“This thing about size,” she said tightening the knot, “it’s all relative. Look at it now, from here it seems woefully small.”

I glanced down and watched my erection begin to soften. Not sure of the ground rules I replied, “Yes Mistress.” The look she gave me was discipline enough. I almost said, “Sorry,” but decided to remain silent.

“But now from this angle,” she continued, crawling between my widespread legs, “it looks so much bigger. Especially if you start here,” he touched her tongue to the base of my cock, just above my balls, “and go all the way up here,” she mumbled, drawing her tongue along the length of me.

Anticipating more I felt my cock harden again. I tried to lift my hips, push my cock up to her but with my legs tied it was difficult.

“From here it’s tiny,” she said closing the door.

————- ——————— ———————–

This wasn’t exactly how I thought it would be. When we played online it was some playful teasing and then some hot, uninhibited sex. Nothing was mentioned about being tied to the bed and abandoned in some strange hotel.

Wait, there in her closet, she left some clothes hanging. This was part of the game I guess.

Yes, that’s her at the door. Picturing her climbing on top, sliding herself down over me I felt my cock harden again. I was proudly erect and ready as I saw the door open slightly.


A strange woman stood just inside the door staring at my cock. Not even noticing that my hands and feet were tied she gasped, “I’m sorry. I will come back later.”

Before I could say anything the door closed once again. All there was left for me to do was watch as my cock collapsed onto my stomach.

————- ——————— ———————–

This was more like it. I felt her wet softness close over me as she lowered onto my cock. I reached up and grabbed her small breasts letting the firm nipples poke into my palms. Once my cock was fully inside her she paused. I felt her squeezing me from the inside. Looking up I felt the dark brown eyes lock on me as the housekeeper smiled, squeezing me from the inside once again.

Tossing her curly dark hair over her shoulders she began to move up and down. Feeling her grip on me tighten I saw her breathing quickened as she ground against me. Lifting my hips, I…

A knock at the door and then a voice, “Housekeeping.”

“Yes, I’m…” the door quickly closed.

Looking around I saw that I was still alone, still tied to the bed with my erection waning once again. Was it a dream? Damn!

————- ——————— ———————–

The door opened and I heard, “Yeah, it’s still tiny from here.”

“Where have you…”

“Ah, no talking,” she warned crawling onto the bed seductively. Her fingers moved over my cock as it quickly hardened. I then felt her tongue slide from my balls to the tip, pausing a moment to dip into the tiny hole.

“Now let me slip into something more comfortable,” she said stepping into the bathroom.

It was some time before the door opened again. When she stepped out she was fully dressed holding a small travel bag.

“Wait a minute, what is going…” she stopped me moving quickly to the bed and holding her finger over my mouth. She then covered my mouth with tape.

Picking up my pants she removed my wallet as she said, “I met another guy with a bigger cock. Nothing personal, it’s just all relative.” I heard the door close.

————- ——————— ———————–

“So you just let her tie you up, a woman you met on the internet?”the officer asked.

I nodded.

“You let her take complete control?”

“It’s a BDSM thing,” another officer replied. “We see one or two of these every month. You’ll get used to it.”

“We’d done all this online, I thought I could trust her,” I said, pulling the sheet around me.

“Good thing the housekeeper found you,” he said, nodding to the woman with curly dark hair and brown eyes. “She took your wallet, anything else?”

I shook my head, “No.”

“You are so lucky.”

“Lucky? She got my wallet.”

“She had you in her hands, she could have done anything,” he said. I noticed the housekeeper staring at me with a look of hunger? “So you really are lucky.”

Nodding, “It’s all relative I guess.”

The housekeeper smiled at me as they finished taking her statement.

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