My name is Trad and I live in a small village with three sisters. My father died twelve years ago and since then, my mum has become too strange. However, together with my sisters, we are able to earn living by serving ruler of our area, which consists of 5-6 villages. I can’t say that my job is too hard. I bring water from river and serve at the table when needed. My sisters have to put up with worse conditions. They have to serve horny warriors and sometimes they end up being raped by them. You may think that I’m heartless – telling you the stories and doing nothing to help them. That may sound too bad but our family is used to things like that. Even my sisters don’t react badly any more to lewd warriors.

I am 20 years old and I am gay. I am still virgin, because it is hardly imaginable to have sexual relationship with a man in my village. I still remember gay couple, who were killed publicly because of their relationship. Physically, I have brown short hair and big brown eyes. I am 5 ft 9 and have a slim-average body.

My amazing story starts with unexpected news. I was just returning to castle, bringing water, when my sister ran into me rushing to field.

-What’s happening? – I asked.

-Kings is arriving today with his eight knights. – She was quite excited.

-So? Why are you so electrified?

-Are you kidding? Finally, something interesting is going to happen in this town. I can’t wait to see these knights and king, especially.

I was quite confused. I had never been social and easy-going. Events like that never pleased me. My younger sister was more naïve. Despite hard life, she enjoyed social events very much. Only thing that I was thinking about was the fact that I would have to serve to knights. This was quite scary. I knew that league of these 8 knights, called “Lion’s Defense” consisted of quite aggressive guys. They were said to be very demanding quick-tempered. After all, they were eight most important warriors in our country.

I entered the castle and joined the preparation for the event. Everyone was rushing and no one was on the good mood. We knew that everything had to be perfect. In addition, there was no enough time for preparing fully and that scared everyone.

King with his knights entered the castle. I understood that by screaming of servants and ringing of bell. I was in kitchen so I did not have to meet them. I was quite relieved.

Dinner started. Together with 15 other servants, I served these knights. As I expected, they were not quite pleasant. They argued, screamed and kicked the servants. They enjoyed violence. I think that made them such a good soldiers.

I was returning to kitchen, when one of the servants stopped me.

-Look! – He pointed at the one of the knights. – Do you see that one? This is Ser Jareh. He is said to like playing with boys.

-So? – I asked.

-Try not to get in his way. – He answered with laugh. – If you don’t wanna … ya know. They say he picks up guys and fucks them until they start crying.

He was quite annoying, but I joined him in laughing. I did not want him to suspect that I was gay. His words stunned me. All night along, I was secretly observing Ser Jareh. He was very athletic. His black hair and blue eyes created a beautiful face. His chin was a bit rough and even that seemed attractive. He was tall and he had captivating look that would hold one’s breathe easily. He did not notice me staring. I had experience of shadowing upon guys who were bathing in the river where I took the water.

I was thinking about his eyes when I heard my name.

-Go, take these plates and put them on table! – commanded my boss.

I quickly ran and took all the plates. I was going next to knights when someone pushed me. I fell with all the plates and someone poured wine all over me. Everyone on the table started laughing. I looked around and understood that it was Ser Jareh who pushed me. I was so embarrassed. I stood up quickly and ran in the dark hall.

I went in one of the small rooms, which were made for servants and slaves, and took of the shirt. I was so embarrassed that I nearly started crying. I was sitting there shirtless and wet, trying to forget all that happened. Suddenly, I heard someone opening the door. Person who came in made me freeze with fear and unexpectedness. It was Ser Jareh.

-Hard night, isn’t it? – He asked with ironical smile on his face.

-No, Sir! – I lied. Words hardly came out of my mouth.

-Is your shirt too spoiled? – He laughed.

-No problem. – I answered quickly and looked at him. His smile was just breath-taking. I couldn’t stop staring. Then I recalled that eye-contact was considered to be as a sign of disobedience and immediately looked away.

-You love staring, don’t you? – He asked. Smile stayed on his face.

-I … – I was so scared. I just could not open my mouth.

-You thought I would not notice? I have to notice Persian spies when I’m at war. I should not be hard to notice boy like you. Is there wine here?

-No, Ser.

-Go and bring it!

I left the room and ran to the kitchen. I could hardly breathe. I grabbed the bottle and ran back to the hall. I went in the room. He was there, waiting for me. I gave him the bottle looked away.

-Do people in your village drink wine without glass? – He laughed. It seemed that he was on the good mood. I could say that he had drank already by his red cheeks.

-Oh, God … I am so sorry, I’ll bring it. – I tried to run but he stopped me.

-Turn around! – He commanded. I turned around. Out of sudden, He poured wine on my trousers. I was stunned in amazement.

-You should not wear wet trousers! – He whispered. I immediately took off the clothes. My seven inch cock was semi-erect. I just could not breathe.

-You are scared but your cock is not, I see. – He said. – Have you ever served man?

-Yes, Sir … I serve men all the time. I am a servant.

-You are so naïve … – He laughed. – But, I like your innocence. You should know, however, today it will be gone. You have served men many times, but now you will truly serve your first man.

He started undressing. He freed his haired chest. He was muscled, but not too much. Sweat was going all over his body and I liked that very much. He had many scarves on his body. He took off his trouser and freed his manhood. Oh, Boy – that was something he must have been proud of. I was looking at a thick 9-inch cock surrounded by dark pubic hair. Pink head was just begging for touch.

-Now, kneel down and please my cock – Ser Jareh demanded. He looked at me and added – You have beautiful eyes – blue, sad and intelligent. Your funny brown hair and cute body is just fine as well. You have great potential. So, don’t let me down. Get down to business. Make me mown from excitement.

I kneeled down, starving for a cock. This beautiful piece of meat was literally looking at me. I could not take it anymore. I carefully took it in my one hand and touched it with my tongue. It was hot and begged for more. I started licking. Jareh started drinking wine. He caressed my “funny” hair and made me put his fully-erect cock in my mouth. I could not breathe. I nearly choked. I could not take it but Jareh did not let me take it out of my mouth. Tears were coming from my eyes and nose was invaded by his pubic hair. After twenty seconds of struggling he let me take his dick out of my mouth. I nearly chocked but that first taste extremely increased my sexual desire. I started sucking – sucking like a starving baby. He was moaning like a beast. That made me pleased. It was my first time and I made him moan – man who had had sex with tons of other boys. That was quite stimulating.

-Oh, God … Stop! – He gasped and pulled my hair. – I don’t wanna cum… Not yet.

He passionately kissed me. His tongue traveled through my mouth. He did not stop looking. I was as well staring at him. I could not resist those eyes. I put my hands on his shoulders and continued kissing. Suddenly, He broke the kiss and commanded me to turn. He made me lean forward. He touched my ass and started playing with a finger. He slowly pulled it in my asshole.

-Quite tight! – He whispered. – No problem, we will make it bigger in no time.

-They say it hurts – I said in terror. He put second finger. – They say you make boys cry.

-Silly boy – He laughed. – My boys scream with pleasure. It is their fathers who say that. That way, they are trying to cover their sons’ shame. Ridiculous bastards. Yes, it is going to hurt, but you will take it. You are my boy, aren’t you?

-Just do it slowly …

-I’ll do it in my own way. – He said that and suddenly his manhood in me. He fully entered me. I screamed like a small boy. It hurt so badly that I started crying. He kneeled and kissed me.

-Everything is okay … just keep breathing, everything is okay. Stop crying. You are breaking my heart.

I swallowed my own tears. He started slowly moving. That made my ass explode. I was shivering. He continued moving and kept on encouraging me. His sweet words made me smile. Pain was leaving me and something extraordinary was filling me. He made my lie on the floor. Touch of his sweated body increased my fascination. He was kissing me and telling me tender and gentle words. He increased his speed and now he was fucking me as roughly as he could. I enjoyed that very much and begged for more. That sudden extraordinary feeling filled me and I was whispering his name. I closed my eyes and held his hand. Satisfaction reached its maximum and something warm filled my ass. Jareh was howling like a wolf.

He lay on the floor next to me. He hold my hand and looked at me with his deep blue eyes. I came and looked at him with satisfaction. I kissed him and lay on him. I looked at him and smiled. It was official. I was in love.

If I had known what would come next, I would have enjoyed every minute even more. I didn’t know that in few days my whole life would radically change. At that moment, I was just happy – lying with love of my life.

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