It was 8′o clock at night, and I had worked a long ass day, my brain felt as if it was about to explode, I needed to relax myself, and clear my head. I had a date with this girl I met last week at a Convention in Atlantic City, but I just couldn’t bare it tonight, I needed a drink badly. I made my way to my favorite bar, one I frequent 2-3 times a week. You know that kind of bar, where everyone knows your name. Well, for me it is the most relaxing place, where I can be myself, get a little drunk, watch the game, and relax.

I sat at my usual spot, made a few pleasantries with the bartender, and began to sip on my drink. The bar was fairly crowded, which was good, kept the bartender busy, and left me alone to enjoy my drink and watch the Yankee game. Midway through my second drink, this man takes a seat next to me. He was I’d say in his early 30′s, like me, about 6’3″, skinny, yet built, and his skin color was as black as charcoal. He sported a very neat goatee, and dressed in a preppy type of sweater, with fitted jeans.

He ordered a beer, and began to make small talk with me about the game. I didn’t mind, it was nice to talk to a stranger for awhile, and help keep my mind off the long workday I had. He told me his name is Edward, he moved to the area only a few months ago, got a nice ranch house with a built in pool, is dating but nothing serious, like me just got out of a serious relationship with a woman a few months ago. He actually was a pretty cool guy, he told me about a gym he just joined. I laughed, as I’ve been attempting to start going to the gym again, after gaining some weight. He told me I look good, just need a little toning. It was kind of odd they way he commented on my body, but we drank a lot, so I kind of shrugged it off.

Before we knew it, the bar was about to close, and Edward invited me back to his place, for a few more beer’s. Why, not, I thought. We made it back to his place, and in the living room, we each cranked up a bottle, and drank. Edward suggested we make our way into the pool. Reminding Edward I had no bathing suit, he shrugged me off, and suggested since we are both men, let’s go in naked. Honestly, I was kind of uncomfortable, I was extremely horny, and though I am predominately straight, I do enjoy an occasional DL experience with a man, especially a black man, so I feared I’d get an embarrassing hard-on. However I still followed Ed to the back yard, and watched him strip out of his clothes. His sweater and shirt came off and I saw the most unbelievable chiseled sculpted chest and abs, not a strand of hair on his torso. His pants came off, then his boxers, and then I saw the most magnificent cock I had ever seen. Flaccid yet huge, hanging 7-8 inches, and sported a thickness reminiscent of Castro Supreme. He was uncircumcised, and his foreskin covered his head with extra skin to spare. Ok, I stared longer than I should, did Ed notice? I certainly hoped not. I stripped out of my clothes, and made my way into the pool, hoping my hardening cock wasn’t noticeable. We swam a little and made our way to the stairs, where we sat and talked some more. The conversation turned to our best sexual experiences. Ed told me how he liked thick woman, as I did also. He told me of this one woman who would fuck him for hours and hours, and never leave his side. Not very surprising after looking at that monster cock of his!

“Damn man, this talk is getting me so horny,” Ed said.

Flabbergasted as I was by his statement, I was just as horny. Ed sat up on the ledge above the stairs, giving me full view of his mahogany rod. It clearly was beginning to harden. He then said how much he would love a blow job right now. Well, I wasn’t sure if it was an invitation or not, and frankly, I didn’t care, he was sitting on the edge, cock in clear view, I needed it, I wanted it. I risked everything at this moment. I could have misread this whole situation, and risked outing myself to everyone, after all it was the bar I frequented where I met him. However, in the end, I said fuck it; I swam myself between his legs, grabbed his thick rod, pulled the foreskin back and stuffed his black cock down my throat. Immediately he moaned in ecstasy. I smiled, as I knew I was giving him what he wanted, and he was giving me what I desired. His cock grew until it reached full mast, I’d say 10″, and a thickness beyond my wildest imagination. Fully hard it looked like a hairspray can. The skin of his cock was so soft in my mouth, and though my jaw began to ache, I never wanted to stop sucking. Ed just moaned, calling me an amazing cocksucker. I loved sucking him, licking up and down his shaft, and sucking on his magnificently huge balls. Those balls held his cum, and I wanted it all.

After a while Ed motioned me off his cock and asked me to sit next to him. I did as asked, and Ed gave me the most passionate kiss. Ed laid down on the ground, and I went on top of him, our chests rubbing against each other, our lips and tongues locked, my cock rubbing against his abs, as his cock rubbed against my asshole.

“I love your ass,” Ed said, “It’s nice a thick.”

“Ed, my ass is virgin; I’d never be able to take you.”

“Virgin? Oh my, I want it more now. It’ll take awhile, but I’ll go real slowly, I’ll make it so you can take me.”

“You can try.”

We kept kissing, it was so damn erotic. I’ve never had an encounter with a man like this before. Usually it’s just I suck, he sucks, we fuck, and see you later. This was so much more though, we weren’t having just sex, we are getting into each other, having a passionate intense session.

Ed moved his hand to my cock, and commented at how he liked it. Not nearly as big as him, I was a thick 9″, so I wasn’t at all embarrassed by my cock, just knew it never could compare to his freakish tool. He jerked me as we kissed, his cock moving up and down my ass crack. Eventually we made it into his bedroom, our wet bodies still rubbing against each other. I ended up straddled on his face, his tongue on my asshole, and his cock in my mouth. He rimmed my ass so good, it felt unbelievable. He devoured my hole with his tongue, protruding in and out of my tight sphincter. His cock throbbed in my mouth, as I suck him as best as I could, trying to attempt to get him as far down my throat as I could. Eventually Ed had my cock in his mouth, and I was fucking his mouth in thrusts, continuing sucking his cock. It was almost simultaneous when we both came, and OMG he came gallons. My mouth couldn’t contain it all, it was a milky white, very thick, and globby, and tasted so damn good. Ed took my cum in his mouth, and as I got up, our mouths locked, and together we shared our cum with each other with one more final passionate kiss. We both collapsed in each other’s arms, falling into a deep sleep.

I woke up the following morning, left alone in Ed’s king size bed. I remember last night, and was still astonished at what had happened. On the pillow next to me was a note from Ed.

“I have coffee in the Kitchen, I had to get a few things, I’ll be back soon.”

At the edge of the bed was a rob, which I put on. I walked my way into the kitchen, walking by a mirror in the hallway; I looked at myself, and nearly fainted. I had white cum stains on my face and chest, I looked like a complete skank. What a night I had, I can’t believe this, I thought to myself. I washed my face, and made my way to the kitchen where I made myself a cup of coffee. Ed made his way back a few moments later.

“Sleep well,” he asked.

“Real well,” I answered back.

Ed just laughed, he came up to me and kissed me on the forehead.

“Look,” Ed said, “I think we are on the same page. I haven’t been with a man in a long time, and had a great night with you, but I prefer girls, just would like to have you on the side. Know what I mean?

I agreed with Ed completely, and we came to an understanding that what he and I will share is a discreet relationship, friends with benefits type of thing. Where alone we can let out all our inhibitions, but outside we are just friends.

It didn’t take long for Ed to have the Rob off me, caressing my ass. He wanted it so badly, and I wanted to give it to him, but I was so fearful. Ed told me he went to get a few things for us, but first we had to shower. But his only condition was we shower together. How could I argue with that.

The hot water sprayed on us, as we kissed one another, rubbing soap over each other’s bodies, both our cocks at full attention. There was such an electrifying attraction between us, it seemed neither one of us could take our hands off the other. Finally we ended up back in the bed. Ed asked me to bend over. I obliged, but was clearly nervous, as Ed told me to relax. He rubbed shaving cream on my ass and around my ass hole. He told me he wanted me to be smooth, and he was going to shave me clean. After he was done, I felt his tongue on my asshole. It felt so damn good, I can’t believe how much I love to be rimmed. I was fortunate to have a few girlfriends who enjoyed to eat my ass, but not could compare to the way Ed did. His tongue was exceptionally long, and he was able to penetrate my hole, which was unbelievable.. After some time, Ed rubbed lotion over my ass, complimenting on how much he loved a thick ass like mine. Next, Ed placed a finger inside me. At first I felt pain, but Ed asked me to relax again, and he slowly re-entered me. Ed took his time, and I appreciated it. Eventually he had 2 fingers in, then 3. He went gently and slow. Eventually he started to finger me a little faster, asking me if I was ok, which I was, the feeling was out of this world.

Ed next brought to my eyes a butt plug. Ed told me, then once this goes in my ass, there is a pump that pumps air into it, to make it bigger, it will help to stretch me. Ed lubricated the toy, and slowly placed it in my ass. I resisted a couple times, when Ed came up to me and passionately kissed me, without knowing, the plug was fully in my ass. Ed had me sit up, and placed his huge cock in my mouth. As I sucked him, Ed began to pump the plug, and I felt my rectum expand. When I felt pain, he released and started up pumping again a few seconds later. I was not sure what to feel, my cock wasn’t hard, my ass felt as if it was going to explode. But just having Ed’s cock in my mouth, seem to make me feel better, and I felt my cock beginning to grow.

Finally Ed took the plug out of my ass, bent me over, and said I was ready. He lubed up his huge cock, and slowly entered me. At first, even after all the stretching, the pain was unbearable. But Ed, took his time. Slowly he let the head of his cock enter me, and would thrust in and out with just the head. Eventually, he made it an inch further inside me, then another inch. Ed then said to me in his low masculine voice, words, that changed my entire feeling at this moment.

“You have the most beautiful ass, I want to feel myself deep inside you, and I want to make love to you, and cum deep inside you.”

I don’t know what happened, but his words made my cock harden, and I wanted him inside me more now than ever. “Make love to me Ed, make me feel your cum, I want you now.”

Ed finally made it as far inside me as he could go, and he thrusted in and out of me, slowly but forcefully. My body felt so full as he cock penetrated me, rubbing against my prostrate, I swear I was having multiple orgasms without cumming. I told him I loved him, he told me he loved me. I was in another dimension, giving myself up totally to this man. I wanted to see him, I asked for him to turn me over. He literally picked me up and turned me over, without his cock ever exiting my ass. Ed looked into my eyes, and said again he loved me, I told him I loved him, and he put his lips against mine, we kissed again, his tongue in my mouth, and he continued to thrust in and out of me. We made love for over an hour, until Ed came deep inside my once virgin ass. I felt his cock throb, and felt a hot warm feeling deep in my ass, I knew that was Ed’s love seed filling me up. Ed slowly took his softening cock out of my ass, and moved his mouth down to my stretched hole. He was sucking his cum out of my ass, I jerked off, and finally came inside Ed’s mouth. Again Ed met up with me, and we had our last final kiss.

What an unbelievable session, but what about what we were saying to each other. Ok, sex is over, so what the fuck were we talking about? For awhile, I think we both felt uncomfortable, until we both laughed and just caulked it up to great sex. During sex, say what you feel is right, we both agreed, past that; we are nothing more than good friends. We got caught up in the moment, and it was a great moment. We hung out the rest of the day, went out for dinner, and ended back at Ed’s home, with his cock again in my mouth. My ass will be off limits a few more days. What a good friend I have just found.

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The Specialist was in my line of sight.

Natalia broke visual contact abruptly, running for the exterior wall that surrounded this little fort. Her movements were deft, graceful, like a lynx with soviet gymnastics training. She pivoted off a wall using some Parkour move….what do they call it? A tic-tac? I was never any good at that stuff due to the unbalancing and heavy weight of leviathanesque breasts. It was fun to see though! She ran along the top of a wall no thicker than my wrist at blazing speed, rounding a corner to leap across from the wall to a rooftop. She tore across that flat surface with ease, leaping over an even larger divide… almost. This time her fingers caught the edge and she utilized her incredible upper-arm strength to pull herself up, curling her rear into a hand-stand and then rounding off to her feet again. There was just one more gap between her and freedom. She took a moment to tighten the strap which bound the stolen blueprint to her back and then sprinted, her final leap a thing of beauty, her right foot had easy clearance to land on the wall, her left back in an almost 90 degree split.

It was that left ankle which the whip wrapped itself around. She glanced down to see The Specialist again, just fleetingly before her world grew confusing. He tugged down hard, pulling her mid-flight to crash hard on the ground.

Luckily for me, she did not fall unconscious, but she clearly was fighting the urge to slip under, blink-after-blink completely obscuring my vision.

Then she was looking right into the specialist’s eerie jade eyes, as was I, through the tiny cameras concealed in her contact lenses.

Phase one of infiltrating his world was complete.

I only hoped Natalia wouldn’t end up paying too dearly for my curiosity.


The Specialist’s setup was a little bit different than mine. Natalia cast her head all around to make sure I got a good view of the place. It was darker, for one thing. My interrogation chamber relied on pastel-colored lighting that was bright enough to make sure my captives got a good view of my body while smoothing over anything they might not be as thrilled about, freckles and the like. The other evident thing was that he had a great deal more equipment than I did. My chamber only had a place to hold the prisoners, my observation booth, and a small closet for wardrobe changes if they were called for. I’m a hands-on kinda girl.

The Specialist on the other hand had all manner of toys and tools. Mounted to the wall were weapons, whips like the ones I saw him carry when we’d first met, medieval axes and swords and creepy looking skewers. I was relieved to see that the latter of these had a fine layer of dust on them; he clearly kept them more for psychological impact than actual use. In addition to the weapons were various surgical mayo carts and rolling cabinets. I could only guess what these might be designed to hold.

The Specialist brightened things up a bit by striking a match and lighting various candles set into the wall. After he lit the last one, he gave it a slight tug and a mechanism triggered, a slab rolling out of one of the walls. He pushed and prodded the groggy Natalia into position, seeming to fear no retaliation from her as he placed her arms and legs into short-chained manacles, spread-eagling her against the slab. As she looked over it more closely I could see an elaborate mechanism, set on rails. He could probably put her into any position with this device, ultimately turning it into a bed or upside-down hanging as he saw fit.

Fingering the whip at his belt fondly, he began his questions starting with the obvious.

“What is your eye color?” This was calculated to calibrate his senses to her. By asking simple questions he knew the answer to, he could learn what she sounded like when telling the truth exactly, and likewise gauge her sensibilities when she decided to throw sarcasm at him, as she did now. “My eyes are Puce. Clearly you can see that.” She sneered.

The whip flashed out, finely controlled, cracking across her left breast, ripping the chest of her jumpsuit open with a resounding snap. She hissed. “Brown. My eyes are brown.” She answered honestly this time. He reached out; soothing the part of her he’d just attacked with a gentle caress.

“Good. And what, pray tell, did you want with the plans to the Seraphim Device?” He cocked his head at the blueprint he’d taken back from her.

“Obviously, someone wanted it.” She said. This I knew to be a complete lie; Natalia had only been instructed to steal “something” from the compound to get his attention and infiltrate his interrogation chamber. I was curious to see his methods, and Natalia is quite literally the most stalwart agent of any agency on file, having been both trained and tested in the field to have the tightest lips. I had to shell out to hire her independently as she is not on Control’s payroll, and she came at an exorbitant rate since capture and torture is a pretty tall order. I knew she would be giving him some useless pieces… part of keeping secrets was making your captor believe he had gotten what he wanted.

He lashed out with the whip again, this time a diagonal slash from hip to knee, sundering the lower half of her bodysuit. He chided her “I can’t believe anyone would want such a simple invention for espionage purposes. The thing is an alternative mosquito repellant method utilizing Electro-Magnetic Pulse technology. Hardly a gold-mine for a private individual, of NO interest to any clandestine agency, and unless charities have gotten into the field of spy craft, I can’t imagine anyone paid you any sum of money to acquire it. Now why are you here?”

I could hear her swallow; this was not part of the plan. By accidentally stealing something of little-to-no value she had compromised the red herring we needed to throw him off the scent.

“You know what I think?” He asked, reaching out to strip away the body-suit remnants off of her and slowly stroke one of her lush thighs. “I think you wanted to get caught. I think this is about me.”

This time she betrayed nothing.

“Tell me, now. You’re not going anywhere and neither am I until the truth is out. And the truth always come out in the end.” His voice was soft, sweet even. He seized one of the candles from the wall, waiting patiently for her to answer his demands.

She said nothing and did not move. Smart girl. I knew that he’d be looking for responses of any kind, even sarcastic or mocking ones. Those often betrayed just as much as serious ones. Silence gave people like us nothing.

He tilted the candle, letting crimson wax drip onto her already stiffened nipples, her lush C-cups jiggling as she thrashed in response. Still she said nothing, meeting his handsome face with cold indifference. Pain would never work on her. I knew this from her reputation. She enjoyed it. Got off on it. Loved it. Quickly he stooped to one of the cabinets, opening it and removing an ice cube, running it against her other nipple. Here she shivered and thrashed, still silent, but her face betraying her discomfort. To have one breast get the relieving cool the other needed so badly was brilliantly cruel.

But he did not leave her in agony for long, quickly gliding his head to her iced breast, licking it with his warm tongue as he rubbed the cube over other nipple, deftly plucking the wax. Then, dipping low, he gave her clit a single slow lick. My jaw dropped as she shuddered in orgasm, my view temporarily disrupted as her eyes closed in pleasure.

He was good, and I now understood why. With each and every torment The Specialist inflicted on a victim, he offered a quick and pleasurable remedy, allowing the depths of their suffering to heighten the ecstasy that would be soon to follow. In this sense, he could bring more emotion from his captives in a shorter time. It was, I had to admit, sheer genius and I kicked myself for not thinking of it first; her delta-waves must have been off the charts!

“I can tell you enjoy the pain. Let’s try a little something different.” He purred, going again to one of his drawers, producing a series of linked chains. He placed the ends of one of these to her stiffened clitoris, firming it into a place, a smoothed clamp of some sort, exerting pressure, but clearly not painfully so. Then he added another two ends to each of her nipples. The fittings we circular, and spiraled inwards, engorging her three buttons out. The last end was attached to a collar, a little gaudy with rhinestones or some other gems, and this he affixed this around her neck. Now she was nipple and clit-clamped as well as leashed. He released her from the table and walked casually ahead of her. She had no choice but to follow the tugging at her breasts, making mincing little steps to keep up with him, her pussy visibly leaking juices as she walked along.

He toured the hallways with her, making sure to avoid going into any doors–It would have been too much for me to hope he would have the foolishness of a cartoon villain and simply expose his whole organization to his captive, but a little part of me had wished for this all the same. What he did do was stop in front of various guards or scientists who he ran across in the facility, using them to get at her through humiliating banter.

“Have you seen my latest acquisition?” He said to the first, lifting the chain a bit so that her tits danced like a pair of puppets.

“Nooo!” The guard whistled his appreciation. “Have you put that thing in her yet?” He laughed, clearly a little embarrassed by his obvious alpha status. “I don’t know. Do you think she *deserves* it?” He asked teasingly.

“Well that’s what you get to find out, right? I guess I’ll know you’ve reached that point when I hear the screams.”

A few moments later he had a similar conversation with a scientist.

“Will you let me run a few tests on her when you’re done with her?” The man in the white coat asked.

“Sure. But I’m afraid she’ll be walking a little funny by then.”

“They always are. Glad my work has nothing to do with gauging pussy-tightness; I’d have nothing to work with when you were done gaping ‘em.” They both laughed at this.

The ritual was a curious one that I had a feeling he must do with every captive. I could only imagine the psychological impact this would have on someone less stalwart than Natalia. I took a brief chance to consider whether or not this made the man a filthy rapist… but every time I caught a glance at her reflection in some shiny thing or another her ever-flowing wetness told me that he knew what he was doing. There was no woman who would not *want* to fuck this muscled, handsome, and clearly super-hung stud by the time he got around to it.

And it would seem that he was getting around to it now. One last short conversation with a guard outside a door about how she’d be feeling him in her tonsils soon enough and he walked her into a new room.

This was clearly a place of pleasure, not torture. It was a circular room, in the center of which a large circular bed sat, swathed in silken sheets and thick blankets. Pillows with silken cases lined the perimeter. The walls were adorned like the interrogation room… but instead of weapons and implements of intimidation, there were sex toys and mirrors. The ceiling was mirrored as well, and though I couldn’t tell for certain, I would bet a whole operations budget that the room would have cameras as well. This was a man who liked to watch himself work.

And who could blame him? Natalia and I both took a short gasping breath as he peeled off his shirt, those rippling, lean abs flexing a little as he tossed his clothes aside, biceps flexing into impressive discs of muscle as he moved. He paused to take her leash and clips off, her nipples and clit now more than fully engorged, throbbing red and sensitive-looking. He smirked looking her over a moment. “Yes.” He said coldly. “You’ll do.”

Slowly he pushed her back, letting the bed buckle her knees, she sat heavily on it.

Then he kissed her. I was shocked by how tender his kiss looked. I had expected him to conquer her mouth with brute force, but instead his lips and tongue were nimble, nibbling on her pouty mouth before pulling her gently to him with his hands on her cheeks. She seemed to melt into the kiss, her breath going a little quicker in response to the sensual treatment. Then he was kissing down her face, her jaw line, three kisses placed worshipfully on her neck, then finally he soothed her nipples with slow lascivious licks, making the little pink nubs gleam under his attention.

Slowly he worked downward, kissing the tops of her toned belly and down her thighs and legs. She was trembling by the time he reached, and surprisingly licked, her feet. Each of her toes was sucked one-by-one and she moaned and writhed. His ability to read the cues of her body was so deft and so subtle I could not rightly tell if this was a fetish of his, or simply another tool at his disposal to please her, because she clearly enjoyed it.

Finally he licked his way back up, switching from leg to leg and thigh to thigh until he reached the obvious wetness of her pouting pussy. He lapped at the thick fat folds of her labia, moving his head from side-to-side to part her nether-lips then attacked her clitoris. I could only see through her eyes, and obviously could not feel then what he might have been doing, but I could tell whatever it was met with her approval. She broke the visual contact she’d worked so hard to maintain on him, her eyes shutting and opening randomly as she bucked around. If not for the mirrors and the occasional glimpse of her undulating body, I’d have no idea what was going on at all.

Finally I saw him draw back, his tongue pulling out of her snatch with an obvious sheen of her juices dripping from it and his lips as one. He greedily licked around his mouth and visibly swallowed as he stood and unbuckled his pants, letting them drop to reveal the tremendous organ I had seen before. It still stunned me, and obviously stunned her a bit too. I think I’d made mention of his being preposterously well-hung, but words could not do justice to the biggest cock either of us had ever seen. Dead limp it was larger and more imposing then the vast majority of dicks that had ever been tamed by my wiles in the in the interrogation chamber. My view had grown very clear from the way she had widened her eyes at the sight of him.

“Are you… are you gonna make me suck you?” She asked, sounding more excited than frightened.

“Of course not.” He answered. “You are an honored guest. We are here for *your* pleasure, aren’t we?” She blinked in astonishment, not sure what to make of this as he bent low, doubling his soft cock over on itself into a sort of horse-shoe shape. She gasped that he was long enough to do this, and then shuddered when began to swat her clit with the shape, finally opening it’s tip a little to capture her erect little button in the bend of prick, wiggling it around to her apparent enjoyment. He did this a few moments, almost like a carpenter using a crescent wrench, but with more delicacy and intricate skill.

She was looking up at him when she came, but I could see a squirt of juice spatter against his gorgeous abs, making them glistening.

He was good. Damned good. Despite my professional rivalry with him, my pussy was only throbbing in raw jealousy of what Natalia was getting to go through. Lucky bitch.

Now he was half-hard grabbed his dick by its base, batting it against her clit, the slit rigidity bringing more wails and moans of joy from her.

Natalia’s lithe body was an instrument The Specialist knew well, and he expertly played his heavy, long organ all over her slick quim, sometimes slapping it, at others grinding away between those thick lips, and at other still rolling his cock along her sex, not quite touching her clit but getting close enough that surely she could feel it. She bucked through another gooey orgasm that was visible and audible even from my periodic vantage point, and all this was before he had even entered her.

He stood again, slowly stroking his pussy-juice soaked cock in a strong looking fist, veins throbbing on his enormous prick. He was definitely bigger than my old spy-master. Longer and thicker. It was a good thing I was sitting down, because I would have definitely collapsed when I saw it hard if I weren’t. The same was easily true for Natalia, and despite all the satisfaction she’d clearly received from the intense foreplay, she was starving for more.

She reared back on her ass a little, and using her those acrobatic skills that made her such a good infiltrator she spread her legs, first into a V, then further into a full 90 degree split, and then just a little more. She could not have made her intent more clear if she had laid out a little welcome mat in front of her pussy.

The Specialist accepted her invitation. He knelt in front of her on the bed, using a hand to guide his gigantic ramrod by its base, he was so long it took him a bit of effort to get into a position where he could both enter her and still have the potential to thrust. Carefully, he fed his thick cockhead into her folds, pausing as she gasped, letting her get used to him before he began to add more cock.

He was systematic in his approach. He’d very slowly stuff in a few inches of fat cock, then pull back a couple, then slowly go back in, claiming just a centimeter or so each time. It was amazing to watch Natalia’s face in the ceiling mirror as he worked this magic, he eyes going wider and wider and wider with each new depth inside her he claimed. By the time he’d sunk maybe 8 inches he was clearly touching places inside her that she’d never felt; her mouth hung open, her tongue lolled from her mouth like a panting dog, he hips bucked erratically, sometimes meeting his penetrating prick, at others pulling away slightly, body instinctively afraid of the new and clearly wonderful sensations.

When he was 9 inches deep, he was finally close enough to stroke her breasts, lavishing affection on them with the palms and backs of his hands in alternating caresses. She shuddered now, almost vibrating at a mechanical speed, her pussy spilling forth with a thick gout of her cream. It was amazing to watch in a way, he wasn’t getting this from her clit, it was more like his massive cock was planting bombs of pleasure deep inside her that just periodically were going off, surprising her as much as they delighted her.

Now sawing what must have been about a foot in and out of her he seemed to have struck some sort of bottom. He picked up speed, her body arching up and shifting with each intense fuckslam, and it was taking the grasp of his strong arms to keep her from sliding away from him at each insistent push of his prick. He was so deep inside her now I could see the outline of his cock in her belly, the turgid invader stretching her insides obscenely, harvesting gooey sprays of her cunt-juice with every withdrawal.

Seeming satisfied that she was now in full enjoyment, he seized one of her wide-spread legs under the thigh and turned her, rolling her onto her left shoulder so that he could now fuck her sideways. She clawed at the sheets now and took a huge bite of the pillow, the intense flow of her orgasm-nectar only increasing with the new position. I wasn’t sure, but he might have gained another inch of depth in this new position, his strong hand reaching down to casually and expertly manipulate her clit. She was so helpless now, at this point seeming to be paralyzed and pummeled with invisible blows of pleasure.

He was deep enough now that he could lean over her, and she curled up to meet him, kissing him in a sloppy unfocused manner, slurping on his lips and tongue and strong jaw. He kept pounding away as she erupted more of her girl-goo onto his undercarriage. He just smiled in response, leaning down to say softly, “That’s good… just let go…give in… keep cumming. Cum your little heart out…it’s all right.” The look on her face told me she was in another realm. I was surprised he was not interrogating her at this point. She would be putty in his hands if he willed it.

My name is Jake, I’m 20 years old, so glad to be out of the teen years. Ever since my Grandma died I’ve been trying my best be there for my Grandpa. I’m the only child in my family, so he pretty much has nobody else to talk to about it. I headed to his house one morning, unaware that he was asleep, I went through the side door of his house, and he was asleep on the couch, naked. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, my Grandpa sitting there on the couch, his cock hanging down, he was hung like a horse, 5 inches hung. He was 61 years old, a beer belly which I didn’t mind on a man.

I didn’t know what to do at that point, having him waking up seeing me looking at his naked body. It gave me a hard on watching him lay there his eyes closed, his cock and balls on the couch. I decided to go out the side door, go to his front door and ring the door bell. That might wake up him so he can put something on. I would feel so embarrassed having someone watches you wake up while you’re still naked. I ran his door bell again; I heard the door being unlocked on the other side. My Grandpa opened the door; he had on a nice dark blue robe.

“Hello Jake, what brings you here?” He asked me.

“Hi Grandpa, just wanting to visit it’s been almost two weeks since I saw you, can I come in?” I asked him.

“Sure, come in.” He told me.

I walked in looking around, I wonder what would have happened if I took the first choice and woke up him while he was naked on the couch. I walked over to kitchen sitting down on one of the tables; it looks like Grandpa only had that robe on and nothing else underneath. He sat down on one of the chairs, what he didn’t know was that his balls could be clearly visible from his robe. I looked down at them; they were just plopped on the chair. He looked at me; he put his glasses on smiling at me.

“So Jake how was your weekend?” Grandpa asked me.

“It was okay Grandpa, I really wanted to see how you were pulling through, and Mom said that you were having trouble the other night about being alone here.” I said in a concerned voice.

“Well Jake, it does get to me sometimes knowing that your Grandma is no longer here. I miss her a lot. But I’ve discovered a whole new way to cope with her not being here.” Grandpa said.

I was getting kind of uncomfortable with where this conversation was going. I didn’t want to end up getting a hard on. I guess you can kind of say I have a thing for my Grandpa. Seeing Grandpa’s hung cock lying on the couch 10 minutes ago was such a turn on. I listened to him carefully wondering where the conversation would lead.

“Which is?” I asked him.

“Jake, do you ever jerk off? I’m sure kids at your age usually jerk off. It’s for pleasure I’m sure. I’ve been battling depression these first couple of weeks, but every time I put on a porno I jerk off, I feel so much better.” Grandpa said.

“Grandpa, um, you’re um…thing is hanging out” I told him.

“My….what is hanging out? Oh shit, I’m sorry Jake I didn’t know.” Grandpa said putting his cock back inside his robe.

“It’s okay Grandpa.” I told him.

I couldn’t take this shit anymore, I wanted so bad to suck his cock. But I didn’t know if he would let me. So I did the next best thing, I grabbed a hold of my crotch trying to move my stiff cock inside my pants. Grandpa’s eyes shifted down looking at me positioning my cock in my pants.

“Oh, I can see you’re a little hard down there, unzip your pants, pull it out, I’m pretty sure you need to let it out for some fresh air” Grandpa said.

I was in heaven, I was glad he wanted to see my manhood. I unzipped my pants, pulling out my 7 inch hard cock. It laid there on my crotch, he smiled looking at me. I knew that he was impressed by my cock. Grandpa opened his robe revealing his 5 inch soft hung cock. He laid there, he had big balls too.

“Well I guess I should let mine breathe for a while.” Grandpa said sitting on his chair.

My cock was beginning to stiffen, he was uncut, it was so hot seeing his foreskin wrap around his cock head. I couldn’t take the pressure anymore so I got on my knees, moving myself closer to him. I took a hold of his cock looking up at him. My Grandpa had the most amazed look on his face seeing that I wanted his old cock. He smiled at me. I smiled back stroking his cock slowly, his foreskin going up and down his cock head wrapping around it. Oh my god I couldn’t believe this. His cock begins to get hard, as it grew in my hand I felt like it was getting larger and larger. By the time he was fully stiff he was around 8 to 9 inches. I went down on him taking it into my mouth, I heard him moan, his warm hands caressing my hair. His foreskin moving around in my mouth each time his cock moved up and down. I couldn’t believe I was blowing my own Grandpa in his kitchen. We kept at it for about 10 more minutes until; I took my mouth off his cock. My mouth was full of his wet precum. It tasted so good in my mouth.

“Hey lets go to the couch, take off your clothes Jake while you’re at it.” Grandpa said.

I took off my shirt showing Grandpa my six pack abs; I lowered down my pants stepping out of them. He sat on the couch observing my body, his cock still rock hard in his hand. Grandpa was stroking his meat while looking at me; my cock was still hard when blowing Grandpa. Grandpa spit on his hand smearing it all over his own cock.

“Come here Jake, sit on Grandpa’s cock.” Grandpa said.

I’ve already been fucked before, so I knew my hole wouldn’t be so tight when accepting Grandpa’s nice uncut cock, but 9 inches was fairly large. I just hope it won’t hurt. Grandpa continued to spit onto his hand smearing it on his cock making it more wet and slippery. I turned around trying to position myself to Grandpa’s cock. Hopefully it will slip right into my hole. I felt the tip of his head tickle my cheeks, I pushed gently down on his cock, it slide into my hole feeling so good. I moaned out loud feeling it enter, only half of it got into my ass, the rest would have to be forced into me.

“Oh my god Grandpa your cock feels so fucking good in me” I said out loud.

“You seem loose; does this mean you’ve been fucked before son?” Grandpa said grabbing onto my thighs pushing me down onto him.

“Yes sir, I’ve had many guys fuck my hole a lot, but I’m finally getting your cock inside me.” I told him.

“Good boy, now take Grandpa’s cock into your ass.” Grandpa said in a demanding voice.

He pushed me down hard against his cock, I could feel his belly hitting my ass, I kind of bounced off his belly, taking out half of Grandpa’s cock out from my hole, then he slammed my body back into his cock sliding all the way in me. It was painful but the pleasure of having my Grandpa fuck me in the ass was making the pain go away. I moaned and screamed loud as much as I could. I didn’t really care because I knew nobody would hear us fucking. After a good 3 minutes of fucking, he pulled out his cock from my ass. The feel of my ass closing while his cock exited out felt like ecstasy.

“Okay Jake, get on the couch.” Grandpa said.

I got on the couch laying on my back, I made sure that my head was comfortable I wouldn’t enjoy myself being fucked while my head laid in the most uncomfortable place on the couch. He grabbed both of my legs putting them both into the air. I felt both my legs kind of crack, it felt awesome, I already knew where he wanted to put his cock at. He rested my legs on his chest and shoulders, I felt his cock pocking my hole trying to get it in correctly. I slid into, Grandpa’s cock kind of hurt going inside this time but when it was all in it was time to get fucked again.

“Oh yeah, take my cock Jake, feel good inside you?” Grandpa said groaning.

“Yes, oh my god yes! Fuck me hard Grandpa” I screamed.

He fucked me harder and harder, I could feel his balls slapping against my ass, it felt so good. He was going faster and faster, I was only screaming louder and louder each time he went in me. He pulled out of me jerking his cock. He was moaning loud, his hand stroking faster and faster on his wet cock.

“Oh yeah, I’m going to cum, oh yes! UGH!!!!!” Grandpa screamed.

His cum shot out all over my body and chest, another squirt hit my mouth and face. I closed my eyes still feeling squirts of cum shoot over my body and face. It felt so good having his cum shoot into my mouth, it tasted real salty but I enjoyed his juice. Then I felt something on my lips, Grandpa’s cock sliding into my mouth, I took a hold of Grandpa’s cock cleaning his cock dry, I had to put my tongue through his foreskin to finally get the cum from his cock. I used my other hand to rub his cum all over my body. He took his cock out of my mouth. Then I felt Grandpa’s lips kissing my mouth. Grandpa never kissed me on the mouth before but it was so fucking hot that I used my hand that was full of Grandpa’s cum to jerk myself off. Grandpa took his lips off mine, I laid there on the couch still with my eyes closed stroking my cock. I was about to explode anytime now. I felt Grandpa’s warm hands stop me from jerking my cock off. I felt his warm mouth cover my cock. He was blowing me, this was turning me on so much that I was about to explode.

“Grandpa, I’m about to cum. Oh yeah! Keep sucking my dick!” I screamed to him.

“Oh yeah Jake, shoot your hot load into Grandpa’s mouth” Grandpa said putting his mouth back onto my cock.

His mouth sucked on the tip of my cock head, I shot my cum, hopefully it was shooting into Grandpa’s mouth so he could taste my sweet lovely cum in his mouth. Grandpa sucked and ate every bit of cum that shot out from my dick. My body twitched for a moment the pleasure was unbelievable. I was breathing hard opening my eyes; I could see Grandpa cleaning my cock dry. He pushed himself up towards me kissing my mouth, sending some of my own cum into my own mouth which tasted hot! Grandpa and me laid there on the couch feeling each other’s body. I was so glad that this happened, now we can do this all the time I visit him.

“Jake that was amazing, you’re a better lay than the delivery guy I had two week ago?” Grandpa said laughing.

“What? You mean you’ve fucked other men?” I said confused.

“Yeah, this hot sexy Latino delivery man came by, he delivered my medicine to me, I had my robe on, I guess my cock was poking out, he noticed, he sat in his delivery stroke rubbing his bulge.” Grandpa told me.

“What did he do then?” I asked him.

“He came back knocked on my door, I let him in, we fucked and cummed all over each other. He took a shower, put his clothes back on and thanked me for the lovely fuck then left.” Grandpa said smiling.

My mouth dropped open in disbelief; Grandpa was having hot sexy twinks in his house giving him head on a daily basis. I felt kind of jealous of Grandpa, but then felt turned on just thinking about it.

I took a shower cleaning myself from Grandpa’s dried cum. I put my clothes back on seeing Grandpa standing there naked. I walked over to him giving him a hug. He smiled kissing me on the cheek. I never could get the question out of my head. Was my Grandpa bisexual or gay? I had to tell him.

“Grandpa, are you bisexual or gay?” I asked him hoping he would answer.

“I’m gay honey, I think your Grandmother would of wanted me to be happy for who I was. Your parents don’t know. It was only discussed between me and your Grandma. I confessed to her that I was in fact gay all these years but couldn’t express myself to her about it. She was very accepting; her dying words were for me to be happy, to find that special man in my life if I ever do find it.” Grandpa told me in the most serious voice ever.

“Grandpa, I think you already know I’m gay.” I told him not worried at all about what his reaction would be.

“I know you are, today it showed me that you are in fact gay and happy about it. Don’t ever be ashamed of who you are, accept yourself and others will accept you to. Do your parents know?” Grandpa asked me.

“Yes they do know, they accept me Grandpa, I never felt happy to be who I am” I said smiling.

“Good, I’m glad that you are who you are. Now I’ll have someone to talk with about my sex stories. Also if you want you can be apart of those sex stories along with me.” Grandpa said kissing me on the forehead.

“Thanks Grandpa, I bet the guys you have sex with are fucking hot” I said smirking.

“They sure are, they are the type of guys you find in porn movies” Grandpa said laughing.

I gave Grandpa a hug and a kiss on the lips. I got into my car sitting there watching him wave to me from his front door. I waved back at him, I headed out into the highway thinking to myself. My Grandpa is gay, now I can finally get a piece of action next time I visit him….

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