all characters are fictional and over 18, thank you.

Gareth looked in the mirror, brown eyes, brown hair, nice face, but a bit feminine, he looked down, saw his limp cock, 4 inches? maybe more if he was being generous, he turned round to his pride, his tight and firm buttocks, truly a sight to behold, he clenched and unclenched and watched his buttocks ripple. Satisfied, with himself, he got dressed.

‘Bye Mom’ he said as he walked, almost jogging, through the door.

‘Oh honny, aren’t you gonna eat breakfast? You’ll need it, especially if you want to go chasing after girls… I know you go to boys school and all, but still…’ His mother did a wink that Gareth hated. Talking in that sickly sweet voice only made Gareth cringe more.

‘Yeah, sure, Bye then.’ He left, half running before his mom could say something else.

Here he was again, waiting in the freezing bus stop for his stupid late bus. He wished he could have remembered to pack a coat or an umbrella the night before but as soon as he got home, it just flew out of his head. Cursing to himself, he nearly missed the large double Decker bus that was rapidly approaching him.

As he got on, the bus driver gave him a look of sheer contempt, and so Gareth moved on, and took a seat next to the fat kid, David or Luke, Gareth was sure the kid had told him his name, but he hadn’t been paying attention, after all, he was the only one on the bus who got bullied just as much as he did.

Gareth was walking to the school gates, wondering what he had first period, but not being able to remember, he looked around to try and jog his memory before the school bell rang, and saw him, Josh Bourne, the God of the school, he was the captain of the rugby team, of course, respected by all the social cliques, and he was hot as anything, Gareth had had a secret crush on Josh, ever since he was in year 7, the bold, confident swagger, with the cheeky eyes made Gareth’s heart melt. He began staring at his face, the sea blue eyes, the blond hair, on his head that stuck up in the fashionable way, it was short, but not so short that Gareth couldn’t have run his fingers down it. His face was angular and perfect, no spots or blemishes of any kind.

Josh looked slightly down to his undone top button to see smooth skin and possibly a few tufts of golden hair barely covering the smooth white unblemished skin of his pectoral muscles, then he saw the rest of his body, trying to burst out of his school uniform, His huge beefy forearms and his thick rugby legs, combined with a massive bulge that made Gareth’s cock begin to stir, then his beautiful chest, bulging out of his shirt and puffed out against his tie.

Gareth looked away before anyone saw, he may have been gay, but he didn’t want anyone to know that, being gay at a boys school was social suicide, a boy on the rugby team had come out in year 9, Connor, and he had been socially ostracised for two years. Gareth was already the social loser, if he was found to be gay, he may never recover his already lowly position on the school pecking order.

He walked to English and although he was the star pupil in his teachers eye, that didn’t make him any happier, he was always extremely horny, he’d been a virgin for what felt like eternity, and he wanted sex, he’d tried masturbating a few times, but that had given him no real pleasure and his tight rectum yearned for something large and powerful.

As the bell chimed, Gareth wondered where the day had gone, he may as well, have not been in history, or critical thinking, he walked lazily towards the P.E. department, this was the real torture, he hated being forced to run, he wasn’t fat or lazy he just didn’t like being sweaty.

Plus, the other boys hardly made it easy on him, this was the the place where physical bodies came to play, they couldn’t really beat him up in class, but here? The entire world changed. It was a horrible subject.

After getting changed he ran into the sports hall, as his squeaking trainers stopped on the cheap lino type floor, the bellowing voice of the coach, rang out.

‘TRACK TODAY!!’ the coach yelled with a disgustingly arrogant grin on his smug face.

Gareth hated running, it was better than other sports but it left him drained, and he could hardly walk by the end of it, he could only manage a limp plodding. After an hour of this torture he staggered off towards the changing rooms.

He walked in and stripped of, the other boys all doing the same, they too were, for the most part, weak like Gareth so fortunately he never got turned on when they were around, but as they walked towards the showers, the rugby team, was already in there. This never happened, the rugby team always had their own personal showers, and that way Gareth only had his own class of P.E. to deal with, the E team.

Gareth was in shock and horror as he felt his small but now very obvious part of his manhood begin to stir, he quickly turned and bolted, deciding it might be best to leave the shower for today, as he speedily ran around the changing room, he saw a few apparent late comers, as Josh Bourne rounded the changing rooms, completely naked with a towel swung over his shoulder, accompanied by one of his friends, Gareth looked around, seeing the door to the toilets next to them, he jumped in, hoping neither would follow him in here.

‘Bollocks that our showers are broken…’

‘I know, means we’ll have to shower with the nerds’

He listened inside the door pressing his ear to it, and then began to reel in more shock when he heard Josh Bourne tell his friend he need the toilet quickly, panicked, Gareth jumped to the urinals, as the door swung open.

‘Alright, Gareth’ he said in that smooth husky voice of his.

Gareth’s knees nearly buckled, when he realised Josh remembered his name, he quickly pretended to finish up, and as he turned around he knocked into Josh, who, almost by instinct, put his arm on Gareth’s butt. Gareth jumped back, surprised, This was when he got a full view of Josh naked, he saw his chiselled abs, the eight pack, somewhat, covered by a thin layer of golden hair, his bulky arms and, looking down, his golden bush, surrounding the base of his crotch and almost covering his perfectly oval balls, but then, Gareth saw, the biggest surprise of all, the 10 inch, flaccid, cock, that went down to his knees and was thicker than Gareth’s arms. It was too much, his already stiff cock suddenly flared upwards pointing directly at Josh, Gareth blushed, and hoped he could die, right here, right now, this was the end of his existence at the school.

‘I’m sorry… really… I don’t know what come over it, please, I’m sorry, it won’t happen again’

Josh raised an eyebrow, and laid a thick meaty hand gently on his shoulder, Josh stared deeply into Gareth’s eyes. Gareth was the first to look away. All of Gareth’s, fear, confusion, and despair, was gone.

‘Gareth, I’ve always fancied you, you’re the hottest kid, in school, half of the rugby team check out your ass, they just can’t admit they’re gay yet so they took it out on the one kid who could, Connor.’

Gareth nodded, although just having Josh near him was amazing, he probably would have agreed to anything so long as Josh was close to him.

‘Gareth, are you gay?’

Gareth nodded.

‘Good, and do you think I’m hot?’

Gareth almost reeled in shock, Josh, questioning his looks? It was impossible, Josh was the hottest kind in school, how did he think he was anything less? Unless he was being modest.

‘Are you kidding? I mean, you’re the captain of the rugby team, you’re the fittest boy in school, everyone admires you, how could I not think you’re hot.

Josh slowly lifted his head to face him, and pushed his face close to Josh, gently opening his mouth with his lips, and pushing his tongue, down into Gareth’s mouth for a passionate and long kiss. Gareth pulled away and slowly sank to his knees, while keeping his finger outstretched so that he could stroke Josh all the way down, feeling his rock hard pecks and then his eight pack. Then seeing Josh fully erect, and pointing towards him, he blew his load.

‘Came a little early there didn’t we, son?’ Josh asked, a cheeky grin on his face.

‘Sorry, you’re just so beautiful’

He went under Josh’s, huge meat, and licked the bottom all the form the base to the tip, making Josh shudder violently, Gareth, then put his mouth slowly around the tip, and put his mouth around the monstrous cock, and with both his hand started to pump the rest of it, slowly at first and then getting faster and faster,


Gareth obliged willingly and pumped the meaty beast faster and faster, eventually, Josh came, and Gareth could fell, the weird texture bursting into his cheeks, it was all he could do to keep swallowing, as more and more of Joshes sweet cum came into his mouth again and again, after five or so mouthfuls, it stopped and Gareth felt Josh’s monstrosity go limp in his hands, he quickly licked up every last drop of cum as Josh pulled him up to his mouth to give him a deep and passionate kiss.

‘You give good head, Gareth, I’ll be coming back to you.’ he winked, and once again Gareth felt his knees buckle.

‘Thanks, do you wanna, do something at the weekend, maybe?’ Gareth blushed, feeling stupid.

Josh, looked at him drew him in by grabbing his waist and whispered into his ear:

‘How about Saturday, I’ll pick you up around 8?’

Gareth went limp in Josh’s meaty arm and nodded as he put his arms around the much meatier boy.

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