Introduction: Joanne Burrell is a descendent of a powerful angel that walked the Earth six millennia ago, and whom built a prison to hold an equally powerful demon in the form of a mirror. Ever since the great war that seen Angels & Demons banished from this plane of existence, the demon in the mirror has fed off Joanne’s female ancestors gaining psychic energy through orgasm in the manner of an Incubus. Reaching out to exorcist Gabriel Jones for help (who’s also an angel/human hybrid like her), she has been kidnapped by an organisation known as Ebony Inc. What do they want with her or the mirror? Can Jones find her before it is too late for her.

Part 3

Joanne found herself coming round and she felt a bit cold. When she pulled her arm slightly it seemed to be stuck, so did all her limbs. The grogginess of whatever drug she had been given hung over her mind like a heavy curtain and she found herself drifting in and out of consciousness. There were mumblings around her as voices spoke in soft awe, with expectation. She didn’t really understand what they were saying but snatches of it were clear.

She heard a man say with a deep powerful voice say, “Get you’re hands of that you moron.”

Then another voice which sounded weedy and higher pitched responded, “I’m just curious is all. I mean it doesn’t look like much to me.”

“It’s not meant too, you fool. Only the chosen descendant can see inside it and that’s not you,” the deep voice sounded annoyed.

“If what you’ve told me is true then for that I am thankful,” the weedy voice said followed by a big sigh.

Joanne drifted off again but she was not sure for how long. It felt like hours but could’ve just been minutes. The weedy voice spoke sounding urgent and nervous, “He’s here! They’re all here! This must be big.”

The deep voice said, “Just keep out of the way or else you’ll find yourself dead. These men don’t tolerate fools and so it’s a given they wont tolerate you.”

“Yes my brother,” the weedy voice said.

There was a sigh from the deep voice man. It was a sigh of disappointment and annoyance, like a man stuck with watching out for someone he didn’t really like but had no choice. It was his duty or promise to someone that made him tolerate this weedy voiced man. Joanne opened her eyes slightly for the first time and seen a dark figure running his fingers over the fine filigree of a framed mirror. He touched it so gently and tenderly you’d think it was a woman. Then he sighed again and walked away as she fell under the drug yet again.

As the drug wore out of her system she realised that the voices she could hear were men chanting in some guttural language. It was constant and eery and filled her with a sense of foreboding. She opened her eyes again and lifted her head slightly and to her her horror she could see she was naked on some kind of bed. Her arms were tied above her head and they ached slightly. Her legs were tied to posts at the end of the bed in manner that had them spread and ready for sex. Her pussy was on display to whomever was there with her.

Joanne closed her eyes and pulled on the bindings but there was no give. She was stuck there until whomever had her released her. Her body trembled at the revelation of her predicament and a sob tried hard to escape from her but she held it down. This was not the time to give away she was awake. What was important now was to find out who had her and why. While they thought she was out of it they just might let it slip.

She wondered if Gabriel knew about what had happened to her. If ever she needed a knight in shining armour to come to her rescue now was the time. That was all she could do, she decided. Hold out until Jones gets to her because in truth she knew he’d be tearing shit up trying to find her. ‘Hurry Gabriel, help me,’ she screamed in her mind hoping in vain that he could somehow hear her.


The street seemed quiet which was good because Jones didn’t need anyone calling 911 on him at this point. The floor boards on the old weather board house creaked under his weight in a familiar way. He had been here many times before, but never like this. These people had broken his trust, they had betrayed him and so his anger burned deeper than ever before. Opening the fly wire door he leaned back and kicked his right leg at the door. His foot hitting the area of the lock with a loud clang, wood splitting crackled and the door swung open slamming against the wall inside.

He went inside to find Tiny standing their pointing a snub nose 38 pistol at him and Sash cowering in the doorway to the kitchen like a pale frightened child. Tiny opened his mouth to say something but Jones was too quick and kicked the gun from his hand, sending it flying across the room. Then he leapt the couch and his fist hit Tiny square in the right cheek and the fat man went down with scream of pain.

Backing up on the floor Tiny shouted, “Wait… Wait… Gabe, it’s only business!” Jones reached down and grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and as his fist bore down on Tiny once again he shouted, “No!”

Jones then picked Tiny up showing impressive strength, and threw him onto the couch. Sash was slinking her way towards the gun when Jones noticed her and he shouted angrily at her, “Stay where you are slut if you know what’s good for you. Don’t think I haven’t realised your part in this.”

“Please lover, I didn’t mean any harm,” Sash said going back to the kitchen doorway again.

Jones shook his head at her with a big sneer on his face then turned and looked down on Tiny who was rubbing a large red welt on his face. “Where is she?” he asked him sharply.

“I don’t know Gabe, I swear,” Tiny said looking up at him eyes wide, his body trembling.

“Don’t give me that shit. I know you sell your artefacts to them, so you know where all their little hidey holes are,” Jones accused.

“I swear I don’t Gabe. I told ya I met that guy in a bar. He approached me,” Tiny begged. Jones let out a sigh and then hit Tiny again making him yelp and curl up into a ball. His anger rose up inside him and he started laying into the man in a fury until he heard sash screaming at him and pulling him off her brother.

As she pulled him away he turned and slapped her hard with the back of his hand sending her sprawling on the floor. He looked down at her with an intense glare and then down at Tiny who was now unconscious on the couch. A cell phone began ringing on the floor that had fallen off the coffee table in the commotion. He looked down at it and seen a familiar number flashing on the screen. Jones bent over to pick it up and Sash lunged for it but he slapped her away again.

He answered it and placed the phone to his ear. A deep male voice said, “Sash, Jones might head over there so you and your brother should skip town for a few days.” It was Sebastian Windsor, the man he was looking for. Jones remained silent for a moment prompting Windsor to say, “Sash?…. Sash you there?”

Jones answered, “I think you’re too late, douche bag.”

“Jones?” there was a sudden cold laugh and then, “It doesn’t matter, the ceremony will begin soon and there’s nothing you or Fagin can do to stop it.”

Jones trembled all over briefly as he fought the urge to crush the phone in his hand. “When I get my hands on you I’ll…”

Windsor cut him off, “You’ll grovel at the feet of a God.” Then Windsor hung up.

In anger Jones threw the phone against the wall beside Sash, smashing it and making her jerk away in fear. He looked down shaking his head furiously for a moment. Since Ebony Inc got wind of this it’s seemed like they’ve always been a step ahead. However why would Windsor call Sash and not Tiny? Jones looked up at Sash with narrow eyes.

“Just how did Windsor know what bar to find Tiny in exactly?” he said to her stepping closer.

Sash laughed weakly saying, “I don’t know lover. Tiny isn’t that hard to find if you’re looking for him is he.” It seemed like she was hoping the wall would somehow swallow her the way she pushed herself into it.

Jones was close now and he grabbed her around the neck making her squirm under him. “Tiny is very hard to find as he is very clever like that. Especially in his line of work. In fact if a guy like Windsor went near him in a bar I think he’d leave thinking he was a cop. No someone arranged it, someone like… YOU!”

“Please Gabe… I didn’t know… please,” Sash begged.

“But you know where she is, don’t you?” Jones said in a suddenly friendly voice even though he held her firmly.

She looked away from his intense gaze, his incredible blue eyes piercing right through her soul. “I can’t… he’ll kill me and Tiny. Please I’ll do anything you want but not this.”

Jones face went dark and he coldy said, “I’ll kill you if you don’t tell me. So looks like you’re not doing too well.”

She looked at him knowingly and said, “You wont. You’re not cold blooded like him. You’re a good man deep down. He is…”

“A good fuck? Yeah I know how you roll whore,” Jones said pushing her down onto the floor. “You think your pussy gives you power, you slut.”

“It got you to confirm who the woman was didn’t it. More powerful than your shit angel powers,” she sneered up at him.

He looked down at her thinking when something glinted in the corner of his eye and he bent down and picked it up and looked at it. It was one of Tiny’s artefacts and he recognised it immediately. A very rare Egyptian necklace with the symbol of Ra on it. He walked over to Tiny who was still out cold and pulled him up placing the necklace around his neck. Sash watched silently as she was unsure what he was doing. She never did understand about these artefacts that Tiny dealt in.

Jones took hold of the amulet on the necklace and said loudly in Latin, “Obedieritis mihi.” Tiny’s eyes opened abruptly making Sash gasp as they were completely white. Then Jones turned and pointed to Sash trembling on the floor and shouted, “Pedicabo eam!”

Tiny stood immediately like some invincible force pulled him to his feet. “What are you doing?” Sash shouted at Jones but he just sat on the couch and lit a cigarette ignoring her. As Tiny walked over to her she tried crawling away but he caught her leg and dragged her into the centre of the room. “Stop it Tiny… it’s me… you’re sister!” she shouted at him.

Tiny was on top of her now pinning her with his bulky frame as he ripped her clothes off. She struggled, slapped and punched him but it was like it had no effect on him. Before long she was naked, her clothes in shreds. Tiny stood and began taking his own clothes off. “Stop it… Tiny no… God no… stop!”

Jones sat back and said, “Tell me where they’re holding Joanne, and I’ll stop him.”

“Fuck you, I’ll never tell,” she spat at him trying to get away again and Tiny grabbed her and threw her down onto the floor once again.

Tiny pulled down his boxers and threw them onto the floor revealing his 4 inch hard cock. Sticking out like a red rocket below his fat stomach and pubic mound. Jones laugh saying, “Now I know why you call him Tiny!”

“If you think that shrimp dick is going to make me talk then your a fool,” Sash said to Jones.

Jones knew that even though Sash was very sexually active there was one thing she always refused. She had a thing about it in fact and so he shouted in Latin, “Anum sexu!” It was delicious to watch as Tiny rolled her over onto her stomach with a supernatural strength that belied belief, and she really didn’t know what was going on. He rolled her like a rag doll.

Tiny grasped her plump white ass cheeks and pulled them apart making her squeal, but he was too strong. Her tight pink anus did look tantalising Jones had to admit and at that point Tiny was down licking the area, tasting her stank. Her disgust made her clamp that anus tight, further accentuating the wrinkles around it. Making it pucker up like lips wanting a kiss. “No Tiny…stop it… it’s me you’re sister!” Sash yelled out trying to roll over but couldn’t.

Jones was impressed because even though that sphincter was being held closed as tight as she could manage, Tiny’s tongue was actually penetrating her ass. It was sliding down inside her making her burst into tears. “Just tell me where she is and it stops,” Jones said matter of factly.

“Noooooooooo!” she screamed as Tiny began sliding fingers inside her ass. First it was one then it was two and before long four fingers were being driven inside her now red anal sphincter. Stretching it more and more, her face screwed up in pain with sweat dripping from her chin.

What surprised Jones was that he had ordered Tiny to have anal sex with her, all this rimming and fingering action wasn’t what he had expected. This must be coming from Tiny, he thought. The dirty bastard. Jones laughed. Sash squealed loudly again and he looked up to find Tiny was buried balls deep inside her ass. Sash grabbed the rug below her as the force of his thrusts drover her body forward making her grunt each time.

“This can all stop Sash, all you have to do is give me the address where Joanne is being held,” Jones said once again.

Her head turned towards him, her eyes now glassy making Jones sit forward. It was important that she didn’t enjoy this, but given what a whore she was that was going to be difficult to prevent. “You think this will break me?” she said in a moan.

Jones shrugged, “No, I suspected you might enjoy it. But this might…” He reached inside his jacket and pulled out his phone and after fiddling with it for a moment he held it out in her direction with a cold grin.

“What are you doing?” Sash said eyes bulging.

“Collecting evidence for your ex-husband. It seems he’s not too keen on seeing his children taken away from him by their whorish mother. I had a real nice conversation with him on the way here.”

“No, you wouldn’t?” she said trying reach out and grab the phone but Tiny stopped her as he fucked away.

“If you tell me Joanne is I’ll delete the whole thing. But the courts may not look to kindly on a video of you having sex with your brother. They may not think you’re a fit mother and even visitation rights may be lost. It’s a high price to pay for protecting the likes of Sebastian Windsor.”

As those words hung in the air Tiny suddenly grunted and his body shook for a moment. Then he fell forward over her her back as he came hard inside her, pumping his semen down her colon. Jones was disappointed the show was over that quickly but given the small size of Tiny’s dick he wasn’t surprised. He shouted in Latin at him, “Pedicabo eam!”

With a burst of energy his body shot up and he pulled his dick out of his sisters ass and pushed her onto her back. She struggled with him all the way kicking and punching him but it had no effect. Sash reached up and grabbed the necklace but then squealed pulling it away shaking her hand.

“Only I can remove the necklace,” Jones said.

Tiny grabbed her by the wrists and held her down as he positioned himself over her. His four inch dick dripping precum as it prepared to enter her pussy. Then he thrust his hips forward and that cock just slid right inside her. She screamed out in anguish and Jones laughed. “You bastard… after all we’ve been together and you do this,” she yelled at Jones as Tiny fucked her furiously.

Jones shrugged saying, “You brought this on yourself trying to play me against Windsor.”

He looked at his phone and replayed what he had just recorded eventually saying, “That should do it.” Reaching down he picked up Tiny’s phone and started flicking through the numbers as the Tiny continued to fuck his sister grunting as he thrust his cock inside her wet pussy. Jones touched the screen then held it to his ear. After a moment he said, “Hey Phil, it’s me Jones again. I got something that might help you with the courts.”

“Noooooooo,” Sash yelled tears running down her cheeks.

“Hang on Phil,” Jones said and looked at her saying, “Do you have something to tell me?”

“You fucking bastard… alright I’ll tell.”

“Go on then…” Jones said holding the phone out to remind her of who was on the line.

“She’s probably being held in a house over on Oak Boulevard, number 6. It has a big white stone fence and a metal gate that has a bull on it. You can’t miss it,” Sash said holding onto her brother who continued to fuck her.

Putting the phone to his head he said, “Did you get that? OK I’ll meet you there in a moment.” Then he hung up and broke Tiny’s phone in half.

“You fucking cunt, that wasn’t even Phil,” Sash said banging her fists on the ground. Suddenly Tiny seemed to pick up pace and his grunts became louder. Sash looked up at him horrified, realising that he was about to cum. “Get him off me… please,” she begged Jones who nodded and then stepped towards them. However he was too late as Tiny thrust inside her pussy as deep as he could go and held it. Clenching his eyes shut, his face red and sweaty his body shivered all over for a brief moment as he released several large sighs. He came, and he came hard.

Jones reached down and pulled the necklace off him and so Sash pushed her brother off her and so he fell to the floor spent. Cum dribbled from her pussy. “Now look what you did,” she said to Jones who was looking down her nude form.

“I suggest you follow Windsors advice and get outta town for a few days,” Jones said shoving the necklace in his pocket and then heading for the still open front door.

As he reached it she yelled after him, “What about the video?”

Jones stopped and turned to look at her for a moment and then said, “If I go to this place and Windsor is expecting me then that video will go to Phil. So don’t think you can double cross me, bitch.” He then left the house and walked down the front yard to his car. He just hoped he wasn’t too late, that whatever they were planning to do with Joanne he still had time to stop it.


He pulled up behind Fagins car and got out and jumped inside next to him. “Spotted anything yet?” he asked.

“Yes, a number of limousines have arrived and even more are inside. Something big is going down here,” Fagin replied looking pale.

“Like what?” Jones asked.

A man cleared his throat from the back-seat and Jones looked at him. He knew who he was but he didn’t like the man so had ignored him on entering Fagins car. “Do you know something about this?” he said to the man who looked at Jones with a pinched expression.

“Good day to you too, Gabriel. He never changes does he Fagin. Always the bad attitude,” the man said.

“Just get on with it will ya?” Jones snapped at him.

Fagin sighed, “It’s OK Bill, just tell him.”

“Very well, but only because you say so Fagin. Anyway I think we’ve uncovered something which might explain why all these big wigs from Ebony Inc. are here,” Bill said.

“And….” Jones said shaking his head in annoyance.

“There is a chance that they’re going to use Ms Burrell to try and free the demon from its prison.” he said coolly.

“What?” Jones said looking at Fagin wide eyed. “But how?”

“Ms Burrell is culmination of selective breeding and so the angel DNA in her is the strongest it probably has ever been in her kin,” Bill said.

“That still doesn’t explain how,” Jones said in a growl.

“Her holy orgasm might be strong enough to actually break the mirror which would free the demon,” Fagin said looking intensely at Jones.

“Wouldn’t it kill the demon?” Jones asked.

Bill said, “Given that the demon absorbs energy through the mirror such an outpouring from a strong hybrid, and a descendent of the maker of the mirror could in fact shatter it. Too much energy, too much of the right kind of energy more to the point would undo its charms.”

Jones sat back down and watched the house in a heavy silence. After a while he said, “So the plan doesn’t change then.”

“You’re plan was always risky Gabe, now with Ebony Inc holding all the cards it’s impossible,” Fagin said.

“What plan?” Bill said from behind.

Fagin turned his head slightly and said, “Gabe was planning to kill the demon using Ms Burrells Holy O to burn it.”

“But how? You’d have to release it from the mirror first?” Bill said horrified.

“No, just cut it off from it long enough,” Jones said then he said to Fagin, “It could still work only I’d have to get inside.”

“They’d recognise you immediately and put a bullet through your head,” Fagin said.

At the door of the house some people came out wearing black robes with hoods over their heads and they lit cigarettes. “If I can get a robe like those guys then surely you have something that can make me otherwise undetectable to them?” Jones asked Fagin.

“I knew you’d want to do something foolish so I have something in the glovebox for you. Keep it on your person and it should keep you off their radar as long as you don’t do anything stupid to draw attention to yourself,” Fagin said.

Bill erupted from the back seat, “Are you crazy? We cannot help you in there, you’ll have no back up.”

Jones pulled out a bag that held Fagins charm. It smelt nice. He put it in his pocket. “Where’s all our people then?”

“They’re dead! How do you think they got that fucking mirror?” Fagin said hitting the steering wheel.

“Fuck!” Jones looked out the window collecting his thoughts. That was a blow as while they had their battles with Ebony Inc. it rarely turned into murder. Not this overt at least. They must be positive their plan will work if they’ve done that. “How’d they know where the safehouse was?” Jones asked.

Bill answered, “We have a traitor in our organisation.”

“But only you and I knew what the mirror was when we sent it there, Fagin. The elders were told we were sending it to another place. It doesn’t make sense,” Jones said to Fagin.

“Exactly, I was told it was going out of town,” Bill said with a sense of relief that he couldn’t be implicated.

Fagin looked down into his lap and clenched his eyes shut for a moment. He was fighting back tears. He then said quietly, “I know who the traitor is, Gabe. Believe me I know.”

Then it dawned on Jones, Fagins granddaughter. There really could be no one else who’d have access to the information. Bill gasped and then hissed in anger behind them saying loudly, “Tell me who it is and I’ll guarantee they’ll pay with their life!”

Jones turned to Bill and said angrily, “Shut the fuck up, you moron!” Then he said to Fagin in a quieter voice, “I’m sorry Fagin. That really sucks.”

Fagin nodded glumly, “It does. But the traitor can wait for now. We have bigger fish to fry.”

Bill sat back with a grunt crossing his arms saying, “Leaving the fate of us all in his hands is crazy. Your skills are useless here Jones. You can’t fuck this demon away.”

“Leave him be, Bill.” Fagin said sounding annoyed. Then he reached into his pocket and pulled out a 14mm Beretta pistol and handed it to Jones saying, “You might need this too. If all else fails Ms Burrell must not be allowed to reach a Holy O on Ebony Incs terms. You understand me?”

“You mean kill her?” Jones said staring at the gun.

“Yes… Surely you considered it a possibility,” Fagin said.

“Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.”

“We have reinforcements coming, but I fear they’ll get here too late to really help you or Ms Burrell,” Fagin said.

“Once they get here set them loose on the house. Any distractions might help me get the job done,” Jones said.

Bill then said, “How do you propose to get inside? There’s people everywhere in there.”

Jones pulled out his phone and dialled it waiting for it to answer, “Oh yeah I’d like to report smoke coming from a house on Oak Boulevard….number 6…. (putting it on a bit he then said:) Holy shit! I can see flames coming from the roof… No I don’t want to give my name I’m just walking past thought I’d do the right thing.” He hung up before the operator could ask anything else.

He then opened the door prompting Bill to say, “Where are you going now?”

“To the house that backs onto this one so I can jump the back fence while they’re all distracted at the front,” he replied shutting the door.

“Good luck,” Fagin said then Jones ran back to his car and did a U turn to go to the adjacent street.


The diversion worked a treat and before long Jones had scaled the back fence and was slipping into the back door of the house and found himself hiding in the laundry looking through a crack in the door out into the kitchen area. He needed a disguise so he looked around the laundry but found nothing. Then he opened a clothes drier and discovered some black hooded robes like the initiates of Ebony Inc. were wearing. He put one on and pulled the hood up.

Walking out people were re-entering the house talking about the fire brigade and the possibility that it was a prank call. One chubby man was barking at people telling them to look around the outside and the inside of the house in case any of those “angel-hybrid motherfucker’s” are lurking about. Thankfully people seemed to just ignore Jones presence thanks to Fagins Charm.

Jones followed a group out through to a hallway but they just took some drinks to a group of older men in a sitting room who were chatting and laughing. As soon as Jones seen them he stepped back recognising the inner sanctum members of this organisation. Some of the most powerful men in the world. He backtracked trying to find the entrance to where they were keeping Joanne and the mirror but every door just opened to a room. It was beginning to severely frustrate him.

Then he spotted a familiar face. It was Michael Windsor, Sebastian Windsor’s younger brother. He was a thin wimpy looking guy. Even the robe seemed to big for him. Others he passed looked at him with scorn but he seemed to be completely oblivious to it. Jones reached into his pocket through the robe and grabbed the necklace he had used on Tiny. Then opening a door he slipped inside a room and waited.

As Michael passed Jones said quietly, “Hey Michael come in here for a moment.” Michael turned and looked at the slightly ajar door and opened it and walked in.

Standing in the room was another man in a black robe with his back to him. In his weedy high pitched voice he asked, “What ya want?”

“Shut the door I want to show you something,” Jones said still keeping his back to him.

“I got no time for this shit,” Michael said sounding annoyed.

“You’ll like it, and Sebastian will be impressed too.”

“Yeah?” and so he closed the door then stepped closer to Jones. “This better not be another fart joke.”

Jones turned and held out the necklace saying, “This necklace has magic powers would you like to see it?”

“Yeah? Doesn’t look that special,” Michael said looking at it.

“Whoever wears it becomes the most important person to everyone else around them. They’ll do whatever you tell them to do. Imagine making Sebastian your slave.”

Michael screwed up his nose not convinced so Jones said, “Here put it on and make me do something.” So with a shrug he removed his hood and Jones placed it over his head. Then he grabbed the eye of Ra and said loudly, “Obedieritis mihi.” Michaels eyes closed shut suddenly and then opened as his body jerked to attention revealing all white eyes. Jones reached over and pulled his hood up and down so it obscured his eyes a little. “Where are they holding the girl?” he asked.

“In the basement,” Michael replied in a monotone voice.

“Can you take me there and put us in a position where no one will take much notice of us?”

“Yes, with the worshippers.”

“When is this ceremony going to begin?”

“In fifteen minutes.”

“Good, let’s go then. We have work to do.”


Joanne was trying to pretend she was still asleep but it was becoming clear to her that the people in the room didn’t really believe her so she opened her eyes to find several ugly looking old men leering down at her naked form. One of them had a hooked nose and a face so wrinkly he looked ancient. The man spoke to her, “Welcome Ms Burrell, we thank you for what you’re about to do.”

One man reached out and ran his fingers down her inner thigh and over her pussy. She struggled against the binds shouting, “Don’t you touch me you freak.” The men just laughed.

The old man then said, “Forgive old Bartimus, it’s been a while since he’s seen such delectable young flesh.”

Bartimus looked at the old man and cackled, “And even longer since my sword has been able to rend such flesh.” The men all laughed.

Sebastian Windsor came up to the old man at the bottom of the bed and whispered something in his ear and then looked down on Joanne for a moment before departing. “Alright gentlemen, it’s time to take our positions. The ceremony is about to begin.”

When the old man walked away she once again seen the mirror hanging on the wall opposite her bed. The chanting became louder and she turned her head looking around and could see people in dark robes with hoods pulled down kneeling on the floor with heads bowed. The old man started yelling something in some strange language. The atmosphere in the room was becoming oppressive and she found herself panting trying to draw breath.

Someone stood in front of her and to her surprise was holding a kicking live chicken in one hand and a knife in the other. The hooded person was ranting in some strange tongue when he abruptly sliced the head of the chicken clean off and held its body so its blood fell into a bowl that sat on a table in front of the mirror. Another hooded figure eventually came and took the carcass away and the man who must have been some kind of priest chanted over the blood from the sacrifice.

Then he dipped his finger in the blood and began smudging it on the the mirror and after a few minutes had managed to draw a pentagram in blood on the mirror surface. The weird part was once the pentagram was done the blood on the mirror began to bubble like it was being cooked and acrid smell rose into the air from it. However it just suddenly disappeared like the mirror absorbed it and as it did the room began to shake from some earth tremor.

The chanting in the room became louder and louder making Joanne struggle against the ropes that held her on the bed even more. She looked up and the surface of the mirror was now bulging like someone or something was pushing it from the other side. A face appeared in the mirror like none she had ever seen before and she screamed. It seemed huge, its eyes burned a fiery yellow, its head looked one of those scary gargoyle statues in its grotesqueness. A malevolence like she had never felt before permeated the room from it.

Then it burst forth from the mirror in a roar she couldn’t hear but somehow she felt it. She wet herself. The thing now stood upright at the end of the bed looking at her, licking its lips in anticipation. The only thing was it was still encased in mirror glass that hung around it like a second skin. Somehow she felt grateful for that small barrier between them as the thought of touching its real skin made her want to vomit.

It stepped forward as the worshippers continued to chant but the demon was oblivious to it. He only had eyes for one thing and that was Joanne lying naked on the bed. Its cock was hard and stood out like a long pike ready to attack and rend her flesh asunder. It climbed up onto the bed making it creak and shake under its weight until it was on top of her, face to face. The gleam in its eyes as it came down close to her made her scream once again and it seemed to laugh although she couldn’t hear it.

It’s mirror coated tongue shot out and licked her face as she felt its huge cock begin to rub up against her clit. As soon as it touched her she felt the fire of passion burst forth inside her and a trickle of wetness dribbled from her pussy. It had one of it’s huge hands on her breasts squeezing them and playing with the nipples. It licked her nipples and bit them playfully and she found her self panting.

Then it positioned it’s cock right over her vagina and slowly pushed itself inside her. God it was so big, bigger than any guy she had ever been with that’s for sure. It slowly pushed itself inside her, deeper and deeper into her womb. Its face showing signs of pleasure. How can it feel this encased in glass, she wondered. However the demon was slowly thrusting in and out of her now and it showed it could feel the pleasure of her velvety pussy.

Joanne tried to think of something else because she didn’t want to give this creature what it wanted, an orgasm. It was difficult though because even though the grotesque creature was fucking her there was a familiarity to it as well. This demon had fucked her before and fairly often, only it had never shown itself like this. Her stomach grew tighter and tighter like a spring getting ready to uncoil inside her.

She was moaning, it was too hard to resist the slithery feel of the demons cock riding her pussy with wild abandon, for what started out as slow and deliberate had become fast and hard. The demons eyes seemed to roll into the back of its head as it fucked her. Its tongue hung out like a panting dog. Joanne found herself thrusting her pussy into the demon cock that now seemed to own her. Her body quivered and shook and she moaned loudly cutting across the voices of the chanting worshippers.

Her body was building to an orgasm like she had never known before, she could feel it inside her waiting to explode and take her with it. The cock battered her pussy with unrelenting force and speed and her body now shone with perspiration. Her wetness made the glass coated cock slide in and out of cunt with relative ease but the width of this phallus made her grunt with each thrust. Could she hold this back any longer? The feeling to just let it go, let the orgasm erupt grew and grew and grew inside her. However she knew that the demon and all these hooded people wanted that.

She began to think of Jones and how he pulled back on their last encounter so she wouldn’t cum like she felt like she was about too. Maybe it was his plan all along, she thought suddenly. Maybe Jones wants me to cum like this, with this demon. If only he was here to tell her it was OK because she so badly wanted to cum. So badly.


Jones watched from the group of chanting men keeping his head bowed so his hood obscured his face. The site of the demon emerging from the mirror scared the living hell out of him and he had to fight the desire to flee. If this creature knew he was here he’d be dead in most gruesome manner. Watching the thing fuck Joanne like a she was nothing more than piece of meat made him feel sick, or was it jealousy? The way she moved and moaned under that thing made his cock go semi-hard and judging by the fidgeting amongst these demon-hybrids he wasn’t alone.

He couldn’t act until Joanne was right on the edge of orgasm and he watched her closely to look for the signs. He had spotted them once before when he had fucked her, so he hoped he could again. The gargoyle like demon seemed so big on top of her, having its way with her like it has before and countless others women descendants of her family. Next to him was Michael, Sebastian Windsor’s brother, still under control of the necklace.

As Jones watched and listened to the loud moaning coming from the bed he finally seen something that gave him hope. Joanne had her eyes clenched shut (and who’d blame her with that beast on her) and she opened them and he seen light. When a holy orgasm occurs the body is flooded with psychic energy which causes white light to shine from eyes, mouth, and other orifices. The psychic energy comes from the collective psychic will of all humans and mostly lays untapped.

Joanne called out in a loud moan and as her head shot to his side of the room there was a definite glow in her mouth. She was so close now to the biggest orgasm she will probably ever have. Her body tensed like it was about to snap and so Jones nudged the man beside him and said in a low voice, “Now!”

The two men sprung to their feet and jumped over the kneeling worshippers taking steps like they were in slow motion. In front of the worshippers were the demon-hybrid elders and the priest and both of them knocked them out of the way as they made for the mirror. The old men went flying in squeals of terror but the demon and Joanne were oblivious to it. So lost on the edge of physical ecstasy they were.

Jones pulled from his robe the knife he had brought from Tiny and holding it aloft he swung it down onto the slithery tentacle of glass that connected the demon still to the mirror. Joanne screamed out once again, not in terror but in pure passionate release as the knife shattered the tentacle cutting the demon off from the mirror. Michael pulled a hammer from his robe and promptly smashed the mirror glass so the demon could not return.

Glass shattered all over the room just like it did when Joanne’s friend shattered the glass previously. As Jones ducked for cover another man grabbed him and punched him hard in the face. It was Sebastian Windsor. Both men fell to the floor as the room began to shake wildly. All the worshippers fell as well. On the bed Joanne’s Holy Orgasm had been set in motion. There was a roar like a wild beast fighting for its life.

An intense white light now engulfed both the demon and Joanne as she held its cock inside her pussy like a vice. The demon scratched at her and hit her trying to make her let it go but she somehow knew she needed to keep it close to her. She began to levitate off the bed, her bindings burning off her limbs she lifted the trapped demon who roared at her in first in frustration and then in pain. Opening her eyes she could see it now. It looked scared.

Then it burst into flames as the impure often does when it meets the pure. The demon raised its head and bellowed a massive scream, so powerful she sensed the house was shaking, nearly falling apart. The scream began to sound different and slowly it faded away as the flames consumed its flesh and left it nothing but ashes. The demon died after six millennia trapped in a mirror and cut off from its own kind, it died in the fire of Joanne’s orgasm.


Jones wrestled Sebastian for a while before planting a nasty kick right in his balls. The man went down grasping his groin, tears streaming down his cheek. Another man, the priest came at him and Jones picked up the dagger and plunged it into his guts making him fall back onto the floor writhing in pain. This was the tricky part now as he couldn’t get to Joanne until her orgasm ended and sometimes that takes a while with Holy ones.

The house was shaking and debris was falling from the roof of the cellar. Hooded people were running up the stairs to try and get away. Upstairs he could hear gunfire, automatic weapons. Looks like Fagins reinforcements have arrived. He knew there and then he couldn’t wait for Joanne to return to normal so he pulled a blanket off the bed and draped it over her levitating body and then he grabbed her. Pulling her into his arms.

Turning to Michael who just stood there waiting for his next order oblivious to everything going on around him Jones shouted, “Lead us out of here!” Michael nodded and started for the stairwell pulling other out of his way and throwing them aside to clear a path for Jones to follow. Joanne writhed and moaned in his arms as her orgasm just went on and and on and on. Up the stairs they were met by a group of men holding weapons and to Jones relief Fagin was amongst them.

“Is the demon dead?” he asked straight away.

“Yes, Joanne killed it,” Jones said looking down on the bundle in his arms. Light still shone from her, even her skin pores shone light which was something Jones had never seen before.

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