“You can’t handle double penetration, girl,” Jerell scoffed. “Not with two brothers inside you. We’d split that thang like a catfish.”

“If you aren’t up for it, Jerell, say so,” Karen taunted him.

“I ain’t up for it. First you gotta wash Laurence off your ass. Then, as I recall, I was fittin’ to judge me a blow job competition and it ain’t even halftime. I ain’t heard from the skinny redhead yet, but so far, Karen, between you and her? She in the lead.”

“The lead? Nikki? She’s afraid to take that big thing anywhere near her mouth. You thought I wasn’t looking, but I saw her run away from that monster cock of yours when I took a breather and went to let Joanie in.”

“Did not,” Nicole protested. “I can do anything you can do, Karen,” she added defiantly.

“So can I. And don’t forget about including me in that blow job contest of yours,” Joanie said.

“Hey, what about the cameraman?” I asked in what I thought would come off in a joking tone. Karen didn’t seem to take it that way.

“Oh sure, I just bet you’d love a chance to have two strange women suck your cock, wouldn’t you, Jeremy,” Karen fumed.

“It didn’t seem to bother you, sucking a strange man’s cock or getting fucked in the ass by another stranger.”

“You mean Laurence here? I thought he was going to arrest us all and drag us off to jail naked. I was simply trying to spare you the humiliation, Jeremy.”

“Yeah, Jeremy,” Laurence added in a mock-scolding tone.

“Jeremy look like he used to bein’ humiliated,” Jerell added.

“Not really. Not until tonight,” I said.

“Well, tonight’s the night, isn’t it, Jeremy?” Karen gloated. “You know tonight was everything you ever wanted. You’ve always wanted this. You always wanted what’s happening this very moment, right before your eyes, not to mention what’s going to happen later tonight. Want to know how I know?”

“How you know what?”

“How I know that you’ve always craved being cuckolded over and over, especially by well-hung black men, right in the privacy of our own home. How I know you secretly get off on humiliation and degradation. It’s all on your computer, Jeremy. Your life is an open book. You can’t keep any secrets from your wife, especially when she took the trouble to slip a keylogger onto your PC when you weren’t looking.”

“Why in the world did you install a keylogger on my computer?”

“Because I love you, you stupid dork. Because I knew you were bored with our sex life. You as much as said so by your indifferent responses, so I took steps to find out the kinds of things that really turn my husband on. And did I find out! Did I ever!”

“What do you mean?”

“I know all the sites you frequent, Jeremy. And I know why. You secretly desire being cuckolded by me, don’t you? And not only that, you crave seeing me humiliated sexually in front of a group of strangers. When you brought that gadget home I knew things were going to come to a head tonight, no pun intended. So why don’t you finally admit what it is you really want, Jeremy? Why don’t you step up and be the director for once in your life?”

“I’m glad I caught this delivery,” Joanie remarked. “I ain’t missin’ this for the world.”

“Me either,” Nicole agreed.

“All right,” I told Karen. “You asked for it. I’ll be the director. And as the director, I’ll expect you to follow all of my instructions to the letter. After all, as you pointed out, my dear, I already have the entire script in my head.”

“Yes, sir,” Karen replied. “Girls, are we agreed?”

Nicole and Joanie nodded their eager assent, Joanie adding, “Long’s them two Mandingoes plan on stickin’ around for the action.”

“We ain’t goin nowheres,” Jerell said. “Laurence?”

“You the one’s married, not me,” Laurence said.

“Then we’re good to go. Now this next scene takes place in the master bedroom so let’s all meet in there and handle the blocking for the big bukkake finale.”

“Kind of an undress rehearsal, Darling?” Karen smiled. “Gentlemen? May I lead the way?”

I loved watching her take Jerell’s and Laurence’s cocks in either hand and lead them, strolling nude and casual toward our bedroom. Karen lay supine on our king-size bed while I instructed Nicole to lie perpendicular to her at the foot of the bed. Nicole spread her long legs and let her feet dangle off the side of the mattress while Joanie knelt between Nicole’s knees. Joanie at that point needed no further direction. She began kissing and snuggling at Nicole’s pussy. Nicole’s sighs, the stiffening of her pert nipples and flushing of her abdomen left no doubt she was thoroughly enjoying Joanie’s oral attentions.

“Now I want you to alternate, Karen, between sucking each man’s cock. Suck one while you jack the other one, then vice versa. Keep them both nice and hard, okay? Remember, I’ll be capturing the whole thing on home video. “

“Aye aye, Darling. I think I can handle it,” Karen said. In fact my direction seemed rather superfluous; she had already begun. Jerell and Laurence’s stiff cocks stood at attention as Karen labored to bring both men to orgasm. I knew the inevitable result would be my wife’s face decorated with the semen of two strangers, random guests in our home. I thrilled at the sight of Karen’s mouth willingly accommodating the cocks of these men. Karen even touched the tips of their cocks together in her prodigious effort to get both of them into her mouth at once. The dusky skin tightening against the twin throbbing poles made them glisten as though they’d been coated in black lacquer.

Joanie worked with her fingers on Nicole’s cunt, burying the middle and ring fingers all the way in, imitating Karen’s earlier endeavors. Nicole was rutting like a pig from the sound of things. Suddenly she convulsed, uttering a cry of distress and disgust, and tried to sit up.

“Ain’t no reason to get all worked up, Darlin’,” Joanie comforted her, patting her thighs in a reassuring manner. “You just had your first pussy squirt, is all. Happens to the best of us. If we’re lucky, that is.”

“But there’s so much of it.” Nicole whimpered, “and I got it all over you, Joanie.”

“Not to worry, Babe; Gramma Joanie knows just what to do. Gramma Joanie be the cleanup woman.” Joanie began licking the abundance of clear fluid from her fingers and forearms, even using her fingers to wipe drops of it from her face, then sucking those fingers clean. “Tastes kinda sweet, like honey from your honey pot, Sweetie,” she said. “All’s you hafta do is remember who it was who gave you your first squirt, and you’ll cum runnin’ ever’ time.” She winked broadly at Nicole, who gave her a shy and knowing smirk in return.

“Hey, Jerell, whatever happened to that blow job contest you all been braggin’ about?” Laurence taunted.

“You fellas just forget about that,” Karen said. “I’m going to take care of both of you right now. Who’s got some hot cum for me? You close, Jerell? How about you, Laurence?”

“I’m fittin’ to bust me a nut,” Jerell groaned.

“Don’t stop,” Laurence sighed.

“I want you both to cum on my face while my husband catches it all on video.” Karen furiously jacked each man’s cock, holding the tips poised directly over her wide-open mouth, her tongue fully extended. With an explosive exhale of breath and a paroxysm of spastic groans Jerell came first, a pulsing spurt of thick semen that clung in gobs to Karen’s eyebrows, nose and even a stray streak or two in her hair. Karen milked his cock to wring out the last few drops, squeezing it like a washcloth as she flicked her tongue tip over the slit at the head to catch the last few stray drops of Jerell’s ejaculate. Then, after a coy smile and a “Thank you” directed at Jerell, she turned her considerable attentions to sucking Laurence’s cock as he pumped his hips faster and faster.

“Here cums,” Laurence sighed, his voice taut with arousal.

“Give it to me Baby,” Karen moaned. “Give it all to me. Right on my face and in my mouth. Shoot all over my face—”

Laurence moaned like a man being tortured, then came in a surging, spurting eruption of cum that mostly made it into Karen’s mouth. When he had finished he stood close by, massaging Karen’s breasts and rubbing and trailing his receding erection against her nipples. Jerell had moved on and was now occupying himself with eating Joanie’s pussy as she lounged in a bedside chair.

Karen said, “You might want to come in closer, Honey.” I did as she asked. Primping for the camera, her face bedecked with trails of semen, she demurely whispered, “How do you like it, Honey?” Then she opened her mouth wide, extending her tongue again to show me the opalescent pool of semen she was holding in her mouth. Without another word she clamped her mouth shut, blinked her eyes and swallowed the whole thing down.

“Oh, man,” Jerell marveled. Karen responded with a sweet and coquettish smile meant for me alone.

“I don’t know about you all, but all this sex and walking around naked is making me hungry,” Joanie said.

The perfect host, I offered, “Who wants pizza?”

It is amazing how having no problems can become a problem. I’m Dan. And, I’m a jerk. But it is also a fact that not one man out of a thousand would have behaved any differently. Well, not a straight man out of a thousand at least.

Joanne and I have been married twenty-eight years. I’m 54, she’s a stunningly well-preserved 52, even after bearing and raising three rambunctious boys. Our youngest son recently finished college and actually found a job that allows him to afford to live on his own, making us truly empty nesters. We’ve always had a solid sex live, and it picked up nicely when Josh first went off to school. In some ways, that’s where our problem started. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I’m in commercial real estate, and luckily enough my old firm got bought out shortly before the crash, leaving me with both a little nest egg and also a fair amount of time on my hands. I’ve done a few deals since, but have also had the chance to work on my golf game and spend some quality time with my guitar for the first time since before our kids were born. I like to joke that it allowed me to have a soft landing instead of a midlife crisis. Little did I know.

I’ve been dancing around the facts for a while, which I guess is simple embarrassment as much as anything else. So here goes.

Her name is Ashley. She’s 18 and blond. She’s a little wisp of a girl, 5’2″ and maybe 100 pounds soaking wet. But she’s got that skinny-curvy combo going on that only seems possible in women from their late teens to early twenties, an impossibly narrow waist combined with a shapely bubble butt, and perfect, full breasts that women spend a fortune trying to acquire if not blessed by nature.

She’s my best friend Trent’s daughter. Joanne and I have known her since she was born. She’d just finished high school, and had gotten an unpaid summer internship in our area, and of course when Trent asked if we’d put her up for a month we agreed.

Ashley is not only beautiful, but also a really sweet girl. She helped with the dishes without being asked, was never moody or withdrawn, and just generally behaved like the dream daughter Joanne had always wanted, but never had. They even looked a little alike, both blondes with pale skin, although Joanne is taller and had always kept her hair shorter, shoulder length at most.

I mentioned that Joanne and I have a good sex life. She’s a really sensuous woman. Very responsive in bed, though for years we could only really let go on those rare occasions when we managed to ditch the kids with someone else. But once Josh was gone, we definitely took advantage of our privacy.

I don’t want to make it seem like there was anything crazy going on. But Joanne sometimes gets quite vocal when she gets excited, which is exactly what happened one Friday evening as she rode me happily while I tweaked her firm, sensitive nipples.

“Oh God, oh God, oh my Gawd!” she gasped, impaling herself roughly on me.

I was close, but then I glanced toward the bedroom door which was, as usual, cracked open to let the cats come and go. There was a flash of gold, and it took me a second to realize what it was: Ashley peering into the bedroom, spying on us.

Ashley didn’t realize I saw her. At the very least, she didn’t act as if she realized. She wasn’t looking at my face, but instead was excitedly watching Joanne as she loudly and enthusiastically finished before collapsing panting across my chest. That seemed to break the spell, and Ashley then quickly withdrew, lightly padding back down the hall.

As was our custom, we rolled over so I could finish, but knowing Ashley had been watching us was a weird distraction. I thrust a few times, but I could feel my erection fading, and rather than deal with the embarrassment, I faked it.

Joanne and I snuggled for a little while, but one of the nice things about being married forever is that sex does not require an hour of post-coital cuddling and conversation. So with a kiss, we each retreated to our own side of the bed and went to sleep. Well, at least Joanne did. I was too weirded out.

After a few minutes, when Joanne’s breathing let me know she was asleep, I crept out of bed. I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do, but I slowly made my way toward the guest bedroom. I was planning, I guess, to confront Ashley and let her know I knew she’d spied on us.

Or something. Truth be told, I wasn’t sure what I’d say to her. Part of it was that I couldn’t even quite understand what she’d been doing. Why would an 18 year old want to watch a couple of old folks having sex?

The guest bedroom is actually a loft, an addition built over the garage and accessed from the family room. I was still working out what I’d say to her, so I was sort of lost in thought as I climbed up the stairs to her room. I didn’t announce myself, but nor was I deliberately sneaking up on her. At least not consciously.

Her curtains were open bathing the room in dim, soft moonlight. As I crested the top of the stairs, I saw and heard her at the same time.

She was lying on her back, covered to the waist in a bed sheet, moaning softly. I could see one hand rustling under the sheets between her legs. Her other hand was pulling at an erect nipple, one lovely breast exposed in the vee neck of her thin top.

I was transfixed. God, what a sight. She was radiant, a few strands of silky hair draped across her face, catching in her mouth as she moaned sultrily. I could her a soft wet squishing as her fingers worked her snatch. She started bucking her hips, now gasping in passion.

I was rock hard, tenting my PJ bottoms. I reached down and firmly stroked my cock. I was close, so close. One more tug and I’d come all over myself. I shook my head, clearing my thoughts. I took one last peek at Ashley, and then quickly retreated down the stairs, my body protesting by giving me a twinge of blue balls for the first time in decades.

I slept fitfully, at best. I was more confused than ever.


I came back into the house the following morning after mowing the lawn to find Ashley, newly woken, eating a bowl of cereal at the breakfast table. Joanne was out running errands. It was just the two of us.

I stopped short and took a step backwards. But she’d seen me. She gave me a quizzical look.

“Everything okay?” she asked.

I hesitated. Swallowed hard.


She frowned.

“I mean…. It’s not a big deal…. But well, it’s just, I saw you last night.”

She covered her mouth and gasped.

“I mean, I saw you watching us. Outside our bedroom,” I added quickly, then wondering if I’d said too much. What else might I have seen after all?

She looked down into her bowl. For a moment, it was silent. And then I heard her let out a muffled sob.

“No, no,” I exclaimed. “It’s okay. It’s just, I’m a little disappointed.”

She looked up, eyes red-rimmed. “I’m so sorry, I don’t know why I did it. You’re not gonna tell…,” she stopped mid-sentence.

“Your dad?”

She nodded.

“No,” I replied. “Not Joanne either. This is just our little secret, okay? But it can’t happen again.”

She nodded and then quickly stood. She rushed me and gave me a quick awkward hug. Then she retreated to her room.


I kept my end of the bargain. Ashley was unmistakably embarrassed and kept to herself for the rest of the weekend, so much so that Joanne noticed.

“You think she’s homesick?” she asked in bed Sunday evening.

“Maybe. Or just boyfriend troubles. You know how kids get.”

She laughed. “God, you couldn’t pay me to be 18 again. Or dating.”

I forced a laugh. “Me either.”

“Should we take advantage of being middle aged and married?” Joanne asked, snaking her hand into my PJs.

“Mmmm, sounds like a plan.”

We kissed, our hand slowly exploring each other’s body in a well-practiced dance. We stripped out of our PJs, and Joanne ducked under the covers and took my cock into her mouth. After a few minutes I returned the favor.

She pulled me on top of her, and I entered her slowly. She loves it when I just thrust the tip of my cock in and out, and sure enough after a few minutes of that she grabbed my ass and pulled me deep inside. She shuddered as she came, moaning loudly.

So, we have an exciting albeit age-appropriate sex life. I really have no complaints. But as Joanne has gotten older, her tolerance for extended lovemaking has waned. Even using some lube, it gets uncomfortable for her after a while. And unfortunately, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve sometimes had trouble finishing. It’s better than not being able to get it up, but after a couple of minutes I was starting to feel the clock was ticking.

Like a lot of men, I sometimes fantasize to help things along. Girlfriends from long ago. Women from work. Images from porn. I ran through my regular go-tos, but it wasn’t working. Joanne was leaning up, kissing my nipples, her hands pumping my ass faster and faster. I pumped harder, and her groans now let me know I was running out of time. I sighed inwardly. Time to fake it and move on.

And then, like a lightning bolt, I imagined myself over Ashley, her lithe, naked body, folded beneath me. I imagined her moaning, her full breasts rising upward in time with my thrusts. My whole body seemed to clench up. I let out a feral growl, and then I came what felt like a gallon, my cock pulsing hard at least a half dozen times.

I collapsed, panting, sprawled across Joanne.

She giggled. “Well, that worked.”

I could only groan in response as I rolled off her. I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.


When the phone rang at 5:43am, I knew it couldn’t be good news. Joanne’s little sister’s husband had had a stroke. It was serious, but not life threatening, but they still had school age kids, and Joanne immediately put in for extended leave to go to Michigan to help them out.

Ashley and I settled into a routine. I’d drop her off at the subway in the morning, pick her up in the evening. We split the cooking duties. Watch a little TV in the evening. Rinse and repeat.

Wednesday at dinner, Ashley seemed particularly pensive.

“Can I ask you a question?” She said suddenly.

“You mean besides that one?” I replied.

She gave me a smirk and stuck out her tongue at me.

“Real mature,” I laughed. “Sure, go ahead.”

She hesitated and then took a deep breath.

“It’s about that night. The night I was outside your bedroom.”

I sighed. “I told you, it’s not a big deal. It’s just between us.”

“I know.” She paused and blushed. “It’s just, well, Joanne really seemed to enjoy herself.”

I laughed. “I should hope so. I mean, it’s supposed to be fun, unless you’re one of those ‘just for procreation’ people.”

“Well, yeah, but I mean, does she… you know… enjoy it every time?”

I was a little taken aback. This was a very personal line of questioning. But I decided to answer. She obviously needed to talk something out. “I dunno. I think so. I hope so. She’s never complained, and she’s not shy about saying what she wants. But I imagine she sometimes has an off day, or maybe I do.”

We were both silent for a moment.

“Why?” I asked, curious.

She blushed again. “Well, it’s just, I’ve never….”

“Oh. Well, look, you’re still young. You don’t need to rush it. There is nothing wrong with waiting until you find the right guy.”

She looked at me quizzically, then a glimmer of understanding crossed her face. She shook her head. “No, no, I’m not a virgin. I mean, I’m not, like, a slut or anything, but I’ve had a couple of boyfriends.”

“Oh….” I hesitated. “Well, I don’t really know. I mean, I hear some women having difficulty, you know, achieving climax. I guess it takes time, you know, learning about your own body.”

“No, that’s not what I mean either. I mean, I can get myself off.”

It was my turn to blush as the memory of her writhing in passion flashed in my head.

She continued, “No, I mean, I’ve never been able to with my boyfriends. I dunno I just never quite get there.”

“Well, that takes time too. Joanne and I have been together a long time. We know each other pretty well. You’ll find the right guy. If you have a strong emotional connection, it’s easier, I guess.”

She regarded me pensively, but I could tell I hadn’t quite satisfied her curiosity.

“Have you talked to your mom about this? Your friends?”

She laughed. “God, I could never talk to Mom about this. She’d pack me off to a convent.” It was my turn to laugh. Trent was an old friend, but he’d somehow managed to end up marrying a born again. “And my friends. Well, half of them are virgins, and the other half are always bragging about their boyfriend and their crazy sex lives. I’m pretty sure it’s bullshit, but it’s just not something I wanna talk to them about, you know?”

I nodded. “I wish I had more answers. All I can say, I guess, is be patient. It’ll happen.”

She smiled. “I guess…. Well, thanks for listening.”

We sat in silence for a few minutes. “So what do ya think? American Idol tonight?”


Friday morning when I dropped her off at the subway, she mentioned that she might be a little late. Her office was having an afternoon cocktail reception.

She called at 6:30 and said she’d been invited out with some of the other interns. She sounded as if she’d had a few. I groaned. I was responsible for her, but I also didn’t want to be overbearing. I said okay, but told her not to be too late.

She called again at 9:15. This time she was definitely drunk, slurring and giggly.

“Can you come get me?” She asked. “I’m at this, um, party thing, and I’m not sure how to get back.” I agreed and she texted me the address.

The place was a little off the beaten path, in a residential neighborhood. It took me almost 30 minutes to get there. She was waiting out front by herself when I arrived.

“How’d you get all the way out here?”

She rolled her eyes. “Some guy. Said it would be a fun house party, but turns out it was just his roommates drinking.” Her voice was throaty, slurred. She obviously had more than a few.


“He’s getting drunk inside, and didn’t seem eager to stay sober enough to drive me home after I told him I wasn’t interested in seeing his room.” She seemed disappointed it had come to that.

“Sorry about that,” I replied without thinking.


I chuckled. “I guess I’m just apologizing for all men, or something.”

She laughed and put her hand on my shoulder. “Thank you for picking me up.”

Our eyes met. One second, two seconds, three. For a moment, I was tempted to lean over and kiss her. Instead I cleared my throat and looked away.

“I guess I better get you home,” I said, putting the car in gear.

I could feel her looking at me. The sexual tension was almost palpable. I tried to ignore it, but I couldn’t. The truth is, I wanted her. Wanted her badly. I’d been thinking about her from the moment she’d arrived in our house, walking around in her short shorts, clingy tees. She wasn’t even trying to be provocative. She was just dressing like a normal teen. Even in her work clothes, she just exuded sexuality. And then I’d seen her masturbating, and I just couldn’t stop thinking about her. And now, we were alone together. She was drunk and eyeing me frankly, provocatively.

But it couldn’t be. It had to stay just a fantasy.

I swallowed hard. “Ashley, we just can’t do this,” I began. I turned to glance over at her and…. She was asleep.

I drove home the rest of the way in silence, unsure whether I should be relieved or disappointed or maybe both.

I pulled into the driveway and she woke up groggily. “We’re home,” I announced.

She grunted. I think she’d have been just as happy to sleep out in the car at that moment.

I walked over to her side and opened the door, helping her to her feet.

“You gonna be okay?”

“Yeah, just tired,” she groaned.

She took a step and immediately stumbled. I reached out to catch her before she fell, and swept her into my arms. I lifted her off the ground. She was light as a feather, just a dainty little thing. She wrapped her arms around my neck, her head resting on my shoulder.

“Thank you, Uncle Danny,” she said softly, sleepily.

I chuckled. She hadn’t called me that in years. Not since she was a little kid.

I carried her up to her room, and laid her on her side on the bed. I slipped off her shoes, and draped a thin blanket over her. Then turning out the lights, I snuck away downstairs.

I started to replay the evening over in my head, but it was just too painfully awkward. Thank God I hadn’t tried to kiss her. And thank God she’d been asleep when I’d started to explain why we couldn’t be together. I could almost imagine her reaction, appalled, disgusted when she realized what I’d been thinking.

I poured myself a scotch, a double… well, maybe a triple, and downed it quickly while watching Sports Center. Then still in the grip of self-loathing, I went to bed.

I lay there for a while, the booze seeping into my bloodstream, clouding my head. Ashley, Ashley, Ashley, Ashley…. She was all I could think of. I slowly stroked myself eyes-closed, thinking of her, until finally the Scotch carried me off to sleep.


I awoke in the dark to the sensation of movement in the bed. Fucking cats, I thought, immediately realizing it wasn’t them. I jerked back startled.

“It’s only me,” she cooed softly, her face nuzzling into my neck.

I glanced at the clock. 2:36am. “Are you okay?” I asked.

“Mmmm, hmmm,” she moaned, kissing my check, her hand snaking down under the covers to rub my crotch.

“What are you doing?” I asked groggily.

“I want you,” she said simply, now leaning over me to kiss my chest.

That jolted me awake.

“Ashley, you’re drunk,” I suggested as gently as I could.

“A little,” she admitted. “But I know what I want. I’ve been thinking about it for days.” She slid her hand under the waistband of my PJs and firmly stroked my cock.

“No, we can’t do this,” I said, reaching out to push her away.

It was then I realized she was naked. Trying to separate us put my hands on her breasts. I recoiled and she sprang back toward me. I tried to take her by her shoulders, but she wrapped her legs arounds mine, and sucked my thumb into her mouth.

“No, stop!” I ordered, trying again to escape her clutches, but she just giggled.

I know it seems crazy, but between not wanting to hurt her and not wanting to touch anything inappropriate, I was having a devil of a time separating the two of us. And, of course, my body couldn’t help but respond to this nubile creature writhing against me.

I stopped struggling and tried to calm myself.

“Ashley, stop it, we can’t do this.”

She nuzzled in close again, kissing my neck, her erect nipples pressing against my arm.

“You’re right, we can’t,” she breathed as she sucked on my ear lobe.

“This is wrong!”

“Yes, so very, very wrong,” she moaned as she ground her pelvis against my leg.


“Shhh.” She took my hand and pressed it down between her legs. “See what you do to me,” she cooed.

Her muff was drenched. She rubbed my hand up and down her slit, until I could feel the heat and wetness within. She’d worked her other hand back into my bottoms and was again stroking my cock, which was now rock hard, almost painfully so.

She kissed me on the lips. Lightly at first, but after a few moments it had turned into a rough, wet, embrace, her tongue jamming deep into my mouth. She’d let go on my hand, but I was still rubbing her snatch.

Then suddenly she rolled onto her back and pulled me on top of her. This time, I didn’t resist. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me hard. Mostly by instinct I fumbled with my PJs and wrenched them down about mid-thigh.

I stabbed my erection blindly toward her. Once, twice, on the third time, it found its mark, the tip splitting her wet cunt. She gasped softly. Without a pause, I entered her slowly, not stopping until I was buried completely inside her.

“Oh God, you’re big,” she moaned.

But it wasn’t that I am big; rather, that she was so fucking tight. I’d forgotten what an 18 year old pussy feels like, but it is heaven on earth. My cock felt like it was enveloped in a compression sleeve. It was so snug that fucking would have been impossible if she hadn’t also been so incredibly wet. And the heat. It was like an oven.

I wasn’t even thinking about her enjoyment. I wasn’t thinking about anything really except that amazing sensation as I fucked her tight, wet hole with long, slow strokes. I have no idea how long that lasted. I was completely lost in the moment.

And then suddenly it was like a thousand fingers gripped my cock, squeezing it in waves up and down the shaft. I opened my eyes to see her looking up at me, wide-eyes, her lips in the shape of a perfect “o” as she moaned her pleasure.

I was sweating. We both were. I raised myself up on both arms and looked down at her. She was breathing heavily, her perfect breasts rising toward the ceiling with every gasp.

I pulled out and got to my knees.

“No, don’t stop, please,” she begged.

“Don’t worry. I don’t want to stop either,” I replied as I ease off my PJs completely.

I caressed her slim, toned legs and placed her ankles up over my shoulders. I slid a pillow under her ass, and then scooched in close. I rubbed the tip of my cock up and down her wet snatch, making her squirm in anticipation. Then I entered her again, and she let out a delicious little mewl of pleasure in response.

She was just a tight as before, her pussy clinging to my cock as I slowly slid in and out.

From my kneeling position, she was spread out before me. Her golden hair was splayed across the pillow, her hands tracing circles over her belly and chest. Her breasts were jiggling with each thrust.

I looked over at her dainty little feet resting on my shoulders. I’m not a foot guy, but I couldn’t help it and sucked her toe into my mouth. She giggled, and I laughed as well.

I caressed her legs, tracing my fingers along her inner thigh. Resting my hand on her damp muff, I let my finger brush against her swollen snatch. She shuddered and I started rubbing her clit in small circles. She moaned loudly, her hips now gyrating, rising upward to meet my thrusts.

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God,” she squealed, her voice rising higher and higher as she arched off the bed impaling herself completely on my shaft. The thousand fingers squeezed my cock.

She dropped back heavily onto the mattress. I started thrusting again, but she reached up and put her hand on my belly.

“Just a second,” she gasped. “I need a break.”

I pulled out and laid down next to her. She was breathing heavily, almost as if she’d run a sprint. Her hand reached down and firmly stoked my slimy cock. I took the opportunity to caress her body, cupping her firm breasts, and tracing the nipples with my fingertips.

“Did you yet?” she inquired after a few minutes.

“No, but…” I was going to tell her it was okay. That we didn’t need to continue if she was done.

“I want you to,” she cut me off. “How do you want me?”

I knew the answer right away, but I hesitated for a moment in answering. I didn’t want to break the spell. This was something Joanne didn’t like to do. But then I went for it.

“I want you on your hands and knees.”

“Mmmmm, okay,” she chirped happily.

She got on all fours, and I knelt behind her. It was an amazing view, her long blond hair streaming down her back, her body tapering from her shoulders to her tiny waist, and then flaring again to an absolutely perfect, firm heart-shaped ass.

I rubbed my cock up and down her slit until she was moaning, her ass swaying in anticipation. I entered slowly worried that she might be getting sore or that she was beginning to dry out, but her soft mewls of pleasure and unbelievable wetness let me know she was up for more.

It was my turn, so I fucked her harder and faster than before, burying myself into her over and over, our bodies slapping together loudly. I reached down and fondled her full breasts, pinching her nipples until she yelped excitedly. Releasing her tits, I let my hands rest just beneath them so that each thrust caused her erect nipples to brush against my fingers.

Then I grabbed her ass cheeks, squeezing them hard, pulling them apart so that I could more easily see my cock spearing her tight snatch and her perfect, little asshole pulsing with each stroke. I ran my thumb up her crack, and pressed it lightly against her anus.

She suddenly threw her head back and let out a high pitched squeak as her body shuddered and her cunt spasmed against my cock for the third time. Then as if all her strength suddenly disappeared, she collapsed face down onto the bed.

I followed her down and continued pounding into her. In that position, she was amazingly even tighter than before, though so well lubed than I was able to slide in and out easily.

She looked back at me over her shoulder, her hair a tangled, matted mess, her eyes wide, her mouth open and gasping. She looked nothing if not well fucked.

I thrust again, harder, and again, pressing myself into her completely, getting every last millimeter of my prick inside her. She gasped.

And then suddenly I went lightheaded. I saw colors, and I came so hard it actually hurt for a moment as my dick hole stretched to allow a torrent of cum to escape. And then euphoria as my balls emptied completely, and I collapsed onto her back, my prick still buried in her tight wet hole.

I gasped to catch my breath, and then rolled off her onto my back. She draped an arm over my chest and looked me in the eyes.

“I… I… I…,” she stammered.

“I know,” I groaned.

I gave her a little peck on the nose and we both dropped into a dead sleep.


I woke at 5:30 as the sun streamed through my bedroom window. I always forgot to draw the curtains. Joanne usually did that.

I didn’t dare move, or even breathe. Last night had been amazing, and I woke to find myself spooning a naked Ashley, her body warm and soft, and so inviting, her golden hair shining in the sunlight.

But I was on the verge of a panic attack. When she woke, my whole world would come crashing down. I’d taken advantage of a young girl in my care. If she had regrets, if she claimed rape, who’d believe me? Who could possibly believe that this beautiful 18 year old had been willing to sleep with me, a 54 year old man? I was old enough to be her grandfather. And had she even been willing? She’d been drunk. Too drunk to give consent? My stomach churned with guilt at what I’d done.

But even if I avoided jail, my life was ruined. My marriage, dead. My friendship with Trent, obliterated. My reputation, gone.

I was in paradise, snuggling this luscious creature, my hand wedged between her breasts, her hard ass against my crotch. But it was an illusion. One certain to turn into a living nightmare the moment she woke, realized what had happened, and jumped out of bed screaming.

Her breathing shifted slightly, and she let out a soft moan, almost a catlike purr. I braced myself for the fireworks. But she just laid there beside me. And then I felt it, her fingertips on my arm. I didn’t dare move, hoping she was still just stirring in her sleep. But then I felt something else. Her ass. Her perfect ass, now rubbing slowly against my crotch. It was subtle, but unmistakably sexual.

Was she still asleep? Maybe dreaming of a boyfriend or Rob Pattinson?

“Ashley?” I breathed, bracing myself for coming explosion.

“Mmmm,” she moaned in reply.

She twisted her neck and gave me an awkward over-the-shoulder kiss. Her morning breath was sour, but it was one of the best kisses of my life as relief coursed through me.

She rested her head back on her pillow and grabbed my hand from between her breasts, sucking my index finger deep into her mouth. Her ass grinding harder now against my increasingly stiff cock.

I pressed up against her, our bodies molded together. She was so warm and inviting, hard and soft in all the right places. As she ground against me, my erection slid between her butt cheeks like a hot dog in a bun. She giggled softly. Ashley slowly pumped her hips, massaging my prick with her butt. I took my hand from her mouth and cupped her breasts, gently tweaking her swollen and sensitive nipples.

She reached back and grabbed my cock, slipping in between her thighs. I pumped it back and forth slowly, gasping as her labia split and her wet snatch rubbed against my shaft. We moved together languidly, our excitement building. She grabbed my cock head and pressed it inside her, and with a thrust I slid all the way in.

We both moaned at the same time. It was heavenly, her magical pussy again gripped my cock, and not for the first time I thought about how I never wanted it to end.

We made love tenderly, my cock buried deep inside her as we slowly moved together. I explored her body gently, caressing her soft skin, tracing her lips with my fingertips. I kneaded her big boobs, rolling her nipples between my thumb and finger. She moaned softly, her pussy getting hotter and wetter around my cock. I slid my hand down over her flat belly, tracing the borders of her downy muff.

I found her clit and gently ran my finger around her swollen little nub. She moaned delightfully. I rubbed her clit harder.

“Oh God, you’re going to make me come,” she sighed in a throaty voice.

She gasped then and a shiver ran through her body as her pussy repeatedly clamped down on my shaft. When she was done, she reached down and gently fondled my balls. I thrust into her harder, once, twice, three times and then came myself.

I eased myself out her tight little pussy and looked down at her. She had her head on her pillow, eyes closed, with a big smile on her face. I cuddled her again, neither of us bothered by the wetness between us, and within minutes I could feel her breathing rhythmically as she fell back asleep.

After a few minutes, I extricated myself and got up, leaving her there dozing peacefully. She looked like an angel.


I took a long, how shower. My angst had faded away, and now I was feeling oddly buoyant. There is nothing like new pussy to put a spring in a man’s step, I guess. The fact that she was a young, stunning creature didn’t hurt either. I had long ago reconciled myself to the fact that I would never fuck anyone other than my wife, at least I thought I had, so all came as a surprise to me.

I stepped out of the shower and checked myself out in the mirror. I still had a full head of hair, although it was more salt than pepper, which was also true about the hair on my chest and my pubes. I was a little soft around the middle, but otherwise in good shape. Good definition on arms and legs. I stroked my cock a few times. It wasn’t a bruiser, but it seemed well proportioned. Not a bad looking guy, I thought, especially for 54.

54… oof. That made me literally three times Ashley’s age. She was six years younger than my youngest son. If HE brought home an eighteen year old, we’d think it was weird. What was I doing fucking a teenager?

I closed my eyes and pictured her splayed out beneath me, my cock pistoning into her tight snatch. I could feel myself getting hard, and that’s why I was fucking her.

I went downstairs and made myself some coffee. I started to read the paper, but I just couldn’t focus on it. All I could think of was Ashley.

It was crazy, but maybe we could make a go of it. Joanne would kill me in the divorce. I’d lose all my, our, friends. But I’d still be comfortable and able to make money, and I’d have Ashley.

And then what? She’d go to a commuter college? We’d have kids at some point, and I’d be changing diapers into my mid-60s? And even if I still looked okay now, how long until she got tempted by someone her own age?

It was a deadly situation for both of us. I’d become an absurd creature, chasing around young kids when I should be retired while my young, hot, wife was probably fucking the pool boy. And it would be even worse for her. It would just be unfair deny her the chance to make a life with someone more appropriate, to have a real college experience, to build a real life as young, poor, struggling newlyweds.

This had to stop. But I didn’t want to hurt her. Was she in love with me? She had to be, or at least infatuated, for this to happen. I needed to let her down easy, to explain why, as wonderful as she was, we couldn’t have a life together. I’d have to apologize for taking advantage of her, explain that I’d just been caught up in the moment, but that it just couldn’t be.

I heard footsteps coming down the stairs, and moments later, she padded quietly into the kitchen. She looked ravishing. She was wearing one of my white tee shirts and nothing else. Her hair was a mess, her blond locks tangled and jutting out at weird angles. But still, she looked amazing.

She gave me a wide grin and poured herself a big cup of coffee. She took a big sip and sighed happily. Then her smile faded.

“What’s the matter?” she asked. “You look sad.”

I took a deep breath. “Ashley, you’re a wonderful girl, but this just isn’t going to work out. I’m sorry if I led you on.”

She gave me a puzzled look. I plowed on, “I didn’t mean to. But we’re just… we’re just at too different a place in life for this to become anything. And I love Joanne, and I’m…”

She started giggling. I stopped talking.

“What? What’s so funny?” I asked.

“You,” she replied.


“Yes, you, Uncle Danny. What’d you think? That I’m in love with you?”

“Then what…”

She approached me and climbed into my lap, straddling me. My cock twitched.

“Then what do I see in you?”

I nodded.

“I see a handsome, experienced lover.” She slowly began to grind against me. “A safe fling. Don’t worry. I won’t tell Joanne and I won’t tell my dad.”

“You’re 18. I’m… not. We can’t do this,” I said, as much to myself as to her, even as I could feel my erection pressing against her through my sweat pants.

“Your wiener has other ideas.”

I laughed. “My wiener?”

She giggled. “Oh, I’m sorry.” Then she leaned forward, her lips near my ear. “I meant, your big, fat, hard cock.” I was rock hard in an instant. She ground against me harder. “I want it in my pussy.”

My inhibitions vanished in an instant. She rose up on her knees, and together we fumbled awkwardly with my waistband until my erection popped out. She grabbed my cock and eagerly impaled herself on me.

“Mmmmm, that’s good,” she cooed as she began to pump her hips.

I looked into her big, blue eyes. I kissed her gently. This was our third time having sex, but kissing still felt tentative, awkward even. We kissed lightly, little fluttering kisses that very gradually progressed into a deeper, more passionate embrace. In a weird way, the kissing felt even more intimate than the sex.

I leaned forward and sucked on her ear lobes and kissed down her neck. My hands slid under her tee shirt, and found her breasts. I tweaked her nipples, until she let out a throaty growl, her pussy spasming yet again on my cock, as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

I reached under her ass and stood up, lifting her up. She was still impaled on my prick as I carried her out of the kitchen and into the family room, repositioning her on her back on the sofa. She wrapped her legs around my waist as I began fucking her in earnest.

She was gasping and moaning. We both were, but her sounds were an order of magnitude sexier. I kissed her neck. She dug her fingers into my shoulders. She came again, her pussy getting even wetter. I’d already come twice in less than twelve hours, so I wasn’t even close yet. Luckily she wasn’t close to done either.

I liked being on top, in control. I varied my pace. Slow, deep strokes mixed in with quick shallow thrusts that began and ended with my cockhead teasing her clit. She came again and looked up at me with grateful, puppy dog eyes. That put me over the top. I exploded inside her.

We lay there for a long while panting. Her legs were still wrapped around my waist, and she wouldn’t let me pull out, so I enjoyed the sensation of my cock deflating inside her drenched twat.

“What do you like about having sex with me?” she asked.

I chuckled. “You mean besides the fact that you’re beautiful and, as far as I can tell, insatiable.

She gave me a pout. “So, what, you’re saying you think I’m just a hot slut?”

My heart sank. I didn’t want to insult her. Hurt her.

“No, no Ashley, that not what I mean…. I mean….”

She started giggling. “Chill out, Uncle Danny, I’m just teasing you.”

“You’re a strange girl,” I replied without thinking. “And a wonderful lover,” I added quickly. “You’re so responsive and so demonstrative. There’s a lot of women who are, I dunno, too cool to admit they enjoy sex.”

“I enjoy it with you,” she replied.

I blushed.

She giggled again. “Are you embarrassed? God, your so cute.”

I cleared my throat. “So, what do you like about having sex with me?”

“You mean besides the fact that you’re handsome and, as far as I can tell, insatiable?”

I laughed.

“No, seriously.”

She looked at me thoughtfully. “You know, I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing. I’ve only…. I’ve only had sex five times before this weekend, with just two different boys. My first was Jimmy. He’s a friend. Was a friend. I dunno what we are right now. But we were both in the same boat and decided to cash in each other’s V-cards. It was okay, I guess. You know, not painful like some girls say, but it was super quick. You know?”

I nodded. “Give him time. He’ll get better. The learning curve for boys is steeper at first.”

“Then the second was this guy, Trent. I know, like my dad. What are the fucking odds? He’s older. Like 20….”

I winced at that. She grinned.

“He’s like the opposite of Jimmy. We hooked up for the first time at a pool party…. At Jimmy’s house actually, which is why shit with Jimmy is so weird right now. He saw us ducking into the pump house together….”

“The pump house?”

She laughed, a delightful chuckle. “God, I hadn’t even thoughts of that. But yeah, right, appropriate. Anyway, he was like the opposite of Jimmy. He put me up on a stack of boxes and just gave it to me hard. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it felt good, but he had just one speed. And I dunno. It almost seemed like I didn’t really even need to be there. It was all about him. I gave him a few more chances after that, but it was always the same.”

I nodded again. “Yeah. I hate to say it, but you’ll run into that a lot.”

She gave me a pouty face. “Maybe I’ll just need to keep you on speed dial.”

I gave her a little kiss on the nose. I liked the idea of being her booty call.

“Anyway,” she continued. “It’s totally different with you. You know, it feels like we’re dancing together or something. I knew you’d be good. I watched you with Joanne more than once,” she said blushing.

“Your dad would keel over if he knew what sending you here for the month would do.”

She laughed darkly. “No. He’d kill you. Well, if he got to you before Mom did.”

I frowned.

She laughed again.”Don’t worry. He’d kill me too, assuming he got to me before Joanne. So I guess we’ll just have to keep this our little secret, eh?”

“That’s probably a good idea,” I replied quietly.


The day passed quietly. I hadn’t seem Ashley in a while, and when I check in on her in her room, she was napping peacefully.

I hate to admit it, but as I went about various household chores, I was happy, almost giddy. I was not under any particular illusions. Odds were this would end badly, very badly. There would be tears, if not blood. But all of that was in the future, and for right now I was sharing my house with a gorgeous young woman, who was funny, good company, and who seemed against all logic to be happy, eager actually to have no strings attached sex with me.

Late that afternoon, I returned from food shopping to find Ashley in the kitchen on her computer. She was recently showered, fresh faced, looking almost obscenely attractive in just yoga pants and a clingy tee. She helped me put away the groceries and we chit-chatted about nothing in particular, celebrity gossip, movies. We talked about college. She was excited, but a little anxious. I told her a few of my freshman stories. She laughed at what a geek I’d been.

I made dinner, braised lamb shanks, and she helped me with the homemade pasta. For a little thing, she had a good appetite and thankfully was a committed carnivore. It occurred to me that she’d one day make her husband very happy. The thought triggered a small twinge of jealousy. But it quickly passed.

I debated opening a bottle of wine for dinner, but then I realized that giving an eighteen year old some alcohol was surely the least of my recent sins. We ate, and her second glass of wine got her pleasantly silly. She started teasing me about my minor OCD — I’d probably moved all of the groceries she’d put away to put them in the “right” place — giggling at her own jokes. I teased her about being a slob. Her clothes were scattered all over her room. It was fun, oddly comfortable.

After dinner we retired to the family room and watched TV. We both got a kick from reality game shows. The Biggest Loser. The Voice. That kind of stuff. She liked to pretend she watched them ironically, but she knew way too much of the back stories for that to be believable.

It was a surprisingly chilly evening, and we ended up curling up under a blanket on the sofa. I loved the feel of her body against mine, and not surprisingly things got a little touchy feely.

She’d been rubbing my crotch for a while through my jeans when suddenly she disappeared under the blanket. Her fingers traced the outline of my cock, and then she unbuttoned my jeans and pulled down the zipper. I helped her by lifting myself off the sofa as she pulled down my pants.

She licked my prick playfully and let her silky hair trail over my crotch, which has to be one of my favorite sensations, ticklish and fraught with anticipation. She stroked my cock with her cool, small hand. And then she took me in her mouth.

I gasped. In pain. She was sucking on me hard. Her teeth scratched me. She starting bobbing up and down like a woman possessed, which only made things worse.

“Oh jeez, Ashley, stop for a second,” I exclaimed, my tone maybe a little more harsh than I intended.

She sat back up, looking a little like a disappointed child.

“What’s the matter?”

“Well,” I said as kindly as I could, “there are ways to make that feel better.”

She gave me a pout. “Jimmy and Trend didn’t complain.”

I laughed. “Most guys your age are so happy that a girl as hot as you is going down on them that they wouldn’t complain even if you drew blood.”

“Did I make you bleed?” She asked, aghast.

I laughed and stroked her cheek. “Not yet, but I didn’t want to take that chance.”

She laughed a little, still obviously feeling a little defensive.

“Listen, I’m guessing you picked up some of that from porn, but that’s a bad model. All that rough stuff looks good on film, but doesn’t feel so good in real life.”

“Okay,” she replied, “so…”

“Well, the thing about it is that you want to neither suck nor blow. It’s much more about using your mouth like a… like a…” I hesitated.

“A pussy?”

“Erm, yeah. But even wetter and with tongue. Here try this,” I said pushing my finger into her mouth.

She sucked on it.

“More gentle. You don’t really need any pressure. Just let it slide wetly past your lips.”

I pumped my finger in and out of her mouth slowly.

“Now use your tongue,” I instructed.

She licked my finger up and down as I continued to pump it in and out. I pressed a second finger into her mouth. It took her a few moments to adjust, but soon she was giving my digits a quality hummer. She’d get better over time, but at least she wasn’t causing pain anymore.

“That’s it. That’s nice,” I encouraged her.

“Can I try on your wiener?”

I chuckled. “Sure.”

She disappeared back under the covers and took me in her mouth. It was like night and day. Her mouth was wet and soft, her silky hair all over my lap.

“Hmm, that nice. That’s right. Nice and wet. Lots of tongue. You can use your hands too.”

She was an eager pupil, and it was that thought more than anything else that really got me going. She took me extra deep.

“Oh God, Ashley, you need to stop, I’m close.”

She kept bobbing up and down on my shaft. “I’m not eighteen, you know. If I finish now, I’ll be out of commission for a while.”

She peeked out from under the blanket, while still wetly stroking my cock.

“That’s okay. It’s still early, and I’m sure you have plenty of other ways to entertain me.

She disappeared under the covers and swallowed me back deep into her mouth.


She gave an exaggerated sigh and look up at me again. “What does a girl have to do to be allowed to finish off her man?”

I chuckled. There was something just so cute about her.

“That’s just it,” I said seriously. “You know, right, that you don’t have to let a man finish in your mouth or on your face? Some guys think because they see it on the internet they expect it or something. Anal too. But you should never feel like you have to. You know?”

She smiled. “You’re sweet, Uncle Danny. And yes, I know that. But can I ask you something?”


“Would you enjoy it? Finishing in my mouth, I mean.” I hesitated for a second. “Be honest,” she added.

I nodded.

She smiled and ducked back beneath the covers again and slurped wetly on my cock.

I moaned softly. I’d never actually finished in a girl’s mouth. Back when I was dating in the late-1970s and early-1980s there was a lot sex, but oral was less common. It was easier to get pussy than head. Virtually no girls let you finish in the mouths. That was a hooker move. And facials were uncommon even in porn. Joanne had sucked my dick thousands of times over the years, of course, but always a form of foreplay.

Ashley was working my shaft deftly now, her tongue swirling around my glans before taking me into her mouth again. She gently fondled my balls. I closed my eyes, relaxed and let the sensation wash over me.

“Oh God, I’m close,” I moaned.

She swallowed me deep, deeper than she had yet. I gasped and came hard. Ashley let out a muffled moan and quickly swallowed my first spurt. She kneaded my balls more firmly now as I spurted three more times in quick succession. When she gulped that down, she let my cock slide almost completely out of her mouth, sucking just on the head as she pumped her fist up and down my shaft, milking every last drop of jism into her mouth.

When she was done, she gave my cock a last quick kiss and sat up beside me.

“God, you’re amazing,” I gushed in post-hummer bliss.

She giggled. “Judging by that smile, I think you’d buy me a car now if I asked for it.”

I laughed. “I don’t see you as the mercenary type.”

She gave me a naughty smirk. “I dunno. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, sugar daddy.” She giggled at her own joke.

On the television an amazingly fit woman in skimpy workout attire was yelling at an obese woman who looked about ready to fall off a treadmill.

“Do you care about this?” I asked.

“No,” she replied, her hand on my thigh. “Let’s go to bed.”


My “wiener” was out of action for a while, and we spent that time in bed naked, kissing, sucking, touching, tickling, giggling. I massaged her back rubbing from her shoulders down to the tiny taper of her waist. She had the cutest little Venus dimples on her lower back.

I rolled her over and played with her breasts, sucking in each nipple until it was wet and puffy. She was writhing from the attention, moaning softly. I went down on her soaked pussy. The moment my tongue touched her clit she exploded, her pussy getting even wetter.

I keep mentioning how wet she was because, well, it was amazing. There is something about young girls, young women. They get so fucking excited. I remember one time when I was first dating Joanne. She’d gone out for drinks with some guys from work. That always made me crazy with jealousy because two of the guys made no bones about the fact that they wanted to bone her. But you can’t follow your girlfriend around 24/7, so at some point you just have to trust her.

She was supposed to come over after the happy hour, but she was late, and didn’t knock on my door until almost ten. I was itching for a fight, but she just latched onto me and kissed me hard. She reeked of booze and sweat. “We went dancing,” she slurred.

She rubbed my crotch. “I want you,” she hissed.

I reached down between her legs as well. She was soaked, soaked through her jeans. We stumbled over to the sofa and peeled off our clothes. The smell of her hot cunt hit me like shot, a rich, musky aroma. Even thirty years later, I can still picture it. I tried to finger her, but she pushed me away.

“Just fuck me,” she gasped.

I shoved my dick into her wet, puffy snatch. There was no romance. I just banged her hard. It was an angry fuck. I was angry that she’d kept me waiting. Angry that she’d let someone else get her so turned on. Angry because I suspected she might have done more and that I was actually getting sloppy seconds. She always denied that things had gone that far, though she did admit that some lines were crossed. But I’ll always remember her coming home like that, panties completely soaked through.

Ashley was now getting as wet as Joanne had been that night. Her juices got all over my face, they glazed her inner thighs. I ate her tight little snatch enthusiastically, and her panting, gasping response gave me just the right encouragement to keep at it, even when my jaw got sore.

There were lots of hot moments. I sucked her clit into my mouth, my tongue circling the hood. She gasped and came hard, her stomach muscles visibly contracting. Then after a little break, I went down on her again. This time she got so excited that she grabbed my head and held it down as she pumped her hips up and down roughly. Then finally, I rolled on my back and she climbed on top, a full body 69.

I loved her mouth on my cock, but what really got me excited was her pussy humping up and down on my face, her erect nipples pressed against my belly, just the feel of her twisting and writhing and bucking in ecstasy.

She rolled off me, face down on the bed, exhausted. My dick was finally back in action. I laid down on top of her and stabbed my cock between her wet thighs. Her wet, puffy pussy seemed to almost reach out and pull me inside her. I filled her with a single thrust, and then stayed there like that, completely buried inside her for a couple of minutes as I ran my fingers through her hair and kissed her cheek.

Then, I fucked her hard, trying to drive her down through the mattress. She was virtually swallowed up by my bulk, the two of us moving together, covered in sweat. She was almost mewling, especially as I started thrusting harder and harder. I came what felt like a gallon inside her.

I lay on top of her for a few moments, catching my breath, before rolling off her and onto my back. She threw an arm and a leg over me and nuzzled her face into my neck.

“I think I falling in love with you,” she moaned.

I hesitated. The same thought had crossed my mind, though just fleetingly.

“Do you mean that?”

She lifted up her head and looked at me intently for a moment. “No, I guess I don’t. I was just channelling my vagina for a second there.”

“So your vagina is falling in love with me?”

She giggled and nodded.

I kissed her on the nose. “My wiener feels the same way.”


I woke up early again. Forgot the fucking blinds again. I got up and shut them to let Ashley sleep, and then went downstairs for breakfast and the Sunday paper.

I had read most of it and was on the crosswords when Ashley appeared around 11:00 am. She’d showered and was wearing Joanne’s bathrobe. It occurred to me I’d need to do a lot of cleaning up to hide evidence of our affair. The bed surely reeked of sweat and sex. But I didn’t have much time to contemplate that further.

“Do you like it?” She asked coyly as she let the robe slip open.

She had shaved off her trimmed natural blond muff and was now completely bare. In a way that seemed like messing with perfection, but I couldn’t really argue with the result. Part of it was that I’d never had a shaved pussy in person before. I’m old enough that the full bush was the norm when I was young, and over the years, Joanne had taken to trimming, but never come close to being fully shaved.

She approached me and stood there frankly, her beautiful, tight, little pussy staring me in the face.

“God, you look good enough to eat,” I groaned lasciviously.

She grinned. “Just the reaction I was hoping for.”

I grabbed her by the waist and placed her on the breakfast table. She spread her legs wide. I sat back down, pulled the chair close, and buried my face in her snatch. She was already very wet.

“Have you been playing with yourself, you naughty girl?”

“Mmmm, yeah, I couldn’t help it, thinking about what you’d do to me.”

I spread her labia and sucked her clit into my mouth. She gasped and bucked her hips. I’d had pancakes, and in an impulsive moment I grabbed the bottle of maple syrup and poured a generous helping all over her pussy. I lapped at her like a dog at a water bowl. I looked up to see her, eyes closed, her head flailing from side to side as she pinched her own nipples in passion.

Some of the syrup dripped down toward her tiny, puckered asshole. I’d never eaten ass, but I went for it without hesitation, licking her anus. She went rigid for a second and then shuddered as if taken with a chill.

“Oooooh, that’s so dirty,” she moaned.

I pressed the tip of my tongue into her butt.

“Sooooo dirrrty,” she growled, her voice dropping an octave, as she bucked up and down, coming hard, her pussy and ass both pulsing visibly.

That was too much for me. I stood up, knocking my chair out from under me and tore my sweatpants off. I buried my cock inside her in one savage thrust and came immediately.

I felt lightheaded and collapsed cross legged onto the floor. She lay on the table, panting, absentmindedly rubbing her pussy as I looked up at her. She finally sat up and rolled off the table onto the floor beside me with catlike grace. She fixed me with her big, beautiful, blue eyes.

For a while, neither of us spoke. I’m not sure what she was thinking, but I was thinking that I’d like to somehow bottle this moment and have it always close at hand. This girl, this inexperienced little wisp of a girl, was giving me the most intense sexual experience of my life. I wanted to thank her, to tell her that she’d made me feel young again, that I’d always cherish her, never forget her or our time together. But I couldn’t get any of that out.

Instead, I cleared my throat and said, “What would you like for breakfast?”


She lounged around the house in Joanne’s loosely knotted bathrobe and nothing else all day. We both had some chores to do. She was ordering school supplies for college and Facebooking, and I was doing some laundry and catching up on email, but the whole day was really just extended foreplay.

She came up to me in the laundry room and causally dropped to her knees and sucked my cock for just a few minutes. I leaned over her while she sat on the sofa and kissed her neck and pinched her nipples. She hugged me from behind in the kitchen, and with the bathrobe open ground against me. I grabbed her by the hair and kissed her roughly while I fingered her clit.

I made another nice dinner, grilled fish with lime, served it with candlelight and chilled white wine. She’d changed into a clingy little party dress and heels and done up her makeup. She looked sexy and surprisingly grown up.

We talked more about college. Facebooking with her friends had made her a little wistful. None of them were going to school with her. She was worried about making friends. Worried about college classes.

“Ashley, seriously, I’m not just saying this because we’re having sex. But you’re gonna have a great, great time. You’re smart, outgoing, beautiful.”

She blushed.

“No, I mean it. Beautiful but down to earth. Just be yourself. The only thing is…”

I stopped myself.


“Never mind. There is no only thing. You’re gonna do great.”

“Nuh uh, Uncle Danny, you were going to say something. The only thing is…?”

“… is boys. Men. Whatever. They’re going to be all over you, and most of them are only going to want one thing.” I felt ridiculous saying it.

“And what’s that, loverboy?”

“Fair enough. But you know what I mean. You’re like a daughter to me, as weird as that may sound.”

She scrunched up her face.

“I’m just saying, I feel protective of you. Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t settle. Don’t let guys treat you badly. You’re so special. You deserve the best.”

She had been looking down at her plate, but now she looked up, her eyes wet.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you,” I said reaching out and touching her forearm.

She laughed and wiped away tears. “You didn’t. That’s just like one of the nicest things anyone ever said to me.”

I smiled at her.

“I need to find an 18 year old version of you,” she added.

“And that’s one of the nicest things anyone’s ever said to me.”

We finished our dinner mostly in silence, just looking up at each other every once in a while, both of us, I guess, wrestling with our emotions. Part of it was the music in the background. I’m not a big jazz fan. I don’t know any of the artists or songs by name, but over the years I put together a playlist of tunes that somehow moved me. We were listening to a melodic piece, sax and piano, that somehow fit the mood.

I held out my hand to Ashley. “Would you like to dance?”

She smirked. “To this?”

I nodded. “Give it a try.”

I pulled her into my arms and we swayed slowly together. She put her arms around my neck and rested her head on my chest, my hands encircling her hips. Even in heels she was a lot shorter than me, but she felt good in my arms. I kissed her on the top of the head. She looked up and stood on her tip toes. We kissed softly at first, then more passionately.

She ran her hands through my hair. I reached down and kneaded her hard butt. She pressed hard against me. I could feel her soft breasts, her hard nipples through my shirt. Her dainty hand slid down between us and she rubbed my crotch forcefully, her fingers gripping my rapidly stiffening cock.

I took her by the hand and led her upstairs. In the bedroom, we kissed and I began to undress her. She was wearing her sexiest underwear, a tiny pink thong and matching bra. She kicked off her heels and laid back on the bed. I uncovered one breasts at a time, kissing and sucking her nipples. Then I trailed my tongue down between her mounds and across her flat stomach. I slowly pulled off her thong, massaging her legs. Then I stood back up to admire her gorgeous, young body. She opened her legs wide and spread her pussy for me.

I stripped quickly and climbed on top of her. She grabbed my cock and guided it inside her. I made love to her slowly, passionately, sharing deep, wet kisses the whole time. She came more than once, her spasming pussy clutching at me as she gasped and sucked on my tongue.

I rolled over onto my back and pulled her on top of me. She sat up, hands on my chest, and slowly rode me up and down. As she did, I explored her body with my hands, cupping her full breasts, teasing her erect nipples, squeezing her hard ass. I traced her lips with my finger, and she took my thumb into her mouth, sucking on it in time with her movements. She came yet again, while grinding her pelvis against mine. She collapsed forward, her mouth next to my ear.

“I’m done,” she sighed. “Come inside me.”

I grabbed her butt and thrust upward harder. She was gasping and moaning right in my ear, her hot, moist breath on my neck. I slid my hand between her cheeks, my finger tickling her ass.

“Do it,” she breathed.

I pressed my middle finger deep into her butt.

“Oh fuck!” She growled lustily.

She started bucking up and down, her sphincter pulsing on my finger. I could feel myself inside her through the thin membrane separating her ass and her pussy.

“Oh Jesus,” I moaned as my body tensed up and I came inside her, squeezing her tight.

I went limp back on the bed and withdrew my finger from her bottom. She collapsed on top of me.

“That was… interesting,” she said. “A little like getting an electric shock… but in a good way.”

“I’m glad you liked it.”

“I did,” she moaned. She started grinding against me. “It’s still early.”

I laughed. “Ashley, this is why you need a younger man. I’m cooked.”

“We’ll see,” she replied with a smirk as she ducked under the covers.

She swallowed my slimy dong into her mouth and blew me wetly. It felt good, so good, but there was no way I was going to get more than a partial erection, not so soon. But she didn’t seem to mind as she continued to work my cock and the my balls with her mouth.

I felt her wet finger tickle my asshole. I tensed. I’d never been into that. Latent homophobia maybe, unpleasant associations with rectal thermometers and prostate exams, general squeamishness, whatever. But I was hardly in a position to object given that I’d just shoved my own finger in her ass, and anyway, her lips on my dick had me in a compliant mood.

She pressed her finger into me. More gently than I had done, but it was still a jolt. It was a little uncomfortable and felt more than a little gay, but the combination of her mouth and tongue on my cock and her finger thrusting in my ass was enough to get me hard, at first just a noticeable stiffening, but surprisingly soon a full blown erection.

She reappeared from under the covers with a big grin, “see, I told you.”

She got up on her hands and knees, waving her little ass at me. I didn’t need any more encouragement. I kneeled behind her and pressed my cock into her steaming snatch. She was sloppy wet, literally so since I’d finished inside her just a little while earlier. It was all over my shaft, on her thighs. I coated my thumb with our combined juices and pressed it into her ass.

Just as before, it was like flipping a light switch. She backed up against me hard, over and over, fucking me harder than I was fucking her. I reached around with my other hand and touched her swollen and hard clit.

She growled and flung her head back, her long blond hair slicing through the air. She looked back me over her shoulder, her expression fierce, feral.

“You can do anything to me,” she grunted through clenched teeth. “Anything!”

I knew what she wanted. I wanted it too. All that stuff I’d told her about self-respect and not selling herself short and not having to accept porn conventions… all that went out the window in that moment of animal lust.

I pulled my dick out of her pussy and pressed it against her tiny puckered asshole. Any doubts I had about what she wanted vanished as she pressed back against me, taking my cock inside her. I thrust forward, finishing the job.

She let out a lusty growl and began pumping her ass back and forth, sodomizing herself with my cock. I grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked it roughly. With my other hand I slapped her ass hard, harder than I intended. It was like a gunshot. But that only seemed to turn her on more. She reached between her legs and shoved two fingers into her pussy, finger banging herself roughly. I spanked her again and again, back and forth on each of her perfect ass cheeks.

She suddenly reared up, her back impossibly arched. She didn’t even make a sound, but her body shuddered so violently I thought for a second it was a seizure, and then I felt her ass clamping down on my cock rapidly. She took a sudden gasping breath and then fell forward onto the bed. I started to follow her down. I wasn’t done. But she put her hand between us.

“No more,” she gasped, “no more.”

I sat back on my heels, surprised at how hard I was breathing and sweating.

“Did you?” She asked.

“No, but that’s okay,” I replied catching my breath in deep gulps.

“Come on,” she said, taking me by the hand and pulling me off the bed.

She led me into the bathroom. Joanne and I have a big, two person shower, with wall jets and a waterfall shower head. We turned on everything, real hot and climbed in. She sat me down on the bench and kneeled before me. She cleaned my cock carefully and then took it deep in her mouth.

She didn’t seem to be in any rush. She took her time, licking me up and down and then swallowing me deep. She sucked my balls gently. Then she leaned into my lap and took my cock between her beautiful breasts, bouncing up and down, fucking me with her cleavage. She stared up and me, her big blue eyes watching me unblinking.

I came again, my cock pulsing almost painfully. My jism splashed across her face and dribbled down her cheeks onto her breasts.

She laughed. “That was more than I expected.”

I couldn’t even reply.

I grabbed a washcloth and began to clean her off. I wiped off her face and kissed her on the lips. I soaped up her breasts and gently kissed her nipples. I stood her up and carefully cleaned between her legs. Her pussy was swollen and very sensitive. Her ass was worse, covered in my handprints, and her anus was an angry red. I kissed both gently.

I stood and hugged her close, neither of us speaking. Between the wine and the sex and shower, we were both exhausted. We dried ourselves off and stumbled into bed naked, both of us asleep in minutes.


I woke up in the middle of the night in the midst of a panic attack. Wracked with guilt I woke her up.

She gave me a groggy grin, “Oh God, you really are insatiable.”

“Ashley, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what came over me.”


“Tonight. It… I… I’ve never been like that. I can’t believe how I treated you.”

She smiled. “Did it seem like I didn’t enjoy it?”

“No, but…”

“No buts. We’re two consenting adults. And you stopped the second I asked you to.”

I almost debated the consenting adults part. She was still just a kid, even if she didn’t know it. And 18 year old kid, but still a kid. And I was a pervert. A monster. An abusive, perverted monster.

“No man should treat you that way. You shouldn’t let them.”

She reached out and brushed my cheek. “I know that. I also know you’d never hurt me.”

“How can you know that?”

“I just do.”

“We can’t do this anymore,” I said sadly. “We have to stop.”

“That’s going to happen anyway. Joanne is going to be home soon. And anyway, in two weeks I’m off to school. But there’s no reason we can’t enjoy this for now.”

“It’s wrong.”

She sidled up to me, her naked body pressing against mine.

“Make love to me,” she said simply, throwing a leg over my waist and kissing me softly.

We made love slowly, face to face, side by side. Her body was warm, soft and responsive. She came beautifully, with a delicate shiver, a big smile, and a small tear of joy running down her cheek. I climaxed as well, and we fell back asleep in each others arms.


Monday morning, we both had to get to work, so we rose briskly and got out of the house. I had a couple of morning status update meetings, then a business lunch, and then a meeting with our accountant. Boring stuff. Except, suddenly it wasn’t so boring.

The first text came at 9:43 while I was watching an endless PowerPoint about trends in commercial real estate inventory. It was from Ashley. For a second I was worried something was wrong, but instead I was greeted by a picture of her holding a sign, “thinking of you” written in cute high school girl loops, little hearts over the “i”s.

“Me too,” I texted back.

At 10:24, another text. “Got a ten minute pedi on coffee break.” It was accompanied by a picture of her sexy little feet and her new bright red nail polish.

I sent her a picture of my loafers.

10:27: “LOL, my pic was cuter.”

11:13: “I hate wearing a bra,” accompanied by a downshirt picture of her cleavage.

I didn’t have time to answer before the next one came.

11:15: “So, I decided to air them out,” accompanied by a close up of one of her perfect breasts, capped by a beautiful erect nipple.

“My pants are getting tight,” I replied.

“Pics or it didn’t happen,” she answered quickly.

But somehow, no matter how boring the PowerPoint, I figured someone would notice me taking a crotch shot of myself.

“Guess you’ll have to find out for yourself later,” I wrote.

“Mmmm,” she texted back.

12:43, while I was at lunch. Another text from her. “Just noticed I had panty lines in this dress. So I had to take them off.” Attached was a picture of cute pink lacy panties in a desk drawer.

I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I stroked myself to a respectable size and sent her a picture of the bulge in my Jockeys, my first experience with sexting. “Okay, you win,” I texted back.

1:26: “UNCLE DANNY! OMFG what kind of gurl do u think i am?”

Then two minutes later, “Just kidding. Getting me hot.”

I went to my accountant meeting, and he started going over our finances and estimated taxes for the rest of the year. I was already more than a little distracted when my phone started vibrating in my pocket with incoming texts. I checked them as surreptitiously as possible.

2:21: “Can’t stop thinking about you. Need to do something about it.”

She followed that with a series of pics, each about two minutes apart.

A picture of her sitting on a closed toilet, centered on her dress covered legs.

Same location, but now the dress was pulled way up, showing off her creamy thighs.

Now the dress was bunched around her waist. Her legs were together, but her tight little slit on display.

Legs spread now, the image centered on her pussy.

Her hand rubbing her lovely snatch.

Her pussy penetrated with two fingers.

Her snatch spread wide, glistening, her fingers slick as they bracketed her clit.

My blood was boiling with lust.

“Bill,” I said suddenly interrupting him mid-sentence, “listen, I need to take care of something. I’ll call to reschedule.”

He gave me a queer look. “Um, okay Dan. You sure everything is alright? You look a little flush.”

“I’m okay. Just… Look, I’ll call tomorrow to reschedule.”

Holding my folder over my crotch, I speed walked out of the room.

I got in my car and pulled out my phone and sent a text to Ashley.

“Come home NOW!”

She texted back right away, “LOL. Can’t I’m @ work”

“Tell them you’re not feeling well. I want you.”

She made me wait five minutes for a reply.

“Guess you liked those pics.”

“Yeah, a little,” I replied. “Come home now. Don’t make me beg.”

“Okay okay, I don’t want you to compromise your dignity.”

“Too late,” I texted back.

It was another couple of minutes before she replied, “Okay, leaving now. Usual pick up?”

“I’ll be waiting.”

I drove to the subway station and parked with a view of the exit, going back over her texted pics as I waited. Finally she appeared and strode to the car with a big grin on her face. She climbed in and I drove off.

I wanted to kiss her hard, but couldn’t risk it. Instead I snaked my hand into her lap and between her legs.

“You’re a bad girl,” I hissed as my hand found her wet gash.

“Are you gonna span…. Ooh,” she moaned as I shoved two fingers inside her.

“Are you always like this?” I asked as I fucked her with my digits, my thumb now rubbing her clit hard.

“Is that what you want to hear? That I’m a dirty, horny slut?”

I groaned at words.

“Or do you want to hear that it’s all you that’s getting me so turned on?”

I groaned again. She seemed to have an almost instinctive ability to push my buttons.

“Oh god, you’re gonna make me come,” she moaned before I could answer. And a moment later, her pussy began pulsing on my fingers as she gasped with pleasure.

She pushed my hand away and immediately draped herself over the center console, her head in my lap. She pulled down my zipper and fished out my cock, swallowing me deep.

Road head was another first for me, and it was such a turn on that I brushed aside the alarm bells ringing in my head. This was reckless on some many levels that I couldn’t even process it. The risk of an accident paled in comparison to the possibility of being seen. We were driving around my neighborhood, and anyone getting close to the car could easily see what was going on.

Luckily, the streets were quiet and we made it home without incident. I parked in the driveway, and was tempted to let her finish me off, but instead I forced myself to stop.

“Let’s go inside,” I growled.

I fixed myself up as best I could and then she and I walked stiffly to the door, both of us acting as nonchalant as possible.

Once inside, though, it was like flipping a switch. We kissed hard. Then without a word, I spun her around and shoved her face first against the door. I reached down and lifted her dress. She bent at the waist and jutted out her perfect little ass. I dropped my pants and with a rough thrust buried myself inside her hot, tight pussy from behind.

I fucked her hard, virtually lifting her off the floor with each stroke. She was gasping and moaning loudly. I reached under her dress and roughly mauled her breasts, gripping her nipples and stretching them out. She mewled in pain, but she obviously love it, her hand now sliding down to frig her clit as I bang her hard.

Anyone walking by would have heard the door rattling as I slammed her against it over and over. And if they came closer they would surely hear our intermingled moans, and slap of flesh on flesh. I was so worked up that I didn’t last more than a couple of minutes. I came suddenly, hard.

I felt lightheaded and leaned against the door to support myself. Ashley disentangled and dropped down to her knees, taking my slimy prick into her mouth, teasing out a last few drops of jism.

“Mmmm, I like tasting myself on you,” she cooed.

That sent a jolt of excitement through me. I shook my head.

“What?” she asked, rubbing my member up and down.

I chuckled. “Behind that angelic face, you have a lot of dirty thoughts.”

She stopped stroking me and got very serious, “you have no idea.”

The moment passed before I could respond. She gave me a saucy smirk and took me back into her mouth.

My phone rang. Ashley nonchalantly handed it up to me even as she continued sucking me off. It was Joanne.

“Hey babe,” I answered.

“Hey yourself.” She paused. “You okay? You sound out of breath.”

I pushed Ashley away and put a finger to my lips.

“Yeah, just got back from a run.”

“Oh, I thought you were meeting with Bill today.”

“Something came up,” I replied, perhaps too literally. “He had to cancel.” I made a mental note to clean up that lie.

“Okay. So, good news on this side. Rich is doing a lot better. He’s going home tomorrow morning. So I’m gonna stay another day and get him settled in. I got a plane flight Wednesday afternoon, so I should be home for dinner.”

“That’s great,” I said with as much enthusiasm as I could muster.

“Okay, gotta run. Kids are coming home soon. Gonna start on dinner. Love you. See you soon.”

“Love you too,” I replied.

I hung up and lowered the phone to my side. Ashley had been right. Our time was together was limited.

“So, can I go back to blowing you?” She said with a grin.

I took her by the hand and stood her up.

“Joanne is coming home,” I said simply.


“No. Wednesday.”

She nodded thoughtfully.

I hugged her tightly. “This has been amazing.”

“Yeah,” she replied softly.

After a few minutes she excused herself. I felt the same. It was expected, but painful, like the death of a long suffering relative.

We had a quiet dinner and retired to bed together, spending the evening exploring each other’s bodies. There was no repeat of the Sunday night fireworks, but it was still amazing, her body warm, inviting, responsive; her pussy tight, hot, and very wet. We were in the sweet spot where we each knew how to please the other, but before the novelty had time to wear off.

The next day, Tuesday, was the last day we could be together. She called in sick and we spent the day together in bed, kissing and making love in every position. We had a long, slow session of anal, me spooning her and gently rubbing her clit as I slid my dick in and out of her tight ass.

By the time night fell, we were both too exhausted for more, and we just watched TV together and cuddled.

Wednesday I shooed her off to work while went to cleaning the house. I opened all the windows, changed all the sheets. I moved her stuff, some clothes, a phone charger, out of the bedroom and back into her room.

I picked up Joanne at the airport. She was exhausted from travel, and after an early meal, she and I went to bed and cuddled as we went to sleep. In the middle of the night I woke up, and for a moment felt a desperate desire to sneak out of bed and visit Ashley. But I resisted it, though I spent most of the night lying awake, thinking of her.


Joanne had taken the entire week off, so she was still at home when I went off to a bunch of meetings on Thursday. I got back late, after 6:00, to find Joanne sitting alone at the kitchen table with a glass on wine.

I looked around. All the lights were off. No sign of dinner. No Ashley.

“So, where’s our houseguest?” I ask lightly.

“On a train back home.”


“How could you?” She exclaimed, her voice a mix of anger and disappointment.

“How could I what?”

She sighed.

“What are you talking about?” I said, already knowing my bluff was called.

“Goddamn it, Dan, you were always the world’s worst fucking liar. Don’t waste your time. She already admitted it.”

“She did?” I was devastated. Why would Ashley go to Joanne like that?

As if reading my mind, Joanne respond, “Oh, don’t worry, your little girlfriend didn’t rat you out. She just broke down when I confronted her. I figured it out myself.”

“How?” I blurted out.

She gave me a smirk. “Well, at least you’re not denying it anymore.” She paused. “I’m not stupid you know. You couldn’t keep your eyes off each other last night… And then today I was cleaning up and found one of your tee shirts in her room. And then her hair in my fucking shower. You fucked that little slut in our bed, didn’t you?”

I winced. “Please don’t call her that. It’s not her fault. I’m the villain here.”

“That’s for sure,” she replied curtly. She chuckled sardonically. “I was sort of worried about something like this. She’s at that age where girls often have inappropriate relationship.”

“Did you?”

“This is not about me!” She hissed. Then she softened. “Yes, of course. My manager at Subway. But he was like 8 years older than me, not 40. I underestimated you, Dan, it just didn’t really occur to me you could get her interested.”

“It wasn’t like that. I didn’t plan it.”

She snorted. “How many times? How many times did you have sex with her?”

“I… Um… I don’t know.”

“Are you just ducking the question or was it so many times that you can’t keep track?”

I looked down.

“So you just had accidentally fucked her so many times that you lost count?”

“Jeez, I dunno, Babe, what do you want me to say?”

“Don’t ‘Babe’ me, you asshole. And you could start with an apology.”

I looked up at her. She was furious and sad, still beautiful and the love of my life, and I’d fucked it all up. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” I gushed.

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