hot wife

As the train pulled into Earls Court I counted the stops and calculated that we were far enough away from home and uni and everyone we knew to risk a kiss. Clearly Steve was thinking a similar thing, because as I moved in to kiss him he said,

“I know I’ve said this already but… you really do look beautiful.” I blushed. I kissed him softly and he kissed me back. We sprung apart guiltily but nobody in the carriage was taking any notice of us. This might have been a big day for us, our wedding day, but it was just an average Tuesday on the District Line to the commuters, nutters, students and post-Christmas tourists that surrounded us. He put his mouth near my ear and whispered, “I can’t wait to see what’s underneath that dress either.”

We were travelling east towards Tower Hill where we were then due to get off the tube and walk to an inconspicuous and unremarkable touristy hotel that Steve had booked us into for a one-night honeymoon. We were students, we had married in secret and we had no money, but I couldn’t have been more excited or more happy if he had been taking me to Mauritius.

Despite having no money, I had blown a foolish amount of student loan on what I was currently wearing. It was fortunate, or unfortunate, depending on your point of view, that January was the month that the loan came in. I had brought a 50s style halter-neck cream dress, which served as a wedding dress and wore bright red stilettos on my feet. What had really blown the budget was the underwear that the clothes were concealing. Underneath the dress I was wearing a cream halter-tie corset from a specialist corset maker in Spitlefields. It was cream with a lace overlay, and tying myself into it that morning I had admired how the boning and lacing pulled in my waist and pushed up my large, full breasts. The sweetheart neckline of the corset meant that the swell of my breasts rose above the neckline, creating a hint of cleavage which was classy but sexy. Around my waist I had fastened a lacy cream suspender belt and to the suspenders had attached the nude stockings that clad my long, pale legs. The lace tops of the stockings were especially sexy, framing my neatly trimmed pussy, which I hoped Steve would shave bald for me later. I had considered not wearing any knickers at all, but the thong I had brought was so pretty that I couldn’t resist wearing it. It was a matching cream number, lace across the front and with a bow at the back, which nestled in the crack of my arse. Looking at my lace-covered mound in the mirror I had reflected on how plump and full it looked, almost straining at the fabric, seemingly wanting to escape and be caressed by Steve’s invading fingers, even at that early hour of the day. My lily-white skin looked almost transparent against the cream of the underwear, and my red hair, teased into curls that cascaded over my shoulders, created a dramatic finish that it seemed a shame to spoil by putting a dress over the top. Combined with my bright, scarlet lipstick and matching heels, I looked ready to be fucked there and then.

We got to Tower Hill and giggling, half ran, half walked through the tourists and school children, meandering towards The Tower of London. Clip clopping down the steps into the subway in my heels, I hung on to Steve’s hand, my right hand in his newly married left. As I reached the bottom of the stairs, he dropped my hand and pushed my shoulders, firmly and quite harshly, against the wall of the underground walkway. Before I could speak he kissed me, hard and urgently, all of the desire he felt in his mouth. People continued to walk past us, no one taking any notice.

“I love you, my wife.” He growled in my ear, breaking off the kiss. And I took the back of his head in my hands and kissed him harder than before.

“I love you, my husband.”

Walking up to The Tower of London Hotel, fifteen minutes later we both looked up at the high, Georgian town house that had been converted our slightly careworn looking home for the night.

“Looks nice.” I said. Steve nodded.

“It wasn’t cheap.” He replied. I laughed, I knew it wasn’t the Ritz. But walking inside I was pleasantly surprised. And when Steve booked us in as Mr. and Mrs. Phillips I squeezed his hand and was excited for the night ahead. The manager took us to the top of the house, where were shown to the attic room: a large, light bedroom with a king-sized bed covered in white sheets, which lead to a big bathroom with attic windows and a huge tub. The rooms were sparsely decorated, white and bright, but was clean and airy and warm on that cold January day. There were fresh flowers on the chest of drawers next to the bed and a bottle of actual champagne. I was very impressed.

No sooner had the manager closed the door and dropped our two small bags down before he left, and Steve and I were on the bed, snogging like teenagers, my hair cascading behind me as Steve pinned me down, his hand snaking up my thigh.

“I can’t believe,” he breathed hotly, “that I have such a beautiful wife.” He continued kissing me and his hand found my pussy amidst the lace. We hadn’t managed to have sex in two weeks now, being in the house with Louise and the rest of the housemates, and he was keen. “Oooh,” he said, “it’s got it’s winter coat on.” He giggled and I reciprocated.

“I want you to shave it for me.” I replied, breathlessly. He groaned deeply, his erection rubbing at my hip.

“You have no idea how much that turns me on.” He said. We resumed our kissing. “Take your dress off.” I pulled the dress off and laid on my back. He inspected my underwear and kissed a trail of hot kisses along the swell of my breasts. “You look amazing.” I smiled. His fingers pulled aside my thong and probed inside me. I moaned. He fumbled with the trousers of his suit and released his already very hard penis. “If I put this anywhere near you I will cum in two minutes.” He said. I guided his hand back to my dripping cunt and mashed myself against his thick fingers for a moment. I didn’t care how long it lasted, I just needed to feel my husband inside me. Taking control of the situation, I sat up and manoeuvred so he was on his back. I straddled his hips, my thong and shoes still on, his trousers just pulled down his thighs. I pulled the fabric of my underwear aside and kissed his face, which was now a mess of my red lipstick. I eased him gently inside of me and we both moaned with pleasure as my warm, wet insides yielded to his hot hardness. I smiled, a huge grin.

“We’ve got to make it legal.” Steve closed his eyes and grinned back, not answering, just groaning as I began to move my hips back and forth. Helpless on his back he reached out for my swaddled hips and breasts and then held my shoulders in place, forcing my further down on to him.

“You beautiful little nympho.” He moaned. I reached forward to kiss him, and he felt behind me, groping my bum, a cheek in each hand, pulling me apart. Before I knew it, he was tickling my arsehole with his index finger and I cried out as he pushed it inside, creating pressure in my arse and my pussy that he knew would make me cum. I rode him harder and faster as he did this, sparks in my clit and convulsions in my cunt that meant a crimson flush appeared on my chest and breasts and an orgasm hit me right between the eyes. My pussy began to pulse as I came and I felt his balls beneath me swell and his cockhead grow. He pulled at the corset and freed my tits, squeezing them hard in his hands as his orgasm began. His face screwed up and his filled me with our first matrimonial cum. We broke away, breathless and coming down from the ecstasy of our fuck. Struggling to breathe, he gripped my wedding-ringed hand and said, “it’s official now.” I laughed.

An hour later, merry on real champagne, and hot from the bath, I laid on the soft bathroom floor, on a fluffy towel, with two pillows underneath my head and a towel underneath my hips. My breasts and hips were free from the corset and Steve sat, naked beside me, one nipple in his mouth and the other being squeezed in between his thumb and forefinger. He was preparing to shave my scrubbed clean little snatch, but had become distracted from the task in hand. Releasing my nipple from his mouth we went through how to do it again.

“So I put the aloe vera gel on?” he asked. I nodded. “And then shave her?” I nodded.

“It’s not rocket science.” I said. “It’s not even BA English and Music.” He laughed.

“You have no proof I’m not going to graduate BA English and Music with a third.” I smiled. I had always been the more studious of the two of us, but nevertheless, he was much brighter than he made out. He picked up the aloe vera gel from where he had lined it up with the shaving foam and the razor. He squeezed some out and covered the soft, downy hair with it. “So what do I do while it’s working it’s magic?” he asked. I stretched my toes and sighed a relaxed sigh.

“Just wait.” I said. He took my hand in his and guided it to his cock. It was hard again. I laughed. “Why on earth are you hard again?” I asked. Since fucking an hour ago, he had already spunked again all over my face as I sat at waist level in the bath.

“It’s what you do to me.” He sighed. He moved away and got between my legs, which were spread wide for shaving. “I love that I have a legal obligation to fuck this pretty little pussy, now.” He said, gazing at it. My eyes were closed but I laughed regardless.

“Conjugal rights.” I said. He placed his index finger on my clit and sparks shot up my pelvis. “You can shave it now.” I said. He removed his finger and foamed up my mound, delicious sensations filling me as he evenly spread the foam. He picked up the razor and began his task. Slowly and laboriously he rinsed the blade every two or three strokes and as he moved from place to place I felt the cool air on my genitals for the first time in weeks and waves of sexual longing passed through my limbs. When he had done he helped me get up and stood me back in the bath, taking the shower head and gently rinsed the foam, revealing a bald, sensitive flesh. I moaned.

“Open your legs.” He ordered. I moved my feet, standing now with legs further apart. He twisted the head on the shower and aimed the jet of water at my clit. I moaned. He moved the head in a circular action and my clit grew harder and bigger as I became more aroused. Suddenly he turned off the shower and pulled me down onto the edge of the bath, my back against the wall. My knees still far apart, he positioned himself in a sitting position and using his mouth and tongue and chin began sucking and licking and rubbing my sex. I held the back of his head and cried out with pleasure. I looked down and saw his throbbing erection above the waterline and felt his skilled tongue manipulating my pussy. Cumming in one sudden, huge groan, I gushed juice from my bare, beautiful honey pot into my husbands greedy, hungry mouth.

After that I wasted no time in pulling him from the bath and laying him on his back, on the bathroom floor. Facing away from him, I frenziedly lowered myself onto his cock, my back to him as I look him all the way down my already slick and ready hole. He gripped my hips as I took control of the situation. Bare, bald pussy made contact with his hard, cum-filled balls and my erect clitoris rubbed against them as I began to bounce. The mirrored wall in front of us showed our hot, horny bodies in their glory and I marvelled at my own, huge tits as they moved sexily before me. Steve was clearly enjoying the view too, as behind me I could see that his eyes were glued to the mirror. I leaned forward to increase the stimulation of my clit on his ballsack and as I did so, he lathed two fingers in his mouth and slid them into my arse. I screamed out and mercilessly he sawed the fingers in and out of my empty hole as I rode him and rode him.

“You like that you little whore?” He asked and I groaned in agreement. “I’m going to fuck that arse when you’ve made your slutty little cunt cum around my cock.” I growled dirtily at the filthy talk, which Steve knew helped me cum. I leaned ever further forward until the top half of my body was virtually horizontal. My vaginal muscles sucked at his penis and he continued fucking my arse with his fingers as I continued to grind my clit on his big, bulging testes.

“I want your fucking spunk in my arsehole.” I growled in a voice that was thick with desire. “I want you to fucking destroy my dirty little anus like you’re destroying my cunt.” All the while my sensitive nub was making contact with his balls and it felt out of this world.

“Cum round my dick, slut,” he bellowed. “cum round it so I can shove you against that wall and spray my jizz in your arse.” As if on cue I began to orgasm, screaming in ecstacy as my vagina and my clitoris came together. Juice gushed over Steve’s balls and pulled my hips down on him. I came for minutes, crying and screaming and moaning as the biggest orgasm of the day so far ripped through my limbs and brain and I gripped my own tits as I did so, Steve leering behind me in the mirror.

As soon as I stopped cumming he roughly pushed me off of him and stood, pulling me up as he did so. He pushed me against the mirrored wall and my breasts mashed against the cold glass. He smacked my arse and bit my neck, his desire now intense and unstoppable. He picked up the aloe vera gel and squirted some onto the purple, urgent head of his hard and quite remarkably huge penis. I had never seen it so big. In normal circumstances I would have dropped to my knees and taken that large, firm tool between my lips, but I knew where he wanted it and knew he wanted it now. He wanked the gel up and down his rod and pulled my bottom forwards, gripping at my hips. He lined the head up with my ring and in one, motion pushed his whole length into me. There was pain, but it was sharp and brief and was gone by the time his balls hit my cheeks.

“My arse.” He grunted, fucking his cock in and out of the already destroyed hole. “I was the first man in your slutty little arse.” He loved this fact and loved saying it as he fucked it.

“You’re the only man who’s ever made me cum in my arse.” I gasped. This spurred him on and his pace increased. One hand steadied himself against the wall and the other reached underneath us and found my cunt. He rammed three fingers deep into me and I screamed.

“I’m the only fucking man who knows how to do you how you want.” He groaned, in rhythm with his thrusts. In and out his cock sawed my arse and in and out his fingers manipulated my pussy, just as they had the first time we met. Taking his hand from the wall he grabbed a clump of my red, curly hair and pulled my head towards him. “Tell me about the dirtiest thing you ever did.” He demanded, his fingers in my cunt now pushing me further and further towards another fabulous cum.

“In the park.” I breathed. “With you and Ben and Diane and the stranger.” He groaned at the memory. “Ben’s huge cock in my cunt and the stranger in my arse as you tit fucked Diane.” He reached out for one of my own breasts.

“Fabulous fucking tits but not as good as yours.” I moaned. “I was so jealous of that guy with his cock buried in your beautiful arse,” he carried on, “Every second I was between Di’s big, fucking whore tits I couldn’t take my eyes off you, lost in your own world, those dicks in your holes.” He drove his penis further into me and his fingers moved from inside my dripping pussy to my clit. It had never been so hard or so ready to explode. “What else have you done?” He murmured. He knew all of these stories, but he obviously wanted to hear about them again now.

“In my bedroom with my brother and his friend,” I gasped. His hand quickened on my clit, “I needed cock so bad I didn’t care that it was my own baby brother in my cunt.” I knew he loved it when I used the word ‘cunt’. He moaned as I said it. “And his friend lost his load all over my face as my baby brother filled me with jizz.” With that I came and screamed as I did so, the glorious sensations of cock in my arsehole and fingers on my clit combining with the horny memories of my years of sexual abandon. I screamed and I screamed and my arse convulsed as the rest of my body convulsed. Steve pulled his cock out abruptly and pushed me onto the floor. He scrambled to straddle by chest and forced his cock into my mouth before I could agree or object. I groaned around it and tasted my own bum on his pole.

“You,” he gasped, breathlessly fucking my mouth, “are a grade A whore and I cannot wait to fuck every one of your whore-holes every day for the rest of my life.” He hit the back of my throat with the bulbous head of his prick. “From the first time I was in you, bent over the kitchen table in halls,” he went on, “you were the finest little hoe I’d ever had the privilege to fuck.” I moaned at his dirty words. He pulled his cock from my mouth and instantly began to cum, shooting ribbons of white, delicious spunk onto my face. “Fucking take this on your face, my slutty little wife.”

Less than five hours into our marriage, it was clear that Steve and I were on course for plenty more adventures, both in the bedroom and outside of it.

Mike went to pick up the post. It was his day off, while his wife was still at work. 7 or 8 letters — marketing rubbish mainly, along with a brown envelope. But then a white envelope, with his name on. No stamp — someone must have slipped it into his letterbox by hand. Mike felt around the envelope — it felt like there was a CD or something in the envelope.

Mike sat down, took a sip of the coffee he had just made, then ripped open the envelope. Sure enough there was a CD in a plastic envelope. A CD write. Someone had written on it — “For Mike to Watch.”

Mike was puzzled. He took the CD through to his office, put it in his computer, and watched as his DVD player came up on the screen, then watched as the DVD started automatically.

At first Mike couldn’t make out the film — it was filmed rather amateurishly. The film zoomed out , the sound became clearer. Suddenly Mike realised — it was a porn film. He wondered who would send him a porn film. Mike watched further. There was a man having sex with a woman, a woman who appeared to be enjoying it, if the sounds and obscenities coming from her were to be believed. The camera zoomed out even further, for Mike to see there were several other men sitting around, naked, looking like they were waiting for a turn. Mike was becoming aroused, wondering what it would be like to be part of something like this…

Mike watched as the man’s body rose faster and faster, the woman responding, suddenly both crying out together, him clearly pumping his cum into her, her being tipped over the edge to orgasm. The other men sat around were cheering, urging the man — called Rick, Mike understood from the shouting — to get off, so they could carry on.

At last Rick had slumped forward, then rolled off the woman. Mike watched as Rick crawled forward, pointing his cock at the woman’s mouth, ordering the woman to clean him off. She turned her head, smiled as the camera zoomed then eagerly began to lick his cock, as it was clear another of the men was mounting her. It was as she smiled that Mike’s blood froze.

Mike’s blood froze, as he watched his wife Donna smile on the DVD, then begin to lick the stranger’s cock.

Mike wanted at first to turn the video off, but continued to watch, transfixed. He watched for the next hour, as his wife was gang-banged, willingly, having sex with 8 different men — sucking some of them off, taking others in her pussy, doing anal with one, clearly enjoying and relishing what was happening. Once he saw her being fucked and sucking at the same time. By the end of the video he reckoned they had probably all come in her a couple of times, that she had cum about 6 or 7 times…

As the video was coming to an end, he saw her stand up, helped to her feet by a couple of the men, smiling but tired. They helped her get dressed, then there was chatter, something about loving the monthly staff training days, and looking forward to the next one, that this had been the best one yet…

Mike stopped the video, sent it back to the start, then began to watch again. Half out of horror. Half out of fantasy. But his erection had not abated… As he did his mind was racing. Donna, he knew, worked for a company of accountants as receptionist. He knew they had the monthly training days, although Donna had said very little about what happened. He remembered that she would come home saying how exhausting they were, that she could only sleep afterwards. But what to do? He loved his wife. But as he watched he felt jealous of her…

At 39, Mike thought, she was beautiful, stunning, standing slim, nearly 5 foot 8 inches, looking as good as she ever did with her shoulder length dark hair. They had been married early — truth be told Donna was 18 and pregnant when they were married — he hadn’t taken precautions when he took her virginity — and had been in love ever since. Mike had thought neither of them had strayed, and had seemed to be hoping for more time together now their son and daughter were both away at college. And then this. Donna had been working at the company for 6 years — how long had the gang-bangs been going on for? How did they start? Who had video’d it? Who had given him the DVD? Worse — what should he do now?

Mike watched the video twice more through the day as he tried to make sense of it, tried to work out what he should do. Watched with mixed churning feelings. Perhaps it was blackmail. Or rape. Mike wasn’t stupid — he knew the woman — his wife — was enjoying it, was taking part whole-heartedly in what was happening. Yes, he and Donna had a good sex life, but Mike never thought of his wife as a slut, the sort of person who would stray, let alone get involved in a gang-bang. He was sure she had never strayed in the time they were married. He knew for sure he had never strayed. They had seemed to adore each other, be made for each other, but there on the video was the evidence…

Mike missed lunch, he was so caught up in what he had seen, in what he should do next.

That evening Donna arrived home from work as normal, unaware of what had happened. They had eaten, and it was later that Mike said to Donna there was something he needed to talk about. They settled with their coffees in the lounge. “What is it you want to say?” Donna asked sympathetically.

Mike responded in a tentative way. “What would you say if I told you I had a lover, or had sex with someone else?”

Donna leapt at his words, immediately assuming the worse. “You’ve had it off with another woman? How dare you? We’re married, you’ve defiled our marriage, you’ve got to leave. How dare you? Who was the slut? What whore have you been shagging?”

Donna’s tirade would have gone one for minutes, if Mike had not barked for her to be quiet. Donna was stunned, Mike was never this assertive. She found herself listening to him. He said “I thought you would say that. So what do you make of this?” He pushed the buttons on the remote control. The television came on. The DVD started to play. For moments Donna watched the screen, not realising what she was watching. Then as she watched she knew it was some sort of porno film. She turned to Mike: “Turn it off, you know I don’t like this sort of stuff.”

Mike raised his hand, allowed the video to continue. Suddenly Donna gasped. She recognised Rick’s name. And his face — her boss. Then as her own face appeared, she screamed “NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…”, leaping to her feet. She scrabbled for the remote control, trying to turn the telly off, but Mike grabbed her, pulled her back onto her seat, and ordered her to watch. Donna was soon sobbing, watching herself enjoying, relishing the “Monthly Staff Training Day.”

After watching for 15 minutes, watching herself being fucked by three men, sucking cocks, Mike turned the video off. Donna had run out of tears and was curled in a ball gently sobbing into her arms.

Donna uncurled herself when she realised the video had stopped. Mike waited until she was ready to hear.

At last he spoke. “Donna, What happened?”

Donna sobbed. “I’m sorry, Mike, I’m really sorry.”

Mike stopped her. “I don’t want your apologies. I want to know what happened. What happened? You had better be honest, you had better answer quick.”

“Mike, I didn’t know anyone was videoing it…”

“So what you were doing was okay as long as no-one videoed it?” Mike spoke to her sharply. “How did it start? How long has it been going on? Are you in trouble?”

There was a long pause before Donna began to stutter. “Mike, it’s been going on about 9 months. It’s what we do every month. At staff training day.”

“So how did it start?”

“Mike, I’m so sorry. You know I work for all men. They joke, they flirt, but nothing had ever happened. Then we had a day when the trainer didn’t arrive. We started chatting. The conversation got more and more crude amongst the men. Then one of the men said: I don’t know how women think. Never know what they want. So someone else said — let’s ask Donna. I didn’t realise how personal the questions would get when I said they could. They started asking me all sorts of things. If I’d done it with another woman. Did I suck cock? How I liked a man to kiss my clit? What did I like a man to do when he put his finger in my pussy? Did I enjoy playing with a vibrator? Lots of things…”

Mike was angry. “But you told me I was the only man you have made love to. So what did you tell them? That I was a terrible lover? All those people now know how I make love. They all know what you won’t let me do, but you let them do? So I stay loyal while you fuck them all and do whatever they want, and everyone you work with knows how I fuck you, all know how bad I am at it. What you won’t let me do? I bet I am the laughing stock in your office.”

“Mike, I didn’t put it together. Not thought of it like that. I struggled to answer, but they kept asking — for a couple of hours they asked. Mike — I found it exciting. All these men asking me questions about sex. I was wearing jeans that time. Suddenly one of them said — look she’s got a damp patch between her legs. Her pussy is all wet. She’s hot for it… I tried to hide myself, but they had seen. Suddenly they were around me. Their hands all over me. My breasts, legs. I couldn’t even remember losing my clothes. Mike, I have to be honest — I wanted it. I so wanted it. Mike — it just went from there — one was in me, there was another at my mouth. I just took them all in. They all took it in turns, and I wanted them to. For two hours they took me.

“Mike — it was so good. When someone suggested we ought to do this every training day I just agreed. I didn’t even think of you — it was separate, different. I love you, I’m fulfilled by you trying to please me. This was just raw lust, and it was so good knowing I could take on the men and exhaust them. And get satisfied. We never do it any other time, just those days.”

There was a long long pause. Mike was crying, Mike was angry. “But surely those men are married? Have wives? Are professionals? You did anal — you never let me do that. You sucked their cocks clean — you never did that to me. You don’t even like sucking my cock. You never swallow. I bet their wives never do that for them. You say you want to fulfil me, yet never let me do those things. When I mention straying, or introducing someone else to our bed, you scream at me. All those times I walk into your office, pick you up, office parties, I bet they are killing themselves laughing. What’s my nickname — clueless Mike? Stupid sap? Mike the cuck? There’s the man, they say, who thinks we all like him, and we are gang-banging his wife behind his back. And I can see the smirk, as they think — and she wants it. The sap who can’t satisfy his wife. Is that it? Is that what they say?” Mike was shouting, stood on his feet. There was a long pause before Mike slumped back on his chair.

Suddenly Donna spoke into Mike’s silence. “Mike, you could have Anal, and oral, and anything you wanted but you never took it.” Donna paused. “Mike, the only reason you didn’t get any of those is that you are too much of a wimp, too much of sissy, too much of a sub to get any. I let those men do it because they are real men. Real men who took me as a real man should.”

Mike was stunned — what was Donna saying. He had always tried to be kind to her, do what she wanted, make her happy…

Donna was suddenly in control. “You were such a wuss — you thought you were giving me everything I wanted, and all you were being was a doormat. You never gave me what I really wanted! Some domination. That is what they gave me, and I loved submitting to them.”

“But Donna…” Mike was stuttering. “I’ve tried to give you everything. I’ve adored you…”

“Everything?” Mike could hear the smirk in her voice. “You couldn’t even give me a load in my mouth, or up my ass.”

Mike was shocked at the crudity of what his wife had said, but she wasn’t stopping, she was turning his world upside down. “Do you know why we put the video in the letter box this morning?”

“You put it there…?”

“We put it there so you could see what a wimp you are. And everyone at the office knows you are a wimp, because I’ve told them. And no — your nickname isn’t Clueless Mike, it’s missus Mike. But they decided. They decided they would like a sissy to fuck at the next training day, and you are going to be it. That’s why we put the video there.”

Mike sat, his mouth moving but making no sound.

“So on Wednesday — tomorrow – at the next training day you are going to be there, and as well as fucking me they are going to be fucking you.”

Mike’s mouth had given up the attempt to say anything.

The next morning Mike was horrified, surprised, to find himself driving Donna into the grounds of a country hotel. After Donna had made it clear, they have sort of drifted off to bed. Donna had dropped off to sleep instantly, Mike had tossed and turned, and he couldn’t admit — he was excited, although his cock gave him away. He wasn’t gay, he kept telling himself. Just a bit submissive.

Mike parked the car, and walked with Donna to the hotel reception, then to the room they had been allocated, his mouth dry with fear and anticipation. As they entered their suite, a tall guy — Rick, whom he knew from office parties and the video, came over to greet them, shaking hands with Mike, kissing Donna on the cheek. Mike was so nervous he couldn’t even speak. Mike guessed that they were the last to arrive, as they were given cups of coffee, perhaps ten other men milling around and chatting.

Rick chatted to Donna and Mike as they drank their coffee, then turned to Mike. “Better get ready, mate. I’m going to be first. Clothes off, hands and knees…” as he lightly said it he clapped his hands to get the attention of the other men in the room. Rick spoke to them. “Lads, Mike is here. I’m going to have his ass first, then anyone else who wants him in any way — well, you’ll all get your chance with him, and with Donna…”

Mike stood, unable to move. Donna hissed at him. “Get your clothes off. Hurry up.”

Mike was like a zombie, but did what he was told. He slowly undid his tie, his shirt, removed his trousers, his eyes firmly fixed on the floor. He removed his underpants, hiding himself with his hands in his embarrassment. He had only ever been naked in front of his Doctor and Donna.

As he stood nervously, Rick came over to him, put his arm around Mike’s shoulder and led him to the centre of the room. Rick quickly removed his shirt and trousers and boxers, then stood naked hiding nothing, his cock 7 inches, standing erect. Mike couldn’t help gulping when he saw the size. Rick spoke firmly to him. “Hands and knees!” Mike fell to his knees and was pushed forward onto all fours. He felt a finger playing with him for a moment, pushing some sort of gel around his asshole. Mike tensed — no-one had ever touched him there before. He daren’t admit to himself it felt good…

Then the man was kneeling behind him. He felt the cock pushing to his asshole. Mike screamed out loud as he felt the cock pushed hard and deep into his ass. He had never felt anything as bad, but he felt Rick holding on to him, letting him get used to it.

Slowly Mike felt things changing — the pain was going away, and the psychology was so good — he found it so hot to be owned and taken, and yes, his cock felt harder than it had ever been before. He felt — for the first time ever, a man reaching around and gripping his cock, squeezing it, playing with it.

Then the moment — he felt Rick pull his cock out, push it back in — he was being fucked. By a man. Watched by 7 or 8 others who were going to fuck him as well. Watched by his wife who had set him up.

As Mike concentrated on the cock in his ass, he was suddenly surprised by a hand wrapped in his hair, pulling his head up. At first he was confused, but opened his eyes, noted a man kneeling in front of him, pushing his cock towards Mike’s mouth. Mike opened his mouth, the cock was in his mouth. He was sucking…

Mike felt the two men getting faster and faster, Rick sliding his cock in and out of Mike’s ass, the other guy sliding his cock in and out of his mouth. Suddenly the guy fucking his mouth gripped Mike’s head, and Mike felt, or was it tasted his cum spurting into his mouth. Mike hadn’t thought of this as he was enjoying the two men owning him. He tried to pull away, but his head was held firm. He had to swallow. It was strange, but he did it. It tasted… it tasted okay. Suddenly he heard Rick grunt, thrust hard into him, and he knew Rick was spurting his cum into his ass, into his guts. His ass was sore, but squeezing, milking the cock in him.

After a few moments or several seconds, or three hours — Mike didn’t know — he felt cocks pushed into him, cocks pulled out of him. He felt his ass taken and his mouth taken. Twice he had to suck softer cocks, sticky with cum and juice, and knew he was sucking the cocks of men who had just fucked his wife. At last he just toppled onto his side, exhausted. Rick whispered. “We’ll give you a rest, then someone else is going to take you…

Mike and Donna arrived home later afternoon. Both were tired. Both were sore — particularly Mike, who found sitting down painful. In the end he had had 7 cocks in his ass. He had sucked off three. His wife had been fucked, and tied to some sort of machine which had her screaming for more. He had been wanked off, or been made to wank, three times. Mike felt strange. Used, abused. Betrayed by his wife to these men. Yet both were fulfilled. They had held hands, they had cuddled long and hard when they arrived home. They had sat together most of the evening, they had showered together. It had been hard, but he knew that after a month he would gladly submit again…

I was sitting at home alone, as usual. The kids are in bed, the husband is away at a ‘friends’ house, watching the football game, yeah right, what football games are on at 11 o’clock on a Friday night. Anyways, I don’t mind being by myself, see I have a little addiction. I love to surf the web late at night, reading erotic stories, entering discussion and blog forums, anonymously of course, but the excitement is very palpable for me.

Let me tell you a little about myself before I continue, see I think of myself as decent looking, I mean I work out, not obsessively but enough that my stomach is flat, thank god, no rolls here. I have measured myself for bras and such and I run at a 36 D, not overly large, and even though I breast fed two kids, my titties still look pretty good, my nipples are the pretty part of them, bright pink, and the areolas are the size of a coke cans bottom, and the nipples stand up when erect about an inch long. I love the way I catch guys looking at them on a cold day.

My waist measures in at 25 inches around, but my hips, they drive me crazy, I measured them at 48 inches around, and they are huge! I can never find pants that fit me properly; instead it forces me to wear skirts all the time. But men are always complimenting me on my ass, one time at the grocery store this big black guy followed me around for the entire time I was there, he kept whistling and smacking me on the butt. I was so turned on, but the hubby was at home with the kids so I had to rush. For the next week I played with myself non stop thinking about him, wondering if he had a big dick, if he would do all the dirty things my husband couldn’t accept. I mean hey, can a girl help if it she wants it in the ass all the time, my husband is always complaining like “come on honey, just let me cum in your pussy and go to sleep, I have to wake up in the morning.” It’s boring.

So back to that evening, I was home alone as usual, surfing the web, looking at pictures of thongs wondering if I should do my usual Friday night, and play with myself then go to sleep, when I heard a knock on the door. I had just gotten out of a nice long hot shower, that’s one benefit of waiting to shower until after the kids go to sleep, I can really enjoy my time, getting to do all the things that are hard for me during the week, like washing my hair and shaving my legs. I was fairly decently dressed, I had on a pair of cute orange boy shorts, a white muscle shirt, but still I threw on a robe before I answered the door, for decencies sake. Didn’t want to give the neighbors too much of a show.

I cracked open the door, peering into the darkness, it was 3 of my husbands best friends, the same ones he was supposed to be hanging with at that very moment. Instantly worried something had happened I pulled open the door wide.

“Derrick, guys what happened, please tell me John didn’t get arrested again?” My husband had already had two arrests that year; one was for a DUI the other for a drunk in public.

Derrick stepped forward, grabbing me by the bicep. “No Missy, nothing like that, we just stopped by, and well we have to talk to you.”

“Okay, come on in, do you want a drink, the kids are down for the night already.”

I lead them into the kitchen, pouring iced tea into my nicer cups, waiting for them to start talking. Everyone glanced at each other, trying to decide who would go first. That’s when Bruce stepped up.

“Look Missy, we all love you, you are great, a good wife, and damn, sexy as hell…” I felt myself blush, Bruce was very attractive, tall, and lean, and he boxed so his nose always looked slightly off centre from being broken so many times. “Missy, John is cheating on you, he has been for the past year, maybe longer, at first we didn’t want to say anything guy code and all, but…”

Tears started to form, “But what?”

Frankie stepped up, wrapping his arms around my shoulders, “But he is using us, and we don’t like it, we love you, all of us guys do, more then we even like John. We don’t want him hurting you any longer.”

I sniffled, leaning into Frankie, he wasn’t as big as Derrick and Bruce, only a couple of inches taller then me, but he was heavily muscled, my husband owned a gym, we all had free memberships. I had seen the guys there almost everyday since I married my husband five years ago.

I walked around the counter sitting on one of my barstools ungracefully, the robe split up the middle, but I didn’t even notice, I was deep in thought, thanking of my future, the kids, the house, I couldn’t loose everything just because my husband couldn’t keep his dick in his pants, but I couldn’t sit idly by while he ran around on me. Suddenly Derrick was in front of me kneeling, parting my legs. Bruce was behind me rubbing my shoulders. I gasped looking at both of them wildly.

“Guys what are you doing?”

“We are trying to make you feel better, Missy we can’t stand to see you hurting.”

I looked into Derricks eyes, heat was spreading through me, I loved these guys too, more then I did my husband, each one of them had been apart of my fantasies for a very long time. I slid my legs open further, sighing at the heat of Derricks hands on my thighs. I suddenly knew what I wanted more then anything.

“Alright, lets get a few things settled guys, 1. We don’t tell John, 2. This doesn’t go any further then the four of us, and 3.remember my kids are upstairs, be quiet respect my house.”

Each man agreed in unison, I off the barstool, stripping the robe off, loving the way their greedy eyes ate at me. I tried to be sexy as I strolled into the living room. Frankie was there first, he kissed me deeply, pulling at my shirt; I pulled back long enough to get the t over my head. Bruce’s hands snaked in between us, weighing my breasts, rubbing my nipples. I gasped when from behind Derrick stripped me of my panties, suddenly I was standing stark naked in front of three men.

“Alright boys, now it’s your turn.”

The men began stripping I was starting to feel drunk from the power I held over them, and the sensuality I was holding. I had never felt sexier. They all finally stripped down and I gasped in delighted surprise. Frankie’s cock was long, probably ten inches, and curved sharply to the left. Derricks cock was shorter, but had to be as fat as an eggplant, and almost as dark. But Bruce’s was by far the greatest, had to be a foot long, as thick as his fist, I started to drool thinking about how it would feel in my mouth, pussy, and ass.

I sank down to my knees holding my hands out, they all approached me, cocks already straining, I took two in my hands, and one in my mouth instantly loving the feeling. A hand roughly pulled my head down, making me choke, drool spilling over my chin.

“Yeah bitch take that dick, damn boys she sucks dick like a pro.”

“Give us a turn then boy, move.”

They switched, and I laughed in delight as another dick entered my mouth, this one tasted sweet, smelled like sweat and man. I sucked hard, and then suddenly I was pushed down on all fours. Someone sank down in front of me and I immediately gobbled his dick deep down my throat, I felt someone else slowly sink deep into my pussy. I groaned, the feeling of being seesawed between two dicks is indescribable, I was so wet cum was streaming down my legs.

“Bruce you just going to stand there and watch or you going to come get a piece of this luscious ass.”

I saw Bruce smile wickedly, “That’s exactly what I want, who’s going to get bottom?”

“I will!”

The cock disappeared from my mouth, and I was lifted up like I weighed nothing. I found myself looking down at Derrick as I impaled myself on his thick cock, Frankie pulled my head up sharply, dipping his cock deep into my throat, then I felt a massive head at my most tender entrance. I pulled back with a gasp.

“Bruce go easy, you are so big, and I’m not real experienced at this.”

“Shh girl, I got this, keep sucking that dick like a good girl.”

I did as he asked, sucking Frankie greedily. Bruce pushed himself in slowly the burn of my asshole spreading was intense, I cried out on Frankie’s dick and he laughed.

“Bruce man do that again, she’s humming on my dick.”

Bruce laughed, as he shoved himself deep inside my ass. I screamed, feeling like I was being ripped in half, everyone was still for a moment, then without another thought, all three men began pounding me hard, Frankie grabbed my hair, shoving his cock down my throat making me choke, Bruce held me up while he rammed my ass, allowing Derrick to swing his hips us and fuck my pussy hard. I screamed as I orgasm again and again.

Still reeling from the feeling of being stuffed so tight, I barely noticed as the three switched, this time Frankie was digging his skinny dick in my ass hole, Bruce was under me, shoving his super fat cock deep in my pussy, and Derrick was holding me by the jaw, fucking my mouth with fast deep strokes. Every couple of minutes the guys would switch, when suddenly and idea came to me. I had always wanted to try a DP but never had the guts to ask John, he would have said no anyways. I pulled away from the current dick in my mouth, looking up at Bruce.

“I want to try something, want to be naughty with me?”

“More naughty then this, hell yeah, damn girl you are something else.”

“Good, now I want 2 dicks in my ass at the same time.”

Bruce leaned back looking at me curiously, I felt my cheeks heating with embarrassment, then he grinned, “Boys you heard the woman, got to give the lady what she wants, but we are going to need to do some rearranging here.” Bruce laid down, motioning for me to come over to him, I crawled over to him, quickly impaling myself down on to his thick cock, then I felt a dick pushing into my entrance, I was stretched but I knew I could get more in me.

Frankie come up to my face, grinning widely, “Put some spit on it baby, get it real wet.”

I did as he asked, swallowing him deep, making sure I drooled all over him, till he was dripping wet, he pulled out of my mouth and approached me from the back, for a moment I could only feel the cock in my ass shifting a little then I began to feel another entering. My eyes went wide with the sensation, it hurt but also felt so good, I couldn’t think as another orgasm quickly came upon me. Bruce held my head down to his shoulder as I spasm, crying out at the fullness of the three dicks inside me at once. I knew I was changed forever at that point my husbands boring six inches would never satisfy me again.

Finally the guys announced they were going to cum, I begged to taste them all, each taking a turn at pumping my mouth full of their cum. Bruce was the most brutal forcing my head way back, and practically stabbing me deep in the esophagus with his overly large dick, I drank what felt like gallons of his cum.

Everyone stood around for a moment, breathing hard, all the guys were looking at me, I realized for direction. I began to slowly pull my robe around my sore and sweaty body.

“Okay, so that was fun.”

We all giggled nervously.

“Just remember guys, I am your best friends wife, and the mother of his two children, please let this stay between us.”

Bruce stepped forward hugging me to him, “Of course, but….could we do it again sometime.”

I threw my head back laughing hard, “How about next weekend?”

I was charmed by their quick yeses. It was close to 2 in the morning by the time everyone left, I was sore, but also felt a little devious; I knew my husband would be home soon. I didn’t drink or eat anything even though I was famished from the workout the guys had given me. I sat in the kitchen waiting for John to return home. Finally he stumbled in the door, drunk as usual, but I didn’t care. I rushed to him, pulling him into a deep embrace, kissing him hard on the mouth. He pulled away licking his lips, grimacing at the taste.

I grinned slyly, “So how where the boys tonight?”

He drunkenly mumbled something about Bruce picking up a chick at the bar, and all I could do was giggle and lead my very intoxicated husband to bed.

This is a story about a guy who likes to watch his wife sleep with other men, and written for couples who find that sort of thing erotic. It’s a longer story and deals with all the conflicting emotions that come with the fantasy. Hope you enjoy it, and thanks for reading!

The California sun had cleared the hill leading down to Bodega Bay, and I moved my bare feet into a white, warm patch of sand. I brought a cup of instant coffee to my lips, eased back in a folding chair, and took in the sight of my wife rolling over in the chaise lounge across from me, her top undone.

It was only ten-thirty, but after reports of a cloudy afternoon, Kelly intended to soak up the sun while it lasted. As she settled on her back, I mentally fondled her gorgeous C-cups and cute tiny nipples, vividly exposed in the angled light. And then she startled me by sleepily saying, “Hon, keep an eye out for our neighbor.”

We’d briefly met the guy camped beside us after we’d unloaded our gear the evening before. For the most part our camping site was enclosed from the beach and the small walking trail leading down to it by a natural line of sagebrush and small trees, but nothing separated our site from his––they were practically conjoined. We’d exchanged a friendly hello, but it turned dark by the time we had our tent up, and by then he’d already ducked inside his for the night.

I suspected he was up and somewhere on the beach as Kelly lay topless, but kept an eye on his tent door just in case. A group of seagulls gathered noisily on the other side of the sagebrush, as my eyes wandered back to Kelly’s bare breasts. She’d rubbed on sunscreen, which caused her nipples to sparkle with pin pricks of sunlight. That’s when I looked up to discover our neighbor had returned from the beach.

“Uh, Kelly, we have company.”

She quickly draped her bikini top over her chest, sandwiching it between her tits and forearms.

The guy set down a bucket with fins and a spear gun inside, the kind of simple spear propelled by a rubber tube sling. “No worries, forget I’m here.”

He wore the bottom half of a wetsuit with the top flipped down behind him. He had a broad, muscular, hairy chest and equally strong legs and arms––a swimmer’s physique.

“I’m so embarrassed. That was totally rude of me.”

He shook the water from his black hair and pulled it back into long spiral locks. He then presented us with a white full smile. Hey, it’s your vacation. Go ahead, forget I’m here.”

I pointed at the bucket. “You spear anything?”

“Not this morning, but it was the same yesterday––dead in the morning and then pegged a huge Bonita late in the afternoon.”

Kelly sat up, still covering her tits with her arms. “You caught it with a spear?”

“Yep! Nailed it right through the back!”

“How big?”

He held out his hands, indicating a length of roughly two feet.

“And you were swimming in the water with it?”

Most girl’s as beautiful as my wife have developed a little ice in their gaze to ward off predictors, but not Kelly. Her eyebrows have a gentle arc, granting a kind sympathetic expression, like she’s hanging on your every word, and her eyes are so wide, blue, and inviting, they embolden every guy she meets. And when she’s truly fascinated, and she was, her eyes grow so big she appears flat out gullible.

“That’s nothing, I could’ve speared a six-foot nurse shark moving along the sea floor, but I wasn’t that hungry.”

“You did not see a shark!”

He laughed.

“Please tell her you’re kidding or I’ll never get her to snorkel.”

“Alright, alright, I didn’t cross any sharks, but last year I saw a Moray Eel as long as my arm, and those suckers are nasty.”

He slid his wetsuit down his legs, revealing his red Speedos and a bulge that looked like he might’ve trapped an eel in his shorts. Kelly’s eyes momentarily went from gullible to spell bound before looking away so fast her ponytail swung around her face. At this point he introduced himself as Jerry, and I shook his hand. My wife did the same, freeing one arm from her chest to grab his.

“We planned to do a little snorkeling ourselves, except our friend’s got our gear and he’s been held up a day.”

“Bummer.” His eyes formed a kind sheen as he turned towards Kelly. “I got a pair of fins hanging around that used to be my ex-girlfriend’s.” He grabbed the spear out of his bucket and pointed towards his domed tent. “You’re more than welcome to them. They’re just sitting in a bag. I keep forgetting to unpack them.”

Surprisingly she declined. Normally Kelly bends over backwards to make new friends, so I immediately suspected something was up with her. I coyly looked him over as she might. His body was extremely well defined and his tan was so deep he seemed a natural part of the beach habitat. But at the same time he came off worldly and wise. And there was no missing that bulge, which made even me feel a bit awkward.

“Well, the fins are here if you change your mind.”

“So what happened to the girlfriend, if you don’t mind me asking?”

His face twisted up some, and he jerked it forwards, so his hair fell in front of his eyes like a crazy man. “Don’t worry, I didn’t spear her.

“Ha! Fair enough, I’m being rude.”

“Naw.” He combed his hair behind his ears again. “She was a bit too young.” He softly nodded his head, reassuring himself she was indeed too young. “And a bit too unbalanced. Really I’m amazed we lasted a full year. She was twenty-one––just a kid.”

He had to be ten years older than my wife, at least forty, so Kelly snorted a laugh when she heard the age difference.

“Hey, do you know any thirty-nine-year-old women willing to drive up and down the coast and live out of a tent for weeks at a time? And just so you know, an experienced man in his prime and an adventurous young girl…” His white teeth lined up in devilish formation. “Some aspects of our relationship made putting up with Arcade Fire and Geisha faced Jack White a whole lot easier.”

“Awwww, I love Jack White.”

“He’s alright. But maybe for my fortieth I’ll treat myself to a forty-year-old who likes Sublime.”

“A forty-year-old! Don’t get ahead of yourself, Jerry, maybe start with a thirty-year-old who can afford her own fins.”

I don’t think her sarcastic kidding was meant to highlight her age, but the coincidence wasn’t lost on Jerry, who pointed his spear in her direction and winked. Kelly reddened when she caught on, and then curled her finger at me to come over to her side. She flipped back the strings on her bikini, indicating she’d like me to tie them, which I did. As the fabric straightened out over her breasts, her nipples made a slightly more prominent stance against the stretchy material than usual. Kelly loves attention, she’s a huge flirt, and I was definitely witnessing straight up hot-guy on hot-girl chemistry in action.

Just as I was starting to feel like a third wheel, Kelly announced, “Ali, we should take a little walk. If we don’t I’ll end up lying here all day.” I helped her up, and she said to Jerry, “Nice meeting you.”

He laid his wetsuit out over a huge smooth log next to the fire pit. “Yeah, you too.”

“See you in a few, neighbor,” I said, waving as we left and feeling my wife’s grip tighten on my other hand. I had no idea what was wrong, but she was submerging something in a quiet pool of tension.


Kelly and I mostly hiked the rest of the day, first along the ocean stained shoreline and then over rocks that resembled pitted asteroids and housed tiny tide pools. After that we took a short drive into Sebastopol to explore the streets in search of a restaurant. The town was quaint, lots of slated wood beach houses and colonial style shops selling folk art and souvenirs. It felt like cheating being inside a shop looking for a pair of sunglasses when our plans were to rough it in a tent, but I’d received a text from Fenton saying he’d be a day late, and that meant our food would be a day late, as well.

Fenton was my boss’s brother-in-law and invited me camping when my boss backed out of the plans due to an allergy flare up, or so he said. When my boss told me I should go in his place, I used Kelly as an excuse to get out of it, but Fenton insisted I bring her along. I’d only met Fenton that month and the whole arrangement felt a little sudden, but Kelly seemed excited to go when I called her, and so that was that, we’d driven to the campgrounds that Friday, yesterday.

Our search for food in Fenton’s absence led us to a small Italian restaurant with a green awning, twinkling lights and plastic grapevines framing the windows, and a tiled checkered floor inside. We ended up having about three glasses of wine each, which embolden me to ask the burning question.

“So why have we dodged Jerry all day.”

“I didn’t realize we had?”

“We haven’t spent more than forty-five minutes at camp.”

“It’s boring at camp.”

“No, you’ve been extremely nervous whenever we’re there. And when he showed up again you practically dragged me into town.”

She gave her wine glass a flick, making the red liquid ripple inwards. “If you must know, he kinda gives me the creeps, OK?”

“Not the creeps––I’ve seen you creeped out by someone, and there’s nothing creepy about Jerry.”

“Well he didn’t look at you like your clothes were transparent.”

I laughed, thinking back on the morning. “What clothes?”

“Very funny, mister, but seriously, he’s too intense.”

He’s intense? Weren’t you the one who cut to the chase about his ex-girlfriend this morning?”

She flicked her wine glass again before gifting me her full attention. “What are you doing, Ali?”

“I just find it odd, that’s all.”

“No, you’re trying to nudge me into feelings I don’t want to have.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Aaron, Seth, Scottie!”

The three glasses of wine had an affect on her speaking volume, and so I shut up before everyone in the restaurant became privy to our kinkiest drama. But her point was clear, and to be honest, I couldn’t deny it. When other men drool over my wife it simply reminds me of what an awesomely fine woman I have on my arm. But there’s been a few times when a guy did more than drool, and pursued her to the point her legs were spread while his dick made a deposit deep inside her little married nook, and for my part I’d done nothing to stop it––quite the opposite, in fact.

The temperature dropped at least twenty degrees by the time we’d parked in the lot and walked back towards the beach, and we leaned into a wind that cut straight through her thin sweat shirt. We kept a brisk pace as I massaged her shoulders and she wrapped her arms tightly around herself. We reached the dark gravel road to our campsite and hiked up the small hill to see a shimmering path of moonlight leading up to a full moon bathing on the endless pitch-black horizon. The shear magic of it inspired me to tease, “Kind of romantic. Think Jerry missed us?”

“Don’t start again! It’s cold, can we please just get back to the tent.”

“Hey, look at that.” From the top of the little hill we could see a campfire burning, and it had to be coming from Jerry’s campsite.

“Is that Jerry?”

“Looks like he’s trying to warm things up for you.”

“Would you stop already!” She tried to sound mad, but a giggle got in the way.

When we reached our tent we discovered the sage brush sheltered the area from the wind. Jerry played his guitar by firelight with a quarter full bottle of Patron beside his sandy feet. It was hard not to feel like we were intruding on his peaceful evening alone, but he insisted we join him. I motioned with my head towards the fire, and Kelly, knowing what kind of mood I was in, narrowed her eyes at me and respectfully accepted. “I’m pretty tired and we don’t want to keep Jerry up, so only for a minute.”

We took a seat on a smooth log and Jerry immediately offered us a plastic cup with a hit of tequila inside. He told us about nearly spearing a bass, while the fire flared up and Kelly slipped off her sweatshirt, leaving her in a tight fitting tee and a stretchy short skirt. Jerry sat across from us, meaning my wife’s knees had to kiss each other in order to keep the color of her underwear secret. One more round of tequila went down, and Kelly’s head came to rest on my shoulder.

Jerry set another log on the fire while telling me about his time in the Philippines, and then poured a third shot as I told him about the river rafting trip Kelly and I went on before we married. It bothered me I had to go back so far in our relationship for a good story, and I kissed her forehead, wishing I could give her the life someone as extraordinary as her deserved. She then passively tapped the cup to my shoulder and downed the tequila. As the residual burn left her throat, she stared into the fire and unconsciously squeezed the cup until a white crease formed on either side.

I decided to ask if Jerry missed having his girlfriend along, knowing the conversation that followed would spark some interest in Kelly.

“I like company at times. Other times it’s nice to be all by yourself––and that’s a hard one to explain to your partner.”

“I bet she was pretty,” Kelly said, responding to the sadness in his voice that I heard as well.

“Yep! Cute with a fitness-junkie’s body. Naturally cute. And I’m just now noticing she had the same sort of eyebrow thing going on as you, which I always liked.”

What?” She laughed. “What eyebrow thing?”

“Ha. Well, there’s always some kind emotion happening up there. Graceful movement. They probably reveal a lot more than you intend.”

I set my hand on her knee, drawing attention to the fact her knees had parted slightly, and she snapped them back together. Her head lifted off my shoulder and her eyebrows tightened as she told him how full of shit he was.

“Well, you’re eyebrows are telling me I shouldn’t argue with you, so I won’t. But, Ali, am I lying?”

“Not at all.”

She pinched my knee, the tickle forcing me to remove it from her fingers. “Weren’t we having a conversation about Jerry’s girlfriend?”

“Really there isn’t anything more to say.”

“Yeah there is,” I interrupted. Something about Jerry, maybe just how easy going he was, made me feel like I could screw with him like a best friend. “You can explain how a cute, twenty-one-year-old fitness-junkie would hook up with an old fart like you.”

Kelly’s mouth dropped open and Jerry laughed.

“Only if you tell me how you pulled a smoking… Um, a fine… Uh, how you pulled a pretty woman like Kelly.”

It was the first awkward moment he’d had, shuffling his language around out of respect for Kelly, and she giggled, “I’ll tell you why a cute little twenty-one-year-old ended up with Jerry.” Her eyes appeared glossy in the flickering light as she studied his face a moment. “Because he looks a lot like James Franco.”

“I knew you were going to say that. And you’re probably right, my girlfriend dragged me to all his movies.”

Her eyelids settled halfway over her pupils and her lips curled into a smile, and whatever scampered through her head was far from innocent. “I don’t blame her. James Franco’s one of the only Hollywood hunkies who doesn’t come off as an egomaniac. Especially considering his face is all over Glamour’s top-ten most sexy lists. I mean, he’s so down to earth, doesn’t it seem like you could just hangout out with the guy?”

I rubbed her back consolingly. “You’re telling me that when you dream of James Franco you’re just hanging out together? You sure you’re not dreaming about an Oscar worthy performance in his dressing trailer?”

Oh my god. That’s totally one of your dreams, not mine.”

My blood froze. Kelly must have been drunker than I realized to allude to our kinky play. She recognized her boo-boo almost immediately, and curled her lips against her teeth and bit them shut.

Fortunately Jerry’s mind was elsewhere. “Yeah, Franco would go for you, I could see that.”

Suddenly eyes were on him. Whether he meant it or not, there was an implication he’d go for Kelly. He finally poked at a log, which released a ribbon of embers along with a faint squeal, as Kelly continued to stare, dumbfounded. “What? You know you’re pretty.”

My wife shook her head in disbelief, forcing him to continue.

“OK, I didn’t mean any disrespect. I’ve never been good at complimenting women, and that’s all I was trying to do. You’re pretty. Really pretty.”

She covered up her eyes and leaned back against me. “Now you’re just fucking with me.”

I decided to come to his rescue. “Kelly’s better at giving compliments than receiving. And don’t let her big innocent peepers fool you––she knows she’s smoking hot.”

Jerry’s poise returned with a smug laugh and she punched me in the arm.

“This is so not fair. I’m not like that at all. You just have a one track mind.”

“Don’t we all.” Jerry said, now coming to my rescue.

She let us sweat a moment before giving Jerry a wicked smile and sinking down off the log, seating herself closer to the fire. Goddamn she could behave sexily. Jerry and I followed her lead––the flames had thinned out and it felt good nearer to the heat. On the ground Kelly had to wrap her arms over her knees and keep her feet together to conceal her panties. Even still, I caught Jerry’s eyes wandering there for a split second.

As the fire burned down into slithering bursts of light, she tapped the back of my calf and I took it to mean I needed to get up. I stood as she reached out a hand, and then I helped her up beside me.

“It’s getting late. We should make a trip to the restrooms while I still have the walk in me.”

After gathering our toothbrushes and flashlight, and thanking Jerry for the fire, I escorted her along the dark path to the bathrooms.

At the peak of the hill, with the black Pacific Ocean sparkling along the western border, Kelly stopped me and hugged her warm body against mine. We silently embraced for a few minutes, and I knew she was building up the courage to tell me something. I had a pretty good idea what, too, since her cheeks burned and her revealing eyebrows took on an alluring slant––a clear indicator she was drunk, horny and seriously ready to fuck.

I kissed her forehead and asked what was on her mind. She looked up at me, the moonlight electrifying her blue eyes. Her hand traveled from my back around to my crotch, but as I went to kiss her, she sprinted away from me.

She didn’t make it five feet before I caught up and lifted her giggling body off the ground. My arms were around her butt and her legs around mine, which placed her breasts just under my face. I leaned her back and rolled my lips across a tee shirt covered nipple.

“OK,” she finally said, “here it goes––if you really, really want something to happen between Jerry and me, then maybe I can work it out.”

I froze a minute, and gently set her down. Obviously she was attracted to Jerry, but I hadn’t expected it go further than kinky talk between her and me. It’s not that I was mad, just surprised. For the past eighteen months she’d referred to her previous affairs as drunken mistakes.

Kelly is attracted to strong, handsome, confident men. If my gorgeous wife is talking to a guy, then without question he is the best looking, funniest, and most charming guy in the room. Unfortunately he often tends to be the biggest asshole, too, like Seth. Seth wasn’t a bad guy, per se, just an extreme opportunist out for some balls to the wall fucking and armed with enough charm to make it happen. I know because I spied on them, and saw a lot more that night than she later confessed to during our naughty bedroom talks. I can only assume she wasn’t exactly proud of losing control of herself with the arrogant prick. And then came a phone call two weeks later, where a very drunk Seth wanted to come by the house for another go. She told him it wasn’t going to happen and wouldn’t ever happen, but it still left her feeling cheap, and cheap is not at all how she views herself. After that she’d made it clear there’d be no other men between her married legs, and so I needed a moment to grapple with my pride over her sudden change of heart with Jerry.

“Did I say something wrong?”

“It’s not that, you just caught me off guard.”

“Oh. Well I just thought you wanted something to…”

“No, no, you’re right. But what happened to ‘never again‘?”

She shrugged her shoulders with a mischievous smile. It was adorably sexy how she couldn’t fully confess to wanting our ruggedly handsome neighbor. “Well? Should I say something to him?”

My mind flashed on her naked body pressed up against Jerry’s, causing my neck to burn and my throat to constrict. It felt like dread and anger, and not the excited reaction our play had initially induced. Then I thought of my boss’s brother-in-law joining us the following afternoon, and it intensified the tightness in my throat.

“This is tough. Fenton will be here tomorrow.”

“And tonight?”

“It’s still going to be weird when he does get here.”

Her forehead softened and sunk with her eyebrows. It slowly rose again as she placed a hand on my less than inspired crotch. “Anything I can do to change your mind?”

“Yes, but don’t.”

Fenton was a weak excuse, and after a moments silence she started back towards the bathrooms. I couldn’t tell if she was frustrated or confused, but coldness had settled on her. It settled on me as well, and I tried to privately deal with the unidentifiable anger creeping up on me.

At the bathroom she took her time cleaning up. Outside I listened to the waves and watched at least twenty moths flutter around the light above the doorway to the woman’s bathroom. On the way back she unexpectedly stopped in the middle of the path. I turned around to see her standing with crossed arms and tilting her head so her blonde ponytail hung over her shoulder.

“You know what, you’re mean!”

I laughed. “I’m mean?”

She began walking again. “Yeah––mean! All day long you keep pestering me about some guy, and then when I finally cave, you get jealous.”

“Jealous! I may be a little jealous in my own special way, but you know that isn’t it. It’s Fenton.” I could feel the heat build on my neck. It was more than Fenton, but I couldn’t explain things beyond him. I didn’t understand it myself. “I don’t want to risk my job. You want to do this when he isn’t around we can make a party of it.”

“But he isn’t around.”

“Babe, not tonight.”

She fell silent again, but clutched my hand when I took hers. She gave it a tight squeeze and placed her other hand around my bicep and her head on my shoulder as we kept walking. My neck cooled, but my throat continued to tighten.

At camp we found Jerry had retired into his tent where some kind of reading light glowed through the nylon fabric. Inside our tent Kelly disrobed, and I began to stroke down her back and rolled her earlobe between my lips. She stopped me before I took it any further, shaking her head and pointing in Jerry’s direction. She whispered that it would be too embarrassing if he heard us. With the faint sounds of the ocean a hundred feet away, we could quietly perform without him knowing, so I knew she was full of it.

“Well, I want Aquaman to hear us. I want him to know I’m over here ravishing my wife.”

She giggled, until the soft peak of my tongue circled her ear, and then she went, “Oooooo! OK, OK!” My thumb followed the ridge of her jaw all the way around and then back again. My lips moved to hers. They collided, crushing softly into one another.

“I love you so much!”

“I love you too!”

My hand slid to her nipple, the nylon sleeping bag whining as my arm brushed over it. My mouth joined my hand. I took in the delicate pink thimble using wet warm suction, and chased it around with my tongue. My humid breath quickly heated her tit, and I squeezed it, forcing the nipple further into my mouth. Her hand brushed into my hair, and then her other hand came up alongside my cheek, directing me back up for a kiss. My fingers went in the opposite direction, slipping down her belly, and then gingerly walked downwards until I felt the feathery tickle of pubic hair. Her hand traveled a similar path, ending with a grip on my throbbing cock. As she pulled the skin up towards the head, I felt blood gush into my dick, filling, stretching and hardening it. She stroked me faster, and my fingers found their way into the tender raw slice between her thighs. Her pussy was so soaked that several drips ran down my finger when the labia parted.

“Something has you worked up.”

“Hmmmm, maybe the thought of our gorgeous neighbor. But don’t dare tell my husband.”

Her words cut me instead of heightening my arousal, although I had no reason to feel hurt––we’ve always made love like this, with talk of another man brining on unprecedented orgasms for us both. The words I spoke next were foreign to me.

“Your husband already knows, and he plans to make you forget all about Jerry.”

More juice streamed down my finger, and it felt criminal not catching it all in my mouth, so I slowly spun around, grabbed her hips, and pulled her on top of me. With her ass in my face, my tongue tore into her snatch. I sealed my lips around her pussy, and the deeper I pushed in my tongue the more she flowed into my mouth. Hot slick fluid pooled at my throat, and I had to suck it down or choke. It had been a long time since I’d experienced her that wet.

Her lips were tautly around my cock, and already she bobbed frantically. She had no patience whatsoever––she needed a cock and needed one bad. Her nose landed in my pubs. Shit it felt good! Her hips began to rock into my face, and her breathing grew intense. Her knees crushed inwards against my arms and released. Her whole body contracted.

It didn’t take long for her orgasm to build, and as the rhythm moved through her body, I tried to tip her over the edge by slipping a finger from either hand into her snatch, and separating the slick folds.

The hurt I felt still burned in my neck, and I thought maybe if I forced myself to play our game it would chase the feeling away. “Bethchya Jerry would love to make a slut out of you. He’d have a field day eating your tight little cooch.”

I stuck my tongue back in just as she screamed, “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” She came good and hard, pulling her mouth off my dick and resting her cheek on my thigh as an army of tingling phantoms swept through her torso, into her tits and arms, down her legs, and finally reaching clear to her toes. She ground her coming pussy roughly against my face, glazing my chin and nose like a soaked wash cloth, and cried, “Oh god, I wish I could feel him. Oh god, I want Jerry to make me come!”

The heat in my neck burst into my whole head, and with it came an urge to shove her ass off my face. Hearing my wife utter his name under the spell of her needy climax, her writhing body ringing it from her lips, was fucking torture. I was absolutely jealous, and not the good kind.

Kelly sucked my cock back into her mouth, her pussy still rubbing itself into my face as her climax trailed off. She bobbed her head quickly, taking on the entire length of my cock. But I hardly noticed. I’d decided why the game was different with Jerry and it troubled me something awful.

Seth and Scottie we’re just toys for Kelly to fuck. And fuck they did, for hours on end, for all she was worth. But when the party was over they went their very separate ways. She might’ve cared a little for Aaron, but only how a little girl cares for a puppy dog. Jerry embodied more. A stoic kindness imbued his voice, his posture and the stories he shared, and he offered a modest maturity the others lacked. His comment about her eyebrows revealed an attentive sensitive man searching for more than an easy lay.

It made sense, my wife was finally willing to fuck another man because Jerry not only stroked a deep chord in her wild pussy, he also tapped the romantic, starry-eyed princess further inside. My princess! The only princess I’d ever want and could never bear to lose.

She brought me back to the business of having my dick sucked when she noticed my erection softening and warned with teasing vindictiveness, “If you’re not going to try, then you’ll leave a girl no choice but to visit our neighbor.”

That remark settled things for me. I lead her head back onto my cock and leaned forward so I could speak softly near her ear. “Still can’t get that bulge in his shorts out of your mind, huh? Still thinking about getting your hands around it, huh?” My dick throbbed in her mouth. “Betchya Jerry’s been doing the same, imagining how you’d look with your panties down and your legs up, and what his big dick looks like sliding into home-plate.”

She released my dick to speak. “Oh god, I’d love to have that sexy man inside me. I’d love to kiss his lips and stroke his hair as we made love.” She took me back into her mouth, and bobbed furiously.

I needed to strip the romance out of our fantasy before jealousy consumed me again. “I don’t think he’s interested in a kiss. Aquaman likes to get wet, and you’re pussy’s so fucking wet.”

Her lips sailed up and down my shaft, her ponytail bouncing in a youthful hypnotic frenzy. Her mouth salivated profusely as the head raced over her tongue. Jesus she was blowing me good, and I quickly reached the edge. When I began to buck my hips faster, she pulled off just long enough to say, “What would my husband think of Jerry getting wet when his wife comes all over him? Hubby wouldn’t approve of that at all.”

My jealousy was completely gone. My starry-eyed princess had been frightened away. This fantasy was between my slut wife and Jerry’s fat cock, and nothing else.

“Fuck that feels good. I betcha he wants to fuck your cute little ass––right in your cute married ass.”

“Ooooo, you think?”

Her mouth almost didn’t make it back on my dick before I popped. I shot stream after stream, making her hum with shock as each stream blasted against the roof of her mouth.

A minute later I was beside her, telling her how much I loved her, how hot she was, and how lucky I was to have her. We cuddled, occasionally saying something to make the other giggle, until her voice became groggy and she drifted off to sleep.

I, on the other hand, lay awake for another couple of hours, silently trying to settle my feelings. Sharing my wife was the ultimate sexual experience, but after what I’d experienced earlier, I feared I might lose the thrill of it to jealousy. Even as I lay there, admitting how much I needed Kelly’s extramarital mash ups, jealousy returned over and over again––not in thoughts, but in sickening lumps of insecurity impossible to swallow.


In the morning I awoke to my shoulder being shaken. My eyes crept open and there was Kelly. “Sweetie, Jerry says there’s something like eighty-percent chance of rain. Do you mind if I go snorkeling with him? It might be the last chance before it rains.”

I was only partially awake as I told her to go ahead, and it was only after she crawled out and the sound of his spear gun rattling in the plastic bucket got further and further away, that I remembered everything we said the night before.

When I opened my eyes again it had to be close to ten. Our campsite was empty, and with a hint of jealous apprehension. I walked over to Jerry’s and peeked inside his tent. Nothing! I ended up taking a walk along the beach to keep from going crazy, then cut inland about two miles down the coast. I tried Kelly’s phone, but of course she’d left in our tent while snorkeling. I then followed the road leading back to the park entrance, looking for decent cup of coffee and torturing myself with Kelly’s whereabouts.

I doubted they’d snorkeled more than an hour, so where was she? Was she…? Were they…? Did they climb out of the ocean and shed their gear? Had they taken a break to sit on one of the smooth rocks in the small cove, stripped down to her bikini and his Speedos? Her hair would be wet and out of its ponytail, clinging to her back in a wavy pattern. Her eyelashes would hold together to form stars around her vibrant blue eyes. Her sympathetic eyebrows would have acquired their alluring slant, with Jerry reading them like a romance novel. And then maybe a turbulent swell would slip into the cove, and she’d cling to him as it crashed around their feet. And when it retreated back out to sea, she wouldn’t immediately let go, because his broad shoulders and hard chest felt too good to lose hold of. He wouldn’t be able to resist my wife, no man can, and that would mean Kelly would have to be good for both of them.

So was she? Was my wife behaving herself? Or was she letting his toughened hands travel within the confines of her bikini. Was he touching places defenseless against such a captivatingly handsome man? Was her avid libido betraying both of us as his fingers pressed into the soft flesh of her bosom? My neck burned, and panic stirred within my chest.

In a daze I grabbed a coffee at the tiny general store, the paper cup dampening in my sweaty palm, and I hurried back to camp.

At the top of the hill I spotted a Mini Cooper parked at the end of the ranger’s road. Beyond that it became a foot trail only. I heard my name and looked to see Fenton sitting on a cooler next to the car. He’d apparently gotten off to an early start and arrived several hours ahead of time.

“Good timing, Aleee, now you can help me carry my shit down.” I don’t know why he always accentuated the last part of my name, but I took it as a compliment.

We shook and then he pulled out a smaller bag and got out the camera packed inside it. He then attached a telephoto lens and aimed towards the beach. As far as views go, it didn’t get much better than the end of the ranger trail. As he snapped away, I set his duffle bag on top of the ice chest and lifted them both.

“Hold up, Aleee, we got some boom-chika-wow-wow going on. Check it!”

He handed me the camera as I set the cooler back down. He aimed it towards our campsite as my heart began to race. Through a break in the tall sage brush, in the same spot where Kelly and I spied the glow of Jerry’s campfire the night before, I now saw my wife pressed up against the fit spear fisherman’s chest. I froze as I realized she was massaging his shoulders. She wore only her bikini, and he had on nothing but board shorts, so her barely covered tits contacted just beneath his chest, and her flat uncovered stomach rested against rippled abs. His hands ran down her back and over her ass. He then spun her around by the waist, his hands journeying upwards as her mostly exposed butt cheeks crushed against his groin. He cupped her breast just long enough to delectably squeeze them––a sip before accepting a full glass.

They stayed there a moment, swaying gently to the rhythm of the sage in the wind. Fingers then crept into her bottoms, lifting and tugging down the elastic and traveling through her trimmed pubs. His face nestled against her hair, as if inhaling the scent of it. A dimple cut into his cheek as he kissed his way through the blonde strands. Her lips parted, as his hand pushed further into her suit, a finger most likely hooked into her wet velvet interior.

What I witnessed was not X-rated, but rather an R-rated romance, where emotion guided the sex and not the other way around. My neck burned and the heat traveled down my spine, tightening the muscles along my arms and jaw. My heart raced at the thought of Fenton beside me, privy to my wife’s total betrayal.

I had no idea how to handle the situation. Kelly was being fingered by another man in front of my boss’s brother-in-law. My worst nightmare had come true. For a moment I considered letting my jealousy overcome me and make a furious scene just to save face. Then I quickly ran through all possibilities of Fenton being persuaded not to say anything to my boss, and all seemed unlikely.

“Isn’t that our spot?”

My mouth had dried and my voice cracked as a result. “It’s our neighbors. Ours is one over.”

“So who’s the dude getting it on with your wife?”

When he said that it felt like my heart stopped beating altogether. About a million different thoughts passed through my mind and the growing panic caused my arm to shake as I handed back his camera.

“I’m only fucking around, man. Wasn’t she gonna come, though?”

It finally registered with me that he’d never met Kelly––he had no idea the girl roiling in ecstasy was my wife. Rubbing my thumbnail over my brow, I apologized for her being unable to make it, and chuckled, “I guess it’s going to be a guy’s weekend.”

“Sucks she couldn’t come. Actually, I forgot the fins I had for her, so that solves that.” He peered through the camera again. “So we’re peeping on our neighbors, huh? Oh shit, you didn’t tell me he started fingering her. Awesome! She’s crazy fine! Oh yeah, she’s giving him a reach around. That’s a girl. You got his attention now.”

Fenton’s update caused the heat to spread everywhere. I tried to dispel the thought of my wife’s hand on another man’s dick by changing the subject. “I meant to call you before you left. I heard there’s about eighty-percent chance of rain later today.”

He was too busy grinning behind his camera to hear me, so I repeated myself.

“It’s like thirty-percent, it won’t rain.”

“Oh, I must have heard wrong.”

“Betchya fifty bucks he fucks her on that log.”

“Fenton, they’re our camping neighbors, man, don’t you think we owe them a little privacy?”

“Hey, they wanna get busy in broad daylight I say we owe it to them to watch. Oh shit, her top is off. We’ve got titties, Aleee! Goddamn, I’m telling ya, our neighbor’s are about to get their groove on.”

My stomach plummeted a mile a second. “Come on Fenton, we have to go down there and face them in a minute.”

“Take it easy, Aleee, they won’t know.”

“Well, our neighbor strikes me as the type who punches first and asks questions later, so you better hope he doesn’t find out.”

“Maybe, but right now he’s too busy squeezing on those titties to notice. You gotta see this, Aleee!”

Fenton handed me the camera, but I shook my head no.

“Lighten up man, it’s not every day you get to see some hot chick taking one in public.” He peered through the view finder again. “Oh dude, you really need to see this, he’s about to stick it in her ass.”

“Stop making shit up.”

“Wait, first he’s going to tongue it––gonna provide a little A-T-D action!”


“Anal tongue darts!”

“Jesus Christ, he is not sticking his tongue in her ass. Give me that camera!”

He handed it over. Fenton would just keep going if I didn’t look, so with one eye up against the viewer I focused on my wife and Jerry in action. Fenton told the truth about her tits being out, but if she had stroked his cock, she wasn’t anymore. Her ass remained snuggled against his crotch, but her bottoms were still on, and he certainly wasn’t fucking her, let alone slipping it into her ass.

I felt anything but relief, however, as he tilted her head upwards to meet his lips, and they kissed each other long and deep. His left hand still busily fingered away inside her bikini bottoms, but the kiss is what got me. The kiss is what caused me to lose all hope. That wasn’t my slut wife with some guy’s fingers jammed up her cooch, it was my starry-eyed princess spiraling into a forbidden romance with a man who’d make any woman believe in fairytales.

My wife’s face looked as sweet and innocent as ever, even as his hand grazed over her trimmed pussy and his fingers climbed upwards inside. Her bikini bottoms were stretched completely down in front by the back of his hand, the tendons in his forearms rippling. He could’ve easily had two fingers inside her, taking a long deep trip into her buttery snatch.

She ground her hips forwards as fingers were thrust inside, and she rested the full weight of her body against him, clutching his thighs for support.

“Sucks your wife couldn’t make it. Larry tells me she’s as cute as Jennifer Lawrence. I hoped for some bikini action.”

“Do you know no boundaries, Fenton? If I ever do introduce you I’ll be sure she’s wearing a nice big one piece.”

“You know me, I’m always going off on Larry about his fine-ass, jailbait wife and she’s my sister.”

“Jeeze, Fenton!”

I became suddenly distracted when my wife almost collapsed to her knees. The euphoria of an approaching orgasm rendered her legs useless. Jerry caught her waist, helped her back to standing. As he lowered his head to kiss my wife again, fear surged in her eyes. She broke free of his arms and wrapped hers over her bare tits. Her head tilted forwards, away from Jerry.

Something was wrong. My jealous anger fizzled out faster than a Mexican skyrocket, and I felt the urge to go to her and hug her in my arms around until the fearful look was gone.

I set the camera against my chest, and saw that Fenton was still talking to me and hadn’t noticed Kelly freaking out. If he had noticed, there’d be no explaining it, so I began snapping my fingers excitedly, and shouted, “Shit, I completely forgot.” I reached into my pocket, pulled out my wallet and slipped Fenton three twenties. “I helped them finish off a bottle of Patron last night, and told them I’d have you bring a fresh one.”

“No need, I brought some bourbon and wine.”

“That’s not the same. Look, I’ll carry down your gear if you can drive back to town real fast and grab one for me.”

“I just got here, hombre.”

“Come on, they just provided a little X-rated entertainment, it’s the least you could do.”

He finally agreed, and then asked if I needed anything else from town, and I told him I only needed the tequila. He then backed his Mini Cooper down the small ranger road towards the parking lot, where he turned around and headed towards the gate. I grabbed his canvas bag of fins and another holding wetsuits, and rushed down to our camp as fast as I could.

As I approached, I caught sight of Jerry gently stroking her back, his other hand holding her shoulder. Her hand rested over his, but she still couldn’t look at him.

“Kelly!” I called, as I stepped around from the sage brush.

At the sound of my voice she dropped to her knees and picked up her top. With graceful but hurried maneuvering she draped it over her bare tits and took a seat on the log bench. Funny she felt the need to cover herself up at the sight of me––her own husband. I stared at both of them, hunting for the words to begin.

Her voice cracked as she spoke up first. “It’s not what you think.” It was such a guilty thing to say that my jealously instantly returned.

“Don’t say anything––just let me talk for a minute. Fenton’s here and we both saw everything that went on.”

“What do you mean you saw everything?”

“Exactly what I said, he had a camera with a telephoto lens and he saw everything down here.”

Jerry actually broke his silence. “Ali, you cool? Kelly seemed to think you’d be cool with…” He cut himself off before revealing too much.

“I’m fine, but I need a minute with my wife.”

“Yeah, sure!” He discretely shifted his wilting erection downwards to hide it as he walked towards the beach about thirty yards. I think he was actually relieved to get away from the situation.

“Before you say anything,” my wife began, “it’s not Jerry’s fault. We didn’t plan for this to happen, I swear. I came back here to find you, and when I couldn’t, I just lost my head. We talked about it happening so much yesterday, and then everything you said last night replayed in my head. And Jerry’s been a total gentleman all day, I swear. It was me. I don’t know how it started… I just… I just lost it.”

She slouched forwards and her arms remained tightly locked across her chest, hiding her beautiful tits from me. Her eyes settled on my face, and then my chest, and finally the ground. The confusion looming within highlighted the innocence I’d seen earlier. The heat in my neck had completely returned, and with it an urge to share my pain.

“Fenton saw everything, babe. This is exactly why I asked you not to do this.”

“I know, Ali, I just–”

“You just lost your head, I get it. But what Fenton doesn’t know is that you’re my wife, and that’s how it’s going to stay.”

“What does that mean?”

I yelled, “Jerry, would it be alright if Kelly crashes in your tent for tonight?”

My wife was shaking her head no as he came back into camp. “I guess so, what’s up?”

Ignoring Kelly’s concern, I answered, “She’ll explain it to you.” I then grabbed her sleeping bag and clothes, and moved them into Jerry’s tiny tent.

Kelly used it as an opportunity to get her top back on, and then grabbed my arm and pulled me away from camp. “Can’t we just go home, Ali?”

“Not really. I let Fenton think you guys were a couple, I didn’t have much of a choice, so unless you can think of something else, you’ve got yourself a new bunk mate.”

She crossed her arms and sort of looked at me with one eye. “You realize you’ve just given Jerry the wrong idea about me.”

“From what I saw earlier he doesn’t have the wrong idea at all.”

“It’s not just Fenton, is it? I knew it! It felt like you were there watching, like you wanted it to happen, and then all of a sudden you were gone. It was just me and Jerry alone. I felt it––you’d left me.”

I looked over to see him rearranging his campsite, and I instantly felt like an asshole for not thinking this through. She’d succumbed to Jerry, but she also found it within herself to put a stop to it––for me. And then I go and put her in this predicament. I hugged her against me, and kissed her head. Her warmth flowed through me, and I never wanted to let her go.

“Just for a couple of days, babe, we can do this.”

She clutched me tighter.

I dearly wanted to comfort her. “We’ll talk about this later, I promise.”

She twirled a finger into my dark hair and kissed my lips. “I don’t feel good about this, Ali. I just don’t.”

“You’ll be fine, I know you will. You like his company. And I’ll be right here.”

She quietly hung on me a moment longer, watching Jerry’s strong back as he hammered a tent spike into the ground, making the tent fabric exceptionally taut for a few extra inches of room.

“I know, but tonight he’s going to think it’s OK to…”

“I just watched you put a stop to it. You’ll be fine.”

She rolled her head against my chest and looked away from Jerry. “If it’s not OK, you need to say something to Jerry about it, Ali. I don’t know what’s going on with you, and now you’re putting me in his bed. You need to say something about it.”

“I’ll work on it, babe. Don’t worry about anything now, just have fun. We’ll worry about tonight when it gets here.”


Fenton returned with the Tequila and Kelly vanished into Jerry’s tent. Only then did I recognize the situation was more awkward and embarrassing for her than me. I helped Fenton quickly erect his tent, and then the two of us made our way down to the beach where we snorkeled along the cliff face.

Afterwards, as I walked back from the beach, I spied Kelly doing a cartwheel up on the hiking trail along the northern cliff. She landed on her feet and then turned to throw several playful punches into Jerry’s chest. He gave her ass a spank and she ran ahead of him. I’d smelled pot around the campsite earlier, and she seemed to have grown amazingly relaxed with the situation.

They both disappeared into splotchy shadows cast by a large tangle of Oregon Myrtle, and thoughts of what I’d seen that morning haunted me once again. The look on her face as his fingers worked magic on her pussy had been so vividly ingrained that I could almost hear her moaning in my ear. Were they about find a nice secluded spot to finish what they’d started? Would his dick be the instrument of choice for round two with my wife’s incorrigible pussy? I doubted it, but only because I knew they’d take their time, savoring each other’s company, and let it build into a long passionate night of sex. I know because that’s what I’d do if I were trying to win the heart of a girl as awesome as Kelly. They would kiss, however, I was almost certain of it. And I fretted over seeing her later, knowing by then she may belong to someone else.

After a dinner prepared on a propane burner, Fenton and I headed down to the rock jetty with a bottle of wine to watch the sunset. As the sky bleed red into purple and the waves shredded themselves against the barnacle encrusted rocks and settled into quiet pools of froth, I temporarily forgot about my wife and Jerry.

Fenton bringing a nice Cabernet was a bit of a surprise, since I’d anticipated a twenty-four-year-old to be all about pounding beers. Apparently coming from money at least provided the elements of class that are purchasable.

On our way back to camp, we passed a beach bonfire, and spotted Kelly and Jerry amongst the ten or so people struggling to remember the words to ‘I Will Survive’. Fenton, about five steps ahead of me, made his way towards the group and introduced us. A girl wearing a skin tight sweat jacket offered us a beer, and Fenton grabbed a seat in the sand next to Jerry. Almost immediately Fenton told everyone about his friend Chang who’d bleached his hair orange, and so Fenton started calling him Orangou-Chang. From then on he was pretty much the life of the party.

With some encouragement from Fenton, Jerry finally broke his silent bit to tell a few surfing stories, which then led into how he worked as an engineer six months out of the year and spent the other six answering the call of the wild. Even Fenton was impressed.

Kelly got up, saying she needed to use the bathrooms and turn in early. Jerry arose too, but she told him to stay and have fun. I then got up and volunteered to escort her, explaining I needed to make the same trip myself. Around the first bend of tall European beach grass and just out of ear-shot, I asked if she’d been having fun.

“Actually, yeah. I had a great time, in fact. You?”

“I did alright. Fenton’s a trip. I’ll probably be sore tomorrow from swimming so much.”

“Aw, nice. He seems like a pretty funny guy. I probably would’ve had a crush on him when I was twenty.”

“I missed you,” I said, as my hand took hold of hers.

“Good!” Her firm tone and smirk made it clear she blamed me for our situation. As we walked to our tent and then up to the showers, she explained how Jerry took her to a shady secluded spot off the hiking trail and massaged her shoulders as she looked out on the grand view of the Pacific.

“Are you mad?”

“No, but that’s all? That’s everything that happened?”

“Well… There was another kiss.” My hand tensed over hers, but she continued. “He was really sweet about it. He just pushed my ponytail aside and kissed my neck before I even knew what was happening. I don’t even think he realized what he was doing, because when I turned around, his hands were up in the air and he looked totally apologetic.”

“I’m sure he didn’t realize he was fingering you earlier, either.”

“You are mad!”

“I’m not.”

“And you’re not being fair. Jerry had the wrong idea then. And you’re the one who asked me to be his pretend-a-girlfriend.”

“So he has the right idea now?”

She rolled her eyes in my direction, and laughed with an inflated sigh. “I don’t know. Did you talk to him, yet?”

“I haven’t had a chance.”

“Then I guess he still thinks you have a hardon for him to screw your wife.”

Her gate livened up and she couldn’t hold back a big toothy smile. Her comment was meant as playful encouragement, intending to crush my negative shit by being her awesomely fun self. Next she jumped on my back, expecting a piggyback ride up to the showers. It worked, my jealousy simmered down until I could only think about her strong thighs wrapped around my waist.

She then whispered into my ear, “You really should have said something to Jerry.”

“Why’s that? And I don’t see why you can’t explain it.”

“Because when I tried to explain it he already had me in his arms again.” Her voice became a seductive whisper, and she spoke right into my ear. “He was pointing out to the cove, to a pointy rock sticking straight up out of the water, and told me it was called Sundial Rock. And while he told me this, I could feel his cock press against my butt, and he wasn’t exactly soft.” Kelly gently breathed into my ear, filling it with passionate heat and leaving residual cool moisture in its wake. I wanted to stop her and make her confess to kidding around, but hearing her say the word “cock” caused mine to respond. Having her clutched tightly onto me and talking dirty held my jealousy at bay, where it heightened my arousal instead of destroying it.

“He began to push it against me, soft and slow enough that it didn’t feel deliberate. But then his hands brushed lower onto my hips, so there was no pretending his cock grinding against my butt wasn’t intentional.”

She paused to momentarily take my earlobe into her teeth, giving it a little nip. “Then I felt Jerry’s thumbs slip into my bottoms, stretching down the waistband.” She suddenly stopped whispering close to my ear, and loudly announced, “This is my stop!” She jumped off my back and quickly fled into the women’s showers, blowing me a kiss as she rounded the corner.

Son-of-a-bitch did I want to follow her, but someone else was bound to show up at this time of night. Instead I entered the men’s room and showered alone. As the warm water hit my face, I wondered what the hell was happening. Four hours ago I dreaded the thought of Jerry seducing my wife, and now I found myself really turned on by my slutty wife’s behavior. God did I want to sneak her into my tent for the night and hear the rest of the story.

After getting dressed and brushing my teeth, I waited outside the woman’s bathroom for over ten minutes. I began to question if I’d missed her, but then I heard her sneakers squeak on the smooth concrete floor inside. When she finally came out, my nose took in the smell of orange flower body oil. The oil also highlighted her skin in a magic way. I let her know how incredible she looked while hugging her tightly against me.

“I’ll never get used to how beautiful you are.”

She stepped back a foot and pulled the elastic waistband down on her yoga pants. As the waist lowered to her thigh, I suddenly realized what she was doing––she’d shaved herself, clean and smooth. Zero hair surrounded the keyhole fold at the start of her pussy, and no doubt the rest of it was every bit as bald. Damn!

“Oh shit! You gotta let me feel it.”

I stepped towards her, closing the gap between us, and as she held the waist band down for me. I set my hand against her pubic mound. It was super smooth, and I wondered what it would feel like once it had been slicked over with her juices. She quickly pulled away, spun me around and jumped on my back again.

“No petting the kitty tonight.”

“There’s nothing left to pet.”

“Are you saying you don’t like it?”

“Oh no, I like it alright! It proves my wife is as naughty as they come.”

“Oh that’s right, I was telling you about my afternoon with Jerry, wasn’t I?”

The feel of her bald pussy pressed against my back, with only the thin material of her yellow-ochre yoga pants to protect it, turned my dick into a gangplank. I had to hold my shower-bag over my crotch to hide the boy.

“Did I already get to the part where he fucked me?”

The humorous inflection in her voice gave her away. “You lying son-of-a….”

She broke into laughter. “I’m sorry!”

“So did you make up everything?”

“Everything after the massage.”

“Why? I was going out of my mind waiting for you back there.”

“I know. I know. I just couldn’t help it.”

“Why then?”

“You’ve been acting mad at me all morning. You’ve been acting kind of mad all day after what happened. You even seemed a little bit mad last night.”

“I’m not mad.”

“I know. At least now I do. Or at least I know you aren’t mad about what happened this morning.”

“Jesus, how did I ever marry such a crazy woman?”

She began to tickle my chest and neck until I threatened to drop her.

“So, are you sure you’re going to be OK with me in his tent?”

“Why, are you going to be OK with it?”

“It depends. I mean, I was worried you were mad, and now…”

“And now?”

“Well, it’s like Jerry’s a total guy, but he’s sweet and respectful. I feel mean about this whole arrangement.”

“He got to spend the day with the hottest chick on this beach. Trust me, he’s glad for the company.”

“I don’t know. He didn’t sign on for a pretend-a-girlfriend. What if he wants to bring one of those girls back for the night and can’t because of me.”

“The more the merrier.”

“Ali, I’m serious. He must think I’m a complete mental case after what happened earlier, and I can’t have him thinking worse of me than he already does––not if I have to spend another day with him. And I feel like I’ve been leading him on even though I’ve tried really hard not to.”

My dick softened and my neck burned again. She spoke like a bashful school girl with a massive crush. He was more than a just the stud in our game, and it pissed me off. We’d reached the tent and she slid off my back and took hold of my hand. “He’ll understand, babe, you don’t owe him anything.”

Softening me up with a hug, she pleaded, “Please talk to Jerry. He’s been too sweet to me. I need you to set him straight on this arrangement. And ask if he wouldn’t mind sleeping in his jeans for tonight.”

I’m supposed to ask him to keep his pants on?”

“I’m imposing on his privacy enough as it is. I can’t ask.”

There was a gleam in her eye that contradicted everything she said. She’d shaved her pussy––clearly she was in the mood. She wanted me to talk with Jerry, because she’d already decided to give herself to him. And the awkwardness of their situation was ripe for a quirky, romantic night of passion. My neck felt as if it were on fire. I hesitated to speak as I tried to find a way around my pride and ask her back to my tent. The gleam in her eye only grew stronger as I held her cheek in my palm.

She then startled me by quickly kissing my face, and then dropped down and climbed into Jerry’s tent. Only then did I hear someone coming up the path leading from the beach.

It was Jerry, and as he walked into camp, he informed me Fenton had drank quite a bit and could probably use a friend. I quietly led him back a ways, trying to find the words to say my wife was off limits. But no matter how I worded it, I sounded pathetic. The heat my neck grew intense. It was humiliating, horribly so. This was an even more unwelcome feeling than the jealousy. Then I flashed on a future where Kelly was being fucked by every good looking guy we met as I tapped them on the shoulder, asking them to please stop doing that. I had no intentions of being an insecure jealous husband who started fights or pleaded with other men because his wife handed out pussy like Halloween candy.

Jerry stared at me in silence, his blue eyes taking sympathy on my plight in a way that only made me angrier. I couldn’t do it. The words simply didn’t exist in me, because it was not my decision to make. It had to Kelly. It would be her chance to redeem herself for what she’d done that morning. I forced a grin and thanked him for helping us out of our predicament, which brought a relieved smile to his face.

“You don’t have to thank me, man. Your wife is awesome. I’m grateful to have met her.” He then added, “…to have met both of you, actually.”

Ha! He didn’t give a rat’s ass about me beyond the fact I’d just stepped aside so he could try to fuck my “awesome” wife. He then entered his tent and jokingly said, “Honey, I’m home.” I gritted my teeth and made my way down the path to the beach once more.

As I approached the bonfire, I saw the crowd had thinned down to three guys and Fenton. The booze mangled his speech. I slapped a hand on his back and suggested he contemplate getting into the ocean with a massive hangover tomorrow. The thought of it sobered him up just long enough to call it a night. I led him to his tent and then climbed into my own.

The ocean was relatively calm, so I listened over the faint sound of breaking waves for anything going on between Jerry and my wife. I could hear the rustling of sleeping bags, and the occasional giggle, but nothing to indicate she’d be on his dick anytime soon. I probably listened intensely for over a half hour before it became real quiet and I knew they’d fallen asleep.

My mind continued to spin, however, and I shifted my body from side to side, unable to get comfortable. Sudden fortitude brought me up to my knees. I had to end this. It was stupid to hide my insecurity from my wife and then blame her for not coddling it––especially if it meant losing her to another man.

I scooted out of my tent onto the cold sand. I wrapped my arms around myself and stepped over to their site, quietly so as not to wake Fenton or Jerry. And then I heard it.

For a moment I thought Kelly might’ve whispered something to me through the tent window, but the sound of her voice trailed into breath only. And before I could move again, I realized Jerry was not only awake, but inside her. She moaned a second time, louder than before. I heard Jerry, too, echoing her with a murmur like he’d taken a very satisfying bite of dinner. They continued this way, creating a slow sexual rhythm that cut through the outside air where I stood. A dog barked from down the shore, and hearing it alongside my wife’s audacious, spoken pleasure, reminded me our campsites were in a public space. My heart dropped, my throat dried and my jaw locked up tight.

A minute more and the sound of two bodies coming together punctuated their moans––a dull slap, forceful and paced. My wife’s moaning also shifted to an, “Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh!” She took more of his cock, and felt it.

They kept it going, their sounds increasing as they lost their heads in the heat of the moment. Soon Kelly muttered words at speaking volume, “Oh Jesus! Be gentle!”

“Of course. All I ever hear is be gentle. It’s the burden of the well-endowed.”

She giggled, but the joyful sounds were lost, torn to pieces by the throat crippling pleasure of having his cock sink into her.

“God!” Jerry exclaimed, his voice only slightly more controlled than my wife’s. “You’re dangerous.”

“I’m dangerous?”

“Because you’re so amazing!”

“You feel amazing. Soooo amazing!”

“You feel even more incredible than I imagined, and I’d imagined way more than I should’ve.”

“Oh my God, Jerry! Just don’t stop doing what you’re doing––promise you won’t ever stop!”

“You’re that one chick I always feared––the one that makes me wanna give up everything for a night that never ends.”

“You’re as silly as you are sweet.”

“Silly, huh? I’ll show you just how silly I can be,”

“Oooooooh! Silly feels very nice.”

The sounds of their bodies colliding increased. A breeze swept my hair across my neck, tickling the skin as it flooded with heat. I stood there for well over five minutes, wearing only boxers and a tee shirt, but the sobering cold did nothing to cool my jealousy.

Rustling sounds came again and the tent shook and a bulge from a knee scraped down its side as the occupants changed position. Once settled, they picked it up again, my wife telling him he could be a little less gentle. Her firm ass then rang in the night like a snare drum as he stepped up his game. And she loved it, crying a soft song over Jerry’s up-tempo beat.

“Jesus how I’ve wanted you. Oh my god you’re huge.”

“Remind me to thank your husband’s friend for showing up when he did.”

She giggled.

“How’s that feel? Too much?”

“No! It’s wonderful. God, Jerry, you are so fucking sexy.”

I couldn’t take it any longer and stepped backwards towards my tent. It was happening. Aquaman was stealing my wife. I almost stumbled, imagining how Kelly laughed each time I’d called him that, our little inside joke. Fuck!

The closer I got to my tent, the more aggressive their love making became. Her moans were teetering on animalistic, originating deeper in her throat, lowering in sound, succumbing to his tender torture. The volume followed me, they weren’t letting me escape. I stared hopelessly at their domed tent, silhouetted by the light sage brush. It was just a still, dark hump along the dusty clearing, and yet it had become the most evil shape imaginable––a UFO here to abduct everything I cared about.

Then it shook, and then it shook again. This time I caught a bulge appearing along the south wall. When it appeared a second time I could tell it was an ass protruding out from the tent’s side. It continued to appear each time he pulled out of my wife, and then disappeared again, as he returned his cock deep inside her. It was hardly pornographic looking, but any visual confirmation made what they were doing all the more obscene. The motion of his long deep strokes we’re revealed. Long. Loving. Strokes.

“Oh jeezus! You are going to make me come, Jerry!”

“Come, baby. Come for me!”

“Oh god! Oh god! Oh my GOD”

Kelly’s cry rose into unintelligible madness. Jerry’s ass picked up speed.

“I’m right behind you, baby!”

His raspy growl joined her tortured wine, until his ass stopped bulging through the tent, and together they came. He was squirting deep inside my wife under the still dome as I stood outside in the cold. For almost a minute they came, good, hard and loudly. And then it was all heavy breathing and whispers, and the sound of resilient lips uniting and separating, or perhaps they nipped at another part of the body. Maybe she even kissed his big cock.

I don’t remember getting into my tent after that. My mind had receded to a place even more claustrophobic than the tiny nylon interior. Anger wasn’t there. Neither was jealousy, not really. The expression “life goes on” kept surfacing in my mind. I understood it’s meaning differently now. It wasn’t about moving on with my life––life simply had no interest in me. It rolled downhill like a bus with a failed parking brake, either missing me entirely or running straight me over. I became upset with my part in driving my wife into his arms, but in all fairness to myself, she would’ve fucked him regardless. I could’ve begged or fought, but emotions would’ve only sped up the inevitable. If her love for me wasn’t enough to stop her, what could?

Maybe that’s why I got off watching her with other men, because deep down I knew it was all I could ever really do––stand by while the inevitable happened. For a brief moment I imagined Seth’s ass had poked against the tent wall and it was his dick plowing into my hot swinger wife. And as confusing as it sounds, it actually gave me a welcomed erection. But the reality couldn’t be staved––she snuggled against Jerry, not Seth, drawn to all his fun and sexy quirks and comforting savvy. The very things I believed she’d found only with me.


I pulled Kelly’s arm so hard she had to jerk it from my grasp and grab her shoulder in pain.

“Don’t wake Jerry, just hurry up and get out here.”

She dragged a pair of shorts out the door of the tent with her. She was nude from the waist down. She’d spent the night nude by his side with a freshly shaved snatch. I could see something resembling guilt in her face as she quickly put on the shorts, careful not to get sand inside.

The stretchy cotton short-shorts had thin black horizontal stripes traveling out over her butt and around to her flat front side. The stripes seemed to graph her perfect figure, or at least a very narrow section of it, with the shorts begining a millimeter above the V of her ass, and ending quickly, leaving the bottom of each cheek exposed. They looked gorgeous but did little to protect her from the cold.

“Hurry! Come on, come on!”

“OK, OK! What’s so important?”

“You’ll know soon enough.”

She wasn’t moving fast enough, so I began to tug at her arm again. She picked up her pace and hurried behind me.

“You’re almost scaring me.”

“Yeah?” I asked, with growing optimism in my voice. I held up the camera I’d been carrying in my other hand, as to confirm her escalating apprehension.

“I have to pee.”

“No time!”

As I crossed the beach for a second time that morning, I noticed the sun now splattered the clouds gold and orange, but the mountains still kept the rays clear of the land, leaving the sand cool with a pleasant lavender tint, like faded eye shadow. Even with the clarity morning brings, I still didn’t know how to feel about Kelly giving herself to Jerry, but as I headed back to camp for my camera, I knew I had to share my find with her.

She again asked where we were going, as I led her along the damp rocks that formed one side of the cove. We’d cleared the peak of the rock jetty, and could now see into the cove. I stepped down a ways and searched the water.

“What are we looking for?”

“You’ll see. If we didn’t miss it.”

The water in the cove was deep, but the white sand along the bottom bounced just enough dim morning light to make the clear water glow. Most of the cove floor was visible with the exception of a few large patches of kelp along the far wall. Then, emerging from one of the large black kelp patches came something like a missile. It continued to stretch outwards and grow, until it finally separated and moved towards us. The way it snaked along the ocean floor it couldn’t be anything other than a shark. The length was anywhere from ten to fifteen feet and I have no idea what kind, but it was big and clearly a shark.

I kneeled on the last row of rocks and held up my camera, as Kelly grabbed my shoulders and nervously dug in her fingers.

“Is that…”

Oh yeah!”

“We need to back up. We’re standing too close.”

“I think we’re fine.”

“I’m never going in there again, you know that, right?”

“Is that so?” I challenged, and then grabbed her arm and jerked her off balance for a moment. She screamed, and almost knocked me in trying to push back against the rocks.

“Ali, don’t even play.”

I turned around laughing and saw the amused fright in her face. A rose light illuminated her skin. She was filled with vital life while the surrounding natural landscape slept quietly in morning shadows. Having spent the night in a stuffy tent after intense moving sex seemed to have no effect on her––she looked fresh and beautiful, a face straight out of a swimsuit catalogue. The mere sight of her erased any chance of living a life without her, even if I didn’t yet know the way back. My insecurities hardened over into concrete confidence, and I took her face into my palms and kissed her lips softly.

“I love you, Ali. I really do.”

I swept my hand down her cheek, and then across her lips as she kissed my passing fingers. We then looked back at the water, where the black creature moved slowly away from us. It entered the dark area masked by kelp, and we watched patiently to see where he’d emerge next. I had never felt such a clear distinction between land and ocean. It was hard to believe I swam in those very waters just yesterday. And then something snapped in my head, the growing confidence in me overwhelmed even my primal fear of the shark. I handed Kelly the camera.

“What are you doing Ali?”

“Just get a good shot, OK.”

I kicked off my shoes and dropped my pants, and then pulled off my shirt while keeping balance on the damp rocks.

“You are not going in there. Don’t even pretend!”

“It’s just a little cold water.” I lowered my foot until it broke the surface. It was actually freezing cold water.

She grabbed my arm. “No!”

“Just be ready to take a picture.”

“I’m not letting go.”

“You have to. I’ll be OK.”

“I do not have to.”

I smiled and began lowering myself into the cold ocean, until she had to let go or come in with me.

My body suddenly plunged into the water right up to my chin. The crest of a tiny wave hit me in the mouth just as I gasped for warm air. I didn’t choke but the taste of salt flooded my mouth and attacked my tongue. The shock of how cold it was gave me another good reason to pop right out again, but I had to do this. I’d stood by listening to my wife get fucked, and couldn’t move to stop it. I was the one who needed to prove something to myself, and maybe her. I needed to prove it wasn’t due to a lack of courage.

I dog paddled out from the rocks as Kelly complained. Being so close to the surface of the water made it harder to see into it, leaving Kelly with the task of informing me to the shark’s whereabouts.

“Is he still in the kelp?”

“I don’t see him.”

“Shit, he might have swum back out to sea.”

“Good! Come back to the rocks.”

“Almost. Just give him a few more seconds.”

Kelly’s eyes shot open desperately wide. “Ali, here he comes. Get out!”

“Get a picture, quick!”

I could see him now––shooting out of the kelp straight for me. Kelly snapped two pictures as the shadowy predator quickly crossed over the white sand. I swam the few yards back to the rocks as she waved at me frantically and shouted, “Hurry, hurry, hurry!” I took hold of the smooth wet rocks and tried to plant a foot on a thin ledge while fighting against an undercurrent. With every bit of strength I had, I locked my fingers into two shallow pits, and pulled myself against the rock, while my legs lifted me up. I scrambled quickly up the first shelf of rock with Kelly pulling on my armpits. When I turned around I saw the shark had changed course and now headed back out to sea. I have no way of knowing exactly when he lost interest in me, but I’m convinced it wasn’t until my heels left the water. It was the craziest, bravest thing I’d ever done, and adrenaline exploded through my body.

As soon as I sat up, she kissed me on the lips and then punched me twice in the chest. “Why would you do that to me? You scared me to death.”

“Just please tell me you got a picture.”

She handed me the camera and we took a moment to view the images. She was upset with me, but not really, and more than anything she was excited and loaded with adrenaline herself. As we settled down, however, the sea breeze picked up, and she stood, rubbing a hand speedily along her exposed legs.

“I think I need to get something warmer on and I still have to pee.”

I didn’t immediately stand up. Our moment would end if we returned to camp, she must have known that. I just snapped, and without thinking I firmly stated, “I see, can’t wait to get back to Jerry, huh?”

She smiled teasingly. “Well, he does run pretty hot.”

I inhaled a deep troubled breath, before I realized I was doing it and stopped.

“What’s wrong? Jerry? Again?”

“It’s nothing.”

She sat back down on the rocks. “Ali, I’d be lying if I said I understood how you feel, because I don’t understand it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining that get I get to screw any handsome guy I feel like, but I’ll never really understand what you get out of it.”

“Trust me, I puzzle over it myself.”

“Then you can’t expect me to read your mind. Is it just Jerry, or has everything changed?”

“I don’t know, did you sleep with him?”

Her face froze. She struggled with the truth. “You never said anything to him last night. I asked him if you had.”

“Look, I heard you fuck him, OK.”

Her sympathetic eyebrows twisted up in painful confusion.

“OK, let me try to explain what I get out of this. As horrible as it sounds, and please don’t get mad, but when I think about you with Seth, I imagine it playing out like some porno. But with Jerry…”

“So it is just Jerry!”

“Yeah, pretty much.”

She chuckled. “And here I thought you two would make great friends”

“I like him fine.” She was looking out over the ocean, unable to face me, so I gently guided her cheek until our eyes met. If I was about to bare my soul I needed to know if it received a truthful response. “I want you to imagine you weren’t with me. Could you see yourself going somewhere with him?”

She paused as her hand went up to pinch a loose strand of hair. “No, I don’t think I could!”

“Well, what I heard last night sounded-”

“I can’t imagine being without you, so no, I couldn’t!”

“But you do like him?”

“What is this, Ali? You’re right, he’s not like Scotty or Seth. He’s actually a decent guy. Is that what’s bothering you?”

“I don’t know. Maybe?”

“OK, so as long as some guy is treating me like a porn star, that’s fine. But if someone actually sees more than a pair of tits he can fuck, you get jealous?”

“That almost sounds correct, and I know it also sounds pretty shitty. I like to watch you get fucked. I just don’t have the stomach for anything more going on.”

“Well I’m not twenty anymore. Showing my tits to a bunch of guys and blowing some guy’s mind with crazy sex used to make me feel like hot shit, but there’s no dignity in that kind of attention. I’m thirty, Ali, I’d like to think I have more to offer than that. And I’ll be honest, Jerry turns me on more than the other’s ever did. I like having a guy find me sexy, fun and interesting, and not just some vapid slut he can stick it in.”

She leaned against me for a hug, seemingly in need of comforting from her own words. I held her tightly. My love for her was greater than my twisted fantasies. It would hurt to give them up, but clearly we’d come to a crossroads.

“I need you to understand something else, too. I’ve always kind of jumped into things with guys. It’s like I’d be totally into what they were doing, what music they liked, how good they are with a spear gun…” She waited for me to smile. “And I’d rush right into their world, all of it. I’d soak up as much of them as I possibly could. But it’s never really been about them. I was actually just bored of being me. Anything was more fascinating. But their worlds become so boring, so fast. Far more boring than mine ever was. And the thing is, with you, I’ve never grown tired of it. I never want to stop being part of your world.”

I kissed her head. “I’m not about to lose you, Kelly. Don’t ever worry about that. So I don’t want you to do anything that makes you feel less than you really are, agreed?”

A tear ran down her cheek. “Agreed.”

“Besides, boring? You? I’m the boring one.” I began to stroke her hair and pressed her head against my chest. “It’s actually funny. Growing up I always had this stupid fantasy some beautiful agent lady with huge sunglasses and dangling jewelry would discover me. Some chick whose job was spotting the next big thing, would look me over from head to toe and scream that all my lame attempts to dress down and all my lame attempts to act like I didn’t give a shit about being noticed, added up to me being the fucking shit. And once she said it, people would have to agree, and I’d become this super Kurt Cobain anit-hero.”

Kelly straightened her posture and leaned her forehead against mine. “There’s no way you ever weren’t fucking cool. You’re the shit and you know it!” Her nostalgic phrasing emphasized her sincerity.

“Maybe. But only because of you. And you’d probably get pretty bored of my world prior to you being in it.”

There was a lull in the small waves popping against the rocks, making it seem as if something big was brewing out at sea, something so powerful it could suck the shark down like a wet noodle. My adrenaline had worn off, and the Pacific breeze on my wet skin grew unbearable. I stood up to put on my shirt and sweatpants, and Kelly got to her feet as well. As much as I wanted to drag the moment on forever, she had to get warmed up, and so we carefully climbed down off the rocks onto the beach again.

Little was said on our walk back to camp. I kept my arm around her, clutching her to my side. As we neared camp I let go and allowed some space between us. From the other side of the tall beach grass, Fenton and Jerry were saying good morning.


“That’s her, Aleee. She’s watching my boat and she’s watching my back.”

The girl in the picture looked young. In fact, she could’ve passed as a very young Kelly. “Is she even sixteen?”

He pocketed his phone with her picture and winked. “If she’s old enough to drive, she’s old enough to be driven.”

Really?” Kelly interrupted from the neighboring camp as she sipped coffee with Jerry. Her eyebrows were cocked in disgust, but her eyes were slanted in pitying amusement.

“I’m only messing with you. She’s nineteen. But she’s saying I gotta clear my boat out of the lot before the owner of the slip tries to dock tonight and finds my boat there. Ha!” He went back to collapsing his tent. “Sorry I gotta bail so soon, but this is my boat we’re talking about.”

I shook my head like it was a bummer, when in actuality I could only think about Kelly being all mine again. “I think I’m gonna stick around and drive out later this afternoon.”

“Whatever works, Shark King!”

I’d shown both Fenton and Jerry the pictures of me swimming with the shark. Jerry said it was probably a great white who swam inland to hunt for seals, which made my stunt seem even crazier than I’d realized. When Fenton heard that, he quickly dubbed me ‘Shark King’.

Once he’d packed, I lugged his gear up to the end of the ranger trail while he drove down his car. As I walked out of camp with the last of it, Kelly called to me, saying I should check out the awesome view from up top. The sun was now over the cliff and lit up the beach with gorgeous light, but she’d eluded to something else, something I was too tired to pick up on at the time. I didn’t think any more about it until I set the last of Fenton’s gear down and stood overlooking the beach and breathed in the salty air. Then, in the small window through the brush revealing Jerry’s camp, I saw my wife sitting on Jerry’s lap as she kissed him. They were too far away to be sure of anything, but it looked like her tank top was gone. I took Fenton’s camera from its bag and attached the telephoto lens. I located the clearing in the magnified viewer. Yup, she was topless. She moved Jerry’s hand to her bare breast, and he gently kneaded it as they held each other’s heads in a passionate kiss. It made me wonder if I’d only imagined our conversation down on the beach that morning. But she’d told me to check out the view, hadn’t she? She wanted me to catch her kissing Jerry. Her kiss to him was meant for me, even if I didn’t understand why.

She slid off his lap and kneeled at his feet, her hand tracing the inner seam of his shorts until she moved it to the snap above his crotch. Jerry’s shorts came down to his ankles, and his massive hardon sprung upwards. My wife took hold of his thick member and began slowly stroking it. They were gentle dutiful strokes, meant to keep him hard and upright so she could marvel at its form. Her blue eyes were transfixed, just inches away from the swollen head, and widening with awe. Naughtiness tugged the corners of her mouth, until her tongue peeked out and slowly licked her upper lip. She gazed up at him, her lids half shut and her lips pursed as if softly confessing her secret crush. Her attention returned to his dick, which had grown larger and dwarfed her small hand. Her tongue appeared again, extending towards the base of his shaft. I could hardly breathe. It had been years since I’d seen her acting like a slut for another man’s cock. True jealousy was nowhere to be found, only a desperate need to see her mouth engulf his huge dick completely.

The escalating scene whizzed away in a streaky blur as I lowered the camera, startled by tires crunching along the gravely dirt road behind me. Fenton’s Mini Cooper approached in a wake of dust, as anxiousness caused my foot to tap rapidly on the ground. Damn it!

He pulled up alongside me, his arm hanging out the window. “Pack me up, Shark King!” He stepped out and we lifted the ice chest, little stove, and big duffle into the rear of his Cooper. I literally threw his backpacks into the back, wanting badly to return to my wife’s show. I then shook Fenton’s hand firmly and patted him on the back as I said a quick goodbye and a thanks. But he wouldn’t get in his car. He stood there looking at me like I was crazy, a grin warming up his otherwise accusing expression.

“You gonna give me my camera, man?”

I suddenly realized the camera still hung around my neck. We’d packed the case, but I forgot to put the camera inside it. I shook my head at my own absentminded mistake, as I pulled it off and handed it over.

He took it, but didn’t leave. Instead he stepped towards the hillside and peered through to camera. “Whatchu looking at, Aleee?” He found Jerry and my wife before I could answer. “Aw sheeeet!”

There was no way to explain myself, I’d been peeping and got busted. And there was no way Fenton wouldn’t be privy to wife’s progressing infidelity. But none of that fazed me, I was only concerned with seeing for myself, so I stepped up beside Fenton and asked what they were up to.

“Finishing what they started yesterday, what do you think?”

Without the camera I had a hard time telling what I saw, but I’m pretty sure it was her head bobbing in his lap.

“Alright, what the fuck are they doing now?”

“I’d tell you, but that would be infringing upon our neighbor’s privacy.”

“Fuck you!” I took the camera from him, while his haughty-ass laughed. One look down the hill and I was caught up on the action. My wife had his cock in her mouth, and was not only blowing him, but letting it poke at the sides if her cheeks in a very lewd way. It stretched her cheek out so far I thought it might pop through like the chest-burster in Alien. She then pulled it from the moist confines of her mouth and stared up towards her lover, saying something I couldn’t hear. She jacked him vigorously and then pounced on the rigid column of meat. She bobbed two times, causing such unexpected elation in Jerry that his hands went for the back of her head. Fingers touching down on her hair only riled her up, and with two bobs more she had to be taking him into her throat. His dark eyes grew, stoked by the ravenous little girl on his dick, and his elbows rose to firm his grip, cautiously feeling his head squeeze into the soft relaxed tunnel.

My wife was working on his cock like a slut, like it was her calling in life to service men. She’d become that twenty-three-year-old I’d first met, so horny her pussy popped like a water balloon the instant you touched her, and she gave it to Jerry––gave him everything she had. He now knew what he was up against as she took even more of his dick down the tube beyond her tongue, and he rolled his head backwards and muttered something into the air, as if thanking God for the young, sexed-up, hot piece-of-ass sucking him like a hardcore pro. Then I had to surrender the camera back to Fenton, who had to see for himself what nastiness boldly brewed below.

“There’s a girly who knows no shame. Shit, there’s a girly who likes to please on her knees.” He grabbed his crotch with his free hand. “Betchya she couldn’t swallow all of me.” I checked out his crotch, which didn’t reveal any evidence to support his claim. He’d looked away from the camera just long enough to catch me looking. “I ain’t saying I’m huge right now, but my dick goes Voltron before battle. When I’m hard, pussies quake with fear!”

As he feasted on the action again, I tried to get a taste with my naked eye. Having just seen the couple through the zoom lens, I could mentally fill in the details and vaguely make out what went on. My wife bobbed fiercely on his cock as Jerry leaned back so far he almost fell off the log. A few minutes later he moved her starved mouth from his massive erection, and my wife stood up.

“Man-o-man, that guy is hung. And she packed that shit in her throat.”

Jerry grabbed the stretchy shorts and yanked them down my wife’s legs. I clearly made out their figures once they’d separated. Jerry grabbed the back of her head and pressed her lips to his. They kissed fast and quick, his hand finding her hairless crotch in the process. Her head rolled back as his fingers most likely teased her needy pussy. His body then got in the way, but I could only imagine he was still lathering up her Netherlands.

For a few minutes I stared at his distant back, and then his shorts dropped to the ground. When he stepped aside to kick them from his ankles, I could see my wife laying on the smooth log with her knees pointing up and parted.

“There’s no way that little fine-piece-of-ass can take that thing.”

Jerry spun her to the side, and moved into position with a quick assertive swagger.

“Oh shit, it fit! And he looks pretty happy about it.”

Hearing Fenton report my wife just had another man’s cock enter her hot juicy cunt punched me back into such a mixed bag of emotions I almost threw up. All Fenton saw, however, was a slut getting nailed. And that’s exactly what it was. My wife was a total slut for Jerry––for me. Goddammit I loved her!

“Look at those legs. He’s spreading them wider, and wider––shit, look at her split in half, she must be a gymnast.”

‘A figure skater!’ I corrected in my head.

“Oh yeah, he’s giving it to her in the one-eighty splits.” He licked his lips. “And she likes it like that!”

Fenton didn’t lie. My wife was limber, I could push her legs apart until they formed a vertical line from toe to toe.

“Man, if I had a chick who could spread eagle like that, I’d hold down her foot with mine, stretch her other foot over my head, and pluck that pussy like a standup bass.”

I snorted laughter. His comment caught me completely off guard.

“You like that one, huh?” He then began making bass noises to the tune of ‘Rawhide’ and plucking his finger in the air.

With his face against the camera again, he shouted, “Whoa, look at that. Those legs don’t just come apart––they go all the way back! Oh, it doesn’t go in any deeper than that. Aw yeah, he’s giving her booty the giddy-up hand.” Fenton then presented me with the camera, saying, “You have to see this!”

As I looked upon my wife, my dick just about to bust out of my pants like the Incredible Hulk. My wife had slipped off the log so her butt rested on Jerry’s hips. He knelt in the sand while she leaned her back against the log. Her knees were up by her ears, where Jerry held them firmly in place. He rocked his pelvis upwards with determined force, driving deep into Kelly’s wide open pussy. I could see his cock was huge, and getting wetter with every plunge.

My wife’s face was an emotional eddy, her eyes pleaded for mercy while her hands clutched his ass and pulled him in for more. She was about to come. A lump formed in my throat. Jerry thrust all the way in and swayed his hips in a side to side grind, and that made it happen for her. Her jaw dropped, her eyes shut, and her head tilted to the side. He gently kissed her cheek as she quivered in orgasm beneath him. He allowed one of her legs to drop, freeing his hand to run a finger over her lips. She tried to suck it, but her climax was so intense she couldn’t keep her lips sealed around it. Instead he lowered his hand to her chest and began to vigorously massage her tit.

Fenton pulled his camera back just as she was coming. “He’s got her right where he wants her. Look at those toes curl! Whump! Whump! Whump! And boom goes the dynamite!” He brought the camera down and looked at his phone. “Shit, I gotta bolt or my boats getting towed for sure.”

As he patted me on back and jumped into his Mini Cooper, I felt a weird loss of heart. My voyeur partner was leaving, and that once again made me the freaky husband who got off watching some guy stick it to his wife. As he drove off and the dust cloud settled along the road, I felt suddenly alone. Without much thought to what I was doing, I began to walk down the tiny road to our camp. About a hundred feet away I could hear my wife. Once again she was calling out Jerry’s name, asking him to “make her blush.” Unlike the prior night, however, I found my feet unable to stop walking. The small leafed shrub along our campsite would’ve made perfect cover, but I walked right past it. I kept walking until I saw her stretchy striped shorts flat on the ground, dust spilling over one leg, looking like unsettling evidence at a crime scene. I imagined my next two steps would reveal a cluster of concerned cops, all dreading informing the husband what his slut got up to. Butterflies plagued my stomach¬¬––even though I’d just seen everything and knew damn well my wife was being fucked less than ten yards away. My feet kept moving, the heat in my neck burning, but something greater than jealousy pumped blood straight into my cock and into that mystical little chunk of brain responsible for sheer fucking ecstasy.

The first I saw of them was Jerry’s back, wide and pitted, like a large carved wooden butterfly lived under his skin. One more step and I saw Kelly’s shins framing either side of his back with her pointed feet hugging against his butt cheeks. She sat on the smooth log, her legs pushed back to her shoulders, stretching her ass around into a large sphere, which his hips fell against steadily. Her hands were at his waist, in a cautious position incase his size became too much. It didn’t. He went slowly, her feet moving with his ass, as if braced on attached stirrups. Her knees widened as he pushed fully forwards, and a gasp caused me to envision her collapsing face somewhere beneath his neck, wavering between bliss and tension, between clam seas and crashing waves.

I’d stopped by then, standing in the wide open space between the last full shrub and the naked moaning union of my wife and Jerry, sex-locked into one creature. He pulled off her some, his feet sliding apart and lowering his ass. I could see my wife’s face, her expression exactly as I’d imagined. Her hands moved to his chest as it rose, but the touch was gentle, as if her fingertips alone could guarantee its return. She smiled when it did return, and then faintly grimaced as his hips came down right after, parking the big cock deep inside.

Only one eye opened at first, immediately shutting again, making me go away, but then both slowly opened, and a sanguine smile spread across her face. She was undeterred by my presence, continuing to let Jerry have his way with her.

“Did you enjoy the view up there?”

I nodded my response.

Jerry looked down at her, confused. When he noticed her eyes elsewhere, he began to lift off her and turn towards me. Her feet darted forwards just enough to hook his ass and catch him. His cock never disengaged. His blue eyes squinted uncomfortably, apologizing to me as he helplessly obeyed her––a brazenly insincere apology.

“Fenton’s go-ne?” Her voice fluttered as his dick returned to its impressive depth.

I nodded again.

“Well, I’m just saying good-bye to Jerry.”

There was mild concern in her voice despite the joke, and Jerry, although still fully in her, hadn’t resumed fucking. He just stayed over her, waiting for some kind of conformation from me. I joked back, putting them both at ease. “Ever hear of a handshake?”

“Mmmm. I’m about to shake all over, honey.”

My joke worked, or maybe it was Kelly’s, because Jerry’s hips returned to business, his head dropping down to kiss my wife’s forehead. Her bottom lip hung twitching, her breath unsteady and her eyes wavering under dark sensual lids. Her face conveyed how fucking good his cock felt, and her pelvis found a sexual rhythm she couldn’t stop even if a train headed her way.

As Jerry got back into it, his body began to move closer with each thrust, until I could only see her eye peeking over his shoulder. Her lashes flinched and white appeared as her irises rolled back into her head. And then his broad cut shoulder jerked forward and hid my wife completely. At the same time her knees fell away from him, the soles of her feet now flat against his sides. She’d spread herself wide open for that big cock. At this point I realized he whispered into her ear. I know he tried to make a private connection with her, and to exclude the guy standing ten feet away just watching.

A French manicure crept over his shoulders, and then Kelly lifted him off her. This time they separated, his huge erection awkwardly bumping her butt as she turned around and leaned forwards. She wasn’t quite kneeling, but her knees bent low as she braced her arms on the smooth log. She was then taken from behind.

I’d been watching her sexy ass jiggle in tight shorts all morning, imagining the moment when I could finally peel them down and get my hands on those magnificent hardboiled eggs underneath. Apparently Jerry had the same idea. Kelly, eyes to me, glassy and glazed, revealing the true depth at which he penetrated her, called back to him, “Oh God, Jerry, you are going to make me scream right in front of my husband!”

Jerry, without breaking stride, began to lean over her again, his chest on her back, his arm running along hers to hold her hand to the log. This caused his head to block her view of me again, almost like he was protecting her, forcing her to look at him, to keep her away from our strange arrangement.

It didn’t take a genius to know he was uncomfortable with me around. My wife egged him on, wanting dearly to be a slut for me, but Jerry was trying to blot me out of existence. Of course I couldn’t blame him––even I would get weirded out banging a girl in front of another guy. I mean, what did he think of me standing there like a tool, just standing there watching him bone my wife? I suddenly felt like I was bobbing in the ocean between the rock jetty and the great white, and oh how I regretted not ducking behind that last shrub when I had the chance.

Kelly finally rescued me from my awkward predicament. With Jerry hugging himself against her, my wife squeezed her head out from under his, and asked, “So why do you still have your clothes on?”

It took me a moment to decipher her question, and then I had to ask it myself a few more times. Why did I still have my clothes on? Until right then joining her with one of her lovers had never crossed my mind. But really, why the fuck not?

I zipped out of my shorts, your-word-is-my-command like. I pulled my feet loose as the shorts collapsed to the ground, and approached my wife in mid coitus. I stepped to the other side of the smooth log and kissed her on the mouth. Jerry backed his head away as I did. In fact, he began to step away, but Kelly turned around and grabbed his forearm. “No, no, no, Jer, please don’t stop.”

“I don’t know about this, it’s not really my thing, you know.”

One of her hands moved to his cock, slick with her juice. Her fingers squeezed and brought the condom covered skin partially over the bell-shaped head. I could not believe how big it looked in her hand as she jacked him off. “Just try. I’ll make it worth your while, I promise. I’ll do anything. Anything you want”

He sucked in a ton of air, and then raised her arm to the sky and spun her around like a dance move. Front to back now, he guided his dick towards her butt again. Kelly stared straight at me, eyes weightlessly lifting into her head as he sunk into her pussy. She fell forwards onto the log, holding herself up with only one arm, and grabbing my dick with the other. Her tongue touched the tip of my cock, her breath coming in bursts as his body smacked hers.

Jerry still held back. Craziness tugged at his early crow’s-feet, but for the most part he stayed expressionless. Even as he screwed my beautiful wife his focus was elsewhere, on some painful psychology being worked out in his own head. Jerry wasn’t a true player, he swam in deeper waters. I’d known that all along.

Kelly’s ass began to grind, up and down, forwards and back. The roll became intense, her back sinking and rising as her lips sealed around the head of my cock. Jerry barely moved, he just stared down, watching the assiduous ass gobble up his cock. It had taken on a life of its own, his entire shaft sticking out of it, glistening, stiff and red, and then her butt rocked back and slurped his cock up completely, landing against him with a wet thud. Her gorgeous legs worked hard to keep it up. I loved the shape of them, with just enough feminine padding to smooth her fit muscles into simple curves of womanly perfection. The one give away to her underlying strength was an indent running the length of her thigh––and as she forced her ass on Jerry’s cock, the indent deepened into a slit.

Her striper-hot moves finally made an impression. Jerry’s eyes widened, a hand grabbed hold of her bouncing cheek, and although she needed no additional encouragement, Jerry felt otherwise, and spanked it. The sting of her cheek against his palm proved satisfying enough to do it again––and then again. Finally he leaned backwards, leaving his hips way out in front of him, allowing one arm to dangle behind, and looked about as arrogantly cool as one could manage while fucking a girl. The way he posed, hard at work, the bright sun beaming off on his sweaty body, looked like something out of deodorant commercial geared at macho pride, where some booming voice announced it was a tough job needing a tough man to do it.

She took me completely into her mouth, while Jerry hit it just enough to make her dirty-blonde ponytail dance. I’d only watched her with other men, never participated. But feeling her tongue brush up my shaft and everything growing more snug the deeper my cock went, while at the same time watching another man burry himself even deeper into her pussy, was just plain dick-dunking delightful.

After some quick shuffling around with his cock inside her the whole time, Jerry ended up sitting on the log as Kelly bounced her ass on top of him. She then stretched forward to suck on me some more. We stayed like that for a while, finding a rhythm that allowed us to invade Kelly’s body simultaneously.

“Come on, Jerry, make me blush. My husband seriously needs to know what a naughty woman he married.”

He shook his head dismissively, but acted anyway, getting to his feet and repositioning her by hooking an arm under her left knee and lifting it back towards her chest with a strong jerk. He kept lifting it up, forcing her to straighten out so her vagina was flat against his erection. My wife stood on one leg, the other pinned in a high kick by his arm and offering a clear view of his cock ramming her pussy from the underside. Fenton’s rendition of Rawhide came to mind, only in double time.

She reclined backwards into my arms, so I supported her by her armpits. Her upside down head settled next to my crotch so I slid my dick over her lips like an access card. It worked! Her mouth popped open and in my dick went.

We used teamwork, and my wife floated between us like an angel, bridging our cocks in what had to be a difficult position. It made me question why my wife didn’t pursue couples figure skating in high school. “Goddamn, Kelly, with your skill you could’ve toured with ‘Fucking on Ice’!” I don’t think either one of them heard me, so I laughed alone.

Eventually she relaxed her mouth, and I could feel the vibrations as she moaned through a throat full of my dick. Her eyes pinched tightly closed, and her fingers let go of my waist and fanned out. She was coming, and coming hard. What a slut. What a gorgeous, delicious, little slut.

“Kelly, you really are fucking nuts!”

“Too true,” I chimed in, “Knew you’d figure it out sooner or later. Most men do.” It was a dick thing to say, but I didn’t want him to get the wrong idea about his role in our game. He seemed unfazed, however, and I realized something as she arched between us with her perfect c-sized tits sliding up and down her chest, her pussy smacking wet as Jerry pumped it relentlessly and her throat stretched out long and graceful for my cock. I realized she couldn’t be a slut. She was simply too perfect. The sight of her getting fucked belonged in magazines featuring supermodels, not smut. Her skin picked up the sunlight, and it twinkled along one mesmerizing curve into the next. I could’ve told Jerry she fucked every one of the Oakland Raiders and he would still look at her like some goddess. And I couldn’t blame him––I could never see her as anything less than a total goddess.

My balls began to tighten as come readied itself in the chamber. I didn’t give her any warning, I was too engrossed in her long throat and how it would soon be home to a hot load of come. She barely even flinched, but on the second burst she pulled off me some, so the come hit the roof of her mouth and not her throat. She arduously swallowed after that, trying to get it down as quickly as it came. She managed to swallow it all with my dick in her mouth the entire time, being rather discrete about, almost like she didn’t want Jerry to know. I slowly pulled out, letting her lips clean my shaft along the way. She lifted her face and stared up at me with wide glittery blue eyes.

Jerry, who’d steadily pounded her through all of it, grunted, “We gotta switch this up before my legs go numb.” He slapped my wife’s butt loudly. “Let’s get lower to the ground.”

“It’s too sandy, naughty boy.”


“Ali, honey, could you bring me one of our blankets?”

Something about my wife asking me to get a blanket so she could bang some guy on it didn’t feel right, but he was already fucking her so there wasn’t much point in letting pride creep up now. I fetched the extra blanket from our tent and they stopped so she could lay it flat.

A moment later, Jerry knelt behind her and the fucking resumed. She started on her hands and knees, but quickly showed off the wonders of banging a figure skater by crunching her thighs and stomach together, leaving them both absolutely vertical. It forced her butt into a round tight bulb that stuck straight into the air. It was a bizarre site, she looked a little like an inch worm preparing to stretch towards a neighboring leaf. It left her tits smashing into the angle where her knees met the blanket.

“Whoa!” Jerry exclaimed. He took a wide stance behind her, his huge erection poking up between her butt cheeks until he pushed it down with his fingers, popping inside her.

“Oh god! That’s the big one I love.”

From where I stood I saw only his butt over hers and his condom covered cock glistening with the juice from her splayed dripping snatch. Something had shifted in him. His laidback smile had flopped over, and he looked mean. She’d tempted him to get a little wild, a present to me, but I’d come, she really didn’t need to keep it up. Unfortunately, it appeared she’d created a monster.

After a few minutes of grunting and spanking and squishing and popping, I began wondering what to do with myself. I felt another erection coming on, but I wanted to save it for when we were alone, so I walked around to her side and leaned over. “I’m gonna go ahead and start packing up and you can you finish saying goodbye to Jerry, alright?”

She opened her eyes and stared through her sweaty bangs. “Oh I will, honey. Love you!”

Jerry’s head rocked back and his smile returned––a dubious smile high above two big handfuls of my wife’s plump ass––so I walked away and left him to it.

“You like that? You like it like that?” The tone of his voice made it sound like a threat. Soon the moist smacking sound of his dick driving into to her snatch increased, and Jerry announced, “Oh sweet-stuff, you are wet. I knew you preferred a man in charge, but you are gushing.” He’d called her bluff and now raised the stakes, and would keep on raising them until one of us tapped-out. It wouldn’t be Kelly, however, as she only meowed like a cat.

As I cleared out our tent I heard Jerry order, “Reach back and open yourself up for me. All the way. Yeah. Now wider. Nice and wide. Come on baby, open it all the way and welcome me. Oh yeah, that’s nice––a nice, wide, gorgeous road of generosity.”

She moaned as their bodies spanked together. “Mmmm,” hummed my wife. I could only see her ass in the air and her pussy folding in and blooming out with his plunging prick, and comically it looked as if her pussy did the talking. “Just don’t let me fall.”

“Yeah, you keep holding it open and I’ll keep holding you up.”

I climbed out of the tent so I could start breaking it down, and for a moment I actually got scared when I saw Jerry sway to the right and backwards, grabbing something long and mechanical looking off the ground. Then above his head appeared the spear gun, as he stretched the tube along the length of his arm. My heart froze––what the fuck––but then he took aim at the at box of cereal on the log across from them, and as his hips continued to pound at a fever pitch, he fired the spear through the box, carrying it into the bush past his tent and scattering corn flakes through the air. He then grabbed a hold of my wife’s ass again and let her know that pretty ass what a hunter he truly was.

Big wicked teeth unzipped across his face. “You still want to blush?”

“Depends, what are you thinking, naughty boy?”

Without another word he pulled his cock out of her pussy and pressed it over her ass.

“Oh shit, really?”

“I’ve always wanted to try, but I’ve never met a woman who would.”

“Oh God! I don’t know.” He held it there a moment until she set a hand on his thigh. “OK, OK then. But you’re huge, so please go slow.”

He eased his way into her ass, her hands still reaching back and spreading herself wide open. Right in front of me this was happening, Aquaman was squeezing his huge dick in my wife’s asshole. And then he began to fuck it, giving it a slap like he would his own knee after a damn good joke. She buried her face in the blanket, surrendering, some guy totally dominating her and flat out using her ass up like it had an expiration date stamped on it. Within a minute Jerry delivered strokes with determined, frantic, almost violent movement.

I felt almost guilty for getting her into this, even though her body willingly gave a tiny thrust back just before full insertion.

“Do I compare to your twenty-one-old?”

“No comparison. She was no virgin, but not in your fucking league either. I just don’t understand, though. I don’t understand how a girl so cool can be…” His thought hung unfinished.

“You still find me cool? Even now? Like this?”

“Too cool and too pretty!”

Too pret-ty?”

“Too pretty, I can’t…”

He then suddenly buried his cock in deep and stopped. His chest heaved as trails of sweat flashed with white light down the grooves of his back. He took several breaths hovering like that, as Kelly remained still, her face lost in the blanket, appearing little more than an ass in the air totally stuffed with cock.

Jerry folded forwards, setting a palm on her shoulder blade, then gingerly journeying up her arm, taking hold of her hand and pulling gently until she stared back at him. He rolled her onto her back and sunk slowly back into her bottom, Kelly biting her lip as he went. He then he planted a kiss on her lips. His eyes bore into hers, their breath met between them, and he rubbed his nose cutely over hers. She seemed to melt under him, her eyebrows rising, trying to combat the growing heaviness of her eyelids, and a warm pleasure turned her cheeks pink.

Two skater’s feet locked over his back. I could just barely see his shaft appear from her bottom, before he’d slid it lovingly back inside. They gazed upon each other as if their faces were the only in existence. He was through with my slut wife, and now wanted to make passionate love to Kelly. He cherished her with everything he had, and for the first time I saw how badly Kelly desired him. He owned more than her ass in that moment, a moment in which she gave up every part of herself. Their lips slowly met, sparking off unbearable heat in my neck.

A few moments later Kelly began panting, “Ooo-ooo-ooo!”

“You blushing yet?”

“Oh God, I am!”

Their foreheads touched, her eyebrows going completely miserable but telling the exact opposite. Such intimacy overwhelmed her that even I, her husband, felt like it was wrong to watch. I pulled out my phone, pretending that my heart wasn’t beating through my chest, but my hands shook so bad I couldn’t read the screen. I stared at it, anyway, finding it impossible to look at them and impossible to walk away.

“Oh god, Jer, you’re beautiful. You’re just beautiful!”

“Oh Jesus, Kelly, I can’t hold out.”


“Here it comes! Oh Jesus! Jesus you are pretty! Jesus you feel good.”

“Oh fuck, it feels too good! Oh God, like that. Just like that. Oh God Jer, you’re going to make me come. I want it. I want to come with you! Oh my God, I am. I’m coming. Oh my God ,your dick. So fucking good! I’m going to scream. You’re making me scream!”

She didn’t scream. Instead her mouth opened as if she was about to, but not a sound came out. Her face fell into distant serenity, and her thighs tightened around his waist. Jerry growled until his hips just plummeted down, staying inside her, butt muscles twitching, a sure sign come was gushing out of his cock and into her ass.

They lay there still for several minutes, as he swept her sweaty bang to the side and kissed her over and over again. She grazed her knuckles down his jaw repeatedly, sanding them smooth on a two-day growth. He’d grown soft by time he dislodged himself from her ass, and he had to pinch the condom to keep her tight sphincter from stripping it off. He then slipped on his trunks, while Kelly stretched her back and legs before standing up.

After finding her balance, she walked over to where I sat in a pile of our gear waiting to be moved up to our car. Jerry strode right behind her, a hand petting her back, like it was up to him whether or not she’d return to me. She hadn’t bothered with clothes––her hairless pussy glowed vividly pink in the bright sun, its color a testament to being fucked good and proper. Stopping a few feet in front of me, she reached out, with a nervous apologetic smile. I took hold of her hand as Jerry announced he was going to cool off, and then broke into a jog towards the beach. She helped me to my feet and we stood in silence for a moment. I smiled cruelly, like a blackmailer about to reveal the dirt I had her.

“What?” she broke first, her voice cracking.

I raised one eyebrow suspiciously. “What was that back there?”

She seemed to retreat for a moment and then widened her gaze. “I’m not really sure. I just know I love you.”

“Of course you do––now that your boyfriend’s run off.”


“From where I stood, he sure looked like one.”

“Don’t dare get jealous, Ali, not now.” She touched my cheek. “I did all that for you. I don’t think I could have been a bigger slut.”

“He knows you aren’t a slut, though. He sees right through you, doesn’t he?”

She retracted her hand. “He can’t possibly still think… He… He just…”

I grabbed her shoulders. “It’s OK.”

“Don’t tell me it’s OK unless it’s really OK.”

I hugged her close and crushed my lips into her damp hair. “He thinks you’re the most amazing woman he’s ever met, and he’s right.”

“He does not.”

“Oh yes he does, and that turns you on. A guy as perfect as they come thinks the same of you. I get it. And…” I squeezed her tighter, and kissed her lips. She kissed be back with desperation, grabbing my face and pressing her breasts against me. My erection poked at her belly, and she took notice, slipping a hand down to accompany it. My hand brushed the side of her bosom, and then I sunk my fingers into the cushiony flesh. She lowered my shorts to the ground, the move leaving her on her knees. She stroked my dick.

“Don’t be mad. Please don’t be mad.”

She sucked my cock into her mouth. I looked over at the remnants of burnt logs in the fire pit next to us, where Jerry had tossed the condom once he’d finished with it. It hung over a thin log that survived the fire from two nights ago. Come bulged in the tip, a lot of it. The fact it had been in my wife’s ass when the come was deposited made it so extraordinarily personal, and there it hung, incriminatingly, for all to see.

I gritted my teeth as she deep throated me for the second time that afternoon. Her intentions were different this time, however. She wanted me to forget what I’d just seen. She was going to suck the jealousy right out of me.

“Does that feel good?” she asked, looking up at me as my dick smeared her own saliva across her full lips. I lifted her up and carried her to the blanket. I laid her on top of the wet spot she and Jerry left behind. I pushed my dick in, and she was so wet and swollen it felt like a different pussy. Jerry’s pussy! The heat in my neck flared, and, wasting no time, I hit a steady tempo as I massaged her breast and nibbled at her ear. I whispered, “So how did he finally make you blush?”

“You saw.” She sighed. “He was doing me so hard, I…”

“I saw, but it was after he pounded you, when you were both close. So what was it that made you blush?”

Her fingers dug into my back at the mere thought of that moment, but she wouldn’t say why.

“It’s OK, I already know what made you blush.”

“Just fuck me, Ali. You feel so good right now.”

She badly wanted the conversation to go away so I knew my suspicions were correct.

“You want me to tell you what caused it?”

“I just want to be fucked. By you, Ali.” She added my name haphazardly. Guilt! I wasn’t the only one on her mind.

“You blushed because Jerry fucked you in a way I never could.”

She tensed beneath me, but her hips never stopped dancing.

“He fucked you in a way you longed for, burned for, broke our vows for. I saw you look at the handsome man that first morning, and when he started paying more attention to you than you were be comfortable with, you lost control instead of telling him no.”

She cried softly how much she loved me.

“You surrendered to his advances, you couldn’t help it, he was the most intriguing man you’ve ever met, and he felt the same way about you. He offered you a forbiden romance. You knew it was wrong. You knew it was taboo with your husband so close, but those are the buttons that really get you going, aren’t they? And they are the buttons I can never reach. That hurts, bad. But it’s OK.”

She rolled her head to the side, as if it sheltered her from my syrupy voice. “You’re my husband. I want my husband.”

“But I’m not the only one you want. You couldn’t resist him. And so you tried to scare him off. You said you were being so nasty for me, but it was for him. You hoped his blue eyes would stop snaring your heart every time he looked at you if you behaved like a slut. He wasn’t interested in a slut, though, he wanted something more. And you let him have it.”

“I didn’t mean to-”

“You didn’t stop him!”

“I wanted to.”

“No, you wanted to him to make you come. I’ve never seen you come like that before. Not with me, not ever.”

“No, it just… He surprised me.”

I thrust harder, the burn in my neck egging me on. The burn even felt good. Incredible!

“You had yourself a screaming orgasm, the kind only a cheating wife will ever know.”

“Stop! Just fuck me, Sweetie. Come for me.” She desperately raised her hips up to meet mine.

“The look on your face when you came––when he came in your ass––I’m never going to forget it. It was the hottest thing I’d ever seen in my life. You looked so fucking hot!”

Her eyes opened, and her head rolled back to face me. She finally understood I wasn’t mad, but it wasn’t until right then that I’d come to understand it. The jealousy felt good. The game had become dangerous and emotional, but it was still our game. We’d just played it with a guy smart enough to realize he was being played, and man enough to rewrite the rules to his liking. And watching that man steal my princess’ affections as he fucked her, made me realize it has always been the endless pursuit of my wife’s elusive pussy keeping our love passionate and raw. In those precious minutes after Jerry had had his way with her, she became so beguiling I felt like some fan in the presence of a gorgeous movie star.

“I’ve been a complete ass about all this. I know you aren’t leaving me for Jerry, and I’ve never been as hot for you as I am right now.”

“Oh God, Ali! I love you so much!”

Sperm Wars 4: The Family Menace

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Sperm Wars series.

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The story is told in disjointed and time-shifting format… on purpose.

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This story contains graphic scenes, language and actions that might be extremely offensive to some people. These scenes, words and actions are used only for the literary purposes of this story. The author does not condone murder, racial language, violence, rape or violence against women, and any depictions of any of these in this story should not be construed as acceptance of the above.

Part 16 – Darkness and Dawn

Cold. So cold.

I realized I was awake, and it was cold. I was cold. The only sensation I could feel at that moment was the cold.

I looked up at the faces hovering over me, blurred faces without form, the sounds they were making unintelligible. It took a moment for my eyes to clear and realize they were EMTs.

As my consciousness fully returned, so did the pain. The intense pain in my left side, the throbbing ache in the back of my head.

“Easy, Detective.” one of the EMTs said. “Lie still. You’re wounded.”

“Wait…” I said as I remembered. I raised my head as much as I could, through the pain. I saw what I wanted to see. “Don’t let that guy get away.” I said, trying to point at the other person lying on the ground, surrounded by EMTs and two uniformed police officers.

“He’s not going anywhere.” Detective Cindy Ross said, coming into my view. “We’ve got him. Hugh and I are here and taking care of everything. You just relax, Don, okay?”

“The kids…” I asked.

“They’re fine.” Ross replied. “Okay guys, get him to the hospital.”

As I felt myself being loaded onto the ambulance, my mind was in rewind, playing over the events that had led to this moment…


It was nearly a week after the murder of Nurse Anna, and there had not been a single lead on Ned nor Elizabeth’s whereabouts. While it was likely Elizabeth had left town, I suspected that Ned was still in the area, and had put out bulletins to the Force to be on the lookout for him.

“Teresa made a great point,” Cindy Ross said to me and Lt. Britt Maxwell that evening as we wound down and chatted at the Cop Bar after work, “but she doesn’t want anyone in Vice knowing she said anything to us.” This bothered me, as the intra-Force divisions leading to failures to communicate were hurting the Police Department, but I said nothing as I listened to Cindy.

Cindy continued “She said that you missed one obvious thing: that if Elizabeth and Ned are part of a drug ring, they must’ve had contacts, and they’ve had those contacts for some considerable time. Maybe even before your problems with them last summer.”

“That *IS* a good point.” I acknowledged. “Britt, was there ever any information that Ned was trafficking while he was in school last year?”

“No.” Lt. Maxwell replied, “but who knows what drugs he was making behind Dr. Heinz’s back, and he well could have been distributing during that time.”

Britt frowned as she thought about it. “But I’ll tell you this, Don: when I looked further into Ned’s activities with those designer drugs back then, I got warned off, fast and hard. Everyone from President Wellman to FDA Agent Fred Dixon to Professor Fredricson made sure to let me know that the case was in, and I quote, ‘higher hands’, and that I need not waste my valuable time looking into it.”

“And then yesterday, after the revelations about Tony and the performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) that Ned was making came out, President Wellman invited me to lunch and made sure to mention that that case needed to be pursued ‘in the quietest way possible.’”

“Sure,” I said, “that’s totally understandable: the President does not want his school’s football team to come under NCAA scrutiny. That’s the ‘cash cow’ around here. Oh well, I’m not interested in them; they’ll likely have to come up with a new source for any PEDs they want to cheat with. I’m more interested in getting a murderer off the streets.”

“You mean two murderers, don’t you?” Cindy asked.

I looked at her. “I’ve been thinking about that. Elizabeth is certainly guilty of being part of all this, but I’m not sure she intended for any of these murders to happen. If we catch her, don’t be surprised if she tries to cut a deal and puts it all on Ned.” I got up. “And she may be telling the truth, if what I’m thinking is right.”

Just then Officer Pete Feeley, a uniformed officer who strongly desired to become a Detective, came rushing in, still in his uniform. “Big one!” he said, stopping at our table. “Two children have been kidnapped. Separate incidents.” We scrambled.

Part 17 – The Set-Up

7:00am the next morning, after a sleepless night, I turned on the TV to catch the morning news.

“This is Bettina Wurtzburg, KXTC Channel Two News!” the attractive redheaded reporter almost shouted into the microphone from her position in front of the Government buildings in Town Square, where the Media usually delivered their reports. They had been banished from the grounds of Police Headquarters the instant I was hired onto the Force. It is possible that THAT might have been my first and only requirement made of them when I was offered the job.

“Channel Two News has learned that there has been a third kidnapping of a child. Eight-year-old Katie Gibson was taken from her mother at gunpoint last night outside the west end Target store. Little Rachel Fourier and young Alton Taylor were taken earlier in the day in two daring kidnappings made in broad daylight.”

“Channel Two News has also learned that a ransom for the three has been delivered to the Police Department for all three children.” How did THAT leak, I wondered as I watched Bettina Wurtzburg continue her report. “The ransom is for $200,000 total, and the kidnapper has made his identity known. His name is Bobby Joe Graves, who police say has a long criminal record. Channel Two News could only confirm that Graves has demanded that the ransom be delivered by a Town Police Officer, but has not given the location to deliver the ransom as of this morning. Channel Two News will break in with any developments in this serious case just as soon as we get the information. This is Bettina Wurtzburg, KXTC Channel Two News.” She was almost smiling as she delivered this devastating report, and I wondered if her glee came from knowing she was leaking police information, or having a big story to report… or the kidnappings themselves. With the Press, there was no telling.

Have I mentioned that I am NOT a fan of the Press?


“Don,” Chief Griswold said solemnly, his face a mask of worry, “the kidnapper has demanded that you personally deliver the ransom.”

We were sitting in the Chief’s conference room. In addition to the Chief, myself, and my MCD team, Lt. Maxwell was there with State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) Agent Richard “Dick” Ferrell. The guy was a total asshole. He had dark brown hair that was thinning on the top of his head, and very large curly mustache, similar to Chief Griswold’s but dark brown instead of nearly white like the chief’s. I totally hated the guy, but he and the SBI had insisted he be the State’s “liaison” to the kidnapping case. We knew what that meant: the State wanted to take all the credit if the case got solved. Of course, if it failed and went wrong, we local “hicks” would be assigned total blame.

“Why would Bobby Joe Graves ask for him by name?” Ferrell said, haughtily. “Does your detective have a past relationship with that turd?” I was caught thinking to myself that there WAS a bigger asshole than Steven Ikea in this County, and the bastard was sitting right here.

And Ferrell’s insinuation did not escape my notice, either: the SBI was still very aggressively antagonistic to the Town & County Police Force, and my arrival had in no way mollified some of their local agents: they were scared to death of me, and everyone present knew it all too well. Ferrell’s insinuation that I had some “relationship” with Graves was an all-but-open question if I was a “dirty” cop.

“Nope.” I replied. “I’ve never even heard of Graves before these kidnappings. He’s a small-time loser, never done anything of this magnitude before. Of course… I’m sure a special agent of your… distinction… understands the true nature of what is going on here.” As I said it, Ferrell failed to hide his confusion as well as his contempt. He waited for me to continue, but I didn’t, letting the sentence hang in the air, embarrassing him. It was as if everyone else knew the joke but he didn’t.

Of course I knew that Graves was just a “front”, that someone else was using Graves and these kidnappings to get to me. And it didn’t take too much to realize who the hidden leader was. I was beginning to see a pattern in Ned: he liked to use others to do his dirty work for him, which made him actually committing two murders himself a bit confusing…

“All right, Don.” the chief said, as a way of admonishing my mischief. He continued, “The parents of these kids don’t have much money at all: they’re absolutely not who our police psychologist would’ve expected to be potential kidnap victims. But one of the University trustees has… anonymously, as far as you all are concerned… agreed to put up the money for us to deliver. The bills will be marked and the bag bugged. Bobby Joe Graves is by no means the sharpest tool in the shed. We won’t get the address to deliver the ransom until tomorrow morning.”

“Damn.” Britt Maxwell said. “Those poor kids must be terrified. I wish there were some way we could find them now.”

“We’re working on it.” I said. “Speaking of which, I’m going to go do that right now. I’m sure Agent Ferrell has his own methods and will be following those.” Not only had I taken a shot at Ferrell, but I’d deliberately left off the “Special” from “Special Agent”.. an insult he noticed and made a mental note of.

Part 18 – Hospital Care

It was my third night in the hospital. I was still very groggy, going into and out of sleep for periods of time, losing track of day and night and the hours. Most of the pain had gone away, except when I tried to move. The doctors had said I was healing well and should be able to go home in as little as three more days. I didn’t know whether to attribute that to the miracles of modern medicine or the impersonal cost cutting of the insurance company, but I’d be glad to get out of here nonetheless.

It was around 2:30 am, as near as I could tell from the clock-radio Melina had brought in and put on the bedside table for me. Although I was only consciously aware of it at irregular intervals, she had spent nearly all of the daylight hours here with me, and had only gone home to sleep during the night at my insistence when I was awake enough to tell her, with Laura supporting me and taking Melina home to get some rest. Laura had also spent many hours in the room, occasionally invoking her privilege as a doctor on staff at the hospital to check up on me. I realized that during those times when I was dreaming of Laura and smelling her perfume that she must have been in the hospital room with me.

My MCD team had also taken turns visiting and staying with me and the chief and his wife had stopped in a couple of times, and they all told me at times that I’d been awake and talking to them… and I had no memory of their visits nor the conversations at all. I later learned that I had asked several times if anyone else had been found in the burned out warehouse, and was assured that only two of Ned’s perps were found, both injured.

I was in the security ward of the hospital even though the threat to me was considered diminished. Even so, I tensed up when I heard the door to my room open. A silhouette figure approached the bed, and I soon realized that it was one of the night duty nurses. I only knew her name as Nurse Jones. She was a black woman with a very pretty face, a firm shapely body and a saucy ass that I would love to ride. Was this a dream? Was she really here in the room?

“Oh, you’re awake, baby?” she said very quietly as she stood next to the bed. Her perfume smelled good and her voice was husky, and I felt the stirrings in my loins as my cock began to swell. Yes, I was becoming sexually aroused, even here in the hospital. I was injured, not dead.

“Mmm, you’re doing much better.” Nurse Jones said, and I wondered why she was being so quiet, speaking in such low tones. It felt surreal, as if it was a dream.

“And you’re doing just fine where it counts the most.” she said, noting the bulge where my cock was tenting the sheet, her hand sliding carefully over my chest and abs to my loins. I was throbbing by now.

“You just relax, baby.” she said, “and let Nurse Jones take care of your needs. I know just what to do to make you all better.” I felt the sheet being pulled back, followed by my useless hospital gown, the cool air feeling cold. The cold didn’t feel like a dream, I thought as Nurse Jones’s warm dry hand take hold of my cock.

“Oh baby, that’s a nice cock.” Nurse Jones said quietly, but I detected the excitement in her voice.

“Ohhhhhhh….” I whispered as I felt her kiss the tip of my cockhead, then take my length into her hot, wet mouth, sliding her lips down my shaft nearly to the base then back up again, sucking hard as her lips clung tightly to my inches, never breaking contact.

“Mmm, so good baby.” Nurse Jones whispered as her tongue circled my cockhead, her left hand massaging my aching, very full balls while her right hand gripped the base of my shaft and began pumping it. “Mmm, that is fine white cock, baby, and I love sucking it. Does that feel good, baby?” Not waiting for my answer, the beautiful black nurse swallowed my man-sausage and began giving me serious head, deeply sucking me as her hand stroked me harder.

“Oh God, that feels good!” I answered. “God damn, that’s so good!” I had not had sex in days, and the shocks of pleasure racing through my loins and my spine were intense, competing well against the pain of breathing too hard and too deeply.

For the next several minutes the room was silent except for the occasionally slurp and kiss from Nurse Jones’s mouth as she expertly fellated my cock. She was incredibly good, and I could tell that she was very aroused by her actions… and perhaps by the fact that she was a black woman sucking my white cock. The thought of our interracial liaison added to my excitement also; it felt great to have a black woman sucking my dick! The thoughts, coming after the spell of days without sex, soon built up and I felt my nut rising hard and fast.

“UHK! OH! UNH!” I gasped, trying to stifle my voice. Exquisitely pleasurable pain rocked my cock and balls, followed by the immense joy of release as the first huge spurt of my semen rocketed into Nurse Jones’s throat. She moaned as jolt after jolt of my pent-up seed escaped from the prison of my balls and coated her throat.

My cock was still throbbing and pulsing when Nurse Jones licked up the last of my jism from my cock. She drank some water from the bottle on my bedside table, then used a washcloth to clean off my loins of the evidence of the fantastic oral sex she had given me.

“Mmmm, so tasty.” she cooed. “You’re one tasty white man, Detective Don. I’ll be back for more of that.” With that she was gone, silently walking out of the room, leaving me to wonder if that was reality or if it had been a dream within a wonderful dream…

Part 19 – The Trap

“I fully expect to hear from the kidnappers long before any official ransom message comes out.” I told Cindy and Hugh in the MCD room after the meeting in the chief’s office. “They want me to come alone, and here is what I think they’ll try to do.” And sure enough, they did what I expected them to do.

The train tracks that came out of the west and turned straight south at the northwest corner of town were essentially the western border of the town. Everything west of that was open, flat farmland. At 11:00pm, I received a phone call on my cell. The voice, which sounded like a man high on drugs trying to read a script, told me to go to a location in the better neighborhoods in the northern section of town.

“I expect them to tell me to drive south on one of the farm roads on the west side of the tracks, then I’ll be told to come back into the town.” I told them before leaving. “They’re going to do this to make sure I’m not being followed by another car and that there is not anyone else in the car with me. I’ll take one of the police SUVs, since the windows are bulletproof to small arms fire, in case they ambush me, but I don’t expect it to go down there. You guys stay alert and in one of the four positions where we’ve staged cars.”

“So how will we keep track of you?” Hugh asked.

“You can track the GPS and the radio on the police car.” I said. “I’ll also keep my police cellphone open and connected with you, and will tell you of any instructions or changes that happen.” Our cellphones had special apps so that police could keep connected as if we were on a phone call.

“Won’t they be concerned seeing you in a marked police car?” Cindy asked, pleasing me that she was astute enough to figure that out.

“Bobby Joe Graves is pretty stupid.” Hugh said. “He probably won’t even think of that.”

The chief handed me the bag as I got into the SUV in the police dept. parking lot. “It’s all real money, but half of it is marked and there are homing devices in the bag and one of the bundles of bills.” he said. “Don, be careful.” The man was clearly worried, and he shook my hand as if he were sending me into a combat situation from which he did not expect me to return alive…


I reached the first location and my personal cellphone rang. As expected, the voice told me to head down County Farm Road 5, which was through open fields headed straight south alongside the railroad tracks. Just as I approached a road that would turn east back into Town into the “Warehouse District”, just north of the slums district in the southwest of town, the phone rang again and the voice said turn east onto that road. I did so, calling in my location on the police cellphone, receiving acknowledgement.

This was too easy, I thought, foreboding entering my soul for the first time as I came into town. They’ve got to have some trick up their sleeve, I realized, and just hoped I’d be able to handle it and get backup to the scene quickly. I was worried about the children; they would be hostages and possibly be used as human shields if there was any police action.

Coming up on the left was the Crawford Mattress factory, followed by the Ward Harvester plant. Ward Harvester didn’t advertise it out loud, but they also made farm chemicals, including ammonium nitrate.

At that moment, a text message came up on my personal cell. It was not the same number of the phone calls, and it said simply “Ward, back entrance.”

“HQ, this is Rover.” I called into the police cellphone as I approached the back entrance of the plant, which was open. No one was at the guard gate. “HQ, Rover, I’m at Ward Harvester, back gate. How copy?”

There was no reply.

I looked down at the phone. There was no signal to it. I got onto the police radio that came with the car and attempted to call in. There was no response; only static greeted me. I told my location into both the cellphone and police radio mike, hoping that my message would get through even if their reply wasn’t getting back to me.

There was a small building attached to the nearest warehouse, with one car parked in front, an old and beat-up sedan. There were lights inside, the only such lights within sight.

I didn’t have time to retreat nor wait for backup. I went to the back of the SUV and got out an M-4 rifle, similar to what the Army special ops people used, in what civilians would call .223 caliber. I crept up to the car, finding it empty. Then I crept up to the door of the building nearby.

Looking inside, I saw to the left Ned and an unkempt looking young man, who I guessed was Bobby Joe Graves. Going to the left side of the door window, I peered to the right and saw an office with the lights on and what looked like an adult and the three kidnapped children.

In the back of the warehouse, beyond the circle of lights illuminating this front area, were pallets of bagged materials. My first thought was that they were bags of concrete powder, but I wasn’t sure, and it didn’t matter right now: I had to act now to rescue these children. Clicking the safety of my weapon off, I reached for the door.


All I saw was a bright flash behind my eyes and I lost control of my body. As I fell, I instinctively realized that I’d just been hit hard on the back of my head. As I felt two strong pair of hands gripping my arms and hoisting me up, I knew through the haze that I was captured.

Part 20 – Ned’s Moment of Victory and Pleasure

I felt myself being sat down in a chair, with my hands duct-taped firmly behind me behind the chair backing. My shirt, as well as my protective vest, had been stripped off of me, and my gun and holster gear taken. I remember the M-4 dropping to the ground where I’d been hit from behind, and I mentally wondered if I could get away and back to it. As I looked up, I realized I’d been dragged into the building and down the hallway of the connecting warehouse to the left about 20 yards. I could make out the little office far down the hallway to my left, and the door to the outside not far from it. But attention was soon diverted.

“Ah, Uncle Don, welcome to the party!” Ned said, coming out of the shadows. The unkempt man was following, forcing along a woman whose hands were bound behind her and her mouth covered with duct tape. It was my sister Elizabeth!

“Now that we’re all here for this touching family reunion,” Ned said, “we can get started. Clete, welcome my uncle… properly.”

With that, the big black man dressed in a leather jacket, heavy pants and military boots stepped in front of me. Rearing his arm back he drove his fist forward. I instinctively moved and the blow caught me on the side of the jaw near my ear. It was still enough to send me and the chair sprawling. I landed on my arms, my weight and the chair’s back coming down on them, and it felt like my shoulder joints were going to pop out.

Clete and someone else came up and sat me back upright, then from my left side Clete delivered a hard, closed-fist punch to my side, connecting solidly with my ribs.

”UHH!!!” I grunted, waiting for the next blow. But it did not come. Instead, Clete brought out a small thin syringe and injected the contents into my left shoulder.

Meanwhile, the unkempt man pushed Elizabeth hard from behind, sending her sprawling to the floor. The unkempt man then turned her over onto her back. She was wearing a simple blue and white print dress and no shoes.

“Now that I have your attention, Uncle Don,” Ned said. “You get to watch. You like watching, don’t you Uncle Don?” Ned knelt down on top of Elizabeth, straddling her at the waist. “You see, Uncle Don, my mother has been cock-teasing me. She’s been promising me she would fuck me, but she never did. I really hate prick-teases, Uncle Don, don’t you? Like your whore of a wife?”

I said nothing as Ned got up off of Elizabeth, but only for a second as he knelt further down between her shapely legs. She tried to keep them shut, but Ned pushed them apart, then up and back with a strength that seemed beyond his scrawny, slender body.

Just as Ned reached for his mother’s panties, pulling them off, I saw out of the corner of my eye that Clete was about to punch me again. I jerked my head back and his blow only caught the tip of my chin, which I rolled with easily but Clete didn’t. Off balance, he nearly fell down.

Regaining his balance, he snarled “You motherfucker.”, not realizing how truthful his words were. He then drove his fist into my belly just under the ribs. Pain seared my insides and I gasped. I thought I was going to throw up, but somehow didn’t.

“Enough of that, Clete.” Ned said. “It’s time for my little watcher Uncle to get a good eyeful of a woman being fucked. Isn’t that right, Mom?” I watched as the teen thug slid my sister’s panties down her legs, easily overcoming her attempts to resist and kick him. He hurled the panties at me as he leaned over and slapped Elizabeth’s face, hard. She continued to kick at him until he slapped her again, even harder. The blow stunned her and she went limp.

Ned tore open the top of Elizabeth’s dress, her lovely breasts spilling out. Ned kneaded them for a moment, then reached down to unfasten his pants. As he slid them down his toothpick thighs, his cock sprang out. It was long and hard, longer than mine for sure, a full eight inches in length, meaty and veiny with a large mushroom helmet. Drops of pre-cum leaked from the pulsing slit. Ned was rock-hard and ready to fuck.

“Oh yeah, Mom,” Ned said, his voice menacing, “I am really going to enjoy this. And your brother gets to watch, too, like he did when you were a teenager fucking all of those boys. Isn’t that right, Uncle Don? Well now, you can watch your sister getting fucked… getting fucked with THIS!”

Ned thrust his hips forward as he said it, displaying his big cock to make sure I saw it. He could not know that his action reminded me of his big brother Todd domming me when Todd had displayed his cock right in front of me before deeply fucking my wife Melina.

Despite the dire situation I was in, I felt the first stirrings of my own cock at the memory. And then I began to realize that the drug Clete had injected into me was some type of viagra on steroids: I was beginning to feel very sexually aroused, almost out of control with lusty desire. I took deep breaths to keep calm.

Ned said no more but mounted his mother, easing himself on top of her. I could see his naked, thin ass moving around in tight circles as he pushed his mother’s legs up and back, trying to fit his cockhead into her slit. Elizabeth was not helping, trying to move to prevent being penetrated, sounds of anger coming from her duct-taped mouth. Ned then began dry-humping his mother, letting his shaft slide wetly up and down the length of her slit. His cock began shining with juices as Elizabeth’s body betrayed her, getting wet defensively despite knowing she was about to be raped by her own son.

Everyone in the warehouse began watching. I realized that in addition to Clete and who I thought was Graves, there were at least two others in the shadows behind me. Additionally, the little office door opened and out walked a woman, wearing a leather outfit of a goth girl, her fingernails painted black and her lips coated with black glossy lipstick. My curiosity was aroused: why was this girl wearing a mask when the others weren’t?

Much more importantly, I also saw the three kids sitting in chairs in the little office before the door closed on them.

“Oh yeah,” Ned was groaning, “I am really going to fuck the shit out of you Mom. I am really going to give it to you, you fucking whore. Are you ready to give me what I need, Mom? Are you ready to give me the relief I need?” Elizabeth was making sounds into her gag, still trying to resist her son, but to no avail.

“OH MY GOD, YES!!” Ned shouted loudly as his cockhead sank into Elizabeth’s slit, followed by his shaft as he drove it into his mother as hard as he could. I heard the wet slap of his groin on hers as he buried his meat balls-deep into her.

The well-hung teen began to fuck his mother steadily, hard and deep, fucking her for his personal enjoyment. After several moments of silently pumping her with deep, probing thrusts, Ned looked up at me.

“Want some of this, Uncle Don?” Ned asked derisively. “Would you like to fuck your sister when I’m through with her? She’s hot, Uncle Donny, really hot!’ Ned continued to fuck her as I felt my own desires raging for release, my cock throbbing and iron hard as I watched the obscene rape in front of me.

Ned stopped fucking Elizabeth for a moment and raised up. He took off his shirt then eased back down onto her and re-sheathed his straining, taut cock back into her violated, sodden hole. I saw the birthmark on his lower back, the “X” with the middle missing at the base of his spine.

Ned might have known what he had done putting the drug into me, but I don’t know if he knew that Todd and I had totally enjoyed Elizabeth’s body while taking her by force months before. He also didn’t know that I was thinking of putting a bullet right into the center of that “X” on his back, possibly paralyzing him, making him impotent, forcing him to live as a cripple for the rest of his worthless life. That thought, as much as the memories of raping Elizabeth and the sight of Ned violating her now, fueled my desires of sexual lust. I knew I was drugged; I just didn’t seem to care…

“Yeah, Uncle Don,” Ned said, “I think I’m going to let you have some of this fine piece of ass… before I kill you.” With those words Ned began to fuck Elizabeth harder, more brutally, with shorter harder strokes, really driving his ass forward as he buried his bone into her wet snatch. I knew that his threat was more than real, that he was going to leave several dead bodies here, including mine, if I did not find a way out of this mess.

“Oh yeah, I’m gonna come, Mother. I’m going to come in your filthy fucking CUNT!” Ned shouted. He began fucking her furiously, pushing her legs far up and back under his arms and chest as he banged his mother savagely.

“UUHHH! AAUUGHH!!!” Ned screamed out, artificially raising his voice so that I heard every word. But there was nothing artificial about his orgasm: he was pumping a massive load of semen into Elizabeth’s defiled vagina.

“Oh God yeah.” Ned said. “That was fucking good. That was the best piece of ass I’ve ever fucked. Are you ready for some sloppy seconds, Uncle Don?” I just knew that if they untied me at all, it would be their death sentence.

Ned was shaking a bit as he rolled off of his mother, releasing her legs. She lay flat on her back, not even trying to close her legs, a trickle of Ned’s thick, creamy seminal fluids trickling out of her well-filled cunt. I was steeling myself, preparing for the hopeful eventuality that Ned would tell Clete to untie my hands, preparing to swing into personal combat action and take charge of this–


I was momentarily stunned by the bright flash of light followed by the detonation of the flash-bang grenade. I barely had time to see Ned glance around in shock, then realize that we were under attack! Clete and Graves had taken off, the woman I’d seen was gone also. I realized that later though: time seemed to slow down as Ned quickly fished into the pocket of his pants. As a shadowy figure rushed to attack him, he pointed the gun at me, and fired.

“UUHH!!” I gasped. The fire in my left side burned with an intense hotness, followed by an onrush of incredible, debilitating pain. I knew I’d been hit. Ned did not get a chance for a second shot. As someone rushed up behind me and began cutting my bonds, I noted that a young man dressed in all black was hitting Ned, furiously driving his fists into Ned’s belly, kneeing his balls, punching him hard in the face. It was a furious assault and it took me a moment to realize who it was.

It was Todd! Todd was beating the shit out of his brother Ned!

His mask had come off. As I felt my arms being freed and someone helping me up, I only noticed his all-black clothes and a full mask over his face. This other person was helping me towards the door as Todd continued to throw punch after punch into Ned. The teen who had been so haughty just a moment before was now bleeding from his broken nose and mouth, his eyes already beginning to show the bruises, and his chest and thin belly taking shot after shot.

I realized that Todd was trying to kill Ned, that he was going to leave Ned’s lifeless body on the floor. But I didn’t have time for that… the flash-bang grenades (there had been two of them but I hadn’t realized it) had started a fire. And this place had potentially explosive or flammable chemicals!

“The kids!” I yelled. “We’ve got to get the kids!” I rushed towards the office, the pain in my side searing with each step. Throwing open the door, I found the three little children, terrified, huddling together.

“Kids!” I said, scooping up the youngest girl. “I’m a policeman. Come with me!” The other two clung to me as I carried the third one out and to the outside door. I saw shadowy figures in the distance and, praying that they were friends, told the kids to run to those people and get help. I then turned back into the building to get Todd and Ned. Just as I stepped in the door, I noticed that the flames were moving towards one of the pallets… then reached it.


It felt like a punch in the chest, taking my breath away. The explosion knocked me back out of the warehouse. I realized that I was lying on my back. I got up just as other people were coming towards me and rushed back inside.

Through the bright orange of the fire that was consuming the pallets in the warehouse, I saw Ned lying on the floor, face down, unconscious. There was no sign of any other person at all. Grabbing Ned by one arm, I drug him towards the door, the pain in my side increasing, and my strength starting to give out.

The next thing I knew, I was lying outside. The EMTs were attending to me, Cindy Ross was handling the case, Ned was captured and under arrest, and also receiving EMT treatment. The kids were okay, and had already been whisked away to the hospital for examinations and psychological comforting.

The .22 magnum bullet Ned had fired at me had hit a rib on my left side, taking some skin and muscle meat and fracturing the rib. The wound was serious but not life-threatening as it was treated quickly, but it hurt.

God, how it hurt. I lay on the grass feeling the hurt. And the cold.

Part 21 – Heavenly Bedside Manner

It was the next night in the hospital. I was feeling much better, and knew I’d be going home in a couple of days. I was hoping that Nurse Jones would make another visit as I fell asleep. I woke up and knew instantly that the lovely black nurse was beside me. Her left hand was already stroking my cock, and her right hand my forehead.

“Hello, baby.” she said huskily. “Are you ready for the rest of my therapy?”

“Yeah, baby.” I whispered. I reached out, gently cupping her big breast still inside her nurse’s dress. She moved away and seconds later I felt my cock being engulfed again in her warm, wet mouth.

“Mmmmmf” I gasped, quietly, then gave in to the wonderful sensations of getting my cock sucked by this woman’s wonderful lips and tongue. I thought that she would again fellate me to completion, but this time Nurse Jones had other ideas.

“Now it’s my turn to get some of that cock, baby.” she said. “Your last load coated my tonsils, but this load is going to splash against my cervix.” With that I heard the rustle of her dress as she dropped it to the floor. Her white stockings were held up by a garter, which I could only dimly see, and her tits were encased in a rather ordinary-looking bra.

Nurse Jones climbed carefully onto the bed, trying not to jar me nor hit my wounded side. Settling over me, she grabbed my cock and I felt the wet kiss of her cuntlips on the head.

“Yeah, baby, you just lie back and enjoy it. I’m gonna take a long hard ride…” she whispered as her cunt began sliding down my iron-hard cockshaft. I felt her weight press onto me as she took me balls-deep. Her hips ground around, helping my cock to churn her tight, wet cuntwalls. Then she began slowly riding up and down my shaft.

Oh God, it was pure heaven. Pure fucking heaven.

The fact that she was black and I was white only added to the tremendous pleasure we were both feeling. Almost as soon as she started riding my cock, I felt Nurse Jones’s pussy tighten down as she gave a deep, guttural moan. Nurse Jones was climaxing. She was coming around my cock.

“Oh baby, that was so fucking good.” she said. “I’ve never come that hard or that fast. Your cock does things to me, Don… so many wonderful things… uhhhhh!”

Three orgasms later, I could not take it anymore. I was shoving my meat up into her as hard as I could, considering my injuries. My orgasm overcame be almost before I realized it. I felt my cock throb and the pulses as my semen spurted into the lovely nurse’s deepest cunt. I had no way of knowing what was happening one floor up, at the other end of the hospital…


The nurse walked down the hall past the uniformed guards, flashing a badge as she entered the room. The guards hardly noticed; they were admiring her luscious body and legs in the tight white nurse dress.

It took only seconds for her to scan the room. Ned was lying on the bed. His face was bruised around his eyes, his broken nose set. He had suffered internal injuries as well as burns from the explosion. He had been near death when brought in, but was recovering well now.

The woman went to work quickly. Seeing one of Ned’s wrists handcuffed to the rail of the bed, she quickly handcuffed the other one to the other rail. Then she took out a small syringe and injected Ned with it.

“Hello Ned.” she said as he became fully awake. His eyes widened in shock, but his scream was silenced by the ball gag in his mouth, which was duct-taped shut just as he’d done to his mother Elizabeth.

“Yes, darling, it’s me.” Melina said. “I came to pay you a visit, dear… and to fulfill my own promise to myself. Remember our little camping trip?” Ned’s eyes were still wide with shock, but then filled with confusion and uncertainty. He had no idea what Melina had in store for him, and he was not yet awake enough to feel fear at his helpless situation.

“Yes, dear, I promised that I was going to fuck your big cock, didn’t I, Ned? Of course, I’m not a prick-tease, and I am going to make that promise come true now.” Ned tried to move his arms, only to find himself cuffed down. He watched as Melina unzipped her nurse’s uniform and slipped it off her magnificent body. Except for the stockings and garter, she was naked.

“Soooo, you think I’m a whore, Ned?” Melina asked. “What was that I heard… that you thought that poor boy you shot dead had ‘polluted’ himself by fucking me? Oh, but your cock is getting so hard, Ned. How can that be? Oh!– that’s right… I injected you with the same erection drug you injected my husband with in that warehouse several days ago.

Melina continued as Ned stopped struggling, exhausted from his effort. “Oh yes, Todd found the extra syringe when he took your clothes. You’re lucky Ned; Todd was trying his best to kill you. I’m glad he didn’t… wouldn’t it be soooooo much better if I pollute your big cock with my pussy juice, while riding you? And you’re going to come inside me, Ned…”

Her voice was loving and seductive as she said the words, masking the venom deep beneath them. She was climbing onto the bed, straddling Ned’s now naked form. His cock was hard, responding to the drugs coursing through his system. Melina gripped the teen’s cock and fit it into her cuntlips, then pushed down hard, engulfing Ned’s meat in the wet depths of her hot womanhood.


( The people and places in the story are real . The initial meeting with Robert, Vee and Sam really happened at the art exhibit, but the tryst is fantasy. It was just a canvas to try to paint Vee. Sam really does not want to hand over his wife to anybody, but if she ever went there he’s going with her.

PS: This is the first story I’ve ever tried to write. I enjoyed writing it, although challenging on an IPhone. I tried to make it appealing to to a woman’s mind, Vee first, but also indulged a little in the male eye to make it attractive to men also

I hope you enjoy reading it. Comments and feedback are welcome.)


The colorful, post card size invitation to the art exhibit and private cocktail party to meet the artist was offered to Mrs. Jensen as a thank you for contributing to the city’s historical museum. The artist was one of the Florida Highwaymen, a group of painters known for their landscape paintings. She was locally known as Vee by her close friends and family. The lady, appearing to be in her mid 40s, was by most considered conservative, very attractive and high class. Actually at 56 she was stunning. The only feature of her 5′-6″ presence that hinted of her true age was the color of her long, face framing hair. It was primarily silvery platinum, with faint underlights of medium brown left over from her youth. She wore it in a simple yet elegant style at about mid back, slightly above her narrow waist. Mrs. Victoria Jensen extended the invitation to her husband of 37 years as well as to two other couples.

Two weeks later the three couples met in the shady grass parking area of the historical building. As they greeted one another with hugs and hand shakes they noticed but a few automobiles scattered around the well maintained but rustic yard. While checking the invitation to verify the date and location, an attractive woman opened the door from the inside to invite them in. She explained the artist was about to start his presentation on the philosophy and history of his paintings.

As they wove their way through the various display cases of local memorabilia they could see a small gathering of people, maybe about a dozen, begin to circle around a man. The man stood near the table with wine, cheese and crackers along with some fruit.

The artist, striking in appearance, began his introduction. Equally appealing was his voice, smooth and rich. Robert Miller III seemed to enjoy sharing his passion for his work.

Standing a little over 6 feet, his captivating features had everyone’s attention. Over the next 1/2 hour Mr. Miller explained the nature of his art and the places he had been to create the paintings. He insisted on actually observing his subject while painting it. He also shared how his work was driven by his personal desire to preserve natural history.

As his talk came to a close he invited anyone to speak with him personally with any questions they might have. He also encouraged the small group to mill around and enjoy the various pieces displayed in the gallery.

After studying most of the art, Sam Jensen, a good looking, tall, angular man, sought out the artist. He introduced himself to Mr.. Miller, and the artist responded “May I call you Sam?”

The two men engaged in conversation about their common experiences exploring various rivers in Florida. While they spoke with each other, Victoria Jensen appeared beside her husband completing the triangle that three form when standing close. Sam caught that moment when Robert first looked at his wife. That slight widening of the eyes while at the same moment a change in stance as when a hunter first spies the trophy he has been looking for.

“Mr. Miller, please meet my wife Victoria. She has been a willing adventurer with me on many river explorations.” As the two strangers held out and took each other’s hands, the slow handshake took just a bit longer that would be expected. Sam noticed. He also noted while in their brief exchange both seemed to enjoy their introduction.

“This is Robert Miller.” said Sam.

“Please address me as Robert, Mrs. Jensen.”

“Thank you,” was all she could get out before one of her friends called her over get her opinion on one of the smaller paintings.

As the mingling continued, a three man, old country band quietly played. Some while later, Sam and Victoria met back at the wine table where Sam refilled his wife’s glass.

“Pardon me for intruding but I was hoping I might find you two together.” Robert Miller’s smooth, mellow voice permeated. “I have been thinking that soon you will be leaving and I will regret not having asked you this question. Mrs. Jensen, You are a uniquely attractive woman. With your husband’s approval, I would like to ask you to allow me to capture how I see you on canvas.”

There was a pause while Sam and Robert tried to read her face.

“Of course I would waive all my fees. It’s just that you remind me of someone I once knew I thought I would never see the likes of again. There’s something about you, maybe your hair, I’m not sure, that inspires me.”

Victoria glanced over at Sam to try and read his face and saw a look that was calm and neutral. In that moment she evaluated the compliment but decided not to answer, fearing her attraction to the artist might be revealed. She simply said, “I thought your specialty was landscape, but thank you,” with a mild blush.

Others approached Robert as Victoria slipped off to join the friends she had arrived with.

Sam stayed talking with Robert and bought a signed print of a flooded cypress head he thought he had been to before.

After another glass of wine the three couples were moving toward their cars with a plan to meet for dinner, when Vee decided to make a restroom visit before leaving. Now as she departed the ladies room, most of the guest had shifted outside. Robert approached her with a smile and told her how much he had enjoyed meeting her.

“Likewise. I really like your work. Thank you for the display,” she replied while turning toward the door.

“Mrs. Jensen, Victoria that is, please take my card which has my email address. Possibly you would consider my offer to paint your portrait. If so, please let me know.” Victoria took the card, and intentionally broke the gaze from his coffee colored eyes.

“Good night, Mr. Miller.” She walked away quickly to join her group outside.

The three couples went on to a local restaurant, then to their respective homes.

That evening while she was putting a few things away and preparing for bed, she came across the card. Her response to seeing the card and the proposition that came with it, was to throw it in the waste can, which she did.


The next morning while Vee was sitting at her makeup dresser, she noticed the card in the top of the basket. It caused her a slight startle as she visualized the man who had given it to her. Something in the background of her thoughts caused her to retrieve the card. She tucked it into the insurance card section if her wallet.


The following Friday evening Sam and Vee were out with one of the same couples (Will & Lynn) for dinner. Discussion of last week’s art exhibition developed. Lynn asked Vee what she thought of the artist and his work. Vee’s mind instantly replayed the offer he had made and the feeling she had as Robert Miller handed her his business card.

Again something alerted her not to pick up on this topic so she just said she thought he was interesting and enjoyed his art. But she also thought, “What is it about this man that disquiets me?”


During the next week Sam was out late one evening, fishing with a couple of his friends.

Vee started her evening finishing up a romance novel she had started a few days earlier. Then she went through the mail. A new insurance card had been sent so she got out her wallet to put it away. There in the little pocket was the business card of The Highwayman, Mr. Robert Miller.

Again her thoughts went back to his smooth voice and confident eyes when he had offered to paint her portrait, and then to his departing request for her to consider his offer. She took the card and began to enter the email address into her laptop. “What am I doing?” She asked herself as she composed a note.

[Mr. Miller

What would it entail to pose for a portrait?

Victoria Jensen.]

With some fear but also a freeing excitement she pressed the send button. Vee went on with her bookkeeping tasks forgetting about the artist until a chime sounded from her computer signaling an incoming message. You have mail!

Vee opened the incoming mail and went tense, seeing that it was a reply from the Highwayman.

["It entails you saying yes and two or three sittings where I can capture you in various light conditions. These could be at times that conveniently fit your calendar. The first could be brief , maybe 30 to 45 minutes just to try a few settings and snap some photos.

I was very glad to hear from you, Mrs. Jensen and I hope you would send me a couple of dates that would work for our initial sitting.

Thank you M'am

Robert Miller"]

She sucked in a breath and felt some foreign excitement. “Oh no. That was quick. Should I respond? What is it about this man that so unnerves me?” She chose to ignore the message. After about another hour of attempted desk work she realized she could not focus. The Highwayman’s fascination kept invading her mind. She checked her calendar.

After the send button was finally touched, the note (having been revised several times) simply said,

["Next Thursday Sept 21 at 3:00 pm is available on my calendar."]

Within 5 minutes the chime announced incoming mail.

["That fits perfectly with my schedule. I have set up a new studio in town. It's above the health food store, was previously occupied by a small construction contractor. I will look forward to seeing you at 3:00 pm.

PS. Please wear your hair the way you did at the art exhibit.


Upon reading the last email , Victoria got up and paced the room trying to sort out her excitement or discomfort, she wasn’t sure which. She had never modeled for a portrait before. Was that it? Or was there something else that stirred her about the Highwayman?

She poured herself a glass of wine and thought about what she would wear next Thursday. Then she purposed to put the subject out of her head.


Thursday morning arrived. Vee helped Sam with breakfast. Then he received a long sensuous hug and kiss as she saw him off to work for the day. She wrestled with the thought of telling Sam about her appointment that afternoon but settled with no. If the portrait turned out well she would surprise him with it when it was complete. She had no way of knowing at this point how long it would take so better not to mention it at all.

Around noon, Vee showered, dried her hair. She paid particular attention to her makeup as she continued to fuss with herself as to what to wear.

At 3:11 she arrived at the two story old brick building. The varnished wood steps led to a short dimly lit hallway. Suite 202 was the second and last door on the left. Before she knocked she paced back and forth within the hall trying to gather her courage. This was strange. It was out of character for Vee to feel so unsure of herself. A conflict of anticipating seeing the artist with the seemingly first time thought of “Is this a good idea? I don’t really know this man. Should I be meeting him alone?” The latter thought won out and she started toward the stairs. The door to suite 202 opened and out stepped the Highwayman, looking comfortable but nicely dressed in light weight camel colored slacks and a black tee shirt. Startled, Victoria dropped her car keys.

“Mrs. Jensen. I’m glad you are here. I was just coming out to see if I could assist you in finding the studio. Let me get those keys for you,” as he stooped down right beside her. Her heart raced as she struggled to regain her composure, hoping that Robert had no idea of the state she was in.

“Sorry I’m a little late. I had a conflict to deal with.”

“That’s ok. Please come into my studio. I’ll show you around if you like.”

Seeing Robert’s calm nature and hearing his soothing voice began to put her at ease. She mostly dismissed her fear and put on her well known confident, elegant self-possession and walked in the door he held open.

A small dark foyer gave way to a naturally well-lit area with five or six easels with paintings in various stages of completion, and more paintings on the walls. Large tall windows lined one wall of the comfortable room. White sheers gracefully hung in pairs for each of the 5 windows.

Mrs. Jensen, may I call you Victoria?”

“Of course, Mr. Miller.”

“Robert, please. May I get you a glass of red wine while you look around?”

“That would be nice. Thank you, Robert.”

When he returned from the room she had not yet been in, he carried two glasses of wine. She noticed she was much more at ease now. Something about the lighting, the mood of the place, and that calming voice of his reassured her.

After showing her around the main work room and pointing out a few of his choice works he invited her to enter the smaller room. This room was rich and warm, a corner room with smaller windows in both exterior walls, also lined with sheers but with the addition of roll up blinds that were half way closed. A nice large center rug with a medium brown leather loveseat couch on one side and 1920′s era chaise placed where the light from the windows gave a warm glow to the dark violet velvet upholstery. Odd, but inviting and comfy looking. An easel stood near the center of the rug beside a tall no back stool.

About 20 nicely framed paintings, mostly portraits, were displayed. One was a beautiful young black woman. Another was of a very dignified looking older black man. Robert noted her gaze at the two large paintings.

“Allow me to introduce my father, Robert Miller II, and my daughter, Rose.”

Victoria compared the skin tone and color of both the portraits with that of Robert. Almost exactly the same chocolate/caramel blend.

“They are wonderful, Robert. Rose is beautiful and your father is quite handsome.”

“Thank you, Victoria. I very much enjoyed painting them; but now I’m really looking forward to working with one of the most exquisite ladies I have ever met. If you’re ready, we can get started.”

“All right. What do I do?”

“Well, as you can see, this is my portrait room, where the other is my landscape studio. I selected this vintage chaise especially to pose you on. Why don’t you see if it is comfortable to you.”

Victoria casually moseyed over and behind the long footed half chair half couch and felt the soft velvet. As she leaned over the couch, the sun that lit the couch caught and highlighted her silvery hair, accentuated even further by the contrast with her black sun dress.

Robert smiled at the scene in front of him. “Victoria, you and I are going to create a timeless work of art, a masterpiece. You are the type of beauty I have been looking for. We will make music together. Settle in, relax and make yourself comfortable. I’ll go get my camera.”

She indeed was relaxed when Robert returned. He just started taking random photos as he shifted around the room. He asked her to try to forget the camera and just look around. Most of his pictures were taken from 8 to 12 feet but periodically he would lean in within 3 feet to capture some close ups. After a short time of sipping her wine her anxiety of being photographed numerous times faded.

Robert, an experienced professional, was in no hurry. He began to direct her head direction and tilt. He then asked her to put her feet up on the elongated portion of the chaise, lean back into its curved back and put one arm along the back. He snapped another 25 or more digital photos. By the time he’d finished, he had taken at least 150 pics.

“Victoria, you are a natural. You should consider being a professional model. I have all the photos I need to begin to experiment with setting and lighting now.

“Well thank you, Robert, but I really didn’t do anything except sit here. I am not sure why you want to take the time to paint me at all.”

“Mrs. Jensen, you don’t see yourself through the eyes of an artist. You have a glorious beauty about you that has not been hardened with pride or conceit. It is an unusual blend of class, quiet confidence, dignity, and carefree sexy.”

With that, she blushed a little, looking at him through several strands of platinum hair. “My, what a compliment,” she laughed, trying to lighten the moment a little.

Robert stepped in close reached out with his right hand, fingers parted like a comb and gently touched his finger tips to the side of her forehead and temple slowly sweeping her hair back away from her face, back to allow it to lay behind her shoulder. The touch was soft and warm, his long dark fingers contrasting her platinum hair.

“Thank you for coming in today, Victoria.”

“You can call me Vee, if you’d like.”

“Thank you, Vee. He held out his hand to help her up. “I would like that.” He then reached around her waist and carefully pulled her in for a short little hug.

She did not encourage or resist.

“Today was mostly to get acquainted, you and I, and to see if you could be comfortable in a studio. I think we will be able to work together quite well. I hope you feel the same?”

“Well, I was a little anxious to begin with. But I enjoyed the tour of your studio. I’m still not understanding what you see in me, but I found myself at ease with being photographed. What is the next step?

“Good. Being honest and free with your expression draws your mature beauty out. I’ll go to work to prepare for the next sitting. I’m hoping we can do our next sitting next Thursday at 11:00 am. The late morning light will work very nicely on you. The session will require about 2 hours, during which time I will have lunch catered in. We should be done between 2 and 3 o’clock. Will that work with you, Vee?”

She consulted her phone calendar then responded, “Looks like that will work!”


The highwayman escorted Vee through the door to the top of the stairs and watched her descend into the daylight. He focused first on her hair flowing over her copper tan shoulders, then to her slender waist, then to the mesmerizing sway of her perfectly shaped large bottom concealed in the thin black fabric. He could not help but wonder what that would look like exposed!

Vee thought she felt his gaze as she concentrated on not looking back.



That afternoon, evening and at unprescribed intervals throughout the week both Victoria and Robert thought about their last meeting.


The next Wednesday afternoon Victoria was alone in her home office working on some real-estate follow up when her thoughts shifted to the next day’s appointment at the studio. It suddenly dawned on her she did not ask nor did Robert mention what to wear.

“Maybe I should call? No, maybe email?”

As she pondered, the image of the Highwayman flashed in her mind. She thought of how nice looking he was, medium length tightly curled hair with glints of silver throughout. Strong well proportioned body but not really athletic, swirling dark eyes and high cheek bones. A very well proportioned, symmetrical man with that rich skin, smooth and brown.

She thought, “What in the world am I thinking? Why is my mind going there? Am I interested in a painting, or am I interested the painter? Do I dare to continue to explore that question?” She wondered ………………


Vee snapped herself away from that kind of thinking and quickly banged out the following note.

["Mr. Miller,

I failed to ask you what to wear for our next sitting. Do you have a preference? Also, is tomorrow at 11am still good?


She hesitated, then hit the send button.

She went on to her work trying to put the appointment out of mind.


Before starting dinner for herself and her husband Sam, she checked her inbox. No mail.

The evening passed.

Sam was tired from a long day and was asleep by 11 pm.


Vee, back in her office, checked her inbox. New mail. There was a message sent at 9:56 from the Highwayman.


I was hoping/thinking you might correspond. The black sun dress you wore last week is perfect. I have studied your photos and set up a scene that I think will capture you brilliantly. I have also set up an alternate scene that contrasts your skin tones with your hair. Maybe if time permits I could work on a pencil sketch.

This would require your shoulders to be fully exposed. If this is something you would like maybe as a gift to your husband, then bring maybe a tube top, modest lingerie or brassiere. I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at 11. Bring a book to occupy your time, if you like.


Vee was offended!!………

Or was she?

“Such a bold request. Or was it just professional direction? The thought of posing in a brassiere —–Outrageous! Besides, my breasts are only 34B.” The thought of being that exposed to this middle aged……………….hmmmmmm”


By 8:30 the next morning Vee was going through her morning routine, showering, leg and under arm shaving then catching herself carefully trimming around her pubic area. “Hmmmm? Was this my day for that?”

Her drapes did not match her carpet, a perfect dark bush with 5 or 6 curly strands of pure platinum sparkling

through in the lower area just above her womanhood.

She applied her makeup very carefully then perfected her hair.

Nearly ready now, she went into her closet to select a pair of shoes. Unlike last week, she chose red high heels. Right next to the shoe rack was her underwear drawers. She opened the one with the brassieres, snapped up the leopard spot one and stuffed it in her purse. She tried not to think about why she did this. “Maybe just in case? But I’m sure I won’t need this!”


At 10 :55 am Victoria arriving in the town parking lot. She locked her car, looked around a bit nervously then realized, “I come here routinely. No one will think I am out of place.”

She wondered why she was concerned.

She sucked in her tummy and walked toward the old, light colored brick building with multiple businesses on the ground floor, nice purse in hand.

She really looked good at 129 pounds in that black dress that subtly skimmed her curves and red high heels. Tall,thin, curvey. Graceful, smart looking, mature, dignified, classy, beautiful, elegant, and drop dead SEXY!!

This time without hesitation she knocked on the door to Suite 202. Nearly instantly the door opened and that voice welcomed her.

“Good morning Vee. You really look fantastic!”

Today Robert wore black slacks and a nice button up lime green shirt on the outside. He looked relaxed and very handsome.

“Please come in Vee. I have the set ready for you.”

This time he offered her coffee. As they proceeded though to the portrait room he lighty placed his

finger tips on her closest shoulder blade. Once in the room he poured two cups .


“Yes, thank you.”

Vee noticed a change to the room. All the same as before except the addition of two antique, full length, large oval swivel mirrors, both facing the chaise. Robert could see that she noticed them.

“I brought those in yesterday evening. They will help me by reflecting the natural light from the windows to illuminate you. Do you have any questions, Vee?’

“No, I don’t think so Robert.”

“Ok then. Let’s get started. I am going to have you sit and lean back in the chaise with your left leg extended and your right leg about half way bent up. Right arm along the arm rest.”

She gracefully entered the chaise and followed his direction. The dark violet velvet chaise was nearly twin bed sized with a sloping back or end that curved around one corner then vertically tapered back down to the level area. It looked quite tactile, rich.

Robert walked behind the back and adjusted her right arm. He then leaned over her to place her left arm and hand in her lap. He moved further around and with no hesitation, stooped down and slightly moved both her legs by lifting her ankles.

Vee felt pampered. Along with the backdrop of his dulcet voice and the subdued scent of his foreign cologne, she relaxed in the room. She was comfortable on the luxurious fabric and the surrounding of the warm room.

“Did you bring a brush or a comb, Vee?”

“Yes, there is a comb in my purse over on the counter.”

He walked to the counter, looked in her purse, saw the leopard print top, but said nothing. He just brought the purse to her so she could retrieve the comb that was not visible to him.

Vee blushed when she realized what he had seen and dug in and found her comb.

“No need for embarrassment Vee. I was very much hoping you would bring something like that.

Now may I arrange your hair?”

“That will be fine. Do whatever you want with it. You’re the artist. But it’s got a mind of it’s own sometimes.” She handed him the comb.

Robert carefully combed her hair down over her right shoulder, covering her breast and back over her left toward the open side of the chaise. His closeness and soft touch made her heart speed up a notch.

“I’m going to put on some music to work by. Do you have a preference?”

“No, anything is good with me.”

Robert went to the CD player, pressed Start.

Nora Jones seeped into the room quietly.

“You may want your book if you brought one. I will probably be working here with my canvas for an hour and a half or so. Then we’ll take a break for lunch.”

“No, that’s ok. I think I’ll just relax here and watch you work.”

Robert smiled and went to his stool that had a camera sitting on it. “Oh that reminds me that I wanted to get a couple photos of this setting. My brother loaned me this new high end camera. He is a professional videographer. He’s now getting into photography and wanted me to try this out.”

Robert snapped a few pics of Vee in her prescribed sitting then walked over and put the camera on the counter. He went back to his stool, picked up his brush and began to alternate his focus between Vee and his canvas.

Vee watched him paint. While he focused on the canvas for long periods, she studied him. Her view of him was mostly profile while he painted. He was really an impressive man.

She glanced around and looked closely at each of the people in the paintings. She also looked at herself in both the mirrors. They were placed in a position so that she could see her reflection from two different angles. One of the mirrors stood up high so she could see an angle down to herself. “Not bad,” she thought to herself. She liked the way she looked that day. She felt good.


They had little conversation while Robert worked.


The knock on the door at about 12:30 signaled lunch had arrived. Putting his brush away, Robert assisted Vee to a standing position with an extended hand and a look in the eyes, then went to deal with the delivery.

Vee visited the rest room, freshened up and checked her hair. She returned to the portrait room, where Robert was waiting for her.

“Mrs. Jensen, may I have the pleasure of you joining me for lunch?” His left arm extended in the direction toward the other room, his right arm and hand held in a position that invited her to his side.

She approached him and he slipped his arm around her waist. He guided her by the waist back to the landscape studio.

There was a two top table and two chairs next to one of the tall windows, the soft lighting bathing the table. He pulled out a chair for her.


The white cloth covered table held a tall white lit candle, a vase with a single red rose, water and wine glasses, a basket of mixed mini muffins and an ice bucket with a bottle of wine protruding.

There were two white plates, tastefully arranged with pecan crusted chicken, asparagus and new potatoes. There was also a side dish salad on white china. The portions were small. The arrangement together with the polished silver looked exquisite as well as appetizing.

“Is this from a local restaurant?” Vee asked.

“Yes, just around the corner. It’s called Lunch on the Town.”

“Oh. Yes. Neil and Kip do a great job there. I love their chicken. This really looks good.”

The two engaged further in conversation. He was interested in her history, hobbies and travels while she asked questions about his family, his work and the type of music he liked. He told he was married to a wonderful woman who was also an artist. He said he missed her, that she had been in Portland for three weeks.

Over the next 45 minutes their exchange naturally flowed. They found themselves quite comfortable with one another.


They finished their lunch along with the wine. Vee had a tad more than Robert.

“Well Vee, are you ready for another session?”

“At your service Sir,” she responded. “I’m liking that chaise. It’s so cozy, I hope I don’t fall asleep in it.”

“Actually with the preparations I’ve gotten done during the week, I’ve made good progress today. Your photos came out as well as I hoped they would. Mrs. Vee, you are just naturally photogenic. I may only need another 20 or so minutes to finalize the framework for your portrait. I can finish the work later without having to make you suffer another prolonged sitting. I am extremely pleased in the way your image is turning out and can’t wait to show you the finished product. Most portrait painters have the ability to make their model look better than they really look. But you, Lady Victoria cannot be completely captured. Your elegant appearance defies definition. It just kind of comes from within. That’s one reason why I asked you to model. You’re a rare natural, Vee. I do prefer that you not view the painting until it is complete, though.”

“When do you think it will be finished Robert?”

“It would normally take me two or three days from this point. But sometimes when I’ve been inspired, I’ve been unable to stop and just worked through until it’s done. I’m feeling that way about this one. It could be ready as soon as tomorrow afternoon. By the way, did you give any thought to the alternate piece I suggested? I see you brought an interesting top.”


“Well, why don’t we concentrate on this one for now, then…….maybe later?”

“Do you think your husband would object to his wife posing in a brassiere?”


“No, I think not. He and I are quite secure in our relationship. We don’t seem to have any jealousy. I think your suggestion of a surprise for him would be wonderful, but maybe another time. Sam has even expressed an interest in having a nude painted of me someday, but I can’t imagine myself actually going there!”

“Now that would be fun. I’ll volunteer for the job!” Robert teased with a grin. “But back to the subject at hand. Ok then. Let’s set tomorrow at 2:00 for you to come in and I’ll unveil for you this masterpiece completed. And if you have the time and are in the right mood we could do the alternate sketch then. A pencil sketch only takes about an hour.

“Robert, I would love to see the finished portrait, but will just have to see how it goes with the alternate.”

“That will be fine. Now please resume your pose. I really want to finish your beautiful eyes.”

Again Vee entered the elongated, oddly inviting piece of furniture, but this time she crawled up from the foot then slowly spun, and backed into the rolled, pleated, curvy back and settled into her position.

The highwayman noticed!

The artist came to her. Again he repositioned her arms, head angle and hair. Only this time with both being mellow from the wine, his touch lingered a little longer. His hands slid the length of her arms to adjust them. Then he came around, crouched down in front of her and lifted her calves to their position. Then he took hold of the ankle of one leg lifted and moved it toward

her causing her knee to bend, his right hand on top of her covered thigh just above the knee.

A further lingering.

He then stood close by her side and with both hands, fingers as combs, lightly touched the sides of her face then spread the silver hair out over her shoulders so that it glinted and glowed in the sunlight.

He bent down, gave her a quick little kiss. His lips touched high on her forehead at that place where her hair parts, where the most luminous area of her shiny silver hair created a vivid contrast with her well-tanned face.

“That is the most beautiful hair, I love it! It smells nice too, Vee.”

Vee did not want to acknowledge to him or to herself that she felt aroused ……..

She didn’t say anything. She could see the image of this handsome black man leaning over her reflected in one of the mirrors, and thought “What a picture!” She felt hot, wondered if her cheeks were flushing, if he noticed the heat or her change in color.

“Mrs. Jensen, the more I observe you, the more I find how beautiful you truly are. It takes some time to fully take you in,” he said softly. He abruptly straightened up, and with a brisk change of voice said, “Now let’s finish up.”

With mixed relief, Vee matched his business like voice tone, agreeing “Yessir! Back to work!”


The 20 minutes to finish the work passed quickly. Vee closed her eyes and relaxed, and must have drifted off a little. She sensed a change in Robert’s presence, and her eyes flew open. Robert had stepped to the side of the chaise and was looking down over her.

“Mrs. Jensen, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen!” His was voice was smooth and warm, like sun heating a soft leather chair. “I just had to say that, Vee. I hope you understand how truly I mean it.”

He reached out his hand to help her up.

Vee flushed again, and accepted his hand.

In one gentle motion, he pulled her up and continued moving her toward him as she came to her feet, pulling her to him in a gentle hug. His eyes sought hers, and finding no resistance, the hug became an embrace with both hands behind her waist, he gathering her in close. As her body came against his, she rose on her toes, closed her eyes and surrendered to the kiss.

Their lips met, his soft and very smooth, hers a match in size, puffy and succulent. He parted his lips slightly to taste her, and as she felt his exploration begin, the tip of her tongue danced to meet his. Her heart raced, she could hear it pounding, almost roaring in her ears.


Suddenly, Vee came to her senses. She sharply pushed away, taking a big audible breath. She stepped quickly past him, heading across the room to collect her purse. He waited to see if she would stop and turn, but she did not. She stuffed her comb back into her purse. Her high heels clicked across the hardwood floor through the doorway into the landscape studio. Robert watched her retreating figure as the late afternoon sunlight glowing in through the studio windows lit her hair. Her quick pace had her hair swinging, her luscious ass swinging the back of her sundress. Drop dead sexy!

She knew he was watching, and paused slightly as she put her hand on the doorknob. Would he stop her? Robert’s rich voice followed her. “That was very nice, Vee. I’ll see you tomorrow? I really want you to see how I see you.” Although it was framed as a question, the tone was smooth and confident. A quick glance back at him, and she was out the door.


Mrs. Victoria Jensen made a beeline to her car. Her pulse was escalated, she felt flushed. She tried to think ahead to the next thing on her agenda for the day. As much as she tried, it was no use.

The telltale sign of her arousal had moistened her panties. Sitting in her car, shifting in her seat, it was impossible for her to ignore what had just happened and how she felt. “How in the world could I have allowed that to happen? This is crazy! Can I possibly go back? Can I resist that seductive man? Do I want to?”

Her mind was in a swirl as she pulled out of the parking lot. She tried again to reconstruct her errand running list, but gave up and turned the car in the direction of home. As she drove, the kiss replayed in her mind. Her body continued to respond to the memory of his warm chest against her, his arms firmly around her, in seeming defiance of her mental attempts to discipline her thoughts, attempts that diminished as she made the 12 mile drive to her house.


Arriving at home, Vee was relieved to see no one was there. She went straight to her bedroom. She was

soaked between her legs, feeling pent up pressure inside making it hard to catch a deep breath, an almost audible hum in her body. She had to find relief! She kicked off those red high heels and stripped her dress off over her head. Without a second thought she fell back sideways across their king sized bed and spread her legs. Soaked panties still in place, she slipped all four fingers of her right hand under the tiny garment. She

could smell her state. Fingers confirmed that her pussy was flooded, the sensitivity of her clitoris beyond her memory.

This was an activity that Victoria Jensen rarely engaged in. Sam was very attentive.

She curled two fingers into herself, and pressed that place between her pointer finger and thumb hard against her clitoris. Her hips moved almost involuntarily in long motions up and down, up and down, increasing in speed. She continued until the combined motion and pressure from her fingers inside, her hand on her clit and her bucking hips built to the point where her hips were completely off the bed and her entire body was tense. She abandoned herself to the release and relief of a full-bodied orgasm.

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, face red!! aaaahhhh

Her body relaxed. She closed her eyes. As an almost drunken sleep crept over her, her mind drifted to a sun-warmed violet velvet chaise, comforting and enveloping, yet with an indefinable presence of indistinguishable warning or excitement.


Sam arrived home at 5:00, and found Vee sleeping .

“How unusual to find her in bed at this time of day,” he thought. He carefully peeled back the sheet to kiss her awake on the small of her back, one of his favorite spots. The unmistakable fragrance of his woman’s scent, together with the discovery she wore only panties excited him.

“Wow!” he thought, “What’s this about?”

Sam really wanted to slip in bed and make love with her but there were two reasons he chose not to. One being he had a commitment to meet three of his friends to go hunting and they were due to arrive any


He woke her and asked if she was OK.

“I’m fine, just got a little tired.”

He said nothing about the state he found her in.

“Remember honey, I’m going hunting tonight. Probably be back around midnight, heading out in a few minutes. Luv ya.”

“Be careful baby and have fun. I love you too Sam, with all my heart.”

As he left the bedroom he had to adjust his pants to relieve his discomfort.


That evening, her thoughts replayed her time at the studio. The coffee, the setting, seeing herself in the mirrors, watching Robert work, his hands touching her face and hair, the little kiss on the forehead, his voice, the fine lunch, the wine, the rose, the way she felt, his skin, his smell, and that final connection to his lips, and ending with her march across the studio and out the door.

She thought about what it would be like to go further with him?!

“NO, NO.” She would not allow herself to think that way. “I’m a happily married woman. What if Sam found out? I wish I could talk to him about it.”

She went to work at her desk for the rest of the evening


The next morning Sam had to leave early. Somehow their schedules had not allowed them to make love for about two weeks. Vee was missing her husband. They normally had a frequent and extremely good morning sex life. She realized she was lascivious!

The highwayman popped back into her thoughts. “What do I do about today?” She wanted to see the finished portrait, but…….? She knew that if she gave him the slightest opening where it would lead. Could she trust herself to go back to the studio?

She was conflicted between discipline and desire. So curious and attracted to the black man, but not allowing herself permission to ponder such a taboo indulgence. She wondered what Sam would think.

Victoria bathed and dressed.


At 2:15 she knocked on the door of suite 202.

No answer. She knocked again. Still no answer. Disappointed and relieved she turned toward the stairs.

The door to suite 202 opened fast.

“I’m so sorry. I was finishing up a phone call. Come in, Vee. I was setting up an unveiling of my favorite masterpiece at an art show in Portland Oregon for next week. Providing, of course, that I would have your permission.”

“Why would you need my permission, Robert?”

“Because my favorite painting is titled Lady Victoria. Would you like to see it?”

He seemed excited.

“I would. That’s why I’m here.”

“All right. But first, let me open some champagne to celebrate the occasion.”

Robert walked to the table where they had lunch the day before. There was an ice bucket with a bottle tilted in it.

He looked so nice in his cream colored slacks with a cinnamon silk shirt, button front and square bottomed, worn on the outside. The combined colors of cream and cinnamon against the background of chocolate caramel skin looked appetizing.

He popped the cork and poured two glasses. Handing Vee a nearly full glass and held his up to hers for a toast.

“To the most interesting woman I have ever met. I sincerely thank you for allowing me to paint your image. You have been a most cooperative model.”

He clicked his glass to hers with a warm smile. She returned the smile and the glass click. “Thank you. And to a most professional artist, and a new experience.”

“Vee, you make that outfit you’re wearing today look world class. I like it with the tie belt.”

Vee shifted her stance, smiled at the compliment and took a generous taste of her bubbly.

The dress she wore was a floral print, white background with nearly an equal amount of black, a wrap held together with a wide tie around the waist of the same very light and silky fabric. There was a hint of it being worn braless, and it fit her perfectly, accentuating her little waist and big curvy ass. It lay over her shoulders and back nicely, the wrap forming a low V on her chest but not quite low enough to spell sleazy. Equally elegant and sexy.

Vee tilted her head back to drain the long stem crystal, and said

“My, that is really good champagne! Thank you!”

Robert got the bottle and refilled her glass.

“You’re welcome. It was given to me, and I’ve been saving it for a special occasion. Glad you like it. Careful though, it has an exceptionally high alcohol content.”

“Thanks for the warning.”

(Yesterday’s thought to be more careful flashed through her mind.)

“Vee, I very much enjoyed lunch with you yesterday. Actually I enjoyed everything about yesterday. I’m glad you came back.” His smile was genuine and affectionate, his voice smooth and confident.

Vee was caught again, as she’d been on the first day she’d met him, by his dark eyes that seemed to swirl like just-stirred coffee. She was once again struck with how unusually attractive he was: high cheekbones, strong square jaw and chin, dark thick eyebrows, prominent nose, all somehow softened by his easy symmetrical smile.

Her mind raced to change the subject to neutral territory.

“The lunch yesterday was very nice. Good choice. I think I forgot to thank you, so Thank you, I enjoyed it too, Robert.”

“It was my pleasure, and you’re welcome. Oh, before I forget I got something for you as a token of my gratitude for posing and allowing me to paint your image.”

He took the champagne glass from her hand and handed her a little white box.

Vee opened the box. Inside was a necklace, of pure platinum, with a platinum paint brush about an inch and a half long attached to it.

“Oh my, Robert. That is really very nice. You should not have done that.”

“Nonsense. I thought it would go well with your hair, Vee.”

“Well it’s beautiful. Thank you Robert,” as she held it up.

He stepped up close and took it from her. With both hands delicately reaching behind her neck, he fastened it. Robert held the back of her neck and head just for 3 seconds as he quickly touched his lips to the high defined arch of each of her eyebrows.

The soft heat of his lips startled her, but before she could respond or object, he stepped away from her and picked up the champagne bottle. As he quickly refilled her glass and handed it back to her, he asked, “Are you ready, Lady Victoria, to see Lady Victoria?”

She nodded.

“The necklace looks nice on you, Vee.”

“Thank you, Robert.”

Robert held out his hand to her, and with minor hesitation, she accepted it. His hand was very warm, smooth and solid, and he gripped her firmly. He led her into the portrait room which was set exactly the same as the previous day with the exception of two minor changes. There was now a cloth covering the canvas on the easel and the roller blinds were most of the way down, reducing the light to a cozy dim. She noticed the same Norah Jones CD as yesterday playing softly.

Robert guided her to stand in front of the veiled painting that had a small light aimed at it. It looked large, about two feet tall and three feet wide. Vee took another couple of swallows and emptied her third glass. It was the best champagne she had ever tasted.

Robert took the glass from her hand while looking over her face, walked away and set the glass on the counter.

Returning to her, he stepped close, very close, standing right behind her. He lightly put his finger tips on her shoulders. She could faintly smell his scent.

“Are you ready for this, Lady Victoria?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be.”

He reached out over her shoulder leaning into her and removed the cloth.

Vee literally gasped ~~~~~~

She was speechless for at least 15 seconds

“WOW!” She said in a louder voice than intended. She noticed the champagne seemed to be having a liberating effect on her.

“That is awesome.” She studied the large painting

“I love it! It’s incredible. I wish I really looked like that!”

The painting was alive, the amazing woman almost spoke to you. Her eyes seemed to invite you to come closer, the light radiated around her glowing hair, the skin of her face and shoulders tempted your touch. Vee was astonished with how Robert had made her look.

“You do look like that Victoria, only better. No painting could really capture you. You’re beautiful, yes, but so much of what you’re thinking shows on your face, trying to capture that mixture of sexy and reserved is like trying to put lightning in a bottle. That combination completely tantalized and inspired me, but I think I nearly caught it. I was hoping you would like it.”

Still standing close behind her, Robert slid his hands under her hair and lightly caressed her shoulders and lower neck.

His whispery smooth seductive voice, his soft touch on her shoulders, the background music, the champagne, the erotic room, the painting, the memory of yesterday, his closeness, her attraction to him, the compliments, the necklace, his scent, the two weeks without, his three week pursuit of her all converged. She was intoxicated.

Those soft, warm artist’s fingers glided up her neck under her platinum hair to her hairline behind her head.

Vee leaned her head forward letting her hair fall down each side of her face. Robert fingered her hair forward exposing the back of her neck; his fingers stroked the back of her neck just in the hair line. His body eased forward, touching hers. She felt his warmth, a growing firmness pressing in at the top of her pronounced bottom. As he leaned to kiss the back of her neck she slightly, almost reflexively, pushed up and back into him. A barely audible breath escaped her mouth.

The highwayman whispered, “Mrs. Jensen, this is possibly our last meeting together. I propose we relax and enjoy it. You are truly an intoxicating woman. I have wanted you since the moment we met.”

His hands now barely touching her shoulders suggested a turn.

Her mind LOST the contest with her body, and Mrs. Victoria Jensen




Mrs. Victoria Jensen turned around.

Wrapping her arms around Robert’s slim waist, she gingerly pushed against him. Her hands went up to join behind his neck, she lifted up on her toes even higher than her shiny black high heels would permit alone.

His left hand caressed the back of her neck, his other hand found the small of her back, pulling her more firmly into him.

While Robert had suspected it when he complimented her dress earlier, it was now obvious that Vee wore no bra, her pointy nipples pressed into his chest.

Eyes closed, Vee’s head tilted back. Robert looked down over her closed eyes, framed by high, long arching, dark eyebrows. He admired the tiny lines radiating from the corners of her eyes and lightly across high cheekbones that somehow, instead of revealing age, suggested self-assured dignity, a mature allure. His gaze traveled to her lips – generous, soft, lush, sumptuous, the bottom one unusually pronounced. She had those very rare attributes that time had continued to age into utter perfection, and at this moment with a half faint smile half aaahhhh look on her face, she looked like she felt perfect.

His artist’s eye was caught by their reflection in one of the mirrors he’d placed in the room to enhance light for the painting. He saw the two of them in profile: he, taller, bigger, darker, looking down. Their contrast in color and size so intriguing, so striking. His eyes took in the silhouette of Vee’s tilted up face, her distinctive long feminine nose flowing into her lovely curved forehead. Her spectacular silver hair flowed further away from her head and far down her back, luminous in the studio’s filtered light. The outline of her body as it pressed against him seemed a contradiction, somehow looking tall and lean yet curvaceous and voluptuous at the same time. Her shapely calves stretched into long legs that transitioned into her ass in a way that can only be described as classic perfection, then curving and tapering into narrow waist just above where his hand stretched across the small of her back.

He closed his eyes as their lips found each other. Touching together softly for just a moment, then quickly pressing a little harder, then opening for more intimate, passionate exploration. Vee felt Robert’s hot lips continue their exploration down the side of her neck. She leaned back to allow him to kiss along her collarbone to her throat, at the same time as his hand on her lower back pulled her hips harder against him. Her hips responded almost involuntarily with a slow rotation into him, and she exhaled a low sigh that blended with the soft music.

Vee’s hands moved from Robert’s waist to the top button of his shirt as his lips continued along her collarbone, and then returned to her throat, kissing where the platinum paintbrush necklace rested. She slowly but purposefully moved down his chest, working one button open after another. Just as she reached the last button of his cinnamon silk shirt, Robert relaxed the pressure against her back to allow her to part his shirt by sliding her hands around the bare skin of his waist. He slid his hand from the back of her neck down her back to her waist, and his deft fingers found and loosened the tie that held her dress together . Her dress fell open, exposing Vee’s breasts. Robert paused his lips’ exploration to admire the softness he’d revealed: smallish but perfectly shaped, defiant of her age. Nipples high, slightly pink tinged tan, tight and standing out at attention.

She pressed her breasts into his chocolate brown, hairless lower chest, then gently swept her nipples from side to side feeling them further harden against his smooth hot skin. She glided her hands up his back from his waist, enjoying the surprising firmness her hands were discovering as she found somewhat coarse, tightly curled hair on his well-developed upper chest. Her hands continued their survey up to Robert’s square shoulders, where she pushed his shirt up and off, letting it drop to the floor. He responded with a low, audible exhale, almost a groan, and returned his hands to her hips, then boldly around to her ass cheeks, and captured her hard against him. She returned the embrace with equal intensity, pulling him to her with her hands on his upper back. Vee didn’t know if her mouth found his or if his found hers, but the penetrating kiss left no doubt to either of them what would follow.

As one, they moved the several steps to the chaise behind her, their lips almost fiercely connected. When the back of her calves touched the cushion, he slowly lowered her down onto the violet fabric. Robert slowly separated from her, their lips being last to break contact. She leaned into the furniture’s sloping back, eyes closed, abandoned to the pleasure of the moment, her wrap dress completely unwrapped. Robert stood over her for a second, his eyes devouring her. She felt his eyes on her body. Then hands on her waist. Then lips so full and warm, kissing along the lower edge of her rib cage. The gentle kisses descended slowly to around her navel where her skin is so very soft and smooth. The 56 year old ladies’ slight tummy could not be improved. Another one of her sexy attributes.

His hands roamed………….

Vee unconsciously began to open her legs just a half inch at a time. She slightly pushed her pelvis up.

The tiny garment that covered her sex came into Robert’s view. The black thong was just 3 cords with a small triangle of woven artwork that from up close was like woven net. A few hairs curled through the netting, one silver.

His eyes looked intently into the private area of this gorgeous woman then continued to kiss lower. As he got to the edge of the covering, he slid his hands down past the thong to her inner thighs. So smooth, soft and luxurious.

Vee spread wider as she picked up her knees a bit. She was fully aware of exposing herself to this black man and relished the amazing feeling of just letting it happen. She fully abandoned herself to the delicious lust driving her. She felt like a pampered, elegant, slut.

Robert heard her erratic breaths, breathed in her now pungent scent. His hands and mouth converged toward the triangle. His fingers shifted the triangle garment up and off to one side. The center cord now just appeared from somewhere between her shapely pillowy cheeks then followed up along the sideline of her fur. Her pussy now completely exposed, perfect, S shaped lips partially parted, clear thin honey shines between them and a trickle runs down to where the cord disappeared. It glistened.

Vee lost all awareness of anything else. Her inflamed pussy became her only receptor.

The highwayman moved his body down kneeling on the floor.

She spread her legs further, high heeled feet digging into the velvet fabric of the chaise to lift herself toward him. Her pelvis danced a slow circular rotation. So so beautiful. A low mature mmmmhhhh sound emanated from her nose as she split two fingers and slid them down beside her clit in the moist fur.

Robert pulled back his head just enough to focus on this marvelous display. The artist had seduced a number of white women over the years, but Vee, in this setting, was the most compelling scene he had ever seen. Simply gorgeous, she is

Amazing. Drop dead sexy.

A metallic sound caused her to briefly open her eyes. His belt buckle clinked. A glance in the mirror at the moment he dropped his pants and underwear. O M G, can that be!!! She re closed her eyes and pushed her mound up. One of her shoes dropped off and landed on the carpet.

As much as he wanted to, he did not just dive in.

She felt smooth fingers trace higher up her inner legs where they came to explore along the subtle crease where her buns meet the backs and inner area of her legs. Then they lightly played higher along the side of her sparse curled hairs on the opposite side of the scrunched up, damp thong. She raised her ass even higher, kicked the other shoe off, and it tumbled off the chaise to the rug.

He looked at the cord running along the side of her flower then down to where it crossed over and only slightly obscured her perfect rose bud. His face came in close as he inhaled her essence.

Vee found herself fully liberated from social taboo and personal restraint. She relished the surrender of her long term secret fantasy to share herself as an exhibitionist. It intensified her desire; she wanted to be taken by this man however he wanted.

He bows in closer, his long fingers nudging hers higher and out of the way. He parted her perfect lips. . . . .

She felt his hot breath there as the dance of her womanhood kept its tempo but increased in range.

Would he?

Suddenly a warmth, a light pressure, an invasion, licking, kissing, a gentle devouring, drinking her in.

She immodestly bucked, grinding her pelvic bone against his mouth and tongue. He slowly slipped his hands up her sides where the smooth perfectly manicured artist fingers found then enveloped her titties.

Her nectar flowed as he indulged in her offering. The taste, the aroma, the feel of her labia folded around his tongue, the sound of wetness combined with the music of her moans.

Mmmmmm. Mnnnnmnn

The classy woman unashamedly gave herself over to him. Vee spread wider. The balls of her feet now supported her, hips rotating her ass high above the chaise, knees bent tight.

He slid his hands back down, around and under to support her soft ass cheeks, a thumb holding the thong off to one side. His tongue penetrated her opening several times then worked its way up to lightly flick her clit.

She wrapped her hands around the back of his head, pulling him in, grinding and rotating against him. She bucked, and pulled him into her harder until she was at the brink. She felt his lips focus in on her clit, and suck, then flick, suck, flick, suck over and over. Her legs tightened and spread, she lifted higher and higher.

Her face was ablaze, drawn in complete pleasure as her climax approached. He sneaked his tongue down penetrated her twice then lower to flick and push against her private tightly closed star while he wagged the tip of his nose strongly across her clit.

That did it, she went over the edge.


He was in complete bliss, pleasing her was his greatest reward.


She was rigid as she flowed from the core. The climax went on, as his eyes focused on her ravishing face.

Mmhh. Mmhh mmhh oohhh oohhhhhhhhhhh

(astonishingly beautiful )

Mrs. Jensen’s legs clamped strongly around his head.

Ohh. Ohh. Ohh. Ohh Ahh. Ahh. Ahh Ahh


Her legs stiffened , straightened and closed, squeezing the invader away. She could take no more. Vee rolled to her side, panting & gasping

Haaaa. Haaaa. Haaaa


Vee finally started to come down. Her breathing began to return to normal and she started to relax. The open dress draped off her shoulders back behind her to lay on the chaise. Robert backed off a little while staying close and marveled at her profile while she recovered. Flowing hair, brown shoulders, long torso, breasts only slightly drooping toward the velvet, pretty nipples. Small waist with an amazing slope out then curve back around her voluptuous rear end to the long shapely legs. Vee’s naked profile is simply.


Mrs. Jensen is his for the taking!

The Highwayman reaches out



The Highwayman reached out.

Robert gradually rolled her over onto her stomach, sliding her black and white dress from her shoulders and down her arms as she turned, and let it fall to the floor. He paused to take in the view before him: long slender back, smaller waist flaring out to amazingly shaped hips, long shapely closed legs, platinum hair everywhere, soft tan skin yielding at a transitional line to her generous white ass. Just above, the most eye catching shallow dimples on her lower waist about the size of silver dollars that just look so kissable.

And what’s this?

The dimples flank a butterfly! Trimmed in black, its wings were translucent light purple of the

same background color of the darker violet chaise. Robert was startled to see a tattoo on this conservative lady!

His hardness re-intensified!

He gently reached out to peel the black cord of her thong off her waist. As he pulled it down the center strip came out of hiding between her luscious cheeks. She helped by lifting a minor amount as he removes the sexy garment, saturated with her juices.

He leaned and reached up to softly massage the back of her neck, his chest warm against her soft behind. She felt his tightly matted chest hair tickle her ass cheeks. Then he stroked her shoulders, then down the muscles along her spine to the small of her back, relaxing her. He let his hands glide over her waist to her sides, then followed the flare of her hips, his eyes drawn to the dimples and the butterfly.

Robert stood, repositioned himself, putting his knees off to the side of her right underarm. He bent down and kissed the tattoo, his hands softly caressing the sides of her upper hips.

Vee was luxuriating in the softness surrounding her: the velvet of the chaise below her, the smoothness of the artist’s strong hands soothing the tension from her skin, the heat and pressure of his lips focusing her senses on pure enjoyment of the moment.

Robert began to detect subtle motion, a slight rise and fall. Hands on the upper sides of her hips followed her shape down the outsides of her legs to her knees while she felt his feathery lips go from one dimple to the other, pausing at the butterfly. The aroma of her last orgasm mixed with the faint smell of the perfume Vee had dabbed in that area earlier. Opium. He inhaled her fragrance, his senses overpowered.

Supple lips, chest fur very lightly stroking her back, soothing hands, Vee was lost in pleasure.

Her motion slightly increased, her breathing again became audible.

Robert’s fingers touched the backs of her knees then inward then very slowly upward, sliding along smooth, golden tanned skin. Victoria’s legs began to part.

His hands continued up the inside back of her thighs, then back down, then up a little further, and back. He delighted in the silky, warm, soft, feel of her.

Her left knee moved outward as she arched a little and slightly raised her derriere, her motion now not so subtle. Slow dancing, rotating in time with the soft music. Now with no restriction, his hands advanced up her inner thighs, closer and closer.

She parted her knees a little more, a slight moan escaping. and lifted her bottom a bit higher, rotating more now.

Robert couldn’t help but stop the kissing and rise up a little to watch the display unfolding right before his eyes.

His hands made their way the rest of the way up her silky inner thighs then outward to cup her full cheeks. His middle fingers touch and trace that subtle crease where they meet the backs of her legs. A very lovely spot. His big hands cup and gently squeeze her magnificent ass cheeks.

Vee, completely engrossed in the freedom of unchecked lust, spread her knees wider and slid her torso back, slowly lifting herself up high.



Her private places were now fully exposed and available to him. She seductively, slowly gyrated, taunting him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

She felt zero shyness or modesty, knowing the effect she was having on this man and she was



Mrs. Jensen desperately wanted to be •••••••••••


Robert’s cock, fat and hard, stood out and up. He stroked it a few times. When he released it, Vee felt its smooth warmth bob along her side just above her waist. Her earlier orgasm was way out there good. But she wanted more, she wanted him inside her.

Robert, driven with lust, tenderly spread her, studied the pattern of her fur and the glorious details of her folds. He saw the silver highlights, and marveled at her beauty. He leaned in with his big lips and distributed little kisses along the sides, in her fur, close to, but not touching her tender fruits. Then with a flat tongue he licked with one long slow pleasant lick from high up by the butterfly, down over her perfect asshole, through her wet labia to her clit. He did not penetrate, but lingered there sucking it between his lips, savoring the flavor and aroma of sweetest woman he’d ever had.

Vee nearly came again. “Ohhh, that’s nice…” she thought or breathed out in low tone, she did not know which.

Nectar flowed down the inside of one thigh as she wagged her big ass, not sure if she was begging him or taunting him.

Robert then moved to reposition, behind her now as she inched her knees back to the edge of the rich violet chaise. Looking down on the high class lady so completely exposed and available to him dancing provocatively; it was a dream come true. He was hard as a rock!

Vee put her elbows beside her shoulders on the velvety upholstery and pulled that beautiful hair up over the top of her head exposing the back of her neck. She rested on her forehead, elbows and chest. Robert could see the big diamond on her ring finger glinting through her hair.

She continued to taunt with her slow dancing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The contrast in size from her little waist then flaring out and around her perfectly big butt was spectacular!

Who’s the hunter now?

This is not a position she normally used. She had somehow grown to think it was unladylike, but in her state it was exactly how she wanted to be taken. She missed it, she felt so deliciously naughty! Mrs. Jensen did not want to be ladylike. Vee abandoned herself to pure desire.

Her breathing was very evident, her eyes closed, Vee was absorbed in lust. She pushed back, causing her to open ………… hoping to find what she desired.

Robert finally placed the swollen head, shining with natural lubricant right at her opening lightly…..but proceeded no further. He watched Vee ease back, but he denied her. Instead he slid it down parting her lips and rotating it around her clit in little circles, mixing their fluids together.

Vee felt something hot, smooth, hard and big. She couldn’t stand it anymore. She wanted it NOW! The way she was breathing and humming told all.

He purposed himself to go slow and not hurt her.

He let her lead now and fully enjoyed this very special woman at this extraordinary moment. The sight was like a narcotic to him; he’d never been so turned on.

Vee was more than ready, breathing out a whispery quiet


Robert slid it back up to her entrance, she slightly pushed her ass back. Once again Robert denied her but instead gently pats each cheek and right between the middle with the underside of his cock. She heard and felt the gentle slaps.

_ _ _ _

Vee was on FIRE ……. as he finally allowed her access to his cock. The feeling for both of them was beyond words as she tried to take him in. So hot, soooo fat.

“Will I be able to handle him?” flashed through her mind.

She began to gently rock her body back and forth just a tiny amount, trying to open to him. She had only gotten a glimpse of him and was not sure of his size but knew he was big! She reached back and under to aim and assist and guide with her fingers.

“OMG he’s huge!”

She tried to wrap her forefinger and thumb around him. They would not close, they formed a C……..


Determined, she used her fingernails to carefully work her lips apart and widen herself to wrap around him while easing back.

“Oooooooooooohhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .”

The huge head then magically slips or pops in. So tight, so stretched. A little discomfort mixed with intense pleasure. She shuddered while sucking in a long breath


Robert held still, waiting for her to adjust.

He had to concentrate now on not cumming as he looked down at the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. The classy, elegant, sexy, mature lady is so widely stretched around him. The rest of his length is exposed. The stark contrast in color. It looked impossible.

Vee paused as her breath began to taper from harsh to rhythmic. Then she eased back just a quarter inch, then forward, then back again establishing a consistent motion, rocking her entire body back

and forth, each time taking a little more of him. As she adjusted to his girth she began to lengthen her strokes. Vee absolutely loved the feeling of the fullness, the heat, the hardness. Her entire awareness was focused on his gently stretching invasion.

She wanted more!

Vee had now managed to get a little more than half of him inside her incredibly tight little pussy.

She stopped for a few moments just to savor the overwhelming feel of it.




Robert, looking down on her, could no longer hold back. He began to move while Vee transitioned back into slightly pushing back , matching his cadence.

She spread her knees slightly wider and arched her back downward a little more. She willed herself to relax and just completely enjoy the experience of this man , this utter indulgence. She had somehow developed a trust for the artist and gave herself over to him.

Robert managed to get about two thirds of the way inside her when he had to stop for about 20 seconds to avoid premature ejaculation. The way her legs, ass, waist, dimples, pink and dark lips enfold

him, the perfect amount of curly brown hairs beside them, her waist, shoulder blades, neck, platinum hair, light brown/ pink with light fuzz around her beautiful anus, her fragrance, the sensation

of her skin, her smooth taut warmth enveloping him, all combined to invade his senses, making it extremely difficult for him to hold off. The slightest movement right now would trigger an eruption.

At the end of the wait, Vee wanted more and started pushing back again.

This time he allowed himself to sink into her with one slow long stroke~~~ Sooo tight, until he felt the end of her. He remembered his promise to himself not to hurt her. He held it there, moderately pushing in and up into her, snug to her cervix. His hardness swelled and throbbed.

Vee, never having been so full ……….nearly blacked out



*£€%¥*>%€^>^%£€^^£!€^>!#>< |€£¥€€


Her entire body went tense except for the quivering, clamping squeeze from within her depths. She picked up her head and raised up on her elbows and slung her hair. She pushed back. Veins on her neck distended, she pushed back, >>> hard. Her cervix smashed tight against the END of him. She felt his coarse pubic hair tickle her ass cheeks.

Mmmmmmhhhhh aaahhh mmmmhh ah ah ah

Vee’s climax continued while still pushing back, wagging, rotating, and maintaining the pressure deep in her depths. The feeling was INDESCRIBABLE.


It was all Robert could do to hold back. He wanted Mrs. Jensen to have one more orgasm before he came, so again he held still, feeling her milk his member until she began to settle down some and her breathing began to improve. Her pleasure would be his ultimate reward.

Vee couldn’t believe the intensity of the orgasm.

But she was not done!

Mrs. Jensen


What a wonderful all-encompassing feeling she was having at this moment — so free, sooo slutty, so full! What an amazing contrast with the lady who received the invitation to the art show three weeks ago.


Robert, looking over Vee’s body was ready to take her now. He moved his hands from her hips to her pronounced cheeks, spread them a little then used a thumb to circle around that perfect little shy star.

He does not threaten her there. He’s deliberate but gentle. She is not alarmed at all as she makes that small little motion indicating acceptance. The look and feel of this private intimate place intensified Robert’s desire.

She purred! She moaned! “Uuuuummm….” between her heavy breathing, giving herself over to her lusty desire to share her body completely.

The artist continued his hip motion with gentle long slow strokes at first, his body rocking back and forth. At the same time his long fingered hands pull her back onto him. The motion is rhythmic, like a dance.

Vee can be heard


Then tapering into faster then faster and deeper and deeper strokes.


Then harder and harder and harder, to the point that every stroke pounds her cervix inward and his lower abdomen slaps into her bountiful white cheeks.

Slap, “Ahh…” Slap, “Ahhh…..” Slap, “Ahhhh…..”

The platinum paint brush was swinging back and forth from her chin to her chest, but she was unaware. Her breasts follow the same pace as Robert. They don’t slap but sway and bounce, very lovely.

From a side view Vee is astonishingly gorgeous in this position. The swoop, the flare, tummy, thighs, shoulders. Vee was on her elbows now, head up, silver hair dancing. Back low, butt high. As her hair swings, glimpses of her radiant face appeared in extreme delight.

His pace increased, his heavy balls mildly swatting her clit. Robert just kept taking and giving to her over and over slapping up against that awesome ass of hers until all of his nine inch cock disappeared into her.

“Ah – Ah – Ah – Ah – Ah….”

blended with a mild




Her face during this time had contorted from delightful composure into that indescribable blend of beauty and lusty erotic bliss. Mrs. Jensen appeared to be in ECSTASY.

Now make no mistake. Vee was accustomed to great sex. She and Sam had perfected the art. She is no prude in the bedroom. But this was something else: just purely indulgent, carefree, abandoned, FUCKING. No strings attached.

The way her big ass deforms as waves of smooth white flesh roll across both cheeks on each stroke is riveting, dazzling Robert’s eyes. Each wave corresponds with the motion of her titties and breathy sighs.

Robert, now on the brink, slams all the way into her and holds. His entire body goes rigid while he holds her ass apart.

His cock swells and pulses as he BLASTS his first shot deep into the elegant woman. Four, five, six major eruptions. Accompanied with his completing sound of

“Uuuummmm.! aahhh Uuuummmm!”

before beginning to taper off to lesser spurts.

Vee CUMS the whole time,………………………… not taking a single breath.

The volume was way more that Vee had ever experienced. All her senses focused on the heat jetting up deep inside her, expanding her even further.

HOT blast after HOT blast of cum. It just filled her. Completely.


* Earth Shattering , * Mind Blowing ,* Fantastic.

She had not taken a single breath the entire time the black man filled her to overflowing. With simply no room to accommodate the amount , it escaped and oozed out all around their place of their union. Not just a little. The thick white cum ran down the back inside of her legs to beside her knee on the left side and about a third of the way down on her right, shiny paths tracing its progress. She was unaware.

Her face was crimson, intense, drawn tight. She was downright gorgeous!!

She drew in a major breath, then moaned out that most wonderful, low toned, mature expression of her total satisfaction.

“Uuuugggggggg, aaaahhhh,rrrrrrrr.”

Quick breath

“Ooooohhhhh, uuummm.”

Another breath

“Wwwoooooo, ooohhh yeeeeeesssssssss!”

As the orgasm continued


Now they pause with him fully inserted, to relish the fullness as she breathes with moans.

“ah ahh ahhh aahhhhhhh”

While still panting she awkwardly but slowly fell forward, disconnecting from the massive man, onto the velvet chaise.


On her way down, Robert reveled in a most riveting sight: Vee’s ass cheeks, red in the middle; her fur matted and disorganized, wet; her inner and outer folds glowing, still mostly open, contracting then opening, flaring lips distended and swollen as cum dribbled out in long drippy streams onto the fine dark violet fabric. Lots of it!


Soooooooo Erotic!

Soooo Awesome


Through it all , a glint of platinum.

Now look at the classy, proper, sensuous woman. What an amazing contrast from when he met her at the museum.

Robert, taking in the display as his breath began to return to normal, thought, “I’ll l have to buy this chaise I rented, but very well worth it.”

She lay down on the chaise. The velvet felt good on her on her skin, soft and cool against her over heated body. She just bathed in the bliss, still purring. Completely spent, she savored the physical and mental high for a good while. As her breathing slowed, she thought back though her afternoon. Within 10 minutes she drifted off into a contented little nap.

Robert covered her with a white sheet.


Two and a half hours later she became aware of someone stroking her hair.

“Mrs. Jensen, it’s getting late.”

Vee stirred.

“Wake up, Mrs. Jensen.”

As if from a dream, through a fog she heard his voice. Her eyes blinked open and slowly focused.

The artist, fully dressed, on one knee beside her comes into her vision.

“Mrs. Jensen, I thought you should know it’s after 6:00.”

Vee jolts into sober awareness. She looks around the room with a shock when she realizes where she is.

O M G!

She became fully aware that she was naked under a white sheet. There’s a damp stickiness all between her legs and cheeks. The reality sinks in. “Ohhhh Noooooo, what have I done?”

Her body felt like she was on some drug.


Robert put a warm damp wash cloth along with a towel beside her on the chaise, gently kissed her forehead, and left the room.


15 minutes later, Vee, fully dressed and mostly made up walked into the landscape studio.

“Mrs. Jensen, you look so…………….. elegant! And your composure so brilliant.”

“Well, …………………….. I guess we never got to that pencil sketch.”

“No, but that’s OK. I have something in mind for your husband. Mrs. Jensen, tomorrow I’m moving to Portland to join my wife. I will never forget you or this studio! This is where I was inspired by you to do my greatest work.”

“Nor will I, Mr. Miller.”

“I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed painting and working together with you, Vee. I will be sending you the first of three only, original signed prints. I expect it to be valued in six figures one day. Do you have a frame preference?”

“You are the artist, Mr. Miller. I’m sure whatever you choose will be perfect.”

“As for the original, I won’t ever sell it. The masterpiece will be displayed around the world. Upon my death, in my will, I will designate you, then your family, as the recipient.

“Thank you, Mr. Miller.”

“The privilege and the pleasure was mine, Mrs. Jensen. By the way Vee, that was by far the best sex I have ever had!”

“Goodbye, Mr. Miller.” She gave him an eye catching glance containing a very slight smile.

An unspoken agreement @ the nightclub

My wife, Julia, feverishly danced with Mark along with dozens of other people. She looked happy, light-hearted; there was a deceitful innocence about her. If I didn’t know better, I would have only seen an attractive woman enjoying a night out in a most common fashion; I wouldn’t imagine that only minutes before, in a room on those same premises, she had given head to a man in front of her own husband.

I was positioned in a privileged spot to observe my wife, next to the dance floor and slightly on higher ground, but nevertheless I was struggling to keep track of her in the middle of that controlled chaos. Mark had shown once again his influence in that crowded place by providing a good table and free drinks. But Julia didn’t care for it, she only wanted to dance, she loves to dance. Mark joined her as, I was sure, she wished. I stood at the table, alone with my thoughts. Every now and then Julia gave me a look. I didn’t know if she was worried about my feelings or merely checking to see if I was still watching her. But after each quick glance, probably assured by what she had seen, my wife returned her full attention back to Mark.

There was still a faint voice deep in my head calling for rebellion, but it was too faint to make any difference. In fact, I had resigned myself to my wife’s wishes… maybe because there was something inexplicably appealing in all that had been happening in the last 24 hours. How could I feel like this? How could I have felt aroused by the image of my wife pleasing another man? Even this question seemed absurd still, there I was, breaking all rules and watching Julia in the arms of Mark.

Julia seemed transfigured too. Her behavior no longer could be mistaken as a thoughtless impulse. By now, she knew exactly what she was doing. She was choosing to be with Mark because she desired him but, most importantly, because she could. It was impressive how much my wife had changed in the last few hours. I wonder how many women would behave likewise if given the same opportunity by their husbands…

Once again Julia looked at me, but this time I felt something different. She delayed ending her gaze on me and I enjoyed the prolonged attention. It was only a small crumb in the midst of Mark’s spoils, yet enough to make me content for the moment. I don’t know if it was only my imagination, if I was fooling myself and taking comfort in a lie, but some sort of silent compromise seemed to emerge as we stared at each other. Only this weekend, once in a lifetime, Julia was allowed to realize her forbidden fantasies. Once in a lifetime she could freely be with another man and sate her darkest curiosities. In return, I was allowed to observe her with her lover. Only that once and no more, I kept repeating in my head.

“Hello!” sounded a female voice addressing me.

There was an attractive blonde woman staring at me, waiting for a reply.

“You seem so lonely. Can I join you?” she loudly asked, trying to overcome the surrounding noise.

In a place like that, her approach was only natural; still I wasn’t expecting it to happen to me. What else could I do? I nodded and invited her to a chair in front of me.

“This sounded like a pickup line. I hope you don’t get the wrong idea,” she said smiling. “I saw you alone and lost in distraction. I have to ask you… What were you watching?”

“I was watching my own wife being slowly taken by an old friend of mine”. This would have been the right answer, if I had had any intention of telling the truth.

“Nothing in particular,” I answered, meeting her contagious smile.

Her name was Nancy. She was alone too, waiting for someone else. We chatted for a while, casual talk between two strangers. At first I felt her as a hindrance, an unwanted distraction from a more pressing desire. But as we talked, her presence grew in me and I slowly integrated her into my nasty thoughts. Nancy was wearing tight blue jeans and a pink top showing a generous cleavage. There was something enthralling about those sexy boobs that invited me to stare at them. On the outside, I was trying to show interest in our conversation, but in my mind I began stripping her one piece of clothing at a time. I wonder what Nancy would think of me if she knew what was in my head… However, somehow, I had the feeling that I wasn’t hiding much from her and she knew perfectly how much I desired her.

“Oh, by the way, my husband will be here anytime soon,” she said with a naughty smile. “I hope you don’t mind but… if he sees us, you’re a former colleague from school okay?”

I nodded in agreement. Mark’s earlier words were right; this nightclub was a place where people went to misbehave. I wonder how many times Nancy had used that same excuse before.

“You’re married too, right?” she asked, changing the previous subject and looking at the wedding ring on my finger.

“Yes, I’m married,” I calmly replied.

“Where is she?” she insisted, indiscreetly.

Nancy was touching a sensitive spot. Obviously, I couldn’t tell her the truth, but not knowing what to answer, my lie betrayed much more than I had intended.

“She isn’t here,” I awkwardly responded.

“Do you always come to places like this without her?” she asked and winked at me.

I could ask her back the same question, but I felt that I had more to hide than she did. Luckily, she was only teasing me and didn’t expect any answer at all. I was enjoying her presence but the last thing I needed was someone probing my secrets.

Nancy touched her phone and excused herself for a moment. I immediately searched for my wife and Mark in the middle of the crowd with the hope of catching Julia jealously staring at me. The reality was much different… I found her connected to Mark by an intimate embrace, exchanging lustful kisses and apparently indifferent to Nancy and me. Mark’s right hand was shamelessly grabbing my wife’s bottom in front of all those people. Each of their actions felt like a slap in my face, stating that Julia belonged to Mark now. A disturbing thought crossed my mind: this is how it feels to lose a wife to another man. Nonetheless, the more she surrendered to Mark, the more attractive she seemed to me. Everyone else seemed unconcerned by their behavior as if it were the most natural thing in the world. If only they knew the truth… Another nervous thought crossed my mind: what if someone recognizes us? The chances of that happening were slim but the simple possibility was unsettling. My wife, on the other hand, was about to show me that none of this worried her…

The music’s pace changed and an enthusiastic voice was heard in the sound system “Come on ladies, show us your moves.”

Julia looked at me again and, when our eyes met, her posture changed. She turned herself towards me while her arms secured Mark behind her. I couldn’t see the details of her eyes from afar, but I could bet they had the same defiant fire that I had witnessed earlier in the day. Then her hips started to swing, very slowly, pressing her butt against his crotch. The movements were too slow to fit the fast music; this was no longer a dance, but an arousal for both Mark and me. Julia’s eyes never left me, including me in the action from afar. She knew what was happening in my mind. As much as I had tried before, I couldn’t deny it anymore. I was openly taking pleasure in all that was happening. And for that reason alone, she seemed free to cross any boundary.

Mark leaned over Julia and kissed her on the shoulder from behind, not seeming to care where she was looking. His hands took her thighs and I could see his fingers pulling her dress upwards. Other people were moving around them, constantly blocking and clearing my view. Mark secured the hem of the dress but didn’t stop and pulled some more. In the exact moment when Julia’s most precious treasure seemed to be about to become exposed, a man inadvertently crossed in my line of sight. When he moved away, Julia had already broken contact with Mark. Her dress fell along her legs, she turned to him and he kissed her. I couldn’t believe that Julia had allowed Mark to exhibit her in that fashion in the middle of a public place filled with dozens of people. It was a reminder that no rules applied anymore. But, once again, the hardest for me was not to know for certain how much of my wife had been exposed. I could ask her later, but it wouldn’t be the same.

I was in awe of Julia’s performance. No other woman in the world could be as nastily alluring as her, I was sure of it. Her ability to seduce and tease was beyond measure, a powerful aphrodisiac. It may seem counter-intuitive but, as I watched Julia in the arms of Mark, a sentiment emerged: I was a lucky man for having a wife like her.

Completely unaware of my surroundings, I only noticed Nancy’s near presence when her lips approached my ear.

“That’s your wife, isn’t she?” she whispered, obviously referring to Julia.

Her words felt like a punch in the stomach. My first reaction was to deny it, devise an excuse… I even uttered a faint “no”, but Nancy didn’t need confirmation.

“So that’s your secret…” she said with a soft, teasing voice. “Do you like to watch your wife fucking around?”

I didn’t know if I wanted to flee from her or take her right there. Despite the embarrassment for being caught, I felt heavily aroused by her gentle, warm words. My eyes locked on Julia; it seemed easier to look at my wife than face Nancy. Then I felt an inexplicable need to justify myself.

“Julia doesn’t fuck around. It’s only this once,” I argued but the words sounded even more preposterous.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be judgmental. Actually, I wouldn’t mind being given such freedom,” said Nancy, probably mocking me. I wasn’t sure. Then she asked “What happens if she enjoys him too much?”

But before I had time to think what to say next, she quickly added, “My husband is here, I have to go to him. You never told me your name. Bye stranger!”

I wanted to tell her my name, but it was too late. As Nancy moved away from me I felt a mix of relief and disappointment. Alone again, I remained in my place for a while longer, divided between the sight of my wife’s continued teasing and Nancy’s provocative words, until Julia decided it was time to leave. She was calling the shots. As we were leaving the premises, I saw Nancy, not far away, staring at us. Julia was intimately holding Mark’s arm, as if she belonged to him. There was no way to disguise the facts. Julia had entered the premises by my side as my beloved wife but would leave as Mark’s new girlfriend.

Outside, as we waited for a taxi, there was an awkward moment, again. I actually felt one too many. After all that had been happening, neither Julia nor I seemed to know how to behave as we waited and Mark held her. When the cab arrived, Julia took the initiative to suggest an apparent way out to this discomfort. But the solution was the last thing I wanted to hear.

“Do you mind if we take another cab?” she sweetly asked me.

For a moment I didn’t grasp the meaning of my wife’s words. Then I got it. Julia wanted to be alone with Mark. I panicked; this was something I could never accept. It was too much for me.

Seeing the growing agitation in me, she immediately added, “We’ll be right behind you.”

Julia was trying to assure me but it wasn’t enough. Still, I couldn’t resist her charming ways and, against my gut feeling, I nodded in agreement. If this was what Julia wanted, I would grant it to her.

I entered the vehicle and left my wife and Mark alone. As the cab moved away, I felt a strong urge to look back but was afraid to seem ridiculous. A variety of scenarios were produced in my head. Who knows what Mark would do to my wife during my absence…

The wait @ outside the building

I was waiting for only a couple minutes, but it already felt like a lifetime. The street was empty of people and quiet. Desperation was taking hold of me. Agreeing to leave my wife behind had been the worst mistake I made in a set of bad decisions since Mark’s arrival. I was afraid that she had changed her mind and headed somewhere else with Mark. Who knows where she could be now? It was as if I was losing the last remains of control, even if they were only an illusion. I was already considering my options when I heard the sound of a moving vehicle nearby. It was them. Julia got out of the car and I felt relieved. Mark was right behind her but it didn’t matter; she was back to me.

Mark was all over my wife and I could hear her faint voice insisting, “Not here! Someone can see us!”

Mark didn’t care. He didn’t care if someone could hear or see them; all he wanted was his share of my wife. I don’t know why, but I felt the need to partially hide myself behind a column near the building’s entrance. It felt easier to observe from a concealed spot, although I could still be seen. Julia kept trying to contain Mark and rushed as fast as she could to the entrance, but he didn’t intend to wait until they were up in the apartment. Before entering the building, my wife searched the surroundings and, when she spotted me, her gaze instructed me to follow them. She wanted to be seen as much as I wanted to see her. As soon as they were inside, Mark attacked like a wild animal: he pressed Julia’s body against the wall with his own; his right hand invaded her dress from beneath, exhibiting her thighs and groping her crotch; his left hand crudely grabbed her right breast.

“Mark… Not here… Please!” my wife pleaded but her body reacted with zest.

“I know you like it,” he responded.

I felt the duty to answer to her plea and intervene. Mark had to stop! But before I had time to react, Julia freed herself and escaped through a nearby door which led to the indoor reserved parking lot. Whenever she wanted, she was able stop him. Julia knew how to defend herself and didn’t need me. Before turning the corner, she glanced back defying Mark to follow her, which he did right away. I looked outside the building, trying to figure if anyone had seen us. We were safe so far, but I was already concerned about what could happen in the parking space. Then I followed them.

Playing out a scene @ the parking lot

I crossed the first fire door, but when I got to the threshold of the second one I hesitated. Part of me was already expecting something of the sort of what I witnessed when I turned the corner. In a few seconds, during my brief absence, Mark had pinned Julia against a wall, just like before, but this time her dress had fallen down to her waist; I could see the whiteness of her breast’s skin through the lace of her bra. His hands firmly held her bare butt and his face was buried on her left shoulder. Unwittingly, I took a couple of steps away from them, looking for refuge behind a nearby column. I was devouring the scene before me, just as Mark was devouring my wife. His left hand roughly seized one of her boobs, which popped out of its bra’s cup. Julia stretched her body along the wall, with her arms above her head, as if she was posing for an erotic photo, inviting him to take her. Mark didn’t hesitate. He plunged his face to her breast and I could see him, from afar, tasting her hard nipple. Suddenly Julia began undulating at a steady rhythm and a moan escaped her mouth. Although I couldn’t see it, Mark’s right hand appeared to be working on her crotch. This seemed like foreplay for them but it was taking too long and they didn’t seem close to stopping. All I wanted was for Julia and Mark to leave for our apartment before someone could appear and catch them in the throes of their mutual pleasure. However, despite my discomfort, watching my wife’s body lewdly moving was fascinating, her pleasure was my pleasure.

Mark’s mouth descended along Julia’s body and he pushed her dress downwards to her feet, leaving her almost completely naked. Only a bra and her shoes still partially covered her body. Her perfectly shaved pussy was completely exposed, at the mercy of Mark. Her body looked astonishing! Her light skin contrasted with the dark grey wall as her delicate body was being exploited by Mark’s roughness. Only from afar, as another man pleasured her, could I see the true splendor of my beloved Julia. I couldn’t believe she was naked in our own parking garage, helpless to any sudden intruder. Despite the incredulity of her and Mark’s actions, I had to admit that I was loving it! She is amazing!

Mark crouched and Julia raised her left leg, resting her foot on his shoulder. This was turning into something more than foreplay and outside the privacy of our home was the worst place for it to happen. I looked around, afraid that someone else could be watching. Meanwhile, Julia opened her legs wider and Mark’s face invaded the space in between. Her body immediately shook and she held the back of his head for balance. This vision resembled something else, something still very fresh in my memory. They were recreating the sex scene from the previous night’s movie. Mark was eating Julia’s pussy as another man watched. In this case, the other man was me, her husband.

So many times I had asked her to blow me in that exact spot. So many times I had pursued her body inside those walls, always in vain.

“Someone may catch us,” she used to say.

Julia’s fears always prevailed, until now. And Mark was having all the fun. Still, despite my jealousy, if I had to choose, I would rather watch her do it with Mark than have her not do it at all. It’s crazy but I was enjoying what I was witnessing. Still, I couldn’t help myself from comparing: is he better than me? Her pleasured expression was positively intoxicating me, but I still didn’t want him to be better than me… I began to feel warm, mainly due to the excitement of the moment. A small drop of sweat was slowly forming on my temple and I slightly shook my head to disrupt the minor discomfort. At that same moment I shockingly noticed some kind of movement through the corner of my eye. My body trembled and I immediately adjusted my position behind the column. Someone was coming!

A woman was calmly heading for our exit with her eyes down on the floor. She was coming from the far side of the parking garage and seemed completely unaware of what was happening between my wife and Mark. A fraction of a second after I first became aware of her, she stopped and perplexedly stared ahead towards Julia. I knew this woman. Her name was Kate, married, mother of two and our neighbor for several years. Julia and I weren’t friends with this woman and her husband, but we had a cordial relationship. Where had she come from? It was late-night, no car had entered the parking garage since my arrival and there wasn’t any other entrance from whence she could be coming. Kate just stood there, motionless, staring, as if she was declaring her presence to the nearby couple. Five, ten seconds passed, and nothing happened. I was desperately trying to figure a way to warn Julia but she was too immersed in Mark’s actions and I didn’t want the other woman to notice me.

My worst nightmare was coming to life, an unexpected, unpredictable, but conceivable presence of a third party. Slowly, Kate slid sideways, waited a couple of seconds and then hid behind a car. Still, I could see her head peeping from behind the windows. Just like I had recognized her, she surely recognized Julia from that distance. I kept repeating in my head that this couldn’t be happening, this was a nightmare. Kate’s presence changed everything. She wasn’t a stranger like Nancy before, whom I would probably never meet again. We knew this woman and she knew us. She knew where we lived, some of our friends and relatives; where we worked; she was part of our social life and our paths would cross many more times in the future. And now she was watching Julia, naked, shamelessly receiving pleasure in a public place from a man who was not her husband. I still had a tiny hope that maybe she might mistake Mark for me, but it seemed a longshot since his and my appearance differed greatly. How could I face Kate ever again? Still, I was more worried about Julia’s reputation. I always thought of Kate as a person that kept things to herself, maybe a good person with whom to share secrets, but what if she tells what she has stumbled upon to anyone else? She will certainly tell her spouse… I know I would. What would she think of my wife? From then on, through Kate’s eyes, Julia would be an adulterous slut. The truth was quite different or maybe it wasn’t. As I continued to observe Julia’s actions with Mark, I no longer knew where the truth lay.

I recently wrote a story titled, “Panty Husband’s Wife Takes Over”. It was a story of a special vacation to Key West where my wife promised to use a strapon on me for the first time ever. That night of sex was so fantastic that I promised my wife a night devoted entirely to her orgasms.

This is the story of that fourth night in Key West during which I thanked my wife for a great strapon experience that led to many more strapon nights.

My wife woke up in Key West the morning of our fourth and last day to a couple orgasms, a hot cup of coffee and her favorite Danish from the complementary breakfast at our Bed and breakfast. I got up before her, threw on some clothes and went down to the breakfast bar to get everything she likes for her. When I got back up to the room she was still sleeping. I gently removed enough of the covers to see her pretty panties and beautiful, big ass. I undressed and cuddled behind her. I put one hand on your panty covered pussy and one on her ass. I gently stroked her pussy lips with my hand on her ass.

She woke up and said, “Wow, what a great way to wake up, with a wet pussy and engorged clit. Keep it up.”

I continued to play with her until her body language told me she was ready for more. I pulled her panties to the side and licked her cunt. I took her pussy lips into my mouth and sucked on them one after another. She was ready quickly for me to suck on her clit. I placed my tongue on her clit. It was hard and enlarged. I took her clit between my lips and sucked on it very gently.

She started to moan. I noticed she had started playing with her own nipples. I love when she does that. She was pulling and twisting them. Then she said, “I’m cumming. I’m cumming. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.”

Quickly after her orgasm she said, “I can have another one right away. Use your fingers on my clit. Don’t get right on it. Stay to the side.” I started circling her clit with my finger and then used two fingers down the sides of her clit.

She said, “That’s it baby, right there. Stay right there, but a little faster.” I increased the speed of my rubbing and within seconds she was having her second orgasm of the morning and she wasn’t even out of bed yet.

She said, “I love this, but I have to use the bathroom.”

I said, “I have coffee and Danish for my princess in the living room and whore in the bedroom.”

She said, “Wow, this is very nice of you.”

My reply was, “You were so good to me last night. The sexual adventure was beyond my wildest dreams. Today and tonight I’m taking care of you first before I cum even a drop.”

My wife just had the sexy grin that tells me lots of sexual fun is ahead.

We showered and headed to Duval Street. I told my wife we could enjoy anything she wanted, but I wanted to buy her a dress and new panties for the evening.

We found a dress on Duval that we had seen many times on the trip. It was a silky material with a gathered waist, flowing skirt and uneven hemline. The top of the dress was spaghetti straps. It had to worn braless.

We bought the dress with its flowered pattern. My wife looked like an island queen. We walked to Victoria Secret after buying the dress. The only thing my wife could wear under the dress was panties and lace top stockings if she decided to wear stockings.

I love leopard panties almost as much as I love pink panties. I saw a pair that was leopard with a black lace trim along the waist line. My wife said, “I love these panties, but I also want you to wear the matching ones.”

My reply was, “This is your night tonight. You gave me all I could handle last night.”

Her reply was, “Well if I get to choose I want your thick cock and tight ass in these leopard panties.”

We bought a medium for her and a large for me. I think Key West is the one place where it is perfectly normal for a husband and wife to buy and wear panties together. The sales clerk just smiled and said, “Enjoy yourself. You two are going to look great in these.”

We went home, cleaned up again and headed out to dinner. It was a beautiful night with a calm breeze and clear sky. It was a perfect night for romance.

My wife and I talked at dinner about our trip and how much fun we had. I told her how much I enjoyed her strapon plan, including dressing me up for the part. We agreed that it was a night to remember.

When we got back to the room I asked my wife to relax. I got her a glass of her favorite wine. I undressed her. I undressed myself. It was so erotic to sit in matching panties, drinking a glass of wine and talking about sex. We sat and talked for a few minutes and then I said, “Lay on your stomach. You deserve a massage.”

My wife lay on the bed with her beautiful ass so pretty in her panties. I straddled her waist and dripped warm massage oil onto her back. I slowly massaged her entire back and neck, taking the time to really let her relax. I left her panties on, but moved down a little so I could massage her ass as well.

Eventually, I said, “Roll over. Your titties deserve some attention.”

She rolled over and I dripped oil onto her 38D tits. I massaged them slowly staying away from the nipples for a long time. Eventually I twisted and pulled her nipples identical to the way she did it that morning to herself.

I had placed a towel near the bed. When I was done with the massage I wiped the oil from my hands and started rubbing her pussy slowly and lightly.

She said, “Oh baby, I am so ready to cum over and over.”

My simple reply was, “It’s your night. I’ll do anything you want for as long as you want.”

My wife did not know that I had taken a Viagra right after dinner. My wife loves it when my cock is extra hard. Viagra does that for me, but it also removes any immediate desire to cum and allows me to fuck much, much longer.

My wife had a quick orgasm and said, “Don’t change anything. I’m ready again.”

She came again in less than 30 seconds. All she said was, “WOW”.

I pulled her panties to the side and licked her nectar. She always tastes and smells so good. I love it. She had a third orgasm with my tongue. Then she said, “I need some thick cock.”

I said, “My cock is ready for you. I am soooo hard.”

I was wearing the leopard panties my wife had bought that day. I pulled my panties to the side and got my cock out without taking the panties off. I lubed my cock, even though she was dripping wet. I slid into her so smoothly. She was on her back with her legs over my shoulders.

My wife loves to be fucked with a rhythm. I used about 10 real slow strokes where the head of my cock is right at her pussy lips and then I slowly go all the way back into her. After the slow strokes I use three or four real hard strokes. Then we repeat slow and fast. My wife seldom cums from just penetration. She usually needs clit stimulation.

I kept stroking her for at least ten minutes and then said roll over and get on your hands and knees. She said, “I’d rather ride your thick cock, please.”

I got on my back and said, “Enjoy yourself.”

She rode me both slow and hard cowgirl style. Every once in a while she would sit straight up and let my cock sink deep into her. That’s when I played with her nipples from behind.

Eventually, I saw her right hand move off of my leg. She was fingering her clit. As she did so I pushed her ass up and let it fall down onto my cock. This orgasm was her most intense. She was pounding my cock and then screamed, “Oh, Oh, Oh. Fuck my ass baby. I love it. Oh my god, Oh, Oh, Oh Fuck, Fuck Fuck, Oh, Oh, Oh. YES, YES YESSSSSS ” All the time she was squeezing my left leg so tight with one hand and teasing her clit with the other. Then she slumped down on my legs.

From the start of the massage to that orgasm was over an hour. My wife said, “This is so great, but I am ready for a rest. Do you want to cum?”

I said, “You know I do. How do you want it?”

She said, “I love getting pounded from behind. Can I get on my hands and knees now?”

I said, “You know what I like, baby. Do you want it on the floor or in the bed?”

She said, “It’s your choice.”

I got her on the floor and spread her legs a little so I could give her some good thrusts. We went at it for another 10 minutes at least. Finally, I got up on my feet and straddled her ass. I had my hands on her back. I got going real hard and real fast.

My wife was screaming, “Fuck my pussy panty husband. Give me all the cock you can. Smack your panties against my panties. Cum baby, cum.”

I felt the cum building. I was getting close. I said, “I’m ready baby. I love you. I’m cumming. I’m cumming.”

My wife screamed, “Give me your cum. I want a big load in me. Fuck me harder.”

I blew a massive load to end day four of our vacation.

I slumped next to my wife and said, “I don’t know what I did to deserve you and the amazing sex you give me, but I sure do love it.”

She said, “Thank you for all those orgasms. This was the best day of sex for me ever.”

A Correspondence with Sharon

Part 30: Sharon begins to realize she really is a horny “slut”.

This is the continuation of an email correspondence I had with a woman named Sharon Alderson. If you have not read the previous parts I suggest you go back and read from the beginning to get the full background. I apologize that it has been some time since I posted a new part. I have had two abdominal surgeries in as many months and the recovery from these has taken it’s toll on my free time. Along those lines I have decided that this will be the last submission to this series. I initially posted these emails because I thought they would be compelling, however judging by the number of votes they have received I appear to have been mistaken. I can no longer justify the time it takes to edit the raw emails into a form that can be posted on Literotica. As a consolation to those of you who are still following along I have included what I originally planned as part 31 and 32 in with this posting.

May 05/31/09 4:05PM


Just when I think there’s no way you could surprise me anymore, you prove me wrong. Damn girl, do you realize what an interesting life you lead? Mine sure is boring in comparison.

Where do I even begin? I’m thinking that the wine probably helped loosen up the inhibitions, not that it seems your sister has that many. From what you said I’m guessing that the oral sex with Jeanne was a first for you two. You said that you were not experienced at that; was the time with Erin the first for you? It sounds like you really got off on your sister’s mouth. How good/powerful were these orgasms compared to others you’ve had? For example at your GB, or from Jay giving you oral. Do you think this will ever happen with Jeanne again, or was it just a one-time crazy thing?

Man, Joe is one lucky SOB to be able to witness, and participate in, something hot like that. The best birthday present ever indeed. That’s an understatement. You know you’ll never be able to top that one.

I hope you get your quiet day, but somehow I doubt it.

Your surprised friend,


Jun 06/01/09 3:37AM


You weren’t the only one surprised by Jeanne. Joe and I both were, but sometimes things just happen and you can go with it or stop it. I just went with it. And yes, I do realize I have an interesting life – now. But please understand Paul, up until six or seven months ago that wasn’t the case. Joe and I lived relatively normal (boring) lives too. Of course before that you know I had some interesting periods in my life, but I had thought that was all behind me. I’m starting to think I wasn’t cut out for a normal life.

You are right about the wine. I don’t think anything like that would have happened if we had not both been drinking. A half a bottle of wine is actually quite a bit for one person, especially for smaller people like my sister and I. So while we weren’t falling down drunk or anything we definitely were feeling no pain as they say.

You were also right about Erin. That was the first time I had performed oral sex on a woman, and Jeanne was the second. I did really enjoy receiving from her, she was good. Better than Jay even. It’s hard to compare orgasms, especially because I’ve had so many, (maybe more than most people) but I’d have to say that they were some of the best that I’ve ever had.

Will my sister and I have sex again? Honestly I don’t know. Probably, but with Jeanne it’s hard to tell. Trying to predict what’s going to happen with my sex life is not easy these days, as you know. In fact, today is a good example.

As I told you in my last email Joe went golfing today. It was quiet here and I did manage to catch up on some of my reading as I had hoped. In the middle of the afternoon I got a call from Joe on his cell phone. He told me that Ron wanted to see my collar so he was bringing him home.

I said, “OK.”

I wasn’t sure where this was going, but there had to me more to it.

Then he said, “We’ll be there in about an hour or so. You know what would be really cool?”

“What?” I asked.

To which he answered, “If you were waiting for us wearing it.”

So I said, “OK.”

Then I heard Ron say something and Joe relayed it, “Naked.”

I knew there was more. “OK.”

Joe again relayed for Ron, “Kneeling by the door.”

That made me pause. But it also made my heart beat faster. So I said, “All right.”

To which he said, “Yeah, that would be really cool. See you in an hour.”

I thought it was sweet the way Joe worded it so that I could say no if I wanted to. Of course I wanted to make him happy. And just thinking of doing what he had asked was making me excited.

So I put on a little makeup and my collar. I also decided to bring the leash as a surprise. As usual I was only wearing one of Joe’s dress shirts. When I heard the garage door opening I knew that Joe was home. I took off the shirt and knelt by the door leading into the garage. I was looking down so when the door opened I didn’t know right away if Ron was with him or not.

Then I heard Ron’s voice, “Now this is the way to be welcomed home.”

I held the leash up and as I did could see Joe and Ron, from the waist down, standing there in the doorway. They both were quickly getting erections. It turned me on knowing that I was causing that.

One of them took the leash from my hand and led me into the living room. I kept my eyes down in submission, which I was really feeling right then. The men sat down on the couch and I could see that it was Ron who held my leash. I knelt down in front of them without any prompting.

Ron says to Joe, “I see you’ve been training her.”

Joe asks him, “Do you like it?”

To which Ron answers, “Oh yeah. Very nice.”

Then Joe says, “What do you think slut, would you like to suck some cock?”

So I replied, “Oh yes, I love to suck cock.”

I didn’t wait for them, first I took Ron’s cock out and started sucking it. After a little while I moved over and did the same for Joe. I switched back a couple more times and then Ron said, “I just have to have some of that tight pussy.”

He got off the couch and entered me from behind. That felt really good. Ron knows how to fuck and I was enjoying Joe’s cock in my mouth. Unfortunately it was too much for my husband and he was soon shooting his cum into my mouth. I swallowed it all of course.

Ron was hitting the right spot and I was quickly approaching my climax. I’m not normally very vocal when having sex, but yesterday was different. I just felt like moaning loudly and telling Ron how good he made me feel. Unlike the times I’d forced myself to this with the kids, it didn’t sound slutty to me. It just sounded hot.

My orgasm was great and lasted a long time. Ron just kept going. I was surprised at his stamina and ability to hold off his own climax. I had another good orgasm before he unloaded inside me. After that we took a little break and had something to drink. I remained nude and the men were completely clothed. That helped keep me turned-on because it reminded me that I was their sex slave.

Joe suggested we go up to our bedroom. Once we were there he pushed me onto the bed so that I was on my back. Then Joe got onto the bed in a kneeling position behind/above me and pulled my arms up over my head. He tells Ron, “You take this bitch while I hold her down.”

This was a surprising development. A kind of rape fantasy I suppose. You predicted something like this Paul. How did you know?

Ron smiles and drops his pants. He’s hard again. He roughly pushes my legs apart and back as he enters me. My feet are on his shoulders as he pounds me forcefully. Joe is encouraging him saying things like, “Fuck her hard,” and “Give the cunt what she needs.”

I was enjoying it, but I realized that they wanted me to play the victim, so I responded by saying, “No, don’t,” and “Please, no.”

Of course that just made Ron fuck me even harder. Soon I was coming again which made Ron grunt, “Fuck, she’s coming. What a whore.”

Ron didn’t last long after that and then he switched places with Joe. My loving husband then “raped” me just like his best friend had. I had two more orgasms before Joe dumped the third load of cum into me for the night.

Ron left soon after that and Joe and I relaxed in our oversized tub. He was so sweet, he asked me if I was OK with the “rape scene” they had acted out. I asked him, “Did you enjoy it?”

His answer was, “Very much.”

I informed him that I was OK with it then. Then he said something interesting. He told me that my slut act had been getting better over the last month or so (thank you Paul), But today was the first time you acted like a slut where it didn’t seem like an act. It was like you were really into it.”

I had to think about that for a moment. I told him I was really in the mood today, but assured him it was just an act. The truth is that it came too easily to be just an act. I found myself thinking more about their pleasure than my own. For some reason that turned me on even more. You have hinted before that you think I may have more than “just a horny girl” inside me. Is this what you were talking about? Am I a “slut”?

Up until now I thought I understood my sexuality, but now I’m a bit confused.


Jun 06/01/09 6:55AM


I don’t have time right now for a proper answer, but don’t worry about it. There is nothing wrong with you. You are not a bad person. You are just finding out something new about yourself and that’s a good thing. I’ll try to explain better when I get home from work.

Your caring friend,


Jun 06/01/09 7:22PM


From the experiences with Jay that you wrote me about and the more recent developments I began to suspect that there was more to your inner “horny girl” than you realized. However I suspected that you would have to discover this for yourself, if at all. First understand that the word “slut” can, and often is, used as a pejorative, but that’s not how I use it in. For me this is used to describe a woman that loves sex and is not afraid to get as much as she can. This is not the same as a nymphomaniac who is actually addicted to sex. One definition that I saw was: A woman that enjoys giving pleasure to men using her body. I like this one.

Given my understanding of the word I think it describes you quite well. In one story I read on Literotica a self-described slut was asked by another character how she could just give her body to all her boyfriend’s friends. She said, “It’s just tits and stuff; that’s what they’re there for.” She went on to explain that only her boyfriend had her love.

So I’d say that your “inner girl” is a “horny submissive slut” and that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Better than having say, an axe murderer inside you.

Actually this knowledge should be a liberating force. Do you know how many people are running around that don’t know what kind of person they are? How many are living a lie? You know. You also know that your husband will accept this part of you. Hell, he’ll rejoice in it. So relax and enjoy yourself.

Sure there will be people that won’t understand. They don’t have to know. And if they find out, too bad, you’re not hurting anybody else. It’s your life and the only approval you need is from that woman in the mirror.

OK, I’ll get down off my soapbox. Sorry if I laid it on a bit thick, but I wanted to make sure you got the message.

Your life coach,


Jun 06/02/09 9:44AM


Thanks for the straight talk. I don’t mind the soapbox because you usually have a good point even if you beat it into the ground a bit. ;)

I’ve thought about what you said and it does make some sense, but I’m still having problems thinking of myself as a “slut”. I guess I’m just used to that word being used as an insult, like “whore”. Strangely I don’t have as much problem with the word “bitch”, although I don’t like it either. Do you think that your definition of “slut” is the same as Joes?

I ask because Joe has told me that he wants me to act like a “slut”. But to me that’s a bad thing to be, so it’s difficult. However if he is using the same definition as you are, then it makes more sense to me.

I’ll continue thinking about this. Thanks for the advise, life coach.

Something new has come up. Joe told me yesterday that James Morgan (Chuck’s father) came in to bowl. Joe struck up a conversation with him and found out that he was a widower (I knew that) and was looking forward to a boring summer by himself again. So Joe invited him over supper tomorrow night, telling him that I was bored too (not true) and would enjoy his company (true).

I don’t know what Joe has planned, but I wouldn’t mind doing something with James. He’s plenty good looking and is a really nice guy once you get to know him. The only problem is that he’s quite shy, so I don’t think the chances are good of something happening. It’ll still be nice to see him.

Your life student,


Jun 06/02/09 9:02PM


If I had to guess I’d say yes, Joe’s definition of “slut” is basically the same as mine. Hopefully this will make it easier for you to let go and enjoy these experiences. I’m sure if you do it will increase Joe’s enjoyment as well.

I would not underestimate Joe in regard to tomorrow night. He has proven to be quite resourceful and I predict he will find a way to get you two together. I think his longer term plan though is to use James and Chuck to fulfill his father-son fantasy. This is just step two, where step one was to add Chuck to your group of “kids”. I don’t know how he’ll make step three happen, but you can believe he’s thinking about it.

Affectionately yours,


Jun 06/03/09 9:11AM


Sorry, but your prediction was wrong this time. Last night was interesting, but I didn’t have sex with James.

When I was getting ready I asked Joe how he wanted me to dress. He told me to wear something comfortable, but not too casual. That left a lot of room. I considered wearing a work outfit, but then decided against it. Instead I chose a light weight one-piece summer dress, a bra, panties, and sandals. Joe didn’t say anything when I came downstairs, but he gave me an approving look.

James arrived about 5:00 and we all had a glass of wine while Joe grilled up some steaks. While he was doing that I made a Caesar salad and chatted with James. Like I said, he’s a nice guy and I enjoy talking to him. Kind of like I do with you but nonsexual.

The steaks were good and James complimented my salad (like that’s hard to make). I had expected Joe to steer the conversation in a sexual direction, but he just let James and I “talk shop” for the most part. He seemed happy to make a humorous comment from time to time.

When we were done eating we polished off the wine while sitting around and just talking. I kept waiting for Joe to make his move, but he never did. James was a little nervous when he first arrived, but by the end of the evening he was relaxed and laughing. He made a lot of eye contact with me and I got the feeling that if my husband had not been there he would have flirted with me.

Finally he said that he should be going and we all got up to leave. On the way to the door Joe came up close behind me and whispered in my ear, “Give him a hug.”

So when James turned around to say goodbye I just threw my arms around him and gave him a big hug. To say I surprised him would be an understatement. At first he just stood there not quite sure what to do, but I just held on. He recovered quickly and returned my hug. I pulled away and said, “Thank you for coming over.”

He stammered, “Thank YOU for inviting me.”

I replied, “You are welcome anytime.”

Joe opened the door for him and said, “Let’s do this again sometime,” as James was leaving.

I asked Joe if he had enjoyed himself, and he indicated that he had. I was worried that he might have been bored since James and I did most of the talking. He also told me that he like the way James was looking at me by the end of the evening. I didn’t ask him specifically, but I think this Joe’s way of evaluating how James and I got along.

I have to go now, Bruce just called and said he’s on his way over. To be honest I’m happy he called because I haven’t been with Bruce for a while. I’m really looking forward to this. Sigh, I guess I am a “slut”, at least by your definition. But maybe that’s not so bad.

Your slut,


Jun 06/03/09 6:56PM


Win some, lose some. It looks like Joe has a better understanding of Jame’s personality than I do. Not too surprising, I guess. He obviously has a plan that takes this knowledge into account. I still think that he will try to get you two together. It’s just going to take longer than I thought.

You have already said that you would like to have sex with James, but what about James and Chuck at the same time?

It seems that you have come to terms with your “slutty” side. That makes me happy because now I think you will really start to feel comfortable with this new sex life that you and Joe have embarked on, and that will make it even more enjoyable for both of you.

Your adviser and friend,


Jun 06/05/09 10:22AM


Sorry I haven’t written you for a couple of days. I’ve actually been pretty busy, so I’ll just give you the highlights.

On Wednesday morning Bruce came over. On the phone he told me that he wanted me to dress in one of my teachers outfits. While I understand these requests I was still a little surprised that he hadn’t gotten tired of this yet. When he arrived I found out why.

He brought over an old history textbook. I don’t know where he got it, but he pretended to be a student coming over for extra help from his teacher. I had no idea Bruce was this creative. So he sat down at the kitchen table and opened up the book. Then he asked me to explain something, calling me “Mrs. A”.

I stood beside him and leaned over to look at the book. As I started pointing to passages and explaining what they were talking about he reached around me and squeezed my butt. I pushed his hand away and told him not to do that. If that had been a real teacher/student situation I would have been much more forceful, but I knew he only wanted token resistance from me. This was clearly a ‘seduce the teacher’ fantasy.

I continued where I left off and he started feeling my butt again. I pushed his hand away again, but didn’t scold him. I just kept giving him the history lesson. His hand returned to my butt and I ignored it. Soon he moved down and reached between my legs to rub my pussy through my panties.

I was having difficulty concentrating on what I was saying. Then Bruce said, “I have something else I want you to explain,” as he pushed back his chair and pulled his shorts down.

I replied, “That’s a nice erection.”

He asked, “But what do you do with it?”

My answer was to kneel down between his legs and give him a blowjob. After he came in my mouth he stripped me naked, sat me on the chair, and gave me oral. I had a nice orgasm from his efforts. Then we went upstairs and fucked for about a half hour. I came several times and was pretty satisfied when he left.

I was just kind of snoozing, with Bruce’s cum still inside me when Chuck called me. He asked me what I was doing. I was feeling sassy and slutty so I said, “I’m laying on my bed naked with Bruce’s cum inside me.”

To which he replied, “Really? I’d love to see that.”

Sure Bruce satisfied me (mostly), but that was an hour ago. So I just said, “OK. Come on over. Let yourself in.”

His reply was, “I’m on the way.”

When I heard him come in I opened my legs so that the first thing he would see was Bruce’s cum leaking out of me. Or at least what was left. When Chuck came through the bedroom doorway his eyes grew big. I was laying on my back playing idly with one nipple and my legs spread wide.

He said, “Fuck me!”

I replied, “That’s the general idea.”

He couldn’t seem to get his clothes off fast enough. As he pounded me he kept calling me a “horny slut” and telling me how “fucking hot” I was. He didn’t last long enough for me to cum again, but it was still nice. As I cleaned him up with my mouth he got hard again so I climbed on top of him. I fucked him like that for a long time and had two more orgasms.

When he got close he began thrusting wildly from the bottom. The angle was just right and the friction on my clit was almost too much. I started coming again and was just hanging onto him tightly when he stopped thrusting and came too.

That was Wednesday. It was a good day. :D

Yesterday morning I visited my friend Marcia. It was nice to just sit and visit and bake some cookies.

That afternoon however, I decided to take care of your most recent challenge. I decided to wear the t-shirt. It was difficult enough to actually go to a sex store and buy a dildo. Wearing the collar too was a bridge too far.

I did my homework and using the Internet I found a place about a half hour drive away that was advertised for couples and women. It turned out to be a brightly lit shop clean shop in a little out of the way strip mall. While it was kind of embarrassing to walk in and shop there, it was not as bad as I was anticipating.

The saleswoman was friendly and helpful. She told me it’s common for people to come in and not know exactly what they want. Her attitude was great and helped keep me from being too nervous. In the end I selected a dildo made of that Cyberskin stuff with a built in vibrator. It shaped like a real cock, but is not too big. In fact, it’s about the same size as Joe.

So far only you and I know that I have it. I have not told Joe or Tommy yet. I’m thinking I’ll just hold onto it until one of them asks. Tommy has probably forgotten that he told me to get one, so it could be a while. But I performed your challenge and it turned out to be easier than I thought.

Today I’m planning on spending some time at the Library. Then I’ll just see what comes up.

Your horny slut,


Part 31: Sharon’s summer forecast: Hot!

Jun 06/05/09 9:02PM


If that’s the condensed version I can only salivate at the thought of what the long version would have looked like!

A good day indeed. I’d say that Wednesday was a great day. I enjoyed just reading about it; living it must have been something else. In regard to Bruce’s new found creativity, I sense Joe’s hand in this. I’m not knocking Bruce, but I think the idea was Joe’s. I’m impressed that you picked up so quickly on the role that he expected you to play. Given how well that worked, I think you can expect more teacher/student role playing in the future.

I think Chuck’s timing was probably just fortuitous, although I wouldn’t put it past Joe to “schedule” the visits by the kids. Being a manager and someone who is used to organizing, scheduling, and controlling things, this would be natural for Joe. I sure wish I could have seen what Chuck saw when he entered the bedroom. It’s too bad he didn’t take a picture, but I suppose he was too busy ripping his clothes off. Can’t blame him for that!

I’m glad that you were able to complete my most recent challenge. I’m sorry it was too easy. I’ll made sure to make the next one more challenging.

I have to tell you that when I get emails from you like this I can’t help thinking how amazing you are. A wet dream come true for sure.

Amazed and dazzled,


Jun 06/6/09 1:05PM


I agree with you that Bruce’s creative streak on Wednesday was probably Joe’s idea, but Bruce did pull it off nicely. I also agree with you that I’ll probably see more role playing like that in the future since the kids, and Joe, obviously like it. I’m thinking that Chuck’s timing was probably just luck, but I wouldn’t put it past Joe to be scheduling which days they come over.

As far as new challenges, don’t get me wrong. None of your challenges have been easy, including the last one. That said, I look forward to the next one.

I think it’s ironic that you call me amazing. You are the only man that has really understood me and accepted who I am. Especially my sub slut side. But you also know that I’m more. That’s what makes YOU amazing. And thank you for the “wet dream” compliment.

Now something new. Yesterday morning after I finished writing to you I got a call from Tommy asking if I was up for a visit. I told him I was planning on going to the Library, but I didn’t have any set time. So he said he’d be right over.

When he got here all he wanted initially was a blowjob and I was happy to do it for him. You know me. We talked for a while after that and he told me that he had not been around as much because he had a “new” girlfriend. He told me “not to worry” though, because he still needed me to “get his rocks off” since he wasn’t “getting any” from her yet.

Eventually he asked me about the dildo. I informed him that I had actually bought one as he had requested. He seemed surprised by that but wanted to see it. We went upstairs and I got it out for him. It was still in the box.

Tommy says, “Let’s try it out.”

I’m not crazy about the idea, but I go along anyway. He removes it from the box and puts in the included batteries. After checking that the vibrator works Tommy tells me to strip and lay down on the bed. I do as he says.

Then he gets on the bed between my legs and begins to run it over my labia and inside my slit. When the dildo touches my clit the tingling from the vibrator feels nice. After teasing me for a while this way he starts pressing the head of it against my entrance. I was pretty wet and after a couple of strokes he had it all the way inside me.

It felt better than I thought it would, but not as good as the real thing of course. The shape, firmness, and texture are about right. But a real cock feels hot. I suppose it’s all that blood. I’m sure it’s only a few degrees, but it is noticeably hotter than my vagina. Men also have a certain smell that makes me more turned on during sex. For those reasons alone the dildo, no matter how realistic it looks, can’t replace a real man.

But then men don’t have built in vibrators. After every three or four strokes Tommy would pull it out completely and press it against my clit. I was just starting to get into it when he stopped and told me to “take over”. I didn’t really want to put on a show for him, but I did as he wanted.

Tommy watched me fuck myself with the dildo as he stroked his own rejuvenated cock. He began to call me degrading names and asking if I was enjoying my “fake cock”. I finally told him that I’d rather have a real one.

To which he said, “Oh, isn’t a fake cock good enough for you?”

I answered, “Real ones are just better.”

His reply was, “OK, then. Get yourself off on the fake cock and maybe I’ll give you the real thing.”

I knew he was serious and I wanted him to fuck me, so I concentrated on his cock and imagined the dildo was Dave or Bruce. My climax built slowly and eventually I was able to cum by holding the vibrator against my clit. It was a genuine orgasm, but not very strong so I “dressed it up” a bit to make Tommy happy. I closed my eyes, bucked my hips, and moaned, “Oh god. Oh god. Yes, yes,” just like I’d heard in a couple of pornos.

I turned off the vibrator and was wondering what to do with it when Tommy told me to clean it off first. I reached for a tissue, but Tommy yelled, “Not that way bitch, use your mouth.”

It had never occurred to me to do that, but I guess he wanted me to treat it like a real cock. So I licked it clean and then put it down on the bedside table. I looked at Tommy and spread my legs suggestively. He says, “Do you want my cock now slut?”

I told him that I did. He informed me that I would have to beg for it. Although I had just cum, it was not really satisfying and I needed more, and right now! So I begged, “Please Tommy, I need your cock in me. Please fuck me. I need it bad.”

He smiled and asked, “Do you love my cock Sharon?”

I answered, “Yes Tommy, I love your cock.”

Then he surprised me by asking, “Why?”

I wasn’t expecting this but I thought I gave a good answer. I said, “Because it’s so big and hard and it feels so good inside me.”

This must have pleased him because he climbed up on the bed and lined himself up. I almost sighed when he entered me. Tommy had improved so much since that first time. He varied his speed, length of stroke, and even position over the next half hour or so. I came three more times, each one better than the last. He finally pumped his cum into me while fucking me from behind and slapping my butt. That was the best sex I’d ever gotten from Tommy and I told he so. He just smiled.

Later after supper I told Joe about Tommy’s visit and then he wanted to see the dildo too. I basically did a repeat performance with Joe, except he didn’t last as long as Tommy did. It was still great sex though and I fell asleep thinking about what a lucky woman I was.

I have no idea what will happen today, but I’m starting to see it’s going to be a fun summer.

Your horny slut,


Jun 06/06/09 5:37PM


First, thank YOU for the compliments. I think friendships are sometimes just a matter of being in the right place at the right time. That certainly seems true in our case. I should say, though, that I think Joe may understand you better than you think. Of course he does not know about your past, but in my opinion he is starting to figure out your inner slut. Don’t underestimate his progress in this area. And I agree with you, he is a good man. As the song goes, “Hold on loosely, but don’t let go.”

You are having a good summer so far. It sounds like Friday was another great day. Maybe Tommy was trying to make for not being around so much. Quality versus quantity, or something like that. A little critique on your answer to Tommy why you loved his cock: a real sub slut would have told him, “Because it’s so big and hard and I love making it squirt inside me.” Basically you want to make it about HIS pleasure, not yours. Other than that I thought you were a good slut.

I hope you had a good day today too. As always I’m looking forward to your next email.

Your friend,


Jun 06/08/09 10:01AM


As always I appreciate your advise and incites. Like you I have noticed that Joe is slowly starting to understand me, but he has a long way to go. I’m a little scared of what might happen when he finally does.

We had a pretty quiet Saturday for once. Joe and I actually spent some time together taking care of some thing around the house and the yard. It was nice.

On Sunday he went golfing mid morning, so I had a lot of time to myself. I puttered a little in my flower garden and finished I book I had started earlier in the week. In the late afternoon Joe called me from his cell phone and told me he was bringing his golfing partner home. This sounded like a repeat from of Sunday, but I asked what I should wear just in case.

He said, “Whatever. It doesn’t matter.”

I took that to mean that he was bringing Ron home again, so I decided to dress up a little and I put on dress jacket and skirt, but no underwear. This jacket was meant to be worn over a blouse, so even buttoned up my breasts were almost visible from the front and were easily seen from the sides. The skirt was not especially short, but it was partially slit up the side and was meant to be worn with underwear and hose. It looked pretty daring without, which was the look I was trying for.

Imagine my surprise when Joe came through the door not with Ron, but with Bruce. Apparently he liked to golf, but didn’t get the chance very often, so Joe decided to treat him. That’s my Joe, generous to a fault with his friends. I didn’t mind though, I had not been with Bruce for a while and he is pretty good in bed.

They liked my outfit and told me how “hot” I looked in it. Then Joe dropped a bombshell saying, “I was going to suggest we eat in, but seeing as how you dressed up and all, I think we should go out.”

I was shocked. I couldn’t go out dressed like that and I said that to Joe. He looked at me with a confused look for a second, then said, “Of course. I’ll be right back.”

He headed upstairs leaving Bruce and I standing there. I wondered if he was getting me a blouse to wear. While I would like one to wear out I didn’t trust him to select anything that went with what I was already wearing. As it turns out I didn’t need to worry about that because he returned not with a blouse, but the collar.

He buckled it around my neck and then ushered us out to his car. We all piled into the front. It was a little cozy, but not too bad since I’m a small person. I asked Joe where we were going but all he would tell me was “Out of town.”

That made me a little less nervous, but not much. Bruce put his hand on my knee and started rubbing my leg. By the time we got to our destination it was all the way up under my skirt and he was running the tip of his finger up and down my slit. He was also kissing me, so I was very horny. I looked up and saw that we were at a sports bar. Not the same one as last time, but very similar.

I was very aware of how exposed my breasts were as we walked into the place. The jacket brushing back and forth across my already hard nipples didn’t help any. I felt like everybody in the place was staring at me. I had to look down because I didn’t want to meet anybody’s eye.

I think Joe was looking for a U-shaped booth, but all he could find was a regular table with bench seating on either side. He had Bruce and I sit together, with me on the outside, and he sat on the other side of the table. Several people, a man and a couple, walked by and did double-takes. I’m sure the way I was sitting they were able to see most of my right breast. I tried not to think about it and just acted as if I didn’t notice their reaction.

When the waitress came to our table she gave me a disapproving frown. Joe ordered for all of us, which for the first time I was glad to let him. I don’t think I could have spoken coherently at that point. When she returned with our drinks I was happy to find that Joe had ordered wine for me. I really needed it to calm my nerves.

Suddenly a man stops by the table and starts talking to Joe. I don’t know him, so he must be a casual friend. From the conversation it seems they mainly run into each other at sports bars while watching some game or another on TV. After the “how are you doing”, “what are you up to” exchanges Joe says, “Oh hey, I’d like you to meet my wife Sharon.”

He looked down at me and stuttered, “H-H-Hello.”

I looked up and said, “Hello,” in a quiet voice. He wasn’t looking me in the eye though. He was looking at my chest. I was sure he could see most, if not all, of my right boob. He just kept staring at my boob and I could feel my face getting hot. I’m sure it was beet red. The silence just keep getting longer and more uncomfortable but I couldn’t seem to do anything to break it. He seemed mesmerized.

Finally after what seemed like an hour, but was probably only seconds, the waitress showed up with our food. He quickly excused himself and left. I noticed that his pants were tented by a growing erection. I glanced at Joe as the food was being served and he was grinning like a fool. At least he ordered me another glass of wine.

We ate without further interruptions, but it seemed like there was a steady stream of men walking past our table and ogling me. Bruce practically inhaled his burger. I was still working on my chef salad when he finished. I don’t know if he was bored or what, but he started rubbing my knee under the table. Since there was no table cloth this would be visible to anybody that cared to look.

As I continued to try to eat amid all the distractions Bruce got more bold, moving his hand up higher and under my skirt. I finally gave up on the salad and pushed it away. Bruce kept slowly working his hand up my thigh. I gulped down the rest of my wine. When Bruce finally touched my labia I jumped a little. Joe noticed this and chuckled.

I guess he thought that was enough because that’s when he got up to leave. I was sure as we walked out that I was being watched, and I don’t think it was my imagination. Back in the car Bruce continued to run his hand up my skirt and push his finger inside me as we kissed. About halfway back he unbuttoned my jacket completely and began playing with my boobs.

By the time Joe pulled into the garage I was topless and Bruce was sucking on my breasts. I had been in a constant state of arousal since we left home and I was close to my climax by this time.

We went inside and straight upstairs. Bruce took my skirt off and practically dove between my legs, licking and sucking my clit while pushing two fingers into me. I came so hard that I could feel my juices gushing out into his mouth. That does not happen often to me, so you know I was really turned on.

After that he fucked me good and hard giving me another great orgasm. When he was done Joe took a turn and also pounded me hard. That resulted in yet another great orgasm for me and from the looks of it a great one for Joe too. I cleaned them both off with my mouth and Joe invited Bruce to stay the night, telling him he could sleep with me if he wished.

Bruce took Joe up on his offer and I spent the night with Bruce in our bed. Joe slept in the spare bedroom since that is only a full sized mattress and is a bit crowded for two. Bruce fucked me once more before we turned in for the night. Then he woke me up once more in the middle of the night.

In the morning he wanted a “wake up fuck” before Joe took him home on the way to work. He lasted quite a long time and I had several nice orgasms before he pulled out and shot his load onto my chest and tummy. He had me rub it into my skin telling me that it was “the worlds best moisturizer”, which I don’t believe but I did it anyway.

That was my Sunday, busy as usual, but fun. How did your weekend go?

Your wet slut,


Jun 06/08/09 7:17PM


I had a good weekend, but not as good as yours! I’m really starting to get the impression that although Tommy will always figure prominently in your group of kids because he was first, Bruce has become Joe’s favorite. That’s not too surprising considering that they probably have more in common than the others. I really have to wonder if Joe decided on the spur of the moment to go out to eat and exhibit you when he got home with Bruce, or if it was planned earlier. It probably doesn’t matter, but I’m curious about these things.

As usual I have a few questions. You have been exhibited before, but as far as I know in all those cases you were either in a different building (Jay showing you to roofers), or you were in a car (Jay showing you to fast-food worker in drive-thru, and kids showing you off on the way home from Pittsburgh). Was this the first time that the strangers you were exhibited to were right there in your personal space? How does that change the experience? Did it turn you on even more when you realized that you had caused Joe’s friend to get hard? What time was it when you were returning home?

What I’m curious about is whether it was still bright enough outside for your neighbors to be able to see that you were topless. I’ve noticed that because of the windshield it’s much easier to see people in the front of a car than in the back. Are you concerned that you might have been seen, especially since Bruce was sucking on your tits at the time?

I think that’s enough for now. As always I’m looking forward to your answers.

Your erotic inquisitor,


Jun 06/09/09 3:40AM


I had a quiet day today, nobody stopped by and I napped in the late afternoon. So now I’m wide awake and I thought I’d answer your questions while I have the time.

I agree with you that Bruce does seem to be Joe’s favorite these days, even though I think he still depends on Tommy to “manage” the other kids. They are both really good at sex now, so I don’t care.

I don’t think Joe had planned on going out to eat until he saw what I was wearing. And what I wasn’t wearing. I think he decided then that he wanted to show me off and kind of made it up as it went. It just had that kind of feel to it. I can’t describe it any better.

Actually that was not the first time that I had been “exhibited” to strangers up close like that. On my trip to DC with Lee and Jay we went to a mall one day. As usual Jay would not let me wear a bra. I had on a loose tank top and both of them had fun pulling it and stretching it such that one of my boobs would pop out. They loved doing this when there was a lot of people around and made it look like an accident. As we were walking thru the parking lot on our way out Lee pulled it up to my neck and left it bunched up there about half way to the car. At least a dozen people saw me virtually topless. A few walked right past us within a couple of feet.

It was a little different sitting in the bar though because I was just sitting there letting them look. I couldn’t just walk away or cover up like before. So even though I was more “covered” than in that DC mall parking lot, it was still just as embarrassing and stimulating. And yes it was a turn on knowing that Joe’s friend got an erection just from looking at my boob.

We got home about 7:30 so it was just starting to get dark. I don’t think it was a very good idea for me to be in the front seat topless at that time of night. There is a chance that one of my neighbors saw something, but so far I have not heard from anybody. The way Bruce was all over me though didn’t really leave me much of a choice. Especially with Joe sitting there apparently approving of everything he did.

I asked Joe about it later and he dismissed my concerns saying that nobody is ever outside in our neighborhood at that time. He also told me that you would not be able to see much of anything going on inside a car from inside your house as it went by. He challenged me to just try it sometime. I have not done that myself, but I believe him.

That’s all your questions/comments I believe. I’m going to play some online chess now until I get tired enough to go back to sleep.

Your slut,


Jun 06/09/09 6:43AM


You will have to tell me about the DC trip with Lee and Jay sometime. It sounds like that’s quite a story in it’s own right. I think that Joe’s explanation about how you could not have been seen by your neighbors is more justification than fact. That’s a dangerous game he’s playing there and it could end up causing you all kinds of problems. But I think he (and probably you) are getting off on the danger, so I don’t expect it to stop. Just be as careful as you can.

Thanks for answering my questions. I have to get to work now. Have a good day.

Your friend,


Jun 06/10/09 9:49PM


I will try to tell you about the DC trip sometime. It is quite a story. I also think you have a point about the danger aspect to what we are doing, but more on Joe’s part than mine. I agree that we need to be careful and this is something that Joe and I talk about periodically. Thanks for your concern, you are a dear friend.

Now to bring you up on current events. Yesterday morning Kyle called me and asked if he could come over and “see” me. I told him I was OK with that and about a half hour later he arrived. This was the first time he was coming over by himself and I was a little worried that he be too shy to start anything. It turns out I didn’t have anything to worry about.

I was just in a robe and he had it off of me and was sucking on my boobs within minutes of coming through the door. He stayed for the rest of the morning. We pretty much did it all except anal. I really enjoyed giving him a blow job and he isn’t too bad at oral sex either. I had four orgasms, two of them very nice, and he came twice, once in my mouth. That rates as a good morning for me.

Yesterday my brother-in-law Dick stopped over unannounced around noon. He said he didn’t have a lot of time and just wanted a blow job. Apparently I’m better at it than my sister. Before he left he told me that he expected a birthday present from me like the one Jeanne gave to Joe. His birthday is in a couple of months. I told him we’ll have to see what happens.

Joe also informed me that he had invited James over for supper on Saturday. I told him that I was OK with that. I like James and I’m hoping that Joe has something fun planned.

We also talked more about “the next gang bang”. Joe really wants it to be an all black event. I can tell this really excites him whenever we talk about it. But he also mentioned that Ron wanted to set one up with his friends too. This is the first time he’s mentioned that. I guess I’m going to find out how much I can take this summer.

He also confirmed that when he is exposing me he gets more excited by the thought that someone we know might see me than strangers seeing me. When I pressed him on this he admitted that it was the danger element you mentioned. We talked more about that and I pointed out that if the “wrong” person saw me it might mean an end to our games. He promised me that he would be careful and asked me to trust him. I do trust him Paul, but I still worry that he’ll get carried away.

That’s all I have for now, I need to get to bed. Good night.

Your horny slut,


Part 32: Sharon adds new men to her stable.

Jun 06/10/09 10:51PM


I think you will need to come up with something exciting for Dick’s birthday or he will feel left out. Have to be careful of that fragile male ego you know! I would make some suggestions but I have a feeling your sister will be driving that effort so I’ll just wait to see what happens.

I’m glad that you and Joe are still talking about everything. Even though you are submissive it’s important that he takes your feelings into account when he plans these sexual adventures. I also wanted to ask you something along these lines. I’m sure before Ron’s birthday party and the “dancing in the dark” game you and Joe had established a “rhythm” in your marriage. By that I mean the ebb and flow of every day life together; striking balances, making compromises, and re-balancing when needed. I’m also sure that rhythm was disturbed by all these new sexual games. Have you two adjusted and found a new rhythm yet?

Your friend always,


Jun 06/12/09 10:02PM


I have to tell you what happened yesterday. When I told Joe about it he got very excited and we had fantastic sex late into the night. Which is why I didn’t write you yesterday.

It looked like it was going to be a slow day until about 11:00. I was horny as usual and hoping one of the kids would call since I hadn’t gotten fucked since Tuesday. Dick’s visit on Wednesday just made me hornier. Anyway I got a call from Dave. He said he woke up horny and wanted me to come over to his place and “take care of it” for him. I told him I woke up the same way and that I would be right over.

I slipped on underwear, jeans, and a t-shirt (no not that one), but no bra. Then I brushed my hair quickly, put on some lip gloss, and drove over to Dave’s apartment.

He answered the door wearing just a pair of boxers and let me in. When I turned the corner into the small living room I was surprised to see another man sitting there. He was a black and bigger than Dave in every way. I knew this because he was completely nude.

Dave introduced him as his cousin Jamal and hoped that I didn’t mind he was there. I said, “No, I don’t mind. Two heads are better than one.”

Honestly I’m not normally that corny, it just slipped out in a moment of weakness. They both smiled anyway. Maybe in their circles that amounts to a witty comment.

Jamal spoke for the first time saying, “Dave tells me you are and expert cock sucker.”

I answered, “That’s what I’ve been told.”

He replied, “We’ll see, but right now I’d like to see that hot body that Dave has been talking about.”

Then he stood up walked over to me. He towered above me. He must be 6’2″ at least and 250 lbs, but it looked like it was mostly muscle. Without any warning he just pulled my t-shirt up over my head and off.

“Nice titties,” he says and begins squeezing them. His big hands easily swallow them up.

Then he unsnapped my jeans and pushed them to the floor along with my underwear. I kicked them off along with my sandals. Jamal put his hand between my legs and replied, “Hmmm, I love bare pussies.”

He ran his finger up and down my slit a couple of times and then brought it to his mouth. “Nice. Let’s get that blowjob now.”

Jamal sat down on a ratty old chair. He only had about half an erection. I got down on my knees and began sucking him. Once he was fully hard it was obvious that he was larger than Joe or Dave or any of the other kids. In fact, I wasn’t sure I wanted him fucking me due to his size. He was enough of a challenge for my mouth, but I managed.

It didn’t take long before he came in my mouth. While I was enjoying the taste of it he literally lifted me off my feet and onto his lap. I didn’t really have a chance to decide if I wanted him in me or not, he just plopped me down and started entering me. His size took a little getting used to, but after a little bit I really began enjoying it. I wouldn’t want to take anyone larger though.

He lasted a surprisingly long time and I had several orgasms before he came. Dave fucked me after that and as usual he was very good too. As they were resting we were chatting about trivial things and Jamal was playing with my boobs. Then out of nowhere he says, “I hear you want to pull an all black train.”

To which I replied, “Maybe. Where did you hear that?”

He answers, “From your husband. Is it true?”

I tell him, “Yes.”

Then he asks me, “How many?”

I take that to mean how many men, so I ask, “What did Joe say?”

Jamal says, “He said it was up to you.”

I don’t want to commit to a number so I play it coy by saying, “Did he?”

He answers, “Yep.”

Since Jamal will be involved I decide not to increase the number from last time. I’ll be sore enough with Jamal plus 5 more. So I tell him that 6 sounded like a nice round number. He agrees that a “sexy bitch” like me could handle 6 “brothers”. I tell him they have to be clean and discrete. He assures me that they would all be people he could trust, like Dave. Jamal was fun to fuck, but he did make me a little sore because of his size. I wouldn’t want to do him everyday, that’s for sure.

After that everybody was pretty worked up again and we spent the next couple of hours fucking before they were both spent. I drove home in the late afternoon a happy woman.

When Joe came home he admitted he had talked to Jamal when he and Dave had come into the Center one day. He thought they would be a good source of “black meat” for me and they agreed to put together a GB. He guessed it was Dave’s idea to have me to go over to their place and meet Jamal, but I think it was really Joe’s plan.

As you can imagine Joe was very interested in hearing about my time with Dave and Jamal. I had to tell him about it in much more detail than I just did for you. He asked a lot of questions too, especially about Jamal. I told Joe that Jamal is right on the edge of being too large and that I would not take anyone larger as it would just be painful. I am a small woman and don’t have a large pelvis.

As a result off all this Joe is very excited about the all black GB. It’s just about all he wants to talk about now, much like the first GB when it was first being planned. At least now he has baseball games to go to and all the golf courses are open.

James is coming over again tomorrow night. Joe is golfing on Sunday, so that’s probably when I’ll write you about Saturday with James. Have a good weekend.

Your horny slut,


Jun 06/12/09 11:15PM


It looks like you really will be having that all black GB, and probably soon. I think as long as Jamal is not the first one, you should be OK. I suspect that if you fucked Dave first yesterday that Jamal would not have made you sore.

I find it interesting that Joe had already met with Jamal and recruited him to arrange a GB for you. I’m sure that Thursday was a setup by Joe so that you could meet Jamal. The way Joe made it sound like the GB was your idea and desire was typical of your husband, but letting you decide on how many to invite was a bit of a dirty trick, in my opinion. You seemed to take it all in stride though. You have come a long ways since that first party at Ron’s house.

So are you excited about this next GB? Four new cocks and all of them black.

I can’t wait to hear about how it goes with James tomorrow.

Your friend,


Jun 06/14/09 3:12PM


I’m sorry I couldn’t write you yesterday, but it’s been a busy weekend. I have have a lot to tell you, so I had better get to it.

Yesterday morning Joe told me that we had been invited by Ron to go on a boat cruise on a local lake (not real local, but within driving distance). Some kind of bonus from work or something and he got to invite another couple. Anyway it sounded fun and I told Joe that. Then he informs me that my current bathing suit is way out of style and I needed to buy an new one. No argument from me on that.

You could have knocked me over with a feather when Joe offered to go shopping with me. He never goes clothes shopping with me. I should have known then that something was up.

So we went to a big mall in the city and checked out suits at several large department stores. I even tried several on, but Joe didn’t like any of them. Then we walked by one of the trendy stores that the kids shop at and he says, “Hey, let’s look in there.”

I had my doubts that I’d find anything in there that I could wear, but he insisted. Sure enough all they had were bikinis. I was looking for a one piece. I was too old to be wearing a bikini and that’s just what I told Joe. He said, “Bullshit, you are just as hot as any of the 20-somethings that shop here.”

Then he points to a blue tiger-striped bikini and tells me he wants me to try that one on. It is actually somewhat modest compared to the other ones they had in that store. I’m still skeptical, but I find a set my size and head for the changing room. I put it on and I have to admit that I didn’t look too bad in it. I’ll tell you Paul, that I used to wear bikinis before I met Joe, but they just don’t fit the school teacher image so I switched to a one piece.

When I went out to show my husband he let out a low whistle that told me we would be buying that one. There was another couple nearby and the young man looked over. His smile made me feel warm inside. I changed back into my street clothes and when I came out Joe was looking a very small bikini. I think it’s called a micro. It consists of two small triangles on a string for the top and a tiny thong for the bottom.

I said, “No way mister,” but he wasn’t listening. He really wanted me to try one of them on. I finally agreed to buy one, but only if I could get a wrap with it. Of course he insisted I try it on in the store.

I knew it was small, but even after I put it on I still felt naked. The little patch on the bottoms wasn’t even big enough to cover my entire “landing strip”. Some hair stuck out the top. If I hadn’t been shaved everywhere else it would have looked really ridiculous.

When I left the changing room I tried to just peak out and get Joe’s attention. I wanted him to walk over an shield me from the rest of the store while I stood by the entrance. But he waved me out instead so I walked out into a public store practically naked. I was so embarrassed, but also so turned on. To make it worse Joe had me turn around so that that he could see my bare butt.

I quickly retreated to the dressing room after that and changed. When I came out the young man was still there and I swear he kept stealing glaces at me. I wondered if he saw me in the micro.

When we got home I really wanted to fuck, but Joe watched a baseball game on TV. Needless to say I was pretty horny by the time James arrived.

This time I had made a pan of lasagna and toasted some french bread. Joe loves my lasagna and James raved about it too. After dinner while we were enjoying our second glass of wine Joe told James about the boat cruise. James thought that sounded like fun.

Then Joe told him that we had to buy me a new swim suit for the occasion and would he like to see it?

James replies, “Sure,” probably thinking (like me) that I would just bring them down on the hangers.

But Joe had other ideas. He says, “Sharon, why don’t you model it for your friend?”

I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was not expecting that and I hesitated.

James saw my hesitation and says, “That’s OK, you don’t have to.”

But Joe interrupts saying, “Go on. It’s just a bikini.”

So I go and change into it and return to the men. Jame’s eyes almost pop out of their sockets. I like the hungry look in his eyes. I ask him what he thinks.

He says, “You’re hot – I mean that’s a hot bikini. Er, I like the tiger stripes.”

I see that not only is he blushing, but he’s getting an erection. That horny feeling I’ve had all day increases a notch.

Next Joe mentions that we actually bought two bikinis today and asks me to show James the other one. My slutty side was taking over and I told them I’d be right back. I wanted it to look nice, so I took the time to trim my pubic hair a little more so it wouldn’t stick out of the bottoms. That didn’t leave me with much hair down there.

This time when I returned James looked at me with obvious lust and a full erection. Sexual tension filled the room. Joe turned it up even higher by having me turn around and show them my bare ass.

“Now what do you think?” Joe asked.

All James said was, “Incredible.”

To which Joe said, “I’ll bet you never guessed she had such a hot body under those teacher’s clothes.”

James mumbled, “I imagined she was sexy, but damn.”

My husband asked, “What else did you ‘imagine’?”

James was caught off guard and didn’t know how to answer. Joe pressed on, “Have you been fantasizing about my wife?”

James still didn’t know what to say, but looked nervous. Then Joe let him off the hook by saying, “How would you like to see her completely naked?”

James says, “What? Really?”

Joe tells him, “Sure, just ask her to strip it off.”

James looks at me and asks if I really will do it. I just nod. Then he tells me, “Sharon, take off the bikini,” in a shaky voice.

It only takes me seconds to remove the tiny thing and there I am standing in front of him nude. While James is drinking my nakedness in and Joe tells him that I’m secretly a submissive slut and love to be ordered around and sexually used. He tells him that I am his to enjoy for the evening.

James asks, “You want me to fuck your wife?”

Joe tells him, “I want you to enjoy yourself. You can fuck her pussy or ass. She also gives great blow jobs and will swallow your cum. She loves to be called degrading names and have her ass paddled. Whatever you want.”

What James wanted first was a blowjob and I was happy to oblige him. I don’t know why more women don’t do this for their men. They love it and it’s fun to do. After that he explored my body with his fingers and tongue, ending up between my legs. It was quite erotic and I had a nice orgasm.

Then my husband and my friend took me up to the spare bedroom and fucked me for the next hour or so. It took a little while for James to get comfortable using me and calling me degrading names. But Joe set a good example and James followed his lead. By the end of the evening they were both calling me a “dirty slut” and making me beg for their cocks.

I replied sleepily that I was, in fact, Terry, still not realizing who was calling and inquired, “Who’s calling, please?”

“Did you request the honor of attending an all day party on September 6th?” the voice continued.

All of the excitement and anticipation I had previously felt rushed back into me at that moment as I realized that this call was being made in response to our application. I meekly answered, “Yes, Sir, I did”. My voice must have sounded totally different to him because of its renewed yet subdued energy.

I could almost hear the smile in the stranger’s voice, “Do you and your lady still wish to attend?”

“Yes, sir, I believe we do.” I must have sounded like a school child who learned of a friend’s birthday party.

“Do you and your lady friend understand the capacity in which you are attending; that you will be required to serve as commanded?”

“Yes, Sir”, was all I could muster at the moment.

“You are aware that you will undergo some depilation?”

“Yes, sir, I answered, again, and inquired if any of the hair removal would be obvious to the public after the party.” He assured me that all would be below the neck and only if I wore short sleeve shirts and/or shorts would any of the hair removal be obvious.

I don’t wear either and it wouldn’t seem odd if Annie were shaved so my first question was answered satisfactorily.

“Do you and your lady friend consent to obey your Superiors as commanded and do as you are directed at the party?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Has anything changed in your or your lady friend’s limits since you filled out the response form”?

No, Sir, We are excited about attending and nothing has changed in that or in us.” We do have some security concerns. May I ask a few questions?

“Of course, we want you comfortable or at least as comfortable as you can be in this type of circumstance”, came the immediate answer.

In answer to our concerns, we were assured that the couple hosting would be well known to us if we heard their names. We could rest assured that no harm would come to us; that we were simply to be sexual objects for this day and that these parties had been going on under our unaware noses for many years without incident or injury. I finished the conversation convinced that we were in safe hands and continued.

“Make a note of the following instructions: At precisely noon on Saturday, the 6th, you and your companion will arrive at the drug store parking lot at the southwest corner of Central Avenue and 66th Street. Casual attire is appropriate. You will be carrying one red rose that will act as tribute for your hostess and identification to the party picking you up. A taxi will deliver you to the host couple’s residence.”

After the instructions were acknowledged, the calling party hung up the phone without saying another word. Now I was wide-awake! I immediately reported to Annie with all of the enthusiasm that I had originally exhibited about this extraordinary offer of adventure, for I was truly excited by what seemed to me to be an exceedingly rare opportunity to explore our combined submissive sides in the company of so many Black Dominants, both male and female. She went through all of the security questions with me again and I assured her with each one that I was convinced that we would be in no physical danger. We might be uncomfortable but that was part of the thrill of submitting, after all.

Friday night, the 5th of September, came too slowly. While we went to bed early, neither Annie nor I slept comfortably because of the excitement and anticipation of our next day’s planned activities. We talked briefly about the effects of doing something this daring and outrageous on our boring, everyday existence and agreed again that we needed an adventure of this type to spice up our lives.

Saturday, we arose early and showered. As I towel dried, I noticed that Annie, who had bathed before me, had chosen her best Guia La Bruna lingerie to wear under her casual, dark blue, zippered skirt and white, front buttoning silk blouse. I watched with pride as she slowly covered her marvelous breasts with the soft white lacy bra and adjusted her nipples so that they were perfectly level. The effect was as intended as the bra, evident through the blouse, made her breasts the obvious focal point of her presentation. She then sat as I continued to watch and rolled her opaque, nylon, thigh high stockings onto her shapely, sculpted legs. She belted her finely fitted, satin garter belt and rose slightly to attach the fasteners to the tops of her stockings. Then she slowly slid into her matching t-back panties through which the outline of Annie’s light triangle of neatly trimmed pubic hair was barely visible. Annie is a very attractive woman and has always kept her figure in nice shape. I love to watch her pamper herself as she allows the fine feel of silky under things to caress her lithe body. This morning, she was obviously looking forward to the opportunity to show herself off as much as I looked forward to her doing so and the anticipation was mounting in both of us by the moment.

We ate a very light breakfast, just a bit of yogurt, skipped our usual morning coffee and afterward sat quietly in our kitchen for what seemed the longest hour and one-half of our lives. We left our home in plenty of time and arrived at the designated parking lot about five minutes until noon. Having exited our car, I stood with the all too conspicuous long, red rose in my hand until the shiny, yellow taxi entered the lot. The driver, an older, very tall, muscular Black man, apparently noticed me immediately because, without delay, he drove to where we nervously waited. He calmly exited the vehicle and opened the right rear door for me in the most respectful manner. He instructed me to enter the taxi and make myself comfortable because he was going to secure a blindfold over my eyes and fasten my seat belt across my chest in order to maintain the security of the couple that was hosting the party. He asked if I was comfortable with the blindfold and I answered that I was, understanding that the hosts might not want us to know the location of their home. They were happy to have us as guests but did not want anyone seeking their company after the party. My nerves were alerted at this juncture but he assured me that the couple, or at least one of them, were very high profile in our community and simply couldn’t afford to have anyone seeking them out without invitation. I complied and the driver secured the blindfold and then gently tightened the seat belt around not only my chest but my arms, pinioning me, comfortably but securely, in the right rear passenger seat of the taxi.

Annie was left waiting by the driver’s side rear door until the driver had secured me and was then smoothly placed in the driver’s side of the back seat directly behind our transporter. Annie later told me that the driver lightly brushed her breasts as he secured the seat belt and gently pried her knees apart after she had been seated and blindfolded. Being the lady that she is, she resisted his apparent attempt to see her panties and held her knees tightly together. At the time, she made no protest, not knowing whether this was part of our duties or not.

We were instructed not to speak for the remainder of the journey to the party location. The driver closed the door quietly behind us. The darkly tinted windows of the vehicle were a pleasant sanctuary as the Florida sun was already shining brightly at that early hour and Annie and I welcomed the privacy that the tinting and the blindfolds provided. The taxi driver drove silently in what seemed to be a southerly direction after exiting the parking lot. He instructed us that the trip would take approximately ten minutes although it seemed somewhat longer than that, in reality. We later agreed that we would have been more comfortable if we could have held each other’s hand during the ride, as we were both understandably nervous. As we motored on and somehow tried to relax in the tense darkness for the duration of the ride, I wished that Annie could firmly squeeze my hand showing me both her excitement and her support. I was uneasy. Even without touching her, in anticipation of what was to come, I felt the familiar swelling of my cock which slowly came to a full erection that did not leave me until the ride was nearly ended. Because of our circumstance, no one else knew of my sexual arousal, I believe.

In time, we felt the taxi slow and smoothly enter a driveway. The taxi came to a gentle stop. Annie’s door was opened first and she was freed from the constraints of the seat belt. Only then, did the driver tell her that she could remove the blindfold from her eyes. Annie was asked to stand by the taxi while the procedure was repeated with me. The sunlight nearly blinded both of us after the substantially total darkness of the blindfolded ride. When our eyes had finally adjusted, we found ourselves in a very nicely landscaped, spacious, enclosed courtyard at an as yet unknown location. We could smell the flats of the Gulf of Mexico at low tide so we realized that the hosts’ home must be close to the water. Annie and I were both aware that we were about to embark on the adventure of the year, if not of our lifetimes and the exotic location didn’t dampen the anticipation.

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