Jenny stared dejectedly at her phone, hoping that it wouldn’t ring again but knowing that it would, and very soon.

She had too much to drink at the club and let her soon-to-be sisters at Sigma Lambda Tau talk her into writing her number on the bathroom stalls. Alexis, the chapter president, had told her that it was a harmless prank and if she went along she would be a shoo-in for membership and could come back tomorrow and remove the graffiti.

Now she was stuck in a hotel room far from campus and neither Alexis, Kim, nor Shawna would let her anywhere near the door and things had already progressed way too far.

When the first call came in Jenny was reluctant to answer it but Alexis was not going to let her plan go unfulfilled.

“Pick it up, bitch! No one likes a tease.”

“H – Hello?”

“Jenny? I’d love to see you tonight.”

“Well, I don’t…”

“Give me that!” Alexis growled as she snatched the phone away. “Of course she wants you to come over.”

So she gave him the details and while he was on his way the girls explained what they were going to do. Kim jerked her arm back and forth and told Jenny that she was going to give this guy a handjob, and things would proceed from there.

Jenny had her heart set on joining this particular sorority since her junior year of high school, and she thought the girls may still be putting her on, so she agreed.

Alexis walked over to Jenny and whispered “You’re dressed much too conservatively for someone who’s willing to fuck guys walking in off the street.” as she pulled down her shirt, exposing her breasts. Jenny’s small pink nipples were rock hard and the girls noticed this right away.

“Look at how excited she is, the slut!”

Jenny tried to stammer out a protest that it was cold in the room, but she was drowned out by the chant of “Slut! Slut! Slut!”, which stopped only when there was a knock on the door.

There was little chitchat and it was obvious that he was a stranger to them, but a promise was a promise. At least Jenny was thankful that they had done this at a nightclub instead of an all-night diner or the bus station. She went into the bathroom and got some lotion and a washcloth. While she beat him off she heard her phone ring again and Shawna answered. It was going to be a long night.

While they were arranging her next encounter the guy finished into the washrag. Kim noticed and started yelling that he was supposed to come on her, then threw him out into the hallway, followed by his clothes.

During the break in the action Alexis grabbed a strip of condoms from her purse and threw them at Jenny. “Here, you’re going to need these. We look out for our little sisters, we don’t want you to get sick.”

The next guy was one that Jenny had her eye on at the club. She thought his name might be Tony but she couldn’t find out for sure because her mouth was too full to ask. The head of his cock was abnormally large, and Jenny sucked on it like it a lollipop. She must have been enjoying herself since she had her hand between her legs, until Shawna pulled it away and told her to pay full attention to what she was doing. This time, the girls made sure that his load didn’t go to waste and he came on her tits. Afterwards, Jenny tried to get his number but she was ordered to keep quiet. Hopefully he would back at the club next week, if she could get out of this room by then.

There were at least three calls during the blowjob and Jenny started to get scared, so after cleaning up she threatened to tell someone at the school. The girls laughed and said that they had recorded her masturbating during the blowjob on their cell phones, so it would just look like she was a little whore, and they would post it all over the Internet if she tried to get them in trouble.

Resigned to her fate, Jenny waited for the next guy to show up. Mike would have the pleasure of fucking Jenny’s hairless pussy. Jenny was aroused but none of the guys had shown any interest in her. They all just got their rocks off and went on their way. Like the others, Mike’s clothes were off in a matter of seconds and got right to business. Nothing fancy, just good old-fashioned, man-on-top sex. When it was time, he pulled out and removed the condom, coming in almost a continuous stream that flowed up her belly like a flash flood, then up over her right breast. Jenny snapped her head back to avoid being hit in the face, taking it on the chin instead.

Jenny must have know what was coming next. She had never had anal before. During truth or dare at the sorority house she confessed that she had never even had sex doggy style, either. She said that it was because her front side was so gorgeous no one ever thought about flipping her over, and the girls believed her.

Jenny never even saw the guy. As Alexis had made her face away from the door with her ass in the air when he entered the room. She screamed as it went in, the girls had forgotten to lube her up. It felt like a monster but she couldn’t be sure because she was so tight back there. Shawna jammed Jenny’s bra into her mouth as a gag, before someone called security. With his hands on Jenny’s hips, he fucked her roughly for several minutes before ejaculating on her back.

After he left, Jenny picked her panties off the floor and started putting them on. Shawna caught her and threw her to the bed.

“What are you doing, you’re not done yet!”

“But I already did everything.”

“Everything?” Alexis asked. “You’re so naive, Jenny.”

“Have you given a rimjob yet?” Kim interjected. “Well, no.” “Been fisted?” “Tried watersports?” “Had an enema?” “Done a midget?” “Uh, none of those.”

“Well, I’d hardly say you’ve done everything yet.” Alexis giggled. “I have to take a piss, don’t go anywhere”, she said, picking up her bag.

Jenny could hear a crowd gathering in the hallway. Shawna ducked outside to quiet the commotion. With Shawna gone and Alexis in the bathroom, Jenny considered trying to escape, but Kim was between her and the door. Unfortunately, Kim was on the swim team and could easily overpower her, or at least slow her down long enough for the others to assist.

Then came the sound that Jenny had came to despise – her ringtone.

“Answer it, slut.”

“Make me.”

It took Kim just two steps towards Jenny with her fist cocked for her to get the message.

“Jenny speaking.”

“I’m so horny baby, I’ve been thinking about fucking you all night.”

The voice on the other end sounded familiar, but she couldn’t quite place it, until Alexis opened the door and stepped out of the bathroom, phone in hand, wearing nothing except a purple strap-on. She reached into her bag and tossed matching equipment in pink and turquoise to Kim and Shawna, who had just returned.

“There’s something else you haven’t done yet… us!” Alexis said, still on the phone, then hanging up and putting it on the nightstand.

“And unlike the boys, we refuse to wear rubbers” Shawna snickered.

“But first, let’s get to know you a little better.”

Alexis guided Jenny to the bed and laid her down with her legs hanging over the edge, spreading them apart with her hands.

“What do you call it?” “Little Jenny” “Well, hello there Little Jenny,” Alexis cooed, then she swirled her tongue around Jenny’s entrance. “My… my clit.” “Excuse me?” lifting her head. “Little Jenny is my clit, n… not my cunt.”

Alexis apologized and got back to work, this time paying plenty of attention to Little Jenny, while also probing two fingers inside her. Jenny started to moan and closed her eyes, which was probably a bad idea because it wasn’t more than fifteen seconds later that Kim rudely interrupted her daydream by slapping her rubber cock across her face. “You forget why you’re here. Suck it, bitch.” Jenny was so aroused that she lost all inhibitions, grabbed the strap on, and noisily started slurping on it.

Not wanting to be left out, Shawna smeared some lube between Jenny’s breasts, then straddled her and began fucking those perfect titties, which at a C cup were just big enough to get the job done.

Jenny liked to suck her partner’s balls when she was giving head, but when she tried she realized too late the strap-on was a dildo only, and her tongue landed squarely on Kim’s pussy instead.

“Ooh, Jenny – I never realized you were into girls.”

“I don’t know what I’m into anymore, my head is spinning.”

Jenny had never been with another woman before, but she knew what she liked and liked what Alexis was doing to her, so she used her pussy like a remote control for her tongue. A little bit of left and right, a lot of up and down, and the occasional push.

Kim ratted her out “Alexis, she’s copying your technique.” Jenny immediately stopped what she was doing, fearful that she would be punished. “Don’t worry baby,” Alexis reassured her “all the new girls do it. You’ll develop your own style eventually.”

Jenny got back into her rhythm and could feel her climax approaching. As it arrived, Kim came as well, collapsing on Jenny’s face and driving her nose into her cunt. Finally, Kim rolled off of Jenny and let her get some air.

Even though Alexis was the head of the chapter, Kim was obviously the dominant one in bed. “Girl, you made me so hard, I’m going to fuck you now. Does she need lubed up?”

“Are you kidding? She’s good to go,” Alexis confirmed.

Kim moved to the foot of the bed and turned Jenny into position, kneeling upright while Jenny lay on her back. Then Kim parted her lips with one hand while inserting the strap-on with the other. Even though Jenny was dripping wet it was still a tight fit. Kim started slowly, then sped up her thrusting as Jenny’s juices reduced the friction.

With Kim’s muscular body and huge strap-on, Jenny pretended that it was a guy fucking her, since she was still a little uncomfortable with the thought of being a lesbian or bisexual. Then again maybe she was just kidding herself, since she knew that Kim was definitely all woman.

As Kim penetrated Jenny, Alexis and Shawna each took a breast, licking and sucking her sensitive nipples. Jenny returned the favor by rubbing their swollen clits with her thumbs while fingering their dripping pussies.

“We’ll probably have to pay for these sheets,” Shawna joked.

Unlike Mike, Kim made sure to slam it home with every stroke, which put pressure on Jenny’s clit, and she had a second orgasm.

Kim felt Jenny’s legs tighten around her as she came. “Why are you letting her have all the fun? She is supposed to be pleasing us. Let’s fill her up.”

Kim slid out of Jenny and lay down beside her. “Climb on top of me,” she ordered. Jenny faced Kim and swung her leg over her torso. “No, the other way,” Kim corrected her, and moved her into reverse cowgirl position. Alexis grabbed the bottle of lube and rubbed a good amount on the head of the strap-on and Jenny’s bottom.

As Kim lifted her up and down, fucking Jenny’s ass for only the second time ever, Alexis climbed on top, while Shawna stood above Jenny and fed her her strap-on.

Shawna leaned into Alexis and they began kissing passionately. This excited Jenny terribly and she began to feel another climax building. Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her nipple, which sent her over the edge as she screamed with pain and pleasure.

She looked down and saw something shiny hanging off her left breast. She had been pinned! “Welcome, sister Jenny,” Alexis said after she pried her lips away from Shawna’s.

When this night began, Jenny thought it would never end. Now, she hoped it never would.

You are looking good tonight and you know it. Nothing subtle. Portland class, looking a little sassy with your cherry red lipstick, your winter coat hides your soft skin from prying eyes. The dress you have on underneath is nothing short of scandalous; the black elastic fabric hugs your ass, just barely covering it standing up and you don’t even want to think of how exposed you will be if you have to bend over to pick something up.

The top of your dress hugs your body equally tight, and your bra has your perky mounds pressed tightly together showing off a lovely V of cleavage. A thin silver necklace hangs from your neck and dangles the pendant just at the top of the V, intentionally drawing anyone’s eyes from your sexy neck downwards. Everything about you beckons to the men around.

We have arranged to meet several men tonight. One says he likes to dance, so we are headed to a club downtown to see if he is what he says he is. Being a bit early, I get the both of us shots at the bar then drag you to the dance floor until we recognize one of them. It quickly feels like the DJ is playing directly to the two of us with a deep, bass-filled house beat.

My hands are on your hips, you ass against my groin, we grind and sway, engrossed with each other’s incredible sexuality, ignoring everything else around. My hand slides forward and brushes your inner thigh as I pull your head back for a deep kiss of your red lips and then exposed, upturned neck.

The tempo then turns up a bit and we separate slightly to dance more freely. That is when I realize we are being watched by someone who looks like he knows us. Eyes closed, you are too engrossed with the music to notice, so I nod to him and motion for him to come over. He slips in next to me and without a word I slide away from you and let him become the target of your arousing dance.

It doesn’t take you long to realize there is a new set of hands behind you exploring your waist and, timidly, your barely covered ass. I sit at the bar, lean back, and analyze the gentleman over a freshly poured beer. He has as long as it takes me to drink my beer to impress. After several minutes of broken on and off chatting while dancing I see you begin to relax and open up to his hands as they guide you side to side. Your back arches slightly and I can tell you are teasing his cock with your ass as we lock eyes from across the room. I can’t help but need to adjust my growing erection as you smile slyly at me. Ok, if he has you smiling, he has me smiling. As I watch he looks to me once more briefly, checking if all is well.

I raise my glass to both of you and nod. He doesn’t look back again and becomes completely engrossed with your sinful dancing. I love watching you grind into him. I love watching him slow down and enjoy the tease as you clearly push your ass into him. I love watching his hands slide up and down you as rock back and forth. His hands guide yours up into the air, exposing your beautiful body to all who wish to look, then his hands trickle down your sides, agonizingly close to your breasts. With a slight turn, you push a breast into his hand and as you turn back away from me I see his fingers wrap around it, massaging it for the first time. Feeling your exposed flesh for the first time.

I can’t sit back anymore; my arousal is too great. With one long pull I throw back the remaining beer in my glass and walk over to you both, intent on getting in on the action, intent on you. Stepping onto the dance floor I mingle and slowly make my way through the now crowded group of dancing people. I dance near by you, unnoticed for a bit and watch the almost imperceptible sexual cues you both throw back and forth at each other while dancing. A slight brush of your ass by his hand elicits a push back into his hardon. A flip of your hair towards him causes him to lean into your neck. A knee spreads your legs slightly and you drop low to rub the fabric of your panties on his leg flashing a quick view of your brightly colored panties in the process. You turn to facing him which allows him to grab your ass firmly and pull you into his thigh providing you yet again with something to grind on. In this moment you see me eyeing you from a few people away and motion me over with a “come hither” finger.

I smile to both of you and take up a position dancing behind you. He backs off slightly and you are now mine again. Over the next several minutes we are nearly fucking on the dance floor. Your leg lifts as my fingers slide up your thigh, exposing your soaked neon orange panties. “Good choice,” I think to myself as my fingers brush your mound. You shudder at the touch and immediately push my withdrawing hand back down under your skirt as it rides high up your ass. As my hand cups your entire sex I feel your skirt fabric stretched slightly and realize that his hands are also on your ass, kneading and prying your cheeks apart. Both of us vie for position with you over the next several minutes. The competition for you is slowly driving me mad with lust.

The DJ’s hour is up quickly and the next one does not have as pleasant of a sound so we leave the dance floor and head back to the bar. You leave us briefly to use the ladies room and as you walk away I hand him a note and something else you can’t quite make out. Once you are gone He reads it, smiles, and leaves without another word. Upon your return the moment has dissolved and we both relax for a little bit once you see he has left. We caress and laugh at the bar at how surreal the moment was. You say you would have let him fuck you if he had stayed around. After another drink and some more time sharing fantasies about other attractive bar patrons we head back to the hotel room.

After a short walk you open the door and walk inside with me close on your heels. As you take your coat off I slide up behind you and kiss your neck softly and say, “I have a surprise for you.” He steps out from the next room and smiles. His eyes catch yours and your breath is sharply taken in as the excitement, panic, and arousal all hit you at once. I ask you if you are ok, you nod. You get your first good look at this handsome stranger in real light as he walks to one side of you as I kiss you deeply and then relax my hands from your back and round ass.

Immediately both of our hands are pawing at you. We start by running our hands all over your body, bunching up your shirt, rolling your bra strap off your shoulder, caressing your erect nipples through the thin fabric and lightly pinching them. Then with one man tucked in behind you and one in front, we slowly undress you, kissing, caressing, and sucking on every inch of newly exposed, soft, skin. One set of hands helps slide your shirt off your head, while the other takes advantage of your temporarily bound, up-stretched arms to pull the cups of your bra to one side and aggressively grab your supple breasts in each hand, sucking your exposed nipples into his mouth. I hold your hands, tangled in your shirt, above your head so you are at the mercy of the tongue and strong fingers exploring you from the front, my kisses down your neck, and my growing hard-on pressing into your begging hips.

He sucks hard in your nipples, eliciting a slight groan from you encouraging him on. After several minutes of frozen bliss as we explore you, you squirm, I let go, and we escort you to the couch in the hotel room where you kneel on the seat cushion and lean forward over the backrest which presents your round, barely covered ass to us both. You smile a very wicked smile at me as the stranger walks around ahead of you, and kisses you deeply, probing your mouth with his tongue, while you hear him unzipping his pants and fumbling with his belt. I kneel down behind you, and take a moment to savor your upturned ass and arched back before running my hands slowly up your inner thighs barely brushing the smooth skin. My fingers find warmth and wetness when they contact the edge of your panties. They slowly slip under the edge, pulling aside the thin, bright, underwear and you feel the cool air on your wetness as you are exposed for the first time tonight.

Coolness is immediately replaced with warmth as my tongue presses into you, licking and sucking up and down the length of your slit. As you arch your back further and push into my tongue, you feel my hand grab your ass and my fingers brush your tight asshole as I squeeze and spread your soft cheeks to better get at your honey. As I lick I can sense a rhythmic back and forth as you begin taking his cock into your mouth like a good little slut. At first you tenderly lick it and watch it quiver with every touch, but your lips eventually gives way to his insistent, gentle hip thrusts. Soon he has his hand on your head and is controlling each thrust into your sucking mouth.

As your body rocks back and forth, the tongue in your pussy and cock in your mouth find a harmony of rhythm and for a short time all is right in the world! Each thrust from his thick manhood elicits a deep probing lick from my eager tongue. I know you can deep throat his cock so as I bury my tongue in your pussy my hand finds your hair to push you down deeper onto his cock. He understands what I am doing and stills his thrusting so that I can slowly work your head down his cock. I feel a slight gag, and watch your asshole tighten sharply, then push you down a little harder until your nose is pressed into his shaven pubic bone. My hand releases your hair and you bob up and down his pole, tongue out, caressing the base of his manhood with each deep penetration.

The ecstasy is broken after several minutes as we both become curious and desire to experience the part of you that the other has gotten to enjoy. We command you to flip over on the couch and you take a seated position. He kneels on the floor and immediately buries a finger in your dripping cunt while I climb above you and offer my cock to your mouth. You see the glint of precum dripping down the tip of my cock and swirl it around my swollen tip with your tongue before flashing me a seductive smile, leaning forward and taking as much of me into your mouth as you can in the first moment I am inside you. My head rolls back towards the sky as your warm, soft mouth embraces my head and shaft.

When I look back down there is a little cherry red line low on the shaft from your lipstick. I grab your hair, pull your head back to the headrest of the sofa and proceed to force my cock down your throat until you are gasping for air and I am nearly ready to unload into you.

The newcomer’s tongue and fingers play in your wetness, spreading it across your swollen lips. Some of it drips down and your excitement grows as his fingers brush lower and he realizes your cute little asshole now is as slippery and primed as your pussy! His first touch, the first deliberate pressure to your ass is very noticeable; your enthusiastic energy put toward sucking my cock suddenly disappears and is turned inwards, focused on the new sensation of naughty pleasure emanating from between your legs. A moan escapes your occupied mouth encouraging him to continue the licking, fingering, and probing. His licking becomes slow and rhythmic, running long pleasurable loops around your clit while his two dripping fingers steadily plunge in and out of you, matching his flicking tongue.

I step back behind the couch and lean forward caressing your breasts while he works on you. Watching another man pleasuring you is a massive turnon. Your erect nipples feel soft as I roll them between my fingers. I lean down to suck and nibble on one, and the electric shot as I bite a little too hard courses through your body causing you to squirm as I hold you in place. I soften my sucking and biting, but tighten my grip on each breast as you push your chest into my hands and tip your head back. I take this as an invitation to plunge my tongue into your mouth and then hold you in place by delicately holding your lower lip between my teeth. (Side note: Dear fucking god I am so horny as I write this!!!)

He takes your thrusting hips as an invitation as well. You feel another finger slip into your pussy, filling you further. Tongue swirling, fingers pumping, he feels your pussy tense on his slick fingers as he lightly runs a finger across your cute ass. Your breathing quickens, and with a moan you begin to cum. The waves roll over you, fingers curling around anything you can grab; a handful of hair, my arm holding you in place for him, the couch, anything!

Your orgasm subsides. Your breathing slows. You open your eyes and through a haze of hair you see two smiling faces. But the faces are not just smiling contently. No. There is a glint of mischievousness in those eyes. I have more planned for you. As you lay naked, exposed, and exhausted, I walk over to the bedside and make a short phone call. I turn and admire you as I begin to stroke my cock with the lingering wetness from your mouth. Then a knock, from the adjoining room.

The stranger gets up and unlatches the lock, while I tie a red silk fabric across your eyes. Footsteps. Several footsteps. There is rustling all around you. I gently usher you to the corner of the bed and lay you down. As the blindfold comes off you see seven young men around you without shirts exposing their tight, toned bodies. Each has his manhood in his hand, offering it to you like a gift to royalty. Their muscles ripple and pulse with each forceful stroke down each shaft surrounding you. You take one in each hand, first gently but after a moment your boldness grows as you realize this is all for you. The cream waiting inside each man is yours to coax out.

You frantically stroke and suck at each offered member while the rest are pumped with strong hands, inches from your body. One man positions himself behind you and roughly shoves a huge cock into you. His first stroke is deep, causing your eyes to widen and you recoil abruptly once the cock head pushes too far into your cunt. Someone’s hands hold you in place on the bed and the fat cock slides back in again. Hands grab at your breasts, your ass, and your now gushing cunt. Wet, slippery fingers slide into your ass as you are held in place, a sex slave to the men using you. The scent of men laboring over you overwhelms you. Glistening chests and arms surround you, flexing with each moment of pleasure. The sensation of many hands caressing, squeezing, groping your body overwhelms. Someone’s fingers are doing a good job of stimulating your clit and after several more minutes you are overwhelmed by all the sensation and cum hard. The force of it rocks you off the big cock, your body tips back onto the bed, exposing your breasts to all of the men as they work their cocks over you. Your hand whips down to your pussy to finish off the orgasm.

Just as your orgasm is beginning to wind down your wrists are grabbed by unknown hands and are guided back to stimulate the men, your dripping fingers stealing wetness to lubricate each untended shaft over you. You hear a grunt and turn just in time to see the first man’s load erupt and fly onto your chest. Shot after shot covers you. No sooner is the one man finished, then two more urgently step forward and take aim between your spread legs, releasing their sticky, warm juices onto your bald, abused pussy. Another then grabs your breasts with one hand and milks his load perfectly onto your nipple and areola. The warmth of it floods your body with excitement and your slick fingers push the warm cum from your cunt and legs onto your clit as you start frantically rubbing yourself again.

I step next to the remaining strangers, work my cock into your mouth and begin to fuck it, pushing past your gag reflex and protests and slide deep into your throat. The rest see this and it sends them all over the edge. The remaining rigid cocks pour out their loads onto every part of you, covering your soft skin in cum. You can feel it running down your neck, your thighs, your stomach, your perky nipples.

Very shortly I too can’t take it any more and get three hard pumps before exploding onto your face and neck. Breathing heavily, I step back and admire the sticky, slutty mess before me. You sit up and cum drips from your chin, hangs off a nipple, and slowly slides down to the sheets past your dripping cunt. I have never been more turned on in my life. You are getting fucked all over again as soon as the guys have left. Your night isn’t even close to over…

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat as I drove, trying to ease through the slushy streets as quickly as possible. I was late, I knew it, and no doubt he knew it too. Master had texted me my newest orders; at the rate I was going, I was going to be punished for sure.

The thought made it no easier to drive. I had been waiting for this for weeks, to put myself blindly back into his hands and be at his mercy. I tried to imagine what he’d do to me, or more importantly, how long he’d draw out my anticipation before finally granting me my release. Although he had been pleased when I surprised him a few weeks before, Master had made it clear that, after graduation, I was not allowed to come until we met again. Finally, that day was here.

I slowly steered into the hotel’s parking lot, slowly moving around to find a spot not filled with cars or piled with dirty slush. I glanced at my clock again and groaned at the glowing digits. 2:06. Only a few minutes late, but perhaps he wouldn’t know. I was to stay in my car for half an hour, after all. Sit in an attitude of reflection and penitence…You will continue teasing, subtly, while in timeout.

My cheeks reddened. Staying in the cold, warming myself up with thoughts of his punishment and oh so pleasant tortures…It was already maddening enough to have put myself through constant teasings, with his prompting texts and voicemails. Half an hour, I reminded myself silently. I finally pulled into a spot and turned off my engine, leaving myself with only my thoughts.

My phone buzzed on almost immediately, and I couldn’t help but gasp. The little privacy icon flashed at the top, notifying it was Master. You were late, and you did not stay on the north side. You are testing my patience, Slave!

I blushed again, looking around. Was he able to see me? Was he watching me from inside, or his car? I blanched, quickly swyping a reply. I don’t know which side that is, I’m sorry. I was horrible at directions. But that didn’t excuse me for being late, I knew.

Again, my phone buzzed. Did I NOT just tell you to not use your cellphone?! Are you fucking with me? TEASE yourself!!

I dropped my cell as if the plastic burned me. Oh, he sounded mad! I didn’t hesitate, but unzipped my fleece coat enough to give me access to my chest. If anyone saw me in my car, it would appear I was warming my hands. Only I was warming much more than that…

I could feel myself burning up in excitement as I played with my nipple through my shirt. Three weeks since my last Master-induced orgasm…the smallest touch made me instantly ready. As my right hand tweaked through my shirt, my left slide down to my skirt. The tight jean material rubbed against my crotch already, and I pushed it further, right over my clit. I sighed at the feeling. Slowly, I started to rub, small circles around my hot little button that I knew would be pushed many, many times today.

I teased myself slowly, letting myself build up at a gentle pace. I had pushed myself too fast in the last three weeks, reaching the edge and having to tighten every muscle in an effort to not fall over. This time, I was enjoying the build, my last half hour before Master took his turn. I had no idea what mood he was in this time; would he push me over and over as fast and hard as he could, never letting me get there until he wanted? Or would I be spoiled rotten, given every climax I rose to under his orchestration?

After a few minutes, I moved my left hand, letting my fingers trail over my soft legs and beneath the smooth jean material of my skirt. I felt the lace barrier at my entrance, already damp from Master’s texts and my own slow teasing. I pushed it aside carefully, letting two fingers feel my progress as I resigned myself to “timeout.”

I moaned. I could feel how hot I was, just how wet and ready I was to finally go inside and meet Master again. To be put to his use, and treated as his (and only his) slut. My body pulsed slightly at the thought, and I pushed my fingers further, letting me slide softly inside.

“Ah…” I moved slowly, closing my eyes. I did not know how much longer I had to sit, no longer having my clock to show me, but I did not want to wait. I imagined Master sitting beside me, my fingers replaced with his, yielding much more satisfaction. I moved a little faster, my other hand pinching and playing with my breasts behind the protection of my coat.

I let myself play, enjoying my daydream and turning over my pleasure to my imagination’s Master. He controlled me well, moving his fingers faster and curling the thick digits inside me, making me pant softly in the cold air. I knew my teasing was going to have to pause soon, or else risk going too far, but for now I let “his” fingers play.

A few times I checked my mirror to see if anyone was around, as well as allowing myself to cool down momentarily before I again pushed my body forward. I was so wrapped up in my teasing that when my phone chirped out a text message, I moaned in brief disappointment…I didn’t want to stop. But knowing who was likely on the other end of that message, I pulled my fingers away and reached for my abandoned cell.

Flipping it on, I scanned the text. In 5 minutes, you will knock on room 124. You will enter, and after situated will explain your new toy.

I gazed over at my passenger seat, looking at the sleek black box resting on it. My new toy…I had bought it to replace the ones he had purchased for me, sadly remembering how even the second one died so suddenly. I had put in batteries and read the instructions, but had not tested it out on myself yet…I wanted Master to have that honor first. Hopefully, he’ll like it, I thought.

I slid my coat back into place and grabbed my backpack. If I had to be knocking in five minutes, I had better find the right room. I slide out of the car, ignoring the dull pulsing between my legs from my unfinished play. Instantly, I shivered in the freezing air, my exposed skin getting goosebumps. I hurried to the hotel, looking at all the separate buildings. Room 124…

It took me nearly the whole five minutes to find the correct building. Shifting my backpack onto my shoulder, I quickly scaled the icy steps and stood outside the door, shivering. “Come on,” I urged my phone, willing the numbers to change quickly so I could get inside soon. I tugged my fleece coat closer around me and waited. One more minute…

The moment the numbers changed on my screen, I put my phone in my pocket and knocked on the door. I swiveled around quickly, careful to not slip on the icy landing. But the door didn’t open. I paused for a moment, trying to ignore my hot breath clearly visible in the cold air. Did I have the wrong hotel room?

I was about to turn and knock again when the door jerked open and hands grabbed my arms, dragging me inside. I squeezed my eyes shut instinctively, trying not to squeak in surprise. I heard the door click shut, and my bag was tugged off my shoulder.

“Where’s your blindfold?”

I shifted the box into one hand and patted my pocket, suddenly unable to speak from excitement. Master had ordered me to bring my own this time. Though I did not find one like his, I did find a suitable piece of fabric. The box was ripped out of my hand and I jumped when his warm breath tickled my ear. “Then put it on.” I heard him step back, and once I couldn’t hear his steps anymore I pulled the silky black strip out of my coat.

Slowly, I lifted it to my eyes, tying it off behind my head in a firm but comfortable knot. It was not as nice as his blindfold, but it would do. It was pitch black, and the knot ensured it would not slide off. My hands were shaking when I lowered them back to my sides, unsure what to do next. “M-Master…?”

As if on cue, his hand reached out and spun me around, making me gasp. I felt fingers tug at my zipper, pushing the fleece apart roughly to reveal the rest of my Christmas outfit to his eyes.

I knew he would like it…a silky, translucent button-up under a red t-shirt sporting “Just how good do I have to be?” on my chest…my gray skirt, just barely covering my ass, and of course, a red, lacy thong, just in time for the season. My tall boots hid my Christmas stockings, but he’d find them soon enough. The last detail was my black tie, knotted smartly just as he requested.

I thought I heard him let out his breath, but I was too wrapped up in controlling my own excited breathing to be sure. My shoulders were grabbed and I was led forward a few feet, my heels clicking on the hard floor. Suddenly, he stopped me and pressed me back against a door. My hands were guided above me slowly and methodically bound. I squirmed anxiously…I was really getting fond of these bonds.

As I waited, Master moved close to me, barely brushing up against me. I bit my lower lip to stop from moaning, but it was difficult. My last orgasm was at graduation…I was ready to explode and he hadn’t even started! His hands brushed past my face and I felt headphones slide in place. Nervous, I waited to hear what he would play for me this time.

Almost immediately soft moans filled my ears, and I sighed in reply. Hearing myself getting teased and fucked was certainly a mood setter, and I felt myself get wetter as I listened. I tried not to moan as he brushed against me again, but soon he pulled away, leaving me alone with the audio.

I licked my lip, nervous energy building up. I adjusted my hands as best as I could…the soft rope had me stretched up higher than usual, and it was making me all the more excited. I wanted Master to come touch me…

I nearly moaned along with the audio, listening to the sound of a whip crack against my skin from one of our previous engagements. I willed myself to calm down. Patience. I tried to decipher which recording this was to help visualize…

A hand traced my jaw and down my neck, and I jumped from the sensation. I couldn’t stop the pleasurable sigh from escaping my mouth. I felt his fingers slide down my chest, to my skirt, and for a moment, underneath. “Ahh!” I whispered, pushing my hips forward.

The hand disappeared instantly, and I pouted silently. He loved to tease, and today was no exception. I was about ready to beg when I felt him again, sliding my lacy thong aside and probing me with something hard. It was buzzing pleasantly to a slow beat, and I moaned thankfully. My new toy sank inside me easily.

I squirmed as my panties were pulled down completely, my skirt pushed up around my hips to give Master a good view. “Pleaase…” I moaned. The toy pulsed steadily, keeping me on the verge just as I’d been for weeks. Master pulled away again, leaving me alone with my new device.

Suddenly, the toy’s intensity rose, buzzing wildly inside me. I jerked against the ropes, moaning in surprise. The pulse quickly dropped back down, then up again, and I cried out. “Master!” I couldn’t hear him, but I could imagine a grin on his face as he toyed with me, continuing to raise and lower the vibrations at his will. Apparently, he had figured out my new device without me. I was panting, no longer hearing my past moans as I overtook them. It was magical.

I felt the pressure build up inside me, and I bit my lip. “Siiiir,” I whined, trying desperately to hold back. “Please, I’m so close!”

My admission led to the toy being removed instantly, much to my disappointment. I tried to catch my breath during my break, but my adrenaline was rushing, making my whole body tingle. “M-Master…oh!” I nearly jumped again as my legs were pushed apart, and his tongue was inside me.

“Ooh…” I groaned, tilting my head back against the door. Master’s hands dug into my skin, keeping me still as he tasted me. My fingers curled into tight fists as I pulled against the ropes. He explored every inch, his teeth biting my clit and making me flinch.

Once again I was at the edge. I didn’t get the chance to ask for permission; Master seemed to already know, and had pulled away quickly. “No!” I cried, trying to squeeze my legs together to finish. Strong hands kept me still, and I tried to resist.

Through my headphones, I heard his voice close to my ear. “First time you come will be on my cock, Slave.” I groaned, and felt him rest against my pussy, hot and ready to go. My skirt was hiked further up and I was lifted into the air, my hands reflexively grabbing the ropes for support. Without another word, he pushed inside me, quickly filling me.

I wrapped my legs around his waist, gasping. Master wasted no time, fucking me at a quick pace. I moaned loudly, unable to speak. I felt his fingers dig deeper into my thighs, bracing me against the door. “Come, Slave!”

I exploded. “Master!” I knew I was digging my boots into him but I was too wrapped up by the fierce tingling that had intensified all over my body. “Oooh fuck, Master!” My nerves were on fire as he kept pumping into me, his thrusts hard and deep.

The tingling continued as he finally set me back on unsteady feet, sliding out unceremoniously. I groaned as he left, but I forced myself to focus on standing. I felt Master’s hands on my jean skirt, tugging it down my hips and to the floor. My t-shirt was lifted over my head, still trapped on my arms.

My headphones were ripped off, and warm lips pressed against my ear. “Is this a good shirt or bad shirt?” Fingers danced on the hem of my button-up, and I shivered. His touch after that incredible orgasm nearly launched me into another.

“Good…um, no bad!” I stammered, my mind slowly catching up with my breath. I gasped as he ripped it open, again sending buttons scattering across my unseen fantasy world. The fabric was pushed apart, giving him access to my chest. I squeaked when he took a nipple in his fingers, pinching hard. “Ow!”

Master disappeared for a moment, announcing his return with the soft hum of my new bullet. I moaned as it slipped inside me, massaging me to the brink. I turned my head, unable to keep quiet as he pressed his remote against my clit. The additional buzzing was too much, and I came again, crying out much to Master’s pleasure.

I felt the ropes loosen on my wrists and I was pulled away from the door, my shirts stripped off my torso the rest of the way and discarded like the other clothes. A firm grip took my arm and I was led forward, unsteadily.

Something soft but firm pressed against my upper thighs, and before I could explore I was pushed over it. It felt like leather, I noted as I let my trembling hands search. Master stripped me of my boots, leaving me clad in my tie and knee high socks only. Ties secured my legs apart, and again I was left alone.

I waited for Master to return and bind my wrists, but he never did. Before I could revel in my little freedom, thin leather stung my ass with a loud smack. I jerked, trying to pull away. “Ow!” I repeated defiantly, turning my head blindly to look over my shoulder. I got no reply, but another stinging smack landed. My fingers dug into the leather furniture as I whimpered.

“Stay still, Slave.” I forced myself to relax as I took another hit, the pain mixing with intense pleasure as my toy buzzed wickedly. I repeated his words silently in my head with every stroke, turning my cries into moans. The torture did not last long, to my relief. A long minute passed with only my vibrating bullet breaking the silence. I kept my moans in check, trying desperately to listen for Master’s next move. What did he have planned?

“Aww!” I groaned as my toy was deftly removed after a quick pause against my throbbing clit. My ties were released just as quickly and I was pulled back to a stand, though I wondered how well I would have fared if Master made me stand alone. My legs felt like jelly from the little tortures I’d been through, and I knew he was far from finished with me.

I obediently followed Master’s lead, hoping a bed was to be our next destination. Being deprived from any release until today was sending me into overdrive now, and I wasn’t sure how much longer I could stand with his expertise. The thought was quickly shoved from mind, however, as I suddenly felt Master moving higher. My foot hit something blocking my way, and I froze.

Master paused, pulling my hand. “Upstairs, Slave,” he ordered quietly, and my mouth fell open in surprise. Stairs? In a hotel room? I moved slowly, testing each unseen step carefully before following the man higher.

He guided me up about twelve steps when he paused, making me stop on the stairs. “On second thought, back downstairs.” I felt him move past me and start to pull me down, but I locked up. I was sure I would fall down the steps, and being unable to see was making my paranoia act up. Sensing my hesitancy, Master took a step closer to me. “Use the railing and come toward me.” I shook my head, trembling. It was irrational, but I couldn’t move.

Master sighed and guided my hand to a smooth wooden railing. “Come, Slave.” I felt warmth spread across my face at the words…how those same words could make me feel so good if he let me. Slowly, he coaxed me down the stairs, with me pausing to firmly rest my foot before taking a new step. Sue me, I was scared enough as it was!

When I finally reached the main floor, I barely had time to take a shaky breath before Master led me around a corner. In an instant I was laying on my stomach at the edge of a bed, the soft mattress tickling my sensitive skin. My legs were pushed apart, leaving me exposed to the warm air.

I waited breathlessly, imagining all the things my handsome tormentor might have planned. The softest tip of tongue touched my inner thigh, and I flexed my legs in response, moaning. Emboldened, he moved higher, tongue trailing a path up to my pussy lips. I felt him right at my center, licking and probing with his practiced muscle as I shook above him. It was all I could do to hold onto the mattress…

“Oh, Master!” I cried out as he plunged into me, drinking me up. I squirmed on the bed, but he held me still with muscular arms. “Please, sir, oh!” I tensed above him, hovering at the edge of climax that I so desperately wanted. “Please, let me come!”

I buried my face in the mattress as he nipped my clit in response, making me flood. Stars seemed to dance in front of my eyes, I was so overwhelmed. I didn’t hear Master for a few minutes, but I took the alone time as a much needed break as I sank to my knees.

I do not know how long he left me to control myself. I felt my tie pulled tight, bringing me back to my bent position over the bed’s edge. Warm skin pressed against mine, and I moaned as I felt him push into me. “Maaster…” I whimpered, propping myself up on my elbows. I felt his arm slide around me as he pulled closer, driving himself much deeper.

“Santa filled your stocking,” he muttered in my ear, and I moaned happily. Something soft tickled my neck as he leaned over me, hands under my body to twist my nipples. I nearly pulled away, yelping, but he held me firm and kept fucking, his cock pummeling away.

“Please!” I arched my back as he thrust deeper, his right hand reaching back to yank on my long hair. “God yes!” I loved being filled up so roughly, so completely. The soft tickling came again, making my heightened senses again on alert.

His mouth connected with my shoulder, biting me gently. “Come, Slave!” I nodded blissfully, rocking against him as my orgasm hit. As my body pulsed against him, he pulled out and pushed me onto the bed.

I tried to catch my breath as he crawled onto the soft mattress after me. Once the movements stilled, I felt a hand on my wrist. “Get on. Now.” I found and straddled his body as quickly as I could, heart still racing excitedly. He sank into me easily and I rode him fast, feeling another rise approaching quickly.

Master seized my bouncing chest as I fucked faster, twisting my nipples harder than ever. “Oww!” I yelped, but I thrust my chest out further, giving him better access. He teased and punished my pinked breasts, reveling in my constant string of moans as a result.

I came one more time, loudly as he pulled on my tie. I doubled over onto his chest, panting hard. Master turned me to face him, closing the space between us for a kiss. Soft fabric tickled my forehead, and I pulled away, giggling. “Master?”

He laughed and yanked my blindfold down. I blinked, smiling down at his handsome face. His soft brown hair was hidden by a large Santa’s hat, with small LED lights flashing festively with red and green. “Ho ho ho!” he mustered, and I broke into giggles.

“Thank you Santa,” I cooed, running my fingers along the soft white brim of his hat. I pushed the fuzzy hat off his forehead and kissed his brow lightly. “I’m loving my presents.” I lifted my hips and slammed back down, making us both sigh out loud.

My festive Master grinned wider, squeezing my ass as I rode faster. “Then maybe you’ll give me one.” I nodded, waiting for his request. He spanked me lightly, licking his lips. “Let me have your ass…”

I laughed at the earnest look in his eyes. “Only if you’ll come in me there.” He seemed surprised but nodded. We had only tried my back entrance once, after using my toy first. Even then, it was difficult, and we only lasted about a minute before moving on. I was determined to give it another shot.

“Let me get something first.” I waited for permission to leave, offering a long kiss as I slowly pulled away. Ignoring my tingling legs, I hurried through the hotel. The grand place definitely needed to be explored later, but for now, I had one goal in mind…finding my bag. I finally found it by the door and searched through the front pocket quickly, grabbing a small bottle.

I practically ran back through the double doors into the bedroom. Master was waiting, arms crossed behind him. I jumped back on the enormous mattress, excitedly showing my find. “Now,” I teased, reaching down and giving his excited member a lick, “…we can get started on your present.”

I gently squeezed the bottle, letting the cool liquid coat my fingers. The scent of strawberries made me lick my lips as I slowly moved my slick hand to his cock, stroking slowly. I paused at his middle, thinking about its width. I glanced back up, suddenly nervous. “I’ll have to go slow…”

He reached up and slid his hand around my neck, pulling me down for a kiss. “Take your time,” he murmured finally, and I blushed. A little more of the sticky liquid for myself and I hovered above. Master kept his hands on my thighs, stroking softly as I lined myself above him. I rested my palms on his chest, taking a slow, deep breath.

His cock twitched as I pressed my ass down, and slowly he slid in. I froze, squeezing my eyes shut. I felt an uncomfortable pressure as he stretched my asshole around him, like a custom-made glove. I was not opposed to the feeling, as Master’s toy slowly grew on me, but our last attempt a few months ago had not been long. I wanted to please him, to make him feel as good as I did with him. And I wanted him deep in me, everywhere.

Slowly, I licked my lips and pushed down another inch. Master slid inside easily enough, though the tightness was causing friction. “Siiiir,” I moaned, pausing again. He didn’t seem to mind my slip up. Large fingers glided over my thighs and up to my hips.

“A little further, Slave.” I lifted my eyes to see him staring back, his brow furrowed in concentration. “Slowly.”

I nodded, then pushed again. The head of his shaft was completely inside me; it was the challenging part now. “It hurts,” I whimpered. His middle pressed against my asshole, teasing me with its width. Master reached for the lube and handed it back, telling me to use as much as I needed. When I was ready, I sat back on him, hesitating again at the wider part.

He nodded again, encouraging me quietly. Taking a deep breath, I pushed again, wincing against the pressure. Finally, my little hole stretched over him completely, sheathing him deep inside me. We both moaned loudly, unable to hold it back.

After a long moment, I managed to open my eyes, checking for Master’s reaction. He wore the same focused look, though it was clear he was enjoying this. “Are you okay?” I mustered, trying to calm my nerves. He managed a tense smile.

“You are so tight,” he murmured, and I felt him pulse within me. I relaxed a little, starting to enjoy him inside. “When you’re ready,” he coaxed.

I guided his hands to my hips, already trembling. Slowly, I rose back up, gasping as his middle massaged me inside. I reached the tip and, with a quick breath, sank back down. Again, we both made a sound, and his hands tightened on my hips. I repeated the move, up and down, and felt a new tingle. The uncomfortable pain subsided, and now it was bearable, even pleasurable.

Satisfied, I removed my hands from his and pressed against my lover’s chest, picking up the pace. Although the same pleasure points were not there, this position did have its perks. I could feel Master slide deep inside, much tighter than I could in my pussy. Every twitch he made, I could distinguish away from the thrusts he made.

Master helped me speed up, encouraging me with his hands as I moaned along. I chanted his name as I felt that twinge of pleasure grow. “Oh yes!” I whimpered, rocking harder. I squeezed around him, making him groan too. “Master, please!”

I adjusted myself so I was leaning back, my hands on his legs as I continued to take him deeper into my ass. Master watched me get closer with every thrust. “Keep going,” he urged, moving his hand down to rub my clit. “What do you think?”

I gasped at the new stimulation. “It’s different…but so good. Don’t stop!” I rolled my hips, exploring our new position. I was so close now, and my body pulsed quickly in anticipation. The man groaned with every contraction, his fingers now digging into my flesh.

Finally I could take no more. “Master!” I yelped, trembling harder. I shuddered around him as I came, much to my surprise. It was so different from my normal orgasms, seemingly overwhelming my nerves almost from the outside in. I kept moving, crying out his name as he pounded up into me.

I could tell from his face that he was not far off either. Still shaking, I leaned forward until I was nearly laying on his chest, my hands on either side of his face. “I want to feel you inside,” I begged, feeling a smaller wave hit me. I closed the gap between us, kissing him fiercely as he guided my movements.

Master through his arms around my waist, keeping me pinned to him. I coaxed him on, lacing my fingers through his hair, Santa hat discarded. His hips were frantic against my rear, and soon he groaned into our kiss, pumping deep inside as he came. I jerked away from his lips…I could feel him tightening up inside and his semen filling me.

When he slowed down, I started laughing uncontrollably. “I felt you. Oh my God I felt it!” I kissed him again, my smile so wide my cheeks hurt. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

The handsome man just squeezed me tightly, laughing at my enthusiasm. “Mmm you’re welcome. And thank you.” I rested on his chest, listening to his heart pound inside as our last few tremors passed. “Now…how are we going to clean you up?”

It took some maneuvering, but we finally made it to the edge of the bed, where he scooped me up and carried me to the bathroom just off to the side. I giggled the whole way, partly from embarrassment and partly from ecstasy still rolling through me. After a brief shower, Master threw me a towel. “Hurry and I’ll show you the rest,” he winked, and I grinned back.

Shortly after, I came back out into the bedroom. A giant bed sat prominently in the room, with a narrow armchair and raised desk to the right of the double doors. I scooped up my clothes and headed to the main room. The place was huge, with a small kitchen and island on one side and a living room on the other, complete with a fireplace. A leather love seat and tall upholstered chair filled the room, along with a small round table by the door. I walked slowly, taking my time to explore the place.

“Upstairs,” I heard Master call, and I giggled. I threw my clothes into my abandoned backpack and climbed the carpeted stairs, the rough fibers tickling my bare feet. Upstairs was even better, with a lofted bedroom and large bathroom to the left. I looked around the spacious room with wide eyes.

“This place is amazing,” I breathed, dropping my bag against a tall dresser. The bed sat under the loft wall, looking directly down into the sitting room below. A double sink sat in a large countertop, complete with an expansive mirror and vanity bench.

Arms circled around me, making me giggle. “Glad you like it.” A warm kiss tickled my neck as he guided me back to the bedroom. “We’ll sleep up here tonight.” I nodded in agreement…it was beautiful upstairs. “For now, though…” I suddenly felt his arms under mine, and I was practically thrown onto the white quilt. “We have some time before dinner.”

I managed to keep my towel around me as I rolled over, laughing. “Oh really? Didn’t I just satisfy you enough, Master?” I scooted back to the headboard, clutching the terry cloth to my chest. The man’s brown eyes twinkled as he crawled after me.

“There’s always time for more.” He grabbed my ankles and yanked, forcing me onto my back. I squealed as he parted my legs, hiking my towel higher up my thighs. Master grinned at my reddened face as he ran a hand along my crotch. “Are you sure we should stop?”

I bit my lip as he explored, feeling the smooth skin of my freshly shaved pussy. “No…” He flicked my clit, and I groaned. The bed shifted beneath us both as he moved lower, and soon his hot mouth was on me again. I lifted my hips to help, encouraging his tongue to explore me completely.

Master examined me dutifully, licking and sucking on my skin until I squirmed on the mattress. His hands wrapped around my thighs, keeping me still through his ministrations. I could only gasp and mewl through each light touch, and nearly grind myself on his face to try to get more.

I dropped my head to the bed when his tongue curled up inside me, licking me in a long stroke. It was all I could do not to scream his name as the pressure built, so I tangled my fingers in his feathery hair instead.

My moans grew louder as he pulled me closer, returning his attention to my clit. Finally I could take no more, and I tried to twist out of his grip. “Please, get in me,” I begged, tugging on his shoulders. I was so wet I could feel my excitement soak into my towel. “Please!”

Master gave one last kiss below then slid up to meet me. I shoved him over, laughing as he easily rolled to the side. Dropping my covering, I mounted his strong thighs and grabbed his cock in my hand. In a quick motion I pressed him to my pussy and impaled myself. I wasted no time as I lifted myself again, and again onto him, sending myself sprinting toward release.

I cried out as the first waves of pleasure shot through me. “There!” I gasped, riding wildly. Master guided my hips faster, and I fell on his chest as he pushed me over the edge. “Oh God!” My lips fastened to his and muted my receding cries.

A hand moved up to my hair, brushing it away from our faces as I slowed to a stop. I giggled against his lips, then gasped as the soft fingers quickly grabbed a fistful of my locks. “We aren’t done,” my lover murmured playfully, and he pushed upward into me again. His other hand moved to my ass, a spank landing across my soft cheeks.

I jerked but rolled my hips nonetheless, staying across his broad chest. “Do that again?” I asked, kissing his neck. Master relented, and another spanking made me tighten around him.

Suddenly, he sat up to meet me, throwing his arms around my waist. “Over here.” He neatly carried me across the bed, making me squeal and hold on tight. Finally he dropped me onto my back at the foot of the grand mattress, my head hanging over the edge. In a second he was back inside my pussy, making me cry out in surprise.

As his strokes continued, I felt myself slide further off the bed. I braced my hands against the floor, gasping as each thrust drove me closer to the brink. Master was leaning off the bed too, following me to brace one hand against the carpet as the other supported my back.

The strangeness of our new position made me giggle between moans, and I threw my legs around his hips to stay connected. “You…are so…weird!” I panted, ending with a sharp gasp as he shoved deeper inside me. I was close to falling completely off the bed, with my lower body barely still pinned by his own form. Finally he reached down and yanked me back up, tossing me back into the middle of the bed.

“Worth the attempt,” Master shrugged, and I jumped back on him.

I lost track of the long minutes we spent together, with him nipping and pinching my arms and chest or rewarding me with more light spankings. I also lost track of how many times he pushed me over…I always forgot to count, but he always thoroughly kept me distracted.

Finally, he allowed me to give my muscles a rest. I pulled off him reluctantly and curled up to his side, enjoying his arm around my shoulders. “You spoil me,” I muttered. My fingers laced with his lazily. Beside me, I felt him shrug, a bemused smile gracing his lips.

“I suppose.”

I propped myself up on one arm and gazed down at him. “And you’re insatiable.” He shrugged again, making me giggle. I flopped back beside him, throwing an arm around his chest. “I don’t think I can keep up with you sometimes.”

Master snorted. “Tragic.” His fingers began moving again, trailing over my hypersensitive skin. Each light path he traced sent shivers up my spine. “Get back up here.” I laughed as he pulled me astride him again, helping me sheath himself in me. In minutes I was chanting his name, begging for more.

“You…are…cheating,” I stammered, using my hands against his body for support. He responded with a quick tweak of my nipple, sending ripples of delight along my nerves. His hand soon delved lower, and I arched back, allowing access. “I can’t…oh God please…”

His attention to my clit finished me, and I erupted for the umpteenth time. “Master!” I felt myself pooling on top of him, soaking him in my arousal. As I caught my breath, his hips started rotating again, and I moaned. “Please, wait.” The man paused. “I need to rest…you are wearing me out.”

Master lifted a brow at me, thinking it over. “Go get your toy,” he finally gave in, helping me slide free. I thanked him and crawled to the edge of the bed, stretching for my bag. Try as I might, I could not find the little pink vibrator. “It’s downstairs,” he reminded me with a light pat on my rear. I struggled to walk down the stairs, but I returned in a moment with the toy and box in hand.

The man watched patiently as I crawled back to his side. “So, how does it work?” He took the little remote from my hand and examined it carefully. I grabbed the small booklet and scanned the text.

“Lots of ways. We push these buttons,” I demonstrated on the toy, then for him on the remote, “…to turn it on. Then there are different ways to play.” Both objects buzzed quietly as I explained. “This one, you tilt the remote. When it’s flat, like you’re holding it now, it’s very gentle. Turn it this way,” I guided his wrist until the round remote was vertical, “…and it’s stronger.”

Master played with the remote, letting the pulsations rise and fall repeatedly. “Nice.”

I giggled, then kept reading. “Okay, now we press the remote again for ‘mode two.’ This one is all up to you.” He raised an eyebrow dubiously, and I grinned. “This one makes the toy do everything you do.”

I traded with him, taking the remote. “I can shake it fast, or spin it in circles, and it will do that to me.” His eyes and smile widened with each movement I made, feeling it mirrored in my toy. “There are other settings, but those are the two you control. The others are just patterns…” Immediately he was sitting up, enthusiasm clear on his face.

“Switch.” As soon as the remote was in his hand, I was flipped onto my back again, my legs parted to accept my pink toy. It slid inside easily, not difficult after my last few orgasms, and I pulsed slightly around the small object. It was nowhere near the size of my Master, but it was nice regardless.

Suddenly, it came to life, gently vibrating. I shifted on the bed to watch Master work, trying to hold in my gasp. The round remote sat in his palm as he drew an imaginary circle in the air. My toy replicated the action just as easily, and I fell back with a sigh.

Master looked pleased. Eyes shining wickedly, he shook the toy, slowly building up to a rapid pulse. My toy responded, vibrating faster as he did. I squirmed again, pouting as he stilled the remote just as suddenly. The pulsing died, and I was left without any stimulation. “Fucking tease,” I muttered, sticking out my tongue.

Grinning, Master lay down beside me. “And if I do this…” Raising his hands above him, he tossed the remote in the air. I whimpered as the toy danced alive, the vibrations wavering in a torturous manner. The pulsing halted once the remote landed safely in his hand. He repeated the toss, snickering as I twitched.

Finally I sat up, brushing my hair back forcefully. “You’re done.” I expelled the tiny vibrator, leaving it pulsing on the bed until I managed to wrestle the remote away from him as well. As I turned each off, I felt his hands back on me.

“Does that mean you’re ready for more?” I nodded, blushing, and my lover pinned me to the sheets, kissing me quickly. He raised my slender legs onto his shoulders and lined himself up, teasing me. “Say it.”

I mewled piteously, trying to pull his hips toward me but he would not budge. “Please Master, fuck me!” Instantly he slammed inside, making me cry out. His body pushed against me, bringing my legs closer to my chest and tightening me around him. I could feel him slide deeper, massaging me roughly.

I struggled to keep my eyes open. My hands braced against his thighs, warning him if he struck too deep inside. Every stroke made me moan, and as they got faster I nearly dug into his skin with my nails. “Right there, God yes!” His unusual roughness was rushing me to the top, and I knew it would be a strong fall. “Oh please may I…”

Master squeezed my legs as he pumped harder, his own breathing becoming erratic. “Come, Slave, on your Master’s cock.” His hips hit mine with a resounding smack as he pounded into my body. I arched my back off the bed as I obeyed, letting my senses overwhelm me and make my whole body tingle.

As I panted, riding through my orgasm, Master groaned. “You want to see me come, Slave?” Surprised, I nodded, and my legs were lowered back around his waist without missing a beat. His lips crushed against mine, tasting me and mixing moans together as he rose to his own climax. I lifted my arms to twist with his, but he pinned them down effortlessly at my shoulders. “You want me to come on you, you little slut?”

My eyes widened, but I nodded again, basking in the waves of pleasure rushing over me. “Please!” The man’s thrusts hit me like a hammer, until he could no longer hold back. Releasing my hands, he pulled his cock out and hovered over my stomach, a strained look on his handsome features. With a few quick strokes of his hand, he pulsed, his creamy release coating my belly.

I watched in awe as his cock twitched, the last remaining spurts landing on my in a hot mess. When he finally stopped, Master braced his arms on either side of me like a frame. He rested his forehead against mine, his breathing ragged. “That was…incredible,” I sighed blissfully, lacing my fingers behind his neck. I gazed between us, fascinated with the glistening liquid on my stomach.

He chuckled wearily, meeting me for a soft kiss. “I’m glad.” He stroked my arm gently, a small smile forming. “Was that the first time you saw that?” I understood what he meant, and I nodded again.

“First man I’ve seen come, yes. First man to come on me, yes.” I smiled coyly, batting my eyes. “Did my Master enjoy it?” I ran my finger down my belly, then licked his semen off my finger. I missed that salty taste…

Groaning, the man kissed my cheek, then rolled away. “Tragic. And yes, I did.” He helped me sit up carefully, keeping the rest of the evidence on my stomach. “Let’s get you cleaned up, and we’ll go to dinner.” Beaming, I accepted his offer, and I followed him quickly to the showers for a quick rinse.


We took a break from our physical activities for food and some quick shopping, and when we returned to the hotel I was feeling replenished. Master left me with the bag of food as he went to the main building, leaving me alone. I took care of the items quickly and shed off my coat and boots.

A knock broke through my thoughts, and I quickly answered the door. Master pushed through, a smile on his chilled face. “Fire time.” He kissed me briefly and moved to the living room to start, leaving me giggling as I latched the door.

Soon, the sound of a crackling fire grew, the rich wood scent making the whole room smell like Christmas. The man turned back to me, waving me over. “It’ll be warm in no time.” I nodded, brushing my hair back.

“Cozy,” I noted happily. Master pulled me to the ground, murmuring in agreement as he stole another kiss.

“Why don’t you get out your game?” He suggested, finally breaking away. I licked my lips, trying to think. Oh yeah…my friends had given me a couples game, Fifty Days of Play, for graduation, and I had told Master about it. It would be fun to see his reactions.

I stumbled to my feet and searched upstairs for the box. When I returned, Master was sitting back up on the couch. We looked at the instructions together, and opened the box to reveal five levels of cards, from virginal white to seductive black. I blushed lightly, biting my lip. I didn’t know how dark these would get, but hopefully I could handle them.

We took turns rolling the die, but he got the darker color. Reluctantly, I gave him the die and watched him toss it to the carpet. Virginal white. Relieved, I handed him the box and watched as he carefully fished out a matching envelope. His brown eyes scanned the directions quickly, a smile growing.

Finally, he put the note back, grinning at me. “Pick a number between one and a hundred.” He sat up nonchalantly, watching me blink in surprise.


He nodded and looked down at my body. “Strip, and put on your blindfold.”

My curiosity got the better of me. “What did the card say?” Master chuckled, shaking his head as he repeated his direction. Slowly, I slid my pants off my legs and cast them aside. My sweater followed, leaving me in just my underwear and socks. I hesitated again. “Will you tell me now?”

Master smirked, eyes twinkling mischievously. “I get to kiss you seven times.” I blinked again. Oh…that didn’t sound bad. I started to say so when he held up his finger, stopping me. “Wherever I choose.” He pointed again at my underwear. “I want you naked, on your stomach, legs spread.”

I felt color rush across my cheeks. “Wherever…” My eyes widened as I saw him smile wider. “Not my ass…” Master looked like the Cheshire cat, and I whimpered nervously. “I don’t want you to kiss me there.”

He shrugged, holding up the sheathed card. “You wanted to play. Lay down.” He watched me finish undressing, stopping me when I reached for my tall socks. “Keep those on. Don’t forget the blindfold.” I took the strip of cloth and, with another pleading look, tied it on.

Once darkness took over, I heard Master move to the floor behind me. “Lay down,” he repeated softly, and I complied, my body pressing against the rough carpet. I pulled my arms up by my face, waiting for his next move. I tried not to gasp as he positioned me correctly, carefully spreading my legs so that my rear was exposed to him.

“Your asshole’s mine,” I heard him murmur gleefully, and his hands rested on my cheeks, squeezing lightly. A long moment passed, with my nerves rising in anticipation. It was strange when he first went down on me there, and I didn’t want him to repeat that experience. But it was his card, so I tensely waited for his move.

When it came, I squealed in surprise. His lips brushed against the back of my knee, no where near my suspected target. His lips were soft, but the simple contact felt like sparks bursting across my sensitive skin. “Mmm,” I breathed, melting into the carpet. I could feel Master’s lips twist into a smile at my reaction, and he repeated the second kiss behind my other knee.

I shook excitedly as he trailed higher, planting his hot lips on the small dip in my back. He hovered over me, the rough material of his jeans brushing against my legs and his tee tickling my back as he moved for his fourth kiss. I arched against the unseen man as he kissed my neck, hot breath making me squirm beneath him. He nibbled on my left ear, then my right, eliciting another quiet gasp from me.

Finally, I felt his fingers on my chin, turning me toward him. Master captured my lips with his in a long kiss, and I groaned again, shivering. I was nearly panting when he finally pulled away, leaving me in a puddle of nerves on the carpet. “Wow…” I gasped, licking my lips.

I pushed myself up carefully and peeled off the blindfold. Master was back on the couch, his face lit with a triumphant grin. “That wasn’t so bad, was it?” I shook my head, blushing as he stretched out on the cushions. “You get so worked up,” he teased.

“That wasn’t fair…” I muttered, but I had to smile back. I had to admit, it was much better than I expected. Sticking out my tongue, I reached back for my shirt and slid it on, ignoring my bra. Master pouted as I slid my panties back on as well, but nodded over at the game box. My turn.

We played for another ten minutes, reading the cards aloud and teasing each other. Most of the cards we placed back, having no way to complete them at a hotel or, to my amusement, had already been done during one of Master’s scenes before (and pushing the limits much farther, I noticed). For a game of Fifty Shades, we had already played with some darker shades ourselves.

Finally, we settled for watching television, me curled between Master’s legs as he lay splayed on the couch. As he flipped through the channels, I couldn’t stop my thoughts from lingering…as silly as some of the cards were, they did put me in a playful mood.

I shifted in his lap until I was laying on his chest, facing him. Master pretended to ignore me for a minute, but soon he met my gaze. “What, Slave?” He did a good job playing indifferent, but I could see the corners of his mouth turn slightly. Wordlessly, I stretched up higher and kissed him, teasing him with my tongue.

When we finally broke apart, he was openly grinning. “Hmm, interesting.” He folded his arms behind his head, watching as I sat up above his hips. “What are you going to do about that?”

Smirking, I grabbed his belt and quickly undid it, pushing the buckle aside. His jeans were undone just as quickly, and I jumped up to help him pull them off. His black briefs followed his pants to the floor, as well as my panties, and all that remained was his gorgeous length against his stomach.

I licked my lips and crawled back on top of my Master, straddling him as best as I could with the couch in the way. I guided his cock inside and, after a moment of work, slid onto him completely. “No more waiting,” I moaned softly. Resting my hands on his shirt, I rolled against him, gaining momentum.

Master’s hands reflexively rose to my waist and I rode faster. I was nearly bouncing on top of him, crying out as he sheathed himself in me deeper on every downward slide. “Fuck…” I squeezed my eyes shut. His fingers skated up my sides and to my tits, palming them tightly.

His attention to my nipples through my shirt made me arch above him, groaning louder. I was ready to fall over the edge, and I pushed my chest further into his hold. “Please,” I sighed, sinking onto him as fast as I could. Master complied, stripping me and teasing my tips between his fingers.

The tremors of pleasure started low, spreading through me like wildfire. I rode through it, my fingers curling into his shirt. “Yes! Oh God!” I leaned over him and stole his lips, whimpering as the last bit hit me. My lover’s arms wrapped around me, letting me rest.

After a minute, I finally pulled away. “Not…done…” My fingers reached for his hemline and dragged the fabric over his head, tearing his shirt away. Master chuckled at my enthusiasm as I took another kiss, and my hips rocked again. “Help me,” I muttered through my kiss, and his hands instantly locked onto my waist. He guided me to a second orgasm, and nearly a third before he pushed me up, forcing me to sit still.

“Upstairs,” he ordered, and I grinned. I slid off him and quickly took a taste, drawing his stiff member in my mouth and releasing with a quiet pop. Master groaned and I danced away, giggling as I ran for the stairs.

I made it up three steps before his arm was around my waist, pulling me back. “On your knees,” he murmured, lips hot against my neck as he guided me down. I obeyed, resting on my hands and knees on the carpeted stairs. Master shoved my legs apart and I laughed, shaking my ass lightly. My heart was pounding in excitement.

Master slammed back inside me, making me yelp happily. “Please…” I gasped, and he shoved deeper inside. Every thrust pushed me further on the stairs, the carpet rubbing my knees uncomfortably. I didn’t care, I pushed back to meet the man’s hips, moaning his name as he drove me closer to the edge.

Master pulled my hips toward him, his thrusts slow but hard. “Get upstairs,” he nearly growled, finally pulling out completely. I nodded and grabbed the railing to help me walk on my jellied legs. I barely made it to the top before he grabbed me and tossed me onto the mattress.

I squeaked between laughter. “Hey!” He climbed after me and met my lips, turning my laughs into moans. Without breaking away, Master pushed me down to the bed and filled the space between my legs. I grabbed his shoulders as he slid inside. “Mmm!” I pulled him closer and held on tight.

The man filled me faster, making me squirm beneath him as he moved his lips over my neck and ear. “You like teasing, Slave?” I cried out as he nibbled on my earlobe. “Come, Slave. Come for your Master.”

My grip around him tightened as he rolled his hips against mine, his pelvis rubbing softly against my clit. “Oooh shit!” A small wave hit me, leaving me trembling against his warm body. When I was done, I giggled, unable to stop as he kept thrusting. My body seemed to go into a super sensational mode, and every move on his part made me tingle as if electrified.

I murmured this to Master, who grinned wolfishly. “Mmm, like this?” He trailed his fingers over my stomach and between my breasts, making me squeal and twist underneath him. “Or this?” As he took one nipple between his fingers, he leaned back down and barely brushed against my neck, his hot breath tickling me torturously.

Panting, I tried to push him away, but he quickly restrained my hands with his own and continued teasing. His fingers and mouth danced over my form, soon accompanied by his hips pressing against me again. I moaned louder, raising my hips for more.

Suddenly, he pulled away, climbing off the bed as I pushed myself up, confused. “Break time.” I watched him wrap a towel around his waist and shuffle down the stairs almost giddily. Sighing, I fell back to the bed, trying to control my breathing.

When my nerves calmed down, I crawled back to the edge and willed myself to look over. Master was in the kitchen, starting a pot of coffee and pulling two mugs from a cabinet. Smiling, I fell back to the bed and curled under the thin white sheet, enjoying the aftershocks of our workout.

A few minutes later he returned with two steaming mugs. “Choffee,” he offered, handing me one hot mug. I sat up carefully and accepted it, smelling the rich chocolate and hint of coffee. I blew on the surface and took a small sip, instantly perking up. Pleased, the man took a seat beside me and we chatted quietly.

Almost instantly after I drained my cup, he took it and rested it on the night stand. “Break’s over,” he announced, taking a fistful of hair and forcing my head back. He ran his lips over my neck and down my chest, pausing to draw a nipple into his mouth. I whimpered and offered more, pulling him back into bed with me.

It was another long, captivating hour of play before we finally stopped, curling under the sheets together. I rested against his shoulder, sighing as he traced my skin for a few moments longer. “Insatiable,” I murmured, sidling closer. He shook his head.

“Using my time wisely.” He played with one of my nipples again, swirling around it as it hardened once more. He paused, then reached over for something on the table. “Nearly forgot…close your eyes.”

I did, sighing patiently. Something fixed itself over my nipple, scratching my tender skin. Surprised, I peeked, then laughed. Master had fitted me with a toothpaste cap, carefully covering me. “Magyver nipple clamp,” he grinned, and I pulled it off, giggling.

“Good night, Master.” I rolled my eyes and gave him a quick kiss, handing him his cap. He shrugged and pulled me against his chest, and soon we fell asleep.


I woke up fairly early to sun drifting in through the high loft window. Stretching languidly, I gazed over to find Master still asleep. His pillow rested over his eyes, and I smiled. He looked calm, sleeping there.

Snuggling back under the sheet, I snagged my phone from the table and started playing a game. I had passed several levels before I heard a soft groan beside me, and a hand curled around my belly.

I looked over to see his pillow pushed away, eyes still closed. “Morning sleepy.” I abandoned my phone and turned against him, watching a tired smile tug at his lips. Softly, I brushed them with my finger. “Well rested?”

Without warning he nipped the air, nearly biting my finger. I drew back in surprise, and he chuckled warmly. “Mm-hmm.” He peeked through lidded eyes at me, the light brown barely visible.

Rolling my eyes, I moved my hand down his chest instead. “That’s good…” I trailed lower, grazing my fingertips over the soft sheet that hid his body. “And is he well rested?” I barely hovered over his groin, making out the solid form beneath the white. Master groaned as he stretched out, making contact.

“Why don’t you look for yourself?” I grinned, snaking a hand under the sheet.

“Hmmm…” My fingers danced over his warm skin, moving tantalizingly slow toward my target. I found him easily, his length like steel as I wrapped my hand around him. “He seems awake,” I teased, squeezing gently. His cock pulsed in reply, making me giggle.

Growling, Master started to push the linen away. “Then you should take advantage of that.” I pulled the rest of the sheet down to his thighs, finally exposing what I wanted. Slowly, I leaned down and planted a kiss on the base, feeling him pulse again.

The reflex emboldened me, and I shifted until I was on my hands and knees. His cock jumped when I leaned closer, gently sucking him into my mouth. I took the rigid member until the tip reached the back of my throat, then sealed my lips around him. Steadily, I pulled back until just the head remained.

When I took him in again, I swallowed, my tongue and cheeks vacuuming around his turgid flesh. Master kept a hand on my back, urging me silently to continue. Soon my hand joined me, wrapping around his cock in a warm vise and stroking in time with my mouth.

Abruptly, a hand tugged at my shoulder, breaking my rhythm. I popped up, still working my hand around him. Master looked very awake now, any hint of sleepiness gone. “Get up here.” He kicked the sheets off his legs and pulled my wrist to bring me close.

Giggling, I obeyed, sitting astride him in a quick movement. His hips jerked up without waiting, making me cry out as he filled me completely. I pushed him back to the mattress and began my ride, my excitement already escalating.

Master reached up and twisted my nipples in his hands, forcing a small yelp from me as I kept moving. “Your janitor is waiting, Slave. He wants to fuck you.” My eyes widened, remembering his story. “He wants to hold your tits and bite your nipples, feeling you squirm under him as you come.”

I groaned and pushed my chest further against his palms. Master squeezed my soft mounds, watching them bounce in his hands as I lifted myself up and down his steeled cock. “You stayed late hoping he would show up, didn’t you? The little teacher slut who wants her brains fucked out!” He released my breasts and grabbed my hips instead, forcing me to rock faster.

“Y-yes Master!”

I tried to lean back but he caught my hair, pulling me down with a fistful. “The janitor’s been pleased with you, Slut. He won’t keep you waiting. He’ll take you right there against the board, lifting you up and slamming you on his thick cock. And you’ll love it, won’t you?”

I braced myself on his chest, gasping as his grip on my hair tightened. “Mmm-hmm!” His hold made my neck exposed, and he nipped at my throat, causing me to moan.

“When it’s time for conferences, parents will show up and find you getting fucked like the slut you are…and the janitor will tell them to join in. You’ll be bent over the student’s desks as their fathers unzip their pants, jerking off around you.” I gasped as he spanked me once, urging me on. “And as you get pushed to your limit, they will come on your face and your hair, just as the janitor comes deep inside his teacher whore.”

I could not take any more. “Master, right there, please!” His story had me burning up, the forbidden scene rolling in my head as I took him inside me, over and over. “PleasemayIcome?!” The words rushed out of me, and I clamped my hands on his shoulders, bracing myself for the fall.

Master dug into my ass, then spanked me again. “The teacher slut wants to come? Then come, Slave! Come on the janitor’s cock!” He released my hair and threw an arm around my back, keeping me pinned to his chest as he spanked me again.

I convulsed against him, my fingers digging into his shoulders. “Oh yes!” I kissed him fiercely as I rode out the tidal waves, groaning thankfully. Master chuckled into my kiss, rubbing my back. With a nudge, he rotated us both, successfully keeping his cock firmly inside my slippery pussy.

“You really get off on those stories, don’t you?” I blushed crimson, and he laughed again. “You’re my little cock whore, Slave. I don’t share.” Master captured my mouth again, his tongue dancing with mine as he started thrusting again. I wrapped my arms around him, agreeing with a tight squeeze.

After another blissful climb to the peak, I came again, shutting my eyes tight as I cried out. I barely registered my lover slowing his movements, but when he pulled out completely, I blinked in surprise. “M-Master?” He had crawled to the loft wall behind our bed, gazing down thoughtfully.

I propped myself up on my elbows as he leaned against the sturdy frame. After a moment of examination, he turned back to me, his eyes flashing with mischief yet again. “Come here.” I rolled onto my stomach and crawled closer to the headboard. The wall rose almost to his waist when on his knees.

Master patted the wall’s smooth edge. “Lean over it.” I balked, shaking my head.

Dani and I dressed quickly, hurrying through a process that, until a few days ago, we had always excluded each other from. I pulled on dark wash jeans and a white button-up shirt, rolling the sleeves up to the elbow as I watched Dani slide on a pushup bra and slip into a light summer dress. It was tight enough around the body to show off her tight figure and loose enough around her hips that our parents wouldn’t notice that she hadn’t pulled on any panties under the knee-length floral print.

“You know I’m gonna have a boner all night knowing you’re not wearing any panties, right?” I asked. Dani grinned back at me.

“Oh, I know,” she said, walking up to me, her tiny bare feet gliding across the carpet. “I’m not wearing panties for the rest of the trip, and I’m counting on that meaning that your cock is hard until we get home.” My sister stopped in front of me, grinning, and brushed her fingers across the front of my jeans, tracing the outline of the bulge she had caused.

Dani sighed as she felt my cock, stepping closer as she fondled me, her head dropping to my chest. I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her close, my hand sliding down her back and cupping her bare, tight ass under the dress. She groaned as I squeezed, licking her lips and looking up at me.

“It makes me so wet when I think about your cock being hard because of me,” she whispered. “My brother’s cock, so hard, right under my hand, waiting for it’s chance to pound into me until I scream.”

“How wet?” I asked, my hand slipping lower and around, my fingers reaching under the curve of her ass and forward, finding the wetness between her soft lips.

“Oh God, don’t,” she moaned. “We have to be in the lobby like right now.”

Dani pulled back from me, smiled, then grabbed my face and stretched up on her tip-toes, pulling my face to hers and kissing me. Her tongue slipped into my mouth and massaged mine as she ground her hips against my cock. She broke away and grabbed her purse, slipping on a pair of short heels and backing away from me, curling her finger in a come-hither motion towards the door.

We held hands to the elevator, our fingers stroking each other’s hands until the doors opened. We rode down as a normal brother and sister, standing on opposite sides of the elevator. Well, mostly normal. We stared into each other’s eyes the whole ride, short as it was. I wanted to lift her legs around my waist and fuck her against the elevator wall, and the look in her eyes told me that she wanted the same thing.

Dinner was a study in behaving when we didn’t want to. Mom and Dad got a booth, and sat us across from each other. I sat next to Mom, and Dani settled in across from me. We spent the whole dinner pretending to pay attention to Mom and Dad’s plans for the rest of the drive, picking at our food, and trying desperately not to flirt with each other.

After our Mom polished off her third glass of wine, Dani and I looked at each other and laughed. Mom was going to be a handful for Dad starting in about twenty minutes, and would stay that way until she passed out later. She was also going to be a total grump in the morning, probably refusing to get up until right before check-out.

“Glad you two think it’s funny,” Dad blurted. He laughed as he continued, “She’s gonna drive me crazy like this.”

“That’s just what your hoping for, isn’t it?” Mom retorted and then giggled, high-pitched and louder than sobriety would have allowed. “Come on! It’s vacation! Loosen up a little!”

Dad laughed at her, then shrugged and flagged down a waitress.

“What the hell?” he said. “I’ll have a few drinks. You drive back,” he added, and fished the keys out of his pocket, handing them to me. I pocketed the keys just as I felt Dani’s bare foot slide up my inner thigh. I gave her foot a squeeze and winked at her quickly.

“Daddy,” Dani said. “I have to use the ladies’ room.” Dad scooted out of the booth and let her out. I managed not to let my eyes linger on her ass too long as she walked away, and concentrated on my food while Mom and Dad discussed “vacation appropriate” amounts of drinking.

“What do you say,” Mom started in a conspirational stage whisper, “That we ditch the kids, go over to the bar, and party like we used to!” I almost choked on a piece of steak.

“We still have a lot of road to cover,” Dad said slowly.

“Oh hell! We can show up a day late! I wouldn’t mind sleeping in just this once on this road trip,” Mom snorted.

I watched out of the corner of my eye as Dad considered. I could tell the alcohol was loosening him up. Neither of my parents drink regularly, so that one beer was enough to get him off his usual all-business stride.

“Shit, I’ll call the hotel and tell them to book us for another night. We can just sleep it off all day tomorrow. The kids can dick around in the pool or something!”

“Oh, that’s no problem, Dad,” I butted in. “Let me see your phone. I can book us from that.” Somehow, I managed to keep my hands steady as Dad handed over his phone and I pulled up the app I had put on there for him to book this whole trip in the first place. A few seconds later we were all set, and I was handing him back his phone as mine buzzed quietly in my pocket. Once quick buzz, then nothing. Text message.

“You guys take the van back,” Dad said. “Your mother and I will find a cab to haul us back!” Mom giggled loudly at whatever joke I had completely missed in Dad’s statement, and I excused myself to the restroom.

Once I was a few steps away from the table, I pulled out my phone and clicked open a picture message from Dani. My cock stiffened as I pulled the picture up full-screen, seeing my sister’s now-familiar pussy with two of her slender fingers buried in it. It was captioned, “I want your cock here.”

Another buzz from my phone, and another message arrived, the same angle, but this time the two fingers were in her ass. This one was captioned, “And here.”

I smiled and shook my head, putting my phone in my pocket. I made my way to the bathroom and stepped into a stall, freeing my cock from my pants and pulling up the picture of my sister fingering her ass. I could see the top of her bathroom stall in the background, and the hem of her floral-print dress peeking from just above her pussy. She was so wet, I could see moisture shining out between her lips.

I closed out of the photo and opened my camera, snapping a photo of my now rock-hard cock and sending it off to Dani with the caption, “You mean this?”

I stood in the stall for a few moments, letting my dick soften a bit before taking a leak and stuffing it back in my pants. After washing my hands, I hurried back out of the bathroom and saw that Dani was already halfway back to the table, her perfect little ass swishing back and forth in her dress. I saw her stop and fish in her purse for her phone, and I came up behind her just as she opened the pic I had sent. I was close enough behind her to hear her moan, and I brushed my fingers across her ass as I went by.

She jumped, grinned, and dropped her phone in her purse before following me back to the booth. Mom and Dad had just scooted farther into the booth and switched our plates, allowing Dani and I to get in more easily. Dani slipped past me and sat down first, quickly flashing her pussy at me as she sat down. I grinned back and slid in beside Mom.

We finished the meal relatively quickly, the conversation between Mom and Dad mostly consisting of allusions to stories from before Dani and I were born. Dani and I didn’t talk much, just ate our food and shot glances back and forth until Dani finished her salad and I finished my steak.

I took one last swig from my soda and stood up.

“You ready?” I asked Dani. She looked at Mom and Dad, confused, then back up at me.

“Yeah, but maybe Mom and Dad would like to finish their drinks?” she said.

“You two go ahead!” Mom blurted out with another long giggle.

“Okay,” Dani drew the word out and stood up slowly.

I turned and started walking for the door, Dani following somewhat behind me until we were out the door, at which point she ran and caught up to me.

“What the fuck is going on?” she asked with a small laugh.

“Get in the car, I’ll explain,” I said as I hit the clicker and unlocked the van.

I climbed in behind the wheel and Dani hopped into the passenger seat. As soon as the doors were closed, I turned to her.

“Mom and Dad decided to relive the glory days tonight. They’re going to stay out partying, we get to take the van back to the hotel, and they’re planning to sleep it off all day tomorrow, so we’re at the hotel an extra night.” I started the van as I spoke and backed out of our spot. As I threw the van into gear as the words sank in, and Dani let out a loud, high-pitched squeal as I pulled out of the parking lot.

“Holy shit!” she yelped. “Oh my god, this is gonna be amazing!” As she talked Dani flipped the armrest up and scooted closer to me, reaching into my lap and tugging my zipper down.

“What are you doing?” I asked with a grin.

“Celebrating,” Dani replied, returning my grin as she fished my cock out of my pants. “I think you’ll like this celebration,” she continued as she leaned over and swallowed my cock.

I hissed as Dani’s lips closed around my shaft, her tongue gliding along the side as she took me deep into her mouth. The tip of my cock bumped the back of her throat and her fingers closed around my thigh. She held me deep, sucking gently and flitting her tongue around against me as I drove, moaning with my cock buried in her throat.

I pulled up to a red light and reached down, my hand sliding down Dani’s back to cup her ass as she began to bob her head, working my cock in and out of her mouth. She groaned as I squeezed, kneading her ass in my hand and moaning at the feel of her lips sliding up and down. The light changed as I hunched my hips up, burying my cock in her throat and feeling her swallow against the tip. The hotel was only a few blocks away, and Dani held me deep the whole way, my cock buried so far in her mouth that she couldn’t breathe, her knees coming together as she forced herself down farther on me.

I pulled into a parking spot near one of doors and threw the van in park. Dani pulled her mouth from my cock and wrapped her hand around me, pumping my cock in her hand and looking up at me.

“Get in the back,” she said.

I stuffed my wet cock back into my pants and jumped out, running around to the sliding door and throwing it open. I climbed into the back as Dani slid out of the passenger seat and followed, throwing the door closed behind her. She reached into my fly and pulled my cock out again, stroking it a few times before lowering the straps on her dress and pushing it down, freeing her breasts. My sister climbed into my lap, gathering her dress up in one hand and using the other to guide my cock into her soaking pussy.

I moaned as the head of my cock parted her smooth, glistening pussy lips and disappeared between them. As she slid down on me, Dani wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her small breasts against my face. I growled softly and trapped one of her nipples between my lips, sucking it in and biting gently as she settled onto my cock. I flexed my hips and helped her push me completely into her, my entire length swallowed by her incredibly tight pussy.

My sister sighed against my forehead and began to rock her hips, grinding my cock deep inside her. I looked up into her eyes and we kissed, our tongues playing against each other as we fucked, slowly, gently, in the back seat of our parents’ van. Dani grunted as she rolled her hips, driving my cock in and out of her, humping herself onto my cock. She moaned, loud and uninhibited.

“Oh fuck, I love my brother’s cock,” she groaned. Dani looked into my eyes, her pussy squeezing me inside her. “I just wanted to fuck you back here at least once,” she said. “Now take me upstairs and fuck me everywhere.”

Dani slowed her hips and pulled back, standing slowly, my cock slipping from her pussy. We moaned together as my cock pulled free, and my breath caught as Dani bent forward quickly and engulfed my cock, licking away her juices before fixing her dress. I pushed my cock uncomfortably back into my pants and we climbed out of the van, hurrying into the hotel and catching the elevator.

We were alone in there, just us and quiet elevator music. I grabbed Dani’s shoulder and spun her around, pushing her back against the wall of the elevator and reaching under her dress, burying my fingers in her wet pussy. I curled them and pumped them in and out of her, my thumb flicking across her clit as she pressed her face into my shoulder and cried out.

“Oh fuck,” she yelled, her pussy clamping down on my fingers as she came hard against the wall. “Get me back to the room and fuck me,” she whimpered into my shoulder.

The door dinged and I pulled my fingers from Dani’s still-trembling pussy, grabbing her hand in mine and leading her from the elevator. We ran down the hallway hand-in-hand, me fumbling for the room key in my pocket, Dani giggling as her dress billowed around her and her pussy peeked out from underneath. I dropped the key into the slot and whipped it back out, slamming the handle down and shoving the door open.

Dani and I ran inside, laughing and horny. My sister stopped at the foot of the closest bed and turned to me. She dropped the straps and pushed her dress down and off, revealing herself in all her naked glory. I looked at her and pulled my shirt over my head, slipping my shoes off and unbuckling my belt, dropping my pants and stepping out of them. We stood in front of each other, completely exposed and consumed by lust for each other.

“Fuck me, baby brother,” Dani said. “Fuck me long and slow and hard.”

I walked up to Dani and wrapped my arms around her, pulling her body to me and lifting her, carrying her to the bed and laying her down, feeling her legs wrap around me as she pulled my body closer. I settled above her, my cock sliding across her clit, my lips pressed against hers. My cock pressed lower, sliding forward and into her as she sighed into my mouth. I buried myself in my sister, her pussy taking me in lovingly and completely, her body arching under me, her nipples hard against my chest and her hands clutching the back of my neck.

We moved together, our hips coming together, driving our bodies into one another. Dani moaned into my mouth, her tongue darting out against mine, her fingers running through my hair as we fucked, my thrusts slow and deep, straining into her with each thrust, pushing myself in as deeply as I could, feeling every inch of her pussy clench around me. Dani’s legs squeezed me, pulling me deeper, holding my cock in her before releasing and following my hips back out. I pulled out until just the head was remained before pumping slowly back in.

Dani’s breath came in shorter and shorter gasps, her body shaking beneath me as her orgasm neared. She gasped against my lips, her pussy spasming on my cock, her arms tightening around my neck before she screamed into my mouth and came, her entire body convulsing. My sister’s pussy pulsed around my cock, trying to draw me deeper and deeper, her legs clenched around my waist. I fucked her through her orgasm, short, deep strokes that drew her orgasm out, made it last longer and longer, her breath catching and holding, her face reddening and her back arching as her pussy went crazy around me.

“Spoon me,” Dani whispered as her orgasm ended.

I lifted her leg and moved around it, laying beside her and wrapping my arm around her waist, never letting my cock fall from her. Dani giggled and thrust her ass back at me, shoving my cock deep again and gasping.

“I like this,” she said. “But it’s not what I had in mind.”

She reached down, raising her leg and grabbed my cock, pulling it from her pussy and pushing it back, lining it up. My sister pressed the head of my cock against her tiny hole and pushed, wriggling her hips back again, slowly working my shaft into her ass. As the head popped in, I gripped her hip and pushed slowly, sliding my cock gently, burying myself in her completely.

When my hips bumped her ass and I was completely inside, I wrapped my arms around her and rolled, taking her with me, pulling her body on top of mine, her back against the chest and her face against my neck. I reached down between my sister’s legs and curled my fingers into her pussy, working two in and out in time with my cock working in her ass. Dani rocked her hips, her breath fast against my face as she followed my motions with her body, whimpering in my ear with each thrust.

“Cum in my ass,” she moaned. “Drain your cock in your sister’s ass, please,” she begged.

I sped up my hands, working the fingers in and out quickly as my cock pumped in and out of her. Dani cried out as her body tensed, her back arched. My free hand gripped Dani’s breast, pinching the nipple between two fingers as she came, her pussy tightening around me, her ass clenching on my shaft. My balls tightened, tingling, cum boiling up from them and blasting into her, filling my sister’s ass, flooding into her and making her scream as her orgasm redoubled.

I held Dani to me as we came down, my twitching cock nestled in her ass, my fingers gently toying with her pussy and clit, causing little jumps and gasps. We cuddled together that way, eventually rolling to our sides, my cock never slipping out. Dani reached over and snagged the remote.

“Wanna watch some Jon Stewart while we take a break?” Dani asked. “I mean, we could both use a little rest before you cum in my pussy.”

I laughed. Hotels were rapidly becoming my new favorite place.

We’ve been married for almost eleven years but my husband kept bugging me to bring another man into out bed, just once he said, “to prove that I love him.” So after months of constant persuasion (nagging) and because I love to drive him crazy over sex WITH ME, I laid down several conditions before I posted a CL listing, including, 1) no faces in the picture, 2) since my tits are on the small side (not TOO small) it would be a back shot of just me with pillows under my hips, 3) we would ask for stories only as we didn’t want weirdos sending shots of their dicks, 4) we both would approve and talk before we checked into any hotel, 5) he must ear a condom, 6) this was a one time thing at a NICE hotel far enough away from home.

He agreed so he took my picture of me on our bed, just my back, thighs and butt in the air. I gotta admit, I looked hotter than expected. The title of the listing in the Chicago NW section was, “What would you do with me?” And here’s winning entry…


I would meet your husband in the lobby of the Four Seasons on Delaware Place, while you were secured on white sheets in the required ass-up position with two pillows propping you at the perfect angle. You’re wearing a new black camisole with just-slutty-enough black pumps. Your wrists are firmly tied with red silk neckties, one to each bed post. Sure, if you wanted to wiggle out, you probably could, but why the hell would you spoil this kind of fun?

He and I are enjoying our casual drinks downstairs. He’s interviewing me to make sure I’m your type (rough yet playful, just aggressive enough to make you squirm). He knows you need some prelude, someone who is going to whisper in your ear what’s gonna happen next.

Hubby finds me satisfactory and we take the elevator up to the 7th floor, room 714, and he lets me in first.

I look in and my jaw drops a little. The soft light form the desk lamp shows your highly-fuckable body waiting for us—more specifically, me! I turn to him and say, “shes’ better looking than you described!”

I am immediately drawn to your form. He takes a seat because it’s show time. I walk to the edge of the bed and kneel down and brush the hair away from your ear to whisper, “you are gorgeous and I’m gonna have my way with you. I am already hard and you’ll soon feel it.”

As I gently rub and touch your back with my fingertips, I continue: “I’m going to first take off my pants. Since you’re blindfolded you’ll only hear them hit the floor. Then, I will grab my cock with my hand and pump out a few drops of pre-cum onto your lips. I want you to lick and swallow.”

“Then you’ll open your mouth so I can insert just my head and you can suck me. I’ll need soft sucks and hard sucks. You’ll need to show me how horny and slutty you can be and prove that you need me to fuck you.”

I pull off my pants and pump pre-cum on your lips. “Swallow it or I won’t fuck you.

You eagerly take my fluid so I press my cockhead against your open lips. You take me in your mouth like a pro and start sucking and swirling your tongue. “Just like that, baby, just like that,” I moan.

With my right hand, I reach to your sexy upturned ass to massage. It’s obvious you’ve taken care of yourself because your ass in-person is ten times better than your Craigslist image. I tease you by running my hand along the back of your thighs while you suck me—hard. You can taste me: juicy and fresh, just how the beginnings of ejaculation should taste. You smell my fragrance, too: an incredibly clean and erotic smell of light perspiration. Not the gymnasium kind, but the kind that you’ve smelled before, like that guy in high school just before he took you for the first time.

As you suck and I play, I unbutton my shirt. Your partner is still in the chair, with a Cheshire smile and wide eyes. He too has been waiting for tonight and fully approves. You can’t decide whether you are more turned on because I’m gonna fuck you or because your husband is excited. But you don’t care, you just want the talking and foreplay to stop. You need a thorough fucking.

I remove my cock from your mouth. Though you loved my taste, you know that it’s your turn. Time for me to use my tongue on you. I kneel again, this time at the foot of your bed, my head inches away from your upturned ass and glistening pussy. I put my hands on your hips and pull you closer to my mouth.

I give you a huge lick: from clit to asshole.

You moan, “oh my gawd!” and push your bottom closer to me. I lick you again, this time lingering at your pussy hole and slide in my tongue. My tongue is longer than you expected and you let out a yelp because it’s so far inside you. You push back as far and as hard as you can, but the wrist ties constrict you and you can only go so far. I notice this and tease, “so you like this?”

Knowing that you have two men in the room who are excited by your erotic body and eagerness to have sex, you just start blurting in half-sentences, “lick me, lick me again!” You manage to wiggle your slim body closer and find my tongue again, this time on your anal ring. You push even harder and in goes my tongue. “Yes, lick my asshole,” you yell. You no longer care what the neighbors can hear. In fact, you want them to hear so they too can fantasize about the hot brunette in 714.

With my middle finger in your pussy, I can tell you are ready, but I’m not done teasing you. I shove my long finger into you even more and reach for the spot right behind you clit. I gently tickle this perfect spot until your hips are moving with me. I found it. I expertly move my finger, you rhythmically move in the opposite direction to create the maximum pleasure and sensation. I have to do this for only 30 seconds before you gush an orgasm. “Cum on my tongue,” I urge and you do.

“Mmmmmmm”, is all I can say as you scream out a cum. You are flowing into my mouth and I take every drop. I hold my mouth still and let you move. When you push, it becomes too intense so you back up, but just then you want more, so you push back on my face. You’re spasming into my mouth in a way you only read about on erotica sites. It’s your perfect cum.

But I only let you rest for a moment. It’s my turn. I stand and pull your ass to the edge of the bed. “Ready?”

You can only nod. You’ve not yet fully recovered from your delicious orgasm but you don’t want this feeling to end. You encourage as best you can by giving your hips a small push, a signal that you pussy needs a big cock, that you are relaxed but tight and very wet and ready. Your body was made for this and you love it.

I grab my thick cock and push my head onto your clit, a part of your pussy that has been neglected but not for long. I reach under with my hand and gently pinch your clitoris as my head is playing with the opening to your pussy. You think, “just fuck me already, would you!?”

“You haven’t begged me, yet. How do I know you want it? Show me.”

“What the hell do I have to do, Stick you goddam cock in me! I wanna feel you inside me.”

So in one thrust, I enter you, full bore, all the way, my entire thickness in your love hole. Simultaneously, we both grunt “Ohhhhhhhhh!” I’m in you. I have filled you with cock. I slide right in and it’s the perfect fit.

I pump you and you press back; Long strokes. You’re feeling full. Though I may not be the longest dick you’ve ever felt, but I am certainly the thickest. No vaginal squeeze needed here, it’s a just-right feeling that melts you. We continue to stroke, I push forward, you push back. Back and forth. You can feel my hands everywhere, on your ass, on your back, pulling your shoulders, fingering your clit, pulling your hair. And each time I find a new pleasure zone on you, I sense your excitement and pump a little harder. This is what you’ve needed. You can turn on a strange man and make him want you, and you do this by simply putting on a little makeup, a see-thru outfit and your favorite fuck-me pumps. His imagination does the rest.

He slides off your blindfold. You open your eyes and see your husband as he kisses you. He reaches for your wrists and unties you. “Turn over”, he whispers in your ear.

We stop fucking long enough for him to sit with is back to the headboard and you flip over with your head on his chest. You are looking up at him and he’s holding your hands.

I climb on the bed and insert myself back into you, not in your pussy but in your ass.

All three of us smile. You are in heaven, the man you love is being personal and intimate with you, and you have the self-satisfaction knowing you are still desirable. This is your fantasy come true.

You can feel that I have put on a condom per your husband’s instructions earlier. I am easily sliding in and out, no discomfort like before. He continues to kiss you, stroke your hands and play with your nipples, which are rock hard. You’ve been waiting for this a long time and it’s better than you imagined. With your willingness to explore your world-class fantasies, you have thoroughly excited three people. One is caressing you, one is butt-fucking you and the other is YOU. Finafuckinglee!

You close your eyes as I cum. You hold still for just a moment to capture the complete feeling as I pulse inside you. You French-kiss your husband who has embraced your breasts with his hands. We all hold this for nearly a minute as we savor. We are in the moment and don’t want the moment to end. It took a fair amount of convincing and planning to get here, but you did it. Not me, not him, but you. You are almost smug in your satisfaction.

We all exhale at the same time.

I quietly extract myself and walk out, but as I open the door I glance back for just a moment and see that the love or your life and mounted you. Perfect.

The young man from California is late for his flight.


December 2009

Conventions; trade shows; conferences. Call them what you like, you do get to meet some characters. Like the guy who’s all talk, smattering TLAs throughout the conversation in the vain hope it covers up the fact he plainly doesn’t know what he’s talking about. At the other end of the scale is the nervous geek who should be locked away to do the coding and never allowed to meet the customer. And in the middle is me: a girl in a predominantly man’s world who can appreciate the difference between HTML and XML but doesn’t brag about it. Petite and unassuming on the surface; devious in the bedroom; wilder in hotel rooms after dark.

The annual shindig for hobnobbing with the doers, managers and wannabes was the generically-titled “Online Information” at London Olympia. I was there because my boss told me to go; apparently, he said, to keep my ear to the ground in the world of IT. Clearly he’d never been to the show and was simply wowed by the marketing propaganda as I’d have probably learnt more about IT from Ozzy Osbourne. But I had a few meetings lined up and it was a great excuse to be free of the office for a few days. And it was at the show, jammed on benches in front of a glitzy-looking stall awaiting the speaker, that I met her.

She shuffled along the row trying hard not to step on toes and sat down beside me. I caught her fragrance first but couldn’t place it; light and airy, slightly floral. Not as heavy as Obsession yet more imposing than CK. She set down the black leather strappy bag by her pale calf and rearranged her skirt, brushing away an invisible thread.

Looking down at her hands resting in her lap, I noticed a gold wedding band and nails that were well manicured — just long enough to peek over the pads of her fingers — painted a subtle red. Her fingers were long and if she wasn’t a pianist, probably should have been. She must have sensed my stare: when I glanced up our eyes met for a fleeting moment before I looked away.

A commotion the other side of me diverted my attention. A slender guy with small, metal-rimmed glasses was clambering over patrons to reach the space the other side of me. Was I Magneto-girl today or something? I inched towards the woman, our thighs touching briefly, as he plonked himself breathlessly to my right, wedging me between them. I didn’t mind. He was cute and slightly nerdy. Had I not been spoken for I might have considered letting him buy me a drink later. He gave an apologetic grin just as the speaker began tapping the headset microphone and introduced his team.

The talk was interesting yet somehow uninspiring in equal measure. At least, the parts where I was concentrating. My mind kept inexplicably wandering; first to the woman on my left, and then to the man beside me. I found myself comparing and contrasting. She was a brunette, bordering on chestnut while I was darker. She had a dusting of tiny freckles on her fair cheeks, while I had none. And her lips — in a soft red to complement her nails — were full and pouting beneath a button nose. Overall she was taller and thinner than me, and where I had fairly large breasts for my frame, the way her delicate blouse hung indicated hers were smaller.

I glanced right as the speaker droned on. My boyfriend was usually clean shaven but this guy had slight stubble. Back home, a chiselled jaw line and prominent cheekbones gave Adam the appearance of an outdoor hiker; though to my knowledge he had only ever hiked to the corner shop and back. In contrast, the smoother curves and softer features of the man beside me belied much more of a penchant for indoors. He had paler skin than Adam and mousey blond hair. I caught myself imagining what it would be like to have his face gently scratching and tickling my neck as he kissed it. How would it feel if he traced his kisses along my collar bone, sliding my blouse and bra strap aside so he could concentrate on my shoulder?

I shook my head. Get a grip, woman! What was I thinking? What would Adam say if he found out? I scolded myself inwardly for being caught up in the cramped conditions. Truthfully I always preferred to be in close quarters with other people in public. It made my mind race with untold possibilities, despite my self-assurance that I’d never act on any of them. I especially enjoyed the forbidden touches of person against person as commuters jostled for position on the Underground or strangers brushed by me in bars.

Then I forgot all about him when the woman next to me raised her hand and spoke. Knocked me off guard with the soft, drawn-out vowels and lilting tone of an American. Perhaps from one of the Carolina states.

“Why would I use Silverlight instead of Flash? If you’ll pardon my ignorance, hasn’t Flash been around a lot longer and is more widely deployed?”

The speaker thanked her for the excellent question but was evidently a little riled about having to defend his company’s product. He did a good job of deflecting the naysayers but I only half listened to the answer. I replayed her question over and over in my mind, focusing on her accent. Something about her voice appealed to me. No, it was more than that; it attracted me. There was a sharpness about her, but also an innocence conveyed in those few words. Perhaps it was the fact she was four thousand miles from home, feeling out of place in a foreign city surrounded by an up-tight nation of people. London is hardly the friendliest place on earth. No stranger to travel I knew the curious awkwardness of being that person, seemingly alone, having very little in common with the people bustling around me. But also the thrill of being able to stand out in the crowd; daring to be different, and expressing my individuality because nobody knew me. Anonymity and distinctiveness were a delicious mix.

Over the years I’d discovered nowhere demonstrated this conflict better than a hotel room. Lazing in front of the TV with Adam, hands wandering over each other’s bodies, gradually raising the temperature, goose bumps forming on damp skin. Fingers walking tantalizingly over my erogenous zones, nipples hardening to his touch and then becoming rigid under his hot breath, as the tips of my breasts are rolled between lightly clenched teeth. Excitement mounting, ultimately finding myself unable to take any more and wordlessly climbing on top of him, riding his length furiously, feeling him split my raging pussy in two until I let go and cry out into the night space, not caring who may be listening in neighbouring rooms. And as I begin to come down from the high my audience in adjoining rooms would begin to… applaud? What the…

I became aware of clapping around me, petering out to be replaced with the hubbub of people moving. I focused on my hand which was slowly, almost imperceptibly rubbing my exposed thigh just above the knee and became suddenly self-conscious. Quickly standing, slightly flustered, I gathered my belongings and followed the woman along the row, admiring the way she glided away from the stall. I shook my head again. Something was definitely wrong with me: I feared I was turning into a nymphomaniac. Adam had unleashed some beastly desires inside me, and since the day he’d introduced me to anal sex I’d been utterly insatiable the past few months. I’d started fantasizing of office trysts, daydreaming of group sex and now what: another woman? I had to stop before my inner desires consumed me and made me do something I regretted. But that backside of hers wiggling in her pencil skirt made my heart leap to my throat. It took every ounce of self control to restrain my mind.

She looked back and stopped. Had she sensed me staring again? Could she tell what I was thinking? The briefest of pauses elapsed and I thought of darting away from her into the milling crowds. But before I could react she extended her hand and, in the inimitable way that Americans do, introduced herself.

“Jess. Or Jessica on Sundays. Didn’t get a chance to say hi back there.”

I took her soft hand in mine and shook it.

“Uh, Belle. No change on Sundays. Pleased to meet you.”

“Belle, that’s a pretty name.”

“Pretty unusual, I’m told.”

She smiled, freckled cheeks rising and catching the diffuse light. Our hands stayed together a few seconds longer than convention would dictate for people who had just met and I felt a faint tingle down my spine. I pulled my hand away, perhaps a little too quickly, and searched for something to say.

“So are you here just for the conference?” A short, sweaty man talking loudly into a mobile phone barged between us on his way to a nearby trade stand. “Or for all these hot specimens of mankind?” I concluded.

She laughed a little, eyes twinkling. “No. I’m on vacation and they said they’d pay me to take a few days here while I was in the country.”

“That’s good of them. And your family don’t mind?”

“Left them in Birmingham.” She pronounced each syllable separately: Bir-ming-ham and then added, “To explore.”

“There’s a lot to explore. I live near there. When I’m not here.”

“Oh, really? You’ll have to tell us what to see. Stuff we really shouldn’t miss.”

An open invitation, but I shouldn’t accept. Might put her off. Better not to appear easy, I was always told. It seemed my mouth wasn’t paying any attention to my brain. “Is now good for you? I could do with a coffee.”

She pondered a little. “How about later? Got a lot to fit in today; you know how it is.”

I did, but tried to hide my disappointment. Maybe she picked up on it, because she then asked, “How are you fixed for dinner?”

“Table for one.”

“Sucks, huh?”

I nodded and let the pause in conversation breathe a little.

Jess spoke. “So I’m staying at the Novotel down the street. Company wouldn’t stretch to the Hilton.”

“Ha ha me too. Kind of them to care about their workforces isn’t it?”

“Yeah, banks huh? Got a lot to answer for. But it’s worked out good to be frugal this time. How about the lobby at 7? We can choose a place to eat then. You familiar with this area?”

“A little. I know a good Italian place nearby.”

“Perfect. I need a tour guide. First time here.”

We both stopped, the awkwardness catching up with us both at once. It was Jess who broke the silence again in her soft drawl.

“So, I’m sorta going that way,” she pointed over her shoulder. “You?”

I looked around and indicated left. It was more than a little random and highly likely someone with a shiny brochure and some false charm would try and sell me something en route.

She nodded. “OK then. See you at 7.”

“Yes. Looking forward to it.”

And I was.

With that she turned and sashayed away into the throngs of people, leaving me standing, anonymous and alone before wandering off in search of something to justify my paycheque.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I spent the remainder of the day flitting from stand to stand, picking up brochures, listening to sales patter and well-oiled speeches. My feet ached and they thanked me for the freedom as I kicked off my heels in the hotel bedroom. I sank to the bed and fell back into the queen size mattress, splaying my arms wide, kicking my stockinged feet idly against the frame.

My thoughts turned to Jess. What was I doing meeting a stranger for dinner? That wasn’t my style at all. A few months ago I was a lot more shy and reserved — at least in public — and I’d never have agreed. Even now after having been awoken to my sexual prowess and pushing the boundaries of my desires I wasn’t sure why I’d agreed. It simply wasn’t my manner to act on impulse with anyone other than Adam. But there was something mesmerising about Jess. From the moment I’d heard her voice I’d been a different woman. Something in her had triggered a chemical change in my body that I couldn’t fathom. Whether it was shared loneliness in a faceless city or the way her eyes sparkled when she smiled — or perhaps a bit of both — I had a warmth in my belly that I couldn’t control.

As I lay there I wondered where this might lead. I’d always been faithful to my past boyfriends and had never even considered kissing another woman, let alone going any further. But something about Jess’ touch, her lilting voice and her emerald eyes made me glow inside.

Over the years I’d enjoyed listening to couples making love in countless adjoining hotel rooms: regular sex, bondage, masturbation, vibrators, anal, I’d pretty much heard it all. I’d even once enjoyed hearing some girl-on-girl action which was incredibly hot. Clearly there was something very wrong with me. Voyeurism and listening in on people’s intimate moments was a male fetish, wasn’t it? Perhaps I had spent too much time in a male-oriented industry and the testosterone had rubbed off. Perhaps I needed help? I mean, now I was contemplating being that other woman in the adjoining room.

I cast my mind back to our meeting earlier in the day and wondered if I was misinterpreting Jess’ body language; maybe I’d simply misread the signals and it was all wishful thinking. Would it be better not to try anything in case it was just culture differences and she became offended? Perhaps what I was feeling wasn’t attraction but confusion. Or frustration at being away from Adam. Recently I found I had a higher sex drive than normal and needed… servicing more frequently than my friends seemed to require. To the extent I always packed at least one — and sometimes a selection — of toys for my trips away.

But Jess’ face and her voice were etched in my mind. What’s a girl to do amid this much emotional turmoil? I considered bailing; torn between a night in with the assurance of my playthings or a night out in the company of someone I didn’t know. Either way, I felt the energy crackle across my skin, left then right, down then up my legs, circling my belly. I couldn’t resist and hiked my skirt up above my waist. To my surprise, I found the crotch of my panties to be damp and ran my fingers over the outline of my pussy lips through the thin fabric, tracing them slowly, imagining it was Jess. How can a heterosexual woman be turned on by the thought of touching someone else’s wife? It’s simply not right, but it felt right. I suddenly wanted her between my legs, using her tongue on my sex, spreading my pink lips, lapping my clit. I closed my eyes and let the hot thoughts take me, fingers stroking my legs and up to my sensitive centre, breathing becoming heavier.

As my hand glanced over my panties and I felt the heat emanating from beneath I lazily rolled my head from side to side against the bed sheets, eventually resting my cheek against the soft duvet. Through half-opened eyes I came to focus on the bedside clock. 6:20. Shit. Pleasure would have to wait.

Reluctantly I hauled myself from the comfort of the mattress, quickly stripped and showered, paying extra attention to tidying the tiny wisps of hair on my pussy. I loved being shaved bare, leaving the tiniest strip of fur just north of my clit. It always drove Adam wild when he had my hairless pussy to slather with his talented tongue. I returned the razor to the soap dish and admired my handiwork in the mirror before turning to look at my shapely bottom. Good enough to eat.

Wrapping a large bath sheet snugly around me I thumbed through the wardrobe and chose an outfit. Being on business meant a limited repertoire but I always made sure to pack one or two posh garments. Even when dining alone I loved dressing up to go out; sadly these days it seemed to be a dying custom.

When I was dry and had applied a light spray of Giorgio I slipped into a new pair of sheer panties, matching bra and silk hold-ups. My legs shone in the hotel light and I loved the way the hold-ups made me feel and look so glamorous. It was all Adam’s fault I’d started wearing them again. _That_ night.

The black dress hugged my figure as I shucked into it and zipped it up, rearranging my breasts for best effect. Despite the slight over-indulgence visible in my waist that the gym hadn’t yet helped shift, I felt sexy. I gave a little twirl and liked what I saw. The pièce de résistance was my four-inch Louboutin heels and a delicate necklace which plunged to my ample cleavage. I checked my reflection: the height of the heels naturally diminished my slight belly and accentuated my bottom and boobs. What a package!

Three minutes to seven. I grabbed my clutch purse and as I pulled the heavy door and exited the room to the corridor I hoped Jess wouldn’t think I’d gone overboard.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

As it happened I had chosen well. When the lift door pinged open I saw Jess by the yucca plant. She was slightly more conservatively dressed in a trouser suit and cream shirt with a generous V neckline. A heart-shaped pendant nestled between the upper half of her breasts and she wore her hair down, pooling effortlessly at her shoulders. A pair of slingbacks emphasised her body’s natural slender curves.

I smiled and approached; she smiled back radiantly.

“Very elegant, Belle.”

I blushed. “Thank you. I’m glad you dressed up too.”

“Are you kidding? When else do we get an excuse to wear such great clothes? I love your necklace.”

“Thank you,” I repeated. “My boyfriend bought it for my birthday.”

“He has good taste.”

A waiter spied us and offered a table but I declined, indicating that Jess and I were leaving. We stepped into the large revolving door together then out into the cool night air — much milder than usual considering Christmas wasn’t far away — and began to walk towards Hammersmith station.

I found out that she was at an ePublishing firm, trying to gain traction in the marketplace as traditional publishers muscled in. Said she enjoyed it but it was frustrating. For my part I mostly listened to her dulcet tones, interjecting occasionally to furnish her with parts of my working history.

We arrived at Bianco Nero and took a table towards the back. It was already busy with waiters threading their way between the square tables carrying pizza, pasta and salad to hungry guests. We ordered pizzas and wine — a crisp house white — and settled into the moulded plastic, yet oddly comfortable, chairs.

“Jess, can I ask what part of America you’re from?”

“North Carolina. A place called Lindley Park, Greensboro.”

“Never heard of it. Is it nice?”

“The park’s great. Wide open space with beautiful trees in summer. The neighbourhood kinda grew around the park. Lots of colourful characters lived in my street. It’s where I developed my charm.”

I smiled. “Your charm’s just fine. For an American.”

“Careful! So you must be doing ok for yourself, given the business we’re in. How do you cope with all the testosterone in the office?”

“I just wear heels and don’t take any shit.”

That got a laugh. Her hair tumbled over her shoulders and reflected deep reddish-brown in the artificial light as she shook. “They don’t stand a chance then. Anyone who wears 600 dollar shoes demands respect.”

I looked down, a little bashful. “To be fair I bought them at a discount shop. Last season’s look for a tenth of the price.”

Jess arched her eyebrows. “Wow. You’ll have to show me. Mine are wearing out.”

As we ate, the conversation flowed smoothly along with the wine. Jess was easy to get along with. Topics ranged from organic farming, shopping, music and pets to religion, men and travel. I let her do most of the talking, happy to listen to the sing-song accent. A few times I caught myself staring at her lips and had to look away. I still felt some anxiety about being with her, wondering what she thought to me, hoping she approved.

Perhaps it was the first-date nerves, perhaps the company, but I found myself drinking a little more heavily than usual and it was starting to have an effect. I didn’t notice at first of course; I always find it difficult to gauge how much I’ve had. The amber light was when, on the travel topic, I drunkenly confessed to enjoying listening to other people having sex in hotel rooms.

From the look on Jess’ face I couldn’t tell if I’d overstepped the mark or not. Damned alcohol. Had I blown it? She looked surprised, like she’d underestimated me, and I just sat there sheepishly wishing I could take it back. Then she leaned forward with a mischievous glint in her eye and lowered her voice.

“So what sort of things have you heard? C’mon spill it.”

“You don’t want to know.”

“Yes I do! Come on.”


She nodded and waited, gingerly sipping her wine.

I took a deep breath. “All sorts. Mostly couples giving the bed springs a good workout. It’s amazing how uninhibited people can be when they’re in a hotel room.”

She cocked her head playfully, indicating I should continue.

“Like this one girl was a real moaner. Every stroke she’d let out a huge ooohhh that gradually became higher and higher in pitch as he pounded into her. They got faster until she was almost continuously wailing. I could practically hear him filling her with come from next door.”

“That must have been pretty hot. So what’s your favourite so far?”

“So many to choose from. Erm, one that stands out in particular was the woman begging for him to, and I quote, ‘fill my slutty ass with your fat cock’. That was a wild ride.”

Jess giggled. “Well it wasn’t me: I’ve never done that. You?”

Should I confess? My brain sluggishly said no, and the rest of my body ignored it again. I nodded a little reservedly, unsure of where this might lead. It wasn’t the sort of thing I tended to admit outside my close circle of friends and her wide-eyed expression indicated she was bound to ask a follow-up, so I quickly deflected the subject a little.

“I like listening to women going solo, although that’s more difficult to hear. But it’s worth the extra concentration. Oh, and another time in Stockholm I heard a pair of lesbians at it. They were sooo hot. Took a long time over it too. I was spent by the time they went to sleep, if you know what I mean.”

The brunette opposite me grinned widely and sipped more wine. Was she checking me out? Did she think I’d make a good lover? Or was I too drunk to assess the situation reliably? Although part of me knew I should cut back on the wine I kept up with her and drank a little more as we ordered dessert.

Not wishing to be the only one divulging secrets, after some cajoling I managed to get Jess to admit enjoying role play in the bedroom, especially where one party is dominant. Her self-conscious account of the time she dressed in thigh length boots and made her husband into her personal sex slave for the night really turned me on. By the end of it I was rhythmically squeezing my thighs together beneath the table, each compression forcing my lips together then apart. I could feel myself beginning to moisten; the tingling in my tummy gradually spreading to my hips as I imagined her bouncing up and down on her husband’s stiff prick while whipping his chest with the leather riding crop she described.

As Jess finished her tale I was left with my mouth agape. “You are such a minx! And you think _I’m_ a bad girl?”

Jess was more than a little coy. “I just like to make sure my man knows not to look elsewhere for his… entertainment.”

“Trust me,” I said placing my hand on her forearm, “With stories like that there’s no chance of him wandering. I might steal that one and try it on Adam one day.”

I realised my hand was still on her arm and withdrew sharply. There was a silence between us that crackled. Her eyes met mine and her pupils dilated a little. Was that a sign she wanted more from me or did I imagine it? Sadly the moment was broken by dessert arriving. I’d elected for a chocolate torte; which probably accounted for the reason the gym sessions were an uphill struggle. Jess had sorbet, which I guessed accounted for her frame.

Tucking into our desserts, I began to feel the effects of the alcohol further and admitted to some other racy encounters. By the time we settled the bill and left the restaurant I was struggling to walk in the Louboutin’s. Had it been warmer I might have taken them off and walked the short hop back to the hotel barefoot. Instead I had to rely on Jess’ support, hanging onto her arm and giggling at every little thing we passed. She was quite tipsy too and on more than one occasion we fell into the hedge, laughing like a pair of teenagers as we pulled twigs from one another.

Upon entering the hotel, Jess kept shhhhing me in the loud manner only someone who is drunk can. I removed my shoes and found the going a little easier. When the lift doors slid shut and we started to ascend I thanked her for a lovely evening and leaned across to drunkenly kiss her on the cheek, slurring my undying love for her. Instead I missed and fell over in a heap on the floor, laughing uncontrollably. I barely heard Jess asking “Which floor, my sweet Juliet,” and having hysterics when I breathlessly squeaked the answer from the corner of the lift.

We spilled into the brightly lit corridor and she managed to half stumble, half drag me to my room and swipe the room card. We collapsed inside laughing. The door swung shut and I threw my shoes across the room then fought to remove my dress. Jess helped when I become entangled in the strap, grabbing the hem and lifting, ceremoniously discarding it on my behalf. I stood there in front of her in just my lingerie. With a giggle I crooked my finger and beckoned her to the bed, stepping backwards as she advanced. Step by step we moved in sync until I tripped over my strewn shoe and crashed against the bed frame. Jess laughed at first then quickly bent to assist me, hauling me to my feet and wrestling me up onto the side of the bed.

I sat there for a moment, rocking gently and looked over at her. The moonlight streamed into the dark room where I’d not closed the curtains earlier, casting a blue hue on her angelic face. I brought my hand to her cheek and stroked it.

“Jess, I feel funny.”

“So do I,” she breathed leaning into me.

I stopped her with a finger to her lips. “No, I mean really funny. Like I’m… like I’m gonna throw up.”

My mouth started watering with the unmistakable warning signs of sick and my eyes widened as I began to feel my stomach wrenching. I launched myself from the bed amid a muttered apology, stumbled gracelessly to the bathroom and puked. With my head over the toilet bowl, that was the last I remembered of the evening.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Predictably I awoke at just gone eight with a sore head. My mouth tasted distinctly unfresh and very dry. After forcing my eyes to focus I swung my legs over the edge and gingerly padded from the bed dressed only in my sheer panties, filling the plastic cup in the bathroom with tap water. I gulped noisily, glad of the lubrication to my fiery throat and looked at myself in the three-part angled mirror. My hair was a tangled mess — I still had at least one twig jutting from it — my eye shadow was a little smeared and I had a small purpling bruise on my temple where I’d fallen.

I sat heavily on the toilet lid and buried my face in my hands as parts of the previous evening came back to haunt me. What a fool I’d been. Dammit why hadn’t I paced myself better? Now I’d ruined my chances of friendship — maybe more — with Jess. I cursed myself for being so stupid.

Sighing deeply I stood and started the shower. As steam began to billow from beyond the curtain I peeled my panties from my hairless pussy, noticing the telltale white stain of arousal at Jess’ sexual stories over dinner. I flung the knickers from the room and stepped under the jet’s relentless fingers of water. It felt better already but there was a hole in my heart where I knew my actions had cost me something more than a simple hangover.

As the water cascaded over my hair and I washed and rinsed away the memories of the night before I wondered what I’d say to Jess if I saw her again. Aside from a huge apology. Perhaps the best course of action would be to avoid her. Yes, that would be best. As I soaped my shapely body I tried to cast her from my mind and focus on how to make it through the day with the feeling that someone was constantly kicking the inside of my head.

She wasn’t at breakfast which made me feel slightly more at ease: it’s simpler to avoid someone if they’re not there. To minimise the chance of meeting her I finished the excuse for a continental breakfast quickly and made my way outside in the light rain up the road to the exhibition centre, still feeling sorry for myself. As the roadworks continued in my head, Peter Gabriel’s ‘Sledgehammer’ looped on my internal jukebox.

It wasn’t until lunch time that our paths crossed again. She snuck up behind me in one of the sandwich bars around the perimeter of the hall.

“Hey Belle.”

I froze, continuing to stare forward. “Uhh, hi Jess.” The speech I’d prepared for this moment evaporated and I just goldfished a few times then shut my mouth. Jess came round to face me. “You ok?”

“Yes thank you. A sore head but it’s gradually going.”

“Cool, I was a little worried you’d hurt yourself when you tripped.”

I swept my hair aside and showed her the bruise.

“Ouch!” she exclaimed.

“It looks worse than it is.”

Silence. Then we both began to speak and stopped. I began again.

“Listen Jess, I’m sorry about last night. I was totally out of order and feel like I let you down. I don’t normally get like that and just…”

“Hey, don’t worry about it.”

I looked up into her emerald eyes and they shone into my soul. “Really?”

“Yes, really. I was a little worse for wear myself.”

I breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank goodness. I thought you’d never speak to me again or you’d end up telling everyone that English girls were all stupid drunken idiots and I wouldn’t want to be responsible for damaging international relations between our countries.”

She laughed that infectious laugh. “Are you kidding? I always maintain you don’t really know someone until you’ve held the hair out of their eyes while they puked their guts out.”

“Oh God I’m sorry,” I murmured, horrified that I’d let this virtual stranger see that side of me.

The queue moved forward a pace. “Don’t worry about it,” she repeated. “I’m just glad you’re ok.”

I stood there looking at the floor for a long minute, gradually shuffling with the rest of the sandwich line. Jess stood behind me. I turned to face her.

“So, what else happened? Did I… well, you know… for long?”

“About forty minutes or so. On and off. You kept apologising between bouts and then hurling. It was quite funny actually, sorry.”

“I’m so ashamed.”

“Don’t be. Eventually you stopped and I helped you to bed then let myself out. I’m just glad I was there or you might have been in a real mess this morning.”

I looked up at her. She appeared so beautiful to me, the light bulb from the ceiling casting a halo around her smooth auburn hair. Here was a woman I hardly knew who had seen the worst part of me and didn’t seem at all phased by it. I reached out to touch her hand, grasping it lightly.

“Thank you, Jess. For not judging me. I’d, uhhh, kiss you to say thanks but people might talk.”

She leaned to my ear. “Let them talk.”

Electricity arced between us as her hot breath and words caught in my ear. I gently kissed her cheek and let go of her hand after a few moments then turned to face the front of the queue, pacing forward where a gap had formed. Jess was behind me almost immediately.

“So do you want to try another meal tonight? With less alcohol? I still don’t know the area well enough and a table for one doesn’t appeal.”

“Are you sure?”


I whirled to face her, feeling suddenly relieved and more than happy at her request. “OK. Same time in the lobby?”

She nodded. “Can’t wait.”

Then she was gone.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

With the drudgery of the day over I once again kicked off my regular heels in the hotel room and spent some time lazing on the bed. I realised among yesterday’s encounter I hadn’t phoned Adam and rectified that using the hotel phone. The company would pick up the astronomical tab as I was allowed one personal call a day. He answered on the 4th ring.

“Hi B, missing you.”

I smiled. ‘B’ was his nickname for me. I sometimes called him ‘A’ in return and we joked that if we ever had kids they’d have to be named beginning ‘C’ and ‘D’ respectively.

“Miss you too. How was work?”

“Same old. You?”

I related the story of yesterday to him including all the grisly details I could remember and he laughed.

“That’s my girl.”

“Don’t! The thing is I think she’s really into me and I don’t know how I feel about that. She’s married, quite straight laced and we’re, you know… not.”

“What’s there to consider? You know how I feel about it.”

“I’m not asking how you feel about it. I’m saying it’s more complicated than that.” I knew it was a long-held fantasy of his to see me make out with another woman. But before I met Jess I never thought I wanted to.

“It’s not complicated at all. From the way you described her I can tell that you’re into her as much as she is you.”

“You think?”

“Yeah. Look, B, just tell her tonight. No theatrics and not as much booze. It’s not like you’ll ever see her again anyway. Just sound her out a bit and make sure you’re reading her right. Then if it all checks out, go for it.”

“But I feel I’m betraying you. Or myself. I’m not a lesbian or bi or anything. Why the hell am I feeling this way?”

“You can’t control how you feel and you don’t have to be gay. You’re just curious, right? There’s some spark inside you that she lit and you need to find out how it feels to scratch that itch. If you want to fuck this Jess girl to get it out of your system then do so.”

I found myself nodding in agreement. It sounded callous the way he described it but he made sense when I needed it most. Then he continued.

“On one condition.”

Uh-oh. Last time there was an attached condition I ended up losing my anal virginity. “What’s that?”

“You tell me all about it when you get back and you don’t miss a single detail. Not one little thing.”

“You don’t mind?”

“Why would I mind? I’m already hard just thinking about you and another woman enjoying each other.”

I breathed out heavily. Although still unsure of whether the path I was treading was the right one, having Adam’s — albeit not very altruistic — support was a weight off my mind. “Thank you. You’re incredible for understanding.”

“Just go for it, baby Belle.” That was his other nickname for me. “Show her the real you; the you that I know so well; the you that would make anyone — man or woman — drool with delight at your taste.”

I blushed. “OK I will. You’ve put my mind at ease. I love you, Adam.”

“You too. Now go get her.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The meal with Jess went well. Effortless really, considering the fiasco the night before. It was partly because I was more mindful of my alcohol intake and partly because I was trying to steer the conversation to sex; luckily a topic she seemed interested to explore. By the time we were on dessert I was sure she was testing the water with me in the same way I was testing her. She made me recite the story of the two lesbians I’d overheard in the Swedish hotel in intimate detail and I could tell by the end of it that she was very turned on; her neckline was flushed a pale pink and she only had one hand on the table.

In her current state of arousal I knew there was a golden opportunity to find out for sure if she wanted to further our relationship and decided to just go for it, as Adam had suggested. Otherwise tonight would forever be chalked up to regret.

The wine helped calm my fluttering stomach and I breathed deeply in preparation. I lowered my voice and leaned across the marble table. “So does the idea of making love to another girl excite you?”

Her eyes flashed and she fixed her gaze on me. “Not that I’d ever admit it to my husband, but yeah. I’d like to try it to find out how different it is. To see if it’s true that two women can please each other because they know innately what the other desires.”

OK, so phase one was out in the open. Time for the stun grenade. “Me too. After hearing those two girls at it I just wanted to knock on the door and throw myself at them.”

“I think I would have too.”

The air between us fizzed with unspoken promise. I took a spoonful of ice cream and gingerly licked it from the spoon, hopefully provocatively. It was now or never. Time for the nuke. “Jess, would you like… uhh…” I leaned across the table a little further still and rested my hand on hers. “Would you like to play with me tonight?” The words caught in my throat and I couldn’t believe I’d said it. But there it was: out there.

Jess gulped a little and looked down at the table, biting her lip. When she raised her head to fix me with her gorgeous wide eyes I knew the answer before she confirmed it. “Yes. If you’ll take me I’m yours.”

My heart skipped a beat and I squeezed her hand tightly. “Then let’s go. I don’t think I can waste another minute without tasting you.”

We settled the bill and scampered out into the London rain which had not let up all day. Neither of us noticed as we ran like school kids up the street, laughing and splashing each other until we reached the hotel entrance. Slightly bedraggled we composed ourselves outside the revolving doors, smoothing wet hair behind our ears, and made our way inside, quickly crossing the lobby to the lifts.

The instant the lift door closed I was on her. I fumbled behind her for the button and pressed her floor then crushed my lips to hers. The forbidden touch of girl against girl, hearts beating rapidly beneath bosoms, hands wiping rain from faces, and tongues dancing in each other’s mouth made the short journey to the fifth floor seem an exquisite eternity. I couldn’t recall feeling this excited in all my recent sexual memories. The sensation of Jess’ soft lips against mine captured my spirit and left me breathless. Had the lift been playing muzak, Katy Perry’s ‘I kissed a girl’ (and I liked it) would have been appropriate. Except Jess’ lip gloss tasted of vanilla, not cherry. I breathed her scent deeply and brought my hands to her cheeks, holding her to me as we embraced.

All too soon the lift announced the floor and we jolted apart, both wiping our mouths instinctively. A devilish glimmer was in her eye and once we’d established nobody else was on her floor we shucked off our shoes and ran barefoot, hand in hand down the carpeted corridor to her room.

Jess scrabbled with the key card and eventually made the green light appear. We crashed inside her room which still smelled faintly of her earlier shower, shoes flinging aside, hands grabbing at clothes and skin. Was I really doing this? Was I about to make love to someone of the same sex? The touch of Jess’ lips against mine quelled any arguments I might have brought against the act in that moment of uncertainty: I needed this woman. I pushed back against her and we slammed into the wall by the door as it eased shut, tongues exploring. I brought my hands to her face and brushed droplets of rain from her forehead, smoothing her hair and tracing the contour of her cheekbones with my fingertips. She sighed and I caught her breath, pressing my lips firmly against hers.

She ran her hands to my hips and began unfastening the belt of my dress. It fell away and fluttered to the floor causing the garment to lose shape around my body. She quickly lowered her hands to the hem and in one fluid movement pushed me away a step and yanked the dress over my head, discarding it in the corner of the room. My lingerie once again comprised a push-up bra, matching cotton panties and sparkly nylon hold-ups. The only light was from the full moon streaming past the open curtains, illuminating me from one side. My legs twinkled like the night sky itself as I stepped forward into her space and began unbuttoning her blouse. She shucked her jacket and it dropped to the floor as button after button revealed more of her creamy breasts to my wanton gaze.

With the chiffon material fully unbuttoned I slid the blouse from her shoulders and let it pool at her feet with the jacket. I dropped my head to one of her bare shoulders and kissed her neck softly. Her damp hair tickled my face and I swung the strands away from the soft white flesh of her shoulder, placing kiss after kiss on her. From arm to neck and back again, she shivered at my touches. I ran kisses up to her jaw line, over her cheeks to her full lips, savouring the taste of her lip gloss and the illicit sensations she triggered inside me.

She tipped her head back and I kissed down her chin, down her taut neck, then descended to her breasts. She had made the most of her small assets, accentuating them with a delicate bra which I unsnapped. Her boobs caught the moon’s rays, jutting proudly from her body like gentle pistes as the garment fell away. A coin-sized area of mottled pigment crowned each slope, punctuated with slightly upturned nipples, already firm and inviting. I traced my fingers slowly up her side and tenderly cupped one of her mounds; it fit snugly in my petite hand and Jess drew breath. I bent forward a little and she looked down at me approaching, willing me on with her lustful expression.

Keeping eye contact, I parted my lips and took just the apex of her nipple between them. She closed her eyes and sighed appreciatively, then I began to draw my tongue in circles over the textured surface of her areola. I could feel every bump, almost every nerve ending, responding to my tongue and took delight in the fluttering breaths I set off.

Her nipple hardened further when I slid my tongue over it and she moaned softly as I drew her whole cap into my warm mouth, suckling gently. The sensation of taking another woman’s breast into my mouth gave me such a rush; the sheer decadence of the act caught me off guard and I found myself dizzy with excitement.

Growing in confidence I lapped and sucked Jess’ nipple in earnest, eliciting soft moans and sighs of pleasure. She tipped her head back against the wall and gave herself to me. I switched breasts, taking the other engorged teat into my hot mouth and treating it to the same bath as its sister. Jess became more animated, running her hands over my damp hair and stroking my face, enjoying the attention to her chest.

I slowly ran my hands down her body, savouring every delicious curve of her hips and stomach, experiencing a brief pang of jealousy at her trim figure. I hoped she wouldn’t be disappointed with my shape, then remembered she must have already seen me virtually naked the night before. My hands reached the waistband of her trouser suit and I broke the contact with her breast, kneeling down and sitting back on my haunches in front of her. I looked up and met her gaze in the dim moonlight. There were no need for words; her face told me everything I needed to know.

With deliberate slow movements I unfastened the clip and button of her trousers, then gradually eased the zip down. As the material parted I caught sight of her underwear, sheer and smooth, reflecting what little light was available in the room. I let go and her trousers slid the rest of the way to the floor amid the remainder of her clothes, revealing her long, supple legs. She stepped out of the pooled material and I spun my finger in the air, indicating she should turn around.

Jess faced the wall and placed her palms against it, feet slightly apart as if she was about to be frisked. Her bare calves caught the silver hue of the moon as they gave way to her shapely thighs, leading up to her exceptionally pert bottom. Rising from the crack of her buttocks was a tiny triangle of material, the string of the thong lost in her impossibly tight derriere. Such an exquisite sight. I found myself running my hands all the way up her lithe legs and caressing the flesh of her behind before hooking my thumbs into the waistband of her thong and dragging the garment ever so slowly south. The material pulled free of the clutches of her bottom and I slid the panties to the floor.

For the first time in my adult life I laid hungry eyes on a naked woman and drank in every soft curve. I wanted her so badly. Leaning forward I placed kisses alternately on each cheek while I ran my hands up over her hips. The urgency I felt in the lift was returning and I fought hard to control myself, taking my time trailing my hair up over the small of her back and placing soft kisses on her sensitive skin. I could see goose bumps forming as I moved onwards, kneeling up then standing behind her, pressing my lingerie-clad body against hers. Sliding my hands around her midriff and cupping both breasts, I gave them a gentle squeeze. Jess purred with pleasure and I planted kisses in the nape of her neck and along her shoulders, each more insistent than the last. I kissed her lightly tangled hair too, inhaling the scent of rainwater mixed with her shampoo. Then I kissed my way to one of her ears, nibbled the tip and whispered,

“Let’s go to bed.”

Jess didn’t need asking twice. We made our way hand in hand the five paces to the queen size bed and she climbed on top of the sheets, sliding her hands forward, catlike until she was lying flat, diagonally away from me. I switched on the bedside lamp and the glow bathed the back of her legs and bottom in an orange blush. She looked even more delicious. The light that reached her hair emphasised the redness in her auburn mane: a fiery portent of the sexual inferno inside, I hoped.

I eased myself onto the bed and straddled her calves, sliding my hands up her legs and kneading the firm flesh of her buttocks. I massaged from there up her back — at full stretch — and down again, gliding my hands easily over her smooth frame. With each long stroke I inched my way up her body until I was pressing my panties up against her bottom. I could detect wetness between my legs and wondered if Jess’ pussy was equally slippery. I had the sudden urge to find out and leaned forward, pressing my entire body against hers for a moment before slithering off to lie next to her.

“Turn over,” I stated. “I want to taste you.”

She rolled obediently, and scooched up the bed to rest her head on the pillows, fixing me with a sultry stare. The light danced off the soft patch of pubic hair that covered her sex. It reminded me of how mine looked before I began shaving regularly.

Running my hands up the front of her beautiful legs I gently spread her thighs and manoeuvred between them. A few droplets of moisture clung to the hairs that disappeared into the vee formed by her parted legs: so she was aroused, just like me. I felt a flood of hormones wash over me as the realisation of what I was about to do sank in. I was preparing to make love to a married woman whom I’d met the day before. It felt wrong for all the right reasons, but I was beyond reason: there was nothing I wanted more at that moment than to eat her. My primal instincts bubbled to the surface and I had no choice but to become slave to my needs. I pushed her legs apart further and lowered my head to her centre.

The musky scent of a day trapped inside underwear mingled with the unmistakable smell of female desire as I extended my tongue. With my palms resting on the front of her hips I used my thumbs to roll her hair-covered lips aside slightly. The petals of her labia parted stickily and I was captivated by how similar yet very different she was to me. Her lips were thinner overall where mine were full and fleshy, yet they were more splayed, forming almost a natural diamond shape among the pubic forest. The hood of her clitoris was smaller and further up than mine so I could see her tiny nub peeking from its hiding place already, waiting for my touch.

Starting at the base of her pussy I dove forward and ran my tongue lengthwise towards her clit; my first taste of another woman. I moaned in guilty pleasure along with Jess, then went back for more, burying my nose among her folds and inhaling her core as I licked. At the top of each stroke I circled my tongue around her clitoris and she gasped each time. Lick after lick she became wetter and more tasty; I greedily devoured every sweet drop.

Jess became more vocal when I switched attention solely to her sensitive clit. I licked directly over and around her hard centre, each time eliciting a throaty moan which she projected into the sparsely decorated room. The echoes of her groans bounced off the walls and I wondered if anyone in neighbouring rooms would be listening and becoming excited at our play. I know I would have been; I’d have been furiously rubbing my slick pussy while my ear was pressed against a glass to the wall. But this time there was no need to fill in the gaps with my imagination: I had a front row seat.

Urging me on with both her cries and her hands clamping my head to her pussy, Jess approached orgasm. I held her lips wide apart with my thumbs and licked furiously at her engorged clit, becoming increasingly aware of my own pussy leaking juice into my cotton panties. Like mine, her wet channel was naturally open, awaiting penetration. I pushed my long tongue out as far as I could and fucked her with it, sampling juice directly from her source. She rewarded me with some loud cries of joy and an exhilarating mix of sweet nectar amid the musky undercurrent of raw passion.

I never wasted a drop, lapping feverishly at her increasingly sopping box. I could sense her nearing orgasm, her gasps coming more insistently and closer together, legs squeezing against my ears. As I drove inside her, alternately fucking her delicious cunt with my tongue and slathering her clit, she began thrusting up against my face, begging me to lick her harder. I complied and seconds later she let out a loud cry and her legs gripped my head in place, covering my ears and forcing me to stay pressed against her dripping pussy.

I let her ride it out, enjoying the feel of her fluttering contractions against my face, aware of her panting in the distance. Eventually her legs released my head and my hearing returned to normal. She collapsed back against the bed and put her forearm over her eyes. A wide smile spread across her parted lips and she was still breathing heavily.

Slowly disentangling myself from her midsection, I sat up between her thighs and gazed down at her. It was an incredible high to witness the shared bond between us in the aftermath of her intense orgasm; I was so turned on by what had just happened. And as if the emotional connection wasn’t enough to make my skin tingle, the fact that Jess’ horny secretions still coated my chin and I could smell her pussy on my lips were the icing on the cake.

Jess slid her arm from her eyes and smiled up at me. She sat up and leant in for a kiss; a long, slow, smouldering kiss, I suspect partly as a thank you for what I had done to her and partly to rev me up for what she did next. Keeping our lips locked, she spun us over so I was laid on the bed. Jess then assumed the dominant position and pulled her mouth from mine, sitting poised. She trailed her fingers up my tummy and ran them over my bra, touching the upper exposed surface of my breasts. My nipples began to respond, straining at the sheer fabric. Then I felt cool air across them as Jess slid her hands beneath my bra and pulled my tits from beneath their covering.

Although it wasn’t the first time she’d seen me, it felt so naughty to be exposed like that in front of her, my bra yanked lewdly below my breasts. Jess massaged the ample flesh, tweaking my nipples gently, then dropped her head and began to suck on each nipple in turn.

Small sparks flew from the tips of my boobs down through my belly and swam around my loins. Each time she licked, sucked, or squeezed I moaned in appreciation. It felt so different to the way Adam did it; unhurried where he was racing to slide inside me; sensual where he was brutish. She required no direction, just knew what would feel right.

But nothing prepared me for what she did next. Lazily tracing her tongue down my body she trailed it over my sheer, damp panties. When she was kneeling between my thighs, she pushed them wide apart and I let my legs flop open to receive her. Just like with my boobs, she saucily pulled my panties to one side, uncovering my hairless snatch to her lustful gaze. I don’t think she was expecting a shaved pussy to greet her because she stopped in her tracks.

“Wow. You’re beautiful.”

I blushed. “Thank you.”

“What does it feel like to have no hair down here?”

“Awesome. You should try it. Not that I didn’t enjoy eating you as you are.”

“I figured as much.”

I smiled. Her voice still got to me. The Carolina girl who was about to lick me to orgasm. As if reading the urgency in my mind, she stooped to my exposed pussy, placed her hands on the tops of my thighs above the bands of my holds-ups and blew air across my wet lips. The extra cold sent shivers of desire radiating from my centre to the far reaches of my body. And when she followed it with a hot, wet lick the entire length of my bald pussy I thought I was going to hit the roof. I groaned loudly at the touch of her tongue so she repeated the action over and over: slow then fast; full length then just circling my clit as I had done to her.

Before long she had her face buried in my shaved slit, nuzzling her nose against the tiny strip of hair above my clitoris as her tongue probed and lapped at my core. She would intermittently come up for air and crawl her way to my face, planting deep kisses on my lips so I could taste myself. The act was dirty, but I loved it as our lips crushed together and we could smell each other’s arousal. No sooner had we built up a steady rhythm with tongues swirling inside hot mouths she was gone, returning her face to my snatch and slathering kisses where no other woman had kissed.

Even with my panties pulled to one side, she had good access to my soaking tunnel. I was totally enrapt in the sensation of her tongue probing ravenously and unselfishly into the depths of my sex. My clit was burning with desire when she wrapped her lips around it and sucked hard, drawing it into her wanton mouth. Then she introduced her finger to my canal. I felt her soft digit glide past my lips and into my tight pussy. I cried out into the room as she sawed her hand back and forth while her tongue bounced and licked my distended clitoris. A second digit joined the first and she continued to ream my cunt hard, her hot breath and long, penetrating fingers delivering tiny shockwaves throughout my body.

All of a sudden I felt her tongue against my mouth again and instinctively parted my lips to receive her warm, loving kiss. The new position altered the angle of her fingers and I found her pressing the front wall of my pussy on each in-stroke. I urged her on, wondering again if we were being overheard from next door. Heck, the noise I was making the whole floor could probably hear us.

She journeyed her tongue south again, stopping to suck hard on my tits en-route. My body responded favourably and her fingers continued to drive into my soaking box as I arched my body up against her palm. I knew it wasn’t going to be long before the familiar sensation of orgasm washed over me. I could already feel the warmth spreading to my thighs and tummy. Would it feel different at the hands of this woman? More intense? I felt her hot tongue back on my fiery clit and reached down with one hand to pull my panties further aside. My other hand alternately grabbed and squeezed my breasts that were poking above my bra, nipples pointing skyward. I was so close.

Whether she sensed my impending orgasm and wanted to tease me or it was rotten timing, Jess withdrew her fingers and tongue from my pleasure centre. I cried out in disappointment and begged her to continue. She raised my hips from the bed, slid her hands under my bottom and pulled my panties down my legs. Between us we wriggled and she removed them, tossing them aside and staring hungrily at my juicy, bare slit.

I arched my back up off the bed like some wild animal, desperate to be fucked. My pussy craved her touch. She was kneeling between my raised knees and patiently pushed my body down to the bed then grabbed my ankles, lifting my legs and folding me back against myself. Her hands slid to my thighs and continued to push gently up towards my head. I followed her lead and elevated my hips a little further. The momentum of her push rolled my hips upwards and I put my hands under my back to support myself — as if doing the bicycle exercise we had to do at school. My legs rolled completely over to rest on the pillow either side of my head so I formed a crude ‘C’ shape and remained that way while Jess moved forward a little, kneeling directly in front of me. Our hands held me in position and with my pussy now pointing upwards she had total access to my soaking channel. She took full advantage.

Without warning she dove headlong into my steamy cunt, probing her tongue as deeply into me as our unorthodox position allowed. I screamed in pleasure with each stroke as she licked my red lips with hers, glowing slick with saliva in the lamp light. Her hot mouth clamped over my entire pussy and she explored my naked lips and hypersensitive clitoris with her tongue and teeth. I looked up at her through glassy eyes, totally enrapt in her beauty. Between strokes I could see how wet I’d made her. Against the backdrop of shimmering auburn hair, she had a thin film of my juice over her chin, lower cheeks and nose, which glistened in the lamp light. Every so often I caught sight of a tell-tale ridge of creamy froth outlining her mouth; a combination of her saliva and my oozing pussy. I only started producing that when I was rampantly horny. Slathering my mound with her face and tongue, she panted against me, telling me how much it was turning her on to be giving so much pleasure.

And then once more, she stopped; I felt empty and more than a little disappointed, groaning for her to finish what she started. She slid her hands further down to help support my hips.

“A little birdy told me last night that someone here enjoys their ass played with. Would you like that, Belle?”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing but I was too far gone to analyse it. I just nodded wildly and Jess grinned. Taking some of the weight off my hands she held my upturned bottom steady and, while maintaining sultry eye contact, poked her tongue out and licked my anus.

Her touch was electric and I moaned loudly with sheer delight as she swabbed insistently at my rear passage. Lick after deliciously dirty lick assaulted my arse, sending energy bolts the length of my body. My hair tingled. Jess then surprised me again by burying her face into my bottom and probing her tongue hard against the wall of anal muscle. I felt her tongue slither inside my rear passage, in, out, in, out, each penetration more delightful than the last. She buried her nose against my soaking slit and inhaled deeply; such a filthy act but it drove me higher to know she was getting off at the smell of my drenched pussy. As her tongue probed my anal depths I shrieked with joy, the pressure inside me building in ever heightening waves, moments away from inevitably bursting the dam.

And then I came.

A wall of energy surged throughout my body, signalling my brain to flood me with hormones. The surface of my damp skin crackled as the heat flushed down through me and crashed into the second wave forging its way out from my ravaged centre. From clit to pussy to arse, my entire sex pulsed, clamping Jess’ tongue inside my bottom as delicious contraction after contraction gripped me, sending out an orgasmic beat to which the rest of my body could dance.

I was vaguely aware of repeatedly moaning ohh ohh ohh, in time with the rhythmical pulsing of my insides. The volcano that was spewing hot lava from my pussy radiated its heat through my thighs and calves to my toes resting against the pillow. They curled and uncurled involuntarily and then, like a determined relay racer, the heat coursed back up and over my inverted ‘C’ down to my curvy hips and stomach, rushing across my breasts and igniting my nipples before flushing my neck a deep crimson. My arms and fingers supporting my weight tingled and if it hadn’t been for Jess holding me up I’d have collapsed there and then.

Time ceased to exist. My mouth was agape; eyes squeezed shut, breathing deeply. My arms flopped to the bed and Jess took all of my weight against her hands and face. She was still gently probing the inside of my dark passage, her nose buried in my bald cunt, deeply inhaling my musky sweet scent. Ripples of energy continued to swell through me even after Jess gently plucked her tongue from my bottom and rolled my hips and legs back to the bed. The heat continued to flow from my core and lapped at my extremities, as I felt my pussy releasing tiny rivulets of come which pooled onto the bed sheets.

I gradually opened my eyes, lying there prone with Jess kneeling between my legs looking down at me wearing a crooked smile, I felt contented yet strangely aloof. Like I’d committed treason but felt justified in doing so. The feeling didn’t last long. All it took to bring me back was the gentle touch of Jess’ hand on my thigh. She lazily traced arcs over my skin, running her long fingers back and forth over my legs and midriff, waiting patiently for the waves of my orgasm to die away naturally.

When she was satisfied I’d calmed enough, she climbed from between my legs and lay beside me, watching, still gingerly stroking my pink skin. I managed to crack a weak smile and rolled my head in her direction. She smiled back warmly, her freckles dancing in the soft light. God she was beautiful. I rolled onto my side to face her and stroked her cheek then brought my lips to hers. I tasted myself of course — a heady mix of sweat, come and dark musk that made my heart beat momentarily faster– and also savoured her sweet aroma and the faint remnants of vanilla gloss. Our lips explored, tongues gradually peeking out, wrapping round each other, dancing slowly inside our mouths. My fires were smouldering but the embers were still alight, ready to be stirred once more. Jess broke the kiss and we just lay there hugging each other until the air conditioning got the better of us.

It was late anyway, so after a final goodnight kiss I reluctantly slithered from the bed, searched for my clothes and slowly dressed in front of her watchful gaze. I then tucked her naked body in bed and kissed her forehead. She looked up at me.



“Thank you.”

“No, thank you. That was a wonderful evening.”

“So, can I… I mean, can we… get together tomorrow night?”

I nodded enthusiastically. “Same time?”

She confirmed and relaxed into the deep pillow, shutting her eyes. “It can’t come soon enough. Goodnight Belle.”

“Night Jess.”

I let myself out and stood resting against her door after it had clicked shut, utterly contented, wondering what the next night could bring.

I could hardly wait to find out.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

As it happened I didn’t have to wait as long as I expected. During a pit stop to the downstairs toilets at about 11am I heard footsteps coming down fast behind me. I reached the bottom stair and stepped past the opaque glass bricks into the bathroom area just as a hand grabbed my elbow and hustled me across the tiled floor into the nearest cubicle. The door was locked behind us and Jess whirled me round, crushing me against the side of the stall with her lips against mine. I responded passionately yet quietly, intensely aware of the sound of a few of the neighbouring stalls in use. The odd tinkle, the sound of material sliding up legs, flushing, door catches sliding back, the whooshes of water, the whines of hand dryers. Then silence save for the laboured breathing and faint saliva exchange of two women locked in a deep kiss, hands exploring hips and bottoms, her grabbing at my skirt and riding it up over my sheer hold-ups, exposing my already dampening panties.

I pushed her away a second, and whispered, “Jess, this is insane.”

She whispered back in her lilting Carolina accent. “The only insane thing was not letting you stay last night. I need to make up for that.”


“Now,” she breathed, sinking to her knees in front of me.

Before I had a chance to protest she yanked my underwear down to my knees and launched herself into my hairless pussy. At her electric touch, my head banged back against the stall, echoing around the bathroom. I moaned gently, still aware of the need for discretion, finding it hard to keep quiet as Jess’ tongue lapped insistently at my slit. I looked down at the crown of her fiery chestnut head bobbing against my hips. It felt so good; so decadent to have her take me like this. Anyone could catch us and I had no idea what the repercussions might be, but at that moment the desire to have her continue further and probe her tongue deeper overwhelmed me beyond logic and reason. I frantically swatted at my legs to drop my panties to the floor, which allowed me to step out of them and give her complete access.

Once free of the sheer fabric I raised one leg and anchored it on the toilet bowl, reaching down to open myself for her. Jess nuzzled her face hard against my pussy and drove her tongue inside me, fucking me with each stroke. Her upper lip pressed against my clit, unrelenting at each inward thrust, sending shockwaves rippling out to my extremities. The sheer crudeness of her act and the threat of discovery aroused me faster than I thought possible.

Stroke after hot, urgent stroke brought me closer to orgasm until she withdrew her tongue. Her attention switched to my clit, poking proud from its hiding place, eager to join in. Swabbing her tongue up and over it, then circling repeatedly gave me wonderful butterflies in the pit of my stomach. They fluttered outward, beating their invisible wings against the inside of my skin, seeking escape through the nerve endings at the tips of my fingers, my knees, toes, breasts, neck, ears, scalp; everywhere. How was she able to do this to me? Nought to the verge of boiling point faster than a hotel kettle. Truthfully I didn’t want to know the answer, simply ecstatic that it was happening.

Outside our cubicle women came and went about their bathroom duties largely oblivious to the sex taking place in Stall One. Perhaps one or two cottoned on; a muted gasp here, a wet smack there. But nobody said anything or tried to interrupt. Just went about their business and left; perhaps mildly offended, perhaps wishing it was them in the stall experiencing the delicious quivers of impending orgasm at the behest of Jess’ glorious tongue bath.

Wetness dribbled down my legs and onto my hold-ups. Not just Jess’ saliva but my own secretions, oozing from within my centre, coating my newfound friend’s face on its journey under the influence of gravity. My bare pussy lips were slick beneath her tongue and chin. She pressed her nose into my clit, slid down my wet lips and breathed deeply, inhaling my sweetness directly, deeply. Such debauchery! She paused and then, as if she could discern from my scent how close I was to orgasm, she slid back up and ploughed her tongue inside me with renewed vigour, crushing her nose, upper lip and teeth alternately against my impatient clitoris. Shortly after, her tongue was out and up again, circling my sensitive button, lapping beneath the open hood repeatedly, eliciting soft moans of delight from my throat.

The situation played out in my mind as I imagined what we must look like from outside our bodies: lurid, reckless, but overwhelmingly exciting. Floating above myself I looked down at the two of us entwined, clothed, hot, and sweaty in the bathroom cubicle. Me pressed into the corner of the stall, head skyward, panting, my legs akimbo, one foot up on the toilet, Jess’ face buried in my cunt, working magic inside me the likes of which I’d willingly pay for. I witnessed my mouth making ‘oh’ shapes, eyes alternately squeezing shut and staring wide-eyed at the ceiling as the waves inside built to a crescendo.

All of a sudden I felt myself being snapped back inside my body as if on a piece of elastic. I reached down, cradled Jess’ head and, amid the incessant slathering of her tongue on my private playground, came. A long and glorious orgasm flooded through my body, bristling the hairs on the back of my neck, flushing the upper half of my chest pink, and giving anyone within immediate earshot an idea of just what it felt like.

Jess played me like her own personal sex instrument, keeping my exhilaration fully charged throughout. It was as if I’d been standing on the edge of a cliff face and she’d pushed me over the edge then jumped after me, helping me tumble, roll and accelerate to the foaming ocean below, by my side every second of the way until we crashed into the water. And then she continued to help me swim, guiding me, coaxing me, lovingly inside me until we both washed ashore, spent and happy.

As my senses gradually returned and the stark cubicle environment formed around me I looked down at Jess grinning widely from between my still spread legs. Her lips, button nose and cheeks glistened with my come. Even in the cramped confines of the toilet stall she emitted warmth, humility and divinity.

I removed my foot from the toilet seat and bent to kiss her, tasting my arousal mixed with her saliva and that vanilla gloss again. She broke the kiss and scooped up my knickers, dropping them into her bag and whispering softly, “You can have these back tonight. Go without till then.”

I started to quietly protest but she silenced me with a finger against my lips and pulled my skirt back down so I was something approaching dignified. The cubicle stank of sex and my hair felt a mess. But I was so alive. The orgasm flotsam was still drifting inside me, lapping at the edges of my conscience. This woman was incredible. Jess rose, unlocked the stall and left without another word. The toilet door banged shut under its self-closing hinge.

After a minute or two to compose my thoughts I went to the toilet and left the stall. My hair was indeed a mess so I fixed it in the full-width mirror, smiled a wicked smile at my reflection and sashayed from the bathroom — pantyless and excited — to rejoin the exhibition floor above.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Needless to say that by the time six o’clock rolled around I was still horny. Lazing in the hotel room prior to getting ready for what could well be my final date with Jess I wound and unwound the phone cord around my finger as I relayed recent highlights to Adam. I could tell he was aroused by the sound of his voice.

“She sounds amazing. I want all the dirty details when you get back.”

“That’s not all. She surprised me this morning by licking me to orgasm in the ladies, then stole my knickers.”

“Saucy cow.”

“I know! I’ve been commando all day and you’ve no idea how hot I’ve felt with everyone milling around me. Do they know or don’t they? Can they smell my pussy? I swear some guy did a double take when he glanced up as I took the stairs to the mezzanine.”

Silence. Then, “I want you now. What are you wearing?”

I laughed. “The red blouse you like, my work skirt, those dark hold-ups, lace bra with the petal trim and no underwear. So what would you do to me if you were here?”

“I think I’d leave you clothed as you are. Me as well, fully clothed. I’d turn you to face the wall, lift your skirt and kiss your arse. Run my long tongue up and down your crack, flicking it over your anus, pushing my tongue inside your bottom. I’d pull your cheeks apart and go to work on you, slathering saliva all over your beautiful arsehole, slip my tongue down into your pussy and back again, working you into a frenzy. Then I’d step back to admire your wetness, the delicious little creases at the top of your thighs where your bottom starts to curve, the pale skin leading up to your bunched skirt. I’d be unable to stop myself from taking you where you stand so I’d free my cock, poking out hard from my trouser fly, step into you, spread your cheeks with my palms and drive my cock up your tight arse. I love listening to the noises you make when I fuck your bottom, Belle. You’re such a fucking animal, begging me for cock, moaning loudly. It turns me on so much to hear you lose yourself as I slam inside your tight…”

He tailed off at the knock on the hotel door. I snapped my eyes open from the fantasy he’d depicted. “I’d, uhh, better get that. I’ll call you back.”

I put the phone down and smoothed my skirt to cover where I’d been tracing my fingers over my pussy lips during Adam’s daydream. My fingers still smelled of my arousal but that couldn’t be helped. I padded over to the front door and opened it. Jess. In the same trouser suit from earlier, white cotton blouse, low heels. She didn’t wait for an invitation: pushed me backwards into the room, her Carolina accent thick with desire. “Fuck the meal, we can get room service later. I have everything I want to eat right here.”

I smiled at her corny line, and melted into her arms as the door clicked shut. Our embrace was urgent yet languid, insistent yet tender, lips finding each other, tongues clashing and swirling as we stood in the entrance corridor next to the bathroom. She ran a hand down through my lightly tangled hair to my back and drew circles with her fingertips, moving gradually down to rest her hand on my hip. The other hand snaked to the other side of my body and she pulled me to her, groins together. Her hands glided over my bottom down to the hem of my skirt and lifted. Flesh found flesh and I felt her grin against my mouth before pulling her lips away from mine.

“Good girl. You kept your panties off for me.”

“It was so hot. I’ve wanted you all day.”

“Want no more.”

Jess dropped to her knees and slid her hands to the top of one of my holds-ups, then began rolling it down my delicate thigh. She peeled it all the way to the floor and raised my calf to set my foot in her lap. I steadied myself against the wall as she pulled the hold-up completely free, then lifted my foot, bent forward and inserted my toes into her mouth. The sensation of her gently sucking at my digits sent heat up my leg to my exposed pussy. Such a simple act with a profound effect on my body. Her tongue swished over each toe and the air conditioning cooled it as she took time to draw every one into her mouth individually, then kissed along my instep. Each touch brought us closer together; she knew how to make a girl feel special.

She ran light kisses from my foot, up over my calf and knee to my thigh. She moved within a couple of inches of my pussy from which distance she couldn’t fail to smell my sex, hot and inviting. But instead of moving in the expected direction she stopped, returned my foot to the floor and picked up my discarded hold-up. She straightened it out and stood directly before me, wrapped it over my eyes and stepped round to secure it in a knot behind my head. My sight was cut off and every other sense was heightened to compensate.

Pulling me by the hand a few paces towards the middle of the room, she then stopped me. I heard her circling, the rub of her trouser material giving away her location. No doubt she was checking me out: skirt bunched around my waist, pussy and bottom fully on display above one hold-up, nipples pressing hard against my bra and blouse, mouth agape, waiting for whatever. Just waiting, the faint drone of the air con fans the only sound in the room. My ears strained to determine her position, to give away any information about what might happen next. A door opened and closed with a thud further down the corridor. Footsteps passed the door and faded. Nothing else happened; she knew the anticipation would heighten my desire for her. I turned my head a little, craning to hear any telltale signs of activity and was slightly startled when she spoke, softly yet firmly, from directly in front of me.

“Take off your blouse.”

It was part command, part lustful request. I of course began to unbutton the garment, slowly, teasingly. I heard a zip and some rustling of material as I assumed Jess was undressing in front of me. Partially or fully I couldn’t tell. Then she moved around me, the padding of her soles barely detectable against the soft carpet. I became aware of her proximity, her warm breath against my ear immediately preceding a simple one-word command:


She gave my bottom a playful slap to emphasise her point. The sound echoed off the walls and I dutifully sped up, shucking the top to the floor, feeling the air in the room cool my shoulders and belly. Her breath danced across my other ear.

“Now the skirt.”

I liked this game. It made me feel deliciously dirty to strip for her pleasure. Hooking my thumbs into the hem I slid my bunched skirt downwards, over my pert behind and onto my thighs.

“Stop and bend over. Hands on your ankles.”

Her breath receded behind me and I did as I was told, leaning forward, grabbing just above my feet. From her rear vantage point, Jess would have an uninterrupted view of my crinkled arsehole and bare pussy lips curving away from her between my slightly parted legs. She stepped towards me and gingerly slid the skirt the rest of the way down my long legs. Her fingers occasionally brushed their smooth surface and the touch made me want her more. I craved a kiss; to pull her to me and crush our lips together, hands exploring like they had earlier in the bathroom stall. But Jess was in control tonight and in some ways it was better to be her plaything; her willing rag doll. I loved the way it made me feel; the fluttering of anticipation just beneath my skin and the combination of fear and excitement that the unknown brought.

The skirt came to rest, pooling over my wrists and the floor. From over my left shoulder she spoke, her voice loaded with desire.

“You’ve been a bad girl. You let me fuck you in the bathroom earlier and then spent the rest of the day sans panties. Do you know what that makes you?”

I shook my head, just inches from my knees.

“Answer me properly!”

“No, what does that make me, miss Jess?”

She paused a beat, satisfied with my subservience. “It makes you a slut. MY slut. What are you?”

“Your slut, miss Jess.”

“Good. And do you know what naughty sluts deserve?”

“No, miss Jess,” I responded, already willing the answer to be her touch on my exposed skin or tongue on my moistening pussy, but half expecting neither.

“They need to be reminded of their place in the world. In my world.”

Her hand cracked against my upturned bottom, the slap and my subsequent surprised cry bouncing off the walls briefly before silence returned. Fire spread from the contact point where no doubt a red hand print would shortly be forming and raced between my legs. It was degrading to be treated this way but in some small, sick corner of my mind it turned me on. Wetness surged to my pussy and I gripped my ankles tighter, wishing I could see what she was doing so I might prepare for her next move.

Nothing happened for a long moment, then a spank landed squarely on my exposed right cheek. Slightly harder than the first, it still caught me by surprise despite my body expecting the blow.

“Ohhhh,” I exhaled through clenched teeth.

More warmth rushed from my backside to my chest via my ever dampening pussy. I could feel my nipples straining against the fabric of my bra, pointing at the floor as I stood doubled over, awaiting the next humiliating yet invigorating slap.

It came on my left cheek this time. A full-handed spank that reverberated around the room and arced electricity across my bare pussy lips. I moaned with delight and a little pain, allowing the warmth to spread through my body and fuel my dirty thoughts of having Jess shove her long fingers inside me, bringing me to orgasm.

“You’re not supposed to be enjoying this. It’s your punishment for being a slut.”

She spanked the same left cheek much harder.

“Owwwww, fuck,” I exclaimed. My bottom flushed and the heat surged through my body. If anything, the latest crack delivered more wetness than the last to my yearning pussy. What kind of girl was I to enjoy this treatment? Jess was right: I was a slut. A cheap, dirty slut.

This is a story of how my life has changed in the last few months. I have gone from a faithful loving husband and father into a love rat that has quickly fallen in love with the most beautiful and sexy women in the world. I don’t know why or how this has happened, but I can’t get her out of my head, I literally almost feel obsessed with her. I guess that is what happens when everything is “new” again but it feels like so much more to me than that. I knew we were being selfish and were potentially ruining both our marriages but the excitement that we were feeling was amazing. It was never meant to happen or go this far but when your heart starts taking over your head problems may occur.

It all began 18 months ago when I started working for an office block. On my first day there was an all staff meeting where our monthly targets were discussed and I and a few others were introduced. Of course I immediately noticed a couple of attractive ladies in the room but there was one that stood out to me. Across the room from me sat a beautiful blonde lady with the most stunning big blue eyes. My head had been instantly turned! Even though I stayed in the job for around a year I never even spoke to her, it was almost like I knew better. She had a kind of aura about her and I just couldn’t bring myself to talk to her; I’ve never been intimidated by women, but there was something about her that rendered me helpless. She was so beautiful I felt scared to be in her presence. Thinking back, I’m sure I occasionally said a passing “hi” but she never responded to me, I assumed she either didn’t like or even notice me.

It was a bit random how it all started. I stayed friends with a few guys from the office and regularly got invited on nights out with the company. As usual, I was sitting with my friends around a large table in the pub having a few drinks and laughs, just relaxing. For some reason I looked up and it was like you see in movies: time seemed to slow as she walked in the room and towards our table. I had no idea she was coming, I hadn’t seen her for over 6 months but was so excited that she was there. My joy was soon cut short when we caught eye contact, I smiled and said hi just as she looked away, blown out again! But I wasn’t going to let this stop me. With alcohol already fuelling my courage, I was determined that tonight would be the night that I at least got to know her.

We found ourselves sat around a table talking to different people, as groups usually do. She had never talked to me before and I hoped I wasn’t being obvious that I had always fancied her and dreamt that one day she might feel the same. Before we knew it the people around us went to the bar and we were left alone in the corner. Being the nice guy I am, I thought it was time to break the ice and make conversation. Within minutes we were chatting like we had known each other for years and as it was clear that we had a lot in common. Conversation got round family and names, then when she told me her maiden name it hit me who she was.

“Coleen Macwet” I asked with surprise. “Did you go to school in Copthorne?”

“Yeah how did you know?” she replied with a very confused look on her face.

“Remember the school disco in the final year? Remember kissing someone on the dance floor at the end of the night? That was me!”

“No way!” she looked a little confused but I was sure that now we had hit it off. Immediately I thought that this could be the start of a beautiful friendship. From here we talked all night, popping out for the odd cigarette so we could talk alone. The more I drunk the looser I became and the more I opened up to her. Commenting on her fitness and admiring her sexy body as much as I dared without seeming too forward for fear or chasing her away.

The more I flirted the more she responded and I began to wonder again what it would feel like to kiss her. All thoughts of infidelity and my wife and family gone, I should have known my desires and actions were wrong, but if all felt so right in the moment. She happily flirted but that’s all she was going to do, apparently her willpower was stronger than mine. The night ended with a kiss on the cheek and a new Facebook friend but I secretly hoped this was just the start of more.

A week later we hadn’t talked or messaged but I couldn’t stop thinking about her so I took the chance to send a friendly “had a good time” text and see if I got a reply.

Initially, she was calm and careful, she may have seen the danger I either didn’t see or care to. I continued sending flirty texts to test the water and see how things stood and I was pleasingly surprised with her replies. Soon we were texting daily, with the flirting increasing day by day. It didn’t take long before I was able to persuade her to webcam me so I could finally see more of her fantastic body and when I say fantastic, it is a massive understatement. Literally, I believed someone had made the ideal body type for just me in this creature. She had the most perfectly shape body, curves in all the right places and perfectly formed perky tits. I had spent time checking out her ass when we were at the pub but it was nothing to how good it looked naked! I was in awe of her, instantly getting hard the more she showed me. This was so wrong but so excited I just couldn’t stop myself. The more we talked the clearer it became that we needed to meet up so I arranged a night out with a mutual friend from the company knowing full well that she would be invited. We knew we had to be careful, some people had already made comments about the amount of time we spent together last time. It was arranged for the following weekend, I was finally going to get to kiss her.

Saturday finally came around and I could barely contain my excitement. I was extremely nervous, what was it going to be like. Would it be awkward? Did she still feel the same? Could I actually do this? So many questions, but no answers. I left for the pub early, needing some Dutch courage before we met. As I sat on the train, I started to get the fear. What am I doing? I’m risking everything for a bit of fun. But I couldn’t help it. I would regret this forever if I didn’t. She had a hold on me and I just had to go through with it and find out for myself. I was first there and a few others turned up as the night went on. Coleen was meeting with friends for drinks first, so was always going to be late. As time went on the nerves started to build.

Then the moment happened. She walked in like a vision of beauty; so stunning with a glow about her that only I could see. Her beautiful long blonde hair and powerful big blue eyes pierced right through me to my soul. I was again speechless before her. I had always fancied her but now I could see her in all her beauty and knowing that she was dressed up just for me. As she came in she played it cool saying hi to nearly everyone and saving me till last. Luckily as she came over, the person next to me on the sofa got up leaving a free seat next to me that she jumped in. As she bent down she leant forward to kiss me on the cheek, my lips touched her soft skin her wonderful smell hit me. I instantly started to get hard. She sat next to me with our legs touching, feeling the warmth between us. If people could see the sparks flowing between us it would have been like guy forks night! As we talked it was clear that the connection was there and very strong. She was drunk but not out of it. I had to kiss her. She went to toilet and I soon followed her upstairs. Waiting around the corner for her I knew what was coming. She appeared looking stunning, approaching me with a cute smile on her face. As we got close it was clear what was going to happen; no words needed to be spoken. Our lips touched gently at first but within no time our soft gentle kiss turned into a passionate embrace. Our tongues clashing as the passion took over. This was so exciting, far better than I had ever imagined. Any of our colleagues could come upstairs and catch us but we just didn’t care, maybe that was part of the thrill. This moment was ours and nobody was going to stop us.

The excitement over ran me. My hands slide up and touch her breasts through her top. Her nipples were pushing through trying to explode out of her chest. They felt great but it wasn’t enough. I wanted to feel her pussy. She had told me over text how wet I was making her and wanted to find out just how wet. My right hand quickly slid down her front to her trousers. I pulled her close as my hand dived into her knickers. I expected her to stop me but it was clear she wanted me to feel her. Within seconds my fingers touched her glory hole for the first time. She felt amazing, so wet. Two fingers slide in with no resistance, warm, wet and juicy. I would have loved to lay her down there and then and finger her till she cried out my name but the reality was we were in a bar with people walking by. I pulled my hand out, looking her in the eye and it was clear to both of us this was becoming more than just a very good friendship.

As the night went on we found ourselves in a club going out for a smoke and kissing at every opportunity. Her friend came out and caught us at one point but we didn’t care. Nothing was said but we were definitely seen. Later Coleen asked her if she saw and the answer was obvious, however she promised not to tell. Our secret was safe. I wanted her so bad but she wouldn’t let me take her to a hotel. I tried and tried but she wouldn’t budge. So I had to get one more feel of that wet pussy before I left. As we were at the bar we kissed. The passion was over following and my hand returned into her knickers. As my fingers got to her pussy it felt like she had wet herself. In all my years, I had never felt someone that wet. I wanted her so bad. I begged for her to come to a hotel with me but she just couldn’t do it. Hubby would be expecting her home soon and she didn’t want our first time to be when she was smashed. While I was in full lust overdrive, the rational piece in the back of my brain couldn’t disagree with her. We went out for one last fag that turned into one last kiss goodbye and our affair had fully started!

After that night we were both hooked. Coleen admitted that she hoped the kissing would be rubbish and that would end things but it was the opposite. This had started something that neither of us could stop. Everything now was just snowballing. For the next 2 weeks we text, called and webcam every day. Not always sexual, just talking about normal stuff. This telling me I was getting close to crossing a line I might never be able to cross back. Somehow I could have rationalized my physical infidelity maybe, but as time went on and this became more of a “relationship” I knew we were in trouble.

The next problem was where do we go now? We knew we couldn’t just go on indefinitely like this. On more than one occasion, we discussed stopping but deep down neither of us wanted to. We were both scared, not ever had an affair before, but couldn’t stop here. Finally I suggested that we met again and got a room to spend some time together. In the sober light of day it was a massive step but I knew that I just had to have her. Her hesitancy (or stability maybe) showed through in her response.

“I’m not sure, that makes it really real! At the moment we have just kissed but I know if we meet up we will go all the way and I don’t know if I can.” While I agreed with her, I knew that is where this was all heading and was determined to get my way sooner rather than later. However after some gentle persuasion she agreed and it was going to happen. Then came something I wasn’t expecting

“Wouldn’t it be amazing if we had all night” said Coleen. “Would love to have all night and wake up next to you”.

“Babe I couldn’t agree more but that will never happen” was my probably too quick reply.

“I can make this happen if you can” she stated. I was floored. “I’ll tell Paulo that I am staying at my mates for the night, it should be fine”

“Well if you think it could work, I will tell my wife I’m going out of town for the weekend with some work mates, she will believe that”

With that, the plan was in place, we lied to our spouses and it was on for Saturday! I felt immediately guilty. How could I do this to my loving wife? She didn’t deserve this and it wasn’t her fault. At this point, I was too far down this road to stop and in hindsight I know I didn’t want to anyway. The attraction was too powerful. I would rather regret what I did than regret what I didn’t do.

I spent the week before searching for local hotels trying to find somewhere cheap enough our partners wouldn’t miss the money but still somewhere good enough to take my beautiful princess. It came to the day and I finally booked. It was a large hotel just far enough outside our home towns. The plan was coming together. She was going out for the evening with her friend and had told her husband she was staying the night. She would be, just not with her, she would be in my bed, finally.

I needed to keep the story up at my end so left my house about 7pm and drove to the hotel to check in. Once I was in our room I cracked open a beer and settled down for a few hours TV while I waited for her to join me. Time stood still as I constantly checked my watch, just waiting for this vision of beauty to arrive at my door. I knew she would be drunk when she got here and my nerves were going through the roof so I carried on drinking.

Then my phone beeped “on my way, hope you’re ready for me”. I was instantly hard. I could feel the excitement building. The nerves now really kicked in. I was there and ready but the text made things really real. I necked a double vodka and then another to settle myself down but the more I thought about it, the harder and hornier I became. 10 minutes later there was a knock at the door. This was it, my first affair was about to fully begin. I felt sick with excitement. Part of me was thinking I shouldn’t answer the door but my hard cock just lead me there. As I opened it she stood there as beautiful as ever. My heart stopped, she looked amazing. I was speechless.

“So you gonna invite me in then” she joked

“Sorry yes come in, how are you?” I stuttered

“All the better for seeing you” she said as she walked in.

As soon as the door was close our lips were touching. At first a slow soft kiss building up to the most passionate kiss I have ever experienced. Our hands were flying all over each other. Within seconds I had removed her top and bra revealing her sexy pert breasts. I had always been a fan of big boobs but Coleen’s were smaller than I had played with before. Now I had them in front of me they looked perfect. I laid her down on the bed I climbed on top of her kissing again, my hands on her breasts gently caressing and twisting her nipples, hearing her moan with my every touch. I slid down her body and latched onto her perfect tits. Gently nibbling and licking on her nipples, tasting their juices, getting more and more turned on by the second. I sat up and started to undo her trousers but she stopped me.

“Not yet ” she teased “go make me a drink first”

“Come on you can’t stop me now” I argued but she wasn’t having any of it.

“Get me a drink first” Coleen demanded.

As much as I hated the idea of a break in the action, I always love a woman to be in charge so off I went to the mini bar, already knowing what she drinks, I made a vodka lemonade and lime. As I came back I gave her the drink followed by a long sexy kiss.

I needed to have her, so I stripped off naked in hope she would follow. As I undressed she watched me drinking her drink. As I stood there naked she swallowed the rest and slowly removed her trousers and pants. As she laid there I stood in awe. I just couldn’t believe that someone as beautiful as her would be interested in me. Her body was perfect. I climbed back on top of her and she wrapped her legs around me. I wanted to tease her with my cock but as I lay on top my cock was lined up with her wet pussy. Her already soaking wet pussy. Before I knew it her oussy was sucking me inside her. The feeling was incredible. Her body just seemed to mold to my cock with every stroke.

I could tell she was immensely enjoying herself, nonetheless, she rolls me over and start to slide up my body, bringing her beautiful hips and trimmed bush closer to my face. I could clearly see her excitement and wetness on her swollen lips as she neared me. My wife never liked me going down on her and would never contemplate sitting on my face so to have this was mind-blowing. She climbed up my body, putting her knees either side of my head before lowering her pussy down. My tongue stretched out and licked her wetness, tasting her juice. I worked over her clit, slowly working up and down as she started to moan. I parted her lips and stuck my tongue in, circling inside her with my tongue and lapping up her wetness. Then she was off, teasing me again. She knew how much I wanted to do it but wanted me to work for it. She went back down my body and took my cock in her mouth. She had told me before that she was good at blow jobs but I was going to find out just how good. As she started to lick under my head she looked up at me and made eye contact with those steely blue eyes again, captivating me.

“Whatever happens under no circumstance are you to cum in my mouth. Do not ruin this for yourself. If you do I will go home”, she stated forcefully.

Admittedly confused and slightly disappointed I had no intention of upsetting her and ruining what was quickly becoming one of the best nights of my life. I quickly agreed to give her ample warning to get clear. However this wasn’t needed as after what felt like seconds she cam off and sat on my cock.

“I need you too fuck me. I have wanted this so bad since we kissed.” She moaned.

I didn’t need to be asked twice. I slowly parted her pussy with the tip of my cock and slowly popped it in. Her tight pussy snapped shut behind my thick tip as if she did not want it to come out again. Then I slowly slid my entire length deep into her. My cock rubbed roughly against her clit which was standing stiff and it made her moan. Then I slowly started to move in and out of her rhythmically as she responded my moving her body in rhythm with me. We started to pick up the pace and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was cumming. As she wasn’t on the pill I had to put a condom on. I didn’t want to lose that wet feeling but the last thing we needed was any fear of me getting her pregnant. I was soon back inside her we started picking up the pace, going faster and faster. My cock kept rubbing against her clit with each stroke. It felt amazing, raking against my cock like a small thorn. Her clit bent in when he stroked into her and it bent out as he stroked out. It was building, my balls become tight. Such an intense feeling and it wasn’t going to last much longer. The harder I fucker her, the closer I got until booooom, I came like never before. We had done it finally. An incredible feeling but this was just the start. Now it was her turn.

We kissed really slow telling each other how amazing that was but things were just about to get a whole lot better for her. I slowly slid round to her neck kissing and licking her down to her breasts. Her eyes remained closed as I held her tits. They were so soft but firm. I felt her nipples and ran my fingers over them. I rolled them between my index fingers and my thumbs. I lowered my head and sucked each nipple in turn. After a few minutes of my lips and tongue covering her beautiful breasts I lowered my head and kissed and licked down to her belly.

I slipped my tongue into her belly button. I placed my hand on her puffy pussy and firmly squeezed it.

“Im going to make you cum like never before baby” I teased.

I needed a date.

My company was having a big end of the year bash at a downtown hotel and they were providing the rooms, the food, everything. All we needed to do was show up and have fun. There was business involved as well, some late afternoon seminars to attend, but the important thing, the major thing, was that I needed a date. Because afterwards, there would be dancing and drink, and afterwards, I’d have a whole hotel room to myself.

Nice guy that I am, I thought of calling Tara first. But nice as I am, I’m also an asshole. It didn’t take me long to remember.

The breakup was bad. The hicky Tara found on my neck began a series of questions that led to a series of shouts that led to me leaving the house before the entire family was involved. Of course that didn’t stop it. There were angry phone calls, from both Tara and Courtney – Tara about Courtney and then Courtney screaming for her money or to get her sister off her back.

Her father even called to tell me he’d kill me if he ever saw me again. I never asked him where Courtney learned her knifework, or whether he knew why his little girl was so pissed at me. Honestly, I wanted to leave it all behind me.

That wasn’t easy to do when my ex-girlfriend and I shared an apartment. I had a head start on her from the funeral, but it wasn’t enough to get all my shit packed up and out the door. When she came home she immediately set to tearing the place apart. She threw my toolbox out the window, and it came very close to shattering and spilling out all the money that was hidden inside it.

I had to find someone to sub-lease my half of the apartment, which was a nightmare in this economy. I had Tara’s friends calling me, leaving text messages, telling me what a monster I was. Yes, me, a monster. Well…

Comes the end of the year and I need a date for this shindig. I hadn’t even thought about it, was planning to just feel sorry for myself, drink the booze and try not to slit my wrists alone in the hotel room. But a chance encounter in a coffee shop changed my mind.

* * *

I had been sitting in the corner of the cafe with my laptop for about six minutes. I’d been in there for an hour already, catching up on work, trying to get everything in my docket finished before the company party, when I noticed a girl come in through the door with a group of friends.

Her friends were fine, blonde, brunette, but she had a long trail of raven black hair, so black it must have been dyed, and a deep, fake tan, so tan the girl was practically brown. She had a hard-edged face, an upturned nose and a strong mouth. Great tits. Hellenic ass. The unapologetic cleavage in her low-cut top clued me in to her breasts; the mini-skirt tipped me off to the ass. It was Courtney, in town. For six minutes I didn’t know what to do. On the seventh minute, I shut my laptop, and had a plan.

If she’d left with the girls I’d have to follow her, but that wasn’t the way it worked out. She excused herself from the group after they’d been there for thirty minutes to use the restroom, and when she did, I followed her in.

She was closing the door behind her when I slid my foot between the door and the jamb. She started fuming even before she saw me. “Hey, asshole-” She stopped.

We regarded each other with quiet, calculating grimaces, and then, as if on cue, she opened the door and we entered the unisex restroom together.

“What the fuck do you want?” she said.

“To give you your money.”

She snorted. A puff of air escaped her lips and tossed one of her bangs back over her ear. The action was adorable. “Right,” she said. “What do you want me to do, fuck you while doing a handstand in this shitty bathroom?”

“No, but good guess,” I said.

She crossed her arms and gave me a nasty smirk. “My family thinks you’re just the sleaziest shit right now. It’s awesome.”

“What about you?”

She shrugged. “Like I give a shit. Grandma’s dead and no one’s thinking about the money right now. Tara won’t stop giving me shit about you but whatever.”

“So I guess you don’t need the money anymore.”

She bugged her eyes as if receiving some sort of religious revelation. “Oh, wow, you mean you’re really going to give it to me? Fuck you, no. I’m not stupid.”

“No,” I said agreeably. “No, Courtney, you’re a sharp one. I’m sorry I ever doubted you.”

“Look,” she said, “you’re not my sis’s bf anymore and I don’t care what you do with the money. So, uh, I think we’re done here. Right?”

I nodded. “We can be, if you want. But I have a proposition for you.”

“Fuck that. Whatever it is, fuck that, fuck you, fuck no.”

I threw up my hands. “Come on, Courtney. Didn’t we have some laughs?”

She sneered. “Yeah, R-i-i-ight. All those times you fucked me when my sister wasn’t around? Yeah, those were great times.”

“I didn’t hear any complaints from you.”

“I literally complained the entire time. Or did you not hear me calling you a fucking bastard while you were cumming in my ass?”

“Good times,” I said.

She rolled her eyes. “Will you please leave? Or do you want to watch me piss now?”

“No,” I said, “my perversion does not extend that far. However, I do have a proposition for you and I ask only that you hear me out before any further profanity.”

“Fuck you.”

“Right,” I said. “I’m willing to give you your money back.”


“If you come to this company party with me. You’d come as my date. You’d be there with me.”

“And that’s it?”

“No, that’s not it.”

She nodded slowly. “Yeah, I thought so. You really get off on getting off on me, don’t you?”

“I do, Courtney,” I said. “I really do.”

She made a grand show of searching the ceiling with her eyes. “My sister fucking hates you right now.”

“I understand that.”

“So, what, I have to wear a nice dress, pretend you’re charming? What?”

“You’d only be there for the drinking, food and dancing. The boring business stuff is earlier in the day.”

“Uh-huh,” she said. “And I should believe you because…?”

“I’ll bring the money with me. I’ll show it to you as soon as you get into the hotel lobby. If I don’t have it you can walk out and leave. If you stay, I’ll give it to you.”





She laughed. “You think you’re so smart,” she said.

“Actually I thought I sounded desperate.”

“You do,” she said. “You are. You’re pathetic. Why don’t you get some other girl to come with you? Oh, that’s right. Cause you’re an asshole.”

“Maybe,” I said. “Or maybe I’d rather go with you.”

“I bet you would.”

“Bet me two thousand dollars?”

She leveled her gaze at me. “When is it?”

“End of next week. I can send you the directions.”

She took a deep breath, and without another thought, just nodded. “Fine. Sure. Whatever. If I show up and you don’t have the money, I will fucking stab you in the lobby, I don’t care who sees it.”

“I believe you,” I said. I believed her.

“Now leave, I have to piss.”

“Can I watch?”

I left without much protest, the look on her dark face more than worth it. As I packed up my stuff in the cafe corner I was relieved, and surprised, that she’d said yes. Of course that didn’t mean she would show up, but the tantalizing possibility was there.

* * *

The weeks stretched by like they were laden with lead weights. On the day of the party I tossed grandma’s money in my duffel bag, along with my nice slacks and a pack of condoms.

The seminars were excruciating. The small talk was boring. But at about 7 PM, when the company members were coming downstairs in their finery, my boss was already drunk, and I was waiting in the lobby, the night, quickly, and briefly, was all worth it.

Courtney arrived. She had a small bag with her, enough for a night’s stay, and it was taken by the bellboy without much fuss. She knew what number the room was. And she strode towards me on the wide red-carpeted floor.

She was in nothing but a straight black dress, and I mean nothing else. She did have a pair of black heels that went all the way up, but there was not a bra strap in sight over her bare, brown shoulder. Her breasts were squeezed into the outfit, that shimmered and bent the light, and the hem went to just about thigh-level. Just about. When she walked the fabric slithered over her ass. And the eyes of the hotel did likewise.

I opened my mouth to tell her what she already knew but she cut me off. “Money,” she said. Her eyes were rimmed with dark mascara, her cheeks blushed.

The money appeared in my hand and swiftly returned to my pocket.

“How do I know it’s all there?”

“It’s all there,” I said.

“You fucking lie.”

“It’s all there,” I said. “Do you want to tell the bellboy to bring your bag back?”

“If it’s not…” she growled.

“You’ll cut me,” I said. “Fair is fair, I know. Now, look,” I said, I looped my arm through hers, “you’re here as my date. So you have to make believe you’re having a great time.”

“My imagination isn’t strong enough.”

But it was decent enough. I introduced her to my co-workers as Courtney, which she was, my girlfriend, which she definitely was not. They all wanted to know what she did and where she came from and she smiled and nodded whenever possible, laughing when she absolutely had to, and only tensed and flinched when I slid my hand down her backside. After thirty minutes of small talk while we waited for the bar and dance room to clear, she bent her mouth to my ear. “Where the fuck is the free booze you promised me?”

“Inside,” I said.

“Your co-workers are boring.”

“Yes,” I said. “Yes, we are.”

What followed would only be more of the same. My boss came over to ask me who I was with, and I happily told him she was in love with me, a woman who believed in all the great qualities I possessed, who supported me, was faithful to me, who was not necessarily prettier than her sister, but much hotter, and fucked like a wild pony. My boss smiled and nodded, drunk off his ass, and kissed her hand. He had to find it first and Courtney sneered at his wife as she gave us both a dirty look and carted him off. “Booze,” said Courtney. “He drank it all, didn’t he?”

We did eventually find the dance floor and Courtney did get her drink. But she did not overindulge. She matched me drink for drink, but only so that she could make the chatter of my officemates seem acceptable. When everyone got up to dance, I elected to stay in my seat, but Courtney pounded her shot and finished mine too. She grabbed me and pulled me up after them.

I don’t really dance very well. I know the bump and grind fair enough, and it seemed that was all Courtney was familiar with. The lights and the bodies mingled, the air going hot from the closeness of the bodies, the quickness of the gyrations. I pulled Courtney up against my lap and we molded against each other, moving and slithering. It was when her posterior bumped my crotch that I first inferred that there was nothing underneath. That she wasn’t wearing a bra was obvious. It was obvious to all the men on the floor with me, and their women, and the DJ and the bartender. She shook and jiggled in her tight little number, and she owned each curve and how it moved. And we sweat. We sweat against each other, until our sweat mingled and our hair came down into our eyes.

And then we were back at the table, everyone loosened up and drinking freely, and Courtney was giggling with Ben and Alicia about how smart I thought I was, and I was just laid back enough to let them have at it. Ben and Alicia had been cubicle mates for a long time, and after the way they were dancing, after the way they were sharing each other’s drinks, I thought the cubicle was about to get an upgrade.

* * *

The four of us broke away from the group as the night wound down, and we all helped each other find the way to the elevator and up to our floor. They said goodnight and tried to look casual as they strolled off to Ben’s room. As soon as they had their backs to us I pressed Courtney up against my hotel door and kissed her.

She kept her eyes wide, watching Ben and Alicia down the hall. I could feel her body tense, waiting for them to disappear into the room. And I kept my eyes open too, to drink in the sight of her angry eyes, feel her charged muscles, while I slid my tongue deeper into her mouth.

My hand gently pushed her to the door, while my other found her backside. I fondled one curvaceous ass cheek, almost reaching the hem of her skirt. She reached behind herself and pulled me away, but she didn’t break the kiss.

Her mouth was wet, her lips puffy, by the time Ben and Alicia fell, laughing, into their room.

Courtney pushed me off. “Fuck,” she said. She wiped her berry colored lip with the back of her hand. “You bit me.”

“Thought it would help your concentration.”

She gave me a withering look. “Just let me in so I can get my bag and get out of here.”

I smiled in the most diabolical way that I could. Mostly for her displeasure, but the motivation behind it was very real. “You’re not leaving tonight.”

Her brows knit together. “Fuck you,” she said. “I did what you said, showed up to this stupid thing, now pay up.”

“Nope,” I said. “I told you I needed you here for the event. Tomorrow morning is when we leave. How’s it going to look if I show up tomorrow and my date’s high tailed it out of there? They’ll think you were some kind of escort.”

Courtney looked furious. Her dark eyebrows came down over those blazing eyes. I had to wonder if she genuinely hadn’t known, or if my company disgusted her that much. Down below, in my pants, I hoped it was both.

“I’m not-” she started.

“You know what you’re here for,” I said. “Don’t waste my time.”

“Don’t waste your time?” she fumed. “I’m fucking gone.”

“Really?” I said. “You put up with everything tonight to go home empty handed?”

“I’m not spending another second here,” she hissed. “Especially not to-”

I put my hand on the door, barring her way. “I have $500 in my pocket. The rest is inside,” I said. “You want it, you can look for it.”

She shook her head.

“You can always just tell me no.”

The skin on her nose wrinkled, her whole face joining in to grimace. “No,” she said. “No I won’t do anything your sick brain wants.”

“It’s not my brain,” I put in. I leaned in closer. Our bodies brushed together against the door. “Do you want the money or not?”

“It’s mine,” she said.

“So you’re welcome to take it. Inside.”

Her eyes studied mine, the wicked gears inside calculating, maybe ways to subdue me, maybe how to kill me. I could see, though, that tonight had been no joy for her and to walk out now would only compound her fury. “Fine,” she said. “Open it.”

“Not until you know what you’re going in there for,” I said.

“To get the money.”

“To honor our deal.”

“You said I had to pretend to be your girlfriend for the night,” she said quickly, spitting the words out without thinking.

“Oh yeah,” I said.

Before she could protest I’d swiped the key into the card lock and we pushed inside. Courtney’s bag was set primly beside the bed. My suit and bag were on top of it.

Courtney stalked to the bed, to my bag, and I was treated to the sight of those long legs flashing in the striped light of the blinds, the lamp inside and the hall’s diminishing radiance. The door swung shut, and Courtney was at the bed, my bag unzipped, rifling through it.

I let her search, closing the door (should I lock it? I wondered, or would that be too Hitchcockian?) and casually strolling into the room. It was a good room the company had provided. There was a bathroom on my left, a small kitchenette behind it and running from the door to the wall. On my right was the sliding closet, with both doors full length mirrors. The bed was on the far right side of the room and the bathroom was across from it, beside the TV.

Courtney’s face only grew darker as she flung my shit further across the room, to no success. A gray undershirt hung from the TV, and one of my socks had even caught in the half-lidded Venetian windows. I savored the movements of her, her bare arms scouring the bag, the fine muscles beneath the skin twitching with unconcealed tension. This was the first time, I thought, the first time my proper girlfriend wasn’t sleeping around the corner or waiting for me to return, the first time her family wasn’t around to threaten me with. We were two people in a hotel room; for all intents and purposes, as far as my colleagues knew, she was happy to be here, doing the things that couples did. In hotel rooms. Late at night.

My body stirred, even as I stood motionless in the center of the room. My manhood stiffened. She had stopped going through the bag. She’d turned it upside down, finished with it in a petulant fury, its flattened fabric deflated, just like her hopes to finish this without another word to me. But if her hope was deflated it did not stop her anger. It radiated out of her, making every glistening surface of her shine that much brighter. We were both lightly sweaty from the dancefloor downstairs. Some of it had evaporated in the intervening hours. I could smell myself, sort of, but I couldn’t ignore her. Her perfume and shampoo were still lingering in her hair but her sweat, a pure, natural aroma, filled the room. She sat on the edge of the bed, one leg drawn up under her skirt, one leg heading down (way down), to her black heel in the carpet. Her hemline, which had started low, was drawn up and stuck under her bottom, so half her ass was visible on the bed. Her breasts pushed at the fabric of her top, the deep shadow of her cleavage lined with sweat. Her dark hair trailed over her shoulders, almost reaching the tops of her breasts.

“It’s not in there,” I said simply.

She was up, she was moving. She was in front of me, breathing in my face. She didn’t shake with all that energy; she kept it bottled and bound inside. I imagined it swirling behind her eyes.

“Give it to me,” she said.

“I will.”

My eyes fell over her full lips; the bright eyes that lacked the inquisitive earthiness of her sister but were filled with something more obvious, sinister, and lancing.

“Where is it?” she said. Her lips came together, puckered. “Give it to me,” she said darkly.

“Take off your shoes.”

I did not expect the slap. It came so quickly, one minute I was leering at her, the next I was staring at the floor. I shook myself, and cocked my head back. Courtney still looked mad, but satisfied.

“Fair enough,” I said. “You can do that again, if you want.”

“You-” she started.

“Take them off.”

She remained planted to the ground, a buxom statue, a sweaty, organic embodiment of all my sexual demons. I wanted to peel off her clothes and taste every wet crevice she hid underneath them. My cock only hardened to think I had the time to do it. Provided she didn’t castrate me in the attempt. What tickled me, though, insofar as I could be tickled, was the glimpses of superiority that I caught from her time and again. She knew I wanted to fuck her; there could be no mistaking that; but did she recognize how hard I wanted to fuck her, how strenuously I needed to sink myself inside her, how badly I wanted to hold her, and squeeze her, and hear her curse me and groan? She thought I wanted her tits and ass. That was true enough. But did she know I wanted her, inside her body, her ignorant, evil little heart? I didn’t want to love her or be loved by her. I wanted the satisfaction of her loathing, and her cum.

I reached into my pocket. The hundreds appeared, slightly damp from the sweat of my body, but neatly folded in a metal clip. Courtney’s eyes registered the cash, but her mouth betrayed her. It was surprise that I saw. I smiled and tucked the cash away again.

“You said that was just five hundred.”

“No, that’s all of it. I just didn’t know how else to get you inside. And believe me, when I lose my clothes, you’re free to take it all. I’ll keep my word about that at least,” I said. “And you’ll get it. But the night’s not over.”

“No,” she said.

“Take them off, Courtney.”

Without taking her eyes off me, she fiddled with her heel beneath her. I didn’t break the stare. I watched her descend, heard the clop of her heel hit the ground, then the other. Her toes slid the shoes from her feet, and slid them behind her. The heels must have been several inches, because now her nose was about level with my chin. We stood there in silence for a moment, her seething, me letting my cock harden against the fabric of my slacks. I could do anything with her, I thought. Malevolent thoughts swirled in my brain, but if I had to be honest, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

“You know what you’re here for?” I said.

Her lips hardened to a tight line. My eyes led down her chin to the stiff, proud neck, to her deep cleavage, and the sparkling black dress. I wanted to throw her down and make her say my name.

She never would, I thought, with a nervous, thrilling flutter in my stomach.

“You going to say anything?” I said.

“Let’s get this over with,” she said.

I reached out and drew her to me. She came without protest, though still stiffly. I let her feel me against her mound, our bodies still hot from the dancefloor. My mouth went to hers. But I was only kissing her lips. She didn’t open.

“I don’t have to put on a show for anyone,” she muttered into my tongue.

“Just me,” I said.

“Fuck you,” she said matter-of-factly.

I pulled away and nodded. “Go to the wall.” I pointed to the wall between the bathroom and the TV. She went. I waited so that I could watch her ass shift and sway under the shimmering material. How, I thought, how could a man know that was in the world and not want it? And how evil would he have to be to get it?

She turned when she reached it, looking only partly confused. She probably expected me to tell her to take it off. That wasn’t going to happen yet.

“Face the wall,” I said.

She put a hand on it, then narrowed her eyes. “What do you want?” she said.

“I’m telling you what I want,” I said. “No more questions. Face the wall. Put your hands on it.”

She did it quickly enough. She turned and laid her palms flat on the wall. But she didn’t trust me – and I couldn’t blame her – so she kept glancing behind, her eyes not failing to show her trepidation.

“Bend over,” I said.

For once she did it without protest. This she understood. This she could see in her mind’s eye. Me, wanting her, plunging into her. And I had to admit, when the money was involved she could be almost agreeable. Courtney’s hand slid down the wall as she bent at the waist. The skirt rode up the backs of her thighs, up to the bottoms of her round buttocks.

I slid the skirt the rest of the way. It nearly took my breath away. Courtney’s bare ass was taut, moist from the night’s exertions, the delectable handfuls of her bottom perky, round. And she wasn’t wearing a strip of clothing under there. No panties. Her vagina was shaved bare. I could tell because she bent over far enough for me to see it. I reached for her cheeks and pried them apart, to get a look at her asshole.

“What are you doing?” she growled, nearly sliding off the wall.

Annoying her, I thought. “I said no more questions.”

“Stop,” she said. My fingers dug deeper into her. Was it her asshole she was worried about? I wanted to spread those cheeks to make her uncomfortable. And it was working.

“You can yell out for whoever you want,” I said. “It’s just us tonight.”

She was turned from the wall, her hands still planted on it. “Just take it out and do it,” she hissed.

Almost business-like, I thought. I gently released her, letting her ass cheeks wobble, loving every bouncing inch of them. But I didn’t do it, at least not what Courtney intended. I got a good grip on her left hip, and arced my hand back, and delivered a swift smack to her right ass cheek.

Courtney let out a choked cry. Her hair whipped as she sank a demonic glare over her shoulder, at me. “Face the wall,” I said.

She did. She pushed her hands into the wall and leaned back. I rubbed the reddened skin of her buttock and swung back. I laid a second smack on her cheek, making her reel forward on her toes. “Ah!” she gasped.

I gripped her right hip, and raised my left hand. “You got me in a lot of trouble,” I said mildly, and brought my palm down on her thick little ass.


She didn’t even try to stifle her gasp.

I slid my hands down her thighs, not stopping the slow journey of my fingertips until I reached the backs of her knees. I bent forward, my nose at her tailbone, and kissed between the fleshy meeting of her cheeks.

“Don’t-” she said.

I stepped back. “Don’t what?” I spanked her again. The black dress hung off her waist and I had to imagine what her breasts were doing under there. Without a bra, she must be hanging right against the fabric, something I could see if her long hair wasn’t in the way. But she was half naked, from the waist down, all that elegance bundled up and wrinkled at her waist and all her tan, callipygean lower body planted in the carpet, anticipating her next spanking. “You knew what tonight was about,” I said. I grabbed her ass roughly and spanked her hard on the right buttock. This time she swallowed her cry and released a tight exhalation. I could see her calves tense. “Didn’t you?” I said. I spanked her again. She went up high on her toes.

“Nuh!” she said.

“If you were my girlfriend you’d be enjoying this right now,” I said.

“Fuck you,” she said.

I gave her another slap on the ass. She pressed closer to the wall.

“I asked you to come to my company retreat, and you show up without a bra and panties? Not very lady-like,” I said. I squeezed her buttocks. Then I gave her a sharp underarm smack, right between her thigh and ass.


“I’m sorry,” I said. I bent over her. My lips drank in the sweat on her spine, wending a wet trail down to her tailbone again, down her cheek, to the flushed skin on her rump. “Can I kiss it better?”

She wiggled me off.

I pressed close to her. My hand sunk into the cleft of her ass until I found her labial folds. Without warning, I slipped two fingers high up into her snatch. She was soaked. But as I said, we’d been dancing all night.

“Agh!” Courtney growled. She peeled one hand off the wall and I pinned it back with my own. My shoes slid behind her heels to keep her at the wall and I bent over her while my fingers rimmed the inner edges of her vagina. “You…shit…” she groaned.

I bent my mouth to her ear. “What did you tell your sister, Courtney?”

She laughed. This close I could smell and see the sweat running down her face, and from the line in her forehead I knew that my fingers in her were not without their reaction. Still she laughed, ass out and bent over against the wall. So I lubed up my thumb in her sticky pussy and pushed the button of her asshole until it sunk in.

“No,” she groaned.

“Push back, Courtney.”

She did. My knuckles disappeared inside her tightness.

“Pull out,” I said.

She drew herself closer to the wall, until her orifices were almost free of my fingers.

“Push back.”

She sank herself back onto them.

The thought of her orifices just made me hotter, and I couldn’t stand the wet mess I was making on the inside of my slacks. With my free hand I reached down and undid my belt, telling Courtney not to stop pushing herself back and towards the wall. I pulled my pants and boxers down, my dick flipping up from the waistband, and hurriedly kicked my shoes off, kicking it all in a pile in front of the bathroom. I came up closer, till my cockhead was rested against her butt cheek, and snaked a finger of my free hand across her mouth, until my index broke past her lips.

She tried to bite, but I ignored it. And soon she was sucking on my finger, pushing my left hand in and out of her ass and pussy.

“What did you tell her,” I said, returning to her ear. I wrapped my wet finger under her lips.

“I told her you liked to fuck me,” she said. “That you’re a pervert. That you can’t keep it in your pants.”

“That’s all true,” I said. I rubbed my dick back and forth on her springy ass. “But is that what you really told her?”

She laughed again. “Do you actually think you’re getting back together with her?”

It was something I still considered, but hearing Courtney say it didn’t make it sound any saner. I shoved my fingers deeper inside her.

“Ah! Don’t!”

“Don’t?” I said again. “Do you not know what you’re going to do tonight?”

She spat back her answer, the only honest answer, the one we’d both known since she’d hit the dancefloor. “I’m going to fuck you,” she said.

“That’s right,” I said. “I think you’re wet enough.”

She didn’t have an answer to that. But her body answered for her. Her juices were running between my fingers and dripping down the inside of her bare leg.

I pulled my fingers out and slid them up to her waist. She shuddered. Her whole body shook. Courtney sank lower into her position, the muscles in her back and legs straining, but not giving out. She was built for this, I thought. She was hard in all the necessary places to let me fuck her the way I wanted, to stay bent over against this hotel wall, soft in all the best places to take me standing up, deep. I had no doubt how deep I could go, as hard as I was for her, as wet and wide as her legs could spread. But I refused my aching cock, and that lathered pussy. I reeled back and spanked her again.

Courtney let out a shocked growl. “Stop!” she said.

I spanked her again.

“You want to be fucked but not spanked?” I said.

“Fucking…bastard…” she growled, but it sounded half-hearted, caught in the lie.

“You were going to tell your dad I raped you?” I said. “The knife at my throat. Your pussy on my cock? I didn’t think that was very funny.” I brought down my palm on her firm cheek. Its jiggle gave me a deep satisfaction.

Courtney growled again, but she laughed. It was a forced laugh, but still high, higher than the growls she made when my fingers were inside her. “I would have…” she said.

I spanked her again. Her head swung closer to the wall, but she was lower now, expecting to be fucked. She couldn’t pull herself away without falling, and I was locked behind her. She had to take the humiliation.

I pulled her dress farther up her back, exposing her smooth brown skin. I trailed my fingertips over her shoulder blades, digging my fingers gently under her ribs, wending down, squeezing her buttocks like I owned them. Hell, I did own them, didn’t I?

“Why don’t you call him now?” I said. I swung back and spanked her left buttock.

She rocked forward. “Unh.”

I spanked her again. “Do it. Call for daddy.”

“Sick…” she groaned, then I slapped her ass – her shivering, red, bulbous ass – “Pervert!” she cried.

I squeezed her. My fingers teased, one after the other, the line of her moist pussy. “Say it,” I said.

“Ah!” she hissed as she felt my hand leave her skin, but she stuck her ass further out in readiness. When the spank came she rolled with it, her hair brushing the smooth wall. “Ah!”

Pressed up against that wall I knew exactly where I fit. I grabbed myself, forced myself between her cheeks, and plunged my cock as deep into her soaked vagina as she could take me.

“AH. AHH,” she cried.

Just as lightning fast, I slid out. Her juices came with me. There was a thick sheen of her fluid coating my cock, and a short trail of it that followed when I pulled out. Inside her, even for a moment, I knew my resolve would melt. I wanted back inside her as soon as possible. Courtney, however, was shaking, her legs quivering, her body rocking back and forth on her heels and toes. Her ass bent farther, and farther back, her waist gyrating, twisting like she had on the dancefloor, seeking my cock.

To my surprise, she pushed off the wall and reached behind her, pulling at the black dress and clawing it off her head. She was naked in an instant, the dress thrown beneath her. I reveled in the sight of that strong, supine body, braced against the wall.

“Just do it!” she screamed.

“Did you miss it, Courtney?” I asked, rubbing my cock in the cleavage of her ass. Her body jerked at its sudden contact.

“Do it,” she hissed.

“No,” I said. It sounded stronger than I felt. I put my hand on her ass. “Call for daddy.”


I spanked her.


I spanked her harder. I spanked my ex-girlfriend’s sister harder on her tight, thick buns. The buns I’d forced my cock between. The girl I’d banged in her grandmother’s bathroom. I’d jerked off on her mouth and on her tits. I’d coveted her in every sinful way a man can. And she was all mine, naked in my hotel room. I gripped her buttock possessively and laid another harsh smack on the other.

“Daddy-” she groaned.

My dick straightened and bulged. “Say you’re sorry,” I said (well, panted is more like it. My heart was thudding in my chest).

“Fuck…” Courtney said, for the first time sounding tired. She relaxed against the wall. “Sorry… I’m sorry…daddy.”

I patted her rump. Then I gripped her hip, and guided my cock, between her pussy lips, up into that hot, wet sex.

“Ahh,” Courtney growled.

“Not so bad, is it?” I said. “When you apologize.”

“Hate you…” she said.

I pulled out. Pulled out of that lovingly tight canal and dragged my wet cock along her leg. “Say it,” I said.

“No,” she whined.

I spanked her.

“Fuck! I’m sorry, daddy. Daddy! Are you happy?”

“Yes,” I said, plunging my cock up inside her.

Courtney let out a breathless moan. “Harder,” she gasped. “Oh, God…”

I pulled out. Reeling back, Courtney let out a grunt of frustration. When she pushed her ass back to me I spanked it hard.

“Enough!” she shouted. She whirled. The sound of her back colliding with the wall was loud, a fleshy thud. She tried not to wince when her tender bottom brushed against it. Her eyes were wide, not mad but almost crazed.

Her heavy breasts rose and fell. She was breathless, her sweat forming a trail that shined from her cleavage to her bald mound. My hands were on her breasts in an instant. Then my mouth was on her.

“Just- Do it!” she stuttered between my kisses.

“You don’t want to be spanked anymore?” I said, bending down. I rooted in my crumpled pants until I found the folded bills. I pushed them between her lips until she clamped down on them with her teeth.

I pulled off my shirt, then my socks. I trailed my hands down her arms and dragged them up above her head, then I descended on her chest, slathering her soft skin with wet kisses, popping one nipple in my mouth, balancing her full breasts in my greedy palms. Courtney didn’t protest. She kept her arms above her head, the money in her mouth, and I sank lower. I lapped up the sweat between her tits, drank it up from her bellybutton, going lower and lower, until I was at the wet trap of her vagina. Descending to my knees, I attacked her pussy like it was ripened fruit, first sucking up the wetness that collected at the vulva, then suckling at her exposed clitoris. Courtney grunted through the cash. Her hands jerked off the wall.

I dug in deeper, using my fingers to open her snatch, darting my tongue deeper inside her. Courtney jerked again, then sank her fingers into my hair. She had to, I realized. It was getting harder for her to stay on her feet. I listened to her groan again through the cash and let her unconscious sounds guide me further into her vagina. I drank her up, what came pouring out of her, and it was danker than her sweat, unmistakeable vaginal fluid, thicker and pungent. Courtney ground her pussy into my face. I was so involved I didn’t noticed her leg on my shoulder at first. But I felt it when the heel dug into my back.

Courtney pressed my head deeper into her vagina, tilting her hips up to force more of herself into my mouth. She lifted her leg to steady herself, opening herself up wider. The cash tumbled from her mouth and hit me on the head. It fluttered to the ground, forgotten, when Courtney gave her first scream.

Like a lot of sounds Courtney made, it was hard for me to tell if this one was pleasure or exasperation, but suddenly she was sawing her pussy back and forth on my lips, insistently rubbing her clitoris on the soft indent in my upper lip. My tongue lapped at her, diving into her. The flood of her juice made me spit some back. It washed back over my mouth, covering it with sticky residue.

My cock was stiff as a pole between my legs. I reached down and gave it a firm squeeze, then ran my hand lovingly up the inside of Courtney’s knee. She slid down the wall slowly, the leg that was bent over me taking some time to roll off my shoulder. Cock in hand, on my knees, I presented it to her.

“You’re going to suck this now,” I said.

Courtney was past the point of arguing with me. She wiped her hair out of her eyes and leaned forward. I grabbed her shoulders first, her chin. I tilted her face up to mine. What I saw in her eyes was an exhausted sullenness, still the smoldering rebellion. “Do you want to taste yourself?” I asked.

My tongue was out and her lips were on it, sucking up her own juices, letting her own stickiness coat her soft lips. I broke away and put my palm gently at the back of her neck.

Courtney’s lips wrapped around my dick.

I leaned back. I groaned deeply, at every fervid lick. She lapped at the slit, slathering her tongue around the swollen head, then took my member deeper to the back of her throat. Like a pro, she reached down to cup my balls.

I balked at the first sound of a gulp. “Don’t swallow,” I said. “Spit it out.”

She gave a rude noise and suddenly my balls were coated with precum and her saliva. Very soon the wetness was dripping from the base of my shaft to the floor, and Courtney’s fingers were massaging my balls, squeezing them just hard enough to make me groan.

She bobbed down lower. Her hand pushed my stomach, and I went back, my knees folding under me. Courtney crawled forward until she was on top, her throat opening above my cock until her lips were buried in my pubic hair. I twitched, and my penis bulged, and I had to pull her off or I would have cum right then and there. She came up gasping.

Her eyes were so wide I could see the whites in them under her long black lashes. She was mad, yes, but she was always mad at me; her nostrils flared as much from anger as from having her breath choked off by my wet cock. “You like that?” she said proudly. “That make you feel big?”

I sat up on the floor, eye level with her. “Get on your hands and crawl to the mirror.”

With only an eyebrow she squeezed all her contempt into that look. “Pig,” she said.

“Crawl,” I said. “Let me see that big ass wiggle when you do it.”

She scowled, but she leaned down to the floor just the same. “Is that what it takes to make your dick hard?” she said.

“You would know.”

Courtney crawled, on her hands and knees, to the sliding closet and the full length mirror. I watched her pass, every sweaty muscle on her lithe, slinking form gliding. When her ass moved past I saw how red both cheeks were. She would be sore tomorrow, maybe even bruised. I remembered how long it took for the bite on my neck to heal and thought it might have been an even trade. That wasn’t true, but it made me feel better.

Just like it made me feel better to stand up and follow Courtney’s slow crawl to the closet mirror. My eyes traveled from her swaying rump to her body in the mirror. And her eyes were watching me. Her heavy tits were hanging down, her nipples bouncing and swaying from her chest. The tight ass on her rolled each time she drew up a knee to travel closer to the far side of the room. She didn’t say another word when she reached the mirror, just waited on her hands and knees for me to arrive.

I made her spread her legs. Then I kneeled down behind her.

My cock was hard and red, slick with her spit and the cum from her pussy. She was so wet it took little more than an insistent push for me to enter her. And when I did I got to watch Courtney’s face as it filled her up. It made her mouth tilt down, in not quite a frown but a stiff little moue. And she got to see my smile as I kneeled behind her and placed my hands on her ass. I mounted her, and mounted her and mounted her, slowly, slowly wedging myself in. Courtney’s mouth widened, her shoulders broadening, her chest jutting out. The muscles in her neck and clavicle pulsed, then became more prominent as she took the weight on her arms.

I liked her on her knees. I would have said as much to her, but she knew that already. Instead I said, “See? That’s hard.”

Then I spanked her.

She hadn’t expected it, but this time she got to see it. Her body rocked forward; her tits bounced against her arms. And I got to see, to my surprise, her shut her eyes and press her lips together, not wholly from pain but from something else, something that made her frown very much like pain, cross her brows very much like she was trying to expel my cock from her body, but something very much like she endured as much knowing what came next, like a shot of whiskey.

“Fuck me,” I said.

Her eyes opened slowly in the mirror. She leaned towards it, slowly pulling herself off my dick. Her thick pussy lips eased from my cock, leaving a glistening coat on my naked shaft. She pulled herself slowly and slowly, all the way until my head was just hanging on the tip of her lips. She left it quivering there, her bent back shivering; not from the cold; there was enough heat radiating off the both of us to make a whole new layer of sweat burst from our bodies.

I spanked her.

Courtney cried out and drove herself back down on my cock. The jolt to my senses radiated from the base of my member to all the nerves in my body, and Courtney let out another cry when her tailbone impacted with my pelvis. Her eyes weren’t open anymore.

“Fuck me,” I said.

Courtney slid off my cock, this time on unsteadier limbs. She tried to speed it up, and it would have felt so much better if she had, but I gripped her hips fiercely and made sure she did it slow, slower even than the first time. This time I held her at bay, with my cockhead balanced at the outer edge of her pussy. With my other hand I wet my middle finger in her leaking sex and plugged it into her asshole. She bit her lip, but didn’t protest. I shoved it farther in, almost losing it up to the second knuckle. I let go of her hip and spanked her again.

Courtney cried out. She nearly bounced forward on my dick but I held her hip and pushed in tighter, grinding my dick deeper and deeper inside her. She barely muffled her breath, suddenly letting out a sharp, “Ah. Ah!”

“Fuck me,” I said.

She slid off my cock like an uncoiled spring. I spanked her hard, my finger deep in her asshole. She drove herself back down on it.

She buried me in her sopping sex. She was so wet now that her fluid was dribbling down my balls. I wormed my finger deeper into her asshole, until the only thing stopping it was the rest of my fingers. I thrust my hips, and Courtney thrust back until her ass mashed against my palm.

I pulled my finger out to sink my cock deeper inside her. She gasped when I curled my fingers over her hips. She pulled herself towards the mirror and shoved her body back onto my cock. She thrust so hard her breasts shook, her hair snapped, but the eyes stayed shut, clamped. I spanked her.

“Harder,” she grunted.

I spanked her again.

“Harder!” She pulled off me and slammed her pussy down on my cock. I slapped her ass so hard my hand stung. “Ah!” she growled. “Harder!” I spanked her again and she backed up on my cock, until she was drawing it in and out of her, and the thick sound of our mingling wetness made rude squashing and smacking noises. I barely thrust, letting her do all the work, pistoning herself back and forth on me. Her hips were locked under my palms, ensuring that she always came back to my hard, straining member. I slapped her ass, spanking her with every downthrust. Courtney’s screams for harder melted into guttural cries that built in intensity. She was bouncing herself on my dick, lost to the world, moaning, screaming.

“Is this what it’s like to be your girlfriend?” she hissed.

I held onto myself as long as I could, letting the girl work her wicked power on my body, trying to hold myself back as well as I could, but it was only a matter of time. Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore her pace dropped off, and she arched her back, driving herself up and then down on my cock, instead of back and forth. She whipped her face up to the ceiling. “Don’t-” she said. “Don’t pull out-”

I did the exact opposite. I lunged forward, forcing Courtney up on her knees. Her hands wildly thrust out in front of her, bracing herself on the mirror. Suddenly we were pressed together, up against the full length mirror. I slid my hands around her chest and squeezed her breasts, hard. I had enough strength left to angle my hips and shove up, deep into her pussy. Courtney cried out.

“Open your eyes,” I said.

Courtney’s eyes fluttered open, her mouth wide as she watched my face. I thrust her again and again against the mirror. Her body fell back against mine.

“Watch me cum in you,” I said.

She only answered back, “Ahh.” The rest of her response rose higher, breathlessly higher, as I came hard, and spilled my see. She felt my balls twinge and I unleashed my thick ejaculate deep inside her pussy. Courtney was grinding herself down on me with extreme prejudice. For every spurt she pumped down harder, bouncing herself on me without ever pulling up too far. She kept me in her, rolling her hips around the base of my cock to milk her own panting climax.

“You never ask,” she moaned.

“I own you,” I said. I sunk my teeth into her shoulder. She arched her neck back. Our bodies rolled in twisted motion, our sweat mingled, the stench of our bodies burning together steaming up the mirror. Her hair was thick and matted stuck to the skin of my neck, and her bare pussy lips ate up my cock, pressing harder and harder, her legs opening wider to fit me further inside while my balls clenched and continued to force my ejaculate up her canal. “I’m going to fill you up,” I breathed into her ear, “and when you get my cock hard again, I’m going to do it again…” My dick swelled as I thrust. Her breath caught in her throat. “And again…” I pulled down and plunged up again. “And again…” Courtney’s hands left sweaty smears down the mirror’s face. The closet wobbled each time we pushed. “And again,” I said, and she grunted. “And again,” I said, and she moaned. Each time I spoke I thrust harder, and my dick stayed ramrod straight in her body, even as the cum dripped out of her and ran thickly off her lips and over my aching balls.

I spanked her.

“Unh,” she groaned.

Her ass tightened and tingled under my palm. “Unh!” I spanked her again, my other hand leaving her breast to wrap around her stomach, forcing her down on my cock each time the spanking bounced her to the mirror. “Unh!” she grunted. “Ahn! Ahh. Ahn. AHHN.”

Together we slid off the mirror. The perspiration on her tits and belly were enough to smear our reflection on the glass. She dropped to all fours again, me firmly planted inside her. I had begun to soften, but I wouldn’t leave her sopping pussy. I let my cock slip in and out of her as I continued her spanking, letting them land rhythmically, gentler than before, in time with her breaths. All the while I watched the soaked space between her legs, the base of her tan ass cheeks red and smeared with sweat and our cum. At length I plopped out, my penis softened but far from flaccid, still half-turgid at the sight of Courtney prone beneath me, and the grace of her body’s lithe muscles.

I reached down to caress the thick fluid that collected at the lips of her vagina. Courtney hissed and leaned forward. I slid my fingers in. Her pelvis rocked back against my hand.

“‘Hard again,’” she said; I could no longer see her face in the mirror but I could practically hear the sneer that came with it. “Like you could get it up. You just blew your load inside me. You’re done. Let me get up and wash your spunk out of my pussy.”

I rolled my fingers inside the front of her vagina. She shivered, her ass jiggling. “No, I think I’m going to let you squeeze me out one drop at a time.”

Without another word Courtney’s butt cheeks clenched and she thrust her hips out. I watched her pussy lips tighten over my hand, and squeeze a thimbleful of white cream from her slit. Her legs relaxed, and then she did it again. Both times she released a soft sigh as her vagina clenched on my fingers. Despite her orgasm, her body was still aroused…

“If you’re going to wash I’m going to make sure you wash every one of your dirty little holes…” I murmured. I pulled my fingers from her snatch and drew my fingertips up her crack. Her skin twitched, dancing away and then to my glistening digits. I found her anus and teased it with my fingerend until I could shove two fingers inside with minimum difficulty. Her rectal muscles clamped down, but I was lubricated enough to slide deeper, and deeper.

Courtney let out a low mewl. “If you’re so obsessed with my ass…” she groaned, “why don’t you put your money where your mouth is? You’re done. Let me go wash so I can get a cab and get the fuck out of here.”

“I got a better idea. Why don’t I put my mouth where your money is?” I pulled my fingers out of her. I’m not sure what came over me. It’s not something I’d ever normally do, but seeing her ass swaying back and forth like that, hearing that fire in her tone that had been far from quenched, that still smoldered and griped, I had to do it. I leaned down; I gripped her thick ass cheeks with both hands and spread them apart. While Courtney was still yowling about that I brushed the tight bud of her asshole with my lips, and then I kissed it.

Courtney jolted forward like a bolt, as if I’d stuck her tailbone in an electrical socket. But my fingers bit into her soft flesh and kept her from wriggling free. My tongue darted out – and I won’t lie, it didn’t taste like peaches and cream; but the tight squirm of her muscle, the sudden reeling of her hips, the bewildered tone of her screech, was worth it. “Eugh!” she cried. “You pervert!” She said it once more; hissed it, rather. “You pervert! Sick. You like that? You like frenching my hole? I bet you want to stick your dick in that again.”

I gave her asshole a big fat kiss and pulled back. “I know that’s right where you want me, Courtney.”

“Not gonna happen,” she said. She tried to pull away again, on her hands and knees, but I held her buttocks fast. It didn’t really seem like she tried that hard. “Your limp dick couldn’t even if you tried.”

But she was wrong about that. Her pussy was wet and her body writhed at my touch and already I was hard again. I wiped my mouth on the back of my wrist and angled my cock towards her juicy crack. Lovingly, I brushed it up that dark and winding curve. “Is that right?” I said. “Tell me, baby, do you think you can take the whole thing?”

The muscles in her back rippled like a startled pond where I brushed my palm against it. I was growing even harder, and Courtney’s shoulders were shaking.

“Your little prick?” She laughed. “Please.”

“Yeah?” I said. I grabbed hold of my member and slathered the wet head in the clear honey that dribbled from her slit. “My little prick?” I slid it between her tight, puffy pussy lips.

I pushed and pushed, filling her again, taking my time, letting my blood course through my cock and widen me to my full girth again, straightening my penis and getting it tight and hard as I led it, slow inch by soaking inch, to the top of her uterus.

“Ah. Ahh.”

“Since it’s just a little prick, you shouldn’t have a problem fitting inside your big ass.”

Courtney’s face suddenly appeared over her shoulder. My fresh bite marks were just beneath her burning eyes. “I do NOT have a big ass.”

“No,” I said. I pulled out of her. Her pupils temporarily rolled back inside her head. With my hand, I guided my cock up to that tight brown button hidden between her cheeks. “You have a big, beautiful ass,” I said. “But I think it’s just the right size.” I rubbed the head against her anus. “Why don’t we give it a try?”

Courtney’s hips must have been on a different wavelength than her mouth, because her pelvis curled and fell, rising like a sultry snake. But she said, “Fuck you.”

I gripped her haunches and pushed. Her asshole was tight. “C’mon, Courtney. Don’t make me beg.”

“I do NOT have a big ass.”

“Why don’t you let me and my small prick decide on that?” I said. “Maybe you’ll barely even feel it.” With enough pressure I had managed to squeeze my head partway into her anus. Her hips shook beneath my steadying palm.

“Anh,” said Courtney. “You’re obsessed with my ass.”

“Sure I am,” I said. I pushed harder; she leaned back on her knees. “I’m obsessed with your tits, with your ass, with your dirty little mouth, the whole fucking package. Open up.”

“Give it up,” she said. “I can still taste your cock at the back of my throat. Pull it out and get off me.”

“Not yet,” I said. “I haven’t given you the ass fucking you wanted.”

“I don’t-” she started, but I had my first inch inside her, and that choked off the rest of her words. “Ah…”

I squeezed her buttocks. “Ease up,” I said. “Let’s see how much you can fit.”

“Nuh…” she said. “No…” Her sphincter relaxed slightly, letting another half inch of me slide up her butt.

“I’ll push in,” I said, “and pull it out. And when I’m done I’ll cum up your ass, and you can wash that out too.”

“No…” she groaned. She lowered her head. All that wet and tangled black hair fell over her shoulders, sliding off her neck and hanging to the ground. Her anus relaxed a little more and I plunged my wet cock further inside her tight rectum. “Ah. Ahhn…”

“Think you can take the whole thing?” I said. I pushed in deeper.

Courtney grit her teeth and pushed air through her cheeks. She didn’t say another word. She bent forward on her hands and leaned back, and I retreated some, gave her tight buttocks a reprieve and a caress, and then gently slid forward again.

“Your sister said you were a real slut for an ass fucking,” I said darkly, watching my cock disappear inside Courtney’s butt cheeks. Her sweltering tightness was making my penis even harder. With the flat of my palm I scooped the sweat from her back back towards her cheeks, letting it trickle down her crack, then using it to soak my shaft as I held it and jerked myself into her asshole.

“Ah…” she whimpered. “She didn’t…tell you…shit…” she said.

“Pretty trusting of her,” I said, “telling her boyfriend what a slut her little sister is. Do you want me to stop, Court? How’s that little prick?” I was halfway inside her and I could now let go of my shaft, letting Courtney’s muscles squeeze me deeper. I laid my hands on her ass and gave her another gentle spank.

“A-ha…” Courtney gasped.

“Good thing I’m such a gentleman,” I said. I reached up between her legs and found her clitoris. Slowly…I rolled the engorged button back and forth with my fingerend, her juices soaking down to my knuckle. I slid my thumb lightly over the line of her slit. “Otherwise I might take advantage.”

“Shut up,” she groaned. Her head rose with each push of my cock, each circle of my finger, and each gentle grazing of my thumb. I laid another soft spanking on her right buttock. “Stah-stop…”

“Do you really want me to stop, Courtney?” I said. “Or do you want me to fuck…your slutty…” I squeezed into her with my hips, “little ass. Can you take the whole thing?”

“I can take it,” she said.

“Deeper?” I said. Slathered with her juices, my cum and her cum, our heavy sweat, my stiff cock wormed deep inside her. But there were still another couple inches before I was swallowed whole.

“Deeper…” she groaned. Her whole body shook like she was about to have a fit. I couldn’t stand seeing her heavy tits wobbling like that, so I leaned forward and cupped them. They rose in my hand, the nipples zig-zagging in my palms. I bucked my hips, gliding my shaft up her colon. “Anh…f-fuck…”

“Deeper?” I said.


“That’s a good girl,” I said. My stomach finally rested against her buttocks. She’d taken me all the way, the full length of my cock, every inch now stuffed securely in her quaking, writhing anus. I flexed my penis inside her, feeling the precum squirt, and Courtney uttered a sharp cry. We both rested for moment. I massaged her tits, rubbing them up and down her moist chest. Her nipples were hard as diamonds. I tweaked one; Courtney bit her lip and groaned. Then I pulled myself gently out, about halfway, before guiding it back into her hot depths. “Good thing your sister was wrong about you,” I said. “I’d feel bad if I was fucking the slutty sister. She couldn’t help herself.”

Courtney seemed to struggle to find her words. My left hand still groped her tits but my right hand gone back between her legs to play with her pussy and clit. Courtney’s hips were alive with squirming sharp and herky jerky twists.

“I am not a slut,” she said.

I spanked her for that. “Where can you taste my cock, Courtney?” When she didn’t answer right away I spanked her again when my cock was as deep inside her ass as I could fit it. I felt the spank resonate on her skin, and the vibration made my cock buzz inside her. Taking the cock and the spanking at once made Courtney’s ass writhe beneath me and her upper body swing lower to the floor.

“In my mouth…”

“Who went up to my hotel room without a bra or panties?” I drove my cock inside her and spanked. We both shivered.

“I’m not a slut,” she whined, taking me up her ass.

“Whose cum is that I can feel leaking out your pussy?” I spanked her.


“Whose cock is up your butt?”

Courtney whipped her hair back. She nearly screamed the words to the wall. “My sister’s fucking boyfriend.”

“Ex-boyfriend,” I said. “But let me ask you question. Does that get you hot?” In response to my push she opened up her anal muscles and let out a throaty groan. “Do you like that I can’t keep my dick out of you?”

“Fucking pig,” she growled. “I don’t care where you stick your dick.”

I thrust hard and she bent her elbows. “Ahn… Ah…”

With an audible squelch I pulled out of her. The thick coating on my cock was from the cum I’d unleashed inside her pussy, the new precum slathering my head and glans, her vaginal juices and sweat and more than that. I watched it drip off my cock and from her anus for a moment while she remained prostrate on the floor. I grabbed her hip; she tried to swing me off but I pulled her to the side. It didn’t take much strength at all to roll her on her back. She hardly fought it at all. Her great breasts were heaving, her body covered in sweat, her black hair plastered to her face.

I crawled up on top of her, my penis slapping against her belly. My mouth found hers, and we kissed furiously. Her hands found my dick and started masturbating me. Hard. Faster. And faster.

“Not yet,” I groaned into her dank mouth.

“You’re about to cum,” she said. “I can feel it… I can feel it in your balls.”

“Get up on the bed,” I said. “I’m going to cum in your ass.”

“No,” she groaned.

“You’re going to take it and you’re going to like it,” I growled back.

“You’ve cum enough,” she said, refusing to let go of my cock. She pumped it faster, and faster in her hand. My fingers wrapped her wrist like a vice and flung her off. She didn’t miss a beat, grabbed me with the other hand and kept pumping, a cruel smirk on her face.

I sat there at the gate steaming about why they hadn’t started boarding the damn plane yet. It was already fifteen minutes late for takeoff and they hadn’t let on a single passenger. Of course, being a seasoned traveler I should be used to this, but it seemed more frustrating that for some reason. I’d finished a long weekend of overtime getting a presentation ready for the next week and was anxious to get into town and relax a bit before I had to set up for the conference.

Irritated, I sat thumbing through a sports magazine I had picked up in a shop in the main concourse.

Finally they boarded and actually the crew was very efficient and pleasant, they got us seated and the flight attendant went through pre-flight instructions. When she finished she walked down the aisle smiling as she made visual checks of fastened seat belts. I noticed this young woman the minute I had taken my seat. We exchanged ‘hellos’ but my stare lingered on well after. As she walked on by I couldn’t help but marvel at her lovely legs as they disappeared beneath that gray uniform skirt of hers.

I was sitting in business class, three rows back from the very front so I had a perfect view of my favorite flight attendant taking her seat in one of those that fold down from the wall of the plane. She buckled up like the rest of us but of course facing the opposite direction, facing me. She was only a few feet in front of me, well within prime viewing distance. I had my sports magazine open, but shifted it aside just enough to give me a clear view of those long lovely legs.

I tried to be as discreet as possible as we taxied down the runway and until the plane was finally airborne.

I finally forced myself to behave and took to reading an article on college football. As I read though, the sight of the pretty flight attendant sitting so close wouldn’t leave my thoughts. I couldn’t help myself and let my gaze wander up over the top of the magazine to grab another peek. I did just in time to see her shift in her seat. Her legs and knees separated for only a second but it was enough to start my heart racing at the very lecherous thought of getting a peek up under her uniform skirt.

My head down toward my magazine, my eyes averted upward a little as I eagerly awaited the next shift of her legs. To my disappointment she sat there very much lady-like for the next couple of minutes as the plane continued its ascent. But no sooner had I focused back on the page about my alma mater’s star running back than something caught my eye. Still keeping my head down, but raising my glance I noticed my favorite flight attendant’s legs were crossed and the top leg was rocking up and back. Her shoe was loose now and dangling from her toes.

Oh my gosh!

I’d never thought I had a foot fetish, but the sight of her foot, in sheer stockings flexing up and back like that…the initial fascination turned to arousal all at once. I swallowed hard and shifted in my own seat, needing to get comfortable what with the rise in my pants taking place. Glancing around the rest of business class I noticed this sight was not attracting the same attention of the other passengers. When I looked back at the pretty young lady her feet swayed gently before me, filling my vision, her calf muscles tensing above those gorgeous feet. Damn, those legs went on forever. She crossed and uncrossed her legs several times over the next couple of minutes more, with me as a devoted audience of one. I pretended not to notice and went back to pretending I was interested in my magazine.

When we had made level altitude the flight attendant in a seemingly single move, unbuckled, stood and came walking back down the aisle. It was so abrupt my breath caught in my throat and I nearly dropped my magazine. We made eye contact and she smiled slightly before passing on by me. Once she had gone out of my immediate sight, I exhaled and then breathed in deeply. It was to both to settle myself into my seat to try and reduce the discomfort from the awkward angle of the erection in my pants and also to inhale her scent, whatever that beautiful perfume was.

I closed my eyes for a moment and burned her sight and scent into my brain.

“May I bring you a beverage, sir?”

I did fumble my magazine this time as I heard a female voice beside me. I opened my eyes and noticed a pair of high heels in the aisle next to me. The sexy flight attendant was standing right there beside me!

“Uh, yes, please. I’ll have a ginger ale.” I said much more breathy than I should have for having been sitting for so long. But whether it was that or the look on my face I in turn noticed the flight attendant’s eyes wandering. It was hard to tell exactly what she was looking at but it was very obviously in the direction of my lap. It could have been her naturally conditioned look to check if my seat belt was fastened or it could also have been a glance at the tell-tale bulge I could feel was there. I closed my eyes then reopened them only to find myself glancing a new view presented me down the front of her V-necked uniform blouse, down between the scarf that gaped enough to show a little cleavage.

I realized she had leaned down to place a cocktail napkin for the woman in the window seat next to me.

“And you ma’am?”

“Oh yes, I’ll have a glass of white wine please.”

“Sure, I’ll be back with both your drinks in a sec.” She said and turned to walk away.

My gaze shifted immediately to her backside encased so well in that smooth, tight skirt. My cock swelled uncomfortably anew. I immediately pulled the tray table out and once in place I subtly eased my hand under it to try and adjust my growing condition. Only as I did at that very moment the woman next to me chose to get up to go to the lavatory. Thank goodness for the extra leg room in first class. I didn’t have to get up to let her by. That would have been more than embarrassing.

I was still trying to arrange myself though when the flight attendant came back with our drinks.

“Here we go, wine for the lady, who I see has left us for the moment,” she bent over in front of me again this time to set my seat mate’s glass down. The opening between the halves of her scarf this time gave me a glimpse of not only the smooth skin of her delicious cleavage but the overhead reading light glinted off a gold pendant just above that generous valley. It was in the shape of …

“And for the gentleman…”

She was about to place my drink down when at the same moment we hit some turbulence. A little of the ginger ale sloshed over the rim of the glass and into my lap.

“Oh, I’m so sorry sir.”

“No, its okay, I’m okay.”

She picked up a handful of napkins off her serving tray, but half of them fell from her hand and into my lap, too.

“Sorry, again, really sir, I’m…” she reached down to retrieve the stray napkins and dab the soft drink from the upper thigh of my pants. Her fingers found more than spilled drink though as she brushed over my hard-on that had extended down that far. Only she didn’t let on she had.

“Luckily you have on dark slacks, sir.” She nodded. “But truly I’m sorry.”

Her stimulation to my cock through my pants, unintended or not brought me from semi-hard to nearly fully erect or as erect as I could be in boxers in a sitting position. The way she had wiped and dabbed, I knew she had to have clearly felt my reaction under her touch; looking in her eyes though she seem unfazed.

Finally, she stood back up, putting the damp napkins on her tray. “Again, I’m sorry, sir. Let me get you a fresh drink.”

“No, no this if fine…I’m good.” I replied, squirming a little more in my seat.

“Are you sure?” The attendant lingered a moment.

I kept looking for that subtle glance down at my lap, but the whole time she looked me straight in the eye.

“No, I mean yes, I’m fine.”

“Well, please ring me if you need anything.” Then she turned and walked back toward the front of the plane.

I ogled that tight backside once more as I tried to adjust in my seat and in my pants. I rubbed the fabric of my slacks with another napkin, dabbing up what else I could of the drink, realizing I was dabbing down the length of my cock. I stopped quickly though as the woman from the window seat made her way back. She didn’t say a word as she sat back down. I don’t think she noticed my hand on my crotch, but if she had looked closely enough she probably would have seen the blush on my face.

Several minutes passed and I calmed down.

Then it was time for our meal to be served. A male flight attendant brought our trays. I was a little disappointed it wasn’t my sexy flight attendant again, but it was probably just as well, so I didn’t have to do consecutive battle with the bone in my steak and the boner under the tray. A bit later, I did see my sexy attendant up front, but she must have been working in the galley as she never came out during the meal service.

After everything was cleared, the long hours of the weekend seemed to hit me with along with a full stomach, so I reclined my seat back and stretched out my legs. I must have really been tired as I fell asleep almost right away. The next thing I knew I was hearing the ‘ding ding’ from the air crew indicating our descent. Almost immediately my favorite flight attendant was at my side again.

She looked down at me with a smile.

“I hope you enjoyed your flight, sir. It appeared you had a very restful nap. Again, I’m sorry about the mishap early in the flight.” Then I saw her look down at my crotch. “But it looks as if everything dried out well.” She then winked, turned and briskly walked back toward the front of the plane.

It was amazing, but that was all it took to arouse me once again. It was like my cock had a mind of its own and it was going to follow her back up the aisle. I quickly grabbed my sports magazine and opened it over my lap. Looking to my left I found my seat mate staring at me with a raised eyebrow. I don’t know if she saw anything before the magazine covered it, but presumably she caught the look from the flight attendant.

* * * * *

I made it to the hotel, unpacked, showered and put on khaki slacks and a shirt. My first stop was the lounge to grab a light bite at happy hour. I had just come off the elevator and turned toward the bar when loud laughter directed my attention toward the registration desk. I saw a group of women and men in uniforms.

I stopped abruptly. It was the crew from my flight and there was my sexy flight attendant in the middle of them. I was shocked she could actually be there. But never will I question fate again…of all the hotels I could have chosen for this business trip, of all the times to have come down for a drink. What were the odds we would meet again?

It was surely destiny at work.

That familiar face caught my eye and my heart nearly stopped. Clutching a rail on the way into the hotel lounge, I blinked and looked her way again. At that moment I saw a smile spread across her gorgeous face. Her smile grew and our eyes never lost contact, even as she stopped to say something to her companion.

Next thing I know she walked over to me.

“So what are you doing here?” She asked still a few steps away.

“Uh, I’m on a business trip.” I couldn’t believe how nervous I was.

“I figured that much.” She started with a smirk. Then she not so subtly looked me up and down. “I can’t believe I ran into again, funny huh?” Her eyes filled with a strange sparkle.

“I know, yeah, uh it’s an unbelievable coincidence.” I said shrugging my shoulders, as the nerves really began to take over.

“Amazing,” she said, “it’s like we were just destined to meet again.”

“Exactly,” I grinned as I watched those luscious red lips moving as she spoke. The sight sent warm shivers down my spine and a sudden desire for more than just another look at her lovely face or sexy legs flooded through me. The same desire I had on the plane slowly swelled my boxers again.

“Let me ask you. I take it you’re a leg man, huh?” She asked so abruptly I swear my head literally must have spun around.

“Uh, I’m sorry. What do you mean?’

“Well, I noticed you kept peeking at my legs on the flight. So I can only assume you’re a leg man.”

“You could say that.” I was getting a bit unnerved at the direction our conversation was taking, but I couldn’t help myself and glanced down at her stocking covered legs under the gray uniform skirt.

“Okay so if not my legs, how about my boobs?”

I immediately raised my gaze to the front of her blouse. But before I could say a word…

“Yes, that could be it. Or could it be my ass? I mean you probably stared at it every time I walked down the aisle of the plane. Didn’t you?”

“No, I mean…” I felt suddenly dizzy.

“What? Is there something wrong with my ass?” She asked sternly. “Never mind. I love knowing there are a lot of men watching me on my flights with very hard cocks. I also love that I know they’ll play with themselves, thinking about me later either alone in a hotel room or maybe even back home while the wife unknowingly sleeps upstairs. Are you that kind of naughty boy? Huh?”

“Uh, what?” I glanced around to see if anyone else was in earshot of this embarrassing dialogue. No one was paying attention to us though. Even the rest of her crew had disappeared.

“Every now and then, I know they are looking straight up my skirt and trying to get a really good look at my panties or if they are lucky on those days I don’t wear any, my pussy.”

My eyebrows and my cock rose at that last comment.

She looked intently at me, her eyes boring deeply into mine. My fumbling continued, thinking back to how I had indeed tried to look up her skirt just as she said. I felt warmed and woozy standing there.

“Ahh, I’m right, and you blush too, how sweet.”

“I suppose I would with what you’re talking about.” I said in a whisper as I tried to look into a shiny brass mounting on the wall behind her. I could see my face and crimson of my skin.

“That simple act on the plane instantaneously confirmed my suspicions about you. Although you still had your supposed attention on your magazine, I noticed your facial expression change just briefly when I uncrossed and crossed my legs for you.”

I lowered my gaze as if I’d been caught doing more than just ogling her. But then she reached out and touched my bare forearm. I nearly jumped two feet off the carpeted lobby floor.

She whispered this time herself, “My dominating bitch radar detected a look, one of pure lust, but that was enough for me. I could sense your internal struggle. You look all prim and proper, but deep down inside there is a pervert waiting to be released.”

At that last, I was sure it was time to make my exit. But then her fingers traipsed up my arm further and I felt the warm shivers radiate through my entire body. I was cemented to that spot.

“Does all this talk about my sexy body turn you on?”

“What?” I finally looked back in to her eyes. “Well, yea, it does actually.” Something of a boldness of my own tried to come out. But then she did something that completely took me by total surprised. She stepped close and grabbed my crotch through my khakis.

“You want to fuck me don’t you?”

I groaned and rose up on my toes.

“The way you looked at my tits and my ass, and yes, I could see your cock bulging in your pants under that little tray table. I was driving you crazy wasn’t I?” She gave my stiff cock a good squeeze. “You were pretending to be a good man, but you were denying how I turn you on…you’re really a very bad boy, aren’t you?”

Through nearly clenched teeth I spoke. “You do have, uh, about the most perfect ass I’ve ever seen.”

“I could tell by your eyes how much you wanted to fuck me and it was turning me on actually. It was getting me so hot!” She then turned around and her ass rubbed against my crotch. I swear she paused long enough to wiggling her uniform skirt against my erection. “You like how that feels don’t you, you horny boy? You do want to fuck me, don’t you?”

I couldn’t believe what was happening, even though we were off the far side of the hotel lobby, I felt as if we were standing right out in the open. I closed my eyes while she rubbed against me. At first I wanted to push her away as she was being more aggressive than I thought I could possibly handle. But I was already too aroused, too horny to think straight. I grabbed her hips and pulled her into me harder and rubbed my cock harder against the crack of her very taut ass.

She looked back at me and smiled, “I like that, you little fucking bastard.”

Her dirty, aggressive talk was driving me crazy.

“Oh you poor boy,” she said, “I shouldn’t tease you like that. I’m so sorry.” She leaned in close and whispered. “Is there anything I can do for this?” She reached back and squeezed even harder this time.

I stood there with a deer in the headlights look for the longest moment while her fingers rolled my balls around.

“Um, no, I mean, maybe.” I tried to redirect the conversation without putting her off. “Uh, let’s go have a drink in the lounge and discuss it some more.”

“I don’t know. Why don’t we just go to my room? I think you’re much too eager to do something with him,” she squeezed my balls again, but this time almost to the point of hurting, “to sit here and drink.”

The good conscience in my brain was telling me to get the hell out of there, but my cock, extended fully down the leg of my boxers was telling me to go for it.

“Come on stud, let’s go to my room.” She gave me one last squeeze then released and began to walk away.

Standing there open mouthed, I watched feeling almost helpless as she walked across the carpet to the stone lobby floor as her heels clicked across it. That gorgeous ass was framed in her tight gray uniform skirt as she sashayed toward the elevators.

I don’t know what I must have looked like as I trotted off in her direction, but the pitiful sight of an obedient drooling puppy comes to mind. I stepped into the elevator as she held it open. Not another word was said as we ascended to the sixth floor.

* * * * *

She used her keycard and opened her hotel room door. The moment she was inside she waved me in. I walked by her seeing the king-sized bed. Something funny struck me thinking I had two queen-sized beds in my room.

The flight attendant closed the door behind me, took off her heels and carried them to the bed.

“You can’t admit to yourself that you are so drawn in by my sexuality you’d do anything just to be close to me.” She said as she walked with her back to me. “I’m thirty-two years old and have always exuded a sex appeal that’s irresistible I know, I can’t deny it. I’m a sexy bitch. Yes I admit that, too. I use my looks to get what I want. What the fuck. If you have it, use it, right?”

Finally she turned, brushed back her long bangs and very deliberately looked at me through near squinted eyes.

“What makes you think a middle aged man like you deserves to be even breathing in the same air as me?”

“Umm…umm…you uh…I, well,” I stuttered. What was happening here? What kind of situation did I just walk into? That good conscience was trying to knock back on my brain.

She suddenly burst out laughing but at the same time maintained that annoyed look and tone, “Well what? Just go sit in that chair on the other side of the bed and be a good little boy while I get comfortable.”

As much as I wanted to puff up and get back in control I could feel my normally broad and poised shoulders slump down and my head drop as I was still horny as hell.

My boner led the way over to the chair.

As I sat, she seated herself on the end of the bed. I could see her posture relax a bit and she looked off across the room. “I’ve just finished another long shift. My back hurts, my legs are tired, and my damn feet are killing me. But none of that is your fault.”

I could see some relief wash across her face as she almost seemed apologized to me.

“Its okay I’m tired, too. I fully understand.” I felt my normal self getting some control.

But she as much as ignored my empathetic statement as she blinked and looked down at her legs, which were crossed one over the other. She ran her hand down her left knee, down to her calf. I did my best not to stare, but watching her long fingers trail over her sheer stockings and what had to be warm smooth skin underneath, damn if my eyes didn’t roam with them.

“What I could use is a good foot rub,” she said casually as she wiggled her foot.

I looked back at her face and found her looking right at me with a pout on her lower lip. I could hear the gears turning in my brain, trying to process this information. The look of confusion on my face must have been classic. One minute she was the bitch from hell and now she was nearly purring like a kitten for attention. Was she actually asking me to rub her feet? What made her think I’d do that after what she had said earlier? I guess maybe because I hadn’t left yet, and the fact I still had a boner going in my pants she could obviously see.

Deep down inside I knew I was using every last ounce of self control not to reach out and grab that lovely foot.

As I sat there contemplating my next move, she suddenly straightened up and said in that familiar irritated voice, “Oh, just forget it. Never mind then.”

A look of despair had to have crossed my face. It was decision time for me, “No, please, I’ll do it.”

“Forget about it, you obviously don’t want to, forget I even asked.” She turned her head and looked the other way.

“I do want to, I do.” In spite of knowing I might be getting into something a little on the strange side with this woman, I still wanted her and hoped the foot rub was just the beginning of something more erotic.

“Well…” she seemed to think it over, “are you sure you really want to after the bitch I’ve been tonight?”

I noticeably gulped, “Yes.”

“Well maybe if you were to ask me nicely.”

I held my gaze on her dangling foot. “Please, I…I’d like to massage your feet for you. May I?”

“Listen, if I’m going to give you this treat, it will be on my terms, you must agree to do everything I say. If you don’t agree then forget about the whole thing, understand?”

I croaked and took a breath before speaking, “Yes, I understand.”

But I didn’t really. All I could focus on was that sexy foot bouncing in front of me and the raging hard-on in my pants. It was sure it would get lucky tonight.

“Hurry up then, I don’t have all night.” There that impatient tone was once again.

My sexy flight attendant held out her right leg for me. I took her stocking covered foot and caressed it.

“Mmmm, I’ve been walking around in those shoes for hours,” she said as I pressed the sole with my thumbs. “Oh yes. Rub my toes, too.” She more breathily directed.

I obligingly wrapped my fingers over her painted toes and massaged them. She laid back and mewed softly as from heel to toe my hand traversed up and down that amazingly soft skin through her stocking. At one point with her eyes slightly open, she grinned as if she knew she had me. But I didn’t care as I continued to knead her feet and toes. Trembling slightly, I made an effort to control my breathing so as not to seem as if I was enjoying touching her as seriously as I was. She allowed me to do this for a several more minutes and was so quiet I thought maybe she really was that tired and had fallen asleep.

It was as erotic a thing as I’d ever done enjoying a woman’s foot. Of course it didn’t hurt I was getting quite a good look up her skirt. As I rubbed her foot through her stocking, I gazed up and saw between her thighs. I was rewarded with a slight glance at her panties. I rubbed and she still had her eyes closed, appearing to be fully relaxed there on the huge bed. At the same moment she took a huge breath and her legs spread. They spread far enough so the view I found myself unabashedly staring at what was obviously a very, very sheer and skimpy pair of pink panties. Not only could I see the distinct darkened area that was her thick bush, but I could actually see wisps of those dark pubic curls peeking out from the sides.

An almost inaudible groan, hopefully it was anyway, escaped from my throat.

“Hey! You’re staring up my dress aren’t you?” The woman abruptly called out and kicked her foot from my hand.

My groan had not gone unheeded after all. I looked up and I could see true anger in her eyes. But then as fast as she had changed demeanors before, that heated look melted and a little grin appeared at the corners of her sexy red lips.

“Would you like to get a better look?”

I just nodded my head.

At that point she bunched up her skirt and spread her legs wider. It was then I noticed she was actually wearing stockings and not pantyhose, complete with a set of garters.

“Want to see how wet you’re making me?” And before I could say anything she slid a hand into her panties and through the sheerness of the pink material I could see her fingers slither through the dense dark bush and spread her lips apart with two fingers. The lips were very pink and very wet looking. As I watched she slowly slipped her middle finger inside herself. “Mmm, pretty damn wet I’d say.”

I stared between her legs as she added another finger and pushed them both in even deeper this time. She appeared to twist them around inside her and then slid them out. She held them up, shiny and wet in front of my face. Her face turned stern and serious once again.

“You know, it would probably take me about a minute to have you kneeling between my legs begging to lick me.” With that she intertwined her two pussy-wet fingers as in a ‘promise’ sign before raising them to her mouth. Her eyes glared at me as she slid them slowly between those red lips until they were in up to her knuckles. Still staring at me hard, she moaned as she sucked on them.

I gulped and realized I had been hypnotized by the whole scene and had stopped massaging her foot.

She slowly pulled her fingers back out. “You like that stud?”

“Yes,” was my immediate reply.

“Want to lick them?” She teased.

“Yes,” once again I said with simple enthusiasm.

“Beg me,” she ordered.

“Please let me lick your fingers!” I almost slobbered over myself.

“Well, I don’t know,” she teased, “if I give you this new treat, what will you do for me?”

“Anything,” came my instant reply as I knew it was true.

“Okay then,” she paused and put her hand back in her panties, her fingers back inside her wet pussy. She drew them back out and held them up in front of me. “Stick your tongue out.”

She knew she had me just where she wanted me, but I didn’t care. I stuck my tongue out and she laid her wet, sticky fingers on the tip.

“Go ahead, suck on them.” She slid them up further until her fingernails grazed the back of my tongue.

I closed my mouth around them and immediately began sucking them off, drawing them still further into my mouth. Damn, if she didn’t taste absolutely delicious!

I swallowed and savored the delectable treat.

“Enough!” She abruptly called out and withdrew her fingers. I had been sucking on them so hard they came out with a wet ‘pop’. Then she scooted down to the very end of the bed and at first only glared at me. But just as suddenly that face changed again taking on a look of calmness and demureness and as she licked her lips she pulled her scarf and blouse off leaving her only in her bra. She pulled the straps down off her shoulders and it fell off her very firm, very round breasts. Her dark areolas took up almost half of them and each was topped with a very large, very erect nipple. I sat there and admired the flight attendant who had quickly reduced her clothing to a skirt and stockings.

My erection presented itself a little further down my leg.

“Well, well, well, can’t keep your little cock in check can you, you dirty little boy. What do you think you’re going to do with that?” She asked as her toes scrunch-walked their way up my thigh until her big toe caressed the head of my cock through my khakis.

“I could think of a few things.” I said rather gravelly and low.

“Why don’t we both get more comfortable then?” She pulled her foot back calmly, stood and quickly undid her skirt, dropping it to the carpeted floor. She unclipped her stockings and then very slowly she hooked her fingers in her panties and shoved them down. She tossed them over her high heels. All she wore were garter belt and stockings loosened around her thighs. Her sparse, black pubic hair glistened with beads of moisture and her inner lips puffed out from her pussy.

Then another quick change in demeanor came over her as she stood hands on bare hips. “Strip off your clothes, now! I want to see you completely naked, right now!”

My mind raced, the non-existent fantasy of me with not only a sexy flight attendant, but one that was very dominating was about to become a reality anyway. I knew this was very easily something I may regret if it got out of hand, but I could only go with her and my undeniable lust.

I stood and proceeded to take of my shirt and shoes then I loosened my pants.

“Stop!” She screamed out.

My pants fell around my ankles.

“Come here, like that.” She said sternly as she sat on the end of the bed.

I shuffled toward her, my boxers very much tented out, the only thing between my cock and her.

“My, my, what have we here?” She reached out and grabbed me though my underwear. “Mmm, nice. Let’s have a better look though.” With that she yanked down my blue plaid boxers, which also fell in a crumpled heap at my ankles.

“Oh my, my indeed…just how long is he?” She asked as she leaned forward and blew across the head of my fully extended manhood.

“Uh, ah, a little over, uh, seven inches,” I stammered, my whole body shuddering from her warmth breath.

“Hmm, a bit better than average, but by no means the longest penis I’ve seen.” She stared at it and smiled. “But it does rank up there in thickness.” She ran two fingers up under my hard shaft and my whole body tensed. “Still, I was hoping to find one as well endowed as you on this flight.” She stared up passed my hard cock and into my eyes. “Let’s see what you can do with this cock of yours. Jerk off for me,” she said giving my erection a slap.

I grunted. “What?”

“Just what I said, jerk him off for me. I want you to play with it, just like if you were in your hotel room fantasizing about me. You were going to do that tonight weren’t you? I know you were. I got you so teased up on that flight today, I know I did. So go on now. Do it!” She lay back again on the hotel bed.

I wasn’t against jacking off in front of a sexy woman, but I’d never been asked like that before, so directly. Knowing I would anyway, but wanting her to do more than just watch me, I offered, “Can you help me jerk off?”

“Just masturbate!” She yelled, before she put her own hand to her pussy, softly petting it. “Come on, pretend you’re fucking me.”

I didn’t say another word, but moved closer to the king-sized bed, my knees against it and standing between her open legs. Grasping my hard-on I just looked down at her as she rubbed her pussy through her dense dark bush. As I watched her play with herself my hand began to glide up and down my very hard cock of its own accord.

She looked into my eyes, and licked her lips. “You want me, don’t you?”

“Of course, I do.” I replied as I continued to stroke myself jutting my hips and my cock closer to her dark curls. I was no more than three or four inches away from the back of her hand as it lay over her pussy, her fingers playing over the wet pink lips.

“But you can’t have me,” she came back, her eyes widened and glared at me. She then abruptly closed her eyes as the pleasure she was giving herself I presume got more intense. She began moaning.

I played her game even though I had no idea where it would lead. I leaned in further and the tip of my cock touched her hand. Immediately my pre-cum smeared over her skin.

“You want my cunt bad, don’t you?” she said, getting raunchier…and I actually loved it!

“Yes,” I said pressing my cock ever forward reaching for her hot pussy, pushing harder into my fist. I could feel her hairy bush graze my swollen cock head. I could sense the extreme heat and wetness beyond.

“Jerk off!” The command came so loudly it had me stumble backwards. I came out of my erotically-induced trance and looked down to see her finger fucking herself.

“Jerk off,” she said again, “make it look like we’re fucking.”

I watched her hand moving back and forth, her fingers plunge over and over again into that so deliciously wet pussy. I could hear the sloshing, she was so wet! It only got me hotter and my fist around my cock stroked and tugged more firmly and ever faster.

“You want a good hard fuck, don’t you?” She growled up at me.

My eyes were glued to her pussy and I began to stroke my very hard cock faster still.

“You want it so bad, don’t you? You want to fuck me so hard, don’t you,” she said, looking up into my eyes. “Do you want to cum on me? You do? Then put it as close to my pussy as you want. You can cum wherever you want. I don’t care. I just want to see you jerk off, you dirty little boy.” My flight attendant started breathing very rapidly as her one hand briskly rubbed her clit, while her other moved an index and middle finger in and out of her with long, deliberate strokes. I could plainly see the moisture dripping out of her as she pleasured herself. The fact she was fingering her sopping pussy as if it was my hard cock in her was almost more than I could take.

Then suddenly…

“Shit!” She cried out. “I want to cum so bad, but I can’t cum like this.” She let out a heavy breath. Then she brushed the long hair from her face with one hand and sat there for a moment taking deep breaths.

As I stroked my hard cock s she looked back up at me and smiled seductively, “I want you to eat my pussy.”

I know my face lit up. My stroking stopped and I just stared down between her legs.

“Go on, get down on your knees and get your face in here and make me, make her feel good.” With that she literally smacked her hairy wet pussy.

That stark sound only made me jump and I immediately fell to my knees at the foot of the bed. My face hovered about her sex as I stared into her thick, almost jet-black pubic hair. A very swollen clit poked out through the matted curly mass, asking for attention. I breathed deeply, drinking in the smell of sex and female arousal, basking in that enticing scent waiting for me. I decided my brazen bitch of a flight attendant wasn’t into soft kisses and licks, she was ready for hard tonguing, so I lowered my head and immediately nuzzled the dark matted hair with my whole face and plunged on in with a pointed tongue.

“Mmm, finally a guy that knows what he’s doing.” She called out as she ran her hand roughly though my hair.

As I delved in, my thinking brain thought how strange it was that barely an hour ago I was heading to the bar for a drink and food then at most go back to the room for some porn and a good jerk. Instead here I was feasting on some stranger’s pussy, and my, oh my how delicious a pussy!

“Yes, Yes, Eat me!” she gasped, arching her back, thrusting her wet pussy against my face as I moved slowly up and down her slit, my tongue going deeper with each swipe, loving the delicious juiciness of her sex. Deep guttural sounds came from my throat as I devoured her pussy and moving my tongue in and out and up and down, licked her faster and faster. I found her engorged clit and placed my lips over it.

“Don’t play with me! Eat me! Suck that horny clit of mine in your dirty boy mouth,” she screamed, her head thrashing back and forth on the bed.

I loved how she told me what she wanted, how loud she screamed, how desperately she was humping against my tongue as I licked and sucked her engorged clit. I loved how horny she was.

“Wow, I never knew older men could be such cunt lickers.” She started to groan as her legs squirmed tighter around my head. “Oh yes, keep licking me you bastard!”

She grabbed the back of my head with both hands pulling and pushing me to where she wanted me, almost as if using me as her personal masturbation toy. I tried to keep my tongue moving as fast and far as possible.

“Oh fuck yes! Do it you cunt licker, do my pussy…ummm…real good…oh fuck yes!”

The next thing I knew she burst into an intense groaning and grunting spasm. He body jerked and her sopping wet pussy ground hard into my face. All of a sudden her whole body arched off the bed, her pussy smashed against my face, my tongue poking deep inside. My nose slammed flat against her pebble-like clit. A high-pitched squeal echoed off the hotel room walls as I could only assume she had one hell of an orgasm.

She held prone in that position for several seconds until her climax was complete and then her whole body collapsed hard back onto the bed. My head was wedged so tightly between her thighs she took me with her and my chin slammed painfully into the mattress. My breath left me and I was held so vice-like in her pussy that I couldn’t immediately recover my lost breath. I gasped hard and used my hands to pry her thighs apart enough to get a decent breath.

I sensed that even as her orgasm wound down, her level of arousal did not diminish. She seemed to continue to want to grind her extremely wet pussy over my face. But she finally gave me plenty of space to breath. When I had recovered I realized my body was tense and on the verge of exploding.

I needed to fuck this woman! Not make love to her, but outright fuck her!

I pulled my mouth away, stood and started to crawl up over her.

She gasped, “No! Stop!” Getting her two feet on my chest she kicked me away. “You should be going now.”

“What?” I looked down at her with a shocked stare. “You can’t…”

“Aww, what’s the matter?” She asked, already knowing exactly what my problem was. She pretended to think for a minute. “Oh I know, my little boy slut wants a reward. He wants to cum, too. Is that it?” She asked giving me a knowing smile while rubbing her foot up under my balls and then up length of my bobbing, throbbing cock.

“Yes.” I plaintively replied.

She sat up and grabbed my cock, then with an almost evil hiss, she breathed more than asked, “You really want this in me, don’t you?” She gave me a couple rough tugs and smiled more, all before her face cracked and she shoved me away. “Well, fuck you!”

She fell back on the bed, her breasts jiggling some as she threw arms above her head. Just as suddenly as her demeanor had raged back to being a bitch that fierce look dissolved into a smile again as she glanced up at my hard cock and then up at my face.

“You really do want to fuck me don’t you? But you’re not used to a woman having this kind of power over you, are you?”

I chuckled nervously. “Think so on both counts, huh?”

“By the looks of your cock, you appear to have one thing in mind and that usually renders a man helpless to do anything else,” she smiled a very devious looking smile now and then closed her eyes as she went back to playing with herself again.

No, I hadn’t had a woman talk to me like that, let alone not seem satisfied with such an earth-shattering orgasm as she had just had. But there she was diddling her pussy lips again and she seemed so relaxed laid out across that big bed though.

“You want to fuck me, don’t you?” She came back in an almost girlish voice this time. “You want the real thing and not a jerk off fuck. Don’t you?”

“I do.”

“Well I guess you’ve earned it. Mmm, you’ve been pretty good so far. I just may as well take care of that problem you’re having,” she said and slapped my hard cock with the sole of her foot. “Get down here and get your reward.”

My alarm startled me awake, even though the only sound it made was the gentle vibration of my cell phone against my nightstand. It seemed every morning promptly at 9:15 I went through this ritual when it went off, causing me to nearly jump out of my skin. I reached over for the little button on the side, stopping the noise and rolled back over, snuggling deeper into the warm blankets. I heard the covers rustle slightly, and then I felt a single finger tracing patterns on the bare skin of my back. “You know I hate it when you push the snooze…It just means I have to stay awake another five minutes too.” I poked my head out and winked at my husband, Eric, then moved closer to find his lips with mine.

His face was rough and in desperate need of a shave, and his red hair was sticking up in all different directions. He was adorable. “When I wake up to a man like you, do you really blame me for wanting to stay in bed a little longer?” He laughed, and then got a mischievous twinkle in his woody green eyes that I knew all too well. I shrieked and desperately clung to the covers as he tried to pull them off me, exposing my naked flesh to the cool February air. We tussled, and even though I’ve got two older brothers, and am quite an experienced wrestler, I eventually lost the battle. He pulled my blankets over himself just as my alarm began to buzz again. I sighed in exasperation, blowing a stray strand of curly brunette hair out of my face, and turned the alarm to off. As much as I wanted to sleep in, I knew I couldn’t. Today was Valentine’s Day. For some couples, that means romantic dinners or kinky once a year sex. For me, that meant a very long double-shift at the local restaurant I served at. I hopped into the shower, trying to relax my muscles a bit in preparation for the beating they were about to take.

The hot water felt great on my chilled skin. The goose bumps that had risen during our wrestling match faded away as I enjoyed the soapy water. I ran a sudsy hand along my collarbone, and then dipped lower to the swell of my breasts. I had always enjoyed the feel of my own slick hands against my body, and today was no different. My nipples hardened slightly as they reacted to the friction. Suddenly, I spun back to a memory of the first Valentine’s Day I had ever spent with a man, and my heart seemed to sink somewhere between my liver and small intestine. I remembered splashing about in hot soapy water with him too. He had rented a honeymoon suite in a rundown hotel near my hometown. It had a red heart-shaped bathtub, chipped mirrors everywhere, and a very creaky king size bed with a bedspread that seemed to have been made from my grandmothers curtains. I thought it was a sweet gesture then, but the night hadn’t ended sweetly at all. I turned the tap to cold and gasped as the water focused my attention to the present. I hated thinking about that night or any of the other nights I spent with that man, and I had too much to do today to start down this path now.

As I rushed to get dressed, Eric reached for my wrist and pulled me towards him. “So, you promise you weren’t testing me with this whole no Valentine’s Day presents idea right? You’re not going to go home expecting a forty pound teddy bear or sixteen chocolate roses, right?” I playfully kissed the hollow right below his ear, and replied “Definitely not a test. You know I hate Valentine’s Day. It’s always full of disappointment, and this year, I want to avoid that. You’re perfect just the way you are, and you’re my favorite person to hang out with. We don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary because I am just fine with how ordinary we are.” He playfully smacked my ass as I pulled away to continue with my morning routine.

That afternoon at the restaurant was absolutely crazy. There was a line outside the door, but business seemed to be crawling. Every couple wanted to stay and make flirty jokes while they held hands and sipped the cheapest white wine on our menu, which meant we couldn’t get the waiting guests to new tables quickly. The kitchen was a wreck, and all of the employee’s tempers seemed ready to ignite. I tightened the strings of my apron, grabbed a quick drink from the soda fountain, and reminded myself that it was only one day. Business would return to normal tomorrow, if I could just survive this one day. Alyssa, a waifish hostess with short brown hair and icy blue eyes, poked her head back in the kitchen. “Tahra, you’ve been sat at table forty-five.” I smiled with relief. That meant the teenagers who had only tipped me a dollar and fifteen cents were finally gone. I plastered what I hoped was a convincing and not exhausted smile on my lips and went to greet the table.

“Hi there! My names Tahra and I’ll be your server today! We have some great specials on…” the words died on my lips as I took a good look at the man sitting to my left. Recognition flitted across his slate grey eyes, and a red blush stole across my face as I looked at the monster from my past. He had a petite blonde girl with him who didn’t look a day over sixteen. She nervously chewed on her glossy lower lip as she studied my look of shock. His hard jawline twitched, and his lips formed into a knowing sneer. I turned around quickly, and walked away as fast as I could, trying my hardest to fight back tears. I stopped my manager, Kayla, who was on her way to the back. “Kayla, I need another server to take table forty five for me. I’ll explain in a minute.” She took in the sight of my face burning red, the tears nearly bursting their dams, and my hand on my stomach, indicative of the possible reality that I was about to be sick at any minute. “Jason,” she snapped in her gravelly voice, “take table forty five for Tahra. If you need me, we will be in the restroom.” She led me to the employee restrooms in the back of the restaurant, shielding me from the rest of the employee’s curious stares. As soon as I got the door open, I couldn’t contain it any longer. I doubled over, emptying the contents of my stomach, and let the tears rip loose. Kayla rubbed my back, and with her there, I faced my nightmares.

He had started out the evening in that hotel no different than I had expected. Sure, the room was cheesy, but I had always been a sucker for silly romantic gestures. He had approached me with the idea of staying the night together a few days earlier, and I had tentatively agreed. He promised we would take things slow, and that sex would only be on the table if I wanted it to be. He was older, and much more experienced, and I had just turned eighteen. He had always taken that fact into consideration when we were together, and had treated me with respect. His slow pace had allowed me to be more sexually adventurous with him than I had ever thought I would be at this age, but I was still a virgin. We had explored each other’s bodies with our hands, and he had explored mine with his lips. The memory of his hot breath on my inner thigh and his tongue flicking my clit had me excited and eager for what the night would bring.

He drew the bath for us, and we both shared our nakedness with each other. This was the first time we were both naked together, and the sexual tension was almost palpable. We slid into the hot water together, and his lips searched for mine. His kisses left me breathless, and his mouth muffled my moan as he started to slide his hands over my nipples. After I felt dizzy with need, and was close to mad with wanting, he dipped his hands below the water, and found my clit. He stroked it with two fingers slowly, sending delicious shivers down my spine. My breath quickened as he increased the pressure and speed of his ministrations, and my fingers dug into his shoulders as he continued to bring me nearer to climax. I groaned in frustration as he stopped, but I was used to his little games. He always loved to be in control, and he liked to make me wait for what I wanted most.

He got up and stepped out of the tub, roughly yanking me up with him. As he pulled on my wrist, my shoulder twisted, sending sharp pains through the joint. “Hey! Easy tiger! Remember I’m delicate!” I playfully admonished him, certain that the injury had been borne out of eagerness, not malice. He smirked, stretched himself down on the bed, and said tersely “It’s your turn.” I crawled up towards him wrapping my small pale hands around his stiff cock, prepared to use what I had learned to please him. He had different plans. He wrapped his fingers in my hair, pulling until I cried out in pain, and pushed my head lower. “I’m fucking sick of your hands. Time for you to learn something new,” he spat. I’m sure I looked quite pathetic, staring at him with my eyes wide, like I was looking at a stranger, but he just continued to shove my head towards his waiting shaft. I resisted taking him into my mouth; I had never given a blow job before. When he felt the resistance, he tightened his grip on my hair, and I opened my lips to cry out in protest. He took that opportunity to bury his cock in my mouth, making me gag. He began to pump himself in and out of my mouth, and I just whimpered and let him bob my head up and down.

Tears ran down my face, mixing with the saliva glistening on his cock, and I felt completely miserable. He stopped, and released my head from his grasp. I immediately got off the bed, and began to gather my clothes up off the floor, stumbling over his huge ugly shoes. “Where the fuck do you think you’re going?” He asked in a voice so smooth and quiet, I felt I surely must have heard him wrong. “You said we were going to take things slow! This is not what I call slow!” I retorted. He got up off the bed, yanked my clothing out of my hands, and pushed me roughly to the floor. I screamed, and he slapped my face. He put a hand around my throat to keep me down as he forced himself inside of me. I resisted, straining to breathe as he ripped me apart inside, grinding my skin against the rough carpet. After this point, all I can remember is driving home. The rest is all blackness and pain, and the feeling that I’d never be whole again.

My head cleared, and I was able to stifle my sobs enough to clean myself up. Kayla was still there, looking concerned. It never occurred to me how many worry lines the middle aged woman really had until this moment. The creases were deep on her forehead, and along her mouth. “Do you want to talk about it?” she cautiously asked. I couldn’t look at her as I said it, but I whispered tremulously, “He raped me…a few years ago.” She didn’t speak for a few minutes. We just sat on the bathroom floor together, taking time to process our feelings together. When she did speak, her voice was tense and hard. “Go home. We can do without you for a few more hours. I’ll take care of things here.” She helped me up, handed me my coat, and walked me out to the car. I learned later that after I had left, she had Alyssa slip a note to his beautiful young date. It simply said, “Your date is a rapist.” Kayla told me she left before he returned from the bathroom.

That night, Eric didn’t ask me what was wrong. I think he knows me well enough that he didn’t have to ask. He knew it had something to do with that man. We cuddled on the couch watching reruns of our favorite television shows, and he ordered takeout from the Chinese restaurant down the street. When we lay down for the night, he made love to me. There was nothing different or planned about the sex. We did nothing “special” for Valentine’s Day, but that in itself was the beauty of it. He kissed me all over my body, igniting fires everywhere his lips touched. He was soft and gentle as the wind, and hard and unyielding as granite, all at the same time. My first climax came with his tongue sliding over my clit, dragging out waves of pleasure for what seemed like ages. Then I took over, climbing on him and using my entire body to please him. I knew he loved having his hands on my hips, watching my breasts sway as my hips rocked back and forth. I came again just before he himself finished, as I felt him pulse inside of me. He fell asleep that night with his arms around me, just like he always did. This is why I loved the man. Our normal was my safe. He loved me, and I loved him, and I knew I would never be hurt on Valentine’s Day again, as long as it was just another normal day.

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