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I never realised that shopping for jeans could end up with me having the time of my life. This happened when I was shopping for a pair of jeans for my niece at one of the big retail stores. Her birthday was coming up and I had to get her something.

I entered the store and it was reasonably busy. I was checking out the various jeans in the women’s section when I realised that I did not know my niece’s size. I was about to text her to find out when this salesgirl came up to me, “hello, my name is Sarah; can I help you with anything.” Instinctively I said, “No, I’m fine.”

As she moved on to her work I noticed she was shaped and sized exactly like my niece. So I called out to her, “Excuse me, but maybe there is something you can help me with, after all.”

“I am looking to buy a pair of jeans for my niece and I don’t know her size, but looking at you, you are exactly her size but much prettier that her.” Why I commented on her beauty I had no idea, but she blushed. She must have been in her early twenties, Caucasian, blue eyes and red hair with a nice full curvy figure and nice shapely butt much like Kim Kardashian. Absolutely stunning to look at. I was old enough to be her father.

“I was wondering if you could help me pick out a pair for her.”

“Sure, I can help you with that. Let’s see, this pair here is my size.”

“Would you mind trying on a few so that I know what they would look like on my niece.” She agreed, so I picked out three pairs in different colours and brands.

We went over to the trial rooms which unlike most stores, these rooms were independent offering more privacy. A few minutes later Sarah opened the door and asked me to come inside to check out the fit. They looked amazing on her, accentuating her butt nicely. She was enjoying modelling the jeans, turning around, posing and strutting her stuff.

I had seen enough of these jeans. “Why don’t you try on another pair.” I started to leave the change room when Sarah said, “it’s okay you can stay in here while I change, if you like.” That took me by surprise and I just stood there mesmerised. “You can sit down on the bench if you like,” she said. What was happening here? I am an older East Indian guy and Caucasian women even my own age do not want to be with me, but here was this young beauty changing her clothes in front of me.

I sat down on the bench and watched as she wiggled her booty out of the jeans and her beautiful white butt came into view. She was wearing a red thong, matching her hair perfectly. She had her back to me and I was so tempted to reach out and touch her, but restrained myself. As she bent down right in front of my eyes, I could see the thong clinging to her woman hood. It was a sight to behold. I felt she kept that bent pose for quite a while knowing fully well that I was staring at her vagina.

She straightened and then slipped into the second pair of jeans, this time a black pair. They looked equally good but my mind was not paying attention to the jeans. It was full of images of seeing her almost naked. The jeans were a hindrance. She turned to face me and again began to pose and model the jeans. My cock began to stir from his slumber and I felt my erection growing bigger against my thigh. I think she saw it as well as it was quite visible bulging my pants on my right thigh. I put my hand to cover my erection and I saw a sly smile on her face.

“Let me try this last pair and then you can decide which one you want.” And with that she turned her back to me and began to undress once more. This time as she slipped the jeans off, her thong came off as well. I could swear she did that on purpose. My eyes could not believe what I was seeing. Her beautiful pussy with the red hair was right in front of my face about a foot away. The perfect length red pubic hair covered the folds of her pussy lips between her thighs. The sight was amazing.

She looked back and saw me gawking at her as I just could not help myself. I had never seen a white woman before except in porn movies. I reached out and with my palm upwards touched her pussy with my index finger. She flinched, so I began to rub her pussy with my finger. I brought my face closer and could smell her sex which brought me to a full hard-on. Sarah bent further down while at the same time bringing her butt back towards my face. The next thing I knew I was opening her pussy lips and licking her pussy as quietly as possible.

I could see that Sarah was enjoying the attention I was paying to her pussy. I began to fuck her with my tongue, holding on to her butt with both hands. She then turned around and put one leg on my shoulder bringing her pussy face to face with my mouth. With her left leg on my right shoulder I buried my mouth in her pussy and began to suck her pussy looking up at her face. As I was sucking her she removed her remaining clothes and her beautiful globes with her big pink nipples and areolas came into view. Instinctively I raised my hands to grab hold of her soft breasts while sucking her pussy at the same time.

I kept sucking her sweet pussy and soon my mouth was filled with her juices. As I was sucking her she began to move forward and back struggling hard to keep from moaning out loud. After about five minutes she disengaged herself and bent down and motioned for me to stand up.

She undid my pants and pulled them down to release my huge erection which began to dangle in front of her face. She looked up and smiled pleased with what she saw, seven inches of man meat for her pleasure. She began by covering the head of my cock with soft kisses. First the tip, then all over. She ran her lips up and down the shaft whilst caressing my cock with her hand. Up and down she went, and then she took one of my balls in her mouth and began to suck.

The feeling was one of ecstasy. She released my ball and licked my cock all the way up and then swallowed my head. And now she began to fuck my cock with her mouth all the while looking up at me with those beautiful blue eyes. I could not help myself and reached down to gently hold her red hair and guide her mouth up and down my cock.

She was an expert and kept switching between sucking my cock and licking it up and down. I realised I would soon cum but I wanted to fuck her love spot. I held her head and removed her from my cock smiling. She understood what I wanted and turned her back to me and bent down. She wanted me to take her from the back.

I separated her feet a little. I made her spit in my hand, then spat in my own hand and rubbed it all over my cock head. I brought the head of my cock to her love spot and began to enter her. She bucked backward while I went forward in unison.

With one violent push I was inside her. She grimaced but did not utter a sound. I stayed deep inside her for a while enjoying the feeling of my seven inches inside this beautiful Caucasian bomb shell. I took out my cock completely to view the damage I had done. She was so tight that her pussy lips closed up the hole my cock had entered. My cock glistened with the combination of her juices and spit. She was having none of it, she wanted my cock inside her. She looked back at me with a pleading look in her eyes while at the same time backing up.

I opened her pussy lips with my fingers and entered her again. This time grabbing hold of her waist I began to fuck her systematically. I would bring my seven inch cock out by about five inches and then enter her again. I fucked her like this for five about minutes before she suddenly slipped me out and turned her attention to my cock again. She sucked my cock till she had had enough. Facing me she lifted up her left leg and taking hold of my cock she guided in to her vagina. I realised she wanted to ride me cock with me standing up.

With the tip of my cock inside her, I placed my hands under her thighs grabbing her buttocks. With one strong motion I lifted her off the ground at the same time sending my cock deep inside her. Oh what a feeling, my cock deep inside this red hairy pussy. She grabbed hold of my neck and I began to fuck her standing. She was bouncing on my cock and with each bounce my cock would penetrate her to the hilt. She was holding me tight, pressing her boobs against me while I fucked her for what seemed like eternity.

Soon I could feel that the volcano was going to erupt. As I began to shoot my cum inside her, she disengaged and took my cock in her mouth but not before a couple of big spurts landed on her face. She now had my spurting cock in her mouth and her mouth was filling up with my cum.

I don’t know how long my cock unloaded, but I could see her gulping down my cum as her mouth got full. She must have gulped down at least thrice before she slowly took out my cock from her mouth. As she did that my limp cock fell on her face and she began to rub her face with my cock distributing the spurts of cum that had landed on her face all over her forehead and cheeks. She looked up at me lovingly and mouthed, “Thank you, that was amazing.”

We quickly dressed and after giving her a kiss on the lips, we slipped out of the change room and she went back to work while I took the black pair of jeans to the cash register.

As I was leaving the store, I saw her once again. She winked at me and mouthed out to me, “Come again sometime.” I smiled at her and nodded.

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