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I awoke the next morning remembering the events of last night and smiled to myself thinking about all the pleasures I received from last night’s adventures. Then it stuck me that I was seen at the nightclub by my colleagues dancing almost naked with three men playing with my tits and cunt while the other dancers watched. I sat on the bed thinking about what I should do or say when I met them at breakfast and if they would mention what they had seen; should I deny being there just tell them they had mistaken me for someone else or accept the truth they had seen. I knew there was no way to deny it. Even the front desk clerk had seen me leave and then return to the hotel dressed in my new slut outfit.

Thinking about it all this made me horny and I began to touch my pussy lying there on the bed. The thought that it might be good the guys had seen me crossed my mind. This could add new possibilities for including Tom and Joe into my enjoyment of Bangkok. My hands were moving faster on my cunt when the intercom in the room buzzed and I had to pick it up. It was Joe who said, ” Hi sexy, that was an amazing performance last night”. I stammered that I didn’t know what he was talking about but he cut me short and said that he and Tom had visited the club last night and had seen me on the dance floor enjoying myself and it looked as if I was in a trance. I said that it just happened and I had not thought too much about it but I wanted more than anything at that moment to tell him to get up to my room right now and fuck me.

Then he got a bit serious and said that if I enjoyed being the slut I was yesterday and liked to show off, he and Tom would help me. Then I confessed to him that I liked to show off and was using the opportunity of being in Bangkok to my advantage. He liked my honest answer and said that I was wasting most of the good time of the day by waiting to play in the evenings when I should be enjoying the whole day. When I asked how that would be possible he said that he would take care of that and asked that I meet them for breakfast.

I arrived for breakfast wearing a skirt and shirt from my original packing of business attire for the exhibition. On the way I thought that I should have brought some sexier clothing that would have made flashing easier. When I reached the restaurant I met the guys and felt a bit embarrassed as they smiled at me, they were not the smiles I had seen before. I could not see Edward and inquired about him. Tom said he wasn’t feeling well and would not be at the exhibition today. The three of us had breakfast together.

Joe asked me about the clothes I was wearing saying they were not good for things I liked to do and that perhaps I should be wearing what I wore the last night. I laughed and said that I too thought I should have worn something sexier but did not pack anything and what I wore last night was totally inappropriate for the exhibition. Joe asked what I was wearing under the skirt and shirt, I replied, nothing, I never like to wear panties and bras. This brought a big smile to their faces. As we left the restaurant to catch a taxi, Tom excused himself saying he had forgotten something important and rejoined us about 5 minutes later.

We got into the taxi, all three of us in the back seat with me in the centre and as soon as the taxi pulled away from the hotel they began running their hands along my legs inching higher with each stroke up my thighs just under my skirt. It felt nice and I spread my legs a bit to allow them better access. Joe asked Tom what he had forgotten and Tom showed him a pair of scissors. Tom said that he intended to make my skirt bit more appropriate. As soon as he said it I began to tingle and my pussy started to get wet. I decided this was probably the right time to send a message to them about what I wanted for the day, so I simply put my hand on each cock and began to rub and squeeze them through their pants. They were surprised by this but both were hard in seconds. I told them that I was going to get some cum out of these dicks in me today. The taxi driver must have heard me say it because I could hear him chuckle and he adjusted his mirror to try to watch what I was doing.

Slowly Joe moved his hand to my neck and massaged it a bit and then opened the top two buttons of my shirt and said that I should leave them open. I had seven buttons in my shirt in all and the second from top was just above my nipples and the third was below my tits, so my shirt was open showing lots of cleavage and sitting beside me I knew each of them could look and see my nipples. I protested, saying that it showed too much for the exhibition hall but Joe said it didn’t and I should just enjoy myself. Then Tom brought out his scissors and said that it is better to cut off the buttons so that I’d have no opportunity to close them and Joe agreed with him, so I lost two of the buttons on my shirt. I knew that as the day went on more buttons will go down and was thinking about it when we reached the exhibition hall.

Everything had been arranged the day before and we just had to ensure that nothing went seriously wrong today. We were given a large table with computers and four chairs to sit through the exhibition and sort out any problems that might arise. As we reached our desks, our client walked up to us and said that his company was happy with the arrangements and thought that everything would go well. I thought so too as I saw him staring down at my cleavage. We all checked out the final arrangements and in about half an hour the event opened and we had people inside the hall viewing the different exhibition stalls.

I had almost forgotten about my buttons until Joe deliberately bumped into me and had a quick grope of my tits, reaching inside my shirt to pinch my nipple. This started my juices flowing again and exciting thoughts about the day returned. As we went to our desk and sat down Tom said to me that it was time to fix my skirt and he brought out the scissors. I felt a surge of excitement run through me as I thought of cutting my skirt short but at the same time I told the guys that many people including the client had seen me in this skirt and when they saw me again in a shorter skirt they would know what he had done and he would not be able to cut the hem straight and everyone would know that it had been cut. But Tom said that it was better to cut the skirt in an uneven way so that people would think that it has been designed that way and as far as the client was concerned he can think whatever he likes, it doesn’t matter.

I wanted to go along and be a slut here and show my body so I agreed without further argument. I suggested that we find a secluded spot where Tom could cut off part of my skirt but Tom told me to just relax and look out over the desk where we were sitting and he would do the rest. It was such an exciting idea so I agreed and I as pretended to concentrate on some papers Tom went to work under the table. I could feel the coldness of the scissors on my legs as Tom started cutting my skirt. In a matter of seconds Tom placed a piece of my skirt on my lap. I knew he had cut off too much. When I looked down I found he had cut over six inches off my 14″ inch skirt from the front leaving me less than 8″ in the front. The back of the skirt was still in tact and Tom asked me slide down the chair so he cut some of the material that now hung off the chair. I asked him to be careful not to cut off to much from the back so least my ass would remain covered. This time he was considerate and only cut off about 4″ only leaving about 10″ of skirt remaining just enough to cover my ass. The cut off fabric of the skirt went in the trash and I was left with a mini that barely covered my pussy in the front.

Joe then asked me to stand up and come with him to look at some of the other exhibits. I knew he wanted me to be the exhibit for the attendees to enjoy. I could feel the heat inside my pussy, I knew my face was flushed and did not care who saw me in whatever condition I was in so I joined Joe to tour the exhibition hall. Joe escorted me to various stalls where he asked me to bend down to show my tits when my shirt pulled away from my body. I did as he asked and loved the expressions on the faces when I knew they could now see my swollen nipples. I even asked a few questions to allow some of the men to enjoy seeing my nipples for a bit longer.

At one of the stalls he told me that he would drop his pen and that i should to pick it up without bending my knees. I began to tremble a little and asked him to wait just a moment for me to calm down. Waiting had the opposite effect however because the more I thought about it the more excited I got. I was flushed again and sure that anyone who looked at my face would know what I was feeling. I knew if I bent over what would happen but there was no stopping now. Joe dropped his pen. I bent to pick it up and in doing so allowed my skirt rise in back giving anyone looking a clear view of my very wet. fully blossomed open cunt. I lingered just a bit then retrieved the pen and turned to see the half dozen people behind me now looking right at me. I had to take hold of Joe’s arm as waves of excitement coursed through me, now there was no way to stop the slut inside me from coming out. As we began to walk again I could feel the warmth of the liquid beginning to run down my thighs.

When we returned to our seats Tom was not there and we could not locate him nearby. I whispered to Joe that I was hot and very wet and my cunt needed some attention. I reached down between my parted legs and shoved two fingers as far as I could up inside my swollen pussy and began to play, shoving my fingers in and out letting my thumb touch my clit with each stroke of my fingers. I was so engrossed in finger fucking myself that I did not notice that a man had come to our desk to ask for directions. he was just there, directly in front of me. He must have had the view of his lifetime seeing me playing with my wet pussy. I was so close to bringing myself off. I wish I had more hands so that I could touch myself all over, my breasts, my wet hole, my clit, Instead I pushed as much of my hand into my cunt as I could. I pushed my hand further and further into my body, frigging my clit as fast as I could. A long slow moan escaped my lips. I started gasping and twitching, and I knew this was going to be a spectacular orgasm.

My body started having spasms, and wonderful waves of release ran through me. It felt so good. It felt like ages that my body twitched and my juices flowed. I sat there on the chair my fingers firmly shoved up my cunt.

Eventually, the wonderful orgasm subsided and I just sat there spent and out of breath, panting like an animal, a sexual animal with no control over my own urges. My pussy was oozing cum and soaking my chair. Then I remembered, I had an audience and I looked up and saw the man standing in front of me, both he and Joe watching me amazed at what they had just seen. I did not care I wanted everyone to see me at that moment so completely lost in my own pleasure. I lay back in the chair and smiled at the man who stood rooted to the floor, not moving an inch as if he were a statue. I finally found my voice and asked him whether he enjoyed watching me fuck myself, he stammered some answer I didn’t understand and just walked away. I could see that his cock was hard as he turned away from our desk. I looked at Joe who had still uttered no sound but the erection gave him away as well as the growing wet spot on the front of his pants, he really didn’t have to speak, I knew exactly what he wanted to say.

It was nearly an hour before Tom came back and sat down next to me. I had had such an amazing orgasm but my pussy would not leave me alone. It was throbbing again, begging me to find something to fill it again and I knew I must soon. I asked Tom where he had gone. He smiled and produced a small remote controlled vibrator from his pocket and told me he had gone to get a gift for me. He asked me to put the vibrator inside my pussy and that he would operate the remote for me. I was in a mood of total abandon and took the vibrator from Tom and as he and Joe watched me I pushed it up my cunt and pulled my skirt back down to cover myself. Tom said that it was time to loose two more buttons, the third and fourth from the top buttons of my shirt.

This time I took the lead and quickly picked up the scissors lying on the table and cut the two buttons off my shirt. My shirt was now open well below my tits, almost to the top of my skirt. The shirt was loose fitting to begin with and now I actually had to make an effort to keep my tits covered at all but as there was only about an hour to go before the exhibition ended for the day I really did not care. Just then a group of three guys and two girls walked up to our desk and when they saw me in the almost open to the waist shirt they just stood staring at my tits. I knew that each could see one breast or the other and a very hard nipple as well.

Tom decided now was the perfect time to switch on the vibrator. I jumped as the tingling suddenly started in my cunt. I cried out as the vibrator touched my sensitive clit, still swollen and protruding from my orgasm, the button cutting and from being watched as I inserted the vibrator into my pussy moments ago. I moved at the first vibration inside me, first pressing my ass down into the chair and then thrusting it back up, pressing my clit hard against the vibrator, then down, letting the light and hard touches run through me and around me, surrounding me in pleasure. One of the girls asked me if I was feeling ok and I said that I was fine and got up from the desk to walk away. I felt so humiliated and embarrassed that I just stood there and I came for the second time that day, again I could feel my juices running down my legs. I looked at Tom and gave him a pleading look to stop the vibrator, he did.

The last hour of the exhibition passed without further incident and we were now ready to leave. As we left the hall Tom told me that the fun was actually now about to begin and I should be ready for some real action. I told Tom and Joe that this was an exhibition hall, I was on my best behavior today and now that it was over, it was I who would dictate the terms now rather than the two of them. I knew I was in for an incredible night and that it wouldn’t be to long now before I would feel Tom and Joe inside my pussy and my mouth, the only question that remained was where I’d find an audience to appreciate what was about to begin. With that we got into a taxi and I asked the driver to take us to a shopping mall.

Once again in the taxi I was sandwiched between Tom and Joe. As soon as the door closed they had my skirt up around my waist and had their hands at my pussy. My shirt was pulled from the waist of my skirt and the remaining three buttons were undone, the shirt pushed away from my body. Being seated in the centre of the seat the taxi driver had a good view of me in the rearview mirror and I wondered how hard his dick was as he drove us toward the mall.

My attention returned to the fingers in my cunt and I moaned aloud as Tom started sucking on my nipples. I lay back on the seat and let the two guys do what they wished to me. It was what they had looked forward to since last night when they had seen me at the nightclub. I had dared not even imagine that coming to Bangkok would have led me to this moment, allowing two co-workers to even know about my secret life and how much of my life was ruled by my lust for public sex and my exhibitionism. Yet here we were, in a taxi with me allowing them to do what they wished with me as I enjoyed each touch.

I opened my eyes to see the taxi driver’s eyes seeing my body in his mirror and I wondered how he was able to drive as he watched the hands and lips roaming my body. Before we reached the mall I came for the third time today and still I wanted more! What a perfect day I was having and I thought that if only each day of my life could be this day, what a wonderful life it would be. The taxi stopped in front of the mall, I tied the shirt in a knot just below my tits and got out of the car, skirt still bunched around my waist allowing the people waiting on the walk a clear view my swollen open pussy until I was standing and once again covered by my skirt. Joe tried to pay the taxi driver but he refused to take the money saying that he had received his fares worth seeing the action behind him.

Joe told me that first they would buy me some new outfits to wear today and for the exhibition tomorrow. So off we went inside looking for clothing stores. All eyes seemed to be on me as we passed the other shoppers searching for the right clothing store and soon we found what Joe and Tom had been looking for and entered the store.

Tom and Joe started picking out dresses for me as the shop girl stared at me. While the guys searched the clothing racks I went to a sofa and sat to await their choices. I let my skirt ride up my legs and looked down at my pussy, I was getting heated up again, I looked up and saw the shop girl still watching me intently, I had noticed her name tag when we came into the store, her name was Shirley. I smiled at her and spread my legs so she had a perfect view of my wet pussy lips, she got red in the face. She walked over to me said I was a brave girl. I laughed and put my hands up to my tits and asked her if she would like to play with them but she shook her head and walked off asked the guys if she could help them. By this time the guys had selected some dresses for me to try on and model for them.

The first outfit was a pair of leather shorts and a tight leather top. Both fit me perfectly, the shorts had four buttons in the front and the top had a zipper in the front. I told the guys that this was too tame to fit my mood but they said they had plans for me in this outfit. Next, a dress which was more like a coat, it had just one button holding it together just below my belly button. It was totally open above and below the button and I had to be careful when walking to keep my tits in and with each step the lower half would part to expose my pussy. The third was the dress to be worn for the exhibition the next day. It was a dark blue slip on dress, so short that it barely covered my cunt and my ass. It was so tight that my tits were pushed in and up trying to push their way out the top. Tom and Joe were especially pleased when I modeled the dress, it was exactly what they had in mind for the next day. Just the thought of wearing it at the exhibition had my pussy tingling again.

The last thing they chose was jacket with a zipper in the front. The jacket finished just below my pussy, Tom told me it was to be worn just like that, with nothing underneath. I would go into the dressing room, come out wearing the new outfit and the guys would admire me, Shirley did not comment, just watched amazed at how I looked in each. Finally we finished. I asked the guys what they wanted me to wear when we left the shop. I was told to put on the leather shorts and top and Tom handed me a panty to wear with it. I told them that I didn’t want to wear panties but I was told it was for a game they had planned and it would not stay on long. So I put on the panty and the shorts and top. The guys paid for the clothes, we thanked Shirley and off we went back into the mall.

We were walking along seeing the shops in the mall when we came to an ice cream shop. Joe bought a cone for each of us and we continued to walk eating our ice creams. Suddenly Joe stopped me and pulled me towards him. He told me to just stand there for a moment he was going to do something I would enjoy. He took the remainder of his ice cream and with one hand pulled my shorts away from my body and put his ice cream inside my panty on my pussy. The cold ice cream hit my pussy lips and I was squirming with pleasure in the mall. I desperately wanted to part my pussy lips, push the cold ice cream into it and stroke my clit. I was so excited I could not stand straight and had to lean against the wall to keep from falling. The heat from my pussy was melting the ice cream and soon I could feel it dripping down my legs. I had to clean it with my hands and then lick the ice cream from my fingers. I saw a few people looking at me, wondering what this girl was doing, scrapping ice cream running down her legs into her hands and then licking them clean.

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