The Photo Album Ch. 02

Please read Chapter 1 before this next section.


Photo 1

The camera is behind the chair as soft daylight fills the spare but elegant room. The blurry background clock says noon. A large black anal plug is on the seat of the chair.

Photo 2

Profile view: S. is sitting in the chair, grimacing as if the plug is now fully embedded in her ass. She is wearing a charcoal gray, lacy European quarter bra that exposes her gorgeous tits, and matching stay-up stockings. There are no panties, bikini briefs or garter belt. Now that her tits are no longer semi-covered by the baby doll she wore in the morning, they show faint marks, as if from a cane, switch or whip. She is wearing black heels.

Humiliatingly, M, her master, has not permitted S. to clean up since breakfast. Her formerly glossy black hair is a dull mess, clotted with gobs of dried semen. It has dried into flakes across her face and on her tits, flakes which fall off and come to rest on her lacy stocking tops.

Photo 3

Looking down at the table top: the camera depicts a bowl of black fettuccine on the table, the kind made with squid ink to get the dark color. M. has poured a huge amount of “sauce” onto the pasta from the same pitcher that appeared during breakfast, an obscene version of Pasta Alfredo.

Photo 4

Side view: standing on the far (left) side of the chair and not in focus, M. is pulling S. forward by the nipples, his blunt fingers stretching the dark stalks till her face is almost touching the food. As before, her face is rotated right, away from the food and facing the camera. Although her expression is one of pain from the nipple torture, one wonders whether her refusal is only a pretext for punishment.

Photo 5

Close-up: heavy chrome alligator clamps have been attached to the base of S’s massive nipples, connected by a weighty chain.

Photo 6

Extreme close-up of a clamped nipple, the dark nubbin extending over a half-inch beyond the clamp jaws.

Photo 7

M. has tightened the nipple clamps, compressing the stalks. The top of each nipple has swollen into a much larger size than in the previous shot.

Photo 8

Close-up of a fork, holding a modest mouthful of fettuccine but drenched with cum.

Photo 9

Close-up of S’s mouth, sucking the coated pasta into her thick lips. Her chin is greasy with spunk.

Photo 10

Side view: S. is kneeling on a leather ottoman placed alongside the table, leaning forward, hands bound together at the wrists with a leather cuff and resting on the table edge, the broad fingers splayed. The nipple chain has been separated into two independent lengths with sizable weights added, stretching the agonized nipples to an amazing 1 1/2 inches.

M. stands behind her, out-of-focus at the left edge of the shot, apparently fucking her cunt. He is pulling back her head so it’s facing up in the air. Her face is contorted with pleasure.

Photo 11

Side view: M. is cumming. A long jet of spend has arced into the air above S’s back and over her head.

Photo 12

The angle is from the table, facing them head-on: M’s massive ejaculations have splattered onto S’s hair, face and chest, extending onto the table.

Photo 13

Side view medium close-up: M. has spun S. around, facing him on her knees as he shoots into her open mouth. Her face has been freshly drenched, the skin surface totally obliterated like heavy a frosting, the hot jism dissolving the encrusted layer already there from breakfast. Layer cake.

Photo 14

Table shot: M’s cock is resting on the rim of a juice glass, filled with several final shots his copious ejaculate.

Photo 15

Close-up: S’s mouth is wide open, filled beyond the maximum with M’s hot spunk. Two wide streams flow out of the corners of her lips, flowing onto her tits and flooding the clamped nipples.

Photo 16

Side view: S. is again kneeling on the ottoman, her face above the table, where she has finished licking all the cum from the surface, leaving residual smears where there had been gobs and pools.

Photo 17

S. is leaving the dining room, pulled by the taut nipple chain held by M. For the first time in this sequence, we see her from the rear, her arms held behind her back, each wrist tied with black cord to an opposing elbow. Her thighs, taut ass and back are crisscrossed with thin marks. The thick long plug remains fully embedded in her ass.

The summer seemed endless, Beau thought. He lay back on the bed, trying to nap. His mother’s sister-in-law, with whom he was living, was at work, and Beau had just finished the day’s chores. Beau had shown a renewed commitment to his work the past few weeks, ever since a bout of irresponsibility had led to some… harsh discipline at the hands of the mysterious and powerful man — Henry — who twice now had bent Beau completely to his will.

Beau shifted so that he lay directly on his back, his arms and legs spread. The room was hot. It was at least 95 outside, and Beau had just finished mowing the lawn and cleaning out the garage in preparation for some yard sale thing his host had planned. He had been drenched in sweat by the time he finished, and had stripped off and rinsed off under the house’s only shower, located outdoors. Exhausted from a long morning’s work, he wanted to take a nap. The heat was making that impossible.

Beau reached his hand down and absent-mindedly snapped the waistband of his small white briefs, the only item of clothing he wore. He cursed himself for being too lazy to do laundry; he would have preferred a loose pair of boxers, but the tight briefs were his last clean pair of underwear. He had just been so tired lately with all the work he had been doing around the house. Once Sarah realized that he was actually going to do what she told him to, she had put the tall, buff 18-year-old to work. Beau raised his neck and looked down at his body. His skin was bronzed from his time in the sun; his muscles rippled even more than when had had arrived. His huge dick strained the fabric of the briefs and left him with a sizeable bulge. He threw his head back and ran his hands through his hair. He was thankful that his chest was naturally smooth; less to keep track of.

His shoulder was sore from hauling things out of the garage. Beau thought of how much work he had been putting into the house lately, ever since… Henry. He thought of how helpless he had felt as Henry’s strong arms and hands had completely dominated him, how he had begged for mercy only to have his virgin ass completely destroyed by the man’s enormous tool. Beau thought of how it had felt to have the man pounding him mercilessly, Henry’s hips smashing against his soft ass…

Fuck, thought Beau. He realized that the bulge in his briefs had grown. The white cotton could barely contain it. Why did thinking about that day do this to him? How come, as hard as he tried not to, he thought about it when he jerked off? Maybe if he had been able to get some real action around here it would be different; but he hadn’t even seen a girl other than his aunt in weeks. At this point he was about ready to –

Beau sat up. He thought he heard footsteps in the house. Was that a voice…? It couldn’t be…

The door to Beau’s room opened. In the doorway stood a girl who looked to be around twenty. Beau was slack-jawed. He hadn’t seen a girl so pretty in… he had no idea. She was small, much shorter than he. She had brown hair that cascaded down her shoulders. She wore shorts and a tank top and carried a large, clear plastic Starbucks cup, mostly filled with ice.

“Oh! Hi!” The girl’s eyes were wide; she clearly had not expected what she saw. “I, uh… wow. I’m really sorry for barging in on you like this.” She was torn between awkwardly trying to look to the side and meeting the gaze of the large, nearly naked man on the bed in front of her.

“Uh, no, that’s okay,” replied Beau. He was confused by the girl’s behavior for a moment, before he realized that he was still on the bed propping himself up with his strong arms, his thick thighs spread, revealing his growing bulge in his small white briefs. “Oh, shit!” Beau covered his bulge as best he could with his hands. “I’m, uh, sorry, just let me get some…”

“No, no,” the girl said, settling her gaze on the younger man’s face. “I’m the one who busted in on you. I’m really sorry. It’s just that I was supposed to, like, pick up some stuff for my mom, and… well, I didn’t realize that Sarah wouldn’t be here. I’m, uh, Shannon.” She extended her hand.

“Beau.” He scooted forward on the bed and extended his own hand. Beau had large hands, but only one wasn’t up to the task of concealing his bulge. He caught the girl trying not to stare. He smirked. He wasn’t sure if she had expected to find him here or not, but he could tell she thought he was hot. Not that he blamed her. Might as well give her something to look at, he thought to himself. “So,” Beau removed both hands from his package and again used them to prop himself up on the bed. He kept his legs spread. “What brings you to my bedroom, Shannon?” He flashed her a wide, white smile. It had been a while since he had gotten to really flirt with a girl.

“I… ah, sorry,” she laughed nervously. “My mom is friends with Sarah. She asked me to come over here and pick up some stuff before the yard sale.” She tried to keep her eyes fixed on the boy’s, but she couldn’t help but let her eyes wander downward, to his cut, tan chest and stomach, and the white briefs that looked liked they were about to burst. She could tell that he wasn’t hard, and still his cock looked enormous.

Beau could practically feel the girl’s eyes sliding over his abs and his bulge. His smile only widened. He planted his feet on the bedroom carpet and stood up. He put his arms in the air and stretched, giving his visitor a totally unobstructed view of his ripped body. “Ooooh, right.” He lowered his arms and rested his hands on his hips. “Sarah said somebody might be coming by to pick some things up before the sale.” He almost laughed at the girl’s attempts not to ogle him. “You, uh, need me to help out? I’ve been doing a lot of work today already, but for you…” He flashed her another smile. Beau imagined how he was going to throw her down on the bed, slam her against the wall, make her scream when he fucked her with his rock-hard cock.

“Wow, um, yeah, I mean, that’d be great.” She attempted a drink from her straw, forgetting that she had finished it on the way over. She smiled at the boy sheepishly.

Beau took a step forward, keeping his hands on his hips. His buff, nearly-naked form was now only a foot away from the girl. “Looks like your drink is gone.”

Shannon regained her composure. The boy had caught her off-guard, and she couldn’t deny that she was taken in by his bold attempts at flirting, his showing off. She thought she should take the opportunity to flirt back. “Yeah, I guess it is.” She popped the lid off the cup and withdrew an ice cube. “Not these, though.” She placed the cube on her tongue and swallowed it, smirking at the boy’s attention to her lips. “You want one?”

“Sure.” He kept his hands on his hips. His briefs rode even lower than before as a result of the stretching, and his bulge had increased in size since Shannon entered the room. He opened his mouth to accept the ice.

Shannon, still smirking, took a cube from the cup and held it squarely against the center of the boy’s chest. Her smile widened at the gasp she elicited from Beau when the ice hit his skin.

Beau furrowed his brow and returned the girl’s smirk, but kept his hands in place. “Not what I expected.”

“Mm. But refreshing anyway.” She slowly slid the ice cube downward, leaving a cool trail of water on the muscled chest. The boy remained motionless. In fact, his eyes didn’t leave hers. The ice disappeared by the time she got halfway down his rippling abs. Damn, she thought. She had hoped to have an excuse to slide her hand down the front of his briefs. She settled for the twitch she saw in his bulge when a drop of cold water made its way into his waistband and presumably hit the base of his dick. “Want another?”

He took a step forward. His buff form was now inches away from the smaller woman. He felt powerful, in control, knowing how much she wanted him. He debated whether he’d have her give him a blowjob before he fucked her. “How about you first. Not fair, me being the only one without clothes on.”

“You’ve got clothes on.” She gestured toward his briefs.

“These?” He snapped the waistband of the underwear against his hip. “I don’t think these count.”

“Then lose ‘em.”

“How ’bout you first.” He flashed her that devilish grin, his eyes boring into hers. He took a small step toward her.

She laughed nervously. She could feel the heat emanating from his body. She had to tilt her head back to maintain eye contact; the boy had nearly a foot on her. “How old are you, anyway?”

“Eighteen. You?”

“Twenty-one. You’re just a little boy.”

“Not that little.”

“Drop these and prove it.” She hooked a fingertip into the front of his briefs.

“And what’ll you give me if I do?”

“Mm. I can think of a few things.”

Beau reached his arms around the girl and cupped her ass, pushing her into him.

Shannon hadn’t planned on being seduced by a younger man like this, but she found herself practically swooning once she was pressed against his hot, hard chest, feeling his strong arms around her. “I… ah…”

“Shh. Don’t worry; I’ll lose the shorts soon enough. But first, lets –”

“I can’t believe my goddamn eyes.”

Beau was petrified. Not here. Not now. He paused for what seemed like an eternity, then slowly shifted his eyes to the side.

There stood Henry. The man somehow seemed to get bigger every time Beau saw him. He stood in Beau’s doorway, looking as if he could snap the doorframe with a shrug. He was more dressed-up than Beau had ever seen him, wearing a short-sleeved button-down with his usual jeans and work boots. His graying hair was cropped close, and Beau could see the salt-and-pepper stubble that had rubbed his shoulder raw when Henry had fucked his then-virgin ass. Henry’s arms were crossed, and there was fire behind his eyes.

“Ow, you’re hurting me,” protested Shannon. She attempted to extricate herself from the boy’s arms, which now were inflexible as granite. “I’m sorry about this, sir.” She grunted. “Get off! Sheesh.” She brushed herself off and shot a dirty look at Beau. She faced the new arrival. “Sorry, again. We didn’t hear you come in.”

“Mm.” The man didn’t take his eyes off Beau, nor did his expression change. “And what is it I interrupted, boy?”

Beau’s eyes hadn’t left Henry’s since they met them. He had only been able to stare, his mouth hanging open.

“We were just…” Shannon started.

“I know your mother, young lady. She says you’re a good girl. But I asked this big idiot over here a question. What is it I interrupted, boy? You should know by now that I don’t like to repeat myself.”

“I… uh… sir, we were just, um…” The last time Beau saw Henry, it had been over his shoulder as the man shot his load deep inside Beau’s ass. Seeing him again, let alone in his bedroom, was surreal. Beau was currently wearing the most clothes Henry had ever seen him wear — this was the first time Henry had seen Beau not naked — yet he somehow felt more vulnerable than ever. As the realization that Henry was here hit him, he instinctively stood straight with his arms at his side.

Shannon decided it was best to keep quiet. She wasn’t sure what the relationship between these two was, but she knew she had missed something. The boy who had previously been seconds away from seducing her was now himself completely under their visitor’s control. She could sense it just from Beau’s body language.

“Yeah, yeah. I know what you were doing. In Sarah’s house, while she’s gone, no less. Shoulda known you’d need more than one lesson. God above, but I’ve never seen a boy dumb as you.” Henry crossed the room and stood inches away from Beau. He looked the boy up and down; he couldn’t repress a smirk at the boy’s straining white briefs. “Thought I told you to mind Sarah and stick to your chores. And here I find you trying to put your punk moves on a nice young girl. I thought I made myself clear. Guess not though.”

Beau’s eyes were wide. It was bad enough that Henry was here at all, bad enough that he was barely covered by his briefs when the other two in the room were fully dressed, but on top of that there was the possibility that Henry was going to humiliate him in front of Shannon, totally killing any chance he’d ever have with the girl. “Hey, uh, why don’t you just take off, Shan. Text me later.”

Henry gave Beau a quick, sharp slap to the face. Though Henry barely had to flick his wrist, Beau’s head snapped to the side. “You the one giving out orders here, boy? That’s not how you address a lady. Shoot, I have more work to do on you than I thought. You just stay where you are, young lady. This might be instructive for you, too.” Henry roughly grabbed the hair at the back of the boy’s head.

Beau quickly thought over his options. The last time he tried to fight back against Henry, he wound up with a black eye. Beau was stronger now than he was then, but he knew that the older man could kick his ass without breaking a sweat. He wasn’t sure what Henry had in store for him, but he doubted it’d be more embarrassing than getting his ass kicked by someone more than twenty years his senior. But letting himself be manhandled in front of the girl wasn’t going to help either; he had to be a man. He figured that Henry would rather back off than have a confrontation in front of the girl. Beau reached one hand around his back and grabbed Henry’s wrist where the older man had a hold of his hair; he placed the palm of his other hand on Henry’s chest. “Hey, fuck you, man. Get your hands off me, and get the fuck out of my room before I kick your ass.” Beau looked the older man straight in the eye.

Henry didn’t even bother responding. He dragged the struggling Beau by the back of his head to the bed, and with one swift motion flipped the boy so that he lay on his stomach across Henry’s lap as he sat on the bed. Henry held him down with a single arm. He could tell the boy had gotten stronger, but he was still nothing compared to Henry. As before, he chuckled to himself as the boy squirmed. Even moreso now, as Beau lay across his lap, his bubble butt in the air and straining the cotton briefs, and his beefy legs kicking helplessly.

Shannon was taken aback. She completely understood now why Beau had become obedient the minute Henry had walked in the room. The older man could toss even the tall, buff boy around like a rag doll. She was amazed that the stud she had been about to let fuck her was now lying completely helpless across the older man’s lap. She wasn’t sure whether to leave or stay and watch.

“Hey!” Beau shouted in desperation. He attempted to wriggle free, but he recognized this feeling of helplessness from the time Henry forced him to the ground. As much as he flailed his arms and legs, Henry’s vice-like grip refused to fail. “Fuck — come on, man, just let me up. I’ll fucking — just fucking let me up”

“Boy, if you’re gonna act like a spoiled fuckin’ brat, that’s how I’m gonna treat you. I’m gonna do what your mama shoulda done years ago. ” With the hand that wasn’t currently occupied pinning the wriggling youth, Henry roughly yanked down Beau’s briefs, revealing his large, but toned ass.

Beau was mortified. He looked toward Shannon, who was gazing wide-eyed at his bare ass.


Beau shouted. Henry had brought his large, strong hand down hard on Beau’s ass. A girl or two before had playfully spanked Beau, but this was different. He had never felt a blow like that on his ass. He heard himself making pathetic whimpering sounds, but he couldn’t stop.

Shannon couldn’t look away. She saw that the man’s huge hand left a large, bright red imprint where he had just struck. She put her hand to her mouth. She had never seen a guy as big and strong as Beau get completely owned and humiliated like this. She would have been lying had she said she wasn’t intrigued.


Beau again shouted as Henry’s hand laid another harsh blow on the soft skin of his ass. Beau was still thrashing, but he knew he wasn’t getting anywhere. He had a vague idea that he looked silly with his legs kicking behind him, but he’d do anything to avoid the pain of another –



“PLEASE,” Beau cried. “Please just stop!”

Henry paused, his arm in the air, ready to bring down another spank. “What’s that, boy? You’re a big strong man when it comes time to fuck around, but not when it’s time to accept the consequences?”


“FUCK. Please, please I’ll do anything. Sir! Just let me up please!”

Henry rested his palm on the reddened mound of Beau’s ass. He caressed it softly. “What do you think, girl? You think this dummy’s learned his lesson?”

Shannon was speechless. She had seen this man go from savagely slapping Beau’s ass to what almost looked like a display of tenderness. Besides, she just saw an 18-year-old boy get manhandled and spanked bare-ass right in front of her.

Henry pulled his arm upward once again, ready to continue his assault. “I said, you think he’s learned his lesson? Or does he need more punishment?”

“SHANNON PLEASE!” Beau locked eyes with the girl.

Shannon saw that the once-cocky young stud had tears forming in his eyes, and there was fear in his voice as he pleaded.

For his part, Beau was too concerned with the pain to think about how incredibly embarrassed he would be when this was over.

“He’s learned his lesson! He’ll be good. Sir.”

“Well, well.” Henry lowered his hand and gave Beau’s red ass a light pat, smirking at the wince it elicited from the boy. “Looks like you better say ‘Thank you’ to this nice girl for saving your ass, boy. Stand up and make yourself presentable.” Henry pulled the boy’s briefs back up over his ample round ass, letting the waistband snap against Beau’s skin. Finally, he lifted both his arms off the boy.

As soon as Beau felt himself free from Henry’s steel-cable hands, he shuffled off the man’s lap and awkwardly stood. He looked first to his assailant, who sat on Beau’s bed with his arms crossed, a stern look on his face. Beau then turned to look at Shannon as he absent-mindedly rubbed his tender ass. He met the girl’s eyes, both incredibly humiliated and unaware of how humiliated he’d be in a second. Shannon’s eyes were practically bugging out of her skull as she looked at — “Oh, fuck!”

Beau’s dick was hard as a rock. His tight, thin briefs weren’t remotely up to the task of keeping it covered, and so a good five inches of Beau’s cock slipped through the waistband of the briefs, pressed against his abs and throbbing. Beau quickly moved to cover his huge erection with his hands, though his attempts were awkward and insufficient, and he was continually distracted by the pain on his ass.

Henry rose and stood behind Beau. “Boy, what did I tell you about standing up straight when I am present? Same goes for this young lady. That means back straight, arms back, boy, unless you think I need to use my belt on you this time.”

Without hesitation, Beau snapped his head and shoulders back, and stood at attention, his arms at his side. His raging member was now completely visible straining out of his briefs, but Beau would have done anything to avoid more punishment, even further humiliate himself further in front of the girl he had planned on fucking not twenty minutes ago. He couldn’t bring himself to meet her eyes.

Shannon gaped. She wasn’t sure which was more impressive — the level of control the older man had over the formerly cocky young stud, or the size of said stud’s cock, which was even bigger than she had hoped.

Had Shannon been able to see behind Beau, where Henry stood, she’d have seen the older man’s strong hand find its way down the back of Beau’s briefs and quickly find the boy’s asshole. Henry pushed against the boy’s hole, penetrating him. Beau gasped, and nearly spun around.

“Beau?” Shannon asked. “Are you okay?”

For those that wish to read more. For those that don’t I fully understand. I have been rather busy using all the advise I have received on another project. I realize I have not fully edited this but please over look it if you are enjoying the story.

The next party was about the same with the exception Della had to clean the study. This time the man came in and tied her over the back of a chair. He then raped her anally. The man, who Della learned was named Harold and the husband of Mildred, was not gentle at all. In fact he did all he could do to make it painful. It seemed that Harold was testing Viagra on her. Della was raped in the ass three times. The entire event was captured on video.

The pain of the anal rape by Harold was nothing compared to what Mildred did to her at the next party. It started when Mildred formally introduced her to the other women. “Joy, Ray and Brianna, this is Adams and she is the one that had Harold fuck her up the arse. Since then Harold expects the same from me! So I think we should all pay Adams back for my discomfort.”

Sonya smiled. Della tried to defend herself. “Ma’am I didn’t let Harold to that to me. I was tied and he forced himself on me.”

“Listen to the whore! She’s trying to put the blame on my Harold. He told me you bent over and offered it to him. Even insisted he said. You were even graphic about it. Wanted Harold to ‘fuck you hard up the arse” or was ‘up the ass’?”

“Ma’am, I could not help it. He just…”

Mildred cut her off, “I know you can’t help being a whore Adams. But I will not tolerate you trying to lie about it!”

A few minutes later they had Della tied on top of a small table. Della was secured on her back with her knees drawn up to her chest. Her head hung over the edge as did her ass. Both ends of Della were available to the women. The four stripped off their skirts and as one would stand over Della’s face the other would use a strap-on dildo to violate her ass. The two women no involved at the time would sit and watch as they chatted. From their conversation one would never have guessed what was happening in the room. And to make matters worse, Sonya got it all on video, but ran the camera to ensure none of the women could be identified. The ordeal was over 4 hours long. The women broke for lunch but Della remained on the table.

Now Della sat and wondered just what this ‘party’ would hold. Sonya was not heading toward Mildred’s home; instead she was driving toward the heart of the city. In a few minutes Sonya pulled into the entrance of an underground parking garage. With a key card she went into a reserved parking section. When Sonya parked she did so by small waiting area. Sonya led the way to door where with a key card she called the elevator. All the time Sonya had not said a word to Della, which was normal. Sonya wanted to create as much anxiety as she could in her victim.

The elevator had just one destination. When it stopped after a short but fast trip the door opened. Sonya led on. Soon Della realized she was in a penthouse with quite a view. Sonya took Della to the kitchen. “Adams, get ready to serve 8 guests. They will be here to play poker and will expect excellent service. If you do a good job there might be tips in it for you. If not, you know what you will get! The men are serious players. You will only address them as ‘Sir” never by name. And you will follow any and all directions you are given. If not then you will receive more severe punishment. Now that I’m the woman of the house I won’t spare the rod. It will not matter if David sees the result of your failures.”

Sonya paused and just looked at Della. Della felt as if Sonya’s eyes were burning a hole through her. After a minute Sonya looked at her watch, “You have 15 minutes to get everything ready. Most is prepared, just needs to be made ready to serve. I’ll set up the bar. I’ll handle the alcohol. You’ll only deliver it. When you have the serving cart ready come to me in the den.”

Della was speechless.

“Do you understand or do I need to get your attention you worthless wench?” Sonya said in a low but threatening voice.

Della went to work preparing the refreshments. In a way it was enjoyable for Della, she had always enjoyed cooking and serving, but in the past it had been when she was entertaining guests. So much of her social life had ended when the family had relocated to the new home.

By the time she was wheeling the cart into the room, Sonya was setting the table for a card game. The table was large and would seat all 8. The bar where Sonya would work had been fully stocked. With everything ready Sonya glanced at her watch. “We have about 10 minutes. Come with me. We need to get you presentable for our guests.”

Sonya led Della into the bathroom. There Della had to sit with her back to the mirror as Sonya applied makeup. Sonya even painted Della’s nipples red and wiped off the excess. Della would learn that Sonya had applied a product that ‘stained’ the skin. It would not smear, wipe off or wash away with soap and water. The red would have to wear off. That would take several weeks. However it would become part of Della’s required routine to keep her nipples red and prominent.

When Della was allowed to see the fruit of Sonya’s efforts she wanted to cry. However she was warned by Sonya not to streak her makeup. Della felt and looked like a whore on a street corner. Again she questioned just why she had invited Sonya into her life. Luckily Della did not have long to ponder that question, for the first two guests arrived.

A door bell like sound alerted Sonya that the elevator was on its way up. At the door she greeted the first two men. “Hello Hank, how are you? And Robbie glad you could make it. You’re the first to arrive so if you’ll step this way we’ll get our nasty business out of the way.”

Sonya charged each guest $5000.00 for the privilege of attending the game. She also charged $1000.00 for food and service. The service was to be Della. When the two had paid Robbie asked, “Sonya can I try to improve my luck?”

Sonya smiled, “Certainly Robbie, just don’t smear her makeup. I think it will do Adams good to get an early start. This is her first service at one of our games so it will be better if you test Adams before the others arrive.”

Robbie did not need further permission and went to Della. “Come with me!’ He said.

Stunned Della was slow to follow. As she looked at the bedroom door where the man had disappeared Della did not see Sonya approach her from behind. The sting of a crop on the back of Della’s thigh made her yelp in pain.

“You heard the man Adams, into the bedroom and do as you’re told.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Della managed with head hung low as she walked toward the room.

Sonya followed her and when they entered the room she told Della to bend over the back of a large chair. “Robbie, grab Adams hands and hold her still. I want to teach her not to balk at instructions.”

The man smiled and did as he was told. I minute later the crop was raining down on Della’s thighs with the heated anger of Sonya. Della couldn’t control her legs and kicked with each blow. She also began to cry and wail. Sonya was only angered more when she saw she would have to redo Adam’s makeup

When she had marked the backs of Della’s legs, Della had long sense given up fighting. She was limp over the back of the chair when Sonya spoke. “Robbie what do you want?”

He smiled, “Well let’s see. Her makeup is a mess so guess I could use her mouth. But then with her ass high in the air and the backs of her legs sore, might be good to take her from behind.”

“Be my guest for I hear the bell. I’ll be back as quick as I can. If you get finished first then just leave here in the room.”

Robbie got behind the limp Della. He felt her sex. “Damn woman your cunt is wet as a sponge. You must get off to pain!” With that the man unzipped his pants and wet his hard cock in her wet pussy. With without warning he plunged into Della’s asshole. The pain made Della swoon. She would have screamed but her voice was almost gone. All she could do was endure the pain and humiliation of being ass-fucked brutally by the man.

When Sonya came back into the room Robbie was just pulling out of Della’s ravished ass. Della still felt the burn of his assault and the flood of his sperm in her bowel. “About ready Robbie? The others are here and ready to start. Go on in and I’ll be with you in a minute.”

Sonya managed to get Della cleaned up and ushered out into the room. But it was obvious for all that Della had just sustained a severe whipping. With the discipline Della realized she had best follow all orders given. Not only that fact, but also that she was sexually excited by the treatment she was receiving. The more she thought, the more Della realized with all the acts she had been required to do, each had made her pussy wet. With that realization Della wanted to cry with shame but knew better.

Sonya was ready for the game to begin. “Gentlemen, I know all of you have been here before but I will repeat the rules. We will begin play at 10 am and continue as long as you wish or until 4 pm. We must be gone by 4:30 pm. As usual the monies won and lost will be between you men. However if anyone does not pay his losses and it is reported to me, they will never attend another game. Not only that but I will also alert all the others in our little circle to his failure. So remember don’t gamble if you don’t have the money to lose. It will be less shame to drop out than it is to be unable to pay your debt.” Sonya looked at the men in the room. “Adams is here for your service and enjoyment. She will be available for private meeting between hands if you like. Just be courteous and allow her to wait on all your fellow players before spiriting her away. If you take too long you will be left out of the next hand. Now you have all paid and I have instructed Adams that if she works hard you men might leave her a tip.”

The game began. After the third hand a man took Della to the bedroom. She had to kneel and assumed she would have to give a blow job. Instead the man wanted a ‘skull fuck’ as he called it. He raped Della’s mouth with as much force as the other man had raped her ass. The man forced his cock down her throat and cut off her air. Della gagged and choked as he used her mouth. Her discomfort only added to his pleasure.

In the 4 hours of the game Della was used by all the men. Sometimes two at a time. None of the men used condoms so Della had a lot of juice in both holes and just as much in her stomach. When the game ended at 4 pm Della was given over $2000.00 in tips. She wanted to cry. She had become a whore.

After Della cleaned up Sonya gave her an adult diaper. “Put this on slut. I don’t want you messing up my car seat again. Next time we will drive yours. That way if it smells like a whore house I won’t have to drive it!”

Sonya was dressing when Dave came in for his golf game. Half clothed she rushed to kiss Dave when he first appeared in the room. She then fell to her knees and unzipped his pants. Dave wanted to protest for he had not showered at the club but it felt too good to have her stop. Soon Sonya had Dave in her mouth. It was almost unreal to Dave that Sonya could bring him off so fast. After Sonya had taken all Dave could give she licked him clean. Looking up with loving eyes she thanked Dave for the gift. She then stood to helped him out of his clothes.

Dave pulled her to him and kissed her hard on the mouth. “Why didn’t I marry you?’ He asked.

Sonya’s eyes lit up. “Would you really marry me David?”

“In a New York Minute, if I could.” They kissed again then Sonya picked up his clothes as he got in the shower.

Sonya decided then and there that she would become the legal Mr. David Robertson.

At the evening meal there was only Allison, Sonya and David. Della served. The conversation was light and enjoyable. After the meal the three retired to the den as Della cleaned up. Sonya had a game called ‘Balderdash’. It was a game of making up works. The three played for an hour enjoying many laughs. At 8:30 Della appeared. “Ms Harmon, I have completed my tasks. I will clean up and get ready to go to my appointment now if you have nothing else.”

“Ah yes Adams. I am sorry that you have to be at the Dr.’s Office at this late hour but it is the only time they could work you in. You and Allison both have appointments. I will expect you to drive straight to the appointment and then straight back.”

“Yes ma’am.” Della replied. Della wondered about the strangely timed appointment.

“Mother, do I have to go. Can’t you reschedule for me. I mean I was at that class all day?” Allison begged.

“Now Allison we have gone through this. You will go with Adams. We will discuss it no further!”

Allison lowered her head and replied, “Yes Mother.”

The fact Allison was now calling Sonya ‘Mother’ did not escape Della or Dave’s notice.

Dave was still in the den with a drink in his hand when Sonya met the two women in the hall. “Adams give me your purse.”

Della did as she was told. Sonya emptied everything with the exception of Della’s driver license and keys. But the only keys on the ring were those to the car. The house key had been removed. Sonya handed the purse back to Della. “Now you will not return to the house till midnight. And I mean 12:00 sharp. You will ring the bell because you have no door key.”

Not waiting for an answer from Della, Sonya turned to Allison. “Allison I want your purse too.”

“Yes mother.” Allison replied and handed it to Sonya. Sonya took all out but Allison’s compact, lipstick, ID card. Sonya then returned it to Allison. “Allison I expect you to do as I instructed you. I want you to take this credit card and this money just in case you need it. I don’t want you to stop for any reason; the money and card are for emergencies. If you are early you will park in the safety of our drive and wait till midnight. I’m sorry to have to put this on you my Dearest Allison but I need time with your father. I have some things to show him and we will need time to discuss the improvement I have made to our home.” Sonya paused. Then she continued, “I know that Adams here is not trustworthy, so that is why you have the card and the money.”

Della just cast her eyes down. Allison smiled, “I bet I know what you are going to show dad, Mother!”

Sonya blushed, “Allison you shouldn’t think such things about your mother and father!” Sonya then giggled and kissed Allison lightly on the lips.

When the door was locked and all secured Sonya went to the den. “David I have some things to discuss with you. I know I should have done it earlier but as you can see I have been busy with the transition of moving in and getting settled as you woman and manager of your home. It has just happened so fast.” Sonya began as she knelt beside Dave on the floor.

Dave did not comment so Sonya continues. “David I will start from the beginning. I met Adams on line. I am of a personality that I soon understood the woman. She was overwhelmed and did not know how to run a household. She also did not have the proper training on being a wife. I began to dominate her on line with the intent of making her a better wife and mother. I must say I failed in that regard. As a last ditch effort I decided to take over your home for a weekend to show Adams just what a wife/mother should be. I chose your 20th anniversary for I felt it would be appropriate for Adams to see how she had failed for 20 years.” Sonya let that soak in then continued. “I came with the intent of humiliating Adams totally in front of you and your daughters. I was so angry with Adams for she had all I wanted and was not worthy of it. I had intended to stay only for the weekend but that changed when I saw you, David, for the first time. I fell in love with you. I did not wish to leave.”

“So this was all just a game or something?” Dave asked puzzled.

“May I kiss you David?” Sonya asked.

Dave had no objections and allowed Sonya to raise and kiss him full on the lips. She was passionate and loving. When she pulled away Dave was breathless. “David did that feel like some game?”

Numbly Dave replied, “Well, No not really.”

Sonya smiled. “I am glad you felt my sincerity in the kiss. Now I will continue, with your permission. You are the lord of this house and I am under your authority.”

Dave merely nodded.

“Over the last 6 months I have worked with Adams to no avail. I found that Adams was cheating on you, Amanda has a drug problem, and Allison is in such need of a true mother figure to guild her on her way to maturity.”

Dave looked down. “I am not surprised by Amanda, for that is why we moved. To get her away from the wrong crowd. I know Allison needs a mother and I noticed she has already begun to call you mother. I guess I should not be surprised that Della is cheating, for our sex life had gone steadily downhill over the last three years.”

“David, do not blame yourself in this. You were earning the money and your wife should have run your home properly. I hope I can salvage something out of this for you my love. And I will not blame Adams, for she only did what she knew. She had not been trained properly. At least now she is in a class to make her fit as a maid.”

Dave just looked Sonya in the eyes. It was then that she noted a tear forming. “David I did not wish to trouble you, I just wanted you to know the true situation.”

“That’s ok baby, but right now I need you.”

“David will indulge me for an hour or so? Afterwards I will be more than happy to satisfy you in any way you desire. And I do mean any way! If you will come with me I want to show you how I have changed your home in my efforts to make it better for you.”

With that Sonya gave Dave a tour showing him all her personal touches she had brought into his home. The Sonya took Dave to the attic and let him inspect Adam’s quarters. She had the remote for the flat screen TV and flipped it on. There on the screen were some very explicit lesbian sex scenes. “David that is why I have an electric lock on the door. I do not wish to allow Adams to roam the house at night. She might wish to act out some of these scenes on one of your own daughters.”

Dave was shocked, “I never knew and would have never guessed.”

Sonya then pointed out the camera in the upper corner of the room. “I have to keep a watch on Adams. I have seen her masturbate to these videos. I have set the room up with the light switch on the outside of the room. That way Adams can’t hide in the darkness. She has a shower with 5 gallons of hot water to bathe. But a plumbed toilet was too difficult, so Adams has to make do with the chemical unit on the corner.”

When that inspection was complete Sonya led Dave to Amanda’s room. There she pointed out a camera to watch the oldest female child. “David, I installed that to make sure Amanda did not have the freedom to use drugs in your home. I will remove it if you wish. As I say I did take quite a few liberties without asking permission.”

“No leave it. I know you did it for her own good.”

“Thank you for your confidence David. Now I will tell you that Amanda is at a Drug Rehabilitation Retreat. She will be there until late tomorrow evening. I understand that their methods are extreme but in Amanda’s case I feel she needs some stern measures and quickly.”

“Again I thank you for all you are doing. You are a much better wife to me in just these few days than Della seemed to have been in 20 years. I wish I knew how to make this permanent.”

Sonya smiled again. “David if that is what you truly want I will do all I can to make your wishes come to pass. Now I guess it is time for us to visit the basement. I hope you are not too shocked by what I have to show you. But let me first stop in the bedroom. I wish to be properly dressed to escort you to the basement.”

Anne was tightly encased in a blow up outfit that took the shape of an arm chair when inflated. Her mouth was held open at the front of the seat, where John had sat. It had been overkill, to be left helpless, like a humble piece of furniture. Anne had no option but to faithfully obey orders from the influence of the implant in her head, so there was no need to hold her captive. Encased in clear plastic, unable to move, she was physically, as well as psychologically, powerless.

He had abandoned her there in the lounge, like a piece of furniture, an object owned, to attend to his wife as part of the usual daily routine. Leaving his sperm to trickle over the plastic seat, dribbling into her mouth, she had to swallow or choke. Her mouth was held open so there was little she could do, as the sticky fluid dripped onto her tongue, where it slowly ran to the back of her throat.

If he had dismissed her, to the guest room, she could have taken the opportunity to deactivate the implant. Instead, he came back to free her physically.

“Come on lets get that thing off you. It’s an interesting concept, I might try it out again,” John told her.

She certainly hoped not! It was bad enough having to obey his every whim. Being made into a piece of household furniture made it all the more humiliating.

“I’ll help you into this, it’s very tight,” he said. John was surprised she didn’t complain after being freed from the chair. He was trying to push her beyond her limits of endurance, yet she seemed to take it all in her stride. He could see his sperm glistening on her chin, knowing it had run into her mouth, yet she accepted that too. He was especially pleased with how much cum she had inspired him to produce.

He squirted talcum powder into the leather cat-suit, as he pulled it up her legs. It had been his wife’s, some years ago, and it was a tight fit on Anne. Having pulled it up over the hips, he realised it wasn’t going to fit over the large breasts. Unzipping the openings might work, so he pulled hard, lifting her up onto her toes.

The thin leather worked its way up between her cheeks, for a very pleasing view of a firm rear, though he still hadn’t managed to pull it up over her shoulders.

“Crouch a bit, hunch your shoulders,” he told her.

He managed to tug the suit over one shoulder then the other. He went to stand before her.

She was hunched forward, with her breasts lewdly protruding out the unzipped openings. They looked enormous. “Stand up straight, slowly,” he advised.

The black, all in one cat-suit gave a little, and stretched, pulling taut between her lips. When she took a step it was obviously difficult. It was so thin the tight leather clung to her body, like a second skin.

As she walked around the room it stretched enabling her to move less awkwardly. John couldn’t keep his eyes off the leather hugging her pussy, showing it off more rudely than if she were naked. It pursed her lips, exaggerating their openness, as though she were a wanton hussy.

“You are a wanton hussy,” he murmured. From the way she had behaved that didn’t begin to describe what she was. Whatever he put her through, she accepted, without demurring in the slightest. “You’re not a normal woman, you’re a sex doll, a mindless sex doll,” he declared, with a pleasant chuckle.

Anne groaned silently. Was this worse than being a slut? She was about to find out, unless he summoned up some other role, from the rich repertoire of unpleasant programs available. In Larry’s apartment, a long list of awful sounding sex games had been displayed on his computer, which she hadn’t dared contemplate.

He gave her an apron to protect the suit while she prepared a meal. She stood by him while he ate, not speaking, behaving like a mindless doll as ordered. He couldn’t help running a fingernail over her sex, as the lips were so distended, on show. It gripped her sex so tight it looked as though it had been pulled up from inside her gaping holes.

The more he played with her, the more her sex seemed to explode from the black purse, cupping her lips. Both cheeks were held firmly with the leather disappearing between them. It was cunningly fashioned to grip tight, pushing right up her ass when she stood tall. In a moment of inspiration he had her slip on a pair of high heels.

Forced to stand upright, with shoulders squared, they pulled the leather even tighter around her crotch. Her breasts were pushed out in an exaggerated presentation, begging to be pinched and caressed at every opportunity; which he made sure was often.

“You can prepare some food for my buddies, its card night,” he announced.

Left in the kitchen she tried quickly to complete the order, though it wasn’t easy in the tight outfit. Once finished preparing snacks the command would be too, so she could go to her room and deactivate the implant. The need to be free of his games was vital.

Anne froze. She heard someone entering the lounge. The voices were joined by another as she continued to lay out chicken pieces form the oven. He had lived for sometime as a bachelor on frozen and tinned food.

Inside she smiled thinking he would dismiss her pretty soon, and she could sneak upstairs, for he wouldn’t want her to be seen like this. The gossip would race through this small community like wild fire. Anne was startled when John walked in though as a doll she showed no emotion. At last she was to be dismissed to her room where she could switch off the implant. Patiently she watched him rummage around in a kitchen draw.

“A nice spread, you’ve done well,” he told her. He noted again the change in her behaviour and worked out it was from telling her she was a doll. She stood mute effectively accomplishing this latest act, even to the point of holding her face in a passive expression. It was unnerving and therefore no way would he introduce her to his friends.

“You can stop playing a doll right now,” he said. The expression of relief was evident. Her whole body relaxed and she took a deep breath ready to say something.

At last she was nearly free! The game had been terminated, so she was ready to scamper back to her room, switch off the implant, change her clothes, and run for the safety of home, while he was busy with his friends.

“You can be a maid for the evening, and serve my friends,” he ordered.

“As you wish sir,” she answered, with a curtsy. Anne was struck with dread. The hope of escape had lasted only seconds before it was snatched away. How could he exhibit her dressed like this? Parading around with her breasts out on show, and the lewd way her sex was clearly outlined in the thin leather, tightly pursing her lips, it would be outrageous.

She could only stand the exhibitionist humiliation by letting go completely to the implanted program, running around to its rules, behaving like his sexy little maid. Not that she had much control left, so whatever he asked, she would jump to obey.

“Leave the apron on,” he added. The full length, white cotton apron, covered her breasts and thighs, leaving her bottom tightly encased and on show. “Come on, I’ll help you carry this stuff out,” he said, with a playful slap to her bottom.

Anne giggled from the slap, playing faithfully to the role, rather than chastise him for being familiar. It served to remind her how thin the material was and how vulnerable she was.

The room went stonily quiet when she walked in and the strangers stared at her. She purposely looked away from them with the shame of this terrible display of her body. This as well covered compared to when Ben had her yet with these older men it felt more shameful.

“Our lovely maid will be serving us tonight, say hello to the guys Anne,” he said.

“Hi guys, I’m your sexy little maid, here to serve you, whatever you want, sir,” Anne said, in a cute little voice and with a saucy wink. The program was pushing her into a well learnt role. She had played this game with her husband, only then she had some control left. Here with strangers it was dangerous to flirt and be pushed into being as sexy as she could with them.

She leant over the table with drinks, knowing they could see her breasts through the non-existent sides of the apron. At least that was the only thing of her body that was bare.

“Take off the apron, you don’t need it now,” John told her.

They all watched her make a show of lifting it up and over her head, in an exaggerated stretch, arching her back, lifting her breasts. The guy sitting to her left, Pete, sighed loudly.

“Nice tits!” Leonard exclaimed.

The others gave him a hash look thinking she would be offended.

“I’m glad you like them, sir,” she said, with a saucy smile. As expected it encouraged the others, for they were no gentlemen. What could she expect dressed like this? They were hardly going to treat her with the respect a university professor deserved.

“They’re so big, I’ve never seen anything like them,” Joe said.

Pete couldn’t take his eyes off them, even as he lifted his cards from the table.

“How do you like the outfit?” John asked them.

They reluctantly looked away from her large breasts to study the rest of her. She walked around the table giving them all a good look at her body. She was covered but it didn’t feel like it. It felt as though she had been body painted and it looked it too.

“Now that is tight, is it uncomfortable?” Leonard asked.

“A little, sir, but if it pleases you then it is worth a little discomfort, sir” she answered.

The others chuckled with mirth covering their interest at the way her lips moved in the tight purse. John was more interested in her ass. He had plans for that hole.

Serving John a drink she stood by him waiting for further instructions. His free hand came up between her thighs. He pressed her there then ran a finger between her cheeks, where the outfit gripped tight, cutting her globes into separating them, so her asshole showed. The wrinkled hole showed as an indentation in the thin leather. After he had pushed at it the material was stretched inward even more.

The drinks flowed and the hands patted her bottom or stroked her thighs, though none of them were as personal as John. They all appreciated how much more revealing the outfit became as the evening wore on. Distinct indentations had been pushed into her pussy and asshole.

“I want to stay in the pot but don’t want to put any more money in, so what do you say if I offer something else?” John asked. He wrote on a piece of paper and handed it around.

Anne watched the piece of paper passed from hand to hand, with a great feeling of humiliation, having seen it written, over his shoulder. She cringed inside on seeing them nod eagerly in approval.

“Do you agree?” Leonard asked her.

“Of course sir, I am your maid, here to serve you,” she giggled.

As predictable as a fox in chicken coop, John lost the hand. She had lost something too.

A big smile lit Joes’ face after concentrating hard on his cards. He pulled the chips toward him with the little piece of paper. He beckoned to her and in deep shame she walked round the table to him. He had won her left breast! Even in front of his friends, he would make use of it she was sure of that.

Anne demurely presented her breast to him as though she was about to breast feed him.

“Go on Joe, you know you want to,” they encouraged.

He lifted both hands to cup hr breast and guided it to his mouth. A little gasp of pleasure escaped her lips. She wasn’t so sure it was the program compelling her to play the game. She could feel her sex clenching and swelling. He sucked as much as he could and cradled as much as he could in both hands yet it still wasn’t covered completely, not that it mattered.

Anne was enjoying it! After such provocation and the unremitting implant working away at her all day she was ready for anything. With this stranger sucking on her breast, she knew for certain how ready she was. In such an aroused state it would be difficult to hold back but under that rules of the game she was even less able to hold back.

“Mmmm, that’s so good, sir,” she murmured.

Soon another piece of paper was written out though this time no one bothered reading it they eagerly played while Joe toyed with her breast and held his cards in the other hand. Often he turned his head to lick or bite on a nipple. Each time she would present it to his mouth, like a dutiful mother to a child, wanting feeding.

Positioning their chairs either side of her Joe and Pete gripped her breasts while sucking on them powerfully. Anne leaned her head back and moaned gratefully. “Thank you sirs, it’s wonderful,” she groaned.

Sated, the two men sent her to wipe her breasts down and fetch more drinks. Returning to the table she noticed another piece of paper in the pot. Her nerves were on fire with lust so she didn’t care, but still wondered what part of her body was up for grabs this time. She soon found out.

She stood by Leonard who didn’t say anything he merely presented the piece of paper. How could she let him do that to her, he was a stranger. These breasts were all her for they weren’t implants but had been induced to grow. They were still relatively new to her and not thought of as a part of her body, so it didn’t seemed so bad to let these men fondle and kiss them.

It dawned on her that she was thinking under the influence of the implant. She was already marked down as whore, so this was just another small step toward the full thing. She shuffled her feet apart and looked at him, hoping he wouldn’t, yet knowing he couldn’t resist.

She felt his fingers run between the lips of her pussy, through the thin material, so keenly she might have been naked. She put her hands on his shoulders and dropped her head to rest on his. “Oh! Sir, that is so good, more please, sir,” she moaned.

The fabric was stretched to breaking point, pushing deeper into her pussy, tantalisingly grazing her bud, on every stroke. To her dismay she began to gyrate upon his fingers, rubbing herself on them, rubbing her breasts in his face.

“I think the sexy bitch is having more fun than me,” Leonard light-heartedly complained.

“Put her over your knee, that might calm her down,” John suggested.

Leonard got a good grip of her hips and pushed her away then grabbed her hair, dragging her over his lap. He gave her bottom a slight slap. She squirmed on his cock pocking her tummy so he slapped her hard.

“One, sir,” she responded.

Leonard looked around the table with a bemused look. “Two from each of us,” John laughed.

Leonard smacked a cheek hard this time and was ready for the counting. Eight wallops he administered and with each she responded by counting them. She stood up unsteadily, only just refraining from rubbing her sore bottom.

“Your naughty maid deserved a good spanking, sir. Thank you for correcting your naughty maid, sir. Your maid will not try to get off on your fingers without permission again, sir,” she intoned, in a little girly voice, sounding contrite.

The men looked on in disbelief. Their faces turned to John who was suppressing a silent guffaw. Little did his friends know this was an important professor, standing before them after receiving a spanking, and apologising for her lewd behaviour! The stuck-up bitch had been trying to get off on his fingers too. She was so far gone with these games she couldn’t control herself, even before strangers. She had turned out to be the biggest slut he had ever known. Perhaps it was all those years of sexual repression.

“It’s not your fault Anne, your just a sexy little maid, ready to satisfy us all, isn’t that right?” he asked. The brief look of fear on her face was a picture that told him he was right.

“Yes, sir, I am here to satisfy my betters, sir. What ever I must do to please you all, sir, it will be a pleasure” she stammered. Inside she cringed with dread, expecting them to take her, for she had offered herself to them.

“I bet it will,” Leonard added.

“You had better lean back over the table, so the winners can make use of their winnings,” John told her.

Without a word she lifted her bottom onto the edge of the table and laid back. Two of them leaned in over her to grip her breasts and suck on her nipples. Leonard worked upon her lips pushing more strongly at the leather. She felt the crotch give. He was inside her with a big fat finger, exploring delightfully.

At first a gentle teasing stroke was used then a more vigorous, twirling motion was used. Another finger found her most sensitive place and worked on that with a hard relentless pressure.

“Yes! Please, sir, make me cum, sir,” she wailed. “Bite my breasts, ram your finger up me, rub my clit hard, please, sirs,” she wailed. “Please fuck your maid, sir, fill your maid with cock, I need to cum, please sir,” she honestly pleaded.

Leonard looked at John, with pleading in his eyes, as much as she had expressed. John nodded and he stood up, unzipped his jeans and had his cock in his hand in an instant. He plunged in the open wet hole. Hearing her shriek as though in anguish, everyone knew she had an orgasm, and were impressed with its intensity.

They felt pleased to have contributed to such an obviously gratifying experience. Anne lay across the table like a sex doll with a puncture, her breath hissing, her limbs limp. She didn’t hear them leave or thank John for an entertaining evening.

“If my wife’s agreeable we can do the same next week at my house,” Leonard quipped.

“Not with Marjorie, please,” Joe answered him.

They all laughed as they trotted out.

John had his maid tidy up the mess, which was an advantage of having her play as a maid. She no longer said much as she looked thoroughly tired out. He wondered what she might make of playing the role of an anal slut. Would this be pushing her too far? There was only one way to find out.

She stood by him while he massaged her tight buns with a finger tracing her now very obvious asshole.

Anne guessed what was coming next, and it would be him up her ass. This had been taboo, something she deplored the very thought of. She clenched her little virgin hole knowing it was useless to resist. If ordered she would offer it to him with enthusiasm, for she had no delusions as to how far it was all out of control.

With her back to him she shed a single tear. It rolled its lonely way down her cheek. She knew there was nothing to stop him doing anything he liked with her. He was obviously a very experienced man at playing games too. Was there no end to the torture and deep humiliation?

Having been under the control of the implant all day its influence was almost total. She no longer knew which were her own desires and the game pushing her into something dreadful. It all seemed the same now. Whatever anyone wanted she would relent and play along with as though it was what she wanted too.

That deep satisfying, overpowering, orgasm was real. That gave her something to think about. Three men using her body while her Uncle watched and she had let go so fundamentally, she became lost in the throws of a primitive, animalistic orgasm. No longer a staid professor, she was nothing but an animal, lustily rutting.


The phone rang interrupting their individual thoughts, both dwelling on sex.

“OK! You can rely on me, don’t worry! Elizabeth, I’ll take car of it,” John hung up the phone, with a look of exasperation, from the woman’s harassing manor. Her anxiety was catching, so he took a couple of deep breaths to relax, and think it through.

A neighbour was having a problem with her daughter and the latest episode of the drama left her in hospital. Elizabeth was waiting with her, and as usual, everything took far longer than expected. The son, Richard, was due home from a camping trip, with no-one to see him into the house, and he would be worried not knowing where they were.

A young Finnish woman fantasizes about being dominated, but her chance met partner forces the issue and doesn’t know where to stop. After their first date the man compels her to let him in to her apartment where he first teases her but soon turns his attentions to torture.

***Sometimes, when he really pounded me, my hands would instinctively shoot up to protect myself. He would grab my wrists in one big hand, and bend them forcefully behind me until I stopped struggling. He was evil and skilled and he felt so good. I’d had this yearning building in me the whole night and I was desperate for release.

“Vanya, please let me come. I need to come.”

He banged me especially hard and made me wail in pain. He clamped his hand on my mouth and growled in my ear, “My little girl wants more? не бойся, I’m nowhere near finished yet.” He adjusted his position so I could reach my clit. “Go on baby, come for me.”

He’d kept me aroused for hours and within one minute of needy strokes I cried out in pleasure, my pussy spasming. He quickened his pace and I was moaning and wailing as my climax ebbed. He rammed into me making an indescribable animalistic noise, and shot his load up my thoroughly used pussy. I loved the primal feeling of being marked as his property by having his seed in me. Even though I wouldn’t get pregnant, the atavistic meaning of mating turned me on. I cherished the sensation of being filled with something that came from inside him, from his deepest urges.

He panted on top of me lowering his head on the mattress beside my ear as I stroked his sides with my fingers. It was an awkward moment: he having to strip the role of beast and me the role of prey and us to meet each other, naked, spent and trembling, as lovers on the bed we made love in. He recovered some and rose from atop me, giving my face a few gentle kisses. He stroked my forehead and neck muttering in his language and I relaxed blissfully into his touches.

His cum was still dripping from me with my own juices, when he told me to lay still and got up. He returned soon with a glass of water and a dishwashing brush. He told me to drink and settled me back on the bed.

“I need to clean you up a bit, baby,” he said and parted my swollen pussy.

It prickled but didn’t hurt the first times he put the brush in me. Soon he was rapidly chafing my insides raw like he was sanding a block of wood. Pink pussy juice appeared on the bristles. First I yelped in exitement. Then I begged. Finally I screamed. I hadn’t gotten my sweet Vanya back after all and I tried to close my thighs to shut him out. He stopped with the brush and leaned over me, looking right into my eyes.

“Spread them. Now. And this time you’ll spread them wider and thank me, when I fill your cunt.” This was the beast, the man from the whisper in the night club. There was no mercy to be had with him. I reluctantly spread my legs, knowing it would be hard not to squeeze them shut again as the pain started. He got me to really splay them before he was satisfied. “Mind your manners now.” I tried to form the words thank and you from my moans and screams, but he ravaged me with such force I soon lost the ability to think. He gagged me, for he did not want alarmed neighbours calling the police. A few times he took the gag out, not wanting to miss out on all my shrieks. The brush went in and out, never slow, always fast to induce the maximum pain. My legs were strained and muscles hurting, but with him in this mood I dared not move from the position he had ordered me in. He made sure he treated every spot, all the while murmuring what a good girl I was and how he knew I was loving every second of it.

When he was satisfied I had no area of intact membrane inside me, he laid beside me leaving the brush jutting out of my cunt. He stroked my cheeks.

“Rest your legs for a while.” He took the gag from my mouth, stroked my lips with his finger and kissed me. “I’ll tie your legs up next ’cause I will need you to stay still.” He kissed me on the forehead and in a twistedly loving manner put the gag back. I had grasped at his first kind words, thinking that I had now endured what he wanted me to, and realized what he’d said only after I was gagged again. I was in so much pain inside, bleeding and burning. Please Vanya, no more.

He was gentle again as he tied my ankles to the headboard with belts. He talked soothingly while working, changing to Russian and back. I listened really carefully to hear that душенька, baby. Somehow it would mean that what ever he planned next, I’d make it through. My legs were splayed wide again. At least I wouldn’t have to support their weight myself. Though I could relax my muscles and dangle from the ropes, I knew this position would soon become uncomfortable and painful. He was ready with the knots and took a moment to pet my head. He smiled and shook his head, “You’re so brave,” but he didn’t call me душенька.

He sat on the bed in front of my vulnerable crotch. I tried to see what he was doing, but couldn’t see below the horizon of my belly. “Babies come out of there,” he said in a pondering tone and brushed my labia lightly. “Yeah, there are hormones that prepare the pussy before giving birth, but mostly it is all about the ability of your pussy to stretch.” I heard a squirt and he was rubbing his hands together. I was shouting to my gag, begging him to stop before he even pulled the brush out of my throbbing poor pussy. He put his fist on my opening. “You were really tight on my cock,” he continued casually, “so this might hurt.”

He was a stocky man with big strong fists. I felt his hand slide in. He started with fingers. He dipped them in, getting his hand wet with pussy juice, semen and slowly seeping blood. There was the squirt again. Perhaps he pities me and found some lubricant. His hand started going in, balled into a fist. The chafing against the bloody walls of my pussy burned and I squirmed in my restraints. The burning got worse – a lot worse – worse than it should have. He noticed my writhing. “But I thought you liked lemon juice – you had it in your fridge.”

Vanya made a violent thrust with his fist eliciting more gagged screams from me. He kept pushing deeper. As I was tied up, I couldn’t even angle my pelvis into a better position to ease the way of the invading fist. “Open up, let me in.” If I managed to lift myself up a bit to escape him, there his fist would wait when I’d loose my strength. I’d slump down on it with all my weight and aid his raping ball of pain further inside. Vanya had decided from the start that I wanted to be his. It was a guess that made this not exactly a rape, but it wasn’t sex either. I was too scared and hurt for it to be sex. I didn’t want him to tear me apart. This savagery was beyond what I could handle.

The flesh of my pussy walls got crushed between my pelvic bone and his knuckles as he pushed. These were the same fingers that earlier caressed me into flowing wetness. I wanted to beg, but I couldn’t speak. I may have consented to having sex, but this pain was too much. I wanted it to end. I couldn’t think. I feared I’d go insane. All I could do was to scream into my gag and desperately try to escape his fierce punches. He hadn’t gotten past my pelvis by gradually pushing, so he’d moved on to pounding his way deeper. I struggled but all I got was more pain inside my cunt. Every once in a while he’d pull out, coat his fist again in lemon juice and push back in. Juice rubbed in the brushed sores and the balled hand stretched bruises from his earlier thrusts.

My thrashing angered him. “Hey!” He pinched my clit cruelly and my back arched in pain. “Stop your fidgeting. Don’t make me shove my other fist up your ass.” Please stop, take the gag out, please. I tried to make him understand with my eyes that I couldn’t take it anymore, but Vanya was unswayable.

His merciless efforts had forced my pussy to give way. He’d punched his fist a few centimetres further to lodge the widest part of it in my pelvic opening. Behind it he would find a deeper well, ending in my cervix.

“It’s gonna hurt real bad now. Take it. Be a good girl for me.” He gathered his strength for one last punch. I shrieked, sweating. He forced his way through and I, with my restraints and splayed sex, had no chance to stop him. His fist plopped through. “God, I love to stretch your tiny cunt.” I sobbed in pain and shock with his arm spearing me.

He tried to open his fist inside me but I was so tight he couldn’t move his fingers much. My pussy strangled his wrist slowing the flow of blood into his hand. He wrenched his thumb free and sunk it into my strained flesh. I had no strength to scream anymore. I mewed loudly when he moved in me. Gradually the pain numbed my mind and I started going limp. He smacked my face. “Stay with me!” New pain singled out from the sea of hurt. He was putting pressure on my cervix. “I’d love to force my fist into your womb to see if you’d pass out from the pain.” He was pushing his thumb in the closed opening.

I moaned, begging, pleading with my eyes. I had a contraceptive coil and having it inserted had been agony. That was done by forcing a little tube, no wider than a straw, into my uterus – not with a fist and a thick finger in an already bruised and battered cunt. The tissue was yielding and there were no muscles to defend the passage to my womb. I screamed despite my exhaustion. He applied pressure until his thumb got through. It had not the length to start torturing my innermost cavity but the pain of the forced penetration alone was terrible. He tried to push more of his forearm in, but his fist would go no further. Vanya wriggled his finger in the narrow passage to stretch it. He fucked his finger back and forth, transferring inside as much of the lemony cunt juice as possible to burn me. He ended his violation of me by tugging slightly the strings of the coil, making the sharp plastic object chafe inside me. The stomach convulsions nearly made me throw up. “Good girl,” he murmured, prizing the expressions on my tear-stained face.

Retracting his hand, he paused at my pelvic opening playing with his fist. His arm had had time to stretch the passage and his fist went through more easily. My pain hadn’t eased though as the tissue around the opening was ravaged. He fucked me with his fist until I went limp and felt nothing anymore.

***”Turn around now,” he prompted.

“Vanya stop, not that, really I can’t–”

“Listen, I tried to do this last night but it was dark and you were out. I know it hurts, but I have to check there’s no muscle damage or need for stitches. I… I don’t want any real harm to come to you. It’s difficult to hold back when I’m… inside of you.”

“But Vanya it hurts!”

“Would it be different if I told you to do it, if I ordered you to stay still and let me in?”

I turned around and tried to think about the earnestness in his voice. He’d said it was all right, that he wouldn’t fuck me. As his finger went in I doubled over in pain. He took his time probing my ass. I don’t think it was as innocent or as detached from our earlier roles as he tried to convince himself and me. He’d linger to massage a spot in my rectum and go on despite my convulsions and pleas. He spread my hole with his fingers again and again, insisting it was to check if it would shrink back again as it should. A time or two I thought I heard a satisfied grunt as I cried out in pain. Neither was I as unmoved by his treatment as I’d like to think. I kept moaning and my head filled up from the endless well of my shameful nasty dreams.

After he finished my thorough anal examination he turned me around again, hands on my hips. There came blood with his fingers from both my holes but not enough for it to be serious. He started to rinse my pussy again, his face leaning very close. I felt his breath on me. The water stream lowered and lowered as his face touched my mound and he nuzzled it sighing, rubbing his face on me. He put the shower head on the floor and used his free hands to part my lips. I was hurting but the more excited I got the less I took notice of the aching and burning. “Oh jesus,” I moaned when his tongue rested itself on my clit. I was afraid of the pain I’d be in with orgasmic convulsions but it was more important right then to have him touch me.

He ran his tongue up and down my slit. He parted my lips with his hands and licked teasing circles around my clit without actually touching it. I pleaded for him not to tease me.

“What do you want baby?”

“Please don’t stop. Let me cum.”

He let out an aroused growl and sucked my clit between his lips squeezing gently. I moaned in pleasure as he rolled his tongue over my clit sideways in a rhythmic motion. He alternated between fast and slow, gentle and fierce, pressing harder and flicking lightly. I leaned my buttocks on the sink and focused all my thoughts on what his mouth was doing.

He hummed while pressing his face against me. The vibrations lifted me so close to an orgasm I stood rigid, holding my breath, waiting for the final surge to send a raging whirlwind of sparks through me. Keeping pressure on my clit with his finger he said quickly, “I should put another pill in you. Want me to do it now?”

I moaned something resembling, “Yeah.” I was too aroused to think. He fumbled the pill from a little cup on the sink, put his finger on my pussy and his lips back on my clit. I felt his finger start sliding in, hurting me. His touch had made me wet again. His tongue returned on me and he hummed against my mound. The pain radiated from his inwards pushing finger and I shouted out a howl of fulfilment as I came. My juices bathed his hand. In the throws of my climax I felt a finger on my anus. Vanya carefully deposited a painkiller in there too. It hurt badly, but it had been the pain, pain he’d given me, that made me cum. His finger slowly slid out of me. I shuddered and he stood up just in time to support me as I sagged against his chest, exhausted.

He walked me to the bed. Sitting down I braced myself for the pain. I thought, that during our time in the bathroom, I’d have had time to adjust to it, but it was as fresh as ever. I wailed until I was on my back, my weight off my pussy and ass. I lay there recovering from my orgasm wondering what Vanya was doing.

“Close your eyes,” I heard him say, voice suddenly stern. He didn’t sound like he had a surprise for me – a surprise I’d like that is. Apparently he’d decided that if I was ready to come, I’d be ready to be used again.

“Vanya I really hurt,” my voice sounded panicked, scared. “Please. I haven’t even started to heal yet. You promised you wouldn’t, please don’t hurt me.”

“I said close your eyes душенька. I won’t ask nicely again.” I closed my eyes and heard him walking to me.

He blindfolded me. A hand slid on my thigh “Spread ‘em.” I started crying and begging him. I curled myself as much in to a ball as I could with my bruised insides. Vanya wasn’t happy. He gagged me and dragged me to the center of the bed, rolled me on my back and yanked my thighs apart. “I take you when ever I feel like it,” he growled menacingly in Russian. “Understand?” He let my legs fall on either side of him and spread them further by uncaringly pulling them wider. He had a plastic syringe which he used to fill first my cunt and them my rectum with the anesthetic gel. Going in, the unyielding plastic tool scratched the membranes that were raw to begin with. I cringed but only a little whine got through my gag.

He sat between my legs looking at my exposed crotch and getting more and more aroused. He started fucking my ass with a finger, rougher than earlier in the bathroom. “You’re ass is slippery baby, you’re making me so hard I’ll soon have to take you again – hurt or not. I think I’d choose your butt. There is something so deprived in pumping you up the rectum, enjoying your sobs and screams.” He smacked my pussy hard to punish me for trying to get away from his finger. He pushed in and out, adding another finger and relishing my jerks of pain. “But, if I was to fuck your cunt, I could fill your arse up with a pretty plug and make you feel all nice and full.” I felt cool heavy silicone resting against my thigh. What the hell, did he go shopping for that too?

This time Vanya had gagged me with duct tape instead of a rag. I could make no sound but a stifled nasal whine. Nonetheless I tried to scream for him to stop.

“Relax душенька. It won’t hurt too bad. I want the gel to stay in, don’t I. I wouldn’t want you to be in pain.” He tried to fake a loving tone, but couldn’t hide the sadistic lust beneath. I was afraid to be gagged like this. Unlike a rag, I couldn’t breathe through duct tape. What if I start to cry and snivel? If my nose fills up with snot will I suffocate?

I felt something on my anus pressing to enter. To make sure I’d keep still, Vanya put weight on his palm resting between my naval and my mound. He pinned my hips down pressing on my gut, exactly where the pain was. He pushed the plug through my sphincter giving me no chance to adjust. It hurt, but it hadn’t been excruciating. His hand held me still and the invading plug continued to burrow deeper. It stretched the cuts he’d just opened up again in the bathroom. I thrashed and tried to escape. I wasn’t tied down, but with him it didn’t matter. I would never escape from beneath his large frame.

The plug had bulges on it from smaller to bigger and my hole got stretched in increasingly excruciating pain for four more times. When Vanya got to the third and fourth ball he stopped to pull them back out and repeated my painful stretch, relishing in my pain. The last was the worst: the big bump meant to keep the plug in me, no matter how I’d spasm or push. I couldn’t scream, but I could cry and I did. This kind of pain would have been maddening at any time, but after my anus tortured bloody not twelve hours past, the agony was unthinkable. Vanya please, you promised you wouldn’t break me. He pushed in slowly, making me feel it. My little hole struggled to give way. I had no way of knowing how much more was yet to come, how much wider he’d force me.

Vanya stopped, the widest part of the last ball spreading my opening obscenely. “You want me to take it out baby?” I nodded my head and kept nodding in desperation. I couldn’t plead with my eyes or my voice, but he could see I wanted it out. He saw I was in pain. “Ok, we’ll see what your ass wants.” While I was nodding, Vanya had pushed the plug in just a few millimetres further. Being past the ball’s equator my muscles started contracting. As my tight ring struggled to shrink back, it travelled down the plugs surface, eagerly sucking it in.

I cried and sobbed uncontrollably as it dawned on me how my own body had betrayed me. I had never felt more humiliated. Not this. I’m filthy, I’m filthy, I’m bad. He manipulated my helpless body to make it seem my tortured butt was begging him for more abuse. My body complies with him despite my will. He really does own me.

“Oh, your greedy ass is loving it. Can you feel it filling you, my lovely little slut?” The pain stopped getting worse. The plug sat snug in my rectum, where my own tortured body had sucked it in.

Vanya let me close my legs. The plug felt strange inside me. The mattress heaved as he got up from the bed. His weight returned and moved on top of me, straddling my chest and arms. He stroked my nose, my only source of air.

“Take a deep breath.”

I knew what he would do and sucked hungrily until he clamped my nose shut. I panicked instantaneously. If he’s a killer this is it. But he can’t be. He wanted to take care of me. He washed me, he held me. Could he suffocate me? I tried to wrench my head free but he was too strong. I need to breathe. I tried to throw him off me but he was too heavy. Will he kill me? Did he say душенька? I couldn’t remember. I need air. I can’t remember. I got to breathe.

He let go and I sucked in air and snot through my nostrils. He let me breathe for a minute and put a finger on my nose again. I fill my lungs, and the minute I stop sucking air he squeezes my nose shut. He didn’t say it. I was sure. Why won’t he talk to me? My lungs burned. I need to see his face. I don’t want to die like this. I tried to breathe through the duct tape though I knew I couldn’t. Will he really kill me? If I could just see his face I’d know. I need to breathe. I thrashed desperately but he was too heavy to shift or to get my hands free. I need air. Please let me breathe.

Thankfully he let go of my nose before I blacked out. He repeated this about seven times. I’m not sure. He allowed me three or four breaths of air between chokes. It was like I’d lived my whole life in the dark, waiting for a little hole to open, through which air would come. All other thoughts were gone. I was sure he’d continue until once he wouldn’t let go anymore, and I would have to suffer the burning pain in my chest until I’d die in panic.

I realized I had breathed free for some time. He tore off the duct tape and I gasped enjoying the safety of two airways. He stroked my face. He still hadn’t said anything and I didn’t like it. He’d made me afraid many times but his silence was worse, unnerving. It reminded me of psychopathic killers in movies.

He put one of his fingers in my mouth. I knew the meaning of that and sucked on it gently. He sighed. Perhaps he’d be gentle if I was. He took hold of my head by the hair and shifted his weight. His cock touched my lips. I kissed its head and teased him, flicking with my tongue. I was eager to please. I didn’t want to die. I needed to make him say something. I sucked him deeper into my mouth where I could massage him better with my tongue. As more of him slid inside my mouth he groaned “боже мой,” bozhe moy, oh god.

My hands were pinned by his thighs but were free from elbows down. I lay my hands on the backs of his thighs and nudged gently to imply he could control the rhythm himself. He groaned and pushed his way inside, seeking the depth where I’d start gagging. He started murmuring, but with words so blurred and incoherent I couldn’t make them out. His Russian made me safer. That flow of resonating buzz could not carry cruelty. I knew he wasn’t going to kill me.

He fucked my mouth slowly, keeping regular breaks letting me swallow some phlegm and breathe. When I was uncomfortable I’d touch his thigh lightly and he’d let me cough or lubricate him slicker with saliva. When we’d established a routine, he started moving faster and plunging deeper. He reached behind my head and removed my blindfold. The light stung my eyes for a while, but I was relieved to see his face again. He wanted to look into my eyes when he would push into my throat the first time. Just as he had wanted when he first thrust himself in my pussy or penetrated my ass. He fed me his whole length, not stopping when I began to gag. He buried his shaft deep, it tickled my larynx choking me. I kept his gaze defiantly. My pussy twitched in pleasure and my muscles tightened around the plug filling my throbbing butt. Vanya kept his hold on my head moaning, groaning and mumbling.

Wetness welled in my cunt when he started fucking my face for real. I was helpless: hands pinned down, head propped for easy access, mouth vulnerable and a cock down my throat blocking all screams and pleas, my face covered in drool. He had a rhythm of five or six fast shallower thrusts and a single slow one down my throat. He pushed until his balls were resting against my chin and he could get no deeper. I masturbated, massaging my clit faster and faster, while I licked his cock sliding past my tongue. Every time he paused to rest his length in my throat, enjoying my gags, my pussy tingled. I was wretched and I was horny and I loved his unyielding weight on me. He forced himself again down my throat and stayed there for a longer moment, not letting me breathe, murmuring to me what a good girl and how dirty a slut I was for him. His smut talk instantly washed me over the edge and I came, unexpectedly and violently. My throat spasmed and he kept groaning dirty things to me, as my third hole milked him as frantically as the others had. I felt like I was throwing up his cock. My legs thrashed uncontrollably. Rigid, cramping and convulsing, I rode an extended orgasm. He pulled out and I gasped for air, my slit still throbbing with arousal. I lay there dazed and content after my orgasm as he kept on using me. His pace got faster and faster until half of his frenzied thrusts bumped into my lips and cheeks.

He started moving down my body, shaking. “I’m gonna, I’m gonna c… I’m sorry baby. The plug, gotta feel,” he panted. “I need to cum inside you.” At least I think it’s what he said for he had resorted to Russian. He’d lost his Finnish fucking my throat. He shut my mouth with his hand, rested his weight on his other hand by my head and eased his way in my aching burning cunt. He made a few slow strokes in and out to lubricate himself. I was dripping my own wetness and the gel he’d put in me.

He was too worked up to go easy on me and began pounding wildly inside me with desperate shoves. He bellowed the whole time, his back rigid, his stabs becoming more and more savage. He’ll make me bleed again. He was so close to coming, it took only fifteen seconds of cruel abuse of my cunt for him to explode inside me in uncontrollable shakes. It was an eternity for me though, every thrust agony, every bump against my hips torment. I had the plug up my ass which made my pussy even tighter, even less able to accommodate an invader. It was a good thing he had cupped his hand over my mouth because I howled in pain.

He collapsed on top of me, breathing heavily. Reaching down between my legs he whispered exhausted, “Be still now, I’ll do this as gently as I can.”

There wasn’t a way to do it gently. My sphincter had retracted closer to its normal state. He would force it open without any easing, and pull the plug out the biggest ball first. How would he be able to make it anything but excruciating? I started crying before he even touched the handle of the plug. He put his lips on my ear. “извините душенька моя.” Izvinite dushenka moya, I’m sorry baby.

The mass of pain that was once my pelvic region throbbed in agony. It hurt just to lay down and have my weight pressing it into the mattress. I could feel my heart beats in there as new blood gushed to the veins. By this time I was convinced that his anesthetic gel was placebo. He put the side of his hand between my teeth and started to pull on the plug. He was feeling guilty and didn’t want me to suffer the pain alone.

I tried to pant, relax my ass, to brace myself, to adjust my butt to a better angle, but nothing changed the fact that the thing would tear my anus yet again. He kept a steady pull on it. At first the plug dragged the skin and tissue around my anus outward with it. Slowly my sphincter started to stretch, showing a growing little circle of plug around its base. Vanya kept pulling and I bit down and tried not to scream too much so the neighbours wouldn’t hear.

The pain was so shocking my tears had stopped. I hated Vanya. I was furious. I was already hurting like hell before he took me to the bathroom to use my battered body again. He knew how raw and torn I was and he’d put me through more. He had no right. I remembered the buried alive panic when he held my nose shut while my mouth was taped. I stopped holding back and used his hand as a gag. I bit down on it as he pulled my insides out through my tiny opening, which would probably be a gaping hole by the time he’d get the plug out.

The anger helped me bear the pain. I seethed and hated and bit down on his hand and groaned.

“It’s almost out, just a little left,” he assured me but I couldn’t stop the scream anymore. The widest part was coming through. I knew after it the pain would abate, but it did not make these seconds any easier. The seconds were long. Vanya didn’t dare to pull harder and kept the same, steady, agonizingly slow pace. The last times he’d abused me, I had mercifully passed out, but now I wasn’t exhausted enough to receive the same pardon. Finally I felt the pain lessen. The plug came out, the smaller balls eliciting less intense twangs of pain. When it was gone my butt felt really strange. The raw aching feeling was familiar but the sense of void I’d never had in my butt before.

Vanya rose up and sat on the side of the bed looking at the floor. He was obviously anxious. I lay still and tried to get myself together.

“I’ll…” Vanya muttered, and stood up taking a few hesitant steps. “I…” he started but couldn’t finish.

I rose, fury overruling the crippling pain, and lunged at him. There was a disgusting slick feeling between my buttocks and thighs. I managed to surprise him with a hard slap in the face. I beat him in the chest and everywhere else in my reach and kicked him.

“God damn it Vanya, never fucking ever duct tape my mouth! I thought you were going to kill me when you pinched my nose you lying bastard! You said you wouldn’t –” At some point during my outburst I had started crying. I shouted and sobbed and pounded my fists on his chest. Me hitting him was like a ladybug hitting a sparrow, and when he’d had enough he simply put his arms around me and hugged me to his chest until I gave up trying to get a hand free to hit him. His hand was purple from where I’d bit him.

“Listen for a moment.” Vanya’s voice was distressed. “I knew you wanted me at the club. I felt it, an energy, like a hum you tried to hide.” His shoulders slumped a little. “Then I had to leave. My friends, remember?” He emphasized the word friends in a mocking tone. “When I ran into you, I, I didn’t plan… this. I just wanted to see you again. See if you… if you’d still hum for me.” He’d lifted his hands on my face. He stroked my cheeks looking me in the eyes. “In the park I felt it, strong, but you were holding back. I knew you wanted me to touch you, take you even but you didn’t want to say it. A pretty little thing like you, just aching for it, and so scared that what you want is wrong.” He took my hands in to his, holding them between us. “I had to make sure. I asked if you wanted me, but things got really intense. I know now I went too far but when I learned you liked to be hurt, liked to be dominated, I got excited and didn’t know where to stop.”

The familiar smells of her house did little to reassure Ellie Sadler, as she crawled in a world of darkness and lust. He had her by her hair, dragging her along. Before he’d put the blindfold on her, Master had put a plug up her arse with a pink, protruding handle that curved upward like a pig’s tail.

She felt the plug pressing against her inner walls with each shuffle of her knees, reminding her of its presence, reminding her how ridiculous she must look.

Every fibre of Ellie’s naked body should be rebelling against the humiliation. Instead, the thrill of it ran straight to the nerves of her cunt. Her clit throbbed and her breathing came in shallow gasps.

Finally, a stronger jerk of her long hair came, and she fell onto her side.

His voice rang in her ears. His calm baritone, so capable of warmth and humour, sank now into dispassionate cruelty:

‘In position, now.’

She clambered onto her knees, hands on her head, chest pushed forward.

Listening keenly, she tried to make out where she was. She heard the low whir of a computer’s hard drive. Her study then?

His fingertips dug back into her hair, twisting her head back and around. His lips met hers hard, his tongue pushing forward for a savage, invasive kiss.

‘Stay kneeling,’ he said, breaking away, ‘and press your filthy face into the floor.’

Obeying quickly, she knelt with her back arched and the left side of her face pressed into the rough fibres of the carpet. She knew the view he would be getting: arse cheeks spread, cunt visible, her arsehole lewdly gripped around the obscene curves of a butt plug.

Without warning, she felt the thing being eased outward with a constant, unrelenting pressure. She gasped as it pressed at the tight ring of muscle and groaned as it popped free of her body.

‘Return to position, little slut.’

Something new pressed against her lips. Before she’d even realised it was a ball gag, the thing was jammed between her teeth, the straps fixed around the back of her head. Only then was the blindfold released.

It was her study. Her computer whirred away happily in standby, and she could just make out pen and paper on the desk, next to the big yellow copy of the Writer’s Handbook. This was her sanctuary. Her escape.

Then she noticed something that didn’t fit. On the floor, in the shadow by her desk, rested a red and white dog bowl. She stared at it with something like dread.

‘Interested, whore?’

She glanced up. His smile gleamed with savagery.

‘Want to see what’s inside?’

He nudged it forward with his foot. She still couldn’t quite see. His shoe – immaculate suede leather – pushed it forward another inch. Ellie frowned. Inside the red and white plastic dog bowl were two dozen pieces of folded up paper.

‘Think you’re a writer, do you, Ellie?’

She looked up in confusion. He picked up the fountain pen from her desk and dropped it at her knees.

‘You will learn, bitch, that everything you are belongs to me: your mind, your skin, your pen.’

A shudder danced a cruel waltz along her spine.

His voice turned soft, like he was speaking to a little child. ‘Pick up the pen, Ellie. We’re going to play a little game.’

She obeyed, the cool metal feeling foreign in her fingertips, so out of place with her current situation.

‘It goes like this,’ he said, talking with slow care. ‘You pick a piece of paper. I tell you a body part. And you write what it says, where I’ve told you to write it. Understand?’

Ellie nodded.

He slapped her. Then grabbed her by the throat. ‘I didn’t hear that, cunt!’

‘Guhh, gur-guhhh!’

‘Better,’ he said, and laughed. ‘Start now.’

The hand was gone from Ellie’s throat. She leaned down and picked up one folded piece. As she opened it he ordered, ‘stomach – to the left of your navel’.

The words were type-written, as cold and dispassionate as his voice.

She took off the top of the pen and dipped it onto her skin. Again, his hand lashed forward, but this time it landed gently, stroking at her hair.

‘My left, sweetie, not yours.’

Switching sides, and twisting awkwardly, she wrote the words that he had prepared for her:

I am Master’s dirty little fuck-slut.

The blue ink stained her skin. He kept stroking her hair and whispered in her ear, ‘mind and skin’. Without waiting for an order, she picked up another piece. Her fingers shuddered as she unfolded.

‘Right breast,’ he said.

She had to cup her breast with her free hand, as she wrote:

I am a piece of shit on my Master’s shoe.

Behind her, he stood. A few seconds later, the blow struck her back. The pain from the whip released the dam of emotion. She groaned into her ball gag, heart pounding, as reality struck her in a euphoric rush: he was making her defile her own body, demeaning herself with each stroke of ink.

‘Mind and skin, little girl.’

Sobbing gently, she picked the next piece of paper and then the next. Humiliation flowed out of her pen, saturating every inch of her flesh.

My body is nothing but a sex toy.

This slave is not worthy to lick Master’s arsehole.

I deserve to be beaten.

I’m a worthless whore who lives only for my Master’s cum.

As the pen rolled over her legs, her inner-thighs, her chest, Master’s whip dug into the skin of her back, punctuating each sentence with an extra dose of pain.

Tears rolled out of her eyes and down her cheeks, but Ellie knew she couldn’t deny the arousal that dripped down her thigh. Master would see it when he looked and her degradation would be complete.

As if thinking the same, Master’s foot connected with her back, shoving Ellie forward onto hands and knees. Yet instead of inspecting her, he used the new position to deliver five whip-blows to her arse with merciless speed.

A scream ripped from Ellie’s mouth.

‘What a dirty, useless little bitch. You need to look at yourself.’

With that, he grabbed her once more by her hair.


She staggered after him, as he dragged her into her own bathroom, facing the wall-length mirror.

‘Lean against it with your hands – arse out.’

Once she’d obeyed, his fingers pushed inside her cunt, without pause or subtlety. He toyed with that little slip of ridged skin an inch or so inside and another scream slipped out from her lungs.

‘So wet,’ he said. ‘Such a whore.’

He laughed loudly.

‘Now, look into the mirror.’ His fingers didn’t stop. ‘I have someone I’d like you to meet. She’s called Ellie Sadler and she’s a dirty fucking little slut. Just look at the filth she’s written all over herself.’

Even as pleasure swarmed her head, Ellie couldn’t help but look. Her skin was covered in obscenity, drenched in a humiliation she had scrawled all over herself. Shame rose in her heart. For she knew the reality. She knew the worst of it. Beneath the obscenity and the dirty words, Ellie was covered in truth.

She was her Master’s fuck-slut. She was everything she had written and would be till the day she died. Released by the shame and the truth, and shuddering under the ecstasy of his invading fingers, Ellie gave it all up.

And when she fell, knees weak from her orgasm, his strong arms caught her.

Like they always would.

For the next few weeks, Vanessa’s schedule was pretty full. She had so many balls to juggle that her head was spinning from all the different appointments. Her popularity as the ‘Red Rose Whore’ kept rising with every won slut-battle. The night shifts during the week turned into a sort of mass processing with lines of customers waiting to get their hands – or rather dicks – on her fuckholes. Stanton, Miller and Erickson continued to use her as their deal-sweetener as well. Apparently, they were extremely busy closing deals. Each Friday, she got a new assignment to meet a client.

Every other afternoon, Vanessa had to visit the security booth of the country club. Tucker relentlessly carried on turning the flame-haired knockout into his dogslut. Quickly, she got used to her new dogbitch-uniform. Her tits and ass were exposed while her dress hung around her hips and the fly swatter stuck out of her asshole as her dog’s tail. This indecent outfit clearly showed off Vanessa’s status in the booth.

The red-haired beauty had a hard time adapting to her role as Tucker’s dogslut. Each time she approached the club, she automatically snapped into her arrogant lady-mode. In this posh, snooty mood, Tucker’s abysmal degradations felt a lot worse. The humiliating reduction from snobbish lady to low fuckpet was such a long drop down.

Nevertheless, Vanessa desperately tried to keep her arrogant attitude up. She was the queen bee of the gossip girls and she had to fend off a rival to her throne! She had fought long and hard to earn this position. She wouldn’t give it away easily. She had to keep her gossip friends in line to repel Megan Salpa’s challenge. She had to be her most stuck-up, snooty self to succeed.

The dissonance between Tucker’s dogslut treatment in the security booth and her snobbish lady behaviour inside the club turned every visit into an emotional rollercoaster ride with constant ups and downs. This dissonance caused her to repeatedly protest Tucker’s orders. Each time Vanessa knelt in the cubicle, words accidentally slipped out of her mouth. Of course, the brute, burly security guard was more than willing to punish his dogslut for her mistakes. The first time, her ass was spanked beet red with the plastic fly swatter. The second time, her tits were turned into raw meat using the flap. And the third time, her pussy received the punishing spanking. For each slap, Vanessa had to bark out loud as a thank you.

Tucker had to dish out three swatter-spankings until Vanessa had finally learned her lesson. Afterwards, she was happy to be walked around the booth on all fours while panting and wagging her tail. The utter degradations in the security booth in combination with the constant fear of getting discovered by one of her gossip friends caused Vanessa to experience a whole new level of humiliation.

The race to the ladies’ room afterwards turned into a nail-biting thriller each and every time. To the redhead’s dismay, her pussy always hummed and twitched maddeningly when she looked at her dishevelled appearance in the restroom’s mirror. At least, Tucker kept the degradations to the booth. He was too smart to risk anything inside the clubhouse.

In the spare time between all her sex appointments, Vanessa continued going out with Steve. By now, Mark didn’t care where she was going as long as she arrived at the ‘Red Rose Club’ on time. He was too busy as Pavone’s right-hand man to rack his brains about her whereabouts. Vanessa had a feeling that she was making good progress at wooing Steve. And one day, he surprised her by inviting her to the ‘Monte Carlo Ball’. He was finally ready to present her as his official trophy girlfriend.

The ball was the most exclusive social event in town. With the invitation, Vanessa had reached one of her life goals. She was becoming a part of the high society. She felt like she was born to be the star of those society events.

Not even the fact that the ‘Monte Carlo Ball’ took place at the country club could diminish the thrill of anticipation. Instead, she saw the perfect opportunity to cut her rival Megan down to size. Vanessa had set her mind on becoming the undisputed star of the party. It was her goal to become the talk of the event leaving everybody speechless with admiration. She would cement her status as queen bee and deliver an entrance no one would forget.

All week long she was giddy with excitement. The more the big event approached, the more Vanessa got nervous. She had found the perfect gown to serve her purpose and couldn’t wait to put it on. To her surprise, she didn’t get a call from Stanton for an appointment with new clients so she had the entire Friday to prepare for the big social event.

Finally, it was Friday evening. Vanessa felt like a princess when she walked up to the clubhouse with Steve at her side. Nothing stood in the way of her big entrance. She knew that Tucker never worked on the weekend. Passing the security booth though, a trademark evil grin welcomed her. This couldn’t be true! Why was Tucker working today?

“Excuse me!” the brute bully of a security guard instantly addressed Vanessa. “We have to check all the purses today. Would you please follow me inside?”

Vanessa’s heart sank to her knees. She was too stunned to react. She couldn’t believe that Tucker was about to use her at this big event. There were guests arriving all the time. Anybody would see Vanessa inside the booth! Why was he suddenly taking such a risk?

She nervously looked around. She was barely able to stand still next to the burly, brute security guard. She continuously shifted from one foot to the other. Tucker placed her purse on the work space and searched it using only one hand. It appeared strange that he wasn’t using both hands. But shortly afterwards, Vanessa identified the reason and her eyes snapped open in terror.

Tucker pushed his free hand underneath her coat from behind! He ran his fingers over the smooth backside of her legs!

The flame-haired beauty had to muster all her self-control to keep herself from slapping his hand away. Eventually, his fingers snaked underneath her gown and run over her ass! Tucker added more pressure and forced his queeny bitch to open her legs. His fingers found her pussy and began fondling her snatch. Vanessa was standing spraddle-legged in the booth! She almost jumped from nervousness.

“If I gotta work at this damned ball, at least I can have a good time.” Tucker hissed.

His remark only increased Vanessa’s tension. A line of party guests had formed in front of the cubicle. They were so close by that only the booth windows separated them. The people were getting uneasy. They began mustering the two and even knocked on the window to show their unrest. Their attentiveness made Vanessa jumpier by the second. She was afraid they might spot her unusual pose any moment. Nonetheless, Tucker remained totally calm. He took his time to check her purse and finger her cunt.

“Oh, oh!” he suddenly exclaimed and the redhead cringed from shock.

All eyes were on them! The work space was the only shield blocking their view of her straddled legs. And Tucker’s hand was still under her gown. By now, her pussy reacted to the attention and her body trembled. Vanessa bit her lip to keep herself from groaning.

“Oh, oh!” Tucker exclaimed again.

And that exact moment, he drove two fingers deep into her snatch. Her body instantly quaked. She had to grasp the work space to remain standing. She was so shocked that she lost control and moaned out loud!

For a second, Vanessa thought that everyone had heard the groan. Panic-stricken, she looked down the line. The party guests were busy fretting about the delay. But some of them still mustered her warily. Obviously, her moan had been deadened by the windows. Nonetheless, the flame-haired knockout blushed so deeply that her face resembled the colour of her hair.

Finally, the security guard pulled his hand from underneath her gown and finished his search. He looked at Vanessa with a smirk on his face. He clearly enjoyed her tension and jumpiness.

“Get going!” he hissed under his breath and gave the redhead a brief shove.

Vanessa stumbled out of the security booth. She had survived Tucker’s dirty game. She had remained unscathed – this time round – although it had definitely been a shocker.

The smoking hot redhead tried to calm herself while she walked inside the clubhouse. She wouldn’t let Tucker screw up her big night. She had gotten past the brute bully of a security guard. Nothing stood in the way of her big entrance anymore. The flame-haired beauty was dead set on enjoying the social event. She was ready to get the party started. She was ready to upstage all the other guests.

The clubhouse was an old, noble mansion with a small entrance area leading to the main hall that was situated in the middle of the first floor. The entire left side was taken up by a restaurant. The whole backside encompassed the lounge area with an adjacent patio. Behind the porch, the pool area, golf course and tennis courts were located. The right side was taken up by a wellness area.

The second floor had a gallery around the main hall. The left side was taken up by a library and an entertainment room. The backside encompassed a large ballroom. Two game rooms with billiard tables were situated on the right side. As the party was called ‘Monte Carlo Ball’, it had a casino theme. The billiard tables had been replaced by black-jack and roulette tables.

Several people were standing in the main hall. They were waiting in line to drop off their coats at the cloakroom. The air was buzzing with chatter. Surprisingly, people were already gossiping about the newest scandal. And the cause of the scandal was standing right in the middle of the hall.

“Megan!” Vanessa hissed through gritted teeth.

Apparently, Megan Salpa had come up with the same idea as the redhead. She had crashed the party in a racy outfit that was more skin than silk. She drew gasps from all the guests waiting in the line. A big smile was on her face when she greeted Vanessa. It was obvious that she thought she had duped her ginger rival.

Vanessa looked daggers at Megan. She was beyond furious. This wasn’t the way she had planned the evening. That bitch was interfering with her plan. As much as it infuriated the flame-haired beauty, it provoked her. She was definitely up for the challenge.

Megan was taller than Vanessa with a runway model’s size of 5’9″ and a slim killer body. Despite her runway model physique, she had an incredible 32C natural bust. Her skin had a sublime sunkissed, bronzed colour and her hair was pitch-black. It was long with wavy ends and reached halfway down her back. Her eyes stood in stark contrast to her raven hair as they had a crystal clear, ice blue colour. The combination of dark hair and sparkling deep blue eyes was mesmerizing.

Today, Megan’s breathtaking looks were upstaged by her outfit. She wore a shocker of a scarlet gown. The colour alone was enough to make her stand out. But the cut of the dress dramatically added to the daring look. It comprised a front and back panel that didn’t meet at the sides at all. Instead, the scarlet material was held in place by a broad golden clasp at the height of her waist. The gown clearly showed that she wasn’t wearing any bra. It seemed nearly impossible to top such a provocative outfit.

Vanessa continued staring at Megan. She didn’t seem fazed. She defiantly raised an eyebrow while she took off her coat. And instantly, all heads turned. Now, all eyes were focused on the redhead. It seemed like her gown was blinding everybody. For a moment, everyone seemed to pause in their motion to take a look at her slinky outfit.

The next second, all hell broke loose with everyone chatting about the new provocation. Vanessa had achieved the effect she had been going for. Her dress was just as shocking as Megan’s. No party guest would forget her entrance.

Her saucy gown was more than slinky. It was a real showstopper. The fabric was white and so bright that it instantly caught anybody’s eye. The cut didn’t leave much to the imagination either. Instead, it accentuated all of her curves. The gown comprised one panel of fabric that hung over her right shoulder like the cape of a Roman emperor. The bright material was twined around her right side. At her left hip, it was kept together by a short zipper that only reached from her tits to her crotch. This way, the front of the gown was basically cut like a triangle pointing to her left side. Her left shoulder and left leg were completely bare. Her left nipple and crotch were only just covered by the fabric. With the zipper closed, the dress was skintight and it was apparent that she didn’t wear a bra either. The flame-haired beauty only wore a white lace thong and a pair of white 5″ heel ankle strap sandals underneath. She had left off the nipple rings as they would have poked prominently through the flimsy material. All in all, Vanessa’s outfit revealed even more skin than Megan’s.

Both rivals were as glammed up as the other with big hair and fake French nails. Vanessa wore wide silver bracelets and big hoop silver ear rings. Megan wore similar jewellery in gold. They looked like wannabe it-girls walking down the red carpet at a movie premiere. Those it-girls tried to get into the spotlight and attract media attention by dressing up as provokingly as possible. In the same way, Vanessa and Megan tried to attract the attention of the exclusive party crowd. Some of those it-girls made a full career out of causing scandals at social events. So they were doing the same. They followed the old saying that any publicity is good publicity.

Vanessa was the queen bee of the gossip girls and she intended to keep that position. She had to be provocative to stir discussions and with this slinky dress she was more than successful. The only downside was that Megan’s outfit attracted just as much attention as hers. Right now, they were tied on the scandal-scale. Vanessa had to up the ante to defeat her rival.

Megan was waiting in the endless line in front of the cloakroom. So Vanessa made a u-turn and walked back outside to the security booth. She simply handed her coat to a surprised Tucker and stepped back into the clubhouse. At the moment, she was more than willing to pay with her fuckholes for this favour at a later date. Right now, she needed to get a head start to Megan.

With Steve at her side, Vanessa walked up the stairway. She had to walk cautiously so the fabric covering her bust wouldn’t slip down and expose her big, juicy funbags. She could see Megan looking up at her and swearing under her breath. Vanessa was about to enter the ballroom first.

The room was already crowded. The cluster of people was considerably bigger than the one in the main hall. The minute Vanessa stepped into the ballroom, she turned heads. Instantly, she was the center of attention. Women immediately started gossiping with their girlfriends while the men were barely able to tear their eyes off her inviting curves. This time, Vanessa had beaten Megan to the punch. The early bird gets the worm and in her case the early slut got the scandal. She was the talk of the party and she enjoyed it immensely.

Steve didn’t seem to mind her provocative appearance at all. After all, he was the date of the hottest women at the ball. He rather seemed to enjoy the jealous looks the other guys were throwing at him.

For the next hour, the ‘Monte Carlo Ball’ went as intended. Vanessa made sure to greet all of the important gossip girls and wag her tongue about her pretentious challenger that dared to imitate her in a desperate attempt to upstage her. When Megan finally had her big entrance, the women were already forewarned so it didn’t have the same shock value as Vanessa’s. The party guests had already seen one scandalous society slut causing a stir so it wasn’t something new.

The party almost felt like a dream. It seemed like Vanessa had arrived at the place she belonged. The momentum was clearly on her side and Megan didn’t stand a chance. For a while, Vanessa chatted with her girlfriends. They couldn’t believe how brave she was to show up in such a saucy outfit. They were barely able to hide their envy. None of them would be able to pull off wearing such a bold outfit. None of them would be looking well in such a skintight dress. Nonetheless, they were jealous of the attention the redhead received.

Steve introduced her to several of his friends. And of course, they couldn’t tear their eyes off of her while they were clicking glasses full of bubbly and making small talk. The lecherous gazes from Steve’s friends made her nipples stiff which didn’t stay unnoticed among them.

One of Steve’s friends was kind of creepy. Steve was getting some more bubbly from a waiter so Vanessa was left alone with the guy. He was hitting hard on her and inched closer by the second. Any moment, he was about to grab her butt. Vanessa was getting uneasy. There was no way such an idiot would ruin her chances with Steve.

She had to get away from him. So the redhead quickly finished her glass of bubbly and made a beeline to the buffet. It was set up at the long side of the ballroom. As the party was already lasting an hour, the buffet was unattended.

While Vanessa picked out some hors d’oeuvres, several men stepped up to the buffet. She didn’t pay them any attention until she turned around to leave. That moment, she noticed the three guys. They had inched so close that they were standing within her reach. They were effectively blocking her way. One guy was positioned on each of her sides. The third one stood in front of her. Thereby, Vanessa was caught between the men and the buffet.

They didn’t step aside but inched closer until they almost stood on her toes. Vanessa looked at them with an annoyed expression. She didn’t have time for these shenanigans. She wasn’t in the mood to play around.

The three guys looked like they were somewhere in their 50s. The one standing in front of her was bald, tall and stout. He looked like he had been playing football as an offensive lineman in the past. The guy to her right was tall and scrawny with grey hair. The one in her back was small and stocky with glasses and a moustache.

Their suits seemed rather ordinary. There were definitely bigger fish at the party. Vanessa wasn’t interested anyway. She was focused on getting the better of Megan and taking the next step with Steve. But before she was able to open her mouth and voice her protest, she heard a loud noise.


And Vanessa choked on her words. Immediately, her flesh was crawling. The world stood still and everything went into slow-motion. She was frozen to the ground. She felt like she had just stepped out of her body and watched herself from the outside.

In slow-motion, Vanessa saw herself lowering her gaze and watching the sloped top of her gown fall open. It was flipped open like a book. The material simply fell down to the right side. The guy standing in front of her had grabbed the zipper and pulled it down. He had only unzipped two-thirds. But it was enough for her ample, big tits to burst out of their confines and pop into freedom. It took Vanessa several seconds to realize what had happened. Finally, it registered. Her ripe, juicy funbags were exposed at the exclusive ball!

The moment she had comprehended the situation, the world kicked back into overdrive. Her heart exploded and throbbed in rapid speed. Cold sweat covered her body in an instant. She was freaking out.

She couldn’t even react as fast as she wished. Holding a plate with hors d’oeuvres in her hand, she couldn’t reach up and cover her juggs! She almost let the plate fall to the floor. She was barely able to stop herself at the last second. Instead, she shrieked out loud.

Before a noise came over her lips, Mr. Lineman – the massive footballer – held his huge paw in front of her mouth and stifled the scream.

“Tztztz!” he scolded the redhead under his breath. “We don’t wanna cause a stir! You already had your sensation for the day.”

Panic seized Vanessa. She looked around in horror. Apparently, nobody had heard her muffled scream. Also, nobody had noticed her indecent exposure – yet. At least, the three guys blocked the view from the ballroom. Vanessa’s slender figure was completely hidden behind their backs. But that was only small consolation. It wasn’t enough to calm her down by any means. What if someone stepped up to the buffet? What if someone walked by looking over the guys’ shoulders?

Vanessa’s mind screamed and it was shouting only one sentence. Get out of this situation! Her whole life was on the stakes. She couldn’t risk any lewd conduct in the country club. Causing a stir with a scandalous outfit was one thing. But exposing her assets was transgressing the rules. She was about to lose her status as queen bee to Megan. She was about to lose her relationship with Steve.

Hastily, Vanessa placed the food on the buffet table. Meanwhile, the three men continued to ogle her impressive boobs. Lineman was still holding his hand over her mouth. She grabbed the zipper with her right hand and covered her heavy knockers with her left arm. But eventually, the guys reacted. Vanessa’s arms were slapped away by Mr. Greyhair and Mr. Beardman. They tightly grabbed her arms not giving her a chance to cover up her voluptuous juggs.

Vanessa’s face turned red from rage. Her fiery attitude came to the forefront. Her eyes were glowing with fury. She struggled against the constraints and tried to get Lineman’s paw off her mouth.

“Please.” she muttered under her breath trying to calm herself as best as she could. “Please, let me go and we’ll forget this ever happened.”

Lineman simply laughed into her face.

“Now, I understand all the fuzz about the notorious deal-sweetener. Stanton didn’t promise too much.” he told the other two men. “She’s definitely a firecracker!”

“And she got an awesome rack!” Greyhair added.

“Stanton invited us to this party to cash in on our bonus for signing with his law-firm.” the massive footballer explained. “You’re the bonus whore, aren’t you?”

“Ssshhh!” Vanessa tried to make him lower his booming voice.

Her head was spinning. She couldn’t believe that this was all a setup by Stanton. She should have become suspicious when she hadn’t gotten a call for an appointment earlier today. She wasn’t getting away from SEP – not even at an exclusive ball.

Right now, this didn’t matter though. She was still standing with her tits exposed at the buffet. With every second going by, the danger of getting spotted increased. Escaping this risky situation was the priority. She didn’t care what she had to do. Everything was fine to protect her posh lady image in the country club.

“Yes, I’m SEP’s bonus whore.” she admitted in a whisper.

“I’ll give you the best time of your life.” she tried to entice them.

Vanessa emphasised her point by squeezing her shoulders to present her firm, ripe melons in all their glory. The three men couldn’t tear their eyes away from her smoking hot body so she was using her inviting curves as a sales argument. She would promise them that they would get a shot at the ravishing beauty. But they had to wait for it. Vanessa could sense that she was slowly regaining control over the situation. There was still a chance to get out of this dangerous predicament without being spotted.

“Let’s meet at a more private place.” she suggested purring like a wanton wildcat. “I’ll give you a time you’ll never forget. Just let me cover up in here. I’ll entertain you at length. But later on!”

“Oh! Now, we’ve seen the forbidden fruits. Now, we want them straight away.” Beardman replied. “We’ve already started the fun. Why should we wait?”

This answer baffled Vanessa. She hadn’t expected it at all. Before she had a chance to react, the three guys stunned her even more. They simply moved into gear. Greyhair and Beardman linked arms with the redhead and started walking. Meanwhile, Lineman led the way. Thereby, Vanessa simply got dragged along with her gown hanging open. She couldn’t even use her arms to cover her exposed funbags.

Cold shivers ran up and down her spine and goose bumps covered her entire body. This was the last thing, she had been aiming for. Now, she was walked along the buffet with her tits exposed! Vanessa had no clue where the men were taking her. The danger of getting spotted had just multiplied.

The flame-haired knockout didn’t know a way out of this predicament without attracting any attention. She couldn’t scream. She couldn’t run away. She was shocked to the bone and panic-stricken. Her face burnt from shame. The guys’ bodies were the only shield she had left. So she was forced to stumble along.

The men manoeuvred the exposed beauty along the buffet. Most people were sitting at tables on the other side of the ballroom or were dancing to the tune of a band on the parquet. So their sight was either blocked by the dancers or they were too busy to notice.

Suddenly, the men came to an abrupt halt. Two elderly ladies were standing in their way.

“Excuse me, ladies.” Lineman addressed them.

Vanessa held her breath. She got weak in the knees. She was quaking in fear. Greyhair and Beardman had to steady her to keep her on her feet. Any second, the women were about to step to the side and catch a glimpse of her naked, exposed tits. She expected to hear a high-pitched shriek of indignation any second.

But she didn’t hear anything.

The women were simply too short to look past the men’s bodies. They could only see Vanessa when they had passed by. They only saw her back and flame hair.

“Wasn’t that Vanessa Laren in between those gentlemen?” she heard the elderly ladies asking each other. “She’s such a lewd woman. First she annoys everyone with her inappropriate outfit and now she has various men paying court to her simultaneously. The ‘Monte Carlo Ball’ has gone downhill over the last years.”

Their derogatory chatter hurt Vanessa’s pride as queen bee. But for the moment, she was glad that the women hadn’t noticed her exposed tits. Meanwhile, the guys dragged the redhead onto the gallery. She couldn’t believe that she had gotten out of the ballroom without getting detected. But the risky slut-march wasn’t over yet.

They were standing on the gallery. The lights were brighter than in the ballroom making her easier to spot. In an attempt to hide her face, the flame-haired beauty fixed her gaze onto the ground. The men cut to the left and headed to the game rooms.

“Look at those titties!” she suddenly heard a cry of astonishment.

Her heart skipped a beat and her eyes snapped open in terror. It had finally happened! A member of the club had spotted her and noticed her naked tits. She wished the ground would open and swallow her up. Her panic increased when she noticed that Lineman had stepped aside. His body wasn’t covering her anymore. Instead, a man was standing in front of her directly ogling her bare tits.

It was Miller!

She was so shocked and dazed that she hadn’t recognized his voice at first. But now, she detected his evil smirk. Since day one, Miller had enjoyed playing his nasty games with Vanessa. But right now, she was relieved that it was him ogling her fucktits.

She hadn’t known that he was attending the party too! He was standing on the gallery with a cocktail in his hand while the group walked by. The moment they passed, he reached out and pinched Vanessa’s right nipple.

“Ouuuhhh!” the redhead shrieked as much from surprise as from the sudden, unexpected pain.

“Everything OK over there!” a male voice in their back stopped the group.

Once again, cold sweat flushed Vanessa’s body. Miller had given her the deathblow. They had caused a stir. Someone had just walked out of the ballroom and heard the noise. He was about to walk over and discover her indecent outfit any second.

“Everything’s fine!” Lineman called back. “The lady sprained her ankle while dancing. We’re taking her home!”

“OK!” the unknown man replied. “Give me a word if you need another helping hand.”

With these words, he turned right and headed to the restrooms. Vanessa breathed a sigh of relief. Still, she shot a fiery look at Miller. It only increased his amusement though. He mockingly waved after the ginger slut when they continued their slut-march down the gallery.

Vanessa was a nervous wreck. She simply wanted to get out of this awkward predicament. She was willing to do anything for the new clients as long as she got out of the spotlight. She couldn’t believe that her slinky dress was backfiring on her like that. The three guys on the other hand were enjoying their dirty, exhibitionistic game to the fullest.

The group continued their slut-march and passed the blackjack room without attracting further attention. They headed straight into the poker room. There were two poker tables set up. They were separated by room-dividers to give the players some privacy. Thereby, the room was divided into a corridor in the middle and two poker rooms at the sides.

Stepping into the room, Vanessa heard several people playing and chatting at the right table. The left table was unoccupied. That’s where the three men headed. Each room-divider comprised a wooden frame and three small milk glass panes. They didn’t give them real privacy but it was enough to protect the bonus whore from unintended gazes. However, the danger of being discovered wasn’t banished by any means.

Coming to a rest on the chair, Vanessa felt like she had just completed a marathon. Her body was drenched in sweat and emotionally she was completely drained. However, the deal-sweetening hadn’t even begun yet. The men didn’t sit tight and wait. To Vanessa’s surprise, they started dealing out cards.

“Let’s play some Texas Hold’em!” Lineman suggested. “But not the standard version! We don’t want the bonus whore to feel bored!”

“I bet she’ll love our rules!” Greyhair argued. “They’re pretty simple. Every time you win, you get the pot. And you can cover yourself up. For example, you can close the zipper.”

“Every time you lose, you have to fulfil a task.” he continued explaining the rules. “That task depends on the ranks and combinations of the cards. Of course, you’re not allowed to fold. Game’s over when all of us are either out or have cum at least once!”

Vanessa looked at them in bewilderment. Her baffled expression made the guys laugh. She couldn’t believe that she had endured the overbold slut-march, only to play a round of poker. She had never been a good poker player at all …

Surprisingly, Vanessa won the first round with a pair. She had a triumphant smile on her face when she slowly zipped up her gown. Finally, the material got firmly back into its place covering her heavy knockers.

The next round, Greyhair won with a pair of tens. He high fived his friends in joy.

“Tit-Slider it is!” he hollered. “Guess you have to unpack those glorious puppies again!”

To fulfil the task, Vanessa had to use her big, round funbags to slide the pot over to Greyhair. Vanessa knew that the men were expecting her to entertain them properly. But she didn’t feel like acting slutty at all. She was yearning to get back to the party. She wanted to enjoy being treated like the queen bee some more. At the moment, she neither could nor wanted to snap into slut-mode.

The ginger slut stood up and started gyrating her hips. It didn’t look very motivated though. Instead, it looked like a stripper unenthusiastically dancing on autopilot. She opened the zipper and let her ample, round melons burst out of the dress. Vanessa cupped her full, round funbags and bent over the table. As fast as she could, she dragged the chips into a pile and pushed it over to Greyhair. She rather used her hands than her juggs to gather up the pot.

Finished with the task, she sat back onto her chair. The guys looked more than disappointed. It had been a bland and dull performance. Vanessa had done nothing more than quickly going through her motions without oozing any sex appeal. They had clearly anticipated more than that.

“Tzzz!” Lineman exclaimed with a disappointed voice. “Seems like the hype about the bonus whore was premature! Just another cheap wench that thinks she’s more than a cum dumpster.”

With these words, he grabbed Vanessa’s arm and pulled her into his lap. Immediately, he put her tits in his hands making her shudder. In front of the other two guys, he roughly pulled the ginger slut’s nipples from her body and held them. She noisily gasped. But the men simply laughed. Lineman didn’t let up and the pain became intense. He continued holding her nipples out until Vanessa started to squeal.

“Sooo …! You’re sorry for this ridiculous performance?” he teased her.

“Yes, sir!” Vanessa screamed under her breath trying to remain as low-voiced as possible. “I’m sorry sir. It won’t happen again.”

“You better put a lot more effort into the next task, whore!” the massive footballer acknowledged. “Another pitiful performance like that and the deal with Stanton is over!”

He emphasised his words by pulling out Vanessa’s nipples even further. She gasped out again while the guys continued to laugh about her predicament. Finally, she realized the stakes. These men sounded like they meant every word they said. She couldn’t risk Stanton’s anger. She couldn’t risk being the reason for the deal falling though.

“Do you want me to stop?” Lineman continued his teasing.

“Yesss, sir!” Vanessa whispered. “Pleassse …! Stop!”

The pain was stinging by now. She felt like shrieking out loud. She didn’t know how much longer she would be able to control her voice. But if she screamed, the players at the other poker table would definitely get alerted. And that was the last thing she wanted to happen.

“What will you do if I stop?” Lineman insisted.

“Please, sir! I will repeat the task until you’re satisfied with your bonus whore!” Vanessa blurted out.

“Sounds like a square deal.” he agreed releasing her nipples.

“Thank you … thank you … thank you, sir!” the redhead babbled when the pressure on her sensitive nipples subsided.

Lineman simply pushed Vanessa off his lap making her stumble over to the table. The ginger slut knew that she couldn’t afford to disappoint them again. She had to act as seductively as possible. The rough treatment of her poor tits had helped to vault her into her submissive slut-mode. And the painful nipple-pulling had evoked a well-known tingling in her pussy.

Vanessa clasped her hands behind her back and bent over the table. Her luscious funbags hung heavily down her chest and dangled invitingly above the felt-covered surface. Ever so slowly, she pressed her knockers down and the titflesh bulged out at the sides. The pressure against her precious, sensitive boobs was incredible. Nevertheless, she started pushing forward to gather up the chips and use her glorious cans like nothing more than an ordinary slider. The bulging titmeat sliding about the table top presented an extremely hot spectacle. Vanessa’s boobs were squeezed so tightly they looked ready to burst like a ripe fruit.

Without her hands as aids, the task turned out harder than imagined. The redhead couldn’t control the chips and a number of them slipped out at the sides of her juggs.

“Oooh!” the guys taunted her for each lost chip.

“Well! You missed some chips!” Greyhair sneered when Vanessa finally reached his place. “Too bad! Guess you gotta start all over again!”

Vanessa had a desperate look on her face when she pulled her body back across the table. Greyhair didn’t waste any time scattering the chips all over the felt-covered surface again.

Once more, the smoking hot redhead pressed her big, juicy funbags onto the felt and started sliding around the rough surface to gather up the pot. She looked pathetic. The mocking ‘ooohs’ only increased the humiliating situation. The rough felt scraped her irritated nipples and delicate titflesh. The painful scratching made her wince and struggle uncomfortably. But it also brought the tingling in her pussy to a new level. By now, a fire was burning in her loins.

“Oooh!” the guys exclaimed in unison when three chips slid off the table and fell to the floor.

Vanessa groaned out in despair when she realized that she had to start all over again. The combination of whining and groaning made her look more than pitiful. Her prickling cunt caused her bottom to twitch and jerk which made the situation even more cringe-worthy. It was a sight that immensely aroused the men.

“Aaand… another try!” Greyhair commented when Vanessa reached his place the second time. “Guess you have to use those glorious puppies to gather up the chips from the ground.”

Everyone laughed when Vanessa grunted in exasperation. Nevertheless, the bonus whore got onto her knees and cupped her big fat fucktits with her hands. She tightly pressed her ripe melons together and bent down.

Moments ago, she had been the star of the decadent ‘Monte Carlo Ball’. But this seemed like miles away now. Currently, she felt like nothing more than a common sex object. She was using her bodacious boobs as tongs to pick up poker chips from the dirty floor. How could it ever get any more humiliating?

The floor felt filthy on her delicate juggs. It made her skin crawl in disgust while she used her impressive cleavage to pick up the first chip. Pressing the soft titflesh tightly together, she slowly stood up and let the chip fall onto the table. She had to repeat this process three more times as the second chip fell back to the ground on her way up. The guys were having a ball watching the slut.

Once again, she had to restart her tit-sliding task. Vanessa was on the brink of screaming from the scratching on her nipples and prickling in her pussy. Her whole body was trembling and shaking when she finally managed to push all chips over to Greyhair’s place.

She was breathing heavily from the effort when she fell back onto her seat. Her voluptuous cans were raw and striped with red scratches. She still felt the rasping sensations on her soft skin. Zipping up her dress, her erect nipples looked like they were piercing right through the flimsy material. She was so aroused that she felt like her cunt was about to leak a puddle of pussy juicy onto the floor.

The next two rounds went well again. Vanessa won both heads-ups against Lineman. After those two costly losses, he was almost out of chips. If she continued winning like this, the game would be over sooner than expected.

However, the following round didn’t go so well. Instead, Lineman won with a high card. Vanessa had to strip again. But when she grabbed her zipper, he stopped her.

“We’ve already seen those glorious puppies!” he explained. “Show us some ass! Strip of your panties!”

The other two guys hollered and howled with laughter at this suggestion. Vanessa wasn’t in a state to argue with the guys any longer. She was only glad that the players at the other poker table had a heated game going on. They were so loud that their noise drowned out the laughter from the three new clients.

The flame-haired knockout stepped in front of the massive footballer and started dancing. This time, she made sure that her dancing looked as enthusiastically as possible. She seductively gyrated her hips in an exaggerated manner and ran her French-nailed fingers over her bare left leg. Then she turned around and bent over the table. She pushed her apple bottom back until it was almost in Lineman’s face. In the skintight, white gown, her juicy ass curves clearly stood out. Vanessa began shaking and wiggling her buttocks invitingly. Meanwhile, she slowly pushed the gown to the right side. The dress opened like a curtain revealing more and more skin. Finally, her terrific ass was on full display.

With a sexy motion, she pushed the lace thong down to the lower edge of her buttocks. For the first time, Lineman got a clear view at her lush pussy slit. Her ringed cunt lips already peaked out. For a few moments, the ginger slut played peek-a-boo pushing the thong up and down to cover and reveal her snatch.

Finally, she pulled the panties down to the back of her knees. The smoking hot redhead alluringly spread her butt cheeks apart and revealed her puffy cunt lips. They were glisten wetly. She grabbed the two silver pussy rings with her French-nailed fingers and pulled her labia open to give him a clear view of her soft, pink inner flesh.

Vanessa pushed herself back into a straight position and put her fingers underneath the lower edge of her buttocks. Then she flicked her ass cheeks up in a swift motion. This caused her assmeat to jiggle and bounce wildly up and down. She continued this mesmerizing action several times. Looking over her shoulder, the flame-haired knockout could see that Lineman was rubbing his straining tool through his pants. She had achieved the intended effect. So she let the panties fall to the ground.

“Here you are!”

A familiar voice startled Vanessa when she had just bent over to pick her lace thong up. As fast as she could, she straightened herself and looked directly at Steve. He was standing next to the room-divider. Instantly, Vanessa blushed.

The worst case scenario had just occurred! Steve had found out the truth about her! She was at a loss of words. She felt like frozen to the ground. She barely managed to hide the hand that was holding the thong behind her back.

“What are you doing?” Steve continued. “I was looking for you all over the place.”

Vanessa couldn’t bring herself to reply. All she could see was her future as a posh trophy wife drifting away. Her tits were covered but she was still hiding a telltale piece of her strip show behind her back. What if he discovered the thong? Their relationship would be over. And her lewd actions wouldn’t remain a secret in the country club for long either.

Her continued silence made Steve wary. He started becoming suspicious of the poker game. He began wondering why she was standing there stiff as a poker with her hand behind her back.

“Hi, nice to meet you.” Greyhair suddenly broke the awkward silence. “I think we haven’t been introduced yet. We’re working with Vanessa at the law firm.”

Greyhair’s distraction had come at the perfect moment, just before Steve had inquired about her strange behaviour. It gave Vanessa some time to collect herself. Out of the blue, she heard Greyhair inviting Steve to join the poker game. She couldn’t let that happen! She couldn’t have Steve participating in the game!

“I know you’re not a poker fan.” she finally found her voice back and interrupted Greyhair. “I thought you might wanna enjoy some time with your pals.”

“No problem, honey.” Steve replied. “Just let me know where you’re going next time.”

Vanessa breathed a huge sigh of relief when he started turning around. She was getting off the hook!

But suddenly, he stopped in his tracks. Something seemed to bother him.

“Really everything OK?” he pressed the issue. “You seem so tensed up.”

“What’s up with your hands?” he inquired pointing at the hand Vanessa still hid behind her back.

She wasn’t off the hook at all! She broke out in a cold sweat. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back. She didn’t know what to say. She didn’t know how to explain the thong in her hand. She didn’t know how to escape this situation. Steve was waiting for an answer. She had to react.

“I… I…,” she stuttered searching for the right words.

“She made a mess on the table knocking down her glass.” Lineman filled in and once again drew Steve’s attention away from the ginger slut. “We were just trying to wipe it up.”

Vanessa gladly took his hint. She used the distraction to scrunch up the thong until a white tip was all that peaked out of her hand. Then she used this tip to wipe off some spilled bubbly from the poker table. Her heart beat in her throat out of fear Steve might recognize the white lacy fabric while she used her precious thong as nothing more than a rag. She loved her expensive clothes and now her panties were getting soiled with liquid. But it helped keeping Steve in the dark. He didn’t take a closer look at the rag.

“Let’s play another round!” Beardman suggested the moment Vanessa had wiped up the spilled bubbly and stowed the thong in her purse.

They were all looking at Steve while the cards were dealt. But he didn’t show any intention to leave. His interest in Vanessa’s new hobby seemed piqued.

“Didn’t know you were into poker.” he expressed his astonishment. “Guess I’m gonna watch you play a few rounds.”

Instantly, the cold sweat was back to Vanessa’s brow. Would this ever be over? She felt like going through hell. And the ride didn’t seem to ever stop. She wanted to shout at him to leave. But of course, she couldn’t do that.

What if she lost this round? Were the guys forcing her to fulfil a task anyway? Their mocking smiles clearly showed her that they tremendously enjoyed watching the bonus whore struggle to retain her composure. And she more than struggled! The stakes couldn’t be higher. She was nervous as hell. She was fidgeting around on her chair. She was barely able to concentrate on her cards.

It didn’t look good when Greyhair showed the flop. Beardman went all in and she wasn’t allowed to fold. As he had more chips than her, he wouldn’t even be out of the game if she won. Vanessa didn’t have any combination yet. It didn’t get better with the turn card. Vanessa began squirming on her seat. She felt like fainting. The flop became blurred in front of her eyes. Her house of cards was about to collapse!

Then Greyhair showed the river card. It was a king.

“Oh fuck!” Beardman exclaimed before Vanessa had even realized the outcome.

With the final card, the ginger slut had gotten a pair of kings and beaten Beardman’s pair of queens. She had won! She had dodged the bullet at the last second.

“Yeah! Take them to the cleaners!” Steve shouted out. “Seems like you’ll be playing for a while. Don’t mind me. I’ll go play some blackjack.”

And then he was gone. A whole bag of stones fell off Vanessa’s shoulder.

“Woah! That was close!” Beardman blurted out the moment Steve had left the poker room.

“Yeah!” Lineman agreed. “But it was a hell of a blast! Imagine that guy’s face if he saw the bonus whore with her tits hanging out!”

The three men hollered and cheered. They obviously enjoyed watching Vanessa squirm from agitation while going through these dangerous, dubious situations. For the moment, the stunning redhead didn’t care. She was simply glad that she had survived Steve’s visit.

Vanessa wasn’t that lucky with the next poker rounds though. Once again, she lost against a high card. The thrill of Steve’s presence had stirred the guy’s excitement and stimulated their dirty minds. So they came up with naughtier ideas.

“Don’t wanna let that thong go to waste!” Beardman exclaimed. “It’s the perfect decoration for a slut! Wear it as a necklace!”

Vanessa looked at him in disbelief. She had to gulp down. This sounded incredibly humiliating. It would be such a cheap, trashy display. Only the filthiest skank would wear her panties like that. Vanessa looked at Beardman with a pleading gaze. But his expression remained stern.

“Better hurry up!” he sneered. “Or else, you will walk over to the other poker table and ask them what they think about your new slut-necklace, stupid cow.”

“Nooo!” Vanessa immediately protested. “I’ll wear the thong as my slut-necklace, sir.”

“I’m sorry for hesitating.” she added trying to calm the guy. “I’ll be a good slut for you.”

The stunning redhead resigned herself to her fade and took the thong out of her purse. It was still wet with the spilled bubbly. It felt used and dirty. Quickly, she put the panties around her neck. It was so humiliating to wear a soiled, soggy thong as necklace.

The next round, Vanessa lost against pairs. She had to reopen the gown and act as the ‘Tit-Slider’ again. The ginger slut was slowly getting better. She needed less attempts and no chips fell off the table. But the rough felt was becoming a torture device. Her voluptuous funbags were slowly turned into raw meat. Her full globes were completely glowing in a dark crimson colour. The raspy sensations on her soft titflesh were maddening.

Her nipples were burning from irritation. The slut-necklace around her neck was a constant sting of humiliation. Her cunt was itching like a mosquito bite. All these different sensations were converging in her loins. Vanessa’s entire attention began focusing on her yearning pussy. The Steve incident was completely forgotten. She was struggling to keep focused on the poker game.

“Yeah!” Lineman finally exclaimed.

He had just won a round with three jacks. Finally, one of them had won with a higher combination than a pair.

“It’s time for some good old cocksmoking!” he shouted out in joy. “Been waiting to get those pouty lips wrapped around my cock all along! “

The massive footballer didn’t waste a second to pull his chair away from the table. Vanessa could hear him opening his belt, undoing his zipper, and letting his pants fall to his ankles. She immediately reacted and walked over to him swaying her hips sexily. Lineman pushed the flame-haired beauty onto her knees.

“Hold that slutty mouth open, little whore!” he ordered.

Vanessa instantly obeyed and opened her lips as wide as she could. The big, burly guy let the ginger slut kneel on the ground for a few moments. She felt more than stupid waiting with her mouth wide open. In her mind, she flashed back to Tucker’s degrading dogslut treatment. Kneeling on the ground with her mouth open as if waiting for her bone made her feel exactly like the low dogslut once again.

Finally, the fat footballer heaved his body off the chair and positioned himself in front of the open-mouthed bonus whore. Without using his hands, he simply pushed his hips forward and drove his straining cock into the slut’s mouth. Her lips didn’t even touch his dick. He pushed his hard tool in and out of her open mouth several times. This made Vanessa feel even more stupid. She simply kneeled on the ground and motionlessly let the guy have his way with one of her fuckholes. She felt like a blow-up doll.

Then he began to properly use the fuckwhore’s mouth. He forcefully drilled his cock in and out of her slutty facecunt. With each thrust, he pushed deeper down her throat. The strain on her face caused Vanessa to tightly grip her thighs while she obediently submitted to his skull fucking. She didn’t have any control over the situation. She could only hold her pouty lips open.

Each forceful thrust made her gag. Drool filled her oral cavity. It didn’t take long until the slobber started running out hanging off her chin in long bubbly strands. Eventually, Lineman held his cock inside Vanessa’s mouth. He grabbed the base of his shaft and started swirling it around. Gurgling and chortling sounds erupted when he twirled the slobber around.

Once again, the other two guys howled with laughter. Vanessa felt another sting of debasement. Lineman savoured the degrading act to the fullest. He continued the swirling until Vanessa’s mouth was overflowing with drool. When he finally pulled his cock out of her spluttering mouth, a torrent of thick, gooey slobber spurted out of her cakehole and coated her big, round funbags.

Lineman didn’t give the redhead any chance to rest though. He simply picked Vanessa up and laid her onto the poker table. He placed her with her back on the table while her head hung down the edge. The ginger slut opened her mouth automatically. Just in time, when Lineman positioned his crotch above her face and drilled his cock down in a vertical angle. In this position, he was able to spear her throat much deeper than before. He basically started fucking her tonsils. Vanessa was completely at his mercy. She could do nothing but endure the forceful gag fuck.


Tears shot into her eyes and pitiful chokes filled the air while Lineman went on a rampage in her throat. To her own amazement, Vanessa eagerly submitted to the harsh, debasing treatment. She was in complete slut-mode as Stanton’s deal-sweetener by now. She even embraced the rough manhandling. She didn’t try to control his powerful downward thrusts with her hands. Instead, she had a better use for her hands. With her legs spread wide, the gown was pushed completely to the right and her leaking cunt was revealed. She spread her cunt open while driving two fingers into her smacking pussy.

She was close to cumming when Lineman suddenly released Vanessa’s mouth. She could only draw in a few much needed breaths while he took a step forward. Thereby, he placed his fat, wobbly ass right above the redhead’s face and positioned his thick cock between her voluptuous juggs.

Vanessa was almost thankful for the end of the skull fuck. The outlook wasn’t that much better though. She screamed out when Lineman grabbed her scratched, glowing knockers and squeezed them around his cock. But the shriek was drowned out by his fat, hairy ass. The flame-haired beauty didn’t even need an order to know her duty. It was a task she had always despised. Lineman expected her to munch on his ass while he fucked her juggs.

Tentatively, she spread his white, hairy ass cheeks. The sight of his crack and wrinkled asshole was anything but appealing. Hesitantly, she stuck her tongue out of her mouth. She didn’t dare to disappoint the guys any further. Stanton was counting on her to fulfil her role as deal-sweetener. She had to please them to make them sign the contract.

Gulping down, she pushed forward and reluctantly licked down the guy’s ass crack. It tasted even worse than it looked and her head shook in disgust. The well-known, loathed, bitter flavour was back in her mouth instantly. But the soft tongue on Lineman’s ass had the effect of making him groan out. His reaction encouraged the bonus whore. He was pleased with her service.

Again, she dove between his fat butt cheeks and pressed her tongue against his tight asshole. She swirled her soft tongue around bathing his rosebud in spit. The vile, yucky taste didn’t get any better but the fact that she was acting in such a nasty way excited her – and not only her. She could hear Lineman’s groans becoming louder. He heftily squeezed her poor, burning funbags and thrust his straining cock through her massive cleavage until he couldn’t hold out any longer.

Seconds before his cock exploded, he took a step back and positioned himself above Vanessa’s face. Like a good slut, she opened her mouth awaiting the sticky cum to splatter her face. But when his gooey load shot out of his dick, he surprised the smoking hot redhead. He pointed his tool away from her face. Instead, he spurted his spunk into her slut-necklace. He used Vanessa’s lace thong as a cum-wipe. The ginger slut only winced when she saw him ruining her precious panties.

Moments later, Vanessa sat back at the poker table with a sticky, sperm-splattered and alcohol-soaked thong around her neck. The elating feeling of being the star of the decadent ‘Monte Carlo Ball’ was long gone. Only the fear of being found out as a whore was still hovering above her head like the sword of Damocles. Her luck in the poker game didn’t change to the better. The next round, she lost against Beardman.

“Yeah! That’s a proper win!” he exclaimed in joy. “Gotta go big or go home! This Full House here will give me the full ‘Bonus Service’!”

To her surprise, Vanessa didn’t care what kind of naughty task the ‘Bonus Service’ included. All she cared about was to quench the hot lava flowing through her pussy. Anything that brought relief was fine.

“Let’s start with a proper juggfuck!” Beardman suggested. “Those glowing funbags are beaming at me so invitingly. They look like they’re begging to be mauled!”

Apparently, ‘Bonus Service’ implied every sex act the guy came up with. And these guys were clearly focused on Vanessa’s magnificent boobs. Once again, the ginger slut opened the zipper of her gown to reveal her big, ripe melons. Then she positioned herself in between Beardman’s legs. She kneaded her massive, round juggs alluringly in front of his face. Slowly, she squatted down while pressing her soft titmeat against his chest. The flame-haired knockout let her big fat fucktits slide down his front until she reached his crotch.

She leaned backwards while opening her legs wide. This way, she squatted in front of the guy presenting her big, round funbags and dripping wet cunt to him. She used her left forearm to lift her ripe melons while spreading her wet pussy lips open with her right fingers. Pushing her arm up and down, she made her soft cans bounce and shake while she showed off the pink inner flesh of her snatch.

“Mmmhhh!” the fiery redhead purred. “Can you see my pussy leaking out? I’m sooo hot and horny!”

“Mmmhhh!” she continued her seduction. “You know what looks even better than big juicy tits? Big wet tits!”

Following her invitation, she offered her full, ripe melons to Beardman. He took the hint and spit directly onto her left, red-hot boob right atop her nipple.

“Mmmhhh!” Vanessa purred again.

Turning around, she offered her voluptuous tits to Greyhair and Lineman letting them add their spittle on her bust. She commented each spitting with a purr.

Vanessa knew that she finally acted like a wanton, lewd fuckslut. She was so aroused, she couldn’t help herself. It came naturally to her. While her eyes were sparkling with lust, she massaged the thick spittle into her titflesh making her luscious melons glisten wetly. But she wasn’t satisfied with the shine yet.

With pursed lips, she gathered some spit in her mouth. In an exaggerated manner, she let the bubbly drool run out of her mouth. It formed a long strand that slowly trickled down to her left tit. When the slobber strand connected with her titmeat, it tore off her lips and fell down right across her bodacious boobs.

By now, Vanessa had the guys clearly in her grip. She looked like a total slut and acted like a depraved fuckwhore. She really proved why every man was praising Queeny Ho as the nastiest fuckwhore ever. She savoured the perverted act of rubbing the drool into her massive cleavage. Then she fell onto her knees and scuttled forward until she was kneeling in between Beardman’s legs. Squeezing her fat fucktits from the sides, she presented the deep, soft, fleshy cleft to him.

“Hmmm!” she purred trying to further entice the guy. “Please, sir! Let me use my assets to serve you!”

She wrapped her titmeat around his straining cock and began pumping her juggs up and down his shaft. Every time his dick rammed through Vanessa’s cleavage, his cockhead scooped up more drool.

“Let’s test what a perverted whore you really are!” Beardman exclaimed with a choppy voice. “Eat your own slobber!”

Vanessa bent her head and started licking the frothy drool off his cockhead each time it peaked out of her fleshtunnel. Beardman basically fed the spit back to the slut. He was sliding the slobber back to the place it had come from.

It was such a perverse action that it further fuelled the fire burning in Vanessa’s loins. With her excitement increasing, her naughtiness increased exponentially. She started mauling her titflesh while pumping it up and down Beardman’s dick. Thereby, the pressure on his cock increased.

Vanessa’s irritated, scratched boobs reacted to the rough treatment by sending waves of pain through her body. The anguish mixed with the pleasure and became an ecstatic surge. It spurred the redhead on even further. She mauled and kneaded her titflesh mercilessly while continuing to lick the drool off the dickhead.

Beardman was coming close to the edge. But he didn’t want to waste the whole ‘Bonus Service’ on a juggfuck. With surprising speed, the stocky guy jumped off his chair and pulled Vanessa up. He pushed her over the table and drove his cock up her pussy in one swift motion. Fortunately, the ginger slut’s pussy was overflowing so his shaft slid easily inside.

“Ooohhhh!” Vanessa moaned out.

She was close to losing control. With her last conscious action, she pushed her wrist between her lips. Biting down onto it, she muffled her cries of pleasure. The other poker table was still fully occupied. Although they were pretty noisy themselves, Vanessa’s shrieks would drown out every other sound.

Beardman didn’t get distracted by this. He simply kept on pounding the slut’s wet fuckhole. He banged her bent over the table like a random slut. He didn’t even look at her face anymore. He rode her like a mare – as if he was trying to tame a wild horse. Her pussy juices were causing sloshing and slurping noises in rhythm to his cunt drilling.

Vanessa was completely lost in her own world – a world in which only the ecstatic mix of pleasure and pain existed. Mauling her tits wasn’t enough anymore. The stunning redhead started using her free hand to pinch her irritated nipples. This caused her to wince around her wrist in between the muffled moans. The burning stings exploded like electric jolts in her pussy. When she tweaked and twisted her nipple, the wave finally broke and a staggering orgasm swept her away sending her cunt into spasms.

These spasms powerfully gripped Beardman’s cock and squeezed it mercilessly. It was enough to make his balls explode. While groaning out loud, he gripped the base of his cock to keep it from cumming. Then he turned the slut around and made her kneel. Jet after jet of hot gooey cum sprayed out of his cock. He came like a geyser. But once again, he didn’t glaze the redhead’s face. Instead, he shot his entire huge sperm load into the slut-necklace. By now, the lace thong was a wet, sticky mess.

When Beardman stepped away from the slut, she slumped to the ground. She was breathing heavily from the crashing orgasm. The slut-necklace felt incredibly icky and gross on her neck. And she was leaking pussy juice like sweat in a sauna.

“Well, two down! One more to go!” Greyhair commented the scene.

He was the only one that needed to cum yet. To Greyhair’s dismay, Vanessa went into a short winning streak. The tall guy was getting uneasy. He was incredibly aroused from the perverted fuck shows he had observed. His balls were boiling and he desperately needed to cum.

His frustration was increased when Beardman had to go to the restrooms. They had to wait for his return. In the meantime, Lineman and Greyhair discussed the exciting course of the deal-sweetening. Obviously, the slut-march and Steve incident had thrilled them the most. They were more than eager to put the bonus whore through another exhibitionistic game and watch her squirm and struggle. So Greyhair came up with a new, debauched idea.

“The slut-necklace is getting old!” he called out. “Strip it off and wear the thong as a slut-cap!”

Vanessa didn’t understand what he was saying and she looked at him with a dump, confused expression.

“Nice!” Lineman shouted out and high-fived Greyhair congratulating him for his nasty idea.

“I… I… I’m supposed to wear the panties on my head?” Vanessa stuttered in disbelief.

This task was too humiliating. The soiled panties were disgustingly sticky. They were so yucky she couldn’t even touch them without shuddering from repulsion.

“Please, sir!” she started begging. “My hair will get ruined. It’s not sexy! You wanna fuck a sexy slut, don’t you?”

Her desperate pleads only made the guys howl with laughter. There was no way out of this task.

“You can lick the panties clean first!” Greyhair suggested.

Vanessa gulped at this offer. The thong was coated with gallons of drying sperm. It would taste more than yucky. But she had to go back to the party after the poker game was over. She couldn’t ruin her hair. She had to do anything in her power to keep her appearance as decent as possible.

With a miserable look on her face, she took the thong off her neck. She looked at the sticky fabric while spreading the panties open. It looked even more disgusting than it felt. Gulping down her repulsion, she tentatively stuck out her tongue. Slowly, she pushed her face forward and dove into the soiled thong. Greyhair stopped the bonus whore the moment the sticky panties covered her face.

“Get your ass in front of the divider, whore!” he ordered.

Vanessa remained dead in her tracks. He couldn’t be serious! The room-divider comprised three milk glass panes in between the wooden frame. Her outlines would be vaguely visible through the glass! It would be a blurred vision. But still, her figure would be recognizable!

What if someone else than Beardman passed the divider? What if someone from the other poker table took a close view? The danger was imminent. But the alternative wasn’t much better. She couldn’t put the sperm-splattered thong onto her head and ruin her hair either. Vanessa was in a fierce dilemma.

The guys were bringing the exhibitionistic thrill to a head. The redhead knew how much they enjoyed these situations. There was no negotiating it. They considered it part of the deal-sweetening. Reluctantly, she stepped in front of the room-divider. She was trembling in fear. However, she began shaking her ass. Tentatively at first but with every dirty comment by the guys her swaying hips picked up speed.

While shaking her hips and tits, Vanessa pushed her soft tongue back into her thong. She licked up and down the fabric that was supposed to cover her pussy. The gooey spunk was already getting lumpy. Immediately, the salty, rancid flavour filled her mouth. She had become accustomed to the taste of cum. But this was a big, partly slimy, partly caky mass.

“Uuuggghhh!” Vanessa couldn’t stifle her outcries of disgust.

Nevertheless, she acted like a good slut and continued lapping up the yucky mess. Shudders of revulsion joint the gyrating of her hips while her mouth slowly filled with slimy cum. The two guys had a blast mocking the slut. They mercilessly taunted her. They acted as if they saw Steve or one of her gossip friends walking into the poker room. Finally, Vanessa’s mouth was full. The panties were far from clean though. Still, she stopped and presented her full mouth to the guys. Greyhair came up with another debauched idea.

“C’mon whore, I can see that you love the taste of cum. I bet you can’t get enough of it! Spit that jizz against the glass plate and lick it off!”

With her mouth full, Vanessa could only whimper in response. But Greyhair didn’t give in. Vanessa knew that her protest wouldn’t help. It would only spur them on to come up with an even naughtier and more dangerous idea. The flame-haired knockout had to spit the cum against the glass plate.

It was an incredibly obscene sight of the white spunk running down the upper milk glass pane in slimy strands. Vanessa briefly hesitated before she pushed her face against the glass and started running her tongue over it.

“Yeah, that’s what you like, you little whore!” Lineman scoffed. “Shake that ass and maul those tits, slut!”

Vanessa groaned in despair when she noticed that her round, naked juggs were visible through the mid-level glass plate. She felt so exposed. While the redhead lapped away at the milk glass pane, Beardman came back from the restrooms. She felt incredibly relieved. His return would finally release her from her demeaning task. But surprisingly, the guy didn’t head over to their poker table. Instead, he turned to the other side.

That moment, Vanessa realized that the person wasn’t Beardman. It was a player from the other table!

Suddenly, the stranger stopped in his tracks. Something had attracted his attention. He looked back over his shoulder and gazed directly at the divider. The flame-haired beauty froze in shock. He was clearly seeing her outlines! She didn’t dare to move another inch. She was afraid another movement would make him more suspicious. She was standing bent over with her tongue on the upper milk glass pane and her tits showing through the middle glass plate. There was no way around it. He had to detect it.

The stranger was getting curious by the blurry outlines so he turned back and took a step towards the room-divider. That moment, Beardman appeared behind him and greeted him with a slap on the shoulder. Obviously, he knew the man. Beardman instantly distracted him and engaged him in a conversation about the poker games.

“C’mon whore! We ain’t got all day! Finish your tasty meal!” Greyhair ordered the bonus whore in the meantime.

Cautiously, the stunning redhead picked up where she had left off and licked the remaining spunk off the milk glass pane. She could see Beardman manoeuvring the guy out of sight. He had persuaded the stranger to show him the stack of chips he had earned at the other poker table.

Despite this fortunate development, the shock still gripped Vanessa to the marrow. She finished licking all the jizz off the plate as quickly as possible. Then she looked back at Greyhair and Lineman. She was an emotional mess.

With a triumphant grin on his face, Lineman held his cell phone up. He had written Beardman a text message. It had all been a setup! Beardman had been ready to distract the guy anytime. They had been playing a nerve-wrecking mind game with the bonus whore!

Greyhair and Lineman could barely hide how much fun they were having and they wanted to savour it some more. So they ordered Vanessa to finish cleaning her sticky thong. Once again, the ginger slut pushed her face into her sperm-splattered, alcohol-soaked panties. She had to work her tongue on the lumps of dried sperm. The gobs stuck to the fabric and wouldn’t go off easily. She had to scrape them off. All that scraping only intensified the rancid, nasty taste in her mouth.

When her work was done and the thong was free of spunk, she had to spit the cum against the mid-level milk glass pane. This time, the flame-haired knockout had to use her full, ripe melons to wipe the slimy goo off. All the time, Beardman stood on the other side of the room-divider and watched the obscene spectacle until the glass plate was clean and shiny again.

Vanessa didn’t get much time to catch a breath though. The next degradation was already waiting for her. She had to pull the panties on her head like a baseball cap. With a miserable expression on her face, the ginger slut pulled the thong over her head so she was looking out of the leg holes. She cringed from embarrassment. She felt extremely pathetic. Getting panty-headed felt so grotesquely debasing. It was a new low – especially as it was happening right in her beloved, exclusive country club. She couldn’t even imagine Steve’s reaction if he ever saw her like this.

The game went on with Vanessa sitting at the table in her slut-costume – panties on her head and red-hot tits exposed. She frantically tried to win the next round to strip the thong off her head. But she failed. Instead, it was Greyhair who scored the victory. And this time it was a straight to the ten – a big win.

“At fucking last!” he exclaimed spreading his arms in a victory gesture.

“Damn, what a lucky bastard!” Beardman shouted out. “He gets the ‘A-Train’ task!”

“Hey, been waiting the longest!” Greyhair replied. “I just got what I deserve!”

Greyhair looked like he was about to boil over any second when he jumped up and grabbed the flame-haired bonus whore. After waiting for so long, he had too much energy bottled-up. Vanessa was well aware that she was in for an utterly ruthless ride. And the task perfectly fit the approaching grudge fuck.

Greyhair didn’t hesitate for a second. He was on a mission and there was no stopping him. He pulled Vanessa up and made her kneel on the chair with her big, round funbags hanging over the back rest and her ass sticking out invitingly. Her panties remained over her head as the humiliating slut-cap.

He put his hard cock against the redhead’s pussy. Instead of shoving his dick into her wet hole, he scooped up the copious amount of cunt juice and slathered it around her puckered asshole. Firmly holding onto Vanessa’s shoulders, he pushed her body back while ramming his cock deep into her ass.

Vanessa grunted when his rod forced her tight anal ring open. He didn’t give her any chance to get accustomed to the girth of his cock. Instead, he slammed his shaft down her ass chute with all his might. He began humping her asshole in rapid speed. He was touching Vanessa deep down her bowel. His cock was longer than Beardman’s, though not as thick.

“Your glorious puppies are already beaming!” he grunted while reaming her ass hard. “Now, it’s time to see a wide open o-ring beaming too!”

With these words, he pulled his cock out of Vanessa’s ass. It took the flame-haired slut a few seconds to realize what he was expecting. Then she reached back with her hands and spread her ass cheeks to reveal her split open sphincter for his visual inspection.

“Beam!” Greyhair shouted out.

Vanessa’s puckered asshole had loosened up and a small gape, framed by her nicely French-manicured fingers, was visible. However, he wasn’t impressed with the size of the gape.


Greyhair expressed his disappointment with a harsh slap to Vanessa’s bottom leaving a red fingerprint on her left buttock.

“That’s a poor gape, fuckwhore!” he huffed.

“And you wanna be a real slut?” he scoffed. “I wanna see an open-mouthed, hollow cavity winking at me! Only then you earned the title of slut!”

“Beg for it!” he hissed.

Vanessa didn’t have a choice. She was here to entertain the guys and please them with her fuckholes. His derogatory words only emphasised this purpose. She felt hurt in her pride of being the local superwhore.

“Please, sir! Tear this slut a new one! Make her ass yours!” the flame-haired beauty whispered under her breath. She was still weary of the people at the other poker table.

“Why am I slapping you?”

“Because I am a stupid, teasing whore that needs to learn how to gape like a proper slut.” Vanessa hastily replied.

Lineman and Beardman had their mouth open in awe as they watched the self-degradation of their bonus whore.

“Let’s see what beams first – those ass cheeks or that o-ring!” Greyhair simply commented before he went back to work of prying open Vanessa’s third eye.

He shoved his cock balls deep down her ass chute and started reaming her butthole again. He was in better shape than the other two guys with a lot more stamina so he kept up his speed.

After a few minutes of powerful bunghole drilling, he pulled back out to the slurping sound of Vanessa’s ass. As soon as his cock slid out, her French-nailed hands reached back and spread her ass cheeks open.

“Beam!” he mockingly shouted again.


Another blow hit her bottom. This time it reddened her right buttock. A red framed black hole was showing off between the redhead’s butt cheeks. Her anal ring had further opened up. It gaped around the size of a 10 cent coin. But it still didn’t satisfy Greyhair. So he went back to fucking Vanessa’s asshole into oblivion.

“I like fucking a beat red ass!” Greyhair grunted while thrusting his cock in and out of Vanessa’s quivering butthole.

He continued the process of fucking the redhead’s asshole loose and making her gape for his inspection. All the while, Vanessa had to bite onto her wrist to keep herself from groaning loudly while her ass was getting a major workout.



“Thank you sir for teaching this whore a lesson how to become a better slut!” To Vanessa disgrace, Greyhair made her thank him for each spanking.



“Thaaank yooouuu sirrr… for teaching this whore a lesson how to become a better slut!” Vanessa whined while trying her best to keep her voice low.

Four more stinging blows landed on Vanessa’s poor bottom. By now, her ass was on fire glowing in dark red colours. Her butt cheeks felt like raw meat rivalling her scratched juggs. The heat was spreading from her butt over her entire body and reignited the craving in her loins. Although she had come not long ago, her arousal was back with a vengeance.

Desperately, Vanessa tried to make her asshole beam properly at Greyhair. Every time he pulled out of her, she relaxed her ass and pushed her sphincter open as wide as she could. By now, her bunghole was showing telltale signs of the rough onslaught. The sore edges were jagged and welled. Once again pain was added to Vanessa’s pleasure blending to a new sensation.

Lineman and Beardman were lost for words while watching the depraved spectacle. They couldn’t believe the eagerness with which the bonus whore assisted in her own debasement. They were so excited their cocks had grown stiff again and they began jacking off.


At the sixth attempt, Vanessa used all her might to push her asshole open like a blooming flower. Accidentally, a loud fart escaped her ass. The three guys were laughing at the pathetic, panty-headed slut again. Vanessa squirmed with shame. Her face blushed deeply from embarrassment.

Her asshole was yawning at the guys. It stood open like a barn door almost reaching the size of a 50 cent coin. She was bracing herself for the next slap. But it didn’t come.

“That’s a decent gape for a slut!” Greyhair exclaimed instead.

Finally, the gape training was over. But Greyhair hadn’t cum yet. He sat down on a chair and called the bonus whore over.

“Time to do the work, fuckslut!” he ordered.

Vanessa followed his command and positioned herself in between his legs. She turned around so she was facing away from the guy. Gripping Greyhair’s straining tool, she slowly lowered herself. Her pried open asshole didn’t offer any resistance when she speared herself with his shaft. She slid down his dick until she felt his balls hitting her cunt.

Vanessa began riding Greyhair in reverse cowgirl. She pushed herself up and down his cock. She had to support her body by propping her hands against his thighs. As a result, she wasn’t able to muffle her screams of pleasure any longer.

“Ooohhh! Aaahhh!”

“Shut the slut up!” Greyhair instructed the other two guys. “Don’t wanna get interrupted.”

Beardman reacted first. He took the slut-cap and pulled it off Vanessa’s head. The ginger slut was too occupied with her pleasure to feel any relief though. The next time she opened her mouth to groan out loud, Beardman stuffed his cock into her mouth and muffled her screams.

Greyhair’s stamina was astonishing. He was fucking the bonus whore for more than fifteen minutes by now and he still didn’t seem close to cumming. He had grabbed Vanessa’s red-hot funbags and used them like handles to direct the dick-humping movements of the ginger slut.

“C’mon guys! It’s the last round. Let’s make it a free for all.” he suggested when he saw Lineman jacking off furiously.

The massive footballer complied with a smile on his face. He quickly stepped in front of the bonus whore and crammed his throbbing cock into her snatch.

“Ooouuuhhh!” Vanessa screamed around Beardman’s cock.

All three guys had their dicks stuffed into one of her fuckholes by now. She sucked on one cock while her cunt and ass were pounded with reckless abandon. They mercilessly rubbed the thin tissue separating her pussy and ass pipe. This new sensation drove Vanessa wild.

The double pounding was intense and it didn’t take long until she came again. This set-off Lineman. Abruptly, he pulled his cock out of Vanessa’s pussy and turned away. Her drilled out snatch remained open invitingly. Her glistening pissflaps alluringly fluttered around the open fuckhole.

His knees were shaking by the time her finally reached her apartment, he struggled to catch his breath. Clutched in his left hand was his high heels, he had kicked them off and started to run shortly after his encounter with the hobo. Timidly, he knocked on her door, but after a few minutes of no answer, he decided that she wasn’t home. Vicky was about to collapse onto the welcome mat when he remembered that she had given him a key, it was on the necklace he always kept around his neck since he was always losing things.

He trudged in and tossed the heels off to the side, too tired to care if Nicole became pissed with him. Maybe he could take a quick bath before she got back. His feet were caked with dirt, with gravel digging into the bed of his feet. From the back room he heard screaming, it sounded like it may be Nicole. Someone or something could be hurting her. Victor stealthily edged towards the room after he plucked a knife from the kitchen counter.


He hunched down with the knife firmly in his grip and nudged the door open. As he first walked in, he wondered if had the wrong apartment, the room was scented with the musky perfume of sex. Hovering over the bed was a slender but muscular chocolaty man. He also the wriggling flashes of creamy pink and white flesh. Strands of the ginger hair burning under the lights, it was Nicole all right. Victor also noticed her delighted expression.

“Ni—Nicole, what’s going on?” He finally stammered.

Her eyes glazed over as she smirked with him, “This is how a real man fucks, Vicky.”

Humiliation washed over him and with that said, he dropped to his knees, “What would you have of me Mistress?”


Vicky noticed that Reggie had very pretty green eyes, but when Reggie stared directly at him, he dropped his own blue eyes in shamefully. How can he ever look someone filled with such a masculinity in the eyes? It scared him to be with a man, would it hurt? Would this truly make him gay or a woman? So many questions began to flutter inside his mind, but butterflies roamed in Vicky’s stomach with curiosity. This was what his mistress wanted, Mistress Nic always got what she wanted.

Mistress Nic commanded him to suck Reggie’s cock, Reggie smirked but sweetly urged him on.

“Okay sissy,” Nic sang out, “come get your punishment. Reggie is going to make you a woman.”

“Come on Vicky. I promise it tastes like chocolate,” he said with a wink. It sent Vicky into a fit of giggles, he realized that he did sound like a girl.

He stared at Reggie’s cock, and started to panic. Nic brought out the spider gag, locking Vicky’s head in place and prying his mouth open for Reggie. Nicole gave Vicky a light kiss and seemed to pull the silk rope from out of mid-air, she bound him into a hogtie like when he was in the closet. He tried to beg for mercy, but the gag restrained him from such.

Reggie cooed, “You know that you’re a cock slut and we’re going to show you how bad you really want it Victoria.”

He then grabbed Vicky by the hair, causing him to gasp in surprise. He thought Reggie was going to be gentle, he roughly thrust his cock into Vicky’s mouth. Again and again, it was overwhelming but Vicky was starting to realize he kind of liked it. It was similar to having Mistress Nic’s strap-on in him, but entirely different. What had given him the right to be the one who started things in the bedroom, to have the upper hand? Why shouldn’t he be dominated, be the submissive one? He liked things like being called a slut. A sissy. Having no control. He was begging to have it all stop, it came out in strangled whimpers. But in reality he really wanted much more to be done.

Then Nic was jamming her strap-on down his throat just a bit at a time. He had had his eyes closed and didn’t realize Reggie had left. Suddenly, there were large calloused hands gripping his shoulders, Reggie’s firm cock entered Vicky’s ass. He explored further than Nic ever had, thrusting deeper. Vicky shuddered with delight, Nic slammed her strap-on into his face again. They worked as one, penetrating, thrusting. Sweating. Moaning. Vicky hoped that they never stopped fucking her.

A quick note from the author:

Hi. This is one of two potential second chapters to a multi-part story. If you haven’t read the first chapter yet, you should probably do that first.

This particular plot is another attempt of mine to write FDom material. If you’re not into the idea of a woman beating, dominating, and raping a man, you probably shouldn’t read it. Check out the other plot instead.

Anyways, enjoy.


Waking up, my body made it perfectly clear that it was not happy with me. My ass still stung from the abuse Rick had inflicted the night before, my body ached from sleeping on the floor. The hangover did nothing to distract me from the aches; if anything it magnified them.

Emotionally, though, I had never felt better in my life. Rick had thrown everything that he could at me the night before, and I withstood it all. The soreness would fade in time, but the knowledge that he was powerless to destroy me would last forever. He had proven himself impotent, but our agreement still stood. Best of all, I had a plan to turn the tables that I knew would work.

Several months ago, my father read in the newspaper about a handful of armed robberies in my neighborhood. Being a bit overprotective, he begged me to move. I wasn’t financially in a position where I could do that, so he asked me to buy a gun. I’m not very comfortable with weapons, so I refused that as well. Unwilling to drop it, he then bought me a stun gun and asked me to promise him to keep it in my purse – just in case. I didn’t like the idea at the time, but it seemed to make him feel better so I agreed. The stun gun had been wasting space in my purse ever since, but now it finally had a purpose. In his arrogance, Rick had left quite a bit of room in our agreement. I couldn’t ask for help, but there was no rule forbidding me from using a weapon. I think he thought that he was invincible, and I was eager to prove just how wrong he was.

Sitting up, I felt the desperate need to use the bathroom. Before I could make it to my feet, however, I felt Rick’s hand creep over my shoulder, holding me down. Irritated, I mentally added it to the list of things that I’d be punishing him for.

“The fuck do you want now?” I demanded.

“Oh, you know, normal stuff. Let’s talk about our feelings!” he laughed at me sarcastically.

“Fine,” I hissed. “Right now I’m feeling like I need to take a piss, and unless you’re feeling thirsty I feel like you should probably let me the fuck go.”

“In a minute,” he growled. “I want to discuss our arrangement, first.”

“Backing out already?” I taunted. “I had no idea you were such a little bitch.”

“Sleep does wonders for your confidence,” he observed. “Or perhaps it simply makes you more delusional. Whichever it is, I’ve got good news for you. Not only am I not backing out of our agreement, I’m interested in raising the stakes. Seeing as you seem to think your victory is inevitable, this is basically a gift.”

“Fine,” I replied, “you have my temporary interest. How would you propose that we raise the stakes?”

“Quite simple,” he answered. “Right now we’re fighting for little more than pride – the winner receives nothing more than the simple knowledge that he is stronger than the loser. I propose we put some teeth in this, and stipulate that the loser becomes the property of the winner.”

“Why on Earth would I want to own you?” I laughed. I liked the idea, but didn’t want to tip my hand by appearing too eager. “I’m really only interested in beating you to a bloody pulp; owning a worthless piece of shit falls well outside of my interests.”

“Short-sighted as always,” he sighed. “Have you considered just how easily I could monkey-wrench your entire plan? With nothing on the line, there’s really nothing stopping me from surrendering out of pure spite, handing you a hollow, meaningless victory. Think about what you know about me as a person – would it be in any way out of character for me make myself vulnerable, lead you to believe that your victory is imminent, and then whisper “I surrender” into your ear just to see the look on your face when you realize that you went through all of this for nothing?”

“Fine,” I agreed, trying not to sound too excited. “We have a deal. The winner will take full ownership of the loser. When that happens, I just hope you’ll remember that this was your bright idea.”

Rick removed his hand from my shoulder and extended it. Staring him dead in the eye, I grabbed his hand and shook it. As I headed to the bathroom, I hoped that I hadn’t revealed too much.

After draining my bladder, I checked myself out in Kate’s mirror. I looked like complete shit; hardly unexpected given the previous night’s events. As the gears in my head turned, I realized I could use this to my advantage. My appearance mirrored Rick’s uninformed image of me – a beaten little girl who would never have the nerve to fight back. As long as he believed that was what I was, he wouldn’t expect my attack. Splashing some water on my face I resolved to play up this false image until the time was right.

Heading back into the living room, I found Kate standing in front of the couch. Sensing my presence, she spun around to face me, a look of pure hatred and disgust plastered on her face. I felt bad for the fact that she had been unwillingly involved last night, but I reminded myself that this was Rick’s doing – not mine.

“Kate, I know you’re angry with me,” I calmly stated, “and you have every right to be. I hope that in time we can resolve this and be friends again, but right now I think that you need some space. Please know how sorry I am, and give me a call when you think you’re ready to discuss this.”

“Don’t forgot to take your piece of shit boyfriend with you,” she hissed, gesturing at Rick.

I thought about correcting her. Rick was most certainly not my boyfriend, and no matter what happened next this was unlikely to change. I didn’t want to start a fight, though, so instead I held my tongue and left, Rick following right behind me.

“We’ve got about two hours,” I explained, once out of the building, “until I have to meet my sister for lunch.”

“Until we meet your sister for lunch,” he corrected.

“No, I’m pretty sure I meant to say I,” I replied, standing my ground. “Maybe if you beg me really nice I’ll consider it, though.”

“We’ll see,” he laughed, looking a bit confused by my confidence. “Now, are you going to follow me to my car like a good girl, or shall I remind you of your place? As an added incentive, if you cooperate I’ll let you sit in the front seat instead of the trunk.”

“You wouldn’t put me in the trunk, would you?” I exclaimed, trying my best to sound afraid.

“Try me, bitch,” he growled, clearly buying my “frightened little girl” act.

As I followed him to his car, I reflected on how easy it was to manipulate him. Anything that implied that I was afraid of him would be accepted as the truth, regardless of evidence to the contrary. Realizing that I could use this against him, I decided to put off my revenge until he did something worthy of my hatred. Getting into his car, I stowed my purse at my feet, thinking about how sweet that moment would be.

Starting the car, Rick pulled out into traffic. I considered asking him where he was taking me, but it didn’t seem like it really mattered. Hoping to build up the image, I simply sat quietly, doing my best to look nervous.

After a brief drive, Rick parked his car in front of a sex toy store on South Street. Internally, I was ecstatic – I couldn’t believe my good luck. Not only would I have a chance to procure the tools that I would need to humiliate him, I’d be able to con him into buying them. Externally, I did my best to act terrified.

“Please don’t make me go in there!” I begged. “I’ve never been in a place like that, and someone I know might see me! I’d be humiliated!”,/p>

“Well, I wouldn’t want to humiliate you,” he mocked. “Maybe I should strip you naked and carry you in by force. Would you prefer that?”

“God, please no!” I pleaded, allowing him to think he was winning. “I’m sorry, I’ll come in willingly. Please don’t punish me?”

“I’ll let it slide this time,” he laughed like an idiot. “But don’t test my patience.”

I followed Rick into the store, silently laughing to myself about his ignorance. I was glad that I put off my revenge; building up his ego would make his fall that much more satisfying. Walking down the aisles, Rick stopped before a large display of various butt plugs.

“What are these for?” I inquired, feigning ignorance and innocence.

“Well, slut,” he explained patronizingly, “these are for shoving up your ass. The nice thing is I’ll be able to plug it when I’m not using it, and then when I decide to fuck you in the ass I won’t have to waste as much time getting you ready. Since you’re being so cooperative, by the way, I’m going to reward you. You may pick out which one you like; but be warned: pick one too small, and I will punish you for it.”

His warning was unnecessary. I knew that I wouldn’t be the one wearing the plug, and I had no intention of letting him off with a smaller one. Still I needed something that would fit, which ruled out the largest ones. Picking up a medium sized one, I checked his reaction only to find that he looked unhappy with the selection. His looked changed to reluctant approval as I put it back and selected one slightly larger. I just hoped that he would remember that he wanted to go big when the time came.

Walking further down the aisle, we passed a selection of strap-ons. Rick ignored them, but I lingered. Realizing that I wasn’t following obediently behind him, he turned to see what I was doing.

“God, you wouldn’t buy one of these, would you?” I whimpered.

“Why on Earth would I, you stupid bitch?” he laughed back. “In case you’ve forgotten, I have the real thing, and I think I proved last night that it works just fine.”

“That wasn’t what I was thinking at all!” I protested, baiting the hook. “Never mind, forget I said anything.”

“You don’t tell me what to do,” he warned. “And you are on extremely thin ice. Explain what you were thinking, and do it quickly.”

“I’m sorry!” I pleaded. “I’ll explain, just please don’t be mad? Last night, I think it’s pretty obvious that if Kate wasn’t there, Jack would have jumped right in and joined you. I hate the idea of being turned into a whore for my friends’ use, but I guess I can’t really stop you. I’ve been worrying about that a lot, to be honest. The only real upshot is that most of my friends are female, so at least I don’t have to worry about you letting them fuck me. If you had something like this, though, I’m afraid some of them might actually take you up on the offer.”

“Pick one,” he ordered, oblivious as always.

Looking over the selection, I picked up one that was approximately the same size as the butt plug that I had picked earlier. Rick shot me a look of disappointment, but didn’t object. Before I could swap it for a larger one, though, he turned and continued down the aisle, beckoning for me to follow.

Not wanting to push my luck, I remained silent for the rest of the Rick’s perverse shopping spree. He picked up a handful of additional items – rope, lubrication, handcuffs; nothing too unexpected. After paying for the toys he led me back to his car, forcing me to carry the goods.

As I got into the car I tossed the bags into Rick’s back seat. Jumping in the front seat, I quickly grabbed my purse and reached inside before Rick could get in the driver’s seat. Feeling the cool, black plastic of the stun gun, I quickly pulled it out and hid it behind my back.

Rick got in and started the car. As he drove off, I continued to play the part of the terrified little girl, far too afraid to ask what was going on. Focusing on the grin on his face, I looked forward to the time when I would wipe it off.

After driving a few minutes, Rick pulled into an empty parking lot. Parking his car at the edge furthest from the stores, he shot me a menacing look. Playing along, I gulped loudly.

“Strip,” he ordered.

“Please don’t hurt me,” I whimpered, grabbing my shirt as if to pull it off.

Buying into my act, Rick reached to the back seat for the bag of toys he had just bought. Struggling to reach, I saw my opportunity and jumped on it. With a single, fluid motion I whipped the stun gun out from behind my back and jammed it into his ribs as hard as I could. Before he had time to react, I pulled the trigger and pushed it into his body hard.

Disappointingly, he didn’t scream – though he did twitch, and quite a bit. As a crackling noise filled the air, I wondered how long I should apply the shock. Not wanting to risk a counterattack, I kept it up for a good ten seconds before taking my finger off the trigger. Rick’s body collapsed uncomfortably between the two front seats, heaving with his gasps for air.

“You fucking cunt,” he hissed. “That’s fucking cheating.”

“Please don’t be mad at me,” I laughed, mimicking my pleading from earlier. “Let me make it up to you. Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it!”

“Throw that fucking thing out the window and get naked, bitch,” he demanded. His ignorance amazed me.

“What’s that?” I asked. “You want me to shock you again? I don’t see how that will help, but I guess you’re the boss.”

Jabbing the stun gun back into his ribs, I again shocked him. Feeling merciful, I only went for a couple seconds. He was clearly immobilized; I just wanted to remind him of his place.

“Okay,” he panted. “I get it. You’re mad, I crossed the line. I’m sorry. Let’s call a truce, okay?”

“Rick, honey,” I soothed, gently stroking his back, “you’re not surrendering this easily, are you? I haven’t even gotten a chance to pay you back for last night. I guess it’s okay if you are, though. As I recall, that would make you my property – meaning that I’ll still have my revenge.”

“Fuck you, cunt,” he hissed. “I’ll never surrender. You’ll have to fucking kill me first.”

“Fine by me,” I laughed, preparing to stun him again.

“Wait!” he cried. “I’m sorry, please don’t shock me again.”

“Is that fear in your voice?” I laughed. “I don’t blame you if it is. You’d have to be insane to not be terrified right now. However, if you cooperate, I promise I’ll be relatively gentle. You can start by getting your ass out of the driver’s seat and into the trunk.”

“I can’t,” he whined. “I swear to god, I would if I could, but I can’t move my body.”

“Poor baby,” I mocked. “I’m pretty sure that you could if you tried hard enough. This says to me that you either think that I’m stupid enough to believe your bullshit, or that I’m too afraid to shock you again. Which is it, Rick? Am I a coward, or an idiot?”

“That’s not what it is!” he cried. “I swear to god, Sara, I would move if I could. Just give me a minute to catch my breath?”

“Like you gave me a minute to catch mine last night?!” I shouted, filling with rage as the memories of his cruelty returned to my mind. “You’re pushing me, Rick, and you don’t want to do that. Do yourself a favor and shut the fuck up before you dig your hole any deeper. Now, I’m going to count to ten. If you’re still in the car when I finish, I swear to god you will regret it.”

As I slowly counted to ten, Rick’s body stirred into motion. Gradually crawling back into an upright position in his seat, he slumped up against the door. Fumbling, he eventually found the handle and pulled it, causing the door to open and his body to fall out onto the pavement. Pleased with myself, I reached into the back seat and grabbed the bags with ease; removing the handcuffs, rope, and butt plug.

Walking around the front of his car, I found Rick’s body on the ground. Struggling to breathe, he looked up at me with a look of sheer terror on his face. Smiling back at him I noticed that his feet were still inside the vehicle. Increasing my pace, I ran up to him and kicked him hard in the ribs. Enjoying the groaning noise he made as my foot slammed into his torso, I kicked him a few more times for good measure.

“I instructed you to get out of the car,” I explained. “I didn’t say “get all of your body except for your feet” out of the car. I can’t have you misinterpreting my instructions like that. You understand, don’t you?”

“Yes,” he whimpered.

“Good bitch,” I laughed. “Let me give you a chance to prove it. I want you to sit up straight. I do not want you to dawdle or waste time, and I certainly don’t want to hear any excuses.”

Rick struggled to comply with my order. If it were anyone else, I’d be worried that I had hurt him bad, but I figured that if the worst that Rick got out of this was a couple of broken ribs then he had gotten off light. It took him a bit longer than I’d have liked, but he eventually made it to an upright position. Once sitting up, I brought his hands behind his back and cuffed them together. Wanting to be thorough, I then wrapped the rope around his torso several times before tying it tight behind him.

“See how merciful I can be?” I taunted. “Since you obeyed my order like a good little bitch I’m not going to have to punish you – at least not yet. Try to keep up the good behavior and get your slut ass in the trunk.”

Rick struggled to get to his feet. Truth be told, I doubt he could have pulled it off before I bound him, and being tied up wasn’t helping his balance. Ignoring his struggles, I leaned over him and pulled the trunk release. Seeing that he had made no progress, I sighed heavily and helped him to his feet, then led him to the trunk. He paused in front of it, unsure how he would climb in. Feeling that he was testing the limits of my patience, I punched him in the back. Crying out in pain, he awkwardly tumbled into the trunk. After helping him get his legs into the trunk, I carefully placed the butt plug directly in front of his eyes.

“If you hadn’t stopped me,” I reminded him, “I’d have picked a smaller one. Hell, if it had been up to me, I might have picked the smallest one they had. I want you to really look at this, and think about how it’s going to feel when you are forced to take it. Keep that thought in your mind, and remember that you wanted it big.”

Slamming the trunk shut, I felt a wave of pride wash over me. Yes, Rick had won last night’s battle, but he’d pay for every indignity that he forced upon me. Enjoying the sense of control, I hopped in the driver’s seat and drove home, ignoring his muffled moans of pain.

Parking the car, I looked around and found the street deserted. I walked back to the trunk with my stun gun ready. I was a bit concerned that Rick might have gathered his strength and escaped his bonds, and wanted to be prepared. Popping the trunk, though, I found that this was not the case. Rick was right where I had left him, still tied up, still pathetically helpless. Seeing the stun gun in my hands, a look of sheer terror came over his face.

“Poor little fella,” I taunted, gently stroking his hair. “You’re in a lot of pain, and you don’t want me to shock you again, do you?”

“No, please,” he whimpered.

“Well, good news,” I explained. “I don’t want to have to shock you either – though I will if I need to, and I promise I won’t feel even a little bad about it. Now, I’d like you to show me how obedient you can be, and kiss my stun gun. Hopefully my trigger finger doesn’t slip; I don’t think it would feel good on your face.”

As I extended the weapon, Rick leaned forward timidly to kiss it. Enjoying his obvious terror, I rubbed my finger over the trigger. Staring intently at my fingers, a tear rolled down his face.

“That’s a good little bitch,” I commended him. “Now, let’s get that slut ass inside. You’ve had enough rest that I think you should be strong enough to crawl out of the trunk, and I’m sure you’re excited to try out your new toys.”

Rick looked relieved to have the weapon out of his face, but clearly wasn’t strong enough yet to crawl out of the trunk. Impatiently, I tapped my foot as he struggled to thrust his upper body over the lip. Balancing his weight on the lip, he looked up at me as if to ask for help. No longer feeling patient, I grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him out of the car, allowing him to painfully fall to the ground.

“You’re moving entirely too slow, bitch,” I warned. “I’m going to gather up your little toys. By the time I’m done, you had better be on your feet and ready to move.”

Ignoring his whimpering, I returned to the car and gathered up the bags. Turning around I was surprised to see that he had actually managed to make it up to his feet, though was clearly having trouble keeping up. Openly laughing at his pain, I grabbed the butt plug out of the trunk and headed into my apartment building, motioning for him to follow.

Rick managed to keep up with my brisk pace, which was fortunate. I didn’t feel the slightest bit of guilt over my actions, but I wasn’t hoping for my neighbors to find out. Entering my apartment I shoved him to the floor and locked the door behind us.

“The bedroom is over there,” I coolly explained, gesturing in the appropriate direction. “Get your ass in there, and climb into the bed. Try to do it without taking an eternity, my patience is wearing thin.”

Rick groaned loudly as he struggled to his feet and began walking. Feeling that he was moving too slow, I gently kicked him in the ass. Feeling that he deserved worse, I kicked him again, a bit less gently. Enjoying his humiliated sobs, I continued kicking him until he finally made it to the bed and fell in.

“Lie flat on your front,” I instructed, picking up a pair of scissors from my dresser. “I’m going to cut you free, but only long enough that I can tie you up in a different position. If you make any moves other than what I instruct, I’ll shove my stun gun between your legs and teach you the true meaning of pain.”

Rick complied with the order, rolling over on his stomach and holding still. Holding my stun gun to his ass with one hand and the scissors with the other I cut him free from the ropes, then unlocked the handcuffs. I don’t know if it was fear of abuse or if he was just too weak to try anything, but he held still the entire time. Once I had him free I took a step back, leaving the cuffs on the bed.

“Good slut,” I praised him. “Now, let’s get you out of those nasty clothes. Strip naked, and then cuff your right wrist to the bed post. Once that’s done, I want you to lay your left wrist by the opposite post and close your eyes.”

Rich groaned in humiliation, but obeyed. Once he had completed the tasks and closed his eyes, I quietly approached him, stun gun in hand. Once close enough, I dropped my knee onto his wrist to pin it down. Rick winced in obvious pain as I tied the wrist to the bedpost. I almost felt bad for hurting him like that, but it was what I needed to do to make sure that he didn’t try anything.

Having secured his arms, I got up and went to work on his legs, lashing each ankle to a bed post. That job complete I lied down next to him, hoping to give him time to take in the situation. Gently stroking his chest, I looked him in the eye, taking great pleasure in his terrified appearance. I would have given anything to know what was running through his head at that moment.

“So,” I said, breaking the silence. “I’m going to fuck you in the ass. I’d like to know how that makes you feel.”

“Sara, please don’t do this,” he begged. “I swear to god, I’ve learned my lesson. You can beat me some more, you can shock me, I don’t care, but please don’t fuck my ass.”

“I don’t know, if I keep beating on you you’ll probably die,” I mused. “You’re not exactly in great shape, you know. Then I’d have to bury your flabby ass, and really, I just don’t feel doing that.”

“Please,” he pleaded, “I obeyed your orders, I know my place. I’ll do anything else, but I’m begging you, don’t fuck me in the ass!”

“I suppose you have been obedient,” I admitted. “However, I’m not so sure that you’ve learned your place. I do enjoy the begging, but I’d like to hear you describe your role here more explicitly. Refer to yourself as an obedient little slut pig, and suggest some activities I could engage in instead of fucking you like the bitch we both know you really are. Make it convincing, and maybe we’ll work something out.”

Rick stared at me, a mixture of shock and contempt on his face. I assumed that his pride was simply overpowering his fear, and picked up the strap on. As I removed it from the package, his tone quickly changed.

“Wait!” he begged. “I’m sorry. Please don’t fuck your little slut pig in his dirty little asshole. Please fuck my mouth instead? I promise I’ll get you off like the good little bitch I am!”

“I guess that could be a bit more enjoyable for me in some ways,” I agreed. “I’ll make a deal with you. You have five minutes to get me off. Succeed, and you might just be able to keep your asshole virgin, at least for now.”

Slipping out of my pants, I climbed up over Rick’s face and pulled my panties to the side. Lowering myself, he eagerly raised his head to meet me. I was a bit disappointed at just how eager he was – I wanted this to be abusive, not fun. As his tongue made contact, I quickly realized why he was so happy to accept my deal.

Rick may have been a piece of shit, but he clearly knew how to pleasure a girl with his mouth. As he went to work on my clit I realized that five minutes was entirely too much time – he could likely have gotten me off in half of that. Not wanting to give in so easily, I did what I could to sabotage his efforts – playfully slapping him across the face, grinding my crotch back and forth; but nothing seemed to faze him. After only a couple minutes, I felt my orgasm rapidly approaching. As much as I wanted to cum, I couldn’t let him off the hook so easily. Steeling my willpower I forced myself to dismount his face.

“That was fucking pathetic,” I lied through my teeth. “I’m going to do you a favor and stop you early. You’ve proven how inept you are, I see no reason to embarrass you for the full five minutes.”

“Yeah, that’s what it is,” he laughed sarcastically. “I’m sure you hated every second of my terrible performance.”

It was the wrong thing to say. He might have had some talent, but he absolutely did not have the right to correct me. He needed to realize that, and I knew how to educate him. Enraged, I picked up the strap-on.

“Wait, I’m sorry,” he pleaded, realizing the seriousness of his mistake. “I didn’t mean to question you, please don’t be angry. Please, just come back and fuck your slut’s face a little more. I promise I’ll try harder, and even if you cum I’ll understand that it was in spite of my incompetence. Please forgive your little piggy?”

“Too late,” I growled, strapping the dildo into place.

Approaching the bed, I savored Rick’s obvious terror. He continued to beg, but I wasn’t about to let him talk his way out of this one. Still, I didn’t want to cut his suffering short. Realizing that I had time, I straddled his chest and aimed the tip of the dildo at his mouth.

“Thank you so much,” he gushed. “I’ll be a good little slut and suck your cock all you want. I promise you won’t regret it.”

His submission pleased me, but I didn’t want him to get too comfortable. Inching the plastic dick back, I made him reach for it. Laughing as he strained his neck to reach, I continued to wiggle further and further back, until he could just barely touch the tip with his tongue. As he struggled to reach, I reached back and slapped him hard across the face, sending his head flying back into the pillow.

Rick stared up at me with a surprised look on his face. He clearly didn’t like being slapped, and was likely struggling not to say something that he’d regret. I looked at him with mocking eyes, as if to ask him what he was going to do about it. To my surprise, he managed to pass my test – rather than question my actions he simply lied back, his mouth agape in shock. Figuring that it was cruel to taunt him like this, I decided to give him something to do with his mouth. Inching forward, I positioned the tip of the dildo at his mouth and rammed it in hard.

“I hope for your sake that you can suck cock better than you eat pussy,” I warned. “This is your last chance. If you can’t get me off this time, I’ll have no choice but to fuck that tight little slut ass of yours. Understood, pig?”

Rick tried to say yes, but found it difficult to do so with the plastic cock rammed down his throat. I considered taking it out so that he could answer, but didn’t see any real reason to. It didn’t matter if he agreed or even understood, as he had no say in the decision anyway. Unable to answer verbally, Rick instead tried to demonstrate his compliance by bobbing his head back and forth as much as our positioning would allow, eagerly sucking on the dildo. Surprisingly, this was actually quite pleasurable – the base of the dildo pressing against my crotch with each thrust of his head. Enjoying myself, I let him degrade himself for several minutes until his thrusts slowed. As his actions became almost insultingly labored, I pulled the dick out of his mouth.

“Giving up already, slut?” I demanded.

“No,” he cried, “I’m sorry, I’m not giving up. My neck hurts really bad, please have mercy?”

“Your asshole is going to hurt worse,” I reminded him. “And after last night, I think it’s established that you most certainly do not deserve mercy.”

“I know I don’t,” he admitted. “I know that I deserve everything that you’ve done to me and worse. You’re a better person than me, though – everyone knows it. I guess I’m hoping that you’ll show mercy to your slut, even though I don’t deserve it.”

“I’m glad you’re finally beginning to understand,” I praised, gently stroking his face. “I suppose I can cut you some slack, just this once. Don’t forget that you don’t deserve it, though – I don’t want you getting spoiled.”

Rick opened his mouth to thank me, but I wasn’t interested in conversation. Forcing the dildo back into it, I gradually moved my hips forward, forcing it deeper into his throat. His distressed moans suggested that he didn’t enjoy this treatment, but that wasn’t my problem. Ignoring his suffering, I continued forcing it deeper and deeper, until his nose butted up against my belly button. Surprised and a bit impressed that he could swallow such a large object, I held the position for a couple seconds as he struggled against his bonds.

“Once again, you manage to disappoint me,” I sighed. “I show you mercy, you show me a disgusting lack of gratitude. A slut like you ought to be thrilled to have its owner’s cock rammed down its throat, yet instead of moaning like a bitch in heat, here you are acting like you’re in pain.”

Dismounting him, I ignored his apologies and grabbed the butt plug. Coating it in lube, I held it immediately in front of his face, making sure that he could get a sense for the size. Rick quickly shut up, his eyes widening in terror of what he knew was about to happen.

“You’ve failed me, yet again,” I explained. “Maybe it was my fault for letting you off with such mercy. Either way, you need to be punished. I’m going to give you another chance to demonstrate your lack of oral prowess, but this time, you’ll have this up your ass the entire time. Understood?”

Rick reluctantly nodded. He knew that he was beaten; there would be no talking his way out of this one. He looked like he was about to cry.

“I’m glad you understand,” I soothed, moving the plug closer to his face. “Now give it a kiss to show your respect, and brace yourself – I’m done with playing gentle.”

Rick leaned forward and gently planted a kiss on the tip of the butt plug. Savoring his fear, I slowly pulled the plug away from his face, dragging the tip downward along his chest. Reaching his crotch, I found a surprise – Rick was rock hard.

“Looks like a certain little slut doesn’t hate its punishment as much as it’d like me to believe,” I laughed. “I can’t say I’m surprised, though. You are a disgusting creature; I should expect you to act in disgusting ways. Still, I hope you don’t think I’m going to have anything to do with your filthy little pecker.”

Rick groaned in despair as I positioned the tip of the butt plug at his anal opening. Applying firm pressure, it slid in more easily than I would have expected. After the first inch, though, I began to feel resistance.

“You really should try to relax,” I suggested. “You don’t have a choice as to whether or not this is going up your ass, but you do have a choice as to how much you cooperate. Help me get it up there, and I promise I’ll leave it in place for the time being. Resist, and I might just fuck you with it for no other reason than to watch you suffer.”

Rick didn’t answer verbally, but he did scoot his ass down, doing his best to force the plug inside. Enjoying the act of forcing him to humiliate himself, I simply held the butt plug in place, allowing him to do all the work. It took a while, but eventually he managed to get it all the way in, groaning in humiliation the entire time. With the plug in place, I again mounted his chest.

“I bet you’re glad you insisted on a large one now,” I taunted. “Who’s the real size queen here, slut?”

“I am,” he confessed. “I’m sorry that I said such a false thing about you. It was very wrong of me, and I’m glad you’re teaching me a lesson.”

“Save it, whore,” I spat, slapping him across the face. “Your mouth exists to get fucked, not to speak.”

Plunging the strap-on back into his mouth, I again slowly forced it in as far as I could. Holding it in position, I was pleased to find that Rick had learned from his earlier correction. He was still clearly uncomfortable and having difficulty breathing, but he did his best to feign pleasurable moans. Taking pity on his situation, I withdrew the cock a bit and allowed him a moment to compose himself. Not wanting to spoil him, I then fucked his face in earnest.

It was a lot more fun than I expected. With each thrust the base of the dildo rubbed up against my clit bringing physical pleasure, but more important was the feeling of power. I had total control over the situation – I could go rough or gentle, shallow or deep, and all he could do was make wet gargling noises.

Unfortunately, it was also quite tiring – my position wasn’t quite ideal, and I found that I could only go for a couple minutes before having to rest. I didn’t want to give him a chance to embarrass himself by misusing his mouth as an instrument of communication again, so I simply thrust the dildo as deep as I could and relaxed. I doubt that Rick enjoyed that, but he diligently did his best to convince me otherwise.

I continued in this manner for several minutes, occasionally slapping him or pinching his nose shut, just to flaunt my power. I could have gone for hours if I wanted to, but I did have to meet my sister for lunch and I still felt he needed to have his asshole raped. Reluctantly, I withdrew the cock from his mouth, marveling at the layer of saliva and tears coating his face.

“I’m sorry to have to say this, slut,” I sighed, “but it’s just not enough. I’ve given you much, much longer than five minutes, and you still haven’t made me cum. I don’t think it’s a time thing, either – you’re just a miserable failure. You know what that means, don’t you?”

“You’re going to fuck me up the ass?” he whimpered, lowering his eyes in shame.

“I’m glad that you understand that you’ve left me no other options,” I said. “I’m not heartless, you know. In fact, if you cooperate fully, I promise I’ll go gentle – at first, at least. You’ll be getting fucked hard before I’m done either way, though. Now, show me what an obedient little whore you are and beg your owner to fuck your slut asshole. Make me understand how much you want this.”

Rick’s face contorted in emotional distress. He obviously didn’t like the idea of begging for his own violation, but he understood that refusing my order would only make it more painful. I had no idea what he would do, but it didn’t really matter.

“Please fuck your whore, owner!” he blurted out after a few seconds, obviously struggling to make such a request. “Please shove your plastic cock in my dirty little asshole. I’m begging you, please fuck my ass!”

“I suppose if you’re that desperate, it would be cruel not to,” I laughed, moving towards his ankles. “Since you’re being such an obedient fuck toy, I’m going to free your legs so that you can participate more. Now, before you get any bad ideas in that empty whore head of yours, I need you to understand. If you kick me, or use your legs in any way other than facilitating your ass-fucking, I will make you suffer worse than you can possibly imagine. Is that clear, bitch?”

“Yes, owner,” he whimpered. “I promise I’ll only use my legs to help you fuck my asshole. Thank you for trusting me.”

Rick showed me his compliance immediately after I severed the bonds on his ankles by lifting his knees into the air, providing me access. Laughing, I removed the butt plug and moved into position. Taking his ankles in my hands, I moved them up so that his legs were straight. Surprisingly, Rick didn’t resist in the slightest, allowing me full control over his body.

Aiming the tip of the strap on, I watched a look of panic creep over his face as he realized the time had come. Wanting to savor his expression, I lingered for a few seconds before gradually pushing the dildo in. As his facial expression changed to one of pain he turned his head to the side.

“Don’t you fucking look away!” I demanded, releasing his ankle to slap him hard across the face. “You’re going to maintain eye contact until this is in you all the fucking way. I want you to describe what you’re feeling, in graphic detail.”

“It hurts!” he cried.

“And I can make it hurt worse,” I warned. “God knows you’d deserve it, too. I don’t give a fuck how much it hurts. What I want to know is how you feel, knowing that your owner is using your asshole for the first time.”

“It’s humiliating,” he moaned. “I feel completely powerless against you; totally at your mercy.”

“What else?” I hissed, enjoying his feedback.

“I guess it feels right in a way,” he admitted with struggle. “I brought this on myself, and I know that I deserve worse. It’s fucked up, but I’m honestly glad that you’re doing this. Thank you, owner. Thank you for teaching your slut a lesson.”

Something about his tone led me to believe that he was actually sincere, not just saying what he thought I wanted to hear. The idea was strange, but not undesirable – I honestly enjoyed the power I had over him, anyway. Wanting to reward his honesty, I leaned forward and kissed him deeply. Pushing his knees back I forced the dildo further in until it was fully buried. He groaned a bit, but never stopped kissing back.

“I appreciate your honesty,” I said, breaking the kiss. “Let’s explore this a bit. Tell me what you think I should do. You have my permission to speak freely.”

“I think you should use me however you wish,” he answered.

“That’s a shitty cop-out,” I hissed, slapping him lightly across the face while pushing the dildo in hard. “I said you have permission to speak freely, not that you have permission to dodge the question.”

“I’m sorry, owner,” he whimpered. “To be honest, you should probably stop being so merciful with me. I wasn’t half as merciful as you, and I don’t deserve such gentle treatment. I hate to admit it, but I think you should probably fuck me as hard as you can.”

“That’s a good slut,” I praised, stroking his face. “And I have some good news: that’s exactly what I was planning to do regardless of your answer.”

Leaning back, I raised his ankles high into the air, aiming them at the ceiling. Rick trembled in fear a bit, but did not resist. Slowly sliding the strap-on out of his ass, I looked him in the eye and rammed it back in hard, causing him to wince in pain. Enjoying the helpless look on his face, I repeated the process, again and again.

As he had pointed out, he deserved no mercy – and that’s exactly what I showed him. Fucking hard into him, I ignored his pained yelps and enjoyed myself. I liked seeing him squirm. I liked being in complete control. I really liked the way the base of the dildo kept grinding into my clit. I liked it all so much that I didn’t stop, even when his pathetic whimpering gave way to pleasurable moaning.


I had a decent nights sleep somehow. Despite the stomach churning worry of what I was letting myself in for during the rest of the week, I was physically tired from the stress and rigours I’d already been put through.

I’d set the alarm on my phone to 7.30 and as I groggily reached to turn it off and started to consider what today had in store for me, my feelings of humiliation started almost immediately.

It crossed my mind that Nick was supposed to control every part of my life for this week and with a sense of burning shame and feeling like some sort of school girl incapable of making her own choices, I reflected that I didn’t know what I was supposed to be wearing!

I sat up in the bed nervously, dressed only in my silk pyjamas that I had on in bed. I looked around and decided on a quick shower, delighting in the good fortune that the room had en-suite facilities. As I ran a hot shower and squirted soapy gel all over myself, my mind started to run through the erotic events of yesterday and how much I had enjoyed them.

I mentally recalled how hard Nick had fucked me last night. The thought of his stiff tool wreaking havoc inside me created a whirling knot of lust in my tummy, and was probably the reason why my fingers had almost automatically reached for my clit.

I had one hand swirling over my breasts, one hand rubbing lavishly between my legs as warm water washed over my body and lust washed over my mind. As the soap started to run off me, I tried to come to my senses and reluctantly pulled my fingers away from my arousal.

I could easily have come there and then but I wanted to remain ‘on heat’. I knew I’d have to perform sexually, possibly even in a few minutes hence with some difficulty and realising it was always so much better when I was on edge and horny; I washed my hands, did a final rinse and stepped out the shower and dried myself off.

I returned to the bed and went back to my initial dilemma, what to wear? With lust and horny thoughts still washing through me, I had a bold idea. I put my dressing gown on and sat by the chair in front of the bedroom mirror and dried my hair, running my brush through it wondering if I dared to go through with it.

I was here to explore my feelings of humiliation and domination and the whole point of this week was to push my limits, I had to meet Nick part of the way with this even if it did terrify me. I was going to do it.

I stood up nervously, let my gown drop to the floor and completely naked, opened my bedroom door and walked into the main living room. As I’d expected, Nick wasn’t up yet so trembling from nerves but determined, I walked across the room to his bedroom and knocked. He surprised me by answering almost immediately, pulling the door almost violently inwards with a rush. As he clapped eyes on me standing there totally naked, I could see his expression of surprise, mixed with some amusement and not a little lust.

“I see you mean business today Rosie. Good girl, that’s the attitude. Hadn’t even thought ahead to give you any instructions for today but being butt naked ready to service me is a good start!”

As he said this, I looked him up and down. He had only just woken up himself and had only boxer shorts on. The movement of his luscious prick inside them was evident already.

I took a sharp intake of nervous breath as he reached over and practically slapped the palm of his hand forcefully onto my left breast, pushing it inwards, mashing it roughly between his fingers and making my flesh sting a little; enjoying my nakedness and totally voluntary self-humiliation that I had served up to him.

“Love those tits!” He said, looking me in the eye and seemingly thinking about what to do with me next as he mauled me. Just standing there naked in front of him, so exposed and so vulnerable and almost delighting in the fact that I had self-humiliated myself already, caused me to breathe raggedly as I enjoyed the rough mauling of his hands on my tits.

I was brought back to my senses as Nick removed his hands quite suddenly, almost causing me to topple forwards. I looked at him to see what was going on. Nick had taken a step back and was looking all over my body. My pussy tingled as I felt his gaze fall between my legs and I blushed realising it was practically his for the week, to take as he pleased whenever and wherever and ‘it’ was wet already.

“Go and kneel on the floor in the middle of the room while I take a pee. When I come back, you’ll be tasting this cock again slut!” He barked, a practically evil looking grin on his face. I looked him in the eye and turned around obediently to comply.

A fresh wave of indignity swept over me as I knelt on the cold laminated floor in the front room, waiting for Nick to finish his pee and ‘allow’ me to suck his fat dick. The humiliation was accompanied by a throbbing pussy and a tight, knotted abdomen, my lust was taking over me already and I was already savouring the thought of Nick’s rod impaling my throat again.

I wouldn’t have long to wait as he strutted out of the bathroom arrogantly, striding towards me. He motioned to pull his pants down and let his cock loose and I saw him smirk as he looked down at my face, which must have betrayed me again by looking eagerly and expectantly for his dick.

“Before we start, we’ll establish the morning ritual shall we? I’ll fuck your mouth in here this morning as you’re already here and ready for me and it would be rude not to.” As he said this, he smiled mockingly at me and fished his cock out of his pants.

Just as had happened in the car yesterday and in the hotel a few weeks ago, the sight of his cock, almost fully erect, seemed to have an almost hypnotic effect on me. I lost all conscious thought at the sight of it. Without realising it, I again motioned to grasp it in my hand and was denied by a swat of his hand.

“No hands, Rosie, not yet, slut!” Nick said mockingly as he proceeded to draw his foreskin back and forward slowly across his thick pipe and proceeded to give me my ‘morning ritual’ orders;

“As we’ve already said, your slut service starts at 8 each day and I’m going to use this week to get some lie-ins. I don’t want to have to think of different stuff to do every morning so I want you to schedule in a cock sucking each morning. OK!?”

I tried to re-focus on what he was saying from giving most of my attention to his cock. I caught enough to realise he wanted an answer. I could barely speak in excitement but managed an almost breathless, “Yes, Sir!” and tried better to listen to what I was expected to do;

“I want you to fix some breakfast each morning. I like breakfast in bed, nothing too fancy, some cereal and bacon on toast and some tea, something like that. You can bring it in on a tray. I want you topless, just wearing a black skirt, no knickers. Put the tray down on my bedside cabinet and without a word, get in the bed and suck my cock. Suck it deep and hard and swallow whatever I give you. When you’ve swallowed and cleaned my dick, walk out and leave me to my breakfast. Is that all clear?”

I could hardly breathe in lust and excitement. Such a scenario had almost every fibre of my body raging in need and lust. How could this fucker somehow manage to so easily hit my buttons and treat me exactly how I wanted, it was almost as if he’d read the manual to my sexual desires, he seemed to understand them more than I did myself in fact.

Again, I could hardly speak but managed, “Oh fuck, yes….that’s…clear….” He continued to wave his cock around near my face and my lust took over as I added pathetically with impatience, “Please, just let me suck your cock!”

He grinned widely at seeing my complete submission, on my knees naked begging for him to fill my mouth. He moved in closer to me so his balls dangled near my mouth. I think he intended to tease me some more but I couldn’t take it. I used his motion towards me to pretend it was his permission and I grasped the shaft of his cock.

I moaned involuntarily as I opened my mouth and stuffed the thick cock head in my mouth, turning myself on even more by reflecting that I now knew I would have this cock in my mouth at least every morning and probably more, and I was certain it wouldn’t be the only cock I had in my mouth that week, probably even that day. The thought both thrilled and scared me.

Nick made me work hard for his spunk this time. He pulled his cock out my mouth several times and made me suck his balls, he also made me stick my tongue out as much as I could and cock slapped my tongue, and trailed the head of it across my lips. After a few minutes, he was building up a rhythm, slowly and rhythmically thrusting his cock inside my mouth.

I wasn’t allowed to touch his cock so I could only keep my mouth open, clamped around his shaft as he orally fucked me and fed me his rod. I thought at one point he was about to unload but he wanted a little further humiliation of me first. Whilst sliding the shaft of his cock over my face and mouth, he chose this moment to start a conversation;

“You love sucking this cock don’t you slut?” Nick said, as he slid it across my nose and lips.

“Fuck yes, I do!” I said, quite honestly, trying to allow his cock into my mouth again but my voice reflecting the frustration of having to speak when I wanted to suck.

“And how does it feel being turned into a cock whore by a guy you don’t like?” He said, enjoying my submission even further and holding his cock an inch from my mouth.

“It feels hot, and…dirty….and wrong…!” I said, not really sure what to say, staring at his magnificent prick, hard as rock, the tight skin on the head glistening with my spittle and his own pre-cum, trying to talk as he toyed with his shaft over my lips and face.

“And I saw your eyes practically light up when I told you that you’ll be sucking me off every morning, you love that thought don’t you,” he said, showing how transparent my lust had become.

“Yes, I want to suck your cock all the fucking time!” I said, getting more frustrated with myself for being so easily toyed with but again, not lying at all; I’d always loved sucking cock and somehow sucking the cock of a guy who I resented was wildly exciting to me. The fact that it was so huge, thick and imposing helped to. He seemed to be able to read my thoughts sometimes;

“As well as the morning suck, any time I want my dick sucking this week, you’ll drop to your knees and do it. Any time I say SUCK to you, I want you on your knees. I don’t care where, or who is with us. Is that clear Rosie, would you like that?” He said, knowing the answer and making his cock bounce up and down in front of my face;

“Yes…Sir…!” I said, almost in tears either from the submission or the frustration, “Yes, I’ll suck your cock for you whenever you want…on my knees…..taking it….mmmm…” My slut talk trailed off as he decided to push his cock deep into my willing mouth. I was kneeling but lost my balance a little and wrapped my arms around his hips, pulling him into me, or more accurately, pushing his dick further into my mouth;

“And what does that make you, Rosie?” Nick said, as maddeningly he pulled his cock from my mouth again. I couldn’t believe he hadn’t come yet, he wasn’t usually a staying power kind of guy, he usually just came whenever he wanted to, but he was delighting in my degradation and his toying with me, reduced so easily as I was to his cock slut. I focused on his question, not really sure what the answer was specifically but honesty was the best policy;

“A dirty cocksucker? Your cocksucker, your cock-sucking whore…?” I offered. He smiled and seemed to approve;

“That’s right Rosie, you’re my personal cock sucker this week. I’ll fill your mouth as often as I’m able, you’ll be full of all the spunk I can make this week. Now, open your mouth!”

I groaned in lust at his words and resolved to live up to the billing. I opened my mouth wide, my role was now non-participative, I was basically watching him wank himself over me. I wanted to taste his spunk and I stared intently at the head of his cock beneath the blur of his hand as he tossed himself off. I lost sight of it as he moved his cock barely a centimetre from my open mouth. He groaned and shouted, “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” as his knees buckled against his orgasm.

He pulled his cock back one last time and held it firmly in his hand, aiming inside my mouth as his come started. He emptied his balls powerfully into my mouth and I felt the initial salty jets deep in my mouth.

Obligingly, he moved further into me and practically walked his cock into my mouth. The head of his cock fought for room in my mouth with what felt like a glass full of salty jizz. He gripped my head and started to gently fuck my mouth, his jizz smearing all over my lips and tongue and making disgusting squelchy noises in my mouth. I swallowed everything and set about tonguing all the cum off his shaft and cock head.

As I was lost in my duties as his personal cock sucker, he pulled his cock out. He looked at me almost gloatingly. Him, standing upright, stiff prick gleaming and smeared in cum, me kneeling, his cum smeared over my mouth and chin; as if this morning had confirmed all his hopes that this was for real, as if somehow he doubted I would really go through with it.

Cock and balls swinging lusciously, Nick told me he was getting dressed. He told me to put my dressing gown on and sort his breakfast out. I did this and we ate in virtual silence. He gave me some domestic instructions as I realised I was genuinely going to be his domestic slave as well as whore. As breakfast was over, he ordered me to accompany him to ‘my’ bedroom.

Without asking, he simply pulled my dressing gown clean off me and led me naked over to the bed where I was told to lie on my back and open my legs wide. Even though I should already have been getting used to this, I still blushed crimson with the easy exposure as I obligingly opened my legs and gave Nick a full view of my pussy. I was wet and throbbing down there and he knew it.

Initially though he was business-like. I hadn’t had time to look around the room yet and acclimatise but he obviously knew what was in there. He marched over to a chest of drawers and pulled out a long, thick dildo. I later learned he’d bought it especially for me when he made me give him the money back for it.

Wafting the rubber cock from side to side, he moved in between my legs and without ceremony, spread my pussy lips firmly and guided the cock slowly but relentlessly inside me. It was thick and long and my breath was shallow and ragged as I felt it spilt my pussy in two as Nick slid the rubber cock all the way inside me.

Nick left the dildo buried inside me and walked around to me, kissing me deeply, his tongue darting inside my mouth. As we kissed, he moved my hand between my legs and encouraged me to fuck myself with the dildo. I was happy to oblige, I had been turned on for ages and I was desperate for release. I quickly grasped the dildo and began to slide it in and out myself, trying my best to rub my clit with fingers or with plastic. As I started, Nick moved away and began to speak to me as my pleasure quickly built;

“So, we’ve established you’re my personal cock sucker and that you’re to suck my cock whenever I require. That’s just the start of it for me though. While in here, I’m going to be having my fill of your slutty cunt and arse whenever I fancy it. Is that clear?”

“Mmm, yes….it’s…. clear….” I said, already feeling my pussy throb in expectation of release as it was split apart by the rubber cock and responding to Nick’s verbal degradation of me.

“As you want humiliation and lots of degradation, I’m going to set you a task each day. If you remember, Paul wants some photos. I’ll raise the stakes, I want you to give him his photos and a nice dirty video too…” Nick said, grinning evilly. As he said this, I noticed he had my phone and he took 3 or 4 photos of me sprawled on the bed, fucking myself with the dildo.

“Videos of….what….mmmm….” I said, struggling to focus on anything under than my impending liquid explosion, my back arching in pleasure as I writhed in time to the plastic cock fuck.

“Videos of you being an obliging whore to all the guys you’re going to fuck of course!” said Nick, looking at me almost mockingly as he surveyed my screwed up face and my hand between my legs as I gave myself a hard seeing-to for his enjoyment. It was my enjoyment too though and I was close to cumming.

“You’re going to like that aren’t you Rosie? Fucking strangers, anyone I tell you to. Each time you do, you get a video and a photo and you get him to sign your fuck book afterwards….”

This last sentence tipped me over the edge, I screamed and sobbed as an orgasm blazed across my body, lost in the physicality of being so full of dildo but just as lost in lust by the depravity of my situation and just the suggestion of the humilation he was about to wreak on me, humiliation I would be entirely complicit in.

Nick paused through the deepest part of my orgasm (taking another photo I think) as I would have been unable to hear anything he said anyway but he quickly resumed to give me further details:

“I’ve done some thinking. You want this as much as I do so I’m not going to let you get away with the thought that these are things you don’t want to do. You’re going to be as much a willing part of this as me, if not more. Get yourself together and join me in the living room. No clothes!” he said, walking off and tossing my phone onto the bed.

Getting myself together meant another wash and a cold rinse of water over my face. The day had hardly started and I’d already come and sucked Nick’s cock all over my face. I didn’t know if I could last the pace. Trembling with the thought and red-faced with shame again, I walked out naked to meet Nick. He was sat on the sofa, he patted it for me to join him, ogling me again as I did;

“I’ve given this some thought and I’ve come up with some scenarios. We’ll set you a task that you have to complete each day and evidence with photos and a video,” he said, grinning at me.

“What sort of tasks?” I said nervously, “And what’s the penalty if I don’t do it?” I added, not certain I wanted to know the answer.

“The penalty is that you don’t get to do the one the day after. You go home,” he said, a smirk on his face. This was his way of ensuring we both knew I wanted this as much as he did.”

I blushed in the acceptance that he was right, going home early would be a punishment. Nick saw the defeat in my eyes and continued;

“I’ve written 5 scenarios out on these cards for you. You will do one of them each day but, you choose which one you do. The first one is today and as soon as you pick it, you’ll need to start doing it.”

He laid the five ‘cards’ out on the table. In reality, they were pieces of paper with some scrawled writing on them. I looked at him and then picked up the cards and read. They said as follows;

1.Slutty saleswoman — give 3 new clients a very good deal.

2.Birthday present — give my bro a birthday present he’ll never forget.

3.Bar Pick up — meet a stranger in a pub and fuck him.

4.Office temp who can’t get enough cock


My face turned crimson at reading them. Some were blatantly obvious, one or two only hinted at what I had to. I looked at Nick, his face was a picture of amused pleasure. He was clearly proud of the little game he had concocted and could probably read my reaction to them now. Disgust at the mental images of what I’d be doing, giddy lust at the degradation and dirtiness of it all. Nick took them back off me and said;

“You choose which one you want to do each day. Each one is a day time activity and you have to be back here by 6pm with the evidence. If you achieve your ‘target’ then I’ll reward you with a nice hard fucking. Oh and best of all, if you make it through to Saturday, I have the lads coming round for football and some TV and I think you can guess what you’ll be doing. Fail at any time and you go home the next day, after I’ve had you again one last time of course…” Paul said cockily.

I looked at him, my face blushing, “But..these are all with other people….I thought…”

“You thought you’d just be fucking me all week. I can see why you’d be disappointed but don’t worry, just do the tasks and you’ll get plenty of the Nick dick!” he said crudely, “Anyways, they should be easy for you Rosie girl, in your line of work and with you being as fit as fuck and all, guys will be falling over their own pricks to get inside you!”

I took a deep breath to collect my thoughts. I hated the idea and loved it at the same time. What was the point of being here for humiliation and degradation if I refused it when offered? I was actually surprised that Nick had so much imagination.

The Saturday gangbang was something that almost made me cum at the very thought. I was almost sick with fear and nerves but I knew this was something I had to do. Nick was silent for a minute or two before pressing me;

“What’s it to be Rosie, are you up for this or not?” he said

I looked downcast but with a slight nod of the head, I agreed. Nick nodded and smiled and waved the cards at me, “So, which one…?”

I took the cards back off him; I’d forgotten I had a choice to make. It felt so arousing to read them and for me to have to decide in what particular way I was to be humiliated that afternoon. I could hardly think but collected my thoughts and decided that number 2 or 3 at least only seemed like involving one person so being unable to decided, I went for the ‘Bar Pick Up’.

Nick nodded. I almost thought he was going to say, ‘good choice’ as if he was a waiter and I’d just chosen a nice vintage. Instead, he stood up, took my hand and pulled me into my bedroom. He practically threw me onto the bed and told me that for each task, he would give me the clothes to wear, based on the stuff he’d asked me to pack.

As I sat there still in some shock, he started rummaging through the clothes I’d already un-packed and my bag of clothes still packed. He threw clothes at me; a pair of black lace knickers, black hold-ups, a black bra, white blouse and a suede style above the knee short skirt and told me to put them on.

I stood up and put the knickers and bra on, noticing that Nick had sat himself on a chair facing me as if he was watching a film. I put each of my legs on the bed in turn as I slipped on the hold ups and then put my blouse and skirt on. Nick pointed to a pair of high heels to complete my attire.

I looked in the mirror and had to protest to Nick; “I can’t wear a black bra with this blouse, you can see right through it, ” I said exasperatedly, “..and this skirt isn’t long enough with stockings….look…”

Without thinking I sat on the bed and crossed my legs, proving to a delighted Nick that my stocking tops were clearly visible. I blushed crimson. Of course, he’d been deliberately trying for those effects, I had to signal availability in some poxy bar and these clothes would do that in a very un-subtle way. I realised this and stood up embarrassed, saying no more about it.

I won’t bore you with all the practicalities but Nick gave me a key to his flat, provided the full address so I could find it again and called a cab and got in it with me. As I was unfamiliar with the town, he got out the cab with me, showed me the town centre and the ‘decent’ bars which he said, would have the lunchtime patrons in. He even showed me one or two to stay out of, I didn’t ask why. As I was surveying the landscape, I turned to find Nick was hailing a cab and he just grinned at me and got in it, returning I assumed, to his flat.

My first instinct was that this was all too much. Here I was, a successful business woman, happily married, nice respectable life before all this happened and I was now in a strange town, 300 miles from home, dressed as a cheap whore, looking for a bar to pick up and fuck a strange guy on the orders of an arrogant prick who I didn’t even like. Any sane woman would have walked away, I went in the pub.

I chose the pub that of the three I could see, seemed quieter. That sounded contradictory but it would I thought, be pointless trying to pick up in a crowded family type pub — not that I’d ever done this before mind.

I entered with fear and trepidation, patting my skirt down as best as I could to ensure at least standing up, my stockings were out of sight beneath it. I opened the solid oak door and took the few steps over to the bar, my heels clattering on the wooden floor with each step.

Fetching my purse from my handbag, I looked up to see the barman in front of me. An old guy with droppy jowls but a friendly chubby face beneath a balding white pate.

“What can I get you love?” he said, his eyes trying not to look down to my completely visible black bra and bursting cleavage inside my blouse. I blushed at his ogling but asked for a Gin and Tonic, knowing in my arousal that my nipples were visibly outlined beneath my bra and blouse.

He did as requested and I took my glass and turned around. The bar was almost circular and had areas of tables and chairs around it, all separated by oak beams and partition walls. The first section I looked at had a couple with two kids arguing with each other. I opted to sit at the far end almost behind the bar as it seemed quieter.

There were four sets of tables in this section facing each other. There was a guy at one of them. Perfect I thought and cringed in embarrassment immediately at what I was saying to myself — it was perfect apparently that I’d found a guy on his own so I could let him fuck me. I didn’t even know what he looked like yet!

I sat down nervously facing the guy, catching his eye as I did, making sure I crossed my legs slowly, my skirt as high as I dared. I felt sure he could see my stocking tops at soon as I sat, I hoped he could. I needed to signal not only availability but ‘easy’ to him as quickly as I could.

It was probably already blatantly obvious as I’d purposely say opposite him when there were other tables and other sections of the pub empty. Once he’d noticed me, he looked across at me a few times, probably sizing me up, wondering what a single woman in a bar at lunchtime was doing there.

I toyed with my phone once or twice feigning buzy-ness but ensured I caught his eye and smiled at him, trying to look seductive through my fear and trepidation as I sipped my drink. I gained a small victory in my efforts as I motioned to raise my skirt and pretend to scratch my leg, lifting the hem of my skirt a couple of inches further and caught him looking at me. I returned a glance at him, and locking eyes, I smiled teasingly at him, a smile that said, ‘I caught you looking but I don’t mind, in fact I quite liked it.”

The look worked dramatically. My body language hopefully exuded ‘get it here’ and my guy knew it. He motioned to walk past me, glass in hand, going to the bar for another and; making it look almost like an after-thought, said to me as he sauntered past, “Err, can I buy you a drink?”

I looked up, smiled and shrugged an, “OK, sure…” as if it was a pleasant surprise but no big deal and I knew I was already on my way to taking his cock inside me. “If you make it a double…” I added trying to smile teasingly and sluttily at him. Chris looked pleasantly surprised but shrugged and set off to the bar.

He returned to my table and asked politely, with a crackly voice if he could also join me and again, I readily agreed. I learned from our awkward opening exchanges that his name was Chris, he was 44 and had been divorced from his wife for 6 months and had just that morning been for a job interview that he was convinced he had messed up.

He was just under 6 foot, seemed healthy and well-built but his manner exuded someone who was a little low in spirits and lacking confidence. Appearance wise, he had closely shaved hair, greying at the sides and ‘salt and pepper’ throughout. He had quite a sallow complexion, dull brown eyes but otherwise mildly handsome and pleasant, wrapped in a smart but cheap navy blue suit but seemingly at a low ebb. His repartee didn’t start too well either;

“My luck might be changing at last!” He said, taking a chug of his pint.

“Why so?” I said, quizzically.

“Meeting a gorgeous lady like you in a place like this,” he said, waving his arms to indicate the pub, “it’s just that things haven’t been going great for me of late. Job troubles, divorce troubles, money troubles. Troubles, troubles, troubles!” he said dramatically.

I looked at him, not sure what to say, hoping he wasn’t going to be the self-absorbed depressive type. Not that I’d be unsympathetic at any other time, but it wasn’t what I needed right then. As long as you give me a reason to I thought, you’re about to get very lucky, just chat me up even moderately well and you’ll see I’m on a plate for you, ready to be fucked.

Luckily, I think he realised himself if he was to have a chance with me, the self-absorbed start to his chat wouldn’t do the job. He probably noticed my discomfort at not knowing what to say in response. He shrugged as if to say, ‘forget that stuff, let’s start again’;

“Anyway, what brings you here?” he offered. My mind started working overtime immediately; I was already embroiled in god knows how many lies but I needed something plausible to make sure Chris could tell I was available, VERY available;

“Oh, just fancied a drink myself and my life’s been a little dull of late I suppose. I thought I’d spice things up a little!” I offered, sounding reflective and feeling my way to a place where I could offer my pussy to this complete stranger.

“Spice your life up, in here?” Chris said, a chuckle in his voice, looking theatrically at the dull pub surroundings.

I took the joke, “Well it is quite daring for a woman to drink alone in a bar at lunchtime, even this one!” I offered, smiling, and looking flirtatiously into his eyes.

“Hehe, yeah I guess it is but what do you mean, spice your life up, what sort of spice are you looking for?” Chris added curiously.

This was too easy I thought. I never realised in the space of five minutes, I could so easily offer myself up to a strange guy in a bar. I looked at Chris hard in the eyes, took a deep sigh as I tried to feign reluctance at telling him what I was about to say;

“Well it sounds a little silly, desperate even…” I said, pretending coyness, glancing nervously at him to see if he could take the bait. I noticed with satisfaction that his eyes were scanning my cleavage and my legs. I opened up my body language, stuck my chest out and tried to hitch my skirt that little bit higher, taking a nervous gulp at my second G&T.

“Sounds interesting, go on….” Chris said, moving that little bit closer to me and trying and failing to perve all over me without me noticing.

“Well, call it a midlife crisis maybe, I don’t know but, well, I have quite a dull life to be honest. I’ve never taken many risks and well, I feel ready to take some I guess.” I offered, shrugging my shoulders and hoping he’d take the bait, but looking suitably suggestive, my eyes looking deeply into his, taking another nervous sip of gin.

“Now that’s sounding even more interesting….but…well, what sort of risks are you looking to take in a mundane pub at lunchtime in a dull town?” he said, sounding intrigued and perhaps starting to get an inkling that he was about to very lucky indeed.

I had been careful thus far to lead the conversation into this territory and I did think of ramping it up gradually, subtly and suggestively but I decided that time was not on my side and what was the point of being subtle; I needed this guy to fuck me quickly so I went all in;

“Well, how about being picked up in a bar by a complete stranger at lunchtime?” I said, looking at him almost lewdly. He almost comically choked on his beer and stared back at me.

“You mean….me..? he said, “Picked up by me…?” He was almost afraid to ask as if he couldn’t quite believe his luck. I wondered just how blatantly obvious I needed to be so decided to simply tell him;

“Look, do you want to fuck me? I’m offering no strings sex, let’s go somewhere, fuck and go our separate ways, no questions asked!” I said, draining my glass and trying to rise above the crimson hot flush of my face as I behaved like the cheapest of tarts. As ever, the embarrassment was also accompanied by the lurching and jolting of my pussy. I looked at Chris through my embarrassment and noticed he wasn’t exactly jumping for joy. He looked nervous and anxious;

“Whoa…is this a set-up of some sorts? He said, “Or, well….sorry to ask, but are you a prostitute…?” I looked offended but it was mock offence as I could completely understand why he’d think that. I seized the opportunity, I was determined to secure his cock and get my evidence. I had another idea how to convince him, another lie but a convincing one;

“No hunni, this is the real deal. I know it’s sounds bloody weird but there’s no payment, no set up. I agree it’s unusual and as weird as it sounds, I’m not a slut and I’ve never done anything like this before but well, if truth be known, it’s a dare. You see me and a girlfriend of mine have set each other dares. We both have to do them. I guess were both having mid-life crises of sorts. We got drunk together one night and hatched a plan to lead more interesting and daring lives. Today’s dare is to fuck a stranger. You just got lucky!” I said, shrugging my shoulders as if that was just the way it was. I continued;

“But it needs to happen now, we can go somewhere? And……well, afterwards, during even, I need some proof!” I said, cringing inwardly at this humiliating tale and the things I was having to say.

“Proof? No way, this is some sort of blackmail thing, right? You’re going to film me doing something to you and blackmail me with the evidence!” Chris said, obviously still not believing his luck and his mindset probably reflecting his bad run of luck of late. I could hardly blame the guy. Without being too harsh on him, how often would an attractive woman have offered him sex on a plate at a dingy pub at lunchtime!

I got bolder, I felt I had to as he was freaking out a little. I took his hand and placed it on my stockinged knee. He looked down and looked back into my eyes as I felt his hand reach hesitantly up my skirt. I looked him deep in the eye, through my little gasp as his fingers trailed my thighs below the table and felt the lace of my knickers, as he looked around the bar nervously to ensure no-one had seen us.

“Take me somewhere and fuck me. No questions asked. I’ll give you my phone and you take some photos of me while you’re doing me. Whatever you want. You’ll be in control, you won’t see your face in the photos unless you want to and you can check each one after it’s been taken. But this is a one off. No strings; afterwards, we walk away and don’t see other again,” I said, surprisingly emboldened and even empowered by having to take charge of the situation, it felt almost as though I was back in work making business decisions.

Chris starting believing, “And you’ll show the photos to your friend, as proof you’ve done the dare?” He said, his hands still roaming around inside my skirt.

“That’s right,” I said, “And she’ll do the same for me. She’s a fast worker, she’s probably on her back already!” I said, smiling at Chris nervously, encouraging him to get with the programme.

He still wasn’t sure, “But…well, why me…I mean you’re so…gorgeous and well, I’m not exactly God’s gift…?” he said, trying to pull defeat from the jaws of an easy victory.

I shrugged. In this context I could tell like it is, “To be honest hun, just because you were there. You got lucky. I’ve never seen you before but that’s the whole point of the game. Total stranger.” I said, giving him a smile of reassurance. It worked;

“Well, OK then, sure, I mean wow!” Chris said, still not quite daring to believe, but my cover story and the free grope had convinced him. He looked puzzled again though, “we can go back to mine, I’m on my own but well, I’m a little embarrassed, it’s a taxi ride and I’m not sure I have enough to get us there, that last round cleaned me out…we could get a bus maybe..?” He offered apologetically.

He was very embarrassed, I felt a lovely wash of humiliation, served up completely accidently by him; not only would I offer him a ridiculously easy fuck, I would have to pay for the taxi to get us to where it would happen. I wasn’t sure whether it was actually true or if he was trying to corroborate my cover story by making me stump up some money and to not see him as a source of cash. I reassured him I’d pay and not to worry and we quickly finished our drinks and hailed a cab outside.

The cab ride was strained and awkward as we hadn’t even had time to really feel comfortable in each other’s company. I expect he was nervous and still doubting that this was for real. I was almost in shock, still not quite believing I was traveling in a taxi to be fucked by a stranger that I’d just given myself too. We hardly spoke, just exchanging coy smiles and looks but the throb in my pussy reflected the humiliating danger I was already feeling.

I asked Chris of the address and sent it to Nick as a text, telling Chris that I was texting my girlfriend to advise her where I was in case anything happened. I half-joked to him that he could be some sort of serial killer for all I knew. He smiled and assured me he wasn’t!

After what seemed like an age, Chris gave the cab driver some more specific directions and we turned into a nice suburban cul-de-sac. I had thought he’d be in a poky flat or bedsit but it turned out to be a three-bedroom bungalow, very neat and tidy. As I paid the driver and stepped out of the taxi on my high heels, I looked at my watch. It was already 3pm and I had three hours to get myself a humiliating video and some photos sorted for the benefit of both Nick and my hubby who would be sent them later.

Emboldened by the urgency and my three lunchtime gins, I took the lead by asking where the bedroom was as soon as he unlocked the door. He smiled in amazement at my near desperation and led me through the hall, across the lounge and into his bedroom. I barely noticed my surroundings but it was a typical bedroom with an obligingly large bed. Not the tidiest of rooms, dirty socks and boxers littered the floor. No time for that though I thought, get his cock inside you girl and get the evidence….

Chris sat on the bed while I stood. He smiled and said to me, “You’d better pass me your phone then, let’s give your friend some hard evidence!” I blushed a little at the double entendre but smiled, happy that he was now more comfortable and assertive with the whole thing. I slid my bag to my knee and passed him my phone.

As he was looking down at the phone, trying to work out how to use it, I nervously unbuttoned my blouse and tossed it to the floor. He looked up, about to ask me how to access the camera and video when he saw me standing there in just my black bra. His eyes lit up as they focused on my tits. I felt alive with the situation all of a sudden and lust and shame overtaking me, I determined to let my slut run wild as best I could, I actually felt empowered. I leaned over and showed him how to access and use the video feature;

“Turn the video on!” I said to him. As I saw him do it and point the phone at me, I knew I was now doing a show for three different men. I wanted to make it dirty but I was still as nervous as hell, with a voice crackling from the tension I began;

“Hi hunni,” I said looking into the camera phone(keeping the greeting gender neutral as I was conscious that I’d told Chris this was for my girlfriend) and taking a deep, nervous intake of breath continued, “You asked me to fuck a stranger so here I am. I’m just about to get my tits out for him before showing him my cunt, which is so wet he’s not going to have any trouble fucking me. As soon as I’m naked though, he’s going to film me crawl over to him and suck his cock a little! Oh, and I only met him an hour ago!” I said, blushing nervously but totally aroused at what I was doing.

That said, I followed my own script. I looked Chris in the eyes, determined to do a good slut show. Maintaining eye contact still, I drew my clammy hands behind me and I un-clasped my bra, letting it slide into my folded arms.

My face hot with the thrill of exposure, I smiled nervously at Chris before dropping my arms to my side, letting my boobs bounce into clear view. He stared and shouted ‘Wow’ as he looked freely at my jugs. I saw the lust in his eyes as he took a deep lingering look at them.

I trailed my hands over my globes before reaching down to unzip my skirt, letting it also drop to the floor so that I was now standing in just knickers, stockings and heels in front of a guy I’d met barely an hour ago, pointing a phone camera at me;

“Make sure you get this next bit hunni,” I said, as I dropped to my knees and sidled over to Chris, “I’m going to pull your cock out and suck it for you. Is that OK” I said, looking into the camera that he pointed straight at me. He moaned in response. I wasted no time, I unbuttoned him and yanked his pants and boxers down to the floor until a moderately thick cock sprang out, an inch from my face.

I looked up at Chris and into the camera as I took hold of his cock by the root, pulled his foreskin back and slid my lips over his tool. I kept eye contact porno-style as I began to suck, exaggerating my head movements as I twisted the angle of my mouth as I accepted his length feeling it stiffen all the time. I just concentrated on the head of his cock as I closed my lips around it, occasionally and almost theatrically pulling it out my mouth and licking the length up and down for the camera, while my fingers wrapped around his shaft firmly.

Chris had one hand holding the phone and one now clenching my hair. I felt him clenching tighter as his cock head lurched in and out my mouth. He was either out of practice or I had sucked so much cock of late I was now an expert but I knew just a couple of minutes in, that he would have come within a few more slides of my mouth over his pole. Luckily, he had other ideas and he took charge a little;

“Oh fuck…fuck….he said, wait!” And in doing so, pulled his prick out my mouth, “I’m not wasting this, I’m having that pussy too!” As he said this, he pulled me over to the bed and spun me around. He yanked my knickers down urgently, tossed them across the floor and shoved my legs open roughly and knelt between them. Not wasting any time, he grabbed hold of his cock and forced it into my wet snatch, grunting contentedly as he easily slid his length up me, groaning as he held is still inside me, his full shaft all the way up me.

I looked up at him obligingly as he started to hump me slowly. He smiled back, getting a good feel of my tits and sliding his hands all over my body. I thought of him as a starving man in front of a feast, determined to get his fill of whatever he could while I was offering it to him on a proverbial plate. In fact, I felt more like a cheap whore right there and then than I did with Nick. With Nick it was some sort of game but as Chris pumped me full of dick, I felt like the obliging whore who had offered her cunt to him when seemingly no other woman would.

I felt wonderful at that moment as I saw the lust and need in Chris’ eyes as he watched his slippery shaft drive in and out of this cheap slut who he’d only just picked up in a bar. He remembered to film now and then. In between times, he placed the phone on my stomach as he concentrated more on shafting me, his hands moving to my hips to give himself balance as he let me have it. Whether he sensed it was what I wanted or just wanted to talk, he began to offer me some delicious humiliation;

“Fuck, I can’t believe I’m doing this,” he said in time with his cock strokes, “I have to say babe, you’re one easy lay!” He said it with a smile, intended as a joke but it sent a jolt of pleasure across my body and intensified what pleasure I was getting from his fuck strokes. Revelling in the humiliation I tried to goad him into more;

“Mm yes, fuck me hard honey, I’m so easy, do me like a cheap tart. Use my pussy….” As I said this, I drew my hand down to my clit and began to toy with myself. My dirty talk got him more fired up and he fucked me with gusto, a full thrust as he went deep up me, his balls bouncing beneath his shaft;

“Sorry to say it hun, but you really are a cheap tart! I only met you an hour or two ago. I’m nothing much to look at and I haven’t had a shag in months but here I am filming you taking my dick just so you can win a bet, I wish there were more girls as easy as you!”

He paused as he said this, resting his cock up to the hilt inside my pussy. He was trying to last out and enjoy his easy fuck for as long as he could. He resumed slowly but persistently after a minute or so and also resumed his chat; “in fact, I’d be prepared to bet there is no friend, it’s just an excuse isn’t it? A cover story so you can get some afternoon cock inside you?”

This development sent me wild with excitement, my pussy lurched erotically, I was loving the humiliation and I was going to join in with him and help him do it, “Oh fuck yes, you’re right, there is no friend. I was just in the bar waiting to be picked up,” I said, groaning through his full thrusts, my clit throbbing in my fingers;

“I’m such a slut, I just need cock all the time. I love being such an easy fuck, slam that dick inside me, use me like the cheap tart I am!”

As he did just that, the fingers in my clit and his cock inside me sent me over the edge and I came obligingly for him, groaning loudly as the world went fuzzy. He looked at me and grinned, seemingly happier that I was here just because I was a dirty slut rather than someone fulfilling a bet.

“You nasty whore, mmmm….” Chris said. As he did so, he pulled his cock clean out of me and stood up. He pulled me onto my knees urgently. One hand on his cock, and one holding the camera phone, he said, “I’m going to treat you like the whore you are and empty my nuts all over your face, are you ready, here it comes!”

There wasn’t even time for me to answer, Chris groaned, his hand gripping his shaft and I felt his knees shudder and that now familiar sensation of spunk splashing against my face as he coated my nose and mouth at close range. Getting in the full spirit of it now, he smeared his cock horizontally across my lips before collapsing in a heap on the floor, the phone falling to the ground. I leaned back on the bed exhausted by the action, sperm already running down my face.

A minute or two later, and a very different Chris piped up;

“Oh my God, Rosie, I’m so sorry!” He said, his voice shredded with nerves.

I looked at him puzzled, “Sorry for what?” I said, looking back at him with his come all over my face but not knowing what he was talking about.

“For saying all that shit, calling you a whore and stuff, I just got carried away, it’s been so long since I…and well..I lost it…”

“Oh hunni, don’t worry about, I love all that slut talk, it’s part of the fun for me!” I said warmly, “right now though, I have to get this come cleaned up!” I said, laughing. Chris laughed too in relief and pointed me to the bathroom; satisfied I wasn’t angry with him. I got cleaned up, and returning to the lounge, picked up my clothes and got dressed again.

Chris was in the kitchen when I returned and was making some tea;

“You can stay for a quick cuppa I hope?” He said, noticing me looking at my watch. I didn’t have to be back until 6 so I had plenty of time yet. I agreed and sat at the kitchen table with him, chatting idly for a while with him as we sipped tea very politely and civilised.

After some meaningless conversation exchanges, Chris sighed and said, “Well I don’t think that will ever happen to me again!”

“What?” I said, puzzled.

“Meeting a girl in a bar and fucking her the same afternoon!” he said, grinning.

I blushed but smiled, “You never know what’s round the corner!” I said, a little cliched but not being able to think of anything else to say.

“I guess not,” Chris said, “But I’ve been on my own for a while now. Who knows when my next blow job will happen!” He laughed self-deprecatingly and I smiled at him. We finished our tea a few minutes later and Chris phoned me a cab.

“It will be five minutes.” he said, “and…well, er…thanks again!” he added, shrugging and not knowing quite what to say in such an unusual situation.

For some reason, I had an overwhelming urge to give this guy another break, he seemed so down on himself and so in need of something going right for him;

“You know you did get one thing right earlier…”I said, looking at him keenly. He looked back confused, “What’s that?” he said in a verbal shrug.

“I really am a slut!” As I said this, I pushed Chris gently against the wall, and in a quick fluid motion, slid to my knees. I rubbed his crotch tenderly and looked up at him, giving him my most wanton look;

“You’re gonna have to help me out though. Taxi’s here in 5 minutes. If you can manage to fill my mouth in that time then you’ll have your next blow job right here and now?” I said, feeling dizzy and so energized from the power of the gift I was bestowing on him, the gift of easy sex.

“Oh fuck yes!” He said, “Quick, get my cock in your mouth then, slut!” He said in semi-mock urgency, not quite believing his luck.

I set to work quickly, I unzipped him, fished his near flaccid cock out of his pants and engulfed it in my mouth. I could taste our dried fluids from earlier all over his dick. I looked up at Chris as I felt his cock quickly harden in my mouth. Enough now that I could slide my lips over the shaft softly. I built up a quick rhythm and as he got harder, I bobbed my head quickly back and forwards over his prick, this time feeling the head of it nudge against my throat.

I put my hands around his bum and started to push him into me rhythmically, encouraging him to fuck my mouth and he quickly got the idea as loud slurping noises now filled the room as Chris ran his fingers through my hair and pumped his dick into my mouth, getting into a rhythm so he could build up to another orgasm.

I could tell by his moans and groans that he was closing in on his goals. As his pace increased, I heard the loud beeb of the taxi outside. Chris timed it just right. As he groaned loudly one last time, he held my head in place with his cock jammed in my mouth and as I’d instructed, filled my mouth with jizz, his knees buckling in front of him as I felt his fluid collate in my mouth.

I swallowed it all greedily and sucked the rest of his shaft clean, quickly. The taxi bleeped impatiently again outside so I jumped up, collected my things and waved a little coyly at the totally stunned but satiated Chris before opening the door and heading for the taxi.

As I got in the taxi and settled into the journey home, I surveyed the video and pictures Chris had taken. I panicked as I clicked ‘play’ on the video as the sound was on and I feared giving the cab driver an insight into exactly what I’d been doing. I’d probably already giving him an eyeful of stocking top with my short skirt riding up on the back seat. The video started quietly though with my striptease and I watched fascinated at my own actions and demeanour as I gave Chris easy use of my mouth and pussy, really weird considering I’d probably never see him again.

As I could still taste his sperm in my mouth, I reflected on the experience. I was shocked at how enjoyable I’d found it. What I’d enjoyed so much paradoxically was actually the feeling of control and the ability I’d had to make this guy’s day, make his year in fact.

The power of being able to ‘reward’ him sexually and bestow satisfaction on him was intoxicating and was truly the feeling of an authentic whore. I’d loved the look in his eyes both times he was delivering his spunk over me, it wasn’t superior, arrogant domination, it was gratitude and I felt great that it was my mouth and pussy that had given him that feeling, that I was able to satisfy a hunger in him by offering my slutty body to him.


Not that I was short of an arrogant dominator in my life at that precise time. I was just at the door to Nick’s place again, happy I had met the first challenge and ready to submissively deliver the vid and pictures to him. As I entered his place again, using the key I had now been given, it was all quiet inside. Looking into the lounge, Nick was practically horizontal on his recliner chair, snoring. He didn’t look the most edifying of sights in stained T-shirt, jogging bottoms and holy socks.

As I walked across to the bathroom to freshen up, he roused and by the time I had washed, brushed my teeth and went the loo, he was awake by the time I got back;

“Hey, slut, how did it go. What’s your excuse?” He grinned.

“Excuse, for what..?” I said, realising immediately that he was expecting me to tell him that I had failed the first task. He’d obviously not even seen the text I’d sent him about my location earlier — so much for having me using him as some sort of protector I thought.

“Excuse for why you haven’t done as you were told. Couldn’t find any guys? Couldn’t chat one up? Felt too self-conscious…?” He said, noticing that I had a wry smile and starting to realise he’d got it wrong.

“Take a look I said,” tossing him the phone, “No excuses required!”

Nick caught the phone and rummaged on it to find the video. He started to play it, looking up at me in some surprise. I felt another pang of embarrassment as I realised what he was about to see.

“Fuck you did it as well. What a dirty whore. A twelve minute clip eh!?” He paused the video just at the point I was taking my blouse off in front of Chris. He stood up and headed off to his room quickly with a sense of purpose. As he was about to enter the bedroom, he turned to me and shouted;

“Clothes off Rosie. Just your stockings. I’m going to slam your brains out.”

My stomach lurched a little in anticipation as I set off to my bedroom to take my clothes off, all except my stockings of course but surveying myself in the mirror as I undressed, my black stockings had some miscellaneous stains on them. I slipped them off and slipped a new pair over my legs and returned to the lounge. Nick was still in his room. I knocked, what was the protocol here?

I heard him shout to me to get in. As I did, I saw Nick was standing, totally naked in front of his PC, he had transferred my movie to his computer and it was playing. It was just up to the bit where I was fishing Chris’ cock out of his pants. Nick turned to me and motioned for me to join him. My nipples were hard and aroused as my naked boobs swayed with my walk. As I walked closer, my breath was taken by the sight of Nick’s cock already rock hard as he slowly wanked himself to the video.

I just stood next to him and watched. He looked at me cockily (pun intended!) from the corner of his eyes as he saw me stare in fascination at the throbbing nob in his hand. He turned to face me;

“I bet you wanna suck this again, huh?”

I looked him in the eye and back to his cock, I looked at the screen and saw myself with a mouthful of a stranger’s dick. I couldn’t speak, I just nodded. Nick grinned with this further homage to his ego. He didn’t want sucking just yet though, he turned a few degrees to move his cock closer to me and grabbed my hand, drawing it over his dick. I took the opportunity and grasped his throbbing erection in my right hand;

“Now toss me off while we both watch what a filthy slut you’ve been!” He said, his face looking at the screen intently, “why did you pick this guy, looks like a loser to me although he got lucky this afternoon alright! I can smell his spunk on you, dirty whore!” he snorted as an aside.

I didn’t reply, my head was mashed up, I was watching myself suck off a stranger on TV while I had a huge prick throbbing keenly in my hand. I tugged lusciously on his foreskin, up and down his thick pole, marvelling at his heavy balls rocking in time with my tugs and breathless from how thick it was in my hand.

“Oh yes, looks like you’re about to be fucked…mmm…go on fella, pound the cheap slut! Nick said. I continued to toss him off feeling waves of humiliation sweep deliciously across me as I watched Chris feed his pole inside me as my legs were opened lewdly;

“Could have picked one with a bigger prick though!” Nick quipped, “You can hardly see his little porky on the screen!” As he said this, he pushed me down to the floor and, searching for my mouth, he fed his lengthy dick in my mouth and immediately set about pushing his rod in and out of my lips. He was close to cumming. He fast forwarded the movie desperately, for the time being holding his cock so that only the head of it was in my mouth.

He was looking for the money shot obviously and as he found it, he started thrusting into my mouth again. Noticing on screen that Chris was about to spray his come over me, Nick followed suit, he pulled his shaft from my mouth just in time for him to grab it and steady his aim as a thick jet of semen shot out of his slit and landed on the bridge of my nose. He groaned and told me to take my second load of the day (unaware as yet that it was actually the third) as jets of come landed on my face.

Offering his cock for cleaning, I slurped greedily on it again as I licked and sucked him dry on my knees, my face coated in sticky sperm. Nick pushed me away impatiently and told me to get cleaned up. He said to come back to the bedroom and we would send Paul the required evidence. I ran to the bathroom and once again that day washed come from my face.

“Send a text to Paul and ask him for his email address,” Nick said as I returned to the room, still naked apart from my stockings. I already knew my husband’s address of course but asked anyway so I could keep up the pretence to Nick. Paul was obviously waiting to hear from me and realising his part in the pretence, texted his email address back. I gave the phone to Nick who read the address and sent Paul the video.

Nick turned to me and said, “Of course you didn’t quite carry out all my instructions…”

I looked shocked, I couldn’t think why, “Why do you mean? I fucked a stranger, you just saw me!” I implored questioningly. I actually panicked thinking that I would be sent home!

“The book. I told you yesterday to record all the cums in a book and you didn’t even take it with you!” As he said this, he tossed the book to me. I had completely forgotten about the book.

“I’ll fill it in now then!” I said, blushing at the indignity of having to write down such things. He nodded and threw a pen at me. I wrote under the Monday page in the style I’d knew he’d want from me:


I nervously handed the book back to Nick, knowing that one of those cum-shots was still a surprise to him. He read it and snorted in amusement, “You sucked that loser off again! When you didn’t even have to, what a slut!” he said, turning to face me.

I blanched in embarrassment and could only shrug my shoulders, what else could I say?

“Of course, the idea of the book was supposed to be that the guys signed it when they’ve used you but we can skip that bit I guess! Now go and relax and call in to Paul as he’s asked of you. Your Monday log hasn’t finished yet though. I’m just deciding whether its cunt or arse I want but I’ll let you know later!” With that, he gave me an arrogant wave of dismissal and I walked off into my room, thoroughly humiliated again.

On returning to my room, I phoned Paul;

“Hi Paul, how….how are you?” I said, nervously wondering how to start a conversation with my own husband.

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