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The idea for this story comes from JR Parz and the Master PC stories. I write this inspired by his original work.

Chapter 5: Sophie Wright

Ruth sat on Alex’s bed completely naked; her back was against the headboard and her legs were spread so that her feet were a metre and half apart. Alex was straddling Ruth’s right shin and gliding her sex along its length, leaving a trail of shiny wetness as she went. Her left hand gripped the back of Ruth’s ribcage to help balance herself whilst undertaking the simultaneous actions of grinding and suckling on Ruth’s right nipple. Alex’s right hand was softly resting on the back to Imogen’s head; Imogen’s face was deeply buried in Ruth’s other breast. Imogen’s right hand mirrored Alex’s left but her left hand was gripping a vibrating pink rabbit, which she was thrusting in and out of Ruth with a vigorous but controlled motion.

This had been happening for just over five minutes when Ruth’s low moans turned to high pitched yelps. She began gyrating back against Imogen’s hand, who responded by holding it steady and pushing it as deep as it would go. Ruth’s hands were clawing at the bed sheets but as her head was thrown back involuntarily, her hands decided to fly towards the back of her dates’ heads. She pulled her right leg out from beneath Alex and flung it over her back; her left one was already wrapped around Imogen’s waist. Alex shuffled right up next to Imogen and slid her hand out from underneath Ruth’s and moved it down to hold Imogen’s and help her grip the rabbit. Ruth’s face was frozen; her mouth was agape and eyes were scrunched tightly until she emitted a short sharp shriek. All four of her limbs clenched gratefully around the other two girls while she cooed through her orgasm. Her hands roughly gripped Alex’s and Imogen’s hair and dragged their lips towards her own; kissing them in alternate five second bursts for two minutes in total. The passion subdued to gentle peckings on each others’ faces so Imogen pulled the rabbit from Ruth and pointed it towards Alex. She eagerly lay on her back and reached out for another rabbit while the rabbit which had now passed into Ruth’s hands was being entered into Alex. Alex was in the process of rubbing her rabbit against Imogen’s clit when there was a knock on the door. Stephen paused and minimised the video of Tuesday night then willed away his boner before inviting Sophie into his room.

“Hey Steve, I’m going out just now, but I wanted to know if you want to do anything for dinner?”

“Sure, I need to go get a book from the library; I just got distracted messing around on my laptop. I’ll be back around 4. Do you fancy cooking?”

“OK, I’m gonna be with Anne until 5, so you can cook for me as a treat or you could wait until I get back.”

Stephen looked at his Macbook, his desire to watch the rest of the video was pretty strong, but there was another task on his agenda. Stephen had seen the success of Ruth’s automated transformation and wanted to set the master program to function on its own, finding and modifying women without his express instruction, so that he could just sit back and enjoy and only meddle if he needed to. However, something was holding him back; he had started on this path of sluttifying women because of an offhand comment written in Parz’s journal about ‘him and his women’. He just assumed that meant Parz had gone about building a harem around himself, but he realised he knew actually nothing of the circumstances. Parz could have just modify himself and no one else, making himself rich and successful and had his ‘women’ flock to him out of their own free will. Parz could be Hugh Hefner or Brad Pitt for all he knew. Stephen had decided he was unwilling to pursue his new auto-Master Program until he retrieved Parz’s journal and could read it more thoroughly.

Using Master Program enhanced skills of hacking, Stephen logged into the British Library’s database from a terminal on its second floor and deleted journal from the library’s database. He retraced the steps he took that life-changing afternoon and entered the room with Parz’s journal with a lot more excitement inside of him than he had had the first time. He looked upon the book, part of him expecting it not to be there; part of him expecting to wake up and all of this to be a dream. He flicked through the book, skim reading a couple of paragraphs to double check he had the right book, and then went straight to the back. On the bottom right hand corner of the back cover was a small sticky pad. From his pocket, Stephen pulled a lighter he had purchased on his way here and ignited the flame. Again, guided by instructions from the Master Program, he heated the pad until the glue melted and the plastic peeled back, whilst barely damaging the journal’s cover at all. He removed the security pad and squeezed it into a small ball then stuffed it into a crevice between two bookshelves; the book was his now.

On his way back to his flat, he reread the parts of the journal he had already seen, to jog his memory; the rusting spoon, the withering plant and the curing of his cold. More familiar with the program this time round, he noticed things that before seemed insignificant. Parz had found manipulating an inanimate object; the spoon, very difficult, then the simple organic plant was easier and curing his own cold was the easiest. Parz had attributed this decreasing scale of difficulty to an increase in his understanding of the program he was writing, but Stephen wondered if this was because the ‘Masters’ had taken steps to prevent changes to physical constants, even before capping the powers of the Master Program.

Familiar again with what he already knew, Stephen perched himself on the couch in the communal room of his flat and started reading through some entries new to him, scanning for any key words that mentioned altering others. The first mention was in 1983; Parz had altered himself to know how to play the piano. He had never played the piano before but after his modifications he composed a twenty minute concert piece. Having tested this on himself, a couple of days later he tried it on a co-worker; the co-worker could play Parz’s composition after one practice run, but he had absolutely no idea how he was able to. The year of 1984 seemed to have been dedicated to working out how to reconcile changes he made in people with their memories and experiences, so that they didn’t just wake up one day with the sudden ability to play an instrument at an expert level and no explanation how.

The entries for late 1984 and 1985 were sparser compared to the previous part of the journal. In November of 1984 it had seemed that Parz had met someone; a woman he referred to as Belle. At first, it was unclear if he had met her organically or through his proto-Master Program, but by the fifth entry relating to Belle, he had mentioned he was now able to tweak physical characteristics of the human body by testing this on a male and a female subject. It was never explicitly stated that he altered her, but he would leave his journal alone for a few weeks and then have a philosophical debate about free will relating to some update in the Master Program, an mention of Belle and then nothing again for a few weeks. The entry for the 12th of October 1985 really intrigued him though; it was just one sentence but it was the first time he openly talked about modifying Belle.

‘She loves me because I made her and unsurprisingly… that isn’t satisfying.’

The next four entries were dated, on average, a week apart. They mentioned several other women; all short term flings. Again he didn’t talk directly about modifying them but the entry from the 20th of November stated ‘controlling the will of people around you is a lot more fun when they’re totally insatiable’. The next entry, dated two weeks later, piqued Stephen’s curiosity even more.

‘I saw Belle today, with the other guy. I tried to win her back. It made our relationship feel real, the genuine feeling of jealousy I had towards him. It felt like I really had to compete and this gave me a sense of achievement when I almost did. But I programmed her never to come back to me, so she didn’t. Is it strange that I almost enjoy knowing I’ll never have her back more than I did having her undyingly devoted to me? Well, I say never, but all I need is five minutes with my computer… I mean if you’re going to use the people around you… you might as well do it properly?’

Stephen shut the journal and looked at its cover. He wasn’t sure about that last statement but he thought about himself. He had sent Ruth to be modified into some complete slut before he even met her. He made his cache so it could be a base to turn strangers into sluts. And there was Imogen and Alex, he had almost forgot they were normal people once. He flipped open his Macbook and opened the Master Program, desperate to give his next command.

“Master Program, I want the automated system to go live. Take 50 women so that you get an even spread among all six categories I’ve created…” he paused to do the maths, “no, make that 54, that’s nine in each category. No younger than 18 and no older than… 35. No, we’ll say the average age should be around my age, so 20 or 21, with a range between 18 and 45. All of them should be single…” he paused again… these were his women to use… “Let’s say five of them are married… but they should have cheated before in their lives. They should also be really open about cheating to those who wouldn’t react badly, but in most cases of extramarital sex they should justify it to themselves with reasons they genuinely believe makes it not cheating; the more ridiculous the reason the better. Husbands should be completely oblivious to the greatest extent possible, unless you can allow them to accept the promiscuity of their wives with a small enough change that it doesn’t require a slot. 60% should be brunettes, but not necessarily naturally. Three should be Asian; Oriental or Indians and two should be Black. Five more should be from continental Europe or Latino, or at least recently descended from either of those. Make these changes over the next few weeks, so I have time to restock the cache. As for me meeting them, I’d like to meet these women at a frequency of one to two times a week and Imogen should meet one every fortnight to a month, with the first meeting a little after my exams are over. Don’t make the meetings too forced though, just like, for example, if there’s a girl who shops in the nearby Sainsbury’s around the same time as me every now and again, she could bump into me this time, all slutted up. I think… that’s it. Do it.”

“Automated script is now running.”

“Now for Sophie,” he took a deep breath, this was different, he knew her as she was now, but if he was going to use a someone… he might as well do it properly, “Master Program…” He stopped mid-command when he noticed his phone vibrating; almost like she had sensed what he was about to do, Sophie called. Feeling a little shame, he picked up the call.

“Hey Steve, have you started cooking? I’ll be back in like 10.”

“Oh crap sorry, got carried away with my reading. What do you want?”

“Oh don’t worry; it’s only just past 5. I really fancied some Mexican. I’ll pick up a fajita kit for us and we can cook it together? Sound good? It can be like a second date,” giggled Sophie.

“Sure, sounds awesome! See you soon!” His cheeks felt a little hot with excitement but then he looked at Sophie’s spinning avatar. He thought about Parz. He had tried a normal relationship first, it hadn’t worked, but maybe he just didn’t like Belle that much. And as he said, if it’s not going his way… five minutes with the Master Program…

“Master Program, how small a change could you make to Sophie Wright before she was attracted to me.”

“Subject already has a mild attraction to you.”

“Really? Wow, well how much before she acted on it?”

“A 0.25% change along with circumstantial actions could prompt romantic interactions in the immediate future.”

“OK, nudge me in the right direction if I’m going wrong, but let’s go.”

As Sophie entered the door, Stephen felt confident. He wasn’t sure if the Master Program was making him that way to enhance his attractiveness, or if it came from him naturally because he knew he couldn’t go wrong. He greeted her with a joke and as she giggled he led her over to the kitchen area with his hand on her lower back. Gentle touches, little teases and natural laughs filled the evening. He had always been able to talk to Sophie easily, but their chat tonight threated to last well into the night; they had to force the conversation to an end at midnight so they could wash their plates and head to bed. Sophie waited by her door, in an inviting manner; an invitation Stephen rushed to take. He leant in and kissed her with a kiss that lasted a few seconds, which was just long enough for him to comprehend this was actually happening.

He made a step towards entering her bedroom when she stopped him, “Whoa! Where you going buddy? Time for bed and by that I mean our own beds!”

“Oh I’m…um…sorry!” mumbled Stephen.

She kissed him on lips, then replied, with a cheeky smile, “I promise to think of you tonight. That is You and me… and maybe another girl,” he cheeks went bright red and she shut the door, with a muffled ‘night’ coming from the other side.

The relationship between Sophie and Stephen shifted that night. Over the next week they started kissing hello and goodnight and flirting openly. There wasn’t any specific mention of commitment and it didn’t escalate to more than kissing until one night six days after their first kiss. They were sitting on the sofa kissing more passionately and for longer than they had had before when Sophie’s hand slipped down Stephen’s trousers and started to pump his dick. He responded by slipping his hand up her skirt and fingering her until they both came. She had promised more to come after their exams were over, but also said they should probably not indulge in anything too distracting for the next two weeks. That was two nights ago; today his first exam. He stood outside his exam hall along with several dozen of his coursemates; all of them looking anxious in varying degrees. He was embroiled in a discussion about the different spectral types of stars and how they evolve through their lifetime when Kieran, a fellow physicist and good friend of Alice, interjected.

“Hey Steve, you ready for today’s exam?”

“Yeah, I think I’ve got it covered,” he replied, knowing his Master Program enhanced brain could easily ace this exam, “how about you?”

“Some of the opacity formulas are a bit tricky… but I think I’ll be fine. Anyway, is Alice back today? I know her exams start a bit later than ours, but I wasn’t sure when. We’re supposed to meeting up when she’s back in London.”

“Uh… She texted me last night to say she’ll be back today, so I suppose she’ll be around soon.”

“Cool I’ll text her then, well good luck!”

“Good luck to…” Steve was interrupted by Imogen, who was dressed in a short black ruffled skirt and a tight cropped red top that had horizontal cut-outs down the front.

“Hey Stevie,” she said excitedly and kissed him enthusiastically, “I need to calm down, so take me to the toilets and help me… relax.”

Kieran gave Stephen a look in between confusion and amusement as she led him away towards the toilets. They got to outside the toilet door when Stephen stopped her, “Um…Imogen, we have an exam in fifteen minutes.”

“I know, so why are we wasting time not having sex? I’ve barely had any for the past week because I had to study, like three guys a day at most. Please, please, please fuck me.”

“Why didn’t you just fuck someone before then?”

“I did; Alex screwed me this morning, but for one she had to be quick because she was meeting Ruth, and two a strap-on is not nearly as good as real cock. Look, Stephen… have I upset you or something? I thought maybe you were turning me down before because you were just freaking out about exams or something, but we’re right here, so just come in here,” she pleaded pointing at the door, “and come in here!” she finished pointing at her crotch.

“It’s Sophie. We’re kinda together now I think,” he replied, sheepishly.

“Bah! I have a girlfriend too, and you don’t hear me complaining. Just get Sophie to have sex with me later. You know I would.”

“Imogen… not just now, OK?” She shook her head and he walked off back towards the exam hall. He was so deep in thought about Sophie that as he turned a corner back into the main vestibule he bumped into a guy from his course called Luke. They apologised and Luke continued on towards the toilets whilst Stephen re-joined the conversation he was in earlier.

The exam was to last two and half hours but Stephen finished, checked it twice and left in less than two. He turned on his phone, which had had to be off due to strict exam conditions, and laughed to himself when he saw a text message from Imogen saying ’37 luke from our course’ with the timestamp from just before the exam. He also had a second message, this time from Alice asking if he would be around in the afternoon to have a catch-up chat. He declined, as he was going to meet up with Mike, his best friend from his course, to help him with tomorrow’s exam. Mike lived at home to save money on rent, and he hadn’t taken the module on which this exam was testing, so he hadn’t seen Mike since term ended six weeks ago.

Mike was sitting at one of the tables in the Physics Common Room, past exam papers strewn across all around him, deep in thought, when Stephen approached him, “Hey Mike, nice to see you man, how has everything been? You’ve barely been replying to my texts!”

“Oh, hey. Yeah sorry, been busy with stuff. You good? I’ve heard you’ve been seeing Imogen recently.”

“Oh yeah, she’s crazy though, she’s kinda got herself into a lesbian relationship now. How awesome is that! It started because of this threesome we had. Fuck, I just realised how much I have to tell you.”

“Oh, yeah, that’s cool,” replied Mike. Stephen started to feel a cold vibe coming from Mike but he just put it down to exam nerves and they got on with revising.

It was coming close to dinner time when Mike decided he had to leave to get home. Stephen was pretty disappointed by his meet up with Mike. He had started to ponder whether or not he could reveal the Master Program to anyone else, and he had thought that if he was going to, it would be Mike he showed. However, today Mike seemed distant and the two of them had not had a chance to really discuss anything outside of the world of Quantum Mechanics. After the two parted, Stephen headed to the supermarket to pick up a microwave meal and headed back to his flat.

“What the actual fuck?!” screamed Sophie at Stephen as he closed the flat door behind him.

“What? I… what?” mumbled Stephen. The blood drained from his body and a cold terror swept through his skin as he thought that Sophie had discovered the Master Program.

“Imogen and you. Today,” accused Sophie. The majority of his fear subsided the instant he realised this was unlikely to be anything to do with the Master Program, but it was replaced with confusion, which evidently was clear in his expression, “don’t look fucking confused at me! I saw Alice earlier, she’s gone out now, but me, the fool, telling her how I’m OK with all the Robbie stuff because you and I are getting on so well and it might be going somewhere hopefully. She responds by telling me that her friend Kieran saw you run off to have sex in the fucking toilets outside the exam hall. You’re a fucking sex addict and a perv. I wanted to take things slow because we’re friends and because of Robbie and because of exams, and I just didn’t think I needed to specify that I’d hope you wouldn’t fuck other people. I said I did NOT want to be part of this crazy thing you have with Imogen, I didn’t judge or look badly upon it; I just assumed that if you started kissing me and messing around, that that meant you and her were done. You fucking know what, I can be pretty crazy in bed too, I might even have suggested bringing along another girl somewhere in a distant future, but just because I don’t hop in the sack with anyone anywhere you just…ARGH! Did you have to do this JUST before my first exam? How am I supposed to concentrate tomorrow afternoon?”

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