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After Sara and Marci finished making love Marci stroked Sara’s cheek saying,

“Oh Sis, that was so fucking amazing. I haven’t cum that hard in so long. Peter was really good and please don’t take this wrong, but there is just something so special about having a woman between your legs doing things to you that only a woman knows how to do.”

“I agree Sis, and I love you too. I’m so glad we got together and did this.”

“Me too Sara, and I have no feelings of guilt what so ever either. Thank you for loving me so much. You know Sara, I’ve been thinking about something as we’re laying here. I can’t help but think that it would be so fucking hot if you, me and Peter could have a threesome together?”

Sara smiled saying,

“Would you get out of my head! I’ve been thinking the same thing!”

“Yes, but would Peter ever go for something like that or would it be to over the top for him to handle?”

“Oh I think I could persuade him, and I think I have the perfect scenario too. I was planning a barbecue Saturday after I get back from a meeting I have to go to at work. That would be the perfect time for us to make it happen. Are you up for it Sis?”


“Good, in the meantime if you get a chance to fuck him go ahead and do it. I think you’ll find Peter’s cock is amazing, and you already know how well he eats pussy.”

“Oh yes!”

“Good, now I’ve got to get to work. I’ll see you tonight.”

Marci got up and took a shower after Sara had left for work. While she was in the shower Peter pulled up in the driveway and went into the house. It seems that Peter had gotten a day off with pay for a job well done, so rather than go play golf or something like that, he went home thinking he could get some chores done around the house that Sara had been asking him to take care of.

He went in and changed into a tee shirt and shorts, and then went back into the kitchen for some coffee before he got started. He poured himself a cup as he looked out the kitchen window wondering where to start first. Marci in the meantime had finished her shower and dressed as she went into the kitchen for coffee.

She saw Peter standing there, and staring out the kitchen window as she walked up behind him. He jumped when he felt a pair of hands move around his waist, and a pair of soft breasts pressing into his back.

“So what are you doing home this time of day Peter?”

“Well, it seems I’ve been doing a good job at work, and they have this policy that the boss can give you a paid day off for good job performance. It’s sort of an incentive for others to want the same benefit so they’ll work harder. It seems to be paying off.”

“Sounds like a good company to work for. I’m glad you’re home though I could use some company. It gets lonely around here when you’re the only one in the house.”

As they stood there talking Marci moved her hands slowly down Peter’s stomach to the front of his shorts where she began gently squeezing his crotch. She could feel his cock start to react to her touch almost immediately as she began squeezing his crotch just a little harder.

Peter groaned saying, “You don’t waste much time do you Marci?”

“Not when you’re as hot and horny as I am. I can stop if you want, but judging from the way your cock is reacting to my touch I’d say you’re more than ‘UP’ for it. Am I right?”

Thinking back to Sara telling him she didn’t care if he fucked Marci Peter told her,

“Well now that you mention it I suppose I am.”

That was all Marci needed to hear as she slipped her hands down the front of Peter’s shorts finding a cock that was becoming more and more aroused. She began fondling Peter’s cock as it continued to harden in her hands while she began to slowly stroke his ever hardening cock.

Once he was rock hard Marci moved around in front of Peter, and with his cock still in her grasp she stood up on her tip toes and began kissing him. Their kisses soon turned to deep soulful kisses as she squeezed his cock with one hand, while toying with his balls with her other hand.

Any lasting intimidation Peter may have felt melted away as he gave into his lust. Marci broke their kiss long enough to pull Peter’s shorts down allowing his cock to spring free. Peter in the meantime pulled his tee shirt over his head, and gave it a toss across the kitchen.

Peter then took a smiling Marci into his arms and began kissing her again as he ran his hands up and down her back. He broke their kiss momentarily as he pulled Marci’s top over her head revealing her gorgeous tits, giving her top a toss in the general area of his tee shirt. Marci had such amazing tits, just like her sister Sara.

They were so nice and full with hard nipples that seemed to call to Peter to suck them. He kissed his way down Marci’s neck where he cupped her breasts in his hands, caressing them as she cooed softly. After a few minutes of caressing, and watching her nipples respond to his touch Peter lowered his head, and started flicking her nipples with his tongue while Marci moaned softly.

It was a lot more fun without the feelings of guilt that had been coursing through him the other day at their first encounter. Peter had purged those thoughts from his mind as he took her right nipple into his mouth, and began sucking it as Marci responded by running her fingers through his hair.

After several minutes of sucking one nipple and then the other, Peter lifted Marci onto the counter top where he spread her legs as he moved between them. Marci held onto the cupboard as Peter pulled her shorts off revealing that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

There was just her beautiful, bare pussy staring him in the face making his mouth water just thinking about going down on her. Peter gave into his lustful thoughts as he knelt down and took in her feminine aroma. Her pussy lips looked as if they were alive, and pulsing in anticipation of what was to come.

Her lips were wet and swollen from arousal as Peter began teasing her by running his tongue along the edges of her labia but not quite touching it. Instead he continued teasing her as she began to squeal and ask him to please lick her pussy. The more he teased her the more anxious she became, practically begging him to suck her pussy.

Finally Peter gave into her pleas as he began to explore her pussy sliding his tongue up and down her thick, swollen lips as she gasp and pulled his hair. After a couple of minutes Peter moved his tongue between her folds as he savored the taste of her passion.

Marci began moaning and squealing as Peter slid his tongue into her depths as far as he could where he began tongue fucking her. Marci reached down, and held his head tight against her crotch as Peter began to stab her pussy over and over with his tongue as if it were a small cock.

He could hardly breath she was holding his head so tightly against her pussy. She began undulating her hips, grinding her pussy against his face as Peter wiggled his tongue deep inside her pussy as Marci squealed even louder. Marci was beside herself as Peter’s tongue grew tired, and he replaced his tongue with his fingers in her pussy.

Marci responded by groaning even louder as Peter eased his little finger between her ass cheeks. He teased her asshole with his finger tip, and then inserted his little finger into her asshole causing her to squeal all the more.

While he fingered her pussy as well as her ass, Peter took Marci’s clit between his lips where he began sucking her clit while alternating between that and flicking it with his tongue. The combination of sucking her clit, and working her asshole with his finger pushed Marci over the edge as her body shook with a hard orgasm.

Once she had calmed down enough from her orgasm Peter helped her from the counter top, and led her over to the kitchen table and took a seat in the chair. With his legs spread wide and his cock sticking straight up Marci moved between Peter legs, and began running her tongue up and down the length of his shaft.

As Peter moaned Marci started swirling her tongue around the head of his cock while gently chewing on it. Marci continued swirling her tongue over his cock, and chewing the head as Peter groaned begging her to deep throat him.

After several minutes of this amazing torture Marci decided to do as he requested tasking his cock as far as she could down her throat. Once she had Peter’s cock as far down her throat as possible she started deep throating him as he rested his hands on her head.

The woman was just amazing, Peter thought as he watched her bob her head up and down, and watching his cock disappear down her throat. He closed his eyes for a moment listening to the slurping sounds of her sucking his cock as he sat there smiling.

Marci had soon taken Peter to the point where he was going to explode any minute. Sensing he was about to cum Marci pinch his orgasm off, and stood up long enough to straddle Peter, and began to slowly lower herself down onto his cock.

Marci gasp as his meaty cock slipped past her lips, and started to enter her pussy inch by sexy inch until he was all the way in. Then with her hands around Peter’s neck Marci started humping his cock right there at the kitchen table while Peter gently squeezed her breasts and tugged at her nipples.

Marci was squealing and humping Peter hard cock loving every inch of it as her ass cheeks slapped his thighs. Peter told Marci to get up for a moment, because he wanted to try something else. Reluctantly Marci moved off his cock as Peter told her to lean across the table.

Marci had such a beautiful ass, rivaling Sara’s for sexiness as he knelt down and started running his tongue over her cheeks. Sara always liked it when Peter rimmed her ass, so he figured Marci was probably of like mind. He found out that he was right as she started wiggling her ass in his face and begging him to eat her ass.

Peter ran his tongue along her crack, up to the cleft at the top of her ass where he started teasing her. She was squealing and shoving her ass into his face when he parted her cheeks, and started running his tongue along her ass from top to bottom.

Peter paused long enough to flick his tongue over Marci’s asshole causing her loudest squeals yet. As he started putting pressure on her ass with his tongue, Marci pushed back against his tongue until his tongue penetrated her ass. Marci gaps saying,

“Oh fuck Peter…oh that feels so fucking good. Eat my ass baby…fucking eat it. Oh fuck me that feels good!”

Peter watched as Marci moved her hand between her legs, and started fingering her pussy as he ate her ass taking her to another orgasm. After a few more minutes Peter stood up, and began running his cock up and down her ass before sliding his cock into her pussy.

He was surprised that Marci’s pussy felt almost identical to Sara’s. He started humping her pussy as Marci pushed back against his cock driving it in even deeper. Harder and harder Peter slammed Marci’s pussy as she gasp and squealed telling him how cock it was.

“Oh ya Peter…fuck me baby…fuck me good. Your cock feels so good in my pussy..fuck it Peter…just fucking fuck it!”

Peter was slamming Marci’s pussy as hard as he could, his balls slapping against her ass cheeks as he continued pummeling her. Finally he felt his balls start to burn, and then tighten when he felt his cock start to throb as he spewed his hot seed into Marci’s tight pussy. Over and over the both of them came, squealing and grunting until they both finally wilted into one another arms.

Afterward the two of them relaxed on the couch in the den, hugging and cuddling until it was time to move on. Peter got his chores done while Marci cleaned house and then figured out what to make for dinner. That evening when Sara got home she was greeted by two very happy people. After dinner Sara pulled Marci aside and took her into the den.

Peter could hear them laughing and giggling so he knew she and Marci were recounting their morning exploits. After a few minutes he didn’t hear them laughing anymore. He figured they found something else to garner their attention and decided to look at the paper.

After about a half hour Peter started to wonder where Sara and Marci were. Usually one of them is around watching TV or something, but now he didn’t hear or see anyone. He got up and went into the den, and looked to see if they were still there but the room was empty.

He walked around the house but didn’t see either of them, so he decided to check up stairs. As he reached the top of the stairs he walked down the hall where he heard giggling that seemed to becoming from the master bedroom, only it didn’t sound like playing giggling it sounded more erotic than that.

As he looked into the bedroom door his eyes nearly popped out of his head. There was his wife Sara naked except for a thong, and her sister Marci was lip locked on one of her nipples. She too was naked except for a thong. As he stood there he could feel his cock starting to fill his shorts when Sara looked up saying,

“Well, it’s about time you got here. We were about to come down and get you. What’s the matter Peter, cat got your tongue?”

“No, but you – your sister…naked and making out? What the fuck?”

“Oh come on Peter get over it. Besides you got to fuck her today, and from what I hear it was a pretty damn good fuck…right Marci?”

Marci lifted her head from Sara’s breast,

“Absolutely it was Sis, just like you said it would be. Now like your wife said…are you going to stand there, and gawk or are you going to get over and join us.”

Still a little dumbfounded Peter quickly got out of his shorts and walked over to the bed. Sara told him, “Hold your horses Peter. Marci and I were here first. Why don’t you have a seat and watch two hot woman make love? That is a fantasy of yours right?”

“Ya, but I never imagined it would be you and Marci.”

“If that’s a problem Peter you can leave you know.”

“No…carry on Babe….I’m cool with it.”

Sara smiled as the two women started kissing passionately, their tongues caressing as they fondled and squeezed one another breasts. Peter soon had his cock in hand as he watched Marci break her kiss with her sister, and start kissing her way down her neck to her breasts were she continued caressing them as she took Sara’s nipples into her mouth.

In the meantime Peter slowly stroked his cock watching this incredible sight unfolding before him. While Marci continued sucking Sara’s nipples, Sara ran her hand down Marci’s back to her ass where she started caressing and squeezing her sexy ass. After a couple of minutes Sara moved her hand between her sisters legs and started exploring Marci’s pussy.

Peter watched as his wife slid her fingers into her sisters pussy, working them around as Marci started making muffled squeals still having Sara’s nipples in her mouth. It was about all Peter could take as he watched Marci move down between Sara’s legs, and started running her tongue over Sara’s pussy.

It was an amazing sight to see his wife’s sister licking his wife’s pussy, and sticking as many fingers as she could into her pussy. He was interrupted when Sara told him to come up onto the bed.

Peter moved onto the bed straddling Sara’s face, and lowering himself so Sara could take his cock and balls in her hand.

She pulled him down taking his cock into her mouth where she began sucking him. Peter almost got a neck spasm trying to look behind his shoulder to see what Marci was doing to Sara’s pussy. It wasn’t long before Sara started cumming from Marci licking her pussy and sucking her clit.

Peter moved off Sara as she and her sister traded places on the bed. With Marci now on her back Sara kissed her passionately, and then moved down to Marci’s breasts where she started licking and sucking her nipples.

Once she moved down between Marci’s legs Sara started licking her pussy, and sucking her clit as Peter watched. At Marci’s urging Peter moved closer to her so she could suck his cock, and this time he was in a position where he could watch his wife licking her sisters pussy.

It was such an amazing sight, because never would Peter have ever dreamed he would see his wife sucking pussy let alone it being her sisters pussy. Yet there she was, licking, finger, and sucking her sisters pussy until she exploded in a powerful orgasm. Now it was Peter’s turn as he lay on this back with his cock sticking up in the air waiting for one of the women to sit on.

Sara told Marci to go first as Marci straddled Peter’s cock, and lowered herself down into his waiting cock. Once she had Peter deep inside her, Sara watched as Peter’s cock slid in and out of Marci’s tight pussy. She looked at Peter with a wide smile on her face saying,

“I’ve always wondered what your cock looked like sliding in and out of my pussy and now I know. Damn it looks so fucking hot, how does it feel Marci?”

“Oh Sis, it feels so fucking good, but then you know that since you get to fuck him anytime you want. You’re so fucking lucky!”

“Don’t I know it. So Peter, how does my Sister’s pussy feel? There’s no wrong answer just so you know.”

“It feels nice and tight. She’s very similar to you, but then she’s different too. I can’t explain it, but you both have amazing pussies.”

Then Sara maneuvered around lowering her pussy onto Peter’s face as she shoved his tongue deep inside her. Sara rode his face like his tongue was a little cock deep in her pussy. As she tongued her, Sara rubbed her clit feverishly taking herself to another orgasm. No sooner had she finished than Marci started cumming.

Now it was Sara’s turn to ride Peter’s cock as she maneuvered around again, and lowering herself onto his cock. Once he was inside Sara’s pussy, Marci maneuvered around and lowered her pussy onto Peter’s face. Marci was facing Sara while Sara rode Peter’s cock and Marci riding his face.

Eventually Sara started cumming after which Sara suggested that while she and Marci laid next to one another and fingered each other, Peter should jack off and cum on their tits. Peter eagerly agreed as he watched Sara and Marci get into position, and began fingering one another while Peter jacked off watching them.

The women were squealing and giggling as they watched Peter continued jacking off, his hand a blur and his balls slapping against his thighs. Finally he grunted and aimed his cock at Marci as a huge load of cum spurted from his cock onto her tits, and then another load squirted onto Sara’s. Once he was finished Sara and Marci licked each others tits clean of cum. After they were finished Marci looked at Sara saying,

“We never made it to Saturday did we?”

Sara laughed,

“No we sure didn’t, but then we can always do it then too.”

Peter looked at them asking,

“Saturday….what’s so special about Saturday?”

Sara and Marci looked at one another and began laughing saying,

“Well you’ll just have to wait and see won’t you.”

Then Marci kissed Peter and Sara good night as Marci went to her room, and Peter and Sara showered and went to bed. Peter couldn’t wait for Saturday to arrive knowing that his wife and her sister surely had something up their sleeve. Peter knew one thing, whatever it was it would be worth waiting for as he dozed off to sleep with a smile on his face.

To Be Cont…

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