incest novella

As the car backed slowly out of the driveway that Sunday night, her father looking back to make sure he didn’t plow into anything, only Ruth noticed the face in the window watching as they departed.

The teenager resisted the urge to wave, but did allow her sister a grin.

She and Kristen had been fortunate enough to get away with the crime they had committed today, their father never once suspecting that his family had just spent the day having wild and unrestrained sex. They had made every effort to cover up their incestuous antics to be sure, but Ruth knew that the distraction she had given him in the garage had also played a part in keeping her dad oblivious.

Ruth had immediately confessed to her sister how she had dallied with their father in the garage. She remembered with some amusement how shocked the older girl had been when she learned that she had sucked their dad off. The one thing that had stunned Kristen even more was that their father had actually let her do it! Kristen had spent quite some time pestering her sister for every last detail.

The eighteen year old noticed how her older sister’s face disappeared just as soon as the garage door started to close, looking away so that her father wouldn’t see her smile. She didn’t have to be told that Kristen was heading back to have a little more fun with their mother. She almost felt sorry for poor old mom.

Indeed, Ruth had promised to try to give them some warning on her return to make absolutely sure that their dad would once again fail to catch them red-handed.

Of course, after a shocking event like getting blown by his own daughter, it was really only a matter of time before her father found some way to get Ruth alone for a little while either to ask her not to do that again, or instead to beg her to do it again. Ruth had guessed he would need a day or two to process what happened before he was ready to have that kind of conversation, but that had been a misjudgement.

In fact, it had been only a handful of hours after his return from the golf course before he pitched his idea.

Trying hard to make it seem like it was something that had just occurred to him, Roger had suddenly announced that he needed to do some shopping. His office was going to sponsor a little league team, he claimed, and one of his bosses had asked him to look into how much baseball gear costs these days. Since he only watched sports on the television and didn’t play them himself, Roger had asked his youngest daughter to come with him to the local sporting goods store to help him find the best equipment possible for the kids.

Giving him a knowing smile to let him know that she knew it was all a tall tale, she had quietly agreed.

Now, as she and her father hurtled down the street, she could only sit tight and wait to hear what he would have to say.

* * *

Bending down, Ann examined the tupperware containers that populated her fridge, trying to figure out what was in each of them. After the kind of day she had just had, she simply didn’t have the strength to cook a whole new meal and meant to serve leftovers for dinner tonight.

A hand smoothly gliding over her ass made her jump in surprise, banging her head and nearly dislodging an entire shelf worth of food.

“Sorry about that, mom,” Kristen told her, wincing sympathetically. “But never mind dinner right now, okay? Let’s go play some more.”

The older woman straightened up, turning to face her eldest girl while rubbing her bruised head. “But, honey,” she protested, “they shouldn’t be gone for long. We don’t want to start something we can’t finish, do we?”

That brought a little smile to the teenager’s lips. Though she had no way of knowing for sure exactly what would happen between her sister and father, she expected that he would end up begging her to let him fuck her. She’d been on a lot of dates with octopuses who didn’t want to take no for an answer and it looked like her father was just as much a guy as any other man was.

She couldn’t tell her mother any of that, though. She and Ruth had already agreed that they would not let the older woman in on what happened in the garage just yet.

If dad was as freaked out by the thought of incest as his wife imagined he would be, the matter would be forgotten and their mom would never even know it happened. On the other hand, if he wanted to pursue a little family fun with his youngest daughter, or if he proved amenable to the notion of taboo sex with the entire family, then a very different response was called for.

“Don’t worry about that, mom,” Kristen said. “I have a feeling they are going to be a while.”

“But, honey,” Ann persisted, “we haven’t eaten anything but pussy all day! Aren’t you hungry? I’m starving.”

“So, we’ll order a pizza or something later,” the teenager answered dismissively.

“But . . .”

Kristen groaned in frustration. If her mother wasn’t going to listen to reason, a different form of persuasion would be needed. Grabbing hold of the front of her mother’s jeans, she marched off across the house dragging the stumbling woman along behind her.


* * *

It was a fall evening, the darkness unbroken even by the light of the moon thanks to a heavy overcast of low hanging clouds.

The local office supply store always closed early on Sunday and so it’s parking lot was now almost clear of cars, it’s scattering of lamps were dark, and there was no one around to witness whatever was about to happen in the four door sedan that had just arrived, gliding to a stop in one of the spaces. The engine was shut off and the night became still again save for the creaking and popping of a hot engine slowly cooling down.

The automobile’s interior was dark to be sure, but the faces of the car’s two occupants were softly lit by the dim light cast by distant buildings and the busy streets. The effect was actually quite a romantic one.

Ruth looked to the man sitting behind the steering wheel, a coy smile playing on her lips. “I thought we were going to the sporting goods store, dad?”

He didn’t answer at first, gripping the wheel tightly with both hands and staring straight ahead, breathing deeply. He could still hardly believe that his teenaged daughter had done what she had just a couple of hours ago in the garage, his mind whirling and spinning as he tried to make the right decision about what to do about it.

“I think you know that I made all of that up, Ruthie,” he would finally tell her, his voice sounding a little hoarse. “We urgently need to talk about what you did to me this afternoon.”

Her smile grew a little at his choice of words. “You didn’t like it?”

“I did like it,” he breathed, determined to be nothing but honest with his little girl during this oh, so important conversation. “I can’t tell you how much I liked it.”

“Well then?”

Roger let go of the wheel when he heard it creaking, concerned that he was gripping it so hard that it might actually snap. He tried to just put his hands in his lap, but was too wound up right now to keep them still and so he clasped them tightly and hoped his daughter couldn’t see how they trembled in the gloom.

Finally, he looked at her and started speaking.

“Honey, I need to make sure you understand just how serious what you did is. Girls your age should not be having sex with anybody. You just don’t understand how easy it is to catch one of those sexually transmitted diseases, plus there’s the very real chance that you might end up pregnant! It’s just foolish and stupid to put your future at risk for the sake of a few moments of pleasure.

“It’s also incredibly dangerous to be having sex with someone in your own family. That’s incest, honey! Trust me, nine tenths of the people in this world would call us both disgusting perverts because of what happened between us in the garage. They’d call the cops, lock us up in a psycho ward, and we’d never be able to see each other again. Can you imagine what your mother and sister would say if they ever found out? Something like this could actually break up a family.”

As she sought for a way to answer him, Ruth knew better than to mention that her mother and sister might not actually be so upset over the idea of incest considering that she had spent the last couple of days having sex with them both. If he was really going to get all bent out of shape over a little . . . family fun, then it would be better not to mention just how much fun the rest of them were having.

On the other hand, if he was saying that he didn’t want to have anything more to do with her sexually, she wasn’t sure that she was going to be willing to take no for an answer.

Just as her big sister took after their mother by being into all things girly, Ruth was following in her father’s footsteps by being interested in all things athletic and, as a result, there had always been a special kind of bond between the two of them. She was not looking forward to putting that relationship at perpetual risk by running around behind his back, sleeping with his wife and other daughter.

With the two of them getting along so well together, with her dad still what any objective observer would consider a reasonably good looking man, and with her memory of how well hung he was still fresh, she was loath to let him put an end to their burgeoning affair.

When she finally answered him, she opted to tell him the truth – just not all of it. “Don’t worry, daddy. I’m not having sex with any boys.”

“Good, good.”

The girl watched him carefully – certain that he believed her, but noticing that he still remained as tense as ever.

He went silent again for a few moments, debating something with himself fiercely. There was more that he wanted to tell her, but he was absolutely certain that doing so would be a huge mistake that he would regret for the rest of his life. Even so, there was no stopping the words now came spilling out of him.

Clearing his throat nervously and looking away again, he eventually told her, “I love your mother, honey. I love her every bit as much today as I did on the day I married her. I’m convinced that she loves me, too. I just want to make sure that you understand that.

“Even so, things aren’t great between your mother and me right now, dear. Like I said, we still love each other and I’m not trying to say that we might be getting a divorce or anything, but your mother and I aren’t as intimate with each other as we should be. We’re both at fault over this, but sometimes it feels like we’re just roommates or friends or something, not husband and wife. We hardly ever have sex anymore either, and when we do it’s nothing to write home about. Our lovemaking has become dull . . . routine.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, daddy.”

He didn’t respond to her sincere statement, the words still rushing out of his mouth. “I just want you to know that I consider it a huge compliment that you might have wanted to do something like that with me. You’re a wonderful person and a very beautiful young woman, after all. With things so . . . awkward between your mother and I right now, I can’t even begin to tell you how tempting it was to try to pursue this with you . . . no matter how weird and perverse it was.”

Roger was kicking himself as he kept right on talking, wondering why he couldn’t shut up. “I mean, it’s a pretty wild and sexy fantasy to think about you and I together, isn’t it? I mean, it’s not every day that a fabulous babe like you comes on to an old guy like me and I’ll never forget the sight of that wonderful rack of your’s bouncing and swaying and I just cannot say enough about what a great BJ you gave me . . .”

Clenching his teeth, he finally managed to shut his babbling mouth only then, looking away with a fiercely burning face.

A small smile touched Ruth’s lips. She was certain now that everything would be fine.

“Well,” Roger said at length, “now that we know we won’t be having sex,” a cringe appeared at how he’d just put that, “why don’t we go back home?”

He reached for the key to get the car’s engine started again, but her hand darted out to catch him by the wrist.

* * *

Ann found herself completely helpless – utterly at the mercy of her own daughter.

The middle-aged woman had been placed on Kristen’s bed this time as the two women were not looking forward to another rushed, last-minute clean up. Given that they had no idea when Roger and Ruth might come home and that he never came into the girl’s bedroom in order to give them so privacy, it just seemed so much safer to play in here.

Standing beside the bed with her arms crossed, Kristen considered the older woman with a pleased smile.

Ann was sitting up against some pillows with her arms stretched out to either side. Her long legs had not been tied down, but were splayed out in front of her. The shirt she’d been wearing only since her husband got home was now pushed up to her chest, revealing her heavy breasts. The slacks and underpants she had seemingly just finished putting on had now vanished, leaving her twat fully exposed.

Though she was happy that her little girl was pleased, Ann was also a bit troubled. It felt kind of odd to be sharing an intimate moment with just one of her girls. She was so used to thinking of them as a team that it worried her a little to spend time with just one of her girls.

She certainly hoped Ruth didn’t feel like they’d cheated on her when she came back and found out about this.

“Now then,” Kristen finally said, “what am I going to do with you?” She was about to join her mother on the bed when something on the dressing table happened to catch her attention.

It was her very best brush – the same one she had been using to get ready for a date just before that first wrestling match with her sister got so out of control and launched them into this incestuous lifestyle. An evil grin appeared on her face as a scheme occurred to her and Kristen paused long enough to collect the brush before finally coming to sit down on the edge of the bed.

Ann saw all of this and was even more worried. What did her little girl have in mind for that brush? Was she going to fuck her with the handle? Ann even wondered if she might actually be thanking of spanking her with it! Her butt was unavailable because of how she was arranged right now, but there were plenty of other places she might decide to whack.

Her mother’s face was an open book to Kristen and she could see the apprehensiveness, but she did not want to let the older woman in on everything that was in store for her just yet. The teen decided to calm her down with a demonstration, rather than an explanation.

Taking the brush by the handle, she ran it’s bristles in slow circles over the back of her hand with a smile on her face, demonstrating just how soft they were. Ann just watched all of this with wide eyes, uncertain.

The brush was then raised towards the older woman’s face, Kristen letting the bristles caress her mother’s cheek ever so lightly.

Ann let out a soft sigh, reassured and not just enjoying the tickling touch, but actually leaning into it. As the brush moved in slow, deliberate patterns over her cheeks and neck, she raised her chin a little to make sure it could roam wherever it liked.

Pleased with her success, Kristen did not keep the brush there for too long, though. Lowering it to the other woman’s heaving bosom, she now worked those bristles over almost all of those drooping spheres. She made a point of ignoring the fat nipples for the time being though, remembering how sensitive they were and watching as they grew harder and harder from the caressing alone.

For Ann, the ticklish feeling had developed now into a tingling one and she arched her back needily, pushing her breasts out to receive her daughter’s attentions. Her eyes were drifting closed and little shivers raced through her as the pleasure swamped her senses, deep moans of delight rumbling up her throat.

“Yes, Kris,” she whimpered, shifting her shoulders as she actually tried to make her breasts move so that the aching nipples would end up under the brush. “Oh, God, yes, baby . . .”

Only know did Kristen let the brush work it’s magic on her mother’s teats. The effect this had on Ann was immediate and overwhelming.

As the bristles made a pass over one diamond hard nipple and then the other, Ann let out a hoarse, choked cry. It was an orgasm, one that swept in so suddenly and intensely that it surprised both mother and daughter. She jerked so wildly as she came, bouncing against the pillows behind her, that the headboard rocked and threatened to tear loose from the bed.

Though caught by surprise, Kristen still had the presence of mind to keep working the brush on those nipples, trying hard to help her mother along by making this climax last just as long as possible.

Slowly and a bit unwillingly, Ann started to come down from her orgasmic high.

Her eyes dancing and her grin bigger than ever, Kristen now abandoned those boobs and started brushing her way gently down her mother’s belly, making no secret of where she was heading.

Breathing hard, Ann bit her bottom lip and waited excitedly for what was coming.

* * *

Ruth had closed the distance between herself and her father without a moment’s hesitation.

Pressing the length of her body into his, the aroma of his manly cologne filling her nostrils, the teenager soon decided that she liked the feel of a masculine frame almost as much as a feminine one. Looking up at him through her lashes, a small smile raising the corners of her lips, she pulled the hand she still held down to her lap, placing it on her thigh perilously close to her crotch.

His eyes were huge and wondering. “Ruthie . . .” She would never know what he’d meant to say.

Leaning in, she pressed her lips to his ever so lightly in a tentative, exploratory kiss, her eyes half closing. Their lips lingered against each other and whispered moans made their way up from the backs of their throats, this first kiss igniting all kinds of fires within them both.

It was she who eventually broke the kiss, drawing her head a little back again. He followed after her instantly, his lips returning to hers as if drawn by some irresistible force. This second kiss was even longer than the first, firmer, and even more arousing. It was joined by some movement down below as well as that hand on her thigh slid down between her legs, firmly griping the inside of her thigh.

Though he had not yet claimed it as his own, Roger would have sworn that he could feel copious amounts of heat radiating through the crotch of the girl’s jeans. He wondered if his inexperienced and virginal daughter might be soaking wet already, but was too involved in other matters just them to carry out an investigation.

At length, this second kiss would draw to a close too, but this time neither of them attempted to draw back. If anything, this was just a momentary break so that they could inhale a new lungful of air.

The third kiss followed swiftly, even longer than the first two and undeniably harder. When his lips parted, his tongue begging for admission into her mouth, she was only to happy to oblige and the couple shared a deep, wet kiss that did nothing to quench the inferno building within each of them.

Breathless, their heads spinning and their hearts pounding, father and daughter stole a moment to get their bearings back, gazing at each other with happy smiles.

No longer holding onto him as that hand showed no inclination to move from where she had placed it, Ruth grabbed the bottom edge of her shirt and hauled it up. Her top came off and she tossed it carelessly into the car’s back seat. This left her topless as she had not been wearing a bra, her full bosom bouncing out into the open.

As his gaze dropped to enjoy the view, Roger had to wonder just why he had thought this would be a bad idea.

The structure was lowslung and rustic in an eighteenth century way, so common with farm houses in the region. It was easy to imagine how it must have appeared to its inhabitants two hundred years ago, as they returned from toiling in the fields all day under the Tuscan sun. But they would have been totally confused by the interior today. It now boasted a modern kitchen artfully blended into the ancient structure, and living areas on the main floor decorated and furnished to maintain the local ambiance, but with every comfort.

The upper floor had been converted to accommodate four bedrooms, accessed via a curved staircase to a hallway that ran the length of the building. Headspace was at a premium. Care had to be taken not to bump the lintel when entering a bedroom.

Our room was at the end of the hallway, a large spacious room with a queen size bed, down duvet and ample pillows. Good comfort for cool nights. We also had an en-suite bathroom, with wash basin, bath and toilet, but no shower.

Now, I may be old fashioned, but I’m a shower rather than a bath man, so after a couple of days shaving and washing in the sink, it was high time to seek out a shower in the house. As it happened, there was only one, and that was in Penny’s room, adjacent to ours. Yes, the shower was literally in her room. A self contained, steel cubical set in the corner of her bedroom, it was telephone booth size, with two frosted glass walls, and sliding doors that met at the corner.

Perhaps I should pause to explain the population of the household that particular week.

Some years ago by my wife’s cousin Lorie-Anne had purchased the farmhouse. She and her husband Andrew had spent fifteen years or so in renovation mode. There was probably another fifteen years worth of ongoing renovation work. In fact, truth be told, it could well be endless. Regardless, it was very habitable, and they had spent almost every summer there with their kids, who were now two healthily developed teenage girls, Julia eighteen, and Natasha nineteen, or Jooles and Tash as they liked to be called.

Andrew’s mother Penny completed the immediate family, thus with the addition of my wife and I, it was a full household the couple of late summer weeks we planned to stay.

Penny was definitely the senior member of the contingent at the ripe age of 70, Still sharp as a pin, she had been widowed for some years. Hip problems slowed her down a bit, but she had enjoyed a globe trotting, active life and was determined not to let anything deny her pleasure.

A diminutive five foot four, her short silver hair framed a slightly angular face that sported a ready smile, and soft brown eyes that carried a hint of mischief. During our visit, she was quick to join in any discussion, enjoyed a glass of wine and indulged in the occasional small cigarillo. She basked in the attention of her grand-daughters, who clearly doted on her. I found that following Penny up the stairs was an act of secret pleasure. With her hip problems she took her time, thus affording ample time to enjoy the swell of her ass and shapely calves. Although somewhat dimmed, Penny had lost none of her sex appeal. Full busted with a trim waist, she was pleasing on the eye as well as excellent company.

And so the third morning of our visit I found myself begging the use of her room to take a shower. The family was all outside enjoying fresh air and sunshine. The girls were working on their tans by the pool, hardly preserving their modesty with the briefest of bikinis that draped their lithe, nubile bodies. My mind tried not to wander there! Their Gran Penny was keeping them company seated in a deckchair, and their parents working at the back on installing a patio with the assistance of my wife.

Leaning out on my bedroom window, I called down to Penny, asking if she minded me using the shower in her room. She grinned up at me, waving permission. I stripped down, had a quick shave in my bathroom, and grabbing a bath towel, padded down the hallway to her room. Entering, I was struck by the faint, not unpleasing atmosphere which older ladies seem to generate through a mixture of face powder, lipstick and perfume. Now, at 58 I’m no youngster myself, but standing there naked in her room enveloped by Penny’s aura, it felt somewhat naughty. The naughtiness was enhanced by the fact that a piece of her lingerie lay across her pillow. Her room was neat and tidy, the bed made. So I could only surmise the lace-trimmed chemise had been left there on purpose. I smiled to myself.

The shower was located in the corner of the room at the foot of the bed. I slid the doors open and turned on the water. Adjusting the temperature to ‘comfortable’, I stepped inside and closed the glass doors. The water hit me with force. Certainly no problem with water pressure in this part of the countryside. I luxuriated in it, soaping myself down, daydreaming of soft lingerie.

Shutting off the water, I let myself drain for a few moments, then stepped out, and scooping up my towel, rubbed myself vigorously. Standing there, I basked in the warm summer breeze that wafted through the open window, letting it dry me off completely as I contemplated Penny’s piece of lingerie.

Snapping out of my reverie, I left her room, closing the door behind me, and headed back to my own room. Slipping on some shorts, a T and sandals, I descended, and joined the others round the pool, just in time to plan lunch.

Two days of laid back vacation passed, good food, wine and company. It wasn’t until the fourth day of vacation that I felt the need to cleanse myself with a torrent of water. And so it was that on the day we had all agreed that it would be beautiful to lunch together alfresco at the local trattoria, I was in need.

All the family had made their ablutions except myself, and having scraped two days growth off my face in our en-suite bathroom, I was in serious need of a shower. Knocking on Penny’s door, I expected no response and free access to the shower. This was not to be the case.

“Hello.” called her voice.

“Hi Penny.” I responded. “Free for me to take a shower?”

“Not just yet.” she called. So I retreated to my bedroom. I took the time to lay out my clothes for lunch, stripping to my briefs. And waited.

“Shower’s free.” she called down the hallway. Scooping up my towel, I wrapped it around my waist and headed next door, only to find it closed. I knocked tentatively.

“Here.” Penny’s voice responded.

I entered, and closed the door behind me.

Robe draped tightly around her, she was seated at the dressing table located next to the head of the bed. The mirror was angled by the open window, so as to shed light on the person seated at it. Facing away from me, she was peering into the mirror.

“Go ahead,” she said lightly, “I wont look, although nothing I haven’t seen before.”

Caught between modesty and maturity, I chose the latter. Dropping the towel on the end of her bed,

“Thanks.” I said to her back.

Caution to the wind, I peeled of my briefs, and threw them on the end of the bed also. Glancing into the dressing table mirror before I turned to the shower stall in the opposite corner, I wasn’t sure, but I thought I saw her staring at me in its reflection.

Not one to be modest, yet I turned and presented my buttocks as I hit the shower control, and setting the temperature, entered, and closed the doors.

Trying hard not to think of Penny just beyond the frosted glass of the shower doors, I lathered myself, and spent longer than usual soaping myself down. Done, I had a good final rinse and turned the shower off. I stood still, draining. Through the frosted glass, I could still clearly see Penny’s form seated at the dressing table. The knowledge of her proximity had certainly had an effect on my loins. My cock had stretched from its usual reposed state, and hung elongated. I made an effort to think neutral thoughts.

It felt like a Mexican standoff.

Finally I thought ‘This is stupid, I’m a grown man for goodness sake.’ and threw the shower doors open. Stepping out onto the shower mat, I found myself staring at Penny’s back as she worked on her makeup.

Feeling a little easier, I commence to dry myself.

“Feels good?” she asked. I glanced up, and saw her looking at me in the mirror.

“Yes thanks.” I responded, as nonchalantly as I could, naked, on one leg,exposing myself as I lifted my other leg to dry it. “Feels good.”

And it did. It felt good at the thought of a septuagenarian voyeur enjoying my nakedness.

I felt my cock lengthen just a trifle.

Penny swiveled in the dressing table stool to face me, holding her robe tight to her chest with one hand.

“We should have a good lunch today.” she said, as though it was totally normal to have a relatively strange man, naked in front of her.

Two can play this game, I thought. I continued to dry myself as usual after a shower, toweling all the nooks and crannies I would normally pay attention to. I finished by briskly rubbing my hair, conscious that I was standing just a little straighter than usual, and holding my stomach in. Completing my ablutions, I stood there looking down at her as she stared up at me.

“I should get dressed,” I said “or we’ll be late for lunch.”

By this time the others would be almost ready, and congregating downstairs or outside prior to driving to the restaurant.

Her eyes dropped to my cock. She looked up at me again, and I saw a little smile playing round her lips. With a small toss of her head, she beckoned me closer. I took two steps forward, and stood within arms reach of her, dropping the towel on the end of the bed.

“What’s this?” she asked, husky, sotto voce.

Reaching out, she gathered a pinch of my foreskin between her thumb and forefinger, and gently lifting my cock by it, examining the underside of my knob. Following her gaze, I saw a large drop of clear pre-cum glistening from the tip. I groaned inwardly. So much for being mature.

Keeping my cock raised by the foreskin pinched between her fingers, she released the grip on her robe, and with her other hand extended her middle finger. She slowly ran it under my knob, capturing the drop on her fingertip. Drawing it away, her finger remained connected to me by a gossamer thread of my clear liquid emission. She stared at it for a moment, then looked up. Holding my gaze, she opened her lips sucked her finger clean.

“mmm.” she approved.

Now I’m not made of stone, and my body responded in the most natural of ways. Blood rushed to my cock, and it swelled from its elongated softness to a healthy erection. Penny released it from her pinch, and it rested at ninety degrees, standing out from me its full seven inches.

Not a word passed between us. It didn’t have to. Our eyes still locked together, she leaned over slightly and patted the side of the bed. Her robe opened slightly, exposing a little cleavage. I did as bid, raising one leg and placing my foot on the bed. I put my hands on my hips. Standing posed like this in front of her, one foot on the floor, the other on the bed, my hard-on bobbed in time to my pulse. I was hers.

Leaning forward slightly, she blew gently on my cock, and I felt her warm breath envelope my exposed sac. My cock strained as it hardened anew. Reaching up, Penny cupped my balls in her hand and kneaded my sac gently, all the time holding my gaze. We were both grinning a little at each other. My cock was on fire, my knob burning to be touched. I felt a fresh supply of pre-cum course its way inside my shaft and ooze out the end. I really wanted to reach down and fondle her. But I held my pose.

She continued to blow warm breath over me as she played with my testicles. With her other hand she encircled the base of my shaft, and in one smooth movement milked me, captured the rush of pre-cum spilling out in her palm and spread it over the surface and around the glans of my bulging prick. I gasped, ready to explode. But she had other ideas. Releasing my knob, she broke her upward gaze to look at it. I looked down also, marveling at the smooth, slick covered, oozing tip of my cock bobbing just inches from her face.

She glanced up at me, giving me a huge mischievous smile. Leaning forward, she nuzzled her face against my prick, never once stopping her hand play with my sac. Her cheeks felt smooth against the heat of my erection. I groaned quietly, staring down at the top of her silver haired head, which partially obscured my voyeuristic pleasure. I remembered the dressing table mirror, and turning my head was rewarded by a full profile view of Penny, eyes closed, pressing her face against my shaft, playing my knob over her cheeks, against her nose, her neck. Her skin was streaked with my emissions.

I felt my orgasm rumbling deep down inside my loins, ready to erupt in her face. She must have sensed my tensing slightly, and drew back. Opening her eyes, she caught my stare in the mirror, and blew me a little kiss. I reciprocated.

Releasing my balls, she half turned and reached behind her. I watched as she dipped her fingers into a pot of cold cream, scooping a liberal dollop on her fingertips. Turning back to me, she trapped my gaze in the mirror again, and taking care not to get cream on the inside of my thighs, passed her hand between them, her forearm brushing my scrotum as she did so. She pressed her fingers into my crack, and I jumped slightly at the coldness of the cream against my ass. Her fingers played my crack, insinuating themselves between my buttocks until they found my bumhole. Her fingertips fluttered against my anus, which I clenched instinctively, but she pressed against the resistance, lubricating me with the cream, gliding over the nub of my bum. I groaned anew in pleasure, relishing the total lack of inhibitions we were sharing.

My crack was by now liberally coated with cream, and Penny turned her hand sideways, running the edge of her palm up and down it, hard against my asshole. The sensation was intense, and I pressed back against her hand. But she had other ideas again, and grasping my scrotum again with her free hand, she pulled and stretched it to the limit, in doing so fully exposing my dripping knob. As I watched in the mirror, she leaned forward, and parting her lips she engulfed the end of my cock in her mouth. I exhaled a long sigh at the visual and physical sensation of her mouth engulfing my prick. Her tongue worked itself around my glans, exploring the opening of my urethra. Between the pressure of her hand on my anus, the gentle tugging on my balls and the way my cock seemed to melt in the wet heat of her mouth, I surrendered to my orgasm.

Tensing my buttocks, I felt my muscles tighten and initiate their spasms deep inside me, priming the sperm in my pump. Totally in tune with me, Penny changed the position of her hand between my buttocks, rubbed a slick fingertip against my anal ring and pressed it inside my rectum, all the while keeping up her oral assault on my prick.

As my orgasm began to thunder up my loins to my shaft, she released my knob from her lips and removed her hand from my balls. Making a ring of her forefinger and thumb, she encircled my glans in a massaging motion. Penny stared intently at the end of my cock as the milked me, shoving her finger hard into my bumhole. I let out a low, intense growl, and still maintaining my balance, one foot on the bed, hands on hips, shot my initial load of cum straight into Penny’s face.

My gaze glued to the scene in the mirror, I watched the stream of cream land across her nose and closed mouth.

Tightening her finger and thumb around the base of my glans in an iron grip, she shut off the flow as my loins heaved spasm after of spasm of sperm up inside my shaft, seeking exit. I was in turmoil, and winced at the intense pleasure of release with nowhere for it to go! The end of my prick seemed to turn purple. She grinned up at me, her tongue working around her lips, consuming the sperm splashed there.

Meanwhile I writhed, but she kept an iron grip on my cock, and a finger firmly up my ass.

My orgasm subsided and calmed. Penny leaned forward, and letting go her grip on my knob, she opened her lips and slipped it into her mouth. My trapped cum pissed out in a continuous stream as she closed her lips over the end of my prick. The sensation of release reached down to my toes, feeling like a double orgasm as I drained into her. Penny worked my hardness with her mouth, engulfing the entire length of my cock.

Reaching forward, I took her head gently in both hands as she sucked the last drops from me.

I stroked her soft silver hair as she played with my wilting penis in her mouth, finally releasing it into the cool air. I leaned down, and cupping her face in my hands, delivered a long, deep lingering kiss, twirling my tongue with hers, savoring the taste of my own cum. My hand dropped inside her open robe, discovered a ripened breast and elongated nipple. I squeezed it hard, and she gasped, breaking off our kiss.

“Later.” she breathed.

She eased her finger from my ass, and whispered, “Bend over.”

Doing as bid, I turned my back on her, spread my legs, and leaned down to the bed on my elbows. I heard a rustling as she took some facial tissues from the box on the dressing table, and felt her hand ease my buttock apart as she wiped the remaining cold cream from my crack.

“You know,” she said, “I haven’t tasted that pleasure since Allan died.” referring to her late husband.

She patted me on the buttock. “Go.” she said. “Get dressed. Time for dinner. They’ll wonder where you are.”

I turned and kissed her again, scooped up my towel and briefs, and as quietly as possible left her room for mine to dress for dinner.

My wife called up the stairs. “Are you ready yet Roland? We’re all waiting for you.”

And you know where those problems came from, don’t you? That’s right, lil ol’, antisocial me.

Things were good for the first little while. At least until the world fully settled back in and I began to notice a lot more the jokes about incest around the campus, on TV, etc. It’s probably the same thing that happens when a person gets nailed on a DUI, he starts really noticing all those mothers against drunk driving on TV and billboards.

I tried to put it out of my head right from the very first, because I knew what I had in Jen and I didn’t want to lose her, didn’t want to crush her like that, either. But, it worked on me and worked on me, to the point where I lost focus in my studies. I tried to hide my feelings around the house and was, by and large, successful at that for a while. Then, my good ol’ paranoia set in and I wanted to very much avoid Olivia while somehow distancing myself from the situation.

I hated myself, cursed myself, raged silently for some excuse at having allowed all this to happen and started having a hard time facing up to people, especially Jen and my mom, who I felt I had betrayed and was still betraying by even feeling that way.

I’d taken to standing idle, looking at the floor and softly cursing under my breath at the things that occupied my mind. Once, I got caught doing that at university by, of course, none other than the fucking Guidance councilor (I spent almost twenty minutes in his office, soft handling him and convincing him I was neither schizophrenic, or clinically depressed) and that’s when I knew I had to get on top of this, somehow.

I got a job with a roofing company and it wasn’t long before I saved enough money by climbing scaffolding with bundles of shingles for first and last month’s rent. It was a very small apartment in a low income building that a handful of other students lived in, but it was mine and it was a secret. I started finding excuses to not go home with Jen, began missing our noon study time off and on until I was able to cut contact with all three of them entirely.

It wasn’t easy, not at all. I missed them, especially Jen. So many times I almost walked out that door and got in the car to go home, you can’t imagine, but I never did. I threw myself into my studies, carefully managing them, my classes and a job. This was actually easier than you’d think, since I didn’t have a life, and after I learned how to very effectively budget my new ‘go nowhere, do nothing’ lifestyle, I began to build a savings account. Before too long, my nerves and self hatred actually began to clear with the help of regular inputs of rye and beer, which I kept stockpiled in abundance, like I did potatoes, oats and, of course, Mr. Noodles.

So, that’s how I ended up sitting in my darkened little hole on Christmas Eve, taking a drink of rye from the plastic pint bottle and watching two British lads flinging small French cars with a giant trebuchet they’d built on Utube. It sounds pretty lowbrow, but it’s not as if there’s any TV worth watching on Christmas Eve and I’d just aced my midterms, so I figured I had the right to lower my brow for a little while.


I jumped about a foot, suddenly muting the sound on my laptop and whipping my head around at the door. There were two dark shadows in the crack of light at the bottom, somebody’s feet, but since I didn’t know anyone outside work,…


I took another slug at the pint and set it on my desk as I stood quietly, looking at those two shadows. I crept on the balls of my bare feet to the door and looked through the peephole.

Olivia seemed to be staring right back through it at me. Her tan, western style, sheepskin winter coat with the fur collar was sprinkled with snow that had yet to melt, same as on her hair and the toes of her salt stained, dark brown hiking boots. There was a merrily smiling little Santa Claus face with flashing LED lights on her lapel, completely offsetting her pissed off expression.

“Open the door, Jarid.”

I jerked away from the peephole as though it might try to hurt me. How in hell did she find me? And what did she want? (Fuck!)

I decided to stay quiet and try to make her think I was out.

“I said,… open,… the fuckin door, Jarid!”

My shoulders sagged as I let out a resigned sigh. Yeah, she knew I was there and I knew her well enough to know that the best thing I could do right then was to open the door. If I didn’t, she probably would have used the fire extinguisher in the hall to break the doorknob off and then walk right in, anyway.

As soon as I unlocked the knob it turned from the other side and she pushed the door open, walking straight in, even knocking my shoulder and putting me a little drunkenly off balance for a moment while she shoved the door shut again behind her with a slam. She moved to the center of the tiny, mostly unfurnished living room and looked around herself, then at me.

“So, where are they?”


“Who? You sent an email telling us you met someone and that you were spending the holidays with her and her family. So, where are they? They discover what a little fuck you are and leave?”

“I had to say something,” I said quietly, daring to meet her eyes.

“Yeah,… That was fuckin’ somethin, alright, you have no idea,” Olivia spat.

She glanced around again and remarked, “What a dump,” before walking closer, getting a better look at me in the available light from the bathroom. “And look at you. You smell like a distillery and you look like a bum.”

“This is my place and if-”

“Your place is at home! We haven’t seen or heard from you in over two months and things aren’t going very fuckin’ well since you ran out!”

“That’s not my problem. I’m just trying to have a normal life and I can’t-”

“Not your problem? Jarid, it’s your family! If you love them, it’s your problem!”

“I can’t drive myself crazy dealing with that for the rest of my life!”

“You should have come to us!”

“What, to get brainwashed again!? Fuck, it’s not as if you three are unbiased, is it!? I have a right to happiness and I did the only thing I could do! If you three can’t deal with that and move on, then yes, that’s your problem and not mine!”

“You don’t understand what you’ve done, you little asshole! Your mother doesn’t know if she should be more worried about you or Jen! And don’t you tell me one more time that it’s not your problem! That house is in turmoil because you left!”

“I’m sorry, I never wanted to hurt anybody, but I couldn’t hack it!” I shouted. “It’s not my problem and don’t think you can puoooiiiissshhhh-!”

I couldn’t remember the last time someone punched me in the stomach, but Olivia certainly ran a good refresher course. Down I went, sinking to my knees, trying to catch my breath and keep the mostly liquid contents of my stomach from the carpet.

“Jen is fuckin heartbroken, you worm! She mopes around the house and never smiles anymore, her midterms were a god damned disaster and her performance on the ice can’t even be called lackluster! She’s a basket case who cries herself to sleep half the time! Meanwhile, your mother is sure you’re thinking the worst of us, crying half the time herself, trying to help Jen while worrying where her other kid is and if he’s all-fuckin-right!”

“Ykuk!” I offered.

And if that wasn’t enough, I’ve been dealing with your damned father all fuckin’ day, who finds it pretty strange that you’re not there, as if his ex wife’s lesbian lover wasn’t enough!”

“Fa-! Fatdhu!?” I forced, alarmed and very much paying attention now, my aching gut suddenly of very little importance.

“Yes, you’re father! Apparently, you never even bothered to open all the email we sent you, cause if you had, you’d know he was spending Christmas Eve and Christmas day with us, wouldn’t you?” Fuckhead! And that’s the big reason you’re coming back with me tonight, even if I have to drag you on your ass, because if you think I’m going to deal with him alone, you got another thing coming! If you think it won’t be your problem if he gets your sister alone and breaks her down, cause he’s curious about what the fuck is wrong with her, that’s most definitely gonna be your fuckin problem, Jarid! You’re coming back and we’re going to handle that bastard, because I had to leave them alone with him and I ain’t goin back without the chip off that ol’ block in our corner to show for it!”

She grabbed me and physically dragged me to the bathroom, ordering, “I want you out here in fifteen minutes, ready to get dressed with a shower, shave and brushed teeth! If you’re not, I’m coming in to finish for you, and it won’t be like it was in the fuckin Park!”

A little less than a half hour later, she was shoving me into the elevator, already occupied by two people, of course two female students. One of them was kind of pretty and actually made an effort to talk to me the week before. I was thinking I might say hello the next time I saw her, but just then I was trying not to look at them at all.

“I still can’t believe you,” she fumed as the doors shut, sealing the three of us in with her. “Fuckin’ two months and not one god damned word. And after everything you said, you cad. After everything- What the fuck are you lookin at, you dirty little fuckin twats!? Huh!?”

(No no no, this can’t be happening!)

The girls franticly jabbed at the button representing the next floor we would descend to. The car stopped and they hurried off, apparently deciding to take the stairs instead.

(Just super)

A half hour trip, maybe a little more on account of the snowy conditions to sober the hell up, at least a little, and prepare myself for a meeting with Dad.

Dad. I hadn’t seen him for some time, almost a year and, even if the circumstances were different, I wouldn’t exactly go out of my way to see him again, anyway. He seemed to think he was the only one with better things to do, seemed to think he could just run out on us and leave us twisting in the wind like- exactly like I did.

I cracked the window and lit a cigarette, a habit I’d taken up to replace pot, which I couldn’t get because I didn’t know anyone. Olivia glanced over at me from the driver’s side of the jeep as I pinched the bridge of my nose, looking down in my lap. All the efforts I’d made at building some kind of normal, sane life for myself were being threatened and I feared I’d never really live entirely on this side of Wheeling Park’s culvert ever again.

I heaved a heavy sigh and looked up, straight ahead through the windshield, the wipers dutifully clearing away the driving snow for me. Taking another drag and exhaling slowly first, I asked, “How does he treat you, how’s he treating Mom, what all has he said and what’s he been asking who? Try to use his exact words and everyone else’s when they answered him, or said anything of any importance.”

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

“My ba-by takes the mor-nin train!

He works from nine to five and then!-”

It was Dad and Leslie, his new wife. He actually brought her. They were in the living room trying to sing in harmony with Jen’s Karaoke machine and having a great old time. Meanwhile, Mom was sitting on the couch watching in a condition somewhat akin to catatonia.

I almost didn’t recognize the attractive, young, dark brunette beside her. It was Jen and, obviously, she’d dyed her hair. She looked totally miserable while Olivia and I stood in the doorway to the room, as yet un-noticed.

“He takes a-no-ther home again!

To find me wai-ting fo-!”

Dad finally noticed us. He seemed pretty surprised and stopped singing while Leslie trailed off a few lone words after to stare a moment with him, directing Mom and Jen’s attention our way, as well.

“Jarid!” Jen remarked, barely above a whisper as Mom seemed to gradually come alive.

“Surprise!” Olivia yelled happily, taking her coat off. “He called and told me his plans fell through, so I thought I’d make a run and grab him without tellin’ yas. Great surprise, huh?”

Dad had made his way across the floor by then. He gave me one of those ‘dear ol dad’ hugs, then pumped my hand cheerfully.

“How are you, champ?” he asked enthusiastically while Leslie watched.

“Doin’ good, Dad,” I reported with a dry smile.

He looked at me a little funny, as if he was waiting for something, but then went on with his earlier enthusiasm.

“Glad to hear it, Son. Leslie and I are doing great, too. Hey, we brought slides from our vacation in Europe this year, betcha can’t wait to see them, huh?”

“Makes the trip here worthwhile all on its own,” I agreed, looking over his shoulder at Mom and Jen as they continued to stare, Mom with a growing smile, Jen with a slightly stunned expression.

“Yeah, I thought you’d want to see those. Hey, what’s with the long hair? You goin’ native on us?” he chuckled.

“Just grew this way,” I said, wanting away from him already, but not eager to talk to Jen or Mom, either. “Actually, I-”

“Ha! What a wit! He gets that from me, y’know,” he said to Leslie, turning halfway around before facing to me again. “Jumpin jeez, you’ve grown! You workin’ out, or what?”

“Something like that. I got a job with a roofing company.”

“A roof- but,… that’s why I’m paying for your education, little buddy. So you don’t have to do that kind of thing, like my father did for me.”

I shrugged, shedding my army surplus, winter fatigue jacket and said, “Cars are expensive hobbies. Look, it’s been kind of a lo-”

“Son, you could have called me, I’d have gotten you that car and anything else you needed, you know that! Hey, you’re my number one son, right?” he asked, slapping my shoulder.

“I gotta use the can, I’ll be right back.”


I left him standing there, lying my coat over the newel post of the stair railing and going for the downstairs bathroom off the kitchen while Olivia flashed me a slightly suspicious look.

I did actually have to use the bathroom, but I took my good old time in there. Once I was finished thoroughly washing and drying my hands, I stood in front of the mirror, staring into it at my face, taking a good look at what he would be seeing, trying to forget that my discomfort around people had now extended itself into my own home (previous home) in a big way. The guilt and dread I felt over Mom and Jen were actually worse than my anxiety about having to try to ‘handle’ Dad and, ironically, the person I felt most at ease with right then was Olivia.

And how to handle him? Why in hell was he even there, and with his new wife at that? Once my focus and the rye I’d been drinking that day calmed me down a little, I was able to speculate on a likely answer for the first part of that question.

Alvery. That French fuck from next door that Dad would often talk to and go golfing with. Neighbor buddies in the cultured wilds of upper suburbia, you might say, and it was likely they were still golfing together. From what Olivia told me of his comments and questions, he obviously knew she and Mom were a couple, although nobody’d mentioned it yet, so Alvery probably told him about Olivia moving in. He may have even seen some peck on the cheek in the backyard, or driveway, or whatever between she and Mom and mentioned that to Dad, too. And now here he was, on a little fact finding mission no less, even having invited himself under the excuse of spending the Holidays with Jen and I, according to Olivia.

Well, they had nothing to hide. Mom and Olivia had never planned on hiding their relationship and that in itself was no big deal. Yet.

I took a deep breath and stood straighter, letting it out and abruptly leaving the bathroom. Mom was there, clearing dishes and straightening up, obviously waiting for me. Our eyes met as she walked closer.

“Mom,… I don’t know what to say,” I said in a low voice.

” … You could say you love me. That would mean a lot right now. Besides that, the important thing is that you’re here.”

“You know I love you, Mom. That never changed.”

She smiled a little, nodding and then said, “Jen,…”

“Not interrupting anything, am I?” Dad intruded with his overly cheerful manner.

He walked across the floor to the fridge with an expression that clearly expected some sort of answer.

“No,” I lied, not looking away from Mom. “I was just telling Mom what a great mother she’s been for us. We were lucky to have her.”

(Let the games begin.)

” … Yeah, that’s right,” he answered uncertainly. “Hey, champ, you want a beer? I guess if you’re old enough to work like a man, you can drink like one, eh? Ha, ha!”

“No thanks,” I said, leaving Mom with that smile at my compliment.

I walked to the fridge myself, but opened the freezer and took out the liter of Crown Royal I knew Olivia always kept there. I took off the cap as he watched and took a respectable slug without so much as a wince, replaced the cap and put it back.

“I’m good. Mom, do we have any Five Alive?”

“Yes we do, honey, I’ll get you a glass,” she said with a slightly confused expression on her face that Dad never noticed.

“Wh- what the hell was that?” he asked with an unsure smile.

” … What?”

“With the bottle. You got a problem there, Son?”

“Problem? … No. Hey, as long as we’re supposed to be drinking like men, right? Anyway, I don’t like sitting around plugging beer into my face like some guys do,” I lied again, glancing ‘involuntarily’ down at the slight paunch his midriff had never sported before. “Just a nip every once in a while is all you need, un- Oh, thanks, Mom. -unless you’re into getting drunk, or something.”

“And you’re not?”

“Who’s got the time for it?” I asked, sipping at the orange juice while Mom left the room.

“Huh. Well, I guess I,… can’t fault you on the logic. Hey, so you got a new car, eh? Still got the bike?”

“Nope, gone.”

“Oh. Uhh,…” he started, looking at me closely while I was able to relax a bit, finally having an excuse for my whiskey breath and suddenly feeling a lot warmer and a bit irritated. “Look, how’ve things-?”

He broke off suddenly, looking over his shoulder at the door while repositioning himself so he could see it before going on in a low, conspiratorial tone.

“How, ahhh,… How’ve things been since,… you know.”

“Since the divorce?” I asked with a casual tone and volume.

“Well, not really. Son, I’m just a little surprised at your mother. I know about what’s going on here, you know.”

“Going on?” I asked, frowning slightly as if it seemed there might be something I should be concerned about.

“Yeah, you know, with this,… Olivia person.

“You mean that they’re lesbians?”

“I- … Well, yeah. What’s up with that?”

I looked at him and blinked a few times, then shrugged my shoulders slowly with the glass of O.J. still in my hand and stated the obvious. “They’re lesbians. There’s nothing ‘up’ with it, they’re,… well, lesbians. Nuff said.”

“And you don’t think that’s odd? That your mother would just,… go like that?”

“Odd? Yeah, I suppose. I mean, who would have expected it, right? But, it’s not as if it’s never been known to happen and, anyway, who cares? They’re really happy together, they have a great time out on Olivia’s bikes and everything.”

“Uh-huh,” he stated.

“I hope you’re not taking that personally, Dad.”

“What?” he asked, taken off guard by this show of concern, showing me in turn that he was taking it personally.

“Well, you know what they say about men whose ex-wives suddenly prefer women.”

“What do they say?” he asked, just a little on the defensive and as if he didn’t know.

“Forget it. Like I said, you just shouldn’t take that personally. I’m sure the statistics are padded and besides, you know how women are, eh? Listen, we should get out there,” I finished, walking away and out of the room. I wiped a sudden smile off my face and stuck my head back in the kitchen to see him just standing there with a very curious expression. He started when he saw me.

“You comin? Leslie might be getting a little uncomfortable out there, you know.”

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

He wasn’t kidding about the slideshow. We suffered through it, Liv and Mom making pretenses at how impressed they were while Jen just sat, glancing at me sitting beside her on the couch while I tried to pretend I didn’t notice.

It was mostly pictures of dad and/or Leslie standing around all the expected scenes, such as the Eiffel Tower, one of the Queen’s Royal Guards at his guardhouse, several mimes, etc..

Leslie sat on the edge of the couch on my other side, paying close attention to the TV as if she never saw the presentation before now. She was one of those women who always had a smile that seemed to say, ‘Awwww, isn’t that nice?’, and reminded me of one of the janitors at university, whom I’d privately nicknamed, ‘stick figure lady’. I found it pretty hard to believe that this was the package of excitement he left Mom for.

But then I realized, while pretending I was interested in how many miles their pedometer said they’d walked on their trip, that this could very well be why he’d brought her along. Relationships change, even I knew that. Sometimes what starts out as a whirlwind experience eventually starts to dull down and people change before you know it.

Now, here’s Mom wearing makeup, snappy clothes, suddenly a total babe and now a lesbian with an attractive, assertive woman who takes her out on her Harley Davidson. How exciting is that?

My smile got wider the more I thought about that as Dad did his mime act for us, even though this very strong theory didn’t solve the immediate problem that he represented. If anything, he’d want to come around more often now.

Also on the down side, I could clearly see him keeping an eye on Jen. Who kept looking at me. If Mom and Olivia prepped her for this visit, it obviously wasn’t enough and Dad had clearly twigged in to the fact that she wasn’t a very happy camper. That’s until I get there, her mood lightens a bit and she keeps looking at me. My smile faded a little as I wondered if he’d noticed that yet. I wondered if Mom filled Olivia in on what went on while she was out forcibly abducting me. I wondered if this wasn’t a good time for a cigarette.

I excused myself and, grabbing my jacket, walked through the kitchen, also grabbing another shot on the way out to the rear deck.

I puffed away in my untied army boots and stared at the snow covered RV. After a few minutes, Olivia joined me.

“What do you think?” she asked in an ‘all business’ tone. She was still pretty unhappy with me.

“Somebody’s gotta get Jen to stop staring at me. We can’t have any more of that, at all. What happened when you were gone?”

“Nothing important, mostly just the karaoke. Your mother never left them alone.”



“So, what?” I asked, choosing to stare balefully at the RV, rather than look at her.

“So, what do you think?” she testily clarified.

“I think this is a very bad fuckin’ situation, Olivia.”

“No kiddin, what are we going to do about it?”

“Ride it out. You and Mom have nothing to hide and that’s more or less what I told him when he asked. As for the rest of it, that’s something he’d never imagine in a million years. As long as Jen doesn’t give us away, we’ll be good, but he’ll bring her up sooner or later.”

“None of this keeps him away.”

“We might not be able to do that without arousing suspicion, but I’m working on it.

“There’s something else about Jen,” she brought up. “You and her aren’t speaking. That’s not normal, is it?”

“No,” I sighed. “But I don’t think I can handle talking to her right now, and I’m pretty sure she couldn’t.”

“Well, you’d better do something about it because he’s definitely sharp enough-”

“What are you doing? Am I in this on my own, or what?”

“I’m the one watching Jen and your Mom while you deal with your father!” she hissed.

“Yeah?” I hissed back. “Well, that’s great, cause now you got a new job! Get them acting natural and make it look like it’s something Dad did or said, so his ego will blind him to the change in their attitudes!” And don’t let him alone with any of us! Help me here, I shouldn’t have to tell you this shit!”

“Shut up! This is all your fuckin’ fault, you little creep!”

“Yeah, yeah, shit!” I sneered at the RV.

“You just make sure you get the job done!” she warned. “He’s a slippery bugger and he has a lot of interest in us that goes beyond Jen, in case you haven’t noticed!”

“Believe me, I’ve noticed. Be on your toes during supper, that’s when he’ll probably get aggressive.”

“How do you know?”

“Because he always did. Whenever we were in trouble, whenever we had a family meeting, whenever he was curious about whatever, he always brought it up at supper. Just pay attention to what’s goin’ on at the table and don’t get in my way unless I need support.”

“What are you going to do?”

For the first time I looked at her a moment before exhaling a cloud of blue cigarette smoke into the dark, cold, Winter air.

“I don’t know yet.”

She didn’t answer and there was a short silence between us, which she broke.



” … I can’t let you go back. One way or another, you’re staying here.”

She walked back inside before I could reply to this.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

She did it. She got them aside very naturally after the stupid slideshow and got them with the program. Mom was more Human and, while Jen still wasn’t saying much, at least she wasn’t staring at me anymore. Mom and Olivia actually even got up and did a karaoke duet to, I got you babe, Mom doing a great imitation of Cher with the accent and swinging her hair around. Olivia sang and acted as Sonny quite entertainingly, yet the performance wasn’t without a subtle sex appeal, especially the lingering kiss they shared after. Even Jen and I smiled as we clapped at this. Dad and Leslie goggled, actually managing to do it politely.

By the time Mom and Jen emerged from the Kitchen with the turkey, calling everyone to the table, my atmosphere was pretty well set.

I caught Dad moving for the head of the table, the only chair that had arms, as I somehow knew he’d have the nerve to do. I waited until he put his hand on the back to pull it out.

“That’s Olivia’s seat,” I informed him casually as I walked past. “Mom sits at the other end.”

” … Oh.”

Mom looked up at this, but didn’t say anything, probably as per Olivia’s instructions as the older woman walked easily to her seat, smiling warmly at me. At least I could count on her to play a part. Mom served her first, as she always did serve that place at the table first when Dad occupied it. Yes, a nice subtle little message as to where he stood that might keep him in check.

It was a great setting, candles and everything. Mom and Olivia had really dolled themselves up for the occasion, too, with informal evening attire and perfect hair and makeup. While they sat at each end of the table, Jen and I sat beside each other, Dad and Leslie on the other side, he directly across from me.

I really didn’t have much of an appetite, what with all that was going on and my liquid diet of the day. I was still buzzed quite nicely, though, and settled into the atmosphere of the job at hand.

Olivia carved the turkey while I watched Dad.

“You got enough turkey, princess?” he asked Jen, trying to steal a little of the thunder I’d set Olivia up with.

“Yes,” she replied with a pasted smile.

“Jarid?” he asked.

“I’m good.”

“So, tell me about this girlfriend of yours, champ. Betcha she’s pretty, eh?”

“Yes, she is. I don’t think she’s my girlfriend anymore, though,” I replied, watching Jen look at me out of the corner of my eye.

“Uh oh. What happened?”

“I did something,… stupid. I guess.”

“What’s that?”

“I didn’t think I was ready for the way she felt about me.”

“Ahh, my son the heartbreaker,” he chuckled. “Don’t worry, there’s plenty of fish in the sea.”

“I can’t look at it that way.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s not funny, disappointing people and hurting them like I did. I like to think I’m above that kind of betrayal,… I didn’t do it lightly and she was no ordinary fish in the sea, at all. I love her. A lot.”

“You’ll get over it. You’ll meet someone else before you know it and fall in love all over again. Jen, you got a boyfriend?”

“No,” she said, shaking her head.

“Pretty girl like you? I find that hard to believe.”

“My studies,…”, she explained, finally looking away from me.

“Studies? From the looks of your midterms, I’d think you’ve been dating the entire first semester away,” he observed.

She didn’t answer, instead only kept eating while he watched her for a moment, chewing thoughtfully.

“How were your marks this term, Jarid? Your mother said she doesn’t know. That bad?”

“I aced them,” I said, not offering a reason why Mom didn’t know. That could only look like an excuse for her and only liars and those with something to hide were quick to offer up unsolicited excuses.

“Good for you, champ! How’s hockey, Jen?”

“Good,” she toned.

” … Hm.”

He had the scent of blood. I could see it, here in his favourite arena as clearly as I could see that he’d had it for a little while now.

A few minutes went by where we all simply ate in relative silence as I surreptitiously watched dad. The gears in his head were spinning fast enough to blow a seal as he appeared to enjoy his mashed potatoes.

“Should we tell them now, dear?” Leslie half whispered to Dad in that little silvery, tinkle bell voice of hers.

Dad practically jumped, he was thinking so hard.

“Huh? Oh,… yes, of course, my little leibchien. (ahem) Uhh, I have a happy announcement to make,” he said, his sub-demeanor, for want of a better term, leading me to believe that he either wasn’t entirely happy about whatever news he had, or that he had bigger fish to fry at that time.

“Leslie’s pregnant,” I stated casually, picking up a bite sized slab of white meat with my fork, popping it into my mouth as if my assumption was only common sense.

Everybody looked at me as they froze, Mom with her fork halfway to her mouth. Leslie’s jaw sagged a little while Dad stared. It was only a hunch, but it was obviously correct, not that it would have mattered even if it wasn’t.

“I imagine that must be pretty exciting for you,” I went on with the same half interested tone while methodically loading the tines of my fork with peas. “At least for now.”

That sealed his attention squarely on me, which is what I had to have because I knew he’d be back at Jen, sooner than later. When I finally and nonchalantly looked him in the eyes, he returned an offended, yet uncertain expression for a few silent moments before speaking in a quietly intense voice.

“What do you mean?”

“Three AM feeding adventures for weeks and weeks, running out for diapers at the most inconvenient times and the like. Plus, the thing about how it’s the end of your whole life and freedom and stuff. Well, that’s how it seems at my age, anyway. Congrats.”

” … Appreciated, champ. Yes, we are pregnant, by the way, and very happy about it. … You’ve changed.”

“Have I?” I asked.

“Yes you have. Son,… are you sniffing marijuana?”

Do I have to even tell you what happened next? Let’s just say it was the best thing he could have come out with. I actually did try not to laugh, as I’m sure Mom and Olivia did, but it was the shocked expression on Leslie’s face while looking at me, the pot sniffer, that set me off.

He looked from one to another of us with an indignant expression, even Jen, who sat with her hand over her mouth, looking down into her lap.

“What?” he asked, making us laugh all the harder.

He was red faced and very unimpressed by the time I managed, “Dad, people don’t sniff marijuana, they smoke it.”

“And how would you know that?” he demanded.

“Oh Kevin,” Mom dismissed with lingering amusement, “everybody knows that.”

“Did you know?” he asked Leslie.

She shook her head and he looked around at the rest of us from within his little triumph.

“So, how far along are you?” Olivia asked Leslie with her own amused smile.

This was good. He’d lost credibility at the table and that might be enough to keep him silent and off Jen for a while. Even better, Olivia knew right when to jump in and exactly how to diffuse the situation, obviously seeing what was accomplished as I did. She wasn’t in the dark by any means, she only wanted me, Dad’s, ‘chip off the ol block’, as she’d put it, to lead our opposition because I knew him better and she didn’t have the position. But, that was about to change.

“I’m seven weeks along,” Leslie answered, suddenly getting the full force of Olivia’s special charm.

“That’s roughly seven and a half months from now,” she estimated while shifting her weight, casually resting one hand on the arm of her chair, elbow sticking prominently out at her side and effectively accentuating the fact that she held the seat of the head of the household. “Any kids before this?”


“How old are you, if I might ask?” Olivia inquired, her eyes glancing briefly at Leslie’s chest.

“Uhh,… thirty-four.”

“He caught you just in time, eh? Well, I suppose you had a little more time. Trudy, what’s the general cut off rate that doctors recommend for child bearing?”

“Forty,” Mom said after swallowing her mouthful of food. “Prime childbearing years are between age sixteen and twenty-five. After that, the risk of Down Syndrome escalates with each year.”

“If it’s a boy, you should name it after Dad,” I told Leslie, because timing is everything and I couldn’t resist the implication.

“Nah,” Olivia disagreed, once again paving over my innocent remark with conversation, just as she should. “They end up with ‘Jr.’ every time. Believe me, I know.”

“I don’t see anything wrong with Junior,” Dad said, trying to regain some face and looking straight at me.

“It’s your kid,” Olivia shrugged, that getting his attention.

“I’m with Dad on that,” I said, effectively trapping him with his own words and distracting him from Olivia’s advance in turn, keeping him off balance.

“Jen, honey, would you please pass the gravy?” Mom asked, the model student of all that was Martha Stewart at the moment, as if the battle of subtlety at our end of the table wasn’t happening. “Thank you. Will you two be going on another trip while you have the chance?”

” … No,” Dad answered, making an obvious effort to simmer down while I appeared to be following the conversation with only a passing interest, idly picking at the food on my plate as if time stopped at my will.

“Probably a lot of work to do with the nursery and such,” Olivia assumed, nodding her head in understanding before popping a forkful of mashed potatoes into her mouth.

He mumbled a convenient confirmation before concentrating on his meal while the rest of us made pleasant small talk for a while.

“I don’t want to wear an old snowsuit, Liv,” Mom refused about the time we were half finished with a little smile on her face, knowing she was being unreasonable.

“Sug, you’ll freeze. Nobody worries about what they look like on skidoos. Jen has no problem wearing one, do you Jen?”

“Nope,” Jen replied.

“See? You gotta wear skidoo boots, too, it gets cold when you’re ripping along through the powder.”

“I’ll look like the Michelin Man.”

“No, you’ll look like a big kid, and that’s the whole point of our two days, right?”

“I suppose,” Mom reluctantly agreed.

“You want to be comfortable on an outing like that, Trudy.”

“Sounds like fun,” Dad offered. “You going, Jarid?”

“Depends on work,” I answered, knowing nothing of these plans until that conversation.

“Oh. You’re pretty driven, aren’t you? You must be. I have to say, I’m impressed.”

“Thanks, Dad,” I sincerely returned, waiting for what he was going to try sneaking in behind that.

“You listened to me and it shows. Tell me,… How are you doing with your little, uh,… social disability? Ever since that homosexual incident at high school, I’ve been wondering- well, I’m concerned, of course. What did Dr. Funta conclude after his sessions with you?”

I have to say, that blindsided me. Even Jen didn’t know about those sessions.

“I’m sorry, is that a sensitive topic for you?” he asked in the exact same manner in which I was attacking him earlier, resulting in the same sudden silence. “I assumed everyone here would know, I hope correctly, champ.”

I sat, suddenly immobilized by the very disability he mentioned, also fearing that someone else would react to this beyond my own silent loss of composure. I couldn’t really blame him. It was the same dirty tactics I’d used and he sure executed them well.

But then,… I understood pride and all the weaknesses that come with it, free to be exploited by an adversary in the know, and that’s exactly what this boiled down to, even if he didn’t realize it.

I decided to find out if he did. I made this decision as I watched the growing and well deserved satisfaction on his face as he glanced at Jen, who was now openly regarding my profile, and put my own pride away. I began to allow my face to gradually, un-noticeably become passive and blank. I’m very good at this and, if I had the slightest interest in poker, at least enough to bother learning the rules,… well, you get the picture.

“Oh,…” he said in a surprised tone. Nobody told Jen. I can see why, I guess. What was it you told the kid? Ummm,… oh yeah: ‘Come back and talk to me when you finally decide to do the world a favour and hang yourself, I’ll tie your noose and kick your chair.’ Wow. At the time, I couldn’t believe you’d say something like that, but looking at you now, I can kind of see it. Of course, I’m interested in hearing Dr. Funta’s conclusions.”

“Well, I’ve never put much faith in head doctors,” I replied, having regained my composure. “I wouldn’t worry about what he said.”

” … Is it something you don’t want to share?”

“Not much point to repeating bullshit.”

“No harm in it either, if it’s not true.”

“Whatever. Once you work past all his psychobabble and blind theories, I have abandonment issues. Oh, I know,” I replied to his sudden change in expression. “It’s pretty hard to believe, eh? I’m really not that type, I don’t think. Personally, I think I’m just an antisocial fuck, just like everyone else says.”

“Is that really an appropriate thing to say at the table, on Christmas Eve at that?”

“I didn’t say it, I told you that’s what everyone else says and I’m inclined to agree.”

“Doesn’t seem to bother you much.”

“Beats the hell outta having abandonment issues,” I returned, carelessly finishing off my potatoes.

After a pause he asked, “Do you have a problem?”


“Gladly. I was surprised to find you weren’t here when we first showed up, and now here you suddenly are.” he noted, glancing at Olivia. “And, since you got here, you’ve been unreasonably hostile towards me. I also notice that you and Jenifer aren’t speaking and I’m wondering what the hell is up with you.”

I looked at Jen, she back at me for a moment before I turned back to face him.

“Jen and I aren’t getting along right now.”

“It must have been something to make you come up with some lie about a girlfriend who loved you too much in order to avoid coming home for Christmas.”

“That’s the price one pays for being antisocial. Jen and I will be alright, we’ve had our fights and differences before.”

“What was this one about?”

“Her grades. I said some nasty things.”

“Yeah, what’s up with that? She doesn’t seem very happy, does she?”

“That’s her business,” I asserted.

“Maybe I should ask her.”

“Maybe you should.”

“As soon as I’m done with you, champ. Just as soon as I’m done with you. You still haven’t told me what your problem is.”


Author’s note

As ever, if you have questions feel free to email me or leave a comment. Either way, I’ll try to respond in a timely manner.

This is primarily an incest story, but it is also sci-fi/fantasy, and supernatural elements are not incidental to the plot. Additionally, many chapters will feature elements of other categories, particularly group sex and anal.

All sexual acts are consensual and involve parties who are at least eighteen years of age.


Sweat coated Eric from head to toe. With every rapid strike of graceful slice of his sword, he watered the grass below.

The rays of the midday sun were not obstructed by a single cloud. But, then, each and every day in Summer brought warm sun and clear skies. His immortal body had more or less grown accustomed to it. He hardly even felt the heat anymore.

The reason he was drenched in perspiration was that he was pushing himself harder than he ever had before. Most afternoons, Eric worked on building his strength, physically and metaphysically, while improving his swordsmanship. And most afternoons, he pushed himself just a little harder than the day before. But today, he wasn’t going for a little harder.

Some immortals were blessed with extraordinary endowments. Even if they didn’t work at it, they’d be more powerful than most of the rest of their kind. Eric was not so fortunate. Though he’d inherited more raw power than some of his siblings had, there was still a lot of room for growth. And his mother made sure that he knew that. She seemed to think that he’d one day rival his father. He didn’t know if she was right about that, but whatever his potential was, he intended to achieve it. No matter how much suffering it took.

Every time he closed his eyes, he saw it. The look of bliss on her face. The glow of her skin. The steady thrum of her Libido.

True, she hadn’t said anything. When he’d asked, she’d simply said that she didn’t want to know how things had gone with Nina, so it didn’t make sense for her to tell him about Hank. Which was reasonable enough. But her body and her Libido told him what her words had not. Told him that the day when he’d eclipse his father was yet a long ways off.

It did no good to let his jealousy eat him up, though. There was only one thing to do. Channel it constructively. Use it to push him to new heights, so that one day he too could make his mother smile uncontrollably for hours after they’d coupled.

So there he was, floating a dozen feet up off the ground, feet dancing air. He whipped his sword through one stroke after another, moving impossibly fast, muscles burning and screaming in protest.

It might not have been so bad, except that he was doing it while wearing two bodies. And he’d doubled the sword’s weight, just for the hell of it. Not to mention the fact that he’d done five laps around the island that morning, in lion form. Lions made great sprinters, but they when it came to distance running, men had the clear biological advantage. Which was why it was so much less interesting to train in that form.

The back door to the villa slid open.

“Eric,” his mother called out. “Come inside.”

His concentration broken, he fell clean out of the sky. One body landed flat on its back, the other did a belly flop. The instant they hit the ground, the air went out of his lungs and his bodies collapsed back into one breathless, aching form.

It wasn’t his first tumble, nor even the most painful. Each and every time he’d eaten dirt, he got right back up in the air and started putting himself through the motions again.

This time, though, he was glad for the excuse to call it a day. Left to his own devices, he’d have kept going. Allowed the session to grow so strenuous that it would ultimately be self-defeating, seeing as he’d end up having to take the day off tomorrow in order to recover. If he let it, the manic determination that had possessed him since he’d rolled out of bed that morning might not consume him, but it would come close. Even trying his best to redirect it in the healthiest way possible.

“Oh, honey, I’m sorry,” she said.

“S’okay,” Eric grunted as he rose to his feet.

“Yeah?” his mother asked, looking him up and down.

He nodded.

And gave her the same visual inspection she was giving him. Only not out of concern for her wellbeing. Just because he couldn’t possibly keep himself from doing so.

She wore a loose blue sundress. It wasn’t even close to the most revealing thing she had in her wardrobe, but it had the same effect on him as it might have had if it was.

Fuck, that woman looked good.

“Doesn’t look like you’re okay,” she said, the beginnings of a naughty grin spreading across her face. “In fact, looks like you’ve got some real swelling going on.”

Eric blushed and tucked his erection up into the waistband of his drawstring pants. Then he remembered that he wasn’t wearing a shirt, so that didn’t exactly offer much by way of propriety. He pushed his cock back into his pants and cooled his Libido.

That was one of the toughest tricks he’d learned, though it didn’t take much energy. Of course, neither did making bricks of dry water or drawing square circles. Though he understood that the energy that fueled all of their wondrous powers was not actually sexual energy, it was tempting to think of it that way, given the one tried and true method for harvesting it. Using that energy to suppress one’s own sexual appetites was not, strictly speaking, a contradiction in terms. But it sure felt like it.

With that one part of his body under control, he focused on the next step towards making himself presentable. Sweat and dirt and grass fell away from him, carried off on a cool breeze.

“What’s up?” he asked his mother.

“Your sister and…brother…are here.”

Eric raised an eyebrow. Did Nick do something to upset her?

Then he saw the two figures behind his mother and understood. Patty held the hand of one of the king’s inbred sons. The little dragon. Mike, if Eric recalled correctly.

That was interesting.

He wasn’t sure how he felt about their new brothers yet. Had hardly spoken to either of them yet. If they’d been raised by Aunt Nina, though, it wouldn’t surprise him in the least if they turned out to be ambitious, manipulative, and deceitful.

On the other hand, the fact that Patty was interested in him suggested otherwise. His sister tended to see the best in everyone, even when there wasn’t much to be seen. But that wasn’t to say that she was a bad judge of character. She’d never brought home a guy that Eric had felt he couldn’t leave her alone with. Most of them had been goofy, awkward, and boring as hell. But they hadn’t been assholes. That was more Annie’s thing.

Perhaps the real concern then wasn’t that Mike would prove to be manipulate, but that he was a mama’s boy. That he’d do what Kurt did and choose his mother over Patty.

Hell, with that tigress for a mother, it would be hard to blame the kid if he did. Eric didn’t like his aunt much personally. Didn’t trust her. But it wasn’t hard to see how any son of hers might have a hard time letting go of her apron strings.

“Did you guys actually meet?” Patty asked Eric as he stepped inside.

“Think we shook hands,” he said, reaching out to do so again.

“You’d remembered if we had,” Mike said, without offering his hand.

Eric raised an eyebrow.

“Eric,” his mother whispered. She gave him a soft tap on the behind before she closed the sliding glass door that he’d left open.

Mike laughed nervously. “That came out wrong.” He looked at Patty apologetically before turning back to Eric. “I’ve heard that it can be unpleasant to, ah,” he rubbed a hand over his forearm. “You know. The scales.”

Looking a bit closer, Eric saw the truth of it. Mike’s palms, chest, and abs were smooth and silver, the same color as his eyes and the row of spines beginning on his forehead and running down his back. But the rest of him was covered in tiny emerald scales. They couldn’t have offered much in the way of protection, but Eric suspected that his brother had been right to say that he’d remember shaking his hand.

“So how do you…,” Eric said to his sister. “No, nevermind. None of my business.”

Patty blushed and stared at her feet.

“With care,” Mike said.

Eric laughed. “I bet.”

“Can I get anyone something to eat?” Gabby cut in. “Or drink?”

Mike started to refuse politely but when Eric admitted that he was famished, Patty and Mike said that they could eat. So they went into the kitchen and sat at the booth while Gabby fixed up a round of sandwiches.

“So, did I see two of you out there? Levitating?” Mike asked.

“You could call it that, I guess.”

“This one, not so much with the big words,” Patty said.

“True,” their mother said with a grin.

“So what would you call it?” Mike asked politely.

“Falling,” Eric said around a mouthful of food.

Both women giggled at that.

“You’re too modest,” Mike said, as if he hadn’t even noticed. “We should spar sometime. Bet I could learn a lot from you.”

Eric put his sandwich down.

Was this kid for real?

He was tempted to tell him to turn the charm down a few notches. But Patty wouldn’t appreciate that. And it wouldn’t kill him to give the guy a chance to make more of an impression before rushing to judgment. But his ass felt a little cramped, what with Mike trying so hard to crawl up it.

“You’d be better off asking your father,” Eric said. “Our father,” he corrected himself. “Unless you’ve already learned everything he has to teach?”

Mike’s silver eyes widened for a moment. Then he looked down, as if just remembering what he looked like. “Because of this? He didn’t teach me that. It just sort of happened.”

“I see,” Eric said. “How Oedipal.”

“Eric!” Patty said, throwing a tomato at him.

Their brother only chuckled. “It’s fine. I figured he’d think that,” he said to Patty. Then, to Eric, he added, “Sometimes, I think my parents think so too.” He shrugged. “Obviously it’s my subconscious expressing itself in some way. But I don’t think it’s about me wanting to be his replacement so much as my sense that everyone expects me to. I’ve never been good about putting what I want ahead of what others want from me.”

Right. So mama’s boy it was.

“It was harder for Troy,” he continued. “I didn’t change until after Mom told us who we were. For him, it came with puberty.”

Eric’s eyes went wide.

“You mean, he was white as a kid?” Gabby asked.

“Yup,” Mike said.

“Didn’t people…ask questions?”

“We’d just moved to a new town,” Mike said. “That was probably what did it, in fact. Though he’ll never tell you that.”

“What do you mean?” Eric asked.

Mike shrugged. “It’s a form of rebellion. Not so different from the rich white girls whose daddies tried to make up for never being around by giving them sports cars for their sixteenth birthdays. God, those girls loved Troy,” he said with a laugh. “Not that I’d have wanted to be in his shoes,” he added, noticing the way Patty glowered at him. After clearing his throat, he continued. “He likes to say it’s an expression of who he really is inside, but if so, he’s a nothing more than a collection of bad stereotypes. I’d hate to see what would happen if he ever spent any time with real black folk.”

“Bet they’d kick his ass,” Eric said.

Patty shot him a disapproving glare.

“Maybe,” Mike said, a bit defensively. “Maybe not. I don’t see the need to assume black men are violent thugs.”

“I didn’t mean-”

“Anyway,” his brother continued, “who cares. I’m not interested in arguing about race. All I’m trying to say is, I’d give my left nut to shift all the expectations they put on me onto Troy. To let him be the favorite child. God knows he wouldn’t complain about that.”

Both Patty and their mother gave Eric meaningful looks, willing him to apologize.

Did they not notice that he’d just tried doing that?

“That sucks, man,” Eric said.

Mike snickered. “Yeah. That it does.”

He really wished Troy was their mother’s favorite? Eric chewed on that as he did the same with the remains of his sandwich. So much for the mama’s boy theory. Nor was he a bad boy crying out for attention or an alpha trying to break out of his father’s shadow. Just what sort of guy was he, then?

“So you’re not preparing to take over for your father?” Eric asked, though he knew what the answer would be.

“Nah, just wanted to spar with you ’cause I thought it’d be fun,” he said. “From what I hear, you’d make a better successor anyway.”

“Don’t know about that,” Eric said, trying to ignore the look his mother gave him.

“Besides, it’s not like taking over the family business in the mortal world,” Mike said. “Sorry, Playground.”

“Takes a while to get used to that one,” Patty said, wrapping an arm around his.

“Not like he’s going to get old and have to retire,” Mike continued. “Far as I can tell, he’s liable to still be sitting on that damn throne a thousand years from now.”

Eric could almost hear the “Since it’s all he seems to care about” his brother hadn’t tacked on to the end of that sentence.

“That’s perhaps a little bit of an exaggeration,” Eric’s mother said.

“Probably,” Mike agreed. “Myself, I’d be content to life a quiet kind of life, with a kind-hearted wife.” With that last, he stared into Patty’s eyes.

They were not talking that kind of talk already, were they?

For fuck’s sake.

Patty smiled demurely back at the romantic sap, oblivious to the shocked looks on both Eric’s face and their mother’s. What the hell was she thinking?

And did she know his fucking skin was green and scaly?!

“You know our kind don’t really get married,” Gabby said tentatively, eyes on Eric as much as Patty. “Except when we want to have children.”

“I know,” Patty said.

Eric’s throat went tight. He snatched up the glass of soda he’d been drinking. By the time it reached his lips, it was a strong beer.

“That’s kinda why I wanted to stop by,” Patty said, staring at her half-finished lunch.

“To ask for our blessing?” their mother asked.

She nodded.

What did she mean “stopped by” anyway? So long as she was a Moody, the villa was as much her home as it was theirs.

Eric stared at his mother, silently imploring her to give him a reason why he shouldn’t talk some sense into Patty, since she herself evidently wasn’t going to do so. But she gently shook his head at him. In case he might have somehow missed the message thus conveyed, she placed a hand atop his thigh, just above the knee.

Fucking madness.

He turned to regard his sister.

And saw the fear in her eyes. The pleading. “Don’t take this away from me,” she might as well have said. “You’ve got Mom. Nick’s got Veronica. Annie’s got our father. What about me? Where’s my happy ending?”

Not a word was said aloud, but Eric got the point.

“We’re rushing into things,” Mike said.

Every looked around nervously, as if he’d pointed out that the emperor had no clothes.

“But sometimes, you just know,” he added, wrapping an arm around Patty. `

Well, at least they weren’t thinking about it the same way every other couple who got married too soon, too young, did. These two knew. That meant it would work out, right?

But Eric held his tongue.

“So?’ Do we have it?” Patty asked. “Your blessing?”

“Of course you do, sweetie,” their mother replied without hesitation.


“Morning, jerkface,” Veronica said to Nick as she walked back into her room wearing one towel around her body and drying her hair with another.

Of course, it wasn’t morning at all. But if he wanted to draw attention to the fact that she’d slept a whole later than she usually did, she’d have been glad to explain to him what had kept her up all night. Perhaps she could even point out some of the ways in which their grandfather put him to shame.

“Trust you…slept…well last night?” she added.

With that, she all but dared him to ask her about her own nocturnal activities. To point out that he wasn’t the only one who’d spent the night in the arms of another. And wouldn’t he just love to know how sorry she wasn’t about that?

However, her brother didn’t take the bait.

Of course he didn’t.

In typical Nick fashion, he did the exact opposite and hung his head in shame. Or maybe it was defeat. In fact, for a moment, he looked as though he might even vacate the room. Just get up and walk away, without speaking another word. God, that would have been the very last thing he should do, if he wanted to keep this going. Whatever “this” was.

Didn’t the asshole realize why she was so upset?

Perhaps he did, at that. To his credit, he neither retreated, nor went down the path towards which she’d tried to steer him. Instead, in a perfectly sweet tone of voice, he said, “I was thinking we’d go into the city today.”

Veronica nearly dropped the towel from her head.

Was he really suggesting that they spend the day together? Here she was, taunting him, trying to get him to feel guilty about his infidelity and jealous of her own, if you could call it infidelity, and this was how he responded?

“What city?” she asked.

“LA,” he said. “You know, go back to the Playground. Maybe spend the night.”

“And why would we do that?” she asked, her heart racing.

She already had her answer, of course. Veronica wanted nothing more than to spend some time alone with her brother. That was more or less what this was all about, after all. And knowing that every other woman in his life would literally be a world away would make it that much better. She might even be able to forget about them, for a time.

But he deserved to squirm a little first.

She couldn’t just give in like that. He might get the impression that she hadn’t been all that upset in the first place. The last thing she wanted to do was to reinforce the impression that her moods came and went in the blink of an eye.

“To get away,” he said.

Was that all she got? After he was off to such a good start?

He had to be kidding.

Veronica responded with a bemused snort. Turning her back to her brother, she went and stood before the standing mirror. All her attention turned to working the towel through her damp locks, as if her brother wasn’t even there.

“I want to share something with you,” he said as he slipped off the bed and came up behind her. He took the towel from her hands and took over the task of drying her hair.

Veronica tried not to let that melt the wall of ice she’d thrown up. Refused to think to herself that the warmth of his body, so perilously close to hers, was intoxicating. That there were few pleasures in life as sublime as having her brother play with her hair.

“And what would that be?” she asked, trying to sound disinterested.

“It’s a surprise.”

Now, that was just fighting dirty. He knew she loved surprises.

“Where’s this sudden turn towards the romantic coming from?”

Nick kissed her hair, sending shivers down her spine. He lingered afterwards, smelling her shampoo. Guys never paid attention to how a girl’s hair looked or smelled. Not the way Nick did. All they ever did was stare at her boobs.

Not that she minded when her girls got some attention from her brother, mind.

But it was nice to know that he appreciated other things about her.

Every now and then, just to test him, she’d switch up her shampoo. He never failed to notice, though. Not once. If she shortened her hair by so much as an inch, changed its color to a very similar hue, he’d notice that too. He knew what perfume she wore, which colors of lipstick looked best on her, and which ones she liked even though they didn’t.

Yet, it was too easy to read something more into that. Something that wasn’t there. Veronica wanted desperately to believe that her brother was hyper-attentive to such things because she was special in his eyes, when the uncomfortable truth was that Nick just had a freakish gift for noticing the little things.

Suppose their mother wore her hair a little differently one day? Put on a different shade of eyeshadow than she usually wore? Or that Patty did so?

“The heart,” he said, in answer to her question.

Veronica snickered.

“Too much?”

She mimed sticking her fingers down her throat.

“Okay, okay,” he said, grinning.

Yes, grinning. The cute, dimpled bastard. Didn’t he even have the good sense to know that she was mocking him?

He gave her a peck on the cheek before saying, “I guess I just realized that I haven’t been paying enough attention to you lately. I want to make sure you know how important you are to me. How glad I am that I get to share my life with you.”

Her breaths came quick and shallow, and it was a struggle to keep her mask on. Not that it would even matter, as he’d no doubt noticed the way her Libido has responded.

That last bit came awfully close to being over the top. But it hadn’t quite crossed the line. In fact, if she’d written him a damn script, his words couldn’t have been more perfect.

“So what’s the surprise?” she asked. As she did, she twisted about and gave one hip a sharp jerk, shoving a toweled butt cheek into her brother’s crotch.

“Mmm,” he said. “Don’t tempt me.”

“With what?” she asked.

“It’s a surprise,” he said.

“Your temptation?”

“No, the surprise,” he said. “That’s why I called it `a surprise’, strangely enough.”


He kissed her hair again, then tossed aside the towel. The wrong one.

With a snap of his fingers, her hair was not only dry, but styled just the way she liked it.

“How do you know I wasn’t going to wear it differently today?”

“You weren’t,” he said, kissing her shoulder.

“I might have.”

Ignoring her response, he slowly eased the other towel away.

In spite of herself, Veronica gasped. At least she managed to resist the instinctive urge to cover herself up with her hands.

They stared into the mirror together, he at her body and she at her brother’s eyes. The raw hunger there hardened her nipples and dampened her vulva.

At that point, if he’d changed his mind about going into the city, proposed spending the day in bed instead, she’d not have refused.

But he didn’t. He left a trail of kisses down her back, then stood back up and snapped his fingers again. With that, a few more steps in her “get ready to meet the world” ritual became unnecessary.

Veronica found herself wearing a touch less makeup than she usually did, a tight black tank top with a silver vest over it, and a denim skirt. The black pumps with silver bows tied everything together perfectly.

“Those shoes are hideous,” she said. “Whoever trained you did a terrible job.”

“Lies,” he said.

“And if this vest was any tighter, my ribcage would cave in.”

He slid his hands up the rough fabric of the vest, til his hands came to rest over her breasts. Even with a padded bra, tank top, and thick vest between his hands and her nipples, her brother had to sense how hard they were.

“Think we found the real problem,” he said.

Veronica jabbed an elbow in her brother’s ribs. But she hardly put any effort into it.

He recoiled for a moment, grinning as he did, then pulled back against her. His hands squeezed her boobs like pillows. He buried his face in her neck and she very nearly climaxed.

Then, without warning, he stepped back.

She almost toppled over backwards. Might have, if she was wearing real heels. As it was, she barely regained her balance.

“Clit-tease,” Veronica muttered under her breath.

She pulled herself back together, pretending that she hadn’t for even a moment been anything less than graceful. Then she strutted towards her brother like a model who owned the runway. Taking the collar of his silk shirt in her hands, she pulled Nick in for a kiss.

He kissed her back.

Gently, at first. Then with more and more hunger. His lips nibbled at hers and his tongue danced in her mouth. Meanwhile, his hands gripped her neck and ass tight.

Just as she was sure that they’d end up in bed, he pulled away. Again. The bastard.

“We should get going,” he said. “Even with the time differential, can’t be gone too long.”

“Why not?”

“Got to go talk to Annie tonight,” Nick replied. “You and me.”

“We do, huh?”

“You prefer I go alone?” he asked, presumably as a rhetorical question.

“No,” she said, with a sigh, “but play your cards right and I might let you go alone.”

She didn’t like it, but Annie would probably be more talkative with Nick seducing her than the two of them questioning her.


As they moved the party outside, Patty found herself so nervous that she could barely walk. It probably didn’t help that she’d traded her sandals, jeans, and cropped top for heels and lingerie. But it was mostly the nerves.

She looked too good in the lingerie for her to consider the change a mistake. The lacy white chemise clung to her curves and was thin enough that you could see her pink panties through it. Her white thigh highs had pink bands at the top, and her suede pink pumps were absolutely fabulous. Eric had stared his eyes out when she’d slipped out of the booth.

Her little stumble might have undermined the effect, but she suspected her brother’s mind was still deep in the gutter, where she wanted it. Otherwise, he’d be running all the various arguments for why she shouldn’t be rushing things with Mike through his mind.

Not that there wasn’t a lengthy list of perfectly valid reasons. Patty was aware of that. She just had a feeling that things would work out. That she’d finally found the guy for her.

Her new brother made her feel the way no other guy ever had. He was sweet and kind and modest, yet powerful, confident, and exotic. He didn’t talk down to her, or to anyone else. Yet she knew that he had it in him the play the same game the others played, if he so desired. He wasn’t opting out of the struggle for power because he feared that he’d do poorly at it, but because he genuinely didn’t want it. Didn’t want anything besides her.

If Eric was thinking straight, and hadn’t caught the warning shots their mother had fired across his bow, he’d tell Patty that it could be an illusion. That Mike was pretending to be exactly who she wanted him to be just to get her to fall for him. And, if they were there, Veronica and Nick would agree. Veronica because she’d see it the same way, and Nick because he always agreed with Veronica.

It wasn’t that Patty couldn’t understand why they might think that. She just knew that they were wrong. Though she lacked Nick’s enviable talent for reading Libidos, she wasn’t entirely helpless on that front herself. And she found no red flags when she was with Mike. Not like she had with Kurt. It wasn’t that she wanted this to be real so bad that she was ignoring what was right in front of her face. The warning signs really weren’t there.

If Eric couldn’t see that, then best he focus on something else.

That wasn’t the only reason she wanted this, though. Later, they’d tell their father and Mike’s mother that they intended to return to the Playground and start a family. Assuming those two were as willing to bite their tongues as Eric and her mother were, which Mike assured Patty they would be, that meant that her father would really be the one to give her away. But, in her mind, that was her overprotective brother’s job, not her absent father’s. And there was only one way for her brother to give her away.

Oh, and it was important for her mother to welcome Mike to the family too. But whatever. That wasn’t what concerned Patty. Not just at the moment anyway.

After they got a dozen paces or so out into the backyard, with the pool and raised deck off to their side, Eric snapped his fingers, conjuring a chaise lounge. Then he abruptly turned to face Patty. His blue eyes bore deep into her. There wasn’t so much as a hint of emotion on his face. He just stared at her intently, face utterly impassive.

“Eric,” she said, pressing her little hands against his broad chest.

Out of the corner of her eye, Patty saw Mike hesitantly leaning down to kiss her mother.

Why wasn’t this easier? Why did her stomach feel tied all in knots and her throat tight? It wasn’t like she’d never had sex with Eric before. He wasn’t usually as gentle as Nick tended to be, but never before had he scared her.

Not that she was scared even now. Just really anxious. So anxious that she might vomit.

If only he would do something. Say something. Adopt a damned facial expression of some kind. Anything to let her knew how he was feeling or what he was thinking.

Mike had now shed his draconic appearance. His skin turned smooth and, by the standards of Summer, fair. Where a bald pate and silvery spines had been, there was now rich brown hair. He was tall, lean, and handsome. Just like he had been when Patty had taken him inside her the first time.

“When did my kid sister grow up?” Eric finally asked.

“Stop,” she said.

Boy, nothing got her juices flowing like being reminded of how childlike everyone thought she was. Powerfully arousing, that.

“I hope he knows that if he hurts you, I’ll become Eric the dragonslayer.”

“He won’t,” Patty replied.

Her brother pushed a stray ringlet back from her shoulder. “Does he know what you like? That you’re not the sweet, innocent, little flower that everyone thinks you are?”

Patty’s blood starting pumping faster.

Eric’s voice dropped lower. “I bought for a long time myself,” he said. “But I’ve noticed how you get all worked up when I fuck you like an animal.”

“You think so, huh?” she asked.

Not that she thought she was fooling anyone. If he couldn’t sense the response in her Libido, he had to at least have noticed her chest rising and falling rapidly or how her pupils had dilated. With just a few words, her brother had lit a fire deep within her.

He leaned in as if to nibble at her ear, his breath warm against her skin. She shuddered in anticipation. The longer his lips failed to make contact with her body, the more pressure she felt building up within her. Her whole body tingled.

“You’re not the only one people force into a little box,” he whispered. “I’m going to show you a side of me you haven’t seen before.”

That would have to be something of an exaggeration. Since returning from the Eternal Garden, she’d seen more than a few signs of her brother’s evolution. That their mother had made a well-rounded lover out of him. He was still wild and passionate most of the time, but he had acquired a measure of control and finesse that he’d once lacked. If the surprise was going to come in the form of him seducing her slowly, tenderly, affectionately, well, that would be something of a first, but it wouldn’t be entirely without precedent.

At least, that’s what she thought when he first said it.

Within a few minutes, Patty realized that her brother had been right. She’d really had no idea just what a treat she was in for.

“Oooh, yeah, yeah, just like that,” she panted as Eric licked her little lady.

He brought her to the edge then backed away. His cool eyes met hers for a few long moments then he went right back to it. He held her thick legs in his hands while his mouth and tongue worked their magic. To judge by the way he held her, his fingers never still, and the frequency with which he turned to one side or the other so that he could kiss her thighs, she could almost believe he liked her legs. In fact, he seemed to be enjoying himself all around. He wasn’t on a quest, or racing towards a destination. He was teasing and playful, and he frequently smiled up at her, laughing.

Patty had rarely felt so comfortable with a man between her legs. Veronica had long been able to put her at ease like that, but few men could. Even Nick, talented as he was, sometimes gave her the impression that he was showing off more so than actually enjoying himself. That boy knew how to work his tongue and fingers. But, of late, Patty felt an emotional distance with him that kept her from enjoying his ministrations fully.

“God, that’s good,” she told her brother, raking her nails through his luxuriant hair.

At least, what she said probably sounded a lot like that. There were enough shudders in there, causing her voice to vibrate, that it might have been somewhat incoherent.

Once Eric’s fingers joined the party, she knew it wouldn’t be long before she exploded, and that her climax would be really intense. He went slow with them at first, but she was so into it already that he didn’t need to waste his time with a slow build. And he seemed to sense that. Shortly after the two digits slipped inside her, they were at war with her G-spot. The steady tap-tap-tap against her sensitive, spongy flesh was excruciatingly pleasurable.

Ejaculate sprayed out from between her legs. Eric raised his mouth up from her clit, but his fingers kept working. He smiled at her as he kept up the puppeteer act.

Patty howled and threw her head back on the lush cushion of the lounge chair. Her legs spasmed and her hand twitched as the orgasm overtook her. The conscious, thinking, worrying, insecure part of her took a back seat, and her body went on autopilot.

The entirety of Patty’s existence was ecstasy. Sweet release.

Eventually, her senses returned to her, and she found her breath again. She smiled up at her brother, who knelt at the foot of the lounge chair, watching her. That was when she was supposed to tell him how good it had been. But she couldn’t. Her limbs were jelly, her tongue lead. All she could do was smile.

“Didn’t give you an overdose, did I?” he asked, shaking a big toe with two of his fingers.

“Still among the living,” she said after a fashion.

“Good,” Eric said. “Cause I’m not done with you.”

“You are if I say you are,” Patty replied.

“Do you?” he asked, an eyebrow raised.

A naughty grin spread across Patty’s face. She spread her legs open and reached down to rub her vulva with the palm of her hands. “She’s telling me `no’.”

Her brother purred like a jungle cat before crawling atop her.

Having proven his point earlier, Eric dropped the slow and seductive act. He fucked Patty as thoroughly as he ever had, that fat cock of his sliding in and out of her tight pussy faster and harder than made any damned sense. His hands ripped her chemise away and groped at her breasts. Or one would reach down and lifted her hips up off the leather so the other could fondle her ass. He fucked her missionary then doggy, then flipped her on her back again and pressed her knees up to her chest. Her gorgeous brother fucked her fast, he fucked her hard, and he fucked her good.

At one point, he grew a second dick and fucked her pussy and her ass at the same time. That had been more intense, in the best possible way, than she could have imagined. Nothing like having two guys at the same time. The few times she’d done that, the guy on the bottom would keep still while the other one did all the work, and both would be deathly afraid of coming into contact with one another. Both rods attached to the same body, they slid in and out of her holes at the same time, and with equal force. It was wonderful.

Patty did most of the cumming. But in the end, Eric filled her holes up what good.


“It’s not just me, right?” Mike asked as he stepped back from her.

Gabriela ran a hand lightly over his lightly tanned forearm. “No, sweetie.”

“Am I doing something wrong?” he asked.

“No,” she said again.

It wasn’t what he was doing so much as who he was. Who his mother was. She didn’t love the idea of Patty entering into a mortal marriage with a guy she barely knew, but she’d have had an easier time with it if he’d been any other woman’s daughter.

She wanted to so badly not to care. Had been proud of herself when she’d kept Eric from voicing his objections. But now that the boy wanted her to welcome him into the family by welcoming him into her body, she was finding it a little harder to be such an understanding and accepting future mother-in-law.

Would he give her green-skinned, scaly grandchildren?

No, of course not. It wasn’t genetic. It was supernatural. He looked that way because he saw himself that way, and he was powerful enough that his body rearranged itself to match his self-image whether he willed it to or not. And that he indeed would pass on to whatever children he and Patty had. The two of them were related by blood. Only on their father’s side, but even so, their children would be inbreds.

Purebreds, to use a more appropriate term.

Each generation of purebreds was stronger than the one before it, Hank had told her. Any children Patty had with a man who shared the same father would be powerful to begin with. That her children’s father would himself be a purebred would only further ensure that they’d be exceptionally gifted in the supernatural department.

Gabriela tried to focus on that. To see the beautiful, powerful, good-hearted children he’d give Patty. And tried not to think of the fact that they’d be more Fisher than Moody. Perhaps that would only be true in a technical sense. He didn’t seem to have much of his mother or father in him, save for their unflappable temperament. Patty could do worse than to settle down with a guy who’d never lose his temper.

“We don’t have to,” Mike said.

“You don’t want to?” she asked.

His eyes roamed over her body, and she caught the glimmer of silver in his eyes. Those cool irises had a distinct metallic quality to them, but they were almost colorless. So different from his father’s emerald orbs.

Yet not so unlike her late brother’s gray beauties.

Come to think of it, that was hardly the only similarity between Mike and Wes. Both were black sheep, in a sense. Her brother had been so unlike House Moody’s other scions. And Mike was on the fast track to disappointing House Fisher. She could imagine that Mike, like Wes, was the kind of guy whose heart rarely pointed him in the wrong direction, yet who was capable of making decisions in a cool, detached manner when necessary.

If Mike was who he seemed to be, her daughter could do a lot worse.

By the time the lusty grin spread across the boy’s face, Gabriela had already changed her mind. She took a step forward, and he swept her up in his lean, hard arms. They were surprisingly strong for how wiry they were. He lifted Gabriela off the ground as though she weighed nothing at all before pressing his lips to hers.

He wasn’t necessarily the best kisser she’d ever come across. Or needed to work on making a better first impression. But he was young yet. Newly initiated. If Patty knew what she was doing, she could mold him and shape however she wanted.

“Why don’t you just sit back and let me do my thing?” she asked the youth.

Before he could respond, she conjured up a chair, pressed two fingers against his breastbone, and shoved him into it. He landed with an “Oof!” but otherwise offered no objection.

Slowly, tantalizingly, Gabriela stripped for him. It wasn’t quite a lap dance. She didn’t grind up against him enough. But she had his undivided attention, that was for sure. By the time she dropped the sundress to the grass, his eyes looked like silver saucers and his pants were working under conditions they hadn’t agreed to when they’d taken the job. His cheeks were a little flushed and his knuckles white. The poor kid.

Any other man in his position would have tried to cop a feel. Would have at least run a hand over her thighs, even if he didn’t grope her tits and ass.

Not Hank and Nina’s son. Whatever else he might or might not have inherited from them, he had their self-control. That was a quality no Moody would ever exhibit.

She made a challenge of it. Her ass danced nearer and nearer his crotch. There was just enough space for his hands to slip in and take hold of her smooth flesh. Yet they remained by his side. So then Gabriela shook her breasts in his face. Again, he simply sat there, fascinated but immobile. Even after she unhooked the bra, turned around, and wiggled her shoulders at him, he still didn’t take the hint.

It was tempting to take offense at that. But Gabriela chose to read it as a sign that he would not easily be tempted into betraying Patty.

By the time she was naked and had started in on his clothes, Mike was breathing heavy. His skin was starting to change color, and slight protrusions peaked through his mop of brown hair. Still, he behaved himself. His impression of a statue necessarily came to and end when she tried to slip his shirt up over his head, but aside from helping her undress him, he did exactly as she’d told him. He sat back and let her do her thing.

At first, she’d been irritated by it. But, increasingly, his uncanny discipline was turning her on. This was a man who wouldn’t stray, yes, but he’d also be next to impossible for Patty to wrap around her finger. With most men, all it took to get your way was to threaten to withhold sex if he didn’t give in, or promise extra special treats if he did, or both. That wouldn’t work so well with this one. He’d have Patty doing his bidding as often as not, if Gabriela had to guess. Which was good, in a way. As much fun as it could be to make a guy wait on you hand and foot, it was hard to really respect such men.

It was almost like he’d done a mind trick on her. She’d been hoping to make him lose control, to feel the need to reach out and grab her. Instead, he was slowly chipping away at her own resistance. If only for the sake of dignity, she’d have to draw it out at least a little bit longer. But that young, hard cock of his would be inside her mouth soon.

His penis didn’t fit inside his boxers. Like the rest of him, it had turned green. But it was smooth. No scales. And it was long and thick. The bulbous head and narrow tip reminded her of a dragon tail. One that had been affixed to the wrong side of his body.

“Sorry,” he said. “Kinda lost control there for a second.”

Gabriela almost laughed. Was that “losing control” in his mind?

“Probably freaked you out,” he said, forcing his skin to return to a more conventional hue. The mini spines retreated back within his head. His nose, which she hadn’t even noticed had begun to look more reptilian, reverted to a mortal shape.

“Not really,” Gabriela said.

Admitting that aloud made her tingle between her legs.

“I think it’s kinda hot, actually.”

Mike smile at her, and the green returned. He didn’t let himself go so far that scales and claws and fangs appeared, but his body became a deep emerald, save for his silvery “underside.” His hair got shorter but didn’t disappear entirely, and the spines filled out but didn’t reach the awesome length they’d been earlier.

Gabriela’s heart beat faster and faster. She was about to have sex with a mythical beast. The stuff of legends. That his transformation was modest and that he wasn’t actually a dragon mattered not at all. She’d still feel as though she’d joined an elite club. Done what few other women could claim to have done. She wouldn’t even let it bother her that one of the other women who belonged to that small sorority was her daughter.

She dropped to her knees and ran her hands up his strong thighs and over his sculpted abs. The smooth feel of his skin surprised her. She knew that there were no scales awaiting her. Not currently. But her body had expected to feel them all the same.

He stared down at her and tucked a lock of her hair behind one of her ears.

That took her breath away. It was such a small little gesture. But it was the first time his hands had touched her since she’d pushed him back into the chair.

“My father is a fool,” he said.

Her heart nearly stopped.

“Any man who would leave you deserves to be alone for the rest of eternity.”

“You don’t have to say that,” she heard herself say, as if from a distance. His words and hers alike echoed in her mind, growing fainter and fainter with each repetition.

“It’s true,” he said.

“Your mother is a beautiful woman,” Gabriela said. “Not to mention his sister. That’s a special bond, as you’re no doubt discovering.”

“Patty is special,” he said. “Because she’s Patty. Not because we share a father.” He licked his lips. His tongue wasn’t quite forked, but it wasn’t quite shaped like a man’s either. There were two modest little nubbins on the end of it. She could only imagine what he could do with those. “Part of what makes her so special, aside from who she is inside, is how sexy she is. And she gets that from you.”

Gabriela didn’t know whether to swoon or to cry bullshit. His words were simply too good to be true. She could feel herself falling under his spell, and it scared her.

But it excited her too. More than a little.

“My mother looks like the modeling industry’s patron goddess. But you? You look more like a fertility goddess. Like a real woman, rather than a department store mannequin with eyes. It’s House Moody that gave Patty her delicious curves, not my father.”

“Shut up,” Gabriela said.

She gasped and covered her mouth.

“I…I’m sorry,” he said. His hand returned to his side.

“No, no, I’m sorry,” she said. “It’s just that…Mike, if you turn out to be a fake, I’m going to kill you, bring you back to life, then kill you again.”

He chuckled nervously then let out a sigh of relief. “I get that you’re worried about her. I would be too, in your shoes. If you weren’t, I’d consider that a red flag.”

“Kid, you are smooth.”

Leaning forward, he kissed her on the forehead. “What I am,” he whispered, “is in love.”

Gabriela rose to her feet. She decided she didn’t have the patience for foreplay. She needed to get off. Badly. If the boy felt cheated because he wasn’t going to get the blowjob she’d implicitly promised him, that was just too damn bad. Seeing as he was Mister Perfect, he obviously wouldn’t hold it against her.

As she straddled his hips, she guided his rough hands up to her heavy breasts. His silver eyes said they wanted to be there, but apparently he thought he had to wait for a written invitation. Once in place, though, they weren’t shy. He fondled her breasts and teased her puffy nipples the way her own son would have.

While Mike played with her girls, Gabriela slowly settled down onto his stiff, green pole. Oddly colored though it might be, it sure felt like a dick. A nice, big, stiff one. He wasn’t as big as Eric, but he was hardly modest in size either. And his bulbous head spread her open wide before his shaft slipped inside, the way Jennifer’s son always did.

“Oh, that feels good,” she moaned into the young boy’s ear. Then she gave the modest little lobe a little lick. His ears, like everything else about him, were exotic. And getting more exotic by the minute. They were long and pointy at the tip. “Are you going to breathe your fire into me?”

One hand left her chest and gave her fat ass a firm slap. Gabriela whimpered at that, as much from the surprise as anything.

“Again,” she whispered.

So he did.

“Mmm, that’s it,” she said. “Don’t be shy.”

The lips that sought hers out were hard and thin. As she ran her hands over his sinewy arms and shoulders, she found the scales she’d been waiting for. They didn’t hurt her hands though. Just took her by surprise. Turned out, if she went with the grain, she hardly even noticed them. It was only when she reversed course that they scratched at her palms.

Pulling back from their kiss, she saw his nose was more akin to a snout. His eyebrows and eyelashes were gone, as was the hair atop his head.

The glistening silver spines took her breath away. They were terrifying and majestic at the same time. They seemed so symbolic. Of strength, and virility.

“You’re beautiful,” she said.

The only response that got from him was a sudden increase in ferocity. He grabbed her hips tightly and started thrusting up into her with a strength and speed she hadn’t anticipated. His hard cock filled her up right, and its smooth shaft slid along the underside of her G-spot again and again and again, guiding her inexorably towards climax.

Even hotter than the feel of his young cock inside her hungry womb, though, was the perversion of it all. Some little piece of her remembered what it was like to believe she was mortal well enough to feel a rush of guilt at the thought that she was fucking her future son-in-law. That the father of Patty’s children, the man who would give her grandchildren, was inside her now, where at any moment he could give her a gift that she could turn into children of her own, if she so desired. But it wasn’t just that she was banging Patty’s future husband. Worse than that, he wasn’t even human. Of course, in a sense, none of them were. They were something more. Immortal. But he didn’t look human either. He looked like he belonged in one of Veronica’s fantasy novels or something.

When a pair of leathery wings suddenly sprouted from his back, it didn’t surprise Gabriela in the least. They were emerald green, like the rest of him, save for the inner part of the membranes, were they were a glittering silver. Gabriela almost expected him to carry them up into the sky, but he simply stretched his wings wide, gave them a few furtive flaps, then closed them again. They looked too feeble to hold the weight of them both anyway.

“You can scratch, if you need to,” she said. “Just take it easy.”

Apparently, though, he’d reached the limit of how wild he was willing to get. Gabriela was mostly relieved by that, but there was some part of her that was disappointed as well.

Soon enough, she decided to try to get a rise out of him. Bit his neck, tweaked his nipples, and slammed down on him hard enough that his thighs had to be getting sore. In response, he groped her more vigorously and gave her ass some delicious slaps, but that was it.

No claws.

When she started biting harder and pinching his nipples more forcefully than she’d even want her own pinched, he finally reacted. But not by drawing blood. He rose up from the chair and, when she spilled off of him, spun her around and forced her down to all fours.

“That’s it,” she told her future son-in-law. “Make me yours.”

With a guttural sound that began as a growl and grew into an ear-piercing shriek, her little dragon did just that. The hands gripping her shoulders felt inhuman, and when his thighs bumped into hers, they too felt unnatural. But his smooth, hard cock felt exactly the way a cock should. And he was giving it to her like a beast.

It was so good, Gabriela let herself go completely. She stopped trying to provoke him and tease him and guide him and simply let him have his way.

Her Libido went crazy. Images of the beautiful children he’d give Patty filled her head. Why had she been worried about that? Their offspring would be strong and happy.

Not as strong as the children she and Eric would soon have. But that was a high bar to cross. The fruits of their lovemaking would be proud and brave and beautiful.

All those thoughts of reproducing had Gabriela feeling hornier than ever. She was like a bitch in heat. Her womb needed to be filled with the warm jizz of a strong man.

That was when she heard a lion’s roar.

Like he knew what she was thinking. Knew that she was in heat.

Gabriela looked over her shoulder and smiled to herself as she saw Eric walking slowly towards them. His movements were slow, menacing, and possessed of a feline grace. His legs were double-jointed and covered in golden fur. As was the tip of the tail that lashed behind him. From the waist to the neck, he looked like a man. The only exceptions were that his chest hair had thickened and turned white and his hands had been replaced by oversized paws. His face was also somewhere in between that of a man’s and lion’s. He had whiskers, a black nose, and a beautiful golden mane that reached past his collarbone, but her son’s handsome face was still recognizable beneath all that.

He looked so strong, so feral, so wild.

“She’s mine,” Eric snarled.

There was something so very primal about her son displaying his dominance, asserting his ownership of her. She nearly came right then and there. But when Mike’s penis slipped out of her, that ship was dashed to bits on the rocks.

“There’s enough to go around,” she said meekly.

She was Eric’s. Now and forever. It was only right and proper that he should claim her as his own. But she wasn’t quite done welcoming Mike into the family.

It was only then that Gabriela noticed that Patty was sitting on the lounge chair Eric had summoned, looking strung out on heroin. Her daughter’s glassy eyes followed their movements, but no expression showed on her face.

“Not yet,” Eric said. “I want you to myself for a while first.”

“Okay,” Mike said, raising his hands in submission.

Gabriela almost insisted that it wasn’t up to them, it was up to her. But she couldn’t bring herself to argue with her son. The part of her that had once been a modern housewife resented his macho behavior. But another part of her find it all incredibly flattering. That wild look in his eyes awakened her baser instincts.

Worked up as she was, she didn’t last long. Thankfully though, her orgasm didn’t leave her so drained that she couldn’t keep going. Eric had taken a lot out of her, probably without even trying to do so, but she had enough left for some more fun.

Even if she hadn’t, she might have said that she did. She was not about to pass up the opportunity to be sandwiched between those two studs.

Eric sat in the chair and Gabriela mounted him cowgirl. His hard cock felt like a drug. Though she’d just gotten her fix, still she wanted more and more and more.

Then Mike came up from behind and slowly worked his fat dick into her ass, pushing past her sphincter ever so slowly and delicately, though not nervously. He knew what he was doing, and had no fear of compromising his sexuality by getting too close to his brother.

In time, they all got nice and comfortable. Gabriela especially.

She then began using her two meat poles to go for the ride of a lifetime. The intense stimulation threatened to overwhelm her. To erase her memories and her sense of self, leaving nothing but a keen awareness of pleasures deeper and more powerful than any woman could resist. She was so full. So connected to her two lovers. For a time at least, there was but one entity, albeit one with three heads and three hearts.

Time slipped away from her. She had no idea how long she spent bouncing on those two beautiful cocks. How long their insistent hands groped at her body, their hungry mouths kissed at whatever part of her they could reach. Nor could she have said how many times she got off. They must have climaxed a few more times than she had, though, because she soon found herself riding high above the ground, drifting through a spiritual plane, all but disconnected from her corporeal existence. Her body might have been exhausted, but her Libido was full to overflowing with potent energy.

She hardly even remembered them filling her up with their seed. All she knew for a certainty was that when it was over, she was as thoroughly satiated as she’d ever been.

So, of course, she nearly died of happiness when Eric laid down in the grass beside her and whispered, “Now seems like a good time.”

“For what?” she asked, as if she didn’t know.

This was it. Her dreams were finally coming true. The moment she’d waited for lo these many years had at last arrived.

Her son gave her a naughty grin.

The resemblance to a lion was gone. He was just Eric now. Her beautiful son, with his gorgeous face, divine body, and magical cock. On the outside, he looked exactly as he had when she’d first initiated him. But he’d changed so much since then.

“Really?” she asked, so desperate for the right answer that she thought she might faint.

If he was talking about something else, she’d disown him. Castrate him. Boil his carcass in a soup and feed it to a pack of wild dogs.

Her son draped a hand over her midsection. “I want to see you swell with our child.”

She couldn’t even bring herself to reply. It was hard enough to keep breathing.

On some level, she knew this day was coming. From the moment she’d initiated him, perhaps even before, she’d known that one day her son would put another child inside her. She’d only just gotten permission from Hank the night before though. It was only then that it became real to her. And she hadn’t actually asked Eric how he felt about it yet.

“You’ve always been the best mother in the world. I want to see what that looks like from the other side. To share the joy of raising a child with you,” he said.

Gabriela didn’t respond. Just climbed atop her son, took him back inside her, and started riding him for all she was worth. She wasn’t sure her body could handle another orgasm, but she wasn’t looking to get off herself. Just to harvest her son’s seed. To draw out the life-giving force hidden within him.

She threw everything she had at Eric. His Libido fell under siege. Her energy poured into him at a sickening pace. If that didn’t do the trick, and soon, she might not have enough energy left to conceive, even though she’d been as full as she’d ever been just a moment before. That’s how aggressively she was manipulating her son’s senses.

But her lion wasn’t giving in that easy.

He pulled her down and pressed his lips to hers. Gabriela almost caught on fire. A tingling sensation spread out from her mouth, across her face and down her neck. Her son was burning with desire for her the likes of which she’d never felt. And that was something, considering that he was the most passionate lover she’d ever taken.

Her hands gripped his chest tight, compressing his thick muscles. They hardly gave at all, though. Her gorgeous son was built like a tank.

“Oh, baby,” she moaned as she pushed her hips back and forth, allowing no more than an inch of his beautiful tool to slip out with each gyration. “You are so perfect.”

It apparently would have taken too much energy for him to respond. His face was contorted in ecstasy so deep that it was barely distinguishable from agony. Those beautiful blue eyes of his struggled to stay open, his eyelids fluttering like the wings of a hummingbird. His mouth gaped open and the most exquisite little whimpers escaped from within.

Gabriela nibbled at her son’s earlobe gently, ever so slightly increasing the assault on his pleasure center. Her lips tugged at the soft flesh, pulling it away from his body a bit before releasing. Then her warm tongue would swoop in and dance along its edge delicately, a butterfly kissing a flower petal.

Her son shuddered, and she sensed that he was close now.

“I love you, Eric,” she whispered.

“I love you too, Mom,” he responded without hesitation. “More than anything in the world. More than I ever thought a man could love a woman.”

Then she gripped him as hard as she dared with her womb, made her walls vibrate, and slid down his pole until he was buried to the hilt inside her.

With that, her son threw his head back and roared.

As he did, he blasted her womb with his cum. It shot into with incredible force. She felt like she was riding a tidal wive.

“Yes, yes, fill me up, baby!” she shouted.

Like a good son, he did exactly that.

As she’d dreamed of doing so many times, Gabriela accepted her son’s gift. Met his life-giving offering with all the energy she could muster. Her Libido hollowed itself out, deflating like a balloon, and she immediately felt the spark of life inside her. Felt that unbelievable, indescribable, paradox of knowing she had the power to do what no man could even as the deepest exhaustion settled over her.

The universe swam about her. For a brief instant, the Eternal Garden of the Sun and the Shadowed Glade of the Moon ceased to be the center of all reality.

“Wow,” Eric panted.

Gabriela smiled back at her son before drifting off to sleep.


All of a sudden, Patty realized that she was touching herself. She hadn’t even noticed. The tableau unfolding before her eyes was just too steamy.

Her two brothers had fought over her mother. Then the victor, who to no one’s surprise had turned out to be Eric, claimed his prize. For a time. Soon enough, Mike had joined him, and they both tended to her needs at the same time. And, as if that wasn’t enough, after they finished, her brother impregnated their mother.

At least, that’s what it looked like had just happened.

“Did they just…?” Mike asked.

He sat on the lounge chair beside her now. Some of his draconic features had faded away. But the green skin, scales, and silvery spines remained. She took her hand out of her lap and wrapped it around her brother’s.

“I think so, yes,” she replied.


“Pretty fucking hot?”

“Yeah,” he said.

Patty finally tore her eyes off her sleeping mother and smiling brother, turning to her dragon. “Whaddaya say?”

Fractions of a second ticked by. It felt like an eternity. She was afraid that he’d hate the idea. That he’d think her overeager. What if he too thought she was pushing too fast? What if she ruined the best thing she’d ever had by being impatient?

If she could reverse time, she’d take it back. Stupid, stupid Patty! What had she been thinking? They hadn’t even talked to his mother yet. How could he possibly be ready to give her a child, when his parents had no idea they even planned to do so?

She was on her back before she knew it.

At first, she didn’t know what that meant. Her paranoid, insecure mind feared that maybe he’d knocked her over and was about to storm off. But it didn’t take a moment to realize the truth. Because in that moment, her dragon entered her. Slowly, but not meekly.

Patty wrapped her arms around her brother’s neck as his handsome, exotic face appeared in view. Not long ago, she’d have been terrified by him. Wouldn’t have given herself a chance to get to know him. Would have missed out on the most beautiful experience of her life, simply because he didn’t look like other people.

Now, though, she almost couldn’t wrap her head around the fact that a younger Patty, one who hadn’t seen how wretched the beautiful people of the Eternal Garden could be, would have recoiled from this beautiful dragon.

“I love you, Patty,” he whispered, before pressing his lips to hers.

That made her head spin.

Her immediate reaction was to think they couldn’t possibly say such things to each other yet. But if they were talking about moving to the mortal world, living as husband as wife, raising a child together, why the hell not?

It wasn’t like she didn’t feel it herself.

When he allowed her to come up for air, she said, “I love you too.” Then kissed his thin, hard lips a hundred thousand times.

“You better not leave me,” he said.

She laughed her fool head off.

Whether he was mocking her and her family or not, she couldn’t have said. Didn’t even care. It was so perfectly timed. The very last thing she expected him to say. And yet, the very thing he must have expected her to say.

“I’m a better man, since I’ve met you,” he went on, apparently without irony. As if they’d known each other for longer than twenty-four hours. “Everything seems so clear now. I know who I am, and who I’m not. Who I want to be. Because of you.”

Patty didn’t know what to say to that.

But no response seemed to be required. They just stared into each other’s eyes for a few moments, completely still. Then Mike started pumping his thick cock in and out of her little hole again. Her walls retreated before him, and every stroke brought her new pleasures. His thrusts were sharp, but intermittent. Each and every one made her shudder violently.

He smelled like ash and fire and smoke. His glittering silver eyes and scaly green hide were unlike anything she’d ever seen. The lack of hair, right down to the relatively smooth skin where his eyebrows should have been, took some getting used to. Patty couldn’t wrap her legs around her brother’s waist because of the spines running down his back. If she caressed his arms or shoulders the wrong way, it felt awkward.

But he was the best lover she’d ever had.

Nick and Eric were both more conventionally attractive and more skilled. In a matter of months, they’d mastered a number of breathtaking techniques.

They didn’t love her though. Not the way Mike did. They’d done wonderful things for her. Would do those same things again, if called upon to do so. But she was always going to be their kid sister. Someone to look after.

“Oh, god,” Mike panted.

Patty hadn’t even realized how relentlessly she’d been massaging his penis with her insides. How she’d been gradually ramping up his sensitivity. Now that she thought to scan his Libido, she saw that he was on the very brink of orgasm.

She wasn’t far away herself. So she eased up on his Libido a little and amplified her own sensitivity just a little. Then, with a few more quick pumps, her brother brought the two of them to climax simultaneously.

“Fuck, YES!” Patty screamed.

Her brother’s cum sprayed her womb, warm droplets splashing against every corner. She felt the fluid pooling inside her, warming her. Emptying her Libido, she poured everything she had, everything she was, into bringing a new life into being.

Patty had never felt anything like it. She couldn’t have been more exhausted. Yet, she also felt incredibly powerful. Infinite possibilities stirred within her womb.

She drifted off to sleep, happy as could be.


Feeling numb, Nick leaned back against a wet stone and reached out to his sister.

His other sister.

The one who had him feeling as though he were walking on clouds had gone back to the Hardt family castle. For the time being, he had to put her out of his mind. Had to stop thinking about the incredible time they’d spent together back in the playground.

Thirty-six hours had slipped by so fast that he couldn’t even remember what they’d done. Not just at the moment. Snippets and fleeting impressions swam across his mind, but, for the most part, all that remained with him was the emotional residue. The incredible feeling of euphoria and the sense that all was once again right with the world.

Part of him wanted to go back home and take her in his arms once again. To smell her hair and taste her lips and be inside her. When his family asked him what had happened with Annie, he could just tell them that she hadn’t answered his summons.

But, no. He’d be with Veronica again soon enough. And his mother and grandmother had impressed upon him the importance of figuring out what the king was up to. So he did what he’d come there to do.

It only took a moment for him to locate her.

Nick had never been as close with Annie as his other sisters. The feel of her Libido was less clear in his mind than either Veronica’s or even Patty’s, but it was easy enough to discern from the others in the royal palace. In the months since his grandmother had first taught him to track this way, he’d gotten much better at this.

And, after many failed attempts and equally many headaches, he’d learned to go a few steps further once he’d located an individual Libido.

If he so chose, he could talk to Annie. Communicate with her telepathically. But that might freak her out. Give her the impression he could read her thoughts, even though that would have been the equivalent of your television set knowing where your eyes were focused at any given moment. For some reason, everyone was really concerned that he could get inside their heads. Best to take a more subtle approach.

Ever so delicately, he stroked her Libido. The touch wasn’t forceful enough to induce genuine arousal. Just to pique her interest. To make her think of him. It would seem organic enough to her, as though he’d popped into her head on some whim of her subconscious. She’d have no reason to think that thoughts of her brother had sprung to mind because he was tickling her Libido from miles away.

He waited a moment to confirm that the message had gotten through. Though he had no idea what she was thinking, he sensed the change in her Libido. The frustration, sorrow, self-pity, and hint of anger that had swam across her Libido a moment before made room for curiosity, surprise, and something warmer, though not strong enough to be called desire.

That part was easy enough, these days. Complicated, but not overly so. The next part, however, was going to be harder. Just a few weeks ago, Nick wouldn’t have been able to do what he did next. Not even if he’d been in the room with his sister.

With great effort, he carefully shaped the flow of energy he poured into her from across the island. His sister should feel a yearning to go down to the shore, where she could watch sun’s dying rays light up both the sky and the sea.

It would not just be a vague, wistful recollection of how beautiful previous sunsets that she’d watched from the beach had been. Nor would she be content to bid the day farewell while standing at her window in their father’s palace. An intense, almost compulsive, desire would be stirring within her. Annie would need to see the sun disappear into the water, and feel the white sand beneath her feet as she did.

At first, he thought he’d failed. But a minute or so later, her Libido jump across the island. Not to where he’d been waiting, but that was only to be expected. Nick had issued his summons from a place where no one would be likely to happen upon him, smack dab in the middle of the least inviting stretch of shoreline. Slick stones jutted out from the sea all around him, waiting to be swallowed up again come high tide. His sister had chosen, unsurprisingly, the south shore of the island. The part that belonged on post cards.

When he felt a sense of awe stir in Annie’s Libido, he went to her.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” he asked, looking out across the sea.

Annie gave a start. “What are you doing here?” she asked. The awe faded instantly, and the dark emotions she’d felt when he’d found her returned.

If only through sheer serendipity, he’d caught her at a good time. Their father had done something to upset her. Though it wasn’t anger he’d felt within her when he’d first sought out her Libido, he knew that his sister was feeling sad and lonely.

A better man would not have been relieved to see that. Would not have considered it fortunate. A better man would be sad to see that look on his sister’s face.

But his father would have reacted exactly as Nick had.

“Wanted to speak to you,” he said.

His sister’s over-plucked brows crept neared to one another. The black silk robe she’d wrapped about her body whistled as the wind tugged at it.

Nick put a hand on her shoulder.

Annie twitched as if to pull away, but then a measure of the tension in her thin body drained away. She let out a weary sigh and leaned back against his chest.

She smelled clean. Her natural scent was almost hard to pick out beneath the shampoo and soap. She’d just gotten out of the shower. Or perhaps a bubble bath.

“What is it?” he asked.

“Oh, nothing,” she replied. “Besides, didn’t you just say you had something you wanted to talk to me about?”

“It can wait,” he said, planting a kiss on the top of her head.

Annie cooed softly.

“Why do men have to be such jerks?” she asked.

Nick grinned to himself. Like all of his sisters, she seemed to think he didn’t count as one, not enough to mentally tack on the “present company excluded” that she’d forgotten to add herself, at least. It had been years since Veronica had asked him that though. He was no longer exempt in her eyes. Even Patty had stopped asking him for the inside scoop on the warped male mind, though that had been a more recent development in her case. To Annie, though, he was still someone who had the right parts to know how actual men thought, but not man enough himself to be lumped in with the jerks.

“There’s a very rigorous screening process,” he said.

Annie dug an elbow into his ribs.

“What did Dad do?”

“Nothing,” she said.

“Annie.” Nick wrapped his arms tighter around his sister’s little waist. “You and I both know that’s not true.” He gave her Libido a little nudge. Not much of one. Hopefully not even enough for her to notice. Just to make sure that she felt it stirring. Felt some pull towards him. “You can tell me.”

“You’re gonna think I’m being silly,” she replied.


“Or you going to overreact and say this proves I never should have trusted him.”

“Fair point,” he said. “I promise I’ll keep it to myself even if that’s what comes to mind.”

“It’s not hearing you saying it that worries me,” Annie said, a bit exasperated. “I don’t want you going back and telling Mom she was right about him. Don’t want her and Grams thinking they need to rescue me.”

His back went stiff. “Do we?”


“Sorry,” he said. “Of course not.” He kissed her cheek. “You’re a grown woman. We trust your judgment.”

Annie scoffed. “Sure you do.”

“I won’t say anything to them.”

“He doesn’t trust me,” she said almost without hesitation. Like she’d been having trouble keeping to herself and had only needed the merest facsimile of reassurance that it was okay to tell him before the floodgates would burst open. “Only that sister of his.”

All the responses that came immediately to mind would have fallen on deaf ears, so Nick held his tongue. She wasn’t looking for anything but a sympathetic ear anyway.

She went to explain that their father had given her the impression that he was willing to confide in her as he never could or would his sister, despite the fact that he was keeping Annie in the dark about his plan to have the First Court of Summer take up sun worship.

“Sun worship?” Nick asked.

“Oh, yeah. That. Fucking crazy,” she replied.

His sister then detailed the arrangement their father had made with the Eternal Garden. The temple that would open any day now, with their Aunt Zoey as High Priestess.

Precisely what he’d come for.

Not a word about Daphne or Lady Winter. But then, there was no reason to expect there to be. He’d cast his lot with a different court.

Whether that was good news or bad, Nick had no idea. But Grandma Flori would be glad he’d found out, either way.

“Doesn’t that seem like something he should have told me?” Annie asked.

“Yeah,” Nick agreed.

“Damn right, it is,” she replied.

“Maybe he’s afraid you’ll run and tell someone like me,” Nick said.

“Well boy did that backfire!”

He snickered.

“Why would he want to keep that from you guys anyway?” Annie rushed to add. “You make it sound like he’s got some nefarious plot underway.” The way she said it, you’d think that it was the most ridiculous thing anyone could think. “He’s not the bad guy, Nick.”

“Didn’t say he was,” Nick said. “I was just trying to say that you shouldn’t read too much into it. He knows that this can be a dangerous game, and that Grams isn’t his biggest fan. Aunt Nina’s not about to tell House Hardt anything he’d prefer to be kept secret. Doesn’t mean he cares about her any more than he does you.”

Annie slumped back against him again. “I know. It just sucks.”

“Doesn’t mean anything.”

“You really think so?”

Nick thought that over for a moment. Having acquired the information he came to acquire, there was no reason he couldn’t stop pretending to be the concerned older brother, in hopes that she’d open up, and actually be concerned.

“I do,” he said at last.

He hoped he wouldn’t come to regret that. But, in all fairness, he really didn’t see any reason for her to get so worked up. Nick wasn’t sure he understood why she trusted their father as much as she did in the first place, but she had to have her reasons. And the question before him was only whether she should question their father’s devotion to her in light of the discovery that he didn’t share all his political machinations with her.

Annie didn’t reply at first. But, eventually, she said, “Thanks.”

Nick kissed the side of her head. “Anytime.”

“I’d say that maybe I should start coming to visit after all,” she said, “except that apparently that would only convince Dad that I’m a spy or something.”

“You do wear a lot of black.”

Annie snickered.

They watched the sky change colors in silence for a time.

“You’re okay, you know that?” his sister said.

“Thanks. For the record, you don’t smell nearly as bad as everyone says you do.”

Another elbow in the ribs.

This time, he fought back, though.

Nick slipped his hands up under his sister’s arms. Ever since she was little, Annie had hated being tickled. She squirmed and squirmed, forcing his hands out of her pits.

A moment later, they were rolling around on the sand, kissing each other.


“So,” her father asked, the moment Annie appeared on the rooftop terrace, “how is our boy Nick?” He closed his eyes and drew in a deep breath before adding, “Very good, eh?”

Adrenaline flooded her system.

The rooftop terrace was as beautiful, peaceful, and soothing a place as could be found in Summer. During the day, with the sun shining bright and warm, she generally preferred the garden or the pool. But come nighttime, there was no better place than up there. She’d sprawl out on the couch, light a fire, and throw on her headphones. Maybe watch a movie on her laptop, or simply gaze up at the stars and lose herself in thought.

But she hadn’t been expecting that this time.

She’d known he’d be waiting for her.

If she’d really wanted to avoid seeing him, she’d have teleported back to her quarters. For all that he’d casually admitted to being a liar just a little earlier that day, he’d meant it when he’d said that could use that space to get some privacy. Not once since she’d moved in with him had her father entered her room without permission.

“He’s fine,” she said, pretending not to catch the double entendre.

“Uh huh,” her father said with a knowing grin.

Annie blushed but didn’t bother to disabuse him of the notion he’d apparently gotten into his head. Nick was a little tame for her tastes, but she’d been in the mood for that. And she’d wondered for some time what he it would be like to hook up with him with his heart actually in it. She probably still hadn’t seen his A game, and likely never would, but she had a better sense now of why her sisters were so impressed with him.

“You know,” he continue, wagging a finger at her, “it’s not so much that you answered his call that bothers me.”

“What call?” she asked. “I just went down to-”

He didn’t let her finish. “Nor that you undoubtedly told him everything he came to hear. You probably didn’t even realize you were doing it.”

Annie tried to protest, but stopped herself short.

Her brother had said he’d come to ask her a question, after all. She’d almost forgotten about that, especially since, Whatever it was, he’d never gotten around to asking it. She’d whined about their father for a while, then they’d played a game that didn’t involve too much talking. But how could she refute her father’s charge that she’d inadvertently told Nick whatever he’d wanted to know?

“No, what’s got me all tense and worked up,” her father said, “is that, earlier, you almost convinced me to tell you everything. And then you go and this. Imagine if you actually knew something that I wanted kept secret from the Hardts?”

That was what he called tense?

He’d been lounging on her favorite couch, arms spread out and feet propped up on the nearest flowerpot. Since his little tirade began, he’d dropped his feet back to the floor and leaned forward. But that was it. His voice was calm as could be. He wasn’t speaking any faster or louder than usual, and his inflection was as devoid of emotion as ever.

Miranda was finally back from her visit to her grandparents and my sister and I could not wait to have her again. I didn’t know she was back until today when I got off of work and came home.

As I step through the door, the first thing I see is a pair of shoes that I quickly recognize as Miranda’s. I smile to myself and quickly head for the bedroom. My sister Sophia and her best friend are kissing each other as I reach the doorway and it looks like they have just gotten started.

Miranda looks over at me and she see that I am watching them. She whispers something to Sophia who laughs then nods her head. Their arms wrap around each other as they kiss and the kiss is deep and passionate. They use their tongue to lick each other’s lips before they slip their tongues into each other’s mouths. Miranda breaks the kiss as her hands go down and she pulls Sophia’s shirt up over her head.

Sophia looks at me and smiles as her hands go to the bottom of Miranda’s shirt. I watch intently as Sophia pulls the shirt over Miranda’s head. Sophia rubs her hands on Miranda’s breasts and her nipples quickly go hard beneath my sister’s touch. My cock is instantly stirred and presses hard against my jeans.

They wrap their arms around each other as they embrace again. Sophia bends down slightly so her breasts press against her friend’s. They rub their breasts together as they kiss again. I cannot remove my eyes from them as they do. My cock is now hard and throbbing and I want both of them more than ever.

With their breasts still presses together, they slip their tongues into each other’s mouths as they kiss. I see Sophia’s hands go to the side of Miranda’s shorts as Miranda places her hands onto the sides of my sister’s. They turn cheek to cheek, looking at me as they both slowly pull each other’s shorts down. They kick their shorts in my direction as I look down to see their lovely pussies. Miranda’s is just how I remember it, with two meaty lips puffed out.

I watch as Miranda slips her small hand down between Sophia’s legs. Sophia jumps a little and her head moves back as Miranda’s hand caresses her pussy. Sophia places her hand down between Miranda’s legs. I watch as Sophia’s fingers slip between Miranda’s pussy lips.

They stand there kissing while they caress each other’s pussies. I stand here watching and rubbing my throbbing cock through my jeans. Miranda slips a finger then a second into Sophia’s pussy. She starts to move her fingers in and out as they kiss. Sophia lets out a slight moan as she removes her hand from between Miranda’s legs. She wraps her arms around Miranda’s neck as she begins to rock on her fingers. She kisses Miranda madly as Miranda’s fingers are running in and out of her pussy. Sophia rocks faster onto her fingers as she rubs her breasts against her friend’s.

Sophia moans as I see her thighs start to quiver. I can clearly see she is having an orgasm as she clamps her thighs tightly on Miranda’s hand. Miranda breaks their kiss as she removes her fingers from my sister’s pussy. Sophia’s wetness glistens on Miranda’s fingers as they hit the light. She then brings her fingers up to her mouth where she uses her tongue to lick at them as she looks at me.

They look at each other and then over at me before slowly walking over to me. I stare from one set of breasts to the other as they bounce toward me. They take hold of my shirt and lift it over my head, tossing it to the ground. Sophia starts to kiss me on my lips as Miranda rubs her hands across my chest. She traces her fingers around my nipples.

“The whole time I was at my grandparent’s I couldn’t wait to get back here and fuck you both,” she says just before she leans in and runs her tongue over both my nipples.

Sophia pulls my jeans down, letting them fall to the ground and my hard cock springs free. Almost instantly, I feel their hands on my cock. We stand here kissing as they pull at my cock. The girls kiss take turns kissing me and each other while my cock twitches violently in their hands.

“Lie on the bed Justin,” Sophia tells me after a sensual, wet and long kiss.

I lie move over to my bed, which has become Sophia’s as well. Miranda drops to her knees and her hand slips to my cock. She immediately starts running her hand up and down on it. I look back over o Sophia and my eyes follow her as she drops to her knees beside her friend.

Miranda takes my cock into her mouth and she is sucking hard at just my cockhead. Before I can recover from the initial shock, Sophia has her lips on mine, kissing me deeply and passionately as Miranda starts to work her mouth up and down my cock.

Sophia breaks the kiss as she looks to Miranda. She watches her friend as she sucks on my cock and I can tell she is enjoying the view. I reach for her breasts and roll her nipples between my fingers I feel Miranda’s tongue lapping at my cockhead as she moans between licks. Sophia goes down to join Miranda and I squirm as the girls run their tongues together over my cock.

Miranda runs her hand up and down the full length of my cock as my sister cups my balls. Miranda’s mouth slips down onto my cock as Sophia rubs my balls gently. Miranda works her head up and down the full length of my cock and I feel my balls heave and roll in my sister’s hands. I can’t fight the sudden surge in my balls. My cock twitches a few times and I feel it throb deep in Miranda’s mouth. A second later I am shooting cum deep into her mouth.

Several thick ropes of cum shoots into her mouth and her eyes go big as she pulls her mouth from my cock. She has cum running out of her mouth and dripping from her chin. She uses her hand to milk my cock as my sister moves to her, kissing and licking cum from her mouth. I have to push Miranda’s hand from my cock as they kiss deeply.

They kiss deeply for a while as I watch them working their tongues into each other’s mouths. The deep kiss turns to little kisses at each other’s lips before they both turn to look at me. Sophia moves up to me and kisses me deeply, shoving her tongue into my mouth and I taste my own cum as we kiss deeply.

She breaks the kiss and looks at me, “That is only a preview of what you get tonight. Miranda has to check in before she can come back over.”

Once the flight has reached its level altitude, all the lights were out, with the exception of a couple reading lights, I decided to continue on with my teasing. I turned around a couple times to look at him and catch his attention. Once I got it I smiled at him a couple times. It was the best smile I could send his way letting him know that I did not have the purest of intensions in my mind. A few minutes later I got up and turned around. My movement got his attention and he looked up in just enough time to see me give him the most naughty winks ever. I paused for a few more seconds, gave him a couple more smiles and started walking towards the back of the plane. I was walking slowly. I did not have a plan but wanted him to following me. I don’t know what I was going to do when he followed but that would come later.

I reached the back of the plane and noticed that one flight attendant was dozing off and other was reading. I paused and tilted my head back just enough to notice that he was following me. I started breathing heavy. I turned around and gave him a smile hoping that he would see it in the dark. The flight attendant noticed what I was doing and became curious. I waited for a few more seconds and walked into the lavatory. I shut the door but did not lock it. I was breathing heavy and very fast. I was very nervous. I was hoping to meet him in the back of the plane and kiss him but don’t know why I ran into the lavatory. My next thought was interrupted when the bathroom door was slowly opened. He opened the door; we looked at each other for a few seconds and smiled. He seemed nervous and tested to see what I would do by leaning forward. I quickly moved myself back and climbed on top of the toilet seat and kneeled down. He got the hint and quickly came into the bathroom and closed the door and locked it.

We stood there for a few seconds just looking at each other. My heart was beating fast. My cleavage was heaving in front of him. I was feeling all wet between my legs. I didn’t know what would happen next. Being the man that he is, he slowly moved closer to me and started kissing me on the lips. Gently at first then I felt his tongue touch my teeth. We kissed for a minute or so, his hands feeling up my arm and my shoulders and my face and my hair. My hands explored his broad muscles and his rugged daddy face. God this man was making my pussy melt. My hands quickly grabbed his cock from his pants and I started to massage it. It started growing pretty fast and I was impressed how thick it felt. It didn’t feel that big but it was thick as a base ball bat handle.

I felt his hands caress my butt. He slid his hand under my loose shirt and under my skirt and grabbed my panty-covered butt. His other hand was exploring my large breasts. I had started stroking his cock with one and grabbing onto his butt with the other. As we kissed deeper I started to unbutton and unzip his pants. I needed to feel a man’s cock in my hand right now. Once his pants were around his legs and his boxers were down too I started playing with his cock. My hands traveled down to his balls and I got shocked. He was shaved bare. This man was shaved like a porn star. The other shocking thing was that his shaved balls were huge. How can a man have a normal 6″ long penis with thickness the size of my wrists and balls so big that one could barely fit in one hand. Oh this was going to be fun. I loved feeling his hands going up and down the crack of my ass inside my skirt.

I felt him free my breasts from my bra and started to suck on my nipples. He sucked licked and scratched his teeth against my hard nipples and drove me crazy. I was stroking his fat cock and bumping its thick mushroom-like head against my pussy. I did not want him to stop rubbing my crack so I kept gyrating my ass to feel him against my ass better. Such a sexy feeling it was. He finally whispered in my ear and told me to stand up on the toilet seat. I slowly did so I won’t fall down. My crotch was now in line with his mouth. I knew what he wanted to do. Daddy wanted to taste his baby girl’s pussy. He did not waste time and pulled my skirt up, slid my panties down and shoved his tongue on my clit hard. He sucked, chewed, nibbled and blew into my clit over and over again until I had several tiny orgasms. Then he shoved his tongue in my pussy. Because there was no room for me to spread my legs, my legs were closed and my pussy lips were tight and close together. Having his meaty wet tongue shove inside my pussy in this manner made me shiver and I came again in gushes. I could see his face was all wet with my sexy baby girl pussy cream. He could not get enough of my cunt so he tongue fucked me and chewed on my clit and made me cum. His one hand would not stop sliding up and down the crack of my ass, which was driving me crazy. I had to shove a collar of my top into my mouth to keep me from screaming out loud.

It must have been for a good 15 minutes that this man tongue fucked me real good. I could not believe this dirty ol’ man though. He insisted on poking my butt with his finger and every time I push by ass back to take his finger he could shove his tongue deeper into my pussy as if that was possible. He finally stopped teasing me and pressed his finger into my butt. When I pushed back he simply let his entire finger slide inside my tight little butt hole. I put my fingers in his soft hair and pulled his face into my pussy deeper. I almost passed out from the intensity of this stranger man tongue fucking the day lights out of me with his thick finger moving in and out of my virgin ass hole. I was always curious about anal play but never in my life would have thought that my first time would be with a stranger on an airplane. The feeling was strange and yet very good. It was such an intense feeling to have a finger up my anus that I finally bucked, whimpered and came. My pussy juices were all over his face and he was lapping them up real good. I felt weak in my knees but felt so good.

After a few minutes of remaining quiet and catching our breaths, we both looked at each other and smiled. He helped me down slowly. Instead of standing in front of him I sat down on the toilet seat (closed) and was face to face with his crotch. His thick cock was in front of me and looked like he needed a relief. His mushroom-like huge knob was almost purple and his thick cock was veiny and pulsating. His large heavy balls were huge and hanging like large bags of golf balls. This old man was well hung and large and very horny and this dirty girl was horny for his cock. As I cupped his large balls with one hand, I put my other hand on his butt and took his entire thick cock in my mouth. Since he was only 6″ long but thick as hell I could feel the tip of his cock in the back of my throat but my mouth was stretched wide to accommodate his fat huge daddy cock. I sucked him hard, I squeezed and massaged his huge balls and, only fair, I returned the favor by sliding my finger up and down the crack of his ass. That is when I was totally surprised. His ass crack and butt cheeks were totally shaved. This daddy was a dirty sexy ol’ man and I fell in love with this daddy. I was in heaven. The feeling and smell and taste of his cock were incredible. The feeling of his anal ring around my finger was amazing and how his ass hole responded to my probing was very exciting. I kept on massaging and kneading his balls and bobbing my head on his fat cock. A few minutes later I felt him stand tiptoe. A few seconds later I felt his hands grab my head and caress my hair. I felt his hands hold my hand by my two sides just above the ear and start to gyrate his whole pelvic area making him fuck my mouth with his cock. I have never felt anything like that. It felt like my mouth was a horny pussy that was being fucked by a meaty cock. I started doing things with my tongue and my mouth that I never thought I knew how to and in a few more seconds I felt spurts and spurts of thick white creamy cum hit the insides of my mouth and my throat. He came for almost a minute and ended jerking himself several times to make sure that all of his juicy cum got dumped into my mouth.

We finally broke our bond, kissed for several more minutes and stood there masturbating each other. We knew there was not enough room to actually fuck so we did the next best thing. The next 10 minutes were spent in me stroking his cock and his balls and fingering his ass hole and him bumping his cock against my pussy and fingering my ass hole while sucking on my nipples or kissing my lips. Finally I came one more time and felt my pussy juices drip down my thighs. A few seconds later he spurt another gob of cum hitting me directly on my pussy and my belly. A few minutes later we kissed and smiled at each other. This daddy then took a few napkins, doused them with hot water and cleaned his baby girl nicely. We both did not say a word but got dressed and left the lavatory. I was so exhausted that I spent the rest of the flight sleeping and I am sure I had a big broad smile on my face.

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