Chapter 02: Holy Spunk

As Irish grunge band, The Fecking Skypilots, had sung my lullaby, so Australian skunge singer, Jezzibella Trollope, crooned me awake. I groaned and made for the shower. No hot water! Typical of this place. While fixing breakfast I discovered my fridge was milkless. Again! Just when I thought the day could not possibly get any worse there was a knock at the door.

“Got any milk, Irma?” asked Alexi sweetly. “I seem to have run out.”

“Great minds think alike!” I snapped and slammed the door.

Immediately there was another knock.

“What?” I demanded.

“Um,” she said nervously, scratching her new tattoos, “you know, I’ve seen you around and, um,” she faltered and cleared her throat. “Would you, um.”

Just then, the guy who lived opposite emerged from his flat holding his eight year old daughter’s hand and a can of beer.

“Alright,” he mumbled and staggered off on the school run with the little girl stumbling behind him.

Empty beer cans littered the floor. I raised my eyes back to Alexi who shyly looked down.

“Oh nothing,” she said, blushing, and quickly returned to her flat.

I rolled my eyes and breathed deeply. The day just had to improve. Had to. I had my rendezvous with Beau later, but I needed to venture out first to the shops.

The acid rain teemed down from the patch of leaden sky visible between Deckard House and the neighboring tower blocks, but failed to wash away the heaps of detritus littering every corner of the sidewalk. Beggars harassed me at every turn, junkies zapped out in doorways groaned to themselves, people staggered across my path with blood trickling from their nostrils and everything I saw made me quicken my steps. No reason to linger in this purgatory. Some of these poor bastards hadn’t even the money to afford the cheapest of Net connections and were thus deprived of the escape that allowed people like me to stay sane in this dying world.

On my return I showered, changed and ate before making for my bedroom and the laptop. I had been thinking of Beau all morning and I was tingling in anticipation of seeing him again. When the time we had appointed finally came I lay on the bed, dropped some ‘zap and plugged myself in. Into the search window that popped into existence before me I typed ‘’ using the virtual keyboard. Reality flickered out of existence for a few seconds leaving me in a strange limbo of sensory deprivation. The words ‘Loading…please wait’ appeared in the blackness.

Suddenly I found myself on a wooden sailing ship looking out into a blue, choppy sea. The wind was filling the sails and the sun beat down. I turned and found myself alone. An unmanned ship! Spray from the waves wetted my shirt. I was still wearing the white silk shirt from yesterday and the same tight leather trousers that displayed my ample cock to the full. I felt slightly foolish and wondered if Beau had stood me up. Then I saw his small figure climbing down from the rigging. He was still wearing the straw hat set back on his head, but was now clothed in a blue dress which suited him perfectly. A blue ribbon was tied around the hat and fell against his beautiful long black hair. He wore black shiny high heeled shoes. He looked every inch the respectable young lady.

“Hey up!” he said and ran over to me. Every movement was feminine and graceful as a dancer’s.

We kissed. He was overjoyed that I had shown up.

“Did you make all this?” I asked.

“Mm hm. Even the mermaids.”

I looked back out to sea. There were indeed naked women sporting in the waves, seemingly confident of their swimming ability. Their scales glittered enticingly.

“It’s a great way to start a journey of discovery, aye?”

“You’re amazingly clever.”

“It’s not that great, actually,” said Beau, who then shrugged and clicked his fingers.

A red telephone booth sprouted from the deck.

“After you,” he said.

“Aye, aye, Cap’n!”

I entered the booth and made room for my friend in the cramped space. As the door shut I heard a brief hiss and my ears popped. Beau lifted the receiver, dialled, hung up, gave me a wink and wrapped his arms around my waist. I loved the feeling of his cheek pressed against my chest and his tummy against my crotch. The waves rose high all around the ship, plunged onto the deck and engulfed the booth, smashing the ship to splinters and leaving us drifting in the bizarre air tight container. We spun in the turbulent undercurrents. The mermaids swam around us, waving and teasing us by fondling their breasts and waggling their tongues.

“So where are we going?” I asked Beau.

He giggled and said nothing. Eventually the booth came to rest on a hard surface. The water receded impossibly quickly and leapt into a crater nearby to form a lake. The sun shone again, only slightly paler. The land around us had dried instantly. Beau pushed the door and cool, fresh air entered the booth. We stepped onto a cobbled sidewalk and left the booth where it fitted into its surroundings perfectly. The street was most quaint with detached cottages all decorated with baskets of flowers. At the other end a small needle spired church was tolling its bell. There was no traffic and the indifferent song of finches filled the air.

A young woman with a prominent nose and dressed in a smart black skirt suit greeted Beau familiarly and asked him in a genteel English accent if he thought it would rain. A similar looking teenaged boy accompanied her. It was unclear to me if he was her son or brother.

“Definitely not,” Beau answered the woman cheerfully.

“Funny,” said the woman, “I thought I felt a splash minute ago.”

Beau shook his head innocently.

“By the way,” continued the woman, “it was so kind of you to ask Father Cruise to start a Sunday school for the children.”

“Think nowt of it,” said Beau modestly.

The woman turned to continue on her way to church, but then glanced back at me. She gawped and scowled. She tutted at Beau disapprovingly and hurried on with the boy’s hand in hers. Beau gave me an apologetic look.

“They’re not used to seeing someone like you here.”

I was unsure what he meant. We found a wooden bench and sat while more parishioners walked to church.

I turned to Beau and said with perplexity, “Sunday school?”

He sniggered.

“Yeah. Why? Don’t you think it’s awfully nice here, duck?”

I snorted.

“It’s like a fucking graveyard with warmed up corpses!”

Beau pretended to look offended. I could tell he was planning something. I was drawing more uncomfortable, not to say resentful, looks from passers by. I suddenly realised it was the ethnicity of my avatar that must be upsetting them. Everyone else here was white. He took my hand, so large against his, and placed it in his lap. He looked so cute in his dress, so completely like a beautiful debutante. The brim of his hat pushed his ears forward so that they stuck out slightly. His eye lashes were long and curled upwards. He reminded me of Jenny Agutter in ‘The Railway Children’.

He stroked my index finger and I began to feel strangely aroused. He caressed me up and down my finger, circling around the tip, then running his fingers up to the knuckle, delicately and lovingly. He lifted my hand to his mouth and began to suck on my finger. My excitement grew quickly. I gazed at his body, so slim and lovely in the dress. His creamy pale legs were crossed and he squeezed his thighs together tightly. He was becoming aroused too just from the feel of my finger in his mouth. I could tell by the small bulge in his lap. His red lips pouted around my finger as it worked in and out. He closed his eyes. He was in raptures as I fingered his lips. He held my hand and forced me into him more deeply. I moaned, feeling an incredible amount of pleasure building in my fingertip. Beau began spasming and a sticky white substance erupted from his throat to squirt onto my hand, onto my arm and down the front of his dress. The smell of hot semen filled the air. A second later my finger ejaculated into his mouth. I groaned and grunted while Beau swallowed my cum. We both sat back gasping, smothered in semen and swimming in sweat.

Eventually I looked around and found the street almost deserted. The bell was still tolling. In the distance I saw a couple hurrying to the church, casting glances behind them. Beau made a quick gesture and we were both suddenly clean and cum free.

He patted me, jumped up and said, “Come on then, or we’ll miss the service.”

He dashed off and as I followed I admired the way he had mastered walking in high heels. His hips, though flat, swung like a woman’s. He glanced over his shoulder and winked at me. We arrived at the church holding hands and found space on a pew at the front. As we walked down the aisle through the already seated congregation we drew looks of shock and dismay. Indeed some actually left, apparently in disgust at the sight of a black man. There was not one face amongst them darker than evaporated milk. Some of them had no doubt witnessed our little coitus on the bench.

It being a Catholic church there was a crucifix above the altar and a statue of the Virgin to the side, just in front of where I sat. I glanced at the Madonna’s doe eyes and was startled to see how lifelike they were. When I regarded the figure of Christ on the cross I could have sworn I saw Him wink at Beau.

The priest with his Hollywood idol features and his cherubic alter boys in tow appeared and the service began. Soon I was in danger of falling asleep. It was only Beau’s secret caresses that held my interest. After what seemed an age we all stood to mumble an ‘Our Father’.

Father Cruise then spread his arms and declared, “Let us offer each other a sign of peace.”

People all around us turned and shook each other’s hands. Beau eagerly participated, though some seemed reluctant to comply. No one accepted my offer. As we sat down again I felt deeply resentful with all around me and wondered why Beau had dragged me to this awful place. He squeezed my arm. He had noticed my irritation. He uncrossed his legs and looked away from me and suddenly seemed to find something on the other side of the alter fascinating

I noticed a twitching in his skirt. He parted his knees and a pink, bulbous object appeared between them. It grew in length and curved around his knee until it was pointing its singular eye at me. It was growing at an amazing rate. This surprising sight gave me an erection that pushed so hard against my pants that two buttons popped off and flew at the alter boys. My fly burst open and my moist, precum leaking helmet broke free from my pants in the same way a grotesque alien had once burst from John Hurt’s chest. Father Cruise could not help but stare at our lengthening organs. I shrugged and tried to look casual. My helmet spiralled upwards, groping the air like a flower in a time lapse film. Beau’s slim pink cock found my thick dark one and began to snake around it like a creeping plant. Mine was irresistibly drawn towards him and was soon sliding up the inside of his bare thigh.

Father Cruise coughed and continued mumbling his way through the service, nudging the hypnotised boys every time he required something of them. So far no one else seemed to have noticed the amorous antics in the front pew.

Beau had slid his cock into my pants through the fly and it was pushing its way down to my asshole. I twisted around to allow him to penetrate me while he turned to me, put his arm around me and guided me inside him with his free hand. Our cocks both grew that extra inch simultaneously and shot up into our anuses. We began to fuck each other passionately.

It slowly became clear to the congregation that something untoward was up. People at the back were standing and craning their necks to get a better view while others were storming out, shouting racist abuse. The altar boys were dragged out by their mothers, much against their will.

Beau’s lovely penis fucked me deeply, throbbing ardently in my bowels, while his tight bottom lovingly squeezed me. We both caressed each other’s twisting cocks which writhed like copulating eels. My orgasm erupted from the base and slowly travelled up my huge length towards Beau’s ass. Extreme pleasure burnt through the long shaft, pushing further with each throb until my semen spurted inside him. He held me tightly, pressing his cheek against my back, while he moaned and cried with every spasm of his distended organ. Eventually, after his length was filled with sweet hot cum, giving him an incredible amount of pleasure, his spunk burst from his helmet and flooded my asshole. We continued fucking and kissing until our final throbs had died. Slowly our turgid cocks shrank back to their normal size and slithered back between our legs and out of sight. Then we looked up to find we had a congregation of our own.

“You’re gonna burn in Hell!” cried someone from the back, but most people, including Father Cruise, were staring at us avidly, apparently waiting for more.

The experience of fucking before a congregation was a new one to me, but having such a perfect body allowed me to put aside my inhibitions. I looked questioningly at Beau and he pointed at the figure of Mary who stood before us on a plinth beside a pillar with her arms open invitingly. Her skin really was a remarkably authentic tint of pale brownish pink. Beau undressed and walked over to the altar which, to my amazement, he climbed and he lifted himself onto the crucifix with the ease of a trapeze artist. He pulled at the loincloth which fell away revealing the Divine Cock of Christ. And what a beautiful Cock it was! It sprang into action immediately. Somehow Beau managed to turn and press his ass against Jesus while he reached up and gripped His arms. He gripped the sides of the cross between his small feet and began to move his hips back and forth on His length. He ground himself against Jesus and moaned while his erection pointed Heavenwards.

Utterly stunned, it was a while before I realised that I was being eyed avariciously, but not just by the remaining members of the congregation. Other eyes, beautiful, sad doe eyes, were gazing at me with an incredibly deep, aching love. I wasted no time undressing and mounting the plinth. Everyone stood agape as Mary allowed me to lift the hem of her robe to reveal her stunning, naked body.

“It’s a miracle!” declared several.

She smiled up at me so sweetly I felt my erection smack against my belly. I lifted her robe over her head and flung it down among the congregation where they began fighting over it. Her long hair was a gorgeous nut brown and her eyes were deep pots of clear honey. She was holding her hands clasped tightly before her loins. I took them and gently placed them on mine. I pressed the head of my cock to her hirsute pudenda and raised one of her legs to allow me penetration. I encountered an obstruction of some kind and she winced. It took me a moment to realise I was about to fuck a virgin, The Virgin after all, and I would need to be simultaneously forceful and gentle. I held her full soft cheeks in my hands, kissed her tenderly and pressed myself slowly against her hymen. She cried out and I felt the hymen tear against my helmet. She trembled and tears sprang from her wide eyes, but she held me tightly and allowed me to enter her pussy. She was so tight it was quite an effort to penetrate her even just a couple of inches. I fondled her small breasts and stroked her wide hips while she lifted her leg and pressed her instep against my buttocks. Her soft body really felt amazingly good against mine.

“You fiends!” shouted someone from the back.

I heard Beau and Jesus grunting together, but Mary and I seemed to have drawn a larger congregation. I pulled out of her for a moment before sliding back inside. I managed to enter her more deeply this time and she responded by gripping and clawing my back.

“Vere profundus!” she moaned and bit my neck.

I lifted her other leg and began shagging her in earnest. She was so sweet and beautiful. Her tear streaked cheeks flushed and moistened even more with sweat.

“Vos es sic magnus!” she cried, sobbing with ecstasy.

“You’re so tight!” I complimented her, loving the feel of her pussy gripping me like a vice.

I felt something wet hit my back and realised people were pelting me with something. I could care less, bollock deep as I was in the Universe’s tightest snatch. I was fucking Mary so energetically now that her ass had ridden up the pillar and I was standing on tiptoe. I pulled her against me and her pussy slid all the way back down onto my cock. She gasped, wrapped her arms and legs around me and kissed me roughly. I felt her come so violently I was afraid I would slip backwards and fall off the plinth. I held her firmly as she shivered and shook in my arms. I pushed her against the pillar again, rammed my cock in her as deep as I could and spunked at the wall to her womb. She came again and her screams reverberated around the stone building. She babbled incoherently, foamed at the mouth and slipped off me. She fell at my feet in a quivering, blubbering heap.

I jumped back down to the floor and felt for the objects that had stuck to my back. They were plastic and sticky. Condoms. Used, spunk filled condoms. What the fuck were church goers doing with those? Everyone turned their attention to the crucifix where Jesus and Beau were reaching their climax. More condoms had stuck to them. Jesus grunted, straining against the nails in His hands and feet. His eyes rolled up into their sockets and His crown of thorns slipped off. So turned on was Beau by the feeling of Jesus ejaculating inside him that he came without his own cock needing to touched. I stood below and caught all of his sweet spunk in my mouth. Although Beau shook back and forth, spattering his cum far and wide, I was able to catch every drop by dancing swiftly from one side of the altar to the other. He lifted himself off Jesus’ swollen, cum moistened Penis, turned and stood with one foot on the base of the cross where Jesus’ feet were nailed and with his other leg curled around Jesus’ thighs.

Beau kissed and fondled the Messiah, preventing His Erection from softening. Soon Jesus was rock hard again. Everyone jostled for position beneath the cross, desperate to catch some of the Divine Spunk. People pushed and shoved for a spot where they thought the Spunk would be most likely to fall. As Beau jacked off Jesus the first glob of Cum shot from the Cock of Christ high into the air and soared into the shadowed arches. It reappeared further back than people had anticipated and thus began a mass scramble over the first few pews. One large man was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and caught the glob deftly in his gob. There was no time for admiration or consternation as Jesus had already fired off several more sticky wet love bullets which were now falling to where everyone had been crushed together before. I was lucky enough to catch one. Several women caught Cum in their hair. Beau wanked the Cock more vigorously and a deluge of Cum showered down upon us like a blizzard. Wet sticky flakes stuck to our bodies and clothes.

“The Body of Christ!” he intoned not so reverently.

“The Spunk of Christ!” Father Cruise shouted up to him, his cum drenched face a picture of unbridled joy.

Beau blew me a kiss.

“I told you I could make somewhere more fun!”

“You weren’t kidding!” I replied.

Eventually the Cum deluge eased off, though I suspected that was more from Beau’s hand growing tired than Jesus’ Balls lacking more Cum to ejaculate. The same wide eyed look of awe illuminated His bearded face, but now it was free from the look of suffering that always seemed to have troubled it. His saliva had frothed from the corner of His mouth and bubbles glistened on His beard. Mary, meanwhile, had stood down from the plinth and was kneeling on the floor, her hands pressed together at her breast in prayer, her face turned towards her Son.

Five — Dance Of The Seven Rosies

Cold, pale, green eyes shone deep into my soul, freezing me like a rabbit in headlights. The lids and upper cheeks glittered with the same shade of green, as if the irises had fractured into tiny fragments and spilled onto the surrounding pallid skin. The lips shone as two slivers of copper, so long as to almost divide the jaw from the rest of the face above, producing a predatory rictus. The cheek bones were sharp as razors, the cheeks shadowy as caves. The long canines sat sheathed behind a thin layer of skin, betrayed by two slight bulges in the lips. A high collar sat on the thin shoulders like a black setting sun. The jade throne upon which the man sat was a sphere with a deep chunk excavated for a seat. A faint hoop hovered in the air around the throne, harmlessly entering and exiting the bodies of the cadaverous attendants, as if marking a boundary which only the most select could cross. Spherical satellites of a similar incorporeality floated in the air around the throne. The throne sat in the centre of a broad, ebony, circular stage beyond which everything was now a silent, empty black void. The rest of the lounge, the music and the crowd seemed to have been deleted. Thus sat Royce Tyranny in the centre of his dominion, Uranus, and all its attendant moons, floating in infinite blackness.

Mary, Beau and I had been commanded by an acolyte to kneel at the rim of the stage. Beau and I had immediately objected and had only complied due to Mary’s initially baffling but eventually persuasive cajolery, not to mention the black looks the men were giving us. It was clear Beau’s website had been thoroughly hacked and usurped by this menacing individual. Yet it had been Beau who had allowed us to fall into his hands. Once again I cursed him and the trust I had placed in him.

We had squeezed our way through the dancing throng to the stage with Beau leading the way. Our progress was slow, but he was clearly determined to pursue this course of action. By the time we reached the stage Tyranny had taken his seat and was talking with the nearest of his acolytes. The crowd thinned considerably the closer we reached the platform. An invisible barrier kept the crowd clear of the steps and it appeared that Tyranny was not about to be mobbed or faced with a crowd of petitioners. Our mere appearance at the steps was enough to draw the gaze of thirteen pairs of eyes from around the throne. Tyranny stretched out his right hand, nodded slightly and beckoned with his claws.

The moment we ascended the steps the lounge had vanished into silence and darkness, leaving us alone with the sinister men.

“Hey up!” piped Beau, his high voice taking an age to die in the huge space around us.

I groaned inwardly. The nearest of the acolytes rose quickly in a rage, but were stayed by a placatory gesture from Tyranny’s talons.

“It’s alright, Judy, and you, Liza,” purred Tyranny to the angry young men. “No need for the pulveriser. These people are strangers here. On that we must be clear.”

“Excuse me!” exclaimed Beau indignantly, “you’re the strangers here. I made this website.”

This time Judy and Liza had to be restrained by Tyranny who extended his arm to an extraordinary length and, without even rising from the throne, seized his men with the unfeasibly long limb and forced them back to their positions. The arm shrank back to its original size.

Tyranny coughed, then said with a curl of his lips, “I think you may find things have changed here a bit since you wrote that rather,” he stroked his chin with the gloved hand, “basic software shit.”

The men sniggered and appeared to relax at this.

I was determined that Beau should not antagonise this egomaniac any further and said, “We were wondering, Lord Tyranny of Uranus, as you are so powerful and all knowing, if you could help us.”

Maybe I imagined it, but as the cold eyes turned to me, I seemed to detect a slight thaw. He raised a hairless brow inquiringly.

“Yes,” I continued nervously, “we appear to be trapped in the Net and have no way of tapping ourselves out.”

I had decided there was no need to divulge Mary’s true nature, that she was not a user’s avatar, and I still suspected Beau was not being entirely honest with me there.

“We’ve now been stuck in Cyberspace for a day least. My body must be wandering about ’cause I only took one hypnozap and it’s probably soiled itself too.”

The men shifted uneasily at his unpleasant detail.

“I’m sorry to be indelicate, my Lord,” I continued, though I was hardly sorry, “but it’s dangerous to be online for such an extended time, as I’m sure you know, my Lord.”

Tyranny had appeared to be in a trance during my little speech. I became aware that I did not have his full attention. He was conversing with something hidden in the folds of his coat. I saw tiny, pudgy hands poke over the collar and fold it back to reveal a wrinkled homunculus resembling a bulbous, yellow vegetable with long black, straggly roots for hair. Its pudgy face was grotesquely toad like and its body appeared to be naked save a crucifix hung around its neck that covered its chest. It sat comfortably on Tyranny’s lap, finished whispering to him and regarded us with wise contempt while playing with the crucifix. Tyranny winced at this, clearly revolted by the sight, and, taking the hint, it hid the icon in his pocket, laughing silently to itself. I dreaded to think what kind of perverse, sexual, symbiotic relationship these two shared. After a long pause Royce’s thin frame shook barely perceptibly, shaking himself from the trance.

He said, “Indeed, Ian, as Madame Prence here tells me you are called, a Saint Lucian.”

I tried to conceal the fear and indignation I felt by this open admission that Tyranny was using this creature to collect my private data. The creature cackled and whispered some more in his ear.

“Bodies need to be managed or they’ll be damaged, eh?” said Tyranny and turned to his men who all nodded vigorously. “Oh yes, I know how it is with the physical. A lapse in bodily care would be inadmissible. Damned nuisance, but no excuse for insouciance.” He folded his long hands and sympathised, “Dear, dear, dear, you do make me shed a tear,” though his eyes remained dry.

I nodded, gulped and ventured, “So, can you help, my Lord?”

There was another long pause as we listened to my ‘or’ syllable drift into the distance. Tyranny drew a deep breath. Madame Prence burbled something that sounded like an electronic radio station jammer. Her right arm was visible, though it was little more than a stump, while the left was hidden amongst Tyranny’s clothing. I had the strangest impression that she was doing more than merely advising him.

“The three of you have been stirring up the rabble, or so my gossips babble,” said Tyranny.

He was clearly not a man to commit himself to anything quickly.

After some whoops and whistles from his pet he continued, “This parody of the Blessed Virgin, so called,” he snorted dismissively at Mary, “was bound to leave some users rather galled. Tell me, er,” he consulted the gibbering parsnip for second, “‘Beau’, what consequences could you possibly expect after your little stunt in the church at a few hours ago?”

I heard thumping sounds behind me and twisted around to see Rosie, still naked apart from the glitter, banging on an invisible barrier at the foot of the steps. She pushed her body against the smooth surface, squeezing her giant boobs until they were like two huge fried eggs covering her torso. She licked the ‘glass’, humped her hips against it, and stared at me lustfully. I could hardly help breaking into a smile, to which she grinned and girned while clawing frantically at the barrier in pretend helplessness. Behind her the bar of Royce’s was still black and silent, yet this woman seemed to be finding a way to penetrate the stage’s Stygian seclusion. Lord Tyranny’s face darkened considerably at the sight of Rosie and he conferred in heated whispers with Prence and with his men.

I was anxious to continue the discussion so, tearing my gaze away from Rosie for a moment, I again asked the Lord of Uranus, or whoever he was, if he would unhack our software, or whatever was needed, to allow us to return to our bodies. Madame Prence, with sphinx like inscrutability, emitted a bark followed by a whine that brought Hendrix’s burning guitar to mind.

Tyranny flashed his gold fangs, spread his long arms wide and said almost beatifically, “Stay good friends. Your enjoyment shall be by end. I shall do all I can to,” upon which he was interrupted by renewed bangs from Rosie, followed by an almighty crash.

Beau, Mary and I jumped forwards, away from a sound like shattering glass. Somehow Rosie had smashed the barrier with her fist and had opened up a hole. The sound of music and shouting accompanied by flashing lights burst though the hole. Then cracks radiated out, as if the air was fracturing, quickly lengthened and multiplied into a baroque network of fine lines. Rosie exchanged looks with me, mine of concern and her’s of mock terror. A million glittering splinters came crashing down around her. She stood in the middle of the shower, bent with her arms over her head, until the last of the shards had fallen. To our amazement she seemed completely unharmed by the sharp, shiny fragments which now covered the steps all around the stage. Her bare feet received no cuts as she mounted the steps, bottle in hand. All around us the people danced and drank as before, but were now giving the stage an even wider berth than before.

Rosie looked the men up and down, swigged from the bottle, licked her lips, belched and said, “Cor, fucking hell! Did someone die here, or something? It’s blacker than my dog’s arse around here!”

Judy and Liza were the first to lunge at her, but again they were restrained by the long arm of their lawgiver.

Rosie, completely undaunted, went straight up to the throne, chucked the Lord of Uranus under the chin and said, “Y’alright, Royce, my old mucker, eh? Still King of my Rear End, eh?”

It was only then she appeared to notice the tiny figure of Madame Prence and she started slightly at the hideous sight before ruffling the creature’s dry hair affectionately. Royce Tyranny seemed willing, though far from happy, to endure this humiliation at the hands of a pole dancer. I was astonished at this affront to a man whom everyone else respected, if not feared. He and his men were fuming, but remained motionless.

Rosie turned back to me and my companions, said, poking a thumb at Royce over shoulder, “Don’t worry about him. I’ve got him taped alright. Let’s leave him to ponce about some more for a bit, eh?”

The three of us followed her slowly, gauging Royce’s reactions. With all his rage centred on Rosie he failed to notice us as we edged away to the steps.

Above the music I shouted to Royce and his pet, “So you can help us, yes?”

They turned back to me and nodded in perfect synchronisation. Rosie led the three of us back down the steps and towards one of the adjacent rooms we had yet to see. I looked back to the stage where Royce was still nodding in our direction, then I exchanged looks of profound relief with Beau. I could hardly believe we had escaped that fascist with such apparent ease.

“So what was all that about?” I asked Rosie as we walked.

She laughed and said, “I’ve got some super dooper virus and spyware protection he don’t know about, that’s all.”

“Well, whatever it was,” I said, “we owe you one.”

“I’ll remember that,” she said and winked.

“Do you think we can trust that weirdo?” I asked Beau.

“I think we might not have a choice,” he answered pessimistically. “I can’t think of a way out of here without looking to someone like him for help.”

I considered something Beau had told me before our audience with Lord Tyranny and I regarded Mary who seemed as distracted and girlishly happy as ever.

“So Mary’s prayers finally worked, huh?”

He frowned.

“I’m not falling for that line about her being just software again, Beau.”

“She is just software!” he insisted.

I sighed and strode after Rosie, but was stayed by Beau tugging at my arm.

“Listen, Ian!”

I stopped and regarded my friend critically. There was sadness in his big eyes as he realised he had lost my trust.

“I stored some extra protection software in her files.”

I rolled my eyes.

“She’s very sophisticated, Ian. I gave her extra programs so that, if my avatar got hacked, I’d be able to use her instead.”

That made me pause to consider. Mary was flirting with some bipedal feline creature that shared the same unnatural allure as the fuck bunnies. She took its paw and led it over to where I stood with Beau. I had noticed a strange vacancy on her face that suggested a certain kind of detachment or intellectual deficiency. She seemed amazingly unconcerned about our predicament.

“Commodo opportunus meus parum amicus,” she said, indicating her new friend.

“Me sex kitten,” it meowed, baring its fangs. “Me like to fuckyfuck you all for half price. Big discount for parties of four!”

This little speech was interspersed with purrs. It was enjoying Mary’s tickles and strokes and its tail stood erect. It rubbed itself against her as if asking to be fed. It’s body was curved like a beautiful girl’s.

I’ve really been online too long, I thought.

Returning my attention to Beau I felt momentarily lost for words.

“OK, maybe you’re right,” I said eventually, “I don’t know,” and hurried after Rosie. “I guess I do trust you, Beau,” I said as we walked. “Not knowing the first thing about computers I don’t really have a choice, do I?”

Beau looked sad, so I put my arm around his soft, small body.

“I’m glad you’re back,” I said cuddling him. “I didn’t like McGrumpy anymore than you,” he beamed.

Rosie’s long legs had carried her far ahead, through an archway to a chamber even larger than the lounge. It was circular, domed, and seemed to house some kind of swimming pool, though the liquid the people were swimming in was far thicker and cloudier than water. Everyone appeared to be naked. Men, women and various entities were fucking with a frenzied passion all around the pool’s edge, but what caught my interest in particular was that many people, when reaching the point of ejaculation, would stand over the pool and add their fuck milk to the heaving mass of it apparently already deep enough for people to dive into from some very high boards. Girls screamed with delight as they sported in the water with balls and phallic inflatable dinghies. The atmosphere here was slightly cooler and more relaxed than in the lounge and it helped to soothe my jangled nerves.

Rosie was already sat at a tropical beach style bar. She waved to us and also to an aproned fuck bunny who eagerly hopped over to her. We sat and let Rosie order for the five of us as the sex kitten seemed to have attached itself firmly to Mary. Our pole dancing friend ordered three Bukkake Bath cocktails, so appropriately named, for herself, Beau and I, a Fast Frenzied Fuck for Mary and a bowl of cream for the cat.

The antics in the pool reminded me that it was now a few hours since I had last had sex. As we sipped our cocktails which Rosie very kindly paid for, I became increasingly horny. In particular the sight of her breasts floating between us offered a much needed distraction from my worries over my inability to exit.

“So what’s your relationship with Royce, exactly?” I asked her chest.

She sniggered.

“I just give him a private show sometimes.”

She slurped on her straw while I considered this.

“That’s it?” I asked, surprised. “He’s that soft?”

She smacked her lips.

“He’d do anything for me.”

“It must be quite a show you give him.”

“The best!” With her arms folded and her legs crossed she looked at me with amusement and asked, “Want to see for yourself, mate?”

I choked on my drink.

“You bet!” I spluttered.

“It’ll cost you, but judging by that bulge in your trousers I think you’ve got what it takes.”

I looked at my friends. Mary had the sex kitten on her lap and looked just about ready to fuck it where she sat. Beau was playing with the assorted accoutrements in his glass.

“Can Beau join us?” I asked Rosie.

“Absofandango!” she said after downing her drink swiftly.

She stood and led Beau and I around a gauzy curtain to a small unoccupied room with pink round sofas and chairs arranged in a circle. On a table behind one of the chairs lay a couple of pink spongy objects that resembled soft dildos.

Rosie picked up one and said to it, “Aah, no one to play with you, darling?”

Scrotum hung pendulously from the cock which was designed to look completely realistic. Rosie stroked it and it began to pulse and grow in her hand.

She giggled and said, “Somewhere some guy’s getting off on this.”

I gawped.

“You mean that’s an avatar? Just of someone’s cock and balls?”

She lifted the other and tossed it to me, but it was intercepted by Beau. The thing immediately started to become engorged as he played with it. He lifted it to his mouth and sucked the tip.

“This is cute!” he declared.

Beau and I sat together on the sofa and we took turns to stimulate it. Rosie was tossing hers in the air, flipping it around, casually catching it, swinging it around her back and throwing it in the air again. The penis was rock hard and its precum was flying everywhere. She used it like a majorette’s baton, spinning it crazily, using the weight of the scrotum to swing it high above her head.

Beau passed his to me and I began wanking it. It was hot and hard. I kissed the head, then sucked it down to the balls. It felt completely real, twitching against the back of my throat. I sat it on the sofa between us so that Beau could massage the balls and rub the cock around its base while I sucked on the glans. We sucked and rubbed vigorously, enjoying its responses to each little touch of our fingers and tongues.

“It’s about to cum!” said Beau excitedly, tightening his grip on the scrotum.

Cum was catapulted all over our faces. Beau bent to suck it dry while I kneaded the balls. He drank all it had to give until it had returned to its original softness. We kissed and licked the cum from each other’s faces.

Meanwhile Rosie was enjoying herself with the other set. She was passing it between her legs and letting it tumble through the air. Then, as she tried to catch it again, the cock struck her cheek with a loud thwack. She scowled, dropped it to her foot and kicked it so hard that it flew over Beau’s head and hit the wall behind us. It stuck there for a moment, glued to the surface with its precum, then slithered to the floor in a limp, pathetic heap. “Fucking hate those things!” she said in a huff. “Hey, am I still here, or what?”

Beau and I had become somewhat carried away by the taste of the cum on our faces and were kissing each other with open wantonness. We broke off in deference to our host, but continued gazing at each other. I was now desperate to fuck him again and to show how much I appreciated him in spite of our disagreements.

Rosie was holding out her hand. I dug around in my pocket, pulled out a handful of Uranian cash and placed the coins in her palm which she then clapped to her mouth. Her jaw soon ground them smooth enough to swallow. She twitched her nose at me critically, so I felt around for some more. She seemed satisfied with the second helping which she also ate with relish. She then straightened with her hands clasped high, fixed us with a heavy lidded gaze and wiggled her ears. Mellow music with a sexy, ethnic beat started pulsing from an unseen source. Beau and I sat back for what we knew was going to be quite a show.

“I am so very glad you never deny me, pet,” he smiled, as spooling fingers of silver moonlight danced over his face.

His smile turned into a slightly evil and demanding grimace as looked at her kneeling down in front of him and then pulled her close to him by the hair, pressing her face into his groin.

He lent back and let out a soft groan, as she brought her lips to his sex, having opened his trousers and tugged them down to his knees.

Her mouth took him in dutifully, with her eyes wide, looking up at him. She knew that he loved to see her, gazing up at him, knowing her place.

The moon was quite radiant that night as he pressed her down by the big oak tree. And she felt radiant too as she resumed her work, plunging his prick into her mouth until the rhythm lulled him into silence, punctuated by the occasional moan and the clenching of his fingers in her hair.

Trying not to tear up as her gag reflex came into play, she looked up at him again and then let him slide slowly from her mouth. She clasped his shaft, releasing it slowly, slowly, until just his cock head was embedded between her lips.

She was rather tempted to nip playfully, but decided to lick instead and was rewarded by a further moan and the feeling of being possessed as his hands played in her hair, gripping it and tugging it until she was drawn to absorb his prick into her mouth once again.

She enjoyed serving his need, loving all the motions of service and surrender, in the cool night air. After all what good would resistance do, given she absolutely loved being his cock slut.

In fact she was wholly captivated by his prick and loved the freedom that he allowed her to exercise in pleasuring him.

Although she knew that she was not free to do exactly as she wished, she was content with that state of affairs. In belonging to him, she sacrificed her own immediate pleasure for the added delight of pleasing him first.

His hand closing on her hair jerked her away from her thoughts and back to the reality of service. She loved it when he took control of her and she became a mere fuck toy to be used to accentuate his excitement.

He stared down at her and pushed her hair away from her face, wanting to see how she was making love to his prick beneath the shadowy canopy of the oak.

“You are a sweet cunt,” he sighed, closing his eyes and enjoying the sensations her lips afforded him; “my sweet cunt.”

A cloud crossed the face of the moon and plunged them into darkness, but neither of them noticed. He was too busy acclimatising himself to the lips that were so obligingly wrapped around his cock to worry about lunar phenomena. She was too busy concentrating on taking him to the point where he would spurt his semen into her mouth: her reward for service.

“I could eat you,” he grinned down at her. “And I would this instant, were it not to mean the loss of your mouth from my prick.”

She looked up at him in silent agreement as he shunted his prick in and out of her mouth, using her as she had grown accustomed to being used under his direction.

“I so like the thought of spurting my seed into your mouth, cunt,” he observed, punctuating each word with a further thrust and a tug to the brunette’s hair, feeling her wanting him more and more, but not wanting to end this episode yet: such sweet contradiction.

The cloud passed and liberated the moonlight once more. He could see lust flashing in her eyes and wondered how wet her pussy was.

Reaching down, he pulled up her tee-shirt. Then he started to caress her breasts. He pinched the nipples tightly and slapped the tit flesh lazily, marking her bosom his. At the same time, he leant back indolently against the tree and let her take over the pace of sucking his engorged member.

“There is hardly anything that could be better than this,” he determined, pulling his prick from her mouth and then pulling her up, so that her tits pressed against his prick. “All the same a titty fuck does come close.”

“You are a quite the wicked man tonight, sir,” she scolded him, despite loving the fact that she loved it when he used her breasts as a pleasure treat.

Sighing theatrically, she pushed her breasts up and enfolded his prick between them. And as she enjoyed the heat of his member, she quietly confessed her delight: “I admit that I do like the way you fuck my tits, sir.”

“Of course you do. It gives your tits fresh purpose,” he remarked assuredly, tilting his head down towards her; “but, that was a sweet admission on your part.”

“I’m glad you approve,” she blushed and then brushed long strands of brown hair from her face.

“I do.”

“I hope that you can be trusted to take full advantage of me and my purposeful tits,” the girl giggled, as she clamped her breasts around his cock.

“Oh, I think you can be certain on that score,” he sighed. “I may even have to come over your tits rather than in your mouth at this rate. And don’t pout: you know you love any usage of your person by your owner.”

“I can’t help it, sir. I so love the taste and feel of hot sperm draining down my gullet.”

“You are the most wonderful cunt, sweet heart.”

“I am your most wonderful cunt, sir.”

“Come on now,” he grinned and tugged her face back by the hair, before stepping over her face and frigging his cock as she started to kiss the balls that now nestled against her lips. “Don’t adopt that controversial nit-picking attitude.”

“I may well chew your balls, but I will leave your hat well alone, sir.”

“Very funny girl: any excessive ball chewing and you will live to regret it.”

“Can’t a cunt make a punt at a pun, sir?”

“She can once she has remembered her place and licks her daddy’s balls like a good girl.”

“I thought I would be licking your arse after I’d licked your balls, sir.”

“You are a temptress.”

“That’s me, sir.”

“Now lick,” he retorted sharply. “I sometimes feel your digressions would make a less patient man weep.”

She resisted the temptation to respond and pressed her tongue against his balls as instructed. She knew that he would hold her accountable for any further delay and, much as she enjoyed a good flogging, didn’t really want to be deprived of his cum.

Obediently she slipped her head under him and pushed her tongue against the hollow of his arse, loving the way he started and moaned from the very first touch, pressing down upon her in a very needing fashion.

“That’s a good slut,” he breathed. “You should get to know my arse better this instant.”

She loved the way he trembled above her as she slid her tongue against his most intimate places, conjecturing whether she might be able to make him come, just by pushing her tongue against the tight hole and flicking it back and forth.

She tried to judge the pace and enjoyed the control it seemed to give her over him, albeit ephemeral control. There was something to be said for empowerment, she smiled to herself as she licked and tasted his fundament, but dis-empowerment could be so much more fun.

A little overwhelmed by her evident enthusiasm, he lent back against the tree to control his excited trembling and grabbed at her hair again, tugging her face up, though not too far for he did not want her to stop licking.

“Look up at me, while you ream my arse, girl.”

She smiled and continued to press her tongue home, seeking out the most sensitive spots, as she engaged with his wishes.

“Oooh, pet. There’s something about the way you do that, that is unbearably wonderful, you lovely chit.”

She couldn’t think of anything more she wanted from him at that instant. In fact, she wasn’t thinking at all, being completely focused on making him feel on top of the world. She was waiting for the moment when he would bring his cock back to her mouth and fill it with his cum.

“I love the way you obey me without challenge and look up at me as you service my need,” he burbled in his delight. “Those beautiful eyes seem filled with such happiness, sweet bitch.”

She felt her cheeks reddening again.

“My lovely girl, I would be so hard pressed to find anything that compares with the light of your smile, the glow of your skin and the brilliance of your eyes that I am not even going to look.”

She wanted to look down and away, but found herself pressing into his arse, just to escape from his eulogising commentary.

She was quite happy to make him so pleased that he needed to shower such compliments upon her. She would, however, be happier still to find him showering her face with his cum, as well as these self-evident indicators of the warmth he felt for her.

The fickle moon disappeared behind another cloud and plunged them back into darkness, depriving them of its silver kisses, though her tongue continued its oscillating motions regardless.

“There’s a moon up there that can’t decide whether to wax or wane,” he said poetically, causing her to have a fit of giggles as she looked up towards his backside.

He frowned and dragged her up from under him, holding her up by the hair and slapping first her face and then her breasts, wanting to punish her for being unable to control herself, but at the same time not wanting to hurt her. “You are in need of discipline girl.”

“That was entirely your fault, sir.”

“Surely someone with as wondrous and dedicated a tongue as you can focus on my arse despite my verbiage?”

“I love your arse and I love your verbiage, sir.”

“Okay, you win,” he said, giving in easily.

“Don’t I always?” she teased.

“No you decidedly do not,” He determined, rolling his eyes in mock desperation. Then he pulled her face all the way up to his, again by the hair, so that she was brought up to a standing position in a rather painful way.

She winced at the pressure on her scalp, but still managed to smile playfully, when he relinquished his grip on her. Steadying herself with a hand on her shoulder, she murmured her thanks for his rough treatment of her.

“Victories can be Pyrrhic, you know, pet,” he said , cupping her face and slapping her cheek. “Just for your impudence, pet, you don’t get fed any cum tonight.”

“No cum? Hey, no fair.”

He gripped her face more firmly in his hand, feeling her jawbone. In fact he grasped her so tightly that she felt she would be bruised in his enthusiasm to make his mark upon her.

Then he reached behind her and pressed her lower back in towards him to accentuate the curve of her backside, before reaching down to slap her bottom affectionately. “No cum in your mouth but there may be some for your delightful young behind, of course.”

“Is that your way of stilling my protests, sir?”

“It is,” he agreed, with a chuckle. “I am so glad you cottoned on.”

“I was going to cotton off and slip my panties down, sir, once you released me.”

“Were you, my ridiculously, silly child?”

“Yes. Then I was going to lean over the ash stump over there and spread myself, so that you could use my bottom to your heart’s content.”

“That was very thoughtful of you. I do like a little buggery in the early hours.”

“I do my best, sir.”

“You have permission to fulfil your promises, girl. I will assuredly fill your crack before dawn.”

“I love being your girl.”

“What else do you love?”

“I love being your bitch and your slut and your whore. It is well worth staying up all night to be enjoyed in each role.”

“Lovely, and?”

“And I love that when you have used my behind, you will let me clean the residue of your cum off your cock with my mouth, despite your threats to deny me.”

(Silly as a sausage? If you’re looking for something serious you’re in the wrong place).


Before they could all fly off together. One of the fairies started to chant and attracted the attention of the other fairies.

“I want more, I want more, I want more, give me more, so I can be sure these two horny people make me feel good,” chanted the horny fairy.

Her wish came true. The other fairies stopped in their tracks and turned to watch Free and Ian continue their fun.

“Be he hairy, be he horny, give him the tongue to make her super horny,” chanted this same horny fairy.

Before Free took her lips to suck Ian’s cock, Free knew she had to have more of Ian’s tongue. Yes she just wanted more; the need for more seemed to unnaturally fill her mind. For so long she’d wanted her pussy worshipped as the goddess’s honey pot. In a moment of utter bliss Free realised Ian was going to devour her succulent beckoning pussy as she desired.

Suddenly, there was a funny noise; what was it? Was Free hearing clapping? It was very faint. Free looked around but couldn’t see anyone or anything. It must be just her imagination playing tricks on her.

Free didn’t see the fairy dancing and clapping as she saw her spell taking hold. Oh goody, she thought, more fun. Addicted as she was; they all were, she sought more orgasmic energy to fill her enchanted mind. What would Ian do with his tongue now that she’d changed it to create more delightful orgasmic mayhem?

Hidden behind the books on the shelf the horny fairies were delighted with Ian’s decision to experiment with Free’s delightfully exquisite pussy. They were so naughty weren’t they? These fairies addicted as they were, just thought they’d help them both by reducing their inhibitions, so they could have unbridled fun with each others bodies. They couldn’t help it if they were addicted to the orgasmic energy could they?

Holding her breathe, Free quivered in anticipation knowing that Ian’s tongue was about to find the home it had been searching for, and enticingly lick her steamy hot and eager pussy. And then she felt it; his gorgeous tongue, it was the longest, silkest but hardest tongue in the world surely. Those naughty fairies had cast a spell and his tongue had grown to three times its normal length. It was so naughty!

Free felt the colossal enthusiastic moist tongue slide delicately along her exposed and pouting pussy lips. And as his powerful tongue caressed her swollen and inviting succulent pussy lips, Free could feel her pussy juices starting to flood out of her liked an exploding faucet.

Oh wow I really love that gushing feeling she thought to herself. I want to feel him slide that powerful seductively hot tongue of his up inside my pussy tunnel. It’s still kind of funny though, she thought to herself, why was she so turned on when she was normally so uptight in these situations? Free just didn’t appreciate that those very horny naughty fairies had made sure her inhibitions drifted away, to expose her true inner sexual self.

Free had always been concerned and worried about why she never got wet enough, and now she was gushing like a mountain spring from her passionately saturated pussy. Free had never felt herself so horny and wet before, it was so engrossingly delightful. As Ian continued to stroke her yearning pussy lips she squirmed and moaned uncontrollably, because she loved the intense feeling of her moist pussy being licked and teased by Ian horny and enormously talented tongue.

Her steamy pussy was begging for more. Free wanted that gorgeously talented tongue to give her the powerful pleasure she longed for. This wild hairy man who was in her bed was just an utter delight to enjoy to its fullest. How in the hell had he ever ended up with a tongue that was like a god’s gift to a woman’s pussy?

Free felt Ian running his enormous vibrating tongue closer and closer to her clit. It was a teasingly tense and tantalizing torture of delightful desire. Then it happened, her whole body shuddered when she felt his powerful tongue brutally force itself around her clit. It was like a powerful python. Climbing and circling its prey. How had he managed to vibrate his tongue like that Free pondered?

It was against her clit. His tongue was pulsating against her clit in a way that she had never expected or experienced before. Fantastic, she was unable to cope with; it was just too much unexpected pleasurable gratification. She was moaning so loudly it was almost like she was howling in pleasure.

“Mmmmmm, oh that’s delightful, yes flick it, swirl it around, oh that’s so lovely, do it, yes do it. Oh yeh, more and more,” cried Free.

Her passion had the better of her. Because the erotic sensation was really too much to cope with for her body, her whole arse was trembling in unrestrained joyful shudders; it was quivering like never before. Her body was responding as it never had before. Free could feel her arse opening and closing in delight spasms of lust and it was in perfect harmony with the Ian’s pulsating tongue’s grip on her clit.

At the same time as her butt was shaking, her pussy juices were pouring out, and creating a huge love puddle on her bed. Somehow Free knew that her pussy perfume would drive Ian mind wild, it was a powerful force to keep him energised as he was driving her into higher blissful ecstasy.

And then the trembling in her whole groin started, she could feel a shudder of ecstasy running up and down her back and into her arse and pussy. Her pussy palpitations of pleasure rose higher and higher. Free was crying out in unrestrained lust.

“Ohhhh, ohhh, yesssss, oh baby, baby, baby, don’t stop, that’s so greattt,” Free moaned.

And Free could feel that Ian was never going to stop his unrelenting vibrating tongue attack on her inviting swollen clit. The delightful inner bliss of pleasure this was delivering in her mind was overwhelming and thrilling. She felt the frenzy of her raptures about to explode.

Free breathed in and held her breath. She felt her whole body expanding outwards as the pleasure washed over her. It was like she had fallen into an ocean of radiating softness of pure pleasure. As she floated on its waves, she felt herself swept along, unrestrained and joyful.

The pleasure of her orgasm overtook her mind and body. Free and Ian connected by Free’s overwhelming pleasure, the tide of her lust filled her ocean which was carrying her onward. They were joined as one, as the unrelenting excitement of the never ending orgasm; it never seemed likely to end. She could feel Ian adapt to her ecstatic orgasm by holding his tongue in a steel like grip against her clit, as he continued to vibrate his tongue against her clit.

“Oh, oh, it’s too much but I need more, oh yes, more and more” Free cried out.

It was rapturous agony and elation as wave after wave of pleasure crashed over and through her. She must have blacked out, because when she came to Ian was gently and lovingly licking and kissing her neck and face. Talking sweetly to her as he tenderly caressed her beautiful body.

The fairies were all bright red now. The energy from all that orgasmic action had been too much for them. They had all run around hitting into each other as Free’s orgasms had come in waves. The bliss had entered their minds and driven them to run around indiscriminately crashing into whatever was near them.

They were addicted to the source of their enchanting elation. How could they stop wanting to experience the energetic effects of orgasms. They might all be sore and feeling sorry for themselves, but could they ever stop their antics? Now as they watched Free and Ian caress and cuddle one another, they had time to pant and recover from all that lust encrusted energy.

It wasn’t fair, they were fairies weren’t they, why shouldn’t it be fair for them? They wanted to draw off the energy off the human’s orgasm. But now they felt like it was all Free’s fault; how were they to know she would go off into a rolling multiple orgasm, and that the blissfulness would send them all silly!

Those naughty fairies got exactly what they deserved. So thankfully it was all over now, wasn’t it?

Free whispered in Ian’s ear, and he nodded his head. Free lay back on her bed and spread her legs. Her anticipation of what was to come was beyond her deepest desire, she was almost in a trance waiting for the engrossing blissful assault she had demanded Ian to begin.

Ian eagerly moved up to between the top of her open legs. Ian was in raptures that his special talent was finally finding some appreciation in a gorgeous and appreciative woman.

The fairies were looking at each other, Surely not, not again, they wouldn’t be at it again, would they? It was unbelievable. Were these two insatiable?

Free felt his thrilling silken tongue forcing itself inside her inviting sweltering pussy. Then she felt the onslaught of his massively silky tongue slide its was inside her welcoming dynamic pussy. Ian had curled his powerful gigantic tongue so that he could use it like a soft steel cock. Free could feel his enormous vibrating tongue sliding in and out of her overwhelmed pussy passage.

The pleasure it engendered inside Free was beyond her expectation and desire, as that monstrous talented tongue was sliding in and out of her elated pussy. At the same time, she could feel it flick and rub against her G spot in a way that was beyond her sensual expectations.

It was so quick. Unexpectedly quick, and maybe it was her relaxed state that allowed her to orgasm again so quickly.

This time her orgasm came like a massive crash of gratifying joy. It was upon her so quickly, the bliss exploded in her mind in such a way that she never expected. It wasn’t like an ocean this time, it was like a fireball. Her body was almost rigid as the vibrating joy rippled through her. Ripple after ripple of ecstasy surged and burnt through her mind and body.

Free hoped Ian wouldn’t stop, and then the eruption of the fireball within her pussy created a flood of juices. It was what signaled to Ian that he was about to drink the honey of Free’s womanhood.

As she orgasmed again Free could feel more and more love juices pouring out of her. It was pouring and gushing out, like her body had for the first time finally liberated itself to express the gratification it felt for the orgasms that had set it free to orgasmicly gush in bliss. Free felt Ian sucking and gulping as she finally slipped into unconsciousness again from another blissful orgasm.

This time when she finally found herself coming back to consciousness she could feel Ian powerful hairy body wrapped around her, enveloping her in a lover’s embraces. It was an embrace that she would come to know even better as time went by.

Just give myself a few minutes to relax she thought to herself; I just want Ian to use his enormous tongue on my arse next she thought to herself.

The fairies heard her wish! No, no, no, they screamed, please no more! We can’t take any more. They lay in a pile of matted sweat and redness, as their bruised and battered bodies lay prone from the blindness of their lust addiction. How could they survive if Free kept up her quest for more and more orgasms?

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