Bernice was willing to indulge her husband, as it was a naughty fantasy of hers too. She took off her coat and threw it into the car, together with the keys. Unable to get back into the car, now meant it was impossible to back out of the game. This gave her an added thrill. She was committed to walking across the park, to meet her husband.

She was dressed in a schoolgirl uniform, feeling very naughty and sexy. She was more than ready, for her husband to pick her up. She was prepared to flirt with him, and just maybe, they might go that little bit further, if the situation was right.

Her heart raced as she made her way into the park. It wasn’t windy, so she agreed to wear a thong, under the short skirt. The white blouse was tight across her small breasts, and she wasn’t wearing a bra. They felt exposed in the thin blouse, as the nipples showed faintly through it.


She was twenty-four, and slightly built, with a baby face. It was this, and the times she had to show Id to get a drink, that made him dare her. Of course, she knew there was more to it than that. He knew she liked to show off her long, sensuous legs in public.

Sometimes it was possible to go a little further, if the opportunity arose. At the beach, she let the bikini top accidently slip a little, for a moment or two, before pulling it back into place. Recently she had bent over, while fussing with a beach towel, knowing an old guy was behind her.

The bikini bottoms were pulling tight between her cheeks. It was an agony, not being able to turn around, to see if he had been watching. While bent over an attractive young woman walked passed, wiggling her uncovered bottom, cut by a thin string bikini. The guy was sure to be checking her out, so she glanced at him.

He was still looking at her near naked bottom! He was staring, seemingly mesmerised by the sight of her ass. Her face coloured up with embarrassment. His shorts seemed full of cock, he was so hard. She quickly sat, opening a book upside down, pretending to read.

She could feel her sex, burning with the heat of arousal. He hadn’t even noticed the younger, more attractive woman. He had been so engrossed, with ogling her body.

That naughty moment confirmed she was an exhibitionist, though it took a few days to come to terms with it. When she did, the fantasies began to roll through her imagination.

A schoolgirl outfit, bought on-line, had been too tacky to wear outside the bedroom. On a mature, married woman, it looked positively lewd. So much so, she refused to go out in it.

While at a friend’s house she borrowed a skirt, from a wash basket, while in the bathroom. It had been a moment of madness. Her friend’s daughter wore it to school, so it wasn’t too short for an adolescent. Though on her, it did look risqué, with long legs and white ankle socks. The blouse and school tie, were purchased at a local mall to go with the skirt.

She wore it in the bedroom, giving her husband a thrill. He cajoled her to wear it in public, and of course she refused. Thinking her husband was exaggerating, Bernice took a good look in the mirror. She had to admit it was true. She did look like an eighteen year old high school student. She could have walked down the street, with her friend’s daughter, and everyone would assume they were school friends.

When the big day arrived she was so excited, they very nearly didn’t leave the house.


So here she was, wearing a daringly short skirt, dressed in a school uniform. She hesitated on entering the park gates, feeling highly nervous.

Plucking up courage Bernice walked into the park, feeling shy and anxious. Despite this, she felt naughty and highly aroused.

“Excuse me! Is this the South Gate?” a woman asked.

“Err, yes, ma’am,” Bernice demurely answered. Oh! Shit! What the hell was she doing here? One of her employees was right there, talking to her. Joan was looking at her watch, so hadn’t noticed who the young schoolgirl really was, yet.

The damn woman was the office gossip. Bernice dropped her head, in shame, trying to hide her face. It was fortunate not to have tied her long hair in pig-tails.

“Is it four yet, do you know?” Joan asked.

“Err, I think so,” Bernice nervously answered.

“Well, students these days! Can’t you look at me when I’m talking to you?” Joan demanded. The woman took a hold of her wrist, to look at a Mickey Mouse watch. Bernice still had it from school days.

Bernice remembered the woman was a bit of a bully as well as a gossip. She had to reprimand her once, for upsetting a secretary.

“Just look at you, dressed like a slut. I would have been sent home looking like that, not that I would have dared, of course. You young things should learn some respect for yourselves and your elders. If you were mine I’d put you over my knee and teach you some manners,” Joan gleefully scolded her.

Bernice dare not look up. To be recognised by this dreadful woman, would put her in a difficult position. The gossip circulating around the offices would be intolerable. If she begged her to keep quiet, Joan could hold this over her for a long time to come.

She struggled from the woman’s grip, needing to run away, like a frightened schoolgirl. The suddenly released grip had her tumbling to the ground. Joan looked down at her, with a look of condescension on her face.

“Good grief! Do you go to school like that? You really are a little slut,” Joan smirked.

Bernice clamped her legs together, after revealing the thong, which was pulled tight into her crotch. She scrambled up off the grass, and mumbled her apologies. The horrid woman’s laughter rang in her ears, leaving her feeling small and inadequate. Fighting down the need to retaliate, she scurried away, like a frightened rabbit.

The encounter left her giggling, as she felt all the more like a naughty schoolgirl, running off, on a dirty adventure.

This morning she had been dressed in an expensive silk business suit, leading her team, which included Joan. Now the woman had caught her in the park, wearing a schoolgirl’s uniform. What if she had accidently done something, to warrant a punishment? Would she have been spanked, like a naughty girl, before everyone in the park?

The image of being spanked by an employee had her heart racing, from the sheer humiliation of it.

Joan had treated her like a naughty schoolgirl! The danger and fear from being under the woman’s control, had been exciting. It was a good job she hadn’t been recognised, as Joan was more than capable of taking advantage of a situation.

How would she explain it away? The woman was astute enough to figure out what she was up to. She would have enough ammunition to take advantage in the office.

It might even have started right here, in the park. Bernice dare not draw attention to herself, so she would have had to play along. The woman could humiliate her, just for the amusement of it.


Bernice imagined being taken in hand, to be dragged round the park. Joan could make her play basket ball with the young guys. In the short skirt, wearing a thong, it would be shamefully embarrassing. Everyone would to see her bare ass, every time the skirt bounced up. The guys would be sure to comment rudely, on her bouncing, unfettered breasts.

Maybe she would be shown off to friends, while pretending Bernice was her niece. The woman could embarrass her, far more than a real aunt would. Bernice’s imagination continued to work her up.

“Her parents don’t look after the girl properly. Lift the skirt up and show them, do as you are told, girl,” Joan demanded, and slapped a leg. “Just look at these panties. They are most unsuitable on a young girl,” Joan told her friends. Joan took great pleasure in showing off her boss’s panties to everyone, including the men.

“Her breasts are developing, so she should be wearing a bra, not just this tight blouse,” Joan pointed out.

In an agony of embarrassment Bernice lifted the top, to show off her breasts to the woman’s cronies. A couple of young guys walked by, and swivelled their heads to keep her in view, with a look of pleasurable surprise on their faces.


Bernice was half way across the park when she looked back toward the south gate, wondering if Joan was still there. If Joan was watching her, it might be a sign that she had been recognised. She tripped and tumbled, landing on her face in the grass.

“Damn!” she cursed out loud.

At least Joan wasn’t there. Bernice hoped the woman had walked off, with whoever she was meeting, and forgotten all about her.

Being blackmailed by the woman was frightening, though now the danger was over, it became exciting. Having to bow to an employee’s will, would be humiliating, and that was doing something to her.

Sitting on the grass, she pulled her legs up, and wrapped her arms around them. Resting her chin on her knees, she slit her eyes to the low afternoon sun. Her pussy cried out for attention. With a slow slide over a thigh, her hand distractedly moved between her legs.

She meant to just press at the panties crotch, to adjust it, as it had slipped slightly. She began to fantasise about Joan again.


“You need an appointment, you can’t just walk in,” Bernice’s secretary explained to the woman. The tone of voice indicated that the likes of you, can’t just walk in, you’re not important enough.

Before Joan could say anything in retaliation, Bernice poked her head out the door and nodded to Joan. “It’s alright, Joan has special privileges, she can call in anytime,” Bernice told her secretary. A harrumph of irritation was all the response she got.

Joan strode into the boss’s office, to find her next to the desk, standing at attention. “Have you followed all my instructions?” Joan demanded.

“Yes, miss,” Bernice answered. The sound of her voice was pathetic, reflecting the way she felt. She was the boss, and was being blackmailed by this bitch employee, into obeying her whims. It was infuriation having to be submitting to Joan’s demands.

“Show me,” Joan demanded.

“Yes, miss,” Bernice answered, in a little girly voice. It was one of Joan’s demands that she must talk like a stupid girly. Lifting the skirt, she showed the woman a pair of black stockings, held up by red suspenders. The colour had been specified, as much as the rest of the clothes she was wearing.

“Good girl, no panties. Show me your chair,” Joan mischievously smiled. “As I thought, you’ve been a naughty girl. Look at that wet patch! You will be punished for that,” Joan gleefully pronounced.

“Oh! I’m sorry miss, really I am, please don’t spank me. I’ll be a good girl from now on. Honest I will, please don’t spank me miss. I promise to do as I’m told, please, miss,” Bernice whimpered.

All thought of her position was lost, as she genuinely pleaded with the older woman. She was back in the past, a naughty little girl, fearing a punishment.

“Why are you being punished? Speak up girl,” Joan scolded her. Joan had taught her what to say, and just loved hearing her boss talk so contemptibly. She took great pleasure in punishing her, and took every opportunity to rub her nose in the dirt.

“I’ve been a dirty little slut of a girl. I’ve dirtied the leather chair with my sex juices, miss. I deserve to be thrashed, miss,” Bernice spoke up, knowing she would have to repeat it all, if she murmured.

“Bend over,” Joan grinned. It made it all the better, seeing her victim grimace. They both knew she enjoyed the humiliation, of being punished. It strengthened her grip on the boss. This important woman was having dinner with the mayor this evening, and that made this spanking all the more exciting.


Bernice couldn’t help it. Instead of adjusting the crotch of her panties, she played with herself. Out in the middle of a public field, made it a naughty thing to do. It made it exciting, and she was already sopping wet. It made her chuckle to think one of her employees had made her so wet. The fantasy was pushing the arousal to a fever pitch. There was no-one close, but she could see people walking their dogs, and playing games in the distance.

In her imagination she was bent over the desk in her office. With every imagined heavy slap Joan gave her bare bottom, she thrust a finger into her pussy. In-between each spank, she vigorously rubbed her clit. The fantasy seemed so real, she was carried away, deeply in need of an orgasm. Everything else around her had been blotted out.

“Keep going, you are nearly there,” someone said.

Bernice opened her eyes, ever so slightly. Lying beside her was a man, watching her finger her pussy. She didn’t even slow down, or miss a beat. She became aware of her moaning, in time with the imaginary slaps. A little hiss of breath sounded as she sucked in air.

“Fascinating!” he commented. “I’ve never seen anyone so carried away before,” he whispered.

Was this too a part of the fantasy? Out of the corner of her eye she watched a hand approach, getting closer and closer. She felt it push up the top, and it pinch a nipple. The hand closed around her breast and gently squeezed.

The old man was there, in reality, and he was playing with her breasts! All she wanted in the world was to orgasm. There was nothing she could do, but work toward a climax. Her mind and body were in tune, working furiously toward big beautiful orgasm.

She was in the middle of a field, in a park, playing with herself, letting an old man fiddle with her tits. She felt a finger touch her asshole. Eventually the message reached the conscious part of her mind that it wasn’t her finger!

She paid more attention to it. It was circling the little brown, pucker hole, down there, below her cheeks. It was pushing, now pressing insistently. It was in! Had she relaxed, to let it in, or had it forced its way in through persistence. The finger pushed and pulled in rhythm with her finger next door, working her pussy. The close neighbours worked together.

The hand cupping her breast squeezed tight. The finger in her asshole pushed deep. Two fingers in her pussy worked her slippery hole hard. Her free hand took the hint, and squeezed her other breast. Her mouth fell open, as she groaned a low animal, moaning whimper.

An orgasm walked all over her body, squashing it into the grassy field. It felt as though she were being rolled flat. Both his and her hands, and fingers, continued to work her body. She was lying flat, with limbs spread out, responding to the after shocks of an earthquake, with little shudders.

“Was that as good as it looked, young lady?” the stranger asked.

“Yes, thank you, sir” Bernice whispered.

Perhaps it was in her imagination, but the man doffed his hat and walked away. She closed her eyes for a moment or two then struggled up on one elbow. She felt guilty from letting a stranger play with her body. It was arousing too, despite having just cum. It had been nice, but she needed a cock inside her, for complete satisfaction.

The prospect of being led into the woods, by her husband, was looking very attractive. She might even drag him among the trees, to make up for this naughty act.

Bernice pulled at the hem of the short skirt, feeling vulnerable, and aroused by the danger of being exposed. A flood of guilt washed over her. Had she really been so carried away, that she let a stranger play with her body? Her husband often said she was vulnerable when aroused. It must be true.

She walked quickly, not looking back, in case she saw the old man. Heading for the north-side gate, she could see Angus, sauntering along a path. He must have seen her, for their paths would cross, near some trees.

Was that his plan? Was he going to try and sweet talk her into the woods? She was ready for it. It wouldn’t take much. Her breaths came in short gasps, as she walked toward their rendezvous. He would know what the heavy breathing meant.

When this hot, it didn’t take much to push her over the edge, into irresponsibility. Or, as he said in the bedroom, he aroused her, to become his naughty slut. He only had to whisper into an ear, to have her craving his cock.

That was in the privacy of their bedroom. It was disappointing to think he wouldn’t take advantage out here. The thought of being discovered by someone, was enough to ramp up the excitement. There was no way she would let him take her out in the open, though in the woods she might.

Bernice was breathing hard, as though she had run all the way from the car.

She ran into him, when stumbling onto the path. He gripped her wrist to steady her, reinforcing the encounter with Joan. The touch was electric. She couldn’t look at him, for he was sure to see how excited she was. He would be sure to take advantage of her submissiveness.

He knew how passive she became when aroused. At home, he would sometimes play at being a dominant master. He would order her to do things, naughty things, pushing past her inhibitions. Jim knew what she enjoyed, so it was fun and exciting to let go, letting him take charge.

Here though, it could be dangerous, if they both got out of hand. Bernice winced, on feeling that bad thought arouse her. She kept her head down, shielding her face, in long auburn hair.

He had a hold of her wrist, talking to her, so she had to focus on what he was saying.

“Well, why aren’t you in school young lady? You nearly pushed me over!” he scolded her.

Bernice could hardly find a breath to reply. “Sorry, sir,” she managed to say.

It was just perfect! This was all he had to do. He could whisk her away to his car right now, and have her home in twenty minutes. She wondered if she dare suck him, while he drove. She was that worked up, it was more than possible.

He had asked before, while on an empty road, and she had refused. Yet here in town, it was very likely she would initiate the wicked act. How could she bring herself to tell him how excited she was? Her legs trembled in anticipation of being so wicked.

“I’ve a good mind to take you to your parents, and tell them you’re a bad adolescent,” he loudly stated.

Bernice felt small and insignificant, as though she really was just a naughty girl. The game was especially stimulating after bumping into Jean. She was being shown up, in a public park, wearing just a thong under a short skirt. In the past, just showing off her legs had been a naughty thrill. She had gone way past that in the past hour. Even her nipples were getting in on the act, by poking out large, through the tight blouse.

She looked down at them, mesmerised by the way they swelled, and pushed against the thin blouse.

No-one took much notice when he told her off. Yet it was still a juicy thrill, being treated like a stupid eighteen year old. She dare not look up to see the people walking by. Jim knew her well enough, to know what he was doing to her. It was so very effective too. She could hardly stand, or think straight. More than ever before, she wanted to be at home, to be his naughty, uninhibited slut.

As though from nowhere, a young guy appeared from behind a tree.

“Hey, you! Leave her alone!” Harry shouted.

Bernice looked up, startled at the interruption, worried they had gone too far with the game. Jim was embarrassed too, from having their amusement interrupted.

The young guy was upon them before either could think what to do next. He grabbed Bernice’s other wrist.

“I’ll call the park ranger, if you don’t let her go. They don’t let perverts loose in the park,” Harry shouted.

Jim looked at him in surprise. He didn’t want anyone stopping to find out what was going on.

“You don’t understand, she’s, err, I mean,” he tried to explain. He couldn’t bring himself to say she was his wife. “It’s OK. I’m going to take her home,” he added.

“Ouch! Let go of my arm,” Bernice squealed.

*all characters are over 18 years old in this story*

Adriana and Avery had been married for just a little over a year. At thirty years old they still had a long and wonderful life ahead of them. They had met through a mutual friend two years earlier and it had been love at first sight.

They were both down to Earth people. They enjoyed game night with their friends, watching movies snuggled up together on the sofa, playing a round of golf on the weekends, taking walks at the beach, and generally just being together.

Avery was 5’7″ and weighed about 168 pounds. He had hazel eyes and short black hair. He had a natural olive complexion and though he wasn’t ripped he took pride in keeping his body in shape. He was the life of the party everywhere he went. He exuded positive energy and people were naturally drawn to him. He was kind, compassionate, a loyal friend, and overall just a good guy. His one bad quality was that he was extremely jealous. He didn’t like it when Adriana talked to other men or was around them at all. It was an issue he was working on.

Avery was a hard worker. He took great care in his work and his commitment to a job well done had quickly gotten him noticed at work. This resulted in him being promoted as a partner in the law firm. The new job meant more money, better benefits, but on the flip side it also meant longer hours.

Adriana was 5’3″ and weighed 120 pounds. She wasn’t runway material by any means but she wasn’t a sore sight either. She had light brown hair that cascaded down her back, piercing blue eyes, and a megawatt smile that lit up the entire room. She had flawless ivory skin and she had curves in all the right places. Adriana was more of a wall flower than Avery. She preferred the company of her closest friends to that of mingling at parties. She was upbeat and optimistic but she was also reserved. It took her awhile to make friends but when she did she formed strong relationships.

Adriana loved learning but it had taken her a long time to find something that she loved enough to make a career out of it. Adriana loved baking cakes. It started out as just a hobby but Avery saw how happy it made her and convinced her to at least give baking a try as a career. He had helped her open her own store front and though the business had been open for less than a year they were holding their own. The money wasn’t great as the start up costs had been more than either Avery or Adriana had expected but the joy it brought Adriana was worth it.

Outside in the real world Adriana and Avery were your everyday, run of the mill kind of couple. They hung out with their friends, worked hard, went to church, and visited their families as much as they could.

Behind closed doors it was a different story. Neither of them had experimented much with sex prior to meeting one another so when they found each other it was as if a whole new world had been opened up to them. They were both adventurous in their everyday lives and that trait carried over into their sex lives. Nothing was off limits. They wanted to experience everything.

They had experimented with some light BDSM but neither of them got much out of it. Avery had no interest whatsoever in hurting Adriana even it was for pleasure and Adriana preferred not to have her skin marked in any way, shape, or form. They decided BDSM wasn’t really for them but they kept the furry pink handcuffs for the occasional tie up session.

Of course, they tried other things as well from inviting another person to join in, mutual masturbation, playing with a variety of toys, and experimenting with several fetishes but what they both loved the most was role play and anal.

They had both been busy at work. Avery had taken on a new high profile case that kept him at the office late and Adriana had cake and cupcake orders coming out of her ears for holiday themed cakes, graduation cakes, and prom after parties. It also seemed that baby shower cakes had increased quite a bit over the last two months. She was at the bakery late into the night and there before the sun rose in the mornings.

Finally the summer came around. Avery had won his case and was working on some smaller cases that didn’t require as much of his time. Adriana wasn’t swamped with cake orders at the bakery anymore. The world had stopped spinning fiercely on its axel for a moment to let them breathe.

Saturday approached at long last and after sleeping in, enjoying a brunch at their favorite local establishment, and a round of golf Avery and Adriana went home to enjoy the rest of their weekend.

They settled on the sofa to watch the latest episode of Doctor Who with Blue Moons and artichoke dip. When the show was over and they had both finished a second beer Adriana tilted her head up to place a kiss on Avery’s neck. He looked down at her as she rested in the crook of his arm and he knew by the seductive smile on her face that she was in the mood to play.

“You aren’t going to let me sleep tonight are you?” Avery tried to keep his voice stern as he asked the question but he couldn’t mask his own playful mood.

“Am I that obvious?”

“Yes ma’am you are. Anything in particular you have on your mind tonight or do you just want to see where the night takes us?”

“I was thinking we would play out your favorite scene. How does that sound?” Adriana batted her eyelashes at Avery as she awaited his answer.

“That’s a silly question! I’ll do that any time, any where, any day. Lead the way baby girl.”

Adriana stood up, held out her hand to Avery, and pulled him after her to their bedroom. Avery chuckled at her eagerness and feigned hurt when she pushed him on the bed.

“You get ready in here while I go get dolled up in the bathroom,” Adriana giggled as she placed a long kiss on Avery’s lips. “I’ll be right back.”

Adriana put on a white garter that held up her sheer white thigh high stockings, a pleated red plaid mini skirt, a white half cup lacy bra, and a white button down blouse that she tied in a knot just above her belly button. Her hair cascaded around her shoulders. Adriana opened the bathroom door and smiled at Avery.

“Hi Daddy,” Adriana said coyly.

“Hello my little college girl. You want to come sit on Daddy’s lap and tell me about your day?”

“Yes Daddy.”

Adriana tiptoed over to Avery and sat on his lap wrapping her arms around his neck.

“So what did my precious, studious, college girl do today at University?”

“I had science and English class today before lunch. Then at lunch Beth, Amy, and I drove to Mario’s for pasta and then met up with Brad for a study session. After lunch I had my core classes. Later we all just wanted to blow off some steam. We played dodge ball but I got out almost right away because I threw the ball at Brad and he caught it.”

“Who is this Brad?”

“He is this dreamy boy! He plays point guard on the basketball team. He is uber hot!”

“I don’t think I like this Brad boy…”

“Oh Daddy,” Adriana giggled.

“Do you remember your promise to me?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“What did you promise me?”

“That I will a good girl and not let the boys at college kiss, touch, or do anything with me.”

“Good girl. And have you kept that promise?”

“Yes Daddy!”

“That’s my good princess!”

Adriana startled to wiggle her ass against the bulge in Avery’s green boxers.

“Daddy, what is that?”

“What’s what honey?”

“That thing I feel under my bottom.”

“That is a penis sweetheart. Every man has one. Have you ever seen a penis before?”


“Do you want to see one?”

“I guess so.”

“Alright stand up then. I’m going to show you mine.”

Adriana climbed off of Avery’s lap. Avery stood up and pushed his boxers down to the ground. He took hold of his cock and smiled at Adriana.

“This is a penis sweetie.”

“Wow Daddy, it’s so big. It looks angry.”

“It’s not angry. It’s very, very happy,” Avery smirked.

“Why is it happy?”

“It likes having you look at him. It likes being in front of you. It likes you.”


“You are very beautiful. He likes beautiful girls.”

“Ahhh! He is sweet! What does a penis do Daddy?”

“It goes on adventures with beautiful girls.”

Adriana clapped and jumped up and down. “I like adventures! Can your penis take me on an adventure Daddy?”

“Is that really what you want baby girl?”

“Yes Daddy! I want to go on an adventure!”

“Alright. I would like that too. In order to go on an adventure I need you to climb on the bed and get on your hands and knees. Can you do that for me?”

“Yes Daddy!” Adriana climbed up on the bed and got into the position Avery had instructed her to get in. She looked back over her shoulder at him as he climbed on the bed behind her.

“I’m going to lift up your skirt sweetie. I’ve got to get you prepped for our adventure. I’ve got to put some cold liquid in your bottom to make our adventure more pleasant. Just relax okay?”

“Okay.” Avery knelt on his knees behind Adriana. He squeezed some lube on his finger. Before he began to work it into her ass he leaned down and began to probe her ass with his tongue. “Ohhhh! Daddy, that feels really good!”

Avery continued his sweet assault on Adriana’s ass until she was writhing beneath him, pushing back against his mouth. Then he took his lubricated finger and began to slowly and gently work the lube into her wet rosebud. Adriana moaned.

Avery worked in a second finger continuing to stretch her ass open to get her ready for his now throbbing cock. When she was nice and wet Avery scooted up closer to Adriana’s ass.

“Baby, I’m going to put my penis in your pretty bottom now. Are you ready?”

“Is it going to hurt Daddy?”

“It might hurt a little bit but if you just relax and breathe it won’t hurt very long or very badly. It can be really fun. Are you ready?”

“Yes. I’m ready. Let the adventure begin!”

Avery took hold of his throbbing erection and ran it up and down Adriana’s tight ass. He pushed the tip of his cock into her ass. Adriana moaned as Avery slowly worked his cock all the way into her ass. Inch by inch he sank deeper and deeper into her awaiting ass. When Avery was buried balls deep in her ass he paused a second and grabbed hold of her cheeks. He fondled her ass as he relished in the feeling of her ass sheathing his cock.

He reached around her and began to rub her clit slowly. As Adriana’s moans became louder and louder Avery wrapped his other arm around her pulling her back to his chest. With one hand he kneaded her tits through her shirt and with the other he continued to make slow, slippery circles on her hard clit.

He pulled out of her tight ass slowly and then rammed his cock back into her. Adriana leaned her head back against Avery’s chest as he continued to push in and pull out of her ass causing tremors of ecstasy to rush through her body like waves crashing against the coast.

They got lost in each other. The rest of the world paused around them as they sought release from one another. When the pressure began to build in Avery he pushed Adriana down so that she was back in the same position she had started in. He took hold of her hair and wrapped it around his hands. Using her hair as leverage Avery arched his back and began to pound away at Adriana’s ass. He could feel his own release quickly approaching.

“You have the tightest fucking ass I’ve ever had around my penis. I’m going to cum now. Oh fuck, I can’t wait any longer. Here it comes…. Ohhhh fuck!” Avery growled through gritted teeth as he emptied his sperm deep inside of Adriana’s bowels.

At the feeling of her insides being coated with his hot cum Adriana’s own orgasm overtook her and her breathe caught in her throat as her powerful orgasm ripped through her body. Adriana’s ears rang with the force of her orgasm. Avery let go of her pigtails, pulled out, and collapsed in the bed next to Adriana.

“Fuck baby, that was amazing! I love you,” Avery managed to say as he struggled to catch his breath.

“I love you too Avery!” Avery pulled Adriana close to him, wrapped his arm around her, and they drifted off to sleep satisfied and content.

Day Six – Final Exams

Roman’s appearance has changed today. Instead of his regular brown suit, he now sports a full-length white lab coat. He is carrying a small clipboard under his arm. He looks like quite the distinguished professor. He walks through the front door to see Roberta sitting on the couch with her hands clasped together, on her lap.

“Good morning, Sensei,” she says, “I am anxiously waiting to take my tests. I have studied very hard. I hope that I get a passing grade.”

Roman responds, “I’m sure that you will do just fine, Ms. Jackson. You have been a very good student. Shall we go to the bedroom to begin your test?”

As he walks to the bedroom, Roberta follows. Not wanting to make a mistake in judgment, she asks, “Shall I remove my clothes, Sensei?”

Roman acknowledges, “That would be good, please do that now.”

Roberta also remembers the advice that her teacher had given her the day before. Slowly dancing in place, she removes her red button down blouse. Then, seductively swaying, she removes her white cotton bra and throws it on the chair. She begins sweeping her hands across her belly and then up to her breasts. She massages them a few times and then playfully twists her dark brown nipples. Her hands then move to her still swaying hips, as she slowly begins to lower her black slacks. When they are half way down her hips, she turns around and bends completely over. As she lowers them to her feet, she wiggles her ass.

Roman picks up his clipboard and makes some marks on it. “Nice touch, Roberta,” he says. Roberta now stands before him.

“Today’s exam,” Roman says, “is on oral sex.”

Thinking quickly, and wanting to please her teacher, Roberta pipes in, “Oh, then we will need the jelly dong, Sensei. I will go and get it from the living room.”

As she makes a move toward the door, Roman raises his arm to stop her. “That will not be necessary,” he tells her.

Confused by this; Roberta questions, “Then how can I take the test to show you how I can put 10″ of cock down my throat?”

Roman instructs, “Roberta, the ability to deep throat was just one of many details required for a proper blowjob. What about all the things that we covered in your studies?”

Still confused, Roberta questions once more, “Sensei, I do not understand. How will I be tested to prove what I have learned?”

The moment Roman has been waiting for. “Well, that is very simple, Roberta. I have brought an assistant with me today. You will perform your entire test on him.

Roberta suddenly looks very surprised, “I am to suck the cock of a stranger, Sensei?” she shyly says.

“Why of course not, you know this young man quite well. However, I want you to begin to relax as I go get him.

Roberta is still a bit confused but will not question her teacher, he leaves the bedroom and returns a few minutes later. Roberta’s face stills with amazement and shock as her husband, Tony walks into the room behind Roman.

“Sensei that is my husband…How did you…when did you?”

“He’s been watching your progress all along. He came to me about a month ago and asked if I would help you, however, I had to wait until you were ready in order for this to work.”

Roberta did not know if she should be angry or happy. She was just relieved to see her husband and could not wait to try all her new skills on him. She smiled and looked at Tony. His eyes were full of lust looking at his wife and knowing all the things she would be doing with him.

“Sensei, are you going to be watching me and my husband?” Roberta now said with a confused look on her face.

“Who, as your teacher, is more qualified to know if you are proficient enough to pass the test? Is this a problem, Roberta? Are you bothered by this?” quizzes Roman.

“Well, no, Sensei. I was caught a little off-guard by it. I will not make it a problem. I am still very anxious to get a good grade. Shall I begin right now?” Roberta nervously asks.

“Take a moment to catch your breath and get yourself focused. I want you to be completely at ease for the exam,” Roman tells her. “You can start by sitting down on the bed. Now Tony, go stand in front of your wife. Roberta, when you are ready, I want you to follow your instinct and begin.”

Roberta does as she is instructed to do, and sits on the edge of the bed; trying to calm herself. Tony walks over to her and stands in front of his wife with a reassuring glance.

Roman turns away from Roberta, gets the chair, and brings it closer to the bed so he can see what she will do. He un-does the five or six buttons of his lab coat, takes a sit and nods to Roberta.

Tony is dressed in the same lab coat as Roman. She lifts her hands to undo his buttons and to her surprise, he is not wearing a stitch of clothing on underneath. Her attention is fully focused on the white anaconda that springs to life.

Tony’s body has been blessed by nature. Hanging between his legs is a 9″ cock that has to be 2″ in diameter. Roman moves closer to Roberta and she is snapped out of her snake-induced trance. She tries to remember the last time she had been so close to Tony’s penis. She frowns when she cant remember, ever seeing it up-close. Roman encourages her to remember everything that she has learned.

“I have not sucked on a real cock sensei. What if I cannot do as I have done on the dildos? What if I hurt my husband?”

“Yes, I realize that, Roberta. I am sure that you will do just fine. As a matter of fact, if you can completely deep throat your husband as you have learned to so with the dildos, I will give you an A+ for the exam.”

Roberta reaches out to grab Tony’s cock about midway of its length. “I will do my very best, Sensei,” she replies.

As she begins to stroke Tony’s cock up and down, it gets fully rigid and reaches its total length and width. Roberta’s hand is so small that her fingers barely touch together while wrapping her hand around his shaft. She starts stroking his cock up and down with both hands. She then takes one hand and reaches down to fondle his balls gently. Moving her other hand back up toward the top of his cock, Roberta opens her mouth and sucks on the head. “I have been waiting for this for a long time,” Tony thinks as he sucks in air at the touch of her mouth on his cock.

Roberta now is staring back up at him with her beautiful brown eyes. She sucks a little more of his cock into her mouth. “Am I doing this right, Honey?” she asks.

“At this point, Roberta,” he says, “I can only tell you that you are not doing it wrong.”

With a little giggle, Roberta keeps sucking the end of Tony’s cock. Roman can see that the width of his cock is causing Roberta a little problem. Her lips are barely able to get all the way around Tony. As saliva builds up in her mouth, it is providing enough lubrication that Tony’s cock now glides easier against her overly stretched lips. Pulling out his cock, Roberta now begins to run her tongue up and down the 9″ length. In no time at all, she is stroking the shaft and moving her head down to Tony’s balls. She takes one of his balls into her mouth and lovingly sucks on it. She then moves to his other ball. Once in her mouth, she starts to hum. “She must have picked this up from the videos,” thinks Roman.

Tony throws his head back and opens his mouth in a small “o”. “Baby, this is heaven.” He moans.

Roberta now goes back to sucking his cock. She knows, in her mind, that his deep throat challenge is not completely out of her reach. Concentrating on getting more, Roberta’s throat opens up and now she is easily taking 6″ in her mouth. She makes more saliva in her mouth and soon has 8″ down. It doesn’t take long before Roberta is bobbing her head up and down, working 6″ to 8″ of Tony’s cock down her throat with every stroke. Her eye contact with Tony’s and then Roman’s at this point is incredible. Her gleaming brown eyes tell them that she is enjoying herself very much. Suddenly, Roberta reaches around Tony’s sides with her hands and takes a firm grip on his ass cheeks. In a series of three down strokes, she consumes the entire length of his cock. Holding her nose to his pubic hair for about five seconds, Roberta withdraws his cock from her mouth. She looks at Roman and very provocatively says, “Like that, Sensei?”

Roman has a beaming smile on his face. “Yes, Roberta. Just like that.”

Tony, says “Fuck! Babe do it again and this time don’t stop.”

Roberta returns to repeat her now accomplished feat. Once again she is running all 9″ of Tony’s cock up and down her throat. She continues this until she suddenly feels his body twitching. His body shaking makes Roberta remember one of her early lessons. “He must be ready to come,” she thinks.

Roberta feels Tony’s twitching start to increase. Sensing the moment, Roberta wastes no time and engulfs the entire 9″ of cock down her throat. As she is holding her mouth tight against Tony’s pelvis, his cock explodes with a thunderous blast of hot come. Roberta’s startled by the huge amount of sperm and her eyes grow as big as silver dollars. Roberta also doesn’t have to worry about swallowing because this is shooting right down her gullet. A few more huge blasts of come and Roberta goes back to bobbing her head up and down his shaft. When she feels the last bit of sperm ejaculated, she slowly removes Tony’s cock from her mouth. She swirls her tongue around the head of his cock and licks the very last drop of come from the tip of his dick.

“Did I pass the exam, Sensei?” she inquisitively asks. She looks at Roman to find him now stroking his own 12″ inch cock. He is about to shoot his load and she watches in total satisfaction, while she stroked Tony’s cock.

Roman has to take a moment for some blood to rush back into his other head. “A+ Roberta. That was most definitely an A+. Do you agree Tony?”

Tony smiles and leans down to kiss his wife. “Fucking A.”

Roberta rises from the bed, still stoking the length of Tony’s cock. “I knew I could do it. I knew I could deep-throat you, Love,” she says sweetly.

Tony and Roman manage to regain their composure.

Then Roman says, “Very good then. The last day of final exams is tomorrow. If you pass those exams, you will graduate from the course.” Roberta smiles widely as Roman fix his clothes and leaves.

Day Seven – Two Exams To Go

Roman walks into the house on the last day. He is again wearing the same lab coat. He’s also carrying that clipboard. He doesn’t see Roberta, but then she speaks up, “I’m in here, Sensei. I’m ready for my exams.”

Roman, hearing her voice from the bedroom, turns to see Roberta lying on the bed along with Tony. They are both naked and tony has her legs apart and her knees in the air. He is licking her pussy and sucking on her clit.

“Yes, Roberta,” the surprised Roman says, “I can see that you both are ready.”

He moves into the bedroom and stands at the edge of the bed, watching Tony pleasure his wife. “Before we go any further,” he says, “I have a special treat to give you, Roberta”

“A special treat, Sensei?” she questions, “What kind of treat?”

Roman explains, “Because you did so well with yesterday’s exam, I thought I would give you something beyond your normal course instruction. You see, I have now taught your how to perform oral sex on a man. And my eager assistant has started showing you how a man can perform oral sex on a woman. If your husband is okay with it I would like to show you how, you can have oral sex while another is giving you oral sex.”

Roberta raises herself up on her elbows and asks, “How do you do that?”

Roman proudly announces, “This is how.”

He quickly removes his lab coat and throws it on the floor. He stands before Roberta with his huge cock dangling between his legs. He walks around the bed to where Roberta’s head is and kneels on the bed. Roman begins to kiss Roberta on the mouth, very passionately. She responds in kind and soon the two of them are swapping tongues back and forth. As he starts to massage her breasts, he stops kissing her lips and moves his mouth to her nipples. Sucking on one and then the other is bringing a favorable response from Roberta. She begins to moan softly as Roman lifts himself up and pushes his cock into her face. Looks up at Robert from his place between her legs and nods his approval.

After a few kisses and bites about Roberta’s taunt stomach, Tony reaches his arms under her legs and brings them over his shoulders. This puts his mouth exactly where he wants it. His kissing, licking and biting now is up and down her inner thighs. Roberta body begins to squirm below him. Tony wastes no time and puts his entire mouth over her pussy. He begins licking up and down the length of her pussy lips. Roberta body is getting out of control. The licking now changes to his tongue darting in and out of her twitching hole. This causes Roberta to grab Roman’s huge cock and grinds her pussy into her Tony’s eager mouth. Tony stops using his darting tongue and proceeds to suck on her engorged clit.

Roberta turns attention to Roman’s cock and a soft, but insistent sucking on his balls causes Roman to moan. Roberta stopped long enough to look up at him and smile. Then continues sucking on his balls and moves to the head of his cock.

Tony glances up, sees his wife, sucking in Roman’s cock inch by each, and moans into her pussy at the sight. Roberta can take no more. She wraps her legs around Tony’s neck, trapping him in a vice grip. Her hips rise up off the bed as she succumbs to a tremendous climax, letting Roman’s Cock slip out of her mouth. Her body soon falls back to the bed. “I have never received such a wonderful gift,” pants Roberta, “Would you say that I face fucked you real good baby?”

Tony, now out of her death grip, laughs; “Yes, you face fucked me really good.” He moves to lay next to her and starts to kiss her. As their tongues mingle, Roberta is lost in the familiar feeling of kissing her husband. He cups her left breast and tweaks her nipple.

As Tony, kisses his wife, Roman now moves his body between her legs. She feels something large and bulbous rubbing against her wet pussy.

As Roman watches the lovers kissing and rubbing their hands on each other’s bodies, he announces, “Your second exam begins right now.”

A huge smile beams from Roberta’s angel face, as Tony moves to make his cock available to her mouth.

Roman positions himself so that Roberta’s legs are hooked over his forearms. He leans back, on his knees, spreads them wide and sits between his ankles. Roman takes the head of his cock and rubs it along her pussy. She moans in delight, as she takes Tony’s cock into her mouth. He keeps rubbing her pussy and now pushes the head just slightly past her lips, not penetrating her yet. Obviously teasing Roberta, he asks, “Would you like this cock inside you?”

Roberta purrs back, “Oh yes. I would like your cock in me. I want all of your cock in me. Please fuck me, Sensei. Please fuck me now!” and returns her attention back to her husband cock, Tony is now kneading her breast.

That’s all Roman needs to hear. He pushes his cock in her a few inches and Roberta immediately reacts. Her body jerks back a bit on the bed and her pussy muscles are gripping the hell out of Roman’s dick. With a continuous slow pumping motion, Roman manages to get 6″ of meat into Roberta’s quivering pussy. He holds her body down as he keeps driving his cock deeper. Roberta body is thrashing on the bed as Roman now has 9″ of his cock going in and out of her pussy.

Roman now picks up the pace and also pushes his cock deeper and deeper. It takes some time but Roman is now pounding the entire 12″ of cock inside her. Roberta’s hips are wildly bucking back at his thrusts. “This woman is insatiable.” Roman thinks to himself and begins to build up quite a sweat, as he now has Roberta’s knees pushed back next to her stomach and he is relentlessly pounding his huge cock into her, until his body bottoms out against her tiny pelvis.

After several minutes of this, Roman begins to tire and decides to let Tony do some of the work. He looks at Tony, who is salivating at the vision of Roman pounding is wife and stroking her head as she is deep throating his cock. Roman gives him a raised eyebrow and nods his head in the direction of Roberta’s pussy. Tony smiles and nods, he gently pulls his cock out of her mouth, leans down to kiss her and switches places with Roman. With his cock barely inside her, he looks up at his sexy wife and says, “How would you like to take a ride on the baloney pony?”

Roberta says, “I would love to.” Tony then lays next to her on his back while; Roberta straddles his hips; she leans forward and lowers her hips down on his cock.

Roman stands above her on the bed and moves closer so she can begin sucking his cock. He places his hands on both sides of her head and slides his cock into her pretty little mouth.

With one hand against Tony’s chest and the other wrapped around Roman’s cock, she pumps her hips up and down, driving Tony’s cock deeper and deeper. Roberta soon has a good rhythm of sucking Roman’s cock and fucking Tony’s. Roberta must now squat to keep driving herself up and down Tony’s 9″ of fuck meat. Roberta is now in total control of her destiny. Her body is jumping up and down like an engine piston. Sucking Roman’s cock into her throat, she is a sex-crazed woman on a mission. Tony grabs her luscious breasts and roughly massages them. He pinches her hard brown nipples, just short of it being painful.

Roberta, Tony and Roman are both furious in their fucking frenzy. For every up thrust from Tony, she counters with a driving down force. Roman is pumping his hips and fucking her mouth. She is meeting each thrust of his hips. She took Roman’s cock into her mouth and began to hum.

Their moans began to mingle, and their combined sex aroma was filling the room. All three were covered with sheen of sweat on their bodies. Roberta screams in orgasm as Tony blows his load. Roman follows a few seconds later as he shoots his semen onto her awaiting open mouth and tongue.

She collapses onto Tony’s chest as Roman falls to his knees and then slinks off the side of the bed. Tony wraps his arms sweetly around his wife for a few minutes. As they separate bodies, Tony climbs off the bed and stands. Roberta gets up and sits at the edge of the bed. She grabs his cock and starts licking all the remaining come off it. She innocently looks at her teacher still sitting on the floor asking, “Did I pass that test, Sensei?”

Roman, definitely pleased says, “You did very well Roberta. I will give you a grade later.”

As Roberta still sits on the edge of the bed, she takes notice of something. It has been about five minutes since her teacher had come but his cock was still standing at full erection. “Sensei,” she curiously questions, “in my lessons you told me that a man’s cock will soften soon after he climaxes. Why is your cock still so hard?”

Roman answers, “Well Roberta, that’s because I took some special medication today. The medicine will keep my cock rock-hard for quite a while after I come.”

Roberta is now more than curious so she asks, “Why would you want to keep your cock that hard for so long, Sensei?”

Roman looks deep into her angel face once again. He tells Roberta something that has been a long time coming, “That’s because it’s time for your third and final exam. Now climb up on the bed again and show me that tight little ass of yours.” He says while getting off the floor. “Tony, why don’t you sit at the head of the bed and position yourself so your wife can suck on your cock.”

Roberta shortly stares at Roman’s huge hunk of meat. She raises her arm and clenches a fist in her small hand. She looks up and down from her elbow to her fist. Though not nearly as large, Roberta’s mind sees little difference in size between the length and width of her fisted arm and Roman’s throbbing 12″ vein laden cock.

My wife had always fantasized about it, but never did I think it would fulfill her as much as it did when it happened.

The two of us were alone in the house when I told her that I was going for a run. I’d already changed into my joggers and a sports vest, had my iPod strapped to my arm and was ready to go. Being stressed out for a few days, I needed to run off some energy, so it was going to be good to feel the burn. When I put my head around the corner of the bedroom, I wished I hadn’t. My wife was trimming her pussy, her legs spread, and shaver in one hand while she spread her moist pussy-lips with the other. She looked up and flicked off the buzz of the trimmer.

“You heading out?” she asked, coyly. She cocked her head a little, more than a bit suggestively.

“Yeah, I want to stay fit. Tempted to stay here, though. If only you were taking it all off…” I teased. She looked back down at her mound and put the trimmer down, pulling her lips apart with both of her hands until I could see her glistening entrance. I noticed that her clitoris was already engorged.

“Maybe it will be in five minutes.”

“I’ll be half an hour, tops. Stay warm for me, and I’ll be hot when I get back.”

“If I can wait that long.” She said, and massaged her clitoris with two fingertips, slowly, but firm enough to illicit a moan from her other lips.

“Don’t be late…” she said, picking up the trimmer again.

“I want to find you flicking that clit when I get back.” I said. My wife loves it when I’m commanding, and I knew that would get her wet.

I left the house with the faint buzz of the trimmer doing its work still in the air. After running up a sweat for around five minutes, I couldn’t get the image of her lying on the bed fingering herself out of my head, and did a u-turn. I span back around and picked up a sprint to the house. When I got there, I thought I’d surprise my wife, so I jumped out of my jogging bottoms, tore off my t-shirt and silently closed the front door, climbing the stairs. I teased myself when got to the bedroom, and peered into the room inch by inch to treat myself. My wife’s left hand was gripping the headboard, her face a picture of ecstasy. Clearly, she’d started without me. I moved forward slowly, noticing her erect nipples, shining proudly in the sunlight. Her back arched and I pushed my head closer to the open door, seeing her right arm pointing down to her pussy. It was moving rapidly, and I stepped forward to see her fingers at work. True enough, she had shaven her pussy entirely, and her black fingernails were flicking across her engorged clitoris, but looking lower down, I could see that they were also spreading her opening for the helmet of a large black cock. It was the most amazing thing I’d ever seen, her pale, white skin being so ferociously penetrated by a hard, black penis that was at least ten inches long. It was slipping in and out of her tight slit with growing speed. I looked up to her face again to see her biting her lip. Was she in pain?

I stepped back, pulling out of view, but still able to see what was happening in our marital bed. My wife, legs spread, was having the fucking of a lifetime by the biggest dick I’d ever seen. It opened her brutally with each stoke, and her face told the story. Her eyes were shut tight as she took it inside her while she masturbated. For a moment, I thought maybe she’d been discovered while naked on the bed and fucked blind, that she could think it was me inside her. I’m well hung and more than dominant in the bedroom, but those thoughts were rudely interrupted.

“Oh my God, fuck me with that dirty black cock! Fucking open me up, you bastard…” She begged. Her legs opened wider, and she stopped flicking her clit to finger her arsehole. She fingered it openly while he assaulted her vagina. I noticed that he was wearing nothing in the form of protection. The pre-cum on his helmet was being pushed further and further up inside her cunt with every stroke.

“I’m getting close…” said her lover, moaning as he neared orgasm. “You going to come, babe?”

“Nearly there, don’t stop…oh, it’s getting there…” my wife moaned, reaching her second hand down, all her fingers now pulling her cunt wide up to let the monster cock inside her, encouraging him to the deepest part of her. Suddenly, she arched her back even more and screamed as an orgasm ripped through her body. Her pussy shook as she started to ejaculate, and he pulled out of her. A thick spurt of her juices coated his cock as it left her and she gasped as it covered his proud form. She opened her legs a little more.

“OK, so you want it?” she looked up at him. She got back on top of him and positioned his prick at her wet entrance.

“Don’t forget – you can’t come inside me. Now, screw me.” She said, massaging her clitoris with one fingertip as he eased inside her again. Thrusting inside her, he held her arms down and plunged his cock right to the back of her pussy. She had her eyes closed as she bucked with every push.

“I’m still coming, you know.” She said, looking up at him with such innocent eyes. I wouldn’t have been able to resist that.

“I want you to spurt all over my belly. Just pull out and shoot it all over me.” She commanded. He tightened his grip on her arms.

“I’m not pulling out of you.” He said. She opened her eyes and locked on his.

“You can’t…seriously.” She said, but he continued to fuck her. Part of me really wanted to interrupt them and I was going to, but I saw my wife’s determination to resist him falter.

“You really…oh…” she sighed, her arms letting go of his, but wrapping around his neck. He kissed her, his tongue snaking into her mouth. I remember thinking that he kissed her like he was eating her, like he was licking her cunt clean. Then he thrust in and out faster and faster, until she was begging him for what he was about to give her.

“Fucking give it to me!” she cried, digging her nails into his butt as he pounded her.

“I’m close…” he trailed off, starting to grunt a little with each dig into her fertile hole.

“I want your cum in me, you dirty fucker. Fucking spurt in me!” she asked, and he didn’t let her down. As she returned to fingering her clit, her lover came over and over again, his cock twitching as he deposited his hot sperm inside her. She gasped as he did it, but never pulled back. Her eyes were fixed on his, her tiny hands clutching his behind, holding his body close to hers. She clearly wanted it all inside her. When he’d dumped his whole load, he pulled out of her and climbed up the bed, fucking her mouth with his cock, drips of cum being worked around her face by the weapon which had so viciously destroyed her cunt. When she’d cleaned him, he quickly dressed and looked back at her fingering herself as he walked out.

“You dirty little slut.” He said at her. She smiled and went back to playing with her pussy. I darted into another room as he left, then returned to our bedroom naked when I knew the coast was clear.

When I got there, my wife still hadn’t opened her eyes. Her fingers were pushing his come up inside her as they went in and out of her pussy. When I climbed on the bed, she opened her eyes, at first shocked, but she recognised the look in my face immediately, and saw my proud cock ready to fuck her.

“You saw, didn’t you?” she asked, quietly.

I nodded.

“You could have tried to stop him,” she said, pulling out one finger, and licking his sticky cum from it.

“Why don’t you just shut the fuck up…” I replied, and opened her legs. I saw her smile, a wicked smile, one I’d never seen before.

“You dirty boy…” she laughed, pulling her pussy wide open as my helmet brushed against her clit.

“Why don’t you fuck his hot cum up my filthy hole?” she asked, and I entered her warm, sticky cunt. I leant in to kiss her, and our tongues met. She pulled her mouth away from me and held me close as I started fucking her faster and faster. It was at the moment before I came that she chose to whisper to me, sending me over the edge like never before.

“Next time, I want him to know you’re watching when he cums in me…now push his seed up me.”

And I did…

Helen’s eyes fluttered open then quickly closed. Lying in her warm bed, she let her brain slowly come up to speed. “What a fucking night,” Helen giggled as the memories of the previous evening began to come into focus. After a few minutes of sweet remembrances, she stretched and chirped “Coffee,” as she inhaled its enticing aroma floating up from the kitchen.

The “need” for coffee and a call from Mother Nature overrode Helen’s desire to stay wrapped in her warm cocoon. She pulled the cover back and was surprised that she was still naked. After completing her business, Helen grabbed one of Gil’s flannel shirts and slipped on a pair of boyshorts. Deciding not to button the shirt at all, she headed off to see what her husband had in mind.

Gil had folded the blanket and cleaned up from the previous night’s “festivities”. He had also set up a card table in front of fire, where he sat reading the morning paper in a robe and pajama pants. She snuck up on him, wrapped her arm around him, kissed his neck, and flicked his ear. “Good morning lover,” Helen whispered.

“Good morning my dear. How did you sleep?” Gil asked.

“Like a log,” Helen responded. “Thank you for cleaning up our mess from last night. So, what’s for breakfast? All that activity last night has made me hungry,” she said with a hint and a wink.

“Pancakes. But, you are going to have to wait a bit so I can cook them. Here’s the paper. I found bananas and grapes and they should hold you over. And I have a grapefruit waiting to be cut,” Gil said handing the newspaper to his wife.

Gil ventured to the kitchen and returned shortly with a cup of hot coffee. “Coffee! If we were not already married I would propose this instant,” Helen said as a thank you to her husband. A few minutes later, just as Helen was finishing the comics, Gil arrived with a short stack of pancakes, syrup, and the grapefruit he had promised. He had even drawn a Christmas tree on the stacks with whipped cream. “Fancy,” Helen exclaimed.

Breakfast was filled with chatter. Actually, Helen did most of the chatting. Gil nodded a lot and added an occasional “U huh” and “Is that so …” In the midst of the chatter, Helen mentioned that their escapades of the previous night left her a little tender, but in a good way. She also mentioned that she had not been this sore in a while. “I want to thank you for making me sore,” she said to her husband.

“It was my pleasure,” he replied. “And I want to thank you from not buttoning that shirt. I must say that my flannel has never looked or moved so good. In fact, just watching you here this morning has … Ummm … moved me,” Gil told his wife.

“Really?” Helen said in surprise. Selecting a banana from the bowl before her, she used it as a pointer. “If just sitting here shaking my boobs at you can stir you loins,” she said, “then what does this do?” Helen commenced to peel the banana in a sensual way that kept Gil speechless. Setting the yellow peel on her plate, Helen slowly inserted just the tip of the white meat into her mouth and slowly withdrew it. Next, she inserted half the banana into her mouth and then slowly pulled it out. Finally, Helen tilted her head back and ever so slowly inserted the entire banana into her mouth and down her throat.

“That is quite a talent you have there,” Gil congratulated his wife.

Helen stood and took a bow, ensuring that Gil viewed a generous portion of her tits. “Thank you kind sir. I have studied long and hard to be able to accomplish that feat,” Helen remarked. “Would you like some grapes? No! No! Do not get up, I will bring them to you,” Helen offered.

Helen stood and shimmied over to Gil. She sat on his lap and lovingly wrapped an arm around his shoulders. Turning in such a way to expose the contours of her breast to Gil, Helen reached for a bunch of grapes. Taking one, she raised it to her lips and kissed it. She then slowly lowered it to her husband’s lips. He accepted it. In the same way, Helen took more grapes and kissed each one before serving it to her husband.

“The pancakes were delicious, my love,” Helen complemented. “I am curious though. Have you ever had a Helencake?” She asked.

“What pray, my dear, is a Helencake?” Gil answered.

“Let me show you,” Helen said and stood up then straddled Gil’s lap. She reached behind her once again and retrieved the bottle of maple syrup. Opening it, she dripped a small amount of the syrup on to her cleavage where is slowly crept down the inside of her right breast. “This is a Helencake; all the fun of regular pancakes but none of the carbs,” Helen purred.

Gil smiled and then kissed the syrup from her skin. Helen dripped another dollop on her skin and it slowly slid down the inside of her left breast. Gil gently kissed the new drip from her soft skin. A third drop appeared on Helen’s globes. Gil this time simply watched it slowly draw a sticky amber line over the curves of her breasts. Helen dotted her cleavage with the rich amber syrup. He gently kissed each dot, removing the sweetness and leaving a small tacky spot.

A new stream appeared between her breast, down the middle of Helen’s cleavage. He dove between her breasts and with one long, slow movement, using only the tip of his tongue, he licked reverse the path of the syrup. Slowly his tongue traveled over Helen’s exposed skin up to her neck where he stopped and placed a light, gentle kiss just under her ear.

More syrup rained down unto Helen’s tits. Gil started to clean her breasts, licking the syrup as it oozed down her breast. He ran his tongue slowly up the side of her breasts and over each hard nipple, flicking them with his tongue as he did. He traced the lines of syrup up the inside and then down the outside curve.

A soft moan escaped from Helen and she arched her back, helping her husband clean the mess. Gil licked and kissed his wife until all the sweet syrup was cleaned up and all that was left was a slight sticky film. Gil sat back, smacking his lips. “MMMM, MMMM, Good!”

Gil then pushed the table away and stood, bringing Helen along. He rather awkwardly moved to the couch and rather inelegantly dropped his wife on to the couch. Laughing Helen reached for Gil’s pajamas, but he stopped her. Pushing her gently onto the couch, he knelt before his wife. He slowly started to evacuate Helen from her panties. She assisted him by raising her hips. He leaned forward and his a Helencake. “My! You are wet,” Gil said as he ran his tongue the full length of her opening. Helen emitted a soft “AH” as he saturated her sheathed cleft with kisses.

Helen embraced a sofa pillow, closed her eyes, and waited for what she knew was coming … her! Gil lightly blew on her lips and the coolness sent shivers through her womanhood. Helen inhaled, crushing the pillow against her erect nipples.

Gil smiled as he ran his tongue up her moist lips, from the top to bottom, although he did not touch her clit. Once again he blow gently across her lips and Helen almost squeezed the stuffing out of the pillow. Gil spread Helen’s lips and slowly inserted his tongue into Helen’s musk several times, then slowly ran his tongue up and ended by flicking Helen’s clit.

“Ooo!” Helen inhaled. Gil started to draw small and leisurely circles over Helen’s clit. “Oh yes,” Helen whispered encouragingly. Gil ran his tongue back down Helen’s sex, savoring in her earthy taste and aroma. He flattened his tongue and lapped at her lips and as sexual energy increased within her, Helen expelled the pillow forcefully. She grabbed her sticky breasts and pinching her nipples hard. Gil licked her savory moistness, running his tongue the length of Helen’s opening several times. He ran the tip of his tongue up and down her wet lips. He made sure he paid extra care around her clitoris and gave it several small kiss with each passing. When he reached the bottom, he would stick his tongue into her opening. Helen was very aroused and it took very little to send to the edge. She soon began to arch her back. She grabbed Gil’s head and pushed his face into her as wave upon wave of orgasmic power radiated through her like huge waves crashing over the beach.

Helen emitted primal, almost animal-like grunts and squeals as her whole body shook. Sexual energy undulated through her body as Gil switched to his fingers. He rubbed her clit in rapid succession as he inserted two fingers into opening. His ministrations cause a flow of erotic electricity such that it overpowered Helen.

Finally, she reached a point where she could not stand it anymore. “Stop! PLEASE STOP!” Helen yelled. Breathing heavy, “damn” was all she could say. Gil ceased his actions and sat on the floor at the feet of his quivering wife. Taking one of Helen’s tense feet, he gently rubbed and messaged it, aiding her in her recovery and at the same time allowing himself to “relax”. It took quite a while for Helen to descend from her Everest-like sexual pinnacle.

Helen soon recovered and sat up. Then she pounced on her husband, pinning him to the floor. Holding his arms down and straddling his midsection, she bent down and kissed him passionately, tasting her musky scent on his lips. Helen quickly hopped off her husband and began tugging on his pajama bottoms. Gil raised his hip as his pants were removed and launched across the room.

“Boy you still have it,” Helen whistled as knelt between Gil’s legs and inspected his erection. She took his manhood in her delicate hand. Wrapping her fingers around Gil’s member, she started to massage it. Gil laid back and enjoying the feel of his wife’s hand on his cock.

Helen’s grip was firm but gentle. Some of her strokes ended at the base of the head of Gil’s cock, other times she caressed his swollen head. Her other hand cuddled his balls, lightly massaging the orbs with her fingers. Ever so slowly, her fist moved the length of his cock. By his reaction, she knew he was going crazy. Each downward stroke was slow and smooth, sending a long seductive pulse through Gil’s entire midsection. Each upward stroke was quick, creating short electrical bursts. What seemed like an eternity to Gil, Helen masterfully kept his urges from spilling all over him. Then she stopped.

Gil looked up just in time to see Helen scoop a large handful of butter and “butter-up” his shaft. She then proceeded to torture Gil with a lustful smirk on her lips. Gently stroking up and down, Helen would twist her palm across the now purple and slick head.

The butter allowed Helen’s had to glide effortlessly across Gil’s skin. She slowly moved her hand up and down the length of her husband’s member. Some strokes ended at the base of the cock’s head, other times she caressed his swollen head. Her other hand caressed his balls, lightly massaging the orbs with her fingers. Ever so slowing her fist moved the length of his cock. She completed a slow downward stroke reversed action and completed a slow upward.

Helen continued to torture Gil. By his breathing and gyrating hips, she knew that he would not last much longer and she sped up her stroking. Gil’s head leaned back as he erupted. His sweet elixir shot all over his stomach and chest. “Oh My! That’s a lot of cum.” She said as she licked Gil’s cum from her hand, his cock, and body. She engulfed his cock head, sending shivers through her husband. “Mmmm, buttery!” she giggled.

They sat on the floor for a few minutes. When Gil’s cock relaxed completely, Gil suggested that they retire to the shower and clean-up. “The breakfast dishes can wait for a few minutes,” Gil said.

“I certainly hope that your stress level has lowered. I would hate to have to repeat this weekend after New Years,” he said sarcastically as he sent Helen off with a quick swat on her bare bottom. She sped off to the bathroom with Gil hot on her heals.

All their friends were gathered for this big event, you know the kind where everyone dresses up in uncomfortable clothes and makes small talk about how happy we all are. I wont bore you with details. Jack and Annie had gotten a hotel room because the drive home would be a killer after partying late into the evening. Their friends stopped by their room say hi as they arrived to join the festivities. One of Annie’s friends in particular was from far away and sorely missed by Jack and Annie, so she never left their room once she arrived, which was fine with them. Annie and her good friend Lena spent the afternoon putting away as much alcohol they could consume and were quite tipsy in short order. The day wore on and it came time to get ready to join the party in the main ballroom so Jack started getting ready.

Now the odd thing about this suite was that between the bathroom in the parlor area and the bedroom itself there was a glass block wall. And directly on the other side in the bedroom was the Jacuzzi style bathtub and Jack wasn’t going anywhere without cleaning up first. Had there been a shower in this tub he would have taken one but since the bath was the only option if he didn’t want to traverse through the parlor where the people were he would have to make due. The tub was high off the floor and in truth it could have used an extra step to assist in entering and exiting this tub. So after filling the tub to a reasonable depth Jack climbed in the tub to get washed up. All the while he is getting ready to get in the tub the guests were leaving their room and quickly it was only Annie and Lena left to sip their drinks, Lena was a beer drinker who didn’t exactly sip her drink, while Jack got into the tub. Now at the precise time Jack was climbing in Lena decided she needed to use the facilities. So as she is walking into the outer bathroom she turns her head to see Jacks backside through the glass block as he gets in the bath. Now while you were in the bathroom you had a distorted but yet clear view into the bedroom and especially the tub therein. Maybe it was the beer or it could be that Lena just had a wicked side but unbeknownst to Jack Lena stood and watched as he bathed and got very worked up at the show.

Jack continued to get ready and was soon in his socks, slacks and a t-shirt when he opened the bedroom door to see what was going on in the parlor. There he saw his wife and Lena still imbibing and laughing away all by themselves. “Everyone’s gone;” Jack asked.

“Hey I’m still here!” Lena countered.

“I see that” Jack retorted and went back to finish dressing without closing the door. But you know that the half in the bag woman had to have the last word. And as Jack turned around after retrieving his shirt from the armoire, there was Lena.

“Don’t I count?” she asked and she ran her hands up his torso up to his shoulders and sliding them behind his neck.

“Of course you do Lena,” he returned, innocently giving her a peck on the cheek.

“Jack, I really enjoyed the show, and would love to see it in person sometime.” Jack had not the slightest clue what she was talking about and before he could ask what she meant she was returning to the parlor area of the suite.

After the festivities in the ballroom were over Jack and Annie went back to their room and well, being out of town and somewhat inebriated, romance was in the air. They changed out of their party attire and into more comfortable sleepwear. Annie brought a short see through negligee with spaghetti straps and left her panties in the suitcase. Jack wore just the bottoms of his pajamas. Upon her entrance from the bedroom, Jack presented her with a glass of wine and even had one himself. The prospects had both of them already in a state of arousal and they were kissing and fondling each other when there was a distinct and un-ignorable knock at their door!

“Oh wasn’t it a wonderful party?” Lena expounded as she breezed into the room. She rushed to the fridge and got herself a beer before any conversation could ensue and then she rushed to Annie and wrapped her arms around her with a thank you for the invite and for being with her the whole day and gosh wasn’t it wonderful! Jack really is a good-natured guy and he just had to smile cause that was Lena all over. The thing was that she was hugging his half naked wife, showing no sign of plans to let go and it was kind of hot so his erection from the previous grope fest with Annie had not subsided at the least. Annie was trapped in Lena’s arms her ass fully exposed to Jack from Lena’s embrace. Lena was actually planting many kisses on Annie’s face and since Annie was no less aroused she could feel a distinct moister leakage down her inner thighs. Lena kisses got more passionate and Jack moved in to take the beer from her right hand. Free from the lager Lena’s hand roamed down to cup Annie’s exposed butt cheek and Annie lurched forward into Lena’s embrace due to the fact that she had just been holding a very cold beer. Lena of course took this as an indication to continue and she added her left hand to Annie’s posterior and began to massage her cheeks in a manner to foster Annie’s labia to rub together. Now Annie had never once indicated she would be interested in being with another woman and Jack was very surprised at her intense reaction, but made a note of the fact that there was no resistance. In fact Annie was now kissing Lena back and thoroughly enjoying her friend manipulations. Jack knew the old saying, “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth;” and while for a second he thought about how there might be ramifications in the morning the option of two drunken horny woman was much to tempting to spend allot of time thinking about tomorrow.

Jack moved in behind Lena and unzipped her dress, reached to her shoulders and pulled each strap separately off her so as not to disturb the women’s make-out session. The dress fell to the floor and Lena was not wearing a bra, a surprise considering she was no slouch in the breast department. He removed her short slip and panties in one motion and discarded the clothing to the chair close by. He placed his hands on Lena hips and brought his face to her backside licking upward as he stood to press his erection into Lena’s ass cheeks. She could feel his cock throbbing like a heartbeat at her round butt’s crack and pushed back toward it. Annie in the meanwhile felt Jacks hands surround them both and sighed in Lena’s mouth as his hands pulled upward on her nightgown. Lena moved her kisses downward to Annie’s breasts and began to suckle and grope her with the same passion that she had been kissing Annie.

Now Jack was the only one with clothes on and he thought he should try and move them into the bedroom, realizing this could possibly end the fun then and there. He gently took their upper arms and guided them to their destination and they followed willingly, pausing only to climb into the overstuffed bed.

Jack realized it was now or never and removed his pajama bottoms and moved onto the bed and began caressing the women’s legs in an upward motion toward their bottoms. He fondled them gently, working his way between the women till they parted enough for him to be looking down as they took turns at each other’s breasts. Lena and Annie both reached up to grasp Jacks erection and just for a second he thought he might ejaculate then and there. Lena propped herself up so her face was near Jack’s cock and said” I’ve wanted this since this morning when I saw it through the glass. The light went on in Jack’s head as he realized she had been spying on him through the glass when he bathed. He even felt a little embarrassed for not knowing; yet here he was naked in both women’s grasp. Lena moved her mouth over Jack’s dick and Annie pulled him into Lena’s mouth by grasping his butt. The women took turns licking and swallowing his dick like it was a contest. Poor Jack was really having trouble keeping his control and he needed to distract their machinations for him. He worked each of his hands between the women’s legs and stroked their vulva’s enjoying the amount of fluids he found on each. His wife Annie had always had very neat cunt lips; the inner lips are small and flower out only slightly when she is aroused. Lena’s pussy lips were larger and it was obvious they spent their existence hanging outside her outer lips and Jack found this difference exciting. He grasped her lips and fully extended them out but still in a gentle manner eliciting a moan around his cock from Lena. Annie is a huge fan of being fingered and she lay back to enjoy Jack’s familiar manipulations and reached over to fondle Lena’s body at the same time.

Pushing Lena down to the mattress Jack moved between Lena’s legs and began to rub his cock around her pussy hole and over her clit getting his cock head wet before plunging it in to the root in one stroke. He leaned in and just enjoyed the feeling of her warm, wet pussy as Annie rolled up to her knees to kiss him as he fucked her friend. She groped their genitals as they made out, finding the feeling of his cock sliding smoothly in and out of her friend’s wet cunt very exciting. She began sucking on Lena’s breasts and feeding Jack’s arousal and he pistons harder and faster into his new sex partner.

Then Lena began to literally vibrate from her head to toe. Her legs gave a surging jerk and shook with pleasure. This was more stimulation than Jack could take and he felt lucky to have held off this long and not knowing Lena’s birth control situation he pulled his cock out of her pussy and spewed his sperm forth onto Lena’s body and Annie’s face simultaneously. Annie lapped up Jack’s cum that had landed on Lena breasts as Jack moved up to offer his dripping cock to Lena’s mouth. She sucked it in as though it was her last meal, so hard in fact; she sucked some piss from his bladder and made Jack yelp! Annie moved in to share the lapped up cum with her friend and Jack sat back to rest his abused dick.

The women kissed and groped each other gently for a short while and Jack moved to plant kisses on Annie buttocks and bury his face in her ass cheeks to lick her pussy and asshole. This caused her to raise ass up to allow him full access and he burrowed deep into her cunt hole and licked her clit as she lay with her own face buried in the mattress. Lena moved behind Jack and gently fondled his cock as she planted kisses on his backside and running her tongue between his cheeks. Annie arousal had been building for a long time and now the damn burst. She pushed back firmly against Jack’s tongue and flooded his mouth with a copious amount of her juices, her ass quivering against his face. By now Jack’s cock and returned to it’s stiffened state and he rose up to plunge it into Annie causing her to have a second orgasm immediately. Jack pulled his glistening prick out of Annie and Lena gobbled it down her throat savoring the pussy juice of her friend. Annie joined her and they alternated sucking Jack’s cock and balls to another shared facial. They soon fell asleep in a group with the women nestled under Jack’s arms and their heads resting on his chest.

Chapter 1


I hope we don’t drive you crazy with telling you this story but really it’s happened with the both of us, I’m Erin and my husband is Graham. So, we’re going to take turns with it.

We live in a medium-sized city in the Midwest and have been married for six years. Since this website caters to people telling about their sexual adventures, I suppose you want to know something about us in that regard.

Well, in that regard, we both have a wonderful, full sex life, though I know Graham’s could be ‘fuller,’ if you know what I mean.

I guess he’s not got that ‘little blue pill’ problem they advertise on television, he’s made love to me three times a night sometimes. And, I think he’d like to do it like that just about all the time. Well, I love sex but, well….

The first time I met Graham, it was at a fundraising party for a local pet rescue charity. I sometimes volunteered to help in the kennels and when I spotted him come into the cocktail party and he was alone, I began taking careful note of how he was dressed, who he spoke to, what he drank, all the usual.

Well, not to make too short a story of it, that was the last day we were not together and it only took us about a week before we were madly between each other’s legs enjoying our bodies to the fullest. Graham was an attentive and exuberant lover and I was willing and pliant to his every desire.

My hubby is thirty years old, wavy brown hair, six-one, one-eighty or so, nicely firm bod and a cock that I lovingly measured for what he told me was the first time at seven and a half and just over five inches around. As I said, the nicest thing about his cock is that he can be hard through at least three times in one night, he’s got a sixteen-year old cock. Oh, and it’s shaved, I do it for him.

Now, I’m just-turned thirty, ash blond hair, medium length, five-five, one seventeen, thirty-four, twenty-two, thirty-six. Oh, and the thirty-fours are B-cup filled to the brim. You’d like them, they’re really firm and nice, rounded and tipped with small pink nipples that I adore being sucked. If I’m really horny, I’ve had orgasms just from my boobs being sucked. Like Graham, I’m bare below.

So, that’s us. The other person in this little tale is Greta, a young woman I work with, who is from Denmark. She married an American she met when she was here on holiday about three years ago, they’ve been married for just over two years now. I’ve known her now for over a year and a half and we’ve become pretty good office-buddies.

I suppose I should also tell you about Greta. She’s twenty-seven, five-five, blond with the complexion you dream of with Scandinavian women, nice, curvy figure and breasts, I think, just a little larger than mine with nice round pink nipples which pop up in the center and her pussy’s bare, too. You’ll see how I know this shortly.

Greta is a very pretty woman, really beautiful, actually, and she’s down-to-earth and charming as well. As I said, we’ve become good friends and would often eat lunch together at my desk or, if the weather was nice, at a table outside. It was an afternoon like that which began this adventure.

“You’ve told me your Graham is a good man in bed with you, you are so lucky, Erin,” she said wistfully.

“Oh, he’s better than good, I guess. Getting enough sex is not a problem I have at home.”

“I wish this was so with my home. Once a month, maybe. Only if I make myself naked or wear something, you know, small.”

“Once a month? You’ve been married, what, two years now?”

“Yes, it’s so, it was more right at first but then…”

“But when you have sex, it’s pretty good, he gives you a few orgasms?” I asked her.

“He just pokes it in once a month and gets finished and goes to watch his golf on television. I lay there with my fingers. Oh, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t say that to you.”

“Sounds like you need my honey. We have sex almost every night and he wants more on the weekends, usually three, four times on Saturday and Sunday when we have more time. I could see if he wants to take care of you, too, Greta, I’m sure he’d love to.”

I really said it kiddingly but you know how that goes sometimes with someone when it’s not their native language.

“You would not mind this? Lending to me for my needs, he has extra, uh, sex power to give?”

“Well, I…I. Do you really mean to, like borrow him to make you happy in bed?”

“Oh, not if it upsets you? I know this happens in Denmark some but here, well, I don’t think so much. I would not want you angry with me, you are my friend.”

I was trying to suppress a laugh but at the same time, treat her situation with respect, I knew it must really be bothering her. It would me.

“I can ask Graham if he would like to be helpful to you if you wish; I’m sure he’ll be as helpful as he can,” I told her and with her agreement, I went home after work to talk with hubby.


Well, I’m learning to never think that life is predictable or that it’s routine or that you’ve got it all figured out. I had another lesson in that when Erin came home that evening and we were having a glass of wine as dinner cooked.

“You know my Danish friend, Greta, at work? You’ve met her.”

“Oh, hon, how could I ever forget Greta, those legs and that long blond hair. Oh, and those pink, pink lips.”

“Yes, yes, down, boy. Oh, I don’t know if I dare tell you what we talked about at lunch today?”

“Sure, I bet she wants you to share me with her, she just covets my cock. Right?” I asked sassily as I slipped my hand up under her skirt.

“Shit, are you reading my mind?”

“Now, you’re kidding me, so what did you two talk about. I’ll be quiet.”

“No, that’s exactly what we talked about. She asked me if you could give her the attention that she’s not getting at home.”

“Okay, I promise I won’t joke any more. What did you two talk about? Is her health okay?”

“No, she gets a fuck about once a month and then just a slam-bam job and he has no interest in changing that. I told her about you, how, as much as I just love sex, that you can always go for more and, well, I guess in Denmark, they do some husband-swapping or whatever. So, she asked. What do you think of that?”

“You’re not putting me on, are you? Come on, she’s gorgeous. They’ve been married two, three years, that’s all. You just want to get me going.”

“No, I’m serious. She’s not getting sex but once a month and then he’s gone as soon as he cums.”

“Well, that’s pretty shitty. What’s wrong with these Danish men?” I asked.

“Well, he’s American for one,” she told me as I grimaced and she went on, “Just isn’t interested in keeping his wife happy. I told her how you were, keeping me as happy as I could possibly want, then wanting even more. I was joking with her, really, but she asked. In all seriousness, she asked if maybe she could kind of borrow some spare, well, spare capacity, I guess you might call it. I said I’d ask you.”

“And, you wouldn’t mind?”

“Look, hon, I’m getting all I want, even maybe a bit more. She is beautiful and I know you’d jump at the chance and, well, I love you, hon, it would be my chance to fix you up with a spectacular babe. And a hell of a horny one. Every guy’s dream, right? That’s how much I love you.”

“My head’s spinning from all this, it’s just like a movie, a fantasy movie.”

“But it’s real, Graham, she’s a real woman, you’ve seen her.”

“You don’t have to talk me into it. Sure, I mean what guy wouldn’t?”

So, that pretty much ended the discussion of my taking a friend of my wife’s as an on-the-side girlfriend. Incredible, right. Don’t even tell me, I know you’re jealous. I would be, too.

I left the details up to Erin, I knew she would do it all and I’d just try to be around at the right time with my trusty hard-on.


I knew that the one thing that was predictable about my sweet husband was his cock. It is always ready. I’ve talked with a few women about their sex lives and I’ve never heard of any guy like my Graham. Well, I knew I was lots luckier than Greta with her mate, the mate that almost never mates.

So, the next day at lunch, I told her of my talk with Graham.

“Well, if you’re serious about it, I talked with my always-horny husband and he has graciously consented to take care of whatever physical needs and comfort you desire. I rather thought he would.”

“Oh, and, you, Erin, you are okay for this? For your man and for me to have some sex fun, to um, make me a happy woman again?”

I giggled a bit but told her, “Yes, it’s fine with me. Now, how do we go about arranging this?”

“This is all with your permission, your knowledge, not behind your back so I think you should be there when we do this, maybe even have some fun, too? I would like that you know.”

“It might spice things up a little, yes, just add a little something,” I replied but I was also wondering what Greta looked like naked and how she might be in the bedroom. I’ve never gotten to see another woman in action and, well, even, seen my own husband with another woman. Here I was eating my lunch as my panties were getting wet.

“Well, my husband, Toby, goes on a business trip and will be gone Thursday night. Maybe that day, maybe after work, is that too soon?”

“Not for Graham, I’m sure. Why not plan on spending the night,” I told her and we set it for Thursday after work. Well, you know what Graham thought, I needn’t say.

So on Thursday, over lunch, Greta asked me, “Is your Graham taking his vitamins for this very horny Danish woman who wants his cock? Why you call it a rooster chicken I don’t know but it’s funny.”

“Yes, his ‘rooster-chicken’ I’m sure is quite ready. He told me this morning that he was really excited about it.”

“He is one of two who is excited about it. I wish my own man was interested, I am very attractive woman, very, um, with passion, you know, wanting sex happiness and your man is sweet to give it to me.”

“Oh, he’ll give it to you, I’m sure, Greta, you both seem excited and, well, I am, too.”

“So, you will be joining in with us, I like women as well, you know.”

“Um, well, I didn’t really know that, um, it’s something…well, we’ll see.”

Well, well. She really did kind of say…well, did she?

So, we went back to work, then she followed me home after and when we got there, Graham’s car was already in the garage. Ah, that’s my Graham.

“Come in, Greta, he’s already here.”

“Oh, he is eager, not like my husband, that’s good, yes,” she said as she carried in her overnight bag.

“Oh, he’s eager, all right,” I say as we went in the front door. “We’re home,” I called out.

We walked into the great room and Graham came out from the kitchen and kissed me hello.

“You remember Greta?” I asked him.

“Oh, once I met Greta I could never forget her after that. Can I get us all some wine?”

My hubby poured us some wine as I had Greta sit on the sofa while I sat across.

Graham brought us the wine and sat next to Greta.

“I suppose I should welcome you properly to our home, Greta,” he said as he put his arm around her and kissed her, leaning her back as her arms pulled him to her.

They kissed for a minute, then he sat back up.

Then, Greta said, “Do we start with you taking my clothes off, maybe both of you?” and stood up.

I looked at Graham and he smiled so we both started undressing Greta starting with her blouse which I began unbuttoning, then he slid it off her shoulders and put it on the sofa. He was behind her so I saw her bra loosen and I slid it off her arms as Graham’s hands reached around and cupped her full, firm breasts.

She was gorgeous. Her breasts were full and round, perfectly formed with medium-sized light pink nipples which were erect and delicious-looking. My hubby was already feeling them as I knelt down and unbuttoned the waist of her skirt and unzipped it so it fell to the floor.

She had on a very small white thong, a pair of thigh-high stockings and heels. She lifted a foot and I slid off her shoe and rolled down her stocking, then did the other.

The front of her thong was wet, it was obvious that she was excited about having sex in a way that was not only new but much bolder and daring than she was accustomed to.

I reached up and pulled her thong down to the floor and she stepped out of it as Graham came around to embrace her and kiss her as he slid his hands down on her butt pulling her close.

They kissed for a few minutes, then he suggested that we all go back to our bedroom so he led the way holding her hand as I watched her perfectly lovely butt swing back and forth down the hallway. She as so sexy.


Chapter 2


I don’t know how I ever became so fortunate to be leading such a gorgeous woman into my bedroom for a night of sex with her as my own wife accompanied us both. What a fairy tale, for sure.

“I am so excited to see you, Graham, what you look like under your clothes. Then we will be making love so nicely with Erin here to help us,” she said with me not quite knowing exactly what she meant. But, so what?

As soon as we were all in our bedroom, she turned to us and said, “I would like now to undress you both and begin with you, Erin, you were so nice to give me your husband to help make me a happy woman, so I thank you,” and she began taking my wife’s clothes off.

She got her blouse and bra off then leaned over and kissed Erin’s breasts and sucked each nipple as I watched, my cock gaining length and girth with every moment. Then, she knelt down and pulled off Erin’s shoes and stockings, then loosened and removed her skirt, taking it off, leaving her in a pair of string bikini panties that were wet in their tiny crotch.

Greta then pulled her panties down as Erin stepped out of them and kicked them away. I watched as Greta, holding her hips, leaned forward and kissed my wife’s wet slit, then licked up and down on it. Erin’s hands went down and held her head at her crotch, she must be enjoying it, I guessed.

Then, she stood up and embraced my wife and kissed her, their naked bodies tight together, both women’s hands roaming each other’s backs and butts, they were super-hot to watch.

When they separated, Greta asked if she could use the bathroom since she hadn’t peed since before she left the office. So, when she went in our bathroom, Erin asked me, rather sheepishly, “Um, do you think…um, well, I’ve never done any lesbian stuff and, well, we were kissing and feeling each other. It was pretty exciting, actually. Do you think…would you be okay with it if she and I kind of did some things together, to each other. I want you, too, of course.”

I stopped her and told her, “Hon, she’s a hot, sexy woman, all curves, and, look, I can’t blame you for being attracted. No, I’m not threatened at all, in fact, I think I’d like to watch you eat each other out.”

Well, I got quite a big, naked hug and kiss which Greta saw when she came back.

“I see you two have started without me, how nice,” she said, “Now it’s your turn for undressing, Graham,” and she began with my shirt which Erin helped pull off from the back. Greta leaned forward and sucked each of my nipples as I fondled her wonderful breasts, then she knelt down and loosened my belt and pants and slid them to the floor as she pulled my shoes and pants off, then my socks.

My boxers, of course, were flared out in front which she took quick note of.

“My, look, so happy it is to see me. Let’s see it,” she said delightedly as she pulled my boxers to the floor.

“Oh, yes, Erin was so right. I will be enjoying this very much,” she told me, holding it in her hand, squeezing ever so gently.

Then her head dropped forward as her soft pink lips slid wetly over the crown and down the shaft to begin sucking me.

I just couldn’t imagine what was wrong with her husband, she was stunning, first of all, second, oh, she was sucking me like an angel. As good as Erin was on my cock, Greta may even be better.

I took her into bed and began kissing her as I dropped my hand down between her legs to rub along her wet furrow. Out the corner of my eye, I saw Erin getting into our bed on the other side and she bent over to suck her breast on the other side.

Well, well, my bisexual wife, I never knew.

Greta had her hand wrapped around my cock moving it back and forth as I moved down to kiss and suck her other breast. When I did, Erin moved up to kiss her mouth as they both felt each other’s breasts as I moved further down kissing along her stomach as she widened for me.


I just couldn’t get over how I was so attracted to Greta. I was mainly kissing her and feeling and sucking her breasts but, inside, secretly, so far, I really was drawn to her pussy, I wanted to lick and tongue her pussy until he orgasmed. I was amazed that all this new sexual lust was welling up inside me, lust for another female body.

Graham was now where I longed to be, with his face now buried in Greta’s wonderful pussy as he licked up and down in her abundant wetness.

“Oh, so wonderful, it feels so wonderful. Oh, my pussy is so happy now. Thank you, Erin, thank you, Graham, oh, your tongue, mmm, oh, yes, this is what I want, this is what I need. Suck my titties, Erin, so nice. Yes,” she moaned.

I moved my lips to her nipple and began sucking, running my tongue around the hard center as I felt her body begin to quake.

“Oh, I am cumming, yes, oh, OH, OH, AYYE, AYYE, AYYE, uh, umm, mmm, mmm, oh, wonderful, so good you are, Graham, oh, thank you,” she groaned in ecstasy.

My husband got right up and plunged his cock straight into her and began fucking her as she lifted her legs high taking him deep.

“Oh, yes, oh, this is what I want, yes, fuck me, fuck me so good,” she cried.

Greta had my head nestled in her arm as I sucked, my hand circling on her stomach, soothing her as Graham gave her his all.

“I can’t believe you aren’t getting this every day, Greta, you are so beautiful and, well, very hot, very sexy. You sure turn me on.”

“Oh, thank you, you are turning me on so much, too, the both of you. I am already feeling like another orgasm. It is so good, this we are doing, I haven’t have feelings like this in, oh, years, now.”

I felt her hand reach down to my middle so I raised a leg and she put it between my legs and began to rub in my copious wetness. I knew it was a female hand and didn’t care, even more, I wanted that female hand to put a finger, even two up into me.

So, I moved my lips up to her lips and began tonguing her mouth as I felt her finger start to push up into me. I moved just enough to allow her to put her finger all the way inside me and begin stroking it in and out as I tongue-fucked her mouth with the same cadence.


My wife’s friend from work was simply a wonder to fuck. I couldn’t imagine what kind of husband she must have that lets her body lay fallow when she’s so beautiful and sexy. Greta is just what you think of when you dream of a sexy Scandinavian woman. And she’s not cold in bed, not in the least. She’s moving under me, obviously greatly enjoying my presence inside her body, she’s adding to our pleasure quite nicely.

So, she’s one hell of a surprise.

The other surprise is my wonderful wife of six years. I thought I knew her as well as a husband can know a wife and here she is making out with a woman, something she’s never hinted at in the time we’ve known each other. And, I suspect that she’s got even more plans for Greta who, it seems, is bisexual. Well, I suppose Erin is as well. Who knew?

Now, I’m not in the least jealous, in fact, as I kneel between Greta’s legs enjoying her with my cock, I’m also greatly enjoying watching the two of them get it on. Yes, I’ve watched some girl-on-girl porn, especially the college dorm stuff where the girls are real instead of actresses, and I find it pretty hot.

So, watching these two is also keeping my cock hard and, really, I can’t wait for them to get totally together to do whatever it is that they want to do together. Even thinking about it was keeping me so horny.

After a heady night’s work letting it all hang out at the Berriga Pub’s “Tits-Out Thursday”, Libby and I were in trouble. We had been strolling through the carpark, utterly naked, our heads buzzing with elation after our lewd antics in the pub. We were ready to leap into my absent husband’s luxury saloon and drive off into the night, most likely with our fingers buried deep inside ourselves, ready to masturbate with wild and abandoned fury as we relived our adventures.

But it was not to be. Walking back to where we had parked in a darkened corner of the lot, far from the pub, my heart was gripped with panic as we beheld a group of four guys standing around the car. They were huge, all of them big and bulky, each of them missing teeth and with scars on their faces… the very definition of ugly, unpleasant hillbilly hicks.

“Well hello, Libby,” one of them – apparently their leader – spoke up. “How nice to see you again. And you’ve brought along a friend this time…”

I looked to Libby, hoping desperately that this was all just a joke; that perhaps she might smile at them in recognition, and they would break into laughter, the threatening air would dissipate and they would prove to be friends. Instead, Libby had stopped in her tracks, hesitant, trying to look brave though I could see she was fighting down her panic.

“Boys,” she replied, curtly. “I hope we’re not going to have any trouble tonight.”

“You bet you’re gonna have trouble,” the lead hick promised her. “Your mate smashed my nose up a real treat, last time we met,” he added, pointing to his ugly broken nose as proof; was he referring to my Tom? “When we heard you had come back tonight we rushed on over here, and straight away we picked this pimp-mobile as his. So where is he?”

“He’s not with us,” Libby told them, bravely. “If you’ve got some beef with him, you’ll have to wait til next time.”

“No no,” the hick disagreed. “I’m thinking: if we can’t take it out of his arse, we’re just gonna have to take it out of yours. And a mighty fine arse to take it out of, too. Awful kind of you to leave it unwrapped for us.” and his posse of hillbilly thugs leered their agreement.

“Who’s your friend?” another one of the hicks chimed in, scanning me up and down with the most repugnant look on his face. Now more than ever, I wished we had got dressed before we left the pub.

“Get your damn eyes off her,” Libby nearly snarled, her fists balling up instantly.

The ferocity of her reaction took them all aback – and me too – but only for a second before their ugly chuckles and unkind gazes came back to me. “Oho…” their leader saw. “She’s a ‘special friend’ then, eh? Well well,” he reckoned. He had been reclining lazily against the front fender of my husband’s car, but now he stood up properly to saunter a few steps in my direction. “Hello there,” he greeted me, with the most unkind intentions blazing in his squinty little eyes.

I felt the fear grip my heart as he walked towards me. I knew, without a shadow of doubt, that he was an animal; he would take what he wanted, he would not hear ‘no’ for an answer, and Libby and I were in trouble – me especially, as I saw his evil hunger locked unwavering on me. But before he could get any closer, Libby stepped protectively in front of me.

“You stay the fuck away from her,” she hissed, dangerously and possessively.

“No I don’t think so,” the guy told her, though he did pause somewhat in his advance. “You and your buddy caused all of us a great deal of agony, you see; and it’s just like they say: ‘payback’s a bitch.’”

“You’ve got to leave her alone,” Libby told her, and now there was an edge of pleading in her voice. “Please. She’s a mother.”

“And a yummy mummy at that,” the hick replied, with a few more chuckles and whistles of agreement from his posse as they rose and stepped up behind him.

“Please,” Libby said again; and even as I saw her shoulders slump somewhat, I knew what she was going to say. “Please… do me instead.”

That made them all stop. “Come again?” the lead hillbilly invited, most surprised.

“You can do me instead,” Libby told them, though I could scarcely believe my ears. “I’ll let you do it. I won’t stop you.”

“Libby… no…” I breathed, in sheer disbelief.

“What… all of us?” the second-hick-in-command piped up, with optimism.

Libby nodded her consent, most grudgingly. “But only,” she added, “if you promise you won’t touch my friend.”

Terrifyingly, our aggressors looked dubious. “I dunno…” their leader mused. “I mean, she’s an awful fine piece of arse there.”

“She’s done nothing to you,” Libby reminded them. “My friend broke your nose, and I ran the rest of you over with his Porsche… but she hasn’t done a thing to you. She doesn’t even know him,” she added, which was of course an outright lie; I was in fact married to him and had borne his children.

I’d had no idea that Libby and Tom had faced down these guys before, and it amazed me that Tom had dealt with their leader so effectively. For as long as I’d known my husband I’d never seen him in a fight, though I’d also never seen him with a cause to fight for. How I wished he was with us now – but he was still ten thousand miles away, tooling around Europe exactly when I needed him to be with me.

“Look, just…” Libby went on. “Just do me. All of you. Go for it. Just please: don’t hurt my friend. Okay?”

An awful smile had been growing on the lead hick’s face as he grew to enjoy the idea. “Well, seeing as you asked so nicely,” he leered, which made my skin crawl with horror.

“Libby, no!” I cried, finally finding my voice. “You can’t!”

“Kells, I have to,” she whispered back, as the hicks started laughing and arguing over who would get to do Libby first. “We can’t beat them, and it’s too far to run for help. If I don’t do this, they’ll rape us and kill us both. It’s the only way I can protect you.”

“But… but Libs…” I murmured, as tears started spilling from my eyes.

Tears of her own were gathering in Libby’s eyes. “It’s my fault we’re here,” she told me. “It’s my fault we came to work here on Tits-Out Thursday. It’s my fault these guys are angry. Shit, it’s even my fault you started posting on Literotica in the first place. If it wasn’t for me, none of this would have happened and you’d be safe at home with your kids. And… and I pushed you for sex so many times…” And I saw that Libby felt guiltiest over that, more than anything else; I wanted to tell her to stop, she had nothing to apologise for, but she kept talking. “I’ve got to do this. I love you Kells… please don’t love me less for this…”

I could hardly speak, as her words sank in and broke my heart. “How could I possibly love you any less?” I asked of her. “I just… Libs, I don’t want you to do this…”

She smiled at me: sad, scared, but decided. “I have to,” she whispered. “If it will protect you… if it will keep you safe… then I want to. I’ll take him, and them, and everyone in that fucking pub. I’ll take a hundred cocks for you, if it will keep you safe. I love you,” she whispered again as she took my hands in hers.

“Libby…” was all I could say, as she turned to go. There was so much I wanted to say to her. I wanted to thank her, but tell her no, don’t do it. I wanted to volunteer myself in her stead, but I couldn’t. I was too scared, I wasn’t nearly as courageous as Libby.

“Here she comes, boys!” the leader declared, and the group whooped and cheered with evil delight as Libby approached.

She fronted up to them, standing tall, brave and noble in defiance of their ugliness; her shoulders back, breasts firm and proud, her arse pert and just so as she stood naked before them. “Who’s first?” she asked, managing to sound casual to the utmost.

There was a general surge as all in the pack tried to get to her first, but their leader beat them back. “She’s mine!” he growled at them. “Me first! You can deal with the ‘sloppy seconds’,” he leered, and they laughed in grudging acquiescence.

“Libby,” I called after her, hoarse and squeaky as my voice failed me. She had walked around the car to get to them, and now she turned her back on them, bending forwards slightly to lay her hands palms-down on the bonnet of Tom’s car. The animals banding behind her all whistled and whooped in ugly appreciation, as I imagined what they saw: her legs spread slightly and body leaning forwards, her pretty little pussy exposed, and possibly open…

“Look at that, boys,” the lead thug cheered, even as he started at his jeans. Thankfully the bonnet of Tom’s car was high enough that it shielded my eyes from the man’s beastly cock. I could only look on in horror, unable to look away as he stepped up close, close as can be, closer than he deserved to be with my Libby; and I saw Libby flinch as he stooped slightly, his cock at the ready, its tip brushing against her unwilling lips, ready to push forwards…

…when there was a roar from behind us, and a flurry of gravel as a Porsche came barrelling around the corner, heading right for us all. Even before recognition dawned on me, I saw Libby jam an elbow into her would-be attacker’s most delicate area, and as he crumpled in agony she jumped out of the way, barely moments before the Porsche hit the big sedan with enough force to shunt it forwards and knock all the hillbillies to the ground.

The Porsche revved its engine as it backed up. In a daze, I found myself wondering how it could still be running with so much damage to its nose, until I remembered that somebody told me Porsches actually have their engines in the boot. Who told me that…?

“Tom…” I breathed, even as the driver’s door opened and, impossibly, the very man leapt out with murder in his eye.

“Kelly! Libby!” Tom boomed. “Are you okay?”

“Tom, I think she’s in shock,” I heard Libby say. She was suddenly beside me, unhurt and free of hillbilly violation.

I was about to say something when I heard an angry yell of recognition: the impact had skittled the hillbillies, but as one they had risen and now had murder in their eyes for Tom. “You!!” their leader bellowed, his cock still swinging in the breeze. “You broke my fucking nose!”

Tom held his ground, even as they began to advance upon him: “I’ll snap it off this time – your nose, and anything else that comes to hand,” he added.

The hillbillies were almost upon him, their leader rearing back for a swing that would surely have been the end for my poor Tom, when we were all brought short by an unexpected explosion – the sound of a shot fired into the air. We turned and saw Agnes the publican, her toothless face set in a no-nonsense squint as she brought her shotgun to bear on our aggressors.

They didn’t even pause – the hillbilly pack simply turned tail and fled. Agnes and her shotgun must have already earned a reputation.

“Oh shit,” I heard Libby breathe. “Agnes, thank you! But I didn’t know you owned a gun…”

“I own the gun,” she told us, and with a cheeky grin she added, “but I only owned the one cartridge. You all had better get going.”

Libby, Tom and I piled into the Porsche as advised; Tom cranked it into gear and tore us out of there. The broken-nosed Porsche was evidently still in working order; I was not so sure about Tom’s ‘big bruiser’ and neither Libby or I were in much of a state for driving it home with us.

“Will your big car be okay?” Libby asked, perhaps reading my mind. “If those hicks come back they’ll probably trash it.”

“That’s what insurance is for,” Tom told her as we sped off into the dark. “Well then,” he added, as we all sat back and tried not to let the reaction hit us too hard. “It might be an idea to find a new topless bar to work in, don’t you think?”

I simply stared at him as relief, wonder and amazement all fought for control of my face. “Where the fuck did you come from?” I demanded of him. “Weren’t you in Europe?”

“Babes: when you sent me those pictures of you and Libby, stripping each other down and getting all up-close and personal,” he told me, with a grin, “I couldn’t stay away. I cancelled the rest of my book tour and flew on home to surprise you. I found your mother minding the kids, she told me you and Libs had ‘gone to the pub’, and when she made some comment about Libby’s itty bitty black skirt and red shoes, I put that together with the fact it was Thursday… and decided I’d better tear on out in the Porsche, see if I couldn’t catch the end of the show,” he finished, with a wicked grin.

“Well you got here just in time,” Libby told him. “That guy’s cock was so close… so close…” Tom and I picked up that particular note in her voice, and we both looked back to see Libby, in the back seat with nary a stitch on her, legs spread wide and her fingers plunged deeply into herself.

My jaw dropped. “Libs!” I cried. “That… that didn’t turn you on, did it?”

“Are you kidding?” she rejoined. “The danger… the close call… the adrenaline… Tom turning up like a knight in shining armour to rescue us… mmm…” she added, needing to say nothing more.

I had to admit, the whole thing had me incredibly riled as well. We had escaped a very close shave indeed, I had little doubt now that those guys would definitely have pinned me down too once they’d had their fill of Libby. The thought of that definitely wasn’t a turn-on, but the reaction, the sheer relief, and just as Libby said: the adrenaline of it all… I realised my moisture was making the leather seat beneath me fairly slick, my nipples were so incredibly hard they almost hurt, and a glance in Tom’s lap revealed a similar state of arousal in him.

“You know,” he began. “I think I’m gonna have to pull over…”

Hardly had he done so when I more or less jumped on him. It felt like it had been forever since I had last laid hands on him. It was like a lifetime ago, back before I had discovered Literotica, discovered Libby’s pictures and Tom’s encouragement of Libby in her work. The mere sight of the lump in his pants brought me to the boil, straight away, and as I kissed him he kissed me back, hot and heavy, our hands nearly colliding as we simultaneously reached for each other – as he reached for my tits and I for his cock.

Tom and I worked at each other, running our hands all over the other, and Libby watched us from the back seat, her fingers sucking and squelching noisily in and out of her pussy as she three-fingered herself with total abandon. Both Tom and I regularly glanced back to catch her show, even as we worked to strip Tom down to a state similar to our own. In no time at all his shirt was gone, his pants flew down and his jocks verily did scamper away from my ravenous efforts. And finally, finally I had him. No, WE had him: Libby and I finally had our Tom, naked with us, so close in the tight confines of the little sports car.

I heard Libby moan appreciatively as Tom’s cock sprang into view. With barely a thought, I was on it, I leaned down and took it into my mouth, suspecting that I may have only just beat Libby to it!

“Oh Kells…” Libby moaned as she watched me suck my husband, as I sucked on Tom’s rod long and hard and deeply. “Kelly, you’re so sexy,” she told me, her voice raising higher and flightier as she kept three-finger-fucking herself towards a frenzy. “Kelly, look at you sucking Tom’s cock… sucking Tom’s beautiful, long, hard cock…”

I looked shortly up at Tom, catching his eye as I grinned around a mouthful of meat. We both basked gladly in Libby’s praise, Tom thrilling to hear another woman expressing appreciation for his long thick member, me thrilling to hear my friend lusting after that which was mine – thrilling also, to know that Libby was getting off on watching me please him, watching me sucking and slurping greedily upon my husband’s bulging cock.

“Kelly, you’re so beautiful…” Libby went on, as she kept on plunging her fingers, deep and merciless into her gorgeous little cunt. “Oh my god Kelly, you’re so sexy, your tits are so big and so beautiful, your arse is so awesome, your curves, your skin… oh how I want you, Kelly,” she confessed, her voice becoming deeper, guttural, growling and wanton as she voiced her desires. “I want you, Kelly. I want to have you… to touch you… I want it so bad, Kelly I want to make you cummmm…” and she trailed off helplessly, thrashing at herself as though she was so close yet so far to an orgasm of her own… as though she’d never get there, she wasn’t getting what she wanted. She wanted to fuck me and she wanted me to fuck her and try as she might, she’d never get herself off while she was denied of me.

How I hated to see her, Libby, my best and oldest friend, denied of what she wanted. And how I wanted her too. There was no denying it now, I wanted her, I wanted to have her and to be had by her… and I wanted Tom to watch. I knew he loved the thought of bearing witness to girl-on-girl action. He had mentioned it many times before, always joking-but-not-quite… I knew what he wanted, what I wanted, and what Libby desperately wanted and needed.

So I paused in my ministrations upon Tom’s cock, and looked up at him. “Well babe – whaddaya say?”

Both Tom and Libby merely stared at me, silent and agape.

“Tom’s always said, I could hook up with a woman if I wanted to – but only if he could watch,” I informed Libby, in a sultry purr of my own. “So then, hubby: what say you?”

Tom blinked rapidly, barely daring to dream that he had heard me correctly. “Are you serious?” he managed.

“Fucking oath I am serious,” I told him – clasping his cock in my hand and pumping slowly upon it, up and down, to keep him on the boil. “Just look at her, Tom!” He gladly did so, drinking in her bare naked form, her tits so perky, her curves so tight and toned, her pussy dripping wet and prised open by her own fingers. Although he certainly wasn’t seeing anything new; from all Libby had posted on the Literotica boards, and all he had viewed privately in this very car when they’d naughtily come on up for Tits-Out Thursday without me. Tom was definitely no stranger to Libby’s finer features.

“Just look at her!” I said again. “Look how hot she is… I want her too, Tom. I want Libby too.” I looked into Libby’s eyes as I said it. She and I both knew it. We both knew we had long been holding out against a fiercely mutual attraction, though her eyes lit up with joy to hear me finally confirm it.

“May I have her, Tom?” I asked of him, turning back to him and pausing to run the tip of my tongue, slow and gradually and enticingly along the length of his cock, earning an exquisite little shudder out of my man – as though he needed to be swayed by the action. “May we do it? May we do it together, Libby and I? For you?”

Tom didn’t even hesitate with his reply: “Fuck yes!” he cried.

I turned to Libby, to see her regarding me with surprise and growing glee – and we launched ourselves at each other, colliding with our lips and breasts and arms, enveloping each other as we met half-way between the front and back seats of the car.

Libby and I didn’t hold back now. With permission from Tom, I finally felt ready. She could have me now. I was hers to take and she knew it. Her fingers flew down my body, whisking over my breasts, down my stomach, across my hips and suddenly she was in me. My best friend Libby, beautiful and feminine, whom I had known and loved for so long, finally had her fingers deep and hard in my willing cunt…

…and I screamed as I came, I gasped and screamed and came with pure unfiltered pleasure as she slipped her fingers into my depths, tickled my clit with her thumb, slipped her fingers out to run their tips over my clit, and then repeated the process, fucking me with her fingers and rubbing my most tender spot hard between each stroke; I came and I came some more, clutching her free hand to my tit as she nuzzled my neck and ground her own sex against my thigh, as I reached up to cup her wondrous breasts in my hands, kneading them roughly and mercilessly as I treated her roughly in my pleasure…

…but it worked for her, my touch had her moaning and groaning as she shared in my pleasure, as the thrill of her finally touching me so deeply and personally fed my continuing orgasm, and finally I could wait no longer. I grasped at her own box, slipping my fingers without resistance between her puffy, moistened folds, slick with her unending juices. I teased and played with her, fondling her budding little clitoris tenderly, making her sing to a new, high, flighty tune; “aah… aah… ugh!” she gasped, most feminine and breathy as I rubbed her and fucked her with my fingers, plunging deeply and roughly into her hot, tight, silken, grasping little pussy, reaching around and behind her to cup her pert little buttock in my free hand as I drove her to insane new heights, driving her on and on, upwards and upwards but not over the brink, not yet, not yet…

…until I could wait no longer and I brought her there, my bunched fingers rudely and roughly parted her inner depths and I plunged deeply into her, I finger-fucked my oldest and best friend’s pussy and she came. She came hard. She came for me with a shuddering, trembling force and a deep, belly-based cry; her knees buckled somewhat, she had to lean back against the seat of the Porsche to brace herself, and as she fell a little I merely pushed forwards harder, pushed my hand harder against her sex, pushed my fingers deeper into her hot, tight, dripping, ever-so-aromatic little snatch and I made her come harder, harder and harder, sparing a hand to touch my own sopping cunt which Libby had started to neglect under her own helpless pleasure, bringing myself back to orgasm even as I kept her coming, kept her coming, and we came together, crying and yelling and thrashing against the never-ending cascade of enveloping, overwhelming pleasure…

And finally I remembered our audience – Tom, sitting turned in the driver’s seat to watch us, running his hands all over his cock, wanking and pounding himself as he took in our incredible display, watching his two gorgeous women hot and naked and fucking each other, coming together…

And he came, his whole body stiffened and he cried out and he came, shooting a thick wad all over his own belly. I hated to see it going to waste so I quickly fell upon it – even as I kept fingering Libby I plunged my mouth down on Tom’s cock and I drank, I drank him down, his hot white salty seed cascaded out of his cock in thick white sheets and I gobbled it all up, I drank him down, and I knew Libby watched me doing it. Even as my fingers slowed upon her sex and let her wind down, I knew Libby was watching me as I gladly pumped and pistoned up-and-down upon his cock, greedily drinking and swallowing Tom’s load, as he moaned and he groaned as his orgasm stretched out under my attention.

Soon we had all wound down. I mercifully left off of Libby’s pussy and she fell back in a heaving, gasping mess. I left off my own twitching, pounding little mound as my excitement wound back, if only slightly, and Tom’s orgasm gradually abated. The flow of spunk slowed down and his cock began to subside, settling down from diamond-cutter status to something a little smaller, a little softer – but still impressive, nonetheless and as always.

“Oh my god…” Tom was murmuring. “Kells… Libby… the two of you together: that was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen! You’re so beautiful together, the way you treat each other, the way you made each other come so hard…”

Libby and I shared a glance – both of us grinning to know we had done it, we had done it for him, played and put on a show for the man to whom we owed all our recent fun – the man who had inspired Libby’s unexpected exhibitionistic turn, which led me to similarly putting myself on show, leading both Libby and I onwards and upwards to ever-more riling activities with orgasms galore along the way…

“I only wish I’d been able to control myself just now,” Tom went on, and I was surprised to hear a lamenting, self-reprobating tone in his voice. “I wanted to keep on watching, I wanted to wait, to save my cock for something else… but I couldn’t hold back, you were both so achingly hot, so very sexy, coming and making each other come… I just had to wank,” he finished, ruefully. “I just couldn’t hold it back. I had to come while I watched you together.”

I smiled at Tom, as though he was being silly. “Darling!” I replied, in a teasing tone of admonition. “You make it sound like you’re done for the evening!”

Tom looked a little surprised. “Umm…” he said. “Well babe, you know me… I tend to give my all on the first blow. I just come too hard, I guess,” he said, sounding a little embarrassed to confess what he felt to be a personal failing in front of Libby.

I smiled warmly, and turned to Libby. “Sounds like a challenge to me…” I told her.

“Mmm…” Libby chimed in, with a marvellously dirty grin of her own. “Have I ever mentioned the time my old boyfriend said…”

“You’re so good at giving head you ought to get your mouth insured?” we all chorused. “Yes, Libby,” I added. “You’ve mentioned it once or twice before.”

“Well then,” Libby continued, unabashed as always. “Kelly: may I…?”

She left the question unfinished, but Tom and I both knew how it ended: ‘May I attempt to re-start Tom’s engine?’ was the query.

I looked to Tom – who was boggling, not sure if he ought to look optimistic or otherwise – and I grinned at them both. “By all means!” I cheered. “But first…”

And as we made to swap seats front and back, I surprised Libby with a kiss – long, lusty and deep, lashing my tongue across hers and allowing her to taste of me.

“Mmm…” Libby growled, and she licked her lips theatrically. “I always wondered how Tom’s cum tasted…”

I couldn’t help but laugh to see the new look on Tom’s face, swirls of delight and sheer exuberant gleefulness mixing in with his continuing, overwhelming shock and awe at the situation. “Now you know what you’re working for!” I told Libby, grinning hugely.

We laughed as we exchanged seats, Libby taking pride of place up front next to Tom, and I realised why Libby had remained spread-eagled with her twat bared to all, as there was next to no legroom in the back of the tiny Porsche. I shrugged, and assumed the very same position: feet up on the seat and knees akimbo, preparing to stir myself up all over again as I watched Libby make herself comfortable, up on her knees, bending over Tom and hovering over his cock.

“I’ve been DYING to do this…” she murmured, bent low over his semi-hard cock, which was starting to stir, slither and grow already, I happily noticed. “Tom: I’ve been wanting to suck your cock for so long… all through what we’ve shared, ever since that morning by the pool when you were so kind to me, you helped me feel beautiful and sexy again, you encouraged me to share my body with the world… I’ve always been so grateful to you Tom, and I’ve always, ALWAYS wanted to thank you, the best way I know how…”

She was speaking into his cock now, nuzzling it in an almost comical fashion. She had reached up to lay hands on it, touching it reverently and for the first time, teasing and tracing Tom’s knob around her face, across her cheeks and around, about her lips.

“I’m gonna suck your cock, Tom,” she told him, fixing him dead in the eye – but she didn’t forget me, she looked back to catch me spread wide and open, teasing my throbbing clit as I watched them. “I’m gonna suck your husband’s cock, Kelly…” she breathed. “And it’s gonna be so sweet…”

She couldn’t hold off any more and she took him in – she plunged her mouth down, swift and hard, taking his still-growing member into her mouth. Tom jumped in his seat at the contact. How long had it been since any hand or mouth other than mine had touched his cock? We’d been married ten years, together even longer. I saw his eyes search out mine, just to make sure it was still okay – even with the deed done and his cock in Libby’s mouth, swallowed to the hilt, he needed to look to me and make sure I was still okay with it.

Ah, my Tom. Such a sweetheart.

I found his hand reaching around the far side of the driver’s seat, reaching for me; I grabbed it with my spare hand and continued to fondle myself even as Libby drove up and down on my husband’s cock, going slow but sucking hard.

It was quite instructional, watching our Libby at work. I’ve never been a great one for giving head, myself. Tom sometimes likes it for a brief spell, as an opening gambit during foreplay, but he really never asks me to take him all the way. He’s always too eager to please me, to give me his cock and use it to make me cum. Having tasted of his cum just this evening, I realised that it was the first time he had come in my mouth for a very long time – years in fact, going back to the earliest time of our relationship.

But Libby’s standing as a champion cock-sucker was obviously well-earned. I have done some research into the subject and I knew enough that a great headjob was essentially a close facsimile of a great vaginal fuck; it had to keep moving, it had to feel good and tight, and the action had to pick up as it progressed.

And watching Libby, I saw that was what she did. She drove up and down on my Tom, showing a stamina in terms of upper-body strength, neck and jaw muscles which I immediately knew I didn’t possess. I didn’t envy her of it too much though. Her status as a champion was obviously well earned, through a combination of all her gym time and what must have been lengthy and regular cock-sucking practice. All power to her!

And it was exciting to watch, too. Though she applied deliberate and obvious pressure to Tom’s cock as she sucked, you could see her moving his increasingly-rigid cock back and forth with the force of her efforts. And she kept going, gradually upping the pace, driving faster up and down, up and down with her mouth on his cock.

Tom and I alternated between watching Libby’s heroic efforts, and sharing a gaze – a gaze of love, of lust, openness and warmth. How glad we both were to have come to this. This world of amateur photography, voyeurism and exhibitionism which Tom had loved for all these years, and the joy he had shared with Libby in sharing it with her, he was now able to share with me. In the space of this short week I’d had my eyes opened to something incredible, so gratifying in tapping into a depth of sexuality I’d not realised I’d possessed, the liberation of putting myself out there, being seen and being praised by all, and now in sharing the joys of Libby’s hot little body with my husband…

As Libby sucked my husband’s cock, restoring its former length and hardness, I realised she was watching me play with myself – and she was busy playing with herself too, ramping her own pleasure back up towards the highs we had so recently hit. She finally came up for air off Tom’s cock, having sucked him and sucked him without pause, and she bit her lip as she caught my eye.

“Your husband’s cock is delicious, Kells,” she purred, marvellously low and throaty. “But I can’t help but be distracted by your gorgeous pussy: so hot, so wet, so near…”

Tom picked up on Libby’s intent. “I think she wants a taste, my dear,” he informed me, and without any warning, he reached over and dipped a finger deep into my cunt, surprising me greatly as he sunk his digit deep up to the last knuckle in my slickened, pliant depths.

Without a word, he proffered the finger – dripping wet, glistening with an incredibly thick, viscous coating of my juices – to Libby… and she leapt upon it, sucking the finger wholly into her mouth, her eyes closing immediately against the heady wanton bliss of the action as she sucked my husband’s finger clean of my cunt juices. “MmmMMM!” she growled. There was no need to ask if she enjoyed my flavour.

“Do it, Libby…” my husband cooed to her. “Do it. Eat my wife, Libby. Go down on her, eat up her sweet little cunt. Eat her. Eat her!” She already was. She had leapt off Tom’s finger and had scrambled back towards me, parking herself between the front seats and straddling the transmission tunnel as she dived head-first into my nether regions.

“Ohh…” I quivered, my hands falling to her head as she lapped me up, tonguing my dripping, tender little hole, running her tongue across and over my clitoris before plunging, prodding and probing back into my depths. “Oh Libby…”

I looked to Tom, seeing him temporarily unoccupied. I resolved to fix that, seeing there was just enough space between Libby and the dashboard for Tom to take position…

“Fuck her, Tom,” I told him, even as Libby set me climbing towards yet another orgasm. “Get back there behind her and fuck her!”

Tom’s face shone with delight and he happily obliged my command. Straddling the centre console himself, he grasped Libby by the hips, lined himself up, and began to ease his cock into her from behind. I felt Libby pause in her ministrations upon me. Her entire being froze with a new kind of pleasure as finally, finally, after they both must have wanted it for so long, wanted it but denied themselves of it, denied themselves out of love and loyalty to me – finally, she felt my husband’s long, fat cock part her personal depths.

“Oh!” Libby moaned, even as he continued to feed himself into her tight, grasping cunt from behind. “Oh… ohh… oh! Oh Tom!” she cried, as he reached around her slender legs and placed a finger on her button, driving her to a new level of semi-madness. “Oh Kelly!” she added. I had reached down to grasp her breasts, knowing from prior experience how sensitive they became when she was close to an orgasm… and I waited until Tom was reading to stick her to the hilt, and I twisted her nipples, sharp and painfully…

And she came. Lord how she came! Her back contracted and she arched upwards and into my hands, thrusting her breasts harder into my rough treatment, even as she pooched her pussy harder back against my husband’s long thick invading cock – and she screamed, she screamed and she screamed as she came, she came and she kept on cumming.

And she did not stop cumming, even as my husband fed his cock into her, into and out, into and out, slow and rhythmic and – I could tell from my vantage point – having to fight to slip through, into and away from her grasping, straining pelvic muscles. I watched as her perky, tight little cunt lips grappled and grasped at his cock as though they were alive with a mind of their own. It must have felt incredible for Tom, but having come once and come hard he seemed possessed of a newfound stamina. He continued his slow fuck without a trace of concern, only a look of immense contentment and gratification as he finally made this beautiful woman come for him. And as I watched his cock part her depths – his cock seeming immense and cruel against the tight, stretched, straining lips of her delicate little pussy – I thought back to when Libby had shown me the pictures of her getting fucked by her old boyfriend Glen; and I remembered wishing that instead of seeing Glen’s pitifully small member impaling my beautiful friend, I wished that I could have been seeing my husband’s cock instead, watching Tom’s cock stretch out Libby’s cunt-lips.

Isn’t it wonderful when dreams come true?

Libby’s orgasm, though it continued under Tom’s pounding cock and his reach-around clitoral massage and my grasping of her breasts and pinching of her nipples, eventually abated to the point where she was able to get back into my pussy. She ate me, teased me, sucked and slurped and prodded until she once again had me back to orgasm – cunnilingus always gets me there super-quick, without fail – and soon the car was filled with my gasps and screams of overwhelmed, debased, mindless and utterly heedless orgasmic ecstasy, cumming with a fury even as Libby kept on cumming and my husband kept on fucking her, fucking Libby, fucking my best friend as I watched, as I watched and was eaten and came and came and came.

Eventually I had to push Libby’s face away. I let go of her breasts and cried “stop! Stop!”, I’d simply had too much and was literally in danger of swooning. “It’s too much… too much… besides,” I added, panting and heaving as Libby and Tom looked to me expectantly.

“Besides…?” Tom prompted, with a patient grin as he remained parked, still with his cock deep and hard up Libby’s cunt.

“Besides: I want a taste of Libby,” I finished, having finally caught my breath.

“Oh good,” Libby sighed with relief. “Tom: you feel amazing… but ever since I blackmailed you into showing me your cock on Literotica, I’ve wanted only one thing: to see it, buried deep and hard, in Kelly’s cunt.”

We all thrilled to hear Libby – forever so prim, so proper, right-wing and conservative – actually enunciate such a dirty, delicious little word. “Really?” I breathed. “You mean… even before we started all of this, you wanted to see me naked?”

“That’s right,” Libby nodded, with a dirty huge grin. “All through my time on Literotica, I wanted to share it with you Kelly – you and only you. You’re my best friend, and my sexiest friend too. I love your tits Kelly, your hips, your curves, your arse… seeing them on my computer, when you sent them to me and surprised the hell out of me, was a dream come true – as has all of this, everything we’ve done since then. And now: I want to watch Tom fuck you, Kelly. I want to see him in you, like you’ve seen him in me… like you’ve seen Glen in me… I want to watch Tom fuck you and make you come, Kelly.”

“And like I’ve always said,” Tom chimed in: “If I had the choice, I’d always want to come in you, Kelly.”

“Well…” I said. “I guess we’d better get cracking!”

Get cracking we did. Libby and I swapped positions in a flash. I backed my tingling, burning hole up to Tom and even as Libby settled into position before me, spread-eagled in the middle of the back seat, I felt Tom’s cock – hot and slick with Libby’s cunt juices – pressing up against my entrance and, with no ceremony whatsoever, sliding suddenly into my depths. I could not help but arch my back, just as Libby had done minutes before. The man is a stallion, an absolute stallion, and there is simply no sensation quite like being fucked by my Tom.

As Tom began to service me, I had a good close look at Libby’s dripping, glistening snatch. It was spread wide and shameless before me. The girl had actually kicked her feet up over each of the front seats, resting them either side of the headrests, and her pelvis was pooched over so much I could even see her small, puckering asshole set proudly on display too. Not exactly abashed, our Libby.

Having enjoyed the view, I poked my tongue out and, gently and gingerly, tasted Libby – just the most gentle, tentative lick of her sopping pussy, as though I was testing out a new and exotic flavour of ice cream on a cone. The deliberate delicacy of my tonguing had the desired effect: the very fleeting, tingling touch made Libby jolt electrically, and she gasped most mightily and gratifyingly. I savoured her taste – sharp and distinctive, but appealing, very similar to the aroma I had enjoyed whenever I’d had her riled up in times past. So I dived on in and got to work, stirring her up into a delicious little lather.

Between her moans, groans and encouraging sighs, Libby found time for a query: “So Tom,” I heard her smile. “Whose cunt feels best?”

I rolled my eyes with a grin, even as I kept lapping up her ever-flowing juices. Only our bald-faced Libby could or would ask such a question of her best friend’s husband.

“Well Libby,” Tom began. “Let me start by saying: any man in this world would count himself most fortunate, to even be able to compare such a gorgeous pair of pussies.”

I laughed aloud at that, even with my mouth full of twat. Good old Tom, diplomatic as ever.

Chapter 1

I’ve always been a pretty average guy; medium height throughout my life so far, average build, always got Bs and Cs in school, graduated pretty much in the middle of my high school class, did basically average work in college, got a pretty good job, better than some of my friends, not nearly as good as a few.

So, I’m a pretty average fellow like so many of us.

But, I do stand out in one area and I really didn’t begin to realize it until I had started into middle school; it’s my cock.

It never seemed all that large when I was in elementary school. It was usually flaccid and when it was that way, it really didn’t look especially large. Then I went to middle school and the thing was, in the locker room and showers, we usually didn’t have erections so I had little to compare my erect dick with.

Now I know you’re probably wondering just how big it is and I’ll get to that in a minute (come on, ladies, be patient) but the truth was, back then in middle school, I didn’t realize that, when hard, I was rather longer and thicker that most of my peers.

Watching porn at a friend’s house didn’t tell me, either. I saw some pretty big ones on the internet but just figured that was more or less the norm.

Little did I know until Missy Arnold came into my life. It was my senior year in high school, she was the prettiest girl in our school and quite sexy. She was two months older than I was, I’d just turned eighteen.

I took her out a few times, dances and stuff and she invited me over after school one day. Once we got in her house and had a snack, she had me up to her room and, once inside, she grabbed me and started kissing me.

Well, it wasn’t my first experience with kissing and such but, I’d never had sex yet and she quickly had me on her bed with her up over me, tonguing my mouth as her hand rubbed the lump in my pants.

She raised up off my face and asked, “Just how big is your dick, Owen? It feels huge.”

“I don’t know, like all the rest, I guess.”

“Oh, no it isn’t, let me see it.”

She really said that, let me see it.

I looked up at her and asked, “You want to see my penis?”

“Get it out, Owen, you might just be glad you did. I want to see it.”

Well, I figured it was in my best interest to take my dick out which I did.

“Omigod, Owen, it’s huge,” she gasped, “It’s bigger than any I’ve ever seen, even, well, um, a guy I know who’s twenty-five.”

“It’s just what I’ve always had, I guess.”

“How big is it?” she asked. I told her I didn’t know and she told me to wait, she’d be right back with a tape measure.

Well, I knelt there on her bed with my dick pointing up and she soon came back.

“Now, is it as hard as it can get?”

“I don’t know, I guess so,” I lamely answered.

“Well, let’s get it as hard as we can,” she said and bent down as I felt her wet lips slide over the tip of my cock and down the shaft to begin sucking me up and down.

It was the first time any other person had touched my dick, especially with their mouth, and I almost fainted when it first happened. But then the feelings came with it and I almost swooned it was so good.

“Oh, Missy, omigod, that feels so good,” I gasped as she lifted up and put the tape measure along side me.

“Seven and, um, three-fourths, wow, that’s the biggest I’ve ever seen. Have you fucked many girls with that?”

“Um, no, not many. Well, I guess, not any,” I admitted.

“Would you like to?” she asked.

What a question, I thought.

“Sure, I’d love it,” I told her and she asked me to get my clothes off as she began pulling hers off.

We were soon standing there looking at each other as she reached to hold my cock in her hand.

“God, you are huge.”

“You are so beautiful. You are anyway but like this, wow, you should be in Playboy.”

“Thanks, that’s sweet,” she gushed and put her arms around me, pulled me close and kissed me ramming her tongue in my mouth and grinding her middle against my hard cock.

Then, gripping my dick, she led me back to her bed, pulled the covers away and had me lay down as she lifted my cock up in admiration.

“Well, let’s see if I can stuff all this inside my pussy,” and she got up over me and gripping me, lowered down and twisted and turned and wiggled and writhed pushing down all the while until I kind of popped into her, at least the head.

“Whew. This isn’t easy,” she said as she pushed down some more getting a little more of me inside. Then she moved up and down some which felt so good and was soon scissoring all the way up and down on me.

“You are huge, Owen, and you feel so good inside me. Oh, you’re gonna get a whole lot of my pussy, I hope you know that.”

Well, that’s when I first knew that I was above average at least in one category, not a bad one at all, in the grand scheme of things.

I fucked Missy for the rest of our senior year years and a whole raft of her girlfriends. She would show them a pic of my cock that she had written my cell number on lengthwise along the shaft in Magic Marker. It didn’t wash it off for several days after and I had to skip gym a couple of times to avoid the possibility of explaining it.

But, Missy, bless her, kept me supplied with girls who wanted to sample my endowment, most multiple times. I even had one girl’s mother ask me to see it. Then she wanted to try it herself, but that’s another story for another time.

Through my last year in high school and through college, I was in constant and heavy demand, I got a lot of pussy and by the time I was twenty, my friend measured eight and three-quarters inches. There was one sorority party where I was the sole invited guest but, alas, I must tell that another time as well.

Anyway, college was where I met Nicole, who became my wife.

She was a pert curly-headed blond with a to-die-for curvy figure. She was interesting and fun and had a libido that outdid any girl I’d ever known. She was ready just anytime at all. Her enthusiasm for all things, but sex, especially, was simply stellar. She was fun to be around and fun to be in, if you understand my meaning.

So, after I graduated, we got married and she graduated early the next year. Nicole started two years after I did but she was a demon in school, taking extra courses and doing summer courses as well, so she did it in less than three years.

Now, fast forward about five years and I’m twenty-seven and she’s twenty-five, we’re happily married and living in a small suburb of Chicago. We were both working when Nicole was told she was being laid off in a restructuring move.

Like so many couples, we immediately tightened our belts and she started sending out resumes.

A couple of months went by, then, after supper one evening and several more glasses of wine, as we were discussing the lack of replies to her resumes, she told me an idea she had.

“I’ve been wondering if I shouldn’t just go ahead and start my own business. I’ve had an idea I’ve been looking at,” she said.

“Really? That’s great, like what?”

“Um, well, let’s have another glass of wine as I tell you my idea,” so I poured us full and she went on, “Well, I was thinking of doing home parties.”

“Oh, Avon, Mary Kay, stuff like that?”

“Nooo, more like sex toys, dildos, vibrators, sexy underwear, nighties, stuff like that.”

“Well, can I come along?” I asked jokingly.

“That was exactly what I was thinking, having you come along.”

“Like to make sure everything is safe and on the up and up?”

“No, more to show off that huge cock of yours.”

“You’re kidding.”

“No, we can put it to good use. I’ll show you on the computer some companies that provide the products, there are some things that we could have you demonstrate like a cock ring that vibrates, you know, stuff like that.”

“You really mean that I’d just haul it out in front of a bunch of women and demonstrate sex products?”

“Sure, I was thinking of having a tip jar for you so the gals could encourage you to get it out and let them have a feel, maybe even jack you off, suck you, something like that?”

“I better cut your wine off, hon.”

“Why? I think it would really be a great business. You’ve got what it takes to pull in the customers, so to speak.”

“You really mean for me to pull it out for a bunch of women, even grandmas?”

“I think most of the women interested are younger but, well, why not grandmas? I think we should try it. See what we could make on it.”

“But, if it got back to work it would be a bit embarrassing.”

“We live outside Chicago. I could market it to Chicago women, there’s so many the chance of anyone knowing either of us is pretty remote. And, I’d get their name and address beforehand anyway.”

“You really want to do this? Really?”

“Really, I do.”

So I had her show me the supplier’s websites and, well, there were a number of things I could demonstrate on my endowment for a little extra fee as Nicole suggested.

She showed me all manner of men’s and women’s sexy clothing, cock rings with and without stimulators, lubes that she suggested they could try out on me, more vibrators that I ever thought possible, the catalogs went on and on. She’d really researched the whole idea and had decided on a supplier to sign up with.

One of her marketing ploys, of course, was me or, at least, a part of me. For her party-services listing on the internet, she offered each person inquiring about having a party, a picture attachment of her assistant, ‘Justin,’ which was the name she’d picked out for me. She was to be known as ‘Alexis’ for business purposes. The business was ‘Naughty-N-Nice Home Parties,’ and she got a bank account set up and a franchise arrangement with the supplier.

She photographed me from the shoulders down standing at our kitchen table with my cock laying next to a banana. She had even picked a rather small one at the grocery store for comparison and, well, I certainly did look well-endowed.

Then, she posted a notice in an alternative newspaper website and we waited.

It wasn’t long before we were getting inquiries and she picked out one that really seemed good from a Hayley who was very interested in getting her six girlfriends together the next weekend for a toy party. She asked for the pic and Nicole, alias, ‘Alexis’ sent her the shot of ‘Justin’s’ cock next to the banana.

Within minutes, she sent us a copy of her email to her six friends which included my pic.

An email popped into Nicole’s inbox almost immediately wanting more details and saying that she was definitely interested and impressed. That made me feel pretty good.

Nicole, posing as ‘Alexis,’ emailed her back with details that she had worked out, particularly a shot of the thong I was to wear and some of the items we would both be modeling and demonstrating. Some were just part of the deal to hold a party, some were added-cost extras like my modeling several vibrating cock rings and a taste-test of several flavored lubricants and some chocolate coatings each attendee would put on my cock.

The taste testing and the cock ring modeling were an extra cost for each woman who wanted to participate. The vibrating cock rings were also available for demonstration for an extra charge. Nicole had added that in case any of the women would want a quick fuck with my featured cock. I asked her several times if she really wanted that as part of it and then she told me how much she planned the extra cost to be and I quickly agreed.

The package arrived from the toy supplier and we both had a hell of a few days trying out the dildos and cock rings and vibrators along with the lotions and lubes and other fun things they offered. She had ordered some clothing as well, though none of it covered much. There were the usual slinky negligees and crotchless panties along with several thongs I tried on. She even stuffed a twenty inside so I could pull it down to take it out exposing my cock as I did. It was really fun and we fucked like rabbits all week. Even if it wasn’t making any money yet, it sure was making my cock a happy boy.

Chapter 2

The party was set for Friday night at seven at Hayley’s house in a Chicago suburb and in attendance there would be her friends Terry, Sheila, Nikki, Christina, Dana and Erica. She even sent us pics of all the women and, while they were dressed, all sitting around a table in a bar or restaurant somewhere and an arrow was drawn to each woman with her name nearby, they looked to be in their thirties and attractive. I was sure getting excited.

We pulled up at a very nice house with a number of nice cars parked in the circular driveway, even two BMWs and a Jag. We unloaded two cases of products and I wheeled them up to the door as Nicole rang the bell.

“Oh, Alexis, great, come in, we’re all here and so excited. Ooooh, this is Justin. Mmm, we’ve been waiting for him,” and she led us in to a large family room where the other six women were.

We were soon introduced around and Nicole, alias, ‘Alexis,’ explained the set-up for the evening and that there would be a number of special events that were extra cost along with an order form for each woman.

We started out with some negligees and other female lingerie which got us some orders right off, especially some of the crotchless items which I held to my face and wiggled my tongue through the opening. Lots of giggles and quite a few orders resulted.

Next, Nicole got out several vibrators and put them on the coffee table. She had worn a tee and a short skirt with a pair of featured crotchless panties so she asked if the girls wanted to see her do a demo.

They all jumped in with both feet and she sat across from them and spread open, creating a few murmurs as she began caressing her wet, labia with one, a blue model of average length and girth that would be a good starter. She ran it around her labia then up inside, talking the whole time about how it felt, where else it could be used, then had me show how a man could tease her pussy and clit with it.

We sold seven right there.

Next was a dual head model for the pussy and clit that bent just right to get the g-spot as the clit finger did its work. It had three speeds for rotation and vibration which she had me demonstrate on her with a running commentary on how it felt.

Then, she used some cleaner and asked if any one wanted to try it for themselves.

No one moved for a minute, then one woman put her hand up.

“Would you like to try it on yourself or have Justin use it on you? That’s twenty dollars extra but I’ve trained him specially myself.”

The woman, Erica, a petite redhead pulled out a twenty and put it on the table, then stood up, pulled down her panties and put them on the sofa next to her, sat back down and put her feet up on the cushion under her, spreading wide open. She was beautifully-shaven except for a long, thin red-haired line running up to her abdomen.

I took the vibrator, knelt down in front of her, kissed the tip and began running it’s buzzing tip along her plump, wet lips taking side excursions to her clit every now and then.

“Mmm, oh, yeah, I want one of these. How’s it feel inside?” she moaned and I eased it up inside her, putting the rotation on medium along with the vibe rate as I pressed the clit arm right where it’s supposed to go.

“Oh, oh, my god, that is so good, incredible. Oh, fuck me with it, mmm, yeah, ooooh, like that,” she groaned as I moved the handle toward her and back varying the angle and pressure on her clit.

“OH, OH, AYYE, UUH, uuh, mmm, oh, I want one of those, omigod, that’s awesome, what an orgasm,” she cried out.

Chalk up seven more orders.

“Now, ladies, Justin wants to show you what he’s wearing under his shorts,” Nicole said as I slipped them down and stood there in the thong bulging with my cock.

“Go ahead, feel the nice leather, he won’t mind, nice, huh?” my wife asked as I went from one woman to the next as each gently but enthusiastically felt my package.

“Oh, I want to see it, Alexis, can I put a twenty in there so he’ll show us?” Hayley asked.

My wife nodded and our hostess pulled the top open and stuffed a twenty inside making sure she also got another quick feel.

“Let’s see, I better take that out,” I said as I pulled the thong down and let my cock out.

“Omigod, it’s huge,” said Nikki, a tall blond. “Am I wet, look at it, girls.”

“Here’s a twenty, can I play with it?” Christina, a dark-haired woman asked. I took her twenty and took a step closer as her fingers wrapped around my cock and gently squeezed.

“Oh, could I have fun with this,” she said. “Does it like to be sucked?” she asked.

“Maybe I’ll let Alexis answer that,” I said.

“I can guarantee you that Justin’s cock just loves to be sucked. I should know. I’m sure he’d let you if you asked really nicely.”

“Could I please suck your cock, Justin, I just love sucking guy’s cocks and yours is the biggest I’ve ever seen?”

“Anyone else want to suck Justin?” my wife asked. “Here’s your chance at his nice big cock,” and six hands went up; they all wanted to suck me.

So, I stood in front of Christina as she leaned forward, lifted my cock and took it in.

“We have to keep it to two minutes each or we’ll take too long,” my wife told them so over the next fifteen minutes or so I was sucked my them all. It was Nikki who, next to last, got a mouth full of my cum and was awarded a little egg vibrator which she put in place right then and there as we all watched.

I now kept my cock out in the open as Nicole went on showing them items and taking orders. I always seemed to have one of their hands on my cock until Nicole brought out the flavored lubes and chocolate coatings which were sampled from the tip of my cock.

After that, she passed around a vibrating cock ring that I put on and let them feel with their hands. Then, Nicole asked who might want a trial to see how it felt. She told them the added cost and seven hands went up.

I got down on the carpet in front of Hayley, doing her first as it was her party, as she pulled off her panties. I had her roll on a condom and put extra lube on and in herself, then she stood over me, straddling me as she lowered herself while I held my cock up.

She wiggled and pushed and pressed as she worked me inside.

“Omigod, he’s big. Oh, wait, girls, he is really big. Wow, my pussy’ll never be the same,” she moaned as she moved up and down.

I turned on the vibrator and she pushed down on me and held herself there.

“Omigod, omigod, IT’S…OOOOH, OOOOH, UUUH, UUUH, uh, mmm, mmm, oh,” she cried out, then bent down and kissed me. Then, Nicole told Terry she was next and she stood up and said, “I’m doing this properly,” and was soon naked and squatting up over me as she worked my cock into her.

“Oh, can I take him home with me?” she asked my wife as all the women laughed.

“Well, I am sharing him right now but, no, I found him first, he’s mine,” Nicole told them.

“Is he big, mmm,” she groaned as I turned on the vibrator; she pushed down on my cock and fell forward getting her clit pressed onto the cock ring.

“Oh, OH, OH, AYYE, AYYE, unh, unh, mmm,” she cried out as she kissed me over and over.

So, I had Sheila fucking me, followed by the other four, each one quickly getting off on the cock ring. We sold seven of them along with quite a number of other items. Each of the women after Hayley got naked to try the cock ring and stayed that way until Nicole and I packed up and drove off.

Hayley emailed us the next day to tell us of their party after we left; it seemed that they all were bisexual and enjoyed each other more than just as friends. She attached several pics she had taken and they did look like they were having quite a good time.

So, how did the first toy party go for us?

Well, I’ve now quit my job and we do about five parties a week. We bought a new house and now also own a condo in South Beach where we go for the winter months. We hold parties there as well and are as busy as ever.

When Erin and I were dating, before we even got engaged, we found out something about each other that no one else knew. We both loved teasing. Sexual teasing.

No, we hadn’t done it before, it just happened one weekend with the two of us. We tied one another up and teased and stimulated each other until we each begged for relief.

Weird? Maybe but it sure brought us some fantastic orgasms. It even surprised me that Erin was quite as imaginative and lovingly sadistic in her teasing of me.

So, this added some fun spice to our sex which we brought into our marriage. We bought some light bondage items like ties, cuffs and blindfolds, some of the nicer things for neither of us liked pain and some of the farther-out aspects, just some heavy teasing.

I got her good not long ago when I tied her up one Saturday afternoon blindfolded and spreadeagled on our bed as I tickled and teased her with feathers on her nipples and pussy and inner thighs and underarms where she’s especially sensitive. Then there were little licks and tongue-flicks here and there, all over an hour or so.

I had her collection of sex toys out on the bed and used each vibrator on different parts of her body and in different ways. One I put deep inside her as I used another on her clit. She went wild at that and had a massive orgasm.

Then I went back to the more subtle feather. She was squirming as I feathered her open pussy and licked along her inner thighs.

“Oh, Damon, you’ve just got to fuck me, I’m so hot, so horny. I want you to fuck me right now, I can’t wait,” she pleaded. I knew she was loving it. I’d put her through four orgasms already and she wanted more. I knew she did too.

“Phil and Hank are on their way over, they both know I’ve got you tied to the bed and they can’t wait to fuck you.”

“You didn’t? They’re really not are they? I’ll never speak to you again if it’s true. Tell me it’s part of the tease?”

“Hon, they both are so excited, I asked them the other day. Then I called them a while ago and told them you’re all stretched out for them,” I told her as I drew the feather, now wet with her juices, across her slit.

“You bastard, you better be kidding is all I can say.”

Then I went out of the room and eased the front door open and rang the bell.

Opening the door, I yelled out a “Hello, guys, come in, she’s ready for you,” and made some muffled conversation like it was between the three of us. I had been naked all along and now opened up our bedroom door and peeked in.

“Oh, yeah, she’s ready. Go fuck her good,” and I walked in and got up on the bed between her legs and pushed right up inside her.

“It’s just you, isn’t it? God, you had me going there for a while. I thought I was going to have three guys fucking me. But this is what I want, just my own lover, mmm, fuck me good, I’m so ready.”

And I did. And, right when she had an orgasm, she asked again, “It is you, Damon? Say something.”

Then I said, “You fuck her now, Phil, go ahead,” and I pushed back into her and began fucking her hard. She just didn’t know for sure until I took the blindfold off and she saw for sure that it was just me.

“You bastard. You had me going. I didn’t think your two buddies were fucking me, but…well, I wasn’t positive. I’ll get you back, mark my word.”

She still talks about that episode and how it had so turned her on so much.

Several months went by and we continued to play with each other when we had time and then one upcoming Saturday we had planned on a long session for me.

After breakfast, she took me in our bedroom and handcuffed me to the bedposts and tied my ankles to the lower corners of the bed. Then, with a feather, we both loved the tickling of feathers on our erogenous areas, she was just touching the tip of my cock with the feather, just circling the head around and around.

Then she got up and came back with a leather blindfold and my iPod and put them both on me so I couldn’t see or hear other than the music it was playing.

Next, I felt the sliding of her lips down over the tip of my cock as she started sucking me in the wondrous way she has of circling her tongue around the tip and she pulls on it. Then, suddenly she stopped and there’s no more action.

In about five minutes, I felt the bed move and a tongue began licking across the tip of my cock, then a soft blowing which sent a chill up my spine, then more licking, then nothing.

This went on for a while and as I began feeling the feather tip across my cockhead, I told her I was going to have to piss pretty soon. The bed moved and a minute later she pulled an earbud out and told me to use the bedpan she had for me as I felt my cock being pushed down onto the cold enamel.

Well, okay, I thought, and relaxed my bladder and emptied it. I felt her wipe the tip with a tissue, then feather the tip again which instantly hardened me as she ran the feather up and down along my shaft then sucked me another minute or two.

Another period of nothing. She had kept me there for what seemed like hours giving me just the right amount of stimulation to keep my cock rock-hard.

I thought I was hearing patches of voices during the quieter parts of the music, women’s voices. Then, they got louder so I could hear them during most of the music, not that I could clearly hear what they were saying, but there was laughing and such.

Then, it seemed that my entire body was covered with hands, female hands, rubbing, caressing, one petting my balls, another wrapped around my cock moving erotically up and down, hands everywhere.

Soon, the tip of my cock was being sucked as a hand moved stroking my shaft while other lips began sucking on my nipples and tongues slid around on my body, my neck, my stomach, just all over. The sucking on my cock was fabulous, it could have been Erin but I really wasn’t sure. All I knew was it was someone who knew how to make a man happy and really got off herself in doing it.

Then, the mouth lifted off and I felt a cool liquid dribbling down my cock, a thick, slippery liquid. A hand surrounded my shaft and began stroking me in long, steady strokes, the gel just making it feel so, so good.

Well, it was all I could take as I felt the release of my cum spurting out as the slippery hand continued up and down, not stopping, not slowing down, just continuing my pleasure.

Then, I felt myself being licked clean of my cum by at least three tongues, one with long hair dragging across my thigh as it was licked away. Then, it was over, no more touching, nothing.

Some time went by, then I felt my blindfold being taken off to see my wife, beautifully naked as she kissed me softly as her hand began stroking me.

“I’ve really got to piss, hon, let me up,” I begged.

“Not until you get me off,” she said as she swung a leg up over me and dropped her wet pussy onto my mouth. Well, as full as my bladder was, I tried every oral trick I had to get her off in record time and it worked. I was soon up and in the bathroom pissing like never before.

So, that’s how Erin got me back. She’s never told me who the women were or how many there were. I’ve guessed who a few may be, two girlfriends from her office, an old college friend but she won’t tell me for sure. I’ve asked if one was my sister, Deb, but she just smiles and rolls her eyes. I think there were at least four, probably five, maybe six. There were hands just all over me, that I’ll never forget.

I keep hoping for a next time.

June 2018
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