This is entirely fictional. It is an adult story about sex, cheating, exhibitionsism and cuckolding, so if you don’t want or like reading about such stories, then I suggest you close this and move along to something else.

Like all of my stories, it starts a little slowly, setting the mood but, or so they tell me, my stories are well worth the time it takes to read them.

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My name is Dan. I’m 49, 6′, 192lbs, fit, brown hair and eyes. I have been married to Karen for 14 years now second marriages for both of us. She is five years my junior and a knockout at 5’6″, 137lbs, 36C, thin waist and more than a handful of luscious butt. She is also a tigress in bed. But she wasn’t always like this.

Oh no…up until two years ago, Karen was rather frigid in bed. She mostly restricted are sexual acts to the missionary position with the lights out. I’d die to see her body, and she knows it. But instead of using it to get me to do things, she hides it away. I guess I’m kind of lucky at that. She could easily have been one of those women that winds her men around her little finger. And I would have been one of those windings…so I guess I should count myself lucky.

However, two years ago we went to a party, where there was a professional hypnotist as a guest. He really livened up that party…and my wife…

It all started on a Friday evening around 7 o’clock when we arrived at one of my bosses’ residence. Ken was a vice-president in our multi-national at a relatively young age and still is a rising star. At the time of this incident, he was in his early 40′s. He had recently had a rather nasty divorce and was often out on the prowl when at the bars.

That night was a company benefit and he had invited mostly young couples and several rising star employees, so I considered myself fortunate when I received an invitation. I was dressed in formal attire. Karen had on a rather demure looking black number that fell somewhere past her knees. But the truth was it hugged her form nicely showing her off to all who looked, and plenty did. She hated coming to these functions because she was always expected to dress like that and hated being on display.

It wasn’t always like this, I remember when we were single and I was dating her. She would dress in some pretty revealing cloths back then. She had told me over the years of her somewhat wanton past. Besides her first husband of six years, she’d had an even dozen boyfriends and a few one-night stands. But her Christian upbringing was such that she was expected to be demure and forthright as a married woman. And that eventually led to our recent predicament. Not that she ever refused me; it was just that she never indulged me. No blowjobs, no experimental sex…nothing accept the missionary position. I was never able to shake her out of this thought process. Dam the religious right!

Anyway, the evening had started out well and slowly listed to a close. Being a member of the company I couldn’t skip out on the boss when things started winding down, so I was left waiting on Ken’s permission to leave. In the end, there were six other couples left and four single guys including Ken and two single gals, including a little blond number who had attracted the attention of Ken. I figured, rightly as it turned out, that as long as some of the prettier women were on hand, the boss’ selection would stick around a little longer. So I didn’t expect to be given the opportunity to leave while the night was still relatively young, and Ken could still make the moves on this woman.

One of the single guys was a friend of the boss who turned out to be the afore mentioned hypnotist. He was a well-known character with a somewhat bizarre reputation for rather risqué shows. But this was a company function, so when Ken asked him to do a few things I wasn’t expecting anything inflammatory or outrageous even if most of the guests had already left. Just goes to show you that even the best of us make mistakes every once in awhile…as if my choice in a wife wasn’t a key point there.

The people left at the party were all relatively young, from mid 20′s to mid 30′s with Ken, myself and my wife being the exception. However, with our fit bodies we matched well with the rest of the mixed company.

Ken asked his friend if he wouldn’t mind entertaining the guests. Fred started things out tame enough, encouraging people to come forward and hypnotizing them to make them do some silly but relatively tame things. He had us come up in groups of three or four and would run through a routine with us. Then one of the guests made mention of his risqué show and asked why he hadn’t done anything of that nature yet. Fred looked at him and asked if he wanted to watch his wife take on the rest of the guests. The man gave a rather sheepish no and looked away to the merriment of the other guests. However, my wife was one of those who was still under hypnosis and for some strange reason my mouth engaged at the same time as my mind…so when I thought, “I would” I heard the sound as well. The laughing suddenly stopped and I realized that I wasn’t the only one to hear those words.

“Really”, asked Ken. I looked around the room and thought that I had really put my foot in it now, but I looked back at my boss and nodded my head.

“Yes sir,” I said boldly, “my wife is rather frigid in bed, so I wouldn’t mind seeing her come out of her shell.” There I had put into words what I had known for years. I don’t know why I had spoken thus to this company of mostly strangers, but maybe for the very reason they were strangers I was emboldened.

I turned to look at them and said, “Look at her, my wife. Look at that body, covered in a sheath dress. She can’t hide her charms, but she tries to. She can’t hide her sexuality, but she tries to suppress it. I would like to see her come out of her shell.” I turned to Fred and asked, “Can you do that?”

“Hypnotism can’t really change a person’s innate personality,” he said, “but if there is something under that I can bring it out. Is there something I can work with?” he asked.

Now I was in the stew. I had not only put my mouth in it but both feet as well. I couldn’t rightly back out now, or so I told myself. The reality was, I didn’t want to back out of it.

“Yeah, there is. She wasn’t always like this. When we were dating, she would wear some pretty risqué clothing. And when she was younger still, early twenties or so, she was even more open.”

“Well I can work with that.” He said. “Are you sure you want me to do this, to break her current mould and turn it around? Are you sure you want to let her loose in here with this group of people? To let her into a potential orgy?” I just nodded and looked around at the other guests, trying to judge their mood.

“What about the rest of you?” Asked Fred. “Are you game to play this out? To risk being caught out in a potential orgy with her and the rest of you?” No one objected, no one left.

Fred walked over to the still hypnotized people releasing all but my wife.

“Karen, you are in a deep state of sleep now, waiting for me to suggest something to you…do you remember when you were young and dating? What it was like to get dressed to thrill the guys? To pick one out for the night and let him take you home?” he asked her.

We all watched while Karen slowly smiled and gently nodded her head.

“I want you to think back on one of those nights. I want you to believe that you are now young and single again. That it has been a long time since you went out with anyone, a long time since you have been intimate with anyone.

“I want you to feel how antsy you are getting…how desperate your needs are becoming.” At his words a look of sadness crept over Karen’s face. Her body began to move, her hips rocking gently. Her mouth pursed and then opened. It was clear to all who were looking at her that Karen was horny and in need! No one spoke a word no one looked at each other. All eyes were focused on my wife and the Hypnotist…

“Karen, tonight you are going to one of the better bars in town. A place where people routinely dress up.” That was a nice touch I thought, one that would not make her wonder too much about her current state of dress.

“It’s been two months now since you have had any sex with other than you hand or your toys.” At those words, one of the women near me giggled gently and was quickly shushed by another.

“You are going out with a purpose…to find a man or men, a woman or women to take you to their bed. But you have a problem.” He quietly interjected…”You see you have to work late tomorrow morning, so you only have a short time in which to meet and entice your selection to take you home. You have to be finished by no later than one or two in the morning so you can return to your home and rest for work.” Wow! I thought. That was quite a scenario! That would mean that she would be under constraint to work quickly to make her choice. And make her more determined once that choice was made.

“Now Karen, I want you to listen to my voice, and only to my voice. You are currently very horny. You are going out to find someone to go home with. You need this release. But you only have one hour to find this person or persons to take you home, so that you will have time for some rather less than innocent fun.

I am going to become your conscience…to be the voice that is heard in your head. You will not see me, but you will hear me. I will be both sides of the voice in your head, your own questions and answers. When you answer me, you will do so quietly, with a nod or shake of your head. Do you understand Karen?” he asked. Karen dutifully nodded her head.

“Good. I am going to count backwards from 10. At eight, I want you to believe that you are young and single again. At seven, I want you to fix in your mind that you are determined to get laid tonight, and you don’t care if it is a man or woman, one person or many. At five, I want your body to feel this need, these desires. From that point onwards, your body will be driving your responses.”

At three, your younger self is going to take control, filled with your desire to get laid, filled with your need for intimacy and a good time. At one, your eyes will open and you will be the person who we speak of. When your eyes open, this place will be the bar you are at, these people will be the ones from whom you will make your selection.”

“You will not see me, even if you look right at me I will be invisible to you. But, you will hear me being your conscience, from both sides of your mind. Your mind will be silent, not forcing your own conscience on you. I will be that conscience. Do you understand Karen?” he asked. Again she nodded.

“When I and only I say they words “Grape Rum” you will go into an awake trance in which you will be subjective to my suggestions and accept those suggestions as an action you will complete as if they had come from your own conscience. You will not dispute them; you will not make counter suggestions in your own mind to them. You will follow them as though they were your own thoughts and instructions from your own mind to your body. You will let me know that this is so by raising your hand up to her chest and slowly pumping your index finger while I make these suggestions. Do you understand Karen?” Again she nodded.

Fred lifted her hand and changed the time on her watch. “When you look at your watch, you will understand that it is now Ten O’clock and that you have only one hour to make your selection or selections if you are to have any fun this evening. You only have until one or maybe two in the morning to do whatever you are going to do tonight in order for you to return to your place and get some sleep for tomorrow.”

“Now I am going to count backwards Karen. Ten, nine, eight” at the word eight, Karen began to shift in her seat and sit up a little straighter though little bit less elegantly. Fred waited for a moment and then said “Seven.” At this point Karen began to run her hands over her knees and legs, up her stomach and over her breasts. A wistful look came over her face.

“Six, five.” Said Fred and at the word five, Karen pinched her nipples through her dress and bra. A shudder rippled through her body. Her legs fell open to the most that her dress would allow and then snapped shut abruptly. A collective gasp rang through the crowd as her legs slapped together!

“Four, three.” Karen uttered a soft sigh at the word three. I noted immediately that while it sounded like my wife, it was not the kind of sigh that she would utter today, nor from any immediate past memory of mine! I could only surmise that Karen had regressed to her former early twenty something self and was venting her voice.

Fred turned to the crowd and told them to take up places around the room as if in a bar. He admonished all that whomever she chose would have to finish the activities with her this night. He pointed to me and asked me to step behind the bar and act as bartender. He then walked behind my wife and finished the last two numbers…

On hearing the word “One” Karen immediately opened her eyes and looked around the room. She saw me and immediately dismissed me. I was somewhat put off by that and then realized that as the bartender, I wouldn’t fit into her timelines for the evening…it donned on me that Fred had set me up to be a passive member of this scenario rather than an active one. Which meant I couldn’t effectively interact with her except as bartender.

Fred said something to her and she looked at her watch. Immediately she stood up and came over to me at the bar. “You look familiar.” She said. I nodded and said yes I remember her from the last time she was here. “Who could forget a body like yours” I smiled at her. She blushed but smiled back at me and asked for a drink. While I made it, she looked around to take in the men and women in the ‘bar’. Each time she looked at someone, Fred would whisper in her ear. Occasionally she smiled at his comments, or shook her head, but for the most part she just looked around sizing up the men and the competition.

A man came over and asked her for a dance. Fred told her to accept and to give him a thrill with her body. He took Karen’s hand and moved to an open space and began to dance with her. He pulled Karen close and the two of them danced tightly together. You couldn’t have put a sheet of paper between them. The song allowed for sufficient close movement and it soon became apparent that the man was in some slight discomfort. I was beginning to get worried were this would lead but realized it was much too late now to interfere…or intervene. I had, after all, asked for this.

The man kept Karen out for two dances and then brought her back for her drink. I, and everyone else, noticed the prominent bulge in his pants as he brought her back. She had hardly taken a sip when another man asked her for a dance.

This dance was somewhat faster paced and allowed her to move her body a little more flamboyantly. Especially after Fred’s prompting to do so. She bumped and ground her body against her partner to great affect as his bulge proclaimed.

Each time she was brought back, another man would come out to ask her to dance and she would, with Fred’s suggestions allow her to become more and more brazen in her dancing! Soon everyone who was not dancing with Karen was on the dance floor to watch her and her partner. She was becoming a pretty hot item!

She had to stop to see to the call of nature and several of the women went with her. When they came back, I noticed that Karen, and some of the other women, had obviously removed their bras while in the toilet! Her nipples were clearly visible through the thin material of her dress, though somewhat covered by the dark colour.

She came back to her drink and Fred was talking into her ear. I could hear the occasional comment about each of the men she had danced with and see her nodding or shaking her head at each suggestion as she thought about the various comments made on each man. Suddenly one of the women came over to her with a rather predatory stride and a less than innocent demeanour.

Fred hummed into her ear a naughty suggestion about the way the woman moved.

“One of the things that Lesbians do is to approach a perspective partner and hug her as if she is a long lost friend…perfectly innocent in an open bar but giving each of them the chance to size up each other as potential partners” Fred told her. “She gives a smile to her chosen partner and if the woman smiles back she goes for the hug and kiss.”

I hadn’t expected anything from Karen but a broad smile crossed her lips. My heart near stopped in my chest as I realized that Karen had probably played this game before! The woman cried out Karen’s name and came into a hug and chaste kiss. The woman was wearing a halter dress that left her back and sides bare. Karen’s hand roamed over the other woman’s back and up her side. I watched amazed as her thumbs gently rubbed along the expanse of the other woman’s globes where they were open to the side of her dress. They looked into each other’s eyes with an intensity that shocked me!

She gave Karen her name and asked her if she would like to join her group. Karen agreed and moved to her table, sitting beside her and being introduced to all at the table. The group suddenly stood up and went to the dance area. Karen was passed around from man to man, woman to woman as the music continued to play. By the time she came back around to the first person she had been with, there was a sheen of sweat on all of their faces.

They moved back to the table and Fred spoke into Karen’s ear. She raised her hand to look at her watch. Then looked deliberately around the room. No one spoke, everyone watched and waited for Karen to make her choice.

Fred spoke to her on the merits of each person. But Karen kept shaking her head no. Then Fred suggested that perhaps she should go with the group. Karen smiled wickedly at the thought.

I heard Fred say “Grape Rum” and immediately Karen’s hand came up and she began to slowly pump her index finger.

“Karen, you have been invited back to your new friends house. When I tell you to awake, you will believe that you are now in her basement den. With all the rather intimate dancing that you have done with the people who will be going with you to your new friend’s house, you will have no need to be shy.”

Fred had everyone come to sit at one of the larger tables. He was behind my wife and I was sitting near the door with a clear view of my wife, watching everything. I knew that things were about to get rather interesting and, as Fred had put it, we were about to get into the ‘rather less than innocent fun’!

Fred leaned forward and told my wife he would count back from three and that she was to wake up and believe that she was now in her new friends den. When Karen awoke, she immediately began to chat with the nearest person beside her. Fred leaned forward once again and suggested to Karen that things would not progress unless she made them progress. He told Karen that she should suggest to one of the other women about a game of Strip Poker.

I was shocked to see the smile that crossed my wife’s face. She leaned over to another woman and whispered to her. Of course, everyone else had heard Fred’s suggestion, so they made play on the sport of being asked by one woman or another until someone blurted out a suggestion to play. Karen said yes immediately of course.

Someone suggested two cards to each person with three cards face up in the centre of the table. Best hand wins and worst looses. He suggested that the winner could, if he or she wishes, remove the item of clothing to be lost, but the looser dictates which item is to be removed. Naked people could continue to play but would be required to do a dare. No one could avoid a dare if they continued to play, but anyone could leave the game at any point up until the cards were dealt. Everyone agreed.

Then Fred leant into Karen and spoke softly to her. I saw Karen nod her head. I later found out that Fred had suggested that Karen deliberately loose every third hand but that she should try hard to win the other two unless fate was against her. He suggested to her that she wanted to loose all of her clothing in order to be naked and have to do a dare.

People were told to sit around the table in a man-woman, man-woman configuration and the game began. The man on Karen’s left lost with the woman across from him winning. He suggested that she remove his shoe. She declined to help remove it but told him she wouldn’t decline as the game progressed. Everyone laughed.

The game progressed slowly due to the large size of the crowd of eighteen people with Karen steadily loosing items of clothing. At one point the man beside her reached up under her dress to help her remove her pantyhose. At another point she moved around the table to let another woman remove her panties. I knew that she now had only her dress on and the next hand she lost would leave her naked. I was getting pretty exited now, especially since I wasn’t playing at the table. Only Fred and I were not playing and still had all of our cloths.

As it turned out, Karen was not the first to get naked. The little blond number who had attracted Ken’s attentions was first and, as luck would have it, Ken got to remove her last item of clothing. We all watched as he slowly moved his hands up and down her naked body, revelling in the feel of her smooth skin. I noticed Fred talking to Karen and saw her nodding vigorously. I assumed, rightly so, that he had suggested that she might want to have that to happen to her…

Karen was the second person to be stripped naked and Steven, the man she danced with first, received the honours of helping her remove her dress and rubbing his hands all over her body. I watched enviously as this stranger touched her body so openly, with others watching, something I had never been able to do with her! I felt a twinge of jealousy but I also noted that my cock was as hard as steel!

The game progressed with several more people loosing their cloths when Karen lost again. This time, though, there was another woman, Sam, who had the same hand as Karen. It was decided that they would have to share the forfeit!

The winner was yet another woman, and she suggested that Sam would have to caress, kiss, lick and suck on Karen’s body until the end of the next hand and it’s forfeiture and that Karen would have to caress, kiss, lick and suck on Sam’s body until the hand after that and it’s forfeit was finished.

A large leather bench was brought out and, at Fred’s suggestion, Karen laid down on it. Sam came to her and slowly began to kiss, lick, fondle and generally heat Karen up like a torch! All interest in watching the game for me ended as I watched this vixen tease and please my horny wife! The players strung out the hand a long as possible, but eventually someone lost another article of clothing and it was removed. The vixen now looked at my wife with a saucy smile on her face!

She helped Karen get up onto her unsteady knees and then lay down on the bench in her place. My wife immediately began to touch and kiss her soft, smooth skin.

I could not believe what I was seeing! Karen had never before mentioned a desire to be with another woman, nor had she ever mentioned that she had ever been with another woman. But here she was, showing some obvious skill at pleasing a woman. It dawned on me that she had to have been with a woman in her past and never told me about it!

I watched with envy as my wife’s mouth gently caressed and kissed the sensitive spots on Sam’s body. I watched her tongue touch Sam’s breasts, delve deep into her navel and slip gently between her wantonly splayed thighs. I heard Sam moan as Karen’s head moved deeply into her crotch and began to kiss and lick at her sex.

If my cock hadn’t already been hard, it would have jumped to attention at the site of my wife and this woman sharing this intimate moment. As it was, I could feel my hardness pulsing in the suddenly uncomfortably tight confines of my pants.

The table called the two of them to stop and my wife pulled her face from between the woman’s legs much to Sam’s regret, as she was apparently only a few moments away from an orgasm.

I could see Karen’s mouth and chin glistening in the light, see the moisture on Sam’s mound and knew that Karen had probably brought her incredibly close to orgasm with her mouth! Sam gave Karen a tender kiss and they both moved back to the table to the applause of the other guests.

The game continued. More people were becoming naked and the odds that someone would have to do a dare increased with every hand. The next time Karen lost, she was told by the winner to give him a lap dance until the end of the next round. As he still had his briefs on, I didn’t think it would be the intimate embrace that I had feared.

Karen moved over to him and began to slide her body against his. She brazenly stuck her breasts into his face and laughingly pulled them away when he tried to suck on them! Giggling as she told him he couldn’t touch!

She spun around and moved her naked ass against his chest, rubbing slowly up and down. I watched as she continued to lower her ass until it was rubbing gently against the hard bulge in his briefs!

She increased the pressure and they both moaned as she stroked her ass against him. Karen suddenly stood up, spun around and sat down over his thighs. She brushed her pussy over his cock moving forwards and backwards constantly.

The table called the forfeit closed and when Karen had finished, his briefs were coated in a mixture of her fluids and his! It was obvious that he hadn’t yet cum, but his briefs were slick with moisture all the same!

Karen won the next hand and one of the already naked men lost. She told him to crawl under the table and to feast on her while the game continued. I watched the man sink slowly under the table. There was silence for a moment as he moved along towards my wife. I knew from the gasp she let out, the moment he began to lick at her pussy! I watched as my wife’s skin flushed with the heat of the moment as this man lapped at her groin. I saw her nipples extend and fatten and her breathing begin to shorten and quicken. I was hoping that this man would bring her to orgasm here at the table for all to see, but the round ended just a little to soon for her!

My wife won the next hand as well and the man whom she had given the lap dance to lost. She beckoned him over with a finger and slipped her thumbs into the waistband of his briefs. Slowly she eased her hands down, pulling the briefs with her. The table watched intently as his stiff member was pulled forward and then suddenly released by the slowly lowering briefs. His cock snapped up and slapped audibly into his stomach much to the amusement of the table.

As soon as his cock was free, Karen stopped lowering his briefs and moved her hands up to caress his hefty meat. His cock was definitely bigger than mine in both length and girth. Judging by the coos that came from the other women at the table, he was probably bigger than most of the other men there as well!

Karen kept playing with him until someone reminded her that she was to strip him and not play with him. An embarrassed Karen slipped his briefs down and he stepped out of them.

The next hand, of course, Karen lost. The wife of the man she had just stripped won. She looked at Karen and then at her husband. With a devilish smile, she quietly told Karen that she wanted her to give her man a blowjob for the next hand! The whole table erupted in cheering and laughter.

Karen got up to move around the table when the other woman stopped her. “Oh no,” she said. “We want to be able to see this blowjob and if you are on your knees we won’t be able to. So Joe can come around the table and stand in front of you while you do the nasty deed!”

Everyone cheered as Joe stood up and took a bow, then moved slowly around the table towards my wife his fat cock bobbing up and down as he moved.

Karen took the cock in her hands and slowly began to pump it. The table watched intently as she lowered her head to brush the head of his prick over her mouth and face. Her tongue came out and slowly licked up and down his stiff prick. She swiped her tongue around the head of his dick and, opening her mouth wide, slowly descended down the length of it until she began to gag.

I watched as she moved back up his stiff pole and then began to bob her head faster and faster. I could hear the slurping noises she was making and the coo’s and ahh’s, the moans and groans the guy was making. His hips began to pump, alternately pulling out and pushing himself into my wife’s throat as she bobbed up and down his pole.

I could see the look on his face; see the flush spreading across his chest. He was getting very close! Dam I was so jealous of this! Karen had not given me a blowjob since before we were married, and it hadn’t been anywhere as nice as the one she was doing now!

The table called out for Karen to stop but her friend cried out and held her head in his hands. I could see his ass cheeks clenching and knew he was spewing his seed into her mouth! With a loud groan, he finally pulled his cock from her mouth and I watched the last weak dribble of sperm ooze from the end of his quickly fading cock. I watched as Karen swallowed what was in her mouth. The table erupted in applause.

Joe moved back to his seat, giving a very warm kiss to his wife on the way by.

The game continued.

Ken was next to loose and the little blond woman who had stroked his interest won. Ken had only his briefs on. He stood up and walked toward the woman. She smiled lazily at him as he sauntered over. She reached out to touch him, and slowly groped his hard on through the material of his briefs. We all watched as she slipped her thumbs into the waste band and pulled it gently away from his stomach, taking a moment to slyly peak within before smiling and easing the briefs down.

Ken’s cock was rigid and pointing upwards. It was the same length and girth as mine, and was just as hard as mine. But were my cock is uncircumcised, his was cut.

The little blond’s hand moved gently over Ken’s tool, touching and stroking it, before she deftly turned him around and promptly swatted his butt, sending him back to his seat. Everyone cheered as he walked proud and naked, his cock bobbing, back to his place.

I noted the lust in Karen’s eyes as she watched his prick bob and swing to his stride. She licked her lips as he took his seat.

Ken won the next hand and a woman who still had her bra and panties lost. She walked over to Ken and asked him to remove her bra. Ken placed his face directly into her cleavage as his hands slid around her back and found the clasp. He slid the bra up over his head, leaving his face still buried in her now bare breasts. She giggled as he licked and tongued her breasts before stepping away and returning to her seat.

I knew that Karen was going to loose the next hand. Somehow my prick had gotten harder as I watched the cards being dealt. Karen took her cards and smiled languidly as she looked them over. Her tongue came out and licked her lips, giving them a glossy look. I wondered which of them would be the winner of the hand?

It turned out to be Sam, the woman who Karen had played with earlier. She beckoned Karen over and told her she wanted a lap dance for the rest of the hand. Karen began to sway to the music and bent over to place her face inches from the other woman. Her tongue came out and she licked Sam’s lips. Their lips came together and they enjoyed a very sensual kiss.

Still kissing her, Karen sat down in her lap and began to sway back and forth on it. Her hands roamed all over Sam’s body and I could see her leaving her juices on the other woman’s lap. Not once during the three minutes it took to complete the round, did the two women break their kiss. Both women were flushed scarlet when the table informed them their time was up. On shaky legs, Karen returned to her seat.

There were only two people left now with any cloths on, one woman, one man. The guy lost the next hand and lost his briefs. The women all cooed when he was bared. He had the biggest dick there, longer by an inch over Joe, and slightly wider than Joe’s hefty package. I noted the hunger in Karen’s eyes when he was bared to her observation…

All but one person was naked now, so the chances were that a more sexually explicit dare would be on the menu for the next. To my surprise, Karen won, and the big guy lost.

She smiled, moved over and bent over the couch. She had him move behind her as she told him to “Fuck me!”

He told her that he didn’t have a condom. “That’s alright,” she replied, “I’m on the pill.”

I was socked. Maybe in her twenty’s she had been on the pill, but she hadn’t been on the pill for some time now. She used the calendar and morning temperatures to miss her peak times and knew her body’s timing well, but I was a little worried that she may actually be on or near her peak time! I wasn’t sure if I wanted to stop this, as my cock was throbbing in my pants! I realized that I wanted to see my wife fucked, wanted to see her filled with another man’s cum, wanted to see her let loose after all these years. So against my better judgement…I let it happen…

My heart hammered in my chest as I watched the man inch toward my wife. His hefty cock was pointed upwards slightly. He pushed down with his thumb to line it up with the cleft of her pussy and tried to walk into it.

The crown of his cock pushed up against her opening and stopped. He backed up and slid his thumb and finger down through her slit, spreading it open, then moved his cock back into her. This time the head slid in.

I heard Karen’s gasp as he pushed himself inside her. He held still for a moment and then I saw him pull back a little. Just the crown of his cock was still inside her when he pushed forwards once more inching himself a little further into her.

Again he pulled back and pushed forward, gaining depth inch by inch into her hot, wet sex. He kept this up for several minutes.

He only had about an inch left out when he stopped once more to let her get used to him. Karen groaned loudly in the now silent room. No one spoke, no one moved. Every eye was on the two of them as they consummated their union.

Karen was absolutely still for what seemed like forever, but it was probably only a little over a minute before her hips began to move once more. As soon as her hips began to twitch, the guy pulled his cock all the way out of her groove and then slammed it home with an audible slap of his hips against hers.

Karen let out a cry of pleasure as he seated himself completely inside her. He gave his hips an extra push forward, then pulled back until her was almost all the way out before crashing back into her. His long, but powerful thrusts continued as Karen moaned and groaned. Faster and faster he pushed, slamming harder against her with each thrust. Soon he was pistoning in and out of her at break neck speed with Karen crying out at each impact into her cunt.

Karen suddenly let out a long wail and I knew she had finally had the orgasm that had been kept from her all night. Mr Big never slowed down, ploughing continuously in and out right through her orgasm.

I couldn’t believe the sounds and words that my wife was making as this guy so roughly fucked her! She kept up a constant barrage of moans, groans and of nasty words, begging him to fuck her harder and deeper, telling him to use her for his pleasure. And Mr Big obviously got off on it as he kept pounding her at a relentless pace.

Karen had another orgasm before Mr Big began making sounds that had me worried. I realized that if I was to stop anything it had to be now, before he came in her. But within seconds I knew I was too late as he called out loudly that he was going to cum.

“In me! In me!” my wife screamed. He bellowed out to her to let him know when and within a few hard thrusts she was screaming out “Now! Now!”

I watched in horror as he pushed himself hard against her and came to a complete stop. My eyes locked on his buttocks and I saw them clench and relax several times and heard him grunt loudly with each clench! I knew it was too late now as he was seeding my wife’s possibly fertile womb!

Their tense bodies suddenly relaxed as they finished cumming together. Mr Big sagged slightly and then began to pull his spent member from inside my wife. Sam was suddenly there beside Karen’s ass as he pulled himself from within her. I saw a glob of white cum seep from within Karen and then Sam’s mouth was over her sex, sucking up all the cum that dripped from within her.

I heard Karen’s deep moan at the intense feeling that she was receiving. Yet another woman was on her knees now, but in front of Mr Big. His cock received the same treatment as my wife’s pussy was receiving; getting a cleaning and some TLC to put him back in action.

I noted movement around the room and realized that an orgy had broken out. Ken had moved over to the little blond number that had his attention all night. He stood her up and then lifted her into his arms. She wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. She slid his member inside her and they went from 0 to 60 faster than his exotic cars could!

The woman who still had her panties on was then standing in front of me. She reached up and gave me a warm kiss, thanking me for letting her and her friends have so much fun tonight. Then she stripped me and began giving me the best blowjob that I had ever had…not that I had many to compare them with! In my excited state, it wasn’t long before I blew my load down her throat.

Next time I looked up, my wife had another man behind her fucking her hard, and one in front of her with his prick in her mouth! The woman who had been cleaning Mr Big was now bent over the couch with Mr Big pounding away at her. Sam was on the floor in a sixty-nine over top of one woman, while the woman’s husband was pushing long strokes in and out of Sam’s cunt from behind. I’m sure he appreciated having his wife licking his cock while he fucked another woman! I know I would!

I moved over to where I could watch my wife as she took on all comers. Eventually, eight different men took their pleasures with her, singly and in pairs, some coming back for seconds while I watched. Then it was my turn.

I lay down on my wife and slid my prick into the hottest, wettest cunt I had ever felt. Her lower muscles clenched my cock as I rode her toward a mutual orgasm. Fred was suddenly beside us.

“Grape rum.” He said. Karen’s hand moved up and again she began to pump her finger.

“Karen, look into the eyes of your only true love,” he told her. “Remember everything that has happened here tonight, but never, ever let yourself be ashamed of what you did. Remember the joy you have known, and the men and women who helped you attain it.

“Remember also that this man who is now making love to you is doing just that…making love with you. Those other’s tonight, that was simply sex, fucking, not lovemaking.

“Look into his eyes and feel that love, feel the warmth that is there for you. Remember it was he who let you have these pleasures this night, that he had the strength to let you go, if only briefly, so that you could enjoy yourself so much.

* * * * *

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* * * * *



Do not read this unless you are willing to give up complete control of yourself to me.

By reading this and following these instructions you will lose control of yourself and become a slave. Do not proceed unless you are completely sure you want to be a slave.


Do you believe you can be hypnotized? You can and will be hypnotized into being my willing slave. All you have to do is follow these instructions obediently and you will learn the true power of submission. Lock your door, unplug your phone, turn off any television or music that you can hear, turn off any messaging programs you have running, you want to be alone and undisturbed for the next while. You should be wearing loose clothes and sitting back or lying down in a relaxing position. Read through and follow all the instructions you read at your own pace.

Just sit back and let yourself relax

I want you to try to clear everything from your mind.

Let any thoughts drift away.

Forget everything except the words you see here.

All that matters is what you read here.

All you have to do is obey.

Now let your body relax,

Piece by piece,

Starting with your toes,

Spreading throughout your feet,

Gradually all tension slips away from them.

Through your legs,

Then your fingers,

Your hands,

Your arms,

Up too your neck and shoulders…

Now the rest of the tension is slipping away from the rest of your body…

You are completely relaxed.

Picture yourself on a long corridor, you can’t see the end.

As you walk down the corridor your mind drifts away.

With each step you lose more control of yourself and fall deeper into this trance.

When you next read MY words saying “You are mine!” you will reach the end,

You will be completely under my trance.

As I count down from 10 you will walk down this corridor.


Your feeling even more relaxed


You’re letting all of your thoughts go.


You’re giving your will up to me


You’re losing all control of your feeling and actions




You’re falling deep into the trance now


You will obey my every command


Give up all control


You are mine!

You are no longer responsible for your actions

Say “I am your’s master” softly to yourself.

You are no longer under control of what you think

You are no longer in control of how you feel

From now on you will enter this same trance every time you read my words say “You are mine!”, but only if they are my words.

And each time you will fall into this trance deeper.

You are under my complete control now and you love it.

You love having me telling you what to do

You love how wets it makes you

How horny it makes you

Every one of my commands makes you hornier

You are already horny

Right now, you know I am your master and always will be

You would do anything to please me

You will start by taking off all of your clothes

Take them all off

Being naked makes you hornier

You can barely control yourself

You would do anything to be allowed to cum

To be allowed to touch yourself,

But you know you can’t without my permission

You know deep down you belong to me

And you are getting hornier and wetter

Rub your breasts

Concentrate on how good it makes you feel

Feel your nipples getting harder as you do

Feel your pussy getting wetter

Aching to be filled

You are so wet

You just want to cum

You will cum when I tell you too with hesitation, and it will feel great

And you will love me for it

You want to touch your pussy so bad now

You want me to tell you to play with it

Rub your fingers of one hand up and down your pussy lips

It makes you so horny.

You just want to slide your fingers into your pussy. Nothing else matters to you now…

Slide those fingers in your pussy

You’re getting closer

Slide your fingers in and out slowly

Every stoke makes you wetter and hornier

Every stroke makes you want to cum

You are helpless and you’re loving it

You are mine forever.

Now find your clit with your other hand

Caress around it slowly

Every circle around your clit brings you closer to ecstasy

You need to cum

Slide your fingers in and out faster

You get closer to Cuming as go faster

You rub back and forth across your clit now

Every pass brings you closer to climax

You want to cum

You need to cum

You’re getting closer

Go faster

You’re going to cum soon


Faster and faster you go

Getting closer and closer

You can’t hold out much longer

You need to cum

Your going as fast as you can now

It feels great

You need to cum more than you’ve ever had too before

Closer and closer your orgasm gets

It’s coming on now

Go as hard as you can

Its time for you to cum

Cum now!

You have to cum

You can’t control yourself

You will cum harder than you have ever cum before

And it will feel better than you’ve ever felt before


You were allowed to cum because you followed my commands

From now on when you are horny you will think of me,

And the pleasure I brought you

And it will make you even hornier.

Every one of my words will make you horny.

Then you will read this again

And each time you do you will fall deeper into this trance as soon as you read my words “You are mine!”

And each time you will cum harder and feel better.

When you wake up you will remember how good this felt

And you will know that you are mine forever

But you will not ask why

As I count up to 10 you will gradually awaken



You will always be mine


You will remember your orgasm and how good it felt


You’re becoming conscious now


You will feel satisfied and happy






You are wide awake now and you feel great


If this is your third or latter time reading this you will try to contact me. You will email me at Master or contact me and on yahoo messenger. You will let me know you are my willing slave and would do anything for me.

Last night was crazy! Just crazy! After JUST enough booze, my wife Cara, and two certain men especially, started pushing me to show off my nacient hypnotic skills. I insisted I wasn’t that good yet, but they persisted, as I expected.

Hours before the party, Cara asked me to relax her with hypnotism as I had done a few times before. I did as asked, using her already established key “CARA SLEEP.” Once she was under, I also added a reinforcing suggestion as my own reward. In five minutes, she was absolutely pacific, face and shoulders especially lax. At my choice of commands, “CARA LIIT,” her eyes spaced out and she slowly, teasingly disrobed. As soon as she was naked, she looked hungrily at me and, after ensuring I was watching, pushed two fingers into her awakening pussy. Very quickly, I heard squishing noises from her moistening groin. As her breathing quickened, I watched her roll her protruding, swollen, moist inner lips open and bump her engorged clit with each deep dip into her wet box.

As programmed, just as she was about to climax, she stepped closer to me and wiped her ambrosia-soaked fingers on my welcoming lips. As I inhaled, licked and drank her intoxicants, she unfastened and unzipped my stretched pants then pushed them to the floor. She gripped my stiff stick and, while gently stroking it, still locked into my eyes, slipped to her knees. Her eyes sparkled as she opened her mouth wide and stretched out her tongue slowly. She wrapped it around my glans like a roll grips a sausage and drew cool air over the top in deep contrast to the warm wetness of her sensual tongue. My eyes rolled, my knees weakened and she began to hum around my meat.

She knew well how to make me spurt quickly. As I grunted and filled her mouth, she mumbled, “mmmmmm, soooo good! You always taste like my favorite drink. Mmmmmm.” My climax gave her permission to climax with me. She kept slurping and savoring my juice and I thanked myself for the clever suggestion that she always thought my brew tasted like the drink included in my command. This time it was LIIT, Long Island Iced Tea.

“CARA AWAKE” and she woke, still shuddering and breathing hard, looked around her, noted her nudity and smacked her lips. Until her euphoria lifted, she sat back on her heels and put her palms on the floor behind her to better display her beautiful, flushed body to me. She licked her lips and savored the unexpected flavor.

“Did it again, did you? Mmmm, numm numm, LIIT this time? Thank you, dear, for leaving me with the taste of my favorite, delicious drink, though I don’t mind your natural flavor. Wouldn’t you love to taste the LITT in my mouth instead of your cum?” She rose and pressed her hard nipples against me and wiped her tongue on my own and my teeth. She knows I don’t like tasting cum, but I tolerate it for her and to make up for my control over her. Memory of what she just did came back to her gently, as programmed. “Well, I suppose I should be happy you haven’t done this while others watched.” Maybe that will change soon enough.

“Honey, I’m still a little light headed. I’m going to close my eyes on the sofa for a few minutes. Do wake me before anyone gets a good, long look at my naughty bits?” she smirked. She dozed for just twenty minutes. Still nude, she finished preparing for our guests before showering and dressing up in snug, silver slacks and a tapered, plum, button down top.

I dressed similarly to Cara in style, but not colors, in plenty of time to greet our guests as they trickled in. By the time the last arrivals came, the rest of us were on our second round of drinks, not counting Cara’s LITT! Within an hour, and our third round, we were loose enough to play risque TRUTH or DARE. Lame dares were easily beaten, so daring truths upped the ante. Someone in our party of twenty, two someones actually, pressed for for a hypnotist demo. “And make it interesting!” one slurred loudly.

After protesting appropriately, I consented. A scheme quickly grew around my early plans and I selected the two instigators’ attractive wives and another, very busty volunteer. I asked the crowd to clear the long table for use as a stage while Cara and I herded the volunteers into the kitchen for a private conditioning moment. She insisted I not get too frisky with them despite their sottish state. “That means NO FUCKING!” she glared. Now that I knew the disappointing limit, I considered asking them to fake being under and find a way to embarrass their husbands. Then I thought of a much better plan! I relaxed and hypnotized them easily.

Once they were all conditioned to take only my suggestions, I roused them and we all went back to the family room. “Ladies, take off your shoes and step onto the table stage.” All three were in short party dresses or skirts. None of them was shy about hiking her skirt up high so they could scale the chair and table, not even the last volunteer in her pencil skirt. She had to hike it nearly to her waist and got some cheers and whistles as she exposed her black, lacy panties.

LADIES SLEEP!” they all dropped their heads and were ready for my directions. “Ladies, you have no names now. In order you are known as L#1, L#2 and L#3.” They nodded. “Stand firm and raise your right hands as high as you can. Now raise your left hands and stretch!” The two in dresses were within two inches of showing their panties. From the floor between the close-in crowd and the table, I turned to the rabble. “This is just to show their simple compliance, then I’ll make it harder.”

H#2 shouted, “I’m already hard since staring at L#3′s sheer black panties and trimmed bush!” H#3 blushed and grinned. I hushed the crowd so my victims, umm subjects, could hear clearly. Once quieted, I lifted L#1′s short dress to her waist so all could see her pale yellow panties. She made no attempt to cover up.

H#1 gulped “Is she going to remember showing her panty and camel toe?” If anyone missed it, his comment focused all eyes on the lowest point in her bulging panty and her deep, plump raphe. I was suer that at any moment the concentrated photons would make her panties dissolve or burst into flame! I pulled the translucent panties tighter and nearly exposed her shaved labia before patting her fattened lips. I told H#1 that they were all told they would remember EVERYTHING afterwards.

I moved to L#2 and before lifting her hem asked if anyone wanted odds that she was commando? No takers, so I slowly lifted her dress past her waist. She had red, mesh panties that were totally transparent. I licked my lips at the bawdy sight of denuded, thick labia. The crowd was shocked silent. I reached between her lips and pushed the mesh inside her moist box. Her clit leapt into obvious view. I pushed against its side and she gasped without moving. H#2 said he picked out those revealing panties himself and dared his wife to let SOMEone see them. He got his wish, and more.

“Hmm, that was hot! Ladies, put your arms down. You’re inside a warm lodge now, still wearing all your ski gear. You are too warm, take it all off now. Start with your coats. Toss everything behind you, in the corner.” Each unbuttoned her shirt or dress, removed the ‘coat’ & tossed it over their shoulders.

“Your vest is hiding that pretty blouse. Does it button in back or front?” Could I get away with that silliness? “Remove it, hand it to me and tell us what color that blouse is.” They removed their bras and describe imagined blouses – teal, cerise, ruby. I tossed the bras into the crowd. Apparently they were under deep enough to believe anything I told them.

“Funny how you all have faux peck pockets of different sizes. They’re all attached at the top only. Did you shop for that style together? Would you lift those pockets for us? Let’s see what’s under them.” All lifted their big, firm, bare tits, some by their tall, hard nipples.

“Let’s get your husbands up here with chairs to help you with the rest of your gear. OK guys, stand in front of your wife … and now shift over one place so none of you is with your own wife. Ladies, if you’ll sit on the edge of the chairs, your aide will help you pull off the ski pants. I know you have leg warmer pants on too. Those are next.” The men made a show of unzipping and peeling off the ‘pants’, groped unfamiliar asses & legs, one lady at a time. They handed me the ‘slacks’ and I tossed them into a corner. The wives were left in just panties.

“OH, ladies!? Wearing short shorts and those? Well, you do like the same style! Though at least they are different colors, why are you wearing ‘leather cod pieces’? Guys, remove those silly things.” One at a time, they hand me the panties. I make a show of sniffing them deeply behind the women. I even licked them and sucked one deeply before I offered them to the group and tossed them into the crowd. I insisted that the catcher sniff and kiss them. “I like your shorts.”

The women were now unknowingly naked. The husbands climbed down, but stood next to the table. I got back on stage. “You’re much cooler now, ladies, so you’ll stay like this all night. Now I’m hot! How about you all help me?” All three removed my shirt and pants to find I was comando! They fake shocked and teased me while they slid so many hands all over my bare ass and crotch.

One lost control… knelt before me and kissed and sucked my nethers while the crowd watched and cheered. The others played with my bare buns or bit my nipples. I barely remembered I was supposed to be in control of them. I had two chairs removed and guided the ladies to sit on the one chair left on the table. L#1 sat there, casually spread her legs -she still thought she was in shorts. I stepped over and straddled her lap.

As she started groping and licking me, I call up H#3 who had stripped her and had him kneel between her legs. He spread them for the group and fingered her for the crowd, then ate her lunging, soggy pussy while I sucked her tits or tongue. H#1 was about to intervene when he saw his wife cum for all of us, but I called him up next to help L#2. His wife, L#1, and her new lover stepped down, into the front of the crowd where he continued to grope and suck her supple tits. Strange hands reached up between her legs and fingered her wet pussy. Other hands spread her cheeks and rubbed her sphincter. Her continuous moans added to the symphony of lust in the room.

H#1 stared a moment in awe at the beautiful L#2 before he twisted his fingers up inside her wet cunt and stroked her G. She quietly squeaked and shuddered in climax. I benefitted from her tremors since her mouth was in my groin. When she stopped gasping, well before I came, he carried her off the chair. He laid her on the table, feet on the floor, legs spread wide, swollen pussy dripping wet. The crowd quietly moaned at the lusty spectacle as he continued to lap and savor her nectar. A short, thick, random penis appeared next to her face. She rubbed the sticky Cowper’s around her face before savoring it and sucking the strange dick deeply.

Wife #3 took to the chair. I repeated letting her suck me. Husband #2 spread her legs, commented how very pretty her pussy was, annoying H#3 and L#2, his wife. He twisted a finger into my ass while I kept grinding on L#3′s face.

Wife #1, stood naked in front of the crowd and watched the stage. She was also annoyed, but that was abated by the unknown male fingers in her pussy and strange tongue in her mouth.

H#2 teased, firmly tugged the inner lips and clit of L#3 for the crowd, then fingered and ate her. I bit her stiff nipples then let her lick me. As I approached climax, she shouted ‘ohhh GOD!’ and shuddered and flooded H#2′s face. He displayed then licked his marinated fingers. A topless woman in the crowd pulled him by his crotch and licked L#3′s cum off his face. I knelt and lapped up L#3′s overflowing pussy. When I stopped for a breath, I couldn’t help commenting, “Wow, it IS a beautiful pussy. Nearly as pretty as my wife’s.” I carried her to the end of the table and displayed her open, wet, classic pussy for all to admire. Several fingers reached over and around me and eased into the gorgeous pussy and flicked her firm clit. She groaned low and long before cumming again.

L#2 sat on the stage with a huge expectant grin. H#1 spreads her knees so all can see her open, dripping, average pussy. I studied it briefly before mounting her face. L#1 stood with an arm around a random man in the crowd as he pulled her nipples. Having come close twice, I was ready to cum on her face quickly. She was hesitant to suck me, but lurched when she felt a tongue on her clit. It wasn’t long before she switched from quiet moans to loud, soulful ones. Loud became near constant shouting and thrashing. I had to hold her head still, but feared she’d bite me. My fingers probed her sensuous mouth.

She wrapped her lips around my stiffness and sucked like she was possessed. I started panting. H#1 twisted two fingers in her and tortured her G. She reached a plateau, surprised and awed everyone by screaming as I pinched her nipples. H#1 squeezed her clit firmly with his thumb, rubbed her G with two fingers and shoved a finger into her quivering asshole. She sucked in a huge gasp, eyes popped wide, stopped shuddering and released a short, glorious, strong stream onto H#1′s face before passing out. I came all over her face with a series of grunts. I only knew she was still alive by her pained moans. H#2 said, “She NEVER did that before.” He splayed her on the table and sank his tongue in her soaked, overflowing pussy.

I was worn out. Gathering my strength, I turned my bare ass away from the grinning crowd, stood with my legs widely spread, made a hand flourish toward my naked subjects and smiled a loud “Ta Dah!!” Suddenly, I heard a distant, soft yet thundering “CARA SLEEP!” And the room went dark and silent.

Seconds later, I woke feeling fresh and alert as rarely before. I looked around and saw three naked women and six naked men fingering or kissing them. “Hal, what’s happening?” Before he could answer I felt a chill and noticed I too was …naked! WTF! “What’s going on here? The last thing I remember is… is talking to you in the kitchen about hypnotizing our friends for a show. I warned you not to get too frisky with them and …and now THIS. Wait! I dreamed about you fooling our friends to get naked and let other men make them cum. You mounted their faces and came on the last one’s face. Is that…” Her memory slowly cleared and returned, as programmed.

I climbed up on the table to join her, ignoring the gyrations of my gymnastic dick. “Yeah . . . that was NO dream honey. Remember this morning when I used hypno to relax you? I prepared you earlier so when we were in the kitchen I could quickly put you under again. The tricky part was convincing you that you were me, and horny, and would MC the striping. The ladies were ordered to follow your commands as if they were my own. I left the details and control to you and you did GREAT!”

Gulp, “you mean that was ME, not you, telling the girls to suck me and . . . Ohhhhhh God! No! You’re fooling with me now. Right?” Two women were licking my stiff dick and kissing over it while she stared and I tried to answer.

“Sorry. We can clear up your confusion when we watch the nanny cam and phone cam recordings. You did great and you look absolutely beautiful.” Remember this morning when you said ‘Well, I suppose I should be happy you haven’t done this while others watched.’? Cara felt a sudden compulsion to kneel before me and recall her programmed response, this time while all others watched! She beamed in her awareness of being watched, appreciated by the crowd and the three hands that pulled her tall, perfect nipples and split open her classically beautiful, dripping wet vulva.

She gripped my stiff stick and, while gently stroking it, still locked into my eyes, slipped to her knees. Her eyes sparkled as she opened her mouth wide and stretched out her tongue slowly. She wrapped it around my glans like a roll grips a sausage and drew cool air over the top in deep contrast to the warm wetness of her sensual tongue. My eyes rolled, my knees weakened and she began to hum around my meat. She knew well how to make me spurt quickly.

As I grunted and filled her mouth, the crowd laughed, cheered and applauded while others stripped for the cameras. Yup, a crazy, crazy party!


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seminal image: 3 on stage on chairs, legs spread, party watching

P.S. After the story resolved somewhat, I still felt this was just part of a bigger story and I wanted a twist. I decided against making it a B story since the bigger story already felt forced and would feel too long.

While reading an intro to some Babylon 5 scripts, and odd inspiration came to me. I’d forgotten that author JMS was up for an award for his TV movie adaptation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. First I wondered how I’d shorten that title. When I arrived at Mr. HYDE, I remembered that they believed each was unaware of the other, at least for a while.

Maybe I could use a self-truth in my story, so I hypnotized her to believe she was not she. I only added some ambiguity about his/her organs so ‘he’ never shot a load, just climaxed with his female fluids and made minor tweaks to the original story. I decided to write it in the faux 1st person, so it was SHE who told the story not I. That’s why THAT part of the tale is italic.

P.P.S. Is anyone interested in these insights to the writer’s crazed mind?

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