hot tub

Chapter 02: The Hot Tub

My second noteworthy sexual escapade began just as benignly as the first. A semester and two more lesbian orgies after being tricked into Naomi’s sorority house and losing my virginity I received an e-mail regarding an internship with an engineering and company. As a jobless double-E major this was the exact thing I had been hoping to find. I eagerly opened the email and read through it. The company’s owner, Nichole was personally inviting me to an interview and tour of her company. The email did not specify what exactly they designed, but it did highlight a need for an electrical engineer to design and implement small systems for them. The company was just on the other side of the state line, about two hours away. Given the morning interview, they even offered me a hotel room nearby. It was a perfect opportunity. I readily agreed to arrive in four days’ time.

The night before my interview I arrived at the four start hotel around 8pm. I had been provided a small but comfortable suite and even had a ticket for a free breakfast. This deal was getting better all the time! The one downside was that I was sore from my drive, and belatedly realized I neglected to bring my swimsuit to use the hotel’s outdoor hot tubs.

Soon, however a plan entered my mind. My room had a small balcony for use as a fire escape, and a large pipe attacked by bars to the hotel’s outer wall at regular intervals. I could easily wait until the pool area closed, and use the pipe as a ladder to climb down. Then, with no one around, I could slip into one of the several hot tubs in only my boxers, or even naked. The pool deck closed at 10pm, but I waited until around eleven thirty to be sure that no cleaning staff would find me.

Quietly, I slipped out onto the balcony and climbed easily down the pipe’s supports. I cautiously made my way across the dark pool area to the third and farthest tub, situated in a small circle of pine trees on the hotel’s green. Reaching the tub, I stopped dead. The tub was already running, and there was already someone in it. Without the hotel’s outdoor lights turned on, I couldn’t see them clearly, but I was sure that they had already noticed me, and were now shifting in the water to face me.

“Uhm, sorry.” I stammered, “I know the pool deck is closed. I just didn’t bring a suit you see, so…” I trailed off sheepishly. “I’ll just head back to my room.” I turned to go.

“No, it’s alright.” The person in the pool said. It was a woman’s voice. “I don’t work for the hotel, and actually wouldn’t mind the company.”

“Uhh, well,” I started again after a pause, “As I mentioned, I don’t have a swimsuit.”

“Neither do I.” The woman in the tub reached over and hit a switch on the water’s edge. The soft underwater lights clicked on, and my eyes widened. The woman was in her late twenties, a few years older than me with long dark hair, and was almost completely NAKED. She wore only a pair of small black panties, leaving the rest of her curvy, tanned body bare beneath the surface of the water. Even with the distortion from the moving water, her large, D sized breasts were very visible. My cock instantly hardened.

I glanced away automatically, and the woman laughed. “Don’t you want to join me?”

“I uhh,” I began, lost for words, “I’ve already got a girl and…”

“That doesn’t matter.” The girl said, “She wants you to have fun doesn’t she? And I never said I wanted to anything sexual with you.” She smiled up at me, swimming over to my side of the pool, “But now that you mention it, you ARE kind of cute.”

I forced a grin. This girl was right, after all. Though Naomi was my girlfriend, and I slept with her often, she did take me to orgies and watch me have sex with a large number of other girls, and was completely fine with it. After a moment’s contemplation, I shrugged, and pulled off my shirt and pants, leaving me standing there in just my boxers. I was relieved I was currently wearing Naomi’s thong she had given me at our first orgy. I still wore it often and actually had it in my suitcase.

“Good!” the woman said, pushing off the wall to leave me room to climb in. “Come on in!”

I complied, the warm water relaxing my muscles tensed by the long drive. I closed my eyes and sighed audibly, enjoying the moment. I opened my eyes when I felt something brush against my legs. The woman in the tub had come over to me, and was beginning to straddle my legs. DAMN this woman was fast. She threw her arms around my neck and leaned in close, smiling, her massive breasts an inch from my chest.

“So, sexy,” she said with a quieter, lust tone, “Want to have some fun?” Her panties touched down over the lump in my boxers, and i twitched against her cunt. She giggled. “I’ll take THAT as a yes.”

I knew this woman wouldn’t take no for an answer. I grinned, deciding to go with it. This day couldn’t have been much better. “Alright. You’ve got me. But just this once, mind you. I DO have a girl back home that I’m committed to.”

“Of course.” She said, brushing off the comment. “First things first. Let’s gets get out of this uncomfortable swimwear.” She let go of my neck, turned around, and bent over. Her tight ass framed her little black thong as it rose in front of my face. “Can you help me?” she cooed in an innocent voice.

I reached forward and gripped her smooth, sexy ass, rubbing it around with one hand on each cheek. Sliding one hand under each of the thong’s straps, I slid it down her ass, kissing to top of her crack as I did so. The woman groaned quietly, enjoying my touch. “That’s it baby. Touch me!”

I slid the thong down her legs and she stepped out of it before pulling it from the water and throwing it outside of the tub. I played with her round, perfect ass for a moment longer, then gave her a gentle shove forward and turned around myself, leaning on the edge of the tub. Her hand’s gripped the edge of my boxers, and gently pulled down. Once they were off my legs, she ran a finger down my crack, pausing to massage my anus before reaching forward to cup my balls in the palm of her hand.

“You have an exquisite body.” She whispered, feeling up every inch of my groin and ass. “Your girl is incredibly lucky to have a man this sexy.”

I laughed softly, muttering thanks. With her hands, she gently rolled me over, and straddles me again. This time my penis throbbed against her bare pussy. We grinned at each other.

“Shall we?” She asked after a pause. Placing a hand behind me head she kissed me full on the lips, her breasts pressing into my chest. I kissed her back, out tongues dancing. She rubbed the lips of her pussy up and down my cock’s shaft, her clit tracing a sensual line along me, as water slashed against the side of the tub. After what had to have been several minutes of hard kissing she pulled away, gasping for breath.

“How’s your endurance?” she asked bluntly.

“Well,” I said, blushing, “Longer than average, but I’m no pornstar.”

“Good enough!” She crooned, lifting herself off me. Without further discussion, she used her right hand to position my hard cock, and rammed herself down upon it. Her cunt swallowed me whole. I groaned along with her, the ecstasy of intercourse washing over us. She bounced on me now, the waves of her humping crashing loudly over the edge of the tub. The lips of her vagina were so soft and her pussy so tight that if not for the uncomfortableness of sex underwater, I would have cum quickly. She rocked on me for minutes, groaning so loudly that I was afraid we draw the attention of hotel security.

As I approached climax, I leaned forward and touched her shoulder. “I’m at my limit, baby.”

The woman stopped her brutal fucking, relaxing down onto my cock and putting her arms back around my neck. “How was that?” She asked with a grin.

“Exquisite.” I said honestly, smiling back.

“Excelent. You’re not a bad partner. Say, how do you stand on anal sex?”

I though back to Naomi’s orgies and the many times I had given and received that particular taboo. “I’m completely alright with it. I said with a lustful grin.”

“Good” the woman replied “I wasn’t going to give you the option anyway.” She pulled off of my, and re adjusted her position, leaning over the edge of the tub, her breasts and hair dripping water. “But it is much more fun when I don’t have to force it.”

I nodded, grinning, and positioned myself behind her ass that was just below the surface of the water as she kneeled on the tub’s seat.

“Fuck me baby!” she demanded. I complied, and placed my cock against her anus and pressed. She relaxed with practiced ease, and I slid deep into her ass. I moaned as the tight hole and soft walls caressed my dick. I pulled backwards and thrust in again, slowly at first, then building speed. Water once more slapped the side of the tub. We both moaned and groaned with pleasure.

“Fuck me! Fuck my ass baby! OOOOH, YES! OHH, GOD!”

I placed my hands on her hips as I ravaged her ass, savoring every thrust. I was approaching climax again.

“Cum inside my ass baby! Fill me ass with your hot juices!”

“I’m cumming baby!” I cried aloud as I could no longer control the pleasure in my loins. In a long series of spasms my orgasm deposited my cum deep into her ass. I relaxed my body forward across her back, running my hand along her side.

“Thank you.” I whispered in her ear, “that was excellent.” I pulled out of her ass, a puff of white cum and her anal juices dispersing in the clear water.

She rolled over and stared up at me with her beautiful blue eyes. Reaching up to touch my cheek she said “No, thank you, sexy. That was exactly what I wanted tonight.” She slowly climbed out of the tub, her naked body dripping water onto the ground. “See you around!” she said with finality in her voice. I nodded in response, knowing I’d probably never see this particular woman again, much less have sex again with her.

She turned and picked up my boxers from where they lay, slipped them up her legs and over her rump, and walked off, leaving me in the tub swirling with the combined juices of our pleasure, and with another pair of panties to keep along with the memory. I wasn’t sure how I was going to explain this one to Naomi, but I expected shed find the story funny.

A/N: Of course all characters who are sexually active are 18 or older.

Chapter One: Introduction

‘Amanda Taylor may very well be the sexiest woman I’ve ever fucked.’

This thought was quickly emphasized by the intense pleasure her sweet pussy gave me as she worked herself up and down my shaft.

I held on to her slender hips and watched her full breasts sway and bounce in time with her rhythm as she rode me cowboy style, my feet on the floor as I lay back on my bed.

The look on her face as she slowly lowered herself caused me to clench hard; the sheer eroticism of watching this gorgeous young woman give herself totally to the moment was quickly becoming more than I could bear. Without warning, the auburn haired beauty began slamming herself up and down upon my cock, a feral cry erupted, the noise filling the room. I didn’t even understand at first that it was me.

Opening my eyes (and blinking a bit to clear the dizziness) I realized I had cum without even feeling it, well, coming. I dimly remember suddenly roaring out my climax while Amanda rocked my world.

The actual climax was so intense it had nearly caused me to black out. She had won this round, and I could see from her smug look that she thought she had worn me out, however I had a surprise for her.

Once I recovered.

“Amanda you…”

“Won?” she interrupted, her lust-darkened brown eyes full of mischief. Her soft voice was husky, she had a strange accent (Southern and North-Eastern US mixed? I couldn’t tell) that sounded like pure sex to me the first time she introduced herself, was it only three days ago?

I laughed, I couldn’t help myself, and her answering giggle was music to my ears. Her soft laughter also caused quakes and spasms in her pussy muscles – which were still wrapped tightly around my half-hard cock.

I could already feel myself responding yet I didn’t want to ruin my chance at catching her unawares. And I still needed to catch my breath.

“You certainly came close, I’ll admit you almost won.” I answered with a wide grin.

We’d been going at it for almost an hour – having skipped out of training at lunch – and at the age of forty four I was being sorely tested to keep up with this hot twenty-something. Though I’d brought her to at least three orgasm’s by my count, this was my second and I could feel the stirrings of readiness for one more go. It helped that she was sexy as hell.

Needing a way to distract her, I grabbed her marvelously tight little ass with both hands and pulled her off of my re-awakening cock, scooting her towards me along my stomach.

The resulting ‘schmuck’ sound from our soggy nether regions caused another giggle to erupt from my young lover and I quickly felt my stomach become coated in our juices. Damn did I love that giggle! I couldn’t help but smile adoringly up at her.

Amanda leaned down and taunted my lips with her light pink nipples; her long dark hair fell in waves framing her smiling face and tickled mine. “What do you mean, ‘almost’? You are down and out mister, I win!”

Her voice and lips both held a hint of a pout and yet her eyes told a much more playful story. Suddenly she sat upright and her face lit up with a dazzling smile as she announced, “And I know exactly what I want for my prize!”

I answered her triumphant grin with a lazy, hooded-eyed smile of my own, “hmm, well I may not be ready to surrender quite yet.” I drawled out in a poor imitation of her hybrid-southern accent. As I spoke I brought my hands up from her hips to cup her wonderful round tits. I began to run my fingers over her nipples as I gently hefted their weight.

Amanda had hidden these beauties under her conservative dress style and loose tops, fooling even my practiced eye; I was pleasantly surprised at her full C cups.

Keeping my sweet young lover occupied while I gathered my strength was no hardship. If the soft coos she made as I pleasured her tits were not enough incentive, her lovely, youthful face was so expressive that I thought I’d blow my load the first time she came some time earlier this afternoon. Even now, with only her nipples being stimulated, Amanda had closed her eyes, thrusting her chest out for my attention. Her mouth opened slightly and she began to whimper and pant in the most erotic display I’d ever seen. Again.

I only just realized it was that same sexually expressively face that helped send me over the edge only moments ago.

“You better not be starting something you can’t finish buster!” she half whined/half growled out as her dark eyes bored into mine.

I simply smiled back, enraptured with her expressions.

As if testing the waters, the slender young woman atop me lifted her tush and slid back. She settled down and began rubbing along my erection with her slippery pussy lips. Her dark brown eyes widened as she felt just how much I’d recovered.

Wow did I love that look, I think I finished hardening just from how hot she looked with her eyes wide and her lips slightly opened.

I shook myself from my reverie and was frustrated to hear my voice crack a bit as I taunted my beautiful partner, “Maybe one more ride?”

Ready or not, she was on to me, so I brought my left hand down to give her tight ass a playful swat, eliciting another of her wonderful giggles. With my right hand I reached up to play with the soft lips of her generous mouth, pleased with her response as she hungrily sucked on my long index finger.

I couldn’t help but take the opportunity to lean up and suckle first one breast and then the other.

As soon as she had my finger nice and wet, I leaned forward quickly, sending Amanda falling backwards, her arms flailing for a moment as I unbalanced my rider.

I hooked my calves on the end of the bed for leverage and declared, “You haven’t won yet!” I added my right hand under her fantastic ass as she grabbed hold of my shoulders for support.

Amanda wrapped her arms around my neck and stared me down with a mock glare. She seemed breathless from my sudden move and I couldn’t help but be taken aback by her beauty as her breathing settled down. Our eyes locked and her brown eyes searched my blues.

I wasn’t ready for that look so I quickly leaned in to kiss her already kiss-swollen lips. She responded as she had to everything else, with a fervor that made my toes curl.

Finally I broke the kiss and my heart just about burst at the look upon her face: her blushing cheeks and bashful smile made me want to kiss her all day long ; she quickly looked down and rested her forehead against mine.

‘Damn’, I thought, ‘this woman is getting way too intense, and she’s really getting to me’. The uncomfortable silence stretched on for a moment, then two and I started to wonder what I was going to do to put us back on track. Then again, she had never stopped moving her wet puss on my now-hard member. ‘Duh’, I scolded myself, ‘get going!’

“Did you want to give up then?” I asked as innocently as I could, even as she continued to grind her cunt lips along my shaft; her shoulders relaxed and she gave me another of her soft gigles that turned into a brilliant smile.

Quickly Amanda began to make little “humm’s” and “ohhh’s” in time with her rocking motions. She leaned back and ground herself along my length, thrusting her fabulous breasts in my face she gave me her answer in a breathy, whispered demand: “Fuck me.”

God this woman was HOT!

She probably thought I was going to have her ride me while I sat there at the edge of the bed, but that was where my surprise came in.

Before my lover had a chance to settle onto my cock, she discovered why I wanted my finger wet. I pressed my spit lubed finger knuckle-deep into her tight little asshole even as I plunged my now recovered cock straight into her drenched pussy.

Once again her eyes widened and now it was time for me to show this sweet young thing that I was a man of my word.

Moving forward so just my ass was on the edge of the bed, I began thrusting my hips upwards; still using my calves for leverage against the bed.

Amanda’s long throaty groan of approval made me smile wickedly, she had no idea what she was in for.

“What’s that look for?” she moaned out as she moved further onto my lap, seating my cock fully into her tight pussy with another long moan that sent a shiver of lust through my whole body.

It took a second or two for the effect of her moan to lapse enough that I realized she was staring at me, expecting an answer. Oops, busted.

“You’ll” *thrust*, “see”, *thrust*, was my only response. I set the pace hard and fast from there.

Amanda’s long legs had now wrapped around my middle, and she could only hold on as I began forcing her up and down, controlling her body with my hands on her pert bottom, one finger just slipping into her tight little ass.

As I rocked our bodies upwards, I pulled her ass down, sending her sliding down onto my shaft. Then I lifted Amanda’s lithe body along my length as I fell back to the edge of the mattress.

Immediately I slammed her back onto my cock as my body was rebounding from the bed.

My beautiful auburn conquest held on tightly to my shoulders as I began to pummel her grasping slippery pussy; the smells and noises of our energetic sex filled the bedroom.

Her moans, grunts and sighs should be recorded – it was erotic ambrosia for the ears.

Just as she was beginning to get used to the pace, I began to slide my long finger deep into her virgin ass (she had revealed that little secret in our talks the night before over drinks).

The ‘oof’ she made as I filled her back door made me grin devilishly again. My finger met little resistance, being coated in our juices and catching her off guard.

Amanda’s weak protest of “naughty”, grunted out between moans, gave me permission to keep going.

I was rocking my lover with each thrust, yet I wasn’t making the progress I hoped for. Though my sweet lover was moaning and thrashing, even grunting ‘yes’ and ‘oh please’, I hadn’t gotten her to cum yet. And I really Needed her to cum!

The angles needed to hold, lift and penetrate her were straining my arms and back, my legs were working overtime and I was starting to doubt my plan.

I lowered my lips to her collarbone, sucking and biting as I prepared for the next attack on my lovely, willing victim.

Gathering my strength, I stood with Amanda’s long slender body clinging to mine.

I began lifting her, one hand holding her ass and the other pushing a finger to the hilt into her ass and then out again, all the while I gripped her tight little cheeks and manipulated her body on my cock.

My legs were starting to shake as I slowly leaned forward, then began withdrawing the crown of my cock in a search for her g-spot. Her weight was held mostly by her arms and legs wrapped tightly around me.

“You’re crazy,” she breathed out in a whimper, her lips grazing my ear as our cheeks pressed together.

I had no energy for a reply.

When I felt my cock-head gripped by her tight outer muscles I thrust straight into my beauty’s deepest reaches with a lunge upwards; as my cock bottomed out I began grinding deep into her dripping cunt, mashing her clit with my pubic bone and churning her pussy with my cock.

Amanda began to wail, a long half scream/half moan that I felt reverberating through the clench of her puss and into my finger buried in her back door.

“Soooo Goooood,” she drawled out in one long breath until I interrupted her with a series of rough, rutting thrusts.

Amanda’s fingers began scrambling at my shoulders, leaving scratches even as she locked her arms around my neck again. The sting of her teeth as she bit down on my shoulder explained the sudden silence, yet I hadn’t felt that tell-tale quake of her pussy on my cock.

With sweat streaming from my forehead I reached deep for another burst of energy, hoping to drive her hot body past anything she’d experienced before – just like I had promised. With a well timed swipe my middle finger was covered in the juices that gushed from her tight pussy, another well timed maneuver later and she was hosting two of my fingers up her tight back door.

Amanda’s head whipped back as he began to howl and a fresh gush of her cream splatted my balls and ran down my legs as my cock was squeezed almost painfully. I quickly cut off her noisy response with a sloppy kiss and then turned around and lowered her onto the bed, her inner muscles spasming around my length even as her moans finally subsided; Amanda’s head lolled to the side as if she were out cold.

My sated lover barely responded when I eased my fingers from her poor, abused and no-longer-virgin ass.

My cock was still hard in her throbbing pussy, I was actually astonished at myself at this point.

Taking a moment to grab (someone’s) shirt from the bed, I wiped my forehead and tried to steady my breathing.

Then I saw Amanda’s barely open eyes staring up at me. I slowly licked my fingers that had been up her ass, once again getting that sexy ‘astonished’ look on her gorgeous little face.

Amanda is an unusual combination physically, though the total package is easily cover-girl beautiful. She’s tall for my tastes at 5’10″, even though I’m 6′ 3″. Her small, youthful face makes her look almost too young to be legal. (I found out she’s 27 and Hates to be called anything childish or treated as though she’s not a capable adult.)

Despite her height she has a slender build that somehow holds both a sizable chest and that tight little ass on slender hips.

Amanda was girlishly cute in her conservative, concealing business attire which complimented her professional attitude, at least the first day of class. The naked beauty laying sprawled before me however was all woman – and she was my instructor in the computer course I was taking.

Right now my teacher was breathing like a marathon runner – so was I for that matter – and just as she began to try to speak I gave my last effort, pulling her legs up and pinning her wide-open; I literally began ramming my body into hers.

This position turned out to be much more difficult with such a tall woman, instead of wrapping my arms under and grabbing her by the shoulders as I was used to, I settled with grasping her slender hips.

“Come for me!” I demanded even as I thrust forward, holding her with a tight grip so I didn’t push her onto the bed. I could feel myself tiring and I’d be damned if I wasn’t going to win this bet; but it was more than that, I truly wanted this beautiful woman to be deliriously happy… with me.

I knew she had cum again, I could feel her cum all the way down to my knees, but I hadn’t been able to make it a ‘big one’. With Amanda grunting and crying out with each deep thrust, I dedicated my whole being to make my lover lose all control.

While she hadn’t been exactly quiet in previous climaxes, I could tell I was on the right track with this position. Amanda began to moan and mumble, her head turning to face one way then the other, eyes clenched and her expression one of almost painful anticipation. I saw her arms tense, her knuckles were white as she held bunches of the bedspread in her grip.

“I want you to cum you sweet, sexy, gorgeous thing; God you are the hottest woman I’ve ever seen,” I praised hoarsely. Then I switched to demands, my voice turning to an almost-growl. “I want you to scream for me, cum for me Amanda, pull my cum from my balls, milk me! Cum on my thick cock! Give it to me!” By this time I was almost as incoherent as my lover, however I knew for certain once her orgasm hit.

Her eyes were almost all pupil as they snapped open and locked on mine, her mouth opening in a ragged scream. Even the muscles in her neck tensed to rigid cords as her body rocked and she thrust her hips forward to force me as deep as possible. Her final grunt was practically feral, I was so turned on by this woman right now I almost blew my load – bet be damned.

It took all my concentration not to let her milk me for what was sure to be my last load of the afternoon; she was still babbling dreamily but I wanted to give her more. I know, at this point I was irrational, but all I could focus on was, well… more. I honestly don’t think I could have stopped I was so turned on.

Steadying my balance with my hands on her outstretched knees, I lowered my own hips and began to slowly, steadily drag the ridge of my cock-head out of her; sawing in and out of her still-quivering, sloppy, bright pink puss as I searched for ‘that spot’ once again.

It was all I could do not to watch her lovely face for clues – I had learned my lesson! Her moans however were also weakening my resolve. I wondered once again if was there any way this woman didn’t turn me on.

Taking a moment to gently moisten my fingers along her slit, I knew immediately when I had found my goal from the way she shuddered beneath me. I started methodically grinding my cock-head up and down and then around her small but oh-so-sensitive g-spot.

The moment she opened her mouth I brought my cum-soaked fingers across her clit in a quick strumming motion.

Her moan turned into a choked scream, but still it wasn’t enough. Taking a chance I brought one hand up and roughly grabbed and twisted her left nipple. Amanda reacted by thrashing to the side – I had to quit or risk being bucked right off!

Thinking fast I first flicked and then slapped my gorgeous partner’s little pink clit.

That did it, she came again on top of her ongoing orgasm and the squirt of her juices was proof – if my now sore dick getting nearly squeezed in half wasn’t clue enough. Thankfully soreness wasn’t the primary feeling coming from my loins as my balls released deep within her clutching folds.

Amanda continued to shudder as I finally emptied within her, I will admit it was all I could do to pump a few times and then subside while her trembling pussy muscles relieved me of what little semen I had left.

Even more impressive, to me at least: I didn’t simply fall on top of my lover. Though the thought did travel through my tired body, instead I performed one last feat of strength, endurance and flat out luck as I pulled her slender frame to mine even as I rolled us onto our sides, bouncing onto the bed in exhaustion.

It would have been amazing… if our legs weren’t sticking off the edge of the bed. But at least we both laughed about it as we struggled up the bed to lie fully on the tangled sheets, me practically dragging my lover along with me.

Amanda smiled as she peeked up at me with barely open eyes, whispered a weak “you win”, then slowly snuggled in; she kissed my chest and fell asleep. I lay back and found that I was somehow wide awake. Exhausted, happier and more sated than I could ever remember, but wired. My thoughts wandered as my hands wandered around the woman in my arms. Avoiding anything approaching deep thoughts, I reviewed what had led to the last hour’s epic sex.

It started the moment she walked into the company’s training room. I was attracted to her in a way that still makes me a bit nervous – to be blunt I’ve avoided thinking about it. It’s not just that I was immediately hard, it was the fact that I Stared at her.

Remember, I’m not a wide-eyed teen here, and by the way this was my business that she was standing in – I had contracted her firm to send her to teach myself and my IT staff about the new software we had purchased. To say that my behavior was inappropriate would be a serious understatement.

And yet.. I am the boss so I guess I didn’t have anyone to point out my inpropriety. After flirting shamelessly with my instructor for the first two days of the course, the other three students had come down with the flu, which left she and I alone for the third day.

We continued to openly flirt with one another all morning. Finally I had told her that I could make her skip the whole afternoon if she let me take her to lunch.

It was a gamble, obviously there was enough innuendo to blow any weak cover I tried should she be offended. Yet her answer was a challenge of a different kind; she had asked ‘and what do I get if you can’t?’

The low growl in her delightful accent had my blood racing. Barely forcing my mind back in gear, I simply answered ‘anything you want my dear lady.’

Her smile was absolutely predatory when I offered to ‘fix her something at my place’.

Fixing her something was delayed by a tour of my modest three bedroom home, which didn’t make it past my room.

We awoke much later; the day had turned to evening. The clock stayed my fear that we’d slept all night, though it was almost eight pm.

If I hadn’t already been smitten with the young Miss Taylor, her bashfulness as I watched her dress was almost too adorable. My heart filled with a longing that I knew better than to entertain.

Still, I was going to enjoy every moment I was allowed with this enchanting young woman.

We went out to eat – nothing fancy, we were too hungry and tired to worry about dressing for anything past the local diner. The waitress gave me a forlorn look (another story) and Amanda and I settled in with some simple fare to fill our growling bellies. As we ate we talked, bantering back and forth in the flirtatious way that had landed us in bed earlier today.

The thing is, we really seemed to click. We had refreshingly similar views on the big issues, and yet debated the nuances without getting offended. Our musical tastes were a wonderful match, yet our movie experiences were extremely different. We spent quite a bit of time reassuring ourselves that though we had the same last name, we were not in fact related, as far back as our grand parents anyways.

I found myself wishing we could share more, learn more, to get closer to this lovely, intelligent, desirable woman.

Then she asked the question I wasn’t expecting. She wanted to know how I learned to be a good lover – and not in the general sense – she wanted me to tell her my sexual history.

I balked, it was a rather odd request.

So she started fondling my crotch through my jeans shorts with her long, soft fingers… right there in the side booth of the local diner.

“Don’t tell me he’s not recovered yet?” Amanda playfully pouted. Her hands continued to not-so-gently work my awakening dick, though she avoided rubbing my still-sensitive head.

I could only nervously look about the diner which was not just my favorite in town, but the place just five blocks down the street from my house. Everyone in here knew me. However all of those thoughts went out the window with the next two sounds: My zipper pulled down and Amanda’s low, sexy accented voice right up next to my ear.

“If you tell me a story you can tuck me in tonight…”

My smile must have told her that I had expected no less, even if the look on her face did make my erection thicken fully under the table.

“…and if you are a good boy, I promise to call you out of class tomorrow.”

I narrowed my eyes in confusion, not sure what she meant. Before I could form the question, her hand – which was massaging and tugging on my length – began to rub the sensitive skin right under the cock-head. I almost choked.

“I’ll call you into the hall for a private oral exam, but I want you to cum in my pussy and my mouth. Then you’ll know that your seed will be filling my pussy and my tummy while I teach your staff and you stare at my tits.”

My mind was following along with the scenario wonderfully until that last part. I knew my eyes had narrowed again as I thought of Amanda’s thus-far-stodgy dress code.

Once again the beauty that was working my shaft spoke again before I could voice my question.

“I think tomorrow I should wear something a bit less… conservative. Could I wear one of your shirts?”

Oh. Shit. “Hell yeah,” I blurted, much louder than I intended, and actually felt myself blush. I was overheating at this point and was starting to lose focus due to the relentless stroking of Amanda’s soft hand combined with the images she kept assaulting my mind with.

Amanda, my innocent looking and modestly dressed teacher, was giving me lurid details on how she would have sex with me in the middle of training, and all I had to do was take a few moments to reveal some embarassing stories. I couldn’t see any reason not to give in. Of course by this point I was likely to have made her a VP if she had asked.

I began telling my story… she immediately stopped me. Then my sweet young lover asked the real doozie: she wanted me to start with the ‘real me’. Where was a born, raised, what was my childhood like.

Blinking back my surprise, I took a breath, looked her in her dark-chocolate colored eyes, and told her the basics.

I was born to a struggling couple, a young college girl and her older professor. (Amanda smirked, but I assured her the coincidence was just that, this was really my story). My parents split when I was ten, Mom got me and we moved to south of Chicago where she had family. (I went into a bit more detail, especially at her rather ‘persuasive’ urging, but I’ll spare you the rest.)

My cock was rock-hard in her hand, yet she wasn’t trying to get me off, just keeping me primed. When I told her ‘that’s it’ as far as my childhood… she wanted more details. How young was I when I first started looking at girls sexually. When was my first kiss, blowjob, everything.

Shaking my head, I sat and tried to recall… I realized I had never really given it any real thought before.

. . .

Although I never had anything close to actual sex before I grew up, I did find porn mags and read my aunt’s ‘Kama Sutra Guidebook’ well before I could put it into any practical use. I didn’t think these were anything out of the ordinary – everyone I knew had looked at porn in their teens.

Amanda was fascinated; my prim looking teacher was indeed quite sexually inexperienced until her twenties, though she insisted that she had “plenty” of boyfriends. With a face and body like hers, how could I doubt it?

My memory of my first kiss was easy. When we had just moved into our new neighborhood in Illinois the neighbor girl came up and said hi. I thought I was in love and told my mother so that night. She laughed, but I spent every moment I could trying to get closer to that girl, Michelle. I remember ‘making out’ with her, my first kiss was full of tongue!

Amanda laughed and called me a perv going after older women, Michelle Phillips – my dream girl – was two years older than me. She then laughingly asked if it was because I was so ‘built’, that girls attacked me even at a young age?

I shrugged. For as far back as I could recall I never had trouble talking to girls as friends. By the time I was 18 I was tall and broad like my father, standing 6’2″ and 200 pounds. I have my father’s wavy sandy-brown hair but my mother’s bright “Taylor-blue” eyes.

Through my high school years I was on the swim team. I did well, being a powerful swimmer, but I was “too big to compete” according to my coaches. I showed them by winning several meets and getting a partial scholarship to the local U. I didn’t have many friends – I only connected with much older guys… I was unable to relate to my male peers.

Girls seemed to find me easy to talk to and I certainly preferred their company. The problem was that while I did not mind girl friends, I had my heart set on only one candidate for Girlfriend: Michelle Phillips.

I dropped everything and everyone for Michelle, when she had time for me. She was my first and only crush, the girl next door who I was best friends with and nothing more ever since she had turned thirteen and begun getting breasts. From that point forward she was always just out of my reach, and though I was too dense to realize it at the time, I was just a boy to her. What a difference two years makes during those years.

I spent early high school just as frustrated as the majority of boys my age despite all the boasting and bullshit in the locker room.

Then came the summer before my senior year; during the annual family reunion I gained my first real sexual experience. We had been out at the small farm in mid-state Illinois where the family was from for about three weeks. My grandfather thought it was appropriate that all the grandchildren help with chores.

At 18 I was the oldest (6 years older than my niece Laurel, 9 older than our cousin Theo) so I got to push the clunky old mower through the 3′ tall cheat grass that had sprung up all over the sprawling farm. By the end of the second day I had callouses grown over my burst callouses – my hands were raw. My feet, legs, arms and back were sore – I was used to living in an apartment building so no mowing.

That night my Aunt Lynn took me aside as the other adults were breaking out the cards. She told me to go soak in the hot tub, claiming it would help my muscles. I grunted assent and went to my room, slipping into my only swim-wear, my school team briefs.

I was surprised to find my aunt right outside my door wearing a full-length white terry cloth robe. I had not realized she meant to join me… I grabbed my towel and looked questioningly at her pretty face in the low light of the hall.

She gave me a strange look, but then smiled and hooked her arm in mine.

“Lets get you into that tub, you must be wore out,” she smiled as she led me down the hall to the back door. Her attitude immediately relaxed me and we chit-chatted on the short walk around the house to the hot tub.

My aunt began instructing me on how to work the controls. While I followed her instructions on removing the tarp, Lynn had removed her robe and revealed her one piece swim suit, a rose printed number that did nothing to hide her figure.

I had admired my Aunt Lynn before – you’d have to be dead not to – but this was the first time I had seen so much evidence of how hot she really was.

“…You’re, really pretty,” I managed to finally say, proud that I hadn’t stammered. I did, however, continue to openly stare at this lovely woman in the soft, yellow light of the single overhead bulb.

Aunt Lynn gave me a glowing smile, but turned away, fiddling with the hot tub controls again.

Standing just 5’4″, my mom’s 30-something sister showed no signs of having had two kids to my roving eyes. Her hips were flared but her stomach had only the slightest bump and her waist was trim. What I would guess now were size 33 round B cups were very nicely proportioned for her small frame and narrow build. Lynn had the family’s trademark black hair and “bright Taylor-blue” eyes, though her skin was quite nicely tanned for our Scotch-Irish skin.

I hastily looked around to see if anyone were watching us, and realized we were essentially hidden. I remembered from playing in here as a kid that the bug screen allowed you to see out of, but not into, the gazebo that covered the hot tub.

The rest of the kids had gone to bed, the adults were all playing a heated game of pitch that I knew would last for hours… Unless someone got close enough to hear the gurgling of the water or the hum of the pump, we were quite likely not to be noticed.

Having finished my work, my eyes were openly roaming my aunt’s sexy body. Taking in the sight of her tight ass and toned legs as she leaned this way and that, adjusting valves and checking filters until finally she gave a satisfied nod. Turning back to me I saw that look in her eyes again; I imagine mine to have been deer-in-the-headlights.

I was keenly aware that my erection was peeking over the top of my swimsuit, which was only a bit bigger than a speedo, and with nothing but my towel to hide this fact. I was somewhere between terrified and mortified. Terrified won out when I thought of my uncle Charles finding me and killing me for coming on to his wife. (My fear was justified, the man was a nutcase!)

Stepping up to the rim of the tub, Aunt Lynn looked me in the eye and smiled. “Can you help me into the tub, it gets slippery with the bubbles.”

I scooted around and offered her my right arm, keeping my towel firmly against my chest with my left. The heavy terry-cloth towel was dangling down to my knees, but I was still terribly nervous. Even as I tried to come up with an escape plan I thrilled as my arm was pressed into the side of her breast as she leaned on me.

“Well, get in!” My sexy aunt patted the spot beside her and gave me a reassuring smile.

I convinced myself that I was being paranoid, once I got into the water I would be covered, the light was dim. Turning to put the towel away from the water, I stepped into the steaming hot water sideways, shielding my erection from view. I got in with a bit more of a splash than I’d intended though I congratulated myself on avoiding being killed for exposing myself.

I sank into the roiling, hot water and settled in with the water just below my shoulders. The “ahhh” that involuntarily escaped me was embarrassing, especially as my aunt laughed. I did note that she had a pretty laugh, and, desperate to deflect attention, I told her so. She stopped laughing and just looked at me with a strange smile.

“When did you become such a charmer?” she continued to smile. “I bet your girlfriend really appreciates it.”

I simply shook my head. Of course I had no girlfriend. I was pining for Michelle yet again, or still or whatever. It was worse now, having spent some on-and-off time with her since she returned from her sophomore year in college. Nothing past hang-out time. Not one kiss since fifth grade. I was such a loser.

Distracted by thoughts of what I wanted to do to my fantasy girl, my sexy – and very much Here – aunt Lynn maneuvered closer.

“You’re all tense you poor guy, here, let me help.” With these words she pushed me up and forward as I felt her scoot behind me. I was so busy trying to ensure that my aunt didn’t see my erection that I was unprepared for her to pull me back.

Her words, “Lean back, let me work on these sore muscles,” were not sexy at all, and I tried to think of filling out financial aid forms or what college may accept me – anything to distract myself from the situation to let my stiff cock finally relax.

Then she pulled me back against her. As soon as my back touched her breasts my dick was at full attention and barely being held against my stomach by my straining suit. With no small amount of pain involved.

Lynn must have felt me tense up as she insisted that I relax, forcing me back further against her soft tits. I swear I must have had a goofy grin on my face, and I remembered thanking God that my aunt was behind me and unable to see.

As she kneaded my neck and shoulders, I began to relax. Sure I could imagine her hard nipples against my back, but that was just my imagination – and the reality was that my muscles ached and she was helping.

Aunt Lynn worked down my arms for a long time, and then my back, having me lean forwar. I stifled my imagination of my but pushing against her sex and relaxed as her hands kneaded and rubbed my tired muscles. She seemed to effortlessly pull me back into her arms, and I was so relaxed I let her. I thought my aunt was done and was just giving me a hug.

… and then she began to rub my front, squeezing and rubbing my developed, but not heavily muscled chest.

She moaned, right into my ear, and I was suddenly more tense than I started.

Panic returned full force. My cock, absolutely refusing to relax, stood rock hard as her hands moved around my chest and slipped down to my stomach.

Again she told me to relax, and then she became suddenly still herself. Wrapped as she was around me, I couldn’t help but notice her whole body stiffen up. She had brushed my cock lightly, then immediately her hand closed around my shaft.

I was busted.

Aunt Lynn let out a long breath I hadn’t realized she was holding and began to gently squeeze my dick, making some lame joke about how tense I really was. Or maybe it was really clever. Hell, maybe she barked like a dog for all I know, my entire universe was wrapped up a few inches below the roiling surface of the water.

Pulling me all the way back, my aunt wrapped her legs around my middle and still she was so petite that she was just able to lift her chin up to my shoulder. She whispered and cooed in my ear and I began to tremble.

“That’s it, let go of that tension Jason, here, let aunty Lynn help.”

I don’t actually recall how I got up on the rim of the tub, my legs still in the frothy water, wet butt on the cool flag-stone edging… I do distinctly remember the way my aunt Lynn’s long dark hair spread out and pulled back as her head bobbed up and down on my cock. Somewhere along the way she had turned off the jets. The only sounds in the room were coming from my lap.

Lynn grunted like an animal as she slid one hand up and down my shaft and plunged her face into my lap over and over. Looking into the water, I could see her other hand was pressed between her legs and I watched fascinated as she played with herself. My sexy, beautiful aunt… my mother’s sister… was giving me my first blowjob. From the noises she was making she was enjoying it immensely.

She licked up and down my shaft, the whole time rolling my heavy balls in her small hands. I think I would have cum a lot sooner had I not been partially in shock. She solved that by taking me all the way into her mouth in one diving move of her sexy mouth… I was suddenly ablaze with the need to let loose!

I clamped down with every fiber of my being, I wanted this to last so badly! Feeling the urge to cum subside, I released a pent up breath and looked back down. Just in time to see and feel my Aunt Lynn slowly pulling her lips up my shaft.

As she pulled up she met my eyes, that was that moment that I knew I could not hold out much longer. (To this day it is one of the sexiest memories I have; I left this detail out in my account to Amanda, not knowing how my excitable young partner might have reacted.)

Blinking my eyes, I stared down at the spectacle of my incestuous aunt staring back at me, gradually pulling the whole of my cock from her mouth. She heaved a breath and giggled like a little girl. (I thought, just for a moment that I had heard another giggle, but my attention was pulled back to Lynn as she spoke.)

“Such a beautiful cock!” She licked the length of me. “So thick,” lick “and long” lonnnng lick “and the head!” she hummed as she poked my dickhead up into her mouth, licking underneath.

That was it, I was frankly amazed I’d held out that long, but with the humming came that familiar churning in my balls. I found myself clenching my jaw as I announced: “Coming!”.

Aunt Lynn didn’t stop, didn’t pull back, instead she thrust my cock down her throat and gave a long, gurgling moan.

And then my world exploded.

When you consider that I basically flung myself backward and hit my head on the pump casing, that’s a mild description. (Amanda threw her head back and laughed aloud at this, causing the dozen or so other patrons to look right at us. I calculated the angles of each and every set of eyes in desperate hope that nobody could see my partially exposed dick in her left hand as she wiped her eyes with her right. Crazy girl!)

In any case, that was the end of my first encounter, Aunt Lynn let me settle down and then took me into the house. She explained the goose-egg to my mother, saying that I must have fallen asleep and fallen over. I went from having a hot, sexy relative going down on me to having old grannies fussing over my bruised cranium.

I did get to relax the next day, but it was the last day of the reunion. Though I tried my best, all I could get from my aunt was a sexy wink and a “next year”.

- – -

“Come with me, now!” demanded my auburn beauty.

It’s been a little more than a year ago when I met a man who would forever alter my life and my wife Laurie. I met Steve at a conference in Hilton Head where I was attending a sales conference. Steve was a trainer at the conference and my company teamed attendees up with trainers, at least those who elected to do so, in order to cut costs. It was at this conference that Steve seduced me and by the end of the week, I had completely submitted to him as his gay cock slut.

I had never given a thought to being with a man before and I was completely blown away that in a period of days this man had me begging to suck his cock and for him to fuck my ass. At the end of the week, he confirmed his hold on me and told me he’d be calling me to continue our reckless relationship. I was terrified at the thought of my wife finding out but he soon had me agreeing to bringing her to his place – to be seduced as well.

Laurie is a gorgeous blonde, about 5’6 with a body that has all my friends in envy. I met her in college when she was dating some of my fraternity brothers. I say some of, because she was known to like sex as much as the guys and moved from guy to guy. That sounds like she was “Slutty” and that wasn’t really the case. Laurie was discriminating in her taste but there was no doubt she loved sex as much as any other guy and from tales by my fraternity brothers, she was quite good at it.

I had no intentions really in dating her. Rather I was looking for a good time just like all the other guys. Unfortunately, I picked a time of the month when she wasn’t really available to play and we seemed to go out instead of hitting the sack right away. We both realized there was a chemistry and the next thing I know we’re fairly serious.

We dated a few other folks but kept coming back to each other and after college we seemed to get serious with just each other and married about two years out of school. Laurie tans pretty dark in the summer and has a beautiful set of tits, 36C sitting firm on her chest. If you said I was lucky, that would be an understatement.

That’s why it completely bowled me over that I would get so turned on by another guy’s cock. But there was no denying the feelings I had when Steve pumped his hard dick into my ass. I felt fuller and more excited than I had in my whole life.

My hands shook on the drive back home and Laurie could tell I was a little on edge when she met me at the door with a kiss. I seemed to settle down over the next few days and almost put the whole incident out of my mind. It was as if the week with Steve hadn’t happened. That he wouldn’t call me. It was over.

Then on Thursday while I was outside cutting the lawn, I could see Laurie on the cell phone standing at the end of the yard. I was unsure who she was talking to but she seemed to be motioning me over. I let go of the mower, shutting it off, as I walked to her wiping the sweat off my brow.

I could hear her chatting telling whoever it was she’d be glad to, that it sounded like fun, and it was good talking to them as well. In a few moments she handed the phone to me and said, “It’s Steve.”

I was horrified as my blood tingled through my body. I wondered what they had been talking about and for how long. I watched her walk away before actually putting the phone to my ear. I didn’t detect any anger or disappointment. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary as I answered, “Hello”

“So how’s my little gay cock slut?” was the voice on the other end.

“Steve?” I questioned.

“You expecting someone else?” was the terse reply.

“No, I just didn’t think you’d call,” I reasoned.

“I told you I would. Laurie sounds sweet. I hope she’s as pretty as she sounds,” he laughed. “I told her I was inviting the two of you up to my mountain house this weekend. It’s up in Boone and really pretty this time of the year. Pretty secluded so we won’t be disturbed. I’ll email you directions and expect you both on Friday,” he informed me.

“Wait,” I cut in. “I’ll have to check and see if that works.” I was thinking how I could get out of this. I couldn’t let Laurie find out about us, what I had done.

“I already did. Laurie said you guys are free and she was looking forward to meeting me. You weren’t thinking of backing out now were you,” he asked sharply.

“Steve, I’ll do anything you want, but can we leave Laurie out of it?” I begged.

“No, we’re way past the point of you turning back. You belong to me now. You’ll do exactly as I say. Your mouth and your ass belong to my cock. They’re mine to use any time and anyway I see fit. And soon, I’ll have your wife too, both of you. You’ll bring her to me and do exactly as I say. Anyway, its what you want. You want to see me fuck her. You want to see her on her knees like you were, sucking my balls, begging for my cock. Don’t you!” he charged.

I was quiet and didn’t know how to respond but all the while I saw the images in my head. The images of us both before our master, her sucking his huge cock and me licking his balls. Then I was snapped back into reality, “I asked you a fucking question. That’s what you want isn’t it?”

“Yes, came my meek reply. I want it. I want us both to serve you, to do whatever you want,” I rambled.

“Because you’re a what?” he shot back.

I knew what he wanted to hear. There was no use in denying it, “I’m your gay cock slut. Your bitch… to do whatever you want.”

“That’s right boy. Very good and what are you going to be doing this weekend,” he asked.

“Sucking your cock,” I replied. “And what else,” he shot back.

“You’ll be fucking my ass,” I resigned.

“And who else will I be fucking?” he sneered on the phone.

“Laurie, you’ll be fucking Laurie… both of us,” I wondered if he could feel my complete and utter submission through the phone. The power he held over me.

“And that’s what you want isn’t it boy,” he jeered.

“Yes, yes I want that. I want us to serve you, to be yours, both of us,” I replied.

“Good, now I want you to go in the house and tell Laurie how excited you are going and how much fun we will have. Then I want you to fuck her. Fuck her long and hard. Fuck her like you’ve never fucked her before because it will be the last for a very long time. You see,” Steve paused, “Tomorrow night I will own that pussy. Just like I own your ass. It will belong to me. Do you understand?” he asked coldly.

“Yes sir. I understand,” I answered back.

Chapter 3

The drive up to the mountains was beautiful and Steve’s directions were easy to follow. Just as he said, the house was really secluded on a private road with no other houses in sight. We arrived at dusk and he met us at the door in shorts and a t-shirt. Steve introduced himself to Laurie and showed her around the spacious mountain retreat. Our host informed us the steaks were about ready and made us all drinks before heading back out to the grill.

In the meantime Laurie and I were directed to a bedroom where we unpacked our things and met Steve on the deck. The view was spectacular overlooking the ski slope which this time of year was not in season. Just a fantastic view of the tress and village below us as the darkness began to overtake the light. Laurie, seeing our host dressed casually changed into shorts and a t-shirt herself. I left on my jeans, wondering how the night would play out from here.

Our dinner was great and Steve was the perfect host offering us an expensive wine he said he had saved up for this occasion. He had turned on some soft jazz from the Bose speakers that played both indoors and outside on a deck overlooking the mountain.

Steve and Laurie were engaged in conversation as I looked at the paintings and nick knacks that adorned his shelves and wall. There was little doubt Steve had done well in his sales job with his surroundings and home.

After polishing off the bottle of wine, Steve mixed some drinks that was a combination of Grey Goose Vodka, fruit juices, and a splash of tonic water. I’m not sure what all he had in them but they were delicious as they seemed to go down with ease.

We had retired outside to the deck, enjoying the view sitting in his lounge chairs when he announced we should all relax in his hot tub. Steve didn’t seem to wait for a response as he grabbed some towels from an outside cabinet, laid them down on the table, and pulled back the cover on hot tub already letting off steam from the water within.

I was taken back a little as he disrobed dropping his shirt and then deftly sliding down his trousers easing himself in the water. I looked at the expression on Laurie’s face to gather whether she was taken back or simply shocked. Instead, she simply seemed to be taking in all the quick developments.

“I’m sorry, you’re not shy or anything are you,” Steve inquired, with just a hint of concern which I knew to be fake. “I just didn’t think it would bother you,” he directed at Laurie. “Bobby and I took quite a few late night hot tub dips last week at the conference and I just assumed you were used to it.”

Steve was obviously lying as we didn’t have a hot tub at the hotel we stayed at or at least one I was aware of but it seemed to resonate on Laurie that the behavior wasn’t too far in left field.

“C’mon Bobby, jump in,” Steve encouraged like we were old friends. “Laurie, once I turn the jets on you can’t see anything and I won’t look as you undress if it bothers you. That is if you would like to join us,” he added as I had already begun to disrobe and join my accomplice.

I was aware of where this was leading and had long ago resigned to its outcome. Laurie seeing me jump in, threw all caution to the wind.

“No, I’m not shy. Just not used to getting naked with strangers…at least, not in a long time,” she added which I thought just a bit flirtatious.

Laurie pulled her t-shirt over her head and since she did not seem to object, Steve’s eyes followed her every movement. She reached behind unclasping her bra letting it slide off her shoulders and arm and she dropped it on a pile collecting at her feet. Her 36C breasts were gorgeous and stood firm, on her chest and I could see from her little buds that she was already excited as we both inspected her from top to bottom.

She slid her shorts down leaving a beige thong which she also slipped off exposing her shaved pussy to his approving eyes. Laurie has the prettiest pussy, with little puffy lips. Both Steve’s and Laurie’s eyes seemed to be glued to each other in a dance as she straightened up, almost waiting for him to give his nod of approval.

His smile, certainly was evidence of that as she moved to the tub and eased her foot and then leg into the tub and took a position opposite us.

“It’s really warm,” she invoked, the first words exchanged in quiet a while.

“Yea, really relaxing,” he agreed before chiming in, “Bobby said you were an attractive lady but that doesn’t quiet do you justice,” he admired.

Laurie half blushed as she reached down and picked up the drink she had laid on the side of the tub before entering.

The conversation was fairly casual for a few minutes as Steve allowed everyone to get comfortable before he rose up and declared he was getting a drink from the pitcher he left on a table nearby.

I watched as Laurie’s eyes took in his large dangling member and balls which were semi erect from the situation. Now it was her turn to check him out. He walked thru the water, her gaze following the organ dancing with each step. It wasn’t lost on Steve that my wife was fully entranced by this time and was certainly up for whatever else he had in mind.

“As Steve re-entered the tub, he brought the pitcher and poured first my glass and then walked up and took a position next to Laurie. He refilled her glass standing just a foot away as her eyes darted between his and the package between his legs.

He felt comfortable proceeding, feeling confident she would not now rebuff his advances. “So Laurie, you don’t appear to be uncomfortable at all with two men in a hot tub. You ever been with two guys, I mean sexually?” he pushed.

I wondered how she would respond but she didn’t seem to be the least bit fazed by his question.

“Uh yea, before Bobby and I hooked up, I had my share of flings. Kind of had some fun times. I mean not that we don’t have fun now,” she corrected looking at me, “just a little wilder back in those days,” Laurie said with just a tad slur.

“Really,” Steve shot back. “What days, were those…college days?”

“Yea, mostly college. I was a bit of a wild child. But then Bobby knows that. I dated some of his frat brothers. Matter of fact, he confessed one night he started dating me just to get in my pants,” she laughed as she took a swig of her drink.

“And the wildest thing you ever did,” Steve asked wondering if she’d scoff at him or confess almost as if we were playing a grown up game of truth or dare.

Laurie looked at me. I suppose trying to gather whether she should betray secrets known only to us to a stranger or add to the sexual tension in the air.

“Well, there was this one time with my college roommate Meagan,” she began. I thought Laurie was going to talk about the night she and Meagan came home drunk from a bar and then both stripped and piled into bed with me. We spent the rest of the night, or at least before we all three dropped from exhaustion, having sex.

It was the first and last time I ever saw Laurie go down on another girl. It was evident by the way the two women carried on it wasn’t their first time together but I never saw them together again. I did bring it up from time to time telling her how sexy it was and how much I’d like to do it again or even watch the two of them but it never seemed to materialize.

But instead of sharing the incident with me, Laurie revealed a time when Meagan brought home a black guy to their dorm room. Laurie said she heard the two of them come in and make love during the night but she had no idea he was black until the next morning.

Hearing this, I cut in without realizing what I was doing, “Was this when she was seeing Mike,” I questioned.

“Yea,” was her only response as she kept on with her story.

“Anyway, after he leaves she’s telling me all about this guy, how good he was and everything… and I don’t know, I’m not sure if it was a dare or what, but a few nights later the two of us end up at his fraternity house with all his black brothers, just me and Meagan.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This was all news to me. I knew Laurie had a reputation for getting around on campus but I never heard anything about interracial sex or anything close to that.

“Well, we’re the only two girls there and we all start drinking and dancing and the next thing I know this guy’s behind me rubbing his crotch on my ass as I’m dancing with his brother. The guy I was dancing with moves closer and starts kissing me. Well, I’d never been with a black guy before and the whole taboo scene was just so freaking erotic.”

“Gerald, or Travis, I don’t know which. Hell, it was all a blur, anyway one of them takes my shirt off and starts mauling my tits. The next thing I know, I look over and Meagans on her knees, naked giving head to a different guy than she was with the night before.”

To say I was blown away with her story was an understatement and both Steve and I were glued to her tale as she stopped briefly only to take a drink.

“Anyways,” she said, the liquor betraying her just slightly, “The guy I was dancing with pulls down his pants exposing this hard black cock and pushes me down to my knees. In seconds he had his massive dick pumping down my throat as the guy behind me takes off my bra and kneeling beside me, him and another guy start sucking my nipples.”

“I don’t know how long I sucked this cock but I heard Meagan groaning and looked over to see that she was now sitting on the couch with one guy fucking her and another standing on the couch pumping his cock in and out of her mouth.”

“Finally the guy cums, and cums buckets let me tell you, when they picked me up and sat me down beside Meagan. Then they took turns fucking the both of us as we sat side by side. A couple of times I felt her reach out and take my hand, holding it in hers as we both sucked and fucked every dick in the house,” Laurie finished.

“Mother fucker,” Steve exclaimed softly. “Did you know your wife did all that” Steve gasped.

“No,” I shook my head. “That’s the first time I heard it,” I confessed. “Is there any more like that,” I asked kind of sarcastically.

“Well, that was the only time we were gang banged like that but it wasn’t the last time I got together with some of Meagan’s friends,” she remarked pretty casually.

“Did Mike know anything about that. I mean he never told me,” I asked. Mike was Meagan’s long time boyfriend and a pretty close friend of mine in college although the two of us kind of lost touch after school.

“Not to my knowledge,” Laurie shot back. “It was funny though. Mike would bring her home from a date or a night out and sometimes she’d call Gerald and he’d come over or she’d go over there. That girl loved her some black meat,” Laurie added. “So you, you haven’t said much about yourself,” Laurie directed at Steve.

“Not much to tell really. Not anything like that,” he added.

“Well, you’re not married,” Laurie surmised.

“No, done that. Not really cut out for that. I like the wild side too. Like you,” he winked. “I’m bi and I like to let my hair down a bit. I have a steady girl I get with occasionally but I really get off role playing, getting a little dominant with my partner, that type of thing. Yea, I guess that’s what I like most, dominating some young submissive man or woman… or couple,” he added for emphasis.

I could see the look on Laurie’s face as it was registering what he was implying. This seemed to be a segue into perhaps one of his sessions and she and I were to be his subjects. As the thoughts were running through her alcohol soaked mind, Steve made his move, “like last week with Bobby there. We explored a side of himself he didn’t know existed.”

My blood surged when he said it. It was out. He was going there. He was about to tell Laurie what we had done, what I had become.

“Did you say you and Meagan was it, did you say you two got together? That you’re bisexual?” Steve asked her.

“I’m not sure if I said that but yea, I am, and we did, many times,” Laurie smiled.

“Well then, that makes all of us. Looks like Bobby there’s bi too. We got together last week at the conference didn’t we sport?,” Steve said glancing over at me.

Laurie sat in the water emotionless, just gazing at me, trying to collect what Steve had just said.

“Yea, I say bi, but I’m not quite certain about Bobby. I mean he really took to cock, didn’t you boy,” Steve asked looking at me now, matter of factly.

“No fucking way,” Laurie uttered just over her breath. “I don’t believe it, Bobby?”

Steve sat up on the edge of the hot tub, just a foot away from Laurie who once again gazed at the engorged cock and balls between his legs.

“Come here boy. Let’s show Laurie what you like to do now,” he commanded. I wanted to stay frozen in the water. But I knew this was the moment everything had led up to. This was why we were here. There was a part of me that wanted to refuse, to call him a liar. Say it never happened. But the other part of me was excited, wanting to go down on him, in front of Laurie, to have that cock, his cock that I had come to worship.

It was as if I was in a trance as I eased out of the tub and waded through the bubbling water coming face to face with his dick. I never looked over at Laurie. Instead, I just grabbed the cock, the dick I had become so familiar with, and placed it to my mouth like an old friend. I eased the head in as he placed a hand on my neck guiding my head up and down on his shaft.

I had checked into the hotel the night before a full day of sales meetings I had scheduled two months in advance. With the economy the way it is a salesman who works entirely on commission can’t be over-prepared.

The hotel was your typical middle-of-the road place. Not a five-star and not some motel in the slums. It had a gym which is why I choose it. If I couldn’t make any sales, the least I could do was keep up with my workout routine. Sure, it didn’t offer a sauna or Jacuzzi, but it had a great gym and you couldn’t beat the price.

I had finished my three-mile run and done some light weight training before heading into the locker room. The good thing about hotel gyms is that most people travel to relax, so the gyms are usually empty, which is why I was surprised when there was another man in the locker room.

He was about my height, 6-foot or so, but at least twenty years older than my 30 years. He had salt and pepper hair and a thin, lean build. I had lost some weight after I started running but still carried a good deal of muscle mass.

The locker room was small, just one row of lockers with a single wooden bench between the lockers and the tiled wall. The older man sat at the first locker in a sweat-soaked tank top, mesh running shorts. His shoes and socks were off.

“I’m sorry, my stuff is in the back there,” I said as I squeezed by him between his tall frame and his locker.

“No problem,” he said. “You would think they could make these things bigger.”

I laughed in agreement and spun the lock to open my locker, pulled out a towel and hung it over the open door. I glanced over at the older man, he had slid his shirt and shorts off and was standing in just a sweaty pair of grey briefs.

“You here for business or pleasure?” he asked.

I looked in his direction to answer his question and just as I did he slid down the briefs exposing a long and thin, soft cock. His pubic hair was freshly shaved. My eyes wandered up from his cock and to his blue eyes. I hoped he wasn’t offended at my peek.

“Depends on what happens tomorrow,” I said. “I’m in sales. If I have a big day tomorrow, I was here for business. If not, all I have to show for it is a good workout in the hotel gym.”

Still standing there nude, he laughed and wiped his face with a towel. I took the opportunity to glance at his cock again. It must have been five inches soft.

“What about you?” I asked.

He moved the towel from his face.

“All business,” he said. “Well, not all business, but I’m a regional manager for a grocery store chain. Once or twice a month I spend a few days in this region to check on my stores, meet with the managers etc.”

I was standing now. I slid off my shirt and shorts and was standing in just my boxer briefs when he extended his hand.

“Jim Lambert,” he said.

“Mike Owens,” I replied. “Good to meet you, Jim.”

“You too,” he said.

I was excited to be this close to another naked man. Sure, there were men in various stages of undress at my gym at home all the time, but I never interacted with them, never looked them in the eye as they slid off their underwear and exposed a glorious cock. I slid off my boxer briefs, anxious to show Jim my own cock, small and thick when soft, but a real grower. I wanted to see his reaction upon exposing myself.

“Do you always stay here when you are in town?” I asked, looking right at him as I slid my boxer briefs off. My own cock, shaved like his, flopped out of my sweaty underwear.

When he looked at me to answer I saw his eyes first look at my cock, linger for two or three seconds before meeting my eyes.

“Yeah, they take care of me here. They give me a good rate on a suite, which I love because they have Jacuzzi tubs,” he said. “Can’t beat a Jacuzzi after a hard workout.”

“Wow, a suite huh? Must be nice to be in management. My guys barely pay for the economy room,” I said, wiping my face with a towel, allowing Jim, if he wanted, to get a good look at my cock. When I moved the towel down I could see that while he was gathering his shower supplies he was glancing at my dick. “Must be great to soak in a tub all night too.”

“There is nothing like it,” he said, gathering a towel and some soap and heading into the showers.

I grabbed my shower things and followed him into the shower area.

There were only four showers. Two right next to each other and then two directly across from those. To my surprise, Jim was in one of the showers washing himself with the shower curtain open. I took this as an invitation and took the shower directly across from Jim and followed his lead by leaving the curtain open.

I faced him and turned the water on, letting it roll all over my sweaty body. The cool water felt great on my aching muscles. I watched as Jim lathered up his body. He was facing me, looking right at me and giving his long, soft cock a thourough washing. I lathered up my washcloth and gave my own meat and balls and good cleaning. Jim’s eyes watched me intently, making sure I got my cock good and clean.

As I was rinsing the soap off of my, Jim turned his back to me and in a not so subtle way, bent over at the waist and gave his ass a very detailed washing. My cock felt alive as I watched.

When I turned to wash the soap off of my face I heard his shower go off. Jim had come up behind me and was standing just outside of my shower stall.

“When you are done here, why don’t you come up to my room for a soak in the tub. I am in room 816,” he said.

I tried to wash my face off quickly, but by the time I turned around he was gone. I turned off the water, grabbed my towel and returned to the locker room area, but i was alone. I dried off and put on a fresh pair of shorts and a tee shirt.

Room 816 was on the top floor of the hotel. Like so many places, the higher up you got, the nicer the room. My room was on the second floor.

I knocked on the door and Jim opened it wearing just a pair of white briefs.

“Glad you made it, come on in,” he said.

I walked in. The room was large. It has a flat screen TV, a sofa, a king-sized bed and a Jacuzzi tub in the main living area.

“Wow, this place is great,” I said. “Thanks for having me up.”

“My pleasure.”

I walked in farther and saw the Jacuzzi tub was already filled and steam was coming off the water.

“The tub is already ready to go,” he said. “I am assuming you don’t mind if we go skinny dipping, I mean, we have already seen each other naked?”

“I don’t mind a bit,” I said. I slid off my shirt and pulled down my shorts, my now-clean cock popped out again.

“No underwear, huh? You don’t mess around,” Jim said before sliding off his briefs and joining me in nudity.

“I figured why put them on if I knew I was just going to take them right back off.”

Jim smiled.

“I like the way you think.”

We both climbed into the hot Jacuzzi water. The tub was a square, not huge, but certainly there was enough room for two to share, albeit it in a somewhat romantic manner.

I sat on the side facing the TV and the rest of the room. Jim slid in on the other side, grabbed the remote control and then settled in on my side, right next to me, our muscular legs touching each others.

He pressed a few buttons on the remote and then two men appeared on the flat screen. They were nude with huge hanging cocks dangling between their legs.

“I love sitting in here, turning on the jets, putting some porn on the TV and jerking off,” he said. “You into that?”

I nodded my head, my cock was rock hard in all of its 8-inch thick glory.

“Great,” he said.

Jim turned his upper body toward mine to put the remote on the side of the tub behind me, when he did, his hard cock rubbed against my leg. I wiggled my leg against it just enough to let him know that I was comfortable with what was going on.

“Now, there is something I have to check on,” he said. He turned slightly toward me again and slide his right hand under the water and onto my hard cock, stroking it a few times. “I knew it. I knew when I saw you in the locker room that you had a big dick.”

“I do ok,” I said, breathing heavy from the stroking.

“This feels like more than Ok,” he said, stroking it. “You must be 8 inches or more..and thick..thick as a damn horse.”

He moved his hands to my balls. I opened my legs to give him better access.

“And these balls, they must pack one hell of a load,” he said. “Stand up, let me get a look at that thing.”

His eyes followed my cock as I stood up, still next to him. My dick was rock hard and standing at attention, pointing straight out toward Jim’s suite.

“God damn, I knew it. That is a great looking cock,” he said. “Come over here, let me look at it closer.”

He motioned me to stand in front of him, one leg on each side of his body, my cock pointing right at the top of his head. Jim sat up tall in this Jacuzzi and eased his mouth onto my cock. I moaned slightly feeling his wet tongue and mouth licking my taint, balls and head. He reached around and put both his hands on my ass cheeks and pulled me toward him, allowing him to deep throat my cock.

I could tell this was not his first time sucking another man’s throbbing cock by the manner in which he easily handled my big, thick cock. He took all of me into his mouth, sliding up and down, my cock rolling in and out of his hungry lips. Jim pressed his hands more aggressively against my ass. I got the impression he wanted me to fuck his face, so I did. I rocked back and forth, easing my cock in and out of his waiting mouth slowly and deeply.

I held onto the back on his salt and pepper hair and guided myself into him for several minutes. He worked his tongue on the underside of my dick as his mouth formed a tight, wet suction on me. I felt his hand moving under the water as I assumed he was stroking his own cock in the same rhythm he was sucking mine.

“Fuck that feels good,” I said.

“You ain’t seen nothing yet,” he said with a mouthful of my horse-cock.

I fucked his face for several more minutes. My back was to the TV and my eyes were closed, but from the sounds emanating from the screen, I could tell the actors were engaged in similar activity as Jim and I. I slid into him deep a few times before tugging upward gently on his head.

“I think it’s your turn now,” I said.

I took a half-step back, giving him enough room to stand. When he did, we were face to face, our hard cock playfully touching above the surface of the warm water below. I reached down and grabbed both my own cock and his, pressed them together and stroked a few times. Jim’s reaction was pure joy. I guided him back and sat him down on the edge of the tub and opened his legs wide. I kneeled in the water in front of him, his cock starring me in the face.

It was smooth and rock hard, thicker than I imagined and veiny.

I didn’t attack his dick with the vigor he went after mine, instead I took my time, started off with some slow, long, wet licks along his taint and the underside of his balls. His cock twitched at the first touch of my tongue. I could tell he liked being licked near his asshole so I focused several more licks on his taint and balls before licking all the way around his cock and up above to his shaved pubic region. I teased him with my tongue as far up as his thin waistline.

“Shit, man, you are gonna make me cum already,” he said.

I flicked the underside of the head of his cock with my tongue several times, now holding his full balls in my hand.

“Well, that’s the whole point, right?”

I circled the head of his cock with my tongue several times before finally ending the teasing and taking his cock into my mouth. I slid my wet mouth up and down his sex slowly and deeply, stroking the base with one hand and massaging his balls with the other. He let out several moans and I thought he was going to cum, which I was excited about. I love making my lover cum, whether it be a man or a woman. I increased my pace, both this my mouth and my jerking hand on the base of his cock. He moaned louder.

Jim began to move his hips into me each time I went down on his cock and his hands were massaging my muscular, broad shoulders. I could feel the tension building in his muscles and his balls. I knew he was close.

“Will you fuck me?” he asked in an exhausted tone. “Will you fuck my ass?”

“Mmmhmmm,” I said in the tone you can only achieve with a mouth full of cock.

Jim rose and slide out of the tub quickly. He went to his suitcase and pulled out a bottle of lube. I followed him out of the tub and surprised him from behind, my thick, hard cock playfully poking the ass I was about to fuck.

“Go ahead and get on the bed, I will get you all ready.”

He handed me the lube and climbed onto the king-size bed, got on all fours and waited. I opened the lube and applied a generous portion to my cock, making it slimly and slippery. I walked over to the bed and grabbed both of his ankles and pulled him toward the edge, putting him into a position where I could stand on the ground and fuck him. I could tell he liked me taking control of the situation.

At the edge of the bed he perched himself on all fours, his ass in the air to me, legs spread wide, head buried into a pillow.

I bent over and seductively licked the bottom of his exposed balls, past his taint and to his asshole. I rimmed him a few times and stuck my tongue in once for good measure. Jim’s body jumped in ecstasy.

I lubed up two fingers heavily with his lube and slid them around and into his asshole. They went in fairly easy, a sure sign this was not the first time Jim was going to get fucked. He moaned as I prepared him.

“Yeah, fuck my ass with that big dick!”

I guided the head of my cock in slowly, working his asshole open with my hands and going in inch by slow inch. The deeper I got the more I felt Jim squeezing against my dick. It felt fantastic to be inside a man who knew how to take a cock. I was halfway in and he had already taken the majority of my girth. His tightness and aptitude at meeting my cock with his ass made me feel like I could cum at any second.

“You feel so good,” I said.

“So do you, Mike. God that cock feels great in me.”

I had slowly worked my dick all the way into him. I started slow, steady strokes, preparing his hole for the hard and fast fucking I knew it needed. I grabbed his hips and increased my trot in and out of his ass.

“Oh that feels good,” he said. “Fuck me good and hard.”

“Mm, I’m going to. You ready for it, baby?” I asked.

“Fuck yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

I grabbed his hips tighter, took one or two more slow and steady stroked and then raced off in a fast and hard manner. Jim moaned and his body shook at the hard fucking he was getting. The sounds of my body slamming into his made a fantastic “plop” noise with each stroke.

“Oh yes, you are so fucking tight. Give me that little asshole.”

Outside of the moaning, the only words Jim could muster were “Fuck me, yes, fuck me, yes.”

I fucked him wildly for several minutes and could tell I wasn’t going to last long. I reached my right hand around him and found his aching cock. I jerked him feverishly, sliding my hands, still somewhat lubed from earlier, up and down his hard cock 100 miles per hour. He let out a massive moan.

“Ohh, I’m gonna cum,” he moaned. “Ahhh, yes, oh fuck yes.”

He felt his orgasm explode all over the Egyptian cotton comforter. From the amount that lingered on my hand and the pulsations I felt from his cock, Jim had shot a hell of a load onto the bed in his suite. I was still fucking him and felt my own orgasm cumming on.

“Fuck me, fuck me hard,” he yelled.

I did as I was told.

“I’m gonna cum,” I said frantically. “Where do you want me to cum?”

“just fuck me, fuck me you big horse-cocked stud.”

“Ahhh,” I screamed as I exploded into his asshole. I pounded each shot of cum into his asshole, my pace slowing with each shot. I pushed my cock deep into Jim’s asshole with the last spray of my cum and slowly slide my cock out of his ass. Jim collapsed onto his stomach on the bed, rolled over and looked at me.

“Wow!” he said. “All I can say is wow.”

“I second that,” I said, bringing my fingers, which were lightly covered in Jim’s cum to my face and licking them clean. Jim smiled and I fell onto the bed next to him.

“We have got to do that again sometime,” he said.

“Fuck yeah we do,” I said.

He asked if I were married. I told him I was. He asked if my wife was into threesomes. I told him no, unfortunately.

“Mine either,” he said. “But I have a couple of friends, nice married couple into some kinky stuff. Maybe you and I could give them a call next time you are in town?”

I smiled and knew I would be seeing Jim again soon.

‘Do you mind if I come in?’

I glance up towards the door as I hear your voice, feeling my whole body tingle beneath the warm water of the enormous corner bath I have been reclining in for the past twenty minutes or so, soaked under a mass of fragrant lavender-smelling bubbles.

‘Sure — I’ve been waiting for you, Sweetie.’

I pick up the bottle of champagne from the ice bucket on the edge of the bath, and pour you a drink in the long, elegant crystal flute which rests by the glass next to my own.

The door closes behind you as you slip into the bathroom. Slim, elegant, beautiful, and even more alluringly sexy than I have ever seen you before.

Your hair is tied back and I can see the fine features of your profile in the candlelight. You are wearing a pure white bathrobe, and flash me an enormous smile as you approach, barefoot over the heated tiles of the white floor. As you take your final couple of steps, you slip the robe off your shoulders and let it slide down over your body. My eyes are fixed on you as it falls in a delicate heap at your slender ankles and feet.

You stand there, naked, and smile at me again. Confident and bold. Assured and aware of your overt sexuality, your femininity, and your deepest erotic desires. You look as happy and as brilliant as I have ever seen you.

So beautiful, your body is sculptured and slim; graceful and slender almost like a teenage girl with a perfect shaped little butt and the most gorgeous small breasts and little rose pink nipples. I feel my heart skip and I have to catch my breath as you climb up onto the raised steps which surround the enormous corner bath, and then lower yourself into the warm bubbles beside me.

I hand you your glass of champagne and you drink half the glass in one long motion. I watch the skin on your neck ripple gently as the cold liquid runs down inside your throat. You lick your lips and they glisten in the candlelight as you look at me and move your face close to mine.

‘That’s delicious.’

You flash that smile again.

‘Fill me up.’

You wink at me, and instantly I feel myself swelling and growing beneath the warm water. My balls are tingling, and my cock is erect and stiff against my stomach already. I haven’t even touched you.

‘Hmmm…..mirrored walls on both sides.’

You glance upwards as you speak.

‘And above us, too.’

‘This could be interesting. You know how much I like watching things in mirrors.’

You throw your head back and then as your hair falls down over the edge of the bath, you move your hand to your breast and run your finger slowly around your nipple, knowing that I’m watching every movement. Then you arch your whole body backwards and run your tongue around the inside of your lips, slowly, deliberately; seductively.

I lean forwards and then over you, so my face is suddenly above yours. Our lips meet and I kiss you hard as my arm moves around your shoulders and caresses your neck. I feel your tongue dart into my mouth and wrap around mine as your hand presses flat on my chest and rubs my own nipples while we tangle and kiss – deep, long and hard.

‘I want you, C.’

‘I want to make love to you and make it last all night. I want to make you feel as you as you have never felt before. I’m on fire and I want to burn inside you.’

You wrap your arms around my neck and pull me even closer to you, kissing me harder and showing me what you want by pressing your tongue even further and deeper into my mouth.

I can feel my cock harden and stiffen as it slides across the top of your thigh beneath the water, and my hand slips beneath your little butt so I can push you upwards gently onto the edge of the bath as I slip down lower into the water in front of you.

Your skin is shining as the water runs down over your breasts and stomach, the white foam bubbles slowly revealing more of your toned body as they evaporate and disappear in the heated air of the luxurious bathroom.

I run my tongue over your nipples, sucking the water off each one as I swirl my tongue around them in my mouth, sucking softly and feeling them harden and grow erect against my lips and tongue.

You groan as my mouth moves down to your lower chest and stomach, my tongue running in a single straight line to your belly button, where it pauses to probe and press into you, as if preparing for bigger and deeper explorations lower down.

I sink back even lower into the water, so you are now sitting above me on the lip of the bath, my face only an inch or two from your naked crotch. I draw my head back to take in the view, and we both glance to the side, where we can see everything in the full length mirror beside us.

Your pussy is almost smooth, with just the fine black stubble of your pubic hair visible as my lips draw closer. You part your legs as I gently kiss the inside of your thigh, then run my lips along your smooth skin until my tongue reaches the slit of your pussy. I can see your clit directly before me, as I use my tongue to probe your labia, and then in one long, slow, firm stroke, it sweeps against your swollen lips, and suddenly you feel my mouth probing inside you. The walls of your pussy are already wet and slippery. You taste slightly of salt and lemon, tantalising my tongue as it works deeper inside your heated body, withdrawing every few seconds to brush over your clit, then lick it with long, deliberate strokes which make you shudder and tremble perceptibly with each sweep of my tongue.

You moan almost inaudibly as you lean further backwards, pushing your butt higher on the rim of the bath tub so I can press my whole mouth around your pussy and work my tongue even deeper into your body as I feel your hips push yourself into me.

I withdraw my lips and pull back my head. I can see you watching me at work in the mirror on the ceiling above. You move your hand down to your pussy and use two fingers to part your pussy even wider open for me, so you can watch as I drive my tongue in and out, then lick your clit to tease you with the very tip, giving you the perfect view of every single tiny stroke and the most intimate contact of our bodies.

Like a tiny rosebud, your perfect little asshole is now right in front of me as I slide my slippery tongue all the way down your labia from your clit. I splash you and watch the warm water and soap bubbles run across your little starfish of sensual delight, then slip my tongue over my lips as we both watch it slide out of my mouth until it’s just touching the silky edge of your shining, wet, and enticing rear pleasure hole. I start to slowly circle your tight little anus with my tongue, pressing slightly harder against your tender, smooth, and perfectly hairless rim, feeling my lips press tighter against your butt with every stroke, gently caressing your asshole with the very tip of my tongue, before slipping it gently inside the soft folds of skin and past the entrance of your most intimate tunnel, as you groan with undisguised delight.

With your asshole still glistening where my mouth and lips have just departed, I slip my finger into your pussy. You give a barely audible murmur of affirmation as I feel it slide effortlessly against the smooth, wet walls of your inside, until the full length of my finger is buried deep inside you and I gently tickle your moist asshole with my little finger, and your clit with the top of my thumb. I fill my mouth with water and then press it against your pussy, blowing it inside you so you feel the warm water shoot and spill against the willing walls of your vagina. They feel ready to be stretched as your eyes tell me you want me to enter you, then slide my cock much deeper into your pussy than where my tongue and mouth have just been – tasting and teasing you as it lubricates itself in readiness to receive me.

Running your fingertips first over your pussy, then using the same hand to stroke my chin and cheek with the softest of caresses before pushing a single finger between my lips to suck very gently, you reach for your glass. In a long, slow backwards motion, you run your hand through your dark hair and I watch as the champagne from your flute flow over your lips and into your mouth.

‘Oh, it’s delicious, M – but I shouldn’t have been drinking champagne all afternoon.’

‘Why’s that, Sweetie? I thought you liked champagne. It’s Moët as well. My treat – for a special occasion. I thought we deserved it.’

I grin at you, then sweep my tongue over your stomach and press my lips against your belly button as you slip your back down very slightly against the mirrored wall behind the edge of the bath where you’re sitting in front of me, your smooth pussy directly in line with my eyes.

‘I love it. I could drink it every day. Right here in this enormous, luxurious bathtub with you. And I wish I could.’

There is a sparkle in your eye, and I sense the mischief in your enormous smile as you raise your glass in front of me, then lean back even further against the mirror behind you, so your pussy moves even closer to my lips. I can’t resist, and find myself pressing my mouth against you, then parting your pussy lips with my tongue in one long, deep, upwards motion, as though unzipping your dress in reverse. I feel your bottom shudder as you feel me penetrate you and you let out another small gasp of pleasure. Your pussy is wet and tastes sweet and slightly sticky, like extra virgin olive oil on my eager tongue.

‘But I need to pee so bad.’

I push my tongue even deeper inside you, then stroke it upwards firmly against your swollen little clit, before running it all the way back down the length of your delicious little pussy and probing your ass delicately and enticingly.

‘That’s OK, Sweetheart. You know that’s more than OK. Just let it flow. I mean it — just do it right here.’

But I know from the look in your eye that you were about to treat me to your own champagne before I even asked you — you just wanted to make sure that I wanted to be there to enjoy it.

I move my head back a little and you grin broadly again, then reach down to part your pussy with two long slender fingers, which spread in front of my waiting tongue in a perfect ‘V’. You give your clit a tiny rub as you do, and watch as I lick you once again, this time the pink flesh of your open pussy as smooth and soft and perfect as anything my tongue has ever touched.

I have never, ever, done this before, but now I want to so badly. I had never even imagined, so much as thought about it until I met you. But you have such an effect on me that I find myself wanting to do things with you that had never even entered my head until now. Love makes us do crazy things, but with you the most intimate physical acts and bodily contact seem not just absolutely natural, but equally and impulsively irresistible. I want to taste you and feel your fresh, hot, straw-coloured piss spill over my tongue, over my lips, and splash into my mouth. I have no idea what this is going to be like, but now I want nothing else but to see that sparkling fountain flow from your depths and feel it surge against my body and skin.

You don’t say another word, but just groan, but we make direct eye contact and I see you pause, then nod your head and smile at me.

Suddenly I see a bright flash, and a split instant later a perfect jet of sparkly silver and gold powers from your pussy like a warm jet from a healing spa. I watch, entranced, for a couple of seconds, and then find my tongue and mouth in the middle of the stream.

It feels incredible — like nothing I have ever experienced. I can’t explain, and I can’t describe how amazing this is. It is so warm on my tongue, and tastes so tangy and salty and bitter sweet like honey and lemon. It tastes of you and it tastes of sex. Your sex. Your sex in your fresh, warm, shimmering waterfall of piss as it bursts from your body and spills all over my lips and mouth. I want you now more than ever.

I move my mouth even closer to your spread fingers which press back your smooth lips against your shaved skin. You look down at me as you hold your cunt wide open, watching your warm jet of piss surge over my tongue and bounce and splash onto the roof of my mouth and against the back of my throat. You groan softly, and I savour the force of the fountain against my waiting tongue, then leave it there until the stream subsides and gently dies to a trickle.

I can taste you on my tongue, on my lips, and everywhere inside my mouth. I’m turned on so much that I can barely restrain myself from burying my vertical and rock solid cock all the way into your dripping cunt right there and then. I want to fuck you and I make you scream as you come, then fill you with so much hot semen that it’s spilling down back over my cock and running out of your sweet little pussy and dripping over my pulsing balls.

But instead I do the very same thing, only with my tingling tongue. As it slips inside you and enters your body again, I close my eyes and savour the the taste of your wet and ready pussy, now alive and salty with the delicious tang of your fresh, sweet piss. The exquisite flavour of your sublime little cunt bursts inside my mouth as I feel my cock bulge and swell so huge against my stomach, that I start to fear it will be too big to fit inside your pussy, and I might just have to fuck your mouth and pump my come straight down your throat and over your tongue instead. The walls of your cunt squeeze tight against my tongue as it drives deeper inside you. You taste divine, and your dripping wet little clit feels slightly oily as I press my lips tight against your pussy lips and work and probe inside you with my tongue. The experience is heavenly. You taste like fine sushi and Japanese seaweed on my lips, and I’m driven wild with desire to kiss you on the mouth and drive my tongue against yours, so you can experience and savour your own explosive and exotic taste.

Our mouths lock together and we kiss deeply with a new level and intensity of passion.

As we do, I feel the head of my bulging cock slip effortlessly into the open and ready mouth of your pussy, squeezing so smoothly and effortlessly past your lubricated and newly drenched lips, that we don’t even realise I’m inside you until we both feel your tight little pussy squeezing the swollen head of my large and throbbing penis. It’s where you want me, and you have waited so long to feel my cock between your legs and deep inside your cunt.

‘Fuck me.’

Your voice is almost breathless.

I thrust into you as hard and as deep as I can go in one single motion as I squeeze your ass cheeks hard in my hands and spread them wide open as I do. You can feel your little asshole open and exposed as I part you, so you can feel my cock sink even deeper inside your pussy. You imagine what it looks like as my huge cock penetrates you, and wish you could watch in the mirror as my lubricated finger slips and circles around your pulsing, contracting, saliva-filled little asshole, and my cock buries itself deep inside your cunt. You are being opened up and spread apart, and now all you want is to be fucked by my enormous cock.

‘Fuck me, M’, you whisper, almost desperate in your urgency.

‘Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me hard and don’t stop until I come.’

My cock sinks deep inside you again, my whole length and girth in one single smooth motion, as we kiss and our hands explore our hot and wet bodies.

‘I want to make love to you, C. I need you now.’

Your eyes roll back in their sockets and you are so aroused that your breaths are short and shallow, and you can only nod back at me.

I scoop my arms beneath your butt and shoulders, and in a single, sweeping motion, lift you clean out of the bath and carry you in my arms to the bedroom. There I lie down on my back on the enormous bed, holding you above me all the time, then let your beautiful, taut and toned body sink onto mine.

You stare straight into my eyes and lick your lips, slowly and deliberately. Then you look back over your shoulder to watch in the long mirror at the end of the bed, as you slowly lower yourself down onto my stiff cock. Your hair falls over your shoulders as you throw your head back and groan, and together we watch the full length of my enormous hard-on slide deep inside you. You lean forward towards me and I run my tongue over each erect nipple in turn, as you press your breasts one by one into my mouth, instructing me to suck hard on each and telling me how you love to fuck, and feel my cock big, hard, and swelling inside your tight little cunt.

Breathing deeply, you press down even harder onto me, gently rotating your hips as you sway your body very slowly. I can feel myself deep inside you, hard and stiff as you slide up and down on my cock. Then suddenly your mouth is against mine – your tongue driving just as hard and just as deep into my mouth and against my tongue as my cock is now driving upwards into your pussy.

I reach back to take your bottom in my hands, squeezing your buttocks tightly as you ride up and down on my slippery cock. I can see your sweet little ass in the mirror as you bob up and down on me, watching as I circle my moist index finger very gently again around the edge of your little asshole, before slipping it effortlessly inside you and hearing you groan with pleasure as you feel me enter you in your third and last opening, to make you complete and whole.

Suddenly you lift yourself up and I pull you towards me. We kiss deeply as we look straight into each others’ eyes, then without warning you run your tongue down my chest and over my nipples, sucking hard and biting gently on each one before teasing it with the tip of your tongue. You slide backwards, your little butt high in the air as you run your lips and tongue all the way down my torso and stomach, stopping to probe my belly button for a couple of seconds before suddenly I can feel your lips slipping gently over the head of my cock. You look up at me as you take me in your hand, then deep in your mouth, your lips slipping smoothly and deliciously over my growing erection. And then you are sucking me, running your tongue over my cock from top to bottom as you do, working it steadily up and down with your slender fingers as you close your lips even tighter around my girth.

I grow and swell inside your mouth as your tongue does things to me as I have never felt in my life, and all the time I watch your lips around my cock, squeezing gently, then hard, as you suck steadily and rhythmically, your lips and tongue sliding up and down, my penis glistening with your saliva as your mouth steadily fucks me in a way I have often imagined, but never experienced quite like this.

Occasionally slipping my cock out of your mouth so I can watch every single little stroke of your wet tongue, you run your moistened lips all the way down my rock hard shaft, to reach my smooth, shaved balls. You pause momentarily, then lick them individually in huge, long, upward strokes. Taking them both together in your hot, wet mouth, sucking them hard and long as one, and filling it completely as you do, you bring me deliberately to the very point of climax as you simultaneously grip my cock in your hand and pump it up and down, squeezing me tight as you do.

Then suddenly my cock is deep in your mouth again, your lips tight around the thick circumference of my penis as you take me all the way to the very back of your throat, wrapping your snake-like tongue around my glans and coating me in thick, slippery saliva from your mouth as you suck with force, intensity, expertise and raw passion.

So intense is your stimulation, I know that any instant I will burst without warning, and every last drop of semen from those testicles which you tantalise and stimulate so wonderfully, will explode against the roof of your mouth, and flood it with hot, sweet, sticky come. I’ll gasp and groan and watch as it pumps from my cock, all over your twisting, turning tongue and against your shining teeth, then spill out over your lips and chin, before splashing down over your breasts, nipples and then run all the way across your stomach in a torrent of ejaculated ecstasy. But just as I feel I can hold on no longer, you instead let my cock spring from between your lips and out of your mouth, and as you work it gently with your hand, you run your tongue in a damp and delectable circle around your lips, and those huge greeny-brown eyes look straight into mine.

‘I want you to do to me again what you did the other night’, you say firmly, but so low and seductively.

‘You have no idea how much that turned me on.’

You tilt your head very slightly and look at me as you slowly run your tongue around the inside of your lips in slow, but deliberate circles.

I smile, and run my hand gently over your breasts, brushing your nipples almost imperceptibly with my fingertips, before squeezing them tightly you gasp with pleasure, then give your bare butt a playful little smack with the flat palm of my hand, surprising you as you feel my hand across your buttocks and the sweetest, softest sting on the flesh of your pretty little ass – the sound of the slap breaking the still silence of the bedroom.

The room returns to silence, but the night air is still heavy with sexual tension as I lie back on the enormous King-size bed, but across its width, rather than along its length, and let my head fall backwards over the edge of the firm mattress.

‘Come here then, Sweetie. We’ll do it this way this time.’

You pretend to look momentarily confused, but I know you know exactly what I mean. You know where I want you. And we both know you want to be there badly. You want to feel those very same indescribable sensations which felt so good less than forty eight hours before, only more intense — if that could be possible. And this time I know that you want not only to feel, but you also want to watch.

You want to feel my tongue in your asshole, and you want to watch every little movement and every single instant close up stroke as I lick you and stroke you and excite you in a way you have never experienced, in an act of eroticism and passion and pleasure as you had never dared even imagine in your most explicit fantasies.

I motion you to come to me with nothing more than a flick of my eyelids, and you walk slowly towards the bed.

I tip my head back a little further as you hesitate momentarily, then straddle my face. Your pussy lips brush over my mouth and I reactively feel my tongue dart upwards as your labia rake over its tip, and I get the briefest taste of your delicious little cunt as it slides over my mouth.

But you keep moving your butt forwards until you’re in exactly the place you want to be, your sweetest little ass just millimeters above my lips.

You reach down as you bend your knees very slightly, and cup your right hand around the back of my head. You lift it with some force until you feel my lips closing around your little puckered hole, then give it a firm push upwards, as if to tell me you want to feel my tongue go deep inside you.

‘Lick me and fuck my ass with your tongue. I want you to make me so wet and so slippery.’

You’re almost breathless as you speak, but hearing these direct and uncompromising words leave your lips turn me on so much that I find myself moving into a whole new envelope of extreme eroticism.

‘I want to feel it slide all the way inside me and drive hard inside until I’m ready to come. And then I want you to taste my come on your tongue, too.’

I feel my cock throbbing and swelling as I think about what I’m about to do. What you’re instructing me to do. I feel the sperm already brewing and boiling in my balls as I imagine your exquisite little asshole sinking straight down onto my eager tongue any second now.

‘Spread your ass for me. I want you to watch. I want you to see everything as well as feel it.’

You reach back with both hands, one on either cheek of your ass, and do as you’re told, looking back at our reflection in the full length mirror less than two feet behind us next to the bed.

You hold your beautiful ass wide apart, and we can both see your perfect little asshole in the mirror, less than an inch over my moist and ready lips.

‘Lean forward just a little, C.’

You do, all the time keeping your hands on either side of your smooth, round butt, so your view in the mirror is unimpeded as your ass moves down towards my face.

I wet my tongue with warm saliva, press it flat against your asshole, then curl it upwards so you suddenly feel it pressing into you from directly beneath, as my long, hot tongue works into your butt. You feel the saliva flowing from my mouth to help my tongue slip easier and deeper into your rear as I moisten you with my lips. My tongue squirms inside you, my lips pressed tight against your wholesome little bum, and my index finger slowly rubs your throbbing clit in slow, circular motions while I tongue-fuck your sweet, tight little ass.

You moan and then start to groan more audibly as you press down onto my tongue, wanting to feel it working upwards and ever firmer and deeper into your moist little asshole. You taste clean and fresh on my tongue, very faintly salty with a trace of cinnamon, as I probe and press harder and deeper into the vanilla depths of your ass.

You watch in the mirror again, then reach down and slide two fingers deep into your pussy as my tongue twists, turns and writhes in your swaying butt. You slide them deep, all the way in, and gently fuck yourself for a full minute or more, breathless with the sensations you are feeling in your ravenous body. I feel your index finger slip out of your pussy and suddenly it is pressing gently against the tip of my tongue as I continue to probe and lick your ass. You want to feel and touch my tongue as it works away around the edge of your anus and sinks into your sweet little asshole.

I’m only too happy to oblige, and before I know it, both your fingers are sliding into my mouth, and I’m licking and sucking the delicious wet juices of your pussy, between the firm strokes of my tongue against your asshole.

Suddenly you lift yourself up, unable to take any more before you explode with desire and come directly above me, the passion of your climax spilling out into my mouth and over my hot, red, and pulsing tongue.

I pull you towards me, kissing you full on the mouth as our tongues instantly tangle and press harder and deeper into each other. You taste of cherries and vanilla and cream. You smell of honey and rose petals. Your lips are so soft and moist, and your hair makes my skin tingle as it falls against my face. I slip my hand down between your open legs and rub my palm gently against the inside of your thigh. I can feel the warmth of your body radiating from your crotch as my fingers slip down over your shaved pubis, the micro-short hairs of the stubble left by your razor turning me on so much that I can feel my cock swelling and bulging against your stomach.

My index finger hovers momentarily over your pussy, then slips between your labia and softly rubs the tip of your clitoris, before penetrating your vagina in one single, slow, long and deliberate movement. You moan with pleasure as I work my finger inside you, all the time kissing you deeply and working my tongue ever harder against yours, and ever deeper into your mouth.

You are warm, moist, slippery, and so aroused that I feel your nipples harden and press into my chest, as our skin rubs together and our bodies become one. I slide my finger up and down gently in your vagina, then my middle finger slips inside as well, so now two long and stiff fingers are working in and out of your juicy little pussy, where my cock had been buried inside you just a few minutes before.

Your hand reaches down and I feel your fingers wrap around my stiff cock, until my full girth is enclosed in your hand and you can feel how hard and big you have made my penis. You squeeze it tightly and work your hand up and down as you grip it tightly, pumping me so the head of my cock is throbbing and glistening as it protrudes from the top of your closed hand.

Then you guide it into your slick wet cunt, feeling my whole length drive into you and swell and pulse against the stretched walls of your delectable and ready little pussy.

You have never felt so full. My cock is enormous inside you as I reach behind to lift your little butt up slightly and drive forwards even more, so the last half inch sinks deep inside, and our bodies are suddenly joined and the skin of our perspiring stomachs is pressed together as we start to make love.

I fuck you slowly at first, then harder and faster. It feels wonderful inside the warmth and slippery wetness of your pussy, and I want to make this last forever.

I stare deep into your dark green eyes as I thrust and drive my cock in and out of your body, and they look back at me in an indescribable combination of love, desire, passion and pure ecstasy.

We kiss again and I feel your hands running over my back as my muscles flex, then firmly grip my butt as if to push my penis even deeper and harder inside you. You want me to make love to you, but you also want me to fuck you as you have never even dreamed of being fucked before.

It even feels like a dream. But it’s no dream at all. It is real and it is actually happening. Right here, right now, on this enormous white bed by the coast in Queensland. You want it to last forever, too. This is where fantasy and reality meet, and the collision is about to cause an explosion in our bodies which is going to keep us shuddering from the aftershock for days, if not weeks on end. It’s certainly a night neither of us is ever likely to forget in a very long time. If ever.

But I’m not done yet. Just as we are both on the very edge of a precipitous climax, I pull out of you, telling you to turn over on your knees, and go on all fours with your head against the padded red headboard of the huge white bed.

You’re only too eager to oblige, and as I stand up and you spin round on your bottom to move into position, my stiff, wet and glistening cock is suddenly in front of your face. Instinctively, you open your lips and move to take me in your mouth, wrapping your arms tightly around my torso as you do.

I am so rampantly turned on and ready to come that I almost lose control. I find myself cupping my left hand around the back of your head as you sit upright on the bed in front of me while I stand in front of you. With my right hand I grip my slippery cock, now as hard and large as it has ever been, and in a firm, almost forceful motion, drive it straight between your lips and deep into your mouth, while pushing your head downwards onto my cock as I do. I catch myself with the realisation that I have suddenly been very dominant, if slightly rough in the heat of my passion – but you seem wholly impervious to it. If anything, you seem to be even more turned on than before.

I watch as my cock sinks all the way between your tight wet lips, and feel your tongue instantly wrapping itself around me as it enters your mouth, then bulges against the inside of your cheek. I release my hand from my thick shaft, and now take your head in both hands, pulling you firmly towards me. Every taut muscle in my body flexes as I hold your head tight and thrust my huge, hard penis deep between your wet lips. We both watch me fuck your mouth as I hold your face still in front of me, feeling you suck me ever harder and squeeze your lips even more tightly around my huge hard-on as it drives between your teeth and against your tongue.

You are eager and hungry, and you take me all the way into the back of your throat with each stroke of my cock, so my balls are pressed up tight against your chin and your tongue strokes and squeezes me, hard and deep inside your mouth. I know that any second I’m going to burst inside you and shoot a copious load of creamy white come with great force against the roof of your mouth and directly against the back of your throat. I’m going to flood your mouth with my come until it begins to spill back over your tongue, then flows out across your lips and runs back to lubricate the huge driving piston of my cock.

But I know that I want to do that very same thing deep inside your pussy, and come together with you. I want to feel your orgasm shuddering through your body as I feel myself explode inside you.

I pull my cock out of your mouth and you turn over and go on all fours. You want me to fuck you from behind. Now you have felt how big and hard I am inside your mouth, you want to feel my cock enter you from the rear and fill you up to capacity. You want to be in a position where I can penetrate your wet, pink and slippery pussy and fuck you as long and deep as I possibly can. With your little butt in the air and your head on the pillow, you just want to be fucked hard. Hard and fast, and then even harder still.

You want to spread yourself open and make yourself vulnerable to pleasurable intrusion as you wait for the bulging head of my cock to drive between your labia and swell and throb and stretch your hungry pussy as it drives in and out of you from behind. You want to surrender yourself as you beg to be fucked.

You feel my cock slide into your pussy, and then plunge deep as I take you and fill you. You feel the long, hard strokes of my cock, but by now you’re altogether lost in the heat of the experience. Almost overwhelmed with desire, it could be any cock inside your pussy and fucking you now. Any cock at all. The bigger the better. The harder the better. Conscious thought all but abandoned in the heat of your fantasies and our incandescent passion, you just want to be fucked relentlessly and mercilessly until you scream and climax as never before.

I look down at the side of your head on the pillow as I fuck you from behind on the huge bed. I see the side of your face against the pure white cotton as I drive my cock in and out of your tight little pussy. You’re wearing an unforgettable expression of sheer, desperate, acquiescent ecstasy. Your eyes are rolling in their sockets, and your tongue is out of your mouth and running in circular motions around your lips in time to the long strokes of my cock, as if performing some other imagined simultaneous pleasure as we fuck.

I look down to watch my enormous, rock hard cock slide in and out of your lubricated pussy. The sight is erotic in the extreme, as I watch myself fuck your sweet little cunt and see it stretched tight around the girth of my penis.

As my cock pumps in and out of your pussy, your delicious little asshole puckers gently in and out with the movement of your butt. It is still wet and moist and slick from the saliva I worked into it with my tongue. As we fuck, I find my index finger very lightly rubbing the rim of your asshole, and then slipping effortlessly into the tight little entrance of your anus.

I’m turned on now to a level I have never experienced. Suddenly I find myself imagining that I’m in your ass and fucking you where my tongue has just been doing the very same thing — only tighter, deeper, and far more intense. You moan with the pleasure of intimate approval as I sink my lubricated finger inside you up to my middle knuckle.

I imagine how tight your little asshole would feel as it wrapped around and squeezed my cock, and how I could watch as the head of my penis pressed against your lubricated little anus until it began to open and receive me, then suddenly close over the head of my cock. I’m picturing the thick shaft of my cock slide deep into your butt, and feel the incomparable intimacy of your body squeezing my penis tightly, until my full length is all the way inside you and my balls are pressed tight against your pussy as I begin to fuck you in your tight and perfect little ass. How incredible that would feel to fuck you there, and experience the deep, dark delights of your asshole.

But that’s just fantasy. Whereas this is reality. And it is as erotic and intense a reality as I have ever experienced. I’m already imagining my cock slipping into your body anywhere and in any way you wanted it, but the mere sight and sensation of what we are doing right now is bringing me to a point of cataclysmic climax deep in your silky wet pussy.

As my smoothly shaved cock and balls pound your pussy and bounce against your gorgeous, naked butt, I find myself giving your exposed flesh of your perfect ass the occasional slap as we fuck. Not too hard. But not too soft, either. You groan and writhe on my cock as you feel the hot palm of my hand on your smooth, bare pink backside.

Never interrupting my rhythm, I reach forward and beneath you as I feel my cock drive a fraction deeper into your pussy. I lift up my warm hands and cup your breasts, then rub and tweak each nipple between my thumb and forefinger in time to the strokes of my cock in your cunt. You murmur once again to indicate your overt pleasure and ongoing approval. I squeeze your nipples gently together at first, then increase the pressure until I’m squeezing them hard as I drive my cock in and out of your pussy, sweat beginning to form on my forehead and run in tiny beads over my smooth torso.

This seems to take your erotic pleasure to an even higher level, and now you are breathing heavily — almost audibly panting against the pillow — as I slowly release the pressure on your nipples. Keeping my left hand on your breast, I gently slide the flat palm of my right hand all the way down your chest, over your belly button and the taut muscles of your exquisitely toned flat stomach, rubbing you softly and in gentle circular motions until my fingers reach the fine stubble of your pubic area.

I slip my longest finger down to your clit, which is swollen and engorged, slick and very wet, as your arousal climbs to a new high. I start to gently massage and rub your clit with the tip of my finger as my cock continues to slide in and out of your pussy just millimetres behind.

I reach back a fraction and wrap my hand around my cock as it slides outwards from your smooth, pink tunnel. It is thick and hard, like a rigid steel rod coated along the whole of its length with the clear, glistening oil of your wet pussy. I grip it firmly, and with the next inward stroke, push it even harder into you so I’m literally holding myself in my hand as I fuck you. Suddenly you feel not just my penis, but also my finger sliding inside your pussy, and both are now fucking you in unison as the soaking walls of your tight cunt press hard against the skin of both my stiff, probing finger, and my large, throbbing cock.

We know that we can’t hold out any longer now. This is all too much.

I pull my finger and my cock out of the dripping honey pot of your irresistible pink pussy, then roll you over onto your back with a single motion of my arm and hand, as I slip my dripping wet finger between my lips to taste you, and then push it straight into your mouth, where you suck it hard and wrap your tongue around it as if it were my cock.

In an instant I am on top of your prone body, my lips open and pressed against your mouth as our tongues drive against each other, then tangle and lock as we kiss and taste the saliva of our mutual desire in all its intensity and blazing heat. At the same time my cock presses against the open lips of your pussy, and drives upwards between your open legs and into your body as we kiss.

Within less than half a dozen strokes of my rock hard penis inside your tightly coiled little pussy, it seems as though a whole lifetime’s worth of hot, thick, protein-filled spunk bursts from my cock, against the walls of your vagina like spewing lava mixed with pure fresh cream. You can feel the force of my orgasm as it meets your own in the perfectly timed explosion of raw passion, and our bodies shudder as they bind together and press against each other with every molecule of desire and a volcanic release.

We collapse into each other on the white cotton sheets of the bed, our skin sticking together from the sweat on our bodies. You look up at me as your hair falls back against the pillow, and you flash me a smile which would light up the night sky of the Southern Hemisphere. You look so contented. So happy. So deeply satisfied. So very beautiful.

“Whatever you wish, Master.” She said, holding her voice calm. Her body was all over me, helping me get naked and kissing me. I got the message.

We got the sheets back on the bed, the towels folded and put away and the kitchen cleaned up. I called my uncle and told him we were going home. I told him about the food and asked what he wanted us to do with it. He said they were coming up the next weekend so leave the fridge on and the food in it. I said I’d mail him the keys. He said to keep them and if we wanted to use the cabin again, we’d already have them.

Once the cabin was locked up we walked to the car. Beth had put clean clothes for us on the hood of the car as we got ready to go. From her suitcase she put a folded towel on her seat. I took her hand and walked her back to the hot tub. The lid was on and the water too cool to get in. I lifted her up and put her on the edge.

“Put your sweet tokhes (butt) in the air and your shoulders on the cover, please.”

She moved quickly and said, “As you wish, Master!” It put her ass and pussy at exactly the right level for eating. I used my face to spread her juices around and my tongue to tease her pussy. She made appreciative noises and pushed back against my face as I pushed forward.

Minutes later I added a thumb to the play, placing it at her anus and pushing it slowly in. Her moans got louder. I sucked on her clit as I worked my thumb in her ass. She began to tremble. I kept at her until the tremble became an earthquake complete with sound effects. She came all over my face.

We held still for a few moments.

I said, “Stand up.” She did, facing the cabin. I stood between her legs faced away from the cabin and said, “Lower yourself down.” I held her ass in my hands as her pussy passed in front of my face.

“Keep your feet on the lid.” She would have fallen if I weren’t holding her ass in my hands. When her open vagina got to my cock she said, “Oh Pete! I’m folded in half!”

Her knees were between her chest and mine. My cock found her opening and I lowered her all the way down on me. She looked up and saw a pipe running above her head between the rafters. She grabbed it and together we began lifting and lowering her on my cock. It felt incredibly good.

When I was feeling the urge and urgency I turned around and deposited her on the lid again. “On your back please.” I said.

“Which way?”

“I want your mouth.” She lay back on the lid and lowered her head over the edge. Her beautiful tits pointed at the sky and her mouth opened wide. I went up in my toes and pushed into her mouth as I held her tits in my hands. I took twenty long slow strokes into her mouth and then I pulled all the way out. Beth’s eyes were closed.

She said, “My lover is going to fuck my face and I will love it! Even if I gag I will love feeling him all the way down my throat! He will hurt me, too!”

I pushed back in and kept pushing until I was all the way in. She almost gagged, but only almost. I tightened my grip on her tits and fucked her mouth. She began to tremble again. I felt my juices start towards her mouth. I let go of her left breast and slapped her spread pussy, hard! She jumped and suddenly flooded my hand with juices. Her body trembled and twitched with aftershocks as she sucked and drank all my cum.

She made no move to disconnect from me. I wilted and she didn’t care. She sucked and tongued me gently. When I pulled out she didn’t move, she just relaxed. I noticed we had left evidence of our cumming on the lid. I kissed her face and helped her off the lid.

I turned on the hose and rinsed her cum off the lid. “Want a rinse?” I asked.

“As you wish, Master.” Since the hose was connected to the faucet of the service porch sink, I turned on the hot water and as soon as it was warm I rinsed her. We walked to the car with our arms around each other, got dressed enough to drive home and got in the car.

We were on the road at just about dark. Two hours later we stopped and had dinner in Oceanside. When we got back in the car I said, “I want you to feed me tastes of you once a mile. Then I won’t taste dinner, I’ll only taste you.”

“You didn’t like the dinner?” Beth asked as she stuck two wet fingers in my mouth.

“Dinner was good, but not as good as your pussy. Thank you.”

“I know what you mean, Master.” That was as close as she could get to asking for some time with my cock in her mouth again. I’d had eleven tastes when I pulled off the freeway into a rest stop. There were two semi’s and no cars in the lot. I parked as far from the trucks as I could. Before I shut off the engine I rolled down the window on her side.

I got out, walked around and opened my pants. Beth got on her knees facing me and sucked me through the open window. It was exciting and the excitement helped me get hard and shoot quickly. She didn’t lose a drop. She tucked me back in and zipped me.

When we were back on the road I realized she hadn’t swallowed. She was holding my load in her mouth!

Ten more miles of tastes and I said, “Enough. You keep that up we’ll have to call it masturbation.”

We were almost an hour away from home when Beth’s cell rang. She swallowed, found her phone and answered. She put it on speaker. It was Alison.

“Have you been listening to the news?”

“No. We’ve been busy.”

“The police are looking for Pete. Pull over and call them.”

“Which police? Why are they looking for me?” I asked.

“I don’t know more than what I just told you. Call me back when you can, Ok?”

Before either of us answered she hung up. I pulled over and dialed 9-1-1.

“California Highway Patrol. Are you reporting an emergency?”

“We don’t know,” I said. “A friend just saw on TV that the police are looking for me. I’m Pete Peterson.”

“Where are you Mr. Peterson?”

“We’re on the 405 headed north about a mile from the El Toro off ramp. We’re in a 2009 Dodge parked on the shoulder.”

“Stay right there.”

Two minutes later two CHP cruisers pulled up and parked behind us. I said, “Put your hands on the dash and keep them there until they tell us to move them.”

“Pete, I don’t have panties or a bra on.”

“I think that’s the least of our worries, Sweetheart.” I watched as an officer went to the passenger side and behind us and the other one came up alongside my window.

“Mr. Peterson, please lower your window.” I did.

“Mr. Peterson I want both of you to exit the vehicle, your passenger first.” Beth looked to me and I said, “Do as he asks, nice and slow.” She did.

“Now you, Mr. Peterson.” I moved slowly as well and we both ended up at the back of our car facing into the CHP headlights.

He quizzed Beth first. “Where have you been?”

“At a cabin down near Julian.”

“When did you go there?”

“Friday afternoon.”

“Is there anyone who can vouch for that?”

“You mean someone who knows we went there?”


“The guy Pete got the cabin from. Our co-workers knew we were going away, but not where, and Pete’s wife.”

“Pete’s wife?”

“They’re getting a divorce. She went with us to work on getting back with Pete, but it didn’t work out. We took her to the bus station in Julian last night.”

He turned to me. Can you prove where you were in the last four hours?”

“We ate in Oceanside. I have a receipt.” He asked for it, looked it over and went back to his car to use the radio. When he came back he said, “I’m sorry we needed to ask the questions we did. We have cleared you of having any involvement in what happened.”

“Tell us what’s going on, please.” I said.

“Mr. Peterson, all we were told was that you were a person of interest in a case being handled by the Culver City Police. They needed to know where you were for the last four hours. They will be waiting for you when you get home. That is where you are headed, isn’t it?”


They thanked us for our cooperation and let us go. We were both a bit shaken as we got back on the road. A few miles farther and we were calm enough to call Alison.

It rang once and she answered, “Are you Ok?”

“A little shook and totally in the dark, but we’re back on the road and we should be home in two hours. When we get home the police will be there wanting to talk with me. Let us get back to you in the morning about moving, Ok?”

“Yeah. If we hear anything shall I call you?” Ali asked.


We drove in silence the rest of the way home. I had intended to drop the car back at Alamo and drive my truck home. I decided the cops might want to see the car before we returned it, so we went straight home.

A plain, easily identifiable police sedan was parked in front. Two men in suits drinking coffee were in the front seat. As I parked they got out of the car.

“Mr. Peterson?” The driver asked. I nodded.

“Mr. Peterson we need to speak with you.”

“Want to come inside or talk out here?” I asked.

“Inside would be acceptable.”

The four of us walked to the back door and I unlocked it. I reached inside and turned on some lights. The two officers led the way in with Beth following and I closed the door behind us. We sat in the living room. Beth looked around, taking in everything she could see. She had never been in my home.

When we were all seated I said, “Ok, what’s going on that I’m a person of interest?”

“Mr. Peterson, how long ago did you and your wife separate?”

“Legally or emotionally?”


“It’s been less than a week.”

“When was the last time you saw her?”

“Friday night at about midnight at the bus station in Julian, down by San Diego. I gave her five hundred dollars in cash and left her there.”

“That fits with what we found. She had a bus ticket from Julian and almost three hundred dollars cash when she was found.”

“When she was found? That sounds like she’s dead.”

“She is. If you didn’t know that, I’m sorry to be so blunt but in my experience there’s no gentle way to tell someone about a death. Initially it looked like a suicide, but when the coroner saw names written on her body, twenty men’s names and the name of a woman it raised questions. Each name had been crossed out.”

“We know about the names. They are the names of all the men and woman she cheated with while we were married. I wrote all those names on her, except the one of her last lover. He had her get his name tattooed on.”

It took a few moments for all that to sink in. Then he asked, “But you didn’t cross them out?”

“No. Why would I?”

“I have no idea.”

“What did she do?” I asked.

“So far we know she spent two hours making phone calls from a motel room, and made the last call to us. She said she was reporting the death of a slut. She left the phone off the hook and shot herself. She was found sitting on the bed next to the phone.”

From a binder he carried he took a plastic covered copy of a sheet of paper. He handed me a note, actually a copy of a note. She took responsibility for screwing up our marriage and the marriages of other people as well. She apologized for not being good enough to be my wife. Even though she was right on every count, reading her note I could feel her pain and anguish. She hadn’t thought about all the lives she fucked with as she was spreading her legs and lips. I let a few tears fall. They were honest. I would miss her, and would cherish the good times we shared. On the back of the note was the list of people and phone numbers she had made for me. Every name had a check mark next to it.

“Ok. What’s next? I asked. He said the coroner would release the body when the investigation was over. I could contact a mortuary and they would handle everything. He left me some paperwork, got Beth’s name and address and then they left us. On their way out he said I could take the car back, they didn’t need it.

We stood together in the dark kitchen for a long time. I leaned against the cabinets and Beth leaned against me. My arms wound around her and hers around me. Intellectually I had already let Kaye go, with plenty of strong opinions about what she had done. Emotionally, I was wounded and wanted to somehow make it better, fix it, stop the pain.

When she sensed it was time, Beth helped me to the bedroom and got us into bed. She unplugged the phone. She spooned against me and wrapped me in her arms. I started crying and felt Beth cry with me.

When I woke up I was surprised. I had been aware of crying and then aware I was awake and it was daylight. Beth was awake and still spooned with me.

“Hi,” I whispered.

“Hi. May I use the bathroom?”

“Yes! Go.” She flew from the bed. As she moved I realized she had stayed holding me until she was sure it was Ok for her to move. In her mind her job was to comfort me, share my sorrow, my pain. When she came back to bed I turned and wrapped her in my arms and held her.

“What can I do?” She softly asked.

“Stay close. Very close.” I glanced over her shoulder and saw that it was ten in the morning. “Can you reach the phone?”

She could and did. She handed it to me and I didn’t take it. “Call Ali. Tell them to come at noon. No, just dial. This conversation should come from me.”

She dialed. Alison picked up on the first ring. She said, “We know. Pete we’re so sorry.”

It took me a minute to be able to speak. Beth spoke, knowing Alison could hear her. “Pete is devastated. She screwed up her life but…”

“But no one wanted her to die.” I said.

Alison waited and a minute later I said, “Meet us at Beth’s at noon. Is it possible to get a truck besides mine?”

“Pete, we’re at Beth’s. My husband borrowed a truck and he’s got it half loaded. Get here when you can, Ok?”

“I don’t want to grieve and hurt all day. I will but being busy will help. Having you all with us will help too.”

“You like pizza?” Ali asked.

Beth said, “Sausage and extra cheese.” Then she hung up the phone and kissed me.

Sunday was moving day. Beth was in by that night. I was in shock. She moved me around like a marionette for the next few days. Somehow we got to the funeral, got all the paperwork handled and closed out Kaye’s accounts, and job. I sold everything in her storage place for cheap so I never even had to look at it. I knew everything inside would remind me that she lived a lie, making me believe she was being a wife.

Beth taught me how well she understood where I was. I was at anger. She took me to the batting cages and let me beat the hell out of over a hundred baseballs. I came away with sore shoulders and feeling much better.

She took me home and rubbed ointment into my muscles and then put me in my recliner. She climbed into my lap and held me. It was perfection. I cried, felt loved and comforted and I slept. When I woke up I kissed her and said, “I’m hungry.”

She said, “It’s about time. What would you like?”

“Is there a way to get delivery that will bring it right here to the chair? I don’t want you to get up.”

“I can do it!” She said. She dialed a number and said, “He’s back and he’s hungry. Can you go to Louie’s and bring a lasagna? When you get here just walk in. We’re in the living room.” She paused and said, “You’ll understand.” Then, she hung up.

“Alison?” I asked.

“No. Alison is busy tonight. She’s ovulating.”

By the time the door opened I was starving and horney. I had decided to give whoever was bringing food five more minutes, and if the food wasn’t there I was eating Beth. The door opened and a woman who looked familiar, almost like Beth except Beth had chocolate brown hair and this woman was a blond. walked in carrying a covered aluminum tray. Her hands were in big padded gloves. She looked at us and said, “I understand.”

The food got on the table. Plates, implements and drinks got to the table. Then Beth climbed off my lap and said, “Pete meet Liz. You met her at the funeral, but you don’t remember.”

“Hi. Sorry. I’ve been pretty out of it.”

“Glad to see you’re half-way back.”

Beth dished lasagna for all three of us and said, under her breath, “I hope the other half comes soon.”

“If Liz had waited another five minutes she would have walked in and found you on the table with your legs spread.” I said.

“Liz has seen me with my legs spread before. You know I’m yours. Say the word and I’m naked and on my back, Master.” She smiled because she was already naked, as was I.

I looked at Liz and she shyly smiled and looked down.

“On the table please. Naked.”

Suddenly she was on her back inches from the tray of lasagna, holding her legs spread wide. As I stood I noticed Liz was taking her clothes off. My attention went back to Beth and I plunged into her. Days and days of gentle care and cuddling, emotional pain and feeling powerless exploded in lust and wild animal fucking. I focused on Beth. Forgetting all about Liz.

I knew we would both be bruised by the time I came and I didn’t care.

Just as I thrust in deep and unloaded into her, I slapped her breasts! She yelped and shuddered. She shuddered harder and I felt lots of her juices and mine spilling out.

Suddenly I felt a sensation I’d never felt in my life! I was buried deep inside Beth and a tongue licked at the junction of where we met. A face pushed my balls aside and licked up our combined juices. I remembered Liz.

“Beth, I love you.” I bent to her face and kissed her. Liz was still licking at us. I asked, “By the way, who is Liz?”

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