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Chapter Ten: In the Sultan’s Harem

“And then, the eloquent Circassian woman reclined on the silk pillows. Mehmet’s eyes followed the graceful , curvy form of her body as she stretched, seductively exposing all of her body to him through the thin fabric of her silks clothing. The Sultan was captivated by his newest concubine, with her pale, nearly alabaster skin, dark curly hair and rose-red lips. Slowly, he rubbed his hand down her soft thighs, his actions elicitning a slight moan of pleasure from her. And he knew right then that he had to take her tonight…”

The publisher stopped reading for a moment and looked up at Nazanin Choudhury, out of work English major and aspiring Romance novelist. Not that it was her first choice of work, mind you, but it put food on her table and paid for the rent. Besides, it was certainly better than any of the minimum wage jobs she could have gotten with her degree.

“Well,” she said smiling hopefully, “What do you think so far?”

The publisher just sighed. Nazanin knew that wasn’t a good sign.

“Look Ms. Choudhury,” he said, “It’s not that it’s a bad work. In fact, it’s actually a very solid story. It’s just that I see dozens, maybe even hundreds of potential Romance novels every month. For me to pick one up, it has to be exceptionally steamy…”

Nazanin almost wanted to break into tears. She was literally crushed. All of this hard work and nothing! This was the seventh publisher she had tried to sell her manuscript to, and it looked like he was going to be the seventh one to reject it too.

“And besides,” he said, “Being an as-of-yet unpublished author, it would be very difficult to sell your book. I’m sorry, but you just don’t have the name recognition that our company likes to draw in readers with.”

“Please Mr. Johnson,” Nazanin pleaded with him, “Can’t you at least think about it? You’re the only publisher in the entire city that I haven’t talked to yet, and I’m getting desperate here. I really need the money. At this point, I’d be willing to do almost anything to get it published?”

Mr. Johnson raised an eyebrow at that comment.

“Anything you say?”

“Yes,” Nazanin replied quickly, “I could make edits, change characters or plot details, even get rid of a chapter or two. I’m willing to make whatever creative changes you want if you…”

“You said anything,” Mr. Johnson interrupted, “Right? Well how badly would you like to get that manuscript published?”

It was just then that Nazanin noticed the publisher’s eyes wandering over her luscious, dark-skinned body. He looked her over, inspecting her full cleavage and nice, shapely legs. Nazanin was a very sexy woman after all, so it was hardly surprising. The look of sheer lust in Mr. Johnson’s eyes was something else altogether though. She knew exactly what he was thinking…

“Why don’t you close my door,” Mr. Johnson said, “And we can discuss this further.”

“Are you trying to get me to have sex with you,” Nazanin said as she stood up.

Mr. Johnson was dumbfounded and a little worried by the tone in her voice. But before he could say anything, Nazanin stood up and closed the door, giving him a nice view of her ass as she did so.

“Because I really like where this is going,” she continued in a deep, husky voice.

Nazanin decided to play along. She wasn’t really attracted to Mr. Johnson at all, but it wouldn’t be the first time she used sex to get what she wanted. She’d done it with a couple of her boyfriend’s in the past, and once even slept with a professor back in college to guarantee she would pass his class. There was a time when she used to feel bad about it, but by this point she was more than willing to do whatever it took to make it in the cut-throat world of publishing. If it meant sleeping with an unattractive guy, then so be it…

Nazanin started to undo the buttons on her black silk blouse, slowly revealing her thin young body to the publisher. She was wearing a lacey black bra underneath that barely could hold in her massive breasts. She let the blouse drop to the floor, standing before him in nothing more than a bra and miniskirt, her long black hair draped behind her back.

“So what do you think,” she asked him playfully, “Do you like what you see?”

“Oh yeah,” Mr. Johnson said.

He was still sitting back behind his desk, but Nazanin could see that he had already unzipped his pants and pulled out his semi-hard cock. He was starting to fap it furiously. Nazanin guessed that this man didn’t get a lot of sex.

‘Oh well,’ she thought to herself, ‘May as well make it memorable for the poor guy.’

Nazanin slowly pulled down her miniskirt, until she stood there wearing nothing more than her bra, thong and high heels. She felt like a stripper, which was when an absolutely brilliant idea popped into her head. Slowly, she began to dance, gyrating her body as if to some unheard music.

“So I was thinking,” Nazanin purred, “That maybe the women in the harem use a sexy dance like this to seduce the Sultan. What do you think?”

She flaunted her tight young body, waving her sexy hips as she made her way over to the publisher. He was still jerking his cock, and a small dribble of semen was starting to spill out and onto his lap. When she got by him, the exotic aspiring author turned around so that he could get a nice long look at her sexy ass. She shook it, trying to temp the poor man with her curves.

“Oooo,” he said, “How exotic! I like it!”

Of course, he had no idea that Nazanin didn’t really know how to dance. She was just mimicking the motions she had seen in all those Bollywood movies growing up. Nonetheless, she was certainly doing an excellent job at seducing the publisher. She decided it was time to up the ante, and reached around to unclasp her bra. Turning back around, she exposed her big, dark melons to the horny publisher.

“Go on,” she said, “Why don’t you feel these melons big boy?”

Mr. Johnson slowly reached out, still excitedly jerking his cock with his left hand, and gently squeezed the Indian woman’s large breasts. It was the most exciting thing he had done in a very long time. He squeezed again, only a little harder this time, and it sent a wave of pleasure through Nazanin’s lithe body. And then, he focused his attention on her light brown nipple, pinching it ever so slightly.

Nazanin was already starting to get a little wet by this point, so she decided it was time to go a little further. Taking the initiative, she brushed everything off of Mr. Johnson’s desk, knocking a pile of papers, some pens and a cheap plastic thermos to the floor. The little coffe that was still in it spilled out, but neither of them really cared about that at this point.

She got on top of the desk, laying down on her stomach, and proceeded to drop her panties down to her ankles. Now she was fully exposed to Mr. Johnson, and he was getting a nice view of her big, sexy ass.

“I bet you’ve never done anal with a woman, have you? I thought that maybe you would like to give it a try tonight…”

She wiggled her ass, hoping to get his attention.

“Go ahead big boy! I’m all yours…”

Exciting by this, Mr. Johnson stood up and dropped his pants. His cock was rock hard and ready for some action, so he spit into his palms to give himself a little traction and lined to the tip of his cock up with the sexy Indian woman’s asshole. Nazanin had done anal sex several times, and she really loved it too, but that didn’t change the fact that it hurt a lot going in. Even with his spit for lubricant, it took a lot of effort for Mr. Johnson to get even the tip of his cock in. And he wasn’t particularly well-endowed down there either.

Nazanin found herself clenching her eyes shut, trying as hard as she could not to screen out in pain as the publisher slowly began to sodomize her. Eventually, though, she started to feel that familiar pleasure that only an experienced anal slut knows. She moaned in pleasure as Mr. Johnson began to fuck her. It was more than a little rough, as the wad of spit provided little real lubrication for his fucking, but Nazanin was able to bear it. She’d had worse…

As he began to get more confident, or perhaps just more horny, Mr. Johnson began to build up the tempo of his fucking, thrusting into her and literally slamming her naked body against his desk. She could feel him put his hands around her full, round ass, trying to get better traction as he anally fucked her senseless.

In an effort to help him, Nazanin gracefully arched her back and thrust backwards, trying to squeeze as much of his member into her tight little asshole as physically possible. It felt both good and a little rough as another couple of inches slid up her well-used ass. Nazanin groaned, more out of pleasure than pain, but it was still a little uncomfortable.

As he full, luscious breasts slid and rubbed up against his polished wood desk, Mr. Johnson ran his fingers through Nazanin’s midnight-black hair. He pulled on it roughly, forcing her up a little. Nazanin had to admit that she never thought the guy had something like that it him. Rough stuff like that always managed to get her wet.

Unfortunately for her, Nazanin didn’t have much time to think about just how hot that really was, because soon he was shooting his load deep inside of her bowels. He paused for a moment to catch his breath, his rigid cock still stuck deep inside of her anal cavity. And then he pulled out, a trail of semen leaking from her and onto his floor. It was definitely going to need some cleaning tomorrow morning. Nazanin finally relaxed, and then got up and started to get dressed.

“I said I’d be willing to do anything to get published,” she said coyly as she buttoned up her black silk blouse.

“So you did,” replied an exhausted Mr. Johnson.

Several months later, Nazanin’s manuscript, ‘In the Sultan’s Harem’ was published. It told the story of a beautiful Circassian maiden who was captured by raiders and sold into the Sultan’s harem in Istanbul, where she is drawn into a series of steamy mysteries and sex with the other women, members of the royal family, the Nubian guards, and a cunning Arab rebel. Johnson Publishing House spared no expense to market the book, and within the first month it had sold three million copies worldwide.

The next year, Nazanin published a sequel, entitled ‘Escape from the Seraglo’. It was even more erotic than the first, and she had no shortage of erotic ideas to work with. Nor was she short of publishers, editors and aspiring young protégés who were all very eager to work with her. Not that anyone could blame them, of course, as Nazanin was said to be very “hands on” with her writing projects…

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