hot cum

Tim still had my thong, at least I figured he did – I didn’t have it on, and I didn’t see it lying around the shop.

“Hey,” I asked as I slipped into his car, “do you have my underwear?”

He smiled at me and nodded, looking down as my skirt rode up my thighs. The seat was fabric and a little rough against my legs. I tried to pull my skirt down, but it was useless – it was so short there was little point.

He pulled away, explaining he had to do a little grocery shopping so we could have breakfast. Conversation was difficult with the radio blaring, and I was just as happy. I was a little numb contemplating what had just and what was about to happen.

Just thinking about the past 12 hours made me a little dizzy. I’d just spent most of the time buck naked in front of the one guy I’d been fantasizing about for the past month. I suspected he was pretty uncomfortable – he’d had a hard-on on-and-off for the entire time, and based on what I’d heard from the jocks, he probably had a case of the blue balls. I’d heard enough stories to know my best bet was to get him over it as soon as possible. But that was the thing. Would I know what to do and how not to let it get out of hand? Or maybe keep it in hand…

Stories. That’s the entire sexual experience I’d had up until that point. With one exception. I didn’t have any skills at getting a guy off. I’d never touched a penis — the only ones I’d seen hard were in porn my friends would rent for parties. Shit.

The car smelled. Of grease and wet carpet and sweat and just…old car. As he pulled away he sniffed the air a little.

“Do you smell something?” He looked over at me, eyebrows raised.

“Yeah! Your car, man. It stinks.”

“I think I’m smelling something different. I’m thinking I’m smelling….you?”

I started to blush. Excited and a little scared and…free.

“It is you, isn’t it?! You smell wonderful. I can’t wait to taste you.”

I just sat there, fidgeting. I bit at my fingers, wondering what I was getting into. The image of him burying his face between my legs made me giggle a little. I’d never had a guy touch me there like that. “Whoa….what clause did that come under?”

“I was planning on eating your bearded clam for breakfast.”

The sheer crudity of the statement, and the way he said it with some fake actory voice, made me laugh so hard I hurt. Nerves, adrenaline from our all nighter, the fact he really was a totally nice guy, and the idea that he might be my first…anything…just poured out of me in that laugh. It was infectious; he kept wiping his eyes and trying to catch his breath.

We got to a small chain grocery store apparently near his house. He suggested he wouldn’t be long, and if I wanted something to go get it. Once inside, however, he pulled me over and whispered in my ear.

“It looks pretty empty. Come with me to look at some cereal.”

I had no idea what he was being so conspiratorial about – I hoped he wasn’t planning on shoplifting – that would be a great way to end the night, looking the way I was in a skimpy leather skirt, no underwear and no sleep.

“Okay,” he stopped me at the end of the aisle. “I’m going to look for a couple of things here. Do me a favor and go down to the end of the aisle there and look for something on the bottom shelf. When you’ve found something you think I might like turn and show it to me.”

I looked at him completely dumbfounded. He just raised an eyebrow and got a gleam in his eye.

Shit! He wanted me to flash him, in the store, possibly exposing myself to anyone else who might come along. Of course, it being 7AM on a Saturday, there was little chance of that, but still! My gut cramped up and I felt the electricity shooting through me again. Why was I excited about this? Why would I agree to it? In a quieter voice I reminded myself that I’d already been flashing him all night. The voice that should have pointed out this wasn’t part of the original deal somehow had gone silent.

I did as he instructed, rebellion overcoming fear. I found a couple of cookie boxes I liked, near the bottom shelf and picked them out. Looking down the aisle, seeing the coast was clear, I squatted down, turning towards him to show him the cookies I’d selected. At the same time, I spread open my knees, letting the skirt ride up practically to my waist and showing him my cookie. I almost fell over at the expression on his face: complete desire. I couldn’t stop laughing as I worked my way back to him.

I kept my eyes on his bulge as we checked out. He didn’t seem to mind that his thing was swaying every time he took a step, or that it seemed to pulse when I rested my hand on his butt. I was starting to get into this; I realized I was teasing him as much as he was pushing me. My growing sense of excitement at where this might lead was way more intense than the anxiety at losing my virginity to him. Today. Would I be able to stop? And far more critically — would he? I was certain if I let my legs open up too much I would leak.

“Are you getting hungry?”

We were driving, it was 7:30 and I hadn’t had anything to eat since 3PM the day before. I realized I was starving – the trip through the grocery store hadn’t helped matters, and even though my stomach was in knots at the thought of what we were about to do, I really was hungry.

“Yeah. Starving.”

“I’m thinking of making some eggs and sausage when we get to my place. Do you like eggs and sausage?” He had a weird grin on his face, and his eyes kept darting down to my groin.

“Yeaahhh,” I said, drawing it out. I was confused a little.

“Well, you could start on mine before we get there, if you want to satisfy yourself.” He reached his hand down and pulled on his shorts, exposing himself to me.

I just stared at him, my eyes traveling between his face, his eyes and his growing cock. The one time I’d even had something like sex with a guy was the time with Timmy Pederson. And that really didn’t count. He had pulled out his penis at prom, and had suggested I give it a kiss, but before I could do anything he had ejaculated. Luckily for me, it missed me, otherwise I’d have had some explaining to do about the stains on the dress.

I had been eyeing his bulge all night, and this was exactly the situation I had been thinking about: what I’d do if it came to this. For the last several months in school I had been debating whether to go after a couple of the jocks — to finally cross that line I had drawn for myself. I almost did it, just before Spring Break with a sophomore, but thankfully hadn’t followed through — he turned out to be such a jerk.

My stomach tightened into a little ball, and my eyes must have gotten wide, because he started smiling even more.

“You’ve seen a guy’s prick before, right? Haven’t you given head?” He had slipped the shorts all the way down to his knees, the car wiggled a little as he adjusted his hands. I watched as it grew stiffer, pointing up to the steering wheel. He was circumcised. Not that I really cared, but I’d heard they were cleaner that way. The thought of putting the thing he pissed with into my mouth still disgusted me a little, but my own excitement at the thought of my first blow job was taking over.

“Uhhh, noooo. I haven’t.” I edged a little closer, wanting to get a better look. His pubic hair was dark and curly, not as dense as mine. He had short black hairs down his thighs, they stood out against his pale skin. His cock was pretty stiff by now, its head a kind of purplish pink. I could see a vein pulsing down one edge. What would that feel like against my tongue, I thought.

“Go ahead. Just take it easy. I’ve got a case of the blue balls you wouldn’t believe, staring at you naked all night. Here, let me have your hand.” He reached over and took my right hand, gently pulling my arm across me, twisting me to face him. He placed it under his sac, moving his balls onto my fingers.

They were hot and his sac was filmy. I lightly wriggled my fingers, lifting them up and feeling them cascade down. Like small dumplings, they kind of moved on their own, the skin around them wrinkly and sweaty. I could smell something musky, not like his butt, but another smell, a male smell. I took a long inhale, trying to identify it. I kept my fingers moving slowly, feeling his balls move from one to the other.

I watched his erection grow stiffer. Now it seemed to pulse at odd moments, not necessarily when I was fondling him.

“We’ve got a few minutes still. Since you have the eggs nicely handled, why don’t you give the sausage a try?”

I wasn’t sure what to do, but I leaned over, pursing my lips to give his head a kiss. He laughed a little when I kissed it, and told me to open my mouth, that he wouldn’t hurt me, and that he promised not to cum. He assured me he would have me swallowing his cum by the end of the day, but not the first time. I shuddered a little — not only at the thought of swallowing his cum, but that he’d be doing it to me again. Still, the excitement of sucking my first cock, and on a guy I could really fall for, was intoxicating.

I slipped my lips over his head, letting some drool fall on the opening. I moved down further, sliding my lips over his shaft, sliming his head with my tongue. He was salty and hot. I stopped when it started to press against the roof of my mouth and I just hung there, feeling his shaft with my tongue, my nose tickled by some of his longer hairs. I pulled up, like I’d seen in a porn film a little while back. I was at a sleep-over and my girlfriends and I were so grossed out by the scenes, but now I tried to remember exactly what the woman did.

I pulled up, sucking hard, creating a vacuum, until my lips felt the ridge of his head, moving further, letting it slip out with a pop. He moaned! I made him moan. I started to get even more excited – I could make a guy moan, just with my mouth! His balls suddenly shifted in my hands and I could see the sac start to contract, pulling them closer to his groin. The skin became hard and wrinkly – I took a little between my finger and thumb and rubbed it in a circle. He pushed his pelvis up, urging me to take his cock again.

I slipped over it again, trying to see how deep I could go. I had heard about girls taking their boyfriend’s all the way into their throat, but I couldn’t see how that was possible. I didn’t want to risk it in the car, and besides, there was no way. The position I was in, it kept poking me in the roof of my mouth, or bumping against my cheek. I swirled my tongue around it as best I could, feeling him pulse. It wasn’t as salty now, I was practically choking on my saliva. Each time I brushed the meat of my tongue against his head, he jerked and moaned. I couldn’t believe I was doing this, and at the same time I felt a power I’d never had before.

All of a sudden several things happened at once. I felt his balls practically crawl up into themselves, he turned the wheel and the car bumped; I figured onto a driveway. I pulled up rapidly, dragging my wet lips across the shaft, feeling it swell. I looked up to see that we had entered the parking lot to his apartment building, and I felt a splash of hot wetness on my chin. Looking back down, I saw white strings of cum bubbling out of his cock, each pulse coinciding with a small moan.

I brushed at the glob on my chin and started laughing. He looked over at me, a huge, satisfied smile on his face and he giggled a little. I looked back down at my first conquest and saw his penis subsiding, drifting off to the side, his sperm all over his lap, intertwined in his pubic hair, dribbling down between his legs.

He stopped the car, pulled on his shorts to cover himself up, rustling his hands through my hair.

“That was sweet! And close! I told you I wasn’t going to make you swallow that, but that was cutting it a little close.” He was still smiling and so was I. I was jazzed I could make a guy come with my mouth. It felt good. And then I wondered what it would taste like. For some reason I hadn’t thought about our original deal. I had agreed to breakfast and here we were.

He unlocked the back door to his apartment. It led into his kitchen where he dropped off the groceries and threw his keys into a bowl.

“I’ve got to take a shower and clean up. I must smell something awful. And, ‘course, I have to get this stuff out of my pubes. You’re welcome to join me…”

Maybe he thought being vulgar was cute. I scrunched up my face and reminded him he’d been kind enough to give me a shower all night. In spite of feeling the dried sweat in various crevices, and the thin film from his cum on my chin, I politely declined the offer. Instead, I turned to empty the groceries, watching him out of the corner of my eye as he exited.

Looking up through the small dining area, I could see him walk into the bathroom and prepare to use the toilet. Of course he’d left the door open. From where I was standing, I could see him standing, turned slightly away from me, his tight buns pointing my way and the stream of pee arcing into the bowl. I licked my lips; the thought of swallowing his cum returning. A small pulse went through me and I realized I too had to pee.

I walked to the bathroom just as he was finishing. I waited just outside until he was getting into the shower. He turned around. Time seemed to go like that — a little jerky, like I couldn’t remember actually getting from the kitchen to the bathroom. I just ended up there. I didn’t want him to know I was there — the sound of the water covering up any sounds — I thought I could just sneak in when he was under the shower.

“Changed your mind?” His penis was wagging. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it. No hiding now.

“No…uhhh, I really have to pee.”

“Aright – go ahead. Just don’t flush while I’m in the shower – the pressure in this place isn’t so great.”

I stood there waiting for him to close the curtain, then pulled down the seat and squatted. I knew I wouldn’t relax enough to pee, with him being right there, but the sound of the water did its trick. I let out a small sigh as the pee started to flow.

“Hey, you look great.”

I looked up in alarm to see him staring at me from around the curtain. I couldn’t stop; it felt too good, but I blushed and started to get angry.

“Spread your legs a little, I really want to see this.”

“You fucking bastard! Just let me alone so I can pee!” I finished up and wiped myself, flushed the toilet before I could stop myself, and then washed my hands for good measure. Hearing his laughing and humming switch to curses was small satisfaction. But then it occurred to me. I do know how to say no. Maybe I could be a little less spirited about it, but it was the first time. Note to self: Learn how to say ‘no’ firmly and nicely. On top of the lesson learned, I noticed a glow starting in my crotch. Would everything today be doing this to me? What hasn’t turned me on yet in the last 12 hours?

He joined me in the kitchen a few minutes later, a towel wrapped around him, my eyes drawn to his abs – they were so gorgeous I just wanted to run my fingers over them. His penis pushed at the towel a little as he worked, beating eggs, pulling down pans.

I was a little surprised at how clean the house was. I had noticed it when we first came in and then again in the bathroom. No mildew, no stray hairs, the toilet was clean. No dust bunnies. It was cleaner than my folks’ place. The kitchen was the same way: practically spotless.

He directed me to make some juice, had me set the table and then breakfast was served. He mentioned he’d been a short-order cook not too long ago and had learned all sorts of tricks in the kitchen. He talked more in that few minutes than I think I’d heard in the four weeks at the shop.

The food was good. It was hot, tasty and hit the spot. As we sat across from each other, the morning sun beaming through the window, the glow in my groin spread along with a desire to revisit his cock in my mouth. He was sitting practically naked; well, actually naked, but I couldn’t see below the table. When he sat down, he had removed the towel and suggested I might be more comfortable without my clothes on, but in spite of having spent the entire night stripped, eating naked in his kitchen just seemed too weird. Now, after my stomach was full, I felt a tug-of-war between just going home and going to sleep and somehow satisfying the growing the heat between my legs.

“You’re looking tired, Julie. Are you ready for bed?”

I knew what he meant; he didn’t need to smile to get the point across.

“I am getting pretty tired. Do you have any coffee?” I didn’t want to go to sleep – not here, not yet.

“Shit. Coffee. Yeah, let me get that.” He stood up and I stared at his half mast cock and mat of pubic hair. His thighs were like a dancer’s, articulated and sinewy. If I had been next to him I would have run my hands up between his thighs to feel his sac.

I continued to stare at his butt. So tight. He had the coffee maker going and then he turned back to the table. I thought he was going to clear it, but suddenly he ducked down and before I could react, he had dragged my legs open, pulling me to the edge of my chair.

“I need a little creme before my coffee,” I heard him say, and then his mouth was all over my pussy, his tongue dipping into me. I’d never felt anything like it and I didn’t know how to react. My girlfriends had boasted about the guys on the team who’d gone down on them, but I always chalked it up to just talk.

At first I froze, and then his hands went behind my waist, pulling me into him. His tongue darted into me, a small torpedo of flesh opened me up, penetrating my vagina. I thought I must have smelled, or tasted awful, or something, but he just seemed to be more excited, nuzzling me, licking at my slit and then focusing on my now stiff clit.

He was careful to circle around it, teasing me, each time he glanced over it I jerked a little and let out an “Oh!” He moved the flat of his tongue against it and pressed harder, rubbing into me, like I would do myself with my fingers. His fingers gripped my cheeks, massaging me. The whole night of tension suddenly welled up and I felt my juices starting to flow harder.

I moaned, my hands making fists on the table and then he brushed his tongue against me one final time, my orgasm spilling out with a long drawn out gasp and intake of breath. He held me, sucking my juices, the slurping noises returning me to the room. I pulled away.

“Okay,” he said, returning to making the coffee, wiping his face with the back of his hand, “let’s talk about what you’re going to do.”

I raised an eyebrow. “What I’m ‘going to do?’” I should have just walked out of there, that would have been the smart thing to do.

“Yeah. To get those photographs back.” He had turned back and I saw his cock sticking up, almost erect. Apparently he had some ideas in mind. He caught me looking at it. “How did that feel?”

I stammered. Too many things were hitting me at once. The echoes of the orgasm were still reverberating through me, the images of me being nude all night, flashing him. Flashing him in the grocery store and the thrill it gave, and then the memory of sucking him off and the power I had felt. On top of the exhaustion, the food beginning to send me into a coma. I wasn’t sure what he was asking about.


“Really? About what?” He sounded confused. “You seemed to get off on my tongue just fine. You didn’t seem to have a problem posing for me all night, or exposing your beautiful pussy in public. You even seemed to like sucking my cock. What exactly are you confused about?”

Even though I had just thought the same things, hearing him list everything out loud stunned me. My mind raced and I stopped to take a breath. When he had been eating me, I was shocked. When my girlfriends talked about it, I had always figured I’d give it a try, but I imagined it would be with a boy who hadn’t done it before, and it would be tentative and scary for him too. I hadn’t thought it would have been as casual as Tim made it. And I sure hadn’t expected it to feel as good as it did. The posing…I didn’t pose for him…well, except for the grocery store…the memory of everything made me squirm a little. I still hadn’t answered him.

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