illicit sex

So, this is a letter that I wrote to Katherine as Valerie. We have set up the following scenario. She is married, fairly unhappily, to a man who doesn’t satisfy her sexual needs. He’s away quite a lot. I am a married man, with a wife who has no interest in sex, who has contacted her via a contact magazine. They live a long way apart so communicate by letter. They have written several very sexy and intimate letters to each other. We actually did this and the scenario ran alongside our normal lives. We both found it very exciting to pretend to be someone else.

Over the course of several letters Valerie (Katherine) admits that she is an anal virgin but she would like to try it. I’ve suggested that she buys a dildo the same size as my cock and uses it to initiate herself. The point is, in the scenario we are never supposed to meet thus, the letter speaks for itself! Truth to tell, though, we did go through this routine quite a lot!

Dearest Valerie,

I expect you’ve taken a while to get ready this evening. A long, languid, bath warming your body, raising your desire. You like this, this getting yourself ready for me but tonight is different. Tonight you give me your last virginity. You lay there in the bath thinking about tonight and touching yourself but you don’t want to cum, oh no that would be cheating! You know I’m going to make you cum tonight, cum more than you ever have in one night. I’m going to do that because I want you, want you terribly and, my love, I understand what it means for you to promise that forbidden place.

It’s hard for you, lying there in the warm water touching your pussy, not to cum but you want to save it. What will it feel like? A frisson of excitement mixed with apprehension shudders across your body as your finger moves down to your tight arsehole. I’m big. Oh you love it in your mouth, in your pussy – it stretches you and it’s fantastic. But there? How will it feel? Will it hurt?

You know it will – I’ve told you but you know I’ll be gentle, tender, and loving because that’s how I treat you. ‘Precious’ I call you often as I make love to you. You know I’ll never hurt you but will it hurt too much?

Your finger’s back on your pussy, now your clit – oh god it’s so difficult not to cum just thinking about what will happen later.

(Are you in the bath Valerie, is your finger circling your clit – you want to cum. Circle, rub, pinch – CUM!!)

Time to get ready, to prepare. You know you need to be empty there for us both to enjoy it and you want this first time to be good. You want to enjoy it so that we can do it again but, but again you think will it hurt too much? You hope not. I’ve told you how so you bought the kit, now it’s time. It’s funny at first but the tube isn’t very big and it feels quite nice, doesn’t hurt at all and the warm water makes you feel comfy and full. By the end of the second you quite enjoy it and you know now that you are ready.

What will you wear for me? You know I love stockings so those first. Silk, sexy next to the skin: you know how much I love silk. They are red to match your skirt and blouse. As you pull them on you imagine me taking them off and kissing your legs as I do so. Oh hell, you’re close again – tonight is going to be so special. ‘Must get on’ you think, ‘he’ll be here soon – stop it!’.

Underwear? ‘Simple’, you laugh to yourself. It needs to come off easily because you know I like your body naked. You think how sexy you will look, how you will turn me on dressed in just stockings. You think about going topless but you know how much I like undressing you so bra and panties, sheer, red again: nothing fancy. Oh, and the bra undoes at the front – no messing about you think to yourself with a smile.

Now, on top? You choose a loose blouse, bolero style, in crimson. You know how much crimson excites me and you want to excite me. A long skirt in the same colour, falling off the hip, accentuating the curve of your bottom. You know I’ll like that. Shoes, oh high heels – 3 inches – in red as well. You look in the mirror and you know that tonight you will please me, but not as much as I will please you!

(Are you dressed like that Valerie – for me. Just so I can imagine you like that.)

You wear just a touch of make-up – you know I like you as you are, your natural beauty showing through. You’re ready. You feel tense because you know tonight is special but happy as well. You’re looking forward to losing that virginity – well you hope to lose it but you know that I won’t take it if it hurts you too much. You hope it won’t – it doesn’t seem to hurt the girls in the films you’ve seen.

(Do you watch adult movies Valerie, I’d love to know.)

You hear a car on the drive. ‘It’s him’, you think. The doorbell rings and brings your heart into your mouth. It’s always a bit like this when I arrive. It’s always so exciting as you look forward to an evening of pleasure, sometimes all night as I bring you to orgasm after orgasm until you feel you can’t take any more. But you know there will be an end to this evening. Again that frisson of excitement, apprehension, anticipation.

Downstairs you open the door and I’m there. Shirt and slacks as usual. I reach for you and pull you close, enjoying the warm softness of your delicious body. You shiver in anticipation and I raise your head and kiss your lips. I never wait. Your body, your love, is a passion for me. In my arms you feel safe, wanted, loved and you know that I care for you deeply.

“You look lovely”, I say smiling down at you.

“It’s for you,” you say coyly with a coquettish glance. A glance you know will lead to only one thing.

“Oh you angel,” I say softly holding you close again and now you can feel my desire pressing into your tummy. You think of that and start to get wet. I surprise you now because I pick you up, hug you close to me, and carry you upstairs to your bed. I’ve never done that before and you think how romantic it is as you rest your head on my shoulder and snuggle up close.

Laying you gently onto the bed I stand and look down at you, feasting my eyes on your beauty. You enjoy this because you can feel my eyes stroking you, touching you, and you know that, soon, my lips, my tongue, my fingers will be touching you, exciting you, bringing you to massive orgasms.

You watch as I undo my shirt and strip it off but you can’t lay still and just watch, you need to touch me so you slip to the edge of the bed and sit facing me.

“Wait,” you say with a smile and I look down at you smiling back because I guess your intentions. Your hands run across my chest – you like the feel of the hairs brushing that sensitive area between you fingers. You love the feel of skin, of shape, of flesh. Thinking of flesh you look down and there it is, pushing against my slacks. ‘Mmm’, you think (would you?) ‘I want that now’, so you undo the catch of my belt and the buttons and pull my slacks down. I bend and take them off, along with my socks. You smile – ‘he always takes his socks off’!

Now you can see the shape of my cock. ‘It’s funny’, you think, the head just poking over the waistband of my pants, but not that funny because it’s so close you must touch it. Touch this piece of flesh that provides so much pleasure. You reach up and pull the pants down freeing my cock from it’s prison. It’s almost hard, ‘mmm’ you think, ‘that’s what I can do to him’ and you always can. Just a look, a glance, a smile can excite me. You know how much I want you.

You can see how excited I am, a tiny dribble of pre-cum is leaking – you must taste it. Feel that cock in your mouth, your lips resting on the hard muscle but you know you must be careful because I love your mouth, your tongue and you love the taste of my cum, my spunk, and you love the feel of it pulsing into your mouth, you love sucking it out. Your mouth covers the head.

(Did you buy it Valerie? Is it in your mouth now? If you close your eyes is it mine? Write to me Valerie – please! Tell me how it feels in your mouth: big, small? Do you like it – would you like it better if it pulsed and filled your mouth. Hell Valerie I long to know!!)

You taste the pre-cum and that excites you, almost brings you to orgasm – just the taste. You suck, gently of course, you don’t want the night to end to soon, and your reward is more. You swallow it and the taste and the feeling of it sliding down your throat gives you a small orgasm. You wriggle your bottom on the bed to stimulate your pussy but it reminds you of what will happen later. You realise how big it is – what will it feel like there? You shiver in apprehension but you’re excited as well.

(Do you Valerie? Do you shiver in apprehension at taking such a large cock there. You must guess what I have in mind by now Valerie. Does it excite you?)

You suddenly realise that, in your reverie, you’ve been sucking and you feel my hand on your head. I am still and you know that means I am close.

“No more Valerie love. I’ll fill your mouth,” I say and pull back. You look up at me and pout – you know how that affects me! Then you say, petulantly but playfully, “But I like sucking your cock!”

I laugh and kneel level with you, put my arms around you and hold you close. “And I like you sucking it,” I say, “but tonight . . .” I leave the sentence unfinished. Another frisson of excitement as you pull away and look into my eyes. You smile – your oh so sexy smile that promises paradise, and say, “Yes, tonight . . .” and your eyes posses me, destroy me!

It’s my turn now. I want to worship at the shrine of your perfection, pleasure you and your body before . . . You can tell how excited I am tonight but you’re not frightened because you can see how I’m treating you. As softly and gently as usual but with an extra tenseness that you realise is my anticipation of taking that virginity, fucking you there.

“Lay back my angel,” I say and it doesn’t sound silly. It never does when I speak to you like that because you know I mean it. Languidly you lay back on the bed knowing that your pleasure will be long and sweet. I lay beside you looking down on you wonderful body before I begin to kiss you, your mouth, your eyes, your cheeks, your neck. Now down into your cleavage. You feel my tongue drawing a soft line between your breasts.

Now I’m undoing your blouse and quickly, with a little help from you, it vanishes in a heap on the floor. Now you feel my tongue across your chest and my hands caress your breasts through the bra. You want more.

“Take it off – please,” you ask throatily. I look up and smile and you know I will. I unclip it and again it disappears in the heap of clothing. Now I can see your breasts, your tits (how do you like them called Valerie? I want to use language that excites you). I love your boobs, but then I love all of you, so it’s not surprising. I bend my head and you feel my mouth around the nipple and my fingers gently caressing the other. Then kisses over the whole breast with gentle sucking that preludes but doesn’t actually cause, tender love bites. ‘Oh my god’, you think, as the tingling begins between your legs.

(Valerie, just a little lube on the end of your finger. Trace it across your breasts – it’s my tongue, Gently pinch the nipples – it’s my lips. Stroke, caress – it’s my hands. Now pinch the nipple just a little harder – I’m biting now, oh gently of course, I don’t want to hurt you, and dragging my teeth over the nipple. Do you like that? Does it make your clitoris tingle – the beginning of an orgasm. Write to me Valerie, tell me what it feels like because I don’t know and I want to be able to imagine doing this to you so I can masturbate and cum!)

I spend an age on your tits, sucking, licking, gently biting, caressing and a soft orgasm drifts across your body sending a shiver down your spine. Then you feel my hand creeping across the petulant dome of your tummy and you know where it’s headed!

I feel the sheer of the material of your underwear and, moving a little lower, the wetness of your orgasms. My middle finger probes the opening between your lips through the material and gently rubs, catching your clit in passing. You moan, take a deep breath, and manage to say, “Take them off, please Mike darling, take them off!”

(Would you, would you say that? Use your finger Valerie – it’s my finger stroking you there. But not too much – you know I would make you wait just a little while. The waiting is sweet agony but then . . . Oh god how good will it be?)

I raise my head and look at you. I see a woman in pleasure, wanton and full of desire and I know that your pleasure is paramount to me, above and beyond my own. I smile at your wantonness and nod, of course I’ll take them off. But before I do I’ll cover your pussy through them with my mouth and suck your juices – you know how I love to do that. Then I need to take them off, to taste you, lick you, drink of your juice, make you cum again and again with my mouth and tongue before I fuck you.

(Hell Valerie, I keep having to stop. Is this any good? Please write to me and tell me whether you like it. Fuck!!!! How I wish I was there with you, living this with you. Write to me Val. Tell me how it feels to read this, how it really feels – please!)

It’s too much for me now. Your boobs are heaven but your pussy – paradise. I trace my tongue over your tummy, stopping for a moment to tongue fuck your button. You giggle in a release of tension. It’s not sexy but it tickles and you like it. Now my tongue finds it’s way to your neatly trimmed bush. You shudder, a deep breath as my teeth gently pull the hair. ‘Please don’t tease me tonight’, you think because you know that sometimes I don’t touch your pussy at all but lick and kiss the insides of your legs right down to your sensitive knees. But tonight . . . Tonight is special.

I know that as well and I trace my tongue down to your clit, proud now, longing for the attention I will give it. (Sorry Val but I need to know. Is it big, does it stick up, do you like it licked, sucked, even gently bitten. Oh hell Val, how I want to suck your clit!). My tongue circles your clitoris sending shivers of pleasure rippling across your body (does it?). Now my lips caress it and I suck gently. Your orgasm arrives, powerful, deep with the need to hold me there, never let me go. Your hands come down and hold my head into your pussy – you never want to let me go as you thrust yourself into my face. You know I don’t mind – I like it. Like the fact that you are enjoying yourself at my hand – or rather my mouth! You reach another plain of pleasure as you feel my teeth tenderly bite your clit and you scream softly in the sheer level of ecstasy.

(Do you Val? Is your tummy button sexy or ticklish? Valerie, darling, sex pot – can I call you that? Just a spot of lube on your finger and it’s my tongue again. Would you Val, would you hold my head to you. Would it be like that. Has anyone ever done that to you Val – if they have can you tell me how it feels so I can imagine doing it to you. Doing it over and over, night after night – christ (sorry) but this is killing me slowly!).

But he hasn’t finished yet, you think with a secret smile. I open your legs and move between. I can see, I can sense the liquid flowing from inside you and I want it, want to taste it so now, when you let me go (I hope you will!) I cover as much as I can of your sex, your vagina, and I suck, pulling the liquid of your orgasm from you. Tasting your cum just as you taste mine. It’s almost too much for me, this essence of Valerie, but I carry on. My tongue probes inside, laves the walls of your vagina. Teases the lips. I lift your legs and now I can see all of you, completely. You tense. You realise I can see it. See the tiny rosebud of your anus. The virginity to be breached. I can’t resist it and my tongue drifts across that sensitive area between pussy and anus and reaches the rosebud, probes gently, licks, then moves back to your heavenly pussy.

(Oh Valerie, Valerie, Valerie. This is nearly too much. Can I ask you. Heck, I’m sorry but I think you know how much this means to me. Val, if it’s too much tell me! What is it like? Your pussy? Your arsehole? Val, I’m sorry but this is, hell I can hardly breathe as I type this. I never imagined, thought. Fuck!!! Valerie this is too much. I need to stop for a while. I had to masturbate Valerie and cum – fantastic, wonderful.).

It’s too much for me now, I have to fuck you. Fill you with my cock, stretch you, pleasure you. I move up and look down into your eyes. I can see that you want me, want me badly, so I take my weight on one arm and with my other use my cock to stroke up and down your pussy. Just to remind you of what is to come I slide the head across you perineum and tease your anus causing another frisson of apprehension – but you promised!!

(Now Valerie – did you, will you, buy the toy? Please use it. Tell me what it feels like.)

Now my cock is at your temple and I push forward. No teasing now, I’m going to fuck you. I push forward and you feel, with intense pleasure, the walls of your vagina opening to receive the worship of the male. Then I stop but you don’t worry. You know!! Out then, just a little, then in a little further. You know how I fuck you and you love it, desire it. This prolonged entry is wonderful, not teasing just making the entry last longer.

(Are you Valerie? Are you using it – it’s me Val and I’m there covering you, fucking you with my cock).

Finally I’m deep inside you, filling you as only I can. Now I start to fuck you properly. Long, deep strokes that leave you longing for me back inside you, longing for the feeling of the base of my cock hitting your clit. Not long, not long!! Short, tender strokes now as I move my cock side to side increasing the glorious agony of your enjoyment.

Then it happens! You feel the need to eat me up, pull me inside you, keep me there for ever. You reach up and pull my head down so you can kiss my lips. I feel your orgasm rippling along the walls of your vagina and I continue to fuck you right through until I feel you coming down from your high. I want to cum inside you – I always want that – but tonight, tonight I manage to hold back because . . . I pull out and you feel empty, almost abandoned, as you always do when I pull out without cumming but you’re used to it and don’t mind because you know it means more pleasure for you.

(Would it be like that Valerie – tell me what it feels like when you cum. If you use your toy it will be like having me inside you. I want to know what it would feel like for you to have my cock inside you there – please!)

I lay beside you looking down and you reach up and caress my cheek. “That was lovely,” you say with passion and I lean forward and kiss you tenderly. You whisper, “Now,” in my ear and you feel my body tension with desire. Apprehension floods you but you know I’ll be gentle. You turn face down and sense my deep breath of emotional control as I see you like this. You know how much it turns me on, how I love to worship your body in this position.

I kneel beside you. You feel my hands caressing your shoulders, your back, then my lips on your neck and my tongue running down your spine sending soft shivers up and down your body. I stop when I reach the valley of pleasure between the delightful cheeks of your bottom and I gently part your legs and move between.

You can sense my desire now. You know how much I love to look at you like this. Your arse is divine, firm and tight with a shape that excites me so much. I can see the puckered ring, a tiny rosebud. (Is it a rosebud Valerie, or a star. Val, I’m sorry if I go too far but I’m thinking of that now.) Desire rises in me and I reach forward to tenderly stroke those wonderful cheeks, so soft and warm. You know what comes next and you long for it, long for my tongue to wash over your arsehole right down to your pussy then back – again and again until you cum. Cum just from having your arsehole licked. You have a sudden thought – ‘if it’s like that with just his tongue, what will it be like . . . . Oh hell, will I be able to stand it?’

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