Returning from Anna’s class reunion, both Ted and Anna were pleased with their adventures. Anna was able to again experience something really hard and full between her legs and Ted was able to again perform as he did a couple of years ago after being turned on seeing his loving wife with two other men.

Back in Houston the next question was how often, how to meet, and with whom. For Anna, to fuck two of her old classmates was one thing but to go out and find acceptable strangers was quite another. They soon realized that Anna “doing it” with another unknown man was not all that easy.

Then one evening Ted remembered a very sexual experience on a past cruise they had with ‘Carley’, a beautiful she-male who just happened to live in the Houston area. That was two years ago and Ted was not having erectile problems. How would Carley react now that he was no longer a virile male? When he mentioned Carley to Anna she remembered how her husband confessed to getting totally hot with this she male. They rationalized he wasn’t really fucking another woman…

Why not give it a try. Ted could maybe get turned on by Carley again and if not Anna would be willing to get it on with this TS in hopes of that exciting Teddy. A call was made. Carley remembered their encounter in her cruise ship suite and said she would love getting together for old times sake.

On THE evening, Ted watched his wife prep for their sexual escapade with Carley. He loved watching her after bathing, standing in front of the mirror wrapped in a white terry cloth towel with her ass cheeks visible and desirable. She was applying make up, eyebrow liner, lipstick, etc. Now she sensually brushed her long blond hair and puckered her lips in the mirror. Anna eyed her closet for the perfect outfit and settled on a sexy black on white print short mini dress with a very low-scooped front.

She now provocatively dropped her towel revealing those beautiful huge still firm breasts with their dark areolas and small nipples. Ted’s eyes lowered to her blonde bush trying to hide her slit. He could feel some arousal and imagined that soon a she-male cock could be fucking her.

Anna smiled, hands on hips and purred, “you like”.

“Oh do I,” as Ted pulled her over. His hand slid between her thighs then moved up to that moistening pussy. His finger probed into her slippery love tunnel. Anna urged her horny husband on but soon he retracted his cum covered digit, sticking it in his hot wife’s mouth. She approved with a girlish giggle and lick.

Carley was due any time so they promised to continue later. Anna slipped on some very small thongs that barely covered her ass crack, and the print dress that revealed most of her braless breasts.

Ted was dressed in his boxer silk like boxer shorts and his lounging robe when the doorbell rang. There standing in the doorway was Carley. She was wearing a very hot black spaghetti strapped party dress that left little to the imagination. She was about 5 ft 8 inches, wavy black shoulder length hair, and was “falling out of her dress.

After the routine greeting kisses, they all settled down for a few drinks and catching up on their life’s. Carley was surprised that Ted is having this ‘problem’ but understanding the cure excited her.

The wine flowed as their conversation became more and more sexual.

“Now let me understand,” Carley remarked in her she TS voice.. “Ted you have a real problem getting hard and so far only seeing your wife with another man can turn you on. And Anna, you love your husband but do miss his full manhood and need a stiff cock once in awhile.”

“Yea that’s about it. Are you willing to help us?”

Carley was more than ready. “Anna, I don’t normally make it with women but in your case…”

Carley leaned over and softly kissed Anna on her full lips. Anna was surprised and pulled back but then realized how hot the she male lips felt. Their tongues probed and explored.

Now Carley stood pulling Anna up with her. Her hands cupped Anna’s huge tits then down to squeeze her sweet ass. Finally Carley’s hand rubbed against Anna’s thongs then found its way into her moist pussy.

Weak kneed Anna was surprised how good this taboo love making felt and could not resist Carley’s aggressive advances.

Anna went on the offensive. She pulled down Carley’s spaghetti straps and cupped her not real large but firm, well shaped tits, followed by massaging and gently pinching her nipples. She lowered her face, kissing and sucking each as Carley’s hand urged her on.

Anna quickly pulled off Carley’s party dress and stared at her black bikini panties hiding a growing bulge. With wiggle and a deft step, the undies were on the floor exposing a large penis glistening with precum. Anna was mesmerized by this “lady” and her beautiful full cock.

“Ted, do you want your wife to suck my cock?”

Of course he did, so Carley guided her now fully hard cock to Anna’s mouth.

By now Anna was totally in a hypnotic trance. She obediently took the slimy cock in her hands, kissed its crown, then began licking the shaft, the underside of the crown, and finally eased it into her mouth.

“You taste so good, I wish you would cum in my mouth but it’s for my hubby to enjoy.”

Carley’s eyes were rolling back in her head but she understood.

Now Carley had Anna on her back with legs spread and pussy fully exposed and ready. She guided her large full cock into Anna’s love tunnel and began humping her with a sense of urgency. Their tits were massed together and lips were as one.

Anna cried out in pleasure. “Oh YESS, I need your hard cock in me, oh, god sooo goood.” Anna shuttered and Carley knew it was time to move on.

The hot she male now motioned for Ted to crouch on his knees on the bed and present his ass to her.

Ted hesitated as he removed his robe and shorts. He had never received anal sex. He knew it would hurt but was determined to follow through.

Carley slipped on a condom and used some of her precum to grease Ted’s ass hole. Now she insertrd one finger, then a second and finally a third loosening him up. “I think your ready, my dear sexy man.”

Ted felt her penis probing his ass, then suddenly she shoved it past his aching ass muscle and into Ted’s love tunnel.

At first, “OHHH, THAT HURTS, OH GOD PLEASE STOP.” Then, “now its better. Yes I like it. I never thought it would feel this good.”

Carley continued to slam her cock into Ted but soon knew she would be cumming.

“You want me to cum in your ass?”

“No, no, you have such a beautiful cock I want to watch it erupt up close.

Carley then pulled out of Ted’s ass, and removed the condom. Ted now on his back, motioned Carley to sit on his upper chest.

Ted lusted at this beautiful full, hard cock just inches from his mouth. The crown was full and spongy with drops of precum still dripping from its slit. His tongue tasted Carley’s sex and he inhaled the she male’s pungent but desirable smell.

Ted wanted to watch up close this luscious cock ejaculate, so instead of sucking Carley off, he told her to cum into his waiting mouth. “Oh yes my lover”, as she began jacking her cock faster and faster. Ted eyes were glued to the cock’s slit as she suddenly cried out with a final full pump. Now Ted experienced a rope of cum exploding from her cock and into his waiting mouth. Then another and another.

After he tasted all he could, Ted swallowed his taboo creamy dessert.

Now Anna passionately kissed her husband’s cum covered lips and exclaimed, ” Hottie husband, you’re as hard as a rock. Please fuck me now!”

With Carley approvingly watching, Ted took Anna doggie style slamming his hard cock again and again into his wife’s hot puffy cunt. Their movements became frenzied – faster and faster he humped his luscious wife. Her huge tits were swaying back and forth as she cried out for more and more. Finally she stiffened, yelled in ecstasy, and had a full hot orgasm. Ted shortly followed, flooding her hot pussy with spurt after spurt of his warm sperm.

After recouping the night was young. They tried different techniques- Carley fucked Teddy in the ass while he was fucking Anna. Anna and Teddy sucked off Carley together, and Teddy had enough left to fuck Carley in the ass.

The night resulted in three happy people, totally satisfied but sexually drained.

Ted thought, this impotency problem isn’t such a problem after all!

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