1 The Office

Susie went over and over her options on the short Taxi ride from her plush modern office to the nondescript street of workmen’s houses where the woman at the help desk had directed her, “They offer the utmost in confidentiality and sensitivity when relationships fail, everything from a refuge or safe house to a reconciliation service for the professional or business woman,” she had been assured, and now after paying the driver, she walked slowly down the street looking for number seventeen, and on seeing the number screwed to the plain brown door she paused briefly and checked the name on small brass plate before she rang the doorbell.

The door opened almost immediately to reveal a smartly dressed young woman who greeted her, “Hello,” she said with a welcoming smile,”You must be Suzanne, I’m Natasha, come up to the office,!”

She gave Susie no time to reply as she led the way up the worn bare wooden stairs, “Here we are, the bath room is on the right if you need it.”

The door swung noisily on its worn hinges as Natasha ushered Susie into a cramped office which was once a bedroom in the small terraced house. “So Suzanne or may I call you Susie?” Natasha enquired.

Susie looked at Natasha, surprised that such an attractive young woman should be working for an organisation like this she expected a middle aged lesbian with a military hairstyle in a boiler suit but instead Natasha was all lip gloss, shoulder length brown hair and cleavage, she wore a business suit but stylishly with an open neck blouse rather than starched shirt.

“Yes, Susie is fine,” She replied quietly

“So, ah Robert, your husband, you say he hit you?” Natasha enquired as she peered inquisitively at Susie, noting that Susie’s blonde hair appeared to be natural and taking in the her calm demeanour and immaculate outfit and makeup that gave little enough evidence of violence.

“Yes, across my face,” Susie replied, flicking a strand of blonde hair away from her face, “After everything I’ve done for him.”

“Tell me about Robert and yourself” Natasha suggested, “Right from when you met if you like.”

“Well,” Susie started, “We met when I was at University, years ago, he sold me a Moped.” she remembered.

“And?” Natasha prompted.

Susie explained, “He had his own Motorbike business.”

“A biker, eh, all leathers and testosterone?” Natasha smiled at the thought.

“Yes, I kept on finding little problems so I could take the Moped back,” Susie explained, “And so I could see him, you see my Mum, well she definitely did not like Motorcycles.”

“But you married?” Natasha observed, “So there was no pressure, parents, pregnancy?”

“Oh no, Mum didn’t approve but Robert wanted everything to be legal especially as I was only eighteen,” Susie explained, “And he paid for everything, he was making really good money you see, and we didn’t even live together before we married,”

“So it was a good marriage” Natasha enquired.

“Yes.” Susie agreed, “I thought so.”

“So, where did it all go wrong?” Natasha agreed

“Well it made sense; when I graduated I had the chance of a really great job, a fantastic chance, here in London, so we sold the business in Durham and bought the most fantastic house, well we paid the deposit with the proceeds, and moved down here.”

“And how did this affect things?” Natasha asked.

“He was all right at first but now he’s totally unreasonable, I need him to support me, but he wanted to tinker with bikes all the time while I need him to do the garden and keep the swimming pool and the house clean, I told him we cannot have old motorcycles around our new house, so I bought him a smart new van and he sold the bikes and I said wait and see if you need a motorbike, it’s not as if he needs to work, in fact for tax purposes he is better off staying home, but he just doesn’t bother.”

“Doesn’t bother?” Natasha enquired.

Susie continued, “He will not clean up or mow the lawns or help entertain, he just wears the same jeans and tee shirt all the time, he’s pathetic”

“And sex” Natasha enquired.

“When he starts pulling his weight he gets sex,” she insisted, Until then he can do without.”

Natasha could see the pattern emerging, her long experience in the job enabled her to tick the boxes on the form with accuracy.

Natasha continued “So physical intimacy has ended?”

“Yes.” Susie admitted

“Do you love him?” Natasha asked, and peered intently at Susie seeking the physical clues which so often contradicted their words.

Susie thought hard, “He changed, I would have done anything for him so why won’t he do it for me, I am the success, not him, he could not have dreamed of a house like ours when he was covered in oil fixing Motorbikes.”

“And he supported you while you studied for your degree?” Natasha asked.

“While I did the little wifey thing while my friends had a great time partying yes, great.” Susie added.

“Well clearly the situation needs drastic action,” Natasha insisted.

“Drastic action” Susie agreed.

“We need to protect your interests,” Natasha continued, “Get him out of the matrimonial home first, and restrained from removing or disposing of anything, without your consent, freeze the joint bank accounts, and most important keep you safe in case he goes off the rails, Its a lot of forms to fill in I am afraid.”

Natasha fished a sheaf of forms from her desk drawer and Suzanne started to read,

“They are fine trust me” Natasha lied, “Do you have a picture of him”

Susie fished a picture from her bag, a tall dark handsome man with a moustache astride a bright red Ducati racing motorcycle.

‘Oh god he is gorgeous,’ thought Natasha as she said “Yes I see, if you could sign all the forms please.”

Susie quickly scribbled down her details, addresses, emails, phone numbers Robert’s cell phone and her home work and cell phone numbers, and she signed her signature on the forms, and when she finished Natasha suggested, “Let me make a call,” and she left the room, to return minutes later.

Natasha spoke seriously to Susie, “It so happens that we have a vacancy in our west country retreat for two weeks, starting today, so I suggest you take advantage, get away from work and stress, re evaluate your priorities, decide whether Robert has a place in your life, and we suggest two weeks away from the daily grind is the ideal and is most beneficial in most cases, what do you think?”

“And what about getting Robert evicted,” Susie asked, “and what about paying the bills.”

“We settle everything,” Natasha confirmed, “We’ll ensure everything is paid up to date,” she checked a form, “Yes, you authorised, it. see here,” she pointed, “And we will ensure your employer understands and then we can sort everything out when you return.”

Susie looked confused, “My Job, mortgage, paper bill, car tax?”

“Everything,” Natasha confirmed, “Complete break from right now.”

“But I’ll need to pack!” Susie exclaimed.

“No problem,” Natasha replied, “Sometimes girls arrive with nothing so we have everything essential that you’ll need and the rest we can pick up on the way!”

“Yes, OK I’ll do it, thanks.” Susie confirmed as Natasha handed Susie a final form and a pen and watched as she signed on the bottom line.

“I’ll make the call.” Natasha promised and she slipped from the room.

Susie looked around the dingy room with its rows of lockers and drab green and gold wallpaper. She wondered if she was doing the right thing but she felt relief as she felt she had at least taken that first step.

Natasha returned, “The Taxi’s coming, five minutes they said, we’ll get you a few things on the way.”

“What about Robert,” Susie asked.

“He won’t be there, don’t worry.” Natasha replied, “But phone round friends, parents, not Robert, and explain you’ll be away for a few days,” Natasha suggested.

“Can you do it?” Susie asked.

“Of course!” Natasha agreed, “If you write the numbers down,” she said as she led the way to the Ford Mondeo Taxi, and gave an address a few hundred yards from Susie’s house and as they arrived Natasha made a call on her cell phone, “Van’s there, Plan A” she said.

Within three minutes Robert had dashed from the house and driven off aggressively in the van. Natasha told the Taxi driver to park up outside Susie’s house and Natasha followed Susie indoors to help her pack a few things.

“Devon beckons, two weeks with no mobile phones or computers so just grab a few things and we’ll get going.” Natasha suggested.

Susie quickly filled a suitcase with clothes but when she went to add her makeup Natasha advised, “It’s a retreat, no need for cosmetics, just grab your toothbrush and we’ll get going.”

2 Retreat

They drove to the Motorway and droned westwards for hours, eventually turning onto smaller and smaller roads and finally a gravel track across rolling green hills until eventually they arrived at what appeared to be an ancient Monastery

Natasha knocked loudly on the front door, a woman in a nuns habit appeared and ushered them inside to where an older Nun waited. She addressed Susie in a kindly slightly west country accent. “You have been sent for a short break, I understand, please you must eat with us.”

“I’ll see you in two weeks then,” Natasha said cheerily as she set Susie’s case down beside the reception desk, “No phones here,” Natasha explained, “I had better look after yours,” and Susie slipped it from her purse and Natasha gently took it from her and gave Susie a little kiss on the cheek before she slipped away through the doorway and back to the Taxi to return home.

Susie’s left her cases in the foyer and walked towards the dining room, a huge table filled the great room but the nuns called her into the kitchen where she noted the rough wooden spoons and wooden bowls on the bare wooden table

“Please sit, I shall say grace.” The elderly Nun suggested

The Porridge was edible the conversation non existent.

“We do not talk and eat” the elderly Nun explained when Susie started to ask a question.

With the meal finished the Nun took Susie further into the old red sandstone Monastery building.

“We rise at six, retire at eight, we eat fruits and vegetables and porridge, and drink only water from our own spring” The Nun continued, “You should bathe then we shall have your induction”

“That sounds drastic,” Susie answered.”

“Did Natasha not explain our methods?” the Nun queried.

“Natasha never mentioned anything, no.” Susie explained, “But how should I address you, I am Suzanne, well Susie”

“I am Joan. But we do much meditation, little conversation.” she replied as she opened an old oak door to reveal a modern bath in a brightly lit room.

“Here, take a bath, its not milk like Cleopatra but the salts turn it milky so just a bathe your cares away and help yourself to towels and everything and I will be back in an hour” the Nun suggested.

Susie undressed and lay in the warm white liquid, it felt so decadent, and and as she luxuriated there she was surprised to find there was a second door to the, room, which opened and a robed woman entered carrying a simple robe like a bath robe.

“I came for your clothes,” she explained, “I have a gown for you, enjoy your soak.”

The woman slipped away before Susie could stop her, she rose from the bath, wrapped the towel round herself, and stepped through the doorway.

It opened into a large room, like a school gymnasium but in the centre a fire place with a flue leading to the heavens, and Susie noticed several benches around the edge of the room.

“Susie, so soon come, Carla fetch her robe” It was the elderly Nun, Ruth, Mistress or which ever name she was using.”Your treatment commences, see the fire”

“Yes,” Susie agreed.

“Watch it flare and burn as it cleanses,” the elderly nun explained

“I don’t understand,” Susie admitted

“Just watch then,” the nun ordered and then she ordered, “Anita, commence.”

A white robed woman threw rags on to the flames, they flared, suddenly Susie realised one rags looked like her dress, it was her dress,”Stop!” she cried but the woman continued and Susie saw her throw another dress and then her whole case onto the fire, her luggage was going up in flames, “Stop you maniacs!” Susie cried as she sprang to her feet but a slap across her face stunned her to silence,

“I am the Mistress here, I give the orders,” the elderly nun reminded her as she held Susie’s arms with her surprisingly strong hands while Carla took away her towel and fastened a belt around her waist trapping her hands to her sides,

“Stop Stuppphh,” Susie protested until Carla carefully inserted a Ball gag between Susie’s perfect teeth

“Watch as your vanity goes into smoke,” the elderly nun suggested, as Anita fed the last of her clothes into the flames.

Probing fingers removed Susie’s ear rings and her navel ring.

“We shall remove your disgusting body hair and you shall remain naked for this week until you earn clothes privileges,” The elderly nun beckoned the woman in the white robe and ordered, ” Anita, the razor”

Susie watched as Anita produced a cut throat razor and shaving brush, emotions of excitement mixed with fear and she froze as Anita made Susie lie on her back, and spread her knees before starting to hack methodically at the soft downy fur on Susie’s crotch.

Anita timed her moment and as the hair was shortened she pushed the shaving brush into Susie’s now moist vagina, the brush emerged glistening and Anita lubricated the remaining stubble with Susie’s juices before carefully scraping the stubble away to leave a baby like perfection to her pubic areas. Anita stood back to admire her handiwork.

“Carla, a dog collar and lead if you please and tether her securely in her cell.” the Nun continued, “But make sure all those rags are burnt first.”

As the final remnants of Susie’s possessions turned to ashes, so Carla buckled a dog collar around her neck, secured it with a tiny padlock and led her barefoot and naked from the room across the cobblestone yard and through a stable door, the cell was less than two metres square and the stone floor sloped towards the door while the bare stone walls bore various tethering eyes, and shockingly the whole was open to the skies.

Carla secured a least to Susie’s collar and looped it over a metal hook secured to the stable wall, the she took an old rope and wrapped it around Susie’s wrists securing Susie’s hands firmly behind her and then looped the rope around a iron on the wall and pulled the loose end to haul her arms high up behind her leaving her almost hanging from her arms, an agonising position.

“When you complete initial contrition you get a roof.” Carla explained brightly, “Now if you promise not to shout I will remove the gag.”

Susie nodded and gasped for air as Carla undid the strap and removed the gag, “Ahhhhhhh help me!” Susie wailed so Carla but the gag back again.

“You really should keep your promises!” Carla told Susie in her west country accent as she slapped Susie’s face, “Oh well, see you tomorrow!” she said reasonably and left Susie to swing from her tethered arms in complete agony.

3 Robert.

Robert was watching TV when the call came that Natasha had been rushed to hospital following an accident at work, the shock hit him like a sledge hammer and he just grabbed his jacket and the van keys and rushed out of the house, he panicked when he found she wasn’t at the hospital and was still going out of his mind when much later after checking every hospital he could think of he returned home.

Natasha too had been busy; she had left Robert an envelope on the kitchen table when she helped Susie pack and left instructions for him to ring her mobile number that evening.

Robert rang as she returned along the M4, “What the hell is going on!” he demanded and Natasha gave Robert a straight choice, either he took advantage of her anger management counselling service, starting with immediate effect, or else Susie would make a complaint of assault to the Police.

Robert had no choice but to chose anger management,so Natasha suggested they start the next day.

She arrived at Robert’s house next morning in a Lexus Limousine, the driver sounded the horn and Robert appeared, locked the house door and opened the door to sit with Natasha, “No you follow us!” she ordered, and she made a call on her cell phone.

Robert watched as an old Honda 500cc motorcycle pulled up behind the car, the rider dismounted and handed Robert the keys and he took Robert’s case to the Lexus’s luggage compartment and slipped into the back seat.

“Get your leathers Robert, then you can follow us on the bike,” Natasha ordered, “We know you are licensed and it is insured,” she laughed, “Don’t get left behind.”

Robert went and put on his one piece leather suit, boots, gloves and helmet and as the Lexus cruised away he struggled with the unfamiliar controls, and followed it, the bike felt ponderous, yet twitchy, and flat and gutless compared to the Ducati he usually rode, he struggled to keep up as they passed through the suburbs and on to the bypass.

They left the town behind and followed twisting country lanes until a long straight stretched ahead and suddenly the Lexus was pulling away, he wound the throttle against the stop, then as the Honda’s lack of torque left him floundering far behind the Lexus, he flicked the gear lever three times, and opened the throttle wide which smashed his crotch into the fuel tank, as the bike slowed as it over revved, the Rev counter needle the wrong side of the red line, as he belatedly he remembered it had only five gears.

“Concentrate,” he thought through the pain, he changed up a gear and as the motor howled stately progress resumed, the Lexus barely in sight, then as he leaned into an easy bend graunching sounds came from the low mounted foot rests cutting grooves in the asphalt, the bike running wide to the wrong side of the road, so he moved his weight, forward and to the inside of the bends, as he fought the evil handling Honda through the turns.

He sweated and struggled, and thought, “Why oh why had he let that bitch talk him in to selling his bike business.” He had good friends, decent bikes he had fun, he enjoyed fixing other peoples bikes and customising them and they in turn had paid him good money for the work.

Now he had nothing, a bloody Astra Van, bikes and business all sold for a deposit on Suzannes bloody mansion. just to impress her bloody mother.

He rode for hours, seemingly a random route of old A and B roads heading vaguely south west until the unmistakable cone of Glastonbury Tor came into view and at last he got his bearings.

The Lexus slowed and stopped at a farm track, the driver unloaded his case.

“Up there, we can’t follow,” The driver ordered, and Robert saw a farm on the hillside and beyond the forbidding sight of an old Monastery on the skyline

They tied the case to his luggage carrier and he struggled to control the unwieldy Honda as it slipped and slithered up the muddy track.

The last few hundred yards were a nightmare but eventually he arrived at the farm and stopped outside the farmhouse.

A friendly face, appeared in the kitchen window, plump lady, fifty perhaps, a typical farmers wife, “Hello there young man,” she beamed, “You must be Robert, I’m Sheila, I’m doing the first bit of your training,” she beamed, “Come on in.”

Robert walked into the kitchen carrying his helmet and case. “Hi, so you were expecting me?”

“I’m just getting tea, dear.” Sheila explained, “But you can start right away.”

She handed him some stout leather gloves, some German style leather shorts and leather boots, and pointed across to a door in a small stone built barn “Dressing Room is over there,” she told him, “So put these on, just these mind nothing else, then we can get started.”

“You can’t be serious, can you?” Robert asked, but seeing Sheila was clearly not joking he took the leather clothing and walked the few steps to the barn where he was surprised to find himself in an old tack room with horse brasses and harnesses but also facing him a door through to a shower room. He quickly changed and feeling something of a fool he walked uncertainly from the barn.

“Oh Good now let’s get started,” Sheila exclaimed as she gazed admiringly at him.

She handed him an axe, and pointed to the barn full of short logs, “Get chopping.”

He set the log carefully, he axe bit into it but jammed.

“You want to imagine it’s her stupid face,” Sheila suggested.

The next blow cleaved the log in two instantly, and the next and the next, sweat poured from him and Sheila every now and again rubbed him down with a towel to dry the sweat.

She noticed a swelling below his belt.

“Ah, I see you got a problem,” she announced, “Carla,” she pronounced it ‘Car-ler’) “Don’t get here until six so I will see to it now”

She knelt down in front of him, tugged down his shorts and took the whole length of his swollen manhood in her mouth.

His eyes bulged in surprise and almost immediately he sprayed what seemed like gallons of cum down the kindly faced lady’s throat.

“Bit salty, you want to be careful eating too much salt my lad,” was her verdict, “Now chop,”

Robert gasped in amazement, but he pulled his shorts up and again started to chop wood but the passion gone and the blade jammed again.

“I think you learned the first lesson,” Sheila explained, “So get a shower and I got Steak and Kidney for your tea then Carla’s coming to do the next bit of training.”

Robert showered and put the leather shorts back on, he liked the freedom he decided as he walked to the kitchen for his meal. The food was ready for him, the steak had been cooked in ale and was to die for, and then Carla arrived, she was 24 and gorgeous.

She took him to the barn, “What are you looking at?” she asked as she saw him staring at her.

“Ah, you are Gorgeous” Robert assured her.

“Look we have a program to get through,” Carla warned him. “So don’t get any funny ideas.

She stripped off her tee shirt and denim shorts, slid her thong to her ankles and invited Robert to undo her bra strap, then kicked her thong and shorts aside to stand naked except her wellington boots. Roberts erection swelled noticeably like a tent pole in the leather shorts.

“Look, closely” she continued as if nothing had happened, “You can slap me here, here, here” she pointed, “without leaving marks, whipping is more difficult but the breasts and Pantie area are usually pretty safe.”

She reached in her sports bag and removed a whip and a heavily padded body suit which she wriggled into with the grace of a cat.

She smiled at Robert and then simply flicked the whip across the bulge of his erect penis, he screamed

And again “React, man react”

He grabbed the whip from her and grabbed with his left arm and threw her over his knees as he thrashed her with the whip.

“Good now what?” She instructed.

He grabbed her belt and tried to pull down the zip on her padded suit.

“Stop! enough!” Carla shouted.

“I’m sorry.” Robert said quietly.

“No, you were humiliated and you reacted like a man,” Carla replied, “we must sort your erection before we continue, were you going to fuck my bum or my vagina, cunt or ass in other words.”

“Cunt” Robert chose quickly.

“Ass is better for subduing and dominating,” Carla suggested, “But not mine, she assured him, “You need a prostitute for that.”

“Why do you do this Carla?” Robert asked suddenly,”If you’re not a,” he stopped unsure of what to say.

“It’s my job,” Carla pointed out, “They pay very well, and when it’s someone like you it’s fun anyway.”

Sheila’s voice carried across the yard with the single word “Supper,” and suddenly Carla was getting dressed in her shorts and tee shirt again, she shook Robert’s hand and then she jumped into her little Mini car and drove away. Robert saw she took a different route to the one he used as she headed straight across the meadow instead of using the rutted track.

“Just you and me now boy,” said Shiela, “I thought you could bunk in along with me save making up bed special,” she suggested.

Robert agreed, perhaps she would wank him again but no way did he fancy her enough to get it up for a fuck.

He lay beside her, Naked, her hair silver shone in the moonlight he revelled in her warmth and smell, it was the same perfume Susie used, his prick expanded nudging her backside.

“Hey no funny business you climb on top if you want a fuck.” she exclaimed.

“Sorry?” Robert replied in confusion.

“It’s all right, fact is I could use one me self so, don’t waste the hard on, you can climb aboard for a trip to heaven, if you want.” she giggled.

“All aboard,” he shouted laughing as he climbed over he tree trunk legs resting his chest over her pendulous breasts.

“Oh you want’s me now do you, don’t bother with no Johnny, it wont matter just this once,” Sheila’s west country accent became broader still as Robert’s interest intensified.

He lost himself in her acres of flesh, so warm secure like an unborn child in the womb.

Sheila woke Robert at first light, sending him out to chop wood, and then mend fences, and then cut some branches off over grown trees and cut up some fallen tree trunks in the little wood with hand saws, Robert became almost exhausted, but Sheila’s cooking kept his strength up and the morning continued with a lecture from Professor Lindermann, an academic from the nearby university.

“Repressed anger eats away the soul,” he explained “One must react, Hot blood is a defence, kill with an angry blow and you get probation, plan it and you get fifteen years, so don’t repress your anger Robert, hit out and make sure your wife, ah, this Susie makes herself available to you when you want, her vagina, her anus her mouth they are yours to use, everything must be available when you are stressed, you are the important one not she, that is where you have gone wrong, she must follow your work, and of course she should have a little job for pin money, to buy groceries and things like that.”

Robert understood, let it out, don’t repress.

4) Susie.

Susie’s third day at the Monastery started badly, she woke as the suns rays began streaming through the opening that was once the roof of the stable and lit up her naked body as she hung by her agonised bound arms from a hook high on the wall for the third day running and once again she prayed for someone to rescue her, Robert, why didn’t Robert ride up on that big motorcycle and rescue her, she knew the answer only too well, and faced up to the fact that she had brought her misfortune on herself.

She tried to sleep but her throat was parched and her tongue seemed to have swollen up behind her ball gag to completely fill her mouth, she heard some coming and screwed up her eyes against the glare, and there in the doorway she saw Carla with a jug in her hand

“We thought you would like some water,” Carla announced as she saw Susie was awake, Susie looked at her hopefully, “No screaming, or no water.” Carla reminded her as she slipped out the ball gag..

“I won’t scream,” Susie agreed in a whisper hoarse from dehydration, “For pities sake let me down, I can’t feel my arms any more!” she complained.

“Yes,” Carla agreed, “It’s not nice is it?” she commiserated, “And it hurts much, much worse when they let you down,” she added unhelpfully.”

“Please, please let me go!” Susie pleaded, as Carla held the jug of cool water to Susie’s lips.

“Well, actually, we did think perhaps, if you didn’t mind,” Carla suggested, “We could perhaps move you on, we usually leave clients here for a week but the nuns get nervous, so, what do you say?”

“Oh please!” Susie pleaded, “Anything just let me lie down.”

“You need a bath first!” Carl laughed, “So, stand still, I’ll let you down.” she promised and she started to undo the ropes, she unhitched the leash from the wall first and then the ropes from the bracket and lastly the ropes around Susie’s wrists.

Susie staggered and fell as the rope was suddenly released, and Carla watched in detached amusement as Susie struggled to try to stand on her aching legs as her numbed arms hung uselessly behind her and then as Carla undid the ropes binding her wrists so Susie’s arms flopped uselessly to her sides.

“Shall we?” Carla asked but Susie couldn’t stand unaided so she went away to find help locking the door behind her.

Susie flopped against the wall, she felt as if she had reached rock bottom, she wanted someone to rescue her, and she blamed Robert for her plight.

Carla returned an hour later and led Susie across the courtyard towards the Monastery which she rationalised must in fact be a Nunnery.

“Just stand there a moment,” Carla said sweetly as she grabbed a hose reel and twisted the end to send a jet of freezing water cascading over Susie who convulsed instantly with the shock and gasped.

“Oh g’god,” she wailed, but the shock and the adrenalin made her try to deflect the blast with her hands and that sent waves of agony coursing through her as her poor numbed arms came painfully to life.

“Turn, nice and clean,” Carla joked, “Then we’ll make a move.”

“I’Im freezing!” Susie shivered “And s’starving!”

“Oh there’s an old coat somewhere,” Carla announced, as she hung the hose up, “Just slip it on and we’ll get going.”

“But I’m all wet!” Susie complained.

“So?” Carla asked as she handed Susie the smelly old coat which usually lined a dog basket, “You’ll dry out eventually,” Carla pointed out as she tugged the dog leash and as Susie struggled to pull the coat around herself as she rushed to follow Carla to an old Toyota pickup.

“Ok?” Carla asked and when Susie didn’t respond she started the engine and drove off down the drive to begin with and then across the fields on a dirt track.

A Village loomed ahead and after fording the local stream Carla parked the pickup beside the back wall of the village pub.

“Wait here a moment,” Carla warned and then she scrambled over the wall and disappeared for a few minutes, and when she returned she brought a pair of green rubber wellington boots, “There are stinging nettles and broken glass in the car-park,” she explained, “And hurry up Natasha is waiting.”

Carla climbed awkwardly over the pub wall, the concrete capping rasped on her bare bottom as she realised with nothing on under her coat anyone watching could see her sex, but Natasha was waiting.

Susie noted Natasha was immaculate as always her shoulder length brown hair styled perfectly and once again she wore a business suit, not the same one as before, but stylish with an open neck blouse to show off her cleavage now set off neatly by a silver chain with a crucifix. Susie thought ruefully of her own suit which they had burned and her lack of makeup and the filthy bedraggled state of her own shoulder length blonde hair.

“Why are you doing this to me?” Susie asked.

“It’s part of our program, now get inside before you get arrested for soliciting or worse,” Natasha replied quietly, “It’s upstairs,” she added.

“Upstairs,” was the upstairs room accessed by an external stairway with gaps between the treads, Susie trembled at the prospect that anyone looking up would see right up her coat to her naked sex, “I’ve laid on a light lunch for you,” Natasha promised so Susie set aside her concerns and followed Natasha up.

A small fibreboard walled and wooden floored room awaited her, “This is the clubroom and the food is next door in the play room,” Natasha explained as Carla shut the door behind then with a surprisingly firm “Clunk!” and proceeded to lock and bolt the door.

“So how do you feel?” Natasha asked.

“Tired hungry,” Susie replied, “How the hell do you think I feel?”

“Ashamed, worthless?” Natasha suggested, “Or will you be hitching a lift home?”

“No, look, please what is going on?” Susie demanded.

“Therapy, it’s what you signed up for,” Natasha explained, “Now come through and have a bite to eat.” she suggested as she opened the door.

Susie stared at the plate of ham sandwiches and the pint of orange juice waiting for her, on a polished wooden table, “Tuck in!” Carla suggested and Susie started eating without even sitting down and had eaten one sandwich and drunk half the orange before she realised there was perhaps a lot of vodka mixed with the orange juice and that around the edge of the room were some strange items such as a set of medieval stocks and a cross….

“The local Bondage club used to meet here,” Natasha explained, “So eat up and we can get on.”

Susie was too intent on eating and drinking to worry about bondage clubs, she drained the orange and asked for more, and then as the Vodka took effect she succumbed to the warm glow and taking her plate with her she sprawled across a leather covered bench and rested her eyes.

“Susie!” Natasha whispered a few minutes later, Susie didn’t respond, “Shall we put her in ‘The wall’?” Natasha asked Carla.

“Yes, why not!” Carla agreed so they eased Susie upright and brought the base section of “The wall,” across to Susie, they manoeuvred the massive wooden frame up to her and lifted her feet up so they could fit a total of five boards under her legs and then the sixth with two scalloped cut aways into which her legs fitted neatly, which was followed by a matching scalloped away board which fitted over her legs holding them firmly so her feet were several inches above the floor. Next they fitted securing pins to hold the boards down and then they added many more boards slipping them into the wooden u shaped frame which stood well over five feet tall until they reached high enough for the next scalloped hole board.

“Is that about right?” Carla asked.

“Good enough,” Natasha agreed, and they set the next cut away board in place, scallops upward, and placed the matching board right at the top of the frame held by a pair of pins ready to drop it in place when Susie was ready.

“Susie,” Natasha said quietly.

“Mmm,” Susie replied.

“Just lift up a little Susie,” Natasha requested as she took up position to the Susie’s left side and Carla took Susie’s right side and they eased her coat up and slipped her arms from the sleeves and then eased her forward and upwards so her arms went into the scallops to the sides of the upper board and her neck into the centre and then oh so carefully they pulled the pins and eased the upper board down over Susie’s arms and neck.

They paused briefly and then they changed hands and took all the cushions from the leather covered bench and piled them under Susie’s bottom to support her weight.

They lifted the last board into place and secured it with steel pins and a padlock and as Natasha took Susie’s weight so Carla fixed the little leather seat in place, hooking it through the holes in the fourth plank and fixing the back stay so as Natasha eased Susie up so the seat took the weight of her bottom.

“Will you stay while I fetch Robert,” Natasha whispered.

“Yes but wheel her into place first,” Carla agreed.

They wheeled the “Wall” into position, and swung matching wooden walls out from he sides of the room to match it forming a partition across the width of the room with Susie’s naked bottom and torso on on side and her hands lower legs and head the other.

To the side a connecting door pierced the left hand movable wall and there was six feet clear between Susie and the painted out lower panels of the end window and the clear panes at her eye level which showed the rolling Somerset hills and in the distance the Monastery where she stayed.

The effect of the vodka slowly wore off, “Help!” Susie cried hopefully.

“Sssh,” Carla shouted from beyond the wall, “I’m here and it’s soundproofed anyway, what’s wrong?”

“Me, this, everything,” Susie complained.

“I know,” Carla commiserated, “But I’ll lower the seat just a moment.” she said, and suddenly all Susie’s weight was on her legs and wrists and even her neck.

“No!” Susie cried.

“Don’t you like that?” Carla asked.

“Oh no, please don’t kill me,” Susie pleaded.

“Hows this then, better?” Carla asked as she selected a six inch long by two and a half inch diameter Dildo with a big flange on the base which she fixed to an adjustable pole and finally eased the tip between the soft pink lips of Susie’s vagina.

“No please,” Susie pleaded but gently and fraction of an inch by fraction of an inch, and despite Susie’s pleas Carla wormed the intruder deep into Susie’s womb until the flange nuzzled her crotch and once it was right in Carla pushed up firmly making Susie gasp and she released the pole’s ratchet so when she let Susie down again much of her weight was taken through the Dildo and pole.

“Better?” Carla asked.

“No!” Susie replied.

“Shall I take it out?” Carla asked.

“No!” Susie replied, “It’s horrible but it’s better than having my head torn off,”

“I’ll just plug you then,” Carla suggested as unseen by Susie she took up a big black waisted butt plug, liberally coated it with lube and unceremoniously placed it against the tight brown bud of Susie’s anus and forced it in with her knee..

“Aggggh!” Susie protested.

“Here noisy!” Carla laughed as she came through the connecting door and she slipped a pair of headphones over Susie’s ears, “Its Radio Mendip,” she explained, as she pulled a headphone away so Susie could hear, “Gagged, blindfolded and deafened,” Carla said, “That’s the way to enjoy Anal sex, its club night so have fun,” she said and from her pocket she produced a red ball gag and Susie had no choice but to let Carla put it on her again.

“Better?” Carla asked and she laughed and slipped from Susie’s view.

The Music droned on but at least there were time checks, and some banter and her crotch gradually became numb and her anus accustomed to being stretched and she felt hungry again, but then without warning her butt plug was pulled and she tried to scream as a warm penis was thrust unceremoniously up her anus in its place, “Its five past eight on Radio Mendip!” said the announcer as Susie’s anus was de-flowered by an unknown unseen man sending un-wanted sensations coursing through her, as suddenly her vagina began secreting moisture so she slipped up and down the Dildo inflaming her beyond reason until she screamed into her gag in a heady mixture of agony and ecstasy.

No sooner had a warm wet feeling invaded Susie’s backside than the Penis retreated to the consternation of its owner, “Rod,” a bearded hells angel, “Shit I thought she’d have had an ‘Enermer,” he said in his west country brogue, as he surveyed his shit coated penis and the trail of filth leaking from Susie.

A stirrup pump Enema followed, a bucket of water and an empty bucket and an old brass stirrup pump that was a fire extinguisher back in the war, which squirted cold water agonisingly far into Susie’s bowels to flush out the filth was an unexpected treat for some club members and an unnecessary filthy diversion for others but soon enough she was pronounced sparkling clean and ready for her next client.

‘Beemer,’ was next, then Phil, and Harry, ‘Bob’ and then Kat, a biker who rode a Suzuki Katana, then Rod and Andy and then ‘Bob’ had another go, or so Carla told Susie when she handed her her earnings at the end of the session, and then Sidney and Martin and Geordie, and Hog. “That’s eighty quid after commission,” Carla said when she finally removed the headphones, “That makes you a real prostitute!”

“Why?” Susie asked, when her gag was removed.

“It’s the treatment,” Carla explained, “How do you feel?”

“Awful,” Susie admitted.

“Rock bottom?” Carla asked.

“Yes,” Susie agreed.

“It gets worse,” Carla said lapsing into a west country accent, “You ‘ent been whipped yet.”

5) Ass Hole

Natasha came to see Robert at the farm where he was enjoying the hard work, “How do you like it here?” she asked.

“Yes, it’s ok,” he agreed.

“How is the sex?” she asked.

“Sex?” he asked.

“She’s old enough to e your grandmother!” Natasha observed, “You really are incorrigible.”

“Oh,” Robert replied unsure if he hd been insulted or not!

“Its part of the treatment, you see from what I have discovered Susie is actually a very poor fuck, unadventurous and seldom interested in sex, but I think we have proved that there is nothing wrong with your libio!”

“Right,” Robert replied.

“So we have arranged a session at the local Bondage club, they have a whore booked for Anal, so you can fuck her,” Natasha said crudely, “Get some practice in fact there is no point going if you don’t, I will attend as your girl friend, so just wear the motorcycle leathers and nothing else!”

The club was in the upstairs room of the local pub, “You need a special knock and pass word,” Natasha explained as she led Robert up the stairs, a brown coat, floppy hat and cardigan disguising her leather cat suit none too well.

Inside the room there must have been around thirty people in various stages of undress, but after hanging up her coat Natasha insisted Robert should go through to the other room where refreshments were laid out, and so he could join the queue for the whore.

She was apparently pushed through a wall, her naked torso their side her face, feet and hands hidden, and she seemed to be supported by a pole up her vagina. “She’s a school teacher,” Natasha lied, “Doesn’t want her face seen.”

Robert worried he might not be able to perform, but after watching three other men ram their cocks up her red raw backside he had no problems what so ever, he just pulled on a condom, smeared it with lube and rammed his cock inside her, deep inside her gloriously tight and warm ass.

“That’s ten pounds,” Natasha said as Robert pounded away, “On account, and she pinned a ten pound note to the wooden wall beside the whore.

“What’s her name?” Robert asked.

“Asshole,” Natasha said, “It’s just an asshole, nothing more.”

Robert came violently, explosively, filling the condom with creamy yet yellowish cum.

“Yuck!” Natasha exclaimed, “That needs attention, have a sandwich and try again.”

Robert watched the others, some were gently whipping each other, but mostly they sat around talking, “Robert,” Natasha suddenly announced, “The Ass hole is free.”

Robert once again stepped up to the mark, his penis slid in easier now and he banged into her in a frenzy, his balls banging and slapping against her crotch as he fucked her with long violent strokes, sweat poured from him and then suddenly as a choir of heavenly angels burst into song and a mauve elephant exploded in his brain, so Robert shot his load into the Ass hole again.

“Thats better,” Natasha said reassuringly as Robert slid from Ass hole and she peeled off his condom, “Creamy white,” she dipped a finger in it and tasted it, “Salty,” she said “Mmm!”

“Natasha,” Robert said, “That’s disgusting!”

“No, slightly salty,” she said, “But you’re neglecting me,” she chided, “I haven’t had a fuck yet.”

“No,” Robert agreed, “I don”t suppose you had.”

“And you prefer fucking an anonymous Ass hole to fucking me?” she enquired.

“I didn’t think,” Robert said.

“I don’t want thinking I want fucking, don’t you understand anything?” Natasha taunted him, “But never mind, another day maybe.” she said, “We ought to be getting back.”

“What?” he exclaimed.

“Home time,” Natasha explained, “You can hump Sheila later if you feel the need, I’m sure she will be more than willing.”

Robert was sure of that but doubted whether he would be in any fit condition to hump anyone after the glorious anal action he had just experienced.

Natasha drove Robert home to the farm in the smart black Lexus Limousine before she made a wide detour and drove along the track across the fields to the Monastery where she was to check on another recently arrived client.

Robert was greeted by the smell of rabbit stew as he returned to Sheila’s kitchen, “I expect you want something hot inside you,” she suggested, “Ass fucking takes it out of you don’t it?”

“What?” he exclaimed “How did you know!”

“Oh yes Natasha got a whore in special for you,” Sheila said, “I said I’d do it but no she said she wanted someone tighter,” she said, “Ass wise I mean.”

“They got another do on tomorrow,” Sheila explained, “I’ll take you if you like, you’ll have to help me on with me corsets mind!”

Robert’s mind reeled at the thought of someone fucking overweight, greying Sheila, and then he realised that is exactly what he had been doing, in the darkness of her bed admittedly, but fat, ageing Sheila had been the recipient of his cum and the realisation of that shocked him to his core.

He ate his stew thoughtfully and accepted a second helping, and within an hour he was in Sheila’s bed again, enjoying a leisurely fuck.

6) Susie Slut

Susie could only dream of a soft bed, following the Bondage session, as Carla put a black hood over Susie’s head before she persuaded Harry and Geordie to help her dismantle the “Wall,” and, as soon as the second plank came off freeing Susie’s hands so Carla pulled Susie’s arms around behind her and slipped a pair of leather hand cuffs around her wrists, then with the wall dismantled enough to free her legs Susie was lifted off her supporting dildo and allowed to sit on a bench while they pushed the ‘Wall’ to the side of the room and reassembled it.

Susie sat quietly, ball gagged and now blinded by the soft black hood over her head and deafened by Radio Mendip which still blasted through the headphones, she waited helpless, until as a token of thanks Carla graciously let Harry and Geordie lay Susie on her back, after letting her step through her cuffed wrists, by pulling her knees hard up under her breasts so her hands were in front of her, and once laid down they spread her legs and took it in turns to fuck her bruised and numbed vagina.

“Oh poor Susie, your titties aren’t getting any action,” Carla told Susie as she lifted one of her headphones and immediately she slipped a traditional rough hewn Gypsy clothes peg over each nipple.

Susie squirmed in renewed agony which excited Harry to a premature ejaculation, and so sooner than he intended Harry handed her over to Geordie.

Later, much later Susie realised she was alone, her hands sought to release the hood but the ties were carefully hidden up inside the fabric, so she just gave up and lay on the hard wooden floor and slept soundly.

Susie didn’t know it but Carla had slept nearby, in a sleeping bag on an air bed, idly wanking herself with the same sort of dildo she used on Susie and with the same sort of butt plug she used on Susie plugging her brown hole and so amid vivid dreams involving hundreds of men using her like they had used Susie, she drifted into a contented deep slumber.

Susie slept until lunchtime, her own dreams of psychedelic walrus’s and marshmallow clouds dissolved as she found herself lying on the floor with two bearded hells angels watching her, “Oh she’s awake!” Carla said and repeated “Awake?” as she removed Susie’s headphones and turned the radio off.

Susie stared helplessly, “Right take a leak in the bucket and then we’ll clean you up ready,” Carla said callously, “But first Razor needs a blow job,” and she turned to Razor before he wanks all over your face.”

Susie stared but Razor already had his short fat penis in his hand and was tugging the hairy skin covering his heavily veined shaft backwards and forwards making his balls swing and too late Susie opened her mouth wide as the greyish cream splattered her hair and forehead, nose and chin as it pulsed with ever decreasing explosive energy until a mere trickle ran down between her breasts.

“Stupid girl,” Carla complained, “What a mess, you must learn to swallow, now suck Fat Bob off properly. Fat Bob was a wiry six foot two with a west country accent so thick that he sounded thick, and a long thin penis, she later learned that he rode a “Fat Bob” Harley Davidson, that’s a sort of half chopper, if you’re into those things, but Susie thought the name completely bizarre.

With her hands fastened behind her back once again Susie kept falling forward as she tried to suck Fat Bob so Carla let her sit on an old broken wicker chair with a hole in the seat and a bucket under it, but she could now brace herself and as Fat Bob offered her his sweet smelling freshly washed dick to suck so she allowed herself to remember when she first sucked Robert off, on the can in the loo at his bike shop, and just as she had then so she wet herself as the semen pumped into the back of her throat, as if the semen was draining right through her, it was all too much and waves of excitement shuddered through her.

“That’s disgusting pissing yourself when you come you filthy slut!” Carla chuckled, “You my darling have hidden depths don’t you?”

Susie looked round, she should have felt ashamed but instead she just felt relieved.

Even the stirrup pump enema didn’t bother her unduly, until Carla announced that Fat Bob and Razor were here to help her practice DP, where they double plugged her, vagina and anus atb the same time, two live cocks pulsing within her.

“No,” she said feebly but they didn’t listen, they merely strapped her hands to her sides and with some false starts they eventually stood her up and bent over while Razor forced himself up her anus and then stood her straight up so Fat Bob could spear her vagina with his long thin penis.

“Ggggg,” Susie gurgled as the sensations of two cocks working independently coursed through her, “Oh lord,” she gasped, as the sensations became too much and reality dissolved into the pink fog of orgasmic bliss.

Carla sensed Susie had lost control and she stepped forward and released the strap around Susie’s arms so she could embrace Fat Bob and pull him to her and then in a sudden deluge of cum Susie felt two condoms swell ominously inside her before they subsided in post orgasmic bliss.

“Say thank you, Susie,” Carla insisted, “Thank you for using me,” she suggested.

“Thank you,” Susie said quietly, “That was,” she added but she quickly shut up as she remembered were she was.”

7) Life changes for Robert

Robert meanwhile was with Natasha, “We have a buyer for your house,” she said, “And there is a workshop with a little two up two down terrace house a couple of miles away which we have first refusal on, so if you sign here, and here,” she said,”We can proceed.”

“What about Susie?” he asked.

“Look, why worry about her,” Natasha snapped, “She is out to shaft you, take you for every penny, so do it to her first and forget her.”

“Yes, I suppose so.” he said.

“And there’s a mechanic’s job at the second hand bike shop just down the road going if you want to get really dirty,” Natasha smiled, “Ok?”

“Ok,” Robert smiled and then later that day they travelled back to Robert’s hated suburban home and after a brief stop to collect the mail they travelled into town to find his new home.

“Wow, it’s brilliant!” Steve said, as he opened the back gate to the terraced property to find almost the whole of the long back garden was roofed over as a workshop, “It must be fifty feet by twenty,” he said.

“Eighty,” Natasha agreed, “Do you want to see the house?”

“Not really.” he said, “Has it got broadband?” he asked and when Natasha nodded he said, “No sod it, lets do it.” he agreed and signed the forms Natasha handed him.

They cleared the old house next, Natasha had hired a Man and a Van an they quickly ferried the furniture to the new place, all except the poncy stuff Susie liked which went in the skip Natasha had arranged to be placed on the drive, and when they were done they piled all Susie’s smart clothes and stuff into the big yellow skip on the driveway before they went down to the Fish and chip shop for a celebratory take away meal, the three of them, Natasha, Robert and the Van Man.

“I’ll have Susie call you,” Natasha promised, “So you can decide whether you want her back or not,” Natasha smiled her most seductive smile, “There’s a nice 996 Ducati in this weeks on line Trade it , she said conspiratorially.

8) Susie starts soliciting

Susie sat on the floor eating her dinner of fish and chips off the polished floor with her fingers as Carla watched her, “Was it really so bad living with Robert up north?” she asked as Susie dropped a chip which cascaded between her naked breasts and slithered down her naked belly to slide off her naked sex onto the floor.

“No,” Susie admitted, “Not compared to this!” she said as she retrieved the chip and ate it.

“Natasha sent some pictures,” she said, and she reached for a sheaf of A4 sheets fresh from the computer, “Here’s your old house with them throwing rubbish in the skip.”

“But that’s the new house and my antique sideboard!” Susie protested, and as Carla showed her another picture she exclaimed, “My posh frock!”

“Pity,” Carla sympathised, “We could have flogged it except the yobbos torched it.” she said, “Burned it, set fire to it.”

“What everything?” Susie asked.

“Except what Robert wanted, oh and look there’s Robert at the new house on his new bike!”

Susie stared, Robert smiled at her from the picture, he had started to grow his moustache again, the one that made him look, well, masculine, and he had his tight leathers on and despite everything a surge of excitement rushed through Susie’s veins.

“Why on earth did a gorgeous hunk marry a useless slut like you?” Carla asked.

“I don’t know.” Susie replied.

“Because he loved you, wanted to help you, and you took that love and pride and everything and crushed it you selfish bitch,” Carla told her bluntly, “And by the way it seems he sold the van to buy the bike, but if you look it has a pillion seat so he did think of you!”

“So what happens to me now?” Susie asked.

“Well, there’s a meeting of the Wessex bondage club in the pub this evening, so you go down the bar and see who’ll pay to fuck you, ten pounds for straight twenty for anal.” Carla said, “But first we’ll get some pictures for the web site, Slut Susie from Slough, or Natasha was bidding for the domain www.Slough-Slut-Susie.whore, cheapest fuck in wessex.”

“No!” Susie wailed.

“Well you have to earn some money somehow or other.” Clara reminded her, “Natasha sent the pictures of you in the wall to your boss so you won’t have a job to go back to or any references or anything.”

Susie gasped, and then she felt a a horrible weight of despair in her throat, “Oh god,” she sobbed and the the tears started to drip onto her piece of battered haddock.

Carla put a protective hand around Susie and caressed her right nipple, “It will be all right,” Carla promised as she moved to kiss Susie’s lips, “Don’t worry,” she said as her other hand sought Susie’s stretched and swollen sex, and then as Carla’s tongue invaded Susie’s mouth so two then three then all four or her tiny fingers and finally her thumb passed the tight entry to Susie’s vagina and passed within.

“Fuck men for money,” Carla whispered between kisses, “And girls for pleasure!” she added as she balled her fist within Susie and started thrusting, her mouth on Susie’s mouth stifled Susie’s screams of pleasure and then gloriously as Susie’s muscles involuntarily squeezed Carla’s wrist as they tried to milk her of the gushing rush of semen which her hand could never deliver.

Susie lay still afterwards, shocked, too shocked to protest when Carla made her dress in a variety of fetish wear, red latex, black leather, even soft floaty chiffon but with her legs spread showing her sex, or bent over to show her anus, and with her breasts exposed and always smiling at the camera or sucking a dildo.

“You can wear this for the club,” Carla suggested, as she fished a simple dress cut low at the back, out of a carrier bag “Stick it on backwards with your tits out and wear these heels,” she fished out some red shoes with four inch heels and some black hold up stockings, “And these and stick a few condoms up your backside ready.”

“No!” Susie protested so Carla slapped her face.

“Yes, now finish your dinner,” Carla said, “And stick the old coat on till we get downstairs.”

Carla led Susie down the steps and into the lounge bar, “Ten for straight twenty for anal, they are members of the Wessex bondage club,” Carla whispered as she led Susie inside the lounge bar and took her coat, “Offer yourself,” she said, “Like I taught you and to the girls and boys, tell them Dp and spanking is negotiable.”

Susie had never been so scared but she saw a friendly looking woman sitting at a table with her friend and she said, “Excuse me, I’m Slut Susie from Slough, would you like to fuck me, it’s.”

“No!” the woman shrieked, “You’re deranged,”

“Ten pounds for,” Susie added frantically, but the whole bar was in uproar.

“There’s a bally prossie Harry!” someone exclaimed.

“Every time we have a drink before WI some clown sends a drug raddled drunken prostitute,” Miss Gibbons announced as she placed her coat around Susie’s shoulders, “Come with me I run a refuge in town,” she said and Susie gratefully accompanied Miss Gibbons as she hustled her out of the door and across to her ancient Morris Minor car.

“How much to whip you dear?” Miss Gibbons asked.

“Fifty?” Susie replied.

“Fifteen take it or leave it,” Miss Gibbons offered, “Only I’ll have my coat back and drop you here if it’s no.” she added so Susie agreed.

It took barely fifteen minutes once the arrived at Miss Gibbon’s impressive Georgian Manor house, she simply drove Susie to the stable yard behind the house, made her bend over the mounting steps provided to allow skirted ladies to mount their horses decorously side saddle, and then when Susie removed her coat Miss Gibbons carefully took aim and administered six excruciatingly painful lashes with a riding crop, three to each buttock, changing sides after every strike.

Susie winced with the pain, stifling her cries though not her tears, “I am a disgusting sub human cretin,” Miss Gibbons said, “Come on girl, say it!”

“I’m not a prostitute really!” Susie blubbed.

“Of course you are, you take money for sex,” Miss Gibbons insisted.

“I work in Slough really,” Susie sobbed.

“Ugh, no wonder you came down here, all those nasty foreigners yuck!” Miss Gibbons agreed, “Are you getting wet yet?” she asked and when Susie didn’t reply she crudely grabbed at Susie and thrust her finger into Susie’s labia.

“Oh yes,” Miss Gibbons agreed, “Slut Susie, that should be pain slut Susie, now just stay there,” Susie lay across the cold solid stone step and waited the next blow but instead something nuzzled her vagina, “Relax girl, enjoy,” Miss Gibbons laughed and as Susie craned her head round she saw Miss Gibbons was holding an old yard brush by the bristle end and was forcing it into her vagina.

Miss Gibbons put the broom head against her tummy leaving a filthy brown mark across her pastel green dress and pushed forcing the wooden shaft deep inside Susie and to lubricate its passage Miss Gibbons swatted Susie’s shoulders and buttocks one handed and lighty with the riding crop.

“No please!” Susie cried, but she was fully impaled on the handle and Miss Gibbons was expertly manipulating the shaft.

“You see only another girl understands what a slut needs to make her cum,” Miss Gibbons explained, “Cum for me, let me see how low you are, making love to a yard broom, you filthy slut.”

“Please,” Susie cried.

“Oh very well then,” Miss Gibbons exclaimed, “Would you like a cup of tea?” she asked as she dropped the broom, it bounced and the shock sent a shock wave of agony coursing through Susie’s being, she gasped and screamed and as the pain subsided and she began to float on a purple haze of pleasure she realised she had cum.

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