It was getting late and we were waiting for darkness to envelop and hide us. While kissing, her hand was furiously unzipping my tight jeans; the brass chain grazed my dick. But a desperate Priya didn’t seem to care, pushed her hand in and held my hard leaking dick feeling its searing hardness.

“Hmmmm….my toy is ready to please me…..its rock hard…hmmmm”

Her need was urgent as we were meeting after about month. I was away on work and we would phone fuck whenever we could. Both of us were desperate for deep hot immediate fuck.

Her elder sister was getting married and the cacophony of loud music shielded her lovingly wild obscenities.

“You mother fucker, why didn’t you come early. I have been fingering since last night. I don’t like fucking phone sex, you dog…ohhh…aahhh”

She pulled my dick out and kept on stroking hard, squeezing out drops of juice. She bent down, her hungry mouth opened and took all in and started sucking hard. Her tongue worked furiously on my bulbous dick head, making me grunt while keeping a vigil on open stairs to the terrace, our usual fucking corner on roof in the big three storied old house. The thick growth of creepers shielded us completely from any chance on looker at any of tall buildings around..

I started to pump my dick in to her mouth holding her slender neck tight, by one hand. She was bending down to suck me and my other hand went in her loosened jeans to thumb her virgin asshole. She at once pumped back to take it in. Feeling the wrinkled puckered ring of her anus, rubbed it lightly and felt the pulsating heat.. I bent on her to take my middle finger down to her wet cunt. And after few delicious pokes, went back to lubricate her heated asshole. She now pushed back hard, and took off her mouth from my cock.

“Come finger my asshole, baby, do it now……ohhh yeah …hmmmmm…feels so good..”

She pushed down my jeans and her mouth went to my hairy balls, bloated with hot cum. She mewed and moaned loudly, sucking and licking. Her appetite to suck my cock was growing each day. She had some timed made me cry with her powerful sucking action and ferocious bites on my dick and balls. But she was the best cock sucker I had ever been with. A long sucking session continued till her mouth ached. She stood up and took her boobs out.

“Bite my…” She ordered like a queen would to a sex slave.

I bent down to suck and lick her hardened grape shaped nipples, responding to her demands..

“Ohhhh….yeah…..bite more…and suck deep…ahhhh….dont that hard you mom fucker…..yess….you are better now..”.

“Kisss me ….”

” Wish….Kavita could see us fucking like this..I told her about our terrace fucking ..She must have some deep fun….before being tied to just one man and one dick…that would be so fucking boring…”

I knew she was seized of desire to see her dear elder sister Kavita being fucked by me as she watched. But doing that when she was being married seemed like the most crazy idea. I stopped sucking and looked deep at her face. Her large eyes were closed, as if she was already imagining me and Kavita making love in her presence.

“Are you serious or just fantasizing, as you always do..”

“Shut up you dog, I have made wildest hot ideas turned real….didn’t I..” Her breathing was getting deeper and faster,as if in deep sexual trance.

“But why now with so much of crowd around.. That is not possible…” I protested but was getting terribly aroused by her crazy though process.

“Every thing is possible, if the will is there..and I have desire and will to make it happen…” Her voice turned hoarse.

“Have you talked to Kavita?”

“Yes.. I have and she liked the novelty and daring involved in getting group fucked on the eve of her marriage..

Suddenly she pulled her jeans and panty down and demanded to fuck her fast, as she was getting late to talk more with Kavita and do some thing fast to organize the crazy group fucking session get going as soon as possible. Priya leaned on side wall and opened her legs wide.

I aimed and plunged my ram rod dick in her hot wet cunt. She sighed and pushed her ass back to meet my growing thrusts. I held her bouncing ass and pumped rapidly.

“ohhh..yeahhh…god…fuck me…harder you mother fucking cock..” She loved to abuse me while getting fucked.

It went on for some time and she was nearing orgasm as her back thrusts grew harder and harder.

Come my put on the fucking condom. Cant wait you dog..”

I pulled my wet dick out and lifted up my jeans to locate the protection.

“Fast you mother fucker…I am getting late.”

I suddenly realized that I forget to put condom in jeans pocket.

“Put it on and fuck me..” She screamed.

I told her my problem, she turned abruptly and slapped me hard.

“You mother fucker…I will kill you.”

I always wanted to fuck her ass but she never agreed. Now I knew her desperation for a fuck might make her relent and my dream may come true.

‘ok. I will fuck you ass today…”

I turned and bent her down by force, scooping her wide rippling ass cheeks high and aimed my dick at her crack.

“No….you dog….noooooo…ohhh” She seemed excited by my brutal act, suggestions and immediately opened her gym toned ass cheeks wide.

In the fading light nothing much was visible. I took out my mobile and aimed at her luscious butt crack, and liked what I saw..

I caressed her small virgin ass hole and pushed my finger in. She was very tight but pushed her back to take me in her virgin asshole. After some time of light fingering, rubbing being loved by her, I decided to make her go totally mad by my expert lust full female ass licking.

Holding her fleshy butt cheeks wide open, I sniffed and blew hot air and did one sweep lick of asshole. A pungent taste invaded my mouth but was hot and my hard dick jerked wildly. I now feared an immediate ejaculation and stood up.

Priya was still but mewing faintly.

I gathered spit and dropped on her open asshole. She sighed as the hot spit hit her asshole.

“Fuck me dog”

“OK bitch ..” I put my dick head on her hot ass and pushed. A loud sigh escaped her clenched teeth.

“Ohhhhhh Goshhhh….be gentle…mom fucker….aahhhhhh….”

“I pushed hard and with a loud cry my dick her penetrated her tight asshole.

I was now wild and pushing hard to take my whole dick in her tiny virgin asshole.

“Where and when we gonna have group fucking going….”

“hMmm….ahhhh….harder …..fuck the we….I am gonna organize that….you just follow lead….hmmmm…..great….feel good….”

“Ok….bitch… big is gonna be the group size….?”

“hmmmm…shut up….let me slow masturbate…and keep dick still in my ass….hmmmm…ooohhhh”

“Gosh… are leaking like never before…..”

“Yeahhh…….hmmmmmm….I dont know…let me see how many are around….and have guts to do this…..”

“Hope…we would have total privacy….for nice wild fucking…for the hot bride “Kavita.”

“Hmmm….yes… will be possible….but imagine the thrill Kavita will get fucked..on eve of her marriage…gosh we all will always remember it…ahhhhh…hmmmmm…don’t move you dick mom fucker….”

It was difficut for me to hold back imminent ejaculation in her hot clenching ass hole.

“What do you mean….gosh….what….?”

“Shutttt up and fuckkkk….you dog…..ahhhhhhh.”

We slowly gathered speed as she stared to finger her cunt furiously.

We both moaned as our climaxes exploded simultaneously.

She stayed in bent position as my dick slipped out of her ass with a pluck sound. I pushed my two fingers in her wet cum oozing ass and my mouth to her cunt to help her get multiple orgasms.

Her soft pleasure cries went wild as her furiously working finger in her cunt and mine in her asshole, continued to labor. After bouts of pleasure grunts and accompanying flow from her cunt, she went still and limp, I held her from falling down and lifted her..

After some time she stood up shaking and our mouth met furiously.

I let her sallow juices scooped from her cunt.

Priya pushed me away slowly. and pulled my wet dick hanging out.

“hmmm…that like a good fucker toy…..its getting hard again…great….you mom fucker…”

She hummed softly with contended voices and pulled her jeans up over her wide ass, and ran down to activate her crazy group fucking.

I sat down for languid smoke and thought over what Pirya had in her utterly fertile erotic mind and how that is going to happen, shortly.

….to be continued

Readers of Chapter 01 will know that my wife Samantha is a stunning, British Indian girl with an amazing figure and gorgeous brown skin. She stands 5 feet 2 inches tall and has a petite, supple body and amazing 32D tits. I’m a white guy about 6 feet fall with an average build. We are both 35 years old.

In Chapter 01 I told readers about our wonderful marriage which has been going strong for 15 years, partly due to our willingness to explore our fantasies.

Chapter 01 was all about the fulfilment of one of these fantasies.

I told the story of an amazing holiday in Marbella when I let Samantha fuck another guy while I hid in our hotel room and watched. It was an incredible experience and I told Samantha straight away that I wanted to repeat it. Samantha was non-committal, leaving me wondering whether it would remain a one-off or the start of a new way of life.


After our holiday in Marbella, Samantha and I returned home to the UK and found our marriage was better than ever. Our sex life was incredible and Samantha worked harder than ever to keep her amazing figure. We never really discussed the experience we’d shared but it was obvious that the attention she had received on holiday had made her realise she was seriously hot.

Personally, I felt like I’d been on a dangerous adventure and lived to tell the tale. Sure, Samantha had assured me beforehand that it wouldn’t affect our marriage, but neither of us could have been certain about this. There was no question that letting Samantha fuck another guy had been a massive risk and, fortunately, I’d got away with it.


I desperately wanted to repeat the experience but it was difficult to raise the subject.

For weeks I tried to find the courage to mention my desires and, on occasions, I came close. However, it eventually occurred to me that Marbella had not been planned; it had just happened. Therefore, my best chance of repeating the experience was to organise a similar trip and hope that events took over.


I decided that organising another sunshine break would be too obvious and, in any case, it might end up being a poor imitation of Marbella. Therefore, I went for something completely different.

Samantha had often mentioned how she’d love to go to London and enjoy the city without the pressure of catching our last train home. Therefore I looked online for hotel deals and found a great place on the river near the Tower of London.

In the end I spent £350 for one night in a mini-suite overlooking the bridge. It was expensive but I knew the atmosphere had to be right and a classy hotel would be a crucial factor.


When I told Samantha about the booking she was thrilled. She said she couldn’t wait to spend a night on the town with me and said her main difficulty would be staying sober enough to enjoy the hotel room.

Samantha’s happiness gave me a surge of confidence and I found myself saying, “maybe we could have another crazy night.”

Samantha smiled but to my disappointment replied, “honey, Marbella was really cool but let’s just make it you and me this time.”

It was the first time we’d openly talked about Marbella and, while Samantha had made it clear from the outset that a repeat was not guaranteed, it was hard not to feel crestfallen. I was still looking forward to a night out with Samantha, but the exhilaration had gone.

Samantha could probably tell I was disappointed so she tried to lighten the mood and said, “hey, but should you still get me something nice and sexy to wear for you in the suite.”


Later that evening I went online and started looking for an outfit. I knew Samantha liked to keep things classy, but I figured she wouldn’t mind wearing something totally crazy since we’d be alone.

I settled on a black dress which barely covered anything. The top half was halter-neck with a plunging neckline. The model on the image had her tits revealed both at the cleavage and also down the sides. Only the nipples were really covered. Her entire back was naked and the dress was so short and tight it barely covered her ass. The model looked like a complete slut and since Samantha’s tits were bigger I reckoned she would look even better.

I finished my purchases with a tiny pink g-string and a pair of 4 inch stilettoes.

Despite knowing that the evening wouldn’t be as crazy as Marbella, I still couldn’t wait to see my gorgeous wife dressed like a hooker for my pleasure.


When the day finally arrived, we made our way into London by mid-afternoon. By the time we’d seen a few sights and checked into the hotel it was 6pm. This gave us an hour to get ready before making our way to dinner at 7pm.

Samantha loved the room and spent ages checking all the gadgets and taking photos of the bridge. It was great to see her so happy.

She was also getting pretty affectionate and, as I sat checking my phone messages, came up behind me and wrapped her arms around my neck. As I leaned back into her she said, “have you bought me something nice and sexy for later?”

I smiled and told her that I’d bought something a little crazier than last time.

Samantha told me that she wanted to see it now, so she had time to get nice and excited during dinner. I therefore went into our bedroom and laid it on the bed.

Samantha walked in, gave me a wink with her beautiful eyes and asked if she should try it on. I happily agreed and returned to the living room to wait.


After fifteen minutes Samantha emerged from the bedroom looking incredible.

The dress was so revealing it was unbelievable. The neckline was so plunging it barely covered her nipples and with her back totally naked the sides of her amazing round tits were also on show.

The dress was so short it barely covered her ass. Indeed, as she walked towards me I caught a glimpse of her pink g-string. The stilettos completed the picture beautifully. Samantha looked like a complete and utter slut, but so, so sexy.

The only problem was that Samantha looked totally pissed off.

I asked her what was wrong and she replied, “honey, I thought we were going to have a sexy and classy night together, but obviously you’re more interested in dressing me up like a hooker.”

I told her that she looked amazing and, since it was just the two of us, what was the harm in her wearing something really revealing.

Samantha seemed to think I’d missed the point.

“Honey, this isn’t just a sexy little mini-dress like the one I wore in Marbella. This is an outfit for prostitute, which means that’s how you see me.”

I told her she was totally wrong, but when Samantha is annoyed she gets very stubborn and she just wouldn’t listen. Instead, she walked quickly towards the main door and said, “come on then, let’s go” before walking out into the hotel corridor.


I was totally thrown. I jumped up, grabbed my wallet and jacket and ran down the corridor after her. Samantha was already about twenty yards away, walking quickly towards the lift with her tight butt cheeks just visible below the bottom of her skirt.

I caught up with her as she pressed the button for the lift and told her to calm down and come back.

However, Samantha turned to me with a furious look on her face and said, “you don’t decide what happens tonight. You want a fucking slut for a wife well you can have one. See how you like it when you don’t make the rules. Now, unless you want a fucking screaming row in this corridor then I suggest you get in the lift and we can go for dinner.”


I had reserved a restaurant a short way across town but it was way too cold to walk — especially with Samantha wearing so little. Therefore, we got a cab and during the journey Samantha started to calm down. She tried to avoid my eye, but after a few minutes I could tell she wanted to smile. Eventually, I poked her gently in the ribs and she couldn’t help but laugh.

“I’m still pissed off with you” she said

“It’s not my fault I find you sexy” I whispered back.

It was obvious the mood had changed so I suggested we returned to our room.

However Samantha shook her head and said, “I forgive you for dressing me like this, but you’ve still got to learn a lesson otherwise you’ll keep doing this sort of thing. You need to know how it feels to lose control … then you’ll stop being so careless with our marriage.”

I nodded, but started feeling very uncomfortable.


The taxi parked right outside the restaurant and I got out first so I could hand Samantha down to the pavement. Her dress was so ridiculously short that the g-string was totally on show as she stepped down. She tried to pull the dress down as we walked in but it was pointless. Samantha was totally on show and every male pair of eyes in the restaurant turned to look at her.

In the fifteen years I’ve been with Samantha I’ve always been struck by the attention she draws when she wears revealing clothes. I think it’s partly because she’s sexy by any standard, but also because she’s Indian and it’s relatively rare to see Indian girls dress revealingly. It’s a shame because their beautiful skin tones are perfect for sexy outfits.

Either way, Samantha was the centre of attention as she sat down at our table.


Fortunately our table was fairly secluded in the corner so it was impossible for guys to ogle her too obviously — especially those in couples. Eventually I started to relax and, once we had ordered our food, I felt capable of normal conversation.

I was still unnerved by the suddenness of Samantha’s earlier fit of anger. One minute she had wanted a private night with just the two of us and now she was parading herself like never before. I didn’t get it. I realised she was offended by my choice of outfit, but her reaction made no sense. I stuck out my neck and told her this.

Samantha replied, “you’ve got to understand that I’m not your toy. Marbella was amazing but it was totally on your terms and you effectively pimped me out. I loved turning you on and, as a one-off, it was great. However, it’s obvious from this outfit that you’re now addicted to kinky sex and I need to find a way of curing you … otherwise it’s going to damage our marriage.”

I replied, “ok, so maybe I’ve become a bit obsessed with crazy sex, but I don’t see how you’re going to cure me by wearing that outfit in public.”

Samantha paused for a long time before saying, “let me explain it another way. When I was a kid my dad caught me smoking. I had only smoked a few from the packet but, as a punishment, he made me smoke all the remaining cigarettes in one go. I never forgot how ill I felt and it’s the main reason I never smoked again. Therefore, tonight I’m going to give you an overdose of your kinky games. I’m not sure exactly what’s going to happen, but by the end I reckon you’ll want our normal sex life back.”

For the rest of the dinner I tried to block out the knowledge that the other diners probably thought I was hanging out with an exotic hooker. Fortunately, the table was pretty secluded and as we made our way through a couple of bottles of wine my self-consciousness began to ease.

I still felt pretty uncomfortable about what the evening held in store; however having sorted my argument with Samantha I decided to roll with things and try to have a good time.


We drank a fair bit of wine during dinner and, after paying the bill, we walked rather unsteadily into the cold air and hailed a taxi.

I suggested we go straight back to the hotel, but Samantha told me she fancied another quick drink. I pointed out her unfortunate attire and she laughed and said we’d just have to find a dive bar in Soho where should wouldn’t look out of place.

I had once lived in London and knew a place called the Sugar Bar where pretty much anything went. There was an active gay crowd but they also welcomed straight couples. I figured that a chilled-out bar full of couples and gay men was just about the perfect place.


We arrived at the Sugar Bar and the bouncer waived us straight in. Nobody really took any notice of Samantha’s lack of clothes, mainly because the guys were more interested in each other. We therefore took up places at the bar and ordered a few cocktails. Against all the odds it was turning into a great night.

There was a really friendly vibe and we happily chatted to loads of people. It wasn’t long before I fell into conversation with a couple of guys who told me they were probably the only single, straight guys in the bar.

I asked them what a pair of single, straight guys were doing in the Sugar Bar.

They said that they were visiting from Manchester and didn’t really have a clue where to go drinking in London. They’d chanced upon the Sugar Bar thinking it was a girlie bar due it its basement location.

They introduced themselves as Toby and Darius. Toby was a really open and friendly guy whereas Darius was slightly remote and less talkative. However, they were decent company and a bit more on my wavelength than the gay guys, so I chatted with them for a while.

I eventually introduced them to Samantha who was her usual friendly self. Indeed, she seemed to get on very well with Toby and spoke with him for ages. She seemed less sure about Darius and it occurred to me that this might be connected with the fact that Toby was much better looking. Toby had a chiselled face, stood at over 6 feet tall and possessed a great physique, whereas Darius was shorter, pale-faced and pretty overweight.


It was 1am by the time the Sugar Bar started winding down and we wandered into the street looking for final drinking stop before heading back to the hotel. However, everywhere was packed and full of pissed people staggering around. I was also aware that the Sugar Bar was pretty unique and Samantha would attract some unwanted attention if she went anywhere else dressed as she was.

We therefore decided to make our way back to the hotel and went to say goodbye to Toby and Darius.

They were standing in the street looking lost and, as I approached him, Toby said, “we’re just looking for somewhere to have a final nightcap before heading back, but I guess we’re not in luck.”

“Where are you staying?” said Samantha

“Some shitty place in Old Street.” Replied Toby

Samantha gave Toby a sympathetic look and said, “our hotel is on the way to Old Street and we’re planning a nightcap too, so why don’t you come for a quick drink out our hotel and you can then make your way home.”

Toby smiled. “Thanks so much, that’s a great idea.”

We piled into a taxi and started driving towards our hotel.


I could tell Samantha was drunk and she was obviously avoiding eye contact with me. However, I just had to understand what was happening.

The London taxi was pretty cramped. Samantha and I were sitting in the forward facing seats and Toby and Darius in the fold-down seats with their back to the driver. This not only enabled them blatantly gaze up Samantha’s dress, but it meant they could hear everything we were saying. It was odd and awkward.

However, eventually Toby and Darius started spotting a few sights and talking to each other. This gave me the chance to lean over and whisper in Samantha’s ear, “what are we doing here?”

Samantha looked me straight in the eye and said, “I’m just going with the flow, honey … I’m afraid you’re not controlling things this time.”

Then she shifted her body away from me, which made it obvious that our conversation was at an end.


We eventually arrived at the hotel and made our way up to our room.

Samatha and I were holding hands with Toby and Darius a few feet behind. It was somewhat awkward as we stood silently in the lift, but as I opened the door to our suite Samantha’s perfect manners took over.

The living area of our suite had a sofa and armchair facing each other, with a coffee table in between. Samantha showed Toby and Darius to the sofa, me to the armchair and asked everyone if they wanted a beer.

Toby was sitting politely like a schoolboy, whereas Darius was slumped backwards in his seat with a sneering look on his face. However, Samantha treated them both with the same courtesy as she poured their beers into glasses and leaned down to place them on the coffee table … giving them a perfect view of her cleavage

Samantha then came and stood next to me with her arm on my headrest, which enabled me to stroke her beautiful ass through her tiny dress.

As the guys sipped their drinks Samantha said, “so what sort of night were you guys hoping for?”

“We fancied a few beers and then a strip club” replied Darius.

“You must be very disappointed” said Samantha.

“It’s ok, we’ve enjoyed hanging out with you guys” said Toby diplomatically.

“Yes, but it seems a shame for you to miss out” persisted Samantha, “I think we should try and give you something by which to remember your trip to London.”

At this point, Samantha looked down at me and said, “if its ok with you honey, I’d like to do a little dance for these guys so they don’t miss out completely.”

I was loving this. Samantha was obviously totally comfortable with the notion of stripping for these guys and, from my perspective, it was a delicious thought. I would get to see her amazing Indian body and, whilst Toby and Darius would go home frustrated, I would get to enjoy her later.

I therefore replied, “that’s cool with me.”


Samantha went over to the sound system and selected an R&B track. She then carefully climbed onto the coffee table, which was solid wood and more than capable of holding her tiny frame.

She looked down at me, Toby and Darius and then started to dance slowly to the music; swaying her hips and running her hands down her body.

She then walked to the edge of the coffee table nearest to me and smiled as she leaned forward and let me gaze at her beautiful cleavage. She then turned around and, keeping her legs together, bent right over so her dress rode up over her g-ing and gave me a perfect close-up view of her amazing ass.

Samantha then slowly bent her knees so she was on all fours with her ass pointing towards me, before opening her legs and looking back towards me … as if inviting me to get up and take her from behind.

My cock was aching as she crawled away from me towards Toby and Darius on the other side of the table. They had been busy copping an eyeful of her cleavage as she put on a show for me, so they were pretty turned on. However, they still gasped when she turned round and presented them with the same close-up view of her ass, with her legs spread wide apart.

Samantha gently moved her ass up and down for Toby and Darius, while flicking the straps of her dress from her shoulders.

Then, as she rose up into a kneeling position, she let the dress fall so she was totally topless. Since she was facing me, I got the first view of her beautiful tits, but she quickly turned around to give Toby and Darius the same enjoyment.

I could see from behind that Samantha was pulling and tugging on her nipples with one hand as she pulled the dress down over her ass with the other.

Samantha then stood up wearing only her g-string and stilettoes and continued dancing for us.

She stayed dancing for what felt like an age, while me, Toby and Darius just watched her — occasionally rubbing our cocks through our trousers.

Eventually, Samantha figured we’d suffered enough and hooked her fingers through the sides of her g-string.

She then turned to face me and slowly pulled the g-string down so it rested around her thighs, before bending over and spreading her legs as far as the elastic would allow. She looked like a total slut and Toby and Darius had the perfect view of her naked ass and wet pussy. I, on the other hand, had the benefit of her beautiful face as she smiled at me whilst squeezing her nipples.

Without adjusting the g-string from around her thighs, Samantha then stepped off the coffee table and walked up to me.

She kneeled down in front of me and started undoing my trousers as she gazed into my eyes. As she unbuttoned by boxer shorts my cock sprang free and Samantha gently took it in her hand. She then proceeded to wank me off with perfect technique while moving her ass for the pleasure of Toby and Darius.

I expected a blowjob, but Samantha moved away after just a minute and walked towards Toby.

I was then forced to watch while Samantha kneeled before him and carefully undid his trousers to release his bulging cock, which was similar in size to my own. Toby closed his eyes while Samantha wanked him off.

Darius meanwhile leaned forward and, without asking for permission from anyone, started running his hand over Samantha’s ass. He seemed to see her as a bit of meat to be used for his pleasure and I expected Samantha to bat him down. However, she did nothing. She just carried on wanking Toby while Darius ran his hands up her thighs and all over her ass.

Eventually, Darius moved his fingers towards Samantha’s pussy and, whilst spreading her ass cheeks with one hand, started fingering her with the other.

As this point, Samantha did stop him. However, she did so by pushing his hand away, making him lean back into his chair and then walking on her knees so she was in front of him.

Samantha gently got his cock out, which to my annoyance was the longest and thickest of all, and wanked him with both hands. However, Darius seemed to have earned extra favours through his disrespectful attitude and Samantha also gave him the pleasure of wanking him between her beautiful tits. Darius just leaned back and looked smug.

After pleasuring Darius for a good few minutes, Samantha rose to her feet and looked around. I had no idea what to expect next. I wasn’t in control.


Samantha walked slowly over to me. Her g-string was still around her thighs so she peeled it down her legs as she walked and, as she stood in front of me, let it fall to the floor. Samantha was now naked apart from her stilettoes.

Retaining eye contact the whole time, Samantha straddled me. I pulled her close and kissed her deeply. I’ve always loved the feel of her tongue against mine and this was no exception. I ran my hands over her body and just enjoyed the feel of my beautiful Indian wife.

Eventually Samantha pulled away and turned her body around so her back was against my chest. I grabbed handfuls of her tits while she reached behind and wanked my cock. I was already rock hard and Samantha could obviously feel me nudging against her ass. Therefore, she rose slightly from her position, moved her pussy onto me and sank down onto my full length.

Samantha’s pussy was warm and soaking as she slowly moved herself up and down. Although I’d fucked Samantha countless times I never tired of feeling her supple body moving so beautifully. I took hold of her hips and controlled the speed of our movements, while Samantha twisted her hips every time I penetrated her to increase my pleasure.

After a while I was ready to increase the tempo but Samantha refused to be hurried. Therefore I held her firmly and, without withdrawing my cock from her pussy, slowly stood up and forced her to bend over in front of me with her legs wide apart.

Samantha’s 4 inch heels meant her ass was at a perfect height for me to stand and fuck her. Of course, it wasn’t easy for her to balance, but I was holding her firmly and this gave her no choice but to lean down and hold onto her ankles while I pumped her as hard as I could.

I was in a dream and barely noticed the other guys in the room. Both of them had their cocks in their hands and were transfixed on the petite Indian beauty getting thoroughly fucked.

Eventually, Darius couldn’t handle it anymore and got up from his seat. He didn’t even look at me as he approached Samantha, took a handful of her hair and pulled her head up. Samantha squealed at the pain and I guess I should have done something, but I was transfixed with my own pleasure and, in any case, as she saw Darius standing in front of her she didn’t hesitate to lick his thigh as he pulled her head up towards his cock.

As Samantha braced herself by gripping Darius’ thighs, he tightened his grip of her hair and thrust her mouth down onto her swollen cock.

Darius held her tight has he bucked his hips and fucked her mouth. I maintained a similar tempo in her pussy and Samantha’s whole body quivered as she was spit-roasted like a slut.

It was a hard position for Samantha to hold and eventually I felt her legs starting to shake. I therefore slowly pulled my cock from her pussy and said, “let’s move her onto the table.”

My idea was that Samantha could kneel on all fours and Darius and I could get back to spit-roasting her. Darius had a similar idea but asserted himself in a somewhat less respectful way.

Without removing his cock from Samantha’s mouth he backed towards the table and forced Samantha to walk in a bent-over position, blowing him the whole time. She was gagging furiously but made no serious attempt to push him away; rather she obediently allowed herself to be led and then climbed onto the table while I walked behind her.

As Samantha knelt on the table sucking Darius, her ass was beautifully positioned to be fucked.

However, to my amazement she moved on her knees so instead of pointing her wet pussy towards me, she was showing it to Toby. Samantha then spread her legs wide and made it totally obvious that she wanted him to fuck her.

Toby needed no second invitation and positioned himself behind Samantha.

Then, as he held her hips tight, he drove his cock inside her and immediately matched the tempo of Darius fucking her mouth.

I returned to my armchair, both appalled and exhilarated at the sight. My beautiful wife was on all fours on a coffee table while two random guys stood and double-fucked her

Darius and Toby continued pumping Samantha for what seemed like and age. Neither of them showed any sign of cumming and I wondered how long Samantha could handle it for. It was therefore a slight relief when Darius looked over a Toby and said, “I suppose we’d better let her husband cum in her first.”


Once Darius and Toby had pulled their cocks from Samantha’s pussy and mouth, she climbed slowly down from the table and knelt on the floor.

I rose from my chair, walked over to her and steered my cock into her mouth.

Samantha has amazing oral skills and I was in heaven as she took my full length down her throat. However, it was also an unusual experience because Samantha was totally business-like in her approach.

Indeed, rather than teasing me and taking her time, Samantha rose up on her knees, fixed her gorgeous eyes on mine and sucked me deeply and with a steady rhythm.

After so many years she knew exactly what to do and pressed her thumb between my balls to give me the ultimate in sensation. A couple of times I tried to pull away in order to make the experience last, but Samantha was having none of it. She wrapped her tiny fist around my cock and wanked me gently as I moved in and out of her mouth.

It was just impossible to hold back and in a matter of minutes I felt my balls tighten and I released a massive load straight into Samantha’s mouth. As she felt me cumming, she forced my cock into her throat, meaning I came straight into her stomach while watching her neck muscles pulsating as she processed my load.

After cumming I found I could barely stand, but Samantha made me wait while she licked my cock up its entire length, eating the remaining strings of saliva and cum. Finally, she sensually kissed the tip and looked up and winked at me. I took this as the queue to stagger back and collapse into my chair.

Samantha stayed kneeling and gently licked each of her fingers as she looked between Toby and Darius. She was clearly deciding who she would service next.


Samantha made her decision and crawled up to Toby and, while looking into his eyes, ran her hands up his thighs. She then gently kissed the inside of his legs, moving up until her cheek brushed against his balls. She then started licking his balls, running her tongue all over them before taking them in her mouth one by one and gently sucking them.

Toby was in Heaven and leaned back while Samantha moved her tongue off his balls and up the length of his erect cock, before slowly taking him down her throat.

As Samantha deep-throated Toby, I noticed that she reached for his hand and took it tenderly in her own. This combined with her eye contact made for true intimacy and I started to feel a major pang of jealousy.

I guess this was ironic given what Samantha had already done, but this looked like more than lust … she really felt something for Toby.

Samantha worked on Toby for ages and I thought he would cum in her mouth. However, as his hips started to buck Samantha stopped and, without letting go of his hand, stood up.

Toby opened his eyes as Samantha motioned to Darius to move off the sofa.

Darius rolled his eyes, but did as he was told and went and leaned against the mini-bar.

Samantha then lay on her back next to Toby, spread her legs, and with her gorgeous and sultry expression made it clear that she wanted Toby to fuck her in the missionary position.

However, the sight of Samantha’s shaved, wet pussy gave Toby other ideas and, rather than lie on top of her, he gripped her thighs so they were completely spread and buried his face in her pussy.

It was obvious that Toby was pretty skilled because the moment his mouth connected with her swollen clitoris Samantha arched her back and pushed her beautiful tits into the air.

I could hear Toby slurping as his tongue delved deep inside Samantha’s pussy while she moaned in ecstasy and clawed with her fingernails at the sofa.

Samantha was grinding herself into Toby’s face and was clearly desperate to cum. However, he made her suffer for at least ten minutes before finally reaching up and thrusting at least three fingers deep inside her pussy and frigging her mercilessly while flicking her clitoris with is tongue.

Samantha couldn’t handle it and her entire body convulsed as a huge organism came over her in endless waves. I watched her transfixed as she moved between grasping Toby’s hair, scratching the sofa and pulling and twisting her nipples.

As Samantha’s orgasm subsided Toby moved up her body and kissed her passionately, slipping his tongue into her mouth and letting her taste her pussy juices.

Samantha lay back in submission, spread her legs wide and let Toby slip his cock deep inside her.

Toby pushed his face into Samantha’s neck and started pumping her with a steady rhythm. Samantha wrapped her beautifully toned brown legs around him and ran her tiny hands all over his back, reaching down to feel his ass and grabbing handfuls of his hair.

After what seemed like an age Toby raised himself onto his elbows and I saw the muscles in his legs start to tighten. It was obvious he was going to cum.

He therefore pulled out of Samantha and straddled her ribcage so his cock was lying between her tits.

Samantha obediently took her beautiful soft tits in her hands and wrapped them around Toby’s cock. This enabled him to tit-fuck her at his own speed while pulling and twisting her hard nipples.

Eventually Toby couldn’t stand it anymore and rose up high on his knees, right over Samantha’s face. Then, as Samantha opened her mouth wide, Toby pumped thick lines of cum all over her face — covering her from her hair down to her chin.

It must have been weeks since Toby last ejaculated because there seemed to be gallons of cum. A pretty big load had fired straight into Samantha’s mouth, but huge amounts lay across her face. Therefore, while it was still warm she used her fingers to scoop it all into her mouth before swallowing it down.

Toby was exhausted and rested on his knees with his now-flacid cock still hanging over Samantha’s face. This enabled Samantha to lie back and use her mouth to clean Toby’s cock and lick his balls while gently stroking his thighs with her tiny hands.


As Samantha and Toby lay recovering I saw Darius move away from the mini bar and make his way over

Toby saw him and started getting up. However, Darius still thought it was funny to slap him on the back and say “fuck off Toby, it’s my turn now.”

Toby wasn’t about to mess with Darius so, after planting a final kiss on Samantha’s forehead, he moved away into Darius’ previous position by the mini-bar.

Samantha meanwhile raised herself into a sitting position as Toby stood in front of her and let his throbbing cock slap against her cheek. It was obvious what he wanted so, without using her hands, Samantha ran her tongue across the bulbous end and let it slide into her mouth.

Toby reached down, took a handful of Samantha’s hair and, while raising his eyes to the ceiling in pleasure, drove his cock into her mouth. Samantha rested her tiny hands on Darius’ hips and let him brutally fuck her mouth. I could see her neck muscles moving as she tried to relax and suppress her gag reflex, but she couldn’t stop the wet, slapping sound as Darius’ cock pounded her throat with his balls slapping against her chin.

I started to feel uncomfortable because Samantha was clearly finding it challenged to breathe and I wasn’t going to let her get hurt. However, as I looked closely I could see that firstly she was stroking Darius’ hips and groin with her fingers and, secondly, she had stuck her tongue out, so every time he pressed her face onto his cock she could lick his balls. Samantha was loving it.

Eventually Darius pulled out of Samantha’s mouth leaving strings of saliva hanging from his cock, which he wiped over her face. He then took her by the arm and pulled her round to the side of the sofa, making her bend over with her hands on the armrest.

Darius stood behind Samantha, kicked her legs open, grabbed a handful of her hair and drove his cock into her. It was obvious that Darius was going to last for ages because he looked totally in control as he pumped Samantha furiously.

Darius was pulling Samantha’s hair which forced her to keep her head raised and show her amazing tits to Darius and I. Indeed, as Samantha was gripping tightly onto the sofa it was impossible to resist having a feel of her nipples.

I therefore got up, walked over and as Darius continued fucking her, sat on the sofa squeezing and pulling her nipples.

Samantha smiled at me and moaned with pleasure, so I leaned down and started to suck one of her nipples.

Samantha’s nipple was rock hard in my mouth and it wasn’t long before her breathing started to get laboured. I could feel her biting the top of my head. It was therefore no surprise when Samantha’s whole body started shaking as another massive orgasm passed through her. Her whole body was convulsing and I’d never seen anything like it. She had totally lost control.

As Samantha’s orgasm subsided I moved back to my armchair and watched her in amazement. She gone completely limp and her head was just hanging from Darius’ hand by her hair, yet she didn’t seem in pain. Darius was continuing to fuck her with undiminished power and rhythm, yet I saw that with his free hand he was gently rubbing her asshole with his thumb.


Samantha was an anal virgin and had never shown any inclination to change this. On the occasions that my fingers had wandered towards her asshole she’d always moved them away. I’d never pushed the issue.

However, she was showing no signs of pushing Darius’ hand away. Indeed, she seemed me be tilting her ass upwards to improve his access.

I saw Darius peering down at her asshole and without slowing his pace, started exploring the entrance with his thumb. I looked at Samantha’s face, waiting to act on any sign of distress. However, while her eyes widened as Darius inserted his thumb into her ass, she made no attempt to stop him.

It wasn’t long before Darius had slid his thumb all the way into Samantha’s ass and was moving it around as Samantha gasped with pleasure. It was amazing to watch, but I was still shocked when Samantha turned her head to Darius and said, “please use your cock.”

“I’m afraid you’ll have to beg” replied Darius.

“For fuck’s sake just fuck my ass with your big cock” gasped Samantha.

“Sounds like you’re a total slut” sneered Darius.

“Yes, I’m a total slut … please just fuck my ass” begged Samantha.

Darius slowly withdrew from Samantha’s pussy and spread her ass cheeks wide apart. He then got down on his knees so his face was level with Samantha’s ass and spat on her puckered entrance. He then leaned forward and started licking her ass and shoving his tongue right inside while Samantha moaned with pleasure.

As Samantha’s spread legs started to stiffen he stood up and pressed his cock against her asshole.

Samantha tried to brace herself but she clearly couldn’t handle the pain as Darius tried to push the bulbous end of his cock into her ass. However, as she moved forward away from Darius, he just followed until she was lying face down over the armrest of the sofa.

Samantha now had nowhere to go as Darius lay on top of her, pinning her down with his substantial weight.

I saw his hips adjusting as his cock found Samantha’s tight entrance. Then, as Samantha’s closed her eyes tight shut and bit hard on the fabric of the sofa, Darius eased his cock into her ass.

It was an incredible sight to see Samantha’s petite brown body being so totally dominated. Darius’ stomach was pressed against her back and Samantha was unable to move at all.

However, it was obvious when the bulbous head of Darius’ cock had passed her entrance because Samantha’s eyes opened wide and her expression turned to sheer pleasure as she drove his length deep into her ass.

Darius now had my wife full impaled on his cock and Samantha seemed to have entered a sort of dream state. Her nails dug into the fabric of the sofa as Darius slowly pounded her ass. Samantha’s hair was pasted by sweat to her stunning face and every time Darius thrust forward, her feet left the ground leaving her totally under his command.

Eventually, Darius braced his legs and placed both hands on Samantha’s back, pressing her even harder into the sofa. He was grunting with every movement and his rhythm was getting faster. I honestly thought Samantha was about to faint but Darius didn’t even notice. He was looking down and seemed utterly transfixed by the sight of his white cock sliding in and out of Samantha’s ass.

After what seemed like an age Darius started grunting loudly and, after a series of truly brutal thrusts, held his cock deep inside Samantha’s ass and blew his load.

Darius held his cock inside Samantha’s ass to allow his ejaculation to finish. Then, in his own time, he eased his cock out of Samantha ass, moved back onto the sofa and sat back with a seriously smug look on his face.

Samantha remained bent over the armrest for some time recovering her breath. However, she eventually slid down onto her knees and rested in exhaustion.


I got up and walked up to her; however Samantha gently pushed me back towards my chair and crawled up to me.

Without using her hands she took my flaccid cock into her mouth and ran her tongue all over it, cleaning it thoroughly.

She then ran kisses across my balls and down my legs, before looking up at me and giving the most gorgeous but sleepy smile.

Samantha then crawled towards Toby, but went straight past him and approached Darius. Unsurprisingly Darius couldn’t let Samantha take control for even a moment, so he took her face in his hands and leaned down and tongued her mouth. Samantha didn’t object — I guess she was too tired — and she obediently opened her mouth and took his tongue and then his semi-erect cock down her throat one last time.

I left school without qualifications and little prospect of any kind of meaningful or rewarding career. There were few opportunities in my hometown and I enlisted in the forces as a means of escape. I had around twelve months before I was able to actually enter and in order to pay my way at home, I started working with my father, a carpenter and all round odd job kind of guy.

I’d just turned eighteen, it was August and I had two months before I was due to leave. My dad had got a job fitting new windows to a large Victorian house closer to London. It was a bit of a trek every day but it was a big job and the money was good so it made the early morning and long days worth it. We’d be there for at least a couple of weeks and after ten months of working with him I more or less knew what I was doing; I had certain jobs that I’d take care of and my dad did the more skilled and delicate stuff.

The house was lovely, very grand, not too big but with lovely features. There were six or seven bedrooms, a huge ground floor dining room with seating for twenty people and a music room full of instruments and a grand piano.

I’d been bought up to be polite and respectful and so I was with the owner, an incredibly beautiful and elegant Indian woman who seemed to spend the day in the home gym or out shopping. I was amazed that her dressing room was bigger than my parents bedroom and stuffed full of clothes that looked unworn. Her husband was a surgeon and she clearly didn’t need to work but the money and rich lifestyle did not make for a happy life, or so it seemed. She was incredibly rude, never looked me in the eye and rarely spoke to us. She would leave curt notes for us when she left, it seemed she couldn’t bring herself to speak to us unless she had to and so messages like, ‘Don’t walk through the house, go around the side’ were delivered to our van before she left for the day. When she did speak she would do so in a derogatory and critical way as if we couldn’t possibly understand the value and history of the objects in her home, after all, we lived in a pit of filth and squalor. My father and I laughed about it but I could tell he was pretty pissed off, there was just no need for such rudeness.

This continued for the whole time we were there and on the second from last day we were finishing off and making good. The plan was that I would return on my own for the last day and complete the tidying up, something I often did if we needed to start another job. I was outside at the top of a ladder at the first floor bathroom window when ‘madame’, as we’d come to call her, walked in. The window was ajar and she looked over to me an snorted something and walked out. I carried on and a few moments later she walked back in, stepped to the sink and through the frosted window I could see her inspecting her beautiful face. She stood upright and began to fiddle with the buttons on her top. I couldn’t quite see what she was doing but then she shrugged it from her shoulders so the hem was still tucked into her waistband and I could make out her lovely brown skin and a black bra. She knew I was there but she said nothing and made no attempt to hide. She unclipped the bra, removed it completely and stepped back so that I had a completely clear view of her through the open window. She kept looking at herself in the mirror, twisting slightly to get a view from the side and allowing me to see both of her gorgeous breasts.

She had dark, hard nipples sitting on top of two incredibly perfect breasts. I stared with my mouth wide and she lifted one hand and stroked the top of her breast and down to her nipple stopping for a second as her skin became goose bumped from the cool outside air and the warmth of her fingers. She pulled her blouse back up, fastened the buttons and walked out with her bra in one hand.

“Have you finished up there?” my dad snapped me from my trance.

I had a hard on pushing at my jeans, there was no way I could climb down.


I spent the rest of the day in a bit of a daze. Madame went out and we left before she returned.

The next morning I drove there early, hoping she would be out, I just found the whole incident a little puzzling and although I’d spent the night wanking myself into a frenzy, part of me disliked her enormously and I was also scared of any repercussions. I had fantasised about fucking her but what if we were caught, what if she used it against my dad in some way, she was so vile she might even claim I’d attacked her.

I busied myself outside for the morning, hoping she’d leave but the music from inside told me she was in the gym and just after lunch I had no choice, I had to go in to finish off. The house was quiet, I’d seen no one but I could still hear the familiar sound of her music from the gym. I was in another bathroom upstairs when she walked in behind me. She was in a T-shirt and jogging bottoms and was panting a little and sweaty. Her silky, black hair was tied up and the tee had a patch of sweat between her breasts, which appeared to be free of any support, the same, glorious nipples I’d seen the previous day pointing hard against the fabric.

“Sorry,” I said, “I’ll work on something else and come back.”

“No, it’s okay,” she looked at me for the first time, “stay, you need to finish.” It was the most congenial she’d been since we’d arrived, the first time she’d managed to say something without putting me down

I turned back to the window and carried on painting. I could hear her behind me but didn’t know what she was doing.

“Turn around.” she said suddenly in a firm tone.

I twisted about and she was stood facing me with her back to the toilet. She’d kicked her shoes and socks off and I could see her brown skin got lighter towards the soles of her feet and her red, perfectly painted nails.

“I work hard for this figure,.” she said, smiling thinly at me. “Did you like watching me yesterday?”

I nodded and croaked a yes and my pants began to tent.

She held the waistband of her tee and lifted it off her body and dropped it to the floor. Her perfect tits wobbled and swayed as she pushed her thumbs into the waistband of her joggers and, in a single movement, pushed them and her knickers down to her ankles and sat down on the toilet. She leaned back and showed me her naked body, parting her knees so I could see her pussy. Her lovely brown colour was the same all over her body and only her lips were darker. Her mound was clean shaven, with just a hint of stubble and her cunt looked like a soft peach, large and plump.

Without taking her eyes off me she placed a hand to her pussy and pulled her lips open. She was pink and wet inside and they stuck together before slowly peeling apart, a thread of clear fluid joining them before snapping and forming an orb on one crinkled brown lip. She held herself like that for a few seconds and then began to pee. A light coloured trickle at first, it developed into a strong gush that hit the pan and as she closed her eyes and leaned back a little more, pulling her lips open wide, sprayed onto the seat then over it and onto the floor in front of me.

I remember thinking that my pee in comparison was just a trickle, gravity fed, but this was driven by a strong internal pump that produced a long, wide arc which hit the ground with force, splashed everywhere and made a wonderful gushing sound as it left her pussy..

When she slowed down she opened her eyes again and with her free hand wiped the last few drops onto her fingers. She bought them to her mouth and sucked them in the most erotic way. Looking down at the wet floor she kicked off her joggers and standing up, pulled her wet knickers against her smooth pussy.

She said nothing else as she stepped over to the sink. Her hip brushed my hard cock as she leant forward to flick away a hair from her face then she washed her hands. There were black hairs over her arms and her face and I was so close to leaning forward to brush my lips against them, wrap my arms around her naked waist and push my cock against her bottom. From the way she acted, I knew if that’s what she wanted, she would have demanded it.

She rotated slightly and put more pressure on my cock, her taught arse pressing against me now, then she stepped out of the room and was gone.

I’d stood there like a rabbit in the headlights and almost knocked one out after she’d left. My groin was aching so much and from that moment I don’t think I had a single wank over the next five years that didn’t feature her. I never saw her again.

I’m forty two now, have a family and a good life but I’ve never felt the soft, brown skin of an Indian woman and that’s something I desperately wanted to change. My wife had an affair a few years ago and as a consequence I ended up doing the same to get even. We realised we wanted slightly different things and now we have what a lot of people would think is a little weird in that she has a regular lover and I’m not particularly bothered about it. There have been opportunities for me also, some I’ve taken up but most I’ve rejected as I’m difficult to please and very particular.

It was whilst I was off work for a couple of weeks that I decided I needed something different too. I thought I’d just be brazen about it, placed ads in several locations online and although I was specific; I wanted an Indian woman, NSA, just sex, I also decided that I should take whatever came.

I had no replies, nothing for more than two months and then, when I had forgotten about most of them an email came through;


I am a married woman of Indian descent. I am interested in your advert.


That started a series of emails to and fro. She lived a couple of hours drive away so not exactly convenient and we exchanged photo’s and our emails grew more adventurous and more explicit. I told her how my desire for Indian women had started and the experience with the rude, wealthy woman in London. She was just a few years younger than me with a husband who had several mistresses and no interest in her. Despite this she looked happy, each photo she sent me she was smiling and as they became more revealing I saw that she had that same, soft brown skin I craved, large breasts hidden beneath a red lacy bra and stretch mark lines leading down towards her nipples, a large round stomach, dark hair covering her arms and a line of it from belly button to beneath her knickers.

Although nothing like the athletic woman from my youth I wanted to touch and taste her, she looked wonderful.

We arranged to meet at hers as she wanted to feel secure in familiar surroundings and we had agreed that we both just wanted sex. We’d learned enough about each other to have gained some trust, we’d spoken on the phone, she’d confided in a friend about me and that friend knew when I would be visiting. I drove there leaving early one morning and when I arrived at the single story, suburban house the door was unlocked. She’d told me in her last email she wanted for our meeting to be well planned so I was given a set of instructions I was to follow. I stepped in to a plain looking but clean and perfumed home, followed the passageway until I got to the door she’d specified and pushed it open ever so slightly as she’d asked.

It was a warm day and she was stood inside a bathroom in a set of red underwear I’d said I’d liked from one of her photo’s. She had her back to me and was staring into the mirror, leaning forward over the sink. I could see her beautiful skin had more stretch marks over her round kidneys and a soft down of black hair was just visible along her spine, growing thicker as it reached the top of her knickers. In the mirror I could just make out the edge of one of her breasts as it wobbled and could just see a dark patch of nipple through the fabric.

She ignored me, moved away from the sink and stepped back behind the door so I had to step in slightly to look round the door. She sat down on the toilet and opened her legs, keeping her knickers on to cover her pussy. Her belly sat on top of her thighs and as she leaned back I saw a wet patch form between her legs, then a trickle and then, as she hooked her fingers into one side of her knickers and pulled them over her lips, a squirt. Another squirt hit the porcelain and then, as she relaxed and raised her knees up so her feet her on tip toes, a hard stream of pee sprayed out of her making a lovely, powerful sound and splashing back over her naked, brown thighs and onto her pussy.

She had a large dark triangle of pussy hair covering her lips and extending right up to her belly button. Her hair grew close to her skin so it looked like a soft, black carpet and clear beads of pee formed on the hairs and her fingers as she pulled her lips apart with both hands. The inside of her cunt was dark pink and as I stared at her I pulled down my jeans and shorts and started to stroke my cock.

I could smell her piss fill the room and she aimed the stream towards me at the door. I hurriedly pulled off the rest of my clothes and stepped in before she finished and knelt down in front of her, my feet and knees sitting in a puddle of her cooling piss. We smiled at each other and she aimed her pee at my cock as I wanked myself. It felt hot and covered my thighs and hand, splashing up to my chest. I bent forward, I’d never tasted pee before but wanted to see what it was like. I pushed out my tongue and caught the last few squirts as her flow subsided. It was strong and very bitter, I preferred the feeling of it on my skin than in my mouth and she put her legs down as the last trickle ran into the toilet. She leant forward and unclipped her bra letting two gorgeous, heavy breasts free, her large, swollen, dark nipples pointing down to the ground. She motioned for me to stand and as I did she took my cock into her mouth, sucking just the tip and using her tongue against me, swirling gently, licking the clear fluid from my tip and her pee from my shaft.

She smiled as she released me and began to wank me over her. She raised a nipple to the tip of my cock, wiped more fluid from me and then licked it from the tip of her nipple. I told her I was going to cum and she told me she wanted me to. She rested back against the toilet, her legs still open and I looked down over her lovely body, a large, dark patch of wet pussy hair, large sagging breasts and stunning nipples and she squeezed me so expertly. She cupped my balls with her free hand and gently massaged them and pushed the tip of her finger into my arse. I jerked my hips and the first spurt of cum shot past her head and hit the wall behind her. She adjusted her position and aimed my cock at her open mouth and the next spurt caught her top lip and I watched her lick it and moan as she milked the rest of my seed over her chest.

When she released me I looked down at her once more. My cum was running down over her nipples, over her brown belly and drops of it pooled on her thighs. I knelt down and kissed her, tasting my cum in her mouth. I licked her nipples next, swallowing my cum and then kissing her again. I licked as much as I could from her warm, plump body and then stood and lifted her up. I was still hard and pressed into her soft belly.

“It’s nice to finally meet you.” she said

We kissed again and I stroked her body. I knew what she wanted. She’d been clear about her needs too, had told me her fantasy and what she wanted to try, that it was something her husband never would.

I broke the kiss and turned her around, holding her body close to me. When her arse was against my cock I pushed her forward and bent her over the sink and pulled her knickers to one side. There was a pot of moisturiser on the side and I squirted some over my cock and her arsehole. The coldness of it made her gasp and I pressed myself against her tight hole. She’d told me she always wanted to feel a man inside her arse but had never had it done. She pushed back against me and held onto the sink. With a little more pressure her arse opened and my cock slipped in. She cried out that it was hurting but this is what she wanted, she’d told me she wanted to feel the pain, she wanted it to hurt. I ignored her and continued pushing and she moved away from me. I grabbed her hips and stopped her, then used my hands on her brown cheeks and pulled her open, pushing all the way in. As my balls touched her pussy she moaned again and bent forward onto her elbows. I grabbed her hips and slipped almost all the way out and then back in again. She cried out again and told me to stop, that it hurt too much. I ignored her and did the same once more, this time she swore and told me the pain felt nice so I pushed deeper stil and told her to push her fingers inside her pussy. I felt her fingers on the base of my cock and then began to fuck her hard as she’d told me she wanted.

A few more strokes and she took her fingers from inside and reached around, holding her arse cheeks apart as I pulled her hips onto me. She was talking dirty and crying out and I told her I wanted to feel her cum around me. She asked me to pinch her nipples and after a few moments she began a long moan until her orgasm hit. Her legs turned to jelly and she rested all her weight on the sink. I didn’t stop fucking her and her orgasm rolled on until my balls tightened and I stopped deep inside her, spurts of my hot cum filling her arse. She reached further back and dug her nails into me and I stayed inside her and moved my hips in large circles. She cried out again and I heard a spurt from her pussy as she finally lost control and squirted over the floor.

When I slipped out of her she had to sit on the edge of the bath to gather herself. I washed my cock in the sink and when I turned around to her she wrapped her arms around my arse and pressed her cheek against my cock.

I stroked her head and then helped her stand and we walked into her bedroom. I dressed slowly as she lay naked on the bed and when I sat to pull on my shoes she asked me if I’d enjoyed myself. I told her it was amazing and she smiled.

“I thought so too. Do you like brown women?”

I looked at her, smiled, bent forward and kissed her body.

“Do you always squirt when you cum?” I asked her.

“Most of the time, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot.”

“I’d love to feel it on my face.” I told her.

She pushed my head down between her legs and raised her knees. I could see a patch of fluid against the bedsheets and a trail of my cum from her arse which licked and then pushed my tongue inside her to get more. Her pussy and arse smelt strongly of sex, cum and piss. I pulled her fat lips open and found her clit which I sucked into my mouth as I pushed a finger inside her.

I licked her in soft, wet strokes and massaged her G-spot, alternating between this and fingering her arse. I must have licked her for half an hour, shedding my clothes again as I did, in various positions until, with her on all fours she told me she needed to pee again. I told her just to do it and I pulled her cunt open as she relaxed and let it pour from her. I knelt behind her and aimed my cock at the stream to feel the hot fluid against me again and when she’d finished I pushed inside her and fucked her with long strokes.

She turned over onto her back and told me to pinch her dark nipples and fuck her faster. I did so, loving watching her body wobble below me, squeezing all of her fat and pulling on her nipples so her breasts were lifted away from her chest. She told me she was going to cum and began rubbing her clit hard. I pulled out and lowered my mouth to her and just as I pushed my tongue inside her she squirted and screamed. I pulled her lips apart as she continued to rub her clit and more of her lovely fluid sprayed out over my face. I told her not to stop and by the time she’d finished my head was soaked, her cum pooling in my ear and running down my back.

Let me introduce myself first. My name is Ravi, 22 years old and I reside in Chennai. I weigh around 150 pounds and a height around 184cms. A little dark skinned but athletic. I just completed my graduation and for CAT preparations I wanted to stay away from home to avoid disturbance from friends. Mom asked to me to go her younger brother’s home in Bangalore as when he heard about the matter he insisted I come there. Her brother was Gopal Sharma, a businessman. He was a very loving uncle of mine and his wife Swapna Aunty, a doctor by profession was just like him. They did not have any children.

It was on May 1st that I took the train to Bangalore. I reached there on the 2nd. Uncle received me at the station and drove to a nearby breakfast centre. We picked up breakfast and headed home. Swapna aunty opened the door and gave me a warm welcome hug. She took me to the room where I was going to stay. The room was spacious and neatly arranged with a study table, lamp, a small fridge, etc.

“Swapna aunty, C’mon there was no need for all this,” I told her.

“You are all we got dear; we want to give you the best. Now listen, this is your home, okay? Feel free and do whatever you like. No restrictions. Don’t ask me ‘can I do this or that’, do whatever you feel like. Okay? “She said to me in serious tone.

I nodded my head with a smile.

“Okay freshen up then, we’ll have breakfast,” She said and closed the door behind her.

I first took a pair of clothes and rushed to the bathroom. After bathing we all had breakfast and uncle left for work. Swapna aunty said she’ll wash the dishes and asked me to take rest. But I insisted to wash the dishes.

“Swapna aunty, you said feel like home so please let me,” I told her as she refused my request to wash the dishes.

“Rubbish,” She said.

“Aunty, you can cook lunch in the meantime. Let me do the dishes,” I told her.

Finally she agreed. I washed the dishes as she prepared lunch. We spoke about various things and also my studies. She was a very intelligent woman. Gopal uncle had asked her to resign from a famous hospital where she worked as a doctor, as they would hardly meet each other living in the same house. She finally did so couple of years ago but opened a clinic in the house. She would see patients in the evenings from 5pm to 7pm.

Later I settled my things and took a nap in the afternoon after lunch. In the evening I studied and Swapna aunty went to her clinic. Days passed and I felt like home. I would study most of the time and enjoyed Swapna auntie’s company whenever we spent time together. One day I was studying when I heard her call me out loud.

I got a little scared and rushed to the garden to see what happened. But it was rather a funny thing. She was watering the plants and the tap to which the pipe was connected gave up. There was water everywhere. Swapna aunty was drenched.

“Would you mind helping or stand there and enjoy the fun,” Swapna aunty said as a stream of water hit her on the face.

“Hahahah,” I laughed and ran to the tap. She removed her hands and the water hit me but I soon put my hands over it. I was trying to stop the water and look for something to block it for a while. Swapna aunty was totally drenched. It was that very moment I realized what a beauty she was. Unintentionally I stared at her breasts. Her sari became transparent because of the water and the shape of her breasts made me stare in awe. It gave me an instant hard on. She noticed me staring at her breasts and I quickly turned away. I closed the valve at the bottom on the pipe and the water stopped. I got up and she looked down at the big bulge in my pants which was clearly visible because of all the water on my clothes. Swapna aunty left. Later we had lunch but I was very quiet after what had happened.

In the afternoon she came up to my room. I was studying.

“Ravi, don’t feel ashamed, it’s alright, you can’t help it, it’s your age dear, and I promise I won’t tell anyone,” she said putting her hand over my head.

“I’m sorry aunty, I’m really ashamed of that,” I quipped.

“It is okay dear, forget about this incident,” she said and left.

Forget about the incident? Not really. I could not stop thinking about it. That sight was just amazing. It was the first time I started feeling something about Swapna aunty. I knew she was my aunt but a beauty she is.

Swapna aunty was very fair skinned. She was around 40 years of age but looked younger. She is not thin or plump but has just that perfect milf figure. I guess her breasts were a 34C. She was 5’7 with medium length black silky hair and a bubbly butt. In the following days I stared at her more than often but she never caught me. I started noticing her more and more. All of a sudden my aunt became my dream girl. I masturbated to her, literally every day.

It has been two months since I came here and I should not deny it, I was treated like their son. Uncle went on a tour for a few of months to Dubai. It was me and aunty alone. I made myself clear I would not make any move on her as I feared the consequences.

Aunty asked me to come along with her to the market. We spent the whole morning shopping and had lunch outside. I loved the time I spent with her. I secretly would admire her beauty without her noticing. One day she went to our neighbor’s house for a ladies function. I was alone and bored of studying. I slowly sneaked into the laundry room as I eagerly wanted to know her cup size. I ran through the clothes and found the treasure. I looked for the label and it was 34DD.

“Wow,” I said and brought the bra to my nose and sniffed. I rubbed it on my face before lowering my shorts and taking my cock out. I stroked my cock as I stuck my tongue out and licked the bra cup. I then wrapped the bra around my cock and stroked it hard. The cloth rubbed on my dry cock which hurt a bit but I did not stop. The pleasure I was feeling was immense. I came hard and in large amounts. The cum leaked out from the bra onto my hands. I looked down and realized how much I came. I giggled to myself. Suddenly I came back to senses and turned around but there was no one. May be it was instinct after reading a lot of erotic stories. The bra was soaked with my cum. I took few tissues and wiped the cum. It was still wet and I fear it would leave stains. I decided to rob it. I hid it my closet under all my clothes. I saw her later searching in the laundry basket and asked her what happened.

“Oh nothing dear, I just can’t find my ….,” she paused and looked at me and shook her head.

“What happened aunty, what’s wrong,” I asked her.

“I dint expect you would do this Ravi, Oh God, what’s happening to you,” she said putting her hands to her face.

“What the hell are you talking about aunty,” I said with a harsh tone.

She was taken aback and suddenly gave a second thought that maybe she really misplaced her bra somewhere.

“I’m sorry, I just thought you took my bra,” she said with her head down.

“How could you? This is ridiculous. Aunty! What the fuck wou….,” I stopped realizing what I just said.

“Ravi?” She said looking at me surprised.

“I’m sorry aunty, really sorry, I just got …,” I tried to cover up.

“Alright, it’s more my fault to suspect you. What was I thinking,” She said patting my back and left.

A few days passed and I masturbated every chance I got into her bra. The soft and velvety bra was now hard and stained with my cum. I laughed looking at what I did to the bra.

It was three weeks now since uncle left and I enjoyed my aunt with my eyes and of course her bra, my priced possession. One morning after breakfast Swapna aunty called out for me from the kitchen. She wanted me to take out a can which was on the attic. I brought the stool and she held onto it. She told me to be careful as I climbed on the stool. I looked down and saw her looking up straight at me and smiled.

“Careful Ravi,” she said.

“C’mon aunty, it’s no big deal,” I said and focused on my task.

I suddenly realized that her head was only inches away from my dick. I got an instant hard on with that thought. I reached for the can on my toes and I felt my dick touch her chin. I suddenly felt an electric current run through my body and lost balance. I fell on my back and the can fell right on my balls.

“Ahhhhhhhh Fuckkkkk,” I shouted out loud and fainted.

After five minutes I woke up as Swapna aunty sprinkled water on my face. I felt severe pain in my genitals.

“Sorry Ravi, What have I done….,” She started to panicked.

“It’s alright, nothing to worry,” I said trying to get up and finally when I did aunty helped me reach to the sofa.

She brought me a pain killer tablet. After taking that I felt the pain subside. She was all worried and I told her to calm down as I felt okay. After a while the pain was back and I caught my balls and just then Swapna aunty came by. She now got really tensed.

“Oh god, Ravi, please come with me,” Swapna aunty helped me to my feet and she slowly took me to her clinic from the back door. She asked me to lie on the bed.

“Aunty please, it will subside,” I told her.

“Shut up Ravi, it is not the time to feel shy or embarrassed. It’s dangerous to leave things like that,” She said reaching for my shorts.

She wore her gloves and pulled down my shorts and underpants. She quickly caught hold of my flaccid penis and lifted it up from my balls. She examined my balls. In the meanwhile my penis grew in size and was now to its full length. I felt embarrassed.

“Oh God, please,” I mumbled but aunty could hear me.

“Okay Ravi. Act a little matured, would you? It’s a good sign that your organ is functioning. And it’s common for any man to get excited with a female’s touch on his organ and you are a young kid,” She said. Her words made my cock twitch. I knew she could feel it. As she was examining, my cock kept twitching in her hands. With her other hand she touched my balls and I let out a cry in pain. She pulled down my balls and I shouted in pain.

“Auntyyy…It hurts,” I screamed.

“Relax, calm down dear. You’re a strong kid, aren’t you?” Swapna aunty said.

She then left me and went to her desk. She brought a bottle with her. She poured on the palm what looked like oil. She caught hold of my penis with her finger tips and lifted it. She poured the oil in her other palm on my balls and gently, very gently rubbed it with her finger. I felt pain at first and then slowly no pain at all.

“Wow, aunty that’s magical,” I said with a smile.

She smiled and said that there was nothing to be worried about and she needs me to cooperate for one final test.

“See Ravi, I want this to be totally professional, okay? You are my patient and I am your doctor for now and I want to make sure your perfectly fine,” She told me.

I just nodded and got a little excited thinking about the next test.

She gently massaged my balls. I closed my eyes tight and enjoyed the feeling. With her other hand she stroked my cock with all her four fingers wrapped.

“Ahhhhh……wwwwoooowww, aunty that feels amazing,” I said and let out a moan.

“Let me finish the test Ravi. I need to clear all doubts,” Swapna said as she stroked my cock with a little more pace. Her gloves were dry and my cock hurt a little and I told her that it was hurting. She went back to her desk but returned empty handed.

“Oh Ravi there is no lubricant,” She said coming back.

“Okay now, don’t think otherwise but I really want to know the result and hence I want you to be tight lipped about this okay?” Swapna aunty said.

She removed her gloves and threw it in the bin which was next to her leg.

My cock was at its full length and I really was fighting myself from cumming, because I knew she just wanted to check if I could cum like a normal man after the accident.

She spat on her palm and rubbed it on my cock.

“Ahhhh, its sooooo warm…..aunty……,” I moaned sounding really excited.

My cock was hard as iron, I thought. Her bare hands on my cock made me almost to explode but I did not for some reason. I did not bother about it as I was enjoying this womanly touch. This was the first time I was being whacked by someone else other than myself. She stroked the entire length of my 8 inch monster. Soon the saliva dried up and the moment she noticed that, she did some I only dreamed off. She bent her head and with her lips inches from my cock she spat her saliva on it. She sat straight again and continued stroking my cock, this time only harder than before. I was enjoying this and I did not understand why I wasn’t Cumming. Even Swapna aunty was surprised, I could guess by the look on her face. I did notice her eyes glued to my cock and she suddenly looked towards me and I did know how to react.

“You have a lovely organ Ravi, your wife is one lucky lady, and don’t be ashamed of what we are doing, it’s totally professional and I hope your enjoying it,” Swapna said as she squeezed my cock head and then continued stroking.

“Ahhh….Aunty, your hands feel like magic, this is the first time anyone touched my cock, I mean organ, other than me and I have no words to describe how it feels,” I told her.

“I’m surprised Ravi. With such a lovely cock (she winked) you should be having many girls around you,” she said.

The stroking was not helping me cum but I did enjoy the pleasure I was getting.

“I think I should try something else but you promise me it stays between us,” Swapna said looking at me.

“I promise,” I replied.

“Alright, let me finish this,” Swapna aunty said and cupped my balls with her left hand.

After fondling with them for a while, she did the unthinkable. She bent her head down and kissed the tip of my cock with her luscious lips and then opened her mouth and engulfed my cock. I froze, the pleasure I felt was immense. Her mouth felt soft and warm. Slowly she moved up and then down again. She did this and then suddenly she would suck the tip like how a child sucks on a lollipop. It felt incredible. After my first handjob, now a blowjob; I wondered how many more ‘firsts’ I would get. I was getting really restless and then losing control I placed my hand on her head; the touch of her silky hair felt wonderful. I got scared realizing what I just did and moved my hand away. I thought I took it too far and said “I’m sorry aunty, I could not control.”

She did not respond at first but then said “If that makes you feel pleasurable do not hesitate as that would help me complete the test.”

She then bit my cock head gently making me moan and then took the entire length of my cock in her mouth. Actually the thought of Swapna aunty doing such a thing would have been enough to make me spurt volumes but after so much of her physical touch and oral, I was little confused. I decided to let go of that feeling and enjoy the pleasure. I put my hand again on the back of her head and ran it all over feeling the soft silky hair. I badly wanted to mouth fuck her catching hold of her hair. She then moved her mouth to my balls and sucked them and at the same time with her hand stroked my cock vigorously. I still did not cum.

“Oh God! I just hope it is nothing serious,” Swapna aunty said getting up and adding, “Did it ever take you so long, you know when you did it?”

“Doing what aunty?” I asked her even though I knew what she meant.

“I know you do it Ravi. I saw what you did to my bra,” she said with a little frown.

“Oh shit. Aunty I can explain that, actuall…,” I tried to say something.

“Oh just answer the question I asked Ravi,” Swapna aunty snapped.

“It would never take more than couple of minutes if I thought of you while doing it, I’m sorry,” I said not looking at her and with shame.

“Then I’m really worried. This is so unusual. Entirely my fault,” she said looking worried.

“Stop blaming yourself, aunty, it was an accident. And I thank god for making my dream come true,” I said in a low voice.

“Shut up you pervert. Lusting for your own aunty, I know you have been staring at me since that water incident. Stealing my bra and then making it like a rag,” Swapna aunty said looking at me in the eye.

“Your goddamn beautiful aunty! I don’t think I’m wrong. I admire your beauty and love to be with you. I wish I was Gopal uncle. I would worship you …,” I said to her.

“Enough Ravi, this is just not correct, I think I crossed my limits,” Swapna cut me again.

“Aunty, please, I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I love you,” I told her in a pleading manner.

“What now Ravi? What now? Where will this lead to?” She asked.

I was just silent for a while and gathered up courage before finally saying, “I just want to worship you all my life. I want to be your husband and have children with you. I know it’s never going to happen but still I just wish it happened.”

“Stop talking such nonsense, first we need to solve your problem,” she said pointing at my hard on. When she said first we need to solve my problem I wondered what was second. I smiled and looked down.

I dint notice so long but my cock was still rock hard and twitching. She then told me to cover up and relax for a while.

“But aunty?” I tried to rebel.

“Do has I say Ravi, everything will be just fine,” she said and walked into the hall. I lay there and imagined a life with aunty. I stroked my cock for a while and with no sign of a climax, I just lay thinking. I heard aunty speak on the phone. I drifted off to sleep but the sound of the doorbell woke me up. It was two hours since I dozed off.

The clinic door opened and Swapna aunty walked in smiling. And someone else followed. The second lady lifted her head up to look at me. I remembered her. It was Radha aunty. She was Swapna auntie’s widowed sister. She was also a doctor and a real beauty. She was couple of years older to Swapna but looked younger because of her thin body frame.

Radha was fair like Swapna, but a little short at 5’3 and a 32dd bust. Radha had curly black hair which was now tied into a bun. She had a juicy ass just like her sister Swapna. As a child I always was afraid of Radha aunty because she was very strict.

Radha aunty looked at me with a blank expressionless face. I smiled and said hello to which she nodded and gave a smile. This made me relax.

“Okay Ravi, I hope you remember Radha aunty, my sister, she is going to help us but I want you to just keep the matter within us. I realized you would not leak a thing after your confession but I want to hear it again from your mouth,” Swapna aunty spoke up.

“I will not tell anyone aunty. I’m happy I confessed and I feel really comfortable after that, it’s……,”I tried to explain.

“Alright enough, enough, just stay calm,” Swapna said and then turned to Radha.

Swapna aunty removed my shorts and my cock sprang out. I noticed Radha gasp and her eyes widen a bit.

“I told you he was big,” Swapna said looking at Radha.

Swapna spat her saliva on her left palm and stroked my cock as Radha looked on. I moaned in pleasure as she kept stroking and stroking. She stopped after a while and looked at Radha.

“See, that’s the problem, he is not reaching the point, before the accident he said it would take him just a few minutes and if he imagined me, he would come under two,” Swapna told Radha.

My face turned red. Both the women laughed.

“Strange, I think we should increase his pleasure levels to such an extent that it would give up and blast,” Radha said smiling.

Radha came closer and touched my cock and then stroked it slowly. I was just numb there and looked at her with my mouth open. Radha looked at me smiling before narrowing her eyes and stroking faster. She was not just a seductive bitch I thought but a fucking hot bitch that guys would pay top dollar for. Radha kept stroking and Swapna cupped my balls. Radha then got off the cot and Swapna continued the stroking. Radha walked up to my face and bent down with her face close to mine. She smelled lovely. She kissed me on lips and then our tongues met. The feeling was incredible. Just then Swapna aunty took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it.

Coupling With my Wife’s friend — 2

Neetu’s Version


My friends will remember how I had seduced Vijoo, or maybe he had allowed me to seduce him. I now carry the story forward.

Veejoo thank you, Thank You Veejoo I said. Viju was slowly taking his cock out and easing IT in.

Stop I said. Let me enjoy the moment. Keep still and please Veejoo all parts of you should be on my parts. Your hands on my hands. Your fingers on my fingers, your lips on my lips, your chest on my breast, Your prick in my Pussy, your knees on my knees and your feet and toes and on my feet and toes. Mmmmmmm……. SEXY, SENSY, Fuck me lover fuck me.

Please Neetoo enjoy the moment Viju said. As my Prick is inside your cat put your tongue inside my mouth suck hard he told me.

Your prick inside my cunt and my tongue inside your mouth mmmmmm, sexy , feels good, tasty, sweet hump it baby faster faster faster. Soon the slapping of his balls against my mound became faster and faster and with each strike the pain was becoming sweeter.

My pussy had become highly wet and his cock was gliding into me as if into butter. Each thrust was stronger and BANG his cock head banged against my cervix. Phew that felt good lover boy. Thrust Baby thrust. Put the pedal on my accelerator.

Like my pussy was full of cream Veeju’s mouth was salivating into my mouth. Slowly I started sucking his saliva. Each time that Vijoo thrust into me, I sucked hard on his tongue and fresh saliva flowed into my mouth. Signs of ecstasy were escaping his lips and both of us had broken into sweat.

Bang Bang I told him as I took my tongue out of his mouth and licked away his saliva from my lips. His hands were kneading my breasts and the pain was enjoyable.

Suck it baby I told him and he put his lips to my breast and made a strong sucking sound. Almost half of my breast disappeared into his mouth. Vijoo was fingering his nipple and I put my lips to his nipple. Bite them slowly Neetoo he said and all the time the piston was ramming into my pussy.

I had already orgasmed twice and felt a third one cumming. He took his prick all out and pressed it hard on my G spot. I shuddered and bit him hard on his nipple. Veejoo responded with a soft bite on my nipple and I almost fainted as I went into throes of Orgasm no. 3.

HOLD ON Neetoo I am cummin Veejoo shouted and he shot loads of his semen into me. One shot BANG, Second Shot Harder, Third shot BOOM my ears went, I am in Heaven I shouted, I AM IN HEAVEN MY BABY as he shuddered to a halt.

Both us had surrendered ourselves to the throes of passion that the fucking had led to. Sleep my Baby I told Veejooo as his prick started to shrivel inside my pussy. I slowly pushed my vaginal muscles inside and tightened them over his penis. WOW Neetoo said Vijooo.

Shh.. I told him slowly just lie on top of me and relax and Njoy I told him. I was humming a song and my baby was slowly relaxing into sleep. I was in a fix. I could not now move or else he would awake and I did not want him to awake, His lips were touching the corner of my lips and he was now slightly snoring. With each snore his lips moved slowly on my lower lip and his chest moved over my breasts.

Baby was sleeping as I was enjoying his rhythmic breathing on my lips and my breasts. His hands were on my fingers and I slowly hugged him. My thighs crossed over his hips and as they crossed over his sweet ass I slowly lowered my ankles over his ass and embraced him tightly. All the time my vaginal muscles were as if they had a life of their own as they contacted and expanded. Soon his flaccid cock started to swell inspite of the fact that he was snoring. As his prick grew in size it went deeper into my wet pussy which had all his cum.

Vijoo was still asleep or maybe he was acting but he was snoring. I slowly took his lower lip between my teeth and nibbled on IT. His snoring stopped and his mouth formed into a grin as he playfully opened his eyes.

Wow that was sexy Nitoo Baby he said and slowly eased himself out. Come on into the bathroom Baby he told me. We kept on holding our hands as he lead into the bathroom. He sat down to take a leak and I washed my pussy.

Please Nitoo let me do that he said as he finished his pee and came towards me. Vijoo inserted two fingers into my pussy and blobs of his near solid cum trickled down his fingers. Lie down slowly Sexy Vijooo told me. I lowered my body onto the cold floor and spread my legs apart. Vijoo put his one arm below my hips and raised it. With the other hand his two fingers which were inserted into my pussy were cleaning me. He slowly spread my vaginal lips apart and poured some water with his other arm which he had withdrawn from below my hips. The cold water flowed into my pussy and cleaned out his cum. It was BLISS pure BLISS as Vijoo picked up in his arms and wrapped me like a baby on a big towel and put me on the bed.

I took a corner of the towel and cleaned of his prick which by now had become ERRECT.

My feet were aching and I wanted him to ease the pain out. I asked Vijoo to massage my feet with milk cream. He let a big dollop of cream drop onto my feet and also let a lot of cream flow onto my pussy. His one hand massaged my one foot, his other hand was on my pussy and he spread the cream over my pussy and made it all white. Vijoo made an O as he traced the outline of my pussy lips.

I raised my other foot to his lips and sensed that he wanted to suck my feet. My feet went to his lips and he swallowed the three middle toes into his mouth while the the big toe and smallest finger were on outside on my lips.

While his one hand was massaging my one foot his other hands fingers were within my pussy driving me to fresh throes of passion and my whole foot had entered his mouth as he sucked hungrily on my feet.

My hand found his way to his ERRECT cock and my other hand was pulling his nipples. I slowly worked myself into a position where my lips were near his prick and I sucked on IT. I could taste myself on his prick and that mere taste of my pussy juices was enough to start my lips.

My both hands were now free and were on his erect male nipples. The scenario is still fresh in my mind. Vijoo’s hand on my pussy, my legs spread wide apart, his other hand massaging my foot and and his lips sucking on my feet. I was all contorted up and sucking his prick.

Sigh’s of pleasure started escaping our lips once again and I orgasmed for the fourth time in twenty minutes. My vaginal muscles closed around his fingers and he pushed and withdrew his fingers faster. None of us could speak but our heavy breathing and sighs said it all.

Vijoo took my feet out of his mouth and shouted Neetoo HERE I CUM and he ejected big load into my mouth. I swallowed hard and hard and hard as he ejected into my throat.

I was also about to explode and I shouted Vijoo drink the ELIXIR OF LIFE as water gushed out of my wet pussy and he put his lips on my vaginal lips and met the water throw and sucked it all out.

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