“Yes, we are. The world of strangers is watching. You don’t seem to be enjoying my wife’s ass.” Sue never said she fantasized about rough sex against her will. If that’s another lie, it’s biting her on the ass, and tits, this very moment! “Are you sure this is what you want?”

“I am. And I’m afraid your wife is enjoying this too much for my sake. Let’s ask her. Ohh, she can’t answer with a cock in her mouth. JFK’s grunts say she’s actively sucking his dick. Damn! I don’t want her enjoying this! Maybe it’s time for Bush’s big dick to split her open. What do you say folks? Listen up lady. Before we’re done, we’re gonna spray cum all over and in you. I promise, we’re gonna soak your expensive suit, your hair, your bowls, your cunt and your throat with it. SHIT! That’s not bothering her either!”

His rage was still building, fueled by her lack of suffering. I have to get her out of there. “Even if her pussy were dry, and we see it’s not, that’s not punishment to her. She’s aroused and so enjoys some pain. You can leave her punishment to me. I know how…”

“That wouldn’t be very satisfying to us, would it? No, we’ll fuck her for a few hours on the inet and then embarrass and hopefully disgust her. She has 68,000 viewers now and I expect that at least to triple before we’re done. When our balls are dried out, we’re gonna shit on every hole she has. Especially her mouth. Hey, cunt, do you think you’ll enjoy being smeared in shit and forced to eat some?” Sue gagged at the thought. One of my guests ran from the room, retching. NOW he was getting to her. I couldn’t tell if he were serious, but the threat alone was effective.

“Please don’t shit on me, please. I promise I’ll have to puke all over you. I can’t stop that. If yo… ” [gmmmmp]. Nixon shoved his crooked dick down her throat to shut her up. Her terrified expression pleased him. It may be hours before we know if he truly intends to smear my wife in fresh scat. I have to keep reminding myself that so far, except for the blood, she isn’t doing anything she hasn’t done or wanted before. Sure that’s rationalizing, but I can’t cope with this and my rage without it. I quietly scribbled a note and slipped it to Lee. “Call FBI. Give them URL and explain it all. They only have a few hours to trace the site. I’ll stall them.”

“She seems too comfortable. Watch this!” He produced two medium roach clips and snapped them loudly near the web cam. No one wanted to watch the cruelty. I felt sickened, but I at least HAD to keep watching. Nixon pulled her back up by her nipples and flounced her small tits. He snapped the clips by her nose and she winced at the threat. Her perfect nipples were standing tall, perfect targets. He pinched a clip and poised it around a nipple. Sue and all who were still watching inhaled sharply at the imminent pain. He let it SNAP closed on her precious, sensitive nipple! She screamed, and I grit my teeth. Two more crimson drops of blood slowly slid down the clips. He laughed and took too much delight in Sue’s pain. When she quieted and adjusted to the clamp, he twisted it and sent huge bolts of fresh pain echoing throughout her body and causing her to scream again. “Well, that’s more like it!” The bastard!

Too soon, the raw nipple ceased giving him the satisfaction he wanted. Rather than attack her remaining nipple, he pushed the other clamp into her nose, around the central divider. He knew that would be nearly as painful as a nipple. Sue howled in pain and her tears immediately flowed heavily. The maniac laughed again and I couldn’t distract him. He has to pay for this cruelty. The other presidents were getting impatient, but he wasn’t done yet. Nixon twisted the nasal clamp to renew Sue’s agony.

“Just one more little pleasure for me.” There were several painful sites left for him to exploit. I was afraid for Sue. He dragged the nasal clamp out and snapped it. As he shoved three fingers harshly into her suffering pussy, he asked “How are we doing down here? Not very wet now, are you?” He licked those fingers clean, then snapped the clamp against her thigh. Against all hope, he did plan to abuse her clit with it. I felt faint at the thought. My knees buckled and I had to sit again before I fell. “Take a deep breath, bitch. Here it comes.”

“NNO! NO, don’t, please. I never hurt you like this.” Those were her last words before he insanely snapped the roach clip onto her tender, swollen, vulnerable clit. Her agonized screech ended abruptly when she passed out. I was grateful for that, but still nauseated. Lee gave me a discreet ‘thumbs up’ and I understood that the F.B.I. was tracing the inet feed.

“Hey, Nixon! It looks like you’ve made your point. She’s never again going to disrespect anyone as she did with you. She’s learned her lesson. Why don’t you drop her somewhere now, while she’s down? We’ll all take all this as a wake-up call and you can disappear. OK?” Worth a try, but I had little hope. He ignored me and slapped her face hard. No response. He wound up and swung again at her delicate face, leaving a deep, pale, full hand print. Her head snapped around, but she still didn’t wake. “You better check her fucking pulse, asshole. If she’s dead, I’ll shred your skin off you before I let you die painfully. Check it NOW!”

“Chill out. She’s fine. Look. You can see her chest rising. He held a nipple firmly at the peak of her inflation. “There! Can you all see her tiny tits pull away as she BREATHES?” It was true. Except for her cerise nipples turning pale, she looked pacific. More so than I’d seen her all night. I’ll give her ten minutes to rest.” The inet image froze and he stopped responding. Lee said the FBI narrowed the feed to within fifty miles and they expected to find them within twenty minutes after they resumed uploads. The FBI had arrived and confirmed that I was still recording the entire incident.

Ten minutes later, the image on the site changed back to a live feed. Tricky Dick piped up immediately. “Welcome back world. Bush, show them what our little subway slut has been up to in the last few minutes.” The camera zoomed out from an unrecognizable white blur. As it struggled to auto focus, we could see flesh pressed to flesh. Sue’s leg was pointed sharply skyward, but rotated jerkily toward her ears. We saw the edges of her swollen pussy and wet, curly auburn hairs. A second later the nine of us left from the party, plus two FBI agents, watched a stiff, ugly dick pummeling my wife’s abused snatch. Nixon’s hairy leg and scarred scrotum came into view. The camera left the joining of their thighs and moved up her soft abs until it zoomed back enough to show us the rest of the scene. JFK was fucking her mouth roughly and obviously sliding his long cock down her throat. She helped guide it and seemed to be enjoying the strange dick. FDR was grunting as she pulled his pecker eagerly. He put his hand over hers and shot several spurts onto her face, then tits. When he let go, she held on and directed more cum onto her right nipple.

The male FBI agent squinted at me and wondered aloud if this were consensual since she seemed to be participating freely and enjoying the acts. I wondered too, but the viciousness of the earlier acts contradicted us. “I think she’s playing along, trying to give them what they want.”

“That’s what I thought too, but she isn’t that dumb. She KNOWS they don’t just want sex. They want revenge and her cooperating is going to work against her. You haven’t seen the rage Nixon showed before you got here.”

Nixon proved me right when he noticed she was not distressed or humiliated. He stopped, dick buried in her to his pubes, and shouted, “What is wrong with you, lady? Did you forget your coworkers and 85,000 strangers are watching you get fucked right now? JFK, dump your load in her throat, but shoot some onto her mouth and nose. You’re pissing me off again, so it’s time for you to get pissed ON. FDR, piss on her face and tits. After you cum, JFK, I want you to piss on her face too and stream most of it down her throat. Bush, piss on her from your side while you keep the camera rolling. Get pictures of your cock flooding her face. Catch this too. I don’t want to cum in her yet.” Sue’s eyes bulged in fear. The barest thought of a golden shower revolted her. Germs overwhelming her skin nauseated her. Nixon pulled out of her snatch far enough to show the camera that he started pissing on, then into, her pretty pussy.

Bush videoed the two others pissing powerful streams onto her face, then shouted, “I’m almost ready… ready… here… it… goes…” He tilted the camera down to his massive ebony cock. His huge erection resisted folding down so he leaned a bit forward and zoomed out in time to catch the dark yellow stream start. Sue was already gaging on the piss in her throat and the stream interfering with her breathing when Bush’s horse stream forced its way into her nostrils. She began kicking the bed and slapping it, so Nixon put her legs on his shoulders while the others held down her arms. All four kept pissing on her spastic body and face. NOW she was reacting as they wanted. We heard their gloating and laughing at her distress.

Nixon called for the camera again. “I’m glad I forced down a half gallon of water during our little break. Swing the camera back to her crack and watch me squirt in her ass too.” The video showed Nixon pull out and hold his urine. He pushed her knees onto her chest and pointed to her spasming anus. It cycled open just enough to allow a pinky inside. Nixon lined up his still stiff dick and waited for the next opening. He surged into the dry anus and enjoyed my wife’s agonized scream. “NOW we’re having fun, right!”

“Catch him and hurt him before I do. Are you close yet?”

“We haven’t heard her say ‘STOP’ yet, so we still can’t prove this isn’t rough consensual sex play.” said the female agent. “But we are still going after them. She can tell us when we find her if this is a game. We’re down to a five-mile area, but in a city this big, that’s still not close enough.”

FDR and JFK ran out of urine. They let her swallow what was in her mouth and nose, then they forced her to lick their dicks clean between gasps and gags. She managed to shout out “Please stop, no more. I’m sorry. STOP” If they continued with any more assaults now, THIS would be the provable crime, if nothing else was. Nixon sneered, “We just got your attention, we’re not about to stop. Bush is just aching to get his club into your ass still. I cleaned it out for him with my piss, so see if you can enjoy THAT. Jo…Bush, get that huge cock all the way in her ass before you cum. THEN, I want to video you moving from her ass directly to her pussy with some stains still on you. THEN…”

“Nooooooo! That monster won’t fit my pussy, it can’t go in my ass. Trying will rip me. Please DON’T!”

“We’ll see if it does or not. How can we know until we try? We don’t have much time left, so we’ll hurry the last few events on my agenda. After Bush spunks in your ass AND pussy, we’re going to find out how effective that instant laxative really is. You saw us take them during our break so we are nearly ready to blow. I know I am. When I, WE, do, it’s going to be all over YOU! And all 103,000 of your new friends will watch.”

Noooo, you can’t do that to anyone. That’s disgusting and I can get sick from it. Don’t do it.” Sue sobbed.

“Agent, I’ve been trying to spot clues in the room, but have you noticed there are no pictures or anything on the walls, just the two daylight florescent bulbs, no windows or curtains and …”

“…and the only furniture is the bed, a snack table and the one mirror. I also noticed the walls are not painted well so they may be in a warehouse or cellar. Good eye though. Our tactical unit is close to finding them.”

Bush handed the camera to FDR and roughly shoved Sue’s knees to her chest. She screamed at him to stop, but he ignored her. He spit on then barely squeezed the head of his monster cock past her labia for lubrication. He couldn’t get past her outer lips so he gathered all he could before roughly shoving two big fingers deep into her pussy. After lathering up, he held her ass off the bed by her ankles and lined up his fat dick with her anus. “You better relax this asshole, girly, or it’s gonna hurt way more than it has to. Bear down like you was ready to shit or I’ll have to get real rough with you and loosen you up.” He convinced her he was serious, so she stopped twisting. We saw her abs tighten and her anus loosen. Not enough. She tried again and again. Bush quickly shoved a finger in and wobbled it inside her ass. She clenched then relaxed.

“Not so bad, hey girly? Too bad that’s just one finger. You gonna feel four fingers before you feel my cock, so BEAR DOWN! We don’t have all night.” She whimpered and loosened her bowels. TWO fingers pushed into her. He stroked twice then shoved a third finger inside. Three party guests reached their limit and left. I assured them I’d tell them how it all came out and asked the others if they wanted to leave. They stayed to support me.

When Bush harshly shoved a fourth finger in her ass, as one we observers gasped and held our hands over our mouths. Her anal skin was stretched so much that the brownish sphincter was pale white. He pushed and rotated the tapered four fingers inside her bowels, twisting them until her hole stayed open more than a second. Silently and quickly, he lined up his fat ass fucking tool with the three-inch gaping hole left in my wife’s ass. The brown head was still too big to squeeze in, so he spit on the battle line and pushed harder against her blood curdling screams.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh, this is so fucking tight! Just one more inch to go before it gets easier.”

“Noooooooo, it hurts too much, stop, you’re ripping me apart. Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

He wouldn’t stop. He tried twisting his dick slightly and began bouncing against her. Each thump seemed to push in a tiny bit. Suddenly, the head vanished inside. “Ahhhhhh, there we go. Are you feelin me girly?” Everyone in my home gasped at the intrusion. “Just one more foot to go, girly.” It DID look like a foot left. He pushed and spit again and once the fattest part of his shaft broached, the rest began to slide in much more quickly and with fewer screams from Sue. In just two hard stokes, Bush had his black cock all the way into my wife’s pale ass. He began pumping his monster as we saw her muscle roll inside, then get stretched far outside while clinging to his huge dick. I’d never have thought THAT possible. Bush began grunting and sweating faster and faster until we all saw his cheeks clench and hold. He spasmed three more times inside her, releasing untold quarts of spunk into unchartered territory. “You better bear down again while I slide out of you or you’ll hurt yourself.”

We could see her try, but it must have been too painful. His cock pulled her ring muscle out and stuttered its way out as she clung to the massive intruder. He paused his huge dick at her open asshole for the camera. Besides some smudging, there were two thin streaks that we couldn’t ID on his ebony stick until we saw the corresponding red seepage from the two torn gaps in her sphincter. The bastard did rip her. She sighed and loosened her muscles again. This time, she bore down too much and shit all over Bush’s groin and cock. I nearly cheered her act, then very quickly realized she probably made things worse.

Bush didn’t notice right away since he was till proudly mugging for the camera. Nixon noticed! He jumped back a step. “I guess we’re ready for the final act. Thanks for starting us out, slut.” Bush finally noticed the steamy heat on his dick. “Just leave it on there and NOW fuck her pussy with her own shit.” Sue finally vomited. These bastards may force her to eat that too. “Wait, pull her onto the carpet swatch and lay under her. Better put your feet at her head since she’s still dripping in piss. Bush, squeeze your shitty dick into her pussy while I take her ass. JFK, get ready to take my place in her ass. Wow, 112,000 will see me stuff MY shitty dick into her mouth. Hear that kid? In a minute, you’ll be licking your shit off my dick while Bush rubs more of it DEEP into your pussy. You know, at $5 a head, we could have been rich! Next time!”

Next time!? Sue was exhausted and offered little resistance to the huge black, shit-clad cock invading her pussy. The shit helped smooth his intrusion, so with little twisting and pushing he stretched her labia until he broached it. She panted, but already numb, didn’t react. Nixon easily slid his smaller dick into her still gaping asshole until his balls slapped on Bush’s buried dick. JFK couldn’t wait, so he laid his cock on her tongue and pushed into her mouth until his pubes crushed her nose. On all four, with all three major holes full, Sue barely held herself up and struggled for air around the turgid prick. “OK, JFK, swap with me.” As promised, Sue had to suck a dick covered in her own shit. She didn’t seem to care anymore. They broke her will and pushed her to where she couldn’t be embarrassed any longer. At least her humiliation was complete. We hoped. Nixon made her lick clean both his dick and JFK’s fouled members.

“If we had another half hour, I’d make you swallow Bush’s huge cock and lick it clean. But we don’t have the time. The laxative won’t wait. Bush, pull the wet sheet onto the carpet and lay her down on her back ONTO THE PISS. You hear me slut?” She didn’t respond or look at him. “Time for our finale. Performing for 118,000 viewers, fellas, squat. All together NOW…” Incredible! Within seconds of each other, they all released their full bowels of laxative loosened scat. In four pools on Sue’s pubes, tits and HER FACE. Two of my guests wretched, I nearly joined them. After forcing the last of their loads onto Sue, the pricks high fived each other. They put on some latex gloves, kneeled and rubbed their scat all over her body. Even her clean legs were not spared. Two hands opened her legs and rubbed the fresh scat into her pubic hair, over her vulva and finally into her opened labia. They scooped a cluster into a small pile on their fingers before pushing it deep into her pussy. The camera zoomed in on the fouled vagina’s depths. Her beautiful nipples were stained dark brown. When the camera moved to her face, it was already covered in shit. But they were not done yet. Someone took a handful of scat and rubbed it into her hair roots and inside her ears. Another hand took a brown pile and smeared it all over her face, then opened her mouth and forced the rest onto her teeth, gums and tongue. Still choking on the putrid mass, they forced her jaws open and pressed another pile into her mouth. They held it closed until she swallowed. The disgusting sadists!

“Haaaaaa ha haaa! OK, we’re done. She’ll never pull her, ummm SHIT, again. Haaaaa! Hope you guys all enjoyed it. Time to clean up and split. Roll her up in the sheet and then in the carpet. No need to mess up the van.” We saw them roll her up and start cleaning themselves up. Nixon told me to check Sue’s email for details on where to find her. He gleefully, no maniacally shouted that the viewers had exceeded 126,000 then turned off the camera.


In the conclusion, part 4, FBI is used, PRESS is called, perps are found and Sue learns a strong lesson.


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