“Mary Jane, what are you doing here!?” Peter frantically shouted, unable to explain his compromising position.

The gorgeous red head entered the room with cautious footsteps, her expression one of shock and awe.

“I got your note that said to meet you here..,” Mary Jane softly answered.

“But I didn’t leave any..,” Peter trailed off and stared daggers at Felicia.

The kneeling woman, glistening in Peter’s jizz, was grinning widely. She was proud of her deception.

“I may have left a note for Mary Jane to see, addressed from you of course,” she admitted with no sound of regret.

As she revealed her dirty trick, the Black Cat began to lick her lips. She was treated with the taste of warm man seed, and she was filled with desire for more. Felicia began to wipe her face of the thick spunk coating it, and she licked her hands clean of the delicious cum.

“What’s going on Peter?” Mary Jane quietly asked, giving him a blank look.

Peter Parker stared back into her pretty green eyes, guilt starting to overwhelm him. His heart leaped into his throat as he tried to summon his words.

“Felicia and I..,” he began.

“Were having sex. Yes. I have gathered that much,” Mary Jane finished for him, still a little shocked.

Peter responded by looking down at the ground shamefully, even though he loved every second of his actions with the Black Cat.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know why I did that,” Peter apologized.

“Are you kidding?” Felicia interrupted, cleaning her face of the last strands of cum.

“Kidding about what?” Mary Jane said with more strength that she had previously displayed.

“He couldn’t resist my huge tits. I rubbed my big ass against him until he popped a huge boner for me. I had him fuck my butt. There is no way he could have resisted me. I had him cum deep inside my cunt too. He got me so pregnant,” the Black Cat purred devilishly.

“Is this all true Peter?” Mary Jane asked, staring seriously at him.

Peter nodded in the affirmative.

He slowly raised his head to look at the very beautiful Mary Jane, taking in her gorgeousness. Her hourglass was impressive, but tighter and sleeker than Felicia’s. The red headed supermodel began walking towards Peter, her long legs visible below her short skirt. Her round butt shook beneath her skirt as she glided to Spider-Man, causing the clothing article to sway back and forth.

Peter looked past her small waist and watched her incredibly large bosom bounce over to him, threatening to tear through the form fitting t-shirt. Peter was always amazed at the large chest, and he had verified before that his girlfriend was required to wear E cup bras to tame her melons.

Peter’s eyes widened as he realized Mary Jane was wearing no bra, the outline of her areolas clearly visible. Even though he should have felt shame and remorse, a ping of excitement shot through him as he saw her round nipples peeking through her shirt’s thin material. He struggled to keep his gaze at Mary Jane’s eye level when she stood only a foot away from him.

“I don’t think I can forgive this Peter..,” Mary Jane said, looking up at him with big eyes.

“It’s okay. I know,” Peter agreed, as he thought she was about to cry.

Mary Jane’s eyes narrowed as she finished, “…unless you knock me up right now.”

“I’m really sorry, Mary Jane. I wasn’t thinking…wait. What?” Peter said, not sure he heard her correctly.

Peter’s girlfriend pressed herself against his body, her breasts softly squeezing between them.

“If you get me pregnant right now, I can forgive you,” she clarified as her expression turned sultry.

“I didn’t expect that. Your girl may be more interesting than I thought Spider” Felicia admitted, looking genuinely surprised.

“You want me to get you pregnant…right now?” Peter asked in disbelief.

“Right now,” Mary Jane repeated, reaching up for a kiss.

Peter leaned down to meet her lips, unsure of her sincerity. When she kissed him back passionately, he felt she was telling him the truth, and she wanted him to have her now. Peter swiftly took her by the waist and turned their bodies, Mary Jane’s back now facing the mattress.

Sensing his intention, Felicia scooted onto the floor out of the way, ready for a show. Peter, still locking lips with his girlfriend, pushed her down and she fell. As she landed on the mattress that was previously defiled by Peter and Felicia, the red head’s breasts rebounded against each other pleasingly. Peter followed the model-perfect body down, and kissed Mary Jane deeply.

Wrapping her arms around him, Mary Jane felt Peter’s back muscles on her fingertips, exciting her. The area between her thighs became damp, and Peter quickly pulled off her form fitting t-shirt.

Peter paused as the wonder of Mary Jane’s top half struck him. Indeed, Mary Jane had on no bra, and now her magnificent tits were free to the open air.

Mary Jane Watson’s big breasts, even when their owner was on her back, sat in gravity defying perk, her nipples pointing sky high in impeccably symmetrical form. The fun bags looked healthily full and firm, ready to be groped and kneaded. The impressive tits begged to be sucked on, and Peter was not rude enough to deny them.

Spider-Man reached out with his hands and sunk his fingers into the sides of the wonderful knockers. As he massaged the tit flesh, he put his lips near one of Mary Jane’s nipples, barely grazing it. The red head could feel him exhaling on her sensitive zone, and whimpered.

“Tell me to do it,” he breathed.

“Peter! Suck on my titties! Please!” Mary Jane demanded.

Peter pressed the nipple past his lips and lapped at it with his warm tongue. The sweet teat felt wonderful as he teased it, and he sucked hard on it. Mary Jane squirmed as he played with her breasts, and he moved over to her other nipple. Mary Jane became electrified as Peter seriously sucked on her other rosy nipple, making her wet.

The gorgeous girl shimmied out of her skirt as Peter kept sucking. Mary Jane’s thong was appropriately red and tiny, barely covering her womanhood. She was already damp, needing Peter in a primal way. Peter lifted his lips from a massive mammary and allowed his hands to feel down the female figure.

Peter’s fingers teased Mary Jane’s skin, descending to the string of her thong. In a swift motion, Peter pulled at the undergarment, tearing it apart and revealing his girlfriend’s clean pussy. The pink crevice looked warm and inviting, and would surely welcome Peter.

“Lick me,” Mary Jane begged.

Peter neared her hot entrance and slowly stuck out his tongue. Mary Jane could feel his breath on her and her knees became weak. She could feel his mouth a thread’s distance from her, making the anticipation unbearable.

“Lick my cunt!” she blurted out.

Spider-Man obliged, making contact with Mary Jane’s slippery cunt.

“Yes!” she cried in relief.

Peter’s tongue circled around the vulva, teasing the outside lovingly. He flicked at her clit pleasingly, which sent pings of bliss through Mary Jane, causing squirming and squealing. He mashed his mouth muscle through her lips and wriggled in her insides. The superhero danced his mouth and tongue around the vagina, giving Mary Jane exactly what she wanted. As his girlfriend reveled in pleasure, Peter savored her taste.

“You know exactly where to tease me,” Mary Jane admitted, pulling on her boyfriend’s hair.

Peter’s licking became feverish, and moans escaped Mary Jane. If she wasn’t careful, Peter would bring her to the limit.

Mary Jane pulled harder at Peter’s hair, bringing him up from her tasty pussy.

“Fuck me,” she peered down at him.

Peter lifted himself into position with lightning reflexes and, without hesitation, drove his pulsing pole into Mary Jane.

“OH FUCKITY FUCK! FUUUUUCK!” the model screeched as her warm walls parted.

As the pain filled Mary Jane to the brim, she wrapped her legs around her man, accepting the immense invader.

“I still can’t get used to it! Your dick is so fucking big!” Mary Jane continued projecting.

Peter was enveloped by warmth as the vagina cradled his mass, and he began to withdraw slowly. Before his head escaped from the incredible tightness, he forced his hips forward.

“YES! Pound my pussy!” the cock crazed slut screamed.

Peter shoved thrust after thrust into the woman. His member was slick with her wetness, covering him fully. Each thrust into his girlfriend caused a gasp to escape her full lips and an involuntary twitch in her toes. Mary Jane had never been fucked so fully, and Peter had never been so rigid inside of her.

“Do you love my cunt, Peter? Is it tight and wonderful?” Mary Jane loudly asked.

“Yes! It’s so tight! My dick feels so good!” he admitted, doing his best to pulverize his girlfriend’s pelvis.

Mary Jane gyrated into Peter, and timed her hips with his. The two lovers were becoming a sweaty mess as their speed increased, racing towards the finish.

In a flash, Mary Jane retreated from the rock-hard rod pummeling her, giving way to a moan of disapproval from Peter.

“On your back, Tiger,” she ordered with a sinister look in her eye.

Peter did as she told, and put his back to the mattress, looking up at her huge tits. Looking at them from his angle made them seem especially huge and impressive. Mary Jane lowered her sexy body and straddled the superhero. She kept Peter’s giant cock right at her smooth crevice, denying it entrance for a moment.

“Are you ready to fuck a baby into me?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Oh, fuck yes,” he replied.

Mary Jane plummeted on the rigid rod.

“Oh shit! It feels so damn good!” Peter yelled out.

Mary Jane glued herself to Peter’s pelvis, stuffing herself with his entirety as long as possible. His thick head pushed on her cervix punishingly, but it felt wonderful. After taking the bliss for a while, she began hopping on the colossal cock.

“Yes! Your dick stretches me so perfectly!” she said as she bounced up and down.

Mary Jane’s giant globes bounced in circular motions as she ferociously rode Peter. Spider-Man’s thick rod stretched her cunt incredibly, which sent waves of pleasure up her body. Digging her fingers into his chest, she gyrated on his throbbing mast more intensely.

“I love your huge super-hero super cock. All of these douches make passes at me at work. They think they can please my hot super-model body. They can’t. They probably have tiny dicks. I need this giant dick. It makes me so fucking full,” Mary Jane revealed, moving up and down vigorously.

“Your pussy is so tight! Keep fucking me like this and I will cum!” Peter said, tension building in his balls.

Mary Jane smirked and flashed a glance over to the masturbating Felicia. She looked back at Peter and spoke to him, still working his thickness.

“I’m counting on it. I’m counting on you filling me up, Peter. I’m going to coax your seed out of you. If you don’t impregnate me now, I will never let you fuck that masturbating slut over there again,” Mary Jane admitted, pointing at the Black Cat.

“You do want to fuck me again, don’t you?” Felicia asked Peter, still fingering herself.

“Yes! I want to fuck you both! I love your tight pussies and big tits!” he shouted, nearing his inevitable limit.

“C’mon tiger. You can do it. Cum inside me. Give me your baby,” Mary Jane encouraged, her own euphoria about to bubble over.

“I’m going to. I’m going to cum so hard,” Peter said through clenched teeth, ready to blow.

“My womb is defenseless! Shoot your jizz inside me!” Mary Jane shouted, curling her toes.

“I’M CUMMING! TAKE MY LOAD!” Peter yelled as his muscled prick began to climax.

“YOU’RE MAKING ME CUM!” Mary Jane squealed.

Tremors of bliss took Mary Jane as she came on Peter’s rod. Spider-Man cannoned his load into the red head, splashing his jism against her cervix. Her orgasm increased as she felt the wet warmth fill her womb, and her mouth widened in delight. She pushed her hips down on him tightly as she sounded her approval.

“WE’RE MAKING A BABY! I’M GETTING PREGNANT!” she screamed in rapture.

Peter’s orgasm contractions were long and numerous. He continued firing thick spurts of seed into his girlfriend and took hold of her huge knockers. Peter kneaded the soft tit flesh as he pumped his large load, grunting as he did. Mary Jane responded by moaning loudly in passion.

The Black Cat let out a cry of relief as her own orgasm shuddered through her body, her masturbation fruitful and complete. She kept her eyes fixed on the couple as she rode her climax, the sight stimulating and naughty.

Peter squeezed his girlfriend’s big breasts for the remainder of his peak, becoming lost in the pliable pillows. Mary Jane’s skin glistened as she climbed down from her heaven, feeling completely full of potent sperm. The newly inseminated girl fell onto her lover, satisfied in every way she could have hoped.

While Peter felt spent, Mary Jane was cock hungry and ready for more. She got off Peter swiftly and put herself on all fours. The red head pointed her ass at Peter, the spectacular rear end jutting out sexily. The heart-shaped bum was large and her two ass cheeks parted so Peter could peer at her tiny butthole.

“This big butt needs something new, Peter. I heard what Felicia said you did to her. I want it too. I should have asked. I’m so sorry I didn’t. It’s time now. Fuck me up my virgin butthole,” Mary Jane sweetly said.

Peter approached the bum, trembling as he neared undiscovered territory. Mary Jane’s ass was almost as round and big as Felicia’s, and it looked tighter. Peter placed his hard head on the orifice, ready to push past it. He hesitated, fearing for Mary Jane’s safety.

“Come on Peter! Stretch my unexplored asshole!” the red head demanded.

He couldn’t deny his lover, and he had to be fearless. Peter barred his teeth in frustration as he put his super strength behind his push. His thick head parted Mary Jane’s tiny butthole and, with miscalculated strength, his prick was shoved entirely up her rectum. The violent intrusion was swift, and Mary Jane’s face contorted in the wildest of ways.

“OOOOWWWWWW! AHHHHHHH! HOLY FUCK! HOLY FUCK! YOU TORE ME IN HALF!” she screeched at the top of her lungs.

Peter’s prick was surrounded on all sides by pleasure. His girlfriend’s previously virgin asshole constricted around him tightly, more tightly than anything he had ever been inside. Mary Jane’s pain caused the cavern to involuntarily tense around Peter, creating an airtight seal. Mary Jane continued announcing her immense torture.


Peter took hold of the red head’s bubble butt in his great stimulation, and groaned as his fingers dug into the supple flesh. Paying no mind to Mary Jane’s shouts of pain, he pushed his hips harder against her. Tears fell down her face as Peter ensured he was reaching as deeply as possible in her bowels.

The Black Cat couldn’t pass up the opportunity, and she began rubbing her clit again from afar.

“Come on Peter! Fuck my butt!” the red head begged through her tears.

Peter needed no more encouragement to oblige. Spider-Man exhaled as he pulled his shaft slowly from Mary Jane’s back entrance. Inch by inch, his cock revealed itself from hiding, throbbing veins decorating the pillar’s surface. Mary Jane breathed loudly as her punishment subsided, her ass sheath relaxing. When only his wide head was still inside the butt, Peter paused.

“DO IT! FUCK MY ASS SPIDER-MAN!” Mary Jane cried loudly.

Peter rammed his hips forward, forcing his wide log’s entirety back up Mary Jane’s anus.

“Oh fuck! Fuck my butt more!” Mary Jane yelled, her pain starting to turn to pleasure.

Peter began thrusting his turgid dick in and out of his girlfriend’s butt. With his hands groping her rear end, he fucked Mary Jane roughly, causing her to cry out in growing excitement.

“My ass feels so fucking full of dick! How does that tight ass feel?” she asked as the thrill overwhelmed her.

“It feels so fucking good!” Peter shouted, releasing her ass from his palming.

Peter grabbed the red head at the hips and held on strongly. As he pushed his next thrust forward, he pulled Mary Jane’s frame into his pelvis. The result was a painfully hard collision.

“OH SHIT! That was fucking hard! Do it again!” Mary Jane ordered.

Peter repeated his action, his butt-fucking truly becoming violently savage.

Mary Jane’s delightful cries made Felicia rub her clit more furiously, closing in on another self-induced orgasm. Being so close to The Spider as he dominated another woman made her so hot.

Peter attacked the asshole he was inside with his battering ram, breaking down the doors to Mary Jane’s bowels. The ass gripped his log, daring him to cum with each thrust. The thickly throbbing cock plowed deeply into the skewered woman, daring her not to break.

“More,” Mary Jane shouted behind her through red tresses, “I won’t break. Fuck harder!”

Peter violently fucked his woman, putting a small amount of super strength in his motion. Mary Jane’s shouts were high pitched and ear-shattering, sending reverberation through Peter’s dick. Mary Jane’s butt fucking was nasty, messy, and angry.

“I love butt fucking! You will fuck my ass every day, Peter. I can’t believe I have waited so long for this,” Mary Jane managed to say between hollers.

A familiar feeling was building in Mary Jane’s lower region, a feeling that would soon need to release. As Peter rammed into her ass, the supermodel’s fingers dug into the mattress below her, ready to arrive at another mind shattering orgasm. It wouldn’t be long.

“I’m going to cum, Peter! The first time ever with my ass stuffed with dick!” Mary Jane Watson cried out.

Peter’s cock twitched, signaling he was ready to cum. He latched on to her backside with his hands, driving more roughly into it.

“I’m going to blow my load inside you!” he said, clenching his teeth.

“Yes! Blow that thick cum in my asshole! I’M CUMMING!” Mary Jane screamed.

“Me too!” Felicia alerted.

The asshole around Peter constricted even further around him as Mary Jane orgasmed. The tightness was almost painful, but Peter was too far in the process to care. His heavy balls were on fire and his huge load rushed up his shaft. The first jizz jet fired into Mary Jane’s butt, wetly coating the inside.

“Oh fuck! I feel your cum splashing in my asshole!” Mary Jane said, still cumming intensely.

Peter bellowed as he fired large rope after large rope into Mary Jane’s ass, filling it with gooey goodness. His volume of cum was unbelievable and he filled her bowels to the brim. He came into the butt until there was no more room for his spunk.

Spider-Man withdrew from the orifice and stroked his cock, shooting a few more loads on Mary Jane’s taut bubble butt. The heart-shaped ass was now covered in messy sperm, and Mary Jane gave it a few bounces. The semen spread even further around her cheeks, coating them completely. The red head looked over to Felicia, who had just finished her orgasm.

“You are a slut aren’t you?! Get to it, bitch!” Mary Jane demanded, throwing her head back towards her ass.

The Black Cat got on all fours and crawled, slowly and slinky-like, over to the round rump. The white-haired beauty stuck out her tongue, and gave one of Mary Jane’s coated cheeks a long, straight, lick. Felicia purred as she tasted Peter’s cum, and lowered herself again to lick more from the ass.

“That’s it. We both love that tasty jizz, don’t we?” Mary Jane quizzed.

“Of course we do. It’s the best,” Felicia said after lapping up more cum off the butt.

Mary Jane laughed as Felicia enthusiastically cleaned her ass lobes, and looked back at Peter.

“Face it tiger, you just hit the jackpot,” Mary Jane smiled.

I didn’t have the first clue who Snooki was, but I had to admit that the boss’s attempt to dress like her had a good result. Ninve was a babe in her own right, so that wasn’t difficult. Every time I saw her, I had an immediate rush of blood to my cock and impulses that I dared not follow. Among those was the urge to take my supervisor and grudge-fuck her there in front of the whole office, something that would no doubt wreck my career. Even though she got her promotion based on something other than merit, that wouldn’t excuse my conduct. Management always had double standards for the rest of us.

The Halloween party went well that night for everyone concerned, with plenty of booze to go around, too. I lived in easy walking distance, so I hadn’t bothered to ride my Harley to the office for this function. I didn’t need a designated driver, but I still didn’t get plastered.

The same couldn’t be said for Ninve. She had tossed back more than a few tumblers of her favorite cocktails by this point and she wasn’t feeling any pain. I saw her bloodshot eyes and knew that she was in trouble. The morning would see her hung over like a damp rug on a clothesline, a phrase that made me think of her pussy and got me very hard as I thought of it. I knew that I would have to do the responsible thing and find Ninve a designated driver. This realization caused my dick to go limp again, as I didn’t look forward to it.

I had just washed my hands after pissing when the power went out. I didn’t know how or why it was off, but I knew that the doors were automated, so we were all stuck there until the morning. Since tonight was a Friday, this was a bit of an awful start to the weekend. Then again, wearing the same clothes and being hung over at work could be more than a little awkward for all of us, even if we understood why.

“Damn!” I thought, as I grasped for the paper towels.

That was before I opened the door and bumped directly into someone.

“Ouch!” Ninve squealed, her voice unmistakable with its whiny tone.

“Sorry, Ninve,” I apologized, indicating recognition.

“Mark, it’s okay. I just need to know if this is the mens’ room,” she worried.

“Yes, Ninve, it’s the mens’ room … I’m not gonna sneak into the ladies’ room, even in the dark. Though I don’t suppose that it really matters, since I can’t see anything just as you can’t,” I observed.

“That’s a comforting thought, Mark. But you’re right, so can I go ahead and use the mens’ stalls? Promise you won’t tell a soul?” she pleaded with me.

Now, it’s not commonly known, but I have a soft spot for chunky women like Ninve. She wasn’t obese, just soft, curvy, and adorable. She had a gift for making one feel bad for her, but especially a guy like me. She had the passive-aggression angle figured out, at least where I was concerned. This didn’t mean that I lacked a backbone, as she knew well, but it meant I had to keep an iron grip on my feelings around her. Otherwise, she’d walk all over me. Thankfully, this incident wasn’t a serious issue for me, and I saw some potential leverage in it for me.

“Sure, Ninve. I’ll stand guard outside and make sure no one walks in on you,” I offered in most my genteel guise.

I was good at the phony chivalry game, despite knowing what a load of unfair hypocrisy it was for women to demand special favors and equality at the same time. I didn’t mind voluntary courtesy, of course, but I resented the sense of entitlement, the “princess” persona, the idea of obligation.

Even so, I could maintain a facade of being just another pawn in the ladies’ mental chess games. It had the virtue of making most women think that I’m harmless when I’m anything but. The last thing that I wanted was for my true nature to be revealed to all and sundry. I was a fairness fanatic disguised as something else entirely, a zealot obsessed with my own notions of justice.

“Why bother? I’d rather you stood close to the stall and talked to me. I’m scared of the dark. I could use your company, Mark,” Ninve urged me as she headed to the stall.

“Very well, I’ll do that, Ninve,” I relented with a hint of disgust that I didn’t actually feel. It was good for turning the guilt trip against her.

Ninve babbled incessantly about why her costume was modeled on Snooki from Jersey Shore, a reality TV program of the sort that I avoided like the plague. It was a short dress which stopped somewhere in the upper thighs and didn’t leave much wiggle room if one bent over. If a girl went commando while doing so, she’d flash a man for certain in that outfit. Of course, Ninve was notorious in terms of mooning people whenever her pants were too baggy, let alone dresses that barely covered her assets. We guys often joked that she was the only girl who got ahead by inviting the boss to kiss her ass, not vice versa. Then again, with a nice booty like Ninve’s, I wouldn’t blame a manager for having that urge, regardless of his or her sex.

“Mark, are you still there? You haven’t said a thing,” she abruptly queried, evidently scared that I got bored with her chatter and bolted.

“Yep. Afraid so. Are you okay, Nin? You sound a little frightened,” I asked her in turn.

“I think that would be a good description. I’m in the mens’ stall in the dark, with a weird guy standing outside who has a reputation and stares at my ass whenever he doesn’t think I’m watching him. Not to mention that I’m drunk, horny, and don’t even know where the sink is. You’re not gonna tell anybody about this situation, right? I have your word on that?” Ninve ranted, clearly under some stress.

“Again, I swear I won’t say a thing. Are you ready to wash your hands?” I acted calmer than I was.

“Yeah, I think so. Help me get there. I don’t want to miss it. I really don’t do well in the dark,” Ninve tried to sound brave as she left the stall, which she hadn’t totally closed due to the darkness.

“Okay, Nin,” I led my supervisor to the sink and actually washed her hands for her, mostly as a means of reinforcing her sense of helplessness.

It was a silly psychological game, perhaps, but it really worked on the girl, since she was that terrified of the dark. Just when I thought we were done, however, Ninve bent over the sink and lifted her dress in front of me. I knew this because I stood right behind her and felt her bare skin against my pants, causing my bulge to grow.

“Ninve, what are you doing?” I feigned shock. I actually had a pretty good idea, not being half as naïve as I let on.

“I’m letting you fuck me, Mark. Don’t act like the 40-year old virgin. You’re strange, but you’re sexually active. You don’t have me fooled. You may not gossip, but everyone else here does. Sandra goes to my church and she told me about your fling with her. Lucy is my favorite waitress and she had a lot to say, too. Anyway, I’m horny, scared, and drunk, as I told you. Let’s get it on. It’s dark. No one will know, since you agreed not to tell. Let’s fuck,” she called me on my bullshit.

After that sales pitch, there was nothing to do but drop my pants and fuck Ninve. Evidently, she had more in common with Sandra than their Assyrian heritage. Both of them were screamers during the act, causing me to wonder if this would really stay our secret. Between the screaming and the tendency to gossip, word of this would reach my colleagues. I would be the guy who fucked Ninve in the dark.

My long-standing practical joke of appearing to be a choirboy was done. Then again, it was kind of old and no longer funny. It certainly wasn’t worth resisting the charms of my sexy boss, who had seen through me, anyway. I simply put those worries on the back burner and fucked Ninve over the sink while she screamed her lungs out and held onto the faucet for dear life. I pounded her ruthlessly with my cock and didn’t think about anything else but fucking her at that point. I decided firmly to live in the moment and just enjoy the quickie sex.

I heard voices behind us by now, but they were muffled and I was too wrapped up in the act of screwing my boss to do anything. I knew for sure that while Ninve asked me not to say a word, she failed to account for her own mouth. The boss lady was screwed in more ways than one, since it was a direct violation of office protocol for a supervisor to have sexual relations with a subordinate. Although that was often winked at, this would be broadcast to the entire staff well before the evening was over. There would be no hiding it from anyone. We would probably both get fired over it, though I did my best to forget about that. The damage was already done.

I didn’t have much control left, since I was rather excited by the fact that we took such a risk with public sex. I shot my load much farther inside Ninve than she perhaps expected and filled her pussy dangerously close to her womb. As I pulled out, however, I felt hands separate my cheeks and a tongue glide across the crack of my ass. Another pair of hands applied surprisingly warm lube to my dick, for reasons that made no sense to me at the time.

“Fuck me now. Ninve promised that I would get my turn with you. She’d better keep her word. You hear that, Nin?” a silky, but anonymous voice asked me, while its owner stroked me back to stiffness.

“You really fell for the ‘scared of the dark’ gag, didn’t you, Mark?” a second voice piped in.

“Who are you?” I asked the women, which they clearly were.

“That’s a surprise. Let’s just say that the power outage wasn’t an accident. The breaker will come back on soon enough. We just wanted some quality time with the man who she keeps telling us about. We hope that you didn’t mind. We had a little fun with you, but you’ll be fine. Just don’t tell a soul,” the first voice told me as I granted her the favor she craved.

Since it was dark, I just went along with the strange woman as she guided my cock to her asshole. I wasn’t a fool. I knew that she wanted anal sex and I gave it to her. Thankfully, there was plenty of lube. Ninve had moved out of the woman’s way, of course, but I could hear her screaming another climax. She enjoyed herself, listening to the act.

As birthday gifts went, this seemingly coincidental one was the best. I knew already that I wasn’t in trouble. I wouldn’t lose my job any more than Ninve or the others would lose theirs. This was a gag of some kind, that was all. Sometimes it paid to be born on Halloween.

I moved in and out of the stranger’s ass, taking her roughly for our pleasure. Ninve, having come down from her loud orgasm, started egging the other ladies on. The tongue had resumed rimming me, but I tried not to let that faze me. It wasn’t easy, of course. At least three women were using me for sex. It was hard (pun intended) not to let that get to me. I still did my best, until Ninve dropped the real bombshell.

“How does it feel to fuck every female supervisor in the office? One’s licking your ass and the other is taking it that way. I dare say that she’ll want to do more than that in a second. Yep, I guess that I was right, Mark,” she laughed.

Then, the same warm lube was smeared against my asshole and something that felt rather plastic entered me from behind. I was no longer in charge of this act, but I didn’t stop because of that. I simply accepted that I would lose my anal cherry to whichever supervisor this was, while buggering yet another of them. I had to really focus to avoid cumming in the boss lady’s ass, since the pressure on my prostate had its intended effect. This was a studied and researched ambush, though still a mystery to me.

“Oh, go ahead and cum in her ass. I’m just killing time until I can get my turn with your dick, anyway. Not that I mind this experiment in pegging. It’s fun to be on the other end of things for a change. It’s just not as much fun giving as receiving, at least for me. What do you think, Ana?” she asked her colleague.

“You’re so right, Teresa. I love it this way, as you know. This is definitely a good way to get over being dumped. I’ll have to come back for more of this,” Ana panted after I came in her colon and her friend withdrew her strap-on from my asshole.

“So, girls, let’s all thank Mark for this wonderful evening. We’ll give him a kiss,” Ninve told the other ladies while she washed my cock and zipped up my pants.

“Thank you, Mark!” they said together, kissing me in turn.

“You have no idea how much fun this was for me, Mark. You fell for it, but I don’t blame you. I really can be so helpless at times, but I’m not stupid. Neither are you, but you don’t know us as well as you could, since you avoid the office gossip so damn much.

“I know that it’s your birthday today. The devil costume really fit you, too. We’re not fools. We know that you’re a rake. We like you that way. Someone needs to be there to knock boots. Speaking of boots, Nydia likes to wear them during sex. You’ll get a chance to find that out for yourself when you fuck her. Don’t tell me that you mind, because I know you too well.

“Happy Birthday, Mark. Thanks again for the hot public sex. I bet that you were worried about your job for a moment, but you carried on like a trooper. By the way, I’m fresh off the pill. You just knocked me up. I’ll see a lot of you during my maternity leave,” Ninve informed me, as she walked out of the mens’ room.

I reached for my inhaler and drew a few breaths. I definitely needed them with my asthma, but this was so worth it. As the lights came back on and I left the washroom, Ninve surprised me again by putting her head on my shoulder and refusing to leave my side for the rest of the night. I wasn’t really sure what else she planned for me, but I suspected that it would be just as kinky as what just transpired.

Ana and Teresa confirmed that by waving at me and blowing me kisses as I started walking home. Since Ninve hadn’t let me go, it was apparent that I wouldn’t sleep alone this Halloween. It was more than just her little game of trick or treat, though it wasn’t exactly love. What started as a grudge fuck for me became an orgy, and I didn’t mind that at all. I just wondered what this would do to our professional relationship, since it was still a forbidden fling. Then again, that was corporate junk. We’d sort that out later. It was my birthday. If I couldn’t break some rules tonight, when could I?

“Its not much further.” Amber said as she ran past the end of the dirt path. The trees that surrounded them opened up to a hidden farm.

“Where the hell are we?” Danny asked as he looked around. His sister had dragged him off on yet another random adventure. “Whoa, where did this place come from? Who would build a farm all the way the hell out here?”

“I found them last week!” Amber shouted as she ran up to a large green painted barn. Its size was intimidating.

“Found what? These barns?” Danny had to ask. “What were you doing this far in the woods.” His older sister worried him with her exploration. He knew so many things could go wrong with her constantly running about all the time; she could get lost in the woods, kidnapped, or worse.

“I met some people here! They’re so amazing, you have to meet them!” Amber’s excitement was overflowing. She was practically jumping with joy. “Wait here! I don’t want you to scare them!”

“Who?” Danny tried to ask, but his sister ran off to a house past the barn. “Damn it!” He figured his sister had probably found some hermits, who wouldn’t be too happy to have visitors. Looking around he thought he heard something move inside the barn. For a moment he thought he should wait for his sister, but his curiosity got the best of him and he went back around to the other side of the barn.

A large wooden door hung open with rays of light illuminating the dim barn through cracks in the roof. Stacks of hey were gathered on one side and stalls lined the other. A head was poking out over one of the stalls and looking toward him with a surprised expression. “Oh, I’m sorry.” Danny quickly began to back out before he heard an elegant voice call out.

“Wait,” her voice was sweet and stopped him in his tracks. “I wont bite.” Danny was lured back in by her elegant voice and cute smile. “You must be Amber’s brother. I’m Natalie.”

“How do you know my sister?” Danny asked as he stepped up to the end stall. There was a single stack of hay so he stood on it to get up to her height. As he rose up to meet her face to face he could see a bull’s head poking up from another stall further away.

“She was here some time ago. She’s quite a talker.” Natalie’s smile was hypnotic. She had long bronze brown hair that flowed smoothly down her face. She gently brought her hand up and pushed it from the side of her face and over her ear.

“Yea, that’s Amber. I hope she hasn’t been bothering you too much.” Danny couldn’t take his eyes off her. She pulled her self up a little higher and could see her petite frame pull up slightly over the stall wall. The question of what she was standing on only passed through his mind for a moment but was lost in her eyes. Or the brief blink of an eye he took to check out her chest.

“Don’t worry, we don’t mind visitors and your sister sure knows how to make friends.” Natalie said to reassure him, she noticed Danny checking her out so she puffed out her chest a little. Her tight fitting short sleeve shirt didn’t leave much to the imagination, but her vest was covering up the goods. With her hands below the wall and out of his sight range, she gently tugged at the sides to allow him a better view.

“I asked her if she knew any boys and she promised to bring you.” Her smile grew as his face turned red.

“Uh, so… you don’t see a lot of guys around here?” Danny asked nervously. He tried to keep eye contact but was momentarily too embarrassed. His eyes flicked down to her chest again and noticed her vest completely open; breast proudly held in display. ‘She’s doing that on purpose’ he thought to himself. It only made him more nervous. He had never had much luck with girls, and the longer he stood there the more he could feel her hunger.

“Only you.” Natalie raised an eyebrow. Danny could barely breath. It was almost too easy. He was such a pathetic little shit but that just guaranteed a catch. His nervousness made her horny as hell and thoughts were already filling her head.

“Damn its hot in here.” Natalie said aloud and took her vest off seductively.

“Wow, you’re funny.” Danny laughed at the obvious gesture. “So are we going to do it in the hay over there.” He considered that there was no way this girl was that desperate. She was obviously joking with him, or didn’t know the first thing about being subtle.

“Sure, if that’s where you want it.” Natalie responded with a smirk. Her eyes were dead focused and her mind was made up. This was the first boy she’d seen in a year. He was getting fucked one way or another.

“Ha, okay. I need to go check on my sister.” Danny started before Natalie’s arms went to her side. His eyes widened and his heart pounded in his chest. She pulled her shirt off and dropped it casually on his side of the wall, fully exposing her breasts.

“That’s better.” Natalie said with almost a chuckle. “Your sister’s probably with one of mine. But she brought you here to entertain me.”

Danny’s pants tightened and worry shown on his face. “I uh… I really don’t know you. Um…”

“Maybe you should take off your cloths too.” Natalie said a little impatiently. “So I don’t feel so embarrassed.”

“Okay.” Danny yanked his shirt off as fast as he could and unzipped his pants. He hesitated for a moment, thinking it might be a trick. He half expected his sister to jump out and laugh, but they were the only ones there. Feeling violated, he finished pulling the last of his cloths off and stepped off the hay stack he was standing on. He wasn’t ready for this. He wanted it sure, but he didn’t know Natalie and this was not the way he wanted to lose his virginity. Another girl’s face appeared in his mind; a friend he had had feelings for. He was in love with someone else, a girl named Ashley. He had known her his entire life and always dreamed of her being his first and last.

But that bitch broke his heart when she turned him down and he was about to get laid. Just like that, Danny’s mind was in the right place. He wanted to nail Natalie right there in the barn. Who cared if he knew her or not, they both wanted the same thing.

Danny walked around the stall, cock standing at attention, completely unprepared for what he was about to see. Natalie wasn’t standing on hay, she wasn’t standing on anything. She was a fucking centaur!

“Holy shit!” Danny jumped back and landed on the stacks of hay behind him.

“Oops, sorry.” Natalie had a look of innocence on her face as she gently strode out. “I guess you couldn’t see all of me from behind there.” Her face had a quirked smile, as if asking him for forgiveness.

His eyes dropped to a long pinkish object hanging below her legs. Natalie’s cock flapped from side to side until it stiffened with excitement.

“Wait,” Amber cried. Strapped down into a special chair that inclined her forward. Her legs were spread to two separate bars and the centaur’s cock was pushing against her entrance. “I don’t think I’m ready.”

“You’re ready.” The centaur had long flowing red hair and the body of a light brown mustang with white blotches. Her cock gently slid, telling the Centaur that the girl had been loosening herself like she was instructed last week. It was still a bit much for her as Amber whined from the internal pressure.

“Damn it wait! I changed my mind!” Amber tried, but it was already too late.

“Don’t you want your pony?” Trish mocked as she got as much of her meat into Amber as she could. Which turned out not to be much. The warm Centaur seed lubricated her pussy a little, but Trish already knew she couldn’t get much further without killing the poor girl. She was happy enough impregnating the idiot, but was looking forward to a good pounding.

“This can’t be happening, I’m going to kill Amber!” Danny tugged at the large wooden door, but someone had chained it from the outside while he was talking to Natalie. She stood behind him glowing with satisfaction. Her perfect breasts demanded his attention, but she had the body of a shire horse where her legs should be.

“I’m getting lonely over here. And I cant reach Mr. Cuddles by myself.” Natalie cried.

“Who the hell is Mr. Cuddles?” Danny asked. Natalie responded with a creepy smile that sent a shiver through his body.

“No… no way in hell is that that thing coming near me!” Danny yelled.

“Well, I can slap you with Mr. Cuddles or I can kick you in the dick. Have you ever been kicked by a horse?” Natalie asked and prepared to give a demonstration. Danny hesitated so she turned her body around and slammed her hooves into the wooden wall next to Danny. The bang caused Danny to cover his head instinctively and drop to the ground.

“Wait don’t!” Danny shouted.

“I don’t want to hurt you Danny.” Natalie retreated back into her stall and carried a bucket back out. “I want to love you. What’s wrong with that? Here, get some of this on your hands.”

“What… what is that?” Danny asked. “Guh, it smells awful.”

“If you want to use your tongue, Id appreciate it.” Natalie told him and dropped the bucked next to Danny with a splash. “But something tells me you’re going to want to do it this way. Just get a handful and rub it on me.”

“Oh no, you mean your thing?” Danny almost choked the question out.

“Yes,” laughed Natalie. “On my thing. Its time someone taught you the birds and the bees… er, horses. Or something.”

Danny stuck a hand into the slick transparent goo. The smell was unbearable, but no where near as strong as the smell of ‘Mr. Cuddles’. Natalie angled herself to the side to allow Danny to have full access. He really didn’t want to, but his only option was dangling in front of him. Gently reaching up, he turned his head away as he felt at the air. Something thick and snake like filled his hand while Natalie gave a sigh of relief and pleasure as his grip tightened. It was the best sound he had ever heard. Sliding his hand down the shaft, lubricating as he went, she gave out more light sounds of pleasure. Slowly, Danny turned back and got a good look at his new friend. It certainly wasn’t a regular horse dick, not that he was an expert. It was some kind of hybrid with a human dick. Like a horses but with human skin.

All he needed to know was that the more he rubbed, the more Natalie made those great sounds. He grabbed more of the slime and began really lathering her up. Pulling back and forth, the faster he went the more she enjoyed it. And the more she enjoyed, the more his own dick grew with those sounds.

The smell was over powering. Danny watched as the cock thickened and grew. The musk filled his lungs and the slight shaking was hypnotizing. It wasn’t as bad as he thought. It was actually sort of fun. Looking passed Mr. Cuddles he saw the two baseball sized testicles swaying back and forth. ‘What the hell’ he thought.

“Oh you are so ready.” Natalie whispered as she felt one of his hands on her package.

“Alright, now go lay on that hay stack over there.”

Danny’s eyes widened with the tip of her dick. A small drop of sperm dripped out of the hole. His feelings were confusing. He wanted to put his mouth against the head, but it was just too disgusting. Then as he removed his hand and tried to clear his mind, the musk making him dizzy, he realized what the slop in the bucket was for. His brain still cloudy, he stood up and stumbled toward the hay. Putting his chest on the stack and lifting his rear as if waiting for her, all in all though he was just experimenting.

Then that massive hoof landed in front of him and he tensed up with fear. The other one landed and he was ready to make a run for it. “Wait!” He cried.

“Wait? I’ve been waiting too long for this buddy.” Natalie said as she pressed the head against his butt. It had been so long, especially since she could hardly pleasure herself with Mr. Cuddles being so far away from her hands. There was a slight pop and Danny screamed in shock and pain.

“Fuck it hurts get it out fuck!” Danny ripped into the hay, tears rolled down his face.

But as much as she hated his screams, Natalie pushed on. The boy widened and stretched to deal with her mass. It was too much force to reject, but still too much cock to handle. The lubricant barely helped as inch after painful inch dragged on forever. Only five inches in and Danny was already begging for mercy.

“Shh, its okay.” Natalie tried to calm him down, but was more focused on pulling at her own nipples. “Ill go slower.”

He had a sickened look on his face as she continued her infiltration. Six, seven, eight; the inches demanded all his attention so that the rest of the world faded away. “Oh god.” Danny gurgled and grind his teeth. Nine, ten, eleven. “Please!” He demanded with the only word he could push through his lips. He didn’t have the energy to cry anymore. She just kept going and he knew this was it. His organs would be crushed soon enough. Then the best feeling in the world made his skin tingle as she began to pull out. His stomach felt warm as Natalie unleashed her pre-cum into his lower abdomen. She stopped half way out and once again made her voyage into him. Danny once again gripped the hay in pain but the monster slid in with more ease this time.

Worried about how tight he was, probably a virgin too, she started making short quick thrusts back and forth to ease the friction. “Mmm…. uhhhh….” Danny cried with delight and came with a powerful orgasm. His body shook and convulsed with his eyes rolling into the back of his head. Moaning like a whore Natalie pushed in as much as she could before Danny let out a loud yelp of ecstasy. Danny felt like he was melting, sweat trickling down his face, he couldn’t move. He couldn’t think. He just wanted what he knew was coming.

Natalie brought herself back out and rammed it home. The hay stacks smashed against the wooden barn with a powerful thud. Again and again as she turned Danny’s ass inside out. The boy was certainly never going to walk straight again.

Trish envied her sister for getting such a capable mare. She could hear Natalie really giving it to Amber’s brother with her great senses. Meanwhile she was stuck getting a blow job. She had already knocked her up, but was still forcing the poor girl to lick at her phallus. It was the least Amber could do for not being able to fit her. Then an idea popped into her head.

Amber fell against the hay next to Danny. He didn’t even hear the door open over the slapping sounds of Natalie’s cock punching into him again and again. It was getting gurgled and sloppy as she let out a little more cum. He turned his head toward his sister whose hands were covered in some kind of goo. She couldn’t bare to look him in the face as Trish found her rectum.

“Wow this stuff is great Nat.” A woman’s voice came from somewhere behind Amber.

“Not my sister.” Danny cried. “Not like this.” His voice was weak and strained. His dick pulsing but he couldn’t release anymore.

“Don’t look Danny.” Amber cried.

“Look Danny!” Trish said as she pushed into Amber’s depths. “Look at your sister take my cock. She loves me so much she dragged you here to keep Nat company. She even let me breed her.”

“You lucky bitch!” Natalie said to Trish. “I get to breed the next wuuhhhhh!” She pumped into Danny and Amber could only watch as her brother got what she had dragged him there for. Sperm flowed over his back and his stomach roared with the surge of Natalie’s release.

((Apologies for the pronoun mixups in the original version. Lesson learned to take more time going over my own work.))


“Here’s to freedom!” Jack shouted as he toasted his friends. The group of guys laughed and hoisted their glasses. “Freedom!” They tilted their heads back and downed a generous portion of their beer. Wade leaned over and slapped Jack on the back once the glasses were settled.

“I bet it feels good to be rid of that bitch once and for all, huh?” Jack nodded in agreement and eased back in his chair.

“Nothing could feel better, my man. Nothing could feel better.” said Jack. Earlier that week, Jack had finally given his crazy girlfriend the boot. With any luck, from here on out, the name Angela would be a distant memory. They’d been together for about six months, and it had started off well. She did everything to make sure he was taken care of, from cooking for him, to keeping the house clean, and fulfilling all his needs in bed. The bedroom was her specialty. Full pouty lips that made you think immediately of fellatio. Cascades of raven hair that always seemed to frame her face just perfectly. And her curves, well, she gave new meaning to the term “dangerous curves”. She had perfect DD breasts that seemed to completely defy gravity, an ass that popped out of any outfit she wore and gave her a perfect bubble-butt, and a cunt that would make a grown man fall down in worship. She was a sexual dream, like a porn fantasy come to life. Jack couldn’t believe his luck when they’d started dating. She seemed too good to be true.

Probably because she was. As the weeks turned to months, he noticed that she had a domineering streak in her. She wanted to know where he was at all times. She demanded he stay home instead of going out with his friends (Without affording him the same courtesy) and she’d maneuvered her way into every aspect of his life. She’d begun breaking into his email and social networking accounts, and deleted any female friends that she felt might be a threat. Once, they’d met an ex-girlfriend of Jack’s at the mall, and after giving him the third degree, she had apparently taken her phone number out of Jack’s contact list and left several violent and malicious messages on the poor girls answering machine. And they hadn’t even been dating long enough to move in together. Jack was able to read the writing on the wall, and he quickly called an end to it. Told her they were moving too fast, said he needed some time to get his head together. Angela didn’t seem to buy it though. She received the news in an eerie silence. She just nodded, leaned forward, and said in a quiet whisper “This isn’t over.” and stormed out of his apartment. He’d been unnerved to say the least, but it was certainly within her character. She always had to be on top.

“Hey bro, your beers gonna get warm if you keep staring off into space!” Steve chided him with a grin. Jack realized he had zoned out while going over the postmortem of the relationship. Still, he was just glad he’d gotten out when he did. You know what they say about sticking your dick in crazy. “Next round is on me, guys! I couldn’t be in a better mood!”

“That’s what we like to hear! I could get used to this!” Wade said with a laugh. The group was back together, and it was just like old times again. To freedom!

-Later that night-

Jack climbed out of his taxi, used it to steady himself, and then made the somewhat perilous walk up the stairs to his apartment. He’d tried not to drink too much tonight but he’d managed to push himself past the point of tipsy. The stairs seemed to shift of their own accord as he stepped on them, and it was slow going. Eventually though, he reached his apartment on the third floor, unlocked the door, and stumbled inside. It was dark, though various LEDs and power indicators around the room cast colors splashes of light. He was a bit pleased with himself for that. Jack had a bad habit of leaving the lights on whenever he left, but apparently he’d remembered on his way out to darken the apartment. He shuffled into the kitchen and opened the fridge. The light inside bathed the small kitchen in a yellowish glow as he hunted for something to graze on. As he searched for food, e couldn’t get over the feeling that something was odd. A persistent nagging in the back of his mind. Yet whenever he tried to grasp as what it may be, the fog of alcohol carried it away. Jack shrugged, figured it must not be important, probably some forgotten errand, and pulled out the fixings for a sandwich. He popped the kitchen light on and set to the task of making his midnight snack. As he was constructing his sandwich, he found himself musing about his crazy ex once more. Even though she’d started to show some distinct signs of crazy, he couldn’t help thinking about her body. She had an addictive quality to her, that’s for sure. When she was on top of him, smothering him with kisses, filling his nose with her intoxicating perfume

*Her fucking perfume.*

Jack realized what had been nagging at him immediately. He probably would’ve noticed it earlier if he’d been sober, but now that he was aware, it was unmistakable. He knew that smell. It was in the air, and he was pretty sure he wasn’t imagining it. He wouldn’t forget that smell. it made him think of sex every time.

He whipped around and surveyed his apartment. The only light currently on was in the kitchen, so most of the apartment was still bathed in shadow. Was she here? He moved into the living room, held his breath, and popped the light on. The last thing he needed was to get jumped by a crazy woman wielding a knife or something. To his relief, the living room was empty. Everything looked fine.

“Lighten up, Jackie. You’re too drunk for your own good.” he said to himself. The words were followed by a sudden pain in the back of his head, and then blackness.


Jack groaned as he came to. Groaned wasn’t quite the right word for it. It was more of a whimper. It felt like someone had given his head a once over, and his buzz had gone out the window. Maybe tonight wasn’t as good as he thought it was.

“I was wondering when you were gonna wake up, baby.” the voice was unmistakable. Angela’s voice was like honey, but there was definitely a malicious tone to those words.”I was getting lonely waiting for you. You know how much I hate waiting;”

Jack began to regain awareness of his body, and realized that he was in his bed, handcuffed to the frame, and naked as the day he was born. He instinctively tried to cover himself, only to have the handcuffs dig sharply into his wrists. He gave another groan as the pain in his head seemed to amplify. The room was softly lit, filled with the ambient glow of candles all around. Would’ve looked like a nice romantic evening if not for the nude hostage with a growing welt on his head.

“What the fuck? Why are you in my apartment?” Jack was finding it hard to be incredulous when all he could really think about was how annoying the ringing in his ears were. But he managed to do a pretty good job.

“Well baby, I just thought we needed to have a talk. You seem very confused right now, and I just wanted to help you. I let myself in with the key I made.” She was standing beside the bed, leaning over him. Her enormous breasts were hanging not far from his face as she cooed in his ear.”I know you think we’ve been moving too fast, but I had a very special idea.” Jack looked up at her. She was wearing a black lacy bra the pushed her tits together to create some of the most perfect cleavage he’d ever seen. His eyes moved of their own accord and took in her whole body. Fuck, she was perfect. Flat, athletic stomach down to a skimp thongy that sat high on her hips. It was like something out of a porno. She leaned down and kissed him passionately, forcing her tongue into his mouth. He tried to fight her off, but didn’t seem to have much strength for it.

“See? You may think you wanted me gone, but your body sure remembers me. I know you want this.” With this, she placed her hand on his chest and slowly dragged it down his body. She was working towards his cock, but she was moving so achingly slow. He began to feel his penis stir. Jack tried to the best of his efforts to keep himself focused and not give her what she wanted, but his body was betraying him. She finally encircled his cock with her fingers and lazily tugged on it. More blood flowed into it with the increased sensation, and he groaned again. It wasn’t a groan of pain this time.

“You see, I was thinking, Jackie baby. We’ve had such a great time together, and I think you’re just scared to commit to me. But I know how to cure that. I love you so much, and I’m ready to do what it takes to keep you. So we’re gonna have a baby.”

The words “have a baby” set off all kinds of alerts in his head. This couldn’t be happening. This was like some kind of horror story. He immediately tried to jerk away from her touch, but he quickly realized that his feet were tied down to the bed frame as well. He was effectively mobilized. And his damn cock just continued to swell. This was outright insubordination from his own body.

“A b-baby? You can’t be serious. We’ve never even lived together!”. As he spoke, he realized that he was staring at her tits again. Though his mind was continually screaming to get away, flee, flee the crazy bitch, the animal part of him was having a field day. “You’re making a huge mistake! Let me go and we can talk about this!”

“Oh no, honey. I’ve made up my mind. I already know how this goes. I’m gonna give you the night of your life, to show you why you want to stay with me. And trust me, I’ve done the math. It’s the perfect time. I’m gonna make sure it sticks, and you’ll be the father of my baby. We’re gonna be a beautiful family.” She was whispering the words in his ear like it was dirty talk. He looked up at her face now, and she has a maniacal glint in her eye. This bitch was serious. He prayed silently to whoever was listening that he wouldn’t keep getting hard. He had to find some way out of this, or he’d be stuck with this lady for life.

“Now just lie back and enjoy, sweetie. I know I will.” With that, she climbed on the bed, moving down over his pelvis, and began to lick his semi-hard cock with long, languid strokes. It was like an electric jolt shot through his spine, and he quickly hardened to his full 9 1/2 inches. “Oh, there’s my big boy!”

“P-please, Angie, stop this. You barely know me, and-fffffuuuuuuuuck” his protests were quickly cut off as she enveloped the head of his cock with her full, beautiful lips and swirled her tongue around the head. He was having a very difficult time keeping track of what he was saying as her ministrations sent wave after wave of pleasure through his body. She then removed her lips with a loud POP and started slowly kissing from the base of the shaft up to the head.

“I (kiss) love you and (kiss) I love this cock (kiss) and that’s all I need to know. You (kiss) don’t have a choice in the matter anyway. Besides, this big fat thing seems to be on my side anyway.” She stuck her tongue out and licked the head like it was a lollipop before enveloping it once more. Jack tried jerking away from her once more, but his bindings were secure. Before he knew it, his hips were rocking into her mouth of their own accord. The pleasure was undeniable, and his body was giving in completely. Unfortunately for Jack, he hadn’t had sex since he’d broken it off with her, and he hadn’t found the time to masturbate either. He was working with a 4 day dry spell and his body was desperate for release.

“Don’t fire off too quick, baby. The fun is just getting started.” Angela leaned back and undid her bra, letting loose her giant, flawless breasts. Despite himself, Jack found himself staring at them once more and longing to lick and suck them. Angela then stripped her thong away, so she was as naked as he was.

“We were made for each other, I’m sure you realize. My body was made for fucking, it’s obvious you adore me. You’re just not letting yourself realize how much you love me. but I’m gonna show you.” As she spoke, she repositioned herself over Jacks body, bracing herself with one hand on his shoulder while she aimed his cock at her pussy with his other hand. As she did this, her breasts hovered just in front of his face. It took his entire composure not to dive straight into them, but he was determined to find some way to withhold her advances. If he gave up and let her use him, all was lost. Angela then whispered into his ear “Give it to meeeee” as she slowly sunk down onto his cock. She eased him in, inch by inch, and he couldn’t help but moan out loud at the sheer pleasure. Her pussy was velvety and slick, and amazingly tight. It felt like she was gripping his cock, and each inch that sunk into her melted his resolved further. Once he was completely sheathed inside of her, she began to suck on his earlobe. It was one of Jack’s weak spots, and she knew it.

“You’re so big, baby. I love this big fat dick. This belongs to me now.” Jack tried to find something clever to say, or something spiteful, but all he could really think about was how amazing her pussy felt. She then began to rock her hips, sliding his length in and out of her. It was too much for him, and he began to grunt with each pump. “That’s right. I know you worship my pussy. Tell me how much you love it.

“F-fuck you bitch. Get off me.” Jack managed to blurt out. The sex felt amazing, but the terrible portent of what was coming allowed him to regain some composure. He began to feel that pressure in his stomach of a building orgasm, but he did everything he could to stifle it.

“Now now. I don’t think you understand your position, sweetie.” There it was again. Every time she used those cutesy nicknames, her voice was practically dripping with malice. Why did that make him so hot? In return, she began to pick up, speed, sliding his cock in and out of her cunt faster and faster. The increased sensation robbed him once more of conscious thought and all he could think about was the immense pleasure. Angela pulled back and pulled his head into her tits. Without realizing it, he began to lick her perfect globes and searched for her nipple with his mouth. “See? Your body knows what it wants. Don’t hold out on me. I know you want to let loose.” The days of pent up semen inside of him was practically boiling, dying to be let free. But Jack was holding on. He was fighting his own body, but he was managing to keep some level of control.

They went on like this for about 10 minutes, her body moving like a perfectly designed machine. His cock was throbbing, oozing pre-cum, desperate for release. Jack was doing everything he could to stay in the game, to keep from giving her what she wanted. But he didn’t know how much longer he could keep on like this, and she just kept moving faster and faster. He was beginning to think his thighs might be getting bruised.

“Are you ready baby? I’ve been going easy on you, but now it’s time you give in.” With that, she sank down onto him so his entire cock was buried inside of her, and flexed her pussy. It was like there was a vice around his cock, and the suction was incredible. He clenched his fists and strained against the bed-frame looking for some last shred of strength.

:FFFFFUUUUUUCCCCKK” he screamed. The walls broke, and his body was overcome with a mind shattering orgasm. Stream after stream of sticky cum rocketed into her pussy, and she just kept flexing herself around him as though she was milking him. “That’s right, let it all out. Give it to me.” She still had that maniacal twinkle in her eye, and her expression was one of utter victory.. The orgasm took every bit of strength out of him and he slumped forward into her breasts. He was totally defeated. She’d taken everything from him.

“See? That wasn’t so bad. I got what I wanted, you got what you wanted, and now we’re gonna be together forever.”

*Forever. Fuck.*

And once more, despite himself, his cock began to re-harden inside of her. A victim of his own body and this succubus of a girlfriend.

Sarah Dickens sat alone at the table sipping her coffee. Around her mums and their young children went merrily about discussing the holidays and shopping. It was such a foreign concept to her: family. She had grown up in a string of caring and decent, if not permanent, foster homes. Her mum had been a drunken slag, who vacillated between beating and neglecting her young child. At the age of four, Sarah had been taken into care following a particularly brutal attack that left a nasty burn scar over much of her back. Even twenty-three years later that scar had faded very little.

Her first home had been with a very nice older woman, who had grown children. But less than a year into the placement, Mama Grace had fallen and broken her leg. She had been unable to continue to care for Sarah and had instead moved into her son’s. So began Sarah’s odyssey in care that would continue for the next twelve years. Fifteen foster homes and five social workers later, Sarah had entered an independent living centre while finishing her A-levels.

At university, Sarah could almost blend into the crowd, except at holidays like these. When her friends scampered home to their families, Sarah remained virtually alone, save for the rare international student whose budget was too tight to allow them to return home for the holidays.

Now as a reception teacher, Sarah both loved the chaos of the season and lamented it. During the days leading up to it, Sarah lived vicariously through her students the joys of the celebration. Her class always worked hard on their part of the Christmas play and made home-made decorations for the huge tree that graced the corner of the room.

But Sarah dreaded with a deep emptiness the final day of school for it heralded the bitter end to the holiday fantasy, which she had built around the twenty-seven young lives of her students — her children. It stood as a stark reminder that she had only borrowed them; that they must return each night, each weekend and each holiday to their real families. Something she had never had.

Of course, the other side of the coin was that although Sarah could easily empathize and form close bonds with the children, her early relationships or more accurately lack there of had resulted in a profound lack of trust, which resulted in the early demise of her two attempts at adult relations. Her first relationship, if you could call it that, had been with another girl at the independent living centre. It had actually been more like friendship because the sex actually ended it all. Then her final year in university, Sarah had given into the repeated pleas of one of her best friends for something more. But once again, the sex seemed to sour what had been one of her closest relationships. Even though she and Jack still kept in touch with the occasional email or phone call.

“You are even more beautiful than your pictures.” Sarah was woken from her day dreaming by the cool crisp American accent.

Her eyes lifted to meet the dark black ones ensconced in a distinctly handsome dark coffee color face. He was tall; his head completely shaven as well. For half a second, Sarah once again wondered at the folly which had brought her on this seemingly crazy errand. Aware that her silence was now bordering on rudeness.

She shook her head just a bit as if to clear her mind, “Actually I was just thinking that I have completely lost my mind and should get the hell out of here.” Sarah tried to make her excuses. “I’m sorry I wasted your time like this.” Her eyes dropped to the floor.

His large hands wrapped softly about her upper arm as she made to rise. He leaned forward and brushed a soft kiss across her cheek. His lips were against her ear; his voice deep and hypnotic when he whispered, “You are every man’s fantasy of the innocent little school marm. God, I want to fuck my baby into you so bad.”

At that moment, Sarah’s legs would not have worked if she needed them to. Her fingers tightened into little fists at her side as they always had when nervous. All the bravado of one hundred and seven emails and hours upon hours of online chats instantly vaporized.

Although they had both talked about this meeting, teased about the things they would do to one another; his words brought home to Sarah the truth. This man, this gym jock, the dark Adonis before her was way out of her league. With her limited sexual experience, she could not fake her way through the next two days.

Collapsing back into the booth, Sarah tried very hard to think of a way out of this incredibly uncomfortable position in which she found herself. It had been the desperation of yet another holiday alone that had driven her to such an uncharacteristically brash action as taking a train over seventy-five miles to meet a virtual stranger for sex. Unprotected sex. She was certain that her psychologist would have a complete field day with the Freudian and Jungian implications of her behaviour.

Staring into the almost empty cup of hot chocolate, she tried to summon even a tiny bit of the brashness, which had come so easily in the written word. Not that she had not had the same reservations when she woke up this morning. On the short walk to St Pancreas train station and every single mile that the train drew closer to Cambridge. She had rehearsed all the cute lines she might try.

The reality of the man before her was too much. And the fact that she had actually seen photographs of the more intimate parts of his anatomy hidden in those loose jeans made her even more uncomfortable. Sarah had just assumed somehow no one on those naughty sites were real. But the man sitting before her was very much real and very much resembled the pictures he had emailed. If others things did?

A pub would have been a better choice for a meeting place, Sarah thought, forgetting for the moment that she never drank. Without consciously thinking Sarah’s blue eyes drifted to the crotch of his jeans as he pulled out the chair in front of her and straddled it.

His deep chuckle drew her eyes back up to his handsome face then. “Yes, those pics are real too, Teach.” His answering wink sent Sarah’s pale cheeks an even deeper shade of fuchsia, if that was possible.

Sarah was not certain what to say then, as if she had been sure of anything for the past few days. The only thing that had driven her on this crazy escapade at all was Britney. Her god-daughter turned two soon. Ever since she had been born, something inside of Sarah had grown restless. Britney was the only child of her best friends Kasey and Todd, both of whom were teachers at the same primary school where she had worked since finishing university.

It had been their first day as well. The three of them had just naturally become close. Of course, that closeness had grown into something more for Todd and Kasey. And most of the time Sarah was happy for them, especially when Britney was born. From the moment that she had held the tiny little café-au-lait baby girl, one of her deepest held beliefs had come into question. Sarah had always thought that children of her own just were not in the cards, but she could no longer deny the want and yearning inside her.

This past weekend Sarah had kept Britney so that Kasey and Todd could have some time alone. In fact, it was the pain of lifting her sleeping body into her mother’s arms, another parting, which had driven Sarah to this rash behaviour in the first place. And it was that thought which she had to hold onto.

As if reading her mind, he spoke again. “I promise, Teach, if this is really what you want, then you could not have found a better guy. Like we talked about in the emails, you can walk out that door right now. I won’t stop you. It’s totally your choice.” Picking up her pale hand and bringing it slowly to his lips, he brushed a soft kiss across her knuckles like the almost prefect gentleman he had been on-line for the past six weeks.

“But then you won’t get the baby you want.” His smile widened as he lowered his voice to just above a whisper again, “And I won’t get the pleasure of your hot, wet, tight cunt wrapped around my cock for the next two days. And trust me, Teach, I am so hard for you right now it hurts like hell.”

Sarah felt it then. His other large hand running lightly up the inside of her stocking covered thigh under the table.

Darq_B_Baller: Wear sexy blk stockings and garters 4 me the 1st tym. No knickers. I want 2 touch your shaved pussy under table.

His erotic words came back to her as he seemed to do exactly what he had written in his email weeks ago. Sarah waited, wondering if he would carry through on it. She felt her body responding as it had to the mere typed words, her cunt getting even wetter. She did not have to wait for long as she felt a thick finger brush across the top of her mound.

Darq, the only name she knew him by, since they had agreed to stick only to screen names, shifted in the wooden chair, which appeared too small for his bulky six foot, six inch body. His screen name was as Sarah came to discover in honour of his former profession, basketball player. Leaning just a bit closer into her, his finger actually slipped between the folds, brushing lightly across her wet and swollen clit. Sarah knew that she had to make a decision soon…logic or need.

His whispered entreaty, “You wore them. And you are as wet as I am hard. Teach, you better run for that damned door now or let’s go to my flat around the corner before I slip my finger inside you to see just how tight you are. If I did, I think we might both come right here.”

Sarah simply nodded her strawberry blond head. She reached for her ruck sack on the floor next to her, not that it contained much. Other than a few recent purchases from Ann Summers, including several varieties of lube. Even as she toyed at adjusting its weight on her back, she was not sure what her answer would be. But the bereft and wanton ache between her legs as Darq drew his hand back told her the truth. “How close is your flat?” she whispered looking at the beige carpet.

The low growl from Darq told his response to her answer, “Not fucking close enough, right now.”


Sarah tightened and released her tiny fists over and over again as Darq worked at the lock. The building was impressive; an old factory or stable of some type. As with so many buildings in this part of England. It was dark, large and imposing; seemingly steeped in history. As if a courtier in the Royal household, he stood to the side, bent at the waist and with a gentle hand at the small of her back ushered her in.

She did not have a great deal of time to look around though. Her impression was of massive oak beams, stone and intricate woodwork. But before she could begin the myriad of questions about how he found such an amazing place for his workshop and home, his full dark lips moved over hers. The most amazing and tantalising part was that only their lips and tongues touched. He made no move to hold her or touch her body any where other than the soft tasting and nibbling at the corners of her mouth. Sarah backed up until she felt cold stone behind her. The wall kept her weak knees from buckling under her lover’s onslaught.

When her lips parted to moan at the intimacy of what should have been a simple kiss, Darq seized the moment like a valiant warrior protecting his queen. His tongue invaded her mouth. Only then did he bring his hand up to wrap tightly through her reddish-blond tresses. Pulling softly, he positioned her innocent mouth for further seduction. But still he made no attempt to touch her anywhere else.

Sarah felt as if her whole body was on fire, but especially the wet patch of nerve endings hidden in the folds between her legs. Remembering his brief touch in the café, she moaned into his mouth, needing something more than his mere kisses offered. She could almost feel him smiling against her lips.

“Little Teach want something?” he whispered into her mouth.

Sarah whimpered as she arched her petite body against his. Her small breasts ached even more as her nipples tightened in the lacy black bra with the slits which allowed them to protrude through. They rubbed painfully against the rough wool of her jumper.

“Please…” she sighed against his full lips that tasted of dark desire, chocolate and something in her innocence she could not even fathom.


Darq teased her more, “Then you’re gonna have to take it, Teach.”

He knew that he was pushing her. But he needed to know that this was her choice. That he was her choice. He was playing a game far beyond this woman-child’s experience. And if some part of him felt the pangs of guilt in his deceptions, he pushed them aside. Assuring himself that he had her happiness as much in mind as his own.

His only attempt to persuade her was to return to her sweet little mouth. But this time, instead of the drugging and boldness, he only licked softly along her bottom lip. When she answered the challenge by bringing that tiny little hand to the front of his jeans, he practically collapsed against the wall, pinning her there.


Uncertain where she found the boldness, Sarah wrapped her fingers about his cock through the material. Her eyes opened wide when she realised that her fingers could not reach completely around it. Her green pupils dilated further when she ran her hand along its length. It seemed those pictures were extremely accurate, she thought. It seemed too that her fingers might never reach the tip. It was her turn to smile though as Darq growled like a bear when she lightly squeezed the head of his cock.

“Take it out, Teach,” he commanded in his deep American accent. His dark eyes held her gaze as if challenging and searching her soul. “If you want my baby, then do it.”

The gravity of his words only added to the eroticism of the moment for Sarah. The idea that not only was this already the hottest sex of her life, but that it would also get her the baby she so desperately wanted was almost too much. She could have sworn that she felt a warm wetness dripping down the inside of her thigh as she fumbled with the row of buttons on his jeans. The whole thing seemed to take forever, she thought in frustration. Why didn’t the man just do it himself, she thought as she whimpered again with her rising need.


“That’s it, Teach,” he groaned against her soft lips as he felt her finally dispense with the last button.

“We have to take what we want in life, baby. You know that.” He used images he knew would challenge this tiny package of bravery. He was not sure how much further he could take this game. How much further the innocent little Teach would go. Or how much more he could tolerate. But he needed to find out with this woman, who had fascinated for longer than even she knew.

He pushed the guilt back once more. He would manage whatever complications arose later. But for now, he had what was most important. The woman he loved in his arms.


Sarah was driven onwards not only by his words, but perhaps even more so by pure lust. After all those teasing emails and pictures, she wanted so desperately to see for herself. She needed to feel his cock in her hands. She was delighted to discover that Darq had gone commando, not certain at all she would have had the skill or the nerve to tackle any more layers of clothes.

She was the one, who growled when she felt the heat of it. His pulse beat strongly along the length of it. Running her hand deeper into his tight jeans, she found what she knew from the photographs and their conversations was the uncut head. Carefully she drew her hand back out the leg of his jeans; bringing with it the thing which had fascinated and aroused her since she received that first email all those long weeks ago.

When it finally popped free of the confines of those jeans, which Sarah had noticed as they walked moulded to a very hot ass, she almost could not breathe. It was everything in those photographs and more. As she felt the heaviness of it in her tiny hand, she slid slowly down the cold stone until she knelt on the rough-hewn natural wood floor.

She ran the unbelievable soft skin across her face slowly almost worshipfully. Oral had been the one thing in which Sarah felt she excelled sexually, having gained a love of it during her first lesbian relationship. She ran her tongue teasingly along her lower lip as she stared boldly up into his dark face.


Darq braced his large hands against the wall. He had a feeling he might be needing the support, because at that moment his little Teach looked anything but innocent. Her amazing green eyes were glazed with lust as she quite expertly ran those tiny white hands up and down the length of his hard black cock.

He groaned. Damn, she seemed to have just the perfect amount of pressure and rhythm. It was as if she instinctively knew what he liked, mirroring the movements he had used so many times over the past few weeks to as the Brits say wank after another long night of racy messaging with her.

But what he very much doubted Teach realised was that crouching as she was on the floor with her legs slightly parted, her short black mini-skirt that he knew she had bought just for him had ridden up. It revealed the lacy garter clips and sheer black stockings that were the fruit of their on-line shopping trip to Ann Summers. It also revealed more than a bit of her neatly shaven and glisteningly pussy.


Sarah smiled up into his gaze as she pointed her tongue and tasted him. Slowly she drew back his foreskin with her hands and ran her tongue about the whole girth of his black cock, a first for her. She inhaled deeply. His fresh, crisp scent spoke of musk, the raw wood that surrounded them and with which she knew he worked daily, and something so dark and mysterious she doubted she could ever name it. With a boldness that surprised even her, she swallowed his cock. Well, about six inches of it anyway. Considering her only other male lover’s cock had been considerably smaller, she was very pleased with her accomplishment.


Darq collapsed forward further using his forearms now to support his substantial weight as he closed his eyes and threw back his shaven head. He knew he could not allow the little vixen to play much longer. He was as determined as she was that his seed find the tiny egg that they both knew waited inside her. It was the first step in his plan to bind this remarkable woman to him. Forever. And he was not about to lose sight of that.

But for a single moment he enjoyed the tease; remembering another picture he had emailed her. A cum bath as they would say, a black man beating his cock and spraying his cum across the pale white skin of his lover. It had been a tease to see just how serious his Teach was. He had followed the picture with a challenge.

Darq_B_Baller: 1 request…will u do this? the last day…i want 2 cum all over ur pale face and tits

The words brought his mind back to the moment, but this was not their last day together. It was their first. Drawing back to his full six foot six height, he laced his fingers through her soft strawberry hair and drew her head back until he heard and felt to his toes the audible pop of his cock slipping from between those soft, sweet lips.

“As much as I love that, Teach, what you’re doing now won’t get my baby girl inside you.” Cupping her head firmly but tenderly, he lifted her off the cold floor.


Sarah had imagined this moment almost from the first. Yet not a single one of those fantasies, which she had used along with her pocket rocket to bring herself to orgasm as she looked at pictures of him, could come close to this moment. He was as the song said: a hero larger than life. His presence filled every nook and cranny of even this massive and historic locale. His erotic words hung in the still crisp air between them.

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