incest romance

Summary: Mother offers 18-year-old son her last remaining hole.

Note 1: This is part three of a continuing incest series. I highly recommend you read the first two parts (What Mom Doesn’t Know Will Fuck Her and What Mom Knows Fucks Her Again) as the layered subplots may be confusing without the background information.

Note 2: Thanks to the many people who voted, commented and made suggestions for this series.

Note 3: Thanks to Goamz86 for reading an early draft of this story.

Note 4: Thanks to Estragon for his copy editing expertise.



The next three weeks were a whirlwind of sex.

That night (after my crazy threesome with my Mom and my new older girlfriend), after a good nap to recover, I made it to the newscast half an hour early.

Security wouldn’t believe me so I had to text Miranda who came and pulled me inside, her tongue greeting me.

She entwined her fingers with mine and led me into the studio where I was promptly introduced to her ex, Mark.

“Mark, this is my new boyfriend, Curtis,” she said, her arm hooked in mine.

Mark looked at me with such disdain I was suddenly rather nervous. Ignoring me completely as a threat he turned to Miranda. “Isn’t he a bit young for you?”

“Isn’t Brittany a little dumb for you?” she countered, sharply.

“Whatever,” he said, walking away.

Her smile was big as she pulled me into her dressing room for a quick blow-job. As soon as the door was closed my fantasy jerk-off woman all these years was on her knees devouring my cock. Once she had swallowed my seed, she stood back up and kissed me sweetly, her tongue darting between my lips, the last remnants of my cum given back to me.

I watched the show live, which was surprisingly boring and frantic, and once done I was face to face with Mark.

“How old are you, kid?” he asked, sizing me up.


“You know she is just using you, right?”

I shrugged. “Well, if that is true there could be worse things to be used for.”

He laughed awkwardly before threatening me. “I don’t want to see you around here.”

Miranda showed up just as Mark poked me in the chest with his finger. Miranda joked, “Mark, you had your chance with me. Leave my boy alone.”

He sarcastically agreed, “Boy is the right word.”

Miranda shot back. “Be careful about your word choice, tiny. Curtis is a real man and unlike someone I won’t mention can get it up more than once. On that note, Curtis let’s see how many times you can get it up in one day. So far it is four if I recall.”

She grabbed my hand and pulled me along as I blushed like an embarrassed schoolboy. Once in her room she closed the door and tore of my clothes. “Curtis, I am so fucking horny. I want you in me now.”

Like a kid in a candy shop I grabbed at everything. I squeezed her ass, I cupped her breasts and I slid a finger inside my dream woman’s wet pussy. Each action had her moaning like a porn star and gasping like she was down to her breath.

Once on her couch, I dove between her legs and sampled her heavenly taste. On contact her moans increased and continued as I eagerly lapped her pussy. I don’t know if I was that good or she was just that horny, maybe both, but she came hard only a couple of minutes in. As soon as she was done, she straddled my rock hard cock and bounced up and down on it. She easily devoured all eight inches with ease and I just watched, in complete awe, as my most common stroke fantasy, other than my Mother, rode me. She purred, “Do you like this, Curtis?”

“Fuck yes,” I moaned.

“I love your quick recovery time, stud,” she moaned.

Acting studly, my confidence brimming, I replied, “I can go all night.”

She smiled, “Don’t make promises you can’t keep. I have just hit my sexual prime and I crave cock constantly.”

My balls bubbling from the reality that Miranda Collington was my girlfriend and was riding my cock with reckless abandon, I grunted, “I’m not going to last much longer.”

I expected her to get off me, but instead bounced faster as she begged, “Fill my cunt with your cum, baby. I want to feel your cum explode inside me. Come baby, come for Miranda.”

I needed no further encouragement as I shot my load deep inside her. She didn’t miss a beat as she continued riding my cock, milking every last drop of my cum. Finally getting off me, she moved beside me and kissed me passionately. One would think I would be spent after five loads today, two in my Mom and three more in Miranda, but my cock never lowered.

We chatted for a few minutes, where I learned the wedding was actually in Las Vegas and that she wanted me to come for a four-day trip. I couldn’t believe my past twenty-four hours. I had fucked my beautiful Mom and I had begun fucking a local celebrity. Life could not get better than this…could it?

One more lengthy fuck and I headed home exhausted with my cock raw. I don’t think I even stroked myself six times in one day. I crashed in my bed, still dressed and fell into a deep sleep.


I was awakened the next morning by my mother’s lips wrapped around my cock. It is easily the best way in the world to be waked up…a blow-job from your mother. Even though I shot six loads the day before, it didn’t take long to get me stirring. Once awake, Mom straddled me and allowed her hot lava to engulf my just wakened cock and said, “I hope Miranda didn’t wear you out, I need some quality time with my son.”

“She is a minx,” I moaned as Mom bounced up and down on my cock, but added, “But I will always have time for you, Mom.”

“You say the sweetest things,” she purred, squeezing her breasts together and leaning forward. I took her stiff nipple in my mouth and bit gently.

She let out a soft moan and teased, “Don’t leave any incriminating evidence.”

I bit harder and teased back, “Is my Mommy-slut telling me what to do?”

She moaned, “Yes, I am. Now fuck me, big boy.”

Never one to refuse such a request, I began bucking my ass up, my cock pistoning inside her like a well-oiled machine. Her luscious breasts bounced in my face and her moans of pleasure increased proportionately. “Oh god baby, fuck Mommy. Your cock feels so good in Mommy.”

Her constant reference to being my Mommy only made it hotter, a constant reminder of the taboo act we both were participating in so eagerly.

“You love my cock don’t you, Mommy?” I asked.

“I fucking love it son. I can’t get enough of your big stiff cock,” she moaned, as I continued to fuck her.

Getting tired from this position, I ordered, “On all fours Mommy. I am going to fuck you like a dog, like you’re my pet…my pet Mommy.”

“Oh God, Curtis. That is so fucking hot,” my sexy Mother replied, obeying my order and getting on all fours.

Getting behind her beautifully tight ass, I put my hands on her hips and allowed my cock to roam and tease, rubbing against her lips, but not in her. Mom who has never been overly patient, demanded, “Shove your cock in me, Curtis, now!”

I spanked her ass gently, before sliding my cock inside the burning warmth of my mother. “Sooooo demanding, Mom.”

“Aaaah, fuck, yes,” she moaned the instant I filled her. “I can’t believe how good you feel in me, son.”

“Right back at you, Mom.”

My first load of the morning usual came really quickly and this time was no different. Only a few minutes into my hardcore fucking of my Mom, I felt my balls boiling and I warned, “I’m going to come soon, Mom.”

In lightning speed, my Mom turned around and devoured my cock with her perfect cocksucking lips. She furiously bobbed back and forth like the eager slut she was and I rewarded her with a very full load of my cum. Swallowing every drop, she continued bobbing up and down on my cock until I asked her to stop, the sensation now making me have to pee.

When I returned from the washroom, my sexy Mother was lying in my bed waiting for me. She said, strangely like a rather insecure teenager, “Don’t you forget about your Mother’s needs now that you will be spending so much time with your boyhood fantasy girl.”

I corrected her. “Oh Mom, you were my first and still are my most constant boyhood fantasy girl.”

She slapped me playfully. “I bet you say that to all the older women you fuck.”

I leaned and kissed her tenderly, with the passion of a man in love, gentle, intimate and yet still with the lust that accompanied my feelings for her. Breaking the kiss, I said, “Mom, I love you.”

“I love you too, son,” she answered.

I stood up, suddenly hungry for breakfast, and said, “Did you know the wedding is in Vegas?”

“I do now,” she quipped.

“I’m not even old enough to get into the bars and casinos,” I pointed out.

My Mother, always the witty one, quipped back, “But you will be old enough to get into Miranda.”

“Touché,” I replied, still bathing in my good fortune.

Mom got up, and said, “Go shower, I will make my big boy some breakfast.”

“You really are the best mother in the world,” I complimented.

Walking to me and firmly grabbing my semi-erect cock, “And don’t you forget it.” She gave one last tug and disappeared.


I put on hold my attempt to find out more about Ellie’s past relationship with my mother, as I focused on Miranda and the upcoming wedding, which had become a full-time job. Miranda paraded me around at work, flaunting me in front of her ex every chance she got and played with my trombone over and over again.

A few days later, I had just finished fucking Miranda in her dressing room, which had become a daily routine, when she said, “I am going to buy our airline tickets tomorrow. You are still good with coming?”

I replied with sexual innuendo, “I love coming with you.”

“Oh you dirty boy,” she teased.

Throwing an idea out there, I asked, “What do you think of having Mom and Ellie join us?”

She asked, pouting like a school girl, “What, I am not enough for you?”

“On the contrary, Mom clearly misses being with Ellie and needs to be pushed past the point of no return and well…what happens in Vegas….”

Her devious smile crossing her radiant just-fucked face, she asked, “You want to play lesbian matchmaker with your married Mom?”

“Well, that is an interesting way to put it,” I reflected with a grin.

“You know that Ellie used to Domme your Mom right?”

“Mom hasn’t said much more than that if she ever gave into Ellie again it would be impossible to ever break free again.”

“Tell you what, I love the idea. But how are we going to get Ellie to go along?”

“I already thought of that. You invite her as your ‘plus one’ and she will be pleasantly surprised when Mom and I are on the plane.”

“Hmmm and I assume you have a plan while we are up in the air?” she guessed, her hand slowly stroking my already growing cock.

“In my head I have a million different variants,” I admitted.

“Do you want to fuck Ellie?” Miranda asked.

“Well…” I began, knowing answering such a question was dangerous.

“It’s ok, baby,” Miranda said, “I would love to see you fuck her. I would also love to play with her as well.”

“It will be a pleasant surprise for Mom,” I said, as I tapped my cock on Miranda’s sweet lips.

“I will make arrangements tomorrow,” she promised before taking my cock back in her mouth.


The next day and few days since I had last fucked my mother, she came up to me in the kitchen as I was getting ready to go meet up with Miranda. Her hand went onto my cock while Dad was in the other room watching the news, and she pouted, “Have you forgot about Mommy?”

My stiff cock gave its own answer as I moaned softly, “God no, Mom. I am always ready to assist you in any way possible.”

She unzipped my pants and fished out my cock. She stroked it quickly. “Fuck, I want your cock in me.” Surprising me, she lifted up her sundress, bent over the counter and whispered, “Fuck me, Curtis.”

“But Dad is in the next room,” I protested.

“Do as your mother asks,” she ordered.

Mom had blown me in the bathroom quickly while Dad was downstairs, she had rubbed my cock with her foot during supper a couple of times as well, but we had never fucked while Dad was home.

“You sure?” I asked, still unsure, even as her tight ass bent over had me raring to go.

“Yes, fuck Mommy, Curtis, now!” she begged, with a whisper.

Obeying my Mother like a good son should always do, I went behind her and easily penetrated her already very wet pussy.

I did slow strokes, still pretty scared of getting caught by Dad fucking Mom. Mom’s moans were quiet and controlled, unlike when we were alone and she was an animated slut.

I continued to fuck my mother for three minutes or so when the phone rang. My Dad never answered the phone and it was in the kitchen anyway.

Mom cursed under her breath, “For fuck sakes,” and went to the phone reluctantly allowing me to slip out of her. Answering the phone, she rolled her eyes. “Hi Mom.”

Knowing that this would be a long conversation, I put my cock back in my pants, and winked at Mom, whose red cheeks would have been excellent CSI evidence of our crime. She said, “Mom, give me a second. Curtis is just leaving.”

Mom put the phone down and came over to me. She whispered in my ear, her hand firmly on my still stiff cock, “Don’t forgot about Mommy while you are out gallivanting with Miranda.”

“Of course, not Mom. You will always be my first choice.”

She kissed me on the lips, shoving her tongue in my mouth, before saying, “And don’t you ever forget it.”

I quipped, “How could I Mom, you are my MILF slut.”

She smiled and mocked authority, “Don’t you use such language with me, unless you are in me. Fuck, I wish your Dad was gone. I guess I will have to fuck him tonight.”

“Oh, the sacrifices,” I mocked.

“Don’t get me started,” she sighed, before asking, “Have you fucked Miranda in the ass yet?”

“No,” I admitted, even though the thought had crossed my mind when she was bent over and I was fucking her in her favorite position, the submissive doggy style.

“Have you fucked anybody in the ass, son?” she asked, rubbing my cock firmly in my jeans.

“Noooooooo,” I moaned.

“Well, tomorrow your Dad is heading out of town and I am going to be your first. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Mom,” I agreed, very enthusiastically.

“Good, so tomorrow you are mine, all day, understood?” she asked with one final squeeze.

“Yes, Mommy,” I replied.

I watched her saunter, purposely using her sexy wiggle. She went to the phone and began talking to her Mother, seconds after promising her son her ass. My life was fucking amazing.


I headed out and to see Miranda again.

When I arrived at the studio Mark confronted me in the parking lot. He had clearly been waiting for me. “I thought I warned you to stay away from Miranda.”

I replied, “Are you not getting married to someone else? I think such a commitment prevents you from any such authority.”

“Don’t get smart with me,” Mark threatened.

“Or what?” I asked.

“Don’t mess with me.”

I walked past him and countered, smugly. “I am not here to mess with you. I am here to mess with Miranda, over and over again.”

“You fucking punk,” he began, as I walked into the studio.

Confused at the guy’s threats, I shrugged them off and went to shoot my usual pre-load show in Miranda’s perfect cocksucking lips. As soon as I entered her room, she smiled and pulled me in for a passionate kiss.

I eventually told her about my encounter and Miranda cursed, “Fuck. He just won’t grow up. Fucking men they don’t know what they got till they lose it.”

I asked, although I was scared of the answer, “You don’t want to get back with him do you?”

“I’d rather remain celibate and you know how much I love sex,” she replied, before her anger shifted into mischief. “Oh, but two can play at that game.”

“What do you have in mind?” I asked curious.

“You will see. But I will have to wait to swallow your cum until right before show time.”

I shrugged, “Whatever suits your fancy.”

We talked about the Vegas trio for a while and Ellie was in and she planned to talk to my Mom tomorrow. Miranda smiled, “Your devious plan to get your Mom to be a dyke to a Mistress while you watch is almost all in place.”

“Don’t forget, the plan also includes fucking Ellie too,” I added.

“Don’t you be getting me jealous. I already have to share you with your Mom,” Miranda teased, falling to her knees.

She took my cock in her mouth and after a couple of deep bobs asked, “Was your car recently parked in your Mom’s garage?”

I laughed at the horrendous visual. “Yes, we fucked for a few minutes in the kitchen while Dad was in the living room. But the phone rang.”

“Oh you poor boy. You didn’t get to come in your Mom,” she mocked, before asking, “Will I do?”

I grabbed her head and lead her mouth back to my raging hard-on. “Yes, baby, you will more than do.”

Ten minutes later, which is as long as I usually lasted in the sauna of lust that was Miranda’s mouth I began shooting my cum in her mouth.

Unlike her usual swallow every drop routine, she moved back and caught my cum like a basket. Once done, she stood up and left the room.

Curious as hell, I pulled my pants up and followed my devious girlfriend, who went directly to Mark, seated at the anchor’s table and leaned forward her mouth open, apparently showing her mouthful of my cum to her ex.

He went red as Miranda clearly swallowed it all. I was just in earshot enough for her to say, “Remember when that was your pre-show routine?”

“What the fuck, Miranda?” Mark questioned.

Miranda, now mad, threatened, “Leave my boyfriend alone.”

“Boy is right,” he quipped back confidently.

Miranda laughed, a laugh dripping with scorn, “Don’t you dare judge, Mr.-Can’t-get-it up-for-round-two-without-a-nap.”

Others in the room couldn’t help but let out a quiet laugh as Miranda turned and walked away, leaving a red faced Mark utterly speechless, probably for the first time in his egotistical life.

Miranda walked right to me and shoved her tongue down my throat for all to see. I could taste myself on her tongue, but was thrilled to finally have the public affection she had not given me until this second.

Mark glared at me and I smugly winked back at him.

Miranda and I fucked after the show for a lengthy hot marathon session where I deposited two more loads in her, one in her pussy and another in her mouth.

As I was getting ready to head home for the night, I mentioned, “I am going to stay and hang out with Mom tomorrow, sexy.”

“You are, are you? You are such a mother-fucker,” she teased.

I retorted, “Jealous?”

She shrugged, “Maybe.” As she kissed me goodbye she threw me for a loop as she finished with, “Of course, the question is, am I jealous of your Mom for getting to fuck you or jealous of you for getting to fuck your Mom?”


The next day, Dad left for an overnight meeting somewhere and I replaced him in my Mother’s bed. I had just deposited a load in my Mom’s cunt to start the morning when she informed me, “Hey baby, I am coming to Vegas with you.”

Acting surprised, I said, “Really? How did that transpire?”

“Didn’t Miranda tell you?”

“No, but we don’t do a lot of talking when we are together,” I joked.

“You are such a male slut,” Mom joked.

I corrected, “When a girl fucks more than one guy she is a slut. When a man is scoring with two women he is a stud. Unfair I know, but those are the rules of society. I don’t make them, I just follow them.”

Slapping me playfully, she questioned, “Are you calling me a slut?”

As my finger traced her firm breasts, I answered, “You are my slut, Mom.”

“Well then,” she began straddling my still semi-erect cock, “if I am going to be labelled a slut, I better make it worthwhile.”

“Slut away, Mom,” I replied, watching her engulf my cock and begin riding me.

Another deposit inside my Mom, her eager pussy this time, and I already had visions of going for the triple play in one day: mouth, pussy and ass. Like the cycle in baseball the last one is always the hardest to complete.

As we lay there in the morning, both of us in after-sex glow, Mom said, “We are going to go out for supper tonight as mother and son and then come back here for a very, very, special night.”

“I can’t wait,” I replied.

School was a bitch as the thought of a date with Mom and the promised ass fuck was all I could think about. I was a walking erection with a mind of goo all day. I returned home and there was a note on the kitchen table.


Sorry, but I had a last minute call for a house to show. I will have to meet you at the restaurant at six. I booked us a table at Rizzo’s.



Wow, Rizzos was the classiest restaurant in the city and therefore meant suit and tie. I went to my room and my suit was already laid out on the bed. I went and had a nice shower and got ready, making sure to look my best for my date with Mom. At the last minute, I decided to go commando; never know when I may have to release the beast in a flash. I finished getting ready and sped to Rizzo’s. I arrived ten minutes early and was led to my table.

I waited a bundle of excitement at what Mom had promised me. Mom, being Mom, arrived fifteen minutes late, which was fifteen minutes early for her, but all was forgiven the Moment I saw her. Her hair was down, which I loved, but it was the gold cocktail dress, that stopped just below the knee, and the mocha colored stockings, my favorite shade of nylon, that had my cock on full alert and begging to be released.

Mom hugged me, tight enough that she could feel my attention and asked, “Is that for me?”

“All eight inches of it,” I flirted back.

“I can’t wait,” she responded, giving my cock a subtle squeeze before I moved around and pulled out her chair like a gentleman. “Oh, how sweet! But you don’t have to impress me baby; you are definitely getting laid tonight.”

I replied, “It’s the small things Mom, they are always the first to go when a relationship begins to falter.”

My Mom, suddenly in reflection mode, agreed, “No truer words have ever been spoken.”

I returned to my chair just as our waiter arrived. He took our drink orders after taking more than a subtle glance at my Mom’s generous cleavage.

Once he was gone, I pointed out, “Mom, he was staring right down your dress.”

“Was he?” she asked, oblivious to the distraction her beauty still caused many, many men.

“Indeed he was. Of course, who could blame him? You are easily the sexiest person here.”

“You and flattery, I told you, you are definitely getting laid tonight. Actually, I am hoping to go for the Trifecta all in one evening.”

“Trifecta?” I questioned.

“Yes, where you shoot a load of your white stuff in each of my three special places,” my mother informed me, her stocking-clad foot now on my crotch.

“Oh fuck Mom, my first load may end up in my pants if you keep teasing me,” I admitted, my balls already begging to be shot.

Her foot stayed there, not moving, as the waiter brought our starter salads. My hand rubbed gently the top of my Mom’s foot, the silk nylon the greatest feeling in the world.

As we ate our salads, Mom asked, “Ever had a foot job, baby?”

“No,” I answered, after a brief realization that I never had. Pam, my ex, had rubbed her stocking feet all over my body in a sensual foot massage of sorts, but her foot only rubbed my cock.

“Well, then obviously you have never had a stocking-clad foot job,” my Mom deduced.

“Apparently,” I agreed, “are you offering?”

As her foot tapped on my cock, she shrugged with a devilish smile, “Well, we already have a Trifecta to complete, but maybe we can fit that in. Seeing your cock squirt it’s cum all over my stockings would be pretty hot, don’t you think?”

“Shit Mom, I am not going to make it much longer,” I admitted, thinking I might come like I did when I started my self-exploration when I was younger, just by touch.

She smiled, “Don’t you dare waste that precious cum.”

The waiter returned with our meals and Mom thankfully relented, moving her foot away. We ate our dinners and discussed non-sexual things like school, Mom’s job, and plans for a summer trip to see the grandparents. If anyone was listening there would be no evidence of our sexual relationship, the taboo sin we were planning to commit very soon.

Once dinner was done, my beautiful mother suggested, “I say we skip dessert and we find a place where I can get some dessert directly from the source.”

“Cheque,” I quipped, knowing my hard cock, which had never shrunk throughout dinner, was not going to make it much longer before it begged for attention.

We paid the bill and once we were outside, night time just beginning to set in, Mom asked, “Where did you park?”

“In the underground parking.”

“Perfect” she smiled, grabbing my hand, our fingers entwined as if we were boyfriend and girlfriend and not mother and son. “Lead the way, baby.” Just the way she said baby with such syrupy sexiness had my cock twitching.

As we walked down the secluded stairs, Mom pulled on my hand. I stopped and looked at her. She pushed me against the wall, unzipped my pants, pulled out my cock, fell to her knees and devoured me whole.

I couldn’t believe she would be so risky blowing me in a stairwell, but logically we would hear the door open and probably be able to cover up in time.

Her warm mouth, her nasty teasing the past hour and the crazy setting all had me on the brink in record time. My balls were boiling when a door above us opened. I told Mom, “Someone’s coming.”

She quit and said, “Well, then you better come soon,” and devoured my cock again, oblivious to the reality that we were about to get caught.

I closed my eyes, even as I heard steps above me, and allowed the oral sensation to take over. Within seconds, I shot a load of my sweet cum down my Mom’s throat as the steps got incredibly close.

They were almost upon us when Mom stood up and shoved her tongue in my mouth, swirling the last remnants of my cum back into my mouth. My cock was still out but hidden by Mom’s body crushed against mine, hiding my cock seconds before a middle age couple dressed for the opera or some other fancy shindig walked past us. The woman’s facial expression displayed clearly her disgust at such inappropriate displays of affection, while the man watched with a regretful look at a time long past for him.

As soon as they were gone, Mom dropped back down to the floor and cleaned my cock, looking to retrieve any last minute escapees.

Five minutes later, we were in my car when she asked, “Can we stop at the Love Boutique? I need some lube if you are going to drill my ass tonight.”

I gasped at my Mom’s shocking blunt language, but of course pulled into the store a couple of minutes later. Once parked, I planned to stay in the car, but Mom asked, “Don’t you want to come into the sex shop with me? Maybe pick out a costume for your mother to wear before you sodomize her?”

Such nasty talk had my cock revving to go again and my imagination spinning in overdrive. I quickly unfastened my seat belt and followed Mom in, leading with my cock.

As I entered the store, I realized I had never been in a sex shop. I had considered it a few times, but never had the guts to go in. Yet here I was with my mother shopping for lube to fuck her ass. I really had the best life in the world.

Once in the store, I was like a kid on Christmas morning, so many sweet things that I didn’t even know where to start. Mom went to the toys section and I followed. She grabbed some lube and tossed it to me, before looking at some other toys. I couldn’t believe the variety. I was looking at the double-ended dildo in confused awe when Mom, holding a strap-on, said, “Would you like to see Miranda and me scissor fuck ourselves with that?”

“I have no idea what that means, but yes.”

“And which strap-on should I buy for the next time your girlfriend and I play?” Mom asked while showing me two separate dildo cocks.

I shrugged, “Well, Miranda likes them big.”

“Good call,” my Mom concurred, returning both and grabbing a huge ten inch cock. “This will have her whimpering like the slut she is.”

“Mom, that is my girlfriend you are talking about.”

“Um, must I remind you she was my personal plaything first?” Mom smiled, tapping me on the head with the big cock.

“Fair enough,” I agreed, already imagining my Mom and my girlfriend in a variety of dirty situations.

“Now let’s go check out some costumes,” she said, grabbing my hand and leading me to a corner of wall-to-wall costumes.

“Wow,” I said, overwhelmed by the many kinky fantasies I envisioned role playing with my mother. “I don’t even know where to start.”

“Well, real role play is about creating real situations and becoming the costume,” my sexy mother pointed out.

“Ok,” I said, unsure what she meant.

“So, let’s see,” she paused, pursuing the many different options. “Ah-ha,” she said, reaching up a bit and grabbing a cat woman costume. “Find the Batman costume, stud.”

I found it pretty easily, my mind already role playing ideas of Batman disciplining Catwoman. Mom put on the mask, and sauntered over to me seductively, parodying the old Adam West cartoon over the top action scenes, I used to watch on reruns, “So Batman, do you think you could BING BAM BOOM me into submission?”

The innuendo had me weak at the knees as I tried to come up with a witty comeback.

When I couldn’t, she purred, actually purred, “What is it Batman, does the cat have your tongue?”

She rubbed my stuff cock through my pants and teased, “Oh does Batman want to come out and play?”

I moaned, unable to come up with a complete thought.

She took the mask off and reached for another outfit. She grabbed a red outfit and disappeared into a change room. I looked at other outfits: princesses, nurse, Superwoman, Lady Gaga…every one creating a new fantasy for me.

Mom came out in the skimpiest red outfit ever, her mocha coloured thigh high stocking tops completely visible. She walked over to me and teased, “Well, hello there Mr. Wolf, do you want to go back to my grandmother’s house and eat me?”

My mouth dropped open, my Mom’s sexual implication so fucking naughty.

Her hand slid down my chest, her finger like lightning and thunder to my cock. “Imagine helpless l’il ole me with a basket full of toys and no one to use them on me?”

“Aaaah, fuck Mom,” I moaned.

“Does baby want to fuck Little Red Mommy Hood?” she asked, her hand again on my crotch.

“Oh god, yes,” I grunted, like a babbling fool.

Mom looked around and quickly pulled me into the dressing room. She pulled out my cock, pushed me onto the sitting ledge of the small room and sat on my cock, engulfing it completely. Her wet warmth coated my cock and she bounced up and down eagerly, taking every inch of my cock with each downward bounce. My Mom was clearly really horny as I could feel her excess juice leaking onto my legs as our bodies collided. Her moans, although controlled because of our location, were becoming louder the longer she fucked me. I could tell she wanted to scream, to talk dirty, and the restrictive location was holding her back from the pure pleasure she usually received when we fucked.

I whispered, trying to push her past the point of resistance, “Come for me Mommy, come like the son-fucker you are.”

“Aaah, fuck Curtis,” she whispered back, “keep talking dirty to me. Treat me like your fucking personal sex-slut.”

I wanted to bend her over and take control, but the room didn’t allow it, so I continued the sexual verbal assault of my perfect, beautiful, slut Mom. “Keep bouncing slut. Who owns that wet cunt of yours?”

“You do,” she moaned, loader than she meant to.

“I do what?” I asked, slapping her ass.

“Aaah, fuck, you own my cunt, baby.”

“And I can use it whenever I want, right Mommy?”

“Oh fuck, yes, Curtis, I am always at your disposal,” she moaned.

“My personal live at home Mommy cum bucket.”

“Oh my fucking God, Curtis, yes, baby, more, I’m so close,” she moaned, getting turned-on by the humiliation and taboo sin of fucking her son.

“Come for me now, my Mommy-slut, come like the dirty, incestuous, son-fucking whore you are,” I demanded, my own orgasm incredibly close from my Mom’s furiously ride.

She began to scream and I covered her mouth as her orgasm quaked through her, almost simultaneously my cum exploded inside her. She didn’t slow down, my cum filling her cunt as her juice leaked out. A minute later, she got off me, and said, “Shit, I should have worn panties, I am leaking like crazy.”

I laughed, as I saw her juice and my cum slithering down her leg.

“Get out of here, before we get caught you dirty boy, you,” she teased.

I returned to the outfit area where an older woman, a sales-lady for the store, glared at me, obviously knowing what we had done, although I assumed she had no idea of the fact that incest had just occurred in her store. I avoided eye contact and looked around for another outfit.

Mom returned a Moment later, the outfit in hand and said to the older woman, ignoring her accusing eyes, “I think we will get this one, the Catwoman and Batman and one more.”

“Which one?” I asked, curiously.

“That is for me to know and you to find out very, very soon,” she teased. “Go to the car so I can pay for all this.”

I obeyed and waited in the car, bubbling with anticipation to complete the promised Trifecta.

Mom returned and I drove us home. Mom said, “I can’t stop leaking.”

I shrugged, “I can’t believe we fucked in a stall of a sex shop.”

“I can’t believe all those things you called me,” she countered, seemingly offended.

I quickly apologized, “Sorry Mom, I….”

She slapped my knee. “Oh Curtis, you still are as gullible as you were when you were young. When I am revved up like that I want to be treated like a slut, it gets me off like nothing else. I can’t explain it, but it is true. When you called me a live-in Mommy cum bucket it brought me over the top. And now I am leaking like a sieve.”

We pulled into the driveway and Mom smiled. “Think you can get it up one more time, son?”

“Oh Mom, I can go and go and go. I am the Energizer fuck-bunny,” I quipped.

“Let’s go and see if you can back those words up, stud.” She smiled, getting out of the car.

Once in the house, she took her bag of goodies with her and said, “I am going to shower and get into costume. Why don’t you go shower too, and pour me some wine?”

I did as suggested, taking a long hot shower, my cock never completely shrinking, the curiosity of what Mom had bought for tonight and the thought of fucking Mom’s ass constantly spinning in my head.

In my room, I got dressed again and noticed Miranda had texted me. I clicked on the text.

Miranda: Have u banged Mommy’s ass yet? Here is something for you to think about for our time together tomorrow. When I let you bang mine.

I gasped. It was a picture of Miranda bent over holding her cheeks open and her enticing rosebud staring at me begging to be fucked.

My cock was again in missile mode and I adjusted myself before heading to the kitchen to pour us some wine and put together a plate of appetizers.

I had finished almost a full glass of wine when my Mom called out from the stairs, “Are there any Jedis down there?”

Being the ultimate Star Wars geek, I was instantly curious and was not disappointed when I turned the corner to find Mom dressed exactly like Princess Leia, hair and all. In her hand was one of my collectible lightsabers. She seductively came down the stairs and quipped, “Well you won’t have to be using your hands solo tonight, Jedi.”

She put the tip of my lightsaber in my mouth. “Any guess where I found this light saber?”

I could smell my Mom’s heavenly scent. She teased, “Of course, I would like a very different lightsaber in me, Jedi.”

“Oh, I think the force is with me, Princess,” I quipped, confidently moving in and kissing my beautiful mother. Being aggressive, I pushed her against the wall and she whimpered. I demanded, “It is time to reward your Jedi.”

I pushed her to her knees, on the stairs, and she quickly unbuckled my pants and took my lightsaber in her hands. She quipped, “You sure were concealing a deadly weapon, my Jedi.”

“I think I have found the perfect place to hide it for safe keeping,” I shot back, shoving my cock in her mouth. Unlike our last couple of times, I was much more aggressive, grabbing her sexy Princess Leia hair and pumping my cock in her sweet cocksucking lips. A couple of minutes of this and I ordered, “Go get on your bed, my slut.”

“Yes, sir,” she replied, unable to conceal her true submissive nature once she had a taste of my dominance.

I watched her stand up and turn around while I went and got the wine. I returned and she was on the bed as instructed. I handed her a glass of wine and I joined her on the bed. I asked, “Does Dad dominate you like you crave to be?”

“No,” she admitted, before adding, “I have hidden that naughty dirty part of me for years.”

“Why?” I asked, my hand moving to her white stocking-clad legs.

“I am an adult now with responsibilities and I had to let go of my past,” she weakly rationalized.

“But you have always, subconsciously, craved submission. Wanted Dad to just take over and use you like a slut?”

Mom nodded, and gulped her wine.

Surprising her with my conversation shift, I asked, “So Mom, what really happened between you and Ellie?”

In a heartbeat, her facial expression transformed from confident and sexy to shy and nervous. “Curtis, that was a long time ago.”

“I know,” I pushed, my voice soft and tender, like a therapist trying to draw out their patient’s past. “But clearly you are not completely over it.”

“I am too,” she said, attempting to be strong, “I have resisted the temptation for years.”

“Sorry,” I said, trying a different route. “I meant you still have lingering feelings for Ellie.”

“Only being friends and not being drawn back into her web of seduction has been the hardest thing I have ever done and I probably would have succumbed on Halloween if you wouldn’t have shown up and saved me,” she explained, her hand falling onto my leg.

“But why is she trying to get you back now after all these years?”

“Well, you are old enough to not need a mother figure I assume,” she pondered.

“I have never needed a mother figure more than I do now,” I quipped back.

She laughed at my naughty implications. “Plus, she knows my relationship with your father has not been great. I even have wondered if she was not attempting to conspire with your father. Ellie’s comment to you when she thought you were your father only enhances those suspicions.”

“But you still love Dad?” I asked, this conversation getting much heavier than I had originally planned.

“I love him as a provider and as a person, but I no longer love love him, if that makes any sense,” she explained, her facial expression showing her frustration with her married life.

“So if that is the case why not go back to Ellie?” I questioned, getting the conversation I wanted to have back on track.

Her hand just made small figure eights on my hand as she considered my question, a nervous habit of hers. “Well, I don’t think you understand how domineering and demanding Ellie is.”

“Give me an example,” I asked, trying to figure out my Mother’s insecurity, when she was otherwise a very confident woman. My hand was now at her slightly wet and uncovered pussy, distracting her slightly.

She was silent for a while as she seemed to be reminiscing her past with Ellie. “Well, as I mentioned. With Ellie it was clear that she was the Domme and I the sub. For example,” she began, but stopped, struggling to put the experience into words. She explained, “You got to understand I was and probably still am in love with Ellie. But while she was comfortable with her sexuality, I was too weak to ever tell my parents of my sexual preference at the time. Being bi or a lesbian back then was a lot more socially condemned than now, when it is apparently in fashion.”

This is the last full length chapter of this “book.” If you’re joining without having read the previous chapters, it shouldn’t be a problem for the piece to stand alone. But I’d like to think it’s more satisfying as part of a greater whole. In any case, I hope you enjoy reading it somewhere near to how much I’ve enjoyed writing and publishing it. Thanks, as always, for the comments and votes!

I don’t recommend these sorts of relationships in real life, but I’m happy to share and enjoy as long as it’s OnlyFiction. ;)


Finding Our Way

Chapter Four: Real World Holidays

Part 1

For once my mother was the one running out the door while I lazed at home. “Can’t miss my ballet class,” she said. “I’ve got to keep this body slim and hard so I can keep up with you!”

“Yeah, I’ve actually been slacking off my own workouts lately. Maybe I’ll hit the gym or something. Or maybe I’ll start working on my resume’.”

“Do the work out. The resume’ can wait until after we get back from graduation present number two.”

“Get back? What? Are we going somewhere?”

Mom froze at the entrance to the kitchen, frowning with a piece of toast stuck in her mouth. Lucky piece of toast. “Fuck,” She said. I considered trying to take that as an offer, but she really did want to head out to her ballet class, and there was certainly no arguing with the results it got. My mother was a slim 5’9″ with straight black hair just below her shoulders and 120 pounds of long, dance-toned muscle and smooth milky skin. “I guess I’ve said too much now. I was planning on telling you what gift number two is over dinner tonight, but I might as well tell you: Before you start your post-university career, I’m taking you on a trip for two weeks!”

She’d already gotten the vacation time approved at her part time secretary job. Starting next week, we would head out to one of the national parks, and have a romantic two week holiday together; just the two of us. She’d gotten a third week of free time approved without pay (she didn’t need the money anyway) for travel to and from the park grounds as well as a few days to recover before going back to work.

It was an excellent surprise. Admittedly, most 23 year old guys wouldn’t get so psyched about a cross country trip with their 40 year-old mothers, but most aren’t getting the kind of insane sex that I was getting from my mother. This was double good for us because we were going somewhere that no one knew us. No one knew we were mother and son. We could go as a couple; a forty year-old woman and her twenty-three year-old boy toy…maybe something more than just a boy toy…maybe what they call a Spring-Autumn relationship. We certainly had gone beyond simple play. Mom loved what I had in my pants for her, but in her heart I was much more than a toy.

Mom checked us in. They accepted her ID alone. “If they’d asked, I would’ve given them your ID,” she told me as we unpacked in the quaint little room.

“But we have the same family name. What would you have said to explain that?”

“My license has my maiden name, actually. I had it switched back last time I got it renewed.” Then she stopped stowing away a fresh looking Victoria’s Secret bag, and turned to me. “But, Kevin, even if we’d had the same last names on our ID’s I would’ve just told them that you’re my husband.” She stood very still and quiet, watching me closely. “I hope you’re okay with that.”

“Of course. I…I guess I hadn’t really thought about it, but, yeah. Sure, that’s fine with me. I love playing house with you, but only if we play husband and wife!” She smiled, warmed by my response. “But what about the fact that we’re not wearing rings?”

She rolled her eyes. I’ve still got mine somewhere, and yours could be lost or in the shop. Really, Kevin, you can get so bogged down in the details. Who would ask us, ‘Hey! Where are your rings?’ Hahaha! Anyway, our ‘cover story,’ if you need one is that we are just an unmarried couple on a romantic getaway. Just a strapping young hunk and his grateful older lover.”

I smirked, and put my arms around her. “They won’t believe we’re a romantic couple.” The color drained from her face. “At least not until someone hears the right sorts of noises coming from our room.”

“Mmmm. I suppose you’re right.”

“We’d better start making some of the right sounds soon, before anyone gets suspicious.”

Mom made a clicking noise with her tongue, and broke my embrace. She flung herself onto the queen sized bed and sighed. She lay there akimbo, with her long slim legs poking out of her plaid pleated catholic-school-girl style skirt and ending in brown cowboy boots. Her blouse was eggshell, and I could see a red bra strap inside the wide collar. “I don’t know if I can make those sounds, Kev. I’m a little bit pooped. I would need some…inspiration to make the sounds… convincing.” She grinned up at the white ceiling. “Now how WOO!”

I’d grabbed one of her boots, and pulled it off. The other came off easily. I crouched at the foot of the bed, and ran my tongue from the inside of her right ankle to her inner knee. I planted a kiss there, and then continued up her sinewy inner thigh. The pleats of her skirt gave me no resistance (maybe she lifted the skirt as I got closer to her center.) I could feel my mother’s bare heels on the backs of my shoulders. My nose collided with the cinnamon-colored crotch of her satin panties, and I could feel Mom’s body quiver. This pair did have a gusset. It was damp and smelled divine. I kissed the panties, and my mother bucked silently again.

I ran my hands, palms up, under her thighs to her ass, and grabbed the top of her undies. Mom lifted her hips to allow me to pull them off. She was giggling softly. I got back down to the business between her thighs. I kissed the folds lovingly, and tickled at her clit with my tongue. Mom gasped and swiveled her hips, but was otherwise silent. I sucked at the clit, and let it go with a slurping sound. Mom’s cunt was sopping wet already, and I was drinking her in. But I was struck by how quiet she had been.

I came up for air, and looked across that most supple body to my mother. Her face was flushed, and she was grinning like a game show winner. “Are you okay?” I asked. “Why are you so quiet.”

She started laughing, and ran her fingers through my hair between her knees. “If I make too much noise too soon, you may think it was enough to ease the neighbor’s suspicions and stop.” She laughed some more.

This time it was my turn to roll my eyes. “Let ‘er rip, Mom. Let’s scare the hell out of the neighbors.”

Mom grinned again. “In that case, my fine young man, get back in there, and get back to business.”

“If I do a good job, I’d better hear about it!”

My mother nodded, and gently pushed my head back down into her hot waiting pussy.

I went to town on that steamy little cunt. Two fingers, deep tongue work, and I nearly gave myself whiplash with the way I wriggled my face into Mom’s glorious opening. For her part, she certainly did respond. “HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! FUCK YESSSS!!!! Oh my god, you’re a fucking MASTER! OH! OH FUCK! You’re a KING! Ohhhhhh! You’re so good to my pussy! Ooooh, Baby, don’t stop! OH! HOLY SHIT MY… MY PUSSY! OH SHIT!” When I slowed the pace, she begged for more at full volume.

I came up for air just long enough to tell her to get that blouse off. “And the bra too,” I added. “Tits as beautiful as yours need some air and some attention.”

“Oh yes, Baby! Anything you say. Just give me some more!” Her blouse came off over her head, and the bra ended up across the room. “Are you going to give me some more, Kevin?”


“You promise? You’ll give my pussy more of your sweet touch?”

I flipped her over to her hands and knees, and gave her a pointed tongue lick from her clit up – probing the folds and the hole before continuing up to her asshole.

“OH, MOTHER FUCKER!!!” she cried out.

I climbed up onto my knees behind her. I leaned over her lean muscled back, and spoke softly in her ear: “You’d better fucking believe I’m a mother fucker, Mother.” She moaned loudly, and pushed her ass back against the hand I was cupping over her slick lower lips. “You’d better want me to be a mother fucker.” I gently squeezed her drooling cunt. Her fluids oozed between my fingers, and she made a high whining sound. “Mommy’s awfully wet, and my dick is awfully hard. What should I do with it, Mommy?”

“OHHH! Put it in me, Baby!” she cried out. “Give me that BEAUTIFUL FUCKING MONSTER!”

I got upright on my knees behind her, moved my hands to her hips, and I shoved in at top speed. She backed up into me with the full force of her desire. Our bodies slapped together, and it felt like the nerve endings in our genitals were singing. The sex was so intense in the sun drenched hotel room that I couldn’t help shouting wordlessly.

Her body was bent there in front of me. Her beauty was otherworldly. We both were. We were like some kind of Greek deities coupling in the most perfect sexual act in the history of the human form. It was magnificent.

Mom’s neatly groomed pussy was so tight that afternoon; it was stretched around my shaft as I drove it in and out of her. Above that perfect fit, my mother’s heart-shaped ass spread and crashed into my hips with a thunder clap again and again. My hands glided along her smooth hips to the pinched waistline just beyond the small of her back. I grabbed on tight, so I could really start to pound into her pussy as she really likes it. My thumb tips were about two and a half inches apart, and I could feel the musculature of her flat stomach with my fingertips. Her torso spread from there, her bellowing ribcage broadening to her lean shoulders. She was twisting hard, using even her arms and shoulders to fuck back onto me with style and rhythm. With that movement, I knew her succulent handfuls had to be positively swinging all around. Her raven hair was across the leaves of her back, and hid her face from view. But I could hear her howling with joy at my deep exploring penetrations.

The whole goddamn hotel must have heard us. I came so hard into my mother’s wonderful insides that I nearly blacked out. Mom made this guttural sound that resembled a lower animal crying out in the wild. Her honey dripped down my thighs, and we collapsed; laughing in heady afterglow.

Holy shit that woman can fuck like a champion!

For the rest of the trip the hotel staff and residents called us “The Happy Couple.”

Part 2

“More wine for The Happy Couple?” our waitress asked, smiling a huge knowing grin.

Mom and I were holding hands over our small dinner table, and were surprised by the interruption.

“Um, I’m fine. You, Sweetheart?”

My mother smiled back at the waitress and shook her head sweetly. I’d half expected the people of the hotel to be irritated with how much noise we’d made, but we were consistently met with hearty approval. Old couples smiled brightly at us. One husband and wife paused from shooing their kids to greet us. The wife, a blonde with a nice chest and the full round hips of bearing three children, looked hungrily at me, and her husband – a husky guy with shorts, camera, shades and a baseball cap – gave me a thumbs up from behind his wife. Anyone past puberty was bound to approve of making a woman as strikingly beautiful as my mom scream like I had that afternoon.

After dinner we danced on the dance floor, and kissed in the moonlight. It was better than either of us had hoped for.

We went to bed more calmly that night, and I thanked my mother for such a lovely second graduation present (for about two and a half hours.) Sweating beneath me, she cried out how welcome I was. We both did, come to think of it. But our words were more of love than of wet muscular escapades.

At one point, near the apex of our love making, I had some kind of mental episode. It wasn’t an out of body experience, but I was seeing myself – what we were doing – in a different way. I saw myself on my mom with my mouth on hers, and my tongue reaching for the back of her throat. But also I imagined that my cock was a tongue spearing deep into her cunt to taste her most secret flavors and to pleasure her wildly at the same time. And my hands were mouths too (in my mind) nibbling her nipples as my fingers pinched and pulled at them. Her breasts were slick with our sweat, and I dreamed that I could taste it with my mouth-hands. I reached down to squeeze her sweet ass and imagined I was covering those perfect buns with enthusiastic kisses.

I know this sounds bizarre and alien, but it was beautiful and thrilling for me. I wasn’t devouring her; I was praising her and basking in the glory of her. Some element of my thoughts (or, at least, how deeply I felt about them) reached Mom, and she began to thrash around in ecstasy under me. She came hard over and over. She screamed into my mouth and raked my back and bucked mindlessly up to meet my penetrating member. It was so wild and surprising that she drew me into my final orgasm of the night.

While I was fire hosing her cunt with sticky cream she finally twisted her head away to break the kiss, and said, “Oh fuck!” She took a deep breath, and nearly deafened me screaming as she had one last hard writhing cream-spewing orgasm.

She started to shake, like shivering, but the movements were too dramatic. I thought for a second that she might be having some sort of attack. I pulled away against the wet resistance of our joined bodies, barely noticing the slurping sounds as her cunt gave up my cock. “Are you okay? Do you need help? Are you cold? Should I get a doctor?”

Her eyes were closed, but she smiled to herself. “I’m okay,” she whispered, still shaking all over. “I just need a minute.” I put my hand to her shoulder, and she began jerking violently. “Uh!” She wrapped her arms around herself and curled into a ball. “No Kevin. Don’t touch me just now.” I’d already withdrawn my hand, and was looking at her with concern all over my face. She opened one eye to spy my face, and started to laugh softly. “It’s okay, Baby. Mommy’s just a bit overstimulated right now. You did me good. Even your hand on my shoulder can give me an orgasm right now. Don’t! Don’t test it. Just trust me.”

“You’re kind of freaking me out, Mom.”

“Look, you know how the tip of your cock feels right after we’ve had a good hard fucking?”

“Yeah,” I said with a smile.

“Kevin, sweetie, you just set me off so many times and so hard that my whole body feels like that.”


“Yeah. Really, Stud. Give me another minute or two, and then I want you to hold me until I fall asleep.”

In the morning we had a light breakfast, and headed out for a hike in one of America’s wonderland natural parks. We walked quietly satisfied, holding hands like we couldn’t really do in our home town, and listened to the increasingly rare sounds of nature. It was beautiful, and we walked for a long time. Eventually our path came in view of a glade not far off. We’d brought a few snacks and drinks in backpacks, so we decided to head off the path to the glade and make a picnic of it.

Pressing through the trees, I said, “That waitress sure did seem to have an especially big smile for the two of us; The Happy Couple.”

“Well, I am happy. Very. But I know what you mean. When someone smiles like that… well, I think she wanted to join The Happy Couple and try out being an Ecstatic Trio.” She smiled over at me, and bumped my hip with hers.

Just then we broke our way into the glen. It was even more beautiful up close. We picked a spot close to the trees we’d come through, so it wouldn’t be visible from the path we’d just left. We began to unpack and enjoy.

“Um, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that, Mom.”

“A threesome with the waitress? She’s cute, honey, but…”

“No, not exactly. I mean, not about a threesome with the waitress. You’ve mentioned getting other women involved from time to time, and I haven’t really been so responsive.”

“I know you’re committed to me, Sweetie. I just want you…”

“No, I know, Mom. You’ve explained it before. I just want to tell you why I haven’t said much about it, myself. I’m completely open to having another woman join us, as long as you’re there and playing a major role. In fact, it sounds really great. I’m also okay if there’s never another woman.

“See, a few years ago – not long after I turned 21 – I went to a bar with some guys and I met a girl. This was before I’d met Kim, of course. I bought this chick a few drinks and she was definitely interested. She told me all sorts of things to keep me interested. She told me that she was a stripper (no, this wasn’t a strip club. It was an ordinary bar,) and at some point she mentioned that she had stripper girlfriends who would be open to a threesome.

“This girl was okay in bed; nothing special. After a few times, I asked about those friends. I said I’d like to get some more girls into the action.”

“And she was offended, wasn’t she?” Mom guessed.

“She never spoke to me again. To be honest, I didn’t mind much. There wasn’t that much between us.”

“How old was this young woman?”

“I think she was nineteen.”

Mom put her hand on my cheek. “I’m no nineteen year-old girl.”

“Oh, I know that!” I said, resting a hand on her thigh.

“I understand your nervousness, and I’m far from desperate to get another woman in our bed or anything like that. I was joking about the waitress. I wouldn’t want something like that now, anyway. Not on this beautiful trip. This is for the two of us. I don’t want to share you now. Maybe something will come up in the future, but it’ll have to be something…someone more special than a waitress who overheard you making me cum like Niagara Falls.”

We drank some water and juice and kissed some more.

The national parks are awesome. After a few days of trying different paths (and finding secluded locations for more intimate explorations of nature) we took time out to do some shopping for souvenirs. Mom insisted I pick up a turquoise necklace for my ex-girlfriend-now-just-friends friend Kim.

“Why? What’s the deal with you and Kim, anyway?” My willowy raven-haired mother had been meeting my hard-body strawberry-blond ex for lunch every week or so for the last several months.

“I think you should show your appreciation for what she’s doing for you.”

“What? What is she doing for me?”

“She’s got that job lined up for you at her PR firm.”


“Didn’t she tell you? I thought she told you at the bar on your graduation night. You just need to send in your resume´, and Kim will make sure that John takes care of the rest.”

“John? Who the hell is John?”

“Kim’s boyfriend. The one in the Human Resources department of her firm? Didn’t you two talk at all that night?”

“Wow. I guess we didn’t talk about much. I mean, I think she mentioned something about being “covered” in the boyfriend department, but…she never said anything about a job or anyone specific named john.”

Mom slid her hand into the back right pocket of my jeans, and grabbed gently at my ass. “Well, she told me all about him at your graduation ceremony. Apparently, he’s a really charming guy who had been flirting with her for a long time. She finally broke down and let him take her out, and it turns out he’s a pretty decent guy.”

I put my arm around Mom, to encourage her to keep her hand on my ass.

“You’re not jealous are you?”

I shrugged. “No, not really. Kim’s great, and I’m glad we’re still friends. But my ass is in exactly the right hands this very second.” She gave my right butt cheek another squeeze. “I’m just a little disappointed that she didn’t tell me she’s got a new love in her life.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t go so far as to say ‘love.’ The relationship is working out for her, and it looks like it’ll help grease the wheels for your employment.”

I turned, and whispered in her ear, “Let’s buy this necklace already, so I can get your sweet ass back to the hotel and I can grease your wheels.”

Mom squeaked in anticipation. We paid, and we got out of there.

We were on a roll those two weeks. We soaked the bed sheets almost every night, and almost every afternoon when we got back from whatever outing we’d been on. The one night we didn’t shake the walls of our room was only because we’d finally hit upon a slow day when no one was anywhere near the hotel hot tub.

Those things are not as big as they seem at first glance, but we managed to fuck in a few really excellent positions in there. We came into the hot tub room wearing swim suits. Mom wore a simple electric blue bikini. The high-hipped bottoms emphasized the remarkable length and leanness of her legs while dipping in front to reveal every inch of her flat toned tummy. The top cupped her breasts together, showing them off magnificently. She looked so fucking hot in that thing that I nearly ripped it off her and fucked her against the wall of the little room.

We eased our way into the water, and removed our bottoms beneath the bubbling surface. We began conservatively, worrying that someone might walk in on us, with Mom sitting on the edge of her seat, and me on my knees in front of her; her legs wrapped around my ass. We were able to keep most of the fucking motion beneath the waves, so that an accidental intruder would just see us cuddling and kissing.

But my mother’s pussy is too good for me to keep my cool, and she loves my cock too much to keep it slow. Before long, we switched around, so she was straddling me, and I was kissing her neck, collar bone and shoulders and squeezing her tits with relish. The molding of the seats, made it difficult to achieve really satisfying penetration in that position though. So finally, Mom climbed off my dick with a mournful grunt, stood up – water running down her slim curves and shining in the soft light – turned around and bent over the opposite edge of the tub. She put one foot up on the seat in front of her, and arched her back to point that spectacular ass at me. She looked over her shoulder at me. Her black hair was plastered to her back and shoulders, her lips were red like blood and her green eyes flashed furiously. She wagged her open pussy at me, her legs, so long and slender, dripping hot water. She said, “Well? Are you gonna bring it home or not?”

I was. I did. Something about Mom’s shape that night, the wetness of her whole body and the way she whimpered and moaned as my cock slid in and out and right back in to touch bottom again made me feel like my manhood was longer, thicker and harder than usual. Her body lifted and shudder with my penetrations. She squeezed my dick so hard, it felt like I was plowing my mother’s miraculous vagina with a rod the size of an aircraft carrier. It was so hot that it’s almost a shame nobody saw me nail my mother doggy-style in the hot tub.

Part 3

The one time my long and slender mother and I failed to ruin our hotel bed in the afternoon was the last full day of our trip; we would be checking out the following morning. Over the weeks we had scouted out the most secluded wild places in the park. We would fool around in a location – I’d usually get my hand up her skirt or down her pants – and we’d listen for the sound of other park patrons. The best place was a good one and a half hour hike away; isolated and beautiful with only a small patch of flat earth among the trees for a picnic blanket.

On our last full day in the park system my mother and I packed up for the hike, and walked hand in hand; silent in our anticipation of being alone together in the wild. We never discussed it, but I think we both looked forward to a special way of saying goodbye to the preserved wonderland. Despite the demands of the hike, neither of us had any appetite for food beyond a few deep pulls on the water bottles we’d brought with us. We laid out the blanket, and ignored the food.

Mom was running her fingernails all over me through my clothes, and my tongue sought a new corner of her mouth to taste. I slid one hand down the back of her jeans and the other up her blouse. Mom was quiet even when I popped her bra loose and pinched her left nipple with a twist. She forced me over onto my back, and scooted down to work my fly. I certainly had no objection, and shifted around to make it easier for my mother to pull my mostly erect penis free.

Normally, Mom eye fucks me while sucking me off, but this time she was too concentrated on the task at hand. Her thick black hair was like a wide scarf covering her head as she coated my manhood with her saliva. I couldn’t see what she was doing, but I could feel that she began by taking my balls into her mouth. She licked the shaft two or three times before taking it deep into her throat.

Mom was in high form out there on the picnic blanket. She kept my dick incredibly warm and wet, and when she wasn’t deep throating me she stroked and sucked with unprecedented force. I’d planned to pleasure her all afternoon, but she couldn’t wait for my cum, and – due to her skill and enthusiasm – I had no choice about cumming. She reached around and held onto my ass. She forced her lips to my pubic bone and ensured every drop would travel her digestive system.

“Oh fuck, Mom. That was…”

A gurgling slurp was emitted as my mother let my dick out of her throat and mouth, and she sprang forward to lie on top of me. The look on her face was wild and desperate. She reached down to my softening cock between us, and began stroking me with her strong small hands.

“I want more, Kevin,” she said just above a whisper into my face. “Can you give it to me?”


“Are you going to be man enough to give it all to me? I know you just came. I can still taste your dick in my mouth, but I want more. Right now. Can you get hard for me again? Are you strong enough to strip me down and to nail me to one of these trees with…this…with this dream come true?”

I was already hardening again.

“I am your woman, Kevin.” my mother said, staring me in the eye. “It is time to fuck your woman like an animal.” We started tugging each other’s clothes off. This was no easy task as Mom was hesitant to let go of the meat in her hand. When I finally had her bare as her birthday, she let go and stepped back, away from me. My mother is an incredible sight, naked. Her long trim body is toned by more than two decades of dedicated ballet practice. At 5’8″ and 120 pounds of muscle, that is very long and fit. Her breasts did not droop despite her forty years. They held proud, more than a handful each. Long black hair framed flaring emerald green eyes, high cheekbones and an elegant long neck.

She kept backing up until she reached a wide old tree trunk. She put one hand on the tree for balance, and let the other hand stroke her almost bare pubic mound. “You want this pussy?” she offered.

“Yes,” I said, stepping towards her, naked (still fit from football in years past and regular workouts in more recent years.) with my cock pointing directly at the object of my desire,

“You think this should be your pussy? Should I be yours?”

I took another step. We were less than a foot apart. “Yes. Where do you think you’re going with that pussy? You’d better spread it open for me.”

A pair of her fingers reached down and spread the folds. “I think you’re going to have to come here and take my pussy if you want to make me yours!”

I walked up to her, and the underside of my achingly erect cock’s head tapped her upper abdominal muscles. I bent slightly to kiss her and reach down and around to grab her ass. Her arms curled around my shoulders. I grabbed her tail with both hands, and hefted her up. Still holding onto me for balance, she leaned her bare back against the rough bark of the tree. Her toned legs were around my waist, as they’d been dozens of times before.

She was looking in my eyes with hungry desperation; like I was the only one with the answer to the most important question in her life. How could she wonder after all the wild and passionate sexual abandon of the past months? My balls had not produced one drop of cum in the last six months that didn’t end up between her thighs or down her throat. But there she was, held naked in my hands, perched over my bright red cock, looking at me with this wanting waiting look.

I lowered her, back scratching against the tree, onto the only cock I would allow to taste her gaping pussy:

“Mine.” I grunted into her ear as she bit her lip and strained to keep her wailing cry subdued. I lifted her back up the full length of my now glistening dick. And, as I lowered her, filling her with cock, I said, “This pussy – this whole woman is mine.” Up, and she bit into my shoulder and raked my back with her nails to hold back the scream. “I don’t want to hear any more about making you mine. You are mine, and you have been mine for months and I will keep pleasuring you and loving you seven days a week until we both drop.” On the word “drop” I quickly lowered her to the root of my bone, and she did her best to stifle a thrilled yipe. I lifted her spread open round little ass, pulling her sopping cunt away from its favorite place. I could hear her breathing; quick little inhalations. “Do you understand me?” I asked, and I lowered her extra slowly into penetration.

She answered with a high whine, “Mmmnnnnnyesssss!”

I continued the pattern of lifting her off my cock as I questioned and skewering her as she answered. “You understand that this pussy belongs to me, and has all along?”

“Oh. Oh. Oh. Fuh. Yes. Yes!” She ground her clit into my pelvic bone as I gathered the upper arm strength for the next question. Then…

“You understand that you are my woman?”

“Oh, yes, Kevin! Yes. I am all yours. Ohh. Oooh.”

“You will never stop being my woman, Mom. You will always belong to me. Won’t you, now?”

“Oh, god, Baby.” She clutched to me, pulling herself away from the tree. Fucking onto my dick as I stood there. “Yes, I belong to you. I will always be with you. I will be your woman forever!”

We both glistened with sweat as my mother rose and fell with my help. We opened our mouths wide, and kissed deep silent kisses. She moaned softly into my mouth once or twice, and then, all of a sudden, the fingers of one of her hands were in my hair and her body was twitching. “Mmm! Mmm! Mmmm!” she called into my mouth, and I could feel her orgasmic tightening; her arms and legs around me, her inner muscles gripping my member…even her ass muscles in my hands. Her cum oozed down my ball sack. Some of it slid down my right thigh, but most of it dripped onto the dry sod where I stood.

She shivered twice more before insisting that I let her down. I bent my knees until she was standing, and then a little more to unsheathe my prick from her cunt. She smiled at me dreamily, and I had to consciously remind myself to let go of her ass. She took only a few seconds to regain her sense of balance

“I’m your woman, baby. I won’t question it again. I promise.” Then, still smiling, she turned around, and put both hands on the tree trunk; bending only slightly. She widened her stance, letting her oozing pussy open slightly. Without looking back at me, she spoke to me in a flat low tone. “Now a little more to make me your bitch.”

I lay my right hand on her right hip. “My bitch?”

She began rocking her body back and forth between me and the tree. “Make me your little bitch-in-heat. Fuck me right, and tell me I’m your bitch, you’ll always keep me in heat and I’ll get a spanking if I act like a dirty little bitchAHHH!!! Yessssssss!”

I was plowing into her masterfully (it’s what she wanted after all.) She wasn’t screaming, but she was gasping loudly for breath with each smashing collision in her womb.

“You want to be my little bitch?”

“Oh yes. Oh please. Please make me your BUNNNHHH! Make me your bitch.”

The forest was so quiet that the clapping of my hips on her ass sounded explosive.

“If you’re going to be my little bitch-in-heat, you can’t act like a dirty little whore. You’re going to keep clean for me, aren’t you?”

“NNN! Oh! I’m so sorry, Baby, but I’ve been such a dirty little whore before you came and mastered me with your OHH…Oh fuck…mastered me with your beautiful monster. Isn’t there some way? Oh. Oh. Oh. Some way I can earn your forgiveness?”

Remembering what she’d said about spanking, I gave her quick little tap on her beautiful ass. It quivered slightly, and she began to really push back against me.

“Smack that ass like you plan to keep it” she said in what sounded like a deadly serious voice.

I made a wide arc, bringing an open palm down onto the same cheek. The curvature of her cheeks matched my palm so beautifully that a deep pop could be heard for half a mile or more. “Oh fuck, yeah!” Mom said through clenched teeth.

“Are you going to act like a dirty little whore or my good sweet little bitch-in-heat?”

“Uhhhnnn.” she seemed to hesitate, her head tilted up and back. I spanked her again with the other hand and she yipped and gasped. “Yes! I’ll be your sweet girl. I’ll be your clean little bitch.” I gripped her hips with almost cruel pressure, and used every muscle in my body to fuck my mother with a fury she’d never brought out of me before that day. Sweat poured down my face, and I could see a river of it running down Mom’s serpentine spine.

I gave her bubble another swat. “Am I planning to keep this ass now?”

“NNNYEAH! Fuck!”

Another. “Is this ass mine for good?”

“Oh fuck yes, Kevin, I’m your good girl. I’m going to be the best little bitch-in-heat for you. The best of your life!”

She took a hand away from the tree. She raised upper body enough to reach up and behind herself, all the way back to my head. I leaned forward, and clutched at her soft orbs. We fucked so fast and in such tight little thrusts that we were practically vibrating. I kissed her neck, and tasted the sweat. I wrapped my arms around her torso, and just fucked with all my strength.

I came with an earth-shattering orgasm, and she arched her back to get as much goo as her powerful cunt muscles could squeeze out of me.

We curled up, exhausted, on the picnic blanket; too overheated to cover our dripping bodies. I dozed lightly. The sounds of small animals and insects crawling and the wind in the trees drowned out my mother’s breathing, but she snuggled up against my body, laying one dancer’s leg across my mid-section and her head on my chest. She scratched absently at my chest hairs.

She said something, but I was too out of it or she’d said it too softly for me to hear.

“Mm?” I half grunted.

“More,” she whispered at me. “Please.” She withdrew her thigh from me and reached down to my flaccid penis. She pulled at it, not in a stroking way, but as if she was trying to pull me onto her. “Just once more,” she said in a voice so soft it resembled a whimper.

I shifted onto my side, and looked down at her. Her hair hid her face, and she would not let go of my prick. Only her upper body was turned towards me. Her legs lay back, spread open.

“Please love me just one more time.”

Her voice was weak, but her grip was strong. And her beauty never failed to arouse me if she wanted it to. I began to harden in her pulling grasp, and I pushed a lock of hair from her face to see her smiling at the increasing firmness in her hand. She looked up at me with an open knowing smile. “More,” she smiled.

I rolled onto her, and took my time easing into her. She didn’t ask if I was teasing her. She didn’t say anything at all. She just let her legs lie apart for me in a wide V, and rubbed my arms with her hands. Each time I slid further in. Mom looked down through the space between us at my cock’s increasing progress. I hit bottom, and Mom said, “Oh.” I withdrew, and she whimpered again. I began sawing patiently in and out of my mother’s vagina, and she made the same “Oh.” each time I tapped her deepest places.

I don’t know if she was too worn out or if this had a different meaning for her, but there was no dirty talk. She bent her knees and drew her legs up so her knees were near her shoulders. “Oh. Oh. Oh.” She said as I invaded her again and again. Like each thrust of my cock was a small but important discovery for her.

I lowered my torso onto her, knowing from lots of experience that she could support my weight. Sure enough, her hands slid from my muscled arms to my flexing back, and she hugged me tightly to her bosom.

I began thrusting into mom’s glorious hole with a quicker tempo, and the sounds of discovery were replaced my small whimpers, and she began kissing my neck and running her fingers through my hair. Our sexual practices ran the full gamut of affectionate loving, so her behavior – while not the norm for her – only served to remind me how much I loved her. How in love I was with my mother. I sank my manhood deep into her sweet cunt with irregular powerful penetrations, and held inside her each time. I swiveled my hips slightly and swelled the head each time.

“Ohhoh.” She said, almost to herself.

Machine-like I went in and out of her, my balls slapping against her dilating anus. We were both moaning in the increasing frenzy, and she grabbed my head, and pulled it back from her neckline so she could kiss me. Her tongue reached along mine, searching deep into my throat as I slammed my rod hard and deep at the meeting of her thighs and shot the last of my nutrition to the furthest reaches of mom’s insides.

We collapsed together, and I realized that Mom had cum at the same instant. I could feel her body convulsing under me, and I thought she was laughing. Then one of her tears fell onto my cheek.

I pushed up to look at her crying face. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, of course,” she said. “That was just wonderful. Just wonderful.”

She shivered as I withdrew my softening cock from her.

“I don’t understand why you’re crying. We’ve had beautiful moments before, but you never cried like this before.”

“Ohhoho,” she laughed through her crying hiccups. “it’s okay, Baby.” She drew my face down to hers to give me another loving kiss. “It’s almost time for you to get your graduation present number three. Let’s have a bite and a sip, and get back to the hotel.”

I didn’t understand, but Mom wouldn’t explain further. So we drank to rehydrate, we ate to build up our strength and I tongued her pussy to have something sweet on my lips as we walked the trails back to the hotel.

Part 4

I was disturbed by Graduation present number three. She told me over dinner our last night in the hotel. Mom knew I’d be resistant, so she talked and talked, covering every angle; addressing every objection before I could make it.

I tried to be careful about my response, and thanked her. I said I was going to need to process everything she’d said. Then I took her up to our room, and made love to her until she cried out that she couldn’t take any more and begged me to stop. In my own way, I guess I was trying to convince her that she didn’t really want to give me my own apartment. This wasn’t something that she really wanted; to send me away.

“We can still be together every night,” she said on the way back to her house. “Or whenever you want me. You just call, and I’ll be in whatever bed you say. Remember our last day in the forest. I’m yours.”

I just nodded. The simple fact was that I thought her idea was smart. We couldn’t keep living together long after I began a regular full-time career at the PR firm where my ex-girlfriend Kim had a job waiting for me.

“We can hold off for a few months, though, right?” I asked.

She took my hand, and held it in her lap. “Yes, I’d like that very much. I’d just like to have something set up for you, so that you’ve got a place furnished and waiting if someone starts to ask what you’re still doing in our house.” She leaned close to me. “Do you hear what I’m saying? I want you in our house in our bed. I want you home and inside me as much as we can manage.”

Daddy wasn’t doing very well. I went to visit him over my college summer break. He had dark circles under his eyes and looked haggard when he picked me up at the airport. He appeared much older than his forty-two years, flecks of gray salted his pepper colored hair. He was thinner than I remembered. I noticed he needed a shave as he greeted me with a half-grin and a peck on my cheek.

He said, “You’ve really filled out Haley since the last time I saw you. You were all knees and elbows, now look at you. You’re a full grown woman.”

With a smart-alecky attitude I shot back, “Now I’m all tits and ass.”

I was only 5’2″ so my curves were more accented on my small frame. I teased him with a little shimmy that made my big breasts sway back and forth under my blouse.

“I was sixteen then, Daddy, I’m nineteen now. You bet I’ve filled out in the past three years, 38-27-34 with a D-cup.”

Blushing he quickly changed the subject, “How was school?”

“Great, I aced my psychology final.”

After fetching my luggage from the baggage carousel Daddy led me to a yellow taxi cab parked just outside the terminal. He slipped the waiting skycap a tip and opened the back door for me. Daddy slammed the door after me and got behind the steering wheel.

I was agape as Daddy pulled away from the curb and into traffic. I checked out the Taxi License that hung from beneath the rearview mirror to ensure I wasn’t dreaming. It had Daddy’s picture on it and a number then his name, Todd Wilson.

“When did you start driving a cab? Did you lose your job at Anderson’s Auto Lot?” I asked.

Daddy glanced into the rear-view mirror his sad gray eyes looked directly into mine, “No, I still sell cars for Big Jim Anderson. I just haven’t sold very many lately. So I drive a cab to make ends meet. The Law says I have to pay your mother her alimony payments on time. Last time I was late I was hauled before a judge again.”

I caught his bitter undertone and the slight shame in his voice. I finally said, “I’m sorry Daddy. I didn’t know things were so bad for you.”

“It gets worse.”

He pulled up in front of an apartment building and parked the cab then popped the trunk. He grabbed my luggage and led me into his apartment. It wasn’t much, a small living room, a mini-kitchen, a bathroom and single bedroom in back.

“Not much to it. You get the bedroom. I’ll sleep on the couch.”

I wrinkled my nose and said, “You could do better than this, Daddy.”

He chuckled, “Not really, your mother really took me to the cleaners in our divorce. Her alimony payments are outrageous. Anyway this isn’t so bad. I know its cramped but I’m not here that much.”

I looked around the dim apartment again and shrugged my shoulders, “I’m sorry, Daddy I didn’t know.”

His face was drained and he looked tired, “I’m sorry too. I’m sorry you’re so disappointed. I need to get the cab back on the street. Did you have supper?”

“Yeah, I ate before I got on the plane. You’re going back to work?”

Daddy nodded, “My shift ends at 6AM. Call for a pizza if you’re hungry. There’s a number on the door of the fridge. Go to bed whenever you want there’s fresh sheets on it. See you at breakfast.”

I slept fitfully in Daddy’s bed. I was up and going when he walked through the front door at half past six the next morning. Pouring cereal into a bowl at the tiny dinner table in the kitchen I asked him, “Did you get the milk I texted you about?”

Daddy smiled at me as he pulled a half a gallon of milk from a paper bag. “Yeah, here it is. You should call me. I can’t text very well, especially when I’m driving.”

I took the milk, opened it and poured it over the cereal, “The milk you had was three weeks past expiration. It was stinking up the whole fridge. I’ll clean it out later. You have some other science experiments going on in there. I might have to get a HazMat suit.”

Daddy smiled weakly, “I know I’m not much of a house keeper and it’s a far cry from our house we had when you were a kid. But, there’s a pool in the courtyard of the apartment complex. You can work on your tan while you’re here.”

I nodded and chewed thoughtfully and then asked “You’ve lived here since the divorce? You’ve lived here for three years?”

“Yep, as part of the divorce settlement our house on Colorado Boulevard had to be sold and the profit split between your mother and me. I put my share in a trust fund solely for your education. Your college is paid for and your mother can’t get her greedy hands on it.”

“I could transfer to a cheaper college if it will get you out of this dump.”

He violently shook his head, “No, Haley. Cal Tech is the best school in the country for your major and my Baby-girl deserves the best.” His voice became stern, “If you’d rather not stay here I can put you on a plane to your mother’s this afternoon.”

This time I shook my head, “I’m sorry Daddy. I knew Mother had been ugly in the divorce but I didn’t know it was this bad. Besides she doesn’t have time for me this summer. She’s too busy being a Cougar on the prowl.”


I giggled, “Oh, Daddy. A Cougar is an older woman who goes after younger men.”

Daddy smirked with bitterness, “I just don’t understand your mother. We were married for eighteen years and then all of sudden she decides she doesn’t want to be married anymore. It pisses me off. I played by the rules. I never cheated on her. I was a good provider. I loved her, yet she still left me and took you with her. I just don’t understand.”

“I know…” I mumbled my mouth full of half-chewed cereal.

“Chew then speak. I know you were raised right,” scolded Daddy.

I swallowed and then said, “Sorry Daddy. I think Mother has Gerascophobia.”


“The fear of growing old. Its based on anxieties created by society.”

Daddy cocked and eyebrow unsure, “Societal anxiety?”

I nodded, “Yes, I learned about this in psychology class. Society says the young are beautiful and the old are not. Society says the young are stimulating, so the old must be boring. Mother fears growing old so she dresses younger, acts younger and chases younger men. She has turned her fears into a phobia.”

“You learned all that in psych class?” Daddy chuckled, “the value of a college education.”

“Let’s talk about something besides Mother. Are you dating anyone?”

“No, how can I? I’m working two jobs so your Mother can act younger than her age. I don’t have time to date. What about you, any college boys sparked your interest?”

I shook my head negatively. “I’m looking for a man. I’m tired of boys.”

“Don’t the boys at college like girls with pink streaks in their hair?” he teased.

“They’re called highlights and I just have a couple. The pink makes my purple top pop don’t you think?”

Daddy’s eyes fell on my ample bosom and he said mischievously, “No, I think your big boobs make your top pop.”

I laughed and gave his shoulder a little push. “So why drive a taxi?”

His smiled faded, “The short answer is I need the money. My sales have been off. I used to sell close to twenty cars a month before the divorce. Last month, I sold only four…four cars the whole freaking month. Besides driving a cab beats sitting at home.”

“I don’t understand, you used to be the top salesman at Anderson’s.”

“Used to be is right. Big Jim has been great. He should’ve replaced me a long time ago. I guess since car sales are strictly commission sales I really haven’t cost Big Jim any money but I haven’t made him any either. He’s a stand up guy.”

“So how much did you make when you sold a car?”

Daddy grinned, “I made roughly $300 a car and I averaged 18 a month. You do the math.”

“So what happened?”

He rubbed a hand through his tangle mane, “I don’t know. So much of selling is confidence. When your mother left me I just lost my confidence.”

Daddy choked and he turned his face from me. A moment later with teary eyes he said, “I’m not blaming her but it is what it is, you have to have confidence to sell and I don’t have any.”

I grimaced I had never seen my father this way before and it frighten me.

He patted my arm and said, “Don’t fret Haley. Your college is paid for and I make enough driving the cab to make my alimony payment,” he paused and glanced around the apartment, “plus all this luxury.”

Daddy jumped into the shower then crawled into the only bed in the apartment. I cleaned the kitchen as quietly as possible so as not to disturb him. Once I was satisfied the apartment would no longer be considered a Bio-hazard I stripped off the long yellow latex gloves and threw them away.

I took out my laptop and logged onto the World Wide Web to do some research. Something Daddy had said about confidence seemed to trigger a memory from my psychology class. I needed to investigate it further. I loved my father and it hurt to see him so miserable.

Soon I found an Internet article entitled: Sex and Self-Esteem A Big Boost for Men. It said being in a relationship with the opposite sex boosts a man’s sense of self-esteem. A man’s level of sexual self confidence influences everything he thinks, feels, says or does and affects everything and everyone who comes in contact with him. It even influences his success.

My mind began to whirl as I digested the article. I thought men just sought out sex to gratify their primal drive. Now I had discovered that men need a steady sexual relationship for successful self-confidence. I smiled as a plan began to form then frowned as the societal prohibitions to it came to mind.

At noon Daddy’s alarm went off. I giggled as he stumbled out of the bedroom sleepy-eyed into the bathroom. His boxers were tented with an erection.

“Don’t pee on the floor. I just cleaned the bathroom.” I chided him.

A few moments later he came out of the bathroom and into the kitchen. He had lost his erection and didn’t seem at all embarrassed to be standing in front of his daughter in his boxers.

I stood up and kissed his cheek. “Afternoon Daddy, how did you sleep?”

He smiled, “I slept better than I have in long time. The pillow had the scent of your perfume on it. It’s been a long time since I had the scent of women in my bed. What’s the name of your perfume anyway?”

I giggled, “Amore. Sit down I’ll get you some coffee.”

“Just one cup. I need to get to Anderson’s. I might sell a car before my taxi shift begins at six.”

“Daddy you’re working yourself to death. You only got about five hours sleep. I can get a job this summer and help out.”

“You can if you want, but it won’t change anything. Why don’t you just enjoy your summer with me? Just lay out by the pool. You have the rest of your life to work.”

He finished the coffee and started to get up from his chair. I pushed him back down and said, “Scoot back from the table. If you’re going to sell cars you need to look presentable. You look too shaggy to be a salesman.”

Daddy started to protest and then acquiesced. He looked at the scissors in my hand and then up at me, “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?”

I smiled as I wrapped a towel around his shoulders. “Not exactly but I did give Mother’s poodle a trim last spring.”

He laughed and I went to work. We made small talk as I trimmed his hair. My big boobs lightly caressed his arms and shoulders as I moved around him snipping his dark hair. My nipples hardened beneath my purple top with each teasing touch. I deliberately made sure he felt them on the bare skin of his arm. When I had finished I whispered in his ear in a husky, sexy voice, “All done, Daddy.”

The hair on the back of his neck immediately stood on end. I chuckled and told him that just wouldn’t do. I fetched his razor from the bathroom with his shaving cream. I filled the sink with hot water. I dapped the shaving cream on the back of his neck and shaved the baby hairs from it.

“Might as well shave your face while I’m at it,” I offered.

I wrapped a hot wet towel around Daddy’s face for few minutes to soften and sooth his scraggly beard. I noticed Daddy’s eyes drifting to the camel toe between my legs created by the tight material of my pink booty shorts. I lathered his face with shaving cream then straddled his leg. I began to scrape the stubble from his face.

An electrical charge of excitement ran from my leg to deep inside my belly each time the bare flesh of my leg touched Daddy’s uncovered leg. My pussy dampened and my hand trembled as I tried to quickly accomplish my task without cutting Daddy’s throat.

“All done,” I croaked betraying my sexual stimulation.

I tapped the razor in the sink and pulled the drain plug. I looked over my shoulder and caught Daddy ogling my ass. One word was written in white block letters across the rear of my booty shorts: Naughty. My shorts were wedged into my crack and they didn’t quite cover me so my butt cheeks peeked out from beneath them. I flashed Daddy an impish grin.

He detected my surveillance, smiled at me, mumbled his thanks and staggered back to the bedroom to change. His erection was back.

As he closed the door I reached between my legs and pulled the seam of my booty shorts out of my pussy. The material was very wet and refused to be dislodged. It excited me to know that I had aroused my father with such illicit lust. I felt a wicked pang of reasonable doubt but I wouldn’t let it deter me from what I knew I needed to do.

I gave Daddy a peck on the cheek as he left for work and spent the rest of the afternoon poolside. My bikini clad body enjoyed the lazy respite on a towel-covered chaise lounge as my mind raced with wild and lurid thoughts and schemes. I twisted a pink strand of hair lost in thought. Suddenly I giggled as I reflected on Daddy’s reaction to the pink highlights that decorated my honey brown hair.

My belly warmed with lust as I entertained taboo thoughts of my father. He had gotten a vasectomy several years ago so there was no danger on that front. Gleefully I recalled his tented boxers. His erection had looked enormous in his boxers. At least it appeared to be bigger than the ones I had experienced in college.

I glanced around the pool to make sure I was alone. Satisfied that I was, I lightly ran my index finger down over my bikini bottom through the slit of my pussy. I damped more and the material clung to my nethers. I slyly slid my hand down the front of my bikini bottom this time under the moisten material. My fingers inched their way toward my slick clit.

Somewhere across the courtyard a slammed door echoed. I jumped plucking my hand from my pussy and out of my bikini. Spooked by the chance of getting caught masturbating in public I hopped up and hurried to Daddy’s apartment.

My lust was stilled not satiated. I kicked off my flip-flops and made my way to his bedroom. I opened his closet and found a white button down shirt hanging inside. I undid the strings to my bikini top and let it fall to the floor. Bare breasted I slipped the shirt on. My nipples hardened as I picked up the scent of Daddy’s masculine pheromones left in his shirt. I left the shirt unbutton and reached inside its lapel and gently pinched my nipples until a feral groan escaped my throat.

I seductively swung my hips as I strutted to the bed pretending that Daddy was already in it watching and waiting for me. I cocked a hip and untied the string to my bikini bottoms on the left side. Then repeated the process on the other side. The bikini bottoms failed to fall to the floor. They clung to my saturated snatch by the gusset so I pulled them and they dropped.

Then I crawled from the bottom of the bed feeling the cool air on my overheated sex. I collapsed and rolled over on to my back when I reached the top of the bed. I rested my head on a pillow as my breath came in excited pants.

I traced a pink painted fingernail between by breasts down my belly. I was careful to avoid my engorged clit. I had a small patch of honey brown pubic hair neatly trimmed above the cleft of my cunt but the rest of my pussy I kept completely bald. With delicate care I immersed my finger between the folds of my labia lubricated with lust. Slowly I worked my finger in and out of myself. My pussy grew slicker and I edged another finger inside it. I hissed feeling fuller. I quickened the pace of my poking paw. My other hand urgently dawdled my clit.

Gradually the pressure built to a crescendo of blood pounding pleasure. My eyes rolled to the back of my head. I steadily shook it from side to side in tempo with the in and out action of my fingers. Suddenly orgasmic colors of white and red burst through my brain I fought for consciousness. I lifted my butt off the mattress with my fingers buried deep in my pussy. I screamed, “DADDY!”

Panting I pulled my fingers from quivering quim as my tummy trembled in post-orgasmic enchantment. I had never cum like that before. Temporarily satisfied I curled up in Daddy’s shirt and drifted off to sleep. I dreamed of my father fucking me silly.

Daddy called me later asking me to meet him for supper at a diner a short distance from his apartment. He waved from a booth as I came through the door. He smiled and his eyes gleamed with giddiness as he watched the alluring undulation of my hips. My stiletto heels echoed clickety-clack on the tiled floor.

I was wearing a pair of skin tight white low-rise jeans which clung to my cunt in a natural camel toe. The waist band set just below my exposed hip bones and three inches below my belly-button which was further exposed by my mid-riff crop top. It was white as well and since I wore no bra my hard nipples were visible and made the material jut out advertising my ardor.

“Hey Baby-girl,” said Daddy as I slid into the seat across from him.

“How was your day?” I replied.

“Good. I almost sold a car. A guy who just retired came in looking for a luxury model. I spent most of the afternoon with him. He test drove two different models. I broke out a contract and he back-pedaled. Said he’d be back tomorrow with his wife.”

“I’m sorry Daddy. You’ll sell him a car tomorrow.”

He shook his head disgusted, “Be-backers seldom come back.”

I patted his hand on the table to comfort him. He pulled it back like he had been zapped with cattle prod. I noticed goose-bumps racing up his arm. He rubbed his excited flesh vigorously with his hand.

“Are you chilly?” he choked.

“No I’m hot.” I teased fanning my face with my hand.

Daddy smiled back, “Your sure are Baby-girl.”

An auburn haired waitress with decent size boobs arrived at our table to take our order. She smiled at Daddy and frowned at me. “Good evening Todd. How are you?”

Daddy introduced us, “Julie, this is my daughter Haley. She’s visiting me from college for the summer.”

She gave me a half-smile, “Hello Haley. Your dad is sure proud of you he talks about you every time he eats with us.”

Before I could reply she turned her attention back to Daddy, “You want your usual?”

Daddy smiled, “Make it two.”

He scooped up my hand off the table and squeezed it, “They have the best lasagna here.”

I grinned like a little girl at Christmas pleased with Daddy’s complete dismissal of Julie. I giggled as she suppressed an offended outburst with an asphyxiated cough. I glanced over my shoulder as she swung her hips trying to catch Daddy’s attention as she hustled our order to the kitchen. I turned and smiled at Daddy who only had eyes for me. He was oblivious to the waitress’ jealous flirtation.

After supper at the diner Daddy drove me back to his apartment in his taxi cab. I subtly glanced over my shoulder as I sauntered to the door. I was pleased that he scrutinized my oscillating derrière with such intensity. I could almost hear him groan when I bent over to pick up my dropped key. I opened the door and then waved at him as he pulled away and back into the bustle of the city.

The next morning I was once again up and going before Daddy got home. I had already bathed and dressed and had put on my make-up when I heard him came through the door.

Chapter 5

This is the fifth chapter of seven in Book 3 of Charlie and Mindy, which is a story of forbidden love between a brother and a sister.

This book stands on its own, but it refers to events that took place in Books 1 and 2. You may therefore want to read Book 1 and Book 2 before reading this book.

I value your comments and your feedback, and, circumstances permitting, I will respond to either—usually within a week.



Friday, January 1, 1988–Wednesday, January 13, 1988

Mom and Dad were home for all of the long New Year’s weekend, so my little sister Mindy and I had to defer our first fuck of 1988 until the morning of Monday, January 4. I tried to tease her about the delay, but when I tried, she smiled slyly and called me “Scullion”. After the second time, I looked the word up. I tried once or twice more, but she responded the same way—and once I knew that a scullion is “a servant assigned the most menial kitchen tasks,” it wore out pretty quickly. She definitely won that round.

On Saturday, January 9, the mailman delivered two real treats. My birthday being the very next day, I thought of both of them as birthday presents. The first of those treats was our grades. Mindy and I had both gotten all A’s for the fall semester. I’d never done anything like that before, and I was ecstatic. (So ecstatic, in fact, that Mindy’s “I told you so” look didn’t faze me a bit.) Mom and Dad were so pleased that they took us out to a fancy restaurant that night for dinner to celebrate.

The second treat was the 1988 catalog from the National Outdoor Leadership School. In those days, the school routinely mailed each year’s catalog to all of its graduates. Nowadays, the school encourages former students to view the catalog on-line, though it will mail you a copy upon request.

That catalog has always been (and still is) full of wonderful photography of the wonderful places where the school conducts its courses. And foremost among those places is the Wind River Range, where Mindy and I had fallen in love with each other. I spent the afternoon with my little sister, poring over that year’s collection of wilderness photos—not to mention the course descriptions.

The pictures in the NOLS catalog were (and are) mostly taken by actual students in the field on their courses. The front of the ’88 catalog showed a picture of several students cooking on a gravel beach—probably somewhere on the coast of Alaska. In the background, some other students are tended to kayaks drawn up on the beach. Photos inside showed students hiking, skiing, camping, and rock-climbing, as well as traveling on glaciers, crossing rushing mountain streams, building igloos, and doing Tyrolean traverses. And always, in the background, there is stunning wilderness scenery: mountains, meadows, cliffs, snowfields, glaciers, veldt.

On the back of the catalog was a quarter-page photo that showed a granite ridge in the distance—and a grassy meadow, liberally dotted with purple mountain asters, in the foreground. It was heartbreakingly familiar. I had never been in that particular location, but I knew instantly that the picture came from the Wind River Mountains. I didn’t need to read the caption—which confirmed what I’d known at first sight.

We couldn’t contain ourselves at dinner. We hadn’t yet fulfilled our part of the bargain entirely, but we certainly thought we’d made a big step in the right direction. So we asked if Mindy could submit her application for a course the coming summer. Mom and Dad were so pleased with our grades that they just looked at each other, smiled, and nodded in unison.

Dad added, “The deal’s still in place. Neither of you has completed your obligations yet, but both of you have certainly shown good faith. Go ahead and apply.”

Mindy whooped with joy, jumped up from her seat at the table and made a tour of the table, squeezing each of the three of us in turn—Mom first, then Dad, and then me. (Mom and Dad were both watching, so I had to remember not to slip in a feel or go for a deep kiss.) Then she remembered that we were in a fancy restaurant. People were looking at us. Her face went red as the rest of us laughed at her embarrassment. But she couldn’t stop grinning for the rest of the evening.

The following day was my twentieth birthday. There were some small birthday presents—one from each of the three other family members—waiting for me on the dining room table when I got up. They were nothing spectacular—our family had never been very extravagant about birthdays, though we always marked them.

Mindy and I spent most of that morning in the living room with the NOLS catalog, as she decided which course she wanted to take. In the end, she chose the one she’d thought at the very beginning she’d want—the Wind River Wilderness Course. It was the one I’d taken in 1985, and the one I’d always thought she’d take.

Then she had to decide on her first, second, and third choices from among the thirteen offerings of that particular course. She settled, at last, on one that ran from June 30 to July 30 as her first choice, one from June 27 to July 27 second, and June 20 to July 20 third.

In a moment of privacy when Mom and Dad were both in other parts of the house, she snuggled up against me, kissed me thoroughly (while rubbing her tits and her snatch against me), and whispered that my “real” birthday present would be a day late because we’d need to get naked in order for her to deliver it properly.

Eyes glinting, she added that my birthday present was going to include a reward for getting all A’s. Naturally, I had an instant boner. Then we heard Mom coming toward the room; fortunately, she was far enough away for us to separate and my hard-on to wilt before she got there. Mindy wiped the smirk off of her face at the last possible second before Mom stepped into the room.

Mindy’s NOLS application, together with a $150 check—bearing Dad’s signature—for the application fee, went out with the next day’s mail.


That next day, Monday, January 11, Dad left town for a business trip to Washington, DC. He was involved in some legal matter involving courts in several South American nations, and he needed to spend a couple of weeks conferring with Big Wigs and Important People in the State Department. He would be back home for the last week of January, but Mindy and I would be back in school a week earlier—so we wouldn’t see him again during our break. Knowing that he would be leaving before we were up that morning, we said good-bye to him on Sunday evening.

He would go to Chile for a few weeks at the beginning of February, and from there to Bolivia, Peru, and Colombia. He anticipated that his business would be concluded in early March. Mom was going to join him then in Colombia, and the two of them would spend two or three weeks together seeing South America. They planned to be home for our spring break, in early April.

Mom took him to Stapleton Airport, in Denver, early that morning—around 5:30; then she went directly to work from there. They’d timed it so that she would get to work at almost exactly the time she would’ve otherwise.

Mindy slipped into my bed at about 7:00 am. I woke on my left side to find my little sister naked, backed up against me (and my morning wood—which projected, as usual, through the fly of the boxers I wore to bed at home). She’d brought my right arm around her and placed my right hand on her left boob. It could’ve been better—but only if she’d spent the whole night naked in my arms.

Groggily, I nibbled on her neck a bit, while kneading her tit. She moaned and wiggled her ass against my boner. Then she clenched her ass-cheeks around it—making it throb with happiness.

“Go take your morning piss,” she said, “and think about how we’re going to celebrate your birthday. Hurry back.” I could hear the evil grin in her voice.

Still half asleep, but feeling pretty randy anyway, I climbed out of bed, clumsily shed my shorts and tee shirt, stumbled into the bathroom, and obeyed orders. My cock shrank, as always, so that I could piss. I paid particular attention to the instruction she’d given me about hurrying back. But we hadn’t fucked since the preceding Friday, and by the time I got back to my room my cock had stiffened again and led the way.

I found her curled up under the covers, still lying on her left side and facing the door—watching for me—when I reentered the room. She was still a bit sleepy herself; her hair was tousled, and her eyelids drooped a bit. But the smile she gave me was real, and so was the look of frank desire that she gave my rod.

Mom and Dad, too, turned the heat down at night—though they had a thermostat that handled it automatically. Left to itself, that thermostat would’ve kept the house chilly until just before they were to get home for work. Mindy had turned it up before she’d crawled into my bed, but the house was still chilly.

I slipped into the welcome warmth of the bed facing my naked little sister, and took her even more welcome warmth into my arms. Still a bit dazed, I pulled her gently against me and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around me and—a bit fuzzily herself—returned the kiss. The smell of her own warm bed—quintessentially feminine—lingered on her skin and mingled with the smell of mine. My cock throbbed and pulsed where it had come to rest between our bodies. At least somebody was awake.

She broke the kiss, and her right hand came up, out from under the covers, to stroke my cheek; I felt the stubble of my beard rasp against her.

“I love you so, Big Brother,” she said, pushing me over onto my back and rolling on top of me. My prong took the opportunity to slide between her thighs and stroke along her furrow as she straddled me.

“I love you back so, Little Sister,” I mumbled—I was having a good bit of trouble waking up that morning. Dimly, I understood that she was going to do something about that—something I’d enjoy very much.

“I’ve come to deliver your birthday present—the real one,” she said. “But I’m afraid it may not be what you thought it would be.”

“Hunh?” My hands caressed the soft curves of her hips and thighs. She’d placed her hands to either side of my chest, and, taking the weight of her upper body on her arms, she’d raised her head to look down into my eyes. Once again, I marveled at their deep blueness.

“My period started yesterday, so we can’t fuck.”

“Well, I’m glad it started, I guess,” I said. Babies were definitely not in our plans for the immediate future.

“Me, too,” she said. “But having it on your birthday’s a real bummer.”

“I think we’ll survive,” I said.

“But it means I can’t give you what you’d like most for your birthday,” she went on. “So I’ve thought of something else.”

She lowered her head so that her lips reached under my chin and connected with my neck. Slowly she rose to her hands and knees and backed up, nibbling and kissing her way downward from my neck, passing down the middle of my chest and over my stomach. The bed covers moved with her, but we were generating enough heat of our own that I barely noticed the chill in the room. Her tongue swirled around in my bellybutton, and she raised her head and looked up at me.

My boner pressed against her chest, right between her lovely little titties. Rising a bit, she took it into her right hand and stroked it several times. She smiled up at me and said, “Just lie here, Lover. I want to fuck you with my mouth for a while, and then, when you’re almost ready to come, I’m going to sit on you and fuck you with my ass.”

My cock jumped and pulsed at that, and she chuckled.

“Somebody’s happy,” she said. “And he makes me happy when he does that.”

Before I could respond, she lowered her head and guided my glans into her mouth. The heat and moisture of her softly clasping lips and the gentle action of her swirling tongue were breathtaking. It seemed as though the rest of my body surrendered so that every bit of vitality I possessed could flow into my cock—causing it to grow and harden even more.

Slowly, she took my full length into her loving mouth. I throbbed and pulsed inside her and heard her moan in response as her lips reached the very root of my shaft. From somewhere, my hips found the strength they needed to buck involuntarily in answer to the inexpressible sensations she brought me.

I heard her choke a little as my hips drove me a bit too deep into her throat, but that happened only once, at the very first, and it didn’t keep her from carrying out her promise to fuck me with her mouth for a while. Her head bobbed up and down, in perfect opposition to the motions of my hips. My cock slid in and out, in and out, and her head continued, up and down, up and down.My hands reached down, took her head between them, kept time with her motion, guiding her, seeking my release.

Sensing the storm gathering within me, she slowed, changed her rhythm, and began moving her head in synchrony with me—rising as I rose, descending as I descended. Still I came closer and closer. Not being ready to let me come, she removed her mouth and brought it to the inside of my left thigh. Baring her teeth, she nipped me slightly. The slight pain and the surprise fended off the crisis.

“Not yet, Buster,” she said. I looked down and saw her smiling at me past my pulsing cock from the valley between my thighs. She nibbled a bit on my balls, and, when my cock had stopped surging, she took it again into her mouth. Slowly, gently, she again brought me almost to the brink.

When she had me almost there, she removed her mouth again. Still on her hands and knees above me, she brought her body up against mine. Her right hand again caressed my cheek as her lips sought mine for a deep, long, loving kiss.

When she broke that kiss, she retreated a few inches—just far enough that we could focus our eyes on each other.

“I’m so glad I’m in love with you,” she whispered to me. “And now I’m going to finish you off the way I promised—with my tight little tushy.”

My cock liked that idea, surged in agreement. But before I could say anything, she threw the covers all the way back, raised herself off of me, and reached down over the side of the bed to my right to pick up the towel and the KY jelly she’d hidden there before she’d gotten into bed with me. She made me raise my ass up off of the bed so that she could put the towel under me, saying, “Just in case I leak—from either hole.”

Once she had me arranged on the towel to her satisfaction, she applied some KY to my cock. The jelly was cold, as always, and it brought me a little further back from the precipice her mouth had brought me dangerously close to.

Facing me, she straddled me again, placing her crotch right above my straining cock, and applied some of the KY to herself. She bent over and kissed me again, lovingly, lingeringly. While we kissed, my hands stroked up along her sides, starting at her hips, moved up to her armpits, reached finally inward to cup her little tits and tweak her nipples a bit.

She moaned into my mouth.

She rose to the vertical on her knees and rested her left hand on her own left leg. My eyes rested on her little boobs—the perfect little boobs I adored so much—as she reached down between her thighs with her right hand. She found my cock, now slippery with lubricant, grasped it firmly, and guided my glans to her asshole as she lowered her body. My own hands found the gentle swell of her hips and rested there.

As usual, her body resisted at first—involuntarily, I suppose. But she brought more of her weight to bear, and, suddenly, the head of my cock popped into her. She brought her right hand up from between her thighs to rest on her right leg, and she arrested her downward motion to let her aperture adjust to the invasion. We both moaned at the feelings her tight muscular ring brought us. Her eyes, I could see, were now closed, but there was a faint smile on her lips.

I shifted my glance downward from her face, traveling toward where our bodies were now joined. My eyes passed slowly over her body, enjoying the view. They encountered first the little tits I so much loved to look at and touch. Next came her tiny, flat waist, whose narrowness accentuated the roundedness of her boobs and the curvature of her hips. Then, I saw the little brown, downward-pointing triangle of her fur and followed its direction on to her mound. Two or three inches of white string dangled from the lower end of her cleft—string belonging to the tampax that occupied my cock’s favorite position. There below her furrow, I could see where my cock entered her body, its head embedded in her ass.

My cock wanted to move—wanted to feel the clasping band of her sphincter slide up and down its length. But, even though we had butt-fucked a number of times before and I knew she enjoyed it, I still had a residue of fear that I would cause her pain—possibly even injure her—if I moved too quickly or too forcefully before she was ready. So I stroked her hips and her thighs and I brought my eyes back up to her face as I waited for her.

After fifteen or twenty seconds, she opened her eyes. Her hands came up to her chest, where they cupped her tits and kneaded them. She saw that I was looking at her, and the faint smile deepened. I felt myself sinking into the deep blue pools of her eyes.

“You always feel so big right after we put you in my ass,” she whispered. “But I love to feel you inside me—anywhere.”

She lowered her body, sliding my cock deep into her bowels, until I could feel her snatch against my pubic bone and her ass-cheeks against my thighs. She alternately contracted and relaxed the muscles that gripped me.

“Oh, God! That feels so good!” I breathed. Her anal ring was now wrapped tightly around the base of my cock. She rested there a while, looking deeply into my eyes, smiling broadly, holding my throbbing cock deep within her, now squeezing it, now relaxing.

“This,” she pointed out, her smiling deepening ever more, “is what happens to my lovers who get all A’s.”

“If only I’d known,” I managed to mumble, “I’d have been getting all A’s ever since I was 5.”

She bent down and kissed me; it was just a quick peck. “You weren’t my lover then—so it wouldn’t have done you any good.”

With what remained of my concentration, I replied. “I’m glad to know that. It means I didn’t waste any opportunities.”

My cock took control. My hips, which had decided to take its orders rather then mine, bucked it even more deeply into her, and her hips replied. So did her sphincter—which squeezed me some more.

I could think only of the way her body moved up and down, up and down, driving my slippery shaft in and out, in and out—her taut ring sliding along my length, stroking me, squeezing me, drawing me closer and closer to zenith.

Apocalypse came upon me, and my semen gushed, burning, through the length of my cock and into her body. Again, again, again. My body strained to bury every bit of my pulsing, surging cock deep inside of her, and she responded by driving herself down on me with all of her weight in answer to my desperate need. She clamped her sphincter around me, intensifying my spasms almost beyond bearing. Vaguely, I heard her cooing to me, “Come for me, Birthday Boy! Fill my ass with your cum! I love you so much! I want your cum up my ass so much!”

And then it was over, and I lay there on the bed under her, drained and nearly unconscious. Dimly, I felt her little hands, stroking my sides and my belly, gently massaging my relaxed flesh. Her sphincter continued to contract and relax, contract and relax, around my still-stiff shaft, holding it prisoner—but not, by any stretch of the imagination, against its will. I felt it responding, though weakly, to those powerful compressions.

At length, I recovered and opened my eyes. I didn’t remember closing them, but it was evident that I had. She sat there on me, my cock still up her ass, smiling at me as though she was the Cheshire cat and had just eaten several Cheshire canaries.

“I think,” she offered, “that you liked your birthday present.”

“God, yes!” I said. “I’m twenty, now, but I don’t think I’d live to be thirty if birthdays weren’t a full year apart!”

“You,” she said sternly, “are going to live a great deal longer than that. Because I plan to, and I can’t do it without you.”

“Deal!” I replied.

She smiled. “Deal!”


We were to return to school on Friday, January 15. Mom would to take a few hours off from work that morning, in order to drive us to the airport in Denver. Our flight wasn’t as early as Dad’s had been, but it was early enough that neither Mindy nor I was particularly happy about it. We’d be leaving home around 6:30 in the morning so that we could get to the airport by 8:00 for a 9:30 flight.

Mom had been moody and subdued ever since Dad had left. I supposed that she must have missed him, and that maybe she was going through a stretch of hard time at work.

On Wednesday evening, Mom had asked us to be packed by suppertime on Thursday, because she needed to spend some time with us that evening. So we started getting our shit together after our Thursday morning exercises—which were back to normal, Mindy’s period having ended the previous day. We were pretty well finished before lunchtime, and we spent the afternoon snuggling and reviewing our French and our calculus.



Thursday, January 14, 1988

After supper, around 8:00, as I undertook the last of the obligations as scullion that had resulted from the New Year’s Eve bet I’d lost so spectacularly, Mom asked Mindy to come upstairs to the master bedroom with her. I reckoned that Mom wanted to have a girl-talk with her.

About twenty minutes later, as I finished in the kitchen, Mom came to the head of the stairs and asked me to come up and join her and Mindy. I thought I heard a catch in her voice as she did so, and, a moment later, when I walked into the master bedroom, I found Mindy sitting on the bed. She was crying; tears rolled gently down her cheeks. I looked toward Mom, wondering what was going on. She stood about eight feet from Mindy, facing us both. She looked older than her years, and her shoulders were bowed as if under intolerable weight. Her face was cold, severe.

Mom looked directly at me. She said “I know.”

There was only one thing she could mean. I looked at Mindy more closely. Anger, grief, and apprehension distorted her face. But in spite of the burden of her own emotions, she gave me a look of reassurance.

“I know that you and Mindy are having sex with each other,” Mom said bleakly.

I opened my mouth to say something, but no words came. There were no words.

“You don’t need to say anything right now,” Mom went on. She sat down on a chair that faced the bed.

My only thoughts at that instant were for Mindy. I stepped over to the bed where she sat—the bed that Mom and Dad shared—and I sat down on it beside her. Turning toward her, I took my little sister, who was my own lover, whom I loved beyond all things, into my arms. Her little body molded itself to me, her arms enfolded me, and she sighed. She was still distraught; her tears still flowed; but I could feel her little frame begin to relax as I held her against myself.

“I wish,” Mom went on, “that I could have approached you both together about this, but I had to talk to Mindy alone first, so I could be absolutely sure.”

My mouth opened; I wanted to say something—anything. But nothing came out.

Thinking, maybe, that I was about to try to deny her accusation, Mom said, “No—not about what you’re doing, but about how you came to be doing it.

“I need to apologize to you, Charlie, for the doubts and the suspicions that went through my mind when I understood the secret my children have been sharing. I was afraid that you’d forced Mindy into something against her will—driven her somehow into a relationship she doesn’t really want. If you had done that, I think it would have killed me.

“That’s why I had to talk to Mindy alone—so I would know that she could say what she wanted to say without you here to influence her.

“In my heart, I knew that you couldn’t be forcing her—that you couldn’t do something like that to your little sister. But the doubt and the suspicion wouldn’t go away. I, of all people, should have trusted you both, but I didn’t—and I’m sorry for that.”

It dawned on me then that, because I’m male and older than Mindy, I would naturally be the object of such suspicion from anyone who discovered our relationship. It was a very unpleasant revelation.

Mindy, reading my mind as only she could, squeezed me reassuringly. If there had been any doubt in my mind that we were still in this together, that squeeze would surely have driven it out. But I’d had no doubts to begin with, and the squeeze I gave her in return communicated that. Wherever Mom was going with this, I was sure that Mindy was on my side—and she could be sure that I was on hers.

Something about the way Mindy and I had interacted had had a positive effect on Mom. It was as though she now saw something between us that she had not at first believed was there at all. Her expression softened a bit, but she said nothing about it. Instead she continued; her tears flowed freely as she did. “The sexual relationship you have with each other isn’t something that any mother wants to find between her children. But there it is.”

She paused, gathering her thoughts.

“You’re both adults now, even if your mother doesn’t always want to believe it.You can make your own choices, and, apparently, you have made choices of your own. I know that they don’t have to be the choices I would make for you. And, now that I know that you both made your choices freely, that there’s no coercion or duplicity between you, it’s not my place to criticize them—or either of you.”

She turned to Mindy. “Mindy,” she asked gently, much more herself than she had been just moments earlier when I had entered the room, “will you go downstairs and leave me alone with your brother for a few minutes.”

Mindy, still crying, squeezed me again. She looked into my eyes, reached up, and kissed me gently on the lips, and then she stood up and left the room. She closed the door as she went, and a few seconds later I heard her little feet on the stairs as she descended slowly, wrapped in misery.

Mom looked directly into my eyes. “Charlie, Mindy has told me that the two of you are deeply in love with each other.” Mom’s eyes were the same compelling blue that Mindy’s were. “What do you have to say about that?”

Words were hard to find. I looked directly into the deep blue fire that burned from my mother’s eyes, and I nodded my head. Somehow, I found my tongue, and I said, “Yes, Mom. I’m deeply in love with Mindy, and she’s deeply in love with me.”

“What makes you think Mindy is in love with you?” she asked.

There was only one possible answer. “She’s told me that she is. Again and again. I believe her.”

“And why should Mindy think that you’re in love with her?” She sounded skeptical.

“I’ve told her so. Many times.” Once again, it was the only possible answer.

“We don’t lie to each other,” I went on. “Ever. We agreed when we were little—even before you married Dad—that we wouldn’t ever lie to each other.

“We both try to live by that agreement. We call it ‘The Code’. We’ve both fu…uh…messed up once in a while, but never about anything important. And whenever I’ve messed up, I’ve straightened out my little lie before it could become a big one. Mindy’s always done the same.”

Her eyes bored into me. And then she said, “I believe you.” She said it softly—almost wonderingly. “Mindy told me, too, that you don’t lie to each other—in the very same words you just used. Including the ‘ever’. But she didn’t mention your ‘Code’.”

Her back stiffened some and her shoulders straightened. Her face softened further, and it seemed as though scores of years sloughed off of her.

There was new strength in her voice as she spoke again. “I’ve wanted so much to believe that what’s happening between the two of you isn’t something cheap and tawdry, Charlie. Now I do.”

“How…?” I started. But I could get out only that single word.

“How did I discover what you two were up to?” She completed my question. I saw that the corners of her mouth actually turned upward a bit.

“Charlie,” she said, “you’re one of the brightest young men I’ve ever known. But sometimes you don’t use what you’ve got.

“Do you really think that a woman who’s had two children, a woman who, for the last ten years, has shared a bed with a man she finds extraordinarily sexy, a woman who’s kept house for two mates during her life, wouldn’t know what semen stains on sheets look like?

“I expect to find those stains on your sheets, Charlie. Young men either masturbate or have wet dreams. Or both.”

I think I turned bright red, then. Young men also hate to be told that their mothers understand that they are sexual beings. Especially, they hate to have their mothers tell them so.

She went on. “But after you two left for school in August, I found semen stains on Mindy’s sheets as well as on yours. I guessed then that she’d found a young man she liked and had brought him home when no one else was around. And I smiled to myself and thought that, now that she was 18, it was about time for her to be doing something like that. I knew that she was on The Pill for other good reasons, so I wasn’t worried about her enjoying a little recreational sex.”

She was smiling for real, now. And it dawned on me, for the first time, that she was going to support us.

“And then the two of you came home for your Christmas vacation. Before long, I saw that something was different. You two have always thought the world of each other, but you came back home with a bond between you that’s much tighter than anything I’d ever seen before. And there were stains in both of your beds again.

“I think I knew, but I didn’t want to believe, so I tried not to think about it. And then, the morning Dad left, I finally thought it through and admitted to myself that I knew what was going on.

“But I still didn’t want to believe it, so I dithered. And while I dithered, I began to have nagging doubts about how the two of you had come to be doing what you’re doing with each other.

“Yesterday, I realized that I had to make sure that my doubts about my son were unfounded. I knew that I could never forgive myself if I were to learn someday that you’d been…I hated to think it, and I hate to say it…abusing Mindy, and that I should have known it, but that I’d ignored the evidence.

“So, really, I had no choice. A few minutes ago, I confronted her, and she confessed. She knew what I was afraid of, and, as the faith I ought to have had in the two of you would have told me, she exonerated you completely. She even tried to tell me that she seduced you!

She looked directly into my eyes again; her deep blue eyes burned with a mother’s love for her firstborn.

“I didn’t believe for one second that she was entirely to blame! She was trying to repay an old debt.

“She was trying to cover for you the way you’ve always covered for her! You used to fool me into giving you her lickings when the two of you were little. I know for a fact that I thrashed you once for fighting—when I should have been thrashing Mindy. I didn’t learn until several years later that the reason you’d been fighting was that the other boy was a bully who’d hit Mindy after she’d called him something very uncultured and that I won’t repeat.”

That would’ve been Sam Anderson, a nasty, stupid bully who’d hit Mindy after she’d called him “a dumb fuck,” and whom, in consequence, I’d tried to drown in a handy mud puddle I’d decided God had put there for that purpose. Mom hadn’t known then that I’d tried to drown the son of a bitch, but my cuts and bruises, and the mess I’d made of my clothes, had been presumptive evidence that I’d been fighting. I’d admitted it, and she’d thrashed me with one of Dad’s belts for it.

“If I’d known then what Mindy had said to precipitate your fight, she’d have been the one in trouble—not you.”

That was why I’d stubbornly refused to tell Mom why I’d taken on that bully; I’d guessed she’d blister Mindy’s butt if she’d found out her daughter had been so uncultured as to say “fuck”.

“I’ve no idea how many other times you quietly accepted punishment that was rightly hers—but I know what you were like, I know how seriously you took protecting your sister, and I’m sure that there were other times.”

I didn’t have any idea how many other times there’d been either—not because it hadn’t happened, but because I couldn’t remember all of the incidents. I’d just thought it was all part of the big-brother job.

“If I’d thought about how you used to protect her—even from me—it might’ve alleviated some of the pain I’ve felt in the last few days.

“Now I have a dilemma, it seems. I must either accept your choices and support you, or I have to reject those choices—and the two of you along with them.

“Adults you may be, but you aren’t parents. So you can’t know yet what it’s like to love as a parent. I love both of you more than there are words for. I could never reject either of you—let alone both.

“I’m so sorry for my suspicions and my doubts, Charlie. Can you forgive me?”

“There’s nothing to forgive, Mom. Of course you wanted to protect Mindy. I’d expect nothing less of you.” I, better than anyone, understood wanting to protect Mindy. “And I’m sorry that we’ve disappointed you.”

“Oh, Charlie,” she replied. “You haven’t disappointed me. Neither you, nor she, nor the two of you. I’m a bit distressed. Like I said, this isn’t the kind of thing a mother wants to learn about her children. And I wonder if the two of you have any idea of what a long and rocky road you’ll have to travel in order to stay together.

“I can’t approve of what you two are doing. But I won’t disapprove, and I’m trying to accept. I have to, I want to, and I will support the two of you as best I can.”

“Have you told Mindy that?” I asked.

“No, I haven’t. Not yet. And I was too harsh with her, too. She must think I’m very angry.

“But I had to have the truth from her. And I couldn’t take a stand before I’d talked to you privately. You might have contradicted her. I knew—knew—that you wouldn’t. But without your side of the story as well as hers, I couldn’t—”

“Then I need to go to her,” I said, interrupting. “She needs to know where she stands with you. She knows where she stands with me, but she’s sad and afraid, and she needs to know—needs desperately to know—what you’ve just told me.”

I got up and stepped toward the door. Just before I reached it, I turned and looked back at her. “I’m sorry, Mom. I was too abrupt. Do you need to say more to me now?” I asked.

Tears flowed down her face, but she smiled at me. “Only that the way my children have tried to care for each other in the last half hour, the things you’ve just said to me, and the way you need to go to her now, convince me that you are in love with her—and that she is just as deeply in love with you.

“I need to collect myself. I’ll be down in a few minutes. She needs you. Go to her. Comfort her.”

I found my little sister lying, face down, sobbing, on the living room couch. Lost, as she was, in her tears, she hadn’t heard me come into the room. She started when I placed my hand on her shoulder as I sat down beside her on the edge of the couch. But after the initial surprise, she knew my touch.

She sat up immediately and threw herself into my arms, her own arms wrapping around me as she did. I backed up until I sat fully upon the couch. Turning herself toward me, she drew her legs up against the back of the couch so that she lay on her right side, her upper body in my arms, her hips and legs extending to my own right on the couch.

Deep, wrenching sobs wracked her little body. I held her close and stroked her.

“It’s all right,” I said. “I’m all right. You’re all right. Mom’s all right, and she’s all right with us. And remember—there’s nothing…nothing!…that we can’t face together.”

Slowly, her spasms passed. As they subsided, she looked up at me from the haven of my encircling arms. Tears still streamed down her cheeks as she said, “I know, Charlie. I’m safe with you. Always.”

I kissed her forehead. “Always,” I said.

I looked into her teary eyes and smiled.

“Big brother and little sister,” I whispered to her.

The first line of our private liturgy worked the magic we’d woven into it during our shared childhood. Her sobs stopped and I felt the tension leave her body. She gave me the first smile I’d seen on her face since Mom had asked to talk to her privately.

She whispered back the response. “Best friends and lovers.”

We looked into each other’s eyes and, together, we whispered to each other “Now and always!’

“I love you so much,” I continued—still in a whisper.

Almost herself again, she whispered back to me, “I love you even more!”

We squeezed each other. And then she backed up a bit and looked up at me again, wonder in her eyes. “Is Mom really OK with…us?” she asked.

“She’s OK,” I said. “Maybe not any better, but OK. She says she doesn’t approve, but she won’t disapprove either. She will try to accept, and she promises to support us.

“Oh,” I continued, “and she says she loves us both more than there are words for.”

“Really?” she asked in disbelief.

“Really,” I said.

“Oh, Charlie,” she said, falling into my arms again and placing her right cheek on my chest. “She was so angry. I was so afraid she wouldn’t forgive us. She looked so old, so defeated, so despondent when she talked to me. She even thought you might be raping me—but I think I made her understand that it was all my fault.”

“She’s herself again,” I said, putting my right hand under my little sister’s chin and lifting her face to look up at me. “But I’m afraid you’ve misjudged her about fault. She’s onto us. She knows all about my wrongful conviction in the case of Sam Anderson.”

At that memory, Mindy smiled again through what remained of her tears.

“She suspects that she wrongfully convicted me on quite a few other occasions—which she did. And she thinks that when you tried to take all the blame for our relationship you were trying to repay that old debt—an imaginary old debt as far as I’m concerned.

“She’s got the blame for…us…right where it belongs—spread evenly across both our shoulders. We’re both grownups, we’re both in this together, and we both walked into it with our eyes wide open. And am I ever glad, on all three counts.”

“Me, too,” she said, simply, and reached up to kiss me.

I held my beloved little sister in my arms as we exchanged a gentle, lingering kiss—a lovers’ kiss. We ended it as we heard the firm tread of Mom’s feet on the stairs. I looked into the deep blue of Mindy’s eyes, and she returned my look. Together we whispered to each other, “I love you.”

We did not break our lovers’ embrace when Mom entered the room a few seconds later. It was not that we wanted to rub her nose in something she might find distasteful, but that we now wanted to be honest with her about the way we cared for each other. And that we each needed the other’s support in what might prove to be another difficult moment.

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