Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction with no basis in actual fact. That is to say, none of the characters are real, it never actually happened, nor do I wish it to happen to me. It is purely a work of fiction that was fun to write. Explicit sex is contained within, and the story is intended for the entertainment of mature adults only.

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“Strip,” I order him with a single word.

“What?” He has a hard time accepting my word at first.

“Strip,” I have to repeat. “You heard me! Strip down. I want it off, all of it!”

Men are so obedient. They put on an act of being all strong and macho, but deep down they all want the same thing. This one especially, I can tell. He hesitates, acts like he doesn’t know what to do, but deep down he can’t wait to do whatever I tell him. His natural nature wants to obey me. The thought might even excite him, or at least that’s what I suspect. Still, though, he hesitates.

“You’re a submissive,” I tell him what he must surely know himself. “You enjoy submitting to women. You have submitted yourself to women all your life, so why not submit to me now?”

My words hit him like an electric shock. He questions why he feels such strong desire to follow my direction, why he so much wants to obey me. It certainly can’t be from my physical strength. I am a petite young woman, over a foot shorter than him. He could easily toss me aside if he wanted. Men call me pretty, I am told, but I am certainly no voluptuous model. I suppose I consider myself desirable.

Or at least this one seems to think so. I sensed his attraction for me from across the room, the way he looked at me, and then in the way he looked down and away when I approached. He’s a shy one, I can tell, and I so much like them shy. Shy men make for such good pets, and I find myself wanting to break this one.

I can also sense he wants to obey my singular command. I don’t know how I sense it, but it’s like a sixth sense, an ability I’ve had all my life. He probably wonders too. How can I possibly know him so well? Why do I seem to know his innermost desires even more than he knows them himself? Perhaps I see it in his reaction. Or maybe I somehow read his mind. In a way, I suppose, I do read him. I know his secretes. I understand his deepest desires.

“But I hardly know you,” He eventually answers after a long pause during which he thinks about a comeback and hardly looks at me. He speaks silently, in hardly more than a whisper, just like a true submissive should. I can tell he’s shy. He’s not accustomed to addressing the dominate of his species.

His answer also, I distinctly notice, fails to refute me. A mistake on his part! He confirms what I suspect, validates what I first sensed from across the room. I’ve always been able to tell. My sixth sense takes over.

“So then you have submitted,” I’ve assumed correctly. “Tell me, have you submitted to other women?”

He goes silent. His head bows as if in salute. Eyes look down to the ground as if afraid to face me, afraid what else I might see through them. He feels shame to answer. I can tell he isn’t accustomed to a woman being so direct. It takes a long time, but eventually he silently answers with just a nod.

“I thought so!” I congratulate myself at uncovering the truth. He appears a fine catch. Not the normally frail, scrawny, weak little submissive I find so common. This one stands tall, has muscles, and with a handsome face too. And then there’s all that long blond hair dropping down to his shoulders. He has the look of a guy who would stand out in a crowd. At a party, women would take notice. At a bar, the woman sitting next to him might hope he would buy her a drink. She might even fantasize what he would be like, to have him invite her over to his place, stay for a late night drink, among other things.

“But only two others,” He disturbs the pleasant thoughts running through my head with another. “And I first knew them. We first got to know each other.”

Two isn’t a very large number. I imagine he got to know them first as girlfriends, went out on a few dates, maybe even experienced what could be considered normal sex before admitting his submissive nature. Only after he voiced his fantasy did they take him up on his offer. Only then did they take over.

“So how does that concern me?” I don’t care. “What difference does it make that we just met? You are a submissive. I am a woman who controls. Nothing else matters. Nothing else is important.”

Indeed, the fact I am almost a stranger should make it more thrilling for him. He probably never performed for a stranger before. The opportunity should increase his arousal, make him even more of a submissive.

“I don’t know,” He hesitates.

Then I have an idea,” I propose. “Pretend I am your mistress. Let’s pretend I just purchased you at the auction. I have taken you home and now I wish to take a look at what I paid for.”

I reach down and undo the top most button of my blouse. A hint of my boobs come into view. I can tell he looks. His eyes rise up and focus on the middle of my chest. He likes to look at my boobs, the swell of breasts. He would like to see more and is willing to do almost anything for the opportunity.

“So get it off,” I return to my original request. Not so much a request, but more like a demand. “And I mean everything! Is there something about the word ‘strip’ that you don’t understand?” I turn stricter with him. “Do I need to explain it to you?”

My tactic works. He still hesitates, pauses before he starts, but then gets down on a knee to take off his shoes and socks: First one shoe and sock, and then the other. The shirt comes next. Fine muscle definition, strong arms, little fat on him. He could be an Olympic athlete, perhaps a football player. I’m sure he works out several times per week. Males look so much better when they are young. This one looks barely legal. I guess him to be 20 years old, certainly no more than 25.

“Hurry up!” I encourage him when he pauses at his belt buckle. “Off with it, boy. Give me a look.”

Calling him “boy” comes on a whim. I don’t even think about it. It just comes out, I suppose, because of his young age. Indeed he is very much like a boy to me. I guess him to be 15 years my junior. He could almost be my son.

Sitting back in my comfortable high-backed chair, I watch. I’ve always enjoyed watching men strip, and especially young, fit men like this one. He reminds me of the many male strip joints I’ve visited, the stripper hired for a bachelorette party, and then some of the back issues of Playgirl I’ve kept around. I have a whole library of them, a library of naked young men. I even keep them indexed to more quickly find the best looking stud for my demands. I keep the blonds and brunettes separated too. I even have a special section reserved for pictures of young men sporting erections.

The belt slips out from the hoops of his slacks. It would be better if he danced around like they do at those clubs. He would make for a good stripper, but I like his innocence too. I can tell this is his first try, at least like this. He’s probably stripped for past girlfriends, but those were women who already saw him naked, maybe even had sex with him. Then it was mutual. Now he strips while I sit back fully clothed and watch.

White underwear comes uncovered beneath. Loose fitting underwear, regular underwear, not the tight thongs so prevalent on male strippers. A tight bikini would be better, see through mesh netting even better than that. Still, I like it. I especially like the bulge in front. It looks larger than normal, and then I notice it.

Truly he is a submissive. The evidence is displayed right in front of me. Unbelievably, they guy has a hard-on under his shorts! In fact, I’m sure he does. I see the outline of his boner pressed out against his underwear, the stalk standing upright and firm in front of him. I know it for certain when he stands back up after slipping the slacks off his feet and tosses them to the side. It usually requires some effort on my part to give a guy a boner. It normally doesn’t occur right away. This one is excited, obviously, even aroused by the situation. Truly, he is a submissive.

“Pick up after yourself,” I put aside his hard-on for a moment to chastise him for leaving his clothes laying around. “Bring me your clothes. Let me get rid of them.”

He bends down to pick up all the clothes he’s taken off so far: shoes, socks, shirt, and pants. Unfortunate for me, he faces the wrong way when he leans forward. I would rather see his ass. A stripper would know. This one still needs some training, but then there will be plenty of time for me to train him in the coming weeks.

“I’ll throw them away,” I take the clothes from his open hands. “You won’t need these anymore; at least for the next couple of days.”

To emphasize my point, I get up from the chair, walk over to a small wastebasket sitting next to my desk, and deposit them inside. I make a show of it, pressing them down into the rest of the trash. The message is obvious. I make sure he knows what I want. He won’t be wearing much in the way of clothing around my house.

“Continue,” I say a single word when I sit back down again. “I didn’t tell you to stop.”

He pauses to consider it. He still has doubts, I can tell, but now I can also tell he wants to. I can tell it by his shorts. I can see it for myself, through the hard-on he sports underneath. It rises up high. I distinctly notice they way it pulls out the top of his underwear, pulling it out away from his waist, as if too big to be contained.

Predictably, he starts again, but not in the way I would prefer. To my disappointment, he first turns away. He hides himself from me. My mouth opens and I am about to chastise him, until he starts slipping down his last remaining article of clothing.

A fine ass, strong and firm, and so smooth. I can’t help but wait to spank it. I admire his ass so much that I hardly notice his last remaining article of clothing hit the ground. Suddenly, almost before I realize it, he stands naked. I have a naked young man in the room with me. And not only naked, but with at least a semi-erection on the other side.

“Those will be thrown into the garbage as well,” I point to his underwear. “You’ll have no need for them. You will have no need for any clothing around my house, not for the next few days.”

He stands nervous. He stands before me like a frightened little boy. But not a boy, a real man, and I have him standing naked before me. I can tell he’s nervous by how he positions his hands, holding them in front, covering himself. The hands need to come first.

“Put your arms behind you,” I order. “Grasp your wrists together. Make sure your hands stay well behind your back.”

He’s still so nervous. I notice it in the way he glances around to check if I am looking. He wants to make sure I remain seated in the chair. He wants to make sure I can’t see. At the same time, however, he so much wants to show me. He can’t wait to show himself off to me. The thoughts going through his head must be driving him half crazy. He doesn’t know what he wants any more. But I do.

One more time he glances around to check, and only then does he pull his hands away. Still he moves them slow, but at least he does move them. The fact I remain seated in the chair seems to satisfy him. It takes almost a minute, but eventually he brings his arms around to the center of his back. He grasps his wrists together exactly like I requested. I purposely order him to grasp his wrists together so to force his hands higher up on his back and make sure not to block my view.

“Very good!” I say as if to congratulate the young man and his thoughtful act. “That’s a fine ass!” I decide to tell him as a type of reward.

Again he glances around as if to check if I still sit in the chair. His body turns as he does so, but he doesn’t show me anything. He seems worried I might get up and walk around and check out what he has on display on the far side. I consider it, but remain seated. Why should I do any of the work? This is my show, my special day. I want to be able to relax and enjoy myself. Besides, it will be better if he voluntarily submits. I want him to take the initiative and show me everything.

“Now slowly turn around,” I tell him what I want to see. “Very slow,” I emphasize the word. “And I do mean slow. I want you to turn around slow while you keep your wrists tightly held behind you.”

At first, I can’t tell if he rotates at all. He seems to stand in place, frozen, unmoving for several seconds. He seems to consider it, but then a barely perceptible motion from his feet tells me when he starts.

“Perfect!” I like the way he follows directions so obediently, almost reads my mind to give me exactly what I want. I want a show, and I want to drag out the show. Briefly, I consider telling him to hurry so I can more quickly see what I am after, but then think better of it.

“Nice and slow,” I tell him instead. “And keep those hands behind you. Thrust out your waist if you want too, but keep it slow.”

He moves excruciatingly slow. He hardly moves at all, but I like the way he moves. He really puts on a show. He seems to know what I want better than I know myself. His waist thrusts out too, as if to show himself off for me, as if to put himself on better display.

I wait impatiently. I fidget in the chair with anticipation. Second by second, then a minute passes by. I fight the urge to jump up and take a look around. It would be easy. He stands so vulnerable, so much like a virgin. I imagine him as some young, virgin boy waiting for the first time.

“Oh!” I say with excitement at the first sight of it. “What was that?”

He stops turning for a moment; then rotates his hips back the other way to hide it from view. It disappears, leaving me disappointed, but I know what I saw. It appeared higher than expected, sooner too, right before it disappeared again. Instead of at his waist like I expected, it first appeared up by his tummy, which I know can’t possibly be right. A moment later I laugh at myself, realizing it only a product of my over-active imagination.

“Why do you stop?” I tempt him. “I want to see it.”

At least the bulge in his shorts wasn’t my imagination. I saw the evidence, and it was standing upright. Not a partial erection either, but clearly a full-fledged hard-on. I saw it for only a second, but I saw the head of it pointed up into the air. And then I think again about where I saw it, just below his chest, but no way could I have really seen it rise so high. The thing would have to be a foot long in length for me to see it that high. Obviously, it had to be my imagination.

Still, the temptation to check him out proves almost unbearable. If I could lean over just a little. I wouldn’t even need to get up from the chair. It stands so close, just around the corner. It lies just out of my view. His waist, I notice, it continues to push out, showing it off. If only he would push it out a little bit more.

It takes longer than it should. Perhaps he turns slower. Maybe it comes from my anticipation. I let my eyes roam up and then back down the length of his gorgeous body. I focus on the spot where I expect it to emerge once again. The first time it appeared too high, higher than it should, so I focus lower.

Just then, I see it a second time. It peeks around the corner. It peers around like the head of a little boy wanting to look into the girl’s shower. Except I am the one looking, and I am looking at a different type of head.

This time, I say nothing. I learned my lesson from the first time. I don’t want to scare him, make him turn back. I wonder if he realizes I am looking. I wonder if he realizes what I see. The thought excites me, the thought of spying on him in secret.

Just then I notice something else too. I notice how high up on his body it appears. Not where I expected, not at his waist, but above his tummy, where it appeared before. The head peaks around the corner and emerges a lot higher up on his body than it should. Sooner too! I like the potential implications of what I see, at what he has to offer.

“Oh!” I can resist no more. I first wait until the head is full on display, and then I voice my thoughts out loud. “A mushroom!”

My comment gives him pause. He briefly turns his waist back the other way again. Back the other way, but not far enough away. Part of him remains on display. Not much, just the tip, but enough for the show to continue without pause. I start to realize it isn’t my imagination. This male is a lot more endowed than most.

“And I so much like my boys to be uncircumcised,” I voice my secret knowledge of him out loud. “I like mushrooms. I like it when there is a roof on top. It makes for a more interesting plaything.”

This gives him further pause. I like the way he hesitates and pauses. It makes him look so young, so innocent, so much a virgin. Still just the head of his magnificent cock pokes out from the side. It moves slightly, pushing in and then out ever so slightly with his heavy breathing. I so much want to see the rest of his length. Once again I am tempted to lean to the side and take a look at the rest of what he has to offer, but I also realize there is no need to rush. I will see soon enough. He is a submissive. He will show me.

The excruciating slow turn continues. Again the full head of his cock comes into view, and then a few seconds later a larger portion of the shaft as well. Clearly, he stands at a full erection. Not partial, but with a full boner. His cock stands upright and firm, pointing almost straight up into the air. Thick too! He looks too big for me to grasp my fingers around, or perhaps it is just my over-active imagination once again. In any case, I can see this one has a lot of potential.

“Nice dick,” I eventually decide to compliment him. “I like your prick!”

I so much like looking at naked men, and looking at a man with an erection is even better. There’s nothing like the sight of a tall, handsome, naked young man with a full hard-on, and this one looks to be a lot more gifted than most. He rises so high, and with every little turn of his body I get to see ever more of it. He still has quite a ways further to turn, I notice, which means the show isn’t nearly over yet. I can’t wait.

“Excellent!” I can’t help but continue to compliment. “What a superb dick!”

Normally I don’t like to compliment a boy, but I can’t help it with this one. The excitement wells up from deep inside. He appears better than most of my magazines, more magnificent than the average stripper. At least six inches of it grows tall, and he still isn’t side-ways to me yet. He most definitely extends longer than most. Higher too! I notice the shaft of his cock actually has a bend to it, looking like a banana, curving upwards and pointed at the sky.

“Oh my God!” I grip my fingers tight to the armrests of the chair. “Holy fuck!” I speak in increased astonishment. Normally I insult a boy, tell him how small he is, make him feel useless and degraded. But with this one, I can’t help it. I can’t believe it! He truly is magnificent, a real stud. I close my eyes for a second to bring myself back down to reality and make sure it doesn’t come from my over-active imagination. When I open them again, he appears just as long as ever. Now I know why the head emerged so high up on his waist. It comes from his length, because his cock is so incredibly long!

“Now that is a very nice cock!” I say my thoughts out loud. I’m not sure if he heard my first exclamations, but I make sure he hears it now. My words give him pause, his breathing turns heavier. I think a moan of excitement escapes from his lips, and his cock seems to move in and out further with his every breath.

“Very impressive,” I tell him more. “I really like your cock.”

He is better than the pictures in any of my old playgirls, better than any of the males I’ve seen at strip joints or at parties. He’s so strong and handsome, and then with such a big cock too. He could make millions if he ever decided to model his body. If he decided to be a stripper, he would get the best tips. If he wanted to work for a male escort service, he would get all the richest clients.

I sit in awe and admire the thing. The shaft of his cock must be close to eight inches in length, maybe longer if he would ever finish his excruciating slow turn. He still has more to go. And I love the way it points up so high up into the air. I didn’t think a big man could point so high. All my downloaded pictures of long males show them dropping down. Some of the pictures even show them holding their own equipment. I always thought it was physically impossible for a male to achieve a true upright erection after a certain length, but this one proves my assumption wrong. The temptation to jump up from my chair and fast forward to the end of the show proves almost overwhelming.

And not just long, but I notice the impressive girth as well. Perhaps that is why it can stand upright. I suppose the base needs to be thick to support such a long length, like a strong girder to support a tall building. The wide girth must give him the ability to stand so high and upright. The curve in the shaft becomes more pronounced the further he turns. I like the curve. It somehow makes his cock look even hotter. The shaft must be near nine inches in length, maybe ten. I will have to measure it later, and then have a pleasant thought of doing so.

I eventually get around to imagining what he would feel like inside me too. The image sends a pleasant shiver of heat through my body. I squirm in my chair thinking about it. He would extend deeper, split me apart further than any man before. I have dildos of comparable size, but a live cock would be so much better. I imagine him on top. Perhaps I will have him ride me like a mounting bull. Most surely I will have to ride him.

Finally, he finishes. He stands before me in side-profile. I am greeted with the magnificent sight of raw cock meat, standing upright and at attention, full on display for my eyes to feast upon. And feast they do! I don’t even want to hazard a guess at how long it must be; easily twice the size of a normal male. Ten or eleven inches, I figure; maybe even twelve. It is hard to know in my excited state. Looking at his cock is like looking at a normal cock through a magnifying lens. Soon I will have to measure it to know exactly. First, however, I want to feast.

“Have you ever been told,” I eventually decide to ask him directly. “That you have a big cock?”

He doesn’t answer. He doesn’t need to. His big cock does all the answering for him. I can’t believe my luck in finding him. He would be a great catch no matter what, but then I recall his submissive nature too. A submissive male is a rare find, but a submissive with an eleven inch cock is rarer still. Probably only a few dozen must exist in the world. I am so lucky to have this one.

“I stand corrected,” I correct my words after recalling his submissive side. “It isn’t your cock any more. It is mine!”

This makes him jump. His entire body shivers. His waist pushes out further and makes his cock jab up higher into the air. My words surprise him. His reaction surprises me.

“Let me hear you say it,” I want to hear it from his lips. “Who’s cock is that?” I point to it.

His head turns away, dejected. He is too ashamed even to answer. Excited too, aroused, but also dejected. I love his reaction.

“Tell me,” I prod him with a smile. “Who does that big cock of yours belong to?”

He takes a deep breath before answering. His waist pushes out further. He places himself better on display. “It is yours,” He says at last, and then adds: “Mistress Mellissa.”

Yes! He understands! And I so much like to be called mistress. I didn’t need to tell him. He automatically knew. The sound of the word makes me shiver again. It starts from between my legs and then progresses through the rest of my body. I had no need to instruct him to call me by my proper title; he already knew it.

“Then you’ve had other mistresses,” I find my fingers playing upon the top-most button of my blouse. “I am not the first to take ownership of your cock?”

“Not the first,” He tells to my delight. “Others,” He seems hardly able to muster up the courage to admit it.

“So you’ve had practice?” The next button comes undone. The room has warmed with his words. I need to cool myself. I also show him a hint of my breast, a slight amount of cleavage. My boobs are too small to be able to show much cleavage, but I do wear a demi-bra that barely covers what I do have. He seems to like what he sees, as I can tell by his upright erection.

“I’ve had practice,” He admits.

“Then you already know the rules?” I want to know.

“I know,” He stutters out a reply. “I must obey.”

Indeed he does know. “That’s right,” I congratulate him by undoing the remaining buttons of my blouse and opening it down the front. His eyes open wide at the sight. He likes them, I can tell, every guy does. Even a submissive man enjoys a pair of bra encased boobs.

“You must always obey,” I control him with my bra and boobs. “You must do everything I ask of you.”

“I know I must,” He answers like my chest puts him under some kind of hypnotic spell.

“No matter how embarrassing it may be for you,” I continue. “No matter how degrading, even humiliating, you must do everything I ask of you.”

“Yes, Lady Mellissa,” He accepts so gracefully.

He calls me by another title: “Lady Mellissa.” Not as prestigious as Mistress, but I detect a similar obedience in the words. Briefly, I consider correcting him, but then decide I like it.

“For a test,” I decide on a test of his obedience. “Get up on the table,” I point to a solid oak table sitting in the middle of my kitchen, and then add almost as an afterthought: “On all fours.”

To my delight, he follows my instructions. Not right away. He expresses a slight hesitance, a deep intake of breath just after I say it. We will have to work on that. For now, the hesitance somehow makes the result seem even better, further adds to his debasement.

He uses one of the chairs to help step up to the table. It is a strong table, adequate for my needs. He gets up on it on his knees, and then bends forward to place the palm of his hands on the other side.

I like the effect. His cock is so damn long it practically touches the top of the table. The helmeted head would touch if not for the fact it points so far forward, extending far enough forward to lengthen past his belly.

“Very nice,” I compliment him on the display. “Like a dog,” I add as I think about it.

Indeed he looks very much like a dog, a pet of my very own to play with around the house. Mostly I would like to play with him in the bedroom, but then there’s also the kitchen table, living room, and maybe even the yard out back too. I find no reason to wait. He looks so inviting, so tempting.

“I like that pose,” I tell him as I slide a kitchen chair up to the side of the table. “Now hold still while I check you out.”

I take a seat. I sit down at the table as if sitting down for a meal. Directly ahead of me, only inches away, extends his incredibly long length of cock. With me sitting and him on all fours, I am at eye-level. It comes closer than ever before.

“You need to get accustomed to this position,” I decide to tell him. “Over the next few days you are going to be spending a lot of time in this position while I repeatedly check you out.”

He says nothing in response. His head and mouth turn outside my view. There’s only his magnificent cock. His taunt ass too, but I am mostly attracted by his cock.

“Like a dog,” I tease him with my earlier words. “Like a dog who is hung like a horse. I will often place you in this position so I can play with my pet.”

As he looks forward, I bring my hand up to feel my own breasts. I like feeling my own breasts, feel their small size, squeeze my fingers into my own flesh. It feels erotic. His hands would feel good too.

“All you need to do is nothing,” I reach my opposite hand forward and hint at what I have planned. “Just stay still and don’t move while I check out your size.”

He flinches at my remark. His cock seems to almost throb in response. I so much like the look of it. This is why I so much enjoy being a mistress. The control, the power I have over him; it makes me feel so aroused. No way can I hold out any longer. I simply have to have it.

He flinches again when I touch. Perhaps my fingers flinch too. I flinch at the realization that I have actually touched his naked member. My fingers touch it again. I don’t want to show any weakness, no hesitance.

“It’s so hard!” I run my fingers up and then back down his length. “So meaty!”

First one side and then the other, I run my fingers up and down the length of his magnificent cock. Indeed it is larger than normal, like twice the size of a normal male. It may even be bigger than any of my dildos. I wonder what it must feel like for him, for a guy to have such a massive appendage between his legs.

“A fine length of meat,” I speak to him as I feel. “An excellent cut of beef.”

I feel the bottom too, and then go around top. I pull down on it slightly, and then must pull down on it harder to get it to move. The thing is so damn hard it is actually difficult to move. I pull it straight down so the tip grazes against the top of the table. This startles him. It makes him fidget once again. I know it comes from the sensitive head of his cock touching the top of the table.

“I’m going to so much like playing with it,” I hint to him about the things I have planned. “And I want you to know that I’m going to be playing with it a lot over the next few days.”

A moan escapes from the lips of my new pet. I don’t know if it comes from my hand or my words, but what does it matter?

“Oh yes,” I want to hear more. “You’re cock is going to be getting a lot of attention the next few days.”

Another moan.

“A lot of attention from me,” Eventually I get around to grasping it in the palm of my hand too. Not just my fingers, but my entire hand. I notice my fingers can’t reach all the way around. No way do they fill the entire length either. Only half of it fits at once. His cock is long enough for me to use both hands if I wanted to, and then I think to myself, why not?

With my right hand around the base of his member, I use my left hand to grasp the upper half. I grab it like a baseball bat. It reminds me of playing softball in grade school, when we used to pick who got the first pick for their team by steadily grasping up the length of a bat. It is the same now, except I use his length of cock instead.

“Your big cock is going to be fun to play with,” I decide to squeeze down with both hands to check how hard he is. “I’ve always wanted a cock as big as yours to play with whenever I wanted.”

I’m not disappointed. He lets out a moan. I only squeeze harder. My fingers barely sink into his flesh. He has a true boner, a real hard-on.

“Very nice,” I compliment. “But stay still. Stop moving around so much.”

Despite my instruction, he wiggles around quite a bit. He also moans. I can tell it disturbs him, the way I squeeze his cock. I make to let go, act as though I am relaxing my grip, but then give him a squeeze with both hands as hard as I can.

“Oh!” He lets out the loudest moan yet. Not that I mind when he squirms and moans. I actually kind-of like it. It reminds me of how much control I have.

“Stop moving,” I tell him anyway. “I told you to keep still! How do you expect me to concentrate my attention on your cock with you moving around all the time?”

Only then do I let it go. His cock is actually red from my tight squeeze. It seems to have softened a little too, but mostly I notice the redness. Quickly it rebounds to its full and hardened state.

Then I notice something else as well. I notice it at the tip, a short string of it. I wonder if he sees it. I wonder if he even realizes he is doing it; at what I am witnessing. I have actually squeezed it right out of him, like ketchup from a bottle.

“You can’t wait,” I tell him. “But you are going to have to wait. You don’t have a choice. I still have two more objects I need to check out on you.”

I think he knows what I am talking about because he moans out some more. I talk of his balls, of course. They hang nicely between his legs. I could simply grab hold of them, but decide a mistress should be a little more creative.

“Stay still,” I stand and move farther down the length of his body, down to his ass. “You just need to remain frozen in place while I check out the rest of you too.”

I reach in from behind, from between his legs. He must part his legs to get my hand to fit, but it does fit. I come in from behind and take hold of his hanging balls.

“These are nice too!” I notice how big they feel. “I don’t have any of my own to play with, so I’m going to play with yours. I so much enjoy playing with a good nut sack.”

I start by rolling them around with my fingers. I feel the pair of egg-shaped orbs, the swollen sack. Perhaps it is just my over-active imagination, but my first impression of his balls are that they are larger than normal. I suppose it makes sense for a large cocked male to also have a large pair of balls. I take my time to move them around with my fingers and then bounce them a little in my hand too. He squirms when I bounce them. He squirms a lot more when I take them in the palm of my hand as if to squeeze them.

“Are you worried I’m going to squeeze down on your nuts?” I tease. I know what he is thinking, but then tighten my grip to add to his anxiety. “Don’t worry, unless of course you disobey me, but you won’t disobey, will you?”

“I will obey,” He answers like an obedient pet.

“Good boy!” I treat him like a pet. “Because I will not hesitate to give your nuts a tight squeeze if you ever disobey me.”

“Yes, Mistress Mellissa,” He seems to talk an octave higher while I hold them. I so much enjoy his reaction. I so much enjoy the power and control I have over him.

When I eventually let go and sit back down in the chair at his side, I notice he has pre-cumed a lot more. Not just a string, but a whole puddle of it.

“Such a messy boy!” I giggle as I let him know. “You’re horny. You so much need a mistress.”

I tease him like he is a shy and weak little boy. He certainly doesn’t appear shy or weak. He looks more like a muscular lineman for a football team. But I see the inside. I am capable of seeing what he really is; what he truly wants to be.

“Stand back up,” I order next. I enjoy him well enough on all fours, but then I decide he will be more fun to play with in the standing position. His cock somehow looks longer when he stands. I like it long. I so much like the way it points so straight up into the air.

“First some questions,” I decide to find out more about him. “First I have some questions about your previous experience at being a slave. I need to know about your various talents and past training.”

The direction of my inquiry takes him by surprise. I suppose he expects me to go for it, to lunge for his cock and use his body to satisfy my own sexual desires. Probably a lot of women would do so, given such a magnificent male creature. I am tempted myself, I must admit, but then remind myself that I have plenty of time later.

“Now, about your cock,” I treat it almost like a job interview. “How does it feel right now?”

Me sitting and clothed, him standing and naked; it seems so ironic, so unfair for him. He doesn’t know quite how to answer at first. He is not accustomed to being questioned like this, I can tell.

“Just answer the question,” I prompt. “It’s not a difficult question. I want to know. I don’t have a cock myself, so I’m curious to know what yours feels like right now.”

“Hard,” He finally admits. “And heavy!”

“I bet it is,” It certainly looks hard and heavy. “I bet it would really like something to fuck right now, wouldn’t it?”

He nods an answer.

“Perhaps even me?” I question. “Do you feel a desire to perhaps fuck me right now?”

“Very much,” He admits. “Please, if I could, Lady Mellissa?” He actually asks for my permission to do so.

“Not yet,” I disappoint him. “First my questions. I must determine if you are worthy of the honor of giving me a long and satisfying fuck.”

This gives him some hope; hope I might actually allow him to have intercourse with me. He wants to, I can tell, desperately. I want it too, but hold him back.

“Did your former mistress have you trained?” I ask of him as I stroke. He flinches again. I feel it through his cock. Interesting, the shaft of the cock that I grip with my hand. It behaves as a type of lie detector, an inner window to his soul.

“I’m not sure what you are asking,” He can barely speak. “Trained?”

The look on his face confirms it. The red cheeks, the sideways glance. He knows exactly what I ask; just doesn’t want to admit it.

“Trained,” I repeat my original question. “Did she discipline you? Did she teach you how to, as I like to say, hold it inside?”

The cheeks turn redder. I feel it once more in my hand. His cock, it flinches, as if afraid of what I might do to it. It has reason to fear. I plan to do so much.

“I’m not sure,” He stumbles out an incomplete answer. A tone of hesitance is apparent in his voice, as if afraid of any slip-up that might give away what he really thinks. “I don’t understand what you ask,” He still doesn’t want to answer.

I disagree with him. “Oh no!” I give the shaft of his cock a tight squeeze to physically voice my answer. “I think you know exactly what I mean. “Tell me boy, did your former mistress train you to hold it inside, to hold back? Are you trained to make sure your mistress first is satisfied before you take satisfaction yourself?”

I release my grip and return to the slow stroking action I impose upon his still young, inexperienced cock. I so much like them young. Young and full of vitality, as they like to say. Still a man, but a young man, I think again this one must be no more than a teenager.

“She tried,” He eventually answers my inquiry. “I mean I tried, but I never fully met her expectations.”

His answer intrigues me. It means he has potential. I naturally wonder how well he may be trained, and then how often he was trained.

“Trained, but not fully,” I rephrase, considering the implications of what he says. At the same time, a tremendous desire wells up from deep inside to accelerate my strokes along the exceptionally long shaft of his cock. I want to stroke faster, squeeze down harder too, but must hold back this first time.

“I’m sure it was difficult for you,” I pretend to feel sorry for him. “It’s difficult for any male, I know, to resist his natural function. But it must have been exceptionally difficult for you?”

“It was,” He agrees, naturally.

“Because of your size,” I guess the reason why. “Because of your long length, because of your wide girth, it made it difficult, didn’t it? It becomes more difficult for a male to control himself when he has so much more to control.”

“That’s right!” He agrees, and then he adds. “Thank you for understanding, Mistress Mellissa.”

I so much enjoy it when he addresses me properly as his mistress. The words give me a sense of power and control while at the same time further amplifies his debasement. I also understand, I really do, but in ways he can’t possibly realize.

“So you are trained,” I question if my understanding is correct. “But not fully?”

“That is correct,” He confirms.

“You are trained to resist, to hold it back until your mistress gives you permission,” I go on. “You are trained to hold it inside, to hold in your sperm?”

Another flinch from his cock. He knows now. He has no doubt. He knows exactly what will be expected of him. He also knows what I want.

“Yes, my Mistress!” He even confirms it.

“Interesting!” I consider the implications of his words. This one will be fun, a real treat. Not just big in size, but properly trained as well. Not trained as much as I would like, but then a girl can’t have everything. Perhaps I will someday have to complete his training. It will be fun to make him obey.

I notice my hand stroking faster than what I want. It makes me excited, what I have learned about this new male stud. I have to put forth a considerable effort to slow back down and make him last.

“I guess that means,” I eventually return from my fantasy and come back down to reality. “That must mean you will resist my extensive use of your cock, but you still have your limitations?” I continue with my line of questioning.

“I have limitations!” He confirms with the release of a deep breath.

“And what are those limitations?” I want to know. “Are they, how should I say it?” I consider how to ask the question, and then ask it anyway. “Are they extensive?”

“I’m, I’m,” He stutters. “I’m not sure how to answer.”

Of course he isn’t sure. He can’t be sure. He doesn’t know me yet, doesn’t know how forceful I will be, how strict I will hold him to the rules. He doesn’t know what extensive use I will put to his cock, but he soon will. By the time the sun rises in the morning, he will know fully.

“Then let me ask it this way,” I rephrase. “Will you be able to hold in your sperm much longer? If I continue stroking on your cock like I am now doing right now, will you be able to hold back your cum for me?”

“I, I, think so,” Again the stutters.

“And what if I stroke faster?” I demonstrate with my hand. “What then? Will you still be able to hold in your sperm for me?”

“I, I’ll try,” His breathing becomes faster. Immediately I hear the affect my hand has on him. I like what I hear, so decide to go on.

“And what if I also squeeze down tighter,” Again, I demonstrate. He begins to moan. He doesn’t need to answer with words. His moans tell me everything I need to know.

“I’m trying,” He answers in a plea, and I can tell he really is trying. My hand rapidly strokes up and then back down his meaty pole. My fingers curl in tight, wrapped around. A normal male would have exploded already. I slow to give him a reprieve.

“Very good!” I congratulate his performance. “I see you have been trained quite well. Perhaps not fully trained to meet my needs, but well enough. Your training will serve you well to pleasure me and my girlfriends.”

“Yes, Mistress Mellissa,” He once again formally addresses me by my title. I so much like it when he calls me mistress.

“Oh yes, there are my friends too,” I emphasize my last point. “I don’t know about your former mistress, but I like to show off my boys after they are trained. We like to show off to each other, and you should make for quite an entertaining show.”

“Yes Mistress Mellissa,” He answers after a long pause.

I can’t wait to show him off. My girlfriends are going to be so jealous when they see his size. It’s not every day a girl gets lucky enough to find a boy with a ten inch pole. And so young and full of vitality too! He can’t be much over 18 years of age. A boy his age can sometimes do it two, even three times in one day. I fantasize what it will be like to have him for breakfast, lunch, and then dinner.

“Did she show you?” I want to know how experienced he might be in this area too. “Tell me, did your former mistress like to show you, you know, like at parties?”

“Not often,” He answers to my delight. Good! That means he is inexperienced too. A picture forms in my mind, a picture of a shy young man in front of my girlfriends. That is, a shy, naked young man, acting embarrassed in front of my girlfriends. He will not like it when I show him off, but this will only further his debasement.

“And when she did show you,” I go on to ask a more personal, more humiliating question. “I mean when she showed you off to her girlfriends at parties, did she show you with a boner?”

It takes him longer to answer this question. First he gives me an answer with a shake of his head. Only when I stop stroking his tool does he answer verbally.

“No Lady Mellissa.”

Again, I take delight. More inexperience, I like it. His debasement, even humiliation will be total.

“Then you should know,” I decide to start early. “I might as well tell you this in advance, Richard, but when I show you off at my parties, I will make sure to show you with a full boner. I will display you to my girlfriends naked and with a full boner every time.”

A moan comes from above me. I can tell this disturbs him. He is not accustomed to being displayed hard, and I can see why he might be disturbed by what I hold in my hand. It comes from his size, of course. He worries what the young women will do when they catch sight of him.

“Does this bother you?” I decide to ask. “Do you have a problem with me showing you off at parties while your cock stands inflated, tall, and at its longest length for all my girlfriends to gaze upon?”

Another moan and then the proper answer. “It does not matter if it bothers me,” He says to my delight. “You are free to show me however you wish.”

“That’s right!” I congratulate him on giving the correct answer. “And I wish to show you hard. My girlfriends like to see males with full boners, and they are going to go absolutely crazy when I let them see yours.”

This does disturb him. I feel it through my hand. I also hear it through the worried moan sounding out from above me. His inexperience will make it even better. I imagine his shyness, and then imagine my girlfriends screaming when they first catch sight of him.

“I will first have you hold it inside for me,” I tell him exactly how I wish to display him. “I will have you hold in your sperm for a very long time while I play and tease on you. And then, when you can hardly stand holding it inside any longer, I’m going to bring you out and show you off. I’m going to show off my latest purchase, which will be your hard, erect, dripping cock. I’m going to show you off to all my girlfriends while your cock stands upright in its full glory.”

He makes no answer to this statement. Indeed I am going to show off his cock, and then I’m going to show off what I can do with it too. Only after all my girlfriends are present and are gathered around watching, only then will I give him permission to cum. This portion of his debasement, however, I do not tell him. I hold back because I want it to be a surprise. If his previous Mistress never showed him off with a boner, then it logically follows that he has never been publically cummed either. The shock on his face will be worth the wait. I can’t wait to witness his total humiliation at having to cum while a small cadre of women watch him do so.

“I’m not saying this as a request,” I switch back to the subject at hand. I want to make sure he fully understands and appreciates what he has gotten himself into. “This isn’t something that might happen. It is something that will happen, and it will happen soon. I can’t wait to show you off to my girlfriends.”

Still he says nothing. I go right on and continue stroking his dick through all of it. He is fighting me, I can tell, resisting what comes natural.

“How are you feeling?” I soon ask. “Are you working to hold it inside?”

He nods and then answers: “Yes mistress.”

“Are you working to hold in your sperm?” I want to hear more. “Are you purposely trying to hold back your sperm and keep it in your balls?”

“Yes mistress,” He says more quickly the second time.

“Then you are doing well,” I decide on a compliment. “Keep holding it back. Keep letting those balls fill up. You only have one ball filled so far. Now you need to work to fill the other.”

He lets out a desperate moan at this remark. I’ve effectively told him that I am only half-done. I still have a lot of stroking planned for his cock, and I really do. To emphasize the point, I let go of his shaft for a moment to feel up his balls.

“Oh yes, you still have a long ways to go,” I conclude as I feel the meaty orbs with my fingers. “Not even bloated yet. I need to first get your nuts big and bloated so you have more to show off to me.”

I feel up his balls for less than a minute, and then go right back up to his shaft again. I don’t give him rest, no retrieve. I want to test his stamina.

“But not for a long time,” I make him moan when I start up again. “I want to see how well disciplined you are. I need to know how well she trained your cock so I know how much further training I must give it.”

My momentary reprieve seems to have relaxed him, the pause in my stroking action makes him sound less desperate. Lucky for me, however, his giant cock hasn’t lost any of its stiffness. It remains as firm as ever, and I feel it leaks out increased amounts of lubricant after the first few strokes. It stands upright and so unbelievably tall. I distinctly notice the way my hand moves in an almost vertical direction when I stroke it.

“You are doing well,” I can’t help but compliment. “Very good! I can tell you will be a very satisfying fuck.”

Another moan from above me, a slight twitch in his cock as well. Hints of sex excites him. He probably finds me attractive, but then why not? I like to consider myself a pretty girl. Trim body, cute features, and with perfectly sized boobs. I do not look at all domineering, or at least not nearly as domineering as I now feel. He probably finds me attractive and would very much like to have a go with me in the sack.

“Yes, I’m sure you will give a very long and satisfying fuck,” I decide to be more explicit in order to tease him. “You might even like that too, wouldn’t you? How would you like to fuck me?”

“Yes!” I hardly hear him voice out loud. Another twitch in his cock too.

“I bet you would like to fuck my body,” I give him hope. “I bet you would like to fuck me a lot. Tell me, do you like to fuck pretty girls with small boobs?”

“Very much!” He answers honestly.

“Good!” I like his answer. “Because I like being fucked. I need to be fucked often, at least three times per day, but only by boys who are properly trained in the fine art of fucking. The only cocks I allow inside are those that can properly hold in their sperm long enough to first give me an orgasm.”

The cock in my hand twitches again.

“We’ll have to see if your cock is properly trained,” I refrain from giving him a definite answer. “It all depends on how well trained you are. I might have to train your cock further before I allow it inside.”

“Yes, Lady Mellissa,” He acknowledges this temptation with a moan.

“With me on top,” I add. “Of course, I will be on top. I always take the top, and I’m going to enjoy riding you.”

I can’t help but think what it will feel like to ride this one. With his cock being so long, it will go in so deep. I will be able to thrust up and then back down on him such a long distance. He is sure to give me an orgasm, not only from his size but more important because of his training.

I wouldn’t mind him taking the top too, and then perhaps taking me from behind as well. Not at first. First, I will need to establish who is in charge. Perhaps later we will experiment with multiple positions. Yes, I certainly will have to experiment with this one in many different positions. It would be especially satisfying to receive an orgasm from behind and then another from a hard ride.

I suddenly realize my stroking action has accelerated. I did it without thinking — or perhaps I was thinking, that is, all those dirty thoughts. He doesn’t like this. It feels like he is on the edge, about to let go. I immediately slow to give him some reprieve.

“I hope you have been sufficiently trained to ride,” I go back to my original thought. “I like to go riding. You would make for a good ride. Do you think I might be able to ride you later in the week?”

“If you wish,” He accepts my dominance. “I will make myself available.”

I like his answer. “Of course you will,” I accept. “You will make your cock available to me, whenever I wish.”

“Yes, Lady Mellissa,” Again he accepts. “I will make my cock available to you.”

I like this too. “That means you will make it hard for me too,” I turn more explicit. “Not just any cock, but I will demand you make it stand hard and upright too. You will provide me with a stiff cock whenever I desire it.”

“A stiff cock,” He agrees. “Yes, Lady Mellissa.”

He is actually doing quite well. I’ve been jerking on him for a long time already. He’s been sporting a hard-on for even longer. Most men would have exploded a long time ago. I can tell this one has received considerable training.

“Keep holding it inside,” I encourage further. “Hold in that sperm. I’ll let you cum, but first you have to hold it in.”

The moans turn louder, his hips begin to shake. Already it has been a long time, I know. If he was fucking, he would have given me an orgasm a long time ago, but then that is the whole purpose of training a male. Males must be trained to satisfy. I despise a premature ejaculation. This one has the stamina to hold it in until I orgasm, perhaps a double orgasm. He will be tested, extensively.

“Did your former mistress always allow you to release?” I decide to change my line of questioning while I stroke.

“Release?” He answers back in the form of a question. “Do you mean from her restraints?”

His answer surprises me. It also intrigues me. Not what I had in mind, but still intriguing. Briefly, I imagine him in restraints, perhaps in shackles, around the wrists and ankles. Naked too, naturally, and with his gigantic cock full on display and available for me to do with however I please. I am tempted to restrain him now, tie him down before continuing my play, but then decide there will be plenty of time for that later.

“We’ll have to come back to your restraints later in the week,” I decide to tempt him. “But no, that is not what I meant. Not release from your restraints. I meant the release of your sperm. What I really want to know is how often did she allow you to cum, or was she a mistress who preferred to train you by holding it back?”

“Holding it back!” He admits to my delight. “She wouldn’t let me!”

He says it louder than need be, almost in a shout. I can hear how much he fights it. It sounds like she held him back often. Perhaps she was a mistress who didn’t appreciate a cum. For myself, I really like to watch a male cum. I so much enjoy the sight of a naked young man when he climaxes.

“Did she often hold it back?” I want to know specifics. “Do you mean to say she would masturbate on your cock like I am doing now, and not allow you to cum in the end?”

“She wouldn’t allow it,” He almost pleads with me to do just the opposite.

“So she would stroke or fuck on your cock for a very long time while you held your sperm in for her?” Still I want to hear more. “And then sometimes she would stop simply because she felt like it?”

“She would stop!” He tells me. “She stopped to punish me. She said it was to train me.”

I like his answer. I briefly consider doing the same myself, leaving him wanting, needing him needing. I wonder how long it will take his cock to deflate to normal size, perhaps it might stay hard, hard and firm until I finish with it. It would be interesting to find out. Perhaps later, but not now.

“That must have been terrible,” I pretend to feel sorry for him. “I mean to have your cock stroked for so long and then not allow the release of your sperm!”

“It was!” He agrees.

“To have all that thick, white sperm held up inside,” I describe it. “All that sperm swelled up, unused in your balls.”

I think of his full, bloated balls, and then think of how much they must already contain. He will be putting on a hell of a show, I know. I think of the long white strings that will soon be shooting out from the tip of his cock, but no need to tell him.

“In case you may be wondering,” I make sure to leave him in need. “I may not allow you to release either.”

A moan suddenly escapes his lips. “Please Mellissa,” He begs under his breath, and then a series of whimpers. It makes him sound like a dog, like a dog in need. I so much enjoy that sound.

“In fact,” I add to increase his anxiety. “I happen to subscribe to the philosophy that the release of sperm from the male cock should be considered a privilege.”

More whimpers. “Please Mellissa,” He almost begs. I can feel in the firmness of his hard cock how much he fights to hold back. He can hardly stand it, and I am so much enjoying myself.

“It should be considered a reward,” I continue to torment. “Thus, I will only rarely allow you to release. Even after an incessant amount of masturbation or a long fuck, you will be required to hold in your sperm for me.”

“Please no!” He starts to plead with me. “No Mellissa, please! Not again!”

His words give me hope. His mention of doing it again makes me wonder. No wonder he is able to hold out for so long. His previous mistress indeed must have made him hold it, even more than I usually do. He is such a submissive, the equivalent of a male whore.

“It’s the only way to properly train a male to be ridden,” I let him know the reason behind all my training. He already knows this, yes, but I want him to hear me say it.

“Yes, Lady Mellissa,” He even agrees, to my delight.

“And I will be riding you often,” I let him know. “And I will be riding you hard!” I emphasize my last word with a little stronger than normal tug on my next stroke of his cock. It almost sends him over the edge. More moans sound from somewhere above me. It takes him a few seconds to recover, and through it all I am careful not to let up on my pumping action. I never let up, never allow him any relief.

“I demand much of my males,” I casually tell him. “And I demand it often.”

Another moan, and then his cock shudders. I think he is going to do it. Briefly, I consider pausing my stroking action to help him last longer, but a moment later come to my senses and realize I must not show any weakness. The shutter comes from the word I use, I know. I mention fucking. I let him know he will be fucking me. He certainly will be fucking me, but the fucks will be on my terms, not his.

“And speaking of my demands,” I think back to what he mentioned earlier. “Earlier you said something about restraints? Did your previous Mistress often use restraints on you?”

“Yes,” It takes him several seconds to respond. He acts as though he doesn’t want me to know this.

“And were you naked when she restrained you?” The image forms on my mind, his muscular body in ropes and chains. “Did she first strip you naked before she took away your ability to resist?”

“Usually,” He admits between breaths. “Sometimes she restrained me with a few clothes still on too, but they never stayed on for very long.”

“Of course they didn’t!” I think it obvious. “And it will be the same with me,” I let him know. “It is important for a naked man to be restrained. It is important in the training of your cock. If not for the restraints, you might be tempted to reach down and jerk yourself off.”

“Never!” He answers to my delight.

“Exactly!” I give him a smile. “That is why I sometimes prefer to have you restrained. It is often necessary, especially if I am to subject you to a prolonged cock-tease. I will need to have you in a position where you are unable to resist my efforts.”

Another shutter. His cock appears ready to shoot at any moment. I keep stroking through it all, never stopping, not even slowing down. I am relentless, continuing to pump my hand on his cock at the same, constant rate.

“Tell me Richard,” I want to hear more about his body in bondage. I have a thought, a very pleasant thought, and I want to explore it further. “Did your former mistress ever restrain you so you couldn’t resist her efforts, even after you succumbed to her?”

He doesn’t understand my question, not at first. The thought becomes more dramatic for me. I think of doing it to him now, and watching the result.

“After I succumb?” He questions back.

“After you cum,” I rephrase. “I think you know what I’m asking. Did your former mistress ever restrain you so you couldn’t get away even after you cummed?”

Another shutter. He knows exactly what I am asking, but doesn’t answer at first.

“Did she ever restrain you,” I must go on to pull it out of him. “So she could continue to play with it, even after you cummed? Did she ever continue to stroke on your cock as a punishment after your cock shot out a load of cum?”

It takes him several moments more to answer. “Only rarely.” When he does answer, he answers under his breath, perhaps hoping I might not hear.

“Then the answer is yes?” I want to hear him admit it.

“Yes, Lady Mellissa, she did,” He says with embarrassment. “But only rarely! It was very difficult for me.”

“I bet it was,” I picture in my mind what it must have been like. “I’m told the male cock can be extremely sensitive after it cumms. I bet you really thrashed around in your bonds when she went back to stroking it some more.”

“I did!” He pants. “I begged her not to. I even yelled at her to stop, but there was nothing I could do to stop her from torturing me.”

“Torture your cock?” I like his choice of words.

“Yes, Lady Mellissa,” He admits. “Sometimes she would use my cock as an instrument of torture. I would try to get away. I tried to get her to stop, but she wouldn’t let go of it.”

“So she continued to stroke it, even after she forced it to cum?” I can picture it so clearly. “Now that’s a sight I would really like to see.”

“Please no!” He starts to beg. “Oh, my cock!” He finally voices out loud. He says it in little more than a whisper, like a desperate sigh.

“What about your cock?” I decide to ask him. “Would you like me to give it permission to release its sperm load?”

“Oh yes!” He answers in a desperate tone.

“Soon,” I give him hope. “I’ll soon let you shoot out your sperm in a long stream. I’ll let you shoot your cock again and again, however many times you can do it.”

My words make it even harder for him, I know, my description of what he needs so badly. I feel it in his cock, in its stiffness. It seems to grow more as I stroke. I think it closer to eleven inches in length now. I resist the temptation to clamp down.

“And I’ll be watching as you do it,” I let him know this too. “I always watch my boys when they do it. I enjoy watching.”

“Please,” He speaks almost in a whisper from above me. I hardly hear, but I do hear it. I like begging almost as much as I like to watch a guy do it.

“Please?” I ask back. “Is there something you want to ask of me?”

“Please Mistress Mellissa,” Now he does beg. “Let me shoot my sperm.”

I love it. I have him now. I’ve got him in the palm of my hand, literally, or at least I have his giant cock in my hand. He actually begs me to let him cum.

“Are you sure?” I want to hear more. “Are you saying this is your limit? Do you need to cum now?”

“I have to cum,” He satisfies my desire. “Oh, I need to cum. My balls are so full. I can’t hold my sperm in any longer.”

“Can’t hold in your sperm,” I speak slowly, and just as slowly stroke him. “Does that mean you have a lot of sperm to shoot out for me?”

“I am full!” He admits between pants. “My balls, I can’t stand it.”

“That’s good,” I like his self-description. “Because I want to see a lot of sperm. I want to see thick ropes of sperm. And I want to see it shoot out a long distance too.”

“Oh yes!” He almost yells out. “I’m so ready to shoot.”

“And so you shall,” I suddenly let go of his cock. “But not yet!”

A terrified moan escapes his lips. He fears I am going to stop and make him wait. His cock shutters. I see it actually throb. For the first few seconds it appears as if it might even shoot off without anyone touching it. Now that would be quite a sight to behold.

“You are doing well,” I have to give him at least some of the credit. “I see your previous mistress has trained you well. She has obviously put your cock to extensive use.”

“She did!” He agrees. “Very extensive!”

I like his words. I enjoy hearing him so willingly admit his subservient stature. It gives me a terrific sense of power, of control over this strong creature. He is like a pet to me. I am his master.

It also gives me an idea: a dirty, nasty idea. I think of another way to test him. It will be a difficult test. I don’t know if he will be able to pass it, but I certainly will have a good time giving it to him.

“And so shall I as well,” I tell him after a long pause to think about it. “I mean your cock. I shall be putting it to extensive use as well,”

I remind him of what we talked about, as if he might have forgotten. Another moan of desperation. I so much enjoy his moans.

“And speaking of using your cock,” I go on. “There is one more test I wish to give you. There is one more thing you must do for me before I allow you to be satisfied yourself.”

“What is it?” He asks with interest. “Please Lady Mellissa, anything!”

Yes, anything! I so much like to hear that word. Soon he will regret he ever used it.

“First a question,” I decide to take my time. “A question about your previous training.”

“Yes Lady Mellissa,” He can’t wait for me to ask it.

“I am curious if your previous Mistress also trained you…” I start to say but then decide to ask it a different way. “I mean, are you also trained to hold in your sperm…” I try again but can’t quite get it out. It is such a dirty idea, such a nasty thought. I have a difficult time voicing it out loud. It would be easier if I knew him better. I consider waiting, thinking it might be best to hold back on our very first encounter.

“Yes, Lady Mellissa,” But then he tempts me to ask it anyway. He wants to know. I can’t help it. I give in.

“Then tell me boy,” I take a deep breath and say it. “I wonder if you are properly trained to hold in your sperm while your cock is being sucked?”

It takes a few seconds for my words to register. It is as though he doesn’t understand my meaning. Perhaps he didn’t hear? Or perhaps I go beyond his training? Whatever the reason, just as I open my mouth to clarify, his eyes widen. He looks at me with shock. I know then that he understands.

“That’s right,” I confirm without really confirming anything at all. “Imagine my mouth wrapped around the thick shaft of your cock,” I step up close, in front of his face, and tell him to imagine while I imagine it myself. “Think of your smooth cock-head inside my mouth, my tongue swirling around. Licking! Sucking! Playing with it.”

“Please no!” He can’t stand it. “Not that! I won’t be able to stand it!”

I hardly stand it myself. I act like such a bitch, such a wanton slut in heat. His cock has put me in heat. The size of his equipment has corrupted me!

“And all you need to do is nothing at all,” I make it sound like it will be easy for him. “I only ask you to do one little thing for me. It’s nothing, really, very simple.”

“Please no!” He says again. “Not that! Please Melissa!” He already knows what I want. He imagines how difficult it will be.

“And one more thing,” I step up even closer, reach up to brush my hand across his cheek, act like an innocent little girl asking a favor. “I also need from you is to keep your cock hard and stiff for me while I enjoy it.”

This will be no problem for him, as I already can see for myself. I can also feel his breath, hear his heavy breathing. Beads of sweat roll down his forehead. Already he seems to fight it.

“Keep it hard and stiff,” I add. “Keep it rock-hard while I take pleasure.”

“I don’t know,” He finally speaks actual words.

“You don’t know?” I ask back. “What do you mean, you don’t know? What don’t you know? Do you mean to say your previous mistress never sucked on you? Are you not trained, I mean, orally?”

It takes him a few seconds to answer. “Some training, yes,” He eventually does admit. “But I don’t know if I can, Lady Mellissa, not after all you have already done to me.”

I smile at his admission. It sounds like such an honest admission, from the heart.

“Do you mean my previous masturbation?” I want to hear more. “Are you talking about the intense masturbation I have already given to your cock?” I say it softly, as if genuinely feeling sorry for him.

He can only nod in response.

“Then say it,” I want to hear more than a nod. “I want to hear you admit it out loud.”

He looks away, as if ashamed. “I’ve been trained to receive it orally, yes,” He admits first. “But I don’t know how much more my cock can take, not after you already masturbated on it for so long.”

I want to jump up with delight. His words make me feel so powerful, so much in control. This boy is like a slave to me, a male sex slave.

“A long masturbation?” I repeat part of his admission back to him. “So you can take more then?”

He doesn’t want to answer this question. He doesn’t want to admit it, but must eventually do so.

“A little more, yes, Lady Mellissa,” He answers hesitantly. “But not much more, not after the long masturbation you already gave me.”

Again I feel the power, the control rush through me when he admits it. I imagine myself a queen with a whole harem of sex slaves to bring up to my room whenever I feel the need.

“Long masturbation?” I repeat the words I like best. I say them mostly because I so much like hearing myself say the words. “Did you think that was a long masturbation session I just gave you?”

He nods and then answers. “Very long, yes, Lady Mellissa. Very extensive”

“But not extensive enough,” I warn. “Actually, I hardly consider it extensive at all. I had hoped you would be better trained, better able to resist my efforts. I’m afraid you must be able to withstand a more extensive use of your cock if you intend to satisfy my needs.”

He lets out a worried moan.

“So to train you further,” I stand up on the tips of my toes to make myself taller. “I’m going to switch over and now use my mouth on you.” I step up so close I almost kiss him. I no longer need to talk, only to whisper. “And I so much want to suck on cock, any cock, but especially yours because it is so large. All I ask you to do is nothing at all. You don’t have to do anything, nothing different than what you’ve already done. You just need to keep your cock hard while I take pleasure with it.”

I run my tongue over my lips, acting as though I stand before a smorgasbord of desserts. In a way, I am. His cock will be the biggest steak I have ever sucked on. It will certainly be the widest. I wonder if I will even be able to open my mouth wide enough to fit it inside.

“Will you?” I have to prompt him to answer now. “Tell me Richard, will you be able to keep that giant cock of yours as hard as a rock while I suck?”

First he nods, and then he answers almost as if he is out of breath. “I will try,” He admits his own frailty.

“You certainly better try,” I repeat in a serious tone. “I better not taste a single drop of your sperm in my mouth,” I warn. “I know what sperm tastes like. I’ve eaten plenty of it. I’ve sucked off a lot of men, and I don’t want you blowing your load while it’s in my mouth. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Lady Mellissa,” He understands more than he admits.

“That’s right,” I elect to reward his obedience with a glimmer of hope. “At least not yet. Later, yes, but first I want to savor your cock. And in order to properly savor a cock as big as yours, it needs to remain hard for a very, very long time.”

“Yes, Lady Mellissa,” He pants now. He looks so good, standing before me panting and swelling. He looks like a little boy waiting for his punishment, but then I look down and see he most certainly is no little boy.

Finally, I can hold back no longer. He moans out loud when I lower down onto my knees. He’s had enough of a rest, I decide, at least several minutes worth. His cock stayed hard the whole time, which I suppose is evidence of how hot and horny he must feel on the inside.

He shows more evidence of his training when I open my mouth. I don’t need to go to him. He comes to me. I only have to part my lips just a little. It serves as a signal to him. He knows to deposit himself inside so I don’t need to make an effort.

“Perfect!” I want to say, if I could say it, but the head of his cock prevents me from saying anything at all. I must open my mouth considerably. Indeed he is of a massive girth. The head goes in, and then a small portion of the shaft. I taste it, and the salty taste sends a warm shiver through my body. I wish to taste more, but he’s too damn big to take in very much.

First I suck, and then I twirl my tongue around the smooth head too. The twirling makes him extra excited. It arouses him when I work the head. I hear it above in his breathing, in the moans coming out from between his lips.

Occasionally. I must back away to catch my breath. It proves difficult to breathe with such a large cock taking up most of my mouth. I only have to pull back the slightest amount for him to back off further. He pulls out his cock just like he deposited it inside.

I rest for a minute, and then simply open my mouth when I am ready again. He doesn’t behave as ready as I do. He hesitates for a few seconds first, but then slowly thrusts forward and does what is expected of him. More sucking. More licking. More twirling of my tongue around the smooth head of his cock. Even the hole in the tip feels large. Perhaps it is extra wide from all the powerful ejaculations he has experienced. I can tell it is capable of expelling a significant amount of seed, and I can’t wait to see him ejaculate for me. I can’t wait to show off his ejaculation to my girlfriends too.

Two more times I rest and then go back to sucking on his imposing appendage. The more I work it between my lips, the more I think about what it will feel to experience him between my lower lips as well. He will be a tight fit, I know. His cock is bigger than any cock I have ever experienced before; much bigger. Longer too! I wonder if I will be able to take the full length. I wish to try as soon as possible, but know it better to hold back and leave both of us wanting.

“Delicious,” I speak the next time I back away. “Your cock! I really like sucking on it. I have a feeling that I’m going to be sucking on it a lot.”

And then I go right back to sucking it some more. He hesitates longer, pauses before depositing the head of his cock back into my mouth. I can tell he is close, perhaps even closer than before. He actually does quite well. I am impressed. Most men would have climaxed long before.

“Oh God!” Soon he starts to voice his need as well. “Oh please, I can’t!”

I start to move it in and out, using my lips to masturbate it. At the same time, I twirl my tongue around.

“Oh fuck!” He almost yells out. “I can’t stand it.”

Only then do I back away. His mouth stands open. I look up to see beads of sweat dripping down his well chiseled chest.

“What’s wrong?” I ask as if nothing is out of the ordinary. “Are you having difficulty already?”

“My cock!” He expresses. “It’s what you are doing to my cock. It can’t take any more.”

“Already?” I tease him back. “But I thought you were trained. Am I too much for you?”

“Please!” He pleads with me almost like a little boy. “My cock! I can’t hold my cum any longer.”

I pause to consider it. He certainly sounds sincere. In fact, he sounds desperate. I can see by the look on his face how much he fights it: The gasping mouth, the heavy breaths. Even after I back away, I can see he continues to fight.

I also see it in his cock, the way it throbs and lets out little spasms after I pull my mouth away. It looks delightful, and I want to see it some more.

“I normally don’t let a slave cum so soon,” I continue to tease. “I’m not yet done with you. There’s more I want to use your cock.”

I open my mouth, and once again he deposits himself inside. He actually whimpers as he does so. I start to feel sorry for him. Almost!

“There’s so much I want to do to you,” I pull away only long enough to say, suck some more, and then pull away again.

“There’s so many ways I wish to enjoy you,” I say between sucks. “And I’m going to try all of them!”

The shaft of his cock actually shutters when I put it back into my mouth. I think he will do it. I brace myself for the impending explosion. I twirl my tongue around the head just a little bit more before finally pulling away.

“You haven’t yet been trained very well,” I lie to him. Actually, he’s been trained better than any servant I ever experienced, but don’t dare tell him this.

More whimpers sound from above me. He sounds almost like a little baby, the way he whimpers.

“I will have to train you better, and I will have to train you often,” I hint at what plans I have for his cock. “At least twice every day,” I tell him how often. “Perhaps even three times. I will be putting your cock and balls to extensive use for my pleasure.”

“I don’t know if I will be able,” He blurts out his first real words in a long time. “Last mistress. Not that often!” He speaks in disjointed sentences, like a cave man.

“Don’t worry,” I assure him. “Now-a-days there are medicines you can take. Like Viagra, for instance, medicines that will keep your cock hard even after it cums.”

I hint at the possibility of using him multiple times in quick succession. First I will make him cum, and then I plan to go back to work on his cock some more after only a short rest to recover. Two cums in a row are always a thrill. It takes a guy a lot longer to cum the second time, enough to give me a satisfying fuck with multiple orgasms. This is what I have planned, but I don’t tell him all the details just yet.

“And I have other ways of keeping your cock hard as well,” I think of a few non-drug induced methods I’ve utilized on past servants. “You will be sure to stay hard as a rock with some of the convenient little tasks I have planned for you.”

I debate if I should tell him or not. It will be so much fun to keep it as a surprise, to shock him with it later, but at the same time I feel such a tremendous desire to let him know what he is in for.

“Like dildos,” I can’t help but blurt out loud. I tell him of one particular fantasy I very much would like to enjoy playing out with him. “Tell me boy,” I am curious to know if he has any previous experience with it. “How much experience do you have with the handling of a dildo?”

He goes silent. He says nothing in reply. I don’t think he knows the intent of my question at first. Perhaps he thinks I plan to use a dildo on him. That might be fun too, later, but it’s not what I have in mind at the moment.

“A dildo takes so much effort,” I let him in on the particular fantasy I have in mind. “Tell me, are you accomplished in the art of using a dildo on your mistress?”

His mouth opens. He tries to talk, but nothing comes out. At the same time, I notice his cock stands up at attention as hard as ever.

“Well?” I must pry it out of him. “Are you practiced with the proper use of a dildo?”

“I am practiced,” he admits finally, sounding almost out of breath. “My previous mistress,” He struggles with the words. “She enjoyed me practicing with her.”

“Very good!” I feel pleased. “Then I shall enjoy you practicing on my cunt as well.”

He moans with my use of the word.

“My cunt,” I repeat the word because I like to hear him moan. “Yes, you will get to know my cunt well over the next few weeks. Perhaps tomorrow night we will start, and I will have you demonstrate your previous training.”

This is a fantasy story set in a fictitious land and in a time of medieval sorcery. All characters depicted are 18+. Although this story is in a time where safe sex is not heard of I would always recommend the practise of safe sex.

CHAPTER 7 – Sanctuary

They ride hard for an hour, trying to get as much distance as possible between them and the soldiers. Bain is grateful for the clear night, the moon illuminating the track ahead. The trail is climbing now as they are heading up hill.

“Rafael! We need to stop!” Bain shouts.

Rafael pulls on the reigns stopping his horse, Bain canters up beside him.

“The horses are tired, it’s not a good idea to push them any harder,” Bain says, Rafael nods his head in agreement. “We need to find somewhere to rest, somewhere quiet.”

Bain looks at his father, the cut’s are deep, he’s going to be scared for life if they heal.

“Father are you ok?” Bain asks. Vernon mumbles something indistinguishable. Bain places his hand on his forehead, it’s hot.

“Crap I think he’s getting a fever, we need to treat his wounds quickly,” Bain says, Rafael nods in agreement.

“Where are we? How we going to find our way without the map?” He despairs.

Rafael reaches into the a satchel on his horse and pulls out the map.

“What! You rescued the map but not our clothes?”

Rafael just shrugs his shoulders.


Bain looks around, everything is quiet, just the sound of a few night creatures in the trees.

“I think we should probably get off the main trail,” he says.

Rafael points to a small path leading off to the left.

The boy’s dismount and lead the horses down it. Bain is struggling walking bare foot over the stones and shingle.

“Ow! Ah! Fuck! Ow!” he shouts as he dances along the path. Rafael has no such problem having spent all his life naked the souls of his feet are hard and he walks like he’s walking on grass. Bain steps on a large sharp rock and loses his footing, he falls to the left of the path. The ground here slopes away and Bain finds himself tumbling down the slope through bramble, he cries out as the bramble scratches his skin. He hears a splash and he finds himself on his back in a small stagnant pool of water, it smells foul.

“Awww fuck!” he cries. He looks up and see’s Rafael silently laughing holding is belly, “Hey it’s not fucking funny,” Bain say failing to see the humour in his predicament.

He clambers back up the bank and stands next to Rafael who quickly grabs his nose.

“Yeah I know it stinks.”

They walk a little further and come across a shack nestled in among the trees, there is a light inside.

“Do you think they will help us?” Bain asks, Rafael shrugs his shoulders then grabs Bains arm pushing him toward the shack. “Ok, here goes.”

They tie the horses and Bain knocks on the door. He hears hushed voices coming from within then some banging, suddenly the door opens and standing before him is a very old man. His face is wrinkled and weathered, his eyes have that look of someone that laughed a lot throughout his life burning it’s imprint in the face. He beard is long and straggly and his hair white and thin. He wears a long robe that covers his haunched body down to the ground, in his hand he holds a crook to help him to walk.

The old mans eyes widen when he see’s two beautiful young naked boy’s standing before him.

“Oh my,” he says, he thinks he just died and is in heaven.

“We need your help, my father is injured and we need to treat his wounds,”

The old man looks round the door and sees another naked body slumped on the back of the horse.

“Oh my goodness!” he says alarmed, “Bring him inside quick!”

The boy’s help Vernon off the horse and with his arms over each of their shoulders the help him into the shack.

It’s bigger than the shack Bain had grown up in but not much different inside. There are no beds in this room, it’s furnished with two large chairs either side of the stone fireplace, a large table and a cooking area.

“Take him through there,” the old man points to a door with his crook.

The boy’s help Vernon into the other room, it’s smaller than the last room and has a large double bed at it’s centre. The boys place Vernon on the bed.

“What happened?” the old man asks.

“We was attacked.”

“Who by?”

“Soldiers of Soltan.”

The old man stiffens up.

“You can’t stay here! Please leave,” he shouts.

“Please sir, we have no-one else to turn to, we need to get to Aljeron,” Bain begs.

“What’s so important that you have to get to Aljeron?” the old man asks raising an eyebrow.

Bain hesitates, Rafael takes hold of Bain’s hand and nods.

“Rafael here is Aljeron’s son.”

“Oh my!” The old man says.

“We have been charged with taking him to Aljeron, if he doesn’t get there the whole kingdom will be claimed by Soltan.” Bain explains.

“Oh my goodness,” the old man pauses for a while. “No, I can’t have Soltan’s men snooping round here, it’s too risky, please leave.”

The boys hang their heads, “as you wish.”

They help Vernon off the bed and start heading for the door when the rug below them starts moving, they look down and step back. Suddenly the rug flies up and a trap door opens, from it climbs a skinny young boy. He looks to be about 14, skinny, around 5’2″ and is dressed in a sack cloth with rope tied around his waist, it stops just below his groin and Bain can just see the head of his cock hanging below. His hair is strawberry blond and his has the cutest face Bain has ever seen.

“No Gramps, we have to help them!” the boy shouts.

“Kian! I told you to stay down there no matter what!” the old man scolds him.

“But Gramps, they seem like good people,” the boy turns round to look at them, noticing that they are naked he blushes a bright crimson. “Please Gramps, don’t kick them out, it wouldn’t be right.”

“This is my grandson, he’s the reason why I don’t want Soltan’s men anywhere near hear,” the old man says.

“I don’t understand,” Bain says.

“Kian has a twin brother, Kalen. Two years ago he was kidnapped by Soltan’s men and delivered to Soltan. Somehow Soltan learned about Kian and put a bounty on his head saying he wanted both boys. We’ve been hiding from him ever since.”

“Where is Kalen now?” Bain asks.

“We’re not sure but last we heard he’d be taken to Holberton, there’s a fortress there and we believe he’s in one of the dungeons,” the old man says.

Bain looks at Rafael then back at the old man, “We’re heading that way, I’m not sure how yet but if we can help we will.”

“I told you they are good people,” Kian says looking at his grandfather.

The old man takes a deep breath, “Ok, we’ll help you but only if you help us.”

“We’ll do our best sir,” Bain replies as they place Vernon back on the bed.

“Call me Theol,” says the old man, “Kian go and hide their horses.”

The boy rushes out the room and out the shack.

“What happened to his parents?” Bain asks.

“They was killed by Soltan’s men 15 years ago, I’ve been bringing the boys up ever since.”

“Wait 15 years ago, but Kian only looks about 14.”

“He’s 18, it runs in the family I guess, I’m 110 and actually his great grandfather.”

“Wow! You look great, er I mean for your age,” Bain says.

“Oh my what is he doing?” Theol asks. Rafael is now standing at the foot of the bed, Vernon is on his back with his head right by Rafael’s groin. Rafael places his cock on Vernon’s face then places his hands either side of Vernon’s head.

“I’m not sure,” Bain says.

Rafael closes his eyes and soon little sparks of electricity emanate from his fingers. Theol and Bain watch in amazement as Rafael’s and Vernon’s cock expands to full erection. Rafael’s body stiffens and his cock seems to get even harder, his body starts shaking and becomes covered in sweat. Suddenly he lurches and his and Vernon’s cock erupts, Rafael’s cum showers down on Vernon after flying a good 3 feet in the air.

“Oh my goodness! Never in all my years,” Theol says.

Bain looks lustfully at both his father and Rafael cumming wishing he was on the receiving end. As Rafael’s orgasm subsides he collapses on the floor, Bain rushes to him lifts him up and places him on the bed next to Vernon. He looks at his father and turns him on to his side to examine his wounds, they gone.

“I knew it!” Theol says, “that boy is enchanted!”

Bain looks at him,

“I had guessed that Aljeron was a sorcerer, he was reigning when I was a boy and for someone to live as old as he has he must be one,” Theol reasons.

“He is and he’s dying, we have to get Rafael to him so he can transfer his powers, Rafael will then be the new King.”

“This is all a bit much for me, I must go and rest my bones, I will send Kian in with some hot water so you can get cleaned up,” and with that he walks out the room.

Bain sits on the bed looking at his cum soaked father, he dips his finger in and tastes it, he really does like the taste of cum. He looks at the door and back at the cum, it really would be a shame to waste it by wiping it off so he bends down and starts licking, the taste is divine. Soon his is lapping like a thirst crazed dog, licking every square inch of his father’s torso. Eventually it’s all gone, every little drop is now in his stomach, he savours the taste in his mouth, his cock now fully erect and fit to bursting. He looks up and see’s Kian in the doorway holding a bowl of water, both boys blush. Kian’s clothing is steadily rising and Bain can see the head of Kian’s cock as it lifts up his sack cloth, he obviously was turned on by what Bain was doing. Bain is amazed at it’s size, a very big 8″ not as big as his but on this small frame of a boy it looks huge. Kian’s aware his cock is now fully exposed buy he can’t do anything about it as he has his hands full.

“I-I-I bought some h-h-hot water,” Kian stutters.

“Thanks,” Bain say’s looking at the floor.

Kian walks in and places it at Bains feet, he can’t take his eyes of the huge cock sticking out from Bains groin. He has never seen another boy’s cock before apart from his own and his brothers and never one so huge as this. His own cock is now fully erect and pointing directly up, the sack cloth gown not covering any of it as it has gathered a the base of this cock, he tries to pull it forward to cover his embarrassment but it just slides back, he really has outgrown this piece of rag. Bain looks at it lustfully, it’s beautiful, uncut and tapers back to a thick base where a large pair of tight smooth testicles sit. Bain has never seen a foreskin before.

“Er, I’ll leave you to it,” Kian say’s and walks out all the time looking at Bain’s cock, his cock wobbling as he walks.

Bain stands up and starts to wash of the mud from his body, his cock still fully erect and aching, he needs release but it wouldn’t be right to jack off in a strangers house. He is almost finished when Kian walks back in holding a bottle and some wadding in one hand, his other holding his erection under the sack cloth.

“I saw you have some scratches so I bought some ointment, you don’t want to get an infection,” he explains.

“Thank you.”

Kian hands the ointment and wadding to Bain and just stands there watching as he treats the scratches on his body. Bain keeps looking over at him, Kian can’t take his eyes of Bain’s enormous cock.

Bain looks over his shoulder, he can feel scratches on his back but he can’t quite reach.

“Here let me,” Kian offers.

Bain hands the ointment and wadding to Kian and turns round. Kian lets go of his cock and it springs free becoming fully exposed once more. He treats the wounds on his back and looks down he has some on his ass.

“Erm you have some on your, er, um, bum. Do you want me to, you know, er,” he tries to say.

“Er yeah ok,” Bain replies and bends over to give Kian better access.

Kian kneels down and is now staring at Bain’s rosebud, his heart is racing as he dabs the ointment on the scratches on Bain’s cheeks. There is a scratch just above Bain’s opening and one below that runs down his perineum stopping just short of his testicles. Kian wipes the wadding over the top scratch and down to the other passing over Bain’s anus. Bain gasps.

“Sorry did that sting?” Kian apologies.

“No, it actually felt nice,” Bain explains.

Kian runs the wadding over it again making sure the scratches are covered and Bain gasps again.

“All done,” Kian says reluctantly.

Bain stands up and turns around, his cock slaps Kian in the face. Kian pulls back and Bains cock comes to rest just in front of his face.

“Oh! Er sorry,” Bain apologises blushing profusely.

Kain blushes too, “It’s ok, it didn’t hurt.”

Kain stands up but doesn’t attempt to hide his erection this time. This is too much for Bain and he shoots his hand out and cups the boy’s balls.

Kian gasps and pushes his groin forward, “Oh fuck! Urrrrrggghh!” His cock erupts spurting ropes of cum over Bain.

“Oh!” Bain is completely surprised by this, the boy puts his hands on Bains shoulders to steady himself as his legs tremble from the force of his orgasm.

Kian pants heavily as his orgasm ends, he suddenly looks close to tears, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do that, I couldn’t help it.” His eyes start to water.

“Fuck Kian, don’t cry, it’s ok, I loved it. In fact I’d love to make you do it again, I guess you was just a little too excited.” Bain says trying to calm him down.

“Yeah? I guess I was a bit worked up, I’ve never seen such a big dick before.”

Bian blushes, “er thanks.”

Kian wraps his fingers round Bains huge cock, his fingers not quite reaching all the way round. All the time looking at Bain for approval. Bain groans at the boy’s delicate touch.

“Oh that feels nice,” he says. Kian smiles and starts to wank Bain.

Bain is really worked up now, he looks at Kian, his cock is still rock hard. Bain pulls on the string around Kians waist and it falls away, he then leans over and pulls up the sack cloth, Kian gets the message and soon it is discarded on the floor. Kian is now naked and Bain looks at this short skinny boy, his cock looking out of proportion with the rest of his body. Bain takes hold of his cock and wanks him at the same pace as Kian is wanking him.

Both boys stand there wanking each other unaware that they are being watched. At the door just out of sight of them is the old man Theol, he is watching as his great grandson is introduced to the wonders of sex. It brings a tear to his eyes and he remembers his first experience with another boy, oh how he wished to be young again.

Soon Bain is panting hard, Kian can tell he is close to cumming as his cock seems to have gotten bigger. He speeds up a little, he so wants to see another boy cum. To his surprise he feels another orgasm building up in himself and soon both boys are on the verge of cumming.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum!” Bain announces.

“Oh yeah, so am I!” Kain replies.

“Get ready Kain, here I cuuummmm ggnnnnnppppphhh!” Bain erupts a massive bolt of cum that shoots a good five feet in the air.

“Oh wow! Yeah urrrrrggghhhhh! I’m cuuuummmmiiinnnggg!” shouts Kian and he too erupts another load. Both boys are shooting their loads over each other and the orgasm seems to go on for ever. Soon however they are spent and covered in each others cum.

“Oh that was awesome!” Kian beams.

“Yeah I enjoyed that too,” replies Bain.

“So did I,” another voice says,

Bain looks round startled and sees his father is awake.

“Father you’re ok,” he says jumping on the bed next to him.

“Where are we?” Vernon asks.

“These good people are helping us,” he goes on to explain what happened and introduces Kian.

“Bain he doesn’t look old enough.” Vernon says.

“I’m 18 sir,” Kian pipes in still naked but covering his cock.

Just then Theol walks in the room,

“Kian, I’ve made some broth, be a good boy and dish it out for everyone,” he says.

“Yes gramps,” Kian says and he bends down to pick up his gown.

“Oh don’t worry about getting dressed, everyone else is naked no reason why you shouldn’t stay that way. Besides I haven’t had this much eye candy for god knows how long.” Theol says smirking.

“Yes gramps,” Kian replies, his still erect cock bouncing as he walks.

“Thank you for being so gentle with him, he’s such a sensitive soul,” Theo says to Bain.

Bain blushes again realising the old man knew what they was doing.

“He’s nice, I like him,” Bain replies.

“I’m glad to see you’ve recovered nicely,” Theol says to Vernon, “The names Theol.”

“Vernon, thank you so much for your help, we realty would have been in serious trouble without it,” Vernon replies. “I must apologise for our lack of clothing, you see we…”

“No need to explain, like I said before, I haven’t seen this much naked flesh since I was a teen. Believe me you’re making an old man very happy.” Theol butts in.

“I don’t suppose you have any clothes we can borrow?” Vernon asks.

“I’m afraid not, we’ve been on the run for so long now we only have what we are wearing,” Theol replies.

“How do you manage to keep running at your age?” Vernon asks.

“It’s not easy, to be honest I don’t think I can do it for much longer.”

Kian reruns with a two large bowls of broth and some bread.

“We only have two bowls so we’ll have to share.” he explains.

“Vernon I would like to talk with you when you have finished,” Theol says then hobbles back into the other room.

As soon as they have finished eating Vernon joins Theol in the other room, he sees him sitting in a large chair by the fire, so he sits in the chair opposite. The fire is burning well and Vernon basks in the warmth on his naked body.

In the other room Rafael, now awake, has jumped on Bain and is tickling him. Bain is laughing hard, Kian is laughing too watching the antics. Bain flips Rafael off him with one quick movement.

“Kian give me a hand, I think he needs a taste of his own medicine,” Bain requests.

Kian jumps on the bed and grabs Rafael’s feet while Bain garbs his arms. Bain tickles Rafael’s sides and the boy bucks about, Kian has trouble holding his legs so he moves up and sits on them and joins in by tickling the insides of his thighs. Both the boys are giggling as they torture Rafael, if he could make a sound you would hear him screaming with laughter. Then Bain looks up.

“Right Kian’s turn,” he says.

“What? No!” but it’s too late as Bain and Rafael quickly have him pinned to the bed. Kian is laughing so hard it hurts, he hasn’t had so much fun since before his brother was taken.

“Ahh, what a beautiful sound,” Theol says, “I haven’t heard Kian laugh like that for such a long time.”

“You wanted to talk to me?” Vernon presses.

“Yes, like I said before I’m a very old man now and I can’t keep running from Soltan anymore.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“I would like you take Kian with you. Soltans men don’t reach as far as Barthem City, he would be much safer there.”

Vernon wasn’t surprised by this request, he was in fact expecting it.

“Why haven’t you taken him there?”

“Believe me I’ve tried but there is an outpost at the mountain pass manned by Soltan’s men, I haven’t figured a way past it. I though seeing as you was taking Rafael there you would know of an alternative route.”

“Well we do have a map.”

“May I see it?” Theol asks.

Vernon heads back to the bedroom and picks up the map noticing that Rafael and Kian are now ganging up on Bain trying to pin him down but he’s much stronger. He heads back to the chair and hands the map to Theol. The old man opens it up examines it then holds it in front of the fire. Vernon is about to grab it off him thinking he’s trying to burn it.

“Ah yes look,” Theol says pointing to the map, “there at the end off the eccle forest.”

Vernon looks at the map, slowly appearing is a dotted line passing through the mountains and the words secret passage.

This is a fantasy story set in a fictitious land and in a time of medieval sorcery. All characters depicted are 18+. Although this story is in a time where safe sex is not heard of I would always recommend the practise of safe sex.

CHAPTER 9 – Not everything on sale is a bargain.

The sun has been up for a couple of hours now and even though the trees offer some shelter Vernon can still feel it burning his skin.

“We need to find some form of clothing before we get sunstroke,” he says.

Kian is in front of Vernon and is lying against the horses mane fast asleep having cried for most of the journey, Vernon has his arm round his waist to stop him from falling and has proved rather testing for him as the boy’s bare ass is rubbing up against his cock from the movement of the horse as it canters. Vernon is trying his best to ignore it but it’s extremely erotic, he looks down and see his cock slipping up and down the crack of the boy’s ass. Bain has noticed his fathers predicament and is watching closely, Vernon is breathing heavily now and his cock suddenly gets a little bigger.

“Father are you ok you look your about to…” Suddenly Vernon let’s out a long groan and his cock erupts shooting a volley of cum over Kian’s back, “..cum.”

Bains cock is instantly hard as he watches his father blow his load, Rafael claps his hands applauding the show.

“Oh wow!” Bain says.

“Ah fuck! Damn it!” Vernon curses, “we could do with more horses too if this is going to keep happening.”

Kian opens his eyes and yawns, “what can I feel on my back?” he asks.

Bain laughs, “you just made my father cum all over you.”

“Aww, and I missed it?” He looks at Bain’s hard bouncing cock, “I can make you cum too if you want?” He says smiling.

“Ha ha, maybe later little fella,” Bain chuckles. Rafael looks over Bain’s shoulder to see then gives Bain’s cock a playful tug.

Kian sits up.

“No Kian don’t,” Vernon says but it’s too late, Kian’s back presses against Vernon’s chest and stomach and smears the cum between them.

“Oops, sorry,” he says blushing.

“Looks like someone else needs to unload,” Bain laughs pointing at Kian’s erection.

Kian blushes again

“Bain look up ahead,” Vernon says. A few hundred yards down the trail is a clearing and in it is a wagon covered in all sorts of trinkets and goods and a pair of large horses shackled to the front. “This looks hopeful.”

They pull next to the wagon, “Hello is anyone home?” Vernon calls out.

Suddenly a head pops out the back.

“Oh my goodness, have I just died and gone to heaven?” a middle aged man steps down from the back of the wagon wearing a bright blue silk shirt and white silk pants. “Why I have never seen such an apparition as this, three naked men all come to visit little old me, and I must say boys brandishing gifts like that are welcome anytime,” he says walking up in between the horses and stroking both Bain’s and Kian’s thighs.

Bain and Kian both quickly try cover up their erections. Bain then realises he said three men yet he can still feel Rafaels arms wrapped around him, he looks behind and sees nothing.

He stands with his hand on his hips, a balding man with a fat nose and crooked teeth. He has a pot belly that hangs over the waist of his pants and he acts extremely effeminate.

“Lucent at your service gentlemen,” and he holds out his hand.

Vernon shakes it, “Can you help us, we was attacked and in the process lost our clothing, do you have any we can have?” Vernon asks.

“Have?” Lucent says sounding surprised, “why I don’t normally give things away.”

“We don’t have any means of paying you I’m afraid,” Vernon adds.

“Well I’m sure we can come to some sort of arrangement.” he says with a smirk on his face.

Vernon is cringing certain Lucent means sex.

“What do you have in mind?” Vernon asks.

Lucent starts stroking the boy’s legs again, “Well I haven’t had my breakfast yet this morning.”

“You want us to cook for you?” Kian asks naively.

“Oh no sweetheart, but I do want you to feed me,” he says wryly moving his hand right up to the top of Kian’s thigh. Despite the creepiness of the man Kian quite likes the touch of his hand.

“He want’s to suck your cock,” Bain explains.

“Oh that’s such a crude way of putting it, and not just his sweety,” he says moving his hand higher up Bain’s thigh.

“Ok, if it means we get some clothes I’ll let you suck me off,” Bain says.

“Bain no,” Vernon complains.

“It’s ok father, it’s like you say we need clothes.”

“Oh not just you sweety but your little friend too,”

Kian swallows hard, “Ok, if Bain is prepared to do it, I will too.”

“Are you sure? You don’t have to do this you know,” Vernon says.

“Yeah, I’m sure.”

They all dismount and Lucent immediately gets on his knees in front of Kian and licks his cock. Kian closes his eyes not wanting to watch. Lucent then sucks in the boy’s cock and slides straight down to his pubes, Kian can feel his cock slip down the mans throat. It only takes 5 strokes and Kian is shaking as his orgasm races through his body.

“Arrrghh I’m cumming!” he shouts and he promptly explodes in the mans mouth.

Lucent swallows hungrily, drinking every drop.

He then pulls off, “Aww so soon?”

“Sorry,” Kian blushes, “It’s only my second blow job.”

“Are you still a virgin sweety?” he asks. Kian nods his head, “oh that’s so precious.”

Lucent turns to Bain, “Your turn my dear, the best for last.”

Lucent looks at Bain’s huge cock, “my that is a work of art,” he says, then licks it’s head.

He then proceeds to swallow Bain’s monster, but he can’t get it quite all the way in, no matter how hard he tries. However Bain is quite surprised at how good it feels, and knows that this man will definitely bring him to orgasm. Lucent takes long deep strokes and Vernon pops another boner just watching his sons massive cock slip down this mans throat. He notices that Lucent has now taken his own cock out and is pumping it vigorously, he smiles at it’s pathetic 4 inches.

Before long Bain’s legs are shaking and his orgasm is fast approaching.

“Arrgh fuck! I’m gonna cum. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Lucent starts pumping his own cock harder. “URRRGHH! HERE I CUUUUMMMMMMM!”

Bain’s legs almost collapse as he blasts a huge amount of cum into the mans mouth, there is so much that some is dribbling out the corners. Lucent grunts and his own little cock spits out a small glob of cum. Soon they are spent and Lucent pulls off.

“Mmmmm, best breakfast I ever had,” he says licking his lips.

He get’s up and adjusts his clothing.

“Why don’t you gentlemen follow me I’m sure I have something in the back of my wagon that will suit you nicely,” he says as he walks up to the back of the wagon.

They all climb in, it is indeed filled with various goods, some of it clothing. They start to look through the garments when they hear a loud clang. Looking back they see steel bars covering the door. Lucent cackles loudly.

“Aww Fuck!” Vernon shouts, “Hey what are you doing?”

“You won’t believe what I can get for your two boys, especially the virgin, Soltan is paying handsomely for boy’s like that,” he says as he ties their horses to the back of his wagon, “These fine steeds should get a pretty penny too, as for you, well, we’ll have to see.”

“You piece of shit, wait till I get hold of you!” Vernon shouts. He looks back at the boy’s, Kian is trembling with fear, Bain sees this and immediately wraps his arms around him to comfort him.

“Where’s Rafael?” Vernon whispers. Bain shrugs his shoulders.

As the wagon starts to move Vernon says, “I can see why Sheerkan said don’t trust anyone now.”

Suddenly they hear screams coming from up front.

Bain smiles, “Good old Rafael.”

They look out the window and see Lucent running away from the wagon and various items off the wagon being flung at him.

“You’re cursed, all of you, you’ve cursed my wagon!” he screams running down the trail like a scared little girl.

They hear scrambling on the roof then the steel doors open, Vernon climbs out and looks at Lucent down the trail, he’s stopped and is out of breath. Vernon then smiles.

“Rafael, grab a pan and stay invisible, I’m going to give that little shit a taste of his own medicine,” he says.

Vernon grabs some rope off the wagon and he and Rafael, well a pan flying magically through the air chase after Lucent. Lucent tries to run but Vernon soon catches him, he drops to the ground cowering from the pan that is hovering over his head threatening to smash him. Vernon pulls him to his feet and leads him back to the wagon.

“Ok now strip!” Vernon orders.

“What! No!” Lucent cries. The pan starts to come down and he cowers, “Ok, ok!”

Soon the pathetic man is naked and Vernon is tying him to a tree. They boy’s laugh at his pathetic 2″ nugget of a cock.

“Please don’t leave me here like this!” He begs.

“No father wait, if the soldiers discover him, he’ll tell them everything. Is it not best to have him with us?” Bain suggests.

Vernon thinks for a moment, “You’re right, help me get him on the horse.”

They tie Lucent to the horse and gag him with some silk ties.

Lucent is suddenly puzzled by the appearance of another boy, he wonders where on earth he could have come from.

They all dig out some clothes and with the exception of Rafael are soon dressed.

Kian comes out the back of the wagon holding a pot and a brush, “body paint,” he says.

Vernon gets a wicked grin across his face.

“Father?” Bain looks at him puzzled.

The sun is burning hot now as the wagon pulls away down the trail, the boys in the back, Vernon up front driving. Lucent is on one of the horses behind, tied up stark naked and on his front and back written in body paint is the words “CHEAT”.

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