Dean used to have dreams as a kid. They never made any sense, and he could never remember them once he woke up, but he always remembered the same thing every time. The word ‘Karmina’. He’d looked the word up in the dictionary, but it wasn’t there. He’d looked it up on the internet, but nothing came up that meant anything. So he just put it out of his mind, and never spoke about it to anyone. It was a pity really, because if he had talked about it, his life would have been very different indeed.

The first time he even actually spoke the word was just after his 23rd birthday, and he was on his way back home from a holiday in Australia. He checked into the cheap hotel close to the airport, dropping his bag on the floor and holding the door open for the woman following him. All flights out of Sydney that day were cancelled due to some volcanic cloud of ash that was too much of a risk for pilots, and so everyone’s flights were delayed until further notice. That could have been days, according to everyone Dean had asked, and so everyone who had booked a flight that day was offered free accommodation at nearby hotels. Unfortunately there were so many people there that day, and not enough hotel rooms available, so that meant there were a lot of people that were desperate for a place to stay. Fiona was one such person.

The two of them had met after the news had been broken over the airport’s p.a. system. Dean had been given a room just down the road, but Fiona had gotten there too late, and there were no rooms left. A lot of people had been asking around to find out if anyone was willing to share, and Fiona had asked Dean. So the two of them were stuck sharing the cheap single room while they waited for who-knows how long for the airport to be given the all-clear.

Fiona was nice, cheerful, and very grateful to Dean for letting her share with him. She was so amused to hear his American accent, since she was from somewhere further south, where there weren’t many tourists. Dean had admitted that he liked her accent too, that it was cute. So the two of them started talking as the bus took them past the hotel, and were laughing at each other’s jokes and stories. Dean couldn’t help but check out her body when she wasn’t looking. She was only just shorter than him by at least two inches, and her long curly black hair flowed down her back like a rippling waterfall. She was wearing a low cut top as well, showing him a peek of cleavage, as well as the massive swell of her D-cup breasts. She had a nice curvy body too, not fat or anything, but she was cuddly in all the right places, even though she had a flat stomach.

He was still checking out her large, firm ass cheeks as he held the door open for her. There were only two rooms. One served as a bed/living room, and there was the bathroom with a shower, sink, and toilet, along with a small set of shelves for the first aid kit. The bed was only big enough for one person to sleep comfortably. Dean’s cock twitched at the thought of sharing a bed with this woman he’d just met.

“Is it alright if I take the bed?” Fiona asked, already sitting down and taking off her jacket. Dean’s heart sank. She wasn’t interested. Not to be beaten so easily, he gave it a try anyway.

“Well, we could always share. I don’t want to have to sleep on the floor.” he said with a grin. She frowned for a moment and then laughed nervously.

“Uh . . . I don’t think so. It isn’t that kind of arrangement, ok?”

Oh well, he thought. That would’ve been fun.

That night, as Dean lay on the floor uncomfortably in his sleeping bag, he eventually drifted off to sleep, and had a dream. It seemed so familiar, and it all seemed so real to him, even though he knew it was a dream the whole time. He saw snatches of images, people he remembered seeing throughout his life. Most of all he could see all the women he’d met. Most clear of all were the ones he’d liked or fantasized over. They were walking, or sitting, or laying down asleep, each one coming into focus before his eyes one by one. Each time they did, he heard a whispered voice say ‘Karmina’, and suddenly they’d change. They’d stand where they were, eyes open and completely still, like a doll that had stopped moving, and they’d do whatever he wanted them to do. One by one they came into focus, the voice would call out ‘Karmina’, and then they’d switch off and listen to his commands. Over and over it happened, one woman after the other. He made them take off all their clothes and dance for him. He made them take off his pants and suck his long, hard cock. He told them to turn around on all fours or on their back and let him fuck them, which they did willingly, and happily. They enjoyed what was being done to them, they liked being told what to do. In his dream he fucked every girl that he could remember, ever girl he’d ever liked, and told them that he was the best they’d ever had, and they screamed his name as they came on his thrusting dick.

Dean woke up suddenly and sat up straight. He was covered with sweat, and his erection was making a tent in the sleeping bag. This time he didn’t forget the dream at all, he remembered everything exactly. He could swear that he could still hear the voice whispering in his ear, the same word over and over and over. ‘Karmina’. He heard a gentle snore interrupt his thoughts, and he looked over to the bed to see Fiona with her back to him, asleep. Without really thinking about what he was doing, he got up and slipped out of his sleeping bag. He stepped over to the bed, and knelt down on the sheets next to her. Without bothering being careful he lifted the covers off of her, and marveled at what he saw. She was sleeping in just her panties and a large cotton shirt. It was a cold night, and her nipples were poking into the soft fabric in the sudden chill. The shape of her breasts were clearly outlined under the taut material as she lay with it bunched up under her. Suddenly she opened her eyes and saw him looking down at her with a large tent in his boxers. She screamed and lashed out with her foot, catching him in the stomach. The wind was knocked out of him as she scrambled out of bed, snatched up her clothes and ran for the door.

“Karmina.” Dean said hoarsely, still doubled over after she kicked him, and all at once she froze in place. She was in mid-stride, halfway to the door, when she just stopped and stood there, completely still. Dean watched her, not quite sure what was happening. Eventually the dull pain in his stomach faded and he could stand up straight. Cautiously he walked over to her, and stood in front of her. Her eyes were open, and blank, staring right through him.

“Fiona?” he asked, feeling his heart beating a mile a minute. He was terrified and exhilarated at the same time. He could barely bring himself to hope that his dreams were coming true. She didn’t respond in any way.

“Fiona, can you hear me?”

“Yes.” she said, in a dull and faraway voice. Dean decided to find out if what was happening was what he thought. Her breasts were rising and falling with her breathing, and he was staring at them as he spoke.

“Fiona, you feel safe and secure with me. In no way do you feel frightened or threatened by me. In fact you like me very much, and want to be my friend.”

She repeated his instructions exactly, almost word for word, except saying ‘I’ instead of ‘you’ and so on. When she made no move afterwards, he took a deep breath and spoke again.

“Wake up now.”

It was like flipping a switch. One moment she was completely still and staring at nothing, and the next she blinked and almost ran into him.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry Dean. I don’t know what came over me. For a minute I was really scared.” she said, and dropped her clothes where she stood in front of him. She walked back to the bed and sat down, breathing hard as though there had been no pause in her running.

“How do you feel now?” he asked carefully.

“Fine now. It must have been a nightmare or something.” she said with a smile. “It’s good that you’re here, Dean. I feel safe with you here.”

“Really?” said Dean, and he sat down next to her, examining her face for any sign of deceit.

“Yea, really. In fact I think I could go back to bed now. Normally I can’t sleep all night after a nightmare, but I actually feel completely fine now.”

She turned to crawl back into bed, but Dean stopped her by putting a hand on her shoulder. She turned to look at him, thinking that he wanted to say something to her. She smiled warmly, and Dean’s cock stirred again at the thought that came to him.

“Karmina.” he said, and once again there was the change. All expression left her face, and she turned to face forward, eyes staring at nothing.

“Fiona, can you hear me?” he asked her once more.

“Yes.” she said dreamily.

“Do you like me?”


“Do you think I’m attractive?”


“Do you want to have sex with me?”

“No.” she said, and Dean frowned.

“Why not?”

“Because I don’t want to have sex with people I’ve just met.” she said, still in her dreamy, faraway voice.

“Why not?”

“Because I don’t want to be a slut.”

“Fiona, you are a slut.” he said, hoping against hope.

“I am a slut.”

“Do you want to have sex with me?”


Dean’s dick was completely erect again, and he gripped it through his boxers, sending tingles of pleasure rip through him.

“Why?” he asked her.

“Because I am a slut.”

Dean couldn’t stop smiling, and quickly thought up a plan that would fulfill some of his favorite fantasies.

“Fiona, whenever you hear me say the word ‘bitch’, you will become aroused, and you will like it when I say that you are a bitch.”

His instructions were repeated back to him perfectly, and his dick throbbed under his hand.

“Each time you hear me say the word ‘bitch’ you will become more and more aroused, but you won’t be able to find release no matter what. When you hear me say the word ‘slut’, you will have the most powerful, earth shattering orgasm you’ve ever experienced, and you will feel very relaxed afterwards, and any arousal you felt before will go away.”

She repeated his instructions to him, and he almost came right then and there at the thought of what was to come.

“Do you like taking it in the ass, Fiona?” he asked.


“Why not?”

“Because it hurts.”

“Have you tried it before?”


“Fiona, from now on, anal sex feels just as good to you as vaginal sex. Anything I tell you to do using the words ‘do you think’ you will want to do immediately, and you will enjoy doing it.”

Once she repeated the words back to him, he told her to wake up, and she blinked, back to normal and completely unaware of what had happened. She looked at him and grinned.

“Thank you again for letting me share your room.” she said, and then began to crawl into bed.

“Where are you going bitch?” Dean said, and she stopped where she was and gasped.

“I was just going to go back to sleep.”

“You can’t do that until you thank me properly, bitch.”

Dean saw the change in her immediately. She was sitting in the middle of the bed, facing him, and rubbing her legs together. Her eyes shone at him in the street lamps from outside, peeking over the wave of curly hair draped over her shoulder.

“And how could I do that, baby?” she asked him.

“Do you think you could take off your clothes?”

She stripped out of her shirt without any hesitation, finally revealing her larger full breasts to him. He reached out to touch them, and she moaned as his large hands squeezed them and pinched her nipples. As he was fondling her tits, she hooked a thumb under the waist of her panties, and slid them down her legs, and letting them drop off her foot onto the floor. He could smell the hot musk of her pussy, and he knew she was very wet.

“You like it when I touch your tits don’t you bitch?”

He felt a tremor run through her body as he said he magic word, and she moaned louder, grinding her legs together even more. He ran a hand up and down her thighs, and looking directly into his eyes, spread her legs as wide as she could. He was thrilled to see that she was completely shaven. He loved a bald pussy, and he saw that she was indeed very wet. Wasting no time, he lay down in front of her, and started lapping up her juices around her wet cunt, and then he used his fingers to part her juicy and swollen pussy lips to slip his tongue inside her warm, tight hole.

With a loud moan she wrapped her legs around his face, and put her hands on the back of his head. He swirled his tongue around, breathing heavily through his mouth. Her clit was poking out from under its hood and was rubbing against his nose. He wrapped his lips around it and started to suck it, making Fiona scream and hump his face. She was trying to cum, but she couldn’t no matter how hard she tried.

Dean sat up and stripped off his boxers, revealing his six and a half inch cock. Fiona laid eyes on it and quickly grabbed her legs to pull them back further, completely exposing herself. Dean crawled up to her and used one hand to hold his throbbing member, and the other to hold onto her leg. He guided the knob of his dick into her pussy, and it felt so hot and slick that the rest followed with no resistance. Both of them moaned as Dean felt the tight pussy wrap around his cock, and Fiona felt herself being filled up.

He started to move in and out of her, slowly at first, but then picking up speed as she moaned encouragingly. She was breathing hard, gasping for breath as she looked down at her hairless snatch being penetrated, and then up into his eyes. The two of them shared a connection of mutual lust, and their eyes were laser locked to each other. He lifted himself up on his arms and feet, slamming into her with the weight of his body. The sound of his rock hard dick sliding in and out of her dripping wet pussy, and the slapping sound of their pelvises connecting again and again, was so obscene but it just turned them both on even more. Dean was whispered in her ear, telling her that she was a good little bitch, that she was his bitch, and that she was taking his dick like a bitch. Her moans of arousal and ecstasy were growing louder and louder, and she was brought the very height of her excitement and pleasure, but unable to reach her coveted climax. She wanted to cum so badly, but she also wanted him to keep fucking her. She couldn’t believe how good this felt, how much she’d been missing by holding out all this time. She’d had so many opportunities to fuck so many guys that hit on her, but she’d always shot them down. Something about Dean though, just made her feel so very very good, and she wanted it to never stop. She was screaming his name as he pounded her hard. The bed was creaking and shaking violently

“Fuck me Dean! Fuck me Dean! Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me!!!!” she wailed like a banshee. Finally Dean could feel himself getting close. He’d been holding off for so long, trying his very best to make this last, but he couldn’t hold back anymore. He leaned in close as he held his hips against hers, and humped her to move his dick up and down inside her.

“Cum for me you slut.” he said, and she screamed even louder as her body locked up. She threw her head back and arched her back with her legs locked around him. He felt her pussy spasm and squeeze his cock like he’d never felt before. She was milking his cock, and he was giving her all that he had. He could feel spurt after spurt shoot out of his rigid dick, filling her pussy and coating her from the inside. Finally Fiona collapsed, and fought to catch her breath. Dean’s cock was sore after being squeezed so hard, but it was the best feeling in the world.

Even though he’d just spent his load, his cock was still hard, and he was still horny, ready for more.

“You’re not done yet bitch.” he told her, and she moaned again as she started to rub her swollen pussy.

“I thought that was a pretty good way of saying ‘thank you’.” she purred, still panting from the excursion of her climax. She’d never cum so hard like that before. She didn’t know what it was about this man that made her feel like this, but she loved it. And now she wanted more.

“Do you think fucking you in the ass would be a better way of thanking me?” he asked, also breathing hard and grinning. She straight away sat up and took his cock in her mouth, looking up at him with her large, shimmering eyes.

“What are you doing?” Dean asked, surprised. She responded by taking his whole dick into her mouth, and he felt the tip touch the back of her throat. She gagged, and when she pulled away, his dick was covered in her gooey, stringy saliva.

“Lubing you up.” she said with a wink, then turned around to get on all fours in front of him. Her ass was beautiful to behold, so round and perfect. She reached back with both hands to spread her lusciously large cheeks, exposing her wet red pussy, and her puckered anus. Dean couldn’t believe how naught this girl was, and he wondered if all Australian girls were like this.

He inched closer, and spat on her wrinkled button. He rubbed it with a finger and heard her moan into her pillow. Apparently his suggestion of anal sex feeling good applied to rubbing it as well. He slipped a finger all the way into her tight, tight ass, and she moaned some more. He spat again, making sure that she was very wet before he steadied his dick behind her. He used a hand to put the tip right against her rubbery anus, and then put both of his hands on her hips to steady himself. He wanted to take it slow, and ease it in. He pushed just hard enough to poke the head of his dick inside. It popped past her sphincter with a small obscene little ‘plop’, and Fiona moaned in ecstasy. Then, completely without warning, she pushed back on his dick, and the spit covered rod was completely encased in her tight asshole. Both of them moaned with each other, and Dean couldn’t believe how tight she was. He’d never been able to fuck a girl in the ass before, and now he was so happy that he could do it now. It was the tightest hole he’d ever been in. He started off slow just like before, but she was constantly bucking and pushing back, fucking his cock and moving back and forth. Her ass jiggled enticingly each time she slammed back into him, and he let go of her to put his hands behind his head and stretch his body so that she could push back onto him even harder.

She was on her knees, and fucking him like a pro. Her face was buried in the pillow, and she was holding onto the sheets around her for dear life. Dean could hear her screaming as loudly as she could into the pillow, and it was hard to tell whether they were screams of pleasure of pain. Judging by the way she was furiously pumping his cock with her ass, she was loving every minute of it.

He could feel his balls slapping against her tender pussy, and deep inside he felt another orgasm brewing. He brought a hand down hard on her ass, slapping her ass cheek with such a loud smack that she gasped with shock, raising her face from the pillow, but didn’t stop bucking her hips into him. He spanked her again, this time with both hands on both cheeks.

“OH GOD YES!” she screamed at the top of her lungs, “FUCK MY ASS BABY!! FUCK MY TIGHT ASS!!”

She screamed again and again, over and over. Dean grabbed onto her slender hips and pulled her onto him even harder.

“Shut up slut.” he grunted, and she let out the most guttural and primal scream he’d ever heard. Her asshole clenched down and squeezed his cock even harder than her pussy had before. He fell on top of her and whispered in her ear.


The second orgasm made her shake violently, and she kept screaming like a woman being stabbed.

Finally she calmed down, and she passed out right then and there. His dick left her asshole with a wet ‘plop’, and he fell down next to her, panting and exhausted.

Brenda looked around the room at the other people in the circle, wondering if they’d felt the same as her the first time they’d come to one of these meetings. There weren’t many of them–just four plus “Heidi K”, the woman in charge of the group–but even admitting her problem to just five people made her blush hotly with shame.

Only the expression on their faces kept her from running. She looked at them and saw not just sympathy, but understanding. They knew how she felt; they knew what kind of chaos her life had become. Maybe they’d felt just as nervous as her when they’d attended their first meeting, maybe they’d also gotten sweaty palms and butterflies in their stomach, but they’d stuck it out and come back. If they could do it, she could do it.

Brenda stood up. She took a deep breath, trying to calm herself, but the memory of taking deep breaths to calm herself had too many associations that made her nervous all over again. The others in the group smiled encouragingly at her, and Heidi said, “It’s all right, Brenda. Nobody’s here to judge you.”

Brenda nodded. “Hi,” she said. “My name’s Brenda, and I’m addicted to hypnosis.”

“Hi, Brenda,” the rest of the group chorused.

After saying that first part, the rest started to come a bit easier. “I guess I really started to get interested in hypnosis as a kid,” she said. “Not just hypnosis, mind control in general. I was a big comic book fan when I was little,” and she saw the two guys both nod their heads in sympathy, “and there were some stories in there…I was too young to really understand what I was feeling, but it made me feel funny in a way that I couldn’t describe. I’d read about evil supervillains controlling the minds of beautiful women, and I wondered why they’d always just use them to rob a bank or try to kill the hero instead of…” She shrugged. “I didn’t know what ‘instead of’ was, back when I was eleven, but I knew there was something.”

That got a few chuckles from the group, but they didn’t interrupt her story. “And then when I was a teenager, I started reading vampire stories.” That got everyone nodding, even Heidi. “Most girls my age were fantasizing about the New Kids on the Block–me, I had my first orgasm masturbating while reading Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’.” She felt the blush creeping all the way up her face to her forehead, but Brenda knew she had to be honest with somebody if she was ever going to beat this thing.

“And for a long time, it was just like that–a fantasy I had. I’d imagine a sinister man with dark eyes, eyes that swallowed me up and made me go all…blank and empty…” She saw it on their faces, that little twitch as they tried to control their own arousal at the thought. Some people hid it better than others. Lois, the girl with the glasses, visibly pressed her knees together and sat up ramrod straight in her chair. “I had fantasies about vampires–that was when I first realized I was bisexual, when I read ‘Carmilla’. But it was all just make-believe, just harmless, and it stayed that way for a long time.”

Even with what she’d already admitted, the next bit was difficult for Brenda. She swallowed hard, and said, “Then I discovered the Internet. I mean, I knew it existed before that, obviously, but…I found some websites, stuff about hypnosis. I found some forums, and I…” She let out a long, trembling breath. “I found out that there was such a thing as real erotic hypnosis. There were people out there who could really hypnotize you, just like in all the stories I’d read…and written…and it really turned them on too, just like it did me. Like it does me.”

Just remembering it right now turned her on, even if fear and shame conspired to mute the feeling a little. “I found my first hypnosis mp3 about six years ago. It was by a man calling himself ‘The Operator’, it was supposed to bring you to orgasm. I…I listened to it without even checking to see if there were any hidden suggestions. I just couldn’t help myself; it was all my fantasies come to life right there, a guy hypnotizing me and making me cum with just his voice, and it was right there in front of me. It worked, too.” Her gaze grew slightly distant as she remembered just how intense that orgasm had been, the silky-smooth voice coaxing her hands to rub her clit, the way that his words had seemed to caress her nipples as though he had invisible hands…she broke away from the memory with an effort.

“I remember noticing that there were other suggestions in there, ones that reduced my resistance and increased my susceptibility to hypnosis. I told myself they didn’t work, that I just liked getting off on the fantasy. I listened to it three more times that day, and at least once a day after that.” She saw Sasha, the dark-haired girl, seeming to gaze off into the distance herself, and wondered if she’d heard the same recordings and if she was remembering them right now.

“After a while, he started putting up other recordings, and I listened to those, too. By then, I wasn’t even really remembering what he was suggesting to me. I just remembered that it felt good. But after a few months, I started getting these really strong urges to email him and thank him for the files. I fought it for a few days, out of shyness and a little bit of worrying about talking to strangers over the Internet, but…I gave in. I didn’t know it until later, but that was one of the post-hyps he’d put in his files.”

She remembered typing the email, signing off with the phrase, ‘With spiral submissions, Brenda.’ She had thought it was her own idea, just a quirky little signature, but it was actually her subconscious telling the Operator that she’d emailed him as a result of a post-hypnotic suggestion instead of doing it of her own volition.

“Within a few days of that, we were chatting regularly. We even talked on the phone sometimes. It was…” She remembered everything she could, but it was mostly just flashes–kneeling on the floor with a hands-free headset on so she could pinch her nipples with both hands while she sank deeper for him, ASCII designs that instantly sent her into trance, phone calls at work from a seeming stranger who asked if she’d forgotten her panties and the blushing realization that she actually had… “It was intense. I don’t know how much of it was the hypnosis and how much of it was just the power of having all those fantasies realized, but I loved to give myself to him.” She didn’t have to tell everyone just how many orgasms she’d had during those months. She could tell they’d all been there.

“And one day, he gave me an assignment. He told me to go out, find a random man, and bring him back to my apartment and fuck him senseless. And…” She shivered. “And I knew it was a bad idea, I knew that I might get an STD or that I might wind up letting some crazy guy into my apartment or…or any of the other reasons it was a bad idea. And I kept telling myself not to do it, but every time I’d move towards the door I’d get so fucking horny at the thought that I couldn’t stop myself from doing it even if it was a bad idea, and the more I thought about how hot it was to be that deeply controlled, the hotter I got, and pretty soon I was so horny I needed a good fucking anyway, and…”

She sighed. “And I found some guy, and I dragged him back to my apartment, and I fucked him senseless. Just like I was commanded to. And then afterwards, I freaked out. I uninstalled my chat programs, deleted all my hypnosis mp3s, and removed the Operator’s email address from my friends list. I hung up every time he called, I deleted all his emails unread…it was hard, it was hard for months, but I did it and I swore I’d never let that happen again.”

There was a long pause. The members of the group looked at each other, uncertain as to whether or not that was the end of the story. Heidi just looked straight at her, though, and said, “But it did, didn’t it?”

Brenda looked away–she still had a hard time looking attractive women in the eyes without fantasizing about what it might lead to–but she nodded. “A few years later. I told myself it’d be all right if I just listened to some mp3s, if I didn’t get involved with actual people. I found some female-voiced ones; I thought that maybe women were more ethical than men. I always listened to the last half first to make sure I knew what was getting into my head. I thought I was being smart.”

The expression on Lois’ face was one of pure agonized sympathy. Luke, the guy with the red hair and watery eyes, looked the same way. “That lasted about six months. I was doing all right, just listening to the recordings and going under–but it was so easy to go under. All those sessions I’d had to make me a better hypnotic subject had made it so hard to resist hypnosis at all, and I started wanting more. I started lurking on mailing lists and forums, and some of the women just seemed so nice…and I’d been listening to women hypnotizing me for months, and it was making me, y’know…itchy. So I sent one of the dommes an email, told her I’d been burned before but I wanted to try some casual, no strings erotic hypnosis.”

Bryan, the other guy, frowned in understanding as she continued. “And there I was, reinstalling my chat programs–under a new ID, I wasn’t about to let the Operator get his hooks back into me–and letting SuzyQ do text trance sessions with me. And it was nice. She was nice. No amnesia suggestions, she let me keep the chat logs so I always knew what she was putting in my head…and then one day, I found myself buying a webcam and I didn’t know why I thought it was a good idea.”

Brenda wished she could believe that everyone else in the group didn’t know exactly what she was glossing over when she recounted this. But they probably all understood that when she said, “I bought a webcam”, she meant, “I bought a webcam and then SuzyQ tranced me through voice chat, and I was staring at my own image on the webcam and watching my eyes get glazed and vacant and dreamy as her voice stilled my mind, and seeing myself go into trance made me go deeper, and then I watched myself take off my clothes and it was so hot to see an obedient, mindless sex slave stripping naked and fingering herself for her Mistress and knowing that it was me.”

Instead, she just said, “It took me almost a year to get out of that. I’d keep telling myself it was a bad idea, that I was giving too much of myself away and getting sucked in too deep, but then all those layers of programming would–” She shook her head. “No. It wasn’t even the programming. I was getting off on it, that was why I wouldn’t stop. Mind control makes me horny. I wanted to get sucked in too deep. I wanted to give myself away. That was why it all worked.”

The others actually applauded at that, briefly. “That’s a big step,” Heidi said, “understanding that you have a need to be mind controlled. It’s important to understand that you’ve wanted that as long as you can remember.”

Brenda smiled a little at Heidi’s praise. “But I finally got away from SuzyQ. I swore it would never happen again, for real this time. I tried experimenting with other kinks and fetishes, getting into the local BDSM scene to see if I couldn’t satisfy that part of myself some other way. But…about three months ago, I found this video on YouTube of a girl getting hypnotized. And I couldn’t help it, I started picturing myself sitting in that chair instead of her. I wound up finding tons of videos like that, bookmarking them and watching them over and over. I would read all the local fetish listings every month, looking through the doms and dommes to see if I couldn’t find one, just one that talked about hypnosis. I’d even started downloading hypnosis mp3s again. And then I saw your ad in the back of ‘Minnesota BDSM Monthly’. I couldn’t believe it at first; I thought I was alone.”

She remembered the ad again as she talked. ‘HYPNOSIS ADDICTS ANONYMOUS’, it had said. ‘Do you have problems separating your hypnosis fantasies from dangerous realities? Are you worried that you’re letting mind control take you over? Are you afraid of losing your mind or just giving it away? We can help! Attend our meetings, and free yourself from your worries about erotic hypnosis once and for all!’ She’d almost cried when she saw it. It felt like a lifeline in a life that was spinning out of control all over again.

“You’re not alone,” Heidi said. “We can help you. We’re here to help you.” She looked around at the rest of the group. “I think it’s time for us to go over the Twelve Steps again.” The other members nodded enthusiastically, and Heidi looked back over at Brenda. “Since this is your first meeting, you won’t be able to join in the recitation. Just focus on me, and follow along as we go through the principles. Next time, you’ll find yourself joining right along.”

Brenda nodded. “Good girl,” Heidi said. “Now, the First Step, everyone.”

The group repeated as one, “I admit that I am powerless against hypnosis, and that my life has become unmanageable.”

“Very good!” Heidi said. “It’s important to take that first step, and understand that you have no power to resist hypnosis at all. There was a time, perhaps, when you thought you could participate in hypnosis without giving in completely, when you thought that you could fight those commands and live your own life, but now you know that you cannot manage your own life. You need someone else to do it for you.”

Brenda furrowed her brow in slight confusion as she looked at Heidi’s radiant expression. Was that really how it was supposed to work? She thought it meant that hypnosis was making her life unmanageable, not that–

But they were already chorusing the Second Step. “I have come to believe that a power greater than myself can restore me to sanity.”

“That’s right,” Heidi said soothingly. “You understand now that the only way to restore your mind is to give in to a power greater than your own. You’re powerless and helpless, the First Step taught you that, so now it’s time to find a greater power and submit to it completely. By giving your mind to that power, letting it order and arrange your thoughts, you will find it very easy to think in the patterns as you’re told to, and let that other, more powerful person manage your life for you.”

Brenda tried to shake her head, to say that this wasn’t right, that something was twisted and confused about the way Heidi was explaining things…but her tongue seemed thick and clumsy in her mouth. The more she tried to analyze Heidi’s statements, the more she tried to think about how they reminded her of the inductions she’d heard, and the more she remembered those inductions, the more she remembered how well they’d worked at putting her into trance. Those trances and the post-hypnotic suggestions to be a better, more controllable subject came easily to mind and made her head feel hazy and fuzzy as she focused on Heidi like she’d been told to.

“I have made a decision to turn my will and my life over to Heidi,” the group chorused, their words echoing in Brenda’s mind as she stared into Heidi’s eyes. She’d never felt anything like this, the way that the whole group just seemed to think it was perfectly natural and right to submit and obey and go deeper, and the pressure it created on Brenda to go along was practically unbearable. Everyone else knew this was logical and sensible, and the parts of her mind that she’d been trying to suppress so hard for so long agreed. She had a need to be mind controlled. She’d wanted that as long as she could remember.

“Very, very good,” Heidi purred out. “Every meeting helps you to understand that more and more, showing you all the ways that giving your mind over to me, that making me the higher power in your life makes that life so pleasant and so fulfilling. It feels good to obey, it always has, and I’m here to help you by making sure you have someone perfect and powerful to obey. That’s why you’ve always been afraid of giving in completely to erotic hypnosis for so long…because you were waiting for me to control you.”

Brenda tried to block out Heidi’s soft, seductive voice, but she was also trying to stand on legs that felt weak and rubbery, and she was trying to keep her eyes open when they felt like they weighed a ton, and it seemed like she didn’t have enough energy to do everything at once. So she just let Heidi’s words drift in through her ears like fog to blank out her sleepy brain, knowing that she could no longer deny how aroused all this was making her. It was a fantasy come to life, and that made it impossible to fight even if she wasn’t such a pliant, suggestible tranceslut…

The group spoke again, “We have made a fearless and searching inventory of our minds, and rooted out all resistance to Heidi’s will.”

“Yes, and you’re doing it again right now, aren’t you?” Heidi asked. Brenda felt her knees give way as she slumped back down in her chair, unsure of whether to fight the mental battle or the physical one and losing both as a result. “Every time you repeat these Steps, you find yourself going deeper into your own minds, finding any resistance you might have missed and wearing it away. Over and over again, each time going deeper, each time becoming more obedient. And every time you try to resist, these Steps come to mind again, up out of the back of your mind where they sleep, to help erase that resistance completely before they sleep again and you forget.”

Heidi’s deep, hypnotic eyes seemed to flicker and dance in Brenda’s vision as she felt her eyelids flutter with strain. It was no good; she was too deeply conditioned from years of longing for hypnotic submission. Heidi had chosen her victims well, all of them. “We have admitted to Heidi and ourselves that our obedient trance makes us aroused, and that being helpless makes us horny,” the group responded, and Brenda knew the words were sinking deep into her mind like venom pumped from a snake’s fangs.

“That’s right,” Heidi said, “and as you get more and more aroused, it becomes harder and harder to stop yourself from expressing that. Because you have no resistance to that arousal, no resistance to those commands, no resistance to my will.” Brenda felt herself squirm on her chair. She wasn’t as deeply conditioned as the others, but recounting so many erotic experiences had left her primed and needy, and her pussy was already tingling as her hands twitched in an unconscious urge to masturbate.

“We are ready to have Heidi satisfy these urges through sexual intercourse,” the group husked out, and Brenda couldn’t help herself anymore. She lazily pulled her t-shirt over her head, letting the cool air caress her flushed and warm body. It was hard to take off her bra, because her hands kept getting distracted by the feel of her breasts; but she felt someone behind her helping her out, and then more hands on her body assisted her in taking off her shoes and pulling off her jeans and panties.

“Very good,” she heard Heidi say, and her eyes opened hazily to see that the whole group was naked now, including Heidi. “And you’re so ready for that now, so ready to give in and pleasure each other, pleasure me at my command, at my will.” She heard Lois panting, saw Sasha’s fingers trembling with lust. Luke and Bryan were both hard as rocks, their cocks dripping with precum. The sight aroused her more, but did nothing to free her from trance. She’d been too well-conditioned for that.

“We humbly beg Heidi to allow us sexual pleasure,” the others chorused, and even though Brenda didn’t know the words, she agreed wholeheartedly with the sentiment. It felt like the only things her empty mind could still register were obedience and lust, and only the former kept her from giving in completely to the latter.

“You may,” Heidi said magnanimously, and Brenda’s fingers plunged into her own pussy and began to pump mindlessly. Next to her, Luke leaned over and put his mouth on her nipple, suckling at her breast and flicking his tongue over the aureolae in a way that made her whimper and whine like a puppy at the sheer bliss of it all. Bryan got onto his back so that Heidi could straddle his face with her thighs, and Sasha climbed onto Bryan’s cock and began to ride him with a look of mindless pleasure on her face as she stared dreamily into Heidi’s eyes.

Barbara sat down onto the easy chair with a whoosh of breath. “Oh, my feet!” she moaned. “Do they always hurt this much?”

Nita grinned wickedly at her from her spot on the floor, dark brown eyes flashing with mischief. “No, this was a Tuesday. You just wait ’til Saturday, new meat. You’re going to be asking people to saw your legs off by the time the night’s over.”

Barbara flinched a little inside at the phrase ‘new meat’, but she had to admit, she felt like a steak thrown into a gator pit after her first night as a waitress. Getting a job to help out with college expenses had seemed like a good idea, and thinking about the stack of tip money in her jacket pocket, it still did. But she’d never dreamed it would be this exhausting. It always looked so easy when she was the one sitting at the table…

Still, the other girls had been very welcoming. She’d expected a ton of harassment, and to some extent, she’d gotten it. Nita wouldn’t stop calling her ‘new meat’, and Alexis had made her feel even slower and more fumble-fingered than she was by taking half her section without missing a beat on her own tables. But Barbara had tried her best, listened carefully, and by the end of the night, the other waitresses had invited her back to the apartment that Kirsty and Donna shared for some drinks. Barbara had agreed readily, eager to get along with her new co-workers.

Kirsty walked in with a tray of shot glasses. She’d ditched her uniform in favor of the T-shirt she wore under it, and her short blonde hair was slightly messy from where she’d pulled it over her head. Still, though, Barbara thought, a hairstyle like that never gets too disorderly. Not like her own long blonde hair, which probably looked like birds were nesting in it by now. “Figures,” Kirsty said sunnily as she brought the tray over to the group. “Five waitresses in one room, and who winds up getting the drinks?”

“It’s a mark of respect,” Donna said, emerging from her bedroom in a t-shirt and a pair of cut-off jeans, dragging a comb through her auburn hair. “We wouldn’t make you do it if you weren’t the best waitress in the room.”

Alexis raised an eyebrow at that as Kirsty finished passing the drinks and took a seat on the couch. So did Barbara. She was already more than a little in awe of Alexis. The woman was only in her mid-thirties, but she’d probably been waitressing since she was Barbara’s age, and it showed. She had the memory of an elephant and the speed of a cheetah, and seemed to be able to carry virtually unlimited numbers of trays without even chipping a nail.

But Alexis didn’t say anything. Barbara suspected she didn’t need to. From the way the other girls deferred to Alexis, both at work and here, it was pretty clear who the ‘alpha female’ was in this group.

Nita raised her glass. “To the new kid,” she said. “May her blisters heal quick, and her tables tip well!” They all downed their shots, Barbara coughing just a little as she downed hers. “By the way, you know you’re supposed to share your tips with the other waitresses, right?”

Everyone had a good laugh at that, even if Barbara joined in a second after everyone else. “So apart from a little alky-hol,” she said, “what do you guys do for fun after the end of a shift?” She probably shouldn’t ask; her first class wasn’t until 11 AM, but they hadn’t managed to get out of the restaurant until almost one o’clock. Still, one late night could be forgiven. She was a college student, after all. She was supposed to show up to class hung over once in a while, right?

“Well, there’s always pot,” Donna said matter-of-factly. Barbara tried to pretend like she, too, did illegal drugs as a matter of course. She suspected from the amused expression on Kirsty’s face that she wasn’t doing too well.

“Not tonight there’s not,” Nita said. “You guys cashed my stash on Sunday, and I worked a double yesterday and a double today. I’ve had time to get exactly dick.”

“Late night movie?” Kirsty asked.

Donna shrugged. “Never the same without weed.”

They looked at each other for a long moment. “We could play the Game,” Alexis said, leaning back in her chair as she faced the others.

Donna moaned as her shoulders sagged in mock-exasperation. “Oh, not again, Lex! You always want to play the Game!”

Alexis smiled. “That’s because I always win.”

The other girls all looked at each other with varying degrees of trepidation. Barbara watched in confusion, noticing the slight nervousness on Donna’s face, the glowing anticipation on Kirsty’s pixie-ish features, and the way that Nita seemed to be steeling herself for a fight of some sort. But none of them protested further, and none of them seemed to be willing to explain what was going on. Finally, Barbara just decided to ask. “What’s the Game?” she said.

“Well, that settles it,” Alexis said. “We have to play the Game now, if only to show the new girl what it’s like.”

Donna sighed, but she went and sat down on the couch next to Kirsty. “Alright,” she said. “But I’m not going first. I went first last time. Make Barbara go first. She’s the new kid on the block.”

“Oh, that wouldn’t be fair,” Alexis said. “Not if she doesn’t know how to play.” Alexis had a sort of grin of smug anticipation on her features, like she knew something they didn’t know. Which in Barbara’s case was absolutely true, but Alexis looked like she was putting something over on the whole group.

“I’ll go first,” Nita said. “I’m itching for a rematch. I would have gotten you last time, if I wasn’t stoned off my ass.”

“I don’t understand,” Barbara said. “Would one of you explain what the Game is?”

“It’s a sort of staring contest,” Kirsty said. “It’s a lot of fun.”

Donna looked over at her. “What’s fun for you? You’re terrible at it!”

“Yeah,” Kirsty said with a dreamy smile on her face, “but I’m a good loser.”

“The rules are simple,” Alexis said. “It’s just like a normal staring contest–you have to keep looking into each other’s eyes, and all that–but you’re allowed to blink if you want.”

Barbara’s forehead wrinkled in confusion. “Then how do you tell who wins?”

“You keep it up until the loser closes their eyes completely and their chin drops all the way onto their chest,” Alexis said. She looked at Barbara’s confused expression. “Just watch Nita and I play, you’ll understand. Kirsty, you want to go next after Nita?”

“Sure!” Kirsty said, practically bouncing on the sofa in anticipation.

“Alright, then, Nita,” Alexis said, looking down at the other girl. “You ready?”

“Oh, yeah,” Nita said. She locked eyes with Alexis.

“Of course,” Alexis said, staring steadily into Nita’s eyes, “I have the advantage this time. You might not be stoned, but you let Barbara sit on the easy chair and you took the floor. That means you have to look up at me. It’s going to make your eyes tired to keep looking up like that.”

Understanding started to dawn on Barbara, as she remembered the section on hypnosis in last semester’s Psych 101. The ‘staring contest’ was a sort of rudimentary hypnosis game. The girls outstared each other until they went under. She wondered if they realized that was what they were doing, or if they’d just evolved the game by accident.

Nita shook her head, making sure not to take her eyes away from Alexis’ own. “No way, girl. I’m clear as a bell, this time. I can keep this up all night, if I have to.”

“You say that,” Alexis responded, her voice calm and even, “but you worked a double yesterday and a double today. That’d make anyone sleepy. You’re probably already wishing you could just close those eyes and sleep, Nita.”

“On account of two doubles?” Nita snorted out a laugh. “I could probably go work an overnight right now. Sorry, babe, but you are barking up the wrong tree.”

Alexis just smiled. Barbara got a weird shiver looking at that smile. Leopards smiled that way when they saw a gazelle. “You said that last time we played the Game, Nita, remember?”

Nita looked confused for a moment. “I don’t…I mean, I was pretty stoned, but…”

“Oh, yes.” Alexis straightened up a little, changing the angle of her stare, forcing Nita to look up just a little bit more. “The memories are probably hazy…and fuzzy…but last time, you thought you could stay awake. Last time, you looked into my eyes and tried to tell me you weren’t tired. And do you remember what happened next?”

Nita blinked. “Kinda,” she said. “I mean, it’s all a little, you know, like you said. Fuzzy.” She didn’t look quite so confident anymore.

“That’s right,” Alexis said. “Everything’s just fuzzy, and dreamy, and you can just think back and easily remember what happened next.” Barbara suppressed a grin. The other girls might not know what was going on, but Barbara was pretty sure now that Alexis knew exactly what she was doing. She just hoped that Nita and the others didn’t play for money. Alexis was absolutely hustling them.

“I remember…” Nita’s voice had lost that swaggering edge, and taken on a distant quality. “I remember feeling tired, very tired…” Her head bobbed slightly, sending a lock of dark brown hair down in front of her eyes, and she absently brushed it away. “And you told me…”

“I told you that it would feel very good, very soothing and relaxing and warm and enjoyable to just sink into those sleepy, tired feelings,” Alexis said. Nita’s eyes had rolled up in her head just a little, the pupils barely visible beneath fluttering eyelids as she tried to hold Alexis’ gaze despite the way her head had drooped more than a little. “And wasn’t that true, Nita?”

“Yes…” Nita said. Barbara watched the other girl’s head jerk up and sink down, almost a regular pattern now of slow descents and rapid ascents. But each descent was a little longer, each jerking wakeful motion further and further apart. She noticed that the other two girls weren’t watching Nita. They were watching Alexis, and they were watching her closely. Almost like they couldn’t look away.

“It did feel very good, didn’t it, Nita?”

“Uh-huh…” Nita said softly, dreamily, as she squirmed just a little. Barbara let out a tiny gasp as she noticed the other girl’s nipples sticking out, pressing against the fabric of her uniform. This suddenly felt more than a little awkward. Nita’s hands twitched slightly, like they had something they wanted to be doing, but she kept up her struggles to keep her head up and her eyes open. But Barbara could see she wasn’t going to last much longer.

“And it feels better every time, Nita. This time is going to feel so much better than the last.”

Nita just said, “Oh…” in a tone of sudden understanding as her head dropped that final fraction of an inch, as her eyelids finally stopped pretending that they were open enough to see anything and sealed shut completely. Nita sat there, slumped back against the couch, and Barbara watched Nita’s hands start to move slowly along her body as if of their own volition.

“Looks like it’s your turn, now, Kirsty,” Alexis said as she looked away from the entranced girl on the floor. Barbara looked over at Kirsty to see that the other girl already had a vacant, glassy expression in her half-lidded eyes. She remembered something about conditioning in class. Probably every time these girls lost, they got more used to the idea of losing. After a few Games, they were halfway in trance just from looking into Alexis’ eyes.

Kirsty didn’t look like she minded much. She had a big dumb grin on her face, like she’d been looking forward to this all night. “Uh-huh,” she said, her voice already taking on the same spacey quality Nita’s had.

“And you can’t wait to lose, can you? You like losing to me, don’t you, Kirsty?” Alexis’ voice had taken on a husky, growling tone. Barbara shivered a little again as she heard it. She sounded like…like…Barbara didn’t know. She’d never heard anything like it before, the way it was commanding, but still sort of a ‘bedroom voice’.

Barbara’s eyes widened as Kirsty’s hands moved up and started pinching her nipples. “Uh-huh,” she sighed out, tweaking her nips through her t-shirt without any apparent shame. Was this–did they–oh, God, it was and they did. Barbara almost got up and left right then, but she knew she’d have to go in tomorrow night and work with these girls, and she didn’t want them to think she disapproved. Because, y’know, she was fine with it and all, what they did in the bedroom was their business and it wasn’t Barbara’s place to judge, but…

“Oh, I know you want this, girl,” Alexis said. Barbara tore her gaze away from Kirsty to Alexis, seeing that eager, hungry look in the older woman’s eyes. Suddenly, Barbara wanted to look anywhere but at Alexis’ eyes. She glanced down at Nita, who had clenched her thighs together with one hand tightly pressed between them, and watched her rhythmically squirm for a long moment before looking back over at Kirsty and Donna.

Kirsty had already dropped most of the way down, and Barbara knew somehow that the only reason she fought this long was because she liked to draw out the surrender. Donna just kept looking at Alexis like a deer caught in the headlights. This was…this was weird, and scary, and Barbara felt like she was in way over her head, but she kept calm. She knew what Alexis was doing, even if the other girls didn’t. She wasn’t about to sink into a deep hypnotic trance.

“Now, good girl,” Alexis said, and Kirsty shuddered in pleasure at the words, “sleep.” Kirsty’s head dropped down, and she slid slowly sideways to slump up against Donna.

Donna, in turn, gazed at Alexis with wide, glazed eyes. “I…I…”

“You remember, Donna, don’t you?” Barbara kept looking back and forth between Donna and Alexis like she was at a tennis match.

“I…yes…please, I…”

“‘Please’ no, Donna, or ‘please’ yes?” Alexis openly stroked her fingers along the crotch of her jeans now. Barbara decided that open-minded or not, as soon as Donna went under (and Barbara didn’t think that was going to take long), she was going to make her excuses, plead exhaustion, and get the heck out of here before this turned into some kind of weird lesbian orgy.

“I…I don’t know, I…” Donna was panting now, and at least her head wasn’t drooping or anything, but she still looked like she was a zombie or something as she stared helplessly into Alexis’ eyes. “I feel…”

“You feel dreamy and dizzy and sleepy and helpless,” Alexis said, suddenly changing cadences and delivering the words in a rapid-fire pace, “you want to give in and submit and surrender to pleasure but you’re fighting it because you don’t want to admit how good it feels, you don’t want to admit you want it but you know how good it’s going to feel when you sink deep into trance and obey me, so you want me to tell you, you want me to make you submit so that you can enjoy that blissful sexy obedient trance without any guilt, without any shame, because if I force you to give in and become a mindless hypnotized slave girl then all that pleasure is yours to enjoy and it’s not your fault…”

Donna was shuddering under the assault of the stream of words, as though she’d grabbed hold of a live wire and couldn’t let go. She moaned, and Barbara wasn’t sure if it was in fear or arousal.

Alexis paused for half a second, watching the other girl writhe. Finally, she just said, “Sleep,” in a firm tone, and Donna’s eyes slammed shut like portcullises and her head fell forward like a puppet with cut strings. Alexis turned to Barbara. “And then there was one,” she said.

Barbara shook her head. “I’m not like those other girls,” she said. “I know what you’re doing. I know you hypnotized them.”

“Then you know it works,” Alexis said. “You know that I can hypnotize people, you’ve just seen me do it just by looking into their eyes and telling them to go deeper, to sink down, to float into a deep relaxing trance. What are you doing right now, Barbara?”

Barbara felt like her guts had turned to ice water. This wasn’t…she couldn’t…it didn’t work that way, Alexis couldn’t just hypnotize her against her will, could she? But… “I’m looking into your eyes,” Barbara said in a tiny voice.

“That’s right,” Alexis said triumphantly. “You’re looking into my eyes, just like the other girls did. You watched them sink into trance, and you watched how much it turned them on. It turned you on, too, didn’t it?”

Barbara gave a tiny little shake of her head, but she couldn’t seem to look away from Alexis’ eyes. They seemed to catch her and hold her. “No, I…no.” It didn’t sound very convincing even to Barbara. She was sure Alexis could see right through it.

Because yes, even if Barbara wasn’t interested in joining in, she really could picture herself slumped down like that, relaxing so completely and getting so aroused, and just thinking about it turned her on in a way that she knew made her look right now just like the other girls had looked. Glassy-eyed, aroused…Barbara knew that she’d be even more turned on to see herself looking like that, and it seemed like she was caught in an ever-deepening loop. The more the thought about how excited she was, the more excited she got.

“It’s OK, Barbara,” Alexis said. “You don’t have to deny yourself that pleasure. You don’t have to deny yourself anything. You can just keep watching my eyes, and you know that’s going to send you deeper for me, without you even needing to do anything at all. You’ll just sit there, and the relaxation will happen all on its own.”

“But…I…” Barbara heard the vague, disjointed tones in her own voice, and knew she was losing. Losing the Game, losing her will to resist, losing everything. Even the aches and pains in her feet and legs were fading away now, feeling distant and subdued as she lost awareness of her body and just floated there in the chair.

“You don’t remember what you were worried about now, Barbara, not now that you feel so good, so why don’t you just let those worries go? Like a boat, casting off its anchor and floating, and it will feel even better once you let go of those worries and give yourself to me completely.”

“Oh…” Barbara said, hearing the same tone of child-like wonder that she’d heard in Nita’s voice when she said the same words, and hearing them made her remember that Nita had said them just before her eyes closed and her head sank down onto her chest, and Barbara wondered if she was doing that, too, but she’d have to open her eyes and look up to see, and she was too sleepy and comfortable to do that right now. She just wanted to listen to Alexis and float on her words.

That felt so good. It felt like she might feel if she were to take all her clothes off and lie naked on the floor, like hands all over her body rubbing her and stroking her, like a tongue gently lapping away at her cunny as she moaned and sighed and panted in pleasure. Alexis explained to her that she didn’t need to think too hard about this, that this was just the next part of the Game and it was perfectly natural, that she could just remember it in a hazy, foggy, dreamy way and not think too hard about what they were doing right now. Barbara knew that would feel nice.

She didn’t think too hard as Alexis straddled her face, as she began to lick. She knew that this was just part of the Game, just the natural reward for the winner. She felt a tongue brushing her own clit, and knew that was part of the Game too, that was the reward for losing because losing was soooo good, losing was better than winning and she’d always want to lose the Game, deep down, even if her conscious mind tried to win. Her subconscious mind would love to play and love to lose to Alexis, because her subconscious mind remembered all the parts of the Game, even the parts that her conscious mind only remembered in a sort of fuzzy hot sexy dreamy way.

Barbara listened to it all as she came and came. She knew Alexis was brainwashing her, but that was part of the Game too. And the Game was so much fun. Barbara knew she’d remember it all night tomorrow, not really letting herself think about what they were doing but remembering it as she worked side by side with Alexis, with all the girls. She’d remember how good the Game felt, how aroused she was, just in the back of her mind where it would make her all sleepy and horny, all night right up until they came back here again and Alexis suggested they play the Game once more. And even if her conscious mind thought she could win, her subconscious mind knew that it felt so much more fun to lose.

‘Just Relax.’

Melinda’s eyes widened for a second before her well-trained mind took over and she sank into the first stages of trance. Patrick had taken her out to the Waterway Mall and they were sitting in the food court having just had a light meal. She had not expected him to put her under here, in public. She knew full well her subconscious would be perfectly happy letting him persuade her to do just about anything; the thought of what he might have her do here was thrilling, horrifying, exciting…

She was dimly aware of Pat shifting his chair closer. His lips touched her ear and she let out a tiny moan, already wet at the thought of what might happen. ‘Let yourself relax, Mel,’ he whispered. ‘Let your will float away. Your mind and body are mine to command.’

‘Yours to command,’ she mumbled softly in reply.

‘I’m going to give you some instructions now. You will not remember them, but you will act on them. You will follow these instructions without question, even though you will not remember me giving them to you. First…’


Mel blinked. Pat was nowhere to be seen, though she had a sneaking suspicion that he was somewhere nearby, watching. She knew he had put her under, which was now something he could do with a simple phrase. Two words and she was his to do with as he wished. She squirmed a little at the thought of some of the things he had wished for over the past two weeks. This was the first time he had done it in public, however, and she was not sure what he had done.

She did a quick inventory. Her panties were still on, so was her bra. There was a liquid warmth between her legs which was not unexpected. Silk blouse, light jacket, and short, slim skirt still on, as were her pumps with the four-inch heels. Her purse was still there with her phone and wallet in it. Her eyes narrowed; what had he done?

All right, so… she got to her feet, not quite sure of what she should do, and soon found herself walking out of the food court. She wandered aimlessly, looking in windows, but never getting the urge to enter any of the shops. She felt as though something was keeping her moving, an irresistible urge to find something she did not know she was looking for. Frustration began to set in and it came as something of a relief when she found herself walking into a small sex shop hidden away on the top floor of the mall.

Well, it certainly should not have been a surprise, she figured. Her lips twitched into a grin as she began browsing through the shop observed by the tall brunette behind the counter. While Mel had no idea what she was looking for, she guessed she would know it when she saw it. She worked her way past racks of boxed dildos and vibrators, and nothing stood out. Cuffs, collars, and nipple clamps. She was a little glad when none of those had her reaching for them, even though she had allowed Pat to tie her up a couple of times. She picked up a box containing a vibrating egg, thinking that that seemed a little bland until she realised that she wanted something else too. None of the outfits hanging on racks at the back attracted her attention, though she did consider buying a couple of them because she had never worn anything that kinky. Her mission drove her on, however, until she came to a display of butt plugs and swallowed at the thought of sliding one of them in.

‘He can’t mean me to…’ she murmured to herself, but her hand reached out involuntarily to stroke over one of the plugs. It was thin and made of black latex. Too thin, even though she had never had anything thicker than a finger in her anus. She stroked over two more, one a medium sized bulb, the next far thicker. Her fingers trembled as she picked the largest one up, turning it over in her hand. It looked huge; short, but very thick. Her heart was thumping; she would never get that inside her, but the thought of being made to try made the warmth in her pussy grow.

Apparently, Pat had decided to be merciful. She put the plug back down and, reaching beneath the display, picked up a box containing one of the medium-sized plugs. Again, it was almost a relief, and now she was walking to the counter to pay.

The girl looked at her purchases and then produced a set of batteries for the egg. ‘Those are complimentary,’ she said with a smile. ‘Do you need lubricant?’

Mel found herself speaking before her brain had engaged. ‘Yes, one of the small bottles of water-based lubricant. I have plenty at home, but I want to put these in before I meet my boyfriend.’

The girl’s lips twitched as she turned and took a small, plastic bottom form behind her. Mel felt as though her cheeks were going to catch fire. It was partially what she had said, and partially the realisation that she really was going to put these things in before she left the mall.

‘There’s a changing room in the back you could use,’ the assistant said. Her voice had a slightly amused edge to the helpful tone. She did not sound even the slightest bit surprised.

‘I’ll be fine, thank you,’ Mel replied, knowing she was blushing.

Next stop was the ladies’ restroom on the floor below. She slipped into a cubicle, put the seat down, and unzipped her skirt. It was carefully folded and placed on the toilet seat, followed by her white lace thong. She had a feeling that the plug would be easier to insert first, but her hands had other ideas. The egg was a simple one; she unscrewed the two halves, found the bullet vibe inside it, inserted the tiny batteries, turned it on, screwed the whole thing back together, and then slid it into her pussy without any lubrication. Lubrication was, at this point, unnecessary. The only indication that the thing was in there was a nylon loop which hung out between her pussy lips. She gave it a tug, making sure the egg was secure enough, and the humming egg bounced over her G-spot. She let out a loud moan, and then she clamped her hand over her mouth. As far as she knew, there was no one else in the room, but she had not checked all the stalls.

Next was the plug. She figured this was going to be tough and applied liberal amounts of lubricant to both the plug itself and the little hole it was going into. As her fingers stroked over her anus and the egg buzzed inside her, she felt herself getting hotter. Her kegels began to clench and she realised she was falling into a trap, pulling her fingers away with some effort. Pat had obviously not enforced the suggestion to come in here, playing with her ass. Somehow she knew she had just broken off in time to stop it becoming a need instead of a desire.

She picked up the slick, rubber plug and looked at it. It widened rapidly from its rounded top to a bulb maybe two inches in diameter before narrowing to about an inch with a thick skirt to keep it from vanishing inside her. She swallowed nervously, put her right foot up on the toilet seat, and placed the head of the plug against her anus. As soon as she began to push she felt herself relax. Pat had been merciful again, suggesting that she should relax her muscles as she inserted the plug. Still, the pressure seemed quite intense and she bit her lip as she felt her body being stretched by the rubber. She whimpered and kept on pushing. There was an instant of pain and then her sphincter muscle tightened around the neck of the plug.

Gingerly, she lowered her leg and stood up straight, and let out a groan. She had never felt so full in her life. The egg buzzed and hummed and almost seemed to rattle against the plug. The plug’s thickness pushed the egg forward enough that it settled over her G-spot. She reached for her skirt, and started putting it on without her panties. Moving made the egg shift and stimulate her more; walking was going to be exquisite torture. Dropping the boxes, lube, and her panties into the paper bag from the shop, she unlocked the door and walked out. She ignored the woman washing her hands as she did the same. Mel knew the woman had heard at least that last groan because the woman was studiously ignoring her too.

Walking really was a trial. Every strutting step bounced the egg and she found that she was unable to take more normal steps. She did not know where she was going, and just walked around the floor once, twice, three times. She began to realise that she was not going anywhere, just walking around in circles while the egg and plug combination drove her insane. She could feel her own juices running down her inner thighs. If this kept up she was going to end up rolling on the floor while she shrieked out her climax in public. The thought of that almost pushed her into doing it.

Then she spotted Pat. He was leaning against a rail, watching with a mischievous grin on his face as she strutted toward him. She stopped beside him, reached into her bag, and handed him her panties. Then she stood up straight, pushing her chest out and placing her hands behind her back. Her eyes were cast meekly down.

‘How are you feeling, Mel?’ he asked.

‘Very full, Master.’ He had never told her to call him that, or suggested it. She had started doing it whenever they were playing and he had never stopped her. ‘Very full, very close to coming. My juices are running down my thighs.’

‘You didn’t come in the restroom.’ It was a statement, not a question, but she felt like it needed an answer.

‘No, Master.’

He nodded. ‘If you had, you’d have spent an hour in there coming as often and as loudly as you could, and then caught a bus home.’ Mel swallowed. Aside from masturbating in a toilet cubicle she doubted she could have survived the trip home without at least two orgasms. ‘Come on, we’re going home.’


‘Just relax, Mel.’ They were just starting out of the car park when Pat spoke and Mel felt the same sudden thrill she had in the food court as her mind slipped into the waking sleep it had been trained to. They were half an hour from their apartment building and he was putting her under. It was not quite as public as the food court, but still…

‘You are standing on a beach, the sun is blazing down on you. Kick off your shoes and feel the sand between your toes.’ Her pumps slipped off her feet quickly and she wriggled her toes, smiling. ‘The sun is hot, isn’t it? Aren’t you hot, Mel?’

She was hot, really hot. Her light jacket suddenly felt like a winter coat and she struggled out of it, dropping it behind her. Her blouse felt as though it was sticking to her skin so that went next, leaving her in a bra and skirt, and that felt better. The sun felt good on her skin. She smiled again.

‘There’s no one around to see you, Mel.’

He was right, there was no one around to see her. Giggling she unhooked her bra, slipping it off and dropping it behind her, and then her skirt was unzipped and slid down her legs to the sand. She stretched her arms up over her head and smiled, happy to be naked in the sun.

‘Lie back in the sand. Enjoy the heat of the sun.’ She was lying down and the sun felt so wonderful on her skin… ‘And realise that you’re not on a beach, you’re sitting in my car, naked, and there’s a vibrator in your pussy and a plug in your butt. You can’t move, not even a finger.’ Her eyes widened as she saw the cars going past outside the windows. She was partially hidden by the car’s body, but her large, pert breasts could be seen if someone looked. If someone looked carefully they might see her arousal, obvious from the way her nipples were standing out like thimbles.

‘Your right arm seems to have developed a life of its own, Mel. You can’t stop it moving. It’s moving between your legs.’ Sure enough she felt her arm moving. Slowly at first, it slid across her hip until her hand was resting over her lap. ‘Spread your legs more. Give it room. Let your fingers find your clit. You can’t resist it, no matter how much you try.’ She realised what was about to happen and willed her limbs to stop, but they ignored her. Her legs moved apart, as wide as the foot well would allow, and her fingers parted her wet labia, discovering the swollen bud nestled beneath. ‘Your body wants to make you come, Mel. There’s nothing you can do to stop it. Your fingers have no mercy, they won’t stop.’ She let out a little whimper as her fingers began strumming her clitoris.

Wound up from the egg in her cunt, it took only a few seconds before she felt her first orgasm swelling in the pit of her stomach. She began to pant heavily and then exploded into screams of pleasure. Her hand kept moving all the way through it, and did not stop as she came down again. Her breath came in ragged pants as she realised her treacherous body was going to keep her coming for as long as Pat wanted it to. Anyone looking there way might see her there, lying naked in the car, furiously frigging herself to climax over and over again. An equally traitorous part of her mind was loving it.

She came again, and again, waves of intense pleasure washing over her as her body strained in the car seat. Her hand, her own hand, refused to give her respite. She felt sweat running down between her breasts and across her face. She had no idea how long they had been driving, or how many times her body had erupted into climax, and she did not care. She was an orgasm machine, made to come.

‘Your hand has decided you’ve had enough,’ Pat’s voice said, cutting through the miasma of pleasure. Mel’s hand slipped away; she whimpered at the loss, but the vibe in her pussy was still going and it took several minutes and another two, smaller, orgasms before she was lying still, her chest heaving. They were only a couple of blocks from home. ‘There’s a bag behind your seat. When you’re ready you can put what’s in it on. As soon as we stop you’re going to get out of the car, so I hope you’re going to be ready soon.’

Suddenly panicking, Mel reached behind her to grab the bag. Inside was a dress, very short and wrap-around with a belt to secure it in place. She struggled to work it under her body and had just about managed to get it there and her arms into the sleeves when the car stopped. Without pausing she unlocked her seatbelt, opened the door, and climbed out of the car, her dress flapping open and her cheeks flaming. Briefly, as she quickly looked around the little car park at the back of the building, Mel wondered whether Pat would have stopped her if he had seen anyone there. That treacherous part of her mind hoped he would not. She finished belting up the dress. It was very short, barely hiding the black latex plug in her butt.

‘Put your shoes on,’ Pat said.

Of course, getting to her shoes meant bending over and flashing the car park, but she was still under his control and she was doing it before she could even think about it. Her cheeks flamed, even though no one else had been in the car park. Her butt was stuck up in the air and she could feel the silky dress sliding up her back, and behind her were all the windows of the apartments overlooking the parking area…

Straightening up, she slipped on her pumps, and then closed the car door before following Pat into the building. They passed Mrs Hooper, an old lady who lived on the ground floor, as she came out. Mel’s cheeks were still glowing from the humiliation and the recent orgasms, and Mrs Hooper gave her a knowing smile which just made it worse.

‘That’s a very nice dress, Melinda,’ Mrs Hooper said, humour evident in her voice.

‘Thank you, Mrs Hooper,’ Mel replied. Her voice always sounded a little dazed when she spoke in trance, but Mrs Hooper seemed not to notice.

Mel continued following Pat up the stairs, which was not easy with her butt and pussy pleasantly full, and down the corridor to Pat’s apartment. Neither of them spoke until the door was closed.

‘Take off your dress,’ Pat said. She untied the belt and slipped the light garment from her shoulders. It pooled around her feet leaving her naked aside from her shoes. ‘Walk over to the back of the couch….’ She started to comply even as he continued his instructions. ‘…and bend over it, legs spread. I want your shoulders on the seat back. Stretch your arms out along it.’

She did as he asked. The couch was quite low and, even with her legs spread three feet apart, her hips were higher than her shoulders. She felt exposed and vulnerable, and she knew she was going to get fucked. She knew she was going to get fucked and there was nothing she could do to stop it. She knew, above all, because she had asked Pat to do it this way, that she wanted to be unable to stop him from taking his thick cock and ramming it into her so hard…

She gave a little whimper as his hands touched her hips. ‘Is your ass feeling stretched, Mel?’ he asked.

‘Yes, Master.’

‘Good. There’s a reason you’ve been stretching it.’ She felt his fingers sliding over her skin, gripping the base of the plug, and starting to pull. Surely he was not going to… She had never had a cock in there! ‘Just relax, Mel.’ She felt her muscles relaxing immediately. ‘You’re right, I’m going to fuck you in the ass. You’re going to enjoy it so much.’

She felt herself being stretched again as the widest part of the plug was pulled past her sphincter muscle, and then it was easy, a relief, until she felt the head of his cock settle at her opening. He took it easy at first, pressing firmly, but not too hard, then gradually increasing the pressure until, suddenly, he slid in. She let out a gasp as his full length invaded her and the egg bounced off her G-spot. She moaned, a sound echoed by Pat.

‘So tight,’ she heard him murmur, and then he started moving. Sliding out slowly and then driving back in. Another bump of the egg, another gasp from Mel. He got faster and the egg began to bob, and Mel began to pant. ‘Oh… oh… oh…’ The pace got faster and she felt him swelling inside her. He was going to come… ‘Oh!’ He was going to come in her ass… ‘Ooh!’ He was going to fill her ass with his thick… ‘Oh God!’ Her muscles tightened around him as she came and she felt him drive himself in one last time before exploding into her, his fingers digging into her hips. And it felt amazing.

She felt him pull out with a sort of popping sensation. ‘Wake up, Mel. You’re your own self again. I think a shower is in order.’

Mel straightened up, suddenly feeling the stiffness in her muscles. She giggled. ‘I think that would be good. Can I join you?’

Pat grinned and started toward the bathroom. ‘I’ll even wash you.’

As with any man given an attractive, nubile young woman to clean in a shower, Pat was very thorough. By the time he was finished, Mel’s nipples were standing out stiffly. ‘Feeling clean?’ he asked, giving her right nipple a little tap which sent a jolt of pleasure straight through to her clit.

‘Yes, thank you.’ She felt her cheeks colour at the thought going through her head. ‘You know… I’ve never had sex in a shower.’

Pat’s eyebrows went up. ‘Never?’ She shook her head and Pat’s mouth twisted into a mischievous grin. ‘Just relax,’ he said.

It worked! I didn’t really believe it would. But it did. Wow!

Craig was teasing me about my relationship with Rachel. I think he was just envious because he hadn’t had a date in years, much less a steady girlfriend. But he was razzing me over the lack of progress I’d made with Rachel in the sex department. And I couldn’t deny that it frustrated me. Rachel and I would kiss and grope. She finally let me bring her to an orgasm with my fingers and, then, with my tongue. Once she got on to that, she more than let me; sometimes she almost forced me. She loved it.

But things were decidedly one–way. A couple of times, she’d fondled my cock, but only for a few strokes–never long enough to get me off. And her lips hadn’t ever been within a foot of my cock. I’d hinted, both with words and gestures. There could be no doubt that she was aware of what I wanted. But she seemed to have no intention of satisfying my desire.

Craig knew all of this, of course. He knew everything about me. He’s a good friend and drinking buddy. And it was on one of these nights of drinking, first at a bar and then back at Craig’s place, that the teasing was at its peak.

I finally told Craig to knock it off and he knew that I was serious. And, then, he got serious, too.

“I know how you can get Rachel to jerk you off, or suck your dick or do whatever you want her to do.”

He had my attention. When he went on, though, I was pretty disappointed. What he was suggesting was using hypnosis!

“Yeah, where did you get that idea? From the back of some sex magazine you were beating off to?”

“Say what you want, Mike, but it works. I know it can be done.” Then he paused, maybe thinking better of what he was claiming. “I mean, I guess not everyone can be hypnotized so I don’t know about Rachel. But a lot of people can be hypnotized. And, if you can hypnotize someone, you can get them to do practically whatever you want.”

“So, genius, how do you know all of this?”

Craig told me that he’d been hypnotized as part of a magician’s act years ago. He’d seen a tape of the show and, so, knew how he’d embarrassed himself at the magician’s command and didn’t recall any of it when he’d been brought out of the trance. That got him interested in hypnosis and he’d studied up on it and tried it out.

“How come I didn’t ever know this about you?”

“It was years ago and I haven’t really done anything with hypnosis for years. But I’ll bet I could hypnotize you now.”

“I don’t think I could be hypnotized,” I said, but I wasn’t sure why I thought that.

“Neither did I when the magician called me up.”

“Okay, buddy, have at it. Do you need a pocket watch to swing in front of my face?”

“No–just something for you to focus your attention on. I can use this candle.” And he lit the candle and placed it on the coffee table in front of the chair I was sitting in.

“Now, I’m going to ask you to focus your attention on the candle and you have to try to follow my suggestion. Just relax and focus on the candle. Forget about everything else.” He went on in this vein with the “relax, you’re getting sleepy” type of stuff for quite a while. And, the truth was that I was getting very relaxed. I think I was close to drifting off to sleep. But I guess I wasn’t going into a hypnotic trance. After about ten or fifteen minutes of this, Craig gave up. It was difficult for him to admit defeat.

“I guess you’re just not easily hypnotizable.”

“Or, maybe,” I suggested, “all of this hypnosis stuff is bunk.”

“It’s not. Trust me.” Craig was earnest, but I was still skeptical and made no attempt to hide it.

“Okay,” Craig said, “you can hypnotize me.”

“I don’t know what to do,” I replied.

“It’s easy. Just do what I did to you and it will work. I know I can be hypnotized.” Craig looked at me for a while and then urged me, “Go ahead. Try it.”

So I did. Craig sat in the chair and stared at the candle. I talked to him in the soothing way he’d talked to me. And, as I did, I could see him go under. It wasn’t like he fell asleep–at least not like a normal sleep. He was out, but I could talk to him and he’d respond. His response was slow and completely passive. He didn’t initiate any talk; he simply responded to what I asked.

He could have been faking, though. In fact, when that thought occurred to me, I realized that this was just the sort of thing that he might do, and then laugh about for months later. So, I had to be sure he wasn’t just putting me on. And, of course, one way to do that was to give him suggestions to do embarrassing things. So, I did that.

I had him up on the coffee table flapping his arms and clucking like a chicken. Trite, but not a bad start, I thought. Then I had him get down on his hands and knees and crawl over to his dog’s food bowl and eat some of the kibble in it. I was pretty sure, then, that this was no joke on his part. I mean … it won’t hurt him to eat dog food, but he wouldn’t do it just for a joke on me.

“Just one last thing,” I thought. I got him to stand on the coffee table again and this time I had him drop his pants and underwear. I had him pull his shirt up and show off his cock and balls by putting his hand under them and pushing them forward to display them. Then I ordered him to turn around, bend down, and pull his ass cheeks apart. He was exposing himself completely to his best friend who was standing, fully clothed, just a few feet away. This wasn’t something he would go along with for a joke.

His response to all of this was kind of slow and a bit listless, but he did everything I asked him to do. And I’m pretty sure I refuted the “you can’t make anyone do anything under hypnosis that they would object to doing” theory.

And then it dawned on me. I’m not sure why it took me so long to think of this. Maybe it was in the back of my mind from the beginning but, if it was, I didn’t realize it until just then. Why was I doing this? What was I practicing for? I was trying to see if hypnosis could get Rachel to suck my dick. What better way to determine that than to test it out with Craig. He’d already eaten dog food and exposed himself to me. I was pretty sure he was completely under my control. So, why not test that out and benefit from the test at the same time. It had been so long since I’d had sexual release from any source but my hand.

“Get down off the table,” I commanded. Craig’s pants and underpants were still around his ankles and, so, this proved to be very difficult for Craig. It probably would have been difficult even if he weren’t in sort of a daze. So, I told him to pull up his underpants and pants. When he’d done this, I had him get down off the table.

“Walk towards me.” And he did.

“Get down on your knees.” And he did.

“Now unzip my pants and take out my cock.” And, Jesus Christ, he began doing that, too. Shit! This was going to be great.

Craig had a little trouble getting my cock out of my pants because I was already beginning to harden. I helped him a little. It seemed like the least I could do for a friend who was about to suck my cock.

“Now lick the underside of my cock like it’s the sweetest lollipop you’ve ever tasted.” I didn’t know where the “sweetest lollipop you’ve ever tasted” came from, but it worked. Craig’s tongue was out and running along the underside of my cock, which was quickly at full mast.

“Take my cock in your mouth and suck it; work your lips up and down my shaft.”

Oh, my God! Did that feel sweet! I wouldn’t say he was doing it with the most gusto I could imagine. There was, I had discovered, a sort of passive and mechanical way in which he did everything I ordered. And I didn’t think that a “do it with gusto” command would work. But I didn’t care. I was getting my cock sucked and it felt terrific.

Suddenly I wondered whether a shot of cum in Craig’s mouth would break the hypnotic trance. I hadn’t thought about this until at just that moment. Of course, when I thought about having Craig suck my dick, I meant to completion. What guy is thinking of anything less when he thinks of a blowjob? But now I worried about it. Just for a few seconds, though. When sexual urgency is building, as it most definitely was now, a guy will risk a lot. I was going to now. If Craig came out of the trance with my cock spewing cum in his mouth, that might be the end of the friendship. But I was willing to risk that right now.

And spew I did! I had one of the most intense orgasms of my life. I think I shot six or seven times in Craig’s mouth. With each jet, I screamed, “Swallow!”

My cock slipped from his lips and I collapsed into the chair. For a few moments, I didn’t think of anything but the incredible feeling of bliss I was enjoying. When I opened my eyes and forced myself to focus on what was going on, I realized that Craig was still on his knees. He’d obviously followed my commands to swallow my cum because there wasn’t a trace of it to be seen.

I told Craig to get back up and sit in the other chair. When he had, I told him to drink the rest of his beer. I didn’t want him coming around with the taste of cum in his mouth. Craig drank his beer, about half a bottle, in just a few swallows. I looked around to see if there was anything I needed to do before I brought him out of his trance. There wasn’t.

“Craig, now listen to me,” I began, as if I knew what I was doing. “When I count to ten, you will wake up completely. When you wake up you won’t remember anything that happened since you went to sleep but you will feel rested and refreshed. In fact you’ll feel wonderful. You’ll realize that time has passed and that you were hypnotized, but you won’t remember anything about what you did while you were hypnotized.” And, then, on a whim, I added, “And, since you will feel so good when you awake, you will be willing for me to hypnotize you anytime we’re alone together in the future. Do you understand?”

Craig muttered a ‘yes’ and I began my count. When I hit ‘ten’, Craig awoke with a start. He looked disoriented for a second but then he smiled and said, “You did it. Didn’t you? You had me hypnotized. Right?”

I told him that it seemed to me that he was hypnotized. I prodded him to see if he remembered anything but he said he couldn’t remember a thing between the time I was telling him to concentrate on the candle and when I said ‘ten’. He asked me what had happened while he was hypnotized and I told him some of it.

“Dog food! You made me eat dog food! You shit!” But he seemed to be feeling so good that even this was said in a light–hearted manner. “That’d better be the worst of it,” Craig said. “Was it?”

“Of course,” I replied. “Isn’t that bad enough? Do you want me to do it again and think of something worse?”

So, that’s how it worked. Like I said, I didn’t believe it would. But it did. And it was wonderful.


It worked! I didn’t really believe it would. But it did. Wow!

I’d been planning this in some form for quite a while now. There were different ways that it could have worked (and many ways that it would have failed, I guess). But when Mike began complaining about Rachel not putting out sufficiently, I thought I saw my opening. I teased him about it until he wanted me to knock it off and then I offered a helpful suggestion: hypnosis.

I did know a little about hypnosis and I had, in fact, been hypnotized and hypnotized others. I had no idea whether Mike or Rachel could be hypnotized. But my plan didn’t absolutely require that any of us to be hypnotizable. It only required Mike to believe that there was a chance Rachel could be hypnotized and that he believe that he had, in fact, hypnotized me. I’m a pretty good actor, so I thought my plan might work. And it did.

If it turned out that I could hypnotize Mike, my plan was certain to work. That’s why I was delighted when I saw how easily he went into a hypnotic trance at my suggestion. I only had him under for a few minutes. That’s all the time I needed to give the post–hypnotic suggestions I wanted to give. When I woke Mike and he thought he hadn’t been under, I knew the battle was won.

Mike would certainly agree to try to hypnotize me. I’d “suggested” that to him. He would find my behavior completely consistent with my being in a trance and totally under his control. I “suggested” that he test me by having me do some embarrassing things. (I didn’t suggest the dog food thing, though. That was completely the creation of Mike’s warped subconscious. And the dropping my pants and showing off my cock and ass was Mike’s contribution, too.)

The final test Mike put me to was, though, completely scripted, from the “lick the underside of my cock like it’s the sweetest lollipop you’ve ever tasted” to the repeated commands to swallow.

Though I knew I could be hypnotized, I also knew that I could keep myself from being hypnotized. It was quite easy to feign falling into a trance. The “chicken dance” thing was actually my suggestion as an example of an embarrassing thing he could command me to do. That was fine. Maybe I should have given him a complete list of the embarrassing things he could demand, but I left it up to his imagination to think of other things.

When Mike ordered me to crawl over to my dog’s bowl and eat some of the food, I was surprised and a little disgusted. Fortunately, at that point, I was on my knees and he didn’t have a clear view of my face. If he had, he might have caught a momentary grimace that would have given me away. But, I controlled it and followed his orders. I had a plan and I wouldn’t see it ruined over some minor squeamishness about eating dog food.

Exposing myself to Mike at his command was actually easier. I kind of enjoyed it, really. It was interesting to see him look at me when he thought I couldn’t process what he was doing or react to it. I think if it had gone on much longer, I might have gotten a hardon–and that, too, might have ruined my act.

But, then he got to the main event. When he ordered me to get on my knees, my heart was pounding. Finally, I was going to get what I’d craved and fantasized about for so long. I had trouble getting his cock out because he was already a bit hard. I had mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, he was excited about the prospect of me sucking his cock. That was good. On the other hand, it meant that I wouldn’t have the sensation of taking him from a “standing start.” When I’d fantasized about this, it had always involved me taking Mike’s cock in my mouth when it was completely soft and bringing him up to full mast with my lips.

No worries, though. This was going to be great!

I had a hard time maintaining the sort of dazed, passive expression that was convincing Mike I was in a trance. I had to concentrate, at first, on separating my emotions from my expressions and behavior. When I held up his hardening cock and brought my tongue to its sensitive underside to “lick it like it was the sweetest lollipop I’d ever tasted” I inhaled his slightly musky scent. If there’s a smell in heaven, it must be like that. I inhaled deeply, but slowly. And I managed not to smile or sigh with pleasure.

When the tip of my tongue made contact with his veined shaft, I felt him quiver, but I was sure that I was getting at least as much pleasure from it as Mike was. It’s extremely exciting to make a guy twitch and shiver with pleasure by just barely touching his sweet cock with the tip of your tongue.

And, when I finally slipped his hard cock past my lips and felt it fill my mouth all the way to my throat, I almost moaned with pleasure. I’ve had great blow jobs; I know what pleasure lips can cause a cock. But I also knew what pleasure a cock could cause my lips and tongue. And that’s what I was concentrating on now.

This was very enjoyable but it all moved to a new level when I felt Mike’s orgasm building. It took a while, and I was thankful for that. I wanted to enjoy the run up to his orgasm. I felt his movements become more urgent and heard his breathing get ragged. I continued to suck him, bouncing my head up and down to work his cock. I pressed especially hard with my tongue on the underside of his cock, knowing this would excite him even more.

Then, his hips thrust up and his cock was buried to the hilt in my mouth. And he started to spew. Not just one or two shots. He spewed over and over again, screaming out for me swallow. Of course, I was going to swallow anyway. That was a crucial part of the experience. But it was nice to hear him command me to swallow his semen.

I swallowed again and again. It was thick and salty. I’ve read stories where guys said things like, “it wasn’t as bad as I’d expected.” I don’t know what they’re talking about. It wasn’t bad at all. It was great. It was hot and creamy. I swallowed it and I could still taste it in my mouth. Thank God! It was wonderful.

I had a little time to savor the flavor. Mike was so consumed in his post–orgasmic reverie that I could just concentrate on the lingering taste in my mouth. But, after a few minutes, he ordered me into my chair and had me drink the rest of my beer. I was sorry to lose the taste of Mike’s cum, but I beer tasted good, too. And, it’s not like I could refuse. I was, after all, completely under Mike’s control.

After Mike “brought me out,” I played dumb about what had happened, of course. I pressed Mike to tell me about what he’d made me do. It was kind of fun to watch him fess up to the dog food thing, knowing that he’d done something he thought was much worse for me. But, of course, he couldn’t have been more wrong about that. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

So, that’s how it worked. Like I said, I didn’t believe it would. But it did. And it was wonderful.


I never got around to trying to hypnotize Rachel. Our relationship kind of cooled and then just faded away completely. But, Craig and I were spending more time than ever together. He was always up for being hypnotized–he said he always felt great after one of our sessions. And, I was always up for these sessions, too (pun intended, of course). I was getting my cock sucked as much as I wanted and I’d even started fucking his ass sometimes.

It hadn’t taken me long to figure out that Craig wasn’t really being hypnotized. I wonder whether I should let him know that I know he’s faking it. It could make things simpler, but it could fuck things up, too. Maybe he likes the plausible deniability he thinks he has by making me think he doesn’t want to do this. If he couldn’t deal with it without the deception, this could all come to an end. Even if he’s okay doing this stuff without the cover story, it could still change things. Maybe he would want me to reciprocate. I don’t know how I feel about that. But, if I decide I want to try sucking his dick, I can always do that under the present scheme. So, really, there’s no need to mess with the situation. It’s all good.


Mike and Rachel broke up–well, really, they just sort of quit seeing each other. I don’t know whether or not that was because Mike was getting all the head he needed from me. In any case, I was getting what I wanted. At some point, I know that Mike figured out that I wasn’t really hypnotized during our sessions. Not sure what clued me in but, unlike me, he’s not a great actor. I could tell that he knew my trances were faked. But he never said anything. Probably afraid it would “queer the deal” (if you’ll pardon the expression). I decided not to say anything, either. It might make things strange between us. Now, when we’re not doing our “hypnosis” thing, we interact just like regular buddies–no hint of a sexual relationship. I like it that way. I’m not into a gay lovers’ relationship. I just want to suck his cock and, now that he’s turned me on to it, get fucked up the ass.


The age of the characters in this story are not listed so that you can make the age fit you’re desired age group. Assume by default that all characters are over 18.

Nathan was an average teenage boy. He was slightly shorter compared to most of his friends at school; but other than that he was average height. He was thin, he wasn’t very muscular but he did have a somewhat toned body. Nathan had short/medium length brown hair that he styled into a sweeping fringe, he wore it a bit messy but it pulled off the desired look.

Nathan lived with his mother and older sister Hannah, who was one year older than Nathan, in a small 4 bedroom house. Nathan was just finishing his chores that his mum made him do before he could go out for the 4 day, long weekend with his friends to a party where he would get absolutely drunk and probably have sex with different drunken, horny teenage girls while there. He’d been looking forward to it all week and at school it was a highly talked about subject.

Nathan grabbed his duffle bag, said goodbye to his mum and sister, and with a wide grin his sister said “have fun Nay”. Nay was a nick name that my sister always called me, I didn’t mind it; but didn’t like it either. The way she said it was a little disturbing but I quickly dismissed it. I went off towards the train station. I would catch the train that was within walking distance to the coast where the party would be taking place. He expected to meet up with some of his friends along the way, but most of them where driving up with older people as they had already gotten their license.

As Nathan walked through the back streets to the train station he never noticed the black SUV following him closely, but unsuspiciously. As he turned around into a deserted back ally way, and that’s when they striked…

The SUV pulled up out of nowhere, three big hooded men jumped out and grabbed him by the arms and legs and as quickly as it had happened he was inside the back of the SUV. He felt a sharp jolt of electricity at the back of his neck, passing out into the blackness only a second after the taser had made contact.

How long it had been Nathan didn’t know, but he woke up to aching muscles. He could hear things, see flashing colours but he was still disorientated. He felt extremely uncomfortable. A few seconds passed and his senses finally came back to him. He was in a dark, stone room and tied up in a very venerable way; at first he thought the pain was from the electric shock, but he realised that it was because of the way he was tied up. He was tied up bent over some sort of padded table. His legs were spared wide and chained up at the base of the table so he couldn’t move them a bit. His arms were also out stretched and chained up. He couldn’t move an inch.

Nathan was cold and couldn’t feel any clothes on him other than what felt like a tight, silky pair of underwear that made him feel like he had a wedgie; he was wearing a girl’s black cotton G string. His asshole felt sore and a little burned, but he couldn’t quite place it as it didn’t feel that bad; he summed it up to be from the G string he was wearing.

The lights and sounds he was hearing… Right in front of his face was a television of girls sucking big dicks like whores with reckless abandon. In his ears where head phones playing some techno music and a females voice in the back ground saying words that he couldn’t make out. Upon closer expectation of the TV he noticed words coming up on the screen coming and going randomly saying things such as ‘sissy slut, you love cock, worship cock, limp dick sissy, submit, crave big cock’ while the girls on the screen went wild.

That’s when he seen it, all these ‘girls’ weren’t girls at all! They had dicks, very small ones albeit; some were as small as 2 inches when hard. ‘Fuck me, degrade me, I crave it, use me, sooo good’ the words on the TV continued to say. The words rang in his head, although he couldn’t hear it the same words were being said through the head phones. He didn’t need to hear them consciously, only subconsciously.

Scared and worried Nathan tried to break free of his restraints, his heart was pounding as he tried to close his eyes to what he was seeing, but he couldn’t – his eyes were staying wide open by small amounts of tape.

It was useless; he couldn’t budge an inch, couldn’t close his eyes or stop hearing the voices in his head. He didn’t understand, who had done this, why was he tied up like this, why was he watching gay porn? It didn’t make any rational sense to him.

His thoughts didn’t last long however, as the subliminal hypnosis combination of visual and audio grabbed hold of him once again. His heart beat pounded fast in rhythm with the techno music and he started to feel very relaxed, his muscles where turning to mush. All he could do was watch and listen while in this venerable position. He found it hard to follow his old train of thoughts as it became harder and harder to concentrate and think. The girls on the TV continued to wildly ride huge thick dicks with an obvious animalistic pleasure. Others showed these ‘girls’ sucking massive 10″ black dicks at the same time, taking them deep into her throat and pumping their heads fast. ‘There’s no way back, limp dick sissy slave, I love huge cock’ the hypnosis continued to show him.

A petite, cute bold ‘girl’ was on her knees with her ass in the air and being pounded hard in the ass. She took it like a pro. ‘Irreversible change.’ Her limp 2 inch dick swayed in sync with the powerful thrusts, on her face you could clearly see the painted bliss on her beautiful features as she moaned and yelped in pleasure. ‘You love to be fucked.’ She brought her hand up to her mouth and bit down on her bottom lip and continued moaning into her hand. She was so beautiful; Nathan would have fucked her on the spot if it wasn’t for the fact that she had a dick. ‘You’re sissy dick is useless.’ She continued to be ridden. ‘You can only cum from anal.’ It said as a close up of pure ecstasy on the ‘girl’s face was showed in slow motion. ‘Cum from anal. Cum now.’

Right then Nathan knew why his ass burned a little. Before he awoke a small but powerful vibrating bullet was placed in his ass right on his prostate. As the words ‘Cum from anal. Cum now’ displayed on the screen and echoed through his head that’s when the vibrations started… A few seconds after the vibrations started Nathan experienced the most powerful orgasm he had ever experienced in his short life. He moaned out and grunted in pleasure as he could feel wave after wave washing over him. He had never had an orgasm that went so far ‘wide spread’; usually it was confined to the tip of his penis.

He felt his soft dick twitching in their cotton prison but it never got hard. He didn’t even cum. After the mind blowing orgasm he experienced he felt even weaker than before the hypnosis. He continued to watch the hypnosis training videos and every 10 or so minutes, as if on command by the TV, he orgasmed in tandem with the small vibrator in his ass. This continued on for what felt like forever, but only about 2 hours until he passed out once again from exhaustion.

Nathan awoke again. He couldn’t remember being moved rooms, but he clearly had been. He was in a much different position than the last time he was awake. He awoke laying on a soft comfy bed, and a nice feather pillow under his weary head. On his back, his legs where help up right with the bottom of his feet facing the dark ceiling, he could see chains coming down from the roof and connecting to his ankles ensuring that he couldn’t move them at all.

His asshole burned again, he could feel something pistioning in and out of his ass at a fairly fast speed. He got up on his elbows as his arms were free and unchained and he could see his small black cotton G string covered dick with a dildo machine pumping in and out of his ass. The G string strap was moved to the side to get a clear path into him.

Nathan worried, he tried to move away from it but he couldn’t, it continued to saw in and out of his now used ass hole. The dildo was only about six inches long and about three quarters of an inch wide, but to his virgin ass hole it was pretty big. It should have been burning sore, but clearly his asshole had already loosened up enough. He was probably strapped into the machine for hours already for all he knew.

Nathan could already feel the build up of another prostate orgasm from the artificial pounding he was receiving.

Just as he was about to have another orgasm the door to the side of the bed opened and in came a guy holding a tray of food. He slowly approached the bed Nathan was on and placed the food tray down next to him.

Nathan couldn’t help himself, he moaned and groaned out in pleasure and ultimate humiliation as his anal orgasm ravished his body from the dildo. After about 10 glorious seconds of pleasure he relaxed back into the soft bed panting hard taking in deep breaths.

The male smiled at him and said “Did you like that sissy?”

Nathan’s head snapped up towards him and looked him in the face, his big smile was apparent. He quickly looked away in humiliation “No.”

“Who are you, what are you doing with me! Let me go, why are you doing this?” he pleaded with the largely built male.

The man’s cruel smile turned into a face of anger. He slapped Nathan hard across the face. It hurt like hell, why was it that punches hurt less than slaps? Nathan had had worse though, he looked back up into the man’s face with a pissed off look of defiance. He was slapped even harder again, the large male said “speak when spoken to slut.”

The large man walked around to the dildo machine and turned it up to full power, making it go in and out of Nathans’ ass like a blur. Nathan yelped in surprise and closed his eyes tight shut to deal with the huge amount of pain that he was receiving – shy from being kicked in the balls it was one of the worst pains he had ever experienced. The dildo was reaching new depths and the speed pretty much meant that it didn’t give his ass time to adjust.

Nathan half bit his tongue half yelled out in pain, he couldn’t even plead for mercy simply because he was too busy yelling in pain.

And suddenly it stopped, it stopped all together. The large man withdrew the dildo completely out of Nathans’ ass with a plop. It felt so good to have it out; it felt like he was empty, like a great weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

The man slackened the chains at Nathans’ feet so that his legs rested on the bed; his back was grateful. The large man said “eat your food quickly and quietly. If you talk you’ll get slapped again, and if you continue to not learn you’re lesson I’ll find more painful ways to make you understand…”

Nathan was stubborn but knew well enough not to test this man. He looked onto his food tray and seen a small bottle of water, some corn beef and white source. Nathan was hungry to the point it hurt a little, at least they were feeding him notorious food. With his plastic, and harmless, knife and fork he chopped a bit of his beef up and placed it in his mouth.

Instantly Nathan spit it out straight away “Yuk, what the hell is that shit?” he exclaimed. Before he knew it he was slapped twice in the same spot on the side of the mouth much harder than last time, the force knocked him down on the bed. Nathan slowly got up with a few tears in his eyes, but managed to hold onto what little decency he had and managed to hold back the rest.

Nathan quickly drank some of the water and washed out his mouth. The man smiled at him with an ‘I warned you so look’. “That is corned beef with your new favorite; cum.”

Nathan looked on in horror, new favorite? What are they talking about? Nathan opened his mouth to speak, only to quickly shut it again as soon as he got a stern look from the larger male. “In time you will grow to love cum, you’ll need it just as much as water to survive. You’ll do anything for cum, you’ll lick used pussy, ass and suck cock for it.” He said smiling. Nathan just stared, who where these fucked up people, he would never do any of those things, not ever.

“You look at the beef and cum and wish there was only beef. In time you’ll look at it and wish there were only cum”.

The man knew that even though Nathan was hungry he wasn’t going to eat his food. Maybe when he is faced with starvation he may finally eat it.

“Time to go” the man said. He withdrew a chocker leash and wrapped it around Nathans’ neck. Nathan tried to struggle at first, until a hard blunt blow to the gut winded him and removed the last of the fight left in him. His ankles where fully released, the man motioned for him to follow him, gingerly he got up with his still burning ass hole, weak muscles and fatigued state, but as soon as he reached his feet he was knocked down to the floor.

“Sissy sluts stay on their knees until they are told otherwise. Crawl.” He said with a cruel smile. Nathan didn’t move partly out of defiance partly out of exhaustion. He received a kick to the side, it hurt a little but it wasn’t hard by design; it was a warning.

Nathan followed on with the chocker leash still around his neck crawling on his hands and knees a few steps behind the larger man through the dark stone hall ways. Whenever he started to straggle behind a bit, he’d get a hard pull on the leash which would choke him and pinch the skin around his neck. They eventually arrived in a modern, spacious bathroom; it was much bigger and more luxurious than the one he had at his house.

“We can do this the easy way or the hard way, which is it slut? I’ll give you a hint, the easy way means you don’t get hurt”. He said with a smile.

“Easy way” Nathan said disgusted with himself. He was still on his hands and knees, his black cotton G string still encasing his dick. In this position the black G string strained against his asshole in an uncomfortable way.

“A sissy slut should always use her manners. Try again”. Use HER manners, what is he talking about Nathan thought.

“The easy way, please” Nathan said, a little through gritted teeth but it was satisfactory enough for the large man, for now.

“Take of your thong slut” he said. Nathan hesitated, it was pathetic but it was the only shred of clothing he had, even though it was a girls G string…

“I know you love it, I’ll let you wear it again later sissy.” This annoyed Nathan, he didn’t like wearing it, and he hated it! He hated everything about this situation! With a quiet sigh he removed his G string; he was completely naked except for his choker chain. He threw the G string carelessly to the side to show that he didn’t ‘love it’ at all.

Nathan was bent over the bath tub, his muscles where used to his position already, and a hose was put up his ass. He protested at first but the larger man just smacked his ass harshly as a warning. Nathan had no choice but to go along with it.

Nathan could feel the warm water invading his ass and travelling up into his colon. He groaned in pain and was about to say something when another harsh slap to his ass occurred. Just in case he didn’t get the message the large man held Nathans’ balls firmly in his palm just daring him as Nathans’ belly expanded from the water.

The inflation stopped. The hose was taken out and replaced by a small hot pink butt plug. “Hold the water in and don’t let it out.” The man instructed.

Nathan didn’t know what this was for. The large man didn’t bother to tell him. After a long and uncomfortable 10 minutes he said I could let it out. He took out the plug but I refused to let it go; how embarrassing just letting it all out right in front of this guy… He grabbed hold of one of my balls and squeezed, I gasped out in pain as all the water flowed out of my ass.

Nathan lay there, completely immobile from the pain he was suffering; and it was only one nut!

“If you continue to disobey simple directions you will be in a world of hurt. That was just a taste of the pain to come if you continue to be defiant.” The man said.

“Get in the tub; I’ll be back in 20 minutes. Use the hair removal foam to remove all your hair under your chin. Make sure there is not a hair visible when I come to inspect you. I almost dare you to miss a hair; it’ll hurt.”

He continued “Pay special attention to your ass cheeks and hole. After that get out, dry you’re self and apply the moisturiser.” He said while pointing to a large pump bottle of moisturiser.

He left the room with his promise that he’d be back in 20 minutes. As soon as he left Nathan looked around, there were no windows. He ran to the door and tried to open it only to find it was securely locked; there was no possible way to escape. He’d have to wait for the right moment for escape, this wasn’t it.

Knowing that the large man would be true to his word and hurt him if he didn’t do what he was told he quickly followed his instructions, his body was smooth with no hair on it, it was a weird sensation; to be honest with himself he didn’t really mind it, it felt like a small weight was lifted now that all the hair was gone. He applied the moisturiser and his skin felt silky soft and smooth.

He was grateful for the 20 minutes alone, he could be left to his thoughts trying to plot a way to escape, or a way to try and find a way to negotiate with them.

True to his word the large man returned about 20 minutes later with a box in his hand. He placed it on the ground out of reach; Nathan couldn’t see what the box’s contents where as it had a lid on it.

“You have questions sissy. Once we are done here you will be taken and they will be answered. The quicker we finish the quicker you can find the answers out.” He said.

“Inspection time.” The large man said again as he slowly walked around Nathan, he looked him up and down, ran his hands over his back and chest to feel for hair. Nathan felt disgusted at being handled this way and could have vomited if his stomach had anything to actually vomit.

The man nodded in approval as he continued to inspect him, the large man forced Nathan to bend over while he spread his ass cheeks and checked for hair. His dick was hairless, so was his ass and ass hole; there wasn’t a trace of hair on his body.

“Good.” He said satisfied. “A sissy slut should always take her hygiene seriously. Tell me you don’t like being smooth slut?” he man asked.

Nathan didn’t know if the question was rhetorical or not, but he didn’t say anything. The man went over to pick up the box and set it in front of him. He opened it and Nathan for the first time could see its contents. He shuddered, was this stuff for him; he hoped not.

Inside was a short, tight fitting black dress. Two breast implants, some glue, a pink cotton G string, a sky blue medium sized butt plug, some lube, strapless stockings a brown wig, some small high heels, a black corset, a pink collar and an assortment of makeup.

Nathan took a step back with wide eyes, these people where FUCKED UP! “These are all for you sissy. Remember what I said? The sooner we’re done here he sooner you get your questions answered.” He said as incentive for him to comply.

“I’ll force this stuff on you if I have to. Make it easier and comply and you’re questions will be answered.” He said.

Nathan could see no way out of this; he knew that the man wouldn’t hesitate to dress him in that stuff. He did want questions answered so he complied hesitantly after a few moments thought. He couldn’t believe this was happening, why where they calling him a ‘her’, and why were they forcing him to wear girls clothes?

The man smiled. He grabbed the two breast implants and the glue and glued them both to his chest. Realistic fake C cub breasts where now attached to his chest, the man applied a little make up where they met his skin and you couldn’t even tell they were fake.

Next where the stockings; Nathan knew pretty much nothing about them, he realised this was weird as most girls wore them at some point. With the forceful guide of the large man Nathan managed to get his foot into them while sitting on the bath tub, then the other foot. He then stood up and the larger man slid them up his legs where they stayed up slightly above his mid-thigh.

Nathan was brought over to face the large full body mirror that was in the bathroom. He could see his reflection; his fake breast’s which looked convincingly real. They had small pink nipples. And he could also see his black stockings.

Next where the high heels, they were nothing special, and the heels where only about 2 inches tall. Black straps in intricate patters encased his foot, with another strap going around his ankle.

Nathan realised that he was placed in front of the mirror for his own humiliation; it didn’t help the larger man either way. Nathan just stared dumbstruck into the mirror, he couldn’t believe this was happening; not even his nightmares where this messed up.

Next came the brown wig, it was pinned in his hair and styled into a straightened, glossy shoulder-blade length hair with a cute fringe. Nathan had to admit the hair style was very cute and attractive; but not on him!

Once the wig was in place the man pulled it and tugged it lightly, it stayed in place and I could feel my own hair being pulled, there must have been something inside it attaching my hair to the wig.

Next came the hot-pink small cotton girls G string, he stepped into it with difficulty from the 2″ heel’s, once he was in the larger man slid them up his legs and around his waist. The man grabbed Nathans balls and squeezed them and pushed them, Nathan didn’t understand he hadn’t done anything wrong. The pain was unbearable and his legs would have given out completely if the man wasn’t holding him up. His balls retreated into his stomach away from the pain, which was the desired result. The man fiddled with the G string, making sure the strings where straight and that it was properly over his ass hole and it fully imprisoned his soft dick and hidden balls.

The smooth cotton of the G string sliding up his stockings, smooth legs and ass aroused him a little. His dick twinged as it started to get a little harder, his pink prison bulged a little but luckily he didn’t get a full erection. The larger man noticed this and smiled “don’t worry, all sissies love this.”

Nathan didn’t know it, but the larger man did; usually he wouldn’t have reacted this way but all the hours of hypnosis video’s and anal orgasms where making him respond this way. On their own they wouldn’t do too much to change Nathans’ thought patterns, but it was necessary to move on.

Nathan was horrified, he felt humiliated and a burning anger inside of him. But he couldn’t do anything about it; this man was massive compared to him.

Next to come was the corset. The corset was attached and went from his hips to just under his breasts. The larger man said “stay still while I do this up slut.” Nathan didn’t plan on moving, he didn’t even think he could, he was stunned.

The large man did the straps up on the sides and back constricting Nathans’ torso. Nathan could hardly breathe and felt like he was being crushed. “Ouch, stop it that fucking hurts.” Nathan said through the pain.

Nathan received a hard slap again, but not to his face, to the inside of his thigh on the sensitive, smooth skin. It hurt like hell, worse than being slapped on the face! “Speak when spoken to whore, next time you speak out its 10 slaps to the thigh. You will learn eventually.” He said in an angry, commanding voice but it wasn’t raised.

He finished up the corset in the silence; Nathan wouldn’t have been surprised if he could hear bones crunching. In the mirror he could see the black corset. It was done up tightened and slackened in the right places giving Nathan a hour glass figure, and hips that looked exactly like a girls. With Nathans’ flat stomach and his new hips he was looking more and more like a girl by the minute.

The tight fitting black dress was next to come. It hugged his artificial girl curves. The dress was short and stopped a few inches below his ass. A small spaghetti loop that was attached to the front of the dress above Nathans’ bust went around his neck holding it up in place.

Next was the makeup, ample make up was applied to Nathans’ face in a way that made his skin look flawless but natural. Some blush, eye liner and lipstick where applied to Nathans’ obvious chagrin. His face looked very girly and sexy, and only upon a close inspection could he see the faintest hints of masculinity.

Next was Nathans’ butt plug. It was sky blue, about an inch wide and four inches long. “Bend over sissy.” The larger male said.

Nathan stood there with a stupefied look on his face, he didn’t move so he received a slap to the ass hard, Nathan was sure he would have went for the face if he hadn’t have just applied all that make up; the ass hurt still nonetheless.

Nathan slowly bent over, the bottom of his pink girls G string could be seen. The man grabbed the string that was between his ass cheeks and moved it to the side, lubed up the butt plug and said with a smile “spread your ass cheeks, slut.”

Nathan couldn’t believe this; he slowly reached back and spread his butt checks wide while he was bent over allowing the man a clear passage to his asshole. “Don’t worry, you’ll get used to spreading your cheeks. Imagine a big black dick coming towards your sissy pussy and you spread you’re cheeks wide invitingly.”

Nathan said nothing; he kept his ass cheeks parted while the larger man slid the butt plug slowly into his ass. Nathan let out an involuntary groan as he butt plug slid in. “I know you love it sissy.” The butt plug was thicker than the dildo he had in his ass earlier, and it hurt a bit with it in. Once the butt plug was in place the pink string was placed back over the top of it. Nathan stood up with obvious discomfort.

The last thing was the collar. It was hot pink, the same colour as his G string. It wasn’t very thick at all, maybe a quarter of an inch. It had wires running on the inside and a small D hook for a leash to be attached. It was about an inch wide hiding most of his neck behind it.

“Time to go sissy.” The large man said. He attached a leash to her collar and looked at her knowingly. Nathan was, despite his disgust, excited to finally have his questions answered. It dawned on Nathan that they hadn’t moved yet because he wasn’t on his hands and knees.

He slowly got into a crawling position to his discomfort from the butt plug and they started walking again out of the bathroom and down the hall.

The large man brought him into another dark room. This room was split it two with a large glass wall separating them both.

In the room there was a large bed, a couch and a throne-like chair with a man sitting on it. The man had on a tight pair of black pants and no shirt, showing off his muscular torso.

Nathan continued to follow the larger man to the throne-like chair which the shirtless man was sitting with his legs crossed. As he reached the foot on the throne-like chair he was forced up right on his knees looking at this shirtless man. The large man gave the shirtless one the leash, he then turned and left.

Nothing was said until the man was gone and the door was closed behind him. The shirtless man spoke. “Do you know why you’re here Nay?” the man asked. Nay? Nay was the nick name only my sister used. I looked up at him with a confused look on my face.

He seen this and continued. “My name, to you, is Master.” He said, pausing to make it absolutely clear. “This is a slave training facility. We find sissies like you and turn them into cock craving cum whores. We have been trying to find a new recruit for some time, and as luck would have it, someone said that you’d be the perfect candidate; I think you know her, it was you’re sister Hannah.” He let it sink in.

Hannah? Why would she do this to him, he was her sister. “We are the best slave trainers around as we implement hypnosis and many other techniques which others do not. Do you know how hypnosis works?” he asked, rhetorically.

“Don’t worry, you can’t hypnotise someone to do something they absolutely don’t want to do. So… we’ll just have to make you want it” he said with a grin on his face.

“From now on your name will be Renee; Nay is short for both Nathan and Renee.” Said the man who calls himself master. He slowly got up out of his throne, all the while Renee was still on his knees, in the tight corset, black dress and not to mention the uncomfortable butt plug still lodged in his ass.

He walked around Renee, inspecting her. “You have potential, I can see it now. A modified diet and exercise regimen will make your body look more famine and you’ll lose this ugly muscle. Hormones and glute exercises will give you a curvaceous girly ass and hips…” he continued as he inspected her. He reached down and felt in-between Renees’ ass cheeks and felt the butt plug and smiled.

Renee squirmed at his touch, he continued to smile. “You’ll soon love the touch of a man.” He told her like he could see the future. He retrieved a syringe and needle from the arm of his throne and walked behind Renee. Renee seen it with wide scared eye’s and tried to get up and make a run for it. She might have even got up before Master caught her, if it wasn’t for the stupid heels. In his strong arms he held her head and shoulders revealing her pink collar clad neck.

Renee continued to struggle but his neck wouldn’t budge and his hands couldn’t do anything either despite them being untied. He inserted the syringe into a vein in his neck just above his collar and emptied its contents into her now contaminated blood stream.

Renee felt nothing as the needle was withdrawn, why would he inject me with something that does nothing Renee thought.

The man disposed of the needle and sat back in his throne crossing his legs. “What did you do to me, what was in that needle!?” Renee asked angry. Master pulled out a remote from his pants pocket and pressed the button making the collar charge with electricity. It was a shock collar! That would explain why there were metal wires running around the inside.

“Speak when spoken to, slut” he barked.

“I injected you with a powerful aphrodisiac that will make you hot and extremely horny. It’s so powerful that it’s illegal in all developed countries. It takes about 10 minutes to take effect.” He added.

“Like I said, you can’t hypnotise people to do things they don’t want to do… So I’ll just make you want it. Come” he said as he pulled her by the leash over to the glass window that separated the large room into two. Renee crawled on her hands and knees behind Master.

Being back in this position and having her pink G string stretched, pushed the butt plug deeper into Renees’ ass.

Renee stayed on her hands and knees with a slack jaw. She could see a room identical to the one she was in on the other side of the glass. A girl like one from the hypnosis videos was on her hands and knees taking an 8″ fat cock in her ass and clearly loving it. Her small dick swayed in motion with the hard thrusts. Renee couldn’t hear what was happening, but she could see her screaming out in pleasure saying unheard words of encouragement. She turned around while still being rammed hard and passionately kissed the large guy fucking her. There was plenty of tongue and with one hard and deep thrust the kiss was ended as she had a powerful anal orgasm.

“Do you see now Renee? Do you see your future self?” Master asked him.

Renee continued to watch what was happening in front of her. “I will never be.. or do any of that.” He said as he continued to watch. That kiss was mind blowing to Renee, what a complete slut. The kiss haunted her thoughts as she started to breathe heavily; the aphrodisiac was starting to take effect. Renee started to feel hot all over and inside his cotton prison he could feel his dick stiffening to its full 6 inches.

Master noticed all this and watched Renee in satisfaction. This was what the hours of anal orgasm’s, dildo machine and most of all; the hypnosis video’s where for. Not to control her, but to make her susceptible to the idea of liking dick and being fucked. And with a little push, say an aphrodisiac and a good fucking her subconscious will warm to the idea even more. That’s when he can start warping his thoughts with real hypnosis.

He’ll get her body hooked on the sensation, the taste, the smell, and the texture. She’ll be surrounded by cocks and she’ll love them all. But this would take time, but they did have 4 days after all. Hannah, Renees’ sister can continue with him while he was at home as was agreed upon. Hannah would get part of the profit that Renee would eventually make, and the pleasure’s. Hannah didn’t just do this for the money; she always wanted a little sister.

Master got a pair of padded hand cuffs and bent Renee back into a kneeling position and secured her hands behind her back. Renee didn’t notice until her hands where already behind her back and being restrained. Master couldn’t have Renee touching her sissy dick when the full blunt of the aphrodisiac took effect; no he wanted her to have no alternatives but his form of pleasure.

The couple on the other side of the wall stopped momentarily and the large male with his fat 8″ cock balls deep in the ‘girls’ ass hole carried her over to the window right in front of Renee.

He set her down next to the glass window and placed her back on her hands and knees. The man positioned himself in such a way so Renee could see a side view of the show. He continued to pump his fat dick in and out of this girl’s ass with slower but just as forceful thrusts.

Renee could see the girl’s tiny limp dick swaying in between her legs as she was ridden like a pro. She went back to moaning, throwing her head back. She bucked back into the powerful thrusts while saying silent words of pleasure. One deep thrust and the man didn’t pull back out, he just kept trying to get his dick deeper and deeper into this slut’s ass. He was coming and Renee could tell the girl loved having cum squirted deep inside her used ass as her arms gave out and her body landed on the floor with her ass still in the air.

Renee couldn’t turn away now. Her subconscious thought this was the hypnosis videos again. Renee’s body continued to heat up, she was twitching trying to unknowingly move from the aphrodisiacs full effects. She was starting to pant.

The sissy cock whore on the other side of the glass sat up with her hand covering her ass. All the white cum leaked out of her ass; there was more there than Renee had ever come in her life.

She took the palm full of cum from her ass and drank it into her mouth with obvious pleasure, while looking the larger man in the eyes she swallowed it and moved onto licking and sucking the rest of the cum from his deflating dick. She sucked and liked it like a hungry whore, getting it all wet with saliva and smearing it all over her face. As she started to deep throat him slowly to the hilt Renee felt her butt plug move. She let out an approving groan before she could catch herself, as soon as she did she mentally scolded herself. Master was spinning her butt plug in and out of her ass while Renee continued to kneel on the floor watching the show in her stockings, black dress and pink collar.

Renee was forced back down so that she was in a similar position as the girl on the other side of the window was in. Her ass was in the air and her chest on the ground as her hands where still tied behind her back.

This time Renee knew what was going on and tried to fight it. She received a hard slap to the ass and a jolt through the electric collar. This didn’t get her to stop though, she knew what he was trying to do; it wouldn’t work if she had anything to do with it.

.. POV change..

I thrashed around, trying to get back up but I was held down. Another dehabilitating shock of electricity tore through my body, but this one lasted much longer. I could feel all my muscles tense up, and as soon as the shock stopped they unclenched leaving me weak, panting on the floor defeated. My ass was still up in the air almost inviting someone to take it. All it would take was someone to lift up the back of my dress and they’d have a full view.

I felt something wrap around my ankles as I looked back and seen a spreader bar placed between my legs to keep them wide open. I opened my mouth again to protest, but received a harsh slap to the ass. It stung, and there would probably be a red hand print left behind on my ass, I know it.

I seen with my peripherals Master move off for a few moments then return. “Since you can’t be quiet, I’ll gag you.” Master said, as he came into view with a ‘O’ gag. I protested and kept my mouth shut firmly out of defiance as he tried to put it in. I received another shock from the collar. I opened my mouth to scream out in pain, but that was the opportunity Master was waiting for; he quickly put the gag in my mouth and secured it to the back of my head. My mouth was now held open in a ‘O’.

As if this wasn’t enough, I could feel him rummaging around in my panties; he grabbed my balls and tied a piece of string around them firmly making sure that I wouldn’t be able to cum.

Master lifted me up while still having the spreader and hand cuffs in place, and carried me over towards the large bed where he put me down. I was placed in the same position as last time as my restraints didn’t really allow for anything else.

Master went around and started to play with my butt plug again. I could feel him spinning it inside my ass. He would slowly bring it out until just the tip, then push it all the way back in. I had to press my head down into the matrass as I let out moans of pleasure; the damn aphrodisiac was making me like this. It had made me so horny that I would get pleasure from any way possible.

“You like that don’t you sissy?” Master said trying to degrade me further. He pulled the plug out of my ass oh so slowly, I felt like it would take forever. This time he didn’t push it back in, he just left my ass empty; the pleasure also stopped.

I looked back to see what he was doing and seen him putting lube on a 7″ red dildo that was about an inch thick. He smiled back at me; I quickly turned and buried my head back into the matrass. He slowly inserted the lubed dildo into my ass again. I had never taken something this big before and it was hurting. But any pleasure was amplified tenfold by the aphrodisiac and I’m ashamed that I let out a moan of pure pleasure.

By now I was starting to lose the ability to think. The pleasure, the arousal where all slowly taking its toll on me. Master continued to slowly work the entire length of the dildo in and out of my ass. Each time it was all the way in I would let out an involuntary moan of pleasure. I stopped getting up myself mentally as I lost the ability to think. I was being overrun the by pleasure; which was probably his plan from the start.

The dildo was fully inserted and I felt a buzzing sensation deep within me; the dildo was vibrating! This set me over the edge; I moaned and groaned out in pleasure as I went through a powerful orgasm. This one was more powerful than the previous ones; no doubt due to my arousal.

I continued to writhe in pleasure on the matrass, moaning and groaning. Not much more could escape my mouth as long as I had that gag in it. Just as the orgasm was starting to subside he was slowly removing the vibrator again, and without even knowing I instinctively moved my hips with it, not wanting the pleasure to go away.

This story contains mind control, male-male sex, and the fantastic. If you are not old enough to look at any of that or have a problem with it, close the browser tab.

Mike was walking through the park, looking to burn off some nervous energy. He was going deeper into the forested part than people usually did, because he didn’t want to be disturbed. The park’s borders only extended so far into the forest, and technically people weren’t supposed to go any further than that but nobody cared. Mike crossed the line and kept on going, not stopping until he tripped over his own shoelaces. As he picked himself up, swearing, something in the brush caught his eye. “What is…” he began to ask, but found no need to finish his sentence because the thing he’d seen emerged into plain view right after he’d started to ask.

His jaw dropped. He couldn’t believe his eyes at first. Standing before him was a creature of myth and legend, of fairy-tale and fantasy. It had the body and head of a horse, but its tail was like that of a lion, its hooves were like those of a deer, it had a beard like a billygoat, and protruding from the creature’s head was a three-foot-long straight horn. He looked upon a unicorn. A magnificent unicorn. Its fur was a shiny bronze colour as opposed to the white so commonly depicted, but it did have the piercing blue eyes. Eyes Mike now found himself staring into.

“What is your name?” the unicorn asked. His voice was even and his tone pleasant.

“Michael David Aarons,” Mike answered. “But I’m usually called by the short form Mike.” Mike felt oddly calm despite the strangeness of the situation, and briefly wondered why. Then he realized that the unicorn was affecting his mind somehow, making him feel relaxed. He didn’t mind, he was glad to be able to speak calmly around the majestic creature. “What’s yours?” he asked.

“I am Sieldan,” was the reply. Sieldan looked him over appraisingly and then asked another question. “Tell me Michael, what do you think of my appearance?”

Mike thought about it and responded, “You are by far the most majestic being I have ever beheld. You are glorious, handsome… attractive, even.”

Seildan was silent for a moment, seeming to consider something. “Now tell me something else. Have you ever had sex with another male, or entertained fantasies of doing so? And if you have been with another man, how was the experience?”

Mike thought this was an odd question but answered without hesitating. “I did do it with a guy once. It was okay, but not the greatest sex I’ve ever had (not that that’s saying much). It probably would’ve been better if we’d had a better idea what the hell we were doing. I wouldn’t mind giving it another try.”

Sieldan favoured him with a smile. “I am glad to hear that. I had hoped you would feel that way. Michael David Aarons, I shall grant that wish. And I think that you will find me a far better lover.”

“Beg pardon?” Mike asked in surprise.

“You said you saw me as attractive,” Sieldan reminded him. “And I see you as attractive. And you will thus know the pleasure of making love with a unicorn stallion. You do not have to worry about being seen, my magic will shield us from prying eyes. You have only to relax, and let me take care of things.” With that, the inner light in Sieldan’s eyes intensified and his horn began to shimmer. Mike was totally entranced by Sieldan’s gaze. The unicorn touched his horn to the human’s forehead, and the spell was complete.

“Take off your clothes and set them aside neatly, Michael,” Sieldan instructed. Mike obeyed without a word.

“Now, look at me.” Sieldan reared up to reveal his cock emerging. It was thick, long, curved, and black as a car tire. Sieldan set back down on all fours. “Crawl beneath me and take it in your mouth.” Again, Mike quietly did as he was told, carefully slipping his lips around the unicorn’s member.

“Very good. Now, suck. Slowly and gently.” Mike began suckling on Sieldan’s cock.

“Ah, yes. That’s good. Keep at it, Michael, you’re doing well thus far. Feel free to twist your head from side to side a little as you go.”

Eventually Sieldan felt his orgasm approaching. “Michael, I will soon climax,” he informed the human. “When I do, you are to swallow as much as you can without choking yourself.” Shortly after the unicorn had finished his sentence, he climaxed hard and Mike eagerly gulped down as much of the semen as he could.possibly manage, enjoying the salty taste of it. At last Sieldan finished.

“You can let go now, Michael,” he said. “That was very good.”

Mike let Sieldan’s cock slide out of his mouth. There was cum on his face – he hadn’t quite been able to swallow all of it. Sieldan licked it off and nuzzled him affectionately. “Quite good, pet. Now lie down on your back in the grass, and I will return the favour.”

As soon as Mike had lain down Sieldan took the entirety of the human’s now-hard member into his own mouth, and began to suck and tease it with his tongue. The unicorn’s technique was excellent, and Mike was soon moaning out in bliss. But it could not last forever; eventually he reached climax, and Sieldan milked his shaft for all it was worth, not releasing until the human’s orgasm was spent.

“And now, Michael, it is time for the grand finale. On your hands and knees,” Sieldan ordered. Mike obediently got up off his back, turned around, and got down on his hands and knees. Sieldan’s horn shimmered with magic once more, and he tapped it against Mike’s rump, placing one last necessary enchantment upon the human. He positioned himself carefully over Mike and eased his cock into the human’s magically stretched and lubricated anus. A gasp of pleasure escaped Mike’s lips at the sensation. Sieldan began thrusting in and out, slowly and gently as he enjoyed most.

Mike was in paradise. The sucking had been wonderful, but it was nothing compared to this. This was much better than the time he’d tried it with Bill – Sieldan was much more experienced at this and had an excellent technique. No-one knows quite how long they were at it, enjoying the sensation, until at long last their orgasms approached. Sieldan came first, flooding Mike’s rear end with his semen. Mike came immediately afterward, and found it to be his largest load ever.

Sieldan smiled at him and proceded to once more lap up the excess cum. The unicorn then tapped his horn to Mike’s forehead again, lifting his ealier spell on the human’s mind while simultaneously casting another to clean him up. “Michael, I must thank you for a wonderful time. I hope you enjoyed yourself as well. Are you angry with me for charming you?”

Mike shook his head. “No. I just wonder why you felt you needed to. I would have lain with you of my own full will if you’d asked.”

“I knew as much when we first made eye contact. The charm spell was merely to keep you from hurting yourself in a panic,” Sieldan explained. “It has been determined to be a wise precaution for a human’s first mating with a unicorn.”

Mike thought about this as he pulled his clothes back on and then understanding dawned. “I can see that. Well Sieldan, thank you for the best sex I’ve had yet. Would you care to do this again some time?” Sieldan nodded. “I would like that very much Michael. I’ll be in touch.” And with that, the bronze unicorn galloped away.

The End.

“Hi. You’re Mick Clarke, right? Thanks for coming. Please remove all of your clothes, and then sit on the blue chair on the other side of this lab bench to me.” Alice didn’t remove her gaze from the computer monitor.

Mick peered around the cluttered, strip-lit electronics lab while he undressed efficiently and smugly. He’d replied to her emailed request for volunteers as a response to the ribbing by his drinking chums from the University Rugby Club: He’d once confided to them that he thought he could have made a good male stripper. He looked the part: a virtually hairless body like a Rodin sculpture, with a slightly brutish face rendered unthreatening by a scruffy mop of straw-coloured hair, giving him (when clothed) the appearance of a viscount who liked to race vintage Bugattis. He relished (and often received) lascivious stares from women.

He was also intelligent, wealthy, charismatic and unaware of any immediate danger.

He could see the pale-blue glow of the phosphor characters reflected in the lenses of Alice’s large glasses. Her eyes were small and pale-lashed, two fruit flies behind the thick lenses. A small beak of a nose and, down-turned mouth gave her the look of an emaciated, featherless owl.

Mick, to one of his friends, had previously described her “a bit of a minger” and “either a total nutcase, nympho or a dyke, possibly all three”. He would turn out to be at least 33% accurate in this character assessment.

“Do you spell your last name with an ‘E’?” She pecked at the keyboard with two ink-stained and almost nail-less fingers

“..A..R..K..E. Okay! You’re entered in the system. Now Mick, do you know why you’re here?” She peered at him myopically from across the lab bench.

He had a sudden urge to say, “So you can watch me play with my dick” but decided to play it straight.

“Yes, I got your email along with all the other lads in the team. Not that any of us understood much besides the fact that you wanted volunteers — male volunteers, for a kind of ‘lie detector experiment’ for your final year thesis.

You know, if you weren’t such a genius, we’d all have thought – I mean, you’re going to get a first anyway, so why bother? Everyone knows you’ve cleverer at biophysics than – than that chap in the wheelchair. I bet you’ll end up winning the Nobel Prize.”

“Wheelchair? Oh, Stephen Hawking. Not actually the same field. ‘Why bother?’ Well, Mick, I just want to make sure of my theory.”

“What exactly is your theory? – Answers on one side on the paper only.”

“Well, putting it simply, I’m ascertaining whether the M2 segment of acetylcholine receptor channel displays different physical characteristics in, erm, young men than it does in other people. You see I believe that… Sorry, boring! Anyway I’ll hopefully publish my thesis in the Journal of Bioelectronics. You can read it then, if you want.”

“You’re going to discuss me masturbating in an electronics journal!?”

Alice, as Mick had expected, took this question seriously and sought to allay his anxiety. “No, as my email told you, all volunteers will be assured of absolute anonymity, no names, or photographs, and besides…”

“Besides what? Don’t know how to describe this?” He hooked three fingers under his ample penis. God she was either a total sociopath, or was absolutely brilliant at keeping a straight face.

“…Besides, I don’t think that I’ll have enough room for any detailed descriptions of individual subjects’ behaviour”. Alice’s lips twitched and she adjusted her glasses slightly. Mick took this gesture to be as close as she could get to actually smiling. Chalk one point to him. “Okay. Just breaking the ice”.

There was a pause while Alice returned to the computer keyboard and tapped furiously. Lines of code scrolled frantically up the screen.

“What’s going on now? Hey how long is this going to take, I’m going out tonight”.

Mick was hoping to “slip one in” later with a girl he’d met yesterday.

“I’m kicking off the program. Okay it’s initializing now. In a few minutes we’ll be ready to start. In the meantime I’ll wire you up with the probes.”

“What probes, look, I’m not into…”

“The probes, Mick, have two functions.” Alice assumed the tone of a science lecturer giving an oft-repeated talk (which was exactly what she was doing). “In the first place, they measure information about your skin resistance, body temperature, the ratio of certain amino acid components of your sweat, and relay those measurements through these wires, to my computer here.” She tapped the side of her monitor with the chewed end of a ballpoint pen.

“In the second place, they act as transmitters, sending signals back from the computer to your body in the form of slight electrical sensory and motor stimuli to your skin. And the muscles below your skin.” Mick noticed her flick an almost guilty glance at his chest. Victory.

“Olfactory input is also utilised,” she continued, looking up hastily, “Again all under programmatic control. Observe that plastic horn above your head…” – he snickered at the word – “… well, that device will waft a series of largely subliminal aromas to the vicinity of your nose.

“Finally, this VR headset will display a computer-generated sequence of sounds images, providing audiovisual feedback.”

“Well,” said Mick slowly with a grin that showed a two-hour old chewing gum, “You know, it all sounds to me like you’re basically going show me a film. A porn film! It’s not one I’ve seen, is it?”

“You can tell me afterwards.”

“Aah. Hang on, I think I get it! You’ll be able to tell what turns me on, just by looking at the output of your program, right?”

“Only after the data has been analysed. But that’s not the main purpose of the exercise”.

He rubbed his nose and leaned back, anticipating an amusing fairground ride. “Well, wire me up, Doctor McCoy!”

Alice walked around the lab bench over to him and began attaching the probes to his forehead, cheeks, neck, shoulders, arms and hands. Each one trailed a thin pair of wires. “I doubt if it interests you in the least,” she chattered, to avoid the awkwardness of their sudden proximity as she leaned over him, “but the heart of the system is actually a very sophisticated neural net, which completely reprograms itself over one hundred thousand times a second…”

“Well, you’re a neural nut, anyway”, Mick said, not nastily, while Alice continued attaching further probes to his eyelids, the sides of his nose, his chest, stomach, waist, knees, even to the soles of his feet.

“Hey, you forgot one bit.” Mick thrust out his pelvis.

“No I didn’t,” Alice replied, handing him the final four probes. “But I think I’ll leave the last few for you to do yourself.”

“Alright, if you want to pass up a chance of a lifetime…” Mick shrugged, which loosened one of the probes on the nape of his neck. Alice pressed it back while she instructed him on the exact placement of the final probes.

“And now we’re almost done. I’ll put the VR headset on you myself, so we don’t dislodge the probes on your face. There, all ready. Now please rest your hands gently on the end of the armrests… and please try to keep still and not to talk”.

Alice returned to her side of the lab bench and resumed tapping at her computer keyboard.

” Okay, Mick. Relax. Can you see a small reddish dot in the foveal centre of your field of view?”

The dot was impossible to avoid, following his eye movements precisely. As Mick watched, the dot began to distort and pulsate. It grew steadily, past the edges of his vision until he felt as though he were engulfed by a swirling, blood red sea. He heard, (imagined he heard?) a humming, burbling noise, the synaesthetic analogue of the image.

After few seconds (minutes?) concrete images began to form. Mick’s eyes roamed. The probes on his temples and eyelids monitored the smallest dilation of his pupils, or flicker of his optic muscles.

The pictures seemed almost random at first: houses, trees, buses, a schoolroom, cows in a field, a palm beach by moonlight.

Gradually Mick noticed that images of people started to predominate. There were film stars leaving the Oscars, famous politicians, even students from his own college. A woman that looked like his brother’s wife flicked in and out of view too quickly for him to recognise for sure.

He could feel the probes working, as though thousands of ants were marching purposefully in complex patterns all over his body. He dimly imagined the ants continuing their march back and forth along the wires connecting him with Alice’s computer.

He smelled oranges, heard galloping horses.

Soon the images started clustering around a definite theme. Women, girls, young men, attractive, sometimes naked or semi-naked crowded the screen. Some of the women were real dogs, he murmured to himself vaguely, others were fit! Fuck, some of the men were pretty fit too, he thought privately. Numbers flashed past on Alice’s screen.

“Oh, shi-i-it…!” Mick murmured. He’d begun to sense that every time he lingered on an image he liked, other, similar images began to cluster around it, almost as though they were vying for his attention.

The images were becoming definitely sexual now – Well-endowed smooth-skinned men posing in handcuffs, ice-blond Nordic girls licking each other’s breasts, raven-haired dominatrices brandishing whips.

The ants on his skin were now racing about crazily — the probes were stimulating him quicker and more powerfully. The pulses made his muscles twitch and convulse. The feeling was not unpleasant. He grew hard.

Now Mick’s skin felt like a bubbling sea of lava. The meaty aroma of overheated sex engulfed him. He heard a cooing, sighing chorus of women calling him from a vast crater in a black desert. “Come down to us, come lower, that’s right, down the stairs, the spiral stairs…”

He moaned. Sweat dripped from his nose and ears. His eyes fluttered closed. The chorus, from a great distance it seemed, sang, commanding him to keep looking. The images raced down upon him like a flock of maddened pigeons. Every photo he’d ever masturbated over, every man or woman who’d given him a real or imagined sexual thrill seemed to surround him, touching him, prodding, stroking, poking, scratching, tickling, licking him.

His penis felt as if it would tear itself apart. He was about to come, he knew it… but “Not yet… not yet…you are not deep enough…” the voices sang to him.

Suddenly the mood changed, the images becoming more disturbing, more ominous, stranger, and also more detailed – realer but more fantastic. Violently, like a rush of black lava they erupted from a grinning volcano in his mind.

Now they coalesced and cooled… now they were reality…

…He was in a familiar bedroom, crimson, cream and white. Two identical scrawny girls (he recognised them, they were one of his friend’s twin nieces) sat naked on him facing his feet, one on his erection, one on his face. His hearing muffled by her legs, he heard the girl on his face say, “This is what you get for stealing my Snickers, Uncle Mickey”, as she began defecating in his mouth.

The girls bobbed and jiggled on him, singing and giggling. Then he felt panic as he realised he could no longer breathe – they were going to smother him. He came, yielding to the sensation of their small, cool buttocks pressing against his face and groin…

…He was in a curtained alcove in a bazaar that smelled of cumin and saffron. A grotesquely fat Asian-looking man appeared and smiled at him revealing a gold tooth. The man was naked except for a yellow chiffon neck scarf. He was oiled with patchouli and ylang-ylang.

He turned away to show Mick a great oily behind, and backed slowly towards Mick until it pushed against him. Mick’s penis slithered between the huge slippery cheeks and he came deep inside the man, who crooned and wiggled, urging him on in a strange language. The man farted loudly with every thrust.

Mick twisted and tightened the scarf at the man’s neck with his right hand, while with the other he reached around and grabbed the man’s short, wide erection, feeling hot semen trickling down his wrist as he strangled him…

…Now the scene changed to the college library where a very tall and sinewy vulture-woman with red-lidded eyes and a cruel grimace came nose to nose with him. She screamed a fierce curse in his face and he became paralysed.

With a swoop of her arms she dug deeply and powerfully into his flesh and quickly tore through into his abdomen with her long, black razor-sharp nails. She ripped him open like a dolls’ house, reached inside him, wrenched out his stomach, and began to devour it like a starved dog, covering her face with his blood.

Then she dropped suddenly to her knees and chewed off his penis while he stood helpless and transfixed, unable even to scream in agony. She lifted it and held it close to his face, waving it at him triumphantly. She grabbed him by his hair and jerked his head down towards it. He began to weep. He watched his disembodied member ejaculating in her tight grip. She laughed, and leaned towards him. Licking his ears, she hissed at him that she would suck out his eyeballs while he bled to death…

…Now he beheld a paper-white young girl with crimson hair by Munch laid out spread-eagled on the cold tiled floor of a vast church.. She was emaciated and tubercular looking. She breathed quickly and shallowly, almost in a faint. He knelt, lifted her pelvis and fucked her. He turned her and fucked her anus. Turned her and fucked her mouth, eyes, ears, hair. He pinioned her arms as he lay on her, watching a trickle of his semen drip slowly from her lips, mixing with a sticky stream of blood from her nose.

She begged him soundlessly to stop.

He stifled her silent cries, squeezing her nostrils together with one hand, holding her lips together with the other. He watched her, feeling the ever-weakening attempts to free herself, till she expired. He fucked her corpse again and again, tearing and grinding her lips with his teeth. He heard her flesh rend as with superhuman force he hooked his arms around her legs and pulled them completely apart from her body…

…Then, suddenly, the hallucinations stopped. He was once more in the electronics lab. Standing before him was Marie, his date for that evening. She was naked. Alice was nowhere in sight.

Looking down at his arms he saw that the probes were still attached. They had slowed their stimuli until there were only intermittent sparks. He felt his face convulse with weird tics.

“Marie”, he said, “You’re early, we’re not due to meet till later. Fuck, you look sexy!”

He only vaguely remembered what Marie looked like, having been pretty drunk when he first met her last night on a pub-crawl. He recalled her as a typical cheerleader type, with streaked-blond hair and a “fit” figure. Big tits, not too big though. Strong, runner’s thighs.

But now as she stood before him her skin was a rippling surface of living, swirling erotic tattoos. Her labia seemed to continuously unfold like a shiny, bulbous flower, drawing him to her inexorably. Her glistening nipples were large and black-brown.

She gave off a magic perfume that captivated him, distilled from all the sweat and secret potions of all the whores since the dawn of time. He staggered towards her, almost swooning with desire, inhaling the maddeningly sweet, animal smell.

She stepped back. “Mick. It’s me, Alice. You’re awake now,” she said, in a familiar voice.

She reached her hands to her hair and pulled slowly upwards. Her arms appeared to grow impossibly long as she continued pulling. Her hair and face stretched and stretched, ludicrously, eventually pulling off like a latex mask.

And he perceived that she was indeed Alice. But her body remained just as agonizingly desirable. The face was Alice’s, but transformed by his deranged senses into a sucking, fluttering, pouting essence of sexuality. As he stared in dim awe at her purple evolving lips, he felt a tsunami of an orgasm rushing towards him. He plunged into her, drowning his face in her hair, frantically breathing in the overwhelming perfume till he choked and drooled.

He came, deep inside her, for minutes. When his orgasm was abating she pulled away slightly and looked into his eyes. “Come. Again. Now.” She said. He lunged and immediately came again, sharply and painfully. Over and over, she pulled away a little and repeated the order. “Again. Come. Now.” and he came. His felt his heart spasm. He must stop, before he suffered a coronary. But he knew he couldn’t stop, not until she let him go. But she didn’t let him go. The orgasms were dry now, and excruciatingly painful. Come. Now! He gripped her electric hair with one hand and her gyrating buttock with the other. He closed his eyes and clung onto her desperately as she writhed, a shipwrecked man to driftwood, praying for the wave that would finally drown him.

Finally she released him and spoke. “You will now dress, and then go through that door into the next room, where you will find a bed. You will sleep on the bed. When you awake, you will remember none of what has happened to you. You will get up and leave quietly through the fire exit at the far side of the next room.”

She removed the probes and placed them carefully on the lab bench.

Mick dressed, swaying slightly, eyes half closed. He left the lab and instantly collapsed on the bed in the next room, unconscious.

Alice dressed, resumed her place at her computer and typed a few lines of instructions. The computer beeped.

There was a knock at the door. A tall, athletic looking boy came in with a slight smirk on his face.

“Hi. You’re Paul Morphy, right? Thanks for coming. Please remove all of your clothes and sit on the blue chair on the other side of this lab bench to me… OK, You’re entered into my system. Now Paul, do you know why you’re here?”

I noticed changes in Stephanie almost immediately. The next day was a Friday, and we both came home from work exhausted. She walked in from the gym with a bottle of diet soda in her hand. She seemed a little dreamy while she was watching television and I made dinner, and I think I noticed her rubbing her chest absently as she relaxed on the couch, but she didn’t do anything incredibly different. We both turned in early, and when I grabbed the outside of her thigh and pulled it toward me when we kissed goodnight, she pulled it off and said, “Be a good boy.”

Stephanie likes to wake up early on Saturday mornings and work in the garden. She lets me sleep in and puts on her gardening clothes as quietly as possible. I usually wake up when I hear her humming to herself while she’s pulling weeds and spraying leaves.

That Saturday she was out in the garden by the time I woke up. I could hear her singing to herself through the window as I pulled on my bathrobe. I smelled the coffee as soon as I walked into the kitchen. When I sat down at the counter I saw why she’d woken up early: she had set out a chocolate croissant with a fresh pot of coffee and the sports page overlooking the garden. The chair was even pulled out to watch her working. But the curtain was drawn; the entire kitchen was bathed in morning sunlight except for my seat. Stephanie knew I liked to watch her work. I pulled back the curtain.

In a relationship that’s more than a decade old, it is a rare sight that takes one’s breath away. Stephanie doesn’t tan, so she wears a sun hat when she works in the garden. She had pinned her hair under the crown of the hat with just a couple strands of her auburn hair framing her face. Her elbows were dirty with soil and in her hands she held a spade and water bottle in canvas gloves. She was wearing a tank top that was tight cross her chest and back, the black straps of her bra angled out over her shoulders. She was wearing denim shorts cut off so that the bottoms of the front pockets spilled out under the fraying hem. Her long legs looked longer still stemming from the high-heeled cork wedges shaping her calves, thighs, and ass. Her knees were dirty, too.

She was bending over a tomato plant with her feet spread wider than her shoulders and her ass sticking out above her head like a model on the cover of some auto parts calendar. She knew that I was coming downstairs and must have seen me sit down. Didn’t look up, although I knew she was trying not to smile; the effort had pursed her lips into a pout.

Usually Stephanie gardens in long-legged overalls and one of my old college t-shirts. It would have been difficult to stand as I looked out the window, my cock was so hard from just looking at her. Then she started to put on a show for me.

She must have saved the hardest work until I was downstairs and watching through the window. She pulled weeds from the dark soil, flexing her thighs and calves in her high-heeled sandals. She squatted, spreading her knees wide and inspecting the leaves of the plants as she sprayed their roots. At the same time, I pulled my shaft from my boxers and started rubbing it where she could see through the window as I watched her. Sweat clarified her tank top and the fabric clung transparent to her stomach and waist. Her transparent undershirt and alabaster skin highlighted the lace ruffles of her black bra as well as the curves of her body.

Finally she knelt in front of a rose bush blooming pink, her knees sank into the dirt along with the tips of her toes. Her back was flat and tall and her face was pressed against a bloom. She looked the the window and held my eyes and she plucked a wilting petal and placed it on top of her tongue. She broke our shared stare when she closed her eyes to take in the texture and the fragrance of the blossom.

I stood up and walked to the back door, following my prick. I found it locked from the outside and a note taped to the window where I saw her again on her hands and knees rooting in the dirt, the skin of her back, shoulders, and neck shimmering in the morning light.

“DIRTY BOYS HAVE TO GET CLEAN,” the note read. An arrow pointed back upstairs. She saw me reading the note and waved her finger at me and pursed her lips. She arched her back putting her arms behind her head to give me another pinup image to think about during what felt like a very long walk to the shower.

I was already on edge as the water poured over me. I hadn’t calmed down a bit, although I didn’t really want to, either. I turned the shower up as hot as I could stand and scrubbed my arms and legs with one hand while gently rubbing the shaft of my cock with the other. Stephanie had never before been an exhibitionist, and never given an erotic charge to any of the small daily activities of her life. She was always a girl who liked to keep our sex life confined to the bedroom. I knew that our sessions were having some effect on her, and I was really excited to see where they would go. I allowed my mind to wander–in a couple of weeks we were planning to go out of town to her parents’ new house, where there was a hot tub and a whole separate guest house.

The smell of sweat and soil, and the touch of hands on my body, awoke me from my reverie. Stephanie had climbed into the shower behind me and was pressing her breasts into my back and kissing the tops of my shoulders.

“Why do you feel so tense, baby? You need to relax,” she said. Her hands wandered down my arms and rubbed soap into my chest and stomach. Even under the hot water I felt her nipples hard against the flesh of my back. I reached behind me and grabbed her ass. It was taught from the effort of her standing on her tiptoes to press her lips to my neck and nibble on my ear.

She reached further down and grabbed my cock in both her hands. The water and soap made her palms and fingers slick as she rubbed down my shaft and cupped my balls. “Mmm… maybe you don’t need to relax everything.” I could feel the curve of her smile between my shoulder blades.

I pulled her around me so that I was behind her and the water sprayed over her face and down her breasts and thighs. She’d kept her hair pinned up and I scraped my teeth across her neck. Now that I knew what she liked I was going to take advantage.

“You’re a little tease, aren’t you? You like to be watched?” I growled into her ear. I pulled her body close against mine, and my prick settled into the cleft of her ass. She purred into the water and reached her hands up and wrapped them around my neck.

The soil from the garden rinsed off her elbows and knees down the shower’s drain, but her neck and hair still smelled like turned earth and sweat. I grabbed her breasts and pressed them flat against my palms, grinding my cock into her. She arched her chest into my grip and her ass back into me, saying nothing. I reached across her chest and held her with one arm while the other reached down to her pussy. She was wet on the outside from the shower, but she spread her feet to her shoulders and allowed me access to her clit. When I rubbed over it with my fingers she let out a low moan. I could feel it through my chest, but it was drowned out by the water of our shower.

“Do you think that you can just tease me? That you can put yourself out there on display?”

She closed her eyes and lowered her head away from me while I worked her up. This pushed her ass even harder against my cock, and I pushed my hips back into her. I had always wanted to fuck her ass, but she had been insistent that it wasn’t on the table. I adjusted myself so that my cock slid between her legs and she put her hands against the front wall of the shower, giving me better access to her. I put two fingers inside her and kept rubbing her clit with the palm of my hand.

“Oh, fuck–yes, just like that,” she said loud enough to be heard over the streaming shower. She leaned into the ministrations of my hand as sheets of water poured over he back and down her ass and my dick lodged between it.

“You’re a nasty little slut, aren’t you? You like it when people watch you, watch your body. You like to get me hard and then send me away.” I could feel her knees start to weaken. She must have really gotten herself worked up in the garden.

“I am a little slut,” she moaned. “Please don’t stop. I loved having you watch me. Ah ah ah.” She ground her pussy into my hand. Her body started to tense up; her ass gripped the sides of my cock and I could feel her reaching for release.

I let her rest her weight against the front of the shower and put my other hand on her ass, pushing it even harder against my hand. I could feel the hard nub of her cervix against my fingers. I rubbed gently along the crack of her ass, letting the sensitive skin adjust to my touch.

“Please. Please. Oh, fuck. God, yes, please,” she was close. I took the tip of my index finger and just pressed it against her asshole. I didn’t put it in, just gave it a little pressure. I had tried to have a little ass play with Stephanie when she had drunk too much wine or was especially horny, but she’d never let me get this far.

“Ah, ah, ah, yes, yes, yes! Oh, shit! Baby, I’m coming!” Her entire body tensed with her orgasm. I couldn’t have pulled my dick from between her legs if I’d tried. Her arms folded before her knees did, and I felt her knees finally give way with just enough time to catch her before she tumbled into the bath spigot. I pulled her back up against my body while she recovered. Her hair was soaked from water and sweat.

I finally kissed her mouth, which was warm and wet and slack as she came back around from her climax. I held her arms at her sides and kissed her as her feet found purchase on the floor of the shower. Her hands came up to my sides, and she pressed the palms of her hands against my face and leaned the front of her body back into me. I ran my hands over her breasts and down her ass, and she finally broke our kiss. She looked up at me and reached down to my cock in between us. With her other hand she pulled her hair out and it spilled over her shoulders and down her back. I turned us so the water from the shower poured down my back.

She kissed my neck, then my chest. The pinpricks of her nipples lead her mouth down my body. I rubbed the bottoms of her breast as they passed out of my reach, to instead rest on the tops of her shoulders. When she was on her knees she looked up at me again.

She gripped my cock with one hand and cupped my balls with the other. She rubbed down the shaft slowly, looking into my eyes. She pressed my head into the palm of her hand and rubbed around it. Her hands were warm and soft and gentle against me.

“You’re not going to break it, Steph,” I said. Grabbing her shoulders, I pulled her face toward my cock. For a second she turned her head, rubbing it on the side of her face, kissing the inside of my thighs. Then she turned back and started kissing along the base of my prick. Her kisses were deep, pressing her tongue along the sensitive skin and sucking lightly, and then rubbing her nose over the top. Even in the hot shower, I could feel her even hotter breath across my shaft.

“That’s right, girl. Get to know it. That feels nice.” This wasn’t something that she had liked to do, but I wanted that to change. She held my gaze. “You’re driving me crazy.”

She kissed along the other side of my dick, looking up at me the entire time. I couldn’t bear it any longer. “Take it, Steph.” I grabbed her more roughly by the shoulders and slid my cock into her mouth.

She took it, finally grabbing around the base with both hands. She took the head first, running her tongue all around my head. A wave of pleasure surged through me, since I had been waiting so long to somehow get inside of her. I was afraid that I might come right then, but I pushed the urge back.

Stephanie must have felt me tense up, because she increased her rhythm. She took a little more each time, pausing to run her tongue along the bottom and jerk the base of my cock with her hands while her mouth adjusted to the size.

I knew that there was sometimes something missing from the head that my wife had given me in the past, and now I could put a name to it: enthusiasm. Now she wasn’t lacking for it. Once she’d taken me halfway into her mouth, she pulled back and rubbed her hands down my shaft again. She turned up to face me.

“No, keep going,” I told her, and grabbed her by the back of the head and put my cock back into her mouth. She moaned when I did it and I knew that she was trying to tease me again. This time she took me all the way down to the base. I could feel the head of my cock slipping past her soft pallette and into her throat. She’d never been able to take me this deep before, but maybe she’d also never wanted to.

I closed my eyes and just bathed in the pleasure of her work. I ran my fingers through her wet hair and felt the warm wetness of her mouth swallowing my cock over and over. I set the rhythm with my hips and let her meet me. I knew that I didn’t have long before I was coming down her throat.

“That’s right, baby, take it all in,” I now knew that she loved when I talked to her, so I wasn’t afraid to let her know how she was doing. “You want to swallow all my cum, don’t you, you filthy slut?”

“Mm-hm…” she said. Her hands left my cock and one hand gripped the back of my ass to give her some support as I speared her mouth. I hunched over a little and grabbed one of her tits and turned it over in my hand. She moaned on my cock and I pinched her nipple lightly.

“You love this, don’t you? Sucking my giant cock.” She could only moan in reply and pick up her speed. I finally opened my eyes and looked back down at her. Even though she had come only moments before, her other hand was between her legs and buried in her pussy. I felt myself getting closer to coming. “You horny bitch, are you going to come again from sucking my dick? Look at me.”

She looked up at me and her eyes were almost glazed over with lust and pleasure. It was the first time in a long time that it felt like we were both together and fucking instead of each reaching for our own climax. I grabbed her hair with both my hands and pulled her face all the way onto my prick. “Swallow it all, baby. Don’t spill a drop of my cum.” She mumbled into my cock as my ears filled with the rush of my own orgasm.

I hadn’t come in two days, and I had been holding back my arousal for most of the morning. I came as much as I ever have. Stephanie did her best to take it all, but when I finally opened my eyes again, she still had the tip of my cock in her mouth but little droplets of cum were spilling out the corners. I thrust a couple of more times and then pulled out. She ran her hands along my softening shaft until she was satisfied she’d captured everything and give the tip one more lick. Then she stood up and kissed me.

Before, she never would have swallowed, and if she accidentally gotten some of my cum in her mouth, she would have run to the bathroom sink and washed her mouth out for two minutes. Now, she swallowed everything she could. Her mouth tasted warm and a little salty.

She broke our kiss eventually and gave my cock a final squeeze. “C’mon, honey,” she said. “This little slut wants to go shopping for some lingerie.”

The lovely Canadian model turned actress, Estella Warren was spending a quiet afternoon by herself at home when she heard a knock at her front door. Who could it possibly be, she thought as she got up from her couch to answer it. She opened the door to find a strange man in a suit and carrying a briefcase standing on her doorstep.

“Hello, Ms. Warren?”

“Yes, that’s me,” Estella told him.

“Yes, of course it is,” the man said as he put a foot in the door, “may I come in please?”

“What’s this about,” the gorgeous blond asked.

“I have a movie role I’d like to pitch to you,” he smiled, “I think you’d be perfect for the part.”

Estella had been trying to find a breakthrough role for the past few years. Since giving up modeling so she could act fulltime, several offers had come along, but none had ever really been able to give her career that extra boost she really wanted. Being the pretty face in films like “Planet of the Apes” and “Kangaroo Jack” was nothing to really brag about.

Shrugging her shoulders, Estella stepped aside and let the man into her home. “What the hell, come on in.”

Making their way into her living room, Estella took a seat on her couch while the strange man sat down in a chair and placed his briefcase on the small coffee table between them.

“Is anyone else here, Estella?”

“No,” she answered thinking there was something not quite right about her visitor.

“Good,” he said with a grin.

Feeling a bit uncomfortable, but not entirely sure why she asked, “So what kind of film is it?”

“Oh, it’s a small independent project.”

“Oh,” she said feeling a little disappointed, “it doesn’t really sound like the sort of thing I’m interested in.”

“I think you’ll be very interested in the role, Estella,” the man said with another grin.

“Well, if you think so, then maybe you could just give my agent a call,” she said hoping the man would take a hint and leave.

“I like to take a much more direct approach to things. Agents would only get in the way.”

“Well, I’m pretty sure I don’t want the part, so why don’t you just go,” she said feeling more and more uneasy about the man’s presence.

“Well, you’re probably right,” the man said opening up his briefcase, “you’ll probably decide you really didn’t want the role in the long run.”

“Then why did you even bother to show up on my doorstep if you know I won’t take the role?”

“I’m here to make a movie with you, Estella.”

“But I’m not going to make a movie with you.”

“Oh, but you are. You just don’t know it yet.”

“No, I’m not going to make a movie with you. Now leave, please.”

“Very well, Estella,” the man said as he pulled a rather large crystal out of his briefcase, “but before I go, allow me to offer you a small token of my appreciation for your time.”

Estella stared at the crystal in the man’s hand, fascinated by the way it reflected the light of the room.

“That’s right, Estella, look deep into the crystal. Lose yourself in its beauty,” the man said in a soft, low voice.

For some reason unknown to her, Estella began to feel extremely tired. Every muscle in her body began to relax and suddenly her eyelids felt incredibly heavy.

“You want to rest now, Estella,” the man said, “you want to listen to the sound of my voice and do exactly as I say.”

“Yes,” the stunning blond said, barely a whisper, as she slumped back onto her couch, completely oblivious as to how she was going to spend the next hour or so of her life.

That was too easy, the strange man thought to himself as he put the crystal back into his briefcase and pulled out a small video camera and tripod. Setting up the camera so it was focused on Estella, the man couldn’t help but grin. So maybe he had lied about making a movie with the aspiring actress; it was more like a home video, but he’d be sure to make a copy for her nonetheless.

Finishing with setting up the camera, the strange man once again focused on Estella. “Estella, can you hear me?”

“Yes,” she said once more in a barely audible whisper.

“Very good. Estella, I want you to take your clothes off now.”

Standing up in her trance, Estella did as the man asked removing her blouse to reveal she wasn’t keeping her perky little B-cups in a bra, followed by her skirt, which revealed a lacy black pair of panties. She hadn’t been wearing any shoes, and so now with the exception of her underwear she was unknowingly standing fully exposed to the strange man in her own living room.

“Very good,” the man said. “Sit back down, Estella.”

She did as he told her, and he removed his own clothes.

“Estella, do you like sex?”

“Yes,” she said.

“Why don’t you show me how much you like sex, Estella. Rub yourself the way you do when you’re horny but don’t have a man around to please you.”

“Yes,” she said again and slid a hand down over her breasts, down her flat stomach, and then underneath her panties.

The man couldn’t help but display a wicked smile as he stood there watching Estella Warren sit on her own couch and finger herself. His cock was getting harder by the second, and it wouldn’t be long until her was inserting it into the lovely Canadian’s many orifices.

Estella, now using both hands to pleasure herself, was nearing a climax after rubbing herself for several minutes. “Oooooooohhhhhhhh,” she moaned as she came on her hands and smiled to herself.

“You can stop now, Estella,” the man smiled, knowing he had just gotten Estella’s masturbation from start to finish all on film.

Time to lay down a few ground rules, he thought to himself. “Estella, it’s time to wake up.”

“Yes,” she said in a heavy pant as she was coming down from her orgasm.

“From this point on, whenever I snap my fingers, you will instantly fall back to sleep. When you are awake, you will not attempt to harm me in anyway, nor will you try to get off your couch unless I tell you to. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” she panted once again.

“Good. Now, when I count to three, you will wake up. One, two, three.”

Estella came to quickly feeling somewhat groggy. She instantly noticed she was wearing only her panties, which were soaking wet from the orgasm she had given herself in the trance. She noticed the strange man, now completely naked, was still in her house. “What? Did we have sex,” she asked feeling extremely puzzled.

“No, not yet,” he said with an evil grin.

Noticing her soaked hands, Estella displayed a look of total confusion. “Did I—

“Yes, you did,” he said walking toward her.

“But how? Why?”

“Because I told you to. You’re mine now, Estella. I’ve hypnotized you. And you will do what I tell you to, when I tell you to do it.”

That’s not true,” she said trying to believe the words she spoke, but feeling an overwhelming feeling of dread wash over her.

“If it’s not true, then why are you still on the couch, Estella?”

She didn’t know why. She wanted to get up and run away as far as she possibly could, but something was keeping her there. “I don’t know why,” she sobbed slightly as tears began to well up in her glassy blue eyes.

“You’re still on your couch because I don’t want you to go anywhere,” the man said as he now stood directly in front of her.

Kneeling down in front of her, the man ran a hand from one of her feet, up her calf, and along the inside of her thigh to her panties.

“Don’t,” Estella whined, unable to move and having no idea exactly what the evil man would do to her.

“Sorry, my dear, but you’re not in control here,” he said as he pulled her panties down off of her legs.

“I can give you money,” she said as tears now began to roll down over her beautifully sculpted cheekbones.

“No thank you. This will do just fine,” he said as he ran a finger over her neatly trimmed snatch.

“Please, I’ll do anything” she cried.

“I know you will,” the man said standing up so that his throbbing cock was now directly in front of Estella’s face, “and right now, I want you to suck my dick.”

“No, please,” she begged shaking her head.

“Oh, come on, you’ve got a pair of lips that were made for sucking dick.”

“No,” she said once again shaking her head and crying at the strange man’s cruel words.

“Very well then,” he said, snapping his fingers.

Estella instantly fell back to sleep. Still standing over her, her visitor gave her his next command. “Lean forward, Estella, and open your mouth.”

She unknowingly complied with his order, and he inserted his erect cock into her mouth. Estella had no idea what was happening; no idea that she was now doing the very thing just seconds before she said she would not do.

“Oh yes, that’s good, Estella,” the man sighed as he slowly began to slide her head back and forth along his cock.

He stood there sodomizing her mouth for several moments before deciding to make her torture even more interesting.

“Estella, I’m going to count to three again, and when I do, you’re going to wake up again,” he said grabbing two good handfuls of her hair. “One, two, three.”

The former swimsuit and fashion model once again instantly woke up, this time with the unpleasant experience of having the strange man’s cock in her mouth. “Mmmmmm,” she screamed around his shaft and tried to pull away.

Holding her by her pretty blond hair, he wouldn’t let her back away from his throbbing cock and shot his load into her mouth.

Estella began to cough and gag as the man’s seed flowed down the back of her throat, and he finally let go of her hair, letting her fall back onto the couch still coughing and trying to catch her breath.

“I thought you said you weren’t going to do that, Estella.”

“Please, just stop this. Don’t do anymore. I beg of you,” she bawled.

“Oh, we’re just getting started,” he said as he repositioned her on the couch so she was now lying on her back. Spreading her legs, he knelt down on the couch between them and wrapped her long lovely stems around his waist. He was already hard as a rock once again, and he was thankful for the month of abstinence he had put himself through for the preparation of this moment.

Estella suddenly realized the man wasn’t using a condom. It was bad enough he was fucking her like this, but she couldn’t stand the thought of possibly getting pregnant by this man. “Wait, please,” she screamed.

“What now,” he said looking down at her tear stained face.

“Please use a condom. You could get me pregnant.”

“I hadn’t thought of that,” he said, “I guess I could get you pregnant couldn’t I?”

She nodded her head, hoping to god that she might reason with the man and convince him to do her this one small favor.

“Well in that case, let me give you one more little thing to remember me by,” he said as he viciously thrust his entire length up into her unwilling vagina.

“Nooooooooooo,” she screamed as he began to savagely thrust deep inside of her body.

“Yeeeeeessssssss,” he screamed mockingly, reaching down to grab her tits and admire the streams of tears he had caused to roll down her face, and enjoying the way her warm snatch wrapped around his shaft.

“Uuunnnnhhhh, please, uh, don’t, ah, do, erhh, this,” she breathlessly panted in vain.

“Do what,” he said with a grunt.

“Ahhhhh, please, uhn, don’t, arrghhh, er, get, ah, me, pregnant, uuuuunnnhhhh,” she continued to beg between moans of unwanted pleasure.

“Get ready,” he said with his evil grin as he continued to unmercifully pump her sans condom, “because you’re nine months away from being the mother of my bastard child.”

“Noooooooo, ugh, ugh, uuuuunnnnngghhhhhhhm aaaarrrrrrrgggghhhhhh,” Estella screamed as the strange man bottomed out inside of her letting his entire seed flow into her warm moist snatch. “I hate you,” she said breathlessly, feeling completely helpless and abused, and knowing he could have very well just gotten her pregnant.

“Unfortunately, only one of us is really required to be enjoying ourselves here, Estella,” the man said as he pulled out of her snatch and snapped his fingers, causing her to once again fall asleep.

The man went over to his camera and repositioned it at the end of the couch, so he could get a more up close and personal shot of what he was going to do next. When he watched the tape later, he wanted to see the expression on Estella’s face for what was about to happen.

Rolling her over onto her stomach, he pulled her up to her knees, and positioned himself behind her. Sliding his once again hard cock into her unknowing snatch, he once more enjoyed the feeling of her tightness as it clung to his member.

“Unnnngggghhhhh,” Estella unknowingly moaned as the strange man reached around her body to grab her ample breasts and forced her back and forth onto his cock.

Deciding it was once again time for Estella to wake up, the man counted to three.

“Aaaaaahhhhhhh,” she screamed as once again she awoke to find herself in a precarious situation. “Please just stop this,” she begged, and then began to cry even harder than she had before as she noticed the camera staring her directly in the face. It wasn’t enough that he was completely humiliating her and may have gotten her pregnant, but he was filming her entire ordeal as well.

“Don’t worry, Estella, we’re almost done here,” he said as he slid in and out of her snatch.

“Unnnnhhhhhh,” she moaned and hung her head, hoping that he was telling the truth and she was indeed almost at the end of this savage act.

“Estella,” the man asked.

“Uhhnnnn, yes,” she sobbed.

“Has anyone ever fucked your ass?”

She wished she could somehow run away, but this evil man had sapped her of her will. All she could do was beg, “No, please dear god not that. Pleeeeeaaasssse,” she screamed.

“I take it, that’s a no,” he said as he let go of her breasts and pulled out of her snatch.

“Please, I’m begging you. Have merccccyyyyyy, uuuuuuunnnnngggghhhhhh,” Estella screamed in pain, shock, and disgust as he spread her ass cheeks apart and rammed his cock into her firm and round little bubble butt. Knowing there was nothing she could do to improve her situation, Estella just hung her head in shame as the man reached one hand around her body to grab her breasts and slid his other around down to her snatch.

“There’s nothing like fucking a virgin asshole,” the man taunted her, “especially one that clamps down on my cock as hard as yours.”

“Noooooooo,” she bawled, “Uggghh, you’ve probably gotten me pregnant. Please, show some mercy, uhhnn, not this, aaaarrrrrrgghhhhh,” she wailed as he began to pump in and out of her ass.

“Sorry, baby, but as long as I’m here, I’m gonna enjoy the ride. Don’t worry, you don’t have to,” he said as he rode her ass nice and slow, fingering her clit and causing her to spasm back onto his throbbing cock.

“Mercy, mercy, mercy, uuuuggghhhhh, aaaaarrrrggghhhh.” The man continued to pump her, and Estella just buried her face in the cushions of the couch until she got an idea; one last small sliver of hope. “Wait, please,” she pleaded.

“What,” the strange man asked impatiently.

“Knock me out.”


“Hypnotize me. Don’t make me remember this. You tried to get me pregnant. Don’t make me do this knowingly. Please, mercy, I beg of you. I beg of you.”

“Sorry. That ain’t happening. You’re going to remember every last inch of this experience,” he said as her gave her several more long hard thrusts into her ass.

“Nooooooooo, ugh, ugh, arrrrrggghhhhhh,” Estella screamed and cried as the man continued his anal humiliation of her.

“Uuuuuuuggghhhhh, uuugghhhh, aaaargggghhhh, uhn, aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh,” she screamed one last time as he drove her to the most humiliating orgasm of her life and released another huge load, this time into her ass.

The man pulled out of Estella’s ass, and she fell face first into the cushions of the couch, exhausted. He probably didn’t have to snap his fingers to put her back to sleep, but he did anyway and got dressed and gathered up his camera.


“Yes,” she moaned breathlessly.

“I’m leaving now, but I’m going to send you something very soon. When you get it, you’re going to want to have sex. Do you understand?”


“You’re going to finger yourself just like you did earlier. Understand?”


“Good girl.”

The man walked to the front door. Just as he was stepping out to leave, he looked back toward the living room, counted to three, and told Estella to get off of the couch.

The actress woke up feeling completely humiliated from what had happened.

Several weeks had passed. Estella was happy to at least not have gotten pregnant after her whole ordeal. One day, a small package came to her in the mail, containing an unmarked DVD. She put it in her DVD player and saw the strange man who had hypnotized and fucked her and all the terrible things he forced her to do. And then, even though the home made film brought nothing but sorrow to her soul, she for an unknown reason reached a hand into her pants and began to rub herself just the way she liked.

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