My girlfriend and I had fantasied together many times about having a threesome with another man and me watching her having sex with a well hung guy. She loved sucking and fucking the large dildo I had bought her while I watched and she got so hot when I was inside her while it was in her, she really wanted to have two cocks in her but the right situation have never arose.

I decided the time had come to make it happen. A few weeks before her 28th birthday I had booked a male stripper to come to our flat and do a private show. He was carefully selected as I knew he would have to turn her on before she had time to over analyse the situation and back out, I had spoken to him to arrange the “extras” I wanted other than the strip and he sent me some pictures to confirm he had the “tools” for the job and when I saw I knew she wouldn’t be disappointed!.

So the morning of her birthday arrived I presented her with her presents and breakfast in bed. I got her presents with this evening in mind sexy underwear, stockings, some killer heels and a new skirt suit to wear that day to work. I explained she had to wear this complete outfit to work today and tell me all about it when she got home, she gave me a cheeky smile and i knew what she was thinking, she loved winding up the men in the office and then telling me all about it. The suit was a little inappropriate for her office as the skirt was very short but I knew how turned on she would get with the men in the office looking at her long thin legs and being able to see much more than usual.

The desks in her office were open fronted so if she wanted (and she probably would) she could give them a little show by crossing and uncrossing her legs. We got up and showered together it didn’t take long before things started to get steamy, I wanted her to be gagging for sex when she got home so sex was off the cards for this morning. I quickly knelt in front of her and grabbed the shaving foam, moistened her pubic hair and grabbed my razor. I had one of those razors with the battery powered vibrating head and needless to say within seconds she was moaning in ecstasy as I shaved her pussy smooth, once shaved clean I stared to lick her clitoris with long steady strokes until I felt her legs start to tremble and she had her orgasm. My cock was throbbing by this point but I was determined that she wouldn’t have a cock inside her until tonight, I stood up and told her to squat down and I started to jerk myself off all that was filling my head was images of the evening ahead of us, she was furiously rubbing her pussy and thrusting fingers inside herself and it wasn’t long until I shot my cum over her small perfectly formed breasts she straight away rubbed it across her tits, down her stomach and brought herself to orgasm again rubbing my cum into her pussy. We finished up in the bathroom and went and got dressed, watching her dress that morning in the new black lace underwear I had chosen, padded bra, suspender belt and stockings, thong, those 4″ leather heels and the short skirt suit that was going to turn every head she passed sent my heart racing, if only she knew what was ahead for her when she got home tonight.

The evening was here! I had got home about an hour before my girlfriend so I could make sure everything was ready, I had spoken to her entertainment for the evening and everything was on track, I had booked him for a few hours so if things went well they could carry on. I had spoken to my girlfriend while she was in her taxi home, she told me of her antics that day one of the men who’s desk was facing hers was continually looking at her legs through the front of her desk so she had given him a full view up her skirt for a few seconds while she pretended not to be aware of him staring at her and went over to his desk and lent over to him giving him a clear view straight down her top as she was talking to him about work, she could see by the bulge in his crotch that he was hard and she left him there unable to stand up for quite some time. When she got home I had left a glass of Champagne and a little “pick me up” by the front door for her, she consumed both and came and found me. I topped her glass back up and told her there was a surprise on the way she tried to get me to tell her what but there was no way!

We chatted for a few minutes about her cock teasing with her colleagues and it was obvious how horny she was. She went to the bathroom and then there was a knock on the door, I answered it, her present was here! I led him to the living room and quickly ran through my plans again, he agreed to strip for her, and to have sex with her while I was there. I left him there and went to find my girlfriend, I heard him put music on as i left the room, she came out of the bathroom as i approached the door she asked who was at the door and I said that her surprise was in the other room waiting for her she looked excited and intrigued.

I let her walk ahead of me and stopped so she walked in alone, I stood back but had a clear view into the room. She appeared slightly startled to see a complete stranger in our flat, he approached her took her hand and kissed it as he introduced himself she appeared more relaxed instantly. Still holding her hand he led her to the sofa and sat her down he changed the music and began his show, as he removed his clothes I could see the wanting building up inside her she has this habit of biting her bottom lip when she watches porn and she was doing it now. He had a good body well toned but not overly ripped which i knew she didn’t like, I walked in and sat in a chair to the side of her so I could watch with a clear view, she looked over at me and grinned and mouthed the words thank you I gestured back if everything was ok and she nodded and smiled. He was down to just his jeans now he unfastened his top button and walked over to her he reached down and took both of her hands, lifted them up and placed them on his jeans so she was to undo the remaining buttons. She did so without hesitation, a deliberate action between each button with a wanting in her eyes to find out what laid beneath, as she undid the last one she tugged them downwards and his semi hard cock popped out right before her face. The startled look on her face as she saw what I knew all the long was waiting for her, he was as big in real life as the pictures he had emailed me, about eight inches long and a really good width, seeing his cock in relation to her size I knew she was in for something special.

He removed his jeans from around his ankles and then placed one hand on each side of her head and guided her towards his cock, her mouth opened ready to take it in but just at the last moment he moved her head to the side and rubbed it against the side of her face he kept doing this and the pulling back, pausing in front of her mouth and then alternating to the other side. He moved a chair and sat down right in front of her and told her to watch as he stroked his cock for her, I stood up and moved around behind her reached over the sofa and took off her suit jacket as she watched and I stared to rub her breasts and pinch her nipples she was gasping in pleasure every time I squeezed. Whispering in her ear I asked I this is what she wanted she tilted her head backwards and replied yes as she grabbed and kissed me, her attention soon reverted back to her present though. I stood her up as she watched and sat behind her, reached up and unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor her thong followed and I bent her forward so her arms were supporting her weight on the chair he was sat in her head twelve inches or so above the hard cock that awaited her as she watched him stroke it.

I spread her legs slightly and started stroking her clit with my tongue, needless to say she was already soaking wet and I could see the juices starting to run down the inside of her legs, I slipped two fingers inside her and lent slightly to the side so I could see what she was doing, she had reached down and was stroking his cock in time with him and staring into his eyes as she did, as I thrust my fingers into her she lent further forward and pressed her tongue into his mouth they had a slow deep kiss before she sat back down between my legs my hard cock against her back, she told him to stand and as he stepped forward she had his cock in her mouth and she was working it like a woman possessed. Her lips running up and down his shaft taking as much in her mouth as she could gagging herself in the process and corkscrewing her hand as sent went it was almost as if she was trying to get him to cum into her mouth she was working him so hard. I had my arms reaching around from behind her one hand fingering her as she did this and the other I had pulled her bra down exposing her breasts and was pinching her nipples she was bucking herself onto my fingers inside her as I pinched, “are you ready?” I whispered in her ear, she nodded still with a mouthful of cock. I moved from behind her to the other side of the sofa so she could lean back, hand still holding firmly onto her present she pulled him forward and guided him towards her pussy. She was jerking him off as she let him push his cock inside her I had rarely seen her this turned on, usually content to not rush things and enjoy every second she was so frantically working his cock she almost didn’t care if he came straight away.

Once fully inside her he took back control and held her arms down while he gave full length strokes of his cock in and out of her pausing for a split second before he pushed back inside. I had seen her fuck big dildos while i watched while he was as long he was wider and I was glad I had shaved her that morning as i could see how far she was spread by him, I then dawned on me that I was watching someone else fuck her right in front of me and how much it was turning me on watching it happen. Gradually he increased the pace and soon he was pounding himself into her I could see the orgasm starting to build in her face, her legs lift up and wrap around him, her nails dig into his back and then let out a huge scream as she came hard with him fucking her deep and fast. Her body twitched hard under him as he carried on thrusting into her and she moved her legs back downwards and pressed the heels of her shoes into his hips to push him back into the seat opposite her. She took a second to catch her breath and then leaned over and took my hand off my cock and took it in her mouth, asking me if I had liked what I had seen and telling me she wanted two dicks inside her. I reached down and started to play with her butt, it was dripping wet from her juices running down I pressed at it and my finger slipped inside I pressed another in and she let out a moan while sucking on my dick.

I stood her up and walked her over to the chair where he was sat and told her to ride him, she stood on the chair in front of him and lowered herself down onto his solid waiting cock, I undid her bra to allow him access to suck on her nipples which he did with any delay. She was soon dropping herself down full force onto him slamming that big dick into herself, I moved in behind her and lifted her off him for a second while I pushed my dick into her ass, she was sliding back and forth as I thrust in and out of her, so many times we had simulated this approaching moment with a dildo but now it was going to happen for real. She lowered herself back down took his cock in hand and started rubbing it into her pussy, I stopped thrusting as she guided it inside her. She was so tight with him inside her, as she started riding him again I began moving myself back and forth in her ass, I could feel the contours of his hard dick and could only imagine how good it felt for her. Rapidly her frenzy built back up and soon she was fucking us both hard, she was telling him how much she wanted to feel him orgasm and shoot his cum inside her so he grabbed her hips and was thrusting as deep and hard as he could, I pulled out and sat down to watch he held back until she was ready and as her orgasm started he shot his load inside her and she writhed and bucked on his jerks until he was finished but she was not done yet, “I want your cum in me as well” she turned to me and demanded as she lay down on the sofa. I walked over, lay on top of her and slid my cock into her, she was gaping, soaking wet and filled with cum and I loved the feeling of her pussy like this, I knew I wouldn’t take long to cum so I told her to finger herself while I fucked her, as soon as she orgasmed I came filling her overflowing pussy with my cum and collapsed on top on her. She took hold of either side of my head lifted it and whispered in my ear thanking me for what I had done for her.

When she got up and went to the bathroom I asked her present if he was able to stay or if he had another booking and it was agreed he would stay in the guest room and he took himself off to bed. When my girlfriend came back from the bathroom she came over and straddled me facing me on the sofa rubbing her dripping pussy against my cock thanking me for making her fantasies come true. I picked her up as I stood up and carried her into the bedroom laid her down on the bed and we fucked again and fell asleep.

The following morning as I was leaving for work I told her there was a little something waiting in the guest bedroom for her as she had the day off and I’d look forward to hearing all about it when I got home.

Author’s note: This is a story about a man who enjoys sharing his wife with other men, as told from the perspective of the “other man.” If you find this situation offensive or distasteful, please don’t read any further.

This story may be read on its own, although it is also the third part of a trilogy. The first part is titled, His Wife’s Boyfriend, and the second is titled Dating His Wife.

Over the next two weeks, Jake and Laura got together several times. Validating his earlier suspicion of her unspoken goal, they had sex in every room of her house: on the kitchen counter, in the guest bedroom, on a weight bench in their basement, and even briefly on the hood of a car in her garage. They even had sex in the back seat of her car, in a crowded parking lot at night. Thankfully, her tinted windows gave them enough cover to get away with it.

The following week, Laura announced that she wouldn’t be able to have sex due to her “monthly visitor.”

“Well, I hope I can still see you,” Jake responded.

“Of course, silly!” she replied. “I hope you don’t think our relationship is all about sex!”

Jake laughed. Although their relationship was certainly nontraditional, he had truly discovered a kindred spirit with this woman, and enjoyed spending time with her in any capacity. He valued Matt’s friendship as well, and considered them both to be his best friends.

Jake sat at his desk in his home office that week, and received a text from Laura.

How’s it going, stud-muffin?

He was having a rough morning, but she always had a way of making him smile. They had exchanged cell numbers shortly after meeting, and he enjoyed their little texting sessions. He even convinced her to text him a few naughty photos, which he cherished.

“Horny as hell,” he responded. It was the truth. Although it had only been three days since they had last had sex, he awoke with an aching hard-on. His plan was to take care of that himself after his noon conference call.

Aww, poor baby, she texted, mocking his condition. I’ll take care of you soon enough.

“Promises, promises,” he responded.

They continued their text session until Laura announced that her break was over. She was working the breakfast shift at the restaurant. Jake went back to work, crunching data in support of a large initiative. A few minutes before his noon conference call, he walked downstairs to refill his water glass when he heard a knock at the door.

Laura stood at his doorway, looking rather cute in her waitress uniform. She wore a white, button-down top and a short black skirt.

“Surprise!” she exclaimed.

“What are you doing here? Aren’t you still working?”

“Nope,” she replied. “I’m off for the day. So I figured I’d come visit you.”

“Well, I’m really happy to see you,” he said, giving her a hug and kiss. “But I have a conference call that starts in about a minute.”

“Perfect!” she said, and bounded up the stairs toward his office. She and Matt had visited him once at his home, to watch a football game together, so she was familiar with the layout. Jake wore a curious expression and followed her up the stairs. Laura crawled under his desk, looked up at him, and playfully patted his chair.

“You need to dial in to your call,” she said as she began to unzip and remove his pants.

Jake sat in his chair, naked from the waist down, and dialed in to his call while Laura played with his hardening cock.

“You are such a bad girl,” he said, and she gave him a naughty look.

“Yeah, I know,” she replied, “but you like that about me.”

Jake snickered in agreement, set his phone on a speaker setting, and laid it upon his desk.

“I put it on mute,” he informed Laura, and she said something intelligible, as her mouth was full.

Before the call had even begun, Jake’s cock was already fully engorged and throbbing inside of Laura’s talented mouth. She had nearly his entire length in her throat, and she took great pleasure in bobbing her mouth and tongue over his shaft in slow and deliberate movements.

His dick was so sensitive that every touch of her soft lips and tongue sent pulses of pleasure straight to his brain. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back, trying to quell the rising surge he felt at the base of his cock. It felt so incredible that he didn’t want it to end so quickly.

“Jake? Jake, are you there?”

He was suddenly snapped back to reality, and realized that he hadn’t been paying attention to his call. His manager’s voice blared through the speaker. He frantically fumbled for the phone and hit the mute button.

“Sorry,” he said with his voice cracking, “I was on mute. Err…can you repeat the question?”

Laura stifled a laugh. She was giggling so uncontrollably that her body shook his desk. Jake proceeded to give a generic answer to the question that had been addressed to him while Laura continued to play with his dick.

“Smooth,” she said, once he had put the phone back on mute.

She resumed her slow and agonizing blowjob, taking him deep into her throat and back out again. Just when Jake felt an incredibly strong orgasmic surge building, she would stop and remove him from her mouth completely. She licked and sucked his balls for a while, and ran her tongue along his shaft and around his glans before putting it back in her mouth.

This slow torture was repeated again and again. Every time Jake was on the verge of exploding, she would stop and tease him with her tongue. His balls were constricted, and his cock head was practically purple in color. She seemed to know exactly when to stop each and every time.

“You’re killing me,” he said through gritted teeth.

“I’m just playing,” she replied, and flicked her tongue over his balls again. “Just ignore me and concentrate on your call.”

When she placed his cock back inside her warm, wet mouth, Jake put his hand on the back of her head and tried to force her down further. She removed his hand and took her mouth off his cock.

“If you do that again,” she playfully warned, “then I’ll never let you finish.”

Jake sighed in frustration and slumped in his chair. The voices on the phone were droning on and on about issues that were of no concern to him. He realized that more than half an hour had passed. He had been subjected to this torturous blowjob for over half an hour!

His balls ached, and he felt light-headed from all the blood in his body having rushed to his groin. Laura continued to slowly bob her head in his lap. He felt that unmistakable surge build once again. There was no stopping it this time. If Laura was aware of this, she gave no indication, as she continued her slow pace and didn’t remove her mouth as she had before.

The surge built quickly at the base of his shaft and he felt a ripple of pleasure pump through his shaft and into her mouth. He groaned loudly, and it took every ounce of self-restraint not to hold her head in place. Instead, he gripped the arm rests of his chair tightly as one orgasmic wave after another erupted from his staff and into her mouth. Incredibly, she never flinched nor broke her pace.

After what had seemed to be an extraordinary length of time, the last few spasms left his body. His dick was incredibly sensitive to the slightest touch, and Laura seemed to acknowledge this by easing some of the pressure of her tongue as she continued her slow pace over his shaft. He still felt as stiff as a board, although he had been completely drained.

He ran his fingers through her hair, and she emitted a joyful moan. She seemed to enjoy having him slowly soften in her mouth. He had never known any woman who would suck his cock for so long — especially after he had finished. And he couldn’t recall the last time a woman swallowed his cum. He found it incredibly arousing.

Finally, she removed him from her mouth and looked up at him with a sexy smile. She wiped her lips with the back of her hand.

“Mmm,” she said. “That was fun.”

It occurred to him that this had been the first time they had any sort of sexual contact without being watched. It was nice to cum inside her without having to put on a show for an audience. He rolled his chair back, and she slowly crawled out from under his desk, rose to her feet, and straightened her uniform.

“Thank you,” she said, and gave him a kiss.

“Thank ME?” he responded. She simply smiled.

“You’d better get back to your call,” she said. She gave him another kiss, and then walked down the stairs and out the door. Jake slumped into his chair, completely spent.


Although Jake would normally hang out with both Laura and Matt together, on occasion he would get Laura all to himself. He enjoyed their little “dates,” as it gave him the opportunity to get to know her better. On their first date, he showed up at their door with a bouquet of flowers.

“It’s corny, I know,” he said as he greeted her. “But what can I say? I’m a corny, old-fashioned guy.”

“It’s sweet,” Laura replied, smiling brightly.

“Hey, what’s this?” Matt said as he came to the door and shook Jake’s hand. “You’re making me look bad, bro. I haven’t bought her flowers in ages.”

“Yes, you have,” Laura protested. Jake just stood in the doorway, awkwardly.

He led Laura to his car and opened the passenger door for her. It was another old-fashioned gesture, and a relic from his dating days. He hadn’t really dated anyone since his ex-wife, and fell quickly into his old comfort zone. Laura kissed him sweetly before entering the car.

They enjoyed a nice dinner together and laughed and chatted like old friends. Although they had only known each other for a couple of months, it seemed as though it had been a lifetime. They had much in common in their interests and their views on life, and the time passed quickly. After dinner, they returned to Laura’s home, where they went straight for her bedroom.


Jake paced nervously around his hotel room. Not content to merely spend a dinner alone together, he had proposed to Matt and Laura to allow him to spend an entire night with her. He was surprised when they agreed so quickly. He had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. Finally, he would have her all to himself.

There was a knock at the door, and when Jake answered, the sight of her took his breath away. She wore a radiant smile, and had dressed provocatively for him in a short skirt and flimsy top. She hugged him warmly, and they shared a passionate kiss. She smelled wonderful.

Within moments, they had completely undressed each other, and Laura was on her knees in front of him, with his hard cock sliding in and out of her mouth. She removed him from her mouth, and began fumbling through her pants pockets, producing her cell phone.

“I’m sorry,” she said, sheepishly, “but Matt wanted me to take some photos. Would you mind?”

“Even when he’s not here, he’s here,” Jake grumbled, but then realized he was being selfish. “I mean, the guy is letting me be with his wife for an entire night, I guess it’s the least I can do to return the favor, right?”

Jake took the cell phone from her, and snapped a few photos of her mouth on his cock from various angles.

He led Laura to the bed, and proceeded to bring her to orgasm with his tongue and hands. He had come to know her body so well that he could get her to that point with quickness and ease. He took a photo of her glistening pussy, and then positioned his cock at her opening. He snapped another photo as he entered her.

He set the phone aside, and brought her to a second orgasm by grinding his pelvic bone against her clit while his cock was buried deep inside her. After two orgasms, he figured it was now his turn. He spread her legs wide and began pounding hard and deep inside her. But she stopped him.

“Hold on a sec,” she said. She had a naughty expression on her face as she leaned over to the nightstand and rummaged through her purse. She produced a small bottle of lubricant.

“Lube?” Jake said. “Baby, I don’t think you need any lube. You’re unbelievably wet right now.”

“It’s not for my pussy,” she said, slyly. She flipped over onto all fours, with her gorgeous ass facing him. She squeezed a generous amount of lube in her hand, reached behind her, and rubbed it on her asshole. Jake watched intently as she buried a fingertip inside. His cock was throbbing at a 45-degree angle.

She handed the bottle of lube to him, and scooted back on the bed toward him, with her face buried in a pillow.

“Just go slow, okay?” she said.

Jake had never had anal sex before. He tried it once with his ex-wife, but it was a disastrous effort. He had to admit, the thought of fucking this married woman’s ass was incredibly dirty and arousing. He spread a generous amount of lube over his cock head and shaft, and positioned himself at her anus. His dick looked ridiculously big compared to her tiny hole, and it was difficult to believe that it could possibly fit in there.

He took his cock in his hand and gently pushed forward. Laura gasped. He hadn’t even penetrated her yet. Maybe this was a bad idea, he thought. But then she pushed herself back toward him, and his cock head disappeared inside her. She responded with a stifled moan into her pillow.

Jake was so excited, he wanted to pound into her hard and fast, but he was afraid he might rip her apart if he did. So he slowly eased himself inside her, inch by inch. When her body would tense, he would stop. Eventually, his entire cock was buried inside her ass.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Mmm-hmm,” she responded, muffled by her pillow.

He withdrew slowly, about halfway, and then pushed himself completely inside her once again. She seemed to relax a little. He could not believe how incredibly tight she felt. The feeling of having his cock gripped so tightly created an amazing sensation.

The visual image of his glistening cock disappearing into her tiny hole was so erotic, he realized that Matt would definitely want to see it. He snatched the phone from the bed.

“Does this thing have a video feature?” he asked.

“Mmm-hmm,” was the muffled response.

Jake switched the phone’s camera to video mode, and began recording as he continued to pump slowly in and out of Laura’s ass. She suddenly became much more animated, and lifted her head from the pillow.

“Oh, yes!” she moaned. “Fuck my ass. Fuck my tight asshole. Give me your hard cock. I want it all the way up my ass.”

Jake had noticed that Laura would get a lot more vocal when she knew Matt would be watching. After a few minutes of video, he put the phone down. When he told her he wasn’t taking the video anymore, she returned her face to her pillow and continued moaning softly with each stroke.

As he felt his orgasm build, he couldn’t help but pick up his pace. Her stifled moaning grew louder, and he couldn’t tell if it was a moan of pleasure or pain. He debated whether he should unload inside of her ass, but ultimately decided that Matt would enjoy the “money shot” instead. So he pulled out and jerked off onto Laura’s ass and back. It was a particularly large amount of cum, and it looked incredibly sexy. He snapped a few photos of his “masterpiece” before he collapsed onto the bed.

“Are you okay?” he asked, once again.

“Mmm-hmm,” she replied, although no longer muffled by her pillow. “That was good.”

“You enjoyed that?”

“The beginning is always more enjoyable. After a while, it becomes uncomfortable.”

“Sorry I took so long. I was worried about hurting you. I’ve never really done that before.”

“Ooh, did I take your anal virginity?” she said with a giggle.

“I’ll get a towel,” he said.

“Don’t bother,” Laura replied. “I’m going to hop in the shower.”

She arose from her position, gave him a passionate kiss, and then walked to the bathroom with her back and ass glistening with his fluid. He joined her in the shower, and they shared a soft and sensual kiss and washed each other’s bodies.

They enjoyed a pleasant day together, shopping and dining at a nice restaurant. After a few hours of dancing together at a club, they returned to the hotel, where they had sex again. It was somehow different this time, Jake thought. For the first time, the lights were out and they were under the bed sheets. It was much more sensual, sweet and tender. He finished inside her, and this seemed to bond them together in a way they hadn’t experienced before.

They lay together for hours and savored this rare opportunity to enjoy each other’s company alone and without intrusion. Sometimes they talked, and other times they simply caressed each other and shared soft kisses. Eventually, they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

When they awoke the following morning, Laura pulled Jake on top of her and they had intercourse once again. They simultaneously experienced a powerful climax together.

“Oh my god,” she said, breathless. “That was so incredible. I…”

Jake saw a look in her eyes that he hadn’t seen before. It almost looked like panic.

“What’s wrong?” he asked. His hard cock was still buried deep inside her, twitching, emptying the last remaining drops of semen from his orgasm.

“Nothing,” she said, although it was clear that something was on her mind. Something had changed.

She gently pushed him away from her and walked into the bathroom. He could hear the shower begin, and he thought of joining her. But something told him she needed some time alone.

They parted ways in the parking lot of the hotel and shared a tender kiss. The following day, he texted her to thank her again for a wonderful date. Her response was brief, and she promised to text him later when she was less busy. More than a day passed, however, and Jake still hadn’t heard from her.

As he worked at his desk the next day, he left his browser open in the background to the web site where he had first encountered Matt and Laura, hoping that one of them would contact him. The chime from his phone snapped him out of his funk. He had been staring at a spreadsheet filled with numbers that seemed meaningless to him, and his thoughts had drifted back to that hotel room. He had replayed the events of the evening and wondered if he had done something wrong. When he looked at his phone, his heart leapt when he saw her name appear on the screen.

Getting out of work now, she texted. Is it okay for me to stop by?

He eagerly responded, “of course.” He quickly straightened up the house, and checked himself in the mirror. He decided to brush his teeth, and had just finished when the doorbell rang. She stood at the door, wearing the same cute waitress uniform she was wearing the last time she had visited him in the middle of the day. His dick involuntarily swelled in remembrance of that day.

He invited her inside and gave her a warm embrace. He noticed that her return embrace wasn’t nearly as warm as usual, and he sensed that something was definitely amiss. When he looked into her eyes, he noticed that they were beginning to glisten and redden. Before he could ask what was wrong, she spoke.

“So, we need to talk,” she said.

“Uh-oh,” he said with a chuckle, trying to lighten the mood. “That’s never good.”

Her expression didn’t change.

“Remember when we all first met, and we told you that we don’t really have any rules in terms of this arrangement?”

Arrangement? he thought. That was an oddly formal term to use. He nodded his head.

“Well,” she said, and her voice became unsteady. “I have a rule. It’s my rule, and my rule only. Matt doesn’t even know about it. And I’ve never had to use this rule before. But I do now.”

Jake’s mind raced with confusion. What could be the problem? What had he done wrong? A tear welled in her eye and cascaded down her cheek. She quickly wiped it away with her fingertip, and she swallowed hard.

Just landed, be home soon! announced a text from my wife, startling me awake. I was lying alone in our bed, anxiously awaiting her return from her long weekend away. It was late on Sunday night, but I picked up my phone, instantly wide awake.

Can’t wait to see you! I replied, wondering what her homecoming would be like.

I’d spent the weekend taking care of the kids, cleaning the house, and missing her terribly. She, on the other hand, had spent the weekend in Las Vegas with Ty, her very large and very rich black bull. Since meeting him about a year earlier, our sex life had become a whirlwind as the cuckolding fantasy that had started out as my secret had come incredibly to life. This was the first time Michelle had traveled to see him. At first I was very hesitant at the idea, but she’d been so excited to spend a weekend with him that in the end I couldn’t refuse her.

I went through the house, wanting to be sure everything was neat and tidy for Michelle’s return, thinking of the text messages she’d sent me while she’d been gone. We’d only talked on the phone a couple brief times, once when she’d landed in Las Vegas and once when she was out with Ty at a club. It had been almost impossible to hear, but she’d been laughing and I could hear his deep voice in the background.

I’d planned to shower and shave once she was on her way home, hoping futilely that Michelle would be in the mood to have sex with me when she got home. I couldn’t get her messages out of my mind as I showered. They’d started out innocently enough, with her keeping me informed about where she was and that she was alright, etc. But later Thursday evening they had gradually changed to mocking and teasing from my cuckoldress. I knew that the empowerment of cuckolding me turned her on, and as the weekend wore on this became more and more apparent in her messages.

I put on some pajama pants and a t-shirt that Michelle had given me and that I knew she liked, again hoping to impress her in any way that I could. I first waited in the living room, then in our bedroom, then again in the living room, my nervousness growing as her arrival neared.

Lights flashed across the room as the towncar pulled into our driveway, and I heard Michelle talking with the driver as he got her bag for her. My cock sprang to life for the hundredth time since she’d left, my mind racing racing as I thought about what her homecoming would be like. I went to the door to help her with her suitcase, my pajama pants embarrassingly tent poled.

‘Hi, Hon,’ I said, opening the door for her and reaching for her suitcase. She was wearing an outfit I didn’t recognize – very expensive looking heels, black tights, and a loose, low cut top belted at her waist. ‘You look gorgeous!’ I smiled nervously, taking her bag and holding the door for her. As she moved past me into the house, I realized that she wasn’t wearing a bra and the blouse was cut low enough for me to catch a glimpse of her nipple. Michelle turned back to me as I closed the door and set her bag aside, striking a pose and smiling.

‘You like?’ she asked, laughing softly.

‘Seriously, Hon… gorgeous!’ I stammered, looking my wife up and down, ‘I love that outfit… and I love you! I’m so glad you’re home,’ I gushed. I moved to hug her awkwardly, unsure of where I stood with her after her weekend with Ty. Michelle stepped closer, opening her arms to me. I hugged my wife tightly, relieved beyond belief to have her back in my arms. ‘I missed you so much, Sweetheart,’ I whispered, burying my head in her hair. I realized that she smelled like Ty’s cologne. ‘Seriously… I’m so happy to see you, I’m so glad you’re home!’ I blathered, realizing that Michelle wasn’t saying anything. ‘This was the longest weekend of my life!’ I laughed lamely, stepping back from her.

Michelle looked at me, smiling. She reached up and put a hand on my cheek, her smile changing to one of… pity . ‘Oh Bri… it was the best weekend of mine!’ she smiled. ‘Want to go upstairs and hear about it?’ she asked, smirking.

‘Y-yes,’ I stammered, stunned.

Michelle took my hand and pulled me up the stairs to our bedroom. I’d cleaned the room twice over the weekend, wanting it to look perfect for Michelle when she got home… and needing the busywork to keep myself occupied while she was with Ty. She sat me on the end of our king sized bed and stood in front of me, smiling. Beaming, in fact.

‘It was amazing, Bri!’ she said, practically giddy. ‘I did things that I never… never thought I would, it was just so incredible! It all felt so wild… I kept surprising myself and kept thinking ‘oh my god… what are you doing?” she laughed. ‘But Ty… he has a…’ she thought for a moment, ‘a power or something over me,’ she sighed, eyes shining at the idea. I reached up to her to pull her closer, and she smiled down at me.

‘Wait, Sweetie,’ Michelle told me, hesitating.

‘What is it, Hon?’ I asked, looking up at her, dying to touch her.

‘I just… I just want you to know that I didn’t do anything this weekend that I didn’t want to… that I was… safe the whole time,’ Michelle said, stepping closer to me and stroking my hair.

‘Wh-what do you mean, Hon?’ I asked concerned and confused that she’d say something like that.

‘Ty… got to have me every way he wanted, Sweetie,’ she smiled down at me again, gauging my reaction. ‘He gets very rough…,’ she said, pulling the collar of her top open to reveal the bite marks on her neck. She smiled proudly.

‘Honey!’ I gasped, pulling her closer, trying to comfort my wife.

‘It’s okay! Really, Sweetie… it’s okay,’ Michelle laughed, adding softly, ‘I loved it.’

‘Oh my god, Michelle…’ I whispered, the level to which Ty had taken my wife slowly dawning on me.

‘There’s more, Cucky… I want you to be ready, okay?’ she asked.

‘Y-yes,’ I whispered, in awe of the woman standing before me, aching to touch her.

‘Take off my belt,’ Michelle ordered as she started to unbutton her top.

I hurriedly reached to unbuckle her belt, out of my mind to know what my wife meant by ‘more.’

‘Easy, Cucky! Slow down!’ she chided as I dropped her belt away in a rush. She’d only loosened one button, and she was taking her time with the second. She smiled down at me again, swaying her hips teasingly. Michelle moved her hands to her slim hips, thrusting her chest out. I could see her nipples straining against the fabric of her top.

‘You get the rest, Cucky,’ she laughed, ‘and slowly!’

I reached up to undo the remaining buttons, struggling to do it slowly. The top was very low cut, so there were only three more to do. I stopped and looked up at my wife as I finished. The top dangled open, baring her smooth skin from her neck to the top of her tights, but covering her breasts.

‘Good Boy,’ Michelle smiled. She then reached up and slowly opened one side of her shirt, revealing her left breast. I gasped at the sight. Michelle’s nipple was purple and swollen. I could clearly make out more teeth marks surrounding her swollen and obviously tender nipple.

‘Kiss it, Cuck,’ she ordered softly.

I tenderly leaned forward and kissed my wife’s breast. I tried to gently take her swollen nipple in my mouth, but she pulled away. I looked up at her, seeing her nod of approval as I pushed the top aside to reveal her right breast.

‘Oh, Baby…’ I sighed, looking up at her with concern. Her right breast was bruised, the nipple just as swollen as the one I’d just kissed. I was shocked to realize the bruises looked like a large hand print.

‘Kiss it,’ Michelle whispered, eyes shining as she looked down at me.

I kissed my wife’s sore nipple softly, then layed my head against her chest as she pulled me close, hugging me tight. I wrapped my arms around her waist, holding her.

‘Are you really okay, Hon?’ I asked after a few moments of her holding me.

‘Yes, Baby…’ she replied, thinking a moment, ‘I am. I loved every second of it.’

Michelle let go of me then, shrugging her top off and dropping it to the floor. She turned around, putting her perfect ass in my face.

‘Just the tights, Cucky… take them down,’ she said softly.

I reached for her waist band, slowly rolling it down a bit to reveal the top of a white lacy thong. Being careful not to pull the thong down, I slowly eased the tights down. I bent to help Michelle step out of the tights and as I sat back up, I gasped yet again. My wife’s round little ass was red and mottled, bruised all over.

‘Kiss it, Boy,’ she softly ordered again. I kissed Michelle’s red bottom all over, gently and tenderly trying to make it feel better. I could feel the heat of her skin with my lips.

She turned to me after a few minutes of me kissing her ass. Looking down at me, smiling. Her eyes sparkled. She put her hands on my shoulders.

‘I got fucked, Bri,’ she told me. ‘In ways you never, ever could do me, Little One,’ she smiled, pushing me back on the bed. We moved up to the pillows, lying in each others arms.

My head was on Michelle’s chest. I could hear her heart beating, feel her breath rising and falling. I was staring at her swollen nipples. Nipples that her Bull had sucked roughly, had bitten hard. My wife’s breasts were bruised and battered… her ass was red and sore… and there was nothing I could do about it. Worse, there was nothing she wanted me to do about it! She’d taken it willingly from another man.

I didn’t know what to say.

‘I love you,’ I said softly after we’d lain together for many minutes.

‘I love you, too, Sweetie,’ Michelle told me.

I gently thrust myself against Michelle’s thigh, my cock throbbing. I’d been rock hard since Michelle had gotten home and I was desperate for release.

‘What’s that, Cucky?’ Michelle asked. I could hear her smile.

‘I want you, Michelle… please,’ I breathed, running my hand across her stomach.

‘No, Cucky,’ she stated bluntly. ‘I gave Ty everything I had this weekend, you’ll have to wait.’ she chided.

‘Please!’ I begged.

‘No. Stop!’ Michelle ordered.

I reluctantly relaxed, stopped pressing myself against her thigh.

‘Good boy, Little One,’ Michelle teased, stroking my head.

‘You know… you have one more place to kiss, Cucky,’ she said.

I looked up at her, hesitant. Hoping she meant what I thought.

‘Go on, Cucky,’ Michelle smiled, looking down at her thong.

I got up and moved quickly between Michelle’s legs.

‘Slowly!’ She reminded me, laughing at my silly eagerness.

‘Yes, sorry…’ I panted. ‘I’ve just been thinking about this all weekend, Babe,’ I gushed.

‘Oh, Cucky… Don’t worry,’ Michelle teased, ‘I brought you your present… Ty filled me again and again.’

My wife spread her legs slightly, allowing me to climb between them. As I got closer, I could see a small wet spot on her panties. I pressed my nose to her mound and inhaled deeply, my head spinning as I smelled my wife’s sex intermingled with Ty’s. As reached up to pull her thong off, Michelle giggled softly as it stuck to her slightly.

‘Oh, Honey,’ I whispered. Michelle was swollen and red, her labia and clit engorged. Her thighs were bruised. She was obviously still wet, though I couldn’t tell if it was from her or from Ty. I inhaled again, basking in the scent of my wife and her lover’s mixed juices.

‘Clean me,’ Michelle ordered.

I licked deeply, needing no further instruction.

This is a stand-alone story. You do not have to read any of my other ‘Cheating Wife’ stories to understand this one. However, many of you won’t like this posting, and I get that. I wish I could convince you in advance not to read it, but that is a fool’s errand. You’ll read this, and it’ll have impact — large or small — and you’ll own that. I’m OK with that; I hope you are too. 


My tale begins with acceptance, and the unintended consequences of acceptance.

I married a wonderful man, former military, who desired to provide for his family. My husband married a vivacious woman, an unemployed artist, who longed to bring passion and excitement into the world. There were many overlaps in our dreams, but the overlap was not complete.

Our major conflict arose out of minor events: my husband preferred routine, and I rebelled against it. He preferred meals and events — including lovemaking — to occur at a specific, and agreed upon, time. I wanted spontaneity, and variation, in my life. We fought over this frequently, until one day he made a compelling request.

“Sweetheart, I don’t care how you do it, but you have to find enjoyment in routine.”

“I don’t think I can, I find it boring. Seriously — it’s fucking boring!”

“I know you feel that way, but that’s only is because you are thinking about it too narrowly! We make love three times a week — Tues, Thurs, and Sat — but each time isn’t the same. I don’t think you can say that our love life is boring, and I doubt your friends are more active!”

He had a point, and a lesson. Firstly, he was right — our lovemaking was wonderful and interesting — so routine was not a problem there. Secondly, routine is what you make of it — I hadn’t realized that our love life was so scheduled! 

I had no choice but to concede.

“You make a great point, really, what can I do?”

“All I want is that you develop your own routine, find joy in it, and let it play out! I think it will be good for you as an individual, and great for us as a couple.”

“If that’s all you want, I can try it.”

“That is definitely what I want.”

And with that he gave me a kiss on the forehead, and the discussion was over. Anyway, it was close to bedtime — 10:30 — so there wasn’t much else to discuss. Frankly, I wish it had been a Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday, because I could have used a good fucking to take my mind off the topic.

But it was Monday, so I went to bed — not to sleep — with my husband’s perspective on my mind: “develop your own routine, find joy in it, and let it play out!” I tried to imagine what that meant as I fell asleep. 

He was correct in that I needed a schedule for creating art, and that the schedule needed to compensate for us — for meals, for ‘connecting’, and for love. And in honesty, he wasn’t asking much, given what he was offering. He kept us well fed, and our apartment is lovely. He was taking excellent care of me!

If I could contribute — emotionally or financially — it would make his life better. I focused on the first, and hoped for the latter. By finding my own routine I could help his.

And his routine was strict! Not only was our physical love scheduled, so was preparing for a successful week (for example pressed suits, nutritious lunches, etc.). We prepared meals the night before, we knew what we were going to wear, we even know the path we would take to work.

My path was short; his was much longer. I worked — or rather I created art — from home. Once he ate breakfast in the morning (at exactly 6:50AM), he would leave the apartment (at 7:10). Because he considered it best to combine location with exercise, he chose to walk down sixteen flights of stairs. I waved from him each morning from our window when he emerged on the street (after ~5 minutes, at 7:15) and again, still from our window, as he turned the corner down the road (~10 minutes, at 7:25).


A routine found me, and I submitted to it.

I won’t bore you with specific details of how we met, and how the relationship started. The short story is that I was both surprised and delighted that a model lived so close, and that he worked so inexpensively. Given the time we have spent together, it is surprising that I still only have a partially finished charcoal drawing of him. But that is a story for another day, if there is any interest.

What is of interest for this posting, is that my model made me appreciate routine, and in that understand my husband’s perspective. Routine became my master, and as a result my husband and I got along much better. As an example of my routine, I’ll explain this morning.

The alarm whet off at exactly 6:00. My husband turned it off, woke me gently, and went to make coffee. I stumbled into the bathroom for a quick shower, when I reemerged into the bedroom, hot coffee was waiting for me. My husband then kissed me on the forehead, left me with my coffee, and headed to the shower.

He showered while I selected my morning attire. I chose to wear one of his ‘wife beaters’, which I find hugs my body well. At 5’6″ and about 120 lbs, I can wear his clothes, although most fit me loosely. My nipples are pale, so although hard, their color did not protrude from the tank top. To match color, I put on a white thong, although I would have preferred to leave it off.

When he emerged from the shower, he liked what he saw. “I married such a sexy woman – I must be the luckiest bastard on the planet.” When he makes these comments I wonder if he can sense my level of arousal — I have been excited since my shower.

I often wonder what communication occurs beneath conscious understanding. To some degree, I’ve always been understood by men — even when I didn’t understand myself. Discovery through another is my favorite form of education. But I didn’t share this with my husband.

“You’re sweet! If you skip work, I’ll let you get lucky.” He wouldn’t, of course, but did suggest some play once his workday was through. Instead I sat with him while he enjoyed breakfast, walked him to the door, and kissed him goodbye.

I didn’t lock the door.

I removed my thong, walked to the window, pulled the curtains open just enough to poke my head through, touched myself, and waited. My husband would emerge from the building below in five minutes; I heard footsteps behind me in less than one. 

As I stared out the window, I knew what was happening behind the curtains. My body, aroused and exposed, was prepared. I heard clothes fall to the floor, and then I felt one hand on my hip. The other hand I knew was placed halfway between the head and the base. Great size requires stabilizing help.

No words were spoken as I was penetrated. I held my body tight as I waved to my husband, just now exiting the building. Having waved back, he now turned up the street. As I waited for him to complete the first leg of his journey, my body began another.

As my husband turned, and matched my wave, a wave of passion exploded through my body. It was 7:25, and I just had the day’s first orgasm. It wouldn’t be my last.


“J-girl, you are the only chick I have ever known that fucks to get ready to fuck!”

“Maybe, but you love me for it, don’t you?” I’m not sure why I brought up love, that topic should be taboo. But so much of this was already taboo! I didn’t wait for an answer; I just turned and got down on my knees. 

I took him in both my hands, pulled the tip of his penis to my lips, and asked, “May I?” He answered by pressing his penis into my mouth.

I don’t get to do this often enough. I find the whole process impossibly sexy. My lover, staring down into my eyes as I stroke his long, thick cock and take as much of it into my mouth as possible.

I wonder what he sees? Does he like the contrast of my white hands on his black cock? Does he imagine grabbing my blond hair, which I pulled into a ponytail just for him? Does he see anything at all, or is he just feeling the moment? I have learned one thing, no matter how I try to please him, this is not how our moment ends.

“Janet, take me to your room. I need you now. And take that shirt off.”

I pulled the shirt off my body immediately, dropped it to the floor, and led him – penis in my hand – into my bedroom. I love the feel of air on my naked body, especially since it is almost always an invitation to love.

“Sit down, girl.”

As is my obligation, I comply with all of his requests. I sat on the edge of the bed and stared at his beautiful, muscular body. I felt grateful.

“Lay back.”

This too I complied with, immediately. I felt the head of his penis return to my threshold, and longed for him to return home. He did not make me wait. Each strong hand clasped an ankle, held them high and separate, while his weight pressed toward me. 

I think he sees me, at least I hope he does.

Certainly, he watched my body accept his, watched it beg for him when he retreated, and watched it shutter with happiness when he returned. He brought me to orgasm three times this way, each time he held his body still as mine pulsated around his powerful cock. My movements are normally unpredictable, but with him inside me I can only thrash along his length.

Finally, when he grew close, we engaged in his routine. He and I have been together many, many times now, and we have made love in many positions, but this is how we finish. We move closer, face-to-face, and with my legs along his body, we make love. My hips thrust upward, my knees near my head, he takes all of me. And I give him everything.

There is no space between our passion, no difference between our hearts. I feel him — physically and metaphorically — reach places no one else has. His power is not diminished, but distributed more asymmetrically. His lips touch mine gently, while his hips pound with indescribable force. I desperately hold back my orgasm, because I need to focus on his.

His release is powerful; I feel the heat, the pressure, and the fullness of the moment. And it induces my own explosion. For that moment, our bodies – our spirits, our souls – are one. Our love is a fluid medium, and I am happily drowning in it.

This too is our routine. He will stay in me, kissing me, or nibbling my neck or ears, or teasing me playfully with his words, until his body fully softens. This may be as few as 10 minutes, or he may remain in me, my hips skyward, and my calves on his shoulders, for an hour or more.

This time is precious.

He will eventually pull from me, and I will invariably feel empty, hollow, lonely, but I don’t share this with him. He and I both have a day to capture, his starts when he leaves my apartment, mine as I wash the sheets. As I do, I’ll recite the generous word of my husband.

“Sweetheart, I don’t care how you do it, but you have to find enjoyment in routine.”

Part 1: The First Deployment

Author’s Note: These stories are completely true. My wife has helped me write these stories not only to share with the world, but to also help relive the past steamy sexual encounters she has partaken in.

My wife Mary and I had always played around with the idea of cuckolding me. Being in the Marine Corps, a wife cheating on her husband while he was away was a common theme. Most of the people absolutely abhorred the idea of their wife being fucked with reckless abandon while they were gone, but it was my biggest fantasy.

I came to realize my cuckold fantasy with a high school girlfriend I lost my virginity to. She told me she had a sex dream that I had helped her get onto another man’s huge cock and she came in seconds. I wasn’t the first guy she had sex with and while I have an average sized cock (5.5″) she told me that she had much bigger than me before. I was extremely jealous when she told me both of those things, but noticed I was also extremely turned on by what she was telling me. We broke up but not due to my penis size.

While dating Mary, I told her about my cuckold fantasy. At first she was upset about it, but much like my first girlfriend, she had bigger cocks before. She ended up talking dirty in bed and talked about getting fucked by a huge cock while I stroked mine, watching her have multiple orgasms (which I never gave her).

When I joined the Marine Corps, the thought of her being unfaithful while I was away was a constant thought on my mind, and constantly turned me on. I heavily encouraged her to fuck whoever she wanted and to tell me all about it whether in letters or on the phone.

One time, during my first deployment, when I got a chance to call my wife she told me how she went to a passion party two weeks after I left with some other wives on the base to get a new toy to play with while I was gone. Drinks were flowing and one of the wives had called over some Marines that were not on deployment at the time. As it started getting later, the party moved to the bedroom. My wife was drunk, lonely, horny, and as one of the Marines that came over was starting to grope her round ass, she remembered how I encouraged her, and decided to go with it.

As he groped her from behind, grabbing her ass and her tits, she started grinding her ass into his cock. Then, with his hand that was groping her ass, he reached around and put his hand underneath her skirt and started playing with her pussy. She turned around, started making out with him, and grabbed his cock, stroking it slowly. She told me that his cock wasn’t huge, but it was bigger than mine in length and girth. She then got on her knees and pulled his pants down and started sucking his cock, getting it nice and wet for her pussy. He noticed the cold metal of the wedding ring against his cock and asked if she was married. She told him yes and that I was on deployment. This seemed to intensify his excitement. After she was satisfied, she took off her panties and bent over. He slid up in-between her legs and rubbed the tip of his cock against her clit and up and down her pussy, making her beg. Then, he shoved his cock deep into her aching pussy. He grabbed her by the hips and started pounding her tight pussy. She told me how great his cock felt inside of her and feeling her pussy stretched further than my cock could felt better than she could have imagined. She said she felt that familiar feeling, but intensified, starting in her pussy and spreading throughout her body, and started bucking and grinding into the Marine that was fucking her as she started cumming.

Mary’s orgasm came without her rubbing her clit, which never happened when we had sex. She also had the insatiable urge for more, which also never happened with us. Usually she would get off once and be done.

She put the Marine on his back and straddled his still throbbing cock. He started playing with her nipples and sucking on them as she rode him, causing her to moan even louder. She started riding him harder and faster, and as the familiar throes of orgasm began to creep from between her thighs, his grunts became more and more erratic. When she felt his cock pulsing inside of her, shooting his cum deep inside of my wife, she was sent over the edge and started grinding hard into him, taking his whole load inside of her. The Marine put his clothes back on and left my wife Mary with her legs trembling, his load dripping from her pussy, and a satisfied smile on her face.

I sat there in the desert on the other end of the phone speechless with a raging hard on. She told me she would definitely be playing more while I was gone. My time was up on the phone and I adjusted myself as to not attract attention as I left the phone center. I walked into the desert sun with a smile on my face; I had finally been cuckolded.


My wife kept her promise of playing more while I was gone. She used MySpace to find other guys to hook up with. She sent me letters with details of her exploits, but none as hot as the one just told. She even confessed in one of her letters that she actually had cheated on me a few times during our relationship before the night of the passion party, but was too scared to tell me about it because she thought I was only fantasizing. That turned me on even more and she recounted those events for me as well in the letters. While extremely arousing, none were as exciting as the events told in Part 2: Homecoming.


Please note that this story is completely fictional. Names of real celebrities have been used simply to aid in telling a story. The actions contained within this story have no relevance to any aspect of real life. This is for entertainment purposes only.


A writer, Tom, and his wife, Gina, attend the exclusive premier showing of a movie Tom wrote. They are both invited to an after-party. Little does Gina know that Tom went to a previous after-party, and knows what visual excitement lays ahead. Little does Tom know, just how easily Gina will let herself be absorbed into the pleasure.

I couldn’t believe we were finally here! After nearly 8 months of being on set, and another 3 months in post production, my husbands movie was finally being premiered for the first time to an audience limited to the cast, crew, and associated spouses. Fortunately for me, Tom’s presence at the studio was not as intensive during the post production process. That was tough. Him being so far away from us. At least our son was sleeping through the night. I couldn’t imagine not having Tom to help care care of him. Or, taking care of me for that matter!

Due to my elevated hormone levels, I chose to wear a dress that was a little more revealing than I would have before. It was an elegant black dress, with gemstones scattered around the bust area. It was the perfect accent to my boobs, and made them look a little larger without the use of any inserts. The low neckline left a little of the area in between my breasts open, revealing a small, but enticing portion of the sides of my breasts for all to see. The dress has one slit on the right side that runs up about mid-thigh. I was looking and feeling hot, which I haven’t felt since before the birth of our son. I could see in his eyes, that Tom thought so, too. He didn’t complain, as he’s been telling me to show off my body more, even though I’m not in the kind of shape I used to be.

When we arrived at the theater, I was surprised to find that it wasn’t a red carpet kind of event. Everyone just pulled up in limos, and walked right in. The movie was actually really good. It was different from the script I read before the movie was shot. Some changes I liked. Others I didn’t. It really doesn’t matter to me, as the check has already cleared. I’m sure my hubby feels the same. After the movie, we went to the after party.

The journey consisted of walking though a large set of French doors. This place must be absolutely huge! After we walked in, there were two butlers that greeted us immediately. They were handing out mints to everyone. Strange, but whatever. After we exchanged brief pleasantries, we walked past them and entered a large great room. People were standing around chatting. Waiters ushered trays of drinks and finger food about the room.

There was a guy standing there chatting with Jensen Ackles. Jensen fucking Ackles. This guy is even hotter in real life than on TV. Jensen been the subject of a few of my fantasies in the past, and I found my heart starting to race, and my clit was becoming engorged. Hubby started to walk right up to the man talking with Jensen Ackels, man of my desire, seeder of my next baby, man with a dick that could fuck for days. Damn! I should have taken care of myself.

Jensen turned our direction, smiled at me, and spoke to my husband.

“So how’s it hangin’ there, boss man!” He turned to me and spoke to my husband, “And who’s this little hottie hangin’ off your arm?”

Tom said, “Doin’ good, punk! And this is my wife, Gina.”

“Your wife? How’s an ugly mug like yours bag a babe like this,” joked Jensen.

Then Jensen reached out, grabbed my hand, and kissed the back of it. Instantly, my cheeks flushed, and I got wet at the same time. The lack of sex over the past year has gotten me to the point where I get wet from seeing an underwear commercial. Hot men in briefs. And hot women in silky bras. . . Okay, back to the party.

I couldn’t even speak. It’s a good thing I have on a black dress. If I would have worn my khaki pants and spaghetti strap top I was considering, everyone would have seen that my pussy was burning for the man in front of me.

“A clever one-liner might bag a babe for the night. But it takes more than what you got to keep her around long term,” Tom exclaimed. I nodded in agreement. But only to be courteous. There’s some truth to what Tom said. But at the moment I think I’d let Jensen have his way with me even if he didn’t give me some silly pick-up line. But that’s the hunger that’s been building in me.

“Yeah well, you better keep an eye on her as long as I’m around,” said Jensen. As he looked at me, he spoke to my husband, “I just might have to give her the grand tour of . . .”

Some sort of agent cut off Jensen and said, “Sorry for the intrusion, Mr. Ackles. It’s time to give them the tour. So if you would please excuse us.”

I looked back at Jensen as the agent led us away. He gave me a wink, and turned to grab a drink off a tray a waitress was carrying. You could tell by the look on the waitress’s face that Jensen was laying it on thick on her, too. I wouldn’t mind getting down with Jensen, even after he took her for a spin. There’s just something about that guy.

The tour of the mansion was amazing. We walked around the main great room, and there were leather couches and coffee tables all over the place. Off the back, there was a large gazebo that covered a large horseshoe shaped hot tub. We never went into the kitchen, as the employees were back there preparing all the finger food and beverage trays. There was a huge indoor pool that had doors that opened up to the hot tub outside.

We took the elevator (yes, elevator) up to the second floor. This is where all the guest rooms were. We walked into one of the guest rooms, and I was floored. The rooms were decorated beautifully. There were couches with end tables, and a large dining room table in the room. A large bathroom off to the side had a large walk-in shower and jacuzzi. There was a set of French doors that were closed, but the agent said they opened up into an exercise room. The beds had mirrors for headboards. But what seemed odder than that was that there were 4 king sized beds in the room. The agent said it was for when a lot of people spend the night, but typically there were only one or two people in the room at a time. Further down the hall was a game room, complete with pool tables, two bowling lanes, and a full bar.

After the upstairs tour, we went back downstairs. I was amazed at how many people famous people were there. We chatted with all the actors and crew. Everyone there had something to do with the movie, or was the spouse of a movie person. I couldn’t believe I was hanging out with all the actors and actresses. Most everyone in the room was hot. Even the spouses.

As the night went on, the drinks flowed. I wasn’t drunk by any means. I did have a little bit of a buzz going. I was a getting less and less star-struck as the night went on. My hubby was fine with it, even when he started working on the movie. He met so many horror movie people before working on his own. He even met Freddy Kruger! The agent was hanging with us for much of the night. Since we were the new guys, he wanted to make sure we wouldn’t feel uncomfortable. After a while, the great room started to clear out. So I was beginning to wonder where everyone went.

I asked the agent, “Where did everyone go?”

“There’s probably up in the game room. Why, you lookin’ for your boyfriend?”

Shocked, I replied, “My boyfriend?” Tom looked at me.

“Yeah, you know. Your boyfriend, Jensen”

Blushing I replied, “Oh, he’s not my boyfriend.”

“OK then, I guess your ‘special friend’ is probably upstairs in the game room. Care for me to show you the way?”

Tom said, “Sure. Why not? We need a change of scenery anyways.” Tom seemed a bit nervous for some reason.

We were led to the elevator. When to doors opened to the second floor, we heard a lot of commotion. It sounded like someone put a porn on in the theater. I got the surprise of my life when we walked past the first guest room. I stopped dead in my tracks.

Naked people were all over the place. Unconsciously, I took a few steps into the room. People were having sex on the beds and on the couches. Whoever wasn’t having sex were standing around talking. Some of them were clothed, others, naked baring all for everyone to see.

Eliza Dushku was bent over a bed, facing us. Her breasts were smashed into the softness of the sheets. Taye Diggs was behind her, thrusting his big black erection into Eliza. The contrast between their skin tones added to the erotic tone in the air. With every thrust, Eliza winced in both pain and pleasure. Not being able to see his cock, I can only imagine that by the look on her face, he must be huge.

On one of the couches there was more activity. There was another black guy naked on the couch. I couldn’t see who it was, as my vision was blocked by the sight of Megan Fox’s breasts bouncing up and down as she was riding the mystery man on the couch. It must be true that black guys have bigger dicks. The guys’ dick was absolutely enormous. It was good and fat, and really long. With each thrust, Megan managed to take every inch of that cock deep in her pussy. The mystery man started to grunt, Megan pushed her pussy all the way down on his cock, and ground her ass into his hips until he finished cumming inside her tiny little pussy. The cum was beginning to ooze out of all sides of her hole. He must have sprayed her with 10 jets of baby batter.

Megan Fox stood up, turned around and went down on the man. Damn, she was blowing Sean Patrick Thomas. He was in amazing shape and had a nice ripped stomach. I guess all that dancing in Save the Last Dance really toned him up! Just then, some other guy I don’t know walked up, touched Megan on her ass, and asked, “May I join you?” She didn’t even look behind her. She kept blowing Sean, and uttered the words, “help yourself” to the guy behind her. He got down on his knees and thrust his erection into her cum-soaked pussy. It made a squishy sound like nothing I’ve ever heard before.

At that point, I was so hot and horny, I could smell my own pussy juices. I was so wet, I could swear I felt myself leaking through my nylons, if that’s even possible. That’s when I noticed another guy I didn’t recognize that was fully clothed walk over to Eliza and asked, “May I join the two of you?” She only shook her head, “no”, and the guy just walked away. Then, Taye pulled out of Eliza and layed down on the bed. Yes, he did indeed have a huge cock like I imagined. Eliza climbed up on the bed, and mounted him as she faced him. Now, it was her turn to fuck Taye, and that’s exactly what she did. She ground into him like there was no tomorrow.

I was so wrapped up in watching Taye with Eliza, waiting to see him fill her with his sperm, that I didn’t notice anyone approaching me. I almost jumped when someone touched my shoulder.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you. I was wondering if you’d like to dance,” asked the stranger.

After I got my bearings again, I was able to focus my attention on this guy. And, I was so wrapped up in my sense of sight that I didn’t even realize there was music playing. It took me a second to realize that Bon Jovi’s You Had Me From Hello was playing. I opened my mouth to respond to the man, but no words came out.

Tom spoke for me and said, “Maybe sometime a little later,” in a very dead-pan voice..

The guy just smiled, said “No problem,” and turned and walked away. I couldn’t believe everything was that formal. Considering that a bunch of people fucking in a room should be rather informal. Everyone seemed to be asking if they could join, and when turned down, they just left them alone.

A waitress with a tray of drinks just walked in the door and right past us. I stopped her, and grabbed a drink off the tray. I downed it, replaced the glass on her tray, and grabbed two more. I handed one to may hubby. Neither one of us said a word. With the interruptions, I missed Taye filing Eliza. I wondered if he shot the same volume of love juice that Sean did. Now Sean is missing and Megan is now face down in the couch getting fucked slow and deep by someone. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Sean Patrick Thomas walking out of the bathroom. He must have freshened up after taking Megan for a spin. He’s walking right up to me. I chugged half of my drink as he approached.

“I see the two of you are enjoying yourselves so far,” Sean exclaimed to us. I hadn’t realized it, but not only was my crotch completely soaked, but my nipples were so erect you could see them poking through the dress from across the room. The inside of my bra was starting to hurt my tender nipples. I looked down between my husbands legs and saw that he was very aroused as well. Though not as big as Sean’s semi-erect cock that was dangling before me.

“Oh, it’s been somewhat enjoyable,” I said. It’d be a hell of a lot better if my clothes were in a pile somewhere out of my sight, with Jen . .

Sean interrupted my thought, “Well, I can see you’re both new here, so let me tell you how this works. There is absolutely no pressure here. Everyone asks if it’s OK to approach you physically, and nothing happens unless you explicitly say it’s OK. Everyone has their own way of asking. Some will ask if you want to hit the sheets, some will ask you to dance, and some will just stare at you and hold out their hand. The methods are different, but the question is the same. And neither of you have to stay up here if you don’t want to. Also, about half the girls in this room are bisexual.”

My pussy spasmed at the thought of Megan Fox eating my pussy.

Sean continued, “And a few of the guys are bi as well. It’s basically an anything-goes environment. Anyone can approach anyone. Are there any ‘questions’ I can answer for either one of you?”

I knew exactly what Sean was getting at. And while I’d love to have that hot man pressed up against me, I just didn’t know what Tom would say about it. Although, I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I’m starting to not care what he thinks. The lust in me is about to turn me into a slut. And I think I like it.

Besides, even if I did walk off with Sean now, I couldn’t start off with a guy THAT big! He was HUGE. “No, I’m all good. How about you honey, any questions or anything,” I asked of my hubby. “Nope, I think that about covers everything,” said my husband. Sean replied, “OK, well then I hope to be seeing more of you later,” in a mildly suggestive voice. I’m in awe. I just had a semi normal conversation with a hot, naked actor in a room where everyone is having sex. Tom and I haven’t really spoken directly to each since we came up here, much less about this situation.

Then I saw Jensen. He opened the door to the exercise room, and the exercise equipment is sex paraphernalia. There’s saddle shaped devices on the floor with dildos attached to them. There’s swings for women to climb in, and guys can walk up and just help themselves to their spread pussies. And there’s a bunch of stuff that I have no idea what the hell it is. Jensen smiled at me and is now walking right to me. My pussy is aching, nipples are throbbing, heart is pounding. If I don’t fuck someone soon, I’m going to explode. I still have no idea what’s going through my husbands head. I turn to my man and mutter, “What . . . How . . . Are you,” I can’t speak.

Tom put his hand on my shoulder, turned me to face him eye-to-eye, and said to me, “You go and enjoy yourself to the fullest, and I’ll still love you in the morning. Have fun baby. I love you.” Tom gave me a kiss on the cheek, turned me towards Jensen, gently pushed me in his direction. Apparently he knew what my body really needed. I couldn’t bring myself to ask him if it was ok if I got some cock in my pussy. I wondered if he just said that so he could get it on with Eliza or someone else. Fuck it. Who cares.

I walked as provocatively to Jensen as I could Gyrating my hips a bit, making sure my tits bounced with each step. About halfway to there, I slid one of my shoulder straps off my shoulder. My tits bounced a bit more with every step. Face to face, I looked down at my tits, and slid down my other shoulder strap. My dress is now staying on my body merely friction.

Jensen said in his wry voice, “Well, well. Look who’s being forwardly frisky,” and winked back, I presume, at Tom. “Well, well. Look at the dumb ass that’s still dressed,” I replied. Shocking myself at that comment. Without saying a word, he removed his shirt, as I stepped out of my dress. I stood there, in a pair of nylons and a bra, and reached down to unbutton his pants and pulled them to the ground. As I stood up, Jensen started to say “Nice bod,” but I cut him off by slamming my lips against his.

After the shock wore off him, he started to kiss me back. When his tongue darted into my mouth, the fire in my belly started to boil over. I wrapped my arms around him and dug my nails into his back. He didn’t even flinch. I started pushing him back towards the bed, and he unhooked my bra in transit. When I pressed him against the bed, I reached down and ripped my nylons off. I jumped into bed, exposing my womanhood to Jensen. I asked him, “Are you ‘coming’, or what?”

“Don’t have to tell me twice, hot stuff,” Jensen exclaimed. With that, he climbed into bed and got between my knees. He started to press a finger into me, as if to get me lubed up. As he reached bottom with very little resistance, a shocked-but-pleased look came over his face. He couldn’t believe that I was so dripping wet.

Before he said a word, I grabbed the back of his neck and pulled his head up to mine, and he laid down on top of me. I wrapped my legs around his waist, as he positioned his cock at the dripping entrance to my cunt. As he started to press himself into me, I pulled him into me with my legs. I wrapped my arms around his back and started to feel him up and down. This man is not buffed, but he is solid as a rock and nicely toned. As he slowly thrusts into me, I could feel the muscles contracting on his back. I could feel the pressure building inside of me. “Faster, Dean, fuck me faster,” I said, confusing his character name with his real name. He didn’t seem to care, as his shaft was buried deep inside me. His cock was about the same size as my husband’s. Jensen started to pick up his speed and whip my snatch up into a frenzy. He repositioned slightly as to get a better aim at my G spot.

I was starting to go crazy. I started to shake uncontrollably, and I started screaming. He kept hammering away at me, and I just kept cumming. He had me so soaked, I could have sworn he came in me. But he didn’t. After I started to come down, I told him to get on his back. He pulled out and we switched positions. Before I mounted him, I decided I would face out into the room so I could see more action. People were fucking on the beds and on the couches. Stacy Keebler was eating out Carmen Electra. I felt a flood building up inside of me. I closed my eyes and slid myself down onto Jensen’s man meat. Jensen said, “Oh yeah, honey! Show me that hot ass of yours!”.

After I got into a good fucking rhythm, I opened my eyes and looked out. To my surprise, standing in front of me wearing only a pair of panties, was Megan Fox, looking at me with sultry eyes. I could still see Stacy and Carmen in my peripheral vision. This made me orgasm again. Instead of closing my eyes, I fought to keep them open so I could stare at Megan’s hot body as each wave of pleasure rushed through me. She then walked over to the side of the bed, and asked us both if she could join us. Simultaniously, we both said, “Any time!”.

Megan dropped her panties and climbed up in bed behind me. She positioned her pussy just above Jensen’s head, facing my back. After she settled into her spot, I started grinding down on Jensen again. I could feel his body moving slightly, and I heard the sounds of his tongue lapping up all the juices flowing from Megan’s pussy. I heard a small moan of pleasure in my ear. Then I felt the pressure of a pair of breasts pressing into my shoulder blades. She then reached around and started to message my breasts lightly. As her fingers started to circle my nipples, she started to lightly kiss my neck. Again, I convulsed and covered Jensen’s cock with another layer of my pussy juices.

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