implied surgery

Author’s note: I finally finished it and need opinions about it. I also would like to apologize for the first authors note for I did not mean to scare people from reading it. I am just scared my work will be used else where and without my name as credit. Again I am sorry. I also would like it noted that these are not the polished copies but almost a third rough draft that i would like people to read and give me constructive criticism on. Friendly questions, comments, concerns and remarks are welcome. Thank you!

~1: The Breaking Point~

Savage canine barks, growls and humanoid laughing rang out loud from a rectangular cage; which is one of the few attached to a larger fence enclosed fighting arena. A sharp screech of protesting metal of the closed door echoes throughout the room overcoming the crowd’s noise for a split second as the three wild dogs try to force their way through it to the arena. The sounds made by the occupants of this metal crate, did make quite a few of the more cowardly spectators to jump and flinch.

They are eager to have their paws and armor soaked in blood of their next opponent. They knew this is new territory for them to fight for and claim as their own!

The fencing that made up the walls that surrounded the fighting pit were made of woven silver wire that was twisted together to form strong diamond shapes. The silver was corroded in places where blood and other spilt bodily fluids have come in contact with it and corroded it over time.

The arena’s floor was made up of mostly sand and an occasional large boulder. The sand, in many places, was stained a rusty brownish-red by the blood that had been spilt and dried upon it. Also in the sand, you can see the depressions where traps and other hidden hurtful devices were that have been deployed from time to time when the battles got too boring and long.

Hard, golden eyes with elongated pupils and a circle of black specks look out from the dark-ness of the only mobile holding cage in the arena opposite of the multiple adults. The young celestial pup within it waits silently for the door to open and the killing to begin. He knows the drill all too well and does not even bother to let it be known that this is his and he will kill those that oppose him.

His eyes hardened to golden chips of steel when wild cheers rose from the crowd that had gathered to watch the uneven match-up. The doors of the holding cages slides open for the opponents to enter the battlefield. As his opened, he crawled out of the fighting cage on all fours from the right hand side.

He was a lanky, under-fed but muscular, celestial juvenile. The pup stood four and a half feet in height but he looks so thin that it looked like a soft blowing breeze could knock him over. You could, even underneath his poor excuse of a shirt, count every one of his ribs and make of the shape of his pelvic bone under his tattered and torn shorts.

His shirt looked to be originally brown but you cannot exactly tell under all the stains that were on it and the dirt encrusted on it. His shorts were just as badly stained and seem to have once had been a tone of black but it has faded so much it was a tired looking grey color under the many stains.

His mouth looked so mistreated. His lips were near nonexistent around the opening of his mouth. They seemed chewed up, as if something has been eating at them. In a few places his lips were cracked right through, clear down to his fangs. With every expression on his face his lips would always bled. A little or a lot; the amount of bleeding depended on the extent of the expression use of his lips.

His right arm was more scarred then the rest of him, it looked like there were bite marks that ran up and down the inside of it. Some places the fur was just beginning to grow back, others seemed to just beginning their healing stages. There was one that look freshly inflicted; being only a day or so old. The scab had broken like the tears in his lips and blood started to wet and flattened down a small streak of his fur against the skin as it oozed down his arm.

His legs are long and muscular; they make up most of his height. His knees are close to his torso because of he had shorter thighs then of humans his height to make up for that his lower leg was longer; so was the upper part of his foot causing him to walk on his toes and ball of his foot, like that of the quadruped red fox. Honestly, he looked like he would be at home on all four as well as standing upright.

His fur color was bright orange; you could tell that even though it was dulled slightly under all the accumulated dirt, dust and grime that clung to it. His bare legs were black form the back of his ankle down to the toes he stood upon as well as his arms were black from his elbows to his fingertips. His hair was just a little bit redder then his fur. His tail fur looked so fluffy and soft despite the filth that was engrained within the long hairs.

Out of the left hand side of the battle arena comes out one… two… THREE adult male anthropomorphic canines! Their bodies were like that of a muscular male human but they were had heads and fur of hyenas. The smaller two held a sword and a round shield in their grasps, but the leader (and largest) held a battle axe and a larger tower shield in his furry grip.

They grunt and growl as they make their way out of their holding cell. The smaller two were always nudging and knocking into the other trying to overpower the other. That was put to a stop with a single commanding bark from the alpha of the group.

His head swiveled as he looked around surveying the new territory and looking for their opposition. At first he overlooked the weak and sickly looking pup thinking it a trick by the other side and not their actual opponent.

Though, looking at the little fox’s body language it was not what you’d expect from one so young and maltreated. You’d think he would run back into his holding cage and try to hide in the shadows and hope not to be seen and be torn apart by the aggressive adults.

Not this one, he held his head and tail high, chest out and nostrils flaring. There were strings of slimy, blood flecked and metallic saliva dripping down to the floor and onto his rag of a shirt from his snarling, cracked and bleeding mouth as he walks a little ways into the sandy arena.

The pup stood there proud and strong as he stared at them for a moment. Time stood still as he sizes up his opponents and quickly decides which way was best to defeat them.

Then, it all seemed happened at once. The little one moved so fast that not one of the on-lookers would really be positive how it all went down. It was like the puppy was standing still one moment and a blur of hot red-orange furred action the next.

He had dropped to all fours and bolted toward the opposing trio. The smallest went down with a gush of blood from his ripped throat. Blood, for a frozen second, left a string of suspended droplets that served as a trail that the child’s mangled muzzle had just taken before falling to the ground.

The kid hits the floor on all fours and skids on the ground. His claws, on his feet and hands, dig into the ground and leaves deep tracts in the sand as he whips his body back around to face the other rivals. He growls as his ravaged lips are pulled up to reveal his yellow and rotting teeth.

The second one had better reaction speed and attacked while the puppy was still. The smaller of the living adversaries gives a nervous barking laugh as he attacks the pup. He had no more illusions that this would be a quick fight. His plain longsword swishes through the air fully intent to bathe its edge in his blood.

The pup lunges under the sword and grabs hold of the down swinging wrist with one of his hands. With a sharp yank backwards, the pup heard the satisfying tear of muscle and a pop of the shoulder joint giving way.

The foe gave a strangled scream that covered the cheers of the crowd as his sword arm was ripped clean from his shoulder. Then before he could take another breath to replenish what he just used; he was stabbed through his heart with his own sword, which his forcibly amputated arm still griped.

Growling, Fox flung the arm away and held the blade in just one of his small hands. That sword looked like it could be a claymor for the celestial pup. The leader attacked the tiny young one without hesitation. Victory was his! Not matter what he did, every move he made was either blocked by his fallen companion’s sword or missed completely.

With a loud growl of victory, the alpha thought he had the vicious pup where he wanted and he was going to give the deadly winning blow! The surviving adult gave a mighty thrust his battle axe downward, thinking he was going to cleave his young opponent into two smaller pieces; but he came down on empty air. The last living adult in the cage blinks for a few ill-spent seconds in surprise. That little one was fast!

As his eyes looks for the pup for a few heartbeats, then they opened wider as a loud roar came from behind him. He turns around and brings his shield up to block the downward arch of the incoming weapon but was too slow, and the last thing the anthropomorphic hyena sees are his own inner workings coming spilling out to make another stain upon the sand.

As the innards of the last slain warrior splashes on the ground, the little one stood panting and shaking with utter exhaustion. That small fight drained him of what little energy he had. The pup then slowly let go of the weapon and let it fall to the ground with a muted ring of metal.

He was so hungry he could eat anything but he was so tired. His mouth watered at the sight and smell of the fresh meat. The silvery saliva slipped passed his emaciated lips to drip upon his chest and the sandy floor at the sight of the feast before him.

He went to take a step toward the corpses but his legs gave out on him and he fell to the sand with a soft thud. He laid there face down for a moment and gave an almost inaudible whine. He was so close to some fresh meat, it was just beyond his grasp. He struggled to get up and almost got to his feet. His leg’s muscles shook and seemed to not have the strength left to hold him up any longer. So he fell, upon his stomach in the gore drenched sand once more.

Two guards opened that gated door that led into that cage and walked right in once they were certain he was weak enough to be handled. The fiery pup just pants and growls as they come close to him. Then he just snaps at one but flops back down into the crimson stained sand.

The one he snapped at picks the celestial child up by his poor excuse of a shirt and a fist full of fur and skin of the back of his neck then backhands the puppy across his face, while the other laughs. The pup snaps just inches from the hand after it struck then he glares at the human male guard with pure hatred and fury.

He growls more and snaps at the human male again. He missed by a hair width of the biting the guard’s ugly, bulbous nose from his hideous face, blood from his lips and silver spittle flew and land onto the guard’s cheeks. “Aw, look a’ him. He like-a you,” the guard’s companion states.

“Yous little shit!” the guard yells at the battle-stained youth. “Yous gots too much balls in yous today. No food for yous!” He then carries that young one to his holding cage and literally threw the poor child into it.

“It be to teach you manners!” The guard spouts as he grabs hold of the cage’s handle and begins to pull that metal container. The abused young pup was drug through the maze of hallways, intersections and lengths of ramps.

He looked longingly for those quick passing seconds that he had at the door to the outside. What he would not give to have his mother free of these solid stone walls that made up their prison. This was all she had experienced in the world. She knew of things but never got the chance to gain familiarity them.

The battle cage he was in stopped outside the cage of glass walls’ in which holds him and his mother. Rough, careless hands quickly grabbed hold of the young celestial’s scruff once more and threw him into the glass prison without any care. With a quiet, weak yelp the adolescent celestial lands on his side on the stone floor of their cell.

The cell’s walls, floor and ceiling were made out of stone blocks; the ones that you imagine when you think of a fairy tale castle’s dungeon. There were no windows to the outdoors but there were large glass windows looking into their room. In the far left corner there was a hole for natural bodily functions. There was a slim pile of straw with several raggedy blankets on it that serve as covers atop which they slept upon.

Fauna was the mother of the little fighter. She was an even six feet tall. He coloring is like that of the pup but only a few shades lighter orange. Unlike the little one she was reasonably taken care of. She was fed daily and allowed to bathe when he was taken away from the cell. Her legs are similar to her offspring; tall and well-developed. Her legs also were formed so she had to stand on her toes; but she does not look like she could be comfortable moving about on all fours. The fur from her ankle to her toes and from a little passed her elbow were black.

Fauna jumps up from where she was resting and hurries to where he landed and gently rolls him to his back. With her gentle touch she helps him sit up. Her heart breaking at the sight of her young being so mistreated and malnourished as he was.

“Fox, are you okay?” She said in that ancient dialect with her voice laced with concern. When he did not answer her is any way, she gave a soft canine whine and carefully picks her puppy up.

She walks over to the rags and straw that made up their bed and lays him upon it. She covers him up because he had begun to tremble as a chill sets in from the little bit of sweat that he worked up. The adult female just looks down at her son and whines again. ‘This is so… so… So wrong!’ They should not treat anything like this, especially him this way!’ She thought as she laid down next to him and wrapped her arms about him and pulled him close to her body to help him fight off the chill that permeates their cage.

She gave a very soft growl deep in her throat so it sounds more like a purr to help relax and calm Fox. Her tongue slides out of her mouth and begins to gently lick on his upward facing ear, she flinched at the coppery tang of blood and grit of dirt in his fur but ignored it. Her right hand gently runs a hand over his forehead and down his cheek, then up over the bridge of his muzzle. He sighs against her as the chill left and the trembling came to a stop.

He gave a soft whimper at the same time that his stomach gave a loud, wet, squishing-like growl. The noise would have made any normal being’s own stomach turn. Fauna’s perked up as she heard that noise and almost instinctively knew what it was. He was not given anything to eat and so his body was eating itself to say alive. The noise spurred the adult female into action for if she did not she knew it could do a lot of harm to her offspring if she did nothing to stop it. So, she walked over to where she left the tray of food and began to eat.

Well, at least that is what she made it look like for the camera that was up in the corner of their cell, but in all actuality she was masticating the food into a thick paste in her mouth. She passes the food to the cheek that was farthest from the camera and after each bite of food she swallows just a bit of the juice, mostly to keep her saliva flowing and to keep from the liquid from drooling out of her mouth. If the liquid were to spill from her mouth they would not something was up and check on her.

Once her cheek was almost too full of the chewed food, she passes it with her tongue to the center of her mouth to make it look like there is nothing in her mouth now. She walks back over to her whimpering, shuttering little one and laid down with her back to the camera. Her little one was small enough that her body shielded his from the camera. She pulls Fox tight up against her body once more and begins to lick at his mouth.

Fox’s eyes where clenched shut in pain as he tries to deal with his self-digestion process; once the pain had lessoned he would fill his belly with something. He curls close into his mother once she returns and barely notices her tongue licking against his ruined lips. He opens his mouth slightly as he begins to pant out of pain.

He almost choked when something was pushed into his maw. He coughs around it and tries to use his tongue to push it out of his mouth. He fought against Fauna for a second before he automatically swallows to clear his mouth for air.

He could feel the slick, pasty substance slide down his throat down into his esophagus and land like a bolder in his belly. Then suddenly, his pains seemed to ease… whatever it was that was in his mouth passed into his yearning belly. His stomach growls in appreciation to finally being filled with something other the almost inedible slop he is usually given or its own bile.

His breathlessness gasping are once again stopped by another mouthful of the food paste that Fauna had made for him. His own mouth now recognizes the taste of pure food that has been long denied and begins to make with his own spit. As his special silver saliva and Fauna’s wets the dehydrated tissues in his mouth; which swell and split causing beads of his own blood mix into the food that he was given, as he slowly swallows down what she slowly passes into his mouth.

As he now took what she had to give unresisting and gratefully; as single tear, black as ink, had slid out from his left eye and only to be absorbed by his face-fur, but stains it a soft black, hardly noticeable though the gunk and everything the coats his fur.

Once every bit of food that was in her mouth had been passed to him She licks his lips moving down his chin to his throat, to encourage him to keep swallowing. As she licks she ignores once again the taste of dried blood and gritty dirt that has encrusted his body hair. The minute that she was sure that he could manage the rest of the pre-chewed food; she disengages from her tight embrace of him and goes over to her water source.

She does drink some from the large bowl for the camera’s sake and then fills her mouth with as much as it can hold without having her cheeks bulging outwards. She walks calmly back over to her ailing offspring and again pulls him close to her body with her back to the camera.

Fox pants now out of exhaustion and when his mother returned he pushes as close to the comfort and warmth of her body as he could possibly get. He whines softly when she tilts his head upwards and licks against his chapped and now bleeding lips as she smeared a tiny portion of the liquid onto his lips to moisten them.

He gives a soft sigh as the precious liquid passes his lips with her assistance. She goes slowly so not to shock his system with the water nor to choke him for he has not had any to speak of in weeks. He has been living off of just the garbage slop they give him as food.

In the past, he had learned his lesson not to take anything she is given even if it was given freely to him. She tried to feed him a portion of her meal one time in the past because she thought they would not be watching them and she was proven wrong. They came in and pulled Fox from the room and was cruelly beaten for it.

Then again, one time he had escaped the enclosure and gotten into the food storage. He had tried to steal a few items; not for himself but for Fauna. He was caught red handed and he was abused every way, shape and form for it.

Although, he had no idea that is might have lasted much longer or would have gotten worse had his mother not done what they had wanted. He was so hurt and dazed when he was returned to her the next night that he did not notice the musk of all the satisfied males hanging in the air of their little cage. Nor did he notice the dried yellowish-white stains that dotted her chest and were around her mouth.

Fauna finished giving him her mouthful of water and return turns to the rest of her meal. She glances back at her pup holds back a whine. He is so thin looking and now his belly looked slightly distended with just the little bit of food and water she had given him. She repeats the process of chewing and falsely swallowing the food in her mouth. Once more she lies curled around Fox and gently tries to get him to take it but this time he kept turning his head away from her and not accepting it.

He knows had enough in him to see him through the next week or two of the daily ritualistic tortures they give him. On top of his near daily fights, the poor pup under goes tests and tortures to please the cruel curiosity of the humans that hold them captive. He is electrocuted, drowned, burned and frozen just to name a few of the awful test and tortures they set upon his poor young body.

Three times, his heart had stopped because of those damned test and treatments at the hands of the sadistic humans. Three different times, Fauna had begged, pleaded and struggled against them to trying to get them to just let him go and rest in peace. Three damnable times they resuscitated him back into his life of constant pain and misery.

After his heart was beating the humans just laughed in her face, they were the gods of life and death in this place and they have not given Fox permission to die just yet. Both lie together were unknowing that the human beings were planning something that would cause more pain for the little youth and change him forever!

They relax together thinking they were going to be given peace for the rest of the day. He turns so that his back was against her front before tilting his head up to look at her upside down with his glowing immortal-seeming eyes. Fauna looked back into them and cannot help but think that those eyes seem to that of a dragon looking at her then a celestial. They seemed so open, innocent and loving at the moment, as if he had never be forced to take another’s life or endure so much trauma.

Fauna’s hand slowly come up to his head and gently begins to stroke the fur of his face and hair, gently petting with the grain of the hair and sometimes even against it to softly scratch the skin underneath as she does every night. She whispers as she always had done when she does this to him before they both slept at night.

“What is it that you hear, little one?” She says as she strokes his ears, because she knows he hears things that she cannot by the way his head turns and ears perk at times and there is nothing she could hear.

“What is it that you see, Fox?” She said as her head moves down his from his ears to his forehead then his eyebrow and eyelids. She asks for she has seen him start and jump at something she does not see.

She tenderly runs her fingers over and through his muzzle hairs and barely tickles the whiskers on the sides of his nose as she says “What is it that you smell?” She has watched him sniff and try to locate something within their prison of glass only for him to lose the smell of whatever it was he was tracking.

She murmurs gently in his ear caresses his forehead “What is it that you think, my dear pup?” For see has known him to have a wise and deep thinking look on his face from time to time. She knows he is as dumb as he lets the humans believe.

Lastly, she gathers him as close as she could to her body then her hands delicately caresses his chest and belly as she says so lovingly into his ear “What is it that you are?”

Then pup then suddenly turns to her and moves up a little so the he and his mother were nose to nose. Her emerald eyes looked into his golden eyes and notices that what she thought were just ordinary black flecks of coloring where not what they seemed.

The markings turned out to be runes of some sort. The runes were unlike any rune that she can recall seeing and she also notices that as his eyes focus on things near and far they rotate and turn, looking much like a modern day camera lens when it zooms in and out for focus.

She continues to look into those mesmerizing eyes, those eyes seem to draw her in and almost drown her in their liquid golden pools but she knows instinctively that she is safe and anything that he would do would not hurt her. She did not even feel her body’s eyes had shut as her soul gently pulled into Fox’s being without her notice.

When she became aware of her surroundings again she was in a black place. She could hear, see, feel or even smell nothing and panic has begun to set it. She trembles as she takes a few steps. She could not even feel the ground beneath her toes but it must be there to give her paws the friction to step… or she thinks she is stepping. Her nostrils flare as the panic sets in deeper. Her breathes comes and goes in gasps and her eyes are wide with fright as she is unsure what the hell to do.

Then a tiny hand rests on her forearm causing her to cry out in terror while whipping around to see the owner of the hand. What she expected was not what she saw. A small child seeming no more than ten year of age looks at her as she stares at him. A small playful smile plays at the youth’s lips. The being was glowing with the only light that could be seen by Fauna in this place.

That’s when she sees recognizes the eyes of the youth standing before her. They were unmis-takable. They were Fox’s eyes! Right down to the black runes she noticed earlier! She also noticed he had Fox’s flame colored hair but here it seemed as flame. Flickering and waving softly in a nonexistent breeze.

“Fox, is that you?” She asked hesitantly in their lost tongue.

The voice that answered seemed to be both: ancient and youthful, with a growl-like feel in the background of his voice, “Yes, I am the one whom you call Fox. I am about to reveal to you all the answers to the questions you ask. In time, I will no longer be called the name you have chosen but another name that will strike fear into the hearts of all whom opposes me in this realm.”

A million questions filled Fauna’s head but all were left unsaid when the youngster said, “I did not have much time, for the body I am in, is weak so I will only answer what you asked and no more. In due time, you will understand everything.”

She nods as she waits for him to verbally answer the questions. What happened next surprised her. The youth floated until he was at her height and both his hands covered her eyes so gently, as if she were made of thin glass and would break under a harder touch.

“Don’t open your eyes just yet…” He seemed to whisper to her as his hands touched her vul-pine ears then he ran a soft hand against the grain of the fur of her muzzle; much like she does when she asks the questions to him.

When he removed his hand from her face her ears feel plugged up like full of water after a swim. She flicks her ears back and forth to clear the plug and when she could hear again it was not just the soft inhale and exhale of her and the child’s breathing.

It was unlike anything she had heard before. It caused her fur to stand on end with fright. It was like she was listening in on a torturous bad dream. Screams of terror and demonic laughter were the most prominent of the sounds; mixed in to them were roars of rage, moans of lust, and gargles of death as well as other less mortal sounds. All of it was so loud she could not hear anything else.

When Fox touched her again causing her to jump in fright which triggered her to open her eyes and see what he saw daily. It was terror inducing to say the least. Things of nightmares moved in and out of the shadows of their cage; some shadows moved on their own. Blood seemed to be everywhere. It coated the ground, dripped from walls and in a few spots fell like ruby rain from the ceiling to splash in red puddles on the ground.

Her breathes were coming in gasps once more as her heart raced beneath her bosom. She could smell the blood, gore and filth of what she is seeing. The smell seemed like it’s been left to sit there for days in the hot sun but also fresh from a living body. Her stomach thought to rebel and twisted in her gut as with each breath the smell was renewed in her sensitive snout.

Terror had set its hooks deep into her heart once again from the second that her new sur-roundings came to be. Something moved around from her side to in front of her as her eyes widened as she saw the true soul of Fox.

Fox… seemed so weak a name for such a powerful being that she saw. Yes, the essence still had its youth and innocence but it also processed a powerful, graceful and overall regal and royal bearing it had caused her terror to skyrocket higher.

Then as she locks eyes with the small but powerful soul that stood before her, the terror fled from her like shadows from the light. Those eyes spoke to her soothing all alarm she held, saying without words that he would never do or let harm come to her.

He lifts one hand and gestures around as he speaks, “Fear not, for nothing you see can harm you. It is nothing but a projection of a fraction of what I sees when I looks about in the waking world.” He said in a soothing tone.

Then she noticed behind him was at first seemed to be many ribbon looking appendages sprouting from his shoulder blades. She blinks as they moved toward her and they gently grazed her skin. They felt of soft velvet and silk as the tentacles rub against her. The edges that skimmed against her had the feel of a razors edge but never once did they cut her.

He smiled softly as he looks at her. His look turns to one of thought, as if he was considering something. Then everything she could sense in the background vanishes from around her and once more she was in the dark with the glowing, angelic soul of her Fox.

He opens his mouth to say something more but noises interrupt him. She blinks and her surroundings changed again she was once more looking into Fox’s eyes. He tilts his head in questions as she blinks, readjusting her normal surroundings. Her ears turn before her head does to see what was making all that noise. The noises were of multiple footsteps and the soft growl of wheels on the smooth stone floor.

She slowly turns her head slightly to the glass panels that looked at the main hallway and windowed door of which they would walk by with what she thinks is going to be their neighbor. She lays her head on top of Fox’s head as he whines in discomfort and pulls his scrawny body closer to her almost as if to hide in or beneath her. Fauna’s attention was more focused on what her just saw as she mentally digests it

She sighs as she absently watches some of the men walk by the door as they stop just past it. Her eyes widen in shock as the rest of the rag-tag parade comes to a halt in front of the doorway; in the center of the group was a hospital bed with what looked to be three thick black belts along its length.

She got a bad feeling about this situation; she knew to her bones that they were here for Fox. She also notices all that attended were human males. Seven guards and two nurses in total were standing before the windowed cell.

Her fur stands on end, making her look twice as big as she really was, and her ears slowly flatten against her skull; in both distress and anger. It cannot be a good sign when there are no females in the group. She lets out a challenging, defensive and warning growl out to the males.

She heard the ominous sound of the keys in the door that caused her fear to spike and her lips to peel back from her teeth in threatening way. She had to protect her son; her instincts were screaming at her that if he left her side now, he would not return to her the same. She slowly slides from around Fox and get over top of him.

Fox whines and pushes against her, trying to get her to get off of him. He did not understand what was going on, but he knew it would get her in big trouble. His soft protests made her ear twitch but it had gotten no other reaction from her.

The moment the door opens she growls again low and deep in her chest. The closer they got to the Fox and her; the louder she got with her threatening growl. Her lips twitch higher away from her fangs as she lowers herself against her pup and she snapped her jaws in warning as the first guard came nearer to them.

When the guard stupidly reached for her thinking she would move from her offspring unpro-testing as she has done in the past, and she lunges at him and bite hold of his hand. Her teeth sank deep into his hand ripping right through the leather glove, tearing the flesh and striking bone in a quite a few places.

Almost the same instant that her teeth entered his skin, he stiffened and fell unmoving to his side. His eyes were frozen with shock at her actions. She has never, in her sixteen years captivity, attacked any being in anyway. She then backs up slightly with the hand in her mouth. The defensive female did not question what happened; she just released his hand and readjusted her position over her young and snarls at the men again.

You see, Fox’s silver saliva has a special property to it that when introduced into the bloodstream it temporarily paralyzes the body. There is no dose to size ratio when it comes to his saliva; a single tiny droplet could down an elephant. The dose merely determines the length of time that paralytics are in the recipient’s system.

Their hushed tones in their harsh language grate her ears. She understood most of what was said when it was loud enough for her to hear and from what she gathered what she was interfering with their schedule and they had no time to pacify the female to get to the… And her growls turn to near deafening snarl when they referred to her son as the patient.

Never has she felt such a need to fight; to spill the blood of her enemies then she has now. Her need to protect her son was like a fire rolling through her feeding from her anger and fear; waiting for a time to strike out in a backdraft of destruction. This need is driving her to use skills her loathes to utilize but she will do it for her son’s safety.

She can still feel the softly pleading Fox as he pushes against her chest and stomach in an effort to get her attention and to get her to move off of him. She is just going to get herself in trouble and bring pain on herself. She has to move or more pain will come to them, but she refused to ever acknowledge his protests. She only pressed herself closer to him.

Her eyes dart from one guard to the next; ignoring the laboratory coated humans for now as she does her growling lowered in volume as she was thinking. It was just slightly enough to be an accidental warning to them. They could almost see the gears turning her head as she thought quickly. All the guards had weapons and only a few she knew how to handle in a combat situation.

Before the female celestial had the chance to make a move on any of the ideas floating through her head, she was offensively tackled low by the same guard whose longsword she had glanced at. She was only rolled off the young one that she had been protectively over and landed on her back. There was enough power in that tackle to push some of the air from her lungs; which fled her body with a slight oomph.

She struggled against the male to get free then actually started to get up despite the single armored human that was trying to keep her down. Once they saw that one guard would not keep her down, they remembered how strong she truly was, two more piled on top of her to pin her down. Still she struggled to get up and managed to toss one of them off of her but the armored male got back on her with the addition of one more. Now they had enough weight to keep her pinned down on the floor.

Once they had her pinned securely; the pair of nurses entered the windowed enclosure and picked up Fox by his arms and legs. He struggled against them baying out his horror but he was still too weak from exhaustion because of the earlier fight and lack of nutrition to break their grasps. They walk toward the bed and place him it; he was positioned him face-up and quickly strapped him tightly down with the black metal strengthened straps.

An inch thick and near foot wide strap went over his shoulders and neck, another stomach plus arms and the last one was laid across his long ankles. His eyes widen from their natural skittish look as he squirmed and yanked against the straps weakly. He hardly had any room to move under the straps.

As he was strapped down Fauna practically roared out her anger as she flails under the guards. Her teeth were almost yelling out to be sunk into the flesh of the nurses whom handled Fox so harshly. Fauna tries to break out from their clutches and get out from under the combined armored weight of the multiple guards but she just could not do it. She rose upwards and drops back down against the floor.

“Please, not take him! Stop, come back! No, go!” She loudly brokenly pleads with them as they roll Fox out of her sight. As soon as he was completely out of her sight she went limp under the men whom pinned her down. She whimpers pitifully as the armored men get off of her like full carrion eaters off a carcass that was picked clean…


He cries out in protest as well as he was rolled away from the one place he feels somewhat safe and away from his mother, but his protests were too ignored; just like his mother’s had been. He pulls on the straps that hold him to the thin mattress of the mobile bed.

His muscles flex and pull at the bonds holding him to the gurney. Upon seeing that he did not have the strength to break them all at the same time he decides to focus on one of the wide fastenings. His arm muscles strain as he focuses on the one across his stomach and arms. If he could get his hands free then he would have a chance to escape this human created madness and get back to his mother.

He feels more than hears the soft snapping of the some stitching give a little on the strap around the metal buckles. He snorts in effort and yanks again on large belt and the stitching gives even more. He heaves once more and the stitching yields to his strength.

One of the guards saw the stitches go and grabs his wrists and gives a horrid laugh at the puppy’s fighting spirit. He quickly pulls out the hidden back-up fastening for the stomach and arms. Fox gave a weak roar out of anger and fear when his arms were rebound to his sides.

All he could move were his ears and head. He turns his head from side to side and his ears twitch and flick as the humans around him spoke excitedly about him in their abrasive language. They seemed eager about something that was about to happen. He snorts in disgust and folds his ears against his scalp as if their voices were that of annoying buzzing insects trying to land in his vulpine ears.

One hand strayed too close to his head and out of instinct, fright and resentment he pulls his head back then in the same second gives a non-verbal yell as he sends his sharp fangs into and even through some of the digits of the man’s hand. The man did not even have a chance to express the pain that shot through his hand before the paralytics of Fox’s saliva paralyzed the man; just like the receiver had in their cell before. Only he got a higher and more concentrated dose then the first one. He will be out for of action for quite some time.

The puppy’s gurney did not stop nor did the forward movement slow in the slightest when the oblivious nurse hit the ground. Actually, the wheeled bed sped up as it proceeded to its destination as if fear of the bound puppy drove them on.

Fox had pulls hard on the strong, steel-enforced leather bindings holding him to the bed in an attempt to get away from the life changing event that is going to happen as soon as he passes through those approaching and slightly swinging double doors.

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