huge dick

The next day couldn’t come quick enough.

Richard Parker awoke on a beautiful Thursday morning full of life and vigor, and jumped readily from his bed, completely nude.

Each day now, he felt like he was floating on a cloud. He was not only embracing his training, he was loving and savoring every moment of it.

The day before had been so enjoyable and so incredibly erotic for him that it still left a big smile on his face, and just gave him a deeply warm and happy feeling inside. He loved being naked in the presence of his step mom and stepsister, and it made him anticipate the next 12 days or so with that much more excitement.

After Barney and Craig had left the night before, Richard hung out with Janet for a bit, watching television, then headed off to bed. He had heard Carrie come in late that night after meeting with friends, but was too tired to get up and chat with her.

He hoped to catch up with her soon.

In the meantime, he looked at the clock and saw that it was shortly after 11. He could hear Janet was already back from cheerleading practice, so he trotted casually down the steps to talk to his lovely stepsis.

“Oh hey, Dick,” she said nicely to him as he strode into the kitchen.

In the days that preceded this one, Janet had sometimes reacted to Richard’s full-frontal nudity with girlish giggles, which was to be expected of an 18-year-old who hadn’t seen many naked men. But to her credit, she had begun to show a certain maturity about the whole thing, not only accepting his nakedness as the norm, but she also had a newfound respect for her stepbrother and what he was doing.

She encouraged him on his decision to help out with the class her mom was not only spearheading but also serving as the willing instructor for, and Janet also made him feel completely at ease around her.

All that said, she did still love to check out his naked body, glancing at his nice, tan upper torso, his muscular buttocks, and of course, his remarkably huge penis.

“No tan lines on you,” she teased as he stood before her in the kitchen while she flipped a couple of flapjacks in a skillet.

She eyed him from head to toe, her eyes lingering on his huge, hanging equipment.

“No – don’t have to worry about that anymore…for a while anyway,” he said, sharing a laugh with Janet as they reminisced about the day before.

Richard now jutted out his midsection a bit, overemphasizing his large, flaccid tool. Janet smiled as she looked right at it, enjoying Richard’s desire to show off.

“You’re tan all over now, aren’t ya’?” she giggled softly.

He smiled back, then walked over to turn down the radio a bit so they could talk more.

“Copacabana” was secretly one of Richard’s favorite songs, so it created a nice backdrop for conversation with Janet.

“Do NOT go outside today, Dick,” Janet said as she continued to cook. “It is so fuckin’ hot. We had to cut practice short because it was just too much.”

“What did you guys work on?” Richard asked.

He could barely believe his own ears – he never asked Janet about cheerleading practice, but he just wanted to keep the chat going.

“Well we worked in this new routine, but…I don’t know – I’m just kind of pissed off because we screwed up the pyramid,” she explained. “It was the first time we almost nailed it, but…ugh, it was just too hot today, that’s all…”

Richard appeared sympathetic, and his ability to listen allowed Janet to open up even more with him.

“Dick, can I ask you a serious question, and please just tell me the truth,” she said, sitting down at the table across from him and taking a few bites of her pancakes.

Richard nodded, and encouraged her to continue.

“Do you think I’m getting fat?” she asked.

Richard immediately got the feeling that Janet began to compare herself to the other cheerleaders at the college, and that she was feeling the normal anxieties accompanied with being a girl her age. He went out of his way to settle any fears she had.

“Janet, you’re perfect,” he said with utmost sincerity, looking right into her beautiful eyes from across the table.

She gave him a warm smile, in effect thanking him for his compassion, but she sought more reassurance.

“I don’t know…sometimes I think my thighs are getting too big,” she said, glancing down at them.

Richard wished he could see those tan beauties, but at the moment they were underneath the table, out of his view. He looked forward to seeing them again.

“I get them from mom, ya’ know? It’s not my fault,” she said, taking a bite of toast.

It was those big, well-rounded thighs – on both Janet and her mom – that drove Richard nuts. Janet was simply being too hard on herself – her thighs didn’t even look like they had an ounce of fat on them. They were just big, tan, smooth, supple…succulent.

Richard didn’t want to be overly descriptive to Janet in telling her how he thought they were breathtaking, as he didn’t want her to think he was obsessed with them, but he did in fact want to make her feel good.

Janet had always been confident about her looks, even cocky at times. But the fact that she was questioning her figure showed just how delicate some women can be at that – or any – age when dealing with their bodies. Janet had a beauty that came from inside, something Richard had come to know. He cared deeply for Janet, and let her know it.

“Janet, I am your stepbrother, and up until the last few weeks I know we’ve kind of…been bratty to one another,” he began, again looking her in the eyes. “But I can tell you, seriously, that I think you are just…you’re beautiful.”

“Aw, Dick,” she gushed, smiling warmly at him.

“And your thighs are fuckin’ perfect – believe me,” he said.

Richard didn’t often curse, so the fact that he did in this particular incident stressed to Janet he was really trying to get his point across.

“I can’t stand when girls are too skinny,” he went on. “You’re…a full-bodied young woman. Please don’t ever change.”

She giggled sweetly at his sentiments. After she took her empty plate to the sink, she sat up on the table, preparing to make a quick phone call. She crossed her legs, now seemingly showing off those big, healthy thighs.

Her tiny black shorts hugged them nice and tight, and every now and then, when she would move about the room, Richard could see her enormous breasts bounce around underneath her white t-shirt.

“When do you leave for Baylor?” Janet asked her stepbrother casually, as he stood before her.

“Why, you trying to get rid of me?” he kidded.

“No, no,” she smiled, tapping her foot in the air just to draw more attention to her amazing legs. “I was just curious. It’s gonna be kinda boring without you around.”

Richard began to speak, but as she often did, Janet interrupted – not to be rude, but just out of habit.

“Can you believe it’s gonna be the ’80′s in like four months. Isn’t that crazy?” she asked wide-eyed.

“Yeah,” Richard replied, standing back and pondering the subject. “The last few years just went by so frickin’ fast.”

“That’s the way high school is – you’re just so busy with things that time just goes right by,” she said with a hint of wisdom. “I mean with classes, activities, sports, studying, dates…you don’t even have time to think.”

Richard agreed with her whole-heartedly, and also had another keen observation of his own.

“Yeah, time flies. But I think the next 12 days or so will go by slow…at least for me,” he said jokingly about his training.

He did in fact love being naked, but he would get nervous every now and then, as if a new challenge awaited him around every corner. Janet sensed his anxiety, and went about easing his worries.

She smiled, and glanced down at his flaccid – but still enormous – male appendage.

“You’ve been doing great, Dick, seriously,” she said. “My mom and I have nothing but high marks for you so far.”

One might think she was talking down to Richard, as she spoke with an heir of superiority over him. But Richard didn’t mind. It actually aroused him a great deal. He liked the feeling of allowing Carrie – and even Janet – to lead him down this path he had chosen. It was his choice to do this class, and to accept the training Carrie had in mind for him. And he felt in his heart that this venture would not only allow him to live out his exhibitionist desires, but would lead to bigger things, a certain lifestyle even.

“You think I’ve been doing okay with it?” he asked of his nude regiment.

“I do, I really do,” she said sincerely. “Seriously, Dick, yesterday you really impressed me…”

Richard couldn’t help but smirk, as one thing suddenly came to mind, and Janet knew what that something was.

“And I’m not just talking about your uh…ejaculatory exploits,” she smiled, acknowledging his amazing come shot of a day earlier.

He giggled, sounding almost like she often does.

“I mean you were really…yourself,” she said. “Your personality really came out. You were sociable, you were smiling, laughing – jumping up and down (laugh)…you didn’t just sit there like a bump on a log, which my mom and I feared you might do. You were really a lot of fun.”

Richard thanked her for the kind words, and told her he was glad to be coming out of his shell.

“Barney and Craig really get a kick out of you, ya’ know?” she went on. “I think your level-headedness and your ability to make everybody around you feel good really amazes them.”

An ability to “make everybody around you feel good” was a quality Richard often bestowed upon his step mother. The fact that Janet gave Richard that same compliment was a high honor. Maybe Carrie was rubbing off on him.

The two went on talking casually about their respective colleges, and after 20 minutes or so Carrie came through the front door, relieved to make it in from the heat.

“Oh good, Dick, you’re up – I was just about to call upstairs to you,” she said as the beautiful brunette entered the kitchen, her hair in a cute pigtail.

Her casual look was not limited to just her gorgeous brown locks, as she wore a sporty looking Bicentennial T-shirt and a pair of white denim shorts. The shirt was three years old, and a bit shrunken over the years from several washes. That meant, of course, her rather large breasts showed up awfully nice in the red, white and blue top.

As Richard carefully checked out his step mom’s sexy attire, she in turn gave the boy a quick once over, her soft, brown eyes ever so casually glancing down at his soft, but enormous member. On the inside, she was delighted to see Richard embracing his training, but now reacted to it as if it was expected of him.

“Ugh,” Carrie said as she put down a bag of groceries on the counter – milk, eggs, and some other items showing through the plastic bag. “That was an exhausting morning, lemme tell ya.’ “

“Please do,” Janet kidded. “I heard you come in late last night – what did you do, dance the night away with your doctor buddies?’

Carrie let out a disgusted sigh as if she didn’t even want to get started on the topic.

“That,” she began, “is a whole other story. I’ll tell ya’ all about it in a minute but in the meantime, Dick?”

The boy had been temporarily distracted by something on television, but quickly snapped back to focus.

“Dick? You with me?” she smiled.

“Yes, mam,” he answered her obediently.

“I need you, both of you actually, to help me out with the groceries,” Carrie told them, her hands on her hips, looking nice and authoritative. “We’re gonna make a little assembly line (laugh). I’ll bring them in from the car. Janet, you wait for me at the door and bring them into the kitchen, and Dick, you can put everything away, okay?”

“Yes, mam,” Richard answered clearly.

Janet just sort of nodded, watching a Tab commercial on the television. A shirtless man with rippling muscles is what captivated her about the particular ad. She then laughed to herself as she realized that she had something much better in person – Richard, who was not only shirtless, but completely naked. The young girl strolled out of the kitchen and to the front door.

Seemingly mundane, everyday tasks like this one now became a lot more fun for Richard, and the two women as well. Richard did in fact feel such a thrill as his huge dick swung about to and fro without any constraint, right in the open view of the two women.

As Janet relayed the groceries to Richard, bringing in bag after bag after bag, she took special delight in checking out his ample package just about every time she came back in the kitchen. Her glances were not at all thwarted by her step brother, but rather welcomed.

After their task was complete, Carrie joined Richard and Janet in the kitchen for some lemonade, with Carrie sitting at the kitchen table, Janet sitting up on the counter – her amazing legs at eye level, and Richard stood casually in the middle of the room. When the women’s conversation changed to something Richard wasn’t particularly interested in, he awkwardly shifted his weight from one leg to the other, in a seemingly restless fashion.

He did feel awkward when he would go long stretches without saying anything, but he braved through it.

“Tell me about last night – what the hell happened?” Janet asked curiously.

“Oh my God,” Carrie laughed, holding the glass of lemonade up to her forehead in order to cool off at a faster rate. “I met with Stan and Melanie for dinner, and we were all thinking steak, so we decided to go to ‘The Cactus.’”

“How was it?” Janet jumped in.

“Oh the food was sensational,” Carrie said. “But lemme -”

“What did you have?” Richard had to ask.

“The porterhouse,” Carrie told him with a smile. “It was amazing. The food is always good there.”

Carrie pushed her chair out from the table a bit, just to get closer to Janet and Richard. She was about to tell them about the events of the night before, but just by natural reflex, she pulled in closer to the kids as if to not let anybody else hear the conversation.

She also crossed her legs, then began gently rubbing the top of the right one, indirectly getting Richard very excited. But he maintained his composure.

“Anyway,” she began, taking a sip of lemonade. “Well, Doctor Stan had a little bit too much to drink. And Melanie wasn’t of much help either.”

“Didn’t they bring the baby?” Janet asked with a confused look on her pretty face.

“At the last minute, they called their babysitter,” Carrie explained, her eyes getting bigger as she approached the real crux of the story. “They wanted to have a night to themselves and cut loose, which is fine. Hey, I understand completely. When you have a baby, and it’s 24-7 taking care of it and getting so little sleep and running around and all the hectic scheduling…believe me, I know. You need to have a night out once in a while.”

Janet and Richard both nodded to signify their understanding.

“But,” Carrie announced. “Once they both finished off more than a bottle of White Zinfandel between the two of them, guess who suddenly became the unlucky designated driver?”

“Oh no,” Janet said.

“This girl, right here,” Carrie said loudly, pointing her thumbs towards her own chest.

“Don’t they (laugh), don’t they live in Austin?” Janet asked.

“Um-mmm,” Carrie nodded. “We picked ‘The Cactus’ because it’s a good meeting point – halfway in between.”

“Right, right,” Janet agreed.

“But when I had to drive them all the way home, then turn around and come all the way back – I was so exhausted,” Carrie said. “Then, on top of all that, they were doing construction in the middle of the night on Route 35. Bumper to bumper for over an hour…(Sigh) We decided to take a little detour and try some of the side roads. (Sarcastic laugh) For crying out loud, some of the little dirt trails around Old Man Custard’s Ranch are paved better.”

This sad but entertaining little anecdote painted yet another picture of Carrie’s unyielding compassion for others, as she put Stan and Melanie’s needs before her own. And after such a stressful night, Carrie needed to unwind a bit.

“Didn’t you think about staying at the Mackenzies’ for the night?” Janet asked.

“The baby,” Carrie answered.

“Oh right,” Janet replied.

“Just in case the baby was up all night, I didn’t want to go through all that – I was tired,” the mom said. “Plus, I didn’t want you and Dick worrying where I was. I was going to stop and call but I figured, lemme just get home before anything else happens.”

Just then the lovely brunette spotted a few rabbits about to do some damage to her flower bed, and she bolted up from her chair to go outside and shoo them away. Richard loved how her nice, big butt bounced around in her tight shorts as she ran.

“She’s so obsessed with her flowers,” Janet said, her eyes lingering on Richard’s naked penis.

“I know,” he laughed. “They do look really good though.”

Carrie came back in and quickly apologized for her hasty exit.

“So how drunk were they?” Janet laughed.

“Drunk,” Carrie said flatly. “When Doctor Stan gets up and starts singing ‘I did it my way,’ you know it’s time to leave.”

Carrie then indulged the kids in a more expansive retelling of the night’s events, and how the Mackenzies did some wild dancing. It was nothing more wild than the parties they used to throw, parties that Carrie briefly alluded to. These “wild parties” were of great interest to Richard, but Carrie would leave it for another time to go into more detail about those.

“Yeah – the two of them are gonna be nursing some pretty major hangovers today, that’s for sure,” Carrie chuckled.

After a few seconds of silence, the mom and daughter looked over at Richard with grins, welcoming the boy to add anything to the conversation. He did in fact go about 20 minutes without saying a word.

“That sucks for them,” he said of the Mackenzies. “Glad I’m not hung over today.”

Carrie gave him a sympathetic smile. She knew he was trying to be sociable. Janet was in a more teasing mood.

“No – you’re just hung,” she quipped.

The mom chuckled whole heartedly.

“Janet,” she could barely get out. “That’s (laugh)…”

Carrie gave up on trying to say something in response and instead just gave into a hearty laugh.

“I’m sorry, I just can’t go long without acknowledging…” the daughter said, pointing to his hefty penis.

“His ding dong?” Carrie said in a cute fashion.

Richard rolled his hips to gently make his penis swing from side to side.

“It does almost demand to be noticed, doesn’t it?” Carrie observed, sympathizing with her daughter.

The mom leaned in and looked directly at Richard’s incredibly large softy.

“Well, Hello there, how are you today?” the woman said in an adorable tone, jokingly talking to his hanging member.

Again, he made it dance for her. Carrie not only shook her head with a big grin, marveling at her stepson’s long, dangly dork, but it amazed her so much that she had to indulge her curiosity on the matter.

“Richard, have you ever – ” the mom began to ask but was interrupted by her precocious daughter.

“I keep seeing all these dancing penises – I just can’t get the images out of my mind from yesterday,” Janet said happily, reminiscing about her first experience with such blatant, full-frontal male nudity. “That was sooooo much fun.”

“Yes, yes it was,” Carrie confirmed with a smile.

All three of them, including Richard, recalled the previous afternoon’s events with glee, as it was not only a hoot, but it brought all three of them closer together.

“It was a heck of a lot of fun, but exhausting,” Carrie said. “I could barely get out of bed this morning.”

“At least you didn’t have to do jumping jacks,” Richard commented with a grin.

It took only a second for Carrie to realize what he was referring to.

“That is true, Dick,” she laughed openly. “That is very true.”

Janet practically fell off the table as she let out a belly-aching chuckle, recalling the sight of Richard doing the aforementioned exercise with such gusto the day before.

“That’s when Dick turned into the little drummer boy,” the girl laughed, smacking her taut tummy to imitate the sight of Richard’s enormous penis smacking whole-heartedly against his stomach. The sound did create – yes – that of a pounding drum.

“What do you mean, little?” Carrie objected playfully.

“Oh that’s true – I guess ‘big’ drummer boy in Dick’s case,” Janet laughed.

Richard didn’t mind their good-natured razzing, and he continued to stand in the middle of the kitchen, letting the women enjoy the memories of a day gone by.

“Barney could really swing his, couldn’t he,” Carrie recalled with a big smile, tugging at her red, white, and blue top and making her large breasts bounce just a bit underneath.

“Oh my God, like at one point he must have swung his dick around like 20 times in a row,” Janet belted out.

Carrie shook her head back and forth, still amazed by the boys’ enthusiasm at the pool party.

“Is there an event for something like that at the Moscow Olympics?” the mom joked.

“Ha! Oh but the U.S. is boycotting,” Janet said, trying to show she was keeping up on the news.

“Even so,” Carrie laughed, “the Bussett boy should be up on a stage somewhere showing off a talent like that.”

Each young man made such an impact on Carrie and Janet at the pool party, the women took it upon themselves to spend time celebrating how unique each boy was.

“Craig could really tear the floor up with his – remember when he was making it dance?’ the mom remarked with a chuckle.

“Oh yeah he could like, make it move up and down and stuff,” Janet joined in.

“Very emphatically, if I might add,” Carrie admired. “Almost like it was moving to an imaginary beat.”

They described what Barney could do, they described what Craig could do. Richard knew they would eventually start talking about him, and his penis, just like the two gals did with the other boys.

Janet glanced over at her stepbrother with a wicked grin, and composed herself just enough to be able to make a statement.

“My mom says she’s gonna start calling you ‘Flopper,’” the girl said in Richard’s direction.

“Janet,” Carrie mumbled underneath her breath, as if to say ‘why did you have to mention this?’

‘Flopper’ sounded like an innocent, cute nickname, so it wasn’t really off-putting to Richard. He was curious to know the reasoning behind it.

“Why ‘Flopper?’” he asked.

Janet laughed, then continued.

“Because your dick flops all over the place when you walk around,” she said quite clearly, and with gusto.

Richard felt embarrassed, yet terrifically aroused, excited that the women were so amused by his swaying penis.

“We both just sat back and watched it at one point…,” Janet explained.

Carrie and Janet talked amongst each other as if Richard wasn’t in the room, but he didn’t try to interrupt their conversation, instead just standing there bravely while letting them have their fun. After a good few minutes of snickering, Carrie did glance over at Richard, almost suggesting he join the conversation.

“I don’t know,” he said in response to their chatter about his penis’ animated movements. “I have a big dork – what do you want me to do?”

Carrie gave him a warm smile.

“It’s okay, sweetie,” she said. “Big ones tend to…move on their own.”

She crossed her legs while glancing at his dangling penis.

“Like they have their own free will,” his step mother added with a laugh.

“They swing, they flop…” Janet began.

“They dance, they frolic,” Carrie continued with a chuckle.

Because all of the focus was on it anyway, Richard decided to place even more emphasis on his penis, swinging it up and down and making the large slab of meat slap heartily against his tummy.

“I can’t believe you didn’t notice it til yesterday – how much it moves when he walks,” Janet laughed, pestering her mom.

“Oh I did notice, I just guess…it being out in the afternoon sun, it was that much more apparent,” Carrie observed while Richard continued to move his enormous tool to and fro for the two seated women.

After a few minutes of giving them a show, Richard eventually tired and stood in front of the two ladies, their beaming smiles evidence of their gratitude for his performance. But Carrie never wasted a moment’s time in lecturing her stepson.

“Stand up straight sweetie, don’t slouch,” she instructed, glad to see Richard fold his hands behind his back, and stand nice and upright with his naked maleness on full display.

“Very good,” Carrie told him. “The girls in that class will be delighted to see how well mannered you are.”

Janet snickered.

“My mom’s gonna have you jumping through hoops by the time your training is over,” the daughter laughed.

“Not literally, sweetie,” Carrie said, giving Richard a warm smile.

Nevertheless, it amused Janet how obedient her stepbrother had become.

“I had no idea you could train a horse so easily,” she joked.

Carrie instantly found humor in her daughter’s remark. And, after all, it was Richard that first compared himself to the aforementioned four-legged animal, so the two women couldn’t be blamed for continuing the joke.

“Nay like a horse for us, Ritchie,” his stepsister playfully taunted him.

“Oh don’t make him do that,” Carrie laughed.

“Come on, be a good sport, nay like a horse for us, Ritchie boy,” Janet persisted.

Richard took a deep breath, then bellowed out what he thought was a good imitation of a horse naying. It sounded ridiculous.

“What on Earth was that?” Carrie laughed. “That didn’t sound (laugh)…That didn’t sound like a horse!”

Intent on redeeming himself, Richard did a much better job on the second attempt, and even stomped at the floor – just like a horse – to give some depth to his performance.

“That’s more like it,” Carrie laughed.

“Well done, Ritchie boy,” Janet added.

As this playful hour of chatter moved into the early afternoon, Carrie shifted the conversation back towards the events of her dinner party last night. It aroused Richard a great deal that his step mother could so easily talk openly about his naked penis one minute, then speak quite gaily about less stimulating events the next minute. She was making Richard’s nudity seem more and more routine, and more comfortable for him.

“You should see the car that Stan drove to dinner,” Carrie commented.

She looked right at Richard to make him feel involved in the conversation.

“A brand-new Mercedes Benz, looked like he drove it right off the lot,” Carrie gushed. “Must be nice to have that kind of money.”

Carrie was not at all a materialistic woman. She liked the simple things in life. But she did like to pass time simply by admiring other people’s fancy possessions.

“Yeah, nice car but too bad he couldn’t drive it,” Janet said in a snide fashion.

“Well…” Carrie said, sympathizing with Stan. “He and Melanie just needed a night out. They did the right thing by letting me drive.”

Carrie’s glances went back and forth from Janet to Richard, and occasionally her stares would be fixed on Richard’s huge, hanging penis.

“Oh and wouldn’t you know it, the car dealer Stan bought his Mercedes from,” Carrie began, “he’s the same dealer that Neil bought his Cutlas from five years ago right after our wedding. Only that dealer moved down to Austin – lives there with his family now.”

Carrie looked at Janet, hoping she would find interest in the little anecdote.

“Wowsers,” the daughter playfully said.

“Oh you’re not interested,” Carrie laughed. “Isn’t that something, Dick?”

Richard made a little bit more of an attempt to seem fascinated by the little tale.

“Yeah, that’s funny,” he answered.

“Texas is a big place but it’s a small world, isn’t it?” she smiled, looking right into his adoring eyes.

He nodded with a grin.

“And he is such a nice man,” Carrie went on. “And he gave us a good deal – I’m sure he gave Stan a good deal too. And that car hasn’t given us a single problem.”

Carrie didn’t try to make idle conversation just for the heck of it – she did it with a purpose. She wanted to sometimes shift the focus away from Richard’s nakedness not only for his sake, and letting him feel comfortable about it, but she also wanted Janet to feel more at ease about seeing her stepbrother completely nude.

For Richard, this two weeks of training was in fact a marathon, not a sprint. Carrie knew if she let his naked penis become the focus of every conversation, he would be needing release every second, every instant. She knew she had to build up his stamina.

Richard tried to keep his interest in Carrie’s conversation, but Janet was now more focused on Richard’s nudity, especially one particular part of his anatomy.

“It’s so big and it’s not even hard,” Janet said, staring openly at his member.

Carrie was about to say something more about Stan and Melanie, but quite easily shifted her focus to Richard. The poised wife and mother, very sexily, crossed her legs and now openly gazed at the marvelous appendage Janet had just made reference to.

Carrie bit down softly on her pointer finger and slowly shook her head, with a smile that suggested she knew what she was looking at was quite out of the ordinary, and marvelous.

“I still can’t get over it either, Janet,” Carrie said to her daughter, while staring at Richard’s enormous endowment. “Dick, tell me something, sweetie. Have you ever measured your schlong when it’s completely soft?”

Richard loved how the relationship between he and his step mom had grown so close that she could easily ask such intimate questions of him.

“Um…” he began.

“Inquiring minds want to know, Dick,” Janet teased him.

Carrie glanced at his hanging tool, now studying it more scrupulously.

“What’s the term for it when it’s like this – flaccid?” Janet asked.

“Um-mmm,” Carrie nodded. “Flaccid is correct.”

An amused smile came across the beautiful brunette’s face.

“Flaccid would pretty much be the OPPOSITE of what Barney and Craig were yesterday,” the mom teased.

“Oh Gawd,” Janet agreed. “They had these like, mega huge boners the whole frickin’ time!”

Carrie shook her head, laughing.

“They were saluting me an awful lot, that’s for sure,” she said. “I felt like a general amongst two very adoring privates.”

Janet snickered at that description, finding a double meaning in it.

“Or not so private,” the daughter said.

Carrie smiled, and now wanted to get Richard back in the conversation. The two women had gone off on a tangent on their own there for a bit, and now Carrie rubbed Richard’s leg very lightly to show her affection.

“I don’t know if you’re gonna get to go outside much later, sweetie,” Carrie said to her stepson. “It’s – “

Just then thunder boomed in the distance, and lightning shot across the big, blue Texas sky.

“Oh my LORD,” Carrie said, holding her chest to calm down, laughing a bit. “What on Earth?”

“That scared the shit out of me,” Janet said, laughing while she raced to the window.

Richard, as well, followed the two women over to the sliding glass door, and they all peered out as heavy rain began to fall. The high plateau out beyond the back fence best showed the impact of the rain, as large drops bounced mightily off the rock-hard, dry surface.

“Thank God,” Carrie said. “We really needed this.”

The thunderous rain storm now became the topic of talk between the three, and Carrie, true to form, got herself an umbrella and went outside to make sure that the overabundance of water was draining properly from her flower bed.

“She is such a character,” Janet laughed. “Look at her – she’s getting soaked.”

The umbrella did its best to block some of the downpour, but since the wind picked up and the rain was now blowing sideways, Carrie could not help getting wet. She quickly checked her bluebonnets, was assured they would be okay, and rushed back into the house.

The glass door slid open, and Carrie rushed inside.

“Do NOT go out there,” she stressed, folding the umbrella back up. “God, now I have to go and change.”

Richard instinctively looked down at Carrie’s Bicentennial T-shirt. Drenched from the rain, it clearly showed the outline of her two enormous breasts. Her bra could not keep them from bouncing underneath the wet tee.

As she bent down to take off her muddy sneakers, it only made Carrie’s boobs bounce around that much more.

‘Jesus, she has some big tits,’ Richard thought to himself.

“Dick, I need you to put these by the washer,” Carrie said, handing her stepson the sneakers. “I’m gonna go and get changed into something dry. God, look at this shirt (laugh).”

Richard had been looking at it, entranced, for the last 20 seconds.

“What are we gonna do all afternoon?!” Janet shouted as her mom exited the room.

After a brief absence while she got dressed into a pair of khaki shorts and a purple top, Carrie now came back in, and so too did Richard from the laundry room.

“I don’t know, what are you kids up for?” Carrie asked.

Both Richard and Janet had blank looks on their faces.

“We could watch a movie, play a game…maybe do some cleaning?” Carrie pondered aloud.

“Yuck,” Janet said.

Carrie now sat down on the outer arm of the sofa, placing her hands underneath her big, sexy butt to provide herself some cushion.

“Well tell me, Janet, what do you want to do? Give me some suggestions,” Carrie said to her daughter in an irritated tone.

“Um, we could…,” Janet began, staring up at the ceiling.

She walked closer to Richard, her stare now fixed upon his big, naked penis.

“We could…take some measurements,” the girl said, mumbling the last couple words with a sexy grin.

“Measurements? Measurements of what, Janet, spit it out,” the mom told her.

Janet simply gestured to Richard’s huge, hanging member.

Carrie’s head dropped down as she chuckled a bit.

“You want to measure Richard’s penis?” the mom asked her, both curious and amused.

“It would be coooool,” Janet replied. “I’ve never measured a penis.”

Carrie glanced over at Richard, with a look that suggested ‘do you believe her?’

“Pleeeeeeeeese!” Janet pleaded. “Come on, you measured Barney’s yesterday.”

The mom scoffed.

“I measured Barney’s to prove a point,” Carrie argued. “I wanted that boy to be happy with what he had.”

“So! I want a prove a point by measuring Richard,” Janet argued.

“Oh, and what point is that?” Carrie asked, even though she knew she was probably setting her daughter up for one of her classic retorts.

“That Richard has a really, really, really big dick,” she said as she laughed out loud.

Even the mom couldn’t help but show her amusement.

“It is almost…cartoonishly large, isn’t it?” Carrie observed, looking openly at Richard’s massive wang.

“Ha! She called your dick a cartoon,” Janet laughed.

Richard chuckled at himself.

“Well…cartoons are fun,” he reasoned aloud.

“Yes they are,” Carrie agreed wholeheartedly, wanting Richard to embrace his size. “Everyone loves cartoons.”

Both the women now admired Richard’s naked member. Carrie felt she should go a step further with her statement.

“And everyone loves a big penis,” she said.

The room was now filled with a certain happy warmth, and also a feeling of anticipation.

As the three went on chatting for a bit, Carrie began to realize that the purple top she hastily threw on was over accentuating the outline of her large breasts, and she modestly, and casually, used her arms to temporarily cover them up.

This action only emphasized further the stark contrast between Richard and the two women, when it came to the set of rules having to do with their attire.

Carrie sometimes refrained from even showing the outline of her ample bosoms, while Richard stood there completely naked before the mother and daughter, openly displaying everything that God bestowed upon him.

This was the natural way of things in the Parker house.

“I wanna take sooooooo many measurements,” Janet said. “When it’s soft, when it’s hard, how thick it is…”

“Oh we’ll cover the whole nine yards,” Carrie answered, delighted her daughter was indulging her curiosity about the male form.

“Yep, the whole nine yards,” Janet said, eying Richard from head to toe. “Or 11 inches anyway.”

Carrie burst out laughing.

“Oh you’re bad,” she teased her daughter. “Is that what you told us, Richard, that it’s 11?”

Richard knew in fact it was 11, more than 11 actually, but, a little shy, he hesitated to answer.

“When your schlong is at full mast?” Carrie added playfully.

“Yes, mam,” Richard answered. “Eleven and a half actually.”

“Ooo, 11 and a half, huh?” Janet teased. “Well, we’ll see about that.”

“Yes, we will, won’t we?” the mom replied, sending a warm smile in Richard’s direction. “We will definitely see about that.”

As Richard and Janet bounced around the room getting ready for this unique indoor activity, Carrie, always the level-headed one, began giving instructions.

“Dick, since my daughter can’t follow instructions, why don’t you get the tape measure this time,” the caring brunette said.

“Oh shut up,” Janet said jokingly to her mom.

“It’s in the basement?” Richard asked.

“Um-mmm,” Carrie said. “You remember where I told Janet? It’s right on the shelf down there. There should be a big, big tape measure.”

Richard got so excited thinking about what the two women were going to use that certain measuring instrument for that he briskly walked towards the basement, and hopped down the steps. Just as Carrie had instructed, the tape measure was sitting on the nearby shelf, but covered up by a rag – Janet simply didn’t look hard enough for it the day before.

Richard was so eager to show the two women that he had found the measuring tool that as he walked out of the basement, he held it up in the air triumphantly. As he approached them and drew closer, however, they seemed preoccupied with something else.

Janet was so overcome with amusement, she grabbed a pillow and covered her pretty face with it, laughing hysterically. Carrie looked at her daughter, laughing heartily as well and unable to express her amusement in words.

“What is so gosh darn funny?” Richard asked.

Janet didn’t answer her stepbrother directly, but instead shared the moment with her mom.

“It doesn’t just flop around,” Janet said in between gales of laughter. “It does its own gymnastics routine!”

The observation only made Carrie chuckle even more relentlessly, and Richard quickly realized the two women of the house were talking about his penis again, and its frantic, unrestrained movements.

Richard was not only cool about it, and let them have their fun, but he expressed somewhat of an understanding for their behavior, since he fully understood that Carrie – and especially Janet – were not accustomed to seeing a naked male – and a very well-endowed one at that – strolling about the house from dawn ’til dusk.

“Did you see it when he hopped up the steps?” Carrie commented, grabbing her chest as she laughed aloud. “It’s like it did a somersault!”

Janet had her head in the pillow again, her laughter a telling sign of how much fun she was having on this otherwise dreary Texas afternoon.

“Flop-pur! Flop-pur! Flop-pur!” the girl cheered aloud triumphantly, clapping her hands as she playfully celebrated her stepbrother’s amazing member.

Richard smiled in her direction.

“You’ll have to excuse us, Dick,” Carrie said as she rose from the sofa, still giggling a bit. “We are just so captivated by your schlong.”

The honest, direct statement aroused Richard a quite deal, intensified by the fact that Carrie was walking up close to him and he could once again see the outline of her massive breasts.

“I think it’s captivated by us, too,” Janet quickly said, noticing Richard’s rapidly growing erection.

Carrie looked down and gasped as she saw Richard growing and growing…and growing. She was both impressed and delighted.

“Well,” she said, looking over at her daughter with a big grin. “So much for measuring it when it’s soft.”

Richard could control himself no longer, as he now stood before the women with an outrageously huge boner, much to their amusement. He was not only fully erect, but the degree to which the women aroused him with their good-hearted – but nonetheless relentless – teasing, Richard felt as though this might be the most intense erection he had ever had.

“Down boy,” he playfully said to his incredible hard-on.

The women didn’t seem to mind his aroused state, but rather invigorated by it. They loved how excited they made the young man of the house.

“Hold on, before you measure, you gotta let me do this,” Janet said, reaching and extending her hand towards Richard’s fully engorged prick.

The young girl pulled Richard’s boner down as far as it would go, then released it to watch it fling back up and smack heartily against his belly.

“I love that,” Janet squealed.

Smiling as a result of her daughter’s enthusiasm, and also her own enjoyment in seeing Richard’s splendid manhood, Carrie reached out and took the tape measure from Richard, eager to gauge the exact dimensions of the monstrous erection before her.

“Let’s see what we have here. Just come right over here, Dick, I’m just gonna sit down,” Carrie said, as she sat sexily on the edge of the reclining chair, crossing her legs.

Just then the phone rang, and Janet went to the kitchen to answer the call. Carrie, meanwhile, had a little trouble at first with the measuring instrument, reeling it out only to see it go flying back into its housing.

“Oh wow. That was quite a thwack,” she laughed, startled by the loud noise the tape made.

“What’s going on here?” Janet asked teasingly as she returned to the family room.

“The tape measure tried to bite me,” Carrie kidded. “Dick saw it. Didn’t it try to bite me?”

His step mother’s lightheartedness contrasted greatly with the emotion Richard was feeling right now, as it was a mixture of both arousal and nerves. He had never had a woman measure his penis before, and the thought of both Carrie and Janet doing it was extremely exciting for him. They had always focused much of their attention on his big, swinging cock, but now they were doing it to such a degree that they would be calculating its length, width, and whatever else they were curious about.

Richard stood before his step mom, with Janet leaning in from the side. Carrie slowly – and more carefully this time – reeled out the yellow tape. It clucked loudly as each inch was released from the housing, and jokingly Carrie reeled out about three feet of the yellow, plastic measuring device, poking fun that his organ might in fact warrant such an amount. As she ran the tape along the lengthy shaft, the 35-year-old wife and loving mother could not help but marvel at what was pulsing and throbbing before her eyes.

“I have NEVER, ever,” she said, laughing lightly, “measured a penis this big before.”

Her fascination only made Richard’s organ swell to a more intense degree.

“This is fun,” Janet simply said.

“This is a heck of a lot of fun,” Carrie added gleefully.

Richard looked down at Carrie’s pretty, slender fingers holding the yellow tape along his fat cock, and she leaned in closer to have a look at what it revealed.

“Dick, sweetie, hit that light for me,” she requested. “It’ll help me see a little better.”

It had gotten a bit dark in the family room from the ongoing storm outside, and this also just built the suspense as Carrie measured Richard’s amazing wang.

“So? What are we looking at length-wise?” Janet asked eagerly.

“It’s…,” Carrie began, a big smile coming across her face.

“Sheesh,” she then said, shaking her head in fascination.

“What is it? How long is it?” Janet asked, her voice breaking because of the excitement.

“Well,” Carrie began, then studied the yellow tape with even greater scrutiny. “On a scale from 1 to 10…”

Janet’s eyes widened, awaiting the news.

“He’s an 11,” Carrie said, then gave into her amusement and filled the room with her rich, heartwarming laughter.

“Jesus Christ,” Janet said. “Let me see.”

Richard had already told the women on multiple occasions just how long his remarkable penis was, but Carrie’s measurement gave it much more credibility.

“Look,” Carrie urged her daughter while pressing the end of the tape against Richard’s bulbous, fat dick head. “It’s easily 11, probably closer to 12 in fact.”

Janet didn’t just look, but actually took the tape from her mom and measured the dazzling dong on her own. The young one caressed Richard’s giant dork, making sure it was at it fullest potential.

She measured the length over and over again, from several angles, in awe that she was holding an 11-and-a-half-inch male organ.

“You have a really, really big penis, young man,” Carrie teased her stepson, then rubbed his shoulder to make him feel even more at ease.

With some encouragement from her mom, Janet went about measuring the thickness of Richard’s enormous tool, wrapping the yellow tape measure around the girthy shaft.

“I wanted to measure it like as soon as he dropped his shorts that one night,” Janet admitted.

“Oh the night when he had the tick? Yeah, I (laugh)…I have to say – if our trusty friend was within reach at that moment,” Carrie said, pointing to the measuring tape. “I might have had to satisfy my curiosity right then and there.”

Janet seemed in no hurry to stop measuring Richard’s prodigious prick, as she now entertained her curiosity by taking further calculations, like how big the head was, and how long the shaft was.

“Are you writing a thesis on it?” Carrie teased her daughter, who was indeed fascinated by Richard’s massive pole.

Carrie let her daughter satisfy her growing interest, and for a moment walked over to the sliding glass door to see that the rain had pretty much subsided. But another storm, one of a different sort, was building.

Richard’s erection throbbed in the open air, now releasing strings of precome as evidence of its increasing level of arousal.

“You know the thing I’m most curious about,” Carrie began, taking the tape measure from her daughter and lightly smacking the tape against her open palm, “is not how long…but how much.”

Janet looked over at her mother, then at Richard, whose balls had swelled to the size of two small plums.

“You mean measure how much…man juice he provides?” the daughter asked with a big smile.

“Um-mmm,” Carrie nodded. “I know you, as well as I, have been thrilled to watch Dick…explode (laugh).”

“It’s better than any Bicentennial fireworks show,” Janet agreed wholeheartedly.

“Exactly,” Carrie answered, now getting up from the arm of the chair. “I just need to find…”

With that, she strode sexily into the kitchen, leaving Janet alone with her stepbrother. Her stares lingered on his outrageous hard-on.

“Your dick looks like it’s gonna have a heart attack,” she kidded him, tugging at her shirt and making her enormous breasts bounce just a bit.

“I really need to come,” he said flatly.

Janet now jumped up from her chair, her huge tits bouncing against her tight shirt.

“Don’t worry, Dickie boy,” she said. “We’re gonna let you do your stuff, don’t worry.”

The two could hear some rustling about in the kitchen, a light banging of pots and pans. The slight break in the action allowed Janet to ask Richard some more introspective questions.

“What’s it feel like?” she had to ask him, with a kind smile. “Just…always being naked?”

Richard took a deep breath as he tried to give the question his full attention. Janet had already began talking again though.

“I mean, me, I…if I were naked I know I’d be covering up my tits, reaching to cover up you know what,” she giggled, speaking delicately of her gorgeous pussy.

“I was…shy at first too,” he had to admit. “But now, I guess I’m starting to get used to it.”

She nodded. It’s almost like she was looking for a deeper answer than that, but she settled for Richard’s general response.

“I remember that night,” she began, “with the tick, and I saw you, saw everything (giggle). I remember thinking, ‘wow, I can picture Richard naked any time I want now.’”

Richard imagined her doing that exact thing, and it excited him.

“But now I don’t even have to picture it,” she said with a wonderful chuckle.

Richard glanced over at her, waiting for her to finish.

“I get to see your big schlong on a daily basis,” she said with utmost delight.

The fact that she enjoyed his nudity so much gave him tremendous joy. He could see her glance at his muscular arms, his cute, tight butt, and of course, his large, erect cock. But Richard was more preoccupied with one thing now, and that was shooting his load.

He began to groan a bit out of discomfort, as he desperately sought release.

“Oh, it’s okay, babe, we’re gonna let you come, just hold on,” Janet said soothingly. “Either my mom is really looking hard for something out there, or she’s purposely making you wait (giggle).”

After a few more moments, Carrie came back into the living room, with a few things in hand.

“What are those?” Janet asked.

Carrie placed the items down on the table.

“Some old measuring cups I don’t use anymore,” the mom answered, speaking of the bronze-colored instruments. “They….should do the trick.”

She said it hesitantly, as if she was uncertain the small cups would be able to capture all of Dick’s copious seed.

“There’s also an old blender out there if we need a bigger holder,” Carrie laughed, and her daughter had to chuckle as well.

“Alrighty, why don’t you…hold this one,” she said to Janet, handing her one of the cups. “And I will hold this one. Dick, you mind taking the wheel this time?”

In a cute way, she had asked him to start masturbating himself, without the women’s assistance for once.

“We’re gonna be kind of busy catching things,” Carrie noted, as they already prepared to capture his mighty blast.

Richard, standing up nice and tall, started to gently stroke his enormous cock, with Carrie and Janet seated before him on the couch. As if on cue, Carrie crossed her amazing legs, and Richard openly stared at the underside of her big, gorgeous thighs.

“That’s it, sweetie, just keep stroking your schlong,” she urged him. “Try to picture all of the girls in that class, and how you’ll be giving them a very nice and proper lesson on the male organ. This is all very natural.”

Richard liked that image, but it was hard – and almost unnecessary – for him to fantasize about anything else when he had Carrie’s very real and very gorgeous thighs staring him right in the face.

“How you feeling, Dick?” Carrie asked him gently, always wanting to – in a figurative sense – hold his hand every step of the way.

Richard nodded, as if to say he was good, and never broke stride with his persistent strokes.

Carrie looked at her daughter, and began a two-way conversation about Richard, with him right in the room.

“I want him to be more open with us,” she told her daughter. “He’s doing well with his regiment, but…I want him to open up more.”

“He’s doing better,” Janet said, rubbing her sexy black hair away from her eyes. “He was really having a good time at the pool yesterday.”

“Yes, I know, but throughout this whole process it’s necessary – almost paramount – that he shares with us how he’s feeling,” Carrie went on. “We need to make sure he’s coming along mentally, emotionally…spiritually. I want him to be fully embracing his training because when that class rolls around and it’s the big day…”

Janet could only giggle, thinking of how nervous Richard would be on that special morning.

“How many girls are in the class now?” Janet asked.

Carrie looked over at Richard to make sure he wasn’t listening intently on their conversation, then whispered the answer to her daughter.

“Forty two,” the mom said.

“Holy shit,” Janet answered.

“But don’t tell, Dick,” Carrie lightly whispered. “He’d be overwhelmed. We’ll have to build him up to it.”

Carrie and Janet’s voices got more and more faint as Richard’s strokes became more persistent, and more powerful. He was now manhandling his rod with a purpose, and the women, sensing his impending orgasm, offered verbal support.

“Come on, Dick, beat that massive meat,” Janet said crudely. “Beat it like it stole something.”

Carrie burst out laughing.

“Beat it like stole something?” she repeated with a giggle, then she felt inclined to try to top it. “Stroke that schlong, Richard. Come on, pound that prick.”

Janet fell back into the couch, laughing so hard she nearly kicked the coffee table up.

“Watch,” Carrie said, resetting the magazines and other items in their place.

Richard now groaned, his need for release now something completely epic.

“I’m gonna come, I’m gonna come,” he said excitedly, aiming his monstrous penis up towards the ceiling.

“Okay, sweetie, here,” Carrie urged him. “That’s it. Just aim yourself right into the cup.”

The cup seemed to tiny, and almost jokingly too small a tool to measure the kind of load Richard had built up.

As the first blast of semen rushed up through his lengthy prick, he felt a huge relief when it shot forth from the head and completely coated the inside of Carrie’s measuring cup, the impact so great that it splashed up, some tiny droplets sprinkling out onto Carrie’s shorts.

“Oh boy,” the mom had to laugh. “I think we made him angry.”

“Him,” of course, was Richard’s penis, which shot load after load after load of creamy milk into the bronze-colored – and ill-equipped – containers.

“Fucking ropes,” Janet marveled, looking down at Richard’s copious come blast.

Carrie, meanwhile, had little time to react.

“Get ready, Janet,” the mom warned, shaking her head in both amusement and awe. “He just about filled this one up already.”

Richard continued to groan like some over-aroused beast, his cock relinquishing an almost unbroken stream of frothy semen.

“It’s like somebody turned on the fire hose,” Janet said, as she and Carrie nimbly and carefully exchanged places, replacing the full cup underneath Richard’s prodigious pole with an empty one.

“God, look at him go,” Janet squealed, looking down and watching intently as Richard’s huge hard-on erupted into the bronze container.

Carrie, very slowly, eased the first cup down onto the coffee table, giggling as she could see it filled to the brim with Richard’s substantial deposit. She was careful to not let it spill.

“I think it was you making him nay like a horse,” Carrie laughed, looking up at her daughter. “I don’t think he ever recovered from that.”

“He is a frickin’ horse,” Janet argued with her mom. “Look at this!”

The two beautiful women beheld the spectacle before them, as Richard’s dick continued to fire away one long rope of semen after another. So astounded by the show, Janet lost focus, and failed to hold the cup in place. As a result, she was treated to a massive come shot that coated her sexy belly.

“Oh, Jesus,” she had to laugh.

“There’s a misfire,” Carrie chuckled. “Here, Janet, hand me that one and put this one under him. I think that’s about full.”

It was amazing but true.

“How much fucking come do you have, Dickie boy?” Janet belted out in both amazement and apprehension.

“Well, we’re gonna find out,” Carrie quipped.

As a third, and slightly larger measuring cup was placed before Richard, Carrie and Janet began to embrace that what they were watching was truly something special, and worthy of every bit of their attention.

Not even the State Fair in Dallas had as big and as captivating an attraction as this one.

“I can’t believe this,” Janet said as she watched her stepbrother erupt.

“I kind of knew this was coming, no pun intended,” Carrie laughed. “By the time we allowed him release, his balls were the size of…two doorknobs for crying out loud.”

Janet laughed her head off but this time maintained her composure enough to catch Richard’s milky deposit.

“Jesus fucking Christ, this one’s about full,” Janet told her mother.

For once, Carrie was unprepared.

“I’m out. That’s the last one,” she said, holding up her hands.

“Well get something, I don’t want his dick shooting all over my thighs again,” Janet replied in a frenzied tone.

“Okay, okay, hold your horses,” Carrie said calmly.

She then realized the humor in what she said.

“No pun intended,” she added with a giggle.

“Your full of puns today,” Richard said, his massive orgasm relenting just enough that he was finally able to speak.

“And you’re full of come!” Janet fired back with glee.

“Alright (laugh), settle down you two,” Carrie announced, always the voice of reason. “I guess, the only thing I could use…”

She ran briskly into the kitchen, her boobs bouncing with every step.

She returned in a hurry, and held up a large glass pourer from an old blender she didn’t use anymore.

“Oh, Jesus, if that doesn’t do the trick…” Janet laughed.

“Then we’re all in trouble,” Carrie chuckled, finished her daughter’s though.

Carrie took the third measuring cup from her daughter, this time spilling it a bit because of the intensity of the situation, and placed the glass underneath Richard’s long wang.

“At least with this you can get him right in there,” Carrie said as she held the glass in place, allowing Richard to stick his prick right inside.

The two women now breathed with a sense of relief.

“That was a close one,” Janet said. “And look at that, he’s still fucking going.”

Richard did continue to squeeze out a few more bursts of semen, as Carrie rolled the glass around, making the milky contents splash up against the sides to illustrate the substantial volume of his orgasm. When Richard was done, she held the large glass container up in the air, displaying it like a trophy.

“You are quite a showman, Dick,” she told her stepson, as Janet began to calculate the astounding amount of come Richard had shot forth from his mighty pole. “The girls in that class are definitely gonna get a kick out of you. You’re definitely on your way, kiddo.”

Richard, feeling relieved and also exhausted, just nodded, a sign of his obedience to his step mother. Carrie urged him to go get cleaned up, and he could join the two for a swim now that the rain had gone.

“Look at this, now I gotta change shirts,” Janet said, drawing attention to her sexy tummy, and the arm’s-length string of come that Richard had hit her with by mistake.

“We’re gonna have to get you a holster for that thing, young man,” Carrie teased the boy. “But you’re doing well, Richard. You are coming along just fine.”


It was to be a nice, relaxing swim for Richard and the girls, as all three of them needed to come down to Earth a bit after the amazing display Richard had put on.

The girls went upstairs to get changed into their bathing suits, and Richard was overwhelmed to see they both had gorgeous new outfits.

“We went shopping last weekend,” Janet clarified with a laugh.

Janet’s one-piece suit was all white, with a blue Cowboys star wrapping around the right side. Richard had to admit he was impressed with the design.

And Carrie’s meanwhile, was also a one-piece, and bright purple, which the kids would tease her about.

“Those are Vikings colors,” Richard objected.

“Oh, you don’t like it?” Carrie asked disappointedly.

“No, no, it’s cool,” the stepson quickly replied, adding that she looked tremendous in the suit.

Richard loved gazing at his step mom’s figure – he almost drooled when he saw her big, beautiful thighs, so nice and tan and soon to be wet and glistening in the summer sun.

“Can you tell I’ve been exercising? Janet, feel these,” Carrie told her daughter.

“I am not feeling your thighs,” Janet laughed.

“Oh, you. Just feel the outside of my leg,” the mom persisted. “Dick, here, you feel them. Tell me you can feel any fat.”

Richard was stunned – he was going to get to feel his step mom’s beautiful legs. She offered to let him do so not in a sexual way, but just as a means of testing her fitness.

“Wow,” Richard said as he felt around her outer thigh. “They’re really supple.”

“Exactly,” Carrie replied calmly. “Janet, I got these from years of swimming. My legs are perfectly fit, and so are yours. Don’t be ashamed of being well-developed.”

As Carrie continued to give her daughter a lecture on being proud of her body, Richard’s attention drifted to both of the women’s large bosoms. Janet’s filled out her white suit quite nicely, and Carrie’s suit, much to the amusement of young Richard, looked like it almost burst open as it struggled to conceal her huge breasts.

Richard would entertain himself by imagining Carrie’s suit suddenly ripping open, allowing her massive tits to flop right out.

He further indulged himself by imagining what Carrie would say, and do.

‘Oh, my goodness, my boobs are showing, aren’t they?’ she would remark in her trademark subtlety. ‘Richard, can you believe the size of these things?’

Carrie would just stand there, Richard imagined, letting him gaze upon her breathtaking rack. She would swivel back and forth a bit, making her huge, hanging tits sway from side to side, tantalizing him.

‘God, mom, your tits are even bigger than mine for crying out loud,’ Janet would remark, immediately pulling her suit over her arms to show off two equally luscious breasts.

‘Dick, who do you think has the better set?’ Janet would then ask, and Richard was left to judge and rate each amazing pair.

The fantasy was so outrageous but yet so fulfilling, as it allowed Richard to maintain balance in a highly unbalanced situation. He was always naked, and the two women were always clothed. But heck, he could at least imagine seeing them nude, couldn’t he?

Ah yes, it was a truly wonderful daydream, but as is the fate of every daydream, they always end at some point, and Carrie snapped Richard out of his soon enough.

“Dick, are you with us?” asked Carrie, whose enormous breasts – unlike in the fantasy – were still covered by her bathing suit.

“Uh, yeah,” he stammered, trying to pull himself together.

“She asked you if you ever got to see Alien yet,” Janet laughed, finding it funny how Richard had temporarily drifted into space.

“He’s got a lot on his mind,” Carrie sympathized with a warm smile, then went about changing the conversation before Richard could answer.

The two women went on and on comparing bathing suits, asking the other how each fit.

The questions went on and on.

“Does this look good here?”

“How does this look?”

“This isn’t too tight here, is it?”

“Does this look nice this way?”

So many questions, all drawing attention to the fact that the women had bathing suits on and Richard was completely naked. But he took it in stride.

“How does my bathing suit look?” he asked jokingly with a smile.

The two women chuckled, and were glad to see his willingness to join the conversation.

“I think it looks wonderful,” Carrie replied with a huge grin, eyeing Richard’s naked body from head to toe.

“Yes, indeed,” Janet added. “It hangs really well on you.”

Carrie giggled at her daughter’s remark, which was no doubt a reference to Richard’s enormous penis.

Now with their focus once again on his lengthy organ, it seemingly obliged them by returning to its impressive, fully-erect state.

“Uh-oh, somebody’s up again,” Carrie giggled sweetly as she gazed upon Richard’s mighty stalk.

Janet walked in closer to gain better access to Richard’s massive prick, which now teetered up and down before him as he shifted his weight from one leg to the other.

“I guess ‘Flopper’ likes our bathing suits,” Janet said teasingly as she gently slapped Richard’s huge dong.

“That would be my guess,” Carrie chuckled. “Is that your way of giving us two thumbs up, Richard?”

The boy could hardly speak, as the effect of seeing the two gals in their sexy suits once again pushed him to the limit. As he nodded, giving acknowledgement to Carrie’s question, Richard could not control his arousal.

His prick was so sensitive at this point, and so engorged to the max, that the slightest movement made it jerk on its own. As he nodded his head up and down to answer Carrie, Richard’s cock also bounced north and south.

“Oh my goodness,” Carrie laughed openly. “Are you answering us with your dork, young man?”

As much as he tried to calm down, his prick kept throbbing and pulsing right before everyone’s eyes, and Richard realized that this was not one of those times where he was going to be able to control himself.

Richard kept his hands away from his cock, thinking that without the stimulation they provided, he would not orgasm. But his remarkable penis was apparently intent on showing what it could do with no assistance at all.

Much to Richard’s surprise, and even more to the surprise of the two lovely young women, Richard’s dick began to spasm once again, and released a huge rope of semen that caught Carrie totally by surprise, and splashed against her outer right thigh.

“Dick?!” she could barely get out, caught completely off guard by the copious amount of sperm that now drenched her upper leg.

Richard was too overcome with arousal to move, and his dick shot forth yet another rope of jizz, this one again hitting Carrie’s right thigh, and it was only fitting since her lovely limbs are what got Richard so worked up in the first place.

“He’s fucking shooting off again!” Janet hollered as she watched the spectacle unfold before her, and this time, she was out of the line of fire.

Carrie, however, was too stunned to move, and her legs were getting soaked.

Richard’s penis didn’t have anybody’s hands stroking it – not Carrie’s not Janet’s and not even Richard’s. Yet it continued to erupt just the same. Each time Richard ejaculated, his dick jerked backwards, almost like a cannon would as it released a mighty blast.

The sight of Richard’s convulsing schlong made Carrie and Janet chuckle to no end.

Another rope of ejaculate hit Carrie, then another, then another. It felt so warm and wet on her soft skin.

The contrast of the white sperm on her tan thighs was so sharp, it appeared like lines of icing on a caramel glaze. There was so much of it, it now ran down her legs, all the way to her knees.

The mother’s initial surprise had now turned to both amusement and admiration, as Carrie could not believe how much semen her stepson had stored up in those beautiful big balls of his.

“Please, Richard, I’m soaked,” Carrie laughed as she now finally did get out of Richard’s way.

His prick, however, continued to shoot, firing several bursts of come onto the sliding glass door. Richard finally grabbed his dick to somewhat stymie his orgasm, and a few droplets of his substantial seed fell to the carpet below.

Richard was somewhat embarrassed by his unexpected “show of emotion,” but although it was something the two women would look to control and channel more properly in the days ahead, they had to appreciate the show they just witnessed.

“Look at my legs!” Carrie said excitedly to her daughter, in such a way that it displayed the provocative brunette was somewhat proud of what she had coaxed out of Richard.

“You are fucking drenched,” Janet laughed. “God, look at your legs, look at the glass door…look at the carpet!”

Janet was so overcome with joy she had to detail every spot of the room Richard had coated with his multiple come shots. He knew it was fun now, but soon he would be told to clean up the mess he created.

“We’re gonna have to send your dick to obedient school,” Janet said with a snicker.

Richard had to laugh at himself.

“Now, now,” Carrie smiled as she gently cleaned her legs with a towel. “We will teach Richard how to control himself, and his dick. Won’t we, Richard?”

“Yes, mam,” he answered her obediently.

A funny thought then came to Carrie, revealed by the silly and cute grin that came across her face.

“Afterall, horses do need to be broken,” she said, winking at her daughter.


The Temple Mall was a great place to spend an afternoon.

As beautiful as it was useful, it allowed its visitors to shop for a variety of items, and for the Parkers, it was just a few miles away from home.

Carrie, Janet and Richard always loved to walk the mall from one end to the other, stopping in a wide range of shops and then relaxing for a while in the food court. On this day, burgers seemed to be a good choice, and the three dug into some Grade-A Texas quarter-pounders as they checked out all the people passing by. It was a nice moment for a daydream.

The three all kind of drifted into their own thoughts, until Carrie broke the silence.

“God, whoever came up with the concept of mini malls must really be cleaning up,” she said as she eyed the ceiling above.

“You seem to be talking about money a lot lately. Is everything okay?” Richard asked, a bit concerned.

“Oh no, sweetie…it’s just…,” Carrie began. “I miss your father. If we had a little more money he wouldn’t be away on business so much. And it would be easier to send Janet to school and we could really fix up the house…thank God you got a scholarship.”

Janet seemed more than happy to help out.

“I can always get a part-time job, Mom, to help out buying books and stuff,” the young one said, as she ate her burger very delicately, trying not to get any grease on her light green tank top and the cute white shorts she picked out to wear on this sunny day.

“Oh, no, we’ll be fine,” Carrie confided in the kids. “I just wish things were a bit more, you know, relaxed. I think that’s why I took up teaching again – it kind of gets my mind off the daily grind.”

Richard felt a nervous feeling in his stomach when he thought of that particular class Carrie would be teaching, the one that involved him as a very vital part.

“I love teaching,” Carrie said with enthusiasm as she savored the juicy burger, a bit of ketchup dripping down into the basket of fries that came along with it.

“Would you do it full time if a position opened up?” Janet asked.

“Oh absolutely – without a doubt,” Carrie said without hesitation. “I mean I love nursing, but the hours are so haphazard. Teaching’s a lot more reliable. And I just love the idea of impacting a young person’s life in a positive way.”

Richard right then felt the urge to tell Carrie how much she had impacted him in a positive way, but his natural boyish tendencies to conceal his inner feelings prevented him from telling her at this time.

“I’m just glad I’m on vacation for a couple weeks,” Carrie said, finishing her savory burger. “It gives me time to get stuff done around the house.”

Richard then finished his burger, and fries, and was still hungry enough that he tried to sneak a few off Janet’s plate.

“Hey, jerk,” she said teasingly. “Those are my fries.”

“Dick, if you’re still hungry, sweetie, I can give money for some more,” Carrie said as she began to dig into her purse.

Richard wasn’t going to argue with that, and he waited patiently in line at the burger stand for a second helping. As he waited, he made conversation with a kid in front of him that had a Drew Pearson jersey, as Richard thought about getting a jersey just like it. On this afternoon, the young Parker boy had chosen to wear a pair of denim shorts, and a t-shirt with Randy White’s number on it, a gift that was given to him by his dad.

Richard thought about his dad often. He missed him. But he knew his father was doing the right thing for his family, providing for them. And his father in turn trusted Richard to make things easy for Carrie and Janet, and to provide them some comfort while he was away.

Richard looked all around him, as he was a curious young man, and he noticed a man in a suit that looked vaguely familiar. As Richard made his way back to the table, he realized who the man was.

“Oh man, that’s funny,” Richard said.

“What’s that, hon?” Carrie asked as she took a sip of her root beer.

“I just saw a guy that works with Craig’s dad,” Richard explained. “He was over their house one night for a barbecue. I would have said ‘hi’ but I couldn’t think who he was at first. That’s funny I would see him here.”

Carrie smiled. Richard knew what was coming.

“Texas is a big place,” Carrie began…

“But it’s a small world isn’t it,” the kids said in unison, as they now had memorized one of Carrie’s favorite sayings.

“You guys know me too well,” she laughed.

As Richard munched away on his second helping from “The Alamo Burger,” Janet and Carrie began to giggle about something, and the fact that they weren’t letting him in on the joke only suggested it was something they discussed about Richard while he was getting food.

“What is so funny?” he asked.

“It’s nothing, sweetie,” Carrie said.

More giggling followed. And even more resistance to reveal the reason for it.

“What is soooooo funny?” Richard persisted.

“Sweetie, it’s nothing,” Carrie repeated. “Janet and I were just talking about…it’s nothing, really.”

The good sport that Richard was, he let Carrie and Janet enjoy their little inside joke. After all, they did include him in a lot of other fun activities.

As the three enjoyed the relaxing afternoon, it did eventually dawn on them they had come to the mall for a reason, and that was to buy cleaning supplies and some other odds and ends for the house.

“Why are we cleaning anyway?” Richard asked.

“Because we are having company tomorrow,” Carrie said sternly, as if she had reminded Richard of this several times before.

Richard didn’t pay it much mind since he usually just greeted the guests very briefly then hung out in his room the rest of the day.

“Deborah – you remember, Ms. Krendall, who taught you in the third grade? Well, you remember her as Mrs. Walsh but she’s gone back to Ms. Krendall since the divorce,” Carrie began.

“Yes, mam,” Richard answered politely.

“Well she and her daughter, Maddy, are coming over and are gonna stay at the house a couple days,” Carrie explained. “I haven’t had them over in a long, long time. Ever since they moved to Houston it’s been hard to get together with them.”

Richard was happy for Carrie that she was going to get to see her friend, but it wasn’t something that he felt he needed to be a part of.

“So basically I’ll be hanging out at Barney’s for the week?” Richard asked with a grin.

Carrie smirked, but she could understand that Richard, a typical 18-year-old boy, didn’t want to be spending valuable summer hours with a group of women.

“Well just make sure you help us clean the house beforehand and than you are free to do whatever,” Carrie instructed. “This is going to be a group effort getting that house in order.”

The three went about shopping for some supplies, and as expected, Carrie bought more than was necessary. But alas, it would wind up being a very special occasion.


It was one of those days where it just seemed to get hotter, and just the walk from the car to the house made you long for the air conditioning.

Carrie and the two kids went inside and immediately fixed themselves a glass of iced tea. Carrie rubbed hers along her forehead for extra comfort.

The family room seemed a good place to relax, and all three were too exhausted to even turn on the television. They had to get their energy back.

Carrie, looking so nice in her khaki shorts and white-and-green striped top, let out a satisfied sigh, as she was awfully tired, but got everything done that she had to.

Richard then remembered an entertaining story that he thought would crack the two women up.

“Oh my God, I forgot to tell you – Barney is entering a pig contest,” Richard began as he sat in the chair opposite Janet and Carrie.

Carrie simply nodded, but was reluctant to give the story her full attention until Richard did something first.

“Sweetie, why don’t you get settled in and then you can tell us,” Carrie said with somewhat of an authoritative tone.

It only took Richard a few seconds to realize what his step mother meant. He was to strip completely nude, as after all, it would not make any sense to break from his training – not even for a temporary lapse.

“I’m sorry, Carrie,” he apologized.

“It’s okay, hon, I know it’s easy to forget sometimes,” she sympathized. “But I think consistency is a key word here. For us to get you prep-, properly prop…”

“Jeez, that’s a tongue twister, huh?” Carrie laughed, poking fun at herself. “For us to get you PROPERLY PREPPED – there I said it! (Laugh) We shouldn’t waist a single minute.”

“Yes, mam,” Richard replied obediently.

He was about to run upstairs to get undressed, but Carrie suggested he do it right there in the family room since she could see some grass stains on both his shirt and his jean shorts – evidence of the roughhousing Richard did with Craig and Barney a few days earlier. And this way she could drop the clothes right in the wash.

Carrie and Janet began to have a casual conversation as Richard undressed, but as more and more items were taken off and tossed aside, less and less words were spoken, and more and more attention was focused on Richard’s naked body.

Janet loved the appearance of his strong upper body and tanned muscles, and Carrie enjoyed the sight of Richard’s muscular thighs. But when his underwear was pulled down and his dangly penis was revealed, that is when the women were almost forced to voice their appreciation.

“I love seeing him come down in the morning, like, already naked, but it’s so cool seeing him strip,” Janet said with a big smile. “One piece of clothing at a time, until there’s nothing left. Only underwear….And then he peels those off…”

She was getting so excited she had to stop and take a deep breath.

“And his big schlong just flops right on out,” the girl described with a big grin.

“It’s always lovely to see it re-enter the fray, isn’t it,” Carrie added with a lovely laugh.

As Richard stood there completely nude, his clothes in a pile at his feet, he very excitedly awaited the afternoon’s next activity.

“Sweetie, why don’t you go put your clothes by the washer – I’ll get to them in a little bit,” Carrie told her stepson.

Richard went about carrying out his task and also helped the two women unpack all the items they had purchased at the mall. The mom and daughter discussed a lot of things: clothes, the new boy Janet was dating, new movies that were coming out, but Richard was sort of quiet as he helped unpack. It was his way of reflecting privately on everything he was experiencing.

But his reflections were about to become much less private.


Richard Parker will always remember the date – July 20, 1979. It was the day he was first exposed.

And when we’re talking about his exposure, we are not talking about his full-frontal nudity in front of his step mom and stepsis – that is something he had already grown accustomed to.

We are talking about the first time his passion for CFNM was exposed to a woman, or in this case, women. And it was Janet and Carrie who would make the discovery.

CFNM, or Clothed-Female-Nude-Male scenarios, was something Richard always fantasized about, to a great degree. Long before he actually got to live out some of his fantasies with Carrie and Janet.

Carrie always had an inkling that Richard shared many of the same exhibitionist desires that raged within his father, as well as many Parker men before him. She just didn’t know that those desires were so developed, so intense. She, and her daughter, would learn this on the aforementioned date, a date that still lives in Richard’s mind to this day.

This was the same day that began so innocently with Carrie and the two kids visiting the Temple Mall. It then developed into an afternoon of cleaning and organizing, and that is where our story picks up.

Carrie had summoned Richard to tidy up the kitchen – finishing the dishes, washing off the table, cleaning the counters – anything it entailed. The mom and daughter had gone upstairs to clean up the bedrooms.

Richard paid it no mind since anything he had in his room that was private was hidden away – well, sort of hidden, he pondered nervously as he washed the counters.

Richard then thought of all his nudie magazines – piles and piles of them he had stored away in his closet. They were hidden underneath Sports Illustrateds and such, but if Carrie or Janet were to go digging through things…

He then remembered he had even more adult materials right by his bed – again they were seemingly out of sight, underneath other more innocent reading materials, but again, if the pile were to be moved or rearranged somehow…

Richard then stopped his wiping and stood there with butterflies in his stomach. He looked down at his massive schlong and simply muttered ‘see what you get me into?’

It wasn’t that Richard was nervous about Carrie and Janet discovering his Playboys or Penthouses or Hustlers – he knew the mom and daughter must know he would have some of those lying around.

It was some of the other material that he kept on hand that he was a little embarrassed about. And as he hurriedly finished up cleaning the kitchen, he walked briskly up the steps, hoping to settle his fears.

He was hoping that Carrie and Janet were already done with his room, or even if they weren’t, maybe they would be busy in one of the other rooms and Richard could sneak into his and hide his private things more efficiently.

But much to his dismay, as he approached his room, he could hear Carrie and Janet carrying on and having a good old time. He opened the door tentatively, and saw the two just sitting on the floor of his room, having a conversation.

Carrie was holding a towel and a squirt bottle of cleanser, and Janet had a trash bag in her hand. Both women were resting for a moment.

“Dick, we could have made a whole day of cleaning just your room alone!” Carrie laughed, her eyes widening with enthusiasm. “This place was filthy! We’ve been at it for over an hour so we had to take a break. How do you – “

“I found a Big Mac carton from like a month ago,” Janet said, as she continued to pick up discarded trash and other clutter.

“All geniuses are messy,” Richard remarked as he sat on his bed, realizing he might as well get comfortable until the women left.

Carrie let out a groan, and gave Richard a polite lecture about being more neat. And taking pride in his room. He confided in her that he would be more organized.

Richard then nervously looked throughout his room, hoping to see that his magazines were not touched. Oh, poor Richard – the fear that shot through him when he saw that the pile of magazines normally kept by his bed was completely gone. Carrie and Janet must have moved them, and he frantically looked around to see where they were, scanning every inch of the bright-red shag carpet.

As he peered around the room, it felt like everything was spinning. He looked in the closet, and saw too that those magazines were gone. Oh crap.

Did he move them himself and forget? Did he lend them to Barney? Oh please God, let Barney have stolen them out of my room – anything but this.

But to no avail. Just as Richard looked over at Carrie and realized that the piles of magazines was hidden right behind her, temporarily out of his sight, his worst fears were realized.

“We uh, discovered your reading materials, kiddo,” Carrie said with a warm smile.

“Yeah, that’s quite a library you have there, Dick,” Janet added with a big grin.

Richard had a horrible feeling in his stomach. He was so embarrassed. He tried to play it off.

“Oh, you mean the Sports Illustrateds?” Richard asked innocently.

The mom and daughter looked at each other with smirks.

“Um, no, sweetie,” Carrie said.

Janet ran over to the pile of mags and dug one out that amused her.

“Juggz!” she cried triumphantly, holding the magazine up high in the air.

Richard could only shake his head as he felt his face turn a bright red. He tried to calm himself down by looking over at a mockingbird that was perched on a branch just outside his window. Its beautiful song temporarily put his mind at ease.

Janet even went flipping through the magazine, holding it up for everyone to see anytime she came across one of the featured big-breasted women. Some of the women had nice, full, voluptuous breasts, and others were so outlandishly huge, even Janet found it funny.

“Now I thought you were a leg man, Dick,” Carrie teased her stepson, who could hardly produce words at this moment.

Carrie sensed Richard’s anxiety, and tried to explain.

“Sweetie, we weren’t looking to go through any of your private things,” she sympathized with him. “We had to vacuum the entire floor – even inside your closet, so when we went to pick up everything, we kind of came across some of your, well, like I said, reading materials.”

“I don’t think he does much reading with them,” Janet remarked.

Carrie smiled.

“Well what he does with them is his business. Isn’t it, Dick?” Carrie asked.

“Yes, mam,” he finally said, breaking his silence.

Janet found it humorous to bring the other magazines to light, ones that specifically featured women with big, round asses, or substantial bush, or even ones where just the women’s feet were highlighted. Janet and Carrie didn’t bother opening the magazines. They just chuckled as they read the risqué titles on each glossy cover.

“None of this surprises me, Dick,” Carrie said soothingly as Janet had a field day holding up just about every magazine in the bunch. “Young men like you have urges, and need to satisfy those urges. I think it’s perfectly healthy that you have amassed such a gallery (laugh) of inspiration for your private time…The thing that DID surprise me though was…”

Oh no, this was it. Richard’s heart began to race.

“Janet, what surprised us the most about Richard’s collection?” Carrie asked her daughter with a big smile.

Janet took her cue, and looked right at Richard, who was still sitting there naked on the bed.

“Dude, we found like seven or eight Playgirls,” she said with a big laugh.

Richard stood there motionless, with a sick feeling in his stomach. He was embarrassed to no end that the two women had found issues of that particular racy periodical in his room. While Richard searched for words to say, Janet went digging through the piles of magazines again, and happily pulled out one of the aforementioned Playgirls.

She went thumbing through the issue, and stopped at a centerfold of a particularly well-endowed black gentleman. She held the magazine up in the air for all to see.

“Hello there!” Janet belted out with enthusiasm.

“Oh my word,” Carrie laughed, eyeing the photograph of this black muscleman, who was ripped from head to toe and sported a schlong nearly the size of Richard’s. “I guess he must have eaten his vegetables (laugh).”

Richard covered his face, shaking his head. He wanted to explain, but could not get a word in.

The women were so excited with their discovery they celebrated as if it were gold, for not only did the risqué material reveal a lot about young Dick and his interests, but there were very few magazines that offered such blatant male nudity, and Carrie and Janet enjoyed the show.

Carrie had only seen a few Playgirls since its inception in 1976, and Janet only snuck a peak at one that her friend’s older sister pulled out at a sleepover a couple years back. This was something new, and inviting. For a change, it was naked MEN that were the focus of these glossy magazine pages, not naked women.

The men’s bodies were breathtaking, some rubbed in oil to further emphasize their glistening muscles, and some were doing sexy, suggestive poses that allowed the mind to race in a frenzied, wonderful fashion. Janet noted one recurring theme.

“Almost every one of these guys has a really big penis,” she laughed as she had absolutely no problem thumbing through each splendid issue, stopping at each candid photo.

“They’re not small, that’s for sure,” Carrie added with a chuckle, peering over her daughter’s shoulder to get a glimpse herself.

Even the few that were small, the women found adorable, and pretty to look at. By gloating over the pictures of these naked hunks, the women were not only indulging their own sexual urges but also playfully teasing Richard about keeping such material around.

Finally, the young man sensed he should try to explain, but Carrie already had formed her own explanation of Richard’s interest in the magazine.

“Doing a little comparing and contrasting, kiddo?” she asked her stepson.

“Well…” Richard answered, looking down at his hefty penis.

“It’s completely natural,” Carrie confided in him.

Richard’s fascination with Playgirl went way beyond just satisfying his curiosity of how other guys were built down there. And leave it to Carrie to sense this.

“Or is there more to it than that, Dick?” she asked nicely, looking him right in the eye.

Richard sat down on the bed, with Janet and Carrie sitting on the floor right below him. Carrie put aside all the magazines featuring female nudity, and in affect allowed her daughter to spread out all the magazines featuring the unexpected male nudity. Richard felt he should open up with his step mom and stepsis.

“I uh,” he stammered.

“Yes? You what?” Janet giggled, now giving Richard her full attention.

If in fact Richard harbored any homosexual desires, and if that was the reason for his curiosity in the male form, Carrie and Janet would be completely open to that. After all, one of Carrie’s close friends for years was a gay male, and Janet was pretty close with a gay male cheerleader over at Temple College.

But because the mom and daughter knew that Richard was not gay, they knew there must be a very interesting story behind why he had such a fascination with this magazine, and they eagerly anticipated his explanation.

Richard took a deep breath, and began to speak.

“Go ahead, sweetie, we’re all ears,” Carrie said, as she was seated very comfortably at his feet.

“I um, I think I like looking at pictures of naked men hanging out with clothed women,” he sort of blurted out, seemingly in a hurry just to get it out in the open.

Carrie had a look of surprise on her face, her eyes opening wide, and then that look of surprise sort of turned into a satisfied grin.

“You like looking at photos in which the women are completely clothed, and the men are completely naked, is that what you’re saying?” Carrie asked, basically repeating what Richard had said, only emphasizing it much more clearly.

“Yes, mam,” he answered.

Carrie gave him a warm smile, and nodded understandingly. She made Richard feel completely comfortable about his admission. She even went out of her way to get up from the floor and sit down next to him on the bed, never breaking eye contact with the young boy.

“Now tell me what you enjoy about those types of pictures,” Carrie said calmly as she crossed her amazing legs, only adding to Richard’s feeling of arousal.

“Um…,” he began hesitantly.

“Mom, look,” Janet said excitedly, interrupting her mother and step brother. “Look at this one!”

The girl held up a picture of another well-endowed male, his large penis right in the center of the photo. Carrie was growing a little impatient with her daughter’s tendency to talk over her and Richard, but she politely gave the picture her attention.

“The good Lord has certainly blessed him,” the mom laughed as she eyed the glossy pic of the enormous prick.

“It like, curves,” Janet noted, studying the picture carefully. “God look at how far it hangs, and then it like cuts out over his thigh.”

Carrie nodded nicely, as if to say ‘that’s great, sweetie, but I’m trying to speak to Richard.’ It was a sensitive time in his development, and Carrie knew it. She wanted to give him plenty of attention and deal with this matter in the most nurturing way possible.

“Go ahead, Dick, I’m listening,” she told him, rubbing his knee affectionately.

“Well,” he began, then grabbed for one of the magazines. “It’s like this photo spread here. It’s obvious that both the men and the women are naked, but see how the pictures are taken in a way that you don’t see the women’s breasts or anything else of theirs? But the men…”

The splendid photo of this naked get-together featured three women and three men playing around on a deserted beach, and just like Richard mentioned, it was the male nudity that was the focus.

“I see what you’re saying, sweetie,” Carrie noted, as she studied the photo spread with great interest. “The camera seems to have an eye for just the naked male form. And of course it being a tabloid geared towards females, I would expect it to be as such.”

Janet now plopped herself down on the bed, and of course asked what the two were just chatting about.

“Dick pointed out that in this spread,” Carrie said, allowing Janet to look, “the women’s bodies – their breasts and other private areas – are skillfully covered up in the photos…”

She ran her fingers sexily up and down the page, enticing Richard, and in affect also pointing out to her daughter what Richard had been referring to.

“And see the men?” Carrie continued, glancing at Janet. “The men, especially their penises, are pretty much the focus.”

“As well they should be,” Janet quipped.

Her mother smiled, as Janet’s enthusiasm reminded her of the interest she had in the male anatomy at her age. And a passion that only deepened with time.

“And then there’s ones where they don’t even try to dance around the issue – the women simply have all their clothes on, and the men are stark naked,” Richard went on, seeking another issue from the substantial pile.

“See?” he asked, showing Carrie and Janet a photo spread of two naked male waiters serving tea to a group of finely-dressed females.

Carrie and Janet were both delighted and greatly aroused by the theme of this particular spread, as it implied that the men displayed not only their muscular bodies and gorgeous pricks, but they also displayed a tremendous sense of servitude towards the women.

“What excites you about this, Richard?” Carrie asked inquisitively.

“The unfairness, the dominance the women have over the men,” Richard said without hesitation, even surprising himself a bit by his openness. “Not only are the men completely naked, but they’re serving the women, bringing them tea, kissing their feet, even stroking their own cocks for the women’s enjoyment.”

“Would you like some cream in your tea, mam?” Janet said, making up a caption for one of the photos.

Carrie had to giggle at her daughter’s observation.

“They do look ready to burst, don’t they?” Carrie said as she eyed the men’s massive erections.

A few moments of silence followed, partly because each member of this Parker trio wanted to glance at the photos and come up with his or her own interpretation, and partly because no one really knew what to say next. But true to form, Carrie kept the conversation moving in a productive fashion.

“Dick, look at me,” Carrie said sweetly and softly. “Have you ever put yourself in one of these photo spreads? Like a fantasy? Imagined it was you serving the women?”

Richard did indeed do that. In fact, all the time. But he hesitated to share those fantasies with Carrie right away, at least until she skillfully, and lovingly, coaxed them out of him.

“Come on, Dick, be honest with me,” Carrie told him with a smile. “Obviously these pictures have had quite an affect on you. And they have helped fuel what must be some very intense desires burning inside that 18-year-old body of yours.”

She was so warm, so nurturing. Richard couldn’t help but let down his guard.

“I love being naked in front of you guys,” he said, relieved to tell the women that fact.

They giggled, and showed their affection for the young man. Janet ran her hands through Richard’s hair, feeling a few beads of sweat on his forehead, obviously from the tension that had been building up. Carrie gave her stepson a nice little pat on the shoulder, as if to encourage him to reveal more.

“Now how about the photos?” Carrie persisted. “Do you imagine being one of these lucky men? Obviously these men enjoy sharing the splendid gifts God has bestowed upon them. They’re able to make these women smile, bring them joy, make their day a little bit brighter, a little bit more lovely…”

Richard loved how happy the women looked in the pictures, as they gazed upon the naked male hunks before them. And it wasn’t just about the women ogling the nude men – the ladies took great delight in being served, coddled, as it made them feel that much more special.

“I mean, don’t get me wrong,” Carrie went on, “I’m sure it’s perfectly fine to just look at these photos and enjoy their beauty. But God, you know, that must…that must feel like…like watching things from the bench? You know? Never getting to go into the game. You’re just always watching from the sideline. And that is not the Dick Parker I know.”

Richard looked away for a second, and coincidentally his eyes fell upon all the soccer and baseball trophies he had won growing up. Indeed he wasn’t a bench warmer – he liked to get out and live life. And it was this quality that Carrie was harnessing in him.

“I’d love to be one of those men,” Richard said with passion. “I fantasize all the time that I’m…serving beautiful women. I’m there for their enjoyment, ya’ know? Like in the fantasy, I do whatever they request – I bring them tea, I bring them drinks, I entertain them. They love my company. They love looking at me. They love touching me. They feel my muscles, they feel my arms. They rub my thighs. Some of the women even reach out and grab my dick…”

The women giggled. Janet used the word “dick” all the time, but coming out of Richard’s mouth, it sounded so cute because of how shy and adorable he was.

“So I take it (laugh), in these fantasies, you’re completely naked?” Carrie asked with a chuckle.

“Yes, mam,” he said respectfully. “Just like the men in the magazine. I often imagine, like a backyard setting, a big patio with white tables and really nice furniture, and the women are in dresses and having conversations, and I go up to each and every one of them. I work really hard for them, ya’ know?”

The women playfully nodded.

“And then…it….you know, my cock…gets really hard,” Richard went on, hesitantly but affectively.

“Oh I imagine it would,” Carrie laughed approvingly.

“The women want to feel it, feel my cock,” Richard continued, the mother and daughter encouraging him to do so. “They all take turns stroking it, fighting over it, almost like a tug of war (laugh). But they get me so worked up and so excited, I start coming, and they all rush over and watch me gush. It just keeps spilling out, some of it hitting their shoes and some of it…going elsewhere. But I’m real careful not to get it all over their dresses.”

“How gentlemanly of you,” Janet said, cracking up.

Richard took a deep breath, a great feeling of satisfaction coming over him. As life-changing as it was the first time he got naked in front of Carrie and Janet, he felt that in the last 20 minutes or so, he had revealed much more about himself.

“Richard, look at me,” his step mother told him. “I’m a gardener. I cultivate. These very vivid fantasies that you have had are nothing short of extraordinary, and very special. And it is up to me to nurture these fantasies, allow them to grow into something beautiful, something breathtaking, like a garden.”

“Yes, mam,” he said once again.

The atmosphere now warm and inviting, Janet felt she could go sifting through some other areas of Richard’s room that were previously off limits. She was pleased to find even more material right along the lines of what the women had spread out all over the floor and bed.

Richard Parker simply had a wonderful bounty of what is known as CFNM-related erotica – CFNM of course standing for Clothed Female Nude Male. Prior to the last few days, CFNM was only a fantasy of his. Now, he was living it.

Carrie and Janet were overwhelmed with their findings.

“There is so much here, Dick,” Carrie exclaimed. “How on Earth did you acquire all of this?”

“What can I say? It’s a lifelong passion,” he said, making them both chuckle.

Carrie took special delight in the photo spreads that featured naked men in everyday situations: a woman and a man at a private picnic, with the male lying there fully nude; a couple walking on the beach, with – you guessed it – the man not bothering to wear any clothes. Some were more contrived, but nevertheless entertaining. For instance, one particular picture depicted a group of beautiful female ballerinas, all dressed in lily white leotards, dancing around a fully nude male ballerina, one that was sporting a rather ample package.

“I’d love to see that version of the NUT cracker,” Janet joked.

Once they had sampled a little bit of everything Richard had to offer in this CFNM buffet, Carrie and Janet went about stacking the magazines and pictorials into neatly assembled piles, and sharpened their focus with Richard.

“I think we should have Dick serve us tea, like the men in the photos,” Janet suggested, her boobs bouncing in her shirt as her movements got a bit more frenzied.

“Yeah, that would be nice,” Carrie answered, her tone suggesting she had something bigger in mind for Richard. “But now is hardly a time for tea. We have company coming.”

As things settled down and Richard was now more calm, his natural urges kicked in, and all of this talk of CFNM and the sight of Janet and Carrie dressed so sexily in their summer outfits began to take affect. His mighty prick, previously lying in its flaccid state along his thigh, now grew to its fully-erect, monstrous form, bobbing up and down between his legs like an invisible hand was bouncing it about.

“It’s like he’s stabbing the air with his mighty sword,” Janet laughed.

Although Carrie and Janet had grown quite accustomed to the sight of Richard’s 11-and-a-half-inch penis, he felt it necessary to apologize for its unruly behavior.

“Sorry, I just got so excited with you guys tapping into my private world,” he said, speaking of his passion for CFNM.

“Oh we tapped into something alright, and we struck oil,” Carrie exclaimed happily.

“Texas tea,” Janet added with gusto.

As he rose to his feet to break the tension, Richard’s massive boner bounced lewdly about, a sight that the mother and daughter could not help but chuckle about.

“You don’t think it’s weird, do you, that I fantasize about all that stuff?” Richard asked, referring to his previously secret passion.

“Weird?! I think it’s wonderful,” Carrie answered him discreetly, using another “w” word to describe his interest in CFNM. “The world needs more men like you, sweetie. The world needs more Parkers (laugh). This desire you have, to serve women, to let them SEE you, to let them indulge their own visual desires, letting them feel you and touch you, and in turn allowing them to bring you pleasure…All of these traits, you share with your father, sweetie. And his father before him, and I’m sure his father before him…”

“Oh Gawd, tell him about Ulysses,” Janet belted out with great excitement.

It took just a few seconds for that to register with Carrie, but when it did, it struck a nerve.

“Oh dear Lord what made you think of him?” Carrie asked with a laugh, speaking of Richard’s great-great-great grandfather.

“How could I not think of him when we’re talking about all this?” Janet quipped.

Carrie nodded with a mischievous grin, as if to say ‘yeah, you do have a point there.’

This was the second time Ulysses’ name was mentioned in recent days, the previous time by good ole’ Barney Bussett. And Richard had yet to find out what the reference was.

“What about Ulysses?” Richard belted out, basically pleading with Carrie to let him in on this inside joke.

“Oh jeez, we’ll save that for another day,” Carrie told him with a sweet smile. “You have enough on your plate right now.”

Richard heeded his step mother’s advice, and temporarily suppressed his interest in Ulysses. The young man instead just sat quietly on the bed, staring down at – and even marveling – his own massive erection. It sprung up from between his legs, throbbing and flexing at a 45-degree angle to the comfy mattress beneath him. As Richard adjusted himself and pulled some sheets out from underneath him, his enormous dick lightly smacked against his stomach.

The expression on his face was so priceless, and revealed such a look of amazement in eyeing his own splendid anatomy, the women had to ask him to elaborate.

“Whatcha’ thinking’ about Dick?” Carrie asked inquisitively.

Before Richard could answer, Janet offered her own suggestion about what Richard must be pondering at that very moment.

“God, I have a big dork,” Janet playfully said, mimicking her stepbrother and over exaggerating Richard’s deep voice, with humorous results. “I wonder who has a bigger dork, me, or that black and white spotted Clydesdale I saw at Old Man Custer’s the other afternoon. His was awfully huge, but I sure do have a lot swingin’ between my legs…”

So amused by herself, Janet fell over in the bed, laughing at her own imitation of her stepbrother. Carrie glanced over at Richard and shook her head, as if to say ‘she really gets a kick out of herself, huh?’

“Not bad,” Richard told Janet, as he played it cool and was able to poke fun at himself. “In general, it sounded like me. Although my voice isn’t that deep – I’m not frickin’ Darth Vader ya’ know.”

That only made Janet crack up even more, and she was so proud of herself for her little bit of improv. Richard’s erection however, which was the source of the joke in the first place, would not relent.

“Janet, darling, make yourself useful,” Carrie teased her daughter, “take all this trash down to the kitchen. We have to get on the ball here.”

Janet groaned, but listed to her mom and picked up the two trash bags – filled with Richard’s clutter – and headed downstairs. As she exited, she made sure to take one last look at Richard’s fully erect cock, and it made her smile.

The two of them now alone, Carrie looked over at Richard and gave him a delighted grin.

“You are just full of surprises, aren’t ya,’ Dick?” she teased him, referring to his secret passion for CFNM.

“I’m sorry, Carrie,” he replied, not wanting to keep anything from his lovely step mother. “I wanted to tell you, it’s just…”

She laughed, and crossed her amazing legs.

“It’s okay, sweetie. These things have a way of coming out into the open eventually,” she said, offering a cute smile as she glanced down at his ample organ.

She then reached out and tapped him lightly on the nose.

“You,” she said cutely as she poked him, “have very strong exhibitionist desires, young man. And it is up to me to channel them properly.”

“Yes, mam,” he answered her.

“You fantasize about these things a lot?” she asked, crossing her gorgeous legs and treating Richard to a sight of her big, tan thighs.

“Oh God, Carrie, all the time,” he poured out. “It seems as soon as I get a free moment, I’m running into my room and taking out all my…materials.”

“Your Playgirls?” she smiled.

“Yes, mam,” he answered. “And I spread them all out, and I kind of slip into my own little world, ya’ know? I imagine I’m the guy in each and every photo spread, surrounded by all these beautiful women.”

“I bet you do,” she said with gusto.

The stunning brunette, in an effort to satisfy her own visual desires as well as gain a better understanding of Richard’s, reached out and once again opened one of the magazines featuring the gratuitous male nudity.

“The traveling alone to all those exotic places would be something in itself,” she said at first. “Did you see all the gorgeous backdrops they do their shoots at?”

“Yeah, it’s pretty crazy,” Richard answered her, loving how his step mom could talk about such a racy topic, and yet make it such a lovely, stimulating conversation.

She smiled at him, and gently ran her fingers along his shoulder, in a soothing fashion.

“But I know the landscapes in the pictures aren’t what you’re interested in, Dick. I know what gets your motor running,” she told him with exuberance.

“Yeah, it’s…not the landscapes,” he admitted, playfully understating it.

“It’s the women having fun with a big penis,” she said right back to him, displaying that she was not afraid to address such topics with her 18-year-old stepson.

Carrie and Richard had built up such a rapport that not only could they talk about topics such as this and it not be awkward, but the conversation flowed with great momentum.

“I was always wondering why you spent so much time in your room,” Carrie teased him. “And I know you weren’t just building models all day.”

With that in mind, Carrie glanced over at those very models, several of them having to do with Star Wars.

“Although I must say, that’s quite a fleet you’ve assembled over there,” she laughed with admiration. “You could take on the whole universe with those.”

“Yeah,” he admitted. “I’m pretty proud of my collection.”

There was a slight pause, but then Carrie pressed on.

“Now which collection would that be? Your models, or your…,” she teased him, glancing down at the plethora of CFNM material.

“Um, well both,” he answered her.

She thought he was so cute. And she took it upon herself to guide him.

Carrie was overjoyed that Richard took such an interest in a “CFNM lifestyle,” but she also considered herself an authority on the matter, and Richard the novice. And although she sometimes spoke with an heir of superiority over him, it was nonetheless vital that he follow her lead, and heed her commands. That was the only way he would grow.

“Listen, Dick. Look at me,” she said to him nicely. “Magazines are great. When you’re first exploring your desires, they’re wonderful. They’re just the bees’ knees, lemme tell ya.’ But they hardly do the trick once you get to a certain stage in your growth. You need to spread your wings. Especially with something like what you have.”

He made the mistake of glancing down at his huge erection.

“I’m not talking about your dick, goofball,” she corrected him with an amused grin. “I mean what’s in here (holding her heart). Your passion. Your kindness. Your love and appreciation of women.”

“Yes, mam,” he answered.

Carrie’s sweet smile suggested she was more than pleased with how Richard was coming along in his training. She rubbed his head, as if to say “you’re doing fine buddy, boy.”

“So when are Ms. Krendall and Madison coming?” Richard asked, as his penis now settled down its flaccid state, as it lay along his thigh nice and relaxed.

“Well, they’re going to meet me for lunch tomorrow at the Temple Roadside Diner – just something quick,” Carrie explained, “and then they’re gonna come back and stay for a couple days. I know Madison wants to talk to me about a few things with her major, and I know it’s been a tough time for ‘Krendy’ – she’s been going through a lot.”

‘Krendy,’ as Carrie sometimes called her friend when they were kids, was handling herself pretty well since divorcing her husband, but Carrie knew it would be good for her dear friend to come to Temple. It was a chance for the two pals to catch up.

“Okay,” Richard simply said, watching his beautiful step mother run her hands sexily through her soft brown hair. Her perfume filled the air, and it made Richard feel so good inside.

“Are they driving here?” Richard asked curiously.

“All the way from Houston,” Carrie smiled. “I mean, it’s not that far – like two hours I guess, but that’s kind of a long trip to make in that car.”

“Oh God, she still drives that Plymouth Valiant?” Richard asked.

Carrie slowly nodded with an amused grin.

“Jesus, I remember Barney egging that thing in the parking lot when we had her for a teacher,” Richard reminisced. “She gave him an ‘F’ or something, which I’m sure he deserved, and he tried to get his revenge. But of course he got caught. Ended up cleaning all the classrooms after school for a month. Poor guy.”

“Do NOT bring that up when she gets here,” Carrie pleaded. “I’m sure it’s not a pleasant memory for her when her car was so violated.”

“I won’t, I won’t,” Richard replied. “I’m not gonna be here anyway.”

Carrie rolled her eyes, kind of sadly, wishing Richard would be available for the festivities, but she could understand if he had prior plans with his friends.

“You know you’re gonna miss out on some great arguments, hon. Ms. Krendall and her daughter…” Carrie paused for effect. “BIG Oiler fans.”

That was all that was needed to set Richard off.

“Oh God,” he groaned, as if he might puke.

His distaste for the team made Carrie crack up.

“Love ya’ Blue,” Carrie further teased him, referring to the Oilers’ slogan.

“Oh, please,” Richard scoffed. “They make a couple AFC Title Games and all of a sudden their fans won’t shut up. Win a Super Bowl first, why dontcha.’”

Carrie giggled.

“Now, Dick, not everybody is as lucky as we are,” the step mom stated, speaking on behalf of all Cowboy fans. “We’re spoiled to have what we have.”

“America’s Team,” Richard said, sticking out his chest proudly.

“That’s right,” Carrie replied, as she got up and walked slowly around the room, looking at all Richard’s posters that decorated the wall.

“You know what would be cool, though, sweetie,” she began, “is if one of these years, the Cowboys and Oilers, you know, both had really good seasons…”

“Yeah?” Richard asked, urging her to continue.

“And they met in the Super Bowl! Wouldn’t that be amazing?” she asked with enthusiasm. “An all-Texas Super Bowl! Woo-hoo!”

Richard seemed much less interested in Houston’s success.

“Eh, whatever,” he said. “I just care about Dallas.”

Carrie smiled, and now was checking out Richard’s models more closely. She seemed very interested in getting to know Richard as a whole, learning about his hobbies and his interests. It was helping her to shape him into a well-rounded young gentleman.

“How long did it take you to build these?” she asked curiously, looking at a whole row of Star Wars models, these ones in particular known as ‘Tie fighters.’

“Some just a day, others a couple weeks,” he told her.

“Yes, I remember this one,” she said, pointing out the huge model of the ‘Millennium Falcon.’ “God, we didn’t see you come out of your room for a week when you were working on this monster.”

“Yeah, I think I had to take it all apart at one point because I messed up a step,” Richard remembered with a smile.

“Holy cow,” she replied. “A hobby that requires both passion and persistence.”

He laughed, and was flattered that Carrie took such an interest in his work.

“I’m passionate…about a lot of things, Carrie,” Richard told the woman he adored so much.

“Yes, sweetie, I know,” she answered, sort of referring to his love for CFNM. “You are a very passionate young man.”

Something else that stirred Richard’s passions was Carrie herself. She was simply a force of nature.

When she was around Richard, she oozed sexuality. He loved her beautiful, ample behind bouncing gently in her shorts as she walked about his room. The outline of each one of her big, luscious cheeks was clearly visible through her shorts.

Yet Carrie always maintained her nurturing demeanor when it came to Richard, and he was grateful for her guidance.

“Well I thank you for taking me through a typical day in your life,” she smiled, referring to how she got to know Richard much, much closer in the past few hours.

As Janet finally returned to the room, Carrie began walking towards the door, as if she was going to leave the rest of the cleaning to the young ones. Carrie also knew Richard would soon need release, and – as if she was training her daughter as well as her stepson – she felt it was time for Janet to handle Richard by herself.

Bringing Richard to climax was a perfect way for Janet to continue her growth. The fact that Janet was not even naked and could bring Richard to such a thunderous climax was evidence of how sharp her skills were becoming – she was learning to use just her voice, her words, her eyes, her glances, her body language, and of course, her hands, to stimulate a penis to an amazing degree.

Carrie had already spoken to her daughter about how this was going to be her first time alone with Dick, and that she trusted her daughter to properly provide him release.

It was a nervous time for all three, but to lighten the tension, Carrie made small talk while exiting.

“You know, Dick, I thought I saw Barney wearing an Oilers tee shirt the other day,” Carrie remarked.

“Because he’s an idiot,” Richard belted out.

Carrie burst out laughing, and it was a nice high note for her to go out on.

“You two finish cleaning in here,” she said as she exited.

Janet and Richard both looked at each other, sort of nervous grins on each young, beautiful face.

“You don’t have to help me – it’s my mess to clean up anyways,” Richard told her politely.

“Well, well, Ritchie boy, how gracious of you,” Janet answered him.

Freed of her cleaning duties, she nevertheless took a seat down on Richard’s bed, and invited her stepbrother to do the same.

Janet tugged on her shirt, seemingly trying to show off her big tits to Richard. She was delighted that his mammoth prick immediately began to rise.

“You know you should have told me,” she said softly, speaking of his previously secret passion for CFNM. “I would have at least given you credit for being so…enlightened.”

Richard laughed lightly.

“You know someday all men are gonna be required to go nude,” Janet said, waving her hand as if she firmly believed in what she was saying.

Richard’s eyes widened, as if the idea sort of excited him. Janet was amused.

“Well, at least that’s my fantasy anyways,” she added with an adorable grin.

“It’s good to have fantasies,” Richard told her with gusto.

“Yeah I guess so – you sure have plenty of ‘em, huh?” she teased him.

Richard, in his cute way, sort of ducked his head as if he was still a little bashful about being so exposed, his inner thoughts and feelings revealed in full to the women. But they embraced him, and his desires.

“Here, I’ll put ya’ out of your misery,” Janet whispered to her stepbrother very kindly.

Janet reached over between her stepbrother’s legs and took hold of his massive stalk. The first touch of her delicate fingers on his cock made Richard groan in extreme pleasure. Janet giggled.

“Mom says we do have to make sure you are getting proper release,” Janet confided in him. “Otherwise you’re liable to go bonkers.”

Richard laughed, but then went right back to enjoying the feel of Janet’s soft, tiny hands on his engorged shaft.

“My mom says we have to bring you along, nice and steady,” Janet said, as she in turn applied nice and steady strokes to his cock, “get you used to being nude in front of us. She wants you to feel like it is the norm, the establishment if you will.”

The thought of such a way of life existing aroused Richard to no end.

“I guess that’ll really prep me for the class, huh,” Richard muttered, as he closed his eyes and leaned backwards a bit in sensual bliss, Janet’s hands feeling so good on his cock.

“Well, yeah,” Janet answered him, “but I think my mom is thinking beyond the class, Dick. She wants to raise you into a wonderful, young man. And she is striking at the heart of the matter. She knows that you are special, that you know that women should be put up on a pedestal. God, your deepest fantasies are where you are completely subservient to women. That is priceless. Bringing women joy is the only thing that brings you joy. It’s about time women are treasured, instead of being trampled on.”

Janet very delicately stopped stroking Richard’s cock for just a few moments, and he raised his eyes to meet hers.

“She wants a wonderful life for you,” she continued. “And she wants you to reach your fullest potential. She wants you to one day be a great husband, a great lover, a provider…”

Richard began to understand the whole scope of Carrie’s training for him, how these were just the first few steps into a bigger, and brighter world.

“You’re learning to look up to women, not look down at them,” Janet persisted. “She’s trying to change society one person at a time…And I say God bless her.”

“So do I,” Richard agreed wholeheartedly.

“Now,” Janet added, slapping her thigh, a reflex she must have gotten from her mother. “that is kind of looking at things in a very harsh, black and white, sort of educational way. But there is so much more of a fun aspect to it.”

Richard loved how her voice picked up, with great enthusiasm.

“Obviously, my mother and I love to look at naked men,” Janet said, her face turning a little red as she spoke with great excitement. “You’re a young, fun, muscular guy…with a great ass. And you love showing it off.”

Richard chuckled, and was proud to be so adored.

“You also have the biggest schlong either of us has ever seen, so you might as well let it dangle before our eyes,” Janet said with passion.

They both shared a laugh, and Richard’s 11-inch shaft throbbed openly in the cool air.

“Sounds like you and your mom have had lots of talks about this kind of stuff,” Richard told his stepsister.

“Oh,” she said, waving her hand. “I’m probably not doing a great job of translating everything she’s tried to instill in me. That’s just a broad look at the whole thing. God, now that she knows what your passions are, that you so fully embrace your training, she’s probably gonna lecture you, and lecture you, and lecture you…”

Richard smiled, looking forward to his step mom’s loving advice.

“And I’m sure you’ll soak it all up like a sponge,” Janet finished. “Frickin’ brainiac.”

Richard playfully shoved his stepsister.

“Hey you could have gone to Baylor if you applied yourself a little bit more,” Richard told her as they jostled back and forth.

“Oh God you sound just like Carrie,” Janet answered him, as she would jokingly refer to her mom by her first name every now and then. “I love Temple College. I think I’m gonna be happy there.”

As the two reached for something else to say, Janet eventually reached for Richard’s prick again, breaking the tension in the room by lovingly applying sensual strokes to his cock.

“Your schlong is soooooo long,” she laughed as her tiny right arm went up and down repeatedly but not without fatigue. “I swear to God it’s like a workout stroking this thing.”

The more she stroked it, the more Richard moaned and groaned with great pleasure, as he was balancing both feelings of arousal and also a need to release a huge dose of semen that had been building and building for hours and hours, under the playful torment of the two fully-clothed women.

It was Janet who was to finish him off, and she found infinite glee – and laughed even hysterically at one point – at the fact that her cute, little fingers had such a profound affect on Richard’s massive tool.

“God, listen to you,” she observed, as her strokes became more and more persistent. “You sound like a wearwolf again. You really need to come, huh?”

“More than you know,” he answered, only making her more excited and amused.

As Richard began to position his hips as to launch his mighty seed, Janet knew that special moment was approaching, and went about trying to prepare for another massive milking.

“Where should I…aim your dick – there’s magazines all over the floor,” she laughed. “I don’t want you ruining all of your Playgirls.”

Richard reluctantly looked down at the floor, and realized he was done in by his own lovely obsession. All of his CFNM-related erotica was scattered all over the carpet beneath, and since his new dresser was at his left and Janet was at his right, it left only one option for Richard’s come shot to go.

“Oh my God, let me shoot you in the face again,” Janet squealed.

Since his need to come far outweighed anything else, Richard could put very little energy into arguing with his stepsister.

“No, come on, aim it somewhere else,” he said.

“I don’t want you to ruin your magazines,” she protested with a laugh.

The time had come, and as Janet arched Richard’s huge dick straight towards his handsome face, the first copious amount of Richard’s seed traveled up his long shaft, and burst from his huge dickhead with an amazing amount of force.

It splattered against Richard’s forehead to a degree that even caught him off guard, and as he jumped back a bit, it only made Janet stroke his cock even more furiously, dousing Richard’s face with his own thick, frothy semen.

“Oh my God, this is amazing,” she shouted loudly, laughing all the while as a thick rope of come hit Richard’s right cheek, then another hit his left one.

Richard, feeling so relieved to finally experience release, nevertheless tried to dodge the blasts of his own mighty cock, but it only made it for fun for young Janet.

“Gonna get ya,’” she laughed, as she coaxed one load after another from Richard’s huge dork. “Look at it go, oh my God, look at that, your face is (laugh) – oh my God you are getting soaked.”

Richard could only close his eyes and hope for the best. It kind of aroused him even more that Janet was having such a splendid time dousing him with his own seed. The amount of come on his face had become so substantial, it now ran down his cheeks, some dripping off, and some running down along his neck.

Now not even bothering to move his head, Richard was a sitting duck, and Janet watched with unbridled glee as another rope of come hit Richard square in the nose, then another hit his forehead, and another wizzed through his hair.

“You just can’t get out of the way of your own dick,” she laughed, as her amusement – and Richard’s slippery pole – caused her to lose grasp of his cock, finally bringing an end to another amazing ejaculatory display.

Richard could only sit there, half laughing at himself, his eyes closed, his face drenched with his own warm semen.

“Look at that – not a drop on me,” Janet bragged, hugging her knees up to her waist and showing off her beautifully bronzed thighs. “For once, I’m the dry one. You, on the other hand…”

Richard could only open his left eye just a bit, as come ran down his brow. He could make out Janet’s wonderful figure, and gloating grin.

“Please get me a towel,” he whined.

“No, problem, Dick,” she laughed, retreating from the room.

When she returned, Janet teasingly threw the towel at Dick, hitting him in the chest.

“When you’re done cleaning yourself up, clean this room up,” she told him. “Carrie will have a fit if this place isn’t spotless.”

“Yes, mam,” Richard answered obediently.

It was another wonderful day.


It didn’t often rain in Temple in the middle of July, but Mother Nature was to play a big part on this fateful afternoon.

Richard awoke around noon, to the sound of booming thunder and hard rain blasting against the windows. It must have been a carryover from yesterday’s storm, he figured, but hoped it would clear up in time for his fishing trip with Barney.

He rubbed his eyes a bit, and looked around his room, which was the cleanest it had ever been. It furthered the sensation of how different things were nowadays. And how much better they were.

Carrie and Janet knew him on a much deeper level now, and he, in turn, appreciated them even more.

Richard jumped from his bed, completely nude, and proceeded to trot down the steps. He saw Janet at the bottom of the stairwell, organizing two baskets of laundry.

She was dressed in a tight purple leotard, and wore a baggy white tee shirt over top of it. He could feel his heart start to beat faster when he saw her bent over, that old purple leotard hugging her nice, cute bubble butt so tightly. Her big thighs also looked simply amazing, and seemingly shown off just for Richard’s delight.

As Janet heard Richard coming down the steps, she looked up to greet him, and she was amazed, and happy, to see his naked, bouncing member.

As Richard got closer, she teasingly bounced her head up and down, as if her eyes followed every movement of his huge, frolicking penis.

“‘Flopper’s’ here!” she laughed.

Richard now stood over her, his enormous, flaccid penis dangling right at her eye level. Janet’s last statement caused Richard to ponder something.

“Is ‘Flopper’ supposed to be a nickname for me…or just my penis?” he asked amused.

She made this cute face as if she gave the question much thought.

“I think it IS just your dick,” she laughed, bending over a bit because of her chuckling.

He rolled his hips from side to side, making his penis swing from side to side, which he knew she loved.

“Besides, that thing needs a name,” she continued. “Your dick needs a name, Dick.”

He laughed along with her, and who could blame him. Richard didn’t mind at all when the women poked a little fun at him, and he had actually grown to enjoy it a great deal.

“Oh, Barney called,” Janet announced abruptly. “Sorry, buddy, he said he called off the fishing trip for this afternoon. ‘Cause of the rain and everything.”

“Oh shit,” Richard said in a dejected tone. “Man, that sucks. I was looking forward to that all week – we were supposed to be going to Belton Lake for the whole frickin’ day…”

“Sorry, buddy,” Janet answered, at least trying to show some compassion but not understanding what the big deal was about a fishing trip.

“Man…striped bass, catfish…largemouth bass,” Richard pondered aloud. “Was gonna be catching all kinds of stuff…”

“Don’t pout,” Janet told him, as she picked up a few candy wrappers off the dining room table. “God, you’ll survive.”

He had been looking forward to the trip for some time, and yeah, they could just postpone it, but in a young male’s life, patience is not often a virtue that runs in abundance.

Richard sat down next to the laundry baskets and begrudgingly gave thought to what he could do this afternoon.

“Sorry but when Barney called, my mom was sort of standing right there, so I kind of let it slip that your trip is cancelled,” Janet said apologetically, as she ceased folding socks for a bit. “She kind of expects you to be here for company now.”

That was the double death – no fishing, and now a boring afternoon with Carrie’s friend and daughter.

“Dynamite,” Richard said sarcastically. “I guess I better go get dressed then.”

Janet shrugged.

“You have time. Mom went to go meet them – they’re not gonna be back for a few hours,” the girl told him. “You can ‘let it swing’ for a little while longer.”

He had to laugh a bit – it cracked him up how Janet was so open and sometimes clever about his nudity.

“You like that one, huh,” she laughed with a sexy grin.

He nodded playfully, in affect encouraging her to say more.

“No one ever has to ask you ‘how’s it hangin?’ The answer is right there out in the open,” she laughed, gesturing to his dangling organ.

He made it bounce some more for her entertainment, but now it was her appearance that stole the attention.

“What’s with the leotard?” he asked.

“Oh,” she answered, “I basically had to wash all my new stuff, but while the wash was going, I figured I could get a workout in. This old thing is all I could find.”

Janet’s sexy leotard, which displayed the “Heart of Texas Gymnastics” insignia, was a throwback to her days as a gymnast, which she greatly enjoyed until an injury forced her out of the sport. Still, she treasured all the memories she had from those years, and along with the sheer fun of it, Janet gained a certain unwavering confidence in herself from all those moments where she performed in front of a big – and sometimes highly critical – audience.

Right now, her audience was only one person – Richard, but nonetheless he was captivated by the young woman.

As he watched her, Janet turned around again to get something, and as she bent over, her huge, round ass was practically right in Richard’s face. Each big cheek was so well defined in the tight, purple spandex.

“You look really nice,” he said politely.

“Well thank you,” she answered.

She could see his eyes following her every move, his stares lingering on her lower half as her thighs and butt filled out the leotard to a tantalizing degree. She enjoyed the attention, as Richard did not at all make her feel uncomfortable but rather just showed his appreciation of her fit, young body.

“If you got up earlier, you could have watched me work out,” she said, now taking a long drink of iced tea she had prepared just before Richard came downstairs.

“Dammit. You gonna work out again tomorrow?” he asked nicely with a smile.

She grinned and went to pick up the laundry.

“Mmm, probably, I’ll have to decide if you’re allowed to watch or not,” she said teasingly.

As Janet strode upstairs and out of sight, Richard gave thought of what to do. He didn’t really want to be around when company came, and of course didn’t want to be sitting in the living room naked watching T.V. when Carrie and her friends arrived.

So he figured since he would have to put clothes on eventually anyhow, he retreated to his room. There was a new model he bought that needed to be built, and that would surely make the hours go by on a rainy day like this one.

He went to the kitchen and grabbed some snacks and a drink.

“Damn, all out of Pepsi,” he mumbled to himself, having to grab a few cans of Tab instead. He stretched his arms out over a big bag of popcorn, a bag of pretzels, and clutched two cans of soda and was off.

Dick Parker was all set for a day of solitude in his room, so he thought.


Deborah Krendall was a woman in transition.

Recently coming off a divorce, she was in need of a good time. This trip with her daughter, Madison, was the first little bit of fun the two would get to have in quite a while. The divorce had drained them both – Deb kept herself busy the first few weeks by submerging herself with her work, and Madison was pretty much the same, only with school and softball.

Deb’s husband, Derek, was a wealthy businessman, but had spent very long hours building his little empire. He and Deb, high school sweethearts a long time ago, had grown apart, and when it turned out that Derek had been having a little fling with his ample-bosomed secretary, that was pretty much the last straw.

Still wanting her daughter to have a healthy relationship with her father, Deb maintained a friendship with Derek, but wanted to move on. She had gone out on a few dates, but nothing worthwhile.

She felt she needed an excursion, a detour from the norm. And that’s not referring to the fact she and her daughter were having a tough time getting into Temple on this stormy afternoon. Construction – along with flooding from the storm – had caused some of the main roads to be off limits, thus forcing less convenient – and more time-consuming – alternate routes.

It didn’t bother Deb since it gave her more time to think about things, and daydream a bit.

Deborah Krendall was a very well-liked woman. Her personality reflected the sophistication fitting of the Ivy League education she earned at Dartmouth College, yet could quickly crack a joke with amazing wit and savvy.

Her friends adored her. When news of the divorce spread, everyone was so quick to want to do something to cheer her up. Taking her to lunch, buying her cute gifts, little day trips – these all had a positive affect on Deb, but her best friend wanted to do something extra special.

Sally, her longtime bud, decided to hire a stripper for Deb’s 40th birthday. For years, Sally kicked around the idea with Deb about having a birthday stripper, but Deborah was always against it, her natural shyness causing her to blush with the very concept of a fully-naked male dancing around her and waving his man parts right in her pretty face.

Although Deb always got her way and Sally never did hire a stripper for any of her past birthday bashes, this past one was different. With the encouragement of her friends, Sally went ahead and hired an exotic male dancer, who would show up at the Krendall residence in the middle of Deb’s 40th birthday party on that wonderful Friday evening in suburban Houston.

Since Deb was recently rewarded the house in the divorce settlement, what better way to christen it. A big ole’ party with all of her friends, and a special guest.

Since all of her buddies knew how shy and reserved Deborah was, they decided to get a stripper that was extra special. Known as “Coffee Cake,” this young, black gentleman was blessed with a beautiful face, rippling muscles, and an extremely large…talent.

Weeks later, Deb would still smile just thinking back to how special this young man was.

When “Coffee Cake” danced his way into the party that night, his arrival was at first met with apprehension from precious Deborah. But as her friends urged her to just kick back and enjoy the show, her natural inhibitions gave way to her sexual desires.

As he stripped away one article of clothing after another, displaying huge, muscular arms, enormous pecs, and a stomach as flat and taut as could be, the women cried and cheered as if they were in the front row at a rock concert.

It was when “Coffee Cake” removed his pants and was down to just a skimpy black thong, however, that the women almost lost it. The bulge in the front of his underwear was so huge it was simply outrageous. The women wanted to reach out and grab what was inside, feel it, caress it, stroke it, maybe even suck it.

Deb was a bit naïve and thought that the stripper would not remove any more clothes, that he would dance around in his thong for the rest of the evening. But heeding the screaming requests from the small but raucous female audience, and as the plan for the evening followed, Coffee Cake yanked down his thong, tossed it aside, and spent the rest of the evening without a single stitch of clothing on his body.

His penis was enormous. It not only was in perfect proportion to every other huge muscle on his body, but it rocked and swayed with a life all its own as he danced from one excited woman to the next.

Even Sally, who had hired Coffee Cake based on the fact he was known for having a big schlong, was both shocked and delighted when she saw just how big he was. The look on Deb’s face made this all worthwhile, as it relayed both surprise and wonder.

When Sally first went about getting a stripper, she knew of Deb’s quiet demeanor, so Sally figured – just to make it even funnier – let’s get a guy with a huge, huge penis. This was more than she bargained for.

“Holy Moses (laugh). Would you look at the size of that dong,” one of Sally’s close friends whispered into her ear, as Coffee Cake’s huge, dangling appendage was now being stroked by Betty Connors, the lawyer from College Station.

Deb looked up at Sally and broke a naughty smile, as if to say “I told you not to do this.”

“Have a good time, Deb,” Sally encouraged her friend with a loving tap on the shoulder.

As each member of the party sampled the touch of Coffee Cake’s longish, thick organ, the leviathan between his legs had began to grow to its fullest potential, jutting out before him like a fifth limb. The weight of it was way too substantial to stick straight up like a normal, erect penis would, so his dick sort of bounced up and down like a teeter totter as he tried to give every woman a few strokes of his mighty rod.

Sally urged him over so that the birthday girl could have a feel. Deb sat on the sofa nervously. She still found it hard to believe what she saw. The lumbering, black penis bounced and swung as Coffee Cake walked towards her.

As much as she tried not to, Deb simply stared wide-eyed at his dick as Coffee Cake towered over her.

It cracked up her friends as Deb tried to make idle conversation with the muscle man.

“So I heard you used to play for the Oilers,” she said as she quickly glanced up at him to make eye contact, but then went right back to glancing at his schlong.

“Yeah, just one year, knee injury ruined it for me,” he mumbled, not really wanting to talk but rather entertain Deb as much as he could.

He now began to dance for her, and swing his penis around just inches from her beautiful face.

“Wo, you can really move that thing, huh,” she had to say, now smiling and feeling a little more loose.

Coffee Cake very gently took hold of her soft, delicate hand and put it on his penis, and she didn’t object.

Deb’s friends had to laugh as she began to carefully caress the stripper’s prick as if she was petting a wild animal. It was as if she was scared to simply grab it.

“Stroke it, darling,” he urged her.

Deborah began to apply gentle but persistent strokes to his enormous cock, watching with outright amazement as it grew into something as thick and nearly as long as her forearm.

“Oh my goodness,” she said with a cute laugh, as the feeling of his hardening rod in her hands made her start to tingle with excitement, her pussy beginning to moisten as she clutched his throbbing organ with her tiny but affective hands.

“You are so wonderful,” she said as her friends cheered her on.

Deb was feeling so naughty, but so right. She felt like she was starting to live out some of her deepest erotic desires, like she had finally let go and gave into her fantasies.

But alas, something made her stop, something that to this day she couldn’t quite figure out. Maybe it was her shyness, maybe a false sense of guilt about the divorce, or just that she felt weird trying something so new.

But Deb, at that moment, let go of the stripper, and instead faded into the background and let her friends have all the fun. It was something she regretted every night since.

She watched, and cheered on her pals, as they took turns administering one heck of a long and drawn-out hand job to Coffee Cake, each woman getting a chance to stroke his massive pole until it finally relinquished a long and unbroken stream of come that splashed down upon the glass coffee table.

Deb had never seen a man come like that. None of the women had. And they wanted more.

Each gal then took a turn sucking the stripper off, all combining their efforts to again make him shoot a tremendous load. It was the ultimate irony though, that Deb – whom the party was held for in the first place – was the only woman that DIDN’T get to suck some cock that evening. She just couldn’t do it. She wanted to, but something kept her from indulging.

It was something she regretted ever since. She felt that if she was in that same situation again, she would not chicken out.

Little did she know she was soon getting her chance at redemption.


There were so many hugs and smiles when Carrie pulled into the parking lot adjacent to the Temple Roadside Diner. It was to be a reunion of two friends that hadn’t seen each other in far too long.

Carrie and Deborah were overjoyed to be reunited, and it brought back so many fond memories.

Madison looked all grown up. Carrie hadn’t seen her since she was a tomboy playing games with the neighborhood boys here in Temple. Maddy had developed into a young, confident, beautiful woman, one who even paid for lunch as a way of honoring the two women that had helped shape her life.

“Thanks so much for all that nursing info you sent me Aunt Carrie,” Madison said as they finished up their desserts.

Carrie was such a beloved figure in her young life, Madison bestowed the title of “aunt” upon her.

“It was my pleasure, sweetie,” Carrie answered her. “Like I said, it’s a good career to consider, it just takes dedication.”

Madison thumbed through a few college brochures that she had brought along with her to show Carrie. Months ago, Madison was considering about 10 different schools. Now, her choice had narrowed to three. She wanted a university with a good nursing program, but also one that offered competitive field hockey. Carrie and her mom had helped her greatly with the decision process.

“Well if you do choose Baylor, sweetie, you and Dick can hang out a little,” Carrie told her with a pleasant smile.

“Oh my God, I haven’t seen little Ritchie in so long,” Madison blurted out.

Any description of Richard that involved the word “little” made Carrie smirk. She couldn’t help it. It was just too ironic.

“Little Ritchie?” Carrie asked curiously as she took the final sip of her chocolate shake.

“Yeah – whenever I used to come over, that’s what the neighborhood kids called him,” Madison explained. “Who was it, um, oh, some kid Barney and his friend Craig, I think. Yeah, they called him Little Ritchie. I guess he was short for his age or something.”

Carrie laughed.

“But he’s really grown, hasn’t he?” Ms. Krendall asked, getting her purse and sunglasses as they prepared to leave.

“Oh he shot up several inches this past year,” Carrie said, now biting her lip as she had to keep herself from laughing at the double meaning of that statement.

If Deb and her lovely daughter knew Richard’s big secret, they would be laughing right along with her.

As the three headed to the parking lot, the conversation still had no break in it. Carrie had something very important to tell Deb and Madison, and had planned to talk about it over lunch, but never got a chance. They had so much catching up to do that it left no time for other topics.

But this was an important one. And it had to be addressed.

As the three of them got into Carrie’s car and began the drive to the house, Carrie found it time to let Deb and Madison know about the big news, and request a favor.

“Guys, I really need your help with something,” she told them with great sincerity.

“Sure, what is it Aunt Carrie?” Madison asked from the back seat.

“What’s up?” Deb added.

Carrie laughed lightly, and took a deep breath.

“Well, let me start from the beginning…”


Richard, hidden away in his room, was a couple hours into building the best model skyscraper he could when he heard the downstairs front door open and the sound of chatter and laughter carry throughout the entire house.

He realized Carrie had returned with Ms. Krendall and her daughter, and he could also make out the high-pitched shrieks as Janet and Madison were reunited for the first time in a couple years.

“Oh God,” Richard mumbled to himself. “Glad I’m upstairs.”

The Parker boy was completely content to stay in his room, listening to the women have their fun, laughing and chatting the day away. Although something sort of drew Richard to them, like he did in fact feel a little left out.

But he ignored this craving to step outside his room and instead continued to keep himself occupied with his work. He watched the clock nervously as the minutes went by very, very slowly. It was as if Richard could sense something was coming, something that would test him on many different levels.

Finally, with the noise level from the living room still at a fevered pitch, Carrie, the delicate yet persistent woman she was, tapped lightly on Richard’s door.

“Dick? Dick – are you in there?” she called softly.

“Yeah – come on in,” he told her.

Carrie slowly opened the door and gracefully walked into her stepson’s room, closing the door behind her.

“Oh, what are we building today?” she asked curiously, taking a seat next to him on the bed.

“It’s a, well, it’s an 80-story office building,” he told her, making eye contact with the most influential woman in his life. “It’s pretty intricate – a lot of attention to detail.”

“I see,” she said, taking the time to eye the progress of his work. “It looks really quite amazing, sweetie. I’m sure you have quite a future in architecture, Dick.”

He smiled, and loved the sensation of her soft, gentle hand caressing his shoulder, as she encouraged him with his work.

“But you know it’s not always about work, right hon?” she told him. “Gotta get out and try new things, right?”

“Yes, mam,” he told her. “I was supposed to go – “

“Go fishing, right,” Carrie jumped in, finishing his sentence for him. “Sorry, I heard. Stupid rain. Believe me, as much of a bummer it is to stay inside all day, driving in it was even worse.”

“Was it bad?” he asked her.

“Oh, it was awful. We had to take a detour, then got a little lost. Had to make a left-handed turn that took forever, ugh,” she went on. “It was awful. But anyway, at least we’re all here together now.”

There was an uncomfortable silence, well, at least Richard was uncomfortable. Carrie, poised as ever, sat there on the bed, her amazing legs crossed, her bare right foot tapping up and down in the air.

She took a quick but noticeable peak underneath the table in front of Richard to confirm he was in fact still naked, as he was earlier in the day.

“I see you’re complying with your training, which is delightful,” she said with a cute smile.

“Yeah,” he blurted out, glad she had broken the silence. “I was thinking of that earlier. It kind of reminded me of the old story about a tree falling in the woods – does it really make a sound if no one is around to hear it…”

Carrie nodded slightly as she tried to figure out where her stepson was going with this.

“I mean, with you and Janet not around this afternoon, was I really doing my training if no one was here to see me doing it?” he continued.

She smiled to give his little analogy some attention, but considered it just idle talk as she pushed the afternoon forward.

“Well, you’re not gonna hide in here all day, are ya’ Dick?” she asked as she arose from the bed, rubbing her butt just slightly to make sure her skirt was all the way down, but in affect showing off her big, beautiful ass to Richard.

“Why don’t you come out and say hello?” she encouraged him. “There’s some snacks, some cake, some other stuff…”

Richard slowly removed the table from before him and began to walk over to the dresser to get some clothes to throw on.

“Richard, what are you doing?” Carrie asked, sort of in an irritated tone.

“I’m…getting some clothes,” he answered, wondering what he could have possibly done to upset her.

“Sweetie…,” she began, then let out a big sigh as she sat back down on the bed.

Uh-oh. Something was up.

“Don’t you think it would be foolish to all of a sudden break from your training?” she asked him.

Richard’s mind began to race. She couldn’t possibly mean he should walk out naked with company over, did she? No. She couldn’t. Right?

“But…Ms. Krendall and Madison are here?” Richard questioned.

“I know, sweetie, I drove them here,” Carrie said in a playful smart-alec tone, loosening up a bit now and giving her stepson a warm smile.

“Carrie…I…I can’t,” he said nervously, hoping she would relent, but instead she pressed forward.

“What on Earth do you mean, you can’t?” she said, drawing her face closer to her stepson’s. “Richard, look at me. Remember how nervous you were when I first spoke to you about the class? But you trusted me, you believed in yourself, and you bravely took that first step. Remember yesterday at the pool? My goodness I didn’t know if I’d ever get you to join your friends, but again, you were brave, you were courageous (giggle). And you were so great. You shined, like a lone star.”

“But Carrie, those were different situations,” Richard fired back, as he now stared up at the ceiling, shuffling his feet.

“How were they different?” Carrie persisted, only looking away for a second when she heard the noise level picking up downstairs.

“I mean, when I started my training…”

“Yes?” Carrie asked nicely, urging him to go on.

“Well it was just with you and Janet around, and then at the pool, that was just with us and a couple of my buddies,” he reasoned. “But I don’t know if I can…do my training…with outsiders involved.”

That last part touched a nerve in Carrie.

“Outsiders?” she exclaimed, then crossed her legs and rubbing her knee as she tried to talk sense into her young prodigy. “Dick, sweetie, Deb is one of my best friends, a wonderful woman, someone I can trust with my life. She has gone to bat for me several times when I needed her. She cares only for my well being, and of course now, your well being. And she wants nothing more than to see you excel. She already knew you to be a well-mannered, intelligent, charming, young man, but when I told her of your appreciation for what we’re trying to provide for our young ladies at this seminar, that you are doing your part for advancing their sexual education and helping to expand their mind and their appreciation for the male form, my goodness, she couldn’t have been any more forthright in telling me how much she wanted to be a part of it.”

It was such an impassioned response from Carrie, Richard had to respect his step mother’s thoughts on the matter. But his nervousness still lingered.

“And Madison, what about her?” he stammered.

“All the better!” Carrie belted out, again raising her voice for emphasis. “She is right around the age of the girls that will be at that seminar. And she’s a doll baby, sweetie. A wonderful young girl that – well, you look at her you would think she’s a cheerleader for the Longhorns, yet she’s somewhat of a jock. One of the guys. She’ll probably chat with you about football for crying out loud.”

The thought of casual conversation with Madison didn’t really make this idea easier to digest for Richard. He would still be naked in a room full of women, something he always fantasized about but now when it became a reality, he was nervous as heck about the whole concept.

“Richard I can totally sympathize with your anxieties,” Carrie said soothingly as she took a Cowboy mascot stuffed animal off of Richard’s dresser and looked it over.

As she sat next to her stepson on the bed, Carrie looked out across the room and tried to think of something to use as a source of inspiration for Richard.

“Senior year. State championships at The University of Texas,” Carrie began, as Richard looked over at her. “I was the first girl from Dripping Springs High School ever to make states. Hundreds – no, thousands – of people watching. I was so nervous. My knees were almost trembling when I went out to the pool for warm-ups. Trembling, sweetie! (laugh) But I did it. I persevered, I swam the best freestyle I ever had, and I didn’t get first place or anything like that, but I got a medal, and a whole lot of confidence in myself that I could…believe in myself when the chips were down. Do anything I wanted to if I put my mind to it.”

Richard rolled his eyes. As much as he wanted to take Carrie’s advice, he found it difficult to overcome this hurdle. He still found his challenge much more difficult than the one Carrie just alluded to.

“Did you have to swim the freestyle nude?” he scoffed.

“No, I did not,” she said, cracking a smile. “But believe me, Dick, I couldn’t have been more terrified. I felt like I was representing every girl from my school that tried to make states and couldn’t. I was carrying a lot of weight, believe me, mister. But I pulled through. And I know you can do the same.”

“I don’t know, Carrie,” he said, still doubting himself.

“What are you gonna do when the class rolls around?” she pressed on.

“I don’t know,” he said dejectedly. “I’m starting to think maybe I won’t be able to do it.”

She let out a big sigh.

“Oh Richard, Richard, Richard,” she whispered aloud.

Again, she took a moment to compose herself, and then continued to try to inspire her young stepson.

“Think of this as…taking off your training wheels,” she suggested, crossing her legs and again casually rubbing her knee.

God, was she persistent, Richard had to admire.

“Remember that first time you had to ride a bike without them?” she continued. “I bet you were scared, I bet you had doubts. But once the training wheels were taken off, I bet you didn’t even realize they weren’t there. I bet you could ride like the wind.”

“I flew down San Antonio Avenue with the wind blowing through my hair,” he reminisced.

“Exactly,” she said. “I bet it was liberating. Believe me, once you are out there, out in the living room talking it up with the gals, you’ll quickly forget that, you know…”

“I’m completely nude?” he said, finishing her thought.

She smiled, and nodded.

“What better way for you to continue your training, sweetie,” Carrie told him. “This will be one more big step for you. And, well, I kind of thought this would be a chance for you to sort of live out one of your fantasies. Like the men in those pictures.”

Richard had to admit, he kind of liked that idea.

“There are drinks to be served, ya’ know,” Carrie said to him in a sexy, very enticing tone. “We could really use a nice, charming waiter out there.”

She just about had him, and Richard pushed the table gently aside, and prepared to get up. He looked at his soft, flaccid penis, which lie along his leg, down to his lower thigh.

“Do they know about this?” he asked Carrie, as she was already feasting her eyes upon his amazing appendage.

“I may have mentioned it,” she said very sexily. “I couldn’t help but mention, well, just how super you are, kiddo.”

Richard nervously rose to his feet, his huge dick now dangling down between his legs.

“But don’t be surprised if they give it a few double takes,” Carrie told him. “You are simply enormous, sweetheart (giggle).”

Richard took a deep breath. Although he believed in himself, and believed in what Carrie was preaching to him, he still felt nervous. In fact he felt like he was about to jump off a 100-foot high dive, like he saw that one very courageous man do at the state fair in Dallas a couple years back.

He took another deep breath.

“You’ll be fine, sweetie,” Carrie laughed, amused he was getting so bent out of shape about this next task. “This is not an exercise in terror, I assure you.”

Richard nodded, and he was about to push on. The first few steps he took, it felt like his feet were in cement, but he managed his way through the awkwardness and neared the door.

“Are you coming?” he asked his step mother, who was straightening up the room a bit.

“I’m right behind you,” she said, waving her hand casually. “I just want to grab a few things. Go on ahead downstairs, I’ll be down in a sec.”

Days earlier, when he went downstairs nude for the first time, in front of Janet, Carrie was right there with him, practically holding his hand. Now, she was letting him go on his own, and it was empowering yet nerve-racking.

But one of the things that really settled Dick Parker, gave him peace of mind, was that he knew Carrie was doing this for his benefit, not for hers. All of this was geared towards his growth, his happiness, and he was trusting her that it would benefit him greatly.

As Dick walked slowly down the steps, the sounds of laughter and chatter from the family room got louder and louder, creating more butterflies in Richard’s stomach.

“Flopper, you’re in for a whole new adventure,” he whispered quietly to his fat, dangling organ, just to make himself laugh.

As he got to the bottom of the steps and turned the corner, Richard could hardly believe he was going through with his. It was a tribute to Carrie, and the degree of influence she had on the young man.

He started to think that she could probably get him to run through walls, as long as it was for a good reason. Richard got closer and closer to the family room, and could see Janet sitting in the chair. Her face lit up when she saw Richard approaching, and naturally her eyes eventually drifted down to his penis, her smile an encouraging sign to him.

Richard walked into the room, and he bravely looked at Ms. Krendall. He couldn’t even think of looking at Madison quite yet.

“Well look who came out of hibernation,” Ms. Krendall teased, making the two girls laugh.

“I’m sorry, mam, I was just upstairs working on a model,” Richard answered.

“I see, I see,” the charming woman said back to him, looking him over from head to toe, but being discreet about it. “Carrie tells us you are quite a busy young man these days.”

“Yes, mam,” he answered nervously, feeling his knees trembling a bit.

‘I’m doing it,’ Richard assured himself. ‘I’m in the moment. I’m doing it.’

Richard realized the hardest part was behind him – just walking down there was the huge hump he had to get over, and he did. But nevertheless, the fact that he was bare-ass naked in front of three fully-clothed women, he was still fighting through some nerves, a feeling that this was so out of the ordinary.

But that exactly is what Carrie had worked so diligently at instilling in him, that this WAS the norm, that this is the way it should be.

As he made small talk with Ms. Krendall, he could hear Madison quietly mutter some things inaudibly to herself every now and then. Even though she had been briefed, Richard could sense she was nevertheless stunned by his full-frontal nudity, and of course the size of certain things.

“So are you excited about Baylor, Richard?” Ms. Krendall asked him, as she casually took a sip of her hot tea.

“Yeah – can’t wait,” Richard said, adjusting his weight to the other leg as she shifted around a bit.

“Now what are you majoring in? Carrie brought this up earlier but I was a little confused,” Ms. Krendall asked.

She was obviously going out of her way to make Richard feel comfortable about his nudity, to shift the focus elsewhere. He had to admit, he was quite grateful for that. He didn’t want to be overwhelmed.

“I’m majoring in architecture,” he answered her. “I’d really like to get into designing skyscrapers, something like the Renaissance Tower in Dallas. That’s kind of my dream.”

“Wonderful,” Ms. Krendall exclaimed excitedly. “I think it’s so refreshing when a young person takes such an interest in his or her future endeavors. Building skyscrapers. Wow. That is just amazing, honey.”

Janet giggled.

“Yeah, Richard is really good with massive erections,” she said kiddingly, causing a few snickers from Madison.

“Now, now,” Deb said to the girls, urging them to pipe down. “Settle down you two – it’s going to be a long afternoon.”

It was as if Ms. Krendall was telling the girls to pace themselves. They, in turn, allowed the conversation to return to other topics, and as the girls chatted amongst themselves for a moment, it allowed Richard to check out what each was wearing.

Janet was now casual in some white shorts that were snug but not overly tight and a blue top that showed off her wonderful, big breasts. She fashioned her hair in a pigtail, which she usually did just for cheerleading but decided to do it that way this afternoon. It looked adorable.

Ms. Krendall was wearing a knee-length beige skirt, a short-sleeve white shirt, and some tan stockings that Richard loved. She looked like she had come right from teaching class, and it turned him on a great deal. He had always fantasized about being nude in front of a hot teacher, and Ms. Krendall was definitely satisfying his fantasies.

She even had a pair of glasses on a chain draped around her neck, the glasses hanging down in between her lovely breasts.

Since it had been raining earlier, and a bit chillier in Houston earlier that day, Ms. Krendall was not typically dressed for a summer day. So it kind of cracked Richard up that, if anything, Ms. Krendall was overdressed, which only drew a more stark contrast to his full nudity.

He started fantasizing about what her thighs must look like underneath that skirt. He started wondering if the stockings came up to mid thigh? And if she had on some really sexy, silk panties? His 18-year-old mind danced about with all its curiosities.

He realized he had been in the room for at least five or 10 minutes now, and hadn’t formerly said hello to Madison. He looked over at her, waiting for her soft, green eyes to meet his.

“Hi…Madison,” he said nervously.

“Hi, Ritchie,” she smiled, her tone and her face suggesting that she sympathized with him, that she understood how awkward he must feel at this moment.

But she nevertheless did not shy away from looking at Richard’s naked body, her eyes lingering on his penis. Richard noticed this, and was tremendously turned on by it. He purposely moved around a bit just to make it sway for her just a little, and then he gauged her reactions.

She looked at it, almost hypnotically, and her youth did not allow her to be as discreet about it as her mother. Even as she was talking to Richard, her eyes were sometimes fixated right on his cock.

“So’d you pick all your classes at Baylor?” he asked her, as Madison’s eyes reluctantly moved back up to meet his.

“Yeah. Yuck – I don’t even want to think about school yet though,” she said.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to bring up a sore subject,” Richard laughed.

“No, no, it’s just…ugh, the summer just is flying by,” she told him. “I am looking forward to field hockey though.”

“Oh you are playing at Baylor?” Richard asked, impressed she would be competing on the college level.

“Oh yeah, partial scholarship,” she answered him.

“She has really good ‘stick’ skills,” Janet piped in.

Richard could hear Ms. Krendall cluck her tongue at that last remark, taken off guard by yet another penis pun by Janet, but Deb also found it somewhat funny.

“Do you guys play on turf?” Richard asked Madison.

“Yeah – haven’t you seen the field?” she asked him, surprised he hadn’t fully toured the campus yet.

“Well yeah, but…”

“Well when we start in the fall you should come by practice one day and say ‘hello,’” Madison urged him, as Richard was thrilled she wanted to continue their friendship at school.

“Madison, show Richard your shirt,” her mom told her.

“Oh,” Madison laughed.

She then reached down and began to take off the baggy white sweatshirt she put on earlier in the day, and revealed a Houston Oilers tee shirt that made Richard wince.

However, Richard was more interested in what appeared to be under the shirt – two big melons that bounced around freely as the baggy sweatshirt no longer kept them hidden.

‘Jesus,’ Richard thought to himself, ‘who invited Dolly Parton to this little get-together?’

Madison’s tits looked to be even bigger than Janet’s or Carrie’s. Ms. Krendall didn’t appear to be as amply bosomed – her breasts were nice but nothing overtly large – yet her daughter, on the other hand, was sporting breasts so large that it looked as though the bra she was wearing had to keep them from hanging down. They looked to be as big around as a couple of large coconuts.

‘Mama mia,’ Richard thought to himself.

Madison was always a cute kid, but back in the day when she had come around with her mom, she was kind of seen by the boys as a chubby tomboy. One of the guys jokingly called her ‘Thunder Thighs,’ which she took in stride and then dished out some teasing comments of her own. It was all in good fun.

Richard noticed that those “Thunder Thighs’ of hers, although at the moment covered up in a pair of Jordache jeans, looked to be slimmed down into well-toned beauties. He longed to see her in a pair of shorts.

“So what do ya’ think?” Madison asked, shimmying back and forth to show off her Oilers shirt yet indirectly making her big tits sway back and forth.

Richard was almost in a trance.

“Oh God, Oilers?!” he remarked, although his thoughts were elsewhere.

“Love ya’ Blue, baby,” she taunted him. “How ’bout that Thanksgiving game, huh?”

Richard grimaced just thinking back to that day, when the Oilers upset his beloved Cowboys on Turkey Day, usually one of his favorite days of the year, in front of a nationally-televised audience. Ouch.

“Aw, you guys got lucky,” he fired back.

“Lucky, okay, whatever,” she teased him.

“Uh, who has two Super Bowl titles?” he argued.

Madison smiled, but persisted.

“You’re living in the past, Dick, you’re living in the past,” she argued.

Ms. Krendall and Janet were amused by the back-and-forth discussion between the two.

“Are we gonna have to separate you two?” Madison’s mom said jokingly.

As more conversation followed, Madison now took the moment to check out Richard, just as he had checked her out moments earlier. She liked how big his arms were, noticing he must work out a lot or simply be nice and muscled up from all his manly activities – ha! She loved checking out his bod.

He also had thick, sexy thighs, thick like tree trunks. And she couldn’t wait to see his butt. He had yet to turn around since he had been in the room. But that did, after all, allow her plenty of time to gander at his rather large…

‘I can’t believe we used to call him Little Ritchie,’ Madison thought to herself with a smile. ‘More like Big Dick. Oh God, so glad I didn’t say that out loud.’

Looking at Richard’s naked body made Madison feel delightfully naughty. She could feel a tingle between her thighs, even a little wetness down there. She took a deep, impassioned breath. She wanted to kiss Richard’s tight stomach, rub his big, muscular thighs, and even play with that massive hunk of man meat that hung down lazily between his legs.

The fact that he was standing before the three seated women put him that much more on display.

“Richard, we would offer you a seat but we’ve sort of been playing musical chairs,” Ms. Krendall laughed. “I think that’s why Carrie went upstairs – to get some folding chairs.”

With Ms. Krendall and her daughter on the sofa, and a decently-sized pile of magazines and newspapers taking up the other third of it, and Janet sitting on the recliner, Richard waited patiently for Carrie to return with more seating. He quickly realized she was probably taking her time on purpose, wanting her stepson to get fully acquainted with the guests.

“Yeah, don’t feel bad, Dick, Aunt Carrie didn’t have a seat either before you came down,” Madison told him.

“Oh she doesn’t care,” Janet laughed. “She hasn’t sat down all day yet. I’ve never seen her so full of energy.”

Richard knew part of her excitement was probably born out of him taking this next step in his progression. And as he stood there, arms at his side and his penis plainly visible to the three women, he became more and more their focus – both visually, and now also in conversation.

“Richard, I just have to say I think it’s wonderful what you are doing,” Ms. Krendall said to him, as she lightly rubbed the back of his leg.

“Oh…thank you,” he said shyly, assuming she was referring to the class he was modeling for.

“Most boys your age would not be willing to…,” she began, than used her hands to boldly emphasize her point, gesturing to his nudity.

The girls snickered.

“Dick is a nudist in training,” Janet joked.

“Well that’s perfectly fine – I know a few nudists and they’re wonderful people,” Ms. Krendall said with no hesitation.

As the conversation continued, Richard could hear Carrie finally coming down the steps, and was glad to see her come around the corner, two chairs in hand.

“How ya’ making out there, kiddo?” she asked Richard as she entered the room.

“Good,” he answered with a smile.

“They ganging up on you?” she asked jokingly, referring to the other three females.

“No, no,” he answered, now taking a seat on one of the folding chairs.

Carrie sat right next to Richard, her legs crossed. Those lovely limbs, just a few feet from him, were seemingly there for his reassurance.

“I practically had to use a cattle prod to get him to come down here,” Carrie joked, then rustled her hand through Richard’s hair, kidding with him.

“He’s a little shy,” Ms. Krendall said. “But a very nice young man.”

Richard’s heart rate picked up a bit with Carrie’s return. He knew more emphasis would be placed on him now. He casually looked around the room, and saw that Madison was looking right at his lap, where his penis was. She stared at the long, tubular piece of flesh that was now resting on Richard’s right thigh, and as Madison looked up and saw Richard looking at her, her eyes quickly darted away, as if she pretended not to be staring. It was cute.

Carrie eventually summoned Richard to the kitchen to make some more snacks and refreshments for the group. As he put together some cheese and crackers, he could hear the fun continue without him, as laughs and funny stories resonated from the living room.

When he returned, he walked right into the middle of a new topic.

“We were just talking about nicknames, sweetie,” Carrie told her adoring stepson. “I was just telling Maddy how we used to call her mom ‘Krendy,’ – you know, short for Krendall.”

“And then some of the bratty boys got word of it and started calling me ‘creepy Krendy,’” Deb remembered, then turned to Richard. “I am not at all creepy, sweetie.”

She rubbed the back of his leg again, and it felt good. Richard welcomed any physical contact with these adoring ladies.

“I think I was always just Janet. No nicknames stuck for some reason,” Janet added with a laugh.

It took a moment, and then Madison brought up one unpleasant memory of hers.

“This jerk in school used to call me Madison Avenue,” she said, smiling about it now. “He said my butt was as big as a street.”

Everyone in the room quickly sympathized with Madison, who seemed to not even be fazed by it.

“Boys are jerks sometimes – that’s all,” she said.

“Besides,” Richard added, “you had the last laugh, obviously.”

He was openly complimenting her on her development, not just physically, but also because she turned out to be such a well-balanced, sweet young woman. Madison, in turn, thanked Richard for the sentiment.

“Everyone used to call your mom, ‘Flipper,’” Ms. Krendall said to Janet, “because she was always in the water.”

“Oh,” Janet laughed, “that’s funny because now we call Richard, ‘Flopper.’”

‘Oh boy,’ Richard thought to himself, as he got both a nervous and excited feeling in his stomach. Here it comes.

“Why ‘Flopper?’” Ms. Krendall asked curiously, her daughter also showing interest.

“Well,” Janet said, her face turning red with excitement as she started to crack up, “it doesn’t really refer to him…as a whole, but rather one part…of his anatomy.”

“Oh,” Ms. Krendall answered, then covering her mouth in amusement. “Oh…”

“What does the nickname refer to?” Madison asked with a big smile, pressing the issue.

Everyone in the room knew, but someone had to say it. Just to break the ice. As she often did, Carrie took charge. She candidly stated what the nickname referred to.

“His dick,” she said clearly, causing Janet, Madison and even Ms. Krendall to bend over laughing.

It was as if all the tension in the room, including the uneasy amount Richard was feeling, was finally lifted.

Now loose and relieved, Richard swung his hips back and forth, making the aforementioned part of his body flop with a life all its own. The loud slapping noise it created when it smacked against his meaty thighs fully accentuated the remarkable size of his penis.

“Is that some kind of record?” a chuckling Madison could barely mutter as she eyed his prodigious pork sword.

“If it isn’t, it has to be honorable mention,” Ms. Krendall quipped as she too feasted her eyes on Richard’s beautiful organ.

“And you keep it very well-manicured, which I appreciate,” Ms. Krendall added, noting Richard’s neatly-trimmed pubic hair.

Richard basked in the loving atmosphere, but Carrie pushed him along to go get some more napkins and ice for everyone. In his absence, the women spoke even more freely, and Richard craned his neck around the corner so he could listen from the kitchen.

“It IS big,” Ms. Krendall stated matter-of-factly, as if confirming something Carrie had told her earlier.

“It’s huuuuuge,” Madison added, taking a sip of her pink lemonade.

Even Carrie, who had seen Richard naked on several occasions, still had to marvel.

“It is rather…donkeyesque,” she laughed, causing Ms. Krendall and Madison to snicker as well. “But the irony is (laugh), well, that Dick used to feel, kind of weird because of his size. We’ve worked really hard to make him feel comfortable with his body.”

“And he’s shown a lot of progress,” Janet chimed in.

“I can’t stop staring at it,” Madison had to admit. “It’s like a tractor beam – it just sucks me right in.”

“Don’t feel bad,” Janet told her friend. “He really doesn’t mind you looking, believe me.”

There was a brief silence for a moment, but then Madison voiced her curiosity.

“Is something like that…hereditary?” she pondered with a smile, referring to Richard’s size.

Carrie grinned.

“Several of the Parker men,” she began, “have – “

“They ALL have big dorks,” Janet interrupted, as Carrie initially looked annoyed in being interrupted, but then had to grin. “It’s like a Parker family trait.”

“I remember you mentioning Neil’s size,” Ms. Krendall said as she took a sip of her tea.

“Parker men, from the information I have at my disposal,” Carrie said with a cute chuckle, “have always sported, well, rather large pricks. And it’s something that, believe me, goes back generations, from the information I have gathered over the years (laugh). But to me the most remarkable thing isn’t just the sheer size of their dicks, but the utter joy they get in displaying them. And the fact that this sense of exhibitionism – this desire to display themselves to the opposite sex – later lends itself to sort of a um, feeling of submission, of surrendering to the female, I think is quite powerful.”

“The fact that they are naked and we have our clothes on displays the power we have over them,” Janet chimed in, speaking of not only the wonderful dynamic that had been going on at the Parker house in recent days, but about the concept of CFNM in general.

Carrie’s voice was a source of wisdom.

“CFNM involves a male – or males’ – willingness to get naked for women’s enjoyment. The term for it is new but the concept has been around since the beginning of time.”

Madison had to snicker, as she was so new to all this, but at the same time she was thinking ‘this is so cool!’

“My daughter and I, through the course of Dick’s training and also through some of his more private things that he shared with us, have discovered he has quite a passion for the CFNM way of life,” Carrie stated clearly. “We have taken it upon ourselves to nurture him in this regard.”

“I know you have been to quite a few CFNM parties, haven’t you?” Ms. Krendall asked her longtime friend.

“Several,” Carrie answered proudly, as Richard re-entered the room.

Richard’s presence was met with only a subtle regard this time, as Carrie’s conversation piece – quite remarkably – had temporarily taken the attention away from Richard’s naked form. Ms. Krendall, and especially Madison, yearned to hear more.

“So at these parties, it’s kind of like, a normal party for the women. Meaning, they dress up, however they want – they’re just going to a party basically,” Madison said, “but the men that go..have to get completely naked?”

“Completely naked,” Carrie confirmed.

Madison rolled back in her chair, marveling that such a female-first phenomenon existed.

“That is so cool, Mrs. Parker,” she gloated.

“It’s a wonderful time for everybody,” Carrie said, turning around and winking at Richard as he stood over her.

The affectionate look she gave her stepson made him feel so welcome, and so warm inside.

Ms. Krendall, God bless her, always maintained her teacher-esque, proper demeanor despite holding very explicit desires inside. She gently rocked her right, stocking-clad leg up and down, as she got very excited with the concept of these parties, yet did still have her own inhibitions.

She had a strikingly beautiful body underneath all of those clothes, but the thought of baring all kind of overwhelmed her.

“The women aren’t expected to…,” she began, and Carrie understood where she was going with this.

“There’s absolutely no female nudity whatsoever,” Carrie confided in her friend. “And this is for a variety of reasons. First, “

“If one woman takes her top off, others might feel pressured to do the same,” Janet said, butting in the conversation but eloquently making Carrie’s first point for her.

“Exactly,” her mom added. “And another is to playfully yet affectively create a power dynamic for the women, which Janet briefly just touched on. The men are nude, and the women are clothed, hence symbolizing the authority the women have over the men. The men are also subservient to the women in that they crave, and need, the attention of the women. The women in turn then decide when and in what means they will give the male the attention he deserves.”

Richard stood and stared at his step mother, with a look that suggested nothing short of open-mouthed admiration. Janet could see his stares lingering on Carrie, and decided to comment.

“My mom’s a femme dom,” she said jokingly to her stepbrother, in affect causing both Ms. Krendall and Madison to laugh.

“No, no, I’m not a femme dom. Nothing could be further from the truth,” Carrie smiled. “A female dominant – not to make it so black and white – is a person that derives great pleasure from dominating a man, sometimes even inflicting pain to get pleasure. I am all about equality at these parties. In fact, the men have just as much fun as the women. Each and every person leaves with a smile – I can assure you that much.”

Richard loved her reasoning, and got a kick out of the fact that even though Carrie preached equality, these parties still were largely based around one big inequality – the women kept all their clothes on, and the men were bare-ass naked from start to finish. Yet, as Carrie said, the males savor every second of it.

Any time that such a racy and fascinating topic becomes the focus of conversation, several questions will arise, and young Madison had to ask one.

“Do all of the men at these parties,” she began with a big grin, “have huge peckers?”

Everyone in the room cracked up.

“Oh Heavens no,” Carrie told the girl. “There is every size under the sun. Every color in the rainbow. You could have a small, cute one…”

Carrie then turned to face Richard’s huge, hanging penis, and she gestured to it.

“Or you could have the biggest gun on the range,” she smiled. “Either way – everyone has a blast.”

It sounded great, almost too great to believe. But this type of party, this sort of lifestyle – if there was any doubt it really existed, Richard’s mere presence supported that it did. The women – at this very moment – were engaging in a CFNM party, without even realizing it.

“Do these types of regal engagements your step mother speaks of interest you, young man?” Ms. Krendall playfully asked the 18-year-old male, tapping his knee with her stocking-clad foot.

“Uh, yeah,” he stammered, almost too excited and overwhelmed to speak.

All three of the women giggled lightly, as Richard’s sweet demeanor was shining through. The fact that he was at a loss for words also showed just how new this all seemed to him.

“You are allowed to speak, honey,” Carrie said to him with a smile.

“We may have taken your clothes but not your voice, Dick,” Madison teased him.

True to form, Richard summoned up his composure and spoke more eloquently about how this particular way of life did indeed provide him a lot of inner happiness.

“It’s like he’s found his calling,” Janet said in support, smiling from ear to ear.

That statement touched a nerve in Richard, as, after all, what Janet said clearly held some truth.

“It’s something I’d like to do – not just this seminar, but after that, maybe do nude modeling for some art classes,” Richard stated, looking in Ms. Krendall’s direction.

“Oh absolutely,” the teacher replied, encouraging the young man. “A perfect male physique like yours is always in demand.”

Richard was blown over by her kind words.

“And he has such a nice manner about him, doesn’t he?” Carrie asked the others, as they all nodded in agreement.

Madison agreed as well, but at the same time shook her head with a smile as she gazed openly at Richard’s enormous wang.

While conversation continued to flow, Carrie escorted Richard to the kitchen as things started to pick up.

“I want you to help me bring in the wine,” she told her stepson as the brunette brought out a bottle of merlot that she picked up at Temple Wine and Spirits.

Richard took a deep breath, and it wasn’t so much to relieve anxiety but instead to just calm down from all the excitement.

“You’re doing wonderful, Dick, really,” Carrie said as she began to pour the smooth, red refreshment into five glasses.

“Wow, I figured that bottle was for a special occasion,” Richard said aloud as Carrie calmly poured the drinks.

“What could be more special than this day?” Carrie asked him with a big smile.

It was almost as if they were celebrating another important stage in Richard’s development, his “coming-out party,” as it were, and Richard felt he owed something to Carrie for prying him out of his room earlier that afternoon. If nothing else, some gratitude.

“Carrie,” he began a bit nervously.

She turned to him.

“I just wanted to…thank you, for everything you’ve done for me,” he told her. “I know I was a pain earlier, in my room – “

“Think nothing of it,” she said, touching his face gently. “I expect a little resistance every now and then. I’m a big girl – I can handle it.”

She was so frickin’ cool, as always. She operated with a certain grace that Richard both admired, and envied.

“It’s like you’re really preparing me, you know? Not just for the class, but…for life,” he pondered aloud.

As much as she wanted to keep things moving, Carrie was more than glad to take the time to chat with Richard some more.

“You’re starting to see the big picture,” she said proudly of him. “You’re a regular ‘John the Savage.’ And you’re stepping into a ‘Brave New World.’”

She filled the room with that intoxicating laugh of hers, much more intoxicating than any merlot.

“Sweetie, if you’re anything like your father, and believe me, it doesn’t seem to me that the apple has fallen far from the tree, darling,” she smiled, “If you’re anything like your father, CFNM isn’t just a passing fancy for you, an adolescent phase. It’s going to be a lifetime commitment (smile).”

“A commitment to excellence,” he teased.

“Wow! A rare Raiders reference – good for you, hon,” she said, rubbing his shoulder with delight. “You are branching out.”

They kidded, they laughed, but all the while Carrie operated with purpose.

“I think the pleasure of grooming you falls upon me, and believe me, it is indeed a pleasure, not a burden,” the lively brunette stressed. “And ten years from now, you’ll thank me. I know someday your beautiful wife is going to want to show you off a little. And let’s say she has some of her friends over for a little CFNM get-together…”

Carrie now used the term “CFNM” so freely around Richard. Her using the word gave the term credibility, made it seem more tangible, more real.

“I want you to dazzle, sweetie,” she went on, “and I know you will.”

As the boy helped his step mother get together some delicious, fresh strawberries to go with the wine, he wondered how they would serve it. He grabbed for a tray. Carrie, however, went into the dining room and opened the glass cabinet containing only their finest china.

“Come on, we’re not a Howard Johnson’s here,” she said, pushing aside the tray Richard brought out. “Let’s pretend we’re a more upscale version of The Temple Inn. Let’s impress our guests.”

Richard smiled.

“And this is a special occasion, sweetie,” she repeated.

“Yes, mam,” he replied, and helped her load the sparkling, silver tray.

Carrie let him do the honors and carry the refreshments. She even placed a clean, white towel over his left forearm, conjuring up images of those lovely waiters in Richard’s favorite magazines.

“You’re living the dream, babe,” she told him. “Now get in there and show your stuff.”

Carrying a tray full of wine would be the ultimate barometer of Richard’s nerves. Now completely settled, the tray didn’t shimmy or shake one bit, as he bravely took it, raised it on his fingertips quite deftly, and began to walk gracefully down the hall into the family room.

Carrie was proud of him, but demanded more.

“Now don’t be such a wallflower when we go back in,” she whispered into his ear from behind. “Show ‘em your stuff.”

He didn’t quite know what that all entailed, but he pushed forward, re-entering the room to high-pitched shrieks of joy when the three females noticed his formal appearance.

“Ooo, our very own waiter,” Madison teased as she took one of the glasses of merlot.

Since it was such a special day, Carrie took liberties by letting the three 18-year-olds have a bit of wine. Their glasses had a very modest serving while Carrie’s and Ms. Krendall’s had a much more generous amount. It was time to party.

“Oh this is delicious, what is this?” Ms. Krendall raved as she savored a sparkling sip of the delicious beverage.

“It’s a merlot. The grapes are grown in Napa Valley,” Carrie told her as she sat down on the sofa, her sexy legs crossed one over the other.

“And how about our wonderful waiter?” Madison teased. “Is he imported from the Napa Valley as well?”

“No, no,” Carrie played along. “This handsome, young man grows right here in Temple.”

“He’s certainly grown,” Ms. Krendall remarked excitedly as she eyed Richard’s muscular form up and down, a wave of sexual arousal pulsing through her body, only fueled further by the wine.

Leave it up to Janet to suggest that Richard dance for the women, an idea that was both agreed upon and supported greatly by the other three ladies.

As Richard was reluctant to do so, Janet pressed the issue by getting up and turning on the stereo in the living room, cranking up the volume as she heard the welcome tones of “Stayin’ Alive.” It was almost too perfect.

The women were relentless, urging and poking and pushing Richard to get moving, to entertain them. And he knew he wanted to. He just had to summon up the courage.

“If nothing else, sweetie,” Carrie offered while she sipped her drink, “dancing will help settle the butterflies.”

“I don’t have butterflies anymore, it’s just…,” Richard stammered. “I’m really not a good dancer.”

“Who cares?” Ms. Krendall belted out. “Come on, get moving. Get up and shake a leg.”

“Or something else,” Madison quipped.

Richard, to get started, simply tried to get a feel for the beat, and began rocking back and forth as he stood in the midst of these four beautiful women. With the encouragement and cheers of the ladies, Richard began rocking his hips, snapping his fingers to the music, and he danced in a somewhat sexy fashion.

Disco dancing was not his forte, but, before this day, neither was serving drinks or acting as the man of honor at a CFNM party, but he handled both of those duties well and he was putting forth the same exceptional effort with his moves.

Ms. Krendall openly remarked how it reminded her of a few bachelorette parties she had been too, and said – quite cleverly – that she would be glad to offer Richard a tip, but she had nowhere to put it.

“Usually the male dancers have thongs on don’t they?” Madison said as she clapped along to the music, and to Richard’s gyrations.

“This is much more revealing, and it’s wonderful,” Carrie said happily.

“Now that I think about it, even if he did have a thong on,” Ms. Krendall began.

“There wouldn’t be much room for dollar bills,” Carrie said, finishing the thought for her longtime friend.

Madison felt the need to get involved in the chatter.

“I don’t think he’d be able to fit his huge thing in a thong let alone paper money along with it,” she laughed.

Carrie nodded happily to signify her agreement with the girl.

“My stars in Heaven, look at that penis go,” Ms. Krendall said as she and the other women began to place most of their attention on Richard’s huge, swinging organ.

Watching their eyes dart up and down and back and forth, matching the movements of his incredible dong, Richard went about swinging his cock in a more pronounced way, bouncing it up, down and every which way but loose.

“Ooo, he gave himself a little pat on the behind,” Carrie laughed as she watched Richard’s dangly member swing around his thigh and smack the outer edge of his behind.

The frenzied, animated movements of his lengthy, fat prick literally drove the women out of their seats, as Janet now danced alongside Richard, heaping further praise upon him for his entertaining display. As Madison clapped and hollered, Janet demanded Richard take things to another level.

“You ain’t seen nothing’ yet,” Janet yelled to her friend. “Swing that thing, Dick. Come on, helicopter that shit!”

The request itself caused the other women to burst into hysterics, and just as Ms. Krendall asked for an explanation, it was given to her – right before her eyes.

“Helicopter? What do you mean – ,” she began but then stopped mid-sentence, watching as Richard gyrated his hips to make his enormous dong swing in a long, circular motion, almost as if it was spinning around on its own axis.

“Oh my Lord,” Ms. Krendall laughed, her face flushed with excitement as she watched Richard’s massive meat dance tantalizingly before her.

Even Carrie was impressed how Richard could move his most special muscle.

“Everyone hold onto your wine glasses – it’s out of control!,” she joked as she watched Richard buck his muscular hips and make his gargantuan prick frolic for their amusement.

“It don’t mean a thing,” Janet began to sing, and was then joined by her mother, creating a nice-sounding duet, “if it ain’t got that swi-i-ing!”

Ms. Krendall, building up quite a sweat even though she wasn’t the one dancing, was so moved by Richard’s performance – and his amazing sex organ – that she had to finally let loose.

“That is the biggest frickin’ dork I’ve ever seen,” she belted out over the music, much to the delight of the other three women.

Always neat to see which colorful word for the male organ a woman will choose to use, and apparently “dork” was Ms. Krendall’s favorite. It’s a term that has since become obscure in referring to the male penis, but just like disco, platform shoes and shag carpeting, it was still in style on this delightful afternoon.

“I just never knew it was possible for a guy to have one that huge,” Madison remarked as she watched that very appendage dance with a life all its own .

“Richard stretches the imagination,” Carrie smiled, as Richard now shook his sexy butt for the small yet raucous crowd. The women took turns pinching his meaty behind, even smacking it once in a while for greater pleasure.

When the music stopped, everyone – including the women – needed a breather.

“Getting’ hot in here,” Ms. Krendall said, as her rhythmic rocking back and forth made her breasts more pronounced under her white blouse. And the way she had those stocking-clad legs crossed, God, Richard was going crazy.

So entranced by Richard’s nudity, the only thing hotter than simply looking at it was talking about it, and Carrie and Janet reminisced about the little pool party they had a couple days before, and Madison and her mom were on the edge of the seats for details.

“How on Earth did the other boys react when they saw the size of that behemoth?” Ms. Krendall had to ask, fighting through giggles as she could only imagine the other boys’ shock when they saw Richard’s immense tallywacker.

“I know some men, even ones who are happy with their size, begin to bristle when they’re in the presence of someone REALLY well-endowed,” Carrie remarked, “but I think a big penis, I don’t know…can be somewhat magical (smile).”

“They seemed just as entertained by it as we were,” Janet said, “they were like, ‘do this with it, do that, make it go like this…’”

“I think every boy has fantasized about having such an exceptionally large organ,” Carrie continued, “so I think Barney and Craig -”

“Were living out their fantasies vicariously through Richard here?” Ms. Krendall finished with a smile.

“Yep,” Carrie laughed. “Yeppers.”

Richard never even got to answer Ms. Krendall, but he almost knew she had more questions for him.

“Have you measured your dork?” she asked him nicely. It was like she overpronounced the word “dork,” like she loved the sound of it. Hard-sounding “D.” Hard-sounding “K.”

After all, she did teach vocabulary at Fall Creek Elementary. She embraced the English language. Especially certain words. Ha.

“It really is almost a foot long when he has an erection,” Carrie remarked as she helped herself to a refill.

Ms. Krendall’s mouth dropped open.

“If it pointed straight up, it might damn near touch his heart,” Carrie bragged.

“If if pointed straight out, you could hang your laundry on it,” Janet snickered.

“Hol- (laugh), holy mackerel,” Ms. Krendall remarked with a wonderful sounding chuckle.

“So this is not the finished product?” the teacher asked in a cute fashion, gesturing to his huge, flaccid penis.

“It gets bigger?” Madison asked curiously.

“It grows and grows,” Janet marveled. “Like The Creature that ate Sheboygan (laugh).”

Despite all the attention being placed on his wonderful member, Richard was still not the slightest bit hard.

“It’s relaxed…,” he said, looking down at it with a smile. “Real relaxed.”

“Are you still nervous, hon?” Ms. Krendall asked him, gently rubbing the back of his leg. “We won’t bite, I promise.”

When you get older, you tend to savor each and every good thing in life a lot more.

Especially memories.

One of my favorites goes way back to 1968. And my next-door neighbor, Jennifer Lincoln.

When I say next-door, I should point out that I lived on a farm, and Jennifer’s was the next farm over. Just a couple miles down the road. But she always seemed so close.

It was a hot summer, awfully hot. I grew up in a small town in Kansas where you only knew a few people, and the ones you knew you really knew. Just about everything about them.

So this brings me to why this particular memory still evokes such powerful emotions in me. It was one of my very first CFNM experiences. It wasn’t me doing the CFNM’ing, so to speak, ha-ha-ha, but yet it was just about as equally satisfying.

Surprised an old geezer like me is familiar with the term CFNM? Well, I always had this particular fetish since I was a kid – it wasn’t until sometime later that the term Clothed Female Naked Male became well established.

Yes, I am fascinated with the concept of being naked in front of fully clothed women. Something about the whole concept just thrills me to no end – the unfairness, the imbalance of power, the fact that the woman – or women – are getting such a great joy out of seeing me nude. And in return they don’t feel it necessary to allow me to see them naked – what can I say, I find that incredibly sexy.

But anyhoo, now that you know where this story is going, I can proceed.

I was over Jennifer’s one day, just hanging out with her as I normally did when we were two energetic 18-year-olds. I had had a crush on her since we were kids, yet we had never engaged in a formal relationship.

We had kissed a few times, but we had never gone any further. I had made it my mission to change that in the summer of ’68, before both of us went off to college in the fall.

Jennifer was a beautiful, lovely brunette, with an incredible laugh and warming smile. She was such a sweet, sweet person. And she also had several of the attributes that attract young men, as I was in those days. She was marvelously endowed. I have to admit I spent many a day just staring at the outline of her big, gorgeous breasts, which I had always dreamed of seeing uncovered, or at least in a bra.

Jennifer was a full-bodied young woman, and when I say that I mean she had some incredible thighs. Big, sexy thighs, often shown off in a pair of tight-fitting shorts. My memory is so good that I still remember on this particular day, she had on just a loose-fitting white shirt and a snug pair of blue shorts.

She looked incredible as ever.

Jennifer and I had just gone fishing down at the creek for an hour or so when her friend, Marcy, a precocious young blonde, stopped by to discuss plans for a vacation they were taking to Topeka to see Jennifer’s relatives.

Everyone was going, except Jennifer’s step brother, Herman. Herman was a marvelous person, a 28-year-old man with a heart of gold.

Herman was mentally challenged, but gifted in several other areas. He was strong as an ox and invaluable in carrying out many of the tasks they did on the Lincoln farm.

But Herman had one major fear – air travel, which prohibited him from taking the trip to Topeka. So Jennifer and her friend, Marcy, were trying to figure out who on Earth they could get to check in on Herman while they were gone.

Jennifer’s parents were also taking the trip, and they had left it up to her to find somebody to stop in now and again to make sure everything was okay.

Wanting to help out any way I could, I personally volunteered, as we sat and enjoyed some snacks in Jennifer’s spacious living room. Herman, meanwhile, was keeping busy out in the fields.

Jennifer was surprised I offered to help out, but ultimately thrilled. A rundown of simple tasks, a list of chores if you will, followed, as she just gave me some routine things to do while they were gone.

They saved the toughest one for last.

I could sense Jennifer was a little uneasy about giving me this particular chore, but I insisted she go ahead and tell me what it was. Marcy now giggled as she sensed the awkwardness of the situation.

“Um, well, I need you to stick around each night, just for a little bit, when Herman gets his bath,” Jennifer said. “You know about the incident a few years ago…”

I remembered it well. Herman had slipped and fallen getting out of the tub and sustained a concussion. It was an isolated incident, and maybe the family was being overprotective, but I could respect their wishes.

“It’s no big deal,” Jennifer insisted. “Just kind of check in on him, but I do ask that you be there when he gets out of the tub, to make sure he doesn’t slip and fall.”

“Oh-kay,” I said kind of hesitantly.

I suddenly began to realize that this meant I would be seeing Herman naked, something I wasn’t crazy about of course. But for Jennifer, anything.

“Doesn’t sound so bad,” I said. “Hey, you seen one, you seen ‘em all right?”

That simple remark seemed to strike a chord in young Jennifer.

“Um…yeah,” she said unwillingly. “I…guess. Yeah, sure.”

Something was amiss. As if on cue, good ole’ Marcy started having a giggle fit once again.

“What?” I asked with a nervous laugh.

“No, it’s just,” Jennifer started, as she suddenly looked flustered. “You know what? It’s nothing, really. It’s nothing.”

“You might as well tell him, Jen,” Marcy said with a certain conviction in her voice. “You don’t want him getting the shock of his life.”

Wow. Now I really knew something was up. Jennifer didn’t hesitate to explain.

“Kevin, it’s not that big a deal –

“Well it is sort of a BIG deal,” Marcy jumped in, chuckling, as she broke the tension a bit.

Jennifer smiled but let out a sigh.

“Are you going to let me talk?” she said, playfully yelling at her friend. “Kevin, about Herman…It’s some-…oh gosh how do I say this…Marcy and I have both watched him for years so…”

I instantly knew she was trying to tell me they had both seen Jennifer’s step brother naked. And it seemed perfectly natural since it had no sexual conotation, it was only in a nurturing and caretaking sort of fashion.

“We’re both going into nursing,” Jennifer continued, “so we always considered watching over Herman sort of good preparation. Because of this, we’re not so easily shocked by male nudity the way other girls our age might be. But you, on the other hand, have never seen Herman, so you might be shocked…”

Again, Marcy broke into chuckles, which didn’t help Jennifer’s explanation gain momentum. She too, broke down a bit and laughed.

“What on Earth is so shocking about Herman!?” I asked, and as a result of my voice picking up to an intensified, anxious level, it caused Jennifer to be a lot more direct.

Much more direct than I expected.

“It’s uh…it’s his dork,” she said simply, as Marcy fell off the sofa laughing her pretty little head off.

My heart began racing. I was suddenly aroused, a great deal. Jennifer just used a crude slang term for the male organ. With great ease actually. I never saw it coming. “Dork” of course was a popular penis euphemism some 40 or so years ago, kind of our “dick word” of the ’60′s. And this somewhat crass term just rolled off the lips of the most gorgeous and sweet girl I had ever known. I was incredibly excited by this shocking development.

“What about it?” I finally ask, and to this day I’m still somewhat amazed I could even muster up the power of speech considering my level of arousal and shock.

“It’s uh…” Jennifer began, but now laughed right along with Marcy.

“It’s a kneeslapper,” Marcy said, offering a description so lewd and yet so colorful that the two of the young women gave into fits of girlish giggles.

“My stepbrother has an enormous penis,” Jennifer finally stated, trying to give it some proper terminology. “Marcy and I have seen it so it doesn’t really faze us. But if you walk in on Herman to make sure he’s okay and you see it for the first time…it can be kind of jarring.”

No matter how hard they tried to give some dignity and maturity to the discussion, they always just went right back to amused laughter. And who could blame them? We were just 18-year-old kids, and there is always something downright funny about a giant penis.

“My stepbrother suffers – well I shouldn’t say suffer, I’m sure he doesn’t mind (laugh) – he has this thing called macro…penis I believe it is?” Jennifer explained. “It’s an abnormally large penis.”

I could feel my penis getting pretty large at the moment – nothing like what good ole’ Herman was packing – but I was so aroused by the gals’ extensive description of this lovable brute farmhand, and his supersized wang.

“Kevin, didn’t you ever wonder why Herman never wears shorts?” Marcy asked with a gleeful smile.

It suddenly occurred to me that I had never seen Herman in anything but overalls. I figured because all the farm work he did called for such attire but now…

“It’s because of his shlawng,” Jennifer said, ushering in another laugh riot from the two lovable females.

The word is actually spelled “schlong,” but the way Jennifer over-pronounced it, it came out more like “shlawng,” which I found cute.

“What, he can’t wear shorts because…” I begin.

“It would be hanging out the bottom of them,” Jennifer said with a big grin, now sensing my awkwardness and taking certain pleasure in it.

“What the hell?!” I exclaim.

They both crack up.

As I finally take a deep breath and start to come down to Earth, the discussion only intensified.

“We should point out that uh – ” Marcy begins, and then Jennifer finishes..

“We should point out that our distinct familiarity with Herman’s…oversized appendage (giggle) isn’t simply born out of our watching over him or indulging our own curiosities, as much as it is a result of Herman’s, shall I say, blatant exhibitionism.”

“You said that right, sister,” Marcy laughs.

“He shows it off?” I say, now somewhat proud of Herman.

“Oh yeah,” Jennifer laughs. “Big time. Skinny dipping, uh, walking from the bathroom to his bedroom com-PLETE-ly naked, oh God, what else, um – oh, running nude all the way from the creek to the back of the barn.”

“Seriously?” I ask in awe.

“Yup,” she says with great sincerity. “The running part (giggle), I have to say I find amusing. His dick flops around like a frog on a frying pan.”

Oh my God. I nearly lost it, my friends. I wanted to pinch myself. I thought I had gone to Heaven, or slipped into The Twilight Zone. Never before did I get to listen in on, and fully participate in, such a racy discussion of such a CFNM nature. It was life changing.

And with regards to sweet old Herman. I began thinking about him, about his life. Here was this guy with a lot of obstacles to overcome, but the good Lord not only blessed him with a gigantic cock but also gave him the courage and the enjoyment to display it, all I could think was…THAT LUCKY BASTARD.

“He is so bad,” Marcy said of Herman, like she’s scolding a child.

After all, Herman did have a childlike mind, but a man-sized appetite for exhibitionism.

“God, he’ll just stand out there, by the barn as he’s getting dressed after taking a swim,” Jennifer explained as she arose from the sofa to fully illustrate her point, “and he’ll do this thing – and he knows I’m watching because I’m hanging out laundry – he’ll do this thing where he swivels his hips, sort of making his dick swing back and forth (laugh)…”

“Jesus,” I burst out.

“It almost wraps around his waist,” Jennifer exclaims with glee. “It looks like a tether ball, the way it swings out over his legs.”

With all this intense description and amusing anecdotes, I go to ask the question that is almost begging to be asked, and I am sure you readers had the same thing in mind.

Before I can, however, Marcy basically asks it for me.

“Remember the time you found a tape measure in the bathroom?” she asks her friend.

“Oh God, yes,” Jennifer answered. “And I (laugh), I knew what it was for. I knew Herman was using it. And he wasn’t using it to measure the blinds.”

Oh, Lord. I hung on her every word now.

“I confronted him. I remember asking, Herman, were you measuring your shlawng?” she said with that adorable, sweet giggle of hers.

“He really should call…oh what is the name of it…,” Marcy said, snapping her fingers to jar her memory. “Oh, Guinness, Guinness Book of World Records.”

“He should,” Jennifer laughs. “At least gain some notoriety for it.”

The way they spoke about it, it was as if they knew exactly how big it was. Either from watching Herman measure it, or possibly curiosity got the best of them and they took, ahem, matters into their own hands.

“How…big?” I ask hesitantly.

Jennifer again went back to a more clinical description of her stepbrother’s unique anatomy, which somehow only made things more amusing.

“My stepbrother, Herman, has a 16-inch penis,” she announces in a matter-of-fact sort of tone.

“Holy fucking shit,” I can’t help but say, cracking the girls up with my candid response.

“When he’s soft – you know, relaxed, it sort of…” Marcy says…

“It sort of just hangs there, like a big, fat, lazy slinky,” Jennifer says amusingly.

“It’s already about a foot long when it’s flaccid,” Marcy belts out, throwing out figures that seem so far-fetched and inconceivable, yet given the credibility of these two, lovely, young ladies, I believe every word.

And I’m flabbergasted, and amazed.

“I can’t imagine getting a hard-on with something like that,” I admit.

“Oh it’s sheer spectacle, lemme tell ya,’” Jennifer acknowledges. “When he’s…showing off, it obviously excites him. So he grows. And grows (laugh). One of those things where as much as you want to, you just can’t look away. It’s just so fascinating. It’s like watching one of those big Thanksgiving Parade floats being inflated.”

I loved how playful they were in their detailed descriptions.

“Sixteen inches?!” I ponder aloud, still in disbelief.

“It literally hangs down to his knees,” Jennifer says with a hearty chuckle that still echoes in my ears to this day.

“Poor thing – doesn’t he have to like, strap it to his leg to keep it from – ” Marcy begins.

“From keeping it from flopping around, yes,” Jennifer says with a laugh. “He just kind of straps it down, otherwise it would be sort of a nuisance.”

It is me doing the laughing this time, as I can suddenly sympathize how uncomfortable Herman must be at times with something that large swinging between his legs. I also realize that, besides the obvious exhibitionist thrill he gets, it must be more comfortable for him to forget pants all together. Just let it swing free.

Jennifer and Marcy confirm something I already had an inkling of.

“Herman is never, ever threatening towards either of us,” Jennifer insists. “We sort of view his um, free spirit, as a choice very similar to the ones nudists make. That he is completely comfortable with his body and is just happier going naked.”

Over the course of the next 20 minutes or so, Jennifer pulls me into their private circle even further by telling me her mom is also plenty familiar with Herman’s exhibitionist tendencies, and just like her daughter, she considers it an amusing break from the norm rather than a sign of lewd behavior.

The way she describes their experiences, I also get the idea that Jennifer, her mother, and Marcy, allow Herman to be “a big showoff” since it is simply one of the few things he can really, really enjoy.

“My mom calls it The Eighth Wonder of the World,” Jennifer remarks with a high-pitched titter, referring to Herman’s horse-sized appendage.

I indulged my own curiosities by asking if Herman – whether accidental or not – had ever seen either of the girls naked.

“Oh God, no,” Jennifer responds quickly.

“It’s definitely a one-way street in that regard,” laughs Marcy.

The fact that the girls saw Herman naked on a regular basis, but he in turn had never seen either of them naked, well, that played perfectly to my arousal concerning the concept of CFNM. To an extent that I fanned the flames even further.

“Well that’s kind of unfair,” I tease.

“Incredibly unfair, I must say,” Jennifer says with a playful, wicked laugh. “Hermy knows the deal – we can see him but he can’t see us.”

“Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah,” Marcy says in a taunting fashion.

As much as I find their dominant tone sort of a turn-on, they are quick to clarify.

“All kidding aside, Kevin, we are obviously a lot more modest than Hermy,” Jennifer tells me in all sincerity. “This is not some nudist farm where everyone is strutting about nude. There is simply one person that lives under this roof that has a penchant for…displaying what the good Lord has given him. He is never, ever forward with either of us. He never expects nor asks that we show him anything of ours. To tell ya’ the truth, when he’s naked, whether we’re helping him out of the tub or he’s taking a dip out in back, we just…act completely normal around him.”

“As crazy as it sounds,” Marcy chimes in, “we’re kind of used to it.”

Although I could have kept talking about this particular topic for several more hours, the girls were intent on pushing the day forward, as we all eventually headed out to get some lunch. But there was one detail about Jennifer’s life that I could not get out of my head from that day on: her stepbrother, Herman, had a 16-inch penis, and she had seen it on several occasions.

God help me, I was obsessed with that thought, so much so I had to seek relief by masturbating to these images for days and days. Even now, it still arouses me a great deal.

As I take a break from recanting my story to you all, I must insist that this is not merely the extent of my memories regarding this amusing tale. Yes, I am 61, but I remember these things like they happened yesterday.

Such a lovely invention the internet is, as it allows me to share these nice little stories with many, many people.

That is all for now, but have faith, boys and girls, I shall continue soon. I hope you enjoyed what I have recanted thus far, and believe me, things only got better from that day on in the summer of ’68.


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Bobby stayed silent, rather annoyed that he could no longer consider himself the alpha-male in the room. He had always thought he had the biggest cock in the world, and there was his 18yo brother, 2 years younger and with a cock at least 4 inches bigger than his own!

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“Damn, Timmy, how many girls have you fucked?” asked Jake incredulously. For him, Wendy had been his first. He couldn’t believe his 18yo brother had already fucked several gals at his age.

“Dunno. Like two hundreds or so.” answered Timmy casually.

“Damn, that’s a lot!” marveled Jake. “You’ll have to introduce me to some of your girls.”

While the two boys chatted, Bobby was getting close to cumming, he had been fucking Wendy’s pussy for over half an hour now and his balls were burning to release their contents.

“Fuck I’m gonna come, get out of the way bros!” he warned, hauling his massive piece of teenage meat out of Wendy’s distended fuckhole and jacking himself to an exploding orgasm. A few seconds later, his first shot rocketed out of his cumslit, arching through the air and landing on Wendy’s massive bosom. More wads liberally coated her upper chest, pooling below her neck, the busty housewife collecting fingerfuls of the warm liquid before slurping up the salty nectar.

“More, gimme more of your sweet cum!” she begged while Bobby plastered her tits with powerful jets of sap. Jake and Timmy admired the spectacle while jacking off their massive dongs in unison. Jake was himself close to cumming, the lewd display triggering his own climax. While Bobby’s cumshots petered out, Jake took over, his own sperm grenades almost matching his older brother’s in strength and volume. Wendy was getting caked with red-hot pellets of spunk from the side, her face bearing the brunt of the 19yo’s scalding jets. She opened her mouth wide and let the muscular teenager unload directly into her hungry mouth. Jake’s orgasm was so intense, he could hardly concentrate on that task, but Wendy somehow managed to hold the disgorging cum-cannon and aim its sperm missiles directly down her throat. Eventually, Jake stopped his non-stop ejaculations after a dozen or so wads. Wendy took his helmet into her mouth and sucked his remnants up, leaving the softening dong clean of any cum. She turned her attention to the sperm trails crisscrossing her face and body and eagerly licked up the excessive loads the two boys had delivered. Meanwhile, Timmy was fiercely jacking his crank, it seemed to grow bigger and pre-splooge was leaking out like a faucet.

“Yeah, Timmy, cover me with your spunk, empty your giant balls, I’m so ready for your massive load!” encouraged the busty MILF. Jake and Bobby watched intently as Timmy roared mightily and his first wad erupted, a ten-second long blast of cum containing more sperm than both their combined orgasms put together. The enormous wad was so powerful that it literally splashed against Wendy’s right tit, making it bounce from the impact. It was soon followed by more voluminous trails of steamy goo and soon Wendy was getting overwhelmed by the immensity of the boy’s discharges. His brothers looked on in disbelief as he drowned the busty woman in ounces of his boyspunk.

“Move over Bobby!” urged Timmy, pushing his brother aside and positioning his disgorging cockhead right in front of Wendy’s gaping cunt. He blasted a few more shots directly into her hole, coating her labia with viscous sperm and filling her tunnel up with his thick cream. Then, after twenty or so massive cumshots, he plunged his tool into Wendy’s now lubricated canal and continued to unload, his piston recoiling with every eruption, his giant dong pushing further inside Wendy’s lovebox after each pulse. He reached the halfway point by the time he stopped firing, but he continued his progress into her womb, sawing in and out or her pussy, causing cum to squirt out every time he lunged forward. Clearly, the boystud had not lost his hardon and he began to fuck the delirious cockslut in earnest.

“Yeah, I need to unload inside her before I can fuck her, otherwise, it’s too tight.” Timmy explained.

“Jesus man, you’re like a fucking cum machine!” said a bewildered Bobby. Wendy was totally covered with Timmy’s spunk and the bedsheets were soaking in a viscous bath of cream. Not to be outdone, Bobby jacked his crank up while his little brother destroyed Wendy’s pussy with his monumental pussy-wrecker. “Room for another cock?” he asked Wendy, now puffing from the pounding she was receiving. Timmy took her by the waist and lifter her up on his turgid monster and turned round to his older brother. Bobby looked down on Wendy’s inviting anus and placed his helmet right underneath it. When Timmy next pulled Wendy’s body down on 15 inches of his mega-rod, she simultaneously impaled her backdoor on 10 inches of Bobby’s hard-again arm-thick shaft!

“Oh God boys, this is too much cock!” she winced. Timmy slowed down to let her get used to being drilled in both holes by such large pieces of equipment. Eventually, she started relaxing her anal muscles enough for the pain to decrease and an overwhelming feeling of sexual lust to take over. “Uuuh, yeah, now fuck me harder boys, oooh, your horsecocks are so fucking big in me!” she exclaimed, pleasure froth soon covering both poles.

Timmy could feel his brother’s turgid lance through Wendy’s pussywalls. This was creating extra friction for both boys, a new sensation that soon drove them over the edge. Almost in unison, the brothers grunted as their spermbags contracted and sent their contents coursing up the many inches of shafts deeply embedded in Wendy’s holes.

“Fuck, I’m cumming again!” yelled the 18yo alpha-stud, as pints of his cream filled up Wendy’s vaginal cavity. His brother similarly blasted his ball-batter deep inside her ass and soon, rivers of boygoo ran down their legs as the overfilled holes of the orgasming woman couldn’t hold any longer the immense volume of their virile discharges.

“OMG, you’re totally filling me up with your hot spunk! AAAH!” blurbed Wendy, her body now limp as a ragdoll from the intensity of her climax. Luckily, the sheer strength of the two rigid dongs stuck inside her was sufficient to hold her up. Over and over again, Bobby and Timmy unloaded ounces of their potent seed as far up her chutes as humanly possible. Jake was fisting his rock-hard cock, jealously watching his brothers use the woman of his dreams as a sperm bucket. Eventually, Bobby could come no more and his dong dropped out of Wendy’s arse, followed by a cascade of his thick cum. Timmy on the other hand was still blasting his mega-wads up directly into Wendy’s womb, totally filling up her uterus with each blast. His enormous eggs were bloated from the effort, churning up teenage sperm as fast as possible to replace the ounces being unloaded per minute. “Oh, Timmy, you’re still cumming…Oooh, again! You’re such a stud hon… Aah, more? Yes, gimme all you’ve got, I know you have gallons of cream in those massive balls of yours… AAh, I can feel every pulse, this is so hot honey!”

Timmy whitewashed her insides again and again, his non-stop delivery of spunk reaching the three minutes mark before he finally stopped his sperm assaults on Wendy’s bloated hole. Puddles of cum covered the wooden floor when the teen boy lifted Wendy up and off his 20-inch pole. Timmy flexed his loin muscles and his dong thumped against his muscular chest repeatedly. He was making sure everyone saw he was still rock-hard and ready for more. Wendy threw herself onto the bed, almost fainting from exhaustion, lying face down and fingering her holes to drag the ounces of boycum out.

“Ooh, my arse is so dilated, I think I could take your giant cock Timmy!” purred Wendy, while she licked her cum-coated fingers repeatedly. The 18yo boy had never dared to ask if he could stick his enormous rod up her backside as every other woman he had ravaged had refused to be anally impaled by his monstrous dong. His boycock twitched with anticipation, blood filling up every inch-thick vein coursing up its tremendous length instantly. Jake was still wanking his huge 15-incher and hoped he would be able to stick it up Wendy’s warm pussy before the end of the day.

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