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She was lying on her belly; her hips supported by a pillow, her head partially buried in another. He grabbed each ankle with his strong hands and forced her legs apart roughly. He slid his fingers easily inside her slippery tacky pussy, smearing her juices all the way to her ass.

She pushed hard against his hand, moaning slowly as his finger slipped in and out of her pussy. He eased another finger inside her ass and worked his hand to the rhythm of her thrusting against him. Her breathing was becoming shorter and louder, and her cries of pleasure matched her rhythm: “Oh, oh, oh, yes, ohhh.”

He moved one hand onto her hips, and lifted her to her knees. She buried her face further into the pillow. She reached behind her and grabbed for his swollen cock. She played with him teasingly before she began to guide him into her.

She slid his cock up and down inside the walls of her wet and warm pussy, touching lightly the entrance to her opening. However, to his surprise and delight, she moved his dick toward her ass, and told him to ‘put it in there’.

As he pushed gently and firmly into her tight hole, she gasped loudly. He eased himself slowly back out, and then in again, each time burying his shaft further inside her.

She moved her fingers to her pussy, slid one inside, and began to finger fuck herself. With her finger firmly inside her pussy, and his dick wedged securely in her ass, they began to rhythmically thrust and fuck back and forth against each other.

The noise they made; the squelching and squishing, sticky sweaty bodies smacking against each other, moans, groans, cries of delight and pain, mixed and perforated into the sheets, the room and out into the night.

Soon her moans grew more lustful and she began yelling for him to fuck her, fuck her hard. He held on to her either side of her hips and pushed as hard as he could inside her. She smashed back against him, his balls slapping hard against her arse cheeks. She cried for him to fuck her faster, and he complied. Harder, deeper, faster he fucked. Harder, deeper, faster she fucked him back.

He held onto her shoulders and pulled her into him, ramming his throbbing ready cock into her so deep he could no longer see himself. She cried out again and again that she was going to come, went rigid against his thrusting, and then convulsed in a fit of shudders. She started to come. The exquisitely pleasurable feeling built to it’s climax between her legs, before quickly affecting every muscle, made her quiver as she let forth a scream of pleasure into the night.

Yes he heard her coming, and now felt her coming. Her ass throbbed and gripped his dick harder, like a clenching fist. He was thrusting as hard as he could, feeling his balls smacking her hand as her hand rubbed gently, masterfully at her clit, making her orgasm come in wave after wave as never before.

As he watched his dick slipping in and out, his balls slapping up hard against her, he could feel his own strong sensation welling. Crying out, he let her know that he too was about to come. She was still playing with her clit, but let herself go to grab hold of him, squeezing his balls and pulling at them as she felt his dick swell, and then unable to resist, he came inside her with a sharp inhalation of breath. With each thrust he gushed hot and sticky semen into her ass: the excess overflowing onto her hand which she then used to varnish her pussy, and his warm slippery cock

It seemed as though it would never end: but eventually it did. This was a moment caught in time, and neither of them was going to forget it in a hurry. Breathing hard from their exertions they collapsed into each other’s arms. As they lay together, surrounded by drenched linen and the smell of sex flowing from every pore, he wanted to lick her body, to taste the sweet tincture of liquid love; their sweat, her juices, his sperm, that conjoined and assimilated and oozed languidly down her legs.

They rested in a light sleep for a few moments, before one of them lightly touched the other. They responded instantly to each other, and were soon locked in a tight embrace, which was quickly followed by another session of passionate love making – and this was the way it was all night.

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