hotel sex

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* * * * * * * * *

I entered the elevator and took a position in the right rear corner after pressing 35 on the panel. Several people had already entered behind me and I couldn’t help but get a little annoyed as they all pressed different floor numbers below mine. The doors had just begun to close when a hand slid between them, causing them to bounce back open and allowing a short, but very, very pretty brunette to enter followed closely by an equally short blonde wearing dark wrap-around sunglasses. The two young women appeared to be together, but they didn’t speak as they moved toward the back of the elevator, ending up with the blonde to my left along the rear wall and the brunette directly in front of me, her right arm brushing against the wall.

I checked out the pretty young thing standing in front of me, the difference in our height giving me a wonderful perspective. Dark hair hanging loose and falling beyond her shoulders, wearing a low cut halter top that left her entire back uncovered and a very impressive amount of tanned cleavage on display up front, with the tiniest hint of areola peeking out. Ooh, I liked that. Maybe something would happen to cause her to lean forward and I’d get to see more than just a hint. The skin on her upper chest and shoulders appeared smooth and totally flawless, continuing like that all the way down her back to her impossibly tiny waist. I quickly looked back up to her chest, Jeez, tiny girl, tiny waist, barely covered HUGE tits. This girl was exquisite. All of a sudden I was no longer annoyed at the idea of a relatively slow ride in the elevator.

Returning my gaze to my new found obsession’s petite waist I advanced down her body, taking in an ass that on any other woman could have been considered her best feature, but on this brown haired beauty could only qualify as an also ran. She was doing her best however, to draw some attention away from her magnificent chest to her ass and lower limbs by wearing the shortest skirt possible that could still be called a skirt. Nope. Didn’t work. Even though most women would kill for legs as well shaped as hers, and she was displaying practically every single inch of them, they still couldn’t compete with those tits.

Having completed my examination of my nearest companion I looked up and only then noticed that the elevator had continued to fill with passengers and was now almost loaded to capacity. Good, more time for me to stare down huge tits’ top. I shot a quick look to my left to her blonde buddy but she was staring straight ahead, ignoring both of us for the moment. There was something very familiar about her, but I couldn’t place it. I had a vague feeling that I should recognize her from somewhere, but, try as I might, I couldn’t. Maybe if she removed the sunglasses.

No matter. I was really more interested in ogling the goodies of the girl in front of me anyway. I turned my head to face forward once more just as huge tits turned hers to the side. Getting a good look at her face for the first time – what can I say, I was distracted by bigger things – I realized that this girl I did recognize. The brunette was Jennifer Love Hewitt. Holy Titties Batman! I must have gasped out loud when I realized who I was looking at because she looked up at me over her shoulder and gave me a dazzling smile before turning to face forward once again. Holy Shit! Jennifer Love Hewitt smiled at me! Holy Fucking Shit!

My heart was pounding in my chest. One of the prettiest women in Hollywood, someone I had fantasized about, and lusted after, for years, stood inches away from me, wearing practically nothing. But even more exciting, Jennifer Love Hewitt’s tits were only inches away from me, and I had an unparalleled view of them down the front of her top. I felt like I had won the mega-millions lottery. Surely the odds against something like this were about the same. My breathing began to grow shallow and my cock stirred restlessly, threatening to quickly develop into a potentially embarrassing tent in my pants.

People continued to dribble into the elevator one at a time and the crowd was becoming more tightly packed, but the close quarters did nothing to deter my erection from growing steadily. Jennifer Love Hewitt was standing inches away from me, her big, beautiful, braless, breasts within easy reach. I imagined what they would feel like in my hands, the flesh firm yet yielding as I gently knead her globes, her nipples taut with excitement as I roll them between my fingers… Damn! This was not going to help me get rid of my boner.

Just then Jennifer tried to adjust her position as the throng in the elevator permitted one final passenger to get on. She stepped backwards, her heel catching on the toe of my shoe and causing her to lose her balance and fall back against me. My hands shot up to catch her, missing her arms and landing on her sides just below her boobs. That was close. Another couple of inches and I wouldn’t have had to imagine what her tits felt like, I would have been living it. Of course I also would have been slapped silly by the sexy star and her pal, but, oh man! wouldn’t it have been worth it!

We both murmured an apology and she moved to regain her balance, then stopped as a distant look came to her face. That’s when I realized that her ass was pressed into my crotch and she could feel my erection rubbing against her. The far-off look was replaced by a sly smile and she looked up at me over her shoulder as she wiggled her ass against my cock. I froze, not even daring to breathe.

Adjusting my feet so that she could regain her footing, and I could find someplace dark and dank to crawl into, Jennifer pulled away but just as quickly she stepped back again, firmly pressing her ass to my groin and giving it a little grind. My breath came out in a soft whine for mercy, but she was having none of it. In a panic I looked over the crowd in the elevator, convinced that everyone had heard me and was now watching us, but they all remained oblivious to what was going on in the corner, except perhaps the blonde who was wearing a small smirk on her lips. Satisfied that we were mostly unobserved, I forced myself to calm down, figuratively speaking, and returned my attention to the dark haired sexpot giving me a lap dance in a crowd of people.

The elevator came to a stop and two of the occupants got off, thinning the herd slightly. Jen stopped while everyone shifted, but as soon as the doors closed and people settled back into place she resumed her discreet massage of my dick with her butt. When she made no move to pull away after repeated opportunities I took this as a sign that she was interested in playing a little. Maybe that meant I could play too. Without getting slapped that is. It was quite important to me that I not end up getting slapped in an elevator full of people. Or worse.

Since my right hand was blocked from everyone’s view, including the leering blonde, I moved it forward and onto Jennifer’s thigh, just below the hem of her skirt. No reaction. Encouraged by the lack of protest I slid my hand up her leg and under her skirt. Still nothing. I continued my hand’s journey up the brunette’s unbelievably smooth thigh, marveling at the silky soft texture of her skin.

You know how those commercials are always going on and on about how smooth a baby’s butt is? Well I’ve powdered a few baby bottoms in my time, and let me tell ya, compared to Love Hewitt’s thigh a baby’s bottom is as rough as my face with a 3 day stubble. Damn! If her thigh’s this smooth, what must her butt feel like? I felt my heart skip a beat just from the thought.

My hand had just reached the top of her thigh and I was about to try to determine what kind of panties Jennifer was wearing when I felt her hand come down on top of mine and push it back down her leg. She glanced back up at me, a wide smile on her face that I knew was barely holding back her seemingly ever present giggles. Oh well, at least she wasn’t pissed at my audacity. One word from her and I could find myself spending quality time getting to know some of humanity’s finer specimens in a… personal way. It’s not that I have anything against anal sex. It’s just that I have no interest at all in playing catcher.

People had continued to exit the elevator as it reached their floor and there was more than enough room for Jennifer to move away from me if she had desired to, but she was still standing with her butt pressed into my crotch, grinding her cheeks against my cloth covered cock. I don’t know why this young, outrageously sexy, stunning woman had picked me for some dry humping in an elevator – after all, I’m not anyone’s idea of a hunk, I’m actually kind of plain looking, and I don’t impress people with my stylish clothes and wads of cash, mostly because I don’t have either – but she had. About the only thing I could come up with to explain her choice was that I was in the right place at the right time and I was sporting wood. Apparently that was enough for Jen at that moment.

The unidentified blonde was still on the elevator as well and she had not moved any significant distance away from me and Jennifer, but she still was not directly acknowledging us or what we were doing. In fact, she appeared to be positioning herself so as to always be in between us and the remaining passengers, blocking their view of our mischief. To me that cinched it. They had to be together.

When Jen pushed my hand away I thought that my playtime might be coming to an end before it had really started, but she grabbed my wrist and moved my hand up her side, placing it on her skin just under, and to the side of, her right tit. Half my hand was resting on bare flesh and the rest was lying on her halter top. I could play it safe and simply leave my hand where it was while she maintained her bump and grind against my pelvis, or I could take a risk, let my hand start to wander again and possibly live out the dream of millions. Question was did I wander above or below the fabric of her halter? This was Jennifer fucking Love Hewitt here. What would you do? Yeah, me too.

I shifted my hand a little and began to slip my fingers underneath her top at the side of her breast. Another glance up at me, her smile even wider than before, the giggles threatening to burst out any second. Sliding my hand ever so slowly forward I felt the skin of her side gradually transform into the flesh of her breast. Remembering what had happened the last time I approached one of the gateways to my own private slice of heaven I paused with just the tips of my fingers touching the side of her breast, lingering there long enough to give her time to decide if she was going to grant me permission to proceed. When she didn’t slap my hand away I felt encouraged to continue and I moved my fingers forward another few inches. By this time my palm was coming into contact with the flesh of her tit and I began to turn my hand downward and to the left, coming in under Jennifer’s breast, cupping the heavy globe before moving my hand up over the front of her boob and squeezing gently. Sweet fucking Jesus, I had my hand on Love Hewitt’s tit.

I stopped there for a couple of seconds to savor the feeling of my hand on Jennifer’s breast. I repeated the thought to myself a few times, having a hard time believing that it could be real. It just didn’t seem possible, so it had to be a dream. Well if it was a dream it was the best damn dream I’d ever had. Here’s to never waking up again.

No, this was real. All I had to do was look down to see Jennifer’s face to know that I really was in a crowded, okay, not so crowded anymore, elevator and my right hand had a firm grip on the tit of one of the most desired women in America. I wondered, how many men would sacrifice a body part – something small, like a liver – to be where I was right then. Millions I suspect, and more than a few women to boot.

I did glance down to Jennifer’s face and saw that for the first time since this had all started there was no smile on her face. Her eyes were closed and she was looking off to the left, apparently concentrating on the sensation of my hand on her boob and the feel of my cock as she persisted in subtly grinding her ass into my crotch. I could feel Jennifer’s nipple pressing against my palm and I released my grip somewhat so I could move my hand in a circular motion kneading her flesh and dragging the rough calluses over the ultra-sensitive nub. A small moan escaped Jennifer’s lips and my head shot up to see if the 3 remaining passengers had heard.

Fortunately the elevator reached yet another stop on its journey and the doors opened allowing at least one more occupant to get off. An elderly woman exited, somehow giving an impression of extreme disapproval without ever looking my way. I mentally shrugged it off, deciding that she probably gave everyone that feeling. That left me, Jennifer, the mystery blonde and one other guy on board with just 2 stops to go. I looked over to the guy but he was studying his shoes intently, pretending not to notice what was going on in the corner.

The doors closed and the elevator rose to its next stop, the 31st floor. I had not seen Jennifer or the blonde push a button when they got on, but someone was going to get off at 31, I just didn’t know who. When the elevator stopped I wasn’t surprised to see the guy exit, but not before he shot a quick look my way, a very envious grin on his face. I also was not surprised to see our little blonde friend move toward the doors. Not surprised, but very disappointed as I assumed this meant Jennifer would be getting off as well. The blonde passed through the doors without so much as a backward glance and I started to remove my hand from Jennifer’s breast, certain that she would be following her friend. Instead she grabbed my hand before I could move it too far and slammed it back down onto her tit, the doors closing and leaving just the two of us in the elevator. Now I was surprised. And very, very happy.

Now that we were alone things started to move very quickly for us. It was only 4 more floors to my, I guess it was our, stop and there was no way in hell I was going to be able to finish this off before then. I mean, it was Jennifer Love Hewitt, but a guy’s got his pride. I didn’t want to be the guy she remembered as taking less than 10 seconds to pop his cork. I briefly considered stopping the elevator so I would have more time, but this was a very busy hotel and they would waste no time in getting maintenance up here to fix the problem, and when they discovered why the elevator had stopped, well then I’d have some serious ‘splaining to do. At least if that happened I wouldn’t have to worry about being slapped by the hotel manager. Well, probably not. He was French however, so who knew. Maybe he’d just assume this was some kind of attack and surrender on behalf of his country.

Jennifer didn’t seem interested in finishing things off right there anyway. With her rump still pressed against me she reached up with her left hand and grabbed me by the back of the head, pulling me down so we could kiss. Without even realizing it my left hand came up and slid under Jennifer’s halter to begin mauling her other breast. I now had both Thelma and Louise in my hands, Jennifer’s tongue in my mouth and her ass grinding away at my cock. I have no idea how I managed to avoid shooting my load right there, but somehow I did. Maybe it was because at least part of me was busy trying to figure out which one was Thelma and which one was Louise. You know, I never did find out.

I heard the ding of the bell as the elevator reached our floor and I started to mumble through our kiss that I didn’t want this to end there, “Jennifer…”

“Call me Love.”

“… I don’t… What?”

She broke the kiss and began to move through the open doors, “Call me Love. It’s what all my friends call me.”

I followed her out the doors trying to continue my sentence, “Oh. Okay. Well Love, I don’t want this to be over so soon. Is there any way…”

I came to a stop because Love was reaching behind her back to untie the strings that held her halter top in place. When both strings were undone she pulled the garment away from her body and tossed it at my slack jawed face.

The giggles she had successfully suppressed in the elevator finally broke free and she said, “This isn’t over until I’m done with you. Now which way is your room?”

I pointed down the hallway and she began to back away from me in the direction of my room, completely unconcerned with her state of undress. Unconcerned would not have been the right word to describe my feelings about her condition. Flabbergasted might do. Staggered, Astounded, Thunderstruck. Any one of those would do in a pinch, but mostly the word that best described my feelings at the moment was horny. That and speechless. God Damn that girl has a beautiful rack.

I generally try to avoid calling something ‘The most whatever in the world’, as in she had the most beautiful set of tits in the world. I haven’t seen all the tits in the world so how could I possibly know? And for anyone who feels compelled to volunteer to be the one who sees all the tits in the world so that he or she can pick the best, let me just remind you, Roseanne Barr is still in the world. As is Rosie O’Donnell. Should I go on? What I can say with all honesty is that Love has the most beautiful tits I have ever seen in person. And Thelma and Louise were beckoning me to follow them as she backed slowly down the hall. Good thing the hall didn’t end in a cliff ’cause I would have followed them right over the edge. Just like Harvey Keitel, if he could have gotten those stubby little legs of his to move faster.

I was so intent on Love’s amazing chest that I failed to notice she was removing her skirt as she walked. Without missing a beat she undid the clasp and zipper, letting the short garment fall to the floor and stepping out of it, then kicking it my way to join her halter. Now I had my chance to see what kind of panties my hand would have encountered if she had let me finish my trip up her thigh back in the elevator. Ooh, a thong. An electric blue thong. An electric blue thong with a very noticeable wet spot. Appears I wasn’t the only one who was feeling horny.

The crotch of her thong was so wet that it was very easy to see her pussy through the material. Not surprisingly, she had dark black pubic hair, and a fair amount of it, shaped into a rectangle above her vagina. Her lips themselves were shaved, or maybe they were waxed, it was impossible to tell from a distance. However, even from a short distance it was possible to tell that her labia were already puffy with arousal, and, judging from the size of the spot, she was sopping.

Love was now walking down the hall, still backwards, clad only in a minuscule, soaked, blue thong. My cock was so hard by now that it was literally throbbing in sync with my heart, which was racing so fast you’d think I’d just finished a 100-yard dash. I’m not exactly in the best of shape, my salad days being but a distant memory, so I started to feel some mild concern for my ability to get through the next few minutes, hours, whatever. It wasn’t that I was afraid of dying – if what I thought was going to happen actually did happen I would die with the largest smile on my face any undertaker has ever seen – it was that I was afraid I would die before I got to do anything. I sent up a small plea to the powers, if any, that be – Just let me taste her, Just let me taste her, Just one little taste before I go. Just one minute between her legs, that’s all I ask. Love picked that moment to stop and hook her thumbs in the waistband of her thong and push it to the ground.

My knees buckled and I stumbled to the floor, ending up on all fours and staring straight into her now uncovered pussy. We stayed like that for days, or maybe it was only a couple of minutes, I don’t know, Love, standing there in the hallway completely nude except for her sandals and twirling her thong on one finger, and me, on hands and knees, gawking at her cunt, memorizing every curve, every fold of her lips, every hair of her bush, watching the hood of her clit and trying to determine if I could actually see it pulling back as blood rushed to swell up the bundle of nerves.

I would have gladly stayed like that forever if Love had not broken the spell by asking, “Is this your room?”

Somehow I summoned the willpower to look to my left and saw that by some quirk of fate we had stopped right by the door to my room. Then I realized no quirk was necessary. We had reached the end of the hall and Love had simply stopped in front of the last door, which just happened to be mine. I nodded silently.

“Well you better get the door open quickly, ’cause if anyone comes out of one of these rooms I may just have to do them instead.”

That got my attention. I pulled the card key out of my pocket and fumbled with it, trying to get it into the lock so I could open the door. Now there are only 4 possible ways to put the card into the lock and 3 of them, of course, do not work. Leave it to me to take 5 tries to get the door open. And drop the card. Twice. Always the smooth one, James Bond ain’t got nothing on me.

When I finally got it right the door sprang open and I stood up motioning Love to enter with a wave of my hand. Rolling her eyes she pushed me into the room, entering behind me and closing the door. I stood in the entryway facing her and she jumped into my arms and began to kiss me. There was no tenderness in the kiss, only a raw hunger that communicated just how excited Love was. That plus she was grinding her twat against my cock and I could feel the heat through the material of my pants and boxers.

Breaking the kiss she whispered in my ear, “Take me any way you want.”

Remembering my earlier supplication I let her legs drop to the floor and spun her around to face the wall, “Spread your legs.”

She looked back at me with a sexy grin and did as I requested. I dropped to my knees and grabbed her ass with both hands, spreading her cheeks widely, pressing my face up to her muff and taking a deep breath, then driving my tongue into her snatch and swirling it around. I waited for death to take me. While I was waiting I took a few more licks.

It didn’t.

The powers that be must have been busy. I offered up a quick thank you and turned my attention to the task at hand. Eating Love Hewitt out. At first I just jammed my tongue into her as far as I was able and drank down all the pussy juice I could find. Some time later, when I had gotten over the initial buzz of excitement and could think clearly, I started to do things for Love’s pleasure more than mine. Not that I was making any big sacrifice for her benefit here. After all, no matter how you slice it, I still had my tongue stretched to the limit and planted in her beaver.

I started to search for the things that would bring Love the most pleasure, and consequently increase the flow of liquids into my mouth. I did everything and anything that sprang to mind. I stiffened my tongue and drilled it as far up her vagina as I could reach. I rotated it in a clockwise, and then a counterclockwise motion. I sucked her labia into my mouth one at a time or both together and pulled them away from her body letting them slip from my mouth when they could be stretched no further. I flicked my tongue softly over her clit, getting little squeals of pleasure in response. I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked, sometimes gently sometimes harder. I lapped at her juices like a cat, filling my mouth with her flavor and swallowing every drop. I licked her slit from top to bottom, over and over and over again. One time, on an impulse, I let my tongue continue past the bottom of her slit and dance over the perineum, ending up at her asshole and giving it a lick. We both liked that, so salad tossing was added to my repertoire.

I continued munching Love’s rug like that for a while. The more I did it, the better it got, for both of us. Through trial and error I was learning exactly what got an enthusiastic response from the little vixen, and what didn’t. Not that there was anything she didn’t really like, but there were some things she obviously enjoyed more than others. For instance, she really liked it when I would push my tongue up inside her and thrust it back and forth, literally tongue fucking her. She liked it even more if I kept it inside her and swirled it around, something I was more than happy to do. Have I told you how great she tastes?

Love also liked it when I licked the entire length of her slit and used my tongue to tease her clit at the bottom of my stroke. I started to do this with more frequency and I could tell it was having an effect on her. Love’s breathing was getting heavier, her breath coming out in audible huffs that were quickly turning into moans of pleasure. Her hands had been pressed against the wall when we started but now she brought them down and reached around behind her to press against the back of my head, pushing me deeper into her crotch.

I began to concentrate more on her clit, using the broad flat part of my tongue to stimulate the nub, moving it in a left to right and back again motion. The moans increased in volume and tempo. I altered my stroke on her clit to include a back and forth motion so I was now drawing a plus sign with my tongue. Love’s moans were coming even faster. I tried to keep pace with my tongue but she was moaning almost constantly now and my plus sign had morphed into a circle. When it became impossible to distinguish where one moan left off and another began I encircled her clit with my lips and sucked. Love came on my face with a scream of pleasure, her hands curling in my hair and holding me in place while she shuddered through her climax.

I remained in that position, licking and sucking at her pussy as her cum flowed into my mouth and her orgasm crested, then finally ebbed. I continued licking for a few minutes longer until Love finally pushed me away with a giggle. Sitting back on my heels I watched as she turned around and slid down the wall, joining me on the floor.

Sitting there, her eyes partly closed, her hair disheveled, her chest heaving as she struggled to bring her breathing back to normal and her skin flush from her orgasm, she was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. Probably ever will see for that matter.

Another giggle bubbled out of her and she lifted her head to look at me, “Now that was a great way to start!”

My cock swelled even more when I heard those wonderful words – to start. Or maybe it was my head. At that moment I was feeling mighty pleased with myself. And why not? Jennifer Love Hewitt had just climaxed on my tongue, her cum spilling out of her box and into my mouth. Just how many guys can say they know exactly what Love Hewitt’s muff tastes like? I know I can. It is seared into my brain, all of it, her taste, her scent, the sight and the feel of her cunt will always be with me and whenever I think of my day with Love I will be able to recall the delicate flavor of her pussy and the way it felt as my tongue slipped through her folds.

I was having one hell of a good day. And it promised to only get better.

“Take off your clothes.”

Told ya.

Grinning in that self-satisfied way that only men who are about to get laid can manage, I leaped to my feet and reached down to pull Love up from her seated position on the floor. When she was standing I took her by the hand and started to move towards the bed only to be pulled up short by her unexpected resistance.

I turned to look at her and she said “No, here.”

I cocked an eyebrow at her, but started to remove my clothing nonetheless, her only explanation being a giggle wrapped, “You’ll see why in a moment.”

I wasn’t wearing much so it didn’t take long at all before I was standing before her completely naked. It was only then that it occurred to me that she very well might not like what she saw. Oh well, too late to worry about that now.

I need not have worried at all. We stood there looking at each other, each taking in the other’s nakedness. I had already seen quite a lot of Love both out in the hallway and here in the room, but that didn’t prevent me from leering at her incredible body. Now that I took the time I could see just how magnificent a body she really had. Her tits, well there just aren’t enough ways to describe how amazing her chest really is, those big, beautiful globes sit proudly, without a hint of sag, topped by two perfectly centered pink nipples that seemed to be constantly erect and begging to be sucked. Her legs, while not long, are flawless, the skin smooth and silky and her thighs forming that hourglass thingy that draws your attention upward. To her pussy.

To some Love’s best feature will always be her tits. To others it will be her beautiful face. Both of these can be argued for and both are, undoubtedly, right. After all, it is completely subjective. In fact, in spite of all my lavish praise of Love’s breasts, it is her face that I think is her best characteristic. To be precise, it’s her personality that I like most about her, but this is best conveyed through her face. The girl almost always has a smile on her face and seems forever on the verge of devolving into a fit of giggles. And I like that. Seeing Love smile evokes a similar response in me. It can’t be helped. Just like seeing Love naked induces an erection in me. That can’t be helped either.

But whatever feature we might say is a girl’s best, it’s a pretty safe bet that when they’re standing naked in front of you for the first time you’re going to forget, if only for a short while, about everything else and spend some amount of time focused on her snatch. If they look as good naked as Love does it will probably be a very, very long time.

My eyes froze on Love’s twat, captivating me even though it had been just a few short minutes ago that I had been tongue deep in those warm inviting folds. She was open and wet to my visual examination and as my eyes moved over her flesh I replayed in detail the feeling of my tongue gliding through her muff. My cock twitched in response.

While I had been scrutinizing Love, she had done the same to me. When she saw my cock twitch she giggled softly and moved toward me. Two quick steps and she was standing directly in front of me and she moved in for a kiss. This time was far less frenzied than our earlier kisses and we took the time to explore each other’s mouth, letting the kiss progress naturally until we were both breathing heavily and our hands had started to wander.

Predictably I ended up with one hand on her ass and one on her tits. This must have been exactly what she wanted because she broke the kiss and spun around in my arms so that her back was against my chest, once again reaching up with one hand to pull me back in for another kiss. With my left hand no longer able to grab her ass I attempted to move it to the next obvious choice but Love had other plans. Grabbing my wrist she brought my hand up and placed it on her unoccupied tit. I began to squeeze and knead her boobs with both hands, moving my hands in a circle in opposite directions, again rubbing her nipples with my palms, just like I had in the elevator.

Again this seemed to be exactly what she wanted and she moaned into my mouth, “Mmmm, yessss, like that!”

Love placed her hand on my dick, wrapping her fingers around my shaft and slowly jerking me, keeping the touch light so I didn’t pop too soon. It was my turn to moan into her mouth and I pulled away a short distance so I could watch her hand move on my cock.

“Mmmm, just the way I like them!”

Assuming she was going to make some sort of sarcastic remark about my manhood I played the straight man, puffing out my chest and saying “You mean big and hard baby?”

She surprised me with her response, “Exactly. Big and hard.”

My prick twitched in her hand and with another giggle she let it go. I started to complain when she shifted in front of me, trapping my cock against my body and grinding it with her ass, except this time I didn’t even have the benefit of the thin material of our clothes to blunt the stimulation. We were now in pretty much the same state as on the elevator and it was finally becoming clear to me where she was heading. At least, I hoped we were heading somewhere. If she kept up her grind much longer I was going to be leaving a big gooey mess on her ass.

“Finish it.” was all she said.

I didn’t have to ask, I knew exactly what she wanted me to finish. I removed my right hand from her chest and brought it down to her leg, grasping her on the back of her right thigh and lifting her leg off the ground. I had to duck down a bit so that my rod popped out from between us and bounced a little before settling into place pressed up against Love’s wet slit. I had intended to simply slide into her but my cock felt so good right where it was that I couldn’t resist rubbing it up against Love’s vulva, eliciting more moans from both of us.

Love was hopping a little on her left foot, the thrusts of my pole disrupting her balance and causing her to constantly readjust. She solved the problem by reaching up with her hand and pulling my head back down to resume our kissing, and simultaneously giving her something else to hang onto.

Before our lips locked once more I whispered “Help me get it in.”

I could have used my left hand I suppose, but I was reluctant to remove it from Love’s boob and it really was much simpler for her to line me up with her opening. It didn’t seem like the right time for me to be fumbling around probing for her hole and missing while Love struggled to keep from falling over. That was how I rationalized it to myself anyhow, in reality I just didn’t want to take my hand off Love’s tit.

Doing as I asked Love snaked her hand down between her legs and took hold of my dick. Placing the head at her opening she gave me a quick squeeze signaling her readiness, then reached further down to caress my balls. I straightened up and pivoted my hips and slid straight into her. Oh. My. God.

All movement came to a halt. We didn’t kiss. Our hands stopped moving. We weren’t even breathing. All we could do was stop. And feel. Feel the indescribable pleasure of my cock, enveloped by Love’s pussy.

There are no words to describe just how amazing it felt to be surrounded by Love’s flesh. I could go on and on about how hot she was, or how wet she was and how she was so tight it felt like my shaft was trapped in a vise. The truth is, none of that mattered. Yeah she was hot, yeah she was wet, and she really was as tight as any woman I’ve ever been with, but that’s not what made the feeling so amazing. It was the Who that made this such an incredible, indescribable, experience. I was in Jennifer Love Hewitt. I was actually going to fuck Jennifer Love Hewitt. One of the biggest fantasies of my life was about to become real. How do you describe that? Somehow, saying I was excited and that it felt good just doesn’t seem to cut it.

As amazing as it felt to be balls deep in Love’s pussy, and as much as I might have enjoyed staying like that for, well, eternity, I knew that it would feel even better when I started to move within her. I just hoped I lasted more than one stroke.

Tentatively, I moved my dick in her. Love whimpered. Yeah, that’s right, it was Love who whimpered. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I moved again. More whimpers. I had made it to two strokes without shooting my load, but boy, was I close. I paused briefly, letting the urge to cum diminish to a point where I could start again.

When I did start once more I moved very slowly, every thrust establishing a new standard for pleasure, and every thrust threatening to be the one to send me over the edge. Somehow, I held off.

Love wasn’t doing any better. Every time I moved she let out a soft “Oh.” I started to focus on her responses, hoping to distract myself from the outrageous amount of pleasure I was feeling in my groin. To some degree it worked. I was still aware of every centimeter of Love’s cunt surrounding my rod as I moved in it but with a fraction less intensity. Concentrating on Love’s reactions allowed me to pick up some speed and lengthen my strokes, if only a little. When I started to go faster Love began to add to her exclamations of pleasure, “Oh.” becoming “Oh my.” She repeated this over and over.

Now that I had established some sort of rhythm I was starting to back away from the feeling that any second I was going to blow. Good, I wanted this to last as long as humanly possible. Well, as long as possible for this human at any rate.

I had been holding Love’s right leg off the ground all this time and that gave me an idea for what to do next. I whispered into her ear, “Put both arms around my neck and hold on.”

She was so absorbed in the feeling of my cock moving in her that she didn’t bother to ask any questions, or open her eyes for that matter, she just lifted her right arm to join her left and grabbed the back of my neck. With a small twinge of regret I removed my hand from Love’s boob and reached down to grab her left thigh behind, and just above, the knee. Lifting her leg she was now completely off the ground, her legs spread wide and held up by my hands under her thighs and her arms around my neck, her back pressed firmly against my chest and my manhood still deep within her.

I lifted her off my dick and slowly, slowly lowered her back down on it. We were back to whimpers from Love. I repeated the action, getting a feel for this new position, testing to see how much elbow room I had, so to speak. After a few test strokes I was able to determine how far I could reasonably lift Love off my prick before it was in danger of falling out oh her twat. I’d had to angle myself a little, so that my cock was more or less pointing straight up, but Love wasn’t very heavy, and I had my back braced against the wall, so everything worked out. Once I had the proper distance established I was ready to move on to the next phase.

I picked up the speed of my strokes, lifting Love up and lowering her on my shaft. Her eyes were still closed and there was a tiny smile on her face, she was clearly enjoying the position, but, the whimpers were gone and except for the novelty of it, it wasn’t anything special. So the next time I lifted her to maximum safe distance, I let her drop the length of my pole, letting gravity do its thing.

Love’s eyes flew open and she screamed in surprised pleasure, “AAAAHHHH!”

She turned her head to look at me but before she could say anything I lifted her and dropped her again. Another scream and her eyes locked on mine. Again. And again. I started bouncing Love on my rod faster. Her screams gave way to soft grunts, her breath coming out in huffs each time my cock slammed into her.

“Hunh… Hunh… Hunh… Hunh… Hunh… Hunh… Hunh.”

We kept going like that until I began to feel my orgasm approach once again. Lowering her legs to the ground I leaned forward as Love released her grip on the back of my neck and bent at the waist. She placed her hands on the far wall of the entryway as I stood behind her, plunging into her snatch, my pace increasing when I heard Love begin to moan, her signal that she too, was on the approach to a climax.

With both of us nearing orgasm I struggled once again to hold back, hoping that I could delay cumming until Love was ready and we could climax together. How perfect it would be, I thought, if we achieved simultaneous orgasms our first time together. The intensity of the experience always seems magnified whenever that happens, and while I wasn’t certain either of us could withstand the greater passion I was more than willing to take the risk. Wouldn’t you?

I was looking for a way to distract myself from the sensations in my groin so as not to cum until Love began her climax first. Ironically, and inadvertently, I stumbled across it by focusing on how great it would be if I could just hold off long enough for that to happen. While thinking about cumming together, I had somehow enabled it to happen.

I heard Love scream out her pleasure a fraction of a second before I felt her pussy tighten around my cock, “Oh God Oh God Oh God OH GOD!!!!!” Seems Love had found religion.

Not being the religious type myself, I took one final stroke and then I was crying out Love’s name in ecstasy. Anybody who might happen to have been in the hallway near my room at that precise moment would have known exactly what was going on behind my door. If that knowledge brought them even a miniscule fraction of the pleasure I was feeling at that instant they would have been very happy people indeed. Things had moved beyond simply having a very good day. I could already say that I was having the best sex of my life. And we hadn’t even made it to the bed yet.

As our orgasms wound down Love straightened up and leaned back against my chest. My dick had not fully deflated yet and was still nestled in her vagina. Our hands started roaming over each other’s body, hers reaching down between her legs to feel my shaft still tucked inside her, and mine wandering her torso and inevitably ending up back on her breasts. Her magnificent, soft, 100% natural, sweaty breasts.

I kissed Love on the shoulder, moving along her skin and onto her neck, getting a few giggles from the sexy brunette when I hit someplace ticklish. Judging by the frequency of her giggles that day, Love has a lot of ticklish someplaces. She turned her head toward me and we began to kiss again, softly this time, the passion and frenzy of earlier muted for the time being.

After a few minutes Love broke the kiss and moved away from me, my prick finally slipping out of her with a soft plopping sound, “Come on, let’s check out the bed.”

She took my hand and started to move further into the room, leading me over to the bed. Pushing gently on my chest she instructed me to lay down, crawling up on the bed beside me. I lay on the bed with my hands behind my head and Love on her knees to my right. Her hand was wandering over my chest and abs and she leaned over and started to bite and suck my nipples tenderly.

Why the hell hadn’t I thought of that? I’d been so busy getting my hands on Love’s tits I’d forgotten to taste them.

Love’s hand wandered lower on my body, coming to a rest at last on my shaft. She squeezed it softly then started to run her hand up and down the length, swirling her palm around my glans when she reached the top. If she intended to get a response from her attentions to my organ she succeeded as the blood flowed back into my cock and I quickly got hard. Love giggled at the speed of my recovery. I, on the other hand, was pretty impressed with myself.

I may not have the stamina I once had, but I’ve always thought I did all right, given a little rest that is. So being able to get it up again so soon after cumming was quite the achievement. Or so I thought. Okay, yeah, I don’t usually have Jennifer Love Hewitt in my bed giving me a handjob, so I suppose… Never mind.

By this time Love had stopped biting my nipples and was now watching her hand travel up and down my pole, getting me ready for… I don’t know what she was getting me ready for, but odds were I was going to like it. When she shifted down the bed so that she was between my legs I began to get an idea as to what she was going to do. I was right. I did like it.

Love leaned over my dick and looked up at me. She placed a kiss first on one thigh, then the other. I guess she didn’t want me to think the people who pegged her as a cock tease were right because the very next kiss was right on the head of my penis. She extended her tongue and licked the underside of the glans, swirling around the head like it was a popsicle, then slowly licking down one side then back up the other, getting me good and wet. When she ran it over the top again she licked the slit, gathering up some residual traces of my cum.

“Mmmm, yum.”

We locked eyes and Love opened her mouth, teasing the glans with just the tip of her tongue, then swallowing most of my rod in one swift motion. Backing off, however, she was far from swift. Lifting her mouth off my cock Loved moved at a crawl, her lips forming an airtight seal around my shaft she sucked hard, and slowly, very slowly, let my manhood slip from her mouth. When I was all the way out she licked up and down the sides of my penis again, coating me with her saliva.

Reaching the top of my pole she again swirled her tongue around the head before opening her mouth and quickly swallowing it. She made it down a little bit more this time around, then let me slide out of her mouth the same way she had before, except this time she sucked on me even harder. She repeatedly did this until she was swallowing all but the last inch or less of my sword, but after several additional attempts she was unable to go any deeper.

When Love had gotten as much of me into her mouth in one gulp as she was going to I assumed that she would stop trying. She had given it her best shot, and if she had reached her limit then so be it. I certainly wasn’t going to complain, she was better than many women I’ve been with. But I had underestimated the Hollywood star’s oral skills, and in the process put to rest, if only in my mind, the idea that Hollywood still used the casting couch to hand out parts. No way someone with Love’s ‘talent’ would end up with the crap roles she’d gotten recently if they’d auditioned on their knees.

After repeatedly trying to get that last inch down her throat Love stopped, most of my shaft engulfed by her mouth, the first few inches of my dick lodged in her throat. We remained like that for a few seconds and then I felt Love’s tongue snake out and start to flit about the underside of my cock, moving from side to side, getting it good and wet. After she got me sufficiently lubricated I felt her throat muscles begin to constrict around my shaft as she started swallowing, working me into her mouth deeper and deeper, until finally, her nose pressed up against my belly. If I hadn’t been impressed before I certainly was when I felt her tongue slip out again and she began to lick at my balls. Damn she was good. I’d like to meet the girl who taught her how to give head like that, assuming someone had taught her, and it wasn’t just natural ability at work. And assuming it was a girl that taught her. Umm, best not go there.

Now that she had succeeded in deep-throating me Love started backing off, faster than before, but sucking so hard I swear she was trying to stretch me another couple of inches. Not that I would mind that at all. Just think of the spam mail that would make – Miracle procedure adds inches to your cock – Let Love Hewitt suck you to a bigger dick – Impress all your friends. I think I may have just found a get rich quick scheme that would truly work. The scheme that is. If the stretching thing didn’t work who would actually bitch about it?

Anyway, Love released my dick from her mouth a little at a time. When only the tip was still inside she opened her mouth and swallowed me again, this time bottoming out with her nose in my pubic hair without having to go through as much effort as the first time. She worked her throat muscles for a couple of seconds until her nose was right back where it had started, pressing into my skin and her tongue was again bathing my balls. A goddess on her knees indeed. Hey, maybe that’s why she chose Meredith Brooks as her producer for that last album.

The kinks worked out, Love set about leaving a lipstick ring around the base of my shaft. Her head was bobbing on my prick at a pretty good rate now, the vacuum effect somewhat reduced as a result. Or maybe she was satisfied with my size now. The e-mail promised at least 3 more inches. Hope I got my money’s worth.

I was feeling pretty pleased with myself by that point. I’d had the best fuck of my life a short while earlier, there was a strong possibility of a rematch down the road, and in the meanwhile I was on the receiving end of a first-class blowjob by one of Hollywood’s sexiest females. Life doesn’t get much better in my book. That’s when Love pivoted on the bed and threw a leg over my head, presenting her pussy to me once again. I stand, metaphorically speaking, corrected.

I moved Love’s knees apart a little more, lowering her a bit so I could reach her without having to strain so much. I propped up the pillows until I was close enough that all I had to do was extend my tongue and I’d be licking her, but first I paused to get a good look at her, something I had neglected to do the first time I ate her out. I was a bit overeager then, what with that whole fear of death thing.

Now that I was taking the time to look at her I could see that she did in fact wax her lips, they were far too smooth to be shaved. I could also see that 2 orgasms hadn’t done a thing to slake her desire, if anything she appeared to be even wetter than she had been earlier, and her outer labia were still puffed up and almost purple from the blood swelling them. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything prettier. No, that’s not it. Pretty is the wrong word. Desirable. That’s it. I know I’ve never seen a more desirable sight in my life and I couldn’t wait to get my dick back in there.

A smack to my thigh interrupted my examination of Love’s twat. I guess staring at her wasn’t doing as much for her as it was for me. Luckily, I knew how to fix that so we would both be happy. I stuck my tongue into her cunt and began to drill it between her lips, sucking down the juices as quickly as I could. Love moaned her pleasure around my cock, a peculiarly agreeable sensation as the vibrations tickled my shaft. I circled her clit with my tongue, getting a longer moan, and more vibrations, as a reward. Interesting feeling. I wonder what it would be like if she started singing? Maybe some other time. Now was the time for a different kind of performance.

I took a few more soft swipes of Love’s clit with my tongue, enjoying the resultant trembles this caused, then sucked on the bundle of nerves to see if I couldn’t create a few tremors of my own.

I suckled gently at her clit, occasionally releasing it to run the tip of my tongue along it, teasing the bud and hood. After a few minutes of this I slowly became aware that Love had ceased working her magic on my pole, her head up and facing forward and she was moaning almost continuously.

Hmmm. Slight dilemma. I didn’t want to stop what I was doing and get in the way of what to all appearances was going to be another massive orgasm for Love, but I really wanted her to resume the blowjob. I felt pretty close myself, and the idea of blowing a load in Love’s mouth was not without its appeal. What to do, what to do…

I decided to try to go for both. I would try to coax Love’s mouth back onto my dick while still giving her the stimulation she needed to climax. The trick was going to be how. How did I get her notice without taking a break from my attentions to Love’s clitoris. I could try pushing her head down, or I could lift my hips up, hoping she’d catch on and return to what she had been doing. Or… suddenly I got an idea. Something that would get her attention and still be stimulating.

I began to circle Love’s clit with my tongue, covering it with my saliva and giving Love even more reason to keep moaning. When I was satisfied that she was wet enough I pulled back a little and puckered my lips. And blew cool air directly on her clit.

The reaction was instantaneous, and not at all what I was aiming for. Love yelped in surprise as the cool air hit the moisture I had deposited on her clit, speeding up its evaporation. Her head snapped up and she jerked around to stare at me, lifting her leg up and swinging it over my body so she was once again on my right side. The look she was giving me could best be described as predatory, not something I would ever have imagined seeing on Love’s face. For a second I thought she was going to skin me alive using nothing but her nails, and when she reached for my cock I thought she was going to begin there. But she had a different use for it in mind.

Love swung her leg over my body again, straddling my pelvis. With her hand on my pole she lined me up with her opening before slamming down on me. She immediately lifted herself up and did it again, getting used to having my shaft back inside her. When she had adjusted she began to ride me at a gallop, all I could do was lay back and enjoy the trip. There was no subtlety in her movements, Love was fully aroused and was looking to fuck, and fuck hard.

Sacrificing length for speed, Love shortened her strokes on my prick. Her eyes were closed and she was looking off to the side, her lower lip caught between her teeth, as she began to grind her clit against the base of my shaft. I guess my rug munching had gotten her more excited than I had anticipated because the whimpers and moans coming from the sexy brunette led me to think that she was going to cum any minute.

When Love’s face started to scrunch up and she leaned forward, almost pressing her forehead against my chest, I knew her orgasm was starting. I felt her pussy clenching my dick and she lost her rhythm as she bounced on me, her body shuddering and her last few strokes accompanied by exclamations of pleasure.

“Unh… Unh… Unh… Oh… Oh… Oh… Oh… OH!!!!”

I waited until Love’s climax had run its course and she had collapsed against my chest before I wrapped my arms around her and rolled her onto her back, my penis still buried in her cunt. I don’t think she would have moved off me without finishing me off first, but I wasn’t taking any chances. I was feeling about as horny as Love had been when she mounted me just minutes before and since she had done most of the work to get herself off I thought it only fair that I carry my share of the load, so to speak. Missionary position may lack the acrobatic excitement of some others, but it gets the job done.

When I had settled into position I began to move my cock in Love’s pussy, pulling out a bit and sliding back in. Love hissed a little as I did. I looked down at her to see if she was in any discomfort, but what I found on her face was a mixture of satisfaction, approval and a great deal of lust. Oh yeah, as always, barely contained behind her contented smile, and ready to burst out any second, giggles.

Reaching up, I brushed some hair back from Love’s face and we gazed into each other’s eyes. I stopped moving and just looked at her for a minute, taking in every detail and adding it to my growing collection of memories of that day. Laying there quietly underneath me she gave me such a sweet smile it took my breath away. I moved again within her, her eyes closing momentarily and her mouth opening to form a soundless “O” from the pleasure.

It’s not like I was in any danger of falling for Love. I knew this day for what it was, a one in a million chance encounter culminating in the best sex of my life. I had no illusions that she and I were going to fall in love, get married, have kids and spend the rest of our lives together, hell, she hadn’t even asked me my name yet. No, for some reason unknown to me I had been chosen for an afternoon’s romp and nothing more. That’s okay. I had no problem being the fuck toy of someone as hot as Love Hewitt. As long as I got my rocks off.

And so far that’s what we had been doing, each using the other to get off, and now it was my turn once again. Although, in my case, I had used Love to get off many times in the past. The difference being that this time she was actually in the room with me. When Love’s eyes opened I lowered my head and kissed her, ready to start moving toward my next climax.

It was the kiss that did it. Sure, we had kissed before, a lot in fact. But those earlier kisses, either hot and hard, our lips crushed together in need, or softer and less intense, sort of a post-coital celebration, had lacked something this kiss did not. Tenderness.

I pulled back a little and started to move my dick once more, watching Love’s face carefully, her eyes closing after the first stroke, then remaining open to stare back up at me. I moved in her slowly, leaning back down for another kiss, all thoughts of simply pounding away at her in a near mindless attempt to hasten my orgasm forgotten. Tenderness. Every action was now filled with it – our kisses, my hand stroking Love’s hair or cheek, Love’s legs as they wrapped around my lower back, pulling me deeper into her vagina. We were no longer fucking. For the moment, we were making love.

I wanted this to last. More than I have ever wanted anything in my life I wanted this to last. If that story about the devil offering the guy the ability to freeze a perfect moment in time so he could live it forever in exchange for his soul had been true, this is the instant I would have selected. My perfect moment. Go ahead, take my soul, just give me this.

Of course there was a problem with this, I’m only human and the story is just that, a story. So lasting forever was out of the question. Unless forever is measured in minutes. I don’t know how long it actually lasted, but since Love had literally just finished a climax, and I preceded her by only a short while, neither of us was under any physical demands to cum. Now all I had to do was prevent the emotional demands from overwhelming me.

That wasn’t too difficult at first. Even with my inner monologue playing a one note tune over and over in my head, ‘Holy Shit! I’m making love to Jennifer Love Hewitt! Holy Shit! I’m making love to Jennifer Love Hewitt!…’, I was able to keep my climax at bay.

In my effort to draw things out as long as possible I was taking very long, moderately paced strokes in and out of Love’s snatch. Early on this pace allowed us to carry on kissing, but the need for oxygen eventually asserted itself and I had to pull away a little so I could breathe. Her legs already wrapped around my waist, Love placed a hand on the back of my neck while cupping my cheek with her right. We looked at each other’s face, watching the pleasure play across our features as we continued making love, little grunts and moans of pleasure starting to work their way passed our lips.

“Mmmppf… Mmmm… Unnngggghhh… Unh… Ahhhhh!…”

Author’s Note:This story contains elements of reluctance/ffm/fm/adultry. Enjoy ~ Red

For Grace the ideal life of being a stay-at-home mom had always been a mixture of great joy and great disappointment. At times she was thrilled to have the freedom to come and go whenever she wanted during the hours of 8am and 3pm. She shopped when she wanted. Volunteered when she wanted. Visited friends when she wanted. And yet, there were times when she grew bored and it was boredom that had come back to bite her in the ass.

Several weeks ago a box arrived at her doorstep. The return address identified the sender as C.J. Winters from Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Grace gave the package some thought as she carried into her home and set it on the table. She pulled out a knife and sliced through the taped seam, thinking about what latest gadget, garment, or whatnot that she’d ordered online. Nothing came to mind as she opened the box and stared at the back of a manilla envelope.

She picked it up, flipped it over and felt her chest tighten. Her online screen name had been scrawled across the goldenrod hued paper in a flourish of red ink. She gripped the back of a chair and sat down with a thud.

The muscles in her stomach twisted and knotted. She flipped the box lid over and stared again at the name of the sender. She tried to recall all the people online that she’d talked to over the past seven years. Where they came from. What their names were. What their screen titles were. A blank canvas filled her mind as her pulse raced.

In her head she prayed to God that there was nothing to worry about. Tears filled her eyes as she reached into the box and pulled out a disk, as well as a stack of papers. A quick glance at the pages of script confirmed to her what she feared. Thousands and thousands of posts from 2005 until three days ago were stacked neatly in a bound bundle. Her hands shook as she opened the envelope and pulled out a series of photos and a letter.

The photos were glossy prints of her and several of her lovers. Men she’d met during those times when 8am-3pm were too boring to contemplate anything but adventure in the arms of another. The letter was simple and direct. She was to meet C.J. Winters in three days, at a hotel 45 minutes from her home. She was to leave her house at 8am and would be allowed to leave at 2pm. He knew from her posts and her openness that she was sterile, so there was no need to worry about pregnancy, and he also was aware of her irresponsible behavior with her former lovers, so there would be no condoms.

Grace wanted to revolt and refuse the demands, but the letter had described how easy it was for her husband, members of her church, and her family to gain access to all C.J. had sent her. Three days passed and during that time Grace battled an internal war. Confess everything to her husband. Ask advice from her mom. Run away and disappear – an option she quickly scratched because she had a heart swollen with love for her children. In the end, as she walked into the elevator and pressed the button to the fifth floor, Grace had known what she was going to do the moment she’d looked into the box.

She tapped on the door to room 524 and waited for it to open. It didn’t take long. She stared into the face of a man she didn’t recognize from any photo online, or any rendezvous from her past. He was a stranger to her, yet she knew he probably wasn’t.

“Hello Grace. Please come in,” C.J. said before stepping back and allowing her entry.

Grace’s heart pounded and her jaw tightened as she walked across the threshold and heard the telling click of the door shutting. “Aren’t you going to lock it?” she asked.

“Why would I? If you leave you leave. I’m not holding you prisoner.”

“Aren’t you?”

C.J. shrugged his shoulders, walked past her and headed over to the bar, where he poured her a small glass of wine. He poured another for himself, and drank deep the crimson fluid. “So you know it’s not drugged,” he said after finishing his glass.

“I’ll pass,” she said, before dropping her purse and removing her coat. “So what do you want first?”

“Don’t you want to know my name?”

“Not really,” she admitted.

“Well, it’s Chad.”

She said nothing, choosing instead to wait until he made the first move.

“Do you want to talk about your posts? Photos? Messages?”

“Why? Will talking about it change your mind?”

Chad smirked. “No, not at all.”

“Then why bother. Let’s just get this over with.”

He shrugged his shoulders, sat down on the cushion of the hotel chair and spread his legs open. “Since you’re so eager, let’s get the basic stuff out of the way.”

Grace swallowed the lump in her throat and slipped off her shoes. Her lower lip trembled as she walked over and sat on her knees. Her eyes watered with tears that spilled over. She winced when Chad’s thumb caressed her freckled cheeks and then touched the small trail of tears. Grace turned away, shaking off his touch.

Chad’s hand fell to his thigh, the other rested on the arm of the chair. Grace shook her head, and gave herself a mental pep talk. She told herself that sucking this man off was nothing. It meant nothing. It would come to nothing. He was nothing. He was just a cock and nothing more. Her hands shook as she opened up his pants and worked to free his hard shaft from his boxers and slacks.

The swollen tip was bright red and the veins were thick and ridged. She looked up and stared into Chad’s eyes before taking a deep breath and bringing his cock to her lips. When the head slid against her mouth, she closed her eyes, opened her mouth and took him in.

The grunts and groans coming from Chad’s throat told Grace she was doing a good job, as did the gentle massage he gave her scalp and the encouraging words of “yes”, “oh fuck yeah”, “good girl”, and “yeah baby”.

Grace told herself she wasn’t having fun, that she was going to puke, and that when he came she would spit it all over him. She tried to ignore the slick moisture that coated her panties and the fragrant arousal of her sex that drifted up to her. When his breath quickened and his hips began to drive upward, while he pushed down on her head, Grace felt her pussy flex and quiver.

“I’m gonna come baby,” Chad gasped before spraying the back of her throat with his heavy load. Grace felt the juice bubble around her lips. She swallowed quickly, knowing that he would have wanted it no other way. When she was done drinking his cum, she pulled back and licked her lips. Her gaze remained fixed on the floor, as she listened to him sigh in contentment.

“Very nice,” he said, before reaching out and stroking her hair. Again Grace pulled away. “Get undressed,” Chad told her. He stood up and removed his clothes. His wet cock hung limp as he walked around across the room and offered Grace a drink from her goblet. This time she took the offering and swallowed every drop before peeling off her clothes and standing naked before him.

“Your photos don’t do you justice,” Chad whispered before walking over and taking Grace’s hand. He led her to the bed and told her to climb on. “Lay down and get comfy, sweetheart.”

Grace chewed on her lower lip, crawled onto the center of the bed, and settled on the plush covers. She lay still. Her legs were stretched out straight and her arms rested against her sides. She stared up at the ceiling and tried to think of anything but the man who was standing next to the bed.

Chad touched her ankle with firm gentle caresses. He massaged the muscles, working the pads of his fingers into her skin. “Relax baby girl,” he whispered. “We both know you loved sucking my cock and we both know you’re gonna love having me eat you out.”

An involuntary moan came from Grace’s throat. Chad chuckled and replaced his fingers with his lips. Small feathery kisses were left on the tops of Grace’s feet, toes, ankles, and calves. He lifted each leg, one at a time, and treated them like fine porcelain. She lay there, her body slowly growing more and more relaxed as well as more aroused. Mentally she called herself names, hoping to shame herself into not responding to his seductive measures.

The first touch of his lips upon her sex caused her hips to jerk upward. He slid his hands under her ass and began to knead the soft feminine globes. His breath trailed over her trimmed mound and then she felt his tongue slide between the slick folds of her pussy. Grace hissed as he pushed the tip of his tongue against he clit and played lazily along its edges.

Her nails dug into the covers. She closed her eyes and tried to recall some horrific memory that could pull her out of the passion that was beginning to consume her. The defeat she was feeling along with guilt was minimal as with each push of Chad’s tongue into her sex brought her closer to a promising release.

“That’s it baby, you can come for me. You like coming. Such a dirty whore you are.” Chad’s voice was deep and full. His words slightly muffled. Grace heard them though and she knew he spoke the truth. She was a dirty whore and what he was doing to her pussy was making her whole body shiver and quake. Soon her hips were rising and falling and she was no longer fighting for control over her body or her emotions.

Chad responded to her willingness by pushing three fingers into her pussy and fucking her vigorously, while lapping at her swollen lips and dripping sex. He reached up and pinched her left nipple, pulling the hard bead and twisting it until Grace was begging for him to fuck her. Chad laughed, refusing to give her the cock she craved and instead shoved his fist into her tight hole.

Grace screamed from the sudden fullness and the shocking discomfort that came along with it. He felt her body tense and told her to stay calm. She could take it. She was a fucking slut and she could take whatever he gave her. Grace felt tears slip down her cheeks, but she said nothing more and chose instead to take the punishing assault of his fist twisting back and forth in her tight hole. True to his word, her body did accept him and soon she was bucking and riding and begging for more.

When she came her whole body seemed to lift itself off the bed and remain suspended in the air. She couldn’t breathe, think, or recall anything she’d may have said. All she saw were explosions of light behind her clenched lids. All she felt was rapid shots of heat and electricity erupt from her veins. Her cum was an avalanche of liquid steam that cascaded over Chad’s fist and onto his face. She felt him retract his fist and cover her pussy with his mouth as she exploded over and over again.

How much time passed before she found herself able to move Grace didn’t know. All she did know that was when she was more aware of her surroundings, Chad was by the door and talking to someone. She rolled over. Her body ached and her mind was numb. She saw, through a foggy haze, Chad moving back and accepting a cart, then pulling money from the pocket of his robe and handing it to the hotel attendant.

The aroma of food wafted over Grace, causing her stomach to growl. She sat up, pushing her hair from her eyes and watched as Chad pushed the cart over to the table and began to arrange their lunch.

“If you want to shower first, go ahead,” Chad told her as he sat down and began to eat.

Grace shook her head, and left the bedroom. Behind the closed and locked door of the bathroom, she slid to the floor and began to cry. Hate for herself and for her blackmailer rolled over her. The reactions she had to his fucking, kissing, and talking to her were the reactions of a whore. She didn’t want to be there and yet everything in her body craved what he was doing to her. She hated the fact that he knew it too. He knew he held the power to force her to his will and yet he hadn’t asked her to do anything that she hadn’t willingly done with men she’d met in secret. Grace knew it all came down to control. She had control in all her affairs. She picked the man, the time, the place, and the acts. But now she had nothing – the only control she had was to leave and let him destroy her world.

“Get it together girl,” she told herself, before pushing herself back up and forcing herself into the shower. She washed away the sticky remains of cum and later brushed her teeth, removing whatever taste may have still existed from Chad’s blow job. When she left the bathroom, her hair was damp and she wore a white hotel robe.

“Take that shit off,” Chad told her.

Grace’s lower lip trembled. “I don’t get one speck of dignity?” she asked.

“Do you deserve it?”

“You don’t know what I deserve.”

Chad shrugged his shoulders. “Maybe not, but I’m in charge. Take it off. Sluts don’t need clothes. They’re supposed to be ready at a moment’s notice. And we already established what kind of slut you are.”

She pulled off the robe and let it lie on the floor, before making her way to the table where she sat down to eat whatever he had provided. While she ate Grace tried not to think of Chad and how they may have crossed paths. It was obvious, in her mind, that he was a regular user to the same porn site as she. How else would he have been able to gather so much information on her. But who was he? She hated to admit that over the course of her time on the internet, she’d cyberfucked more than a hundred men and had real-life-fucked a couple dozen.

“Your mind’s a turnin’.”

Grace looked up and stared at Chad. He was leaning back in his chair. His gaze drifting lazily over her face as he munched on raw vegetables dipped in cream and chives.

“Can I ask questions?”

Chad nodded his head and waited for her to begin.

“Have we talked online?”

“No,” he answered.

Her brows furrowed in confusion. “Then how do you know me? And how did you know all that stuff about me?”


“You research random women and blackmail them?”

Chad smirked. “No. I heard about you from a friend and the stories were quiet arousing, so I decided to check it out myself. You’re a very trusting girl.”

Grace lowered her gaze and stared at her food. She didn’t know what to say. Chad was right. She was trusting and yet she had managed to keep her dirty little secrets quiet from the outside world. Only her friends online knew of her affairs, but not anymore. There was one enemy who was using her secrets to his advantage. She pushed her food around with the tip of her fork and then sighed, choosing instead to no longer eat the tasteless sustenance.

Chad took a deep breath and rose from the table. “Get dressed and go home Grace, be back here tomorrow.”

She looked at his face and read the truthfulness behind his words. Quickly she rose and pulled on her clothes. She said nothing as she left the hotel room and ran to the elevator. Once safely tucked behind its steel doors and walls, she felt safe and secure. The feeling was short lived, when the clerk at the desk called her by name. She spun on her heel and stared at the woman. “The gentleman in room 524, wanted you to have a key,” the attendant was saying, while pushing a key card across the counter.

Grace’s hand shook as she picked it up. She stared at it for a moment, then tucked it into her purse before hurrying out and making her way toward her car. Behind the wheel she forced herself to remain calm and back at home she again showered, hoping to remove the filth that seemed to cover her.

That night she lay next to her husband, feigning a stomach ache, but telling him that she loved him and that she would be okay. He said nothing more, but held her close, hoping to comfort her and make her feel better. Sleep had a very hard time winning over guilt.

In the morning after kissing her husband goodbye and placing her kids on the school bus, Grace got into her car and headed back to room 524. She didn’t bother knocking, after all, she had a key. The lock gave easily and she walked inside. Instantly her eyes closed on the scene before her.

A soft feminine giggle floated across the room followed by a voice, “She doesn’t look pleased.”

Grace opened her eyes and stared at the woman. She looked to be in her mid-twenties and had piercings on both her nipples, as well as her belly button and pussy. The woman was lewdly displaying herself on the center of the bed. Her fingers slowly trailing up and down her slick opening, teasing the dark hole and rolling her clit with her thumb and middle finger.

“She’ll be fine. Won’t you Grace?” Chad asked, as he stepped up to her and took her by the wrist.

Grace’s lips curled in disgust as she was led into the room. “I’m not doing this,” she hissed through clenched teeth.

Chad dropped her hand and sighed. “Sorry Carrie. Your money’s on the counter, do me a favor and drop these three envelopes off at the front desk, ask them to get them in this mornings mail.”

“Okie dokie,” Carrie said, before bouncing off the bed and moving to grab her clothes.

Grace’s jaw dropped as the young girl began to get dressed. Her gaze shifted to the envelopes that Chad had pointed out. She knew who they would be sent to and she knew the contents. “Wait!” she shouted, causing Carrie to stop pulling on her panties. The young girl and Chad both looked at Grace and waited. “What do you want me to do?” she asked.

Chad smirked and the girl giggled. “It doesn’t really matter does it?”

Grace wanted to spit in the man’s face and slap the woman, but she did neither. Instead she began to undress.

Carrie slid her panties back off and crawled back onto the bed. She opened her legs and spread her pussy lips apart. “Dig in babydoll,” she said to Grace.

Grace gave Chad a look that spoke volumes before she climbed onto the bed and stared at the naked woman. The young girl had worked her pussy until the lips were swollen and covered in juice. Her clit was red and hard, and Grace knew that the tiny bud would most likely pulse against her tongue.

The fragrance of another woman’s arousal drifted up to Grace. Her nose curled in disgust as she placed her hands where Carrie’s were. The girl moved her fingers away and chose to tease and twist the rings that decorated her nipples. Grace glanced over and saw Chad’s gaze drinking in the scene before him. “You’re a sick fuck,” Grace hissed before turning her attention back to Carrie. Grace had never tasted another woman. She closed her eyes and hoped that the young girl was clean. She swiped her tongue across Carrie’s right lip and winced at the tangy flavor of the woman’s juices.

“Mmm,” Carrie whispered, and settled her ass further into the blankets. “Don’t be shy babydoll. I like it a little rough.”

Grace shuttered and Chad chuckled. “She’ll get the hang of it, sweets. Give her time,” Chad said, before reaching out and stroking Grace’s hair. “Open your mouth and suck on that pussy, bitch.”

Grace gave Chad a look that spoke of the hate she felt toward him. He said nothing, while he applied pressure to the back of her head and lifted one brow.

She did as she was told, opening her mouth and consuming the thick folds of Carrie’s sex between her lips. She rolled her tongue back and forth along the flesh, while using her fingers to slide in and out of the woman’s tight hole.

Carrie bucked and rode Grace’s face. She whimpered and begged, then ordered the woman to stop, she could compose herself. “I don’t want to come yet,” she admitted, then gave Grace permission to begin again.

While Grace brought Carrie closer to an orgasm she did not find herself aroused at all. She fought control over the rolling and pitching in her stomach and tried not to get sick. For years Grace had wondered if she would like being with a woman, and had many times fantasized about it, but not once had she ever phoned with one, or met up with one. Nor had she ever chosen to cyber with anyone but men. Now her fantasy was a reality and she was not liking it.

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