Sam Sails and Margo Lane two of Gazette’s reporters came up to Zarcoff and asked to talk to him.

He smiled at them and asked “What’s on your mind guys?”

Sam said, “Boss we have this lead on a story. A woman by the name of Sally Evendorf said she was kidnapped by Aliens and impregnated by them.”

“Oh no, not another of those an Alien made me pregnant stories,” Zarcoff groaned. “My Dad hated those types of stories and so do I. He did not want the “Xellidon Gazette” turned into one of those Si-Fi rags. This is supposed to be a real newspaper. I’ll bet you this Evendorf person probably got herself pregnant by someone other than her husband or boyfriend and is trying to cover-up. Please don’t tell Fannie about this because she will be off and running on a wild goose chase.”

Both Sam and Margo answered in unison, Ok Boss.”

Zarcoff returned to his computer, he had some work to do before he could leave for his regular weekly swim session with Mary. They had started these swim sessions a few months after his father died. It was a kind of bonding time for them. Mary seemed to be happy just watching him swim and he just loved seeing her in her bathing suit.

At his desk, he began to think, “Boy these swimming sessions are boring, but seeing Mary in that swimsuit of hers was worth the boredom.” Then his mind switched to his weekend with Fannie, “What a fuck she was, I can’t believe that we did all those things.” Then he started thinking of again Mary, “I can’t believe that Mary taught her to do all of that. If the student is capable of all doing all those things, just think what the teacher is capable of doing. Boy I would love to do that with Mary, what a body she has. She is made for fucking.” Then he looked at the clock and thought, “Oh, time to go.” He then got up and left for home.

Since Mary and Zarcoff were scheduled to go the pool, Fannie was out with her girlfriends and would be gone the entire day. As planned, Mary met Zarcoff in the living room dressed in her swimming suit. She said, “I see you’re ready to go Zarcoff.” Then she asked, “How was work?”

“You said ten on the dot and it’s ten on the dot, replied her Step-son. “As far as work goes two of the reporters got a hold of some dumb story about an Alien abduction and some woman getting pregnant by the Aliens. I told them to drop it and not to tell Fannie. She would be spending weeks wasting her time trying to find the human interest angle on the story.”

“Speaking of Fannie I would like to talk to you before we go, if you don’t mind” Mary said.

A look of dread come over Zarcoff’s face and he thought, “Oh no, she’s going to be after me about fucking Fannie. I don’t understand, Fannie said that her Mother was ok with it.” Then a smile appeared on his face as he reflected, “I really did enjoy fucking Fannie and taking her cherry.” Then he looked at his Stepmother and said to himself, “I would really love to get into that too. Dad said she was the greatest fuck he ever had.”

Looking at Zarcoff Mary thought she saw his eyes flash bright green just for a second. “Hmm,” she said to herself, “I must have been mistaken.” Out loud, she said, “I understand that you and Fannie had a great time while I was gone.”

Zarcoff turned bright red and started to speak, but was interrupted by Mary. “Honey, it’s ok, I knew it was going to happen sooner or later and I’m glad that you both had a chance to enjoy each other.”

Zarcoff just stared at this Stepmother. “If everything is ok then I wonder where this is leading,” he said to himself.

“Fannie told me,” Mary went on, “that it was your first time too?”

Zarcoff mumbled, “Yes it was.”

Mary’s voice softened, she reached over caressed his cheek and murmured, “How would you like to have someone to fuck with a little more experience?”

Zarcoff’s mouth dropped opened, did he just hear what his Father called the greatest fuck in the world propositioned him. He could not believe his ears and he just stood there.

Mary dropped down, reached into Zarcoff’s trunks, grabbed his now raging hard-on, and began to caress it while looking into his eyes. She whispered, “Fannie told me you like this,” and the she put his cock into her mouth and began suck.

Zarcoff’s only experience with a blowjob was when Fannie did it. But this was out of this world. What Mary could do with her tongue was beyond belief. She would wrap her mouth around his cock and suck on the way out and then using her teeth nip a little on the tip. Then she would use her tongue to tickle him just under the tip. He was in heaven soon he was pumping cum into her mouth by the gallon and Mary never wasted a drop.

Mary looked up and saw Zarcoff’s eyes briefly glow bright green again and then return to their normal color. “Couldn’t have been,” she said to her self. Out loud, she asked “Young man I think we should go down to the basement and enjoy what awaits there. What do you think?”

Zarcoff just nodded his head.

When they got down at the bottom of the stairs, they both stripped. When they were completely naked, Mary turned and looked at Zarcoff saying, “I need you to do something for me. I know this may seem strange, but I need you to chain me, as you did Fannie. However, I then need you to get the whip from the cabinet, use it on me, and then fuck me with in the ass all your might. Can you do that for me?” Mary asked.

An evil grin appeared on Zarcoff’s face, his eye flashed bright green, and he answered “Anything for my Mother.”

Once Mary was hung, Zarcoff stood behind her and took a real look at his Stepmother. His eyes traveled up her back from her tight ass, to her waist, and to her shoulders. A strange sense of power came over him radiating from deep within beyond anything he ever felt before. As he stood there staring at Mary’s bare back, he could feel this power covering his body like a hot blanket. Had felt a glimpse it earlier when he was fucking Fannie, but now it was becoming so strong that he began to tremble. Then the realization came to him regarding Mary, “There she is, mine for the taking and I’m going to enjoy every inch of her.” Instinctively he knew what to do to make her his possession. Her body was like an open book. He knew where to strike with the whip and more, so much more. He eyes turned a brilliant green as he raised the whip. He brought it down on Mary’s back as hard as he could. “If this bitch wants be he whipped then she is going to be whipped,” he snarled under his breath.

With the first strike of the whip, Mary screamed and her body arched forward. Zarcoff could see her ass tighten and her tits bounce.

“Zarcoff that hurt,” she cried, “please not so hard, I like a little pain, but not to the point where my back is bleeding.” She turned and could see that Zarcoff’s eyes were blazing green.

“What you don’t understand my dear Step-Mother, is that you are now mine to do with as I wish,” Zarcoff growled.

When the second blow hit her, Mary screamed and then realized this was for real. Zarcoff was not holding anything back. This was real pain and her body was reacting to the pain with a sexually simulation that she had never felt before. With each blow of the whip, Mary would experience a mini orgasm and her juices would squirt out of her cunt. Soon her legs were drenched in her cum and there was a puddle forming on the floor.

Zarcoff watched his Stepmother with interest. Every time he hit her with the whip, her body would jerk causing her breasts to bounce, her ass to tighten and her juices to squirt from her cunt. The harder he hit her the more she would jerk and the more excited he would become. Then the need for sexual release became so great that he could not stand it. He walked behind her, placed the tip of his hard cock at the entrance of her anal canal and rammed his hard prick into her ass all the way to the hilt. Then he pulled it out and rammed it into ass again. He started a rhythm with each trust, he would lean forward and would either pinch her nipples giving them a hard twist; or he would pinch her throbbing clitoris. These actions would send a shivers up and down Mary’s body.

Mary began to feel something totally unreal, parts of Zarcoff’s dick seemed to search out the nerve endings in her ass and send little shocks of pleasure that went right to her cunt. Mary automatically reacted to each withdrawal by squeezing as hard as she could on Zarcoff’s prick and then releasing it so he could enter her again. Soon Zarcoff was pounding her with all his might, looking for the release that finally came in a flood. When he withdrew form her ass, he watched his cum gush out of her. When Zarcoff unchained Mary, she almost fell to the floor.

Once she staggered to her feet, Zarcoff went up to her and grabbed her ass asking, “Are you ready for the next event?”

She looked at him and saw his eyes were blazing green. This was not her Stepson. This was something alien to her. Somehow, Zarcoff could read her mind and body. What he had done to her with the whip was totally unexpected. He had touched something deep within her and what ever that was turned her from his Stepmother to his submissive. A cold feeling dread came over her; she was no longer in charge and she would do anything he wished. With a trembling voice, she finally said, “And what do you have in mind?”

“Get on your hands and knees” he ordered.

As soon as she was down on her elbows and knees, he entered her cunt from behind and began to slowly move his cock in and out of her. Mary rose up on her hands and knees. Again, she got the sensation of Zarcoff’s dick sending pulses of pure pleasure to the nerve endings in her cunt. This caused her to enter and then become lost in an orgasmic cloud. Her mind began to question, “How was he doing this?” All she knew was that this was the first time that anyone could keep up with her. Zarcoff just kept fucking her, driving her from one orgasm to another. Finally this time when he spasm inside of her and she felt his dick go limp she and sadly thought. “I guess were done.”

Zarcoff got to his feet asked Mary, “Ready for the next course?” The he ordered, “Go over to the cabinet and bend over. Brace yourself for the ride of your life.”

Mary staggered up and over to the cabinet and bent over it. Zarcoff with his eyes burning bright green walked up behind Mary, and drove his hard prick all the way in reaching the back wall of her cavity. Mary just groaned, “It can’t be he has gotten bigger that anything I have ever felt in my life. Then she returned to her orgasmic cloud, her cunt just spewing our juices at a rate she never experienced before.

All of a sudden, Zarcoff pulled all the way out of her and said contemptuously, “I want to look into your eyes when I fuck you Mother dear.”

He dragged Mary off the cabinet pushed her down on the floor and climbed between her legs. His dick went right into her cunt. Then he began to slowly move his hips driving his prick deep within her.

“You will not cum until I let you, do you understand.” He commanded.

Mary looked up and all she could see were his bright green eyes that seemed to pierce her very soul. Those eyes were reaching into her and destroying her very willpower. She was now totally under Zarcoff’s control all she could do was nod her head. Her body was screaming for release, but none was in sight. The pressure was building to the point that Mary thought she would explode. He body began to shiver and shake begging for that release.

Finally, Zarcoff ordered, “Cum Mother dear like you have never cum before.”

Mary’s body acted on cue and fluid gushed out of her in huge waves. Mary screamed as the last bit of whatever control she had left her mind. Her body exploded in the most earth shattering orgasm she ever felt and then she passed out.

Mary came too and struggled to her feet completely drained. Zarcoff looked at her smiling and then said “Too much for you huh.” Then turned and he went upstairs.

Mary just stood there trying to regain what little strength she had left; and, after a short time, she too staggered up stairs. She really needed a shower. When she got in and started the water, her thoughts turned to Zarcoff. She began to remember how it felt to be fucked by him and without realizing it, she began to masturbate. When she opened her eyes she there was Zarcoff watching her.

Zarcoff had heard the water running and went in. When he saw her, smiled, “Bend over,” he ordered.

She did as she was told.

Zarcoff put the tip his hard prick just inside of Mary still moist cunt and said “Squeeze.”

She stood like that for a long time just using her cunt lips to squeeze the tip of Zarcoff prick. It gave her the strangest sensation. Her body craved for him to shove his hard dick all the way into her, but he just stood there not moving, while she kept squeezing the tip of his prick. She was in agony with the need to be fucked again.

Finally, he slowly entered her and then commanded, “Fuck me without moving.”

Mary groaned out loud and began to squeeze the muscles in her thighs and cunt around Zarcoff’s throbbing cock. Soon Zarcoff was cumming inside of her. As she felt his release, she began to cum with him. Once finished, Zarcoff left her without a word.

The next morning, fearful of what Zarcoff had turned her into, Mary decided moved out. After telling Fannie of her plans, Mary met with Zarcoff and with a quivering voice said “Honey, I need to leave. What we had was beautiful, but it is now time for you and Fannie.”

Zarcoff could feel her fear and knew that somehow he owned her. All he had to do was order her to stay or do what ever else he wanted and she would obey. What ever this control was, in the brightness of day, he did not like it. He wanted the old Mary back, the sexy fun loving woman that he dreamed of fucking, not this person standing in front of him.

Zarcoff put his arms around Mary and said “It’s ok.” Then for some unknown reason he told her, “You will move next store and when I call you will come to me.”

Mary’s body stiffened in his arms. “Yes, I will come anytime you want me,” she whispered into his ear. Then she walked out the door.

Chapter 7 Xena

Zarcoff half-heartedly tried to establish some kind of relationship with Xena, but it was hard. He knew she was not his and she had grown so fast into a beautiful sexy young woman. If she was his he would be so proud of the way she turned out. All he could think of was that she was a spawn of Fannie’s unknown lover and he hated them both for that. The only thing he had going for him was that at least he had Mary to fuck. Between Mary and the newspaper his life droned on.

Things started to change when Xena was getting ready to go to college, she started playing these stupid games, flirting with him and shoving those big tits at him. Zarcoff had a hard time keeping himself in control.

One day, Xena came into Zarcoff’s bedroom and looking at him asked, “Why don’t you like me?”

He looked at her and replied, “Xena I like you, you’re a nice kid” and then turned to leave.

Xena yelled “Zarcoff.”

When Zarcoff turned, there was Xena leaning against the wall naked. He just stared.

Xena smiled, “You like?”

Xena put her hand behind her back and thrust her tits out and laughed, “Like this better?”

Zarcoff growled, “You little bitch, you don’t know what you’re dealing with.” Then he turned and went down stairs.

She dressed and ran down the stairs into the living room after him and called “Zarcoff wait”

Zarcoff stopped and snapped, “What?”

“Zarcoff, in case you haven’t noticed I’m not a little girl,” she smiled and then caressed his cheek.

“You are still your Mother’s daughter and I will have nothing to do with you,” Zarcoff said as he walked out the door.

Xena watched him go and said to herself, “Oh yes you will my darling Zarcoff I will make you mine and I know just how to do that.”

Fannie on the other hand saw a different side of Xena; she was the one high light in her life. She thought that Xena was the smartest and sweetest person she knew. Xena had really turned into a beautiful teenager. She just loved to watch her she was so graceful and sexy. Any Mother would be proud to have Xena as their daughter.

Fannie’s vision of Xena was soon to come crashing down. On the faithful day, Xena walked up to Fannie in the living room and began caressing her cheek. As soon as Xena started to caress Fannie’s cheek strange sensations began to travel down Fannie’s spine. These sensations acted as an opiate that removed any willpower that Fannie had. Soon she was willing to do what ever Xena wanted.

In a very sweet voice Xena asked, “Mom the gang and I want to have a graduation party here. You don’t mind do you?”

Fannie the strange sensation from Xena’s caressing seemed to increase in intensity and now seemed to radiate throughout her body, especially between her legs. She began to feel her cunt and her nipples become very sensitive. She was having a hard time concentrating, with a breathless voice she asked, “When do you want this party Xena?”

“How about in an hour,” Xena asked, “that should give us enough time?”

Still having a hard time concentrating Fannie said, “In an hour, we don’t having anything for a party.” She continued, “No food no entertainment, how am I supposed to get a party ready on such a short notice?”

Xena smiled and said softly, “Come on down to the basement and I will show you, but before you do I want you to remove everything except your heels. You have such a nice body and the heels accentuate your legs so nicely.”

Without thinking, Fannie followed her daughter’s instructions. Once they reached the bottom of the stairs Xena instructed her Mother to stand with her hands behind her back. She wanted a good look at Fannie’s sexy body. Fannie complied without question. Xena smiled to herself. “The guys are going to love her.” She had her Mother stand in several different poses. This was to ensure that her control of her Mother was complete. The second stage was to get her Mother into such a sexual state that she would fuck everything in site. Xena knew exactly how to do that.

“Sit on that couch,” Xena instructed.

Xena stripped, walked over to Fannie sitting on the couch and without a word pushed Fannie down. She made Fannie spread her legs. Xena kneeled down between them and began to suck on Fannie’s clitoris. Fannie tried to say this was wrong and that Xena should stop, but all she could do was moan. Xena’s skill with her tongue matched Mary’s if not surpassed it. Fannie felt Xena’s tongue go into her cunt and then to her surprise it split into tiny tentacles. Each of the tentacles began to seek out a nerve ending. As soon as Fannie realized what was happening she had a flashback of what Kara was able to do to her. She screamed at Xena, “No you can’t do this, I’m your Mother.” But it was too late; Fannie’s body began to react to her daughter’s tongue. In no time she was lost in the throws of the sensations tearing through the walls of her cunt. These sensations were twice as strong as the ones she had felt when Kara had prepared her for “egg harvesting.” Her entire body began to violently shake from the intenseness of the feelings Xena was generating with her tongue. Fannie’s mine and body were being inundated with earth shattering sensations almost beyond toleration. The thought that her daughter was causing this made matters even worse. Xena got up, dressed herself and walked away.

Fannies struggled to sit up. She could feel the sexual desires beginning to take control of her mind and body. She moaned “Xena you don’t know what you just did.”

Without turning around Xena replied “Oh but I do Mother. Do you think that you are the first woman that I used my tongue on? The first time I tongue fucked a woman it was someone from “our group.” I was amazed to see her go into sexual overdrive. She took on five guys before she was satisfied. The one time I did it with someone outside “our group,” the woman went into sexual hysteria; nothing could satisfy her. I think you wrote an article on her. You said it was unusual for a person to how did you phrase it “literally almost fuck herself to death.”"

“Then why?” Fannie cried.

“You have been complaining that you are all alone except for me and that you have not had a lover since you became pregnant with me. So I thought it would be fun to watch to get all the quote loving unquote that you could handle. Besides a number of the guys from our group think you are hot and sexy,” Xena explained, “and when I offered them the chance to fuck you they jumped at it. In fact a few of them are in the garage right now waiting for me to give them the ok. So if you are ready, I will call the guys. Now get on your elbows and knees,” Xena ordered

Fannie could only obey and as soon as Fannie did she felt a dick against her cunt.

Xena introduced Fannie to owner of the dick “This is Sam Jordan he has been looking forward to this for a longtime.”

Fannie was lost in the sensations of his dick moving in and out of her cunt. In what seemed like seconds they both were cumming. When he pulled out, Fannie was rolled on her back As she rolled on her back another person climbed between her legs and shoved his hard dick into her wet cunt.

“This is James Fenmor,” Xena said.

Fannie became lost in a sea of orgasms and lost count of the number of men she was fucking. At one time she knew that she was sucking on someone’s dick while a second male was fucking her from behind. She had no control of herself all she could feel was a need that had to be satisfied.

Then some yelled “Hang the Bitch from the chains.”

Fannie was hung in the chains and soon impaled between two of them. She could feel both cocks inside of her driving her body to new heights of pleasure. As soon as they finished two more replaced them, but Fannie did not know the difference. To her it was just one never ending fuck. Then they were gone and the only one left in the room was Xena. Fannie hung there her with her body covered in from head to toe in cum and with cum dripping from both her ass and her cunt forming a pool between her legs.

Xena was standing in front of her smiling. “How do you feel Mom?” she asked.

“How could you?” Fannie moaned.

“Didn’t you think it was fun Mom? You said that you missed the human touch in the sex department. Well you certainly got the human touch today. Besides do you think that you are the first woman in the group that I have done this to. Let me tell you, there is not a single mother in that group that I have not enjoyed this way. They are mine to do with what I wish. Poor Mother, you think that your darling daughter is so innocent. Not by a long shot. I have had them all. In fact through my efforts the majority of them are pregnant again. And if I know my signals, you are too after today.” Xena released Fannie and then walked away.

Fannie realized she had been off the pill for years and this was prime time for her to get pregnant. In Fannie’s mind she was back in the Alien’s hands totally used and drained of all emotion. Once again she had been victimized through no fault of her own first the Aliens and now her own daughter. All she could thing of was, “What next?” Then the thought hit her, “I have to get out of here. I can no longer be a part of this.”

Fannie went right up stairs sat down at the computer and sent Zarcoff and Mary an email stating that she was leaving and not to look for her. She was through with this town and everyone in it. Fannie quickly dressed without even bothering to clean up and rushed to the car. Just as Fannie stepped toward the car the ground seemed to vaporize before her and then she passed out.

When Fannie awoke she heard a familiar voice, “Welcome back Fannie,” said Kara

Fannie began to cry.

After she left Fannie, Xena went up stairs to admire herself in the mirror. She heard Fannie leave, but all she could think of “Zarcoff is now mine.” Then she felt a strange sensation course through her body and she closed her eyes.

When she opened them Xena had transformed into a full adult. She smiled at the transformation and thought “Let Zarcoff try and ignore me now.” Then she laughed.

Chapter 8 Xena and Zarcoff

Zarcoff had received Fannie’s email and the next day Zarcoff left work early to find out what was going on. Zarcoff went through the house looking for Fannie. Upstairs instead of Fannie, Zarcoff found a very different Xena waiting for him. At first he did not recognize her and had to do a double take. This was not the Xena he knew. She was a full grown woman, and was wearing clothes that showed her womanly figure to its fullest.

Zarcoff pushed his initial reaction aside and asked her, “Where is Fannie?”

“You don’t really what to know where Fannie is do you,” Xena answered.

Feeling the old hatred come back Zarcoff growled, “Look you little Bitch where is Fannie?”

“I don’t know she just packed up and left,” Xena replied

Furious Zarcoff turned to leave when Xena called, “What do you think now Zarcoff?”

Zarcoff turned and his mouth dropped open. There before him was a naked Xena ready for the plucking. But then the old anger came rushing back. “You tried this before remember you little bitch and it did not work then and it will not work now,” Zarcoff snarled and walked down the stairs. Xena quickly dressed and then followed Zarcoff down the stairs. Just as he reached the door, Xena called for him to stop.

Without another word she dropped down to her knees, unzipped his pants, pulled out his now hard prick and looking up at him whispering “I have dreamed of doing this to you for so long.”

Zarcoff’s desires betrayed him. Ever since she became of age he had wanted to fuck her. And now here she was sucking on his dick. His mind snapped he leaned over picked her up and ripped her clothes off. He grabbed her ass and snarled, “You asked for this you little bitch.”

In one motion, Zarcoff turned her around, bent her over the cabinet and spread her legs exposing her virgin cunt. Xena felt him adjust something very stiff and round against the lips of her vagina. Although she was wet, she was very tight. “Zarcoff not like this, please not like this,” she begged. Then she felt him begin to push this huge rod into her. This was not the way it was supposed to be, she was to choose who was be her first. The pain she felt as the lips of her cunt were forced open to accept this huge invading intruder was excruciating. He inched his way into the tight walls of her cavity forcing them to expand almost to what felt like the breaking point.

Zarcoff grunted and forced his cock into her inch by inch. As he did, he kept muttering “You wanted this now you going to get it.”

Xena looked back over her shoulder and saw that Zarcoff’s eyes were a bright glowing green. Zarcoff grabbed her tits and began squeezing and twisting them. She screamed each time he pushed, but he ignored her. Finally he reached her maidenhood: he paused, reached around and gave her nipples a hard twist. Xena screamed as more pain was added to what she was already feeling. Zarcoff lifted her leg so that he could get more leverage for the final assault.

Xena cried in pain and shock, but all she could mumble was, “Not this way, I didn’t want it this way.”

Zarcoff could feel the thin skin at the tip of this prick. Holding her leg he smiled, growled, “Your mine bitch,” and broke through the thin veil ramming deep inside of her.

Zarcoff continued to push until he had reached the end of her cavity. She was now impaled on his monster. Slowly he extracted himself until only the very tip of his hard cock remained in her. Then he began slowly to push all the way back in and then slowly pull back out beginning a rhythm. With each stroke Xena’s cavity walls would expand to accommodate him. With each stroke Xena’s pain lessened and was replaced with a series of new sensations. Soon the pain was completely gone and she was totally engulfed in sensations of rapture. As Zarcoff’s strokes became faster the intensity of Xena’s pleasure increased her breathing became ragged. She began to move her body with him to keep those wonderful sensations going. She could feel juices flowing from her cunt run down her legs. These juices made Zarcoff’s pumping easier and soon she was lost in ecstasy. She was entering another world one of orgasmic pleasure. That pleasure soon detonated in a flood of emotion so intense that her entire body began to jerk almost lifting her off the floor.

Zarcoff pulled out and ordered, “On the counter bitch and spread your legs.”

With tears streaming down her face and in a daze, Xena did as she was told. He could barely stand, but she managed with all of what was left of her strength on climb on the cabinet. Once she was on the cabinet she could feel the juices still flowing from her cunt. Zarcoff stood back and looked at his prize. Smiling he watched the virgin blood and cum mixture drip from Xena’s cunt to the counter top.

Zarcoff walked between her legs and then spread her legs as far back as they could go. Xena felt as if she would be split in half once she was spread he again shoved his cock back into her. Again he began to slowly pump in and out of her sending new sensations of pleasure that soon filled the sore canal and radiated up her spine.

Zarcoff pushed her legs up to his shoulder and squeezed her thighs so that her cunt would tighten around him. As he did, Xena body reacted with waves of indescribable emotions that exploded into her mind. She began to scream “Fuck me harder, Zarcoff, fuck me harder.”

Zarcoff replied by dropping her legs and pushing them back once again to open her wider. When she was opened fully he shoved his dick harder and faster in and out of her until Xena was lost in sexual oblivion.

When he was finished, Zarcoff grabbed her and dragged her down to the basement. He had plans for this little bitch and he was going to make her pay for all the pain. Once downstairs, he chained her and then stood behind her looking at the view.

“Zarcoff what are you going to do?” Xena cried.

As if an answer to her question, his whip descended on her back. Xena screamed in pain. Standing behind her, Zarcoff could see her tits bounce each time he struck her. He could also see that her cunt spewing liquid down her legs. He loved the way her body would move and giggle with each lash of the whip. He could see the cheeks of her ass quiver. Now he really wanted to fuck in the ass. He stripped and walked behind her. He placed his throbbing erection against her ass and shove. He smiled and whispered, “I already got your virgin cunt now I’m going to get your virgin ass as well.”

Xena screamed in pain “No not there, you too big, not there.” She started to pant trying to relax her rectum so that the intruder could enter. Her mind was full of conflicting emotions. Pain and pleasure were becoming mixed up. Each time Zarcoff shoved into her he would pinch her clitoris. This sent shivers of pleasure mixing with the pain of his prick in her tight ass. She could also feel his pick against the walls of her cunt sending additional sensations throughout her body. Then the realization hit her, she loves this.

Then she screamed at Zarcoff, “I want to be yours,” just as her body jerked and another flood of cum spewed from her cunt.

Zarcoff stopped, unchained her and said “What did you just say?”

“I want to belong to you,” she whispered.

Zarcoff’s anger completely dissipated he unchained Xena and said, “You don’t know what you are saying. I did this because I hate you and I hate your Mother. I wanted to get even.” Then he turned and went upstairs.

Xena raced after him catching him in the living room. She quickly dropped down on her knees in front of him and grabbed his dick. Looking up at him she began to stroke his now hard-on and said, “I know that I am not your daughter, but even if I was your daughter I would still have fucked you. You don’t understand, and, can’t explain it. All I know is that I need to fuck you and I need to belong to you.”

Zarcoff looked at her, “Xena if that is what you want. I have no intention of making anything permanent. I tried that with your Mother and it turned out to be a disaster.”

“I know that,” Xena replied. “I also know that you are fucking Mary and I think Mom knows that too.” As she put his dick into her mouth she said, “I do want to suck you and to drink all you cum.” As she did so, she smiled to herself, “Yes Zarcoff you go ahead and think that I want be yours, but once I suck you and use my special abilities you will be mine.” Her thoughts went to the number of men and women from the group she had treated to her special gift and were now under her control.

Xena’s tongue seemed break into tiny tentacles that went out to find every nerve ending on Zarcoff’s pick and attach themselves. Once attached, the tentacles began to send tiny shocks of pleasure up and down the entire length of Zarcoff’s cock. He never felt anything like this in his entire life. These tentacles also began to send impulses that were beginning to exert control over his mind while giving him most unbelievable sexual pleasure .His body began to shiver and shake as he began to feel her take control of his mind. Then as if a switch had been turned to off, his body stopped shaking and her attempt a mind was control broken.

Before Xena knew what happened, Zarcoff grabbed her and shoved her to the floor spreading her legs. He crawled between them, and entered her still wet cunt. With his bright green eyes blazing, he looked deep into her eyes and began to slowly fuck her. Xena reacted by squeezing her thighs around him. Zarcoff’s prick seemed to radiate electrifying the nerves endings in walls of her cunt. She could not stop looking into to his glowing green eyes, they pierced her very soul. Soon she was once again lost in the throws wave after wave of overpowering rapture. In the fog of passion she heard a voice in her mind telling her she could not cum without Zarcoff’s permission. She began to feel the dam of feelings building up within her wanting to be released, but this voice would not let her. Zarcoff lifted her legs to his shoulder to reach the deepest part of her cavern. With one thrust he was now deep inside of her filling her to capacity. He stopped there continuing to look deep into her eyes his green eyes blazing. He gained complete control of her just like he did Mary.

Xena groaned “Zarcoff I need to cum.”

Zarcoff pulled his cock out of her until only its very tip remained and stopped. With a sardonic smile on his face, he stayed that way for what seemed to Xena like hours.

Xena knew that somehow Zarcoff was holding her dam of emotions in place. These emotions within her continued build, but there was no release in sight. Now it was Xena body that began to shiver and shake. Xena realized that for some reason her special abilities did not work with Zarcoff. She could not control him. She was overwhelmed caught between her strong desires for release and the increasing pain of holding back. Finally she began to beg, “Zarcoff, I’m going mad, please let me cum.” The she started screaming, “Zarcoff I’m going to die, please help me.”

Zarcoff looked deep into her eyes, “You can cum bitch,” he snarled, and ground his hips into her driving his prick up to the hilt. A flood of juices sprayed out of her cunt, Xena mouth opened, but no sound came out. Then she passed out.

Zarcoff stood up and then looked down at the inert her body and smiled. He said, “You little bitch tried to control me with that trick tongue of yours. You do have a lot to learn and I’m just the one who will teach you.” Without a further word to her, he turned and went upstairs to bed.

Xena finally was able to get up off the floor and stagger upstairs to her bed. Her mind was at a loss. She was not in control anymore and her idea of adding Zarcoff to her list of conquests had backfired. She knew that he was now in total control and she would do whatever she wanted. This was a feeling she was not used to. A she lay there, she could feel the juices, both Zarcoff and hers begin to flow out of her. She needed a shower.

She got up and went into the shower and turned the water on. As she was standing in there she heard Zarcoff’s voice, “Bend over bitch.”

Without hesitation she did as ordered. As she did he shoved his dick into her cunt and began to fuck her again. She began to scream and moan her body was once again on overload. This man was taking her from one orgasm to another nonstop her body continuously jerking with each spasm. She could not feel the water hitting her any more. All she could feel was his dick thrusting in and out of her cunt. She was lost in a cloud of sex and all she could do was say “fuck me, fuck me, I’m yours fuck me.”

When he was finished Zarcoff led her to his bed and said, “I’m tired and need to sleep,”

All she could do was nod her head she was totally used.

The next day Xena got up took a quick shower and went down stairs dressed only in heels. She walked up to Zarcoff and kissed him trying to show all her feelings for him.

Zarcoff smiled and said, “I think a good way for me to begin my day is for you to use that fantastic tongue and your special talents.”

Xena gasped, “How did you know?”

“I don’t know,” Zarcoff replied, “I just sensed it when you tried to use it on me. For some unknown reason it didn’t work.”

Xena caressed his cheek and just nodded her head. She then dropped down to her knees and looked up and him. She could see his eyes glowing green and she smiled thinking how her life had changed. Then she closed her mouth over his dick. In a few moments he was blowing cum by the truck load into her waiting mouth. When he had finished cumming he laid her on the carpet and began to slowly fuck her bringing her to one orgasm after another. She was now his completely.

After several hours they were both totally drained. They both went upstairs to shower. But they were not finished and for one last time Zarcoff took her from behind to the delight of Xena.

After a period of time Xena got dressed and went downstairs Zarcoff followed but remained naked. Although he sensed that she was leaving he was not prepared to stop her. He was not in the mood for a permanent relationship. He preferred having both Xena and Mary at this beckoned call.

She stood by the door and told him, “Before she left, Mom and enrolled me in the local college. Today I am supposed to move into the dorms. Do you still want me to go?”

“Of course,” Zarcoff replied. “When I want you I will call you and you will come at once.”

Once again Xena dropped to her knees and began to stroke his dick. She looked up into Zarcoff’s face and whispered, “Your wish is my command as the genie once said,” she whispered.

She put his prick into her mouth and began to suck. Using all her special abilities she tried to give Zarcoff the greatest blow job he would ever receive. Slowly she worked up and down his prick trying to make the pleasure for him last as long as possible. In what seemed like hours she continued her administrations to his dick. Suddenly his body jerked, his dick began to spasm and Zarcoff let out a moan. When the huge flood erupted from the end of his dick, Xena could not contain it all in her mouth. It spilled down the sides of her mouth onto her clothes. Her entire front was soaking wet. Covered in cum she looked up at Zarcoff slowly got up, turned, walked to the door and left the house.

Chapter 9 Revelation

Zarcoff was alone; Fannie had left to who knows where and Xena had left for college. With nothing else to do, he went out in the back of their property to get some air. As he stood there overlooking the property, he began to think how much his life had changed. He muttered to himself “Fannie and I are barely on speaking. All she kept taking about was her Alien Abduction and her getting pregnant by the Aliens. What a cock that was. If it wasn’t for having Mary to fuck and now Xena, I would have been a totally miserable person.” Then he began thinking of Xena and how their relationship had change over the last 24 hours. As his mind went to her beautiful body he got a real hard on. He smiled to himself as he thought of her just in heels. Now he was getting hard. Zarcoff thought, “In so many ways she is a combination of Fannie and Mary and yet she is her own woman. Suddenly a large crash, interrupted Zarcoff’s thoughts, almost like two cars hitting one another at high speed. Zarcoff ran to the top of the gully and looked down. He couldn’t believe his eyes, it couldn’t be, but here it was a space ship. There were parts scattered all over the place. Then the realization hit him, Fannie was telling the truth about her abduction. All of a sudden suppressed memories from his past flashed into his mind. Zarcoff was sitting near this very spot with his Father.

His Father looked at him with tears in his eyes and said, “Right after your mother and I were married, we found out that we could not have children because of some physical problem that I had. Your mother and I so wanted to have children, that we were willing to do anything. One day she came to me and said that she was abducted by Aliens and impregnated by them. She was so upset that I took it for a cover-up. I just thought that she wanted to have a baby so badly that she went out and got herself pregnant. I did not care about that and I let her know that I was happy that we were finally was going to have a child. I also told her that I loved her no matter what. However, she suffered complications and was very sick during the entire pregnancy. She ended up dying in childbirth. You were the result of that pregnancy. I think that you mother was so intent on becoming pregnant that she found someone to the job I couldn’t and then had problems dealing with it. So she came up with the Alien abduction story. Nevertheless, you are the child that I always wanted and I love you greatly. I wanted you to know any health problems that I may have will not be passed on to you.”

Zarcoff’s collapsed on the rocks and mind began to whirl. “Can it be that I am part Alien too,” he thought, “I am one of those creatures that took Fannie.” That insight seemed to trigger something deep within his subconscious and he felt weak. His eyes began to water, he had trouble breathing and he started to sweat. He felt his mind and his body began a metamorphosis. He could feel himself growing both mentally and physically. He was the same person with the same memories, but he gained something. He could not put his finger on what was changed, but it was there.

Smiling to his newfound self, Zarcoff set off to find the visitors or their remains and whatever new technology he could find. Soon he happened on a sight that made his blood rush to his head and other parts.

Her name was Ardina; females on her planet Zanderbar did not have last names. She was the sole survivor of a crew of four. On her planet, women were less than second-class citizens. Once their sex were the leaders and now nothing but entities to be given at the age of eighteen to a male chosen by computer to be his. The males used a special tool designed to make the female’s body do whatever her “master” wanted.

She had been trained from birth to run all the communications on their Population Revitalization Program. Since she was scheduled for this mission just as she turned eighteen with her master, he was more interested in the number of Earth Women he was going to fuck than fucking her. All she could think of was how lucky she was. He was the idiot that cause their ship to run into that space junk. She just managed to get into the escape module before the entire ship blew up on the other side of the earth’s moon. Now here she was alone and based on the records she studied she would stand out on this planet being green. The atmosphere on her planet caused their skin to turn green; however, other that and a few other minor differences the people from earth and her planet were identical.

As Zarcoff approached, she stood up in all her green glory. His mouth became dry in anticipation. He smiled and said “Speak English.”

With a heavy accent, she replied “Yes”

Her beauty astounded Zarcoff. “Who are you?” Zarcoff asked

The woman said, “My name is Ardina and as you can see I am a stranger here. I had an accident.” Then she sat down on the ground.

Zarcoff joined her. “Are you the only one,” He asked.

“There were three males in my party but they were killed,” Ardina answered. Silently she thought, “Thank the heavens, now I’m free of those idiots.”

Zarcoff used all his charm and his new special abilities to put her at ease, and assured her that he would not call the authorities. He offered her the hospitality of his home, which was nearby.

Ardina struggled to her feet and said “Thank you I would appreciate that, I am tired and a little hungry.”

Once they got into the house, Zarcoff had his guest sit at the dining room table. “Can you eat earth food?” he asked.

She replied, “Our races are very much alike. We can eat the same things that you do, in fact I love what earth food I have had a chance to taste.”

“Good, then I will whip up some something,” Zarcoff said. Then he turned and went into the kitchen.

Zarcoff began to prepare the food. With the normal ingredients, he added enough sleeping power to knock out a horse.

When he served her, she did not say a word just began to eat none stop.

After she finished eating, she yawned she looked up and said, “I’m very tired can I lay down somewhere?”

He told her where the bedrooms were. She got up and went right upstairs. Soon she was fast asleep.

Zarcoff went back outside to the wreckage and began to look around. What was left of the space ship was about the size of a very small car. In no time, he recovered a very unusual whip, a strange looking vibrator, a box of vulva rings and a computer. As be examined each item he found that he could read the Alien writing on each. The only thing he had problems with was the computer, a laptop; it needed some kind of password.

He got a shovel and began to dig a big hole. Shortly he was able to bury what was left of the wreckage and fix the area so that it looked normal. He did not want anyone snooping around and finding anything. This was his find and he was going to keep it. Then he went back into the house and began to build a very special rack. He wanted to question his beautiful guest and he wanted to make sure she would tell him everything. The rack was designed to suspend her spread-eagled and had a small electrical hookup so that he could apply voltage to her sensitive parts. The system was calculated to give maximum sexual stimulus and maximum pain with minimum damage to the victim. Then he went upstairs to get his unsuspecting guest.

When Ardina came to, she saw she was chained to the rack. Shaking her head to try to clear it she asked, “Why am I tied like this?”

The she began to feel a pain in her nipples. When she looked at her tits and saw that, her nipples had been pierced and were wired to something. At the same time, she felt a sharp pain between her legs and when she looked, she saw that she had a vulva ring attached to her clitoris and it too had wires running to it. “Why are you doing this,” she asked, “I thought you wanted to help me.”

“I lied,” Zarcoff said. “Now I want the password to your computer.

The Alien looked at Zarcoff and said “What password?”

Zarcoff turned a switch and a transformer hummed to life. Ardina felt a continuous serious of impulses that began to sexually stimulated her nipples and her clitoris bringing her to a mind blowing orgasm.

“One more time, I want that password.” Zarcoff snarled.

“I can’t, I don’t know it,” she replied.

“Too bad, then what you just felt was the pleasure part of my little toy, now let you me show you the pain part,” he said quietly.

All of a sudden, the current hitting her nipples and clitoris became so agonizing that she felt as if her nipples and clitoris were being ripped off her body. She let out such an ear-piercing scream that it could have been heard for miles if the room had not be sound proofed.

“Now you know what this little toy can do. I will just set this up to run all night and you let enjoy my little invention,” Zarcoff said. He started to press some buttons and then walked away.

Ardina began to feel the sexual stimulus of the current and as it increased in intensity, the current began to drive her to the brink of the most horrendous orgasm she ever felt. At exactly that moment the sensations changed and they became so excruciating they drove her to the verge of passing out. Suddenly the shocks ceased, but just hung there completely drained. Just as she was about to catch her breath the process was begun all over again. Ardina body was being constantly driven between heaven and hell. After an hour she was willing to tell Zarcoff anything, but he was nowhere in sight. She realized that this could go on all night and if that happened by morning she would be totally mad.

Finally, after three hours, Zarcoff came back in the room. Looking at a completely beaten Ardina, he asked, “Password?”

Ardina gasped, “&^%()_*}” Zarcoff he turned off the machine, sat at the computer, typed in the password and watched the computer jumped to life.

Hanging there, Ardina tried to control the massive sexual tension that had been built up in her without release. She began to concentrate on the computer screen she could see over Zarcoff’s shoulder. Ardina realized that for some unknown reason this earthman could read everything on that system and she knew that her whole way of life had just changed.

Zarcoff pulled up the information the various tools that he found at the crash site. According to the files the tools could only be used the Alien males or any male with the Alien genes. The whip was designed to inflict maximum pain without damaging the victim. The Vibrator was used to control alien females and according this the file worked well on earth females. If used at the low setting the control would only last for about 24 hours. If used at the high setting it was permanent and the female would be almost a slave. The devise did not control the female mind just the body. The box of Vulva rings was designed to keep the female sexually stimulated as long as desired. It came with a remote control. “Nice toys,” Zarcoff said to himself.

During the search of the Alien computer files, Zarcoff found logs of Adina’s space voyage and an encrypted file labeled with the English equivalent of “Population Revitalization Program.” Zarcoff scanned the logs and found only routine flight information, which would probably be of great interest to the military. But Zarcoff was interested in the encrypted file and using his new abilities was able to break the encryption. The file contained several subfolders each one of them also encrypted.

Ardina was able to watch Zarcoff and read the computer screen over his shoulder. She was amazed how easily he could break the encryption codes. This computer was given to her by her new master and the only reason she had the password was to keep track to the mission logs. Everything else was encrypted and she had no access.

Zarcoff began with the first folder labeled the English equivalent of “Goals.” As he read through this decrypted file, he discovered that this program was designed to implant cloned embryos of very special Zanderbarains into selected earth women. The reason for the insertion of the Zanderbarains into earth’s population was to secretly colonize the earth. The Zanderbarain leadership thought that because they were bigger, stronger and smarter than earthlings, the Zanderbarains would eventually control the entire planet. According to the file, this program was begun in the early 1500s. The report went on to say that in the beginning a large number of the earth born Zanderbarains were labeled as witches and burned at the stake. Those that survived had to conform to the earth standards of the time.

The records stated that earth women were selected based on their ability to carry healthy children and on their desire to have children no matter what. Those selected were told that their eggs were being harvested in order to continue the Zanderbarain race and were given the suggestion that their pregnancies were due to their sexual escapades with their Alien captors. Their special tool was used on an earth female to make her docile so that they could do the implant. However, the Zanderbarains found that if a Zanderbarain woman had oral sex with the earth female it would drive the earth female go into a hyper sex mode for short periods. Thus, they made sure that there was at least one Zanderbarain female with each mission. Because of this, there was no shortage of Zanderbarain males volunteering for these missions. The report indicated that sexual intercourse with Zanderbarain women was lack luster to say the lease.

In a folder labeled the equivalent of “Group training,” Zarcoff read that when the earth females discovered their pregnancy they would be encouraged to join a group to deal with their special children. This group would be guided indirectly by a planted Zanderbarain. Thus, the resulting children would openly be trained to be accepted into the daily life of the earthlings and secretly be trained to use their enhanced skills to further the cause of Zanderbarain colonization.

In a folder labeled the equivalent of “Reported Problems,” he discovered that numerous mature adults created from this union would ignore their training and go off on their own. It seems that earth allowed them to prosper in ways that their home planet could not or would not. Once the mature adult went on their own there was nothing the Zanderbarains could do without exposing their entire plan. Because of this problem they could never field a large enough population to take over the earth. The report named some of these deviant individuals: Leonardo da Vinci and Andy Warhol to name a few.

In a folder labeled the equivalent of “Solutions,” Zarcoff discovered that the Zanderbarains recently decided to create a number of super Zanderbarains to control the situation. They created super embryos there were genetically enhanced with the mental and physical attributes far beyond the most advanced Zanderbarain. They planned that the resultant adults would take control of the situation and when trained lead them to victory over the earth. To the disappointment of the Zanderbarain leadership they found out that these special embryos were highly toxic to the earth females and both the child and the mother died in childbirth. There was an exception, however, a woman named Sally Hunter. Although she did die in childbirth, the baby resulting from an embryo that the Zanderbarains called Vladimir survived. This embryo was very different from the other special designed embryos. I was designed to assume control of the entire Population Revitalization Program on earth. Therefore Vladimir was going have mental capabilities far beyond anything from both planets.


The Sisters

Her name was Lena Connors and she was wearing her nurse’s uniform the afternoon she met Jack; knee-high white skirt, (neatly pressed); white socks; new white tennis shoes; and a front-buttoned white blouse; complete with name tag.

Her hair had an expensive white scarf woven throughout her flaming-red locks with delicate patterns of Alaska’s state flower: forget-me-nots; the soft blue of the flowers printed on the scarf complimented her green eyes and red hair perfectly.

She also wore pink thong underwear with similar forget-me-not patterns printed on them; again complimenting the soft, red-velvet pussy hair that seemed to glow from beneath.

Lena was a very gifted scholar and talented gymnast; she was also on the fast track to becoming the youngest dean to ever head her college.

She lived in Alaska all her life and received her RN MSN and APN degrees from the University of Alaska, Anchorage, (UAA), using athletic scholarships and student loans.

She was always volunteering for kitchen service at Bean’s Café; a soup kitchen in Anchorage’s seedier part of town. Lena was always helping people who were hurting, and not necessarily the ones with broken bones or bleeding cuts.

She was only 5’7″ but all of her proportions were symmetrically toned; the muscles and keen coordination of a world-class athlete were tightly wrapped within her proper teaching apparel; she was a real dynamo, yet loving person.

She had often been accused of being condescending in regards to the treatment of her peers and students by upper management. Yes, she could be curt, but saving lives in the emergency room was a delicate line of procedures: quick thinking and leadership; Lena was a professional and no one could argue that point.

She had, years earlier, been an Olympic finalist, having had competed in the high beam and free form exercise routines; for a 26 year old, (an old lady had she still competed in gymnastic competition), she had the looks of a much younger woman; a body any woman would covet and all the men lusted for.

Most of her negative criticism came from jealous women in the nursing program who were threaten by her killer-looks and charming smile. These same critics were looking for a “Mrs.” Degree; preferably married to a doctor with a float plane, (a Cessna 180 would be nice); a 5000 sq. foot home in Eagle River, with two cars and a SUV parked in the four-car-garage. These women calculated their happiness on a sliding scale: Penis size vs. yearly income.

Lena did not surrender moral compromises in that direction. Her main pride in life was her sister, Kristy, her uniform that she had earned and proudly wore like a sailor in dress-whites, and her flaming red hair that reached down to her calves.

She was abandoned by her mother before she could walk and two years later her sister, still in diapers, was also abandoned by the same mother and came to live with Lena.

Lena doubted that they were full sisters by blood, but they were one in spirit.

As children, Kristy would say to Lena that her father was bigger than Lena’s father. Size mattered a great deal to Kristy, especially after she entered college; the size of a hard cock in either her mouth or dripping pussy.

When attacked by the claim that Kristy’s father was “bigger,” Lena would gently and lovingly point out to Kristy that her father was “smarter” than Kristy’s father. Kristy would sting right back at Lena by saying, “He sure was. He dumped your dumb ass, bitch.”

Lena knew that Kristy’s potty-mouth was “just a phase,” but Kristy’s attacks were still very hurtful.

Yes sir, Kristy was hotter than a $10 lap-top still in the box, and also had some serious anger issues she was acting out.

In fact, Kristy bragged that during the month of her 18th birthday, she fucked 31 different boys—one boy for each of the days of the month; she also sucked and swallowed 18 other boys’ hot buttermilk—in honor of each year she was alive.

There were plenty of boys on the campus for Kristy; like a penis smorgasbord with all you can eat. Kristy was a walking, clapboard-piper, willingly playing the tube-flute for all the naughty boys and tongue-tambourine for any girl wishing to join the ensemble and their band rehearsals.

Lena just shook her head. Her sister could really toss the sheets.

Because Kristy was enrolled in the nursing school, the administration waited for Kristy to make the transitional stage from child to adult, with Lena often having to intercede for Kristy when disciplinary proceedings were being considered, because of Kristy’s bizarre, sexual antics.

At one staff meeting, a staff member said that, “Kristy had the finesse of a baby hippopotamus wallowing around in a mud hole.” Lena, in her typical loving way pointed out that, “All God’s creatures need love.”

Lena argued to the disciplinary committee that her sister had real potential; “Give her time; I know she can excel at anything she does.”

Lena pleaded her sister’s case to the committee, letting her wonderful spirit beg for considerations from the staff. The staff temporarily turned a blind eye to Kristy’s behavior, only because they all admired Lena and her leadership qualities so much. They also admired the loving quality of Lena’s devotion to her sister.

Lena had her own serious abandonment issues that Kristy played upon; Lena hated the hurtful remarks occasionally made by Kristy, but she was her only family and loosing Kristy was even more unacceptable than her caustic remarks.

Lena was still a virgin.

While growing up in Alaska, the girls lives were difficult most of the time; but Kristy could be a real comfort to Lena; an outer-shield to buffet life’s storms and assaults.

Lena and Kristy were placed in a particularly terrible foster home for three years with a couple who treated them with distain and abuse. The girls were only small, innocent children caught in a horrible situation. The couple was eventually arrested for what they did to Kristy.

The first Christmas that the girls lived in that terrible household, their case-worker found out that the placement family did not bother with present-exchanges for birthdays or any other holidays, including Christmas. The worker put the sisters’ names on an “Angel tree” in a mall. The tag on the tree stated their ages and sex and a wonderful lady responded and gave the girls a Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy doll for Christmas.

Well, when the next Christmas came, they again had no presents to open, so Lena wrapped her doll—a doll that she loved very dearly—in newspaper and rubber bands and gave it to Kristy for Christmas. She wanted her sister to have something to open on Christmas morning,

Kristy was so moved by Lena’s love that she also wrapped her doll—that she also loved very dearly—in paper and gave Lena her doll. Both girls had a Christmas present to open that season. The girls did this every Christmas for the rest of their lives; honoring their love and memory of sharing; exchanging their Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy dolls, wrapped in newspaper, each holiday.

Years later, Lena hired an attorney who provided Lena with the court transcripts of the evil couple’s criminal trial. Lena wept bitterly as she read the horrible sexual crimes they did to her sister.

After the arrest of the couple, the girls moved often, never really having a chance to develop friendships with other children, or establishing a community identity.

Yet, as scary as the moves were sometimes, the sisters always remained together, bound as sisters only can be bonded. Lena protected Kristy as best she could, and tenaciously devoted her own life for Kristy’s betterment.

Kristy had not only become promiscuous, but she was also emotionally hardened; she was street-smart and gutter-wise.

Kristy could pick on her older sister all she wanted, but it would be very unwise behavior for anyone to even say a tiny, caustic remark about Lena in the presence of Kristy. Kristy could be a real alley cat in a dog fight; she always fought to win, even if it meant fighting dirty.

All Lena wanted out of life was to find a man to love and who would love her in return. She wanted a family. But before she had a family she was determined to be in a position to financially provide for any children.

Lena and Kristy’s mother had an advanced medical condition that genetically left both Lena and Kristy sterile; neither of the girls could become pregnant. Lena’s future husband must be willing to adopt if they were to have a family.

Not only did Lena have to transverse the difficult social and educational waters on her own, but she helped support her sister, Kristy, with her expensive college loans, too; working extra jobs and taking out bank loans.

Lena had to finally drop out of gymnastics in her senior year, not because of the heavy workload, but because of her developing breasts. She realized they were becoming too big for “flippy-flops” and summersaults on the gym’s mats.

They had, in fact, become so huge that it cost $110 for a medical supply company to make custom-made bras for her. Lena thought of her bras as “grocery sacks.” She thought of her tits as 10 lb. bags of sugar.

Too bad she could not download coupons for a 20% discount off the Internet for the bras, like she could other medical supports.

Kristy loved to make verbal comments about Lena and her tits as she grew up; she often called them monster, Cyclops bags. It was when one of them popped out on national TV during Olympic trails in Los Angles, that Kristy started calling them “Free Willey.”

Yet, as huge as Lena’s tits were, they were very symmetric, and very, very firm. Although most American girls coveted big knockers, Lena, understandably, saw them as a liability and blushed as people stared at them.

Not only were Lena’s tits exceptional, but her nipples were off the charts. Her nipples, (when angry), could stand out like a thumb drive out of the side of a notebook computer.

The embarrassment of a tit popping out on ABC was nearly over-whelming to Lena, but she had enough self confidence and a strong competitor’s reflex to work through it. It was soon, thereafter, that she retired from competition and subsequently lost her scholarships and their financial benefits.

She kept a copy of a lucid video tape of her “incident;” the camera lens zooming in on her four inch areola and prominent nipple. The video was mailed to her by an anonymous “fan.” Since the network edited the Nationals and her routine was cut before it was broadcasted, because of the nudity, her routine was never viewed or appreciated by America; Lena could have won a gold medal for her athletic skills.

The fan that sent the footage included a note that accompanied the amateur production, it said: “The Great Lena and her acrobatic tit” written on a circus flyer.

There was also an accompanying sketch that shown a monstrous tit wrapped twice around the high beam, hanging to the floor and its lurid nipple being sweep away by an old man in a janitor’s uniform. Lena cried for hours.

Kristy tried to find out who the “fan” was.

Perhaps Lena was over-sensitive, but it seemed to her, without exception, the first time anyone was introduced to her, their eyes zoomed right onto her tits like the renegade cameraman’s lens. “Just walk up to any woman and see if they can not follow your sight line, especially if it drops below the chin.” Lena told a fellow professor one day.

She also answered this same teacher’s inquire—who had size 32b tits—about what it was like to have huge knockers: “Just go in a grocery store with a bungee cord around your neck, hang a ten pound bag of sugar off each side of the cord and then skip rope on one foot. Honey, trust me, only then can you begin to understand what it is like.”

Now, Kristy was developing some mega-boobs of her own. Maybe Lena should start calling Kristy’s knockers: “Shamus.” But Lena did not have a vindictive bone in her body and silently agreed to herself, as she saw Kristy’s nude body in the gym’s changing room, that for a 24 year old, Kristy could really knock them dead. She just wished that she acted with a little more self respect and sexual restraint.

Lena also supported her younger sister emotionally, as well as financially, telling her she could do anything she wanted in life. Kristy started nude modeling in the art department at UAA, more for fun than money.

Kristy’s latest “career move” at becoming a model was, however, too intimidating for Lena to consider for her own vocation; she was too shy and easily blushed. She could never stand for hours in front of men and women nude, positioning her legs, arms and tits in the right lighting. What would happen if her period started and ran down her leg during class while she was squatting and holding up a beach ball?

Kristy relished the attention modeling nude provided her; this was her recognition into a public arena. Kristy was a star who needed the acceptance of her big sister; a sister who Kristy loved and thought of as a role model; a sister Kristy thought of as a “mother figure.”

True, Kristy’s modeling may not have been the Olympic trails that her big sister had been invited to attend, but Kristy had a few moves of her own to offer the world.

Kristy had a favorite: She would spread her pussy wide apart; “To advance the artistic encouragement and participation of the class,” she said.

Once all eyes of the class were focused on her spread-eagle cunt, she performed the second half of her routine: sticking four fingers and her thumb in her pussy and masturbating for the class.

Yet, sadly for Kristy, her performance was not appreciated by the teacher and was interrupted—before “sticking” her dismount, (a very critical part of the routine Lena told Kristy as teenagers, “Perhaps the most important part of the routine, because of the lasting impression.”). The instructor, Dr. Von Bong, threatened to fire her if she continued her lascivious behavior.

Kristy thought she should have had received at least a score of “9.5″ for this Olympic effort; the score based on both difficulty and execution. The routine was a sincere, multi-faceted effort: artistic; stretching, pumping and making slurping sounds with your thumb and four fingers as they violently pumped inside your pussy to the beat of Deep Purple’s, Smoke on the Water; this was the stuff stars are made of.

After Dr. Dumb Ass—the instructor was beginning to get on the shadowy side of Kristy—shut her performance down the first time, Kristy came out with her second generation routine.

The second routine included a full body, custom made, latex suit, colored red, white and blue, (Americans were proud of Olympians who exhumed patriotic spirit).

Kristy cut holes out of the latex for her tits and cunt to stand proudly out and as the colors paraded past. She even placed her right hand over her heart this time, thus increasing the level of difficulty to an anticipated score of “9.7.”

The instructor apparently was not into her genre of music nor was he very patriotic. When he forbad her continuing her unique brand of “performance art” the second time, Kristy was deeply disappointed with his demeanor and surly attitude.

She protested by leaning way back into her chair, lifting both legs into a perpendicular “V” and slowly started a low and rumbling passage of air through her slipper-wet pussy lips—right at him, saying, “Hey, maybe Mr. Grumpy Lips would like to do a German polka instead?” The teacher was from Berlin and it was obviously apparent to Kristy that he did not understand American culture.

That Ms Kristy sure could make a point.

Another time she brought a cucumber to class before the teacher’s arrival and let seven of the boys and three-very-hungry-eyed girls watch her stick it up her ass. She said to boys sporting boners under their art smocks, “It is not nice to fool Mother Nature gentlemen; let’s see those white, chocolate, and black broccoli heads; we need to toss a chef’s salad.” To the ladies she said, “You need plenty of greens in your salad bowl.” She titled this world class routine: Deep Plunging with a Triple Twist, done to the cadence of Pink Floyds: Money.

Golly, she was an Olympic natural.

Lena’s hectic life for the previous 10 years left no room for social intercourse, or any other kind. Her sexual releases were usually done in the quiet of her bedroom; the electricity of two ‘C’ size batteries buzzing gleefully away within the plastic housing of a dick manufactured in Hong Kong. She always referred to the dildo as, “Mr. Hong.”

The pinkish-red pussy hair and her cunt eagerly looked forward to the visits from this Pacific Rim diplomat, especially her well-endowed clit; it eagerly extended presidential greetings and proper sexual protocols.

Lena also went on Monday afternoons to her manicurist, Ping Ponk, a Vietnamese activist seeking political asylum; she expended big bucks for both a manicure, as well as a pedicure.

He was very good and bookings were always two weeks in advance; women clamored over his designer series of French nails, including ones with red, white and blue for the July 4th holidays. Ponk thought that anyone who could use red, white and blue in their work was a true American. He also loved looking at Lena’s tits with his dust mask on, thinking she did not notice.

Lena had fiery, red hair; thick and wavy locks that cascaded against her taunt body, actually making her appear shorter than she really was. Although it was tedious to maintain, she refused to cut it; usually rolling it up at school or braiding it on the weekends. Lena had a hair fetish.

Her pussy hair was a couple of shades lighter than her wavy, fiery locks, but the cunt-bush was naturally colored and extremely soft. She often trimmed her cunt hedge with tiny, surgical scissors and a mirror; creating cute little stars, hearts, love-birds and tiny four-leaf clovers above her sweet little pussy. Kristy liked to watch her older sister trim her pussy hair; she occasionally learned hairdresser’s techniques. Kristy also just liked to watch.

Usually, however, Lena would sit alone while she sculpted her pussy; she always played Nora Jones music when she clipped her ornery, stray hairs and then let Mr. Hong join in with the band, strumming his guitar strings up and down her freshly mowed grass.

Lena also sported one of the biggest clits you can imagine; her clit was very feminine—even cosmopolitan—but it mimicked the structure of two inch pocket knife that could flip open and puff to the size of a pencil stub. When it came out if its sheath, it looked like an electric eel sticking its head from an ocean cave with a white milk mustache that echoed: “Got Milk?”

Lena named her clit: “Mrs. C,” a real helpmate for Mr. Hong. Mrs. C danced with the Hong Kong resident as he buzzed away and waited for his green card.

Lena thought Mr. Hong and Mrs. C was a match made in Heaven. In a pinch, three fingers did the job, but just not as quickly as Mr. and Mrs. Hong could do; shopping together and strolling hand in hand, the married team could really swing-dance down the sidewalk of her pussy. Lena looked forward to shopping days as much as Monday afternoons at Ping Ponk’s shop.

She sometimes wondered if she had ever experienced a true climax watching her naughty DVDs; a habit Kristy got her involved doing. Kristy called their movie-watching: “Popcorn time.”

Sex was not a high priority for Lena; well, maybe it could be, but it never happened. It was the old “chicken before the egg” story.

To have sex happen: first, the developing of a meaningful and healthy relationship that her hectic and demanding schedule prevented, had to transpire; fat chance of that egg hatching.

She believed that the only “ENOUGH” in life was love and affection. Mr. Hong could give her only a fleeting physical release, perhaps like any other one-night stand. She knew that she needed both love and affection, or she would never, ever have “ENOUGH.” In this department of life she would not compromise. Lena was exceptionally wise.

If the truth was to be said, Kristy’s cunt-hair styling skills also flourished, again following her sister’s example. Kristy was a natural stylist, as well as an Olympian hopeful.

Kristy would come to the beginner’s drawing class with her own pubic hair expressions: an arrow pointing down to her slit; a tongue like Mick Jagger’s; and one Christmas holiday she really grabbed the attention of the students with the shape of a Christmas tree she trimmed using an aluminum cookie cutter.

Always pushing the artistic envelope, she tried to dye her cunt hairs green for the holidays, but the food coloring turned the black tree into an ugly purple.

BAH-HUMBUG, she thought.

She decided it needed electric lighting; a little 21st century, American, know-how that all Olympian hopefuls should be able to demonstrate.

The art department finally had to say that the tiny mini-lights that she hung from the “tree” were too much—flashing red and green every ¾ seconds; Christmas spirit or not, they had to go. Kristy thought Dr. stick-it-up-your-ass may have had some subliminal hand in dampening her holiday spirits.

(Kristy also believed that the instructor may have had two lumps of coal in his nut-sock instead of balls. Kristy would have had loved to hang that “sock” on the fireplace mantel and also stick a big, fat candy cane—curved end first—up his ass for being such a good little boy).

Anyway, Kristy was confused by the student’s reactions to the “lighting ceremonies” of her Christmas tree. She inserted the Trojan-wrapped, battery-pack up and inside her cunt, (it slid right in like a tampon and disappeared out of sight), keeping loose wires to a minimum, as well as meeting North Pole standards that Santa’s little elves would have cheered.

She thought she really expanded the engineering parameter when she had a student who was an IT trouble-shooter and loved to spend hours licking her pussy, install a pressure-sensitive switch that she could use to turn on and off the twinkling lighting simply by squeezing her cunt lips together. Kristy was a hard worker.

However, some of the prudes in the art class complained that the flashing of the red and green lights, “distorted space and time.”

Lights flashing against a purple tree and the wires running into her pussy were, “just too much composition;” they could not draw with moving shadows; the distractions disturbed their creative juices; they claimed that the color scheme also clashed.

One cunty-bitch even told Kristy that it looked and smelled, “ugly,” pinching her nostrils together with her thumb and index finger.

Boy! Was that girl a bad little girl; no biscuit for that dog; and you can just plain forget about Santa coming to your house, bitch! Kristy fumed to herself.

Kristy fumed so much about the girl’s comment that one night she E-mailed Santa a searing letter about the Cunt’s behavior; how the bitch should get crossed off his list. As a footnote she added that she wanted a rabbit dildo, four bottles of Sweet Mother’s Masturbation Oil, and a boy friend for her sister, Lena, with a really big dick.

Kristy could be such a loving sister.

On the color-clashing part of her holiday display, Kristy had to concede that the critics were right. The tree had to come down. It was probably for the best, however.

She bleached her pussy white—Kristy was starting out with a clean slate for the new year—and removed the battery-pack from her dripping storage compartment, because it would be tragic if the school newspaper had to run a story about an art model electrocuted at Christmas time.

It proved that Kristy could really achieve great things and be innovative if she put her heart into it.

Kristy later said to Lena, “Do you want to know something? You are a prudish cunt and walk around like you have Mr. Hong Kong up your ass. What you really need is a cock up your pussy.”

Kristy had certain qualities with words, and a real flare at getting down to the bottom-line. Also, Kristy was very close to the truth.

Lena needed to break out and have some fun in life.

Some of Lena’s students referred to her as Nurse Ratched, a bitchy nurse from the movie about cuckoo nests and flying. Nurse Ratched was more a dictator than a nurse.

Lena took time one day from her busy schedule and checked the movie out from Netfix. As Lena watched, it saddened her to think her students saw her in that role. She immediately got out Mr. Hong and fired up a “fun” DVD. To hell with Nurse Ratched! She vowed to Mr. Hong that she was a changed woman as she washed away her sorrows with great floods of her cherry-flavored pussy juices.

The nursing community became Lena’s life; a surrogate family neither she nor Kristy had really experienced growing up. Neither of the girls had ever met their mother nor father, constantly being bounced around from home to home in the Foster Care system around the Anchorage area and also the Matanuska Valley, 50 miles north of Anchorage and home of Sarah Palin.

Lena loved Kristy, but sometimes Lena seemed to have social myopia with regards to her sister. She gave 100% of her love and attention to Kristy. Yet, such unrestrained and selfless giving has its own price.

And so goes the saga for so many fine women: Lena joined the sundry throngs of unhappy and saddened females who are good people, terrific wives, diligent mothers and wonderful sisters—all of them were fanatical “givers!”

Like the other givers, Lena’s emotional purse was now empty, having given so generously to everyone else. Her emotional bank account was over-drawn and Lena sought emotional currency to replace the expended love she gave; but none seem to come back to her. Kristy only offered pocket change.

One day, Kristy asked Lena to come by the campus’ art studios, have lunch with her, and meet a student teacher who was “real cool” and always in need of extra money; “…Maybe hire him?” Kristy asked her sister.

Lena agreed to meet Kristy’s student teacher, Jack, who always called Kristy, “Kid-O.”

Kristy seemed so enthusiastic over lunch, hoping Jack would accept the opportunity Lena could provide.

Kristy thought that if Jack believed that Kristy was part of any effort which helped him, he might fuck her or at least let her give him a blow job. Kristy really wanted Jack to “pop out of his box,” for her. He also had one on the biggest cocks in The Last Frontier.

Lena needed a warm body for her junior class to act as a “patient” for three hours over at the hospital.

In the Yard

After leaving Kristy at lunch, Lena looked unsuccessfully in each of the art areas for Jack. Lena then saw a door leading outside into an enclosed yard. She saw movement out near the fence and decided to approach, perhaps finding someone for directions.

Walking in tennis shoes can be very quiet and even quieter outside. Lena walked up to them, from behind. She could see the ripped muscles across his naked back; the sinew and muscle glistening in the sun and the skinny leather strap that encompassed his massive neck, circling it like a taunt collar.

Lena then saw that the man was also huddled over a girl; she was curled within his body; he was bending over his partner doggie style. Several bushes and picnic tables were blocking most of Lena’s view, but she could surmise enough to sense improprieties at hand.

DAH, do you really think? She thought to herself as she gave the scene a second look. It was just that she was initially over-loaded with visuals of what appeared to be a man fucking a student; they were on the school campus.

She wished she had a whistle and could blow it like a cop. She also spied a garden hose nearby. Maybe she should hose them down like mating dogs stuck together.

She then immediately caught herself and remembered her resolution to Mr. Hong; she was acting like a Nurse Ratched-want-to-be; she realized this bitchy flaw in her character needed to be amputated from her life. It dismayed her, now that she was aware of it, how often it reared its ugly head.

Having turned over a new leaf in life, she proactively called a time out on herself and relaxed her demeanor, (Kristy called it: “Pulling the stick out of your ass and shut the fuck up”), and tried to understand this situation objectively.

Meanwhile, the man, holding his 12 inch tool in his left hand and leaning down, took the girl’s small hand into his right hand, spat on her fingers and started rubbing them on the crack. He occasionally stopped to drip more fluid from his lips. He was encouraging the girl to do the same. The girl, underneath the powerful man’s body, bent forward and blew out a little sphere of moisture from her mouth onto her own finger; following the man’s lead.

Next, gripping her erect and extended index finger, he then started sliding the fleshy part of her finger gently across the groove, stirring both of their body fluids together. Lena then heard him say in slow and provocative words, “Plenty of lubrication makes the hammering less painful.”

Both their fingers worked with a velvet touch; massaging the gash deeply with the care and patience of true lovers. The girl’s breathing was quick and shallow and Lena saw her trying to press her ass against his crouch, wiggling it with a gentle sway back and forth; arching her back so she could get better contact.

Lena could see very little of what was actual happening in the enclosed yard, which was also directly behind the art studio, but she could guess that they were not rehearsing for the spring pageant sponsored by the P.T.A.

The leather apron that hung from the strap around the man’s neck occasionally caught on the girl’s arched back and raised ass, acting like a tarp or tent; it blocked almost all of Lena’s prying eyes.

After years of masturbating, she instinctively brought both her fingers up to her “bags of sugar” for a little sweetener; covering the nipples with her thumbs and fingers. As she continued to stare, she would rapidly and forcefully flick her nipples hard with her thumbs cradled within her index fingers; like little boys shooting marbles. Lena was waking up her “girls” hoping they might come out and maybe even play outside.

Seeing the couple in front of her seemed so erotic; copulating to Lena seemed so primal and pure. She had seen lots of naked men and women, but always in an injured or bleeding context or on screen during “popcorn night.” These two people were anything but injured, although the occasional whispering could mislead an un-trained observer.

Lena almost felt shy, or was it that some latent desire was trying to wake up her own body and mind. She sensed that her pussy lips were being slapped just like her flicking thumbs were trying to wake her “girls” up. Kicking and screaming lusts were being flaunted within the inside, fleshy folds of her neatly trimmed cunt.

The drama playing before her was a new situation for Lena.

The scene before her was real time action. She wished she had a bag of popcorn, too, (Kristy could really pop the corn on movie nights). This was the kind of situation when Lena also wished Kristy was with her—she would know what to do, popcorn or not.

She was now beginning to feel a warm blush come across her face. Her skin and lips were heating up. And yet, prudently, she considered coming back later in the day. She did not want to become Nurse Ratched caught in a semi-nude, hissy-fit with violated lovers.

Ironically, however, her eyes would not withdraw from their privacy. It felt to Lena like the cupid from Hell injected her mind with a 1000cc shot of “wonton lust” with a flaming-arrow-delivery-system right up her swelling pussy.

She seemed to be transfixed on the couple as the diabolical injection began taking hold of her. The arrow must have hit her square in the pussy, because it was swelling rapidly now; it was also sending its demonic mixture of brim stone and ribald hormones through her whole body.

The toxic-mix-from-Hell spewed lust-waves like radio-broadcast-signals from her now aroused, towering clit.

The message broadcasted from the fleshy tower was urgent: Be on the look-out for a hard cock to spew the arrow’s entry site with lots of hot strings of cum, (the only know antidote for quenching Hell-fire).

Obviously, the couple was not even aware that she was standing behind them, and it was not in her professional nature to embarrass people. Lena slipped one hand up and inside her panties and started rubbing her pussy lips with her fingers; she spread her lips apart with two fingers and let her middle finger start plunging into her cunt.

Yet, what if they heard her? What would she say: “Ops, sorry about that?” or, “Sorry, don’t mind me; keep on fucking, because I am really enjoying masturbating and watching you fuck. Oh, by the way, do you have any popcorn?”

For a moment she had another lick of “Kristy-humor” tickling her imagination.

If caught, she could pretend that the couple was having a picnic and Lena was a Park Ranger, like Yogi Bear. When they were done fucking each other, she could reach between the girl’s legs and say, as she slid a healthy scoop of the man’s cum running down the girl’s thigh, (while it also simultaneously filled her palm), “Oh here, I’ll get that; it looks like you dribbled some mayonnaise on your leg,” then, licking it all gone, say, “We sure don’t want those pesky ants ruining the picnic.”

Kristy was not the only one with creative liberties and a vivid imagination. It was also obvious to Lena that bits of Kristy were beginning to rub off on her.

Lena decided just to turn and leave the yard, but she paused again, hearing the half-naked man say to the girl: “Keep rubbing. Do you feel the nub? Rub it until you can ‘see’ the hard spot in your mind’s eye…are you ready?” Lena then heard him say, “Grab my tool,” holding it out to her.

After the girl accepted his offering and was holding it in her hand, he then wrapped his hand tightly around her hand and the tool. The strength and power of his hand over-whelmed the petite hand of the girl. Lena could hear the man guide the tip of the head to the bottom of the frothy, wet groove, still bathed with their spit-bubbles. He rubbed the head of the tool against the slit several times, rolling it in and out, lubricating its tip against the grove. One could even pretend that it made a hollow, metallic noise.

Apparent to Lena’s view of his hand’s angle, he placed the well-lubricated tip at a 45° angle to the crack; he then pulled the girl’s blond hair back to one side with his free hand and whispered into her ear, “Now, lightly smack the end with your hammer.”

Lena could see the girl’s body tense with each syllable the man whispered into her ear. The intimacy of the moment was rapturous to the Lena. Pumping her own pussy, she was spell-bound and could feel her nipples respond to her other fingers as she now began twisting and taunting their stiff heads through the layers of her “grocery sacks” and blouse. She was glad the couple had their backs to her. Lena was the shy one of the family.

There was a momentary pause, and then Lena heard:


Lena was so startled by the suddenness and noise of the action, some of her cherry-flavored pussy juice squirted right out of her panties when she jumped. But she also observed that, simultaneously to her squirt of cherry-flavored pussy juice which was now beginning to run down her leg that a moist piece of flawed marble/granite shot off to the right of the couple, landing with a quiet “plop” in the grass.

Now their spit-bubbles were glistening in the direct sunlight, reflecting off the fallen and extricated, defective chip of stone.

The teacher said, “Bye, Bye, Mr. Hangnail, it’s time fer ya to leev Dodg,” talking like some extra in a ‘B’ movie, complete with old-western accent.

The gleaming chip also drew Lena’s eyes closer to contrasting regions of jagged, white-granite laced throughout the rose-colored marble chunk. “Hangnail” is a term used in sculpturing for unacceptable flaws, she now understood.

Artist love using visual and poetic terminology for unacceptable flaws and techniques.

Later, Lena would learn that the teacher especially prided himself for his unique articulation skills. She would also learn that he could not only verbalize these wits of insight, but could perform them in a series of bespattered, iniquitous formats.

He categorized his entire unique lexicon into a syllabus he titled, “Lickity-Split.” He used his syllabus as a coping system for dealing with repressed, male emotions and feelings that would arise up and threaten his ego:

For instance, he loved playing James Bond hustling some degenerate, foreign, counter-agent with a martini, “…shaken, not stirred,” and then have his zipper slide down automatically with the touch of his Timex watch. “Bang, Bang, your fucked,” blowing the smoke off the head of his dick; thanking “Q” for both his innovations and cleverness. The portrayal would let him remain “Master of the Universe.”

The man always smiled to himself when he thought of his favorite of all terms, (and even titled his syllabus), “Lickity-Split.” In his incognito fantasy as a Japanese Ninja assassin, (complete with Oriental accent), it always sounded like: Lick-eeee The-Sliteee; he loved that one day and night.

Artists have a funny-boner and he was really talented in that department, too.

Curiosity now led Lena closer; her earlier decision to leave the couple alone was now completely forgotten. She had misread the situation erroneously and felt foolish.

As she approached closer to them from their backside, she jaunted for space between the picnic tables and bushes. She could plainly she see the rose-colored block of marble the female student was working on. The girl was a sculptress-in-training and the man was her instructor. The tool was a 12 inch steel chisel.

Lena said, “Excuse me….. Please……Hello?” But neither the girl nor the teacher seemed to acknowledge her presence.

“Sir!” she said, a little more loudly this time, trying to catch their attention, as well as exerting her authority.

They both still seemed oblivious to her presence; they both were totally engrossed in what they were doing; they could have cared less she was there.

Finally, with his back still to Lena, the teacher raised the backside of his hand and index finger up in the air as a sign to Lena for some space; give them a minute more.

Lena was a teacher herself and she instantly understood the need for their apparent focus and isolation. She was now witnessing the sacred growth and transition of knowledge; the magical moment that the epiphany of the instructor can take root within the student.

Finally, the man began to move, but not towards Lena, but closer and more intimately to the girl’s face.

The chisel and mallet were shaking unsteadily in the girl’s hands as his face pressed against her hair. Their deepening closeness also encouraged the girl’s little—and very nicely shaped ass—to sway more frantically. He placed his hand gently on her shoulder and whispered in a luscious tone, “Perfect.” He then straightened up and slowly turned to Lena.

The school bell rang for class change; art time was up for the girl.

As the female student strutted past, Lena could see the tell-tale, wet stain around her pussy area. Her jeans were stained wet; the discoloration on her crotch was the size of a dinner plate. Her nipples were standing straight out like thumb-sized marble chunks shoving out the “SS” from her KISS” sweat shirt. She was bra-less.

The hussy, Lena thought.

Lena’s fiery, red hair bristled as she smelled the foreign pussy scent of the girl, mixed with scented bubble bath. It was the same brand of bubble bath Lena used.

How dare the “cunt,” Lena thought; OPPS, more of Kristy surfacing. She was trying to temper that aspect of her life, too.

“Wow,” Lena said loud and huffy, “THAT was some tutoring.” in a tone that was rather condescending.

The voyeuristic encounter Lena just witnessed also caused her pussy to start crying out for attention, nearly bawling like a new born infant. Lena’s hands were wishing that they could now service the sniveling infant with a plastic pacifier, (Mr. Hong was in her purse with fresh batteries).

The man, standing and turning to Lena, carefully lifted the safety goggles away from his face. He offered Lena his most sincere smile, without once looking at her tits; he was truly offering her his most sincere warmth. He just scored a perfect “10″ on Lena’s scorecard.

As he removed his glove and extended his hand towards her, he made apologizes for ignoring her and making her wait. Yet, somehow he knew that she was not impatient or upset with him. On the contrary, she seemed disappointed that he turned around from his work.

The man said, “Hi, my name is Jack.” Lena just smiled as her pussy jumped again, pushing another squirt of her cherry-flavored pussy juice past her panties. Jack was drop-dead gorgeous; he was as handsome as any American screen idol.

Lena never saw a more handsome man.

Jack never saw a more beautiful woman.

Now, the “social glove” was on the other hand: Jack was the one confused that she did not seem to hear him or accept his offered hand.

There was a rose-colored dust mark that circled his forehead and cheeks where the safety glasses had covered his eyes. Lena smiled to herself, thinking how he looked like an over-grown Panda bear sporting his sweet little mask: Cuddly and cute; Lena wanting to tickle him under his chin and say, “Gutchie-Goo.” She thought that maybe she could clip her cunt hairs like a panda bear.

Jack read her name tag.

Jack, feeling ignored, said to her, “Excuse me, Lena, I need to hose off.”

He turned and walked towards the building and removed his apron from his naked upper-body. Tossing it carelessly onto a bush, he then turned on the garden hose that Lena had seen earlier. The man was a hunk and walked with confidence of a Kodiak Brown Bear.

Letting the water run loosely over his head, arms and chest and even letting some of the water run down over his jeans, he washed. Jack occasionally looked up at Lena as he washed.

Jack was feeling feisty and aimed the hose at Lena’s feet, squirting it with his thumb over the nozzle. “Hey, do you want to strip down and run through the hose with me?” The water caught Lena’s attention, just missing her feet.

“Only if you let me help you strip first.” Lena was feeling feisty, too; apparently her “clit tower” was still broadcasting for some “fire retardant.”

As he faced Lena, Jack then placed the hose between his legs just under his crotch, letting about 10 inches of the green tube extend past his mid-thighs. The imagery was very provocative to Lena; another involuntary squirt shot out her panties and it too started running down her leg.

As the hose ran, Jack now bent over and cupped both hands together under the stream.

He then threw water several times over his face, head, and back of his neck, once looking up at Lena and saying, “Come on, the water’s fine……Why not? I’ll hose you down, real good.”

Rubbing his opened fingers and hands over his entire upper body, Jack was trying to clean the marble dust from his skin. Lena then noticed he was missing the tips of the first two fingers of his right hand.

As he finished and stood, the soft, black hair on his chest and stomach dripped downward, matted together in thick, black icicles.

The careless water on his jeans also outlined his cock. The bulge of its entire length was hanging parallel and tightly pressed against his leg within the constraints of his jeans; Lena never seen such a huge cock.

As do most men, Jack liked to wear his jeans out until they nearly fell off: thread-bare, faded, and torn in spots. Also, student budgets for expensive clothing were always thread-bare.

Lena could see pink skin; an exposed section of his cock head and shaft that puffed out from a frayed, four inch, ripped area well below his front pocket. Lena could plainly see that Jack was circumcised and naked under his jeans. His flesh-colored skin was like a fast-food sign advertising its super-size lunch special in the direct sunlight.

Lena then realized why he wore the leather apron. He needed his apron to cover his cock’s modesty like Lena needed her bra to cover her areola and nipples.

Jack saw her studying his cock. He looked down to the rip, seeing his cock. In a self-conscious manner, he began pushing his fingers into the hole where the expose flesh was flashing Lena.

He started shoving against his cock’s shaft with one hand; trying to push it around deeper into the inside of his pant leg with the other and out of the hole. The hose was still running from between his legs, but his “josh-ling” his cock suddenly caused the hose to slip over and pour streams of water over his pants and his cock in voluminous quantities, further amplifying Jack’s cock’s profile and cooling off his efforts.

Lena said to Jack; “It looks like you couldn’t wait for my help.” Lena was embarrassed for him and nervous for herself; her own sexual tension was increasing and burning. She added, “Mr. Jack, you seem to be offering me an option of hoses” Lena was feeling very frisky.

Jack was also embarrassed and felt awkward. He saw his dilemma. He stood upright and grabbed the hose in his hand and smiled, saying, “You told me you were going to help me strip,” as he then walked over to the bush to retrieve his apron, grinning even bigger at Lena, trying to keep her eyes away from his restless cock with his charm and sterling conversation.

Jack had to step directly in front of Lena to pick up his apron and cover himself back up.

In his haste to quickly clean up for Lena, he threw his apron onto a huge wild rose bush. Now trying to grab it in even greater haste, he hopelessly snagged and tangled the leather tie-straps into a particularly formidable knot of branches and thorns—it would not yield an inch.

Lena brought her hand to her mouth to cover her audible giggle at Jacks predicament. Lena knew all about intimate body parts becoming exposed during the most untimely occasions. It was also a nervous reflex as she felt her tits and pussy becoming more aroused.

Frustrated with the apron, Jack bent over and again tried shoving his cock one more time out of the opening. Jacks fingers touching and stimulating his cock only exasperated his task.

Unfortunately, the second soaking of water that just soaked his jeans caused the cock to “super-slide” accidentally over to where the entire cock head suddenly popped out of the hole, growing inches out from the tear. Lena was only a few feet away from Jack’s exposed and hardening cock’s head.

Lena still burned from the Hell-fire injection from the flaming arrow that had impaled her pussy earlier, and subconsciously started licking her lips and continued staring at his stiffening cock.

Lena hated it when people always stared at her tits. Yet, with the situation reversed, she could not take her eyes from Jack’s cock. She was lusting for it.

The cock eagerly sought escape from its denim prison, and started pulling Jack’s entire pant leg up from his boot as it grew outward and upward; the cock head was already three inches out past the faded hole and still bursting from the confines of the denim jeans.

Growing out into the sun, it was also casting a long shadow against his pant leg; the shadow extended as his cock grew and traveled across his leg like an Egyptian sun-dial.

While seeing Jack’s growing cock and thinking how easily flesh could get seriously sun-burned, Lena carnally thought she could offer to scoop some her abundant cherry-flavored pussy juice up for Jack to use as sun-screen lotion—only as a medicinal UV precautionary measure any loving and caring nurse would provide.

Lena also humorously thought that she could even massage the sticky, cherry-flavored sun-screen on Jack’s swelling dick with her own hands. She noticed now that the head of Jack’s cock was already turning a light shade of purple/red; the fleshy knob was bouncing in the air to the beat of Jack’s heart.

The continuing swelling, as well as the further lifting of the shaft against the material, (now lifting his pant leg six inches higher up off the boot), left Jack feeling helpless. Jack was also, literally, dripping pre-cum like a leaking camp tent in a torrential rain storm.

Jack turned his back to Lena, unzipped his pants and removed his cock out of the hole by dropping his jeans to his knees and flashing his very-well-muscled ass right in Lena’s direction as he bend over to remove his dick.

Now that his dick was finally retrieved from the hole: it would not bend, having become fully erect; the 15 inch height stood naked and straight up, well above his belt line. Bending it down and “parking it” back in his pant leg was out of the question.

He was in a conundrum. To get his apron, he needed to stand and turn, exposing himself to Lena, but to remain with his back turned to Lena meant that he could not work on the apron’s tangled straps.

Exasperated and at the limit of his quandary, Jack still had his back to Lena when he said in his “Pop-Eye, the sailor man” dialog: “Hey, Captain Ahab, there’s Moby Dick and is he’s ah blowing.” His pre-lube was streaming out of the “blow-hole” and running down his shaft in copious quantities.

Lena said to Jack in an instant re-bound of ill-timed words, “I bet Kristy would probably want to harpoon that great white whale with her tongue, Captain Ahab.”

Lena associated her own sexual stimulation as a negative parallel transference with her sister’s sexual behavior—sucking a big cock was something Lena expected from Kristy. The transference was a subconscious “acting out” of Lena’s own lust.

No sooner did Lena say it, than she felt shame, embarrassed, and stunned at her transference to Kristy for her own subconscious stimulations.

She felt her face flush from embarrassment of what she just had said to Jack about Kristy and there was a few seconds where the air seemed to hang between them.

Jack finally made the association of what Lena said, and the reference to a blow job.

Jack then suddenly let out the loudest roar of laughter imaginable:

This was no”sizzle-sazzel” giggle but a roaring, “gully-washing, ‘rootin-tootin’ howl,” instantly breaking the sexual tension between him, Lena and his erotic situation.

Lena immediately was beginning to understand Jack’s conundrum; his hard cock and his inability to “hide” it down his jeans, and she let out her own blast of laughter that would rival the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

They both howled with laughter so hard that they had to sit down on the grass; they laughed so hard they both started weeping tears down their cheeks; they laughed so hard neither one on them could talk; they laughed and laughed and laughed. Their sides started hurting.

Their laughter bonded them.

The sexual tension had been so great between them that they needed this belly-laugh to balance the ledgers.

Jack finally managed to stutter out, “I bet she would,” only to hear Lena start involuntarily bursting out with another volley of laughter, which in turn caused Jack to start up again.

Jack made the association about Kristy, whom he called “Kid-O” and harpooning his cock with her tongue, but he had not yet made the connection that Lena was her sister.

Finally, still sitting with his back turned to Lena, Jack was able to ask Lena if she would work the apron free and throw it to him. He stood back up with his back still to her and holding his pants up with one hand.

Lena extracted the apron. She then walked from behind him and stood right in front of him; staring right at his cock. She handed him his covering; she was unashamed for her lust; she wanted to see his fully erect cock.

Jack seemed somewhat self-conscious of her aggressive approach, but he stood openly to her sight. As she stared at his cock, a doublet of pre-lube dripped off each testicle.

Lena thought how she wanted to get down on her knees and lick his balls, but instead, just stood and admired this stunningly handsome man.

He then put the apron over his hard cock that had started trembling and throbbing. His balls were aching and tightly pulled up into his groin.

Unable to zip-up or button-close his jeans, because of his erection, Jack was able to improvise an emergency tie-down. He laced together the front belt loops of his jeans with a section of the leather strap.

The same strap also supported his erected cock from flailing from side to side, as well as pressed it against his belly; the strap kept both his britches up and his cock stabilized. The apron now again provided him with the needed modesty to make him feel relaxed.

Smiling his most alluring smile at Lena, he thanked her for her help. Jack thought she was the most alive and vibrantly thrilling woman that he was ever near.

The garden hose was still running, so Jack picked it up and said to Lena, “Oh, I thought you said that you would run through the hose with me if you could help strip me,” teasing her by shooting a little spray at her feet again; still missing her shoes.

Lena said to Jack, now acting out her own version of a Sunday morning newspaper comic: Whispering to him in her most modest voice as she looked down from side to side at her dress, as well as holding her folded hands together over her lap, and sliding the toe of one foot back and forth in a very shy manner, said “Only.. if.. you.. can ..catch.. and..”

Jack said, “Really? Well I don’t think that I can wait any longer for a kiss from someone as beautiful as you!” He took the hose and shot it at her feet again, only this time he hit one of her white tennis shoes, proudly saying, “I caught you now! Where is my kiss?”

Lena’s mouth dropped open as she stared down in disbelief and then slowly yielded to surprised humor, sheepishly looking back up at Jack with a “cat licking out of the cream bowl” grin.

Lena also had a strong impulse to just jump on him and tickle him and playfully wrestle him like a big brother needing a lesson. Lena always wished she had a big brother. Jack misunderstood Lena’s reaction and thought his cleverness was not appreciated by her.

Jack, still dripping with water, ran over to her with the hose he still carried in his hand. He profusely apologized, paused, and with reflexes of any street smart veteran in an emergency, said, “Here, let me give you a rainbow first, before you give me my kiss.”

He stood with the sun behind his back, and took Lena’s hand into his wet fingers and pulled her close to his side. He sprayed the water out in front of them and across the grass. He leaned over and placed his wet cheek against her soft face, trying to aim the hose up in the air so he could see the view from her perspective.

Lena was nervous, but vibrated with a shrill within her heart as Jack’s cheek touched hers. Lena’s cheek was now dripping with water from where Jack’s warm and wet face touched hers.

Then like magic: A rainbow appeared in the water’s mists.

Jack then turned to Lena and said, “Do you want to look for a pot of gold with me?”

Lena was speechless. No one ever caused here heart to stop like Jack just did at that moment.

He left her standing there as he stood up-right and returned back to the building to shut off the hose.

He needed a towel to dry himself, but did not have one, so he simply bent forward in front of Lena and shook his head. Lena saw a second rainbow appear momentarily around aureole of his head as fine droplets of water were sprayed out 360ºs in every direction. Jack looked like a Renaissance painting of an angel with an arched rainbow painted over the subject’s head.

Lena said, “Jack, you just gave me a double scoop of ice cream with rainbow sprinklings,” still licking her lips and trying to sneak a peek between the gaps of his loose-hanging apron as he bent over, hoping again to see his throbbing cock.

His thick hair was in a pony tail and still dripped water onto his body as he stood back upright.

He then came back to Lena, this time taking her nervous hands into both of his hands, turned her so that they both had their faces into the sun. It was a beautiful May afternoon.

Jack suddenly said, “Look, a Boreal Chickadee mother and two babies; that is a sure sign that summer is here.” as he pointed to a paper-birch tree across the yard. Lena then saw them, and she now felt that she was now being “squirted” with peace and sunlight. Winters are long and hard in Alaska.

Jack said to Lena, “OH MY, you still have a spot of water on your,…” But before he finished the sentence he put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her to him; lightly pressing his lips against her cheek for the longest moment. Lena could even feel the tip of his tongue massage her cheek.

Lena was now breathless and quivering from the kiss. Jack slowly moved to her ear, lightly brushing her lobe with the tip of his tongue; he then whispered into her ear, “You are so beautiful, will you kiss me, now?”

But he continued his whispering and said softly into her ear, “This is my double scope of ice cream,” and he kissed her again. Then he said, “You are my rainbow sprinkles,” softly licking her neck and ear lobe. The sensory journey his tongue made against her neck electrified Lena.

Lena began experiencing the warm-up of her first, true orgasm.

Her first physical reactions felt like a series of butterflies in her stomach, and then they fluttered into a beating crescendo of physical ripples descending down from her tits towards her already aroused cunt, with each ripple pounding stronger than the previous surge.

The physical surges developed into a huge tsunami wave that was starting to come down to her cunt so fast and so strong, that it threaten to crash on the beaches and sands of her very quivering pussy; it felt like a 30 foot high deluge of cherry-flavored pussy juice was ready to rip asunder her uterus; shredding and scraping everything else in its path as it roared out her cunt.

Lena also felt like her cunt-lips were beacon strips being hurled onto a red-hot-skillet-pan of burning lust and the resulting bursts of spattering grease were the sounds of the fleshy lips of her pussy receiving the first liquid ooze-seepage of the tsunami wave.

As arousing as these first splatterings were, they were mere foreplay compared to the over-shadowing volumes of cherry-flavored pussy juice just starting to crest and sweep across her “resort town of pink flesh with trimmed, star-shaped hedges of hair.”

Her stirring pussy suddenly started its own emergency-bailing-out of torrid fluids; churning and weeping tears of cherry-flavored honey; steaming, bubbling, cherry-flavored cunt juice gushed from between her cashmere-soft and rose-dory-pink pussy lips.

As her pussy continued twitching like a high school marching band, she could feel it becoming saturated from within and oozing like a swelling sponge. Her panties were reaching the maximum limits of their capacity, and then, finally were swamped full by the on-rushing mix of cherry-flavored syrup and lust.

Her trimmed cunt hairs were now dog-paddling, face down, grabbing for anything that would float.

Her swollen cunt lips were raising three fingers up in the air, hoping a passing lifeguard would see them drowning in the rip-tide, and throw out a life preserver.

Her clit had already started floating under the surface, occasionally bobbing in the surf like an over-turned surf board.

All of the swimmers were fighting against the restraints of her panties.

Lena’s mind pretended to shout out to her flooded panties: “Man Overboard!!” As she first felt the sensation of warm goblets of the “pre-orgasmic flush” traveling past the thong panties and down her leg—thick and sticky rivulets were tumbling out and downward towards earth.

The swimmers tumbled and tossed against each other as the pool drained, like the cyclonic, vortex swirling in a bathtub drain.

Lena was caught in a perfect storm.

Needless to say, she was beginning to respond to this man with some seriously carnal reflexes; reflexes and fashions she was un-accustomed—a situation entirely unique to Lena. The sensations were only the beginning of her climax.

Unlike the Caribbean term, “déjà vu;” the acute awareness of re-living an exact event, Lena was experiencing the polar-opposite event: “jamis vu;” the absolute sense of having never experienced an event.

Her wet cherry-flavored cunt juice, now flowing through her pink panties and down her leg and spurting like a broken water main in Port-au-Prince, was traveling in the path of least resistance. It was twisting and turning in the finely muscled definition of her legs; coating every surface it touched; being pulled by gravity; yearning for her shoes.

A Haitian Voodoo Princess could not have had cast a more lustful spell upon her; no conjuring could be nearly as torrid and vulgar as this attack—it was life changing for Lena; introducing her to the awareness and sensations of her physical re-actions to falling instantly in love and feeling her body pantomime out her feelings.

Thus, it was because of Jack’s two kisses and lick on her neck, that she now suffered these liquid asphyxiations—an instant paralyzing and locking of her twat; her pussy was being pounded by a 50lb rubber mallet. Jack’s whisperings and tongue had attacked; tattooing her neck, cheek and synaptic nerve with the gentle buzzing needle of his breath whispering excitement into her ear and transcribing his name on her heart.

She felt light-headed and unresponsive to sounds; lost in her swelling lusts. She was a ship without a rudder; a child’s kite without a tail. In her euphonious imagination, Lena was a dog without a bone, (but her womb was responding to antediluvian howling from primordial times and was hungering for her own bone—like a bitch in heat; driven by pheromones and visceral releases).

Lena thought of Jack as “her man”—as only women can intuitively know when a man becomes bonded to them. She saw that her man had the build of a weight lifter; muscles thick and juicy; a Greek-like god’s body that was taunt, lean, and agile. His muscle mass was the result of a life time of hard, physical labor, not ballooned-bubbles from steroids, hormone injections or late night infomercials.

His character was as “ripped” as his body; integrity muscled across the six-pack belly of his soul.

His smile was perfect and pure; his countenance was completely open and honest to her. His intensely deep blue eyes sparkled and were friendly; they were absolutely alluring, as well as intelligent, insightful and alert.

Jack’s eyes had the same hue as the frozen ice of the glaciers that remained in Alaska after the last ice age: cerulean blue; azure blue. It was a paradox that eyes the color of ice could still be so warm and inviting.

She would come to think of her man as solid and warm, but she was always reminded that those eyes were liquid and cold. Occasionally, she would later josh with him when he drifted into some introspecting chamber of his inner-mind, and call out to him: “MY ICE MAN.”

(Three hours later, she would tell her sister in a mall that she felt that his eyes had instantly claimed her soul, even calling her by name; exhaling miasmic vapors from his transit irises. She believed he would later claim her spirit and body with the help of those same eyes.

Kristy had little doubt that Lena claimed this man as her own and could feel Lena’s rapturous joy. For the first time in Kristy’s life she was truly thrilled for her big sister finding a man to love, but was understandably envious for that same joy for herself. But Kristy thought, why did Lena choose Jack? Kristy wanted to fuck him.

Kristy shared the universal need for love and affection that all mankind shared—what Lena called “ENOUGH.” Kristy felt Lena’s joy was a challenge to her own happiness, too; since Lena had given herself so bountifully and unbridled all these years to Kristy, this new love of Lena’s threatened Kristy’s sense of security.

Kristy thought that she was being pushed out of the bird’s nest and expected to fly—abandoned. She was comfortable with her life as it was. Kristy was not sure that she could shed her own needs freely; as Lena shed her own needs and sacrificed for Kristy).

To Lena, because of the euphoric state she was suddenly sucked into and spinning within, she later commented to other friends that when Jack first spoke to her that afternoon, she heard no words at all.

She said that his sentences were transposed into one melodious peal of music; like angelic choirs singing: Amazing Grace. She also claimed to have felt an Archangel’s breath slightly blow on her cheek—like a warm breeze; Jack kissed like an angel.

The man’s words and her illusion of choirs also seemed to gently lap against her libido; the loving lapping of a mamma cat’s tongue licking at a new-born kitten. It was at that precise moment in time that Lena knew that she not only claimed Jack as her own, but fell into love for the first time in her life…and she fell hard…. head over heels!

Lena, now traveling in a distant paradigm; was the one who was now non- responsive to Jack’s words and conversation.

A few of the lucky women throughout the ages would sometimes talk among themselves within Arctic igloos, around campfires, inside desert tents and jungles huts about how they can be so powerfully gripped by a catharsis desire to purge a life time of pent-up emotions and negative restrictions.

First comes the delirium of the awakening of their soul—like a cat scraping claws against a post to sharpen and hone them for the attack—to only have their heavy burden ripped asunder by the understanding arms of their lovers—they then respond by dashing themselves against the rocks of their lover’s trust and acceptance.

Again, for these same lucky ones, the reward after such an expurgation of this emotional nature is finding an endless river of true love.

Nature abhors a vacuum, and it immediately fills their huge cavern that previously held loneliness and heartaches with a rare and delicate affair to be cherished for a lifetime. Few even know of its existence; even fewer actually find it. Lena was “ripe” for it and its payment.

Lena now understood these blessings first hand. She was one of the truly lucky ones. She also realized the imperative necessity to come to terms with surfacing neophyte lusts.

“Just try to take a piece of raw meat from a ravenous and starving dog—good luck.” She later said to a close friend.

Still speechless and non-responsive to questions, she started licking her mouth in an unconscious manner, alternating between her upper and lower lips, (the sharpening of her claws); Lena sent her tongue to work, slowly working the surfaces into a glossy and buttery glaze.

Jack said he wanted to have her kiss him. She would.

She suddenly, and with total abandonment: Erupted.

Putting her hands behind Jack’s neck and pulling him down to her mouth, she kissed him unbridled and passionately; she returned the kiss Jack asked for. Lena was also giving her heart to Jack through the conduit of her mouth.

Her yearning and need resulted in a pulsating oscillation of love and lust coursing throughout her nervous system. Of course, it was only natural that her pussy continued gushing spoonfuls of her cherry-flavored honey onto her panties and down both her exposed legs.

With every moment her lips were fused to Jack’s, her cunt lusted for more attention—she wanted to be fucked and the cherry-flavored and sweet honey she was producing was the currency she traded with—the stock options were 100% “pink” chip and the market was “up” and “hot.”

Lena was thrilled, and yet amazed at her feelings; and even more curious about her impulsive actions. She always considered herself an intellectual being; a dyed-in-the-wool professional. What if the head of the nursing department saw her now, and how would she explain herself?

Lena was still determined to honor her virginal oaths; vowing to give her flowers only to the right man and only when he fell in love with her. She had very serious fears of abandonment—of being used and then discarded. These fears were the greatest fears Lena confronted in her life.

Yet, she continued reasoning to herself: Can a canoe stop itself once it falls over the edge of a waterfall?

Never once had she let her body rule over her mind; that was Kristy’s sexual forte. It felt divine, however, to just let go. She adored the concept of an out-of-control canoe plunging over and into her waterfall!

What was happening to her? It felt that Jack’s body, and especially his shrouded cock was a catalyst; a trigger firing one large and hard inter-continental warhead at her; a grenade being emotionally discharged at point blank range; thus releasing a screaming, super sonic bullet through her cunt, past her cervix and into the inner-chambers of her heart.

She was literally shaking with lust, yet mentally sensitive enough to grab hold of her only chance at true love and forever hold her man in her arms!

Her love for Jack was so strong and so instantaneous that the continuing touch of his warm and embracing arms around her body felt…well?…felt like the aorta of her heart had a giant thumb wrapped around it and was gently squeezing it to death.

Yet, she was not suffering, “death throes,” but, “living throes,” and breathing life at its fullest capacity. Pumped up on endorphins and adrenalin, she was living for the first time in her life and she would do anything for her man; anything!

Lena loved Jack enough to give him her “bouquet of flowers” right now and on this grass, but she needed assurances that Jack loved her back; that Jack would need her to be exclusively his woman.

Lena’s first kiss that she had given to Jack and all that it meant was now Jack’s to have. As one of the “lucky ones” of history, she experienced instant and true love.

She did not care if others understood this phenomenon; it was so rare, yet, also real. This type of love is not measured with a calendar or seasons of courtship; time does not exist for this type of copulation-of-the-heart; Lena was in love with Jack!

Jack was now the one who was T-boned. He responded by putting his arms around her and, as he lifted her off her feet, pressed his mouth deeply into hers. Their bodies were fused together as tightly as a braided rope.

To amplify and enjoy the climax she now sensed coming, Lena jumped up and wrapped her legs around his naked waist; the leather apron was all that separated his upper body and cock from her now semi-exposed pussy. The skin of her fleshy thighs was well lubricated and the scissor-lock of her ankles assured ample leverage; she was trying to pull his 240 lbs through her hips. She was the gymnast again and going for the gold.

Suddenly it happened:

She felt her first-ever climax exploding like the first milliseconds of the universe’s Big Bang. It was such a powerful and forceful climax that it caused her to see electricity and hear buzzing. Her cervix shook its head so violently that she thought she would have to run out and play in rush-hour traffic, just to put it out of its epileptic fit.

As her pulsating pussy splashed wave after wave of hot and sweet cherry-flavored juice from inside her uterus, she tensed her mouth so tightly to Jack’s face and locked her tongue so deeply in his mouth that neither she nor Jack could breath. It was the cathartic eruption necessary for the love.

However, her expurgations were reaching unsafe limits when she realized she was snapping off her designer fingernails as she involuntarily dug into Jack’s bare back.

Instantly, gaining control of their union, she pulled away from Jack chest, releasing her mouth and arms from their hold, and grabbed hold of the bib-part of his apron.

She would not allow herself the punishment, however, of untangling her legs from his body as she pounded his loins

Instead, she threw her upper body away and backwards from Jack’s chest; in a free-fall horizontal with the ground while her ankles remained locked and pulling. She continued the onslaught of climaxing, gushing, and “dry fucking” Jack’s cock through the leather apron.

She soon felt Jack’s wonderful hands reach around and cradle her perfectly muscled ass. Her skirt was slid up over her stomach, letting her man enjoy the view of her pink thong panties that bunched deeply into her cunt’s slit; the forget-me-not flowers printed on the material were receiving an afternoon thunder shower.

The swollenness of her outer lips was so full that they hid six inches of the stretched panties that became trapped and smothered between them; squished between her camel-toe.

She could see and hear her cunt lips splashing as she continued climaxing against his hips; she pumped and pulled her gargling pussy against his body. She was glad for her gymnastic training and realized how she had just now discovered “gym-nasty,” (Kristy’s term); skills that must have been dormant for years.

Cherry-flavored pussy juice was now spattering profusely against the raw leather of the apron and becoming trapped in a natural hallow created by Lena’s encircling legs and pussy and the taunt resistance of the leather apron’s acting as a caulking seal.

Jack said, as he held Lena and smiled in her eyes, “I will never forget the look right now on your face. I would be the greatest artist in history if I could capture that ‘look of love’ on your face. I only wish you could see it, too.”

Lena said to Jack, “Oh my wonderful man, I am; just from the inside looking out.”

Like the marble and granite hangnail that lay glistening in the sun a few feet away, her exposed pussy and dripping pussy hairs also reflected the sun light. But unlike the hangnail, the exposed stars clipped out of the hair of her pussy were so richly soaked with Lena’s cherry-flavored syrup that they refracted the bombarding photons from the sun into columns of colored light—the exact phenomenon of a prism creating a rainbow; just as the garden hose had done for them earlier. Lena’s pussy-hair-art of sculpted stars had now become: “Shooting stars.”

Inspired by the complete trust of Lena within his hands, Jack became a human merry-go-round, slowly spinning her and humming softly George Harrison’s, Here Comes the Sun, while pivoting in one spot.

Lena felt so safe within his muscled arms and noticed that he never once took his eyes away from her eyes as he twirled and softly hummed. She saw his complete adoration.

The Ice Man’s eyes had just captured her spirit.

This was her man and she wanted to be his woman; here and now, tomorrow and past the age when the Sun turns into a red giant.

It was like a merry-go-round ride at an X-rated amusement park. Still spinning parallel to the ground, Lena extended her arms fully out and past her head, and felt a slight breeze eddy through her fingers as she wiggled them like she was playing a piano.

She watched the clouds swirl in a circular kaleidoscope. Her ears were ringing, and she dreamt of both marriage and of raising children with her man.

Jack was making her feel like a little girl as he traveled with her through the after-glow of her first orgasm.

Jack was her brass ring and she was going to hold him close; kissing on him; breathing his air; drinking his water, and sleeping in his arms!

Jack rescued Lena that afternoon.

Suddenly, to the surprise of Lena, she saw Mrs. C come out of her oceanic cavern; the clit started working her way up out of the surf and to one side of her stretched panties.

Slowly standing at first, but then in one sudden rush, Mrs. C stood like the gold-medal winner on the presentation podium. She was an all-American clit and proud of it; like the Washington Monument on the end of the National Mall.

Lena’s clit had been fighting the entire time to get out from behind Lena’s panties.

Now she was saluting both Lena and Jack with her head held upright, erect and proud.

This was the first time Mrs. C had ever experienced a true organism or even seen the sun light. I guess you could say that Mrs. C was experiencing jamis vu, too.

Extended, she stretched two inches high, so high, in fact, that she flopped like a cowgirl riding a mechanical bull as Jack spun and Lena pulsed.

Lena reached down and touched Mrs. C with three fingers, but… WOW!!!

It seemed that Mrs. C was very miffed at Lena, apparently because she did not get to come out and play at the start of Lena’s first organism.

Mrs. C suddenly exploded with her own tantrum; a little baby riot, complete with whistles and bells.

The adolescent-floor-banging-tantrum triggered Lena’s second orgasm that was even more intense than the first orgasm that had just subsided; Mrs. C beat her “milk mustache” against Lena’s pink pussy lips.

The strength of the second orgasm hit like birthing pains. Lena now pulled up into Jack like she was doing a sit-up; her elbows were touching his chest as her hands now were together behind her head. Her chest was just inches from Jack’s apron and two buttons popped off her blouse as the limited space was fought over by her tits.

She started first with an uncontrollable shuttering; she looked like a woman giving child birth, her face was bright red and her eyes were squeezed tightly shut.

Lena then started whimpering at first, then a death-goggling growl escaped and then she burst into open sobbing and soft screaming as her main orgasm started. Her pussy burned with a ring of fire.

It was then that Mrs. C was hit in the face by the first splashing of the second orgasm’s gusher of cherry-flavored pussy juice; it started Mrs. C really turning blue and screaming her head off; pounding her head down against the trimmed pussy lips of Lena’s cunt-mall.

Lena started to almost go into convulsions as Mrs. C had her fit. Lena screamed and wiggled against Jack’s apron while Jack now moved his arms up to support her back as she softly chewed out a small hole in his leather apron.

Nearly curled-up in a fetal position while her legs were still tightly wrapped around her lover, she whispered her love to Jack as she rode out her orgasm.

She then separated her hands from behind her head. She placed her left arm around Jack’s neck and reached behind Jack’s apron to wrap her other hand around his cock. His cock was covered with so much pre-lube that it was hard to hold onto.

She squeezed its shaft and it nearly slip out of her grasp. She then gripped it right around the head and took her thumb and began rubbing it on the crown, back and forth over the slit at the top of Jack’s cock; like a teenage playing with a joy stick with buttons.

Jack’s own eyes rolled back as he was nearing the point of going over his own event horizon; like being sucked into his own black hole of no return, (even light can never return once in a black hole), and neither would Jack be able to stop ejaculating if he got started.

But Jack was scared he was hurting her as he tighten against her energetic thumb-rubbing of his dick, In fact, he was pulling her so tightly to his chest that he heard buttons pop off her blouse.

But actually, Lena was nearly hurting him with the death grip of her legs around his waist. Her ham muscles were so defined and were also involuntarily straining with each pulse of her cunt. The couple was literally dripping with Lena’s cum; Jack’s apron catching the bulk of Lena’s “pussy-geysers.”

Yet, eager to satisfy his own desires, Jack took one hand and pulled her ass even closer to his cock and squeezed her ass so lovingly that his fingers had worked completely under her cum-soaked panties and he was feeling nothing but very wet and very hot ass. It was slicker than hot Maple syrup on a runny butter dish.

One of his fingers then brushed across the straining “rose bud” of her ass, resulting in Lena instantly pulling up to him out of reflex; putting both her arms around his neck again. The one hand that had been holding his cock was out from behind his apron; the hand dripped with his pre-lube; the drippings splashed and began running down his naked back.

She started her passionate kissing again. She was so stimulated by Jack touching her ass-hole that she craved for him to touch her “rose bud” again.

She was nearly moaning tears of rapture as she shifted her weight to her arms around Jack’s neck and relaxed her ass downward, giving more accessibility for Jack to play in the back yard as she rubbed his cock against her panties.

Jack slipped his middle finger, (the one that had been severed at the first knuckle), against her begging “rose bud;” first rubbing it slowly and with a twisting motion in her fluids. He then punched it stoutly up her ass and all the way home to his knuckle. His finger felt so wonderful to Lena, and it had no fingernail to catch—it was her personal, mobile, “butt-plug.”

Jack was also interested in kissing her, wanting to check his own aggression, because of his unleashed strength and the popping blouse buttons.

He was so conscientiously sensitive to her needs and fulfillments that kissing was a relatively safe pursuit for Jack in his heighten animal-state of sexual arousal.

And Jack could kiss for three days.

Lena, as she subsided from her second orgasm, heard Jack whispering his joy to her and he again lowered her and started twirling her around in their impromptu merry-go-round; a gently-paced spin to match her after-glow and re-entry.

When her climax was nearly over and with her left arm still supporting her weight, Lena brought her soaked fingers that had played with Jack’s cock down from his shoulder and to her lips.

As she continued to be spun by Jack and with his finger still up her ass, Lena began slowly sucking her pre-lubed fingers individually, starting with her pinky finger. She licked until all four fingers and her thumb were picked clean. Then Lena licked her palm and back hand slowly, not wanting to miss a single drop of Jack’s pre-lube. She fantasized how she would enjoy drinking both of their juices mixed together. She then realized that she could.

Sitting still in Jack’s lap as he stopped, and with her left arm still supporting herself, she now reached again behind Jack’s apron and “lubed up” her hand. Reaching down into the puddle that formed between his apron and the hollow region around her cunt and thighs, she swished her fingers and hand into the standing juices. She then pressed her fingers tightly together and formed a “ladle” with her cupped hand and pressed-together fingers.

She dipped her cupped hand into the pool of cherry-flavored cum and pre-lube and then carefully scooped out a few spoonfuls into her improvised “ladle,” raising her hand to Jack’s mouth. She whispered for Jack to lean his head back and open his mouth, but asked him not to swallow what she was about to give him.

With the gentleness and skill of a trained nurse, Lena carefully trickled half of the cherry-flavored ambrosial mix onto his lips, tongue, and mouth. She even felt some of it splatter on her own face as she missed his mouth and hit his chin, because he smiled at the taste. She laughed with him and then told him to wait for her.

Lena then leaned her head back and did exactly the same with the remaining “ladle’s” contents into her mouth.

With her left arm still around Jack’s neck, she pulled herself up to Jack’s lips and placed her dripping lips sensually against Jack’s dripping lips and began rubbing their lips together, side to side.

Pressing her lips firmly now against Jack’s lips, she then shut her eyes and slowly pushed her cherry-flavored pussy juice into Jack’s mouth. She could feel the warm fluid leave her mouth and into Jack’s mouth as she rubbed his throbbing cock against her hips and panties; humping his cock through the apron as her liquid gift was received into his mouth.

With Lena’s mouth now empty, she whispered for Jack to push his full mouthful back into her mouth; mixing their fluids together.

She moaned as she swallowed both their shares of her cherry-flavored pussy juice, mixed with the residual pre-lube she swished earlier from her hand. She then started settling her ass down on Jack’s finger further, with a spiral twist of her own hips. Lena then kissed Jack with her whole heart, using her tongue and lips as UPS messengers.

Lena had enough fluid in the reservoir for one more serving. She repeated the ceremony with its exact precision—presenting her ladle and its offering; only this time letting Jack swallow the combined mouthfuls.

Lena used this exchange of their fluids as an offering to Jack of her commitment; similar to two men becoming blood brothers by cutting a strike across their right forearms and then pressing the bleeding cuts together; mixing blood.

Lena was becoming a “blood brother” with her lover. He was the “brother” she never had.

As Jack swallowed their shared drink, he began rubbing his other shorten, index finger inside her pussy, pressing it against the flesh wall that divided her pussy and ass. He squeezed his index finger that was inside her pussy down against his middle finger in her ass, and then, pumped his hand as one unit—a double-barreled shotgun.

Kristy said that it sounded like Jack was using a sawed-off shotgun.

Each kiss grew more rampant with Lena as she was responding to the simultaneous sensation of the middle finger pumping her ass and the index finger rubbing her cunt’s interior lips. She was also sending her heart to Jack via her own tongue and lips; lingering longer and still tasting the residual after-taste of cherry.

Still with her legs around Jack’s body, Lena then wrapped both arms around Jack and placed her head against his shoulder, settling completely down against his fingers in her ass and pussy while hearing both his breathing and beating heart. Lena was never more content in her life, being held by her man and feeling his fingers deeply inside her.

Lena’s cherry-flavored pussy juice was continually dripping off the back of Jack’s hand as he held Lena’s ass and pussy.

Then, completely out of the blue, Jack said: “Hbenenqel’anch qbeghuynisdi daghelteych’ duyeq bet’uhdilt anen nazahden.” in no more than a whispering voice into Lena’s ear.

When Lena asked what Jack just had spoken, Jack said that the language he spoken to her was Dena’ina; Athabascan. Jack had an uncle with whom he lived with for 13 years on the Yukon River; near the Arctic Circle; he taught Jack his native language.

Jack said that the literal translation was: “Beauty to my heart, the air and the life you have taken from me is like the river’s grip.”

Jack then explained to Lena that when he first saw her, his breath was taken; similarly to falling into freezing water.

An equivalent word from the English language would be “Breathless.”

Lena knew that people have a reflex that locks their nervous system down if plunged into freezing waters, (the trigeminal nerve). The victim is instantly immobilized from breathing or swimming, sinking into the freezing abyss. But this paralyzing effect amazingly extends the victim’s chances of revival by 20 extra minutes, since all the blood is centralize around the vital organs and body core, as well as no water being drawn into the lungs.

Jack whispered, “Lena, I just said to you that I was breathless when I saw your beauty and ‘fell into’ your life. You are the river flowing though eternity and now you have pulled my life with yours into that current; down the rivers of time our hearts are forever united.”

Jack just told Lena in his Anthabascan’s love poem that he was hers for all eternity.

Lena just buried her head deeper into Jack’s shoulder and glowed from her happiness, graciously meeting Jack’s continual pumping of his fingers with moans and squirms of her own.

After a few minutes Lena was feeling playful again in the sun and stretched out again for her merry-go-round ride to continue; the intense feelings of love’s flower-buds were now opening and blooming into bouquets of joy.

Jack slipped his fingers out of Lena’s ass and pussy and supported both ass cheeks with his hands as he again circled and floated with Lena in their world; Jack now looked down at her exposed pussy sparkling in the sun; her clit was nearly standing two inches high. He would love to suck on her clit but remembered how sensitive it could be if stimulated; it could trigger an immediate orgasm with a gushing release of cherry-flavored pussy juice.

As Jack stared at her pussy, he noticed the “light show” of colored rainbows illuminating from Lena’s pussy and clit; the star-fractured lasers were shooting and bouncing off the trimmed stars sculptured from her pussy hairs. Her groin was burning the fuel of Lena’s cherry-flavored pussy juice like the sun burns hydrogen.

Jack said to her as he noticed these colored flames, “You are my FIRE LADY, and pulled her up to kiss her”

Lena said back to Jack, “You are my ICE MAN,” and kissed him back.

Fire and Ice are names used to describe diamonds; there is no harder element found on Earth; diamonds are forever.

Together, Lena and Jack—FIRE and ICE—formed a precious gem stone to endure for all eternity.

Lena would remember that afternoon, and what it produced every day thereafter; she understood that the Earth labored under pressure for millions of years to finally produce one diamond. Lena and Jack formed there perfect diamond in one afternoon.

But their diamond was even richer than the Hope Diamond. Their diamond was formed out of love and affection; forged in the bellows and furnace fires of ENOUGH.

Jack stood Lena back up to her feet after a few minutes of swirling. He really did not want to let her leave his arms; he had found his woman and together they had found their happiness.

Standing there, Lena felt 26 years of repressed feelings and emotional blockage flow away as she again slipped her tongue back into Jack’s mouth. He responded in like manner, slipping his tongue so sweetly into her mouth that she could feel him softly moaning a lullaby. A little child in both of them seemed to be re-born that afternoon.

He was not much older than she was—perhaps only by a year or two. But their age matter very little to Lena. She knew that this was her soul mate; Jack was an once-in-a-lifetime fusion of her heart with love, her brass ring—no, her fulfilled dreams of a diamond ring and marriage—and she was committed to him now.

Lena wanted this man for her husband. Lena felt loved for the first time from any man: A love that was unconditionally given.

(Kristy would later say that they should send a snappy memo to the Olympic committee and suggest that a new series of “gym-nasties” be included in the next games. She also thought reptiles should be allowed as an option to be used in routines. Everyone silently agreed that Kristy is the stuff gold metal winners are made of).

Jack’s prominent bushy eyebrows and thick, wavy hair were coal black, (sprinkled here and there with wet streaks of red marble dust). His jaw was strong and squared, and a “five-o’clock shadow” emphasized the gentle curve of the clef in his chin—sort of like that “Michael Douglas look.” In fact, if movie stars were a proper analogy, then Jack’s lips were pouty, full and luscious like the lips of that actress married to Brad Pitt: the one with the pair of lips that every boy wants around his dick.

Men are conditioned from childhood by their society to become dead to their feelings: Young boys are taught that they are: “Nails, rust, and puppy dog tails……….be a man………suck it up………don’t be a pussy…….quit your whining…chin up, old boy…and on…and on.”

A boy born into American society is faced with a life time of suffering…of role playing and more sadly, feelings of his heart being numbed.

Jack also sensed, as do most men, that he also needed this other half of his seared emotional vortex filled with the “sugar, spice, and everything nice; “a vicarious feeding of “feelings” from women, (also conditioned from birth), to balance the equation out.

Women were supposed to be his salvation and his connection to personal feelings. He meant to have it, because he also was conditioned that sex was his only gateway for the freedom to share his own FEELINGS; the only time he was allowed to feel emotionally safe was having sex.

Jack was a poster-child of his own societal format and should not be blamed. Culture had purposely bent Jack and morphed male’s sensitivity into the non-emotional arena.

Since society needs disposable flesh to waste in wars, it profits the culture to create a one-serving minion to dance on the battle front.

Unfortunately for men, the string of the puppeteer is attached to their penises, jerked by everyone; they often find themselves in a distant battlefield and they become the moving ducks of the international carnival’s shooting gallery.

“Hurry, hurry boys, step right up,” the circus ring-masters shout through their megaphones while standing in their pin-striped suits with American flags on their lapels, “Three shots for a dollar,” and a G.I. Bill.

And tragically, another young man’s life is taken or his body maimed; America’s finest and most promising future snuffed and ruined—what a waste.

What if a private suddenly said to his commander, “Colonel, I do not FEEL like running at another desensitized man shooting at me, today.”

How could a government rack up a body count that way? No. they need blind allegiance to include death; expressed feelings are not acceptable on the fields of battle; death is necessary to achieve their body counts and carnage; desensitizing begins at birth for boys.

Lena had a monumental task ahead of her, nursing a lifetime of conditioning if she wanted Jack’s whole heart.

Yet, Jack meant every word he spoke to Lena; he gave her all he was capable of giving her: one half of a “real” man was buried; that other half, the desensitized half, was his buried feelings.

Meanwhile, Jack could taste the mix of Lena’s lips and the marble dust of his own mouth as he united her lips to his. A passing moment caught him thinking how he would like to work his tongue into the hips that growled wet hisses at his cock and simultaneously broadcasted the colors of the rainbow in the yellow sun.

Then without warning, Jack felt a series of “tinges;” (that is what he later call them; sharing his feelings with Lena). He said they were very similar to the static discharges created by the shuffling feet of someone crossing a rug.

Mini sparks of emotional electricity seemed to arc against his soul and heart, like the jumper-paddles of an emergency room’s defibrillator, being pressed down against Jack’s emotional chest.

What impressed Jack about these mini-charges was that he was now able, after a life time of being emotionally flat-lined by his culture, to feel his emotional monitor’s first “beep” of living and possibilities.

Jack saw the irony of Lena wearing a nurse’s uniform. She had become his personal nurse; Lena: the Florence Nightingale was reaching out to him.

But, old habits die hard, and Jack’s coping mechanism included the “acting out” of his incognito characterizations and humorous dialogs when “feelings” arose to challenge his ego and threatened his social training.

It was like a boy whistling past a cementer at midnight; acting tough but feeling insecure.

Jack thought that Lena was his Florence Nightingale. As a survival reflex of his ego, Jack would think in his mind that she sure gave yummy mouth-to-mouth “recreation;” a play on the real term “resuscitation;” and just like being resuscitated, Jack needed to start dealing openly with his emotional feelings and living reality. Lena knew this.

Lena learned immediately that this was Jack’s “tell:” His role playing; a poker term used to identify an individual’s unconscious twitch or flinch when bluffing.

These tiny sparks were deeply speaking to Jack, now. They were faint, yet real. He withdrew from Lena, his brow wrinkled with perplexities as he experienced them. He was responding to emerging feelings and needed cave time to sort his feelings out. Jack could not put his thumb on it, but there was something exciting and it was happening to him internally. And he liked it…a lot.

Lena knew Jack was dealing with feelings, seeing Jack’s face and perplexity.

To Lena’s star-struck eyes, Jack’s emotions seemed like they were trapped and were patiently being chiseled out of a raw block of marble—an unfinished work of love, hidden beneath the “hangnails” of his culture; trash that needed just to be chipped away to reveal his true beauty—the masterpiece was there the whole time; just smothered under all the garbage.

The leather apron was too small against his muscled chest and 6 1/2 foot height.

The prominent bulge just below his waist seemed to particularly strain against the brown leather which was nearly thread-bare; worn smooth and several shades lighter, because of its constant brushing against stone surfaces, (even though it was just recently soaked through and through with her cherry-flavored juice).

She now observed how that beads of sweat, from the warm afternoon sun, ran down and across his neck, shoulders, chest and nipples, playing hide-and-seek with the apron. The bronzed color of his skin against those drops of sweat only amplified his physique to Lena. He wore them like she wore her own uniform.

She was hopelessly, as well as being unashamed in love; she was “sweep-off-her-feet-in-love” with this man.

Jack broke the silence by saying her name, “Lena Connors.” He moved his tongue slowly across his rich and well-endowed lips; watering a new smile.

Jack had just read her name tag, again

Still smiling, he moved his eyes up from her badge and looked deeply into her eyes as if he was studying her. The artist part of him was trying to fix in his mind’s eye every feature of this gorgeous woman. He continued to feel “tinges” and subsequently thinking of funny things to say. The defense-mechanism was like a gag-reflex, but he tried to control it.

For the first time in Jack’s life he was being given unconditional love—no-strings-attached kind of love—and this was his private jamis vu. Unconditional love was the only way to chip away the societal “hangnails” and garbage and allow his repressed feelings to emerge. Unconditional love was the “hammer and chisel.”

His friendly smile was showing his perfect white teeth. Lena thought how infectious his smile was, and what a stark contrast from the dust, sweat, and the deep tan of his handsome features. She was unaware that she had instantly responded to his smile with her own, (one of Lena’s ‘tells’ that she was in love).

Again, her pussy was starting to drip like a faucet; another one of the “tells” of Lena’s love.

(Kristy would say that it was very fun to kiss and “tell.”

Having cut off the bottom half her red, white, and blue latex body suit and occasionally wearing it as rubber thong panties, Kristy particularly liked the way the cut-out always left her cunt exposed underneath her nurse’s skirt.

Some afternoons at lunch time, she went to the mall and shopped for shoes in her latex thong. The sales person would get to see how patriotic Kristy really was when they measured her shoe size. It was important to utilize the lunch hour effectively. She always had two or three sales people eager to help, even when they were swamped at lunch time.

Also, when Kristy’s hand went under the desk in class and the muffled sound of a plastic dick was buzzing, you could always “tell” when Kristy was having a Kodak moment.

Lena had a problem: A “faucet that dripped;” that was no problem. Kristy knew about drippy faucets, too.

Kristy would tell Lean that to fix a dripping faucet, she would need a new O-ring kit made by Trojan, installed, and properly attached to an erect and throbbing pump handle).

Standing in the back area of the yard with Jack, Lena was still lost by the grip of her physical response to Jack, but now she wrestled with the intellectual demands of her professional demeanor.

She could smell the scent of herself and her man in her nostrils.

Jack now could see Lena’s introspection and the need for him to now comfort her as she analyzed, or in the nursing lingo “triaged” herself; dissecting the problem in a methodical process, and then prioritizing the most critical issues.

Her mind was so focused that she lost her environmental awareness, as so often happens to serious students who study over many years; the “absent-minded professor” syndrome.

Jack reached over and slid a lock of hair from her eyes, physically “kick-starting” her senses up again and bringing her back to reality.

The electricity of his touch set off vibrations through Lena’s whole body, especially deep into her soul.

Yet, she still needed to scrutinize her persona: She was standing on University property and she had cherry-flavored honey juice running down her legs, (as well as emotional-honey-juice running down the walls of her heart).

She was on campus and a faculty member; she re-buffed herself, remembering how shamelessly she wrapped her legs around her man.

Yet, she would do it again in a heart-beat, under any conditions; she WAS shamelessly in love with her man.

She had two buttons missing on her blouse—no, four buttons—and her tennis shoes squeaked as she walked from being soaked both by Jack’s garden hose and her cherry-flavored pussy juice. She was missing several fingernails.

Lena looked around as if she was inventorying the school’s pharmacy or looking for misplaced clothing. Had she over-looked anything? Objectively, her behavior was very questionable for a professional nurse, but completely understandable for someone who just won the Gazillion-dollar-love-lotto. Her priorities were simple: Love and affection.

It was at this point in time that Lena saw another marble sculpture that was over five feet tall; a statue nearly life size; this was Jack’s work.

It was gorgeous. She was drawn to it; taking three steps past Jack and putting her hand on the smooth texture of the woman’s face. In the sun light, the composition was superb. The naked woman was holding her naked lover, a stunning man. He was gently reaching his hand around the woman’s neck and holding her left breast with the other hand. His lips were suckling her nipple while his limp genitals were being cradled by the woman’s hand as he lay “like dead” in her lap. The male figure looked amazingly like Jack. The male figure’s eyes were closed.

The piece had a surrealistic, as well as a realistic style to it, yet the piece somehow exhibited resonance. A certain irascible and vitriolic tenet stirred the lines of reality that touched the very deep, internal confluence of where the viewer’s soul and spirit coupled together. She just stood there in awe as she studied the piece.

She made an audible sigh of admiration. She could see where he had smoothed the nipple of the sculpture’s right breast with expert patience. Each tiny bump of the circling areola was perfect. The nipple was erect and perfect too; in all manners: a masterpiece. Somehow, with his keen eye and masterful skill, he had also shaped the areola and nipple so as to appear to be three shades darker than the rest of the statute.

Jack had been working nearly two years on it and it was nearing completion, in fact, in just days he hoped it would be shipped to Seattle for an important international show. He was still un-decided on what chemicals to use as a finishing; each marble was unique in its elemental make-up. He had it mounted on a wheeled, metal cart so he could bring it outside to work in the sun.

Lena now moved closer to Jack, the man that had created this masterpiece. Her respect deepened, not only for the man but what he could do.

Lena asked Jack if he had yet named his sculpture.

Jack said he called the piece: Mother and Son.

Lena looked at her watch and then realized she was very late for some appointments, remembering the reason she came to Jack in the first place. She quickly explained the point of her mission to Jack and mentioned that her sister, Kristy, had suggested the employment opportunity.

“Yep, Missie, this here pard would greatly aprecett a chance to roap a feeu more doggies to his poc-kit.” he said in his best cowboy-under-the–covers dialog. He was thinking of Roy Rogers getting to drink from Dale’s camel-toe. Lena spotted the retrogression of Jack into his “safe” zone; the “tell.”

Jack thought that he must be getting giddy, did Lena just say, “…sister, Kristy?” He then realized Lena was Kid-O’s sister.

Jack studied her face for a moment and then realized how much she looked like her sister: the same nose; the same eyes; and the same huge breasts. Kid-O was a nude model in Jack’s 101 drawing class where he worked as a teacher’s assistant, one of the four jobs Jack worked to help pay for the cost of his Doctorate program.

Lena reached into her purse to find a business card. She was late for her class. “Call me later today, okay, Jack?” and handed him her card and ran.

She was so beautiful. He said to Lena as she ran: “Adios. ESPOSA FUEGO,” (Goodbye, Fire Lady)

Lena stopped dead in the door way, turned, and said, “Adios, HOMBRE HIELO,” (Goodbye, Ice Man).

She knew Jack was dealing with some dormant feelings, because of his “tell,” and ran back to him, dropping her purse in the grass, and kissed his lips and slowly said, “iiiiisssssssss,” (the sound of water striking hot fire). Then Lena whispered in his ear as seductive as is possible, “Try all you can, but you’ll never put out this taco flame, my Mexican Poncho Villa

WOW!!! Jack thought to himself that he must be getting really good, Lena knew who he was.

Lena was there less than an hour, but changed Jack’s live forever.

He was glad for the break in his afternoon schedule, so he could sort out his feelings and reflect on the most thrilling one hour of his life. He already sensed the loss of Lena and felt lonesome. He wanted her—badly.

He had to hang his apron out in the sun to dry; it had gotten a little damp.

Finally, he had to police the yard so the mower man would not chew up marble chunks into his cutter.

While picking up discarded pieces of rock and trash, he suddenly discovered seven broken, French-styled fingernails lying in the grass. They too refracted the photons of the sun into colored shards of light, and yet, they were dry to the touch.

Continuing to look for the “backyard artifacts of trash,” he saw a long plastic dildo lying where Lena had dropped he purse. He saw that it used two ‘C’ batteries and was made in Hong Kong. He turned it on and then off—batteries seemed fresh.

He then observed that its shaft refracted the light just like the fingernails did. He smelled it. It smelled just like Lena’s cunt.

BUZZZZZ! Somehow it came on and then he then dropped it into the grass. Only Maxwell Smart would do something so silly, he would have to return this to agent 99.

Jack was dealing with some serious emotional issues.

The Afternoon

Lena was so dependable in carrying out her schedules, that she was never late to any class, as a student or teacher. She never used sick-days, letting them roll-over to the next year until she lost them altogether, for not using them at all.

Meanwhile, Lena had just finished the call into her office about the broken and bleeding fingernails and also how she had to take the afternoon off.

The amazed secretary asked if she heard Ms Connors correctly: The secretary was asking again if Ms Connors was taking an afternoon off. Lena said, “Yes.”

Someone in the office was now going to win a large-money jack-pot; the winnings from wagering on when the first day Lena would take a day off. The secretary checked her own wager.

Lena was now on her cell taking to Ping Ponk,

Ping said to Lena, “No can do day, you waitee un till Mondaaa, thatsa your day.” Thursday too busy, com back latteor.

Lena said, “Listen, I will pay double your money.

Ponk said, “all bookie uppp, misssie, you com back Mondaaa. Ping take ggoood care, goo byee, got much busssiiness right now.

Lena was frantic because two of her nails were bleeding from being snapped off and broken.

She said, “Mr.Ping Ponk, I need help right now. I do not have a bra on right now and my shirt is so thin. Please help.”

(A momentary pause), then Ping said, “Misssie is beast customer, Ping very happy to helppe the beast customer in troubbble, com rigghtee now, quickee. Me takkee looong time, soo slow.

Lena may play dumb, but she was not stupid.

After Ponk’s stop she had a hair appointment and some real serious shopping for an outfit.

Lena said quietly to herself that she was going to, “Hose down real good for her pard and love him soo slow.” She would just have to remember to pick up some different bubble bath at Ponk’s. Lena felt violated back at the Arts building when she smelled, “Ms-’KISS’-My-Ass,” and her bubble bath smell.

Just as Lena left Ponk’s shop, Jack called and explained that he just realized that he had to administer finals over the next two days. He also said his schedule now prevented the extra job, too. “Sorry.” Could she meet him Saturday in Wasilla at the Diamond Q at 10:00 A.M.? Jack said he would love it if she could go horseback riding with him, if the weather permitted.

Lena said, “Of, Course.” Then Lena said, “Jack, I’ve fallen in love with you am counting the seconds until I see you. And I don’t think you could split a second that I haven’t been thinking of you.

Come to me like an ambulance with lights and sirens blaring, my heart is already hurting to hold you in my arms. I really have fallen in love with you. You have…. (an intermittent pause)…172,804 seconds until I can let my breath out and kiss your lips.”

Lena never had felt so excited in her life, but speaking of seconds, she only had 172,611seconds left, and she was still counting down. She meant it when she said that a second could not be split that she was not thinking of her man.

She was beginning to feel butterflies in her stomach again.

She called Kristy to come to the mall so they could talk.

Kristy showed up 20 minutes later with two of her “friends.” One was a handsome boy about 17 years old named, Dustin. He was the cousin of Kristy’s current lover, Butch.

When the sisters met up at the mall, Kristy told Lena that she had to see something cute: Butch’s cock. At first Lena was stunned at the statement, but standing in an exclusive shadow of a closed store, Butch gleefully whipped out his cock to show anyone interested—he was absolutely proud of its tattoo.

Butch’s cock was tattooed with flames from the inked, candy-apple-solid-red cock’s crown-head, down the shaft to the base and up to his belly-button with surrealistic flames. The flames were brightly colored yellows, oranges, reds, and lined throughout with fine blue lines. There was not one centimeter of natural flesh on Butch’s cock. The flames looked like the paint job of a 1931 Ford Model A roadster seen on a hot rod magazine cover.

Kristy was so proud to show Lena the dick. She called it her, “Pee-cock,” (Ha, Ha).

Kristy said that when Butch showed her his cock and then got it real hard— it looked like a real “hot rod,” (Ha, Ha).

Lena then asked Butch in a condescending matter, “Do you shoot 30wt oil for semen and fart exhaust fumes out of your ass when you pop a nut?

Kristy was so shocked at what she just heard Lena said that her mouth dropped open—no, “shocked” was not the right word, “stunned” would be a better word. Kristy never heard Lena talk so vulgar.

She told Destin and Butch they better call her later and said to Lena, “Girl, we need to do some serious “conversating,” pulling her to a bench. Kristy also said she never seen Lena in a t-shirt in public; never seen her bra-less—Tell me big sister, what is going on? Kristy thought Lena’s nails looked gorgeous.

Lena told Kristy about her day after she had left her at lunch; she told her how she fell in love with Jack; how that she climaxed all over his apron; the “blood brother” bonding; the hole she gnawed into his apron bib the second time that she climaxed, and finally, their date for Saturday morning.

Lena also explained about Fire and Ice.

Kristy was in shock and yet pleased for her sister’s happiness. She had her own vision of biting her own holes in Jack’s apron but refrained from saying anything to her sister and hurting Lena.

Lena then changed the subject and asked how Kristy’s bite was doing, taking the bandaged hand of Kristy’s right hand into her own hand and looking at it.

Kristy’s term paper was about Muller’s Ratchet:

The phenomenon of genetic mutation accumulated through repeated exposure to X-rays; how one exposure builds consecutively upon the previous exposure; damaging the genetic strand.

Part of the lab work involved collecting DNA from many sources, including plant and animal samples. Kristy collected samples from anyone wanting to participate including Lena, Kristy’s fellow art class students, and lovers, (collection of their samples was particularly fun). She even collected Dr. stick-your-cock-into-a-live-colony-of-fire-ants Bong, and Jack’s.

Kristy was trying to swab out a parrot’s ear with a Q-tip at the pet store when the bird turned and bit a pizza-shaped chunk right out of the soft skin between her thumb and index finger, “… for no reason.” Kristy said. Lena had to put 19 stitches in her hand.

Kristy told her lab partner who had done a geriatric collection from the Pioneer Home that they should sneak in the pet store and send the parrot to either parrot finishing school or 14 horny pirates in Singapore. Kristy was not going to give that Polly a cracker, bitch.

The Diamond Q

Lena walked up from the parking area and to the paddock that was just behind the barn and stables of Diamond Q Riding Arena. The more, well-to-do doctors and lawyers boarded their show ponies at the stable, mostly Arabians, as they worked their white collar, Lexis-earning careers. There were about 55 horses in the stable and Jacks stallion was isolated in the back shed and paddock.

The owner of the stables did not like stallions, as they would tend to bite and try to mount mares when they came into season. They could be a hand full for even the most experienced owner any time of year.

Carl, the owner, allowed Jack to board his stallion there, only because he had know Jack for 14 years and Jack had work intermittently through those years for Carl; the owner who came from Texas. Carl and his Misses fell in love with Alaska and never returned to Texas; not that Texas is a bad place.

Carl and the Misses were deeply enthralled with Alaska’s pristine forests and waters; the scalloped wetlands where millions of birds migrated each summer to breed, and most of all the mountains: Purple walls of granite and ice crawling across the tundra in every direction, like a school of caterpillars rambling across a backyard porch of a farmhouse; looking for a place to spin a cocoon of rock and ice.

Carl and the Misses were young and in love when they first arrived in Alaska. The Misses came from Switzerland; she had light blue eyes and typical Scandinavian-blond hair, and tits that would rival the Matterhorn.

She just loved to suck Carl’s cock and had all the moves of a Swiss watch, including one she did in her native tongue to Carl’s nut pouch; Carl particularly liked it when she had a piece of glacier ice between her teeth as she rubbed him; and then she would immediately “warm” him up.

Being young and broke when Carl and the Misses arrived in Alaska, they grew marijuana in the clearings and meadows in the Matanuska Valley north of Anchorage.

Their skills, combined with the 24 hours of sunlight, clean air and pure water produced a grade of weed so superior, that it became known as “Matanuska Thunder-fuck”—legend held that two totes off a glass water pipe and you felt you were sucking the mufflers off a Ski-Doo snowmobile “high-marking” a mountain pass.

However, the Misses used their weed in cookies, cakes and strudels, (with wild blue berries and high-bush cranberries, yum, yum). The couple ate up any profits, but the Misses sure could cook; Carl had a real sweet-tooth for the pastries and could get very amorous after just eating two of the cookies with nuts and chocolate chips.

Carl gave Jack his first job when Jack was a street-kid and 13 years old. Carl saw Jack at a fast food restaurant getting free cups of hot water, then going to the catsup dispenser and pump four shots into his cup. Jack would hungrily drink down the water and go back for more. Jack was on his third cup when Carl asked him what the hell he was doing.

Jack finally admitted that no one wanted to give a 13 year old a job and he was eating his meal for the day: tomato soup. Carl said, “I’ll be damned, kid. What the fuck has America come to when its children live like the fucking communists? Go up there and order yourself anything you want. And listen kid, be sure to get six of them cookies, they are real good. You work for Carl Sanders now and no damn employee of mine is going to eat tomato soup. What’s your name kid?”

Jack told him.

Carl then asked Jack if he minded mucking shit out of stables for his suppers.

Jack said that he was not sure. Jack asked, “What does ‘mucking’ mean?” Jack was thinking it might mean fucking mothers.

“Kid, you are going to go far in this cum-stained world. Now get up there and order you a meal, and tell them to super-size it. You’re going to need the protein. And Jack, do not forget to order them cookies, they’re real good.”

On the ride back to Diamond Q, Carl asked Jack where he slept. It was summer time and warm, but winters in Alaska could be hell. Street-people were always freezing to death.

Jack said, “Nowhere.”

Carl then asked Jack, “Why don’t you just go back to your fucking home. Living nowhere is no way to live,” taking his cowboy hat off and wiping the liner with a napkin, and then popping another bite of cookie in his mouth.

Jack said, “Because it worse.”

Jack was the product of Alaska’s foster care system.

Carl said “It must be those motherfucking, pinko pukes in Juneau; they get all that fucking oil money and shit it out of their asses. Kid, if you need a room, you can stay with me and the Misses as long as you work. But listen, if you want a free ride, than get your fucking, lazy ass balls out of my truck right the fuck now.” Carl then slowed his Chevy down and then pulled over as Jack was stuffing fries in his mouth.

Jack liked Carl right from the start. Jack did not have a single lazy ball in his bag and ended up working his ass off for Carl and his Misses. They were the only family Jack had and he loved them, even if they only loved him back, conditionally. Jack grew to be a man; he had street smarts, a strong work ethic, and the body of a draft horse.

Carl felt good over the years, watching Jack grow, finally saying to the Misses, “I feel like Jack is my son. I know that he can never replace Tom.”

(Later, Carl told Jack, “Tom was killed in Iraq by some chicken shitted, fucked-in the-head kid who blew himself and thirteen fine, American marines up to Hell and back.”).

“Jack is one tough motherfucker and I would sure hate to fuck around with him.” Carl said to his Misses.

Carl was right; no one fucked around with Jack!

The Misses smiled at her husband of 38 years and offered him a cookie; cookies settled him right down, especially the chocolate-chip one with walnuts. Sometimes the cookies made him feisty too, from all the sugar.

If Carl got frisky, he would pop a few Viagra in his mouth like jelly beans. He could get all worked up with the help of his Viagra buddies, sometimes getting an erection that could last two days and three nights.

Sometimes, the Misses even snuck handfuls of Viagra into her cookie dough, and WOW, could that Carl get horny then; burning the extra “punch” of the Misses’ cookies like a Nascar driver burning racing fuel.

The Misses thought a few times Carl would kill her, fucking her in the ass the way he did, but it comforted her to understand that if she were to die, it would be with a great big Alaskan grin on her face.

Also, seven other couples came Friday nights to the Sander’s ranch for dinner, and after the Misses served up her special cookies, the entire group stripped naked and fucked each other like prairie dogs.

Lena Gets Ready to Ride

As Lena spotted Jack in the back paddock and started running up to him, she saw that Jack was brushing out the most beautiful, solid black horse Lena had ever seen. The horse shimmered like a tar pit as Jack pulled his brush through its long, wavy mane. The stallion was proud and tall. It was a champion and its physical size was exceptionally huge, which was intimidating to Lena.

Bullet, Jack’s stallion, turned its head towards Lena and danced a little nervous side-step as he heard Lena run up. Bullet had a single white mark on its forehead that looked just like the bullet hole through the glass of a gangster’s shot-up car window.

Bullet then snorted and pulled its ears back half way, now looking at Lena’s dog, Bo. “Back off, I’m not your chew-toy.” you could see Bullet thinking about the dog.

Bo, who was equally caution of the powerful stallion, was lifting her nose up and sniffing at a safe distance away.

Jack gave Bullet a re-assuring: “Easy Boy,” and an apple and moved from around and behind Bullet and eagerly picked Lena up in his arms, twirling her; unable to contain his joy. Lena felt the confidence and strength of Bullet in Jack. Jack was a thoroughbred champion and a real stud, too. Lena wanted to be Jack’s mare.

He smothered Lena’s rosy cheeks over and over with fun kisses; with the popping of a sub-machine gun kind. He “ratti-tat-tated” his lip-bullets all over her face, ears, neck and shoulders; and suddenly stopped, slowly kissing her lips with the most: “Woman, am I glad to see you.” kiss.

He then placed his hand on Lena’s tits and gently popped her nipples with his thumb and index finger like Lena did to herself in the picnic area. Although Jack did not see she her stimulate herself, he heard her, and Jack was one sharp cookie.

Jack smiled and said to Lena, “Boy. I am glad to see you.” Jack then stepped back, rubbing his hands excitedly up and down Lena’s arms, his eyes laughing with excitement, and saying to her, “And, Thank you. Thank you.”

Jack just captured Lena’s body with his eyes.

Lena asked Jack, as she reached up and rubbed her extended nipples with her own fingers and thumb, and then, lifting her bra and tank-top up to her chin, began rubbing her tits against Jack’s naked chest, “For what? For this: (rub….rub….rub), Mr. Cowboy Man?”

Jack had his straw hat on with an eagle feather stuck in the hat band and looked the part of a cowboy. The hat band also was studded with several gold nuggets the size of your thumbnail and ceramic forget-me-nots. He had his Tony Lama boots and jeans on, too, (a new pair of Levi 501).

Bullet had finished his apple and turned towards Jack and Lena. He flared his nostrils, snorted, than inhaled deeply, lifting his nose in the air. The apple must have had been sitting next to the bing cherries at the road-side fruit stand, Bullet thought, as Lena’s cherry-flavored pussy scent filled his nostrils.

Bo was still at a distance away, but lying on her front paws, absorbing the entire scene with her ice-blue eyes. Her front feet were crossed under her chin, never once taking her eyes off Lena. Occasionally Bo would wag her tail if something happened. She wagged her tail a long time when Jack started fondling and kissing Lena.

Jack said to her, “Yes, and for this too,” placing his lips quickly against each nipple and kissing them; “…but for loving me and being here. Thank you”

He then reach down and cradled Lena’s tits in his hands and started sucking each nipple gently; alternating; with equal time to each; stopping occasionally to lick his tongue around the areola, and then boldly and deeply sucking both her areola and nipple together. It was a mouthful.

Jack could then see the pupils of Lena’s emerald-green eyes start to dilate as he touch the tip of his tongue at the front part of the base of her neck between her collar bones; the indentation of sunken softness. Lena later told Jack it was called a supersternal notch, when he asked her. Lena enjoyed it when Jack asked her medical stuff.

She let out a little gasp.

Still cradling Lena’s tits, Jack lifted her head backwards, with his lips against her chin, and then move down and kissed the center of the notch, first once… then twice… and then a third time. He then kissed an inch above the notch, moving up her neck. He then kissed two inches above that kiss, moving further still up her neck.

With his tongue, he then began lightly marking a line against her neck all the way to her ear lobe; whispering, “I love you,” between the drags of his fleshy, wet lips and his relaxed Magic Marker tongue. The tongue almost squeaked across her flesh.

Now squeezing and tugging her ear lobe with the gentlest taunts with his teeth, he simultaneously massaged her tits with his hands and then her whispered, “You are so ravenously gorgeous; my air is taken away with my heart. Carry me down your breasts and to your oceans of happiness between your legs.” Lena’s heart almost stopped at the implication of Jack’s last sentence.

Jack kissed her soft spot behind her ear; then again, drawing his tongue down and across her neck to the notch; kissing her again three times in the notch, before saying, “I am going to post a sign on your neck that will read: Jack’s lost heart—call owner if even found.

Lena knew that phone number would never ring; she owned Jack’s heart and it was buried deep within her bosom.

As hard as Lena was trying to maintain a normal pulse rate, her breathing now was so rapid that her head was getting light. She needed a paper sack to breathe into; like they taught her in school.

Jack noticed goose bumps on Lena’s skin and her breathing was twice her normal rate. Her tits were rising and falling like she just ran the quarter mile. He could clearly smell cherry-flavored pussy juice and saw that her hands were tightly balled up into solid fists of anxious anticipation. She was shaking as if she was suffering hyperthermia.

That Lena sure loved her Jack.

Jack said to Lena, “Yes sir ree, by jingle, there air a new gun-thrower in town tonigh, fellas. Wher’ is Misey Kitty? I’sal wants to drink from hir camel toe lik a reel man can do from a hoos print in thee mud.” Jack thought that the comedy would help reduce Lena’s heart rate. Jack also wanted to spread her legs apart between two fence posts and lick her pussy with the true grit of his tongue.

Bullet thought the improvisation was corny and slapped a hoof twice in the dirt. But no one fucked with Jack, even Bullet only smacked the dirt twice, knowing better than to really “Boo-Hoo” on Jack’s parade—and the horse weighed four times the weight of Jack.

Jack encouraged Lena to relax, which Lena began to made a visible effort doing: deeply sighing; shaking her shoulders, and moving her head from side to side, and trotting in place. Lena felt tension like she was back on the high beam—at the Nationals, and needed loosing up before the competition.

Jack now saw the beautiful, thick and rich, flowing locks of Lena’s red hair falling freely from the heavens to earth like a scarlet waterfall softly cascading from side to side as she trotted in place. This was Jack’s first time seeing her hair down.

Lena secured her hair by scrunchies made from leather and Velcro that bunched the shimmering waterfall together every 12 inches to provide some facsimile of control.

However, her hair was so thick and the scrunchies squeezed the hair so tightly, it resembled a string of sausages hanging from a butcher’s window.

The hair reached down to the ground, except for the last eight inches of distance. Combined with the weight of the five scrunchies, Jack thought her hair could weigh as much as his own cock; his dick working the other direction, trying to reach up from the earth to the heavens, but restrained by Jack’s pant leg.

Lena was able to buy her five matching scrunchies from a native, Athabascan Indian, who was now 101 years old and lived in the Pioneer Home in Anchorage. The woman had sewn tiny, tiny beads in the pattern of forget-me-not flowers on each scrunchie. These hair-ties were the last thing she ever beaded, losing her sight to cataracts.

Lena occasionally visited the old woman at the Pioneer Home, bringing her bowls of Eskimo ice cream made from seal oil and berries, and pieces of smoked salmon from generous patients. When Lena would stand to leave, the old woman would reach outward, bobbing her hand in the air blindly to Lena, until Lena took it, and then she would squeeze Lena’s hand with her bony grip and say to Lena in her native tongue: forget-me-not, little one, you are part of me.

Lena was always touched by her spirit; she would lean over and gently kiss her cheek and say: “Never, blessed Elder.” Lena would then take her aged and quivering hand and slip a $100 bill into it so the old woman could call long distance to relatives who lived up past Fairbanks, on the Yukon River. Lena had the most giving and pure heart—24 carats of solid love.

Coming out of her hyperthermia in the paddock with Jack, Lena crinkled her nose up at Jack as her eyes laughed. Lean continued to calm down further. She reached up and took his hands into hers and rubbed them against her face. Lena said to Jack, “You silly goose,” knowing now that Jack truly enjoyed her luscious tits.

Lena was dealing with years of emotional baggage; Lena feared that he would somehow reject her tits, thus rejecting part of her.

This was the first time also in Lena’s life that she cherished someone looking at and appreciating her tits. Lena wanted to go naked in the woods for Jack and show him what she else could give him. She even snuck a couple of kisses on his knuckles, again crinkling her nose at him with a smile, shutting her eyes and then holding his hands, pressed deeply into her tits.

Jack was the most exciting man she had ever known and she loved him with all that her 24-carat-heart could love.

Meanwhile, Bullet was “frothing at the bit to go” and so was Bo, who had now moved up to Jack’s hand as Jack bent down to Bo. Then addressing Lena, Jack asked, “Is she a Siberian husky?” Lena shook her head, affirming Bo’s blood line.

Jack held the back side of his hand to Bo, as he would do to any strange dog; so they would not feel threatened; as if you were grabbing at them. Bo crawled up to Jack and started licking his back hand while wagging her tail so hard it pounded the ground like pendulum.

Lena “re-packed” her tits back into her “saddle bags.” She wished she could just let the “hanging ladies” roam the wilds, but their weight was just too much and she needed the bra’s support.

Lena said to Jack, “Well it looks like Bo has found a new friend,” herself reaching down and massaging Bo’s favorite spot behind her ear.

Bo loved being with her “mommy,” especially riding in the car and going to the bike trails where Lena ran daily. Bo had the best time trotting along and acting so brave, barking at squirrels.

One time, Bo even “kicked up” a porcupine and boy, that ride to the veterinarian emergency room was not a bowl of cherries. Bo wondered why that squirrel’s demeanor was so prickly.

Lena then went to Bullet and rubbed his neck, moving her hand to his jaw and then his nose, saying to him, “Good boy.” She even tried the “rub-in-the-favorite-spot-behind-the-ear-trick,” she used on Bo. Yet Bullet remained stoic, swishing his tail at flies.

Jack said to Lena, standing up from Bo and seeing Lena trying to befriend Bullet, “And it looks like Bullet really like you.”

Lena asked how Jack knew that.

Jack said to Lena, “He always flares his nostrils, snorts, and then inhales deeply; lifting his nose in the air when he smells a mare in season. He hasn’t tried to bite or mount you, so he must like you; you’re not in season, are you?” he whimsically smiled at Lena.

Lena said nervously, “Mount Me?”

Jack took her shoulder, gently pushing her down to knee height with himself and pointed underneath Bullet’s belly. Bullet had a raging hard-on.

Bullet turned his head to look at Lena looking underneath his belly at his penis. Lena rose and took two precautionary steps away from Bullet and drew closer to Jack’s side for protection; grabbing Jack’s cock firmly in one of her hands and saying, “This is the only gun I want any ‘bullets’ from,” to Bullet.

Jack said to Lena, “I don’t blame you, I sure would not want that cock up my ass with ½ ton of horse flesh jack-hammering me!”

Lena’s eyes widened significantly with Jack’s last statement, causing her to move Jack between her and Bullet, and also pulling them both two more steps away from Bullet. She also whispered into Jack’s ear out of Bullet’s hearing range, “You’re just kidding me, right, Jack?”

Jack said, “Sure,” loving the feel of Lena’s hand on his own cock. Jack also turned to Bullet and winked.

Jack asked Lena if she had ever ridden bareback before. Lena said she had not, but rode a pony at the carnival as a little girl. “Did that count?” Jack said that it did, which made Lena more relaxed.

Jack threw a saddle blanket on Bullet’s back and explained the used of the snaffle bit, reins, and extensive “knee training” that he had taught Bullet.

Lena wanted to be on the same page of music for this little symphony, still intimidated by Bullet’s huge physical size and the knowledge that he could smell her cherry-flavored-pussy-juice: the prime cause that induced the animal’s hard-on. Bullet was sporting a boner the size of an oak baseball bat.

Lena was, however, cheerful that a soft and absorbent quilt was a stop-gap cushion between her cut-offs and the sweaty back of a horse. Usually, however, bareback means bareback: No padding or quilt.

Jack was the consummate teacher and was very re-assuring as well. Jack told her, “Bullet is hauling the most precious cargo in the world—you!” Jack said that he would not allow anything to happen to her.

Jack looked Lena straight in her eyes and said, “I give you my word!” Lena now knew why no one fucked with Jack; it was clear he meant it and you could see it plainly in his eyes.

All of Lena’s anxieties were quelled with that single promise of Jack’s.

Lena was learning to trust her man and understand him deeply. She would die for Jack, and now she understood he would die for her—still, in the back of her mind she hoped they would not die together, at least not today. She wanted Jack to suck and fuck her pussy before she died. She wanted to marry Jack.

Riding the “Bullet-train” was both scary and exciting for Lena. The adrenalin and endorphins were kicking in and it was starting to make her feel excited; just like it did when Jack had just sucked both the areola and nipple of her tit together; all in one suck; and all in his mouth at one time. Lena felt that if he did that again she would cum.

She wondered what it would feel like if she sucked Jack’s cock while Jack ate her pussy. Lena thought she should pack that thought with the saddle blanket for later, too.

Jack was taking her on her first real adventure. This was no pony ride at a carnival.

Jack went to Bullet’s face and grabbed the reins and bit in his hand. He had already picked the hooves with the frog pick to make sure no stones were lodged between the hooves and shoes. He earlier mentioned to Lena that he just hammered new shoes on him that morning and had finished only minutes before Lena’s arrival.

Now with Bullet’s full attention, he softly said to Bullet: “Be Nice.” Jack continued holding the horse’s face to his own and continued saying, “Be Nice,” until Bullet finally scuffed his front foot two times, acknowledging that he understood Jack. Jack then handed Lena the reins, put his hands around her waist and told Lena to mount; he effortlessly tossed her up off the ground and onto Bullet’s back.

Since Jack was eye level with Lena’s pussy now, he could clearly see her cunt and pussy hairs. Lena decided if Jack could go commando, then she could, too. Jack loved looking at Lena’s pussy and could see how moist she was under her jean cut-offs, already soaked across the crotch.

Jack had never been this close with his lips to her pussy before, and could not restrain himself. He pulled the leg-opening of Lena’s cut-offs up and away, and reached in with his mouth to her pussy lips, already spread wide apart over his stallion’s back.

Lena spread her legs even further apart for him. She took his cowboy hat off and put it on her head, as she reached down with her free hand and wrapped her fingers around his pony tail and clutched a fist of hair in her hand. She placed her heels up on top of the blanket to give Jack maximum entry into her cunt with his mouth.

If she had some cowgirl boots on, she would look like a real Calamity Jane.

She lightly pressed his mouth and his tongue deeply inside her pussy. Having a solid grip around his pony tail, Lena started slowly pumping his face and tongue against her cunt with a rhythmic motion as she leaned back on Bullet’s back. Wow, Lena though, this sure beats the plastic, mechanical horse rides in the mall for the little kiddies.

Jack could feel that she was a virgin as she let him tongue fuck her. Jack helped Lena enjoy even more stimulation by stiffing his tongue and extending it so deeply in her pussy that Jack could feel Lena’s hymen resist his thick tongue as it guarded the front gate to her holy chamber.

Lena’s hymen was crescent-shaped, like the shape of a ¾ moon and had a slit opening just large enough to allow the blood to pass through it from her uterus during her monthly cycle; it was a taunt membrane and stretched like a kettle drum.

It was still attached to her vulva lips; Lena definitely was a virgin, although her virginity was not an issue with Jack. The small slit to one side allowed Jack’s tongue to partially shove past and through the “gate.” Full access would require the “cherry to be popped.”

Jack stopped before he popped her cherry with his tongue—a very wise action on Jack’s part, especially with Lena on the back of an already agitated, 1000 lb. stallion.

Bullet sensed their fucking and smelled the wild scent of pussy, and started pounding the paddock ground with his freshly installed, steel-shod hooves while snorting and raising his head; back and forth; up and down, inhaling Lena’s pussy aroma.

Jack took the reins from Lena’s limp hand in case he needed to control Bullet’s breeding instincts and started soothing his steed. It took ten minutes for both horse and female rider to calm down again. Lena was in heaven; having had nearly cum. Jack asked Lena if she was okay. Lena said, “Come on lover man we have some trails to cover before sundown and drinking from this “camel-toe-coffee-cup” around the camp fire.”

Handing the reins back to Lena, Jack then grabbed some of Bullet’s mane in his left hand and in an effortless jump, swung his leg around, up, and over Bullet’s back, landing right behind Lena.

Jack then asked Lena to call Bo who was frantically watching them, wanting to come and join their fun.

With one extended arm riding under Lena’s left tit, it dropped across the top of her left leg and settled right in front of her pussy, Jack’s hand held tightly onto the part of Bullet’s mane on top of the withers.

Jack now whispered, “Let’s go find that pot of gold; rainbows are straight ahead.” Lena squeezed her legs gently against Bullet’s chest, and with a scrap of steel shoes against glacier rock and gravel, sparks literally shot out from Bullet’s hooves as he leaped forward with a snort, still fully aroused.

Bo sensed the electric charge in the air and ran as fast as she could 100 yards out; spun; stood, to make sure everyone was still coming; barked twice; turned again, and disappeared into to the Boreal Forests of the Talkeetna Mountains. The red husky was leading Bullet, Lena and Jack on the start of the journey of their life time.

On the Trail

Jack told Lena that horses had four speeds, just like a truck: walking, trotting, cantering, and, finally, galloping: the fastest. He asked Lena to just walk Bullet at first to let him warm up like an athlete and also let him get used to his new shoes.

Trotting was definitely out of question, with Lena’s huge tits, bra or not, they would bounce right off her chest, especially without a saddle and stirrups to post with.

Jack reached around Lena’s stomach with his right arm, just under her tits to provide more support by aggressively lifting them upward, relieving some of the weight and allowing them to rest across his forearm; “…like laying them down upon a fence railing.” Jack said, kidding Lena. He always held on tightly to the hand full of Bullet’s mane with his left hand.

Jack was naked from the waist up and his riding position allowed him to rub his chest affectionately against her back. It also allowed him to get down to some serious cock snuggling against Lena’s sweet crack and cowgirl ass. She looked so hot in her cut-offs, tank top and his cowboy hat.

He had an erection, (still repressed and confined by his jeans), from before she arrived at the Diamond Q. The stimulation to his cock was caused from just thinking about her; not from the images of her rainbow pussy, huge tits, or sweet, sweet ass, although any one of those could trip the wire, but the “tinges” he was now identifying synonymously with being irrevocably in love with Lena. Jack felt no man could love a woman like he loved his Lena.

Lena said that she, “Could not split a second that she was not thinking about him.” Well, he wanted to marry her and could not accept anything less; Jack loved not only Lena as a woman, but as a friend; not only as a lover, but as a life partner. As he held her, Jack reflected, however, how he had 11 months earlier planned on going to Ivory Coast in Africa; developing and publishing his dissertation for his PhD in Social Anthropology.

The tenets of his dissertation would argue the political upheaval of the ethnic sects and their social concerns regarding recent elections; especially studying the views and impact of a new government regionally, as well as impacts to all of western Africa.

He was also going to work in Yamoussoukro with a NGO, helping to set out a supply network for rural, disenfranchised children, as well as working with other NGOs in meeting basic needs of education and health requirements for grade-school aged children in the city.

He needed extensive funding that had not happened, and he was ticketed to fly in nine days to New York and then take a cruise ship on to Africa.

The question that most tormented Jack was: Would Lena go with him to Africa for two years, leaving her life here in Alaska and marry him?

Jack languished over the possibilities.

Jack was selling Bullet for $6,000 the next day to a breeder from Alberta, Canada. The Canadian drove his trailer up the Alcan Highway and was current staying in a hotel in Palmer, 20 miles away. Jack gave his word; the deal was done. The afternoon ride with Lena would be his last ride on Bullet.

The $6,000 was not even a good down payment for his new life; chump-change, really. Jack needed tens of thousands of dollars to make a difference in children’s lives.

As Jack pondered these and various other ramifications of his and Lena’s relationship, Lena was enjoying her new-found love of riding. She was in complete control of Bullet with the reins. She loved sitting atop of Bullet; sitting in the sun and hearing the red-polls, robins, chickadees, and the pigeon-sized Grey Jays, or as some call them: Camp Robbers, (for their habit of coming right into camp stealing and begging for tads and bits of food left out).

Bo had never been happier. Just look at her chase those squirrels, Lena thought. Bo was as alive and free as Lena. Her man’s arm now around her was the very best of everything wonderful now in her life!

Then, with the steady motion of Bullet’s stride, the hump protruding up from the back and directly above the shoulders of Bullet—the withers—started massaging Lena’s cunt region through the saddle blanket. If she scooted back she pressed against Jack’s cock; she enjoyed the stimulations from both ends of the hitching post.

As Bullet warmed up, so did Lena’s own muscles from his body heat and she became more relaxed. After 50 minutes traveling at a walk, Lena squeezed again against Bullet’s chest with her knees and he jumped from first gear into third gear; he was now traveling at a very smooth canter, or “near gallop.”

Lena was exhilarated with the sensation of the blanket’s motion now; the motion tripled the sensation of not only the blanket pressing the cherry-flavored pussy juice from her cunt, but also the riding motion of Jack’s body and cock humping against her from behind.

With his arm still under her tits, his other hand holding the mane and directly in front of her pussy, plus the accelerated pumping of the wither under the blanket, it was like going from a wood heater to a gas furnace fueled with plutonium rods. Lena now started humping Jack’s arm that was in front of her pussy; wedging the lips of her cunt against his wrist and shoving her hips against his fore arm. Lena suddenly climaxed. This orgasm was a small, vaginal type orgasm instead of the earth-shattering cervix tantrum conducted by Mrs. C. Lena wanted to ride like this all day long with Jack.

No wonder girls like to ride bareback so much.

Jack noticed they were cantering, but was so saddle-wise that he remained in his distant world of thoughts and options, not even aware of Lena’s orgasm or Bullet’s whinnies and snorts as the horse smelled Lena’s climax and could feel her sudden spasms as she pressed her legs and knees into his chest with involuntary contractions.

Jack decided he would talk to her that afternoon about marriage and Africa.

At Carl’s Cabin

A few minutes later, they came out of the trees and into a clearing at Carl’s cabin.

Lena instinctively pulled Bullet’s reins slowly back, reducing their momentum to a slow walk, and then finally stopping 50 feet short of the front of the cabin.

The cabin was a total shambles with clothes, tools, bedding; and ripped-apart bags of sugar, flour and coffee scatter across the front yard. The door was off its hinges, and three windows in the front were missing or shattered with shards of jagged glass still caulked in the frame.

Jack could see bite marks and claw-scratching around the porch screening. One support was bit into two pieces, breaking the four inch up-right like a snapped pencil.

Jack pulled out a Navy Seal switch-blade knife that Carl had given him and popped the eight inch blade open in one motion. It was the only weapon Jack had, and if Jack was right, hardly anything to fight off a bear with. Hopefully, the bear was gone. He then dismounted and walked towards the cabin cautiously, leaving Lena on Bullet.

Jack told Lena to turn Bullet around and call Bo who was moving around the cabin briskly, sniffing like a blood hound; occasionally stopping to sniff the air.

Lena suddenly became tense; apprehensive. “Jack?” she said in a concerned voice, “Was it the storm that blew for the past two nights or something else?” turning Bullet around at the same time that she talked; patiently asking questions; cautiously obeying Jack.

She then called Bo with an urgent command of, “Come!! Now, Bo!” Bo looked up from the yard, as her tongue was rollicking out of her mouth. She was now digging with both paws after a little mouse she saw dash from the sugar sack and down its hole.

Bo instantly came to Lena and sat down, waiting for another command. Lena said to Bo, “Take a load off, girl.” Bo immediately stretched out, with her paws in front of her; never once taking her eyes off Lena.

Jack finally found what he was looking for: bear shit. Jack yelled from within the cabin and out to Lena, “It’s okay, I just found some bear scat and it’s weeks old.”

Jack continued shouting to Lena from inside the cabin, “Man, is Carl going to be upset, this was his cabin.” Jack walked out of the cabin and waved at Lena, and then gave her the “thumbs-up” sign with his hand.

Lena noticeably relaxed, and yelled back if it was safe to get off Bullet and walk him closer to the cabin; she also needed to stretch and walk around a bit.

Jack said to wait a minute, and found a halter that he was looking for, and went to Lena and Bo. Lena was sitting on Bullet just a few feet from the creek that the trail followed up from the Diamond Q.

Jack said to Lena that his own hunting cabin was just up the creek about 400 yards, but they would need to also check it out cautiously—for break-ins. He lifted Lena off from Bullet’s back in one effortless motion.

He then put the halter on Bullet and reached down and scratched Bo on the favorite spot behind her ear that he earlier saw Lena do, and said, “You’re not only a pretty pooch, but a real “mouser;” a ‘gen-u-wine’, mouse huntin’ dog.”

Bo loved Jack already; licking his hand. Love him or not, however, she did not move until Lena said it was okay.

If Jack’s cabin was not in shambles like they just found Carl’s cabin, they could spend a few hours there.

She could try out his old cook stove, he said. She could even cook something for them and Bo, if the canned goods were still safe; not a lunch that would rival any five-star restaurant, but canned goods were easy to heat and quick to prepare.

The last thing on Lena’s mind was cooking.

He then looked at Lena with his penetrating eyes, taking a special minute as he cupped her face with both his hands; he thanked Lena for being so collected and calm under this adverse situation; so stalwart and positive, and then kissed her in the Alaskan sunshine. He told her he admired her for that quality.

All the recent and added excitement of bears caused Jack to become aware of the heighten swelling of his cock, still being restrained by the pant leg of his jeans.

He now looked down now at her cunt, as she stood on one leg with the other leg up on a rock, adjusting her sandal. He saw “the rainbow light show” between her legs, as soggy pussy hairs stuck out and flashed from underneath her cut-offs; just as he had seen it do in the direct sun two days earlier.

The reds of her pussy were exactly the same shade as the reds of the Northern Lights; the entire spectrum of the rainbow was there; the shimmer of her pussy lips wore their colors like a “coat of many colors.”

A trickle of Lena’s cherry-flavored pussy juice was swelling up and ready to drip off her very wet and swollen cunt. Jack reached into her pussy as Lena stood there and with his index finger scooped a finger full off the lips of her cunt and studied it in the light before sucking the honey off and into his mouth. Lena like Jack feeling so free with her body, and so did Jack. Jack then sat down by the creek and rested. Lena’s Ice Man was lost in thought.

Jack asked Lena, “Would it…maybe… if he could have a little of her cherry-flavored pussy juice.” Lena was still high from her recent orgasm, and said, “Only if you promise wash the bowl when you’re done, Buckaroo!” smiling at him and winking.

Jack explained that he wanted to give Carl’s Misses some small pebbles and soak them with the cherry-flavored pussy juice to use for a wind chime. Taking several small stones of various colors from beside the creek as he sat on his boulder by the creek, Jack passed each one to Lena.

Holding the rocks and without a moment’s pause, she un-snapped and un-zipped her cut-offs and dropped them, stepping out of them and standing in front of his face. Lena was expecting Jack might want to lick her pussy like he did while she was on Bullet’s back, maybe even fucking her pussy and ass. Lena wanted to feel Jack’s tongue lick her hymen; hoping he would go further and pop the barrier with his cock, and then cum over and over and over down her virginal tunnel. Lena was now burning with love.

Lena had consciously made the decision that fucking Jack was safe for her emotionally; to let Jack fuck her after only knowing him just three days. She knew that she loved Jack and also that Jack love her as deeply.

It was an important juncture in her relationship with him, after having first agonized that he might abandon her if she did not fuck him right away in the yard. Instead, he waited on her until she was sure it was emotionally secure. She loved him for that.

She was now positive. Jack was so patient and understanding with her, wanting to wait until she knew she was secure. Lena now wanted to now give Jack everything she had.

Jack reached up with his left hand and put his thumb and index finger between her outer pussy lips and spread them wide, exposing her vulva lips, and then reached between them, he could plainly see the flagship named after Hymenaeus, the Greek god of marriage and wedding.

Jack took the index finger of his right hand and rubbed it all around the lips of Lena’s cunt. He then did it again with the rest of his four fingers, so each would carry a generous portion away from Lena’s juicy cunt.

Jack could not restrain himself and stuck his tongue in and around her spread lips. Lena was going nuts as he finally licked her cunt clean to the bottom of the bowl. He let his tongue sweep several times over her rose bud, too. He smiled at her and winked back.

She wanted to taste Jack’s pre-cum, now, and suck his dick until he covered her throat with his cum. She wanted to fuck Jack so bad, and yet, had also enjoyed the stimulation of his tongue.

She then handed Jack, individually, his various rocks, as he then covered them with Lena’s “cunt donation” to the arts from his fingers.

Lena was fascinated with the entire process. Placing the coated stones on a large boulder to dry in the sun, he stood and went to Carl’s cabin to find a container to later carry the “prisms” home in.

He found a metal Band-aid box that would work and came back to Lena, who was petting Bo and facing the sun and absorbing the quiet mountain peace, as well as the sounds of the gurgling of the creek.

Jack stood for the longest moment just looking at Lena; his woman and lover; still naked from the waist down; finding that he cherished her adventurous spirit and confident nature. She definitely was a “keeper” as Carl would often say about his Misses.

As Jack and Lena continued to wait by the creek for the stones to dry, they heard the splashing of the first runs of King Salmon coming up the creek to spawn and die.

Jack pulled Lena to her feet and wanted to show her a special eddy that was a staging pool for hundreds of salmon.

The fish at this pool were so thick that Lena would throw little sticks and branches on their backs and count out loud in rhythmic cadence until the stick would drop off their backs and into the creek; it was like looking down into an open can of living sardines.

Lena clapped her hands together with excitement when she once counted up to the number “46.” Old timers said that they could cross the creeks by running across their backs without even getting their feet wet.

Bo began wildly running back and forth—from one end of the bank to the other, barking at the fish, until running onto one particularly declivous section of bank and falling into the main school of swarming salmons.

Lena and Jack laughed as nearly as hard as two days earlier, this time at Bo. The wet husky decided to first try and catch one of the fish; unsuccessfully obtaining that fish, she would then pursue another; while the school swam in every direction splashing their sassy tails at Bo.

Poor Bo; she just was not a fisherman.

“Bo would be better off chasing mice and squirrels.” Lena said. Then she said to Bo, “Come on you silly goose, catch us some dinner.” Many of the Kings Bo pursued were bigger and heavier than she was.

Lena reached over and kissed Jack and said, “Thank you my Ice Man for stoking the coals of this Fire Lady. This is heaven at its purest.”

Jack said to Lena, “No, this is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.”

Lena, taking his hand and placing three of Jack’s fingers inside her still naked pussy, started gently pumping them deeply in her thick juices, and said to him, “Then this is the pot of gold at the other end of that rainbow, lover boy!”

Jack smiled and said, “And this is heaven,” as he kissed her for three days.

Meanwhile the stones dried and shot micro-bolts of colored rays to the heavens. The three adventurers collected the rocks and Bullet and walked around the bend to Jack’s cabin.

Lena did not even put her cut-offs back on, enjoying the freedom of her body for the first time of her life as a semi-nudist.

Jack’s Hunting Cabin

The hunting camp was just as Jack had left it: un-molested and pristine. Jack put Bullet in the corral and Bo went chasing after some black-capped chickadees, still dripping wet from the creek, crashing through the fiddle-head ferns and fireweed; bouncing and barking with the most care-free spirit.

Lena went to look inside Jacks cabin.

The cabin was built from logs and had a sod roof. It had two doors directly across from each other; one door went outside to the back with its spectacular view of the mountains and its flocks of wild Dall sheep, Mountain goats, Woodland caribou, and glacier ice.

The front door open to a view for hundreds of square miles of Cook Inlet, the distant Alaskan Range and even Mt. Redoubt, one of Alaska’s 38 active volcanoes. If both doors were left opened, they provided a very pleasant cross-breeze through the cabin.

The Alaskan Range shimmered as it marked the horizon nearly 100 miles away; It looked like a welded seam of where a celestial force soldered the foot stool of man to the throne of angels; and the crown jewel of this divine tiara was Denali—”The Great One”—lying north and standing nearly four miles high.

“Denali” is an Anthabascan name now used for Mt. McKinley; Denali is also the namesake for North America’s most beautiful park, as well as one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Inside Jack’s cabin, there was an antique wood burner stove, (1892), with a bun warming compartment above the 4-plate stove top.

Lena had a fire going in minutes; to take the dampness and chill out of the cabin. As she tended the fire, she inventoried the spices and utensil drawers, food storage containers, as well as canned goods; checking out how her man lived.

It had propane lights and some emergency candles for lighting. There was a small table under the only window with some soapstone carvings in various stages of completion—obviously Jack’s work. Art work of every medium was present in almost every direction, as one looked inside and even outside into the yard. It was like living—within—an art project.

There was also a full size bed that looked inviting, covered with seven or eight wolf skins sewn meticulously together for a bedspread.

The headboard was gloriously carved from a drift wood stump and had six words carved across its arc:

Minds like Music

Hearts like Glass

Jack was a wood butcher and he knew his craft expertly. Lena also realized how fragile Jack thought his own heart was—she was never going to break it!

The cabin was Jack’s holy of holies; this was his cave. Jack had built it over the years, coming the 4 ½ miles up the mountain from Diamond Q, usually on his horse. He would spend the summers between semesters at his cabin, traveling to the valley below, working as a guide for one of the lodges at King Mountain.

Jack suddenly burst into the cabin and handed Lena a hand full of wild geraniums, wild irises and wild roses, saying, “Let me cover your naked body with these pedaled but pale offerings, my queen of the woods,” bowing with the flowers extended to her.

He then slid his cupped fingers from her ass up to her manicured stars and filled his hand with a healthy serving from her very juicy cunt. He said, “If you get to light the stove, I get to lick the bowl.” He sucked his fingers and hand with the joyous delights of a little boy.

Lena found a vase and set the arrangement in water; setting them on the table and loving her man who could be so playful. He left the doors open for them; both for fresh air and sunlight. Lena thought it was paradise.

Lena could hear the creek 60 yards below the trail as Jack removed his clothing, striping naked. He had been patient; a true gentleman. They both knew what was going to happen without words or instruction.

Just at that moment three Camp-Robbers flew into the cabin door and landed on Jack’s out-stretched arms and hand, begging for food. Through the years Jack had feed them from his hand. They were the only family Jack really had at his cabin and he then walked over to the cupboard and got some crackers he kept special for them.

Jack looked so natural to Lena. Standing naked with his cock erected and feeding the birds crackers. She stripped her own tank top and bra off and went and stood next to Jack and the birds. Jack handed one of the birds to her, letting it hop from his hand over to her hand. He gave Lena some of the crackers and she then started feeding them. She was enthralled with the experience and often mentioned to Jack how that she thought that the feeding of the Grey Jays was one of the most memorable events of her life.

What happened next was THE most memorable event of her life.

Stripped down for Jack, she took his hand and pulled him down onto top of her and onto the bed. His throbbing cock fell between her legs as he nested himself between her thighs.

Jack audibly moaned as the felt the head of his cock head slide on and around Lena’s stomach and pussy; his cock running profusely with his pre-cum, covering them both with the sticky lubrication.

She paused and said it had always been her fantasy to make love for first time on her hair flowing under her body and asked Jack if he would mind taking the scrunchies out and separate it so she could lay on it while he made love to her. They both sat up on the bed; they both were nearly trembling with excitement.

He did not mind; exuberant for the opportunity to feel his fingers run through the silken locks and occasionally sneaking a kiss on her upper-shoulders and neck. He loved the feel of her thick hair as he ran his fingers through it, separating her thick, soft ribbons and smoothing her cloak that she wore like a queen at her coronation.

Jack used the twenty minutes that he “combed” her hair to tell her everything going on in his heart and life; with particularly detailed accounts of his dilemma about Africa; his lack of funding; his leaving in nine days; and the selling of Bullet in the morning. He was even shipping his motorcycle with him to Africa.

He then told her how much he loved her, the things she brought to his life with her spirit and smile. He told her that she was meant to be by his side forever, and leaving her was not an option for him.

He then turned Lena around to face him, and gently placing his hands on her shoulders, asked her to be his wife; would she marry him a week from Sunday night and go to Africa for two years with him?

Jack said, “Yes or No?” Jack was pleading for Lena’s life with the help of his eyes.

Lena did not speak a single word the entire time Jack talked, listening carefully and thoughtfully to every word her man said. She also did not need any time to ponder his request.

Lena then told Jack of her own infertility; their need to adopt children if they were to have a family. Was he still sure?

Jack pulled her into his arms and said that he wanted to adopt every child in Africa if that were possible, and then kissed her with the passion of lost lovers finding each other after a catastrophe.

Lena then said, “You silly goose, of course I’ll marry you a week from Sunday and go to Africa or anywhere else you want. I love you with all my heart, soul, mind, and my strength; I give myself completely to you. I love you!

One of Jack’s four jobs was working as a master jeweler for a store in Anchorage, (on consignment only).

Jack took one of the three rings that he had made in his jewelry shop during the previous two days and nights and slipped it onto Lena’s left ring-finger. It fit perfectly.

The ring was made from gold, (fire), and Platinum, (Ice). It was simple but elegant; well executed. He carefully layered the gold and platinum in such a manner that they looked fused together, yet, one could clearly see that they were individual lines on the ring.

In the center Jack mounted a 2 ½ carat flawless white diamond, circled by Blue Topaz, (ice), and Golden Topaz, (fire); stones laid into a pattern of tranquility and peace; none of the stones were above the others— in a position to dominate; nor were any of the stones below the others—to be ruled over; the stones were equals that walked side by side around the diamond; circling and kneeling before the diamond of their union.

Jack also engraved their first names on her ring’s inner-band: Lena & Jack.

On the inner-band of his wedding band that Jack made out of platinum and would let Lena slip onto his finger on their wedding night, he engraved: ICE.

On Lena’s golden band that he would slip onto her finger in eight days, Jack engraved: FIRE

Finished with his proposal and hearing Lena’s acceptance, he scooped her up in both his arms with her hair in place between his arms and her naked body.

Her tits were so large and ripe that they hung heavily from her chest and down towards the sides of her body; her nipples were so taunt and erect that they pulled the areola upward from her tit 1 ½ inches, to form little “foothills” that the 1¾ inch nipples extended on up from.

Jack noticed earlier that when the area was un-stimulated, the tit’s areola and nipple were nearly flat to the curve of Lena’s tit.

Now, stimulated, they were stacked on top of one another and rose away and out from her tits three inches high; like Mini-Denali Mountains from the valley floor of her breasts. They were so inviting; craving to be sucked and pampered.

When the nipples were stimulated, the whole tit also became swollen and engorged with blood and passion.

Jack laid his woman onto the wolf skins that covered his bed. Lena’s hair was perfect and comfortable, lying under her naked body. Her lithe body was supple, and was inviting as her tits. The sun came through the front door and illuminated her pussy as she spread her legs apart and opened them very wide for Jack.

Her pussy stars were literally glowing with the colors of the rainbow as they constantly refracted the light pouring into the room. It looked like her pussy was on fire as Jack licked his own lips. Jack looked into Lena’s hungry eyes and said, “I love you,” as he lowered himself onto her hips

Taking his cock with one hand, he began rubbing the head briskly, and then slowly, teasing the fleshy folds of her pussy. He enjoyed every minute of his play against her pussy lips; twisting the shaft and circling around the entire opening for optimum stimulation for both Lena and him; pushing ever so slightly deeper with each circling.

Lena moaned a deep and soothing groan as she arched her hips off the wolf skins and up to Jack’s cock, trying to impale his cock head into her cunt’s depth. She was in torment, desperately wanting to have Jack make love to her, and to give her an opportunity to love him back.

Suddenly Jack stopped with his cock’s head directly pressing her hymen; his eyes seeking a sign of positive assurance. Placing his arms around her body, he cradled her face to his cheek; he then kissed her like it would be their only kiss for eternity.

She answered back by wrapping her legs around him and drove hard into him with a sudden and urgent thrust with her hips; shattering her own virginity against his cock and saying to her lover, “Love me Jack, I waited all my life for you.” Lena became a “woman.”

Lena was throwing open the flood gates of her passion.

Lena pulled Jack closer and arched her hips up higher, encouraging him to continue sinking his throbbing cock deeper and deeper into her cunt. His tongue was now dancing with hers as his cock head was hitting her cervix. Jack could not go into her any deeper, because of his excessive length.

Jack could feel the on-rush of cherry-flavored pussy juice pouring out of Lena’s cunt and Jack let her adjust to his entry. He did not move it inward or outward but just started forcing blood into his shaft to swell and harden it further. Lena could feel Jack’s cock swell and stiffen as it throbbed with each pump of his strong heart.

The cock’s head would intermittently press its soft texture against her “G” spot as she wiggled; making Lena feel like the entire cock head might explode any moment inside her, as she also tried pulling him closer and deeper within her legs.

Her arms were around his neck as he kissed her, as he rubbed his tongue against the roof of her mouth and as she rubbed his cock head against her “G” spot on the roof of her vaginal channel.

She was also pushing upward with her tits into his chest. Her tits were so full that it felt like a waterbed to Jack as he floated around on top of her chest on her very firm and ripe breasts. He felt the harden nipples press against his chest like a school bully pushing his finger into a nerd’s chest, taunting for a fight—pounding.

Lena was over-whelmed with her emotions; being suddenly now engaged to Jack; understanding that they were going to Africa, and having her man finally deep inside her. It was only then that she caught sight of her engagement ring and the diamond.

Earlier, Lena was so moved by the love proposal and the thoughts of marriage that her eyes had misted up before Jack even slipped the ring on her finger. Now, with both arms around Jack’s neck and her eyes cleared and she caught sight of the ring on her finger.

The early afternoon sun bathed the lovers with its golden rays and warming waves of life. The sun then caught the diamond and Lena saw its facets explode, shooting “fire from the stars” across Jack’s black hair.

Lena could not withstand one more moment of waiting to climax. She first felt her cervix open up for Jack’s cock head, circling its deep inner-lips on Jack’s cock; opening and puckering around the cock’s crown; lining up his slit and its opening for his blast of semen into her uterus.

Lena saw “in her mind’s eye” the cervix licking Jack’s cock head like a woman licking an ice cream cone; her cervix lips were spread wide apart and its mouth open, trying to work the sphere of Jack’s cock head with expeditious urgency before it too, “melted.” She felt Jack suddenly tensing for the beginning of his own orgasm; he was now emanating pre-cum sprays against her cervix.

The diamond caught the sun again as she lifted her hips as high as she could, opening up and pulling the crown of Jack’s cock head half way through her cervix as she beat “cervix-kisses” at Jack’s crown at the same moment. Jack exploded into her with his first string of cum.

The sun-refracted diamond of her engagement ring colored Jack’s hair with the colored beams of light—tears of the gods—as Lena and Jack came and came.

Lena’s pussy lips dripped her own “tears of joy” out, unable to contain Jack’s volume of semen and her own cherry-flavored-juice-mix. Lena continued convulsing in matched orgasmic rhythm with her lover.

She had absolutely no idea fucking could feel this wonderful—absolutely none.

Her cervix felt like it was sucking cum from Jack’s cock like a soda straw. It beat with pulses that matched Jack’s pulses perfectly. Her hips pumped in motion to Jack’s; she again tried to drag Jack’s 240lbs through her hips.

Jack helped her by raising her ass with his hands, also pulling her into his loins. He stopped kissing long enough to tell Lena how he loved her with all his heart.

Lena knew.

There orgasms faded and they soon fell into a world of glowing radiation within their sexual after-glow; still fused together as one; in every sense man and woman; husband and wife. Jack would never again call her “Lena,” but: “My Bride,” when he introduced her; Lena felt so cherished and loved.

In ten-inch-tall letters: “LENA” was now engraved on the inner-chambers of Jack’s heart.

In ten-inch-tall letters: “JACK” was now engraved on the inner- chambers of Lena’s heart.

Lena and Jack talked for nearly two hours, afterwards: They talked about Africa; funding; and even Bo’s visa. Then they both drifted to sleep for about an hour, Jack still inside Lena’s pussy with his cock the whole time; never wanting to pull out or away.


Later, they both were awakened by a resounding clap of thunder. Bo was whimpering by Lena’s head—she did not like thunder. The wind was blowing down through the valley and rain started splattering on the sod roof.

Bullet was feverously pacing the corral, almost frantically; as if he was terrorized by something. Jack got up and walked out to him, thinking he could calm him; perhaps mollify him with some sugar cubes. It was then that Jack saw the bear about 500 yards up above and behind the cabin. The blond bear was heading straight towards the opened door at the back side of the cabin.

Bears’ sense of smell is so good that they can smell a drop of urine in an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

In short bursts, they can travel 40 mph, easily out-running a race horse. They are the top of their food-chain, and fear very few things.

The bear was a grizzly; the meanest of the mountain bears. He was probably responding to his internal clock and heading to the creek for a salmon dinner. He lumbered; the fish would still be there; continually fattening him up for weeks; he appeared to be in no hurry.

Fortunately, bears have very poor eye sight, and Jack knew this. It was time for him and Lena to go.

Naked, he went back into the cabin and took his Bride’s hand and quickly led her to Bullet. Jack mounted him in one motion, holding onto the reins.

He watched the bear’s movement; suddenly the brute was now increasing his pace. Reaching down from Bullet’s back, Jack reached his hand to Lena, saying in a stiff command to her, “Let’s go, NOW!” Lena asked what was wrong, completely unaware of the bear or the bear’s quickening pace. She was naked; it was windy, and it was starting to rain. Understandably, she pleaded her case. She wanted to at least get her things.

At that same moment, Bo’s hair stiffened on her back, also now seeing the bear and began a series of heinous and vicious barking; scaring Lena, who still did not understand any of the events that were happening on the hill and behind the cabin.

Jack said to Lena as he gave her his most intense look, “NOW, PLEASE!!” Jack was motioning to her to move quickly with his out-stretched hand; curling his fingers together in a “come on, let’s go” action.

Lena reached up to her man and he pulled her effortlessly onto Bullet’s back and he felt her finally rest into place, behind him. He told her to lock her legs in front of his and squeeze around his waist for her life and hang on. Lightning flashed and another resounding clash of thunder started the rain to fall heavily on their naked skin.

He also told her to hold his cock in one of her hands; to help support him like he did for her tits—15 inches of meat could be grounded like hamburger and beat to death at a frantic gallop.

Lena turned around enough while seated on the back of Bullet to call Bo, and then she finally saw the grizzly as it stood and roared at them its territorial challenge. It stood only 300 yards away, and was silhouetted like a blond ghost in the rain, standing eight feet high and swinging its massive arms at them.

She immediately shouted at Bo to come. Bo did not hesitate, and was now heading to Lena at a full run, tongue hanging out and eyes bulging wide opened.

Jack did not wait for Bo and slammed his heels into Bullet’s side, utilizing his full weight and strength. Bullet, already scared, lifted his front hooves in the air and jumped off his back legs like a kangaroo, nearly dumping Jack and Lena off backwards.

He dropped down on all four legs and ran to the end of the corral. With Jack’s expert control, he leaped through the air, scrapping the fronts of all four hooves on the top rail as they sailed over the fence, just making the jump with two riders.

Lena just held on for her life; squeezing Jack’s waist around with one arm and holding his cock with her other hand. She worked her tits up and against Jack’s back to disperse their weight; they were relatively comfortable. Her legs were tightly pressed over Jack’s and her heels were soundly locked in front of and over his shins. They were truly one in body and now at a full gallop.

They both dropped low onto Bullet’s back like race jockeys heading for the finish. The rain started mixing with hail as they rode for their lives.

The winds brought on the storm and the grizzly.

Bullet’s eyes were watering and the moisture of fear was coming out of his nose. His ears were lying flat against his head and his massive chest was pounding under the naked bodies of Jack and Lena like a starving furnace sucking for air. Jack kept kicking his heels deeper and deeper into Bullet’s chest as he gripped handfuls of mane with both hands, shouting at Bullet, “COME ON YOU BLACK-BUCKET-OF-BOLTS; GET-THE-RUST-OUT.”

The bear was chasing them now, and quickly gaining on them. Lena thought she could hear limbs and branches being snapped and broken directly behind her. She worried about Bo and called her name again, but she did not think that Bo heard her in all the pounding rain and hail.

Bullet was now beginning to sweat profusely. The sweat was turning to steam as it evaporated off his coat in the icy storm. Jack was demanding an unreasonable performance and Bullet was complying with every ounce of his heart; Bullet looked like he had arisen from fire as his flared nostrils blew out steam and his body smoked.

Lena’s hair flowed out behind them like a great sail waving in the winds; curling and looking like red smoke as it flutter and swooned past Bullet’s own black tail—extending five feet out behind Lena’s head. The steam off Bullet’s coat and the flow of Lena’s red-smoke-colored hair accentuated the image of fugitives from the Bottomless Pit, being chased by Satan, himself.

Lena could now feel Jack’s cock swelling and stiffing in her hand; becoming slippery to hold with all his pre-cum running against his stomach and Lena’s wet hand being soaked from the rain and hail.

The freshly, steel-shod hooves of Bullet beat the rock and tundra to death, like a maniac.

They had made it about two miles when Jack called out to Bo to follow, cutting down a short-cut to the right of the main trail and on down to the Diamond Q. Jack hardly used this short-cut, because of all the over-grown brush and two places where the trail crossed the creek.

Bo followed and barked out loudly once, as she turned onto the short-cut and ran after them. She was now only 50 yards behind the horse.

Then, as if a great hand had suddenly pulled back the blacken curtains from the skies, the Sun appeared. They had galloped so quickly that they had out-distanced storm’s clouds and now were running in sunshine, beating the rain and hail—they had “fair sailing” ahead.

Branches were scraping Jack’s arms and shoulders and Devil’s Club thorns were whacking against Lena’s shins. Yet, they rode for their lives. Jack never once looked behind him.

He rode Bullet like a demon and Lena was his demoness; a black stallion from a distant Infernal, carrying royalty from a mountainous, glacial abyss; the front-rider having the strength of an ice berg, commanding sweat and muscle from his steed and the back-rider squeezing her lover with the heat and passion of Love’s own burning flames; the red trail of crimson smoke flowing from Lena’s head as they flew through the green, virgin Boreal forests. The grizzly, Bo, and shadows were all that could keep up with their pace.

The first creek-crossing’s water was over ten feet deep. However, Jack did not slow Bullet down, but only dug his heel in deeper, shouting to his Bride, “I LOVE YOU,” and drove Bullet off the gravel bank and flew out over the creek.

Bullet’s front legs extended straight out in front him as his rear legs shot his body out and across the running creek water three feet below his belly; his hind legs groaning like massive tree trunks in a strong wind. For moments the trio hung in the air, sailing over the creek waters like a gliding sea gull or soaring bird-of-prey caught in an updraft.

Lena thought of this momentary interlude as tranquil, almost calming; after all the jarring and thundering of steeled hooves against stony boulders and glacier-moraines. Time seemed to slow down for them, too.

Jack knew that they were only momentarily suspended in the eye of a hurricane and about to slam with the force of a 1,000lb sledge hammer against an anvil of water.

Bullet’s forward momentum allowed him to skim a few feet across the water’s surface on his belly like a boat, before he sank his front hooves into the water; pulling and straining as he pumped them in an equestrian dog-paddle. His chest accepted the brunt of the impact of the water; dividing the water like Moses divided the Red Sea; 10 feet high walls of spray, mist, and splash extending up and away as they hit.

Jack was thrown forward on impact but was braced as best as he could; he had leaned completely over Bullet’s mane and locked his strong fingers together around Bullet’s neck. Lena clung to her man even tighter, pressing her cunt and tits deep into Jack’s ass and back. She also pressed her cheek against Jack’s back.

They sank together with Bullet into the water, sinking up to their chests as the horse pulled and swam; his massive hind legs started kicking out and behind them now.

Then, as soon as it looked like they would drown, Bullet’s hooves hit creek-bottom and he continued to strain against the water’s resistance. Finally, he continued galloping up and out of the water and onto the opposite bank without a pause.

Bo was half way across the creek, with her head sticking up in the air as she did her own dog-paddling, Lena turned quickly to see where her dog was and then saw the bear.

The grizzly stopped and was standing upright on the other bank, swinging its front paws in air in front of its chest and roaring a challenge of combat. Both Jack and his Bride heard the challenge. Jack just dug deeper with his heels.

Normally, Chicken-lip, the grizzly, would have had swam the creek and continued his pursuit; however, he was getting old and arthritic now.

He almost caught the riders at first—if only he had been 100 yards closer when he initially started his chase. He now watched as the dog and horse disappeared into the bushes and trees on the other side.

Suddenly, a leaping King salmon reminded him of his appetite and the fish dinner waiting back up the mountain. He turned and left. He was in no hurry, now. The fish would be easier to catch.

For years the bear had terrorized the livestock and residents around Wasilla and the Talkeetna Mountains—killing and maiming. Carl posted a $2,000 rewards for his “ears” when Chicken-lip came one night to the Diamond Q and killed two of his colts, hauling one away.

It was Jack who had a part in the naming of Chicken-lip. Jack was the one who cut off the bear’s upper and lowers lips off with his switch-blade.

One night, while looking for shelter from a rain storm, Jack entered an abandoned miner’s cabin in the pitch dark. The grizzly was already inside.

Inside of the dark and rotting cabin, Jack heard something and took his iPhone out; he activated the lighted screen to act as a flashlight. As a precautionary measure he also popped his switch-blade, holding it in his left hand. He barely saw the bear’s face in front of him before the light went out.

The bear, temporarily blinded by the sudden light in his eyes, attacked at the light with its open mouth out of reflex. The bear severed Jack’s right index and middle finger from his hand just below the first knuckles. Like a paper punch or nut cracker, the grizzly’s canines ground both of Jacks fingers off instantaneously, between its teeth and the cell phone, with just one snap of its powerful jaws.

Jack swung his knife in the dark, also out of reflex; swinging his left arm to where the phone and his right fingers had just been, hitting the bear’s face and cutting off its front lips in a vicious counter-attack of his own.

The bear rushed out past Jack through the door, knocking Jack backwards and over a table with its wet and shaggy body as it ran outside. Jack could hear a “sucking-air” sound from the bear’s mouth as it continued running off the porch and up a little pile of “tailings” from the mine. He could also smell the wet stench of grizzly.

Jack could not call anyone for help, because his phone was nearly bit into two pieces.

Jack told Carl that the bear whined for hours just sitting up on the diggings, waiting for Jack to appear so he could attack in the open. Jack remained in the cabin trying to control the bleeding and pain. Yet, with a perfectly clear mind, he found an old broom handle and tied the knife to it; to act like a spear. The bear finally left at sunrise. That was three years ago and two fingers later.

(An old miner, Dead-Pan Willy, said he saw the bear the previous year up on the Kroto Creek drainage. Willy said, “It looked right at me, missing its lips and all… and it reminded me of a chicken’s beak, with them yell’ar front teeth ah show’n like a great big chicken smile.” Willy told everyone it had a chicken-lip; all bite and no beak).

Having just heard the bear’s challenge, and realizing that they were now in imminent danger of attack, Jack continued to press Bullet. Bullet also heard the challenge; he too was re-acting with continued fear and adrenalin.

Still galloping his horse, Jack was beginning to feel an additional surge of his own adrenalin. The surge felt like a mega-blast of wavy-sound, causing his ears to suddenly start ringing and his skin flush with heat.

His adrenal gland was “galloping” hormones into his blood which caused his heart to increase its rate even higher; much of surging blood went right to Jack’s cock. Jack thought his cock was choking to death as he felt it try to stretch through its own skin. It was throbbing and he knew he never felt such an erection and sensed he needed relief; it was on fire.

His cock hurt!

As a nurse-practitioner, Lena did limited types of surgeries, including vasectomies; having performed 32 of the out-patient surgeries. She had never seen, nor could she even imagine a cock looking as swollen as Jack’s now was.

The veins that ran along the shaft had nearly doubled their diameter. It was super rock-hard and had turned nearly the color of a black-cherry Popsicle with a deep, mid-night purple head. Lena could clearly feel and see the pulse of Jack’s heart beat in his cock.

Not only that, she noticed earlier at Jack’s hunting cabin, that Jack’s two Cowper glands that produced pre-cum, were the size of small plums, instead of the normal pea-size glands situated in the Bulbourethral bundle. They bulged in front of his over-sized prostate gland, (the gland which produces 98% of the volume of semen that males ejaculate). His prostate was the size of a tangerine; it was nearly three times the average man’s size. All of these glands were bulging out from between his balls and ass—normal for Jack.

With each bounce of Bullet’s motion against Jack’s ass, it would force out pre-cum, almost at an exponential rate; each bounce pumped and then sprayed excessive volumes of pre-cum into the air. Jack’s pre-cum volume was much more than most men ejaculate in semen. He sprayed profusely on Lena’s hands and even on her face as Bullet galloped.

On three particularly rough bounces, Jack caught Lena’s face with his whole load of pre-cum, splashing her forehead, eyes, nose, mouth and chin, the excess fluids dripping down onto and in between her pressed tits, forming a clear pool in their valley.

Lena was going wild; her blood was also pumped up excessively from her own adrenal gland. She succumbed to a form of cum-lust that was primal. She licked what pre-cum she could get with her lips with a frantic and feverish pace trying to swallow every precious drop.

Finally, frustrated that she could not release neither her hand from Jack’s cock nor her arm from around his waist, she decided that when she was splashed in her face, she would immediately rub and smear the pre-cum onto Jack’s back and off her face.

She then nearly inhaled the clear, salty juice off the skin of Jack’s back and into her mouth. When she got all pre-cum she could with her mouth, she started licking Jack’s back with her tongue; licking and sucking off his juices.

Her ears were now starting to ring also from her high blood pressure. The adrenalin had Lena panting as heavily as Bullet. Her nipples became rock hard and so swollen that they were super-hyper-sensitive to touch. It hurt them just to touch Jack’s back.

As Lena licked the pre-lube off of Jack’s back, Jack started humping his cock with his hips back and forth within Lena’s hand—wanting Lena to pound his cock with her fist; he was looking to her to relieve his burning penis; it felt it was on fire with so much pressure from the increased blood flow.

Lena found the situation now thrilling and erotic as her adrenalin now cranked and heightened her senses even more; highs never before reached. Her eyes were so dilated, that the green of her emerald irises had nearly vanished and dark holes were all that one could see, (adrenalin’s direct stimulation causes the dilatation of the pupils, helping for night vision and peripheral awareness),

Lena understood how Jack was obviously experiencing these most ancient hormonal releases, too. The increased blood being pumped through his body was giving him his trophy boner—nature’s own Viagra—in tandem with her hand and the lubrication…gosh…it had to be very stimulating.

In fact, Lena thought it would feel real good if she could ride up front again, against Bullet’s whither.

Lena beat her hand over the length of Jack’s cock vigorously for a few strokes, relishing the wonderful feel of his naked cock; amplifying her hormonal-induced high; the throbbing and pre-cum coating was splashing wildly as Bullet bounced against Jack’s glands.

However, Bullet was slowing his break-neck pace down, because of the extra weight of two riders. He was also beginning to stumble and was missing cadence.

The horse began crossing the second creek-crossing, which was rocky and shallow, fortunately with little incident. He only slipped a slight step as a shoe hit a slippery-moss-covered stone. The Diamond Q was not much further.

Lena could feel Jack get closer and closer to ejaculating as they made a tight turn in the trail after crossing the second creek.

Suddenly in front of them, was a fallen tree lying across the trail. The storm two days earlier had knocked it over; the high winds pushing the spruce tree and its roots over together, leaving no path to go around.

Jack, pre-occupied somewhat by his over-due release, still was drawing upon the important quality of “fight or flight” he obtained from adrenalin: “analytical awareness for quick thinking.”

He saw one chance to thread Bullet through two up-right limbs.

That is, if he wanted to take the risk of guiding his horse up and over the downed tree. It would be a tight fit. He knew it was a gutsy jump, and with two riders, even possibly reckless. Jack assumed the bear was still in pursuit, and also calculated their chances of surviving Chicken-lip’s attack—15% at best—probably death to Lena and him, as well as Bullet.

Lena then felt Jack suddenly kick his heels into Bullet’s sides which sounded like a bass drum and heard him shout, “BUDDY, NOW!! Jack suddenly leaned backwards with all his weight as they launched, arching his back like a bucking-bronco in a rodeo. His cock was completely exposed upward into the sky. Lena was forced backwards, too, being pushed back by Jack body, but still holding Jack’s 15 inch ready-to-explode-cock.

Instantly they were air-born and flying over the fallen tree.

Bo was now also air-born next them; leaping over the tree in unison with Bullet. Lena’s hair was flying through the air behind her, wet from the “near drowning” of their first crossing.

All four were free from Earth, floating through the heavens, simultaneously sharing the weightless travel from reality; they slipped the surly bonds of the land of Volcanoes and Glaciers; the land of Fire and Ice.

It was then that one of the branches suddenly impaled Jack’s left shoulder muscle followed by a loud “snap” as the branch’s limb broke off and remained lodged in him. The branch nearly sweeping the pair of riders backwards off of Bullet’s back. Jack’s body winced with the sudden flash of pain, which, in turn, caused Jack to start instantly ejaculating in mid-air from the “shot” of shock and pain.

His back was arched and his cock was aiming for the Sun as he started shooting his cum out; the first, thick string flew back over his chest and shoulder in a 18 inch ribbon, as thick as a pinky finger, splashing all over himself and partially covering Lena’s face, neck and mouth.

Meanwhile, Lena was beating Jack’s cock off with her hand; pounding the upper end of Jack’s cock; trying also to aim his cock at her face. The hormonal grip of her cum-lust was now even more heightened.

Lena swallowed Jack’s first splatterings of cum that hit her mouth as best as she could. She wanted more; she was suffering cum-lust so intense that she wanted to climb over Jack’s shoulders and down his chest in mid-air and lock her lips around his still-throbbing and ejaculating cock and suck and swallow the rivers of streaming ropes.

And then:

They suddenly hit the ground with such a bone-jarring impact that it caused Bullet to stumble and nearly crumble and collapse. Jack could almost feel a death-shake through the horse’s whole body; it was as if Bullet was hit by a run-away bus.

Jack and Lena were thrown forward and nearly off his back. Jack’s face hit between Bullet’s ears as he came down face-forward from his arch. As Jack slid forward, he stuck his palms forward and absorbed his forward impact by pressing against Bullet’s back jaw-bone with both hands. If Jack had missed, he and Lena would have both been thrown over Bullet head and onto the rocky ground.

Jack not only had to strain against the weight of his own body and its forward momentum, but also Lena’s, as she was driven into her lover’s back on the impact. Jack was bruised and Lena had the wind knocked out of her as she hit him. One of her arms was also pinched between his ribs and leg.

Bullet’s whole body shook as he nearly broke his own back from the jump, not only because of the weight of an additional rider but also because of the exhausted state he was in. Bullet was done; he took two more steps and then stopped in the trail, dropping to his front knees with his head down. He seemed to have the wind knocked out of him, too.

Bo was the only one unhurt. She matched Bullet’s leap over the tree; stride for stride, jumping and landing just inches from Bullet’s hooves at the same time that the horse landed. She now ran ahead 30 feet in front of the horse, and then, suddenly plunging from the bushes, she led the way into the yard of the Diamond Q.

They almost had made it to the Diamond Q before the jump.

Jack’s cock was still flowing with a steady trickle of semen. His upper body was splattered with semen, and blood from the shoulder wound was running down his chest and stomach.

Jack was dazed. He was trying to reach up to the broken limb and jerk it out of his shoulder when Lena dismounted Bullet, first.

Lena was hopelessly disorientated from not being able to breath. She saw stars as she slid one leg over Bullet and then fell to the ground off Bullet’s back. She was on her hands and knees as she gasped for some air.

She had a similar injury once before, as she fell against the high beam doing a flip; knocking the wind from her and she also broke two ribs. Her coach told her the best thing to do was knell down on her hands and knees. Fortunately, she was now still in excellent shape and nothing was broken.

She slowly stood and turned, lifting both her arms over to Jack who was still lying across the neck of Bullet. She was only partly composed enough to help her man. She was still disoriented, and part of her reaching out was like a hurt child reaching out for help after falling off a swing.

Jack then rolled off Bullet’s neck and onto the ground. He nearly broke his nose when he hit between Bullet’s ears with his face; his nose was bleeding. He had a tree branch protruding from his left shoulder and his back ached severely.

He then saw Lena reaching down to him. Bullet now stood up easily with Jack and Lena’s weight off him; he scuffed his right hoof at Jack as if to say, “Wow, what a rush cowboy” Bullet pushed his nose against Jack’s side, rolling Jack onto his back.

With the fresh adrenalin rush Jack still had surging through his body, his mind cleared instantly, and in a single motion he stood and swooped up Lena into his arms and started running on foot after Bo to the Double Q. He wanted to get to the relative safety of his “over-night-room” in the shed.

Jack was singled minded in saving his Bride; nothing else mattered!

He quickly glanced back from where they had just rode, looking for Chicken-lip and a possible attack. Bo ran along, leaping up towards Lena every two steps and barking the whole way as Jack ran, carrying his Bride.

Back at the Diamond Q

He kicked the door to the room open with his powerful leg, shattering the door jam and door. He kicked pieces aside as he placed Lena on his bed. He gingerly pulled her hair around from her head and out of the way, asking her, “Are you okay? Are you hurt?” He got the blanket from around the bed and wrapped her in it.

She was sitting up on the bed’s edge with her feet drawn up into her body; she was sitting in a fetal position as she again held her arms up to Jack and said, “Just hold me.” She was shaking visibly. Jack wiped the blood from his nose which had stopped bleeding. He also pulled 8 ½ inch stick from his shoulder and threw it back out the doorway.

Bo was standing at the door looking out at the trail. She never moved; guarding them both.

Jack then turned momentarily away and removed a .44 magnum pistol from a dresser drawer and then sat by his woman on the bed; he was sitting between her and the door as he pulled her close into his body. The loaded pistol was gripped tightly in his other hand as Jack stared out through the doorway; looking and waiting for any trouble.

Hell would be coming to someone’s dinner party if the bear came through that doorway.

He sat in silence as he felt her body’s trembling, slowly begin to subside within his arms; he was still squeezing and guarding her tightly. His eyes never left the doorway the entire time. Lena was still drawn into a fetal position as her arms wrapped around her knees; she then started weeping quietly as she stared down to the floor.

Anger was seeping into Jack with each sob of Lena. His jaw was now locked and he also squeezed tighter the grips of the handgun in his hand. He had a “tell’ of biting his own lower lip when he was very angry; Lena saw his lip was now bleeding freely.

They stayed that way for 20 minutes, giving his and Lena’s hormones a chance to re-adjust to normal levels.

She was shaken but not hurt except for a few stickers from the Devil’s Clubs in her shins. He continued holding her closely to his naked body; giving Lena his own warmth and strength.

It was when Lena was recovering that she saw the serious gash across Jack’s left shoulder where the thick piece of a branch had been imbedded. She reached up and touched shoulder and Jack flinched with pain. Jack’s arms were also scratched and had cuts; he had a twigs and leaves caught in his pony-tail.

The care-giver and nurse in Lena emerged over any other pre-disposed instinct now; wanting to help her man and heal his wounds.

She saw that the gash needed several stitches. Lena wanted Jack to immediate leave with her to a clinic. Jack would not go with her. He knew what he needed to do.

He then said to his Bride, “You need to trust me. You need to go home and let me deal with this bear. I know you are strong and want to stay, but you must leave now, so go, please. I will come home, soon.” He then gave her that look of his irrefutable challenge.

He paused for about 10 more seconds and then he passionately said to her, “If you aren’t here, there’s no way Chicken-lip can hurt you.” Lena accepted his logic and showed him nothing but her trust.

Lena loved to hear him call her house his “home.” The cuts and scratches were little consequence to the feeling that she might possibly be disappointing her man.

Jack put some jeans and boots on and wrapped Lena within a terry-cloth bathrobe that the Misses gave him years earlier. Lena found an absorbent cloth to cover his bleeding shoulder wound.

He carried her briskly in his arms to her car. He then set her in the driver’s seat and opened the back door for Bo to hop in; the dog had never let Lena out of her sight, guarding the door of the shed and then both of them as Jack carried Lena to her car.

Lena reached under her front seat for her purse and found the key to her house that she had made special for Jack, handing it through the car window to her man. “I will be counting the seconds until you come home. Come like an ambulance with lights flashing and sirens blaring, your bride is hurting to take care of you,” and then kissed him. She so yearned to hold her man.

She waved and blew him a kiss as she drove away in the late afternoon sun, not once taking her eyes from the rear view mirror, straining for one last look at her man as she earlier craved one last lick of his cum. Bo was watching Jack, her paws up in the back window.

There was a rainbow in the valley from the storm they had just left. Lena had a feeling a new storm was about to erupt.

Jack was running to the ranch house before Lena’s car was out the driveway.

Carl had just done some painting on his barn and had white paint speckles on his face and arms when he answered the door. Carl was surprised to see Jack, and then saw the blood, cuts, and scratches, saying to Jack, “What the fuck?”

Jack simply said, “Chicken-lip.”

The Misses then came to the door and said, “Well Hi Jack, come on in. What’s going on?” She gasped as she then saw his bleeding shoulder.”

Carl said, “Talk to me! What the fuck is going on?”

Jack said to Carl, “Let Lester, (a hired hand), find bullet and put him in his paddock. I left him just west of the yard on the short-cut by the creek. Have him walk him, feed him some extra grain and also brush him. Make sure he looks for strains and cuts and then call a vet to check him out. I am selling him in the morning.”

To the Misses he said, “Call Barry and have him bring that three-legged dog of his on over. Also have him bring along that ugly hound he calls, ‘Burger.’ We’re going for a little picnic up the creek; be sure to have him bring his guns, too. “

To the Misses he again said, “Get the sawed-off shotgun, a Trojan, and one of your ‘special’ cookies.” She immediately turned and went.

Carl just stood there looking at this man he admired as a son.

Jack then said to Carl, “Old man, do you have lazy balls? If you do then you can just get the fuck out of this truck. Chicken-lip is less than three miles away. Oh, one more thing, tell the Misses to give you some of those chocolate-chip cookies, I hear that they are real good.”

Carl grinned so broadly that his smile reflected the sun as he turned to make some calls for help and find Lester. Carl also saw that Jack had his pistol stuffed into the back of his pants.

Carl shouted to his Misses that he needed some of her special cookies; the old man was feeling a bit agitated and the cookies seemed to calm him.

Jack went to the tact room inside the stable for a gauze pad and some surgical tape to plug the leak in his shoulder. After he washed it in peroxide and picked some of the bigger pieces of bark out of the gash, he patched it the best he could.

He also went back to the shed and got a shirt and the .44 magnum’s holster he had left in the room. Looking around the room, he had a passing thought that it was an unusual way to carry your Bride over the threshold of a doorway; he kicked aside chunks of the splintered door as he left the room.

When he got back to the ranch house 35 minutes later; everyone was there, including a young kid named, “Dustin.”

Carl said to Jack, “This is my 17 year old nephew, Dustin. He has sort of taken your place here, working on his own PhD, too.

Dustin greeted Jack and then said, “The only PhD I am working on is: “Post-Hole-Digger.” Carl is working my ass off.” He had white speckles of paint on his face and arms, too.

Jack said back to Dustin, “I know Kid-O, he is a piece of work, but he is a good man. Don’t forget it. I graduated from his ‘PhD’ program just a few years ago.” Jack handed him the gun and holster, and said, “Kid-O, don’t shoot your big toe off, it could hurt real bad.” Jack held up his hand with the two fingers missing. Dustin got the idea.

The Misses handed Jack the sawed-off shotgun, Trojan, and a cookie, along with four shells of 00 buck-shot.

Jack took the shot-gun and opened it and looked down the barrels, making sure that they were clear and then slipped two shells in, snapping it shut.

Everyone was watching him with intense curiosity, including the Misses. Jack then snapped the cookie into two halves and dropped one half of the cookie into each barrel; he then un-rolled the Trojan over the barrels’ end, thus, sealing the cookies inside the shotgun.

He looked up and said to Dustin, “You walk with Carl and me, Kid-O,” and started up the trail.

Dustin asked Carl, “Why did he put the rubber on the shotgun? Carl knew it was to keep the cookies from falling out, but said, “Son, if you’re go’in to stick a shotgun up a grizzly’s ass you had better practice safe sex.”

Dustin then asked Carl, “What is the cookie for?” Carl said that he was not sure..

Dustin shouted at Jack the same question.

Jack turned to the group, but spoke directly to the Misses, “Carl can brag now about your cooking: How just one of your cookies can give a grizzly an instant erection,” turning again and walking; letting the rest of the party catch up.

The Hunt

Carl had his expected emotional out-burst when he saw his damaged cabin, blaming the communists, cunt-twisting-politicians, and illegal aliens.

Dustin corrected his uncle and said, “You’re not being politically correct, they are now called, “undocumented immigrants.”

Dustin was dumb-founded to see everyone laughing at what he just said. Even Carl and Jack roared with laughter; Dustin had a lot to learn.

Carl was still chuckling to himself when he said to Dustin, “Son, that’s like calling drug dealers, “unlicensed pharmacists.”

The three-legged dog, (having had gnawed his own hind leg off one winter when it got caught in a fallen tree), had a very keen sense of smell and was the first to spot the old brute, lumbering back to the creek eddy where Lena and Jack dried their rocks, not far from Carl’s cabin.

Jack saw the dog’s long, black tail wiggle and then freeze in place as the old dog spotted Chicken-lip somewhere ahead.

Jack did not see the bear at first, squatting on his boot heels as he scanned the bushes and tree line with binoculars; he was carefully looking for signs of Chicken-lip.

Jack then saw him, too.

Jack said to Dustin, “Follow me Kid-O, and stay out of the way.”

Jack and Dustin simply went around a large rock that the bear was moving around and waited.

Jack pointed to a shadow that started to lengthen from around a blind spot, encouraging Dustin cock the .44 magnum Jack let him carry for protection. Jack put the two extra shotgun shells in between his fingers for a quick re-loading, if necessary. They waited.

They were not yet in direct sight of the bear and were also up-wind from him; he could not smell or see them as they waited. They had the element of surprise.

Slowly the bear’s shadows lengthen further as it moved in even closer in front of Jack and Dustin’s recessed nook.

Then suddenly, the bear’s nose appeared, and Jack could plainly see the naked, yellow teeth; where the bear’s lips once grew; the face came from around the blind spot. The bear was breathing through his mouth and its nose was quivering wet; it was also missing a chunk of nostril.

Jack stepped right out in front on the bear, no more than two feet away and served him a double-barreled batch of the Misses’ cookies right into his chicken lips.

The noise and concussion of two barrels of cookies being served was deafening, bringing the whole party running.

Jack handed the shotgun to Dustin and quietly began walking up to his hunting cabin.

The men came running up to Dustin and the downed bear—their guns ready. Old Burger was howling with glee over the dead bear as Jack disappeared around the bend to his cabin.

Carl was the first to speak. He asked Dustin for the shotgun, examining the barrel. The Trojan was gone except for two inches that were melting from the hot barrels.

Carl said that it reminded him of another nephew of his that had his dick tattooed with flames. Carl wondered out loud if a rubber would melt on Butch’s cock like the Trojan melted on the shotgun. Everyone laughed.

“Jack was right.” Dustin later told the group of men as they skinned the bear, “One of the Misses’ cookies really does give grizzly bears an instant erection.” They all laughed, and Carl said to Dustin, “You’re really are going to go far in this cum-stained world,” as all the heads nodded affirmation to Carl’s observation.

Jack went on up to his hunting cabin and collected his Bride’s clothing, his own hat, boots, and pants and the can of rocks. He found a special pouch for his Bride’s scrunchies.

Jack then turned and saw Dustin walking up to him.

Dustin said to Jack that he never saw anyone with such large balls, “…walking right up to a grizzly and shooting it only two feet away.”

Destin also said that he was scared to death the whole time, even with the cocked .44 magnum pistol in his hands.

Dustin then asked Jack, “Carl said you were pissed that the bear bit your fingers off. Is that what made you so agitated?”

Jack said, “No! I was upset the bear was rude to my Bride. I just can’t tolerate that kind of scurrilous behavior.”

Jack then handed Dustin his switch-blade knife and said to him, “Kid-O, I like you. The knife comes with this cabin. Both are yours with that .44 magnum. Go down and tell Carl that I’ll be down soon. And Kid-O, cut the ears off the bear, they’re worth $2,000. Put the money towards your college fund.”

Jack stopped on the way down, and thanked the men, and especially Barry, for his three-legged dog’s help. Barry said that the black mutt went right up and pissed on the bear after Jack left. Dustin then said, “Yep, and he didn’t even need to lift a leg.”

Bullet was in near-perfect health—no serious cuts or scratches, and no strains—and the vet gave him a clean bill of health. The buyer was coming the next morning at 11:00 A.M. with the check and trailer. Jack would miss Bullet and honestly believed that no other horse could have done what Bullet did for him and Lena that afternoon.

He took Bullet by his jaw and lifting the horse’s face to his face—Jack was pleased his black stallion was in both proper spirits, as well as good health—Jack said to Bullet, “Thanks old buddy that was one heck of a run.” Bullet stomped his right hoof twice; he understood.

Jack gave the Misses the coated rocks and a hug.

Jack stood by his motorcycle as it warmed up and took a napkin and wiped the liner in his cowboy hat and then straighten the eagle feather. He also wiped the rear view mirrors with the napkin. He then got on his Harley Road King and headed “home.” He had a big day.

Back in Anchorage

Lena got home and took a long bath using her new bubble bath, soaking for 45 minutes. She was lost in her thoughts as she soaked; her eyes seldom drifted away from her left ring finger. The day’s events were almost more data than her circuitry could process.

Jack made her feel beautiful; he rescued her from her lost and hopeless life, giving her ENOUGH; and now is leading her on an adventure of her life time.

Poor Bo, Lena was not sure she could remain awake long enough to go with her to the “doggie wash” while Lena had her hair washed, dried, and then braided at the salon.

How was Bo going to stay out of trouble in Africa? Jack said that they probably had “doggie washes” there, but maybe called them, “Tarzan stalls.” He also said that Bo would probably be the only Siberian husky in Africa.

The reality of marrying Jack still had not fully synchronized into Lena’s mind and then she would reach over and touch her ring with her right fingers, just to make sure her engagement was not a figment of her imagination. It was real.

Lying in the tub, she decided to call Kristy and have her meet her at the salon so they could talk. Lena needed to down-load some serious data and her sister agreed to meet her in one hour.

Lena hung up and leaned her head back and paused, looking at the candles burning on the ledge. For reasons only a woman could understand, she slowly swelled up inside and started weeping genuine tears of joy as wedding-excitement-wiggles squirmed throughout her tear-ducts.

She was going to be Mrs. Jack Fraley in eight days and then a few hours later she would be going with her husband on their honeymoon cruise, and on into Africa. She almost pinched the back of her hand, just to make sure she was not dreaming. She wasn’t.

Lena then could hear Bo snoring with little puppy whimpers that she made when she dreamed—maybe she was dreaming of running down lions or gazelles.

Lena said to Bo as she reached down and scratched her favorite spot behind her ear, “You silly goose. No wonder why I named you Bo Peep; you’re always counting those sheep.”

At the salon, the ladies insisted that besides washing and braiding Lena’s hair, they could also give her a facial and a light cosmetic touch around her eyes and some new lip-gloss they just got in; if she had time; the extras would be a mini-bridal shower—free of charge.

Actually, they all wanted to hear all about Lena’s engagement, her ride to Jack’s cabin and everything.

They all stared at her engagement ring, wishing they could be her, especially when they heard about her honeymoon cruise and African adventure.

One girl asked if Jack had a brother. Another one said that if Lena got cold feet at the last minute that she wanted Jack’s number so she “could take him on her own little safari.”

Lena said, “Honey, I’m not going to be getting cold feet, because I am going to have them snuggled up against my man.” And then Kristy said, “More like his elephant trunk that can stretch to the length of a giraffe’s neck.”

All the girls went, “Oooouuu” holding their faces in mock embarrassment; yet, deep down were envying Lena and her man’s love. They vicariously were feeling Lena’s love; a love that most could only wish for and others prayed about. Seeing Lena gave them hope; if she could find this kind of love, then they might be able to at least dream about it.

Jack pulled into Lena’s carport and saw that she was gone, so he went in to the apartment with his key. He too, ran a very hot bath and was soaking by candle light.

Jack’s Bride then came bounding in with Bo. He had a wash cloth over the gash in his shoulder, soaking it with some tender care.

Lena sat down on the toilet seat next to the tub and under the candle lights. Her hair was freshly washed and braided. A new scarf was around Lena’s neck. Kristy insisted buying it for her to celebrate her engagement to Jack. She wore a beautiful top and skirt. Jack could see she had no panties on as she purposely opened her legs to her man.

Lena had Jack stand up from the tub and scrutinized every inch of his body; cleaning his cuts and scratches, taking a small hand towel and wiping the areas he was cut, for a closer look. His legs and arms took the bulk of the damage, shielding her as they rode.

He would need a few stitches on three cuts; these wounds were relatively minor considering the damage he sustained on his shoulder muscle—that wound would require a trip to the ER for an X-ray.

It was when he turned his back to her that she became concerned from the bruising on his lower back. It was already turning deep purple and blue and extended down into the gluteus maxims region. The bruising also lay over his backbone, which may indicate possible spinal column injury. She would order another X-ray just to be safe.

Lena realized that she was the cause of the injury from slamming into him on the landing after they jumped the tree.

She told him to sit back down into the tub. By candle light she removed her clothes and slipped into the hot water behind him, with her legs spread open so he could rest against her tits, she cradled him between her arms, kissing his neck and glad that he was safely in her arms.

Bo reached up to his hand that hung over the tub and licked it as Jack scratched her jowls, cheek and her favorite spot. They were a family.

Lena then asked Jack to describe the details of the afternoon after she left him at the Diamond Q. She was happy that he was safe; she was worried for her “Mr. Cowboy Man.” She smiled seeing his hat on the corner of the medicine cabinet; hanging pristine—the eagle feather sharp and crisp.


Jack reached up and took her hand into his and squeezed it and as he told her the events; his love for her only grew deeper. When Lena insisted to know how Jack killed “Old, Mr. Chicken-lip,” Jack simply said that it died from a sugar high, “…was the Misses’ cookies; they could really pack a wallop.”

The x-rays showed some swelling around the spinal column. The ER doctor told Jack he needed to stay off his motorcycle for awhile; alleviating pressure to his lower back. The shoulder looked better after some more bark pieces were removed and the gash was thoroughly washed clean. Jack took 13 stitches in his shoulder, alone.

Lena took Jack home and tucked him into bed. Lena crawled in next Jack and said him, “Good night, my Ice Man. I love you.” She took his hand and placed it on her pussy, as she gripped his cock she heard Jack say, “Good night my Fire Lady. I love you, too.” Lena told him that this was the first time she ever slept with anyone in a bed and it was thrilling, and kissed her man goodnight as he kissed her.

Lena did not sleep a wink that night; she was so excited about the events of the past week; she was unable to sleep, because in eight nights she was going to be married. She could also hear Bo counting sheep—that silly goose.


Morning came early for Jack; he had to go to the Diamond Q to sell Bullet. As he got up and went into the bathroom to look at his shoulder’s dressing, Lena came in and put her arms around her man. Now it was her turn to machine-gun lip bullets all over his body and she had full clips.

Jack loved this attention so early before the start of a busy day. Just as he was about to get frisky back at Lena, his cell phone rang.

It was his art agent, Chad, who was calling with good news that Jack had been chosen for the show in Seattle. He E-mailed Jack the commission and sales agreement—standard contractual business in the art world. Jack thought it was of little consequence, since he seldom sold works.

Lena was fascinated with his statue and wanted to hear all about it and the show in Seattle. Jack said that he had never really made any “big” money in art; that was why he worked four jobs. He said that the show was a chance for exposure; “To get your name out into the art world and then have the opportunity for future shows.”

Jack did not tell Lena that his agent seemed to be a shady character who, when he did negotiate a few sales, had sold Jack’s work short, just to make some commission; his “cut” of the pie was 30%. Yet, with the economy in a down-turn and thousands of struggling artists, Jack was pleased that he could be in the show—in the PR department with museums, his agent did very good. Most artists do not even have an agent.

The deadline for Jack to ship his statue to Seattle was in 48 hours. The show opened Thursday night with a soirée at the museum, but Jack could not attend—he was not a “jet-setter” who could dash off at a moment’s whim; he was a working student with many obligations.

After the phone call from his agent, the buyer for Bullet rang Jack and was confirming their appointment at 11:00 A.M. at the Diamond Q.

Lena then got a call from Kristy saying that she was put on probationary status by the University for one semester and asked if Lena could met her at 2:20 P.M. at the campus science labs and talk; she was sobbing.

Jack and Lena’s day was evaporating and they needed to shower and get to Wasilla and the Diamond Q. They both understood and accepted their schedules.

Back to Anchorage after Selling Bullet

Bullet was now sold, and on his way to Canada. Jack was meditative and in his own world on the drive back to Anchorage; Jack was in his “cave.”

Lena sensed his pre-occupation and listened to her iPod. She was grateful her man had shared his life’s challenges earlier the previous day at the cabin with her. His intimacy meant a lot to Lena, because she understood where her man was at in his head. His sharing also alleviated some of the insecurities and abandonment issues that haunted her. Time would be the greatest physician.

Jack suddenly asked Lena to drive them to the Arts Building on campus, he had an idea that he thought Lena would love helping with. Lena thought Jack was going to ask her if he could use some of her cherry-flavored pussy juice as a “finish” on his statue.

In the same picnic area behind the art classroom where they first met, Jack took the blanket he used to cover his statue and spread it on the grass in a secluded corner of the yard. It was Sunday and the campus was abandoned; the semester ended two days earlier.

The couple relaxed in the bright sun. Lena saw the garden hose coiled up by the building; she remembered the rainbows and Jack’s wet body that first day; she remembered how Jack’s cock crawled out from the rip in his jeans. Most of all, Lena remembered how she fell in love that afternoon.

They stripped down and Jack already had a hard-on. It looked so inviting to Lena when she said, “Jack, I want to suck your cock. I’ve been so hungry for your taste after the spattering of cum you gave me when we jumped the tree—Buck-O, you own me big time!” Actually, Lena wanted to nurture Jack and help release some of the tension she sensed he carried. She knew her blow job would help relax him.

Lena then snuggled Jack, rubbing her tits on him as she tickled him, (very carefully, because of his back and shoulder) laughing and said as she picked up his cowboy hat off the pile of their clothes and put it on, “You need to take that red-hot, branding iron of yours and burn the “Circle J’ on the back of this little doggie’s throat.”

Lena slid down to Jack’s cock and held it in one of her hands at mid-shaft and began rubbing the copious amounts of his pre-cum around the head of his cock with only her tongue; taking extra effort; pushing her tongue into his slit and then massaging the fresh squirts as they flowed out.

Meanwhile, she masterfully dragged her tits against his balls and thighs with the other hand.

His “angel-tears” ran down his shaft; she was really priming the pump with his pre-lube.

Then Lena thought: Enough of this foreplay; it’s time to get down to some serious cock sucking and took both hands and guided Jack’s cock into her mouth and started it down her throat. She now knew that she loved to suck Jack’s cock.

He was a mouthful, and saliva squeezed out from around her lips. Yet, she pumped, twisted, and finally, after taking a deep breath, grabbed his ass with her hands and pulled him all the way into her mouth and down her throat; 15 inches of throbbing cock was now in her control.

She was nearly climaxing from the eroticism of her man’s cock so deeply in her mouth, but to help that eroticism, she then took one of her hands and started rubbing her own cunt in a circular motion as her ass swayed to its stimulation.

She needed to pull away from his cock long enough so she could periodically breathe, and then quickly learned how to pump Jack’s cock from the base to the head, yet keeping cock head in her mouth and breathing at the same time.

She told Kristy it was like rubbing your stomach and patting your head at the same time.

Jack never experienced anything like he was feeling. He started to lift his hips higher and higher as he felt his eruption drawing nearer and nearer. He put his own hands behind Lena’s head and told her he was starting to cum. Lena had taken a deep breath and was jerking and pumping her lips, mouth, and throat so fast that Jack finally tensed up and shot his first load into Lena’s throat with a grunt.

Lena was now climaxing herself, responding to Jack’s orgasm. She moaned as she both swallowed cum and pounded her pussy with three fingers, feeling the flow of cherry-flavored pussy juice spray against her hand.

Again and again Lena swallowed Jack’s cum, never letting a single drop escape her mouth.

He came forever; she swallowed constantly; her pussy leaked continually.

Jack sank back onto the blanket as his last pulse subsided. Still, Lena wanted more. Lena took both of her hands now and held Jack’s cock, still in her control, she then started sucking with serious “pulling-ins” with her cheeks; pulling on the cock head as she thirstily drank the last drop; moving her hand up from his base; pushing up his shaft the very last bit—like squeezing the last toothpaste from the tube.

Satisfied, she let him “pop” from her mouth, still holding his cock with both hands. Then, to Lena’s dismay, a very large drool of cum also fell from her mouth; it must have been lodged in her gums.

It dropped down upon his cock’s shaft; oozed down each side and then came back together again underneath his cock; it grew to a length of three inches; it was a regular “cock-stalactite,” threatening to fall to the blanket.

Jack watched as Lena quickly stuck her tongue beneath it and then slurped it in her mouth like a string of spaghetti pasta being sucked and slurped in by a noisy child. She was conscious of Jack’s eyes watching her as she pushed one last cum-glob into her mouth with her finger. She smiled up at him.

She sat up and tugged the cowboy hat back a little from her forehead and said to Jack in a playful mood, “Even the ‘Long’ Ranger would never leave Tonto abandoned in a skirmish,” running her tongue suggestively across her lips as she pulled close to jack’s face, and then, shutting her eyes and moaning to Jack, “UHMMMM!!” Real close to his ear and with satisfaction.

Lena then said to Jack, “No wonder why Tonto always called The Lone Ranger, “King of Sabe,” (Spanish for: understanding), he knew how to shoot silver bullets just like you.”

She then took her finger and naughtily made a figure of a toy pistol with her fingers.

She pointed them at her pussy and then acted like she play-shot it, with a silent recoil of three “shots” and then pretended that she blew the smoke from the fingers just before she put the “barrel” in her mouth and slowly “cooled the barrels” with her lips and tongue, winking at Jack.

She then smiled at Jack joyously, and then tickled him again as she wrestled her tits and cunt over his body; they were rolling on the blanket like two teasing children.

Jack, was now relaxed. Seeking ways to always please Lena, he then asked her which way was her favorite.

Jack was not surprised when she said she loved to fuck the best—better than all the other fun things they did. Fucking was the most meaningful to her soul. It was the physical extension for her love; Jack’s cock was the outlet from his heart to her; Lena’s cunt was the inlet to her heart for Jack.

They loved being coupled with each other; Jack locked deep inside Lena; making love. The sweetness and richness was the ultimate.

Out of the blue, Lena then spoke suddenly about an epiphany she had concerning the “finishing” of Jack’s statue. She “beat him to the punch” about the very subject that he wanted to talk to her about. Jack now understood they were already thinking shared thoughts.

She watched as Jack treated the creek rocks with her cherry-flavored pussy juice and was fascinated. Why not share their combined love-making fluids as the medium for use on the statue; not just her cum, only; not just his cum, only; but Lena-Jack-cum should be the “finish.”

She though that if they were a unit—an oneness of body, soul, mind, and strength—than this was an important juncture; their first real joint-decision of their relation. She asked Jack what he thought; Jack was the artist.

Jack was initially unsure. He had already tried the cherry-flavored pussy juice on the creek rocks and knew what to expect. He had less than 48 hours now to finish the statue; it was risky; but then, so was jumping over the tree. Jack was an artist who was always pushing the envelope; how else could art advance if risks were not taken?

He said. “Sure. Let’s try it……why not?” He loved his Bride more than a silly chunk of stone or anything else in life and he sensed this sharing was very important to her. He was her consummate partner for life.

Meanwhile, for the rest of the afternoon, Jack decided that he would go to wood shop and construct the crate for the air freight shipment.

Lena could keep her appointment with Kristy over at the science labs across campus while he worked on the crate. When she returned later that afternoon he would have the statue on a flat-bed truck and he then could haul it over to Lena’s carport at her apartment. They could share time together as he worked on it for the next two days. The idea especially pleased Jack, because artist’s lives are so lonely with the hours and days spent working on art projects alone.

Lena did something else when she went to the other side of campus after leaving Jack. At the nursing office she tendered her resignation with immediate effect.

Kristy Shares with Lena

Kristy was beside herself. Like her sister, Kristy was a 4.0 student. She was beyond just being smart; she was a brilliant member of the academia community, although the immediate response of most students was quite the opposite when they first heard about Kristy’s sexual exploits in the stories and off-colored jokes of students in the cafeteria.

Kristy had just opened the official letter from the Dean’s office stating she was on probation. She had failed to submit her term paper into the class and had seven days to submit it or fail the semester. The finished paper would automatic loose one grade point. If she failed this class she would be expelled from the nursing program.

Lena knew the disciplinary committee had enough.

Kristy was late with her paper for a very good reason, however. The 92 individual DNA samples collected by her lab partner and her turned up some unusual glitches in their study. Kristy had submitted eight of the samples to a lab in Portland to re-verify the results. Two of the plant results were particularly skewed.

UAA’s equipment occasionally would go “hay wire” and Kristy was very thoroughgoing when accuracy was an issue.

Kristy’s lab partner submitted her own term paper, with the anomalies unquestioned, telling Kristy she was being “anal” and move on. Kristy could not “move on” and missed the paper’s deadline, waiting on Portland.

Lena sensed something else was bothering Kristy. She did not question her or pry reluctant information from her sister; Kristy would share what she wanted, but Lena thought it was about Jack’s and Lena’s love and how it might threaten Kristy’s security. Their engagement, marriage, and then living in Africa were a lot of changes for Kristy.

Lena listened to Kristy tell her how unfair it all was concerning her paper and asked Lena what she could do. Lena was not surprised that the committee felt the way they did. Lena did not share with Kristy all the times she had helped Kristy.

However, she now offered to help with any research she could in the lab, but she could not help with the paper; that would be against policy. Kristy earlier that morning called the lab in Portland and the results were coming by over-night express and would arrive Monday, the next day.

Lena asked to review and see what Kristy had done so far with her paper. Although genetic research was not Lena’s specialty, she thought she could be supportive to Kristy by showing interest. She also told Kristy that Jack would be busy with his own deadline and needed his space. She was there for Kristy. Kristy hugged her sister and said, “Thanks Sis, I love you.”

For the next two days Jack polished his own brand of DNA into the microscopic pores of the marble statue with a leather pad. The love making between Lena and Jack was so wonderful. Ever time they made love it drew them closer and closer together. One morning they made love for five hours; mostly holding, kissing and sharing.

The “diamond of their relationship” was being polished to a blinding brilliance.

Jack and Lena delivered his statue to the air freight office of Alaska Airlines on time.

Jack kissed Lena in the freight office for both her patience and “help.” Jack gave his cowboy hat to Lena for: “Good luck, and, because you look so hot!” he whispered in her ear.

Jack said also that he was glad to finally be done with the sculpture. Most artists think that way: Always wanting to move on; developing their next idea. The idea is 90% of the excitement in art.

They left the freight office, hand in hand. The boys in freight office stared out the window at the ass of the hottest cowgirl any of them had ever seen.

One of the warehouseman also said, “Her tits are as big as a 747.” He continued to brag that he had a video that he had shot of her tit falling out at the Olympic trials at Los Angles, years earlier. He gloated to the others that he had even sent her a copy of the video with a sketch he made.

A part-time student and bookkeeper over-heard the braggart and happened to also be a very good friend of Kristy’s. He knew that Lena was Kristy’s sister from the University, and called Kristy minutes later with his information.

(Two days later, the Local Daily News reported that a man was found in an airport parking lot with his penis super-glued to his feet and hands. The victim was also found with a bright red clown nose also super-glued onto his face. The police were still investigating the incident).

Jack and Lena went home for a long bath and call-in Thai dinners.

Lena was going shopping for her wedding dress the next day with Kristy. It would only be five days to the wedding and Lena knew it might be years before they would see Kristy again. Kristy was emotionally pulling away from Lena. Lena thought it was just Kristy’s survival mechanism for accepting her marriage and also her living for years in Africa.

Jack was still struggling with balance in his life. He had less than $10,000 dollars in his savings and Lena had less than $4000 dollars in her checking account. Yet, their tickets were purchased and things seemed very secure to Lena. She had her man. He would take care of things; this she was sure of. She trusted him.

Jack called Chad and told him to expect the statue in the morning. Chad said he would make sure the delivery was immediately made to the museum. He was anxious to see the piece in person, since all entries of three-dimensional art were submitted to the juror with photos on PDF file and thumb-drive. Selected photos were also used for publication for the promos and catalogs used at the various shows as the show traveled internationally.

The Wedding

The wedding was going to be at a small chapel in Wasilla. The pastor was a good friend of Jack who often hunted for moose with both Carl and Jack on horseback in late August.

The invitation list was short, because of the shortness of notice. Jack would invite people he knew and Lena would do the same. They decided to coordinate their efforts when one student received two calls within a half hour; one from Lena and one from Jack. They laughed about it for weeks.

Kristy would be maid of honor and Jack asked Carl to stand with him.

Jack shipped his Harley motorcycle to Bouaké, the nearest international airport to Yamoussoukro where Jack and Lena would be living with Bo. They would fly from Abidjan to Bouaké when they arrived from their cruise ship and then ride Jack’s motorcycle to Yamoussoukro.

Jack had a special side-car built for Bo to ride in; it had a windshield and a little tray for doggie treats. Bo would travel throughout Africa with them on motorcycle. It was shipped with the motorcycle so she could immediately share their adventure. Lena thought that they may want to get Bo a cowgirl hat and sunglasses.

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