what nice tits she had and how he wanted to fuck them with his big cock. She was playing with his cock and her hand slick, while she was pumping away on it.

Jake put his hand on the top of her head and started to push her head down to his cock. Her head was just inches from his cock and you could see her tongue start to come out to engulf his hard on. That’s when Nancy hit the lights.

What a scramble it was, Jake fell flat on his face with his pants at his ankles.

Carol couldn’t find her shirt, and when she did, it was inside out and her bra was on the coffee table. Jake was on his knee’s, trying to pull up his pants, which you can’t do in that position. The girls gave them their high school screams that they do at the ball games and said it should have woke the whole block.

“Sorry Mom, we through it was a burglar in the house. We didn’t know it was you two.”

Each of the girls had their lacrosse stick in their hands. Mom was putting her blouse on inside out, and she was having a tough time with it.

“Mom, you guys scared the shit out of us. My heart is racing to beat hell!”

Carol couldn’t get her blouse buttoned because the buttons were on the inside of the blouse. So she held her arms over her breasts, like no one could see or notice them.

Carol said, “Well, it is only us, sweetheart.”

Jake wasn’t that friendly, he stood there with a piece of his underwear sticking out of his fly and no shirt on.

“Why the fuck are you kids up this time of night? Get the hell out of here, and get the fuck to bed where you belong,” Jake yelled.

The girls started to cry at the tone of his voice and his language. Patty said crying,

“I happen to be in my house, why don’t you go home and suck on your wife’s tits and have her suck your cock, not my Mom. Plus, don’t go around in my house with your cock hanging out again.”

Carol said, “Now children, let’s calm down and talk this thing out.”

As she went to hug Patty, her tits fell out again.

“Mom I’m going home to Dad. I’m not staying here and put up with this bullshit anymore. I’m fed up with all Jake’s bullshit about Dad and his lies. I’m leaving before I start believing his line of shit. I just can’t take it any more; I’m fed up with it. Dad never lied or told such foul truths as Jake puts out through his lying teeth. Dad is twice the man Jake will ever be. It all started just because he loved you enough to see you got home safely after the party. And then Jake started all his rumors about Dad and you sucked them right up.”

Jake said, “I never lied.”

“You said he was in the parking lot all night checking on Mom, when he was home with me.”

“I didn’t say that. I said he probably sat in the lot all night.”

You said, “He was abusive towards Mom.”

“Well he was, he left her in the lot, and I had to take her home. He didn’t care about her.”

“Mom told him that she wasn’t drunk, and you guys said you would be alright. Mom said not to worry about you two, you would be home in a little while.”

Carol said, “What’s that mean. I’m going with him and I will be aright, I’ll see you around some time.”

“Go home, I’m going with him, I rather be with him that’s what it means,” said Patty.

“If I was Dad, I would have gotten out of the car and kicked the shit out of

both you drunken bums. But Dad’s not like that.”

“Oh yeah? Then why did he break in here,” said Jake.

“Maybe he thought you were trying to screw his wife, like you planned to do tonight, from what I saw. If you two made less noise, Mom would be sucking on your cock now, and then you would ended up fucking her. I’m walking to Dad’s house.”

“Not tonight you’re not, it’s too late,” said Carol.

“We’ll be safer out there than here!”

Nancy left the room to go to the bedroom to call 911. She told them she wanted to go home to her father who had custody of her, and her mother was drunk and they were arguing too much and would not let her leave. Patty headed for the door, and Jake stopped her. She told him, “Don’t you ever touch me with those filthy hands.”

They argued back and forth for a few minutes. Then Carol got into it, and there was screaming as the alarm system went off as the police came up the stairs from the 911 call Nancy made.

Jake got his gun off the shelf saying, “I’ll take care of him this time for good,”

thinking it was Carol’s husband.

The police identified themselves, and then came in to the room. Nancy joined Patty and they started to let the tears loose.

Jake said, “What the fuck are you cops doing here, get out.”

Just then, Patty said, “Better do what he says, he has a gun and he will use


It was a blur, and they had Jake down, and cuffed and took the gun away from him. They ran the gun and it was stolen.

Cops asked Patty what she wanted, and she said she wanted to go home to her dad.

Carol said, “I will drive you home.”

And Patty said, “No Mom, you’re too drunk, I don’t want you to get a ticket.”

The cop said, “I can smell the booze on you lady, and the guy is drunk, with a weapon, and a stolen one at that. We will call the husband to come over and pick the kids up.”

“Where do you work lady, for the report?”

“At the nude review.”

“We been after them for prostitution, are you one of the call girls?”


“Well, we will get you in time, if you are one. Let’s see some ID, have you ever been picked up for prostitution?”

“No, my husband is an engineer at the research lab.”

“Mom, tell the truth, and they will go easy on you. Dad is not with you any

more, remember?”

“Have you ever been picked up by the police, lady?”

“No I’m not like that.”

“Whatever you say lady, but do you mind putting on some decent clothes and buttoning them too? Are you having sex in front of the minors?”

That was all of the tape, as it ran out. I got there as they were putting Jake in the paddy wagon, and it drove off. The cop brought the kids down and off we went to our house with the kids singing songs all the way. When we got there, they played the tape for me.

I told them, “I’m never going to piss you guys off.” I praised the kids on what a fine job they did.

I made them breakfast and the kids went to bed to catch up on the sleep that they missed. I cleaned up, read the paper, and then listened to the tape again.

It was seven when Carol pulled into the driveway. I shut off the tape, and

woke up the kids, as they wanted to be up when she came. I watched as she came in. She didn’t look like the sexy chick that left the house a few months ago. Carol sat at the kitchen table with the girls, while I handed her a cup of coffee.

She said, “Boy, do I need this.”

Patty said, “Mom, should you be driving? Are you sober enough to drive?”

“Ken, can’t you send the kids to their room?” Carol said.

“It’s not the way I do things in this house,” I replied.

“Patty are you sure you want to stay with your father, rather than with me.”

“I’m sure Mom, I just can’t get along with your friends you go to breakfast with, like the prostitutes at the strip bar. And I don’t like Jake at all. I can’t sleep with you guys coming in all kinds of hours and making out in front of us. I don’t want Jake walking around with his penis out. No Mom, I’ll stay with Dad. I’m sure Dad would take his girls into the bedroom for sex with the door closed, and

not in plain sight.”

“Well, I think you’re going to have to live with me, girl, and there is no way for you to get out of it.”

Patty said, “Well, I think you have another guess coming then Mom, because there is no way Dad will let me go back with you.”

Carol said, “I guess I should get my things and move back then, because I’m not going to be without you two, or should I say three, Nancy?”

Nancy popped out with; “Did any one ask Mr. Sisto if he was taking in


“Sure, we have a spare bedroom with just a sewing machine and a bed taking up the space. Shit, the price would be just right, too. Of course, you must have references, and there are no male guests allowed,” I said.

“Not right now, I don’t think I have that many friends.”

“Dad will do it on my say so, don’t worry Mom, let’s go get your stuff,” said Patty.

They went to the apartment to get her things and made three trips. When they came back, I had the spare room made up. She had no choice but to put her things in there.

I told her, “There is a bathroom down the hall, which you will share with Patty.”

She said, “That’s ok, Patty is my favorite,” and they hugged and cried.

The three girls worked in her room; I relaxed on the computer. It was hard to do the typing with just one hand. At ten, after Patty went to bed, Carol came in and sat on the couch.

From internet chat to an encounter in the flesh

Mike watched Becca walk out the room, her perfect arse wiggling as she went. She stopped at the door and turned, knowing his eyes would be on her.

Even though he’d just cum his cock twitched slightly at the sight of her. Around 5′ 4” she had shapely pert tits, probably a 32C he reckoned. Her long dark hair cascaded over her shoulders covering one of her nipples but the other could be clearly be seen, erect, standing our from her pink areola. She still wore her suspenders and stockings as well as a knowing smile, and also a few splatters of his cum of her cute face.

“Don’t go anywhere,” she purred.

He chuckled , “As if!”

His cock twitched again as she wiped around her mouth and then licked her fingers.

“I want some more of that,” she said looking down at his cock. She swayed out, knowing full well the effect she was having on him.

Mike couldn’t stop grinning as he lay on the bed, still amazed at the turn of events that had just led to one of the hottest experiences he’d had for a long time. And it was still just early afternoon!

He clearly remembered the Saturday afternoon when he’d first ‘met’ Becca. His girlfriend had gone out for the day to meet some friends, despite the fact that they’d barely spent any time together the previous week. He was a bit pissed off and more than a little horny so he’d been browsing a couple of porn sites, hoping to see some nice live sex to help while away the afternoon.

As he was on his own he didn’t have a cam on so was a bit surprised when he got a message.

“Hi, how’s it going?” asked HotBecca84.

“Not bad,” he replied, “the missus is out, so I’m just browsing.”

“Cool, my fella’s at the football game and I’m bored.”

There then followed a bit of flirty chat which he only half concentrated on as he browsed through the live cams but then she sent a pic across. It wasn’t provocative at all, just one of her out with some mates but her sexy smile drew him in. It was as if she knew a secret that no one else did. The fact that she looked really hot helped but it was that smile that he would start to see in his dreams.


“You like?”

“Very much so, ur one foxy lady.” (not the smoothest chat up in the world he realised messaging didn’t allow for much eloquence!)

“TY :-) ” was the reply

They chatted and flirted a bit more and then Becca had to go but that was the start of a beautiful cyber relationship.

Over the next few months they chatted fairly regularly. Mike worked away a lot and chatting to Becca certainly helped to pass many an evening stuck in a hotel room and she posted enough pics that he was pretty sure she was real and not some cyber freak. Each pic was hotter than the last, from her bent over wearing just a thong to a shot of her lying on a beech wearing a skimpy pink bikini.

When she’d posted that she’d asked,

“Do my pics get u hard?”

“Well I’m imagining rubbing lotion over that firm body and sliding my hand into that bikini so what do u think?!”

“Stroke ur cock for me and describe what u want to do with me.”

Being a gentleman Mike obliged! He couldn’t remember the last time he came that hard from a wank.

Pretty soon he was fantasizing about her when he was shagging his girlfriend. Imagining it was Becca’s lips on his cock or her bent over in front of him, looking over her shoulder with a knowing smile as he pounded her from behind. It wasn’t that his sex life was bad far from it, but somehow she’d got in his head.

Then one night when they were in the middle of a bit of dirty chat and Becca said,

“I want you here in the flesh so I can sit on that hard cock.”

“Nothing I’d like more! ;-)

“We’ll have to meet,” she said.

Slightly surprised but thinking it was part of the game Mike replied, “Well I’m working away in down south in a few weeks and staying there for the weekend. Come on down.”

There was a long pause and the Becca typed,

“Not sure I can make it; it’ll be difficult to get away.”

Mike was a bit surprised, it seemed like she had really considered it!

And then few days later he got a message.

“I’ve sorted it out. I’m coming.”

Mike’s heart raced when he first read the words but then he calmed a bit. He certainly hoped she’d come down but didn’t want to get his hopes up too much. It seemed too good to be true. But over the next week they chatted a few times more and Becca kept mentioning meeting up, even going so far as to tell Mike that she’d bought a new set of sexy undies. This was on top of the stockings and suspenders and a pink thong that she also discussed in great detail!

By this time Mike was working down south and as he was working there for a couple of weeks he’d had work book a self contained flat. It worked out a bit cheaper and it was pure coincidence that it was also ideal for a dirty weekend! As the week progressed every evening he wondered would she really turn up? Whilst he hoped she would realistically he didn’t expect it – these things didn’t happen in real life did they?

Friday night came around and after a long day working Mike was in the shower and playing through possible scenarios in his head up. There was a full size mirror opposite the shower and as he caught site of himself Mike grinned.

Regardless whether Becca turned up he’d do his best to make sure he had company in here tomorrow! He was still in good nick. 5’10″ but with broad shoulders and whilst not as cut as he’d been a few years ago he still had well defined muscles and hadn’t gone to seed like a lot of his mates.

Whilst his cock might not get him the starring role in a porn film he’d never had a complaint about it! He could comfortably get one hand on top of the other on it as he wanked and it was thick enough that some ladies could only just get their hand around it and they had to be pretty good to get all of him in their mouths. All in all he was still a pretty good catch! He went out that evening, had a few beers and then an early night, nerves and excitement gone – whatever happened would happen.

And then it was Saturday. Mike had given Becca the name of a pub just round the corner from where he was staying so they could meet safely and suggested they meet at 12.30. He also passed on his mobile number. He’d not had a reply to that which probably wasn’t a good sign! He finished a bit of work on his laptop in the morning and then started reading, pretending that he wasn’t watching the clock. 12 pm passed, then 1pm and then it got to half past.

“Oh well, it always seemed too good to be true,” he thought and decided to head out for some food. Then his phone buzzed. A text was there from an unknown number.

“I’m here.”

Mike’s heart raced. Could it be true?! He left the left flat and walked across to the pub and there she was! She was sat at a table smiling the smile he dreamed about. She was wearing a long coat, unfortunately done up to keep out the chill February weather so he couldn’t see her figure. She was wearing a pair of kick ass boots and nylons (tights or stockings?!).

He couldn’t remember what they talked about for the next 30 minutes. They started with inconsequential things such as “Bad traffic, I can’t believe you came, and you look great,” and then just seemed to click. Becca seemed at ease so after they’d finished their drinks Mike suggested they go and grab some food and asked if Becca wanted to dump her bag at the flat. This was it – would she agree to stay?

“Cool, I could do with freshening up and I want to change out of this coat. It was raining when I left home.”

Just a few minutes later they were in the flat. “Bathrooms there, chuck me your coat and I’ll hang it up. I’ll put your bag in here out the way,” Mike said as he headed into the bedroom.

He turned to grab her coat and paused, absolutely gobsmacked. The coat was on the ground and Becca was stood there wearing a lace bra, black thong, stockings, suspenders, the boots and nothing else! She’d been sat in the pub like that (and as Mike later found out she had driven from the last motorway services wearing just that, with her coat wide open)!

The pics he’d seen just didn’t do her justice. She was toned but still curvy and totally as hot as hell. His cock stiffened instantly.

“I’d ask if you liked what you see but I think I can guess the answer,” she said grinning as she stared at the now very visible bulge in Mikes’ trousers.

“Fuck me!” he exclaimed in amazement.

Moving towards him with a sway to her hips Becca said “I intend to!”

As she came towards him Becca was already reaching for his belt, “you’re too overdressed mister!”

She undid the buckle as Mike chucked his jacket off. By the time he had his T-shirt over his head she had her hand inside his trousers and had gripped his cock. Mike shivered slightly at her touch. Deciding to take control a bit he stepped back slightly so he could pull his jeans and socks off. He paused as he drank in the view.

Dark hair cascading over her shoulders, the tops of her breasts were visible above the lace bra, and he could clearly see her erect nipples through the thing gauze. She was trim, without being skinny, she had her belly button pierced and he could see a tattoo stretching across her hip. Her legs where slightly apart and he could make out the curve of her lips through her thong, suggesting she was shaven. The boots just set off the whole effect perfectly. If it was possible his cock got even harder from just drinking in her beauty for a couple of seconds.

She seemed like she was about to say something but Mike stepped forward and kissed her gently on the mouth with a hand pushing her hair to the side and caressing her neck. They kissed long and deep and he felt her shudder under his hand.

Their tongues caressed and then pushed harder against each other as their passions rose, moving with more urgency as the kiss went on. Her hand was on his chest. She ran her fingers through his hair, feeling the firm muscle of his pecs then she moved her hand up and across his shoulder and arm.

Mike pulled her closer, his other hand starting at the top of her shoulder and then moving down her back, stroking her as he pulled her against him. His every nerve seemed heightened. He could feel the fabric of her bra against his chest, the skin of their stomachs met as he pulled her in.

His cock by now was upright and the head stuck out above his boxers and he felt it touch the cold metal of her belly button piercing. His hand was on her arse now feeling the firm flesh, touching her skin as the thong left most of it exposed; they still kissed urgently, pushing hard into each other.

Then Mike broke the kiss, they both stood slightly out of breath as if they’d been running, staring into each other’s eyes knowing something special was happening. There didn’t seem a need for words. Mike bent down slightly and picked her up, she gasped in surprise as he turned and sat her on the desk in the corner. He pulled her to the edge and bent in to kiss her again. Her legs hooked behind his back as she pulled him in to grind the head of his cock against her pussy, all that was between them was the thin fabric of her knickers.

He moved to kiss her neck (unzipping her boots as he did so – they looked sexy as hell but he was worried about those heels and his bare flesh!) his hands moving along the sides of her breasts, across her stomach and round her back. He then moved one hand to cup her breast, gently squeezing and toying with her nipple. Sliding his hand up her shoulder he moved the strap down so he could expose her breast and then he ran his mouth down her neck towards it, kissing, licking and gently nipping.

He played with her nipple between his lips and moved his mouth around it, alternating between kissing her tit and flicking her nipple with his tongue, his hand was on her other one stroking and caressing. She felt fantastic and judging from the way she pushed her tits towards him Becca liked it too!

She reached behind herself and undid the bra, exposing them both to his hungry eyes. He took the chance to pull his boxers down – hic cock now standing proud and free. She reached out with both hands and stoked him, teasing her nails along the underside of his shaft. “Nice,” she said smiling.

Keeping control Mike moved back in, his hands moving across her tits and down her belly, his mouth following. (Her tattoo looked like it was Latin – sexy and a classical education?!) He pulled her to the edge of the desk and caressed the inside of her thighs, running his hands along her toned legs

Moving back up and nuzzling the thin fabric of her thong. She arched her back, whether inviting him or in pleasure Mike wasn’t certain but he took the chance to slide her knickers down her legs and off.

She was definitely fully shaven, he could clearly see her lips glistening and inviting. He moved his hand to caress them, feeling how moist she was, and gently rubbed her clit. She shivered and closed her eyes. He bent down closer to her and slid his fingers inside, kissing around her and then moving his tongue over her clit. She moaned.

He pushed the tip of his tongue against her, gently moving across her hard bud. He curved his fingers towards him inside her moving his index finger, looking for her G spot. She moaned louder.

“Fuck yes,” she panted

He kept his fingers there gently rubbing as his mouth teased and toyed with her clit, alternating between licking, flicking his tongue. She started to get more vocal and he could feel her muscles tense slightly so he moved to a regular motion with his tongue on her clit and his fingers rubbing. He lost track of time; 5 minutes, 10? He was lost in the moment and so was she.

“Oh God, yes… yes, Mike,” she shuddered.

Her hands where in his hair, pulling his head onto her. She moaned and writhed as she came. He lapped up her juices up and nuzzled into her. She pulled him up and looked deep into his eyes.

“God I’ve been looking forward to that all morning.”

Mike grinned, “Glad I could help!”

He then slowly pulled his fingers out of her pussy; she shuddered again in pleasure and looked on with a smile as he licked her juices off his fingers.

“Your turn,” she said, standing up and pushing him back onto the bed. She pushed at his chest firmly till he lay down.

“Oh, hold on one second,” Becca said as she reached into her bag and got out a packet of condoms. “We’ll get around to these later,” she said smiling.

She straddled him and rubbed her hands across his chest feeling his muscles beneath the wiry hair. He moved his hands up from her thighs across her sides and squeezed her tits but she grabbed his hands and held them down above his head.

“You just lie there for now.”

She leant forward and gave him a long lingering kiss. Her breasts tight against his body, His cock throbbed between them, pressing into her belly. She slowly started moving downwards, alternating between kissing his chest and moving her tits over him. He could fell her nipples rub across him and the soft feel of her flesh and caress of her hair.

His skin felt electric, her every touch resonating through his nerves. She was kissing and licking his belly, deliberately avoiding his hard dick it seemed, moving around it, only her hair briefly touching it.

She worked her way around to his thighs, stroking and kissing and then flicked her tongue over his balls. Mike moaned in pleasure. She took one in her lips, gently rolling and kissing it as she finally took hold of his cock. She moved her head up slowly, running her tongue over the base of his shaft. Once, twice. He involuntarily twitched at the sensation of her tongue on him.

Becca moved her head back up to his stomach, gently biting him but this time she rubbed her tits across his balls and then nestled his cock in between them. She looked at him and smiled and then moved up and down slightly rubbing his dick in between her soft breasts. Pre-cum was oozing out of his cock but she seemed to like that, using her tits to spread it around to help him glide between them

He could feel her breath on his cock and while he was having a great time he willed her to just move it down. She kept going for a few seconds, knowing she was driving him wild and then she took him in her mouth.

“Oh yeah,” Mike breathed.

She held the head of his cock in her mouth and moved her tongue around it. She had one hand at the base of his shaft slowly moving up and down, her hand just nicely encircling him. She alternated between deep movements of her head with gentle sucks and licks around his engorged head. Not settling into a rhythm just yet but teasing him and seeing what gave him pleasure. Pretty much everything she was doing to be honest!

She moved her other hand to stroke his balls and occasionally would move her head to lick his sack and suck on his balls, moving her hand up and down the full length of his shaft as she did so. Rubbing her thumb across his end and spreading his pre-cum. She sat up slightly and put both hands on his cock, moving them both together, watching the pleasure evident in his face.

Then she bent and took him deep into her mouth till there was only an inch or two of his shaft visible. She moved her head up and down, getting him deeper into her mouth every time and increasing the speed.

The sensation was incredible. He’d had really good blow jobs in the past but this was amazing. She moved one hand onto his shaft that grabbed him and stoked in time with her head bobbing up and down. She paused occasionally but swirled her tongue around the head of his cock, never letting up with the pleasure.

“That is fucking amazing,” he gasped and if anything she moved deeper down onto him at the sound of his obvious pleasure and fully took him into her mouth. He was so close and moved his hand onto her shoulder to let her know but she just carried on. Sucking and pumping his hard cock till finally he came.

One burst, a second then another, she didn’t take her head away and he kept cumming into her mouth. Finally he stopped spurting, it seemed like an age but had probably only been a second or two of one of the most intense orgasms he had ever had. She slowly moved her mouth away, gently stroking and licking him, smiling as he twitched in pleasure. He could see some of his cum on her chin and cheek from where she hadn’t been able to swallow it all.

“As good as you’d imagined?”


“There’s more where that came from sweetie. Back in a minute.”

She stood up and headed for the bedroom door grabbing something from her bag as she did. He watched her leave.

“Don’t go anywhere,” she purred.

He chuckled, “As if!”

The next day I was groggy and confused as to whether the whole thing had been a dream or not. Amber was already out of bed and downstairs. My heart pounded frightfully for a few dreadful seconds. I thought of what would happen if Mr. Wells had felt guilty about our little rendezvous and had told his family. What if they were all waiting for me downstairs? I shook away the thought and decided to deal with it when or if it happened.

I crept down the stairs to find the usual Sunday morning commotion. Amber and Madge always went to church while I stayed at their house, being indifferent of faith, myself. They were all busy with breakfast, finding clothes, cleaning up and no one looked up when I entered the dining area.

‘Morning sweetie, how was your sleep?’ Madge said in her usual cheery, loving tone, she’d obviously seen me out of the corner of her eye. My heart felt heavy as I told her about how I couldn’t sleep and came downstairs, then Amber came to find me and we went back to bed. Totally avoiding the part where her husband found me in the kitchen and broke my hymen with his fingers. I couldn’t look her in the eye, not that she noticed, with getting everyone’s breakfast ready.

It was a cool morning, looking to turn into a hot day. I was wearing a light singlet that barely covered my stomach and a pair of Amber’s boyshort pairs of underwear. Usually I wouldn’t have given it a thought, but with the man across the table I suddenly felt very aware of my bare skin. My nipples and skin pricked with a cool rush of excitement and guilt.

I humbly sat down at the table and there he was, reading the paper, eating his breakfast that his lovely wife had made him. My heart did somersaults in my chest and I felt rotten, I wanted to leave, my guilt was swallowing me whole as I sat down and someone handed me some French toast.

‘You coming to church, honey?’ Magda asked her husband,

‘No, dear, you go on without me, I’ve got some things to sort out in the office.’

‘Okay, well make sure Dolly doesn’t get too bored, will you?’ She said jokingly and I swallowed my breakfast hard. My face showed no signs of this inner turmoil as I smiled at her and rolled my eyes.

‘Of course, we can get to know each other finally,’ he joked back, giving me a friendly wink.

‘Yeah, and then you might not be so freaked out by him every time he visits, huh Dolly.’ Amber nudged me with her elbow and I slapped her shoulder, mouthing ‘shut up’. She just laughed and left the table to get into her Sunday clothes.

‘We might be a little longer than usual, Dolly, so if you want to go home just ask Mr. Wells, okay?’ Magda informed me before ascending the stairs.

There we were. Alone. Despite my guilt I felt a terrible urge to jump over the table and onto his lap, to kiss him again and feel that hard cock yearn for me again. But instead I just glanced at him for a moment, and caught him doing the same to me. I was so nervous I could hear the blood pumping in my head. I was an evil little home wrecker. And there was something so unapologetic about the way he sat there, pretending nothing had happened that made me feel used. What a shambles.

I cleared my throat and left the table, avoiding eye contact with him again, though I could see him eyeing me up in my peripheral vision. I went upstairs and said goodbye to Amber. The two of them left shortly after and I felt a hint of dread in my stomach. I decided to get into a bikini and go for a quick swim in the pool, maybe work on my tan. Perhaps I would forget this whole mess in the meantime.

When I came back downstairs he was gone. I felt disappointed and relieved at the same time, I wasn’t sure which one outweighed the other. I grabbed a towel from the linen cupboard and danced over to the pool. It was quickly becoming a hot day and I appreciated the cool water on my skin. After about an hour of swimming, I thought I’d work on my tan, what little there was of it. I lay on one of the pool loungers beside the pool and put my headphones in.

I took off my bikini top and closed my eyes, my head clearing of any previous thoughts. I began to fool myself that I was alone and soon found my hands tracing my stomach and legs sensually. I didn’t even give it a second thought, I was so used to it just being Madge, Amber and I that I really did feel alone. My clit throbbed gently and I slowly tended to it with my right hand, circling and massaging with my fingers. As the pressure built I rubbed faster and faster, my mind completely gone with the build up of pleasure and imminent release of electricity about to shudder through my system.

I arched my back just as the tip of the orgasm hit and suddenly I felt another pair of fingers slide into my pussy, I kept rubbing, not wanting the orgasm to end, but a hand ripped mine away and I felt a powerful wet mass take over. My body shook and I rocked my hips back and forth, letting this person take over my orgasm completely. I moaned aloud and squirmed in the pool lounger, spreading my legs to either side of it and grinding my pussy harder into the tongue that was massaging my clit.

The orgasm lasted a lot longer than my usual masturbation induced ones, and I lay back on the lounger again, out of breath and trembling. I opened my eyes to find, unsurprisingly, Mr. Wells kneeling beside the lounger, smiling devilishly at me. My pussy was throbbing again at the sight of him. He looked so handsome sitting there in his business suit, I couldn’t help but ache for him.

‘Why, hello.’ I said in my best seductive tone.

‘Having fun?’ He spoke to me for the first time and my heart fluttered. I suddenly felt very inadequate. He was very cultured and I imagined he had exquisite taste in finer things, so why of all people had he chosen me to do this with? I couldn’t even pretend to have as much power and sophistication as him. I was just a silly horny virgin that was best friends with his daughter. But then, maybe that was just it. I tried to stay composed in his presence.

‘Could be having more.’ I replied, thinking I was very witty, until he ran his hand from my lubricated cunt to my bare left nipple and began squeezing and massaging it. I fell to pieces, closing my eyes and biting my lip, moaning for more. So much for my composure.

‘Mrs. Wells told me to look after you.’ Oh you bastard, I thought. He was giving me forbidden pleasure while talking about his wife and reminding me of how guilty I am. ‘I’m going to let you make the choice of how much fun you want to have.’ He informed me, ‘you can leave it at this, I’ll go back to my office and you don’t have to worry about me again.’ I looked cautiously at him, and he plucked his fingers from my nipple, allowing me to function again. ‘Or you could meet me in my office and I can sort something out so that I’m here more often. And we can play more often.’

He got up and walked back into the house without another word. I was speechless. How could he do this to me?! I’m just a girl! How am I supposed to make a decision like this? I loved my best friend, I loved her mother, I didn’t want to break up their family. But I’d already been touched by him, wasn’t it too late?.. I’d already climaxed with his fingers inside me. I was already his little whore. I thought about the swelling in his pants and how it longed for me. I thought of how he looked at me like I was the only woman left on earth and he needed me badly, but also indifferent to me, like I was just a toy. He was also willing to move back home for me, so we could ‘play’..

I hadn’t finished my thought when I felt myself get up, put my bikini top back on and go inside. His office was down the hall, all I had to do was walk down. I paused between the hall and the staircase and forced myself up the latter. I was dry but I toweled off again, got dressed into a summer dress and put on a little make up. I smiled at my reflection, trying to force out the terrible thoughts and take it one step at a time. I headed downstairs, aimed for the kitchen and I thought I’d beaten the demon, when suddenly I found myself turning down the hall.

Don’t do it, don’t do it, I told myself over and over, but my feet didn’t stop. I was almost numb when I turned the handle and stepped inside, shutting the door behind me. I stopped in the middle of the room and looked at the man sitting behind the big mahogany office desk. He was leaned back into his office chair and had his large penis out of his pants, and was stroking it slowly, staring at me.

Any numbness I felt dissolved immediately at this sight. I felt panging in my chest, standing there, watching him, drinking in the sight of his cock. It looked so inviting, my pussy ached for it, I needed it any way I could get it.

He beckoned me with his finger and I walked over compliantly. My hands were holding each other behind my back like a schoolgirl in trouble at the principal’s office. I stood beside him and he swiveled his chair so he was facing me, continuing his slow stroking.

He was a very masterful person, I sensed it every time I’d met him, it had intimidated me before, but now I ached for him to tell me what to do, how to please him. He had pleasured me this morning and last night only on his terms, because he wanted to, he wanted to watch me squirm.

I waited for instruction, but he only eyed me up and down, avoiding my eyes, making me feel like an object. He continued stroking himself and I wanted to reach out, take it in my hands and give him the same pleasure he’d given me. But I knew somehow that he wanted me to wait.

He finally looked up at my face and caught me staring at his long hard cock. ‘Kneel.’ He said, simply.

I kneeled before him and shuffled forward until I was in between his legs. He tilted his head curiously, looking at me and caressed my cheek with his hand. My face was within inches of his huge cock and I wanted it, so badly I could almost taste it.

‘Have you done this before?’ He asked.

‘No.’ I replied. I’d seen guys running around with their dicks out at parties before but I’d never actually touched one, let alone put my mouth on one. I felt a little unprepared, but I wanted to please him, I wanted to do whatever it took.

His cock was so enormous compared to my tiny mouth. In general he was a lot bigger than me. I was 5’5″ and he was at least 6’3″. I had always been petite, but my body had curved outward more at the hips and breasts in the time that I’d been friends with Amber, I was now a 10C.

I placed my small hands on his muscular thighs and gently ran them up. He was hot. I wasn’t sure if it was the heat or the events of the day that got him so steamed up. Just the touch of his bare skin made my heart beat faster and my pussy wish to be grinding on his cock.

I looked up into his eyes and never lost contact as I licked his cockhead softly, not purposely teasing, just trying to get a taste for it and some confidence before taking the whole thing. I continued looking up at him while he took the back of my head and forcibly lowered my mouth down onto his shaft. I gagged and teared up, spat and groaned, but he continued and my gaze never left his.

Each time the end of his cock reached the back of my throat I gagged, and he would cringe with pleasure. Eventually I began trying to swallow it instead of rejecting it. This pleased him even more, ‘ohh my good girl’ he purred at me every time I took it down without a fight.

Hearing his praises encouraged me even more and soon he took his hands away from my head and folded them behind his neck, lulling his head back and closing his eyes. I couldn’t look into his eyes anymore, so I concentrated on the glorious cock that I was swallowing over and over again. I licked, massaged, teased and swallowed many times over. I started tasting a salty, gooey substance at the end of his cock and thought he had cum, until he readied me for the real thing.

‘Almost there, yeah, that’s it, fuck yeah,’ he groaned at me, and I was unsure of what to do.

‘You gonna swallow it for me, uughh, like a good girl?’ He asked, his voice growing more and more tense as I continued to suck vigorously.

‘Mmmhmm’ I replied with a mouthful of cock.

Suddenly there was a huge burst of hot creamy cum spurting down the back of my throat and in my mouth. I did my best to swallow it, but there was another eruption, then another and another. My mouth was bombarded with jizz and I swallowed as much as I could, but by the end of his orgasm I had his seed overflowing down my chin, dripping onto my chest.

‘Look at you.’ He said, almost lovingly, kissing me on the forehead. He grabbed a box of tissues and wiped the excess cum off his dick, then handed me the box. I cleaned my chin and chest of cum, throwing the used tissues in the waste basket, stood up and was about to wipe the tear streaks of mascara off my cheek when I heard the door open.

Quick as a flash, Mr. Wells had his cock underneath the desk and was looking at the person sadly. He surprisingly raised a hand and started rubbing my back. I was too shocked to do anything, we were caught, I was sprung finishing off my best friend’s dad, oh God. I merely held the tissue to my face in shame, not moving, not even wiping the make up any more.

‘What is it David?’ Madge asked, her voice sounding concerned.

‘Poor girl, her cat’s died, she was just in here asking for a ride home.’ He said sympathetically.

I almost screamed aloud and kissed him for his ingenious excuse. Instead I began the fake sniffles, and looked up at Madge.

‘Oh sweetie, are you okay?’ She began walking over to give me a hug when I put my hand out to stop her, worried she might see the cum I might have missed drying on my face and neck.

‘I-it’s okay Madge, I-I’ll just go h-home,’ I tried my best to convincingly blow my nose.

‘Oh honey, I hope you’re alright, I’m sure your kitty’s in a better place now.’ She smiled then looked at Mr. Wells, ‘babe, I’ve got friends from church over, could you drop Dolly off? Is that okay with you Doll?’

I nodded solemnly and he gave his ‘of course’. I went to the bathroom to wash my face and re-apply make up. I almost danced the entire time, excited to have the opportunity to be alone with Mr. Wells, finally. I was ready with all my stuff in a few minutes, saying my goodbyes to Amber who looked like she was about to cry over Leo’s death, too. I told her I’d call her and kissed her goodbye.

The decoy was perfect, my eyes were puffy from gagging on all that cock and everyone assumed I had been crying. Mr. Wells was already in the car when I jumped in the passenger’s seat. I decided not to tell him that my parents were out of town until we got to my house.

To be continued.

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