Chapter 02 – On Camp

Margaret and George had been married a long time. Happy in their own suburban way, but George had noticed in recent weeks that his wife had been a little more bouncy. More perky and smiley. In bed she had changed a little too. During Sunday morning sex she had asked him to touch her anus as she had orgasmed. Margaret never asked for anything normally.

George was contented in the sure knowledge that even after 31 years that she was still happy to be with him. She had even organised a holiday in Devon staying in a static caravan at a camp site. Margaret had been such a reliable wife, a real rock through their lives together.

Margaret had decided that life only passed by once and that it was her duty to experience as much of it as possible. Whilst she didn’t want to upset her husband she did no less want to try the things that he couldn’t provide for her.

Over the past 2 months a young man from the adjacent street had been coming round once a week to cut her grass and service her desires. He was young and she had not spared him. He’d had her in the bedroom, the shower, sodomized her bent over the kitchen sink, made him eat her juices as she had masturbated straddling his face. One time she made him bend over the back of the settee with his legs spread whilst she spent some time with her tongue rimming his anus as she fondled his heavy cock. He would do anything she demanded and his balls were just full of cream each time he arrived.

With her new philosophy and confidence came a new spirit of adventure. The camping holiday was the start. Every camp site that she had ever been to had been full of young people with wonderful bodies and horny as hell. She would take her books to read and George could take his fishing rod. And they would have fun.

The holiday came round quickly, Devon in late June was going to be beautiful. George had his plans too. Fly fishing was his thing. Out of his office, stood in a river with the birds and midge surrounding him, what could be better. He didn’t mind leaving Margaret for the day provided that it was sunny. She always seemed to be absorbed in a book, and left to her own devices hardly noticed his comings or goings. Sat in her deck chair she would wave him off and promise to cook what ever he brought home.

Despite her new sexual exploits not one of her close friends or family would have guessed of any huge change in her demeanor. However, for Margaret her sex drive had just taken off. She realised that her figure was still firm and trim enough to excite even young men, and the young man she did know couldn’t get enough. But she didn’t know how long this would go on for and that she had better make the most of her powers now.

Her first success had been the result of some careful planning but on this holiday she wouldn’t have the time. Her strength was in her appearance. She looked liked a typical middle aged lady that you would see standing outside a church on any Sunday morning. Which for the large part of her that would be quite true. However, in the privacy of her own home her latent sexual drive made her into a predatory slut. Her toys could only take the edge off her needs, increasingly she was looking at which men she could use without being discovered.

The holiday had started well, the weather fine, the roads moving and George and her in good moods. George was unsure whether she would be ok left alone for so long and wouldn’t she mind. Margaret put him at ease and told him that as long he didn’t go fishing on Sunday morning, their special time, it was ok.

After 3 hours in the car they were ready for an orientation stroll round the camp site. It had been after 6 when they had arrived and most people were back on the site. Margaret took note of who and where folk were situated, and who went with who. A particular tent took her eye immediately. In it 3 young men were trying to cook a meal over a single burner. Each sat round with an empty plate watching a pot failing to come to the boil. They looked to satisfy Margaret’s criteria for what in her mind were suitable victims. Right age bracket, fit and young. The right presentation, clean and neat enough, talking politely to each other and no female attachments.

They finished their walk and watched the sunset before sorting out the beds and climbing into them. Margaret could hardly sleep, her plans running back and forth across her mind. Images of naked young men abusing her occupied her thoughts robbing her of sleep. Before finally falling to sleep she’d had to go to the bathroom and exercise her fingers.

In the morning George was like a man possessed. The fishing tackle was checked off and his sandwiches made by 7.00am. She kissed his cheek and he set off with his map in the car. Now she would shower and ready herself. She didn’t suppose that the young men would be up quite as early as George.

At around 10am they had risen and taken turns in the shower block. A blond one who seemed to be called Yan, had got their kettle on and was attempting to brew some tea for them all. They were sitting around in the early morning sun wearing their loose joggers and tee shirts. Margaret was ready.

Margaret had taken some time in choosing her clothes. She had decided on no underwear, a long summer skirt, a light loose blouse. Walking the 50 yards over to the young group she gave a shy greeting. In her most helpless voice she asked if one of them might help her. She told them that she was in the middle of baking and couldn’t get the oven to light. Tim, the darker short one of the three, offered immediately to come with her.

Following along behind her he hardly had any sexual ideas in his head. On entering the caravan he could see the open oven with the cake mix in a tin on the top. He quickly found the tapers necessary to light it in a drawer and solved the mystery in two minutes. Margaret thanked him profusely and offered to make him a tea for his efforts as Yan was not likely to organise that one any time soon.

She made the tea in two mugs but added cold water to her own cup. After giving Tim his drink she went and got her own On coming back she stumbled splashing the tea down her front. Making out that it had been hot she squealed and tore open the front of her blouse. Tim took control in a flash. He soaked a towel in cold water and sitting her down on a settee he spread it over her naked breasts. Now for the first time he had chance to look. The cold water had done a wonderful job of arousing her nipples. Sticking obviously through the cold tea towel he could now see just how large they were. She asked him to check her chest for burns as she was too frightened to look. He removed the towel and took a close inspection. Margaret peeked at his pants noted his interest by the growth in the front of his joggers.

As he was bending over her she turned and placed her right breast just in front of his lips.

“You know I don’t mind Tim. I don’t mind if you do suck it, it would probably make it feel better. You have looked after me so well.”

Tim froze, he heard the words but was still trying to work out if he could be getting into trouble, and was dithering in between pulling back or going in. In the end it was Margaret, as usual, who took control. She put her hand round the back of his head and pulled his mouth over her nipple.

“There my sweet Tim, that is good isn’t it?”

Tim suckled like he was 8 months old again. Margaret cradled him in her bosom but slid her free hand up his thigh squeezed his rigid cock. Whilst he fed from both her breasts she released his length from his pants. It sprang out, not so long but very hairy. He nuzzled and moaned as she masturbated him. His cock gave out so much heat in her hand. It was thick and uncircumcised. Each time she pulled back on his cock it leaked precum into the palm of her hand. Pushing him up and off she told him that she had one more job for him to fix. Pushing him down onto his back she stood over him, naked from the waist up. Next she stepped one leg over him and straddled his face. Tim was looking directly up her skirt, the light penetrated the thin material and he could see quite clearly her shaved pussy hovering over him.

“I would like you to make this work Tim.” said Margaret. She lowered her opening to his mouth, “Breath in deep Tim, smell my scent.” With that she lightly settled her lips over his mouth, having no other option now Tim decided to use his tongue to explore this open wet cunt hole.

“Ummm that was so good.”

Margaret could relax now her prey had been caught, all that was left was for her was to milk all the pleasure she could get from this sweet victim.

Tim had no idea who she was and neither had she of him Anything could happen, all fantasies could be indulged anonymously.

She let him take his time under her. He was slow and non urgent. He obviously reveled in eating pussy. Eventually Margaret just needed fucking. She stepped back, grabbed his hand and pulled him up.

“I need you to fuck me Tim.”

She led him to the bedroom. Nothing special now, she could wait for that, now all she wanted was his hot meat up her. Margaret laid back and spread her thighs. She beckon him to mount her. Tim slipped his pants down and climbed between her legs. Margaret waited for his first thrust. His efforts so for had left her with the wettest pussy she’d ever had. Tim took in the whole vision for a moment. This woman had magnificent breasts, her pussy was as smooth as a new baby. He took a few second just to absorb the image of her soaking labia inviting him in. He entered, all the way then fucked hard. She didn’t want any finesse, Margaret wanted to be consumed, used like a sex doll.

As Tim used her pussy desperately he began kissing and biting her neck, then supporting himself on his elbows he forced his tongue into her mouth. Margaret could smell herself on his face, she’d smeared it in her own juices and her sweet cunt odour would linger there all day. Then holding his ass cheeks she pulled him into her. As suddenly as he started he stopped. His cheeks tensed solid, like two rocks, and he took a deep breath in and held it. Deep down in her hot pussy she felt the contraction and shudder of his cock. She knew that deep in her was a flood of this strangers sperm, thick and white. Just as she had imagined. He pulled out and Margaret closed her legs quickly to preserve his seed, she hadn’t decided yet what she wanted to do with it.

“Bring him up here Tim.” she asked.

Tim moved up the bed and knelt next to her. She took his withering cock and sucked the last trace of cum and pussy honey off it.

“Now Tim.” she instructed. “Go and sit on the chair and watch how a lady masturbates when her husband is out.”

With that she located her vibrator, parted her knees, and used the tip of the pink rabbit to spread the gush of his cum around her pussy lips.

Within a few minutes there was a tap at the door.

“Hello, hello, are you in here Tim, brews ready!”

Tim panicked, he glanced at the entrance then at Margaret. Margaret on the other hand was very calm. She put a finger to her lips and shushed him. What had she to loose. She called him in.

“Tim’s in here helping me dear! Come and join us if you like!”

Yan came into the room and viewed the bizarre scene. Tim was slowly wanking his sad looking cock and this middle aged housewife was abusing her creamed pussy, sat up naked on her bed.

“Join us if you like, Tim’s a little tired at the moment but I’m not.”

Yan didn’t answer but watched.

“Perhaps you are a from behind man?” Margaret teased. She got onto all fours and offered her rear end to him, and just to show him how she felt, she buried the rabbit the whole way in.

“No mam I’m an anal man.” he eventually replied, and without any invitation, slipped down his track pants, took his erection in hand and stepped up behind her on the bed. He pulled out the dildo and replaced it with his cock. Tim must have been at sea a long time. His cream was everywhere, over her anus, down her thighs, on the bed. The whole room stank of semen. Margaret gasped, there was no controlling this one. He was going to take what he wanted.

While fucking her doggy style Yan investigated her anal ring. He sucked two of his fingers before probing Margaret’s bottom with them. Once they where past her tight ring she gave a loud moan. Yan then pulled back both his fingers and cock. His cock had now been lubed with Tim’s orgasm. It was enough to allow it to be forced up the woman’s asshole.

“I’m going to wreck your ass lady, your mans not going to find it tight tonight.”

She was in heaven. Margaret was rubbing her clit wildly as Yan fucked her ass like it had done him wrong. He wasn’t interested in foreplay or kissing. Yan needed to empty his heavy balls in this old sluts bowels. It was only 5 minutes but it was worth everything. He cursed as he shot his load in her and as he withdrew he left her anus gaping open. Oh god, oh god was all she could think.

“Stay right there lady, Phil’s not missing out on this.”

Yan fixed up his clothes and left. Two minutes later he returned with Phil.

“Fuck her Phil, she’s gagging for it!”

“She’s a sloppy mess, you two have creamed her ass and cunt.” Phil complained.

“Don’t be a mad man Phil.” answered Yan. “You won’t get a better chance to get your rocks off this week.”

With that Phil got up behind her. He slapped her pussy with his semi hard penis working it up. When hard enough Phil slipped in. Gripping both her hips he started his assault on her sloppy hole. Her cunt wasn’t offering much resistance now she had been fucked so hard. So he laid her down flat on her stomach with her legs together. Then kneeling across her thighs entered her pussy again. This time he found her tighter. Laying on top of her back Phil was able to whisper in her ear.

“Your pussy is so hot lady, I’m going fill it with my cum. You want my cum don’t you? It’s going to be dripping out for a week. You can always let little hubby lick it out I suppose.”

All Margaret could say was “yes”. She closed her eyes and savoured the moment. Minutes later Phil was spent too. Phil got off the bed walk up to her face, gripping a handful of her hair he cleaned off the remains of the cum dredged out of her cunt that were sticking to his limp penis. Margaret could smell the cum dripping down her legs and over her sheets. Two of the young men then sorted out their pants leaving only Tim sat in the corner on his chair wanking what was now a hard cock.

The two left and Tim was oblivious to their exit. Margaret went over to him and sat between his parted thighs. Her face was just inches away from this young man jerking his cock off , she studied him for a while and as he muttered that he was about to cum, she raised herself and with her mouth wide open took in the end of his cock. He didn’t let up but continued harder than ever beating his penis. 20 seconds later another stream of semen spewed out and this time into her mouth. This was something she had never done before, letting a man empty himself in the mouth, but she needed to do it. His sigh gave away the end of his orgasm and the white fluid dribbled from the corner of her mouth and down onto her breast.

Margaret had still not cum herself despite being fucked in every orifice. She went back to the bed and proceeded to finish off her rabbit. Every few strokes bringing it up to her mouth to smell and taste the seed injected up her pussy. Tim watched as she bucked her way through an intense orgasm. The rabbit held tight against her clit and her other hand massaging his spilt cream over her nipples. She’d been fucked by 3 young guys, Margaret wasn’t too sure about confessing this episode to her priest the next time she entered that small dark cubicle at church.

Margaret now had 3 or so hours to clean up. Phil had been pritty close when he’d mentioned her dripping pussy. She did find that it was leaking hours later and had to place liners in her panties. Hopefully Georges sense of smell wasn’t clued into semen. She showered and changed the sheets. The thick smell of sex that pervaded the place she hid with the baking of the cake that had been used as the bait.

As George arrived home he was pleased to see Margaret all smiles and dressed so neatly. She came out and hugged him and inspected his large catch of the day. A very small trout.

“Oh you’re so clever George, lets cook it later, I’ve missed you so much today, why don’t we pretend that today is a Sunday and I’ll reward you, my hunter gatherer?”

The smell of coffee, fresh toast and music from the radio filled the air. It was morning and the bright rays of the sun shone onto the kitchen table. Just as the mist had lifted from the streets outside Katie slowly came to realise what had happened. The whole incident still felt unreal to her. She sat now at the table, a mug of steaming coffee in front of her and stared dead into its black content. Her husband was dressed in his usual suit he wore to his office and prepared some eggs on the stove.

It was a small kitchen in a small house. They didn’t have had much money when they got married right after graduating from college. It was one nightmare for her. The baby, the house, the marriage and the life as a mother and housewife; it wasn’t something she had planned for.

Her now 4 year old daughter came screaming into the kitchen. The bacon and eggs sizzled, the music had given way to news, her husband was shouting and Katie just sat and continued to stare into her mug.

The white linoleum floor was covered with spots marking each one of her cooking experiments and the rampage her little kid caused from time to time. Crayon marks were all over the wall, bills and other paper work lay spread out on the small table that was set at the one end of the kitchen.

“Katie?” her husband called her. But she didn’t react.

Her daughter pulled at her faded blue bathrobe.

“Mommy! Pancooks…Pancooks.” She yelled.

Her husband swore when something fell on the floor. He yelled her name again.

Suddenly her body was rocked hard side to side.

“HEY! Could you please fix her something? Katie?!” he shook his head and sighed.

His plate hit the table and he sat down. She finally looked up from her mug.

“I have no time to make her something Katie… I’m running late as always. And you haven’t really been helpful this morning.” He raised his hands. “I’m not complaining, so don’t look at me like that.”

But Katie just looked past him through the window out into the garden.

“God…” he muttered. “Are you back again in that no-I’m-not-talking-to-you-anymore-phase? Could you please just tell me, before you stop to interact with all of us here, what in the hell I did wrong this time?”

His voice seemed far away. Her eyes slowly wandered over to her daughter Dana. She had just found the cereal box and was munching happily away.

“Dana…” her husband got up and took the box away. Immediately the kid started to cry.


Chapter 4

The small house with the small kitchen was quiet now. Occasionally Dana started to sing along with her favourite Cartoon character on TV. Katie sipped at her cold coffee. She was still dressed in the bathrobe. Her husband had left at some point in the morning. The kitchen clock just hit 1 pm. Katie slowly got up from the white plastic chair.

Her feet were cold. Her hands were cold. The floor beneath her was cold.

Dana came running when she realised that her Mom had gotten up from that chair she had been sitting on for a long time.

“Mommy.” She said.

Katie smiled.

“Hi Sweetie. Mommy has to take a shower. Do you want to come with me or watch TV?” she asked.

Dana grinned and ran back into the living room and back to join in just in time for the chorus.

Minutes later Katie was upstairs and looking at her own reflection in the mirror. The robe had fallen and her hands cupped gently the underside of her perfectly round shaped breasts. Her skin was white where the fabric of her bikini had protected her from the sun it was a big contrast to the rest of her body which was nicely tanned. A shiver ran down her back when her fingertips hit her erect pink nipples. They were sensitive. With a gasp she let her hands go off her breasts. Unconsciously she had started to caress them. Her fingers had dug deep into the soft flesh, squeezing them and sending a wave of passion through her body.

Katie slumped down onto the toilet and covered her face with her hands. The memories of the incident in that dark, heat filled room returned. The seed that was planted into her last night was beginning to take over her.

She remembered now. Her nipples were so hard and she felt how her juices inside her pussy slowly started to flow. Despite the fact she resented the memories of yesterday’s incident she was getting horny. A heat wave gently rose up deep down insider of her.

Katie opened her eyes and saw herself again. Saw herself taken by this man, this muscular tall man, saw him pounding into her, her legs were spread wide open, gasping for air, moaning with pleasure, the heat…the heat that seemed to be everywhere. Around her, inside her, it just seemed as it was trying to engulf her in a flame of passion.

Katie was filled with fear when she had sat down on his bed, however at the same time she was longing for it. Like a predator he had crawled upon her, touched her and kissed her on her lips. She still couldn’t explain why she had returned his kiss or was it her who had started it?. Later, when she finally realised what had happened it was way too late.

Her head was rested against a fluffy pillow. Her eyes followed his hands. The first touch sent shivers down her spine.

“No need to be scared, Katie.” He whispered gently into her right ear and kissed her lobes.

He pulled the shoulder strings of her pink bikini top down. His breath trembled when her full set of breasts came slowly into view. First, the small pink circle of her areola then her erect nipples bounced free from the fabric that had pressed against them. His hands immediately grabbed hold of them. He kneaded her soft flesh, squeezed them and started to suck on her nipples. His saliva felt cold at first, but when his tongue started to flip over the tip of her nipple the heat returned. She lifted her arms and her hands touched his short black hair. With all her strength she started to push him away as sanity returned for a while. His tongue flicked and her arms slumped down. There was no need to fight this…it just felt too well.

Greg lay like a fat python on her small body frame. He had spread her legs. She could feel his erect shaft nestling against her bikini panty. Katie could feel that they were drenched. His strong arms now pinned her upper body down. Greg didn’t talk anymore. Katie could see in his cold blue eyes that he was serious now. Things started to get hectic. With one hand holding her down, he pulled her panty down. Her trimmed brown pubic hair came into sight. Greg had problems to move her panty down as her legs were spread.

Katie kicked and wiggled to assist him. Again a voice in her called not to help him. At the end her panty lay next to her head and her vagina lips were fully exposed. His cock slithered in front of its entrance. Without any further notice Greg unceremoniously thrust his member into her. Katie hadn’t felt a cock between her legs for months. She and her husband slept in separate rooms and their sex life was nearly non existent. Katie looked down and saw how the penis of this stranger invaded her now. The swollen dick spread her cunt lips wide apart and as it hurt a little. She could feel his hot pole ramming deep down below in her. Her wetness spread as she realised the fact that she was fucked by this man and not her husband.

His hips moved in a steady rhythm and his dick pumped in and out of her cunt. The moisture inside her was spreading with each thrust. His shaft started to glisten in the darkness of the room with her juice. Katie held her head back and lay powerless on the mattress. Her entire body rocked as he now pounded faster and harder into her.

“This is just the warm-up. Soon you will enjoy it even more, Katie. I promise you. All the past will be forgotten…you will be reborn.” He said.

The sight of this man screwing her while her husband was not far away on the beach with her daughter…this thought, it just turned her on at this moment. Ashamed of these feelings she clenched her teeth and tried not to cry with passion that was building up in her.

Greg grunted and his body came crushing down on her again. His hands grabbed her thighs and his hips pushed his dick deeper into her. Then she felt it. His balls had stopped slapping against her. His cock was pulsating strongly inside her wet hole and the next minute his hot seed filled her up. The only thing she was relieved about, at this moment, was the fear of getting pregnant. She was on the pill even if she didn’t have sex that often.

She sensed his rapid heartbeat. His head rested next to hers. His dick slurped out of her and his body rolled away. The weights finally off her body she sighed. Motionless she stared against the ceiling of the room. She had been violated. That was the only though in her. In the next moment, however, a tremendous orgasm hit her. It came out of nowhere; Unannounced and powerful. Her fingers clawed into the sheets. Her cunt muscles contracted furiously and lifted her body up and down. Her mouth opened to let out a long cry of ecstasy.

“God…what….AAAAA…” she yelled.

Her vision was blurred, her head spun around, goose bumps covered her body and it didn’t stopped. It was sheer unnatural. Unconsciously her hands were fondling her breast and pulling at her nipples. Her head was lifted out of the pillow and fell back again. Katie gasped for air. She never had experienced something like this. The body went into spasm, their combined cum dribbled out of her puffed up pink pussy.

Her head was now empty, no thoughts, no worries, everything was gone. She felt light headed. Katie’s mouth was wide open and she panted wildly like an animal. Her body twisted on the bed and lay still when finally the sensation ebbed away. Her body was covered in perspiration. The bed sheets were all tangled up around her legs that had wildly kicked around.

After her body began to relax again she felt Greg’s hand touch her shoulder. She turned her head and looked at him. Strangely enough all her negative feelings about this man were gone. She clearly was aware that he had taken her by force and without her consent but now, that didn’t seem to bother her anymore. An incredible heat was welling up inside her. Something deep in her was changing.

Greg kissed her, her mouth opened and their tongues met. They kissed passionately like lovers. And the heat in her, that had started to burn inside her vagina spread out like a tsunami wave into every corner of her body. It hit her brain like a lightening.

“God…Greg…what have you done to me?” she asked as she could sense the transformation in her.

He grinned and stroked the auburn bangs from her face.

“I told you that you would get a gift. You’ll become a complete new woman, Katie.”

She looked at him puzzled. Her head started to pound a little. A little confused she said:

“I’m not sure what you mean. I don’t want to change….I just want you to leave me alone, let me go back.”

With one last effort her mind tried to resist the haze which seemed to settle in there. With every passing minute she was moving closer to the edge of a new self.

Pain shot through her. Greg knew this would come. It happened to all the women who came into contact with his sperm. The chemicals were now being absorbed by her body. It was a short but painful procedure. It was just as he had felt it when he was injected with it a long time ago. She cried in pain but soon she settled down again.

“Why….why me…” she mumbled.

Chapter 5

The cold water of the shower felt soothing. The AC in the house was on but still the heat in Katie’s body didn’t seem to cool down at all. The memories off the last day were still so vivid she had problems to concentrate. Her soapy fingers ran down her waist and every touch released a spark in her vaginal area. She didn’t want it to be true but her mind and body longed for sexual stimulation.

After she had consumed Greg’s first load of sperm, her body had now accepted the change. A hidden primal lust seemed to have been awoken inside her. Furthermore, his orders where deep embedded into her subconscious. The chemicals cried for a new dose daily and without it she would slip into a short but powerful sexual frenzy. Any man around her would satisfy her if she would slip into that particular state but Greg’s sperm would be the only one that could truly make her whole.

Greg knew that the first couple of days were vital to make her addicted to him. He had given her a second dose right after the first stage was completed. Katie’s body was lifted up by him and settled upon him. His dick was hard again and easily slipped into her wet, dripping cunt.

Katie shuddered under the shower. Her fingertips were caressing her clit while the images of her body riding his cock flooded her mind. Just as he had told her she masturbated to the sexual memories.

The second invasion of his dick was painless and yet uneasy, however, she couldn’t withhold the urge to get it deep inside her. His hands lay on her butt cheeks and the flesh shook in waves each time he pounded it back home. Her tits swung, her shoulder long hair, now all loose, swayed in the air and Katie had again allowed this scum to fuck her. Lifeless her body was rocked from underneath.

“I want you to remember this, Katie. Remember how we fucked today. Tomorrow I want you to masturbate to it in the shower.” He told her and reached with his hands for her right tit.

He squeezed it hard and caressed her nipple. A pleasant spasm flew through her body. Her cunt welcomed the hard member. She was so wet. Her juices ran down the underside of his penis and soaked the sheets. The heat inside her and the heat of the room all combined made her delirious. His all too powerful thrust seemed never ending. Her body continued to rock like a puppet. Her mouth half open let out small cries of pleasure. Greg enjoyed hearing her positively reacting to this fuck. Again and again, he twisted her nipple and over and over his dick grinded against her clit.

Katie’s head spun around. She felt the wave of another incredible orgasm welling up inside. A long cry echoed out of the beach house but was swallowed by the rumbling waves. She never had experienced so many multiple orgasms in a row.

“I want you to come back here tomorrow. Come by at 3pm.” He had told her when they both lay exhausted on the bed after another orgasm.

Inside the shower cabin her body climaxed yet again. Her fingers were gooey with her cum. Panting she leaned her head against the glass door of the shower.

Heat. It never seemed to leave her since she had entered Greg’s bedroom. It had a strong grip around her now. She climbed out of the shower and sighed. Had her husband noticed something when she got back from his house? Katie asked herself again.

After Greg was done with her she had put back on her Bikini and clipped her hair back up.

Her face was flushed red and her cunt wet and squishy with Greg’s sperm while she walked back to her family.

Her daughter came running toward her when she got back to her spot on the crowded white sand beach. Her husband who had been against her visit ignored her. He briefly glanced at the book she held in her left hand.

“Hi…” she said to him in a raspy voice.

Guilty and full of shame she sat down next to him. Unaware of the fact that her wife’s cunt was filled with the sperm of another man he nodded as an answer.

“You got a gift?” he asked her.

Katie looked into his brown eyes. For a minute she wanted to tell him but her mind soon told her not to do so.

“Yes, I got a gift.” She answered and glanced into the blue horizon of the ocean.

They didn’t talk much that day and when Katie woke up this morning her first thought was to visit Greg. It was a disturbing thought.

After the shower she quickly put on some light make-up on, rushed into her room and got dressed. She chose a light blue strapless top and a black short skirt.

Before she dropped off Dana at a Day-care Centre she grabbed some lunch with her. While eating with her smiling daughter doubt of her actions rose up.

It was nearly three when she parked her old and rusty Honda Civic nearby the beach. She looked into the back mirror and sighed. Her face was flushed, her heart pounding in anticipation. Katie told herself to calm down. She had to tell that man that this had to stop today.

Her loose and light curly hair blew into her face when she hit the hot sand with her flip-flops.

Greg already stood at the front deck of the house when she climbed up the stairs. He waved at her and greeted her with a smile.

“Good to see you back.” He said and put his right hand on the small of her back and guided her inside.

Her steps were hesitant and the body language told him that she wasn’t comfortable with the situation. He didn’t blame her for that.

“I cannot do this…you can’t do this to me, Greg. I have a family; I have a daughter…I…” she started to blurb out as soon as they were inside.

“A drink?” he asked her and poured himself a glass of whisky.

“No! Listen, I’m willing to let yesterday’s incident…”

“Something to eat?” he interrupted her again and nibbled on a piece of cold cuts.

Katie turned around and walked up to the door.

“I don’t think I told you to leave.” He said.

Katie snorted. “Yeah…well, sorry but I am leaving.”

Greg sighed and said in a sharp tone. “I don’t think so. You are craving for it aren’t you?”

She stopped. Greg walked up to her and put his hands on her naked shoulder. He peaked down her cleavage.

“I know that you have masturbated just as I told you this morning. I know that you are lusting to be touched by a man. You are so much in heat that every touch on your skin sends sparks of pleasure down your back. Now, do you want to leave or do you want me to take care of your needs?” he said in a very calm tone.

He let go of her shoulder and walked back to the living room. Katie stared at the door and the beach that lay in front of her. She trembled. Everything he just said was true. She despised herself when her body turned around and walked over to him.

Greg sat at his desk and awaited her. He loved to look at her curvy body.

“Tell me something about your husband. How is your relationship with him?”

Katie looked down onto the wooden floor.

“I don’t think that’s any of your business.” She whispered.

Greg leaned forward in his chair. “I know that you think that I’m a scumbag, Katie. But really all I want to do is to help you change.”

“Change into what?” she asked aggressively. “Change into a sex slave for you? Whatever you have done I don’t like it. I want you to stop it.”

“Well, why didn’t you stop me then? Why didn’t you go to the police? You had all the evidence…you could have told them that I forced you to have sex with me.”

Greg waited but Katie didn’t know what to say.

“Now, Katie.” His blue eyes drilled into her. “I feel a lot of anger here. That’s because you are very confused. But I tell you by the end of this week all you want is to poke my dick into you.” He said blatantly.

The temperature of the heat simmering inside her increased when she heard those words. She didn’t know why.

“Do you want my cock deep inside you? Filling you up with my seed?” he continued.

“Stop…stop saying stuff like that?”

“Why? Does it turn you on? Does this forbidden sexual play, the sexual desire, the lust make you want me?”

A sharp pain hit her head. She held her hands against her ears to shut out his voice. But his deep voice still found its way into her head and fed the heat in her.

“I know that your pussy is all sore from the fucking we did yesterday. So, why don’t you relieve the two of us by coming over here and take my thing into your lovely mouth, Katie?”

Her resistance was strong Greg noticed. But another dose would take care of the rest.

Inside Katie a hurricane of emotions and rational reasoning was underway. The heat, the all too forceful heat seemed to burn all of her reasoning efforts away; leaving her only with the single option of raw sexual emotions.

“Or maybe you don’t like the idea of a blowjob. Don’t worry we will work on that. Listen to your heart, Katie. Can you hear it? Now, what do you want me to do?”

Her lips parted and let out her hot, trembling breath. Her nipples slowly poked through the fabric of her blue top. Her mind filled with filthy images of yesterday’s sex. His voice had penetrated through her last wall of defence.


Greg nodded. “Say it Katie.”

She felt powerless. The need to fight against this urge, her urge itself seemed pointless all of a sudden. Her mind told her to obey her emotions.

She said and fast and quiet:

“I want you to put it into me.” The words finally came out of her mouth.

“We have to work on that wording too…but for today it should be sufficient.”

Katie felt weak. Greg stood up and walked over to her. He took her into his arms and she sighed in relief. It felt good to be held by his strong arms. His body odour made her woozy. They kissed. She was so hot, she was so ready for him, had been ready for him since this morning. Finally, all the tension she had carried with her today evaporated here. Wildly she stuck her tongue deep into his mouth. Kissing he lifted her light body up, holding her by her firm but yet soft butt and pushed her against the nearest wall. He put her down and his hands wandered below the skirt. The white panty beneath her black skirt was drenched just as he had predicted.

With one quick move he tore them apart, while she pulled her skirt up.

“I never want you to wear panties anymore only if I tell you to do so. Is that understood?” he said.

Katie nodded. Her cheeks were rosy and her eyes sparkled with passion. Greg pulled his pants down and swiftly pushed it into her. It hurt. Her pussy was so sore but at the same time she moaned in pleasure. Her body needed this intrusion. She never had thought a dick inside her could make her feel so good.

Greg grunted as he lifted her body again. Her back slammed into the wall that the picture frames nearly fell down. Her legs wrapped around his waist and his dick squished into her like a sledgehammer. In and out it went, picking up speed, faster and faster, the shaft gliding past her clit into the tight hole. And God was she tight. Again and again she moaned, screamed and dug her nails deep into his shoulders.

“Yes…Katie, that’s my girl. Let it out. Let it all out. Let your lust take over.” He said into her ear.

His head leaned forward and his tongue wandered down her cleavage. The sweet smell of her body turned him on. The angry face of hers had turned into that of a woman in heat. She clenched teeth, her legs tightened hard against him and Greg had won. He owned her now.

“AAA….fuck…it feels so good. God…aaah.” She mumbled.

Katie had made her first step toward becoming another sex slut of Greg’s.

His seed shot deep into her womb and her cunt muscles spasmed and milked every drop out of it. The third dose successfully planted into her Greg carried her over to his bedroom and crashed exhausted onto it.

“I want you to come by everyday, Katie.” He said to her after he regained his strength again.

He knew that he didn’t need to tell her that. She would come by on her own anyways.

Chapter 6

Still, a part of Katie resented her new self. The following days she had tried to stay away from him. Stay hidden in her room; hide in the comfort of her bed, however, the insatiable appetite for his seed grew. At first she went part unwilling to his house to get the load just so, that she could get her mind off the sex for at least a while. As long as she was fed she was able to maintain a part of her sanity, she thought. But more and more her visits became longer and soon she forgot her urge to stay away; far worse the urge to fuck him grew into a habit.

For the next weeks Katie’s life revolved around getting to Greg’s house as soon as her husband had left. She brought Dana to Day-care drove to the house and would spend at least 3 hours with him before going home. Greg got to know that Katie’s relationship with her husband wasn’t going well. That they slept in different rooms, hardly spoke to each other and somehow their life dragged on in this frustrating situation. Both of them didn’t really put any effort to try to change it.

For Greg the first task was to teach her the ways of a proper blowjob. She seemed to be sexually inexperienced in many ways. Already on the third day he had managed to teach her to give a man a mind altering blowjob. Shy at first she became more and more comfortable to beg him to fuck her. Consuming his potent sperm on a daily basis and in high dosages Katie was easily changed into the woman he desired.

For a change it was a cool day. Rain had settled in over the coast and a strong wind blew from the ocean. Greg was relaxing in his bedroom at the back of his one storey house. Lazy he lay on his bed and flipped through the Foreign News section of the paper. Occasionally he let out a sigh of pleasure. He put the paper aside and looked at Katie’s head bobbing up and down below him. Her mouth taking his manhood deep into a hot, steamy and soft pit. She was naked and her cute ass wiggled in the air. Her tits glistened with baby oil.

She lifted them and placed them on his lower body. Gently the smooth and wet flesh ran down his body toward his pelvis. She squeezed his shaft between the two bouncing bundles of joy and stroked it. He was in heaven. Katie looked at him and smiled mischievously.

“Is it okay like this?” she asked him.

“More than perfect.” He said and put his head back against the pillow.

Katie threw her long hair back and started to rub and caress his balls, Greg squirmed as her tongue licked his balls one by one. Just as he had told her to do, she rolled them carefully inside her mouth and squeezed them lightly. She grabbed his cock at the base of his shaft and spit on it. Her hands rubbed the spit all over his shaft and jerked him as fast as she could. He tensed.

“Take it into your mouth.” Greg told her.

As soon as it hit her warm mouth Greg squirted another creamy load. Greedily Katie gulped it down and sucked hard at the tip, her hands squeezing the balls and the shaft to get every drop out of it. After she had downed the last drop she rolled on her back and started to enjoy the effects of his sperm.

A pleasant and comforting heat spread into every part of her body and her mind floated away.

She moaned as the heat became more intense and with her finger nails she pinched her nipples. Similar to an orgasm, sparks of lust and sensual gratification flowed through her. Her body jerked lightly at the end of Greg’s bed.

He smiled in satisfaction. Feisty at the beginning she had succumbed to it now completely.

“Lift your butt and show me your pussy, baby.” He told her.

She stuck her back into the air and spread her puffy cunt lips to show him her pink, wet inside of her pussy. Her round ass looked delicious in front of him and her luscious breasts swayed gently.

“Do you want to put it in?” she asked him in a low voice.

“No…” he answered. “I told you many times before if you want me to take you, you have to ask me in a different way.”

For a moment she remained quiet. Her finger had started to circle around her sensitive clitoris.

“I need you to fuck me, Greg. I need you to fuck me hard and cum all inside me. I want to feel your pulsating cock inside me!” she said finally.

“Good…Katie. Very good.” He moved up to her and spanked her hard on the butt cheek.

“But I think it’s already time for you to go home.”

“No, please. We can do it really quickly. I just want you inside me, now.” She begged.

“You need a break anyways. Get dressed, go home and take care of Dana.” He said.

“And…tonight.” He continued. “I want you to sneak into your husband’s bedroom and fuck him. Fuck him good, Katie. I want you to fuck and climax as you have been doing it in front of me. I want him to know what a slut you are. Is that understood?”

She nodded.

Greg kissed her and caressed her heavy set of breasts.

“Show him what you have learned in the last couple of days here.” He said, stood up from the bed and hit the shower.

Chapter 7

It was late at night again. It was always late when he returned home. Most of the time his wife and daughter were asleep by that hour. Tonight, he was surprised to see that the light in his wife’s room was still on. He parked the Volvo family car next to her run down Civic. Their small patch of lawn leading up to the entrance of the small house was brown and all shrivelled up. Definitely need to install a sprinkler system next year, he thought.

Tired he walked inside and slumped immediately onto the living room couch. The floor was covered with Dana’s toys. He switched on the TV, got rid off his tie, walked over to the kitchen and got his beer. This was his nightly routine. He got his sandwich out of the bag he had bought before. Zapping from station to station looking for nothing particular he tried to relax his mind.

Ted was in his late 20′s and worked for a construction company. It was a busy job that had kept him away from his family. Life for Ted who was a medium sized, not an outdoor-yes-look-at-my-body- I’m-so-healthy-and-strong type of a guy, hadn’t been good in recent years. The long awaited promotion never seemed to come around and far more troubling was that he had lost touch with his wife, Katie. They had been together since College. The relationship which seemed to have started all so well, with a wonderful wedding and the birth of a beautiful daughter, had started to spiral toward the eventual divorce pit.

Last year Katie had moved out of their bedroom and their relationship was on an all time low. They hardly spoke to each other anymore. Ted was pissed off by her attitude and tried to shut her out of his life. He was just too busy to deal with her at the moment. She blamed him for the current situation. Maybe partially she was right…he sighed and took another long whisk out of the bottle. He wasn’t as cold as she had always told him to be. Ted cared about her and Dana. All that he wanted was a better life for them, all he wanted was to get them out of this run down house and make them happy. However, year after year he never felt coming closer to that goal.

Too tired to think again of a solution to get his relationship back up he ran his hand through his short cropped blond hair. He cursed silently when he saw that some sauce had gotten on his blue and white crossed shirt. While hurrying to the kitchen to get some paper towels he walked over some sharp wooden toy blocks. He shouted and kicked them away.

Back in the kitchen he got another beer and fumbled with his shirt. The stain didn’t go out just as he had thought. He downed a good part of the second bottle.

“Is everything okay?”

The sudden voice of his wife in the quiet and dark kitchen made him jump.

“Christ…Katie…God, you…you…” he stammered and tried to recover from the shock but realising her standing there just in her black thong was far more shocking.

Apart from the day on the beach he had not seen his wife showing off so much skin since a long time. His eyes literally were glued to her breasts.

“You…are still up?” he asked and pretended as nothing was wrong.

“I’ve waited for you…” she said and smiled.

Ted had always loved her smile. It was damn cute but today he sensed more behind that smile. Her eyes looked different and it was as if her body was sending out some sort of sexual pheromones into the air around them. The light brown skin of hers shone in the darkness. He realised that her body was covered with some oil. Her auburn hair was wet and neatly combed back. She had put on some heavy mascara and again her eyes sparkled.

Ted gulped and put his bottle on the kitchen table. He didn’t have his wife this curvy in his memories. The small waist, the toned stomach, her slender long legs and he soon remembered why every man in College had wanted her. She hadn’t lost any of her beauty even after giving birth to Dana.

“Do you like what you see?” she whispered in a soft tone.

Ted nodded. He was confused. Why was she pulling off such a stunt all of a sudden?

Katie came closer and Ted stepped back.

“Don’t you want me, Ted? Don’t you want to feel my warm pussy again?” she asked him.

God, she was sultry and so fucking sexy. He wiped his sweat from his forehead.

Her hands cupped her slippery tits and ran down to the flimsy, black fabric that covered her pelvic area. She slowly turned her body around and pushed her small, bubbly ass out.

Ted gulped again.

“You can even take me like this.” She said, looked over her shoulder and swayed her butt sideways.

He didn’t know what had gotten into her mind. Katie had never behaved like this before. Not even when she was drunk. She liked sex but never to an amount that she had begged for him to fuck her like this. It had always been him who had initiated the sex. Never her… This new Katie turned him on and at the same time was disturbing.

“How much have you had to drink?” he asked.

No response. Katie walked over to him. She stood so close in front of him that he could feel the heat her body radiated, the smell of her sweet perfume and he saw her pink nipple in full bloom. Her eyes looked up into his and as a man he could feel that she lusted for him. Her hands suddenly touched his crotch. Ted just realised that he had a hard on. The touch just as her appearance had made him jump again. The heat her hand carried was immense. She slowly rubbed his shaft through his pants.

His dick was enjoying the attention it was receiving. But Ted suddenly pushed her hand away and stepped away from her. Ted walked up to his room and locked it behind him. His heart was racing and soon he was full of regret. Why had he passed on this chance? She must be asking herself that question. He surely must have hurt her feelings. Ted just couldn’t do it. It wasn’t that he wanted to, but her out of character behaviour, the strange look in her eyes…, furthermore the guilt of having cheated on her. Though he loved Katie it was not true love anymore. His heart had moved on and tonight he had noticed it for the first time. It was too late for him and her, even when she had tried to get their relationship back on track.

After a couple of minutes, Ted walked over to her room to apologies. He wanted to tell her that she shouldn’t be ashamed of what she had tried to achieve tonight. Trying to get him back with that show she had put on was surprising and it had turned him on. It was just that he had an affair with this woman from work… he stood in front of the door and tried to get the wording right.

He knocked on the door but it hadn’t been properly shut and opened. The room was brightly lit and Ted’s mouth fell open. Katie lay with her back on the floor, her legs spread wide and hanging in mid air while her hand invaded her with a black vibrator. Her hips gyrated around its shaft, her hands were wildly caressing her tits and she moaned lightly.

“You can still join me honey.” She said and smiled.

“Holy shit…Katie, seriously what has gotten into you?” he asked her.

Her hands didn’t stop drilling the piece of plastic rod in and out of her.

“Can’t a woman feel horny sometimes? You guys are always horny and I’ve never complained about it.” She said.

Ted shook his head.

“Never mind…” he muttered, closed the door and walked back to his room.

He couldn’t sleep. Of course he couldn’t sleep after an evening like this. Still fully dressed he lay in the dark. The image of her body rolling naked on that floor occupied him. Over and over again he wanted to jump up from the bed walk in to her room and take her.

By the time he finally stood pulse racing in front of her room again she was asleep.

“He didn’t fuck you?!” the voice of Greg sounded surprised.

Katie licked the rest of his load from her lips and zipped his pants up again. They were on the front deck of his house. He asked her to stand up and as he put her red bikini top back on fondled with her breasts.

“Did she see us?” Katie asked.

“No, she was pretty preoccupied with Dana.” Greg answered.

Both of them looked toward the ocean where two small figures moved around. It was her daughter and her nanny. The beach to her right was again crowded with a massive amount of people. It was the weekend again.

“He was already gone when I woke up this morning. I think it might have been too much what I did last night…”

She leaned his head against his shoulders while his hands wrapped themselves up over her stomach. His hard dick poked against her back.

“Are you sure you don’t want to…?” Katie asked him.

“I think one dosage is enough for today.”

Greg had noticed that she had started to ask for more of it. He had to be careful. No woman before had ever gotten so much for so long. Usually he used it for just to get the women in bed with him for once or twice.

For the first time he also had begun to think more about the after effects of his chemical semen cocktail. What would happen to Katie when he would leave her tomorrow? He had never been interested in the aftermath of the women who had gotten his dosages…they had never complained so far and nothing serious seemed to have happened. He made a mental check to go and check upon the women he had sex with at least in this city.

“Go back to the Beach…” he told her.

“So, you don’t mind at all that I failed to seduce my husband last night?” she asked him.

“Don’t worry about him, Katie. I’ll make sure he’ll put his dick back into you. I have to drive down town now. Just some checking up I have to do.”

“Check up on some other girls?” Katie said in a cold voice.

He sniggered. “Are you jealous?”

Silently she walked down the stairs. “No.” she said midway. “I feel sorry for the other girls. You don’t know how much we actually suffer.”

Surprised by those words he glanced up to her but nothing else was said. He continued to watch her until she rejoined her daughter down at his beach. Her last words still echoed inside him.

Chapter 8

The shopping street was bustling with life. Cars were rolling slowly through the streets. Greg had long sold his car and he meandered through the steel labyrinth on his red mountain bike.

It was late afternoon but the sun was still burning mercilessly down onto the asphalt. Greg stopped in front of the gym. About three months ago he had asked one of the fit looking receptionists out. …Mandy…, that was her name. Relieved that he remembered her name, he entered the cool front room of the gym.

Two young girls worked at the front desk. Both wore the “Conquest gym” logo T-Shirt.

“Hi! Welcome to Conquest!” the blond haired girl said in a high pitched voice.


“Did you already read about our offer today?” Before he could respond she showed him a small plastic card and continued. “As you can see these graphs show you the nutrition ingredient of a normal health bar but our new Conquest Bar…”

“Sorry, I’m looking for Mandy” Greg quickly interrupted her before she could go on.

“Oh…” he didn’t miss the two girls hastily exchanging eye contact.

“She doesn’t work here anymore.” The other brunette haired girl said.

“I see…”

Both of them looked at him in a very suspicious way. He felt a little awkward.

“When did she quit?” he asked them.

“I only heard this from somebody else but she had like some relationship problems. That was like maybe 3 months ago or so? So, that’s when she quit.” The brunette answered.

I had to hurry up. The pizza delivery would soon be here. Just thinking about this makes me so horny. I am laying on my bed with my vibrator humming along. I am so close to cumming. I stop. I need to be horny and wet to have the nerve to do this. I get up and and get dressed, if you could call it that. I put on a short, silk robe that does not cover my ass and I leave it tied loose. I hear the doorbell and I head to the door.

First, I had better tell you about myself. I have long, red hair. I am short, 5-1, 37, measurements: 34-23-33,white, and married. I work out often and my body is firm.

My marriage has backed off in the sexual department lately and I want to break up my day. My husband is a CEO and he is gone a lot. I hope this will help.

I have read stories here about exhibitionist. I came up with the idea of showing up at my door and giving a pizza delivery guy a show. Well here goes.

I look out the window and see a black man. He is huge. He must be 6-6. He looks like a football player. I am having second thoughts. He is a very dominate looking person. I have now chickened out.

In my haste, I open the door. He smiles and tells me the price. I quickly move to get the money. I moved to fast and my tits falls out of my robe. I am now blushing and apologize. He tells me that there is no need.

I bend over to reach my purse and suddenly remember that my ass is showing. He can probably see how wet I am from masturbating. I am so stupid. I just want him gone.

I straighten up and I notice that his cock is showing at the bottom of his shorts. I did not know that a cock could be that long.

I try to ignore him and I look in my purse and to my horror, I do not have any money. I ask him if he takes a check and he says NO!!

He is suddenly right beside me. He is so tall that I barely come up to his waste. I am left starring at that cock.

He calls me a snobby bitch. He is very angry and I am scared. I am told that he will take the price out of my body.

I am beginning to cry, this is not what I wanted.

He tells me that by coming to the door looking like I did and by not having money, that I must want to pay for the pizza another way.

He throws me to the floor. I am helpless to stop him. He is undressing. I now see that cock. It must about 15 inches long and at least 3 inches around. I am hoping that he will only make me suck him. He would kill me with that.

He tells me that he is going to use his belt on me.

I beg for mercy. I have never been spanked.

He says that all rich bitches like to be spanked by black men.

I try to get up and he takes my sash and ties my hands to the sofa. I am at his mercy. He strikes my ass with that belt out of nowhere. I could not believe the pain. I scream. He then shoves his boxers in my mouth to silence me.

He then begins to work my ass over and over.


He has hit me at last 30 times. My ass feels like it is burning up. Even worse. I am getting very close to cumming. Then it happens-he hits me and I cum. I have never cum so hard or so long in my life. I am now shaking and he knows what happens.

He stops beating me. Good it is over I think. He will leave. I am wrong.

He removes his boxers from mouth. He tells me that all rich,white, bitches cum from being beat.

I am told that I will suck that monster cock or he will begin again with his belt. I slowly lick at it and he shoves it into my mouth. I gag. It is so big that I cannot get half into my mouth.

He just keeps on pumping into my mouth like it is my pussy. Then he says something that turned me white. That thing is going up my ass.

He then withdraws and leaves for a minute. I am scared to death. He will kill me. I have only had it up my ass from my husband and his cock is only 5 inches long.

He returns with some butter. I beg him to take me in my pussy. I am told that this is for him and not me. He then further tells me that no one has been able to take him in their ass but an old bitch like me should be able to. Now I am beside myself- I yell at him that I am only 37. To him that is old. He slaps my face and tells me to shut up

I now have his boxers back in my mouth. He laughs and says “ready or not, here is comes”. I hope that he is gentle.

I was wrong- in one thrust he is in. ALL THE WAY. I am screaming and and crying like a baby. This hurts worse then childbirth. I wish that he could hear me. I feel like I am going to die. He is splitting me apart. His is now pumping hard and fast. The pain is getting worse.

He is now telling me that he is close to cumming. I hope soon. But then he stops. I am told by him that he wants this to last. He then begins again and something strange happens, I am getting aroused. How can this be? First I cum from being beat and now this. I start to meet his thrusts.

“I knew that you were a slut” he tells me.

Then he erupts into my ass as I cum again. He take the boxers out and pulls out of my ass. He then tells me that I will clean him up. I do so like it is my last meal. I clean my ass and his cum off of his cock. I cannot believe how I am acting.

He thanks me, gets dressed and says “I will see you again”

I hope so. After he is gone- I realize that I am still tied to the sofa. What will I tell my husband?


Chapter 9

Long into the night Greg shifted through the paperwork at home. Over and over again he had tried to get through to Karen’s parents. But just as in the past they didn’t try to listen to him. The only thing he had managed to get out of them was that Karen had apparently married. He could imagine with whom. That slimy smirk of Peter came into his mind. His eyes closed and Greg tried to come up with some kind of a solution. Of course he had called and inquired the names of the two at various Chemical companies that existed in the US. But nobody seemed to know them. Four years had passed and he faced again the same frustrating dead ends.

Suddenly, somebody knocked forcefully against the front door. He jumped up in his chair. It was already pitch black outside. He had lost all sense of time since he had sat down and started to research. It was late. The digital clock on his desk showed 11:32 pm.

“Who is it?” he asked.

“Open the door, McKenzie.” He heard the familiar deep vibrating voice of Finch.

Greg’s heartbeat rose immediately. What did that guy want from him now? The bad feeling he had felt when he had left the bar a couple of hours earlier seemed to fulfill itself.

“It’s late, Finch. I’m tired. Come back tomorrow.” He muttered.

The white door swung open with loud bang. Greg instinctively raised his arms and stepped back from the front door. Two large bodies appeared out of the darkness. The African American bodyguard of Finch, dressed all in black, came straight toward Greg. His muscular hands grabbed hard around his neck and started to press gently but forcefully against it.

Finch walked calmly into the house and had a good look around. He had put on a Hawaiian shirt and wore some wide black shorts.

“Nice place you have here.” He said and turned around to face Greg.

It was difficult to breath under the tight grip.

“What…what do you want?” he somehow got out.

“I want fresh girls, Greg. Mandy died just after minutes you left. Overdose…poor soul. I need a couple of new cash cows and I need them fast. Customers are already lining up you know. You gotta keep your reputation in this business.”

Finch poured himself a glass of whisky from Greg’s bar.

“So, here we are. I really would like to take some of them back tonight.”

Greg didn’t reply and his watcher squeezed his hands tighter.

“I…” he started to talk and the pressure lifted a little.

“I don’t have any girls Finch. Who do you think I am…I don’t keep any girls like you do.”

“What about that model? The housewife? I think those were your latest girls…weren’t they? Call them up.” Finch said and smiled when he saw Greg’s confused look.

“Yes, Greg… we have kept a good eye on you. Whenever we needed some fresh meat we fished them out. We always knew where to find them…just follow those leaving your house.”

Greg’s head started to spin. He should have never set foot into this man’s bar.

“You are lucky that we took care of them, Greg. Cuz you really didn’t seem to bother. Trust me. We helped them as good as we could. Just as Mandy today…it always breaks my heart to see one of them go.” Finch laughed in a loud voice.

His fat body shaking in the light in front of him Greg felt as if somebody had pulled the carpet away from right beneath his feet.

“I told you not to worry about their deaths. Everything is being taken care of.”

The bodyguard let him free but stood close to Greg.

“This is not right, Finch. Please understand I didn’t know until today that the after effects of this would be so leathel. I never intended to make the women suffer like this. I… I cannot do this anymore.”

“Oh…you are so sweet, Greg. Such tragedies…don’t be fucking stupid!” he suddenly cried out. “Don’t give me this moral preaching of yours…they weren’t there in the first place! All of a sudden you are the saint?”

“Believe me…I didn’t want this to happen. I thought it would only last temporarily. I have never wished for them to die.” The last word came out slowly out of his mouth. He fully realised the consequences of his actions now.

“It’s way too late for that, my friend. You know it. You have destroyed and killed the lives of countless women…for what? So, you could get laid? Control them; change them into some perverted sex dolls?”

Greg shook his head.

“You were the one who killed them…just like me you have abused them.” Greg shouted back.

“No, no, no…not me. I only stepped into that circle; I was just the middle man, the middle part of their path of life that would eventually, Greg…eventually lead to their death. I gave them a home, men they desired for, fed them and kept them alive. Who knows what would happen to the girls if they’d be left alone.”

“Maybe they would suffer less.” Greg hissed.

“No…wrong again, Greg. As I already said, we watched over them. We didn’t want to step in right away; you know…you should have seen them. Remember Dorothy? That business woman? Married, 2 kids and that expensive house on the hill? Well, you step in… one week later; she suddenly quits her job, no wonder, she was constantly screwing around, no time for work. She fucks around in her company, fucks around her neighbourhood… bang 2 weeks later…husband finds out that she has sex with her own teenage son…divorce, poor Dorothy ends up on the street…we take her in…we save her. You know what would have happened to her on the streets!”

Greg walked over to the bar and took a gulp of Vodka. He nearly puked.

“Is she still alive?” he asked her.

“Dorothy? She died. Somehow she managed to kill herself. Happens sometimes…some of them are aware of the situation but are unable to change it, you know. They try to escape but always come back.”

Katie’s last words suddenly made a lot of sense to him. “You don’t know how much we suffer…” it was something along that line. She must be aware of the change that had taken over her body. Was it possible?

“Now, Greg…, don’t you worry about their deaths okay. I want you to continue. As I already said, there are some of my girls I want you to work with. How about it? You fuck; I pay you and take care of all the rest….eh? Sounds like a good deal to me?” Finch laid his hands on his shoulders.

Greg’s mind was blank. All of his strength was gone. He felt weak, miserable and was full of regret.

“I can’t Finch…I cannot live with that thought that these women are going to die a crazed death.”

Even if he would give them their daily dose…Greg threw that idea away. One woman was already hard enough…he couldn’t feed a large number at once…the sperm always had to be fresh…

Finch sighed. The wooden floor squeked when he moved around.

“I guess we can pick up those two ladys you have already served. I heard from my men that the model has already been taken up to the other establishment in Las Vegas. Maybe that housewife could join me at Jimmy’s?”

“Do not touch her!” Greg suddenly shouted. His index finger pointed straight into Finch’s face.

Finch laughed. “I guess you like her. Hate the thought of letting her work for us?”

Greg’s hands curled up into tight fists. The bodyguard moved in closer.

“Take him!” Finch ordered and the strong hands of the silent bodyguard took Greg’s arms.

Quickly he twisted them into a painful position. They pushed him out of the house into the cool summer night. Together they walked into a waiting van.

“I tried my best but to tell you the truth you never had a choice, Greg.” Finch yelled back to him from the front seat.

Through the windows of the van the view of the colorful night lit city passed. Greg didn’t have to ask where they were heading but to his surprise they left the city behind him.

The van drove now into a quiet and dark suburbian area. The bodyguard handcuffed him. Greg didn’t resist it would have only ended up in more pain. After another long 10 minutes the car finally stopped. He glanced out of the window and saw a small run down house in front of them. Finch opened the slide door and he and the bodyguard jumped out. The driver stayed in the van.

Not too many houses stood in this street. It was late and most of them lay in darkness. The lawn was yellow and an old Honda Civic and Volvo were parked in the drive way. Greg jerked around to Finch who was walking up the small stairs to the front door of the house. The bodyguard held him tight against him.

“What are you doing?” Greg shouted. “Why are we here?”

“You’ll see.”

The three men walked into the house. As soon as they walked in, a small livingroom came into view. The brown carpet was covered with spots and holes. A very disturbed babysitter sat with Dana on the sofa. Next to them a Caucasian guy sat in the same black outfit like his guard and stared into the TV.

“Their upstairs.” He told Finch.

Finch nodded. “I hope they haven’t started the party without us.”

“No worries. Their in separate rooms.” He answered.

“Finch!” Greg yelled. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Greg, I knew you wouldn’t co-operate with me. So, I thought I could give you a small incentive to tickle out your little magic tricks.”

“You are one sick son of a bitch.”

The bodyguard’s iron hands wrapped around his neck.

“Go on… kill me, you piece of shit.” Greg said.

He was shoved hard and the three walked up the stairs to the 2nd floor. Another one of Finch’s gorillas stood here. Finch opened the first door on his right. Greg saw Katie stand up from her bed. She had been crying. Nobody else seemed to be in there.

“What do you want from us!” he heard her scream.

When she saw Greg coming in behind Finch she gasped. She wore a faded blue robe and her mascara had run down her cheeks. Greg wanted to walk up to her and take her into his arms.

“Greg…what…what’s going on?” she asked him.

Fearful of Finch’s body that came toward her she inched back into a corner. He grabbed both of her arms.

“Let her go you fucking fat prick.” Greg yelled.

“Easy, Greg. …and I’m hurt to be called something like that.” He answered.

“Now, let us all walk over to the other room. Okay…and no shouting. You guys always shout around…I’m not deaf.”

The other room was larger than the one Katie had been in. It looked as if this was the main bedroom. Large closets, a small table covered with picture frames…but the interior design of the room didn’t bother Greg…what he saw on the Queen sized bed bothered him a lot. He looked into Katie’s face that was the mask of a shocked woman.

A man of Greg’s age which he guessed to be her husband was bound with all fours to the bed. Two naked girls were all over him. One was riding his cock, her nails dug deep into the flesh of his chest and the other had placed her pussy over his mouth. The man was panting and seemed to enjoy the ride but as soon as he saw them enter his face changed into pale white.

“Leave us! Go and wait in the other room.” Finch told them.

They stopped immediately. Both of them were attractive for sure. The one was Asian and the other seemed to be part Latin.

“Is this the man you told us about?” one of them asked Finch and gave Greg a sultry look.

It was the Asian woman. Her small tits came dangerously close to Greg’s arm. Her dark red nipple was erect and it gently nudged against his hand.

“Just get out will ya?” he told them.

Katie’s eyes were on her husband’s naked body. His stiff dick was covered with pussy juice and his mouth glistened under the bright light of the room. Her eyes lusted for that pulsating cock. She closed her eyes. Those were not the right thoughts at the moment. Her old self tried to keep her at bay. Seeing her husband like this had somehow turned her on. No…she had been horny since these people had come inside her house. Even the touch of this giant was making her cunt drip. Not one of the attractive sorts of male but at this moment she was only interested in his equipment that he carried between his legs.

“Katie…” her husband Ted whispered. He looked at the other three men in the room.

The bodyguard again shoved Greg. He was pushed into a corner of the room and chained with the handcuffes against a heating pipe. Katie’s eyes constantly wandered between the now two chained men.

“I hope you have enjoyed the appetizers.” Finch said to the man on the bed. He still held Katie tight around her arms. She looked small and weak behind the giant.

“Take whatever you want…just leave my family out of it.”

“Aah…I love human beings. They always think about themselves first. In any situation we firstly think about us and then the others…isn’t that so, Greg? We are a selfish bunch of fuckers.” Finch glanced over to him.

He looked away.

“Let me explain it to you…Ted…isn’t it? I’m sorry that I was so late…but that man over there, Greg, I have a problem with him…and I have to hurt him a little to get what I want from him.”

Ted looked over to Greg.

“Yes, that’s right, Ted. He’s that famous writer…and he has seduced your wife here.” Finch shook Katie’s body as if she was light as a puppet.

“He’s been fucking her in many ways I guess…and I think he has developed some feelings for her. Isn’t that so, Greg?”

Everybody looked at Greg.

“…and he hasn’t been just screwing her.” Finch continued. He seemed to enjoy this moment. Greg wished he could shut his voice out.

“Your wife has turned into a slut, Ted. Yes, a slut. She loves fucking. She loves it so much that she would like to fuck us all…don’t you?”

“What are you talking about…what…Katie, what is he talking about?” Ted asked. His voice was a little hysterical.

“Now…, Greg, your little darling puppet here is going to entertain us all. We have to show her husband that she isn’t that sweet innocent housewife of his anymore. Don’t we? Because I don’t think he believes me.”

“I’ll do it…” Greg mumbled. “I’ll do it. Just please leave her alone.”

Finch shrugged. “You’re going to do it anyways but as you have insulted me you are going to watch me fuck your little creature.”

“Don’t you dare!” but Greg’s feeble attempt of protest was ignored.

Finch was sweaty and the sweet smell of her light curly auburn hair had turned him on a little. Just as his men had reported she was indeed a hot piece of meat. His large hands tore the robe down. He wanted to see her entire body now. Standing behind her his eyes ran down her smooth neckline, down her back to the small waist, over her juicy butt to her long legs. As soon as he had taken away the robe her arms had covered her breasts.

“You’re always naked below your robe?” Finch asked her and smiled.

Katie turned around to face the massive, towering body of his. She stepped away but the black bodyguard blocked her way.

“Show your husband what sort of dirty little girl you are. Hmm…? I know that you’re horny…your body is burning hot. I could feel it.”

Katie looked away…she was embarrassed as he spoke the truth.

Finch’s arms came crushing down and squeezed her hard against his wobbly body. Her tits pressed against his belly, he leaned down and gave her a forceful kiss.

“Stop it! Stop it you freak!” now Ted started to scream from his bed. His head was turning red as he pulled hard against the ropes that held him down.

Finch’s lips slobbered all over hers. His beard tickled her face. Both of his hands smacked her butt cheeks. His fingertips dug into the soft flesh, he pinched and spread them apart so that her husband could see her asshole and the dark pink pussy. Ted saw in horror her wet cunt lips part…she was indeed turned on by this show.

“Don’t you want to suck and fuck our cocks, Katie? I think Greg would like you to do it… and maybe you can fuck him too?” Finch said.

She looked over to Greg.

Greg knew what Finch was trying to achieve and he knew in the look of her eyes that he had her now. As just mentioning the words “fuck Greg”, the heat inside Katie’s body started to flicker. It soon started to spread around, making her hot and willing.

She exhaled her hot breath and trembled. Her husband was looking at her ass as Finch pulled her flesh up and down. Greg head had slumped down and he didn’t look over. The black bodyguard licked his lips and smiled when she looked at him.

“Don’t Katie…don’t do it. I’m telling you.” Greg suddenly begged her.

“Shut up! Stop talking to my wife like that.” Ted cried into the room and gave Greg a mad look.

“I promise you that Greg will take you…but before that he wants you to take mine and my friends cock here into you. Wouldn’t that be great? Have you ever had a black mans dick inside you? Girls have told me it’s the best out there.”

Finch’s finger had now moved in between her ass. The slippery entrance to your hole was sucking up his finger. Katie shuddered.

“I don’t want you to do that, Katie.” She heard Greg say.

The heat was terrible, it had fully built itself up inside her, and she couldn’t hold the tension anymore.

“I can do it….” She whispered.

“Yes! Yes, you can do it.” Finch grinned. “It’s time for you to enjoy some new dicks.”

“Katie…” Ted mumbled.

“Look at me, Ted. Look what a wife I have become…” she said and smiled. His perplexed look turned her on.

Katie took a deep breath. She knew what these two men wanted. She got onto her knees on the white carpet floor. Reaching out with both hands, she fumbled for the zippers on their pants. Her pussy was hot and burning. Her shaky hands reached inside and fished for their cocks. Her body was getting tremendously excited. Excited to taste and feel these cocks of these strangers. She was all giddy.

Greg’s head slumped down. What had he done? The dosages had been too much for her. The shy and lovely woman had turned into a cock hungry whore. But wasn’t that what he had wanted? Turn them into such people…?

“You piece of shit. What have you done to her?” he heard Ted cry.

“Relax boys…I’ll be with you soon.” Katie answered.

She took hold of the two dicks at their base, pulling at them, feeling the weight of both massive lengths of flesh. One black, the other white both of them were not fully hard yet but tremendous in size. The tubes of meat were covered in pulsating veins and jerked and twitched to her touches. Katie faced Finch’s first. After another close look she took his huge cock into her mouth. It was just as fat as she had hoped it for to be.

Ted’s mouth fell open and he looked in disgust as she tasted a new cock in her mouth. She had never been fond of blow jobs, Ted thought. Now, she was working on it like a pro.

Deep down inside Katie one part of her felt terrible. She could see Ted wince as she took the meat deeper and deeper into her. But another part of her wanted to see these men enjoying her service. She wanted to please them and then get royally fucked by them.

Katie sucked. She sucked it hard that her cheeks got hollow. She took his cock into her throat just like Greg had taught her. Finch’s hand helped her to take it deeper. The head of his dick pressed and forced itself past the restriction of her throat. Her sweet, soft lips slid down the shaft, covered it with lubricating saliva…she swallowed it again, the thick shaft slid down. She could feel its flesh moving, his hands gently pushed her head again. Katie gagged but continued. Her lips touched his pubic hair now. It smelled but she didn’t care. Slowly, seductively she pulled his dick out again and her tongue flicked over his balls and caressed them.

Finch grinned and leaned back against the wall.

“Oh yeah…Jesus, she’s a natural.” He said and sighed.

A string of saliva stretched from her lips to the head of Finch’s dick. She looked into the black mans eye’s now and without a word she swallowed his dick. Greedily she gulped his prick down, her head bobbed forward and backward, she used her hands and rubbed his shaft, making it hot and stiff. Again and again she moved it back into her steamy mouth, her lips making wet sucking noises that filled the room.

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